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A New Chapter

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'Why don't you take a nap? I'll wake you up when we arrive at your gran's place.'

'No, it's ok. I'll sleep later, if you let me.'

'Me?, It's not my fault, that you threatened to take sex away from me and then when I entered our room you were lying naked on our bed waiting for me... and now you're laughing,... you cheeky fucker, you knew exactly what you were doing.'

'And you couldn't stay away.'

'How could I, have you seen yourself... so sexy, so beautiful, it's impossible to stay away.... and now you're blushing, oh god, Aaron, the things you do to me. We better change subject because there is no where to stop here and I don't want us to be caught by police for having sex on the side of the road.'

'Aah, but that is what I wanted....' Aaron says teasing Robert with a smile, but decides not to go any further so they don't crash, 'ok, ok, so what do want to talk about then?'

'Um... we havn't planned anything for the wedding, so how about we talk about that?'

'Ok, that's a good idea, so what ideas do you have?'

'I've been thinking, that since we are both quite busy with work, and also the fact that we have never planned anything like this that maybe we can hire someone to help or guide us... like a wedding planner... um... or if you don't want that we could... I don't know, what do you think about the wedding planner?'

'Uh, aren't they like for big weddings, ours is not going to be that big, is it?'

'No, it's not going to be big, well lets see who we want to invite... Paddy, my gran, your gran, Sarah, Andy, Debbie and the kids, Zach, Lisa, Marlon, Moira and Cain... do you want only family or can we invite some friends?'

'I think we should invite the people we want to share the day with, so who else are you thinking of?'

'I was thinking of Ren and his parents, my team from the office, oh we can't forget Amelia and Jeremy, it's important that they come, because they saw the lowest with me and I want them to see the happiest day in my life...'

Aaron squeezes Robert's hand, which he has been holding since they left home, he knows how difficult it is for Robert to talk about the darkest time in his life, and says 'I love you'.

Robert smiles, 'I love you more.'

After a moment Aaron says to Robert, 'so... there will be around 40 to 50 people at the wedding?, then maybe it will be better to get someone to organise, and they can also help with the invites and everything that will be needed.'

'Yeah, I agree with you. I can look around for someone when you are in Portugal, then when you return we can have a meeting with them to discuss details. Talking about your trip I've been thinking... wait let me tell you first before you say that I'm spoiling you, I've been thinking, when we bring Faith back later today, why don't we stay at a hotel in Birmingham and you can then fly from there to Portugal and then tomorrow, after you leave I go back home?'

'Yeah that sounds good. I still need to book everything, place to stay, car, flight...'

'Aaron we will take care of it today, don't stress. Have you thought about maybe hiring someone to work for you to take care of things like that, like a PA?'

'It has crossed my mind, I can't do everything on my own and you have helped me a lot but you have your own business to run, but I don't know if it's a good idea to have someone working inside our home for my business, but I'll think about it more while I'm away.'

'Ok, you know I love helping you whenever I can and I'll do everything and anything for you, I just want you to enjoy what you do.'

'I know.... oh we're nearly there, wow that went fast...'

Robert is soon parking the car in front of Faith's house. Aaron and Robert walk up to the door holding hands and Aaron knocks and they both hear Faith inside the house shouting 'I'm coming, one second.'

Robert turns to Aaron and gives him a kiss, and during the kiss the door opens, 'my boys, my beautiful boys...'. Aaron and Robert as soon as they hear Faith speaking and turn to her smiling. She walks out of the house and hugs Aaron tightly, 'I've missed you so much,' and after a moment removes her arms and gives Aaron a kiss on his forehead, she then turns to Robert and hugs him tightly as well. She then goes back into the house and gets her bag and closes the door.

'Where Stephen?' Aaron asks and Robert nods.

'He was here 5 minutes ago, but he then decided to go home.'

'Buy why?', Robert asks.

'Because love, he feels a little umcomfortable, I'll tell you a little of his story. He was born into a wealthy family, you know private schools, he had a horse, you know, he had it  all and then his father's company went bankrupt and they family lost everything. His father turned to drinking, his mother turned to religion and became a fanatic, so when he told them he was gay, his mother kicked him out onto the street. He was 17 at the time. I found him sleeping infront of the door of my flower shop, so I gave him a hand. I fed him, gave him a place to sleep and a offered him a job and that's where he has been for the last 3 years. He really is a good boy with a good heart, but he is afraid of rejection.' Faith says with a sad face.

'Right, where does he live, we will pick him up, I don't want him to feel alone, both Aaron and I know what it's like to be rejected and not loved, come lets go and convince him to come with us, he will like it... '

'Aaron, I really like your fiance...' says Faith as she walks to the car with a big smile on her face.

Robert starts to drive and Faith tells him, 'Robert, love, don't go too fast because he is walking as he doesn't have a car so we might find him still on his way home.'

A few minutes later Aaron sees Stephen and points him out to Robert, so Robert drives ahead and parks the car. Both Robert and Aaron leave the car and walk to meet Stephen.


'Oh, what are you doing here?, Is it Faith?, Is she ok?, Did something happen?, oh god...'

'Stephen calm down, Faith is fine, she is waiting in the car. We're here for you.' says Robert.

'Oh... but why?, you're having a family day, it's not right for me to intrude on your day.'

'But we invited you too, and we would like you to come spend the day with us.'


'Yes really.' replies Aaron.

'Are you sure though, I don't want to be in the way.'

'Stephen, you are not going to be in the way, I promise you, we want you to come with Faith and speand the day with us.' says Aaron with a smile.

Stephen nods with a small smile and says 'ok'.

When they reach the car, as soon as Stephen gets in he asks Faith if she thinks it's ok for him to go with them, which Robert and Aaron hear and look at each other, wondering why does he seem so unsure about going with them.

On the way home Faith asks Robert and Aaron, 'so my lovely boys, how was your trip to Japan, did you enjoy it?'

'It was amazing, gran, it's like you're on a different planet, so different to here and Robert took me to meet a friend of his and I met his family as well and they were lovely. I was an incredible experience. I'll be returning there soon actually.'

'Oh that's wonderful to hear love, it's so exciting to hear about your adventures. Oh, oh, what about the wedding, have you planned anything yet?, I can't believe I didn't ask about that first.'

Both Robert and Aaron laugh, 'we have actually spoken about some things but nothing has been planned yet.'

'But my loves, then when are you getting married? I thought the wedding was not that far off?'

'Gran it's actually not in the distant future, don't worry you will be getting an invite, we can both promise you that.'

'Ok good, but don't forget about my gift of the boutonnieres, I'll need to know with a few days in advance so I can make them.'

'We will let you know, but today is for you both to relax and enjoy yourselves and not to think about work.' says Robert.

On the drive home, Stephen notices that Robert has his hand in Aaron's and he smiles, and points it out to Faith, afterwards he looks out the window and with a sad face and thinks how he would like to have someone hold his hand like that. Robert sees the whole interaction in the rear view mirror, and hopes that they will be able to cheer him up today.

As they start to turn into the gates of the estate, Faith asks, 'are we going to a country club?'

'No, this is our home, welcome to Woolmers Park.' Robert then waves to the guard by the gate house.

As Robert parks the car, Jeremy opens the door to the house and walks up to the car and opens the door for Aaron and Faith, 'good morning Sir, good morning Ma'am.'

'Good morning Jeremy, this is my gran Faith.'

'Nice to meet you, welcome to Woolmers Park.', says Jeremy to a stunned Faith.

Robert and Stephen join Faith and Aaron, Robert walks to Aaron's side, takes his hand and they walk into the house. As they are entering the house he whispers to Aaron, 'are you hungry, do you want to have something?'

'Yeah, that's a good idea,' Aaron then turns to Jeremy and asks him where Debbie, Andy and the kids are and Jeremy tells him that they are outside playing.

'Would you like to have some tea or coffee and maybe something to eat?', Robert asks Faith and Stephen, they both nod still stunned.

They walk into the kitchen, where the table is already set for their tea, and after sitting down and drinking a little tea Faith turns to Aaron and Robert, 'I... you have a very beautiful home...'

'We'll show you around after the tea if you like?'

'Thank you Robert, that would be lovely.'

After they finish their tea, they introduce Amelia to Faith and Stephen and then they turn to Faith, 'we have a surprise for you, their are some people we would like you to meet.'

'What, who?'

'They are outside.' says Aaron smiling

They walk out of the house and Faith sees a woman and a man running around with two children laughing. As they approach, Debbie and Andy stop running and look to Aaron and Robert.

'Debbie, I'd like you to meet someone.', and she starts to walk up to Aaron, 'Debbie, this is our gran Faith.'

Both woman look at Aaron stunned and then look at each other.

'Gran?... really?...'

'Oh, you are so beautiful... ,' Faith after removing her hands from her mouth with tears in her eyes, 'I have such beautiful grandchildren, can I give you a hug...'
With a nod from a stunned Debbie, Faith takes a step forward and envelopes Debbie with her arms into a tight hug.

After a few moments, Faith removes her arms and looks into Debbie's tearful eyes, and gives her a kiss on her forehead, she them looks to the side and sees the children holding on to Andy's legs.

'Um, kids come here and meet my gran.' Debbie says as she wipes her eyes.

Andy brings the children closer and Faith lowers herself and then hugs them.

Debbie then walks up to Aaron and Robert and gives them a puch on the arm.

'Ow, what was that for?' both Robert and Aaron say at the same time.

'Because you and your bloody surprises, seriously...' she says with a smile and then gives them both a hug.

When they look back at Faith she is talking to Andy while looking at the children. Debbie walks back to them smiling.

Robert and Aaron turn to Stephen who is a little emotional and Aaron says to him with a smile, 'Stephen we have a surprise for you to.'

'Really?,... but why?... '

Robert and Aaron just smile and tell him that he will see.

As they are approaching the stables, Robert turns to Stephen, 'Faith told us you had a horse growing up?'

'Uh... yes I did, my boy, he was such a good horse. We didn't have stables at home, so I couldn't see him as often as I liked, but when I did it was the best part of the day. I miss riding...'

'Would you like to go riding now?' asks Aaron as they enter the stables leaving Stephen stunned as he sees there are a few horses.

'Y you have horses... oh wow... how many do you have?'

'There are nine horses here.' replies Robert

'So many....' says Stephen with wide eyes.

While Robert and Aaron are showing the horses to Stephen, Faith and Debbie have moved into the house followed by Andy and the children and they go and sit in the lounge area of the kitchen. Faith on one sofa in the middle of the children and Debbie and Andy on the other.

'I can't believe they didn't tell me you were here, it's such a lovely surprise.' says Faith smiling.

'They are too much, always doing too much, I don't know what to do with them sometimes, I mean really... I will be forever grateful to Aaron and Robert, they saved us four and I'm so happy to have them in our lives. We have never felt so safe and happy and .... anyway and now they've brought me my gran...' says Debbie with tears in her eyes.


At the same time in Emmerdale, Katie and Chas are sitting outside of the cafe, Chas is sitting facing Paddy's house with a frown as Jack walks past them and nods then enters to get a coffee.

Katie slams her phone on the table, 'FUCK!, that is the third call I get saying that I'm no longer invited to an event, what the hell is going on, I was always so welcome at these things...'

Katie is interrupted from what she was saying when a black Ranger Rover with blacked out windows stops infront of the cafe, a large man exits the front and opens the back door, where a woman in a suit exits the car and walks up to the table where Katie and Chas are sitting.

'Goodmorning, I'm looking for a Mrs Katie Sugden.'

'Uh, who wants to know?'

'It's important business that I can only discuss with her.'

'I'm Katie, what can I do for you?'

'Good then, this will be easier.' The woman signals the big man to approach and bring her briefcase, she then takes out some papers, 'these documents are for you to sign,' Jack walks out and stops, 'they are for your divorce...'

'What?, I'm not signing anything. Who are you?'

'I am Andy Sugden's lawyer, and as you can see he does not want anything from you and he can't give you anything because you destoyed everything that was his with the explosions, so once again, these are for you to sign, here is a pen, just sign and the rest will be taken care of.'

'You know where my son is, tell me now where he is?

The lawyer turns to face the person speaking with a frown on her face and looks at Jack then turns back to Katie, she leans down and looks at Katie.

'Sign the papers, it's the last time I'm going to ask.' She then leans back and watches as Katie sign the papers.

As Katie is signing Chas looks down at the papers and sees the name of the law firm and recognises the name.

'That is the same place that Aaron went to to get the restraining order,' Chas looks at the lawyer, 'where is he, where is Aaron, tell me!'

The lawyer looks at her and says, 'no'.

Chas stands up, and as soon as she does, the big man moves closer to the lawyer. Jack also moves closer which makes another big man exit the car and walk up to the lawyer and stands between her and Jack. But it is only when another man leaves the car that Jack steps back and Chas sits back down, fuming.

'I have every right to know where he is, and if you are not going to tell me then you tell him that he must come here immediately or he will pay!'

'Is that a threat Ms Dingle?'

'I don't care how you see it, and I don't give a damn what he wants. I want him here he needs to sign some papers, end of story!'

As Chas has been screaming at the lawyer, the whole villiage has come out to see what is going on. Victoria and Adam approach Jack and can see he is angry as well.

'Dad, what's going on?'

'Your idiot brother is divorcing Katie. Who does he think he is, dragging the Sugden name through the mud like this...'

'But why?, they were so happy. I don't understand Dad, is there something I don't know?, Tell me now?'

'No sweetheart there is nothing. You are the only one that is worthy of our family name, you know that right, you are my princess and are the most imprtant person in the world?' replies Jack

Victoria nods while Adam looks around thinking what the hell is happening as Chas continues to scream.

'It's all his fault that I lost the pub, he has made my life a misery from the moment I knew I was pregnant, you are going to tell me where he is and I'm not letting you leave until you do...'

As soon as Katie has finished signing, the lawyer takes the the documents and starts to walk back to the car.

'Hey! where do think you are going, I'm not finished with you... ' screams Chas

Victoria approaches the laywer, 'excuse me... I'm Andy's sister, tell me where he is,'

The lawyer turns to Victoria, 'no.'

'What do mean no, you can't talk to me like that, who do you think you are, I'm his sister and if I say I want to know, then you will tell me...' Victoria doesn't finish what she was saying as the lawyer gets into the car, followed by the three men and drive off.

'How dare she just ignore me and drive off, no one does that to me, can you believe it Dad, that was so rude.' says an angry Victoria not getting her way.

Jack just nods and starts to walk away from the cafe, leaving a fuming Katie and a screaming Chas.

The rest of the villages fed up with the three of them just turn around and go back to what they were doing.

'Paddy?,... oh there you are, did you see that?, what do you think happened there? maybe you should call the boys and tell them.'

'I'm not sure Pearl..., the big guys with the woman in the suit, I think they work for the same company as the guys that have keep me safe here,... so I'm guessing the woman was sent by Robert.... I'll call later to see how they are doing and I'll tell them what we saw, but I'm not too worried, I know my boys are safe.'

'Well when you speak to them tell them I send my love.' Pearl says before she goes back to the surgery leaving Paddy by the window watching the crazy women getting kicked out of the cafe.