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Los Colores Del Mundo

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I enter the classroom my classmates are talking others murmuring when I go to my seat, I see some who look at me with hatred and some girls with desire and others with real indifference because they do not leave me in peace "hypocrites"

-tks I want to go- "not even five minutes past and I want to run out of this annoying place" I look towards the window.

-f-fushimi-kun-volteo and I see who speaks to me one of the girls in the room.

-f-fushimi-kun-volteo and I see who speaks to me one of the girls in the room
-What do you want? I answer coldly and curtly.

she was scared and I see him tremble

"tks why are you talking to me"

-I asked if you ... I-she is stuttering a lot

-To your seats please the class will start-the teacher arrives





the girl looks upset and goes to her seat ahhh "I really appreciate that the teacher come did not want to talk to her his fame presents" if I remember correctly she is a vain fool daddy daughter although there are rumors that came out with two guys at the same time disgusting.

"I hope not to be your next goal"

I take out my notebook like my pen and I direct my gaze to the front

I see the teacher writing on the board until they knock on the door the teacher leaves the classroom, everyone is whispering me because I just stare fixed my eyes to the window the sky looks gray "seems like it will rain I hope not not brought an umbrella" I was about to continue in my thoughts, but everyone turns around and the teacher comes in and he proceeds to speak.


-Class I have been informed that a new student has arrived-everything is given in silence

-You can go in -says





And at that moment my gaze is directed towards the person who enters the gray sky is clear to be a beautiful blue or light blue the truth is that I do not care much at that time my mind my eyes were focused on the person who has just entered and I saw his hazel eyes did not know the truth was the first time I see a beautiful colo that at that moment could not differentiate those beautiful eyes, we looked at each other as was how to describe them in words that moment was like being him and I just In the world, not in the world, not in our world, I did not understand it at that time, but it did not matter, not even the teacher and the annoying classmates.



There I thought, and I said to myself and that I will remember forever that from that day on, red would be my favorite color.


But it's only part of the story that I did not know is that since that day

 and the others and that having the years would be the saddest and happiest of my existence







              Two souls separated Two souls met


Destined to be together and return to the world they belong but that is a story that will be told at another time.







-My name is yata-