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So, uh, I'm working on the next chapter! I'm waiting to hear from the amazing artist helping me! :) Once I do, the chapter and art (if any) are complete, it'll be up! I'm glad that you're keeping up with this and I'm so sorry that this isn't an actual update. :( Moreover, I feel like the last chapter was way too short, so I'll probably go in and update it to be longer and more to my liking. I hope this is a fanfiction I actually finish, so that I can get on to more ideas! I want this to be something everyone on AO3 can be proud of! Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot to me. You're all so awesome. I don't think I can ever finish thanking you! So, I think I'll leave it there for now! 


Anyway, I'll take requests for any dreams! I already have a couple, but, I still need two more! If you'd like, you can suggest some! If not, that's okay, too! It means the world to that you're here. 



UPDATE: 21:05, August 21, 2018.

Chapter finished! Just waiting for artist response and art!