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The Lullaby of Baker Street

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Severus Snape opened his eyes and stared.  He appeared to be looking at a ferret wearing a top hat and tails.  Hurriedly he closed his eyes

Come along and listen to
The lullaby of Baker Street

Severus’ eyes shot open again.  It definitely was a ferret.

The hurry up, I’m waiting for you
The lullaby of Baker Street

Maybe if he gave it his best ‘I am your potions professor and you’d better not get on the wrong side of me’ glare, the ferret would leave.

The trundle of a horse and cart
A concert in the bandstand
A roast dinner will play a part
At Simpson’s on the Strand

The ferret was apparently impervious to such glares.

When a Baker Street man gets to bed

And now there was a small mouse in a sparkly dress as well

The sun will soon be shining

And a second, although this one could well be a vole

Another thought comes in his head
He’ll smoke till dawn

Good night, Watson
Good night, Lestrade is on his way
Go to sleep, Hol-mes
Get some sleep and just call it a day

In what was clearly a run up to the big finish, the three creatures performed a few dance steps, took a bow, and disappeared.

Listen to the lullaby
Of our Baker Street!