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You Just Never Know

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I sit down near a tree, as Kosuke continues to kill the frogs. He had already asked me how I found him. I told him all that I had remembered, he just seemed happy that I was ok. I closed my eyes. Being lulled to sleep to the sound of stabbing as weird as that sounds. I was actually almost asleep when I heard footsteps approaching us. I opened my eyes a bit to see who was crazy enough to approach a boy stabbing frogs, counting whilst stabbing them none the less. Then I realized who it was, the little lawyer Natsume from before.
"Oh there you are young man." I hear him speak to Kosuke. while Kosuke continues stabbing the frogs.
"What are you doing with that?" Natsume questions him. "What's there?"
Natsume looks down to see what Kosuke is stabbing. His face turns into one of disgust and he backs up a step, just as Kosuke stabs his hundredth frog. I guess Kosuke notices him because he looks up after Natsume takes a step back.
"Natsume-san." Kosuke says in greeting. "There are a lot of frogs around here." he says with a laugh, I laugh with him from my spot near a tree. "Disgusting huh?" He questions Natsume.
Natsume notices that I am there finally because I laugh. he looks over at me and gasps a bit.
"What?" He asks me. "how did you get here?" I stand up from my spot under the tree. I walk towards Kosuke, and stop next to him.
"I just recently got here actually." I say with a smile. "I was walking along the beach to see if I could find you guys, and I did" I continue with a giggle.
"Isn't that great Natsume-san?" Kosuke asks with a tiny laugh as well.
"Yeah." Natsume says uncertainly. "Great."
Kosuke grabs my hand, we walk to Natsume.
"You know its wrong to kill those frogs." He tells Kosuke. As we walk along the beach.
"Why is it wrong to kill a living creature?" He questions in response.
"Don't you pity them?" Natsume asks. "No matter how small there are their still living creatures"
"Pity?" Kosuke responds. "But why though? Humans kill pigs and cows to eat, but I can't kill any frogs? I don't really understand that."
Natsume stops walking. Kosuke and I walk ahead of him a bit before we stop as well.
"It's different for us to kill something for food versus just for fun." Natsume explain as if he is talking to an idiot. Kosuke seems irritated by that, I squeeze his hand, he relaxes slightly. We start walking again but not for long.
"I know that." He says. "I'm not an idiot you know." We stop walking. "But I wanna know why you think it's wrong if it isn't bothering anyone." That seems to upset Natsume.
"It's just what's wrong is wrong that's all." He exclaims. "If your not an idiot shouldn't you know that."
Kosuke grip on my hand tightens after he says that.
"That again." Kosuke says. "Adults always get bored with explaining and give up half way." He looks like he's going to yell again. that's when we hear a noise. It sounds like a plane. We all look towards it to see that it's dropping a parachute with a briefcase attached.
"Is that new?" I question them.
"We saw that yesterday." Kosuke responds to me while also talking to Natsume I guess.
"It's being dropped at regular intervals." Natsume confirms. "It could be supplies or something useful stashed in there."
"Come on Miko we're going there." Kosuke looks to me and I smile as we start walking towards it.
"Hold on." Natsume says. "We don't know what will happen down there yet." Kosuke and I keep walking. "We should go and find your father first." We stop walking.
Kosuke turns to me with that look he always gets when someone mentions his father. I pull him closer to me grabbing his other hand. he looks at me, I give him a little smile.
"Honestly, it seems like you don't mind talking back to me at all." I glance at Natsume with a glare. "I don't understand the minute someone brings up your father you go dead quiet. But that attitude you have all the time is what makes him so violent. you should show him how you feel instead it would be better for you." He stops talking.
I look at Kosuke, I feel him shaking slightly. I pull him closer. He looks up at me.
"Don't listen to him" I tell Kosuke. "If he went through what you do. I'm sure he wouldn't be talking."
He smiles at me before we go look for his dad.
"Hey there it is!" Mr. Kira states, as we all lookup at the briefcase in the tree. "I wonder what's inside that case?" he says with a laugh.
"it's gonna be a little tough to get up their though." Natsume says.
"Yeah we could always climb it though." I give an option. Mr. Kira turns to me. "We don't have time to wait for you to climb it." he says with a sneer on his face. I back away a little, Kosuke stands in front of me.
"Kosuke bring me one of those bombs will ya?" He asks. More demands Kosuke. Kosuke backs up a little as his dad gets closer to him. His dad grabs his arm with one hand as the other grabs one of his bombs. After he has one of Kosuke's bombs, he kicks Kosuke back. which causes Kosuke and I to fall since I was behind him. I hear Mr. Kira laugh.
"You ok?" I ask Kosuke. He just nods at me.
Mr. Kira try's to make the bomb work. It doesn't of course, I can't believe how stupid this man is. Natsume goes over to him. he tries as well but it still doesn't work. While their doing that Kosuke and I get up from the ground.
"Kosuke you do it." Mr. Kira demands. Kosuke starts to walk over there, but his father kicks him for not moving fast enough. I want to crouch down next to him to help. I know that will just make things worse. Kosuke gets up. He looks at me, gives me a little smile. then turns to his dad the smile gone. Kosuke walks to Natsume.
"Take care of this." Natsume says. Kosuke just grabs it and walks to the tree. He places the bomb on the tree. He activates it.
"It's dangerous. Everyone get back." Natsume says. I give him a look that says no-really-I-didn't-know-that. The bomb takes away a piece of the tree. Which causes it to fall. Mr. Kira runs to get to the briefcase. I walk to stand next to Kosuke.
"Heh, ok then." Mr. Kira says as he opens the briefcase. "Hell yeah! instant ramen, canned food, a flashlight, and beer!"
"This is amazing." Natsume says astonished. Mr. Kira closes the briefcase. He gets up bringing the food with him.
"Ok, anyone who wants to eat follow me let's go." Mr. Kira states.
"Kira-san." Natsume exclaims. "that belongs to all of us we should split it here we all found those supplies together."
Mr. Kira stops walking after he says this. Oh no.
"Huh?" Mr. Kira turns around. "what are you talking about?" he questions. "This was my idea and my son was the one who got it. You had nothing to do with it."
"But wait." Natsume tries to say something.
Mr. Kira walks closer to Natsume. since he is taller than Natsume he intimidates him.
"you listen good old man there is no police and there is no civilization out here." Natsume backs up a bit as he is talking. "It doesn't matter if you were a lawyer. Here your a useless mouth to feed." Mr.. Kira leans down to Natsume a bit. "The strong rule that's just how it is. Got a problem with that?"
"N-n-n-n-o" Natsume stutters out.
I look at Kosuke, he looks upset. although I can't see his face clearly because his hair is covering it.
"Scum." Kosuke says. "You suck." I gasp.
"Hey!" Mr. Kira turns to Kosuke and I. "Did you just say something to me?"
Kosuke backs up. I'm slightly in front of him.
"You gonna talk back to me!" He yells reaching out to Kosuke.
I push Kosuke out of the way, Mr. Kira redirects his hand as well. he grabs my neck lifting me off the ground a bit.
"Oh so you let a girl protect you huh?" Mr. Kira taunts. "Pathetic"
He still has ahold of my neck. I try kicking at him or scratching his hand to get him to let go. He just tightens his grip around my neck more. I'm starting to get black spots in my vision. I hear someone yell. all of a sudden Mr. Kira let's go of me. I almost fall, but Kosuke catches me. I hear Mr. Kira yelling at Kosuke. I look up only to get my face splattered with blood.
"What?" I ask astonished. "What happened?" I look turn to Kosuke to see him smiling. I lift an eyebrow at him.
Kosuke turns to Natsume who is on the ground puking. I look at Kosuke waiting for him to explain what happened.
"Look!" He exclaims. "Natsume-san I did it! I showed him how I felt."
Natsume gives him a scared look.
"That's the first time I've ever fought back before!" He sounds so happy. I giggle. "Natsume-san you'll protect me again right? I mean I'm insane right? That's because I was abused right? I was the victim here because I just killed him and I just feel so wonderful." Kosuke steps on his dad's body. "It's your fault dad. I had no choice." He looks at Natsume. "I mean right? You'll be my lawyer again right? You'll tell everyone at the trial right?"
"I can't take anymore." I hear Natsume say quietly. "I just can't take it anymore. I never should of agreed to be your lawyer in the first place." Natsume stands up and points at Kosuke. "Your a horrible, evil child. Defective. Raised wrong. The dad was bad but his sons even worse." Natsume starts backing away from us. "I hope you stay on this island forever. I hope you never escape." He runs away into the jungle.
"What did you say?" Kosuke asks out loud. "You said you'll always protect me." He whips the blood of his face. "Your a liar."
I feel something like a pulse for a second then it's gone.
"Radar?!" Kosuke says.
We hear leaves being stepped on. We look over in that direction to see to people come out of the forest. They stop walking after they see us. They gasp.
"What?" I ask. As I whip the blood that is on my face.
"Did you?" One of the people asked us. "Did you guys kill him?"
"But he was bad and deserved to die." Kosuke explains. "Should I not have. There's no police or civilization here. Lawyers are useless moths. Survival of the fittest. The strong are the ones who rule. That's the law of the jungle and if you two don't do what I say. You'll end up like him." Kosuke stomps on his dad's corpse.
"Hold on there man just wait a minute." The same guy says attempting to calm Kosuke down. "Calm down and here me out."
"Your telling me what to do?" Kosuke questions angrily. "If someone isn't gonna listen when you tell them. Then they need special attention right?"
Apparently that scares the two people. They start backing away.
"Should we take the BIM's?" I ask Kosuke.
"Yeah." he answers. "Move over for a sec." I move.
He starts tugging at his dad's BIM's.
"Dad I'm taking your BIM's and the food." He tells the corpse. When he finally gets the pouch off of his dad, blood splatters on him. "That's gross dad." Kosuke says as he wipes his face.
The two people start to run away. Kosuke is startled at first, but he smiles.
"Running away won't help you." Kosuke says. "Because this world here is just like BTOOOM!" I continue. "and we're super good at this game."
------Spoiler if you haven't watched the anime------
I'm not sure if I should inclide her in the fight when Kosuke fights with Sakamoto. I suck at writing fight scenes so..... HELP!!!!!!!