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hallucinating | jikook

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tae, i’m going out to grab some coffee!” the younger shouted across the dorm room, however there was no answer. “hyung? are you sleeping?” he could see the older lying down on his side, facing the wall as he walked into the room.

“hyung…?” jungkook questioned, he walked towards his roommate and gently tried to nudge the older’s shoulder. no answer. jungkook put his knee on the bed in attempt to ask him if he wanted a coffee.

“what are you—” just as he tried asking, his hand suddenly got pulled and he was trapped underneath the roommate. “you never hangout with me anymore,” the older sighed. jungkook tried moving his hands but the force was too strong.

“i’ve been busy, sorry” he explained. whenever that line was said, taehyung would call bullshit. “what? playing with all your girlfriends?”

“no... i was,” he paused for a second, looking for somthing to use as an excuse. taeyung was still on top of jungkook and he was still trying to escape, but it was no use if he was never relaxing his grip.

“working on a project... with yoongi” he finished.

“are you sure?”


“so you wouldn’t mind if i called him right now?”

“okay wait...” jungkook shot back. he realized that the grip on his wrists were no longer as tight as before, and took that chance of rolling over so the younger was now on top. jungkook smirked, trying not to look too proud.

“hey!” taehyung sneered, and tried to slyly kneeing the other in the balls. however, jungkook smoothly moved his other leg between taehyung’s leg. “you asshat. how could you try do that to me.” taehyung rolled his eyes. the younger lowered his head and fake cried. taehyung tried moving his hands even though he knew his chances of getting out were extremely low.

“so you wanna play that game, huh?” jungkook spoke under his breath. “what?” the older questioned. it was already getting late, and jungkook wanted to get his coffee before the cafè closed, he was obviously planning on pulling an all nighter.

it wasn’t like he wanted to do this, but he dies at taehyung’s reaction, and it was the only way for jungkook to escape his roommate. jungkook finally looked up at the older, “what are you doing...” he asked. taehyung could tell he was introuble,what if he beats me up again? taehyung thought. he suddenly regretted ever asking his roommate what he was always up to. jungkook smirked and taehyung kept looking him in the eyes hoping, maybe he’ll get let off just for today.

jungkook moved his one leg so it was now only one leg in between the olders legs, taehyung looked down at jungkook’s actions, “wait! please don’t, i’ll do your laundry for a month!” the older lied. taehyung was probably the easiest person to get turned on, especially if it was jeon jungkook doing it, a.k.a most handsome man on campus. jungkook was famous for being a playboy with girls, which made it easier to confirm his sexuality with his friends, but it’s not like they ever bought it.

“wait, really?”


jungkook lowered his head towards taehyung’s ear, “as if i’d believe that,” the younger whispered. taehyung felt goosbumps crawling up his back, and tried to hold down his moan from escaping. don’t give in, don’t give in, taehyung thought. he held his eyes shut, hoping that he would have a better chance of being able to escape jungkook’s seducing. just as jungkook smirked, he moved his knee slowly towards the roommates crotch.

“stop,” he moaned. taehyung just melted at jungkook’s actions, “you’re way too easy,” the younger chuckled. jungkook put both of taehyung’s arms above his head and held them there while jungkook’s other hand made it’s way up his shirt.

“are you kidding m-” taehyung tried saying, but was interrupted by the chills that ran down his spine because of jungkook’s cold hands.

just as jungkook’s hand was about to touch his nipple, the hand was suddenly gone and so was the weight that was on him, it was so quick he didn’t even notice.

“are you seriously going to just leave me like this?” he shouted to the younger, “i have to go before it closes!”

“okay but why would you do that to me! i thought you were straight!”

“you weren’t going to let me get my coffee if i just asked! and i am straight!”

“yeah, okay. as straight as a hula hoop” the roommate muttered.

“and i had to go before the shop closed!” jungkook added, refering to the coffee shop.

if someone asked jungkook what his relationship with taehyung would be, he would say that they’re really close and just friends, and of course he’s telling the truth because jungkook is straight.

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as jimin entered the elevator he looked at his asthma medicaton ignoring the note of side effects in the bag. as the door was closing, he could hear a deep voice near the elevator door.

“wait!” the boy said scurrying in, holding two coffee’s. jimin quickly held the door open for him, almost crushing his fingers.

“ah, thank you.” he said relieved looking at jimin, smiling. the older nodded looking away. you’re fucking kidding me right now. why do you have to be here…

jimin has taken a liking for jungkook for a little while now, but the fact that he’s a known playboy, is just a major turn off.

however, jimin finds it much more easier if people don’t know that he’s gay. jimin doesn’t really hide that he’s gay, but he’s also not open about it; but the fact that jimin is standing beside jeon jungkook, is completely uncalled for.

jimin couldn’t stop himself from the thoughts that kept running through his head, what if i say somthing stupid?

jungkook remembers seeing jimin around the campus pretty often, and really wants to be friends with him, but has no idea how to actually initiate a conversation. even though jungkook is ‘straight’ he finds jimin pretty cute in his baggy clothing, but when he wears his tight ripped jeans that just perfectly hug around his legs, jungkook doesn’t want anybody to see him like that.

“hey, are you okay?” jungkook asked, looking over at the shorter boy, jungkook noticed that his face was pale and looked a little weak. jimin nodded.

suddenly the elevator stopped, “oh go-” jungkook’s attention was taken to jimin, just as he was about to fall. luckily he helped the older just in time to let him down carefully. just as jungkook was about to smile for being proud of himself, the older pushed the younger away, not realizing the state he was in, “i’m fine!” he gasped for air.

jungkook quickly turned the older’s face facing him, looking him in the eye, “don’t say you’re fine if you really aren’t.” jimin looked away, his face was almost a completely white color.

jungkook grasped on to jimin’s shoulders, noticing the trembling coming from him. did he go out while he was sick or something? maybe he’s drunk… jungkook thought.

“hey, hey, look at me.” the younger said, while looking for jimin’s attention.

“do you want me to call someone?”

“there’s no one to call,”

“what about your roommate? do you have one?”

“n-no, he can’t know” the shorter slurred.

jimin was starting to shiver more, and more and didn’t even know why. he hated the fact that this mess had to happen in front of jungkook. the jeon jungkook, of all people. he couldn’t even think of how stupid he must look right now.

jungkook sat on the floor beside jimin, still trying to calm him down, waiting for help to come. he suddenly got a text from his roommate, taehyung.


tae-tae hyung:

yo im headin’ out for some stuff

i’ll be back liek tomorrow afternoon

issa weekend after all ;)


jungle cock:

what? ur getting another guy already?

i legit bought u sum coffee and it’s ur fav too :(


tae-tae hyung:


being gay is gr8.

u should try it.

i mean it ain’t like u that straight anyways smh


tae-tae hyung:

and just give the coffee to like yoong's er smthg, he never sleeps anyways


jungle cock:

i AM straight u asshat and why tf do u brag abt being gay. and idk if i can

im stuck in an elevator :(


tae-tae hyung:

u didn’t kno? the elevator hasn’t been working for like 3 whole daYs now.. lmao


jungle cock:


jungle cock:


tae-tae hyung:

when i went on it yesterday

i eneded up being stuck in it for mayhaps 30 minutes,

but that was cos it was like the middle of the afternoon


tae-tae hyung:

if ur on it this late…

well ur ded bcos the employees are ass so ;)


shit… jungkook put away his phone and glanced over at the older beside him. “i can’t believe i had to embarrass myself in front of you,” jimin stammered as he hit jungkook’s chest.

the younger looked at jimin’s pale face, “what do you mean?” jungkook replied, rubbing his chest, jimin shook his head in response.

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“hey, sorry for the wait, but we’re going to be getting you out in a minimum of 2 hours, and 5 hours tops!” the lady said through the elevator speaker. jungkook shook his head, and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, “yeah, alright thanks,”

jungkook looked at his watch, 9:25. “well, there goes all of my plans,” he shook his head. jungkook started to hear mumbling coming from the floor. it was just jimin.

jungkook looked back at jimin realizing what he was doing. is he undressing?

“-hot” the shorter said. jimin was still on the ground, however he was struggling to unbutton his shirt. 

“wait, wait, what are you doing?” the younger hesitated.

“it’s… too hot,” jimin replied. jungkook knelt down immediately buttoning back up the buttons that were just undone. “oh boy, no you can’t do that here,” the younger panicked. even though jungkook felt hot himself, he couldn’t just let jimin freely undress himself in front of him.

“why!” the older whined. jungkook could practically feel the heat coming from jimin and was starting to feel even hotter.

just as jungkook was finishing off the last button, jimin grabbed on to the collar of jungkook and began coming closer to him, almost fully on top. “let me fucking undo my shirt” jimin said, while jungkook was slowly scooting back.

at this point jimin was fully over top of jungkook, standing on his knee’s, one leg in between the younger’s; and undressing himself once again. jungkook’s face was absolutely flushed at the older’s actions, so much that he had to look away. jungkook you’re straight, stop.

“wait!”the younger tried grasping onto jimin’s wrists in attempted to stop him from undressing.

as soon as jungkook tried, his hands were immediately slammed down but the other. “i bet we could have a lot more fun instead of all those girls,” he slurred. jungkook looked closer at jimin’s facial features, his face was still pale, besides his rosy cheeks, and plumped lips.

jungkook’s gaze was stuck on jimin’s. just as he was about to reply he heard a voice through the elevator door, “-been in there for a while now, i think i heard a thump earlier too…” it sounded like they were finally getting out. jungkook looked at the elevator doors and back at jimin.

“jimin, you have to get off me now,” the younger spoke. “hey. how do you know my name?” jimin squinted.

“that’s not the point here. just get off me, please?”

the older laughed, “no way, your gonna button my shirt back up” he stammered. jungkook rolled his eyes so hard, they could probably fall to the back of his head. it wasn’t like jimin was completely bare, it was only a few undone buttons, but of course jungkook wasn’t ready to see it just yet. 

“so then it’s all fixed now?”

as jungkook heard the mumbling of the technicians outside the elevator, he quickly pushed jimin onto his back, making himself on top now, trying to button back up the older’s shirt.

“it’s still too hot!” the boy whined, squirming in his spot. jungkook couldn’t blame him, he too, was still hot from all the heat surrounding them.

jungkook couldn’t take it anymore, with jimin tossing and turning every time jungkook tried to do up a button, he felt he had to really step up his game. so, he smoothly slipped his leg onto the other side of jimin’s hip, straddling him so he could no longer move as freely as he did before. damn. i’m good.

however, jungkook spoke too soon. just as he was on the fourth button of the shirt he heard a quiet but distant giggle near him.

he glanced his head above him not moving the position he and jimin were in, shocked. it was one of the employee’s, and the technician. how long were they standing there for….

“wait, it’s not what you think it is,” jungkook was starting to panic, not knowing what to do he got off jimin and put his arm around his neck, standing up, “does the elevator work? and can it be used now?” jungkook asked the technician as he nodded, “but i suggest you use the other one first.”

“great! thanks.” he smiled and quickly scooted by the people standing in front, helping to move jimin to the elevator right beside pressing the close button almost several times. jungkook would try to stay extremely composed in these situations, even though he was about to tumble down on the inside.

“where are we going,” jimin slurred.

“to my room”

“unless you wanna tell me where your room is” the younger added.

jimin shook his head.

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as the two boys were walking into jungkook’s room, he set the older down, gently on his bed. “i’ll go sleep on the couch, don’t worry.” jungkook said with a warm smile, a little disappointed. as he was about to walk to the living room he felt a small, warm hand on his wrist, “wait,” the shorter said, sitting up. he was still looking a bit tipsy. “can’t you stay with me…?” he added, smiling with his eyes.

jungkook stared in shock at the other for a good two seconds before saying, “w-what? why?” he panicked. “because, i’m so lonely here…” jimin frowned. before jungkook could say anything back, jimin grabbed the younger’s wrist and pulled him down to the bed with him. “wait! wha-what are you doing!”

jimin sighed in comfort as he cuddled with the younger, he shushed jungkook and fell asleep whatever, i’ll just go to the couch later. 

it took a while for jungkook to fall asleep because of how flustered he was, but as soon as he heard jimin’s soft breathing he eventually became serene and fell into a deep and comfortable sleep.


when morning came, taehyung arrived back at his and jungkook’s dorm, surprisingly early. straight ahead was jungkook’s room, taehyung was a bit intrigued by what he saw. his roommates door was open. oh my god, did we have a robbery?

taehyung grabbed a knife and slowly headed towards jungkook’s room. in all taehyung’s years, living with jungkook, he has never seen his door freely open. yes, taehyung has been in his room, but it was only one time because he was curious as to why he always kept it closed. however, there was no real reason why jungkook had to keep it closed, there wasn’t anything really in there. eventually taehyung just left it as is because jungkook has always been a pretty reserved person. well, about himself that is.

when he entered the room he found two bodies laying in jungkook’s bed. he could of course recognize the first boy sleeping on the edge of the bed, jungkook. but as he saw the second body he was extremely confused. first off, jungkook only has one night stands at the girls’ room. second off, jungkook never lets anybody in his room. wait, he walked closer to the bed to get a better look, he finally saw it, is that jimin…?

taehyung thought their position was especially adorable, with jungkook’s arm underneath jimin’s head, and hugging him from the back. agh, so cute, the older thought, accidentally clapping his hands together a little too loudly, making jungkook wake up. he tried lifting his head to see what was happening, slowly realizing that he was still in bed with jimin. “shit,” he muttered.

“oh! jungkook you’re awake, sorry”

jungkook carefully removed his arm from underneath of jimin’s head making sure to not wake the older, “taehyung why the fuck are you home so early, i thought you weren’t supposed to be back till this afternoon!” jungkook loudly whispered, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“don’t be mad, the guy wasn’t the best, so i wanted to leave early”

“holy shit hyung, just find a man that you actually like,”

jungkook couldn’t even get his roommate’s attention at this point with him constantly looking at jimin and back to him, grinning away. “okay. it’s not what it looks like,” after a little bit of trying to explain, taehyung didn’t believe it. “i knew you were gay. or at least jimin sexual” he laughed.

“okay whatever, you think what you want. but can you please do me a favour?”

“what, help you find what turns you on? i can help,” the older smirked.

“no, gross. not from you. i mean, can you take jimin back to his dorm room? because i don’t know where it is.”

“what? you didn’t know that yoongi and him were roommates?”

“wait, he rooms with yoongi?” the younger asked as taehyung nodded, “how come i’ve never seen him? i go there like, at least 4 days of the week.”

“that’s because he always keeps himself locked up in his room, studying.” the older replied. jungkook looked at jimin, still peacefully sleeping on his bed. no way…

“anyways, if your gonna make me do this favour for you, you might as well carry him on your back,”

“why me?” the younger whined.

“you’re way stronger than i am, please~” taehyung pleaded. taehyung knew he could probably do it on his own but after seeing him and jungkook like this he knew what his job was.

jungkook groaned in annoyance, “fine, but answer one thing for me,” taehyung slightly tilted his head, and furrowed his brows, in curiosity as of what he could be asking. “why are you holding a knife…”

taehyung looked down at his hand that was still holding the knife, “oh, this? i thought someone was robbing us,” he laughed. jungkook shook his head, “are you sure he won’t wake up?”

“he’s the deepest sleeper i know.”

“why do you know that?”

“we had lot’s of sleepovers, jungkook” the older smirked.

“wait, what!” he said, suddenly standing up, whispering a bit too loud, causing taehyung to shush him. “nothing, nothing. c’mon let’s just go,” the roommate replied, lightly pushing the younger on the back.

“why is he so light?” jungkook muttered to himself as he walked down the hallway, only quiet enough for taehyung not able to hear.


as the three boys made it into jimin and yoongi’s dorm, yoongi guided the younger into jimin’s room carefully laying him down. as he exited the room jungkook slowly closed the door and walked into the living room.

“you want to explain?” yoongi asked, in a soft tone. jungkook could tell he wasn’t mad, it was just pure curiosity. “he said that jimin went all wonky in the broken elevator” taehyung chimed in, grinning once again. “oh yeah, he had this bag on him,” the younger said, handing jimin’s roommate the black, plastic bag. jungkook hadn’t seen what was in the bag yet, only because he felt it wasn’t any of his business or it would just be plain rude, going through stuff that has nothing to do with you.

when yoongi took out a bottle of pills, jungkook was taken aback. “what is that?” he asked, as yoongi read the bottle. “i’m not supposed to say anything because even i didn’t know until recently,” he sighed. “but you can’t ever say anything about it to him unless he tells you, got it?” the two boys nodded their heads in agreement. “it’s his asthma medication…”

now both boys were surprised, even taehyung. taehyung had no idea that jimin had asthma, even though they’ve been friends since high school. “he doesn’t tell anybody about this. and i mean anybody.

“how did you find out hyung? did he tell you?”

“of course not, one time he was drunk and he left his phone beside me and suddenly, his mom texted saying that he had to go pick up his new asthma medication,” yoongi said, running his fingers through his hair. “and i’ve known him since his freshman year!” he added.

“i didn’t even know, and i’ve known him since high school.” taehyung trailed off.

as yoongi was putting back the bottle in the bag he felt a piece of paper in the bag, and took it out. “hyung, what is that” jungkook asked as yoongi read the note. he walked over to the older and saw the note. it read ‘side effects’ at the top of the paper. “dizziness, hallucinations, blurred vision, chills and hot flashes?” taehyung read out loud. “jungkook, wouldn’t this explain his behaviour?

“what do you mean?” the oldest hesitated.

“jungkook said to me that he was undressing because he felt hot, and climbing on him…”

“w-well yeah…” the younger’s face was completely flushed.

“obviously it was the side effects! he has never been outgoing.” yoongi snorted.

jungkook sighed and looked to the ground. oh… so that’s all it was. yoongi and taehyung noticed jungkook and immediately made eye contact, mouthing a conversation.

he’s gay already?

of course! he has a great roommate to learn from!

“hey…” jungkook said, not noticing the conversation that just happened. “if jimin doesn’t suspect anything from me, don’t tell him like, straight up that he was with me, please?”

yoongi raised his eyebrows and looked at taehyung, and back at jungkook. “okay, but i’m not gonna keep this quiet forever.”

“thanks,” he smiled, “i-i gotta go, bye” and left leaving taehyung and yoongi a bit suspicious.

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after a few hours after jungkook and taehyung left their friends’ dorm, jimin finally awoke from his deep sleep. he headed for the kitchen for a nice morning coffee. “oh hey hyung,” jimin greeted with a warm smile. “wow look who’s finally up.” yoongi teased, sitting down at the table. it wasn’t too late at the time, but it was also not early — because 10:36 a.m is not the time you would be waking up on a weekday with.

“Hyung, I had the strangest dream last night…” the younger drifted off. Oh here we go, the brown haired thought.

“Oh yeah? What about?”

“i went all unusual in front of this person, and i was doing like, the boldest things,”

The older hummed in response, “I see. But why did you do those things? And who was the mysterious person,” yoongi asked. Of course, he knew what he was talking about, he didn’t expect jimin to tell him about the his asthma. However, as for the ‘person’ that jimin mentioned about — for entertainment purposes he just had to hear it from the roommates mouth.

“i… i’m not sure, i think it was just because it was a dream. and you know, dreams can get pretty bizarre. I forgot who the person was, but they seemed nice…” jimin lied, almost full-on fake laughing. he wanted to tell yoongi all about his dream, about who that person was. but he couldn't dare think of what yoongi would think of him after jimin told the older that he was gay. “yeah… in the dream they helped me,” he finished. yoongi didn’t want to bring up the fact that he already knows about a lot about jimin — it wasn’t even jimin who told him about his ‘illness’. a part of yoongi wanted to help the younger with what he was going though, but his thoughts — i’m in no position for him to tell me — would always come right back to him.

“I see…” he frowned. Yoongi had an odd caring for jimin, it wasn’t seen as anything further than friendship but, the fact that jimin keeps everything to himself — what can he do? He keeps himself locked in his room for most the time studying, he barely eats, and if jimin had something wrong with himself — either mentally or physically — he wouldn’t say a word about it.




“Yo! Kook,” taehyung knocked on the younger’s door, “come on, let’s talk,” as soon as he said that, the door opened with jungkook right in front of him. However it didn’t last long with jungkook passing right by the roommate, into the living room. “come on, kook, what’s wrong?” the older asked as he followed the roommate.

jungkook himself didn’t know what was wrong with him, so it wasn’t like he could talk about his feelings anyways. he just felt off, he felt as if he had to do something. taehyung could sense it ever since they were in their friends’ dorm — ever since he told jungkook more about jimin that is. “jungkook wait! where are you going!” taehyung shouted to the younger as he left. little shit didn’t even bring anything with him.

As the raven left the dorm, he didn’t even realize that he forgot his wallet, and phone. The boy reached into his pocket hoping there was at least some pocket cash for a coffee or something, thank the lord. Luckily jungkook did have some with him.

while jungkook walked, he could feel the breeze feel dry against his chapped lips. it was only starting to get cool out, however it was happening uncommonly fast. by the time jungkook arrived at the café it looked as if there was going to be a storm. the weather is being so weird, he thought as he looked out the glass doors. jungkook doesn’t know why he left, or why he came to the café, but here he his. “hi, can i get a caramel frappachino?” jungkook asked, as if there wasn’t a caramel frappachino on the menu. “of course, anything else?” the lady behind the counter asked, obviously swooned by the man in front of her. “no, that’s all. thanks,” replied the raven.

While jungkook waited for his coffee at the counter, he quickly scanned the room for a place to sit, then heard a voice behind him, “Caramel frappachino?” the lady asked, “yes, thank you.”

jungkook decided to sit right by the windows, at a single table that was meant for two. as jungkook glanced out the window his mind started to drift off. he started thinking about the things yesterday — about jimin; the boy who he had only talked to yesterday. his thoughts would simply drift off about what he was wearing, when they had encountered — black skinny jeans, that would just perfectly hug around his legs, and his oversized buttoned plaid shirt, he suddenly felt his face heating up and he started to question, what the hell am i thinking… jungkook quickly looked around the café hoping nobody saw his flushed face, as he was scanning the room he heard a familiar voice near behind of him. the dark haired turned around and saw the familiar figure standing at the counter.