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"Ohhh who's that for?" Your friend, Dami asked, trying to sniff the cookies you had brought for Jeon Jungkook, your longtime crush. You quickly hide it away in your bag with a death glare sent towards her, knowing that if it ever gets in her hand, she would finish it instantly.

"Oh come on! Not a single piece for your best friend?"

You smiled at her before reaching inside your backpack once again, getting out three piece of cookies that you had packed in a plastic. "What?" She gasped in disbelief.

"I cannot tolerate such biased action!" She huffed dramatically.

"What?" You asked, with a frown.

"First of all, he gets five pieces while I get three. Second of all, you packed mine in a plastic and taped it with a tape while his in a box topped with a neatly tied bow?!" You burst out laughing at her remarks, Dami looking at you with a pout, arms crossing across her chest, your cookies were still on her lap as she refuses to take them.

"If you don't want it..." You began to slowly take the cookies away before she caught your hand in hers.

"Fine! Aish.. You devil."

"You're much welcome, Dami." You joked. 

You've had a crush on Jungkook for three years, and throughout those years, you'd tried so hard to start a conversation with him, you couldn't really say that it ended up in success everytime as he would always ditch the conversation to do something else instead. You knew Jungkook through his hyung aka your bestfriend, Taehyung.

You'd always hang out with Taehyung after school, and he knows basically everything about your crush on his dongsaeng, he even ship you guys together, along with Dami. You can't sit with Jungkook at lunch because he always seems to be ignoring you. Sometimes you wished Taehyung goes to the same school as the both of you so that when they sit together during lunch, you could sit with Jungkook and pretend that you're sitting with them because of Taehyung. 

You could feel your heart beating out of your chest as you head your way to your third class of the day, also the class that you had with Jungkook. Going into the class, you spotted Jungkook right away, looking real fine, on his usual seat, chatting with his friends that you hardly pay any attention to. They're all a bunch of hot guys at school, but you only pay attention to Jungkook. 

There were only a few people in class, making you feel slightly relieved. After putting your bag down, you walked up to him, clutching the box in your hand tightly. You gulped as you noticed that all five of his friends are there even though only two of them are in the class too. You were about to turn around to leave when you noticed one of his friend pointed a finger towards you, before Jungkook turned around to meet your eyes. 

The more you look at him, the more attractive he became. Your breath hitched in your throat as you realized that it was too late to run now. So you mustered up all of your courage, croaking out a shaky, "Hi."

Jungkook raised his eyebrows, usually you would only talk to him outside of school when he was with his Taehyung. But now?

"Hm?" Jungkook managed to only hum at you. You sighed loudly, not caring if he heard it.

"Here." You handed him the box, biting your lip in nervousness. 

"What's that?" He questioned, peeking inside the box.

"I m-made you cookies." You urged him to take it, but he remained still, only looking at you with shock and confusion written on his face before it was replaced with anger?

"You want me to eat that? Are you sure it is clean since you made it?" You gasped at that, your arms falling to each side.

"I think it's better inside the trashcan." He remarked, followed by laughter from him and his friends. 

You could feel your heart shattering into millions of pieces as a lump formed in your throat. You tried to say something but you realized your eyes getting watery. Afraid that he might see your weak side, you turned around and quickly run out, not caring that the box just fell out of your hand and to the floor, knowing that the cookies inside will break into pieces just like your heart.

You were sat in one of the stalls in the ladies', crying your eyes out, not caring that anyone that enter would hear you sobbing uncontrollably. Just then, there was a knock on the door, but you remained silent before you heard Dami sighing.

"(Y/N).." She called softly. Realizing it's her, you tear the door open, bringing her in for a hug as you sobbed more into her uniform, Dami running her hand up and down your back reassuringly.

"Do you want to ditch school?" She asked softly as you nodded quickly.

"Let's go." She let you fix your makeup first, before you were both ready to go.

"Wait, where's your bag?" You gasped in realization.

"Aish you left it in class didn't you?" She shook her head. You smiled at her innocently.

"What class do you have now?"

"English." After telling you to wait, she immediately went to take your bag.

Dami went inside your class after knocking the door and getting permission from Mrs Lee, your English teacher.

"I'm sorry, Mrs Lee but (Y/N) is sick and I need to take her home instantly."

Mrs Lee put a hand on her chest, "Ah, is she okay? Poor girl. Please take care of her." 'Now that's easy', Dami thought, knowing for a fact that you were indeed Mrs Lee's favorite student.

"She is.. Thank you." Dami bowed before moving to your seat that was two seat in front of Jungkook, she left the class with your bag only after sending Jungkook a death glare and a face that tells him that she'll kill him soon.

"How did you know?" You asked, taking a lick from your Chocolate Mint ice cream. Dami sighed.

"The gossip queen."

"Oh my god! Yura?! I forgot that she was there!" You fake cried. Dami laughed at you.

"Yeah, you were pretty stupid, I must say. But hey, it's his loss because damn your cookies are great." You grinned at her before opening your backpack, to give her the one you were supposed to give to Jungkook.

You facepalmed yourself with a sigh. "What?"

"I kind of left the cookies on the floor when I ran earlier." Dami raised her eyebrows.

"Really? But I didn't see any cookies or box, at the class earlier." You pouted at that.

"He must've threw it away. He said it belongs in the trashcan anyway." You shrugged, before Dami embrace you in a side hug, patting your head like a child.

"Don't worry child, I've sent him my greatest death glare." 

You squinted your eyes at her. "Yeah as if that's gonna do anything."

"At least he knows not to mess with you now because you have me. And I can cut his balls anytime and everyone in the school knows that." You've got to agree with that, everyone in the school knows not to mess with Dami because once you do, you're just messing with the devil himself. 

There's this one time during middle school where a boy picked on you and threw a rock at you, making you bleed on your forehead, Dami was there to attack him with more rocks making him almost fell unconscious, and her being sent to the principal's office for hurting one of the teacher's son. But she got away with it when the boy confessed that he was the one who started it first. That day was also the day when you started befriend with Dami.

The next day, everywhere you go there were whispers and you knew there were talking about the embarrassing event that took place the day before. You were feeling down the entire day but thank God for Dami who sticked up with you the entire day through it all. Taehyung had asked you about it, and as much as you tried to hide it, he could read you like an open book even through a phone call. 

You were on your way to the cafeteria when your eyes met with Jungkook's pair of golden honey beautiful colored eyes that you had fallen deeply in love with. You looked away immediately, still mad and ashamed of what happened yesterday. You didn't realized the frown that etched onto his face as he realized you had avoid his gaze.

Jungkook bit his lip, trying to restraint himself from doing what he had been wanting to do since yesterday's event. "Fuck it." He muttered before running towards you just before you could push the cafeteria's door open. He yanked your wrist, turning you around to face him. You gasped, almost falling but managed to placed a hand on his chest before you could bump into him. 

You looked up at him in shock, mouth forming an o. You could feel your heart suddenly beating at an inhumanly fast pace.

"What do you want?" Dami suddenly asked, breaking the awkward silent that had occurred as the both of you were just staring at each other like in all those cliché scenes in k dramas. 

As if Jungkook had just realized what had happened, he looked over at Dami, a stern expression on his face.

"Leave us alone, Dami." He had simply said before tugging your hand to move but you remained still.

"I did yesterday, didn't I? And it doesn't end nicely, does it? Now if you-"

"Choi Dami!" He roared, Dami standing there silently, in shock, not knowing what to do anymore.

"Come with me." He demanded you. His expression made you feel somewhat scared, but you've got to admit, he looks hella hot like that.

"N-no." You stammered, trying to pull yourself away from him. He heaved out a sigh, mumbling under his breath, "you left me with no choice." You were about to ask what he meant by that when he went on his knees and wrapped his arms around you legs, making you fell on his back and just like that, he brought you to the school's field, not caring about the looks the both of you got or the screams and punches you had given him. He placed you down and stood upright in front of you, face serious as ever. You faced the ground, scared to look at him in the eyes.

"Look at me." He demanded you for the second time that day. Still scared, you looked up at him, suddenly feeling your body began shaking from trying to hold back tears. His gaze on you softened as he sighed. 

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked softly. You looked up at him in confusion, a tear that you've been holding finally escaping your left eye.

"(Y/N)..." He trailed off softly, bringing his hand to the back of your head before placing your head on his chest. "Hey, don't cry. I just wanna talk to you. I'm sorry if I scared you." You were shocked by his action, unable to say anything. 

He let you go before asking you the same question. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"T-tell you what..?" You finally respond.

"That you like me." You looked down again, fidgeting with your fingers. He lifted your chin with his two fingers, making you look at him in the eyes.

"You should've told me so I could confess. You should've told me so I wouldn't think that you're only after Taehyung."

"W-what?" You croaked out in shock.

"I've been in love with you since God knows when. But I've always thought you were only after Tae hyung and that hurts." You smiled slightly at that, him doing the same.

"I tried to talk to you but it seems like you always ignore me." You pouted. He chuckled.

"Yeah, and you know how hard would it be for me to move on if I start talking to you? I seriously thought you were only nice to me because I'm Taehyung's friend."

"Please don't move on from me. Because I can't move on from you." You whispered out, but enough for the both of you to hear.

"I won't, if you agree to be mine now?" He bit his lip, a small smile tugging at his lips. You grinned at him before nodding your head shyly. He brought you in for another hug, this time in which you returned. Placing his head on your head, he sighed in content. "Remind me to apologize to Taehyung later.."

You broke away, as if asking him why. "I got kind of mad yesterday and let it out on him and he spilled everything, that's how I knew." You clicked your tongue, shrugging your shoulders. "Poor Tae oppa but oh well.." He followed your gestures before opening his backpack and taking out a box. It was your box! The one you left at class yesterday! .

"You took it?" You beamed, unable to contain your happiness.

"How can I not? My crush gave it to me! And honestly, it was so good! My girlfriend is such a great baker!" He scrunched his nose, in awe of your cuteness as he messes your hair. "Here." He handed you the box.

"Macaroons?" "From your favorite place, Bake O' Clock. Hyung said this is what you usually get." You were in awe by his words as you brought him in for yet another hug. His body shook as he laugh, he buried his face in your hair, mumbling out a "you're so adorable, jagi."


The Brat ( JungkookxReader Smut ) Bonus story

Today was the first day of school. I am a senior in high school. Everything was going pretty good. During lunch my friends were telling me there was this new guy and that he was very handsome. I hadn’t met him yet, until last period. I went into my math class and sat down in an empty desk. I took out my stuff for the class. The seat beside me was empty until someone finally sat down. I didn’t take a look to see who it was, since I like minding my own business. The class started and the teacher put us into pairs in order to do an activity. That’s when I realized the new guy was in my class. Indeed he was handsome. He was my partner which made me excited, yet nervous. We started to work on our activity, I could easily determine he was a fuck boy. He had that look in his eyes.

“You are very attractive.” he said bluntly. I looked at him and simply smiled. We didn’t get to finish our activity so we decided to finish it after school. Once school was over we both headed to my house. I was home alone after school since both of my parents work. We sat down and relaxed for a bit.

“Let’s fuck.” he stated. I looked at him shocked.

“What the hell you asshole. We came to do our work only.” He smirked and replied,

“My name is Jungkook by the way. I like it when girls play hard to get. Also, I always get what I want and I want you.” I ignored him and proceeded to our activity. I could feel his stare which made me stutter at times since he was very handsome.

“I d-don’t understand this problem.” I say quietly.

“Why are you stuttering?” He teased. I blushed and continued to try the problem. His hand touched my thigh making me jump. He gave it a squeeze before telling me, “I’m tired.” Before I could say or do anything he pushed me down on the sofa and hovered over me. I laid frozen still, until his warm plump lips hit mine. I kissed back and by each second the kiss became heated. He took off his shirt while I took off my blouse. He continued to kiss me while he undid my bra. I could feel his hard member against me. I unbuttoned his pants and tugged on them.

He took them off and I took mine off leaving me just in my red laced underwear. He kissed my neck and left a trail of wet kisses until he reached my panties. He started to rub my clothed clit. I closed my eyes and moaned at the sensation. After a bit, he pulled them down and adjusted his dick at my entrance. He put his arms on either side of my face and slowly thrusted into me. I wrapped my arms on his forearms as I moaned. He picked up the pace and here and there he would suck on my sweet spots making me reach my high. As he thrusted in he started to rub my clit again. He started to reach his high since he became very sloppy. He thrusted in even faster as his hungry eyes looked at my face full of pleasure. He pulled out and came on my stomach. He knew I wasn’t done so, he put his face in front of my clit and started to flick his tongue. I tugged on his hair in pleasure. He inserted two fingers and pumped them in and out. I arched my back since I was so close. Finally, I came and he licked his fingers clean. We both laid down and tried to catch our breath.

“Told ya, I always get what I want.” He said tauntingly.


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“I hate you.” These words flew out like meteriods, punching themselves deep inside of your stomach. MyungSoo pushed you away, slamming you against the wall. He gave you one last glance and spat at you.

“You were a waste of my time.” His cold and harsh words mortified you and you began crying. You can feel his spittle land against your cheeks and you covered up.

“You cry baby, get a fucking life-” Myung Soo stood you up and pushed you down onto your bed.

“Stop!” you shouted in his face, trying to push him away.

“And what? What are you going to do? Nothing!” His hard grip turned into a grab of your hair with him eyeing your neck. “Like these marks on your necks! You are fucking crazy, be glad I haven't found that person you've messed with!” Myung Soo finally let's go of you and backs away from the bed. Your soft cries echoed your room and soon you’re in heavy tears. He eyes you down hard and in seconds, walks out of your room, slamming it shut.

“Goodbye.” Was his last words.

You didn't want to expose him. 

There was a deal. 

You couldn't break it. 

You just can't. 

Tonight was a full moon, and soon you will get what you want. Every full moon he appears in your room, begging for you. For your blood. In order to say yes, there was a deal made. That he would make you a children of the night like him. Where you can be immortal, and strong. Where you can get back revenge. It all started about a month ago when you were having a bad day. He came to you gently that night. Not a speck was moved nor touched. He was as light as he looked, really pale, but handsome. That night was the night you met Yoongia vampire. Hell it was probably one of the most scariest yet majestic night of your life. This mythical creature was gorgeous. His eyes were repelling, his scent was sweet, just him in general was.. beautiful. It was like a dream come true that night. 

Yoongi was hungry and needed blood or else he would die. And soon you gave in, but only if he would grant you your wish. You sat on your bed, with your eyes shut, knees closed, body shaking. It was cold. And when it was freezing cold, you knew what that meant. The windows to your room jerked open and the wind carried it's way in. You sat straight up instantly and looked up from your previous position. Yoongi stood by the window, face reflected by the moon. His eyes, looking down at the loud city under him.

“What a shame.” He croaks in disappointment before walking over to you. You sat on the edge of the bed, sitting still, waiting for his next move. Yoongi watches you and smiles to himself.

“You are lovely tonight.” He tells you before taking a seat right next to you. Your breath hitches as he touches your frigid bare skin. His fingers move away your baby hair that got in the way and pulls down your tank top strap.

“Tonight's the night.” Yoongi whispers into your ears sensually before inhaling your aroma. His hands found their way around your waist and suddenly he places you on top of him.

“Ah!-” you piped, surprised by his actions that were never once done before.

lacing your arms around his neck, you leaned in closer to him, feeling a lot warmer.

Somehow, his tongue found its way against your hot skin and begins trailing towards his bite marks made deeply into you. Arching your neck off to the side, you held onto his shoulders for moral support. You wanted to kiss him. Deeply. Harshly. With lust. Yoongi was an attractive immortal, you weren't gonna lie. But if he was going to turn you, it better be quick. Because you were yearning for him, hard. Licking your skin lustfully, Yoongi tilts your face so you would look back down at him.

“You know that I want you right?”


His attractiveness caught you off guard. Running his hands from your waist up, you felt Yoongi’s hands go under your tank top, going higher and higher up.

“Ah- Yoong-”

“Shh-” He speaks against your lips before licking it. His flicks and teases against your tits sent you off the edge. It was different. More harsh and appealing rather than the slow and soft touches you've dealt with. It felt slightly amazing. “Yoongi-” you moaned into his ears, not knowing that you were slowly grinding against him. “Shh-” he reminds you again before stopping all actions. Biting your lips, you look at him through the dark. You sensed that it would be coming soon. His hunger, and then your present.

“I'll see you soon love.” Was all he said before his teeth sank back into the wound once again. “AHH!” you whimper into his neck as the excruciating pain was back. You felt as his sharp and pointy teeth gnawed back into your skin. You could feel drops of your blood escape and slide down your chest. His groans and moans of pure pleasure were the last things you've heard before you blacked out.

“Hello (Y/n),” greeted Yoongi. It was still dark outside when the hood of your eyes opened. A huge amount of pain shot at your neck the moment you awoken from your sleep.

“Gah- ow!” you groaned while holding onto a patch that was placed by your bite mark. Yoongi plays around with your hair and gives you a peck on the forehead.

“Di-did it work?” you ask weakly before closing your eyes back again. A weird pit formed in your stomach and soon your stomach began to growl. You can hear the grin on Yoongi’s face begin to form.

“Yes it did.” he tells you. “You're finally like me.” 


Who's daddy's good girl ( YoongixReader ) Smut Bonus Story

"You want to be a what?" Yoongi choked on his own tongue.

"A sugar baby you know they get money in exchange for sexual things." I shrugged, taking a sip of my coffee. "Sometimes it's not even sexual stuff, the daddy just wants some attention." My eyes were fixed on my best friends expression, normally Yoongi wouldn't be bothered by my over sexual nature but something seemed to be bugging him.

"Don't say daddy again." Yoongi snapped, his eyes growing dark. For a slight moment, I felt a tingle run all the way down my spine. It was a feeling I felt before, a nice feeling. Rubbing my thighs together, I pushed back the inappropriate thoughts.

"Is college really going that bad?" He joked trying to lighten the suddenly awkward mood.

"Excuse me? My grades are great and I'm always on time." I smiled proudly, I wasn't really bothered about school but it pissed Yoongi off that I was better than him.

"You don't even turn up. So I should be asking you how it is? Are getting you bullied?" I batted my eyes lashes while speaking to my best friend as if he were a child.

Note! One thing Yoongi hates more then me being better than him. Is when people baby him. I quite like to push his buttons. Yoongi sighed. I could see by the way his face contorted in slight anger that he wanted to say something.

"Are we gonna actually do our work now?" Yoongi spun his chair around before looking back down at his computer screen. I had come to Yoongi's to complete the project both me and Yoongi were a signed too. Both of us being music majors; me being top of the class him second, even though Yoongi was mostly absent since the start of the year, Our professor paired us together. Good thing though, Yoongi's been my best friend since halfway through high school after I told him the ways he could improve his piano piece.

"Yo I even got an app, it lets daddy's message me." I giggled going through some of the messages I had already received. A few seconds passed and I realized that Yoongi never replied. I looked up at Yoongi from my stop on his bedroom floor, he had stopped typing. he kinda just sat there, this dark aura seeping out of him.

"Do you want me to give you money!" his voice had slightly raised, even though I think he meant to ask me he sounded more like he was demanding. My eyes widened once Yoongi spun around to face me.

"N-No we're friends" I couldn't get my words out because that pleasant feeling I tried to hide before came back stronger this time. Yoongi's eyes had grown dark not with anger but with a emotion, that I couldn't place my finger on.

"Are you trying to make me jealous? or are you just a little slut?"

"W-WHAT?" My body grew hotter and hotter as Yoongi gained dominance.

"I'll get something in return. If I pay you, something I have wanted for a long time." Yoongi pulled me up by the arm, pushing his body against mine. I could feel his eyes burning into my eyes, he was watching my reaction.

"I want you too," I smirked, wrapping my hands around his back and under his shirt. Dragging my nails along the surface of his skin. "but for you baby, you don't have to pay a thing." I don't think Yoongi was expecting that sort of reaction but I could tell he liked it, His hard dick being the key sign.

"You do want me right, daddy?" I pouted a little, my hands moving from his back to the zipper of his pants.

He placed his hand on mine, "Are you sure you want to do this, (y/n)?"

"You really think I would choose some random old man over you. of course I want this. I always have." I pulled the zipper down, pulling down his boxers and trousers as I got on my knees.

"Only this," he warned, I put my head closer to his dick licking the tip before whining,

"What about me tho?" I moved my hand up and down slowly but a little tightly before taking the tip into my mouth. Yoongi swiftly placed his hand on my head, as I steady into taking it all in. My hand working on the rest of his dick.

"You'll get a treat after we finish our work baby girl." He spoke between breaths.

Taking my mouth away from him I nod slightly before returning my attention to the matter at hand.

Lightly I run my thumb over his slit, taking my tongue all the way down his length making sure he was nice and wet. Making my hand pick up the pace I made my mouth follow along, taking more and more in each time I went down. Yoongi tightly wraps my hair around his hand, pulling my hair lightly before pushing me down again, making me choke slightly on his length. As I use my mouth I make sure to run my tongue around his dick before I start sucking harder and faster.

The quiet sound of Yoongi's apartment is suddenly filled with soft whimper like moans, his eyes were closed and his mouth slightly parted, it looked so beautiful.

I kept at the same pace since I could feel his dick twitch in my mouth, small trickles of precum dropped on my tongue. I slowed down slightly but still had a tight grasp of his dick with my mouth. Looking up I watched as Yoongi's face twisted with pleasure, going down one last time I made my way all the way to the base, lightly rubbing his balls to make sure he really felt pleasure. A warm substance hit the back of my throat, making me gag a little. Once I made sure I had taken it all, I licked Yoongi's member quickly clean before pulling myself away and wiping the little bit of cum off my face.

"Wow, you took it all," he smiled brightly while redressing himself, "Who's daddy's good girl?"

Chapter Text

Five minutes just passed by but it felt like a year for Jimin to wait. He was waiting for your call. He must receive a phone call from you today or he might get upset knowing that you forgot your anniversary together and sure he prepared something for you which he is sure you'll be surprised about. He couldn't hide the smile on his face as he glanced at the calendar September 20, 2013.

He can't believe that you are together for two years already. He was happy knowing that you are the only one for him. He couldn't explain his excitement and joy as he pulls out a small box from his pocket. A ring that he had been keeping since you both first dated. He's really excited to propose to you and he couldn't imagine how would he feel seeing you so happy about it. He felt like he would be the happiest man on Earth if you say yes- which you will really do then his thoughts were cut when he caught a glance at his wristwatch. It was half past an hour already yet you haven't called. Starting to feel upset, he decided to call you instead.

"Why won't you pick up?" He said to himself as he listens to the long ringing of your line.

"Y/N.." He called as if you would hear him. He dropped the call and tried again but still no answer. He decided to call your house instead, thinking that you might be in there and not in your apartment.

"Hello, Mrs. Lee, is Y/N there?" He asked the moment the phone was picked up.

"Jimin?" An old lady's voice appeared though it sounded cold Jimin managed to be warm with it.

"Hello Mrs. Lee, is Y/N there?" He asked again, the same old question your mom would hear from him.

"She's not here!!" The old woman yelled and dropped the call. Jimin sighed when he knew that your mother still hates him. He doesn't know why but he managed to understand her.

Jimin had no choice but to wait for you to call him, especially that you promised that you'll call him first thing in the morning during your anniversary. He waited patiently in his dorm, holding onto the yellow tulips that you always love and the silver ring. He waited until it was evening. He almost had a heart attack when he realized he fell asleep from waiting, thinking that you already tried to call him but no- not even a single missed call from you.

It's almost 10 in the evening and there is only a little time left for him to celebrate your anniversary, so he grabbed everything that was for you and hurriedly went to your apartment. He got frustrated the moment he arrived the building, the elevator was out of service and Jimin had to take the stairs with all the flowers, cake and himself all to the 7th floor.

Just like any man who doesn't want his woman to wait, Jimin doubled his pace and arrived on the 7th floor all in one piece. He took a short time catching his breath before he proceeded to your place. On his way, he tried to call you and it rang- he couldn't stop himself from smiling again thinking of what kind of reaction you will when you see him.

As he nears your unit, he saw a couple of police officers walked out of your unit. He felt wrong all of the sudden that he immediately ran to your place and found your unit empty except for the burnt walls. Jimin suddenly lost his mind, dropping everything that was supposed to be for you.

"Y/N.. no. Y/N!!!!" He started to yell trying to get inside the unit but he was stopped by the two police earlier. Jimin was too strong and kept on struggling away from the police' hold.

"Sir, you must calm down." One officer said.

"No, my girlfriend is there! She's in there! She must be hurt! Y/N!" He cried.

"Sir, the unit has been closed for two years already because of a fiery explosion from here." The police explained.

"No, it's not true," Jimin said and tried to get off from the officers hold again. "No, her phone is ringing.. today's our anniversary! This cannot happen!"

The two officers exchanged looks before the other one took a deep breath and pulled out something from an envelope.

"Sir, is this her?" She asked holding a photo of you and in that time, Jimin broke into cold tears.

"Sir, she died two years ago. She lives in this unit where a gas tank exploded and I clearly remember from that time, two years ago you also came here telling the same thing- until now.."

"I don't know what you're talking about, today's September 20!" Jimin said sobbing helplessly.

"The year is 2015."


The Housesitter ( JiminxReader smut ) Bonus Chapter

Jimin is a family friend and he was leaving for a business trip for 3 days. He asked me if I could housesit his huge mansion. I of course agreed. I got to his house and unlocked his front door. I went in and I simply sat down on the couch and watched tv. After a while I got bored so, I started to read smuts about my favorite idol. As I read it, I started to feel hot. I took off my sweater and continued to read it. It got more and more descriptive making me more and more hot and wet. I finished reading it, my underwear was soaked of my juices. I needed something to satisfy me, so I took off my shorts and my fingers found their way to my clothed clit. I pushed my panties to the side and started rubbing it slowly, in circular motions. I sighed at the feeling of pleasure. I inserted my middle finger and started to finger myself. I then felt myself reach my high and I slow down to feel the most amount of pleasure. I grope my boob, giving it a good massage. I closed my eyes in order to enjoy the moment. After a while I opened my eyes and my eyes widened at the sight of Jimin sitting on the couch beside me. I cover my naked chest with a pillow and my sweater. My face reddened in embarrassment.

“Fuck Jimin… Wh-when did you get here?” I stuttered. He simply smirked and extended his arm to me and I grabbed his hand, still covering myself. He grabbed the pillow and sweater and threw them on the floor, exposing my bare chest. He took me upstairs into a dark room. The only light that was visible in the room, was decreased to nothing when he closed the door behind us. After a couple of seconds, the lights were turned on revealing a dark red colored sex room. I gulped since I knew what I had gotten myself into. In the middle of the room was a bed with black sheets and pillows. He laid on the bed and signaled me to lay beside him. Hesitantly, I laid beside him. Quickly, he kissed me with his plump pink lips. Meanwhile, he started to rub my clothed clit. I let out a quiet moan as he bit my bottom lip.

He stopped the kiss and reached out to the nightstand and pulled out handcuffs. He approached me and my breathing became uneven. He tied my hands to the black headboard and then went to a drawer and took out a vibrator and a big dildo. “J-Jimin…” I stuttered he sat on the bed and spread out my legs making me gasp. He turned on the vibrator and pressed it against my swollen core causing me to arch my back. I let out a couple of moans since he changed it to the highest speed. He moved the vibrator in circular motions making me become super wet until I finally reached my high. I sighed and Jimin grabbed the dildo and thrusted it into me, not allowing me to catch my breath. I screamed since it was big, Jimin kept thrusting it inside while rubbing my aching clit. He proceeded to go to my chest and lick one of my boobs and bit it making me whimper. He continued to fuck me with the dildo until I was at the edge.

“Fuck, I’m close.” I say faintly. He immediately took it out making me frustrated, he then pressed his face against my clit. His tongue licked me as he grabbed my thighs. I tugged on the handcuffs since the pleasure was indescribable. Finally, I came on him and he cleaned me completely. He reached for his nightstand once again and pulled out a condom.

I quickly catched my breath as he put it on. Then, he hovered over me and adjusted himself at my entrance, he slowly inserted his dick in. When I got used to his length he started to thrust it in a bit faster. After a bit, his thrusts became sloppy and fast. The look in his eyes were full of lust as he looked at my heated face. He slowly came to a stop and took off the handcuffs. He told me to lay on my stomach and I did so. He pulled me on my hips making me get into doggy style. He once again, adjusted himself at my entrance and started thrusting in and out. He took ahold of my hips and picked up the speed. He became sloppy again as we were both reaching our high. He did a final thrust and then we both laid down and catched our breath.

“Fuck Y/N, you should house sit more often. You are going to be on top next. Let me catch my breath first.” He said smirking.


Chapter Text

Every time you hear the name Kim Seok Jin, its either you felt hate and love at the same time. He is your best friend and your arch nemesis as well. You really don't know what you really are to him because he would treat you very nice and after that, he would simply push you to a garbage can. You would sometimes ask him why of all the people in this world why is him who became your best friend? And he would simply answer you like.

"Because I'm handsome."

You don't even know if he still knows you by your name because nowadays or for almost five years he had been calling you 'ugly'. It's painful to hear that especially if you see yourself very pretty because you really are. You are prettier than Bae Suzy, that's for sure. You've had tons of suitors but all turned their backs on you every time Kim Seokjin takes place in introducing you because all he did was to spoil those embarrassing moments you had when you were little. Of course, he knew it all because he was with you ever since you were naked babies.

Even though the above mentioned were negative, you still see him as someone you can depend on always. The one who carry your things like a slave, who laughs at your corny jokes after insulting you for being lame, who would cheer you up whenever you're down, the one who would save you from bullies, having that fact that he will be the one to bully you and lastly the one who lies when it comes to going to parties late at night. He is the best in making almost-true-good-lies.

Then there is one time both of you went to a friend's party and it was wee hours in the morning when you decided to go home. You were both under the influence of alcohol especially you who seemed to drink all of the tequilas in one gulp, your walk wasn't straight and you kept on making x's that Jin had to help you since he was still in his normal mind.

"Why would you drink so much huh?" He said, holding onto both of your arms.

"Why do you care anyways." You scoffed, pointing at his face but ended up poking his nose.

"Pfft- ya. Cut it out. Let's get you home." He said and suddenly bent down in front of you; you shot him a look but before you could think of anything he suddenly carried you onto his back.

"What the heck- put me down!" You yelled, hitting his head. You kept on doing that until he gave up and returned you to the ground. And you shot him a look again, surprised that you were put on the ground.

"Why did you put me down?? Huh? Why?! Am I that heavy?" He heaved out a sigh, scratching his head as he looked at you in annoyance. You were drunk and you don't know what you're doing anymore. He watched you lie down on the cold ground, spreading your arms wide as if you're trying to make a snow angel in the hard cement.

"Ya, Y/N stop it." He said and began to pull you up. "Why would you drink so much huh? Now look at you-" He said carrying on his back again.

You smirked, wrapping your arms around his neck. "Because you love to drink. Why?" 

"Aish, we still have work tomorrow." He spoke, looking straight to the road.

"Why won't you have a girlfriend Jin?" You suddenly asked. Even though you're drunk you were still in your mind and you knew what you were talking.

"Because I'm busy taking care of you." He replied quickly not bothering to take a glance at you.

"You always make me upset, idiot." You mumbled.

"How's that for taking care of me? Stupid Kim Seokjin I really hate you so much for making my life miserable and whatsoever that will happen in the future."

"Haha, I know you're just drunk Y/N. I know you hate me but you have a lot of chance to leave me or end our friendship, why wouldn't you do that?" He said but deep inside he was somehow hurt by that.

"That's the problem. I don't want to lose you. I love you, idiot." You yawned and suddenly fell asleep on his back.

"Y/N.." He said pinching your leg but you didn't react.

"Hey, Moon Y/N.. fudge." He sighed and continued to walk home until you both arrived in your house. He was glad that your parents are asleep and your sister was the only person waited for you. It was normal for Jin to walk you into your room and put you on the bed because that's the usual thing he does when he is taking care of you.

"Stupid girl gets drunk and fell asleep after confessing." He mumbled under his breath as he looked at you deep in your sleep. He fixed your hair and covered you with a blanket. He was about to leave your room when he forgot something. He went back at you and gave a sweet peck on the corner of your lips and smiled.

"Good night Y/N."


Cupcakes ( JinxReader ) Bonus Story

"It was absolutely horrible!" I cried blowing my nose in the tissue. Jin sat next to me holding me close, "I tripped and spilt steaming hot tea on him! In front of his boss!" I cried some more; this is truly the worst.

"Now come on (Y/n) it could've been worse." He wiped my tears away.

"Oh really? How much worse could it get?" I held my head down in shame, he didn't answer, he put his hand on my damp cheek and wiped a tear away.

"I'll never get that promotion now.." I sniffled, "I worked so hard Jin and it all went to waste.. I had a long day, I'm going gonna head to bed.." I got up stubbling while my head pounded; I forgot that I was still wearing my broken heels. 

"Are you sure?" Jin asked with concern holding out his arms to catch me if I fell.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just need to sleep it off." I dragged myself to our bedroom shutting the door behind me. Changed out of my work clothes and into a old shirt. Crawling into bed and hid under the pillow, I did what I always do when I'm upset; I go mute. I wish my mind would stop replaying my day as a vivad nightmare. I took a deep breath of our freshly washed sheets and fell asleep. 

The next morning I was startled awake by the blaring sound of our fire alarm and the smell of something burning. I bolted out of bed and raced down the hallway full of grey smoke, I heard coughing coming from the kitchen. "JIN!" As the smoke cleared I found him putting out a small fire on the stove, white foam littered our kitchen, "Jin!? What the hell are you doing!?" I shouted.

He swatted the smoke away and looked down defeated at a black something. "It was supposed to be a pancake." He said.

I looked down at the...pancake smiling to myself, "you had such a bad day yesterday, I wanted to make it up to you. I'm sorry that it was so ba-" I leaned up and kissed Jin sweetly,"Jin, that's so sweet. I really appreciate it."

"You're not mad?"

I shrugged "How about we have some cereal?" I asked taking a handful of fire extinguisher foam and throwing it in his face. Jin grinned and threw some back at me, we spent the whole morning laughing with each other. Soon he laid down on the floor and pulled me into his chest, 

"I'm so thankful that I have you." I told him, he gently placed a kiss on my forehead,

"I'm so happy with you (Y/n)." ,he said, "I'm hungry."

I laughed "I'll make lunch while you clean up. Sounds good?" 



Chapter Text


[ Your P.O.V ] 

As usual, I found myself running to the school's football field where my P.E class is being held right now. I was late. I didn't have much sleep last night, that's why I overslept. Reason? Probably some KPOP boy group who just released their music video. I had all night spazzing; screaming my feels through the SNS. I just can't explain what I felt that night, I was so lively, happy and blissful unlike today I look like a zombie with dark circles.

I stopped by a couple of meters away as I watched my classmates form in ranks. Our P.E teacher is kind of strict that's why I'm hell as scared right now. I was catching my breath for the meantime and finally onto my feet again. I ran towards the rank and was about to file in without being caught but then, as usual, my teacher caught me and made me walk in front.

"Y/N, you're late." She said in a hard stern voice, eyebrows connecting in the middle as she eyed me up and down. I looked down, avoiding her eyes. I'm scared. "Let see, what's your reason?"

"I got a tummy ache." I quickly said my reason, which only made it unbelievable. I heard my classmates laughed at me. I held my head down again. For the nth time, I'm the joke. I wonder Teacher Kim has a grudge on me on why she loves to embarrass me in front of everyone else. I sometimes hate the fact that I belong to her class.

"Tummy Ache my face." She hissed. "25 Laps, go."

I don't know if I misheard it but I suddenly exclaimed right in front of her face. "25??? You mean 20+5?? I run??"

"What? You want to make it 30? OK, then 30 laps. Or else I'll fail you." She said as she starts to jot down something in her record. My jaw dropped, I can't believe she's making me run 30 laps! I can't even survive a lap. God, I feel like crying all of the sudden.

"Teacher Kim!" Suddenly called out from behind, I turned to where it was and I found someone raised his hand.

"What?!" Teacher Kim roared.

"Make it 60." He suddenly said as he pulled out from the rank. My eyes bulged out when I saw Hoseok, walking towards Teacher Kim with his chin up. I somehow felt angry towards him for suggesting 60 laps. How am I suppose to run that many?? 

"Make it 60, I'll run for her." He said sternly.

"Jung Hoseok, you're going to run 60 laps just for Y/N?" One of my classmates asked.

I never noticed Hoseok in the class before. He was too quiet and weird to be friends at. He only talks to his also weird friend Namjoon. But now? He'll run for me? For what reason?

"Y/N, he's going to run for you what can you say?" Teacher Kim suddenly spoke to me. Instead of looking at her, I found myself looking at Hoseok. He looked so damn serious. His tired-looking eyes were looking at me deeply, that I couldn't help but to feel embarrassed.

"Teacher Kim, can I start now??" He said, cutting Teacher Kim's attention from me. But before our teacher replied, he started to run already.

10 Laps had gone...

I think he's going to fall down. He kept on stopping in the middle. I feel guilty just by watching him from afar. Omo.

25 Laps...

It's the end of our P.E class and still, Hoseok was on the field running. I watched my classmates heading their way to the locker room. I didn't move in my ground and my eyes were only on the running Hoseok. I was holding my water tumbler tight as I mumble 'Fighting Hoseok-ssi'. Then another couple of rounds was made until he suddenly fell down on the track.

"Hoseok-ssi!!" I yelled as I quickly got to my feet and ran towards him. I can see his chest going up and down hard. His arms and legs are spread apart, his face was pale and wet with sweat, and his face was showing pain already. "Hoseok-ssi! Are you OK?" I said as I tap his cheek. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He was panting so hard, chasing his breath. "Just breath for awhile... OK? Don't rush." I said, tapping his hand gently.

I watched him get his breath in normal until he suddenly got up with a loud groan. .

"Are you OK????"

He nodded, though his head was tilted down. I held his chin and made him look up. He shot me a look and I smiled awkwardly. "It's bad to tilt your head down after running so long.."

"..." he didn't reply instead his heavy breaths were heard.

"I'm sorry... You should have let me run.." I said as I fidget on the face towel. I noticed his face was covered with sweat and quickly offered my towel to him. "Here, it might sting your eyes.." I said, and he took it.

"Are you OK?" I asked again, he stopped wiping his face and looked at me coldly. I held on the grass as I looked back at him. He looked so mad, and I felt sorry even more. I wanted to apologize again and again until he forgives me. "I'm s----"

"Hmm, don't be sorry Y/N." I looked up and I found him smiling. His eyes curled upward and his wide smile made him look bright all of the sudden. "I'm not mad. Don't worry." He added. This time, I couldn't help but feel relieved about it.

"But I really am. And thank you." I said with a formal bow.

"Don't say thank you yet, I haven't finished the 30 laps," he said, looking broadly at the tracks. I took a deep breath before I looked back at him again.

"You don't have to fini----"

"I can do it." He said as he stood on his feet and was about to start running again when he remembered something. "Y/N, before I finish the 30 laps. Do me a favor." He said.

"A Favor?" I blinked. Thinking it quickly, I owe him big time today. I would have been in the clinic right now if it wasn't for him. "Yes, what is it?"

He smiled at me, and slowly raised his hand with his palm open. I looked at it curiously, "What's that?"

"Grant me a wish coupon," he said and stretched it towards me. "Sign it."

"I don't have pen.."

"Your finger is alright." He said, still a smiling. I don't get anything right now, but I signed his palm.

"Yes. You have to grant me one wish, you promised." He said.

"Wait, what wish??" I raised a brow. He smiled at me again but eventually shrugged.

"I'll finish the 30 laps now.. you can go to your next class!" He said as he starts to run on the tracks again. He was waving at me, and I just caught myself waving back.

[ The next day ]

The moment I stepped into the room, I found Hoseok on his seat reading a comic book with his headphones on. I didn't know until now that he was in the same column as me, but he was behind me. I smiled as I walked towards my seat. He looked up and smiled as he saw me. Both of us were smiling to each other. I don't know why am I smiling at him. I just can't control it.

The grammar class went like a second. The teacher dismissed us early so I have time to take a nap in the school's green park. Glad it was not that hot, and that I'm wearing my best comfortable clothes; jeans and T-shirt. I slowly laid back on the rough tree trunk and yawned. I still didn't get enough sleep because of my favorite KPOP group. I was halfway to my dreamland when someone poked my shoulder. I looked up and found Hoseok sitting beside me, but he was sure to make a gap between us.

"Sorry to knock you on." He said. I noticed his hair was dropped down and was black. He looked so attractive. I shook my head as I realized that I'm thinking way too far already.

"It's OK," I said awkwardly. I quickly straightened my back and made myself look poised. "Are you OK?" I asked when I remembered what he did for me yesterday.

He made a nod and a two-thumbs up. "It's good~" He said. .

"You mean you're fine? If you need anything just tell me." I said.

"No, I'm fine." He smiled.

"Are you sure??" I asked I can't help but to feel worried over and over again. But then again, he made a nod. I sighed in relief. .

Silence came to us, we were awkwardly sitting under the tree. We watch as students pass by us and Hoseok was hugging his knees. He looked weird but he was never different from me. I was watching him fall to sleep when a group of guys stopped by in front of us.


"Fuck off Taewoo." I snapped. I didn't expect I'd see my ex-boyfriend today. I quickly stood up and was about to leave when Taewoo grabbed my hand.

"Aish, ya. Let me go Taewoo!"

"Let's talk for awhile Y/N."

"There's nothing to talk about! We're over!" I said and roughly pulled my arm away from him. I thought I was free but then he grabbed my other hand and dragged mine roughly to his side.

"Yaa! Let me go!"

"Saera was the one who kissed me first!"

"I don't care! I've had enough already! SO LET ME GO!" This time I can't help myself from yelling; I don't care if I create a scene here because all I want was Taewoo to get off of me. His friends were just laughing as they circle around me. One of the things I hate about Taewoo was his friends. I can't believe I dated him. I can't believe I fell into his trap. He was gorgeous, the school's popular king. I should have known before that he was just playing with my feelings. I should have known before I became his girlfriend.


I was struggling to free myself until I heard Hoseok's voice appeared, I found him holding Taewoo's shoulder. .

"Would you mind to let her go?" He asked, I don't know it was not the right time to spazz but Hoseok looked so cool right now.

"Why would I?" Taewoo raised a brow, he eyed Hoseok from up and down until he let's out a smirk. Then he turned to look at me. "Who's he? Your boyfriend? I never thought you date a guy from Gwangju."

"Ya. Taewoo, stop it." I said, as I took the chance to get away from his hold and pushed him away. I quickly stepped behind Hoseok and obviously hid.

"She's my girl," Taewoo said, I can see he is already annoyed.

Hoseok looked at me and slowly turned back to him, "She's not."

"OK. Dude, I've had enough." Taewoo started to crack his knuckles. I held my breath as I smell danger already. Before Taewoo could tell his friends to beat Hoseok, I quickly grabbed Hoseok's hand and pulled him away. I think him too was surprised to what I did, but damn it I don't want to cause any trouble already especially with Hoseok who has nothing to do with it.


"Whaat?" I managed to reply while we're running.

"Run faster. They're coming! Hahaha!" My eyes grew large as I heard Hoseok laughed. .

"YA! Why are you laughing??? You're almost got into trouble!!" I yelled back frustrated. Why on Earth would he be laughing?? Shouldn't he be serious at times like this? Scared? .

I can feel my chest is tightening up already, sooner or later I stop. And when that time came, it was Hoseok who grabbed my hand and pulled me with him. We were running, and I saw Taewoo and his friends were already far from us. We continued to run until we end up in the rooftop. Both of us were panting so hard, that even Hoseok lied down on the cold floor. The same way he spread his arms and legs on the tracks yesterday. I held on to my knees as I chase my breath. My chest hurts that I suddenly collapsed on the floor.

"I.. can't.. I can't breathe.." I said, holding my chest. Hoseok heard me and quickly got up and went to attend me.

"You can't breathe??" He asked, holding my back. I nodded. I can't speak anymore, my chest hurt so bad right now. "Just calm down Y/N.." I can tell he was also panicking.

I was gripping in my fist so hard, that when Hoseok tried to open it, it was hard. "Y/N, you have to relax!" He said and tried to open my hand again. He mumbled something that I don't understand, more like he was cursing I don't know. "Just take a deep breath in... and out."

All I did was to nod. But I tried my best to do what he was telling me.

I don't have asthma, nor an illness, but due to the sudden panic and running my body didn't adapt to my sudden activities. It was my first time running like that, and I easily get scared when it comes getting into fights.

I woke up when I felt the cold wind hit me and I slowly realized that I fell asleep as I was trying to calm myself earlier. I found myself leaning on to Hoseok's shoulder. He was asleep.

It took me a moment to think that I just know Hoseok yesterday, and now we're on the rooftop of the school's main building. It was just yesterday, but when I look at him, it felt like I already knew him. I feel comfortable.

"Y/N..." I gasped when he spoke with his eyes still closed. .


"Are you OK?" He asked, slowly opening his eyes. The moment we both look at each other, a smile crept in our faces.

"How about you? Are you OK?" I asked, trying to keep my smile.

 "I'm not the one who was crying 'I can't breath' earlier." He chuckled. I blushed and made a frown as I turned away. "Kidding, glad you're OK."

"What did you do?" I asked, curious on how did he make me calm down.

 He shook his head, still smiling. "You just passed out, that's all."


"Really," He said, raising his right hand as if he swears. I nodded. He probably wouldn't lie.

"Thank you for saving me," I said.



"Don't get awkward from what I'm going to say next.." He said, scratching the back of his neck.

"Hmm? What is it?"

"I'm going to use my wish coupon." He said, I made a face as I think using his wish coupon is not awkward He stretched his hand out again; palm up. "You have to grant me my wish OK?"

I nodded. I don't know, but I really have that feeling that I'm going to say 'yes'.

"Good. I only have one wish, will you go out with me?"


I like it when you watch me ( JhopexReader ) Smut Bonus Story

I woke up to the soft sounds of my boyfriend's breathing. He was fast asleep, drool in the corner of his mouth. I chuckled to myself and rubbed his forehead with my thumb then climbed out of bed. I walked to the kitchen and made some tea and waffles and eggs and brought them back to bed to find Hobie awake on his phone. 

"Good morning cutie, how'd you sleep?" I set down a plate in front of him setting a peck of his cheeks.

"Mmm good morning. Thank you for breakfast!" He smiled putting eggs into his mouth. I grinned watching him smile, a smile that cures all sicknesses. 

"What are you looking at?" I asked sipping my tea in bed next to him.

"Looking at my beautiful model girlfriend." He smirked evilly. He flashed me the photo of me in a sexy swimsuit. 

"Oh geez Hobie! Anything but that!" I whined trying to grab the out his hands. He sent the plate down and raised the phone over his head with playful grin.

"You look so sexy," he slid his hands onto my waist as I stretched my body to reach the phone. No matter how hard I tried he was still taller than me, not that it mattered. I felt small pecks on my stomach, his hands slowly moving up and down my sides causing me to breakout in goosebumps. He began to nibble and pull on the skin on my stomach leaving a dark colored bruise on me. 

"Hobie..." I sighed looking down at him. He looked up me with the same childish grin. 

"Let's try something." He said moving strands of hair behind my ear. 

"What is it?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Sit up." He said softly as I did as I was told. I watched him curiously, wanting to ask what what all of this about. He walked over to the nightstand and took out a video camera. "Act natural." He said. 


"Just do what you normally do when I'm not here." He said turning on the camera, the red light flicked on. "Relax," 

"O-Okay." I said standing there awkwardly, unsure what to do. 

"Take your shirt off slowly." He bite his bottom lip watching me. I slipped my hands under my shirt slipping it off my body and cascade onto the floor. Since you I don't sleep with my bra on, I was left topless in front of a camera in my (p/c). I slowly slipped my panties off my body just to tease him. 

"What now dirctar?" I asked quietly to my boyfriend camera man. 

"Lay down." He said getting up off from the edge of the bed the bulge in his pants growing. I smirked and climbed onto the bed making sure arche my back then lay on my back. "Start," I slided my hands down my stomach to my women parts rubbing softly at first.

His eyes traveled up and down my body, I heard him groan hungrily as he continued to watch me rub myself. "Faster," I did as I was told my women hood beginning to tingle, quiet soft moans continued as my body began to beg for something more than just rubbing.

"H-Hobie..please can I?" I begged. He thought for a minute behind the camera pondering my pleads.

"Nope." He said putting emphasis on the "p". I whimpered continuing until I couldn't take it anymore, my body was beginning for more.

"P-Please," I begged again. He chuckled and nodded. I sighed in relief as I slid a finger into my women hood and pumped in and out. "Mmmnn..ah.." I moved my hips slowly with the rhythm of my finger.
Through my moment of bliss I caught Hobie readjusting himself licking his lips. I slid two more fingers into me, heat building up in my stomach right below where Hobie left the hickey.

Faster and faster my fingers pumped, deeper and deeper, my body tingled, legs shook, my eyelids fluttered as I pinched my nipples."Ah..ah..ah..mmmhhmmnn..Hobie!" I moaned his name louder and louder, I felt my body reaching its climax. My boyfriend's pants growing tighter. Finally I couldn't take it any longer, I gave in, letting myself reach its peak and released, climaxing onto my fingers.

I pulled them out slowly watching Hobie, strut over to me then crawling on top of me, "Beautiful video babe," he spoke huskily then shutting off the camera. Passionately smashing his lips onto mine stroking my cheek with his thumb. We pulled away, "that's just for us right?" 

"Of course I promise." He hugs me getting off of me.

"I'm gonna take a shower." I told him.

"I'll be here," Hobie sang cheerfully watching my body as I walked into the bathroom. I'm so lucky.


Chapter Text

"Are you going to play that game all day long?" You heard Taehyung asked for the umpteenth times from behind you. You were laying on your stomach while playing a shooting game on your PS4.

"Mmhm." You hummed, eyes and mind focused on winning your game. You heard Taehyung huffed and then the sound of his footsteps dying away following after. 

Thinking something is wrong, you paused your game and looked at the couch finding no one sitting there. "Tae?" You called out, receiving no answer. You placed the controller down and went to the kitchen seeing Taehyung sitting on the kitchen stool with his head on the kitchen counter. You pursed your lips in confusion. 'Is he asleepy?' 

"TaeTae?" You called softly making your way over to him. He didn't answer you so you went over to him and sit on the stool beside him,finding him wide awake. He glared at you and move his head to the other side, not wanting to meet your gaze. Then it hit you. "Taehyungieee.." You whined knowing that he's sulking.

"Go play your shooting game that's obviously more important than me." Taehyung replied, a hint of sadness evident in his voice. You went to his side and pouted.

"Taehyungie.." You called out receiving another glare from him. You poked him on his waist, him flinching a little.

"Are you by any chance jealous of that game?" You lightly laugh at his cuteness. Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows and move his head to the other side, ignoring you yet again. Pouting, you hugged him tightly making him gasp from your sudden action.

"It's not important Taehyung-ah. You're more important. I'm sorry that I ignored you. it's just that I used to play that game a lot when you weren't here and somehow I got addicted to it." It's true. Whenever Taehyung is on tour, games are the only things that would help you get your mind off him. But now, you were only making he feel lonely because you're too occupied with the games. 

You felt a tear rolled down your cheek, maybe from guilt or maybe because you finally realize just how much you actually miss the warmth of your boyfriend.

You felt him shift so you released the hug. Taehyung looked at you in the eyes and placed his hands on your cheeks as he brought your face closer to his. He pecked your lips and smiled at you. He wipe your tears away using his thumbs and said,

"It's alright, jagi. I shouldn't have lashed it out on you in the first place. It's just that it's my time off tour and seeing you with that game instead of spending times with me makes me kind of jealous I guess?"

"I'm sorry." You said again as you hugged him, nuzzling your face in his neck. Taehyung laughed at your cuteness.

"Let's go on a date." You said as you pulled away.

"Where?" Taehyung question, head tilted.

"I don't know.." You and Taehyung both put on your thinking faces on before,

"The Amusement Park?" The both of you said in unison. Taehyung's eyes lit up as so did yours. You clapped your hands before running up the stairs after telling him to get ready fast, Taehyung's angelic laugh trailing from behind.

"You really do like games don't you, jagiya?" Taehyung asked as the both of you make your way to the entrance. He looked down at you seeing how your eyes sparkle with excitement like a kid who just got a lollipop.

"Taehyungie, there!" You jumped up and down pointing to the Drop Tower. It has always been your favorite ride at the Amusement Park and definitely Taehyung's most hated one.

"No." Taehyung began to run away when you pulled on his wrist.

"Please?" You said in your cute whiny voice. Taehyung heaved out deep defeated sigh, "Fine."

You laughed loudly seeing Taehyung stumbling on his way to the men's. When he came out he quickly rushed over to you with an angry face. He cupped your face in his large hands.

"We are never ever ever getting on that ride ever again." He vowed, emphasizing the word 'ever' just to show you how serious he is. You laughed and stand on your tippy toes to peck his lips.

"That's what you said last time." You winked and pull him to one of the shooting booth.

"Aish, why do you love to shoot so much?" Taehyung asked wrapping his arms around your waist from behind letting his head rest on your shoulder.

"Because it's fun!"

"Always remind me not to mess with you." Taehyung said jokingly as he messes with your hair. You hand the worker your token and began shooting when he gave you the gun. It's the game where you have to shoot moving ducks. Fake one obviously. The more ducks you get to shoot the bigger your prize will be. 

Using the last bullet left you manage to shoot another duck with ease earning yourself a total of 5 ducks. The worker then handed you a middle sized unicorn plushie. You looked over at Taehyung who had his mouth wide open in amusement.

"You're gonna catch a fly with mouth that big." You smirked at him. He notice this and scoffed.

"I could do better." Taehyung cocked his eyebrow.

"Oh yeah?" You asked, eyebrow raised.

"Oh yeah." Taehyung replied. Your smirk got bigger, "Prove it." You challenged, eyes squinting at him in a challenging way.

"Nahh, I just don't feel like it." Taehyung shrugged as he was about to run away but stopped when he heard you said the world 'loser'. He turned around and squinted his eyes at you. 

"Challenge accepted." Taehyung put his token on the counter and quickly grabbed the gun from the worker.

Three minutes passed and still no ducks were killed. You faked yawn as you watch him. He looked over at you and you smiled sweetly. The sixth token were already used as Taehyung still try to beat you.

"I'm just gonna go buy an ice cream for a moment." You said, sighing. Might as well do something while waiting. Receiving a hum from Taehyung you make your way to the ice cream stall ordering two Vanilla ice cream.

"Jagiya.." You heard a voice called out from your behind. You turned around and there was a huge fluffy cream-coloured teddy bear.

"Tadahhhh!" Taehyung beamed poking his head to the side to look at you with a big grin on his face. The teddy bear was huge, no, enormous. Literally the size of an actual human. It's even bigger than you and Taehyung. "Woah!" You said clapping your hands like a little kid.

"For you!" Taehyung shoved the teddy bear towards you making you stumble back since it's too big for you.

"OMO OMO OMO YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND SMOL!" Taehyung said smiling so wide it looks like his mouth is going to tear up in any second. He took out his camera and quickly snap a picture of you, totally fanboying to himself at how cute you looked, making you blush slightly.

"I know I'm cute stop fanboying." You laughed, covering yourself with the teddy bear. Taehyung then pat your head and placed a kiss on your temple. 

He grabbed the ice cream from the man and pay for it double the actual price telling the man to keep the change. Just then, a little girl came to the both of you, admiring the big duck plushie that you won earlier. You crouched down to her height and asked her,

"Do you want this?" The girl beamed as she clapped her hand while nodding sheepishly. 

You chuckled as you handed her the plushie. The girl then took it and ran to an older woman who looked like she was in her mid-30s. You watched the girl as she said something to the woman while pointing at you and Taehyung. The woman then shoot you an apologetic look as you replied back with a big smile.

"You're gonna be a perfect mother one day.." Taehyung said, looking down at you, as a content sigh escaped his lips. You bit your lip at his statement. "Perfect mother for our kids." He continued with a big grin.

"And you're gonna be the perfect father." You paused. "For our kids." You continued as the thought of you and Taehyung having a family together crossed your mind. Taehyung then wrapped an arm around your waist, since yours is already full with an ice cream on one hand, teddy bear on the other as you both make your way to the lake opposite from the Amusement Park. The lake was definitely beautiful. The water were reflecting the lights from the Amusement Park making it look even more beautiful.

"This is nice." You said after a few minutes of silence. You lay you head on Taehyung's shoulder looking at the hectic Amusement Park in front of you. Screams and songs could be heard from the lake you and Taehyung were at. The situation is a bit calmer and quieter from the Amusement Park because of the lack of people being at the lake.

"Thank you for today, (Y/N)." Taehyung said looking over at you. You looked up into his beautiful eyes that you've always admire and said,

"No. Thank you, Kim Taehyung." You sit up straight and brought his face close to yours closing the distance between you both. 

When your lips met, fireworks started lighting up the skies, signaling that it's already 00:00. You felt Taehyung tense in the kiss. You know how much he hates loud noises even though he is loud himself. After a while, you felt him relax through the kiss and it was a perfect moment for the both of you. 

Everything seemed right. You and him. The fireworks. The kiss. The Amusement Park. Most importantly him. Right then you knew that he is worth every second of your times and that spending even a million years with him is better than anything that life could offer you.


Surgeon ( TaehyungxReader Smut ) Bonus story

Wow. This open heart surgery turned out fine. Dr.Kim and I as well as other doctors and nurses worked hard today. I am a surgeon and so is Taehyung. We went to the same med school but we never really had communication, since there is a lot of work to get done. Being a surgeon is exhausting but it pays very well and it is something I truly enjoy, I hope to save many more lives and not just this one person. My shift is now over so I get to go home and rest. I go to the locker room to get my clothes and change out of my surgery clothes. Once I’m done, I grab my bag and head out to my car. I sit in the drivers seat and try turning on the engine and it won’t turn on. I try again and it still doesn’t work. I knew I should’ve taken it to my mechanic but I was rushing to work today so I didn’t have time. My phone is almost dead too.

*knock knock* 

I look at my window and see Taehyung standing. I open the door and get out of the vehicle. “Do you need a lift?” Taehyung asks.

“Yes please” I respond. I follow him to his car and I get in and buckle up. He starts driving with one hand on the steering wheel looking very handsome. Daniel Caesar was playing on a low volume which made me sleepy. I fall asleep. After a couple 20 minutes I feel two arms lift me up, but I keep telling myself I’m dreaming. I am then put down on the bed. It’s a dream nothing is really happening. I grab what feels like their hand and I pull them towards me giving them a kiss. I open my eyes and see Taehyung.

“I-I’m so sorry, I’ll get going. Can I use your phone for an Uber?” I say very embarrassed. He doesn’t respond and he grabs my face and kisses me back. The kiss was slow and passionate but started getting really heated. I start undressing and so does Taehyung. He hovers over me undressed and I hurry and completely undress myself. He spreads my legs and He lowers his head to my chest leaving love bites here and there. His hand finds its way from my waist to my right boob, he massages it and occasionally flicks my bud. He sits back and rubs my clit with two fingers. While his other hand is still massaging my boob. He suddenly puts his long length inside me. He gives me a few seconds to adjust and then pounds into me.

“You’re so tight” he says in between grunts. He continues thrusting in me, all I feel is an extreme amount of pleasure. I dig my nails in his back and his fingers began rubbing my clit again. I arch my back and tug lightly on his hair.

“F-faster” I pant and he does as I demand. We change positions and I get on all fours and he inserts is dick in again and continues thrusting, he grabs on my hair and tugs on it. His room is full of his grunts and my moans. I know I’m close. He continues thrusting until we both come. He came all over my ass. I lay on his bed, my face facing the ceiling and so does he.

“I think you’re gonna need a lift tomorrow too, am I right?” He says with a smirk and I nod “I’d really appreciate it” I say in a sexy tone.


Chapter Text

September 12, 2017 [ Y/N's P.O.V. ] 

Today's Namjoon's birthday and I'm so excited for this day! I even bought him a cake because I can't cook. As sad as it is he's at work right now down at BigHit with the boys. The time is 9:25 am and he won't get back till noon so I have plenty of time to set everything up along with his birthday present. I throw on black ripped jeans with a red hoodie and my red converse, pulling my hair up in a high ponytail. Ready to head out and get Namjoon's present at the mall. 

[ Namjoon's POV ]

"Hyung happy Birthday", I turn around to the voice and my eyes soften at jimin. I thank him and we hug for a sec pulling away. Looking at my phone I see there's no text from Aliana, 'Did she forgot' I thought to myself but then shake the thought away. Of course she remembers, she'd never forget such a thing.

"Hey Namjoon-ah don't think too much I'm sure she didn't forget", as if we had some telepathy and jin could read my thoughts he comes to my side reassuring me.

"I know jin I'll try", we start our stretches and prepare for our upcoming comeback. 

11:40 AM [Authors POV ] 

Y/N is at home getting the cake ready with candles on them. The cake was specially designed to have 'Happy Birthday Namjoon' on it. Knowing that namjoon doesn't really like chocolate or anything sweet she got a fruit cake. His present ready that sits on the floor by the table in the living room. Few of his favorite dish for the both of them to eat as dinner. Of course with the cake being their desert. She had a few balloons that floated in the air and a cute sign that hanged saying Happy Birthday. Looking at the clock she noticed that she had a few more minutes till Namjoon would come back. She hoped that he wouldn't be too tired and still wanted to eat and open up presents. Bored with nothing to do she watches TV until Namjoon came. 30 minutes has passed and she hears the door locking. Looking at the time it read 12:15. She gets up and stands by the door waiting do him to open the door.

[ Namjoon's POV ] 

I open the door only to stumble back a bit from Y/N throwing herself on me making me smile so hard. I put my hands around her waist and hold her tight as I take in her sweet scent that I missed all morning. Her hands are around my neck and she whispers a Happy Birthday in my ear. I smile softly as I knew before that she would never forget. I pull away saying a thank you and pull her in for a quick kiss. I feel her smile into the kiss and she pulls me away. Taking my hand to the living room my eyes widen at what's in front of me. Balloons floating with a big happy birthday sign. It's not much but at least she remembered so I'm really happy right now.

[ Y/N's POV ]

"I hope you're not too tired from work", I said as namjoon sat down looking at the food. I smiled softly at that he then looked up to me.

"No of course not.. I'm always tired but never when it comes to you", I let out a laugh and we get eating while Namjoon lets out a Thank you for the food. I look at namjoon as I eat and think of how much he's grown from 4 years ago. 'I love you birthday boy' I mumble to myself and continue to eat my food.


Hurry ( NajoonxReader Smut ) Bonus Story

Namjoon is the perfect type, he’s good at sports,at school, and every single girl drools over him. Even my best friend has a huge crush on him, unlike me, I don’t fall for any of it. He’s good at fucking over people and I’m not in for it. My luck is terrible though and he is living under my roof since his parents are going to be away for a year and apparently our parents get along and we’re best friends during high school. 

Namjoon: “can you hurry up, I need to shower! We’re gonna be late for the party!”

Do I seriously need to share this bathroom with him when clearly there are 3 other bathrooms. I grab the door knob and instead of twisting it and opening the door, I lock it. 

Y/n: “there are 3 other bathrooms available unless you don’t want to count my parents but still go use one of the other ones!” After a while once I’m done washing and adding makeup to my face I start opening the door and the he pops out of nowhere. I’m very clumsy so when he scared me I jumped back and start falling backwards when I feel his arms wrap around my waist catching me before I hit the floor. Our faces are only an inch apart and he stares attentively at my face. He pulls me up and as I’m walking out he pushes me against the wall. 

Namjoon: “hurry and get ready, we’re gonna be late” he says in my ear, I feel his breath on my neck, I feel shivers run down my spine. He lets go and i speed walk to my room, I close the door and stand in front block it. My heart is racing and I gently slap myself trying to get rid of this feeling and continue getting ready for the party. 

I put on a little black dress with black high heels. I straighten my hair and grab my essentials. I walk out the door and namjoon and just about to walk down the stairs. He’s wearing a black suite and tie. This party isn’t a highschool teen party but a business party, my mom is a market manager and my dad is the ceo. They work at the same company. This is why we’re dressed so formally. We get in his car and he drives us over to the reception. As we enter the place he slaps my ass.

Y/n: “what the hell?”

He smirks at me and gives me his arm to go in together. I grab it and enter. After 2 hours, I was bored. I was at the bar having a glass of wine. 

Namjoon: “you shouldn’t be drinking you know, your 18.”

Y/n: “ I don’t care, it isn’t like I’m gonna go crazy over one glass”

He leaves to I don’t know where and I feel the need to go check my make up and make sure I still look good. As I’m walking down the hallway I get pulled into a room and they cover my mouth with their hand so my yelling is muffled.

“It’s me” I knew it was namjoon so I quit yelling and get out of his embrace. I push him away.

“Are you insane?! I thought I was gonna..” he cuts me off with a rough kiss and I kiss back. I shouldn’t be kissing him back, he’s just gonna fuck me over like the rest but it feels good.

He slowly starts unzipping my dress and I start unbuttoning his pants. My dress falls to the ground and he undressed himself completely. He undoes my bra and starts massaging it while he’s kissing me. I grab his dick and start stroking it and he moans in my mouth. Fuck, this is hot. He then stops massaging my breast’s and he starts rubbing my clit

“you're already wet for me, I like it.” He says while he pulls out his devilish smirk. He removes my panties and turned me around and I bent down holding onto the wall.

“Let’s make this fast or we’re gonna get caught.” He says breathlessly. He thrusted in abruptly making me squeal, he let me adjust for a couple of seconds before pounding into me. “F-fuck.” He grunts “you’re fucking tight.”

He continued on thrusting while he found his way to my hair, he gripped onto it pulling it lightly while he thrusted. His speed increased and he continued pounding. I knew we were close since I felt my tummy get heated up. After a couple of minutes I was filled up with his warm cum. We hear a knock at the door and Namjoon runs to block it, I get dressed as fast as I can and we switch turns and he gets dressed up, we run and to the nearest spot. The person opens the door and looks around.

“there’s nothing in here, I thought I heard something” Namjoon and I look at each other trying to contain our laughter. The person closes the door and Namjoon looks at me,

“how about round two at home?”.