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hallucinating | jikook

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tae, i’m going out to grab some coffee!” the younger shouted across the dorm room, however there was no answer. “hyung? are you sleeping?” he could see the older lying down on his side, facing the wall as he walked into the room.

“hyung…?” jungkook questioned, he walked towards his roommate and gently tried to nudge the older’s shoulder. no answer. jungkook put his knee on the bed in attempt to ask him if he wanted a coffee.

“what are you—” just as he tried asking, his hand suddenly got pulled and he was trapped underneath the roommate. “you never hangout with me anymore,” the older sighed. jungkook tried moving his hands but the force was too strong.

“i’ve been busy, sorry” he explained. whenever that line was said, taehyung would call bullshit. “what? playing with all your girlfriends?”

“no... i was,” he paused for a second, looking for somthing to use as an excuse. taeyung was still on top of jungkook and he was still trying to escape, but it was no use if he was never relaxing his grip.

“working on a project... with yoongi” he finished.

“are you sure?”


“so you wouldn’t mind if i called him right now?”

“okay wait...” jungkook shot back. he realized that the grip on his wrists were no longer as tight as before, and took that chance of rolling over so the younger was now on top. jungkook smirked, trying not to look too proud.

“hey!” taehyung sneered, and tried to slyly kneeing the other in the balls. however, jungkook smoothly moved his other leg between taehyung’s leg. “you asshat. how could you try do that to me.” taehyung rolled his eyes. the younger lowered his head and fake cried. taehyung tried moving his hands even though he knew his chances of getting out were extremely low.

“so you wanna play that game, huh?” jungkook spoke under his breath. “what?” the older questioned. it was already getting late, and jungkook wanted to get his coffee before the cafè closed, he was obviously planning on pulling an all nighter.

it wasn’t like he wanted to do this, but he dies at taehyung’s reaction, and it was the only way for jungkook to escape his roommate. jungkook finally looked up at the older, “what are you doing...” he asked. taehyung could tell he was introuble,what if he beats me up again? taehyung thought. he suddenly regretted ever asking his roommate what he was always up to. jungkook smirked and taehyung kept looking him in the eyes hoping, maybe he’ll get let off just for today.

jungkook moved his one leg so it was now only one leg in between the olders legs, taehyung looked down at jungkook’s actions, “wait! please don’t, i’ll do your laundry for a month!” the older lied. taehyung was probably the easiest person to get turned on, especially if it was jeon jungkook doing it, a.k.a most handsome man on campus. jungkook was famous for being a playboy with girls, which made it easier to confirm his sexuality with his friends, but it’s not like they ever bought it.

“wait, really?”


jungkook lowered his head towards taehyung’s ear, “as if i’d believe that,” the younger whispered. taehyung felt goosbumps crawling up his back, and tried to hold down his moan from escaping. don’t give in, don’t give in, taehyung thought. he held his eyes shut, hoping that he would have a better chance of being able to escape jungkook’s seducing. just as jungkook smirked, he moved his knee slowly towards the roommates crotch.

“stop,” he moaned. taehyung just melted at jungkook’s actions, “you’re way too easy,” the younger chuckled. jungkook put both of taehyung’s arms above his head and held them there while jungkook’s other hand made it’s way up his shirt.

“are you kidding m-” taehyung tried saying, but was interrupted by the chills that ran down his spine because of jungkook’s cold hands.

just as jungkook’s hand was about to touch his nipple, the hand was suddenly gone and so was the weight that was on him, it was so quick he didn’t even notice.

“are you seriously going to just leave me like this?” he shouted to the younger, “i have to go before it closes!”

“okay but why would you do that to me! i thought you were straight!”

“you weren’t going to let me get my coffee if i just asked! and i am straight!”

“yeah, okay. as straight as a hula hoop” the roommate muttered.

“and i had to go before the shop closed!” jungkook added, refering to the coffee shop.

if someone asked jungkook what his relationship with taehyung would be, he would say that they’re really close and just friends, and of course he’s telling the truth because jungkook is straight.

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as jimin entered the elevator he looked at his asthma medicaton ignoring the note of side effects in the bag. as the door was closing, he could hear a deep voice near the elevator door.

“wait!” the boy said scurrying in, holding two coffee’s. jimin quickly held the door open for him, almost crushing his fingers.

“ah, thank you.” he said relieved looking at jimin, smiling. the older nodded looking away. you’re fucking kidding me right now. why do you have to be here…

jimin has taken a liking for jungkook for a little while now, but the fact that he’s a known playboy, is just a major turn off.

however, jimin finds it much more easier if people don’t know that he’s gay. jimin doesn’t really hide that he’s gay, but he’s also not open about it; but the fact that jimin is standing beside jeon jungkook, is completely uncalled for.

jimin couldn’t stop himself from the thoughts that kept running through his head, what if i say somthing stupid?

jungkook remembers seeing jimin around the campus pretty often, and really wants to be friends with him, but has no idea how to actually initiate a conversation. even though jungkook is ‘straight’ he finds jimin pretty cute in his baggy clothing, but when he wears his tight ripped jeans that just perfectly hug around his legs, jungkook doesn’t want anybody to see him like that.

“hey, are you okay?” jungkook asked, looking over at the shorter boy, jungkook noticed that his face was pale and looked a little weak. jimin nodded.

suddenly the elevator stopped, “oh go-” jungkook’s attention was taken to jimin, just as he was about to fall. luckily he helped the older just in time to let him down carefully. just as jungkook was about to smile for being proud of himself, the older pushed the younger away, not realizing the state he was in, “i’m fine!” he gasped for air.

jungkook quickly turned the older’s face facing him, looking him in the eye, “don’t say you’re fine if you really aren’t.” jimin looked away, his face was almost a completely white color.

jungkook grasped on to jimin’s shoulders, noticing the trembling coming from him. did he go out while he was sick or something? maybe he’s drunk… jungkook thought.

“hey, hey, look at me.” the younger said, while looking for jimin’s attention.

“do you want me to call someone?”

“there’s no one to call,”

“what about your roommate? do you have one?”

“n-no, he can’t know” the shorter slurred.

jimin was starting to shiver more, and more and didn’t even know why. he hated the fact that this mess had to happen in front of jungkook. the jeon jungkook, of all people. he couldn’t even think of how stupid he must look right now.

jungkook sat on the floor beside jimin, still trying to calm him down, waiting for help to come. he suddenly got a text from his roommate, taehyung.


tae-tae hyung:

yo im headin’ out for some stuff

i’ll be back liek tomorrow afternoon

issa weekend after all ;)


jungle cock:

what? ur getting another guy already?

i legit bought u sum coffee and it’s ur fav too :(


tae-tae hyung:


being gay is gr8.

u should try it.

i mean it ain’t like u that straight anyways smh


tae-tae hyung:

and just give the coffee to like yoong's er smthg, he never sleeps anyways


jungle cock:

i AM straight u asshat and why tf do u brag abt being gay. and idk if i can

im stuck in an elevator :(


tae-tae hyung:

u didn’t kno? the elevator hasn’t been working for like 3 whole daYs now.. lmao


jungle cock:


jungle cock:


tae-tae hyung:

when i went on it yesterday

i eneded up being stuck in it for mayhaps 30 minutes,

but that was cos it was like the middle of the afternoon


tae-tae hyung:

if ur on it this late…

well ur ded bcos the employees are ass so ;)


shit… jungkook put away his phone and glanced over at the older beside him. “i can’t believe i had to embarrass myself in front of you,” jimin stammered as he hit jungkook’s chest.

the younger looked at jimin’s pale face, “what do you mean?” jungkook replied, rubbing his chest, jimin shook his head in response.

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“hey, sorry for the wait, but we’re going to be getting you out in a minimum of 2 hours, and 5 hours tops!” the lady said through the elevator speaker. jungkook shook his head, and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, “yeah, alright thanks,”

jungkook looked at his watch, 9:25. “well, there goes all of my plans,” he shook his head. jungkook started to hear mumbling coming from the floor. it was just jimin.

jungkook looked back at jimin realizing what he was doing. is he undressing?

“-hot” the shorter said. jimin was still on the ground, however he was struggling to unbutton his shirt. 

“wait, wait, what are you doing?” the younger hesitated.

“it’s… too hot,” jimin replied. jungkook knelt down immediately buttoning back up the buttons that were just undone. “oh boy, no you can’t do that here,” the younger panicked. even though jungkook felt hot himself, he couldn’t just let jimin freely undress himself in front of him.

“why!” the older whined. jungkook could practically feel the heat coming from jimin and was starting to feel even hotter.

just as jungkook was finishing off the last button, jimin grabbed on to the collar of jungkook and began coming closer to him, almost fully on top. “let me fucking undo my shirt” jimin said, while jungkook was slowly scooting back.

at this point jimin was fully over top of jungkook, standing on his knee’s, one leg in between the younger’s; and undressing himself once again. jungkook’s face was absolutely flushed at the older’s actions, so much that he had to look away. jungkook you’re straight, stop.

“wait!”the younger tried grasping onto jimin’s wrists in attempted to stop him from undressing.

as soon as jungkook tried, his hands were immediately slammed down but the other. “i bet we could have a lot more fun instead of all those girls,” he slurred. jungkook looked closer at jimin’s facial features, his face was still pale, besides his rosy cheeks, and plumped lips.

jungkook’s gaze was stuck on jimin’s. just as he was about to reply he heard a voice through the elevator door, “-been in there for a while now, i think i heard a thump earlier too…” it sounded like they were finally getting out. jungkook looked at the elevator doors and back at jimin.

“jimin, you have to get off me now,” the younger spoke. “hey. how do you know my name?” jimin squinted.

“that’s not the point here. just get off me, please?”

the older laughed, “no way, your gonna button my shirt back up” he stammered. jungkook rolled his eyes so hard, they could probably fall to the back of his head. it wasn’t like jimin was completely bare, it was only a few undone buttons, but of course jungkook wasn’t ready to see it just yet. 

“so then it’s all fixed now?”

as jungkook heard the mumbling of the technicians outside the elevator, he quickly pushed jimin onto his back, making himself on top now, trying to button back up the older’s shirt.

“it’s still too hot!” the boy whined, squirming in his spot. jungkook couldn’t blame him, he too, was still hot from all the heat surrounding them.

jungkook couldn’t take it anymore, with jimin tossing and turning every time jungkook tried to do up a button, he felt he had to really step up his game. so, he smoothly slipped his leg onto the other side of jimin’s hip, straddling him so he could no longer move as freely as he did before. damn. i’m good.

however, jungkook spoke too soon. just as he was on the fourth button of the shirt he heard a quiet but distant giggle near him.

he glanced his head above him not moving the position he and jimin were in, shocked. it was one of the employee’s, and the technician. how long were they standing there for….

“wait, it’s not what you think it is,” jungkook was starting to panic, not knowing what to do he got off jimin and put his arm around his neck, standing up, “does the elevator work? and can it be used now?” jungkook asked the technician as he nodded, “but i suggest you use the other one first.”

“great! thanks.” he smiled and quickly scooted by the people standing in front, helping to move jimin to the elevator right beside pressing the close button almost several times. jungkook would try to stay extremely composed in these situations, even though he was about to tumble down on the inside.

“where are we going,” jimin slurred.

“to my room”

“unless you wanna tell me where your room is” the younger added.

jimin shook his head.

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as the two boys were walking into jungkook’s room, he set the older down, gently on his bed. “i’ll go sleep on the couch, don’t worry.” jungkook said with a warm smile, a little disappointed. as he was about to walk to the living room he felt a small, warm hand on his wrist, “wait,” the shorter said, sitting up. he was still looking a bit tipsy. “can’t you stay with me…?” he added, smiling with his eyes.

jungkook stared in shock at the other for a good two seconds before saying, “w-what? why?” he panicked. “because, i’m so lonely here…” jimin frowned. before jungkook could say anything back, jimin grabbed the younger’s wrist and pulled him down to the bed with him. “wait! wha-what are you doing!”

jimin sighed in comfort as he cuddled with the younger, he shushed jungkook and fell asleep whatever, i’ll just go to the couch later. 

it took a while for jungkook to fall asleep because of how flustered he was, but as soon as he heard jimin’s soft breathing he eventually became serene and fell into a deep and comfortable sleep.


when morning came, taehyung arrived back at his and jungkook’s dorm, surprisingly early. straight ahead was jungkook’s room, taehyung was a bit intrigued by what he saw. his roommates door was open. oh my god, did we have a robbery?

taehyung grabbed a knife and slowly headed towards jungkook’s room. in all taehyung’s years, living with jungkook, he has never seen his door freely open. yes, taehyung has been in his room, but it was only one time because he was curious as to why he always kept it closed. however, there was no real reason why jungkook had to keep it closed, there wasn’t anything really in there. eventually taehyung just left it as is because jungkook has always been a pretty reserved person. well, about himself that is.

when he entered the room he found two bodies laying in jungkook’s bed. he could of course recognize the first boy sleeping on the edge of the bed, jungkook. but as he saw the second body he was extremely confused. first off, jungkook only has one night stands at the girls’ room. second off, jungkook never lets anybody in his room. wait, he walked closer to the bed to get a better look, he finally saw it, is that jimin…?

taehyung thought their position was especially adorable, with jungkook’s arm underneath jimin’s head, and hugging him from the back. agh, so cute, the older thought, accidentally clapping his hands together a little too loudly, making jungkook wake up. he tried lifting his head to see what was happening, slowly realizing that he was still in bed with jimin. “shit,” he muttered.

“oh! jungkook you’re awake, sorry”

jungkook carefully removed his arm from underneath of jimin’s head making sure to not wake the older, “taehyung why the fuck are you home so early, i thought you weren’t supposed to be back till this afternoon!” jungkook loudly whispered, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“don’t be mad, the guy wasn’t the best, so i wanted to leave early”

“holy shit hyung, just find a man that you actually like,”

jungkook couldn’t even get his roommate’s attention at this point with him constantly looking at jimin and back to him, grinning away. “okay. it’s not what it looks like,” after a little bit of trying to explain, taehyung didn’t believe it. “i knew you were gay. or at least jimin sexual” he laughed.

“okay whatever, you think what you want. but can you please do me a favour?”

“what, help you find what turns you on? i can help,” the older smirked.

“no, gross. not from you. i mean, can you take jimin back to his dorm room? because i don’t know where it is.”

“what? you didn’t know that yoongi and him were roommates?”

“wait, he rooms with yoongi?” the younger asked as taehyung nodded, “how come i’ve never seen him? i go there like, at least 4 days of the week.”

“that’s because he always keeps himself locked up in his room, studying.” the older replied. jungkook looked at jimin, still peacefully sleeping on his bed. no way…

“anyways, if your gonna make me do this favour for you, you might as well carry him on your back,”

“why me?” the younger whined.

“you’re way stronger than i am, please~” taehyung pleaded. taehyung knew he could probably do it on his own but after seeing him and jungkook like this he knew what his job was.

jungkook groaned in annoyance, “fine, but answer one thing for me,” taehyung slightly tilted his head, and furrowed his brows, in curiosity as of what he could be asking. “why are you holding a knife…”

taehyung looked down at his hand that was still holding the knife, “oh, this? i thought someone was robbing us,” he laughed. jungkook shook his head, “are you sure he won’t wake up?”

“he’s the deepest sleeper i know.”

“why do you know that?”

“we had lot’s of sleepovers, jungkook” the older smirked.

“wait, what!” he said, suddenly standing up, whispering a bit too loud, causing taehyung to shush him. “nothing, nothing. c’mon let’s just go,” the roommate replied, lightly pushing the younger on the back.

“why is he so light?” jungkook muttered to himself as he walked down the hallway, only quiet enough for taehyung not able to hear.


as the three boys made it into jimin and yoongi’s dorm, yoongi guided the younger into jimin’s room carefully laying him down. as he exited the room jungkook slowly closed the door and walked into the living room.

“you want to explain?” yoongi asked, in a soft tone. jungkook could tell he wasn’t mad, it was just pure curiosity. “he said that jimin went all wonky in the broken elevator” taehyung chimed in, grinning once again. “oh yeah, he had this bag on him,” the younger said, handing jimin’s roommate the black, plastic bag. jungkook hadn’t seen what was in the bag yet, only because he felt it wasn’t any of his business or it would just be plain rude, going through stuff that has nothing to do with you.

when yoongi took out a bottle of pills, jungkook was taken aback. “what is that?” he asked, as yoongi read the bottle. “i’m not supposed to say anything because even i didn’t know until recently,” he sighed. “but you can’t ever say anything about it to him unless he tells you, got it?” the two boys nodded their heads in agreement. “it’s his asthma medication…”

now both boys were surprised, even taehyung. taehyung had no idea that jimin had asthma, even though they’ve been friends since high school. “he doesn’t tell anybody about this. and i mean anybody.

“how did you find out hyung? did he tell you?”

“of course not, one time he was drunk and he left his phone beside me and suddenly, his mom texted saying that he had to go pick up his new asthma medication,” yoongi said, running his fingers through his hair. “and i’ve known him since his freshman year!” he added.

“i didn’t even know, and i’ve known him since high school.” taehyung trailed off.

as yoongi was putting back the bottle in the bag he felt a piece of paper in the bag, and took it out. “hyung, what is that” jungkook asked as yoongi read the note. he walked over to the older and saw the note. it read ‘side effects’ at the top of the paper. “dizziness, hallucinations, blurred vision, chills and hot flashes?” taehyung read out loud. “jungkook, wouldn’t this explain his behaviour?

“what do you mean?” the oldest hesitated.

“jungkook said to me that he was undressing because he felt hot, and climbing on him…”

“w-well yeah…” the younger’s face was completely flushed.

“obviously it was the side effects! he has never been outgoing.” yoongi snorted.

jungkook sighed and looked to the ground. oh… so that’s all it was. yoongi and taehyung noticed jungkook and immediately made eye contact, mouthing a conversation.

he’s gay already?

of course! he has a great roommate to learn from!

“hey…” jungkook said, not noticing the conversation that just happened. “if jimin doesn’t suspect anything from me, don’t tell him like, straight up that he was with me, please?”

yoongi raised his eyebrows and looked at taehyung, and back at jungkook. “okay, but i’m not gonna keep this quiet forever.”

“thanks,” he smiled, “i-i gotta go, bye” and left leaving taehyung and yoongi a bit suspicious.

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after a few hours after jungkook and taehyung left their friends’ dorm, jimin finally awoke from his deep sleep. he headed for the kitchen for a nice morning coffee. “oh hey hyung,” jimin greeted with a warm smile. “wow look who’s finally up.” yoongi teased, sitting down at the table. it wasn’t too late at the time, but it was also not early — because 10:36 a.m is not the time you would be waking up on a weekday with.

“Hyung, I had the strangest dream last night…” the younger drifted off. Oh here we go, the brown haired thought.

“Oh yeah? What about?”

“i went all unusual in front of this person, and i was doing like, the boldest things,”

The older hummed in response, “I see. But why did you do those things? And who was the mysterious person,” yoongi asked. Of course, he knew what he was talking about, he didn’t expect jimin to tell him about the his asthma. However, as for the ‘person’ that jimin mentioned about — for entertainment purposes he just had to hear it from the roommates mouth.

“i… i’m not sure, i think it was just because it was a dream. and you know, dreams can get pretty bizarre. I forgot who the person was, but they seemed nice…” jimin lied, almost full-on fake laughing. he wanted to tell yoongi all about his dream, about who that person was. but he couldn't dare think of what yoongi would think of him after jimin told the older that he was gay. “yeah… in the dream they helped me,” he finished. yoongi didn’t want to bring up the fact that he already knows about a lot about jimin — it wasn’t even jimin who told him about his ‘illness’. a part of yoongi wanted to help the younger with what he was going though, but his thoughts — i’m in no position for him to tell me — would always come right back to him.

“I see…” he frowned. Yoongi had an odd caring for jimin, it wasn’t seen as anything further than friendship but, the fact that jimin keeps everything to himself — what can he do? He keeps himself locked in his room for most the time studying, he barely eats, and if jimin had something wrong with himself — either mentally or physically — he wouldn’t say a word about it.




“Yo! Kook,” taehyung knocked on the younger’s door, “come on, let’s talk,” as soon as he said that, the door opened with jungkook right in front of him. However it didn’t last long with jungkook passing right by the roommate, into the living room. “come on, kook, what’s wrong?” the older asked as he followed the roommate.

jungkook himself didn’t know what was wrong with him, so it wasn’t like he could talk about his feelings anyways. he just felt off, he felt as if he had to do something. taehyung could sense it ever since they were in their friends’ dorm — ever since he told jungkook more about jimin that is. “jungkook wait! where are you going!” taehyung shouted to the younger as he left. little shit didn’t even bring anything with him.

As the raven left the dorm, he didn’t even realize that he forgot his wallet, and phone. The boy reached into his pocket hoping there was at least some pocket cash for a coffee or something, thank the lord. Luckily jungkook did have some with him.

while jungkook walked, he could feel the breeze feel dry against his chapped lips. it was only starting to get cool out, however it was happening uncommonly fast. by the time jungkook arrived at the café it looked as if there was going to be a storm. the weather is being so weird, he thought as he looked out the glass doors. jungkook doesn’t know why he left, or why he came to the café, but here he his. “hi, can i get a caramel frappachino?” jungkook asked, as if there wasn’t a caramel frappachino on the menu. “of course, anything else?” the lady behind the counter asked, obviously swooned by the man in front of her. “no, that’s all. thanks,” replied the raven.

While jungkook waited for his coffee at the counter, he quickly scanned the room for a place to sit, then heard a voice behind him, “Caramel frappachino?” the lady asked, “yes, thank you.”

jungkook decided to sit right by the windows, at a single table that was meant for two. as jungkook glanced out the window his mind started to drift off. he started thinking about the things yesterday — about jimin; the boy who he had only talked to yesterday. his thoughts would simply drift off about what he was wearing, when they had encountered — black skinny jeans, that would just perfectly hug around his legs, and his oversized buttoned plaid shirt, he suddenly felt his face heating up and he started to question, what the hell am i thinking… jungkook quickly looked around the café hoping nobody saw his flushed face, as he was scanning the room he heard a familiar voice near behind of him. the dark haired turned around and saw the familiar figure standing at the counter.




Chapter Text

jungkook quickly turned around, hoping the older wouldn’t see him. after only a couple minuets, a familiar cainine came up to his feet, “yeontan!” he said, barely audible to be heard.

 [right before jimin entered the café]

 today, 12:24 pm






omg jimin?? is that rlly u??? u never text me anymoe???



stfu ill hit u

can u just




yes my amigo



wya rn



my room

y you wanna hang out w me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



ew no

do you have your yeontan w u


12:27 p.m







well… tihng is



i have ur dog chillaaax



omg jimin i just almost pEed



how the hell did he even get out



uhhhhhh?? not sure



ur so???? irresponsible?????



shtu uppp

where r u i’ll get her



by that cofee?café? yknow


jus go inside



lol oK








jimin put his phone in his back pocket, picking up the small dog, yeontan, and entering the café. usually jimin doesn’t tell anybody — not even his best friend — about his health issues. but while they were hanging out in their highschool years, taehyung unfortunately found out on his own. — why the hell does this dog have a winnie the pooh outfit on. the male didn’t want to go out, he would rather stay inside studying but, there was no more damn coffee.

jimin walked into the kitchen, it was already his fifth coffee of the day. yoongi glanced to the kitchen, only to see jimin looking for another coffee. “jimin don’t drink too much,” the older said, turning his head back to the television. the blonde opened the cabinet to find no coffee avalible to drink. “are you kidding me,” he muttered. the roommate just barely heard the younger’s words, however it was still audible because of how small the dorm is. “sorry chim, guess you’re gonna have to go get some,” yoongi chuckled.

the male glanced out the glass doors, searching for his friend. as he was looking jimin’s allergies starting getting to him, and put the dog down on the ground. jimin crouched down somewhat to the dogs height, “stay,” he ordered, until she sat. as jimin stood back up looking at the menu one of his favourite coffee’s caught his eye. he nervously looked at the barista, “c-can i get one white mocha?” jimin stuttered, mentally cursing himself for it. “of course!” replied the lady.

“that’ll be $2.15, please,”

“here,” the male said, giving the lady a five dollar bill.

“and here is your change, sir” as the barista gave the money back to jimin, she deliberately brushed her hand against his own in attempt to flirt with him. sorry, i’m gay, he thought, bitterly laughing aloud. jimin being the person he is, kindly smiled back, trying not to pay attention to the barista’s actions, “thank you.”

jimin looked down to hopefully see yeontan still sitting obediently on the floor. unfortunatly she was no longer there.  the boy looked outside, just to make sure she didn’t leave while someone came in. what the hell, she coudn’t have gone far. “-tan! what’re you doing here?” jimin barely heard it, but it was loud enough for him to hear, only because of how close he was. jimin was sure he heard it — his friends’ dogs name. yeontan, come on, where are you. he looked around the café, to see the only person in the room petting a small dog. of course jimin didn’t recognize the person at first because his hoodie was up, and how he wish it wasn’t. but at that specific moment he wouldn’t of known the difference. without thinking, jimin practically ran up to the dog, not thinking about who the mysterious figure was. “yeontan!”

jungkook looked up at the overly familiar voice he heard. shit. the older could feel the unknown man looking at him, holy shit it’s jeon jungkook, jimin thought. “i-i’m sorry she bothered you. it’s my friends’ dog,” the older said, not remembering their past encounter. jungkook looked at him confused, he doesn’t remember…? “oh… it’s okay,” replied the younger. jimin akwardly picked up the dog off the floor, his eyes eventually starting to itch. “how—” just as jimin was about to ask jungkook how he knew the dog, but instead was interrupted by the barista calling his name,  “white mocha for jimin!”

“thank you,” the male said, immediately turning around back to jungkook. but he was no longer there. as he looked outside, it was already starting to pour rain. 

just as jungkook was exiting he saw taehyung, just about to reach the café holding his umbrella above him. “kook, where have you been!” the older shouted, “i gotta go do something!” taehyung started to collect all the pieces together, if jimin was here and jungkook was here… the male suddenly had a grin on his face as he entered. “oh! jimin!” he waved as he walked over, “taehyung! what took you so long,” jimin sighed. he was already sitting at a table. “sorry, it got cold so i went back inside to get a proper jacket,” as taehyung sat down, he was already dying to know what happened between jungkook and jimin. “chim,” taehyung sighed, looking over at the brunettes coffee. jimin looked up to the younger in curiosity, “you didn’t buy me a coffee…” taehyung pouted.

“my bad, sorry,” the brunette apologized. not actually being sorry, knowing that taehyung wouldn’t have paid him back anyways. “anyways,” the pink haired smirked, “oh my god, taehyung what are you on about now,”

“oh you know, just wanted to know how your sleep was,”

“it was good, i slept five more hours than usual, but i had this really weird dream,” he explained taking another sip of his coffee. the younger was confused, but hummed in response, “what was it about?”

“i kept doing weird stuff in front of… a person” jimin shook his head in embarrassment.

“jeon jungkook. right?” taehyung stated, but said it as a question. jimin’s face was flushed. “w-what are you talking about, how do you know?” at his point taehyung was done with jimin’s story telling. “jimin, that wasn’t a dream. you better tell me the truth before i tell jungkook that you like him.” the younger demanded. “and don’t give me that bullshit where you say you don’t because you are like, the most unsubtle person i know.”

“you got stuck in an elevator, right?” taehyung asked, obviously a little pissed. jimin couldn’t blame taehyung, especially after how long they’ve known eachother. he felt bad. “yeah,” his face was as red as a tomato now. “i was trying to take off my shirt, but he kept saying no and-” he grunted hiding his face in embarassment. “then i...” jimin drifted off, still embarrassed, “then you?” taehyung asked, with a completely subtle smirk. he was genuinly intrested in the story, because this is all the stuff that jungkook didn’t tell him about. “i climbed on top of him,” he said quietly, but audible enough for the other to hear. but taehyung, being the person he is, had to make him say it louder for pure amusment.

“what was that? i coudn’t hear you,”

“i climbed on top of him!” jimin basically shouted it this time, with everyone in the café looking over to their table to find a flushed male on one side, and a hysterically laughing boy on the other. when taehyung was finished laughing he asked jimin for more answers, sometimes guilt tripping him.

“do you remember sleeping with jungkook? i found you two sleeping together on his bed,” taehyung said, holding down his boxy smirk. "wait, how did you see me sleeping on his bed?" the older questioned. "didn't i tell you? kook's my roommate," taehyung said, looking amused at jimin's reaction. "are you fucking kidding me? you never told me?" jimin was pretty much dumbfounded at this point.  "you never asked me?" he shrugged. 

"anyways, just tell me what happened!" taehyung demanded. jimin face palmed with both of his hands, “oh my god, don’t even bring it up,” the male fake cried, “i hope you know that you’re the only person in this world, who jungkook has freely let in his room.” jimin shot his eyes up to the younger, “you’re kidding,”

“i swear on yeontan’s life,” he said, holding his hand to his chest. the older gasped in shock, “no way.” jimin knew he was telling the truth only because he swore on his beloved puppy, yeontan. if he swears on yeontan it’s a big deal. “he really likes you, you know,” taehyung said, petting the dog in his lap.


i mean, i like him too…

Chapter Text

As Taehyung entered the dorm, Jungkook was sitting on the floor, leaning on the bottom of the couch, playing on his phone—the TV playing in the backround. He kicked off his black leather shoes, not bothering to put them neatly on the floor, “What are we watching?” the pink-haired asked, flopping on the couch. The younger looked up to the TV, “Pokemon?” he thought — he was right though. Taehyung felt a vibrate from his back pocket, he fished for the phone seeing it as it lit up with messages from his groupchat of friends.


why is this a thing

today 3:53 PM


lejindary: GUYS WAKE UP

joonie’s jams: Hyung, It’s almost 4 pm???



joonies jams: Are you okay? Should I be on my way?

taebum: whatever could it be


joonie’s jams: What?

taebum: what

lejindary: OKOK.

lejindary: you guys know how he’s right next door right

joonie’s jams: Yes, we are all on the same floor hyung.

taebum: im goinf rn

lejindary: TAEHYUNG NO


Taehyung looked over to his roommate—still on the floor, “Jungkook, we are going to Hoseok’s, right now.” he demanded, grabbing his wrist. “Wait, now?” the younger asked, making it obvious he didn’t want to go. “Didn’t you see the messages in the group chat?” Taehyung let go of the raven’s wrist, putting his shoes on even thought the room was a few doors down. “My phone was on do not disturb,” he said, holding up his phone, the older sighed in disapointed, “Hoseok’s getting laid,” he whisper-yelled, opening the door. “Holy shit, Taehyung why are you like this,” the raven replied. Jungkook already knew he wasn’t going to be able to get out of this—Taehyung being the supportive friend he is, wanted to desperately see who Hoseok was finally with.

 The two walked down the hall—only three doors down—the older leading the way to his friends’ room. “Taehyung, he will despise you after this,” the younger sighed, pushing his hair back in frustration. “I can just make him un-hate me then, it’s no big deal.” Jungkook shook his head. They were already at the older’s door, Jungkook turned around in amusment realizing that Taehyung didn’t have a way to even enter his house. “Well, doesn’t this just suck?” he said. The barely audible moans were hearable at this point—not being loud enough to be actually doing it.

“Not at all, my dongsaeng,” Taehyung smirked as he reached into his pocket, “Bitch you thought!” he chuckled, sticking the key into the keyhole. “When did you-“ he was interrupted by Hoseok’s next door neighbour, Jin, as he opened his door.

“Taehyung!” the oldest loudly whispered, hoping that their friend couldn’t hear them from the inside. The two youngest looked up to him, “You can’t be doing this with out me! Hoseok is one of my sons!” he added. “Well you’re here now,” Taehyung sarcastically comforted as Jin rolled his eyes.

Just as Taehyung turned the key, a hand was felt on his shoulder; a little coldly. “Wait,” the youngest said, “What!” the two elders both said simultaneously, looking the the boy. “How did you even have Hoseok hyung’s key?” he asked—the other two groaning in frustration. “I had to take care of his dog one time, can we go now?” Taehyung explained.

“Oh, yeah go ahead,” He said, Taehyung twisting the key, opening the door. The quiet moans they heard through the door were not as bad as the three thought they would be, and they could tell there was no clothes taken off in the process. “I thought you said he was getting laid,” Taehyung mouthed as they were about to enter the room, Jin shurgged, “I heard a moan and loud thump,” The two youngest rolled their eyes; Jin offended.

Taehyung slowly opened the door, only to find his two hyungs making out on Hoseok’s bed. “Yoongi hyung?” Taehyung said, a little shocked. The position they were in was at least a little better than they thought—Yoongi on top of the dark haired, one hand on Hoseok’s active boner, another up his shirt, and light pink coloured hickeys—Yoongi broke the kiss as he heard his three friends in the room. He sat up on his knees, that were still straddling the other, looking back to the boys, lips swollen. “Was this necessary?”

“Hold on, since when?” Jin asked, knowing there was going to eventually be some action between the two males. Hoseok was still too weary to even speak—it even took him a while to realize what was going on. “Nothing is on between us,” the older truthfully replied, “Then… What in tarnation?” Taehyung chimed in, Jungkook sighing aloud at the word he used. Yoongi looked to the male underneath him. Hoseok nodded, making a shooing action. The redhead looked to the side, “Can I at least finish first?” the elder said, more demanding than a question.

“W-wait, Yoongi I’m okay now,” Hoseok said, fianlly realizing his situation. Yoongi looked to the younger, “You sure?” the raven nodded in consent. The three males at the side of the bed still confused as to how this happened.

The three of them walked into the living room, followed by the two on the bed. As they all sat down on different chairs—three on the couch, Yoongi and Hoseok on the two chairs on the side—Taehyung spoke, “The tension is real,” quietly chuckling, just until Jungkook smacked the side of his arm.

“Ow,” he said, rubbing the wounded spot.

“Ok, so this is what happend.” the red-haired finally spoke. “Yes, please” the oldest replied, Hoseok still embarassed. “So, Seok and I, were watching a movie—extremely boring—and, he fell asleep.” the three nodded, knowing where it was going but still wanted to hear what happened. “Then he had a dream. Let me just say that Seok was still beside me and-“

“Yoongi, I think they get the point,” the raven chimed in, flushed with embarassment since, Hoseok hasn’t had any action since he started at uni. “No, no, we don’t though?” Taehyung said, smirking away. “Anyways,” he went on, “That’s when the moaning started. I tried waking him up, but him being a heavy ass sleeper, it didn’t work. So I thought I might as well just play along with the dream, but only by kissing him. He was already awake at this point.” Yoongi said, clearly turned on just by telling it. “Go on,” Jin supposed, intrigued at this point.

There were sudden ‘oh’s’ heard— only from Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jin. “Okay,” Jungkook said, feeling embarassed himself, he didn’t know why though. “I think that’s enough,” he finished. “Thank you Jungkook!” Hoseok said. “Hold on, not to be perverted or anything but,” everyone in the room rolled their eyes as soon as they heard the peach-haired say that. “Why didn’t you guys undress?” he finished, “Well, I didn’t want things to get too messy.”

“Okay! And we’re done here!” The youngest said, making his way out the door. He could hear his hyung talking to raven about how Jungkook should keep his sanity, while still he can.

Chapter Text

hoesuck: we should all go for diner tn yallsies

hoesuck: yo whp tf nsmed me hoeseuck imma whip ur ass

lejindary: "hoseuck"

jooniesjams: It was, Taehyung.

taebum: iekd wht ur sayinf pfffff 

hoesuck: najmoon hyunf y is ur nsme jooneiesjams

junglecock: ok but how do you even mess that up

junglecock: and uh i got stuff to do tn my bad

taebum: noooo jeon dknt !!

junglecock: ;) gtg

jooniesjams: I don’t know. Jin hyung changed my name and and I don’t know how to change it back.

lejindary: it suits u tho hun

lejindary: im down for dinner tho

taebum: i doknt hasve anythgin better to do

hoesuck: aw thx guyss

jooniesjams: Well, I guess I’m spending my free night with you guys.

hoesuck: @sugar

taebum:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

sugar: shut the f u c k u p

jooniesjams: Why ‘Sugar’?

sugar: it auto corrected and, i can’t be bothered to change it now.

jooniesjams: Oh.

sugar: and ill go i got nothin better to do

taebum: yahooo!

sugar: should i invite jimin too?

taebum: wait bjt hyuhg he dwsnt kno jin hyunf and najommn hyung

sugar: sure he does, i think you should be rethinking your friendship, taehyung.

lejindary: yeah i feel bad for him… hes always studying and never eats


jooniesjams: Wait, why isn’t he in this chat?

sugar: idk taehyungs the one who made it


lejindary: come on taehyung we’ve known him since he moved in

jooniesjams: What made you think we didn’t?

taebum: w e l l. sicne jimn always stays in his room i thought he only knew like me yoongi hyunng and maybe hosjok????? so i never added hjm ehre

lejindary: im offended.

jooniesjams: Amazing, I've never seen this much of a correct-spelling sentence from you.

taebum: hynuf that wads rood

jooniesjams: Well I don’t blame you for not knowing, Jimin never really talks to anyone that much.


taebum added ‘chimthicc’ to the chat.


sugar: i don’t think he’ll come, he has a big test tomorrow. and he’s fucking serious about it.

taebum: @chimthicc

jooniesjams: Isn’t he studying right now?

taebum: yaeh bit idonest hurt to try

chimthicc: hey guys, what the hell is this taehyung.

taebum: abd hellpo t o u too

taebum: chim u nevr tolsd me u haf all thes frends

chimthicc: u never asked??????

sugar: @hoesuck

hoesuck: ohhoh jiminieee wanna cime to dinenr w us??

chimthicc: sorry i can’t i gotta study tn :(

hoesuck: awwww okahy make sure u take care of youself!

sugar: ^^

taebum: ya u better

jooniesjams: Do you want us to bring you back anything?

chimthicc: oh nonono its okay dont worry i got some noodles here

jooniesjams: Alright…

Jungkook looked at his phone, lighting up with notifications, not caring what they were saying, and back to his game. He didn’t realize Jimin was added, but it’s not like he would talk just because Jimin was there now, because it wasn't like Jungkook had feelings for him or anything. Jungkook didn’t actually have anything to do that night, he just didn’t feel in the mood for talking with people.

Jimin slid the screen as he looked at the people in the group chat; Taehyung, Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok and… Jungkook?

How does this keep happening…

The male felt weak, and sick, and it he had no time to lose for studying. His test was the next day and his anxiety was eating him alive. The blond would've gone to dinner with his friends, but he was in no shape to show himself — because he hasn’t eaten a solid meal in four days, but of course, Jimin didn’t even realize. His  daily schedule has been all over the place lately — Wake up for his morning classes, study, get a mandarin, studied more until he fell asleep. It wasn’t like Jimin’s friends weren’t helping him either, he just accidentally blocked them all out while he was studying. They all knew something was wrong but they also knew that he wouldn’t tell them anything about his issues.

5:54 pm

The time went by quite fast even though all the boys were doing nothing too productive. Such as Jungkook, who was still playing his games. It’s a wonder how he still gets outstanding grades. “Kook-ah, are you sure you don’t want come with?” the older said through the door, not daring to just walk in. “Yeah, just bring me home something, please!” Jungkook pleaded, still focusing on Overwatch. Taehyung was a total softie when it came to Jungkook, and wouldn’t ever say no since he never really asks for anything from his roommate, he's innocent after all. “Okay~” Taehyung replied.

Five of the males walked into the restaurant, quite a nice one — with white walls, modern but vintage dining sets, and nice relaxing music. “Too bad Jungkook and, Jimin couldn’t come…” Namjoon drifted off a little dissapointed. “Jungkook wanted me to bring him some food,” The light-haired said, pretty much just changing the topic. “Give him some pasta or somthing, he’ll blast off the walls,” the oldest replied. “I’ll try texting him,” Yoongi said reaching into his pocket only to find nothing there. “Shit,” he said.

“What?” the four looked at the brown-haired in confusion. “I forgot my phone…” not really disappointed, Yoongi asked Hoseok if he could use his phone to text Jungkook to bring it to him knowing he would have to have a nice encounter with the older. It wasn't even like he needed it anyways.


Today, 6:23 pm

hoesuck: hey kook its yoongi, i forgot my phone… would you mind bringing it?

junglecock: whats in it for me

hoesuck: you son of a bitch.

junglecock: ;)

hoesuck: i’ll buy you that computer you wanted.

junglecock: im getting it now

hoesuck: thx baby boy

junglecock: dont ever call me that again hyung.

hoesuck: theres a key under the mat

It had been a while since, Jimin got out of his room — for any type of reason, except showering. It had been hard to keep, Jungkook out of his head lately, so he decided to wash up, just to wake himself up a little. As he got up, Jimin had some sort of head rush, but he just shook it off thinking it was nothing.

Must be tierd

A little confused, he got up to go to the bathroom — that was right in the next room beside him — as Jimin stepped foot out of his room, he felt weaker than he thought. The male kept trying to just walk it off, making excuses for what was really wrong with him. Next thing he knew was, Jimin couldn’t even keep himself standing; then everything just went black.

Yoongi’s dorm room was only several steps down the hall — right in between the vacant room that has been restricted for ‘repairment' even though, nothing was even happening with it, but he wasn't complaining. Jungkook found himself lucky being on the same floor as his friends. As he neared the door of his friend, he bent down to look underneath to find a silver room key.


Jungkook was just about to put the key in until he heard a hard thump from the inside. He hesitated, thinking that Jimin wasn’t supposed be there; and that was why Yoongi told him where the spare key was. Jungkook quickly opened the door, opening it with a slam on the spring stopper.


“Holy sh- Jimin!”

Chapter Text



He ran to the older, kneeling down to pick him up. Jimin’s face was extremely pale, and thinner than the last time Jungkook had seen him. Based on what his friends told him about Jimin, he knew exactly what was wrong with him.

Jungkook carried Jimin to his bedroom, only knowing where it was because he already knew where Yoongi’s was. He thought of calling someone, but his phone decided to have no signal. As he laid the older down — very carefully — Jungkook could hear Jimin’s groans, indicating he was conscious, so he tried to wake him up.

“Jimin hyung,” He said, trying to shake him gently, only to get another groan from him. Jungkook decided to get some water for Jimin just to have something in his stomach, for now. He set the water on the nightstand and tried to get Jimin awake again to drink something. “Hyung, wake up. You need to drink something.”

After Jimin somewhat opening his eyes, his vision was still blurry, but he could still recognize the soft spoken voice near him. “Jungkook?” The smaller asked, not realizing the state he was in. “I’m going to make you some food, okay? Drink some water though.” Jimin nodded in response, trying to make his way to sit up. He ended up drinking the whole glass of water in one chug, leaving him more exhausted than he should’ve been, and crashed back to sleep.

Jungkook wasn’t sure what to make, he wasn’t the best of cooks, but it was always edible. As he looked through the cabinets, Jungkook thought of just making some rice porridge, since it was something he couldn’t mess up.

After the porridge was finally finished, Jungkook headed back to the room only to find Jimin fast asleep again. He brought up a little table to the bed to set the food down, “Jimin hyung, can you eat?” Jungkook thought about just waiting until the older would wake, but in his condition, Jungkook didn’t want to risk it. In response, Jimin suddenly turned around towards the younger, eyes squinting. “Hyung?” Jungkook asked.

The older turned back around to face the wall, smiling away, embarrassed that, Jungkook was giving him food. “Hyung you have to eat, please?” Jungkook pleaded, bringing the food near to him.

Jungkook is usually an outgoing person, especially to friends of his own friends, so it wasn't weird to him how comfortable he was with Jimin. However, Jungkook was confused as to why he was so embarrassed for every single move he did in front of the older. As for Jimin, he was outgoing as well, but since he was always studying, he never had the time to make an outgoing expression. And since Jimin has only looked at Jungkook from afar, he’s shy that he is even this close.

The pink haired subconsciously moved the elders body towards him, not realizing his face was slowly turning a pink colour, the older laughed, “Your face is the same colour as your hair.” Jungkook quickly spinned around avoiding all eye contact with the other, and got the table with the rice porridge.

“Here, hyung, you should eat.” He sighed, looking down at the shorter, that was still laying down. Jimin was trying his best not to fall asleep, thinking it would ruin his pride if he slept in front of someone who could effortlessly look so good. He still wasn’t fully aware of what was going on either — his head being foggy and all— and it took him longer than usual to respond to simple questions.

Jimin shook his head, thinking he wasn’t hungry when really, his stomach was probably in starvation mode and he just couldn’t feel the hunger. “Fine then,” The younger jokingly scoffed, making Jimin feel he made the wrong move. Jungkook picked up the spoon, brushing off the excess porridge, on the edge of the bowl. He blew the porridge, attempting to cool it down. Jimin watched his every move, feeling guilty that he rejected Jungkook’s food.

He’s probably going to eat it…

However, Jimin thought wrong when, Jungkook brought the spoon to the elders mouth. “Jimin hyung, open wide!” Jungkook said, trying to mentally cool his face down from shyness. Jimin blushed, not knowing what to do, or say, and just accepted the food. The younger gasped, “Hyung! Your face!” The blonde looked at him, confused. He put the spoon back into the full bowl of porridge, putting his hand on Jimin’s forehead. “I think you have a fever, I’ll be back”

“Wai-“ the older tried speaking but, Jungkook was already out of the room. He sat up, taking the bowl into his lap, taking slow bites of the food. It reminded him of his mother’s porridge.

Jungkook tried finding a cloth in one of the drawers in the kitchen, looking for an actual clean one. He wet it under cold water, squeezing out any excess water. Just as Jungkook entered the room he noticed Jimin was finally eating, “Do you want more?” He asked the older. Jimin didn’t want to be needy, or anything so just denied. But Jungkook is no idiot when it comes to expressions, so he took the bowl and came back with another full one.

“Hyung, you should be honest.” Jungkook couldn’t deny that as Jimin was blushing, he found him kind of cute. Wait, what?


The five other males still weren’t home from dinner, which meant, Yoongi wasn’t going to be back, and in other words, they went clubbing. It was already getting late and originally Jungkook was going to go back once Jimin’s roommate had come back—Not that he wanted to anyways—but since he isn’t back, Jungkook decided to just wait. “Jimin hyung, you should sleep now,” The younger said as he picked up the bowl, Jimin nodding in response. He fell asleep quite quickly, thinking that Jungkook was going to be gone after he washed the bowl—Jimin felt guilty about that— but little did he know Jungkook was just going to stay till Yoongi got back, which pretty much meant he wasn't going back for a while.

As the pink-haired came back into the room Jimin was already sleeping deeply. He could tell from the little snores that he was giving off. It was already getting late, and Jungkook could fall asleep in an instant—Which he did.


About four hours later, Jimin woke up, just from an uncomfortable position. He checked the time on his phone, 3:54 am. Jimin groaned, thinking he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. Then he noticed Jungkook, sleeping on the one person seat, in the corner of his room, curled up in a ball. That can’t be comfortable. He felt bad for the younger, and a bit ashamed he fell asleep in-front of him.

“Jungkook-ah, wake up,” The older said, he finally felt a lot better than before, and could only thank Jungkook for his help. Jungkook was a light sleeper, so of course he woke up right away, a little shook. He hummed in response to the older, “You can sleep in my bed,” Jimin offered.

“But, where are you gonna sleep?” He asked, eyes still shut. “I’ll just sleep on the couch,” The older said, this feels familiar, trying to get Jungkook to stand up, “No, no, no, you can sleep in your bed.” Jungkook was practically oblivious to what he was saying because of how tired he was, it was only himself to blame because of all the late night gaming he has been doing lately.

“Are you sure?” The younger smiled in response, “Yeah, just sleep with me,” Jimin blushed at his words, in his case he felt lucky that the younger couldn’t see him. Jungkook could have just gone back to his room but if it was Jimin asking him, he couldn’t refuse.

They both got into the double sized bed, Jimin pulling the blanket over him and sliding in as well. “Jungkook-ah?” He asked, Jungkook humming in response. “I’m sorry if I wake you up by accident,”

“Don’t worry hyung,”

5:55 am

Jimin’s heavy breathing was starting to get heavier, and heavier. He was sweating at this point, turning his back back and forth, waiting for it to stop. Jungkook woke up to this, worried about the blonde. He was planning on waking him up, but Jimin had already woken up. The younger quickly pretended to sleep, hearing the relief of Jimin’s breathing as he woke up.

Jimin looked to his side, Jungkook was still sleeping. He was a bit upset because it wasn’t like he could freely cuddle with him like he did with Taehyung back when they had bad times. Or, as he thought. Jungkook felt bad leaving Jimin untouched as he just had a nightmare. He had one secret, and it was that he adored cuddling, but it wasn’t like he had anybody to cuddle with, and it wasn’t like he could cuddle with his one night stands. So he usually just cuddled his pillows.

It took Jimin by surprise as Jungkook pulled him in to his chest, but he was instantly at peace. Jimin felt like he never wanted to leave Jungkook’s arms. With his faint sent of cologne still lingering on him, it was a comfortable smell since it wasn’t too strong. Jimin took advantage of Jungkook’s cuddley sleeping side and slipped his leg in between the others legs, leaving them tangled with each other. What caught him even more by surprise was the fact that Jungkook smiled as soon as, Jimin did that and quietly chuckled. He was in shock.


Holy shit he was awake…

Chapter Text

Yoongi didn’t arrive till late that night—probably saying almost 3 am. He wasn’t mad at Jungkook for not getting his phone in the end, but he seemed a little concerned because he bribed him with a new computer. Yoongi ended up forgetting all about as soon as he went clubbing with his friends.

Jin and Yoongi were the only ones sober, which was unfortunate because they really wanted to drink, but he knew, the older wouldn’t be enough to send them all back by himself. Though out of all the drunk friends, Taehyung was probably the most sober, coming back to the dorm.

As Yoongi entered his dorm, he was exhausted. Especially, after helping Hoseok into his room. He ended up falling asleep on the couch in his dorm as soon as he got back. But that was just until Taehyung came through the door, crying. It wasn’t like he was that drunk anyways, he was just balling his eyes out.

“What the shit, Taehyung?” the older practically jumped out of his sleep—out of surprise— “Why did you have to burst the door open! Jimin’s actually sleeping for once!” He whispered, but loud enough for the other to hear. “Sorry!” Taehyung sniffed, trying to be little quieter for his friends’ sake, “He’s not there!”

“What? What do you mean ‘he’s not there’”

“Jungkook wasn’t in his room, or anywhere!”

“Have you texted him?”

“Yeah, but they’re not sending!” The younger said through his sobs. Yoongi knew he was in big shit now, he only blamed himself for trying to get Jungkook to get his phone for him. He came towards Taehyung, rubbing his back, “Maybe he’s with a friend…” It wasn’t like Jungkook had many friends—yes, he was a pretty legit fuck boy, but he only had the five of them, and maybe Jimin.

Taehyung finally started to calm down, only after 15 minutes or so. Yoongi got up from the couch, leaving Taehyung looking up at him with a confused look, “I’m gonna ask Jin.” Yoongi knew, Jin being the old man he is, wouldn’t be sleeping. Especially if he had to deal with a drunk roommate. “I’m coming.”

The two walked down a couple doors, shortly meeting their friends’ dorm room. “Jin hyung! Open up, it’s an emergency!” The dark haired shouted, aggressively hitting the door—which he would probably get a warning from later. The elder approached the door making a frustrated ‘ah’ sound. He opened the door to find a pretty angry Jin standing in front of him.

“It is 3 in the morning. I finally got Namjoon to sleep, until you came.”

“Okay. But this is an emergency.” Taehyung chimed in, clinging onto Yoongi’s arm. “Oh? at 3 am!” Jin said. They were still standing in the door and couldn’t be bothered to ask why the elder didn’t invite them inside. “Jungkook’s missing, hyung” Yoongi finally spoke, it hit Jin harder than the two males thought it would, probably because Jungkook was like a son to him.

“You’re joking right?”


“He’s not in his room?”

“He isn’t.”

“Does Jimin know?”

“Why would he know?”

“Well, wouldn’t Jimin see that Jungkook came in?” Taehyung and Yoongi looked at each other, they were speechless. The two of them had never thought of that, but there was also a chance that, Jimin wouldn’t have even noticed that Jungkook came in. A sigh interrupted their thinking—coming from the eldest—and they were immediately snapped back into reality. “Come on, let’s just ask him.”

“But he’s already sleeping! he hasn’t had this early of sleep since, maybe never!” Yoongi said. He couldn’t easily not worry about the his roommate, because of how hard working he is. Jin stopped, realizing that Yoongi’s words were true. Then it hit him. He hummed, “Do you think Kook’s just having another ‘play date’ with some random girl again?”

“But… Yoongi hyung bribed him with a computer,” Taehyung pouted. “Oh please. Yoongi has bribed him plenty of times.” It wasn’t actually like Yoongi bribed him a bunch of times, but the more he thought about it, the more it started to make sense; and had a little more faith in the younger—not that he was no longer worried.

“Maybe you’re right…”

As they said their goodnight’s and goodbye’s, they walked back down to their separate rooms. But then Taehyung had stopped on the way in front of the elder’s door. “What?”

“It’s just… I don’t like being alone in the dorm…” Taehyung looked to the older, eyes still puffy from the crying. Taehyung was alone a lot of the times in his dorm—only because Jungkook was barely there, and when he was, he would be locked in his room, gaming—and it wasn’t like he could usually ask his friends to be with him. But Taehyung, was tipsy enough to let that slip.

Yoongi sighed as he opened the door, “Fine you can stay here. I won’t be able to sleep so I’m just gonna write a bit. But you can sleep on the couch or in my bed.” They walked in kicking off their shoes, Taehyung stopping at the entrance, looking around. “Where will you be?” He asked, Yoongi pointed to the big desk near the TV, having all sorts of music making tools on it. “Just here,” The older said, walking towards his desk.

Taehyung grinned, as he skipped over to the couch flopping down on it comfortably. “I’ll sleep here then.”

“Suit yourself.”

7:46 am

It was still early, Yoongi only falling asleep a few hours ago on his desk. It wasn’t a big deal though, he didn’t have his single class till 12. The younger males having their’s at 11. However, Taehyung was the first to arise, thirsty for a cup of coffee. Just as he was making his coffee he remembered where he was, mentally cursing himself for saying the things he said last night.

Taehyung walked over to the older, two cups of coffee in his hands. “Hyungie, I made you coffee for letting me sleep in your place~” Yoongi woke up to this, surprisingly in a decent mood to take Taehyung’s coffee. Yoongi rubbed his eyes, stretching, and taking a sip of the drink. “Oh? This is actually good?”

Taehyung playfully hit the elder making him chuckle, “Hey! I can make other good stu—“ Yoongi looked at him in confusion, “What?” He asked. “Shh! Do you hear that?” Taehyung said slowly walking away from the dark haired. The younger motioned his hand for Yoongi to come with him, holding a finger to his mouth to be quiet. As Yoongi followed he could hear what Taehyung was talking about. They were mumbles.

At first Taehyung went straight for the walls putting his ear against it. But it wasn’t coming from there. Then he went for the outside, thinking it could just be someone in the hallway—and it wasn’t like anyone other than the people who lived on this floor came here—But that wasn’t it either. As Taehyung turned around, looking for another place to look, Yoongi pointed his finger towards the rooms.

“Oh my gosh! What if Jimin’s having a bad dream!” Taehyung whispered, coming towards the room. The two knew now where the mumbling was coming from and like any good friends, they had to wake Jimin up from his bad dream. Or any other kind of dream. Taehyung quickly tiptoed his way to Jimin’s room making sure not to make any noises—having the creaky floor they have. Yoongi followed behind him, with his delicious cup of coffee.

He put his ear on the door, trying to make out what Jimin was saying. Then he heard a small laugh. He was definitely not having a bad dream, or anything like that. Taehyung was suspicious. “He’s laughing?” he mouthed to the older. “Open it!” Yoongi mouthed back, making a shooing gesture for the younger to hurry up. Taehyung burst the door open, surprising Yoongi at the sudden movement.

“Jimin! Good mor—“ Yoongi looked at the younger confused, as he was still on the side of the door, and couldn’t see what Taehyung was so shocked about. Taehyung froze at what he had seen.


This feels nostalgic.

Chapter Text

7:50 am

(before a wild taehyung appeared)


Jimin was the first to wake up, it was his best sleep he’s gotten in a while. As he looked over he totally forgot, Jungkook was in his bed—even though, he was the one who invited him there. If anyone were to see their position they would immediately get the wrong idea—being the two cuddly people they are—but it was the same position they had fallen asleep with. Both Jimin and Jungkook had no idea how they got so close—friendship wise—so quickly.

Of course, Jimin being in the comfortable position he was in; didn’t want to ever leave. But he felt he needed to study more. Jungkook’s arm was still around the smaller’s petite waist, while Jimin’s head was practically nuzzled up to Jungkook's chest. It may have looked uncomfortable, but it sure wasn’t to the two of them.

The dirty-blonde eventually remembered what had happened last night, and he wasn’t proud of it. In fact, he was embarrassed about his stupid nightmare; but that didn’t stop him from thinking that Jungkook pulled him in right after.

Jimin was debating on either studying till his class starts, or just going back to sleep. Being Jimin, he picked studying. The male slowly tried getting his tangled legs out first, but since Jungkook was a light sleeper, he immediately woke up, groaning in annoyance.

“Jiminie hyung, do you have to leave, I’m comfortable,” he whined, making Jimin let out a small chuckle. “I have to study, Kookie,” Jungkook wouldn't let that slide, especially after seeing what happens to Jimin after over working himself. The younger groaned once again, but pulling Jimin even closer, hugging as if he were a human teddy bear. “Ten more min—“ Suddenly the male was interrupted by the door.

“Good morning, Ji—“ the deep voice said. Jimin couldn’t even see who it was at the door—having his back towards it—but he could definently tell the owner of the voice. Well, shit.

Jungkook slowly lifted his head, hoping that it wasn’t who he thought it was. But he just had to be right.


“Ok... If you guys aren’t dating, I don’t believe in love anymore.” The blonde said, standing in shock but accepting. Yoongi looked at the younger, still at the side of the door, not knowing who Jimin was with. He scooted in front of the younger to see who Taehyung was talking about. He wasn’t surprised but he also wasn’t expecting this.

The youngest quickly untangled his legs from Jimin’s leaving a cold air of absence. The shorter got up not too long after Jungkook did, “It’s— this is…” the younger said, trying to think how to explain. Luckily Jimin spoke up for the taller, “I invited him,”

You?” Yoongi and Taehyung said, in accidental unison. Both were shocked, actually knowing the kind of person Jimin was. Not that they thought it was a bad thing, the two just thought it hadn’t been apart of his reserved personality.

Jungkook looked to the older, sitting up in front of him, already knowing what he thought of him as. He didn’t want to admit it—to anyone—but Jungkook wanted to make him his eventually, but it would take time.

“Ok, but are we seriously going to ignore the fact that we found Jungkook?” Yoongi acknowlaged, walking into the room. Jungkook looked up to the older in confusion, “I mean, I just believed the fact that, Jin hyung said he probably went to some girls’ dorm instead. And Taehyung, how did you get over it in like fifteen minutes.” he added.

“I mean— that was because I realized Jungkook hasn’t actually been to a girls’ dorm in like a full week now…” he said, noticing Jimin looking down. “But that’s not the point!”

Jungkook’s ears rushed with a pink tone, not thinking Taehyung would notice. But of course the older found out, usually Jungkook was out at least five of the seven days—with girls. It wasn’t like he felt anything for them, Jungkook just didn’t want to be coming back to his parents saying that he was all of a sudden gay.

“Anyways, how did this happen anyways?” Yoongi spoke, actually interested in a love story—for once. “Well…” Jungkook trailed off as he noticed the smaller's head shooting around, eyes pleading not to say what happened to him. “We just baked.”

The two stood in disbelief, both thinking the same thing: As if we’d believe that. Yoongi noticed there was something suspicious that happened between them, something that didn’t want to be spoken of in front the two males. He really didn’t want to make them speak if they didn’t want to — as it might ruin their close relationship.

Yoongi hummed, turning around towards the door. “That’s bu—“ Taehyung choked, as the elder stepped on his foot. “Okay… we’ll be in the kitchen,” He grunted in pain.

Jungkook shot up putting his ear on the door, making sure the two males were gone.


He turned around, looking the the smaller sitting on the bed. Jimin looked up to the taller, quietly giggling, “What?” Nothing was official between the two, and it couldn’t be. It wouldn’t work out for Jimin. He wanted to be with the younger so bad though. He didn’t want to blurt anything the younger might not want to hear though, so he said nothing about it.

Suddenly there was a thick tension.

“Jimin hyung.” The younger said, mustering up all his seriousness in him. Causing Jimin’s smile to quickly fading away, replacing it with a deep scared feeling. It reminded him of his dad.

“…What’s up?” Jimin said, exhaling with a shaky breath. Jungkook sat down beside him, putting his hand on Jimin’s thigh, more sudden than the shorter expected, causing his breath to hitch. This didn’t go unnoticed by the younger, he wasn’t stupid, but he didn’t know why he would react that way.

Jungkook slouched his shoulders, lifting up the tension, “Make sure you eat,” He pleaded. “If you aren’t gonna tell hyung about what you do to yourself, then you have to promise me that you’ll eat! And Properly!” Jimin laughed, head crashing on Jungkook’s chest.

Jungkook wouldn’t admit it any time soon, but he absolutely adored the shorter's laugh. He lifted his head up, wiping a tear from his eye, “Ah Jungkookie!” He said, playfully hitting the taller’s chest, receiving a laughable ‘ow’ “You scared me!”

The red haired didn’t intend to, neither did he know how he scared the smaller. Jungkook chuckled, “I’ll even mak—“ suddenly there was a ding in room—Jungkook’s.

He rolled backwards, towards the chair he left it on. The older cocked his head, trying not to come up with any assumptions. Jungkook hummed, picking up his phone, “That’s weird, I didn’t have signal last night…” He mumbled, trailing off, reading the message; he had hoped to never see again.

Jimin noticed this too—Jungkook’s face completely going pale. He slowly put his phone his pocket, as if he were under surveillance, slowly walking to the window facing the other dorms. Jimin intently watched Jungkook trying to show him a sign of what was wrong. The younger looked out the window for a good five seconds, while Jimin did the same. It wasn’t like there was anything there though.


Jungkook got his keys off the chair, making stiff movements. “Sorry Jimin hyung, I gotta get going…” he said, forcing a smile to the older, leaving the door slightly opened. He could hear the two males in the kitchen asking Jungkook where he was suddenly going; the younger not responding to them.


Chapter Text

“Kook, where are you—“ Taehyung said, his head following each step of Jungkook’s footsteps. He would’ve finished his sentence but after seeing how pale the younger looked, it seemed best to not ask him about it.

Yoongi noticed as well and looked at the blonde, “Did they fight?” Taehyung shrugged as they both made their way to Jimin’s room, knocking first.

As they made their way in, Jimin was already at his desk, studying. Little did the two know that Jimin was having a mini panic attack, thoughts running through his head about the younger hating him. He didn’t even notice Taehyung, and Yoongi walking in.

“Jimin-ah,” The eldest said, the dirty-blonde flinching at the sudden hand leaning on his desk. “…Yeah?” Jimin replied, “Did… You and Jungkook have a fight?”

Jimin looked up to the elder in confusion, oh? He thought. “What? No, why?” Yoongi looked at Taehyung for reassurance, they were glad nothing happened to the relationship that was going well so far. “Oh… It’s just, Jungkook left so suddenly I thought—“ The eldest stopped mid-sentence, noticing the younger dropping his head so suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” The smaller forced a small smile, looking up at the dark haired, “Don’t worry hyung, It’s nothing.” Taehyung knew this smile, the smile that shouldn’t be even existing for someone like him. “Jimin, are you sure?” he asked, receiving a nod in response.

As soon as they left the room, Jimin couldn’t help himself to ask what was wrong with Jungkook, so he whipped out his phone hoping to get a reply from the younger. Yes, he felt bad for asking but, he had a strong urge to and nothing was going to stop him now.



As the light-blonde headed to his room, locking his door, thoughts kept invading his head, trying to get answers as to why he’s back. He couldn’t even think properly ever since he received the text message—even ignoring Jimin. Jungkook slowly closed the curtains leaving him in almost complete darkness, and making it to his bed, curling into a ball.

He thought he was pathetic.

The male felt his phone in his back pocket, receiving a notification. It was Jimin’s notification. He read the notification, A sigh of relief escaped his mouth, relief that he could tell Jimin wasn’t mad at him. But rather than mad, he was upset.



jungkookie… whats wrong



its nothing dont worry



lies… u better fess up






youve never told anyone have you


well the fact u arent answering means its a yes

which also means that isnt healthy, kookie



shut up

you never tell anyone abt u either



ok this is about you, not me



ill only tell u if u promise 1 thing



your extremely difficult…

but fine

only bcs its u






i didnt??? say anything?????



what u totally did

[sends picture of the conversation]



it wasn’t me

it was tae




ugh fine



dont change the subject

tell me



promise me u wont keep anything to urself

u hav to atleast tell 1 person



i mean…






i rlly dislike u






promise me




p r o m i s e


now tell me



i dont wanna say it on here

just come over



mmm ig i could

Jungkook smiled at his phone, scrolling back and reading their conversation. But it didn’t last long until he got another text message.

Unknown Number

today, 8:34 am


Unknown Number:

Glad we found each other again.


today, 9:02 am


Unknown Number:

Did you find someone else already?

That’s no good.

He stared at the phone, not being able to think straight. It startled him when he suddenly heard knocks at the door, causing him to shake a little.

As the male opened the door, he felt some relief, seeing the older in front of him, causing him to immediately pull him in to a soft embrace. “Kookie,” The smaller mumbled, reciprocating the hug and combing his small fingers through his soft hair. It was soft.

Jungkook didn’t look like the type of person who went through such things in the past—always having a smile on his face. It wasn’t that he was secretly depressed either, he just learned to move on before anything from before became worse or until it came back to him.

This was that time, where Jungkook became exposed.

It had happened during his high school years, when things were just changing for him, especially after being home-schooled since the third grade. Once he got into high school, things were difficult, but he managed to be an easy fit, quite fast. However, he was vulnerable. Jungkook tried his best to fit in at the time and would accept anybody who would talk to him. That meaning, anybody.

He didn’t know who he was sexuality wise either. At first, he only knew being straight was something acceptable to his parents. So he assumed he was straight, not feeling anything special towards the other gender. It was all fine till the eleventh grade, when Jungkook got asked out by a guy. Due to his pure curiosity, he accepted and they dated.

Then, things got out of hand.

The male he was dating, was odd. But Jungkook went along with it, making up excuses along the way for the other’s strange behavior.

However, it eventually became even more out of hand.

Jungkook was no longer friends with anybody in his school, and instead, they gave him the cold shoulder. He was devastated. At this point it was only his boyfriend who hadn’t left his side yet. It was about two months into their relationship—and Jungkook only having him to have with him—the other male eventually asked him to have sex with him.

The younger said, no, of course. But that only lead to more issues. Jungkook had been this close to his so called ‘boyfriend’ raping him. Being the muscular man Jungkook was, he managed to push away from him in the brink of time. Jungkook wasn’t stupid. He tried breaking up with him, but the other would just keep following him, everywhere he went. It wasn’t like he could tell his parents about it either—bring the homophobes they are—if they had found out that their son had been dating a guy, they’d likely disown him.  Luckily, by the time high school ended, Jungkook had moved away to Seoul, and hoped to never see him again.


But he came back.

Chapter Text

Jungkook scurried to the door, hearing the soft knocking. “Kookie…” The shorter drifted off, wrapping his small arms around Jungkook’s tiny waist. He couldn’t remember the last time someone actually cared about his problems, not even his stupid parents. He could’ve told his friends, but he never thought it was the right time, nor did he have the guts to say anything.

 “It’ll be okay,” Jimin assured, the light haired holding back the tears in his eyes—obviously pointless. “Jiminie…” Jungkook choked on his words, tears falling. “I’m so scared,” he whispered, voice almost cracking in the process. Jimin circled his hand on the younger's back, trying to calm him down. Jimin, pulled back from Jungkook, the other’s head looking to the ground, not wanting to show his face. “Hey, look at me,” Jimin said, tilting the taller’s chin—even though he was a tad shorter.

 Tears were stained on Jungkook’s face, but he immediately wiped them away, his eyes still puffy. Jimin took his black shoes off, now even shorter. He mentally sighed, putting his arm around Jungkook’s back. “Where’s your room, Kookie?” he asked. Jungkook mumbling back, “You don’t remember?” before leading him there. Leaving Jimin thinking.

 It looked the same as Jimin’s—bed against the wall when you first walk in, facing the wall. Beside the bed was the window and the desk right under it, that was the only thing different though. Jimin was the first to sit on the bed, immediately remembering when he was first there. He blushed, head falling to his hands. Jungkook didn’t notice it as he was sitting down, because of the room being unbelievably dark. Jimin composed himself once again, taking a deep breath, sitting cross legged in front of Jungkook.

“Jungkookie, just tell me everything.”

At first Jungkook hesitated, hoping he wouldn’t be judged by the other, but Jimin did the opposite. As the taller told him everything, Jimin felt awful for someone like Jungkook to be put through such horrible experiences. He couldn’t remember when, but somehow his hand found it’s way to Jungkook’s, holding it in reassurance.

As Jungkook finished his explaining, he took out his phone staring at it for a while, debating if he should show the texts to Jimin or not. The blonde ended up catching a glance of what was on Jungkook’s phone reading, ‘Unknown Number’ at the top. “Kookie,” Jimin said, squeezing Jungkook’s hand, “You can tell me.” Jungkook bit his lip, handing Jimin the phone, his hands shaking.

Even after Jimin heard the things Jungkook said about this guy, he was still shocked about what he’s saying to him. “Hyung…” The younger said, almost whispering. Jimin looked up from the phone, eyes meeting with Jungkook’s puffy ones. “He knows about you too,”

“Jungkookie, it’s okay. I’ll be okay,” Jimin assured. Even he didn’t know how he would end up handling the man if he ever came up to him—he didn’t even know what he looked like. Jungkook tried holding back his tears, feeling it was his fault for putting Jimin in this position. The smaller noticed this as well, and moving beside Jungkook as he traced patterns on his back.

The younger eventually ended up falling asleep on Jimin’s shoulder, but he didn’t notice till he finally heard the soft breathing escaping Jungkook’s slightly agape mouth. He laid the younger down on the bed, knowing how light of a sleeper he was, and went to the kitchen to get him some water. Jimin got sidetracked on his phone though, having thirty-minutes easily pass by. Jungkook woke up by then wondering where the elder went. He walked into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes from the quick sleep

Jimin looked at him totally forgetting that he was going to give him some water, until he glanced at the water beside him on the island in kitchen. “Oh! Jungkookie, your awake,” he spoke, handing the glass to Jungkook. “Wow, you were thirsty,” Jungkook nodded in response. It was a pretty big glass—in Jimin’s perspective—so it surprised him watching the younger drink it in one go, making him unconsciously swallow himself.

Jimin glanced at the clock on the stove, it had already been starting to get close to their classes—having only about an hour till it started—and Jimin started to panic. He shrieked, realizing he still had a big test today and had to study more. “Jiminie, where are you going,” Jungkook asked, as the other made his way to the door. “Sorry, I forgot I still have my test today!”

Jungkook sighed. He already knew Jimin would do well, considering how much he had been studying for that test. He took out his phone, unlocking it and sending a ‘good luck, hyungie’ message to the elder.

He got the text message, smiling sending a surprised emoji back. Then typing a ‘thank you~’ right back.




2 weeks later


It had been a while since he heard from Jimin, unfortunately, always studying for exams week, but he made sure Jimin was eating properly. But on the bright side he hasn’t contacted Jungkook, nor has he seen him. Jungkook was starting to think maybe he gave up. It startled him though, when his phone suddenly lit up with a message.


why is this a thing

today, 11:46 am


runchranda: Good luck to everybody on their final exams!


taebum named the conversation “linga linga”.

today 11:47 am


chimothy: ok but what the fuck.

taebum: chimmmm!!

taebum: aw u changd ur nsme

chimothy: ur tyops omg tae, pls.

taebum: !!

chimothy: typos*

chimothy: and yes, i changed my name to chimothy, bc this is a pg chat.

runchranda: So… You guys are just going to ignore my ‘good luck’ like that.

taebum: ohemgee nsmojon, u chnaged ur nam e 2 runhc randa?

junglecock: care to turn on auto-correct, hyung?



taebum: it alresdy on

taebum: omh am i third weeling?

runchranda: I’m right here—

chimothy: tae, y r u third wheeling???

chimothy: r u w ppl????

chimothy: where’d kookies go

taebum: i meen the 2 of u

leJINdary: ok, i come out of my exam to find all these messages?

junglecock: sorry hyung.

chimothy: waIT WHAT DO U MEAN TAE

taebum: smh. msking jk blush that quicklu

chimothy: ???

junglecock: stfu hyung i was not

taebum: way 2 go jim. u even gort him 2 lai 2 me

taebum: kook. am sottin acrass frum u

leJINdary: wow. y’ll made joonie cry

chimothy: what happend??

taebum: y

leJINdary: ag just scroll up


taebum: o… sprry hyun g mai bad

junglecock: sorry i came in too late

taebum: thas wht he sayd


chimothy: holy shit tae

junglecock: holy shit hyung

taebum: omg???

hoesuck: thst’s fuckinf destiny rgiht there.

leJINdary: watch your language son

hoesuck: yes dad(dy)

sugar: no seok. he’s not your daddy.

leJINdary: excuse me? what are you on about.

sugar: i am.






taebum: kinky.

hoesuck: yoongi come over, i need u.

sugar: on my way, baby

chimothy: holy moly…

taebum: i find jt unfar.

hoesuck: tae u come too

junglecock: ive never seen the little shit run out so fast…


the next day…


linga linga

today, 9:21 am


sugar: so since everyone is officially done with all their exams

sugar: i say, we throw a big party since schools finally over.

taebum: oooh csn we have jt in tge basmnt??

hoesuck: doesnnt that havv th e unsused rooms?

sugar: it does.

leJINdary: im in

junglecock: ^^

runchranda: Who are we inviting?

sugar: the usual

junglecock: so everyone.

taebum: OoOoOOOooo

chimothy: i’ll go, since everybody else is…

taebum: RLLY

chimothy: yeah, maybe it’ll be fun

hoesuck: it woll!

sugar: omg jimin you’ve never gone to a party…

runchranda: This is great! Now we got the whole squad!


However, none of them knew the specifics of who was going to that party, until— ??

Chapter Text

“Hoseok-hyung, how many people did you invite?” The youngest asked, leaning his head on his hands, on the counter. “Don’t know, I just invited whoever I walked by,” He laughed. Almost the whole friend group was hanging around in Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s dorm—Jin and Namjoon being the only two that weren’t there due to their job’s.

Hoseok though, being the most social of the 7, was expected to invite a lot of people. Nobody could blame him though, it was great to have everybody coming to the party that night.

However, the male didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to invite him to the party. He didn’t even know who he was. But since Jungkook hadn’t gotten any text or any sightings of the guy, he thought he was finally free from him.

“Are Namjoon-hyung and Jin-hyung coming?” Jimin asked from the couch. Yoongi was just across from him, doing who knows what on his phone, “They should be…” He drifted off, not lifting his head from the phone to answer. “Yeah, they are,” Hoseok added.



It was only a couple hours till the party was going to start and the boys were trying to look for some cheap drinks, but Yoongi happened to know a guy—not to be sketchy or anything. Hoseok and Taehyung got the food and snacks while, Jimin and Jungkook prepared the basement—even though it was going to end up dirty again anyways.

Jimin had never been in there, it was practically a lobby but there were unused rooms just down the hall. He looked at the room in awe not thinking it would be this big. “Have you never been down here before, Jiminie-hyung?” The younger asked, already starting to sweep the floor. Jimin dragged the table to the other side, attempting to set it up, grunting, “N-No I haven’t…” Jungkook placed the broom on the wall walking towards the elder noticing he was having difficulties.

Jungkook laughed as he came up behind the shorter, placing his arms underneath the other, to help him with the table. Jimin was thanking the lord for having Jungkook behind him—not being able to see his flushed face. The pink-haired was no idiot though, he could see the redness coming all the way up to Jimin’s ears. Jungkook chuckled, “Hyungie,” He said, with his low husky voice, almost breathing the word into Jimin’s ear. He leaned his back even more forward onto the elder. Jimin’s breaths were shaky just from embarrassment.

Jeon Jungkook. You little—

“You just do it like this,” Jungkook said, moving the little metal part on the bottom of the table, making it actually stay up without falling. After he was finished he left the elders back right away, leaving Jimin with a now cold area on his back.

As he finished the other side, they both lifted the table off it’s side, finally leaving it as a sturdy table. Jimin leaned his body on the edge of the table, eventually hopping on to sit on it, trying to still calm himself down. The lights were fairly dim too—having very low maintenance— so it wasn’t like you could see Jimin’s flushed face from a distance.

Jimin didn’t notice Jungkook walking up to him though—having his thoughts just wandering. By the time he knew it, Jungkook was already in front of the shorter, head tilted just by a bit. His eyes were practically just admiring Jimin’s beauty—unconsciously of course, because Jungkook would never admit to just looking at a pure masterpiece. The blonde eventually looked up from his train of thoughts, face finally back to normal.

Well, it wasn’t so normal for long.

Jungkook put his hands on the smaller’s shoulders, taking a couple steps before he was completely in between Jimin’s legs on the table, leaving him nothing but confused. They both looked each other in the eyes for what felt like an eternity of a staring contest, when really, it was a maximum of two seconds. Jungkook smoothly pushed the other backwards, back fully on the table as the younger hovered over him.

He stared at Jimin’s plump lips, wondering what they would feel like on his. He brushed his hands all the way to Jimin’s hands, guiding them to the table and, at the sides of his head. “J-Jungkookie—’’ The elder said, breath hitching at all of Jungkook’s movements. He couldn’t help it, he hadn’t been with enough guys long enough for this to be normal for him.

Jungkook’s thoughts were going wild as he saw the vulnerable look on Jimin’s face. He could easily get turned on just by the sight—which he was about to be. Jungkook moved his body right to where his dick brushed against the elders’. He smirked as he heard Jimin’s quiet moan, and shutting his eyes as tightly as he could. “Jiminie-hyung, you’re sensitive, aren’t you,” The younger whispered, leaning his head right to the blonds ear. “I-I don’t know w-what you’re talking about…”

The younger smirked at the clear lie, moving his head right above Jimin’s face. “Yeah, right.” he chuckled. Jimin could physically feel Jungkook’s breathy words at his lips, making him have goosebumps crawl up his back. the pink-haired thought about how kissable Jimin looked right now—having his mouth slightly agape. He took his chances and went back in for the smaller’s lips.

Now Jimin couldn’t see the younger closing the gap between their faces, but he could sure feel his hot, minty breath on his plump lips. It wasn’t like he minded either.

Just as they were about to completely close the gap, a loud door was slammed at the wall, followed with a deep voice—not being able to hear exactly what was said. But it was definitely about what they were doing.

They males looked at the people at the door, mostly angry for the interruption. “Oh no, don’t let us stop you.” The voice said. It was Taehyung, followed by a shorter boy, Yoongi. They guessed it was Yoongi who first saw them, being the one who slammed the door open.

Jungkook sighed in frustration at his friends, getting off of Jimin. Both sitting and standing in an upright position. Jungkook stood a fair distance from the males at the door, putting his hands on his hips, glaring at his friends. He bit the inside of his cheek, then clutching his jaw.

Maybe next time…

Chapter Text

“Holy shit,” Jin gasped as he walked into the room. He had just came from work at the local café, with Namjoon who worked at the local supermarket. It had only been about two hours into the party, and it was full of people he hadn’t even seen before. But what was he expecting from his friends—who knew almost everybody on campus. The amount of people grinding, drinking, and just making out was more than overwhelming for someone who had barely been to parties. Such as Jimin.

Jimin stayed by the wall, near the drinks. Avoiding all the dirty dancing and drunkards on scene. He kept drinking but only enough to keep himself sober, because he is not showing some stranger his stupid drunk side. At least that’s what he would think of himself as—being drunk. However, whenever Jimin was drunk, he would act all cuddley and what not. Probably being the cutest drunk anybody would see.

“Jiminie-hyung?” a voice asked, clearly recognizable. He looked up to the taller, “Oh, Jungkookie!” Jungkook was clearly sober at the moment, but Jimin noticed how much more alcohol he was taking. It was even more concerning—not to Jimin’s knowing—how fast Jungkook could get drunk.

It was after about five cups of alcohol Jungkook was starting to slur his words. Jimin tried talking to him more while he was drinking, but he just kept on drinking. Jimin scanned around the room, full of people he hadn’t ever talked to, except the males on his dormitory level. He ended up only spotting Yoongi and Hoseok, grinding against each other freely. The blonde expected them to be drunk, especially having a beet-red face on Hoseok.

Before Jimin knew it, Jungkook was long gone in the crowd. He eventually decided to get drunk just enough to just maybe enjoy himself a little more. It took a while of course; by the time he was drunk enough he headed to the dance floor, being cheered by the circle surrounding him. Usually Jimin didn’t like having too much attention focused on him but he thought this was the only time this was going to happen.

As he turned around, Jimin caught a quick glance of the taller boy being lead to the nearby rooms—Jungkook?

He got off the dance floor to process this for a bit.

Of course, this made Jimin a bit pissed and or very jealous of the lucky man taking Jungkook away. He blamed himself though, for not telling Jungkook his feelings for him yet, even though they haven’t known each other for that long. It wasn’t like he could get mad at Jungkook for letting himself being taken into the room, but he couldn’t help but think how obvious he has been in front of him.

Jimin’s stare eventually became a glare at the two. His mind left the fact that Jungkook was drunk, and probably had no clue what he was getting himself into.

It wasn’t long till Jimin realized he was glaring at the two and made eye contact with the boy Jungkook was with. He quickly turned away, acting as if nothing happened.

Jimin felt played. He felt he let himself be the real him in front of Jungkook—instead of being the studious person Jimin was. He clenched his jaw and walked to the table full of alcohol, taking one last drink.

As he was leaving he heard a faint voice behind him, “Chim!” It was Taehyung, surprisingly more sober than any of his other friends. He turned around to the other, being too dark to see the pissed face on Jimin’s face. “Where are you goin’?”

“Parties aren’t my thing,” Jimin scoffed, pushing his hair back in frustration. Taehyung was disappointed, but not surprised. “Aw, okay… Have you seen Jungkook?” Jimin couldn’t help himself get any angrier at the name, clenching his fists till they turned white. “Probably getting laid.” he hissed.

Taehyung couldn’t even get the chance of getting anything to say back to him. He hadn’t seen Jimin so angry before. He understood his anger though, Jungkook and Jimin starting to finally get something going for them. Taehyung felt his blood boil for his best friend who had just gotten played.

He headed straight for the bedrooms until he got to the end of the hall. Taehyung and his friends have never seen it before, the exit that is. In all of his years partying in the basement, he hadn’t ever heard of there being another exit, but it wasn’t like he ever needed to see it because he was never looking for someone. But this time he was, and there was nobody in the rooms either.

Taehyung didn’t know the fact that Jungkook was with a guy either. It wasn’t like he saw it, he only went by Jimin’s words and assuming Jungkook's was just with another girl. It still made him mad though.


I thought you liked Jimin you little shit.


Jungkook was nowhere to be found and Taehyung eventually gave up thinking Jungkook probably went to the girls’ room instead of these bedrooms. He didn’t bother telling the others either, thinking Jungkook would just have to explain himself in the morning when he got back.



“Stop! I don’t wanna go with you!” Jungkook slurred, as he yanked his arm back from the tight grip, walking away. The taller male chuckled, “Guess you leave me no choice then.” he mumbled, he reached into his pockets, putting a substance into the tissue before putting it on the younger’s mouth.

"You should've told me you were moving."

Chapter Text

His name was Jihyun. He was the same age as Jungkook, and was the one who made Jungkook have a scar on his past to this day. Jihyun was several months older than Jungkook but that obviously didn’t change anything. What Jungkook didn’t understand was the fact that Jihyun had issues at home which would mess his whole personality up—if it weren’t for his parents who treated him so poorly, the male maybe would’ve turned out a better person. The fact that Jihyun’s parents didn’t give him the love a child should’ve gotten, and Jihyun having some disorders here and there, it didn’t turn out very smoothly. Since Jihyun wasn’t born like everybody else, his parents didn’t end up loving him like they should have.

Ever since Jungkook had moved away so suddenly, Jihyun had been an even more problematic kid and had to end up going to a mental hospital. His parents were hoping to get him cured after all these years—but that was only using that as an excuse to get rid of him. A lot of the times, the male had to be kept in a room—with nothing but a cushioned wall, because his mentality had just gone off the charts.

It had been a successful time for most of the experience though.


However, he eventually escaped.


It hadn’t been that long till he escaped either. While he was still in the mental hospital, all the nurses would hear is Jihyun getting Jungkook back.


And now he finally does.

Jungkook woke up, vision fuzzy from the sudden movements. He looked around the room, not being familiar with anything, but it was just an ordinary dorm room.

“Oh hey, you’re finally awake!” A familiar voice said enthusiastically, making Jungkook spine crawl. He slowly looked to the door, seeing a man holding a glass of water. He let out a shaky breath hoping the elder wouldn’t hear it, but unfortunately he did. “No need to be nervous. I won’t do anything to you yet,” Jihyun said, only thinking the last word.

Jungkook only hoped to never see him again, but of course, look what he gets. He wasn’t expecting any help either, remembering the last glance he made out to Jimin before leaving the party. Jihyun walked close to the bed that Jungkook sat up on, putting his guard on. He set the glass of water on the nightstand before looking at Jungkook, smiling. “I finally have you…” He grinned creepily, leaning into the younger’s face.

Just in the slice of time, Jungkook turned his head away, making the elder freeze on the spot. Jungkook looked to the side as Jihyun continued to stare in shock. “I don’t like you,” the cherry-haired explained, still not making eye contact with Jihyun. He was shaking, and it was probably visible to Jihyun, but it wasn’t like he cared at this point.

Jihyun placed his hands on the younger's shoulders, slowly pushing him down to be over top of him. “Would you sto—” Jungkook tried shouting but was interrupted by the hand slipping down his pants.

This feels awful.

Jungkook was tearing up as his body was being used by the ex. He wanted to get out of this place. But he had no more energy left in him to even try and fight the heavier body over top of him. Jungkook kept squirming in his spot as the other kept going at him, but that would only lead to another tissue at the face with another mysterious substance in it, which he also passed out on.





It was already late. He looked at the clock as it read 3:53 am. At first he forgot where he was but as he looked over to beside of him, chills ran down his spine, realizing that whatever he thought was a bad dream, was not a dream at all. The elder was already asleep by the time Jungkook was awake, and he finally felt it was the right time to escape.

But he couldn’t move.

There were sharp pain’s at his lower areas. Jungkook’s eyes were now glassy at the realization, tears falling to the sides of his head as he laid in the bed. The tears led to a stuffed up nose, which caused him to subconsciously sniffle a little.

Which was a horrible idea.

The sniffle only lead to waking up the elder beside him, groaning at first before grunting in frustration. Jungkook went into a cold sweat. He looked up to the side from his pillow glancing at the elder in fear. “Are you fucking kidding me?” The elder looked over, “I haven’t had a decent sleep in—forever! And this is what you do to me?”

“N-No wait,” Jungkook sobbed, “I’m s-sorry, please!” Jihyun turned around on the bed so his feet were criss-crossed to the side on Jungkook and smiled. Jungkook tried his best smiling back, trying to ignore the sick feeling in his stomach, but Jihyun’s smile didn’t last long. His smile turned into a a cold look. He lifted his leg and kicked the younger off the bed, causing the cherry-haired to whimper in pain of the sudden pressure of his bottom half.

He tried pushing himself up with his hands, barely having any strength to do anything. But before he could even make it up the elder was already there, smirking down on him. Jungkook shrieked at Jihyun as he saw his fist raising, already knowing where it would end up. He cried out, trying to save himself from the fist, but there was no mercy in Jihyun’s vocabulary. “P-Please!” Jungkook pleaded, but before he knew it, there was a quick sting at the cherry-hairs face. Tears were still streaming down the younger’s face, begging for someone to save him.


But no one who even knew where he was.


Chapter Text

Jimin walked into the dorm, slamming the door behind him. Taehyung wasn’t too far behind him, trying to catch up with the angry dirty-blonde. By the time Jimin was in the dorm room, Taehyung was only in the lobby. He jogged to the elevator, repeatedly pressing the buttons on the walls. Eventually he reached the room, but by the time he got there, he had no idea what he was even going to say to the elder.

The door was still unlocked from Jimin walking in, so he walked into the room with ease. “Jimin!” The younger shouted from the entrance, taking off his shoes. Taehyung already knew where he was but Taehyung just wanted to be nice, letting Jimin know that he was there.

He walked into the room, finding Jimin laying on his bed facing the opposite side of the door. The male sat on the side of the bed, hearing the sniffles of his best friend. “Jimin…” He whispered, “Talk to me, please.”

Jimin really didn’t want to talk about it. He really felt played with, and it was a horrible feeling. He wiped his tears away with his small hands, propping himself up and sitting in a criss-cross position on the bed. The dirty-blonde took in a deep breath, trying to calm himself down from his shaky breaths. Taehyung rubbed his back as he faced the him.

“I just…” He drifted off, tears becoming glassy at the thought. “I feel played…” Jimin’s felt the tears from his eyes about to stream down his face, but stopped them right before they fully went down. “I’ll actually beat his ass once he gets back. And not in the good way.” Taehyung replied, truly meaning it.

“Don’t even bother,” Jimin breathed, “He’s just out having a great time anyways.” Taehyung’s heart clenched at the elder’s words, feeling the sadness in his voice.

It was already late by the time Jimin fell asleep, specifically, almost 2 am. He ended up falling asleep on the younger’s shoulder—after pretty much crying himself to sleep—and was soon put to bed.

As he was tucking the elder into bed he heard the door opening, already knowing who it was. Taehyung walked out of the room, softly closing the door behind him. “Taehyung-ah? What are you doing here?” Yoongi asked, leaving his shoes in the shoe place at the door. “Yoongi-hyung…” the younger said, grabbing himself a glass of water. “Jimin saw Jungkook walking out with someone…”

Yoongi was pissed. As soon as he heard those words, he wanted to just give the younger a good beating and teach him a lesson. “What the fu—Did you see where he went?” He asked, only to get a head shake in response. “Once he gets back in the morning, I’m gonna talk to him,” Taehyung said, raising his hand back, making a slap motion.

“But what the fuck? I thought Jungkook was completely whipped for the poor guy,” Yoongi mentioned, referring to Jimin. “I know. I thought so too.”



It had been three days Jungkook still hadn’t shown up, nor has he been seen on campus. It wasn’t like there were anymore classes to be attened—because it was their break—but usually, people would at least be seen walking around, and the fact that everything was still in his room, was just concerning at this point.

Jimin couldn’t care less at this point—is what he wanted to think. He was really worried about the younger, but he was more mad at him than anything.

Taehyung was still ready to beat his ass, but since it had been three days he was at least going to talk to him first.



Hours later Taehyung was still in his dorm room the whole day—gaming—but he was really just waiting for the younger to show up. Ultimately, Taehyung had just thought he was just back at the regular and just staying at the girls’ room until he felt like coming back. Really, that wasn’t the case.

Taehyung looked at the clock, 12:53 am. He sighed in frusration, and decided to just call it a day. He headed to the kitchen to refill his water bottle, mind drifting off to pointless things.

He heard the door rattle, and slowly looked over to the sound.

No way…

The doorknob turned and Taehyung couldn’t do anything except leaning his head a bit forward. The door opened, slower than what had seemed real. A male walked in, wearing a black oversized hoodie, and the hood overtop his head.


It was Jungkook.

Chapter Text

Jungkook walked in, face not visible. He couldn’t even see the other in the room. Taehyung could feel his blood boil just at the site of him. He slowly walked towards the younger, ready to grab the collar of the sweater he was wearing. As the elder approached him, Jungkook glanced over surprised, not expecting to see the roommate there. He noticed the hand reaching up to his collar and tried to move away.

       Unfortunately, Jungkook’s move didn’t work in time but Taehyung had only gotten a glimpse of the youngers neck, while trying to grab the sweat shirt—all he saw were hickey’s.

       Taehyung gasped at the sight. Jungkook speed walked to his room, locking it behind him. The roommate tried to catch up to him but the door just slammed in his face, “Jungkook-ah!” Taehyung shouted. “Come the fuck out! We need to talk,” He banged on the door as he wasn’t able to get in.

       Jungkook sighed in relief that he was finally home—in his room. It took him a while to fight through, though.

While Jihyun was out, Jungkook managed to roughly wiggle out of the thin rope that was almost cutting the circulation around his hands, and got the blind fold off his face. It was almost as if he hadn’t seen the light in ages. He took the straps off his body, cursing the elder for leaving marks all over him—most not being the types of bruises that come from the mouth. Jungkook’s body ached at every little move he made from the hell he had been through. Jihyun never really left his dorm room, and it took Jungkook a lot longer than he thought to finally get out. Of course though, Jungkook was terrified he might’ve gotten caught in the midst of the process and would end up being beaten up again. So terrified he would start violently shaking just at the thought of him.

It took quite a while for Jungkook to finally get back—because of the elder possibly noticing his leaving, or just spotting the younger boy leaving without permission. He knew once he got back, nobody would want to have a nice talk, especially not even knowing where he went.

He stripped his clothes off, looking at all the marks, painful bruises and even cuts, on his body. Jungkook’s eyes getting glassy at the sight, feeling awful for what he probably made Jimin go through. He had known that they had very mutual feelings for each other, but Jungkook felt he let himself be dragged away while being drunk. What Jungkook didn’t realize was that, it wasn’t even his fault. He had tried telling Jihyun to get out of his sight, but he had zero strength in him.

Jungkook’s movements were a lot slower than usual—just from the excruciating pain. Taehyung was still yelling for him, wiggling the door knob, but Jungkook paid no mind to it.

Eventually Taehyung realized—from the dead silence on the other end—that Jungkook was probably never going to open up, so he went to bed sending one last text message to the group chat before going to bed.


taebum: guys jk is bac

sugar: what

runchranda: Wait, Seriously?

leJINdary: omg pls tell me for real

taebum: legit guys.

hoesuck: omg tae yuor typing has gotten so guud

taebum: wheres jm?????

sugar: i think he went to bed

taebum: oh..

taebum: is he still mad?

sugar: yeah, think so

runchranda: So anyways, did you find out where Jungkook has been for the past 3 days?

leJINdary: ^^

hoesuck: ^

taebum: no he wont look at me or open thje door

sugar: k well im getting a key then tmr morning

leJINdary: is that srlsy allowed??/

sugar: of course. i have my connections

taebum: omg pls


Jimin glanced at his phone, lighting up with notifications. He wasn’t asleep for any of the conversation, he just really didn’t want to talk about Jungkook. He let out a sigh of mixed emotions—half wanting to be mad at the younger, and the other half glad he came back.

Jungkook on the other hand, was scared out of his mind. He didn’t want to be alone, he didn’t want to think about anything. He just wanted the pain to go away. Jungkook missed Jimin. His bright smile, his plump lips, and just everything about him. He thought he couldn’t even go back to him now, because it was too late.



 Jungkook didn’t sleep that night. He basically had paranoia all night, feeling like Jihyun would be watching him through his balcony window—even though his curtains were covering the glass. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to sleep, he just, physically and mentally couldn’t.

Almost all night he would be looking at all sides of his room making sure he was the only person in it. Eventually he turned on the lights just to feel some safety.

He glanced at the clock, as it read: 6:59 am. Jungkook got out of his bed taking a few steps to his tall mirror.

Everything was still there.

Nothing changed about the marks, nothing went away. In fact, the marks, bruises, and cuts had gotten worse then yesterday.

There was no way he could even attempt to leave his room anytime soon. If he got caught, he couldn’t even imagine how his friends would think of him now. Deep inside, Jungkook knew his friends wouldn’t think anything bad of him if he was the one who got raped, but that current Jungkook, wasn’t there. The current Jungkook was replaced by a coward. Someone who was petrified of the smallest things. Constantly shaking at the thoughts that went through his head. If his friends saw him like this, they wouldn’t even recognize him. You really couldn’t blame him though.



Yoongi headed out early in the morning—to get a spare key of course; and making sure the younger wouldn’t escape his room. He had only thought that Jungkook would be still sleeping, and this was his only chance.

The male was pretty much the only one who could make this type of move, knowing the youngest for the longest. They went to the same high school together, but had only started talking near the end of the school year and Yoongi had already been in the last grade, ready to move to university. Jungkook of course, was inspired by the elder—for whatever reason— and decided to follow him to the same university, trying to make some sort of career for dancing.

“Hi,” the dark haired said, “Can I get a key for my room? I accidently locked myself out…” He frowned, trying his best to make his reason seem believable. “Of course! What’s your room number?”

“It’s 116.” Yoongi smirked, glad that his plan went through.

“Alright, I’ll be back,” The lady said, smiling and making her way to the back room.

She came back with a key in hand, and Yoongi felt devilish just taking it from her. He felt like an evil mastermind. So once he could get in the room he could give Jungkook a little talk about messing with people feelings.


He came into Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s dorm, making sure Jungkook couldn’t hear him at all. It was about quarter-to eight and there was a possibly small chance that the younger was still asleep, but knowing him, he’d probably be awake by now.

“Taehyung,” Yoongi whispered to the male on the couch, watching some stupid cartoons. Taehyung whipped his head towards the elder, a little surprised for him coming in without knocking. “Holy sh—care to knock?” the younger whispered back, not bothering to know why they were whispering in the first place.

Yoongi grinned holding up the key to Jungkook’s room. “What the shit, I thought—is this really a good idea?” Taehyung sighed.

“You’re backing out?”

“Hell yeah, I’ll beat him later. But I feel like it would be bad if I messed with him right now.”

“An instinct?”


Yoongi shrugged as he made his way to the room down the small hallway, Taehyung eyeing him till he was completely out of sight, which wasn’t long. As soon as he was out of Taehyung’s eye sight, he casually went back to his show.

As he quietly made his way to the youngers room, a sudden wave of concern washed over him.

Is he crying?

The dark-haired wondered why on earth, Jungkook would be crying. He never cries.

Jungkook’s sniffles were suddenly gone to the sound of the creaking in the floor. Yoongi mentally cursed the dorm for being absolute crap. He gave up on the idea of being quiet and stuck the key in the door, twisting it till he knew it was unlocked.

From the inside, Jungkook was terrified. He had no idea who it was, he wasn’t even able to think straight. The thought of him having a roommate was completely forgotten of, and idea’s quickly came to his head, thinking Jihyun found him again.

He couldn’t move.

Tears were streaming down his face once again, his own thoughts calling him pathetic, and a coward. He began violently shaking once again, hugging his knees at the head of his bed, hood up, staring straight ahead.

Jungkook slowly look to his door at the barely familiar voice heard.


Chapter Text

Yoongi opened the door, feeling the thick tension in the air. He was shocked at what he saw. “Jungkook?” the male said, staring at the younger in disbelief. “What… Happened.” He walked to the end of the bed. It was no longer a question as he saw the younger—shaking violently, tears streaming down his face. Yoongi was at the end of the bed when he saw this, and quickly went to the side of him, wanting an explanation for this type of behavior.

         Since Jungkook’s head was down—only puffy eyes visible—Yoongi hadn’t seen the marks on him yet. Jungkook luckily came to his senses after what seemed like forever, but he didn’t move his head or his body. He realized it was Yoongi standing at the side of the bed, and continued to remain still, not wanting him to see the marks all over his body.

         “Jungkook!” the younger flinched at the sudden words, his face still buried in his knees, except his eyes. “I asked you what happened!” Yoongi shouted, knowing the rooms on both sides could hear him at this point. Jungkook knew that as soon as he would lift his hood up, the elder would be able to see everything.

         Yoongi knew better than to assume Jungkook had gone to someone’s house for three days, just for some fun. But he also had no idea what could happen to a muscly boy like Jungkook.

         Jungkook moved his head, ever so slightly, hoping to gain courage to properly face the elder. But failed. Yoongi swore he saw something on the younger.

         A fucking hickey?

         “Jungkook, you better lift up your head right now you little shit, and explain to me where the fuck you’ve been for the past three days.

         Another tear began to roll down his face, Yoongi feeling slightly guilty for being so hard on him. He took a deep, shaky breath, then exhaled. Once again, trying to gain the courage to tell him—because he knew his friend wouldn’t give up anytime soon.

         Jungkook slowly lowered his head, the elder sitting down on the bed in front of him. He lowered his knees, keeping his face low enough for his oversized hoodie to still be covering his face and neck.

         “Hyung,” He whispered, lips quivering at the remembrance of what he went through. There was no chance it was ever going to ever leave his mind. “I don’t know what to do…” Jungkook looked up at Yoongi, sobbing. His eyes were still swollen. Yoongi’s heart sank. “Jungkook-ah…”

         The dark-haired knew this was no accident, nor was it Jungkook’s fault. Yoongi was indeed shocked at the marks on him. There was just so many of them—and he was only looking at his neck and just barely his chest.

         Jungkook sniffled, rubbing his face from the tears and frustration. Yoongi moved beside him, rubbing his back, trying to comfort him—which he wasn’t the best at, but he was trying his best. However as soon as he touched the younger, he flinched, ending up wincing quietly— from the pain of course—and stopped, waiting to ask about it later.

         “Do you want to tell me…?” Jungkook didn’t know how to answer. Yes he did want to answer, but he didn’t want to put a whole weight on his friends’ shoulders. “I won’t be bothered. You can tell me what you want to do.” Yoongi reassured, knowing how Jungkook would think. He thought once he told the elder, his heart might maybe calm down, or feel at least a little at ease.

         “I used to have this ex…” Jungkook exhaled, beginning to tell the story.



         It had been about an hour later when Jungkook’s life story came to an end, and roughly explaining how Jihyun took him for three days. He also threw in the fact that he got drugged several times in the duration of those three days, just for being bad.

         “Jungkook, please. Call the police.” The elder pleaded

         “Hyung, they’re already looking for him.”

         Yoongi gasped, “What? How?” Jungkook didn’t realize at first, completely forgetting about telling him about how Jihyun wasn’t the most mentally stable. “H-he’s… been in a mental institution, or something like that,” the younger explained, sniffling between some words. “He’s always been… o-odd, but I ignored it at first. But then, h-he—became stranger when I tried to talk to other people—other than him.”

         Yoongi hummed in response, seeming more surprised on the inside. “Jungkook-ah,” Yoongi said, changing the topic. “You should tell Jimin what happened.” Both of the males knew, that that wasn’t a question and more of a demand. “H-Hyung… I can’t,” Jungkook wasn’t thought there wasn’t any positives in telling his crush about him. In reality Jimin really missed everything about Jungkook, even though he was mad, he couldn’t stay mad at him.

         “Okay, you obviously don’t know him. He would forgive you in a heartbeat.”

         “B-but Hyung, he can’t see me like… this.” He exhaled.

         “Jungkook, stand up.”

         Yoongi didn’t expect anything too special—thinking it would only be his neck being that bad. He didn’t think there was any way that his body was worse than his neck—at least not too bad for Jimin to see it.

         Jungkook obeyed the elders’ words and stood up at the side of the bed, “Okay, take your shirt off.” The younger’s heart sank. He didn’t tell him anything about the rest of the marks or cuts. Or about getting raped. Jungkook knew it wasn’t the best idea to not tell him about any of the important stuff, but he just couldn’t get the words out properly.


“Take. It. Off.” Yoongi demanded, scooting to the side of the bed, crossing his legs. Jungkook let out a shaky breath, hoping that the elder wouldn’t say anything drastic.

         He was halfway taking his shirt off, Yoongi in shock as to how he got the cuts. He expected the hickey’s, but the scars were just something that weren’t even in the picture. Jungkook shivered at the cold air at his bare body. Memories starting to come back to him. Jungkook started to shake again, Yoongi noticing, “Ok, put it back on.”

         Jungkook picked up his shirt, pulling it over his head, but a sudden burst from behind had interrupted him. “How long doe—”

It was Taehyung.

“Jungkook…?” Taehyung said, noticing the scars and hickey’s on the younger’s back.

“H-Hyung, I can—”

Violent banging was heard at the front door, followed by kicking. Jungkook’s blood went cold, already having a clue as to who was at the door.

Chapter Text

Jimin hadn’t been eating the most lately—It wasn’t like he meant to—but he was just so sad. He thought it would be best to cheer Jungkook on for his true love, he thought that he should’ve told Jungkook his feelings earlier. Jimin thought maybe, just maybe, he could have a chance. But most of him was telling him there wasn’t a single chance.

         Jungkook was too good at anything and everything. He had the looks, brains, and physical body. Jimin wasn’t jealous of Jungkook but rather, he was jealous of the lucky girl who had gotten him. He thought Taehyung was lying to him—which he wasn’t—and didn’t really care anymore at this point. Jimin had always had trouble with relationships—not being the straightest of the straight.

         He was lying in bed, thinking about the boy who he had a crush on. Yes, he was a little pissed but ignored those negative feelings and tried to just accept reality.

         I mean, this isn’t the first time that this has happened. He thought

         Jimin looked up to the ceiling and then to the side of him, remembering when the two males had slept together. Tears began rolling down his face and eyed the ceiling once again. He knew he was just thought of as a friend to him. He knew he shouldn’t have gotten his hopes up. Jimin could only blame himself for letting him go that easily.

         His phone lit up with a message, assuming it was probably Yoongi, he picked up his phone, looking at the message. However, it wasn’t from his roommate.

         It was from his father.




shittiest person i know

today, 10:36 pm

shittiest person i know: You’re coming home.




         Jimin’s hands started to shake with fear, as his heart sank. He and his father didn’t have it going as well as Jimin would like. After his mom passed away, he thought it might’ve gotten better, even though he couldn’t think of a reason why it would get any better.

         He hated his family. Nothing was ever right. Both he and his brother would get a beating on a daily basis, of just pure boredom. It was awful.

         His mom died when he was just 14 and his brother, only 12 years-old. He thought his life would get a lot better after having one abusive parent gone. But Jimin was far off from that expectation. His father had drank about two-times more than he had before, and then had also remarried a woman who was just as abusive.

         Jimin and his brother didn’t have many close friends in both elementary and high school because of their seeable bruises. The teachers noticed it and would only ask the boys if they were being bullied—which was nothing close to what was really being done. Jimin would always be the one to be asked—since his brother would start throwing tantrums for anyone getting too close to him. Jimin would never say anything because he knew, if his teachers contacted his parents about the idea of the two boys getting abused, it would lead to a much worse beating.

         Out of the two boys, Jimin’s bruises were far worse than the brothers’. Because of his brother having some mental problems, Jimin would end up as the one who saved the younger. He thought if his brother had gotten it worse, it would’ve made his mentality worse—but either way, it got worse either way.




         Jimin began to pack his things, heading for home. If he didn’t go, his father would be able to find him by his own ways—that not even Jimin knew of. He even tried getting a new phone several times, thinking that it was tracking his phone, but it seemed that it wasn’t actually the case.

         He sent a quick text out to his best friend, Taehyung, saying he was going to his father’s for however long. Taehyung knew about Jimin’s unfortunate family, it wasn’t anything he could do about it though. Taehyung had invited the blonde to stay over numerous amount of times but that would just lead to worse punishment.

         Jimin had thought about being emancipated from his ridiculous family, but he wouldn’t have anywhere to go. He might have friends to go and stay with now, but he felt he was ‘too much of a burden’—which was a lie, which was why he tried his best to keep a low profile, even from his close friends.



         He headed on the bus going straight for Busan, his unfortunate hometown. Jimin was prepared to hear whatever bullshit he was going hear from his father, or just a bored beating from his father just from being drunk again, or just wanting to burn off some steam.

         After what felt like forever, the dirty-blonde had finally arrived. He hoped it would’ve been longer but it just wasn’t.

         He walked to the front of the house, his father already waiting on the porch, on his old wooden rocking chair. Jimin looked up from the ground, noticing it was his driveway. The father smirked as he drank a sip of the beverage in his hand.

         “Welcome home, son.”



         Taehyung busted through the door, noticing the beaten up back of Jungkook. The younger slowly looked at the back at him. “Jungkook…?”

         The male quickly put his over-sized black shirt back on. He faked a smile, facing the elder in front of him. “Oh, Hyung…” he said. Yoongi sighed, thinking maybe Jungkook would maybe explain more if he was with Taehyung. He had a strong feeling of Jungkook leaving out some stuff, because of him constantly shaking at the littlest sounds around him. He hadn’t really explained what this Jihyun guy had done to him—other than just capturing him for three days.

         Loud banging was heard at the front door, followed by some kicking. Jungkook froze, as his eyes dilated from fear, feeling like he was finally found. Yoongi glanced up to the frozen male, standing up and rubbing his back as he walked by him, brushing against Taehyung’s shoulder.

         On his way to the door, he reached into his back pocket, making sure his little pocket knife was there—as if he would leave without it anyways—because someone who knocks that violently on the door is obviously not someone normal.

         The door creaked open, Yoongi now facing a taller boy who looked at the ground. The boy grinned, “Is Jungkook here?” he chuckled. Yoongi had thought he saw the same boy at the party a few nights ago, but he couldn’t deal with anyone who was asking for a broken Jungkook.

         Yoongi smirked back, “And who’s asking?”

         The male in front of him looked up—anger practically written on all over his face—scanning the room behind Yoongi, noticing nothing special. Yoongi now noticing his full face—instead of only seeing the back of his head, or just his head—thought he looked awfully familiar.

         The brown-haired in front of him sighed, “Me.” The elder had gotten a bad feeling about this guy, so just trusted his instincts, “Sorry, don’t know anybody by that name. Try somewhere else.” The male said, quickly closing the door on him, but was stopped by the other males’ hand. “You really don’t know, Jungkook?”

         “No. I don’t. Now get out of my fucking sight.” Yoongi said, finally able to slam the door in his face. He locked all the locks possible on the door, walking back to the room.

         As he walked into the room he found Taehyung and Jungkook sitting on the bed—Taehyung sitting cross-legged, and Jungkook sitting back against the head board.

         “So Jungkook, you want to explain who that was at the door?” Yoongi said, in more of a demanding tone.

         Jungkook looked to Taehyung—who was already looking at him with pure curiosity—and back to Yoongi, as he crossed his arms, still standing at the entrance of his room.

         Jungkook’s eyes turned glassy, not wanting to tell such an awful time.

         “He…” the male choked on his words, face turning pale. “H-He… raped me,” Jungkook breathed, barely audible. Yoongi and Taehyung looked at the boy in shock, not even knowing what to say or do. The other male on the bed moved his hand onto Jungkook’s knee, making him flinch. Taehyung removed his hand right away at the response he got, making sure to be more careful.

         Yoongi sighed, glad that he finally told the truth, “Okay, is there anything else?”

Chapter Text

Judging by the—still fresh—cuts, Taehyung, and Yoongi had gotten a clue as to what this guy had ended up doing to him. They couldn’t bear to see the younger look more hurt and broken than he already does now, so they had stopped asking. However they were both surprised at the fact that it was a he.

“I—” the youngest paused for a moment, trying to find the right words. “What am I going to tell Jimin-Hyung,” he sobbed, gasping for air. “He’s probably so mad… he saw me leave with him, and—and he had such a dark look after,” Jungkook finished, Yoongi moving onto the bed on the end, facing towards Taehyung and Jungkook.

Yoongi reached a hand towards the younger, soon realizing how he’d react and quickly moved away, instead putting his hand on the bed in front of Jungkook’s crossed legs. Both of the other males knew Jimin really was upset about what Jungkook had done—not knowing what had actually happened—but they had to try their best to try and make their friend feel better. “Jungkook,” Yoongi spoke, “Jimin won’t be mad,” he lied, causing Taehyung to subtly hit the elder. “Unless you tell him the truth of what really happened. He will understand. I promise.” The blonde chiming in.

 “What’s his name.” Taehyung said, demanding an answer.

Just as Jungkook was about to answer he heard the blonde’s phone go off. He took it out of his pocket looking at the message. It had been from Jimin, saying he was off to Busan, going back home.

Taehyung knew how much Jimin hated his home, and the only time he would go back there was because he was forced to, and there was obviously no way in backing out. As he read the message, he let out a deep sigh, running his fingers through his hair, frustrated. Jungkook was the first to ask what was wrong.

“Hyung, what is it?” he questioned. The blonde looked up from his phone. He didn’t want to speak Jimin’s name at a time like this, especially for Jungkook—already knowing how he’d react. But he knew this misunderstanding couldn’t last any longer, nor could Jimin be there.

“Jungkook-ah,” Taehyung spoke, the younger looking up. “You’re from Busan, right? He asked, already knowing the answer, considering how long they’ve known each other. “Yeah, why?” he replied, setting his phone on the bed, nearest to Yoongi for him to see the text he had gotten from their friend. Yoongi of course, knew about Jimin’s past, not hearing it from Jimin though. But he deserved to know anyways—according to Taehyung.

“Jiminie’s home is there, and he has gone back to his father. I think it’d be best if you clear up this misunderstanding.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened at the elder’s words. He had no idea that Jimin was from the same hometown as him. The male was also terrified of what the elder would say to him after he had explained himself. Thoughts were starting to surround him of ‘what if’s’ and such making it hard for him to make a confident answer. Jungkook was also not ready to go outside just yet and would have to wait till he fuelled up on energy so he wouldn’t be passing out anywhere, leaving him vulnerable for everyone to see.

Yoongi noticed the younger’s puzzled look and decided to step in. “Jungkook-ah, it’s a good idea,” he nodded, adding on, “I promise you, he will understand.” After Jungkook had heard that, he felt a lot more confident about going than he did a couple minutes ago.

Jungkook tried a smile, turning it into a more painful face instead. “Okay, Hyung. I’ll go.” The two other males, knew he probably wouldn’t go till a couple days later, and if he even did try to, they wouldn’t let him—concerning how weak he still looked.

“Are you going to tell Namjoon and Jin-Hyung?” Taehyung blurted, not thinking whatsoever. Yoongi shot a scaring look to the younger, later on realizing what he had said. They didn’t expect an answer, but they surprisingly got one. Jungkook furrowed his brows—thinking—giving a half smile at his fiddling fingers, “I’m going to have to eventually, aren’t I?” he replied.

“Don’t force yourself if it makes you… Uncomfortable,” Yoongi said, emphasizing the last word. “No, t-they deserve to know.”

The eldest wouldn’t want to ever admit it, but he looked up to the younger— for being strong about something like this. Yoongi didn’t know what type of family he had, but he had assumed it was a very good family, considering how fast Jungkook had come back to his regular self. Though, Jungkook’s family was nowhere near being the perfect family, nor supportive of anything Jungkook did.

Meanwhile, Jungkook was glad how good of an act he was putting on for his friends. More than several times, the male actually had to grip his wrists in order to stop himself from shaking, while telling anything even related to Jihyun.


After a bit of small talk, the two finally decided to leave Jungkook alone—because of how tired he looked, from all the crying. Taehyung thought about the talk he and the two others had, minutes later regretting that he should’ve told Jungkook not to go to Jimin’s house because of his hellish family. The male thought about if it would be okay to see Jimin living with that kind of family, considering how happy, and cheery he is—most of the time.

“You know,” Taehyung spoke, glancing at the elder on the couch, as he continued watching the cartoon, “I don’t know what kind of family Jungkook has.” He said, Yoongi shooting a confused look back. “What? I thought you were like good friends with him,”

“Hyung! None of us know what kind of background he has! He never even speaks a word of his family,” the blonde said, loudly whispering, hoping Jungkook wouldn’t hear them. Yoongi realized what the younger said was true, but he just never noticed it till now. They truly didn’t even know if Jungkook had parents. “Well, he obviously isn’t close to them… or just doesn’t have any,” it hurt Yoongi deep inside to say something as harsh as that, but it was just plain facts. He only knew what that felt like since he related to it the most.

“He doesn’t tell anyone anything. That’s how reserved he is.”




It had been a couple days later since the talk with Jungkook had happened. Taehyung ended up telling the rest of their friends—as they would find out eventually—thinking it was best if they knew. They were shocked at first, because it was Jungkook. Jin had been making sure the youngest had been getting the proper nutrition he needed, which made Jungkook feel a lot better.

Jin was in Jungkook’s dorm—washing the dishes—as the younger ate silently. Until he suddenly spoke, “Hey Hyung,” Jungkook said, wiping the sauce off his face, Jin humming in response as he scrubbed the dishes. “I’m going to Busan tonight,” the elder nearly dropped the dish in his hand at what the younger said. He knew what he was going to Busan for—better saying who—all because Taehyung is just spreading around everything, but it was understandable considering how close the friends were—especially in such a short period of time.

Jungkook had guessed Jin knew why he wanted to go to Busan, seeing how the elder reacted and how Taehyung usually just spreads confidential information. The younger hadn’t seen Jihyun anywhere—from his window—and he hasn’t come back knocking on his door again, so he really thought he might’ve given up.




Jungkook had just gotten on the train, after a very long safety lecture from his friends. He had been fortunately eating healthy, which gave him his regular strength back. It would be a long, long ride to get to Busan, being almost three hours, but he thought it would be worth it to clear things up. He had just hoped that Jimin would at least hear him out.

Most of the ride, Jungkook couldn’t sleep. He really wish he was an easy sleeper, but ever since his incident, he hadn’t gotten proper sleep ever since then. But he was surprisingly, already there. To him though, it felt like centuries because he could only read a book.

Jungkook got off the train, taking in the Busan air. Even though it wasn’t the best of places for him, he still loved his hometown. He went onto the sidewalk, calling for a taxi, ready to go home—not that he wanted to, but it was the only place he could go. His parents would never even notice him being home though, so he wasn’t really worried.

As he got out of the taxi, he stared at the front gate of his house, letting his less brightening memories pour from the back of his mind. It was a big house, it wasn’t like he was rich or anything, his family was just really wealthy. He entered his passcode to open the gate, glancing right away at the drive way to have no cars be seen, and sighed in relief.

Jungkook entered his house, stairs being the first thing he sees in front, leading to the upper level. The living-room, kitchen and, office room being off to the far sides of the entrance part. It was a very modern house, lots of the walls being whites and soft browns, which made Jungkook feel little bit more of ease.

He set down his bag, taking off his shoes and taking a big stretch. He was suddenly shocked at the familiar voice he had heard. “Jungkook-ah?” the voice said, it was their personal butler, who was extremely close to the Jeon family, especially to Jungkook.

“Hyung!” the younger spoke, heading towards the older man with open arms. The man’s name was Jeong-beom. He was the only man in the house who could actually communicate freely with the younger. Jeong Beom was pretty much the only person that Jungkook could trust when he was a teenager and he was the only one who would actually listen to him.

Jeong-beom pulled away and held Jungkook’s shoulders, “Where have you been for so long!” he said. Jungkook didn’t usually tell people in the household where he was going, so the fact that Jungkook had been gone for the past two years, wasn’t that surprising to the elder. “I went to Seoul for university,” Jungkook answered, but the topic was soon changed when the butler had spoken again. “Ah—Jungkook! You look awfully tired, you should go up and have a rest, yeah?”

Jungkook smiled at the elder, “Okay, I will. Thank you, Hyung.” He chuckled, heading towards his room upstairs. It was pretty late anyways, but that wasn’t going to stop him from asking what Jimin’s address was. He wanted to make things clear as soon as possible after all. Jungkook sent a quick text to his roommate back in Seoul, asking what Jimin’s address was, quickly getting a reply and getting ready to head out again.

Chapter Text

Jungkook ended up leaving right away to head to Jimin's house. He grabbed the keys to his fancy car—out of the many cars that were in the big houses garage. Jungkook may've grown up with a very wealthy family, but that type of stuff meant nothing to him, only being thankful he has a proper roof over his head.


He started the car, hooking his phone up to the car—just to make sure he wouldn't get in an accident right before seeing Jimin. He put in the street address into the maps and started to head off. It wasn't till he was there when he realized he didn't properly think this through, but he deeply hoped that the elder would at least hear him out. Jungkook wasn't expecting to be forgiven, especially after seeing such a cold face on the other. He knew at that point, both of them had feelings for each other. But what were they?


The neighbourhood he drove into wasn't anything spectacular, but Jungkook didn't mind it—being the person who he is, he would never judge someone for where they had lived. As he looked around outside of his winder, he noticed the houses were very old town houses, only about two floors high. Jungkook was worried about the living conditions here. He had even seen—by what it looked like—a father and son together. Jungkook smiled at the little boy smiling up to his father, but the males smile quickly became a frown, witnessing the kicking and hitting the boy was receiving. Jungkook flinched at the scene reminding him of what happened to him. Jungkook found a parking spot in the visitors parking in front of the many rowed houses. He got out of the car but before he could even reach them, they had already headed inside their house—the father rubbing the boys' back, glancing over to Jungkook's direction.


Jungkook had figured he probably got a hint, but that really wasn't it. The male let out a deep sigh, pressing the lock button on the car keys, and headed to the door—Jimin's door. He wondered if his family would be the one to open the door and wonder why he was there at such a late time. It was extremely late. Would Jimin even forgive him? Wouldn't everyone be sleeping as of now? What would Jimin think of Jungkook after he told him everything?


Jungkook's mind suddenly became filled with questions, and his fist to knock on the door, was now frozen. After a bit of thinking though, the male had finally gotten the courage to knock on the elders' door. But before he could even knock, the door had already opened. He shrieked at the sudden movement of the door.


A small figure was in front of him, a fair amount shorter than Jungkook. His hood up as well, covering his face. He could tell the figure noticed his feet as he was looking a the ground for a moment. The taller had just hoped Taehyung had given the right address to him. Suddenly, the hood started to slowly look up to the younger.


It was Jimin.


They had locked eyes for a couple of seconds, Jimin's eyes looking purely surprised, while Jungkook's looked full of regret. But Jimin's eyes didn't look surprised for even a short while, instead, they were quickly replaced with dark and cold eyes. Jungkook frowned at the sight and Jimin had walked right by him, not saying a word, but only brushing his shoulder with the younger's.


The brown-haired had regretted coming.


He expected the elder to be mad at him, but he didn't expect him to be this mad. He remembered to his friends' words, telling him that Jimin would easily forgive him. Jungkook turned around to see Jimin already facing him.


"Are you coming? Or are you just going to stay there," Jimin spoke, putting his small hands into his thin sweater. The younger was surprised at what the elder had said—almost too surprised that he became confused of what Jimin's feelings were as of now.


He swiftly jogged to the side of Jimin, still not speaking a word until they had been led to a nearby park. Of course, it wasn't the nicest of parks from what Jungkook saw, but he was only here for Jimin.


"So," Jimin said, almost a little bitterly, "Who told you where I lived?" he asked, already knowing that it was Taehyung who probably told him. Jungkook hesitated, only affording to be truthful to the elder now, "I-It was Taehyung…" he stuttered, hearing the elder sigh. He didn't expect to see this side of Jimin, mainly because of sweet and kind he usually was. Meanwhile the elder was actually regretting having such a harsh tone on Jungkook, especially after coming all the way here.


Jimin truly assumed that Jungkook had come to him and tell him he was finally someone who he really loved, and that he wouldn’t need Jimin anymore. He couldn't help but be mad at the younger, but if it was really what Jungkook wanted, he would be willing to accept.  The elder couldn’t help but have a sharp pain in his heart just by the thought of those words being said. He couldn't bear to hear those words from him.


"I already know why you're here, Jungkook-ah," the youngers breath hitched as he heard the elder say that. Had someone told him what happened? Jungkook thought and sat down on the nearest bench to them, looking up to Jimin—who was still standing, but not looking at him.


"W-What do you mean Hyung?" asked the younger. "I get it," Jimin responded coldly, "and I'm really happy that you found someone special."


Jungkook was beyond confused. He processed what the elder had said for a moment, then anger taking over. Did he really think Jihyun was someone special to me? He thought. Jungkook had assumed someone had told him, and decided Jimin was a sick person for thinking something like that.


Jimin was already facing his back towards the dark-haired, feeling his eyes become full as he spoke. He was, in all honesty, jealous of the man who took Jungkook's heart. But he couldn't blame either of them, because he hadn't even confessed to the younger in the first place. Jimin remembered seeing the marks on Jungkook, and thinking back, that was probably why he was mad. There was a lot of them too, and Jimin couldn't help but be jealous.


The younger let out a shaky sigh, "someone special?" he mocked aloud, Jimin now looking back forward, but his back still not facing the younger. "You think he was someone special?" Jungkook scoffed, about to chuckle a bit just from thinking how ridiculous that sounded to him.


Jimin now turned around dumbfounded, but that didn't stop his tears from threatening to fall—he was just glad they didn't. However, the elders' glassy eyes didn't go by unnoticed by Jungkook either, but tried to ignore it until he could find out what other sick things Jimin thought of about him. "Then why the hell did you go with him for three days, Jungkook!" the blonde shouted, not caring if he woke up anybody trying to sleep. Jungkook chuckled angrily, now knowing nobody actually told Jimin what had happened, and just assumed Jungkook had been with someone he truly loved.


"I'm not that much of an asshole, Hyung," the younger stated, "I at least had a clue for how you felt for me." Jungkook truly didn't meant to say the last sentence, but his emotions had just taken over him. Jimin dropped his head, a tear that had been screaming to be released, now on the ground. He didn't know what to think, was Jungkook mad that Jimin had feelings for him? Did Jungkook even have feelings for him in return? Did Jungkook even care? Thoughts were now running in the elders head, not sure what to feel except—for what it felt like—an aching heart. Jimin felt awful for assuming things, again.


"Do you even know what that shit face did?" he hissed, slowly standing up, as Jimin's head was still down, several tears dropping from his eyes. The younger could no longer control his—what he thought—anger. Jimin shook his head in response. He heard the taller approaching him and didn't want to show his pathetic side to him, so he hurriedly turned around, wiping his eyes. It was useless though, since Jungkook just turned him back around, griping his shoulders almost a little too painfully.


Jimin noticed the tears forming in Jungkook's eyes—anger and fear, was all that was seen in the youngers brown orbs. The dark-haired dropped his head, releasing the firm grip on the elders shoulders. He bit his bottom lip, trying to get the right words to say, trying not to mess something else up. "Hyung he—" Jungkook tried speaking but was interrupted by his breath hitching. He looked the elder in the eyes, and they both looked broken at this point. Jungkook's grip came back again, but this time, a lot more stronger. "H-He raped me," he whispered, letting go of Jimin, only to slowly pull him—subconsciously—into a warm embrace, now sobbing into the elders should. Jimin's eyes widened, even more pain in his heart now.

Chapter Text

"J-Jungkookie-ah," Jimin whispered hesitantly, hoping the taller would at least somewhat hear him, "I-I'm so sorry…" he trailed off, voice cracking at the last word, but he couldn't care less in this situation. Almost immediately, everything suddenly felt as if it was in slow motion as he reciprocated the warm embrace. Jimin felt awful for assuming such a thing, he could feel the guilt build up in him and started to have tears streaming down his face as well. Jimin had only now realized his shivering from before was now completely gone, and made sure to do this more often. The elder slowly rubbed Jungkook's back, waiting for his breathing to get back to normal—instead of having deep huffs of breath.

 Jungkook's breathing was back to normal as the shorter spoke those words, mentally sighing in relief. However, once Jungkook realized how sincere Jimin sounded towards him, it wasn't long when he began letting out even heavier tears and sobs.

 Jimin only assumed that Jungkook couldn't hear him, but that thought was soon gone when Jungkook let out a quiet, "thank you, Hyung," under his breath. Jimin was so caught up in the moment—bawling his heart out— he didn't realize the fact that his breathing was starting to get heavier, and heavier. This obviously didn't go unnoticed by Jungkook.

 Jimin took a step back away from the younger, him not knowing what was happening, but Jimin knew very well what this was.

 "Jimin-Hyung…?" Jungkook took a step forward, the elder facing away and coughing that sounded as if it were to never stop. Jimin put a hand on the side of the bench, slightly leaning over and covering his mouth as he coughed. It wasn't long before his face turned pale and his lips turned blue. Jungkook was starting to panic, debating whether he should call for the ambulance or not. He was conflicted though because he knew it wouldn't get here fast enough.

 Jungkook remembered seeing his brother having the same symptoms as Jimin was now, and tried to remember what was done. He soon realized Jimin was having an asthma attack, and became aware that he should have an inhaler if he has asthma.

 He rushed over to the elder, reaching his hands into Jimin's baggy pockets in search of an inhaler. He was honestly surprised to find one in there, but was internally grateful. Jungkook became calm, as he knew remaining calm would be the best thing to do right now.

 The taller put his hand on the smaller's waist, placing him down on the bench, trying to ignore that Jimin was now rapidly breathing. He held the inhaler in his hand and placed it into Jimin's mouth, swallowing thickly at his action. "Hyung, breathe." Jungkook replied, Jimin obeying.

 He took a few huffs of his inhaler. Jungkook was so worried if he had made the right choice or not. Tears were starting to build up in his eyes, threatening to fall, but he wouldn’t dare let it happen.

 After Jimin had used his inhaler he felt a lot better. The only issue was the tightness in his chest—but that wasn’t because of the asthma.

“Jimin-Hyung!” Jungkook barely shouted, standing on his knees in front of the elder and gripping Jimin’s knees. He looked exhausted—which he was, but forced a smile on his face, only to make Jungkook worry even more. Questions were starting to crowd in his mind, did I do it wrong? Where is he still hurting? How can I mess up something like this… He thought, looking down to the ground.

 Jimin more or less knew why he had an attack. Firstly being, that he hadn’t had one in a while anyways, and second being the fact that he hasn’t been around any strong smells—mostly cigarettes because of his sketchy neighbourhood. He glanced around in search of the cause, soon finding the person—it was one of his neighbours who had hated him and knew quite well of his asthma.

 He was extremely glad that Jungkook was here, because if he wasn’t, Jimin would surely be passed out by now. He put his hands on Jungkook’s shoulder, causing him to look up at him almost immediately. Jimin had never seen such a worried face in his life, which made him feel even more thankful for him.

 The smaller put his small, chubby hands on his forehead under his bangs and pushing his hair back. At first the younger was surprised, but was replaced with a small smile that he tried to hide by looking to the side, but Jimin just faced him right back forwards him. “Thank you,” he smiled, “really.” With this said, it took a whole lot of weight off of his shoulders, and exhaled in relief.

 The bench was facing the direction of the house—which Jungkook couldn’t see. It was hard to tell but as the elder glanced towards his house, he could spot a figure walking towards them. He figured it was probably his brother, realizing that Jimin was gone.

 The figure soon appeared from behind the younger, “Hyung,” he said softly. Jungkook froze, not knowing what to think. He recognized this voice all too well—a voice he never wanted to hear again. Chills ran down his back as he couldn’t face the person behind him—rather, he especially didn’t want to be seen by him. Jungkook was hoping he heard wrong. He didn't know what to expect, what was their relationship? The more he thought about it, Jihyun did look extremely familiar.

 Behind Jungkook, Jihyun stood there—slouching. Angry he had to go out and retrieve his older brother. Jimin glanced at Jungkook in front of him. He noticed the look of despair on his face. Perhaps this was another new side that Jimin had never seen before. He was just confused as to why Jungkook had this look. Jungkook was starting to break out into a cold sweat, still frozen in place.

 Jungkook had thought about running for it and speeding away in his car, but his legs just weren't working. Jimin, on the other hand, had totally forgotten of the real reason he had to come home in the first place.



 Just move your damn legs Jungkook. He thought, glancing up to the elder, making eye-contact. Jimin looked at him worriedly, furrowing his eyebrows, eyes almost squinting. Then the voice behind Jungkook was heard once again, “Oh? Who’s this?” Jihyun smirked, the eldest looking up to him as he spoke. The smirk was extremely familiar to Jimin, he felt as if he’s seen Jihyun like this before.


They were brothers after all.

Chapter Text

Jihyun smiled smugly as he saw the youngest shaking with fear from behind. He knew full well who it was, especially after having such a fun time with him. Jimin was skeptical at this point. He knew very well of his brothers issues, and didn’t want to push anything too point where it’s too risky. Jimin was the only person who could handle Jihyun, and Jihyun would only listen to his elder brother.

 The dark-haired boy put his hand out, reaching for Jungkook’s shoulder, but of course Jungkook couldn’t see that. Jimin had a clue of what this might’ve led to, mostly after seeing that look on his face. He pulled the younger forward, almost between his legs; by this time Jungkook’s legs had already given out, and was sitting on his legs.

 “He’s one of my friends. Don’t you dare.” Jimin said, making his brother take a step away. He was smart enough to not speak back to his elder brother in this situation, after seeing those eyes, it would be the last thing he’d want to do. Inside Jihyun knew he shouldn’t have done those things to jungkook, and if jimin found out, he’d probably hate him. Which he was absolutely correct about.

 Jihyun’s thoughts made him leave without saying another word. This relieved Jungkook—a lot. Jimin watched as his brother walked away from the two males, ending up glaring at him. “Jungko—“ the elder said, but was interrupted by the loud sound of a dumpster being kicked by his brother, and rolled his eyes. Jungkook definitely noticed Jihyun’s action, Jimin decided, mostly after the jump he noticed from the younger.

 Jimin rubbed circles around the others back, trying to calm him down. He wanted to ask what happened, what his relationship was with  Jihyun.

 But he couldn’t.

 At least not in this state of him.




 After a while, Jungkook managed to calm himself down. They were both still in the park, but the younger was now sitting on the bench, thighs touching with Jimin’s.

 He stared at the ground, not even keeping track of the thoughts he was having. Jimin couldn’t manage to say anything to Jungkook, not know the exact words to say. But he was surprised to hear the younger speak first.

 “Jimin hyung…” he said. Jimin looked to the of side of him, towards Jungkook as soon as he spoke. Jungkook noticed the the elder looking at him from the corner of his eyes and continued, “I-Is he really your b-brother?” Jungkook asked hesitantly.

 Jimin looked back to the ground, instantly having a bad feeling about the question. When really, Jungkook really was only upset with Jihyun and not Jimin because he knew full well the type of person Jimin was. He knew he could never be mad at the elder, even right now, Jungkook wished he could be mad at at Jimin but he really had no reason to be.

 By the looks of Jungkook right now, he looked kind of lost. But he didn’t mean his question as anything hostile. Jungkook could tell Jimin was worried — even though he still had no idea who Jihyun was to Jungkook — and placed his hand on the others knee, hoping to wash away the worry on his face. He ended up getting a response back instead, “He is…” Jimin replied anxiously.

 Jungkook sighed, and the elder couldn’t tell what emotion the sigh was made up of. “Okay,” he smiled, locking eyes with Jimin. Jungkook broke the contact with a long yawn, not realizing how tired he was.

 "Tired?' Jimin whispered. It was late after all, so Jimin really expected this from the younger. Jungkook nodded as the elder helped him stand up. Both were physically and emotionally exhausted after all the tears and thinking they had done.

 As the two boys stood up they heard a deep voice from afar. Jimin had chills run down his spine.

 It was his father.

 Jimin wondered why he would even be awake at this hour. Even Jungkook was shaken by the voice. It had just sounded so demanding and forceful—that’s when Jungkook knew, Jimin really didn't have the best family; which made both of them now. It was Jimin's father yelling, demanding for him to get back in the house, Jungkook looked at the other and noticed he wouldn't budge, nor would he even blink at what was happening.

 "Jiminie-hyung," Jungkook called, shaking the smaller beside him, which did make him come back to what was going on. Jimin obviously didn't want to go back into the house now, considering it was his stupid drunk father hollering for him to get back in the house—probably for a beating just because he was bored.

 Jungkook took a hint from what Jimin looked like right now, and whispered, "just come home with me." Those few words shocked him a bit, but Jungkook knew he would be better at his house than here. It wasn't like his parents cared either way, they were always on business trips and didn't really pay attention to him.

 The smaller stared at Jungkook, who had a grin forming on his face. Jungkook couldn't wait any longer and dragged him to his expensive car. Jimin didn't even know how to react, he had no idea Jungkook came from an extremely wealthy family. He thought he wouldn't even know what to say to such high-class people, but here he is.

 They drove off, noticing Jimin's father was chasing from afar for a longer time than they had expected. (he was really drunk).

 As before, it was a pretty short drive to his house. He parked the car in the garage, taking hold of his hand, leading Jimin to enter from the garage door to inside the house ,Jimin trying to hide his shock. They both giggled sneaking through the house, occasionally shushing each other, even though nobody was even home.. They headed up the stairs that were in front of the big entrance of the house, later making a left towards Jungkook's room. Nobody was in the house except their butler, Jeong-beom, who was sleeping in a room in the lower levels. There wouldn't be any ways of him hearing the two boys though, all because of the thick insulation their house was built with.

 Jungkook headed into the room first, Jimin pausing at the entrance of his huge room, causing him to let go of the younger's hand. The younger felt the emptiness in the palm of his hand as he crashed on his bed.

 Jimin could never imagine this type of room being Jungkook's, considering the type of room he was staying in at the dorm, Jimin was surprised he stayed there instead of just getting one of those rich-kid condominiums. Jungkook's room matched the rest of the house—soft browns on the wall, but with a carpet on the floor instead of hardwood. He had a big computer off to the side, and a big window seat facing the rest of Busan.

 He walked to the oversized window, staring to the very few lights that lit up in the city. Memories from what happened since he had met Jungkook came flooding his head, all of them mixed with good and not so much. He turned around after, facing Jungkook who was on his stomach laying on the bed, playing on his phone. Jimin glanced around a bit more, noticing his bathroom in the corner to the right of his bed. He had a big bed, probably a queen at least, Jimin thought to himself. He was right though. The bed was in the middle of the room, facing the window seat.

 Jimin had also noticed the walk in closet that Jungkook had beside the entrance to his room—on a separate wall. He figured he would explore that in the morning. He turned back to Jungkook—who was still on his phone, and without really thinking about it, he had jumped on the youngers back straddling him from behind.

 "Hyung—" Jungkook tried speaking, but felt at ease as Jimin started to stroke his hair back. But the elder stopped as soon as he remembered what he had said to Jungkook earlier and felt heat rising in his cheeks on embarrassment of their position.

 They had just recently confessed after all.

 He got off Jungkook about the exit the room, ready to find a different room to sleep in. But he wasn’t expecting to feel a hand from behind—which he knew was Jungkook's—and heard his voice as well.

 "Where do you think you're going?" Jungkook said, knowing Jimin wouldn't know how to answer.

 "T-to find a different r-room?" he said questioning his own words, "y-you would want to sleep in your own b-bed, wouldn't you?" Jimin finished, embarrassed even more now that he stuttered so much. Jungkook thought it was absolutely adorable to find him so nervous. It wasn't anything new either, they had slept together more than once.

 A grin grew on the taller's face, pulling Jimin back to the bed, almost throwing him on it, causing Jimin to yelp. He walked towards the bed where Jimin laid, making eye contact with the smaller. Jimin covered his face, hoping Jungkook wouldn't see his tomato-red face—which he already had.

 He went onto the bed, now straddling the elder and moving Jimin's hands away from his face, pinning them to the bed. Jimin let out a small gasp, staring into the brown orbs above his. It was silent, but a comfortable silence, but Jungkook couldn't wait any longer, and went in for the kiss. Not even a couple seconds later, a high pitched—but reasonably quiet moan escaped from Jimin, making Jungkook break the kiss. The elder felt awful, he really didn't mean to do that.

 Jungkook stared at the face below his, "Ji—" Jungkook tried speaking, but Jimin pouted as he turned his head to the side, breaking the eye contact. The younger felt bad, thinking he might've had the wrong idea kissing Jimin, but he couldn't get over the small moan he made, he just kept hearing it replaying through his head and wanted to hear it again so bad.

 "Sorry," Jimin whispered, facing Jungkook again—wanting the kiss to continue—but he was just new to all of this. It was his first kiss. "I was just surprised..." Jimin continued, eyes now travelling down to the shirt that was hanging down, revealing his skin underneath. Jungkook noticed Jimin's eyes traveling down till they stopped and looked to where the other looked, and finally noticed how much skin he was showing.

 "Wow, Hyung." Jungkook said, bringing the smaller's eyes back up to meet his. "You really want to go fast with this relationship, hm?" Just as Jimin's face became back to normal, the redness came right back as he understood what the other had said. "N-no! I didn't mean to! It was just distracting…" Jimin responded, referring to Jungkook's exposed skin.

 The younger released his grip on Jimin's hands, lifting himself up only to get the support of his knees. He put his hands on the hem of his shirt, beginning to lift it up. As Jimin realized what Jungkook was doing, he panicked, "J-Jungkookie! Wait!" he said, making him stop what he was doing. "What?" he asked dumbfounded, "Didn't you say my shirt was distracting?" Jimin shook his head, "N-no I didn't mean that—I just—" he said, but couldn't find what he was trying to say, and just grabbed the youngers shirt pulling him in for an even deeper kiss than the first one.

 Jungkook kissed back, leading Jimin to lay back down. As he realized Jimin was back on the bed, he released the kiss again to look at the sight below him. He had just looked irresistible at this point, and went back in for another kiss that lasted longer. Jungkook noticed when Jimin had slightly opened his mouth, and used his tongue to deepen the kiss, causing Jimin to moan even louder this time—which Jungkook just adored hearing.

 He felt a relief after kissing the elder, always seeing those plump soft lips that had just always looked so kissable to him, and now he had finally contacted them, full force. But broke the contact, lifting his head slightly to see an exhausted boy beneath him. He went back in after—not even a second—to nibble on the smallers bottom lip, feeling the hot, heavy breath from the elder. He couldn't help but put his hand underneath Jimin's shirt, on his bare soft skin, crawling upwards towards his nipple. Another moan escaped Jimin's lips, and Jungkook—wanting to hear more—kissed him again, using tongue right away. Jimin swore he could just come on the spot from how much stimulation he was getting.

 Jungkook felt a movement below him, soon after realizing it was Jimin's hips bucking up from the bed, and decided to grind down on him, both feeling the growing erections on each other. The younger lifted his head once again smiling at the swollen lips the smaller had. He left small kisses on Jimin leading down to his neck to give him a noticeable mark. He licked the spot till he started sucking on it, Jimin tilting his head to give Jungkook a better entrance for his neck.

 Jimin lifted his only free hand and put it under Jungkook's shirt to feel his bare skin, which was surprisingly soft and worked his way upwards to the other's nipple, grinning at what he heard from the younger—an almost inaudible, quiet moan.

 Jungkook lifted his head, giving a jokingly dirty look to the elder, making him smirk. "So you wanna play that game, huh?" he smirked. Jimin responded with a confused look, but then realized what the younger meant when he started looking downwards at Jimin's growing erection. He looked to the elder and back the lower part. He got off the smaller, making him now sit up. Jungkook moved to the top of the bed, leaning on the headboard. Jimin turned around to face him with a questioning, but needy look. "Come here, baby boy" he smirked.

 Jimin obeyed and came towards Jungkook, only to be lifted slightly to be in front of him, not being able to face him. He was plopped in between Jungkook's legs—one bent and the other straight. "Jungkookie, what are you—" Jimin tried speaking but was interrupted by the hand now down his sweat pants. It was Jungkook's hand, palming away at Jimin's erection. He couldn't help but moan at least once before he covered his mouth from embarrassment. But Jungkook slapped his hand away from his mouth, a little more aggressive than he meant to. "Baby, I want to hear you moan as loud as you can." he whispered deeply to the boy in front. "N-no Jungkookie—I'm gonna—"

 "No. Not yet. Not until I say so." Jungkook demanded. "Please da—Jungkookie" Jimin pleaded, gripping onto Jungkook's pants. He could've sworn he was going to hear Jimin say what he thinks he was about to say. He ignored the thought and brought up his free hand to Jimin's mouth, "Suck." he demanded. Jimin obeyed and began to suck Jungkook's fingers. He honestly wasn't expecting for him to actually obey, but he thought he found his new kink. Jimin could feel Jungkook's breathing getting hotter on the back of his neck, as he sucked. He palmed once more at the smaller, causing him to have probably the loudest moan he'd heard. "Jungkookie please let me." he slurred because of the hand in his mouth, tears were starting to build up at Jimin's eyes.

 It was one more hot and heavy exhale he felt from the back of his neck before hearing Jungkook speak, "Okay, go baby." he said, releasing his hand from Jimin's cock, soon coming right in his pants. "You did good." he whispered. After Jimin was finished Jungkook took his fingers out of the smallers mouth, still covered of his saliva.

"Ah wait!" Jimin said, taking Jungkook's hand back to suck off the extra saliva on his fingers. He could easily tell Jungkook liked it after feeling another heavy breath on the back of his neck. 

"Let's get you cleaned up." Jungkook said.

Chapter Text

He heard a knock at the door, but thought it was just apart of his imagination. He then heard another knock and a voice that came with it this time, but ignored it. Jungkook then finally heard the door open, "Youn-" The butler bowed but paused as soon as he raised his head. "Oh. My apologies, sir. I was unaware of the guest staying here."


Jungkook's eyes widened. Jimin was asleep next to him on the side nearest to the door, which made it extremely visible that he was sleeping with the younger, both of their clothes being off made their situation even worse. Jungkook creeped the blanket closer to cover Jimin's bare chest. He awkwardly laughed at his situation, "Um- don’t worry about it, Hyung." he barely whispered. The butler had bowed taking his leave.


Jungkook cursed under his breath, realizing that his butler had probably seen both of their bare skin, in the same bed, and got the idea of what they were doing previously. He later sighed, knowing now he wouldn't have to deal with it till later. Instead, he glanced at the elder, still sleeping, with the most calming look on his face. His soft breaths echoed throughout the room, having Jungkook at ease. His eyes moved downward to the elder's plump, soft lips. Jungkook couldn't feel luckier that he got to kiss them.


"I love you, Jiminie-Hyung." he whispered, leaning to the side over top of the other, and pecking the elder's lips in what almost felt like slow motion. Jimin's eyes fluttered open as he felt the warmth leaving his lips and finding the space beside him empty. "A dream?" he sighed, looking around for some clothes to put on. He wasn't naked, but all he was wearing were his boxers, and considering how big this house was, Jimin knew, him and Jungkook weren't alone.


Jimin went into the oversized walk-in closet, looking at the types of clothing Jungkook had owned. He didn't dress like someone who screamed out, 'I'm rich!' which Jimin was thankful for. Jimin owned similar types of clothes, but not as high quality—he could only afford hand-me-downs from various people, whether it was his distant family, or just at some cheap thrift shop.


It wasn’t till Jungkook was out of the shower, heading towards his fancy walk-in closet. He had noticed Jimin looking into the full body mirror from the side, a smile creeping up on his face as he saw the shorter put Jungkook’s clothes over his frontal area to see how they’d look. As He walked closer Jimin gave a disappointing look, reaching to the other side, grabbing another piece of clothing. Jungkook‘s eyes went wide.


Did he always have those?


Jungkook was disappointed in himself for not noticing the cuts on Jimin’s back. He thought to how he was treated by his father when he came out of their house, yelling at Jimin as they hurried off to the younger’s house. Jungkook came to the conclusion of blaming the shorter’s father.


He came back to reality, continuing to walk slowly, but surely towards the bright smiling Jimin, whom he truly loved. The darker-haired sighed as he came behind Jimin, tracing the scars on his back, causing the shorter to let out a surprised gasp and a bit of a jump.


“Ah- you scared me,” he giggled, turning around to face Jungkook properly, then playfully hitting his chest. Jungkook smiled as he sat on the flat white seats behind Jimin, leading his body to face his. The blonde was still shirtless, exposing his perfectly shaped body. Jungkook couldn’t stop staring.


But then he did as he looked down to the abdomen of the other, bruises planted in numerous different spots. Jimin was quick to notice the worry on Jungkook’s face as he started downwards, and immediately felt embarrassed for having such things on his body.


“Jungoo,” he slurred, grabbing the hair from the other to face him. Jimin bent over to meet with Jungkook’s ear, “You shouldn’t looking without permission, baby boy,” the elder said, hooking his hand under the younger's chin making them lock eyes. His voice had still been deep and husk from just waking up.


Jungkook gently removed Jimin's hands from both his chin and hair. "Hyung," he spoke, "where are these from?" Jungkook finished, eyes full of worry. Jimin could see this coming, and was hoping for his distraction to work, but it hadn't. The blonde-haired sighed, kneeling down between the youngers' legs, putting both hands on both sides.


"My parents…" Jimin answered, looking away.


Jungkook didn't know what to feel, he figured it was his dad, but the fact it was both of Jimin's parents was just too far. He didn't deserve any of this. The only thing Jimin deserved was happiness.


Jimin could no long bare to look at Jungkook in the eyes. He felt humiliated telling him this. What would he think of him now? He thought.


"Jimin-Hyung." Jungkook said, contacting the other's chin to turn it towards him, leaning down. Jimin hadn't seen it coming as Jungkook pecked his lips with the elder. A small gasp escaped from the smaller from the surprise of Jungkook deepening the kiss with his tongue. It didn't last long though. Jungkook was the one to release it, putting his hands on both sides of Jimin's face.


"You should just live with me then." he smiled warmly.