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it felt like home with you

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It’s been a long day.

The villa is under reconstruction, but all of their current rooms were booked- Donna had spent her day split between conferring with workers on plans for the new set of rooms they were building along with verifying all the new plumbing they were installing, and taking care of the guests checking both in and out. And she’d done it all alone, as their nanny had called last minute to say she had a stomach bug, so Sam was with Sophie and the boys.

Donna trudges up the stairs, exhaustion hanging from her frame- but as she reaches the top step, peals of laughter reach her ears, and she can’t help but start to smile.

Quietly, she peeks around the corner- there’s a massive fort comprised of pillows and blankets and chairs, even utilizing the back of the sofa to hold the thing up. Sam’s legs are sticking on of one side, and her lips twitch in amusement just as Sophie lets out another burst of familiar laughter, Adam’s following soon after just as Max let’s out a babyish squeal.

“Daddy, can we keep this fort forever?” Sophie asks, and Donna’s heart tumbles in her chest at the word, just as it does every time. It’s been nearly a year of being a family- of having a partner, in every sense of the word- and still, her whole body warms at Sophie’s question.

“I’m afraid not, darling- your mother won’t be too pleased to see the couch cushions on the floor,” Sam answers, and Donna rolls her eyes.

“No, I’m not,” she pipes up, and moments later the fort is tumbling to pieces as two tiny heads appear amidst the chaos of fabric.

“Mama!” Max pushes his way through the pillows below, his tiny face lit up with a smile, and Donna comes forward, scooping the little boy up before she smothers him with kisses.

“It was absolutely 100% your children’s idea to build this quite industrious fort, I swear,” Sam says as he appears from underneath a blanket, and Donna lifts an eyebrow, watching the blush spread over his cheeks. “I only helped with the blueprints a little.”

She chuckles at that, shaking her head fondly as Sophie and Adam crash into her legs, hugging tightly.

“We missed you today,” Adam tells her earnestly, and she strokes her free hand through his hair before she bends to plant a kiss to his forehead.

“I missed you guys too, so much. But you had fun with Daddy, right?” she asks, and there are vigorous head shakes from everyone, including Sam. She smiles, tucking some of Sophie’s hair behind her ear as her daughter beams up at her.

“We built a fort and he made us pasta for lunch and we watched a movie!” she answers, and Donna looks at Sam, face softening just a little as he watches her and the kids. “But we missed you a lot, Mommy. Can we come play with you tomorrow while you work if Carla is sick again?”

Donna looks at Sam, lifting an eyebrow- he shrugs and nods, and she shifts Max a little in her arms before she answers.

“You’ll have to be very careful, and stay in the office while Mommy and Daddy work, but if you’d rather spend the day at the villa than here, you can,” she replies, and Sophie and Adam grin before high-fiving. Donna smiles, then nods her head towards the door as she sets Max down.

“Brush your teeth and pjs on, please. We can watch a movie before bed,” she tells them, and there are shouts of delight before the two older children. “Help your little brother please!”

Sam finally stands as the kids leaving the room, coming over and kissing her, hands twining in her hair.

“Our children missed you quite a lot today,” he murmurs, kissing her again, and Donna sways into him with a soft sigh. “But not as much as I did.”

Donna smiles against his mouth, nipping at his bottom lip before she pulled away.

“Well your child had me puking for a solid hour after lunch today,” she tells him, smile widening as one if his hands dropped to her stomach, thumb stroking the fabric of her shirt. “Can you tell her to knock it off? I have a hotel to run.”

At that Sam drops to his knees, both hands on her as yet-unchanged belly, and leans close so his mouth is nearly against her.

“Darling, you have to be nice to your mother. Do it for Daddy, alright?” he asks, and Donna rolls her eyes, shoving lightly at his head. Sam grins, looking up at her, and she tugs him up to kiss him once more.

“C’mon, we need to get our own pjs on. It’s the family movie night uniform,” she reminds him, and Sam wraps his arm around her shoulders as they head for their bedroom, leaning in to kiss her temple before he whispered teasingly into her ear.

“Just remember- the after party has a strict no-pajamas rule.”