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A New Chapter

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Robert is first to wake up, but doesn't move as he watches Aaron sleeping, something he loves doing but has not done in quite some time. He takes a moment to think about the day ahead, the driver is on his way to pick up Faith and Stephen, the family in Emmerdale are probably getting ready to leave, the staff is getting everything ready in the house, then he thinks of how his life has changed in the few months he has known Aaron. Today the house if going to be full of family, something he never imagined ever happening.

When he looks at Aaron again he finds him looking back, with his beautiful blue eyes, smiling.

'Good morning beautiful' Robert says before he leans forward and gives Aaron a kiss.

'Good morning.' Aaron replies smiling.

After a while, they get out of bed, walking to the bathroom for a shower, where they make love, after which they dry each other's bodies, giving one another kisses along the way. They then go to their walk in closet and pick what they will be wearing.

When they walk down the hall from their bedroom, holding hands, they notice that the door to Andy's room is open and it looks like he did not sleep in the bed. They both smile and continue to walk down the stairs towards the kitchen.

The children, are already having breakfast but Debbie and Andy are not with them. While Robert and Aaron are having their breakfast with the children, Debbie and Andy walk into the kitchen smiling.

Robert and Aaron don't say anything after greeting them but they see the looks and the smiles.


In Emmerdale Chas and Katie are sitting on a bench drinking tea, as they are no longer welcome at the cafe. They notice that there are more guards at Paddy's house and their are three Range Rovers parked infront.

'What do you think is going on there?' Chas asks.

'I have no idea, but it does seem quite busy... oh look one of the cars is driving off... wait there goes another one.' replies Katie.

While they are both looking at what is going on at Paddy's house, Victoria walks up to them.

'What going on, why are you looking at Paddy's house?'

'Bloody hell Vic, don't sneak up on people like that. There's a lot of movement there today, more cars and guards and we want to know what's going on.' replies Chas.

The third car drives down the road and stops infront of Pearl's house. She then leaves her house and enters the car.

'Is Pearl too lazy to walk up the road. Something is going on...' Chas says as they watch the car park infront of Paddy's house again. Pearl leaves the car and walks into the house. As soon as she does one of the cars that had left before arrives with Marlon, and he also leaves the car and walks into the house.

'Marlon?, since when are him and Paddy friends?. And why did they go pick him up?, something is going on there...' Victoria is cut off by th third car appearing.

Cain and Moira leave the car and are greeted by Paddy, Pearl and Marlon , who have now left the house. Paddy is talking with Cain and Moira and is pointing to the cars.

As Chas is about to get up from the bench and demand what is happening, a fourth arrives, this car is full of guards who exit the car. One of the guards walks up to Paddy and talks to him, he them greets Cain and Moira.

'Who are all the guards?, why are they all here? and where are they all going?' asks a stunned Victoria.

Cain and Moira get into the second car while Paddy, Pearl and Marlon get into the third. A guard stays behind, and sits on a chair by the front door.

'We have to follow them to see where they are going. They might be going to see Aaron...' Chas says as she watches as everyone is getting into the different cars.

'Okay, I'll drive.' says Katie. As Chas and Katie get into the car infront of them, while Victoria says she is going too.

While the three cars are driving to the airport, the last one sees that they are being followed, but the car is keeping it's distance, so he doesn't inform the other cars, for the moment.

'Where are they going?' Chas says, while speaking her thoughts out loud.

'Well, they are obviously going to Leeds.' replies Victoria.

Noone but Paddy knows how they are going to Robert and Aaron's house, and he has decided not to tell anyone that they will be flying in a helicopter.

When the start to approach the airport, both Pearl and Marlon look at each other.

'Paddy, why are we going to the airport?' Marlon asks.

'You'll see, and don't worry it's all good.'

As the cars aproach a private gate, the guards of each car hand papers to the security guard, letting each of the three cars through. As Katie's car follows them and approaches the gate, the security guard tells her that she is unauthorized to be there and must turn and leave. Chas and Victoria start making a scene as Katie starts to reverse.

When the three cars stop, and everyone get's out, they all walk towards Paddy and Cain is the first to talk, 'Paddy what are we doing here?'

'We are getting our ride to go to Aaron and Robert.'

'What ride?, are we leaving the counrty?' Cain asks, looking around.'

'No, we are going to their home, I thought you all knew that already. Before anymore questions, there is out ride, come let's go. I don't want to stand here talking the rest of the day, I miss my boys.' Paddy says as he starts to walk towards the helicopter waiting for them.

As soon as they enter the helicopter and take their seats, Cain says, 'this is very posh, is this how you went to them the last time Paddy?'

'Yes, but the helicopter wasn't this big, it had less seats, but just as comfy.'

Before anymore questions can be made, the pilot informs them that they are soon going to be taking off, he also informs them of how long the flight will be and that it should be a smooth flight as they have clear weather.

Outside the gate, Katie has reversed the car, her Chas and Victoria have exited the car, watching everyone enter the helicopter.

'They are going into a helicopter?, but none of them can afford that? what is seriously going on here?' asks a stunned Victoria.

'It must be the same person behind the guards that stay with Paddy and the lawyer that last week brought the papers for Katie to sign...' Chas replies being interrupted by Katie.

'Yeah it must be and who ever it is has some serious money to be behind it all.'

The three of them stand there watching as the helicopter takes off, many things running through each of their minds.

When they return to Emmerdale, they drop Victoria off, both fed up with her questions and demands and then Chas decides to try to get into Paddy's house, but as soon as they stop the car they see a guard sitting outside, then she decides to try the Wishing Well, but they find a guard there as well. So she then decides to try Marlon's house and Butler's Farm, but it's the same, there are guards at both places, leaving her fuming and with a lot of questions.


After breakfast Robert and Aaron go their office, as Aaron has some paperwork he wants to sort out.

'Aaron, have you thought about getting someone to work for as a PA?'

'No, not really. I was going to think about it when I was in Portugal last week, but as you know my mind was else where. But I will, I promise.'

'Ok. Oh I better go pick up Sarah.'

'Already?' Aaron asks before looking at the time.

'Yeah, but I won't be long.' Robert says walking up to Aaron and giving him a kiss.

Robert meets Andy by the door and they are soon on their way to pick up Sarah.

While Aaron is sitting at his desk, he takes out the invitation to the Charity Ball, wondering what Ayesha wants to talk to him about. Then his mind starts to wonder, 'a royal charity ball, never in a million years, oh wait, shit, there will probably be dancing at this thing, I don't know how to dance. Fuck, I need to learn, I'm not making a fool out Robert or myself...' His thought are interrupted by Jeremy knocking on the door.

'Sir, the helicopter is 20 minutes away, and Mrs. Faith and Mr. Stephen will be here in 5 minutes, and Mr Harker has just arrived.'

'Thank you Jeremy,' Aaron says with a smile.

Aaron puts all the papers away, leaves the office and walks to the front door, meeting Robert as he walks in. Robert gives Aaron a kiss, 'hi', and then another kiss, before he moves to the side.

Sarah walks in and gives Aaron a hug, 'hello, love, how are you?, heard about all the drama in Spain. It's good to see you.'

'I'm very good thanks. Happy you're here to have lunch with us.' Aaron replies smiling

Aaron takes Robert's hand, and as Andy starts to take Sarah to the children and Debbie, Aaron tells Robert that Faith is about to arrive, so they walk out the door just as the car is parking infront of the house.

'My beautiful boys.' Faith say as she leaves the car, hugging both Robert and Aaron. Behind her is a smiling Stephen, who hugs them both as well.

In the helicopter, the pilot informs everyone that they will be landing in 10 minutes. Paddy tells everyone that they should look out the window, so they can see the house, even though he also wants to see it again he lets the other move towards the windows.

As the house comes into view in the distance, they all turn to Paddy, very confused then turn back to look out the window again.

'Oh... Paddy..... what.... where....I.... Paddy? Is that...?' Pearl says, or tries.

Before anyone tries to ask anything, the helicopter is landing, and noone has moved away from the windows. After the blades have slowed down quite a bit, they see the doors of the house open, and a man, who Paddy knows is Jeremy walk out.

The pilot opens the doors of the helicopter and everyone climbs out and starts to walk towards the house when Robert and Aaron walk out the door, holding hands with the biggest smiles.

'Welcome to Woolmers Park, our home.' Robert says as they approach them.

While they are all stunned and shocked, standing looking at the house, Paddy walks up to Robert and Aaron and hugs them both tightly.

'My boys, how are you two doing?, I've missed you so, so much. And look at you, you look so good and so happy. Oh my god are they still gawping... unbelieveable, I was never like that was I, no I wasn't ever.... oh, I'm so happy to be here again, it's like my haven....why are you two laughing, stop laughing.... you're just terrible, seriously.... I should have brought my flaming hat, then you wouldn't be laughing, and before you ask why I didn't, well I didn't want to out shine the house of course.... you know I'm going inside, Amelia will take me more seriously.... unbelievable, un-freaking-believeable....' Paddy says before hugging both who have not stopped laughing.

'Hello boys, thanks you so much for having me here, I feel so honored to being invited... this place is.... I don't know what to say...anyway it's nice to see you again.'

'Hello Pearl, welcome to our home, we're very happy to have you here, We hope you enjoy yourself today. Jeremy here will guide you inside.'

'Oh, how lovely, I feel like a queen.' Pearl says smiling as Jeremy takes her inside.

'Boys, well, you're not boys, really, anyway, that's Paddy's fault, it's always my boys here and my boys there, oh god I'm mumbling...'

'Welcome Marlon, it's good to see you and have you here. We hope you like it.' Aaron says smiling.

'Thank you, thank you so much, it means a lot to all of us, really and I'm sure it will be amazing.' Marlon replies.

'Uh, lads, well this is some place here, it's great to see you both.' Zach says

'Zach, move I want to hug the boys.... hello loves, thanks for having us, I hope it's not too much bother.' Lisa says as she gives them both a hug.

'No, bother at all. Thank you for coming, we're very happy to have you all here,' Robert replies, 'Jeremy here will help you inside.'

'Aaron, Robert, this is... hello first of all... this is... is this where my Debbie, Andy and the kids have been staying all this time?' Cain asks.

'Hello, Cain and Moira, we're happy you came. Yes Debbie, Andy and the kids actually came the same way you did, walked through this door and have been with us since. They actually don't know that we invited you all today, so it's a surprise for them.' says Aaron.

'Wow, I mean, now I understand what Paddy said, they couldn't be better anywhere else. And how has everything been, with you two and with them?' Moira says.

'It's all been good, the children love it here, and we have loved having them here, it's been... good, when you hear the sound of children's laughter echoing through the house... yeah it's been different but good.' Robert replies smiling, 'Let's go in, and see how everyone is.'

As Robert and Aaron walk into the house, followed by Cain and Moira, they are both a little nervous about Cain seeing Faith for the first time in over twenty five years. They hope that the reunion goes well.

Cain and Moira are just as stunned as everyone is, while walking through the house, at how beautiful the house is and Cain is especially proud of them both knowing their stories.

When they walk into the grey reception room, there is staff handing people drinks, and everyone is chatting and laughing.

Robert and Aaron stand to the side revealing Cain and Moira to Debbie and Faith.

'Dad!, Oh my god, you're here.' Debbie says running to her father's arms being followed by the children, screaming, 'Grandpa!'

Debbie is in tears as Cain hugs her, while the children hug his legs. Andy hugs Moira, he then let's go and after Cain has hugged the children, Andy gives him a hug as well.

After they have all hugged Cain looks to the people in the room, and he sees Faith, with a hand over her mouth with tears running down her face.

'Mum?, is that you?' Cain asks, shocked.

Faith nods and Cain moves as fast as he can without running, and hugs her. Most of the people in the room watch in silence, at the reunion, while Paddy who has moved closer to Aaron and Robert looks at them and then looks at the scene then turns to them again.

'You boys. Making everyone cry... but it is such a beautiful thing... watching them reunite, not the crying. But you know what makes me the happiest, is that everyone in here has so much love for you both... oh god I'm getting emotional again... damn it, it's not funny... you laughing now wait until your wedding, I'm going to be the biggest baby, and it's not going to be pretty...' Before Paddy continues Aaron and Robert hug him at the same time.

When they have let go of Paddy, they turn to the rest of the people, and find Faith looking at Cain and caressing his face, wiping away his tears.

'Where are they... I'm going to kill you both... your bloody surprises are going to give us heart attacks one day...' Debbie says as she is charging towards them with a smile and tears on her face. When she reaches them, they expect a punch but she hugs them instead, whipering, 'thank you.'

After everyone has calmed down a bit, and having something to drink, Paddy approaches his boys and asks them if they will be showing the house to the rest of the family. Robert nods, and says that he was thinking about it.

Robert turns to everyone and asks if they would like a tour, to which there is one big yes. So, most of them follow, Lisa, Zach, Marlon, Cain and Moira follow Robert and Aaron and so does Paddy.

'What, I love this place and it was my home for a week, so I want to see it again,' Paddy says without anyone asking or saying anything.

Having shown the games room, the cinema, they go next to the spa complex. Everyone is walking stunned into silence, except for Paddy, who is just smiling, until they reach the kitchen.

'This is my friend Amelia, the best chef in the world, sorry Marlon no offence, if I had stayed any longer, I would have had to be taken out by some heavy machinery, because her food is so good.' Paddy say making Robert nad Aaron laugh, while everyone is looking around at the beautiful kitchen.

'Paddy, I can see now why you never stop talking about this place, I even thought you had imagined it, but it's better than you described...' says Pearl

The rest have joined them as they are going to the stables next, and they know how the children and the rest like horses.

'What, there's more?' asks Lisa as they are walking towards the stables.

When they enter the stables, Florian is not in his stable, and as soon as he sees Aaron and Robert he walks up to them.

'Hey boy, what are you up to? Why are you not in your stable.' Aaron asks as he is being nudged by Florian.

'This is Florian, my first horse.' Robert says to everyone as he pats his neck.

'He is stunning. How many horses do you have? asks Moira

'Nine, in total, two Shires, six Lusitanos and this guy a Frisian.' replies Robert with a smile.

When Luke takes Florian from Aaron they go for a little walk around the gardens, and then back to the house for lunch.

Robert and Aaron take everyone to the dinning room, as it has the biggest table in the house, and has more space for everyone. While sitting down Jeremy walks in followed by more staff that will be serving them during lunch.

The wines and drinks are served and Robert asks if anyone is allergic to anything, when everyone says no, he then says that if there is anything that they don't like, then something else can be made for them.

While having the starters, Cain asks what he is eating, and Robert tells him it's fire water grilled Portuguese chorizo, and then explains how it is done.

Then fish is served, and everyone loves the grilled flounder in mango cream sauce with prawns with sauteed vegetables.

'Oh my god this is so good....' Paddy says

After a little while the meat is served and Robert tells everyone, it's beef slow roasted in beer, with an assortment of grilled honey glazed vegetables. As Jeremy puts beer bottle along the table, Robert tells them, it the same beer that was used in the food. He then turns to Aaron and whispers, 'it's our beer.'

Aaron looks at him a little stunned then picks up a bottle, and looks at the label and sees a picture of a horse and at the bottom reads 'A&R Brewery owned by the Phoenix Group', Aaron recognises the name of the group from the papers he signed the day before.

He puts down the bottle and turns to Robert, he then leans forward and gives him a gentle kiss, when they break they look at each others eyes, both smiling. Aaron looks at the bottle again and asks Jeremy to open the bottle because he wants to try it. After tasting it he gives his glass to Robert for a taste and they both like the beer.

'Hey, lads this beer is good.... but I've never heard of this company before, Cain have you?' asks Zach.

'No, never heard of it, but you are right, it is good.' Cain replies as he holds the beer in his hands.

After eating the meat, everyone is chatting away, while Robert and Aaron are in there own world, whispering in each other ears and looking into one another's eyes.

'Oh here we go again, I was finding it very strange this hadn't started before...'Paddy says poiting to Aaron and Robert, 'are they still in smoochie land all the time?' he asks Debbie and Andy.

'Yeah, it's a constant love fest with them two, and you should have seen when Aaron went away for work for almost the whole of last week, Robert was a misery. He doesn't know how to function without Aaron close by, and then there was some trouble with his Gran Annie, which he was so lucky that Aaron was visiting on that day, but as soon as Robert heard about it he got on a plane as fast as he could just to make sure that Aaron was safe. It's really sweet actually.' Andy says.

Aaron and Robert are interrupted by Jeremy who whispers into Aaron's ear that he has a phone. Aaron looks at him stunned, then he looks at Robert, and as he is getting up Robert does the same and excuses them both. They then leave the dinning room holding hands and walk to the office, and on the way Aaron tells Robert what is going on.

'My Grandparents are on the phone... yes, William and Carol Livesy.' Robert nods and squeezes his hand.

'Hello, this is Aaron speaking.' He says after entering the office and putting it on speaker so Robert can hear as well.

'Yes, hello Aaron, my name is Carol Livesy, and I know we have never met... well actually we did once when you were a baby, but I am you Grandmother. I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous... my husband, William, your Grandfather and I would like to meet you if that is possible.'

'Oh, um... I don't mean to be rude , but why? why now?' Aaron asks

'No, that is a fair question which you have all the right to know. We have only reached out now, because we have finally found you and know that you are safe.'

Aaron and Robert look at each other, 'oh...ok, when would you like to meet?'

'We would like to invite you and your fiance to our house, maybe on wednesday or thursday, you can even stay here for a night, that will give us a better chance to get to know you.' Carol replies.

Aaron looks at Robert who nods, 'ok, what time would you like us to be there?'

'Mid morning, around 10 am, and then you can stay for lunch, is that ok?'

'That is ok, we will be there around 10 am.'

'Oh that's so lovely, we live in the Dinmore Manor House Estate, it's not hard to find. We are so glad that you are coming, thank you Aaron.'

'Thank you for the invitation, we will see you wednesday,' After saying their goodbyes they hear Carol saying to William 'he agreed, I'm so happy, I cannot wait to meet him.'

Aaron puts the phone down and turns to Robert, who envelopes him in his arms. Holding him tight. He then leans back and gives Aaron a kiss.

'Another story about me being safe, that has got to be about Chas, I'm sure.' Aaron says

'Yeah, I think you are right. But she seemed friendly and she was really happy that you accepted to go.'

'Yeah, she did, I hope it goes well' Aaron says leaning against Robert chest.

'I'm sure it will. Now do you want to go back, before Paddy eats all the desserts?' Robert says smiling.

Aaron nods and takes his hand as they walk back to the dinning room. When they enter the dinning room all they see are smiles and how everyone is happy which brings smiles to their faces.

As they sit down Paddy asks, 'is everything ok?'

Aaron nods, 'yeah everything is fine, I just had a call from my other Grandparents that want to meet me.'

'The Livesy's?, really? and did they say why?' Paddy asks concerned not knowing anything about the people.

'They said they wanted to meet me and that they waited until they knew I was safe.' Aaron answers.

'Safe? Oh that can only mean one thing...' Faith says.

'Yeah, that's our guess too. But it is not today, and we still have dessert to eat.' Aaron says.

'OH MY GOD!, the desserts, I had forgotten the desserts, now that would be a crime.... don't look at me like that, you havn't tried them yet, you all just wait,... it's like going to heaven, well not that I would know what that feels like... oh wait, wait... it must be like when these two are in smoochie land.... that is it... ok something similar then... don't look at me like that with your judginess.... Jeremy bring on the desserts, I'm ready.... Robert he can bring the desserts, right?.... oh good, I can't wait. I didn't eat more of the other food because of the desserts. Let's see what other magic has Amelia made now.'

When Paddy looks at everyone, they are all laughing, he then looks at Aaron and winks. Having made such drama about the desserts, the previous conversation about the Grandparents is no longer the topic, and for that both Aron and Robert are more than happy about.

After having dessert, Robert suggests they go for a walk, which everyone agrees to even Paddy, even though there is more drama.

'Someone help me up... I can't get off the chair... Amelia's food was too good....' Paddy says making everyone laugh.

Robert, Aaron and Paddy are the last to leave the dinning room, which gives them a chance to talk.

'So how are you really feeling about meeting them.' Paddy asks now very serious.

'I'm nervous, because I don't know what I'm going to find. She, Carol, seemed friendly and was nervous on the phone.' Aaron replies.

'And you are going as well, yes?' Paddy asks Robert.

'Yes, she actually invited me, the fiance as well. They probably already know who I am. Their investigator was a good one and knew where Aaron was when he gave them the information they wanted. But like I told Aaron, I'm sure everything will be ok, and remember that Mike would have told me if there was something not right with them. I think it will be all good.' Robert says.

'Ok, I trust you to keep each other safe, or so help me god... No what is this drama I heard about in Spain?' Paddy asks.

'What?, who told you that?' Aaron asks stunned.

'Aah, you see I have my secret spies too... no, um, when you two were in smoochie land at the table, Andy mentioned something, so what is it? is everything ok now?.'

'Yes, everything is good now. So you have spies now?' Aaron asks laughing as they start to walk to meet up with the others.

As they exit the doors, Marlon approaches Robert and Aaron and asks if he can go and speak with Amelia, they both nod, while Paddy interrupts and says he'll take him so he can keep an eye on them.

The children are running around Cain who is laughing and enjoying seeing how happy they are. Everyone is chatting as Faith walks up to them and hugs them.

'Thank you for today. It was such a wonderful surprise seeing everyone but especially Cain. I'm happy he is well and has a lovely, strong woman as his wife.' they are interrupted by the children calling Aaron, to help them tickle Cain. 'He is really happy, and so is Aaron. Is everything ok with this story about the other Grandparents?' Faith asks Robert.

'Yeah, it will be, I'll make sure of it. How are things with the shop.' Robert asks wanting to change the subject.

'It's good, but I'm actually thinking of selling. I'm tired and the reason why I kept working so much is no longer there, because I don't need to pay a private investigator anymore. The only thing now is Stephen, I can't just get rid of it... I wish I lived closer to the two of you.... I don't know, I need to think about it, see what's best for everyone' Faith replies smiling as she sees Aaron laughing.

A while later the children are watching a movie and the adults are in the games room watching Cain and Aaron against Paddy and Marlon in a game of pool. Everyone is laughing at the theatrics that are going on during the game.

Robert has been trying to spend a little time with everyone, and during one of his conversations, this one being with Moira, He is not watching the game, but soon feels hands snake around his waist and hold him tight, making him smile. He places his hands over Aaron's and feels him sigh.

They all hear the helicopter and know it is time to go home. Lisa and Zach say their thank yous for everything, they are followed by Marlon, who hugs them both and thanks them as well. Cain and Moira are next and what surprises everyone is that Cain hugs Robert first.

'Thank you so much for everything that you have done for my Debbie, the children and Andy, I will never be able to repay you, the both of you, and thank you for taking care and loving our Aaron. We had the best day today, everything has been so great.' He then turns to Aaron and hugs him as well, while Moira hugs Robert and then Aaron.

'It's been such a lovely day, thank you so much for having me here today and it's been really woderful seeing you two again. Remember I was the first of this lot to see you two in love... yes Paddy even before you, now hush I'm speaking to these lovely boys.... Thank you.' Pearl says as she gives them a kiss on the cheek.

'My boys, the best things in my life, I had a great today, but then I already knew I was going to. I miss you two, very much all the time. You two take care and let me know how everything goes later this week, yeah.... yes Pearl I'm coming, hold your horses.... anyway keep in touch and I love you both very much.' Paddy says as he hugs Aaron and Robert.

They walk with Paddy to the door, where everyone is waiting, 'thank you all for coming today, it has meant a lot to us. Have a safe trip home and let us know when you have arrived.' Robert says while holding Aaron. They watch as they climb into the helicopter and it take off.

'Well we better be off too, right Stephen. Listen my loves, you must phone Gran Faith more, I miss you boys a lot. Thank you for the lovely day and for the wonderful surprises.' Faith says hugging both.

'Yeah it has been really great, being here again with you two. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of a your day with your family, it really meant a lot to me.'

Stephen says before hugging Robert and then Aaron. After they have left, Robert and Aron walk back to the games room, where the only guest left is Sarah. They both get a drink and take a seat, always holding hands.

'You know , today has been a treat for me. I've never been apart a of day like today, surrounded by family, where you actually feel the love and the happiness, it really has been a wonderful day as I heard a few people say. And it fills my heart.' Sarah says looking at the people around her smiling.

Not long after Robert and Aaron are taking Sarah home, where she hugs them before the get back in the car and drive back home. Both feeling a bit tired after the long day, but happy everything went well.

Now, they both just hope that the week ahead goes just as well, with the different meetings and a first meeting at the end of it.

As Robert and Aaron lay down in their bed, they both say 'I love you,' and fall asleep facing each other.