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I'll fight your Copy soon...

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"I-Why are you here Zero?" The blue cyber-elf wondered, opening his eyes to see the renowned crimson reploid enter the area and promptly sit beside him. "Finding me should be impossible, moreso in enemy base."

"Hmm." Zero greeted, trying his best to lean on the cyber-elf's shoulder. The program snickered, straightening his legs and patting his thighs for the blonde to use. Changing his frequency to a more solid form, the cyber-elf asked as Zero accepted the offer. "Did something happen?"


"I'll fight your Copy soon." Zero muttered, resting his head onto the male's lap. The Cyber-elf thought about it, unconsciously watching Neo Arcadia's system as he began combing the blonde's hair with his hands. "Yes. Yes you will..."

"When I kill him, what will happen to Neo Arcadia?" Zero inquired, curling close to the very familiar cyber-elf. For some reason, being near this cyber-elf was safer than being in the Resistance base. The cyber-elf replied, "a transfer of authority. The Four Guardians and the Eight Gentle Judges will govern the land."

"Without the Copy, humans will begin to question authority and their activities. This will buy Ciel more time to solve the energy crisis." The blue Cyber-elf watched Zero lean closer. "Have you already fought the Four Guardians?"

"Not yet. Soon." Zero commented back, already at peace even when he knows the Resistance Base is worrying their heads off. Zero frowned, "What will you do then?"

"I'll take a nap...after that? I'll come back to see what I can do for everyone." The program remembered something important. "Zero? I have a request."

"What is it?" Zero murmured.




"Can you..." The cyber-elf looked up, staring at the four transporters. "Spare the Four Guardians?"

"..." Zero thought of the pros and cons, recalling the times those reploids nearly terminated his allies. "Why?"

"The Four Guardians... They were made to protect humanity and are willing to compromise for Neo Arcadia's safety." The Cyber-elf said the obvious as Zero raised his hand to touch the cyber-elf's back. Zero, on the other hand, went off topic. "Ciel mentioned the Real X vanished after the Elf Wars."


"Indeed." The program agreed and Zero's frown deepened. "Do you know where he went?"

"He's closer than you think." The cyber-elf liked to talk in riddles. Zero pressed his face onto the cyber-elf's stomach, curious. "Were you waiting for me?"

"Maybe...So will you spare them?" The cyber-elf looked down and made eye contact with the somewhat tired reploid. Zero asked in return, "I will if you come back to me."

"Come back?" The cyber-elf wondered what that meant. Zero reached for the hand caressing his hair and held it tight. "I..."

"Hm?" The cyber-elf wondered what's stalling Zero. Zero continued, "I want to... protect you and have you by my side."


"Eh?!" The cyber-elf blushed, never expecting that sort of promise. Sitting up, Zero seemed to find strength from the other's surprise and made sure he held both the program's hands with his own. "I will do whatever you want me to do if you promise me you will come back and stay with me until the day I die."

"Y-you..!" The cyber-elf made a face, flustered and confused at the same time. "Who taught you those words?!"

"Andre. Do you accept my offer?" Zero doesn't know why but he liked seeing the cyber-elf make all those unnecessary facial features just by hearing  his words. He also didn't let go of the hands or the cyber-elf would cover his face. The cyber-elf's appearance was familiar. Too familiar. 'If only he would stop pixellating...'

"Yes! Yes I accept! Just stop talking that way, will you?" The cyber-elf looked away, hoping the reploid gets the idea. Zero inquired, smiling internally. "No. Look at me in the eyes and say it."


F-fine...” The cyber-elf slowly looked back at midnight blue eyes. Keeping his voice steady, even when the program knew the reploid is enjoying his suffering, the cyber-elf vowed. “I promise to be by your side until...the day you die.

“...” The two continued staring at each other. The cyber-elf pursed his lips, realizing how wrong it sounded when he said it. “I can’t believe I said that! You don’t even know me!

“I don’t mind having you by my side for the rest of my life.” Zero heard the program gasped at his words and felt disappointed when he lost hold of the program’s hands.


You don’t even know what you’re saying! Are you sure you want an apparition to haunt you?” Shifting his frequency back, the cyber-elf stood up and dusted his clothes to hide the disturbed and yet amused expression on his face.

“I don’t mind when it’s you” Zero stood up as well, walking close to break into the cyber-elf’s personal space once more. “Especially when you remind me...”

?!” Watching the familiar stranger back away, Zero made it a point to trap push the cyber-elf to the corner and put one hand onto the wall. “...of someone I know.”

Ahahaha... What a small world we live in...” The cyber-elf shrunk away from the reploid, laughing weakly at the 'coincidence.'


"..." Zero scrutinized the elf before moving back. “We'll continue this later.”

What am I, your pit stop?” The cyber-elf mumbled under his breath. The program didn’t know he was pouting until Zero commented with full intentions of having the cyber-elf hear him say. “Cute.”

Just leave already!” The cyber-elf wailed and Zero obliged with a smile.



“...” When the saber-user left, the ex-ruler of Neo Arcadia sighed. “Why couldn’t amnesia take his bad habits away?