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A New Chapter

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After lunch Sarah took a little time to sit with the children, Andy and Debbie. She then excused herself and went to look for Robert and Aaron. She was a little lost but was found by Jeremy who she asked for help to find her way to them. Jeremy nodded and took her to the office where the door was open and as Jeremy was about to announce her, she placed her hand on his arm and shook her head, he nodded and left.

Sarah stood by the door watching Robert and Aaron in each other's arms, smiling and leaning towards one another and kissing. Once they parted she heard Aaron say. 'I love you', and Robert's reply, 'I love you more,' then kissing once more.

She moved a little, which made a sound that caused both Robert and Aaron to turn to see what it was. They saw Sarah standing by the door, emotional and gently tapping her eyes with a tissue, she then looked up and smiled at the both of them.

Robert and Aaron turn towards Sarah, while still holding hands, and Robert asks if she is ok, to which she replies, 'I'm good, really couldn't be happier, and watching the both of you fills my heart with so much joy,' she walks up to Robert and Aaron and takes their hands in hers, 'this is what I always wanted, for you Robert, my dear boy, to be happy and loved, and you are, you are happy and so loved.' Sarah lets Robert and Aaron's hands go and places her hands on their cheeks. 'Oh dear, I'm a mess, happy but a mess none the less. Now I want to hear more about the both of you,' she says smiling looking at both men you are now emotional as well.

As Robert is about to say something, when his phone rings, he looks who is calling, 'I'm sorry I really need to take it,' Robert answers the phone, 'yes Jane ... ok, just hold a second,' he turns to Aaron and Sarah, 'I might take a bit...'

'That's not a problem, we'll go for a walk in the garden while you take care of business, ok.' says Aaron to Robert before he gives him a kiss and leaves the office with Sarah who is holding Aaron's arm and is smiling to him.

Aaron and Sarah slowly walk around the garden as they talk. Aaron feels comfortable with her so when she asks him about himself he tells her. He tells her about not being wanted or loved until Paddy, he tells her about all the lies that he has been told by Chas, about everything that has been done to him by her and Katie. He tells her about how Robert has kept him safe and protected and his strong need to protect Robert as well.

When Robert has finished his call he walks to the door to go to the garden that is opened, he finds Sarah hugging Aaron, talking into his ear as she comforts him. Robert becomes worried and walks to them. When he reaches them he says, 'Aaron?, is everything ok?'

Both Aaron and Sarah turn to Robert, and he sees that both have been crying, 'Aaron?', he moves closer and holds Aaron's hand, he then looks at Sarah and she has a smile, but sad eyes, he then looks at Aaron again.

'Im ok, I promise. I was just telling Sarah about, well my story and we just got a little emotional, but I'm good because I have you, so don't worry...' Aaron doen't finish what he was saying as Robert gives him a kiss.

'I just don't like to see you sad.' Robert then says with a smile, 'I know who will make you smile... let's go see Florian.'

Aaron laughs and nods. Sarah asks, 'who is Florian, you have metioned him before.'

'We'll show you,' Robert says as they start to walk back towards the house. They walk through the house and as they reach the stables, Aaron gives Robert a kiss before he goes to Florian's stable to bring him out.

Aaron walks out of the stable, Florian following him and they stop infront of Robert and Sarah. Florian then walks up to Robert, who smiles and talks to him. Robert then turns to Sarah, who is stunned, 'this is Florian, my first horse and the one who saved me.'

Sarah looks at Robert, as he is smiling at Florian, then she looks at the beautiful horse, who turns to her. Aaron walks up to Florian and whispers to him, Florian then moves towards Sarah and bows his head. Aaron tells her she can rub his forehead and she does, making her smile. Florian soon turns to Aaron and nudges him making Aaron laugh.

Florian keeps nudging him until Aaron, says he will go for a ride which makes Florian stop. Robert and Aaron both laugh.

Robert then takes a step back and tells Sarah to do the same, so she does. Aaron then mounts Florian, without any gear and starts to walk Florian out of the stables. After a moment Robert starts to follow them and Sarah holds his arm as she walks with him while looking around and seeing the other horses.

When Robert and Sarah reach the gate, they see Florian moving at speed across the field with Aaron leaning forward and then Florian slowing down and turning and walking towards them.

'Robert, you've said twice now that Florian saved you, what did he save you from?'

Robert is silent for a moment before he answers Sarah's question, not because he needs to think about the answer, but because it's not and easy thing to talk about. He turns to Sarah and looks into her eyes.

'Me... He saved me from myself.'

Sarah eyes widen as she looks at Robert, even though Robert had mentioned something earlier, she was so caught up in the fact that Robert was sitting infront of her that she asks, 'what? why? how?'

Robert looks back at Aaron riding Florian, 'because I was in such a dark place, and I wanted it all to end. I was going to kill myself...' he hears a gasp but he continues to look at Aaron, 'and then I got a call from a friend telling me a horse had just been born and needed a home, so I went to get Florian, but I wasn't going to keep him, it was supposed to be temporary. But because I was alone in this house and there was no one to look after Florian, I had to do it and he was so small, so I slept in his stable with him so he wouldn't feel as alone as I felt. As the days went by, I slowly started to feel more hopeful. he would make me laugh and because of him the darkness I was in started to go away. He saved me.' Robert smiles a tear falls down his cheek. 'He saved me so that I could meet the love of my life, he saved me so I could love Aaron and be loved by Aaron... he saves me....'

Sarah has been watching Robert as he speaks, lets go of his arm and wraps her arm around his waist and tightens her hold on him. When he is finished, with her cheeks covered in tears, she turns to look at Aaron and Florian and she watches them, Florian who saved Robert from his darkness and Aaron who saves Robert everyday with his love.

'He's beautiful...'

'Yes, he is...'

'And so is Florian.'

'And so is Florian,' Robert smiles as he repeats what Sarah has said.

They are both interrupted by the sounds of children, who come running behind them and stop next to them, followed by Andy and Debbie.

'Uncle Robert, oh, mum, look it's uncle Aaron.' says Jack making Robert look towards him a little stunned as he has not heard the children call him or Aaron uncle yet. He then looks at Andy who looks back at him and shrugs his shoulders with a smile. Robert turns back to look at Aaron and starts to smile, liking the thought of being called uncle.

'Dad it looks like they are dancing, I want do that, can I?'

'It does sweetie, well, maybe one day you can.' Andy replies to his daughter.

While everyone watches Aaron, Sarah leans her head against Robert's chest, and sighs, 'I havn't been this happy in a very long time, thank you for finding me.'

Robert doesn't say a word, he simply squeezes her shoulder.

Aaron is now walking towards them, when Jack starts yelling, 'uncle Aaron, uncle Aaron,' he looks at Robert with wide eyes and sees a smile which makes him smile. Florian stops and Aaron dismounts, the children run up to him as eveyone else walks to him.

After they spend sometime with Florian, Aaron takes him to his stable. He then joins the rest and takes Robert's hand who leans to him and gives him a kiss.
When they reach the kitchen, they find the table filled with snacks and treats for their afternoon tea. While they are all enjoying their tea, Aaron's phone rings, he looks at who may be calling and excuses himself from the table. As he stands, leans down gives Robert a kiss and then walks towards the office.

After a while he returns and takes his seat next to Robert. He looks at Robert and smiles, Robert leans forward and asks 'is everything ok?'

'Yeah, um, it was work. The owner of the stud farm we went to in Portugal asked if I could go to her farm and stay for a few days.' Aaron replies a little unsure, as he has to leave again and this time for longer than a day.

'Oh, ok. That's great, um, a few days?'

Aaron stands and holds out his hand for Robert, who takes it, Aaron then leads Robert to the garden, 'I would have said no, but she signed the contract and I know that I was away recently, but if you want me to phone her and cancel I will...'

Robert interrupts Aaron by holding his face in his hands and kissing him hard and making him moan.

'Aaron, I don't want you to cancel anything, unless you want to. It is your work of which I'm very proud of. I want to go with you but I can't cause I have meetings as well, but I will be here waiting for you, ok, I love you very much.'

Aaron hold him tight and gives him a kiss. After a while they go back inside and spend the rest of the afternoon with Sarah.

At the end of the day, after having said goodbye to the children and Debbie, Sarah turns to Aaron and hugs him tight. She whispers to him while holding him and Robert can see that he is smiling but has tears in his eyes while he nods. She then let's go and gives him a kiss on his forehead. Andy walks Sarah to the car and Robert goes to Aaron. He holds his face in his hands and looks into his eyes, he then leans forward and give him a kiss before he leaves to take Sarah home.

When Robert returns home with Andy, he goes to look for Aaron and finds him in the office. He walks up to him and gives him a kiss.

'I need to visit my gran, I promised I'd see her after we came back from Japan and she just called me a few minutes ago asking me when is she going to see us again. I think I'll do it tomorrow and then fly the next day to Portugal. What do you think?'

Robert leans against Aaron's desk and smiles, 'I'd love to see her as well, um... do you want to leave in the morning after breakfast... or would you like to invite her to come here for the day?'

'Oh... I didn't think of that... '

'Actually, I have just realised something, Faith is also Debbie's gran, right?'

'Yeah she is.... wait, what?... are you having one of your ideas again?'

Robert smiles and leans down and gives Aaron a kiss, 'just hear me out and tell me what you think. You phone Faith now and invite to come over for lunch, we will even go and pick her up if the drive is too much for her, we don't tell anyone anything of what's happening and we surprise Debbie and your gran... um... if she wants, I don't know... do you want to maybe invite Stephen?'

Aaron laughs, 'you know you are impossible with your ideas, always wanting to make everyone cry, happy but cry'

'Hey, I know you like my ideas...'

'Yes I do, now about inviting my gran and Stephen... when I phone her, I'll suggest it to her, about Stephen. She knows him so I'll see what she says.'

Robert nods and gives Aaron a kiss. Aaron smiles as he picks up his phone to make the call to his gran.

'Aaron?, Is everything ok?'

'Yes everything is good, I'll calling to invite you to come spend the day with me and Robert tomorrow.'

'Oh luv, that sounds amazing, wait let me just check if I have any orders for tomorrow.... actually I don't so I am free to spend my day with my beautiful boys.'

'Gran I also wanted to know, to ask you, um, if you would like Stephen to come with you? He seems really close to you, but I'll leave it up to you, we don't know him but you do, so what do think ?'

'Oh, really? You don't mind if Stephen goes?, he will be overjoyed. You boys don't need to worry about him, he has a good heart and a sad story. He will be so happy.'

'Ok so, then we will see you both tomorrow morning, we will pick you up...' Aaron turns to Robert, 'what time should I tell her?'

'Tell her we will be there around 9 am, we'll have to leave here at 7 am.'

'Gran?... we'll be there around 9 am, is that ok?'

'Yes luv, that is perfect, oh I can't wait. We'll see you tomorrow.'

Aaron ends the call and turns to Robert, 'right we need to go to bed cause we have to wake up really, really, really early, you know like really early....'

Robert laughs, 'are you sure it's that early?'

Aaron stands up gives Robert a hungry kiss and starts walking towards the door, he then turns to Robert, 'yeah it is, I mean we won't even have time to have sex....' Aaron starts to walk to the stairs.

'What?, wait, Aaron? what are you saying?.... Aaron?, that's not funny.... Aaron?....'

When Robert leaves the office he sees Aaron running up the stairs laughing, making Robert smile as he runs after him to their bedroom.