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The Gazebo under a cherry tree

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The horrid sound of Beca's ringtone was something she despised nowadays. After her fame had reached its peak a year after the USO tour, it was definitely more work than she had imagined. Fame still at peak 3 years today but as a new and fairly known music producer which she preferred rather than being the performing artist. The 2 years singing career was enough to put her name out there as she used it to her advantage to show off her main talent.

Beca let out a distasteful groan as she managed to lift her heavy eyelids to the sound of the dull ringtone that echoed in her house. She let it ring. It was a Sunday, the only day off she had where she slept in till late afternoon and ate like a slob. However, a call on a Sunday morning meant they needed her. As reluctant and unwilling Beca was, she would get up and do it. Because that was all she could do.

As much as Beca loved her job, basically living the dream, working with amazing artists who wants her to produce their album, how exciting the rush of it all gave her; at the end of the day, going back to her beautiful, small Malibu home - it was lonely. Beca Mitchell at 30 years old, had some sort of social life, little to no love life and out right alone. She still had the Bellas, some visiting her when they could but with half of them like Stacie and Flo who had two children already and the other half, either focused on their own work, newly wed or just about to get married. The thought of marriage sent a wave of sadness to cloud all over her.

Her tired, exhausted and slightly hungover state managed to sit up turning her body to stare at the half burnt invitation that lay on her side table along with empty bottles of beer and an ash tray of blunts. She frowned at the sight. The reason for her wild Saturday night alone of getting wasted and high to almost burning her bedsheets while she tried to extinguish the excruciating painful reality that laid written on the fine printed paper.

You are invited to join us at


Chloe Beale
Chicago Walp

Come and be a part of the three day preparation and the wedding day!

Friday to Sunday. April 23rd to 25th at 2:00pm.

Chateau Elan Winery & Resort
100 Rue Charlemagne
Braselton, Georgia.

Beca would be lying if she said she didn't expect it to happen, she definitely did. But that didn't mean she was ready for it. She knew, even with millions of ways her head had tried to deny it, to instead make up nasty assumptions that they would fall apart one day, that the redhead would come running to her and everything would be perfect. Unfortunately, those thoughts itself made it hurt a little more. Because she knew yet she helplessly hoped.

She was hopelessly in love with Chloe Beale. After the USO tour, they all sadly moved out of their small Brooklyn apartment going their separate ways. However, she didnt expect going their separate ways meant the bond she had with her bestfriend to leave along with it. She tried not to blame it solely because of her newly found boyfriend but she knew that was one of the main reasons. They tried to talk to each other everyday but as days went by, time and work consumed their freedom leaving the miserable distance between them to become a reality in their friendship. From long phone calls and texts to one sentence or word messages, then eventually nothing. Their WhatsApp group of the Bellas now only popping up from time to time but none of both the girls usually reply more than an emoji.

They were inseparable but she guessed even the most dynamic duo could be torn apart. Maybe it was for the best.

She let the days go by without acknowledging the invitation that was now crumbled up at the corner of her room where she had thrown it one night when a wave of painful memories attack her.

Aubrey was still pretty new to Los Angeles having to move there for business reasons. This also meant having to live pretty close distance to Beca which was the start of their deepening friendship. That was how Aubrey had noticed, sadly so. They always texted each other and snapped pictures of unconventional things which either Beca or her blonde friend would say it reminded them of each other. Whether a snap of a garbage bin, a grumpy looking cartoon that was showing on TV or a hippy looking man with blond long hair (snapped by Beca) saying it looked like Aubrey. 

Aubrey knew that Beca barely touched any sort of social media but she used it enough also per orders of her publicists for her image. So when she noticed the lack of communication between them, she just knew. Which led her to visit the brunette without her knowing, only to find her in a heartbreaking state.


It took a few months to heal halfway. The wedding only a few weeks left and Beca still hadn't RSVP'D. Till eventually she had made a decision,

"I'm going."

Aubrey turned to her brunette friend lying beside her on the warm sandy Malibu beach. They had decided to go out even if they weren't exactly beach people, LA lifestyle started to grow in them. Plus it was admittedly relaxing.

The blonde lifted her sunglasses on her head raising an eyebrow at the small brunette beside her,

"You said that last time."

The producer let out a scoff accompanied by a sad smile, "I've come to terms.. with myself yknow. I need closure. and I feel like this is my last chance. If I dont do it, I'll be stuck.. and I wouldnt know what the hell I'm gonna do if I let myself be in this dark shitty hole for God knows how long."

Beca paused taking a sharp inhale noticing herself lose composure a bit, she exhaled when she felt Aubrey's a little hesitant but reassuring hold on her forearm.

She sat up joining her friend beside her thankful for Aubrey and her friendship that had developed into some unspeakable mutual understanding. It wasnt as deep as Chloe's because that was different, but she's grateful for whatever rock she had right now she could hold on to. She wasn't as awkward when she opened up anymore, plus Aubrey already saw the worse of her.

"I know it's going to hurt. God..." she let's out a mirthless chuckle, " it's going to be worse than that, but I'll behave, I promise. I'll leave when I find myself losing control, or slap the fuck out of me might work as well. But I do want to be there. I need to see it. One final look, yknow? One final glance at her being the happiest she has ever been in her whole god damn life. One final reality check that this is it. final heartbreak. To end everything. So maybe I can start again. "

Aubrey could hear the broken desperation in her vulnerable shaky voice. She took a glance at the brunette beside her, the pain so evident, almost tangible, her own heart broke for her. The sound of distant laughter and the crash of the waves now muted in her ears, just the warm blow of the Californian breeze brushing through them as a reassuring touch on their delicate skin.

She didn't respond. She knew she didn't have to. So she firmly nodded, a silent promise she'll watch over her. The music producer turning to give her a big grin that didn't reach her eyes and a thumbs up while she excused herself to go to the restroom.

Aubrey found it quite ironic. If she told her old self that she would be taking care her of her best friend's crush, who she hated the very existence of, from heartbreak, the old her would have projectile vomited on her face. But here she was, from all those years taking care of Chloe's broken heart because of Beca's relationship with Jesse to Beca's even more painful experience with watching the love of her life slip away from her because she was too late.

This wasn't even her story, yet why did she feel like suffocating? She can't even start to imagine what Beca was feeling.