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Home Is Where The Heart Is

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The world is not fair, and not all people are created equal, you’d learn, if you are in Izuku’s place.


 “Where are we going?” asks four year old Izuku, at the backseat of a car. He was sleeping minutes before, and now he’s on the car. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. “Where’s mom?” His sleepiness is washing out, as fear settles itself slowly but surely on his heart.

 He doesn’t answer, if you don’t count an annoyed grunt as a response. Izuku is very familiar with animalistic sounds coming from humans as means of communication, being friends with Kacchan and son of Hisashi, but it doesn’t mean he has to take those half-hearted sounds as responses, at least Mom says so.

 “Dad? Where-“

 “Shut up, brat, or else suffer the consequences!” Father yells, not turning back to look at him –thankfully, because he’s driving and also having his gaze on him is terrifying-. Consequences. A new word he doesn’t know and Mom’s not here to explain. He wants to learn this word, but he can’t ask him.

 Izuku shuts his mouth, with his hands and he almost bites one of his fingers. They’re driving for at least half an hour and the streets he sees are no longer familiar or at least resemble something in his knowledge. He’s out of his little town.

He was never this far away from home, without Mom. He can’t talk, but at least he can think the question. Where are we going? There are more cars now, both because the sun is rising, and because the road is wider, apartments taller, their destination is a city, he decides. It’s probably Tokyo, because it’s the nearest, biggest city.

It’s exciting, he’s never been to Tokyo, but his excitement dies soon. Why is Father taking me to Tokyo? He doesn’t dare to ask something again and he can’t figure it out.

 So inside the car is full of tension and silent. Car rides with Mom is never silent, there’s chatter and music and laughs, and it’s never this tense, even when in the rare occasion he’s being a bad boy and is grounded.

 The car stops on a red light. There’s a dumpster nearby, and a cat sitting on the dumpster looks at him across the street. Its fur is black, with unique blue eyes accompanying its fur. The cat is a really beautiful creature, and Izuku once again wishes Mom was there, so she could see it too. He doesn’t know if Father loves cats like Mom and he’s too afraid to ask and learn the answer. Because they’re so different from each other, so it’s only logical Father hates cats.

The light turns yellow and then green, and the car turns to the cat’s side, instead of going straight. While the car is passing by, the cat turns to watch them with its bright blue eyes, and Izuku feels goosebumps rise on his arms under such a gaze, even if it just comes from a stray cat.

 If Father wasn’t there, Izuku would pick his tongue to the cat, and Mom would laugh at his antics if she was there. While he’s thinking about the cat and the possibilities, the car enters a back alley, and stops there.

 “Get out.” Father says.


“Get out, brat. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

 Izuku nods shakily, and opens his safety belt. He opens the door, but stops there. He looks at the ground, so far from where he sits on the child seat. He can’t get off, he’ll fall. He looks at Father, hoping he would help.

 The man is already out of car, and he’s looking at him impatiently. He won’t help, even if Izuku asks so. The quirk down of his mouth is dangerous, he’ll snap if Izuku won’t get off soon.

 Kacchan would be able to get off without falling.

  It’s his enchanted encouragement word, it works- because Kacchan is able to do everything, he’s born to win and Deku to lose. If he is a quirkless loser, born to lose, for at least this kind of little achievements it should be fine to copy Kacchan. He closes his eyes and jumps down to ground. Luckily, he doesn’t fall, but he comes close to.

 Hisashi pats his feet to ground, growling “Finally,” before he shoves Izuku away.

He yelps and falls. His palms and knees scratch, it hurts so bad. Why? Father is a grownup, and Mom says grownups play nicely, unlike Kacchan and other boys, who plays consist of shoving each down and push each other, but Father just pushed him down, and they’re not even playing.

Father never plays with Izuku, he only growls, yells, scowls at him. He doesn’t play with his son like other fathers.


“Don’t call me dad,” he says. “From now on, you don’t have a dad, and I don’t have a quirkless, weak son.” He sits back at driver’s seat.

Izuku’s eyes are watery, he’s about to cry. He’s so, so afraid. “I don’t-“

“You do understand.” Father cuts him down. “If there’s one thing you have, it’s your big, sharp head. Use that head of yours, Izuku.” He looks at Izuku, on his eyes, and it’s the first –and last- time they lock eyes.

What he sees in those eyes, nothing like Izuku’s or Mom’s eyes, scares him. There’s only cruelty. “Goodbye, Izuku. From now on, you don’t have a last name, brat.” Father –no, not anymore Father- the man, closes the door, and starts the engine.

He’s still on ground, palms and knees aching, tears rapidly falling from his eyes, as the car go away, away, so far away, without hesitation or slowing down.


Midoriya Inko loses her son a Sunday morning, when there’s no work to go for her. She likes to sleep until at least 10 a.m.

 She’s also a heavy sleeper, so she doesn’t hear Hisashi getting up from bed, or their loud movements around the house or not even the front door opening and closing down.

She wakes up to Hisashi violently shaking her. “What? What’s going? Hisashi?”

“Inko! It’s Izuku!”

The moment she hears her beloved son’s name, she’s already up and ready to charge to his room. “Izuku!”

“He’s gone, Inko.” He says, and Inko, in her haste of panic, doesn’t realize the dark satisfaction in his eyes as he says those words. “He wasn’t on his bed.”

She loses her son on a Sunday morning, on a September day. She never gets her son back, and she never learns the truth from Hisashi.


“What’s your name?”

“I don’t want to say it.”

“Me too. Hey, let’s make up names! From now on, I am Kai, and you?”

“I am… I don’t know?”

“If I am the sea, then you should be the sky! It’ll match!”

“Okay, then I am… Sora.”

“Nice to meet you, Sora!”


-6 Years Later-

Izuku is 11 or at least close to 11 when his life completely changes again.

 Being a homeless kid on streets of Tokyo is hard. Izuku doesn’t remember most of his previous life, but he remembers what he doesn’t have for past seven years:

 A warm home, a meal that will fill his belly, and a bed, comfortable and safe, to sleep without doubting waking up or not. He had toys, tons of toys of a hero he can’t remember his name, but he remembers that hero’s smile, his way of saving people that needs saving.

Izuku needed saving once, but no hero was there to save him, all those years ago.

He no longer believes in heroes. What he believes is hard work, fighting tooth and nail for his meal that would last just for one more day of surviving and fighting for life.

“Sora, it’s a good idea.” Kai says on a September day, on a Sunday. They’re on their makeshift hideout, an abandoned shop on an unfrequented backstreet. He’s lying on an old, half-collapsed half-still standing coach, the only half decent furniture on hideout.

 “Any idea that involves stealing from Ookuma is a bad idea.” Izuku says, he tries to add a topic ender, hard edge to his voice, but it seems he fails to do so or Kai is just not listening.

“I did enough research, Sora!” Kai stretches like a cat, limbs up on air, and turns his back to Izuku. “He will be on the other side of town, kicking Lion’s ass, or getting his ass kicked. Either way, he’ll go drinking with his buddies, and you know when he drinks, he fucks the first pretty girl or boy he sees.”

“What if he decides it’s better to lick his wounds than drinking?” Izuku asks, his voice clever and high, hoping again to end this conversation, kill this stupid, dangerous idea.

 Kai glances his way, smirking. “By the time their fight ends, we’ll be long gone.”

Well, it’s truth that they work fast but… “I don’t like it, Kai. I have a bad feeling about this.” He says, and it feels good to address the discomfort on his chest. They trusted his instincts before, and it saved their necks on more than one occasion.

 Kai gets up and wears his worn, broken from the tip shoes. “It’s just a bad feeling, Sora.” He points to Izuku, “Look at yourself. You won’t be able to spend the winter with those clothes. I won’t be either,” he points at himself too.

 It’s true, their clothes are bad, and they have no money to spend for anything but food. They need cash, and by the weather going down this rapidly, they need it soon. Izuku knows this, and he worried enough for this, but it doesn’t mean he’ll be okay with stealing from such a big shoot.

“We can-“

“But it would be faster and easier than robbing regular houses.” He just knows what Izuku’s going to say, it seems. Kai sits on the chair next to Izuku. “You know Ookuma is rich as fuck. And with such a boost, we won’t need to worry for at least half of the winter.”

 He’s prepared for this argument. Izuku realizes. It means he’s not just thoughtlessly dropping it down to table to Izuku creating an actual plan and polishing this plan by himself. “I won’t be able to back you down, am I?” He says, sighing. He’s defeated.

“Yeah,” Kai smiles.


A week later, they are on their thievery clothes, all black, silent and soft, selected as good as they can for their stealth. They’re lying on a rooftop, unseen to the rest of world down on the streets.

 “Are you ready?” He whispers to Kai’s ear, voice muffled by the mask he’s wearing.

“I was born ready,” He whispers back and even under his mask, his smirk can be seen.

They watch as Ookuma, with bold, confident movements steps outside, slamming the door shut. He doesn’t even bother with locking the door, so certain of the influence he has on this part of town. He’s not wrong of thinking this way, because he is really scary, and nobody is stupid enough to steal from him.

 Except two 10 or 11 or 12 year olds.

 They watch him until he’s lost on horizon, and wait for a good half an hour before moving.

 Kai has a quirk that lets him move silent and be unseen, even if he’s just right in front you. He just has to hold his breath to activate his quirk, and with practice, so far he can hold his breath for five minutes. A quirk that is just perfect for thievery, he says proudly whenever the topic comes to quirks.

 Izuku –Sora- doesn’t have a quirk, and after all those years and maturation beyond those years, he has a pretty on point guess that it’s the reason he ended up on streets in the first place, thanks to his father’s ableist bigotry. But he doesn’t need a quirk, because years of training and messing up and beatings he got, he can be as unseen as Kai.

 He opens the door easy as if he got the key. It comes as a second nature to him. They quickly step inside and shut the door, without knowledge to any other soul than them. They’re planned this before, Kai gets the living room and kitchen; he gets bedroom and the bathroom, they share the second room.

 They don’t take stuff, just money, food, first aid kit or usable objects. Stuff needs to be sold to make a profit, and someone like Ookuma has enough influence to learn who sold his stuff and catch them like rabbits.

Not even half an hour pass before they hear the front door click and open. They froze, sharing a bewildered look between them. He didn’t mean to return this early. He shouldn’t have returned this early.

He hears loud footsteps moving around the house, thankfully moving to kitchen.

 Izuku bites his lip hard to not scream or break down sobbing. He’s not a crier anymore. He’s not a crier anymore. He needs to be strong, like last seven or so years, so he can survive. Strangely, he remembers something from his past. A memory, he would name it, but it isn’t really.

Kacchan would be able to.

 He doesn’t remember who this Kacchan person is anymore, just a pale blonde, hair and sparks from hands, and a feeling of strength that even after all these years that makes him feel something, but this old enchantment still fills him with confidence.

Kacchan would be able to.

Kacchan would be able to.


Calm down, but don’t busy yourself with past. Just remember, imagine this person’s strength, and envy it, steal it for yourself, because you’re a thief and this is what you do. You do your job, and do it good.

There’s a small window in the bathroom, could barely be classified as window, but they’re small kids who are seriously underfed, they can be able to pass in that. He points at the window, not daring to speak.

Kai’s tense body relaxes a little, and he forces a weak, pathetic smile. He too is trying to stay strong in his own way. He breathes a deep breath, then stops breathing and just turns invisible before Izuku’s eyes. It’s always so amazing to watch him disappear. He opens the window, no sound heard because the sounds he makes with other objects can’t be detected or heard if he’s careful enough. He’s of course as careful as he can be right now.

Izuku’s heart starts to race again, and he fears that Ookuma hears his heartbeat, but not even a minute later, he hears Kai’s feet touching the ground. It’s an okay sign, you can crawl now.

He steps on the toilet, hands reaching to window, when loud footsteps come to stop on the bathroom door.

His heart stops for a moment, then as the door slowly, creakily opens like a horror movie scene –and for Izuku, it’s worse than a horror movie, because it’s very much real.

 Ookuma looks at him, hands halfway to opening his belt, and Izuku looks back at him, hands on window. “Well, well, well,” Ookuma says, slowly, deadly slowly. “Look what’s there, a little stray cat.”


Satoru wants to cry.

He really wants to cry, because it’s all his fault. He came up with this idea, he convinced Sora, and now he escaped but Sora couldn’t. Why didn’t Sora go first? He has an undetectable quirk. Sora is quirkless, defenseless against someone like Ookuma.

He can’t cry, because if he cries, his quirk will be deactivated and Ookuma will hear his sobs, and he will know one more person is here.

At least he has to run away. He has to run away.

He has to run away, because he doesn’t want to listen to Sora scream.


 Shouta knows what kind of person is Ookuma, A big shoot of the crime world of Tokyo. Big Bear of East only rivaled to the Lion of West, when it comes to brute strength. Some sick idiots even dare say his strength is only rivaled by All Might, when just a relatively well trained hero –like him- is able to defeat him.

 After all, what value a Bear’s strength has if said Bear is just a one trick pony, nothing when he can’t use his ‘powerful’ quirk?

 So he plans his raid well, the secret to his success being well-planned attacks, and on a September Sunday Night/Monday Morning, he crashes the front door of Ookuma’s house.

 At the same time, a scream shakes the whole house. A boy’s scream, not even entered puberty. Shouta’s blood freezes on his veins. Goggles already on, he drifts to where the scream came. His frozen blood boils at the scene he sees, standing on the bedroom’s wide open door.

 The scream’s owner is obliviously this boy, lying naked on the floor. His pale skin is covered with bruises, cuts, and blood. At least one arm is broken, Shouta notes. He’s unconscious, what makes him scream must be pure instinct.

 The man above the boy is Ookuma, and he stops mid-swing to look at Shouta. He smirks, shoving his ugly teeth. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t another stray cat? I’m so lucky today, aren’t I?”

 Shouta’s gaze climbs up slowly, from the unconscious boy –who reminds him so much of his students- to that ugly, poor excuse of a human being. “You’re dead.” He says before his scarf moves, and before the man does a move, he’s captured.

 Shouta could have stopped there, only hit the man on head so the man passes out, but he’s so angry. This monster beat this kid. He’s not even enemy, he’s just a bug, a bug which must be crushed. He doesn’t remember from the first punch to the last kick, but he wishes he could remember it, savor it, find delight in this, but maybe it is for the best, to not remember beating down this bug. What difference he would have if he liked it like this bug liked beating that kid?

 After he stops, he calls ambulance and police, who’s already ready to come in to arrest Ookuma. He carefully covers the boy with a cloth he finds, stopping the moment the boy moans or stirs. While doing this, he has a better look on the boy’s injuries, and it makes him beat that bug even more.

 The police come first, and Tsukauchi clicks his tongue, looking at the scene before him. “It’s unlike you, Eraserhead,” he says after a moment. “To let your emotions get the best of you.” Shouta’s about to answer, defend himself when he adds, “But I can understand the reason. To be honest, I would probably do the same too.”

 Things go smoothly, even if he used unnecessary force upon a person already captured. When he says so, Tsukauchi just laughs and asks him “What unnecessary force? Have you ever seen Endeavor?” and it makes sense then. The man is a walking unnecessary force.

 While they’re polishing the details, ambulance finally comes. Paramedics carefully load the boy on a stretcher, and the boy chooses this moment to wake up. It isn’t a pretty sight.

 The boy’s mind is still on before Shouta came. He’s shaking so uncontrollably he almost falls from stretcher. “Go away! Go away!” he screams, “Don’t, stop!” There’s tears on his eyes, rapidly falling.

 Shouta passes between the paramedics, and stops next to boy. “Boy, calm down,” he says, he tries to sound calm and reliable as possible. “You’re safe now.”

 He doesn’t expect it to work, but it works. The boy stops for a moment, and looks at him, no, not at him, but past him. “Kai, run.” He whispers, sounding so broken. His head falls down to the stretcher, before anybody catches it. He’s unconscious again.


 He doesn’t know. The only thing he knows is pain, and it hurts, it hurts, so much, he’s not able to carry it anymore. Then comes the darkness, and he hopes it is death, but it isn’t, because he wakes up again.

 But maybe he should be thankful to wake up?

 He doesn’t know. There’s so much pain, but it isn’t the only thing. There’s this man, black, black, all black, who looks at him with concern and says nice things.

 Before darkness comes again –I don’t want it to come, please- he sees Kai, just on the corner of his vision. No, Kai, don’t be here. He must be here too, “Kai, run,”

Darkness comes again.


Izuku gains his consciousness slowly. First, there’s a hand, second the head, then a foot, and then this and that, and after some unknown time, he’s fully awake. The pain that was slowly rising as he gained his consciousness is awake too, and he chokes on his own tongue because of it.

 He wishes he didn’t wake up, to sleep, it’s better than the beating-

The beating! His eyes open wide, and his heart beats fast on his chest as the events of hours? days? a week? –Some unknown time before comes back into his memory.

Then he hears the annoying beep-beep-beep sound. He turns his head, and sees a thing –machine?-, that has moving up-and-down lines on its screen. He pushes his memory, and remembers that it is a heart monitor.

Then he’s on a hospital. Then Ookuma must be far, far away from him. Then Kai, wait, where is Kai?

He must find Kai. He throws away the blanket-

“If I were you, I wouldn’t do that, boy.” -And almost falls from the bed. There’s a man, sitting on a chair on the other side of bed. He’s wearing all black clothes and has black hair falling to his face.

He barely holds his scream. “Are you shinigami-sama?” he asks in a low voice. He had to know, being saved by a hero is too good to be true. He must have died at Ookuma’s hands. “Are you here to take my soul?”

The man looks at him like questioning if he lost his mind. “What are you talking about?” He gets up, and goes to the door of room. “I’ll call the nurse. It’s clear you hit your head or something.”

“Wait shinigami-sama!” Izuku reaches to him, but shinigamis is already out of room. He looks after him, then sighs and lies back at the bed. “What should I do, I don’t know.”


Turns out, he doesn’t need to know what he should do. Police and doctors guide him, and shinigami-sama is there, a silent but reassuring presence.

 “I’m not a shinigami, kid. My name is Aizawa, and I am pro hero Eraserhead.” He says, after some time of Izuku calling him shinigami-sama.

Izuku doesn’t know if he should be relieved or not by being kept alive, because police’s interrogation is really intense.

 “So what’s your name?” a detective asks, his name is Tsukau or something.

“Sora. With sky kanji.” –Even if he doesn’t know the sky kanji, he knows his name is written by that kanji –he’s not going to reveal his real name, he decided before the police came, when Aizawa asked him his name-

Tsukauchi writes it to the paper. “Your age?”

“I am not sure…” he looks at his hands, half- mummy like, half skin showing. He was four when his father threw him away, but he doesn’t exactly know how many years have passed.

“A guess is fine then. Just give me a number to write on this damn thing, kid.” Tsukauchi taps the paper with his pen. He looks tired.

“O-okay… Then, I think I am 11? No, 10 is closer, probably.” He doesn’t want to guess wrong and create a problem for himself later.

“Okay,” Tsukauchi mutters while writing. He looks again at Izuku again. “Your quirk?”

“I don’t have one.” At that, he feels more than seeing that both men raising one eyebrow.

“Okay,” Tsukauchi writes something, he’s not familiar with the art of writing, but at least he knows it wouldn’t take this long to just write ‘Quirkless’, and he wants to ask what he’s been writing, but he doesn’t dare. Just as he decides to shut his mouth, Tsukauchi ask. “Why were you there? What’s between you and Ookuma?”

 Oh, it’s even better, don’t talk about your attempted thievery, besides remembering hurts. He doesn’t want to tell it. “I… Um… I was-“ He tries to force it, but the words don’t come out, no matter what. He panics.

“You don’t have to force yourself, kid.” Says Aizawa. “Police are interrogating Ookuma. They would be able to get close to full story, and what comes out of his mouth would be enough to punish him as he deserves.”

Tsukauchi nods and closes his paper thingy. “I didn’t want to force you, kid. I’ll go now, but if you feel like you can talk, tell Aizawa-san here, he’ll let me know. But don’t feel pressure, you don’t have to talk at all.” As he says, he leaves them to themselves.

 Izuku looks at Aizawa. The man looks at him with a cat like disinterest, before he curls on the guest couch and naps. From the past three days, he learned that this man can and will sleep in anywhere, any position.

 “Thank you,” he says to him, even if Aizawa won’t hear him. Or rather, he says his thanks because Aizawa can’t hear him? In both cases, he hopes the small smile he sees on the man’s face is his own imagination.


 “Do you like cats?” The shinigami-sama/Aizawa-san asks one day, out of nowhere.

Izuku doesn’t know why he’s still visiting him, but he doesn’t complain. He likes the silent man, he makes him feel safe.

 “Yeah, I do,” he says, remembering all the stray cats that brighten his day. “Actually, I love them so much!”

 Aizawa-san grins, and gets closer, phone appears on his hand out of nowhere. “Then I think you’ll like it,” he says.

That day, he meets with Pochi, Sarami, and Ringo. Aizawa’s three cats, doing all kinds of things on his home.

The first heartfelt laugh he hears from Aizawa is when the man opens a video, four minutes long.

There’s a blonde man with long hair, napping on the couch, and the cameraman –Aizawa- and their three cats are all teamed up to disturb this man’s nap.

“Who’s this person, if it’s not-“

“My fiancée,” Aizawa cuts his self-doubt and apologizing threat before it starts. He smiles fondly at the phone’s screen, the man grumpily shooing away Pochi.

 Izuku wishes he can love someone this much one day too, even if he doesn’t deserve this kind of love.


 Aizawa throws something on his lap, the moment he enters the room, not even saying greetings.

“What’s this?” Izuku asks, carefully lifting it. It has a hard cover, and lots of pages. He realizes it’s a book. “Why did you-“

“You said you’re bored at the hospital and there’s not many things to do in here.”

“Yeah, I said that…” He turns the pages, studying the pages. There’s no pictures like the books he remembers, and it’s only on one color: white for paper and black for font color. And there’s no hiragana on the kanji either.

 He somehow remembers hiragana, but he doesn’t know any kanji except ten or so basic ones. He doesn’t realize he’s frowning until Aizawa asks him what’s wrong. “I can’t read this, Aizawa-san.” He’s ready to explain, feeling so stupid because he can’t even read a book-

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Yeah, I never went to school, I don’t know all the characters of hiragana or katakana either.”

“I should have thought about it. A game or something like that would be more suitable.” He says, “But it’s good to know you can’t read. Ready yourself, Sora, from tomorrow, I’ll teach you how to read.”

And he keeps his promise. Every day, at least two hours are left for studying. It’s hard, to learn reading this late, and not from an elementary teacher but an high school teacher –Aizawa tells him he’s started teaching at a hero course last year, along with his fiancée, when he asks if he can teach him.- but to be able to do something so many people take for granted, and not feel stupid because he can now.


After three weeks of hospitalization, most of his bandages are out, and he knows orphanage is just a few arrangements away, when he meets a loud, cockatoo like man.

“This man is Yamada Hizashi, my fiancée,” says Aizawa.

Hey, boy!” The man yells something in another language, pointing a weird, finger-gun pose at him. “I heard so muuuuucccchhh about you!”

Yamada is a talking hurricane, and Izuku looks at Aizawa with fear in his eyes, and only response he receives via the man’s tired eyes is something like “I had to endure this idiot for past 11 years and I’ll have to endure him for rest of my life, you can bear it for a little while.”

 Or at least it’s what he says, when Yamada excuses himself four hours later, to go to his work at a radio show. Then he lies at the couch again, but about half an hour later he opens the radio show on his phone, and they listen to Yamada’s radio show together.

 “I like him,” Izuku says shyly, after the radio show ends. Aizawa, deciding to not abuse his status as a pro hero to overuse visitation hours is preparing to go home.

Aizawa smiles, a little- secret-like smile. “I like him too,”

Izuku doesn’t see the relief on his posture.


 Orphanage is getting closer, and Izuku starts to have nightmares about the horrors that waits him. Nana-nee’s scars, Shinichi’s warped, healed wrong fingers, other, unnamed, half remembered horror stories other kids scare the ones who never went to orphanage, they seem more and more clear as each day passes.

 He doesn’t want to enter the system. He doesn’t want to go back to streets either, but then what’s left for him?


As if. There’s no one to-

 Aizawa’s tired sighs and Yamada’s energetic talking comes to his mind. His heart aches, because it’s not a thing that will happen. There’s no one that wants to adopt someone like him.

They don’t even know my real name.


 From that day on, Yamada visits as often as Aizawa, they usually come together, but sometimes one’s schedule cross with hospital visits.

Izuku decides to tell on such an occurrence. Aizawa’s sitting on the chair, using the small table they got for him –“So you can do your homework!”-, grading papers. Izuku is listening to Yamada’s radio show on Aizawa’s phone, ear-thingies plug in so he won’t disturb him.

Yamada is answering a question from one of his fans. “What should I do, Present Mic?” The girl asks, her voice fuzzy because of low quality, “I want to tell him how I feel, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

 Yamada –no, Mic- is silent for a moment, humming. “I think it’s best if you tell your true feelings, Nami-chan!”

“My partner and I almost ruined our friendship before we started dating. Both of us were lying about our feelings, and it created a distance between us. Then, I confessed my feelings, and we realized we were pining for each other for quite some time.”

Izuku takes off one of his ear-thingies. “He’s talking about you,” he says to Aizawa. Aizawa looks at the phone for a moment, then returns to his papers. “He does this a lot, I realized. He likes to talk about you, Aizawa-san.” Aizawa sighs, and he giggles.

On the radio, Mic is continuing to talking.“Now, I won’t say your crush/friend is the same case, but I’ll guarantee you, it is better if you’re honest with him!” The girl, obliviously excited and shy, shakily thanked him, and Mic ended the call. “Before I pass to next listener, I want to say something to all my listeners!”

 “Please, be honest with people around you! It doesn’t have to be about romantic feelings and confessions, but with anything. Holding secrets may seem important, but it only hurts you and the person you hold secrets from. Be honest, please!”

 He then opens a new call, and starts to chat with a fan. But Izuku’s not listening. He takes off the ear-thingies, and clears his throat.

Aizawa looks at him. “Did he mention how cute I am when I just woke up again?” He has a defeated, but ready to fight another lost battle anyway face.

“No, as far as I know he’s chatting with a fan about which chocolate kind is better.” He says, but grins at the possibility. “My vote is on Yamada, by the way. Nut chocolate is better than bitter.”

Aizawa groans  something, suspiciously close to an “I should have never let him give the boy nut chocolate, he’s a lost case now, not realizing the beauty of bitter chocolate.”.

 Izuku grins harder. Then his grin turns to a frown, and with all his seriousness, he says “Something he said reminded me something I have to tell.”

Aizawa gets up and takes a seat next to Izuku’s bedside. “Is it about the police investigation? If it’s so, you don’t have to-“

“No, it’s different.” He can’t chicken out. He can’t, even if it’s over half a decade he last spoke his true name. Aizawa Shouta, Eraserhead rescued him. He’s Izuku’s hero, he even teaches him how to read when he has no obligation to. He has the right to know.

“Oh, okay. I am listening, Sora.” He says, serious but gentle.

A short, direct approach is better. If he extends the conversation, his cowardice will find a way to graze away. “My true name is not Sora. It’s Izuku.”

Aizawa looks at him dumbfounded, and Izuku thinks maybe it was too direct.


 After he told the truth, there are some awkward conversations, one phone call to Tsukauchi, and a lot of sighs but Aizawa reassures him that he’s not disappointed because he lied.

“You had no reason to trust us with your name, So- Izuku. Actually, I’m really happy that you trust me with this information. Thank you,”

They hug. It’s awkward and stiff and Izuku wants to break the hug in the first moments, from the embarrassment, but then they melt at each other, and Izuku’s glad he didn’t break the hug.

He realizes it’s the first time they hugged.

 Aizawa slips away from Izuku. “You know what, I have an idea. I’ll give you a reward, tomorrow.”

 No matter how much Izuku tries to pick words and guess what’s this reward is, Aizawa just grins his madly grin, and says it’s a surprise. He leaves Izuku with so much impatience for tomorrow.

That night, he can’t even sleep, but somehow tomorrow comes with Aizawa holding a box- No, it’s not a box. It is a carrier, and inside a cat meows at him. “Pochi!” Izuku exclaims as a grinning Aizawa closes the door and opens the carrier.

 Pochi is like a gray lighting, she’s a purring, meowing mess of an angel, and Izuku falls in love with her.

 Half an hour later, an equally grinning Yamada comes with two more carriers. “Ringo!” The red tabby carefully sniffs his hand before he decides Izuku’s good enough and lies on his lap.

The last cat, Sarami doesn’t really care about him, she’s even more energetic than Pochi. She sets on a journey to explore his hospital room. –If Aizawa’s not been fast enough, she would have dived into the toilet-.

 They leave earlier than usual because of cats, but it’s fine. That day is his best day of life.


It’s been one month and one week, when his doctor finally ‘graduates’ him to fully healed. All the arrangements and paperwork is done, and he’ll be off to orphanage before end of week.

He dreads the day that’s about to come. When he was younger, still learning the rules of street-life, older kids would scare him, some being orphanage-run-aways about horrors of the system.

Izuku doesn’t want to be a part of system. There’s only one thing he’s more afraid of: To return to that man’s house.

Last day before he leaves the hospital, Aizawa and Yamada come to visit him. The day before they didn’t visit, and a part of Izuku was sad- Aizawa’s done with his job, he thought.- He didn’t expect to see them anymore. “Aizawa-san?” he asks.

Instead, it’s Yamada-san who answers. “Sorry boy!” –and it makes him happy to slowly starting to understand when the blonde man talks in English- “We couldn’t come to visit you yesterday!” He energetically sits on the couch, only to be followed by a stiff Aizawa. “We had to make some last minute arrangements, and it took the whole day!” Yamada laughs, “Who knew it would take this long!”

 “What arrangements? Is it about that high school you’re working at?”

Aizawa coughs, “No, it was more of… personal life.” He hides his face with his capture scarf.

He feels guilty, to butt in their personal life. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to-“

“Don’t panic so soon now, Izuku. It’s about you too.”

“Sorry- what?”

“Well, you know…” The man starts, then stops. He thinks for a moment, forming his sentences before he speaks. “Hizashi, you say.”

“What? No say! It was your idea!” Yamada pokes Aizawa’s belly. “You should say it! He knows you longer!”

“He listened to you talk longer!”

“It’s because he’s one of my little, loyal listeners!”


“Umm, what are you talking about?” Izuku asks, confused and a little bit worried.

They look at him, then at each other. At the same time, Aizawa sighs and Yamada does his finger-gun pose. “We want to adopt you!”

Izuku chokes on his own saliva. He coughs, and Yamada rushes to his side, roughly patting his back. “Easy, kid, easy!”

He calms down, his coughing dies, and then is he looks at them both wildly, and yells “You want to what?”

Yamada looks defeated. “Oh, I know it’s a little bit too son, and we don’t want to rush, but the services are- You don’t have to accept, don’t feel obligated to-“

“No, it’s not what I am saying! Of course I want to be adopted by you two, I am asking why? Why me a quirkless, useless brat?” He rushes, thrilling.

“What? What did you just say?”

“Ummm? Why me, quirkless and useless-?”

“No, before that one!” Yamada spins his finger-guns, pointed at him.

“Eeee, I want to be adopted by you?” He says, and a scarlet hue fills his cheeks. He claps his hans around his cheeks.

Yesss! This oneee! Did you hear, Shouta? Did you hear? He said he wants to-“

Aizawa starts laughing, and it catches Yamada so unexpectedly, that he stops his yelling. Aizawa drills onto them, and hugs them both with crushing force. He’s laughing, Yamada’s yelling incoherently, and Izuku’s spilling big, fat, happy tears, a mess of limbs and bodies, when a nurse furiously marches at Izuku’s hospital room.

“Be quiet, it’s a hospital!” He yells.

“Nurse, nurse, I have a son!”  Yamada yells back, and it’s pretty much the only response the nurse gets.

The nurse growls something and glares really hard, but no one at the room cares.


“This is your new house, Izuku!” Yamada –Hizashi-san- opens his arms around the door, making a dramatic Y –Izuku’s now learning romaji- pose.

“Move away, you’re on the way,” says Aizawa –Shouta-san-, passing him and opening the door.

Hizashi-san pouts at him. “It’s our kid’s first time coming home, Shouta!” he whisper-yells at him, “Be a little bit excited!”

“I can hear you,” Izuku deadpans.

Hizashi-san pouts at him too. “Both of you, the same attitude. No wonder the father-son vibes.” Izuku giggles, Shouta-san sighs. He closes the door, and the moment the door is closed, a gray lighting rushes to genkan.

 Izuku knows who this is. “Pochi!” He yells, and he hugs the cat. The cat purrs and melts under his touch. He almost falls while trying to take off his shoes, with Pochi encircling his legs, more snake than cat.

 He misses Hizashi-san and Shouta-san’s exchanged smiles.

 Izuku carrying Pochi, they tour the home, their tour guide being excited Hizashi. Izuku really likes his new home, it’s a big, nicely decorated, bright home –clearly Hizashi-san’s touch-

The kitchen is merged with the living room, what separates them is a big dinner table, filled with so many un-dinner-table stuff. Rest of the room is as messy as the dinner table, but it’s not an ugly messiness like the hideout he shared with Kai. Its messiness just points to the home’s owners’ busy life.

Izuku carefully sets down Pochi on the couch, even if she meows sadly. There he meets with a napping Ringo, the cat looks at him with disdain because this mortal dares to interrupt his nap –at least it’s Hizashi-san’s translation-.

The couch is an L-couch, and there’s two seats on both sides, and against the couch is a TV, two weird things under it, attached to something under the TV table. “What are those?” Izuku points at them.

Hizashi-san gapes, and then makes a very dramatic grieving sound. “Shoooouuutaa!” He yells, shaking his hands on the air like a bird’s wings. “He’s only 10 but he doesn’t know what’s a gaming console is! Shoooouuutaa! We must not let it remain soooo!”

 So begins three hours of gaming, house tour long forgotten.

 With these two people, Izuku’s just getting more and more happy memories and best days.


Of course, going to a school is not an option.

Neither Izuku nor his parents want him to go. He’s missed at least half of the 12 school years, and he can barely read and count to twenty. It creates a worry, because nobody has an idea what to do if he doesn’t go to school.

The solution comes from their therapist –that kind social worker lady suggested her, “Because happiness doesn’t vanish problem, boys!”- a home tutor.

 Her name is Sarashima Maeko, 60 year old, retired elementary teacher, carrying students to their needed grades for years. What they throw at her is nothing new- she can fill him with all he needs, just in three  or four years, - what supposed to be his middle school years- so he can enter a high school and at least have a normal high school life.

 So his learning journey, long undue begins.

 If there’s a good thing about having two teachers as parents, it’s that there’s already a mess of pens and papers and books and worksheets, and they know how to help him find his way without pointing at the answer he needs to find by himself.

His hand hurts from writing, his brain feels melted, and his eyes are wobbly and there are stains of pen around his face and hands after every learning session or homework but it’s a happy tiredness, and the proud smiles his parents and teacher give him makes it even more worth it.


“Heya, Izuku.” Hizashi-san says one day. “I was thinking-“

“Oh no.” Shouta-san says, not even looking away from his papers, “It won’t end well, I can feel it.”

Hizashi-san picks his tongue at him, loudly. He turns back at Izuku. “We never measured your height or weight. We know you’re small, but we don’t know how small you really are.” He ruffles Izuku’s messy hair, making it even messier.

“Hey!” Izuku says, shooing away his hand. “You made it messy!”

“It was already messy before I laid a finger on it!”

Shouta-san gets up. “You know what, Hizashi is right. We never did. Get up, we’re doing it now.”

They have a scale at the bathroom. Izuku of course saw it before, but as he didn’t know what it exactly is for, he just ignored it. “So I just step on it?” He asks just to be sure.

“Yeah and-“

Shouta-san puts a hand on Hizashi-san’s mouth. “Yes. You just step on it.”

He does as he says, stepping on it. Izuku doesn’t know if the number on the scale is good or not, but from their looks, he assumes it isn’t.

“Izuku, we’re going to feed you a lot more from now on.” Hizashi-san says.


 Izuku wakes up breathing hard and covered in ice cold sweat. His hand goes for the switch, and the bedside lamb Shouta-san choose for him lightens. His lamb’s light is not strong, but it illuminates the poster on the wall enough.

 It’s a landscape poster, cut from a magazine and carefully taped at the wall. A sea, and over it is a clouded sky, sun is on the horizon.

 Kai and Sora. Sea and sky, it’s why he choose this poster, because it reminded him of his friend.

It’s been six, almost seven months since he last saw Kai. He is worried, because Kai has a tendency to be a reckless idiot, and he wants to check up him but… He’s also scared, of what Kai might say. Kai always hated ‘those happy families’. If he sees him now, without a doubt, he will say that Sora had betrayed him.

 He knows he betrayed Kai by having a family, but Kai too, betrayed him that night, running off and leaving Izuku in Ookuma’s mercy. Izuku doesn’t want any more fights, or to feel guilty. It was luck, luck that was denied him for years that finally decided to catch up and pay it’s debt to him, that let Izuku met with Shouta-san that night.

So what if Kai won’t be happy? He’s happy, and after all those years, Izuku deserves some happiness. Let him be selfish for once.

 He looks at the poster one more time, and closes the light, going back to sleep.


Two days later, Shouta-san says something that makes him very surprised.

“A boy?” he asks, “My age?”

“Yeah, his name is Iida Tenya. His older brother is an old friend of ours, back from high school.” He smiles, probably remembering old memories from the high school that he’s now a teacher of.

Izuku is both nervous and excited. “And you say I can meet him?”

“Only if you want to, Izuku.”

He jumps from the chair, raising his arms to air. “Yes! A friend! Of course I want to!” He yells. Okay, having his teacher and parents are nice, but they’re just… so old, he needs somebody his age, energetic in a way Hizashi-san can’t be, like Kai.

Thinking about his old friend still hurts, but he decided he won’t be guilty for his luck, hasn’t he?

“You’re… quite excited about him?” Shouta-san asks, and Izuku re-remembers his presence. He’s making an odd face.

Izuku learned that it’s his ‘I’m happy for my child but I won’t show it’ face. Izuku smiles, “It’s because you’re all so old, it’d be nice to hang out with somebody my age.”

Shouta-san makes a sound, “I’m insulted by my own kid!”.

“Shouta-san, you’re acting like Hizashi-san.”

Shouta-san’s face gets wilder, “More insult!” He yells.

“Shouta? Izuku? What’s happening?” Hizashi-san pokes his head from bathroom, hair half spiked on air, half down. “Why are you laughing?”

They look at each other, then at Hizashi-san’s confused face, and they start to laugh.


Iida Tenya is nothing like Kai, Izuku learns that within the five minutes he meets the boy. He’s formal, speaks proper Japanese, and moves his hands in a chopping motion a lot, but if there’s one trait he shares with Kai, it’s his unintentional funny behavior.

 “Hi, Aizawa-kun!” He says, bowing a 90-angle. “My name is Iida Tenya! I go to Soumei Junior High School! Nice to meet you.”

They just stare at each other, both unsure to how to talk. Izuku gulps, trying to find something. “O-okay, Iida. Can you help me with this homework?” He heard from Shouta-san that Iida is a very serious person who liked studying.

“Ah, of course! I’ll be happy to-“

“Thank you, Iida! Let’s go to my room.”


-Four Years Later-

 “Izuku, wake up.” Says a voice.

Izuku groans. “Noooo! Let me sleeeep!” He covers his face with his pillow.

“We’re going to be late.” The person pulls the pillow. “Get up, this is important.”

“Nooooo!” He groans, then pushes his face to the mattress. Why they made mornings this early? Isn’t it better to do whatever you do noon? Or evening? Why mornings? And why he’s getting his sleep interrupted, what’s-

“Izuku, Tenya’s going to be there too.” Shouta-san says, slyly.

He remembers. Entrance exam. U.A. He sits up fast, then yelps as his head clashes with Shouta-san’s chin. “U.A! Entrance Exam!” he yells, pain from his head forgotten, as he rushes to dress up. “It’s today, isn’t it?!”

“Of course, what am I saying for past fifteen minutes?” Shouta-san sighs and leaves the room to Izuku’s running around.

 It’s the big day.

Chapter Text

Aizawa Izuku is a fourteen year old quirkless boy. Well, he’s certain he’s quirkless but neither he nor his parents are sure about the age part. Growing up in streets tend to make you forget your birthday and age.

 Ah, but he’s not homeless anymore. Four years ago, on a September Night/Early Morning, he tried to rob a house belonged to a quite a big shot of underground wrestling. He almost died that night, but since things never went according to plan, luckily he was saved by a hero named Eraserhead.

People hit the lowest bar before they slowly start to climb the bars. Or at least, it went like that in Izuku’s case.

Izuku always thought it was a miracle, that Shouta-san and Hizashi-san saw something in him and decided that ‘Yeah, this boy is our son’, looking at each other. -They said this was how they decided to adopt him, anyway-

Now, he’s about to start the written part of the U.A. High’s entrance exam, fidgeting in his chair.

He’s been studying to pass this exam for about four years, but he unlike other kids nervously or calmly sitting and waiting for the exam start, his education is a little bit… unorthodox.

I can do this. He thinks to himself, as the examiner explains the details he already knows, thanks to both of his parents being U.A. teachers. He could have easily enter the school by recommendations, Shouta-san said there was a empty spot created by someone deciding to go to somewhere else the last minute, but Tenya choose to enter by exams, so he wanted to do so too.

As the exam paper is placed at his desk, he takes a deep breath. The examiner yells “Start!” and he releases his breath, writing his name down.


He knows he didn’t ace the test, but he didn’t fail either. He did as expected, maybe a little bit better or worse than expectation, but whatever. He did what he can do, and that’s the important thing.

 He follows the other students to where the explanation will be to a massive stage.

The seats are dark, only things he can see are the stage and moving shadows of other students. He wanted to meet with Tenya, sitting next to him but it seems he can’t find him. Giving up, he sits next to a ash blonde, angry looking boy.

 The boy glares at him, and Izuku is hit with a weird familiarity. He reminds him someone he remembers, but he’s not sure who. There’s all kind of hair colors, being the superpower society and all, but there wasn’t any blondes having exactly this color on streets.

And, Izuku can’t be remembering a kid from streets, nobody from streets have any education good enough or time free enough to give a shot at U.A.’s entrance exams-

“Stop muttering, it’s annoying.” The blonde growls.

“Oh, sorry.” Izuku says, nervous. His muttering started when he was first adopted and his lessons with his teacher first started, while he was doing homework. If he muttered this unintended on streets, it could be dangerous.

Speaking of dangerous, the blonde is glaring harder at him. He bites his tongue, and he realizes he’s started muttering again. “Sorry!” He shrieks, then closing his hands around his mouth.

Blonde growls –do people actually growl? Is his quirk something like werewolf? Is he a furry? - and turns.

Izuku decides he has a death wish, and takes a deep breath –and removing his hands from his mouth-. “What’s your name?”

Blonde ignores him.

“Hey,” he tries to be brave, impersonate Tenya, “I asked-“

“I don’t care. Shut up or I’ll murder you.” The blonde doesn’t bother to turn at him, only glances a feisty side glare.

Ah. Farewell bravery then. Izuku gulps and turns to the stage.

 Standing at the stage is his father, Hizashi-san. He holds himself to jump on seat and shake his hands to grab the man’s attention –both because it’d be embarrassing and he has a feeling the blonde will actually  murder him-. Still, he smiles, nervousness or the fear forgotten.

 Hizashi-san, as energetic as when he is on his radio show, explains the point system and robots-

“May I ask a question?” Yells someone- no, it’s Tenya. Of course it’s Tenya. “In the papers, there’s clearly four types of robots. Such a mistake is highly embarrassing for a top school like U.A.! We are all here today so we can become upstanding heroes tomorrow!”

“Thanks for noticing, examinee #7111-kun! I was just about to mention that!”

“As you can see from the screen, the fourth robot’s point is zero! It’s just an obstacle on your ways, hero-wannabes! You can beat it, but there’s no point of beating it! Do you understand? No point, zero pointer! Hah!”

Nobody laughs except Izuku. It might be a little bit worrying, that his dads’ weird senses of humor are corrupting his, but what can he do? At least when he laughs, he feels a little bit smug that he can ignore the boy-next-to-him’s glare.

 “So this is end! Go and break some sticks! Plus Ultra!” Hizashi-san yells, and as expected, everyone’s on a rush to change to their exam outfits and go to their rightful grounds. Izuku wants to say good luck to Tenya and maybe chit-chat for some time but it doesn’t seem that he’ll be able to do, because of the crowd.

He gives up on meeting with Tenya. He tries to follow the blonde boy from earlier, -because they’re on the same ground, how lucky of Izuku. It’s easier than Izuku expects, because the blonde is parting the sea of people like Moses. Must be his ‘I’ll murder you’ face, Izuku snickers.

They’re about to reach the changing room for ground what-ever –the paper is lost on somewhere, and his tactic is just stalking the boy so he doesn’t bother to remember it-, when he falls.

Very heroically. Goodbye, the cool start of my hero carrier. Goodbye-

Except, he doesn’t fall.  “I’m flying?” He panics, moving around in the air pitifully, grabbing his big yellow backpack hard. “I’m flying!”

“Ah, sorry,” says a voice, behind him. He feels hands on him, and then he’s on his two feet, still shakily hugging his backpack. He doesn’t feel any weight. Before he can ask what’s going on, a girl comes from behind. “Release!” the girl says, touching all her fingers.

Ah, yes. The weight comes back, and he doesn’t feel like he’s about to fly off somewhere. Good.

 “Sorry again. I shouldn’t have used my quirk on you so suddenly.” The girl rubs the back of her head. “But I thought it’d be bad luck, if you fall, you know?”

He suddenly becomes aware of gender of the person in front of him, as his cheeks turn into a deep red. “Ah…” he mutters, “It’s okay…” He tries again, looking at his hands. “Thank-“ He lifts his head up to look at the girl’s eyes as he thanks but the girl is already gone.

Well. Look at how a good start he made, he already talked to a girl!

 He sighs, going to the boy’s changing room.

His outfit is really basic. It’s a black track suit, arms reaching to his elbows and legs to knees, and his comfortable, useful red running sneakers. What make him stand out are his support items. It turns out if you fill a formal form with listing why you need support items in entrance exam, as long as it’s reasonable the Principal allows you to have supports items during exam.

And Izuku’s reason is pretty logical. He doesn’t have the destructive power of a strong quirk –he doesn’t have a quirk at all. His support items are two things: the capture scarf he borrowed from his dad and a one handed hammer, so he can smash robots.

 It may be not fair to be actually trained by two heroes before-hand, but the world is not fair. He learned it in such a young age, so those teens can learn it too. He mutters it to himself, as he feels the questioning looks on, and ‘A weapon? Is it fair?’ ‘Why is he allowed?’ whispers reach on his ears.

He looks around, to occupy himself. He sees the blonde snarling at something –Is he really a wolf?- and rolls his eyes. Away from the boy’s tense presence, it’s a rather easy thing to do. He hopes the boy can’t pass, but he has a bad feeling about it.

What he sees next it the good girl who saved him earlier. He has a better look on her now, as he’s again away from the person he’s watching, so he doesn’t get embarrassed. She has a brown, bob cut and same colored doe eyes. She seems to be trying to be concentrated, so decides against approaching her and saying thanks.

Before he realizes, his dad’s yelling “Real Life doesn’t have countings! Staaaaartt!”.

He’s been living with Hizashi-san’s sudden yells, so he’s unfazed. He runs into the ground, just like the blonde boy, as others freeze for a second.

Oh good.

Blonde looks at him while they’re both running. His red eyes feel like they’re judging him, analyzing his worth.  He smirks at what he sees. “I’ll crush you, nerd!” Blonde’s planning to tail him. He comes to a concussion, as he watches Blonde copy all the turns he makes. No, it can’t do. I don’t want you to get in my way.

“Oi!” he says, then screams something, but Izuku doesn’t listen to him as he looks straight to where they’re running. There are already robots filling the street. He smiles. He dives on the next turn at a different street at the last moment. Blonde can’t tail him because Izuku’s both faster and has better reflexes.

 He hears the blonde cursing, and then comes an explosion. Nobody told him about explosions in the exam, so it must be the boy’s quirk –he hopes. Both of his dads have a sadistic side to torment Izuku, as much as they love him, not even mentioning Nemuri-san- So the boy is not a werewolf.

 He doesn’t have much time to dwell on it, as his first robot confronts him. A three-pointer. Good. He easily maneuvers the scarf, -not as graceful as Shouta-san though- and limits the robot’s moves. Then he jumps and hammer-first dives into the robot.

 Then comes a one-pointer, then a two, then that and this. Sometimes he sees the blonde at the far end of vision, occupied with destroying whatever gets in his eyesight, or even when he doesn’t see him, his explosions are always ringing somewhere. He almost loses his count at one point, too busy crushing robots, but he remembers it. 56.

 He’s about to smash a three-pointer when he sees the girl. She has a air-related quirk, and she’s about to fight an one pointer when her feet slide and she falls badly. The one pointer makes a move to hit the girl, who’s back on the robot, trying to get up.

 He doesn’t hesitate even when he loses the three-pointer. He runs and helps the girl get up, and even lets the girl take one pointer. Girl says her thanks to him, then they separate their ways.

 He hammers one more two pointer, making his points 58, before he hears a horn blowing. The exam is ending. This means-

Zero pointer.

 Izuku dives into a street, hoping to collect some more pointers before the exam ends. Here he sees the blonde boy, smirking homicidally and the good girl, looking worn out, as well as some unremarkable other examinees, facing the zero-pointer.

 He turns to run away, just as others –even the blonde- but at the far edge of his vision, he sees the girl falling down. She’s passed out.

Over-use of her quirk?

Doesn’t matter. The robot is about to smash her, if she doesn’t move right away. She doesn’t seem like she’ll be able to move anytime soon.

But what about the points you’ll lose? Says a voice that sounds like Kai a little bit.

“It’d be bad luck if you fall.”

Doesn’t matter, replies Tenya’s voice. Helping a person in need is more important than a couple of mere points.

But how? Even with his support items, his power alone won’t be enough to take down the robot, and he can’t run away fast enough while carrying the girl. He needs help-

Explosions. “Hey, Blondie!” he yells, running to get the girl up. Miraculously his mouse like voice reaches the blonde’s ears in the middle of so much noise. Or the boy is really a wolf, still in debate.

“What do you want fuck-face?” yells the wolf-boy. “I’m busy if you can’t tell!” At least he stopped, looking at them.

“We need help to take down the zero-pointer!”

“Help yourself, idiot!” The boy turns, about to restart running.

Izuku feels like he’s lost, lifting the girl princess-style. The robot looks at them, like it’s measuring two bugs before smashing them, and by the scenario they’re going, it might be just like that. Shit.

Luckily, he knows the biggest weak point of people like the blonde. “Are you scared Blondie?” he yells at the wolf-boy’s back. “You can’t explode this bad boy, can you?”

 The boy’s hands crack small explosions, and as he makes a sharp turn and runs straight to them, Izuku sees murder on his face.

Shit. Izuku didn’t have enough time to think about after provoking the blonde. He squashes his eyes, hoping the robot will be faster than the blonde to reach them because of course smashing between its limbs will be less painful.

 His ears ring as explosions dangerously close to them blows heat into them, but no pain or actual fire-heat comes. He opens his eyes just as the boy, using both hands’ explosions to jump into air, flies up above his head and into the robot.

The boy’s next moves are so amazing that Izuku feels a little bit jealousy towards quirks. Blondie literally blows the robot, a homicidal smile twisting his face into a wolf’s –maybe he has two quirks?-. The robots parts comes crashing down, some of them on fire.

 Between those parts, he sees the boy falling. His hands are placed before his body, maybe to block his fall or maybe for using his explosions again to maneuver on air.

But with so many robot-parts on air, he won’t be able to have a clean fall.

Izuku places the girl’s head on the ground, freeing his arms. He looks at the scene for just a moment, short enough and long enough as he plans his move. He swings the capture scarf, and catches the boy. Using momentum –and luck-, he carefully but quickly gets the boy down next to girl.

The boy scowls at him. “I don’t need your help!” He makes a move to sprint-

But the horn blows again, and Hizashi-san’s yelling “Exaaaam’s Over!”

The boy looks well-down pissed, ready to murder him. His palms are pointed at Izuku, sparks already twitching. “Fucking nerd. Getting in the way-“He growls.

The girl thankfully chooses this moment to get up and look around in bewilderment. “Huh? What’s going on?”

Izuku clears his throat. “Um… The exam… Ended…“ He can feel the blood rising to his face, making him a wonderful tomato, with his green hair.

“You say the exam ended?” The girl looks at him, eyes wide open. “But-but- I only gained-“

“And I lost some points saving both your pathetic asses. Get over it bitch.” Says Blondie.

They both turn at him, muttering apologies in a haunted cooperativeness, echoing each other perfectly.

The blonde boy looks at them both, then as if it’s possible, scowls even harder. “Pathetic. Both of you.” Then he leaves, not even stopping to receive a candy from Recovery Girl –and an elderly woman who offers you a candy tend to decrease your dramatic exits, Izuku notes for future situations-.


 Katsuki doesn’t really wait for the results anxiously. He knows he did well, even if that fucker and his girlfriend wasted his time. He doesn’t wait for the results to learn if he got accepted or not- he waits for the results to see how good he was.

 It’s just after dinner, while he’s readying himself to sleep when the letter comes.

 Old hag opens his door without knocking. “Katsuki!”

 “Knock the door fucker!” he yells as response.

She rolls her eyes, exits the room and closes the door. She sarcastically –can be a door knocked sarcastically?- knocks the door and enters. “As I was about to say, your letter came from UA.”

“Is that so? Put it on my desk. I’ll look at it at the morning.” He says, opening the mattress to get in the bed.

“Don’t be ridiculous, brat.” She says, swinging his letter like a flag on her hand. “Come down, we’ll look at the letter together.”

He thinks about whatever he should go or sleep, but as he knows as long as he doesn’t do what his annoying old hag wants, he won’t be getting any sleep. Whatever. He wanted to know, anyway. He scowls and exits the room.

They sit together at the couch, Katsuki in middle, parents at the both sides. Old hag tears the letter ungraciously. A metal, round objects falls into her lap. Before she can examine it to understand what’s it, the thing glows and a hologram of somebody fills the air.

 It’s All Might. “I came as a hologram!” he yells, trademark smile on his face. “You might ask why I am here! From next year on, I’ll be teaching at U.A!” he says, smiling.

“Oh, Katsuki. That’s amazing,” mutters Dad. “That All Might will be your teacher!”

 He’s so surprised that he doesn’t even say shut up. His eyes don’t move away from his destination, All Might’s smiling face.

 “You may already know, but you passed both writing and physical exams with flying colors!”

“Of course.” He says, -relieved- smirking.

“But let me entertain you anyway!”


All Might disappears and it shows a brown haired, bob cut haired girl with Present Mic. Ah, that freckled bastard’s girlfriend. Why she’s-

“Umm… Pardon me…” She mutters. “There was a boy, with spiky blonde hair. There was such an hard scowl on his face, like he’s studying for being a scarecrow or something.”

“She’s talking about you,” Old hag giggles and Katsuki uses all his patience and will power to not blow up her and this stupid hologram of the girl. I’ll still murder her the next time I see her stupid face. If she passed the exam, of course.

“Can you give him some of my points? To the other boy, also, of course, even though he said he doesn’t need it?” she says, surprising Katsuki. “He was complaining about how he lost points helping me and that freckled, plain boy-“ -For an unknown reason, Present Mic snorts- “So I wanted to… at least the points he lost… Is it possible?” She completes. “He with that freckled boy saved my life!”

Old hag whistles. “Whoa, Katsuki, I never heard about that. Saving a life huh? UA’s already correcting your ways and you only passed the entrance exam!”

Dad gives him a soft smile before his patience runs out and he blasts her to across the sea. “Katsuki, you’re amazing.”

“Of course-“

At the hologram, Present Mic rubs her head. “You can’t transfer points to another, but don’t worry, little listener. You don’t need to.”

“Your actions inspired another! We can’t let such a good action go to waste, can we now? This exam is not just about getting points from enemies!” All Might appears again. “So there are also rescue points, young man!”


Before Katsuki can progress, All Might shows him a chart. “Bakugou Katsuki, 61 Fight Points, and 34 Rescue Points! In total, 95 points as the second place!”


“Aizawa Izuku,” the hologram momentary shoves the freckled bastard’s face. “58 Fight Points, 38 rescue points, in total, 96 points as the first place!”


Uraraka Ochako, 28 Fight Points, 32 rescue points!” All Might says. “Come, young Bakugou! This is your hero academia!”



Once a week, Bakugou Katsuki and his parents share dinner with one Midoriya Inko.

They have turns, twice a month the dinner is at Bakugous’ home, twice a month it’s at Inko-san’s, and the dinner they eat at his entrance exam’s is at Inko-san’s home.

 Surprisingly, Katsuki has a weak spot to the short, plump woman and her meals, so he always shows up with his parents, even if he sees it as lame and bothersome, to eat with old people at high school age.

Inko-san is a kind, soft spoken woman, easy to cry. She’s probably the only one Katsuki’s kind to a degree, because certainly world hasn’t been kind to her.

Katsuki vaguely remembers her son, Midoriya Izuku, a green hair of mess and as easily to cry as his mother was he. He was a Deku, clumsier and weaker than the rest, but always first to run to help. At the time, it only annoyed Katsuki, but now he can see the kindness behind the boy’s actions, even if it still makes him scowl to think he needs help.

Then, one day, shortly after his fourth birthday and the news about his quirklessness break, he disappeared.

Nobody knows what happened to boy, some say he ran away, some say he’s kidnapped, some even dare say his parents –that soft, kind, delicious-dinners-making Inko-san- abandoned him because he’s quirkless.

Katsuki remembers the shock it brought to their calm, lively neighborhood, and how much it shacked him to lose a friend.

But more than his, it broke Inko-san’s heart, to lose her little son and soon after getting a divorce from her husband. He remembers that Hisashi man even less, because the man was simply never around. But he knows he kind of hates this man to leave his wife like that in an already hard time.

“So, Katsuki-kun.” Says Inko-san, smiling. “Do tell me how your exam went.”

Katsuki growls and Mitsuki laughs. “There was this fucker-“

“Don’t curse in front of Inko!” And the smack comes. Of course.

“I do whatever I want! Die, old hag!”

Chapter Text

“Hey! You!” yells someone, and Izuku takes it as his clue to flee.

He hears heavy footsteps coming after him, but the kid is faster. He has to be, if he wants to eat something. He doesn’t dare look back at the shop owner, though. He knows his legs will shake and he’ll lose his momentum if he looks back.

 Never look back, is the cowardly thief’s first rule. He runs for some more, keeping track of the streets and listening to the man’s footsteps. When he decides the man is far enough,  he turns to a certain district.

 With every street he passes, the shops are a little bit more few and far between, houses are a little bit more plain, people are more poor. Naturally, he knows this district like the back of his hand. He slows down, hiding the food more on his chest. He makes sure no one’s paying him attention more than necessary.

 When he’s satisfied that he’s safe and unseen, he dives into an backstreet. This is where their ‘hide-out’ is. Well, Kai calls it a hideout but it’s just an old, unoccupied store. They spend an entire day to furnish the store with castaway furniture, so at least it looks a little bit lived in now.

 Izuku enters the hideout, to see Kai lying down on the old coach as usual. “I’m home.” He announces.

 Kai grumbles a “Welcome back,” and then turns his back to him. His coat is under his head, serving him as a makeshift pillow. His arm is covering his head. Oh. Must be about to fall asleep.

“I stole some food from a store.” He says and lies the stolen food on the table. He sits on a chair.

 “You did what?” Kai gets up, and in an instant he’s on the other chair. “Sora! This is amazing!” His stomach grumbles, and there’s saliva coming down from his mouth. “I’m so hungry! Thank you, brother!”

 Izuku laughs, “For you, anything,” he says.

 They eat messily and fast, fearing that if they wait a moment too much, their food will disappear. It’s a habit that kept them less hungry before, so even if they have enough food for two now, they’re not breaking the habit.

  After they finish eating, “I love you.” says Kai with a satisfied smile on his face. He pats his belly. He places his feet on the table, leaning on the chair’s back and placing his hands on the back of his head. “You’re the best brother ever.”

  Izuku smiles, “You’re only saying this because I got food.” He puts his feet on the chair, leaning his head to his knees. “If I was a hopeless idiot, you wouldn’t call me brother.”

 Kai shakes his head fast, “Nope! If you were a hopeless idiot, you wouldn’t be my brother because you wouldn’t be Sora.” He looks at him, an unusually serious look on his face. “You’re not hopeless, and you’re, like, the smartest person I know.” He adds, as Izuku doesn’t speak.

 Izuku blushes. Complimenting is an ordinary thing to Kai, but he’s not always so sincere on his compliments. “Owwww, thank you, brother-“

“Don’t call me brother.” Says Kai, suddenly sitting straight.


“From now on, you don’t have a brother, and I don’t have a quirkless, weak son.”

He remembers.

How can he ever forget, that man’s words? That cruel, cruel, so cruel eyes. The eyes that are looking at him now. That man’s eyes doesn’t suit Kai’s face.

“You’re not a son, not a brother. You’re quirkless. Useless. Weak.” Says Kai, but he’s speaking with that man’s voice now.

He screams.


Shouta wakes up to a scream.

 As a pro hero, his body is awake before his mind is. He gets up, looks at the shadows of their room, searching. Then his mind wakes up too, and he realizes that there’s no attack coming from those shadows.


 He runs to Izuku’s room. What he sees is not an unusual scene, but it breaks his heart every time.

 There is a bump on the bed, curled like a ball, hiding under the blanket. Shouta walks silently, not wanting to scare off him any more than this. “Izuku.” He says gently.

A sob rises from the bump. “Di-did I wake you up again?”

Shouta holds his sigh. “It’s not important, Izuku. Are you okay?” He sits on the bed, laying an arm on Izuku’s side. He carefully opens the blanket.

“I-I’m sorry.” Izuku’s face is hidden by all the limbs covering his head. It doesn’t take a genius to guess he’s biting his lip so hard it bleeds.

Shouta hugs him. “Izuku,” He turns the boy to his side, carefully untangling his limbs to see his face. “It’s not important,” he says again. “Did you see him again?”

Neither has to ask who ‘he’ is. Izuku has a lot of nightmares from his past, but only one makes him scream like this.

I swear, I am going to punch that man in the face. It’s not a new thought. The desire to do so gets stronger and stronger every time Izuku wakes up from a nightmare, screaming and sobbing and thinking he’s unworthy of family and love, just because a bastard-

“Izuku, I love you.” He says.


“Because you’re the most amazing, kind, helpful, capable, smart boy I’ve ever known. Because you’re my son. Because you think of yourself so low, that I always find new reasons to love you.”

Izuku sobs again, new tears falling down his face.  “I don’t-“

“Whatever you’re going to say, yes you do.” Says Shouta, pulling his head to his lap. He pets his hair like how Izuku likes it. “Even if you don’t believe, I’m going to say this again and again. Until you believe me.”

“What if I don’t ever believe you?” asks Izuku, a moment later. He turns on Shouta’s lap to look at his face. The tears stopped, and he seemed to calm down. But his eyes are still red. His mouth is still curved down.

Shouta looks at his bright green eyes. “Then I’ll get Hizashi come home and we’ll yell this until you go deaf or you start to believe us. Probably you’ll go deaf before, because he’ll of course use his quirk, and then we’ll need to teach you singing so you can understand what we are saying in sing. And we’ll still be saying the same thing.”

Izuku’s laugh starts with a small giggle, then a short snort, then he’s laughing breathlessly.

Shouta laughs too, still keeping petting the boy’s hair. They fall asleep cuddling each other shortly soon, and that’s how Hizashi founds them when he comes back from his radio show.

Needlessly to say, they wake up to found pictures taken and posted online of them.


 Izuku is in a weird mood.

He’s happy, he’s embarrassed, he’s sad, even if it’s just a little bit.

Shouta-san grumbles and scowls at Hizashi-san a little bit when he finds the pictures, and he scowls even deeper when he reads the comments under, but at this point, he’s just given up from online privacy, so he just… pouts.

Izuku’s pretty sure if he tells this to anybody else, especially to the scary, firm Aizawa-sensei’s students, nobody’s going to believe him, but his dad, the fierce underground hero Eraserhead, pouts. A lot. Especially when it involves his family.

Over breakfast, he texts Tenya, missing the looks his parents are giving each other.

Aizawa Izuku: hey

Aizawa Izuku: i love you!!

Surprisingly, Tenya replies fast.

Iida Tenya: I love you too Izuku-kun.

Iida Tenya: Did something happen? Forgive my assumptions but did you have another nightmare last night?

Aizawa Izuku: yep another nightmare. it was pretty bad too, but don’t worry im alright now

Iida Tenya: It’s good to hear!

Iida Tenya: I apologize for the short notice but, can we have a study session tonight? Also if it’s not a bother, can I stay the night too?

Izuku smiles. His friend is never been good with words, so he’s trying to be there for him quite literally. It doesn’t matter if Tenya’s words are a little bit clumsy, he’s always been the best one to give hugs and keep his mind from doubts.

“Hey, Tenya’s asking if he can stay over tonight.” He says, looking up to-

See his parents kissing.


Shouta-san separates from his fiancée quickly, not giving attention to Hizashi-san’s pout. He coughs, hiding a blush with his hand covering his mouth. “Tonight? It’s surprising, he usually writes a formal letter to us a week before, but of course it’s alright.”

Shoutaaaaa-“ Hizashi-san is silenced by a hand on his mouth.

“Please don’t exchange your bodily liquids in front of me.” Izuku deadpans.

Buuuuuuuut! He’s so cute when he does that-“ Hizashi starts but he’s silenced once again by Shouta-san’s hand. He grins under the hand, then grabs the hand and kisses it.

“Ewwww!” Izuku covers his eyes, though he hears Shouta-san groan.


Tenya comes at 4 p.m. straight. “Excuse me!” he says while entering, even though his presence in this home is not a bother at all. Izuku gives him a pair of slippers that he keeps insisting to wear. Personally Izuku looks at that kind of shoes as Devil’s doing, but Tenya’s a proper boy, so there’s no helping.

 Izuku has no need to show him around. “I’ll get the snacks, you settle yourself.” He heads to kitchen, hopeful to not find his parents kissing again so soon. He enters the kitchen cross-fingers. It turns out he’s lucky, there’s no parents shoving their mouths to each other.

 He grins as he opens the snacks cabinet. What greets him is a pair of eyes. He almost screams, as the little devil comes out of the cabinet. “Sarami!” he yells as the cat runs away to somewhere.

Hizashi-san pokes his head, “What did she do again?”

Izuku swings an chewed packet, careful to not pour it’s contents anymore “I found her on the snack cabinet.”

Hizashi-san laughs for a moment- before he sees what Izuku’s holding. “Wait. Is it my-“


“That damn cat.” Hizashi-san sighs as he goes back. He’s not even bothered to clean the cat’s mess.

 Izuku laughs a little. He puts the bag on the counter, sighing. Sarami pokes her head from somewhere, and she meows. Izuku scratches her head. “You’re a big trouble in a little body, aren’t you, Sarami?”

 The cat purrs, and for a second she seems so innocent. Then she tries to dive again on the bag, Izuku catching her at the last moment. She meows loudly.

 Izuku grabs the bag with his free hand, keeping it away from Sarami. He puts down her. Before she can attempt to jump on him, he picks the first things come to his hand from the cabinet. He closes it and runs to his room.

 Tenya is petting Pochi when he returns to his room. He looks at the chewed bag. His brows are raised.



 He laughs.

Chapter Text

-A couple of days earlier-

Shouta is leaning on the wall. His eyes are glued to the screen above, which is playing the footage of entrance exam.

 “This boy here, the boy who took second place,” says Nedzu, as he clicks the controller to screen. The screen showing a general view of students focuses on a particular, blonde boy. “He’s really interesting, isn’t he?”

 The boy in screen jumps onto a three-pointer. He blasts the robot with a vicious smile that he keeps since the start of exam. Not slowing down anytime soon, he heads for another one. It’s no surprise he got the highest villain points in last few years.

What’s surprising is-

Nedzu clicks the controller once more, and the screen flashes to the zero-pointer. Below the robot is a familiar green-head, princess-carrying an unconscious girl. “He’s really interesting, isn’t he?” says Nedzu with his usual cheerful attitude.

 Izuku yells something to the blonde boy, and Shouta winches as the boy dives for his son, changing directions the last minute. The boy blasts an explosion to the robot, destroying it easily. Even if it’s not the first time he sees is, Nedzu cheers as the boy starts to fall.

 Shouta smirks, because he too knows what’s next. He casts a knowing glance to his fiancée, who returns his gaze. Their son catches the blonde one easily, getting him the rescue points that put him on the first place, just above the blonde one.

“That one’s you two’s son, Izuku, isn’t he?” says Nemuri.

“Yep! He’s really heroic, isn’t he?” yells Hizashi, fondly.

Nedzu looks at them. “Ah. I didn’t know he grew up to enter high school.” He looks at the screen again, and his smile… changes. Their animal principal has an idea. Shouta feels goose bumps rise on his body. Surely, whatever the white animal is planning is not nice.

“Principal-“ He starts but before he can finish, Nedzu’s speaking again.

“Let’s put them together on your class, Aizawa-kun!”

Shouta sighs. At least he can keep an eye on Izuku.


-One day after Izuku’s nightmare-

When he gets back home from a night patrol, the home is silent, all lights turned off.

Izuku sometimes has a habit of pulling all nighters, too focused on what he’s reading or watching, but with Tenya by his side, he has to sleep on a reasonable hour even if he doesn’t want to. Tenya will make him do that. Sometimes Shouta thinks Izuku has three dads, Hizashi and him plus Tenya, who’s the strictest out of them.

Well, since their son doesn’t have a habit of taking care of himself, they need all the help they need to take care of him. He’s grateful to have Tenya as Izuku’s plus dad.

He walks slowly, careful to not wake up all the light sleepers on the house. He’s pleasantly successful, since he’s a underground hero who relies on stealth and all, but when he opens their bedroom, Hizashi’s awake, sitting on the bed and reading something on his phone.

“Shit.” He says slowly. “Did I wake you up?”

Hizashi shakes his head, voice so unlikely quiet. “No, I was waiting for you.” He pats the empty space next to him, inviting Shouta.

 Shouta nods once, “Good.” Then he steps out of his costume, getting his pajamas from the chair next to the wardrobe, which is filled with their everyday outfits.  As he dresses, Hizashi watches him with his cat-like green eyes. It’s easy to compare, as one of the cats, Pochi is cuddled next to Hizashi, watching Shouta like him.

 He lays to bed, body tired and muscles begging for sleep. Pochi gets up from Hizashi’s side and snuggles to him instead. “Good girl,” he mumbles absent mindly, petting her soft, grey fur. “What did you wanted to talk about?”

Hizashi lays next to him, turning to his side. They’re eye to eye, and even in the darkness, his eyes are cat-like. Shouta loves all parts of his fiancée, but maybe he likes those eyes a little bit more. He kisses the tip of his nose briefly. Shouta sighs in relief. There’s a cat on his arms, his fiancée is right next to him and the world around him is asleep, or at least silent.

“I wanted to talk about Izuku.” Hizashi murmurs. “He had another nightmare last night, right? When I was away on the radio show.”

 “Yeah.” He admits. “It was pretty bad.” He feels more tired now.

“Was it about… that man?” Hizashi asks, careful. It’s hard to see in the dark light, but Shouta doesn’t need to see to know he’s frowning. He’s frowning too.

“Yeah. I wake up to his scream, and he only screams when the nightmare is about that man.”

Hizashi cups his face, other hand on Pochi, touching Shouta’s hand on the cat. “I wish he’d tell us, at least.”

Shouta kisses his hand. “I wish it too, to know who that man is. So I can punch him in the face.  Beat him, maybe break a few bones.”

Hizashi snorts. “You beat him, I’ll hold his arms.”

Shouta smiles on to his hand for a moment.

“Where do you think he came from?” Hizashi asks.


“Because, I sometimes think, if there’s a mom and a dad who misses him, that waits for him to return home. Sometimes I want to find his birth parents. And if they threw him on the streets, I want to make them boil on envy and regret. They gave up on such an amazing, brilliant son.” Hizashi sighs. They wait in silence for a few moments, then Hizashi speaks again. “Maybe I’m just angry, maybe I just want to make them suffer, because they caused so much to him.”

“And, I don’t care if it makes me a bad person.” Hizashi whispers.

Shouta kisses his hand again, then he moves, placing another kiss on his wrist, then on forearm. He gets higher, placing kisses on him as he moves. He has half a mind to realize Pochi meows in displeasure, going to crawl somewhere in the bedroom. He climbs on Hizashi, putting hands on the each side of his head. “Either you’re not a bad person, or we’re both are bad people, because I feel the same.” He kisses the man on lips.

Hizashi’s hands slip under his T-shirt, and the kiss is slowly transforming from sweet to hot.

He breaks the kiss suddenly, retreating to his side of bed. Hizashi makes a sound, disappointed. “Shouta-“

“Not tonight. I’m tired.”


“Goodnight, you fake cockatoo.”



Officially, Izuku doesn’t know what class he’s in, but since he lives with a dad who still is not unaffected by his kitty-eyes –because all of three of them are cat people-, it’s easy to slip information. Of course he knows he’s on his dad’s class, with Tenya alongside him.

He’s very grateful it went that way, because without two of the only four people –three now, since they finished classes with his teacher for good- he’s in contact with, he has no idea how he can survive a bunch of new people.

His people skills never had the chance to improve, too busy surviving before he was adopted and too busy studying after it. At least he watched a lot of anime and read a lot of books when he had free time, but he has no idea how to apply his wide Naruto information to real-life situations, except running and trying to murder your ex-best friend who’s dead-set on getting back you on your ex-village, but he doesn’t think he needs the last part.

 The day high school starts, he texts Tenya a quick good morning message, who replies it with his own in return, then he carefully steps inside his dads bedroom. Hizashi-san’s already up, readying breakfast, singing happily since he was able to shove the most deadly quest on this house to Izuku’s shoulders.

The quest of waking up one and only Aizawa Shouta.

He gulps, not bothering to walk lightly on his feet. A knight must have felt this way, poking a sleeping dragon. He lightly pokes Shouta-san, keeping him as far as his arms can reach. Shouta-san’s face twitches, and he turns to other side.

 Facing dad’s back, Izuku gets a step closer, then pokes him a little bit harder. “Shouta-san?”

Shouta-san groans, putting his arm on his face. “Go away.”

“Shouta-san, you have to get up. School starts today.” He gets bolder, daring to poke him again.


“Shouta-san.” He shakes him, and at last, Shouta-san moves his arm away and opens a dark eye to look at him. “It’s my first day at school.”


“I don’t want to be late!”

“Ah. Don’t worry, we as teachers have to go to school at least an hour early than the students. Since you’re coming with us, you won’t be early, we will be.”

“It doesn’t make it any better, Shouta-san. Come on, get up.”


 He’s the first one to arrive on his class. Tenya comes just a little bit later, and they start to chat. As they talk, one by one, their classmates fill the classroom, and each time someone new appears, he feels a little bit more nervous. There are so much people, not counting entrance exam, he never had so much people his age around before. It’s good that Tenya’s here, otherwise he would have no idea how to manage not to bounce walls.

“Hi!” someone says, loudly. He has bright red hair styled like horns, and his sharp, shark teeth don’t deserve to look this friendly on a smile. “My name is Kirishima Eijirou!”

 Izuku tries to smile as Tenya introduces himself, formal as usual. When his friend finishes, he starts. “My name is Aizawa Izuku! Call me Izuku please!”

“Ah, are you that Aizawa that placed the first place?”

 Izuku chuckles nervously, rubbing the back of his head. “Yep, but don’t ask me how I did it. I have no idea how I managed that.” He looks at his hand, “I was just lucky, I think.”

 They talk a little bit, and Izuku learns that Kirishima took the third place. He decides that he’ll try to make friends with this red haired, friendly guy. As they talk, Izuku calms down. His classmates are not aliens or they don’t bite, they’re probably as excited and nervous as him, and they’re all trying to make friends –just like him.

 “Hi!” says a pink skinned girl, popping out of nowhere. “Kirishima, we’re at the same class!” She has black eyes, and she looks a little bit weird. “I’m glad!”

“You guys know each other?”

“Yep! Same middle school. You guys? You’re seemed very close, using first names and all!”

Tenya looks at Izuku for a moment. “His parents and my big brother were classmates at high school.” Tenya’s small but bright smile that he shows only when he mentions Tensei-san appears. “They’re all pro heroes.”

“Wow! Who are they?”

“Are they strong?”

“Are they on rankings?”

“Dude it’s so cool!”

 A few more people appear, like a blonde guy with a black streak, a boy with black hair and weird elbows and another blonde guy with a tail. They’re all eager to chat and get to know each other.

“Well, my brother is the Turbo Hero: Ingenium,” Tenya says.

“Ah! I heard about him! He has a lot of sidekick, right?”

 Izuku listens to the talk, sitting on his desk. He counts Iida Tensei as family, like he counts Tenya as a brother.

 “Hey, Aizawa- I mean, Izuku, who are your parents?” asks Kirishima, and Izuku feels a little bit embarrassed, as attention turns to him.

 He scratches his cheek a little. “Y’know, it’s fine if- if you want to call me Aizawa. Whatever floats your boat. I just thought it would be less confu-“


 They all turn sharply to the door, where the wolf boy from the entrance exam is. He’s frowning so hard that Izuku thinks maybe he upset his stomach. The boy angrily marches to him, hands and ready to murder and grab. There’s small sparks cracking from his palms.

Well, oh shit.

  “I’LL MURDER YOU!” He pushes away Kirishima, hitting Izuku’s desk with palms on. He smiles bloody murder, and smoke fills the area, coming from his hand on desk. All around, the chatter is frozen and everyone’s looking at the blonde boy. “PREPARE YOUR WILL, I’LL EVEN GIVE YOU 5 MINUTES-“

 “Ah! You’re the boy from entrance exam!” Says someone. It’s the girl from the entrance exam, smiling. –She must be just arrived, didn’t hear the boy’s yelling. “I wanted to thank you-“

 “If you’re here to make friends, you can get out now.” Shouta-san, like the wolf boy and girl, appeared on the door, but unlike the teenagers, he’s lying on a yellow sleeping bag, looking very much like a caterpillar.

 They all, again, look at the newcomer with a dumbfounded expression. Then, the fastest being the girl –even faster than Tenya-, they all run to their sitting places. As they place themselves, Shouta-san grabs a drinking bag, -it’s something healthy that Hizashi-san fusses him to drink. It’s taste is awful, and Izuku thanks God every time he sees the bag that Hizashi-san doesn’t make him drink it like he does with Shouta-san- he slurps it to an end. He gets up with the sleeping bag still on, and Izuku snorts, trying to suppress the laugh that comes as he sees his dad, not realizing the wolf boy in front of him flinching and starting to tremble in anger. If he laughs, he knows he’ll be drawing a big, colorful target on his forehead to his dad to mess with.

 He looks at them, slouching and a dead look on his eyes. “It took you eight seconds. We have a limited time, don’t act so irrationally.”

 Is he a teacher, really? Izuku doesn’t have a mind-reading quirk but he can almost hear the question all the other students -excluding Tenya- are asking now. He licks his lips, so he doesn’t smile. Having your dad as your teacher is hard, especially someone like Shouta-san, who looks so tough but just this morning he almost had to pull him out of bed.

 “My name is Aizawa Shouta.” As he says his name, Kirishima sharply turns to Izuku, looking bewildered. “I’m your homeroom teacher. Nice to meet you.” He pulls out a gym uniform seeming to out of nowhere, “It may be fast but, change into this and head out to the grounds.”

 “What about the entrance ceremony?” asks the girl, looking a little bit lost(?).

 “No time to waste time on that stuff if you want to be heroes. U.A. is known by its “freestyle” education. It applies to us teacher as well.” Shouta-san gives her a side-glance before he exits the classroom.