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You Are My Sunshine

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Nico was having just about the most amazing night ever. Not that he would ever admit it. Especially not to Percy. When they arrived at the restaurant, Will opened Nico’s door for him, smiling down at him. Like Percy, Will was five or six inches taller than Nico, which the boy kind of liked. His type was tall, laid-back, and adorable. Will seemed to fit the bill.

“I didn’t get to say earlier, but you look amazing,” Will said, eyes glancing over Nico’s frame as the latter climbed out of the car. Nico straightened out his shirt and winked.

“I try.” Will laughed and shut the door, hands awkwardly going into his front pockets as he followed behind Nico, who was headed towards the door of Victor’s Pizzeria. Nico made sure he got there quick enough to open the door for himself. While he appreciated Will’s gentlemanly attitude, Nico wanted to make sure the boy knew Nico was perfectly capable of taking care of himself, too. When Will caught up, he was pouting.

“I was going to do that,” he complained as Nico held the door open for them. Nico smiled and grabbed Will’s hand, entwining their fingers and making the blond blush deeply.

“If you’re going to date me, you need to be aware that we are equals, which means if you open a door for me, I open a door for you.” Will nodded, and Nico noticed his eyes glanced down to their hands before coming back up to Nico’s eyes.

“Fair enough.” Will and Nico walked side by side into the restaurant, reaching a booth in the corner and sitting on opposite sides as they were handed menus.

Nico didn’t even look at his before he cast it aside. “You can order for me. You know what’s good.” Will gave a small nod and closed his menu as well, calling over the waitress and ordering two baskets of pepperoni pizza sticks. Nico crossed his legs under the table and rested his chin on his clasped hands. “So, do you ask for people’s numbers from their best friends often?” Will almost spit out his drink and Nico laughed.

Will took a minute to compose himself before answering. “Uh, no, no, I don’t. I just, uh, was nervous to ask you? And I’ve known Percy for years, and uh, yeah,” Will said as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and looked at Nico anxiously. Nico smirked at him, which made Will blush even more.

“I was just kidding, Will. I don’t mind.” Will seemed to relax a bit, but still seemed embarrassed. “Let’s get to know each other better. How about we play 20 questions? We take turn asking any questions we want, and the other person has to answer honestly.” Will took a sip of his water and shrugged.

“Okay. Um, when’s your birthday?” Nico couldn’t help but laugh loudly, sitting back in the booth to look at Will in amusement. The blond had started blushing again and crossed his arms. “You said I could ask anything I want! Is that too stupid of a question?” Nico tried to settle himself down, though he was still chuckling.

“It’s just cute. It’s such an innocent question. My birthday is January 28th. Why did you ask me out?” Nico sipped his diet coke as Will struggled to answer the question.

“Um, well, uh, I’ve thought you were cute for a, um, while now, and Percy said something that made me think you might, kinda, like me back. So I went for it. You’re smart and hot and I’m, uh, really attracted to you?” Nico slammed his drink on the table, making Will jump.

“Sorry, but what exactly did Percy say to you?” Nico asked with his eyebrows raised. Will visibly gulped.

“He said I was your type. Something about being older and smart and having messy hair?” Will touched his curly blond hair. “I didn’t mean to make you upset.” Nico reached over and grabbed Will’s hand, much to the boy’s surprise, and squeezed softly.

“You didn’t make me upset. Fish Face Jackson made me upset. I’m not really mad though, because you wouldn’t have asked me on a date if he hadn’t have been the most annoying asshole on planet Earth. He was right, anyway, you definitely are my type.” Will became a deeper shade of red and Nico didn’t let go of his hand.

“What is your type?” Will asked quietly. Nico smirked.

“That’s a much better question. I’d say my type is partly what Percy said about boys a bit older than me who are intelligent with unruly hair,” Nico reached up and pulled lightly on the end of a piece of Will’s hair, “but they also have beautiful eyes, handsome faces, and can take care of me when I need it, but also admit they need to be taken care of sometimes.” Nico’s hand slid down to Will’s cheek, and the two boys stared deeply into each other’s eyes. “Can you do that for me, Solace?” Before Will could answer, the waitress appeared with their food, and they broke apart.

The food was delicious, but Nico was having a much better time watching Will than eating. That boy was so cute. He had the most gorgeous laugh that came out as Nico talked about some of the trouble he and Percy have gotten into over the years, and he had such a look of concern and care in his eyes when Nico talked about his mother’s death and his father’s work that Nico almost melted right there on the spot.

“Do you miss her?” Will asked quietly. They had finished eating, and were waiting for the bill to come. Nico gave a small smile and stared at his empty basket.

“All the time. Mama was the only adult in my life who loved me unconditionally. I miss her more than anything. With her gone, and with my sister Bianca in college, I’ve been alone for a while now.” Much to Nico’s surprise, Will grabbed his hand and squeezed it this time, and his voice seemed more sure than it had been all night.

“You aren’t alone, Nico. You have Percy, and Annabeth. And me, if you want.” Nico smiled when Will’s nervous look came back. He squeezed Will’s hand.

“Thank you.”


Nico was really sad the night was almost over. They had pulled up to Nico’s house, Will stopping the car and getting out quickly so he could open Nico’s door for him. Nico rolled his eyes in amusement. They walked in silence up to the door, where they stopped and turned to each other.

“I had a really good time, Solace. Thank you.” Will smiled and blushed as Nico grabbed both of his hands. He was about to reply, but froze as Nico got on his tiptoes and pressed a small kiss to Will’s cheek. “Text me, okay? I think a second date is in order.” Will nodded dumbly as Nico winked and walked inside, closing the door behind him. He smiled to himself and leaned against the door. Yeah, Nico could see a second date happening. And maybe a third. Possibly, even a fourth. Who knows?