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good night, noona

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“It’s just – so fucking annoying.” Jina says, draped upon the couch with her head in Yoongi’s lap, one hand cradling her glass of Rosé, the other swept over her forehead.

Yoongi nods, and Jina knows that his pride has to be a little bit wounded from their current discussion.

Or, well. Jina’s continuous slightly drunken complaining that no man has ever been able to satisfy her in bed. Not once has she cum from being fucked by a man, being eaten out by a man, being fingered by a man. Nothing from any man, ever, has gotten her even remotely close to cumming.

It’s not like her pussy is defective, either. She’s made herself cum plenty of times. Plenty of girls she’s fucked have made her cum like it was nothing. It’s just – men.

How many times has she been asked after only two minutes of a dick being inside of her if she came? Oh, yes! She’d say, yes, I came! Because that was easier than telling any of the guys she’s fucked that, No, you fucking bastard, your dick was even more useless than a vibrator from Spencer’s.

“I just want for a guy to make me cum.” She says, taking a sip of her Rosé through her elongated curly straw. “Just once. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

Yoongi doesn’t respond, doesn’t even nod. Which concerns Jina just a bit, but she also knows that his silence could also mean he’s thinking. He does that sometimes, getting lost in his own head while he tries to think of something to say. Not to ignore, but because he struggles to get his words right sometimes. So Jina waits.

“Well.” Yoongi starts, his hand that’s on Jina’s thigh giving it a light squeeze. “You could. Um.” He stops. His face looks flushed, even with the only light being from the documentary playing on the T.V. “Never mind. It’s stupid.”

“I could what?” Jina asks, now genuinely curious, because how many times has Yoongi stopped himself from speaking even when he had a good idea? Too many times. “Yoongichi, c’mon.”

“Promise you won’t hate me?”

“I’d never hate you.” She says, worried as fuck now.

Yoongi sighs, and Jina doesn’t say anything when his nails dig into her thigh. “I could. Well. I mean. I could try and.” Yoongi swallows, squirms enough that Jina can feel his thighs squeeze. “Make you cum.”

It takes a second before the words completely register. She’s still a little wine drunk, still a little dazed from her previous annoyance and then the worry that’d seized her up. And now it’s just confusion. She stares up at Yoongi, watches as his face falls, and realizes that hey, maybe she should open her fucking mouth and say something.

“Are you – wait, seriously?” Jina says, tongue feeling like dead weight in her mouth.

“Yeah.” Yoongi says, still curled in on himself and looking like a kicked puppy. “I’d. I’d like to try.” It takes another second, but he sounds just the slightest bit more confident when he says, “I think I could make you cum, noona.”

And, Jina hates herself for it, but her first instinct is to laugh. Because – this has to be a joke, right? Yoongi has to be joking. She’s always had an inkling that Yoongi has a thing for her, because she’s not stupid, and he’s not subtle. But this? This is just. Too much for her brain to handle.

“Yoongi…” She says, sitting up, setting her drink down. “Are you – I mean.” She runs a hand through her hair, not sure whether looking at Yoongi right now is a good idea or not.

“I’ve made plenty of girls cum, before.” Yoongi says with an obvious pout on his lips.

That statement alone would’ve made Jina laugh, because it’s just so – awful. Had he’d said that to her when they’d just started out as friends, before they became roommates while still going to college together, she’d have laughed right in his face.

But she doesn’t laugh. She can’t laugh, because she knows it’s true.

Yoongi has always seemed so – unassuming. He was smaller than most guys at their campus. Shorter and thinner and lacking in, really, any sort of muscle. He was quiet and extremely reserved, and Jina hadn’t even known he’d existed until they’d been paired together for a project and she’d made it her personal mission to become his best friend (“I already have a best friend, noona. Holly keeps me company.”)

And Jina hated herself for it, but she’d assumed he was a virgin. Or at the very least, extremely uneducated on how vaginas worked. Because how could someone as sweet and innocent as little Yoongi be anything but a virgin?

Then they’d become roommates. Yoongi had gotten dolled up one night, dressed in a white t-shirt so thin she could see his nipples and ripped jeans that completely exposed his bony knees.

He’d muttered something about going out, and an hour and a half later he’d come back with a girl with at least five inches and twenty pounds on him and they’d disappeared into his bedroom.

Of course, that’d been the one night Jina couldn’t find her headphones.

The next morning, after the girl had left (only after kissing Yoongi on the top of the head at least three times), Jina had looked at Yoongi. Just looked, and said, “She seemed nice.” She knew Yoongi could see the bags under her eyes.

“Oh, yeah. Namjoo’s great.” Yoongi said, doing a very awful job of hiding his smirk.

“She was. So enthusiastic.” Jina grunted.

“Hey, how was I supposed to know she’d be a screamer?”

Jina had locked herself in her bedroom after that and hadn’t come out till Yoongi slipped their copy of Predator under the door with a note promising a movie marathon.

So. Jina knows. She knows that Yoongi could – well, he could at least attempt to make her cum. She knows that Yoongi isn’t all talk. But still – he’s her best friend. They’ve never even done anything remotely sexual with one another, at least in a serious sense. Say she let him try. What if it ruined their friendship? Then what’d she’d do? She didn’t want another roommate, and she didn’t want another best friend.

“Noona.” Yoongi says, hands in his lap as he stares at his feet. “We don’t have to. But. I’d like to at least try.” And then he looks up at her with his sad, little kitten eyes, and Jina knows she’s lost.

Jesus. Jesus fucking Christ.

“Okay.” Jina says, sighing in defeat. “You can try. But!” She points a finger at him, then pokes him on the cheek. “You only have fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes. And that’s it. Then we stop.”

Yoongi just smiles, looking far too smug. “That’s plenty of time.” He says, then gets up and goes to his bedroom, calling out a “Good night, noona.” Before closing the door.

Jina sits dumbfounded, then once her wits come back to her, sends a prayer to God.


Nothing happens for the next week. They both have work and just too much to do to put any thought into what they’d talked about. It doesn’t leave Jina’s mind, though. It just takes a backseat until that Friday night when she gets home from work, taking off her heels and depositing them onto the shoe rack.

She doesn’t even bother going to her bedroom to change into pajamas. She just wants coffee, and to pass out on the couch after watching at least one episode of her current favorite drama. Yoongi isn’t home yet, but she still makes some extra coffee for him and sets out his favorite mug.

She’s half passed out on the couch by the time Yoongi gets home. The sound of the door closing and Yoongi’s footsteps have her scrambling to sit up. Her pencil skirt had ridden up to her waist, and she’d undone half the buttons on her blouse.

Yoongi steps into the living room just as she gets to the final four buttons of her blouse, her bra still completely out. She stops, he stares, and time doesn’t move for a few seconds.

“Hey.” He says, walking straight past her and into the kitchen.

For a second, she’s offended, because, well, because, her boobs had been out, and he didn’t even bother to look? After asking if he could fuck her?

“Now you wait just a minute.” Jina snaps, skidding a bit on the hardwood of the floor as she springs up from the couch to stalk towards the kitchen. “Don’t you think for a second I forgot about our little agreement.”

“Thanks for the coffee, noona.” Yoongi says, already having filled his mug. “Did you want me to make dinner tonight?”

Jina snatches the coffee from Yoongi’s hands so she can grab him by the cuff of his shirt. “Don’t ignore me, brat.”

Yoongi chuckles, but despite his calm exterior, he’s still blushing something fierce and his hands are shaking. “Are you sure you’re ready, noona? I don’t want to make you feel like you have to do this.”

The tension drains from Jina’s body. She lets go of his shirt and sighs. “You’re not forcing me, Yoongi. I think we could try tonight. If you’d like to.”

“Okay.” Yoongi says. “I’ll, um. I’ll meet you in your room when I’m ready.”

It isn’t until she’s actually in her room that she realizes that Yoongi chose her room so that she’d be more comfortable. She’s wide awake now, blouse still hanging open as she sits. Everything feels a little hotter, and she doesn’t want to admit that she’s starting to get wet. She can feel slick wetting her stockings. Just thinking about Yoongi coming into her room and getting his face between her legs is getting her wet.

And really, she’s never thought about Yoongi like that. Not – not very often, that is. There’s been times when she’d be listening to whatever girl Yoongi had brought home through the walls, and. Well. If she stuck her hand down her panties and pretended it was Yoongi’s fingers pressing into her, that was nobody’s business but her own.

While she waits it starts raining. It’s a nice distraction from her thoughts and worries as she focuses on the sound of the droplets pattering against her window. It’s still not enough to keep her from getting antsy, though, so she gets up and makes work of tidying up her room. She throws her pajamas from the night before into her hamper, turns off the overhead light and turns on her bedside lamp. All the makeup from this morning that was left haphazardly on her vanity is put back inside her makeup bag.

And while she thinks about it, she strips off her shirt and slips off her bra. Easier access, she thinks, a precaution after all the times she'd had to help the guys she'd hooked up with remove her bra. As if one little strap was like a ticking time bomb. Jesus.

She feels awkward sitting without any sort of top, so she pulls her button up back on and redoes a few of the buttons, her fingers shaking.

Feeling this nervous when it's just Yoongi makes her feel ridiculous. She knows she has a nice body (her boobs and ass are testaments to this), and she's perfectly aware that she's attractive. And she knows Yoongi would never do anything to make her uncomfortable. She can’t help but be afraid, though. She doesn’t know how this is going to turn out. It’s stupid – she knows, knows that something as simple as sex would never be able to force them apart, but. But the fear stays, as irrational as it is.

Then there’s a knock at her door, light as if Yoongi is afraid to make too much noise. It still makes her jump, but she doesn’t hesitate in getting off the bed and opening the door to let Yoongi in.

He’s stripped down from his work clothes, having changed into one of his Kumamon t-shirts and a pair of basketball shorts. In an instant she feels completely overdressed, even if it is just her work clothes.

“You look really nice, noona.” Yoongi says, looking up to meet her eyes.

“Yah, you know this is just for work.” She says, giving him a light slap on the shoulder. “How come you never compliment me in the mornings when you see me dressed like this?”

“You already know you look nice. Why should I feed your ego even more?” Yoongi smiles, and Jina melts in an instant despite the backhanded compliment.

For a few moments it’s quiet aside from the rain keeping them company. Jina isn’t sure what to say, or if to say anything at all. Yoongi doesn’t do anything, just stares at her like she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

It’s. It’s almost too tender for her. So she panics. “This pussy isn’t gonna eat itself, you know.” She says, and immediately feels like melting into the floor.

Yoongi blushes, just like she knew he would. But he reaches out and grips her hands with his own, squeezing and rubbing circles with his thumbs against her knuckles. “I’m nervous too, noona. But it’ll be fine.”

It’s enough to calm her down, to get some of the stiffness of her back to release. “It’ll be fine.” She repeats, and gently pulls her hands from Yoongi’s. She looks over her shoulder as she turns around to settle atop the bed, shivering a bit at the look Yoongi gives her.

“Just lay down, noona.” Yoongi says, joining her on the bed to push against her shoulders. She lays back with her head against the pillows, staring at the ceiling as Yoongi shifts between her legs. Her clit throbs and her nipples harden, her body reacting even though Yoongi has barely done anything yet.

Jina sighs, closes her eyes as she says, “Just fifteen minutes, Yoongi.”

Yoongi snorts. “Do you want me to set a timer?”

Jina opens her eyes just to roll them, feeling a little soft when she sees his gummy smile. “I can look at the clock on my dresser. Smartass.”

“Fifteen minutes.” He says with a small laugh. And then he goes quiet.

She expects Yoongi to go straight for her pussy, but. But instead she feels his fingers creep up under her blouse, feels his fingers drag across her stomach before pulling back. Her breath hitches, stomach tensing up because his hands are so fucking cold.

She closes her eyes just as she feels the bed move, his knees brushing against her legs as he moves down. Hot breath hits her right nipple through her shirt, and then his lips are on her. The feeling of his hot tongue tracing circles sends pleasure through her body, her hips kicking up before she can help it.

“Yoongi.” Jina breathes, one of her hands coming up to tangle her fingers in his mint hair. But she lets her hand fall just a bit, baby blue painted nails scraping against his neck before she drops her hand to the bed.

“Does it feel good, noona?” He asks, not waiting for her to respond before he closes his lips back around her nipple, sucking and groaning in the back of his throat.

“You know it does. Asshole.” It’s hard to get the words out, her thighs tensing around his waist as he works to undo the few buttons still left done on her blouse. He tugs the halves of the shirt to the side once he finally gets through the buttons, exposing her breasts to the cold air. “Fuck – Yoongi.”

“So pretty.” Yoongi mutters, before his lips are back on her, the feeling so much more heightened now that her shirt is out of the way. His teeth dig in to the tender flesh but not harsh enough to hurt, and he pulls up with his teeth still holding tight to her bud, just to let her breast fall back. “So fucking pretty.”

And she knows she has nice breasts. She teeters just off the edge of being a D-cup, her nipples large and pinkish brown. They’ve always been so, so sensitive, even more so like now, after a long day of work with her bra rubbing her nipples enough to make them sore. So, she knows, but. But the praise still gets to her, still makes her head tilt up as she moans.

He moves to her other breast, flicking the raised bud with his finger before getting his lips around it. Jina can’t help how her hips jerk, her clit throbbing and hole clenching as it leaks slick. Normally this – just having her breasts played with doesn’t turn her on this much. But most guys don’t spend so much time doing this, meticulously playing with her nipples until they’re raw and aching, until she’s throbbing so hard she feels like she could cum just from her breasts being played with.

His fingers come up to play with her other nipple, pinching and tugging so hard it hurts but she doesn’t stop him. He seems so focused, suckling and grazing his teeth along the areola before digging in, rolling it between his teeth then letting go to soothe the bite with his tongue.

Finally, Yoongi pulls off, his lips coming from her nipple with a little, wet pop. He flicks his tongue against it once more, and Jina hates how he chuckles to himself when her hips twitch as she gasps.

“All those other guys that couldn’t make you cum must have not appreciated you enough, noona.” Yoongi murmurs against her sternum, his lips sliding down and over her stomach, down, down, stopping just above where her skirt begins.

Yoongi’s fingers slip under her skirt, hooking over the hem of her stockings. She lifts her hips up to make it easier for him to roll them down, opening her eyes just enough to see him toss them somewhere to the side.

“No panties, noona?” He asks, one of his hands slipping under her skirt to trace along her lips, so light she can barely feel it. “That’s dirty.”

“Yoongi.” She says, voice so strained she barely recognizes it as her own. She dares to open her eyes again, finding Yoongi staring up at her with a gaze so intense her breath hitches. “Please.”

Slowly, slowly, he pulls her skirt down and over her legs, throwing it to the side so it’s out of the way. For a moment he just stares, hands braced on her knees and thumbs rubbing circles into the flesh of her thighs.

“Any time today now.” Jina mutters, hating how broken her voice sounds as she says it.

“Be patient, noona.” Yoongi says, then leans down.

His lips trace just above her clit, then slide down to the side to rest over her thigh. She’s sensitive there, but. It’s not where she wants him. And he knows, because he fucking laughs to himself before biting down into the flesh of her thigh. Not hard enough to hurt, just enough to leave her skin tingling.

He doesn’t stop, keeps biting at her thighs, tracing his tongue over the red marks he leaves. It has Jina trembling, her thighs threatening to squeeze his head every time he gets just by her lips, still not close enough, still not enough.

“Baby, please.” It slips out before she can stop it, and for a moment she panics. But then she sees how wide eyed Yoongi is, staring up at her with his lips parted as he takes shaky breaths.

“Noona.” He breathes. “Don’t.”

“Baby.” She says, one hand coming up to tangle her fingers in his hair. She keeps a strong grip, pushing his face down just above her cunt. “Make noona feel good.”

Yoongi whimpers, and it has to be one of the most beautiful sounds Jina has ever heard. Only followed by the moan that Yoongi lets out the moment he gets his mouth on her clit. His tongue works in fast flicks, circling and pressing before he wraps his lips on the wet bud.

Jina doesn’t bother trying to stop the moan that rips out of her, her hips bucking up against Yoongi’s face. Even with his hands on her hips he doesn’t stop her, just lets her fuck up against his mouth as he moves his tongue against her clit.

One of his hands slides down over her thigh and down further, one of his fingers pressing slowly into her hole. It only takes a few moments before he sets a fast pace, fucking her deeper than her own fingers can. He rubs against her walls until his finger hits it, making Jina’s body give a mad jerk.

“Fuck!” Jina’s grip in his hair tightens so hard she can feel her knuckles ache. “Right there, please, fuck.”

He pulls his finger out, just to press back in with two, snapping his wrists and pressing his fingers just against her spot, hard and relentless with his pace. It’s so good, so fucking good. Every press of his fingers against it makes her gut tighten and her stomach drop. That and with his lips still suctioned around her clit – she knows. She knows she’s going to cum.

“Baby,” Jina moans, thighs squeezing around Yoongi’s head. “Please, please, fuck, don’t stop.”

He moans against her clit, working his fingers faster and pressing deeper, a third slipping in and adding to the stretch. She knows his wrist and jaw have to ache, but he doesn’t stop. Instead he dips down with his tongue, spreading his fingers so he can lick into her hole.

Just this and it’s already so much better than any other guy she’s been with. Every time it’s been hurried, half assed. Too many guys just wanting to stick their dick in her without actually trying to give her any real pleasure.

But Yoongi – Yoongi tries so hard, his nose against Jina’s clit as he fucks her deeper with his tongue, moaning in the back of his throat. And she knows he must enjoy this, having his face pressed tight against a pussy as he brings pleasure to whoever’s above him.

No guy has ever been this enthusiastic before, has never shown so much want with their face pressed between her legs. Not any past boyfriends, not any past hookups.

But Yoongi. Sweet and not so innocent little Yoongi. He was all she needed, and she hadn’t even bothered to try.

“Noona.” Yoongi says, snapping Jina out of her own thoughts. His lips and chin are covered in her slick, his pupils blown wide and hair disheveled. He looks so beautiful, staring up at her wide eyed and panting.

Jina swallows, clenching around his fingers still inside of her. “What is it?”

“Sit on my face.”

Her breath catches in her throat, the shock of his words sending a shiver through her body.

Quickly, they rearrange themselves, Yoongi laying flat against the bed. Before she turns, Jina hovers over him, looking down at the blissed out look he has on face. She doesn’t bother stopping herself as she leans down to press their lips together, tasting herself on his tongue as he opens his mouth for her. She relishes in the way he moans, his tongue sliding wet against hers as his hips rock up against her thigh.

“So pretty.” She says as she lifts up, rubbing her thumb into the wet mess on his lips. “My pretty, little dongsaeng.”

Yoongi doesn’t even grumble like he usually does when she calls him that, just flicking his tongue out against her thumb. “Let me make you cum, noona.”

Jina lets out a slow, shaky breath, lifting herself up onto her knees and swinging her leg over Yoongi’s chest. She slides up, just enough that her cunt is right above his mouth, hovering because really, he is so much smaller than her, what if she hurts him. But he grabs her by the waist and hoists her down, lips back on her clit before she can even think.

“Yoongi-” She cuts herself off with a whine, legs trembling fiercely as Yoongi presses his tongue flat against her, the hands on her hips guiding her to rock against his mouth. For a second, she lets him guide her, lets him work her against his tongue, but soon enough she takes over, fucks down against his tongue faster.

From below he stares up at her, eyes lidded and cloudy. He looks like he’s in heaven, eyes rolling back when her thighs squeeze tight against his head.

Jina can feel it building, can feel that she’s close. Her body feels like it’s tingling, starting from her toes and travelling up, her stomach and thighs tensing as her clit throbs. Just a little bit more, still not close enough.

But then one of his hands slides down against the small of her back, three fingers down over her rim and further down still to press into her hole. He fucks them in fast, faster than he had before on his stomach. Her hips start to thrust faster of their own accord, harder against his tongue and fingers.

“Yoongi-” She gasps, her own hands coming up to tug at her nipples. So close. So fucking close. Her breathing starts to get so rapid she can’t speak. Just a little more. “I’m – I’m gonna-”

It rips through her so hard she swears she blacks out, her body going numb for only God knows how long. She can feel the gush of slick from her hole, hears how wet Yoongi’s fingers fucking into her gets. He doesn’t stop, not even when he looks up at her, eyes smug. The sensitivity is too much, pain and pleasure morphing so close into one that she has to lift her hips off of Yoongi’s face, worried she might actually black out.

A line of her slick connects her folds to Yoongi’s lips, and Yoongi leans his head up to lick a flat line across her slit, ending it with a harsh flick to her clit that makes her practically shriek.

She grips his hair with a tight fist, wrenching his head down. “Brat.” She heaves, throat feeling sore. She lets go of his hair so she can clamber of off him, laying down beside him so she can catch her breath.

“You taste good, noona.” He breathes in her ear, and she can hear as he sucks on his fingers. The ones he had inside her.

And she’s so tired, ready to pass out from pure exhaustion from working all day and then having her soul sucked out of her through her pussy. But Yoongi is still hard in his boxers, an obvious wet patch at the front of the small bulge.

She slides her hand onto his stomach and down till her fingers touch the hem of his boxers.

Yoongi grabs her wrist, wide eyed. “Noona.”

"Let me see your cock, baby." Jina says, fingers slid under the hem of his boxers, ready to help him pull them down. "Please?"

Yoongi bites his lip, eyes shutting for just a moment as he lets out a harsh breath before saying, "Okay."

She takes that as enough affirmative, slowly pushing the hem of his boxers down, watching as he pushes them down enough for his cock to spring out and slap against his stomach. And she isn't stupid. She'd seen the outline of his cock before now, had already known he was below average, but. He's still smaller than she expects. Just a few inches, and so very wet.

"Oh." She says, licking her lips.

"I know I'm..." He stops himself, inhaling shakily. "I'm less than you were expecting."

"Oh, no, baby, I knew." She says, sliding her hand up his thigh. "No wonder you're so good at eating pussy. No way you could ever please anyone with this."

And she knows she should've asked if - if being that mean was okay. She doesn't mean it seriously, the words coming out so fast she forgets to stop herself. They've always had a bickering sort of relationship, but this could've been too far.

But Yoongi's cock twitches, a small spurt of precum making a mess of his soft stomach.

"You're so mean, noona." He says, eyes shut tight.

There's not enough length for her to stroke so she wraps her hand tight around his short length and presses her thumb into his wet slit. He's so hard and so wet, dripping even more now as his hips twitch.

"Pretty little thing." She says, dragging her fingers up and pinching the head between her pointer finger and thumb. "Bet you wish you could fuck me, don't you?"

Yoongi's breath stutters. "I. I don't."

"You want to be inside noona, don't you?" She pinches the head tighter, tight enough that he whines. More precum drips from his tip. "Say it. Say you want to fuck your noona."

His hips thrash up, whines spilling from his throat as she wraps her hand back around his cock, squeezing and twisting her hand. "Say you want to cum inside your noona. Say it and maybe I'll let you."

"I want. I." His hips snap up as his eyes roll into the back of his head. "I want to cum inside noona."

Jina drags her fingers slowly up the side of his length before finally letting go of her grip on him.

Dazed is the one word Jina can come up with to describe how Yoongi looks, eyes glazed over as he stares at her. His entire face is red, all the way up to his ears and even down his neck. She can't help but laugh a little at how cute he looks, fucked out when she barely even touched him for more than a couple minutes.

He doesn't even seem to notice as she sits back up and swings a leg over his waist. She has the arm implant, so she doesn't bother worrying as she aligns his cock to her still wet hole. Making Yoongi squirm got her so much more worked up, wanting to cum again with him inside her. And she knows she can, knows she can at least fuck herself onto his cock hard enough to cum.

"Jina." Yoongi murmurs, fingers tracing along her thighs. "You don't. You don't have to. I know I'm." He stops and looks away, sweat matted hair hanging in his eyes.

"Doesn't matter, baby." Jina says, and takes that as the moment to sink down on his cock. Both of their hips stutter, Yoongi throwing his head back and groaning as Jina starts to rock her hips.

She leans forward, bracing her arms so she can hover above him. "You can still make noona cum, can't you?"

She slowly lifts her hips, worrying that he's so small if she moves too fast he'll just slip right back out. But soon enough want takes over rationale, and she works her hips faster, rocking her hips down, almost bouncing as she goes harder to try and get him deeper even though she knows she can't.

Yoongi lets out harsh breaths through his nose, one of his hands coming up to grip her breast, the other going down so he can circle his thumb over her clit.

"Noona, I'm." He gasps, fucking his hips up hard enough into her that the head of his cock presses against her sweet spot, making her cry out. "I'm gonna-"

The sensitivity from her first orgasm is still there, enough that she knows she won't last long with Yoongi inside her and rolling her clit with his thumb.

Before she can even realize what's happening, Yoongi's hips jerk up again, harder this time, and a burst of warmth fills her cunt as Yoongi cries out. She huffs out a laugh and doesn't stop rolling her hips even as Yoongi whines, tears rolling down his cheeks now as he's forced into oversensitivity.

"Noona's close." Jina gasps, unable to stop herself from grinning. "Make noona cum."

Yoongi's lips latch onto one of her nipples, suckling harshly as his hand gripping her other breast rolls her nipple between his fingers. The thumb on her clit doesn't stop, keeps rubbing hard and fast in tight circles.

A harsh bite on her nipple and one last harsh jerk of Yoongi's hips that drive his cock deeper into her is enough to make her cum, her pussy clenching tight around Yoongi's cock as another burst of wetness rushes from inside her.

It takes a few seconds for her to come down, hips twitching weakly as she slowly lifts herself from Yoongi's cock.

She collapses back down beside him, groaning as she feels both their cum dripping out of her and onto to the bedsheet. But she’s exhausted and – well. She is not getting up. Her legs probably don’t even work anymore.

“Yoongi.” Jina says, sweet as honey as she rolls over and nuzzles her head into his shoulder. “Be a good little dongsaeng and go get me a towel?”

Dutiful as ever, Yoongi gives a little grumble of annoyance but still gets up from the bed and tugs his boxers all the way down. As he walks to the bathroom Jina watches his pert little ass bounce with every step. Next time she’ll have to get her strap on. Because there is going to be a next time. And maybe before she uses the strap on to fuck him, they can go on a nice dinner date. Taehyung does always tell her they’re more like a married couple than they are roommates.

After Yoongi comes back into the bedroom with a towel and wipes Jina down (of his own insistence), he turns off the lamp and gets into bed with her curled against her side. It’s silent for a while, as their breathing and thoughts slow. But Yoongi breaks it, sounding so small as he speaks that Jina almost struggles to hear him.

"Noona, can I. Is it okay if I." He stops, breathing out shakily.

"What do you want, baby?" She asks, stroking a thumb along his cheek.

"I want to, I." He stops, swallows. Then lowers himself back down to wrap his lips gently around her nipple, just for a second. He lifts off, lips wet as he asks, "Is it okay?"

Jina sighs, smiling to herself as she runs her fingers through Yoongi's hair. "It's okay, Yoongiyah. Go ahead."

Time passes slowly as they lay under the covers, the rain still a constant against the window. If she listens closely she can hear the faint, wet sound of Yoongi suckling her nipple. It's soft enough she can barely feel it, and she knows he's trying not to hurt her, knows that she's sore. As they lay there, the suckling gets softer and softer until Yoongi finally lifts off, circling his tongue over her areola one last time before burying his head between her breasts.

It isn’t until she’s almost asleep that Yoongi speaks, voice slurred in the way it goes when he’s tired.

"You forgot about the fifteen minutes, noona." Yoongi says, voice just a bit muffled with his face pressed between her breasts and against her sternum.

"Oh, shut up."