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A New Chapter

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Robert wakes up from the nap first, looking at Aaron admiring his naked body lying on top of the bed. Robert starts drawing with his finger on Aaron's skin making goosebumps appear despite it being hot.

Aaron starts waking up, feeling Robert finger on his skin, he smiles before he opens his eyes and asks, 'what you doing?'

Robert smiles, 'I'm drawing on your beautiful body,'

Aaron opens his eyes and looks down where Robert is moving his fingers around and smiles. Robert leans forward and kisses Aaron slowly but passionately. Aaron moves closer to Robert to feel his body against his. They moan as the kiss starts to get more heated. When they break they look into each others eyes smiling.

Aaron says, 'I need to go for a swim, but before I do, I need you inside me.' He moves and sits on Roberts lap where he takes all of him. They have intense orgasms, and after catching his breathe Aaron climbs off Robert and off the bed and turns to him, 'you going to join me?'

Robert smiles and climbs off the bed taking Aaron's waiting hand and they walk out of the bedroom, still semi hard, to the pool where they jump into the water.

After a while Robert asks, 'what do you want to have for dinner?, we can go out and eat at a restaurant or we can eat in.'

Aaron nods, 'um, what if we barbecue, there's a barbecue area over there, maybe some steaks and a salad or something, what do you think?'

Robert smiles, 'I like the sound of that, I better go marinate the meat so it can rest for a bit before it's grilled.' Robert moves to get out of the pool, as he is moving he kisses Aaron who then watches him get out of the water, looking at Robert's body glistening from the water, the sun shining on his hair making it look golden, making Aaron sigh with contentment.

After a bit Robert appears in the door and asks Aaron if he wants anything to drink to which he nods and asks for a beer, so Robert brings them both one each. He climbs down the steps of the pool carrying both bottles and gives Aaron his when he reaches him and gives him a kiss.

They stay in the pool for a while, kissing, holding each other, until they notice the sun is setting, so they decide to make dinner. They both get out of the water and laugh when they see that both are so hard. Robert goes to the barbecue to prepare it, while Aaron goes into the kitchen to start cutting the ingredients for the salad. He is interrupted by Robert's arms around him and kissing on his neck, making him smile.

Robert then takes the meat and goes the barbecue, taking another beer with him. He places the meat on the grill and looks out to the horizen, thinking, how much he loves being here with Aaron, how much he loves Aaron. He feels complete, Aaron completes him. Then he gets a thought, he wants to marry him, maybe it's too soon to ask, they have only known each other for a few weeks, but it feels right, but what if Aaron doesn't want to get married, they've never spoken about it before. Maybe he should approach the subject with him to see what he thinks.

Robert is so lost in thought that he doesn't notice Aaron walk up to him and only snaps out of his mind when he feel a kiss on his shoulder. He looks at Aaron smiling and gives him a kiss.

Aaron asks, 'where were you just then?'

Robert smiles, 'I was thinking how much I'm loving being here with you, well I could be anywhere with you and I'd probably love it,' Aaron has now moved and is holding Robert in his arms, 'and I was thinking how much I love you, how you complete me.' Robert gives him a kiss.

Aaron is blushing nodding, 'I feel the same you know, the love I feel we have for each other is something I never knew I could have, but I feel it with every cell in my body, I never imagined I could have such an overpowering feeling for someone, but I do for you and I think maybe you feel the same for me too.'

Robert smiles, gives Aaron a kiss, 'yes I feel the same for you too. I been in love and have loved before, but nothing compared to how we feel for each other. I want you forever.'

Robert then remembers the meat, 'oh shit I forgot the meat, hope it's not burnt.' Which it turns out to be, it is not. The meat is grilled to perfection. Aaron gets the salad from the kitchen and the dishes and cutlery, Robert gets them another beer and they eat outside by the pool, sitting close to each other naked, enjoying their food.

After dinner they take everything inside and get some ice cream and come back outside where the lay a large blanket and lay on top of it enjoying their ice cream under the stars.

Robert decides to ask some questions, 'where would your dream holiday be?'

Aaron thinks, 'um, here, now, you?

Robert smiles gives him a kiss, 'yeah here is perfect, but is there a place you wanted to go before, you met me?'

Aaron thinks, 'why you asking?'

Robert replies, 'just curious, trying to know more about you, well?'

Aaron looks up to the stars, 'ok, um a few places, New Zealand, South Africa, Caribeann, what about you?'

Robert smiles, 'love your choices, New Zealand, Japan, all over really, ok next question, are you a cat or dog person?'

Aaron laughs, 'I like both but I think I'm more of a dog person, you?'

'Yeah, the same, um...' Robert is interrupted by Aaron.

'Let me ask now, lets see, a deep question, um, would you like to have kids one day?'

Robert smiles, thanking the stars above him that Aaron has gone in that direction, 'I think I would, I don't know how many though, I think it would depend on after having the first one I guess, you?'

Aaron nods, 'yeah, nervous at the thought I could ever be a dad, but I'd like to be like Paddy was with me.'

Robert says, 'I think you'd be a great dad, ok now, would you ever want to get married, or stay single?'

Aaron smiles, 'I have never imagined I would ever get married, didn't think it was possible for me, but it if it were possible. then being married I think could be good, um, so yeah, but single isn't the worst, but it can be lonely, I guess, oh god I'm rambling now, what about you?'

Robert smiles, 'single, well not so much, I think I'd like to get married. I think that with me the thought of getting married has grown as I have gotten older, didn't really want to when I was younger, didn't see the point, but now, now I would like to, yeah.'

Aaron looks at Robert thinking he that he could definately get married to him, he'd marry him right now infact, but he'll keep that bit to himself, so he asks another question. 'Ok next question, most unexpected thing to happen to you?'

Robert nods, 'meeting you and falling so deeply in love so fast, going to Hotten after you phoned, it was no where near anything I could have thought, that I would fall in love, and for you?'

Aaron smiles and leans forward and gives Robert a kiss, 'yeah, for me it's same really.'

Robert holds Aaron's face in his hands and kisses him, moving closer as he does. They have sex by the pool, under the night sky filled with stars.

They eventually go the bedroom and have sex once more before they fall asleep in each others arms, both happy, and thinking about the conversation they had,

Robert thinking of how he is going to propose and Aaron thinking, he'd like to married to Robert.

 The next morning Aaron is the first to wake up, he looks at Robert who is still sleeping, and smiles watching the beautiful man for a few minutes until he gets an idea. He tries to get out of Robert's embrace with out waking him up, and he successful after a while. He climbs off the bed and walks to the kitchen, naked, starting to get the things he needs. When he if finished he looks at the time and it's not too early, it's actually mid morning, so he takes the tray and goes back to the bedroom. When he walks in Robert is still asleep, so he places the tray on the chair next to the bed and climbs on the bed and crawls over Robert until he is facing him. He leans down and gives Robert a tender kiss, Robert moans still asleep, so Aaron gives him another kiss, a longer one and leans back and watches  Robert as he starts opening his eyes. Robert smiles as he sees Aaron on top of him wrapping his arms around him and kissing him.

When they break Aaron says, 'good morning sexy,'

Robert gives a quick kiss, 'good morning beautiful, you up already?'

Aaron nods blushing, 'yeah, um, I made you breakfast in bed, I hope you it's ok, never done it before.'

Robert looks into his eyes, 'it's perfect, and I love it, I love you.' and gives Aaron another kiss.

Aaron climbs off the bed and gets the tray, 'I made you some eggs, toast, oranje juice, some fruit salad, coffee, there are also some pancakes, or something like pancakes, I tried to make them but it's really hard.'

Robert can't take his eyes of Aaron, 'you made this all for me?, it looks great, thank you so much, but you are having this with me in bed yeah?'

Aaron nods, 'yeah, I have breakfast in bed with you.' and gives Robert a kiss.

They decide to stay in, choosing another day to go out, spending it in the pool naked and having lots of sex through out the day.

They go to bed early to they can have a good sleep to go out the next day, so Robert show him around, which doesn't happen, as they have sex more than once during the night, unable from keeping themselves from being constantly horny for each other.