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Wait 'til the world is mine (ours).

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“Get out.”




“I said get out Jeongguk.” Jeongguk blinked, wide-eyed and shocked. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears and suddenly the world stood silent and dizzy. What . His eyes scanned his mother’s figure, so petite and posed. Just sitting there, in the dining chair across from him, not even lifting her gaze from the newspaper she was looking through.


“Mother I-” Jeongguk tried, reaching his hand out before retreating immediately.


“Get out of this house Jeon Jeongguk, I will not repeat myself again.” Jeongguk instantly shut his mouth, his throat constricting as a lump formed there. He looked down at his lap, vision blurring with the onslaught of tears. He couldn’t cry. He was not a coward. Mother wouldn’t approve. How stupid could he get? It wasn’t that he wasn’t expecting this outcome, it's just that he was taken aback by the forwardness of his mother. How brash and immediate her answer had come.


“The butler will have your belongings sent to you once you find a suitable living place. I will not have my youngest child disgrace this family’s name by chasing some childish dream of becoming a lowly singer.” By this point, she had calmly closed her newspaper and laughed through her words. Her tone was cold and emotionless, like her demeanor most days. Not once did she turn her gaze towards Jeongguk’s sagging figure, now heavy with the weight of rejection. He never let the tear threatening to slip from his eyes away, knowing that it would make her anger (though it wasn’t in the form of most, mother’s was always eerily calmer) worst. Jeongguk tried to speak, but he didn't know what to say. What would I say anyway? No mother, I take it back. I want to do business and help Taehyung-hyung run the company. Please don't cast me out. He imagined this situation playing out differently, her taking his hand in her own and telling her with an imaginary gentleness that he had only ever imagined: “ I love you Jeongguk, do what you want.”


Such a naive fool he was.


Jeongguk’s mother, without taking her eyes off of her breakfast - set in front of her - lifted her hand effortlessly and gracefully into the air to motion towards the butler, Namjoon, who was giving Jeongguk a mournful and equally shocked look.

He silently made his way towards the lady of the house and leaned forward to listen to her as she whispered into his ear. He was unseemingly tall, so when he bent down, Jeongguk couldn’t help but watch as his face flinched with his mother’s words. Jeongguk’s heart thudded painfully against his chest. How had he made such a grave mistake? Was he out of his mind?  Thoughts that he didn't want to even consider popped into his brain too. What would Tae say? Oh god, what have I done?


He didn’t register it until Namjoon had come around the huge twelve chair dining table to his side and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. He wordlessly got up, eyes still wide and watery, mouth hung agape, moving on autopilot. He was steered silently towards the foyer, legs moving like lead, where Namjoon unlocked the door and held it open for him. Jeongguk looked at him in a silent plea, but he knew male had no choice in the matter. Namjoon made eye contact with him once - where Jeongguk saw watery eyes - before he looked down to his feet, waiting for Jeongguk to move.


Jeongguk stepped over the threshold and in an instant, his world shattered into millions of minuscule shards around him.


As much as Hoseok loved the sound of the chattering, the clinks, and clatter of the utensils around him, and the hustle of serving customers with a smile, he was restless. Days at his father's restaurant depended on the type of people that came - typically happy couples or families - and the mood he was in. He enjoyed working there however, with his brother Seokjin in the kitchen and him manning the counters and tables, he was ok. But Hoseok wasn't one to settle for just ok.


He had his own dreams of becoming a choreographer. To take over the world, to make people happy. But for now, he had to settle with the money he was earning here. After all, it wasn't like he was sleeping on his dream. The money he made went towards the rent for the studio downtown and he was more than happy to work for that cause.

Hoseok ran a hand through his brown hair, falling around his face lightly before he smiled towards his brother.


"One order number 4, Jin-hyung,"


The mentioned elder stuck his head through the kitchen doors and nodded once before heading back inside.


Their life was simple but certainly not boring. Sometimes they would get the occasional hot-headed customer that would be very particular about their food. Other times, it would be the rush of business - often lunch - and the need to both be in the kitchens. Luckily for them, Hoseok was almost as good a cook as Seokjin and this kept their quality high while they were low on hands. Occasionally, they had Yoongi come in, Seokjin's friend from culinary school and he would help around too.


Hoseok knew that the two were extremely tight and anyone would be a fool to not see the look Yoongi often gave Seokjin, but every time he would tease him, the elder would blush and punch him on the shoulder.


But Hoseok wanted more.


"It was a good day today Jin-hyung," Hoseok said as he wiped down the last table for the day before they locked up. Said male walked in after flipping the kitchen lights off, he was wiping his hands in a towel and plopped down into the chair of the table Hoseok was wiping. Hoseok himself sighed and sat down opposite him.


"Where's dad?" Hoseok asked, fanning himself with the towel.


"He went into town to buy some groceries we're low on, call him, he's been gone since lunch," Seokjin replied, his eyes running over his brothers features. He could sense there was something the younger wanted to address.

Hoseok swiped across his phone for a few seconds before clicking on his fathers contact. There was ringing for a few seconds before his dad picked up.


“Hoseokkie, I’m almost home, I have some good news!”


“Ok dad, Jin-hyung and I are waiting for you, what’s taking so long anyway? Did the fish lady not budge with her prices again, I swear she’s getting stingier every-”


“- No Hoseokkie, I have some good news, like I said, just wait until I get home, ok?”


“OK dad, but be quick.”


He hung up and looked up to see his brother with a questioning look on his face.


“Ok, Hoseok, I’ve known you for twenty four years, what’s up?” He says smoothly in his big brother voice. Damn siblings and their instincts.


Hoseok sighs before holding his head in his hands. How was he supposed to tell him he wanted another job? One that paid better so that he could pay for longer hours at the studio?


“I wanted to talk about getting-”


Before he could finish his sentence however, a familiar voice rang through the kitchen - their father, who most probably walked in through the backdoor - “Hoseokkie! Jinnie! I bought the groceries for tomorrow!”’


The pair of them smiled as their dad came in and walked towards them.


“Hey dad, take a seat, you must be tired from all that walking.”


“Oh, I’m fine, I’m not that old.” he replied, with a shake of his head. Regardless, he took a seat in between both of his sons.


“What’s this good news you’ve been going on about then?” The younger asked, genuine curiosity in his voice.


His dad smiled and faced him.


“I know you too well Hoseokkie, I know you’ve always wanted to dance for a living.” His father said calmly, expression soft. The man looked across to see his brother with a similar expression on his face.


“Yeah, actually I was going to talk to you guys about that tonight…”


“Well, Jin and I’ve talked about it too, we know you aren't happy here. And I think it’s time for you to start making your own life. Go, out into the world and make it yours son. Be what you want to be. Go.”


Hoseok stared, stunned. It was as if his father had taken the words straight off of his tongue. He couldn't the smile stretch across his face. Wholeheartedly and genuinely, his eyes crinkled up and he knew he was beaming. He could feel the happiness radiating off of him in waves and he knew the other two were smiling too.






When Jeongguk first moved in, he felt inadequate. He didn’t know what he was doing, sat in the dark of the living room, on the cold sofa. I shouldn’t be here. I should be at home with Mother and Tae. His belongings were still in the boxes they were in when they were sent over from his family’s home. There were a few pieces of furniture, just from his room back in the mansion, but other than that, he felt empty. Not that his house was any warmer.


He had sat there, for about an hour with his head in his hands, letting a few tears slide down his cheek as he remembered the coldness and regret eat him up, before he heard a rapt knock on his door.


He called out a broken ‘come in’ and he heard the unmistakable sound of his brother’s expensive shoes on the hard floor.


“Gguk?” His baritone voice called out.


“In here,” He replied, not making any effort to get up.


His brother followed his voice and walked up to him to crouch down and face him.


“Hey Gguk, how are you feeling?”


Jeongguk laughed dryly and looked away.


“How does it look like I’m feeling?” He didn’t mean for it to sound biting, but he couldn’t help but feel like absolute shit.


Taehyung lifted an arm to his brothers face and pushed it gently so that he could look at him.


“It’ll be ok, Gguk, trust me.”


“How? How will it be ok?” Jeongguk’s voice broke again, another onslaught of tears forming in his eyes.


“I can’t even fucking talk to mother without her shunning me and pretending I’m not her son. Why- why, Tae I-”


“-shh, calm down,” Taehyung thumbed away a few tears before feeling his own eyes brim. “look, I can’t do anything about her. She’s...something. But, I do know that you are a determined and good person. I know you are better than this Jeongguk. You just need to prove to her that you don’t need her. She was never good to us, you know that. What we have become today is because of Father, not her.


The younger doesn’t say anything for a while, taking his brother’s words in, but he feels his eyes well up again with tears.


“Y-you believe that?”


“I know it. Gguk, I don’t want you sitting around doing nothing but feeling sorry for yourself, ok? That isn’t going to do any good, it’ll prove that she was right for kicking you out, which she wasn’t. In fact, I’m going to talk to my lawyer about this. I want you to get out there and prove to her that you are capable of being amazing, ok?”


Taehyung smiles at his brother and swipes away another stray tear. Jeongguk can’t help but feel somewhat responsible. But he needed to prove that his drive was not in vain. His brother was right.


“Yeah, ok, I-I’ll try,”


“That’s my baby bro,” Taehyung leaned into a hug, ruffling Jeongguk’s hair, to which the younger protested but smiled regardless.


“Now, let’s help you unpack, huh?”


When Jeongguk put out the advertisement, he didn’t expect replies to come so soon. Neither did he expect so many. He decided to hold interviews so that he could determine who to employ. It wasn’t that he was entirely useless (he kinda was) but Jeongguk couldn’t cook for his life.


One time, he tried to fry an egg and ended up turning the sprinklers on in the entire mansion. Mother did not take that well. So, he had thought hiring an in-house cook was not a bad idea. Besides, his apartment was big and lonely. The first few interviews went fairly well, the people were nice and the cooking was ok, but were they compatible? Would they be able to deal with his midnight meals? Jeongguk didn’t feel much of a connection with the applicants, he was as much looking for a roommate, as he was a cook. Someone he could spend some time with - and could also cook, the brunet thought.


When Hoseok applied for the in-house cook, it was mainly for the money. Now, Hoseok was not a shallow person. Not in the least. But the pay was amazing, he would need it if he wanted to keep working longer hours at the studio. Plus, it came with free housing and it was situated in an upscale part of town. Hoseok saw no flaw in it. He just hoped that his skills in his father's restaurant would appeal to his employer.


Hoseok looked up from his laptop and stretched his arms out in front of him. He looked up on the company website he wanted to audition for. They were auditioning in about a month from now. That meant he had to work hard to get this job. He really really really wanted to get into a good company. He was just about to sign off and close his laptop when a little signal in the corner of the screen lit up, indicating he had a new email - it was from the employer!


Eagerly, Hoseok clicked on it, nerves tingling through him.


“ seven thirty am tomorrow morning for your interview…”  He murmured to himself, why the hell does he want me there so goddamn early? He thought, face scrunched in confusion, but he made no further qualms. He was getting that job no matter what.


There was a soft knock on Jeongguk’s door when he got out of the shower. He hurried to pull a shirt on as he combed through his damp chestnut hair with his hands. He was expecting the interviewee to be a bit later, but he was pleasantly surprised to know that the man was early.


When he got to the door, he opened it slowly and there- Jungkook stopped breathing. He felt his throat physically choke up as he took in the man before him. Scanning from head to toe ( not creepy at all Jeongguk) the man had brown and soft looking hair that fell easily in and around his face, framing it nicely, a lean body which was accentuated by his choice of black fitting slacks and a white button down short-sleeved shirt.


He stood there in the doorframe, eyes wide as he took in the man’s high cheekbones and heart shaped smile.


What the fuck.


When he realised he was staring, he shook his head to regain himself.


“H-hi, I’m Jeongguk, I’ll be your interviewer and possible future employer,” The younger said with a bow.


Hoseok just smiled, completely oblivious to Jungkook's wandering eyes.


“Hello Sir! I’m Jung Hoseok, I’m here for my interview.” the chirpiness in the youngers voice made the hairs on the back of Jeongguk’s neck stand up in adoration, but he didn’t say anything further as they both bowed.


There was something about his voice that made Jeongguk shiver in delight and he couldn't understand why. But he was here for a reason and the younger had to remind himself of that fact as he (again) shook himself out of his head.


“Right, come in,” He gestured, scratching the back of his neck. “Um, s-so today, you’re actually gonna be cooking for me.”


Hoseok turned around suddenly and his mouth shaped an ‘oh’. Jeongguk’s eyes lingered there for a split second before he nodded his head in affirmation. Best method of evaluation.


“I’ll judge you based on what you cook and how long it takes you. Also the taste, of course.” Jeongguk confirmed, head tilting towards the kitchen on the right.


Hoseok nodded in understanding, he doesn’t know how to cook and he looks like he just woke up so...breakfast? The elder took in the apartment as he made his way towards the kitchen. It was a really nice place. He was really nice. Wait Jung Hoseok, you did not just think that. That's your boss.


Jeongguk watched as Hoseok’s eyes widened in amazement at the luxurious place. When they arrived in the kitchen, Hoseok took a quick look around and turned to face Jeongguk.


“So, what would you like to eat, sir?”


Jeongguk smiled and sat down at the bar stool setting his arms on the counter.


“That’s for you to know and for me to find out,” He said cheekily, grinning from ear to ear.


I'm in deep shit, Hoseok thought.


A good twenty minutes later, Hoseok had made breakfast - a hearty omelette and flavoured rice, along with tea and a fruit salad - and cleaned up neatly. He put the bowls and plates down in front of the younger as he anticipated the verdict.


Jeongguk could already tell this was going to be better than the previous cooks he interviewed, the scent of the food alone was enough to make his stomach growl. He gave Hoseok a small smirk and lifted his chopsticks to take a bite.


The moment Jeongguk’s mouth closed around the food, he was sold.

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The day Hoseok moved in, Jeongguk was nervous. Why exactly, he didn't know. Although he guessed it might be because he was afraid of what Hoseok might've thought of him. He thought of his little habits and annoying tendencies, waking up in the middle of the night in the mansion was easy, all he had to do was sneak down into the kitchen, where the chef would often leave him treats. He loved chef Kim’s pastries, he couldn’t get enough of them, but he was afraid that Hoseok wouldn’t understand his need for comfort food just as much.


Hoseok huffed, placing down the last box of stuff in the apartment foyer. The elder was in confusion himself. Why the hell is the kid just standing there staring at me? He was, if not, a little bit pissed off too, the kid could’ve at least helped him bring up his stuff, after all, he needs me right? But he didn’t dwell much on, chalking it up to the kids posh life of not having to do anything. Still. He could try.


“Sir, not to be rude or anything, but like, could you help me put my stuff in my room?” He asked, running his hands through his hair - he was sweating, and his tank top was beginning to cling to him like a second skin.


Jeongguk gave him a blank look before he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.


“Um, isn’t that your job..?”


Hoseok laughed through his nose as his eyebrows shot up. Jeongguk blinked. He felt something akin to inability. He heard his brother’s voice run through his head, prove to her you are capable. Then he heard his mother's. It did things to him.


“No, my job is to cook, sir.”


Well, Jeongguk thought. He had him there.


“I-I guess so,”


He moved forward to reach out for a box before his foot caught on the rug and he hurled forward. Before he could fall, Hoseok moved quickly to catch the younger, just barely grabbing the younger by the waist.


Jeongguk looked up, startled and heart pounding. He felt the elder males tight biceps flex underneath him and he thought he might explode.




“It’s ok, sir,” Hoseok laughed, grinning down at him.


“You’re pretty built though so I’d appreciate it if you could, yknow-”


Jeongguk realised he meant he was heavy - and he was right, Jeongguk was a muscle bunny -  and he scrambled out of Hoseok’s grip. He was pretty sure his whole upper torso was flushed red and if he wasn't so caught up in his own embarrassment, he would've noticed the elder’s pink cheeks too.


“Also, you don’t have to call me sir all the time, it’s weird…”


“Yeah, it is,” Hoseok laughed. He did that a lot. “What about Ggukkie?”  he bubbled as if he’d made the most funniest joke of the century.


“Y-yeah ok.”  Hoseok abruptly stopped and gave him a startled look. “What, really?” He gasped, “Are you serious?”


“Yeah, I’ve had people call me ‘sir’ my whole life, it’s time I grow out of it.”


Hoseok nodded, impressed, and thought about something briefly (mainly about how that could possibly be a bad thing, but he didn't press) and smirked.


Jeongguk’s mother was beautiful. Her skin, flawless and smooth. Hair that Jeongguk remembered fell elegantly past her shoulders complimented by the red lipstick she always wore. But that night he couldn't get the image of his mother’s disappointed face out of his head. It wasn't beautiful nor comfortable. He remembered the way she would give him a cold glare if he ever talked to one of the servants’ children as a kid and he would immediately shut down. He remembered the text message he got from Namjoon earlier that day after dinner (that Hoseok had made)  - saying his mother wanted to meet him to see how he was doing. In fact, neither did Jeongguk. Namjoon was a good butler, he cared more for Jeongguk than his own mother did sometimes and he was always grateful for the elder. But the meeting meant his mother didn’t want to check if he was ‘ok’ so to speak, but if he had learnt his lesson. Jeongguk didn't want to give her that satisfaction. He tossed on his king sized bed for a couple more minutes before he sat up. His shirt was soaked and he walked swiftly to the ensuite to splash cold water on his face.


Hoseok’s bedroom was two doors down from his own and he could hear faint snores coming from it. He sighed and a brief thought flashed through his mind saying that it was his job. He would be alright with a simple midnight snack, right? The boy made his way from his room to Hoseok’s and knocked lightly on the door. At first, there was no reply, but after a couple minutes the door clicked open and there stood a sleepy Hoseok. Jeongguk briefly scanned the elder’s ruffled hair and pouty lips, but he quickly shook his head and cut to the chase.


“I’m hungry.” He stated, hands fidgeting with the hem of his oversized white tee. He didn't want to make eye contact with the elder out of fear of rejection. A common occurrence it was becoming, it seemed.


Hoseok’s eyebrows furrowed for a second before he sighed and looked over his shoulder to his little alarm clock sitting on his bedside.


“It’s two am,”


This kid is crazy. I’m a cook, not a servant.


“I-I can’t sleep and my cook back home would always leave me food if I couldn’t, s-so-”


“-yeah yeah, ok, let me get my glasses,” Hoseok surprised himself, he didn't understand why he was agreeing, but he had a big day tomorrow and he didn't want to spend any longer negotiating. Rich kids.


Jeongguk internally sighed and a slight smile graced his face. Hoseok glanced down and realised the kid’s skin was gleaming. Maybe he really couldn’t sleep.


With his glasses on, he followed the younger silently to the kitchen.


For the first five minutes of cooking, Hoseok focused on getting the task at hand completed, but with the look Jeongguk had on as he cooked, he couldn't help but be a little bit concerned.


It was the first time since the elder had met him did the younger actually look kind of small. It was a bit of a struggle to keep his eyes off of the doe like gaze the younger had fixed on his hands, watching as he sifted flour expertly into a bowl. Microwave brownies were always a favourite. He's just a kid. A very cute kid. Hoseok quickly shook his head of the last thought and proceeded to pour the batter into a dish.


Placing the batter into the microwave and turning back around to wait, he leaned against the opposite counter and Jeongguk looked up.


“Is something bothering you, kid?”


The brunet didn't say anything for a couple of minutes, just staring at Hoseok through fluttering lashes before he gave a little huff of air and ran his hands through his hair.




“There is no maybe, it's either a yes or a no,” Hoseok smirked, moving to sit next to Jeongguk on a barstool.


Jeongguk sucked in a breath and released it slowly, unsure of how he should answer the question.


Is there something bothering me? Should I be afraid of my meeting with her? What will she do anyway, kick me out again? That's not possible, seeing as how I’m already living in hyungs other apartment.


“...yes, I-I guess so,”


“Yeah? Is it making you nervous?” This response, Jeongguk didn't expect. He was sure the elder would've asked about his deal by now, a suspiciously young man living in an apartment in a upscale part of town.


“Y-yeah, really nervous. In fact, I'm scared shitless.”


“I see, and is this thing going to be life-changing?”


“I'm not entirely sure,”


There was a slight pause in the conversation as Hoseok rested his elbows on the counter and squinted his eyes in the dim kitchen lighting. Jeongguk sneaked a look to Hoseok's side profile, smooth tan skin and a chiseled jaw. Jeongguk gulped.


“Look, what I'm trying to get at is -” Hoseok started as he gracefully got up to check on the brownies, “-is it worth you getting so worked up over? What is it going to bring, y'know what I'm saying?”


Jeongguk sort of understood, he was still trying to calm his nerves down - and failing miserably.


He watched as Hoseok carefully pulled out the dish with the five minute brownies inside. The elder laid it on the granite countertop and grabbed a knife from the drawer beside him.


“Y-yeah, I think I'm just scared it could go horribly wrong..?”


“Well, if there's a possibility it could go wrong, there is a chance it go your way, right?”


Jeongguk’s eyes focused on the way Hoseok’s fingers worked as tiny squares appeared under the knife .


I guess so..


I never thought of it like that,”


Hoseok slid over a plate with brownies towards the younger, smirking a small bit.


“Just try not to show your nerves then, yeah?”




The elder may not have known what the hell Jeongguk was so nervous about, but whatever he had told him last night couldn't possibly help himself now.


Hoseok's eyes snapped open, adrenaline pulsed through his veins as he tried to get his bearings straight. He took one look at his alarm clock and he almost cried. He was so fucking late.


He jumped out of bed and into the bathroom, trying - keyword, trying - to sustain some form of decorum while brushing his teeth, but really he was just moving foam around - all the while frantically shoving clothes off and on himself.


Within an astounding span of three minutes, he ran into the kitchen, with no real intention to make breakfast when it hit him-


I have to cook for Jeongguk.


The younger was still asleep and if his instincts told him anything, it was that he shouldn't leave without leaving something.


Although he contemplated making something quickly, he opted instead to write a quick note as he pulled out his phone and rang up the restaurant on his way out of the door-


“Hey, Jin-hyung,”


“Hoseok? Why the fuck do you sound so breathless-”


“-I don't have time to explain, just do me a favour, will you?”


Twenty minutes later, Hoseok panted as he stood, hands on his knees, in the entrance foyer to Hope on the Street. The biggest entertainment company in the country. He could've cried, he was so relieved he had made it in time for the applications. He was also a little bit mad with himself - and Jeongguk, just a smidge - for not preparing better.


Regardless, he was here now and that's what mattered in the moment. He made his way to the receptionist and smiled sweetly at the woman that was sat there.


“Hi, I'm here for the- uh, audition sign ups?”

He was really new to this, he really was, And it showed, but Hoseok didn't care. The woman, who had a sour expression on her face took one look at Hoseok and flinched.


“I'm sorry, but you're too late. All the applications are gone.”




“You're too late.”


“T-that can't be, I made it here in time-”


“Just because you made it in time doesn't guarantee you getting an application. Now, if you'll excuse me - oh my god.”


At this, Hoseok was confused as he turned to follow the woman's gaze, which was now on a man walking down through the foyer. His hair was grey and styled back nicely to reveal his forehead and it complimented his choice of a black fitting suit. Everything about the man screamed rich! rich! rich! and Hoseok's head was spinning from all the fussing that was happening around him.


The woman, who had previously scowled at him, was now smiling a sickly sweet smile and had overly doused herself in cheap perfume. It wafted and almost would have made Hoseok sick, if he wasn't so invested in the aura the man heading towards him was giving off. People scrambled left and right around the foyer, bowing respectfully towards the man that seemed to rule the building.


Wait, heading towards him?


Hoseok stilled as he watched the man stalk towards him. His gaze was sharp - but not unkind, and Hoseok found himself struggling to figure what to do, should he bow? Should he smile? Hell, he didn’t even know who he was.


He didn’t seem that interested in Hoseok however, giving him a once over and instead focused his attention on the woman that acted sourly towards Hoseok.


“Did you get the papers I asked you to?” He asked smoothly, not giving away a single emotion on his face, Hoseok briefly found himself wondering if the man actually did own the building, or if anything, have a high position in the company.


That could work in his favour.


“O-oh Mr. Park, u-um, I-”


“-It’s not a difficult question Ha-Eun. Yes or no.”


Hoseok watched, stunned, at the power the man before him held. He had reduced the woman to stammers.


“No, sir, but I’ll have them on your desk by the hour.”


At this, Hoseok could tell the man was unimpressed, if not, a little bit pissed. Nothing as much as a small crease in his brow gave this away and if what he had seen so far was anything to go by, this was not good at all. This was, apparently, not the answer he was looking for. The woman - Ha-Eun- looked as if she was trembling something cold.


“Hm. Don’t bother.”


It was then that Hoseok has realised that the entire lobby was dead silent. He turned to look around him and there was no clicking of peoples shoes - or any people at all. It was just the three of them in the lobby. Ha-Eun looked at him in utter disbelief, jaw slack and words frozen on her tongue.


“But Sir-”


She shut her mouth as soon as the words tumbled out of her mouth, as the man turned to glance at her one last time.


As if on cue, Mr. Park, Hoseok learned, realised he was standing there the entire time. He gave him a look as if to say ‘why are you still standing there?’ and then began walking off.


Hoseok’s mind clicked and he raced after the male, stopping in his tracks only when the man turned to face him directly. Maybe he had heard him running behind him in the silence of the lobby.


“You don’t need to run. If you must talk, then say so.”


Hoseok’s eyebrows reached his forehead and he was amazed at how fast he had walked in the short amount of time.


“Uh- yes, Mr. Park, I was hoping to get an application-”


“Can you sing?”


Hoseok was a bit taken aback by the question but answered nonetheless.


“N-no, Sir-”


“Can you rap?”


“A little bit, I guess, but I never-”


The other male sighed and closed his eyes briefly before asking.


“Can you dance?”


“Yes! I love dancing so much-”


“Good, come into my office tomorrow morning to pick up the application. Don’t be late”


“Ok sir, I wil-”


“Tell my secretary at the desk you’re here to see me.”


“Ok, sir, I will.”


A second passed before he asked again,


“W-who am I seeing, sir?” Hoseok felt a bit dumb asking the question, but judging by the small smirk that was playing on the man’s lips, he was in the safe zone.


“Park Jimin.” He said before stalking away to the door, where the doorman held it open for him.


Park Jimin. Park Jimin, where had he heard that name before?


It took him exactly three seconds to realise, and when it did, his eyes opened wide in shock as he fell to his knees.


The Park Jimin, the CEO and owner of Hope on the Street.”