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Jeongguk didn’t know about other universes that Namjoon likes conversing about at the cafeteria during lunch. The man in question, a cosmology major, was explaining himself to a one rather fascinated Kim Taehyung, that there could be exact copies of ourselves in these universes, that━ okay, Jeongguk actually lost him 5 seconds after that and let Taehyung do all the listening for them both.


But, if there were these parallel or alternate (which was it again?) universes the eldest of them speak of, Jeongguk wishes it would be the same for him anywhere he was. He wishes that he’d meet the same people, befriend the same people, does the things he loves, and be in love with the same person, over and over again.


He hoped that these other Jeongguks would be giddy for night time to come, when the Sun finally sets, and all there is what people believe to be fairy tales, come to live.


He awaits for one person? individual? creature? being? in particular. He who comes down from the sky at exactly 11.11 pm, once in a fortnight, wings expanding of a beatific vision, white, almost silver, as if invisible, and a small smile gracing his lips as he lands with a grace, barefooted at any time of the year. Jeongguk, by now, has his sliding doors opened, ready for the arrival of his beloved, as he runs up into the other and embraced Min Yoongi with a hug so tight, it rendered a small chuckle from the angel.


“Hey, angel, how have you been? Did you miss me?” Were always his first words.


Inhaling the scent he has missed since forever, Jeongguk left his question hanging, only letting himself bask in that mystifying smell of flowers, herbs, sunshine and stars. As Yoongi kissed the tip of his nose, Jeongguk answers, “You’re the angel here. Of course I miss you, I missed you like crazy.”


And they fall into their usual routine, as normal as it may have been between them. Yoongi either snoozes off while Jeongguk does his assignments, or Yoongi feeds him chopsticks full of meat when he finally has the time to eat, telling Yoongi all about his week, and they once even napped together.


Tonight though, Yoongi spread his wings wide, resting them while they sat staring at the Moon from Jeongguk’s room. The angel had his eyes closed, face facing the Moon as he seemed to glow brighter under its power, humming to a tune so unique, Jeongguk knew it was otherworldly.


Yoongi’s wings were a little ruffled that night, focusing on a spot of those feathers that weren’t in order while he studied them. He reached over, calloused hands smoothing the problematic, unruly ones.


They were so, so warm, soft and velvety under his touch, Jeongguk started wondering if it was possible to feel them against his cheeks. Jeongguk repeated his act, brushing with such care, unruffling more, even at those areas that needn’t any smoothing out. He was almost happy and giddy at the thought of touching the angel’s wings.


He turned to look at Yoongi, who stopped mid hum, pupils now full blown and biting his lips, so red and deep, Jeongguk stopped his ministration on the angel’s wings and they shook when he did.


“Damn, does it hurt? Are you mad at me? Was I not allowed to touch?”


Jeongguk saw the trail of his Adam’s apple, one large gulp going up and down as he swallowed, and the human caught sight of the angel’s clenched fists.


“Oh, you really hate it. I’m so sorry, Yoongi,” and made to release his hold on a stray feather when Yoongi moaned. Wait just a damn minute.


Jeongguk reached for them again, braver this time, hands gliding smoothly over an expanse of one side of the large wing, and even so far as to scratch it a little.


“Jeong-Jeongguk,” Yoongi gasped, his eyes brimmed with tears, but there was no sign from him that told Jeongguk to stop. In fact, his breathing was unstable, his porcelain fair skin sparkled with stars and his cheeks were rosy, so rosy, they littered even his neck and collarbone. “Jeongguk━” and he moaned, clear and audible in the silence surrounding them.




“Yoongi, are you━”


“Jeongguk, I need you to stop that. My wings, they are,” he huffed, looking away as he continued, “they’re my weak spot.”


Jeongguk crawled into Yoongi’s lap, settling with a small smile but of the cruelest intent. He had to pull the longing card so that Yoongi’ll let him touch his wings. “Please. I don’t get to see you for two whole weeks, I’ve missed you way too much than I could handle, and I can’t - I can’t even touch you?”


Yoongi grumbled incoherent words, probably something of his celestial speech, calm blue eyes turning icy as they stare down at Jeongguk. It might have meant to intimidate him, but every part of Yoongi was beautiful, and he could wax poetics to it the whole damn night.


“Fine, you win. You win. I hate you manipulative little humans.”


“You love me and you know it,” he kissed the pout on Yoongi’s lips away.


It turns out Jeongguk didn’t get to touch his wings anymore that same night, thank Heavens, his human friend Taehyung called him in the middle of the night, drunk off his ass, sobbing and crying into Jeongguk’s arms about Namjoon who was about to graduate and leave him behind.


Yoongi left Jeongguk’s place once knowing that the two arrived back safely, watching Jeongguk from afar, fussing and worrying about Taehyung. Geez, Taehyung was just being a drama queen. Namjoon was going to ask him to move in some time soon.


But Yoongi kept it to himself, and Jeongguk never really asked.


Jeongguk never really...anything. It didn’t bother him that Yoongi was an angel, that Yoongi could only meet him once in two weeks, what Yoongi does when he’s away, what his duties are as an angel. And Yoongi, he never told Jeongguk about anything, and the human was fine with it, never pushed for information, never asked for anything more than he could get; and yet he has unconditionally loved Yoongi from the very first moment they crossed paths. Even if he wasn’t a celestial being, he could see it, how much Jeongguk loves a person.


Yoongi has been Jeongguk’s guardian angel since he was a baby. He watched Jeongguk grow, a boy so talented and wonderful, he didn’t know he harbored feelings that weren’t allowed being who he is. Yoongi even at some point, consulted his good friend, Cupid Hoseok, and only received a flick of his finger on Yoongi’s forehead.


“Yoongi, those feelings you have for Jeongguk, they happen because it’s Fate's work. We’re all a part of God’s plans, and whatever happens, happens. It’s not wrong to love. But you know all too well that it comes with consequences and rules that we, as angels, have to abide. Although, love does make a good image on you, I’d say,” he ended it with a chuckle, and a fake cloud arrow shot to Yoongi's heart.


So, loving Jeongguk wasn’t wrong, hence he kept loving.


To say that it was his mistake, Yoongi never makes any. It was just by chance, that Jeongguk was sick, no one was home, so the angel had to take care of him. Yoongi, out of his usual glamour, wings and all, dragged around the Jeon household, met Jeongguk’s eyes and damn, he fell even deeper when he looked into those wide brown eyes.


Yoongi halted in his steps, am I dead? Jeongguk whispered, you’re fine, just a fever, go back to sleep, Jeongguk he replied. Will you stay? his voice was small, Yoongi just had to smile. And, that was how it began.


His two-week period was up then; Yoongi was allowed to see Jeongguk again. The human was already waiting for him. Though, this time, he didn’t let Yoongi settle himself down, jumping right into his arms, and Yoongi let himself fall on the floor, with Jeongguk above him.


“Yoongi,” Jeongguk’s beautiful smile greeted him, “I’ve missed you so much.”


“I know, angel.”


Jeongguk pouted, lowering himself, his thighs pressing against Yoongi and kissing the angel with so much passion, he knew he was about to be dizzy from the aftermath. “You’re the angel here.”


He kept kissing Yoongi then, and the angel let him be, enjoying the sensation, enjoying the love that spread all over Jeongguk.


Jeongguk’s fingers trailed his shoulders, his wings fluttered at the first touch, their kissing halted in gasps and shared warm breaths. “Can I, can I touch you, Yoongi?”


“You mean my wings?” He knew exactly what Jeongguk meant, and he wasn’t about to tease the young human for that. Yoongi just has to keep himself calm and hold off any dangerous thoughts. “Yeah, sure you can.”


And he failed to do so when Jeongguk started brushing his feathers with so much care, he was writhing and a moaning mess beneath the beautiful boy. His moans were swallowed, breaths stolen from all the kisses Jeongguk showered him with.


His fingers, they were━ his hands were large and warm, caressing Yoongi’s wings with utter care despite the building tension and lust that was running wild with his kisses. Jeongguk managed to brush just the right way, Yoongi felt like there were fireworks sizzling and he shuddered with so much want. It doubled with kisses so hungry yet full of love that Yoongi moaned, thrusting onto the younger man, as his wings spread open to reveal each and every feather glittering with excitement and glowing, just glowing.


Jeongguk pushed himself up, staring at the sight presented before him and Yoongi didn’t know what it looked like to Jeongguk, but with his chest heaving, speechless, and his eyes wide with wonder, Yoongi felt beautiful and appreciated.


“Yoongi, you’re so, I’m sorry, I can’t find other words for it, but you’re so beautiful. So, mesmerizing, so beautiful, so enchanting, so beautiful.”


“And you’re so cheesy, stop it, Jeongguk.”


“You know I won’t,” they giggled, and Jeongguk made this disgustingly cute scrunch of his nose, Yoongi pulled him back down to kiss the human more.



Jeongguk prayed to God that all the other Jeongguks do meet all the other Yoongis, and be as lucky as him.