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“Let’s start from the beginning then, shall we?” Erinhart clicks on his pen once more as he taps the notepad. He has six people to interview all over and ask similar questions to. This is going to be a long day.*

“Name please.”

“It’s Kim Namjoon.” The student looked up from his folded hands. He looked sure of himself but at the same time held so many dark secrets. All of these boys did. But one secret didn’t stay hidden for long. It’s why they’re all sitting in separate interrogation rooms, with multiple policemen guarding each door. They were just school boys - who would’ve thought it had to come to this?


“My name’s Kim Seokjin.”


“Uh, Jung Hoseok.”


“Jeon. Jeon Jungkook.”


“Kim Taehyung.”


“I’m Park Jimin.”


Erinhart has read each of their case files from beginning to end, and repeated it again. Even until now it’s hard to believe what was written in it, it was hard to believe what these boys had done.

He looks up from a case file and stares at the student, “And what do you do at the moment, Namjoon?”

The tall male thinks for a second before clearing his throat, “I’m a student at Bangtan High.”


Predictably, the rest of his friends answered similarly.


“And what subjects do you enjoy doing there?”

Namjoon shrugs, “I like spending time in the green house - Botany, y’know? And uh, English. I’m fond of English. I spend a lot of time in the library too.”


Seokjin answers with a sigh, leaning back against the seat, “I just stick to my clique to be honest. But during classes I like going to management & culinary. I know that a lot of students don’t like the rich kids in school - calling us the preps - but hey I don’t lose any money so I just let them be. For the most part.”


Hoseok nods & glances at the ceiling before answering, “I mostly go to my performing arts classes, my dance teacher likes to keep me there during my free classes anyway because she says I’m ‘one of her best’. Other than that I’m a part of lots of clubs that involve physical activity and all that shit.”


Jungkook rolls up the sleeves of his letterman jacket, “What does it look like? Football’s probably all I do at school. I made the school team what it is - we win games, match after match. All because of me, to be perfectly honest.”


Taehyung tries to shift his numbing arms but the cuffed wrists prohibited him from doing so. He rolls his eyes, “I don’t go to school much. Ask any of my teachers & they haven’t seen me for a while. But history & art are alright, I tolerate going to it.”


Jimin gives the detective a small smile before shrugging, “I enjoy all of my subjects, to be honest. Of course it wouldn’t be half as fun if it wasn’t for some healthy & relaxing medicinals, y’know?”
Erinhart looks up from his notepad. He knows that the student meant weed but since they’re heading to prison anyway, there’s no point in hiding any of that incriminating information. Besides, what they’re going to prison for is much more serious than a few bags of marijuana.

The detective sighs and then slowly closes his notepad - now comes the interesting part. He has to ask about him. “So tell me about Min Yoongi. How did you meet him?”


Seokjin’s eyebrows furrow a little, “Why should I tell you anything? I’m going to jail anyway.”


Objections on talking about Min Yoongi came from most of the group of students but Erinhart calmed the situation by siding, “Hey, I get that you don’t want to talk about him much seeing as you hate him. But I’d appreciate it if you could shed some light on him - maybe it’s the least you could do?”


Taehyung snaps, “I love him. We all do. And don’t tell me what I can and can’t talk about.”


Erinhart nods, “Okay I understand that. Just tell me whatever you want to share then, whatever you’re comfortable with. I just would like your help in letting me know who Yoongi was as a character. Please.”


Jungkook stares at the detective’s brown eyes - he seemed sincere. The jock sighs, “Yeah he definitely was a character. He was the new kid at the school so obviously everyone crowded him for the first few weeks, getting all up in his business. I didn’t care for him much at first, but I do remember I didn’t like how all the attention was pointed towards him for a bit, and not at me.”

“You’re a very popular kid at your school, aren’t you?”

Jungkook nods almost proudly, “The most. So when this new emo kid came into the scene I was curious on where he came from, it seemed like he just popped up into thin air, like magic. But then again, Yoongi hyung was...magic, I guess.”


Erinhart can feel some sort of affection still radiating from these students when they talk about Yoongi - it makes his stomach curdle. He nods, trying not to let his disgust show, “Quite a personal question, this next one. Just answer it however way you like, but am I right in saying that you & Yoongi were once a ‘thing’?”


Hoseok nods, “Yeah that’s right. Or I’d like to think we had something, y’know? The thing with Yoongi is...he’s so unpredictable. And impulsive. Jesus, he’s impulsive. But it’s that unpredictability & impulsiveness that got me so...well, in love with him. The rest of the guys will probably say similar things. All in all, we’re all wrapped around Yoongi hyung’s finger.”


It was true then. They all had a thing for this Min Yoongi. But Erinhart feels as if he has even more questions now that he got some answers. The detective nods and asks, “Did Yoongi ever talk about his parents?”


Jimin glances at the two-way mirror behind the detective before he shakes his head, “Yoongi hyung didn’t like talking about them. But yeah his mum died when he was a kid, and he lived with his dad.”

“What was his father like?”

That gets a shrug from the boy, “His dad was a narrow-minded, overprotective brute of a man. You’d think spending so many years in the police force would open your eyes to a lot of differences in the world but nah, even the idea of men liking each other is too much to think about.”


Erinhart notices that each boy describes the dad with such disdain. Min Hanil has been known to rely more on his masculinity to solve cases and situations, but he was respected among the townspeople. The detective - like everyone - has been aware of the rumours that erupted about the chief of police & his son. Back in his old school, Yoongi had apparently came in with a black eye one day. This rumour reached the new school and eventually the entire town they moved in. None of it was proved plus Yoongi never commented on it so it was brushed aside eventually. The police station even made a public announcement on the bulletin board extinguishing any tarnished views on their chief officer, it still is visible to this day. Erinhart saw it on his way in. And that was that.


“Big men talk big game, especially to people who are smaller than them.” Namjoon comments out of nowhere, after having asked about the public announcement. Erinhart nods slowly, not wanting to share his opinion about the chief.

He finally sits up more on his seat and opens his note pad again. He grips his pen - was he trembling a few minutes ago? It probably had something to do with the next question he was going to ask. The question that he was called down here for, to get out of these students. The question that’s quaking an entire town and eventually the whole nation. Erinhart speaks, not knowing whether the answer he’ll get is the truth, “So you’ve told me a little about Yoongi and what he meant to you. He seemed to have been a nice person, maybe slightly problematic. It’s apparent to me that you were all happy in your school cliques. And the other students that were in on it, you all wouldn’t have known each other existed if it wasn’t for Yoongi. So I have to ask, Namjoon - “


Erinhart stares at the student’s eyes with a focused look, “Why did you all work together to murder Min Yoongi?”

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1 year ago...

Yoongi stares out the car window as rain beats down. He loves the rain. But it being his first day in a new school, he didn’t appreciate it that much. Yoongi’s black hair shapes his face with the fringe past his eyebrows by now - he meant to give it a trim before school starts but he forgot. Oh well, he’s not trying to impress anybody anyway.

He fiddled with his fingers, with a few rings decorating them. The driver of the vehicle notices this and sternly says, “Yoongi-yah. I told you not to fiddle, it’s not a healthy habit.”

Yoongi lets out a soft sigh so his dad didn’t hear, and he simply nods. When he was told that they were moving to a different town across the country, he didn’t really have an opinion on it. For most of his life, Yoongi found it better for himself to simply coast & just go with the flow of things. And it works for him anyway. Switching schools wasn’t such a big deal for him neither because the school year had ended anyway. The friends he has made in his old school - although sad to see him go - promise him that they’ll visit whenever they can. Yoongi doubts they will since it’s several hours away, but it’s the thought that counts.

“Have you got everything you need for classes? I don’t want you embarrassing yourself on your first day.”

Yoongi shrugs, his eyes watching raindrops trickle down the passenger window. There’s a short silence, with only the car engine & its radio humming. He hears his dad sigh and comment, “I know your first day should’ve been two weeks ago. But hey at least we’re not late on the day, right?”

Yoongi nods. His dad might be feeling a little guilty because of other things, but he just used something as simple as school as a way to make amends. Hanil turns to his son, the back of his head the only thing visible. He sighs as he parks the car at the school parking lot. Several kids run to the school, taking shelter from the heavy rain. Hanil nods, “Here we are. Make sure to ask about bus times so that I won’t have to drive you tomorrow.”

The son puts on his backpack and mumbles an ‘Okay’ before getting out of the car. Closing the car door, Yoongi runs to the school entrance. By the time he’s inside, his hair and shoes were damp. His dad’s car was gone too. Yoongi lets out a breath he didn’t realise he had been holding in since he got in the car. Turning around, he takes in his surroundings. The school lobby was huge, with a reception room towards his right. Double staircases lead up to the second floor where classes are held. And on the ground floor where he’s on, there’s more classrooms & corridors breaking off on either side of the building. On top of the stairs hang a wide banner which was noticeably painted by students. It read in bright red letters: “WELCOME HOME BANGTAN KNIGHTS!!!” and then in smaller letters underneath “WE LOVE YOU JUNGKOOK~” Drawings of knights’ swords and hearts decorated the blank spaces left on the banner. Yoongi guesses the Knights must be the school team. Before anything else, a bunch of younger students run past him which snaps Yoongi out of his daydream. The school bell rings indicating form class. The raven-haired walks to reception where an older lady sits behind a desk. She looks up and gives him a small smile, “Hello, dear. Can I help you with anything?”

Yoongi returns the smile and nods, “Yeah, hi. I’m Min Yoongi. Principal Song gave me an email about going to reception when I arrive?”

The lady nods in understanding before standing and walking to a file cabinet, “Ah yes, he did mention that a new student was coming today. How are you finding our little town then?”

Yoongi wishes he could answer her more intricately but he hasn’t explored the town at all yet. From the moment they arrived, all Yoongi did was unpack and sleep. The boy shrugs, “Wet.”

The receptionist notices that he was staring out the glass doors where the rain continued to pour. She chuckles, “Ah the rain’s not going to stay for long, don’t worry. Besides a lot of the students here will make you feel welcome, so you won’t mind the weather much. Now here’s everything you need. I believe Professor Choi is your form teacher so go and make your way to his classroom.”

Yoongi thanks her before making his way up the stairs. By this time, everyone is in their form classes and the corridors are empty. Yoongi decides to pause his walking to take a look at the wide envelope that the receptionist gave him. It had a lot of documents and leaflets on clubs. There was also his timetable and a map of the school grounds. Using this map, he navigates his way to his form room. It wasn’t a good idea to keep walking while his head was down, staring at the map. Yoongi turns a corner and feels himself bump into something hard.

For a guy, Yoongi’s quite petite in build so his sense of gravity was nowhere to be seen at that moment, especially since he was distracted. His feet stumble and he essentially falls back on his bottom. The new student grunts and looks up to see a guy a lot taller than him. His uniform is neat and pressed, with a dove-shaped badge pinned to his lapel. The guy’s school bag - if one can even call it that - was actually a clean suitcase and he held it with his right hand. And was that logo Prada? Yoongi stares at him before huffing and standing up, patting his legs, “Sorry about that. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

The taller student shook his head, “That’s okay. I wasn’t looking neither. You fell down pretty hard there.”

Yoongi notices the smirk that adorned the guy’s flawless face but dismissed it, “I’ll live. Actually, can you tell me where Professor Choi’s room is? This map’s trash, no offence.”

He heard a chuckle from the other before he points down the hallway, “Just the last door there on the right, before you turn the corner.”

Yoongi quickly thanks the student and then jogs past him without delay. He can feel the guy watch his back but he seriously doesn’t have the time or energy to care at the moment. He’s late to form class as it is.

Yoongi’s shoes squeak along the floor as he swings the door open, his hand gripping the handle. All heads turn to the newcomer and Yoongi realises that he could’ve made his entrance less dramatic. He eyes the students before looking to the front of the class where the teacher was looking at him expectantly. The student bows slightly to him before walking towards who he assumes to be Professor Choi, “Hi, I’m Min Yoongi.”

The teacher is broad and clean shaven, and looks surprisingly young. Choi smiles, “Ah, yes. Nice to meet you, Yoongi. I’m Professor Choi, welcome to Bangtan High. I’ve saved you a seat over there by the window.”

Yoongi nods and walks down the room, ignoring the stares he’s getting. He’s used to it by now. Yoongi likes to humble himself but he is aware of the fact that he is a pretty boy. And girls and boys alike, love pretty boys. Still he sits on his assigned desk, not bothering to take off his Nike backpack as it’ll only a few minutes left before first class. Professor Choi silences the class politely before saying, “Everyone, this here is Min Yoongi. He’s the new student and he’s moved here from far away, so please make him feel welcome. Yoongi, if you need any help with anything or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or any of your classmates.”

Yoongi nods and gives him a faint smile just as the school bell rings for first class. Some students took this opportunity to welcome him and he appreciated it. Looking at his timetable, he sees that his first class was Maths - great. This was already going to be a long, rainy day.

Taking a seat in the Maths room, Yoongi notices that the desks were laid out in a way that it’s two per table. He didn’t mind that, he could use some help. A student around the same height as him walks in with a relaxed smile on him. He walks to Yoongi’s desk and sits beside him. Yoongi notices how the boy reeked of marijuana and he nearly laughs. A snort comes from him though which makes the student turn to him. Yoongi can feel him staring so he looks back at him. The two were silent and the atmosphere became a little awkward. And it was that awkwardness that had the two burst out laughing. The weed student asks, “Why’re you laughing?”

“You stink of weed, man.”

The male shrugged, “Just a little wake and bake to help me focus on my studies, y’know? I can give you some sometimes.”

Yoongi chuckles and looks at the front of the class where the teacher was still sorting her shit out. The rest of the class was here too and they were all chatting in a low volume. Yoongi looks at his classmate and introduces himself. They shake hands and the student nods, “Nice to meet you, Yoongi-yah. I’m Park Jimin.”

The rest of the class the two helped each other with work and sometimes talked about other things not related to school. After the first class was a 15-minute break so the two just stayed seated in the room, while most of the students went to the canteen to get some late breakfast.

“Anything interesting to do in this town?”

“If there was do you think I’d stink of weed this early in the morning?”

Yoongi giggles, “Come on, there has to be something else than that?”

Jimin looks at the ceiling with slightly red eyes before smiling at Yoongi, “If you’re the hiking type, there’s a great view up on the mountains just before leaving town. We’ll go there sometime, if you’d like.”

Yoongi likes this guy. He’s confident and he already made the decision to go hiking. The two exchange numbers before the bell rings again, symbolising second class.

The rest of the day went by smoothly for Yoongi as he tried to memorise the school as much as he can for his first day. He didn’t see Jimin until the end of the school day, which was when all students return to form class for 15 minutes to get signed off by their form teacher.

“Whereabouts do you live, Jimin-ah?”

Jimin glances at the new student with a smile as they walk out of the school doors, “Not too far from here. Besides this is a small enough town. I just take the school bus and I get home in about 10 minutes.”

Yoongi nods before stopping, “Oh which reminds me, can you actually check the school bus times for me please? I’d really appreciate it.”

Jimin nods and looks through his phone. As the two stand there, a loud rev of an engine roars through the air. Yoongi jumps a little and he looks towards the parking lot. He sees a bunch of students(?) riding motorbikes, some cruising and some parking. One of them caught Yoongi’s eye as he was the only one who didn’t have slicked back hair. Rather, it was in a messy mullet almost. Yoongi nods towards the bikers, “Do they go here?”

Jimin looks up, as if he didn’t even hear the monstrous revving of engines. He glances towards the bikers and scoffs before looking down at his phone again, “Barely. They just like to make a lot of noise. It’s better if you don’t mind them, hyung. Anyway, here’s the timetables.”

Yoongi thanks him before asking more on the greaser-type students, “What do you think of them?”

Jimin shrugs, combing his fingers through his black hair, “I keep to my business, they keep to theirs. I just know that they get into too much trouble that I care for. I’m happy just blazing it up and being chill, y’know?”

Yoongi laughs at the hand gestures that Jimin expresses himself with. He shakes his head before flatly saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow, stoner.”

“See ya, hyung.”


Kicking off his school shoes, Yoongi announces that he’s home. He can hear the TV on in the living room so his dad must be home now too. Yoongi peeks in and sees his dad fast asleep across the couch. There are a few empty beer bottles on the table but overall the house is clean. He must’ve unpacked all of their furniture while Yoongi was at school. The son quietly walks to the kitchen and gets a drink of milk before walking upstairs to his new room.

It was a little smaller than his old bedroom, but he didn’t mind it. He has already pinned his posters up on the walls, all he needs to do is sort out his wardrobe. There’s a small walk-in closet with open slatted doors. His bed is queen-sized & its headboard is against the farthest wall from the entry door. A wide windows look out onto the street, and a glass door opens to a balcony. Yoongi strips off his uniform before hanging it in his closet. He then proceeds to unpack all of his clothes in his boxers. The chains on his earrings dangle around as he finishes unpacking.

He knows his dad doesn’t approve of the piercings but it’s already been done so there’s not much he can do for it. Yoongi hates how his dad is overflowing with masculinity that there’s rarely an ounce of sensitivity within him. Except when he’s with his new girlfriend. Yoongi calls her ‘new’ even though they’ve been together for half a year now. The boy tries to avoid Heebon as much as he can when she comes over. He knows she’s going to visit the new house soon, probably stay over for a few days.

Yoongi lets out a groan knowing the two will be at it then - gross.

Putting on his matching pyjamas, the raven-haired jumps on the bed and makes himself comfortable. He glances at one of his bedside tables where a framed picture of his mum sits. Yoongi gives the picture a faint smile before whispering to no one in particular, “I miss you, mum. Really need you right now.”

He slightly jumps when his phone beeps beside him. Looking through it, he sees a text from his new friend.

From: Jimin
Hey hyung, you up for a smoke tonight?

Yoongi scoffs amusingly before texting back:
I’ll have to take a rain check on that one haha.
Just finished unpacking and I still have to do some homework

Putting his phone down, he hears a faint knock on his door before his dad peeks his head in. Yoongi looks up at him as the older man asks, “Have you eaten?”

Yoongi nods, “Yeah. You?”

The dad nods back, “How was school?”

The boys shrugs, “It was alright.”

“Alright, do your homework, yeah?”


The dad closes the door behind him. Yoongi looks back down at his phone to see a text.

From: Jimin
Ahh okay no probs. Hear that rain though?? So cool...

Yoongi didn’t get to do his homework for another two hours as the students continued to text each other, talking about stupid things.


Jimin looks up at Erinhart, a cup of hot coffee resting between his hands, “I remember thinking how nice he looked, the first time I met him. And he was so easy to talk to. He just...drew me in. For me it was probably love at first sight. And I never believed any of that before, y’know? It’s stupid.”

The detective shakes his head lightly, watching the student take a sip, “No it’s not stupid at all. It happens sometimes. So you two became friends very quickly, was that how his first week of school went?”

Jimin nods, “Yeah it was. Except for Friday. A bunch of jocks were pestering him but Yoongi hyung didn’t back down from that. Actually, he never backed down from anything.”

Erinhart gives him an encouraging look, “Why, what happened on that Friday?”


The bell signalling the one-hour lunch break sounds off. Yoongi packs up his books and walks towards the canteen where Jimin texts him that he’s already saving them a table. It’s only been a few days but Yoongi’s taken a liking to Jimin - he’s chill and gets along with everyone in school. Looking down at his phone, Yoongi curses himself when he feels a hard surface bump into his front again. He stumbles back but doesn’t fall again, thank God. He looks up and notices that he walked into a jock’s back. He could tell because he worr a letterman jacket, with a knight’s helmet as the logo. The jock turns around, so does the rest of his buddies. They all give him a smirk and the one he bumped into remark, “Yah, watch where you’re going, shortie.”

The jocks laugh at their pal’s “smart” joke but Yoongi simply glares at them. He huffs and dtarts walking past them. Yoongi makes sure to mutter “Meatheads” loud enough for all of them to hear. They did not like that. Yoongi lets out a choke as he feels his collar being pulled from behind. He hears someone yell, “The fuck did you just say?!”

At the same time, he’s thrown onto the ground. Yoongi curses and looks up to see the jocks glaring down at him. He can feel other students watching too, but no one’s going to stand up to a jock. So Yoongi makes an executive decision to do it himself. As the first jock approaches his feet, Yoongi kicks his from underneath. The guy falls down flat on his face and lets out a pained groan. Yoongi stands up and doesn’t even gain his composure before someone headbutts him against the face. The new student grabs the next guy by the lapel of his blazer and punches him across the jaw. Yoongi feels a strong hand push against his chest and he sees Professor Choi in between himself and the jock he punched. The teacher seems furious and in shock, “What’s going on here? All of you, in my classroom now! You too, Min Yoongi.”

The atmosphere is tense but at least it’s calmed down. As Yoongi enters the classroom, he catches a glimpse of Jimin pushing his way past students to seemed to have formed a circle around the had-been fight. The principal was called in as well as the jocks’ form teachers with Professor Choi. All of the students were given a stern talking to and the promise that parents will be notified. As for Yoongi, he explained what started it all and the teachers gave him a free pass since it was his first week. While the jocks suspended for two weeks, Yoongi simply got Monday detention. Principal Song pinches the bridge of his nose, “Aish, these kids. And why is it always the Knights that pick on new students?”

Choi sighs, watching the boys as they stare at their feet in shame, “I’ve no clue, sir. I can only imagine how angry their coach is going to be.”

Song scoffs, “As long as Jungkook isn’t suspended, then I’m sure Coach Yun won’t mind as much.”

There’s that name again. This Jungkook must be the best player they’ve got on the team, he’s probably even the captain. But Yoongi doesn’t care for him or the team, especially now. He can already feel a bruise forming on his chin from the headbutt. But at least he doesn’t look worse than the jocks. When Yoongi got home, his dad wasn’t. Must be working, Yoongi thinks to himself. He gets an icepack before heading to his room and laying down. He places the icepack on his chin and checks his phone.

From: Jimin
Yahh what happened there??
Are you alive, hyung??

Yoongi sighs and texts back:
I’m fine Jiminah
Just some jerks but it’s fine now dw

From: Jimin
Sounds shit. Want me to come over?

Yoongi thinks for a moment. As much as he doesn’t mind having Jimin over, he can’t be bothered with all the questions his dad will ask right now. Especially seeing him with a bruise. Maybe some other time. He texts Jimin back, and the two spend the night Facetiming anyway.

That weekend, Yoongi calls up Jimin and takes him up on the offer of hiking up on the valley hills overlooking the town. The day began with the sun hiding behind clouds but it was still a bit warm. It being in the middle of September, Yoongi was surprised how hot the weather was - especially since they were hiking. There were a few joggers and dog-walkers here and there, but the hill-top they reached was barren apart from the two students. Jimin let out a happy sigh as he drops his duffel bag on the grass, stretching his arms out and smiling at Yoongi. The older boy rolls his eyes amusingly, “You’re too happy after that hike up - that killed my legs.”

Just as he was about to slip into a nap, the sound of a lighter flicking alight makes its way into his ears. After a few seconds, the distinct smell of weed fills his nostrils. Yoongi lets out a smile before slowly opening his eyes. He sees that Jimin’s sat a feet away beside him, lighting up. He sits up and watches Jimin take three drags before holding his breath. He then gives the joint to Yoongi, the other taking three drags too. Jimin lets out a smoky breath, “So what’s your story, hyung?”

Yoongi holds in his breath a little before exhaling, feeling a wave of relaxation. He passes the joint, “What do you mean?”

“I mean where were you before coming to this town? What were you doing?”

There was a breeze on the hilltop where the two boys sat, but it didn’t make them any colder. On the grass, they can overlook the entire town of Bangtan. The streets weren’t hectic but they were never empty neither. Over the horizon - just before the valley - their high school stands tall and proud. Yoongi still has a lot of sightseeing to do but hopefully he’ll be able to get himself free time like what he’s doing now, with Jimin. The younger waits for an answer patiently, so he turns his head and watches the older. Without the commitment of paying attention to the teacher in class, Jimin’s finally be to take in Yoongi. Also, they’re out of uniform so it gives them a better understanding of who each of them are. Yoongi wears his ripped jeans and an oversized pink hoodie. A black baseball cap sits on top of his wavy hair and he just wore black converse shoes. His pale fingers adorned numerous silver rings and Jimin couldn’t even count how many earrings he has. All in all, Yoongi was a vision.

Jimin snaps out of his stare when Yoongi replies, “Well I was born in Daegu. Lived there all my life before moving here. What about you?”

The younger clears his throat and continues to hit his blunt, “I was born and raised here. I’m an only child too so you can imagine how mushy my parents are towards me. They’re a bit older than most parents - they had me quite late. Told me I was their miracle baby.”

Yoongi cooes at that and Jimin had to stop himself from blushing, “That’s cute. Do they know you’re an avid herb user?”

Jimin laughs, “Maybe. They never confronted me about it but I have a feeling they know of it. Either way they must be fine with it if they do know. What about your folks?”

Yoongi’s smile faints slightly. Jimin notices it however. The older turns his head to look across the town. Finally he shrugs, “I just live with my dad. My mum passed away a few years ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, hyung.”

Yoongi shakes his head with a small smile at Jimin, “Don’t be. It was tough but I’m at peace with it now.”

A comfortable silence overcomes them. The skies are getting darker now. The joint that the two had been sharing has been long finished. Jimin had been staring at the trees swaying in the breeze, the ones that are a few yards away from him. He then feels a light weight on his shoulder. Turning his head slowly, he feels his heart jump a little at the sight before him.

Yoongi’s head lay on his shoulder, a soft snore coming from him. Jimin peeks under the cap and Yoongi’s eyes are gently shut, his pink lips in a small pout.

Why is his heart beating so loud? Jimin knows that he’s quite the extrovert - he never has trouble making friends so he gets along with mostly everyone. But why has he suddenly felt so nervous with Yoongi? And they’ve known each other for only a week, not even. But Yoongi seems so comfortable with him already. And does Jimin mind? Not at all.

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Jimin insisted on walking Yoongi home. The older laughed and said that it should be the other way around since he’s the hyung. But Jimin comments on how it’s hard to see him as one because of how cute and petite he was. Sure Jimin is around the same height, but he’s broader and got thicker arms as well as legs. The comment got him a light smack behind the neck but even from the minimal contact, Jimin’s heart was singing. The moon is high up in the sky by the time they arrive on Yoongi’s front porch. They were exhausted from today’s trip, but it was fun. Jimin notices that all the lights in the house were off except for one on the ground floor, where a faint sound of the TV is heard. It must be the living room. Jimin nods towards it, “You’re dad’s still up then?”

Yoongi doesn’t look and just nods, “Guess so. Here, thanks for taking me on that hike, Jimin-ah. Needed to get some actual fresh air.”

Jimin gives him a wide smile, “Anytime. Just hit me up if another relaxing hike is needed.”

Yoongi chuckles and rolls his eyes, taking his keys out, “I fell asleep, I was so tired.”

The younger tries to hide the blush that crept up, “Ah, yeah. Well good thing I let you sleep for a bit then.”

He watches as the boy unlocks the door and opens it. Yoongi drops his backpack inside and looks towards Jimin with a small smile. They stare at each other for longer than usual and before Jimin can crack a joke to hopefully cut the silence, Yoongi leans in and pecks the side of his lips. Jimin feels his body freeze, his eyes wide. Yoongi pulls away and walks inside the house. As he closes the door, he smiles warmly, “Thanks, Jimin. I’ll see you on Monday.”

The door shuts close. Jimin doesn’t know how long he must’ve stood on the porch. After snapping out of it, he walks away from the house. His fingers hover over the spot where Yoongi pecked him. His lips barely missed his. Why was he so forward? Maybe Yoongi was simply brought up to be that way? Jimin doesn’t want to get his hopes high and find out that it’s the most normal thing for Yoongi to do that to all of his friends. Maybe he can ask about it next week. If he gets the courage to.


Erinhart looks up from the sound of the metal table getting kicked from underneath. Taehyung groans, “Is there any chance of me being able to take a walk around here? My ass is numb and my legs are cramping up.”

The students had complained about this before. The detective can’t even fault them - they’ve been glued to the chair for the majority of the day. If it wasn’t for the small window at the top of one wall, they wouldn’t have known day from night. Looking at his watch, Erinhart sees that it’s nearly ten at night. He looks towards the two-way mirror behind him and then looks back at the greaser. He nods, “Okay lucky for you, there’s a smoking area for convicts here. I’m giving you 15 minutes in there to stretch your legs. Don’t get any ideas other than that though - there’s cameras watching the whole area. And there’s also police guarding the door.”

Taehyung mutters some smart-ass comment as per usual as the detective fishes out the keys to his cuffs. After unhooking him from the table, he cuffs the student again before they walk out of the interrogation room. The smoking area Erinhart spoke of was a small space. Three of its walls and its ceiling are made of fencing wire. Outside the fence overlooks the neighbourhood. Taehyung is pushed inside by Erinhart and he closes the bolt door behind him. He watches the student glare at him through a small window on the door. Afterwards Taehyung simply walks around, stretching his legs. Erinhart sighs. He was hoping he didn’t have to use handcuffs on any of these boys. Taehyung had given them such a hard time earlier though. It took three more people to push the student to the ground and cuff him from behind. The other boys weren’t as wild though surprisingly enough. It wasn’t like it came out of nowhere though. Taehyung and his clique were known for constantly causing petty trouble and crimes. Not enough to land them in jail but enough for them to be infamous within the precinct. Looking at the greaser’s file, the boy didn’t have any living relatives anymore. The parents had died in a car accident several years ago. Erinhart’s guess is that Taehyung changed into this bad-boy type after losing his parents. The detective had to hand it to the boy. It’s a hard world out there, and it’s even harder without parents. Taehyung’s just trying to survive.

Still doesn’t explain why he killed the one person he loves. None of this add up.

After Taehyung is escorted back to the room, Erinhart gets straight to the point, “You’re going to jail for a lot longer if you don’t help me out here, Taehyung. Why did you do it? And where is the body?”

He notices Taehyung’s shoulders stiffen a little at those was gone as soon as it appeared though. The student across from him shakes his head, “He...he had what was coming to him.”

“But you loved him.”

Taehyung nods slowly, staring at his hands, “Yeah. So?”

Erinhart doesn’t want to show his confusion - that would be showing weakness. And he has to work hard to get as much of the truth as he can out of these boys within a week. The news of the murder absolutely devastated his father. So Hanil being the chief, made it abundantly clear that he wants answers. And that he wants these boys put away for life, or worse. And of course Erinhart wants to get to the bottom of this. But that thought alone won’t get him any closer to figuring out Taehyung, and the rest of them.


Yoongi huffs under his breath. The bell signalling for the end of school sounds, but the petite boy can’t leave yet. It’s Monday which means detention - he has to stay in his form class until 7 tonight. He didn’t tell his dad, instead he says that he has an after-school class to catch up on what he missed since the beginning of the month. Yoongi can only imagine how furious his dad will get if he finds out he’s in detention, let alone a fight. His dad is so proud of everything whom he is, there’s no room for error. Especially since he’s the chief, he’s got a whole town to impress. And this town won’t be too impressed if they find out that the chief’s son is a trouble magnet. Entering the classroom, he notices that there are a few students already here. One student catches his eye though, because the other was already staring at him. It was that mullet guy at the parking lot of the school with his friends. He leans on his chair with one arm over the back, the other hand on the table. Yoongi gulps before walking to take his seat, just a table in front of mullet.

Choi is at the front of the class behind his desk. He looks at detention students with nonchalance before stating, “Alright guys, do your own work in silence please. Once you’re finished, let me know and I’m sure we’ll find something else for you to do.”

Yoongi does as he’s told, finishing up all of his homework for the day within an hour or so. Afterwards, he didn’t want to go up to his professor because he’s going to be given more work that he doesn’t want to do. So Yoongi pretends that he’s still on his work, while in reality he’s writing lyrics. Yoongi loves music. Ever since he can talk, he’s sung. And ever since he can write, he’s written music. Packing up all of his equipment and then unpacking it in his new room was stressful, but it had to be done. His music gets him away from anything bad. And any chance he gets, he writes into his personal notebook. A few minutes go by. The skies outside are turning dark with faint hues of purple and orange. The school is quiet, including the room they’re in. The sound of clicking from Choi’s computer can be heard, as well as pages turning from other students. All the while, Yoongi can feel eyes at the back of his neck. After a moment, he feels something hit it lightly. Yoongi looks down and notices a crumbled piece of paper by his feet. He glances behind him and can see mullet guy staring at him with a smirk. Yoongi gives him a confused look before picking up the paper. He quietly opens it up and reads: What you in for?

The smaller boy stares at the writing for a second. He then sighs and writes on it: Fighting

Yoongi crumbles the paper and watches Choi as his hand sneaks back. When he feels a bigger hand take the paper - momentarily brushing skins - Yoongi feels himself blush. He curses himself internally for being such a bitch to his size kink. After waiting for a bit, he the paper lands softly on his table.

Ahh you’re the new kid then haha~

Yoongi looks up when Choi stands and announces, “That’s it for today then. Please sign out up here, everyone.”

Upon leaving the school doors, Yoongi pouts as he notices that it’s already dark out. Streetlights line the roads and stars above are blocked by heavy clouds. The cold wind cuts into Yoongi’s small body. He wraps his blazer around himself tighter and shivers. Watching the other students walk away in small groups, Yoongi decides that he should start walking himself. As he walks through the parking lot, he feels someone walk up beside him. Turning his head, he notices mullet guy. He’s taller than him so Yoongi had to look up. The other didn’t look at him, instead kept his eyes forward. He then breaks the silence, “So how was it?”

Yoongi’s eyes are big and a natural pout overcame his lips, “How was what?”

“Beating the jocks. I heard that it happened, I didn’t know it was you.”

“You’ve seen me around?”

Mullet guy chuckles and looks down at him, “It’s hard not to notice a guy as tiny as you.” Yoongi glares at the side of his face before sighing, “They were suspended for a few weeks. I only had to do tonight’s detention, so I can’t complain.”

The other hums. They continue walking in silence. Is this guy following Yoongi? Where’s all of his greaser friends? Before he could think anymore, the guy stops at an old and beat-up Harley Davidson. Yoongi’s eyes slightly widen but he doesn’t want to show that he’s impressed. He stops too and asks, “Is that yours?”

“Yeah. Why? You like them?”

Yoongi shrugs, “I mean I’ve always wanted to see one in person. Never thought I’d get to, it looks so cool.”

The taller male nods with a small smile and then pats the seat, “It’s ancient. But it gets me to where I need to be.”

Yoongi’s impressed. And looking at the greaser up close, he notices that he’s got a ring piercing at the side of his bottom lip. The hems of his uniform trouser legs are dirty and mud-ridden - probably from riding the Harley along dirt roads. One earring dangles on his left ear and Yoongi notices the start of tattoos on both arms - he’s no idea how big - when his sleeves hike up even a little. The guy’s nose is straight and his eyebrows are strong. The black mullet on him sways against the wind - and it was a look that he can pull to be honest. Yoongi lightly kicks a stone and looks up with doe eyes, “What’s your name by the way?”

The student looks slightly surprised that he asked. But he quickly gains his composure and answers, “Taehyung. You?”

“I’m Yoongi. Nice to meet you, Taehyung-ssi.”

The two talk for a minute or so before Yoongi remembers the time. He explains that he has to go home, that his dad will be looking for him soon. Taehyung pauses then nods. Yoongi waves a quick goodbye before walking away, towards the direction of his house. As he walks along the footpath, he can’t help but concern himself with the thought of his dad’s girlfriend - will she be in the house when he arrives? Yoongi really hopes not. Small drops of rain start falling just as he had turned the first block. Yoongi looks up and sighs, speedening his walk. Hopefully it doesn’t get any heavier than this. Imagine Yoongi’s luck when the skies poured within a few seconds. Torrential rain is all that he’s been met with ever since he arrived in this town - what the hell else should he expect now? Yoongi curses and starts jogging but his hair and uniform soon becomes wet. He hears an engine revving gradually become louder. Yoongi turns around just in time to see a familiar Harley Davidson. It swiftly stops beside him on the road and the driver pulls up the visor on his helmet. Taehyung looks at him almost with an annoyed look, “Are you getting on or do you wanna take your shower outside?”

Yoongi’s eyes had been wide. He didn’t argue though, just went with his gut and hopped on behind this stranger. It should be very weird for Yoongi, but he’s used to being so impulsive. He doesn’t think about the outcome, he just knows that what’s happening will be an experience. It’s the same thing with getting on the back of a Harley with this greaser student, not knowing anything about him except his name and that his hands are massive. Yoongi pulls up his hoodie that he wore under his school blazer and then climbs up on the monster of a bike. Taehyung wastes no time revving the engine again as they speed across the town. Yoongi instinctively wrap his arms around the other’s waist to keep him from losing his balance. He had no idea the effect it had on the driver. The adrenaline of being on such a fast bike, it thrilled Yoongi. He never thought in his life that he’d ever be able to ride a Harley, but here he is now. The time it took to reach his house was in record timing, and the rain had stopped by then. After instructing the driver where he lives, Taehyung pulls up onto the driveway and shuts off the engine. Yoongi hops off and for a spilt second, sees the curtain being drawn inside his house. Shit. He’s going to have to explain this to his dad. Taehyung pulls off his helmet, his hair still fashionably cute. Yoongi gives him a shy smile as he slides his hoodie back, “Thanks, Taehyung-ssi. That was fun.”

The greaser rolls his eyes, although he couldn’t hide the giddy feeling he had in his chest, “Well it just bothered me that you still don’t drive. The next time it rains, you better be driving yourself home.”

Yoongi frowns and tilts his head, “It’s the rainy season though. It could very well rain again tomorrow.”

Taehyung scoffs and starts the engine again after pulling on his helmet, visor up, “Well then I guess I’m going to have to give you another ride then.”

Yoongi didn’t get to say goodbye before the greaser drives off loudly into the night. The smaller student chuckles before heading inside his house. His faint smile falters as he sees his dad standing by the hallway, beer in hand. They stare at each other for a second before Yoongi breaks the eye contact. He kicks his shoes off and places it on the shoe rack by the entrance. Before he climbs up the stairs, his dad holds his arm, “Did you ride on that motorcycle?”

Yoongi looks up at him, “Yeah? It was raining hard. My...friend gave me a lift.”

His dad nods, “Who’s your friend?”

Yoongi looks down at the grip his dad still has on him. He pulls it away gently before answering, “Taehyung.”

“What’s his last name?”

“I don’t know.” Yoongi jogs up the stairs and quickly goes in his room. He leans his back against the closed door. Even if he knew Taehyung’s last name, he wouldn’t tell his dad. Knowing him, he’s going to check if the guy has a criminal record - which he might actually have, if looks aren’t deceiving.


“I can’t look at that fucking bike anymore, you know? It just reminds me of him everytime.” Taehyung looks down at his hands. Erinhart stares at the boy’s bowed head. He can tell that the student is exhausted. Not just from the endless hours of interrogating, but from all of the events that had happened. But Erinhart can’t bring himself to feel sorry for him. He had helped in murdering this innocent boy, who’s only fault was that he attracted these guys. Erinhart never had an opinion on homosexuality - God knows there’s enough close-minded people about. Even still, the detective believes in the saying ‘to each their own’. It’s nowhere an excuse to harm anyone.

“What made you go after him and give him a ride home? After having only met him a few minutes before that? From what I gathered from your clique, you don’t tend to bother with anyone else outside of it.” The detective leans back against his seat. He watches Taehyung look at him and sigh, “It’s like what I said before: Yoongi just...drew me in. Who he was, how he spoke, how he moved, how he looked at me. You’ve never met him so you wouldn’t understand. But the moment he looked at me and smiled...well, I knew I’d follow him anywhere. I’d follow him to the end.”

Erinhart gives Taehyung a bitter look. He knew he shouldn’t input his own opinions but he wanted to comment then and there - ‘Even to his own end?’

Chapter Text

Yoongi doesn’t mind school nor does he mind studying. One thing that just gets under his skin are exams. And in Bangtan High, Yoongi came to find out that there are intensive exams held every end of the month. These exams apply to all the months from September to November, in preparation for Christmas papers before the holidays. Yoongi doesn’t want to fail his first exam, so he had to get stuck in with his studying. Music - he can pass with flying colours without even looking at the questions. It’s the rest of the subjects he’s not so sure about.

A few weeks before September’s intensive exam, Yoongi makes a decision to try out the library. Maybe he’ll be able to focus more there than at home. He had been texting Jimin daily, it’s just second nature to them now. So when he told Jimin that he’s heading to the library instead of their usual smoking area on the hill, the younger seemed disappointed. Yoongi giggles at the sad memes that Jimin sent him but he tells him they’ll go once the first exam’s over. In terms of Taehyung, he never saw him much in school. Yoongi never had to go to detention neither, so he’s not sure if that’s why. Although the petite boy missed seeing the Harley - and maybe its driver - he tells himself that it’s okay if it’s just a one-off thing to interact with a greaser. That is before he steps out of the main building and starts walking across the parking lot to reach the school library. Yoongi notices a bunch of students - some with crazy hair colours and hairstyles - chilling at one corner of the parking lot. Greasers. One of them was Taehyung. His back was toward Yoongi, and he looked to be busy chatting with his friends. There were several bikes and trucks parked there, Yoongi guesses it belongs to them. One of the bikes he definitely recognised. Before anything else, some greasers notice the small, pale boy and start cat-calling him. Yoongi groans and rolls his eyes, continuing to walk. He notices Taehyung turn his head to look at who his friends were calling for. Yoongi makes eye contact with him. He understands that in cliques such as Taehyung’s, image means a lot. What Yoongi didn’t expect though was for Taehyung to silence the cat-calling, and then jog towards the smaller. Yoongi stops walking when Taehyung waves at him casually. Yoongi glances behind him and sees that the greasers looked slightly confused? Taehyung speaks with his usual low, honey voice, “Don’t listen to those fools. They didn’t know I knew you.”

Yoongi gives him a smile, “It’s fine. Even if they did, I don’t see why you had to come all the way here to explain.”

Taehyung places his hands in his pockets, shrugging, “Well I felt like it. Aren’t you heading home now anyway? Want me to-?”

Yoongi notices the hesitation in Taehyung’s eyes but he doesn’t address it. Instead he waits for the other to finish, “Do you want me to give you a ride home?”

Yoongi politely declines, saying that he needs to study in the library. Taehyung scoffs, making a vague remark on how those exams are useless. The smaller looks up at the greaser and shrugs, “Even still, I need to make sure I don’t fuck up my first exams. My dad wouldn’t like it if I did.”

“Your dad a big part of your life then?”

Yoongi wanted to answer with, ‘More than I would like’ but instead he nods politely. Taehyung stares at him. He didn’t care how shameless it looked. Yoongi didn’t want to read too much into it, but this boy was actually checking him out! Taehyung stares at his lips, his nose, his chin. And he stares at his eyes. Yoongi coughs, trying to break the silence, “I like your piercing, by the way. I forgot to tell you.”

Taehyung snaps out of his daze and brushes a long finger over his lip ring. He gives him a smirk, “Thanks. I did it myself. I can give you one if you’d like.”

Yoongi giggles, instinctively giving the taller a playful push on his (hard) chest, “I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.”

Taehyung nods, “Right, your dad wouldn’t be too happy about that.” He proceeds to take out his phone and hands it to Yoongi, telling him to put in his number. The smaller simply went with it and then gave it back to the greaser. Taehyung starts walking backwards towards his clique, “I’ll text you later on maybe. And my offer to pierce your lip is still on the table. Or if you want me to pierce anything else of yours. Your dad doesn’t have to know.”

Yoongi couldn’t believe this boy. He watches him jog towards his friends before shaking his head and makes his way to the library. Taehyung definitely wastes no time. He’s looking forward to his text message though - if he doesn’t forget him. Walking into the library, Yoongi is overwhelmed by the sheer size of it. Floors and floors of books and study rooms stack up amongst themselves. There’s a good amount of students in the building but it wasn’t crowded. Right, to work then. Yoongi picks an empty, lone corner table at the very end of the building. He can get used to this. The place was quiet, well-ventilated and the seats were nice lounge ones. Yoongi had texted his dad saying that he’ll be staying late in the library in the next few weeks for this upcoming exam. He opens up his books and spread them across the table. A few minutes into studying, his phone vibrates. Yoongi looks up and takes his phone into his hands.

From: Jimin
Yoongi ah, how’s your studying going?

From: Yoongi
Just got in, gonna stay for a couple more hours ughh~

From: Jimin
Want me to keep you company, hyung?

From: Yoongi
I’d like some company Jiminie but I’d get distracted haha sorry

Jimin doesn’t want to instantly open Yoongi’s next message. He has to at least try and pretend that he has nothing better to do than to wait for his crush’s text backs. Yes, Jimin finally admitted to himself that he likes his Yoongi hyung. Laying down on his bed, he rolls over on his side, hugging his phone. After having his daily smoke, Jimin had dinner with his grandparents then went up to his room. His shoes are thrown off somewhere and he wore black sweatpants with a white long-sleeved shirt. His black hair slightly parts over his forehead as he closes his eyes. After waiting for what seemed like adequate enough time to reply to someone inconspicuously - a minute - Jimin replies.

From: Jimin
Ah okay no worries hyung. Here is it okay if I call you later? If you’re not busy..

From: Yoongi
Sure, I’ll be home by 9 probably. Call me then :)

Jimin lets out a deep breath, closing his eyes. His arms fall against his sides, phone in hand. After a while of just listening to his clock tick, he whispers to himself, “You can do this, you coward.”

Yoongi continues with his work in the library. After figuring out that he needs some books for help and guidance, he gets up and strolls the aisles. He looks down at his sleeves - it’s always been hard to find shirts that fit his thin arms. Most of the time, he settles for sleeves that go over his hands. He doesn’t mind it though since it adds to his cute look. And that’s what he likes to go for. Yoongi doesn’t say this to anyone but he loves the attention men give him. And men love looking at him, especially in oversized clothing. So he made sure that his uniform was a little bigger on him than recommended. Looking up, he notices a tall student. He seemed to be deep in thought, holding a book in each hand. Yoongi tilts his head before approaching him, he needs help anyway. Yoongi speaks, “Um, excuse me?”

That seemed to have startled the taller and he jumps. He drops the books and looks down at the student. His eyes are slightly wide, “Ah sorry about that.”

Yoongi smiles and tells him it’s okay. He kneels down and collects the two books. He stands up and hands it to the flustered student, “I was just looking for help in finding a book?”

The other gives him a sheepish smile, “You and me both.” Yoongi notices that this man must be just under two heads taller than him. His black hair is parted towards the side of his temple. He’s not wearing his blazer and his sleeves are rolled up just under his elbows. Yoongi smiles, “I just figured you look like you’ve been here longer than me.”

The other nods and smiles back, “I’m Namjoon. Is it that obvious?”

Yoongi introduces himself and mentions, “Well, I’m pretty sure everyone’s been here longer than me. I’m still trying to get the hang of things.”

Namjoon quickly catches on that he’s the late-comer and welcomes him to Bangtan High. They chat for a minute or so before Namjoon shakes his head quickly, “Anyway, you were looking for some help?”

Yoongi gives him a shy grin, “I was just looking for some of these theory books?” He hands him a piece of paper that his English teacher gave the entire class. She told everyone how helpful they will be for the exams. Namjoon skims through the list and nods understandingly, “I know where to find all these. Follow me.”

Yoongi walks alongside the taller student, “You spend a lot of time in the library? Are you some sort of brainiac?”

Namjoon chuckles, “I like to think of myself as that, believe it or not. Anyway the reason I know all of these books is that I’m majoring English. Lived in the US for a few years before my family decided to settle down here.”

Yoongi frowns playfully, “Isn’t that cheating then? Give the rest of us a chance.”

Namjoon looks down at Yoongi and laughs. Yoongi liked how his eyes almost disappear when he laughs. The taller shrugs, “Well if it’s any consolation, the exams I do are a level up. So they’re a lot harder than normal.”

Yoongi nods, a small pout set on his lips, “I guess. Still - not fair.”

“That’s cute...” Namjoon didn’t seem to realise what he had said under his breath until he said it. His eyes slightly widen and he looks at Yoongi, hoping the other didn’t hear him. He did. But the smaller didn’t want to make the situation awkward, so he just asked about those books. Namjoon clears his throat and finishes collecting all of the books from the list. Yoongi tries taking it from him but Namjoon smiles, “Where are you sitting?”

Yoongi’s hands lower but he points toward the self-proclaimed desk. The taller students walks to it, Yoongi following after with more steps. Damn his short legs. And damn this boy’s long ones. Namjoon gently sets the books down and then pats it, turning to give Yoongi a nod. The smaller thanks him to which Namjoon tells him not to mention it. Yoongi takes his seat and looks up just in time to see Namjoon awkwardly scratch the back of his head, “Well, I’ll see you later, Yoongi-ssi. Let me know if you need any help.”

If lightbulbs could physically go off above someone’s head in real life - as opposed to cartoons - it would’ve done so above Yoongi. Before Namjoon turns to walk away, Yoongi stands, “Wait.”

The taller boy couldn’t have turned to him quicker, “Yeah?”

Yoongi gives him a smile, “I was wondering if I could get your number? I might need your expertise in English sometime. Probably sometime soon because I’m shit at it.”

Namjoon stares at him for a second longer before chuckling quietly and walking towards the desk. Pulling out a pen from his pocket, he leans down. Yoongi watches as those big hands take a piece of paper from one of his notepads and writes down his number. Afterwards Namjoon stands upright and smiles again, “There you go. Give me a shout whenever you want, Yoongi-ah.”

Yoongi thanks him, “I’ll make sure to do that.”


Sitting across his father, Yoongi ate his dinner quietly. The sound of the TV is muffled as it was in the other room. Looking around the kitchen/dining room, the son notices that there are still a few boxes in the corner that are yet to be unpacked. Since his dad hasn’t asked him to do anything about it so far, Yoongi decides that he won’t bother clearing those boxes. Tonight they are having Chinese takeaway. His dad rarely cooked anyway so they’re both used to it.

“How was school today?”

Yoongi nods, “It was good.”

The dad takes a sip of his drink before clicking his tongue, “You should join a club. It’ll keep you busy.”

The son glances at him, playing with his food using his fork at this point, “What makes you think I’m not?”

Hanil shrugs and leans back against his chair, “September’s nearly ending and all you’ve been doing is go on your phone texting. That and get bike rides from that Taehyung boy.”

Yoongi shakes his head, “It was the one time.”

“Doesn’t mean it won’t be the last.”

The son doesn’t understand what his dad’s got against motorbikes. Sure they can be dangerous when ridden, but what vehicle isn’t? Anyway Yoongi doesn’t think it’s just the bike that bothers his dad. He sighs before standing up and cleaning after himself. All the while he can feel his dad’s eyes on his back. After quickly excusing himself, he jogs up to his room and throws himself on his bed. He had left his phone on charge and upon looking, there were two text messages. From different people. Yoongi smiles.

From Jimin:
Let me know when I can call Yoons

From Unknown:
Did you get home okay?

‘Yoons’. That’s cute. The unknown number must be from Taehyung. Yoongi adds his name in his contacts. He lays on his stomach as he replies to the two.

To Jimin:
Yeah call me when you’re ready, Jiminnie

To Taehyung:
Yep were you worried about me haha?

Yoongi puts down his phone then gets into his pyjamas. The set he picked tonight was white overall with thin pink stripes running down the fabric. Just as he had buttoned the last button on his top, his phone rings. He let it ring a few times before answering it, “Hello, Jimin-ah?”

His friend’s voice answers, “Hey, hyung. Have you had eaten yeah?”

“Yeah just finished there, you?”

“Yeah I have.”

Yoongi stands up and sits behind his desk, turning on his PC as well as his digital piano. He plugs his earphones on his phone so that both his hands are free. From there he proceeded to continue an unfinished piece of music, “So what did you want to talk to me about?”

There’s a short silence before Jimin laughs nervously, suddenly mumbling, “Ahh, I don’t know...”

Jimin sits on a lawn chair, on the rooftop balcony of his house. He’s on his second blunt - he needs some courage to have this conversation with Yoongi. Jimin clears his throat, “Well I just wanted to ask about the other day when we went hiking.”

“Uhum, what about it?” Jimin notices the faint sound of piano keys being played at random but he doesn’t address it yet. He needs to get this off his chest.

“Before you went in your, you leaned in and—-. Yeah.”

There’s a moment of silence. No piano keys. Then it starts again and Yoongi asks, “I gave you a peck. Did it bother you? I’m sorry, I thought it was fine and—-.”

Jimin nearly drops his blunt, and that would’ve been bad. But he was shocked at the other’s reaction so he sits up with wide eyes, looking at the horizon, “No, no! It wasn’t that. I was more than fine with it....It’s just that...Well, do you do that with all of your friends, yeah? I mean I know you’re new here and it’s no harm at all but I was just wondering if it’s just customary in where you lived before?”

The town of Bangtan is known for being quite small with its historic buildings, bridges and rivers. Aesthetically, it could almost pass as European if it were for the peck-on-the-cheek formality that Yoongi personally introduced to Jimin. Or rather the peck-on-the-side-of-the-lips. Jimin second guesses himself for the nth time during the phone conversation until he hears the cutest giggle through the phone. Yoongi replies, “Calm down, Jiminnie. To answer your question, no. It’s not customary where I used to live to do that.”



“Okay....” Jimin stares across the skies where stars cluttered, blunt forgotten. His heart is bumping against his ribs. His mouth feels dry. Shit. Might as well go for it. Jimin sighs shakily, “Yoongi-ah, do you want to go on a date with me?”

Yoongi’s smile never faltered during the conversation. His fingers ghost over his piano keys before nodding, “Sure. Where do you want to go?”

Jimin laughs wholeheartedly, “I’ve no fucking clue. I didn’t think I’d get this far.”

“Hmm, maybe you’ll get farther then.”

Oh, if Yoongi could’ve heard Jimin fall backwards, off his seat. Fortunately he didn’t. By this time, Jimin’s instantly sobered up. Yoongi has to calm him down again before he reminds him that it’s late, and they have class the next morning. Jimin reluctantly agrees and they set up a day in which they’re both free to carry on their first date. They say their good nights and then end the call. Yoongi turns off his PC and piano - he actually got a lot of work made during that conversation. Looking down at his phone again as he lays on his bed, he notices a message from Taehyung half an hour ago.

From Taehyung:
Worried about you haha that’s funny. You’re a funny little bean

Yoongi exclaims to himself before texting back quickly.

From Yoongi:

From Taehyung:
Yeah you are. The day you don’t have to tilt your head up to look at me with those eyes is the day you’re not a bean

Yoongi blushes. But still he has to stick up for himself. As he was in the middle of writing a reply, Yoongi jumps when his phone starts ringing. It was Taehyung. Yoongi pouts before answering, “Hello?”

“You were taking too long, fuck’s sake. Anyway, you’re a bean. Yeah.”

Yoongi laughs. The two end up talking for a few hours - mostly about ghost stories and murder conspiracies - before falling asleep with both of them still on the line.

Chapter Text

It’s a cloudy Saturday and Yoongi has planned his day out in advance. After waking up at around 12, he gets himself dressed groggily. The boy puts on a large, green jumper that showed off his pale collarbones, and distressed, ripped jeans that stopped above his thin ankles. Yoongi decides on his red Converse shoes that he still hasn’t grown out of since a few years ago. Today is - surprise - a cloudy day with a chilly breeze, so Yoongi wraps a thick scarf around his neck, puffing his cheeks a little. Walking down the stairs of his house, he notices that the boxes in the kitchen were put away. His dad’s is working today too so he must’ve finished cleaning up before he left that morning. Putting on his earphones, Yoongi plays some music as he trudges along. He waits for a bus to take him into town and he didn’t have to wait long until he’s on one. It didn’t take him long to learn the bus times of the town neither. Sure, he has to get used to it if he’s going to get to school on time everyday. Stepping off the bus in town, he notices that it’s more busy than usual. Families and couples are out and about, enjoying each other’s company. Yoongi’s mind blanks as he sees a family with two parents and their little boy - they look happy with each other. Wonder what that must feel like. After shaking his head, Yoongi looks up the address of the place he’s looking for. Eventually, his phone takes him to a corner building. It had benches outside and plants hanging off the balcony of the second floor. The building was called The Hive, and it was a bar at night and restaurant during the day. Yoongi steps in, taking off his earphones. The inside was cosy - a bar towards the right hand side and circle tables scattered around the left. At the very end of the room was an elevated floor where Yoongi assumes live performances are held. He takes note of the grand piano sitting there before walking to the bar. A young woman stands behind, cleaning the countertop. She looks up and gives Yoongi a smile, “Hi there, what can I get you?”

Yoongi returns the smile but shakes his head, “I don’t want anything, thanks. I just wanted to ask if you’re still looking someone to play the piano?”

The girl gives him a confused look. Yoongi points outside, “There was a sign on the door. You were looking for someone to play the piano?”

She then gets the idea and nods enthusiastically, “Oh yeah! Let me just get my manager and you two can hash out the details.”

The girl shuffles to a door at the back of the bar and Yoongi waits a few minutes before she comes back with an older man. He was shorter than him and chubby. His hair and beard was white and the way he walked reminded Yoongi of a penguin. He shakes hands with him as the old man chortles, “Well, young man. Dahyun here was telling me you’re interested in a part-time job here as our pianist?”

“That’s right.”

“Ever played in a place like this before?”

Yoongi smiles bashfully, “No actually. But I can play the piano like no one else.”

The old man seemed pleasantly surprised by Yoongi’s confidence. He then nods and ushers him to the stage, “Play a little something for us then.”

Yoongi walks out of the establishment with a small smile on his face and a new part-time job on his back. The old man - now his manager - is a sweet guy named Wang Shinil. Mr Wang is what he prefers to be called. The girl behind the bar whom he met congratulated him and introduced herself as Dahyun. They exchanged numbers for work efficiency and then Yoongi left, thanking them. Walking out of the bar, turns the corner and bumps into a hard surface. Why is it that Yoongi can’t avoid losing his balance? Damn his small grip in gravity. Before Yoongi falls back, a hand grips his elbow and pulls him towards centering himself. Yoongi looks up and notices that it was the same guy in his school who he saw on his first day, the one with the Prada bag. He’s not wearing his neat uniform though, obviously since it’s the weekend. His hair is lazily styled to the side and his build is charmingly wide. He looks down at Yoongi with a smirk, “You need to stop falling over like that everytime we meet. People are going to think you’re in love with me.”

Yoongi is flustered for a second before he gains his composure - figuratively and physically, “I doubt it. You’re more at fault for being so...” He gestures with his hand, “...bricky.”

“Bricky?” The taller smiles, amused. Yoongi huffs, “Yeah, like a brick wall. Bricky. It’s a word.”

The stranger laughs and puts his hands up in surrender, “I believe you, don’t worry.”

Yoongi stares up at the broad-shouldered student before commenting, “What year are you in?”

“I’m a senior. You’re the kid who got into a fight with those jocks, didn’t you? That was funny.”

Yoongi notices the proud smile on the taller, “You don’t like them much in the first place then?”

The other shrugs, his hands going in his pockets, “The thing with the school of Bangtan is that none of the groups fuck with other groups. And I like that. You’ve seen some of the shitheads that go there. I hear one of the greasers like to talk to you.”

Yoongi pouts, “You seem to hear a lot of things about me.”

“Yeah well one of the groups are nosey bitches. So there’s that. Nobody’s business is safe with those fucking cheerleaders.”

“The cheerleaders are also the nosey bitches?”

The taller smiles, “Naturally. I didn’t catch your name by the way.”

Yoongi introduced himself. They shake hands and the other boy says, “Nice to meet you. I’m Seokjin.”

“Nice to meet you too. So all this talk about school groups and all, which one are you in?”

Seokjin chuckles, “Well stereotypically, we’ve been known as the preps. Just because we have money to spend.”

Yoongi nods slowly before he sees Dahyun run out The Hive, holding his scarf. She seemed surprise to see him still standing there but was grateful, as she runs to him. She smiles at Yoongi, handing him his scarf, “Yah, you forgot this!”

Her eyes glance at Seokjin and her smile faints. She didn’t seem to have noticed him as she ran to Yoongi. The smaller male looks between the two and sees Seokjin with a small smile, “Hello, Dahyun.”

The girl sighs, “Hello.” With that, she runs back in the bar, saying a polite goodbye to Yoongi. When she’s gone, the pale boy looks up at Seokjin, “What was that about?”

The prep laughs, “Damned if I know. Probably has something to do with the fact that she’s close with the jocks. And the jocks and us don’t see eye-to-eye, just like the rest of the cliques.”

Yoongi gives him an impressed nod. He has to respect the system with how these students handle conflict. They’d rather have peace in the entire school so they just mind their own and protect their social groups. Seokjin smirks down at him, “What about you? Have you figured out which clique you want to be in?”

Yoongi doesn’t really care for these boundaries. He’d rather be friends with anyone who’s kind to him, regardless of where they belong. He replies, “Well I don’t know. I mean look at me, I don’t really fit in to any of your groups. Which isn’t always a good thing.”

The taller stares at him, “Hmm, it’s not necessarily a bad thing neither.”

Before Yoongi can ask what he means, a sleek black Mercedes E-Class pulls up by the pavement beside them. The smaller student stares at it but couldn’t see the driver as the glass is tinted. Seokjin follows his eyes and then sighs as he turns back towards him, “I have to go.”

Yoongi’s eyes are wide, “That’s your car?”

Seokjin shakes his head quickly, “Oh, no. It’s my dad’s company car.”

The paler of the two kept his opinion to himself to be polite - mainly because it consisted of something with ‘daddy’s money’ somewhere. Seokjin didn’t seem to miss Yoongi’s expression and he laughs confidently, “You think I’m a spoilt brat, don’t you?”

Yoongi gives him a flushed smile, “No, it’s really none of my business.”

“You should come over to one of my house parties then. I have something to show you.”

Yoongi gives him a confused look, “You’ve only just met me. How do you know I’m not a killer?”

Seokjin seems to be thinking before he replies, “I’m practically a foot taller and wider than you so I’m sure I can handle myself if it comes to that.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes internally - cocky bastard. Following a quick exchange of numbers - after Seokjin convinces him that Yoongi “will never know when he’ll need a friend like him” - the taller hops in the back of the Mercedes. Yoongi watches the car speed away - it was a weird encounter but Seokjin seems nice. Definitely one that gets everything handed to him.


“I appreciate you coming all the way down here Miss Kim.” Erinhart takes into account the slightly red, swollen eyes that Dahyun looks at him with. It’s noticeable she had been crying. And why shouldn’t she? According to students from the school, the two quickly became close after working in The Hive together. Poor girl. Erinhart sighs, “I understand talking about your friend is the last thing you want to do right now, but we still...”

Dahyun looks at him with sadness. She knows what she was brought here for. Obviously they wanted to know the extent of their friendship - within reason of helping the detective know more about Yoongi. But other than that, there was something else. Erinhart clears his throat and sits up straighter, “...We still need to find the body.”

This set the girl off into tiny sobs. The detective hates this part of the job. He’s far from heartless. Hell, he’s got kids of his own. One of them would be the same age as these kids. The same age as Yoongi. Erinhart can’t imagine what his loved ones must feel at this time. He gives Dahyun all the time she needs to compose herself from the little outburst. After a few minutes, she stops shaking and looks at the detective, “I can’t believe he’s gone. Why would they do that to him?”

She wipes her tears with tissues from the box sitting in front of her. Erinhart sighs, “Still working on it, but we’re doing everything we can to get to the bottom of this. Now can you tell me what you remember on the night of the incident? Just anything at all?”

Dahyun shakes her head low with shame, “I...I don’t remember much. I was very drunk. Everyone was.”

The party would’ve been the ideal place to commit a murder, as brutal as it is to admit. Limitless alcohol and drugs with no kill-joy adults for miles. One of Kim Seokjin’s many family houses lay secluded in the woods just outside of Bangtan. It was Dahyun - among some of her female friends - that walked in to the crime scene. These friends are all in separate interview rooms but Erinhart wanted Dahyun since she’s closest to Yoongi. Seeing her hands starting to tremble again, the detective quickly asks, “What did you see, Dahyun?”

The girl sniffs as a tear leaves her eye once more, “There was blood everywhere. Oh my God, there was so much of his blood. And they all just stood there.”

Erinhart was familiar with the crime scene. It was a rainy, early morning when he was called in to the Kim residence. Arriving there felt surreal. So many young people were outside, caped by blankets provided by the paramedics. Erinhart didn’t know what to expect walking into the garage. Yellow tape guarded its open doors. The detective remembers the sick feeling in his stomach he felt when he saw the pools of blood all over the garage floor. A sledgehammer and a hacksaw were taken in as the murder weapons. Jesus, Erinhart feels his gag reflex act up just by thinkin about what happened to the poor boy.

“And you said the boys who did it saw you and your friends. What was their reaction?”

Dahyun nods, “It was fucked. My friends and I were having a good time, we were drunk. We came barging in the back door of the garage and saw nothing but blood. The boys looked back at us, and there was nothing. Nothing in their eyes. As if they were in shock.”

The detective nods, “And the body was nowhere?”

Dahyun shakes her head, “They probably got rid of it long before we came in. They were all gone for hours. I was talking to Yoongi at one point of the night, he was having a good time. Then Jungkook said something to him and he left with him. I found it rude how Jungkook was rushing Yoongi to finish our conversation but thought nothing of it. Then across the room I saw all of them, waiting for Yoongi to leave me.” She places her hands against her head, sobbing, “I feel like if I kept him with me, he wouldn’t—-.”

Erinhart interrupts her, “No. Don’t think like that. All of you went to a party. No one expected what happened that night to happen.”


After a few nights of working together, Yoongi and Dahyun really enjoyed each other’s company. It was a Friday morning when the school was called into the gym hall for a welcoming celebration to the Bangtan Knights. Everyone looked forward to it since it got them free time from their normal classes. The two were a bit late since they were chatting and slowly walking at the same time. “I’m telling you, Yoongi, you’re an amazing pianist. Big record companies need to hear you.” Dahyun explains with big hand gestures. Yoongi blushes and laughs, “I don’t know. I still need to improve.”

“Improve my ass. I’ve never heard anyone play as good as you.”

The two laugh at each other’s jokes as they walk in the gym hall. Students on both bleachers either side are cheering and clapping as the cheerleaders perform. Jimin sits with his group of stoners to the very back of the hall. Taehyung and his greaser friends sit at the top of the bleachers, not cheering but talking loudly amongst themselves. Namjoon and his group of nerd friends sit somewhere in the middle, talking and clapping. Seokjin and his clique sit towards the front side of one of the bleachers, looking abundantly bored. They all look towards the late-comers though, especially at a certain pale, petite boy. Before Jimin can stand up and call on Yoongi to sit with him, Dahyun ushers Yoongi to sit by some empty seats at the front. Yoongi didn’t know how many pairs of eyes were on him, admiringly. He watches the cheerleaders dance enthusiastically. After their performance, an older man who Yoongi assumes to be the team’s head coach comes up to the middle if the hall with a microphone, “Alright students! And now for what all of you have been waiting for: the Bangtan Knights! Welcome home!”

Yoongi and Dahyun clap with the crowd as the football team walk out from the locker rooms. Some of them are energetically urging the students to cheer louder, which they did. Yoongi watches them as Dahyung points to a footballer that stands beside the coach with charisma. She says, “That’s Jungkook, the team’s captain. He and I grew up together! We actually still live beside each other.”

Yoongi nods with interest. He watches Jungkook for a bit before commenting playfully, “He looks like an asshole.”

Dahyun laughs loudly, pushing the boy, “Sometimes!”

The coach silences the cheering students again before he says, “And a special congratulations to our team captain that lead these boys to victory everytime. Jeon Jungkook!”

Yoongi’s eyes widen as the students lose it, yelling louder than ever. The cheerleaders are practically swooning, one of them running beside Jungkook and hooking her arm around his. The boy didn’t seem to mind, even smiling down at her. Dahyun comments, “That’s Sam. Or Sammy. Head cheerleader. You’d think they were a couple, huh?”

The pale boy shrugs, “Aren’t they?”

Dahyun laughs again, “No fucking way. Jungkook just leads her on. She’s not getting anywhere with him.”

Before Yoongi can ask anything else, the coach starts talking about the history of the team. He then went on to talk about their latest away game victory, before ending the gym hall session. As the students pile out, Taehyung searches for Yoongi amongst the crowd. Namjoon sees the pale boy with Dahyun as she pulls him towards the football team. Seokjin watches as the girl talks to Yoongi, pushing past footballers. Jimin ignores his friend’s calls as he sees Dahyun introduce Yoongi to Jeon Jungkook. Dahyun has her winning smile as he taps Jungkook’s shoulder. The boy turns around, his eyes setting on Yoongi instead of his lifelong friend. Dahyun says, “Yah Jungkook-ah, this is my friend, Yoongi. He’s going to be a big music star one day.”

Yoongi’s head snaps towards Dahyun with a small blush. He then turns to Jungkook, playing with his sleeves, “I’m really not. Don’t listen to her.”

Jungkook smiles, “Yoongi? You’re the guy who fought back against my teammates, aren’t you?”

Dahyun rolls her eyes, “Oh give it a rest. Yoongi, don’t listen to him. He’s just teasing you. If anything, those meatheads should be apologising to Yoongi. Look at how pretty he is, they must be blind to be messing with him.”

Yoongi turns even redder when Jungkook continues to stare him down with a small smile, “He is pretty, isn’t he?”

The bell rings signalling the start of their one-hour lunch. Dahyun claps excitedly before telling Yoongi, “Well, let’s go! I’m famished.”

“Where are yous heading?” Jungkook stops the two from leaving. Yoongi simply watches the conversation. Dahyun shrugs, “We’re going to go get something to eat. Probably Lee’s Diner.”

Before Jungkook can say anything, the head cheerleader pops up next to him, “Oppa, let’s go. The team are going to go out for some food to celebrate.”

Yoongi doesn’t like the fact that she didn’t even acknowledge them - rude. Jungkook softly unhooks her grasp from him and nods towards Dahyun and Yoongi, “I’ll meet all of yous there. I’ll go with Dahyun and her friend here, okay? Bye!”

Sam didn’t look pleased at all, especially when she notices Yoongi. However Jungkook didn’t give her enough time to comment on anything as he starts quickly walking towards the exit, Dahyun and Yoongi hot behind his heels.


Seokjin takes a sip from the cheap plastic coffee cup. His face contorts into slight disgust because of the bitter taste. He looks down at his clothes, stained with blood. He then looks up with an irritated face, “I get that I’m classified as a criminal but can you at least get me a clean shirt?”

Erinhart looks up from writing on his notes, “You didn’t seem to mind all that blood when you were found in the garage with your friends.”

Seokjin gives him a glare, “They’re not my friends.”

“Maybe not. But Yoongi was someone more to you. He was more special to you, wasn’t he?”

The student stares at the older man. He lets go of his cup on the table and leans back, showing the blood on his top, “That’s exactly why I would like a clean shirt.”

Erinhart can’t believe him. But nevertheless he stands up and mutters that he’ll go get a clean top from their Lost and Found. He opens the door but pauses when Seokjin speaks. Even to this day it still stuck with the detective: “Yoongi seemed so sure of everything he did and said. But he seemed lost at the same time. Like he had all the faith in the world that he will get through whatever he was going through, but he would be content with not living another day. He acted like fire and walked like rain.”

Erinhart turns to the student, almost showing the hurt in his eyes, “So killing him resulted in what?”

Seokjin stares at him with piercing eyes. Then he looks down at the bitter coffee, “It gave him freedom. It’s fucked up, I know. But that’s that.”

The detective sighs, shaking his head and slamming the door behind him.

Chapter Text

Lee’s Diner is a humble establishment. Its theme revolves around a 1950’s classic American diner. Patterned floor tiles, ceiling fans, red leather booths and a grand jukebox in one side of the restaurant. It being a Friday afternoon, the place was buzzing with couples and students on their lunch. Yoongi follows Dahyun in, Jungkook opening the door for them both. He feels the jock’s eyes on his back but doesn’t say anything about it. Why should he? He’s only just met the guy. Thankfully they found a vacant booth so they quickly made their way to it. Yoongi sits inside the booth and Dahyun beside him, while Jungkook takes up the seat across from them. The jock wasn’t wearing his uniform, rather the school sports gear. It was a matching black tracksuit with white stripes running down the sides. Their school logo sits on the left chest of the jacket, and its collar covers the jock’s neck. Jungkook sits lazily, one strong arm resting on the neck of the booth. Yoongi tries avoid eye contact with the team captain but everytime he looks his way, the pale boy notices how Jungkook’s already staring at him. Dahyun sighs, “Right, let’s order!” She signals for one of the waitresses, and the three order their food.

Yoongi fiddles with his fingers as Dahyun speaks, “So Jungkook, how was the game in the city? Heard you guys destroyed them.”

The tallest nods proudly, “As always. What have I missed anyway?”

Dahyun laughs, “Nothing much. Well Sammy wouldn’t stop posting on her Snap story, especially when you’re in the camera. Oh which reminds me: Yoongi-ah, do you have Snapchat?”

Yoongi nods. He doesn’t use it often before but now that he’s meeting more people that could potentially become his friends, he wouldn’t mind getting used to it. Dahyun adds him as a friend and starts gossiping about other people and their snaps. All the while, Jungkook continues to blatantly stare at Yoongi. The smaller male pretends like he doesn’t notice, and simply nods along to what Dahyun is saying. After they receive their food and finish it quickly, there’s only ten minutes left before they have to return to class. Dahyun clears her throat and stands up, “I’m just going to use the toilet, won’t be long!”

Yoongi wasn’t a fan of the idea of being left alone with Jungkook, mainly because he’s still a stranger. They sit in silence, Jungkook texting on his phone and Yoongi finishing his milkshake. They both look up when several of their school cheerleaders and footballers come on loudly. Jungkook nods at them as the group approaches the booth. Yoongi is definitely uncomfortable now. The footballers notice him and one of them say to Jungkook, “Yah, Jungkook, aren’t you going to introduce us to your friend?”

The captain and Yoongi glance at each other before the taller shrugs, “This is Yoongi, Dahyun’s friend.”

Sam sits beside Jungkook, smiling at Yoongi, “Nice to meet you, Yoongi-ssi. Wah, you’re so pretty. You should be a cheerleader.”

That statement causes the rest of the cheerleaders to giggle and a flourish of “Oh my God, Sammy, shut up!” and “You’re actually so mean!”

Yoongi shakes his head, fiddling with the rings on his finger, “Not really my scene.”

Sammy tilts her head, “What, cheerleading?”

Yoongi shrugs, “Being a bitch.”

The student footballers erupt in laughter as the cheerleaders tried their best not to look offended. Sammy lost the smirk on her face and Jungkook looks down, trying to hide his laugh. The head cheerleader mutters a ‘Whatever’ as they take their seats in the booths next to Jungkook’s. Yoongi looks around and notices Dahyun talking with some friends of hers across the diner. Jungkook watches the paler’s expression in silence. Before he could speak, Yoongi stands up. He grabs his schoolbag and then makes his way to the door. Jungkook’s eyes widen, wondering where this weird boy was going. He didn’t think about it as he got up too, bringing his bag with him and following Yoongi out the diner. “Hey! Where you going?” Jungkook’s eyebrow raise as he watches the smaller cross the road. Yoongi glances back with a small smile and a shrug, “The bus stop.”

The jock must have looked so confused to him because Yoongi let out a laugh as he runs around the block and stops at the bus shelter. The sun is out today for once, and the roads are quite busy. Jungkook halts beside him, looking down, “Why are we at a bus stop?”

Yoongi shrugs again as a bus pulls up, “Beach.”

“Beach?” Jungkook asks in disbelief. They only have five minutes left until their lunch break ends. Yoongi nods as he gets on the bus, turning around to look at the taller boy, “Beach.” He says matter-of-factly, “You coming or what?”

The jock stares at Yoongi with slightly open lips. He doesn’t know what to do. He didn’t think about it. Jungkook sighs before stepping on the bus, paying his fare. Yoongi picks the seat at the very back of the bus, and the jock sits beside him. Jungkook mutters, “What the hell are you doing? We have class in a few minutes. And now we’re heading to the beach? Plus we left Dahyun there.”

Yoongi stares out the window, “I’ll make it up to her. Besides there’s a bunch of people she knows there.”

Jungkook continues to watch the back of Yoongi’s head. He’s only just met him but most of the formality was thrown out the window when he followed this petite boy onto a random bus to the beach. The two sit in silence as the bus passes buildings that make Bangtan. They watch as the buildings become less dense and soon there’s only trees, shrubs and the horizon. Bangtan Beach is a twenty-minute drive outside the town. It was a long stretch of sand with cliffs standing proud on either side. The crashing waves looked almost grey, like the town itself. Still it looked serene. Just before the bus turns a corner to its stop, Jungkook asks, “So why the beach?”

The bus stops and the two students get off. The breeze is heavier than it was in town but that’s to be expected by the beach. As the two walk down the sandy path towards the water, Yoongi answers, “Just felt like it. Haven’t been to a beach in a while.”

Jungkook scoffs in disbelief, “You just felt like it?”

The two reach the shore. Yoongi takes off his shoes and socks, folding up the hem of his uniform slacks a little. Jungkook decides to stay by the sand far from the moving waves. He dumps his duffel bag down and sits on it, watching the pale boy kick the water about. They don’t talk for a bit. Jungkook simply watched Yoongi - it’s hard to explain how easy it is to simply stare at someone like the pale boy. His skin glowed and his hair sways along with his gentle movements. Jungkook particularly liked watching his round bottom while he walks. Damn, his butt is plump. Yoongi turns to him, and the jock looks away just in time for him not get caught peeping. The smaller walks towards Jungkook and sits next to him, sitting on his own school bag. He smiles, “Why, do you not like doing things spontaneously?”

Jungkook stares at the waves and shrugs, “I’ve just been used to living on a schedule I guess. Growing up in a football team, you learn a thing or two on time-keeping.”

What aura did this short boy carry for Jungkook to suddenly open up like this? Hell if he knows, but he doesn’t mind oddly enough. Yoongi nods and stares at the waves with him. They sit there in silence until Jungkook scoffs. Yoongi asks what was it and the jock shakes his head, “You and Sammy. That was funny, I’ll give you that.”

Yoongi pouts, amused, “I just don’t see why she has to be so condescending. We’ve only just met.”

“Yeah well she’s always been like that. Threatened whenever I’m talking to anyone else alone. Especially if they’re...” Jungkook stops himself. What is he doing? He’s the captain of the football team, why is he chilling with the new kid? Yoongi catches on to his abrupt silence and asks, “If they’re what?”

The jock glances at Yoongi and his chest beats harder when he notices the boy staring up at him with doe eyes. Jungkook clears his throat, “Especially if they’re cute and small like you.”

“Oh.” Yoongi looks down, suddenly flustered. Before the situation became more awkward, Yoongi continues to ask about his team, mainly gossiping. They talked about locker room stories, dating scandals between players and cheerleaders, and other random things. At some point, Yoongi asks if Jungkook had actually never been in a relationship with Sammy. The jock shakes his head lightly, “Nah, not really my type.”

“Does she know she’s not?”

Jungkook shrugs, “I mean, everyone expects us to be together. Y’know with the whole team captain and head cheerleader stereotype. Besides she’s not going to back off even if I tell her I’m not into her.”

Yoongi stares at him a second longer before looking down at his palms, “I used to be afraid of letting people down too. Then one day it just...all went away for some reason.”

Jungkook looks at Yoongi and emphasises with his hands, “Oh, no I’m not afraid of letting anyone down. I just...have a reputation to uphold.”

“What’s the difference?”

The students stare at each other, Yoongi’s eyes almost daring Jungkook to answer him. But the jock wasn’t going to. He laughs, “You know, for a shortie, you ask a lot of questions.”

Yoongi pouts, muttering something about him being a bully. Jungkook laughs again and then checks his watch. Shit, is it already six in the evening? He stands up and lets Yoongi know that they should head home. They didn’t wait long for a bus. As they are driven back to town, Jungkook asks, “Are your parents going to be okay with this?”

Yoongi watches his hands, “It’s just my dad and I. And yeah he’ll be fine.” But he knows that his dad won’t. Jungkook nods, watching the boy’s pale hands too. Yoongi asks him the same question. The jock nods, “Nah as long as I do well in the team, my parents let me do what I want.” The two fall in silence again. Yoongi continues to play with his hands as Jungkook watches. After a while the jock pokes at his hands, muttering something about how small they were. Yoongi curses at him and Jungkook takes this as his cue to measure the boy’s hand against his. His fingers must be a knuckle longer than Yoongi’s. That should have been that. But Jungkook’s palm doesn’t leave the other’s. Yoongi seemed to notice this but doesn’t address it. Instead the paler of the two even slides his fingers across the gaps of Jungkook’s hand. The jock remained nonchalant to it externally. But internally his heart was beating so loud. He finally uses his courage to close his fingers around Yoongi’s hand. The smaller boy follows after and soon, the two sit there with intertwined hands perched on Yoongi’s lap. The bus drives through town and there’s very few cars in the streets now. The two students stare out the window, still holding hands as the bus pulls up at a shelter near Yoongi’s house. He stands, letting go of the jock’s hand. Jungkook doesn’t even want to think about the warmth that left him when that happened. Yoongi turns to the taller and smiles, “I’ll see you next week, Jungkook-ah. Bye.”

The jock returns the smile and watches the boy walk off the bus and turn a corner on the path, disappearing from his view. For once, going to football next Monday isn’t the only thing he’ll be looking forward to for school. Hopefully he’ll see a certain petite, pale boy too.

Yoongi enters his house quietly. Locking the door behind him, his heartbeat speeds up slightly when he notices his dad sitting on the couch in the living room. Yoongi enters the room, the TV is on with a horror movie playing. He remembers his mum loved these type of movies. His dad looks over his shoulder to look at Yoongi with a serious face, "The school called. Said you weren't in any of your classes after lunch. Where the fuck were you, Yoongi?"

The son clears his throat and looks down, "I...went to the other side of the school where performing arts was. I joined the music club. It took the entire day for me to get signed up and settled."

Yoongi has a pretty good poker face. He learnt to perfect it living with someone like his dad. The two stare at each other. Then Hanil stands, causing Yoongi to internally flinch. His dad trudges over to him until he was towering above his son. Yoongi cannot break eye contact, or else he'll lose. His dad will know he's lying. He looks up at his dad. Hanil's eyebrow is raised then he shakes his head, "You do look like your mum. You act like her too. Always quiet and brewing." He takes a pause, "You're not lying to me, are you Yoongi?"

"No, dad."

"Good. Go to bed then."

Yoongi leaves swiftly and climbs up to his bedroom. Letting out a sigh, he takes a shower and gets changed into his pyjamas. His phone didn't get any signal on the beach at all so when he checks it now, he's not surprised that he's got a bunch of missed calls and unread text messages.

2 missed calls from Jimin

From Jimin:
Hyungie, I haven't seen you since lunch. You okay?

1 missed call from Taehyung

From Taehyung:
Yah, little bean. Wanna head to the diner later? My treat

From Seokjin:
Yoongi-yah, I still have to watch you play at the hive. Hmu when you're working next and I'll drop by

And just then, a snap request pops up on the top of Yoongi's phone screen. He clicks on it and sees Jungkook's name. He's requesting to be his friend on Snapchat. Yoongi smiles and accepts. Within minutes, he receives a snap from the jock. Opening it, he almost coos at the selfie Jungkook took. He looked to be out of the shower too, with a towel hanging across his shoulders with no top on. His hair is damp and clinging onto his forehead. The caption read, About fuckin time too. You got home okay?

Yoongi spent most of the night texting the rest of the boys, and might also have video-called his new friend, the jock, for a significant part of that evening.

Chapter Text

“You can’t go later?”

Jimin’s eyes are sad and there’s a small pout set on his lips. Yoongi resists pouting as well because two moping faces won’t do in the school corridors. They’re in the middle of their 15-minute break and the two decides to spend it chatting by the lockers. Yoongi nods, “I’m really sorry, Jimin-ah. The teachers reported my abscence after lunch to the principal last Friday. And now I have to stay for their stupid, fucking detention.”

Yoongi feels horrible obviously, but he can’t do anything else but stay after school. Jimin nods understandingly and sighs, “That’s okay I guess. Sure, some other time then. Why did you end up in detention again?”

Yoongi shrugs, sipping his milk carton through a short straw, “I went to the beach. Really missed it for some reason.”

Jimin nods again, “You could’ve told me instead of going alone. I would’ve gone with you.”

Yoongi takes another sip of milk as the two walk down the corridor, “Oh it’s fine, Jimin-ah. I didn’t go alone anyway.”

The pale boy didn’t notice how Jimin’s footsteps faltered a little before picking back up. The stoner clears his throat and casually asks, “Who’d you go with?”

Yoongi is surprised that word hadn’t gotten around yet since Jungkook was very popular. He noticed how mostly every in the diner that day did watch them both walk out. And if Seokjin’s words are anything to go by, the cheerleaders would’ve been quick on spreading the news. He turns to look at Jimin, the other being slightly taller than him, “I went with Jeon Jungkook.”

He says this nonchalantly as they turn the corner. He doesn’t see Jimin’s expression turn slightly sour, looking down at their feet. Yoongi did notice the silence that overcame the conversation. He turns to the stoner and gives him a small smile. A pale finger boops Jimin on the nose, “What’s wrong? You’re not jealous, are you?”

Jimin looks at Yoongi with a knowing frown, “You know I am, Yoongi-ah.”

The smaller didn’t expect a reply like that. Nevertheless he sighs with a soft smile, booping Jimin’s nose again, “Don’t be. I like you too, Jiminie.”

They stare at each other for a bit. The school bell rings and they break eye contact. Crowds of students pile across the corridors, making their way to their classes. Jimin sighs, putting his hands in his pockets, chuckling, “It’s a good thing I like you too then.”

The two students smile at each other before someone calls Yoongi’s name. They turn towards the sound of the voice. Yoongi sees one a few of his classmates whom he’s befriended. They are ushering him to walk with them since they’re all going to the same class now. Yoongi lets Jimin know that he has to go, to which Jimin nods and tells him he’ll text the smaller after school. Yoongi agrees and makes his way to leave but not before the stoner lifts his hand and boops the smaller’s nose back. They snicker before they part ways, hearts fluttering from the soft flirting. Botany was Yoongi’s next class. It was one of the subjects that he could pick, and he only chose it because it seemed like quite a laid-back class to be in. Its plants, how hard will it be? Entering the classroom with his friends, it was aesthetically pleasing to observe. Plants on bowls hung from chains on the ceilings, with pots and succulents sitting on the window sills of one wall. There are several wide tables in the middle of the room, mirroring each other. At the end of the big room, there’s a blackboard and the teacher’s desk sits just across it. Yoongi’s pouty lips lift into a small smile when he sees a familiar figure sitting at one of the tables. Only the other’s broad back was visible but he can tell that it was that cute nerd, Namjoon. He was looking down at the desk, writing something on his books. Yoongi quietly walks over to him and takes the seat beside the taller. Namjoon seemed to have noticed the presence and turns to see who it was. He was surprised to see the pale boy looking up at him with wide eyes and smiling pink lips. Namjoon was taken aback slightly but says, “Oh, hey Yoongi-ssi. Are you in this class now?”

Yoongi nods, taking off his backpack and fishing his books out, “Yup, what about you?”

“I have a double class here, so looks like your stuck with me for another hours.”

Yoongi giggles, “If I saw it that way, I wouldn’t have sat beside you, Namjoon-ie.”

The smaller of the two didn’t realise the effect that had on Namjoon. Nevertheless the two chat for a bit while they waited for their teacher, since it seems he was running a little late. Yoongi brings up a topic that he had been meaning to talk to Namjoon about, “By the way, I was wondering if you still have that offer on tutoring me with English? I meant to text you about it.”

The taller smiles at him, flattered, “Of course. Yeah, I’d be happy tutoring you. Are there any days during the week you’re free?”

The two exchange each other’s timetables and work out an afternoon in the week in when they are free to tutor for at least few hours. Shortly after, the teacher comes in and the class briefly starts. The next hour flew for Yoongi because he had fun working with Namjoon. The class consisted of looking at a particular potted plant with your partner. Lucky for Yoongi, the nerd had a habit of physically showing the smaller where to put his hands to hold the plant so that it doesn’t get damaged. So Namjoon would hold Yoongi’s hand to guide him with the plant. More than once, Yoongi enjoyed looking at Namjoon with a small smile when the taller got too close to him. He nerd would then notice how close they are and he would get flustered and move back. Yoongi found that adorable, and that’s coming from him. After Botany was over, Yoongi had to make his way to the theatre quickly. While he didn’t want to have loopholes in his story about joining the music club to his dad, Yoongi also wanted to join them for his personal interest anyway. He swings open the double doors to the spacious theatre. There are rows and rows of seats, and another floor above ending with a balcony overlooking the stage. The elevated stage itself is wide and takes up the entirety of the wall at the very end of the hall. As he comes in, Yoongi notices that there is a class on. Numerous students are on the stage in their own athletic clothes, and some are sitting on the seats, making props. By the entrance of Yoongi, everyone looks at him to see who it was. When the pale boy notices the attention on him, he just asks out loud to anyone, “Is this performing arts?”

They just look at him before a guy jumps down the stage and greets him with a wide smile, “Hi, yeah it is. Are you part of the class?”

Yoongi looks up at the student. His hair is clinging to his forehead a little, him and the other students seemed to have already started practising dance. His shirt hugs his chest nicely, and his grey sweatpants are loose-fitting. Yoongi shakes his head and looks behind him, “No, I wanted to ask the teacher about joining the music club?”

Before the dance student could answer, an older lady walks to them who Yoongi assumes is the teacher. She smiles at Yoongi, “Hello, I’m Ms Kwon. I’m head of the performing arts department. You’re interested in joining our music club?”

Yoongi nods, and the two talk for a bit about the club. The new student lets Kwon know that he’s interested in the piano more than anything. In return, she tells him that that’ll be fine. All the while, the student who greeted him first continued to stick with them. He seemed to be content listening to the conversation openly. Kwon welcomes Yoongi to the music club and tells him she looks forward to seeing him every week. She leaves him be to tend back to the dancers on stage. Yoongi looks back to the student who still didn’t leave. He gives him a strange look before the pale boy laughs, “What are you looking at?”

The student smiles at him and shrugs, “I just like looking at cute stuff. And you’re actually kinda cute.”

Yoongi scoffs, “I’m not. You take Dance then?”

The student nods, glancing at the stage, “I’m Hoseok.”

“Yoongi. I like music.”

Hoseok nods and chuckles, “I notice that. I’m looking forward to hearing you play then. We’re going to need as much good musicians as we can for the November showcase.”

Yoongi pouts, looking up at Hoseok, “You haven’t heard me play. What makes you think I’m good?”

The dancer stares at him. Yoongi wanted to look down because of how dominating the other’s gaze was. Then Hoseok looks down at the boy’s hands. Yoongi blushes as the other takes his hands between them and lifts them just high enough to inspect them. Hoseok is silent for a bit before he smiles, “You have great hands. Your fingers are slender and definitely a pianist’s hands. I’ve been around these performers for years, I’d know the good ones from the bad. Plus the way you just walked in the theatre like you owned it. You held a performer’s aura.”

Yoongi’s eyes are slightly wide as he looks at Hoseok during the little inspection. He then pulls his own hands back with pink cheeks. Yoongi coughs which makes Hoseok laughs, “I’ll see you soon then, Yoongi-yah.”

The small boy watches as Hoseok runs back up to the stage and continues to practise. Yoongi is taken aback by how forward this Hoseok guy is to him, but he can’t admit that he’s surprised. Because he isn’t. Between all the boys that expressed an interest in him in his new school, he can tell he’s got one hell of a year ahead of him.


Hoseok didn’t have handcuffs on him - unlike Taehyung - because he didn’t need them. He complied with everything the authority ordered him to do. So he relaxes back on his chair, arms crossed over his chest. Erinhart looks up from writing notes on one of his folders with a focused face. The detective had been silent for a few minutes now, which isn’t in his character especially working on this case. But there had been a thought boiling in his head for a day now, and he keeps pushing himself to go back to it. Hoseok stares at him before he comments, “I get that you probably hate me along with the others, but your glare right now is unbelievable.”

The detective doesn’t mean to glare. But the thought...

Hoseok jumps when Erinhart suddenly stands, his chair sliding back making a loud scratching shriek. The student was shocked by the sound and sudden movement from the older man, eyebrows furrow as he exclaims, “Yah!”

But Erinhart can’t concern himself with what the student thinks right now. He’s just had a breakthrough. Exiting the room, he instructs the policemen guarding it to watch Hoseok. He then runs down the hallway, passing the other interrogation rooms. Turning the corner to the lobby, he speeds up the main stairs and then enters tje office of Min Hanil. Erinhart is out of breath, and the chief didn’t seem happy with him barging in all of a sudden. But the detective couldn’t care less.

“Detective Erinhart, what’s gotten into you?”

The chief stands slowly behind his desk. He looks curious now. Erinhart catches his breath for a few seconds, hand on his chest, before he huffs, “I think I know where they hid the body.”

Chapter Text

It had been raining heavily all day. The sky was clouded but it was still bright. It was as if the town of Bangtan knew what was happening today. Erinhart’s car and several vehicles belonging to the police and investigation crews are parked near the beach. Yellow tape closed off public access across the entire beach, including its caves nearby and a lifeguard hut. The hut itself is quite old but stands proud above the sand. A few wooden steps lead up to its entrance and Erinhart feels a drop in his stomach as he walks up them. There are a couple of policemen and a forensic team inside, looking through the hut’s contents. The detective’s coat is wet and he appreciates the little heat that the hut provided from the lashing rain. Erinhart doesn’t have a specific reason as to why he felt like they’ll find anything at the beach, but it’s worth the search. He looks towards the doorway to find Chief Min walk in with the usual authority he always carried. His brows are furrowed and his lips are set in a frown. He makes eye contact with Erinhart and then says, “I hope you’re right about this, detective.”

Erinhart doesn’t respond. Obviously he wants to get to the bottom of this case, but he doesn’t think he’s ready to find a young boy’s body. He doesn’t think he ever will be. Before he can think of something to say to the boy’s father, a yell from a policeman outside causes everyone to run out the hut. They turn the corner until they’re at the back of the building. Erinhart stops in his tracks as he takes in the sight in front of him. A few policemen have been assigned to dig up the sand under the hut. One of the holes they had dug is just behind the hut - which is the one everyone is looking at now. The rain continues to pour down and the team’s getting soaked but they couldn’t care less. Their skin has gone numb. Erinhart wants to look away, but he couldn’t. In front of them, buried in the sand is the body. They’ve found him. The corpse isn’t fully visible but it’s definitely there because a pale, skinny arm is sticking out. Erinhart will never forget it. The arm rests on the surface, the body attached to it just under a small layer of sand. Multiple rings are around the slim fingers. What caught the detective’s attention even more is that the protruding hand is missing a finger. Erinhart stomachs all of his nerves and moves in towards the now-official crime scene, and bends down over the body. He didn’t have to look hard for the missing finger, it was right next to the hand. Erinhart has a set frown on his face and he shakes his head in confusion. The finger’s there - it’s as if the boys sliced off his finger, then after they’ve dumped Yoongi’s body behind the lifeguard hut, simply threw it in with the body. As if it was a game, and that it was nothing. Erinhart feels someone walk down beside him, he stands up and then looks towards the person. He can never tell the chief’s emotions apart. But he can feel a heavy energy from him, as if he’s in mourning. Erinhart asks, “Sir?”

Chief Min looks down at the corpse as the forensics team start digging it out. He is silent for a bit before he speaks with a trembling voice - not from sorrow but with fury. Not looking at Erinhart, he says, “Those monsters who did this to my son. Make sure you get an answer on why they did this. And after that, I want you to make sure they get the fucking death penalty. Kill those bastards.”


The detention class is moderately full. The teacher is running a little late so the students talked loudly amongst the room. Yoongi sits himself at the back corner of the room, closest to the window. He stares out with a pout - he can’t believe he’s in detention again for an entirely different reason. And it’s still September. Yoongi’s train of thought is gently interrupted when a few boys and girls walk up to him. They greet him and start conversing with the pretty pale boy. Yoongi entertains them for a bit before a tall student pushes past them with nonchalance. The students start to complain at the rudeness but stop when they see that it’s one of the greasers. Yoongi watches as Taehyung takes the seat beside him and makes himself comfortable. The greaser glares at the students, forcing them to leave Yoongi be. One arm rests on the table in front of him, and the other is on the back of Yoongi’s seat. There’s a silence between them before the smaller speaks, “You didn’t have to scare them away. They were nice.”

Taehyung looks at him with a small frown, “I don’t like them.”

“Why not?”

Taehyung doesn’t answer. Instead he stares at the blackboard across the room. Yoongi giggles before teasing if the greaser was jealous, “Want me all to yourself?”

Of course Yoongi was simply joking. However the stare that Taehyung points at him told him he was being taken seriously. The greaser changes the subject quickly, “What are you in here for again?”

“Skipping class. You?”

“Trashing the library.”

Yoongi laughs upon seeing Taehyung’s proud smile. The teacher enters the classroom and the next one hour was spent in silence as they got on with homework. Yoongi would glance at Taehyung every now and then to find the greaser already watching him. The boy also noticed that he wasn’t doing any of his work. After the hour of detention was up, the two leave the school together. As they walk towards Taehyung’s bike, Yoongi pouts, “Yah, don’t you ever do schoolwork?”

The greaser didn’t expect that question but he shrugs, “Don’t like it. So I don’t see the point in doing it. What about you? I don’t like seeing you in detention.”

Yoongi gives him a confused look, “Why? Because of the other people talking to me?”

Taehyung sighs. Yoongi continues to push the subject, “You know, you can’t stop everyone from talking to me.”

The greaser nods, his hands in his pockets, “True, but if you don’t go to detention that’s one less group of people I need to worry about.”

The two stop by Taehyung’s bike. The greaser gently leans back on the seat as the smaller stares up at him. Yoongi laughs, “You’re so weird.”

The school parking lot is completely barren now save for a few cars that belonged to teachers, but they were all the way at the other side of the school. So it was just them two. Yoongi shakes his head as Taehyung burned holes through his eyes, “You should try to do better with school. You seem like you’re smarter than you let on. The Christmas exam would be a good start for you.”

Taehyung chuckles, “You know for a bean, you sure do make a lot of assumptions.”

Yoongi exclaims and lightly punches Taehyung’s shoulder. The greaser takes this chance to hold Yoongi’s wrist and pull him towards his chest. Yoongi’s eyes widen but he doesn’t pull away. He looks up at Taehyung while the other stares down at him with a passion in his eyes. With a faint smile Taehyung barely whispers, “Come here.”

Their chests are touching, and Yoongi watches as Taehyung leans down to capture his lips. The pale boy lets out a small squeak into Taehyung’s mouth but he closes his eyes, losing himself in the kiss. Taehyung lets out a sigh as he deepens the kiss, pushing his tongue inside Yoongi’s warm mouth. With their lips still connected, Taehyung turns them around so that he can grip the smaller’s slim waist and lift him to sit on his Harley. Yoongi widens his legs to let Taehyung stand comfortably between them. He lets out a small moan as Taehyung massages his thighs. The kiss lasted for a few more minutes before Yoongi breaks it. Their foreheads touch and try to catch their breath. Yoongi’s arms are around Taehyung’s shoulders as the greaser says in his deep voice, “Let me take you back to mine.”

Yoongi lets out a breathy laugh before shaking his head and leaning back to look into Taehyung’s eyes, “No I should head home.”

Taehyung stares at him before he nods, “I’ll give you a ride home then.”

The bike ride to Yoongi’s house was fast and quiet as usual. They arrive outside his house within several minutes. Yoongi jumps out of the bike and turns to Taehyung with a blush and a smile. The greaser returns the smile and pinches Yoongi’s cheek. The smaller pouts and exclaims again. Taehyung laughs, “So when can I get you back to mine?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes at the taller’s smirk before he starts walking towards the front door. Halfway across the lawn, he turns around with a smile, “Pass those monthly exams and you can take me back to yours.”

Yoongi giggles at the face Taehyung made. He looked surprised and it seemed that a million thoughts were crossing his head, as if he’s seriously considering it. Yoongi walks in the house and goes up to his room. His heart is still pounding from that kiss. That night, among texting the other boys who took an interest in him, Yoongi receives a response from Taehyung. Opening the message, he lets out a small smile.

From: Taehyung

Chapter Text

Two weeks into October, and already Yoongi's getting impatient. Sure he's looking forward to dressing up, but he had other things in mind. One of them was his work in The Hive. He had been playing weekly, and there has been an increase in customers since he started. Dahyun and Mr Wang are both thoroughly impressed, and constantly congratulated him on such an amazing turnout every night he plays. As much as Yoongi loves the praise and the opportunity to perform in a stage - a small one but a stage nonetheless - it's not giving him much extra money to save. Another thing he's been thinking about often are some boys that expressed their romantic(?) interest in him. Yoongi doesn't like to call himself a slut for attention and male affection, but that's exactly what he is. He'd never admit it to anyone though. Not even the boys flirting with him - he likes to make them do most of the work. For example, today's the day that him and Jimin are going on their first date. The Saturday morning started off foggy but it brought a nice chill in the breeze. Yoongi looks down at the two open duffel bags on his bed. One had all sorts of food and cans of beer, with a bottle of vodka. The other contained some clothes, sandals, towels and hygiene stuff. Yoongi told Jimin he didn't mind where they go or what they do on the first date, as long as the stoner picks it himself. It took Jimin a few days but he finally decides on camping. They're going to hike up the same mountain where they always smoked at the top of. From there they'll set up camp and spend the night. Yoongi would be lying if he said he wasn't excited. However after having Taehyung kiss him, the greaser wouldn't stop blowing up his phone. It's not as bad as it seems and Yoongi even found it endearing, but he doesn't want his phone to keep buzzing while he's on his date with another boy.

From: Yoongi
Yah Taehyungie, I'm away hiking and won't be back in town until Monday morning for school. I won't be able to answer most of your texts just an fyi <3

The pale boy zips up his oversized yellow hoodie then ruffles his black hair, before his phone buzzes.

From: Taehyung
Okay, who are you hiking with tho?

Yoongi stares at the text for a few seconds. He rolls his eyes slightly - he knows there's going to be some tension or even jealousy if he mentions another boy's name. But oh well, he doesn't want to lie anyway.

From: Yoongi
I'm going with someone called Jimin

Yoongi's packed up all of his things and is outside his house, waiting for Jimin when his phone rings. He didn't even have to look at the name, he just answers the call, "Hello?"

"Who's Jimin?"

Yoongi giggles, "He's a friend I made in school."

"Is it a date?"

"What if it is? You jealous?"

There's silence on the other end. Yoongi would've thought the call was interrupted until Taehyung's deep voice speaks again, "What if I am?

Yoongi sighs, dropping his bags on the lawn and sitting on the steps of his porch, "Well you should've asked me out first then."

He hears a lighter flick on the other side of the line. The sound of Taehyung taking a few drags from his cigarette overcomes the silence for a few seconds before the greaser comments, "I just thought that kiss meant something is all.

"Of course it did. But one kiss doesn't mean we're tied to each other, does it?"

"I guess not."

Yoongi looks up from staring at his shoes to see Jimin walking up the path to his house. He smiles at the pale boy and the smaller returns it. Yoongi stands up before sighing, "Listen, Taehyung I have to go. I'll talk to you on Monday, okay?"

"Fine. If you need me I'm a call or text away, yeah? I'll be there before he can put his hands on you."

Yoongi giggles, "I know. Bye..."

"Bye, bean."

Yoongi hangs up just in time to give Jimin a greeting hug. He notices that the stoner is carrying one duffel bag and a backpack. Jimin asks who he was talking to but Yoongi waves it off and explains that it was just a friend. Then the two set off for their hike. Along the way, the two talked about school and mainly gossiped about other students. By the time they are up on the mountain, the sun is high up in the sky. The place they picked overlooked the entire town of Bangtan. There's one wooden picnic table and the clearing is hidden by dense trees. Jimin starts unpacking the tent and Yoongi starts up a fire for their barbecue. Jimin had brought a portable speaker with him so they blasted music while they get set up. Every now and then, Yoongi looks up from cooking burgers on their barbecue pit and he'd see Jimin already staring at him. Of course the stoner jumps slightly before looking back down quickly, continuing on to the tent. Once the tent is pitched up and ready, the two sit across from each other on the wooden table and feast on Yoongi's cooking. Jimin lets out a satisfied sound from the first few bites, "Yoongi-yah, what did you put in these? They taste better than when I cook them!"

Yoongi blushes and laughs, "Ah, stop it. Just some herbs and seasoning and stuff. You'd be surprised how much I've learnt from my mum."

Jimin gives him a smile, "You really miss her."

The pale boys nods and takes a sip of beer. There's a small silence before Yoongi sighs, "You would've liked her. She was...nice. From what I remembered anyway."

Jimin smiles again, "I know I would've. What age were you when she...?"

"I was...young. I don't even remember to be honest."

The two finish their meal and continue to drink and talk, until the sun came down and the moon rose to the highest point of the sky. At this point, they had started a fire by a pit overlooking the town. Yoongi takes a blanket big enough for both of them from inside the tent and they wrap themselves up together, by the fire. Yoongi comments as their shoulders touch, "How many blankets did you bring? No wonder your duffel bag was bulky."

Jimin laughs and glances at the smaller boy, "A lot. I didn't know how cold it's going to be tonight."

Yoongi lets out a hum before resting his head against the stoner's. There's that silence again. Jimin can't remember a time when a silence with Yoongi in it was uncomfortable. His head slowly turns to look at the other. His dark lashes are plentiful and curled up. His nose and cheeks are slightly pink from the alcohol. And his lips...God, his lips. Jimin lets out a breathy sigh before whispering, "I can keep you warm though. If you'd like."

Yoongi's head slowly lifts. Jimin curses his heart for beating so fast. He watches nervously as the pale boy stands up, stretching his arms over his head. Jimin takes into account the soft skin on his stomach as his hoodie rides up. Yoongi then starts walking towards the tent. Jimin watches him kick off his shoes and then slip inside the tent. Within a few seconds, Yoongi looks back out to him with a cute look, "Are you going to warm me up or not?"

Jimin nearly falls back by how fast he runs in the tent, blanket tangled around his arms. Yoongi lets out a laugh as Jimin practically dives in, throwing off his shoes somewhere outside too. There were no words spoken after that. Maybe the occasional breathy moans and names gasped in affection. Jimin doesn't know if he was Yoongi's first, but the paler was his. He didn't want to ask. And he couldn't have been happier at any other time in his life than this night. As Jimin hovered over Yoongi's petite body, he almost wanted to weep at how absolutely beautiful he looked as he arches his back. His chest glowed with a light layer of sweat and his black fringe clung to his forehead, as he gasped and clawed at Jimin's toned back. Yoongi would softly tell him how fast or how slow he wanted him to push in and out of him. Jimin didn't mind at all - at that point he would've crawled through hot gravel the length of the Earth on his belly if Yoongi told him to. He didn't want this night to end. Jimin's hand grips Yoongi's hair softly and he starts licking and sucking on his neck. Their chests rub together and Yoongi whimpers loudly as Jimin picks up the pace of his thrusts. After Yoongi begs Jimin to cum inside him - and how could the stoner deny him - he thrusts once more before he fills the smaller boy. Yoongi cums shortly after, untouched. The two lay there, bathing in the filtered moonlight with the sound of the fire crackling outside. Throughout the night, the two continued to go through cycles of making love and talking softly to each other. During those breaks, they talked about their dreams and fears - their hopes and worries. The two finally went to sleep at around six in the morning, and they woke up early afternoon that Sunday. Jimin never asked anything of higher power, for anything but he would have gave up everything he owned to have that weekend last forever.

Chapter Text

Yoongi wakes up inside the tent to the smell of burning bacon. He hums fondly before opening his eyes and stretching. Noticing that there's no one beside him anymore, he pouts and then peeks out the tent flaps. He slightly squints at the sun - it's high up in the sky which brought a nice heat for a Sunday. He sees Jimin cooking bacon with a small blunt pinned between his lips. Yoongi smiles and grabs a large blanket and puts it over his shoulders to cover his whole body, instead of putting any clothes on. His hair must be a mess but he didn't really care. Stepping out of the tent in bare feet, he walks to stand beside Jimin. The stoner notices him quickly and there was a certain expression on his face. It was a cross between happy and nervous. Yoongi realises this and smiles at Jimin, "Everything okay?"

Jimin quickly nods and chuckles, flipping one slice of bacon over, "Yeah...I'm just---. Last night, I just can't believe it."

Yoongi giggles at the blush that appears upon the stoner's cheeks, "Why? Was it bad?"

The stoner gives him a shocked look before passing what's left of the blunt to the pale boy. Yoongi takes it and starts smoking as Jimin stares down at the barbecue, "No, of course not! It was...the best thing ever. I just can't believe it happened to me. I mean, you're just so pretty and sweet. And you spending the night with me is---."

"---Is a completely normal thing to happen. Why are you doubting yourself, Jiminnie?"

Jimin gives him a soft smile, the blunt having his effects on him as his eyes has turned hazy and red, "I'm not. I just can't believe I was that lucky. Must have done something great in my past life."

Yoongi laughs and puts out the finished blunt, throwing it across the forest floor, "You did amazing in this life, don't worry. I really like you, Jimin-ah."

The stoner looks at Yoongi. He then approaches him until their chests are touching. Yoongi has a soft smile on his pink lips, and Jimin wanted nothing more than to kiss them. And so that's what he did. The two made out for several minutes before they proceeded to get their late breakfast set on the table. They then spent the whole day chilling and also took a small walk around the more dense part of the forest. By the time it was around 6 in the evening, Yoongi gets a call. He looks down at it and notices his manager's name on the screen. He quickly answers it and had to hold the phone slightly away from his ear as loud music was playing on the other line, "Hello, Mr Wang?"

Jimin watches Yoongi look at his shoes as he converses with his manager. He frowns as he hears something about having to come in today in short notice. After a few minutes, Yoongi hangs up with a small pout. Jimin asks if everything's okay and Yoongi nods before sighing, "Work's asking me to come in tonight. One of their performers can't make it, and it's an emergency so someone needs to fill in. Mr Wang wanted me to come because he trusts me apparently."

There's a small silence, with Yoongi just playing with his phone. Jimin stares at him before giving him a smile, "You should go, Yoongi-ah."

The smaller looks up at him with sparkling eyes - God, Jimin's already a goner for him. Yoongi asks uncertainly, "Are you sure?"

Jimin nods with a big smile, "You've been saying you need the money anyway. Besides I think I've kept you away from civilisation for a good while now."

The two laugh before agreeing to pack up quickly and hike back down the mountain, making sure they cleaned their secret place. Along the way, Jimin holds Yoongi's hand, and the smaller smiles at him. They hold hands until they arrive at Yoongi's house. They walk inside - this is the first time Jimin's been inside and he was a little nervous if he was going to bump into Yoongi's dad. The house is quiet at the moment though. Yoongi mentions that his dad is at work as they go up the stairs and inside his room. Jimin sits on the bed, observing the boy's room as Yoongi gets a shower. He hears the sound of running water and he doesn't see any sense in just sitting on the bed waiting. So he takes a look around the room. Yoongi's quite a neat person, with a bit of clutter here and there. The messiest part of his room just might be his music station, tangled wires underneath the tables and music sheets scattered on the surface. Jimin has an endearing smile on his face before walking around the bed and looking down at a couple of photo frames on the bedside table. He notices a picture of Yoongi as a baby carried by a woman whom he assumes is his mother. She looks gorgeous - Jimin can definitely see where Yoongi's beauty came from. Suddenly realising that he hasn't gone to the bathroom since he woke up, Jimin sighs and walks out of the bedroom. Yoongi had told him in advance where the spare toilet was just in case he needed it before he took his shower. Jimin closes the door behind him and walks down the hallway. Turning the corner, he slightly jumps when a woman walks out from a room. Jimin bows at her in greeting and the woman gives him a suprised smile, "Oh, hello. Are you a friend of Yoongi's?"

Jimin returns the smile, "Yes, I'm Jimin. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. My name's Heebon. I'm his dad's girlfriend."

Yoongi never mentioned her before. Then again, he completely understands if he doesn't want to mention his father's new girlfriend. There's a small silence before Heebon shrugs, "His dad's at work at the moment, I was about to go downstairs and make some coffee. Would you like some?"

Jimin doesn't know what to do. If he says no, he'll come off as entirely rude. If he says yes, he might risk upsetting Yoongi seeing as he might not be too fond of her. Nevertheless he wants to be on the good side of his family, so he accepts it. Heebon nods and says she'll wait for him downstairs. After attending the toilet, Jimin goes downstairs. He still heard the running water as he passed by Yoongi's room. Entering the kitchen, he notices Heebon already sitting by the table, drinking her coffee, with a kettle in the middle and an empty cup for Jimin. He gives her another smile and sits down, prepring himself a cup of coffee. He gives her a soft thanks. Heebon has her head perched up on her chin and her elbow on the table, smiling at Jimin. As the boy drinks, Heebon clears her throat, "So Jimin, tell me about yourself."

Jimin proceeded to talk about what classes he took and which part of the city he lived in. Heebon nods, "I haven't seen Yoongi in a while. Not since him and his father moved here. How is he?"

Jimin shrugs, "He seems to be settling in okay. We just got back from hiking actually. It was fun."

Heebon stares at him, as if thinking of questions to ask. Before Jimin got a little uncomfortable with the gaze, she asks in an almost hushed tone, "What do you think of him?"

The student was definitely taken aback by such an ominous question - in purpose or not. Jimin takes a sip of his hot drink before asking, "Um, sorry what do you mean?"

The older woman shrugs. Her brown hair is wavy and falls by her ribs - she's definitely a looker. Heebon smiles, "I mean what do you think of him? Does he seem a little off to you? He's told you the reason as to why they moved here in the first place, right?"

Jimin couldn't contain the confused look on his face, "I don't think he's off. And he just told me they moved when his mum passed. I didn't ask anymore. Why?"

Heebon laughs, dissipating any tension created just then, "Ah that's good. I was just a little worried for him. They moved mostly because of the trouble Yoongi was giving his old school. Always getting into fights, always hanging around with different types of people that don't seem to fit in his friend group. Ever since his mum died, he obviously acted differently. Ever since she passed---."

"Let's go, Jimin."

Yoongi is by the kitchen doorway, arms crossed. Jimin looks up at the boy before nodding and getting up quickly. He feels the tension in the air rise again. Jimin thanks Heebon for the coffee before following Yoongi outside. Heebon follows suit with a gentle smile, standing by the porch with her coffee in hand, "Bye, Yoongi."

Yoongi doesn't even look her way. Jimin glances at the back of the pale boy's head, then at Heebon. He gives her a smile and a shrug, the girlfriend giving him a knowing nod. The two walk quickly and in silence until they turn the block. At this point, they're closer to Jimin's house than his. Yoongi stops in his tracks and turns around to look up at Jimin. He couldn't read his face. Yoongi gives him a distressed expression, "Why were you talking to her, Jiminnie?"

Jimin's eyes are wide, "Well I bumped into her and then she invited me to have a coffee. If I knew it was going to upset you, I wouldn't have gone downstairs, Yoongi-ah. I swear."

Yoongi sighs, rubbing the back of his neck, "No, I'm not upset. Sorry if it seemed that way, Jimin. I just...I was hoping you didn't have to meet her."

"Why not?"

"Because I'd rather keep my family affairs - and her - away from school and friends."

Jimin stares at Yoongi. After a few seconds, he smiles and points out, "I like what you're wearing. It looks great on you."

Yoongi looks up. His hair is slightly curled, and he wore a baby blue button-up top that was a size bigger on him so it clung off his petite shoulders. His ripped black jeans hug his legs and his black Docs are polished and shining. The change of subject was a refreshing start to the evening. Yoongi thanks him. Jimin asks if he has to go now and before Yoongi could answer, a bright orange Ford Mustang pulls up beside them. The two look at it and watches as the tinted window rolls down. Yoongi's eyebrows raise as he sees Seokjin behind the wheel, smiling at him. Jimin looks between the two and realises that they must know each other. Yoongi approaches the window, "Seokjin? What's up?"

"You look like you need to get somewhere. So hop on."

Yoongi looks at Jimin and smiles, "Do you want to get a ride back to yours?"

Jimin glances at the stranger in the car before smiling back at Yoongi, "No, that's fine. Just text me when you get into work, let me know you got there safe."

"Okay." The two hug before Yoongi gets in the car, waving at Jimin as the car speeds off. Once it was out of view, Jimin's smile falters. And an annoyed frown set. Meanwhile, Yoongi puts on his seatbelt. The inside of the car smelt amazing, and it looked even more so. The smaller looked around in amazement, making Seokjin laugh, "Never been inside a car like this before?"

Yoongi scoffs, "Of course not."

He takes into account how handsome the driver looks again. His sleeves are rolled up just under his elbows, and a gold Versace ring is placed in his index finger. This guy looks like what money only dreams to be. Seokjin notices him staring and he laughs, "You are in love with me."

Yoongi exclaims with a light blush on his cheeks, "You're the one who picked me up out of nowhere. You stalking me?"

The other smirks, "And you got on. Besides can you blame anyone for stalking you? With your cute face."

The smaller's blush reddens and he looks out the window. After a few seconds, he notices where they are, "You know I'm going to The Hive?"

Seokjin nods, eyes on the road, "I was heading there anyway in hopes to watch you perform. Called up the manager and he said you would be."

Yoongi looks back at the older, "Why do you have my manager's number?"

"Well, it wouldn't be good business if I didn't have the number of someone who works for me, would it?"

It takes a few seconds to click before Yoongi's eyes widen, "You own The Hive?"

Seokjin nods, "My dad says it was a pointless hobby of mine - owning small bars and restaurants like that when I could take control of even bigger establishments - but I really enjoy it. I like giving small business owners the chance of making a name for themselves. And from what I've heard, you're more than doing your part with your performances. Did you know your name is constantly passed around now in the office and of course The Hive?"

Yoongi's heart is warm and flattered, "Well, no. I didn't realise..."

Seokjin turns and drives into an alleyway at the back of the bar. A private car park is set there and Seokjin backs the car up into it. He turns off the engine and turns to Yoongi. The gaze he gave the smaller was so hungry, Yoong almost wanted to cower of being eaten. Then the taller breaks the silence, "Well you should realise it soon. You're a very talented musician, Yoongi. And I want to make sure a lot more people know this."

Before Yoongi can ask anymore questions, Seokjin gets out of the car leaving him no choice but to follow suit.

Chapter Text

A few days before Halloween and Yoongi is constantly stuck in his own predicaments by now. It’s obvious now how much the boys are interested in him, and he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t adore the attention. But on a deeper level, he does adore the boys too. Each of them are so different but are so loveable in their own way. All of them had one thing in common though - they were all shameless when it came to showing their attraction to Yoongi. Which is how the small boy found himself in a situation such as this. It was quiet in the library as usual. It was a Monday morning so there were hardly any students as they were in class. Except Yoongi. And his student tutor, Namjoon. They were in between two bookcases - amongst many aisles. Yoongi didn’t know how this started, but his back is pinned against the many books as Namjoon held the sides of his face. His big hands held Yoongi as his lips mingle against the other. The smaller boy can’t bring himself to break the kiss - and why should he - so his eyes gently close. His hands lift to settle on the taller’s waist. Namjoon took this as his cue to push into the kiss harder, running his hands down the smaller’s torso and hooking them under Yoongi’s legs. The pale boy lets out a breathy squeak as he feels himself being lifted, back still firmly against the book shelves. His arms hook around Namjoon’s neck and God, the kiss feels amazing. Everyone must have thought of Namjoon as this composed school genius who’s very polite. But right now he’s practically growling and is hungry for Yoongi, right now he is beyond rude. The pale boy’s eyes spring open when he feels a sizeable bulge push up against his thigh. Yoongi lets out a small moan and gently pushes Namjoon away, the taller settling him back down onto his own two feet. They are both panting, Namjoon’s hands massaging Yoongi’s small waist. The pale boy lets out a shy smile, “What was that for?”

The nerd smiles at him, looking uncertain now, “Didn’t you want me to do that?”

Namjoon has noticed that his little pupil constantly tilted his head up at him in such a way that begged for him to be admired - like a work of art. Studied. The taller student also noticed how Yoongi’s pale hands would brush against his every now and then during their tutoring sessions. A few flirty comments pass by and soon Namjoon couldn’t hold back his desire for the smaller. Meanwhile Yoongi observes the taller’s face. His handsome and tan features are accentuated by glasses that are thick around the upper frames. Namjoon looking down at him with such compassion and haziness, how can Yoongi stop him? A smirk forms on the taller student’s lips as Yoongi’s hand combs through his black hair, pulling him down to kiss again. They didn’t manage to do much studying in that session.

When it came to his performing friend, Hoseok, the boy is so lively. Yoongi loved that about him. During the smaller’s music class, Hoseok always came up to him and talked to him. He never fails to make Yoongi laugh and smile. There was the one time when the two stayed late after school - they had wanted to practise more for their class showcase in November. Yoongi’s fingers graced amongst the piano keys as he sang to himself a melody he recently created. He had thought that Hoseok was just by the open floor practising his moves. He didn’t know the dancer had stopped and simply listened to him with a small smile on his face. Yoongi finishes his song and is surprised to see Hoseok sitting beside him. The smaller looks up at him, “What?”

Hoseok shrugs, “You’re just talented. I admire that.”

The paler of the two blushes and playfully pushes the other, “Shut up.”

Hoseok laughs but continues to shower the boy with compliments, arm around his shoulder. Before they know it, Hoseok’s fingers guide Yoongi’s face to look up at him. The dancer almost gasps at how beautiful he looks, blush on those pale cheeks and a twinkle in his big, dark eyes. Yoongi is surprised when Hoseok asks in an almost hushed tone, “Yoongi-ah, can I kiss you?”

He stares at the dancer, realising that he won’t make a move until Yoongi lets him. The pale boy simply nods, and soft lips crush into his. The two sit on the piano seat, in a long and deep kiss. And now Yoongi is back to where he started - his predicament. He is stuck in between six guys’ affection. And the worst thing is he doesn’t think any of them know about each other, that well anyway. Is he digging a deeper hole for himself?


“There was the day before Halloween. That day sucked.” Seokjin leans back, arms folded. Ever since Erinhart left the crime scene, he found it even harder to look at these boys in the eye. However he has to get to the bottom of this. For Yoongi’s sake. The detective nods and asks, determined, “What happened before Halloween?”

“The rumour.”

“What rumour?”

“It was an attempt to bring Yoongi down. Being popular has its downfalls, I should know.”

Erinhart frowns. Not only did they murder him, they tore his image down months before they did it? He presses, “What were you trying to achieve spreading these rumours?”

Seokjin then gives him a look of surprise and - anger? He scoffs at the detective’s face, leaning forward until his chest touched the edge of the table, “I didn’t spread them, nor start them. Neither did any of his other ‘lovers’.”

Erinhart notices how much disdain was visible on Seokjin’s face upon the mention of the others. They really wanted him all to themselves. The detective asks, “Who started them then?”


Yoongi had been called into Professor Choi’s office. He wasn’t worried though, he’s been good these past few weeks anyway. Walking into the room, Choi greets him from marking papers behind the desk. His office is small and cosy, with shelves on either side of the room. Yoongi takes a seat across from him and Choi asks, “So Yoongi, how are you finding class?”

The student nods, “Good, I’m doing okay I think.”

“What about the past few weeks? I know you were in detention a couple of times but you’re a good kid, I can tell.”

Yoongi shrugs, adjusting the straps on his backpack, “I’ve been keeping away from trouble. And how can you tell?”

The teacher smiles, “I tend to be good at reading people - something I’m proud of. I do have some concerns though. Well...they can barely be called concerns.”

Yoongi tilts his head with a pout, “What is it?”

Choi nods, “I just noticed that you’re settling in well, which is good. And you seem to be making a lot of friends which is even better, don’t get me wrong. But I have noticed that you do hang around with some particular students, mainly Kim Taehyung. Among others.”

Yoongi had no clue where this was going. Is his professor actually lecturing him on who to hang out with? Noticing the student’s confusion, Choi explains, “Kim’s just been known to be all sorts of trouble. I just wanted to tell you that because I don’t want to see any harm come to you.”

“Why are you so worried for me?”

“Because I’m an only child too. And like you, I moved to a completely different town when I was your age. I had a pretty shit time since I was the new kid. And now that I’m a teacher, I make it my mission to make sure every new kid’s coping well. And you seem to be doing just that.”

Yoongi nods with a small smile. Professor Choi looks like he couldn’t have been over 28 years old - he looks so young. Nevertheless, Yoongi can see that the older man is genuine with his concerns. So he thanks him, but lets him know that he likes the friends he’s made so far. Choi nods, “Well you know you can come to me anytime, whether you need help or not.”

Yoongi leaves the office with the feeling of a weight of his shoulders. He never knew he needed someone older to say those things to him, but he’s glad Choi did. Yoongi turns a corner and nearly jumps out of his skin when Jungkook scares him. Yoongi lets out a yelp and the jock laughs, “Aw you should’ve seen your face.”

Yoongi’s hand is on his chest, trying to calm his heartbeat as he notices that Jungkook had his phone out. He videoed that jumpscare like a brat. The smaller boy exclaims, “You scared me!”

Jungkook calms down from laughing and looks down at his phone, saving the video and posting it on his snapchat story, “Ahh you scare too easily. What were you doing anyway?”

Yoongi sighs, “I just came from Professor Choi’s office. He wanted to have a talk with me.”

The jock nods, “Well listen I’m glad I found you. I wanted to ask you something super important.”


Jungkook smiles, his hands moving around to emphasise his case, “If I asked you out on a date, would you want to go for dinner and ice skating? Or ice skating first then dinner?”

Yoongi gives the taller a surprised expression. He then rolls his eyes and mutters, “I thought it was important, brat.”

Jungkook feigns being offended, “It is! So come on, which one?”

Yoongi laughs and starts walking away but Jungkook follows with an innocent smile. The smaller then asks, “What makes you think I can ice skate? And are those seriously my only options?”

Jungkook shrugs and stops, Yoongi stopping too in order to watch him. The jock smiles, “Well I’ll teach you to ice skate then. And no, that’s not the only thing. I mean it’s a given we’ll have amazing sex afterwards...”

Yoongi laughs, blushing, “You’re unbelievable.”

“ I’m only giving you those options anyway.”

The pale boy looks up at the jock with a cute smile, “You really think you’re the shit, don’t you?”

Jungkook returns the smile and moves forward, hooking his arm around the boy’s small waist, “I know I am, and I’m used to getting what I want. And I want you, to be honest. With your beach-going impulsive ass.”

The two laugh and their intimate moment is interrupted when Sammy turns the corner to call for the head footballer, “Kookie oppa! Let’s go, we’re going to be late for my practise.”

She loses her smile when she notices her crush and that Yoongi boy so close to each other. Jungkook pulls away from the pale boy and nods at Sammy. Then he turns to Yoongi, “Text me, let me know which option you want to go for.”

Yoongi was nodding slowly before he caught himself doing it. Then he watches the two walk away together, noticing how Sammy gave him the dirtiest look beforehand. After the school day is over, Yoongi walks home by himself. Sure he got several messages from different boys asking him if he needed a lift or company, but Yoongi wanted to be alone for the day. He had been texting Dahyun all day talking about Halloween and their costumes, so he had to take some alone time and think about all that including his homework. Walking in his house, he hears two voices in the living room. Yoongi already knows it’s his dad and the girlfriend. The boy sighs and closes the door as quietly as he can. Then he proceeds to tip-toe up to his room. Once inside he lets out a relieved sigh. The calm didn’t last however as his phone buzzes loudly. It was Dahyun. Yoongi gives the phone a puzzled look - Dahyun never calls him without asking if he’s free to talk or not. Getting a bad feeling, Yoongi answers the call, “Hello?”

His heart almost drops by how panicked Dahyun sounds, “Yoongi! Thank God you answered. Do you have your computer nearby?”

Yoongi glances at his work station, “Uh, yeah?”

“Get on it! Check your Facebook.”

Yoongi places his phone on speaker and puts it on the table as he gets behind it, waking his computer up. All the while, he can hear Dahyun’s heavy breathing on the other line, as if she had been running. Yoongi finally gets into his Facebook and his timeline is exploding, including his notifications. His heart finally drops.

“What the fuck?”

Dahyun sighs, “I’m coming over. I’m so sorry, Yoongi. I swear I have nothing to do with this. We’ll fix it, honey.”

Yoongi had tuned her out though. He had been tagged in something along with practically the entire school. On it was a short post about no other than him, from an anonymous profile. It read:

Is this fair??? MIN YOONGI has been spotted walking out of a teacher’s office (one of MANY) in the late hours of school!! Now we see why you’re getting such good grades you little whore. Stop dragging other boys down to be your victim! Is this why you left your old school? Slept with all of the staff and students so you moved?? We don’t need you here, we don’t want you here. FUCK OFF WHORE!!

Yoongi didn’t realise his hands are shaking and tears are staining his cheeks. The post didn’t end there, but Yoongi wished it did. He might have been okay with just that post. But what broke his heart entirely is the video attached to the post. It was a short video of him walking a corner out of an office, and getting jumpscared. It was the video Jungkook took.

Chapter Text

The tension in the room had slightly dissipated, thanks to Dahyun. A movie is currently playing with its volume low. Reason being is Dahyun is sitting at the edge of the bed, on the phone to various people. Crisps, sweets and energy drinks are set on the middle of the bed. Yoongi is sitting up against the headboard, blanket wrapped over his petite body with only his puffy face showing. His eyebags are red and his whole face is flushed from crying on Dahyun's shoulder for a good hour. After having calmed him down, the girl wraps him up and puts on a movie, telling him to munch on food. All the while she tries and calls up whoever she knows whom might be able to help get the post taken down. Yoongi can feel his phone vibrate every other minute but he doesn't want to reply to anyone yet. He can't bring himself to look, he's afraid to see anymore negativity against him. Dahyun had strongly suggested turning his phone off until the next day. However Yoongi would rather look at it later tonight rather than face it all tomorrow - just to get it over with.

"Well I don't care! This is clearly bullying and this post needs to be taken down. And the anonymous profile too, is there anyway we can track that to anyone?"

Dahyun had called so many people that Yoongi had no clue who she's talking to now. But she had been repeating herself for a while. After she finishes with this phone call, she lets out a sigh before turning towards Yoongi. The pale boy is watching her now, instead of the movie. Dahyun gives him a small smile, "How are you feeling?"

"Kinda sick."

Dahyun nods, "Well I called the school. I've let them know what happened and they will more than likely address it tomorrow."

Yoongi feels like crying again. His lips jutter as he tries to stop himself from bawling; he doesn't want to cause such a big commotion. Can't this whole shitty thing be over already? His phone vibrates again and the two look toward the bedside table in unison. Dahyun sighs and looks toward Yoongi, "Are you sure you don't want to turn that off?"

Yoongi shakes his head and before he can talk, there's a quick knock on his door and it opens slightly. Yoongi jumps at this and Dahyun notices but doesn't address it. Min Hanil is standing by the doorway with a polite smile, "Hello, Dahyun. Are you both okay?"

Dahyun nods, "Yes, thank you so much for letting me stay the night, Mr Min."

"Well work hard on your homework."

"Wh---Oh yeah. Thanks."

There's an awkward silence. Dahyun looks towards Yoongi and notices that his eyes are cast downwards. She then stands and smiles at the father, "Actually, is it okay if we can have some hot chocolate?"

Hanil had been staring at his son but upon Dahyun's request, he nods and leads her downstairs leaving Yoongi alone with his thoughts. The small boy watches the ongoing movie in silence for a while. Then he looks at his phone. Yoongi stares at it before sighing, reaching a fragile hand over and finally checking it. His heart beats slightly harder as he notices:

10 missed calls from Jimin

13 missed calls from Taehyung

8 missed calls from Hoseok

11 missed calls from Namjoon

7 missed calls from Seokjin

1 missed call from Jungkook

Yoongi feels his stomach churn from the sight of the jock's name. He doesn't want to make any assumptions but how else could anyone have gotten their hands on that video? It was innocent, yes, but it's been used entirely out of context nevertheless.

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Hyung call me back please. I need to know you're okay

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Yoongi hadn't realised his eyes are heating up once again. He expected...worse? He would've thought that all of these boys would've been disgusted and lost all respect (as well as affection) for him. But instead they're wasting no time wanting to be by his side, to support him through this scandal. All but one messaged him. Still Yoongi doesn't know what to do.


Once Erinhart set foot inside his own home, he's not Detective Erinhart anymore. To his kids, he's called Dad. And to his wife Landi, he's called honey or David. A lot had happened in work today, as usual. The report from the coroner came back and he spent a good two hours reading over it thoroughly. The body is confirmed to have been Min Yoongi, and the print from the sliced finger matches his. Walking through his house, he is reminded of how lucky he is. This case has really taken a toll on him, it seems. He's exhausted physically and mentally. But his drive to close this case for Yoongi is strong, and tha's all that matters. He can hear his young twins playing in the living room, and the smell of roast chicken is floating in the air. David smiles and walks in the kitchen to see his beloved wife finishing setting up the dinner table. Landi turns and a smile appears on her face, "Hey honey. How was work?"

David maintains his gentle smile, "It was okay. Just a busy day as usual. The twins?"

The wife hugs him and they stand there in each other's arms for a bit. Landi sighs, "Troublemakers, still. But they behaved since they got back from school."

David nods and continues to look around, "Where's Milton?"

Landi chuckles and pulls away as she walks to the living room, presumably to call the twins, "He's up in his room. Doing his homework, apparently."

David laughs and announces that he'll take a quick shower then he'll be down for dinner. Landi tells him to call their eldest son down too. Leaving his overflowing business bag down on his desk in the office that is connected to the master bedroom, David moves to the bathroom to rid himself of the day's grime. He takes a few minutes showering before coming back in the room. He jumps when he notices a figure standing in his office, looking down at the paperwork that was supposed to be in his bag. Realising that the figure is just his son, he calls him, "Milton, what're you up to?"

The eldest son gently lets go of one of the papers and turns around with a focused expression. David can sense a drop in the atmosphere, and he knew right away his son was feeling sad. He approaches his son and asks, "What's wrong?"

Milton shrugs and glances at the desk, "His name's Min Yoongi right?"

David is taken aback by the topic. He would prefer not to bring his work into his home, but this is his son. And he doesn't want to deprive him of knowing. He nods, to which Milton comments, "He's my age."

The father can see what's bothering Milton now. From a young age, he had always been the adventurous type. From swimming with sharks and sky diving, his son feared nothing. And he was so proud of him. But seeing this other boy who's the same age as him - and barely starting his own life - be taken from this world so quickly and mercilessly. Well, it upset him. David pats the boy's shoulder, "I'm going to get to the bottom of it, Millie."

"What good will that do? After you figure everything out, that boy will still be gone."

David gives him a sad smile. The two hear the muffled call of Landi for dinner before Milton looks back up at his dad, wanting an answer. David sighs, "I just...It's the right thing to do. After everything that he was put through, this could be the last good thing anyone can do for him." Milton stares up at him before nodding, and an assured smile appears on his face.


The next day, Yoongi woke up early afternoon. They didn’t have any classes today as it was Halloween. Dahyun had already been up, and was just watching random Youtube videos. Yoongi sits up and stretches his arms over his head like a cat. His groan causes Dahyun to turn and give him a smile, “Rise and shine! How did you sleep?”

If Yoongi was honest, the sleep he had was one of the deepest he’s had in a while. He must have passed out from exhaustion. As the boy reaches over the bedside table to get a glass of water, courtesy of Dahyun, her smile fades, “Jungkook came by last night, after you fell asleep.”

Yoongi stopped drinking and he looks at Dahyun with an anxious face. They stare at each other before she sighs, “He didn’t go inside, I talked to him on the porch.”

“What did he say?”

Yoongi had fallen asleep after giving the five boys a text back, telling them that he needs some time alone. Dahyun cleans the bed up of food before switching movies. She hadn’t told Yoongi but she has been trying to contact Jungkook. She can’t help but to feel...shame? Dahyun grew up with the jock, and she can’t believe he can do something as horrid as this. Seeing her petite friend cry, it was enough to break her heart. Dahyun sighs before her phone rings on the other side of the room. She walks over quietly and quickly so as not to wake Yoongi. A frown sets as she sees Jungkook's name on the screen. Nevertheless she answers, "You have some nerve, Jeon Jungkook."

"I'm outside Yoongi's. Open up, I know you're with him."

Jungkook hangs up and Dahyun exclaims - she cannot believe this boy. Peeking through the curtains, she sees Jungkook standing here, duffle bag strapped across his chest. Dahyun rolls her eyes before going downstairs. She opens the door and quickly closes it, facing Jungkook. He looked like he had been running as he was still catching his breath. Dahyun folds her arms and waits. Her childhood friend gives her a confused look, "Where's Yoongi?"

"He's resting. You don't need to see him." Dahyun knows that he has to be tough towards one of her best friends but he brought this onto himself. She continues, "How could you do that to him, Jungkook?"

The jock stares at her with slightly wide eyes and he shakes his head, "I didn't have anything to do with that, Dahyun. I swear. Anyone could have gotten that video because I posted it on my snapchat story."

Dahyun's frown fades, and she feels a spark of hope in her. She asks, "Really?"

Jungkook nods quickly, occasionally glancing up towards the second floor windows of the house, hoping he'll see Yoongi. He says, "Yes, I swear. It must have been Sammy. Or it's someone in my fucking team anyway. Can I see him?"

Dahyuns waves her arms out to stop him, "Sammy? You're telling me it could have been Sammy? Oh of course! She's been jealous of Yoongi since day one!"

Jungkook shakes his head, "That doesn't matter. I just...want to take care of him."

Dahyun huffs, walking around the porch, "How does it not matter? Jungkook, because of that post Yoongi might never be treated the same again for as long as he's in our school."

"Why not? That rumour will eventually go away once the teachers let the school know not to mention it anymore."

The girl shakes her head, "It will stick though. You have to do something about it, Jungkookie. You're one of the most influential students in our school. You let everyone know yourself what you think of these rumours and no one will dare doubt you. Then Yoongi will get his normal school life back!"

Jungkook stares at her. There's a look of processing in his face, but Dahyun knows that look. He's already made up his mind. She takes a step back, "You're not going to do anything about it, are you?"

The jock sighs, rubbing his temple, "It's not that easy, Hyun. I have a game in two days and I can't...I can't afford to distract anyone from it. Everyone's counting on me to---."

"To be their puppet. I get it, Jungkook. All our lives, everyone sees you as this big man who's going to go far. And I have no doubt that you will. But you've never once made a decision for yourself. When was the last time you did, hm?"

Jungkook can't bring himself to be hurt at his friend's words, because she was right. He shrugs, keeping silent. Dahyun stares at him before folding her arms against softly, "That day you disappeared from the diner. That was unlike you. Where'd you go?"

The jock was suprised Yoongi hadn't told Dahyun. Maybe Yoongi knew he had an image to upkeep? Jungkook sighs, "I was with Yoongi. Went to the beach."

The silence overcomes them again. They stand there for a few minutes before Dahyun shakes her head, walking to the door, "I'm going to bed, you should too. As for tomorrow, don't try and find him. I'm going to help him enjoy Halloween. I don't want you ruining it. I still care for you, Jungkook. You're just a dick right now."

The door closes and Jungkook is left to stare at it before he walks away from the house, with heated eyes.

Chapter Text

After taking a shower and putting on a simple t-shirt and shorts, Yoongi decides to go downstairs to make some coffee for himself. Dahyun had left an hour ago to buy themselves Halloween costumes, then she'll come back and then they'll get ready. While Yoongi wasn't looking forward to going out at all, Dahyun assures him that it will do him some good. It'll get him out of the house and let his mind wander. Just as Yoongi pours himself a cup of coffee, a figure walks in the kitchen. The boy jumps when the figure announces his presence by speaking, "Where's your friend?"

Yoongi turns around and sees his dad. The man is wearing his police uniform and is leaning against the doorway. Yoongi nods, "She just went to buy something in town. She wants to go out with me tonight."

Hanil stares at him before sighing, "Well I'm glad you're hanging out with people like her. But Yoongi..."

He steps into the kitchen until he is beside the dinner table across from Yoongi. The dad's expression becomes more serious, "I've been hearing some things. This is a small town, word gets around very quickly. Are any of those rumours true?"

Yoongi didn't realise his throat felt like it was clenching up until he tries to speak, "No, dad. Whatever you heard it's not rea---."

"I can't believe this. Who could make up things like that?" Yoongi felt like throwing up. He's nervous, he doesn't know where it's coming from. His dad frowns at him, "I certainly hope none of it is true at all, Yoongi. We've just settled in."

Yoongi feels a chill up his spine but found the voice to reply, "No, dad. None of it is."

"What about those other students you always talk to?"

"What about them?"

Hanil's stare turns more intense as he puffs his chest, asking more sternly, "What about them?"

Yoongi sighs and the two flinch when the front door opens to reveal Dahyun. The son counts his blessings as she walks to the kitchen with a polite smile. Dahyun greets them both and then addresses her friend, "Yoongi-yah, I've got everything. Want to check them out?"

The boy couldn't have accepted any faster. He walks past his father with Dahyun in tow. She held two big plastic bags on both hands - she definitely goes all out for Halloween. The walk back to the room is quick and silent, with just the padding of their feet breaking the silence. Once inside, Yoongi lets out a loud sigh and sits back on his computer chair, turning around to face Dahyun. The girl drops the bags on the floor and starts rummaging through. Meanwhile she asks, "How are you feeling?"

Yoongi shrugs, glancing at his phone. He hasn't checked it since he told the boys he needed time alone, and he's hoping that they're respecting his decision. He answers, "As good as can be, I suppose. Dahyun I really don't think showing my face in public right now is a good thing. I'm thinking about you too. I don't want people to look at you differently because you're hanging out with me. I mean...what will they think?"

Dahyun gives him an irritated look as she pulls out different costumes out from one bag, "I'd say they'll think about how lucky those teachers were, with a beautiful person such as you."

Before Yoongi goes off on her, Dahyun laughs and holds her hands up in quick surrender, "Hey, kidding! You need to laugh at yourself in times like these. Now take a look at these and pick one."

Hoseok looks down at his phone. He's so tempted to call or even just text Yoongi, but he knows the smaller won't answer yet. And he understands why, but still. It doesn't stop him from missing the boy. His dance friends call him from outside the toilet, asking if he's ready. Hoseok looks at his reflection and adjusts the fake golden crowd on his fluffy black hair. A dark red cape made of suede and lined with black and white fluff, drapes over his shoulders and goes down until his ankles. Underneath he wore a black button shirt, black slacks and black dress shoes. It was a pretty simple king costume but Hoseok likes it so why not. He walks out of the school toilets and rolls his eyes at his friends wolf-whistling at him. Then they make their way to the school hall. Halloween decorations grace the halls everywhere, especially inside where the party is going to be. Music is blasting already and there are already a substantial amount of people inside. As much as he loves hanging out with his friends, especially during Halloween, Yoongi is still in his mind. And he's secretly hoping that the pretty boy will make an appearance tonight, but he doubts it.

"What the fuck is that, Dahyun?"

The girl laughs at Yoongi's confused face as she holds up a schoolgirl outfit with a black bob wig, "It's option one for you, for your information." Yoongi shakes his head furiously, rubbing his clothes feet together, "Hell no. Do you want my dad to hate me even more?"

Dahyun sighs and throws option one onto the bed. She goes on to present her second choice. Yoongi's face drops even more as she takes out a bright yellow onesie. The boy wanted to die and cringed when Dahyun shows him the centrepiece of the costume which is a huge puppy helmet, with it's tongue sticking out. It was an actual mascot. Yoongi shakes his head, "No, Dahyun."

This time, the girl seemed genuinely surprised, "What? Wh---?"

"I'm not wearing that, Hyun. If anything it looks like a boy group designed it for their merch line and it extended to full-on mascots which they would wear as punishments in a TV show."

"It's scary how specific that was." Dahyun says plainly. Yoongi waves his arms, "I'm not wearing it!"

"Okay, okay! Jeez, you're so picky. Here's my last one. I will actually kill you if you don't like this one." Yoongi watches Dahyun as she pulls out a pale pink outfit made of what looks like satin or silk. He sits up a little as Dahyun shows off the pajamas, then its black and white choker made of some fabric as well. The costume looked like what Yoongi would love to wear on a daily basis - cute and sexy at the same time. Dahyun breaks the silence by throwing the pajamas at him, "I take it you've made your choice, thank God. Now put that on, curl your hair a little bit then let me put some make-up on you."

Yoongi was about to protest the make-up but Dahyun stops him, "It won't be noticeable enough for your dad. Besides, it's Halloween. I was this close into turning you into a drag queen. Like full Trixie Mattel. So thank me for going with something more tame."

The boy rolls his eyes and trudges to the bathroom to get ready. Two hours later and the two are entering the school doors. Yoongi almost cringes and all the confidence that had gradually built with the help of Dahyun over the past several hours, is slowly dissipating. His friend notices this and holds his hand as they walk through the corridors, "Yah, hold that head high, honey. You look awesome and I promise we'll have an amazing night together."

Yoongi's heart warms at her words and he smiles at her widely, squeezing her hand confidently. Before the two step into the loud hall, Yoongi turns to Dahyun and looks at her in her sailor costume, "You look gorgeous too."

Dahyun giggles and ruffles her puffy skirt, "Mr Min, if I didn't know any better I'd say you're hitting on me."

"Well thank Christ you know me whole lot. I like dick, sorry."

Dahyun gasps dramatically and slaps the boy's shoulder, "Me too!" The two laugh and high-five before entering the hall. They are bombarded with loud music and dancing lights along the four wide walls. The sky outside is dark at this point and the high windows show off the full moon. Yoongi gets a several glances and the occasional stare. He asks Dahyun if it's because of the rumour but the girl shakes her head, replying certainly, "It's because look prettier than any girl here. Well, maybe except for me."

The two laugh and make their way to the buffet table to get some finger foods. Yoongi wasn't hungry so he just took from the punch bowl - he still hasn't quite gotten his appetite back. Yoongi turns around, waiting for Dahyun to finish stuffing her face and his heart nearly stops. Jungkook. He enters the hall and the rest of the football team and cheerleaders follow suit. They were all in different costumes except for team captain - he simply wore jeans, white shirt and his custom school varsity jacket. Yoongi nearly rolls his eyes when he sees Sammy and her gaggle of girlies. Jungkook still hasn't seen him so maybe if he leaves the hall now, he can still enjoy his night. Dahyun had noticed the team walk in and she glares at them all from across the hall, including her childhood friend. She notices how her small friend is frozen in place so she decides to do the right thing. She gives Yoongi's arm a gentle squeeze and says in his ear through the loud music, "I'm gonna go converse with my toxic-ass clique there. Go to the music room and relax there, I'll collect you when I've gotten rid of them."

Yoongi glances at them before he gives Dahyun an embarrassed look, "Really, Hyun, you don't have to do that at all."

"Nonsense! I wouldn't be able to have fun myself if they're here. So go. Have fun, maybe make a song for Mr Wang."

She winks at him before walking across the hall to talk to the jocks and cheerleaders, not letting Yoongi complain. The pale boy sighs and waits until all of them are gathered around her in converation, before he slips out the corner of the hall. It's a lot quieter out in the corridors - Yoongi likes this. He lets out a soft sigh and makes his way to the music room. The school seems so different now than it is during the daytime. It seems more lonely but content. He pushes the door to the class room and he jumps when he sees another person inside. The tall figure turns around and both eyes widen at each other. It was Hoseok. Looking as handsome as ever wearing a king costume. Yoongi gasps audibly and starts walking backwards to the door, "Sorry, Hoseok. I didn't know anyone was in here..."

Hoseok isn't listening at this point. He's strides forward and grips Yoongi's elbow before the smaller managed to get away. He turns him and pulls him into his chest, wrapping his arms around the pale boy. Yoongi is in slight shock, his eyes wide. When the smaller realises that Hoseok isn't letting go anytime soon, he closes his eyes and hugs him back. They stand there for a bit until Hoseok whispers, "I missed you. Where were you? You had me worried."

Yoongi muffles in the taller's cape, "Home. I...was ashamed."

Hoseok pulls away and stares into the smaller's eyes, gently brushing away hairs in the way of it, "Why? Nothing was your fault. What happened is a dumbass rumour was spread by dumbass people by pure jealousy. It happens in school sometimes, don't worry."

The two walk to the piano and sit on its seat, facing each other. Yoongi shakes his head, "You never thought it was true? Any of it?"

Hoseok's eyes soften, "Not for a second."

"Why would they be jealous of me?" Yoongi asks no one in particular. He looks down at his pale hands, playing with them. There's a moment of silence before Hoseok scoffs gently, "You're kidding. Have you seen yourself? Have you seen how beautiful you are, inside and out?"

Yoongi looks up, blushing. He remains quiet. Hoseok shakes his head as he closes the distance between their faces, "Let me show you then."

The pale boy's heart is pounding but he couldn't do anything but nod his head.

Jungkook had pulled Dahyun to the side as the rest of his group danced and drank. His friend still looks irritated but she seems calmer than last night. Jungkook asks first thing, "Is Yoongi here?"

"And if he is? Why should I tel---?"

"Dahyun please. Do me a favour. I want to fix this."

The girl puts her hands on her hips with a raised brow, "You can fix it by telling the rest of the school that these rumours are entirely fake. Hell, I'd say call out Sammy and her gang but you wouldn't do that."

"How'd you know it's Sammy?"

The two look at each other, confused. Dahyun folds her arms against her chest, "How did you know it's Sammy?"

Jungkook sighs, rubbing his temple, "Fuck sake, she told me. Last night after I left Yoongi's porch. I visited her house. She answered the door within the first minute, she must've got excited."


"Yeah. But yeah, she told me the whole thing."

Dahyun remains bothered by this confession, "And this is alright? Jungkook, Sammy just did one of the worst things anyone can do to a student in school. And you're not going to do anything about it?"

Jungkook shakes his head, "I'm still thinking, Hyun. Give me a break."

"Give you a break."

"Jesus Christ." Jungkook throws his hands up in defeat. As much as he loves his friend, Dahyun, she's not going to help him get to Yoongi. He has to do something, soon.

Yoongi's cheeks are glistening and his bangs are stuck to his forehead. He's sitting on the closed piano and his knees are pinned against his chest. The pale boy's pink bottoms are thrown somewhere in the room, as well as Hoseok's costume crown and cape. The room is silent save for moans, sighs and the constant squelch of skin against skin. Hoseok's eyes are wandering everywhere on Yoongi. He's so beautiful. The taller's eyes would switch from the boy's flustered face to his own long cock sliding in and out of Yoongi. The smaller's hands sometimes grab onto the edge of the piano when Hoseok's thrusts become relentless, and his whole body quakes. Yoongi knows anyone can walk in but at this moment in time, he wouldn't care. Hoseok's cock must have casted some sort of spell over him because he's starting to hallucinate. He stares at the hallucination with hazy eyes but it never went away. Yoongi blinks a couple of times and sees Jungkook over Hoseok's shoulder, across the room by the doorway. It was the real Jungkook. The jock stares at him - not even the guy fucking him - with wide eyes, mouth slightly open. Yoongi gasps and softly tells Hoseok to stop. The dancer does instantly, looking down at Yoongi panting.

"What's wrong? Am I hurting you?" Hoseok's sweating too, he looks over Yoongi with worried eyes. His eyes widen when he sees Yoongi starting to sob. Hoseok starts apologising. Yoongi shakes his head, his thin arms hooking around the dancer's shoulders, "'re perfect. Please...fuck me harder."

Hoseok's eyes soften and kisses the boy. Then he continues his hard thrusts again, not knowing there was someone else in the room. All the while, Yoongi watches as Jungkook internally breaks in front of him. As he gets fucked mercilessly into, he stares right into Jungkook's soul over Hoseok's shoulder. Yoongi wants Jungkook to see this. He wants him to feel some sort of pain. Because it wasn't fair. Jungkook couldn't look anymore. He quickly and quietly walks out of the room. Yoongi watches him leave and then closes his eyes, focusing only on Hoseok now.

Jungkook walks out of the school. He needed fresh air. He takes a deep breath and exhales, bending over and leaning his hands on his knees. Then he straightens back up, putting his hands in his jacket pockets. He jumps when his group of friends barge through the front double doors, being their usual loud selves. Jungkook sighs and puts on a brave face as he converses with them. They stand there for a few minutes, some having a smoke. All their heads turn when the double doors open - imagine their interest and surprise when they see Yoongi. Jungkook's heart jumps, and so does Yoongi's. He cannot be bothered with this. The footballers start cat-calling him and the girls whisper and giggle amongst each other. Yoongi visibly rolls his eyes and walks past them, rain starting to fall down. Jungkook's feet feels like it's cemented to the ground as he watches Yoongi's back walk away and get smaller. A few seconds after Yoongi disappears from the school grounds, something takes ahold of Jungkook and then he starts running. He runs after Yoongi. He hears the calls from his friends - especially Sammy - but he doesn't listen. His athletic legs catch up to the smaller in no time. At this point, the rain is pouring down. He slows down just behind Yoongi, "Yah, Yoongi. I need to talk to you."

"Not in the mood, Jungkook. I'm going home."

Jungkook gives the other his space but still follows behind him, "Who was that guy fucking you? Hmm? Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh fuck you!" Yoongi snaps. He whips around to try and glare at the jock. It's raining hard but Jungkook can see that Yoongi's crying again. They stop in their tracks. Yoongi sobs, "What do you care who I fuck? You may not have started the rumour but you didn't do anything to stop it! I mean...I know I'm the weird new kid but you didn't think for a second that what happened wasn't too far? Answer me!"

Jungkook stares at Yoongi. He tries reaching for him but the smaller pulls back a little, "Do you know why I had to move schools? Apart from my dad's job."

The jock doesn't answer. Yoongi wipes his face but the rain was quick to soak it again, "I did fuck one of the teachers there. But I knew him years before he even trained to be a teacher. He was the youngest - hell, he was an assistant teacher. We fucked once. Before he started working in my school. Word got around and well, from there the story was anyone's ball game. My dad was humiliated so he moved us. He didn't move because he wanted to get me away from the bullying. He moved for his pride. And now it's almost like it's happening all over again. And you! You could do something about it. You could change everything. But you choose not to, you dick! I hate you!"

Jungkook didn't realise his eyes are tearing up. But that doesn't matter. Yoong matters. He's the only one that does. He has no words left in him. Yoongi buries his face in his hands. He stands there for a few seconds until he doesn't feel the rain anymore. He opens his eyes and looks up, it was darker but warmer. Looking up, Jungkook's face is a few inches away from him. His varsity jacket is off and he's using it to cover Yoongi's head. They stare at each other, unmoving with the rain just outside the jacket. Then Yoongi sniffles and buries his head against Jungkook's hard chest. The jock lets out a relieved sigh almost and he closes his eyes, savoring the feeling of having the smaller boy so close to him. They stand there until Jungkook whispers something about walking him home. And so they do. In silence. They were attached to each other as they walked the couple of blocks to Yoongi's house. Jungkook didn't bother covering himself up, he only cared for Yoongi. Half an hour later, they are on the smaller's porch. At this point, Yoongi's wearing his varsity jacket as the rain let up midway. Jungkook watches the pale boy unlock the door and open it. He turns around and the jock takes this opportunity to say, "I'll text you tomorrow. Please answer me, okay? I really...I really care about you. I don't give a fuck what you do or what you did with other guys. I'll still want you. So that stunt you pulled in the music room didn't do shit."

Yoongi sniffles and doesn't answer. He moves his hands to take the jacket off and hand it back to the jock, but the taller stops him, "Keep it."

The smaller stares at him before walking in his house, "Bye, Jungkook."

"Bye, Yoongi."


Erinhart looks up from writing on his notes. He then opens a new folder that was just recently created by the coroner. He looks up at Jungkook and the jacket he's wearing. He comments, "That's a new one?"

The jock looks down and nods, "We get a new one every year."

"Yeah, because the one you gave Yoongi, he died in."

Jungkook stares at him blankly. He then asks a question that rang in the detective's head in the coming days, "You're hurt by this, aren't you?"

Erinhart glares at him, and was about to deny it but the jock beats him to it, "I can tell. I can see that this is really taking a toll on you. Why don't you just call it quits then? Hmm? Just send me to some prison to rot. Make sure the other five rot too."

"You really hate them."

"They all fucked the only person I ever loved. So yeah, they're not my favourite of characters."

Erinhart puts down his pen and folder, and stands up. Adjusting his tie, he paces around the room and says sarcastically, "Okay, say by some miracle I actually feel sorry for this Yoongi boy. What then? Is this what you all wanted?"

Jungkook stares at him, "I only wanted him. So I did the only thing that will give me to him. People deal with love differently. Are we obsessed with him? Maybe so. Hell I know I am. You're never going to understand though. You'll never know what it feels like to be obsessed. And I hope you never do. Because it's the most agonizing thing you can feel, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies."

Chapter Text

Yoongi wakes up on the sofa of his living room. He was so tired from last night he must’ve just fallen asleep as soon as he got in. Stretching his arms over his head, he checks his phone and notices that he’s got an hour before school, which was good. He hears heavy steps walk in the living room. He looks up to see his dad, putting on his tie. Yoongi sits up and yawns, noticing how his dad stares at him with slight confusion. He nods towards the son, “Is that yours?”

Yoongi looks down and notices that he’s still wearing Jungkook’s varsity jacket. He then looks at his dad, standing up, “No, someone lent it to me last night.”

The small boy walks to the open kitchen and makes himself a strong coffee to wake him up. All the while the dad follows him in the room as he finishes putting on his uniform. Hanil clears his throat, “Well I’m glad I caught you before you went to school actually. I just thought you should know that you don’t need to worry about any of those false allegations towards us anymore. The right people are facing consequences now.”

Yoongi turns around with a confused expression, “What do you mean?”

The father shrugs as he picks up his briefcase and starts walking to the front door, “That teacher Choi has been fired.”

Yoongi’s heart almost stops. The front door closes behind his dad and the boy is left to stand there in silence and shock. Professor Choi was fired? Because of a lie against Yoongi? None of it was real though! The pale boy starts breathing heavily, coffee forgotten. He then runs upstairs to get ready for school – all the while texting Dahyun.

From: Yoongi
Hyun, did you hear about Choi?? Pls reply asap

From: Dahyun
Just got in school – and I’m just hearing it from everyone :// This is fucked! Hun you don’t need to go to in today, if you don’t feel like it…

At this point Yoongi is dressed and he’s walking downstairs. Making himself a small bowl of cereal, he ponders on what he should do. He’s still having a hard time believing what just happened. Nevertheless he shakes his head.

From: Yoongi
No I’ll come in. I can’t just hide from this…I feel so bad Hyun

From: Dahyun
Don’t! Don’t think like that, none of this is your fault. We’ll talk more when you get here. Where’d you go btw? After you left the hall last night?

From: Yoongi
Long story.

Yoongi doesn’t know if he should tell Dahyun what happened last night. It would be too much detailing in and of itself anyway. He’s still surprised at himself for shouting at Jungkook, but he can’t bring himself to feel bad. He deserved it, probably more. A subtle knock on the door has Yoongi perking up. He stares at the door for a second before walking to it. Another few knocks and Yoongi opens it, eyes slightly widening at the sight of Taehyung. It’s definitely due to the fact that he hasn’t seen him for a while, but the greaser looks even more breathtaking. He’s wearing his school uniform under his leather jacket. Yoongi notices the Harley parked on the driveway. Before the smaller can say anything, Taehyung strides forward and pulls him into a protective hug. Yoongi exclaims a little but doesn’t push away, rather he hugs him back. After a minute or so of just standing there hugging, Taehyung pulls away and asks, “How are you?”

The pale boy looks up at him with big brown eyes and nods, “I’m okay. You?”

“I’m better now. Come on, bean. I’ll give you a ride to school.”

Yoongi gives him a smile as the greaser takes his hand as they walk to the Harley. The two speed down to the high school within no time. Taehyung parks the bike as Yoongi adjusts his bag straps, looking up at the school. Taehyung walks up to him and put his arm around his shoulder. Yoongi glances at him. The greaser must have noticed the worried expression on him so he assures him, “I’ve got your back, don’t worry, baby.”

The two walk through the school doors together. Yoongi still notices the uncertain stares pointed at him. The talk of the place that day was Professor Choi. Yoongi couldn’t bare listening to it – he felt so bad for the man. Every time he passed by his old office, he has to constantly remind himself that the man wouldn’t be there anymore. Taehyung leaves Yoongi to attend his classes – which the smaller was surprised about but he didn’t address it. Nevertheless he does the same. When the lunch bell rings, he meets up with Dahyun. The girl hugs him
when they see each other. Dahyun sighs, “Good news is that we don’t have class for the rest of the day.”

Upon asking why this is, the girl reminds Yoongi that the Bangtan Knights have a game against a neighbouring town school team. The match is being held outside on the playing fields of the school. Dahyun tells Yoongi, “Listen you don’t have to go. But I need to, since it’s a home game I have to be with the other cheerleaders. Again you don’t have to come.”

Yoongi smiles and shakes his head, “I wouldn’t miss you cheering for the world, Hyun. Don’t worry, I’ll come with you.”

Dahyun excitedly hugs him and then the two make their way to the field. Nearly the entire school stayed for it, to cheer on the Knights. The opposing team’s supporters are seated at the other side of the field, cheering the away team on. Yoongi didn’t notice how nervous he was until he tried to find himself a seat, as Dahyun had to leave him for the locker rooms. Nevertheless he finds a seat that’s close to the edge of the field. The cheers from the crowd heighten in volume as the announcer welcomes the teams, and all players make their way onto the field. Among them, Yoongi sees Jungkook in full kit run in with the rest of his teammates. The pale boy sighs before looking for Dahyun. He smiles when he sees her run in with the other cheerleaders, holding cute pom-poms. Dahyun notices him and waves enthusiastically, to which Yoongi waves back. Jungkook notices the girl waving and follows her line of sight. His heart beats a little harder when he notices Yoongi, looking as gorgeous as ever. The jock didn’t even notice he was staring until a female voice snaps him out of it, “Forget about him, Kookie. You have us, why’d you want to hang out with a weirdo like him?”

Sammy stares up at him, pom-poms in hand. Jungkook sighs inwardly and slowly turns his stare to the girl. The stare turns into a glare for a split second before he looks away, afraid he’ll say something overly mean to her. Then the match begins. Since Yoongi is closer to the field, he wouldn’t have noticed that the other boys that are crushing on him are also on the bleachers, watching the game. The match was intense for both sides and in the end, Jungkook expectedly won the Knights the game. The school bursts in roars of celebration as the referee whistles, signalling the end of the match. Dahyun and the other cheerleaders jump in excitement. Jungkook is sheened with sweat and his kit is dirty but he looks content that he won the game. Looking over the bleachers, he nods at the audience as a thanks. Somewhere along the line of everyone cheering, their Knights’ coach receives the microphone, to which he thanks the supporters and the opposing team. Yoongi sighs, he wants to leave. He’s already had to watch Jungkook for this long and it hurts too much. Yoongi decides that he’ll text Dahyun later, she’ll understand why he left without waiting for her. The pale boy stands up and tries to make his way across the other people watching, to the aisles. Jungkook sees him stand up and try to leave. In that instant, he knew he had to do something. This was now or never. He had no clue what he’s going to do but he just let his instinct guide him. Before he knew it, the team captain goes up to the coach and asks for the microphone. The coach looks at him and smiles, giving it to him. He must have thought Jungkook was going to say a few words of thanks. Imagine his surprise when his best player speaks, silencing the whole field, “Everyone listen up! I don’t care what any of you think. All of the rumours that’s been spreading around the school about Min Yoongi – none of that is true. I don’t wanna hear a single thing about it again. Anyone who has a problem with this, don’t bother Yoongi. No. Come to me, understand?”

The silence was deafening. Jungkook feels like his heart is going to jump out of his mouth, but he did stop Yoongi from leaving. So that was good. The pale boy’s eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open, staring at Jungkook. He couldn’t believe the jock did that. After a few seconds of silence, the coach takes the mic from Jungkook and tries to lighten the tension by changing the subject quickly. Jungkook watches Yoongi leave the field quickly, slightly embarrassed by all the attention he just got. The jock curses under his breath before running across the field, following him. Yoongi enters the near-empty school – since everyone else was still at the playing fields – and he takes this time to catch his breath. He jumps when the doors swing open to reveal Jungkook. They stare at each other before Jungkook scoffs, “What, that speech wasn’t good enough for you?”

Yoongi’s eyebrow furrows, “What did you want me to do? Thanks for speaking up for me. Doesn’t mean we’re cool all of a sudden. The last couple of days were hell, and a teacher got fired for no reason whatsoever.”

“See what your problem is? You’re too stubborn for your own good.” Jungkook steps forward, his hands emphasising his frustration, “One day that stubbornness is going to get you killed. You know that?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, “So what now?”

“Now I think it’d be nice if you talk to me normally. Can you do that?”

“You’re such a dick, still.”

Jungkook lets out an inner growl before pulling Yoongi by his tie and smashing their lips together. The smaller boy would be lying if he didn’t expect this. So he closes his eyes and immerses himself in the kiss. His arms wrap around the jock’s muscled shoulders. A warm feeling overcomes him as Jungkook pulls him closer against him by his hips, deepening the kiss.


Erinhart fixes his greying hair as he stands by a front door of an address. After ringing the bell a few times, the door opens to reveal a Korean man slightly taller than him. They shake hands as Erinhart introduces himself, “Thank you for having me, Mr Choi. May I come in?”
The ex-teacher of Yoongi welcomes him in to his cosy bungalow. Choi fixes them some coffee as they sit in the living room, across from each other. The detective takes off his coat and then fishes out a notebook. The younger man clears his throat, “I hope you found the place okay?”

Erinhart nods with a grateful smile, “Yes, it was no problem at all. Excuse me, Mr Choi but I hope you don’t mind if I just start right away?”

Choi shakes his head, leaning forward, “Not at all, go on ahead. I’m still in shock.”

The detective nods with a knowing frown, opening the notebook and clicking the pen, “I know. And I really appreciate you talking with me about it. Can I ask how the news of your termination at that school reached you?”

“They just called me to come to school the night of Halloween. They explained what happened and that they had to fire me. Of course I was devastated. But I felt so bad for Yoongi – the boy didn’t do anything at all.”

“I’m sorry to hear about you getting fired.” Erinhart looks at him.

Choi shrugs, “It’s been months. I’m over it already. Of course it’s going to be a bitch trying to find another school to teach in within this country. I just…can’t get that poor boy out of my head. He visited me after I got fired, you know? Of course I didn’t tell anyone because of what people might have said. But Yoongi visited me and asked how I was. He couldn’t stop apologising but I kept telling him that none of this was his fault. He would have grown up to be a good person. I mean, I never thought those boys had it in them to do such a disgusting crime.”

The two continue to talk about the convicted boys’ personalities and what they were normally like in school. After an hour, they decide to switch to lighter topics before the detective leaves, “Well I think I have everything I need now. Thank you again for talking with me. What’s your plans nowadays?”

Choi sighs, leaning back against the sofa, “Don’t know yet. I’m still young though which is good. I still have some friends in university – some are studying music and some are studying forensics. I might consider going back. It’s never too late to learn new things. Especially now that I have more than enough time on my hands I guess.”

The two chuckle and make some more light talk before they shake hands in farewell as Erinhart leaves.


After Yoongi parts with Jungkook, he decides to go straight home. The jock offered to walk with him but he told him he should go back to the fields, since his team just won. Jungkook didn’t seem to care, but went back because the smaller told him to. The walk didn’t take long but the boy was surprised to see Jimin sitting on the porch, waiting for him. Yoongi walks to him, “Jiminnie?”

The stoner’s head snaps up from looking at his phone. Then he hugs him, “I missed you, hyung.”

Yoongi smiles into the other’s shoulder, “I missed you too. What are you doing here?”

Jimin pulls away and gives him an excited grin, “Well I figure after a few stressful days, I would come over and help you relax. So I brought movies and a shit ton of snacks. What do you say?”

The pale boy laughs and stares at Jimin’s hopeful face before he nods, shrugging, “Sure. Okay, I’d love that, Min.”

The two then walk inside the house. Yoongi feels like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. Things might just be looking up from now. Jimin of course was there during the game. And he was there to witness that team captain, Jeon Jungkook, practically act like Prince Charming in front of the whole school. He also saw him run after Yoongi. What Jimin didn’t know was that he wasn’t the only one who saw all this. No, the other boys who were fond of Yoongi witnessed Jeon Jungkook practically declare his love and loyalty for him. And that won’t do. As Jimin set the movie up, Yoongi got a few texts.

From: Seokjin
Yah, Yoongi. I have a huge favour to ask you. Call me when you’re free

From: Namjoon
I have a present for you, Yoongi-ah. Text me

From: Jungkook
So how about that date?

Chapter Text

The music outside the garage is loud. It thumps on the walls, pounding on it as if it’s about to break through the doors. They didn’t really consider on whether the doors were locked or not. They were too preoccupied. Namjoon is sitting on a lone chair, rubbing his temple from a headache. Seokjin, Jungkook and Jimin are standing up staring at Hoseok who was crouching over the middle of the floor. Taehyung sits on a workbench, his legs crossed. His back is turned towards the others. A cigarette is burning between his shaky fingers, although he wouldn’t admit it to them. Jimin’s arms are folded as he watches Hoseok. Jungkook looks down at his feet and occasionally swishes the blood around underneath him, being hypnotised by it. The floor is glistening with fresh blood. All of their shoes – actually most of their clothes - are tainted with red and a strong smell of iron. The greaser would glance back towards the middle of the room, every once in a while. Namjoon sighs and leans back against the seat, some blood splattered against his cheek. He looks at the others before settling his eyes on Hoseok. The dancer is crouching over the fresh corpse. His hands are soaked in blood as he wraps the body up in a large blanket. He had complained about having to do it himself, but after a quick game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, Hoseok got the short end of stick. He sighs to himself as the others watch him patiently. Taehyung’s cigarette is finished now. He flicks it off to the side somewhere, hearing it hiss as it’s extinguished by the blood on the floor. Seokjin hears this and turns to the greaser with a frown. His eyebrows furrow, “Hey! Would you mind not setting the place on fire?”

Taehyung turns toward him with the same frown and stands up off the table, “Preppy, the whole garage is literally covered in blood. One burnt out feg shouldn’t be what worries you.”

Before another argument breaks out among the students, Namjoon stands and yells across the room, “Shut up, all of you! Hoseok’s nearly done. Seokjin, you and I will go get my truck from the front. All of you be ready so we can all just hop in and take him to the beach. Before anyone in the party notices we’re gone for so long.”

There were mutters of insults but they all moved accordingly. They all knew how serious this is, and that they’d rather not get caught. Namjoon and Seokjin exit out the back and then run around to get into the nerd’s black Ford Ranger. The open cargo back is surfaced with a wide plastic which Namjoon had put on a while ago, because he knows how messy blood can be and he’d rather not spend weeks cleaning it off his truck. Upon entering behind the wheel – with Seokjin beside him – he makes their way to the garage back entrance. As they sit there waiting for the others to carry out the body, Seokjin cracks his knuckles, noticing his ring. The older boy sighs, “He always liked when I gave him expensive shit.”

Namjoon’s spine almost stiffens at the thought of talking about Yoongi in such a normal way, now of all times. And with Kim Seokjin. He’s remains silent. After a few seconds of silence, Seokjin continues, “Has he told you about all the things I got him?”

Namjoon leans his elbow up against the window beside him as he rubs his temple. Then he speaks, “I don’t really want to know. To be perfectly honest.”

He can feel Seokjin staring at the side of his face. Then the older looks forward, as they see the other boys flood out of the garage side door. Jimin walks out first, then Jungkook and Taehyung who are carrying each end of the body. Hoseok is the last to walk out, rubbing his hands against a cloth trying to fade the blood. Jimin and the dancer take their seats at the back. Taehyung and Jungkook lay the body on the cargo area, sitting there as well. They then watch as one of Seokjin’s many houses get smaller and smaller, as they speed away towards the beach.


“I think I could be a musician someday.” Yoongi speaks dreamily.

He stares up at the night sky, back against the grass. There were too many stars to count but the pale boy still tried. The faded sounds of cricket calls and passing cars are the only noises they can hear. Yoongi lay with Jimin on the back lawn of his house. The stoner looks towards him with a small smile and sits up, “You’re already a musician. A damn good one too.”

Yoongi giggles before sitting up too, crossing his legs and facing the other, “No I mean a real musician. I want to perform in front of thousands of thousands of people. And someday…hopefully.”

Jimin stares into Yoongi’s eyes with a hopeful look, “I’m sure you’ll make it someday.”

Yoongi sighs, stretching his arms above his head. Jimin is still waiting for the day he’ll ever get tired of staring at the smaller – so mesmerising. As Yoongi stretches, the hem of his shirt rides up, revealing a little bit of pale stomach. Jimin takes this opportunity to quickly poke Yoongi’s tummy, causing the other to squeak in surprise. Jimin laughs as Yoongi pouts. The pale boy sighs, “What about you? Any dreams?”

Jimin’s smile falters a little as he continues to stare into Yoongi’s eyes, “Yeah, I do.”

“What are they?”

“I have a lot of dreams.”

“Name one then.”

The crickets and cars are the only noises again, for a while. Jimin sighs as he replies, “Marry you.”

Yoongi laughs. It then fades when he notices how serious Jimin is. Then a smile appears on the pale boy’s face, “Is that so?”

Jimin scoffs with a smirk, kissing the back of Yoongi’s hand, “Someday…hopefully.”

The two shortly goes back inside to the warmth of Yoongi’s room. They spend the rest of the late night watching movies, until they fall asleep. At around three in the morning, Jimin wakes up with a start upon hearing a loud crash. He sits up, vision still blurry from waking up. The room is dark save for the current movie that was on mute. Upon checking beside him, the stoner notices that Yoongi’s not in bed anymore. Jimin slowly gets up and stands up off the bed. He rubs his fingers against his face to wake him up. Then he quietly exits the bedroom. The whole corridor is dark except a light is visible from downstairs. Jimin can hear muffled talking, coming from the kitchen. He knows he shouldn’t sneak around, it’s not even his house. His grandmother would slap the back of his head if she ever found out he explores a guest’s house by himself, whenever he feels like it. Nevertheless he sneaks closer to the stairs and takes a few steps down, until he can see clearly into the kitchen through the bannister. The stoner made sure he peeks out enough for him to see, but not enough for anyone to see him. He takes a seat on a stair as he watches Yoongi leaning back against a counter, with his dad standing across the room. Jimin sees the source of the loud noise that woke him. On the table is a broken beer bottle, with some of its sharp remnants splayed out on the tiled floor. Jimin's eyebrow furrows - this doesn't feel right. Still he remains hidden and watches the two. Yoongi seems to be looking at the broken bottle. His dad looks inwardly furious, it almost scared Jimin. He flinches when the father speaks in an intimidating voice that shook the walls, "We move hundreds of miles to have a new start. And when we get here, you're back to your same disgusting antics."

Jimin is confused and he doesn't understand what Mr Min might be angry about. So he continues to listen as the oldest man speaks again, "You've always preferred being by yourself, even back in the city. But when you weren't are always with a boy."

Yoongi replies quickly, but Jimin doesn't mean the tremor under his breath, "I can't have friends that are guys?"

"Are they just friends, Yoongi?! Because I recall that one young teacher, and what happened between you two spread like wildfire!" Hanil stands, toppling the chair back. Jimin's pulse quickens as he notices how the father is puffing his chest out, as if ready to attack. Yoongi's fingers grip the counter, as if that gave him some sort of energy to continue standing up. There's a silence before his dad rubs his temples, "What more do you want from me, boy? After all the trouble you've had involving boys, I still kept you under my roof. I am the police chief of this town now. And obviously everyone will have their eyes on me. And unfortunately you."

Jimin feels the disdain even from the stairs, on how Yoongi's father said that last sentence. Before he can hear anything else - and it's already a lot - the stoner gets up and walks back to the bedroom as quietly as he could. Once he closes the door behind him, Jimin puts his hands on his waist, thinking. He jumps when a phone loudly vibrates. When Jimin realises it wasn't his own, he sighs as he tries and finds Yoongi's phone. Surely he can use it as an excuse to call up Yoongi, making up a lie that a classmate is calling up about an emergency group project meet-up. Or some stupid shit like that. Anything that will get Yoongi away from that interrogation downstairs. Jimin picks up Yoongi's phone and couldn't help but look at who could be messaging him so late at night. The stoner's brow tenses as he notices the messages:

Messages from: Hoseok

Messages from: Taehyung

Messages from: Jungkook

Messages from: Seokjin

Messages from: Namjoon

Jimin's never spoken to these boys before, but he certainly knows of them. Is this what his father meant on spending a lot of time with boys? Is he one of those boys? Jimin stares at the screen for a bit before looking up at the dark ceiling. What's he thinking about? He closes his eyes and before his mind could process it, he's opening Yoongi's phone. He goes back to bed with five new contacts on his own phone, planning on using them the next day.


The library at this time was closed as it was a Sunday. Namjoon should have remembered this but being an airhead sometimes, he didn't. So he was fairly embarrassed at Yoongi since this was supposed to be their date. Yoongi laughs as Namjoon scratches the back of his head. The smaller boy pokes at the nerd's cheek, "It's okay, Namjoon. There's a few book stores nearby anyway, we can find some stuff there."

"Ahh, I'm just a little embarrassed. There was a whole new section of music history there and I wanted you to see them with me for the first time."

Yoongi gives him a flattered smile, "Aw, really? Well next time then, I'll make sure not to even go near that library unless you're with me."

This seemed to pick up Namjoon's spirits as the two walked to a nearby bookstore. Their hands would occasionally brush against each other, and the taller would sometimes hold Yoongi's in his. The two enter the shop and Yoongi instantly walks through aisles, set on a mission. Namjoon is slightly surprised at the other's burst of energy but he goes along with it. Yoongi gives him a box to put books in and Namjoon simply follows. After around an hour, the two leave with countless books. Namjoon knows he should ask what all of these books are for, but Yoongi says he has to wait. As they drive out to an abandoned car park, Namjoon realises that all of the books Yoongi chose are associated with either music or law enforcement. It was a quick and quiet drive, by the time they arrive in the lot the moon is high up in the sky. The car park is just beside a highway but it was covered behind overgrown trees. Some of its streetlights are still working, which helped a lot. As the two hop out of Namjoon's truck, the taller adjusts his glasses, "Aw it's already dark."

Yoongi runs around holding the big box of books with a smile and drops it on the ground. Then he sits down cross-legged, "No, it's perfect. Come on, help me with this."

Namjoon's eyes widen at the sight of Yoongi ripping the papers from the books. He exclaims and kneels across the boy, "Have you lost your mind?"

Yoongi laughs, "Just help me rip them all up."

The nerd is still for a few seconds until the curiosity was too big for him so he starts doing as Yoongi says. Halfway into ripping up all the books, Namjoon notices that Yoongi had moved on from destroying to folding. The boy was folding all of the ripped papers in such a delicate way, which was a huge contrast to how messily he ripped them apart. When there are no more papers to rip, the two stand up as Namjoon now holds a large paper lantern. The nerd was amazed. The lantern looked beautiful - it held such words and different stories from all over history. Yoongi had fished something out of his bag from the truck but then walks back to the taller, content smile on his face. The two face each other, lantern in between them. Yoongi stares up at Namjoon, "The Buddhists believe that death isn't the end. Rather your spirit leaves your old life, and it seeks an attachment. This attachment is a new body, a new life. Se we ripped up all these pages - you saw it as killing the books. But look at the new life we made."

Namjoon has a small smile on his face now too, as he watches Yoongi light the bottom of the lantern. Air fills it and he lets go. The two watch as the lantern slowly rises. Namjoon comments in a breathy sigh, "It'll burn out though. Then it'll be nothing."

Yoongi chuckles, "Nah, I don't think so. There's books upon books in that lantern. Where would all those words go? Hmm? In death, there will always be rebirth." The two watch as the the big lantern gets smaller and smaller as it rises higher. The two only move when they see the lantern no more. The next couple of hours was spent at the back of Namjoon's truck, in that lone parking lot. The two were grateful that the lot was abandoned, because anyone passing by would have noticed how the vehicle swayed. Namjoon found Yoongi absolutely beautiful how he arched his back as he lowered himself on his cock. The taller would suck and nibble on the boy's neck, shoulders and chest - anywhere he could reach. He just wanted to mark the boy forever.


Jimin is seated on the table bench, back facing the cliff overlooking the city. It's late and his grandparents are wondering why he's going up to the mountain at this time. They were worried in case he gets hurt hiking up, but he lied and said there's going to be his group of friends coming up. Well it's a white lie. He's meeting up with a group of people. They're just not his friends. Halfway into his second joint, the lull of a motorcycle reaches Jimin's ears. He sits up a little straighter as Kim Taehyung turns a corner and exits the trees, into the picnic clearing. The greaser turns off his engine and leans the bike against its stand. The two stare at each other, almost judgingly. Nevertheless no words were said. Taehyung simply leans on his Harley as he fishes out a cigarette. Upon noticing that he forgot his lighter, he curses out loud. Jimin rolls his eyes as he throws the greaser his own. Meanwhile three more vehicles make their way up, parking close by. Jimin sighs and stands on the bench as he watches the boys walk up to the clearing. All look at him with anticipation, suspicion and distrust. But they're here. That accounts for something. Well, all except one. Jimin nods as he takes a look at the students who came - Kim Taehyung, Jung Hoseok, Kim Seokjin and Jeon Jungkook.

Kim Namjoon checks his phone as Yoongi snuggle up beside him at the back of his truck. The smaller is cozy against his broad chest, and he can hear little snores come from him every once in a while. A big blanket cover up their naked bodies. Namjoon hoped he could sleep in peace with Yoongi but he wanted to know who messaged him.

From: Unknown
This is Park Jimin. Meet up at the top of the hiking trail at Angel Peak. It's about Yoongi.

Chapter Text

That night, Namjoon had let Yoongi sleep a little while longer at the back seat of his truck. He was curious on what this Park Jimin wanted, and with Yoongi nonetheless. He never paid attention to the stoner much. Pretty much all he knew about him was just that – being a stoner. The moon is glowing brightly and high up in the dark sky. Namjoon sighs as he listens to the other line ring, back toward the truck. His other hand is in his pocket and he gently kicks a pebble away. His head perks up when the line picks up, ”Hello?”

The nerd clears his throat, “Hello? This is Kim Namjoon. What’s this about Yoongi?”

He hears Jimin sigh. Namjoon takes into account the numerous low voices in the other line but doesn’t address it. Rather he waits until the stoner speaks, “Something’s up with Yoongi. I think there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. Is he with you?”

Namjoon replies, “Yeah, he is.”

”I would’ve figured. If one of us didn’t show up anyway.”

The nerd is growing impatient and it seems like Jimin noticed this as he adds, ”You need to come meet us sometime. We have to do something about him.”

“What do you mean ‘us’?”
There’s a small silence before the stoner responds, ”You’re not the only one in his life, Kim. He’s been…he’s been seeing all of us.”

Namjoon scratches the back of his head. Somehow, he felt like something was off about the pale boy. He’s silent for a bit before he sighs, “Who else is there?”

”Listen let’s just talk in school. For now, keep it cool with Yoongi. He has enough on his shoulders with his dad.”

The nerd didn’t have anything else to say, so he hangs up briefly. He stares down at his phone in silence, only the light breeze audible. That and the loud bang of his car door. Namjoon jumps and turns around to see Yoongi standing outside – he didn’t even hear the smaller open the door and get out. The pale boy simply looks at him with a light smile, “Did I startle you?”

Namjoon lets out a breathy chuckle to relieve the tension from the new information he received. He then approaches Yoongi and kisses his forehead, before walking around to the driver’s seat, “Yeah, you did. Come on, it’s late. I’ll take you home.”

It’s amazing how time flies. Before anyone knew it, the November showcase is done and dusted. Yoongi had performed a nice solo on stage – with encouragement from Hoseok – and everyone loved it. He was surprised when he receives a standing ovation. No one else was though. After the showcase, everyone wanted to talk to him – to pull him aside and compliment him on his piano skills. However most of his classmates backed off when Seokjin spoke to him, his prep friends just behind him. The taller boy congratulates him as he hands him a big bouquet of blood red roses. Yoongi is grateful and takes the flowers in his arms gently. Seokjin then tells him of the favour he had been meaning to ask from the pretty boy. The rich Kim family are holding a grand ball in one of their hotels in a neighbouring city, in the early months of the upcoming year. Seokjin tells Yoongi that it wouldn’t be complete without such a gifted pianist to perform in it. Before Yoongi can answer, the taller sheepishly adds, “The ball’s going to carry on late into the night so I would love to have you – as my guest and plus one – to stay the night in one of our grand suites. Of course all of your expenses will be paid – meals, room service, and accommodation. You name it, it’s on the house. And my family and I are honoured to compensate you for your night’s performance.”

Yoongi was quick to tell him that it would be too much to have him cover all expenses, and that he’s more than happy to perform for free. As long as it’s performing at all. Seokjin waves it off, “No way, Yoongi. It’s my family’s hotel – you won’t pay a thing. Okay?”

The small boy couldn’t have taken the opportunity to perform in front of another audience any quicker.

Time flies again after that showcase. Before anyone realised it, the school is closed for the students’ Christmas vacation. And no one was complaining. The snow in the small town of Bangtan is heavy but beautiful. It only snowed harshly during the night. During the day, it was either clear or light featherings of snow fall from the white sky. Nevertheless the snow on the ground are at least a foot high, and it would remain this way until mid-January. Christmas decorations are hanging from every crevice in Lee’s Diner to make way for the upcoming holiday. Jungkook has a small smile on his face (that he never knew was there) as he watches Yoongi across the table from him. The pale boy is enjoying a hot chocolate fudge cake with cream and a cherry on top. The weather outside is cold but inside the diner is nice and toasty, which the couple appreciated. Yoongi looks up and notices the jock staring at him, amused.
Yoongi pouts at him, “What?”

Jungkook chuckles and shrugs, “You’re just cute.”

This is met with a quick ‘Shut up’. The jock laughs again before he leans back against the red booth, taking a drink from his hot coffee. Jungkook’s smile falls slightly as he thinks of a question he had been meaning to ask Yoongi for a while now. The other notices the change in his expression and asks, “What’s up?”

Jungkook stares at him. They’re having such a nice date, and the jock doesn’t want to dampen the mood. But he knows Yoongi won’t stop asking him about it if he waves it off. Jungkook sighs, “I just…heard some stuff. It’s not about what all happened a few months ago. I don’t know, it’s stupid…”

Yoongi stares at him with a small smile, “Mustn’t be too stupid for you to suddenly remember out of all things. Tell me.”
Jungkook chuckles as he feels the other’s boot gently kick his own under the table. Then he sighs, “I just heard this. Obviously I don’t have an opinion on them because they aren’t confirmed by you. And it’s alright if you have nothing to say to this, I just wanna lay it all out on the table.”

Yoongi remains silent with an encouraging look, continuing to nibble on his cake. Jungkook shrugs, “Well like I said, it’s stupid. But…why did you leave your old home? Obviously there’s your dad getting new job, and also with your mum passing. But I just heard some other things that might have factored to the move.”

“Like?” Yoongi slides the spoon around the chocolate sauce on his plate.

“Like your dad beating you?”

The spoon stops moving. Yoongi looks up with a neutral expression. Jungkook hadn’t felt as uncomfortable under Yoongi’s gaze before, but this was it. He waits for a response and he gets it when Yoongi giggles, leaning back and letting go of the spoon, “Where’d you hear that?”

Jungkook sighs, “Just some whispers from school corridors. Stupid, y’know. Here, you don’t have to even say anything about it. I don’t care if it’s true or n---.”

“Yeah, it is.”

Jungkook’s eyes stare into Yoongi’s. The jock only breathes when Yoongi laughs out loud, “Don’t have a panic attack right now, Jungkook.”
The taller continues to stare at the pale boy. Yoongi sighs softly then nods, “Yeah, it’s true. Went to school one day with a bruise and it all spiralled from there. Of course I considered wearing makeup to cover it up. But it was too sore to even touch, let alone pat foundation on or any other shit.”

Jungkook didn’t realise he had been shaking his head, one hand holding Yoongi’s on the table. He had nothing to say. He didn’t know what to say. Yoongi squeezes his hand, “Hey, that’s in the past.”

“Has he laid his hands on you any time after that?”

Yoongi shakes his head, “No.”

Jungkook sighs, distressed expression visible on his face, “Why are you staying with him?”

Yoongi laughs, “Because I’m young, for one. I don’t have money. I don’t have a place to stay. List goes on.”
“You can get help, can’t you? There’s people who work for young people who were abused. And anyway, you can stay with me, fuck sake. I’ll take care of you.”

Yoongi gives him an endearing smile, “I know you will. But I can’t just suddenly drop in to your parents’ house and tell them I’m their new roommate. I just can’t be bothered with getting social help, Jungkook.”

Before the other can protest how wrong this was, Yoongi stops him and tells him that they should change the subject. The serious stuff can wait another time. They should just enjoy their nice winter date. And they do. The two continue to sit in the diner talking about random things. The topic comes up about Jungkook’s hobbies. The boy smiles, “Football’s my hobby.”

Yoongi shakes his head playfully, “Okay. Everyone in the entire world knows that by now. What’s your actual hobby, Jeon Jungkook?”

The jock laughs and takes a moment to think. Then he replies, “I like photography. Yeah, I love taking photos.”

Yoongi nods, as if he’s proud that he got a little confession from the jock.

A few days before Christmas, Yoongi receives a message from Taehyung. It was blank with only a picture. It was his report card. Yoongi laughs and couldn’t have been more proud of the greaser for obtaining full straight As in each subject that he took. He texts the other with how happy he is for him. The greaser thanks him and says that he wants to celebrate by showing the pale boy something that he’s never shown anyone before, not even his greaser friends. Which is why Yoongi finds himself inside Taehyung’s trailer, face in awe at the paintings carefully sat on one of the couches. Each told a story, and each was more vibrant than the other. Yoongi had no idea Taehyung painted, and he was a fucking prodigy at it if anyone asked for his opinion. “What do you think of them?” Taehyung walks up behind the smaller, lacing his tattooed arms around Yoongi’s small waist. The boy was still in amazed shock so he shakes his head, “I…they’re so beautiful, Taehyung-ah. More people need to see this.”

“Maybe. But before any of that, I wanted you to see it.”

The trailer home was neat and it smelled like lavender inside. Its exterior looked a little rough, more on the vintage side but it made the inside more endearing. Aside from dozens of paint brushes on in the sink and a few stains of dried paint on the carpet, the tiny home was immaculate. The bed at the very end of it had a white translucent curtain surrounding it, and its mattress and pillows were softer than any bed Yoongi has laid on. And he became familiar with that makeshift bed after that day. Among finding out that Taehyung is an avid painter, he also finds out that the greaser is different during sex than what he would make himself out to be in public. One would expect him to completely take control and not let the other do anything for themselves. But Yoongi was pleasantly surprised when he got to ride the greaser the majority of the time. One thing that made him fall in love with Taehyung even deeper is how he looked up at him while he pressed up and down against his cock. The tanner boy looked like he was basking in the glow of a god. And maybe to Taehyung, that’s exactly how he saw it, but he wouldn’t tell that to the other – it might scare him off. The trailer resides with a bunch of other trailer homes, but there was a good few yards distance away from each one. So Taehyung completely encouraged Yoongi to be as loud as he wants, because he notices how the pale boy becomes shy like that. And imagine Yoongi’s surprise when he wakes up within the soft confines of the bed to Taehyung kneeling along the bedside, painting him. Yoongi notices the boy’s dishevelled mullet hair, and only his dark jeans with studded belt on. His chest is bare and Yoongi lovingly observes the tattoos that completely decorates the greaser. Taehyung was as amazed, but with him. He paints Yoongi through the white curtains – the boy’s black hair sticking up softly from different angles. He lies on his stomach and his pale back is exposed beautifully for Taehyung to simply watch and paint. There wasn’t any words said upon that. They just wanted to stare at each other – wishing that they can stay like this forever.


“This is taking too long, Detective. When are you going to be finished with those murderers and let me lock them in my prison! Those bastards need to rot.”

Erinhart assures Chief Min that he just needs one more day or two. He needs as much time as he can get with the boys, to make sure he hasn’t missed anything. To be honest, he’s still confused. Is that it? Did they kill Yoongi together because he couldn’t give just one all of his love? So it’s better to have killed him, like some sick poetic justice? Just like one of the boys had said, Erinhart will never understand why they did what they did. Out of obsessive love. It doesn’t make sense, and it does at the same time. Before Erinhart can’t say anymore, Chief Min storms out of the room, leaving the detective in the room. As he stands there with the door wide open, he sees two masked guards from another division slow down, obviously noticing how the chief stormed out. Erinhart shakes his head at them and waves them off, signalling the guards to pay him no mind. The chief strides around the station, making a bee line towards the interrogation rooms. A few guards stand along the walls as per his instructions. He makes his way inside a room with Kim Namjoon inside. Slamming the door open, his heart drops and his eyes widen to see an empty room. The handcuffs are broken and lay on the cold floor. He shouts out the room, “Breach! Find them!” The man slowly walks to the table – where could he have gone? How did---? Before he finishes another thought, he feels a hard bash against the back of his head, and warm liquid run down. His vision blurs and fades for a few minutes. Upon waking up, panic is erupting from the entire station. The other officers check the rooms and none of the boys are there. How the fuck? Chief Min groans and curses as he sits up. The back of his head hurts like a bitch from the hit but he’ll live. A masked guard kneels beside him, steadying his back, “Sir, orders?”

The chief huffs, “Send out all patrols. Search inside and outside Bangtan. No one comes back until those fuckers are back in these rooms in straitjackets!”

The guard nods, “Sir!” Then he stands and runs out the room. Meanwhile, Erinhart is checking the rooms. They would have had to leave some sort of clue behind as to how they escaped, or where they’re going. But there was none. Erinhart jumps when Chief Min stumbles in the same interrogation room he’s in, “Find them, detective. Tonight.”

“We will, sir. They couldn’t have gone far.”

“Your ass, they couldn’t have gone far! They could be at the other side of the country by now!”

Oh, how little they knew. A few minutes before the alarm sounded, Erinhart stands inside the chief’s office, door wide open as the man left for the rooms. If the detective would have observed the two guards who looked at him any longer, he might have noticed one had a sleeve tattoo peeking out from under the black uniform. If he looked even closer, he would notice that the tattoo was the same design as Kim Taehyung’s. But he didn’t. Same goes for Chief Min. It wasn’t his fault his perception of his surroundings was a little fuzzy – he had just taken the butt of a gun to his head. He couldn’t have noticed the guard who kneels down beside him to have holstered a weapon that had a bloody grip. His blood. Jeon Jungkook casually walks out of the station with the gun strapped to him, five identically-uniformed ‘guards’ walking with him. They turn the corner to the parking lot and the students all take off their masks, leaving them on the ground. Jungkook fishes out the chief’s SUV keys and they get in. Another thing that Chief Min didn’t notice is how quick the guard’s hand was behind his back neither. The six speed off as the station is left in panic and disarray. They should have known to check behind them for any witnesses however. And it just happened to be Detective Erinhart to see them all strip their masks off and watch them get into the chief’s vehicle.

Chapter Text

Three hours. It took the Chief of Police and the rest of the station three hours to find the convicts. They had made it as far as the next city, where they situated themselves in an abandoned factory. It all seemed strange to Detective Erinhart. The Chief's vehicle would have been able to take them at least to the edge of the country, and that's with half a tank of gas. The Detective even checked the car afterwards, and it was a full tank then. So why hide and wait it out in a factory in the neighboring city? When the boys were found, they looked annoyed to say the least. As if they didn't expect to be caught. But they must have known that they made it too easy on the police.

Even still, one cannot fake the frustration that were on the boys' faces when they were re-arrested, and taken all the way back to the station. This time, all of them are in different corners of the building and the guards outside are doubled - without their masks. Chief Min made it abundantly clear that no one is to wear them until the convicts are locked up in prison. All of the boys are now strapped to their seats, handcuffs on their wrists and ankles to the chair. Officers are assigned to check their statuses by the hour, and more officers are told to sit behind the one-way mirrors. All this, and Erinhart finds himself in the men's toilets. He lets a tap run in one of the sinks as he washes his face. The cold water is sharp but comforting. It's giving him the sense of cleanliness he had been looking for since this case started. At this point he feels like he has changed since then. It's sort of a cliche but the detective feels like he's been learning more about the human spirit as the case goes on. He looks up and stares at his reflection, his hands gripping the sides of the cold sink. He needs to know what these boys are thinking.

He jumps when his phone vibrates in his inner pocket. The man sighs as he fishes it out and then answers it, "Hello?"

"Dad? Are you in the station?"

He recognizes his son's voice and then clears his throat, "Uh, yeah. You okay?"

"I'm outside. Can you meet me?"

The dad obliges and then hangs up. He quickly straightens his appearance out before walking out of the toilets and out the entrance. He can still feel the tension in the air since the boys escaped - nearly escaped anyway. David smiles at his son as he greets him. Milton returns the smile and hands him a small lunch bag, "Mum's worried that you're not eating enough with all that's going on. So you better eat all this up or she might just commit homicide."

David laughs and promises to do so. He invites his son if he wants to relax in his office but the boy declines, "I have some homework I have to catch up on."

There's a small silence. Milton stares at his dad and his smile slowly becomes more faint, "What's wrong, Dad?"

David is taken aback by the question but he chuckles it off, "Ah, it's nothing. Just the case tiring me a little. It's fine. Go on home and get yourself away from the cold."

Milton slowly nods, contemplating a little. Just before he starts walking to his car, the boy seemed to have suddenly made a decision, and it was as if he was scolding himself for it. He sighs, "Dad, I have something to tell you. I haven't been completely honest, I'm sorry."

The dad is worried now. Is his son in some kind of trouble? The man encourages Milton to speaks his mind. The son looks nervous but he sighs, "One of those students that did that horrible thing to Min Yoongi. I'm--- was very close friends with him. Kim Seokjin?"

David has to admit that it's very weird to hear his son say anything associated with his work. Because he cares for him, he doesn't like to get into the details and names of those involved. But he nods, encouraging him, "Yeah? You know him?"

Milton nods, putting his hands in his jean pockets, "Those parties that I always tell you and Mum I go to? Because my friend always has a free house somewhere, and that they're super rich? That's Jin's parties."

Jin. Yeah, it's extremely weird to hear that. The son continues, "It was always so extravagant in his parties. And the one night that I decided I didn't want to go was when...everything happened. And I'm glad I wasn't there, y'know? I think I would've lost my mind if I saw...anything of what they did to that guy. But I just wanted to tell you that, please don't be mad."

David shakes his head, "Why would I be mad? For being friends with one of them? You couldn't have known. Don't beat yourself up over it, okay?"

Milton nods, giving his dad a weak smile, "I know. But I just...I don't know. I never expected it. And I practically grew up with Jin since we were always in the same classes, and we always got along. And all he could talk about was Yoongi."

David's eyebrow furrowed a little as he let his son continue, ", he was so in love with him. That's probably why it's still come as a shock for me that he could've done anything to that student. The other boys involved in it too. In school, the only times I see them away from their clique was when they were with with this one boy - I guess that was Yoongi."

The dad looks down at the lunch box he had just been handed and then asks, "When else have you seen Yoongi, do you think?"

God, his wife would kill him if she finds out he sort of-almost interrogated his son like some common civilian. But Milton is willing to tell him everything he remembers of the boy, so why not? The son hums, thinking before he replies, "I saw him in the school showcase in November. He's a fucking great pianist."


"Sorry. And I saw the charity ball that Jin's family hosted. Remember I asked you and Mum if yous wanted to go with me and my girlfriend at the time, but you had to take care of the twins and Mum had a late shift in the hospital? Well, yeah that was the only time I saw him."

David feels his heart beat a little harder when he calculated when the ball was, "Milton, that was a week before the murder. You saw Yoongi? What did he look like? I mean...did he"

Milton sighs, looking at the dark skies, trying to recall his memories, "Dad, he always looked off. People in school talked about how weird he was. Granted they all admired him for being probably "the prettiest boy in town". But there was just something off. Like he held such a big secret. But it wasn't anything malicious or bad or anything. I don't know - it just felt like he held a sad secret. And he'd rather take it to his grave than let anyone know."

David's eyes slowly focus toward the station. Yoongi's dad - his Chief. That was the sad secret, wasn't it? That Min Hanil was beating his own son.

Milton notices the sadness in his dad's eyes, so he sighs, "But to answer your question, dad. He looked...nervous. And it went beyond him performing at that charity ball in front of all those rich people. He looked anxious, as if he knew something was coming. Before the murder anyway. After he performed, Jin took him away from the ballroom and I never saw them again that night. That was the last time I saw Yoongi. Well, it was the last time I saw Jin too but anyway."

David nods, patting his son's shoulder, "Thank you. You didn't have to tell me all this, but you did. Thanks a lot, son."

The two share a few words before bidding farewell. Detective Erinhart waves as the car drives off into the night. Then he walks back in the station. It was a lot warmer but the man still feels cold inside. He loves his own son so much, he can't imagine what goes on inside the Chief's head if he could hurt his son. The walk to Chief Min's office was longer than expected, mainly because he had a lot of pondering to do. He always did remember his son boasting about how he has a rich friend. He always went away on retreats with him and a couple of his other friends. Erinhart couldn't have imagined it was with Kim Seokjin. He tries to push the feeling of sickness away, and doesn't want to imagine his son spending time with a killer. Well, a potential killer?

Erinhart stops walking. What is he thinking?! Of course they're killers. But from what Milton said, the boys were so in love with him. In contrast to this though, Jeon Jungkook did say that obsessive love will make you do anything. But what if... What if what Yoongi had with all the boys met somewhere in the middle. It may not have been a happy middle but it was something.

The Detective walks in the office of the Chief of Police. He sees Chief Min behind his desk, filling up reports. Without looking up, he says, "Close the door please, Detective. And weren't you supposed to off an hour ago?"

Erinhart forgets to speak back. He just stares at the man across the room. Upon hearing nothing but silence, Chief Min looks up with a confused look, "What can I help you with?"

To this day, Erinhart doesn't know what took over him. He's had hundreds of cases before but none of them affected him as much as Yoongi's. Maybe it was the ideology of it all that bothered him. How can a man of the law mean anything if he can't even do one of the most simplest things nature asks of you, which is to take care of your young? No, instead he beats his.


"Did you really beat Min Yoongi, sir?"

The silence is almost deafening. The Chief gives him a confused look, "Excuse me, I don't underst---."

"Is it true that you put your hands on your son, sir?"

At this point, Chief Min is standing up and slightly leaning over the table, both hands on the surface. His face is serious, and he speaks with a stern voice, "You should finish up here, Detective."

Erinhart lets out a soft sigh before nodding and mumbling something about coming back tomorrow to work more on the case. However he is stopped when the Chief shakes his head, "No, Detective. I mean you're finished. You're off the case."


The running shower water is steaming hot, and it was so soothing. The couple were the only ones in the school locker room. Jungkook pushes against Yoongi, digging himself deeper inside the boy. Yoongi lets out those delicious whimpers that Jungkook has grown to adore. The smaller's back is against the tiles of the shower stall, his legs around the jock's waist and his arms around the other's muscled shoulders. Jungkook's hands grip the boy's plump ass as he pushes out until only the tip of his cock is inside Yoongi. Then he slams back in, and this goes on for what seemed like forever. The hot water trickles down on them, and it slightly helps on blocking out the slapping noises, Yoongi's moans and Jungkook's whispers of sweet nothings. Halfway through their fucking session, Jungkook's head is cloudy and full of passionate love. He mumbles in Yoongi's pale neck, "Fuck, I love you so much, Yoongi."

As soon as he said it, he thought the smaller would stop him or freak out. But Yoongi simply whines, his eyes closed and those pink lips gasping. Jungkook didn't get any objection, so he continues. As he fucks into him, he repeats the phrase over and over again. Yoongi cums for the second time, spilling himself between each other, some spurting on the smaller's chin. Jungkook proceeds to lick it off the boy, earning a moan from him. Jungkook does this until he cums inside the boy, his legs shaking a little from the intensity. He's ran track for years, he's put his legs over hell with all the training he's done. But even with all that under his belt, Jungkook thought they were going to collapse on the shower floor with how powerful that was. It takes the couple several minutes to calm down from their high. Then they look at each other and laugh.

As Yoongi gets changed inside the shower, Jungkook simply dresses up outside by the shower lockers. Jungkook told him not to be shy if anyone sees him. But the boy didn't want to so he didn't push him. Jungkook's got his grey sweatpants on, and a small towel lazily place on his head, when someone walks in the locker room. He looks up and feels his expression turning a little sour at the sight of Sammy. She looks like she has a lot to say, a lot to apologize for. She greets him and walks forward, fiddling with her hair.


"Hi." Jungkook replies back as he sits on a bench and proceeds to put on his socks and shoes.

Sammy sits beside him, "Look, I'm sorry, okay? What I did was really dumb. Do you forgive me?"

Jungkook shakes his head, "You're talking to the wrong person, Sam. I think it's Yoongi you should be apologizing to. After all, he was humiliated by the entire school because of what you did."

Sammy rolls her eyes quickly but Jungkook catches it, "It was a joke, babe! Come on, it was all for fun. I thought of all the people in our group, you would have the best sense of humour."

Jungkook stops her before she digs an even bigger hole for herself. He stands and puts the towel in the locker room basket, then puts on a white shirt that hugs his arms and abs so nicely, "If that's how you feel, just apologize then. If it was all in good fun, it shouldn't be a problem just saying a simple sorry, right?"

"Fine, I'll do it when I see him. Now can we go eat? We haven't eaten together in a while."

Jungkook looks towards Sammy's shoulder, where Yoongi has turned a corner and it looked like he didn't know the girl was there at all. So he looked surprised. Jungkook smiles and nods, "Why don't you tell him now then?"

Sammy looks confused but turns around and sees Yoongi. The boy's hair is wet, same as Jungkook. And he's wearing an oversized grey hoodie, and long basketball shorts that look a little too big for him. The shorts were custom made so it held a 'J J' lettering by the waist, meaning it was Jungkook's. Sammy took in his entire appearance and suddenly put two and two together. She switches back to Jungkook and looks him up and down. She looks at him with an offended look on her face before shaking her head and scoffing, "Whatever."

She strides past a confused, wide-eyed Yoongi and slams the door after her. Jungkook shakes his head after her. Yoongi asks, "What was that all about?"

"Nothing important. Come on, beautiful. Let's get something to eat. After that fuck, I need to gain all my weight back."

This earns him a punch on the chest, to which he simply laughs.


It took just a little over a month but it's finally done. David Erinhart made sure to keep up with all updates on the trial through the local news, which has now been made international. All six boys pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. They were all given life without parole. As Erinhart watches this, he shakes his head. Through the screen, during the trial, he watches the boys' expressions.

All of them - handcuffs behind their back - sit there. They look like their hearts were ripped from their chests, but they didn't care. And why should they? The only person they loved is gone. What's life without parole in prison, against that?

The youngest one, Jungkook. His eyes never left the floor. Kim Taehyung kept on biting his lip. Erinhart figures this was to stop him from talking back to the judge, which made him scoff a little. They were a bunch of shitheads, yes. But they were boys. And they just threw their life away. The Detective thought this was all over, he really did. Everyone did.

So imagine everyone's surprise when - five whole years later - all six boys were all legally let out.

Chapter Text

The drive to the beach was quiet. Except for the loud lull of the truck engine – and the wind blowing against it – nothing else made a noise. The boys weren’t in the mood for speaking to be honest. And why should they when they have a corpse with them?

The lights and sounds of the town became fainter as they enter the woods leading up to the clearing for the beach. Meanwhile Jimin stares out the dark window, leaning against his hand. He hasn’t shown much emotion in front of the other boys, and he doesn’t want to. He didn’t cry back at the garage, and he won’t cry now. Hoseok sits across him by the other window and he didn’t realise the dancer was watching him. Hoseok watches as the edges of the stoner’s eyes water and glisten when the moonlight hit it. But no tears fell. The dancer sighs and casually says, “Did I ever tell you guys when Yoongi tempted me into destroying the stage set? Like, it was the night before the drama kids were performing Shakespeare in front of a live audience.”

The comment was met with silence. But Hoseok knew they were all listening. As long as it had Yoongi in the story, they would be listening. The dancer continues, staring out the window, “That night we went into the school auditorium. I kept on insisting Yoongi not to go through with it, because we’ll get in so much trouble. But he didn’t want to back out, and was even excited. You all know he’s impulsive – once he’s got an idea, there’s no talking him out of it. So we went in. All of the props were set up on stage – it was all ready for the next night. It took us an hour to completely destroy everything. It was…”

Hoseok trails off, realising now that recalling this simple memory is choking him up a little. His ears perk up when he hears Jimin’s tired voice, “It was what?”

The dancer clears his throat, “It was the most fun I’ve had in that fucking auditorium.”

“We’re here.”

They didn’t even realise as Namjoon drives up onto the sandy beach and towards the lifeguard hut. The driver shuts off the engine and everyone hops out of the truck. After Hoseok and Jimin fish out shovels that were stowed in the hut, they start digging a hole while the others overlook. Taehyung – once again – has his back turned to them as he smokes another cigarette. Jungkook is a few feet away from them, sitting on the sand and watches the dark wave crash. The jock is reminded of the day when he first met Yoongi, and their last-minute trip to this exact same beach. Halfway into digging, Seokjin comments, “I did something similar with Yoongi. Except it wasn’t in school. He wanted to trash a police car.”

At this, the rest of the boys chuckle, expecting no less from the beloved Min Yoongi.


“Yoongi-ah, what are you doing?” Seokjin looks over to the smaller boy who was currently walking around the vehicle. It is currently parked behind a quaint little restaurant. After checking the two policemen currently enjoying their late night break inside the establishment, Yoongi crosses the road and starts circling the vehicle. Seokjin couldn’t do anything but follow the weird kid to make sure he doesn’t get himself arrested.

“Come on, don’t be a scaredy-cat.”

“I’m not a scaredy-cat. You’re a scaredy-cat.”

Seokjin jumps as Yoongi had already picked up a rock the size of his head, and belts it against the windshield. The satisfying crack echoes across the parking lot. The two stare at each other, unmoving. There was almost an unspoken rule between them – right there and then – that if they hear any sign of a commotion inside the restaurant, they will bolt it out of there in record time. But there was nothing. All they hear is the loud music playing in the restaurant. That was probably the only thing that was hiding their destructive presence from the riders of the police vehicle. Yoongi lets out a giggle as he fishes another rock, throwing it against the rear window and creating a large hole. Seokjin finally finds the situation hilarious, laughing at Yoongi’s enthusiasm. Sometime in the ten minutes that Yoongi destroys the car, Seokjin joins him. He finds a lone piece of wood that is heavy enough to do a lot of damage. When Yoongi sees Seokjin getting into it, he laughs and proceeds to punch holes on all four tires using a Swiss knife that he had in his pocket. After they’re finished, the couple take a step back beside each other and stares at their masterpiece. There’s a moment of silence before they slowly look at each other and then laugh. The car was completely destroyed. The two didn’t overstay their welcome as they make a run for Seokjin’s car, a few parking lots away.

No one ever did find out who trashed a police car that one night.

The family ball came. Anyone who was anyone arrived and enjoyed the party. The ballroom is decorated in lavish velvet dressing. Crystal chandeliers hang high overhead, if stared at too long would slightly blind one because of how they sparkled. As promised, Yoongi is given a suite for the night’s accommodation, and it was beyond anything he was expecting. It looked like an entire luxurious apartment, rather than just a hotel suite. With a full walk-in closet and a shower that took up the entire tiled bathroom, Yoongi’s jaw was open throughout the time he explored it. A lobby boy led him to his room and told him to make himself at home, before leaving him to relax for a bit. Yoongi could get used to this. He drops his backpack down and opens the curtains to the living room. He takes off his thin jacket, throwing it on a chair before walking to the bedroom. The pale boy’s breath is almost taken away by how even more beautiful the room is. Light, translucent curtains hang around the queen-sized bed. A balcony with vines wrapping around its fence can be seen through the doors with windows. Yoongi walks towards the bed where he sees a box, wrapped in a pink ribbon with an envelope. Opening the paper, he smiles as he reads the clean handwriting:

‘Hey beautiful. I got this made for you. Wear this for me tonight when you play. – Jin’

Yoongi sighs and gently places the paper on the bed, turning his attention to the big box. His hands unwrap the shiny bow, almost feeling bad for ruining its presentation. Taking the black lid off, the boy’s eyes widen as he sees an absolutely gorgeous suit. Black pants and shiny black Christian Louboutin’s to match with it. The blouse hangs around his neck, showing off a delicious deep-V of his pale chest. A black velvet fabric acts as a choker, covering most of his neck. Among all of this however, is the Saint Laurent blazer. It is made of a royal blue silk velvet fabric, with gold lining. Yoongi gapes at himself by the mirror. One piece of clothing he’s wearing now would probably be enough to pay a down payment for a house mortgage. He can’t believe he’s wearing anything like this. And he looks great too. He doesn’t know how Seokjin did it, but the sizing of the whole suit was beautifully fitted.

“Do you like it?”

Yoongi jumps at the sound of a deep voice in the room with him. He turns around and sees Seokjin staring at him with a smirk, arms folded and leaning against the wide doorway. Yoongi takes in the other’s appearance. His mouth almost starts watering as he takes in Seokjin’s black turtleneck and his deep burgundy velvet blazer, black pants and shoes. The smaller boy is not going to bother what brands his suit is made of, as it probably costs a fortune. Yoongi smiles at him, giving the taller a twirl, “I love it. Could get used to all this.”

The older chuckles and approaches him, hands in his pockets, “You could have all of this every day, y’know. Just stay with me. Just…me.”

Yoongi was staring at his reflection. But he stops upon the last comment. He looks up at Seokjin with a confused look, “What do you mean?”

The rich boy didn’t mean to say that. But seeing Yoongi in something that he had tailored especially for him, well it pleased him. And at the same time upset him that other boys can see him in such an intimate light too. Seokjin sighs and shrugs, “I…fuck, Yoongi. I know about the others. We all do.”

“What others?”

Seokjin quickly loses his temper, although he didn’t mean to. He would never mean to for Yoongi, “Don’t. Don’t fucking go there. I know about the other boys you’ve been talking to. That stoner, that nerd, that fucking greaser. I mean, for fuck’s sake Yoongi, isn’t one boy enough? You’ve been leading us on this entire time…”

Yoongi’s eyes are wide and he looks shocked. But he remains silent. The taller didn’t like that, “Really? You’ve got nothing to say?”

“What do you care if I talk to other people? Who ever said we were going out?! I didn’t make any promises with any of the others, even you. It’s all of you that clung to me like flies to shit. And when…when I realised I didn’t want to lose any of you…well, I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Seokjin scoffs, approaching the smaller until their chests are touching, “So is that it then? I need to make sure. You’re a whore, Yoongi? Are you a whore, hmm? Admit it to my face!”

Yoongi’s expression softly change from angry to heartbroken. And Seokjin saw this. And he instantly regretted saying that…lie. It was a lie. In a million years, he could never think of Yoongi in a bad way. He hates to admit it, but he could say the same for the rest of his lovers. Seokjin’s face softens too, his arms reaching out to the boy, “Baby, I’m sorry…”

Yoongi pulls away, his eyes watering. His arms wrap around himself as he walks past Seokjin, and sits on the edge of the bed. The taller watches him, and his eyes widen when he hears the boy sob. Seokjin is instantly in front of him on his knees, hugging Yoongi tight. After a while, he feels the boy’s arms wrap around him. Seokjin almost lets out a sigh of relief as he pulls away, wiping the boy’s tear-ridden face with his fingers gently.

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…”

The taller boy says this over and over again, until he feels that Yoongi has stopped crying. Afterwards, they just find themselves hugging in silence. The quietness is only interrupted when there is a knock on the door, informing them that most of the guests have arrived and that they’re expecting the talented Min Yoongi to perform now. Before Seokjin answers it to tell them that Yoongi wasn’t feeling up to playing, the smaller stops him. He assures him that he can play. Seokjin kneels down in front of him, “Are you sure? You might still be upset. You really don’t have to, babe.”

Yoongi shakes his head and gives the other a small smile, “I’m fine, really. I’ve heard worse.”

Seokjin’s heart breaks at this, pulling the boy into a tighter hug. He whispers again, “I am really sorry, Yoongi. You know I didn’t mean that…right?”

Yoongi nods, “I know you didn’t.”

That evening, the pale boy played the piano on a stage by himself, in front of so many people. He loved it. Seokjin watched proudly and he can see the happiness radiating off of Yoongi as he played. After several songs, Yoongi bows to the audience as he receives a loud round of applause and praise. Then he stays by Seokjin as the taller introduces him to producers and composers alike. That night, Seokjin walks Yoongi back to his room, and ends up staying there. The whole suite is dark, save for the moonlight that streams in through the curtains. Seokjin couldn’t apologise enough but Yoongi soon shut him up when he kisses him. They continue to kiss as they make love on the soft and spacious bed. The party downstairs kept on going, and everyone looked for the two handsome young men. But the students couldn’t care less. Yoongi grips onto the bed sheets and whines as he sticks his butt out even more, giving Seokjin more of an angle to thrust into him deeper. The other stares down and admires the boy’s back, and plump bum. He occasionally spanks Yoongi as he pounds into him, causing the pale boy to gasp and moan into the blanket. Seokjin’s hand combs through the back of Yoongi’s hair and lightly pull on it, as he cums. He pumps the other, making him cum again for the third time that night. Afterwards, he carries the boy into a warm bath and gently clean him. Then the two cuddle in the confines of the bed, naked and holding each other. Before Yoongi falls asleep that night, he could have heard Seokjin’s faint voice whisper, “I love you, Yoongi. I’d do anything for you.”


The loud music from the rest of the house thuds into the walls. All six boys are standing around a circle table in the garage. Only one is sitting down. Yoongi pants as his arm is being held by Jimin onto the surface. Namjoon stands behind Yoongi as he holds him in place, his other arm behind his back. Taehyung quickly takes a seat beside Yoongi, unfolding the Swiss knife that previously belonged to the pale boy. Jungkook’s hands are in his pockets as he watches the two, eyebrows furrowed over. Seokjin sighs and rubs his face against his hands, not wanting to see what’s about to happen. But he has to. Or he’ll never forgive himself for turning away. Yoongi almost starts sobbing as he watches Taehyung take the knife and press it against his finger. The greaser shushes him gently, caressing the boy’s cheek, “It’s okay. Don’t cry, babe.”

Namjoon exclaims, “Would you hurry up and do it, for fuck’s sake, man.”

Before Taehyung can curse back at him, Seokjin shuts them up, “Both of you, shut the fuck up. Let’s just get this over with. This is fuckin’ sick.”

Yoongi lets out a shrill scream as his finger is briefly dismembered from him.

Chapter Text

“I miss you, mum. Really need you right now.”

Yoongi was right. He needed her. He needed her as his father moved them halfway across the country to Bangtan. And he especially needed her guidance as he carried on what he thought would never work. He sits on the edge of an empty bath, loud music playing outside. He’s in Seokjin’s party. The house is completely packed, and all of the boys he had been talking to are all here. So he needed to take a breath by himself.

Standing up, the pale boy stares at his reflection. His skin is becoming too dull for his own liking. Bags under his eyes are appearing and he can see the soft shadows of his ribs sitting against his skin. Yoongi sighs – even looking like this – the boys still worship him. He doesn’t understand. But he doesn’t have to, he presumes. A deeper frown sets on his face as he pulls down the collar of his shirt a little. Just under his collarbone is a fresh mark, made by his dad. He hasn’t shown or told it to anyone, and he doesn’t intend to. Not after tonight anyway. In another note, Yoongi needs to let the boys know officially that he’s seeing all of them. He has to at least try and plead his case, and maybe there will be a compromise between them all.

Yoongi jumps as someone knocks on the door, “Yoongi? Come on. Everyone’s waiting.”

It was Jungkook’s voice. Yoongi sighs and stares at his reflection again, “Y-Yeah. I’m coming.”

He shakes his head at the mirror before walking out of the bathroom, following Jungkook into the garage.


Approximately 7 years later...


Milton looks out of the taxi window as he adjusts the watch on his wrist. He can’t believe he’s here. He knew Japan would be an absolutely gorgeous place, but he’s completely blown away still. Ever since he was in high school, he knew he wanted to travel the world. Japan was one of the countries that he promised himself he will visit first, when he gets the chance. And now he can. A softer, smaller hand rests on his. Milton smiles and turns to see his fiancé. Dahyun had cut her hair short to a small bob, and it really complimented her features. Milton couldn’t believe his luck, he never imagined he would be able to settle with someone so pretty inside and out. After the whole thing with Yoongi several years ago, the two had bumped into each other and from there the rest was history.

Dahyun didn’t often talk about Yoongi. Milton never pushes her to talk about him neither, because she’s only starting to heal recently. Which is why they’re in Japan. Milton told her that she didn’t have to go with him to visit who he was going to visit. But the fiancé insisted that she’s ready.

After being released from prison, Kim Seokjin moves away from Bangtan. Now that Milton thought about it, the rest of the previously convicted boys had moved away too. And he can understand why. Their image has been so tarnished now within the small community, that no one will ever treat them the same, no matter how many people have forgiven them. It took a while but Milton finally pushes away the pride he had in himself to reach to Seokjin, as an old-time friend. When they had talked on the phone for the first time after all of these years, Milton noticed how much Seokjin still sounded the same. He had the same lively tone, but it carried tiredness within. As if he spent six years in prison, which he did. To Milton’s surprise, Seokjin was very happy to hear from him. After an hour’s phone call, they arranged to meet up. Seokjin wasn’t coming back to Bangtan, ever. So Milton entertained the idea of going to him, to Japan. The older agreed without hesitating, and here they are now.
Stepping out of the taxi, Milton looks up at the tall building, lit up with bright lights. He feels Dahyun’s arm hook around his. He smiles at her before the two walk inside the company building. After asking around at the reception, they are informed that the CEO Mr Kim Seokjin are expecting them. They are instructed to take the elevator to the top floor, after having been given a pass to access it. As the couple stand in the lift – taking them to Seokjin’s floor – they chuckle together. Milton comments, “He seems to be doing well for himself.”

Dahyun sighs, still not completely trusting the now-CEO, “Yeah, well. Good for him, I guess.”

Milton comfortingly squeezes her hand. His eyes then lower down to her stomach. Has it already been seven months since they found out she was pregnant. Dahyun has been making jokes that she could be a sumo wrestler now, with how large she is. But Milton always gives her a cheesy smile and comments, “You can crush my heart anytime.” This always guarantees him a slap on the chest, to which he just laughs it off.

The elevator doors dings open. The top floor is created in a way that the elevator simply opens to the entire room. So it must only be through authoritative access that they got there, with the help of the pass. The room is wide and has two staircases at along the sides of the main walls, leading up to the edges of the room, which is covered with full bookshelves. There are doors just adjacent from the elevator which Milton presumes are other seating areas and even a kitchen probably. Across the lift at the very end of the room is a window that takes up the whole wall, from ceiling to floor. It overlooks the majority of Tokyo, showing off its lights and the busy nightlife.


The man turns towards the source of the voice and he smiles at Seokjin. The other didn’t look any less for wear. He has on an expensive-looking suit and his hair is style neatly to the side. The two shake hands and Seokjin politely greets Dahyun, who returned the gesture. The atmosphere is definitely awkward, and Dahyun senses this. So she excuses herself, saying that she needs to use toilet. Seokjin gives her the directions and she waddles away. Once she’s away, Seokjin invites Milton to sit on one of the lounge areas. He gets them a drink and then sit across from him. Milton is still in shock and he laughs, “I can’t believe we’re here. Time flies, huh?”

Seokjin nods, “Yeah seems that way. How are you? I didn’t expect Dahyun to walk in with you, I must admit. You’re finally settling down then.”

Milton smiles proudly, “Yeah, fate can be sneaky.”

There’s silence between them and Milton starts, “I was a little surprised that you even wanted to see anyone from Bangtan. I would’ve thought after…after you were let out, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that place.”

Seokjin hums, playing with his glass, “Yeah, I guess not. But I was more surprised to hear from you, to be honest. And it really warmed me that you never forgot our friendship after all of these years. So thanks.”

The two smile at each other. Milton slowly loses the smile before he starts pondering. Seokjin notices this and chuckles, “You’re still in shock with everything that’s happened?”

“Not in shock anymore. More like…I don’t know. I just don’t know what to make of all this. You were a convict, Jin. And now you’re a CEO after you were let out scot-free? You have to understand why I’m still a little iffy about it all. And I don’t want this to seem like an interrogation, fuck sake. God knows you’ve been through enough of those.”

Seokjin nods with a soft smile, “Don’t worry about it. Well when I got out of prison, I had my parents who welcomed me with open arms. I’ve no fucking clue why they did, but they did. But they wanted me to move abroad, away from everyone. And I was more than happy to do so. I hope you don’t think that this company I’m managing is through my dad’s money or something. I had been preparing for this industry even in high school. My dad kind of forced me into it – and at the time I resented it. But now I thankful. I had it to fall back on.”

Milton hums in understanding, glancing at the wide window. Seokjin notices this and invites him to walk alongside it, to catch a view of the city. They stand there in silence, watching the life below them. Then Seokjin speaks, “Milton, whatever your opinion is on everything that happened, I’m really grateful you’re here to be a friend. You and Dahyun.”

Milton smiles at him. They continue to catch up, with Dahyun joining the conversation mid-way. Milton politely asks what Seokjin’s been up to, and the other nonchalantly speaks of travelling a lot of places. Being in prison for six years can make anyone miss the outside world, and Seokjin isn’t going to let it go to waste. He expressed a fondness of Italy, especially Rome, and told the couple that they should visit the countries around them too.

All the while, Milton listens intently. All his life, his mum always told him that he’s just like his father. And it was only this year, and in this moment, that he realised that she was right.

The couple then leave after a good few hours of catching up. As they wait for the elevator to arrive, Seokjin gives them both light hugs, and thanks them for coming. Seokjin then glances at Dahyun’s swollen stomach, “You’re due quite soon then?”

Dahyun gently rubs her stomach with a small smile, “Yeah. Can’t wait to get him out.”

“It’s definitely a boy?”

Dahyun nods excitedly, glancing at Milton, “Yeah, we had the nurse tell us. Easier to get clothes and toys.”

Seokjin hums, “Any names in mind?”

Dahyun’s eyes stare at her stomach in such an endearing way then she softly says, “Yoongi. We’re naming him Yoongi.”

Seokjin’s smile slowly fades into a more sad expression. The elevator doors open and the couple steps in. Seokjin bids them farewell and to enjoy the rest of their trip. The couple wave at him as the doors close. There’s a silence again. Dahyun scoffs, “What are you thinking about?”

Milton shakes his head, “Nothing. Just happy, hun.”

As addressed earlier, like father like son. When the couple arrive at their hotel room – and Dahyun goes to the bathroom again – Milton sends a quick text to his dad. Dahyun doesn’t need to know. It might only hurt her anyway. Milton is doing this for his dad. For how hard he worked, and how close he got in that one case. So it’ll just be between them two. He puts his phone away on the bedside table as Dahyun exits the bathroom, and the two relax the rest of the night, watching movies with English and Korean subtitles.


David slides out from under his car, which is currently out of commission. Landi had told him to simply take it to a mechanic, but the ex-detective wanted to see what he can do for it. And he’ll never know, he might fix it completely. But that’s not looking too likely. After he had been taken off of Yoongi’s case several years ago, David briefly took a break from his work. He simply wrote books, and had a few published which they still receive royalties from. One afternoon, he had been rummaging among his old stuff and he stumbles upon a notebook. Opening it, his heart almost breaks upon realising that it was the notebook that he had written down all of the suspects’ accounts, from all of those years ago. He spent the rest of the day reading through it, sometimes getting teary-eyed at the reminder of Yoongi.

He stands and looks down at his car, muttering something about him defeating it someday. His phone beeps at the other side of the garage. David walks towards it and smiles upon seeing his eldest son’s name. Milton and his fiancé had been so excited for their holiday to Japan, and they’re finally there safely. David quickly opened it and his smile fades, a more confused expression overcoming his face. The text his son sent him was very short, but direct. And why did David suddenly have a gut feeling that his son is telling him something important. The text simply read:

From: Milton
Rome, Italy. Go there dad.

David doesn’t completely know what is going to be in Rome. But he had a gut feeling that his son might be onto something. He also had a gut feeling that one of the reasons that Milton actually reached out to Seokjin in the first place is to get this location. For him. David regains his small smile. So David may not know exactly what’s in Rome but he has to go. Like father like son.

Chapter Text

At this time of the year, Italy is warm and breezy. David doesn’t remember the last time he had been to Italy, but he does remember that Landi had travelled with him then. When he told his wife about a spur-of-the-moment decision on getting a flight to the City of Rome, she didn’t quite believe him at first. However when she saw how serious he was, she told him that she was fine with it. So David packed a light suitcase and then left the next morning, promising his wife that he’ll be home as soon as he can.

And now here he is. He had rented a car and drove to the centre of Rome. It wasn’t until now that David realised how absolutely crazy this was. He doesn’t even know what he’s looking for! All he has to go on is his son’s text from the other day. Parking his car in a lot, he collects his backpack. David slows when he notices that the notebook is inside – he must’ve forgotten to bring it out. The notebook he used during the interrogations. Oh well, he can write directions or whatever on it if he gets lost. Walking to a grand building that held information for tourists, David waits in line for his turn.

Once he is face to face with an advisor he starts, “Hello, I was just if there’s any Korean schools nearby?”
It sounded like a wiser question to ask when he thought of it. But by the young lady’s confused face, she didn’t have any sort of directions for him. David realises how vague and weird that question might have sounded, but as he tries to word it properly, the girl says, “We don’t have any schools here for Korean lessons, sir. But there is a music school around here. It’s owned by a talented Korean. It’s a twenty-minute walk but it’s very beautiful.”

David nods. It’s better than nothing – he wanted a lead, any sort of lead. What was it about this place that’s so important?
David smiles as she gives the directions, “You just follow that main road, turn a right and then it’s at the very end of the road. You can’t miss it – it’s got big golden gates and a wide lawn. It’s open at this time, so you’re in luck. Please be mindful of the noise however, students at this time are studying or practising for their recitals.”

The man gratefully takes the pamphlet she gives him on the school, and is quickly on his way. As he powerwalks to the location, David reads up on the school with the help of the pamphlet. Angel Peak College of Music. Interesting. As he passes through the open gates of the school, he is taken aback by how beautiful it was. The campus was alive with students. Observing the people that walk past him, David figures that his must be a university. Some students sit on the grass talking, and some are even playing their instruments. All in all, it looked like a painting. Walking up the marble steps and into the coolness of the lobby, David walks to the receptionist. He asks about the owner of the school. The woman didn’t seem to know much English unfortunately as all he got when he asked a question were ‘I’m sorry. English…very hard.”

David nods understandingly and he feels a tap on the shoulder, causing him to turn around. There were two female students looking at him with small smiles. One carried a violin like a baby around her arms, and one had a guitar strapped to her back. The violinist speaks with a gentle accent, “Are you looking for the owner, sir?”

David smiles at them and nods. The violinist giggles, “Well you won’t find them here. They always have Fridays off.”
“Oh okay, well can you tell me how long this school has been running for?”

The two glance at each other thoughtfully, “Hmm, just a few years. It’s pretty new, but it quickly became one of the most prestigious music schools in Europe. That’s probably because of Mr Dee.”

“Mr Dee? Is he the owner?”

The guitarist nods, “Yeah, he’s one of the youngest people to own such a successful school too. He always relates with the other students so nearly everyone wants to come here and study because of how laid back he is. Even students who can’t do music would try to get in here for him. But he wouldn’t allow that. He only caters to those who love music, like him.”

David feels a sense of nervousness and at the same time, excited. Does this Dee person have anything to do with why he’s here? Maybe he can help him. He then politely asks, “May I ask if you know where he might be around this time?”

The two look at each other, “He might be at home. He likes being alone when he’s not helping us out with assignments.”

The man thanks them profoundly and as the girls walk away, David almost forgets, “Oh, sorry. One last thing. What’s his first name?”
The violinist turns around, “Agust. His name’s Agust Dee.”

David was grateful that phone books are still used often around here. After collecting one, he goes back in his car and then checks for a one Agust Dee. From how the girls spoke so highly of him, it’s visible that he’s young and popular amongst his students. Looking down the list of random people in the phone book, David sighs in relief as he sees Agust Dee’s name. There was a phone number and many addresses underneath. David’s eyebrows furrow – that’s weird. Is there a typo? Calling up the number, David only notices that his heart is beating a little harder. Why is that? Maybe there’s a thought in his mind that he’s pushing away, but he doesn’t want to make any assumptions yet. The sun is high up in the sky, and it heats the car up nicely. David unconsciously straightens his back as someone with an Italian accent answers, “Pronto?”

David clears his throat, “Hello? I was wondering if I got the right number – is this Agust Dee I’m speaking to?”

There’s a small silence before the man speaks, “Ah no sir. You’ve simply called up his public line. He doesn’t give out his personal number. But I can pass on a message for you if you’d like?”

David plays with the wheel in front of him gently, “No, no that’s fine. May I ask what the addresses under his name in the phone book are?”
“Those are his different addresses, sir.”

Whoa. This Agust Dee character sounds like a big deal.

David asks, “Would you be able to tell me which address he’s in now?”

“Sorry, sir no. It’s private, I’m afraid.”

David can feel that the conversation was reaching a close. He doesn’t have time or the money to travel to all of the addresses – they’re scattered all over the map! Some are even bordering on Switzerland. The American speaks, “Wait…”

There’s silence. David has to think. Think back. And assess what he needs to do, to get an answer from this man.
“I’m…Park Jimin’s grandfather. I was so careless I forgot which house Agust is in when I landed.”

“Oh, Mr Park. Jimin isn’t with you?”

“Ah no. I’m just stopping by and leaving a present from Jimin to Agust.”

David leaves the call with just one address. Afterwards he stares ahead, not believing what just happened and what he just did. Not only did he lie to get an address, not only did he pretend to be someone else, he just figured out that Jimin is associated with this Agust Dee. And Agust Dee might just be…

Driving along an antique asphalted narrow road, David arrives at the entrance of the property. Surprisingly it wasn’t gated. David looks around as he steps out of the car – parked at the side of the road – the house was quite hidden amongst trees and overlooks the blue beach for miles. Built on white marble rocks, the villa consists of ten hectares of olive groves and woods located on the nearest Lucca hills. White sculptures are exposed in the various parts of the villa, both indoor and outdoor. David is in awe at how gorgeous the whole scenery is. But he snaps out of it and puts on his backpack, walking towards the door.

Each step he takes, his heart pounds a little harder.

He’s close to the door now.

A nice breeze blows by the man as he stops in front of the door, giving him solace from the heat of the sun.

David clears his throat and fixes his appearance a little before knocking on the door. The faint noise of piano playing inside stops.

The detective waits.

And waits.

The door opens, letting out cool air from the air conditioning.

David looks down and his eyes widen, his breath almost hitching.

Min Yoongi.

In the flesh. But he looks different.

His hair is a pale colour of pink, and his complexion got a bit more tan, but still pale. It almost glowed like honey, unlike the pictures that David was given those several years ago. Yoongi looked unfazed at first. Then he realises. What happened next was one of the things that David did not expect to happen.

Yoongi smiles gently, “Hi.”

David had no other words in his mind in that moment except, “Hello.”

Yoongi laughs, “Would you like to come in?”


Taehyung steps out of the taxi. Six years. Six years of prison and he’s finally out. Only good that gave him was the free tattoos. Now he’s covered from jaw to toe with them. He swings his duffel bag around on his shoulder and takes in the trailer in front of him. It’s seen a lot better days. Taehyung sighs and walks to his makeshift garage. The Harley’s still there, in a protective layer.

The greaser unlocks his trailer and scoffs at the amount of mail he received, most of it junk. After having dropped his bag somewhere, Taehyung stops. He didn’t remember putting a layer on his Harley. The man hops out of the trailer and pulls the layer off his bike. It still looked as good as ever. Only thing that was different was an envelope pinned under the lid for the fuel tank. Taehyung opens it and reads:

My Taehyungie,
I know by now you must be so angry with me. Or confused as to why I did what I did. And I completely understand if you don’t ever want to have anything to do with me again. But I still love you. I always have, I always will. That’ll never change, no matter how much you might hate me.
But if by some chance you don’t hate me. And you do want to see me again, and be with me. Then I’ll be here. Waiting for you. And the rest of them.
I know you still don’t like them. But it’s just how it is with me. I’m selfish I know. I’m greedy I know. But I can’t think of anything worse than letting any of you go if I could help it.
So find me. The address is on the back of this letter. There’s also some cash in there but don’t use it if you don’t want to. It’s just in case. I know you don’t need charity, even now.
I love you, Yoongi

Taehyung puts the letter down. He didn’t realise his eyes had watered. God, he missed Yoongi so much. Looking at the address, he was apparently going to Rome. It seemed like the journey there took ages, but Taehyung finds himself standing outside the door. He knocks, he’s spent time in prison but it’s only now that he gets nervous. Damn Yoongi for making him feel like this always.
The door opens and he is met with a big hug, and a passionate kiss.

As if the villa by the seaside wasn’t luxurious enough, a swimming pool is installed at the back. There’s also an area for lounging outside. Yoongi and David sit here, with tea on the table. There had been silence for a couple of minutes now. David doesn’t know what to say. Yoongi stares at him with a small smile until finally he laughs, “You’re staring at me.”

David snaps out of it, “I’m sorry! It’s just that…my God, I never thought I’d see you in the flesh.”

“You must have heard a lot about me then.”

David gives the boy a look which causes Yoongi to giggle, “Well I’ve heard some things about you too.”

“You did?”

Yoongi nods, “My boys have told me how soft-hearted you were towards me.”

David stares at him with soft eyes. Yoongi gently loses his smile, “Why though?”

The man sighs, taking a sip from his cup, “I just…I have a son too. And I just saw him in you. Besides, no child should ever endure what you had to with your father.”

“You know? I mean…you believe that he---?”

“Yes. I do. It cost me my job, but I believe you.”

Yoongi shakes his head, “You’re pretty fuckin’ metal, man.”

The two laugh. Yoongi reaches for his cup and drinks. David notices the boy’s hand. A short stub – wrapped in a white bandage – replaces his ring finger. Yoongi sees the man staring and looks down at his missing finger. He chuckles, “It’s a small price to pay for my freedom. Don’t worry about it.”

“What about your piano?”

Yoongi gives him a funny look, “What about it? I’m a damn good pianist. One missing finger’s nothing for me.”

An hour into the conversation, David finally gets the courage to ask if he can take out the notebook and write down details on how he craftily faked his own death. Yoongi looked a little hesitant but agreed. David smiles, “So that was your real finger. It was why it was traced right back to you. What about…the body?”

Asking that question now, David became nervous. What if the answer was worse? Before he thought too much into it, Yoongi shrugs, “Don’t worry, no one was killed. Well, not for the sake of what happened. That corpse you all found in the beach with my finger, was a fresh one from the city morgue.”

David stares at him, “The…morgue?”

Yoongi nods, “When I visited Mr Choi to apologise for getting him fired, he got to tell me about his friends in forensics. So I went to Namjoon and Seokjin – with some sweet-talking and dirty money, they managed to get their hands on a fresh dead body with around the same physique as me.”

David looks at the boy in disbelief – the dedication surprises him until now, “And what of Choi?”

“What about him?”

“Did he know?”

Yoongi smiles and shakes his heads, “No, he doesn’t know a thing. He’s been through enough, I didn’t want to drag him with anything else.”

There’s a small silence before Yoongi asks, “How is he?”

“He’s alright. He’s healing.”

Yoongi hums. They stare out over the cliff, watching birds fly and waves crash over each other. After a while, David continues, “What about that rumour? The one that was spread in school?”

“That definitely wasn’t planned,” Yoongi scoffs, “I was so distressed by that. No one wants to be the target of bullying, especially if the allegations aren’t true.”

David nods as Yoongi continues, “In a way though, it helped me decide. Like my mum used to say: everything happens for a reason.”
“Helped you decide what?”

“Who to involve with faking my death.”

David encourages him to continue, so Yoongi did, “Way before I moved to Bangtan, I knew I was going to do something to get away from my father. I hated living with him. He beat me, he humiliated me…and on God if I didn’t leave any sooner, he would’ve laid his hands on me.”


Yoongi shrugs, “So the moment my mum died, I started planning on how to get away. Coming into Bangtan High, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Two things I didn’t expect though: I didn’t expect to have six boys chase after me, and I didn’t expect for that rumour to spread. But…the rumour proved to me how loyal those boys were. Like they could have completely cut me off just by that one rumour if they wanted to. But they stayed with me and didn’t want to leave me alone. And I have to admit, I did test them on my own sometimes. Like Jungkook following me to the beach after having known me for less than an hour that day. There was Hoseok destroying the school stage and Seokjin destroying a car with me – like could you have imagined them doing that? That proved to me they would stay by my side even through all of this.”

David tilts his head with a confused look, “You and Seokjin were the ones who destroyed that police car?”

Yoongi laughs, “Yeah. Sure might as well tell you everything.”

“Yoongi this is all craz---.”


“Excuse me?”

The boy smiles, “Agust. My name’s Agust now. Yoongi died in Bangtan.”

David stares at him. He’s right in a way? According to the entire world, Min Yoongi was murdered by his six boyfriends. Agust Dee is an accomplished young musician, who owns a university and several houses in Europe. David finishes a sentence in his notebook, then turns a page to continue writing, “How did you get all of this started?” David points towards the house.
Agust shrugs, “I just saved up a lot. I saved way before Bangtan. The gig in The Hive gave me a shit ton of money. Perks of working in a cheap-looking bar which is owned by a rich-as-fuck owner.”

“Is that why it took the boys six years to be released?”

Agust nods with a small smile, “Amongst everything ‘illegal’ that we did, I wanted to be on the law’s side when I get them all out.”
“Does this have anything to do with when the boys escaped too?”

Agust sighs, looking sad as he fiddles with his tea cup, “I lied to them. When we were planning everything, I had told them that once they escape, I’ll meet them in the factory in the next city. From there I’d pick them up and we’d all escape the country. But during their time getting interrogated by you, I decided something that I didn’t tell them. Apart from the fact that the boys can’t stand each other, I didn’t want them to live the rest of their lives on the run from the law. So I had to get them captured by not turning up at all, and not contacting any of the boys for years. Within these years, I managed to pull a few legal strings and save enough big money to bail all of the boys completely.”

“So now the boys are free with no one chasing after them, and you get away too.” David nods, understanding everything.

“Pretty much.”

There’s silence again before David smiles, “Damn, you’re one smart cookie.”

“I do what I can.”

“And you’re happy here.”

Agust nods but David smiles, “That wasn’t a question. Even comparing you from the pictures given to me back then, and looking at you now. You look happier.”

Agust was glowing with happiness. He looks healthier and he looks like there’s more meat on his bones. This could have been the best life he would have never gotten to live, but he did with the help of six boys who wouldn’t mind doing anything for him.
David asks, “What about the boys? Do they see you?”

Agust nods with a smile, “They do. They try and visit me as often as they can. You just missed Hoseok actually, he left this morning.”
David laughs sheepishly, “It’s probably for the best.”


“Well I doubt they’d want to see their interrogator ever.”

Agust giggles, “No, well. Actually they took a liking to you. Said you were a pretty chill ‘old’ man.”

The boy laughs as David gives him a look. The two talk until the sun is barely peeking out from the hills. Then David finds himself at Agust’s doorstep, bidding the boy farewell. David looks down at his notebook, “I have to ask. Why did you let me write everything down? I can very easily get people down here.”

Agust stares at him with big, dark eyes before shaking his head, “Because I see myself in you. I don’t know what it is. I just see you and I know you always want the best for the people you love, your family. And that’s what I’m doing. Also, people want to forget. By now, Min Yoongi is a sad story. He’s become a moral and soon enough just a myth. They’ll forget him.”

Agust looks content with this. But David shakes his head gently. The two shake hands as David speaks, “I’ll never forget him.”

They stare at each other before unlinking their hands.

“Goodbye, detective.”

“Goodbye, Yoongi.”


The next night, David is already home. He sits in the living room with a black coffee and a movie on low volume. The fireplace is lit, cracking noises erupting from it every once in a while. His wife and two kids are asleep upstairs. David looks down at the notebook, reading certain pages from it. He jumps when he hears the door open. He almost forgot that Milton was working late in the school tonight because of Parent/Teacher Meeting.

“Hey Dad.” Milton quietly strolls in the living room and notices his dad looking down at the book.


David sighs, “It’s amazing, son. How far people will go for the ones they love.”

Milton stares at his dad, “Is that your book? From the interrogations?”

David nods, “And then some.”

“From your trip to Rome.”

Another nod. There’s a long silence. Then Milton approaches his dad and gently takes the book from his hands. David’s eyes follow the boy as Milton stares at it. David’s voice shakes, “It’s up to you, what happens to that book.”

All his life, he has invested his skills in locking up people who commit fraud. The notebook provided enough evidence to track down Agust Dee and prosecute him. So why does he simply give it to his own son? Milton looks at his dad with a concentrated look.

Then he throws the book in the fire.

David stands, and the two watch the book burn to ashes, riding up the chimney.

After that was…nothing. The father and son never spoke of that night again. But just before Milton left for his own house, he gives his father a look. A look that David understood. The same look that Agust – no, Yoongi – gave him. It was a look that said to David, that Milton knows. He knows, and he’s happy with it. Let this one life free, and the rest will follow suit.