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Sweet as Candy

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Enid couldn’t help but notice the ring on KO’s right hand. KO was not the type to wear jewlery, so the sight of it made Enid wonder, Where? Why? What? She needed answers. “Hey KO?” Enid called. “I need your help.”

KO came running over, and saluted to her. “Ma’am, yes ma’am! What do you need help with ma’am?”

“I need help with figuring out where something came from.”

“What is it?”

“That ring. That ring that’s on your finger. You know that the finger you have the ring on is traditional for marriage, right?”

“O-oh!” KO chuckled nervously as he hid his right hand behind his back. “O-of course!”

“Why are you wearing it? I never took you for one for jewlery.”

KO gave a look that he might be nervously sick. “Long story or short story?”

“Short. I need to get back to work otherwise Gar will yell at me.”

“I dared Dendy to marry me. I didn’t think she would actually do it…”

Enid stared at KO with a dumbfound expression. “Long story. Please?”

KO took a breath. “So Dendy and I were playhing Truth or Dare on our way to my house so she could help me with homework. I asked ‘Truth or Dare?’ and she answered ‘Dare.’ I dared her to marry me as a joke and she said ‘that can be arranged.’ Then all of the sudden she was filling out an application for marriage online! I tried to say stop, but Dendy wouldn’t let me back out of it! She said ‘you asked for the dare. I must go through with it!’ She got a written agreement from my mommy, who she thought it was a joke and a written thing rfrom her parents, who were okay with the idea! So then we get together at the court house, and we both sign it, and do an informal ceremony with each other and…” KO blushed a bit. “I kind of like it now…”

“How can you like being married?” Enid asked

“Who’s married?” Rad asked.

“Well, I get to spend a lot of time with Dendy now, and…she’s just…amazing, and sweet…” He trailed off with a blush.

“Wow. Never in my day would I think that KO would actually get married before Mr. Gar and Ms. KO’s mom.”

“Wait, KO’s married!?” Rad screeched.

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They both had their reasons for the pictures. KO had recently been trying to expand his experimental movie channel from Dancing Videos and Short Movies that have a Full Movie story, to adding documentaries. Dendy had gotten more file space and she decided that she needed natural photos of everyone.

The first few pictures and videos went fine, with the person not really knowing about themselves being taped or photographed.

Though, it got more difficult the more the other person was made aware. KO knew that he had to secretly bring in Enid and Rad in posed pictures for himself, to have a makeshift conversation stature picture for one of them and Dendy was one of KO’s subscribers who had rung the notifications bell and watched all his videos. Including the “Super Scientific Plaza Documentaries,” that were the latest series that KO was doing.

Dendy began her trying to take a few pictures from outside the bodega, knowing full well that KO knew about her pictures. She had to get him in a natural state at the bodega. It was the only pictures she was missing. She’d gotten him at school, and at home, but his job was the one that she didn’t have natural pictures of.

She began to snap away where she could see him, and noticed that he was using some ninja skills that most likely Enid taught him to clean up the store. “Fascinating.” She whispered and began to type away excitedly. No wonder she couldn’t get it done as fast as KO when she filled in for him, he was a regular cleaning ninja! She saw that he was taking off the things, and quickly snapped multiple photos to get the steps that he takes them off. “Very needed information.” She said as she added a new subcategory into the job category. She looked back to see a relaxed KO and Rad having a conversation. “Excellent. I do need more relaxed KO conversation positions. He usually changes depending on who he’s-” She stopped herself as she saw KO meet her eyes and start to pose.

Dendy blushed and quickly ducked. “KO…” she grumbled. She walked into the store to see him still posing and Radacles giving him a confused stare.

“KO, you know I need to get a picture of you in a natural state!” Dendy said.

“Are you saying,” He strained as he was still in the pose, “that this isn’t natural?”

“Yes, I am saying that it is not natural. You are trying to show off muscles like Radacles usually does.”

“What?” Rad and I got into a bet!”

“We did?” Rad asked.

Dendy gave KO a skeptical look.

“Just play along! Please!” KO begged.

“Dude, I’m not getting between you two and Dendy.” The alien said, walking away.

“Rad! Wait! Come back!” KO pleaded.

“What is the meaning of this KO?” Dendy asked, putting her hands on her hips.

KO gave a strained smile before winking at her and causing Dendy to blush. She walked out of the store after the two decided to get off the subject and traded cards for a little bit. You’ve ruined this chance at my research KO, so next time…I’ll ruin yours! She thought to herself.Dendy was fully aware that KO was planning on the “Super Scientific Plaza Documentary,” for her today based off of the riddle “Who this next one is, you usually think of water, always wears a backpack, and can cause sparks to fly.” The water for the kappa, the backpack being her hackpack, and her sparks being her power. The other ones were usually easy riddles if you knew who the person at the plaza was. Such as Enid being “an apathetic ninja with a frosted heart and a conflicted soul,” and Radacles being “a muscular extra terrestrial from a planet that not many people think of when they see the species for the first time.”

Dendy was slightly excited to have this happening to her. After all, she would have to make sure that she was in the perfect position and KO was still following her in order to strike a pose.

She realized that KO started to film her when he forgot his backpack behind and she walked alone towards home. She decided to take some scenic routes to throw off KO’s actual knowledge, which led her to a pond that was surrounded from every side with forest except one place, which had a dock and a beach. Dendy sat on the edge of the dock, allowing herself to take her boots and socks off and let her toes in the warm water. She heard the rustling of a bush that she knew KO was hiding in, and after about thirty seconds, she looked to the bush and struck a pose.

KO stammared before he saw Dendy wink and he shut off the recording. He walked out of the bush to confront his friend, who he knew would never do something like that naturally.

“Dendy, how do you expect the documentary to turn out if you pose during it?” He walked up to her with a joking smirk as she stood up to face him eye-to-eye.

“Well, you posed so I couldn’t get my natural photos for my research. So, I’ll pose to interrupt your ‘Super Scientific Plaza Documentaries.’” She said, poking him on the nose.

“That’s cheeky!” He retorted with a smirk.

“No cheekier than yourself, KO.” Dendy replied.

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KO was feeling down in the dumps recently. He seemed to have been sulking for two days, so Dendy quickly decided to get to the bottom of it. She found him in the break room, staring at his POW card. “Hey KO.” She greeted softly. They had a level of intimacy now that the formal greeting of “greetings,” and even sometimes “hello,” were not needed.

“Oh, hey Dendy.” KO glanced at her before looking back to the POW card.

Dendy sat next to him, and he let out a sigh through his nose. Dendy looked at the card, seeing the older KO being reflected back, the image looking much more confident than the current state of KO. “Is something wrong?” Dendy asked him, rubbing his slouching back to try and soothe him.

He looked away from the card and Dendy, letting his other hand support his face. “It’s just…” He thought of how to phrase it. “I always thought that I’d be as tough as my mom or Mr. Gar…I know it’s even rare to have heroes that are level 4, but I thought I’d at least get as good your family. I mean, you’ve been able to jump several levels in the few battles you’ve been in with the Boxmore Robots. I’ve been training since I was a little kid and now I’m sixteen! Enid and Rad were teenagers when they started and were able to get to Level 1 long before I did!”

“And because of that you feel bad?”

“Yeah…” he sighed, and let his head fall into Dendy’s lap. “I’m a horrible person for feeling that way…”

“No, KO, you’re not a horrible person.”

“You’re right…I’m worse! I’m trash!”

Dendy gave a pained look to her boyfriend before getting an idea from that phrase. “Well, then, as a person who cares about the environment I am obligated to pick you up. Say, seven tonight?”

KO looked up as his sweetheart before giggling a bit. “You always know how to cheer me up, don’t you?”

“I try my best.” Dendy replied and they gave each other a quick peck on the lips. They smiled, content for a moment, before Dendy spoke again. “Looks like you’ll need to be getting back to work.” She said, booping him on the nose.

“Alright, alright.” KO said as he sat up.

Dendy started to walk out before turning back and saying, “I’m serious about the date.”

“I hoped so.” KO smiled and rested his forehead against hers in affection.

Dendy held herself there for a moment, before putting her finger to his chest. “Seriously, I don’t want your step-dad to yell at you. I’ll see you at seven.”

“Okay.” KO whispered as he saw Dendy walk out.

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KO was his regular self when he came to the bodega, except for something else… His greetings. He had Enid lean in close for this, and then he rubbed his nose against hers, causing Enid to suddenly reel back. "KO! What the heck!"

"What? I just gave you a Kunik."

"What the heck is a kunik?"

"It's a type of greeting humans used to o before the fall out of the United States!"

"United States? I thought you were supposed to learn about that in high school."

"Well, Ms. Quantem wanted us to read different folk-lore on different species in our class. No one else wanted to do human, so I took it. I was reading up on how the the more south you got, the less likely people would want to make physical contact as a greeting. Up where a state called Alaska used to be, people would greet each other by giving a kunik!"

"That's sweet and all…but you should realize that it has a very different conotation now a days."

"Wassat?" KO asked.

"Welp, now only romantic couples tend to do that. It's kind of weird if you do it to a friend or stranger now."

"Oh." KO looked at his feet. "I'm sorry Enid."

"You didn't know. It's also good for family and extreamly close friends who would be okay with it. If you want to give one again, just ask permission. The answer's most likely going to be 'no,' but it's better than just doing it suddenly."

"Oh, okay!"

The doors to the bodega indicated that someone came in, and cheers informed everyone who had entered. "Hi Dendy!" KO walked over to the kappa.

"Hello KO."

"How was your day?"

"I would say my day is going swell."

"Neat! Oh, Dendy, can I give you a Kunik?"

Kunik? The thought pestered Dendy's mind. Was that a new POW card? No, I would be aware of a new POW card coming out… "What is a Kunik, KO?"

"It's an Eskimo Kiss." Enid said, not looking up from her magazine.

"That's not the correct term, Enid." KO chided.

"I…still don't know what that is." Dendy admitted

"Well, it's when you…wait…" KO let out a moan of dispair and sank to his knees. "Oh, you can't do it…"

"Why not?"

"You don't have a nose."

Dendy was slightly taken aback. He was just now noticing that she didn't have one? Kappas were aquatic reptilian and amphibian based, so they had no need for a nose. They had a sense of smell, but nothing more than that.

KO thought to himself for a moment, before snapping his fingers. "I got it!" he said, before hanging his arms around Dendy's neck.

She was about to question it when she felt his small nose rub against her cheek in an affectionate greeting. It was almost as if he was using his nose to dust her cheek with a blush.

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KO panted from his practical marathon around the plaza that had gone on for several of the past few days. Today, he ended up teleporting to some random spot in the forest and trying to recount how it happened.

It started when he was about to get up for the day when TKO woke him up in the mind scape.

"Hey! Scrub! Wake up! I need to talk to you." He shouted.

"What's going on?" KO asked his emo twin.

"You need to tell her."

KO stared at him with wide eyes, before looking away with a blush as he scratched the back of his neck. "T-tell who-" He couldn't finish the question as TKO slapped him across the face.

"Who know exactly who! I'm not gonna be your sponge for every emotion you try to pawn off on me!"

"I-I can't tell her that!"

"Well, you better find a way to tell her, or will."


KO did not like the thought of TKO telling his Dendy about how he felt. What if she thought that TKO liked her that way but not him. Wait…his Den- KO shook his head wildly, trying to get the thought out of his mind. Dendy didn't like him like that! She wasn't one for emotions. He had to find a way to get rid of these feelings…He could ask Dendy to make- No, he was avoiding Dendy…

Maybe Lord Cowboy Darrel- No, he wasn't going to get any help or good promises from villains…

He let his hands come up to his face, and pulled them down with a despairing groan. "Why do I have to feel this way!?"

A scenario played in his mind of a failed confession. Ending with Dendy saying, "I thought I could trust you!" Before running away in tears, leaving a heartbroken KO behind.

"Ugh! Why'd I have to fall for her!? She's your best friend! She's smart, and sweet, and so nice to me…Ugh! Those are the thoughts that got you into this mess KO!" He pulled at his sweatband, letting some of his wild hair loose.

He looked at his hands and tried to focus. If he was going to go and lose his best friend…at least he might have a- "There you are!" A voice chirped.

KO looked in horror to see Dendy, her voice in her usual chirps but her face looking tired and angry. "D-Dendy! What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you, KO. You have been avoiding me for the past 6 days, and when I try to engage in conversation, I end up on a wild goose chase! Why?"

"I-I…I could ask you the same question Dendy!"

"I chase after you because you're my best friend, and I wish to know why you are avoiding me!"

"I-I-I-I…I can't tell you…"

"And why is that?"

"It could ruin our friendship…"

"KO, what you are doing right now is starting to ruin our friendship!"

KO looked down to the ground, tears threatening to spill.

"KO, why can't you tell me!?"

"I already told you!"

"You are just making excuses!"

"I really do wish that I could tell you! But-!"

"Don't say it! I don't want to hear that excuse, I want to hear the reason!"

"And I can't tell you!"

Dendy looked taken aback by KO finally yelling at her. "I thought you could trust me KO…I've helped you, and you've helped me…why is this information making it so difficult for you to talk with me?" KO didn't respond, and eventually, Dendy threw her hands up and began to walk away saying. "I thought you could trust me…"

KO hung his head, and before the Kappa was out of hearing range, he managed a "wait, wait…" He took in breath before he started. "It's obvious that if I don't tell you, this would ruin our friendship…Dendy…I've been feeling really weird towards you lately…for the past week, I've shown all the symptoms…of having a crush…"

Dendy looked at her friend, wide eyed from his words.

"A-and I knew that you weren't really sure about emotions a-and," he let out a sniffle as more tears threatened to spill and his lower lip trembled, "and I kn-know that you probably hate me now because of it. Because… I've made everything all awkward between us…" Dendy walked over as KO continued to ramble about how it was ok if Dendy hated him. She put her hands on his shoulders as he continued, now letting the tears fall. She had to put a finger to his mouth to hush him up.

"How long have you had these feelings KO?"

"A-about half a year, but they've been the worst this week…"

"Then this isn't a crush, you're in love."

KO looked down to the ground in shame.

"And also…" Dendy kissed his right eye, clearing it of most of its tears.

KO looked at Dendy, bewildered by her action. "D-Dendy-?"

"I reciprocate your feelings of love, KO."

KO continued to stare, before his face splitting into a wide grin and he hugged her. Dendy tried to return it, before she found herself in mid-air. When she was caught, she found herself being held Princess style by KO. As he began to kiss her, Dendy ended up simply giggling from the sensation and felt butterflies in her stomach as her legs kicked involuntarily out of joy. They both had to admit, they were going to be a sweet couple.



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KO pounded on the tree in front of him, the thoughts of what happened fueling his anger. But he could deal with this anger. It wasn't just TKO who hated this person, but KO had hated him on first sight as well. Call it what you want, but KO just got a negative vibe from the robot known as "Combo Breaker." He guessed the hatred came from either when he first met Combo Breaker, or when Dendy met him. How did the two meet? Well…

It was a normal day at the bodega. KO getting ready to fight another Box-More robot, this one being a Raymond. It was going along smoothly, dodging Lacross balls and unleashing his fire fist combo attack when all of the sudden-

A P.O.I.N.T. ship released something from the bottom, stopping KO's combo and knocking him down. "You shouldn't do that to robots you know." The thing growled in a snarky manner.

"That's a Raymond-bot!" KO defended.

"Oh, apologies. I was sent for a defeat of a simple villain."

KO's eye twitched at the word. Simple. This egotisical robot thought that he was simple!? The robot proceded to destroy the other, sending debris both into the Box-More company and Gar's Bodega.

"Mission accomplished." The robot announced. He seemed to look human, minus the obvious joints on his arms and kness and was bedecked in armor except for his head, which seemed to have perfect blonde hair.

Maybe it was when Dendy met Combo Breaker… KO remembered trying to give him a chance from the advice of Mr. Logic, but…

KO was working at Gar's, aware that Dendy would soon be there to light up his day. Ever since he'd grown older, Rad and Enid left the plaza to get "real jobs." KO would still see them around, but it was hard being the designated worker for a lot of the bodega work. Even if he was able to get it done thanks to his turbonic powers coming into play.

It wasn't like her to be late, so when KO looked at the window, he felt a spike of jealousy as he saw his best friend talking to Combo Breaker. As he studied the, he noticed Combo Breaker was being quite the gentleman, causing Dendy to blush. His anger spiked, but KO quickly quashed it, wanting nothing more than to focus on his work and Dendy when she came in. It was his fault for not telling her how he felt sooner…but that Combo Breaker had taken a step further into making KO actually start to loath someone other than a villain, and even then he could show respect and try to help villains when they weren't looking for help in trying to destroy his workplace.

He unleashed an indigo powerfist, destroying the line of trees infront of him, and he turned to the next one closest. Today was the Plaza Homecoming, which was when everyone who used to work at the plaza come by and find friendly faces, old and new. Combo Breaker asked Dendy out for it. KO didn't go. He didn't want to ruin Dendy's date.

KO rested his head against the tree's trunk.

Despite not liking Combo Breaker, he couldn't bring himself to try and ruin the night for her. After all, if he loved her, he would allow her to be happy. But, wasn't it fair for him to be sad? No, KO wouldn't let himself be sad by her happiness, and he tried to quash the feeling. But TKO would indulge it. Unleashing another powerfist, he cleared the line of trees with a primal scream, tears starting to stream down his cheeks.

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Radacles used his magic to pick the two up. Dendy and KO were thrown off a bit, being suddenly picked up into the air by Rad. He brought them close together, and in a smug voice, he said: "now kiss!"

Dendy and KO gave him blank stares. "You're going to keep doing this until we kiss, aren't you?" Dendy asked.


"Then I'm afraid that makes us not want to kiss each other yet."

"Oh, come on!" Rad's ears drooped, and he stopped using his magic, causing the two to fall flat on their bums.

KO and Dendy were just trying to fight off Box-More robots while Enid and Radacles were delivering the package when it happened again, but under different circumstances. Shannon was a bit of a sneak, but when they were captured by her net form, Raymond formed a grin. "Now kiss!" The two siblings cooed, hoping to see some sweetness.

"You two!?" KO shouted.

"Duh! You two obviously have romantic tension between you two." Shannon explained.

"No we don't!" KO growled.

Smiling at the distraction, Dendy was able to hack Shannon to make her let them go before KO unleashed a power kick at the Raymond. "Excellent work, KO!" Dendy smiled. "I did not know you could unleash a power kick as well as a power fist."

"I didn't either." KO said, looking down at his foot.

"It seems that your Power level is increasing, or at the very least, you're learning your powers."

KO smiled, happy at the idea of getting stronger.

KO was constantly texting Dendy to reassure her that he was fine. Ever since finding out all the weird things going on at POINT Prep with Enid, he tried to tell Dendy all about it. They got off topic about superheroes that KO met that he thought should get POW cards for the new set when Enid accedentally saw who he was texting.

"You texting your girlfriend?" Enid teased.

"Sh-she's not my girlfriend!" KO defended.

"But she is a girl, and she is your friend."

"Yes, that's true."

"And you have a really close relationship~"

"Ye-wait…NO! She's just my best friend!" KO blushed furiously.

"Uh huh." Enid nodded nonchalantly

"It's true!"

"I believe you."

"I'm serious!"

"So am I KO."

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Butterfly Kisses

Dendy had been coming in to the Bodega regularly, and KO had seemed to stop his Kunik greeting towards everyone except towards her. The little nose nuzzle on her cheeks kept making her blush, but it was starting to happen less and less with each time he did it. It was becoming so routine that Dendy was thinking of updating the friendly greeting on KO's schedules when today she felt something else on her cheek instead of a nuzzling nose. Instead, it felt like a butterfly desperately flapping its wings to make sure she could feel it. She looked back to KO, who had a wide grin on his face, and Dendy felt herself begin to blush again. "What was that about?"

"I learned there's an actual kiss made for the cheek that doesn't have to do with lips!" He said. "Butterfly kisses!" And with that he did it to her again, causing her to smile.

Air Kisses

KO continued to greet Dendy with the butterfly kisses of his eyelashes however, as soon as it was about to become the normal between them, he started to change it up, again. This time with a kiss similar to how Elodie started to greet her fans, so Dendy didn't find it that surprising. Still, the noise of the smack of lips being so close to her ears made her turn a slight pink hue.

Hand Kisses

The air kisses changed quicker than the Kunik and butterflies. From the smacking sounds near her ears, to a "gentleman's greeting," which was a kiss on the hand while looking into her eyes. It took Dendy aback, before they made a little mini-play with their greeting that made Enid and Rad chuckle.

Cheek Kisses

The air kisses seemed to have changed back, but this time, KO only did one cheek, and actually made contact that made Dendy shiver with joy. She didn't let him onto it, but she started to feel her heart flutter when it occurred.

Forehead Kisses

When Dendy had her guard down, KO would try to sneak a forehead kiss to her when no one else was around. It happened with trading cards, and he suddenly just did it, then broke into a childish grin.

Angel Kisses

This was the third day since wearing her hat, and Dendy was on the brink. Ever since her bald spot had begun, indicating her dish would soon develop, she was bullied by the other kids. When it started, Dendy wore a baseball cap everywhere that she went. And she even managed to talk to Miss. Quantum and Principle Claus before the class started to give her some lee way about the cap. However, that did not stop a group of people targeting her when KO finally wasn't around and managing to steal her cap. They talked about trashing it, but when they got their hands on it, someone pointed out her bald spot, which was about the size of a shirt button now.

They had called her ugly, a geek, and when they realized she was a kappa, they went ballistic. She had to be taken home after the group was expelled. She didn't even get to say goodbye to KO. It was fitting, considering she did not want him to know what had happened. Who knows what he could've done had he seen her busted lip, black eye, and bruised stomach…?

But today, she had to go to the bodega. She had to go to at least buy her own frozen pack, considering the electricity was stopped from going to their home and Dendy's parents had to go attend to it.

She walked in, wearing a small light blue cloak and walked up to Enid, hoping to get a quick point in the right direction. Enid simply turned into a stump, leaving Dendy to wander over to an area that seemed to not have KO. (He was cleaning the frozen area, and Dendy didn't want him to see her injuries, or be mistaken for Shadowy Figure).

She managed to run into Rad, who was casually reading some magazines. "Excuse me, Radacles." Dendy began.

The alien looked over, and saw that she had a black eye and stitches in her lip, and was slumped over, despite her wearing the cape. "Dendy, is that you?"

"Please keep it down-!"

The mention of the kappa caused Enid to appear. "Hey you know KO's been…" The ninja trailed off at the sight of Dendy. "Who did this to you?"

"It is not important. I simply wish to get help in finding a frozen pack for my eye."

KO heard the word help, and immediately ran over to the group. "Did I hear the word 'help'?" Time seemed to stand still for a moment as KO stared at the cloaked figure. The figure took off, causing KO's body to run after it. "Hey! Wait!" He screamed as his body went too fast for his liking. "TKO, it's not Shadowy Figure!"

Dendy continued to run, clutching her stomach, but she managed to get caught by being surprised by an Indigo power fist being launched above her head. The hood came off, and Dendy layed on the ground, trying to nurse an oncoming headache. KO ran over with a raised fist with a black bracelet, before he saw who it was and it came back to its original form. "Dendy!" He shouted as he tried to cradle her head. She turned around to try and not look at KO as he brushed her hair out of her face.

His irises flashed purple for a moment as he asked softly "who did this to you?" The care in is his voice made Dendy crumble. She cried and KO held her close, kissing her injured eye to try and make her stop crying.

Vacuum Kisses

This day, the two were walking home together from school, and KO had been mischievously eyeing Dendy the entire time, who had her guard up just in case he tried to kiss her again. Not that she didn't like the kisses. On the contrary, she adored them! But she didn't know if he was just doing this to be sweet or if he really had feelings for her that went beyond to romance.

She eventually stopped as she thought to herself.

"Dendy?" KO tried to get her attention.

"I can't keep doing this…"

"Can't keep doing what?"

"I can't keep letting you kiss me. I don't…I don't know if you really…" Dendy steeled herself as KO walked towards her. "I don't know if you really…" He held her chin in one of his hands softly. "I don't know if you really feel that-" She was cut off by KO kissing her on the mouth.

She felt the breath being sucked out of her mouth at the kiss, but she thought that was just because it was their first kiss and they both didn't know what they were doing. She could really feel his emotions for her through this kiss. This wasn't the simple greeting he had given her at first, this was his ardor being passed through to show her how he feels. She pulled away, panting, trying to get her breath back before opening her eyes to look at KO again.

"Did I take your breath away?" KO asked with a wink.

Dendy felt herself flush more. That little twerp knew what he was doing to her…! She covered her red face with a groan.

"Aw, come on, I didn't think it sucked that much!"

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Request from destinyrays023: Person A wakes up from a nightmare of losing Person B (emotionally, you know like a breakup or something) and Person B comforts Person A assuring them that they won't with hugs and kisses until Person A falls back asleep.

Huh, guess this is an Older!AU.

Dendy couldn't believe what she was hearing…well…there was logic in what KO was saying. Everything he said was true, even though it broke her heart. She was left alone, her heart in a million broken pieces never to be fixed. She cried and shouted, knowing it was in vain, but she couldn't stop. She couldn't stop! She couldn't-

"Dendy!" KO shook her awake, finally sighing in relief of seeing her eyes open. "Dendy, are you okay?" He asked as he wiped her eyes.

"Yes, I am fine." Dendy said, looking away.

KO looked at her with a pained expression, his head slightly cocked to one side. "That doesn't sound like you're fine."

"Well, I am." Dendy said with a slight spat as she tried to turn over.

KO wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her close, her head now against his chest. "Dendy…please, just tell me what's wrong…"

Dendy looked up, expecting a cheeky grin (he knew she flushed whenever they were so close she could hear his heartbeat) only to find his pained expression once again. Tearing up, she buried her eyes in his collar bone and told him of her nightmare. She was usually never so open about her emotions, not even with KO, but here she was: spilling an irrational fear of him leaving her forever. She sniffled when she finished and felt KO's hand rub her back.

"Dendy, you know I'd never do that to you, right?"

"Yes, I do." Dendy said plainly.

"You don't sound very convinced." KO observed.

"I am quite convinced." Dendy said, her froggy smile playing on her features.

"No, I think you need more convincing."

"What do you-" Dendy trailed off as she began to giggle.

KO was now showering her in kisses, starting with her forhead and working his way downward. Kissing her eyes, her cheeks, her froggy little mouth, her exposed neck and her collar bone. And then he worked his way back up, being sure to kiss every square centimeter of her face. He held her closer and closer, until they were nearly melding together as her giggles got softer, and her breath got shallower. She began to drift as kO slowed down his kisses.

When KO looked back, his love was deep asleep. Satisfied, he nuzzled the top of her hair before going to sleep himself.

Chapter Text

Dendy had been hiding a boquet of flowers in her backpack while she walked to the plaza. All she needed now was a vase and it would be the perfect present to KO. Her parents had helped her pick out all the flowers, but all the local kappa shops didn't have a vase that fit the relationship that KO and Dendy had. She walked to plaza to the bodega and took the bouquet out, hoping to find the right aestetic vase that also fit the two.

Meanwhile "Rad," the ninja at the counter motioned the alien to come over. "We can't let Dendy give that boquet to KO."


"Because, last time I saw someone give a few of those flowers to someone else. There was a huge fight and break up. And we can not let that happen to our ship."

Enid and Rad quickly nodded to each other, and Rad went to work to distract Dendy. "Heya Dendy. What are you doing here? You know KO is not working yet."

"I am fully aware that KO is not working at the bodega yet today. I also know that you are a terrible liar Radacles and wouldn't speak to me unless KO was here. What are you inquiring about other than my current whereabouts?"

"Uh…urm…" Rad saw Enid quickly taking the flower from Dendy.

Curious, Dendy followed Rad's eyes to see nothing there, when she looked back, Rad was also gone. She looked back to the boquet to find that the Candytuft flower was gone. She made an unsatisfactory hum and walked over to the frame store, hoping for better luck at finding a culprit that would've taken it.

She walked into the frame store, hoping to find the bear working, but instead there was the Skeleton working. He quickly looked alert at a customer coming in and lit up. "What can I help you with?" He asked as she walked up to the counter.

"I've been trying to find some missing flowers from my boquet."

"That looks like a pretty full boquet." ARMS said. "Did you come to the plaza to get it framed?"

"That seems counter-intuitive. But I am missing some flowers from this. Tell me, have you seen any people running around with stolen candytufts?"

"Candytufts!?" Brandon ran over and shoved his skeleton friend to the ground, stealing another flower from Dendy's bouquet. "We cannot let her ruin our ship ARMS."

"Why would she ruin it?" ARMS asked.

Brandon showed her the flower he picked from it. A buttercup. "A buttercup means childishness, and candytufts mean that you could care less about a person!"

"But if they mean that, why would someone even bother with the flower?"

"To sink our ship! Maybe Dendy doesn't care about KO anymore and she's trying to cut it off with him!"


"You have a ship?" Dendy questioned. She didn't get an answer as the skeleton and bear ran away. Dendy looked to the bouquet and frowned. "Oh, where did my buttercup go now?"

It went like that through the whole day, Dendy trying to find someone to help her find a vase and her missing flowers, and she ended up losing another until she finally was cradiling the last flower she had, a striking fire-like orange lily. She decided to wait for KO to finally come near the Plaza area to give him the gift.

"KO!" She chirped excitedly and walked over to him.

"Hiya Dendy. How's today been so far?"


"Huh? Wh-what happened? Did someone mess with Mr. Gar's store?"


"Did someone mess with any of the plaza workers?"


"Did someone mess with you?"


KO gasped dramatically before asking, "who?"

"Everyone! I was trying to give you a boquet, but…well…here…" Dendy presented the flower, and KO could've sworn he'd hear a chorus shouting before a failing noise was heard.

He looked at the flower, and while it seemed to want to stir anger, it seemed to be also warm. "This is a really pretty flower Dendy."

"Thank you. I was going to give the boquet and explain the flower's meaning."


"Drupe! Shut up!" Another person quieted.

"Hatred…?" KO looked to his best friend.

She merely chuckled. "For other creatures, maybe, but for kappas, it is representative of a warm protection or a passionate love."

"Wow! That's so-" KO paused for a moment, before looking back to Dendy with a blush.

She returned the blush and handed him the flower.

Chapter Text

It was a normal boring Wednesday. Dendy stared at the teacher's lecture, her eyes glazing as she wished KO was there. He was currently TKO as the two had struck a deal to let him out as long as he didn't do anything bad like hurt others or steal. Still, it was hard without a KO to be there to entertain her. She really wished he could be here…

Suddenly there was a crash through the wall, destroying most of the windows and covering most of the students in dust. When the dust settled, a motor bike with the driver being TKO was revealed. I take back my wish. Dendy thought. I take back my wish, right now. TKO looked at the stunned class before turning physically to Dendy. He nodded with a smirk before he said: "Come with me Science Baby. It's time I show you why going turbo is better~"

Dendy stared at him in disbelief. Was he serious right now? He comes bursting in, nearly killing people, all for wanting to show her "why going turbo is better"?! The nerve of him! …Then again… it was a extremely boring day and Cob decided not to torture her… wait, why was she even considering this!? He was riding on a (probably stolen) motorcycle and telling her to come with him… on the other hand he was inviting her and it was rare for TKO to show any positive emotions towards anyone except KO…

No! Why would she want to go on a dangerous ride with the Turbonic side of her best friend!

Well, she had to admit, he did show off more of KO's…how would she put it…assets than KO…

No! Was she seriously going to let her lust cloud her judgement!?

Her brain didn't feel clouded…

Dendy shook her head, and opened her mouth to answer TKO.

Chapter Text

Dendy didn't quite feel…herself. Well, she liked the outfit she was wearing, but without Combo Breaker there to tell her compliments, she saw it wasn't quite her. The long red gown was not the fit and flare lilipad dress that her mother had made for her, and her hair was up in a way for it to cover the dish on her head. She was without her signature goggles, and hid her real eye color of malachite green to ocean blue. She looked at the outfit and saw all the flaws her mother had pointed out in the first place, agreeing with her now that Combo Breaker didn't continually compliment her when she came in doubt of it. He had chosen the outfit, thinking that it was the best for her.

The doorbell rang and Dendy walked down to it, seeing Combo Breaker in a Burgundy tuxedo with a smirk. "Hello Miss Dendy. You look ravishing tonight."

"Th-thank you Combo Breaker." She gulped with a blush. She wasn't quite used to this, hopefully KO could reassure her doubts about the outfit. When in doubt, she could always lean on his shoulder. Thinking of him and his smile as he reassured her made her feel butterflies in her stomach before Combo Breaker reached for her hand.

Looking at her smile, Combo Breaker gave a satisfied smirk

The two arrived at the party, and immediately, Dendy wished to go find her friends. Combo Breaker told her to relax and sandwiched her waist to his using his hand. It was cold and felt weird. She didn't like it. She didn't think that she would feel so bad with Combo Breaker on this night, but everything about him felt…off was the only word that Dendy could think of.

Soon, she heard a familiar voice. Enid motioned her over to the table she was sitting, and Rad was next to her. Dendy felt relief at the sight of the two. She told Combo Breaker she was going to walk over there, and he looked at her with sudden pain. "You're going to leave me?"

"What? No. I just wish to see Radacles and Enid again, and Enid invited me over."

"Oh, I know Enid. I'll take you over." Combo Breaker volunteered. With that the two walked over to the table.

"Heya Dendy." Enid greeted with a smile, her eyes slightly narrowed at Combo Breaker, but everything in her face stayed the same. "Hello Combo Breaker."

"Hello Enid." Combo Breaker said, stopping Dendy from greeting before she could start.

"Hello Enid." Dendy tried. She felt a static shock suddenly and her hand subconsciously going to where she felt it ended up locking fingers with Combo Breaker.

"So, what's going on Dendy?" Rad asked, eyeing her outfit "I didn't think you would be one to wear that kind of dress."

"Well, I think it looks good on her." Combo Breaker defended.

"He didn't ask you, Combo Breaker, he asked Dendy." Enid growled.

"A lady doesn't need to defend her choices from brutes." Combo Breaker snapped, gripping Dendy's hand hard.

"Combo Breaker." Enid said suddenly in a commanding tone. "Get us all three some punch, make sure not a drop spills. Walk to get it. Take your time."


"That's an order."

Combo Breaker galred before following the command.

"There you go." Enid said as Dendy rubbed her hand.

"What's with him?" Rad asked.

"Oh, he asked me to come here with him." Dendy looked around for a moment.

"I don't think KO's here yet." Rad said.

"Eh, he might. He's probably taking care of the trash considering the last time we saw him he was the only bodega worker." Enid threw the idea out.

Dendy gave a worried frown. "Do you know where Carol or Mr. Gar is then?"

"Saw the two dancing earlier." Enid said. "But stay here for a moment."

"Oh, alright." Dendy said, sitting on the other side of Enid.

"Why are you with Combo Breaker?"

"Well, he asked me."

"Okay, but…you don't seem that you're really that into him."

"Oh, well…he's, nice enough…I suppose."

Enid and Rad gave her a skeptical glance. "But, he kept answering for you." Rad said.


"And he called Rad a brute."

"Wait, but Enid, I thought that you were a part of the new P.O.I.N.T.?"

"Yeah, but we're still trying to work on reverse engineering the robots that villains make. Combo Breaker is one of them, and shouldn't have been sent ou-"

"I'm back with your punch." Combo Breaker interrupted with a scowl.

Dendy looked to the Plaza's parking lot once more. She didn't see KO anywhere. Maybe he really was at the back? She let Combo Breaker talk with Rad and Enid as she drank her punch in a timely manner before getting up. "I'm going to go see if I can find KO." She said, walking away.

"Wh-what!?" Combo Breaker shouted. He quickly caught up to Dendy, catching her by her arm. "Wait, we can have fun here."

"Well, I want to go see my friend."

"And what, replace me?"

"No, I just want to see where he is. He usually is the coordinator of the plaza dance-"



"I said no!"

"But I just want to-"

"No. I've been nothing but nice to you. I've been complimenting you, buying you things, not to mention I'm handsome and smart." The grip Dendy's arm increased, causing pain.

"You're hurting me." Dendy explained, looking at the android with malice and fear.

"Oh, poor you. You slimy creature! Kappa's are usually so ugly, and you're the first cute one I've come across! I even managed to convince you to actually look cuter than wear that stupid other dress!"

Dendy bristled at that. The only reason he acted like that was just to snare a poor soul. Deep down, he was a narcissistic prat. She charged her feet a swiftly kicked him so hard that he was projected into the pavement. Not thinking, she ran into the forest as she heard him spewing racial slurs and swears towards her.

Dendy panted, thankful to be away from him. She thought he was a gentleman, but it turned out he was a typical "nice guy." She growled as she tore at the gown he chose for her. Acting all high and mighty…thinking they deserve a girl just for putting on a two-face act. She let her hair down, allowing her dish to be seen. Dendy tried to walk, but the moment she was about to take a step, an Indigo powerfist cleared the line of trees. She looked down the path of destruction it had created.

Curious, she followed the ruined path to find a much deeper crater and… "KO?" Dendy questioned. No doubt about it. KO was the only one who had hair like that, and the ability to make powerfists. Dendy tried to ease herself into the cater, but it was hard as KO kept pounding the ground, making the carter wider and deeper.

The earth shook and she began to fall in, only to save herself by a thick tree root. She watched as KO continued to pummel the ground, and Dendy questioned if it was TKO. She eventually was able to dig her fingernails in and use her webbed feet to absorb some of the electric power KO gave off, easing herself into the ever growing crater.

What is making him freak out so much? Dendy thought to herself. The ground shook violently, and Dendy lost her grip, as the part of ground she was holding broke. She let out a surprised shout as she began to plummet, preparing for impact by closing her eyes. It was much softer than she anticipated, and when she opened them, she found herself in KO's arms. He eased them down and sat on the ground looking away in shame. Dendy sighed through her nostrils and sat next to him.

They sat in uncomfortable silence.

"Why are you here?" KO asked coldly, his snaggletooth and purple irises revealing an angry TKO.

"I ran away from the party."

TKO eyed Dendy with a glare. "Why?"

Dendy rolled her eyes. "Because Combo Breaker was a 'nice guy.'" She made visual air quotes.

TKO gave her a confused look. "So what, shouldn't you like nice guys?"

Dendy shook her head. "No TKO. A 'nice guy' is someone who either acts nice or thinks he's nice to trap others in a toxic relationship."

"That's horrible!" He cried, his Turbonic side starting to fade as he just talked with Dendy.

"Indeed." Dendy clenched her fist. "It figures though. I do not think anyone would really want to date me."

KO looked at his best friend with wide eyes. "No. No!" He grabbed her hands and made her face him. "Dendy, don't say that about yourself. You're a beautiful girl and anyone would be happy to have you as their girlfriend."

Dendy looked to KO, quickly catching on. She rested the hand that wasn't being held by KO on his knee. "Do you really think that KO?"

"I know it, Dendy." KO insisted.

"Would one of the anyones happen to be you?" She asked, facing him.

Their faces were dangerously close together,causing KO to blush more than he would've. "W-well, I did say anyone, so, of course that would include me."

"Would you…like to be that anyone?" She asked, a small blush creeping onto her face as she realized what she had just said.

KO gulped before nodding slightly. He cupped Dendy's face and leaned in. To her, it was what she had wanted, warm and caring. Like a magnet, Dendy followed his movement. The two locked lips, and for a few moments, they stayed like that. This was what they both needed. They went for more, opening their mouths against each others as Dendy's arms snaked to KO's shoulders, her hands feeling the muscles in his collarbone and KO's hands made their way to the back of Dendy's neck to tangle in her hair and his other hand to her waist to hold him close.

She licked the inside of his cheek before breaking them apart, and when they looked back, they knew they weren't finished quite yet…

Chapter Text

Rad looked at the two blushing messes of their precious children. Having accidentally compliemented one another. "Hey Enid?"


"So, is this thing between KO and Dendy supposed to be a secret?"

Enid smirked and rolled her eyes with a slight shake of the head. "Hardly. The only people who don't know that one loves the other, is KO and Dendy."

"Wait, and no one's telling them?"

"No, we're all in a betting pool to see who makes the first move."

"Which betting pool are you in?"

"Oh, Dendy's. I know that KO understands emotions better, but he's more prone to embarrassment for it."

Rad thought for a moment. "I bet on TKO."

"Edgey child?"


"How much?" Enid asked, pulling out an envelope.

"That's it! I can't take it anymore!" TKO shouted as he took over KO's body. Dendy was slightly taken aback at the unprovoked change. "Science baby!" He shouted pointing at her. "KO and I love you! We want to hold your hand, and hold you close to our body! We want to kiss you on your lips! We want to love you and never let you go! And he's been pushing all these emotions onto me and I can't get rid of them! I just had to tell you!" TKO suddenly looked exhausted. "And now, I need a nap." He fell to the ground, his chin resting on the hard floors as he turned back to KO and began to snore.

"Uh…urm…" Dendy blinked a few times, before a soft smile came to her, she got her face next to KO's, and the two slept cheek to cheek.

Meanwhile, everyone in the plaza was in Mr. Gar's real office, watching the thing play out. "Who bet on TKO?" Enid asked.

"I did!" Rad yelled, happy to receive the money.

"So did I!" Crinkly Wrinkly suddenly appeared beside Radacles, smiling and freaking Rad out.

"As did I." Holo-Jane said. "Wait, can you all see that were all text right now?"

Everyone looked to their phone at the text comment.

"Never mind…" Holo-Jane rolled her eyes.

"How did you two know that TKO was going to do this?" Rad asked.

"Heightened senses!" Crinkly Wrinkly cheered.

"4th wall breaking abilities." Holo-Jane explained.

Chapter Text

It hadn't been long since the battle for the plaza, and T.K.O. wanted to interact with more people. However, this led to avoidance from others until he decided to work with K.O. .

P.K.O. still found it hard to interact with people as he got more comfortable with his form. He wasn't two people, he was more complete in this form, and it was hard for people to think it wasn't a phase.

Until P.K.O. was out during school. Some kids thought it was just a timeskip change, but Dendy talked to P.K.O. during their free time.

"You won't believe how awkward it is to talk to people like this." P.K.O. admitted, a hint of T.K.O.'s growl in his voice.

"It was hard for me to start talking as well," Dendy assured her friend.

P.K.O. gave her a look, his irises flashing pirple bsfore hs shook his head. "'s...everyone thinks it's just a phase like T.K.O., but T.K.O.'s a part of me. And as P.K.O. I...I-I feel whole."

"Well, T.K.O. is a manifestation of the emotions you wish not to feel, it is only natural as you start to accept those feelings that a new form that has had both K.O. and T.K.O. work together."


"It's not a phase. P.K.O., you are something no one in the world has seen before. There's bound to be pushback from people who have lived with one form or another."

P.K.O. smiled softly at his friend.

"Oh, could I even ask questions about your new revelation? With has come stronger powers, and what seems to be emotional stability, and I wish to understand!" Her eyes lit up.

P.K.O. hid a blush that began to show, and smiled.

"So, how did the whole merging process happen? Was it like you suddenly felt an emotion in T.K.O. become a part of you? I-"

"W-woah! Dendy, slow down." P.K.O. grabbed Dendy's hand, and she paused. "Can we just do one answer at a time?"

"M-my apologies. I'm just so excited to understand!"

P.K.O.'s blush won against his willpower, and he began to explain the first time the two came together to try to find Shadowy Figure.

How H.K.O. didn't work out so K.O. did something he saw in a movie called "Specific Rim." Dendy tried to stay silent, just listening to how he came to be.

Chapter Text

T.K.O. was nervous and trying to ask Dendy out. They were best friends since they were primary school age, and been through practically everything together. He still was thankful for all the times she saved him when they fought against P.O.I.N.T., and their together missions to protect the glorb swamp near the kappa home.

She was amazing. It was natural and him to feel nervous. So he stood in the mirror reciting different ways to flirt with her and ask her out.

"S-so- No! You doofus! Don't stutter! Gah! K.O.! Why don't you just do this!?"

No response.

T.K.O. growled. Something happened to K.O. that made him go silent, and T.K.O. didn't know what. T.K.O. bet that K.O. was just teaching his "younger brother" a lesson after T.K.O. tried to give K.O. advice. 

"It's easy K.O.! Just say it!"

"If it's so easy, you do it!"

"Maybe I will!"

 Oh... maybe he did deserve it. But he was just trying to help!

T.K.O. sighed, and began again. "So, Science Baby, wanna go out tonight?"

"No." He heard his mom answer.

"MOM!" He screamed.

T.K.O. let out a sigh as he approached Dendy, heart in his throat. She was at her locker. 

"Sup Science Baby~" he tried.

"Greetings T.K.O." Dendy said and closed her locker.

"So... I was just thinking about something..."

"What is it?" 

"I...was just thinking about... how... cute you are."

"I am quite small, but I do not think I am conventionally cute."

"W-well...conventions are...overrated!"

Dendy stopped and gave T.K.O. a look. "T.K.O., I'm going to a computer convention this weekend."

This irked him. Why was this so hard!? "Well... Dendy...?"

"What?" She asked dryly.

"Let's... let's be nothing. Cause nothing lasts forever." He tried to say it in a way where she would get it.

"Are you saying you-"

"Yeah, I am." His face brightened.

"I see." Dendy bit back tears and walked briskly away from him.

"What-?" Then it hit him. Be nothing...nothing lasts forever. She thought he didn't want to be friends anymore.

He let out a loud curse that got the attention of a few teachers.

T.K.O. was crying at the bodega. His coworkers, a were-rabbit named Drix and a Cyborg named Hawkins were trying to work with him. "That's rough, why don't you just tell her how you really feel?" Drix asked.

"Her phone's off... she probably blocked me... I just wanted to date her!" He threw a tantrum.

"Okay bud..." Hawkins pet his hair, a surprising way to sooth the turbonic teen. "I bet soon enough you can just tell her your-"

Suddenly someone crashed through the bodega. "I heard there was a love emergency!" 

"Cupid!?" Hawkins and Drix asked.

"You! Sad teenager! Why are you crying!?"

"You should know." T.K.O. growled through his tears. 

"I do know. And I'm going to help you!"


"By bringing you and your love together!"

"Again, how?"

"By taking you both on a first date!"

"Cob. I'm sorry for everything I've ever done... just please... don't make me do this-"

T.K.O. was cut off by being teleported to an arena. There were cameras, his coworkers, and on the other side... Dendy. 

Filled with embarrassment, he began to fight to get out of the arena.

On the otherside, a teary-eyed and angry Dendy looked to Mr. Logic. "Look at him! He's completely not wanting to be near me!"

"That does not make logical sense." Mr. Logic mused. "Carol has told me about how K.O. and T.K.O. have been trying to ask you out on a date."

Dendy stiffened and looked to Mr. Logic. "Wh-what?"

"Yes. She talked about him sharing bad pick-up lines with a mirror. Perhaps he was trying to use one on you."

Dendy looked to T.K.O. and steeled her courage. She took him by the back of his shirt collar and dragged him down to ear level. "T.K.O., do you want to be friends?"

"Please forgive me!" He cried and turned over. He groveled at her feet and hugged her ankles. "It was stupid! I still want to be friends!" He blathered.

"No you don't." Dendy said plainly.

"Yes I-"

"You wanted to be more, didn't you?"

T.K.O. blushed, and gave her a sheepish look.

Dendy smiled and nuzzled his cheek. "When are you free?" She asked.

Meanwhile Cupid landed next to Mr. Logic, dumbfounded. "How did you do that?" Cupid asked. 

"I simply found a problem that needed to be fixed, and fixed it." Mr. Logic assured.

"You should join me. We could be the perfect matchmakers!" 




Chapter Text

Dendy growled at the primitave coding numbers. She had wanted to see if she could make a software only she understood, but having worked with the Scrap buildingblocks of coding her entire life, it was difficult for her to get all the precise numbers that she needed for this code from scratch. She worked in the hair cut shop, mainly because KO was on thin ice with Mr. Gar for getting distracted whenever Dendy came that he started to shirk a bit more of his work every time she came.

She kept growling at herself and even knocked herself on the head as she couldn't get it right.

"Are you in need of assistance?" Mr. Logic asked the kappa.

"Yes." Dendy said. While she did not like people handling her screens, (KO had cemented that when the two were in elementary learning) she realized she was going to need help to make the coding from scratch work in her favor.

"May I take a look over it?"

"Yes, I think that will help."

Mr. Logic looked over the coding multiple times, a lot of times going back to a section. Dendy started to get bored without the screen and started to lay out her POW cards, seeing how they've changed. Mr. Logic quickly finished soon after. "It is done. I have highlighted the section that was causing you so much trouble. I suggest you use the 'A1 B2' code break while looking over the highlighted sections." Mr Logic said as the screen was brought back towards Dendy.

She followed it accordingly, and blushed when she realized what was put there instead of her needed code.

The code was:

:: 20-8-5-18-5-19 19-15-13-20-8-9-14-7 1-2-15-21-20 13-25 2-5-19-20 6-18-9-5-14-4 11-15 20-8-1-20 6-5-5-12

13-15-18-5 20-8-1-14 10-21-19-20 20-8-5 15-14-5-19 20-8-1-20 8-5 8-1-19 2-5-5-14 1-2-12-5 20-15 13-1-11-5 13-5 21-14-4-5-18-19-20-1-14-4

9-13 14-15-20 19-21-18-5 9-6 8-5 11-14-15-23-19 20-8-9-19 6-5-5-12-9-14-7 2-21-20 6-18-15-13 20-8-5 9-14-6-15-18-13-1-20-9-15-14 9-22-5 7-1-20-8-5-18-5-4 6-18-15-13 23-1-20-3-8-9-14-7 5-22-5-18-25-15-14-5 9-14 20-8-5 16-12-1-26-1 1-14-4 -5-22-5-14 20-1-12-11-9-14-7 20-15 13-25 20-18-21-19-20-5-4 13-15-20-8-5-18 1-14-4 6-1-20-8-5-18 1-2-15-21-20 20-8-5 19-21-2-10-5-3-20 9 6-5-1-18 20-8-1-20 9 13-1-25 8-1-22-5 4-5-22-5-12-15-16-5-4 18-15-13-1-14-20-9-3 1-14-4 5-22-5-14 16-8-25-19-9-3-1-12 4-5-19-9-18-5 20-15-23-1-18-5-19 8-9-13

Which translated to:

:: There's something about my best friend KO that makes me feel. More than just the ones that he has been able to make me understand. I'm not sure if he knows this feeling, but from the information I've gathered from watching everyone in the plaza and even talking to my trusted mother and father about the subject, I fear that I may have developed romantic and even physical desire towards him. ::

Dendy blushed and looked to Mr. Logic in fear. "Do not worry, young kappa. I was only told to help you figure out what was wrong with your coding. I will keep this secret until you feel ready to tell KO about how you feel."

Dendy relaxed, even letting out a sigh, and thanked Mr. Logic for the help with the coding.

That night, she went into more detail with the journal entry that she started that night within her room.

Chapter Text

It wasn't usually like TKO to call KO for something. When KO came in and the two wanted to hang out longer, that was fine, but never had TKO wanted to bring in KO for a discussion. The two were sitting on the swings in silence, KO eating some of the healthier subsistence that TKO didn't mind (A banana split). "KO," TKO began, "sometimes a man needs to take a moment…and kinkshame himself."

KO gave his emo teenage self a quizzical glance. "What's a kink?"

TKO looked to him with a bored expression. "We like frogs legs KO."

"I don't recall ever eating frogs legs."

TKO snickered and covered his mouth. "Okay, okay, remember when we saw her legs for the first time?"

"Who's legs?"

"Science Baby's legs." He gave KO a toothy grin.

KO met it with a confused look. "We've seen her legs before. Like when we first met!"

TKO shook his head. "I mean when you two found that lake and needed to get people swimming in it before it got taken over by Box-more to remake those crazy fish things again. Remember how she looked?"

KO gulped, how could he not remember.

The first time he really saw her legs, heck, most of her skin…was when KO wanted help with getting people back in a pond after hearing about Box-More's plan. She had come back the next day, her jumpsuit in her arms as she came showing off a lot more skin than KO had ever seen. He had only seen her feet in a blur of electricity, so he didn't quite know what she was going to look like. He thought that she would at least be similar to stature like she was wearing the jumpsuit, but she had curves and muscles to her. They were small compared to most people KO knew, but they were noticeable and KO felt hot as his eyes took her in. Her waist was starting to come in, as well as notable muscles on her limbs, especially in her well toned legs.

"Are you ready to swim?"

"Yeah, I-I'll swim pretty girl-good! Good! I'll…I'll swim pretty good."

Dendy gave him a confused glance, before shrugging with a smile and jumping in from the dock. KO gulped as he followed suit. When he emerged from the water he saw her swimming around, her legs doing a lot of the work. And now the water that was supposed to cool him off was getting warmer…

"See? That. That right there."

"S-so what? Dendy doesn't show off her skin very often and I was a bit embarrassed by how comfortable she was with it!"

"Cob scrub, you're so dense! Then again, you pass most of your emotions for Science Baby onto me."

KO slightly bristled with a nervous blush. "What? She's a good friend! She's the only friend I made that's my age. Besides you, but…you're me…?"

TKO rested his back on the wooden swing, his right leg rocking himself very slowly. "Nuh-uh KO. You know as well as I do about our feelings. It's not my fault that you can't face them like Mr. Gar couldn't face our mom."

"Hey, Mr. Gar just was afraid!"

"What, like how you're afraid of me? Or how you're afraid that you'll realize that you want her and she'll be scared?"

KO looked away in shame.

"Ah, don't sweat it kid. I didn't mean to try and put pressure on ya."

"It certainly feels like it."

"All I wanted was for you to acknowledge your feelings."

"Well, I have."

"Alright. Alright. Tell ya what, you let me take over the body while you rest in here. When you're out, you'll have a taste of spaghetti. Alright?"


Chapter Text

Dendy looked curiously at her best friend. "Are you sure you wish to do this?"

"Well, we've got the tapes, the camera, and a limited time to learn them." KO said.

"But must we really record this?"

"Well, it'd be fun when we're better to look back on it and see how much we've improved!"

Dendy sighed, his enthusiasm being nearly contagious for her, ahd she not have the cold scientist exterior and understood her emotions better. "Very well, to see how much we improve!"

KO looked at the three tapes. "Salsa dancing, Ballroom dancing, or Modern?"

"Well, what are the songs that are on the list?"

KO handed Dendy the list and she looked over it. "Ballroom dancing."


KO put in the tape and a song came on. "Slow dance with you, I just wanna slow dance with you~ I know all the other boys are tough and smooth, and I got the blues, I wanna…slow dance with you~"

While the song was playing KO tried to figure out the position. "I thought you were getting a practice tape?"

"I think I know…" KO pressed his left palm against her right, slowly setting his fingers to interlock as she soon mimicked what he was doing. "The correct position…"

He brought his other hand towards her, but stopped. "Do I…put my hand on your shoulder or your waist?"

"Usually, the male leads." Dendy began, while grabbing KO's wrist, "and the placement is usually on the waist."

KO blushed as he felt her slight curve that was starting to come in, and Dendy rested her hand on his right shoulder.

"And now?"

"I…think we have to make a box…? Like, moving."


The two both took a step towards each other, KO accidentally stepping on Dendy's boot. "S-sorry!"

"It is fine." The two thought for a moment. "I think I am supposed to mirror you."

"That would…make sense. Alright…let me try…" KO looked down and stepped his right foot forward, which Dendy mirroring him by stepping her her left foot back. The two looked at each other, and smiled that they were getting it right. They tried to continue looking at one another, but KO stepped on Dendy's foot again. "Sorry!"

"It is alright, KO." Dendy reassured. "Why don't we try just looking at what our feet are doing?"


The rest of the practice went along with little wrinkles here and there, sometimes they would have sweaty hands and need to dry them before going back, sometimes one of them didn't realize they were over-stepping. KO tried a few manuvers that they weren't quite ready to pull off, which resulted in most of the time one of them on their bums afterwards.

"Don't worry, we'll get it!" They told each other.

"We've got 5 months to practice everyday. I'm sure we'll get the hang of it!"

Everyone seemed happy with the wedding reception. "About time they tied the knot." Rad commented.

"Yeah. Totally." Enid said before looking to her side. "Right KO?" They two looked for a response, but he was MIA. "Rad, did you see where KO went?"

"He said something about looking for his dance partner."

"You don't think…?"

"Well I hope…"

The two paused, before running over to Dendy's parents. "DENDY'S PARENTS!" They shouted, but managed to not startle the kappas. "Where's Dendy?"

"Oh, she went to go dance outside with KO!" Pavil commented.

"THANK YOU!" The two crazed shippers ran out of the building and looked around. They snuck to the side to see KO and Dendy a bit of ways away from the building, enough to not hear the music.

"It's been set-up KO. Music, camera, and outfits."

"Alright." KO said, getting the two into position. "Let's see how much we've improved."

They began dancing ballroom style, a slight sweep to their box. When the guitar finally kicked in, they began their dance their sweeping circle around the empty feild area. On the final line of the second verse they had dipped and locked lips. They the began to dance again to just the heavy edited base and the echoing singer, never looking away from one another, They were just in their own little world. They pressed their foreheads together as the song ended and simply breathed against one another.

"Kaio Kincaid. You are not only one good dancer, you're also a good kisser." Dendy said in a flirtacious manner.

KO chuckled. "Is that you trying to earn another kiss to be planted on that face of yours?"

"I wouldn't mind another." She responded, letting her wrists hang lazily over his shoulders.

KO happily gave her another kiss on her mouth, the two unaware about Enid and Rad watching them with silent squealing.

Chapter Text

The girl just…stood there. Talking to him. Smirking when he blushed or scratched the back of his head… Feeding him these compliments that fit him, but Dendy didn't like it. She wasn't malicious. On the contrary, she was sincere. But Dendy just felt vexed.

Dendy dragged her friend to the side of the store the other girl was not on, and when the coast was clear from her, Dendy began to explain her findings. "KO, she seems to be alerting your mind with some sort of vocal power. I seem to be immune from my Kappa genetics…"

KO looked at his best friend with a confused look. "I-I thought she was just being nice."

"Usually someone our age doesn't refer to someone as cute if they are a similar age as the one that they are complimenting."

"Well, if your hypothesis was true, then wouldn't Enid and Rad be affected by it?"

"Well, Rad and Enid weren't affected, right?" KO said, gesturing to the two bodega workers, who were eating popcorn and looking intently at the two youngin's.

"Well, they also have different DNA than Humans."

"Then wouldn't Mr. Gar be affected too?" KO threw out.

Dendy stood up straight with that realization. "Er…well."

"It's OK Dendy! It's just compliments. Now, I've got to get back to work. These floors have to be squeaky clean!"

Dendy sighed as she saw the girl walk up again to KO, who was trying to get a hard to reach spot in the corner. She seemed to compliment something that made KO turn red and suddenly shoot up his head. With a pout, she tried to distract herself by reorganizing her POW card collection by Alphabetical Order. Still, her eyes kept darting over to the girl and KO. She glared at the two, something in her stomach roaring for the girl to get away from him.

Mr. Gar walked up to Enid and Rad, about to scold them for not being vigilant, until he followed their gaze to a very angry looking Dendy. He upturned his chin slightly with an "oh," and walked to the kappa's position. "Hello Dendy." He greeted.

"Hello Mr. Gar." Dendy nodded. There was a giggle, and Dendy quickly turned her head so that way she could see the two out of her peripheral with a glare.

Mr. Gar looked to where she glared to find KO being flirted with. "You doing okay?"

"Peachy." Dendy said, looking back and forth between the flirt and the POW Cards.

"That doesn't sound 'peachy.'" He tried to put it into words to try and explain. "Y-you Dendy. Some people…uh…" How was he going to word this? This girl was obviously not trying too little like he used to, or trying too much like his courting with Carol. He tried to form his words, but ended up tripping on his tounge as Dendy switched her glaring between the two things, to also giving him quizzical glances.

Enid rolled her eyes and walked over. She sat next to the kappa ordering her to sit on her knees and focus on her for a moment. Dendy did so, putting her focus on the were-pire ninja, using all her willpower to not glare at the girl that continued her talking to KO. "Dendy, do you know what flirting is?"


"Flirting in a social situation."

"Oh…well, no…"

"Okay, that girl over there is expressing interest in KO's physical build."

Dendy growled. "He's more than just his body."

"Yes, well, flirting is where you give compliments to someone to either a. Boost their confidence, or b. Make them and yourself feel good. It's very casual if it's someone that you don't know at the age that you are."

Dendy made a sad but knowing hum and tried to look towards them.

Suddenly Rad came up. "Dendy, if you don't want that girl doing that with your man, you gotta fight for him!"


Rad suddenly picked the young kappa up. "Fight for your man!"

She let out a shriek. "Radacles you put me down right now!"

The alien complied as KO made his way over to them, the girl long gone.

Chapter Text

It was late at night and KO couldn't really sleep. He looked over to TKO in the mind as watched some of his old videos that were still on his phone. One of them being titled "6:15." The two watched it in silence. When it ended, TKO spoke. "We're going to be Dendy's second husband."

"Second?" KO asked.

"Yeah second."

"Who was her first?"

"Rad. Duh. Based off of her stalkerish tendencies towards him."

"And what happened to him?"

TKO gave a malicious grin. "Nothing that anyone can prove."

"TKO! That's horrible!"

"No it isn't. She'll like him for a while, but something tragic happens and we'll swoop right in, being the best friend, and comfort her in her time of need. She'll realize that her ture love was there all along."

"TKO! NO!"

"What? It's not like I'm going to do anything…" But the grin on the twins face said otherwise.

"You're planning something! B-besides. I'm sure that she just thinks of him as a friend."

"Really? Would you wake up at 6:15 am every morning to watch your friend of an opposite gender do excersize every morning?"

"W-well no…" KO said as he tried to quash an image coming into his mind.

"That's a good image that you thought of. Dendy looks fantastic in it."


"But you didn't think of a friend did you?"

"D-Dendy's my best friend!"

"But you didn't argue when I said we were going to be her husband."

KO blushed, now cornered. "W-well…I'm not going to be her second husband if that means I'll have to do something bad to Rad!"

"Oh really? How are you going to stop it? Are you going to ask her if she has a crush~? Hope that it's you~?"

"That's a good idea TKO!"

"I was joking."

"Yeah…I'll ask Dendy who her crush is! And if it's me…then I'll be able to tell her how I feel!"

Chapter Text

TKO looked up to the sky, tears in his eyes. "Why can't you save me?" He asked, gritting his teeth. Ever since she was taken away from him, he's had to drown in the teachings of darkness and villainy. How he just wished she would come, grasp his hand, and whisper that everything would be fine…

He reached out to the vision of her next to him, but once he touched her, she vanished into smoke. He let the tears slip out, not caring that it was a sign of weakness. He sobbed as he felt his heart beat at the thought of her. Why couldn't this feeling just go away!?

"I miss you…" He whispered. His thoughts went back to when they spent time together, letting tears stream down his cheeks consistently now. "I broke my promise to you…" He cried as he looked at the ring that he hand engraved.

Dendy had a matching one, with the same thing engraved. "One day, together forever…I-If you need me…please tell me…I'll be there for you always…" He tried to pull a smile, his lips trembling, before the facade broke down. "Let's…let's try and forget…forget okay…? Just forget it!"

Dendy was sitting in the same place again. She looked to the entrance/exit area of the plaza and would stay there until her parents coaxed her to come home. Her arms were covered in slashes and old bruises from the groups of villains that often came to the plaza. She didn't care. She didn't even flinch.

All she did was wait for when her TKO would come back to the plaza. She wished he would come to her, and they would kiss like they used to when they had to hide, but this time not caring about the other people in the plaza. The flower she gripped was petal-less, along with its brotheren that was by her knees. Maybe she'd be fine if more time passed...

She had tried on other days to type on her screens, but it just wasn't the same. Whenever they were at the plaza together, they were joint at the hip when TKO didn't have to hang out with his dad. Now it just felt…empty…

It felt like they were just together yesterday, not their anniversary of their three year seperation coming in a month. She snivled as tears gathered in her eyes as she thought about how long they haven't been together. "I miss you…"

"Don't forget me…" TKO whispered

"I still think of you and I…" Dendy whispered.

"My heart is so empty…"

"What does all of this mean…?"

"We've burned our bridges…"

"Are you even still there?"

"All these endless circles…"

"These circles do nothing."

"Why can't I just let you go?"

"I've been waiting…"

"Can we just go back and start again?"

"This has ached for so long…"

"We're strangers…"

"But I need you…" They said together. "I wonder if you need me too…"

Chapter Text

It had been hard with coming up to a solution to trying to ask Dendy out. KO and TKO constantly fought, leading to no possible harmony from the idea of one of them or both dating her. No one had really taught them about polygamy because, even by Neutral Zone standards, it was a taboo never touched upon. 

Still they decided to be Halvsies KO to try to flirt with her. (A compromise made between the two because Dendy was wanting more experience to detect emotions better.) 

He didn't know how to flirt but he decided he was going to try with some help from his phone. He looked up: "how to flirt with a smart and cute girl"

He had memorized the steps. It was Dendy, his best friend! He could totally do this.

First was approaching her. He could do that.

Except... Dendy was also his crush, and a certain part of him was nervous.

Still he could totally pull this off.

HKO walked up to Dendy, ready to give her a compliment- 

"Oh, greetings HKO! It is rare I get to see you." Dendy smiled.

How does one talk to a cute, smart, fun friend whom you have a crush on?

"How are you today?"

" finetastic?"

TKO!? What the heck is 'finetastic'!? KO yelled at his alter ego.

Hey! I was just trying to say fine! You muddled it up with trying to be extra! TKO defended 

The two naturally argued and Dendy recorded the information given to her. She wasn't sure why they were arguing, but they were at the affected the world around them. Both were equal with control, and refused to compromise.

Dendy got the info and waited for HKO to tire himself out. "Are you alright, HKO?"

"F-finetastic..." he growls.

"If that is the case, I was wondering if you would like to see the latest movie on Elodie. I was planning on getting a few tickets and have avoided spoilers as to avoid the crowd and enjoy analyzing the movie."

"L...l-like a date?" He asked.

Dendy nodded, to which HKO nodded profusely.

"Sounds perfect! See you tomorrow night." She then walked away, smiling contentedly 



Chapter Text

KO would die if anyone heard his song. He wouldn't usually get embarrassed (truth be told it was easier to pass embarrassment right onto anger or sadness for the boy) but this one thing would probably make him die from the feeling. He had the urge to sing it as he swept the floors, so he sang it very quietly.

"ooh, we break the laws of attraction. Like she was sent from up above, got a case of froggy love. Ooh, like a chemical reaction, or a code you can't debug, got a case of froggy love.

"She's always turning to science, I'm always turning to violence. She's so determined she's timeless, and I'm so nervous I'm silent-

"What if she finds out I'm lying? What if she sends me home crying? Why can't I just try balancing? But then I'm like: 'Baby, baby, baby, you're so fine. Like a romantic subplot, want you to be mine.' Crushing, crushing, crushing, on a gal so fine…" KO trailed off, seeing if anyone had noticed his little performance. Happy to see no one, KO continued his janitorial work.

Little did KO know, someone had been recording the audio on their phone of his song, and they quickly went to work with uploading.

The next day, Rad and Enid chuckled at the cuteness of the video. The lyrics made it obvious who he liked, considering they only knew one froggy gal who loved science like coding and chemicals. "Ooh, they break the laws of attraction!" Rad sang.

"Like she was sent from up above," Enid continued.

"He's got a case of froggy love!" They cheered together.

"Ooh, they're like a chemical reaction!" Enid started up again.

"Or a code you can't debug." Rad finished.

"Got a case of froggy love!" The two sang once more

That sounds familiar… KO thought to himself. Why does that sound so familia- The song burst into his head. But how could they've…I made sure…They weren't…how do they…? KO dashed to the two at the cash register. He grabbed them both and brought them down to his eye level. "How do you know that song?" KO growled, his eyes turning slightly darker.

"It's all over the internet dude." Enid said, showing him the video. "Red Action posted it."

He waited until it was over, a blush creeping on his face as it continued. "D-Dendy doens't know about this…right?" KO sorted the comments from old to new, and froze when he saw her channel being the first to comment. He didn't read it. He didn't need to read it. "Well, I'm going to go…hide in a hole…forever!"

With that, KO dashed back to the break room. "He probably is just hiding under the couch." Enid said and the two went back to relaxing.

A few hours later, Dendy came in, looking for a certain brush headed boy.

"KO's under the couch in the break room Dendy." Enid said.

Dendy nodded and ran back to the break room. She looked to where the couch was and took off her hackpack so she could fit underneath. Lo and behold, KO was there seemingly asleep from all the hiding. He was in quite the awkward position as well. Dendy moved to the other side of the couch to see if she could find anything on thim that she could grab a hold of. She found grip with his ankle weights, and began to drag his sleeping body out from underneath the couch. When he realized he was starting to move, KO jolted awake and began to scurry back underneath the couch.

With a growl Dendy tried to summon her strength to try and continue dragging the human boy from out from under the piece of furniture. She lost her grip, causing her to fall to the ground and knock her head as KO scurried back in a more curled up position. She teared up a bit before making eye contact with KO. He hissed at the kappa. Through the pain she said: "KO you get out from under there this instant!"

"You can't tell me what to do!" He shouted.

Dendy sighed and layed on the couch. "I did not know it what have to come to my plan B."

The response was a slight hum of either dismissal or curiosity.

She made a slight clearing of her throat before singing. "Ooh, we break the laws of attraction. Like he was sent from up above, got a case of KO love. Ooh, like a warrior in action. Fit together like a glove, got a case of KO love…"

There was a bit of movement from underneath the couch. Dendy continued her little diddy. "He's always turning to violence. I'm always turning to science. He's so determined he's timeless. And I'm so nervous I'm silent-

"Didn't want you to know I was lying. Don't want to be sent home crying. Why can't I just be kawaii? Then I'm like…" She trailed off as she locked eyes with KO. She gave him a soft smile, and leaned in to give him a chaste kiss on his mouth.

Chapter Text

TKO curled in on himself as he heard shuffling in the crawl space. No doubt that it was Dendy after the argument between him and dumb Enid and Rad. She would find him and try to coax out KO by repeating the typical mantra. Like he was a demon that needed to be exorcised.

His eyes stung and his nose started to get stuffy as he saw the beam of light look around for him, and he buried his head between his arms and chest. He saw the light crack through his legs and he snivled.

He felt her arms wrap around him.

"KO, you are loved and appreciated."

His eyes let out warmth that hit the dust covered floor and crated bubbles over the layer of dust.

"You are loved and appreciated. I love you."

TKO growled and shoved her off of him. "No you don't!" He cried out. Dendy seemed frightened, but TKO didn't care. He was so frustrated that he just needed to scream, to vent.

A punching bag wouldn't cut it, so she would have to do.

"You all keep saying that, but you don't love me!" He shouted. "Not you! Not Gar! Not even KO's mom! The only person that likes me is KO! And he gave me a chance to try and feel something else!" Tears were falling down his cheeks as he bared his teeth and emotions to the kappa.

"The only thing that everyone loves is KO..." they were both silent. KO would be so disappointed... but not for long at his friends. TKO finally was starting to understand there was more to life than just fighting. It was all wasted today. TKO rubbed his tears away.

"Whatever... I'll just bring him ba-" he was cut off by Dendy hugging him. His mind went blank, and he focused on his breathing.

"TKO, I... am sorry I have not been well to you. I never have been. I will be honest with you." She took a step back and TKO felt strangely lonely. "I never thought about your feelings, as KO only described you as an alter-ego or dark version of himself. I never thought that you had feelings, but only came out to protect KO from negative stimuli."

"Gee, thanks." TKO said bitterly.

"However, I am... willing to work with you so we can both be able to comprehend emotions."

"I can comprehend emotions just fine!" He growled.

"Well... I am sorry, I don't know what I can work with you on. If we had something to work on together, that would be able to have Rad and Enid more likely to accept you-"

"I don't care about that!" He lied.

Dendy sighed. "If I am going to be honest with you, will you be honest with me?"

"Fine." TKO snorted.

"What do you want?"

TKO looked to her with crossed arms. What did he want?

He wanted to have the same that KO did.

He wanted to be understood and loved.

Fear was nice, but people wouldn't want him to come out if they liked him. Even as PKO, KO wanted to be in control and referred to TKO taking over and being the voice of reason for KO as him losing it. He didn't ask to be born, and he was criticized for his instinctive actions against everyone.

Dendy was being so patient with him. He just assumed that she would insist that KO return. His eyes let out more tears, letting them slip down his cheeks and he looked away from her.

Dendy wrapped her arms around him. "TKO, it is alright. I'm sure whatever you want, once you inform us, we can help you get."

TKO hugged her back, breathing in shakily and letting the tears fall onto her jumpsuit.

Chapter Text

To say that T.K.O. had gotten used to the subconscious was an overstatement. The world was full of tiny details that had been exaggerated and there was cognitive dissonance between it and the concious that he thought he would never get used to.

He tried to run away at first, but it always lead him back to where he started. With that stupid cookie.

This was probably the worst possible thing that could ever happen to someone, especially considering K.O. didn't think that this broke their pact.

However, today wasn't about that.

T.K.O. realized that being in the subconscious brought new ideas that he was vaguely aware of right to his face. The fact that Chip Damage's last moments were super inspiring. The fact that K.O. couldn't trust his mother. The fact that Rad, Enid, and Mr. Gar finished his family well. The fact that he was both jealous and crushing on Dendy.

T.K.O. knew that K.O. had been getting more angry, particularly after what Fink and Professor Venomous had done to him. But it was getting worse.

K.O. had been lashing out at his friends, and T.K.O. thought that soon K.O. would be just as lonely as T.K.O. . Call it what you will, but despite everything that T.K.O. had gone through, he felt he needed a try and get the ideas to K.O., and that would make up for everything that T.K.O.'s done.

The main idea T.K.O. wanted to work on was portraying to affection that they had for Dendy. Maybe if K.O. had a new thing in his routine, especially something that made him happy, maybe he would come to his senses and break the new cage that T.K.O. was in.

But still K.O. wouldn't listen! He kept getting into fights over the most mundane things! And he wasn't consciously aware of how he made everyone feel.

Like one time he got into a fight with his mom over dinner. Granted, T.K.O. would rather have spaghetti every night, but now K.O. was being a butt to his mom. And T.K.O. was frightened of the thought that soon K.O. would sever the ties he had.

Yet today, T.K.O. was going to make sure that Dendy, their "Science Baby," knew how much she meant to them.

K.O. growled as he put the uniform on. He wasn't bunching up the leggings, and couldn't bother with the heel boots, making him fall onto the floor. T.K.O. tried to tell him to bunch up the leggings, but K.O. barely did that.

Still. It seemed T.K.O. was getting through to him.

K.O. got to the van, grumbling about how he wasn't as strong "so why do I have to go along?" T.K.O. heard it echoing in the mind.

His stupid freedom bout...

Dendy approached her friend, which T.K.O. could tell based off of her atmosphere around her. Everyone gave some sort of atmosphere. Dendy's was excited, but calm and analytical. The vision of her abstract form came to be. A little frog that was green with screens and it wore an adorable little dress that made T.K.O. calmer.

She was one of the good abstracts he was able to see. She calmed him down, and he was excited to see her. He sighed through his nose at the sight of the little green frog.

He shook his head. He was on a mission. "Okay K.O.," T.K.O. began to coach, "you need to tell her how you feel. Got it?"

KO said something coldy, and Dendy seemed to falter a bit.

"No! Unlock that iron armor that you put around your heart after hearing Fink, and tell her how you feel about her!"

Dendy began to say something. "K.O., please, we're friends."

"Yes! Listen to her!" T.K.O. shouted. "Don't just turn your ears off!"

K.O. began again, berating the kappa.

T.K.O. shook his head and banged on the ground. "Shut up! You're the one who she wants to be with! She wants to impress everyone, but you're the important one K.O.! Don't do this!"

K.O. didn't listen but the T.K.O. realized that K.O. broke the camel's back. The frog began to cry and Rad and Enid gasped behind him. Dendy ran away and K.O. was still angry.

T.K.O. sighed, then growled. "I'm not gonna stand for this."

Chapter Text

KO groaned as Dendy tried to tend to his bruises. "KO, stop squirming!"

"It hurts!" He growled, his snaggle tooth showing.

Dendy rolled her eyes with a sigh before taking his elbow once again to apply ointment to his bicep. "Honestly KO, how did this happen?"

"How was I supposed to know that Raymond was going to take up ballet?"

"Really, he took up that?"

"He always focusing on sports and insisted that it was one as he beat me up."

"How long has he done this?"

"About a week. Beating me up every day that I've worked."

Dendy tenderly touched him on his cheek and gave him a chaste kiss on the corner of his mouth. He gave his girlfriend a sympathetic smile in return. "So, how are thinking of beating him?"

"I don't know. TKO doesn't think he's a challenge, but I might have to try and force his power through."

"There might be a better way…" Dendy said, wrapping gauze around his bruises.

"Like what?"

"KO, have heard the term, 'fight fire with fire?'"

"Yeah, I used it against TKO…"

"Well, if Raymond sees that he's beating you up with ballet and not stopping, why don't you try the same thing? If you understand what he's using, you'll be able to use it against him."

KO looked away for a moment with a blush. "A-are you sure I'd be able to do a ballet with…my body type?" He usually wasn't upset by how his body was, beefy and not quite as muscular as the other body building males that were around the plaza. He was proud of how he looked, and showed it off a lot when TKO came out.

Dend gently grabbed his forearm. "If you want…I could work with you on it."

KO locked eyes with her with a blush. She had never once really wanted to do things that were physical except for training with TKO and… But never had she once really wanted to something of this calliber. "Alright. If you're fine with it."

"I am."

Chapter Text

Dendy's mother, Pepelina, looked at Dendy. She'd just been staring at two things, the pond or her phone. "Dendy? Is something wrong?"

Dendy sighed, trying to make her lips not tremble. "Yes mother. Something is wrong."

"Do you want to talk about it sweetie?"


Pepelina took her daughter inside. "What's wrong Den?"

"KO is going out with a girl. He never even told me her name. It's like nothing else matters to him anymore. Everyone's super worried about my feelings, so they try to make sure I don't hear them talking about her…"

Pepelina froze up. "What did she look like?"

"Long locks of auburn hair, ivory fair skin, eyes that are emerald green instead of my stupid malachite…" Dendy looked at her mirror. Of course KO wouldn't want her in a romantic way. She wasn't as pretty as her.

"Did you get her name?" Pepelina asked as she brought down a book.


Dendy stood, a snarl playing upon her lips as her mother helped escort her to the plaza. "I can't believe it."

"I can. Jolene was always wanting to go after stronger males to drain."

"When I find her, she's going to pay for what she did to my KO!"

"I'll be here for back up if you need it sweetie."

"Thank you. I hope that will not be necessary."

Dendy walked up to the area where "Jolene" and KO were making out. She let out a growl.

"Jolene." She said, accusatory. "I challenge you to a power battle. Right here, right now."

KO glared at Dendy with an animalistic growl.

"No, no. Pet, it's alright." Jolene reassured him.

"His name. Is KO." Dendy said through gritted teeth.

"Well, he enjoys being called it, don't you Pe-" She was cut off as Dendy struck her with a swift kick. "Oh, you wretched little brat!" She gnashed her teeth. "Don't you know who I am?"

"I know exactly who you are. You're one of the oldest sirens to ever exist. And as KO's friend, I am determined to take you down and make sure that you never harm him again."

The siren merely chuckled. "Sit this one out Pet. I want the satisfaction of taking her down myself."

With that, the siren sprouted her wings, and suddenly Dendy found herself up in the air, Jolene's hands at her throat. She struggled for a moment, before charging up some of the turbonic electrical energy that the siren had drained and used it for a swift kick to her stomach. The siren released her, allowing Dendy to land safely on a cloud. Dendy charged up another super jump, but lost footing as the siren sent out feathers to destroy the cloud she was on. It took her a couple of moments to activate her hackpack's hang glider. She didn't realize the Siren was that strong!

The siren chased after her, only to be suddenly derailed from her mission as an electrical kick hit her face. "Who!?" She hissed as she looked around the crowd that was beginning to form.

"It's been a long time Panemorfi." Pepelina growled.

"Ohohoho! No wonder she was such an ugly girl! It's such a good thing that I made him love me instead!"

This elicited some growls from the plazians, but they were ignored.

"Don't you dare talk about my sweet Dendy like that!"

"Well, Pepelina, I've learned much from our last battle, and it looks that you've grown soft."

Pepelina smirked. "Yeah," She super charged her feat and in a heartbeat, kicked the siren across the face once more. "But looks can be decieving."

"Oh! ALL OF YOU ARE RETCHED BRATS!" The creature broke out of its human skin, and standing before Pepelina, Dendy, and the assortment of plazians was an ugly vulture looking creature with oily and dandruff filled black hair that looked like a wig on it's head, some parts balding.

"Ugh! Ugly sure reeled it's head!" A distinct sentence from Radacles was hear over the gagging from the looks of the creature.

"But you're too late to save him." She looked at the pair of kappas smugly. "Oh Pet~ Deal with the younger kappa for me, will you?"

KO suddenly jumped from where he was left and landed in the middle of the group. He reeled back his arm as everything seemed to slow down. Dendy turned towards him, only to dodge his fist at the last minute.

"KO!" Dendy cried out as she kept trying to dodge his onslaught. He wasn't himself! He didn't even use his quick jab or any of his power fists- …His power was already drained! Which meant-! "Mom!" Dendy cried between dodging. "Watch out! She has his- Power!"

Dendy said it at the right moment, because the siren let out a shrill note that manifested into a Power Note. Pepelina jumped over it with ease.

Dendy kept trying to dodge while KO kept throwing the punches. "KO! Stop this! I- Love-" She tripped and fell backwards, her exauhstion trying to catch up with her.

KO reeled back and he threw a punch- only for it to be stopped inches away from her face. He tried again, but suddenly his red armband grew spikes and turned black as it hit him square in the face.


"You need to fight her!" He told her.


"Go! I don't know how long I can hold him off!"


"GO NOW! Stop her before she hurts anyone else! I'll keep him distracted!"

Dendy nodded and charged towards the siren, who at the moment was trying to find a way to choke her mother. She delivered a swift uppercut to get the siren off of her mother.

"This is no quarrel with you kappaling. Go fight your lover."

"I challenged you to a Power Battle. It's only fair the two fighters are the ones who finish the job."

Dendy charged at the siren, able to dodge her cordinated attacks and able to deal some swift and powerful blows.

She was on the ropes.

Dendy charged with a super jump ready to be released at any moment-

The siren chuckled. "My pet! Now!"

Dendy suddenly felt paralyzed as something blasted at her back.

She felt a trickle of blood come out of the corner of her mouth.

She felt herself fall…

And it was over as her world went white.

Chapter Text

"Okay, why do you always have a plate on your head when other kappas don't?" T.K.O. asked as the two laid in the summer heat. T.K.O. was under his beach umbrella as Dendy basked in the sun.

"So I can do things other kappas can't. Like lie down like this, or bow, or...other things that usually dry out a kappa's plate." Dendy explained. "Now, my question. How do you function?"


"You don't have a heartbeat. You don't have blood pumping through your veins. How do you function?"

T.K.O. laughed. Dendy and him had just started dating, but he felt he should let her know. "C'mere."

"Into the shade?"

"Just for a bit."

Dendy rolled her eyes and went over to him. T.K.O. pulled her down onto his body with a thud. He rested her head on his chest and breathed a bit. It was slow, low, but his heart beat. "Fascinating!" Dendy's eyes lit up.

"I can breath to make it beat, but I don't need to."

"Well, how do work then!"

"You wanna know?"

Dendy nodded.

"Mmmagic." T.K.O. showed his sharp teeth.

"That's not a reason!"

"We have witches."

"Their hearts beat."

"We have ghosts."

"Ghosts aren't physical."


"Reanimated corpses."

"Alright, you want the truth?"


"Lean in."

Dendy did so.

"We're werebats."


"But we're pretentious, so we go by a different name."

"But eating the color red?"

"A trick my dad taught me when I'm not hungry."

"And the shapeshifting?"

"I learned how to go between forms."

"You are a jerk."

"I'm your jerk."

Dendy smiled and kissed him. "Correct."

Chapter Text

Enid was startled as the kappa ran into the bodega, panting. She was covered in lipstick marks of different colors that caused Enid to look at the kappa with concern. "Dendy? What's-"

"YOU HAVE TO HIDE ME!" She shrieked.

"Quick, behind the counter."

Dendy followed the were-pire's advice and soon was shuddering underneath the counter. Her face was pale accenting the multiple colors that were on her face. Enid was about to ask, when someone else came into the bodega.

"Dendy~" KO called, armed with a tissue box and a grocery bag. "Come on Dendy~ I know all the hiding places at the bodega already~"

"What are you doing KO?" Enid asked.

KO turned to the ninja, letting Enid get a glimpse of multiple colors that were on KO's inner arm. "I'm looking for Dendy. I know she likes playing tag, but she interrupted my own scientific research!"

Dendy bit her tongue softly to make sure she didn't speak.

"Have you seen her, Enid?"

"KO, I see anyone who comes in through the bodega. But I never pay attention to who unless they're an annoying customer or if they're with you, Rad, or Gar."

"Aw, phooey…" He looked into the grocery bag and pulled out three tubes of…

"KO, is that lipstick?"

"Yeah. I've been trying a color that would fit both of us all day! But Dendy's so embarrassed about the make-up that she's been running away from me!" KO sighed.

Enid leaned in. "KO, go around the other side of the counter, she's hiding underneath the shelves." She whispered so Dendy couldn't hear.

KO gave her a wicked grin with a nod in response. He went to the other side, accidentally making the store doors open and the ding go off.

"Welp, I'm going to go for my lunch break." Enid said. With that, she walked away, giving a satisfied smirk when she heard childish squealing followed up with several lip smacks that would only come from kissing someone's skin.

Dendy let out a satisfied hum as she looked over her outfit. A fit and flare yellow dress bedecked with a lily pad and water lily pattern that her mother made for her that showed off her legs. She went over to her hack pack to change it to the third saved color, a complementary pink. With a smug look, she wore the lipstick K.O. had settled that would fit them both. "Oh, KO, you've just unleashed a monster." She said, thinking back to the incident that the tube of lipstick had caused. "And you are its quarry."


KO was cleaning the bodega as usual, excited that his recently made girlfriend was going to come for a visit when he was on break. He sighed dreamily as he thought about her, how she made him laugh with that cute little giggle of hers, the way that she appreciated the little things, like tag, POW Cards, snuggling together. He couldn't wait to greet her like they always did, (now accompanied with a chaste kiss being a part of it before they ask how each other's day had gone) not knowing that Dendy would be pulling a dastardly trick.

He got it done as quick as he could while also making sure that it was clean enough that Mr. Gar wouldn't mind the rest of the shift break. Wiping his brow, KO put his supplies back as he heard the door bing, signaling someone came into the bodega.

"What are you wearing?" He heard Enid say, but he didn't quite register it until he turned around.

"Dendy-!" He paused with a gulp.

There she was, wearing a dress of all things, their shade of lipsick, her hackpack now pink, and without her goggles, so her piercing malachite eyes were able to be seen, clear as day. She walked up to him, as if it was a normal day and he didn't approach her. "Hello KO."

"H-hiya Dendy!" KO tried to keep his cool. Don't look at her legs…don't look at her legs… KO thought to himself as a mantra.

But I thought we liked frog's legs, KO, a mischevious voice rang through his head.

TKO SHUT UP! He yelled at his alter ego.

Dendy kissed him, but lingered longer than any of their other kisses, and this one not being as chaste as the others. "How has your day been, dear?"

Dear!? KO felt as if his heart had been shot by an arrow. Usually the pet names were longer, like "cutiepie," or "sweetheart," (and on the very rare occasion the unique pet names of "Science Baby," or "My Warrior," would come out) and KO had only heard Mr. Gar and his mommy call each other that, but that's because they were really into their dates. D-did Dendy want to have dates like that now? KO didn't think he could handle that.

"S-so…uh, ready to…um, go to the break room?" The two had to stop taking up space on the floor, especially because KO would have usually just cleaned, and some cleaner would get off on their clothes.

"Yes." Dendy said, trying to force down the mischevious smile that wanted to play on her lips.

The two walked back, KO being thankful that Rad was not back there sleeping as the two scrambled onto the couch, a coffee table set up neatly in front of them. KO began to try and look at POW cards that he wanted to get rid of…but Dendy seemed to keep wanting to pull his attention away from that. She slowly scooched her way to KO, eventually bringing her legs around his body and onto his lap as she began to basically innocently spoon him in a sitting position.

"D-dendy…" She was starting to make him feel a bit uncomfortable. He was not used to Dendy being like this, and open. "Wh-what's this all about?"

"The lipstick, KO."

"Th-that was only a few days ago!"

"Well, you know what they say KO, 'revenge is a dish best served cold.'" She whispered the last part in his ear, her breath making him get a tingle up his spine.

KO grinned wickedly as he placed the order. Oh, was he going to enjoy her blushes.


Dendy did not expect to be covered in yellow, thornless roses that day, but when she opened her locker, the impossible number of roses came crashing down on her. She looked down the hall to see KO smirking much similar to his alter ego.

"You do realize, Kaio Kincaid, that this. Means. War."

The next day that KO got to work, he found that someone had snuck something into his lunchbox. As he examined it, he realized it was a note from Dendy. It wrapped up several Hershel's Chocolate Smacks and said something along the lines of "You're as sweet as chocolate," but, in more of a flirtatious Dendy way that KO did not want anyone else to know about.

"Oh boy…Dendy, next time, I'm going to totally blow your mind…"

When Dendy went to school the next day, she found a note on her desk. "Gotta show you something cool when we're done here…Science Baby…"

He wouldn't dare! Dendy screeched to herself.

But he did…TKO was out and on a double moterized bike (He was still too youngt to drive a motercycle in his mother's eyes)

He winked at her.

Dendy decided that on that date, she would be the utmost lady like figurte to throw off TKO's edge, much to the cagrin of both KOs.

She'd gone too far this time…if KO was going to try and pull the same thing his mother did when she went on her date with Mr Gar, they should've expected Dendy to go all out like Mr. Gar's courting of Carol.

"What is all this!?" Mr. Gar had shouted when he first got to the plaza.

"DELIVERY FOR KO!" Pird screeched.

"KO! What is the meaning of this package!?"

"I-I don't know!" KO said. He went to check the tag. "Dendy…" He groaned and Mr. Gar quickly caught on.

The two did not expect the kappa to be as drastic, nor did they think she would take note of Mr. Gar's courtship tactics.

"YOU TWO NEED TO STOP!" Cupid shouted at the glaring couple. "You two have unresolved romantic tension!

"CLEARLY!" KO and Dendy shouted at the sprite.

"You two need to solve it! Right now!"

"Right here?" Dendy asked, still glaring at KO, the two were currently shoving a box in one another's faces for their Freindaversary.

"No!" Cupid teleported the two to where Enid and Rad had to solve thier issue. "Over an active volcano!"

The two drank the starting goblets of Sparkling grape juice before given their roses. For Dendy, she held a yellow rose, and for KO, he held a light blue. The two began to fight, as if the roses were swords, Dendy trying to thrust it into KO's breat pocket of his tuxedo, and KO trying to parry it into her hair. KO ended up putting the rose in Dendy's hair first, but as he was caught off guard, Dendy managed to slip her own into his breast pocket.

Next was the dinner that they would eat. Spaghetti and meatballs, a classic choice. This was more of the logic section of the date. A battle of wits with compliments and eating their food at the right pace at the right time. Like playing chess. Compliments were thrown, some needing a longer recovery and others falling flat…

The two made sure not to eat the last of their spaghetti. "We can package it up later." Dendy told him.

"Hm." KO agreed.

"The two have decided for the final judging to dance the classic 'Dance of Sorrow.'" Cupid narrated.

It became apparent to the audience what the Dande of Sorrow was as Dendy and KO ripped off their formals in exchange for more classy and flaring outfits.

"The Tango!"

The two frustrated lovers took o the stage by coming close together and beginning to dance in frustration.

"The Tango is known for human fatality, but also frustrated love." Cupid said as the two danced.

"I must say, your dancing skills are impeccable My Warrior."

"Well, it's all about knowing your partner!" KO dipped her to a violent drop with a glare. "Science Baby."

"Indeed." She said as she was being brought back up. "Which is why I can do this." She pulled herself to the end of his arm and extended hers so that way her far heel was over the lava. She felt KO's hand hold onto her's harder. "And trust you will not let me fall."

KO blushed before growling slightly and quickly drew her back in for their angry pair dance once more. The glares…the red faces…they…they couldn't take it anymore. They reached the middle, the end of the song, and looked around them.

"Where is everyone?" KO asked.

"The probably ran off because of that." Dendy [ponted upwards and KO saw that a large summer lightning storm had formed over both of them.

The two layed down and began to stare at the lightning storm. They were both tired, and just wanted to stay in each other's comapny for now. "To think this all got started with some lipstick…" KO mentioned.

The two giggled a bit, and when they caugh their breath, they stared at the summer storm once more. "I'm sorry about the kisses that caused all this." He told her.

"I'm sorry that I caused you to feel uncomfortable when I wore that dress." She apologized, grasping for his hand.


"More than friends."

The two cuddled beneath the thunder clouds and soon they were fast asleep under the rainless sky.

Chapter Text

KO had just been trying to do a good deed. Dendy had forgotten her backpack, (very different from her hackpack, this was a regular backpack with nothing technological inside) and he wanted to give it back to her. He managed to trip on a pot hole as he chased after Dendy, causing the backpack to rip open and scatter things onto the floor. He looked in surprised horror at the scene laid before him. The Bag now had a giant tear around the zipper area that would need an excellent seamstress to sew it back up, and many of the things came out. KO picked them up. There were some broken pencils, stained notebooks. KO looked so sad and horrified.

"Dendy's gonna kill me…" He trailed off as his eyes layed sight on a mint-condition Chip Action Action Figure out of its box and completely broken. He cradled it in his hand, and saw it in pieces, the pieces that looked salvageable starting to chip different parts of the figure."Scratch that…Dendy'll never want to see my face again!"

He looked at the toy with a panicked expression, before getting an idea. He looked online searching "chip action action figure #4 first edition mint condition for sale." The site came up and KO looked at the 1 day shipping price. 500 Technos!? He screeched in his head. "I-I can make that…I just need to find some jobs to do. Enough to get the toy, and possibly find a seamstress in his mother's dojo who would probably patch up the backpack for at most 300 technos. So 800 in total. Surely there would be people that were looking for a helper in the plaza!" He may be the helper of Gar's Bodega and convenience store, but others were skeptical when he wanted to help for nothing, maybe they'd be more willing for knowing that he was looking for money.

"You want…overtime pay KO?" Mr. Gar asked skeptically. No doubt the boy had surely earned the pay, heck, when he learned of his first raise. He tried to refuse it until his mother said he could use the money to buy presents and POW Cards.

"No, I just want overtime." KO said. "B-but with the pay." he quickly corrected. "I-I'll do whatever you want!"

"Alright, uh…you can clean the bathroom and make it look extra shiny like you usually make the bodega look."

"Sir, yes sir!" KO obeyed, making sure to get a good pay for his work to make up for the toy.

However, the bodega never felt right. When he was mopping, he could've sworn that at the end of every ailse from where he began, Dendy was there. It started to get worse as he went by.

"Ah Den- oh, wait…just a plant." "Ah! Dendy- oh wait…ceiling tile." "Ah! Dendy! No, wait, that's just our shelf full of goggles."

When he walked around, the plaza, there weren't many people who needed his help, but he got a good pay from Red Action and her crew by allowing them to embarrass him once again (Though, he could've sworn he heard Dendy whimpering for some place as he got beaten, and he once again just thought it was paranoia). He got some currancy from Bredan who paid KO to get him lunch (He could've sworn Dendy was in line to the food truck…). Then money from RMS for making Brendan shut up (He thought he saw Dendy on the bench outside the store). He also got some technos from Mr. Logic for helping him get in some more customers (Maybe Dendy's father was one of them?). But it wasn't long before KO was 100 technos short of the minimum of 800 that he needed. He gulped as he went to his last option.

"You mean to tell me that you'll do a job for us?" Lord Cowboy Darrel smirked.

"An odd job…and…and no villain work! I'm just trying to get enough technos to fix something that I broke on accident…"

"Hmm…" Darrel thought about it for a moment.

"Ooo!" Shannon grinned maniacally. "I think I have a job for you."

"No villain work!" KO shouted with a glare.

"Relax I'm not wanting villain work, I need help with something else."

"That I'd be willing to help with."

"Fine," Darrel shooed them off and KO followed Shannon. She went into her room and brought out her diguise.

"Look, I can only shapeshift into inanimate objects, and people are starting to see that the person who wears this is really me. And there are many people saying I look, horrid! Even my brother, Raymond!"

"I only speak the truth!" Raymond called.

"SHUT UP RAYMOND! NO ONE ASKED YOU!" Shannon shouted. "Anyway, I need…(I can't believe I'm saying this) human fashion advice. And I knew that a human would be able to help me with that."

KO thought for a moment. "Okay, first off, with your makeup. You need to have the lipstick on your lips instead of swirled around your mouth."

"I don't have lips." Shannon growled.

"Oh…Hmm…Can I try?" KO asked.

"No!" Shannon hissed.

KO brought out his phone and found a make-up tutorial instead for Shannon to look over. "I think I can take over from here." Shannon said. "Here's something for your trouble." She said. Handing him a wad of technos.

KO joyfully ran out of the room, only to be stopped by Raymond. The robot seemed embarrassed before saying. "I need a new sport. I mean, I don't like second performances. Do you…know any good ones?"

KO nodded and showed Raymond a few of the sports he liked which Raymond seemed to dismiss.

"Seen it. Done it. Too violent. Done it. Wait-!" Raymond seemed enraptured with the sport he saw on KO's phone. "What is that?"

"Oh, that? That's lacross."

"Fascinating. Perfect! That will be my next sport!" Raymond handed him another wad of technos.

"Wait, where do you guys get all these technos?"

"Well, ever since Lord Cowboy Darrel took over Box-More, we were able to earn money instead of just empty words of praise." Raymond explained.

KO looked uncomfortable for a moment before shrugging and making his way out of Box-more, thankful that he didn't have anyone else to help and enough technos to pay for not only the fixing of the backpack and the mint condition figurine.

KO was excited to have the backpack fixed finally. He walked to the dojo and found one of the new girls. "Excuse me, Mrs. Bechtal?" The woman looked to KO. "I need to pay you to help me fix something."

"Sure! Give me the thing you need fixed and I can tell you the price."

KO gave it to the woman, and she looked over it. "This will be around…25 technos. It's a simple stitch job."

KO froze. He had over-shot and gone to Box-more for nothing!? Oh well. He could get Dendy another gift with the left over 275.

He was happy that he got the backpack all stitched up, and he was excited to finally give it back to Dendy. All he needed to do now was dispose of the-

"Hello KO!" Chriped an excited voice.

"Eep!" KO squeaked.

Behind him was his best friend, Dendy. There, readjusting her goggles and smiling her cute froggy smile. "I left my backpack here earlier, and it contained something very important. You wouldn't have happened to see it anywhere would you?"

"U-uh…" he quickly turned, the toy being held in his hand. He realized it was in view, and he hid it behind his back.

"KO…" Dendy said, a bit of worriedness creeping in her voice.


"What are you hiding?"

"Nothing Dendy! It's nothing!"

"It is not nothing KO. Let me see!'

"I'm positive."

"KO!" She snapped.

KO gulped, before bowing his head and revealing the broken toy in his hand.

"Oh…KO…" Dendy looked sadly at the toy.

"Please don't be mad at me…" KO teared up at the thought.

Dendy sighed. "I'm not mad that you broke it. I'm mad for two different reasons."

KO staggered back, threatening to tear up.

"First, you didn't tell me about it, which I thought you had already learned about that lesson. And two, now I have to get a new one for-"

KO presented her the new toy. Just like the old one, it was a mint-condition Chip Action figure. "I…had to ask around to do some odd jobs for everyone. IncludingLord Cowboy Darrel and the other robots…"

Dendy sighed through her nose, but smiled at the sentiment. She looked back up at him with a neutral frown however, and said, "That doesn't change the fact that I have to get you a new present."

"P-present?" KO mentally slapped himself (Take it either as KO facepalming or TKO slapping him). He had been so caught up trying to get Dendy's backpack taken care of that he forgot their anniversary of the two meeting was in three weeks. And Dendy tended to usually buy presents around a month in advance. "No no! It's okay! I can just act surprised!"

"KO, a present is something that is traditionally surprising. And I think this year should be a surprise."

"No! You don't have to go through that trouble! I promise!"

"Well I want to."


Chapter Text

K.O.'s pencil trembled over the paper. He couldn't find the words in English, and he was trying to push himself to finally do it. Write her a love letter

"Dendy, non potrei mai raccontarti faccia a faccia dei miei sentimenti. Ma voglio dirtelo. Ecco perché sto scrivendo in italiano."

"Sh-should I be that matter-of-fact? I...I- No. Kaio, pull yourself together."

"Sei una bellissima giovane donna e sono troppo nervoso per condividere i miei sentimenti con te."

"W-would she- No! Stop it. Write your heart..."

"Voglio prenderti la vita. Voglio tenerti delicatamente il mento e aprire la bocca. Voglio baciarti e imparare come possiamo baciarci l'un l'altro. Voglio te. Ti amo."

K.O. smiled and reread it, before finally writing the signature. "Kaio O. Kincaid"

Chapter Text

As Dendy showed her head pond to KO, the two shared a cheerful moment. Dendy let out a hiccup, and petals of red, purple, and light blue came out. At the same time, KO hiccupped up petals of yellow and green waterlilies.

The two looked at each other with blushes. "I-I'm your-" Dendy tried.

"I thought yours was fantasy."

"I didn't hiccup my fantasy. So... I'm your..."

They stared for a moment before KO's face split into a watery smile. Tears began to slip out his eyes.

"Oh, KO, don't cry." Dendy said.

"D-don't worry, Dendy. These are happy tears!" KO smiled and cried a bit more.

"I-I didn't know that people could cry happy tears." Her goggles started to fog up. "It I am doing the same..." she removed her goggles.

"Hey! Didn't you kids hear the bell!? OUT!" Ms. Quantum shouted.

The two ran out, feeling their hearts race. They looked to each other, and began to laugh. They were so giddy! KO grabbed Dendy by her waist in a hug and leaned in. "Wait...should we...kiss?"

Dendy blushed. "Hmm...I suppose that it is only fair to kiss one's soulmate..."

KO smiled and kissed her on the corner of her mouth. "Dendy, I guess...I love you." He said.

Dendy smiled back modestly.

KO reached his hand out to take hers. "I-I've only ever dreamed about this." He smiled.

Dendy laced her semi-webbed fingers with his own, and the two walked out like that together.

Dendy smiled as she washed up for dinner. Only yesterday, she had found her soulmate. She had already told her parents about it (and had got the embarrassing talk) but she still felt giddy.

She burped a bit, and covered her mouth. There was sudden pain in her chest and throat. She coughed up petals into the sink, wet with blood. As she started she couldn't stop...the petals just kept coming out. Blood spurting out of her mouth like a fountain. She gripped onto the sink with shaking fingers, knuckles turning white.

Her body kept shaking violently and her legs were giving out. "Mom!" She cries out through her blood. Dendy collapsed shortly after.

Dendy was comatose. Her hanahaki was unstable and only controlled by her oxygen output, mixed in with poison to keep the killer flora at bay. The roots dug into the inner skin of her throat to try to get nutrients.

Her parents were only allowed at certain times so that people wouldn't freak out about kappas where they're not supposed to be. It was the nearest hospital, and if she was moved, there was a high chance she would not survive.

Pepelina looked to Pavel, then to the time. Pavel nodded and the two went in their convertible.

They drove to the hospital in silence until they heard an explosion. The shockwave startled the car and the two older kappas got off to the side to catch their breath. Two bats quickly flew overhead and the two held each other's shoulders. Pepelina gave her husband a reassuring squeeze and he did the same. The two drove off to the hospital.

What they found was normal. Red-eyed workers looking too tired to care as the two entered with cloth covering their dishes. They walked to their daughter's room only to open the door and find...

Two others in there with her. Definitely not doctors. The taller, a grey-skinned man with black hair and snake like teeth. The other was around their daughter's age, holding her hand, eye shadow making his eyes look dead inside.

The parents reached a staring contest with the taller man. His snake-like teeth bared as he glared at the kappas.

Pavel felt electricity in the air, and was tempted to charge his feet in case of a fight...but a glace at his daughter and the machines that worked to keep her alive reminded him that it was too dangerous.

"TKO," the older man growled, "do you know these people?"

The child, TKO, glanced at them. He let go of Dendy's hand. "Let's go, dad." TKO mumbled.

"Fine then." The older man glared at the kappa in the bed before he and his son went out the window.

Shadowy Venomous and TKO made their way back home. "Why do you care about that hospitalized kappa so much? Didn't she put you through experiments?" He said abruptly to TKO.

"It's something that helps keep KO down. I'm having trouble breaking him down, so it keeps him at bay." TKO lied. He didn't want to let his dad know about the hanahaki that overtook his subconscious. He wasn't even sure if KO was still inside him. The hole of the subconscious hadn't been filled, so TKO frequently kept the flowers down and withering with no nurture. Still...the kappa bothered him.

She was a supposed soulmate of KO. So was she his? No, he and KO were different!


Chapter Text

TKO was a proud werewolf. He was a fighter and loved rough housing. Especially with his brother. "KO!" TKO called through the cave system.

Carol let out a yawn. "Sweetheart, your brother went to meet his friend."

"Which one?"


"The kappa?!"

"Yes, the kappa..." Carol said.

TKO growled a bit. He was protective of his younger twin. A frequently sick werewolf who hadn't made friends for the first 11 years of his life and spent time getting strong with his brother. So the thought of him being near water bothered him. "Can I go find him?"

Carol gave TKO something to hold. "Eat that if you get hungry."

He smiled and ran out to find his brother, or the kappa at least. He went through the familiar forest trail and sniffed for his brother's scent. When he caught it, he ran to follow it. He kept running and made it to a mirror pool. He looked into it and was surprised by a splash to meet him.

"Agh!" He cried out and shook himself dry.

"Wow! So you are faster than me." A semi-familiar voice chirped.

TKO looked to see KO's friend, the kappa named Dendy. She had more of a froggy smile than a beak, and if her skin wasn't green, she could've been a human.

"Where's KO?" TKO asked.

"He was running along the river-"

"What if he slipped and fell in?!"

"He was enough distance away...he and I were racing and it seems that I have won."

TKO made a semi-frustrated noise. KO soon came bursting out of the woods. "I'm here! Did I...oh, hey TKO! Glad you finally met Dendy!"