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A New Chapter

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As the helicopter is taking off in the village, in Dinmore, Robert, William and the lawyer return to the drawing room. Robert walks up to Aaron who has now stood up as has Carol, and takes his hand.

‘Everything is good.’ Robert says with a smile and then gives Aaron a kiss.

When they both turn to where Carol and William are, they see them waiting for them smiling, with Carol holding out a pen for Aaron to take. He and Robert walk up to the table where Aaron takes a seat on the chair that William is holding for him and then Carol hands him the pen. The lawyer, on the other side of the table, places the papers in front of Aaron.

William and Carol, both tell Aaron, that he should read the papers, he nods but just skims through, trusting what Robert had told him before. But he stops half way through the first page and turns to Robert, who is now sitting next to him, with a shocked look on his face.

‘Aaron? What is it? Is there something wrong with the papers, our lawyer said they were fine.’ Robert asks him.

‘These papers have only one difference to the ones you asked your lawyer to check, they have the amount of money and the rest of the information of the inheritance while the previous ones had not, but everything else is the same. You can check it yourself if you like as you saw the other papers.’ Carol says to Robert, which makes him frown not liking that the papers are not the ones he sent to his lawyer.

Aaron is still stunned, looking at the papers in front of him.

‘Aaron? Oh dear, I’ll get him a glass of water.’ Says William standing up from his chair.

After placing the glass in front of Aaron, William places his hand on his shoulder, which makes Aaron look at his grandad. He then clears his throat.

‘There must be a mistake, you better check the number… and the rest … it … can’t be right.’ Aaron says as he starts to shuffle the papers towards Carol.

She places a hand on his and smiles. ‘No, there’s no mistake. The number is correct and so is everything else.’

Aaron’s eyes widen, he then turns to Robert, who has not looked at the new details yet, but is starting to get worried by Aaron’s reaction.

‘Aaron, do you want to get some air?’ Robert asks, thinking that maybe Aaron needs some space. Aaron nods and Robert excuses them, leaving Carol and William now worried that they might have done this all wrong.

After Aaron and Robert have left the room holding hands, Carol turns to her husband with a worried expression.

‘Do you think he is ok? What did we do wrong? What if he now decides to leave? William, what are we going to do?’

‘I think he is shocked. We don’t really know much about his life yet… Robert knows him better than us and thought it was a good idea to get some fresh air, so we will just have to give them some space.’ William answers.

Outside in the garden, Aaron lays his head against Robert chest, who wraps his arms around Aaron, waiting for him to speak. After some time, Aaron is still quiet so Robert decides to say something.

‘Aaron? Are you ok?’ Robert softly asks as they stand overlooking the garden.

‘Yeah… um, I’m just shocked.’ Aaron says as he leans back to look at Robert. ‘Did you see the amount and the rest? I mean, I don’t know … it’s too much…’

‘No, I didn’t look at the papers, I am a bit worried with your reaction.’

‘Oh… well, it’s a lot. It’s 1.3 billion… yeah, I know... I mean, how can they give me all that, what if they need it? This is a big place… and the rest, there are properties and … I don’t know, what should I do?’ Aaron asks a stunned Robert, and then lays his head back on Robert’s chest

‘Uh… Aaron, that is a big amount, but they did say it was yours and that they wouldn’t need it. Um, I’m not sure what I should say here except, they said it’s your inheritance. You can ask them some questions to make things clearer for you.’

‘Yeah, I think I’ll do that. I need more information. You are sure that everything was right with the papers?’

‘The lawyer said everything was good and that the way the papers were done is to protect both sides.’ Robert replies as Aaron nods silently, listening not only to what Robert is saying but to Robert’s heart beat at the same time, which calms him.’

‘Ok, let’s go back, so I can ask some questions.’ Aaron says as he removes his head from Robert’s chest and taking his hand.

They walk back into the house and towards the drawing room.

‘I have some questions before I sign anything.’ Aaron says looking at his Grandparents.

‘Of course, and we will answer all of them. Why don’t we sit down? I’ll have some fresh tea brought in.’ Carol says pointing to the sofas they were sitting on before and then turning to the lawyer and asking him to wait in the music room and that someone will ask him what he wants to drink.

When Carol returns, she comes back with one of the staff that brings a tray with the tea. She then takes her seat next to her husband and looks at Aaron.

‘Um… Where does all this money come from, because it’s a lot?’

‘It’s a bit complex so bear with me. This inheritance is one part. It not just from us, in fact it’s mostly George and Gregory’s estate. Ours is the easy part, the 300 million is from us. The rest is from George and Gregory. Now here is where it becomes more complex. Their inheritance was divided in parts, by them. The sole beneficiary of their inheritance is you Aaron, no one else. The first part is the following, £1 billion, the house in London and the beach house in Greece, with all the contents of each property, the artwork, the cars everything.’ William answers and then waits for Aaron to process what he has just been told as it is a lot.

Aaron and Robert are both stunned, it is a lot more than they thought and it’s just the first part. Aaron stands up and walks to the window, without saying a word. He takes a moment to try and sort out his thoughts and what he wants to ask next because now he has more questions than before. He then turns around and walks back sits down and takes Robert’s hand in his.

‘Ok, you said your part was 300 million, will you not need that money, this estate is very big?’

‘No, that money was put aside a long time ago. In fact, it is more of a trust.’ William answers, not saying that it’s not the inheritance Aaron will receive from them in the future when they die.

‘Ok, … You said that I was the sole beneficiary of George and Gregory’s estate … why?’

‘George never got on with Gordon, so when you were born and even though he never met you, he made you the sole beneficiary. Gregory being an orphan and having no extended family did the same after meeting George. They thought of every scenario, and divided their estate in parts.’

‘Um … I don’t know what to say … You said that it is divided in parts?’

‘Yes. We do not know every single detail, we know more about the first part because we would have a hand in you receiving it. Once these papers have been signed, they will trigger the second part which we don’t know anything about. A law firm in London will then contact you and take care of that part.’

Aaron nods and looks at Robert who has been silent the whole time.

‘Robert? Do have any questions?’ Aaron asks him.

‘Um, it’s a lot to process … Were there any stipulations made by George or Gregory?’ Robert asks.

‘Not that we know of, not in the first part. I don’t think there will be in the second part either, but we don’t really know.’ Carol answers not telling them that there is one, that Aaron not be homophobic, but she doesn’t see the point of saying that to Aaron and Robert.

‘Why do ask?’ Aaron asks Robert.

‘I just wanted to know if maybe you’d have to give a percentage to certain charities or set up a fund or something of the sort.’

‘Oh, yeah, that makes sense.’ Aaron replies, thinking that even if there are none, he will probably do it anyway, now having almost decided to accept the inheritance. ‘What are your ideas about this all?’

‘Aaron as I said outside, it’s your inheritance, but I’ll support whatever decision you make, you know that.’

‘Yeah I know,’ Aaron replies and gives Robert a kiss. He then turns to his Grandparents and nods with a smile.

William leaves the room and calls the lawyer. When he enters, he walks up to the table, where they were before and places the papers in front of Aaron, who is now sitting as is everyone.

Aaron signs every single piece of paper and dates the signatures, afterwards the lawyer hands the papers to William and Carol who do the same as Aaron has done. After signing everything, the lawyer takes the papers, he tells Aaron that the law firm will be in contact in the beginning of the week, he then greets everyone and leaves.

‘Oh, thank god that is finally done. George and Gregory would probably haunt us if we never got it done, don’t you think William.’ Carol says with a smile.

‘No, they wouldn’t, the things you say sometimes.’ William says shaking his head but smiling at the same time. ‘Paddy should be arriving soon, I can’t wait to meet him.’ William says looking at his watch and then looking up at Aaron with a smile.

After a while they hear the helicopter in the distance. Aaron and Robert decide to walk out of the house to wait for him.

Paddy is sitting close to the window, but all he sees is green fields and woodlands, as the helicopter is facing forward towards the house. As it gets closer to the house and is about to land is when Paddy sees the house for the first time. This is not what he expected from Aaron Grandparents. As the helicopter lands he sees Aaron and Robert in a distance holding each other with smiles on their faces.

After the blades have slowed down, the pilot opens the door for Paddy. As soon as he does, he walks in direction of Aaron and Robert with a smile, while Carol and William watch from the window, curious about the man.

‘My boys! I missed you. How are the both of doing?’ Paddy asks as he hugs Aaron and then Robert.

‘Good, everything is good.’ Aaron says with a smile.

‘Aaron? What is this place? There is nothing around here just green, that all you see, green and more green.’

‘Yeah, most of that green is part of this estate.’ Robert replies.

‘Really? Oh, ok… that’s massive… anyway how are the Grandparents? Are they nice? Did they treat you well?’

‘Yeah, they are really great, and they have been nothing but kind to us.’ Aaron replies.

‘That’s wonderful to hear. Couldn’t have asked for more. Now let me meet them.’ Paddy says pointing to the house.

When they walk into the house, Carol and William are waiting for them.

‘My Gran Carol and My Grandad William, and this my Dad Paddy.’ Aaron says with a smile, standing next to Robert holding his hand.

‘Hello, it’s so lovely to meet you. Aaron and Robert have said such wonderful things about you.’ William says shaking Paddy’s hand with both hands smiling.

‘Yes, they have, welcome to Dinmore our home.’ Carol says with a smile, shaking his hand.

‘Thank you for having me. It’s so lovely to meet you too. You have a beautiful home.' Paddy says with a smile. Aaron noticing how nervous he is.

They then go to the music room, which stuns Paddy.

‘Oh wow … this is so beautiful … ‘

‘Gran may I show that photo of George?’

‘Aaron, you don’t need to ask, this yours and Robert’s home too.’

‘Thank you’ Aaron says placing his hand on Carols hand. Then he walks to the photo and brings it to Paddy and hands him the photo.

‘Aaron?’ Paddy says looking at the photo with a frown ‘Why are you… who is this other man? … Wait, this is not you … Aaron?’ Paddy says looking up at Aaron.

‘Yeah it’s not me. It’s George, my Gran’s brother and his partner Gregory.’

‘Oh my… you look just like him. This is incredible …’ Paddy says looking at the photo one more time before handing to back to Aaron.

After drinks have been brought for everyone Paddy turns to Aaron and Robert.

‘So, have you boys, started planning the wedding yet, seriously you should get started. I dying for this wedding to happen.’

‘Well, we have started but left it bit late so we are now thinking of getting married next year.’ Aaron says with a smile.

‘What? No, really. Why? My boys, I want to be alive for this wedding…’ Aaron and Robert are now laughing, ‘why are you two laughing… ‘ Paddy then turns to Carol and William who are smiling,

‘Paddy, everything is being taking care of, and you won’t have to wait until next year. It will be in two weeks.’ Robert says smiling as Aaron leans against him.

‘Oh my god, are you trying to give me a heart attack … I mean, seriously… you two are terrible, how can you do that to me … but just so you know, my hat would still have made to next year if necessary,’

‘Oh god the hat, it better not be big.’ Aaron says.

‘Oh, it’s huge, huge, like a massive sombrero, you just wait.’

Aaron and Robert are laughing again as they both remember talking about a sombrero earlier.

‘Paddy, Carol and I are organising the wedding for the boys. It’s out gift to them.’ William says to Paddy who is a little stunned as he had not expected that.

‘That’s wonderful, so we will be having a wedding soon then. I can’t wait.’ Paddy says with a smile.

Carol and William continue to talk with Paddy, getting to each other. Hearing stories about Aaron growing up.

After a while Aaron whispers to Robert that he wants to go for a walk. Robert’s reply is a kiss.

‘We’re just going for a walk in the garden.’ Aaron says as he and Robert stand up. They leave the house holding each other as they walk to the garden.

‘You know, I’ve never seen two people so in love and it just fills my heart that they have found each other.’ Paddy says after Aaron and Robert have walked out of the house.

‘Yes, you can see they love each other very much.’ William says with a smile.

‘Paddy? We know very little about Aaron’s life. Has it been good?’ Carol asks now serious.

‘It has, I’ve tried my best and he is so easy to love. But it was not always easy for him. Feeling like you’re not wanted by your father and hated by your mother, but I tried to give him as much love as I could. I wanted him to feel wanted and loved.’

‘And you did a wonderful job, because he turned out to be a wonderful young man. I just don’t understand how can a mother hate her child?’ Carol says.

‘Yes, I don’t understand it either. That women, she is just vile, everything she has done and said to him over the years is just unforgivable, she doesn’t deserve to have a son like Aaron. Do you know that she tried to kill me and put me in hospital, trying to make Aaron feel alone so that he would go to her? I have a security guard 24 hours a day to keep me safe, which is paid for by Robert at his insistence. The woman has lied so much, until recently, Aaron didn’t even know he had any Grandparents, she told him you were all dead. She lies to everyone. I just can’t with the woman.’

‘We didn’t know all that. But she did threaten to kill Aaron if we ever tried to contact him, we just found out that he was living with you at the time and not with her.’ William says.

‘That cow… she wouldn’t have gotten close to him, I wouldn’t have let her, I would say it’s hard to believe but it’s not actually. Those two boys were not lucky at all in the parents that they got, that is why I’m happy they have found each other.

While Paddy, Carol and William continue to talk, Paddy telling them about Aaron and Robert’s stories, Aaron and Robert are standing in the gazebo that overlooks the valley below, in each other’s arms.

‘How are you feeling, it’s been an intense day?’ Robert says looking into Aaron’s eyes.

‘Yeah it has but I feel good. I’m happy we came here, I like them. I wasn’t expecting the rest, all the houses, I mean we now have a beach house in Greece ... have you ever been to there?’

‘No, actually I haven’t, but there are really beautiful beaches there.’ Robert says and then gives Aaron a kiss.

‘You know even if there aren’t any stipulations to give money to charities or things like that, I still want to do it, it’s so much money… A few months ago, I had barely enough and now…’

‘Yeah… ‘ Robert says understanding what Aaron is trying to say.

‘I love you very much you know. You changed my life.’ Aaron says to Robert and then kisses him.

‘I love you more and you changed mine as well’ Robert says and kisses Aaron.

They are both in their bubble, kissing each other that they don’t notice Paddy, Carol and William walk out of the house.

‘Oh, I need to take a photo… ‘ Paddy says as he sees them, ‘that is just beautiful… with the sun setting behind them… You know they are always like this, very affectionate, I normally call it smoochie land, they get so lost in each other that nothing else around them matters.’ He says as the three of them watch them for a moment with smiles on their faces.

‘It makes me happy, that Aaron is so loved and Robert as well, after what you have told us, they deserve to be happy.’ William says.

They then continue to give Paddy the tour and explain to him their plans for the wedding and asking him what he thinks, wanting to have his opinion knowing how important he is to Aaron and Robert, while Aaron and Robert continue to be lost in one another.

After Paddy has seen the whole house, Carol says that dinner will be served soon and that someone should call Aaron and Robert.

Paddy looks out of the window and sees that Aaron Robert are still in the same place, which makes him shake his head and smile. He walks out of the house towards them. He then climbs the steps to the gazebo.

‘Oi love birds?! Come, dinner is about to be served. I can’t believe you’re still here… no wait I can… of course … anyway come inside will you,’ he says smiling as Aaron presses his forehead against Robert’s chest, both of them smiling.

After dinner, as they sit in the music room having coffee, Aaron asks how is everyone in the village.

‘They are great, Cain actually invited Pearl and I for dinner at the farm on Monday. Marlon, Zach and Lisa were there too. They couldn’t stop talking about the day they had on Sunday. They loved spending the day with you in your home, they loved everything, really. They are all very proud of the both of you. It was a good distraction from the drama.’

‘What drama, what has happened now?’ Robert asks.

‘Well, Victoria was with Chas and Katie when they saw me and everyone else getting picked up on Sunday morning, and was determined to find out what was happening, so after we arrived back, she went to Moira and demanded to know where we all went and who was behind it, which sounds like the questions Chas has been asking. Victoria can be quite bossy, as Aaron has told you and always wants everything her way. It seems she was quite rude with Moira which Adam didn’t like so he intervened, having had enough of her attitude which just made everything worse. She got Jack involved, he went over and made threats but he wasn’t counting on the rest of the family being there so he just left in a huff, after that Victoria kicked Adam out of their house and threw all his belongings in the garden. Now he is staying with Cain and Moira. That didn’t stop her though, she and Chas have been harassing Pearl and she was also threatened by Chas, so now she is staying me, where is safe.’

‘I never imagined Victoria would be like that, it saddens me. In a way it’s good that Adam is now staying with his mum, probably safer. A while back I actually thought about building a relationship with her as she is my only sibling, but from everything I have heard, that is very highly unlikely. Pearl is ok though, she wasn’t harmed?’

‘No, she is fine, she was just a little frightened. She came running to me when Chas asked her if the people that had kidnapped Aaron were the ones behind everything else. That also spooked her a bit because she knows it’s a lie but she wanted me to know.’

‘Kidnapped? What a joke I just wish she would leave me alone but she won’t until she gets her hands on the rest of the money that was left to me… yeah, I haven’t told you yet but it seems that she forged Gordon’s signature to get my name changed and can’t her hands on the money he left me. The more I think about it, everything she has done, is to make sure I was alone and could only rely on her so she could get the money. Well I will tell you now she won’t get a cent of it.’ Aaron says, while Carol and William shake their heads, feeling terrible for not helping Aaron sooner, Paddy stunned by the new information and Robert holding his hand trying to comfort him.

After hearing what Paddy has said, Robert is now determined to get this situation resolved, he’s tired of it all and he knows Aaron is as well, but the next couple of weeks are going to be very busy so it will have to wait.

It’s becoming late and Paddy is unsure of what to do, he can’t snap his fingers and make the helicopter appear. Just as he is about to talk to Aaron and Robert, William speaks first.

‘If you would like to rest, the guest rooms are ready. Paddy, the helicopter can take you back tomorrow morning if that is ok with you. You have everything you need in the room.’

‘Oh, ok, thank you. I’ll just give Pearl a call so she doesn’t worry and also check if everything is alright.’ Paddy says as he stands up and walks out the room.

‘Aaron and Robert, we have also prepared a room for you. Please stay, then we can have breakfast with you tomorrow.’ Carol says hoping they will stay.

Aaron and Robert turn to each other and then Aaron replies.

‘Ok, thank you. We would really like that.’ He says with a smile.

Paddy walks into the room shaking his head smiling.

‘Apparently, I have not been missed at all. Pearl has been having fun. She invited Edna over to spend the day.’

‘Edna?’ Aaron and Robert say in unison.

‘Oh, I forgot that you both have never met her. She returned to the village after being away for many years. She moved back after her partner died. They were together for like 40 years. That was actually the reason she left in the first place, no one accepted her and her girlfriend so they left. Now she has come back to the place where she was born. She is a laugh, she has had a very interesting life… oh and she nearly burnt the church down, the vicar that was there, was homophobic. Now we have a new vicar, a woman, Harriet, so different. She is more a biker than a vicar she rides a Harley, anyway, everything is good…’

‘Wow, ok, they sound like interesting people.’ Robert says as Aaron smiles.

After a while they all decide to go to bed as it is late and they will have a very early start in the morning.

When Aaron and Robert walk to the bedroom, they realise that it is on the opposite side of the house, far away from the other bedrooms.

‘Do you think my Grandparents thought we would be noisy or something?’

‘No, I think that maybe we like our privacy and be noisy if we want to be.’ Robert says walking up to Aaron and wrapping his arms around him.

They both are so tired from the very long day that they have had, that they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

They wake up at the same time as Robert had set the alarm. After having a shower, they walk down stairs and are met by one of the staff that leads them to the dining room for their breakfast.

Paddy, Carol and William are already seated at the table having breakfast. After greeting them Aaron and Robert take their seats. They are then asked what they would like to have and are served.

‘How did you boys sleep?’ William asks.

‘We slept well. We were both really tired, it was a long day for us yesterday.’ Aaron says with a smile.

‘I was just saying before you came down that the last time I had such a good sleep as last night was when I stayed at yours.’ Paddy says then drinking his coffee.

‘What time is your flight?’ Carol asks looking as Aaron and Robert.

‘It’s at 10, but we still have the drive to the airport.’ Robert replies.

‘Well next time, you can have the helicopter land here on the grounds, if you like. As Paddy did yesterday.’ William says with a smile.

‘The wedding planner will be here in a few hours so we can get everything started. We will probably be phoning you both throughout the following days, if we have any questions. I would advise you not to leave the country during these next 2 weeks, because you’ll have suit fittings.’ Carol says looking at both of them.

As they are about to stand up, a few people enter the room, who Carol introduces as her team and after Robert and Aaron have greeted them, another man walks in and tells William that they have the plans that he asked for and that his team his ready for him.

Paddy is stunned by all the people talking about teams and plans, he turns to Aaron and Robert, Aaron shrugs his shoulders and Robert smiles.

They hear the helicopter, so Aaron, Robert, Carol and William walk Paddy out. Carol gives him a kiss on the cheek and William gives him a hug. Paddy then turns to Aaron and Robert and gives them the tightest hug.

They all watch as the helicopter takes off, with Paddy by the window waving his hand with the biggest smile on his face.

When they all enter the house, Aaron turns to his Grandparents.

‘We must be going as well. Thank you for everything. I’m really glad we came to meet you, my hippie Grandparents.’ Aaron says with a smile.

‘Oh sweetheart, I just wish we had met you many years ago, but we are so happy that you came, both of you…’ Carol says getting emotional.

Aaron hugs her while William grabs Robert and gives him a hug.

‘You take care of one another, and if you need anything…’ William says as he is now hugging Aaron while Carol hugs Robert.

Carol and William walk Aaron and Robert to the car and watch as they drive out of the view.

‘He such a lovely boy, our Aaron, and Robert, you can see that they love each other so much, it makes me feel… so happy?’ Carol says as her and William walk back into the house.

‘That is so true, now let’s give them the wedding they deserve.’ William says with a smile, he then gives his wife a kiss and both go to their meetings to start the planning of the wedding.

As Robert and Aaron leave the estate, Robert takes Aaron’s hand. Both sitting in silence as they think about it all.

After a while Aaron turns his head and leans it against the seat to watch Robert as he drives.

‘I been wondering, what do you think is the second part of the inheritance? What more can there be?’ Aaron asks.

‘I seriously have no idea Aaron and your Grandparents couldn’t say because they don’t know either.’

‘It can’t be more money, surely, maybe more property? What are we going to do if it’s more property? We have our home already. They left a house in London, we don’t need it, do we? We already live close, the beach house in Greece can be useful if we like it…. Or we will out find that there are stipulations.’

‘Maybe, I think that the law firm, has been taking care of everything and even if there is no more, there will probably be the details of what you have received already. We were told that they will get in contact with us, next week, so you will be able to find out for sure, and if you have any doubts about the legal side, we have our lawyers that are there to clarify anything.’

‘Yeah, you’re right. It’s just, I’m still trying to get my head around it… anyway…’ Aaron says looking out the window.

After a while Robert turns to see if Aaron is still awake and turns back.

‘You know what I don’t understand, is what is this story with Vic? Everything that I have been told about her, just makes me not want to have anything to with her, I mean, she’s even harassing people now. I had thought, before I met you, of maybe getting in touch with maybe try and build some sort of relationship, but hearing what you’ve told me and what Andy has told me and now what Paddy said last night, I don’t want to anymore. I think it will only give me headaches and problems.’

‘Yeah, even for me it is hard to understand and I’ve known her through the years. I also don’t get how she just threw Adam out like that, by what we were told, she was being rude to Moira and making a scene and he stood up to her, I just, I don’t know.’

They become silent thinking about what has been going on In Emmerdale and think that it needs to be solved.

After a while Robert drives through the gates of the airport, they then hand in the car and walk to the helicopter that is ready and waiting for them.

A few hours later the helicopter is landing on the grounds of their home. They see Jeremy walking out the door and in their direction.

After they have entered the house Robert asks Jeremy how has everything been and Jeremy tells him it’s all good. Robert hands him their bag and they walk to the kitchen to get something to eat.

As they are walking to the games room to get something to drink from the bar Robert gets a phone call. When he sees who it is, he tells Aaron what he wants to drink and goes to the office. Aaron walks into the office with the drinks when the call ends.

‘The pub is nearly done, they just need a few more weeks and it will be ready to open.’ Robert says as he places the phone on his desk and then taking the beer from Aaron.

‘Wow, that was fast. I wonder how it looks now.’ Aaron says sitting on the sofa as Robert joins him.

‘But there is more. I was also told that a few days ago Chas barged into the pub, first demanding they get out of her pub, then trying to find out who had bought it and if it was the same people behind Paddy’s security, she was then kicked out and threated with a call to the police.’

‘Oh for god’s sake, I am so sick and tired if this shit, seriously…’

Aaron is about to continue when his phone rings.

‘Mr Aaron Dingle?’

‘Yes, this is he.’

‘My name is Henry Thomas and I am phoning because my firm is the executor of George and Gregory Livesy’s estate. The documents are being processed and now that the second part of the inheritance has been triggered, I would like to set a day for us to meet.’

‘Oh, ok, sure…’

‘How about Monday at 10:30 am.’

‘That is fine with me… ‘

‘Very well, the firm will send a car for you and your fiancé. See on Monday.’

Aaron places the phone down and looks at Robert.

‘That was the lawyer that is taking care of the second part of the inheritance. He set up a meeting for Monday 10:30 and is sending a car for us.’

‘That was fast and they are sending a car? I never heard of that being done before in this type of situation. What was his name?’ Robert says picking up his phone.

‘Henry Thomas.’

‘I’ll just call our lawyer and see what she says about him.’ Robert dials, ’yes, what can you tell me about a Henry Thomas?... ok… no, no, that is fine, thank you.’ Robert ends the call ‘She said he is the founder of the largest law firm in the country and one of the largest in the world.’

Aaron nods, ‘Then does that mean that there is more to come and not just taking care of the details?’

‘I have no idea, but don’t stress about it because you don’t know anything yet… oh, I just remembered, aren’t we going with Ayesha tomorrow to visit one of the charities that will benefit from the ball?’ Robert says changing subject so Aaron doesn’t stress about the inheritance.

‘Oh yeah, I had completely forgotten about it…’ Aaron says now thinking about the visit with Ayesha.

Aaron is silent in his own thoughts and Robert can feel that he is nervous, maybe about tomorrow or about the inheritance or even about both, Robert leans forward and takes Aaron face in his hands, looks into his eyes and then kisses him, deep and hard, making him moan. Aaron moves and sits on Robert’s lap while Robert moves his hands to hold Aaron’s arse.

After a while, both hard and horny, they both stand, pressing each other’s bodies to one another, as they kiss, feeling how hard they are, Aaron leans back and takes Robert’s hand and takes him their bedroom.

After waking up with the alarm, they have a shower together, continuing to enjoy each other’s bodies as they did the rest of the day before.

They then get dressed and have breakfast, and as soon as they have finished Jeremy informs them that Ayesha is on her way.

As they walk out the house, they see a different car this time, it’s not the sports she drove when she last visited, it’s a Range Rover today, still followed by another car with body guards and as she did previously, she has brought her brother Amir, who has the biggest smile.

After greeting Aaron and Robert, they all get into the car and drive to the charity.

It’s not what Aaron had expected, he thought they were visiting a horse charity, but it’s an orphanage.

‘This is one of the places that will start working with horses and there are some children that are frightened having never been around horses before, so I thought you could meet the children and tell them how to be around horses and what to expect.’ Ayesha says with a smile hoping Aaron will agree as it’s not the place they were supposed to visit, this being a new charity added to the list of beneficiaries of the ball.

After being introduced to the staff of the orphanage, Aaron and Robert are taken to a large hall, where the children are all waiting for them.

They both see quite a few frightened eyes looking at them, Aaron looks at Robert who smiles at him.

‘Hello, my name is Aaron and this is Robert. I understand that you will be riding horses soon.’ He says with a smile.

They spend the next 2 hours talking to all the children, Ayesha and Amir joining them spending time with all the children, answering their questions and hearing some stories.

As they are leaving Aaron takes Robert’s hand and they walk to the car followed by Ayesha and her brother. Amir who can’t take his eyes off of Aaron and Robert seeing how affectionate they are with each other and unashamed to be public, something he thinks he will never be able to do.

When they are all in the car, Ayesha tells them that they are next going to a horse rescue centre, which is another charity that will benefit from the ball.

When they have arrived, and after talking to the staff of the centre, Aaron and Robert see the horses, some are not in good shape, but are healing. Midway through Robert looks around and doesn’t see Amir.

‘Ayesha, where is your brother?’ he asks

‘He didn’t want to come in, not feeling comfortable, he still is quite jumpy around horses.’

‘I’ll go get him…’ Aaron says starting to walk.

When he gets to the car, he sees Amir, looking out the window looking a bit sad.

‘Amir, why don’t you come, theses horses won’t harm you, and Robert and I will be by your side. I promise everything will be alright.’ Aaron says with a smile.

Amir nods and walks with Aaron into the centre feeling nervous.

They visit the rest of the centre, Aaron and Robert happy that the charity will benefit from the ball.

Afterwards Ayesha invites them for lunch, at her Father’s estate and there’s security everywhere, but her Father is not there, much to the relief of Aaron and Robert and especially Amir.

After they have lunch Ayesha is called to a meeting and Amir shows the estate to Aaron and Robert, when they have finished Ayesha apologises and says a driver will take them home.

By the time they arrive home, it is starting to get dark, Robert and Aaron talk about the orphanage and some of the stories they heard.

‘Do you think there are orphanages for gay kids or shelters here in the UK?’ Aaron asks    

‘Not sure actually, I know about shelters in the US, but I’ve never heard about them here and I don’t even think orphanages for gay kids exist.’

Aaron nods listening to Robert as they sit by the bar in the games room.

‘I want to help place like that, find out if shelters exist here and if not, then what does… maybe create a fund for the kids in orphanages to have access to the best education if they want to… ‘ Aaron says getting lost in his thoughts, as he now has money and can do something, then he suddenly snaps out of his thoughts, ‘I just thought of something, tell me what you think. I want to buy my Gran Faith’s flower shop, she said she was tired and wanted to be closer, so we buy the shop and get her a house close by maybe in Ware and then hire Stephan… like we said before but with a few changes.’ Aaron says looking at Robert who is nodding as he speaks.

‘Not a bad idea, it will make things move faster. We can look at properties in Ware during the weekend if you like, but it must have a garden, you know how Faith likes her garden.’

‘Yeah…’ Aaron says with a smile and gives Robert a kiss and then moving to the pool table as they continue to play or try to play pool, both laughing as they make each other lose their concentration as Robert whispers into Aaron’s ear and Aaron rubs his hand over Robert’s arse.

They are both laughing when Aaron’s phone rings.