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A New Chapter

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Both waking up at the same time, they turn to each other smiling, and kiss good morning, they then remember they have guests in the house and decide to get out of bed. They walk to the bathroom naked to go have a shower before the go down to have breakfast. They spend the next hour having sex in the shower, after which they leave the bathroom and go to the walk in closet to get dressed.

When they are coming down the stairs, they can hear children's laughter, which makes them both smile. As they walk into the kitchen they see the family of four sitting in the louge area, waiting for them to have breakfast.

Robert and Aaron say good morning and Robert asks, 'did you all sleep well.?'

The four smile and reply good morning,then Andy says, 'I havn't slept that well in a very long time.'

Debbie answers, 'yeah the same with me and the kids slept well too.'

Robert and Aaron smile and nod, 'good, now who wants some breakfast,?' asks Robert.

Everyone stands and walks to the table, Amelia has made pancakes but Jeremy asks if anyone wants something else, everyone chooses to have pancakes. Once everyone has had their breakfast they all get up and leave the kitchen.

Just as they are about to leave the house to go on the surprise shopping trip, Robert's phone rings, he sees who it is and answers it, 'good morning Mike, what is it?'

Mike replies, 'I have some information, that you and Aaron will be interested in, it's about Katie Sugden and what's been going on in Emmerdale.'

Robert looks at the people around him and they all see how serious he is, Aaron knows who he talking with but Andy and Debbie do not, 'ok, is everyone ok?'

Mike answers, 'yes everyone is fine, you had asked me to look deeper in to Katie and I have but there is more beside her.'

Robert says, 'ok, come over this afternoon, then you can tell us everything. OK thanks Mike.'

As he ends the call Aaron asks, 'is everything ok?'

Robert nods, 'yeah everything is fine,' he then smiles and gives Aaron a kiss.

They walk out the front door with Andy, Debbie and the kids behind them. The two cars are already waiting as they were brought to the front door by the staff.

Robert then turns and says to the four, 'right, we have to divide, the cars are open you just need to pick one and then we will be on our way.' He then turns to Aaron and holds by his waiste, 'I'll leave first as you've never been there. I'm going to miss you.'

Aaron smiles, 'Robert it is just a 10 minute drive.'

Robert replies, 'so you're not going to miss me for the 10 minutes,' then pouting.

Aaron laughs, leans forward and kisses Robert, then says, 'I'll miss you very much.'

Robert smiles and gives Aaron a kiss. They then look around and see that Andy and Sarah are in one care and Debbie and Jack in the other, they turn back to each other and smile.

Aaron says, 'we better go, don't want to keep them waiting. Robert nods and takes Aaron's hand as they walk to his car. He opens the door for Aaron to get in and before he closes it he leans forward and kisses Aaron then whispers, 'I love you,' Aaron smiles and whispers back 'I love you more.'

Robert then closes the door and walks over to his car where Andy and Sarah are, he gets in and says, 'right let's go and you all sorted,' he starts the car and takes off.

Andy is looking around as Robert drives them to the gate to leave the estate, 'Robert it's really so beautiful here and peaceful...'

Robert smiles, 'yeah, it is. When I bought it, it's what I wanted and what I needed and now it's home and I wouldn't change it for anything, especially with Aaron here, I love it even more.'

Andy nods, 'you said it's what you wanted and then needed?'

Robert becomes serious and looks in his rear view mirror where Sarah is sitting, 'yeah, but it's a story better left for another time.'

Andy nods, he saw that Robert looked in his mirror, so he thinks that if Robert doesn't want to talk infront of Sarah then it's something serious and not for the children to hear.

In the meantime, Debbie looks at Aaron, 'this your car? Aaron, it is a nice car, better than your last one.'

Aaron smiles, 'yeah it is, I like it very much, and especially as it was a gift from Robert, I like it even more.'

Debbie says, 'a gift?, um, wow. He treats you like a king, doesn't he. You know the way you are together, is so sweet, and I've not really seen anyone that you can actually see how much they love each other, well not like you two.'

Aaron blushes and smiles, 'yeah, he does treat me like a king, always has, and I don't know what I would do without him anymore.'

Debbie then says, 'oh god, enough about that, you are going to make me emotional, lets talk about something else, so where are we going today?'

Aaron smiles, 'it's a surprise, you'll see, it won't take long to get there.'

As they are leaving the big gates to the estate, Debbie sees a man standing by the gatehouse, 'who is that man, and why is he standing there?'

Aaron replies, 'that is the gatehouse to the estate, and he is a security guard that works for the estate, he's the gatekeeper.'

Debbie nods, taking a breathe, feeling relieved that her children have never been in a safer place than they are now.

They are soon arriving at the shopping center in Hatfield, Andy turns to look Robert and then back at the very large building, this is not where he thought they were going, he thinks maybe there might be a charity here, but he doubts it. He decides not to say anything yet because he does not know why they are here.

Aaron parks his car next to Robert's, and everyone leaves both cars, Robert then walks up to Aaron and holds his face in his hands and kisses him, like he hasn't seen him in months. They are interrupted by Debbie, 'oi, lover boys, seriously, it was 10 minutes,' they both turn to look at her smiling, and she says, 'what are we going to do here?, do you need to get something before we go to the charity?'

Robert takes Aaron's hand in his when they turn and walk in Debbie and Andy's direction, Robert then says, 'we are not going to a charity, today we are going here to get everything the four of you need.'

Andy shakes his head, 'no that is not what we spoke about last night, you have done so much already and we are staying in your home and not contributing anything.'

Robert answers, 'you don't need to contribute anything because you are our guests, and this that we are doing today, it may not be what we spoke about, but it's something that Aaron and I want to do, consider it a gift for a new start for the four of you.'

Debbie then says, 'we are very grateful for everything, but I'm not happy about this, we won't be able to pay you back.'

Aaron replies, 'we're not asking for you to pay us back, as Robert just said it is a gift, so can we go in?'

They all nod, not really knowing what to say. They walk into the shopping center and Andy says he'll stay with kids in the play area for a bit, so Robert, Aaron and Debbie walk around just to have a look at the stores, Robert then sees a store for children's clothes and asks Debbie if that store is ok, she looks and tells him it's too expensive, he smiles and pulls Aaron with him into the store. At first they wait for Debbie who is reluctant to follow them, but she eventually does, and she finds Robert and Aaron already talking to the shop assistants asking for clothes for both children. When she reaches them, they turn and ask her the ages and sizes of both children. Robert and Aaron buy everthing they think will be necessary, which is so much more than what Debbie would have bought. Once they are happy, Robert pays and the three of them take the bags, but they ask one of the assistants to help take some of them to the car, because they are unable to carry them all.

They are walking to the doors of the shopping center, Robert and Aaron very happy, Debbie smiling but stunned and the amount of money spent. Andy sees people with a lot of bags walking in the direction of the door and it's only when they start getting closer to him that he sees who it is. His eyes start to widen, at the amount of bags, Robert then says, 'we'll right back, just going to put these in the car.' Andy looks and Debbie, and sees the expression on her face, he then looks at the bags but he can't see what is in them. He hears Jack calling him so he turns back to his kids.

Andy sees them walking in and to where he is, Robert says, 'we are just going to get somethings for Debbie and then we can come and get you to do the same, is that ok?'

Andy nods, now realising that those bags must have been for the kids, or maybe not all of it, most of it must belong to Robert and Aaron. He sees them walk off again and they enter a shop.

In the shop Debbie doesn't know what to pick, both Robert and Aaron realise this so they start pick clothes and ask her if she likes any of it. They end up buying some clothes but Robert is not happy, she will need more, so they take her to a another shop, where they buy more clothes. By the time they are done, they also need help with the bags.

Andy sees them walking to the door again, and it seems to him there are a few more bags than the first time, he looks at Debbie and she seems more stunned than the first time they took the shopping to the car.

They walk back in and tell Andy it's his turn, while Debbie stays with the kids. This time Robert and Aaron have a look around as they are in a menstore. Andy walks up to Robert and Aaron, with just a pair of jeans, and says he has what he needs. They look at his hands, then look up, Robert says 'we're not just buying that Andy, you have no clothes, we need to buy you much, much more than just a pair of jeans.' Robert then calls a shop assistant, and tells him what he needs, the assistant nods and walks off to talk to another assistant, both then leave the counter and start taking different pieces of clothing.

When they are done, Robert turns to Aaron smiling, he then looks at Andy who is in a daze, having never had so many clothes ever in his life. Aaron then places a hand on his shoulder and calls his name, everything is paid for and they can leave the store. An assistant helps them this time as well.

As they are walking to the door, Debbie sees Andy face and he looks like he is about to cry, she thinks of how overwelming it is for them both to have such a selfless act of generosity made for them.

The guys walk back in, Robert holding Aaron's hand as he has done all morning, and his other hand on Andy shoulder. When they reach Debbie and the kids, Robert says, 'Aaron and I are just going to check on something, will you be ok here, we won't take long and then, do you want to have lunch here or at home?, we can go to Pizza Hut or Nando's or something else.'

Aaron replies before anyone else can, Pizza Hut sounds good, even though I think Amelia's are better.

Robert smiles and give Aaron a kiss, he then turns to the rest and asks, 'pizza okay for everyone?' The kids jump up and down saying yes, so Andy and Debbie nod without saying anything. Both not knowing what to do with all the shopping that was done for them.

Robert and Aaron walk into a toy store and buy some toys and other things for the children. They then go to the sports store and buy a ball to kick around, a ball for the pool and some swimwear for them both, as the other stores didn't have what they were looking for, which was black briefs. When they have everything they want, they walk to the car and this time Andy and Debbie are distracted talking to each other so they don't see Robert and Aaron carrying toys and other shopping to the car.

When they return, they all go have have lunch, both children making Robert and Aaron laugh through out the lunch and after Robert tells everyone that they can ice cream at home because Amelia's is the best, which Aaron agrees, they leave the restaurant and the shopping center to go home.

On the drive back, Andy turns to Robert, 'you've spent too much, I didn't need most the things you bought me, why did you do that?'

Robert smiles, 'because your family have been through a tough time lately and we wanted to do something nice for the four of you, and before you say again it was too much, we didn't do it because you asked, or because we want something in return, we did it because we could and wanted to, so please accept the clothes as a gift Andy, for the four of you.'

Andy has tears in his eyes, 'I don't know what to say, um, no one has ever done anything like for any of us...,'

'Well I'm just glad we could.' Robert says as Andy seem lost in thought.

In Aaron's car Debbie is also saying, 'Aaron, what was that, spending money like it grows on trees, I mean.... you.... Robert.... it was too much, way too much, I don't.... I don't understand.... I....'

Aaron smiles, 'you all need stuff and we wanted to do this for all of you, and thats it really. I hope the kids like what we got them, if something doesn't fit we can come back.'

Debbie looks at Aaron, nods, puts her hand on his arm, she looks to her son and then back to Aaron with tears in her eyes.

Soon they are driving past the gatehouse, and down the tree lined drive to the house. They greeted by Jeremy, who has another four people with him, Andy asks who they are and Robert tells him it's some of the staff that work in the house. Aaron answers the same question from Debbie.

When they leave the cars Robert asks Jeremy to take all the bags into Andy's and Debbie's rooms, but not the bags from the toys and sports stores, because they want to surprise the children.

They leave Jeremy and the staff taking care of that and go to the kitchen as ice cream was promised, they all choose the flavours they want.

As they are finishing the ice cream, Jeremy walks into the kitchen and tells Robert that Mike has arrived and is waiting in their office. Robert nods and thanks him. He then turns to the kids, and asks if they would like to watch a movie. Andy and Debbie, look at him and Aaron, but wait to ask what is going on.

Once the kids are watching the movie with Jeremy keeping an eye on them, Robert tells Andy, 'you and Debbie should join us in this meeting, and before you ask why, all I was told is that is has to do with Katie.'

The four of them enter the office, Robert introduces everyone, and they all sit around the conference table, he then says, 'when Aaron and I went to meet with the Dingles and they found out that Katie was involved with everything that Chas had been doing to Aaron, they became worried for you and the kids and asked if I could get some more information to make sure that she was not a danger, well Mike here has information on Katie.' He nods to Mike for him to start.

'Right, as you asked, we did more investigating into Katie Sugden, here is what we found out, she has known Jack Sugden longer than she knew her husband. He was a client of hers. Her boyfriend, which has been her boyfriend all these years that she has been married, is a drug dealer, a dangerous guy, and he is also her pimp. That is how Jack met her, through her boyfriend as he had had business with her boyfriend before he met her. Jack then paid Katie 100 thousand pounds for her to marry Andy, and we know she did. The pregnancy that was used to force the marriage was fake, she was never pregnant and Jack knew that too. All the hotels that she has stayed at, that she used her part of Aaron's salary was to meet her boyfriend. She may not be as dangerous as the boyfriend but she is dangerous none the less. She planned the explosions in Debbie's house and the caravan Andy was staying in, the boyfriend planted the explosives for her. She wanted you all dead, including the children.

Now as for Aaron's situation, Chastity is about to lose the pub, because she has no customers, except for Katie and Jack, everyone now goes to the BnB, to drink and because Eric Pollard hates the three of them, they are not welcome. Because she has spent so much money looking for Aaron, and has been so obsessed, she has neglected the mortgage payments, and she has no more money, so by the end of the week the bank will repossess the pub. and then sell it in an auction.

As for the rest, Mr Kirk is safe and so is everyone else, nothing else has happened since the explosions that the police are investigating. That is all I have for you.
Robert is there anything you need from me know?'

Robert replies, 'um, just keep an eye on everything that is going on, oh, what about that other investigator that was looking for Aaron?'

Mike nods, 'nothing has changed, like I said before, it seems like he is waiting for something to happen we just don't know what that is, but we do know it has nothing to do with anyone from Emmerdale.'

Robert nods, 'ok, thanks for coming over we have a lot to talk about here. I'll walk you to the door.'

Mike says, 'no need I know my way out.' He turns and leaves the office and everyone stunned at the information that they were given.

Once Mike has left they all turn to Andy, he is staring at the bookshelf opposite him with shocked look on his face. Debbie who is sitting next to him puts her hand on his arm, 'Andy?, say something.'

Andy turns to her with tears falling down his face, 'what do want me to say, that I want to kill her, that I want to kill Jack, because I do, they ruined my life, for what?' He stands up and starts pacing, 'what a fucking joke I must be to them, Jack was her client, I mean.... what.... I don't even know what to say to that, and where the hell did he get 100 grand to pay her because he paid me mimium wage all the years I worked for him on that farm and he always told me it that we were struggling, now we find out that he had had business with a dangerous drug dealer, this fucking shit is like a movie, I don't know what to do,' he turns the three that are still seated at the table, 'what do I do, I can never work for him again ever, I don't know what to do, what am I going to do?'

Andy breaks down and falls on his knees, they all stand, Debbie rushes to him and hugs him as he cries, Robert kneels next to him and places a hand on his back. Aaron kneels next to Robert and holds his arm.

Robert then says, ' take a breathe, listen, we will help you sort out this mess, but first, look at me Andy, you need to remember you have two beautiful children, so you can't do anything stupid, ok?, what do you want to do?'

Andy who is now holding Robert's hand, says, 'divorce, I need to divorce her,'

Robert nods, 'we'll get that started right away, I'll call my lawyer and she'll take care of it, the rest can wait. ok?'

Andy nods, Robert then says, why don't you go spend some time with you children. The four of you can watch a movie together or better yet go for a swim.'

Debbie smiles, knowing that Robert is trying to make Andy feel better, 'that's a great idea, they were asking when they could go for a swim this morning. Robert are the clothes that you bought in out rooms?'

Robert smiles, 'yeah, they might be mixed, but they are in your rooms.'

Debbie nods, 'ok, come Andy lets take our kids for a swim, we just need to get changed.'

Andy eventually stands and Debbie takes his hand, and they walk to the cinema, while Robert says to Aaron that he is just going to get the ball for the pool for them and gives Aaron a kiss before he leaves the office.

While Aaron is alone, he thinks about the fact the Chas is losing the pub, but then he thinks what about Diane she owned half, maybe she sold her half. And who is this other investigator that has nothing to do with anyone in Emmerdale?.