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My First One And Only

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"Here you go Kirishima!" Uraraka happily presented him with a small box of chocolates, complete with a Valentines day heart on it. "your chocolate!"

"Ah! Thank you Uraraka!" Kirishima beamed at the girl, adding the chocolate to the small growing pile on his table. "I'm so happy to get so many chocolates! You girls are the best!"

"Of course!" Uraraka smiled back and patted him on the shoulder. "Now I gotta go hand out the rest of my chocolates okay? Have you seen Aoyama?"

"Ah, he was heading to the nurses' office earlier, something to do with his stomach."

"oh! Alright then, I'm gonna try to find him before lunchtime is over! See ya guys in class later!" Uraraka grinned, rushing off to join Tsu-chan and Mina in their chocolate deliveries.

"Ah! The girls in our class are the nicest~" Kirishima beamed happily at Sero and Kaminari, who were eating with him at the cafeteria. "I've never had this many chocolates before on valentines day!"

"Well isn't it a bit sad that they are all just "friendship" chocolate though?" Kaminari sulked, sighing at his pile. "I'd rather get one special "PLEASE DATE ME!" chocolate than all these friendship ones!"

"Don't be so greedy!" Sero huffed, punching Kaminari in the shoulder. "Be happy with what you get! The girls don't have to give you ANYTHING you know!"

"I know, I know!" Kaminari sank back in his seat, sighing. "They're angels and we don't deserve them and all that."

"They especially don't have to give YOU anything." Kirishima narrowed his eyes. "You're lucky that the girls blame all the perverted stuff you do on Mineta."

"Pft! I don't mean anything by it! I'm just a teenage boy, give me a break!"

"If you're a man you need to respect everyone equally!" Kirishima frowned, wiping the last of his lunch off his plate with his bread. "-And don't leave leftovers either!"

"Yes mom!" Sero and Kaminari mocked, but their smiles just made Kirishima smile back.

"Oh! There you guys are!" Jiro and Yaoyorozu walked to them, dropping chocolates on the table. "Here you are! Happy valentines day!"

"Thaaaaaaaaank you!" The boys beamed, and the girls smiled back. "Isn't it a bit weird that you guys are giving all the boys chocolate, when you and Momo are dating already?"

"SHHHHH! That's a secret Kaminari!" Jiro hissed, grabbing the blond's face. "Just take your chocolates and be happy about it!"



Who had the bright idea to put history class right after lunch? The redhead was in the middle of stifling a yawn already. He dropped is chocolates on his table, and looked the pile over. He had one from every girl in class! Aah, it just gave him the warm fuzzies! He felt so included! Friendship was the best .

Speaking of friendship, Bakugo was already sitting in his seat, a magazine covering his face as he reclined back in his chair, his feet on the table. So cool! Like something out of a movie. The sandy blond usually didn't eat in the cafeteria, preferring to eat at the dorms by himself. Kirishima had managed to drag him to eat a couple of times, but Bakugo always retreated back to eating alone.

"Bakugo!" Kirishima walked over, plucking the magazine gently off his friend's face, revealing a sour expression. "Have you been here long? You should have let us know we could have hung out in here instead of the cafeteria!"

Bakugo glared at him, his lips pursed in annoyance. "I didn't want company, shitty hair! I was taking a nap!"

"right, right!" Kirishima rolled his eyes, glancing at the magazine in his hand. “Is this the new issue!? I've been waiting- Did it come out today!? When did you get this!?"

"Give that back!" Bakugo huffed, but he didn't reach out for it or even move. "I'm not fuckin' done reading it!"

"Please let me read it later then!" Kirishima pleaded, the magazine between his hands. "I'll give it right back!"

"Then give it back right now! You'll just get distracted in class if you read it now!" Bakugo huffed, snatching it out of Kirishima's hands.

"But won't you be distracted too!?"

"I'm not the one that needs to pay proper attention here, I'm not gonna fuckin' tutor you if you don't try to learn yourself!"

"Ahh, you're right! Dammit!" Kirishima deflated into his seat, sulking as he watched Bakugo resume reading the magazine, argh! The cover looked so interesting! Kirishima's attention trailed from the magazine cover to Bakugo's profile, his staring excused by the presence of the magazine. Bakugo really was handsome. Kirishima took in Bakugo's grumpy expression and nice jawline. He probably has a lot of girls that like him.

Kirishima glanced down at the table, and did a double take when he noticed it was completely barren of all chocolates. Wha? He glanced around, every table had a pile of chocolates, minus Mineta's, who only had one small pack marked "from all the girls" on it. Kirishima rolled his eyes, naturally, what had the little idiot expected?

But Bakugo's table was completely empty! Was it because the girls hadn't found him during lunch? Well they'd probably give him chocolates during break then. Kirishima nodded to himself, turning back in his seat when the teacher entered.

At the end of the school day, Bakugo didn't have a single chocolate. W-what!? Kirishima's mind was whirring almost violently, the distress visible on his face. How could this be? They were walking back to the dorms together, and Kirishima tried to see if Bakugo was stashing a huge pile of chocolate somewhere, but the blond didn't even look like he had anything but books in his bag.

"Yeah you can have it already, stop fuckin' fidgeting so much!" Bakugo huffed as they entered the first floor, the common room empty since most of their class was still eating dinner in the lunch hall and reminiscing about past Valentines days.

"huh?" Kirishima's eyes snapped up at Bakugo, who pressed the magazine into his face. "Oh! Thank you, Bakugo!"

"Whatever, I'm done reading it, you can give it back tomorrow or something." Bakugo dropped himself down on the communal couch, and Kirishima sat down next to him, completely enthralled by the magazine. He had no idea how long they sat on the couch together, Kirishima pointing out articles and discussing the read with Bakugo, who for the most part sat on the couch silently, only offering his opinion when it was different from Kirishima's.

"-But if that's his training routine, we should try this thing out!" Kirishima excitedly waved the page in Bakugo's face. "I have the weights for it, but we'd need a bit more space- do you think we could use the courtyard?!"

The distant murmur of the rest of the class entering the dorms suddenly filled the common room, and like clockwork, Bakugo tensed up on the couch, rising up slightly from his slouch.

"There you guys are!" Mina cheered excitedly, throwing herself on the couch next to Kirishima. "Hey! Did you hear? Apparently Aizawa-sensei got chocolates, and no one knows who they are from!"

"What!? Really?"

"We're all making bets on who they are from, my bet is that they are from a student; Aizawa-sensei is very handsome!"

"It's improper to do something like that though." Momo chirped in, gracefully taking a seat across the coffee table from them. "Romantic feelings for teachers is... very inappropriate."

"IT IS ALSO ILLEGAL-" Iida stressed, waving his hands decidedly, but Mina just ignored him.

"Yeah but isn't that just the kind of love story you see in movies!?" Mina argued, throwing herself forward. "I bet it's someone from 1-B!"

"I think they are probably just from another teacher." Midoriya said gently, his voice barely audible over Mina's shrieking.

"REALLY? Who do you think it is!? Ah!!! I want to know so badly!"

Kirishima could feel Bakugo shift next to him, and a moment later the blond had vaulted out of the couch, leaving the space next to Kirishima cold and vacant.

"Hey! Where are you going Bakugo!?"

"Away from this stupid ass conversation! I'm going to bed, you idiots can gossip your way into the afterlife for all I care!" Bakugo spat out angrily, stomping into the elevator and not even turning back as he pressed the button for the fourth floor.

Kirishima watched the elevator door close, his fingers still tightly wound around the pages of the magazine he'd borrowed from Bakugo. The conversation continued without the blond, almost as if the only one who noticed Bakugo leaving was him. Was all this Valentines day talk upsetting him? Was it because he hadn't gotten any chocolates? Did he feel left out?

"Hey, where are you going Kirishima?" Kaminari chirped in annoyance, trying to grab hold of Kirishima's pants. "You're warm! Come back! The couch is super cold without you on it dude!"

"I'll be right back, just gotta do something real quick." Kirishima dodged his friend's grabby hands, making his way over to the kitchen, placing the magazine on the counter as he started pulling various ingredients from the shelves. He knew just how to cheer his bro up!

Fifteen minutes later, Kirishima found himself standing in front of Bakugo's door, hoping the blond hadn't actually managed to fall asleep so early. Sometimes he could hear music or movies through the wall, so he suspected Bakugo went upstairs more for privacy than sleep.

After listening for any signs, Kirishima decided to chance it, knocking on the door. "Hey, Bakugo? It's me, can I talk to you for a second?"

There was a soft thud of feet hitting floor, and a moment later, a grumpy Bakugo clad in only his boxers tore the door open. "What the fuck do you want? I said I was going to sleep, didn't I?"

"Here you go! I made you this!" Kirishima beamed, practically shoving the cup he was holding into Bakugo's face.

"What the fuck-"

"It's my special recipe hot chocolate!" Kirishima stated confidently, the liquid rolling around in the large cup. “It's really good.”

"special.... hot.... chocolate? For me?" Bakugo frowned in confusion, giving Kirishima a suspicious look.

"Yeah! It's Valentines day after all." Kirishima smiled widely as Bakugo's eyebrows rose up into his hairline in shock. The blond stared at the cup wide eyed, and Kirishima's heart ached in joy! This was what friends did! Made each other feel nice and included!

Bakugo carefully took the cup, staring at it as he took two steps into the darkness of his room, and then slammed the door in Kirishima's face, leaving the redhead alone in the hallway.

"Goodnight, Bakugo!" Kirishima hummed at the door, practically skipping down the hall. The heavy weight of unfairness off his shoulders. He hadn't expected a thank you or anything, the feeling of a good deed was all a hero and a friend needed after all!

The elevator pinged at the bottom floor, and his friends automatically made room for him on the couch. He vaulted over the edge, sliding himself comfortable between Sero and Mina.

"Where have you been anyway? Running off and making noise in the kitchen late at night. Did you miss dinner?"

"I was just making hot chocolate." Kirishima reclined happily, glancing at the girls who were telling Mineta off for complaining about his lack of "proper" chocolates.

"I was going to give you nice white panties for white day too! "

"Then we super regret giving you ANY chocolate, gross."

"Hey, I didn't want to bring this up because it's none of my business really, But it's really bothering me. Why would you give Mineta chocolates but not Bakugo?" Kirishima's brow furrowed at the girls, who looked over at him in confusion. "I mean he's not the nicest guy, but even Mineta got some chocolates right?!"

The girls exchanged confused and awkward glances, but after a moment of awkward silence in the group, Momo raised her hand timidly. "Uhm, We did offer him chocolates."

"Huh?" Kirishima's brows raised in confusion, and he glanced from one girl to the next, all of them looked slightly apprehensive.

"We found him at the dorms during lunch, he was super rude about it too!" Uraraka huffed, hands on her hips. "He didn't accept a single one, going all "Why would I accept your pity chocolates!" and stuff with a scary face! We were just being nice to him."

"It's true, I saw it." Sero pitched in, patting Kirishima on the shoulder. "He even declined candy from girls in other classes, seems like the guy doesn't like chocolates or something. You can calm down, no one was trying to leave him out."

"Agh! that's super un-cool of me!" Kirishima covered his face in embarrassment. "I scolded you too! I'm sorry, I was in the wrong!"

"That's okay!" Mina laughed, opening a bag full of chocolates. "We got all of Bakugo's leftover chocolates to ourselves, so we win in the end!"

"You're... wrong." Midoriya's soft voice caught everyone's attention. There was something about Deku that just made everyone stop and listen, even if his voice wasn't loud.

"Wha? " Everyone was blinking at the green haired boy, who seemed to crack slightly under all of the attention.

"Kacchan doesn't dislike chocolate at all." Midoriya scratched his chin. "His favorite is chili-chocolate, and he likes to eat all of it in one bite."

Everyone was staring at Midoriya, who awkwardly laughed at his own overly detailed mutterings.

The girls exchanged looks, then turning to the smaller boy with indignation. "Then why wouldn't he accept our chocolates!?"

Kirishima could see the green-haired boy awkwardly glance in his direction, but then again, Midoriya was awkward most of the time.

"Kacchan just... Doesn't accept chocolates on valentines day because he doesn't want to accept peoples feelings." Midoriya rubbed the back of his head. "-ever since we were kids, he never accepted any chocolates, saying stuff like "I don't want your pathetic feelings " or " like hell I'll accept this from someone as lame as you!" and stuff like that"

"That sounds about right." Jiro whistled low, crossing her arms. "He's been a colossal jerk forever, huh?"

Midoriya nodded awkwardly, and then made direct eye contact with Kirishima, who felt completely nailed down by the intensity in those big green eyes.

"Kirishima-kun, who did you make the hot chocolate for?"

"Well it's pretty stupid NOW that I know he wasn't being left out, but I made it for Bakugo. It was all I could think of really." Kirishima shrugged, something at the back of his head churning almost deafeningly.

"Did he accept?" Midoriya's voice was completely different, it was intense and serious, and the entire common room seemed to realize the situation a moment before Kirishima's brain caught up.

"yeah he took-" Kirishima's body froze, and for a second, not a single breath was drawn in the common room. Kirishima wasn't even sure his blood was still flowing as the realization washed over him.

Suddenly he could remember the flustered expression on Bakugo's face right before he slammed the door in his face. He'd been so preoccupied with his own feelings that he'd completely forgotten about reading Bakugo's expression. His heart hammered in his chest to try to make up for lost time, and Kirishima could feel the blush hit his cheeks at mach-speed.

This looked like a confession! Kirishima went over the previously-believed-to-be-innocent encounter again and again in his head, and it looked like a confession every time!

"K-Kirishima, you're spiking up, you'll ruin your shirt." Kaminari put a hand on Kirishima's back, patting it gently. "Relax a bit okay? I'm sure it's not THAT bad."

"Y-yeah!" Kirishima's quirk dissipated, and he swallowed thickly. "I'm just reading too much into it! right?"

"R-right!" Uraraka nodded, sitting at the edge of her seat. "I'm sure Bakugo didn't misunderstand! Tell us what you said exactly!"

Kirishima nodded, wiping his sweaty palms on his pants. "I uh, knocked on his door and told him I needed to talk to him-"

The entire group winched but remained silent, and Kirishima paled a shade, hesitantly continuing, his voice rising slightly. "t-then I told him "I made you this-" and presented him with the cup-"

Half of the class was now averting their eyes at this point, trying to look at anything but Kirishima.

"I told him it was my special... hot chocolate... because... it was.... v-valentines day..." Kirishima threw his head back. "THIS IS A DISASTER! HE DEFINATELY MISUNDERSTOOD!"

"How did he react? Was he pissed off?" Mina was one of the few people still willing to look Kirishima in the eyes, the awkwardness that hung in the air was suffocating.

"He... He took it.... From my hand and... Slammed the door in my face?" Kirishima's voice was barely more than a squeak at this point, he grimaced awkwardly and gave a hopeful look at the girls, who all exchanged a look before turning to Kirishima.

"Yeah, that's definitely a 100% unmistakable confession."

"AGH!" Kirishima threw himself backwards, the couch toppling over, taking Sero and Kaminari with him to the floor as their legs flung into the air. Kirishima covered his face completely with his hands, the redness in his cheeks rivaling his hair.

"I'm so stupid! I just wanted to make him feel included!" Kirishima hissed through grit teeth. "Now I made it weird!"

"But, he accepted?"

Kirishima could see most of the class through the gaps in his fingers as he peeked out between them shyly. "huh?"

"He accepted the confession!" Uraraka levitated the couch, tapping her hand on it to flip it over, righting all three boys in the seat. "Congratulations?"

"W-What!?" Kirishima yelped in confusion, looking from one face to another. They were all either grinning awkwardly at him or horrified, and Kirishima didn't know what to do with his face.

"Doesn't that mean you're dating now?" Momo pointed out shyly, and Kirishima's head snapped in her direction. "I mean..." she hesitated when she could see the horrified expression on Kirishima's face.

"Do you like Kacchan?" Midoriya asked confidently, "Because if you don't... You should clear this misunderstanding up right away-"

Kirishima swallowed thickly, his face probably as red as his hair as he stared at the corner of the table. He supposed it was time. He just hoped the people in class were as cool as he thought they were.

"I... I do like him." He confessed, a mixture of relief and dread rooting itself in his spine.

The entire class waited, none of them sounding specifically shocked or anything, but all of them waiting for the declaration. At least they weren't looking at him in disgust or anything.

"-as a friend?" Midoriya added, leaning into Kirishima's field of view. "or more?"

"I don't know! I just know I like him okay!?" Kirishima covered his face in his hands, muffling the embarrassment in his voice. "I do like him, he's really cool and handsome and I like hanging out with him and stuff, but- I didn't plan on confessing, ever! He's my bro! I don't want to make it weird!"

"You already have dude." Sero nodded sympathetically, patting Kirishima on the shoulder.

“Too late now.”

“Maybe you should just go for it”

“You kinda messed that part up.”

"ARGH! I HAVE HAVEN'T I!?" Kirishima lamented, deflating into the couch. "Dammit!"

"This is a dilemma." Uraraka hummed into her hand, eyes closed in concentration. "Though we don't know if Bakugo feels the same, he might not even care right?"

"-And it's not like this means you have to start dating, right?" Sero pointed out tiredly, fingers tapping on the coffee table. "Do you really think Bakugo is dumb enough to just think you've started dating over ONE cup of cocoa?"

The question was directed at Midoriya, who squirmed slightly in his seat. "Kacchan is... a pretty all or nothing kinda guy. I mean I don't think he's ever liked anyone before so... Anything could happen really."

"W-wait, does that mean that if he likes me, I'm his first crush!?" Kirishima had no idea why that made his stomach all fluttery and light. He knew he shouldn't get his hopes up, but his adrenaline was kicking his emotions into hyper-drive.

"Don't just assume stuff so quickly! You're also like...His first actual close friend right? That idiot has the emotional depth of a teaspoon, so maybe he just accepted your cocoa as a friendship thing!” Kaminari argued, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Besides, is a cup of hot chocolate really something that counts as Valentines chocolate?!"

Kirishima's elated expression washed away almost immediately, replaced by a hollow tired sigh. He should be careful not to get his hopes up, just talking about this in such a serious way was getting him all excited. What was he? A maiden from an 70's rom-com!?

"Either way, Kirishima-kun is definitely special to Kacchan." Midoriya noted and Kirishima knew they were both remembering the same night. The same event.

Sometimes when he closed his eyes he could still feel the wind in his hair and the weight of Bakugo in his hand.

"Yeah but maybe he accepted it as a friend." Kaminari sighed in exasperation. "I guess we'll find out tomorrow? If you don't want to date him, just tell him you're not ready for a relationship or something."

"You should just date him! You said you like him, right?" Mina pointed out, and Kirishima curled up and covered his head with his arms.

"I DO, but I've never dated anyone before!" Kirishima groaned out in frustration. "I don't know how!"

“I don't think anyone knows how to date Bakugo.” The group murmured, thinking about this situation. “-probably not even Bakugo knows how you should date Bakugo.”

Turns out none of the boys in class had dated anyone, except Shouji who'd had a significant other for a couple of months in middle school, but he wasn't any help. If anything it just made the situation feel more hopeless. The class eventually tried to lighten the mood by changing the subject, but no-one tried to stop Kirishima went he went to bed early, clutching his magazine.

He was so happy, but his stomach was twisting with tension. What was he going to do!? Somehow the idea of Bakugo turning him down tomorrow was just as scary as Bakugo accepting his feelings! How could ONE person be so intense to make both scenarios terrifying!?

Kirishima thrashed around in bed, staring up at his posters. Bakugo had accepted his cup though, but for all he knew it could have been out of pity or friendship or something. That is how he had presented it after all.

As a confession that had been super-crazy-lame too! He'd imagined confessing to Bakugo for months now, in all sorts of cool manly ways, but he was never planning to actually DO it!

He could tell this was going to be a long, sleepless night.




Kirishima woke up with a start at the sound of his alarm, it blared from the floor where his phone had fallen, wiggling angrily at him through the vibrations. Kirishima stretched and kicked off his covers, the sleep trying to claw him back under before he rolled out of bed to get ready for another day. Spiking his hair, fixing his tie, his routine was manageable on half-asleep autopilot, his brain lagging far far behind.

It only took 5 minutes to get to class from the dorms, but he always left a little earlier so he could walk with Bakugo-

Kirishima froze in place as the events of last night rushed over him. Shit, he'd completely forgotten about the situation he'd gotten himself into. Was he going to be turned down now? Was walking together to class over?! Or... Kirishima could feel his palms sweating, and he could hear the door to Bakugo's room swing open and slam shut. He was going, Bakugo was going!!!

Normally he'd burst out of the door, chase the blond down and join him for the walk to class, but today his body couldn't move. How was he supposed to act? What if Bakugo expected something? What if he rejected him? What if he got awkward around him? THIS was why he hadn't wanted to confess in the first place!

"Oi! Kirishima!" There was a loud knock on the door, and the redhead snapped out of his own thoughts, staring at the door. It was Bakugo! He was waiting for him? Bakugo had never waited before! Well Kirishima wasn't sure if this was new, since he'd never made Bakugo wait before.

His body moved on its own and he pulled the door open, and right in front of him, leaning against the wall opposite his door was Bakugo. Handsome as ever, though he was staring down the hallway to avoid eye contact.

Kirishima seized up internally, yeah. This was going to get weird, wasn't it?

"Good morning, Bakugo!"

"What the fuck were you doing in there? You'll make us late you know!"

Grumpier than usual, Kirishima noted nervously.

"Sorry, sorry-" Kirishima yanked his door closed, walking over to take his normal place at Bakugo's left side. "There's still plenty of time to get to class!"

"But now we're gonna have to hurry." Bakugo muttered angrily, hands buried deep in his pockets as he stomped his way down the hall, not any faster than usual despite his complaint.

What was that supposed to mean? Kirishima's brain whirred away as his body went on auto-pilot , stepping in line with his friend came naturally to him at this point. "Hey Bakugo, about yesterday-"

"I don't know how." Bakugo spat out venomously, his walk halting in the middle of the hallway, Kirishima pausing automatically a step ahead. Was the blond blushing? An impulsive harden rushed up Kirishima's spine as Bakugo looked at him, his red eyes burning with something he hadn't seen before.

"what don't you-"

"DATING!" Bakugo spat out angrily, gritting his teeth. At this moment, Kirishima noticed that his friend looked tired and a bit tense, and he had the sudden urge to do something to make all of this okay. He didn't like to see Bakugo so uncomfortable!

"Bakugo, listen, don't worry about it-"

"But it's stupid!" Bakugo angrily tore his hand out of his pocket, running int through his hair in annoyance, the helplessness on his face was heartbreaking.

"We can't even hold hands!" Bakugo was yelling at this point, though Kirishima could tell it wasn't directed at him. "It's stupid and gross and I don't want to! But! It's stupid that I can't right!? There's nothing I can't do, but this is a problem?!"

"What are you talking about-" Kirishima stepped in front of his friend to calm him down, narrowing Bakugo's world down to just him usually worked.

"Idiot!" Bakugo raised his hand up in front of Kirishima's face, and for a second the redhead expected a blast. "My hands gets really sweaty when I'm nervous and shit! I'll blow your fuckin' hand off by accident!"

Kirishima stared at his friend who looked so earnestly angry and disappointed, the embarrassment was obvious on his face, it was adorable. The flutter started deep down in his stomach, but within a minute the laughter was bubbling out of him, raw and real.

"DON'T LAUGH AT ME ASSHOLE! I'M SERIOUS HERE!" Bakugo grabbed the front of Kirishima's uniform, a red blush burning bright across his cheeks.

"Sorry, dude" Kirishima took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he shook his head. "Don't tell me you forgot who you are talking to?" He raised his own hand; hardening running from the tips of his fingers to his wrist. "You can bring those explosions right on!"

Bakugo stared at Kirishima's hand, his expression suddenly dumbfounded as he seemed to register the situation. Had Bakugo totally forgotten about Kirishima's quirk or something? Well not that it was hard to forget such a boring quirk, Kirishima looked at his own hand with slight disdain.

"It's a bit sharp though, it won't be comfortable-"

Bakugo suddenly grabbed Kirishima's hand, palm to hardened palm, a slightly off-putting "splat" sound filled the hallway, followed by an explosion that fluttered their hair and stung just a little bit.


SPLAT! by Queenofliz4rds on tumblr


Kirishima's heart thundered in excitement, so manly! Early morning explosive contact! Such a firm grip too! The two boys held eye contact until the sting dissolved and Kirishima whistled low, "That was pretty cool!"

"Whatever." Bakugo let his hand drop, taking Kirishima's hand with him as he resumed walking, hand in hand. Kirishima followed by instinct, and finally his mind caught up.

WHAT WAS THIS SITUATION!?!? Kirishima ignored the multitudes of small explosions playing across his hardened palm as he allowed Bakugo to lead him to the elevator on autopilot. Now he was holding hands with Bakugo, did this mean they were actually dating!? He'd never planned what he'd do if Bakugo DID accept his feelings! He'd never held hands with anyone before, it felt great!

"They tickle a bit." Kirishima's traitorous mouth did not get approved by his brain for that statement. The two boys were standing in the elevator, no sound except for the muffled "poof poof" of explosions between their hands and the unnaturally cheery elevator music.

Bakugo's ears were red. "-not painful?"

"not with my hardening." Kirishima smiled wide at his friend, it was cute that Bakugo was so concerned about this. "it's probably sting a bit without it though."

"tsk." Bakugo turned his head away, his grip on Kirishima's hand tightening slightly. They left the campus building, and Kirishima was amazed and slightly embarrassed that Bakugo's grip didn't ease up even remotely even if they were in public. Did he just not care what other people thought? So manly! Kirishima didn't want to let go either, but he wondered how far they'd have to get into school before Bakugo would let his hand go.

All the way to the classroom, apparently.



Special thanks to QueenOfLiz4rds for providing art! 

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Bakugo slid the door open, and Kirishima was suddenly hyper aware that they were the last to arrive. The only person not present was Aizawa, but every single student pair of eyes dropped down immediately to their entwined hands. Kirishima flushed slightly, a bit disappointed when Bakugo let go of his hand as they entered to take their seats.

He released the hardening on his hand, suddenly able to feel the slick glycerin sweat staining the surface. Bakugo was such a sweaty guy, he supposed it helped with his quirk. He glanced around, Kaminari and Sero were staring at him dumbstruck, their mouths open wide in confusion. Mina was smiling widely, giving him a thumbs up.

Midoria looked like he was about to have a panic attack, staring over at Bakugo. Kirishima followed Deku's stare, and saw Bakugo frowning at the green-haired boy. Bakugo then looked over at him, and his brows raised slightly, but his mouth perked up in an indignant pout.

Before the flood of question hit, Aizawa entered the room, and Kirishima had never been as happy to see a teacher in his life. He needed time to think.

For the rest of the class, Kirishima would steal glances at Bakugo, his world spinning with a sudden avalanche of possibilities! He'd never allowed himself to indulge in these kinds of thoughts about Bakugo, since he'd never planned on being more than a friend. He wanted to make the most out of this chance, since he'd lucked out and somehow managed to get himself into this dream scenario.

It was exciting, but also very intimidating. He didn't want to mess anything up and piss off Bakugo, since he didn't really know what Bakugo was even comfortable with. Bakugo had been the one to initiate the hand-holding, so maybe he should let Bakugo control the pace?

Holding hands had been nice though, imagine if you could-. Kirishima's traitorous brain interjected, and Kirishima shook his head to get rid of the thought. Even if he'd liked the way that his palms tingled and his stomach did flips, he had to think about this seriously. Dating Bakugo was serious business; rushing in with his own desires could ruin everything!

Kirishima nervously chewed at the end of his pen, his sharp teeth making short work of the plastic, shredding it to bits. Kirishima started coughing violently as he swallowed some of the shards, ink spilling across his tongue.

"K-Kirishima!" Kaminari yelped and most of the class turned in it's seat or rushed to his aid, the redhead coughed up the remains of the pen cap thanks to a harsh pat on the back by Shouji.

"Ag! Shit! Gross!" Kirishima coughed a few more times, plucking plastic from his teeth, cringnig at the taste of ink. "I totally zoned out there- that's so lame!"

Some of his classmates settled down at that, smiling to themselves fondly as they rolled their eyes. Then a bottle was thrust in his direction, and the class fell completely silent.

"Here." Bakugo held the bottle of ice-tea out to Kirishima. "Fuckin' take it already, hair for brains."

Kirishima reached out across the gap between the tables, grabbing onto the bottom of the bottle. "thanks Bakugo!"

"shut up and die." Bakugo muttered under his breath, which was Bakugo for 'you are welcome'. The tension that Aizawa had alleviated earlier returned full force, and Kirishima could feel all eyes on him as he opened the half empty bottle of lukewarm tea. He took a big gulp, running it around his mouth to get rid of the ink before he swallowed thickly.

He could feel his ears getting warm as he put the bottle down on his desk, he could feel everyone's attention on him. PLEASE restart the lesson!!! He yelled at Aizawa in his head, and after a brief moment of the tired looking teacher's contemplation, he resumed, liberating Kirishima from the intense scrutiny of his classmates.

It was a brief escape. It was almost like the entire class was waiting on him to get up and leave for lunch, but Bakugo didn't wait for anything, sauntering over to his table. "What are you doing for lunch?"

"I- ah-" Kirishima flushed as he scratched his chin, looking at the empty bottle of tea on his table. This was something he could do! A boyfriend thing he could do! "Oh! sorry Bakugo! I finished your tea!"

"I don't give a shit, are you going to the cafeteria?"

"I still feel bad!" Kirishima got up and ran for the door, the entire class watching their exchange. "I'll go buy you another one, I'll be right back!"

"Kirishima!" Bakugo frowned, his tone pausing the redhead who glanced over his shoulder to see what he wanted. Bakugo seemed to contemplate what he wanted too for a minute, his frown easing into a pout. "If it's from the vending machine, I like the blue one better, so if it's not out, get that one."

"Right!" Kirishima smiled, grabbing the bottle as he headed for the door. "See ya in the cafeteria then!"

He'd barely made it halfway down the hall when he was practically attacked by Mina and Sero.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" They cried out in unison, Sero had a face of absolute horror, and Mina was giddy and practically vibrating with glee.

"Nothing special?" Kirishima grimaced, walking slightly faster.

"You were HOLDING HANDS" Mina practically shrieked, shaking Kirishima's shoulder in excitement. "You're SUPER for REAL dating?!"

"I- I guess so? Yeah?"

"Dude-" Sero was more distressed than Mina was, his face pinched together tightly. "Do you really want to date BAKUGO of all people? He's a handful as it is!"

"He's not that bad!" Kirishima finally found a vending machine, but it was out of the blue flavor, so he started running for the next machine further down the hall.

"Dude! you can't do this halfheartedly, Bakugo's gonna expect things yanno!?" Sero ran alongside him almost comically, people in the hallway making a path for them 

"NO RUNNING IN THE HALL!" Iida yelled as they passed him.

"Y-yeah! But that's fine!" Kirishima's run translated into a sprint, but Mina and Sero kept up, blocking him on both sides.

"JUST Fine!?" Mina yelled, her voice getting huffy from the running. "Are you sure!? he's probably gonna want to kiss!"

RUNRUNRUN by QueenOfLiz4rds

"T-That's fine!" Kirishima didn't want the excitement to show on his face.

"He's probably gonna want to make out and do some pervy stuff!" Sero was panting at this point, a slight flush on his face.

"T-THAT'S FINE!" The excitement was probably showing on his face at this point.

"Dude! You're both guys, at least try to be subtle about it! Don't just waltz around holding hands!" Sero was starting to lose traction."If the school finds out there's not going back for you-"

"It'll be FINE!" Kirishima had located a vending machine that still had the blue-colored bottles, and his target was set. Trying to stop in the meticulously waxed hall was a nightmare though, and all three of them ended up slamming into a wall and scattering on the floor.

"I don't have time for this! Bakugo's waiting in the cafeteria!" Kirishima huffed, out of breath from all the running. He grabbed onto the side of the vending machine, locating the blue-colored bottle. "There's one left!"

He reached for his wallet, but then the last bottle was gone, and he saw it pop out through the bottom of the vending machine.

"Ah. Sorry." A totally non apologetic voice grated on Kirishima's ears, it was Monoma, his smug face shadowed by deliberate malice. "Looks like I got the last one-"

"Wh- No!" Kirishima glanced at the vending machine, the drink was gone and the last bottle was in Monoma's sly hands. "I was here first! You should wait your turn!"

"I didn't SEE you." Monoma tilted his head slightly. "You're not very noticeable."

Kirishima's skin crawled at that, his stomach heavy.

"That's bullshit and you know it!" Mina yelled from the floor. "We slammed into a wall yanno! There's no WAY you didn't notice us!"

"Oh well too bad, there's soooo many different flavors left, I'm sure you'll manage."

"Hey man-" Sero panted, wiping sweat from his brow. "Don't be an ass ok? We got here first."

"Ah, do you class 1-A just assume you always get anything you want-"

"I'll buy you another one okay? can I just please have that one?" Kirishima sighed, pulling out his wallet.

"Why is this drink so important?" Monoma tapped his own chin. "You're even BEGGING?"

"I'm... not begging." Kirishima sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, "I don't have time-"

"Oh! I see, you're getting it for your MASTER." Monoma practically sneered, dangling the tea in front of Kirishima. "That bomb-maniac! You're fetching him a drink like a good lackey-"

"Hey!" Kirishima huffed, and now there was a group of people gathering around, making this all more embarrassing than it had to be. "I'm not a dog, We're friends-"

"so it IS for him! Your precious boyfriend~"

"yeah! So hand it over!" Kirishima shoved a coin into the vending machine, the sound of the coin being accepted sounding pretty loud in the silence between them. "that one is mine, so just choose another one already!"

"What's going on?" Kendo stormed over, her long hair trailing after her. "Monoma what are you doing? Are you picking a fight again?!"

"He snatched Kirishima's drink" Mina complained in annoyance, taking care of the talking since Kirishima and Monoma were currently staring each other down. Kirishima in cold hard determination and Monoma in dumbstruck disbelief.

"Monoma!" Kendo grabbed the drink, looking at it in distaste. "You don't even like this one! You are literally just doing this to be an ass!" She slammed the blue colored drink in Kirishima's hand, pressing a button on the vending machine and pressing a different flavor into Monoma's chest. "Here you go you idiot, your favorite one! Stop picking fights!" She bowed to the trio, dragging the still dumbstruck Monoma down the hall.

"Ah." Sero nodded sagely. "Now the entire school is going to know."

"Who is going to believe that asshole anyway?" Mina frowned, getting up and dusting off her skirt. "Don't worry about it Kirishima."

Kirishima started walking down the hallway, Sero and Mina following him. His heart was beating super fast, aaaaaaah calling Bakugo his boyfriend made him all gooey inside! Or at least saying yes to it had? He hadn't really called him his boyfriend yet, anyway, that comeback had felt really manly!

"I mean you're doing this seriously right?" Sero hummed, scratching his forehead as they made their way back to the cafeteria. "You've got a plan then? Because I would have no clue how to date someone like Bakugo."

"Yes." Kirishima nodded, raising the bottle triumphantly. "I'm gonna start off by giving him this tea."

"... that's not really a plan."

"It's all I got so far! Give me a break! I've only been dating him for like 5 hours or so!" Kirishima huffed, jogging back to the cafeteria excitedly. He located a grumpy looking Bakugo immediately, sitting next to Kaminari at a table. He made his way over to the blond duo, proudly presenting the bottle to his friend - well, boyfriend. He grinned widely, huffing in exhaustion as he could feel sweat threaten to pull his hair down from their spikes.

"I got the last one!"

Bakugo stared at the bottle, then at him. "What the fuck?" Bakugo snatched the drink from his hand, "Who said you had to go through so much trouble? Did you waste your time running around the entire campus or something!?"

"Not the entire campus!" Kirishima grinned widely, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Have you decided what you're gonna eat?"

"of-fucking-course" Bakugo frowned, looking at the menu suspended above the serving area. He got up and opened the bottle of tea angrily, a slight flush on his face. "I had plenty of time because of your slow ass!"

" Sorry! I just really wanted to make sure to get the one you wanted!"

"Stupid! Don't waste my time like that, any flavor would have been FINE!" Bakugo growled, stomping over to get his food. Kirishima happily got in line behind him, followed by a confused looking Kaminari. As Sero and Mina filled him on on what happened, Kaminari got paler and paler, though Kirishima couldn't care less.

It wasn't common for Bakugo to join them in the cafeteria since he usually made himself lunch at the dorms or took his food to go.

Kirishima was giddy and even if he'd stopped running ages ago, his heart was still beating super hard in his chest. He happily ate in silence next to Bakugo, with Mina, Sero and Kaminari across the table from them. Eating with everyone from Team Bakugo together was the best!

"Oh, how romantic." The carefree drawl of Monoma managed to put a damper on Kirishima's mood, as the copycat blond made his way over to their table, looming over them. "1-A's Sports-festival king is eating with us commoners?"

"Fuck off and die shitface." Bakugo huffed, glaring the blond down, his cheek full of curry. "You're still on my shitlist from what you pulled back then."

Monoma's eyes fell on the drink besides Bakugo's plate, and he became honestly giddy. "No way! For real?" His eyes lit up with glee, "That drink really WAS for you!"

"Huh?" Bakugo frowned, and Kirishima winced.

"You should have seen it! He practically BEGGED for this drink! He must really want to-"

"I DIDN'T BEG!" Kirishima snapped, hitting the table with a fist for emphasis. "I asked NICELY, and I don't know why I bothered, because YOU are an ASSHOLE!"

The entire group was looking at Kirishima, who usually didn't have outbursts like this, but he was so embarrassed! Bakugo's glare was practically murderous, and it was directed at Monoma.

"I don't give a shit what the story here is, get the fuck away from us NO TALENT EXTRA!" Bakugo hissed, his brow furrowed in that way that usually only happened in combat. " I WILL FUCKIN' END YOU IF YOU BOTHER US EVER AGAIN, YA HEAR!?"

"Oh! How cute! He's protecting the honor of his BOYFRIEND-" Monoma practically sang, but Bakugo was already standing up, hands slamming down on the table.


Monoma had clearly been expecting something else, because there was no ready comeback for this response. All that came out were half-formed sounds, and then the copy blond silently backed off, the entire cafeteria muttering at the scene. Kirishima deflated onto the table, hiding his face from the world as Bakugo snarled with a huff.

"From now on we're eating at the dorms! Fuckin' INSECTS crawling all over the moment they think our guard is down!" Bakugo growled angrily, kicking Kirishima's shin under the table as he turned to him.

"And don't you fuckin' ask that asshole for ANYTHING ever again, you hear!" Bakugo grabbed Kirishima's head, turning it so that it was laying sideways on the table and Kirishima could see him. "that shitstain is not worth being nice t-"

Bakugo fell silent when he looked at him, so Kirishima figured that his feelings had to be showing on his face, and he quickly turned his head down again to hide it. He could feel the heat in his cheeks, it was mortifying to admit, but he was kinda turned on right now. His body was just humming with adrenaline and embarrassment, and he couldn't tell if he was happy or horrified.

"You're really cool." Kirishima muttered into the table, rising back up and thoroughly avoiding eye contact, his cheeks red. Bakugo didn't say anything to that either, his cheeks the same color and his face contorted in some sort of painful-looking mix between a smile and a grimace.

"I can't take this amount of secondhand romantic-tension." Kaminari's voice was defeated and tired sounding. "I'm gonna go back to class to take a nap."

Sero and Mina exchanged glances, and Kirishima could barely make eye contact with them out of embarrassment.

"What do you MEAN you won't eat at the cafeteria anymore! We're not gonna let you steal Kirishima away like that!" Mina accused, pointing a finger at Bakugo, who seemed likely to bite it off on the spot.

"I don't have any interest in being stared at while eating!" Bakugo huffed, glaring at Mina. "Besides, Kirishima's my boyfriend now, so it makes sense he'd eat with me!"

Kirishima swallowed thickly, somehow it felt so much more real when Bakugo just... Said it like that.

"You just want to cook things for Kirishima at the dorms! That's not fair! Cook for us too!"


"See! You're not even denying it!" Mina whined, slamming a fist on the table. "Kirishima would be SAD if he couldn't eat lunch with us anymore! He's a social creature, yanno!"

Bakugo paused at that, the wheels turning in his head almost visibly, then he looked over at Kirishima, that smiled awkwardly at the blond.

"I... really like eating all together." He confessed carefully, and Bakugo huffed and sank back in his seat.

"I'm not going to buy ingredients to feed you assholes, so you'll have to bring enough for everyone then!"

"For REAL?" Sero grinned excitedly, and Mina threw her arms up in glee. "We can come too?"

"Not all the time! I'm not your fuckin' mom! Eat at the cafeteria sometimes!"

"Alright, how about THIS-" Mina confidently raised a a finger. "two days a week, we'll let you guys have a date-lunch in peace!"

"YOU DON'T GET TO DECIDE!" Bakugo argued, twisting the cap onto his tea hard enough to bend the bottle. "THREE DAYS MINIMUM!"

"DEAL!" Mina threw her hand out to shake on it, and Kirishima facepalmed.

"Don't I get a say in this!?"

"doesn't look like it." Sero sighed, looking at Bakugo and Mina stare each other down as they shook on it. "It's almost time for class! Lets get going before Iida comes to get us!"

"Like I'd listen to four eyed bastard!" Bakugo hissed, grabbing his tray while still glaring at Mina, who stuck her tongue out at Bakugo in return. "This class is full of stupid fuckin' idiots!"

"HEY! HEY! KAMINARI!" Mina practically jumped the deflated blond, resting with his face down on the table. "Bakugo's gonna cook for us, so make sure you decide what you want soon!"

"W-what!?" Kirishima's head snapped up, disbelief written all across his face. “FOR REAL?”

"Only like, four times a week though! The other three are Date-lunches with Kirishima only!"

"MINIMUM of three times black-eyes!" Bakugo corrected angrily, taking his seat. "If I don't feel like it you guys have no say in it!"

"See! Isn't it great!? I'm gonna ask for a hamburger, we never get those in the cafeteria!"

"I think I'll ask for pizza" Sero gave Bakugo a thumbs up, and the blond flipped him off in return.

"You guys better not just pick junk food, I'm not eating garbage!"

"yes yes, I'm sure your hamburgers would be really bad anyway" Mina teased, and like clockwork Bakugo took the bait.


"Bakugo, calm down man, she's playing you!" Kirishima put a hand on Bakugo's shoulder, and he could feel the tension in the blond's shoulder ease almost immediately.

"Whatever!" Bakugo huffed, crossing his arms as the rest of the class started filing into the room. There were some confused looks, but suddenly Mineta ran up, pointing an accusing finger at Kirishima.

"YOU?" Mineta practically shrieked. "I HAD A FEELING BAKUGO WAS ON THE OTHER TEAM BUT 'YOU'?! "

"WHAT WAS THAT YOU LITTLE GRAPE SHIT-" Bakugo snarled and lunged for Mineta, who hid behind Sero, climbing the lanky tape-dispenser as he kept shrieking and pointing at them.

"Chill down dude." Kirishima shook his head, getting in between Bakugo's murderous rage and the small grape-powered boy. "This has nothing to do with you Mineta, so just mind your own bushiness!"

Sero rubbed at his ear. "-and stop screaming into my ear! It's painful!"

"Ah." Mineta seemed to realize something, and suddenly he became completely calm. "Wait a minute, this is great! Two of the best looking guys in class... are not a threat anymore! More girls for me!"

"No girl wants you." Sero pointed out helpfully.

"Fix your rotten attitude, you're gross." Mina cringed.

“What kind of ranking has these two idiots at the top?” Kaminari's brow arched.

"Alright everyone, is your teen drama over?" Aizawa's voice filled the room, but he was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly a sleeping bag rolled over, revealing the face of their teacher. The entire class sat down immediately.

"Today, we'll be doing stealth combat training." Aizawa somehow managed to right himself without unzipping his sleeping bag. "So get into your suits and meet me by Area-3-B in 15 minutes."



Chapter Text



After class, in the last dregs of the evening sun, Kirishima sat in the classroom, flipping through the magazine Bakugo had lent him the day before. He yawned, the bandage on his jaw pulling uncomfortably on his skin. It had been almost an hour now, Bakugo should be done at the Nurses' office soon.

"Kirishima!" Sero, Kaminari and Mina entered the classroom, surrounding his table. "You didn't get hurt? I'm jealous, your quirk is so convenient."

"It's useful I suppose, though its a bit cooler to get all beaten up and stuff." Kirishima shrugged, closing the magazine. "Are you all good now?"

"Yep!" The trio pointed out their bandages, their smiles wide. "We even got some healing-gummies from Recovery girl to take care of our scratches once our bodies have finished fixing up the bigger stuff."

“I just needed a gummy. Did you see if Bakugo was about to be done? I've been waiting for him for like an hour, I got a dinner set for him from the cafeteria, but it's cold now."

"He was being treated when we walked out, he was getting a lecture from Aizawa about explosions not being stealthy at all." Kaminari snorted, and the atmosphere was a bit stale. The silence lingered a bit too long for this to be a normal conversation.

"Hey, Kirishima. You really like him, right? For real?" Kaminari buried his hands in his pockets. "Even if he's an asshole?"

"Yeah." Kirishima looked down at his hands, the streaks of setting sun folding across his skin. "I've liked him for a while, though I guess I just didn't want to admit it?"

"Why not!?" Mina frowned. "You guys are super cute together!"

"Well-" Kirishima's hands tightened into fists. "I had a reason, but I've decided it's a stupid reason so it doesn't matter."

"Hah? What kind of reason?" Sero questioned, and Kirishima sat back in his seat, avoiding eye contact.

"Because... It won't last, right?" Kirishima sighed, the shadow he'd been trying to ignore was suffocating. That awful feeling he'd been trying to ignore was back. He hadn't felt it for a while, it was like his old self was trying to claw its way back to the surface. Holding him back.

"What are you talking about?" The trio looked genuinely confused.

"I thought about it a thousand times before, Bakugo is so cool and handsome, and he's super badass too! He'll soon realize that he can do way better than me, and then he'll dump me right?!" Kirishima's smile was wide despite his words. This wasn't him anymore. This way of thinking was behind him.

"Kirishima, what kinda stupid reason is this-"

"I know right? It IS stupid! I was thinking about this all wrong!" Kirishima grinned, his knuckles white. "So I'm gonna date him until he gets sick of me and moves on! I'm not gonna just let this slip by and regret not doing anything about it! I can't do that!"

There was dead silence in the classroom.

"h-hey Kirishima, what is with this horribly painful sounding plan?" His friends interjected, bringing Kirishima down from his excitement with their horrified looking faces.

"It's fine! I'm tough, I can take it." Kirishima flexed. "We'll make a bunch of great memories! I won't regret this at all!"

"That sounds super painful!" Mina's face was slightly upset. "I don't like this plan at all! And why do you think Bakugo will dump you? He seems to REALLY like you!"

"Well that's just how high-school romances go-"

"Th...That's super sad!" Mina stomped her foot, tears forming in her eyes. "I hate this!"

"yeah dude, It's so weird to see you get so hard on yourself-" Sero put an arm around Mina, who was shaking her head in distaste.

"I'm just being realistic here, but don't worry, I'm still super happy that I get a chance to date him!" Kirishima looked at his hand, the same hand Bakugo held this morning. "I'm gonna give it my all!"

"Then why have you already decided that it's going to end?!" Kaminari was legitimately angry, grabbing Kirishima's arm. "My parents have been together since high school! It can happen you know!"

"yeah but that's different, Bakugo's gonna be the number one hero and-"

"well you'll be a great hero too!" Kaminari frowned, his grip on Kirishima's arm edging on bruising. "then you can be partners! There's some pro heroes that are in relationships, it can totally happen!"

"yeah!" Mina chocked up between her sobs, grabbing onto Kirishima's other shoulder. "I'm gonna make sure you guys stay together, I don't like this doomed-romance talk! It's not cute at all!"

"me too!" Sero nodded, his usual grin absent. "If you really DO want to date Bakugo, I'm going to cheer you on too!"

"That's super nice of you guys!" Kirishima was taken aback by all the support, and for a minute he was swept up in their optimism. Friends were the BEST. "Don't start butting in though, alright? You'll make it all weird-"

Kirishima paused as his phone buzzed in his pocket, and he glanced over the text and the amount of expletives. "Bakugo's done at the nurses office! I´m gonna go meet him! See ya at the dorms!"

"yeah..." The trio said tiredly, watching Kirishima rush happily out of the classroom. The three of them exchanged looks, clenching their fists in determination.

"Bakugo!" Kirishima was running down the hallway to his friend- well boyfriend to be exact, but Kirishima's brain hadn't fully adjusted to this concept yet. What was this dream scenario anyway!?

Bakugo had been looking at his phone while waiting, and he pocketed the device as he pushed himself off the wall.

"You could have waited at the dorms, idiot" Bakugo hummed, his arms bandaged as he closed the distance between them.

“I wanted to walk to the dorms with you! I got you dinner from the cafeteria!" Kirishima said happily, grinning at the blond as he held up the container. He honestly had wanted to since he was hoping Bakugo would hold his hand the way there, just like they had this morning.

But he didn't want to get his hopes up. Sleepy Bakugo was always a little bit more malleable in the morning.

"Idiot." Bakugo huffed, looking away to hide the slight flushing of his cheeks as he started walking towards the dorms. "If you're going to be this overbearing, I'm going to have a hard time dealing with your needy ass, right?"

"If that makes you feel better, sure!" Kirishima grinned, the back of their hands brushed together as they walked, and Kirishima could feel excitement rushing up his arm. It felt a little bit like when he was zapped by Kaminari at practicals last week.

"Hey- Do your palms hurt?" Kirishima gently grasped the blond's wrists, turning carefully to turn Bakugo's palms to the ceiling. Bakugo's hands themselves weren't bandaged up, the brunt of the damage was apparently the strain on Bakugo forearms. But Kirishima had wanted to ask this for a while, even before he had a chance to hold these hands.

Bakugo stared at Kirishima who carefully ran his fingers gently across the surface of Bakugo's palms. He could feel his fingertips ghost slightly over the dents of those calloused hands, and Bakugo didn't answer. he couldn't answer, he was completely frozen on the spot.

"This is the area that makes the explosions right? So do your hands hurt?" Kirishima was gently prodding at the palms of Bakugo's hands, and for a moment the world narrowed down to the two of them.

"Well... No. Not anymore." Bakugo looked away, and Kirishima chased the blonds eyes with his own. "It used to though, when I was younger and managed big explosions for the first time, since I didn't have any built up resistance."

Kirishima loved to hear that Bakugo hadn't always been good at everything. It was super inspiring to know that once even Bakugo didn't know how to Bakugo, it took hard work to Bakugo.

"Did you have any problems controlling your quirk at any point? I cut myself on my own hardening a few times as a kid. I've got some scars."

"Scars? like your eye?"

"yeah! I've got a couple of more." Kirishima shrugged, and he could see Bakugo's eyes dart down his body. "... you wanna see them?" He suggested with a hard blush, and the words almost made Bakugo physically recoil from the implication.

"What?! No! Why would I want to see some stupid scars? You didn't even get them in a cool way, lets just go back to the dorm already!" Bakugo barked out in distaste, his face bright red. "I'm hungry!"

"Alright, alright!" Kirishima laughed and expected Bakugo to storm on ahead, but the blond was just staring at him expectantly. Was he expecting him to show him right now or something?

"Harden your hand already!" Bakugo snarled angrily, pointing at Kirishima's hand.

"Oh!" Kirishima raised his hand, hardening it up a moment before Bakugo grasped it tightly, almost vengefully. He let Bakugo practically pull him out of the school, and for half the distance to the dorms, they walked in awkward silence. The tiny explosions muffled between their hands weren't as frequent as before. Kirishima guessed that eventually they'd fade completely, as Bakugo got used to holding hands.

"What are you grinning about?" Bakugo hissed inquisitively, slowing down so they were walking more side by side than before. "It's gross."

"I just like holding hands." Kirishima confessed, and the honesty seemed to make Bakugo almost physically recoil.

"Well then get fuckin' used to it already! IM gonna hoLD YOUR HAnd UNTIL YOU DIE." The blond was about as red as the sunset. Kirishima laughed until they got to the dorms, much to the blond's annoyance.

The kitchen of the dorms wasn't far away from the common room, so Bakugo had to settle for eating at the counter, with the entire class spending time on the couch right next to them. Kirishima flipped through his magazine, sitting between Bakugo and the rest of his class.

"Hey Bakugo-" Sero leans into Bakugo's space, his eyes narrowed slightly. "Kirishima's pretty great, right?"

Bakugo snorted into his food, chewing vengefully without breaking eye contact with the grinning human tape dispenser. Kirishima covered his face in both hands. Oh no.

"Yeah! He's super cute and really nice!" Mina added, and Kaminari dramatically gestured to Kirishima's arms. "-and really beefy!"

"He's funny too!" Sero added, winking at the blond who glared at them all suspiciously.

"REALLY beefy!" Kaminari emphasized.

"Even if his room is kinda lame..." Mina added as an afterthought.

“you guys-” Kirishima wanted to disappear. Why couldn't he have a quirk that let him combust on the spot or something. He could feel his spirit slowly erode from the constant barrage of embarrassment.

"Shut up, like I don't know." Bakugo slurped around his food, frowning at them all. "You don't have to fuckin' waste my time telling me obvious shit. Get lost, I'm eating."

“We just want to make sure you're considering all the benefits!”

They didn't get lost. Much to Kirishima's dismay, the three of them remained there, chattering incessantly, though not only about him and Bakugo. Eventually some challenges got involved, and even before Bakugo had finished eating, they were already playing a board game.

Bakugo was a competitive person, even with pointless stuff like that, so when the guys suggested that he didn't want to play because he was scared he was gonna lose, the game was on. The game remained on for a couple of hours. More people joined them and eventually they were playing in a huge group. It was a lot of fun, especially since Bakugo was playing with them, it was rare.

A couple of days ago this would have been the best thing ever to Kirishima, but right now he just felt a little crowded. He wanted to hang out with Bakugo, but he didn't know how to get out of this damn board game without his intentions being super obvious. Bakugo looked like he was having fun too, well of course, he was winning. Somehow he was just good at everything, it was really cool. Kirishima settled in for the long run, if Bakugo was having fun, he could wait.

"THERE! First place." Bakugo slammed his hand on the table, rattling the pieces. "now you LOSERS can fight over second place, I'm going to bed!"

Kirishima watched the blond go to the elevator, their eyes met across the hall right before the doors closed. This was his chance! Kirishima finished in third place a few minutes later and he immediately slipped out and offered Iida his seat for the next round. The others barely noticed him leave, and he hoped that Bakugo hadn't gone to bed for real.

The elevator opened, and he could see Bakugo's door half open, light pouring into the hallway. That was totally an invitation!

"Round is over!" Kirishima knocked on the door, peeking his head into the room. "Wanna hang out before you go to bed?"

"Whatever." Bakugo grabbed his laptop, but he'd already pushed his covers up against the wall to make an impromptu couch, obviously expecting this. "I was just gonna watch a movie, turn off the lights."

"Sounds great!" Kirishima closed the door, planting himself awkwardly on the bed next to Bakugo. Paying attention to the movie was a bit hard since he as hyper aware of everything right now. He could feel Bakugo's weight next to him on the bed, warm and heavy and completely relaxed. The laptop was sitting on the bed between them, lights from the movie flickering across their faces in the dark.

It was an action movie, lots of cool moves and one liners, and slowly the tension in the air eased and they started talking about the fighting. What was real and what was CGI, what was done with wires and what was a real quirk.

"Hey." Bakugo suddenly interjected in the middle of a really cool action scene. "Do the others disapprove?"

"Hm? of what?"

"US you idiot. They were acting super weird earlier, and I don't know- it was like they didn't want to leave us alone or something." Bakugo huffed, his fingers clenched tightly in his sheet. "Not that their opinion matters shit to me or whatever, I just want to know why they were acting stupid. Well MORE than usually."

"I don't think they disapprove." Kirishima thought about it for a bit. "Maybe they think it's weird? I mean we're both guys."

"Whatever. I don't care." Bakugo frowned, brow furrowed as the colors flickered across his face. Kirishima looked down, sliding his hand gently over to cover Bakugo's. The blond stared blankly into the darkness for a minute, before his ears flushed slightly and his grip on the sheets eased.

The back of Bakugo's hand was surprisingly soft, Kirishima thought to himself as he cupped it with his palm. He slid his fingers in between Bakugo's and the blond accepted, his fingers curling up around Kirishima's awkwardly as the movie continued in their complete silence.

When the movie was over, the boys let go of each other's hand, awkwardly saying goodnight before Kirishima went to his own room. He got ready for bed and and proceeded to grin himself to sleep, his stomach full of butterflies and his head full of fog.

It became routine.

Holding hands on the way to school, eating with the the guys at the dorm during lunch, walking home after class, spending some time with the others or training until a few hours after dinner, then they watched a movie or read some comics. It didn't feel too different from what they usually did, except they held hands and sat close together on Bakugo's bed as they watched movies or read a comic together.

That was until Friday afternoon.

"Kirishima, Bakugo, Stay after class." Aizawa commanded when everyone else was packing up their books. The pair glanced at each other questioningly, but sat down, the rest of the class looking at them with concerned looks before they vacated the room. Aizawa closed the door, walking up to their tables, clearly a bit uncomfortable.

"I've noticed your... Relationship has changed." Aizawa began in his sleepy droning tone. "Don't worry, I don't care as long as it doesn't affect your training and schoolwork, but it's still concerning to me. I don't know how long it's been going on, but you're a couple now, right?"

Both boys nodded awkwardly, horrified by this situation.

"Well, usually we wouldn't be having this conversation but-" The teacher rummaged through his pocket, pulling something out. "-now that there is a dorm-system, the school needs to take extra responsibility that would usually be your parents' problem."

The square packet dropped onto the table between them with what felt like an earth shattering thud. Both of them sank down in their chairs, staring at the condoms, flushed red up to their hairlines. This was by far the most mortifying thing that had ever happened to them.

"I suppose I should tell you that you can come talk to any of the teachers if something happens." Aizawa said in a tone that practically begged them not to chose him for that job. There was nothing but suffering horrifying silence in return. "Alright, you can go-"

The two of them practically jumped from their desks, bolting for the door.

"Hey." Aizawa's voice was scary enough to halt both boys. They looked behind them, only to see Aizawa point to the cursed square packaging. "Take it."

Kirishima and Bakugo exchanged glances, sizing each other up with their eyes for a second before Bakugo left Kirishima to take the fall. With an embarrassed groan Kirishima made his way over to Aizawa, not daring to make eye contact with the teacher as he swiped the packaging off the table, shoving it deep into his pocket before he bolted out of the classroom with a half-formed "thanks"

Kirishima found Bakugo standing in the door to the cafeteria. They exchanged awkward glances before entering, eating dinner in relative silence. Kirishima felt numb with embarrassment.

Even if they were technically boyfriends now, the air was stiff and.... expectant now!

They finished eating, and for the first time since they started dating, they didn't hold hands on their way back to the dorm, their hands fully buried in their pockets as they walked side by side back in silence. Kirishima's hand pressed the pack of condoms into his thigh and he felt like the entire world could see them through the fabric.

When they got back to the dorms, Bakugo immediately disappeared upstairs, and Kirishima sat down on the couch, his classmates' curious eyes lingering on him, but none dared to ask what had happened. After hours of suffering in silent shame, Kirishima gave up and went upstairs, the condoms in his pocket feeling like they were burning a hole in his leg.

He wondered if Bakugo felt as awkward as he did? He wanted to make things go back to normal, he wanted to go back to cuddling and watching a movie! Holding hands! It had become such a big part of his day, he felt like something was missing or that he was forgetting something. It felt bad!

Sure he'd wanted to do other stuff too, but he was okay with taking his time with stuff like that. He didn't feel a need to rush into anything, he was content with what he had. Should he just knock and pretend nothing happened? He reached out to knock, his heart hammering in his chest.

Maybe he should give Bakugo a break? He had kinda stormed off, so maybe he wanted to be alone. Just knocking on his door could made it even MORE awkward. He decided maybe it was best to give Bakugo some space, he could tell by his overworking heart that he might need it too.

Aaah, he missed Bakugo already.

He traded his uniform out for some sweatpants and a t-shirt, pulling the packet of condoms out to glare at them. Damn stupid things, making things awkward.

He'd never really seen condoms in person before. He dropped himself into bed, holding the packet away from himself as if he expected Aizawa himself to pop out when he opened it. He fished out one of the condoms, it was just a discreet little square with a circle sealed in it. Kirishima touched it with his thumb, it moved around easily, gliding around.

Was he seriously going to need these at some point? With Bakugo? He hadn't thought about it at all!

Kirishima grimaced at his own bad lie.

Alright so maybe he thought about it frequently, but he never set OUT to thinking about Bakugo on PURPOSE while he jerked off. It just sorta happened in the heat of the moment. Totally unplanned, he hadn't been thinking about anything really, but when it got good, his mind always somehow managed to shove Bakugo in there.

It had been horrible at first, his traitorous brain including his best friend, someone he had DECIDED he didn't want to confess too. Someone he wasn't going to have a chance with. But now he had the freedom to think about him all he wanted, but was too embarrassed to do so. How was he going to hold hands with Bakugo if he'd jerked off to him with the same hands the night before!

The result of his bottled up urges weren't any better, for the last week, he'd had some terrifyingly vivid dreams. Usually he couldn't remember them beyond snippets and feelings and some odd abstract happenings, but he knew he'd had them because he woke up hard. Really hard.

The last few days the dreams had been more intimate. His brain digging up every porno he'd ever watched and splicing it together with his memories, creating some sort of bizarre mixture of his own experiences and someone else's. Sometimes it was in third person, sometimes first person, but when he tried to remember details the dreams slipped from him like water.

In his dreams he was always so sure of what to do and how to do it.

In his dreams it was always awesome, but then again, in his dreams he was usually also taller, stronger and usually he had a different quirk.

Kirishima tossed the condoms into his nightstand, groaning as he rolled around in his bed, getting ready to mope the night away, refusing to pay attention to the rising stiffness in his pants. He couldn't hear a sound from Bakugo's room, so he figured the blond was already asleep. Hopefully tomorrow they could just pretend none of this happened.

Maybe he should just work out a bit? That might help get some of this tension out. Kirishima sat up on his bed, glancing around his room for his weights. His big dumbbells were... nowhere? He hummed, checking under his bed before he remembered that he'd been using them on the balcony last time.

He tiptoed over, sliding the door ajar and breathing in the rapidly cooling evening breeze. Getting ready to work out, he raised his arms up, stretching languidly so his joints and muscles ached.

There was a soft shuffling sound and Kirishima looked over to his neighboring balcony to see Bakugo sitting there, staring at him. The blond looked like he'd been sitting outside for a while, he had an open bottle of tea next to him and a magazine. But he was currently staring at Kirishima who suddenly felt very self conscious.

"Hey! You're still awake." He made his way over, smiling awkwardly at his boyfriend. They were still boyfriends right? He sure hoped so, Bakugo looked so good in his casual wear, just a black shirt and pants.

"Yeah." Bakugo looked away, staring at the magazine, but clearly not reading it. "Just needed to clear my head a bit."

"oh yeah, same here." Kirishima cleared his throat awkwardly, rolling his weights on the balcony floor with his foot before he picked one up, doing curls mindlessly. "Aizawa-sensei sure is... cautious huh?"

"The principal probably made him do it." Bakugo snorted, and Kirishima laughed, remembering the extra exhausted look Aizawa had on his face all day. The conversation was slowly turning pleasant and the rise and fall of the weight and the strain of muscle calmed Kirishima's nerves.

"Bet they hadn't thought that part through when they decided to shove a bunch of teenagers into dorms." Kirishima mused, and Bakugo snorted, rolling his eyes.

"they did, idiot. The girl and boy dorms are separate, as are the baths." Bakugo tossed his magazine into his room, resting his arms on his knees. "They just didn't expect... Us."

"Yeah, I mean we are clearly the true winners here, as are Yaomomo and Jiro."

"...Are those two dating?" Bakugo's brow furrowed, and Kirishima stared at him in realization.

"Oh yeah, that's a secret though. I thought you knew, everyone else in class knows." Kirishima switched arms, the burn settling into his shoulders. "I think Mineta is in denial though."

"of course he fuckin' is." Bakugo snorted in disgust.

"I wonder if Aizawa has given Jiro and Momo "the talk" like he did with us. They've been together for months now." Kirishima stared at the remnants of the sunset, the atmosphere between the two thick and tense. "I mean, we haven't even kissed yet."

The silence that followed was incredibly stiff, filled with the sounds of Kirishima's weights clattering.


"Uh-" Kirishima's body stiffened as he turned his head to at Bakugo. The blond was leaning over the railing of his balcony, he looked beautiful in the soft light of the sunset, even if his brow was furrowed. His eyes were staring into the void, locked onto Kirishima's balcony floor. His tongue darted across his lips subconsciously, his thoughts almost written across his face.

Suddenly Kirishima's heart was pumping all of his blood into his cheeks, he dropped his weight with a loud clatter, taking a step closer to Bakugo who didn't move, still staring at the floor of Kirishima's balcony.

"How the fuck do you... kiss-" Bakugo grumbled out awkwardly, his cheeks flushing up and his arms tightening their position crossed over his chest. "-with your crazy-ass teeth?"

"Uh..." Kirishima ran his tongue across his jagged teeth, the warm knot in his stomach warping and thrashing. "I... don't know.... I've never kissed anyone before."

Bakugo snorted as if he found that hard to believe, glancing up at him with a suspicious expression. Kirishima was leaning against his own side of the railing now, the gap between their balconies somehow feeling incredibly huge even if it was barely an arm's length apart.

C'mon Kirishima! Be a man! The invitation is clearly there! You have permission! Kirishima internally screamed, his fingers tightly grabbing onto the balcony as he leans a bit closer. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! GO FOR IT!

The blond's eyes darted around wildly for a second, unable to settle on a fixed point, eventually snapping onto Kirishima's own. Their eyes met and held, and then Bakugo closed the distance between them, both of their bodies half-balancing on the edge of their balconies as their lips met.

It was quick and rough. They both pulled back almost immediately, both of them looking away as they rubbed their own lips in disbelief. MY FIRST KISS! Kirishima cheered in his own head, the feeling of Bakugo's lips lingering on his own. His heart fluttered and his stomach did flops, he excitedly glanced up at Bakugo who was staring at him from across the gap.

"That barely counted! Again!" Bakugo yelled in frustration, reaching over the gap and grabbing Kirishima's shirt, yanking him back into the railing to kiss him again. This time Kirishima let it linger, he wanted to properly appreciate it. They were both breathing through their noses, their breaths mixing between their faces. He tilted his head a little, his lips parting slightly as they pressed and moved against Bakugo's.

Kiss - by QueenofLiz4rds

Ahgh! He could do this forever!

Kirishima's hands reached out to grab onto his partner from across the gap, the warm slick of Bakugo's tongue tempting him to deepen the kiss. Suddenly the taste of metal flushed through his mouth and Bakugo was gone. The blond yanked away and grabbed his mouth, touching his tongue gently with his fingers. Blood and saliva coated the blond's fingertips.

Kirishima suddenly realized what had happened and the horror consumed him. His teeth! He'd cut Bakugo's tongue with his teeth! The blond was staring at him, eyes wide and blood staining his soft lips.

"S-shit!" Kirishima grabbed his mouth, backing over and tripping on a dumbbell. He fell flat on his ass, rolling over and bolting into his room in embarrassment. "SORRY!" He slammed the balcony door and closed the curtains, grabbing a soda from the mini-fridge in his room to wash out the taste of blood.

STUPID! Bakugo had specifically asked him how it was even possible to kiss with these teeth, and he'd messed it up! He should have been more careful, but his mind had just been completely blank! He'd messed up so bad! AGH! did this mean kissing was a no-go from now on!? He wasn't even sure his performance had been good before, but he was pretty sure that causing your partner to bleed was definitely a sign the kiss had been pretty bad!

Kirishima deflated onto his bed, sighing into his pillow. So unfair! Why did he have to have such strange teeth!? Agh this was so bad! He could hear the balcony door on Bakugo's side slide shut, but he didn't hear anything more from the Blond's side, he wasn't leaving for the infirmary so that was a good sign.

After several minutes of expecting Bakugo to kick down his door and chew him out for cutting him up like that, Kirishima resigned himself to his fate. Everything was silent on Bakugo's side of the wall. He'd take his punishment tomorrow then. At least they didn't have class this Saturday, thank god for monthly school security sweeps.


art by QueenOfLiz4rds! 

Thank you guys for all the cute and sweet comments and kudos so far, I've read each and every one! They get me so pumped to write lots and lots more! < 3 I'll make sure to keep you guys well fed!


Chapter Text


On days off Bakugo usually woke up around noon. Kirishima woke up a few hours before him, eating his breakfast in silence, not in the mood to be a part of the conversation at the table. A lot of his class liked to sleep in on bonus days off, and mercifully the few who were at the breakfast table didn't press him into a conversation.

Kirishima sighed into his cereal, running his tongue across his teeth carefully; they were pretty damn sharp. I mean he's always thought they looked pretty cool, but now he realized that they were a HUGE problem! He'd messed up his first kiss! That was so lame!

Kirishima returned to his room, scouring the internet for assistance.

"How to kiss Well",

"how to get better at kissing"

"how to Kiss like a pro"

"My teeth are very sharp, how do I kiss?"

"My quirk makes kissing hard!",

"Article on quirk related physical abnormalities-"

"Quirk related intimacy problems-"

Over two hours later, Kirishima sank back in his chair, defeated.

He groaned, none of the advice provided helped. He did feel a bit better knowing that he wasn't the only person out there with this problem, and some of them even had it worse. At least he had lips? Not everyone had lips, he supposed.

He pulled out his phone, flicking through his contacts until he found TetsuTetsu. Tetsu had sharp teeth too right? He was a cool dude, maybe he had some kissing tips? Kirishima was in the middle of writing the steel-man a mortifying message when there was an aggressive knock on his door.

He jerked in his seat, slamming his laptop shut in embarrassment as the knocking continued. He opened the door just a fraction, and was treated to a pretty grumpy looking Bakugo.

"What the hell you idiot, don't mope around so obviously!" Bakugo shouldered the door open, forcing his way into Kirishima's room. "People keep asking me what's wrong with you, It's very annoying!"

Kirishima sighed, he should have known people had noticed. "Sorry, man." Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck.

"Don't be fuckin' sorry, just stop being sad." Bakugo frowned, arms crossed. "Is this about the kissing thing? Because if it is you should just man up and stop being stupid about it!"

"But!" Kirishima snarled in frustration. "I cut your tongue right?! I totally ruined it!"

"You didn't ruin anything, I was just surprised, I hadn't excepted them to be so sharp." Bakugo frowned, a slight red flush on the tips of his ears. "It's perfectly fine now, so just get over it!"

"That's not the only problem here!" Kirishima groaned, his fists clenched in frustration. "I don't want to hurt you every time we kiss!"

"Then stop sulking and do something about it!" Bakugo huffed, getting in real close.

"What should I do!?" Kirishima frowned, glaring at Bakugo "I can't just pull out my teeth!"

"Practice, you idiot!" Bakugo snarled, his face properly flushed from ear to ear. "If you want to get better at something, you gotta train! Just like everything else! If you're shit at something, just keep doing it until you get better!"

"Easy for you to say Mr. Perfect! But I don't want to cut you up in the first place!" Kirishima objected, blushing as they were yelling at each other, face to face; way too close for the conversation they were having. "-not all of us can just be naturals at everything we do!"

"It's fine!" Bakugo shoved his hand down his pocket, pulling out a small clear bag of gummies. "Recovery girl.... gave me these. I told her I was going to... train."

"healing-gummies?" Kirishima stared at the bag in Bakugo's hand. The blond didn't meet his eyes when he looked back up. He just nodded, shoving the gummies back into his pocket.

"So don't be stupid about it." Bakugo's fingers ghosted across Kirishima's hand. "-have you forgotten who you're talking to? You can bring those teeth right on."

Kirishima flushed as his stomach did flips. He could remember when Bakugo wanted to hold hands but was scared of hurting him, this was the same thing right? And now it was his turn? Bakugo was surprisingly romantic and Kirishima's entire body felt full of butterflies. Bakugo didn't resist at all when he gently grasped his hand in his.

He closed the gap in between them, pressing his lips against the other pair gently. No tongue, no teeth, just lips on lips. It felt like they'd been standing there for hours when they pulled away, and Kirishima grinned widely at the slightly dazed looking Bakugo.

"Do you want to be my training partner then?"

"OF FUCKING COURSE!" Bakugo frowned, his lips twisting into a pout. "Don't you fuckin' dare train with anyone else got it?!"

"This is our special training!" Kirishima smiled widely, resting his forehead against Bakugo's. "Just let me know if you want to stop"

"Idiot, why do you think I'd want to stop before you do?"

"Well you're the one in danger here!" Kirishima laughed, only to have Bakugo bite on his lower lip vengefully, pulling at it slightly.

"I don't need your fuckin' concern! So shove that bullshit and lets get this training started!" Bakugo frowned, explosions setting off in his palms, betraying his excitement. "I don't have all day!"

"Alright then, lets sit down my knees get all weak when we kiss." Kirishima dropped himself down on his bed, still holding Bakugo's hand.

"Stop saying shit like that with a straight face!"

The blond sat down on Kirishima's desk chair, and with a gentle pull, the chair and Bakugo rolled over to where Kirishima sat. With a flick of the lever, Kirishima dropped the chair down to an appropriate height, leaning over to kiss Bakugo again.

It felt different when he knew he had all the time in the world to figure it out. When he wasn't worried about being late anywhere or Bakugo leaving, he relaxed a bit more. He allowed himself to explore more thoroughly, first by pulling at Bakugo's lips with his own. The blond seemed to like that, judging by how his breath hitched slightly.

Kirishima made sure to take breaks, studying Bakugo's grumpy and huffing face carefully each time.

"Stop hesitating so much, shitty hair" Bakugo muttered, his hand squeezing Kirishima's tightly. "-It's annoying with all these breaks."

"You're so impatient." Kirishima shook his head in disbelief, running a finger across Bakugo's lips, trailing it over to his jawline. "I'm taking breaks because I'm all dizzy! I like you a lot you know."

"S-stupid." Bakugo huffed, turning away from him and glaring at the balcony door. "I like you too or whatever, but that just makes me want to take LESS breaks."

"I'm building up my stamina! My stamina for kissing!" Kirishima argued, gently catching the side of Bakugo's jaw in a kiss to coax the blond to look at him again. Bakugo didn't, he just tilted his head a bit further away, and Kirishima nuzzled into the side of Bakugo's face, kissing at the soft skin where neck and jawline met.

There was a soft shudder that rolled up Bakugo's body, and Kirishima could hear the slight catching of the other man's breath. He kissed the skin, trailing it down to his neck, listening for the sounds. Bakugo was twitching slightly, and Kirishima sucked hesitantly on the flesh, making sure he wasn't leaving a permanent mark on it.

It felt incredibly intimate, and every fiber of Kirishima's being felt hyper sensitive. He pulled back, using his hand to bring Bakugo's embarrassed face over to him, kissing him again.

This time, he opened his mouth slightly, his tongue darted out to try to get Bakugo to open up as well, and to Kirishima's delight, Bakugo did so eagerly. Kirishima tilted his head to try to get as close to Bakugo's face as possible, he greedily explored Bakugo's mouth, slick and wet and slightly.... citrus-y?

"mmm... your mouth tastes like orange juice..." Kirishima muttered softly against Bakugo's mouth when they took a break after what felt like forever.

"Of course it does." Bakugo's voice didn't have any bite to it, his voice was rough through his breathing. "I just had some with my lunch."

"That makes sense." Kirishima somehow managed to press the words out between the kisses, a daze coming over him as he ran his hand up Bakugo's arm, cupping his face with both hands eagerly as he kissed him again.

There was a slight twitch and the taste of blood, and Kirishima jerked away. Bakugo wiped some blood off his lip, his expression dark.

"Sorry-" Kirishima started, but Bakugo glared him down.

"Don't fuckin' apologize, I don't give a shit!" Bakugo dove right back in, greedily invading Kirishima's mouth. The kisses felt hot and heavy and demanding. Aggressive and confident, just like Bakugo. He loved it, but he could totally tell that Bakugo was kissing recklessly and didn't care if his mouth got cut up.

"hey- this isn't a fight, you know?" Kirishima panted in the few seconds Bakugo used to come up for air.

"I'm winning, try to keep up." Bakugo's voice was breathless, blood on his smirking lips as he kissed Kirishima again, teeth clashing together as Kirishima felt a weight on his lap. His hands ran up Bakugo's back as the blond straddled him on the bed, both of Bakugo's hands buried in the front of his shirt.

Kirishima did his best to kiss back with the same passion, and the moment they came back up for air, a breathless gasping needy breath of air, Kirishima licked the blood off his own lips.

"Don't you dislike it? It tastes like blood!"

"That's fine, I taste blood all the time." Bakugo ran a finger across the front of Kirishima's teeth. "I don't dislike it; it tastes like victory."

"That's such a manly thing to say!" Kirishima protested, but his stomach was fluttering. "Aaaaah! but it's also a little fucked up, please eat a gummy already, you're bleeding a lot!"

"tsk." Bakugo reluctantly let go of Kirishima's shirt, forcing a gummy out of his packet and biting down on it, impatiently chewing before he showed Kirishima the inside of his rapidly healing mouth. "Happy now?"

"Y-Yes!" Kirishima swallowed thickly, a deep tingling down in the pit of his stomach. He pressed up against the blond, doing the same thing Bakugo had been doing, just a bit more carefully. It wasn't perfect, teeth sometimes clattered a bit and Bakugo's impatience didn't seem to be lessening in any way, but when they came up for air the next time, there was no new injury to be seen.

Bakugo seemed to be falling in rhythm with this new method as well, deep kisses but more in Bakugo's territory rather than in Kirishima's more dangerous mouth. Bakugo's hands had migrated across Kirishima's shoulders, resting across them with fists buried in the back of his shirt and the hair at the back of Kirishima's head.

Kirishima was basically clinging to the back of Bakugo's shirt at this point, the blond was straddling him fully, completely draped over him and Kirishima was almost certain Bakugo could feel his rapidly growing erection through his pants. That particular concern was almost enough to distract him from the kissing. Almost.makeout by QueenofLiz4rds

"Shit." Bakugo pulled back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he took deep gulping breaths. Kirishima used this chance to breathe as well, his forehead resting on Bakugo's collarbone.

"Making out is great~" Kirishima hummed happily, hugging Bakugo's torso tightly as he looked up at the blond that sat on his lap. "Am I getting better?"

"A little." Bakugo frowned and avoided eye contact thoroughly, his skin flushed bright red, saliva and blood smeared across the corner of his mouth. "-still needs some practice."

"You're probably right" Kirishima agreed, kissing the front of Bakugo's neck gently. The blond stiffened at that, pressing his body up against him as Kirishima felt the other man's pulse under his lips. He could feel the heat of Bakugo's skin on his fingertips as he ran his fingers the foreign body. Soft, he thought, his hands slipping into the hidden folds of Bakugo's shirt, running along tense muscle.

He could feel the fast beating of Bakugo's heart with his lips... with his tongue... he grazed his teeth across it, and Bakugo jerked away, staring wide eyed at Kirishima as he jumped from his lap.

"I gotta go to the toilet." Bakugo bolted, but instead of going to Kirishima's bathroom he rushed out of the room and into his own. Leaving Kirishima sitting on the bed, stunned.

Shit! Had Bakugo felt how hard he was? This was really awkward! Kirishima frowned at his traitorous dick, grabbing a pillow to cover his obviously-needy lap. He let himself drop down on his back on the bed, his head hitting the wall at an angle but he didn't mind. He stared up at the ceiling, still coming down from the high.

"Bakugooooo~" Kirishima covered his face with his hands, groaning desperately into the silence of the 4th floor. He wanted to make out more! "hnnn!"

"Don't fuckin' WHINE about it- I'm back." Bakugo slammed the door to the room closed and Kirishima immediately jerked back up on his elbows, his face lighting up in joy when the blond made his way back over to the bed.

"You came baaack~" Kirishima sat back up, arms outstretched to welcome his boyfriend.


Bakugo's eyes narrowed at the pillow on his lap, and with a single SMACK, he sent it flying across the room. Kirishima tensed in embarrassment, his covered erection obvious, but Bakugo didn't seem to care. He dropped himself right back onto Kirishima's lap, going back at it with one of those aggressive kisses that caused some damage the first time. Kirishima started off with some damage control, but after trying his best to prevent any cuts, he gave up.

Bakugo didn't seem too concerned, and he REALLY wanted to just focus on kissing. Kirishima's hands grabbed Bakugo's hips, their bodies flushed together and Kirishima just let go of his concerns, kissing Bakugo with everything he had. He could taste blood, but Bakugo was making noises now, and they were different than the ones up to this point.

He pulled back to make sure Bakugo wasn't trying to stop him, but when the blond followed his head to continue the kiss, he figured they weren't bad sounds. He could tell that he was doing some damage, but the kissing itself was incredible. His entire body felt red hot and his spine was tingling. He was so hard but his hands were locked onto Bakugo's twitching hips. He could feel a hand pulling at his hair, and the time spent to take a breath was getting shorter and shorter, he was starting to feel lightheaded from lack of oxygen.

He forced himself to pull away in the middle of it, and he happily discovered that the sounds Bakugo was making were actually grunts. Bakugo looked pretty roughed up, but he also looked blissed out. His lips were bleeding in spots and his eyes were wild and unfocused.

"Maybe you should have another gummy?" Kirishima suggested, and Bakugo snapped back to attention at that, rustling through his pocket before he paused. "...They're in my room."


"I.... changed pants. The gummies are in my other pants pocket."

Kirishima's endorphin rattled brain took a minute to register the information, but after a second, he realized what had happened. "Oh."

"Just... It's fine." Bakugo wiped blood from his mouth. "Don't worry about it, I'll have one when we're done."

"uhm.... If.... You don't mind." Kirishima swallowed thickly, looking away from Bakugo's face in embarrassment. "I'd like a moment... to uh... "use the toilet" too?"

Bakugo's eyes darted down to Kirishima's groin, and he tsk-ed and got off his newly claimed throne as the King of Kirishima's fantasies. "I'll go get the gummies then, you.... do whatever."

-and whatever was what Kirishima did, it barely took a second, since he'd been so close for so long. As he left the bathroom, Bakugo was there sitting on the chair in the middle of the room, his mouth all healed up and his arms crossed over his chest.

"It's almost dinner." Bakugo frowned and kicked his feet up to rest on the bed in front of him. Kirishima looked at his flexing novelty clock, and much to his surprise there was less than 20 minutes until dinner. Had they literally been making out for hours!? Bakugo looked grumpy as he gestured to Kirishima's shirt. "-there's blood on it. You need to soak that to prevent a stain. Cold water only."

"Agh shit-" Kirishima looked himself over, he looked disheveled and thoroughly messed up. His hair was sticking all over the place, his face was red and his shirt was covered in palm-shaped stains of Bakugo's glycerin and blood.

"You should fix yourself up a bit, or else people are gonna get the wrong idea." Bakugo's hands were thoroughly hidden in his pockets, and he looked like he was sulking. Kirishima had no idea what 'the wrong idea' could possibly be, but he did as he was told, there was no reason for everyone in class to know that his teeth were a kissing hazard.

Bakugo didn't move from his room, staring at his "VICTORY!" Poster while Kirishima soaked his shirt in the sink and fixed his hair. When he came back into his room to get a new shirt, Bakugo's attention was turned to him. Red eyes locking onto Kirishima's face for a moment, before they trailed down his torso. Lingering on him before the blond turned away in embarrassment for his staring.

"Hey, why are you getting all embarrassed! You've seen me topless a million times!" Kirishima argued, flustered at the attention. "My hero costume is topless you know!? This is nothing new!"

"It IS though." Bakugo huffed, sinking down in his chair. "-and I'm NOT embarrassed. I just want you to put on a shirt already so we can go eat!"

"How is this any different!" Kirishima walked over, flexing in front of Bakugo. "It's the same manly appearance as always-"

"It's different because we're not in CLASS idiot!" Bakugo huffed, pushing Kirishima away with his foot. "It's different when it's just you and me alone."

"Oh. Kinda how Bikinis and underwear feel different?" Kirishima mused, and Bakugo huffed in distaste.

"I don't know. I guess?" Bakugo muttered, kicking himself off the bed and rolling over to Kirishima's desk, flicking his laptop on like he did all the time. He INSISTED on beating his high scores all the time, even on his OWN computer. “I'll game while I wait, hurry up.”

“Yeah I'm working on it.” Kirishima fished out a clean shirt from his closet, and in the middle of tying his hair back with a bandanna he realized that he'd forgotten to close his tabs. He threw himself over to Bakugo, closing the laptop with a smack, almost catching the blond's fingers in between.


Bakugo stared at him in bewilderment. Kirishima grimaced awkwardly, there was no way Bakugo hadn't seen all those open articles. Mercifully Bakugo just got up, grabbing his hand as they left downstairs to eat.

Kirishima was so glad they were back in hand-holding territory and now they'd made out too! This was the best! There were so many things they could do now? He wanted to try making out against a wall; he'd always been into that when he saw it in movies. Or maybe Bakugo would want to make out instead of watching movies and cuddling now? Or maybe make out WHILE cuddling!?

“I don't mind.”

“AH SHIT was I saying that out loud!?” Kirishima grabbed his mouth in horror. The blond frowned at him across the elevator.

“What? No, idiot. I'm talking about your teeth.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, looking away, though Kirishima could still keep eye contact through the mirror Bakugo was looking in. “I don't care.”

Kirishima thought about it all the way to the cafeteria in silence. It wasn't until they had both gotten their food and found a table that Kirishima broke their truce.

Are you into biting?”

Bakugo exploded the drink in his hand hard enough to splatter across the table, a flush crawling up his neck until his entire face was scarlet. The blond grabbed Kirishima's head, setting off Explosions into the hardened scalp. “SHUT UP SHITTY HAIR I'LL KILL YOU-”

“Ah? Trouble in paradise?” Sero laughed, taking his seat on the non-soaked part of the table. “or a lover's spat?”

“Where have you guys BEEN all day!?” Mina complained, smacking her tray down on the table opposite to Bakugo. “i haven't seen either of you for HOURS.”

“Obviously they were... busy.” Kaminari's smug expression immediately disappeared when he sat down in a soaked seat. His face slipping into comical resignation of his soaked-pants fate.

“Hey guys!” Kirishima grinned, and the trio exchanged looks.

“Well SOMEONE is much happier now than he was this morning.” Sero teased, and Kirishima grimaced in return. “You looked like the world was about to end 7 hours ago!”

“Whatever you did to bring his smile back Bakugo, UA is in your debt.” Kaminari gave an overly dramatic bow, and Bakugo huffed.

“Don't thank him Kaminari, I'm sure it was his PLEASURE.” Mina elbowed the electric blond, and all three of them broke out in a fit of giggles.

“WHAT THE HELL Are you ON ABOUT?” Bakugo snarled, not appreciating the teasing.

“You were seen! Last night!” Mina bounced, pointing at them. “The kiss! We saw it.”

Kirishima bashed his head into the table, rattling his food. “NOOOOO!”

“Mind your OWN business!!!” Bakugo snarled, half-climbing across the seat, only held back by Kirishima's hand on the back of his shirt.

“Well if you wanted to keep it private, you shouldn't have done it in public!!” Mina laughed, and Kirishima groaned even louder. His failure had been on full display! How was he ever gonna live that down!?

“It was like a stage! So romantic!” Mina sighed, pulling up her phone. “I made sure to get a picture, do you want it?” And right there, in front of them, was a picture of the two of them kissing across the gap in their balconies in the sunset.

“WHY WOULD YOU TAKE A PICTURE!?” Both Bakugo and Kirishima yelled at once, their faces a matching shade of red.

“Well, I thought you might want to preserve the moment.” Mina pouted, holding her phone far away from them. “Don't worry, I'm the only one who took a picture, Iida said that it was a violation of privacy or something like that.”

“CLASS-PREZ SAW US?” Kirishima reached out across the table, trying to grab the phone while holding Bakugo away from Sero, whose pained howls of laughter were rivaling Bakugo's death threats.

“Yeah, I mean almost everyone in class saw.” Mina shrugged, and eventually handed over her phone. Kirishima yanked Bakugo back to his seat, holding the phone at an angle so the blond could see. The two of them looked at it for a bit, Kirishima zooming in on their faces. Had they really looked that serene? It looked way more graceful and soft on the picture than it had been in reality.

They exchanged a look, Kirishima sent the picture to his own phone, deleting the copy in Mina's phone.

“That's super awkward.” Kirishima sighed, handing the phone back.

“you all need to get a fuckin' hobby.” Bakugo snorted, arms crossed as he sank back in his seat.

“Don't be like that! We're just happy for you.” Kaminari prodded at his food. “I'm a little annoyed you BOTH got some before I did.”

The two of them exchanged glances and Kaminari dropped his fork. “Seriously!? Then what were you DOING all day!?”

“None of your fuckin' business.” Bakugo huffed, his ears burning red.

“making out.” Kirishima triumphantly stated at the same time.

“How the hell do you even make out with a mouth full of teeth like that?” Sero pointed to Kirishima who self consciously pouted to conceal them. “Don't they get in the way?”

“They don't, and you don't need to think about it, since you'll never get to try it.” Bakugo snarled, crossing his arms.

“Nah man even if I was into guys, I'm not brave enough for that.” Sero shrugged, immediately getting a sharp elbow in the ribs from Mina.

“Sorry man, I don't meant to- you know what I mean? Your mouth is scary.”

“That's fine.” Kirishima shook his head, he could see where Sero was coming from-

“EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO, YOU COULDN'T.” Bakugo interjected.

“yes yes, you got exclusive rights, we get it.” Kaminari sighed, waving away Bakugo's angry growls.

“YOU BET YOUR SORRY ASSES I DO!” Bakugo growled, settling back down now that he'd soothed his petty need for dominance.

“I mean there's always Tetsutetsu, for that stainless steel knife experience.” Kaminari joked, and even if Kirishima knew he should stick up for his fellow sharp-tooth-bro, he couldn't help but snort.


Art by QueenOfLiz4rds!


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Chapter Text

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The rest of their meal passed by with casual conversation, until they were finished and it turned out Kaminari was stuck to the seat because the drink on his pants dried and glued him to the leather. After some effort and a lot of talk of Kaminari just leaving his pants behind and just walking on his underwear, the five of them made their way back to the dorms, all pants intact.

“I know it's early but I'm gonna go take a bath, I feel gross.” Kaminari groaned, shifting around uncomfortably.

  “have they even run the baths yet?” Sero looked over at Mina, who shrugged.

  “The girl baths are run at 7pm sharp.” Mineta stated casually as he walked past them into the dorms. “Asui-san is usually the first to enter the bath at around 7:45 pm, then Uraraka, Hagakure and Mina join around 8:30. Jiro and Yaoyorozu usually go in around 9 pm.”

 “yeah! Tsu-chan likes to take a loooooooong bath, she usually gets out with us when we're done.” Mina mused, grabbing Mineta by his hair-balls. “HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS INFORMATION YOU PERVERT!?”

 “I'm practicing my... stakeout skills?”

“YOU ARE SO GROSS!” Mina hissed, throwing the grape-head across the common room, where he was caught by Iida in the air.


 “ah... Prez, I'm not trash.” Mineta pointed out gratefully, his head in Iida's large square hands.

 Iida didn't respond.

 “BUT PREZ! HE'S BEEN PEEPING ON US!” Mina yelled across the room, all the girls' attention instantly locked onto Mineta's face with a murderous shine to their eyes.

 “Is this true Mineta-kun?” Iida asked, without even turning Mineta around in his grip, leaving him kicking the air helplessly.

 “I haven't been peeping! I've just been.... watching them come and go... from the baths.”

 “Mineta-kun, that behavior is unacceptable and the girl dorms are prohibited for us men to enter. You have been breaking the rules, and I will personally make sure that you will never enter the girls dorms again.”

 “MERCY!” Mineta whined, thrashing around, bitter tears running down his face.

 “I will enlist Hatsume's assistance, I'm sure she can create some sort of device to keep you on the right path to becoming a hero.” Iida one handed carried Mineta out of the dorms, heading to the campus-workshop.

 “Iida-kun! I'm coming with you, I have ideas for Hatsume!” Midoriya stumbled across the room, following the much taller boy.

 “Iida is so dependable, making him class-prez was a good call.” Mina nodded contently, watching Mineta try to escape Iida's iron clasp. “But if the girl bath's are run at 7pm, then you should be able to go in now, Kaminari.”

 “Do you girls just.... talk while you're bathing? Wash each other's backs?” Kaminari questioned, instantly regretting it when Mina pulled on his cheek.

 “that is NONE of your BUISNESS.” Mina hissed, letting go of Kaminari's cheek with a huff. “but yeah we mostly just chat. Tsu-chan likes to swim around. What do you boys do? Flex at each other? Measure dicks?”

 “WHY ARE YOUR QUESTIONS SO MUCH MORE PERVERTED?” Sero and Kaminari objected, and Mina laughed herself to tears.

 “hey.” Bakugo pulled slightly on Kirishima's hand, staring at the rest o the class seated on the couch.

 “what's up?” Kirishima blinked, trying to follow Bakugo's stare with his eyes.

 “You said Ponytail and earlobes are dating, right?” Bakugo's eyes narrowed, his voice low enough for only Kirishima to hear.

 “yeah?” Kirishima blinked, he had no idea where Bakugo could possibly be going with this. Double date?

 “And they go in the bath last. Together.”

 The implication hit Kirishima hard and his face flushed up completely, he turned to Bakugo, horrified. “W-WHAT ABOUT IT?!” He yelled out in distress, and Bakugo frowned at him, completely unfazed by the volume.

 “Nothing.” Bakugo looked away, clearly put off by everyone staring at them in confusion. “It's whatever, idiot.”

 Kirishima's heart was thundering. How could he not have realized the opportunity that Momo and Jiro were probably taking advantage of?! The fact that Bakugo realized this meant that he was not opposed to it either!

 NAKED BAKUGO! Kirishima was pumped, excitement rushing through his veins.

 “Well. I'm gonna go grab my Pj's and get ready to take a bath, any of you guys up for an early bath too?”

 “sure man, I don't care when I go.” Sero shrugged and Shouji got up as well, and shortly after him Tokoyami got up as well.

 Kirishima calmed his excitement, he needed to remain cool to make sure no-one caught on to his plan. He glanced over at Bakugo, who was heading for the elevator.

 “Well I'm gonna do some workouts, so I'll go in later then.” Nailed it.

 The rest of the group looked at him and Bakugo enter the elevator suspiciously. Kirishima smiled at them until the elevator door closed, and all the boys glanced at each other.

 Maybe early bathing is for the best.



“hey Bakugo, we're going to the baths together later, right?” Kirishima put his arm around the blond's shoulder, a blush across his face.

 “of-fucking-course.” Bakugo snarled, pouting at Kirishima. “We're not gonna lose.”

 “Lose?” Kirishima blinked in confusion, tilting his head at his boyfriend. “Lose to what?”

 “Them!” Bakugo huffed, glaring at Kirishima, who only got more confused by the pronoun game. “-earlobes and ponytail!” the blond cleared up, eyes narrowed in distaste.

 Kirishima's brow arched in disbelief. “hey, when I said last night that we and MomoJiro were the winners here, I was more talking about like... how straight washing culture was... beneficial or something to us in this situation? Not that it was a competition!”

 “IT IS AND IM GONNA WIN.” Bakugo snarled, wrapping his arm around Kirishima's lower back as he growled competitively. “We're gonna out-date the shit out of them!”

 Kirishima sighed in adoration at his stupid boyfriend's overly competitive expression. “That's so cool.”

 Bakugo bee-lined for Kirishima's door, casually kicking it open without taking his hand off him. Kirishima closed the door behind them, and much to his joy Bakugo made his way straight to his bed, dropping himself into it and reclining casually. Kirishima was about to join, when there was a foot in his chest.

 “You said you were going to work out.” Bakugo drawled victoriously, hands behind his head.

 “I only said that to give them a reason why I didn't want to bathe with them!” Kirishima grabbed onto Bakugo's ankle, trying to get into bed next to Bakugo.

 “Liar.” Bakugo huffed, smirking as he managed to Keep Kirishima out of bed with his legs alone. “Work out.”

 “But I wanna make out!” Kirishima whined, wresting Bakugo's legs off his chest by grabbing his ankles.

 “Too bad! You said you were going to work out!” Bakugo was grinning manically as the struggle became a bit more like a proper fight. With a frustrated huff, Kirishima managed to slide Bakugo's legs off his chest, pinning his legs on either side of him, stealing a kiss as a reward for winning the impromptu fight.

 Bakugo didn't seem too bothered, his heels digging into Kirishima's lower back as he kissed back, hands grabbing onto Kirishima's shoulders. Somehow the kiss felt rawer than today, like it was the remnants of the make out they hadn't managed to finish earlier.

 When they pulled back, Bakugo's face was completely red, and a moment later Kirishima understood why. He was RIGHT between Bakugo's legs, so close it was almost dangerous. The only thing separating their lower bodies were their pants at this point.

 Kirishima jerked back, backing out of his boyfriend's space, his face completely red. “I GUESS I SHOULD WORK OUT.” He proclaimed loudly, relief washing over him as Bakugo closed the wide open space between his legs.

 Where he'd been a few seconds ago!!!

 Kirishima was sure he'd burst a vein in his face from the amount of blood that was in there. He tore the balcony door open, grabbing his big dumbbells and getting back into the room, ignoring Bakugo's stare.

 “Are you just going to watch?” He muttered, his eyes fixated on one of his posters.

 “Fuck-yeah.” Bakugo's arms returned behind his head, he reclined on the bed, legs crossed. “That's why I'm here.”

 “Alright, but it's gonna be boring.” Kirishima tilted his head in confusion, looking at Bakugo, who didn't seem fazed by the concept.

 “I decide what I think is boring.” Bakugo snorted in distaste.

 “Alright then, but making out is more fun.” Kirishima started his curls, mindlessly moving the weights around. It felt stupid with an audience.

 “Later.” Bakugo's voice held promise. Kirishima was pumped, impulsively bringing his weights up faster. Later was great! Minutes passed, silence in the room aside from the clatter of weights.

 “are you sure you're not bored?” Kirishima's voice was filled with concern. “It's been like, 20 minutes? Is it LATER already?”

 “No.” Bakugo's face was unreadable. “But it's a bit boring.”

 “See?! I told you-”

 “Take off your shirt.”


 “To make it less boring. Take off the shirt, it's in the way.” Bakugo waved his hand as if he could make the shirt disappear with a swipe. Kirishima turned to his boyfriend, eyes narrowed.

 “I told you, you've seen me topless a thousand times!” Kirishima frowned, his weights by his sides.

“Then it shouldn't be a problem?” Bakugo argued, his voice calm and calculating.

 Kirishima contemplated it. “Fine. But I'm feeling pretty objectified right about now.” He didn't dislike it though, not when Bakugo was looking at him with those intense eyes. He put his weights down, pulling his shirt off and tossing it into a corner filled with his dirty laundry. “There.”

 Bakugo shifted slightly on the bed, his eyes trailing down his torso. Kirishima could almost feel the gaze on his skin. It was a bit exhilarating. He'd never felt sexy before, but the way Bakugo was looking at him right now was making him feel pretty good about himself.

 Maybe he could get Bakugo to stop this 'show' and make out with him if he just played his cards right?

Kirishima resumed his workout, the hot gaze fixated on him made his heart race. What was Bakugo specifically looking for him to do? Flex? He tried that, Bakugo's face was unchanged. Was it the actual weights? Or the speed? He tried those out too, Bakugo didn't react. He could feel the burn, sweat making the weights a bit slicker in his palms. It was getting a bit harder now, since he wasn't used to doing his reps this fast.

That wasn't the only thing getting hard, Kirishima noted silently, glancing to the slight dent in Bakugo's pants. Was he really turning him on? For REAL? Kirishima's speed was dropping, the burn aching in his muscles. He grunted and grit his teeth, forcing the last two to get to an easy to remember number. Then he put his weights down on the floor, stretching his arms.

Bakugo was still staring at him as he pulled his arm over his head, tilting his head to get a good pull. Red eyes glued to him from across the room.

 “Hey, Bakugo.” his voice was a bit strained, and he couldn't tell if it was from the workout or the arousal. “Is it 'later' yet?”

 Bakugo wordlessly shifted to the edge of the bed, his eyes intense as he nodded, reaching out for Kirishima's hand. He offered it and got yanked over, his knees hitting the floor in front of the bed as Bakugo grabbed a hold on his head, his kisses aggressive and needy.

 Kirishima ran his hands up Bakugo's thighs on either side of his torso, wrapping them around a toned waist as he kissed him back. Bakugo's hands ran down his body, fingers gliding across sweaty skin aimlessly. Kirishima could feel the pressure on his muscles, it felt good, just to be touched for the sake of touching alone. Bakugo's fingers didn't find a single place they wanted to settle down, migrating from his shoulders to his hair, clawing at skin hungrily.

 “Mmmm” Kirishima groaned into the kissing, he enjoyed Bakugo leaning over him like this. It made him feel super wanted to have Bakugo scrambling to touch him this way. He wanted to touch him too. Kirishima pulled away for a breath of air, nuzzling into the blond's neck.

 “Bakugoooo.” Kirishima whined, not sure why he sounded so desperate when he had the other man right in his arms.

 “fuck... Kirsihmmm...” Bakugo panted, his voice hoarse and rough. The sound sent a shiver down the redhead's back, a roll of hardening crawling up to the back of his neck. “wha- what was that?”

 “Hmm?” Kirishima blinked to get rid of the haze he was in. “What?”

 “Did your spine just.... spike?”

 “Oh that happens sometimes when I'm excited.” Kirishima looked up at the blond in concern. “did it hurt you?

 Bakugo grunted, squirming in Kirishima's arms. “no it's fine just-” He didn't have anything to finish that sentence with, or if he did whatever he was going to say disappeared into Kirishima's mouth as they kissed again.

 It felt great. Kirishima's skin was humming in need for more contact, it felt like Bakugo's fingers left a burning trail across his skin wherever they dragged. Sweet burning contact, he wanted more, he wanted it to be more intense. Kirishima rose up from the floor, climbing onto the bed, pressing himself against Bakugo. The shirt was in the way but he didn't care. He could feel Bakugo's heartbeat through the fabric.

 Thundering, just like his.

 He pressed Bakugo's head down into his mattress with his kisses. The blond's hair fanned across his sheets wildly. So hot. Kirishima's hands ran up Bakugo's stomach, gently caressing the curves of his abdominal with his thumbs as he slid under the bundled up shirt between them. So much contact. He wanted more contact.

 Bakugo clearly agreed, arching his back, pressing his body into Kirishima's. Thighs pressing into his hips, fingernails digging into his back. The panting had become a part of their breathing now, awful awful breathing; these painful moments when they weren't kissing.

 “Fhhhmkkk-” Bakugo practically snarled into Kirishima's mouth, grinding his body against him aggressively. “Kirishmmm-”

 Kirishima inhaled sharply, the way Bakugo was grinding against him felt amazing. His hips gyrated against him, and Kirishima registered for the first time how hard he was. The fabric of his pants was burning to the touch, his oversensitive erection grinding against pre-cum stained underwear.

 “Fuuuuuck, Bakugoo” he groaned, attempting to disengage before he came in his own pants. His body wouldn't let him, pressing right back into Bakugo, who was apparently equally as hard, if not harder.

 “M's'close-” Bakugo grunted, brow furrowed intensely, wrapping his arms around Kirishima's upper body, pulling him flush against him. “s'close-”

 “me too-” Kirishima lamented how their bodies being this close made it hard for Bakugo to grind against him, he was desperate for that contact, that final push to get him over the edge. To get THEM over the edge. Together.

 Kirishima wanted to hear it happen. He Instinctively moved his mouth down to Bakugo's throat, sliding his teeth across it as he rolled his hips, grinding the blond into the mattress. That was enough, he was undone. The release was violent and sudden, draining him completely and utterly.

 Bakugo cursed and snarled, dragging his nails in painful streaks across the bare back, throwing his head backwards as his body twitched violently against Kirishima's body weight. Then it was over, Bakugo went limp under him, eyes closed and face flushed. Kirishima's head dropped down on Bakugo's chest, he could hear the thundering heartbeat slow down gradually. It was very soothing.

 The two of them remained on the bed for a while, half clothed and fully flushed. Panting in exhaustion from the exercise. Neither of them said anything for a while, both of them marveling in what had just happened. Kirishima's brow furrowed slightly as soon as he could think again. Did that count as sex? Did he just lose his virginity? Did it count when no genitals was exposed?

 “I gotta change my pants...” Kirishima sighed as he picked his head up, looking at Bakugo. “I really need that bath right now.”

 Bakugo's eyes remained closed, his face completely still and serene. There wasn't a hint of frustration in his expression, he looked so calm Kirishima worried the blond had fainted. “Bakugo?”

 “Yeah I know already, I gotta change my pants too.” Bakugo grumbled, the familiar furrow returning to his brow. “I gotta get a gummy too.“

 “How's your mouth?” He slid a finger up against Bakugo's slightly swollen lips, and the blond stuck his tongue out, showing off a couple of cuts.

 “We're getting better at this.” Kirishima noted happily, sitting up in his bed to let Bakugo get up. The sticky mess in his pants very very uncomfortable. “Let's go take a bath? I'm sure everyone is done now.”

 “Fine.” Bakugo rolled out of bed, shifting awkwardly as he re positioned his pants and pulled his shirt down. How his knees were capable of carrying him, Kirishima had no idea. His knees still felt weak, and he needed to steel his nerves to drag himself to his feet. He shed the uncomfortable mess he'd made, cleaning himself up in the bathroom a bit before getting his PJ's ready.

 He touched a slight red mark on his shoulder, turning around in the mirror to see where it led. Kirishima's brows raised in shock, his back was covered in red streaks. This would be really hard to hide in class on Monday if any of those stayed.

 Kirishima rubbed his face in distress. Why did he have to have a topless suit again? Manly, right? Well and Bakugo liked it, but that was a new reason.

 He pulled his fresh boxers on, leaving the bathroom only to have Bakugo standing in the doorway, waiting for him with a towel under his arm.

 “Here.” He tossed Kirishima half a gummy, gesturing to his back. “They'll show because of your stupid ass suit design.”

 “You love my suit.” Kirishima argued, grabbing his own hair supplies as he joined the blond for the walk downstairs. They didn't hold hands, somehow there was no need to. Kirishima felt completely and utterly content just walking side by side. Besides, he could still feel the lingering effects of the over stimulation on his skin.

 “Maybe next time you should harden your back.” Bakugo suggested, pressing the button for the elevator. “like you did with your spine.”

 NEXT TIME. Kirishima clenched his fist in joy, mentally thanking whatever force was out there spoiling him right now. “that wasn't on purpose though, it just kinda happened because I was feeling so good.”

 Bakugo's frowned turned into a scowl, his face red. “I don't mind, do it on purpose if you want to.”

 “but I get so spiky!” Kirishima sighed, rubbing the back of his head as they exited the elevator.

 “spiky is fine.” Bakugo's frown remained as they entered the bathroom.

 “spiky isn't ROMANTIC.” Kirishima grumbled, yanking the pants he put on a few minutes ago off and tossing them into the basket. He hadn't bothered to put on a shirt or underwear, so there wasn't a lot to put away.

 “Who gives a shit about romantic?” Bakugo frowned, pulling his shirt off over his head. “As long as it feels good.”

 His long lean muscular torso was exposed to Kirishima, who was both thankful and sad that Bakugo's suit had him almost fully covered. He wished he could see this all the time, but then he'd probably fail class from being distracted and taking a blow to the head or something.

“That's a pretty manly way to look at it.” the redhead forced himself to look away from Bakugo as the blond stripped completely, somehow his decency didn't prevent him from grinding the blond into the bed, but looking at him without pants on was somehow too intimate.

They washed in silence, avoiding eye contact until they were both submerged in the tub. The water was starting to cool slightly, probably because Todoroki had been in it. The bathwater usually got a little uneven after Todoroki took his bath. Only the brave bathed with the duo-quirked prodigy, since on one side, the water would be close to boiling, and ball-tigteningly cold on the other side.

 “ahhh this feels nice.” Kirishima sighed in joy, relaxing into the water, watching Bakugo do the same. The blond's hair was resisting the weight of the water, somehow remaining spiky. It was kinda interesting; seeing Bakugo so vulnerable and naked.

 He was staring at him.

 Kirishima felt a bit self conscious, with the blond's eyes staring at his intensely. “What's up?”

 The gaze was averted almost immediately. “nothing.”

 “oh ok.” The redhead shrugged, closing his eyes for a minute to enjoy the bathwater. When he opened them again, Bakugo was staring again.

 “C'mon man, why are you staring at me like that? You wanna make out or something?”

 “Your hair.”

 Kirishima's hand snapped up to his hair, it wasn't spiky like usually, but flat down from the weight of the water. “what about it?”

 “It's down.”

 “yeah? That happens sometimes.” Kirishima was confused now. Did Bakugo really look slightly uncomfortable? “Is that a problem? You've seen me with my hair down before, like back when- “ Kirishima paused, he didn't like to bring up that one night when everything changed since it seem to upset the blond. “last week, for example.”

 “There's not a fuckin' problem with it.” Bakugo sank into the tub up to his nose, still staring.

 Kirishima shrugged, sliding over to where Bakugo was in the tub. “so what should we do? Wanna make out? Should we maybe wash each other's backs or something like that?”

 Bakugo looked at him from the water level, bringing himself up to touch Kirishima's hair. Deft calloused hands running through the waterlogged locks, gentle enough that you'd never assume these hands caused explosions and violence on a regular basis.

 Kirishima closed his eyes and enjoyed it, and once he wasn't watching him anymore, Bakugo braved another hand into the red chaos. Rubbing at the scalp, pulling at the locks, burying the fingers completely in the back of Kirishima's head. Then there was a softness on his lips, and he let the hands guide him over to the side of the tub. The kisses weren't hungry or needy, but they felt more intimate than even before, when they had been.... fucking? Dry humping? What was the term?

 Getting off. That worked.

 The kisses were somehow more intimate, even if there wasn't even any tongue involved. There was so much nuance to this, Kirishima noted as he ran his hands up Bakugo's sides. It felt like he was constantly discovering something new. It was pretty great.

 His eyes fluttered open as they parted, and Bakugo was back to staring at him. Withdrawing himself defensively, as if he'd done something risky. It was strangely silent between them, and Kirishima took a moment to just enjoy being next to Bakugo in silence.

 “hey, so what was the big plan for getting in the bath together in the first place?” Kirishima turned and sat against the edge of the tub with his arm propping up his chin lazily.

 “i wanted to do stuff I guess, but now I'm not frustrated anymore.” Bakugo shrugged, frowning. “isn't this fine?”

 “oh it's great.” Kirishima beamed, letting his eyes trail over Bakugo's skin, down to where he disappered into the water. He ran his free hand over, letting it rest on Bakugo's knee. “If you don't want to do anything special, want me to give you a massage? I'm pretty good at it, since I can harden my fingers.”

 “what's the point?” Bakugo contemplated it, narrowing his eyes at the sharp fingers Kirishima showed. Interest flashed across his face.

 “Well, I want to make you feel good.” Kirishima's eyes locked onto the surface of the water. “It's not like i'm useful for much else.”

 There was complete silence between them as Bakugo's eyes burned into Kirishima's skin. “You still going on about your quirk not being good enough? Give me a fuckin' break.”

“easy for you to say! You can even FLY with your quirk!” Kirishima remembered how Bakugo had cleared amazing distances with a few blasts. Grabbing onto his hand. The relief in the pit of his stomach, the love

 “Who gives a shit? Your quirk's good, you're strong.” Bakugo huffed, rising up in the tub, rising to the challenge. Bakugo always got this strangely murderous look in his eyes when Kirishima doubted himself out loud.

 “yeah but-”

 “It's hot too.” Bakugo spat out angrily, a finger pointed threateningly at Kirishima's face. His expression defiant and ready to fight. “It fuckin' turns me on, especially when you get all sharp in your face and your hands.”

 “It- IT-” Kirishima did a double take, his hand slipping on the tub and sending him under for a shocked second. He broke the surface of the water, his face red. “it turns you ON?”

 “yeah, what about it?” Bakugo looked ready to clock him at this point, his face flushed completely. “I like your hands okay? They get all sharp and hard and feel good and solid.” He bashed his fist into the side of the bath angrily. “I like your stupid teeth too okay?!”

 “oh yeah! You're into biting,right?” Kirishima excitedly leaned over, splashing the water across Bakugo's face by accident in his excitement. “right? You really liked it when I ran my teeth over your-”

 “S-SHUT THE FUCK UP” Bakugo's face was completely red as he inhaled bathwater in outrage “Don't say shit like that so casually!”

 “But it makes me really happy though!” Kirishima muttered from his corner of the tub, submerging himself and making bubbles in the water. “That there's something I have that you're into!”

 “I just fuckin' told you! Hardening is HOT.” Bakugo snarled, splashing water across the bath in outrage. “You have that! Your teeth too!”

 “I don't get it though! What's hot about it? It's just my skin getting all thick and spiky. It just feels like touching warm rocks.” Kirishima hardened his hands, the effect crawling all the way up his arms and up the sides of his neck. “It's-”

 Bakugo was looking at him in furious distress. Kirishima paused. “you REALLY think it's hot? For REAL?”

 “it's whatever! If you're gonna be an ass about it, forget it!”

 “ I really want to know why you think it's hot though! The hardening, and the teeth too!” Kirishima reached out and ran a hardened-hand up Bakugo's arm, pleading him for the information. “Please? I... I don't get it, I want to know what you like! I want to know how I can make you happy, ok?”

 “FINE! If you promise to stop talking shit about yourself.” Bakugo snarled, not moving as the hardened skin ran up his shoulder and to his neck. “promise?”

 “I'm not talking shit!” Kirishima huffed, “I'm stating facts.”

 “I'm not telling you.”

 “FINE! I promise! I'll stop talking about it! Just tell me!”

 Bakugo frowned, pulling his legs in as he looked determinedly around the room, almost as he expected the entire class to jump out to mock him. It took a minute for Bakugo to find the words, but he eventually sighed, visibly caving in to Kirishima's eager expression.

 “I like... that you feel dangerous.” Bakugo muttered almost too low to register.

 “dangerous? Like the teeth?” Kirishima ran a tongue across his sharp rows, Bakugo visibly tensing.

 “Not JUST that.” Bakugo grunted. “like today, Sero was all “I'm too much of a coward to make out with you.” and shit.

 “that... was not what he said-”

 “that's basically what he said, I don't care about how he phrased it.” Bakugo snorted, his frown twitching upwards slightly. “but that's the gist of it, there's a lot of fuckin' weak losers out there. People that can't take a bit of effort to get to the good shit.”

 “am... I the good shit?”

 “yeah.” Bakugo nodded and Kirishima sighed.

 “Yeah I guess I'm a lot of work, sorry about that.”

 “that's not what I fuckin' mean at all.” Bakugo kicked him under the water. “I'm a lot of work too! I know I am!” Bakugo snarled, and Kirishima blinked at him in confusion. “ It's better that there's shit to work on, it means there's stuff to become the best at, and-”

 Bakugo had clearly realized that he'd said too much, since he stopped talking in the middle of it, growling instead and staring at the ceiling. Kirishima was feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed, so he slid over to be next to Bakugo, gently clasping his hand. “and what?”

 “I don't want to say embarrassing shit like that out loud, you'll just think I'm weird or something.” Bakugo huffed, Kirishima snorted.

 “I already think you're weird man, and here we are.”

 “You're an ass.” Bakugo sighed, but his hold on Kirishima's hands tightened slightly in embarrassment. “It's stupid I just.... I like that you get aggressive.”

 “huh?” Kirishima blinked, tilting his head. “I get aggressive all the time in fights.”

 “not like that! I mean like.... aggressive?” Bakugo pulled his hand free to make strange gestures that didn't make anything easier to understand. “Like, you're always too fuckin' nice to everyone, but when we make out and stuff you're like... different?”


 “Don't make me fuckin' say it!” Bakugo sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

 “if you don't I wont understand! Are you talking about when I'm horny? Because I get horny with you Baku-”

 “STOP” Bakugo grabbed his face with his entire hand, covering his own in horror.

 “Mmmmm” Kirishima didn't even try to get Bakugo to move his hand. “I mean, you're the only one I get horny around, so I suppose that makes it special?”

 “whatever. It's stupid.” Bakugo shrugged, turning away from Kirishima in the tub. The redhead moved over, gently clasping his arms around the blond's waist.

 “I'm really happy that you're dating me.”

 “that's my line, shitty hair.” Bakugo huffed, not putting up a fight when Kirishima pulled him a bit closer.


BathTime by QueenOfLiz4rds


“you're super sexy.” Kirishima nuzzled into the back of the blond head, his cheeks flushed. He really liked embracing Bakugo like this, they were naked too. Ugh his body felt so warm. “You're so cool too, I'm super into your confidence.” He let his lips press into the back of his neck, reveling in the shudder.

 “you're wasting your time, you're already dating me and shit, no need for that.” Bakugo huffed, but he relaxed into the embrace, his cheeks red. “I just- I like that you're a fuckin' nice stupid fuckwad, but kissing you is dangerous. It's like your teeth were put it in there to cull the fuckin' weak.”

 “wow. You're so fuckin' weird.” Kirishima sighed, laughing into Bakugo's shoulder. “not everything is a contest!”

 Bakugo frowned, sinking into the water in a relatively weak attempt to escape Kirishima's embrace. When only his nose and up was invisible, Kirishima's hands were around Bakugo's shoulders, and the blond turned around while mostly underwater, pressing his forehead into Kirishima's chest. Bubbles surfaced as Kirishima felt Bakugo's mouth press against his stomach.

 “Hey, Kirishima.” Bakugo surfaced from the neck up, not distancing himself from Kirishima's chest at all.

 “hm? What is it?”

 “What are you into?”

 “W-what? I'm.... uh...”

 “I already told you what I'm into-”

 “Hey! I figured the biting out myself!” Kirishima objected, but Bakugo rose up and grabbed his face to reclaim the conversation.

 “Yeah whatever, but now you know a bunch of shit about what I'm into, but I don't know what YOU like.” Bakugo huffed. “that isn't fair at ALL.”

 “c-can we talk about this when we're not naked? This conversation will get-”

 “LIKE THAT WASN'T A PROBLEM FOR ME?” Bakugo snarled, their chests flushed together. “just fuckin' spill it!”

 “alright alright!” Kirishima relented, his eyes darting down into the water, curious about the state of Bakugo's- Bakugo. “I just- I don't really know?”

 “... you don't know?” Bakugo frowned, his eyes narrowed.

 “I guess I like biting?”

 “Are you sure that's not just because that's what I said I liked?!” Bakugo huffed, sitting next to Kirishima.

 “well, I hadn't thought about it before, so no I guess not. Let me think for a second.” Kirishima tried to think about something. He wracked his brain for the answer, eyes screwed shut in concentration as he rubbed at his face. What would he like to do? What was he into?

 He'd like to touch Bakugo, get his body all tense and warm. He could bite him, that sounded good. But was that was just because it's what Bakugo wanted? He'd want Bakugo to say his name all breathlessly, like earlier, that had been amazing! He liked it when Bakugo got all needy.

 His head snapped up in realization, eyes wide, his dick half-hard.

 “did you figure it out?” Bakugo looked interested, but also a bit intimidated. His expression battle ready.

 “yeah.” Kirishima nodded, glancing awkwardly over to his boyfriend. “I'm.... into.... you feeling good.”

 “... what?” Bakugo looked honestly confused. “of fuckin' course! I'm also into you feeling good, that's NORMAL, I'm talking about something that like... messes you up?! Something that gets you all fucked up in the head.”

 “Argh! It's the only thing I can think of?” Kirishima sighed, rubbing at his face. “Maybe I'm just boring in a sex-way too!? “ What if he was a really boring sex-partner? He hadn't expected to be like super good at it, but that's something you can get better at right?! With practice! You can't “practice” having things right?

 “Stop freaking out already!” Bakugo grabbed Kirishima's face, calming down the slightly panicking redhead. "forget I asked, you're not boring or anything, it's fine not to have a thing like that.”

 There was silence between them for a moment, Bakugo's hands warm on Kirishima's cheeks.

 “Does... does biting make you all messed in the head?”

 “Wh- NO!” Bakugo jerked away like he'd been burned, his face bright red, he scrambled to get out of the bath. “I'm done bathing, I'm cold now so I'm gonna get out.”

 “awww.” Kirishima sulked, leaning on the edge of the tub, watching Bakugo wrap a towel around his waist and gather his stuff. “Your butt is so nice, dude.”

 “S-SHUT IT!” Bakugo snarled, pulling his boxers on under his towel. “Get out of the tub!”

 “You just want to see me naked!”

 “I saw you naked earlier!” Bakugo huffed, reaching in and pulling the plug on the tub, leaving the water to slowly drain around Kirishima. “get out of the tub already!”

 “Fine!” Kirishima self consciously made his way out of the tub, awkwardly glancing at Bakugo who was decidedly NOT looking at him. He tied off his own towel, holding his stuff in front of his groin to conceal the slight bump on his towel.

 “So are you just.... gonna go to bed?”

 “probably.” Bakugo huffed, rubbing his hair dry with his towel. “What are you gonna do?”

 “nothing special, I was hoping we could watch something? I want to hang out more.”

 “you're so needy.” Bakugo sighed, but it wasn't even agitated. “fine, but I'm tired, so we should watch something shorter.”

 “Shorter sounds nice!” Kirishima put his sleepwear on, boxers and a shirt and followed Bakugo over to the elevator, he didn't stop smiling until they were both cuddled up on Bakugo's bed in front of his laptop. They found something suitable to watch, and their conversation faded out slowly, as both of them fell asleep, huddled up on Bakugo's bed.



art by QueenOfLiz4rds! 

 Thank you so much for all the kudos and love!!! Please do note that this is a M-rated fic though, so they are going to experiement more, even if they will be fluffy awkward dorks the entire time.

Chapter Text



The alarm was blaring but it wasn't his normal alarm. Kirishima's eyes fluttered open, the warmth on his body almost unbearable but the coldness of his feet almost numbing. Where were his covers? What day was it? What time was it? Was he late for class? He blinked as he rolled over, reaching for the source of the sound, wondering where all his posters were. Where was his stuff? What was this phone? Was this his? No this was Bakugo's room, his stuff was in his own room.

He reached over Bakugo, who pulled his own legs under the covers in annoyance, grumbling something with a disgusted expression. Gotta get the alarm before Bakugo woke up, it was Sunday right? So 11:30 was still an acceptable time to snooze.

Kirishima yawned as he held up the phone, unable to unlock it because he didn't know Bakugo's unlock code. He located the blond's finger, pressing it into the back of the phone to unlock it via fingerprint, swiping the alarm off.

He dropped the phone back on Bakugo's nightstand and gabbed the fluffy covers pressed against the wall behind him. No wonder Bakugo was clinging to him and sticking his feet in between his legs, it was cold without the rest of the covers on. Kirishima tucked both of them back in, getting more comfortable and settling down for some extra hours of sleep.

Then his eyes opened wide with a sudden startle as he realized what was going on. WHY WAS HE IN BAKUGO'S BED?

He stared at the blond, Bakugo was sleeping soundly next to him, a bit more comfortable now that they had the covers on. Oh this was really weird. Just laying next to Bakugo this way felt so intimate, what should he DO? Should he wake the blond up? Why was he here?

He remembered last night how both of them had been dozing off, shifting over on the bed to get more comfortable. They must have fallen asleep like this, it felt super good, just hearing Bakugo snore softly next to him. Kirishima didn't remember a time he'd slept as good.

“hey-” Kirishima reached out, gently touching Bakugo's shoulder, he was super conscious about Bakugo's legs in between his and Bakugo's arm around his waist. “Bakugo- Wake up-”

“hhmn- shut up” Bakugo groaned, his brow furrowing in distaste.

“Bakugo, wake up dude, we fell asleep together.” Kirishima urged, a flush on his face. Should he just slip out of bed? Or maybe he shoulder just snooze a bit in the warmth, and let Bakugo wake up and take care of this?

“wh-” Bakugo's eye opened slightly, looking at Kirishima, who smiled at him awkwardly. “Kirishm?”

“yeah, we fell asleep in your bed. Thanks for letting me stay over I guess?” Kirishima noted softly.

“hmmm s'ok.” Bakugo's eyes slowly slid shut, only to fight their way open again. “you're warm.”

“Yeah, I've heard that. Kaminari and Sero keep saying that.”

“s'nice.” Bakugo sighed, nuzzling even closer, his face pressed against Kirishima's neck. “school?”

“it's Sunday.” Kirishima managed to force out, his entire body absolutely overtaken by his need to wrap his arms around Bakugo. Fighting this was torture, especially since Bakugo was just casually hugging him. “is this ok? Wanna cuddle?”

“Sunday? I'm gonna sleep more.” Bakugo grumbled, trapping one of Kirishima's legs tightly between his thighs.

“I really need to go to the bathroom.” Kirishima groaned, giving in to his demons and laying an arm daintily across Bakugo's waist.

“then go.” Bakugo grumbled, pinning Kirishima tightly down with his legs and face against his neck. “like I care.”

“how am I supposed to do that???” Kirishima groaned in distress, but the blond was already snoring again.

Kirishima could hold it for a lovely 15 minutes. 15 minutes of laying there in the warmth with Bakugo, but then it got a bit too much, and he did his best to slip out of Bakugo's grip without waking him. He freed his leg first, tucking Bakugo into the covers to keep him warm while he slipped to take a piss. He was planning on sliding right back into bed and snoozing a bit himself after he'd finished his business, but once he came back, Bakugo was sitting in bed, hair ruffled and face contorted in an embarrassed frown.

“H-hey! Good morning.” Kirishima smiled, making his way back over to bed. “you awake?”

“fuckin´cold without you.” Bakugo huffed in distaste, pulling his legs in to his chest. “-I didn't plan that, it was an accident.”

“yeah! I didn't plan it either.” Kirishima nodded, running his fingers through his soft hair to get the limp strands out of his face. “but... it was nice? Cuddling was good, so-.”

 Bakugo's intense stare at him was broken by the blond yawning, and he got up, walking past Kirishima to go to the bathroom himself. “wait here”

 “alright.” Kirishima jumped back into bed, pulling the still warm covers over his cold toes as he nuzzled into them, back against the wall. He'd really hoped he'd be able to get back to cuddle, but he supposed there would be another time for this. Bakugo returned, looking at Kirishima for a bit before he joined him on the bed, hands resting casually on his knees. He looked deep in thought.

 “Can I touch your hair?”

 “uh- sure?” Kirishima bent his head down a bit, offering his scalp to his lover.

 “My hands sweat glycerin though, it'll get in your hair.” Bakugo didn't reach out, his hands remaining on his lap.

 “I don't care, I'm gonna drown it in product later to spike it up.” Kirishima shrugged, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear. “go for it.”

 “....alright.” Bakugo reached out, fingers scratching at the scalp and running through the hair, dividing it slightly. Bakugo's other hand joined, and Kirishima's eyes closed. This felt nice, touching his hair made shivers run down his spine, it was so soothing, with Bakugo's hands scratching and rubbing it this way. He lay down with his head in Bakugo's lap, letting the blond rub and touch the hair all he wanted.

 They stayed like this for so long that Kirishima was sure he'd fall asleep again. Then suddenly he jerked up, realizing that he didn't check if his roots were showing yet. Bakugo was staring at him, and Kirishima stared back.

 “What?” Bakugo frowned, and Kirishima rolled over slightly, trying to find a reason for why he suddenly moved.

 “uh- why are you doing this?”

 “Do I need a reason to touch your hair? I like it and YOU like it so-”

 “oh yeah, it's just-” Kirishima glanced around, swallowing thickly. “i just... seems like there might be a reason?” He had no idea what he was saying. There wasn't a fuckin' reason, there was no REASON he wanted to touch Bakugo's hair so why would Bakugo have a specific reason?

 Much to his surprise, Bakugo looked a bit startled by that, and the blond looked away. Kirishima froze up, his curiosity suddenly at full attention. There WAS a reason? “why?”

 “it's nothing.”

 “c'mon! Now I'm super curious!”

 “ugh.” Bakugo frowned, pushing Kirishima off his lap and almost off the bed. “It's NOTHING.”

 “then it's not a problem to tell me?” the redhead sat up, running his own hands through his hair. “you call it shitty-hair all the time, so if you like it you can't use that anymore.”

 “No, it's still stupid.” Bakugo huffed, grimacing. “i just... when its down I remember that... night, your hair was down then.”

 They hadn't talked about that night. And somehow, Kirishima didn't want to make him. He had no idea what the villains had done to him all that time he was captured. He had no idea what Bakugo had to do to get free. He had no idea how he'd even gotten to their position before All Might even had.

 “Sorry, I'll go spike it up.” Kirishima tried to leave the bed, but Bakugo caught his hand, holding him in place.

 “I'm glad you were there.”

 “I'm glad I was there too.” Kirishima touched Bakugo's hand, leaning in and giving the blond a kiss on the cheek. “Now let me go and I'll go fix my hair.”

 “no, I like it down.” Bakugo shook his head slightly, his voice a bit distant. “It doesn't bother me.”

 “yeah but I don't want to remind you of something awful.” Kirishima tried to pluck the blond's fingers off his wrist.

 “you don't.”

 “but you said-”

 “You showing up was the best thing that happened that night.” Bakugo shook his head, frustration and distress obvious on his face.

 “I don't regret it.” Kirishima reached out to touch Bakugo's face, smoothing out the worried wrinkle under his eye with a gentle thumb. “i don't think any of us do.”

 “That's why you are all fuckin' stupid.” Bakugo grumbled, and Kirishima leant down, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. He could tell that Bakugo was tense and uncomfortable.

 “we should go have breakfast- uh- lunch? We should go have lunch.” Kirishima pulled Bakugo out of bed, and the blond let him go, nodding in agreement. Kirishima gestured awkwardly to the door. “I'm gonna go over to my room and get something to wear.”

 “yeah alright, brush your teeth too, your breath is gross.”

 “Oh yeah- oops.” Kirishima grimaced, he hadn't brushed his teeth before bed last night, and his mouth felt gross. Good thing he hadn't tried to give Bakugo more than a peck on the lips. He was about to brush his teeth when Bakugo kicked open his door, joining him in the bathroom where he had just finished spiking up his hair.

 The blond hung around the doorway, his eyes opening wide and eyebrows rising up to his hairline when Kirishima got a toothbrush from his stash.

 “uh- what the fuck? Why do you have like a million fuckin' toothbrushes?” Bakugo walked in, pulling open the drawer Kirishima had just closed. It was full of toothbrushes, well almost full, He hadn't refilled it in almost a month, so it was like half-full.

 “uh-” Kirishima reached into the trash, pulling out his previous toothbrush. The bristles were torn, messed up and the plastic was worn. “this is the once since Wednesday, they don't do their job at this point so I swap them out.”

 “wh- I swap mine out like every three weeks or so?” Bakugo frowned, blinking in confusion. “and I brush my teeth hard.”

 “dude.” Kirishima tapped on his teeth with the toothbrush. “my teeth fuck' em up.”

 “ah.” Bakugo couldn't say anything more, staring at them for a bit before he leaned against the wall already. “then hurry the fuck up, I'm hungry.”

 “I'm almost there, just wait a minute!” Kirishima started brushing his teeth, super aware that Bakugo was staring at him. “You're staring is embarrassing, I feel so objectified, your fetish for my teeth is so weird.”

 “I'm not just looking at your teeth idiot!” Bakugo huffed, embarrassed. “yeah they're sexy and all but your mouth is good too.”

 Kirishima snorted, smiling through the toothpaste. He felt so warm inside when Bakugo called him sexy. He struggled a bit to take it seriously, but he also knew Bakugo wouldn't say that unless he really felt that way, so his ego was tickled each time. Made him feel a bit more confident.

 A year ago he'd never believed a guy as hot as Bakugo would ever think his boring ass was sexy. He'd never thought he'd get a boyfriend at all, especially someone so way out of his league. Aaah he was so lucky! If his middle school self could see him now; dating a manly badass, attending classes in UA with super strong people that liked him and got him pumped to try his best. Aaaaah, he'd probably not believe it!

 Life can change so drastically in half a year, it wasn't even funny!

 “what are you grinning so widely about?” Bakugo's brow was raised, his expression slightly amused.

 “I'm just really happy!” Kirishima sputtered around the toothpaste, spitting in the sink to finish up. “I got to wake up next to the guy I like, I'm in the school I wanted and I have a bunch of super fun friends!”

 Bakugo seemed to consider this, his expression thoughtful for a second before he smirked confidently, grabbing Kirishima's hand. “Idiot, you're too easy to please.”

 “Aaah! Holding hands with the guy I like too! Today just keeps getting better! I'm so pumped!” Kirishima squeezed Bakugo's hand back, practically bouncing with energy. An affectionate smile crept up Bakugo's face, and Kirishima pretended not to see it to try to keep it around for a bit longer.

 “HEY KIRISHIMA! BAKUGO!” Kaminari waved them excitedly over to their table at the lunch hall, Mina and Sero waved back “WE'RE OVER HERE!”

 Kirishima grinned widely, waving back to the guys excitedly. The two of them took a seat with the group, and Sero was immediately wiggling his eyebrows. “So we went to your room today when you didn't show up for breakfast Kirishima. Someone wasn't in his bed.”

 “No! We fell asleep watching a movie, I woke up at Bakugo's.” Kirishima shared excitedly, and much to his surprise Bakugo didn't kick him under the table for oversharing. “it was so nice.”

 “Well, someone is in a super good mood today, should we congratulate you two?” Kaminari wiggled his brows, only to get elbowed by Mina.

 “What we have and haven't done is none of your business.” Bakugo frowned, but there was no venom in his tone. “if you have this much free time, work on your grades.”

 “ouch! So harsh!” Kaminari faked an injury, gasping in imaginary pain. “but seriously, the rest of the class is gonna go karaoke today, apparently Ectoplasm-sensei offered to take us!”

 “Karaeoke!” Kirishima threw his arms up. “That sounds fun! When?”

 “Like, in two three hours, you're gonna come right?” Sero raised three fingers, emptying his juice box.

 “yeah!” Kirishima cheered, turning to Bakugo. “You're coming too Bakugo!”

 Sero, Mina and Kaminari smiled to themselves, expecting the usual 'no way! Yes way!' argument that happened routinely when Kirishima convinced the explosive blond to spend time with the class.

 “Fine.” Bakugo accepted, shoving rice in his mouth.

 The three of them stared in confusion, glancing over to a practically glowing Kirishima, that vibrated happily in his seat. “UGH! It's been forever since we left school! I'm starting to get cabin-fever here!”

 “That might be why the teachers accepted.” Mina pointed out. “I'm hoping we can eat dinner somewhere together too!”

 After lunch, the five of them joined Iida, Momo and Uraraka on their walk back to the dorms, all of them excited for a chance to finally leave the school to do something fun. After the dorms were built, security had been tightened, and some of the students, especially the hero course didn't really feel too safe roaming the streets alone with the villain league out there. But a nice trip to the karaoke bar with a teacher watching their backs would probably be fun.

 Kirishima was slightly anxious, but mostly excited. The anxiousness was his concern that someone would steal Bakugo away again, but he knew he wasn't going to be the only one who was on the lookout for anything suspicious. Besides, Bakugo was strong, and this time they were all prepared.

 They all sat on the couch, chatting about the songs they were planning on taking, showing each other songs they were particularly good at, and trying to find songs to dare each other to sing. There was a small crowd gathering in the common room, and it wasn't long until the entire class was piled on the couches.

 “Hey, Bakugo, are you comin' too?” Uraraka questioned, her round face skeptical.

 “of fuckin' course.” Bakugo grunted in distaste, hand holding onto Kirishima's hand hidden in the gap between them on the couch. “I can't wait to leave this place for a bit. I'm sick of being stuck here.”

 Kaminari had practically thrown himself across their laps, holding Sero's phone to charge it. “I bet you're great at Karaoke, right? You seem to just be good at everything.”

 “It's just Karaoke, how can you be bad at it?” Bakugo huffed, but he let Kaminari lay there across his legs no problem, Kirishima figured most of Kaminari's weight was on his thighs, since that is where his hips were.

 “I'm quite bad at it.” Shouji shrugged. “I do enjoy it though.”

 “Same here.” Ojiro raised his hand. “I won't sing too much.”

 “Aw c'mon! No one goes to karaoke to be GOOD at it!” Kirishima snorted, bumping his fist on Kaminari's knee for emphasis. “It's about having fun! It's about spirit! Passion!”

 “Kirishima is right!” Mina agreed, her legs on the coffee table as she sat half-out of the couch. “It's TOTALLY about dancing.”

 “how is karaoke about dancing?” Jiro objected, pausing the song she was playing on her phone for everyone to hear. “It's clearly about singing.”

 “but its not as fun if you don't dance while singing!” Mina huffed, sinking even lower on the couch until anything below her shoulder blades was out of the edge. “It's about the performance!”

 Aoyama agreed. “It's about the CHARISMA!”

 “if you're going to dance you should dance SEXY-” Mineta added, but was immediately ignored by the rest of the group.

 The bickering continued until the front doors opened and teachers entered. Ectoplasm, that looked relatively scary without his costume on, waved to them as he made his way over. Well he looked kinda scary with his costume on to begin with, but his casual clothes were just unsettling.

 “Hello there students, are you all ready for some Karaoke?” He said in his slightly unsettling voice, but all the students had grown very fond of him, so his rough voice didn't give them the creeps anymore. They cheered and raised their hands, getting out of the couch.

 Aizawa, Ectoplasm and Present Mic all stood in the doorway, looking at them expectantly.

 “EVERYONE! FORM A LINE PLEASE.” Iida took control, and the group lined up from one teacher to another.

 “Aizawa-sensei, are all three of you coming with us?”

 “no, I'm not, I have reports to fill. “ Aizawa sounded relieved, raising a bag. “but, because you're my class, so I've got things I need to talk to you about.”

 “the ones coming with you are Us PARTY animALS!” Present mic gestured to himself and Ectoplasm.

 “Either way, You will all be wearing these.” Aizawa raised a bag, plucking what looked like watches from it. “They are tracking devices. Yes, this is a privacy violation and you can refuse to wear them, but the school can't handle losing any of you at this point, now that our reputation is starting to get better, so this is a safety precaution.”

 He started handing them out, they just looked like normal digital watches. “If you don't want to wear them, you have the right to refuse. But these are for your safety, and will alert the teachers if it is taken off or if there is abnormal activity spikes, like extended quirk activation or irregular heart rate.”

“Well, there's no reason not to wear them, right?” Sero shrugged, smacking his on. “I don't care if the teachers know where I am.”

 The rest of the class muttered something similar, fastening the watches on. Kirishima watched Bakugo consider it, and he sighed in silent relief when he saw the blond strap the watch on willingly.

 “we will also be using the buddy system.” Aizawa noted, glancing over to Midoriya, Tokoyami and Bakugo. Kirishima had a feeling that this was to prevent these guys from being snatched up. “as a safety precaution, you'll not go anywhere without your buddy, not even the bathroom. Choose wisely, you have 5 minutes to pair up.”

 “THE TOILET? A girl! I need a girl to team up-” Mineta started panting, only to be ignored by the group.

 “MIDORIYA-kun-” Iida turned immediately to the shorter boy. “Allow me to be your buddy, It's in my most express interest to keep you safe-”

 “me too!” Uraraka chirped in, her expression pumped.

 “You can't go with him to the bathroom though.” Todoroki's emotionless voice deflated the round faced girl. “I'll volunteer as well, Midoriya.”

 Kirishima watched the green-haired boy flush from all the attention, struggling to choose between his friends. It was hilarious, the way the Midoriya flushed up and stared openmouthed at one person after another, taken aback by all the offers.

 “thank you every one! But I- I can't choose! How am I supposed to choose between my friends-” midoriya sounded in pain.

 “Mineta, you're teamed with Midoriya, Iida and Todoroki, you're a pair. Uraraka, Asui, you are a pair, and you are all one big group, problem solved.” Aizawa didn't have time for this kinda drama.

 “oh.” the entire dekusquad just kinda deflated, and mineta objected loudly as aiazawa pushed him over to where they were standing.

 Tokoyami had already been flanked by Shouji, who tapped the bird-headed boy gently on the shoulder. Dark shadow emerged instantly, hissing at Shouji. “Like I don't know what you're trying to do! Keep your webbed arms off'a him! I've SEEN your STARING with-”

 “DARK SHADOW.” Tokoyami hissed awkwardly, and the tension in his tone betrayed his embarrassment. “Thank you, Shouji, I'd appreciate you having my back.”

 “I...” Shouji was clearly taken aback by this development. “likewise.”

 “Do you think he likes him?” Kaminari whispered in disbelief.

 “I don't know, maybe?” Kirishima though it was cute, the two of them had formed such a strong manly bond. He supposed it was normal after what he'd heard they went through together in the summer training camp.

 “could just be friends though, dark shadow isn't exactly an unbiased source” Sero pointed out, looking over at them. “So, how are we gonna partner up? We're an odd number.”

 “UH, I'm teaming up with a girl, since we gotta team up for the toilet too.” Mina snorted, rolling her eyes. “Hey! Toru! You got a partner yet?” Mina ran over to find the invisible girl, the only girl left since Momo and Jiro had already formed a pair.

 “then I guess it's just us four guys, unless you want to branch out? I don't care.” Kaminari shrugged looking at Kirishima and Bakugo. “I'm assuming the two of you are gonna pair? Sero, let's pair u-.”

 “yeah, Baku-” Kirishima turned to his boyfriend, who suddenly erupted.

 “I don't NEED a babysitter!” Bakugo objected, more to the world rather than Aizawa, much to everyone's non-surprise. Kirishima had to admit it hurt a little, since he was hoping to have an excuse to stick close to Bakugo the entire trip. Not that he needed one, but still- it stung a bit.

Usually he had to convince Bakugo to go, but even before they started dating he usually didn't have to convince the blond to stay next to him when he did. The explosive blond was a proud man though, and Kirishima did appreciate it. He'd just thought that today's mood had been good, and he'd hoped Bakugo would just remain a bit more chill, since he'd agreed to go to karaoke without much convincing.

 “ You of all people won't leave without one, you might still be a target for the organization.” Aizawa pointed out bluntly, and Bakugo rolled his eyes. “you have three minutes.”

 “WELL, if Bakugo doesn't want to be your partner, I will!” Kaminari proclaimed loudly, grabbing onto Kirishima's arm. Kirishima's hurt expression was wiped away immediately by the electric blond bumping his head into his shoulder.

 “No way! I'm also claiming MY stake right here! If it's open season, I'm going to go with Kirishima too!” Sero dramatically argued, grabbing onto Kirishima's other arm. Both their faces scrunched up in amusement and barely contained laugh as Bakugo's expression became hilariously over the top insulted.


 “Nuh-uh! You said you didn't WANT a partner! That's super mean to everybody's favorite, Kirishima!” Sero practically huffed, the amusement breaking his fake bravado.

 “The sweetheart of Class 1-A!” Kaminari lovingly and over-dramatically patted Kirishima's face, cooing at him. “he's like a manly human puppy.”

 “The ROCK solid foundation of our morale!” Sero snorted, flexing next to Kirishima, who couldn't help but laugh. “If I gotta go take a piss with anyone, it has to be Kirishima!”

 “Yeah!” Kaminari snorted painfully to contain his laugh. “BEST piss partner!”

 Both their eyes were tearing up from amusement as they buried their faces in Kirishima's shoulders, their bodies shaking. The entire rest of the class was chuckling at the show, and Kirishima couldn't help but chuckle as well. Bakugo looked LIVID.

 “He'll encourage you while you go!” Kaminari was wheezing. “a pee-r-leader.”

 “He'll help you aim!” Sero HOWLED in amusement, tears streaming down his face. “Good luck finding someone that wants to take your blasty-ass to the bathroom for a pee!”


 “Dude, they're teasing you.” Kirishima's face betrayed him and he couldn't help but smile as the blond stomped over. All this praise was overwhelming, but it was just so funny. “of course we'll-”

 “HEY! Your fault for not calling dibs right away!” Kaminari laughed as Bakugo grabbed the back of his shirt, trying to pull him of Kirishima's arm; Kaminari only grabbed onto him harder. “-just because you're boyfriends doesn't mean you get auto-dibs!”


 “DIBS!” Sero suddenly yelled out, much to Bakugo's dismay. Kaminari objected, weakly kicking Sero's knee from across Kirishima's body.

 “THOSE ARE INVALID DIBS YOU FUCKS!” Bakugo bellowed over them, his face furious. If Kirishima didn't know any better, he'd say Bakugo was jealous. “KIRSIHMA GETS TO CHOOSE.”

 Kaminari suddenly gave into the laughter, his legs giving in as he let go of Kirishima, falling to his knees on the floor, clutching his stomach as he struggled to breathe. “pee-rleader.” he wheezed to himself, his face pressing into Kirishima's leg.

 Sero was as badly off, he'd succumbed to the completely silent terrifying kind of laughter that left him shaking, occasional breathless wailing noises escaping him. “I CANT BREATHE!”

 Bakugo was staring at Kirishima expectantly, and Kirishima shook his head in disbelief. “Of course we'll be pa-”

 “nah that's not fair! You gotta ask him!” Kaminari managed to spit out through his shaky breathing. “You can't leave all the asking to HIM all the time!”

 “What's that pointless shit all about!? He already agreed, so what is your PROBLEM!?”

 “If you don't put in any effort, and show him you care-” Sero managed to croak out thought his painful sounding inhales. “-then someday someone will just sweep him away!”

 Bakugo looked honestly taken aback by that statement. “What kinda bullshit-”

 “three minutes are up.” Aizawa entered the conversation from the shadows, his expression dark. “If you don't have a partner Right now, You'll be teaming up with Present Mic.”

 “YEAH!” Mic gave a thumbs up, not fully realizing that this was seen as punishment by everyone but him.

 Bakugo jerked at that, looking over at Kirishima, who was still reeling from the entire scene he'd just lived through. The blond looked really uncomfortable, glaring at Kaminari and Sero, who were still clinging to Kirishima's legs.

 “Kirishima? You wanna.... partner up or whatever?”

 “sure!” Kirishima beamed, and the relief was almost visible on Bakugo's face. Sero and Kaminari high fived from either side of his legs, only to be glared into submission by Aizawa.

 “And you two?”

 “w-we're partnering up, sir.”

 “good. Now if everyone has somehow managed to get though this ORDEAL of partnering up, get ready, the bus should be here any minute.”

 “bus? What if they are taking us up into the mountains to leave us again!?” Mineta wailed, clinging to Midoriya's leg. “Or if they are gonna make us walk all the way back!? Or if this is a sudden test!?”

 “It is true that it COULD be a possibility, we don't exactly have a lot of trust in the teachers anymore-” Iida commented thoughtfully, but Aizawa frowned.

 “it's not a test, it's just karaoke.”

 “a secret, karaoke test?!” Mineta's eyes narrowed.

 “no. just karaoke.”

 “you're denying it so much, now I'm just suspicious.”

 “Then you can stay here.”

 “no I'm going!”


Once they were all on the bus, Bakugo claimed the seat closer to the window, staring out of it as they set off downtown. Kirishima enjoyed the way their legs were flush against each other during the trip, but Bakugo wasn't saying a lot. He chimed in occasionally when Sero and Kaminari made fun of him from the seat behind them, or when Mina turned around in her seat to show them stuff on her phone. But all in all the trip was quiet.

 A bit over 15 minutes later, the bus was parked and they were heading to the karaoke on foot. “Make sure to keep your partner close!” Present mic practically howled. A bunch of their classmates either walked real close or held hands, though Bakugo seemed to be avoiding it. Kirishima didn't mind, maybe outside of school was too public.

 They made their way into the building and Ectoplasm, who was apparently a beloved regular, confirmed their reservation. A huge room for a party of 22, right down a hallway. They made their way down the hall, but suddenly there was an excited yell from another room.

 “Isn't that The one hero class from UA?!” The entire class 1-A jerked at that, looking over in bewilderment.

 “it is! There's Endeavors son! And that one student who was kidnapped by villains!”


 “That's RIGHT!” Present mic took his place in between the class and the group of slightly drunken crowd in the room. “But we're here to have a GOOD TIME so how about you all have another round and leave us alone, RIGHT?” Mic posed dramatically, and Ectoplasm ushered the class hurriedly into another room.

 The class was slightly frazzled now, being recognized in the street had gone from being flattering and fun, to being a bit nerve wracking. Though they all knew that would be a regular thing once they were heroes, so they were doing their best to get used to it.

 Kirishima reached out, taking Bakugo's clenched first in his hand. The fist unfurled and relaxed, fingers sliding in between Kirishima's, small explosions dying out on hardened palm. The blond visibly relaxed, but didn't let go of Kirishima's hand even when they had all sat around the table. The big Screen was humming with electricity and they could see the enormous song selection flare out across the screen as they pressed the remote control.

 First off, was of course Ectoplasm, who was amazing, It was easy to see that this was his hobby. He had a lot of practice. Present mic said something about setting an example, so he went up next, and at this point the class was starting to wonder if they were just here as an excuse for the teachers to do some karaoke. Iida took it upon himself as the class president to lead the students and after the thoroughly amateurish performance, everyone's confidence was boosted. If Iida could so confidently make an ass out of himself, no one would care if they did as well.

 The mood got pretty good, and they went in counter clockwise order, and that day they all got to know each other a bit better. Nothing like a good group-embarrassment to bring people together. Some of them even did pretty good dances to go with the songs, though all the movement and panting did come down on the singing itself.

 “Hey, I'm up next after Shouji, what should I sing?” Kirishima turned to Bakugo, who was slouching on the couch, still holding his hand.

 “I don't know. Something cool.” Bakugo watched Shouji flip through songs. “How about that one? You like that one.” He gestured to the one that lingered, and Kirishima smiled big. He DID like that song!

 “what are you gonna sing?”

 “I don't give a shit. You can pick.”

 “Hmmmm.” Kirishima narrowed his eyes on the list, then he turned to Bakugo, victorious expression. “How good are you at karaoke?”

 “I'm amazing at it.”

 “alright then! Then I know just the song, it's hard though, I don't blame you if you choke on it.”

 “bring it on.” Bakugo's competitive streak was ignited, and suddenly he was way into it.

 Kirishima almost regretted choosing such a hard song for Bakugo. Not because he did a bad job, but more that he did such a good job it was agitating. Though it was fine, since he would have done a great job no matter the song.

 “NICE BAKUGO!” Kirishima cheered, and Kaminari wailed that it was unfair how good Bakugo was at everything. Everyone cheered when he made his way back in the seat, ego boosted and smirk present. That was good, that's how Kirishima liked him the most.

 After everyone had gone once, it was a free for all. People called dibs on rounds, choosing songs at random they didn't know, daring each other to take certain songs. “KIRISHIMA DO THIS ONE!” Mina yelled, waving the remote into his face.

 “wait, isn't that the one that was on the radio all the time like a yaer ago?”

 “yeah! It's romantic, do it!”

 “I don't even like that song!”

 “Who cares! I dare you! I double dare you! Do it for Bakugo!” Mina did a big thumbs up, and Kirishima relented, letting himself be dragged into embarrassing himself in front of his crush. It was worse now that Mina had dedicated the song to Bakugo on his behalf.

 It felt like everyone was paying extra attention to the lyrics. They probably were, because Kirishima was doing the same thing now. God they were even more embarrassing than he'd feared. His face was all red too, he must have looked super uncool, he couldn't make eye contact with anyone, so he just made sure to stare at the screen with the lyrics. He didn't know them alright? A perfect excuse.

 When the song was finally over and he could bear looking up at the cheering class, they all had smug faces on, except Bakugo, who had his legs on the table, and his head thrown back over the edge of the couch, staring at the ceiling in what looked like intense embarrassment.

 “MINA!” Kirishima threw the remote at the pink skinned girl spitefully. “sing something SAD. Something REALLY like DARK and DEPRESSING. Something ANGSTY.”

 “no way! How am I supposed to dance to that?!”

 “I dare you!” Kirishima frowned, awkwardly taking his seat next to Bakugo. “that's revenge for embarrassing me like that!”


 She flipped through disinterestedly, hand under her chin. “hey. Tokoyami, which song here is your favorite?”

 “well, this one?” the bird-headed boy pointed to a dark and brooding thumbnail. “why do you- oh.”

 Mina chose that one.


In the middle of an honestly hilarious performance, Kirishima used the chance while everyone was laughing at Mina trying to be all brooding and dark, to bump knees with Bakugo.

 “sorry, dude.”

 “I don't care.” Bakugo frowned. “it's just a stupid pop song.”

 “Yeah it's not very manly.” Kirishima shrugged. “It was kinda fun though, but embarrassing.”

 “I'm thirsty. I'm gonna go buy a drink.” Bakugo got up, and Present Mic pointed at him dramatically.

 “BUDDY SYSTEM!” he bellowed loud enough to overpower the music.

 Kirishima got up and joined Bakugo. The blond huffed but before they could leave, Ectoplasm got up to join them in the doorway.

 “Go to the front desk and ask for some refreshments for the room, and food for later, tell them to put it on my tab.” The wide grin on his face was wider than usual, he was clearly enjoying himself.

 “Whoa! Thank you Sensei!” Kirishima beamed, giving the rest of the group a thumbs up as he left the room with Bakugo. “Ectoplasm-sensei is so nice! He looks scary but he's a really cool dude.”

 “I guess.” Bakugo huffed, walking over to the front desk, but he paused in the doorway. Taking a moment for himself. “I'm getting a headache from all that singing.”

 “isn't that normal for karaoke?” Kirishima smiled, taking a step closer to Bakugo. “I'm sure tha-”

 “HEY! Isn't that-” voices echoed down the hallway, startling both boys.

 Bakugo groaned, turning around spitefully to glare at whoever was interrupting their conversation. Kirishima prepared to calm Bakugo down, but to his surprise, he recognized the two guys coming down the hallway towards them.

 “EI!?” the boys beamed, patting Kirishima on the shoulder. “What is up dude!?”

 “YOU GUYS!?” Kirishima's eyes widened, what were his friends from middle school doing here? “What are you doing in his part of the country!? Why didn't you text me?!”

 “there's a Student-transfer program for like a week! We figured we COULD call you but you're a fancy bigshot hero-in-training now! You wouldn't have time for us normies” Ogata, the rounder of the two laughed.

 “That's not true-”

 “it's fine! We watched you at the Sports-festival dude, you were awesome like who would have thought your quirk could actually be that cool!?” Kito gave Kirishima a thumbs up. “we didn't recognize you at first with your new look, it's cool though!”

 “ah- yea-” Kirishima suddenly tried to backpedal out of the conversation, but it was too late.

 “Red like Crimson riot, right?! It's cool, you stand out much more like this.” they gestured to his hair, and Bakugo looked over at him and he covered his face in his hands in embarrassment. That secret was out now.

 “Whoa! Wait isn't this the guy!?” They both turned to Bakugo, who was watching this conversation unfold with interest, but his expression turned sour at the sudden attention. “-the guy that beat you out of the sports festival? It's pretty cool to lose to the guy who ended up winning.”

 “Ah, yeah this is Bakugo.” Kirishima gestured, not used to being the one that needs to do the introductions.

“Bakugo, these are my friends from middle school, Ogata and Kito.”

 Bakugo didn't say anything, and Kirishima was proud of him for not making a snarky rude comment.

 “he's the guy who had to be tied down right? You're making friends with some scary guys.” Ogata laughed, awkwardly smiling to Bakugo, who didn't smile back. But he didn't exactly frown, so he was being polite. “nice to meet you, thanks for taking care of Ei.”

 Bakugo nodded once, remaining silent, as if he was studying this encounter.

 “Honestly it's inspiring to see how much you've changed. In the future I'm going to brag to everyone that I used to go to school with Red Riot.” Kito laughed, and Kirishima rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. “you've had to go through a lot too, with the villains attacking your school all the time.”

 “ah yeah, it's... been a learning experience? It's not an ALL THE TIME kinda thing though-” Kirishima didn't know how else to put it. Bakugo's jaw was locked as Kirishima's old friends turned their attention to him.

 “wait- weren't you the guy who was kidnapped?!” Kita pointed, his brows rising high up on his face. “Holy shit!”

 “We thought you were dead for sure!” Ogata whispered loudly, looking around as if he expected someone to appear and attack them. “but then you're okay and stuff, it was nice that not all was lost back then!”

 “Like hell I'd be killed by stupid assholes like that.” Bakugo snarled, his expression dark. Kirishima stepped in between them, trying to diffuse the situation.

 “Bakugo's just way too strong!” Kirishima grinned, his heart thundering in his chest, everything had been going to well. He didn't want to risk bringing the mood down with this! “He's super cool!”

 “oh right- you're still all about manly things right?” Kita and Ogata's eyes darted from Kirishima to Bakugo. Then they looked Bakugo over, sizing him up in some strange way, Kirishima could notice Bakugo subconsciously tense up. “I'd say he's pretty manly.”

 “y-yeah.” Kirishima grimaced awkwardly, a flush on his cheeks. “he's... the coolest.”

 Bakugo's fingers slipped in between Kirishima's, who couldn't fight the blush that consumed his face all the way up to his roots.

 “I see.” Kito contemplated. “Hey! There's a class mixer that we're heading to right now. There's some pretty cute girls there, wanna join? We'd get lots of points if we brought in some hero-students-” Kito was suddenly caught off by Ogata elbowing him.

 “You NEVER bring hotter guys to a mixer idiot!” Ogata suddenly added, glancing to Bakugo. “-taken or not.”

 Kirishima could FEEL Bakugo's eyes on him, and he just laughed it off. “yeah, that's not a good idea dude. We're gotta get going too before our teacher starts to look for us.“

 “Alright then! See you later? We'll text you next time we're here.” The two of them waved as they continued down the hall. “If we ask you to send us proof that we know you, help us out, okay?!”

 “Sure! See ya guys around!” Kirishima waved with his free hand, as Bakugo started leading him down the hallway. Kirishima followed, the silence was almost paralyzing and the anticipation for the questions was almost unbearable. Bakugo's grip was almost painfully tight around his fingers, and after a bit Kirishima had no idea where they were. Bakugo was just walking, leading him somewhere, and he wasn't sure they were headed anywhere specific.

 “uh- bakugo-” Kirishima's brow furrowed as he'd completely lost track of where they were.

 “what do I have to do?” Bakugo's voice was low and dangerous.

 “what?” Kirishima quickened his step so he'd be next to his boyfriend. “what are you-” Bakugo looked really upset, the pained look on his face hit Kirishima like a Detroit smash to the gut. “hey- Bakugo, are you okay?”

 “It fuckin' PISSES ME OFF!” Bakugo shouted, turning to look at Kirishima in the darkened hallway, his expression pained as he grabbed the front of his shirt, as if he was uncomfortable in his own skin. “First everyone recognizes me from the slime-fucker attack! THEN I manage to fix it with the school festival, but now everyone recognizes me as a VICTIM again!”

 Kirishima stared at the blond, take aback by the raw emotion. He didn't know what to say, so he just looked at Bakugo, who stomped down his foot and clenched his fists. “ITS FUCKIN' STUPID!”

 “Bakugo, it's-”



 “It's because of me that we're all wearing these FUCKIN' TRACKERS.” Bakugo snarled, clawing at his tracking-watch in an attempt to remove it. Kirishima grabbed Bakugo's forearm, holding it in place. He felt awful, seeing Bakugo like this. How long had he been feeling this way?


 “DON'T FUCKIN' TELL ME ITS OKAY!” Bakugo snapped, grabbing the front of Kirishima's shirt.

 “BAKUGO.” Kirishima reached up grabbing his boyfriend's face to get a word in. “shut up and listen for a sec-”

 “Kirishima you fuck-”

 “NONE of this shit is okay!” Kirishima threw his hands up, glaring at his boyfriend. “You're not the only one that's pissed off! We're all pissed off! Everyone is scared!”


 “-but this is just what the world is now;” Kirishima ran his hand through his hair, not caring if he was messing up his hair gel. “-scary.” There was silence between them, and Kirishima's chest was boiling over with anger at the world for putting Bakugo in the center of this. For making Bakugo feel responsible for this.

 “You know; all the best heroes have stories about them from high school-” Bakugo seemed to have deflated a little bit, he stared at the floor, his knuckles white and fingernails digging into his palm. “-so why do I have to be the VICTIM in mine?”


 “Are you an idiot?” Kirishima took a step closer, ducking his head to look Bakugo in the eyes. “That's not how I see it at all.”

 “What the fuck are you talking about?” Bakugo practically snarled, glaring at him without moving.

 “You're so strong, villains want you on their side.” Kirishima's brow furrowed, his expression 100% serious. “Because they know that when you're a hero, you're gonna kick their ass.”

 Bakugo stared at him for a bit, his expression blank. Kirishima stared back, worried that blinking right now would somehow undermine what he was trying to say. Then Bakugo threw his head back, grimacing as he rubbed his face with his hand.

 “You're such an idiot.” Bakugo's voice was raw, but there was some relief in there. “-that's fuckin' movie logic.”

 “When you're a pro hero and they do a movie about you, I hope they'll get a good actor to play my part.” Kirishima laughed and Bakugo snorted.

 “of fuckin' course they will.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, pressing his forehead against Kirishima's. His hands fisting the front of his shirt. “You'd be the love interest after all.”

 Kirishima's face did all sorts of twitching at that, he didn't know if he wanted to laugh or cry, so instead he just kissed Bakugo, which was the optimal outlet for about 90% of his emotions anyway. It felt so loving and honest. Kirishima gently placed his hands on Bakugo's hips, trying to kiss all the doubt and bad feelings away. Hoping he could tell the blond how he felt without using words, since he didn't know what words he should use, none of them seemed ENOUGH.

 “THERE you are.” Ectoplasm-sensei's voice startled both of them so badly that they jerked, almost falling over each other as they turned to look at the teacher. Ectoplasm's brows furrowed. “I got an alert about abnormal heart rates, are you being chased?”

 “wh- No!” Kirishima turned around, glancing around for an excuse. “we just-”

 “-we got lost, this fuckin' place is a maze.” Bakugo lied flawlessly, though technically it wasn't a lie. “It was stressful.”

 “ah I see.” Ectoplasm-sensei stepped aside, gesturing down the hallway. “I will take you to the lobby, we'll get drinks and go back.”

 “yes!” Kirishima nodded, following the teacher, feeling Bakugo's fingers brush against his the entire way.

 “You took your sweet time!” Present Mic yelled as they re-entered, and Kirishima apologized, telling them how they had gotten lost. Everyone forgave him instantly, especially since they'd brought drinks.

 They took their seat and Bakugo was instantly dared into taking a song, and Kirishima bounced a bit in excitement as he cheered him on. He felt really good, and Sero, Kaminari and Mina all eyed him suspiciously.

 “Did you REALLY get lost? Someone is in a pretty giddy mood, did you guys sneak off to get frisky!?” Kaminari waggled his brows suggestively, and Kirishima almost spat out his drink, most of it escaping through his nose.

 “what! No!”


 “IT'S TRUE!” Kirishima argued, his face flushed. The rest of their time at the karaoke was spent with the rest of the guys waggling their brows at him, much to his annoyance and Bakugo's confusion. They ate at the karaeoke place, all thanking their teacher for treating them. They only found out later that they were supposed to be back at school before dinner, but Ectoplasm was having too much fun and decided to let them stay a bit longer.


 The bus ride home felt shorter, the gates of the school welcoming them inside with their heavy iron doors withdrawing slowly. UA looked more like a fortress in the evening, when all the lights of the school were out. This giant towering building, silently guarding the town from top of the hill.

 Aizawa was sleeping on the couch when they arrived, FURIOUS that they were home so late. But since it hadn't been the students fault, they got off without punishment. Present mic looked distraught though, thanking them for a good “final night” out before he let Aizawa practically push him out of the dorms.

 Still buzzing with energy, the group gathered in the common room, chattering about the events of the day, praising each other for their talents or lack there of. They eventually started peeling off to get ready for bed, and Kirishima waited for Bakugo to excuse himself but he was amazed when the blond stayed even longer than Kaminari and Sero. The two of them excusing themselves with a wink and obnoxious fake kissing noises.

 “Should we go upstairs too?” Kirishima turned to the blond, who was flipping through his phone disinterestedly. He was itching to catch Bakugo alone, they hadn't been able to do anything but hold hands and kiss like ONCE all day! His teenage hormones were furious at him!

 “yeah.” Bakugo got up, heading to the elevator, pocketing his phone as the doors closed behind them.

 “today was so gooood” Kirishima sighed, his mood elated. “you know, mostly at least.

 “... you should sleep in my room tonight.”


 art by QueenOfLiz4rds!

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Chapter Text


“... you should sleep in my room tonight.”

“W-h-” Kirishima almost fell over, his face completely red as he looked at the blond, who was staring at the elevator door. “Really? Where did that come from!?”

“ass face said it today, didn't he? I can't leave all the asking to you.” Bakugo huffed, the door opened and he grabbed his hand. “If I wait for you to initiate, we'll never get anywhere. Go get one of your tooth brushes.”

“hey! I'd LIKE to do more stuff! I just-” Kirishima groaned, scratching his forehead awkwardly. “I just don't know what to do?”

Bakugo stared thoughtfully at the floor for a bit. “Go get your stuff and meet me in my room.”

“fine!” Kirishima hurriedly switched his clothes out for boxers and a shirt, grabbed his phone and his toothbrush and tip toed over to Bakugo's room, finding the blond sitting on the bed with his laptop in his, well, lap. He sat down next to Bakugo, glancing at the screen and almost swallowing his own tongue in shock.

“WHY are you looking at gay PORN?” Kirishima coughed out in horror, and Bakugo just gave him a disbelieving look.

“research, idiot.”

Research by queenofliz4rds

“but isn't porn like a really bad reference?” Kirishima covered his face with his hands, watching the dirty videos play out through the gap in his fingers. “it's like wrestling right? It's all fake for show.”

“... how much porn have you watched?” Bakugo paused the video, turning to Kirishima, who thoroughly avoided eye contact.

“I... uh... not too much, a bit?”

“What stuff do you jerk off to?” Bakugo turned the computer to him, almost as if he was expecting him to just type in a link.

“I – uh I mean.”

“because I don't really watch porn at all.” Bakugo confessed, his expression stern. “so if you know what you want to watch, you should type it in.”

“You don't watch porn?”

“only out of curiosity.” Bakugo shrugged. “I figured I was into guys and I wanted to see if there was anything that would turn me on. Turns out there isn't really.”

“I just like to kinda... listen to it?” Kirishima shrugged. “I know that's weird, but I just like to uh... make up my own stuff in my head?”

“What kinda stuff?”

“I don't...”

“do you think about me?” Bakugo asked, pushing the laptop over to the side, turning a bit to Kirishima, who was flushed completely red.

“y...yes.” Kirishima hid his face, and swallowed thickly. “I mean I... really like you, so it's normal, right? To think about the guy you like?”

“yeah.” Bakugo nodded in agreement. “I've thought about you too, so-”

“REALLY?” Kirishima excitedly rearranged himself on the bed, turning to face Bakugo completely. “what did you think about?”

“just- why do I have to tell you? You haven't told me anything! So far you know what turns me on and all that shit, and I don't even know what you like!” Bakugo huffed in annoyance, pushing Kirishima away with a hand to his face. “YOU go first.”

“but it's... you'll get mad?” Kirishima groaned, grabbing a pillow to conceal the growing tent in his pants.

“why? Are you fuckin' imagining me crying or something?”

“no! Not at all, like... I just kinda...” Kirishima grimaced. “It'll make you mad because it's boring.”

“I don't care if you have the most basic ass fantasies, tell me.”

“Ugh.” Kirishima hugged the pillow, nervously bouncing his leg on the bed. “I like... to imagine you screaming.”

“what?” Bakugo snorted, brow arched.

“like... loud? I just like to imagine you feeling really good so you get all loud and-” Kirishima stopped, gritting his teeth. “last night, I really liked it when you said my name.”

Bakugo blushed, frowning down at the bed. “That's such a stupid turn on.”

“I know!” Kirishima groaned, letting himself fall down on the bed behind him. “But that's how I get off, now your turn.”

“What the fuck, that was barely information!” Bakugo huffed, kicking him in the knee from across the bed. “If you want me to tell you mine, you need to supply some fuckin' details!”

“UGH! Fine!” Kirishima sat up again, his blood caught between rushing to his face and his dick. “I think about you grabbing me and stuff! Telling me what you want me to do and I just do it okay!? I jerk off to thinking about you feeling good!”

“yeah but HOW?” Bakugo snarled. “would you jerk me off? Suck me off?”

“Y-yeah-” Kirishima managed to choke out, his head spinning as he curled in on himself, he was so hard he was going to pass out.

“I'm asking which one, idiot!”

“both I guess!” Kirishima threw his hands up. “But I can't though! My TEETH!”

“What the FUCK is your problem NOW I thought we established I LIKED your TEETH FUCKFACE”






Their argument was silenced instantly by the sound of Shouji's door opening and closing. They listened carefully for the elevator door pinging. Both of them sat in silence, staring at the mattress in horror. They waited for the elevator to leave the floor, both mortified. They'd have to make this up to Shouji somehow later.

“Alright, listen.” Kirishima cleared his throat, raising his hands to be reasonable. “So I don't know If I can, okay? My teeth are too sharp and my hands harden sometimes when I'm excited. It happens sometimes when I jerk myself off, it's pretty uncomfortable.”

“THEN what the fuck are you saying we should do? Want me to do all the work? Because I fuckin' will if you're gonna chicken out-”

“wh- no! I mean- “ Kirishima groaned, taking a deep breath. “I want to try it, but... I don't wanna mess up.”

“I don't know what the fuck you think I'm expecting here.” Bakugo gestured to the tent in his pants. “I just wanna get off with you, and I don't want to have to do it fully clothed forever!”

“I just-”

“I'm not expecting you to be fuckin' amazing at sex right away? You better not be expecting that of me either, I don't know how to suck cock! I'll probably mess it up too.” Bakugo wiped his sweaty hands on his sheets. “For all I know I could blow up your dick by accident!”

“But you're great at everything-”

“Don't bring that shit, I've heard that my entire life, it's stressing me out!” Bakugo snarled, running a hand through his hair. “Just let me suck at this okay? I mean don't tell anyone; tell everyone I'm fuckin' great in bed if they ask.”

Kirishima stared at the blond, who looked so vulnerable right now. He looked around, reaching over to the nightstand and rummaged through the drawer.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Bakugo frowned, and Kirishima looked over at him innocently.

“looking for your lube?”

“Idiot, I got fuckin' glycerin hands.” Bakugo sighed, raising his hands. “I don't need that.”

“oh.” Kirishima stared at Bakugo's hands. “-that makes sense.”

“What are you thinking?”

“I mean I was gonna suggest we jerk off together? But I need to go get my lube.”

“... why?”

“Because my hands are dry! If my hands harden up I'll hurt myself!” Kirishima argued, rubbing his own face in annoyance.

“that's a pain.” Bakugo frowned, leaning back in the bed. “hurry then.”

“o-okay!” Kirishima took the pillow with him awkwardly as he slipped into his room, digging around his nightstand for the bottle of lubricant. He rushed back into Bakugo's room, terrified that someone would come down the hall and see him like this.

Bakugo was sitting there, dick out, on the bed.

Kirishima doubled over, forehead hitting the floor as he curled up in a ball on the floor, clutching the pillow and squeezing the lubrication hard enough to spill some on the floor. Life was amazing.

“Wha- GET OVER HERE IDIOT!” Bakugo snarled, explosions firing off threateningly.

“Sorry... you're just....” Kirishima struggled to breathe. “so... sexy...”

“s-shut it! Get on the bed!”

Kirishima did as he was told, practically crawling onto the bed. His face completely red. “I'm... so hard.”

“show me” Bakugo demanded, crossing his arms defiantly. Somehow he was even more cool with his erection just freestanding there.

“o-okay.” Kirishima swallowed thickly, his eyes constantly darting over to Bakugo's groin. He wanted to touch so badly. It was so strange to be this close to another guy's erection. And it was Bakugo's too, how was he even supposed to act? He pulled at the hem of his underwear, gritting his teeth as he freed himself from the fabric. He was so close it was embarrassing at this point.

“holy shit.” Bakugo's brows rose up.

“I TOLD you I was hard!” Kirishima groaned. “I know it's pathetic but I'm just-”

“I made you this hard?” Bakugo furrowed his brow in confusion. “We haven't even done anything.”

“I knoooow, it's lame.” Kirishima sighed, the urge to grab himself to finish off was overpowered only by the way Bakugo was looking at his dick. “i can delay by hardening myself at the base, but that's about it-”

Bakugo's eyes snapped up to him, staring at him. “what?”

“like if I wanna keep it for a bit longer, I can just do this.” Kirishima hardened his lower stomach, letting it creep down to the base. Bakugo's eyes widened, and he reached down to touch the rough skin.

“are you fuckin' kidding me?” Bakugo snarled glaring up at Kirishima. “Why is your quirk the most useful thing ever?”

“It- it is?”

“Don't let that thing go, keep it... on? Activated? Whatever you call it.”

“I can keep this area of harden for a while-”

“Good, don't let go of it until I say so.” Bakugo pushed his covers aside, getting super close to where Kirishima was sitting, their bodies flushed together. Kirishima's head was spinning, Bakugo was so close, pressed up against him, naked.

“Take off your shirt for me” Bakugo commanded, and Kirishima did as he was told without hesitation. His breath caught in his throat as Bakugo reached for his own erection, rubbing at it.

“uhhhh-” Kirishima groaned, his hands clutching the sheets. “what are-”

“I'm catching up, don't fuckin' touch yourself.”

“o-okay- I mean I'm probably going to die, but okay.” Kirishima confessed, Bakugo's breath on his jaw. He watched, not knowing what else to do. He wasn't allowed to touch the blond, but his dick was aching for something. “Hey, can I kiss you and stuff?”

“Hm?” Bakugo grunted, looking up at him with half lidded eyes. “yeah-”

Kirishima leaned over, a hand on Bakugo's thigh as he tilted his head, pressing their lips together. The blond parted his lips, running his tongue across Kirishima's flushed lips. He was aching, the only thing keeping him from going over the edge was his hardening. He had to cum soon, or he'd go crazy. It was painful, his body was practically twitching, heat deep in his guts that he wanted out.

“Sorry, I'm gonna cheat.” Kirishima sighed softly against Bakugo's mouth, trailing kisses down the the blond's neck, grazing his teeth across the skin. He knew this was a low-blow, since he'd seen the effect it had on the explosive blond. But he was desperate here.

“Fu----CK” Bakugo grunted, pressing himself up against Kirishima's teeth, the motion of his hands audible now as the stroking got more desperate. “fuck- Kirishima, that's dirty-” he grunted, tilting his head to give the redhead more space to work with.

Kirishima left small scratches and shallow bites down the side of the neck and at the shoulder, licking across them lovingly. Bakugo's sweat tasted so sweet, the feeling of his pulse under his tongue was hypnotizing. He was breathing heavy, his hand running up Bakugo's thigh and resting at his waist, running across his back and dragging his fingers across it.

“you're so sexy.” Kirishima groaned helplessly, everything was fuzzy, he couldn't feel anything aside from the needy thundering of his dick and the feeling of Bakugo's breath on his neck. He chased the breath and caught the parted lips, the grunts muffled between their mouths as they kissed. Kirishima had found an outlet for his need, and he was about to take full advantage of it.

“Fuck- shit Kirishim-” Bakugo grunted as they broke for air, wrapping his hands around the redhead's shoulders, pulling his hair greedily as they kissed. Kirishima took a moment to realize that both of Bakugo's hands were in his hair, and none on Bakugo's dick.

Fueled by his own need to get off, he ran his hand across Bakugo's thigh, locating the throbbing erection and dragging a finger gingerly across it. It was slick and warm, and when he touched it, Bakugo cursed into his mouth, pulling back and gritting his teeth.

“Can I touch it?” Kirishima mouthed the words into Bakugo's lips, and the blond groaned low.

“Of fuckin' course-” Bakugo snarled, rocking his hips against Kirishima's hand. He happily took the permission, grasping the length and watching Bakugo's face carefully as he stroke it.

“Fuck, shit, fuck fuck” Bakugo panted, burying his face into Kirishima's neck, panting. “harder.”

He obeyed, listening closely for Bakugo's reaction as he rubbed at spots he himself liked, rubbing at the tip, smearing the slick down the shaft curiously. He enjoyed how the blond was moving his hips against his hand. This was so erotic he was about to pass out. He'd somehow reached a peak of pleasure, the dull throbbing pain of arousal had been pushed to the back of his head to make room for more of Bakugo's sounds. God he loved these sounds.

“Bakugoooo you're so sexy...” Kirishima whined, his hand moving faster, the blond squirmed in his grip.

“Kirishima, shut up- I'm gonna-” Bakugo groaned, reaching down to ghost his fingers across Kirishima's needy erection, the touch feeling like fire to his swollen and flushed skin.

“Don't- I'm gonna come-” Kirishima warned, his breath heavy on Bakugo's skin, but the the blond didn't seem to care, his hand sliding down to the base. He could feel himself twitch in the blond's hand. A confident smirk against his skin.

“me too-” he grunted, hand grasping at Kirishima's shaft.

“Fuck- Bakugo I'm gonna come for real-” Kirishima whimpered, gritting his teeth in pain, his hand desperately moving the way he wish Bakugo would more his own. Rough needy strokes, then suddenly Bakugo's hand moved, once, twice-


Kirishima let go of his hardening, bucking his hips against the blond's calloused hand as he came.

“Mmmh Bakugooo-” he grunted, panting against the blond's skin, completely spent. He blinked a few times to clear his vision. “Oh fuuuuck, you're so hot” Kirishima dropped his head down to rest his forehead on the blond's collarbone, completely overwhelmed with how much he loved the way Bakugo looked when he was all flustered and satisfied, there was nothing he wanted to burn into his retinas more.

“sh-shut up.” Bakugo huffed, trying to wipe the sweat of his brow but only smearing more glycerin across his face. He cursed low, reaching out for tissues to wipe his face off, and the cum off Kirishima's stomach. “most of it went on you.”

“I don't care.” Kirishima sighed happily, curled up against the blond.

“well I do.” Bakugo huffed, freeing his arms from Kirishima's grip. “It'll get all gross if it dries. I'm not sleeping in that.”

“uhhhhh, fine.” Kirishima let go, only because of the promise of cuddles later. He wiped himself off and tossed the lube over to the nightstand, fixing the messed up sheets. Then he lay down, arms open. Beaming up at the blond happily as he invited him into the bed.

“you're so fuckin' clingy.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, sliding eagerly into the open arms. “It's annoying.”

“whatever you say Bakugo.” Kirishima rubbed his face against The blond's neck, enjoying the fact that Bakugo was nuzzling his hair. Chest to chest, they lay there for a while in sweet silence.

“This counts as losing your virginity, right?” Kirishima hummed, and Bakugo choked out some sorta grossed out sound. “I mean at least this and last night combined has to count right?”

“I'm not sure hand jobs count.” Bakugo grunted in distaste.

“but we did come at the same time, right?”

“I jerked myself off like most of the way there, and you came in two strokes, I'm not sure that counts as SEX.”

“Then what counts?!”

“I don't know, maybe if we jerk each other off from the start to finish?” Bakugo frowned. “-and maybe if it lasts more than 5 minutes.”

“Then can we do that soon?” Kirishima pleaded, leaning in to cling to his boyfriend's waist. “I promise I'll last longer, it's just hard because you're so sexy.”

“What the fuck does it even MATTER?” Bakugo huffed, sinking back into the sheets defiantly. “It's not like it will change anything, why do you care so much?”

“ah.” Kirishima buried his face in Bakugo's chest, trying to still his own rampaging heart, his lips brushing against Bakugo's chest as he spoke. “... with you-”

“hah?” Bakugo snarled, frowning as he pushed Kirishima's face away from his chest as far as Kirishima's death grip allowed. “Don't fucking mutter! If you're gonna say shit then speak up!”

“I WANNA LOSE IT WITH YOU.” Kirishima blurted out, his face practically glowing red with embarrassment as he stared the blond straight in the eyes.


There was silence.


“f-fuck... uh” Bakugo swallowed thickly, looking away, his face red.

“I'm sorry if it's weird! But I just really want my first to be you!” Kirishima was on a roll now, he couldn't possibly get more embarrassed than he was at the moment, so there was nothing holding him back. He'd hit rock bottom of humiliation, and he was just gonna keep digging with his bare hands.

“don't just say shit like-”

“can we do it tomorrow? I'll jerk off before hand or something. I'll use my harden-”

“Shut up!” Bakugo hissed, his hand grabbing onto Kirishima's face. “stop fuckin' BEGGING!”

“I'm not! I'm asking!” Kirishima frowned through Bakugo's fingers. “Can I be your first?”

“gh-” Bakugo tensed up and deflated at the same time, his face deformed in some sort of combination of embarrassment and anger. “FINE!”


“WHATEVER! It's NOT A BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING ANYWAY!” Bakugo yelled angrily, his face flushed from the neck up. “so I don't give a shit! We probably would have done stuff tomorrow anyway without you making a big deal out of it!”

Kirishima couldn't contain his excitement, he grabbed the blond's frowning face and planted a great big kiss on it, waiting for the grimace to melt away before he deepened the kiss. The blond wrapped his arms around his shoulders, rolling on top of him on the bed, pulling the sheets over them. He wasn't kissing him like a man who 'didn't give a shit' at all.

Kirishima decided to try to show Bakugo how much he appreciated him through the kissing, since Bakugo seemed to just get angry at him using words. The kissing was lazy, almost like it was pointless, just for it's own sake. Kirishima did enjoy just laying there with the weight of the blond on top of him, his hands gently running up and down the muscular back.

“I'm too excited! How am I supposed to sleep?” Kirishima sighed resting his forehead on the other's collarbone. “and how am I supposed to know when to stop kissing and start sleeping?!”

“Huh.” Bakugo didn't seem to have considered that. “Obviously we'll stop kissing and go brush our teeth and piss before bed.”


“what time is it?”

“uh, like somewhere between 11 and midnight?”

“shit.” Bakugo grumbled, rolling over and leaving Kirishima's body horribly vacant and exposed to the air. “We gotta to to sleep.”


“It's a fuckin' SCHOOL NIGHT Kirishima.” Bakugo snarled, getting out of bed. Standing there in front of the bed in all his naked glory with a frown. “How am I supposed to grind everyone into the dust if I'm tired?!”

“We don't even have hero lessons tomorrow.” Kirishima sighed, reluctant to leave bed. “What are you gonna crush people at? World History?”

“EVERYTHING.” Bakugo pulled on his underwear.

"'re so cool.” Kirishima sighed in defeat, rolling out of bed and joining his frowning boyfriend. Pulling his underwear on, walking around Bakugo's room with his junk hanging out would feel weird. “alright, I'm excited to go to sleep anyway.”

“Why? We shared a bed last night, there's nothing new”

“well this time I can appreciate it!” Kirishima argued, picking up the toothbrush he'd brought. “I'm looking forward to tomorrow!”

Bakugo only huffed something in return, and there was something oddly intimate just standing there brushing their teeth together in silence. Bakugo brushed quite hard, his frown furrowed in determination, he even brushed his teeth passionately, that's so manly. Kirishima mused to himself, tilting his head on Bakugo's shoulder as he continued his own brushing.

Once brushing was finished, the two of them took turns using the bathroom, and by the time Kirishima was done drying his hands, Bakugo was already in bed, pressed against the wall and looking at him. “I wanna be closer to the wall.”

“okay?” Kirishima shrugged, tip toeing over to the bed, brimming with joy as he slipped into the covers, nuzzling up agaist the blond. “I don't mind!.” Honestly he was just overjoyed that he could even do this.

“you'll wake up before me anyway, then you don't have to do that shit where you reach around and wake me up and stuff.” Bakugo huffed, shifting under the covers to get closer, awkwardly pressing the covers down between his back and the wall.

“I'll only wake you up when it's time for school” Kirishima reached out, draping his arm across Bakugo's side, their bodies flush together in the warmth.

“why are you so fuckin' warm?” Bakugo grumbled, a hesitant hand resting on Kirishima's waist. “it's ridiculous.”

“I guess it's because I work out a lot? I used to be cold all the time back in middle school. I wasn't uh... working out as much back then.” Kirishima didn't want to talk about it, but he could remember dressing in layers and covering himself up all the time in middle school. Feeling cold all the time, even to the point that his friends would mention it if their hands touched.

“I work out too, and I'm not THIS warm.” Bakugo snarled, clearly not satisfied with this explanation. “Maybe it's because you're always fuckin' happy?”

“you think?” Kirishima hummed, he was pretty sure that it was just the workout that made him warmer and possibly how pumped he was all the time now. “ I'm not ALWAYS happy you know.”

“well you should be.” Bakugo grumbled in absolute disgust.


“I'm not being fuckin' sappy! I'm just saying you look stupid when you're sad, it doesn't suit you and it pisses me off!”


“I'M NOT BEING SAPPY.” Bakugo elbowed him quite hard in the ribs. “Seeing you sad pisses me off!”

“Well it might just be our different kind of training?” Kirishima grinned widely at the blushing blond frowning at him. “I'm more focused on strength training and mass, you're more of an all-round kinda motion and agility kinda guy.”

“Hmm. It wouldn't hurt you to get a bit more mobile.” Bakugo hummed, his lower lip sticking out thoughtfully. “as you are now, you'd get flanked by someone real fast.”

“Does that matter if I can harden though?”

“It does idiot! You need to be able to see what the other person is doing at all times.” Bakugo frowned into Kirishima's collarbone. “Tomorrow after school, we should spar.”

“OH! That sounds great!” Kirishima wrapped his arms around Bakugo's waist, their bodies flush against each other. “Tomorrow's gonna be good.”

“Then go the fuck to sleep.” Bakugo huffed, closing his eyes.

“okaaaay~” Kirishima inhaled deeply, trying to relax. He'd never fallen asleep next to someone this way. He'd cuddled with this friends when they were at summer camp and stuff like that, but this was completely different. He lay there for minutes, no idea how many exactly. Sleep wasn't coming easy, the constant distraction of Bakugo's breath on his skin, his hands on his waist, the feeling of his heartbeat across his chest. This felt amazing.

Bakugo was amazing.


Art by QueenOfLiz4rds!!! 

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Chapter Text


It only felt like he closed his eyes for a second, but he woke up to his alarm and couldn't believe it was already time to wake up. He reached over to the nightstand, Bakugo's head on his shoulder, soft hair tickling his jaw. He grabbed his phone, snoozing for 5 minutes. He wasn't used to snoozing, but having Bakugo this close to him, snoring loudly against his chest was too good to pass on.

Kirishima stole a kiss from Bakugo's forehead, brushing his fingers gently through the spiky blond hair as he waited from the sleep to leave his body. Bakugo sighed in his sleep, lips parted ever so slightly. Kirishima traced them with a finger, his skin tingling at the touch. He wanted this forever. This kinda view, this warm feeling.

Something dark inside him told him he was being foolish. There was something in him boiling under his skin.

You don't deserve this . He knew he had it too good, but he had it. And he wasn't gonna let it go until he had to.

This won't last. He knew that. He knew that they were young. He knew they might grow apart. He knew Bakugo would probably get sick of him. He knew they might never speak again after highschool. He didn't care.

He doesn't even know who you are. He does. He DOES know him. This is who he is now. This is who he is going to be. He'd never going back. He's not going back-

“Kirishima?” Bakugo's voice was concerned and rough from sleep. “what the fuck is this face? I wanna wake up to your happy face you fuckin' ass, not this.... constipated grimace.”

“oh! Sorry!” Kirishima Shook himself out of his stupor, beaming at his concerned looking boyfriend. “I just... my stomach hurts.”

“ don't fuckin' lie to me you ass.” Bakugo snarled, getting up on his elbows. “what happened to you looking forward to the day and shit?”

“I-” Kirishima sighed, dropping his head down on the pillow again. “I really like you.”

If you're breaking up with me right now I'm going to kill you.”

“What! No!Kirishima jerked up to a sitting position. “I was thinking about you breaking up with ME.”

“why the fuck would I do that?” Bakugo snorted, not impressed by the concept.

“Because- You're really cool, and sexy and-.” Kirishima sighed. “I'm-”

“cool and sexy too. We look fuckin' great together.”

“wh- no I was-” Kirishima sputtered, his face reddening immediately.

“Yeah I know what you were gonna fuckin' say and I don't give a shit.” Bakugo snarled, gently turning Kirishima's face to look down at him. “Do you even know why I'm dating you?”

“uh-” Kirishima stuttered, his heart thrashing. He honestly couldn't think of a reason. Not a single one. “my- teeth?”

“fuckin' piece of shit asshole-” Bakugo practically jumped up in the bed, sitting across from him with a horribly indignant face. “It's because I LIKE you, you fuckin IDIOT.” Bakugo snarled, grabbing Kirishima's face with both hands.

“yeah but-” Kirishima swallowed thickly, grabbing onto his shirt for some sort of anchor. “why?”

“why- what the FUCK?” Bakugo was yelling again, so early in the morning too. Poor Shouji. “because you're fuckin' GREAT?”


“Listen, you care about what I think, right?”

“yeah! Of course I do-”

“then just forget what ever stupid shitty opinion you have of yourself, and just use mine instead.” Bakugo's fingers were digging into his skin. “Do you REALLY think I would date someone that's beneath me?!”


“I'm dating you, right?”


“that means if you think you're shit, then you must think I'M shit too?”

“what? No! You're great-”

“Then stop WORRYING about it.” Bakugo snarled, pushing Kirishima off the bed as he let him go. Kirishima fell with a thud, but he had plenty of time to harden so it didn't hurt at all. Bakugo hovered over the edge of the bed, looking down at him on the floor. “talk shit about my boyfriend again and I'll kill you.”

“I AM your boyfriend!”

“That's why you get a warning.” Bakugo snarled, stepping out of bed with a leg on either side of Kirishima's waist, his expression dripping with malice. “Tomorrow, I better wake up to the happiest face I've ever seen because so far It's been that damn constipation face of yours and an empty bed, so I'm pretty pissed.”

“oh-” Kirishima suddenly realized as Bakugo stepped across him that he'd been the only one blessed with sleeping-lover-admiration time so far. “I'M SORRY! I just wake up earlier than you do!”

“Whatever. Just stay in bed and sleep a bit longer or something. I want to see it.” Bakugo huffed, slamming the bathroom door open with a sulk. Kirishima remained on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. He felt a bit bad, but there was also a deep overpowering warmth in his chest. Bakugo really liked him. Sure he'd said it before, and they'd done a lot of stuff, but this time it really sunk in. It wasn't just a superficial thing, Bakugo actually LIKED liked him.

“why are you still on the floor you idiot.” Bakugo left the bathroom, frowning in concern. “did you hit your head or something?”

“I really like you!” Kirishima rolled over on all fours before he sprinted up, embracing the grumpy blond with all he had.

“Let me go! I'm still pissed off at you!” Bakugo huffed, but he didn't struggle in the hug. “Get ready for school already you ass, I refuse to be late because of you! I'll leave without you!”

“noooo!” Kirishima rushed to grab his toothbrush and to get ready for the day. He was already pumped, they had so many plans! Sparring and then, later, finally-

Kirishima was nervous but excited, the promise they'd made yesterday seemed so unreal now. He'd have to make sure to prepare properly. Kirishima's brow furrowed thoughtfully as they walked to school. Bakugo squeezed his hand, his brow arching curiously.

“I'm.... just thinking about tonight.” Kirishima flushed slightly, unable to hold back a smile. Bakugo rolled his eyes, but his ears reddened and his grip tightened.

The day passed so unbearably slow, but at the same time, so incredibly fast. At lunch, Kirishima and Bakugo were joined by “the squad” as Kaminari called it. It was nice, having a big group of supportive friends like this. Kirishima gazed at them lovingly as they walked, listening to them discussing how to best make hamburgers. Sero paused the argument to arch a brow at Kirishima.

“why are you grinning that wide dude?” Sero grinned back, his angular smile reassuring. “you got a joke we're not in on?”

Kirishima grimaced, a slight flush on his brow. “Nothing really, I'm just glad we're all such good friends.”

The entire group stared at him, expressions shocked.

“Applying to UA was the best decision I've ever made!” Kirishima added, grinning wide. To think that he almost gave up and missed all of this. All of them.

“SHIT DUDE, WHY.” Kaminari practically wailed, throwing himself on Kirishima, he was shortly followed by Mina and Sero, who piled on him with their entire weight, threatening to bring him down.


“I'M SO GLAD YOU CAME TO UA!” Mina sobbed, pouting as she smeared her makeup onto Sero's shoulder. “I'M GLAD YOU DIDN'T CHANGE YOUR MIND!”

“I'm glad I didn't either.” Kirishima laughed, wrapping his arms around all three of them. He looked over at Bakugo, who was watching the entire thing with a strange mixture of impatience and affection. The moment he realized he was being watched, he immediately looked away, huffing in annoyance.

“you can do this shit later, we don't have all day for lunch.” Bakugo reached out, yanking all three of them out of Kirishima's arms.

“HEY! You get to cuddle him ALL DAY.” Sero objected, using tape to physically stick himself to Kirishima, wrapping his legs around him as Bakugo tried to peel him off, like human tape.

“No I DON'T.” Bakugo snarled, somehow angered by his own words.

“do you appreciate how WARM he is!?” Mina huffed, hands on her hips. “you better!”

“I FUCKIN' DO OKAY, LETS GET INSIDE” Bakugo peeled Sero off, sticking him onto Kaminari vengefully. Then Bakugo grabbed Kirishima's hand, practically dragging him into the dorms. Kirishima shrugged as he was dragged off, and the three of them followed happily, crowding around Bakugo as they started cooking. The first week Bakugo had done most of the cooking, since he was pretty good at it, but now everyone liked to help. It made cooking much faster and in Kirishima's view, more enjoyable.

Bakugo said he allowed it because it saved time, but Kirishima was pretty sure he enjoyed it just as much.

“Kirishima, you're so lucky, having such a good husband.” Mina deflated onto the table, pushing her lettuce over to Bakugo, who accepted it, even if he probably would have cut it up differently.

“we're not married though.” Kirishima pointed out in embarrassment, the very idea sending his stomach thrashing. “-and even if we were, I wouldn't make him do all the cooking, that's not fair.”

For a second, Bakugo's knife went off rhythm. Then it resumed, probably not noticeable to anyone but Kirishima.

“Can you cook Kirishima?” Kaminari asked halfway into the fridge to get their drinks.

“Enough to get by.” Kirishima shrugged. “The basics, I used to cook a lot for myself in middle school when my parents worked late.”

“I don't know how to cook at all.” the electric blond sat down, handing out drinks to everyone as Bakugo started frying up their food in silence. “how about you Sero?”

“I know how to make like, three or four things REALLY well, and I suck at everything else.” Sero shrugged, opening his drink.

“I hate cooking! I like eating though!” Mina chirped in, grinning at them. “I can follow a recipe pretty well, but its just soooo boring, I like making up my own recipes.”

“once I was cooking and two pages got stuck together and it was super gross.” Kaminari snorted. “I didn't even think it was weird that I needed to add potatoes all of a sudden.”

“What were you making?” Kirishima's brow furrowed. He couldn't really see potatoes ruining anything.

“cake.” Kaminari laughed.

“You're an idiot.” Bakugo dropped their plates, complete with a meal on the counter in front of them, taking a seat at the table. The others followed with their own plate, Kaminari bringing Bakugo's drink over to him, since he'd left it.

“These are super good!” Mina had already taken a bite before she even sat down. “I'm jealous! Bakugo be MY husband instead.”

“No way.” Bakugo snorted, rolling his eyes. “You're not even my type.”

“boo!” Mina frowned, showing Bakugo a thumbs down. “just because I'm a GIRL.”

“That's a part of it.” Bakugo shrugged, eating his food. “Also you're not Kirishima.”

“awww~” Sero and Kaminari hummed in unison, their cheeks bulging with food.


“That's right, I'm not Kirishima.” Mina relented after a lot of dramatically over the top contemplation, complete with imaginary-beard stroking. “your standards are pretty high, Bakugo-kun.”

“or your standards are very narrow and only apply to a single person.” Sero chuckled, and Bakugo slammed his hand down on the table.


“Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine~” The three of them sang, eating their food contently.

Kirishima looked at the blond, who was glaring at the others in embarrassed disgust. Could he really be the only one Bakugo wanted to date? The idea alone made his stomach flutter, and the blushing was probably showing on his face, since Bakugo's knee bumped against his at the table.

Could he dare hope it could be forever? It was painful to consider, just getting his hopes up was causing him to feel like he'd been punched in the gut, but at the same time it felt like everything inside him was more alive. This feeling was so real. Somehow it shook him to the core, he felt full to bursting with some sort of raw emotion, some sort of fire.

“Stop being stupid and eat already, class is starting in 20 minutes.” Bakugo huffed, glaring impatiently at him. The others snickered, their mouths full. “you've got sauce on your lips right there-”

The feeling of Bakugo's finger on his face felt like ice. Burning but in a numbing, paralyzing way. He was left speechless, unable to react. The others coo-ed at the scene. “Awww! It's like a movie! A shojo manga even! So romantic Kacchan~”

Bakugo snarled in annoyance, explosions firing off as he threatened their friends with death and dismemberment. All of this was happening in what felt like slow motion, since Kirishima had been struck by the emotional equivalent of lightning.

Holy shit. Was- was he in LOVE with Bakugo? This was bad. This was REAL bad, he was getting in so deep so fast. It had to be Love right? Was he just being a stupid hormonal teenager or was this the real deal? It sure FELT like the real deal? How else could love feel? If love felt any more intense than whatever this thing was, then he'd probably tear apart at the seams!

His heart was beating so fast now, when had this happened? He knew he liked him, but LOVE? He paled, staring at his hamburger.

“is something fuckin' wrong?” Bakugo was suddenly a bit concerned, putting his own food down to pay proper attention to Kirishima. “is it bad? You don't like it?”

“n-NO!” Kirishima jerked up, forcing himself to make eye contact with his boyfriend. God Bakugo's eyes were so beautiful. He flushed completely, chowing down the hamburger, even if his appetite had somehow been replaced by this bright burning fire in his chest. “It's REAL good!”

“hm...” Bakugo's eyes were narrowed. “of course it fuckin' is. Eat a bit slower, you'll get a stomach ache.”

“y-yeah!” Kirishima agreed, slowing down, downing his entire drink in a single gulp, triggering a coughing fit. He looked up, his friends looking at him in horrified confusion.

“what did I miss?” Kaminari not-so-subtly leaned over to Mina, who shrugged with her mouth full. Kirishima grimaced, wiping soda from the side of his mouth. He had to come up with something or else this atmosphere would ruin the day. Especially since Bakugo looked about ready to yank him into a room and interrogate him.

“I just-” Kirishima croaked as he finished his food. “It uh... just kinda feels like... domestic?” He muttered, not sure what he was saying. “Like we're married and stuff.”

There was complete utter silence.

“DUDE we were just joking about how cliché the entire face-touch thing was” Kaminari was flushed completely. “Don't freak out like that about it!”

“yeah man we didn't mean to make it all weird between you or anything-” Sero hurriedly added, glancing between the two of them worriedly. Kirishima dared to look at Bakugo, who was looking at him with completely serious eyes, red and dark and passionate.

“Is that bad?” Bakugo asked, and the other three practically jumped to their feet, grabbing their plates to clean up after their food, their posture stiff as they kept their heads down. Mina grabbed their empty plates as well, muttering out a thank you for the meal as the trio did the dishes.

Kirishima thought about it, unwilling to break the eye contact. “No.”

A PROPOSAL? The three of them exchanged looks, not daring to look over at the scene behind them.

Kirishima's heart was thundering, love or not, he would ride this wave as long as he could, as long as Bakugo would let him. He reached out across the counter, hand on Bakugo's elbow as he leaned in, giving Bakugo plenty of time to dodge him if he didn't want this to happen. Instead the blond leaned into it, both of them sitting at the edges of their seat as they kissed across the counter-corner.




They kept it chaste, or at least Kirishima meant to, but Bakugo managed to somehow make it a bit more intense than he'd meant it to be, like with everything else he did. The kiss felt like it was filled with promise of later. They did part after a few seconds, faces slightly flushed and knees bumping together. 

Kirishima sighed happily as if he'd just been fed after fasting for weeks. “Thanks for the meal.”

Bakugo got up, ignoring the three other people in the room that were staring at them in disbelief. He reached out, grabbing Kirishima's hand and pulling him out of the seat, his hands slick with glycerin and popping small explosions. “We're going to class, are you nerds coming?”

The trio scrambled to join them, flustered and awkward. He couldn't believe they'd kissed in front of their friends! He'd gotten used to holding hands, but kissing in public like that, was that even okay?! Kirishima could feel them glancing at them the entire walk to school, even if the conversation slipping into casual topics on the way. By the time they reached class, the discomfort had melted away, the group splitting back into their seats before class started.

For class they were split up into groups, and Kirishima ended in a group with Midoriya, Sero and Aoyama. A strange group, but Kirishima was happy to be with people who knew more about the subject than he himself did. He pulled his weight, making sure he contributed to the assignment, but because of Midoriya's knowledge of Hero-history, the project was soon finished and they had to wait for the rest of the class to finish theirs. Kirishima reclined in his chair, looking over at Bakugo, who was angrily arguing something with Jiro, while Ojiro and Hagakure looked up the answers.

“You really seem quite Smitten with our resident grump.” Aoyama practically sang, hands propping up his chin, a sparkle in his eyes. “Are you in love?”

The question utterly floored Kirishima, who kicked himself off his chair a bit too much, sending him backwards and clattering into the table behind him. The rest of the class looked over, but he just waved off their concern, “I'm fine!”

Kirishima picked himself up, and Iida immediately started lecturing him about proper sitting posture. Once Midoriya calmed Iida down, Kirishima turned to the sparkly blond, his face red. “uh. I dunno.” he lied badly. This sparked the interest of all three of the boys at the table.

“What is with that 'dunno'?!” Sero huffed, covering his face with his slender hand. “you guys were practically eye-fucking during lunch! It was really tense!”

“S-sero-kun-” Midoriya stuttered, his face bright red. “saying things like that-”

“You make quite the handsome couple” Aoyama pointed out, his fingers unfurling in some sort of strangely elegant way, one eye closed for some reason. “you both look happy?”

“I am.” Kirishima blurted out, just happy to be able to went these emotions. Somehow Kirishima had a feeling that Aoyama could read almost anyone in this class like a book. “I'm so happy, it hurts a bit.”

“Hmm~” Aoyama winked, some sort of odd knowing look in his eyes. “He's lucky to have you.”

Kirishima was honestly taken aback by that. He stared at Aoyama silently, waiting for the dazzling blond to clarify. Both Sero and Midoriya remained silent, avoiding eye contact.

“That's what everyone here thinks.” Aoyama was smiling in his strangely angular way. “You put a lot of work into building your relationship with Bakugo-kun, more than a normal person would bother.”

“He just needed someone to kick his ass a bit-” Kirishima started, feeling self conscious when both Midoriya and Sero continued to avoid eye contact.

“you're a bit like a lion tamer; soothing the savage beast.” Aoyama said with a grand sweeping of his hand. “-and like me, you dazzle when you are in your element.”

“element-? What are you talking about?” Kirishima's brow furrowed. “I guess I'd be rock type?”

“Non, non, non.” Aoyama wiggled his finger. “Your element is making others happy! You're a people pleaser. I also please crowds wherever I go, with my sparkling!”

"oh-” Kirishima had no idea why Aoyama had just decided to read him all of a sudden. “I suppose-”

“You have to make sure YOU are happy as well.” Aoyama flipped his carefully coiffed hair. “because sometimes, you look in pain, and I don't think that it's because you're so happy that it hurts.”

Kirishima was floored. He'd just been sitting here, minding his own business, and suddenly he'd just been laid bare by this guy he'd barely talked to. And neither Sero or Midoriya were coming to his defense. Was he that easy to read? Did everyone see how scared he was? Did he just THINK he'd gotten better? Was he still the same? His scalp was burning, were his roots showing? Were they all seeing him?

“Kirishima?” Sero put a gentle hand on his shoulder, startling the redhead out of his panic. “we love you man. Aoyama is right, you go through these weird swings- we just want you to be happy.”

“I-” Kirishima wet his lips, running his hand through his hair. “I'm scared.”

“of Kacchan?” Midoriya asked, his voice completely serious.

“no! No no.” Kirishima's blood ran cold at the tone. “I'm scared that I'll mess up. I'm scared it'll go away.”

“you did say shit like that before.” Sero's grip on his shoulder tightened. “Didn't you say you were going into this knowing it might end?”

“End? You don't think Kacchan likes you for real?” Midoriya looked over his shoulder, and Kirishima glanced over as well; Bakugo was staring at them. He waved, and Bakugo's eyes narrowed before he turned back in his seat.

“No I- I think he likes me. He made sure I knew that.” Kirishima sighed, rubbing his temples. “but how am I supposed to make it LAST? Yeah he likes me NOW, but-”

“You're worrying too much, mon ami.” Aoyama waved his hand dramatically in front of him. “no one else is going to accept him the way you do, if anyone should be afraid, it's him.”

Kirishima stared. He looked over at Midoriya, who nodded.

“I've never seen Kacchan be the way he is around you before.” the green-haired boy muttered low. “Don't... don't ruin this for him, okay?”

“I wouldn't do that-”

“Kacchan... is probably feeling as worried as you are.” Midoriya was rubbing his hands nervously. “He might get anxious... or something? That's how I feel, when I look at him now.”

“You think he's worried? About ME? Dumping HIM?” Kirishima snorted in disbelief.

“I don't know, this kind of Kacchan is new.” Midoriya looked right up at him, eyes locked onto his. “but- probably.”

“man. Teen drama is rough.” Sero sighed, deflating in his chair. “just stop worrying about it man, I'm sure it'll work out. You guys just click, yanno? I'm sure it's fate or whatever.”

Kirishima laughed, the situation defusing slowly as they had to hand in their assignments and they returned to their own seats for the last few minutes of the class. He could feel Bakugo staring at him, but he couldn't bring himself to look at him right now. He was ashamed. He just realized that he'd been a really bad boyfriend.

Aizawa dismissed the class a few minutes early, and almost immediately Bakugo stomped over to his table, his expression furious. “OI! Shitty hair, what is-”

“We need to talk for a bit.” Kirishima got up, grabbing the now horrified Bakugo by the wrist and dragging him out of the classroom, looking for a relatively isolated piece of hallway.

“What the fuck was going on in class earlier? Talking to Deku and the sparkle-asshole and-”

“I'M SORRY.” Kirishima bowed deeply.

“H-HEY! Don't you fuckin DARE break up with-” Bakugo's voice cracked slightly.

“That's not it!” Kirishima grabbed Bakugo's shoulders, his own eyes teary. “I just realized that I've been a really bad boyfriend!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Bakugo's expression morphed from panic to confusion in a flash. “Who the FUCK told you that- was it DEKU?-”

“No, I realized it myself! The guys helped, but-” Kirishima looked around, making sure the hallway was still empty. “It hasn't been fair right? I was so busy doing things to make you happy, I forgot that you were probably trying to do the same, right?!”

“wh-” Bakugo was suddenly taken aback. “OF COURSE I FUCKIN' AM!”

“I'm not making it easy either right?! Not telling you what turns me on properly, waking up before you do-”

“YEAH! FUCKIN' PISSES ME OFF!” Bakugo snarled, explosions firing off in his palms. “fuckin' early morning pillow talk about how we shouldn't date and shit?- How the fuck am I supposed to know what you want huh!? Tell me shit! I need information!”

“RIGHT?!” Kirishima nodded, agreeing with the clearly pissed off and annoyed blond. “I've been really shit at communicating! I'm sorry!”

“Wha- th-” Bakugo sputtered, blinking rapidly for a second as he tried to catch up with the flow of the conversation. “if- if you know then stop being an idiot and let me do shit for you!”

“Yeah! I'll make sure to take your feelings into account. I was just so happy and worried you'd dump me, that I put all my energy into doing things for you instead of enjoying myself properly, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

“that's- That's fine! Whatever!” Bakugo huffed, his face red as he glanced around. “I kinda enjoyed it and shit but it still pisses me off.”

“okay! I honestly don't know what turns me on though, but when I figure it out, I'll tell you right away!” Kirishima beamed, determined to do better. To BE better. “You just let me know when you want to do stuff for me, we'll communicate properly from now on! Until then I'm gonna keep spoiling you.”

Bakugo looked at him, his lips pursed in a pout as he looked him over. “is this all you were talking about in class? You looked like the world was gonna end.”

“Yeah, Aoyama called me out on it.” Kirishima sighed. “I felt real bad.”

“I refuse to thank that sparkly-fuck.”

“I'll thank him later for both of us.”

Bakugo snorted as the bells rang, filling the hallway with students. “I'm gonna go buy a drink.” he paused, looking Kirishima right in the eyes. “...d-do you want one?”

“I can buy-” Kirishima paused. “yeah, I'd love one, thanks.”

“what flavor?”

“any flavor-”

WHAT flavor?”

“...I'd like ice-tea.”

“alright.” Bakugo walked off, his hands in his pockets as he bumped shoulders with the crowd in his way. Kirishima stood there, watching the blond disappear into the crowd. It felt like a new beginning somehow. Though he was determined to spoil Bakugo even harder to pay him back for being nice to him, it was like a challenge. Manly boyfriend competition.

He went to class alone, and immediately the class was in uproar.

“where's Bakugo-” Kaminari practically climbed Kirishima in concern.

“Did you break up? PLEASE don't break up-” Mina practically cried in distress,

“are you alright Kirishima-chan, ribbit?” Tsuyu squished a soft cheek with her finger, concern on her face.

“W-was Kacchan angry-”

“guys, calm down-” Kirishima raised his hands in defeat, but then the door to the classroom was kicked open, Bakugo glaring at them all. The classroom froze up and Kaminari slipped off Kirishima carefully, fixing his shirt as he backed off. Bakugo walked over, handing Kirishima his drink.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks Bakugo.” Kirishima beamed, and he could feel his classmates breathe a bit easier. Bakugo glared at them.

“learn to mind your own fuckin' business you idiots!” Bakugo huffed, bumping shoulders with Kaminari as he walked to his own seat. “If you guys are so interested in relationships, then get your own!”

At that, Present Mic entered the class, ready to teach them English. “A BAD IDEA!” He posed, pointing at Bakugo as he dramatically walked over to the teacher's desk. He dropped his books down with thud, leaning with an elbow on the stack, stroking his oddly pointy mustache. “Relationships are historically very PROBLEMATIC for heroes.”

The entire class glanced over at Bakugo, whose eyes were slightly wide. Kirishima stared at the teacher, did- did Mic not know that there were students here in a relationship? Aizawa probably hadn't told anyone! Present mic hadn't figured it out at all!

“problematic?” Jiro echoed the English word, slight confusion in her voice.

PROBLEMATIC!” Mic turned and wrote the word on the board with a flare. “It means A big problem! A distraction! Something that creates a HARD SITUATION!” Mic then proceeded to write a sentence on the blackboard.

being in a relationship was very problematic for the hero!” He read out loud as he wrote it down, complete with a translation below. “It's a big WEAK SPOT! That's why most pro heroes are single, or in secret relationships. That's why many retire and change their names so they can get married and have families!”

“Not all of them.” Todoroki pointed out, and Mic bent over backwards across the table, gesturing to the boy with the chalk.

“Your dad is a SPECIAL CASE!”

“No, he just didn't care.” Todoroki corrected, and the teacher froze up, his smile stuck on his face until he had turned back to the blackboard.

“either way! For most heroes, having a LOVER is a worry, since if villains find out, they could use them as bait or even threaten them!” Mic tapped the chalk on the table, humming as he looked over the class. “even I don´t have a lover, but that's also because I need to stay single for my FANS!”

Bakugo raised his hand suddenly, his brow furrowed “Then why don't they just date another pro-hero?”

“that's also a TRICKY situation!” Mic waved his chalk around. “That just means that there will be more CHANCES for villains to use either of them!”

“then why don't they just date someone that knows the risks?”

“There are heroes that do that, FOR SURE!” Mic relented, his usually comical face looking at Bakugo with intrigue, his voice more serious now. “but knowing that your lover could be tortured by villains for revenge against you? Isn't it stupid to give them this information?”

“Then date someone that's hard to hurt or something!” Bakugo was getting a bit fired up. “-someone that's not weak!”

“Listen, KID.” Present Mic put his chalk down. “I'm not here to tell you how to live your life, I'm just here to teach you English-”

Kirishima hadn't thought about that. Dating was going to be tough if they were both gonna be Pro heroes. They'd have to keep it a secret.

“-It's Eraser's job to teach you to stay alive.” The blond teacher huffed, gesturing with his book to Bakugo. “Out of everyone here, you should know that villains can be unpredictable, so now open up your book on page 86 and solve problems 1 to 5.”

Bakugo huffed, smacking his lips defiantly as he returned to his books. Kirishima watched him, and once the blond glanced up at him, their eyes met. Bakugo's lower lip jutted out and he rolled his eyes subtly, and Kirishima snorted, only to get smacked on the head with Present Mic's book for not paying attention.




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Chapter Text


After school Kirishima made his way over to Bakugo's table, watching the blond shove everything into his bag. “I managed to solve most of my math problems today.” Kirishima beamed. “thanks!”

“MOST? You should solve ALL of them.” Bakugo frowned, swinging his bag over his shoulder. “which ones didn't you manage?”

“none of them were too hard! I'm just still slow at it.” Kirishima grinned, thankful for Bakugo's slow evolution into being a more competent tutor. “I'll get faster with practice.”

“Talking about Practice, did you bring a change of clothes for the spar?” Bakugo asked, when Mina, Sero and Kaminari joined them.

“you guys are gonna spar?” Sero's brow arched. “We got dinner in less than three hours, your spars can take forever.”

“That's because Kirishima's durable.” Kaminari pointed out.

“and they are both stubborn!” Mina chimed in.

“I did bring pants.” Kirishima pulled his stretchiest shorts out of his bag.

“I need to go grab a change of clothes.” Bakugo reached out for Kirishima's bag. “I'll take our bags back to the dorm and get changed, you go apply for the training hall in the meantime.”

“alright!” Kirishima saluted, handing his bag over after yanking his shorts out of it, Bakugo slung both bags over his shoulder. Kirishima watched him go for a second before he started jogging towards the training hall, pants in hand. The other three followed, chatting casually as they made their way to the large building, where class 1-B was finishing up class. Kirishima called out, waving his arms around to greet TetsuTetsu.

“TETSU!” Kirishima and the others jogged up, the metal-man grinning widely at Kirishima.

“Kirishima! what's up?”

“Just signing up for the hall, I'm gonna spar with Bakugo.” Kirishima made his way over to the sign up screen, and suddenly Monoma appeared, hand over the screen.


Then suddenly he was picked up by TetsuTetsu like a bag of potatoes and physically handed over to Kendo, who carried the annoying blond away. Kirishima wrote his name and number down on the screen, choosing a couple of hours reserved before he beamed at his metal friend. Tetsu didn't smile back.

“so, Monoma was talking about it, but are you and Bakugo really dating?”

“oh-” Kirishima paused, realizing he hadn't told TetsuTetsu about it yet. Not that he specifically had to, he didn't think Tetsu cared that much for gossip. “yeah?”

“Why!? He's a bastard!” Tetsu frowned, arms crossed.

“hey!” Sero raised an indignant finger. “he's OUR bastard.”

“and he's not that bad anymore.” Kaminari shrugged. “he'd chilled down a lot since... you know.”

“and he's chilled even more now that he's dating Kirishima!” Mina gave a thumbs up. “I think?”

Tetsu watched them all thoughtfully, rubbing his chin as he contemplated it. “I suppose that makes sense, does he treat you well?”

“me? Yeah!” Kirishima grinned, flushing slightly.

“because you're a good dude, Kirishima!” Tetsu put a hand on his shoulder, clenching his fist dramatically. “you deserve the best!”

“awww, thanks man.” Kirishima teared up dramatically, wiping his face with his forearm. “Same to you!”

Then TetsuTetsu pulled him aside, leaning in close and covering his mouth as he whispered. “have you guys kissed yet?”

“uh-” Kirishima was a bit shocked, but he nodded, blinking curiously.

“how? I mean, our teeth are pretty sharp, right?” Tetsu's face was slightly flushed.

“oh- “ Kirishima put his arm around Tetsu reassuringly. “It wasn't without any risks, but we got some gummies from the nurses office, and then when there was any proper damage, he ate one.”

“...” TetsuTetsu was staring now, his mouth hanging open. “wh- really? He got cut and still you guys.... kept going?”

“yeah!” Kirishima was feeling pumped now, his confidence boosted. “Bakugo's really manly, and stubborn too! But don't worry, you can do it without too much damage, we've been practicing and we can kiss with no cuts if I'm careful!”

“oh.” TetsuTetsu looked impressed, his expression a bit more hopeful. “You are SUCH a cool dude Kirishima.”

“Thanks! You're great too!” Kirishima gave him a thumbs up as they surfaced from the huddle, turning back to the confused group they'd turned from. Kirishima saw Bakugo in the distance, frowning at him from across the field, wearing a black tank top that looked a lot like his hero-costume. He waved him over excitedly, his arm still around TetsuTetsu's shoulder.

“what the fuck is he doing here?” Bakugo spat out when he reached them, and much to everyone's surprise TetsuTetsu's temper stayed in check. The tall silvery haired man walked over, giving Bakugo a pat on the shoulder as he passed him by.

“Keep up the good work.” He gave Bakugo a thumbs up as he walked away, only to get a double flip-off from the blond in return.

“what the FUCK was that?”

“nothing, I think he's just in a good mood.” Kirishima shrugged, gesturing to the training hall. “we've got it all to ourselves for two hours!”

“Then why aren't you dressed for a fight already? You're still wearing your uniform.” Bakugo gestured to his outfit, frown on his face. “don't waste my time! I'm gonna go warm up, get ready.”

“yeah!” Kirishima jogged over to the changing room, stripping down to his underwear and putting his shorts on, carefully folding his uniform and putting it aside in the locker room. The training hall was a big room, mostly made from concrete made by Cementoss, so it was easily fixable if some structural damage came to it from quirk training. Kirishima was familiar with it because his quirk training had mostly consisted of punching through walls at this point.

When he got back out, Bakugo was already doing stretches and Sero, Mina and Kaminari were sitting by the wall, checking their phones.

“wait, are you guys gonna watch?” Kirishima walked over to them, stretching is arms over his head. “won't that be boring?”

“fights aren't boring when Bakugo's in them.” Kaminari shrugged. “besides, someone has to make sure you guys just don't start making out.”

Sero and Mina laughed, and Kirishima frowned at them. “very funny.”

“also very serious.” Sero pointed out, wiping a tear from his eyes. “the tension has been heavy since lunchtime, we're here to chaperone you.”

“you guys are not being fair!” Kirishima frowned.

“Aha! Your impure thoughts are showing!” Sero pointed, snickering. “If you weren't planning on doing anything improper, then you won't mind us being here, would you!?”

“I don't care, we're just gonna spar!”

“and we're just gonna watch you spar.” Mina winked.

“I don't see why you'd wanna waste your time like that, but suit yourselves.” Kirishima shrugged, rolling his shoulders as he turned over to Bakugo, who was waiting for him in the middle of the hall. “you ready!?”

“I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!” Bakugo yelled across the hall, pulling his support bandages tight around his forearms with a wide grin on his face. Other people might call it a deranged grin, Kirishima preferred to call it passionate.

There was a familiar blast from across the room, and suddenly Bakugo was within range, his hair fluttering as he dive bombed around Kirishima, hands on both shoulders as he flipped over him, explosions pushing Kirishima down. It might have done serious damage if he hadn't hardened his shoulders, but he knew Bakugo well enough at this point that the blond had to put on more effort than this to get a hit in. Naturally once he'd flipped over him, he'd already flanked him, explosion sending Kirishima flying forward, his toes hardening and scraping the floor as he kept his balance.

“this is what I was taking about shitty-hair!” Bakugo stood there smugly. “fuckin' flanked!”

“What should I DO about It? You're too fast!” Kirishima huffed, sprinting at Bakugo and throwing a punch his way. The blond dodged it, jumping high in the air with his blasts, landing behind him. Kirishima turned around, a low kick to trip him, but Bakugo had already jumped over to the side, hitting him with a blast.

Kirishima blocked it, his hardening covering his entire right side as he swung for Bakugo, but to no avail. His fists barely grazed the blond, Bakugo was getting better at dodging, this was the sorts festival all over again! At this rate Bakugo would just tire him out, he had to do SOMETHING.

He hardened his fists, punching the concrete floor and tearing out a giant piece of it, heaving it over his head as he threw it at Bakugo across the room. The blond had clearly not been expecting this, as Bakugo dodged it, and as he did, Kirishima managed to land a hit. He hit Bakugo in the stomach, sending the blond flying backwards across the room. Shit. That was gonna piss Bakugo off.

Just as he let go of the thought; Bakugo got up, blasting his way across the room to Kirishima at ridiculous speed. He hardened up, crossing his arms to block, but then there was a foot in his chest. He lost his balance, falling to the floor with Bakugo standing on his chest, looking down at him as he crouched.

Kirishima's body twitched at the look in Bakugo's eyes, dark and intense. “I know you can hit harder than that! ARE YOU FUCKIN' GOING EASY ON ME?”

“I'm not going easy on you! But if I go all out I'll break the walls-”

“WHO GIVES A SHIT!?” Bakugo rose up, still standing on Kirishima's hardened chest. “If you fuckin' hold back on me, I'll kick your ass so much you'll have to spend tonight at the nurses office.”

It wasn't much of a threat until you considered that they had very specific plans for the night.

“Fine! No holding back!” Kirishima got up, Bakugo jumping off his chest as he did so, shaking dust off his shoulders. “Lets go!”

The next hour was spent taking blasts and dodging flanks. It took a while to get used to it, but after a while, Kirishima was starting to keep up with Bakugo's speed. At least he was starting to predict where the blond would strike, and he'd even managed to get a couple of hits in, even if Bakugo was starting to exhaust him of his harden. He wanted to be better. If Bakugo saw him as this equal, he should be stronger than this.

He'd manage to get Bakugo on the defensive a few times, but the moment Bakugo put some distance between them, it was for nothing. Bakugo was getting better at dodging, but Kirishima was getting better at pacing his harden.

More, he had to have more. This was just getting more interesting, he wasn't expecting to win, but running out of harden and having Bakugo blast him to pieces or carry him to the nurses office was way too lame! This was good, he'd managed to build up his stamina during summer camp, and he'd been looking forward to how far he could really take it now.

Bakugo was also getting tired, his breathing was getting a bit hard and Kirishima could see the slight shaking of Bakugo's arms. He hoped the blond wasn't doing any damage, without his bracers he couldn't go overboard like he did during class. But Bakugo wasn't exactly the type to know how to hold back, Kirishima wasn't even sure the blond knew how.

Bakugo was coming for him, screaming in terrifying glee as he reeled back his arms for a blast. His eyes practically glowing with the thrill of combat. The adrenaline was rushing through their bodies, Kirishima could feel the tensions in the air, the smell of sweat, the heat of battle. He blocked, ready to withstand the attack.

This was one of the things he loved about Bakugo. The way that he felt so absolutely, the way he applied himself with everything he had. So manly, living with no regrets, always moving forward. So passionate and determined, and the way his muscles flexed as he did COOL ASS FLIPS in the AIR and FUCK-

I LOVE YOU, BAKUGO!” The words burst out of Kirishima without hesitation, and Bakugo's expression changed so suddenly it looked like he'd be smacked across the face. The explosion died in his palms and the blond came crashing down on him without an explosion, hitting Kirishima physically shoulder first and sending both of them flying across the room.

They both scrambled to their feet, Bakugo's eyes wide in shock as he staggered slightly, blinking rapidly to register what had just happened. This was a chance, and Kirishima hardened his hands, slamming them into the wall, trapping Bakugo's forearms between his palm and the wall. His fingers cracked the concrete, and he managed to catch both of Bakugo's hands down by his sides, palms against the wall. He could feel the heat and twitching of Bakugo's forearms, he'd definitely been pushing himself too hard.

"Y-YOU FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!” Bakugo sputtered in indignation, his face bright red. He started squirming as he realized the situation. “THAT'S DIRTY!”


“You told me to not go easy on you.” Kirishima reeled his head back, his hands busy keeping the blond trapped. “Sorry, Bakugo, I couldn't help it, you're so super cool.”

He hardened his face, and his eyes, his teeth, he could feel the skin on his lips retreat as he hardened to his most unbreakable form above the neck, Reeling his head backwards for a headbutt. It was all he could do at the moment. He brought his head down, aiming to knock Bakugo out, their eyes meeting for a second.

Bakugo's eyes were wide open in what looked like a mix of shock and something else, something dark and alluring. Then the blond dodged his head out of the way, and Kirishima's buried his face head first into the wall, leaving a Kirishima shaped imprint of his head in the concrete as he pulled back. Bakugo was staring at him.

Bakugo seemed to snap out of whatever trance he'd been pulled into pulling his legs in and burying them in Kirishima's chest, trying to pry him off. Explosions fired off against the wall, cracking the concrete around Kirishima's fingers enough to loosen his grip, Bakugo sent him flying into the center of the room, panting wildly as he rubbed his forearms.

“hey! uh-” Sero waved from the adjacent wall, the three of them looking stunned and pale. “Time's almost up and dinner is on in like.... 20 minutes? So we're just gonna... go?”

Kirishima raised his hand, giving a thumbs up from his position face down on the floor. “We'll be right there!”

Bakugo walked over, clutching his arms as he panted, his face flushed bright red. Kirishima wasn't sure if it was from the exertion or the stupid shit he'd blurted out in the heat of the moment.

“What the FUCK?”

“I know. Sorry. It wasn't very romantic.” Kirishima kept his face on the floor, trying to hide his own embarrassment.

“Saying dumb shit like that in combat to throw me off! Fucker!” Bakugo huffed, rolling Kirishima over with his foot.

“it's not dumb shit.” Kirishima avoided eye contact, pouting as he covered his eyes with his arm. “I mean it you know.”

“wh-” Bakugo went silent, and when Kirishima took a peek from behind his arm, the blond was staring at the floor, his face as red as Kirishima's hair. The blond then reached out, offering a sweaty soot-covered palm to him. “Get off the floor, idiot.”

“I'm exhausted.” Kirishima sighed, grabbing onto Bakugo's hand gratefully, allowing the blond to pull him to his feet. “and I'm super hungry-” He couldn't finish because Bakugo had already taken control of his mouth, drowning out the words with his tongue.

Kirishima wrapped his arms around Bakugo's waist, feeling Bakugo's shaky hands slide across his bare chest, down over his shoulders and over to his back. Fingers clawing at his shoulder blades, the kiss deepened, soft grunts escaping their lips and Kirishima had no idea which one of them they belonged to.

He could feel Bakugo's shirt pressing against his chest, their heartbeat thundering in unison after the workout. They were sweaty and gross and Kirishima could taste sweat on Bakugo's lips as he dragged his tongue across them. He followed the sweet taste of Bakugo's glycerin sweat down to Bakugo's neck, reveling in the smell of explosions and adrenaline. He licked the skin clean, kissing it as he ran his hands under Bakugo's shirt, dragging his fingers across the muscular back.

“Wait- fuck- those idiots could come back whenever.” Bakugo grunted, his face half buried in Kirishima's hair. “save it for later.”

“ugh. You're right.” Kirishima pulled away almost forcefully, the heat in his body pooling down in his groin. “but I should.... probably take care of this... so I'll last longer later.”

Bakugo's eyes dropped down, his expression unchanging as he stared at the tent pitched at the front of Kirishima's pants. The blond swallowed thickly, his voice a bit rough as he took a step back “...yeah, probably.”

“I'll go take a shower in the changing rooms then.” Kirishima cleared his throat, nodding towards the door. “meet you at the cafeteria in like.... fifteen minutes?”

Bakugo huffed, smacking his lips as his eyes lingered on Kirishima's pants. “I'll go shower at the dorms then.” He said this, but he didn't move. Kirishima eventually walked over to the showers, and Bakugo shoved his hands in his pockets, leaving for the dorm.


Kirishima stripped off his pants, stepping into the showers and enjoying the warm water cascading over him, his body still humming with adrenaline. He'd almost won a fight with Bakugo, even if he hadn't expected to be able to hit him with that headbutt. He hadn't wanted too either, considering the damage it could have done to Bakugo's gorgeous face.

His hand reached down to the most aching part of his body right now, his eyes closed as he let the water wash away the sweat and dust on his face. He could still feel the soreness from Bakugo's explosions on his body, and it somehow made him even more aroused. The feeling of Bakugo lingered on his skin, the taste and sounds still vivid, the look in Bakugo's eyes still burned into his mind. It didn't take long to finish, spilling over his hand, instantly washed away by the water.

He sighed in relief, exhaustion heaving on his body. When he'd managed to get the last of the gel out of his hair, he got dressed in his uniform pants and shirt. Cementoss was already fixing the walls and floor when he left, he apologized for the extra work, and his body ached as he jogged over to the cafeteria. Bakugo was already standing in the doorway, dressed in his usual black t-shirt and pants. They entered the cafeteria in silence, getting a dinner set each as they found the others at the table, sitting down to eat in silence.

“uh.” Kaminari cleared his throat awkwardly. “so-”

“LOVE!” Mina excitedly barked out, flailing her arms out. “You SAID it!”

“yeah it's a bit embarrassing.” Kirishima grimaced slightly. “i was just super caught up in the moment.”

“No way! It was super romantic!” Mina argued, rattling the trays as she slammed her hand down on the table. “then you pinned him to the wall and stuff like KA-BANG!”

“We were FIGHTING.” Kirishima flushed, pushing Mina back down into her seat to prevent her from causing a scene.

“Yeah, what WAS that thing you did?” Sero's eyes narrowed. “your face went all fucked up there before you slammed it into a wall.”

“oh, it's a thing I'm working on, like an ultimate.” Kirishima shoveled food in his mouth, starving. “It makes me suuuuuuuuuuuper hard for a short amount of time.”

“yeah but why did you face get all...” Kaminari gestured weirdly to his entire face. “scary? You looked like some sorta monster for a second!”

“oh- that's just because there's a bunch of soft stuff on the face, right? When it hardens it pulls back. Like my lips and eyes and stuff.”


“no no, they were just exposed! That's the actual size when my lips and gums don't cover them.” He pulled his top lip up, exposing the gums. “see?”

“that is fuckin' WILD.” Kaminari whistled, looking over at Bakugo, who was staring. “How do you do it man?”


“Make out without losing your lips!” Kaminari rubbed his forehead as if he honestly couldn't wrap his head around it.

“First of all, I'm not a fuckin' coward.” Bakugo huffed, leaning back in his seat. “so you can start by trying to imagine what that is like.”

“COLD!” Kaminari shuddered, crossing his arms as he settled back in his seat. Mina and Sero laughed, and Kirishima bumped knees with Bakugo, who was sitting there with a smug look on his face.

“I did cut his lips at first though.” Kirishima confessed, grimacing at his food. “But with practice we figured it out.”

“s-SHUT UP” Bakugo huffed, kicking him under the table. “THEY DON'T NEED THIS INFORMATION.”

“THAT'S SO SWEET THOUGH!” Mina threw her arms up excitedly. “ugh this is like the BEST love story!

“it's gonna get crazy ratings if you even talk about it on a talk show-” Sero winked “once you're both super popular pro-heroes, you've gone through a bunch of villain stuff together already!”

“oh yeah, about that-” Kirishima looked over at Bakugo. “we're gonna have to keep it secret, right?”

“HAH?” Bakugo leered, his brow arching as he glared at him. “why the fuck would we bother with that?”

“Mic-sensei talked about it today right?! It's risky!”

“Like I GIVE a SHIT.” Bakugo huffed, leaning back in his seat, crossing his arms. “Risky- or not risky- Isn't it a giant pain in the ass to pretend not to date?!”

“I guess but, if villains catch me and use me to hurt you-”

“If villains grab you, I'll just come and get you.” Bakugo huffed, glaring at him. “-and kill them all.”

Kirishima's heart swelled up. “so manly.”

“Besides, I'm not going to let them grab you in the first place.” Bakugo huffed. “I'll kill them all if they try, and we're going to be super strong pro-heroes, so they won't have the guts.”

“and If they catch you-”

“-You'll come and get me.” Bakugo interrupted, his voice dark with meaning.

Sero cleared his throat a bit. “-and next time you'll have a hero license! You you guys won't have to do crazy stunts like in Kamino.”

“THERE'S NOT GONNA BE A NEXT TIME FUCKFACE.” Bakugo slammed his hand into the table, rattling the tableware. “they lucked out last time! I was TIRED after QUIRK TRAINING.”

“yeah yeah.” Kaminari waved it off. “Tokoyami was caught too you know? It's not like we're calling you guys weak-”

“OH YEAH.” Mina slammed her hand on the table, leaning in to loudly whisper. “guys I saw Shouji and Tokoyami holding hands this morning!”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?” Kirishima and Kaminari whispered, Sero apparently knew bout this, since he just chuckled.

“Yeah! They were eating breakfast outside in the courtyard together” Mina grinned, “I almost didn't notice it, since Shouji has so many hands sometimes.”

“If you're going to start fuckin' gossiping, I'm leaving.” Bakugo leaned back in his seat, bumping knees with Kirishima. “I'm not wasting my time thinking about other people's relationships.”

Kaminari seemed to completely ignore what Bakugo just said, “I wonder how THEY kiss? Their faces both go like really far forward right? Like their mouths are both long-”

“FUCK.” Bakugo instantly got up, and Kirishima shoveled the rest of his food in his mouth, grabbing both of their trays as he got up.

“see you guys later then?”

“who would have guessed that Bakugo's a PRUDE!”

“I AM NOT.” Bakugo snarled, flipping them off as Kirishima joined him, putting their trays away as he waved their friends off.

“Does stuff like that make you uncomfortable?” Kirishima asked, gently grasping Bakugo's hand as they walked to the dorms.

“No.” Bakugo snorted. “It's just fuckin' beneath me.”

“I suppose.” Kirishima walked beside him in silence, ignoring the occasional glances their hands got when they passed other students on the way. He'd gotten used to it by now.

“Other people doing it is gross.” Bakugo finally broke the silence as they were closing in on the dorms. “like porn and romance movies. It's disgusting.”

“oh.” Kirishima remembered Bakugo talking about not watching porn, it made a bit more sense now. “you weren't curious about it?”

“A bit maybe, I didn't really care for it.” Bakugo was avoiding eye contact. “not until you.”

Kirishima's heart was thundering. “me?”

“yeah.” Bakugo's eyes were glued to the floor. “I don't know why though, so don't fuckin' ask me.”

“oh, okay.” Kirishima contently held Bakugo's hand as they passed by majority of the class, including Tokoyami and Shouji sitting on the couch. His eyes lingered n the boys for a second, their comfortable atmosphere almost visible in the group, he hoped they'd be happy.

“have you had crushes before?” Bakugo asked as they entered the elevator, and Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck anxiously.

“yeah, mostly.... actors, pro-heroes and... one transfer student in middle school, but I didn't do anything about it, since I was... a coward.” Kirishima remembered the agony he thought he'd felt when that guy left, but now his face was mostly a blur. Amazing how something that felt so painful could barely count as a memory now.

Bakugo didn't seem bothered, his hand squeezing him reassuringly. “well, you're not a coward now.”

Kirishima smiled sadly, squeezing Bakugo's hand back, he didn't have it in him to correct the blond.

“I'm gonna go get changed.” Kirishima gestured to his door. “I'll be over in a bit, okay?”

“yeah.” Bakugo nodded, leaving his door ajar as he disappeared into his own room. Kirishima swapped out his uniform for slacks and t-shirt, contemplating whether or not he should spike his hair up for the occasion. He was nervous, yet his stomach was thrashing around with excitement. He spent a couple of seconds searching for his lubricant, but then remembered it was already in Bakugo's room. So he sheepishly made his way over.

Bakugo was sitting on the bed, legs pulled up close and somehow he seemed to be completely relaxed. Wasn't he nervous at ALL?

“That one transfer student you had a crush on in middle school-” Bakugo started, his voice completely relaxed. “you didn't... love them?”

“wh- NO! I just had a crush on him because he was nice to me ONCE.” Kirishima threw himself down on Bakugo's bed, embarrassed and worried that he'd somehow managed to upset his boyfriend. “Compared to how I feel about you, it barely counted as a crush!”

“but, you love ME?” Bakugo looked down at him smugly, his ego practically dripping of his voice.

“Y-yeah.” Kirishima felt all of his blood rush to his face, he really HAD said that today. It felt so much more embarrassing when they were alone on a bed. “... do you love me?”

“how the fuck am I supposed to know?” Bakugo snorted, hugging his knees. “I've never had these kinds of feelings, so I don't know what they're all called? How do you know the difference?”

“uh.” Kirishima sat up, he thought he should feel disappointed, but he honestly just felt privileged to be the one person Bakugo felt anything like this for. “you can just kinda tell? When it goes from... being a crush to... more?”

“What does it feel like?”

“uhm.” Kirishima hugged his own knees, avoiding eye contact. “it's hard to explain? Its... like a... uh... feeling? A really strong one?”

“stop muttering! Just explain it already!”

“Okay! Okay!” Kirishiam jerked his head up, making eye contact with the annoyed looking blond. “so- before I had a crush on you, I liked you like.... a friend, right?”

“right, I think I liked you as a friend before too.”

“really!?- I mean, alright, so... that felt like... getting hit by one of your explosions!” Kirishima buried his fist in his own palm with a satisfying thud.

“hah? It's painful?”

“No! Like, the intensity! Then having a crush on you felt like... your stun grenade!” Kirishima imitated the hand gesture Bakugo used, shifting on the bed so his back was against the wall. “More intense and kinda fucks you up for a while? Makes everything blurry and hard to think.”

Bakugo seemed to be catching on, his brow furrowed in concentration.

Kirishima continued, “then... uh.... love kinda feels more like-”

“...Howitzer” Bakugo practically whispered, his eyes wide in realization.

“Yeah!” Kirishima pointed at Bakugo, glad that he'd caught onto his metaphor. “That's kinda how it is! Just- all the time! And not painful, but really nice instead!” He beamed at his boyfriend, who was watching him thoughtfully.

“You're such an idiot.” Bakugo ran his hand through his blond hair, his voice exasperated as he shifted on the bed, practically mounting Kirishima. The redhead puckered up, expecting a kiss, but instead Bakugo buried his face in his neck and draped his arms across his shoulders in an embrace. “I don't know if it's a howitzer, but you make me feel all gross inside or whatever.”

“In a good way I hope?” Kirishima snorted, running his palms down Bakugo's back, he was getting very used to Bakugo's weight on his lap. It was a super nice feeling.

“I guess? I don't hate it.” Bakugo muttered against his neck, motionless. They stayed like this, their breathing slowly syncing up, their bodies relaxed. Then Bakugo's lips started pressing against Kirishima's skin, hesitant at first, a warm shudder crept up his spine at the feeling.

The kisses soon got more aggressive, calloused hands buried in his hair, pulling on it enough to make him tilt his head. Kirishima couldn't help but grip Bakugo's shirt for support when the blond sucked down on his neck, teeth pressing into the flesh. He shuddered, his instinct was telling him to harden, but he liked the way Bakugo was running his tongue against the trapped flesh. He was leaving a mark! Bakugo was MARKING him! Kirishima squirmed, arousal thundering in his veins. He should stop him, this was going to get really embarrassing tomorrow! But he didn't want to!

He ran his hands across Bakugo's back, pressing his fingers into every dip and curve. He could feel the twitching and flexing under his fingertips. Bakugo shifted on his lap, pressing down against his groin; his currently very sensitive groin. Kirishima hissed slightly at the contact, his nails dragging across Bakugo's back. The blond leaned back on his lap, completely unfazed by the pain, but intrigued by the sounds.

Kirishima panted, Bakugo was looking at him curiously, red eyes burning their way across Kirishima's skin. Then the blond bucked, rocking his hips forward and grinding down against Kirishima's lap experimentally, sending sparks and heat rushing up his spine. Kirishima groaned low, his hands hardening up instinctively, running sharp fingers across the blond's back. When he had composed himself enough to look up, Bakugo was grinning at him, a wide, victorious smirk.

“Is this what you're into, shitty hair?” Bakugo gyrated his hips again, almost vengefully, and Kirishima could feel the head of his erection rub against the very inside of Bakugo's thigh. Fabric rubbing on fabric, head of his arousal slipping up and following the inseam until it was rubbing against the dip of Bakugo's ass cheeks.

Kirishima's head was foggy, this was so dangerous. This position was dangerous.

“fuck- Bakugo-” Kirishima pleaded, wrapping his arms around the blond, licking a stripe across the blond's chest, the glycerin tasted sweet. “Stop being so sexy!

“Are you seriously gonna come just from this?” Bakugo huffed, but he looked elated, victorious. It was a really good look on him. “You need to get a grip Kirishima.”

“I'm not gonna come yet! You're just too hot! That the way you're moving... It's like a porno or something!” Kirishima sighed, running his hands from Bakugo's back to his stomach, cupping the chest muscles. He licked at the collarbone, grating his teeth across the skin as he inhaled deep, smelling the sweat and arousal on Bakugo's skin. Bakugo was twitching under his fingers, sweaty hands sliding up into red hair, fisting it and pulling gently.

He was tempted to mark Bakugo back, since the bruise the blond left on his skin was already starting to fade from it's red to a more purple. His marking would be considerably more painful, and possibly more permanent though. He sucked on the skin just above Bakugo's collarbone, soft flesh under his teeth. He slowly buried his teeth in the skin, he could feel it puncture just slightly, just barely enough to draw a small amount of blood. He sucked it up immediately, reveling in the way Bakugo pulled on his hair, pressing his face into his body.

When he let the skin go, he kissed it apologetically, trailing the kisses up to Bakugo's chin. The blond caught his lips in his own, tongue invading immediately, hungrily claiming Kirishima's mouth. Bakugo was moving his hips again, pressing the bulge of his pants against Kirishima's stomach, he could feel the heat seeping through the clothes. He could feel the need in the movement.

“Let's do it.”

“wh- really?! Right now?”

“Why should we wait? I'm turned on now; and we did plan to do this shit.” Bakugo's ears were red, and he pulled off his own shirt, tossing it to the side. “What are you fuckin' waiting for? Changed your mind or something?”

“no! I'm- wait-” Kirishima squirmed on the bed, pulling his shirt off way less elegantly than Bakugo had, he looked up at Bakugo with anticipation as he threw the clothing aside. Bakugo's slippery palm slipped on his shoulder, and the blond awkwardly wiped it off on his pants as he properly mounted Kirishima's thighs, their clothed erections struggling to meet in the middle.

They paused, both of them thinking for a second. Bakugo's brow furrowed “How do we want to do it?”

“uhm... I guess we could jerk off together? Or each other?” Kirishima suggested. His sweaty hands locked in place on Bakugo's hips. Anything was fine at this point, he just wanted to get off with Bakugo.

“that's the same stuff we did yesterday.” Bakugo frowned.

“Yeah that makes sense, uh- how about this-” Kirishima raised his hips slightly to pull his pants down, Bakugo remained mounted, grabbing onto Kirishima's shoulders for balance as he rose up. Kirishima lowered himself back onto the bed, his dick standing at attention, free and eager. “Take off your pants too, or else it wont work-”

Bakugo was staring at him, hands still on his shoulders, drenching them in glycerin. Kirishima had expected there to be more attention on his dick, but for some reason Bakugo was staring at him with wide eyes.

“Do that again.”

“What?” Kirishima swallowed thickly, his poor neglected dick was exposed so much cold air.

“Your hips, fuckin' lift them.”

“Like this?” Kirishima pressed his back against the wall, raising his hips curiously before lowering them. Bakugo's knees hit the bed before his butt did. “Haha! That's pretty cool, I can lift you!”

Bakugo raised himself up, yanking his pants down to reveal his own twitching manhood. Kirishima stared at it, he couldn't believe that they were gonna do this. He reached out for the lube, trying to ignore Bakugo's slick hands running down his hips and to the base of his dick.

“Here, I've got the lube.” Kirishima shifted to a more upright position, pulling Bakugo closer until their dicks touched. Bakugo watched them side by side, his brow slightly furrowed as he pressed them together, running his hand along the shafts. Bakugo's hand on his dick felt so amazing, Kirishima could feel himself melt into the touch. The feeling of Bakugo's throbbing manhood pressed against his was too erotic.

Bakugo watched him carefully as he slicked their erections up with glycerin, his eyes dark and clear. He was studying him. Kirishima groaned, reaching out to grab onto Bakugo's thighs for emotional support.

Kirishima settled into letting Bakugo control the pace, the lube currently pointless with Bakugo's quirk applying all the slickness needed. The blond seemed to be testing around, rubbing this way and that, dragging his thumb across edges and ridges, tracing veins. He wasn't even stroking, just rubbing and exploring. It felt really good. He could tell Bakugo was studying him, drinking in every noise, repeating anything that got him specially vocal. His expression was focused, a flush on his face and a heaviness to his breath.

“feels so fuckin' good, Bakugoooo.” Kirishima groaned, breaking Bakugo's focused trance with a kiss.

“You're really hard.” Bakugo commented, his other hand rubbing Kirishima's base. “-don't come yet.”

“no I'm... good. It just feels great, your hands feel so nice.” Kirishima sank backwards into the wall, eyes closed. “I would have come already if I hadn't jerked off today.”

“Good.” Bakugo licked his lips, leaning in to give Kirishima another kiss. “did you think about me when you did it?”

“of course I did.” Kirishima rolled his eyes, his thumbs running across the soft skin on very inside of Bakugo's thighs, burying his fingers in the valley and folds of the skin. “I always do.”

“hmmn.” Bakugo grinned smugly against his mouth, his breathing heavy. He moved his hand a bit faster, and it felt like electricity spread throughout Kirishima's body.

“fuuuck-” He groaned,digging his fingers into Bakugo's hips. “Bakugo-”

“s-shit.” Bakugo grunted, swallowing thickly. Kirishima watched his hand move, slipping around their erections, his grip tight and slick, his forearms... twitching?

Kirishima reached over, running his fingers across the twitching muscles, he could tell Bakugo's arms were hurting, sore from the fight they had today. Thought Bakugo would never admit to it. Kirishima grunted, reaching over for the lube, flipping the cap off with his thumb.

“My turn” Kirishima squirted a large amount of lubricant into his hands, warming it up. “I want to make you say my name.”

Bakugo huffed, a blush creeping down to his collarbones. “w-whatever.”

“I know I'm super into that! Making you feel good turns me on a LOT.” Kirishima said very seriously, slipping his hands under Bakugo's fingers on their dicks, pressing them together. Bakugo's hand remained on his, slick and warm. “Lets come together, okay?”

“You're gonna have to make me.” Bakugo smirked, resting a hand on Kirishima's shoulder for balance as he leans over him, stealing his lips in a kiss.

“I will!” Kirishima huffed against Bakugo's mouth, moving his hand up and down, both of their dicks twitching in his grasp. His breathing was getting heavier, with all the teasing Bakugo had done before, he was dangerously close to his limit. He was very glad he jerked off earlier, or else it would be game over at this point. He really needed to work on this, it was embarrassing if he always came before Bakugo did.

“f-fuck- Kirish-” Bakugo huffed, his breathing heavy, he swallowed the rest of Kirishima's name. Closing his eyes as he curled in on himself, his forehead resting against Kirishima's shoulder. Kirishima thumbed the slit of Bakugo's erection, making the blond moan. “your hands feel so- f-fuck-”

“Is it good Bakugo?”

“fu-- hn- yeah-”

“you sound so sexy-”

“s-stop saying shit-” Bakugo groaned, attempting to shut him up with a kiss, but all that happened was that the blond panted against his mouth, groans drowning out between their lips. Kirishima grabbed the opportunity, raking his teeth across Bakugo's neck, kissing his way down to his shoulder, drinking in all the little sounds Bakugo made along the way. He was getting close, his hands were starting to move erratically, his self control slipping.

“Bakugoooo.” Kirishima groaned, not capable of full sentences at this point, his teeth leaving shallow gashes in the pale skin of Bakugo's shoulder. “it's so good-”

“Hngm-” Bakugo groaned, gyrating his hips against Kirishima's hand, rubbing his dick against Kirishima's in his grasp. “fuuuuck, Kirishimaaaa-.”

Kirishima groaned, clinging to Bakugo with his free hand, his heart thundering in excitement. Bakugo was practically fucking his hand at this point, grinding against the grip, timing it with the motion of his hand. It felt amazing, the texture and heat of Bakugo's dick against his own. “g-gonna come soon-”

“m-me too” Bakugo huffed, his voice rough. “fuck- your hand feels so good...”

Kirishima's self control was gone, he sat up to get into a better position, his pace changing into erratic strokes. Bakugo's chest was flush against his, hands in his hair, groaning in his ear.

Sex, he was having sex. He was having sex with Bakugo.

Kirishima grit his teeth, heat bursting through his body. His hand hardened, stiffening up as he finished.

“Bakugooooo- I'm coming-”

“Fu-CK” Bakugo grunted, fingernails digging into Kirishima's back. “KIRISHIMA-”

A couple of strokes in the afterglow, and then it was over. Both of them slumped over, Bakugo practically deflating onto him, head on his shoulder as they panted. Kirishima clung to Bakugo desperately as he tried to still his thundering heart.

“We're men now.” he said with his first breath, and Bakugo snorted, though it lacked all bite.

“idiot, nothing has changed.”

“let me have this dude, I wasn't sure I'd ever get this victory.” Kirishima argued.

Bakugo snorted in disbelief. “you thought no one would wanna fuck you? You're so stupid, I can't believe I fucked an idiot.”

“HAH! You can't take it back now! I have your virginity”

“you can keep it.” Bakugo snorted, climbing off Kirishima to reach for tissues, handing them over to Kirishima, who was coated in their cum.

“-and you can keep mine!” Kirishima grinned, wiping himself off. “That felt soooo good.”

“Your hand hardened at the end, I thought my dick was gonna get ripped off.”

“I warned you- that happens sometimes when I'm REALLY into it.” Kirishima looked over, concern on his face. “There was plenty of lube, did it still hurt?”

“It felt fuckin' great.” Bakugo huffed, leaning back on the bed.

“I'm glad you like it?” Kirishima laughed awkwardly at that, blush creeping up his face. “You're into my hardening and my teeth and biting and stuff. Are you a masochist or something?”

“Those are all YOU-things.” Bakugo shrugged. “I guess that's why I like it.”

“ugh, you're so cool. I love you sooo much. ” Kirishima threw the dirtied tissues across the room, and most of them made it to the trashcan itself. He let himself fall over, pulling the blond over to cuddle, kicking the covers over his legs to warm his cold feet. They lay there for a while, cuddling as the haze left their bodies. “what time is it?”

“Like 10pm.” Bakugo huffed as he checked his phone. “Do you want to go to sleep, or watch something?”

“I don't mind.” Kirishima sighed, rising up on his elbows, moving further up to be face to face with the blond. “What do you want to do?”

“sleep.” Bakugo rolled out of bed, stretching languidly, giving Kirishima a good look at his body. Kirishima thanked whatever forces were looking out for him. “I'm gonna go take a piss.”

“alright.” Kirishima happily rolled around on the sheets, waiting for the door to open and the sink to run before he joined Bakugo for brushing his teeth. He felt so relaxed, he usually fell asleep easily after jerking off, but this was somehow so much more intense. He hummed happily to himself, still giddy with disbelief.

Bakugo filled a glass with water, chugging it down, before refilling it and repeating.

“uh.... Bakugo?” Kirishima spat in the sink, watching the blond gulp down the water. “what are you doing? You're gonna have to pee if you drink that much before bed.”

“That's the fuckin' plan.” Bakugo wiped his mouth with his hand, looking at him. “I am going to see your fuckin' sleeping face even if I gotta sacrifice my REM to do it.” he them promptly put down the glass, leaving the bathroom.

“oh.” Kirishima didn't really have an answer to that, so he just looked down at he sink, heat in his face. Once Kirishima was ready for bed, Bakugo was sitting on the edge of the mattress, waiting for him.

“You're gonna be on the inside tonight, because I'm gonna wake up for a piss in like 4 hours, and you are going to STAY asleep.” Bakugo gestured to the bed, and Kirishima slipped under the covers like he was instructed. Bakugo got in behind him, tangling his legs with his, cold feet pressing into Kirishima's shins.

“Good night, Bakugo.” Kirishima sighed, reaching out to slip his arms across Bakugo's waist. Their noses practically touching and Kirishima could smell Bakugo's shampoo on the fabric. Felt like heaven, Kirishima was sure he'd never felt as utterly comfortable in his entire life.


The words smelled like toothpaste.

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Chapter Text


Kirishima woke up, shifting a bit on the bed, looking around the room. It was dark and he was all alone. Bakugo? He was in Bakugo's room, but Bakugo wasn't in bed. Where was Bakugo? He blinked, his eyes tired, he glanced up at Bakugo's lit phone, just past 3 am. So early.

Then he heard the toilet flush, and he remembered that Bakugo had chugged a bunch of water. Why had he done that? Oh yeah, to see him sleep. Shit! He woke up! Kirishima took a deep breath, closing his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. He managed to get completely relaxed as he heard the sink run and moments later, he heard the lights flick off, and Bakugo's feet pad cautiously over.


He didn't answer, remaining completely relaxed as Bakugo got back into bed, slipping under the covers carefully. Kirishima allowed himself a small grunt and a shift as Bakugo rocked the small bed, creaking of the mattress and pulls on the covers making his acting more believable.

“did I wake you?” Bakugo's whisper was so incredibly soft, barely tickling his ear. Kirishima remained silent and Bakugo hummed gently, arms wrapping around his waist. “or are you pretending to be asleep?”

No response, Kirishima tried this best to remain relaxed and keep his face expressionless.

“Are you thinkin' I might say something to you if I think you don't hear it?” Bakugo hummed nuzzling against his ear. “or are you trying to be fuckin' nice to me?”

Kirishima pulled on all he had to not answer, trying to keep the facade up. Bakugo pressed himself flush against him, pressing a sleepy kiss into his jaw. “I watched you sleep for a bit before I went to the bathroom, so you don't have to pretend.”

Kirishima cracked open an eye sheepishly, making direct eye contact with the mischievous looking blond. “how did you know?”

“You're too quiet” Bakugo smirked, pleased with himself. “You fuckin' snore.”

“I do?” Kirishima cringed, shifting slightly so he could kiss Bakugo's face. “Sorry?”

“It pissed me off at first, since I could sometimes hear it through the wall.” Bakugo huffed, running his hand up Kirishima's chest, fingers playing with fabric. “But when you're in here, I don't give a shit.”

“but isn't it louder?”

“It's fine.”

“do you like it?”

“who the fuck would someone like to be snored at?!”

“That's fair.” Kirishima sighed, rolling over to his back. “but if you liked it, it'd make me happy to know.”

“Then it's whatever.” Bakugo huffed, rolling over until his face was buried in the pillow. Kirishima grinned, rolling over to his stomach too, face buried in the pillow as he watched Bakugo's ears flush. He put his arm over the blond's back, and Bakugo turned his head on the pillow, looking up at him with such a conflicted expression.

“I'm so tired.” Bakugo groaned, his words half muffled by the pillow.

“then lets go back to sleep?” Kirishima suggested, and Bakugo groaned, burying his face back in his pillow.

“wamf- mmmgm-oummgn-”

“what was that?” Kirishima snorted, he didn't catch a single word of that.

“I wanna make out!” Bakugo snarled angrily, pulling his head out of the pillow. “but I'm tired.”

“That's normal.” Kirishima laughed softly, his stomach all a flutter. “It's almost 4 am, dude.”

“I don't care.” Bakugo huffed, staring at him defiantly. “Your face is stupid and soft when you're asleep.”

Kirishima's body was wide awake, practically moving by itself, he propped himself up on his elbow as he moved closer to Bakugo, kissing him where he lay. The angle was inconvenient, so they automatically gravitated to a better angle, Bakugo rolled onto his side, hand lazily pulling on Kirishima's waist. Lazy drawn out kisses, soft touching. Kissing for the sake of kissing. Their breathing slow and relaxed, their hands barely caressing skin.

As they pulled away for air, Kirishima's elbow gave out, and his body came down on the bed. Their foreheads collided with an uncomfortable thunk, and they both dropped flat on the bed where they lay. Kirishima groaned, half from the lingering ache in his forehead, and half from embarrassment. “sorry.”

“You're such a fuckin' idiot.” Bakugo snorted, rubbing his forehead. Then he sighed, letting himself lay there on his back. Kirishima shifted slightly, until he was on top of him, pulling the covers up to their necks. Their legs were tangled up carelessly, their chests flush to each other.

“I'm too tired.” Kirishima yawning loudly. “lets make out a bunch tomorrow, okay?” Bakugo's huff was interrupted by a yawn of his own, and Kirishima closed his eyes, smiling contently as he started drifting away to sleep.

“Hey, Kirishima.” Bakugo's voice was barely registering through the veil of sleep, but Kirishima's brow furrowed, his consciousness rapidly slipping away. He could feel that Bakugo was looking at him, his breath ghosting across his face as he spoke.

“hm- yeah?” his voice was slurred with sleep, he could feel the exhaustion pull at his mind, everything was fading rapidly.

“tomorrow, let me suck your dick.”




Throughout the day, Kirishima could swear he was forgetting something. When he woke up next to Bakugo, he spent a few lovely minutes just basking in the join of having such a cool boyfriend, but once the blond was awake, it was time to get ready for school.

He didn't forget any part of his uniform, or to spike his hair. He was sure he brushed his teeth, since he and Bakugo did that together over the sink and they hit their heads together as they tried to spit at the same time. He had all his books and his bag. They'd held hands to class, they'd eaten lunch with the guys like usually, but he still couldn't shake the feeling.

“I have a feeling I'm forgetting something.” Kirishima muttered aloud in the viewing room, his eyes glued on the screens, where Sato and Bakugo were fighting through a gauntlet of “traps”. Swinging blades, lasers, spike traps, death-drops, spinning blades from the ceiling, giant boulders, mazes. The whole shebang. Half the class had already had their go, and Kirishima supposed they'd all gotten a bit injured, since none of them had come back to the watching room.

Aizawa said it was specifically selected to test their teamwork and weaknesses, but it just looked like a hallway of torture from a movie set, but Kirishima supposed Aizawa knew what he was doing. Kaminari had already gone ahead, and Sero and Shouji had been the first team to go through the gauntlet.

“Forgetting something? Did you do your math homework?” Mina looked over, clearly not interested in the epic battle happening on screen. “I forgot to do mine, I'm gonna ask Momo to help me later if you want to join.”

“It's not homework, but it feels super important.” Kirishima hummed, momentarily torn from his thoughts as he cheered for Bakugo, who blasted his way through a giant rolling boulder. “GO BAKUGO!!”

Kirishima watched them clear the second room, disappearing into a hallway where the broadcast was cut off. Iida had suggested it was so they couldn't know what the last trial was for. Since none of the others had come back to tell them about it.

“Important?” Midoriya asked, glancing over to where Kirishima was standing. “It's not medication or family calls or something like that?”

Kirishima shook his head. “No, but it's like-”

“You don't have time to be distracted.” Aizawa voice filled the waiting room. “Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, you two are up next, get into the ready room.”

“Yes!” Both of them turned to head to the ready room. Saying their farewells to the class, since they didn't expect to see them again for the rest of the class.

“Hey! Yaomomo!” Kirishima jogged over to where Yaoyorozu was, joining her on the walk through the hall. She slowed down slightly as she smiled at him, a hand hovering nervously in front of her face. Kirishima grinned happily, adjusting his mask. “Man am I glad we're teaming up for this!”

“You are?” Momo tilt her head slightly, her furrowed brow softening. “Why is that?”

“Because you're super smart!” Kirishima grinned. “I'll be the brawn and together we'll crush this!”

“I'll do my very best.” Momo looked at him for a while, her dark eyes lingering on him. “I admire your confidence Kirishima-kun.”

“Thanks! I think you're super cool!” Kirishima peeked around the corner by the waiting room, hoping to see Bakugo emerge from the hall. Momo stopped besides him, looking down the hallway.

“Are you waiting for Bakugo-san?”

“yeah, I'm hoping to see him once he gets out, they come out this way, right?”

“I think so, though the exit-room might be somewhere else.” Momo looked down the hallway, silence between them. “You two make a good pair.”

Kirishima looked up at Momo, who immediately got flustered, covering her mouth “I am sorry to say something so personal-”

“You know I don't really feel like I thanked you properly for putting your ass on the line in Kamino.” Kirishima still felt guilty for putting the class's #1 student in risk of being expelled. “Thank you, really.”

“oh-” Momo seemed caught off guard, stumbling over her words. “it was noth-...” she paused herself, taking a deep breath. “-I have no regrets.”

“Ugh! That's so manly, Yaoyorozu!” Kirishima grit his teeth, eyes closed, he was so moved by the class spirit. Everyone in his class was so great, he fuckin' loved UA. Being surrounded by these incredibly inspiring people got him so pumped.

“Manly?” Momo echoed. “-but I'm not a man-”

“Anyone can be manly, you know?” Kirishima grinned widely, his mask digging into his cheek a bit. “To be manly you just gotta live with no regrets!”

“oh?” Momo blinked, a soft smile on her face. “Then I'll do my best to live manly as well.”

“That's the spirit!” Kirishima cheered but their celebration was cut short by a voice on the speaker above them. Aizawa was telling them to head down the hallway for their run. Slightly disappointed that he didn't get to see Bakugo, they headed down the hall, following the “entrance” signs until they got to a large heavy door. There was a red light on it, that turned into a yellow loud with a loud threatening peep.

The moment the door opened up, red dots illuminated them, and Kirishima immediately hardened his front, stepping in front of Momo, who ducked behind him as the bullets came flying.

“I'll make something to cover us! Give me a moment!” Momo gasped, winching as she concentrated.

“The Turrets are on the either side of the hall.” Kirishima crossed his arms in front of his face, protecting his mouth from the bullets. He had to turn his head to look around, with bullets ricocheting off his temples.

After a moment, there was a curved metal plate big enough to cover them both in front of him, and Momo held onto a handle at the back. “Are you alright?”

“yeah!” Kirishima exhaled, shaking his arms a bit as he let the harden go for a second, ready to go again. “They aren't real bullets, but some sort of light-bullets or whatever.”

“I'll make another shield-”

“No need! The turrets are on either side, if we keep our backs together, we can get through.” Kirishima pressed his back to Momo. “I'll cover your back, so you just have to cover mine!”

The tall girl nodded, trying to make herself as small as possible as they crab walked through the hall. Kirishima made sure no bullets slipped through, taking care to guard Momo's side until they had backed themselves into the door across the room, safe and sound. The turrets fell silent the moment they had crossed, and the light on the next door turned to yellow, and from there to green.

Momo held the shield out, ready to block whatever might come at them. The door opened into what looked like a void. A complete darkness that seemed to somehow stretch into the ground. How the hell did the school afford things like this!? Maybe it was just dark and wasn't as dark as it looked, but it surely was enough to make Kirishima's heart skip a beat. They looked around, slightly confused about what they were supposed to do. Then, when their eyes adjusted to the darkness, they could see a pillar, quite the distance away from the ledge they were standing on.

“I'm not that good at jumping.” Kirishima grimaced, looking around for another way across. “I'm heavy, I need a good run up to get any distance.”

“I can make a rope, or a metal bar?” Momo thought as she measured the distance with her eyes. “It might take a bit of time, it's quite long and will need to be sturdy.”

“oh! Like in the sports-festival?” Kirishima grinned, he'd crossed that one no problem. “That would be great, but-” Momo had already pulled her costume open at the chest, a metal bar sliding out of her chest comically. Kirishima looked away, holding onto the metal plate she'd made before, covering her from the camera.

The giant metal rod fell on the ground with a clang, bouncing slightly as it hit the floor of the pillar across the room. Momo crossed it effortlessly as Kirishima kept it stable from their end, only for him to swing across it from below once Momo was keeping it stable from the pillar. “Seems like there is another pillar.”

“Does it look like we can use this rod again?” Kirishima crouched, wondering if he'd be able to move it across without it falling over the edge. “You have a limit to how much stuff you can make, right?”

“I had a big lunch.” Momo stated casually, staring at the door across the room. “There has to be something more to th-” before she could finish a giant cement pendulum swung across, fluttering their hair and pausing for just a second at the opposite side before it swung back down, making their bridge idea completely useless.

“I guess we have to jump?” Kirishima grimaced, watching the giant concrete slab swing back in front of them. “I don't know if I'll make it across.”

“this pendulum does distress me as well. I'm sure I could make this jump without it.” Momo's brow furrowed. “Maybe I can make something to stop it?”

“I can stop it.” Kirishima backed up to the edge of the pillar. “leave it to me!”

He timed the jump, hardening his fingers and digging them into the concrete when he hit it, it hurt a bit when he smacked into it, and he was sure it didn't look cool at all, but he scaled it with ease, clawing his way up the stone and trying not to fall off as it swung sideways.

He made it to the top, carefully punching the very top of the slab, making sure he didn't break the part he was holding onto. A few punches and the pendulum broke apart, sending a giant piece of wall flying across the room as it took off on a swing. Momo jumped across with ease, and Kirishima could make the half-distance jump from the added height, even if he landed clumsily, remaining on all fours for a bit while he got the world to stop swinging. Not the most graceful tactic, but it worked.

There were three stepping stones over to where the door was, and Momo gestured to them. “I'm certain these will only allow one of us to cross before crumbling. You can see the structural integrity is weaker as you move down.”

“I see, okay, it's too far to jump without them.” Kirishima hummed. “Oh! I can carry you across!”

“that's a little-”

“I mean unless you want to try to carry ME across?” Kirishima's brows narrowed. “Or I could throw you?”

“carrying me should work.” Momo nodded and Kirishima wiped cement-dust off his hands on his pants. He crouched down, allowing her to climb on his back. He was super conscious about how exposed Momo's legs were now that he had to touch them.

He jumped across the pillars, and of course Momo had been right; they crumbled on contact. Unlike a video game, Kirishima landed flat on his face on the other side, Momo sitting elegantly on his back.

“thank you Kirishima-”

“don't mention it.”

They made it to the door, and Kirishima had a feeling that this was the last one. Maybe it was because two out of three lights on the door were lit, and the last one flickered yellow. They both braced themselves, ready for anything at this point. Kirishima took his stance in front of Momo, hardening his skin just in case they got attacked.

The door swung open but a barred gate still blocked them from entering the room. The light was still yellow, meaning that the test had not begun. They had a clear view inside of the room though, it was filled with vaguely human sized robots. The moment the door opened, their metal faces turned to them, their single eye immediately locking onto them.

The robots didn't attack, possibly because the test hadn't begun yet, and Momo confidently summoned a sword and a shield; the coolest way to kill robots. Suddenly a door on the other side of the room opened, and in the light, they could see two silhouettes dangling from the ceiling above a tall pillar. Familiar silhouettes.

“B-BAKUGO?” Kirishima yelled, the figure dangling from a chain looked like his boyfriend for sure, right next to him was Jiro. What the fuck was going on? He hit the grate, but it only zapped him, sending a shock up his arm and forcing him to back up.

“Kyouka-san!” Momo called out, her grip tightening on the sword. Suddenly Aizawa's voice crackled throughout the room, droning tiredly.

“Here is the scenario.” Aizawa said as all the robots turned 180 degrees, their attention 100% on the new targets that were in the room with them. “You are PRO heroes, and two of your fellow heroes have been wounded in combat and are unconscious. A single hit, and they're dead.”

“a rescue mission?!” Momo gasped out, her expression stern. “If those robots get to them before we do, we've failed.”

“Damn it! HEY! BAKUGO!?” Kirishima nervously grimaced, his eyes darting from the light to the Bakugo-shaped figure across the room. “C'MON already, turn GREEN.”

“Aizawa-sensei is doing this on purpose.” Momo said in a serious tone, her eyes locked onto their targets. “he said he was going to use our weaknesses, he's goading us into being reckless.”

“I WANT to be reckless right now!” Kirishima already hardened both of his arms, ready to slice robots to pieces. “Bakugo fuckin' HATES being tied up!”

“We need to stay calm.” Momo swallowed thickly, her eyes betraying her distress as she readied herself for a sprint. The light flickered over to green, and the gate slid open, as the moment they could enter the room, the robots bee-lined straight for their significant others.

Kirishima grabbed the nearest robot, throwing it ahead to take down as many as he could, Momo sliced off robot heads left and right as they sprinted through the crowd. The robots further back in the room were getting closer to the targets, and an uneasy chill went through Kirishima's body as he saw Bakugo dangle there lifelessly from the chain.

What was Aizawa doing? This situation was cruel! Was this a peek into what the future might be like? Seeing Bakugo in danger because of him? More and more robots were coming, they were barely making progress when they had to take them all down. From the small progress they had made, Kirishima could just make out Bakugo's body, his pale skin looked paler in the darkness of the room. Unnaturally pale.

“Do you have a plan?” Kirishima managed to spit the words through grit teeth, tearing a head off a robot with his bare hands. Therapeutic.

“I have two plans, both of them are too risky.” Momo panted, shoving a sword into a robot's chest before hitting another one with a shield. “any of my big hitter weapons could injure Kyouka and Bakugo as well, but there's no end to the robots.”

“second plan?”

Robots by queenofLiz4rds

“If we could wake either one of them up, just for a second” Momo panted, the robots were starting to come for them as well now, slowing them down. “-they both have excellent long range attacks that could stun the robots-”

“Good plan but I don't think that's gonna work!” Kirishima shook his head, jamming his arm into the chest of a robot and tearing out a bundle of wires. “That's not actually Bakugo up there!”


“It's not actually him!” Kirishima panted, shaking his head. “it's a doll or a dummy or something! Jiro probably too!”

“H-how can you tell from this distance?!” Momo blocked an attack with her shield, taking a closer look at them.

“his skin is too pale and his proportions are all wrong! He's got like... wider shoulders and a slimmer waist than that-” Kirishima grunted as three robots piled up on him. “so they won't be able to help us!”

“Real or not doesn't matter.” Aizawa's annoyed voice crackled over the intercom. “in this scenario it's really them, if you think you can go easier on them just because they are dummies, you'll fail.”

Suddenly a door opened on the side of the room, and a large robot emerged slowly, it looked at lot like the zero-pointer from the entrance exam, just much smaller and more nimble.

“alright, the scene has changed.” The radio crackled ominously. “You have taken too long, the boss villain has appeared, and now your colleagues are going to die from blood loss in 15 minutes.”

A timer flickered on at the top of the exit door and Kirishima spiked up from stress, and he could hear Momo's breathing get more panicked.

“If you fail, I'll expel you.” Aizawa's voice was quite terrifying, and Kirishima glanced over at Momo, who glanced back at him, her skin pale.

“If it was anyone else, you'd be able to do it.” Aizawa continued as the large zero-pointer robot entered the room, heading straight for the dolls. “You're letting your emotions cloud your heads, you're not thinking.”

“SHIT.” Kirishima grimaced looking around. “What do you need Yaomomo?”

“I can make a bolt cutter and get them down.” Momo swallowed thickly, sweat on her brow and a white knuckled grip on her sword. “I need time to make one and to get up there.”

“I can do that, get behind me.” Kirishima hardened up until his skin was sharp. Momo nodded and got as close to Kirishima's spiked back as possible. Then they ran. Kirishima held his arms out, his body straining from the impact of robots on his torso and arms. Didn't matter, just like All Might had said; don't think: Bulldoze. He was made to break down walls. Break down obstacles.

He could hear the sound of Yaoyorozu pulling objects out of her stomach as they ran. The pillar was close.

“Boost me, Kirishima-kun!” Yaomomo called out, bolt cutters in her hand as she jumped over his shoulder, her hand bleeding from the sharp spikes on his shoulders. Kirishima unhardened his arms for a second, putting his hands together and throwing the larger girl into the air with all of his power. She flew up, grabbing onto the edge and pulling herself up, the clank of a bolt cutter cutting through chains were music to Kirishima's ears.

“KYOUKA-SAN IS FREE.” Momo gave him an update from above, Kirishima couldn't see what was going on, but he just kept fighting the onslaught of robots that had chased after them. It was a lot to take on alone, but in a few moments, he could hear the sound of cutters hitting the ground.

“BAKUGO-SAN IS FREE! Momo looked down from the edge of the pillar. “they are heavy, I can't jump down with them both at once!”

“I'm coming!” Kirishima scaled the pillar, leaving the pile of robots behind him to cluster up on each other, following him in a twitching heap as they climbed over each other to keep grabbing at his heels. He made it up and Momo had already gotten the Jiro shaped doll onto her back, fastening it to her torso with her belt-skirt things.

“we only have 7 minutes to make it to the door.” Momo yelled, and the giant robot was starting to close in between them and the door. “We have to GO.”

Kirishima reached down, the doll was quite well made, wearing Bakugo's hero costume. But it didn't look at all like Bakugo on closer inspection. Not only were the skin color and proportions wrong, but the doll just had a basic face, made to look like no-one in particular. He supposed that was so the doll could be swapped out for any student.

He was about to scoop the sand-filled doll into his arms, when he realized he couldn't hold the doll with his hardened arms, he'd hurt him- it? This stupid quirk! It wasn't good for ANYTHING! “D-DAMN IT!” Kirishima snarled, softening up his arms as he scooped the doll into his arms, not as heavy as Bakugo, but heavy enough to feel like a person.

Momo jumped off the pillar, doll strapped to her back as she landed elegantly, the pile of robots spilling over the edge of the pillar and scraping the floor at Kirishima's feet. He jumped off as well, hardening his legs as he landed, grimacing at the shock wave of pain as he started running.

“WE DON'T HAVE TO TAKE OUT THE BOSS.” Momo yelled as they were running straight towards the looming figure of the robot. “WE JUST NEED TO GET THEM THROUGH THE DOOR SAFELY.” The light of the door was just visible from between its spider-like legs. It felt like it was only getting further away the closer they got to the large robot.

More smaller robots appeared, but there was nothing Kirishima could do to fight them. His arms were busy, so he just took the hits, hardening the points of impact and trying not to lose his balance as he continued running. Trying to dodge and weave through the dangers without damaging the doll in his arms.

The door felt like it was getting further and further away, if he failed this, would he really be expelled?

“THREE minutes.” Aizawa's voice droned across the intercom and Kirishima was starting to panic at this point. He was so far behind Momo, she was almost there, a few steps from the finishing like. She looked over her shoulder, her elated expression wiped off by the concern on her face.


“DONT STOP RUNNING!” Kirishima yelled, but her expression just grew more concerned, her eyes drifting upwards. He looked up, and his blood ran cold. The giant fist of the boss-robot was coming down on him, and there was no way he'd be able to escape in time. Even if everything felt like it was moving in slow motion.

“KIRISHIMA-” Momo yelled out, and the weight of the Bakugo-doll in Kirishima's arms was so heavy. So heavy he couldn't do anything. He as scared. He didn't want to fail.

He'd have to leave the dorms.


If only he had a high speed quirk like Iida.

He'd have to go all the way back home to Chiba.


If only he could slide around like Mina.

He'd lose all all these wonderful people.


If only he could swing around like Sero, or deactivate robots like Kaminari.

What would he do if he couldn't go to UA?


If only he could jump like Midoriya-

He wouldn't be able to see any of them anymore.


If only he could freeze things like Todoroki-

He wouldn't be able to see Bakugo anymore.


If he could fly like Bakugo-

He couldn't move. His body was numb and frozen in place. If this was a real fight, wouldn't he be able to save anyone? Wouldn't he be able to save Bakugo? At least Bakugo.




The giant metal fist came down on him, cracking the concrete as it sank into the floor, the timer clicking down to 2:30 minutes.

Momo yelled, her arms full with the Jiro doll, the smaller robots turning their attention to her now that Kirishima had disappeared off their radars.

“Yaoyorozu, you have 2:30 minutes to finish-” Aizawa fell silent as the giant robot raised it's fist. There was a crater in the floor, but right there in the center, was Kirishima. Shaking from the strain of the intense hardening, he was on all fours, his body shielding the doll from the impact.

Harder. He had to be harder. This was all he could do. This was all he was good for. This was what he COULD do.

There was a dent in the fist of the robot, and Yaoyorozu shouted in relief, running across the finishing line, depositing the Jiro doll into a stretcher before she rushed back in. “KIRISHIMA- Hold on-”

The giant metal first came down again, and Kirishima grit his teeth, his breath knocked out of him as the heavy impact threatened to crush him into the floor. It hurt. His back ached and his knees sank into the concrete. Pain rushing through his entire body.

He stared at the doll under him, his eyes unable to blink in their hardened state. The cement cracked around them, dust flying into the air, into his lungs. Then the fist raised again, winding up for another hit, and his arms wobbled.

He was all out. He was going to break. He couldn't take another hit like this, not without crushing the doll under him. Crushing Bakugo.

"Kirishima-” Momo was already there, slicing at the smaller robots that blocked her from him. “I'm here to help-”

“TWO MINUTES.” Aizawa's voice urged tensely.

“T-take him.” Kirishima groaned, and Momo hesitated. “there's not time-”

“Get up Kirishima-kun-”

“I'm too slow- there's not time. TAKE HIM.” He growled, struggling to stand up, he pulled the doll out of the crater, pressing it into Momo's hands. “TAKE BAKUGO!”

“I-” Momo hesitated, her expression unsure.

“ONE MINUTE.” Aizawa urged as the giant robot shifted it's position to get another hit.

“GO!” Kirishima shouted, hardening his arms. “THIS IS WHAT I'M GOOD FOR. I CAN BUY TIME.”

Momo instantly hauled the doll over her shoulder, sprinting towards the door. Kirishima dodged the blow, jamming his hand into the metal, it hurt, his hardening was getting weaker. He held onto the arm as it raised, and he didn't let go until he could drop down to the robot's back.

“30 SECONDS.” Aizawa urged, and Kirishima focused all of his hardening into his first, penetrating the metal. He knew Momo would get Bakugo to safety. She was reliable like that.


He dug around in the organs of the giant robot, trying to stay on as the robot thrashed around, attempting to grab him off it's back.


So many damn cables! Then finally; there! A thick one! It was warm- It was probably important-


He grabbed hold, yanking as hard as he could, and the boiling liquid inside spilled all over his hands.


He hardened, but it was still painful enough to pull a shout of anger from somewhere deep inside him.


The robot came crashing down, crushing all the smaller robots beneath. The impact sent Kirishima flying backwards, scraping against the floor.


“I DID IT!” Momo shouted, probably from the door. “HURRY KIRISHIMA-”

“Both colleagues have been successfully saved.” Aizawa announced through the intercom. “-though you couldn't have been any closer.”

Kirishima struggled to get up, and Momo rushed out to grab him, hauling one of his arms over her shoulders as she practically dragged him over to the door. Kirishima struggled to stand, but once they made it through the door. A green light blinked on, and the relief rushed through Kirishima's entire body.

“The timer- did we pass?” He groaned as Momo let him go. He sat down on the floor, letting himself fall backwards and sprawl out on the floor. He could feel the pain blossoming in his body.

“you did pass.” Aizawa's voice broke through the intercom, slight annoyance in his tone. “though I will deduct you points for reckless tactics. Follow the red arrows to the Exit-room.”

“As long as I'm not expelled.” Kirishima sighed, closing his eyes as Momo sighed in relief.

“That's not a good attitude to have-” Recovery girl sighed, and Kirishima looked up to see the elderly lady walk over. “I understand that dire times mean more intense training, but this is too dangerous.” She crouched over, planting a seeping wet kiss on Kirishima's cheek. He grimaced, but the almost instant relief washed over him as his body started repairing itself.

“and you too deary-” The nurse walked over to Momo, who bowed down to be level with the healer. A Kiss on her cheek and her bruises and the cut on her hand from Kirishima's shoulder started knitting itself together.

“Now please take better care of yourselves.” Recovery girl scolded gently as Kirishima sat up, rubbing his sore arms. “You will make sure to rest properly young man. Here are some candies for later, eat healthy and go to bed early today.”

“yes!” Kirishima accepted the candies, pocketing the individually wrapped fruit gums as he stumbled to his feet. His body might be healing, but he was still absolutely exhausted, emotionally and physically. He couldn't wait to see Bakugo again. He glanced at the doll on the stretchers. The real Bakugo. 



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Chapter Text


They made their way up to the viewing rooms, the screens were flickering with images of Jiro and Aoyama fighting through a hall of swinging blades. When they entered the entire room glanced over, cheering dramatically for them; clapping and whistling. Momo cowered at the attention, covering her mouth shyly as she blushed.

Apparently this viewing room showed the final part of the gauntlet as well. Momo was immediately captivated by the level of distress Jiro was showing as her doll was revealed over a pit of fire. Kirishima smiled softly as he watched the blush and adoration in Momo's eyes. He turned around, and was immediately jumped by the electric blond and Sero.

“are you OKAY Kirishima!?” Kaminari threw his hand up, expression elated. “You got CRUSHED dude! Like TWICE.”

“what are you MADE of!?” Sero sighed in relief. “we were sure you'd be at the nurses' office for a WEEK.”

“nah, no fractures, just bruises and scrapes.” Kirishima grinned, flexing weakly. He looked around the room, scouring each corner. “Where's Bakugo?”

“He's over there.” Kaminari and Sero took a step back, gesturing to the blond who was sitting in the corner, covered in band-aids and bandages. Bakugo was staring at him, back to the corner, eyes practically burning into his skin from across the room. His expression was intense enough to make Kirishima's skin shudder. He smiled awkwardly at his boyfriend, taking a step over but he was stopped by Kaminari and Sero.

“Uh, things got a bit... heated. So Aizawa put him in the corner. He's not allowed to come out for the rest of class.” Sero snorted, glancing over at the now FURIOUS looking blond.

“Hey Bakugo!” Kirishima waved, but Aizawa stuck his head out of a side room, glaring him into submission.

“-and we're not allowed to talk to him until he's calmed down.” Kaminari's brow raised suggestively. “I guess that goes for you too.”

“wh- what? What happened?” Kirishima glanced around, the entire place didn't look destroyed. “did he get angry at me?”

“oh yeah he was furious.” Kaminari shrugged. “At everything to be honest, he was angry when he got back after his last test.”

“I didn't see his last test.” Kirishima looked over at the screens, feeling Bakugo's eyes on him. “are they all like this?”

“yeah.” Sero sighed, rubbing the back of his head. “They specifically pick a classmate you care about, it's really cruel.”

“I had to save Sero from fire!” Kaminari laughed, punching the taller boy in the shoulder. “my rescue attempt wasn't half as dramatic or romantic as yours though! I wish I had gotten robots, those are easy.”

“I'm sure you didn't get robots because it wasn't SUPPOSED to be easy.” Sero rolled his eyes. “I got Kaminari. I thought it was the real thing too, since the stupid face on the doll was almost spot on.”

“hey!” Kaminari argued, frowning at the taller boy. “other than that, the match ups have been pretty random, I guess Aizawa tries to use dolls of people you're close to in the class, friends and stuff.”

“Iida got Midoriya, but Uraraka got Tsu-chan and stuff like that.” Sero shrugged. “I think Jiro is saving Yaomomo right now? Seems like Aizawa picks up on it if you have someone special.”

They looked up at the screens, and yes, currently Jiro and Aoyama were struggling to save dolls of Momo and Iida from a cage suspended over a pit of spikes. Kirishima grimaced as he saw Jiro and Aoyama team up to move the large, fully-armored doll of Iida.

He glanced back over at the corner where Bakugo sat. the blond was still staring at him, his leg was bouncing impatiently, his eyes locked onto him. “uh... did.... did Bakugo get me?”

Kaminari and Sero exchanged smug looks for a second, their faces devious. “He sure fuckin' did.”

Kirishima couldn't help but grin at that, but Bakugo just looked murderous, so it was a mixed bag of emotions. “how... did it go?”

“oh, he freaked out, barely passed.” Sero snorted, and Bakugo looked about ready to jump out of the corner, but Aizawa glared him back down. Sero continued, shrugging casually. “I mean I would have freaked out too, you were all tied to a pillar and stuff. It was scary looking.”

“-with like these saw blades and shit coming for you- NYOUMM” Kaminari brushed his hand across Kirishima's body, implying that the doll had been in grave danger. “It was dramatic, and very romantic.”

“W-what? He almost failed?” Kirishima found that hard to believe, though he had barely passed himself, so he had no right to judge.

“oh yeah it was a whole deal. Well technically he saved you, but it was a close call.” Kaminari grimaced, his voice low as he glanced cautiously over to Bakugo. “he was stuck at the nurses office for like 30 minutes. He just got back just in time to see your romantic hero rescue.”

“It was super cool, but I was sure you were DEAD for a minute.” Sero whistled low. “-and we all freaked out a bit when Aizawa said he'd expel you, though I don't think he meant it.”

“Yeah it would have been kinda unfair, since a few people failed and didn't get expelled.” Kaminari shrugged. “-like Tsuyu failed to save the Uraraka doll before the timer ran out and she was WRECKED for like 20 minutes, Tokoyami too, he looked pretty messed up when the Shouji doll was taken out of bounds.”

“My Kaminari got his hair buzzed off.” Sero shook his head, his shoulder brushing against Kaminari's apologetically. “I technically didn't fail because it wasn't 'injuries' but that was just scraping by.”

“This entire thing just seems harsh.” Kirishima grimaced, looking at Aizawa, who was controlling switches and buttons skillfully, his expression focused and serious. He glanced over at Tsuyu, who was clinging to Uraraka who was cooing at her gently. He knew that they had to step up their training now that the villains were growing in strength and numbers but-

“Tell me about it! This entire class has been just a giant emotional drama-bomb, I'm mentally exhausted.” Sero rubbed his face tiredly. “I can't wait to go take a shower and just play some games until I pass out.”

“That sounds awesome.” Kaminari sighed, resting his forehead on Sero's shoulder. “You should play that one farming game. “

“I told you man, you can borrow it whenever-”

“nah I just like watching you play it. It chills me out.”

Kirishima was mentally out of the conversation at this point, his attention locked onto Bakugo. He tip toed his way over to the corner, glancing over at Aizawa who was preoccupied. The moment he got close, Bakugo practically jumped to his feet, grabbing onto what was left of Kirishima's shoulder pads and pulling him over.

The kiss was aggressive and short, their lips barely apart for what felt like forever afterwards, leaving Kirishima shell-shocked from being kissed RIGHT in front of half of the class! And Aizawa-sensei too!

“OI!” Aizawa yelled on cue from the control booth, wrapping a bandage around Kirishima's head and pulling him backwards away from Bakugo. “No inappropriate behavior in class.”

Bakugo let him go, his voice dark and dangerous as he whispered low enough for only him to hear. “-you better wash your fuckin' dick properly.”

Kirishima was pulled away from Bakugo, his eyes wide. THAT was what he'd been forgetting! Suddenly he could remember waking up in the middle of the night. Making out, talking, making plans. The realization washed over him and he flushed, covering his face as Aizawa yanked him into the middle of the room, right into the arms of Kaminari and Sero, who looked at him suspiciously. Their eyes darting from Bakugo to him a few times before they seemed to reach a conclusion. What conclusion that was, Kirishima had no idea.


Once everyone had finished their ordeal, the shaken group of people gathered at the center of the room. Kirishima glanced around the group, the entire atmosphere gloomy, everyone's eyes were downcast and their shoulders slumped. The atmosphere hadn't been this bad since the night Bakugo was taken.

“Did you think that today's class was unfair?” Aizawa asked, his voice dry and matter of fact. The group muttered something in agreement, and Bakugo snarled angrily. Aizawa raised his hand to silence them, his voice droning on. “we usually reserve this class for second years, since it's a bit more mentally exhausting, but if you're going to get your provisional licenses early we need to prepare you for rescues.”

There was silence in the class; no one dared say anything. Aizawa exhaled deeply, rubbing the back of his head. He grimaced from behind his scarf, his voice was more human now, a bit more sympathetic.

“This is what being a hero is about. We're not training you to be popular or have one liners, we're teaching you to survive. There are going to be times where you might be staring death in the eyes, and the eyes might belong to someone you know.”

The class remained silent, but there were a few audible shaky breaths taken from somewhere in the group. A chill snaked up Kirishima's spine.

“-rushing in recklessly and getting hurt will only lead to more targets to save.” Aizawa slowly rubbed his swollen eyes. “This isn't a game, you're training for the most dangerous job in the world.“

“But- Isn't it okay to be sad?” Midoriya's voice broke the silence, and Aizawa's red eyes narrowed. “getting upset when someone's being hurt, isn't that what makes good people act?” Midoriya's voice was trembling; with emotion or anger, Kirishima couldn't tell.

“It's true.” Aizawa relented, sighing as he applied eye drops casually. “Good people can die like heroes.”

There was silence as Aizawa blinked away the fogginess of the drops. “but you want to live as heroes; and that is going to take hard work.”

The entire class puffed up a bit at that, Aizawa had a strange morbid way of motivating people.

“PLUS ULTRA; that's why you came to UA.” Aizawa shifted his stance to something a bit more confident, his expression utterly and completely serious. “-my goal is to make sure you retire in old age.”

The class swallowed thickly, the morale boosted and confidence raised. Kirishima could feel the determination crackle through them like static electricity. He could feel the collective determination and passion rising. Plus Ultra. UGH, Aizawa was so cool! What a manly speech!

“You know where the school therapist is; in case you want to talk about it.” Aizawa put his hands in his pockets again. “class dismissed; hit the showers.”


Today had been a special extra-long hero class, which they often moved to the end of the day, since some injuries were to be expected. Kirishima already felt a bit better as he stood under the water, letting the water soak through his hair and run down his back. Man his back and knees hurt the most.

Thankful for UA's fancy private gym showers, Kirishima washed himself thoroughly, nervously paying extra attention to his groin, before wrapping himself in a towel as he joined the others to get dressed. He donned most of his uniform, but because they were just headed to the dorms, he didn't bother putting on his jacket or tie. Bakugo waited for him, dressed similarly, though they still hadn't said a word to each other since class ended.

Sero and Kaminari joined them on their walk to the dorms, smugness almost dripping from their smiles. The pep already returning to their steps. “So aren't you guys gonna talk about how romantic today's class was?”

“No.” Bakugo frowned, but then stopped and turned to the third and fourth wheel of this walk. “and neither are you.”

“Aw c'mon!” Kaminari huffed, putting his arm around Bakugo; bravely sticking his arm into the lion's den. “How about Kirishima knowing it's not you from a distance?”

“I mean it just looked off okay?” Kirishima defended himself, he hadn't realized how strange that had sounded when he was in the heat of the moment. “nothing special about it.”

“oh it was plenty special” Sero waggled his eyebrows. “Right, Bakugo?”

“Shut your fuckin' face tape-hair.” Bakugo snarled, avoiding eye contact. The tips of his ears were red, and he was practically pouting. Kirishima wondered what had actually happened in the screening room. He was dying to know, the curiosity was eating him up.

“honestly, you've got some of the COOLEST moves Kirishima.” Kaminari shrugged. “there's just something so RAW about the way you fight? It's so close combat and PHYSICAL, like real action movie shit.”

“Manly!” Sero chimed in, and Kirishima couldn't help but grin. His friends were the best.

“thanks guys.” Kirishima sighed, closing his eyes as he breathed in the cooling early-evening breeze. He could feel fingers brushing against his hand, and he could immediately tell by the callouses and warmth that it was Bakugo.

“of fuckin' course. You think I'd date a loser?” Bakugo huffed, face slightly flushed as he slipped his fingers in between Kirishima's. He squeezed his hand slightly, their eyes meeting for the first time since class was dismissed. Kirishima could feel electricity in his blood, and he had to double check to make sure Kaminari wasn't zapping him.

“Agh, you guys are so gross sometimes.” Kaminari sighed dramatically, massaging his temples. “but I guess as your friend; I should be supportive.”

“you guys are the best.” Kirishima sighed, and both Sero and Kaminari almost visibly melted at the words. They piled onto him, hugging him and by extension Bakugo, yelling something about 'protecting that smile'. Kirishima just laughed, he was too tired to fight them off even if he wanted to.

“get the fuck OFF already!” Bakugo snapped somewhere from below Kaminari's armpit. Neither boy took it badly, retreating from the hug only to tease Bakugo about his possessiveness all the way to the dorms. They all split up to put their uniforms away, and before Kirishima had even gotten his shirt on, Bakugo was in his room.

“Hey!” Kirishima grinned, trying to work a shirt over his head despite his throbbing and rapidly healing back. He was moving so painfully slow, but every bone is his body ached.

“if you're fuckin' sore, then just wear a zip-up” Bakugo walked over, grabbing a large Crimson Riot hoodie from a pile of clothes, handing it over. Kirishima felt stupid for not thinking of that first, so he shrugged it on, zipping it up. He'd never worn a hoodie without anything under it before. Felt strange.

They stood there for a solid minute, and then Bakugo just lurched forward, pressing his forehead against Kirishima's shoulder. He clearly had something on his mind. “You're so stupid.”


“are you guys dressed?” Kaminari appeared at the open door, pausing for a second as he watched them stand there awkwardly. “oh. We're going to dinner, you guys coming or-?”

“oh- yeah.” Kirishima let go of Bakugo, taking the blond's hand and following Kaminari out. “lets go!” They met Sero in the elevator, and by the time they had made it to the cafeteria, Mina had joined them.

“I'm sooooo tired.” Mina groaned, laying on the table next to her food tray. “I'm sore all over! Getting dressed was really hard.”

Kirishima grunted in agreement, he'd done as Recovery girl instructed and chosen the healthiest meal, but he just wasn't in the mood to eat anything at the moment. He forced himself to eat anyway, though the entire class seemed to be a bit listless. Rescue training did that to them, it was always more emotionally exhausting than combat training.

“I hadn't thought about that you know; when we're pro heroes?” Sero rested his tape-dispenser elbows on the table, propping his chin up. “I don't know what I'd do if I showed up and one of our classmates was just... dying on the ground.”

Hearing it out loud sent a bone chilling shudder through all of their tired bodies. Kirishima wasn't sure ANYONE would know what to do in that situation. He supposed that was what Aizawa was trying to teach them. Then suddenly Kaminari stretched with a loud yawn shaking his head to wake himself up.

“It's just reality, right?” Kaminari shrugged, his voice casual. “It's not like firefighters become firefighters to die, right? It's just a risk that comes with the job, just like hero work.”

“that's true.” Sero hummed, shoveling rice into his mouth. “it's all about teamwork too, to minimize risk. That's probably why hero teams are becoming so popular.”

“Or you could just become super strong and stop worrying about shit.” Bakugo snorted, and the trio across the table rolled their eyes. He wasn't wrong though.

“so... manly.” Kirishima cried into his rice, moved by the sheer badassery dripping out of every pore on Bakugo's body. “Bakugo, you're so fuckin' cool.”

“TALKING about COOL.” Sero said casually and all of his friends knew he only made that face when he wanted to raise some hell. “Lets talk about Bakugo's class today, right?”

“What! What? What is it!?” Mina, who had been one of the last people to be dragged through the rescue class today was immediately intrigued, and Kirishima had to agree, he was beyond curious at this point.

“I wanna know too.” Though he felt bad for not stopping Sero, since Bakugo was fuming angrily next to him.

“IT'S NOTHING SPECIAL!” Bakugo snarled, slamming his palm on the table. “THERE'S NOTHIN TO TALK ABOUT.”

“I'm sure Kirishima disagrees.” Kaminari pouted smugly. “isn't it unfair you got to see his entire test, but he doesn't get to know about yours?”

“ugh! I wanna know!” Mina cried out dramatically, bouncing in her seat.

“TCH!” Bakugo snarled and paused looking over at Kirishima, his ears burning slightly and his voice rough with embarrassment. He got up, avoiding eye contact. “...I'll be in my room.”

“y-yeah!” Kirishima nodded, watching Bakugo leave. It felt weird not to go with him, but he wanted to know what had happened in class so badly. The moment Bakugo was out of earshot, he leant in, staring at sero and kaminari. “What happened!?”

“Dude, it was crazy.” Kaminari threw his arms up, clearly relieved that Bakugo was gone. He looked like he'd been dying to talk to him about it since class. “But honestly, you were so cool during class if Bakugo hadn't liked you before he'd for sure like you now, he flipped!”

“But what happened in HIS test!?” Kirishima groaned, grabbing his face in embarrassment. “you said there had been like saw blades and stuff.”

“yeah so like before Aizawa could even set the “scene” for the last part, Bakugo had already seen your doll, right? So he was blasting through the gate before it was even time.” Sero grinned, holding his hands up to symbolize the distance. “and him and Sato were supposed to get you and Kouda without bringing down the pillar right?”

“But Aizawa got REAL pissed that Bakugo didn't listen to his instructions!” Kamniari snorted, rubbing at his face. “-so he said Bakugo fucked up and suddenly the sawblades came out and NYOUMM-” Kaminari dusted his hand through Kirishima's hair, slapping at his scalp. “-BUZZ-CUT on your doll, cut into the ear too!”

“Whaaaa?!” Kirishima grabbed at his own hair in distress. His hair was super important to his hero image!

“yeah!” Sero laughed, shaking his head. “If I hadn't know it had been dolls because I already went through it, I would have freaked out.”

“Bakugo DID freak out.” Kaminari made direct eye contact with Mina, who was eating this up in silent excitement. “he froze up for like a solid second, it was so dramatic. Then he just straight up started yelling.”

“then he BLASTED off across the room! It was CRAZY how much distance he managed to get.” Sero whistled low. “almost broke the pillar on landing, then he tore the buzz saw apart with an explosion, it was really dramatic. He really stuck his arms in there too, it looked dangerous.”

“poor Sato had run to keep up, there were robots and stuff but Bakugo moved too fast so they all showed up after he'd disabled the saws.” Kaminari shrugged. “so there wasn't really a timer going on for them.”

“Bakugo was so relieved when he realized it was a doll, you could really see it on his body language.” Kaminari hummed. “then he carried you on his back to the exit. That part wasn't the special romantic part.”

“special romantic?” Mina gasped, her drink completely forgotten on her lips.

“yeah- when it was Kirishima's turn, he was so cool by the way, you should have seen it-” Kaminari started describing Kirishima's class to Mina, but the redhead was too busy digesting the information he just got. He would have freaked out too if he'd thought Bakugo had gotten a buzz-cut because of him. The entire thing made him want to kiss Bakugo into the afterlife.

“THEN-” Sero snapped his fingers to get Kirishima's attention back to the conversation. “Kirishima was all 'this doll isn't hot enough to be Bakugo!' and-”

“that's NOT what I said! It just didn't have his proportions! It was obvious!” Kirishima huffed, sulking in his seat. Mina was drinking this in excitedly, waving him off as she looked at Sero, urging him to continue.

-And continue Sero did. “and Bakugo was FLOORED by this, he got all red in the face right? Aizawa wasn't happy about you seeing through the doll thing though, so he added a timer right? Saying that he was going to expel you.”

“we all freaked out, but Bakugo just started yelling at Kirishima, even if he obviously couldn't hear him.” Kaminari rubbed his temples. “so Aizawa sent Bakugo to the corner, apparently the yelling was picking up on the intercom or something.”

“we all thought you'd gotten expelled when the robot crushed you. Because like, the doll would get hurt, right?” Sero shook his head. “it was chilling man, seeing you take that and stay up the way you did.”

“it was sooooooooo cool.” Kaminari covered his face with his hands. “and then you called the doll Bakugo and said something like you being only good for this or whatever.”

“ah, I mean it's the only thing I can do really?” Kirishima grimaced awkwardly. “take hits and stuff?”

Kaminari and Sero snorted loudly “-that and rip apart robots apparently.”

“That was- I just had to make sure Yaomomo would have enough time-”

“ANYWAY-” Kaminari waved off Kirishima's explanation, pressing a hand over his face to silence him. “Bakugo was not happy about you talking shit on yourself, he started yelling again and Aizawa got pissed.”

“But you guys made it, and it was really cool! Like a movie!” Sero grinned and Mina chuckled. “though I'm sure Aizawa wouldn't have expelled you for real, it's so scary when he uses that lie!”

Kirishima sighed, rubbing his own face now that Kaminari had let go of it. “I really want to see Bakugo now.”

“You guys can be so sappy and gross sometimes.” Kaminari shrugged, pulling Kirishima's tray over to him. “we'll clean up your stuff so; go-” Sero dramatically waved him off. “-be with him!”

Kirishima thanked his friends, and made his way back to the dorms. It was strange to walk there alone, his hand felt so naked and restless. Aaaaah he wanted to see Bakugo so badly. He walked faster. Then faster. Eventually he was jogging towards the dorms; then he was sprinting.


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Chapter Text

“Bakugo, it's me!” He knocked on the door to Bakugo's room, shouldering the door open and peeking inside. The blond put his laptop aside, avoiding eye contact, his ears red. Kirishima closed the door behind him, moving over to the bed where he sat down across from Bakugo, not knowing how to start the conversation. “so uh-”

“I still don't want to keep it a secret.” Bakugo's jaw was set, his eyes glued to the bed.


“Dating!” Bakugo grimaced. “I'm sure today's test was because of Mic talking to Aizawa about what happened in class.”

“Oh yeah!” Kirishima had almost completely forgotten about that entire exchange. It made sense that Present mic would tell Aizawa about it, since he was their homeroom teacher. He hadn't even considered that. “You're probably right.”

“You should have figured it out too.” Bakugo groaned, rubbing at his face before he pulled his legs in, pressing his forehead against his knees. “that's why I was sure that it was really you back there.”

Kirishima reached out, putting his hand on Bakugo's knee, rubbing at the fabric of his pants with his thumb. “I don't want to keep it a secret either, so we'll just have to get stronger!”

“ You were... super cool today.” Bakugo muttered, his voice drowned out against his own stomach. Then he shook his head, red eyes appearing over the edge of his knees, glaring daggers at Kirishima. “-but if you're going to have my back, don't DIE doing it.”

“I didn't die!” Kirishima grinned widely. “and I'm not going to let you get hurt either if I can prevent it.”

“If today was real, you could have gotten killed.” Bakugo said seriously, his voice dripping with anger. “how are you expecting me to live with that?”

“As a hero.”

“Shit.” Bakugo growled, grimacing as he glared at the ceiling. “This is bullshit. And it doesn't even fuckin' matter since none of that is gonna happen because we're going to get super strong and kill all the villains who show up.”

“Heroes don't kill villains Bakugo-”

“well maybe they FUCKIN' should!” Bakugo snarled out. “It's FUCKIN' unfair! The villains kill and maim and all that shit, but we're supposed to CAPTURE them? In THIS era? The villains are getting more and more violent since- since-” the blond grabbed his face, seething in anger.

He'd felt it too. The balance had shifted a bit, the world became a bit bleaker without All Might to inspire the public and discourage the villains. Ever since Kamino, the world had become a bit bloodier, a little bit harsher, and Bakugo had been at the center of the storm.

Kirishima reached over, putting an arm around his boyfriend's shoulder to calm him down. “It's BECAUSE the villains are getting more and more violent that we need to stick to our morals. How are we supposed to make people feel safe, if all we do is kill and hurt back?”

“I know, but it's fuckin' stupid.”

The blond visibly relaxed, his expression easing slightly as he closed his eyes and let Kirishima pull him closer. Then a bit closer. Then Kirishima turned on the bed and hugged him, somehow hoping that just hugging him for a while would make all the bad things that happened to him go away. He knew they wouldn't, but Bakugo clearly needed a hug right now, judging from the way he clung to his shirt.

“we're going to have to get stronger.” Bakugo broke the silence after a long while, his voice a bit strained but under control. “I'm going to be so strong that villains piss their pants when I show up.”

“that's the spirit!”

“and then I'll kill them.” Bakugo smirked dangerously, and Kirishima burst out laughing. The tension and discomfort melting away as he allowed himself to just laugh, he didn't even care if the blond was glaring at him in indignation.

“I love you, Bakugo.” Kirishima sighed, wiping a tear from his eyes once he finally stopped laughing. The blond grimaced, pushing him away until Kirishima just let himself fall backwards against the wall.

“I fuckin' know.” Bakugo frowned, his eyes glued to the floor. “I saw.”

Kirishima blushed slightly, pulling his legs in so he could sit more comfortably on the bed. “I...”

“Even if i'm still pissed off that you'd do something so stupid-”

“hey!” Kirishima interrupted, frowning at his boyfriend. “the guys told me you shoved your entire arms into the sawblades! You don't get to lecture me!”

At that Bakugo's ears reddened and he snarled angrily. “I'm gonna kick their asses! What else did they fuckin' tell you!?”

“that my doll got a buzzcut!” Kirishima confessed loudly, and Bakugo grimaced, then angrily reached out and grabbed Kirishima's hair, running his fingers through it almost vengefully. Bakugo's hands gently slid through the freshly washed locks, clawing at the scalp gently. Kirishima closed his eyes, enjoying the manly affection, even if it was a bit aggressive.

“The guys told me you got real mad, you sure like it a lot for someone who calls it shitty all the time.” Kirishima hummed smugly, but then there was a tight grip on his hair, and he was forced to look at the furious blond.

“I didn't get mad because I like it, idiot. I got mad because it's important to you.”

“important? oh, yeah I mean it's such a huge part of my hero look-”

“that's not what I mean.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “back at karaoke, your friends, they were talking about your hair right? You dye it.”

“oh.” Kirishima swallowed thickly, running his hand self consciously over his hair, as if he could feel the roots under his fingertips. “yeah. It's... black. Just.... boring, regular black. Sorry.”

“I don't give a shit about that, it's none of my business what you USED to look like.” Bakugo huffed.

“but isn't it stupid? It's a lot of work to keep up!” Kirishima groaned, his heart heavy, all of the feelings he'd been bottling up came rushing out. “-I gotta cover up the roots and use special color shampoo like, it's... don't you think it's a waste of time? It's not manly!”

“I don't see anything unmanly about it, it takes serious balls to dye your hair bright red.” Bakugo reclined on the bed, looking at Kirishima's hair. “and it looks good on you, so it's not a waste.”

“you-” Kirishima hadn't expected that, so he didn't really have a comeback. He lingered for a bit, his jaw hanging open as Bakugo seemed to be waiting for him to throw another argument at him to blast down.

“If you put this much work into it, it has to be important to you.” Bakugo's eyes flickered down to Kirishima's own red eyes. “The styling and dyeing and all that shit, it's all a part of who you choose to be.”

Kirishima stared. How could Bakugo just tell? It was like Bakugo was somehow fixing him on the inside and he couldn't tell if it was some sort of coincidence, but so often when he was feeling bad about himself, Bakugo could just put him at ease. Often it didn't take more than a second to ease worries he'd had for most of his life. He could feel tears burning on the corner of his eyes.

“Damn it!” Kirishima rubbed the tears from his eyes. “Don't SAY cool shit like that, Bakugo! You're gonna make me CRY!”

“you cry too easily.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, kicking Kirishima gently from across the bed.

“It's so romantic of you though, to worry about all that in class.” Kirishima crawled over to Bakugo on the bed, his heart racing as he pressed a kiss against Bakugo's jaw. The blond didn't move or resist, only pouted petulantly as Kirishima peppered his jawline with kisses. “If you're not careful, I'm gonna fall even more in love with you or something.”

Bakugo's face was bright red, and his pout had grown impressive. Kirishima snorted, pressing his own mouth against the protruding lips, forcing the pout back to normal. He sighed into the kiss, the lingering feeling of the blond's lips on his own making his stomach flutter almost painfully.

“I don't know if that's even possible though.”

“UGH!” Bakugo groaned as he covered his face with his arm, pushing Kirishima away with his hand as he sank back into the bed, pulling his legs in. “you're so fuckin' gross.”

“you're the one who's been flirting!” Kirishima threw his arms up angrily as he let himself fall down face first on the bed next to Bakugo. “how do you even expect me to act!?” His heart was so full of emotions right now, it was almost painful.

“It's not flirting!” Bakugo snapped, his cheeks flushed bright red. “I'd say that shit even if we weren't dating!”

“but then we'd start dating, because you're super cool!” Kirishima groaned, pulling at his own hair in frustration. He needed an outlet for these emotions or he was going to explode. “UGH, just let me KISS you damn it!”

“FINE! But no more of that sappy shit.” Bakugo snarled, and Kirishima instantly felt lighter as he scrambled up on all fours, closing the distance between them. Bakugo's face was red when they kissed, Kirishima could feel the corners of his mouth were twitching upwards. He smiled into the kiss as well, darting his tongue out to tease the lips apart.

Bakugo's bandaged arms snaked over Kirishima's shoulders, pulling him in, deepening the kiss. Bakugo was the coolest. Kirishima groaned, the heat creeping up his spine and spreading out his body. He could feel the ache in his back and knees fade away, replaced by glorious numbness. Bakugo's hands pulling at his sweater, head tilted as he kissed him fervently.

The kisses felt more intense today, but each day they felt more intense than before. Was it because of the adrenaline that was still buzzing in their veins? Was it because of this deep dark scary intense feeling in Kirishima's chest? Was this just going to keep getting more intense until he died? Or was he just emotionally raw from the shock of class?

They fumbled clumsily as they tried to get into a more optimal make out position, with their eyes barely open and their mouths connected, it was hard to move properly. Bakugo groaned on the bed, accidentally kneeing him in the thigh, but Kirishima didn't care. He accidentally pulled on Bakugo's hair as he moved his hand over to the side of the blonds head. When they paused their kissing for air, Kirishima sat up, panting as he straddled the blond.

“hey- Bakugo” Kirishima muttered, wondering if he should bring up the fact that he was painfully hard.

“Back then at the karaeoke-” Bakugo hummed, his brow furrowed. “They called you Ei.”

“oh, uh, yeah?” Kirishima's chest felt full to bursting, why was the kissing paused? “that's... what they called me back in middle school.”

“did you like to be called Ei?” Bakugo's voice was curious, but there was something darker there.

“uh...” Kirishima thought about it. He'd never minded it, it was just a thing that had happened over the course of several years, but he just rolled with it. Now it reminded him of who he used to be back in middle school. If Bakugo was getting at what he thought he was, he wasn't going to bring that with him. He wasn't as strong as Midoriya, he couldn't reinvent something like that. It hurt too much.

“No. not really.” 'Ei' had to stay dead.

“Then Eijiro works?” Bakugo averted his eyes. Kirishima's breath was punched out of him at the sound of his name coming from Bakugo's lips.

“y-you wanna use first names!?” Kirishima rose up, staring at the blond. He was feeling beyond giddy, he could barely contain himself as he grinned widely, pressing a kiss into Bakugo's knee. “So want me to call you by your first name or maybe Kacchan?”

“NO.” Bakugo frowned, pulling his knees in slightly, his expression dark and scary. “You can't call me that.”

“oh-” Kirishima was slightly taken aback by that, but mostly because of the pain in Bakugo's tone. “Okay”

“It's- It's not because I fuckin' hate you or anything, don't look like that-” Bakugo dug his heel into Kirishima's thigh. “You can call me anything else, just not that.”

“That's fine! I was just surprised- I don't even particularly want to call you that-” Kirishima smiled, running his fingers over the fabric on Bakugo's sweatpants. “is it because Midoriya calls you that?”

“Him and my fuckin' garbage ass 'friends' from middle school.” Bakugo snarled, pulling at the sheets angrily. “Those fuckin' suck ups. I don't give a shit about any of them.”

“Kaminari likes to call you Kacchan though.” Kirishima pointed out and the blond almost visibly tensed.

“he does it to piss me off.” Bakugo huffed. “He doesn't fuckin' know what 'Kacchan' was like. Only Deku knows.”

“Well if Midoriya can take Deku back as a positive thing, then maybe you can reclaim Kacchan?”

“Kacchan was a horrible person.” Bakugo grit his teeth, crossing his arms defensively. “I don't want to reclaim it.”

Kirishima stared at the bed sheets, pulling at them absently as he thought. “Ei was a coward.”

Bakugo narrowed his eyes, but his brow was furrowed in deep thought. They sat there silently for a bit.

“Ei would have hated Kacchan.” Bakugo sighed. “He would have treated him like shit.”

“Ei would never had had the guts to talk to Kacchan in the first place.” Kirishima muttered. “He was absolutely useless around attractive people.”

Bakugo snorted. “back to fuckin' flirting?”

“It's a -fact-.” Kirishima did his best Bakugo impression. Bakugo smirked, amused by his own words being used against him. There was something heavy hanging in the air, and Kirishima was realizing for the first time how many things he was doing now that he would never have considered before. Maybe he had changed.

“They left.” Bakugo's voice was raspy and he had pulled his knees completely in. “when that fuckin' stupid sludge villain got me.”

Kirishima remembered reading about it on the hero news half a year back, before he applied to UA. About a brave middle schooler that fought against a villain when he was captured, and another middle schooler who jumped in to help before All Might showed up. Thinking back on it now, that 'cute guy' had been Bakugo, and the guy who jumped in had probably been Midoriya.

“There wasn't anything they could do though?” Kirishima swallowed thickly, he probably wouldn't have been able to run in to save him either. He had been a coward back then. He would have let Bakugo suffer. He would have let the villain get him. Never. Never back to that. He'd rather die than go back.

“You don't get it.” Bakugo groaned, gritting his teeth. “They would have gotten their lame asses killed, but that's not why they didn't try to help. They didn't even want to.”


“They weren't my friends. They were just there to suck up to me. I was the best, so they wanted to seem cool. They didn't like ME at ALL.” Bakugo snarled. “I didn't know what real friends were like, not before I joined this horrible ass fest of a class!”


“You're all IDIOTS!” Bakugo huffed, his eyes reddening slightly. “WHY did you come to get me!? I DIDNT ASK YOU TO COME! I DIDN'T ASK ANYONE TO COME! I DIDN'T ASK ALL MIGHT TO COME EITHER!”

“We... We came because we're your friends. We care about you.” Kirishima grabbed onto Bakugo's wrists, he wasn't sure why but he wanted nothing less than Bakugo covering his face at this very moment. It felt too important to keep eye contact. He didn't know what he was saying, but he wanted Bakugo to know he meant it. “You have to agree, we've all grown closer since school started-”

“that's ALL because of YOU! Why did you just DECIDE to be my friend!?” Bakugo tried to pull his arms free, explosions firing off rapidly. “who fuckin' ASKED you!?”

“no one!” Kirishima hardened his hand, bringing it up and pressing his palm against Bakugo's. “I wanted to be friends because I genuinely liked you!”


“it's TRUE!” Kirishima stressed angrily. “You're so confident and you always give anything you do everything you have! I love it! It makes me feel like I can do anything too!”

Bakugo was calming down, his eyes wide as he panted, staring at Kirishima. The explosions in his palm died down slowly, but he still grimaced as if he was in pain.

“I think about you when I feel like I can't do it.” Kirishima still held onto Bakugo's hands, he stared into the red eyes across from him, the pair that looked a lot like his own, but felt completely different. “when I feel like I can't keep up. When I feel like I can't move past my limit, I think about you, and how you are always working so hard to improve. You inspire me-”

“are you fuckin' kidding me!?-” Bakugo grit his teeth, the grimace turning into a pained scowl. His head dropped, his hands were shaking in Kirishima's grip. “shit... I don't want to be your fuckin' goal too...”

“You're not my goal!” Kirishima snarled, his eyes burning. “I don't want to surpass you.”

Bakugo stared at him.

“You're going to be so amazing.” Kirishima sighed angrily, bringing Bakugo's hand up to his face and pressing it against his own throbbing forehead. He closed his eyes, sucking in a shaking breath through his teeth. “I just want to be strong enough to stand beside you, as equals, forever. That's my goal.

Bakugo's hand on his forehead moved, fingers slowly fanning out across the flushed skin. Kirishima kept his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of cold fingertips on his face. Bakugo hadn't said anything, and Kirishima was too scared to look up and see the expression the blond was making. Then he felt Bakugo's breath on his lips, and he surrendered to it, welcoming the kiss.

“I'm not an obstacle for you to overcome then?” Bakugo's voice was soft against his lips. “I'm not a milestone for you to pass?”

“I don't want to pass you at all.” Kirishima sighed, his lips brushing against Bakugo's as he spoke. “even if I could, why would I ever want to leave you behind?”

“I'm going to become the number one strongest hero.” Bakugo muttered, his fingers caressing Kirishima's jaw. “I'm not gonna let you lag behind; you better keep up, or I'll kick your ass.”

“I'm counting on it, I need the kicking sometimes.” Kirishima inhaled deeply, his body aching with a mix of adrenaline and gut wrenching amount of love. “I love you, Katsuki.”

“ugh.” Bakugo groaned his hands dropping down to Kirishima's collar. “That's way fuckin' better than Kacchan.

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Chapter Text

warning: This chapter is almost completely nsfw!


“I love you, Katsuki.”

“ugh.” Bakugo groaned, his hands dropping down to Kirishima's collar. “That's way fuckin' better than Kacchan.


“Riiiight?” Kirishima laughed, but then suddenly the zipper on his hoodie was yanked down, and he recoiled at Bakugo's cold hands on his chest. “Your hands are cold Baku- Katsuki!” 

“They'll be warm soon enough.” Bakugo leaned in for a kiss, pulling the hoodie off Kirishima's shoulders as he greedily invaded the sharp and pointy mouth. Kirishima could barely keep up, the kissing was intense and needy, and he could only cling to Bakugo's shirt and let the blond kiss him senseless. Bakugo's hands ran over his torso, buried in his hair, clawed at his skin. Bakugo was trying to get his feelings across without words and Kirishima could feel them in the way Bakugo's fingers dug into his flesh.

“Katsuki-” Kirishima sighed once they parted for air, and Bakugo tried to catch his mouth again. He dodged it, pressing a kiss against Bakugo's neck as his hands ran up under the back of his shirt. “Katsuki-”

“don't just say my name-” Bakugo grumbled petulantly into his skin, a flush on his ears.

“But I really like it!” Kirishima pleaded his case, pulling Bakugo's shirt up. The blond reached over his head and pulled the top off, tossing it on the floor as he dove back in for more kissing. They made out for what felt like hours, laying on the bed. Kirishima enjoyed the weight of Bakugo on his chest, the kisses kept coming and coming, leaving him panting and flushed down to his chest.

He could feel the slickness of Bakugo's skin under his fingers, the heat of another body on his. His heart was thundering in his chest, and Bakugo's was doing the same. Wordlessly they kissed, shifting slightly to get more of that sweet skin-on-skin contact. Then he felt Bakugo's hands dip down his body, fingertips slipping into the hemline of his pants, and he was startled into the real world again.

“Wait- I'm hard-”

“I know. That's why I'm gonna fuckin' jerk you off.” Bakugo grinned victoriously, eyebrow arching seductively. “You can just lay there and enjoy it, because I'm gonna play with you until you fuckin' pass out.”

“Wha- whyyy?” Kirishima whined, getting up on his elbows. “let's do it together, I want to touch you too-”

“Later.” The blond shook his head, getting up to his knees as he ran a finger up the tent on Kirishima's pants. “right now I-” Bakugo paused, his brow furrowed. He seemed to be processing something. “Today was just a really shitty emotional day, I'm fuckin' beat.”

“Same.” Kirishima sighed, letting himself flop down on the bed. Between the conversation they just had and the rescue class, he was emotionally drained. “My head is all fuzzy but my body is so tense.”

"yeah, that's why I'm gonna see how many times it's gonna take to drain you.” Bakugo yanked down Kirishima's pants, and the redhead yelped as his erection was exposed to the cold air of the room. “Make sure you tell me what you like when I do it, I'll find out what gets you off even if it kills you.”

“Don't you mean: 'kills ME?'”

“That's what I said.” Bakugo grinned, his eyes locked on Kirishima's groin. He reached down, sliding his finger along the base, watching the other man intently. “You said I should let you know when I wanted to do stuff for you?”

“I wasn't thinking about sex-stuff when I said that-”

“Too bad.” Bakugo wrapped his slick palms around Kirishima's manhood. “I'm gonna make you cum until you beg me to stop.”

“THAT'S SCARY.” Kirishima objected, his face red from embarrassment as he throbbed in Bakugo's hand. God he was so hard. “I'm gonna die!”

“Good.” Bakugo smirked. “Think of it as fuckin' training or something, to make you last longer.”

“I can't help it!” Kirishima groaned, suffering from the way Bakugo was moving his hand. “You're too sexy, it's normal to be excited when you're making out with the guy you love!”

“You can't blame all of this on me.” Bakugo huffed, his voice oozing smug confidence.

“Yes I can!” Kirishima argued, sitting up only to get pushed down on the bed by Bakugo, who was hovering over him, his hand still rubbing painfully slow. Kirishima wasn't sure if he was in heaven or hell, but wherever he was Bakugo was looking at him like he absolutely deserved it.

Kirishima wasn't sure he'd ever get used to kissing and getting a hand job at the same time. There were so many different things happening that all felt so good. He was allowed to put an arm around Bakugo's back, but whenever he tried to get more involved, Bakugo would press him back down on the bed, and rub and squeeze in a way that made Kirishima's will to argue melt away.

He eventually gave up, his body aching in pleasure as he dug his fingers into the mattress, his back arching and his hips pressing up into the sadistic grip Bakugo had on him. He was so hard, and somehow the way Bakugo was just watching him squirm in pleasure was just making it worse. He was making sounds, but he wasn't sure what exactly he was saying, but Bakugo was eating it up.

“Fuck- Katsuki-” Kirishima opened his eyes, only to meet Bakugo's pair. The blond was staring at him, skin flushed and face relaxed and unreadable. He looked so attractive, Kirishima could feel a hot shudder wreck its way down his body and pool in his groin. He reached out, burying his hand in blond hair and pulling his boyfriend into a kiss, too overwhelmed with pleasure to go and get it himself.

“You're so sexy.” Bakugo's voice was low; dripping in arousal as he pulled back. “Do you like it when I rub here?” Bakugo's thumb ran across the weeping tip, and Kirishima grit his teeth, his body arching into it as he teetered on the edge.

“y-yeah-” Kirishima groaned, swallowing thickly as he felt his embarrassment melt away. “Your hands feel so good-”

“Do you want to come?”

“Fuck-” Kirishima screwed his eyes shut, he was shaking. “y-yeah- Please-”

“Say my name.” The words were dripping in arousal. “-and I'll let you.”

“K-Katsuki!” Kirishima groaned, and just like promised, Bakugo's fingers moved and stroked and Kirishima was undone. His body tensed up and he held his breath as he came all over his chest. He panted, coming down from the high with numbing warmth creeping through his bones. “fuuuuuck.”

“fuck, that's hot.” Bakugo groaned, wiping his hands off. “I like it when you're loud, you sound way different.”

Kirishima was panting, his head was spinning as pleasure faded from his limbs. “Thanks, that was good.”

“I'm not nearly done.” Bakugo snorted, leaning down to kiss him. The kiss was burning hot and fired up his oversensitive nerves. He could feel his body struggle to resist the adrenaline of Bakugo's teeth pulling at his lips. Bakugo didn't seem too bothered by Kirishima's lack of enthusiasm, so he just kissed and bit at Kirishima's jaw and neck, apparently completely content with the pained noises of arousal he got for his trouble.

“I still want to suck your dick. Hurry up and get hard again.” Bakugo whispered softly, his lips brushing against his lover's ear. Kirishima groaned in excitement at the words, though he still felt a bit overwhelmed.

“If you want to do that, shouldn't we go get the condoms?” Kirishima panted, already feeling his erection slowly return. “Just in case.”

Bakugo sat up and looked at him, brow furrowed. “That's a fuckin' hassle. Can't you just tell me before you come?”

“dude.” Kirishima rubbed at his face, putting his hand on Bakugo's shoulder. “You are VASTLY underestimating just how attractive I find you.”

“The condoms are in your room though, I'm too hard to go get them.” Bakugo huffed. “Not worth it.”

“I can go get them? I'd hate to get it in your eye or something-” Kirishima rose up on his elbows. “besides, it probably tastes gross.”

“HMMM.” Bakugo contemplated it, running a finger over the spillage on Kirishima's stomach before he brought the fingers to his mouth. Kirishima's breath was caught in his lungs and his eyes snapped wide open as he struggled to sit up to stop the blond from doing what he knew he was going to do.

Bakugo's tongue darted out and licked the pad of his finger clean, and Kirishima could feel all the blood in his body instantly drop down to his dick. He throbbed, standing at attention as Bakugo's nose scrunched up, his brow slightly furrowed.

“Salty.” He muttered, but then he shrugged. “It's gross, but not like super disgust-” the blond was cut off when he saw the state of Kirishima's arousal. Only a second of slight surprise flickered across his face before it was replaced by smug victory. “Does THIS turn you on then?” Bakugo licked his middle finger, tongue as far out as possible as he held direct eye contact.


Kirishima was utterly and completely floored. He felt cold and numb everywhere except his dick, his jaw was hanging slightly open and he was utterly nailed to the bed. Bakugo was so sexy. He was so so so sexy how could any single person be this attractive? It was so crazy how he was captivated by the eyes, completely engulfed by the mischievous glance in the fiery red eyes.

“f-fuck-” Kirishima had no idea where he managed to get the air to say a single word, but he was shaking. He wanted to kiss Bakugo so bad. He wanted to wipe away that sexy smirk and replace it with pleasure.

“You're hard again, that was fast.” Bakugo smirked, his tone teasing. His expression devious as he leant down, kissing Kirishima's hip. “Want me to suck you off, Eijiro?”

“f-fuuuuck” one of Kirishima's arms gave in and he swallowed thickly, and Bakugo eyed his erection curiously as it twitched next to his face. Somehow the idea of a blowjob had always been appealing, but seeing Bakugo's face this close to his dick was going to be the death of him. “Kats-”

“You said you'd tell me what you liked.” Bakugo sucked on the sensitive skin on Kirishima's hip. “what do you want?”

“Oh-fuck-” Kirishima took a deep breath, it came out as shaky and aroused, but he didn't care. “I want- “ He had to take another breath, just to steady himself. “suck me off- please-”

“What happened to getting the condoms?” Bakugo hummed smugly, his breath was ghosting over the sensitive flesh and it was already leaving Kirishima a wreck. At this point Kirishima's knees would probably not hold him up, so he groaned as he tried as hard as he could to stand up, his body heavy with arousal.

“You win. I can't stand up. I'm too hard.” Kirishima covered his face with his hand, resigning himself to Bakugo's victorious grin.

“I knew it.” The blond sucked on the soft skin on Kirishima's thigh. “You'll just have to tell me before you come.”

“T-then make sure you close your eyes too.” Kirishima urged.

“Why the fuck would I do that?” Bakugo huffed, brow furrowed in disgust as the blond shifted over on the bed. “I'll miss the good part.”

Kirishima squirmed under the blond's hands, groaning in aroused glee. “don't say that stuff-”

“It's the entire point.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “make sure you fuckin' tell me if I'm doing it right.”

Bakugo swallowed once, rubbing the shaft experimentally with his hand a couple of times before be licked along the base, one hot flaming streak from base to tip and Kirishima threw his head back, clinging to the sheets.

“Oh fuuuuuck-” The groaned, and Bakugo seemed to like the feedback, since he curiously kissed and licked some more, pulling back a couple of times to collect himself. He seemed to grimace a bit at the taste, but it didn't seem to deter him, since he went straight back into trailing veins with this tongue.

“My glycerin is sweet but your dick is salty, it's a weird combo.” Bakugo continued his torment, kissing and licking spots that made Kirishima feel like he was on fire.

“D-don't give me commentary!” Kirishima groaned, closing his eyes, his mouth hanging open. “I can't take it, feels real good-”

“Okay I'm going to suck it now, don't forget to let me know.” Bakugo put his hands on Kirishima's hips, and the redhead grit his teeth, clinging to the bed as he watched Bakugo's mouth close down around the tip, and then it disappeared into Bakugo's mouth.

“Oh fuuu- hmn-” Kirishima groaned, screwing his eyes shut as he felt a tongue and the wet heat and he was suddenly super aware that he was getting a blowjob. A blowjob from Bakugo. Strong, coo,l super, handsome Bakugo was sucking HIS dick. The view was amazing. Seeing the blond with his flushed face, laying there on his side, mouth wrapped around his dick was the most erotic thing Kirishima had ever seen. If he hadn't already come once, he was sure he'd have already lost it.

Then Bakugo pulled back, readjusting a bit on the bed with a concentrated expression before he tried again, and this time more went in. Bakugo seemed to be experimenting with it, moving his tongue this way and that, Kirishima hissed a bit when he could feel teeth, but honestly it wasn't even that painful. At this point he was sure that whatever the other man would do could wreck him.

A few stops and a few readjustments later, Bakugo was solidly getting half of it in his mouth. He looked like he was attempting to get it as far in without gagging, and Kirishima felt the heat rising in his groin when more and more went in. Each pause Bakugo took was tortuously long, with saliva cooling on his erection, but at the same time the way Bakugo licked and kissed the skin filled Kirishima's head with fog. Bakugo finally managed to work most of it into his mouth, his nose teasing the hair of Kirishima's base.

“Katsuki- I'm getting really close-” Kirishima warned, reaching out for Bakugo's head to push him off, his hair felt so thick and soft in his hand. “Close- I'm close-”

Bakugo didn't pull off, he moved his head up and down, shallow motions, and the feeling of Bakugo's hair between his fingers and the motion under his palm was too much. Kirishima clenched his fist around the hair, groaning urgently.

“I'm- GONNA COME- for REAL- Katsuki!” He warned, and with a final lick, Bakugo pulled off and Kirishima came. Glorious white flashing heat sprouted from his groin, seeping through his entire body in a flash. He panted, eyes closed as he couldn't let go of Bakugo's hair, still riding out the wave of pleasure that was tingling all the way through his legs and up his spine.

“fuck- that was so good.”

He slowly let go of the blond hair, his hand dropping down to the sheets beside him as he looked over at Bakugo, who was smugly grinning at him from his groin. Bakugo was blushing as well, his skin beautifully tinted and his lips flushed and Kirishima drank it all in. Even the slight splatter of cum on his face just made him look more attractive.

“that was fast.” Bakugo teased, and Kirishima just huffed, unable to do anything else until he regained control of his limbs.

“what was all that bullshit you said about not knowing how to suck dick?” Kirishima panted, his body tingling as the afterglow faded. “you're too good at everything.”

“I just did some research.” Bakugo snorted smugly, reaching out for a tissue and wiping his face off. “it's not hard to figure out.”

“research?” Kirishima sat up, his head spinning with the afterglow. “show me, I wanna do it for you.”

“I told you, I want to focus on you right now.” Bakugo's voice practically drawled. Sending a shiver up Kirishima's spine as the blond rose up, pressing a kiss against Kirishima's throat. “what is it you're into, Eijiro?”

Kirishima groaned, his body trying to facilitate his arousal through the haze. “I'm into you, so much.” he sat up, kissing Bakugo, ignoring the taste of his own release on Bakugo's lips. “I REALLY want to make you feel good, can I?”


“You're super hard and I really wanna get you off.” Kirishima spoke into Bakugo's neck, running a hand down to the bump on Bakugo's pants. “Please, Katsuki?”

“ugh can I take it back? You're not allowed to use my name anymore.” Bakugo grumbled, his face red as his breathing got heavier. Kirishima's teeth dragged across the skin, he could feel Bakugo's throat move under his lips as he swallowed thickly. “you fuckin' feel confident you can do it all of a sudden? What happened to all that 'I can't suck dick because of my teeth' bullshit?”

“I don't knoooow” Kirishima groaned, dropping his head down on Bakugo's lap tiredly. “I don't have any clue what I'm doing, I just want to get you off.”

“You're lucky I find you as attractive as I do.” Bakugo snorted in amusement, running his hand through Kirishima's hair. “because that's not convincing at all.”

“I thought you liked my teeth.” Kirishima hummed, running his hands up Bakugo's thigh until he caught onto the hem of his pants. He glanced up, making eye contact with the red faced blond that stared at him. His expression torn between arousal and embarrassment.

“I do.” Bakugo grimaced, and Kirishima took it as an OK to pull down Bakugo's pants, revealing the twitching manhood to the air. He looked at it for a bit, not sure why he wanted to take it in his mouth as badly as he did. He glanced up at Bakugo, who was staring at him apprehensively, a hand still buried in Kirishima's red hair.

He sucked on the soft skin at Bakugo's hip, running his teeth over the flushed flesh. He could see his lover's arousal clearly, the twitching was somehow so adorable and sexy at the same time. Working his way around the hip, he spread Bakugo's legs slightly, the warm soft flesh on Bakugo's inner thigh tasted great, he kissed and licked at the skin, the muscle tense under his tongue.

“W-what are you doing? Stop fuckin' teasing me-” Bakugo snarled, his grip on Kirishima's hair tightening. The redhead glanced up, running his teeth across the skin at the very inside of Bakugo's thigh, leaving pink streaks across the pale skin. Skin that never was exposed to the sun, or anyone's eyes. Not like this. The super private skin only he got to see.

“You didn't say I could.” Kirishima hummed, sucking down on the skin, his tongue teasing the trapped flesh and Bakugo groaned loudly, his hips twitching involuntarily. When Kirishima let the skin go, there was already a rapidly growing mark surfacing. Mark no one would see but him.

“F-fine.” Bakugo groaned, closing his eyes as he leaned back. “you can.”

“Can what?” Kirishima teased, sucking on another piece of skin, tempted to leave Bakugo's inner thighs covered in marks.

“F-fuck.” Bakugo groaned, his thighs rising up on either side of Kirishima's head, and for a second Kirishima thought his head was going to be crushed. Somehow he didn't feel like it would be a bad way to go. Bakugo's legs were so strong and manly. He kept leaving markings, teasing around the final goal until Bakugo's hips were twitching against his face.

“F-fuck. FUCK.” Bakugo snarled, panting loudly as his grip on Kirishima's hair tightened. “f-fuck. Suck me off Kirishima-”

“Wrong name.” Kirishima teased, dragging his tongue along the very seam where Bakugo's thigh and taint met. The blond groaned loudly as Kirishima's face rubbed against his inner thigh.

“F-fuck! Eiji- Eijiro-” Bakugo panted, his voice needy. “suck me off, I need to get off-”

“Here I go.” Kirishima said, more to himself than the blond, he'd teased a lot now, but he wasn't sure if he'd manage to deliver. He curiously licked the throbbing erection, his brow furrowing slightly at the taste. Not awful, but then again Bakugo smelled like burned sugar and his sweat tasted sweet, so why would he expect his dick and skin to taste any different? Though the pre come dripping down the side of it was a bit salty, it wasn't an unlikable taste. Tasted manly.

“Oh FuCK” Bakugo groaned, his voice strained. “your tongue is so hot-”

Fueled by the sounds, Kirishima swallowed thickly, licking across it again, focusing on the tip. Bakugo was squirming under his hands pulling on Kirishima's hair desperately, gyrating his hips slightly to get more friction. There was slick staining his lips now, so he focused on keeping his teeth in check, his brow furrowing in concentration. With his lips wet he made sure to pin Bakugo's hips down, and took the length as far into his mouth as possible. He licked at it, his concern with his teeth weighting heavily on him.

He tried doing what Bakugo had done for him before, licking and kissing at the skin while he caught his breath. He didn't manage to get as much in his mouth as Bakugo had, but he made sure to rub and caress the parts he couldn't pay attention to with his tongue. Saliva was pooling down the flushed skin, conveniently lubricating his hands to make them more around easier at the base.

“Eiijir-” Bakugo's eyes fluttered shut as he curled in in himself, a calloused hand grabbing onto Kirishima's back as Bakugo curled up around his head. “fuck- I'm gonna come.”

Kirishima hummed, and Bakugo yelled out at the sound, the vibration from the sound threatening to push him over the edge. “I'm... gonna come for real-” Bakugo groaned, and Kirishima removed his mouth from the tip, licking across it teasingly as he looked at his lover, but then he felt the warmth on his face and heard Bakugo moan into his ear and it suddenly registered that he had jizz on his face.

He didn't mind, watching Bakugo unfurl from his body and lay flat on his back, sprawled out and pleased looking was more than worth it. He sat up slightly, reaching out for tissues to wipe his face off. Bakugo was panting, expression utterly serene just for a minute or two. He wasn't sure he'd managed to get it all out of his hair, but he was sure he'd gotten most of the ejaculate on his chin.

“That was pretty fast.” Kirishima teased. “I got my saliva and your jizz all over the place, let me wipe it.”

“Hey.” Bakugo frowned. “you already came like twice. I've been hard since class at this point.”

“Class?” Kirishima threw the tissues away, getting more to wipe the spillage that was making its way down Bakugo's body and down to the sheets. Following Bakugo's skin and trying to hide between his legs. “since the robot thing?”

“Yeah.” Bakugo mumbled, his body relaxing and sinking into the sheets comfortably. “You were super hot when you took down that robot.”

“Thanks?” he smiled, slightly embarrassed just how much he liked it when Bakugo complimented him. He knew the blond didn't do compliments that often and he wouldn't give them out unless he meant them.

“I got so fuckin' pissed off when you were talking about how you were only good for stalling for time or whatever.” Bakugo huffed, frowning as Kirishima climbed over on the bed, letting himself fall down next to him to cuddle. “but you were really cool and heroic, even if you were being an idiot”

Kirishima laughed, his body relaxed and his spirit content. He loved Bakugo so much. “was I manly?”

“Fuckin' manly as hell.” Bakugo snorted, a genuine smile on his face.

“Awesome.” Kirishima sighed happily, his body already threatening to cut off his consciousness. “what time is it?”

“Uh, it's around 8:30 pm.” Bakugo reached out to grab his phone, the soft light illuminating his face. “If you're going to bed, brush your teeth, your breath is shitty enough without cum.”

“Nah.” Kirishima nuzzled into the other man, the distinctly sweet smell of Bakugo's sweat lingering in his nose. “I just wanna take a nap.”

“Who the fuck naps after dinner? You won't be able to sleep.”

“I will!” the redhead argued, looking up at the blond who was flicking his thumb across his phone. “Wake me up in like an hour, then we can watch something or make out if you want.”

“Fine.” Bakugo muttered, his arm draped over Kirishima's shoulders. “You've got an hour.”



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Chapter Text

There's some NSFW stuff here yo! nothign explicit but lots and lots of fluff.


Soft. Kirishima's consciousness slowly returned like a glass being leisurely filled. Slowly clearing his vision, his body still heavy with sleep. He could hear a heartbeat, steady and calming. He felt amazing, he was warm and relaxed, there was a good smell and the nice soothing rhythm of his hair being stroked and fingers scratching against his scalp sent a soft shudder down his spine.

He blinked once to clear his vision, his glass of consciousness half full; he was laying against Bakugo. The heartbeat in his ear was from the blond, he was resting his head on the other man's sturdy chest, and the soft caressing of his hair was his boyfriend's doing as well. Bakugo hadn't seemed to have realized Kirishima was awake at this point, so Kirishima was in no hurry to announce it. The blond was on his phone, scrolling and typing away in the soft light of the screen.

He let himself lay there, eyes closed as he enjoyed the way Bakugo was absent mindlessly playing with his hair with his free hand, running his fingers through it, pulling at it gently, scratching at his scalp. It was so soothing, the gentle touch made his entire body feel hypersensitive, the sound alone made his brain all fuzzy. How long had Bakugo been doing this? How long had he even been asleep? What time was it?

Kirishima's limbs were heavy, he didn't want to care about any of this. He glanced over at Bakugo's phone, hoping to catch the time, Bakugo had said he'd wake him up in an hour but it felt much later. He didn't dare move out of fear of Bakugo stopping his rhythm of scratching and stroking his hair, but it took all he had not to react at what he saw Bakugo reading on his phone.

'Anal sex guide for beginners'

Kirishima screwed his eyes shut, heat rushing through his veins. Could Bakugo hear his heart thundering? The soft and gentle movement of hands through Kirishima's hair didn't stop, so at least if he knew he was awake, Bakugo didn't mind.

Kirishima cracked his eye open again, glancing up at Bakugo through the fan of his eyelashes. The blond was reading, his face completely serene and relaxed for someone reading something so embarrassing. How long had he been reading stuff like that?! Kirishima's jaw tensed slightly, his mouth watering as he closed his eyes again. Did this mean Bakugo wanted to do stuff like this?

They hadn't discussed it, but Kirishima would be lying if he said he'd never thought about it. Most of the dirty dreams he'd had included Bakugo groaning either under him or on top of him. He wasn't sure if it was just because most of the porn he'd watched usually ended with penetration of some kind, but somehow stuff like that felt really advanced. He knew that in porn they made it look easy and nice, but he'd tried touching himself back there once and it had just felt really weird.

This stuff was definitely the kind of thing that could go bad or painful if you didn't know what you were doing. Was that why Bakugo was reading about it? Was he researching? Did he want to put it in his ass? Kirishima considered this, it was hard to think of anything he wouldn't want to do with Bakugo, even if it was butt-stuff. It was just intimidating, was there some secret to make it feel good the entire time?

He doubted that the blond would just kinda spring this on him all of a sudden when he's unprepared, considering that even if he forgot, he had been asked and warned about the blowjob more than half a day in advance.

Bakugo was just doing that thing he did, he'd somehow managed to research blowjobs without Kirishima noticing before, so who knew how much he'd already read up on. Maybe he should read up on stuff like this too? He didn't want to fall behind.  Maybe Bakugo was just checking to see if he was into it? Kirishima could remember the blond saying something about not really being into porn, and at the time he'd been too shy to show his boyfriend any of the porn he'd liked. Mainly because it was mostly beefy guys boning each other and he hadn't wanted to make Bakugo feel pressured to do any of that stuff for his sake.

But if Bakugo was into it, and he'd ever have the chance to, he'd like to do it. His skin felt on fire and his breathing got a bit harder at the thought. He wouldn't just want to do it, he'd want to be good at it. He'd want Bakugo groaning and thrashing and pulling at the sheets. Just like when they jerked off together, just harder. More. He'd want to make Bakugo loud and happy, get him to make some of those erotic noises like in porn.

Those were just acting though, Kirishima grit his teeth. Unrealistic or not, the idea alone was turning him on, his blood felt heavy in his veins. He'd want Bakugo to come because of him, be the reason he feels good, need him, ride him. He just wanted Bakugo to tell him what he wanted, how he wanted it, what would make him happy. And then do it.

Oh. Kirishima's eyes opened wide. That's what he was into.

“You awake?” Bakugo's voice was soft and Kirishima glanced up at the other man, who was looking at him in slight concern. The phone was gone and Bakugo's hands were still in his hair, fingers frozen around locks and the blond's red eyes lingering on Kirishima. He'd been caught. “You got all tense all of a sudden, did you get a fuckin' nightmare or some shit?”  

“Uh, something like that.” Kirishima yawned, nuzzling into Bakugo's chest, his own thundering heartbeat calmed down by Bakugo's steady slow one. “What time is it?”

“You've been asleep for a bit more than an hour.” Bakugo hummed, his brow furrowed. “If you get bad nightmares, tell me about it or some shit, my dad got me these sleeping pills that knock you right out.”

“Don't worry about it, it was just one time. Thanks though.” Kirishima  hummed, nuzzling Bakugo who had now moved onto checking the hero news. His mind was whirring with this new information. Why would Bakugo's dad get him sleeping pills? He had never seen Bakugo have any problems falling asleep since they started sleeping in the same bed. Was this a long time ago? Or maybe- “Did you get nightmares after Kamino?”

There was silence, and Bakugo's thumb stopped scrolling down the feed, Kirishima could hear Bakugo's heart beat a bit faster under his ear.

“I didn't get fuckin' nightmares.” Bakugo snorted, but his voice didn't sound very enthusiastic. “...I just had problems falling asleep.”

“Oh.” Kirishima hummed, wrapping his arm around Bakugo and hugging him tightly from the side. “It makes sense you'd have your guard up for a while after something like that. I get it.”

“I wasn't scared.” Bakugo grumbled, his jaw set. “I was just... prepared.”

“I was scared.” Kirishima took a deep breath, running his hands up Bakugo's side under the shirt. Enjoying the feeling of skin under his palm. “When that... villain showed up with you, he was terrifying. Before we went in to... get you out, you were fighting so hard too. It was so awesome. You're so manly and cool.”

Kirishima's heart was so full, remembering the way Bakugo was fighting off hordes of villains in such an overwhelming situation. He held onto his boyfriend tightly, listening to the heavy heartbeat by his ear. It was still heavy, and he hoped he wasn't dragging up any bad memories. He hadn't planned on bringing up Kamino. He didn't want Bakugo to relive that. He HIMSELF didn't want to relive that, and he hadn't even been in the fight itself like the blond had.

“Of course I was fighting hard.” Bakugo's voice was a bit tired. “Like I was about to let these fuckin' losers keep me there any longer than that.”
Bakugo had been gone for around 24 hours. From the evening he was taken from summer camp, to the night he was rescued, it had been the most horrible time of Kirishima's life. He couldn't even imagine how terrible it had been for Bakugo. He didn't WANT to imagine. If he started imagining he'd start to feel sick.

Had they hurt him? Had they threatened him? What had they tried to do?

“I got nightmares the night you were taken.” He didn't want to think about negative things anymore, he needed to get his mind off the heavy stuff for now. Why was he saying stuff like this? Why was his brain stuck in this drain of trauma? Why was it all coming out at once!?

There was a long silence, and Bakugo's hand was distinctly sweaty against his back.

“Why would YOU get nightmares?” Bakugo snorted, his voice more blusterous than his tone. “Nothing happened to you.”

“Dude don't give me that shit! We went back on the fucking bus with the police around!” Kirishima huffed angrily, glaring at Bakugo, his skin crawling at the words. “Do you think I was able to sleep knowing the villains got you!? I passed out around noon the next day and I woke up in cold sweat every time I started dreaming! If it hadn't been for Todoroki listening to my ranting I'd have lost my damn mind!”

“What?” Bakugo was staring at him, stunned. “Why didn't you fuckin' tell me-”

“Because it literally doesn't matter compared to what happened to you!”  Kirishima aggressively rolled his eyes, he was just glad Bakugo was back, he was never gonna let him be taken again. He regretted starting this conversation, the discomfort was already creeping back. What if he actually started having nightmares again? He didn't want ANY of that. “You're back that's all I care about! I don't want to talk about it!”

“That shit matters to ME.” Bakugo snarled. “Fuckin' TELL me shit! Talk about it!”

“It was horrible okay!?” Kirishima aggressively clung to Bakugo, stress mounting in his head, burning behind his eyes. He grit his teeth and nuzzled his face into Bakugo's neck. He was way too emotionally raw to have another talk of this caliber. “I felt so useless man! My best friend was taken- my CRUSH was taken, and I wasn't even allowed to try to help!”

“I'm your best friend?- wait, I was your crush back then too?”

“Dude.” Kirishima glared, if Bakugo noticed his tears he didn't call them out. He embraced the change in subject with all he had, hoping he could postpone this discussion for another night. He couldn't handle much more opening up for now. He was all emotion-ed out. “I've had a crush on you for like, ages.”

“What?” Bakugo's brows raised up towards his hairline, a genuine shock on his face. “How long?”

“Like when I had a CRUSH on you or when I liked you?” Kirishima's brow furrowed.

“Wh- there's a difference?” Bakugo looked confused.

“Oh yeah dude I was crushing on you like, before the USJ attack, I just thought you were cute.” Kirishima blushed slightly, remembering the flutters he got in his stomach when he saw Bakugo on their first day in class.

“CUTE-!?” The blond sputtered in indignation, his face instantly reddening.

“But then after we fought together at USJ, it became more of-”

“WHAT PART OF ME IS FUCKIN' 'CUTE' YOU ASS-” Bakugo interrupted, shifting under Kirishima and making everything a bit less comfortable.

“Then, hot? Or handsome or whatever word you want.” Kirishima rolled his eyes. “Attractive? Is that okay with you, Blasty Mcsplode?”

“Mcsp-” Bakugo snarled in annoyance. “SHITTY HAIR!”





“UGH!” Kirishima covered his face in embarrassment, feeling like he'd been gut-punched. “I REALLY like it when you use my name damn it!”

Bakugo grinned victoriously, humming in smug glee. “Eijiro~ ?”

“Ugh DON'T.” Kirishima squirmed, his stomach fluttering at the sound, his skin tingling as Bakugo tried to pull his hands from his face. “We're having a fight! I'm angry!”

“What's wrong EIJIRO?” Bakugo leered, his smile wide and sadistic. It had now become a contest of strength for Kirishima's face. “Don't want me to see how stupidly happy your face is right now?”

“Ass!” Kirishima failed to put any sort of venom in his tone, Bakugo was right though, he was grinning so wide it hurt.

“Well too bad for you, because I'm gonna see it, Eiji-” Bakugo grit his teeth, sitting up and trying to pull Kirishima's hands away from his face very seriously. “I'm gonna take a GOOD hard look at how happy you are right now!”

“NEVER!” Kirishima hardened his arms, his face flushed and his cheeks hurting from the size of his own smile. Bakugo was starting to get serious, and somehow it just made Kirishima happier. It was such a Bakugo thing to do, getting competitive over something so small.

Bakugo snarled, straddling Kirishima's torso for a better angle and grabbing onto each wrist as he tried to pull them apart. “GIVE IT UP EIJIRO, I'M GONNA SEE IT SOONER OR LATER.”

“Stop using my name all the time!” Kirishima relented, his body warm and fuzzy and his heart full to bursting. He loved Bakugo so much. How could he even love annoying shit like this as much as he did? He allowed the blond to pull his arms away from his face, and he couldn't help but smile fondly up at his idiot boyfriend who was grinning in sadistic joy at his victory.

Bakugo stared at him, at first basking in his meaningless win, but then his expression softened. His smile faded and his eyes widened, his brow easing as he stared at him in absolute amazement, a blush creeping across his cheeks. Kirishima tried to cover his face again, embarrassed to be the subject of such unchecked adoration. It felt weird! To be stared at like that. Like he was something super important or special. Bakugo's eyes were so soft.

“Howitzer.” Bakugo breathed, the word feeling so out of place when it was spoken so softly.

“What?” Kirishima paused his attempted hiding. “I didn't catch that.”  

“Whatever.” Bakugo grumbled, leaning forward until his forehead was resting on Kirishima's, his hands still gently grasping his wrists. The up close view of Bakugo's closed eyes was fascinating, his lashes were so delicate, soft and brown. The lashes fluttered open as Bakugo looked at him, their eyes meeting and a harden rushed down Kirishima's spine.

They lay there for minutes, staring in each other's eyes silently. Kirishima didn't even mind that his legs were going numb from Bakugo's weight on his thighs. Not that there was a lot of blood even trying to get to Kirishima's legs at this point, it was all pooling in his face.

Bakugo kissed him. No words or hesitation, just the softest kiss Kirishima had ever had. It wasn't the usual hungry kissing or competitive make out session. It was just soft, but somehow it felt so utterly Bakugo. It somehow trumped all of the kisses they had before in intensity; this kiss was different.  This one meant something more.

It wasn't far for his hands to go, and even if Bakugo hadn't let go of his wrists, he let Kirishima caress his face. He held him there, trying to kiss back in the way Bakugo had kissed him. He tried to put all of his feelings into it, if he could make Bakugo feel how much he loved him, then maybe time would stop passing? His teeth grazed across the flesh, pressing it down without drawing blood, he wanted Bakugo to know. To really know.

He wanted to make sure Bakugo knew absolutely how important he was to him. How much he inspired him and motivated him. He'd tried telling him, but did he REALLY understand? He wanted to become this important to Bakugo too, would he ever mean as much to Bakugo as he meant to him? The way Bakugo kissed him back gave him hope.
The kiss  stopped being soft, it was gradually deepening, becoming more aggressive, more urgent. He wrapped his arms around Bakugo's shoulders, relaxing into the mattress as Bakugo pushed his head into the pillow. Teeth clattering slightly as their breathing got heavier, panting between the kisses as Bakugo pulled back for air as far as Kirishima's arms would let him.

“Fuck-” Bakugo groaned against Kirishima's lips. “You're so fuckin' sexy, what the fuck.”

“W-what?” Kirishima was startled out of his haze at that “That's my line!”  

“I don't even know what the fuck it IS about you!?” Bakugo grumbled, his eyes wandering all over Kirishima. “You're like the only person I've ever thought is sexy.”

“I don't know either!” Kirishima grinned, pulling the reluctant blond back in for more kissing. “I'm just glad you like me back!”

“It's stupid, I didn't care about any of that shit before I met you, now I wanna do gross sappy shit like hold hands and suck dick.”

“...I'm not sure dick-sucking counts as sappy?”

“You fuckin' know what I mean!” Bakugo huffed, pulling himself free to sit more upright on Kirishima's thighs. “It's stupid because I can't imagine doing any of that shit with someone other than you.”

Kirishima inhaled deeply, smiling up at the frowning and angry looking blond. “Well-”

“Don't look so fuckin' pleased with yourself!” Bakugo crossed his arms. “I wanna do all sorts of ridiculous shit now! It's really fuckin' distracting.”

Kirishima swallowed thickly, remembering what he'd seen on Bakugo's phone earlier, his hands resting on the thighs pressing up against his side. “Like what?”

“That-” Bakugo recoiled visibly at that, his face flushed as red as Kirishima's hair. “Nothing specific just stupid shit like cuddling and other wastes of time.”

“Well I'm up for pretty much anything if it's with you.” Kirishima muttered softly, avoiding eye contact by staring at Bakugo's knee. He couldn't bring himself to mention it, since he didn't know how Bakugo would react. It didn't keep him from getting hard at the thought alone. “So if there's anything specific you wanna try, you can always ask.”

When he glanced up, Bakugo was staring at him with wide eyes. First in consideration, but then his expression warped back into a more muted anger.

“WhY should I TELL YOU MORE SHIT I WANT TO DO?!” Bakugo reached down, pulling at Kirishima's cheek. “I just found out you like your dick sucked! And that's BARELY a discovery! Could you at least TRY to think of something you are into?! I want to do shit that makes you get all fucked up!” ”

“I'm telling you! I just really like making you feel good!” Kirishima argued, pulling his face free of Bakugo's pinching. That wasn't the whole truth, but how was he supposed to just come out and tell Bakugo he wanted to fuck him? God he was getting so hard again. “Just tell me stuff you want to do!”

“NO!” Bakugo snarled, glancing down at Kirishima's groin, much to the redhead's embarrassment. “You tell ME what YOU want to do!”

“Right now I wanna jerk off together!” Kirishima blurted out, and Bakugo's pout cracked open into an intimidating victorious grin. It would have almost been scary if it hadn't been so sexy. He kept the grin on his face as he leaned down, a slick hand grasping Kirishima's erection as their lips brushed together.

“Then get ready, Eijiro.”


It had been a very emotional night. First the entire argument and then first names, did that argument before count as their first argument as a couple? Kirishima brushed his teeth slowly, exhaustion in his limbs. Then he'd gotten a blowjob and given a blowjob too! He brushed his teeth a bit harder, pulling at dry cum in his hair. Bakugo grimaced at the sight, his ears reddening as he glared at him.

“You should take a shower.” Bakugo grumbled, spitting in the sink. “You're covered in jizz.”

“Whose fault is that?” Kirishima huffed, brow furrowed.

“Yours, mostly.” Bakugo shrugged smugly, and Kirishima kicked him in the shin playfully. Completely ignoring the fact that both of them had re-coated Kirishima's stomach less than an hour ago.

“Fine. I'll go downstairs and just wash off real quick.” Kirishima finished brushing his teeth, already looking for the bare minimum of clothes to cover himself with. He didn't expect anyone to be awake or in the baths now, since it was already 11 pm. “Don't fall asleep without me, okay?”

“Like hell I'll wait up. I'm fuckin' tired.” Bakugo snorted, throwing himself into bed and sprawling out on the mattress. “Just hurry up.”

“Okay!” Kirishima pulled on Bakugo's black gym pants and his hoodie, making his way to the showers. He walked across the common room, it was dark aside from the flickering light of the TV and the familiar silhouette of Sero peeking over the couch.  He was playing some game, the soothing sound effect of a fishing mini game filling the room.

“Hey, Sero, been playing for long?” Kirishima made his way over, his eyes glued on the TV.

“Yeah it's been a few hours.” Sero glanced over his shoulder, nodding tiredly, smiling a bit before he turned back to the game.

“Oh, hey dude, still awake?” Kaminari muttered sleepily from the couch, his head shifting on Sero's shoulder, barely tearing his eyes away from the screen.  He was scrolling through his phone, but it looked like he was reading through a strategy guide for the game. Uraraka and Tsuyu were sleeping on the couch on Sero's other side, a pillow wedged between them haphazardly.

“Yeah.” Kirishima shrugged, painfully aware that he still had some cum in his hair. He didn't think they'd notice it in the dark of the common room though. “You guys having trouble sleeping?”

"I'm just still a bit wound up from today. When my melons come in, I'll go to bed.” Sero sighed, rubbing at his eyes. “How about you?”

“Yeah, pretty much the same here.” Kirishima yawned, rolling his shoulders. “It's been an emotional day.”

“Is Bakugo sleeping?” Kaminari hummed tiredly, the blond was teetering on the edge of consciousness.

“Yeah.” Kirishima didn't expect Bakugo to be awake when he got back upstairs. “I'm gonna take a hot shower, my shoulders are killing me.”

“Oh yeah, the bath is probably cold.” Sero turned to look at him across the couch. “I don't think we pulled the plug on it, could you do that?”

“Yeah, sure dude, no problem.” Kirishima nodded, leaving the sleepy crew on the couch as he made his way over to  the baths.

He sat under the shower for a while, staring at the wall. Anal sex huh? He flushed as he tilted his head backwards, letting  the water hit him in the face. He wanted to do it. It was a weird feeling, feeling so sure about something that he'd been thinking about in secret for so long. He'd imagined it a lot, thought about it, jerked off to it. Somehow knowing Bakugo thought about it too made it feel a bit unreal? Wasn't it a really big deal? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. He supposed it all depended on how ready he felt. How ready both of them felt.

It was easy to imagine some sort of fantasy where both of them just got really into it and then it happened like in porn. But that was all it was, a fantasy. Kirishima ran his fingers through his hair, rubbing the cum out  thoroughly as he massaged his color-protect shampoo into his roots. What if he didn't like it? What if they did it and Bakugo didn't like it? Kirishima supposed he'd be perfectly fine with living the rest of his life just jerking off together and blowjobs, as long as it was with Bakugo he didn't really mind.

Kirishima stared at the floor for a bit, watching the suds slide down the drain. Time to be honest with himself, what EXACTLY WAS he into? Yeah he wanted Bakugo to come, and he wanted it to be because of him specifically. He wanted Bakugo to tell him exactly how to mess him up. What did that mean?

Did he want to be told what to do? He supposed that was one thing. But he'd been bossed around plenty before without getting off on it, so either it was a Bakugo-only thing, or there was a different THING about that he liked. Did he want to be useful?

He supposed he wanted to be useful to Bakugo.
Kirishima thought about this for a bit, there was something to unpack there. Being useful to Bakugo sounded good, but it also felt a bit off. He didn't think Bakugo was with him because he was “useful”. He had presented himself as useful in the chariot battle, but had he kept that mindset this far? Bakugo had made it quite clear that he liked him for who he was, not for what he gained from being with him.

He felt a blush creep up his face. Bakugo loved him. It was weird to think about it that way without being told directly, but he was sure he did. There was something about the way he'd kissed him earlier, he could just feel it in his gut now that he could think back to it. Being in love was exhausting, he just wanted Bakugo to be happy all the time. He just wanted Bakugo to feel good and be there.

What did he want though? If he assumed Bakugo would be into whatever he wanted, what would he want? Taking Bakugo's preferences and pleasure out of the equation left him with a few things he supposed most of his favorite porn had in common. Loud partners specifically. He just really liked loud, it was sexy and made it clear everyone was super into it. He also liked needy things like grabbing and scratching and pulling. Hair pulling. That was nice. He wanted Bakugo to pull on his hair.

A lot of these rang true to what made him super hard when he got off with Bakugo before, he was glad he was too spent to get hard again. Now he was on a roll though and things he wanted to do with Bakugo were just flooding his head. He liked manly stuff like making out against a wall. Thinking back on it now, he'd definitely not appreciated it enough when he'd managed to pin Bakugo to the wall that one time they sparred.

Would Bakugo actually let him put it in?

Kirishima was so warm that the water hitting his body felt cold all of a sudden. That was a very real possibility, seeing what the blond had been reading. He'd really like to make Bakugo feel good, get really loud and demanding. He also wanted Bakugo to ride him, his body had felt on fire when Bakugo was sitting on his groin and rubbed against his dick from above.

God the very idea of Bakugo riding him, loud and demanding and pulling on his hair-

Fuck. Kirishima felt the burning sensation of arousal threaten to bring him back. He quickly grabbed the knob and twisted it to the maximum coldness, feeling the suddenly icy water hit his body like fire. He tensed up and yelped, waiting until his arousal had completely subsided before he allowed himself the mercy of turning the water off.

He could think about this stuff later, he should at least tell Bakugo about the small stuff he found out. Though the blond was probably asleep by now, and Kirishima had a feeling that if he told Bakugo about the whole hair-pulling and wall-make-outs and that stuff he'd probably want to try it. They were already down to 7 hours of sleep.

As he got dressed, Kirishima decided that he should definitely tell Bakugo about this whole thing later when they were alone and had some free time, until then he was going to do his best not to think about it. He pulled the plug on the lukewarm tub, putting on the hoodie and Bakugo's pants before he made his way out to the common room, seeing Sero prod gently at Kaminari's sleeping face with a finger in the soft glow of the TV.

“Going to bed?” Kirishima yawned, and Sero jerked a bit in surprise as he turned around, nodding tiredly.

“I'm exhausted dude.” Sero rubbed at his eyes. “How are you even awake?”

“I had a bit of a nap earlier.” Kirishima watched Sero put Kaminari's dropped phone in his pocket.

“We should get the girls to bed too, I don't want to leave them behind if Mineta shows up.” Sero pulled the sleeping Kaminari off the couch, slinging the blond's arm across his shoulders. “I'll take him upstairs, could you wake the girls up?”

“Roger.” Kirishima saluted, crouching in front of the two sleeping angels on the couch. He watched Sero carry the blond to the elevator, and once he knew Sero had safely managed to push the floor button, he turned to the girls, patting them gently on the face.

“Hey, hey... it's almost midnight, you guys should get to bed.”

The girls were roused awake, Uraraka's face had an imprint on it from Tsuyu's head and there was some drool at the corner of her mouth. “Hm? Sero?” she looked around.

“He took Kaminari and went to bed. You should go too.” Kirishima smiled, and Uraraka nodded sleepily, rubbing her eyes. Tsuyu's brow furrowed and she deflated, dropping her head on Kirishima's shoulder.

“Kirishima-chan, ribbit” she muttered, her usual bouncy personality slowed down to a halt. Kirishima pulled her to her feet, but she just leaned on him, unable to move. Uraraka cursed when she bumped her foot on the coffee table, stretching as she seemed to wake up a bit more.

“I liked the game.” Uraraka mumbled, more to herself than anyone else. “Calming.” She followed as Kirishima picked up Tsuyu, making his way to the elevator leading to the  girl's dorms. Kirishima got in, but hesitated over the buttons.

“Which floor is Tsuyu's?”

“She's up on the fifth.” Uraraka yawned, becoming more and more alert as she pressed the button, the door closed and a second later Uraraka's brow raised a bit. “Oh wait, I can take her upstairs myself, sorry to drag you along.”

“It's okay.” Kirishima shrugged, watching the lights on the elevator count them up. Tsuyu weighed nothing to him.

“But don't you want to be with Bakugo?” Uraraka mumbled, touching the smaller girl and making her light as air. Tsuyu didn't notice as she floated over to Uraraka's hands, and the elevator door pinged. “Today was super stressful for you guys, right?”

“Why would you think that?” Kirishima followed Uraraka out of the elevator, opening the door to Tsuyu's room to let the girls inside. He waited in the doorway, watching Uraraka gently place her friend in bed before putting the pads on her fingers together gently, releasing the anti-gravity and dropping her into the mattress.

“It was hard for everyone, but you guys are a couple, so it has to have been extra tough.” Uraraka tucked her friend in and rejoined Kirishima, making her way over to the elevator when he closed the door. He joined her and she pressed the fourth floor button, rubbing at her neck tiredly. “You guys are cute together.”

“Thanks.” Kirishima smiled.

“At first I didn't like that you guys were dating at all.” Uraraka sleepily confessed, a soft smile on her face as she looked up at him. “I was sure he'd be mean to you or something, but you both look very happy.”

“I am!” Kirishima grinned widely as the elevator opened, the darkness of the hallway for from inviting. “Being with Bakugo feels real nice, and I get to call him Katsuki now.”

“That's so nice.” Uraraka sighed dreamily. “Deku was nervous at first, but he's calmed down more now.”

“Why would he be nervous?” Kirishima watched the girl step out of the elevator, his hand lingering on the door to keep the elevator from closing while they finished their conversation.

“Deku is usually nervous, it's normal.” Uraraka shrugged. “I think he was just worried Bakugo would do something to push you away.”

“Nah.” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, a blush creeping to his face. “I'm gonna date him as long as he'll have me really.”

“Oh?” Uraraka tilted her head, her eyes somehow seeing right through him. “Isn't that kinda cruel?”

“Huh?” Kirishima blinked. “To who?”

“Bakugo.” Uraraka blinked. “You should fight for him more. He was super upset in class today, yanno.”

“Oh? Yeah I mean he was mad about me potentially getting expelled right?” Kirishima grimaced in embarrassment. “And when I said I'd buy time-”

“You know, maybe it's because I don't know him the way you do, but that's not really how I saw it.” Uraraka closed her eyes, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. The silence was long and loaded. “I think he was more angry that you'd sacrifice yourself that way, especially for his sake.”

Kirishima's brow furrowed, remembering what Bakugo said before.

'If today was real, you could have gotten killed. how are you expecting me to live with that?'

“You really brought him out of his weird... asshole shell?” Uraraka gestured awkwardly with her hands. “Deku has been talking about it too, how Bakugo has really opened up and gotten kinder! I don't really see it, since he's still kind of a jerk, but I guess he's better than when school started?”

“Well I kinda just forced my friendship on him and it ended up turning out really well. It's not just me, our class is amazing.” Kirishima sighed happily. “I think it would be hard not to care at least a LITTLE bit when everyone is as amazing as our class is!”

“You started it though, you're just as amazing as the rest of us.” Uraraka's round face furrowed seriously. She had a very contemplative look on her face, even if her voice was drowsy with sleep. “I don't think he was freaking out about you being expelled. He looked really distressed when the robot hit you all those times.”  

“Yeah, we talked about this earlier-” Kirishima tried to soothe his tired and emotional classmate, but she ignored him.

“If you're really the first person Bakugo has ever loved romantically, you might be his only one too.” Uraraka's eyes watered up, her face dimly lit with only the soft light of the elevator. He wasn't sure if her eyes were shimmering with tears or a stifled yawn, but either way he was on edge. “I think Bakugo wants to stay with you forever. So don't go doing dangerous things and dying, okay? If you die, whose hand is he going to take?”

“Uraraka-” Kirishima's eyes watered up as he watched the girl wipe tears angrily off her face. He was always so vulnerable to other people's emotions. He hated that she was tearing up over him.

“So don't say you'll stay as long as he'll have you! Fight for him a bit more!” Uraraka shook her head, glaring up at him with her tear-stained eyes. “Value yourself as much as he values you!”

“Uraraka!” Kirishima stepped out of the elevator, grabbing Uraraka and pulling her into a gentle hug, his own eyes burning with tears. “I had no idea you were this worried about me! You don't have to be, okay? I'm not gonna die!”

“It's not JUST you!” Uraraka just softly wailed into his hoodie. “I don't want anyone in class to die!”

“No one in class is going to die!” Kirishima petted her head gently, he had a feeling that the stress of today's class was finally catching up with the usually upbeat and optimistic girl. He let her sob into him a bit, holding her tightly. “That's why we're in UA, you know! Plus Ultra!”  

Uraraka's shoulders stopped shaking at that, and she raised her hand weakly, a shaky smile on her face “Plus Ultra.”

“You know there's nothing shameful about seeing the school therapist, right?” Kirishima hadn't let her go. “I mean you were attacked in summer camp by that villain with the needles, right? You and Tsuyu.”

“Yeah-” Uraraka sighed. “It's just... Deku keeps getting so hurt all the time and Iida-kun's arm is permanently messed up from the Stain attack.”

“They could fix that with surgery in the future-”

“That's not the problem! We have to live in dorms because villains would probably attack us otherwise!” Uraraka angrily buried her face in his chest. “We're not pro-heroes yet but it feels like we're already fighting villains all the time!”

“Yeah.” Kirishima sighed. He didn't object to any of these things. These are things that would stress out even the most optimistic person on the planet. “But... we're still here.”


“We're still all alive, even if all these awful things have happened to us. We're here and we're still going.” Kirishima pushed her away just enough to see her face. “Heroes always win in the end, right?”   

Uraraka was still for a moment, seeming like she was actually registering what was happening for the first time since she woke up. She flushed red and waved her hands around, alertness in her voice.  

“Ugh! I'm sorry I broke down on you like that out of nowhere!” Uraraka wiped her tears away angrily, taking a deep breath. “I guess today's class really got to me. I can't talk to Deku or Iida about this either, since they'll just feel bad for making me worry. I just wanna PUNCH them sometimes! You too! You could have gotten killed in Kamino!”

“Sorry Uraraka! If it makes you feel better, you can punch me!” Kirishima bowed, but all he got was a thunk on the  back of the head.

“Please don't tell anyone about this conversation!” Uraraka frowned, the usual color returning to her cheeks. “I'm gonna go to bed and tomorrow I'm gonna train super hard!”

“If you need a spotter at the gym, call me out!” Kirishima flexed and Uraraka nodded in determination, waving goodbye as she entered her room.

“Thank you! Goodnight, Kirishima-kun!”

“G'night!” Kirishima returned to the elevator, happy that Uraraka was back to normal. When it opened at the bottom floor though, there was heavy breathing on his shins.

“The girl's elevator?” Mineta's voice was raspy and breathless, and a disgusted shudder crept up Kirishima's spine. “What were you doing at the girls dorms so long, Kirishima-kun? Did you see them having sexy pillow fights?!”

“You need a different hobby dude.” Kirishima stepped around the short purple headed boy as he left the elevator. The elevator that was specifically modified by Hatsume to prevent Mineta from going upstairs. “Try growing some balls somewhere other than your head and learn to respect people. Goodnight.”

“Kirishima!!! Press the button for me! Any floor is fine!”

“I'd rather die.” Kirishima glared as the elevator to the boy's side closed slowly, and he held direct eye contact with the little creep until it closed.

His mood was immediately lifted as he arrived at his floor and peeked into Bakugo's room, seeing that the blond was somehow still awake. “Baku- Katsuki!” He made his way over, and Bakugo glared at him.

“What the fuck took you so long? You've been gone for almost an hour.”

“I helped Sero get Tsuyu to bed after I took a bath, I had a chat with Uraraka too.” Kirishima apologized, pressing a kiss into Bakugo's forehead. “Sorry! I assumed you'd gone to bed!”

“I didn't. Fuckin' let those losers take care of themselves next time.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “I've been ready for bed for like 45 minutes.”  

“You waited for me! I'm moved!” Kirishima made his way over, feeling a bit guilty that Bakugo had been waiting for him all this time. While he was having dirty thoughts in the shower, Bakugo was up here all alone! Waiting for him!

“Why do you have fuckin' wet spots on your hoodie?” Bakugo reclined on the bed, his eyes narrowed.

“Oh, uh.” Kirishima looked down at his sweater, how was he supposed to explain it without mentioning the secret conversation he just had with Uraraka? He thought about it for a bit, but then he just shrugged. “Uraraka was stressed from class so she cried a bit, I was just comforting her.” It wasn't a lie, it just omitted most of the details.

“Yeah she almost failed saving her shitty doll.”  Bakugo rolled his eyes. “You were crying too right? You get way too fuckin' emotional.”

“It's just empathy!” Kirishima touched his face, the slight red puffs under his eyes were rapidly fading. “She was real upset okay? I felt bad!”

“Whatever.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “You're not the fuckin' school therapist, we've all got shit to deal with,  she can just go talk to a pro.”

“She was practically still asleep through all of that though.” Kirishima shed his clothes, his knee sinking into the mattress. “I was there, so the least I could do was listen.”

“Just get in bed.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, slipping out of bed and pushing his way past Kirishima to go to the bathroom. “I gotta piss again.”

Aaaah Bakugo waited! Kirishima flopped down on the bed, thinking about what an eventful day this had been. The class. The robot. The entire conversation he'd had with Bakugo. The conversation he'd had with Uraraka. He was so ready for this day to be over, he was mentally exhausted. He'd have to set two alarms to make sure he woke up tomorrow. He patted around for his phone, grabbing Bakugo's phone  in the darkness and tapping the screen to check what time it was.

Bakugo's lock screen was a picture of him.

Kirishima jerked so hard he fell out of bed. Bakugo immediately jumped out of the bathroom, naked yet ready for combat. “WHAT?”

“Ah! Your lock screen!” Kirishima pointed, his face completely red. “It's me!”

“O-of fuckin' course it is!” Bakugo snarled in embarrassment, storming over and snatching his phone up. “You're my stupid boyfriend and shit!”

“I can't believe you even HAD a picture of me!” Kirishima grinned widely, and Bakugo climbed into bed and huffed in embarrassment as he pulled the covers over his head petulantly.

“Of course I do! I got a bunch of shitty group photos because I'm in them and shit.” Bakugo's voice was muffled through the covers. “Why does it matter!?”

“Then I want a boyfriend wallpaper too!” Kirishima looked around for his phone properly, and after a bit of fumbling he found it laying on the floor.  He snatched it up, turning to the bump under the sheets that was Bakugo. “Lemme take a picture of you!”

“No way!” Bakugo argued from under the covers. “If you don't have one, that's your OWN fault!”

Kirishima dipped his head into the cavern, pleading with Bakugo in the darkness, the light from Bakugo's phone illuminating his face.

“Aw, c'mon! I want a recent one! You don't have to smile or anything! Please, Katsuki?” Kirishima whined and Bakugo pouted, rolling around with a slightly interested face. He seemed to be contemplating something, laying on his back inside the tent of covers.

“If you get a picture of me, then I want to use this one as my lock screen.” Bakugo flicked his gallery open, and selected a recent picture. Kirishima's eyes narrowed at the bright screen, and he realized he was looking at a picture taken just earlier when he'd taken a nap. It was picture of him sleeping on Bakugo's shoulder! Was this why he'd woken up earlier? Bakugo was blushing now, his mouth twisted in a pout.

“No way!” Kirishima argued, grabbing at Bakugo's phone. “I've got CUM on my face! There's some in my hair too! You can SEE it!”

“I don't care!”

“Take a new one!” Kirishima fought to get at the phone from the confines of the blanket.

“No!” Bakugo argued, moving his phone out of reach. “I like THIS one!”

“You can't have your wallpaper be a picture of me covered in jizz! People might SEE it!”

“People shouldn't be fuckin' looking at my phone so then that's not MY fault!”

“Katsuki! Think of my modesty-”

“Modesty is bullshit! No one cares!”  

“Well if that's such a no-problem then I want a sexy picture of you! How do YOU feel if I got a picture of you topless for everyone to see!?”

“It's NOT for everyone to see idiot! It's not like you go showing people your phone all the time!” Bakugo squirmed. “And FINE! I don't give a shit! Take a picture of me topless or whatever, I want THIS one as my wallpaper!”

“FINE!” Kirishima sat up suddenly, throwing off the covers as he turned on the camera on his phone, aiming it down at the flushed and disheveled looking Bakugo laying on the bed. “Then don't move! Lay still!”

Before Bakugo could argue, Kirishima snapped a picture, looking it over as Bakugo sat up to check it out as well. Kirishima's heart thundered, it was the best picture he'd ever taken in his entire life! Most of Bakugo's torso was in the picture and he was all topless and flushed and slightly apprehensive.

It was the most beautiful thing he'd seen. He stared at it in awe, taking in the details of the messed up dark covers hugging Bakugo's shoulders and sides and he just curled up in pain.

“Pl-ea-se-” Kirishima begged, holding his phone out for Bakugo to look at. “Please let me-”

“Fine.” Bakugo snorted, and Kirishima felt glorious life flow back into his soul. “-but then I get mine.”

“KATSUKI~” Kirishima tearfully wailed as he set the picture as his wallpaper and his lock screen. Goodbye to letting Kaminari charge his phone ever again.


ART BY QueenofLiz4rds AND SPECIAl BONUS Art is the last one I die AAAAAaa. wallpaper sized just in case you want the "Kirishima Experience".

Just don't go showing your phone to people or letting Kaminari charge it.


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Chapter Text

There's some nsfw talk, but other than that, its a sfw chapter.


It was amazing how easily Bakugo was integrated into his routine. Waking up in the morning, happily watching Bakugo sleep for just a few minutes before the snoozing kicked off on their alarm. Bidding the blond a good day, getting his uniform from his room and joining Bakugo for brushing their teeth just felt like such a normal thing now. He wondered if he'd ever take this for granted. Maybe in 30 years he would? Maybe closer to 50 years.

They met up with some of their classmates on their way to school. Hand in hand they chatted casually, the cloud of yesterday's rescue training fading into the background of their conversation.

Uraraka and Tsuyu joined them, and Tsuyu apologized for having been carried up to her room. The small girl felt a bit embarrassed that she’d refused to wake up. Kirishima laughed it off, she weighed nothing to him, and even less once Uraraka had made her float. He kept the conversation with Uraraka silent, and the bubbly girl was back to her usual self, though she did look a bit tired.

Kaminari and the girls started a conversation about the game they'd watched Sero play, trying to figure out which one of them had fallen asleep first. When Sero started explaining some detail of the game itself, Kirishima zoned out of the conversation, he couldn't keep up with the in-jokes.

Bakugo and Mina were arguing about lunch, and Kirishima decided to stay out of that conversation, apparently Bakugo was claiming it was their date-lunch today. Kirishima was looking forward to spending lunch alone with bakugo. Though he had no idea what they would be eating. His brow furrowed slightly, Bakugo had been cooking a lot lately, maybe he should treat Bakugo to something today.

Today they had normal classes, like they usually did after a particularly grueling hero-class day. The normal high school activities like gym class, math, history, it all somehow made the hardships of yesterday's class feel more distant.

Kirishima was bored. It was good to be bored sometimes he supposed, nice to just turn off your brain and listen to Cementoss talk about old laws and heroes from other countries. He particularly didn't like hero-law. He knew it was important, but he just couldn't keep up his interest. Wasn't it fine as long as he knew the rules? Did he need to know the legal parts too? It was so dry too, dry legal text made his eyes gloss over.

He heard a buzz and automatically reached for his phone, only to see that Sero was the one who had the message. Sero apologized for not silencing his phone and Cementoss asked everyone in class who had reached for their phones in panic to double check to see if their phones were silent. Kirishima's heart skipped in his chest when he saw his lock-screen picture. He'd been secretly admiring it since he woke up, but now that he was looking at something like this in class he felt extra embarrassed.

He made sure to keep his phone close to his chest to shield the picture from the others, suffering in silence as he drank in the details of his wallpaper. Bakugo laying there all fanned out and beautiful. Contrasting so nicely with the dark sheets. UGH! Kirishima clenched his fist and closed his eyes, teeth grit in joy as he pocketed his phone. He had the HOTTEST boyfriend.

He glanced over at said boyfriend, who was flicking his thumb across the screen, seemingly not suffering nearly as much as he was over their new lock-screens. Bakugo did glance up, and their eyes met for a second, and Kirishima couldn't help but smile widely at him. He didn't expect Bakugo to react, so the rolled eyes and soft twitching of his lips was more than a blessing.

Cementoss was writing something on the blackboard, and Kirishima watched Bakugo flick through his phone for a while before pocketing it. Kirishima's mind wandered, and suddenly he remembered the stuff Bakugo had been reading about yesterday. The “research”. Bakugo had probably continued researching it while he was off talking to Uraraka and taking a shower, that would explain why Bakugo had been awake while he waited. At this point he had forgotten he was straight up staring at Bakugo, and Cementoss had to cut his line of sight before he could get his attention back.

So embarrassing.

Kirishima stared at his textbook for the rest of the class, pretending to read along. He was busy thinking about the topic Bakugo had been reading up about. Anal sex for beginners.

Obviously Bakugo wanted to do it at least enough to read up about it? Why else would he be reading about something like that? Kirishima felt his face warm up as he stared at the same word in his textbook. He should probably read up on it too? The only thing he really knew about it was from porn, and a few forums posts, and he knew for a fact that was not a very reliable source of information. There was probably a lot of things omitted that was the key to making it less painful.

Kirishima shook his head. This was a super dangerous subject to think about in school, if he wasn't careful he'd get hard!

He really wanted to. He should do research online too. Just in case Bakugo brought it up. It was good to be prepared, it would be embarrassing if Bakugo asked him to do it and then had to teach him how the entire thing worked, they were equals damn it! If Bakugo wanted to do butt-stuff he wanted to know how to do it properly too!

When was he supposed to get time and privacy to do research for something like this though?

The perfect chance presented itself at the tail end of third period, when Aizawa entered the room, sending Kirishima, Midoriya, Jiro and Kouda to the nurses office for a “post sleep” heal and check up. This was common, Recovery girl's quirk only accelerated their own bodies healing, so usually at the start of the day or during class, a quick visit to the infirmary, a kiss and a pez later, their bodies had finished healing.

Midoriya had injured himself, like he often did, during hero class. Nothing broken or torn this time, much to everyone's relief. The guy was really hard on his own body, and even if it was super cool and manly, Kirishima was amazed that someone who came into their quirk as late as Midoriya didn't have any subconscious control of the amount of damage he did. Scary.

They all sat down on the chairs in front of Recovery girl's office and Kirishima picked up his phone, thankful for the privacy of the wall behind his back and Midoriya focus on his notebook next to him. It was safe to do some internet scouring. Text just looked like text anyway, no one was going to read his phone while they waited for the nurse.

He did some awkward googling and after a bit of clicking, he had three trustworthy looking tabs open. He tried to keep a straight face as he read through them. Making mental notes and comparing advice. There were things in there he'd known about, but honestly the most important advice was lubricant and time. He snapped out of his own world when Midoriya put a hand on his shoulder, and he jerked out of his trance to blush at the green-haired boy.

“Kirishima-kun?” Midoriya gestured to the door. “I'm all done, it's your turn now.”

Kirishima quickly pocketed his phone and thanked his slightly concerned classmate, jogging into the nurses office. She looked him over, prodded and patted on his back and shoulders, gave him a little kiss on the cheek and some gummies, writing something down in her little notebook.

She was a doctor, or at least a nurse? A medical professional. She'd know, right?

“Uhm.” Kirishima began, and the old lady looked at him with her soft eyes from behind her glasses. Waiting for him to talk to her. Waiting for him to ask her about anal sex. Kirishima deflated. He couldn't ask. It was too embarrassing, she'd probably tell him not to anyway. Somehow asking a woman about it felt more embarrassing, even if she was a nurse. “Nothing.”

“If there's something bothering you, you can always come and talk to any of the staff.” Recovery girl put her small old hand on Kirishima's forearm. “We won't judge you, we're here to guide you.”

“T-thanks.” Kirishima nodded, already too embarrassed to bring up the topic again. He left the infirmary, the words burning themselves into his mind. Aizawa said it too; they can talk to the teachers.

Maybe he should do that? Should he ask a teacher? Aizawa had given them condoms, would it be too much to ask him how to use them too? Aizawa had seemed to want nothing less than talk about this, so maybe some other teacher? He was a bit too intimidated to talk to Midnight, she in general had a very intense aura around her, and she was a lady. Present Mic? Kirishima's brow furrowed. No, he didn't want to include Mic in this, not after the lecture he'd given them about relationships.

Cementoss or Ectoplasm were right out, he simply didn't feel comfortable enough talking to them about such personal stuff. But they had been very supportive and kind in general, so maybe it wasn't a bad idea-

Kirishima paused his walk to class, he was standing right in front of the teacher's office and the lights were on. Had his body brought him here on autopilot? Or did all the hallways in school just somehow lead past the teacher's lounge? The lights were on and there were some sounds from inside; someone was moving past the glass.

There was a teacher in there. Kirishima swallowed thickly, it couldn't hurt to see what teacher was in there, right? If it was Aizawa he could maybe ask him, he had offered to talk, even if he'd looked like he was suffering as he did so. It couldn't be Midnight, since she was supposed to be teaching them Art History now.

He knocked twice, and cracked the door open just a bit. He glanced around the room, hoping to see his teacher's mop of unruly black hair, instead he saw a gaunt thin frame, a tall man with blond hair. All Might. All might was good too. He swallowed thickly as the sickly man beckoned him over with a smile.

“Ah, young Kirishima, is there anything I can assist you with?” the former symbol of peace was still a great man, even if he didn't have the intense presence of his former hero form. “Are you looking for someone?”

“Ah, yeah, uh it's a bit-” Kirishima looked around, there didn't seem to be any other teachers in the room. They were alone. This was a great chance, but asking the actual symbol of peace about sex was a bit... overkill? “I was looking for Aizawa-sensei.”

“He's in a meeting with the principal, I'm afraid he probably won't be back until after lunch, do you want me to take a message?” All might's bony fingers reached for a pen, his blue eyes staring right through him, seeing into his soul. “is there something wrong?”

“Well... no. Not really.” Kirishima rubbed at his forearm, avoiding eye contact with the former greatest hero in japan. He knew he was acting suspicious, but he wasn't sure how he could bring up the subject. He knew about all the rumors around All Might's sexuality, it was a heatedly discussed topic online, with some pretty solid implications of long term relationships in Japan and abroad even. He would know . If those rumors were right, then if any teacher would know, it was All Might.

“Young Kirishima.” All Might gestured to a chair next to him. “I can sense that something is troubling you, please, if you want to discuss it-”

“Y-yeah.” Kirishima stiffly walked over, taking a seat and squirming slightly, settling down to have a serious conversation. All might was patiently watching him, a soft smile on his face as he waited for him to say something. No rush or pressure, just quiet understanding. Kirishima took a deep breath, looking the legend in the eyes. “I want to have sex with Bakugo, but I don't know how to do it right.”

All Might was staring at him, his expression unchanging until he suddenly jerked violently and blood gushed from his mouth. “WHAT?”

“H-hey! Are you alright? All Might-” Kirishima stared in shock as All might caught himself, coughing violently for approximately 5 minutes until he was starting to get concerned. He reached for a tissue, trying his best to help the older man quell his coughs. He offered to get a glass of water, but All Might held his hand up to signal for him to stay still. Once the coughing was over, All Might wiped blood from his chin, and stared at him.

“Y-young Kirishima-” All Might hesitated a bit, his voice tired. “Do... you have feelings for Young Bakugo?”

“Oh.” Kirishima facepalmed as he cursed under his breath. “I should have started with that; me and Katsuki are dating.”

“D-DATING?” Another round of blood spurting as he spoke, but this time he seemed to be able to talk through it. “I see! A relationship. High school romance .” he emphasized the last word, wiping blood from his mouth again.

“No! I want to make it more than just a high school romance!” Kirishima objected, his heart aching. “I want to be together forever-”

“I was not doubting your resolve, young Kirishima.” All Might raised his hand. “I am fully aware of how much you and young Bakugo care for each other, I just didn't realize it was romantic, do the other teachers know?”

“Aizawa-sensei does, he gave us... c-condoms before, but I just need to know if there's something the internet isn't telling me.” Kirishima muttered in embarrassment, rubbing at his head as he stared at the floor. “There has to be a way for it not to hurt?”

There was silence. All Might didn't move, and Kirishima could feel the heat creep up to his cheeks. Why was he doing this? Why was he even telling All Might he didn't want it to HURT? Of all things! Heroes couldn't be afraid of PAIN! He regretted this, what if All Might thought he was being unmanly? What if All Might lost respect for him?!

“Young Kirishima, if you are at all uncomfortable with this idea, I suggest you tell young Bakugo about it.” All Might patted his shoulder with his frail hand, and the gesture felt infinitely reassuring somehow. “communication. It's very important to talk about things like that. There is nothing you HAVE to do, there is no obligation to go that far.”

“That's the thing! I want to!” Kirishima groaned, gritting his teeth. “I want to go all the way, but I just don't want to hurt him! Or hurt myself! I don't mind pain, I just want our first time to be nice! I don't want either of us to regret it.”

“I see.” All Might sighed, turning in his chair as he stared at his 'Teaching For Dummies' book. He pushed it aside, rubbing his forehead gently, his bony elbows on the desk as he rest his face in his hands. “Aizawa already provided you with protection?”

“Yeah!” Kirishima nodded.

“and you are sure you both want to do this?”

“I think so?” Kirishima shrugged. “-we haven't talked about it, but I've seen him look up how to do it when he thinks I'm not looking. I just want to know what to do, just in case.”

“I see.” All Might visibly slumped in his chair, rubbing his temples. “ Oh my goodness.

“If... if it's a big problem, I can just go-” Kirishima got up, he hadn't wanted to bother All Might with his sex-life.

NO !” All Might raised his arms, blood dripping from his mouth as he gestured to him to sit back down. “I'm sorry young Kirishima, my exasperation isn't because of your question! I just don't know how to best explain such a personal thing. I've never been very good at relationship advice.”

Kirishima didn't press, if there was anything to the rumors, All Might's love life had been hectic and dramatic. Not that it mattered now, but there was something so surreal about sitting here with this hollow and pained looking man, knowing who he used to be, how the safety of entire japan had been weighing on his shoulders. His tired, slumped shoulders.

“It's alright.” Kirishima clung to his own shirt for support. “Explain it badly then, I just want to hear what to do from a real person, someone who knows. I don't know anyone else that could know about this...”

“Young Kirishima...” All Might looked down, his thin fingers crossed on his bony knee. “You know that there's a lot of queer Pro-heroes.”

Kirishima glanced up, staring at All Might. “There are? I know there are some but-”

“There's more than you think.” the former symbol of peace said softly. “But some of them... choose to put their more... pure public image first. They keep their personal lives secret. It's... very exhausting.”

“Present Mic said it was done to keep your lover safe from villain attacks.”

“That's true as well.” All Might nodded, rubbing the back of his long neck. “Some of it is for the public opinion. When you're a symbol, be it for peace or justice or any other ideal; you need to exemplify it completely. You can't allow your personal life to detract from that image. It's not because of shame.”

Kirishima thought about this. “Bakugo doesn't want to keep it secret, and I don't want it to be secret either.”

“That's wonderful.” All Might said gently, a smile brightening up his eyes. “You are a new generation after all, there's no need to cling to outdated rules. The world is changing, and you will certainly be the new era of heroes that the world needs.”

“Yeah but-” Kirishima's brow furrowed, he wasn't sure if All Might had forgotten what they were actually talking about. “I still want to have sex with Kats- uh- Bakugo.”

All Might's serene expression was suddenly hidden behind a spray of blood. Kirishima waited patiently until the coughing ended and All Might could speak again. “Of course, I will answer your questions, but please keep in mind that everyone is different.”

“Yeah!” Kirishima nodded, sitting at the edge of his seat, staring intensely at his teacher, who faltered slightly as he gestured awkwardly with his hands. “So how do I make it not hurt?”

“Well... it largely hinges on the preparations and... arousal.” All Might was clearly embarrassed, but so was Kirishima. “What do you know?”

“I uh... know that you use your fingers first?”

“Make sure you trim your fingernails.”

Kirishima nodded. “-and using a lot of lubricant.”

“Make sure it's compatible with the condoms. No oil based lubricants.”

“Okay-” Kirishima made a mental note of looking that up. “I read that there's a spot that feels really good-”

All Might held up his hands. “Young Kirishima, I think you worry too much about the results. I understand your concern, and they are admirable. But maybe you are expecting too much of yourself? The learning process can be fun as well, take time to study each other and listen. You can take it in steps, there is no rush. Let it happen naturally.”

Kirishima paused, staring up at the soft smile on the teachers face. “Naturally?”

Blood silently dribbled from All Might's mouth. “Your first time will never be like in the movies, young Kirishima. Allow yourself the freedom of being inexperienced and learn by doing. It can even bring you closer.”

That's right! He'd learned how to kiss around his teeth with Bakugo and they had worked past the explosive hand holding. Every challenge they'd faced they'd faced together. Bakugo wasn't going to care if the sex wasn't amazing right away, and Kirishima knew he wouldn't care if it was awkward and clumsy as long as it was with Bakugo. He had nothing to prove!

They'd learn. Just like the kissing; it was training. Doing what they could, get better. Learn. Improve. Push beyond.

“You're right! Thank you! I get it now!” Suddenly fired up and motivated, Kirishima got up with a clatter of his chair falling over, shocking the teacher. “PLUS ULTRA!” He yelled confidently as he bolted for the door.


“T-THAT'S NOT WHAT THE SCHOOL MOTTO IS FOR!” All Might spurted blood in horror but Kirishima was already gone. He ran out of the room, rushing down the hallway and in his haste, he didn't notice Aizawa standing by the door, watching him go.

The teacher entered the room, locking eyes with the former symbol of peace. “I heard everything. You didn't do too bad.”

“I hope I didn't.” All Might sighed, resting his hands on his lap. “But is it really alright for us to condone this kind of intimacy?”

“We're teaching them how to fight for their lives.” Aizawa sat down at his desk, dry and aching eyes narrowed on the paperwork in front of him. “We're asking them to become adults capable of saving lives and carrying the burden of public safety and scrutiny. They're already giving up their innocence, so what gives us the right to deny them the few perks of adulthood?”

“So you worry about these things as well?”

“It's not worry. They’ll be fine.”




Kirishima was not fine.

He was f antastic .

His heart was thundering in his chest and he rushed down the hallway, sliding to a halt in front of his classroom. He could hear that class was in session so he meant to open the door gently, but his heart was full to bursting and his body was humming in adrenaline so he accidentally used too much power and THREW the classroom door open, startling everyone in class including Midnight, who blinked at him in confusion.

“SORRY!” Kirishima's voice was a bit louder than he'd wanted, and even if he felt bad for causing a stir, his smile was impossible to contain. The class settled back down, smiling back at him and rolling their eyes. Everyone but Iida, who got up.

“KIRISHIMA-KUN!” Iida also had some problems with volume control when he was passionate about something. “PLEASE DO NOT BARGE IN WHEN CLASS IS IN SESSION. PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEAT.”

“It's alright Iida-kun.” Midnight gestured, her mouth curled up in a smile. “Passion! I like it! Young people with their passionate attitudes! Heated emotions! Take a seat Kirishima-kun!”

“Yes!” Kirishima practically jogged to his seat, his body tense with adrenaline. All eyes were on him but he didn't care, well he cared about one pair. Bakugo was staring at him, brow furrowed in suspicious confusion. Midnight walked over, holding up her modern art textbook and pointing to a picture on one of the pages.

“Kirishima-kun, we were talking about this monument, it's located in Chiba, where you grew up.” She gestured to a large arc that Kirishima distinctly remembered doing a boring essay about two years ago. “You've no doubt seen this on a school trip in middle school. Can you tell us anything interesting about it?”

“I can actually!” Kirishima was pumped, he sat up in his chair. “It's way bigger in real life than it looks in pictures! And people put flowers there all the time, to honor the heroes who died saving people from the earthquake!”

“Passionate!” Midnight cooed excitedly. “You weren't here when I mentioned it, but on Friday I want all of you to do a 3 minute presentation on one of the modern art pieces in chapter 11, this one will be yours.”

“Yeah!” Kirishima was already pumped, this was going to be easy. He probably still had the essay saved somewhere, he'd gotten 87 points out of 100 for that thing. He could just grab the bullet points from that! This was exactly what he needed to boost his grade in this boring class!

Everything was working out so flawlessly! He was so happy!

“What HAPPENED to you at the nurses office dude.” Kaminari inquired, taking a seat on Kirishima's desk when the lunch bell rang. “You've been BEAMING ever since you got back.”

“It's nice though, you got that contagious smile thing going on, everyone's mood is great.” Sero stood behind Kaminari, beaming down at him with his triangular smile.

“I'm just feeling real good right now!” Kirishima got up, bumping his fists together. “I can't wait for gym! I got so much energy right now!”

“We got lunch and Art before that.” Mina joined them, leaning on Kaminari. “Or well YOU have lunch, since today is your solo-lunch with Bakugo. Us singles will just have to mingle in the cafeteria.”

“Oh yeah! Katsuki-” Kirishima jumped out of his seat, waving over to Bakugo who was being lectured by Iida about putting his feet on the table. Everyone in the room paused, looking over at Kirishima, their confused faces reading the same word: Katsuki?

“The two of you are on first name basis now?!” Iida gestured with his square hands. “Congratulations for reaching this relationship milestone!”

“Whatever, it's not like he was going to call me Bakugo forever.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “It doesn't concern any of you, stop your fuckin' staring!”

“Hey! Hey dude!” Kaminari turned so fast on the table he almost fell off, Mina and Sero caught him just in time. “Call Kirishima by his first name too! I wanna hear it!”

“No!” Bakugo snarled. “I'm not doing that shit for your entertainment!”

“KAMINARI-KUN PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON THE TABLE.” Iida turned to lecture Kaminari, freeing Bakugo to walk over to them.

“But I wanna HEAR it!” Kaminari groaned, throwing his head back, not moving from the table. “Do it! Or are you embarrassed?! Kirishima called out to you so passionately too!”

“Why are you in such a good mood all of a sudden?” Bakugo huffed, jaw set defiantly. “-have you been in pain until now or something?”

“What? No!” Kirishima shook his head. “No pain! Just happy!”

Bakugo's eyes narrowed. “You better not be fuckin' lying to me, Eiijro .”

“Aaaah, He did it!” Mina, Kaminari and Sero cheered, and Kirishima covered his face in his hands with embarrassment. It was stupid how happy it made him, and it also presented the problem of turning him on now. They had basically kept the first names in the bedroom to this point, so hearing it outside of their room was super strange.

Sero and Kaminari shook Kirishima gently, teasing him over his embarrassment. Bakugo watched smugly as Kirishima had to fight off teasing grins and prods from his friends, Kirishima's heart was full to bursting. Even Iida seemed to have given up lecturing them, his face smiling gently at the scene before he stuck his square hand into the fight.

“It is lunchtime! It's important to eat healthy and chew slowly, so please go eat now so you will not be in a rush!” Iida suggested, and Kaminari slid of the table, the trio following Iida out of the classroom while coo-ing comically at Bakugo and Kirishima until they disappeared from the doorway.

“Hey, Katsuki.” Kirishima hummed, and Bakugo's mouth twitched into a smile. “You've been making lunch all the time, wanna go buy something from the off-campus convenience store? My treat.”

"You mean like shitty fast food? One of those ready made lunches?” Bakugo's brow furrowed. “Why bother with that when we can get better food in the cafeteria?”

“It's more like a date that way.” Kirishima took Bakugo's hand and started leading him down the hallway and out of school

Bakugo was taken aback by that, his brow furrowed in confusion. “Date?”

“I mean, we haven't been on one properly yet, right?” Kirishima shrugged. “It's just a small lunch-time date. That's what our “date-lunches” are for right?”

“We don't need to go on dates, we're already dating.” Bakugo snorted. “Dates are to impress people into liking you.”

“I guess? It's also just for hanging out.” Kirishima shrugged. “You can go on dates to enjoy yourself too, just to spend time together and have fun.”

“Then we've been on dates before.” Bakugo huffed, rolling his eyes. “Lots of them.”

Kirishima's brow furrowed. “What? When? The Karaoke doesn't count.”

“I'm talking about when we went to the movies like five times, we went hiking, we've gone shopping at the mall like twice.” Bakugo frowned, counting on his fingers as he continued listing their outings. “Then we also went to the festival together, the amusement park and then we went to the arcade. I got fuckin' stickers of us from that one.”

“Oh-” Kirishima's face flushed, a bit flattered Bakugo remembered all these times considering he'd acted like he hadn't wanted to be there most of the time. “Those weren't dates, those were just... us hanging out. Like bros.”

“But you said you had a crush on me all the way back to the USJ.”

“I- uh...” Kirishima swallowed thickly. “Yeah? But I just wanted to hang out with you, I didn't mean to make it romantic or anything.”

“Why would you invite me to all these things if it wasn't a date then?” Bakugo huffed.

“Because I enjoy spending time with you?”

“So you weren't trying to get me to like you back?”

“Not really? You'd never shown interest in dudes or anyone really, so I just wanted to hang out with you as friends.” Kirishima shrugged. “I just really enjoy hanging out with you, romantically or not.”

“That's fuckin' stupid.” Bakugo was staring at him in bewilderment. “You spent all that time and effort hanging out with me and you weren't even trying to get me to like you?”

“It's not effort to hang out with you. All that stuff we did wasn't a CHORE.” Kirishima rolled his eyes. “I enjoy it. It's FUN. I feel GREAT when I'm around you, I didn't see it as a waste of time at all. I loved every minute of it! Except that one time I spilled my popcorn at the movies, that one sucked.”

“No, that one was hilarious.” Bakugo's grip on his hand tightened slightly as he hastened his pace to walk besides him. “You're such a fuckin' weirdo.”

“Don't be an ass! We're on a date!”

“Well you failed anyway.” Bakugo shrugged, ignoring his objections. “I think I started to like you somewhere after the sports festival.”

“W-WHAT?” Kirishima's eyes widened. Could he have started dating Bakugo AGES ago?! WHAT A WASTE!

“Don't look so fuckin' shocked.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, looking down at the ground as they walked. “I've been thinking about the stuff you said, the way the feelings got more intense.”

“Like the stun grenade metaphor and stuff?” Kirishima was surprised Bakugo had even given that a second thought. He'd forgotten about that allegory completely until now.

“I think I started to think about you an abnormal amount somewhere around summer vacation.” Bakugo mused thoughtfully. “I thought it was just because I'd gotten used to you bothering me every day in school, so when there was nothing; it was weird.”

Kirishima didn't dare make a noise, too worried he would scare off this sudden mood that had settled between them as the walked towards the school gates. They had to scan their passes to get out, and seeing the media crawling around, they tried to blend in with a few other students on their way to the store.

“Then you started texting me and we started hanging out again, going to the pool and festival and shit, and it soothed the itch I guess. Things went back to normal for a bit.” Bakugo continued, his brow furrowed in concentration, as if he was trying to remember some history trivia. “Then it started getting annoying again, like there wasn't enough? It pissed me off since it was really distracting, so I tried to stop hanging out, but you wouldn't LET me.”

“Oh.” Kirishima did remember that one awful week when Bakugo had practically stonewalled his texts, he'd been so sure he'd messed up and pissed him off. He'd been unable to sleep and worried, terrified he somehow made Bakugo uncomfortable. He'd worried Bakugo had figured out he liked him, he'd freaked out. So it was just Bakugo trying to stop crushing on him? Kirishima's heart swelled in his chest. That was so cute . Ugh.

Bakugo was squeezing his hand at this point, his voice flowing without filter as he seemed to be on some sort of roll. Kirishima had to harden his palm in secret to muffle the small explosions and prevent them from getting in trouble for using their quirks in public.

“Then I started looking for you when you weren't around and it pissed me off. You got so fuckin' clingy too but I didn't dislike it.” Bakugo was staring at the ground intensely, Kirishima simply listened in awe as the blond continued. “-and then I started thinking about you when I got home and I jerked off. Jerking off never really felt that good before so I did it a lot and it just pissed me off because I didn't fuckin' get it. Porn didn't do shit for me, but you somehow did? It was bullshit, all of it.”

Kirishima felt his stomach do flips at that, like an army of butterflies roaring to tear through his chest.

“I was sure you'd be grossed out so I didn't want to tell you and that I could just deal with it.” Bakugo grimaced and his grip on Kirishima's hand tightened. “But then Kamino-” The blond paused, eyes widening for a second in silent realization.

“What?” Kirishima was curious as to why the conversation had ground to a halt. They were at the store now and the hum of the air conditioner hit their skin. Kirishima headed for the ready made sandwiches and bento.

“Nothing.” Bakugo shook his head. “-then we started living in the dorms and just having you around and next door all the time made the itch better. I wasn't planning on doing anything about it until you gave me that shitty chocolate.”

“My chocolate is excellent!” Kirishima argued, but he was infinitely thankful for the accidental confession. Best mess he'd gotten himself into. They chose their food and Kirishima bought them drinks to go with them, and then they got in line at the register. There were plenty of students here, they were clearly not the only ones that craved fast food on the occasion.

“It was a really lame confession.” Bakugo snorted, hands in his pockets.

“Yeah, well, it worked.” Kirishima didn't want to tell Bakugo it was also an accident. If he hadn't done that, they might have spent years just thinking about it. He felt so stupid now, but he was glad it worked itself out the way it had.

“I suppose.” Bakugo relented thoughtfully, looking at a stand by the register. Kirishima followed Bakugo's eyes, and tensed up a little when he realized his boyfriend was eyeing up the selection of condoms. Bakugo's eyes broke from the packages and glanced over to him, and Kirishima held the eye contact for a bit, until it was their turn on the register. They silently left the store, making their way back to school.

“I found a thing I'm into last night.” Kirishima broke the uncomfortable silence, and Bakugo immediately turned his attention to him, the awkward look wiped off his face and replaced by cold anger.

"What? What the fuck is it?” The blond pressured, glaring at him. “It better not be something vague and stupid like ‘Friendship’ or ‘making me laugh’.”

“Well I'm into both of these things very much, but nope!” Kirishima teased, flashing a toothy smirk at his boyfriend. “Wanna guess?”

“No, just fuckin' tell me already.” Bakugo growled, frowning at him. “You said you'd tell me as soon as you knew! Why didn't you tell me last night you ass!?”

“I forgot! It was late and I was tired.” Kirishima objected, the two of them scanning themselves onto campus again before they found a nice private spot somewhere on campus grounds. Bakugo liked eating outside, he'd learned that when they went hiking. The blond shed his jacket and tossed it to the side, looking really good in the short sleeved white shirt beneath.

“Don't give me your shitty excuses, tell me already!” Bakugo argued, tearing the packaging of his lunch open angrily.

“I wanna make out against a wall!” Kirishima proclaimed, a bit too loudly actually. He didn't think anyone was close enough to hear him though, except of course, Bakugo. The blond was staring at him.

“That's it ?”

“You wanted to know!” Kirishima objected, throwing Bakugo's drink at him, the bottle bouncing on the ground. “there's something else too, but... I don't wanna tell you until we're alone. Because of... reasons.”

Bakugo glanced down at his crotch, and true enough, the reason was there. “fine. So do you want me to pin you or the other way around?”

“I don't know, both probably?” Kirishima pulled his knees in, attempting to hide the rising embarrassment in his pants from anyone who was passing by them on the lawn. This conversation was dangerous enough! If he actually brought up the whole sex thing, he'd probably pop a full on boner he wouldn't be able to get rid of all day. “I kinda liked it when I managed to pin you during our spar.”

“The spar you fuckin' cheated in.” Bakugo snorted, opening his drink and taking a big gulp.

“I didn't cheat! It just kinda came out on it's own!” Kirishima was red in the face now. “And you told me not to go easy on you anyway! So don't sulk about it!”

“I'm not fuckin' sulking.” Bakugo growled. “And yeah, I get it. I thought that pin was kinda hot too, probably would have kissed you if you hadn't been trying to kill me with your creepy monster face.”

“I wasn't trying to KILL you! Just knock you out!” Kirishima objected. “And it's not that creepy, right? Not like scary creepy? I need to be a cool hero-”

“It doesn't matter.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “The people you're protecting will always be behind you anyway right? The only ones who are gonna see that face are the villains.”

“AGH! So manly!” Kirishima threw himself back on the ground, grass tickling his face. “I wanna kiss you so bad right now!”

“Then do it.”

“WH-” Kirishima sputtered, turning his head to look at Bakugo and almost getting a blade of grass right into his eye. “We're not even inside! We're super in public!”

“I don't care.”

“There's- There's media outside the gates! They might take pictures!” Kirishima felt the heat rising in his guts.

“I don't give a shit!” Bakugo offered again, angrily.

“PDA is against school policy! We might get in trouble with the principal-”

Bakugo grabbed his discarded jacket, throwing it over Kirishima's head before he dipped his face down. It took Kirishima's eyes a second to adjust to the sudden shade of the jacket and before he realized what was going on; Bakugo was kissing him. Right here on the school lawn, for everyone to see! Or well, no one to see? Depending on the angle, the jacket shielded them from view. But it was still super obvious what was happening!

Kirishima's heart was doing its best to beat out of his chest, but Bakugo's lips were so soft and he loved him so much. He couldn't help but kiss back, even if he knew he shouldn't encourage this, surely a little was fine? Just a kiss, one small kiss. Bakugo's mouth tasted a lot like the spicy curry bread he had for lunch, with just a hint of the soda he'd had to drink with it.

Bakugo pulled back, sitting back up and taking his jacket with him, revealing Kirishima's sensitive eyes to the blaring sunlight again. He squinted and groaned, raising his hand to shield his eyes from the brightness that was Bakugo's smug self righteous face. The blond pulled his jacket back on, getting up and putting his hand out towards him. “Get up already, idiot.”

“How am I supposed to get up when my knees are all shaky! You're too good at kissing, dude!” Kirishima objected, but Bakugo took the hand he was using to block out the sunshine, and yanked him to his feet. Curious to see if anyone had noticed, he glanced around, but no one was looking at them. They were far from the gates too, so he didn't expect any of the camera crew to get pictures of them. Besides, wasn't taking pictures of people without their consent super illegal? Especially students their age.

“Just wait until we're alone, I'll kiss your fuckin' brains out. ” Bakugo frowned, a slight blush on his cheeks. “Now lets fuckin' go, class starts in 5 minutes.”

Kirishima hurriedly collected their trash off the lawn, taking Bakugo's hand with his free one and giving it a slight squeeze as they headed to class.

“You're so cool.” Kirishima sighed, his lips tingling with the spice of Bakugo's curry bread. He couldn't wait until they were in private. He wanted to push Bakugo against a wall and wreck him. Maybe he should tell Bakugo about the hair pulling too, or would that be better brought up later? Damn it, he was going to be semi-hard all day at this rate. He was already exhausted and they still had at least 4 hours until class was out!

How was he supposed to survive gym class in this state?!



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Chapter Text


warning: This chapter has NSFW content! (and a lot of fluff and sexual tension)



He wasn't sure if it was his good mood that was rubbing off on his class, or if he was just projecting his good mood onto his classmates. Either way, there was a certain buzzing in the morale, and even before class began, they were all chatting in the art classroom. Kirishima was both dreading and looking forward to gym. He could use the outlet, but he had this weight at the base of his spine he just couldn't seem to shake. Especially with Bakugo standing right next to him.

Art was a strange subject. Kirishima didn't really get why they had to know how to draw to be heroes, but apparently it was important, since it was included in UA. He supposed it was good for the soul or something? Or that art was a nice distraction? Maybe they had to learn how to do art so they could design uniforms or sketch pictures of criminals?

Maybe it was just for the sake of art itself, and civilization, like Snipe had started their semester by gushing about. Their art teacher, Snipe, was beyond patient. He didn't seem demotivated at all to teach a group of people that for the most part didn't understand why they had to take this class. If anything, he seemed to enjoy it, like it was some sort of strange challenge. His voice was kind and soothing, and as he entered, he asked everyone to line the tables up into two long rows facing each other.

“Alright everyone!” Snipe gestured to the tables. “Today we're doing real life sketching practice! Please take a seat, we'll be rotating partners regularly.”

After rearranging the tables, Kirishima took a seat next to Bakugo, directly opposite Kaminari. The electric blond beamed across the table to him, pulling out a pencil and measuring Kirishima's face dramatically. “I'm gonna capture your essence dude.”

“I'll try to do your hair justice bro!” Kirishima measured Kaminari out with his hands in a melodramatic way, he had no idea what he was doing, other than goof around. He wasn't very good at art but he had the gist of it.

The first round went smoothly. Kirishima tried his best to do Kaminari justice, but somewhere around the eyes he just sighed and did the best he could. Kaminari was a very pretty guy. Not the same kind of pretty as Bakugo, Bakugo was the kind of manly pretty Kirishima couldn't get enough of. Kaminari was the kinda pretty that ends up in magazines and on billboards.

Bakugo was pretty damn good at art, Kirishima took a few glances over at Bakugo's sketchbook, their knees bumping together as they worked a bit too often for it to be an accident. The warm joy of just this simple contact had Kirishima's chest all fluttery and warm.

Sero was next up, and somewhere in the middle of the portrait he just sighed and rubbed his chin with the pencil. The tape themed hero-to-be was really good at drawing, so Kirishima looked at him curiously over the edge of his paper.

“You know-” Eventually Sero sighed and continued sketching. “-I bet Bakugo tells you all the time, but you're a super handsome dude, Kirishima.”

“Huh?” Kirishima looked up from his Sero portrait, brow arched in confusion. “Where did that come from?”

“Plain-face is just stating the obvious.” Bakugo huffed, his eyes on his own sketch. Sero snorted, sketching something thoughtfully.

“You don't have to tell me man, I know I'm the least attractive person in our friend group.” Sero shrugged, and Bakugo looked up with a slightly furrowed brow. He looked like he was about to argue, but Sero just grinned at him with a teasing glint in his eyes. “It's hard to be a hot-people magnet, but I manage.”

Kirishima snorted, Kaminari was outright laughing from a bit further down the table. Even Bakugo was amused, though it was hard to tell with the pout on his face. Kirishima drew a big smile on the Sero he was sketching. Man, his friends were the best.

They swapped partners a few times and after Sero, Kirishima ended up drawing Ojiro and Kouda. Kouda's drawings were excellent, and Ojiro's tail flicked back and forth in concentration as he worked on his portrait of Kirishima. He was happy to see that they both drew him smiling, it made him feel all gooey inside. He drew them smiling too of course, trying his best to catch the things he liked most about them in his portraits. He was never going to do a photo realistic picture anyway.

“Your eyes are really nice Ojiro.” Kirishima commented, he'd never really noticed how slanted they were. He didn't really know why he brought them up, but he was all giddy from Sero's compliment, so he wanted to pass on the good vibes. Ojiro's eyes widened as he glanced up, his brow slightly furrowed in confusion.

“Thank you?” Ojiro's voice was a bit gruff, and he cleared his throat to get rid of it. “They're a bit small though.”

“Nah, they fit your face nicely dude.”

“...” The blond's tail curled up slightly. “You're a really good guy Kirishima.”

“Thanks! You're a good guy too.” Kirishima beamed, and pressed his knee against Bakugo's. His boyfriend snorted softly, and Kirishima could practically hear the eye rolling. Ojiro's expression got a bit bemused as he glanced over to Bakugo, but then he just shrugged and continued working on his portrait of Kirishima.

“It's a bit weird; that you two are dating.” Ojiro said softly, his pencil still moving, his eyes glued on the paper. “Nothing has really changed, so apart from the hand holding, it's easy to forget.”

“Well it has nothing to do with you, so don't bother remembering it.” Bakugo huffed, his knee solidly pressing against Kirishima.

“It's not that. It's more that it's strange that there was a time you weren't dating.” Ojiro shrugged, and from besides him, Mina chimed in, grinning widely.

“Right?! Like remember the sports festival?!” Mina waved her pencil around, and Kirishima's jaw set slightly as he felt Bakugo's body stiffen next to him. “They weren't dating back then! That's so weird! Bakugo didn't even use Kirishima's name back then!”

That was a bit nostalgic, though Kirishima had been pretty enamored with Bakugo at that point already, so when Bakugo started to acknowledge him by name, he'd have been ridiculously happy. Bakugo on the other hand looked pretty annoyed. The blond was glaring at his paper, his expression sour. Kirishima bumped shoulders with him, hoping he'd get him out of whatever mood he'd slumped into.

“Ah sorry.” Mina grimaced, and rubbed her forehead with her pencil. “You're much nicer now! It was just like Todoroki! He was a jerk at first too.”

“I'm sorry.” Todoroki apologized gently from the other end of the room.

“Nah, you two were just our class grumps at the start.” Sero huffed, flipping his paper around to show Todoroki the picture he'd been drawing of him, grinning smugly in pride of the nice portrait. “Now you're our beloved grumps!”

Todoroki's brow softened slightly at that, and he nodded once, revealing an awful sketch of Sero in return “Sorry. I wasn't allowed to have hobbies.”

“That's... It's great man. I love it. You captured my squigglyness perfectly.” Sero struggled to smile as he nodded and Todoroki's mouth curved slightly in response. Then Sero turned to Kirishima, prodding at him with his foot under the table to get his attention. “Hey, Kirishima. Switch seats with me.”

“Wha- no.” Kirishima pouted, glancing over to Bakugo, he wanted to sit next to him some more. “Why?”

“I wanna draw Kaminari, I can't do that if we're on the same line.” Sero said it plainly, and Kirishima's brow furrowed in confusion. Sero's grin remained in place, and Kaminari looked at him in confusion as well, but Sero didn't seem even the slightest bit flustered. “What? I have drawn a picture of you, Bakugo and Mina! I just need Kaminari to complete the portrait-squad.”

“Oh yeah! I just need Sero to complete my set too!” Kaminari beamed in joy, the brightness of the smile practically blinding. “If Kirishima won't move, can anyone swap with us?”

“A set of your friends? That sounds nice.” Snipe patted Kirishima on the shoulder. “Alright everyone, if you have someone specific you want to draw, you can switch your seats around for the last round.”

Much to Kirishima's shock, Bakugo stood up immediately and vaulted over the table, frowning at Ojiro until the blond moved out of the seat in front of Kirishima. He felt heat creep up his face when Bakugo flipped to a new page, staring at him intently from across the table.

Sero and Kaminari settled down in the seats next to them, but the world had been narrowed down to just the two of them. Bakugo wanted to draw him!? He supposed it made sense, but that meant he had to draw Bakugo, too! How was he supposed to do that? He wasn't good enough at art to draw Bakugo!

Bakugo sharpened his pencil in determination, staring at Kirishima the entire time, as if he was preparing for a challenge. Bakugo was pretty good at art. Well he was just good at everything. Kirishima's leg bounced slightly in a mix of anticipation and nerves. He was so happy, but he knew for a fact he wouldn't be able to do Bakugo's incredible face justice even in the slightest.

“Hey Katsuki-!” Kirishima huffed, his shoulder feeling cold without the blond pressing against it “I can't draw well enough to make you look good, so don't get mad.”

“I don't care.” Bakugo avoided eye contact, there was just a small dusting of pink on his ears when he frowned, his jaw jutting out defiantly. Kirishima felt a little flutter in his chest at that, did Bakugo just want an excuse to look at him? Either way, Bakugo was probably going to do a really nice portrait, so he had to give it his all as well!

Snipe started the timer and Kirishima grabbed his pencil, trying to figure out where to start with Bakugo. He figured he could start with his eyes like he'd done with everyone else, but those were the hardest part! Bakugo's eyes were amazing, they were so lovely and slanted, very attractive. They were one of the things Kirishima noticed about Bakugo first when he saw him. The vibrant red color reminded Kirishima of velvet or something poetic like that.

He stared right into Bakugo's eyes, only registering halfway that Bakugo was staring right back at his. He smiled, and Bakugo's brow furrowed, his eyes darting back to the paper and he dragged his hand across it. Bakugo looked very focused, his eyes flickering across his features as if he was memorizing them. Kirishima felt so warm, his heart was beating slow and heavy, as if time had slowed down. Maybe it has? Everything else was a bit of a blur. He could faintly register the rest of the class around them, but all he could really see was Bakugo across the table, looking at him with such determination.

He vividly remembered the way Bakugo had looked at him last night; the way he'd stared at him. Face framed by his short unruly hair as he looked down at him, eyes wide in wonder. He was sure he looked at Bakugo the same way sometimes, he'd always been easy to read.

Kirishima looked down at his own paper, completely at a loss as to how he was supposed to get so much manliness onto paper. How he was supposed to get his FEELINGS on paper. He started, but erased what he'd drawn seconds later and grumbled in frustration. Why was this so hard? Drawing the others hadn't given him this heavy feeling in his chest.

Starting with his eyes was a no-go, he'd just get lost staring at them for the entire time. If he wanted to have anything on his damn paper when the class was out, he'd need to start somewhere else. His eyes darted across Bakugo's features, hoping he'd find some place to start. He dragged his pencil across the temple, down Bakugo's high cheekbones, trailing his jawline as gently as he could. Bakugo's jawline was so angular and defined. Nice and rugged. He followed it, eyes narrowed in concentration as he erased a bit to fix it, his hands sweaty.

This wasn't good. Bakugo was so hot, he was feeling warm just looking at him.

Steeling his nerves, Kirishima focused his gaze down to his neck, white skin, long and muscular neck. He could vividly remember smell of the skin just at the nape of Bakugo's neck, warm muscles moving under his lips, no one would believe him if he told them how soft Bakugo's was. He supposed it had something to do with his quirk, but Bakugo's skin was the softest thing his lips had ever touched.

Kirishima could remember kissing it, licking it. It tasted so sweet too, did anyone else know how good Bakugo tasted? He didn't think anyone did, he wasn't even sure if Bakugo knew. If he looked closely, he could see the fading bruise of his love bite peek just out of Bakugo's collar. There were some scratches from his teeth too, he remembered biting down a bit last night. His eyes widened slightly in horror.

Everyone else had probably seen them!

They weren't obvious if you weren't looking at them, but once you noticed them, they stuck out really bad! Red streaks on the white skin, so very obviously from teeth. HIS teeth. Everyone who had been looking hard at Bakugo probably had to DRAW the evidence! Drawing the evidence that Bakugo was his.

Kirishima felt heat rising in his face, the idea of everyone knowing what they did was making his stomach heavy and tight. He was starting to get hard again, this was mortifying, but shivers ran up his spine.

He liked to idea of people knowing. They already knew of course, but seeing it. It felt a bit like he'd marked Bakugo. He was the only one allowed to do something like this. Bakugo LIKED it when he bit him too, the others didn't know that, they had no idea how much Bakugo liked his teeth. They had no idea that Bakugo made noises and got hard and hissed in pleasure when Kirishima's teeth dragged across the skin. The faces he made when those marks were made were his alone. No one else was allowed to see them.

Kirishima drew the scratches with a shaky hand, swallowing thickly before he moved up to Bakugo's lips. He was painfully familiar with these lips now, they were supple and soft and messed him up. He should get his part over with quickly, or else he'd wreck himself. He stared at them, his hand moving without him looking at the paper.

He loved the way white teeth barely peeked out from between them. Parted and slightly flushed, these lips had been on his during lunch, but it still felt like an entire lifetime ago. He wanted to touch them, kiss them, feel them. He couldn't remember touching them with his fingers, he wanted to so badly now. He could remember them on his own skin, his neck, his dick. Fuck, those lips had been on his dick last night. That mouth had been-

He felt a bit dizzy, like all the blood in his body was too busy to bring oxygen up to his brain. It probably was, considering how hard he was right now. He looked down on the paper, yeah, these lips were good. He could move on now. He NEEDED to move on. He closed his eyes for a second, steadying himself and forcing himself to not look at Bakugo's lips with everything he had.

He looked down at his paper, placing the nose in a good spot compared to the lips, and then drew the bridge of Bakugo's nose. Then came his brow, it was a bit raised right now, it looked a bit like the way his brow was arched right before he came. Kirishima cursed under his breath, gritting his teeth hard enough to hurt. He loved the way Bakugo's brow furrowed and his eyes squeezed shut, head thrown back and teeth grit through the heavy breathing-

DAMN IT. How was he supposed to do ANYTHING like this? He was so hard and he couldn't get himself to think about anything other than sex! Kirishima closed his eyes again, trying to will away the erection that was thankfully hidden by the desk. He wouldn't be able to stand up either, his legs were gelatin and buzzing with blood loss at this point. Gym class was going to be hell, if he could even stand up enough to leave the room when class was over.

He just needed to finish this picture, if he managed to finish in time, he could just will his erection away with the leftover time. He added some of the wispy bangs on Bakugo's face, the way they stuck out and fanned across his forehead and barely touched his brow. Bakugo's hair was so soft, even if it didn’t look like it. He remembered his fist in that hair last night. It felt so thick in his palm. He missed it between his fingers.


Almost done. Just the eyes. Kirishima's jaw set in determination as he looked down at his picture, this strange eyeless image in front of him felt so eerie, but how was he supposed to get Bakugo's eyes right? His eyes were the best part on an otherwise amazing whole. He couldn't hear anything but the blood thundering in his ears. He could swear he felt his own heartbeat in his dick.

He was so hard.

There was nothing else to it but to do it. He just had to start, at this rate they were going to run out of time and he'd be left with an incomplete picture of the complete package. He took a deep breath and looked up at Bakugo's eyes, they were staring right at him. The look was piercing and knocked the wind from his lungs, but he couldn't stop looking directly at them, barely breaking his line of vision as he glanced down at the paper to make sure he was putting them in the right place.

There. Beautiful eyes, the prettiest ones he'd ever seen in his entire life. They were wide open right now, but he could remember how they hazed over with pleasure when he sucked him off. The way they looked up at him alluring and victorious from his crotch last night. He loved how kissing made them close almost completely, until the red pools could barely be seen through the thick fan of eyelashes. Bakugo was so perfect.

Then his tunnel vision faded, and he blinked, seeing Bakugo as a whole for the first time since he started drawing him. The blond was still staring at him, his face completely red and his shoulders tense. Beautiful.

Kirishima blinked again, his eyes unfocused and he could see that the blond across from him was not the only one staring at him. When the world finally expanded outside of the two of them, Kirishima realized Kaminari and Sero were staring at him too, and so was half the class. his palms started sweating. He couldn't have been talking out loud; he'd been gritting his teeth the entire time.

Could they tell that he was hard? He was so damn hard, he was almost edging at this point. Time was moving slow, his blood was thundering in his veins. Bakugo was still looking at him, his eyes now half lidded as he opened his mouth, and Kirishima knew immediately what was going to happen. Bakugo was going to use his first name, and he was going to come in his goddamn pants.

“Eij-” Bakugo began, but Kirishima put his hand out flat in front of Bakugo's face, begging him with his eyes to spare him. Bakugo's eyes narrowed slightly in confusion, until they widened again in understanding. There was a dangerous smirk growing on his face, and Kirishima couldn't risk looking at his boyfriend.

Instead, he looked at Kaminari, who was sitting next to him, half complete sketch of Sero on his notepad.

“Uh.” Kaminari jerked slightly in his seat, his cheeks flush as he avoided eye contact. “N-nice sketch of... Bakugo...”

“Hm?” Kirishima looked down, looking the sketch over for the first time since he completed it. His brow raised in wonder, it was really good! It wasn't perfect or as good as Sero's, but it was probably the best sketch he'd ever done. Now that he was looking at it, the Bakugo on his sketch had this slightly apprehensive flustered look on his face. He glanced back up, and Bakugo was now staring at him, eyes half lidded and dangerous, and his mouth curved slightly in a knowing smirk.

Oh no.

Kirishima felt a foot run up the inside of his leg and he jerked away, scraping his chair against the floor as he jerked out of reach, trying to keep a balance between hiding his erection and Bakugo not being able to torment him. Kaminari glanced down, and Kirishima covered his face in his hands in embarrassment as the electric blond immediately averted his eyes. Yeah, it was pretty obvious.

Sero was having a blast. The taller boy was practically leering, feeding off Kirishima's suffering like the bastard he was. Bakugo was having MORE fun though, they were both bastards, and Kirishima knew that being on the receiving end of their teamwork was going to be scathing. Thankfully before they could start bringing the heat, the bell rang. Kirishima immediately grabbed his gym bag, slinging it over his shoulder in a way so that the bag covered most of his front.

With one hand on his bag-strap he casually stuck his free hand into his pocket, tempting to re-adjust himself in a less obvious way. If he could just move around a bit some of his blood would have to go into his legs, or if he could get to gym and get some of that blood redirected or slip to the bathroom before class he'd be home safe. Before he could excuse himself, Bakugo joined him, holding eye contact as he slowly circled over to the side where he had his hand in his pocket.

With his breath stuck in his throat, Kirishima felt like he'd been trapped by some sort of predator, and when Bakugo stuck his hand out expectantly, he knew he'd been caught. He swallowed thickly, unable to move his hand from his pocket, without letting go of his 'problem'. He tried to beg Bakugo for mercy with his eyes, but the blond just looked more amused. Suddenly Kirishima felt Bakugo's hand dive into his pocket, clasping around the back of his hand.

Kirishima's head drooped down in resignation. Fine . He glanced up at Bakugo, eyes narrowed. The blond looked like he was having a blast, a sadistic smirk on his face. Kaminari and Sero joined them for the walk, exchanging looks, Kaminari looked horrified by the sight of Bakugo's hand in Kirishima's pocket, but Sero looked like he was about to burst a gut trying not to laugh.

Maybe he could go to the bathroom? He was so damn hard at this point that he probably would be able to solve this entire problem in a minute if he found an empty bathroom stall somewhere. He glanced up, and his blood ran cold at the sight of Bakugo looking at him in smug amusement; daring him to go. Kirishima sighed, it was a challenge now. Backing down from a challenge wasn't manly at all.



Gym solved his physical problem, but Kirishima still felt frustrated. His mood was still good, but there was an edge he couldn't get rid of, a drumming arousal at the back of his mind that wouldn't go away. The class had been split in two, one half did the timed endurance test while the other half had strength training.

Kirishima was currently doing bench-presses, trying to beat his own record and keep his blood from lingering in one place too long.

“Hey.” Kaminari walked over and Kirishima cringed. The blond hadn't been able to look him in the eye properly since art class. He was happy to see him though, he'd hate for there to be any awkwardness between them. “I'll spot you.”

“You can't spot me, you can't lift this much.” Kirishima snorted, looking up at his friend, who was looking over at the other half of class doing laps. “Hey man, sorry about- you know.”

“Can I ask you something?” Kaminari avoided eye-contact for a bit, squeezing his water bottle. “It's totally okay not to answer if you don't want to, just tell me to mind my own business if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“What is it?” Kirishima had a feeling Kaminari had wanted to ask this for a while.

“You're... not a virgin anymore, right?” Kaminari said low, crouching so he was eye level with Kirishima on the bench, his face just a little bit more flushed than before. He finally made eye contact, and his eyes were sparkling with curiosity and admiration.

Kirishima considered it, some part of him knew that the right thing to do was to keep stuff like this to himself, but at the same time, he REALLY wanted to tell everyone in the world that he'd had sex with Bakugo.


“For real? What's it like?”

“It's... a bit different? But nothing really changed.” Kirishima confessed, keeping his weight moving up and down in a soothing rhythm. When he worked out it was hard to tell a blush from a normal workout flush.

“Isn't it weird when you're both guys?” Kaminari sat down completely, hugging his knees. He wasn't even pretending to spot him anymore. “Did it hurt? I read online that it could hurt. But I also read that sometimes it could hurt for girls too, so I don't really know.”

“We haven't done that. ” Kirishima's ears warmed up and he could feel the heat rising in his back, threatening to pool in his groin. “-yet at least.”

“What? Then you guys haven't had sex?” Kaminari's brow furrowed in confusion.

“Yeah we have.”

“That doesn't make any sense.” Kaminari huffed. “If you don't want to tell me it's fine, but don't make stuff up.”

“I'm not.” Kirishima frowned. “We did. Just... not that kind of sex.”

“What? Then what kind ?” Kaminari frowned but then his brows rose super high up. “Holy shit! Oral? Did you get a blow job? From BAKUGO?”

“You know, I'm regretting this conversation now.” Kirishima turned to focus on his weights, embarrassment creeping its way back into his bones. “I'm gonna take you up on that 'mind your own business' thing now.”

“C'mon man, you're my only non-virgin friend.” Kaminari practically rested his head on the bench, shooting him his best puppy dog face. “I'm just curious! Did it feel nice?”

“Yeah.” Kirishima grumbled, staring at the ground. “I don't wanna talk about it. I'm gonna... get hard again.”

“So seeing how you looked at Bakugo earlier, I'm assuming you sucked him off too?” Kaminari glanced over at Bakugo, who was standing still, glaring in their general direction. Kirishima had no idea how Bakugo could always tell when he was feeling even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Kaminari propped his head up as he continued his questioning. “What was that like?”

“It was fun and really hot. But now you gotta tell me dude; why do you care what sucking dick is like?” Kirishima sat up as he put his weights away, looking down at Kaminari who deflated dramatically onto the ground, completely pinned to the spot as Kirishima arched a brow at him.

“Uh.” Kaminari stumbled on his words, avoiding eye contact. “curious?”

“About giving blowjobs?”

“Hey! You have those crazy teeth! Bakugo's a brave guy.” Kaminari shrugged. “It's normal to wonder, right?”

Kirishima narrowed his eyes suspiciously, but when the blond squirmed under his scrutiny, he sighed and gave up. He always had a feeling Kaminari wasn't as straight as he claimed, but this wasn't really his fight. Kaminari would figure himself out eventually. “Katsuki trusts me, he also doesn't mind the teeth.”

“You guys are both weird, you're so into each other it's crazy.” Kaminari huffed, sitting up with an embarrassed frown, rubbing at his face tiredly. “I'm not sure if I'm jealous or relieved that no one has looked at me the way you looked at Bakugo in art class earlier. I would probably have run off.”

“What? Was I looking at him weird?”

“Yeah man, your eyes were intense, a little bit scary to be honest.” Kaminari's ears flushed slightly. “You were looking at him like you were going to eat him.”

“What? Really? I kinda zoned out so I didn't notice.” Kirishima swallowed thickly, heat rising to his cheeks again. This was why being easy to read was such a pain in the ass! “Did anyone else see?”

“Oh yeah, Sero saw for sure.” Kaminari shrugged. “And Iida was sitting next to Bakugo so he probably noticed has too.”

“Did Bakugo notice?”

Kaminari looked over at him incredulously, hunching over slightly as he sat. “Are you joking?”

“What? No?”

“Bakugo didn't just NOTICE man, he looked like he was about to fuckin' jump you right back.” Kaminari sighed, sitting down on the ground. “ I'm honestly shocked you two didn't end up making out on the table in the middle of class.”

“Are you guys talking about the eye-fucking that these lovebirds were doing in class?” Sero walked over, crouching next to Kaminari so he was just about eye level with them. “That was pretty intense, I hadn't realized before that you were like... a guy with urges too.”

“Yeah!” Kaminari sat up a bit straighter, his voice losing that slightly embarrassed edge. “I kinda wish I DIDN'T know what you looked like when you're horny, it's smeared my “sunshine boy” image of you.”

“How horribly obvious WAS I?” Kirishima lamented, rubbing at his forehead, the heat was rushing up his back and flooding his face.

“Bakugo was into it, but I guess that make sense, you were looking at him like he was the best thing in the world.” Sero snickered, winking at him. “That's some pretty good ego stroking right there.”

“It was an accident.” Kirishima glanced at his friend, who had his gleefully sadistic teasing face on, the face he usually wore when he was ready to playfully roast someone. Sero could be so relentless when he got the chance, he enjoyed teasing so much that Kirishima already felt bad for whoever would be lucky enough to date him in the future.

“That's just more flattering.” Sero elbowed him, and Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. Then a shadow fell over them, and Kirishima glanced up, making eye contact with Bakugo.

“Uh-” Kirishima's jaw fell open, Bakugo was drenched in sweat after his endurance test, his hair was sticking to his forehead and he was glaring down at all of them with a frown.

“What the fuck are you guys talking about?” Bakugo huffed, glaring at Sero and Kaminari. The blond grimaced and avoided eye contact, but Sero just grinned wider, his eyes narrowing in sadistic glee.

“-about how horny you guys were in art class.” The taller boy teased smugly, and Bakugo's body tensed in embarrassment for a bit before he lurched forward smugly, his eyes locked onto Sero. “You should learn to keep it in your pants Bakugo, you guys are so shameless.”

“At least we're not virgins anymore.” He grinned, and the corners of Sero's mouth dropped down, turning his triangular smile into a triangular frown.

“It's not a contest dude.” Sero frowned.

“It is and I'm winning.”

“Good for you man, but not all of us are lucky enough to fall in love with the right person.” Sero huffed, standing up to his full height, where he was quite a bit taller than Bakugo. “You can stop being so smug about it, just because you happened to fall in love with someone who wants to fuck your grumpy ass.”

There was a long pause, and Kirishima could swear he felt his soul leave his body. Kaminari's face contracted as if he'd been fed a whole lemon, and Bakugo was staring at Sero with slightly wide eyes. Then he looked over at Kirishima, who immediately threw his arms up.

“THAT WAS NOT WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT.” Kirishima yelped, his face completely red as he flailed his arms around. This was NOT how he wanted to bring up this subject. “SERO! YOU ASS!”

“Huh? Wait, but didn't you say you guys weren't virgins anymore?” Sero's brow furrowed in confusion, and he looked over at Bakugo, who glanced from Kirishima back to Sero. The taller boy's brows rose completely and he raised his hands apologetically, looking honestly sorry about it. “Sorry, I misunderstood, that's my bad.”

Before Kirishima managed to argue, Aizawa called them over for their endurance test, and Sero and Kaminari bailed the moment they had an excuse. Kirishima sighed and got up, but before he could do anything, Bakugo grabbed his collar and yanked him into a kiss. It only lasted a split second, and the moment it was over, Bakugo shouldered him as he made his way past.

“We'll talk later.”

Kirishima's blood was buzzing in his veins, was that a yes? There was no way to avoid this conversation now. He walked over to where sero was standing, and the taller boy put his hands together in front of his face apologetically, his expression mournful.

“Sorry man. Did I mess something up?”

“We hadn't talked about that stuff yet.” Kirishima huffed, frowning at Sero who closed his eyes in remorse. “I was waiting for him to bring it up, and now he wants to talk later, so I guess this is fine. It's all forgiven.”

“Aaaah, now I feel real bad.” Sero rubbed the back of his neck as they made their way over to Aizawa. Kirishima looked over his shoulder at Bakugo, who was watching them go, his eyes lingering on Kirishima even after he started running his laps.

After gym they all showered, and Kirishima couldn't help but help the anticipation building in his chest, mixing in with the nervousness. He wasn't hard anymore, but his body was tense, and he felt on edge. He could feel the frustration building in the back of his mind, and he couldn't wait to be alone with Bakugo. He really hoped the kisses were still on the menu.

Kirishima took a long cold shower, trying his best to calm down. He felt like his bones were tense and there was a deep seated frustration in his body. He wanted to get his hands on Bakugo so bad. Just a little would be fine. Once he finished his shower, almost everyone else had finished, and was getting dressed, ready for the school day to end.

Bakugo was sitting in the middle of the room, his leg bouncing impatiently. Once Kirishima entered, the blond's eyes were locked onto him, following him. Thankfully his locker was pretty far back in the locker room, and Bakugo was the only one turned in his direction.

Kirishima felt extremely self conscious and he hurriedly put his underwear on, not risking an erection while naked and in front of everyone in the locker room. No one but Bakugo was watching him, and he could feel the way the blond's eyes were resting on his skin and for a second he was sure that this is how Bakugo felt during art class.

Kirishima's hands clenched around the locker door, he swallowed thickly and felt his tired muscles tighten under Bakugo's scrutiny. He kept his locker door wide open, trying to hide as much of his body as he possibly could from the rest of class and from Bakugo. He couldn't deal with the way Bakugo was looking at him, it was making him so warm. It was so strange to know someone wanted him, especially someone as attractive as Bakugo.

Just a little bit longer, then they could touch, he wanted Bakugo so bad his skin felt on fire. He grit his teeth, inhaling deeply as he continued dressing himself, painfully aware that Bakugo was waiting for him to finish. Some of the guys were lingering in the locker room, fully clothed and ready to leave, standing around in casual conversation, completely ignorant to Kirishima's suffering.

“Hey everyone, do you guys wanna play a video game before dinner?” Sero suggested with his arms wide open, the other guys in class turned their attention to the tall boy and Kirishima peeked through the slits in his locker door. “We could have a tournament!”

The idea of playing a fighting game tournament with everyone sounded great, but Kirishima suffered, pressing his forehead into the shelf of his locker. Damn it. Was this day never going to end? He just wanted to be alone with Bakugo. Just for a little bit. Ten minutes would be enough.

The excited agreement of his fellow classmates filled the room, followed by the shuffling of shoes and bags being hoisted. Everyone was leaving. Kirishima's eyes widened as he realized that Sero had managed to motivate the last stragglers to leave. He looked up at his friend, who was standing in the doorway, holding it open for the others.

Once there was no one left in the locker room, Sero glanced from Kirishima to Bakugo for a second before grinning slightly, putting the door in “locked” before he closed it. The door was locked from the inside, so once it had been closed the only way to open it from the outside was with a key.

Kirishima immediately straightened his back, Sero had officially been forgiven. Finally he was alone with Bakugo! Adrenaline filled his brain in a burst and he couldn't really control his strength when he slammed his locker door closed, revealing Bakugo standing right next to him. He yelped in surprise and jerked backwards, but suddenly Bakugo's hands were on his shoulders and his back rattled the lockers loudly when he was pressed into them.

Still reeling in confusion, Kirishima took a second to register what was happening; Bakugo was kissing him! Yes! Finally! His body melted into it, he needed this so badly he felt like he was breathing for the first time since lunch. His hands roamed up to Bakugo's waist, his fingers pulling at the fabric of Bakugo's shirt, clinging to it.

Kirishima kissed back, but Bakugo was in absolute control at the moment, hungry kisses pressing his head against the lockers, Bakugo's shirt rubbing against Kirishima's bare chest. The fluttering feeling started in his feet and shook his body completely on its way up to the top of his head. He pulled the blond's hips just a little bit closer, relieved to feel he wasn't the only one who was hard.

Bakugo's calloused fingers moved from his shoulders and down his arms, grasping into his biceps, pinning him down and and pressing himself flush against Kirishima's groin. He was so grateful for the support of the lockers behind him, because suddenly Kirishima felt dizzy, his knees were weak and he loved the way the blond was pulling at his lips with his teeth.

“Fuck.” Bakugo groaned, panting as he broke away, the words felt nice against Kirishima's lips. He didn't say anything more, and he really didn't need to, kirishima knew exactly how he felt. He was so hard, and he could feel Bakugo was suffering just as much.

“Katsuki-” Kirishima was glad that Bakugo's grip on his arms didn't prevent him from moving anymore, because he wanted to touch him more than anything in the world. “I'm so hard. I can't anymore I'm gonna go crazy.” He wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him close, pressing his lips into the pale throat, inhaling the scent of Bakugo's skin and the school soap. He needed him so bad.

“You've been hard since lunch.” It wasn't a question and Bakugo's voice was raw and husky. Kirishima groaned at that, nodding into Bakugo's shoulder.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Why?” Bakugo's was teasing, and Kirishima felt his insides turn to mush at the tone. He was pretty sure no one else had ever heard Bakugo say anything in that voice.

“Because-” Kirishima groaned, deflating into kisses on the skin, loving the way Bakugo's hands were resting on his hips. He didn't really know how to explain it. Bakugo already knew anyway, so Kirishima just focused on teasing the skin with his teeth, sucking on it. He wanted to leave more marks.

“Hey, fuckin' answer me.” Bakugo huffed, reaching up and burying his hand in Kirishima's hair, pulling at it to free his skin from the mouth. The pull sent a shiver down Kirishima's back, his body tensing as he groaned, his hands dropped from Bakugo's hips down to his ass, and with an iron grip he hoisted the blond up, and pressed him against the lockers.

A shudder worked its way down Kirishima's back as he pressed his body against Bakugo's, feeling the blond's body heat on his exposed skin, his arms tired from the workout and shaking slightly as he held up Bakugo's weight. The blond grunted when his back hit the lockers, rattling them and almost immediately the calloused hands draped over Kirishima's shoulders, fingernails dragging against the skin of his back.

“Fuuuuck.” Bakugo grunted into the kissing as he wrapped his legs around Kirishima's hips. Thick toned legs threatening to bruise his sides as Bakugo held himself up to ease the strain on his arms, Kirishima could grab onto the lockers now, pinning Bakugo properly. God this was just as good as he'd fantasized. “I get why you're fuckin' into this. Why did it take you so long to figure it out, idiot.”

“I'msohard.” Kirishima grunted out in a single breath between the kissing. His body was on fire with pleasure and adrenaline. His heart felt like it was beating out of his chest, he was grinding his hips against Bakugo desperately, the lockers clattered as the blond moved into them. “I like...when you pull my hair.”

“No shit.” Bakugo snorted, fisting the red hair slowly, pulling at it just a bit. Kirishima couldn't help but groan just slightly, a shudder running down his back as Bakugo forced his mouth off his skin. Fuck, it was so hot when Bakugo took control. “You're fuckin' weird.”

“Katsukiiii, I wanna come...” Kirishima couldn't even think clearly anymore, the heat was so intense.

“Then come.” Bakugo squeezed his sides with his legs, and Kirishima couldn't even grind against him properly anymore. “Jerk off.”

“I can't...” Kirishima groaned, dragging his teeth against his boyfriend's collarbone. “There's no lube... and my... hands are hard... need your hands...”

Bakugo's brows rose slightly, and he glanced down, seeing the sharp talons that were currently buried in the lockers. Kirishima could hear the grunt rumble free from somewhere deep inside Bakugo's chest.

“Huck. Fuck. Yeah okay. Put me down.” Bakugo released the vice grip he had on Kirishima's hips, and as soon as Kirishima put the slightly taller man down, Bakugo grabbed the hem of Kirishima's pants, pulling them down just enough to see what he was doing. Kirishima hissed, squeezing his eyes shut as he grit his teeth.

“I'm gonna come.” Kirishima groaned, panting into Bakugo's neck. “I'm close.”

“Yeah, I know, hurry up.” Bakugo glanced at the door. “The fuckin' teachers are gonna make their rounds soon.”

Bakugo's hands were hot on his flushed skin and he grunted, reaching down to Bakugo's pants, rubbing the front of them with his hand. He wanted to jerk Bakugo off as well, but without any lubrication, he might accidentally harden up again and hurt him.

“Don't fuckin- “ Bakugo grunted, grabbing onto Kirishima's wrist. “What if I come? I'm not gonna soil my fuckin' pants, idiot.”

“I wanna make you feel good too.” Kirishima groaned, his hips twitching into Bakugo's palm. “You're hard too.”

“Just let me fuckin' do this.” Bakugo groaned. “come.”

“N-no. I wanna... you're hard too.” Kirishima groaned, he was so close, but he didn't want to be the only one feeling good. He used his hardening and Bakugo hissed in annoyance.

“Don't use that-” Bakugo's hand rubbed at the hardened base. “Fine, i'll do it too, but you gotta come soon.”

Kirishima nodded, swallowing thickly as Bakugo pulled his pants down, revealing his own arousal. They watched in amazement when Bakugo pressed them together, his hands slick and cold against the flushed skin. It felt so good, Kirishima groaned, waiting until he heard Bakugo's breathing get more erratic. He could feel his pulse against his own. He clawed at the lockers, pressing himself against Bakugo, breathing against his neck.

Then he could feel the hand rubbing him move faster, the rhythm unraveled, and he let his harden go. Both of them groaned, biting back their noises as they came. Finally, the edge was off. Kirishima felt like his bones had been turned to jello, and he leaned forward, pressing his forehead against the lockers as he waited for his knees to work again. Bakugo panted as well, his breath was warm against his already warm skin.

“That feels so much better.” Kirishima sighed, pulling back and pressing a kiss against Bakugo's cheek. The relief was immense. His brain was flooded with endorphins and his body was completely relaxed. “Thanks.”

“Whatever.” Bakugo's face was red and he awkwardly pouted, wiping his stained hands off on Kirishima's towel, wiping off the slight splatter on Kirishima's bare torso before he pulled his pants up. “Let's go.”

The two of them made their way out of the gymnasium, making sure they cleaned up any evidence of their little adventure. Much to his horror, Kirishima noticed that he'd left permanent damage on the lockers, he hadn't punctured them, but they were definitely scratched up and dented. On their way out, they met Aizawa in the hallway. The teacher's eyes narrowed at them, and they both made sure to completely avoid eye contact, maybe he wouldn't notice the scratches?

He did.



ART BY @QueenOfLiz4rds!!! 


Thank you all so much for waiting! I moved to a new apartment and this week has been busy! But here's an extra long update, I hope you enjoyed! Thank you all so much for the comments and Kudos! they mean a lot, I kept reading them and it made me wanna write so bad!!!!

Chapter Text


There is some moderate NSFW in the end of this chapter here!


After school and before dinner, there was usually a two hour period where the class unwound from the day, exchanged notes and worries about class, and did their homework. They often hung out too, and this was the time where most of the people in class, including Bakugo, socialized. Once they'd all had dinner and a bath, they often retreated to their own rooms, or grouped up to watch TV or hang out in other people's rooms.

Even before they started dating, Kirishima had gotten used to doing his homework with Bakugo, since the blond had never really opted out of his tutor-gig after the Summer Camp. Kirishima had assumed it to be a one time thing for the test, but Bakugo had kept waiting expectantly by his table a few times a week, frowning as if it was the last place he'd want to be, even if he never complained out loud. When there were a lot of people hanging out in the common room, they'd go to either of their rooms, often Bakugo's.

At the time, Kirishima had taken every single moment he could spend with Bakugo as an absolute gift, and he wasn't one to question kindness when it was offered. Especially not Bakugo kindness. That kind was special and he treasured it. Now that he had gotten to a level where he could spend time with Bakugo all the time, it felt a bit stupid to be excited for the little stuff, the homework and the sitting around on the couch with everyone else. After all, homework was the least exciting stuff he could do with Bakugo now.

But habits die hard, and once they got to the dorms, Kirishima was already mentally prepared to do homework before dinner. He wasn't as pent up anymore and the assignment he had to hand in was mostly done anyway, thanks to his essay from middle-school. At least it would go fast on his end, and Bakugo wouldn't have to help him with this like the way he had to help him with Hero Law or math.

Once the door was opened, The loud yelling and enthusiastic shouts of their classmates filled the room, and Kirishima was excited to see that the “fighting game” tournament was still going strong. At least half the class was sitting on the couch or the floor around it, cheering loudly as the TV flashed with the effects of super moves and combo attacks.

“You can do it Aoyama!” Sero cheered, throwing his arms up at the screen. “You still have half a health bar left!”

“GET HIM, AOYAMA! PRESS CIRCLE!!! CIRCLE-UP!” Uraraka shouted, aggressively shaking Ojiro in her excitement, rattling the blond. “ BLOCK! PRESS X TO BLOCK!”

“MON DIEU!” Aoyama gasped in distress, throwing the controller away from the pressure. “My stomach!” He rushed to his feet, running across the lower floor and to the bathroom. Uraraka dove in for the controller, but much to her chagrin the match was already set by the time her fingers found the buttons on the controller. The game pronounced a “K.O” and most of the class groaned in distaste, deflating on the ground.

The one standing proud on the coffee table, was Mineta. “I win this round! The true tables have turned, the weak now eat the strong!”

“S-sorry.” Aoyama groaned from the bathroom doorway. “The stress, the pressure! It got to me.”

“Ah, nah we're sorry for putting pressure on you, especially when you said you didn't wanna play-.” Kaminari shrugged, turning halfway in the couch, but then he noticed Kirishima and Bakugo, and he grinned widely at them. “We've got more! They're on our team!”

“Kaminari! You can't have them BOTH!” Mineta yelled, stomping his foot on the table.

“Yeah we sure can!” Kaminari frowned, throwing a pillow at him. “Aoyama doesn't want to play anymore, and we're one person short to begin with!”

“Hey- Bakugo! You'll be on MY team right?” Mineta waved and Bakugo snorted so loudly it almost sounded like it hurt.

“Why the fuck should I team up with YOU?” Bakugo frowned. “You can go die!”

“Because! We're in the lead, and the winning team gets to punish the losers!” Mineta gestured over to the other side of the room. “-and Midoriya is on THEIR team.”

Kirishima sighed and rubbed his face, there it was. He could feel Bakugo prickle with agitation at the concept of being on the same team as Midoriya.

“Not interested.” Bakugo snarled. “I don't want to be on your shitty team or Deku's shitty team-”

“Actually, it's more like Sero's team-” Midoriya interjected awkwardly. The so called Sero-team consisted of Midoriya, Sero, Kaminari, Aoyama and Uraraka. The opposite team had Mineta, Sato, Ojiro, Tokoyami, Mina and Shouji.

“Shut the fuck up Deku I'm not talking to you.” Bakugo snapped, and his hair practically bristled. “How the hell are you idiots going to decide who the best one is if you're playing as a fuckin' team anyway? This should be One-on-One.”

“That's just a lot of effort, we'd have to do brackets and stuff.” Sero groaned, deflating back into the couch, his large elbows resting on Tsuyu’s and Midoriya's knees casually. “And not everyone wants to play anyway, its more fun as a team. Besides this is my game, so naturally I'd crush everyone.”

“Oh yeah!?” Bakugo stomped over, his face twitching competitively. “You think you could CRUSH me?”

“Dude.” Sero snorted, snickering to himself. “Who do you think unlocked all these characters? I've got hours of practice in this game, it's not fair.”

“He's really good, Kacchan.” Midoriya interjected, and Sero leaned back to look up at the green haired boy as he spoke. “He's beaten us all so far, it's not really a question of skill, but practice-”


Kirishima groaned and rolled his eyes. Damn it, he wanted to go upstairs and make out, but now Bakugo was feeling competitive. “Katsuki- just let it be-”

“NO!” Bakugo yanked the controller out of Mineta's hands, taking a seat on the couch next to Kaminari. “Okay tape-face, it's ON.”

Sero snorted, raising his arms dramatically as he arched a brow at Bakugo. “You have no idea what an ass-beating you are asking for man.”

“Sero's really good.” Uraraka warned, but all of this doubt just made Bakugo more competitive. Kirishima was torn between being happy that Bakugo was hanging out with the others and his desire to get Bakugo alone so he could make out with him.


“You know, I'm still a bit pissed off for the shit you gave me earlier, so this is a good chance to get even!” Sero snickered, sitting up straighter as he pulled a bag of controllers and games over to him.

Kirishima sighed, walking over to the couch and waiting for them to make some room. Kaminari scooted over, moving onto the edge of the couch, halfway sitting on the armrest as he made space for Kirishima to sit next to Bakugo.

“Like hell you're trashing ME.” Bakugo growled, snatching a controller from Uraraka, running his selector over the character selection screen. “It's just a fighting game.”

“Not JUST a fighting game!” Sero declared smugly, pulling a small black box from it. “This franchise has been going for 27 years! And GUESS who won an EXCLUSIVE controller in a promotional event tournament!”

"You?" Kirishima arched a brow. He knew the answer of course, he'd seen this controller before, Sero's priced possession.

“It's my lucky controller!” Sero opened the box, revealing a rather gaudy colored controller resting in soft fabric. He pulled it out, showing it off to everyone with a happy grin. “It's even signed! I queued for 7 hours to get into that tournament!”

“Wow!” half the class was impressed, the other half smiled happily at the oddly placed enthusiasm. Sero clearly cared, so they cared too.

“Feel happy that I'll use my favorite controller to crush you, Bakugo.” Sero connected it, running his selector across the screen to test it. “To give you a fighting chance, I'm not even going to use my favorite character.”

“LIKE I GIVE A SHIT.” Bakugo pointed at Sero with his controller. “Come at me with all you got! I'm gonna crush you!”

“Calm down Bakugo.” Kirishima sighed. “you're letting him rile you up man.”


Kirishima rolled his eyes, and Kaminari laughed from his seat on the armrest. The entire class was into it, since they were all a very competitive bunch. Something felt a little bit off though, Bakugo was being extra hostile for some reason, and the air was a bit more tense. Usually he'd be smiling.

Sero chose a character, Kirishima vaguely remembered seeing this character in a trailer for the game, it was a snake themed fighter with long blue hair. Bakugo went straight for the toughest looking character, not even checking other options as he went for the biggest badass. What a good choice. Kirishima would probably have gone for that one too, so manly.

“You're going for all power huh?” Sero teased, changing the colors of his fighter to orange and black. Bakugo frowned at him, his lower lip sticking out. The game counted down, and the moment that the FIGHT appeared, Bakugo had already launched a combo attack that flew across the screen, almost catching Sero's character.

“So you HAVE played this game?”

“I've played one of the earlier ones, it's not like they fuckin' innovate these things a lot.” Bakugo smirked, clearly confident with his good start.

“Then this will at least be interesting!” Sero's fingers were pressing buttons skillfully, it looked almost random, but it couldn't be with all the special moves that were happening on the screen.

“DIE!” Bakugo growled out as half of his characters health bar was taken out in a single attack.

Sero was already laughing, and Bakugo was yelling in anger, as if his yelling could somehow make his character move faster. Sero's competitive streak had been lit, and he was leaning forward with determination. “Sorry Kirishima! Looks like I gotta trash your boyfriend.”

“STOP FLIRTING WITH HIM.” Bakugo yelled, actual anger in his voice. “KIRISHIMA'S MINE!”

Sero's fingers stopped moving and there was complete silence in the room, apart from the “K.O!” of Sero's character landing a super move on Bakugo's, making it 1-0 for Sero.

Complete silence.

“What?!” Sero jerked in surprise, his shoulders rising up and his ears reddened. He looked like Bakugo was physically slapping him. “I WASN'T! I WAS TEASING YOU! I DON'T HAVE A CRUSH ON KIRISHIMA!”

“Katsuki- they were just teasing- Sero doesn't like me that way, he's already said he's not even into dudes-” Kirishima tried to calm Bakugo down, but the blond just looked angry. He was 100% sure Sero didn't like him, especially since Sero looked both mortified and slightly annoyed by this. “You're imagining things-”

“Then what was today at art class? Trying to take your seat? Flirting with you? And always clinging, talking about how he's scared to kiss you and shit! And back at the Karaoke, he said you'd get swept away! Do you want to fuckin' FIGHT tape face?!”

“T-that was all just TEASING!” Sero looked a bit panicked. “Just because YOU have a crush on Kirishima, doesn't mean everyone else has a crush on him TOO, you damn EGOIST!”

“-and today you were talking shit about falling in love with wrong person!” Bakugo looked about ready to tear Sero apart at the moment, and Sero looked like he was torn between wanting to disappear into the ground and punch Bakugo in the face. “You're fuckin' jealous!”

“YEAH I'M JEALOUS!” Sero's usually jovial face was furrowed and intense. “BUT I'M NOT IN LOVE WITH KIRISHIMA YOU IDIOT.”

Kirishima had never heard Sero this angry before. He felt the tension in the air get suffocating, and he felt Kaminari get tense next to him too, they had to intervene.

“Katsuki-” Kirishima started, but Bakugo was having none of it. Kirishima wasn't even sure Bakugo could HEAR him at the moment. He held onto the blond, who looked like he was about to tackle the taller boy. “Katsuki relax, I'm not going anywhere-”

“Sero, look out for your controller-” Kaminari reached out, but Sero was glaring daggers at Bakugo from the floor.

“Then if it's not Kirishima, then grow a fuckin' pair and do something about it.” Bakugo snarled, throwing his controller on the ground with a clatter. “Stop being jealous and get your OWN.”


“Sero!” Kaminari's voice broke slightly in panic, his voice urgent. Kirishima debated letting go of Bakugo to try to get Sero's controller out of his hands, but Bakugo was holding onto his forearm. Kaminari was pulling at his own hair in terror. “ Sero , your controller-”

“I'm sick of listening to your excuses!” Bakugo snapped out, pointing a finger at Sero. “You're acting like a coward!”

SERO! You're BENDING THE PLASTIC.” Kaminari waved his arm in front of Sero, pointing to the controller.


DUDE, You LOVE this damn thing!” Kaminari threw himself on the floor and grabbed onto Sero's controller and tried to peel his fingers of the bending plastic. “I WON'T LET YOU BREAK IT.”

“Katsuki, stop escalating-” Kirishima grabbed Bakugo's hand, pressing his hand down as he tried to restrain his boyfriend. It didn't work.


“I CAN'T.” Sero practically howled, the controller bending dangerously under his fingers. “HE'S STRAIGHT.

“LET IT GO!” Kaminari shoved his hand in Sero's face, zapping him for a second so he could slap the controller out of his hand. The controller flew over the floor, clattering loudly in the complete silence in the room.

The entire class was sitting there, staring. Kaminari scrambled to pick up the controller, looking it over and deflating in relief when he noticed it was unharmed. Sero looked like he'd been thrown into a freezing lake, his eyes were wide and he was panting hard, seemingly realizing where he was. He looked around, and then he stumbled to his feet, swaying slightly.

“Sero-” Kirishima reached out, but Sero took a step backwards, almost falling into the couch.

“DON'T touch me right now.” The taller boy snapped, his hand shaking as he touched his face. “Shit. Sorry. I hate teen drama, and here I am-”

“Are you okay?” Midoriya made space on the couch, and Sero slumped over, covering his face in his hands.

“No.” Sero sighed from his hands. “I'm super embarrassed right now. I'd leave if I wasn't feeling dizzy.”

Bakugo was panting too, but he also seemed to have snapped out of it, and now his jaw was set uncomfortably, and his eye was twitching. Kirishima could feel the remorse almost seep from his boyfriend's body. The rest of the class didn't know how to act either, so they were all just awkwardly sitting around, not knowing what to say.

“Katsuki.” Kirishima looked over at Bakugo, giving him his best serious glare. Even Bakugo had to understand that he'd basically outed Sero. Not cool. “apologize.”

Bakugo snorted, grimacing as he looked away. Kirishima frowned. “Sero is our friend. Apologize.”

“I was going to without you telling me!” Bakugo huffed, crossing his arms.

“No, it's okay, Kirishima. I shouldn't have teased you guys so much.” Sero sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “I was just jealous of you. I don't like Kirishima, not like that.”

“You better not.” Bakugo huffed right before Kirishima elbowed him.

“Sero, are you telling me you're gay too?!” Mineta inquired, somehow completely unable to read the mood. Dark Shadow tore off one of Mineta's hairballs, shoving them in his mouth. Blessed silence.

“Mineta has a point.” Kaminari stared hard at the controller in his hands. “I thought you liked girls.”

“I do.” Sero mumbled. “I just like boys too, I guess.”

“Who do you like? Someone we know?” Mina smiled softly, and Sero stiffened on the spot, his ears reddening.

“No! It's...uh...” Sero shook his head, his jaw set tensely as he unblinkingly stared at the floor. “It's a guy from my middle school class?”

“Awwww.” Mina sulked. “Well I guess that's for the best? If he's straight then at least you don't have to see him all the time!”

“Yeah.” Sero rubbed the back of his head tiredly, chuckling softly as he smiled at the floor. “...that would be awful.”

The tension drained from the air, slowly fading as the sound of the video game mindlessly playing the intro filled the room. After a few minutes, Kaminari shifted, handing over the controller.

“Here.” Kaminari pressed the controller into Sero's hands.

Sero inhaled deeply, accepting the controller without meeting the blond's eyes. “Thanks.”

“I don't know if I zapped the controller too.” Kaminari climbed back into the couch, pulling his knees in. “I hope it still works.”

Sero glanced up at the screen, moving the character selector around. It did work. “Hey, Bakugo?”


“Best two out of three?”

“I'll crush you.” Bakugo reached down, grabbing the discarded controller. Kirishima sighed in relief, deflating on the couch as he felt the last of the awkwardness leave his body. How long had Bakugo been tense about this? He was a little flattered Bakugo was being possessive, but honestly it had just been scary. Kirishima let his hand linger on Bakugo's leg as they continued gaming, and he could slowly feel the tension seep out of his body. After the fourth round was over, Bakugo shot him a slightly apologetic look, and Kirishima smiled. At least Bakugo was trying to improve his social skills, he was so proud of him. 

They played until they had to go to dinner, and Kirishima could feel that the air between Bakugo and Sero had been cleared. They were arguing over which game in the series was best, and Kirishima couldn't be happier to see them have a conversation. He glanced over to Kaminari, the blond was staring at the ground, his expression distant. Kirishima lagged behind to join him, putting a hand on Kaminari's shoulder.


The blond was jerked back into reality, staring at Kirishima. “What?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Kaminari rolled his shoulders, taking a deep breath. “I'm just thinking.”

“Don't hurt yourself.” Bakugo snorted, a teasing grin on his face as he looked over his shoulder.

“Don't worry, you'll get used to it eventually.” Sero teased as well, and Kaminari rolled his eyes at them dramatically.

“You guys are both assholes.” Kaminari accused, frowning at them.



Since he started dating Bakugo, Kirishima had mostly spent his free time after dinner holed up in Bakugo's room experimenting and making out. His body had gotten used to retreat up to Bakugo's room at 8pm, so now that it was 9pm, he was starting to get agitated. He was counting down the hours, they should really be asleep at midnight at the latest, so now they were down to 3 hours of making out and for once, he was the only one done with his homework.

“But then it's still just 2 minutes long.” Mina groaned, deflating on the table. “it needs to be a 3 minute presentation, even if I talk SLOW it will still be missing at least 30 seconds!”

“Then just fuckin' ADD things.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “Talk about the history or area around it.”

“But then It'll be like a 4 minute lecture! I can't talk about just HALF of the stuff if I want it to be good!”

“Then talk faster!”

“BUT THEN I'LL GET LESS POINTS!” Mina slammed her fist on the table, making their laptops jump slightly.

Bakugo rolled his eyes, copy pasting information from his notes and pasting them into his presentation. Kirishima was suffering, he'd already finished his presentation 30 minutes ago. He'd even read it out loud and it came down to 3 minutes and 14 seconds when he read it at a normal speed. He wanted to go upstairs so badly, but Bakugo was still working on his.

“Then just take out the pointless stuff you already have.” Sero scrolled through pictures of monuments. “Kirishima, could you stop bouncing your leg? It's shaking the table.”

“Oh.” Kirishima hadn't even noticed that his leg was bouncing impatiently. “Sorry.”

“You don't have to be here for us man, you're literally no help.” Kaminari snorted in amusement. “I'm pretty sure you finishing your work first is a sign of the end times.”

“But you're all down here!” Kirishima deflated on the table, looking up at Bakugo. The blond glanced down at him, a brow arched in amusement.

“Serves you right for finishing before I do.” Bakugo leisurely dragged a picture into his presentation.

“I bet he hears that a lot.” Sero snorted under his breath, elbowing Mina and Kaminari, who howled in laughter.

“SERO!” Kirishima angrily hit the table, but Bakugo was snickering as well. Kirishima turned to him in betrayal, how dare he out him this way. “Katsuki!” Bakugo wouldn't stop laughing. Kirishima resigned himself to his fate, he loved Bakugo's laugh so much. Even if he was laughing AT him.

“I was just joking.” Sero wiped a tear from his eye, shaking with laughter. “Your face just made it so much funnier.”


Aizawa entered the common area, dragging his slippers behind him as he surveyed the groups of people strewn across the common area. Aizawa lived in the teacher-apartment of their dorms, and this was around the time that he did his rounds and locked up the windows. He had his hands buried in his pockets, and his hair was pulled back in a bun. He looked tired, but then again, he always did.

He glanced over and looked at their group, and much to Kirishima's terror, he beckoned him over with a finger. With a last glance over his shoulder at his slightly confused friends, Kirishima slipped out of his seat and walked over to his teacher.


Aizawa beckoned him to come along, as Kirishima walked behind him as the teacher closed some of the larger windows.

“I know you are all hormonal teenagers, but at least try to keep property damage to a minimum.” Aizawa rubbed the back of his neck. “And PDA is still not allowed in public on school grounds, not just because of the media, but because of potential villain spies. It's dangerous.”

Kirishima rubbed at his upper arm, grimacing awkwardly. Aizawa didn't sound angry or disappointed, but he still felt a bit bad. “Sorry.”

“I personally don't care. I'm quite happy with how you two have been handling your relationship. I expected your schoolwork to suffer more, but you've both been keeping up with your homework and doing well in classes.” Aizawa closed the final window, turning to Kirishima with his tired eyes. “I'll cover for you with the principal, but you two are going to have to be more careful in return.”

Kirishima nodded, fists clenched. “-but why do we have to keep it secret?”

“If the media started telling the public that the dorm system was inappropriate, then UA's “solution” to the villain threat would be a problem in itself. ” Aizawa sighed, pulling eye drops out of his pocket and applying them. “It was difficult enough to get the permission of some parents without the media claiming we're somehow encouraging the students to have sex, we can't force you to do anything, but we're asking you to help us out.”

“Yeah... I get it.” Kirishima could remember his parents not being too particularly fond of the dorm idea after summer camp, he wasn't sure he'd been allowed to move to the dorms if they had known that he'd snuck out to Kamino that night they saved Bakugo. He didn't think that UA had told his parents about it, he hoped not. He didn't really wanna discuss it. Could they ground him if he lived at the dorms?

“Thank you.” Aizawa blinked away his eye drops. “Once you graduate, or things in society become more stable, you can do whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. Just keep your grades up.”

“Yes, sensei!” Kirishima nodded and prepared to leave but his shoulder was caught by Aizawa's tired hand. He glanced over his shoulder, and Aizawa was pinching the bridge of his nose, looking like he wanted to be anywhere but here.

“One more thing.” Aizawa sounded tired. “... it would be bad if students were seen buying condoms in the off campus store, so you can buy them at the nurse's office if you need them.”

“Y-yes.” Kirishima knew they were trying to be more discreet about it, but somehow the idea of buying condoms from school staff or even recovery girl herself sounded MORE embarrassing than buying them from a vending machine or a convenience store.

“You can go.” Aizawa retracted his hand. “Try to stay out of trouble for a few days.”

“Yes!” Kirishima bowed slightly, his face red as he stiffly turned around and made his way back to his seat. As he got closer to the desk, the others watched him expectantly, ready to interrogate the contents of that embarrassing conversation. Before he arrived at the table though, Bakugo slapped the top of his laptop down and got up, rerouting everyone's attention.

“I'm done.” Bakugo put his laptop under his arm, turning to Kirishima. “I'm going upstairs.”

“FINALLY.” Kirishima groaned, throwing his head back as he jogged to Bakugo's side, excitedly bouncing in his steps as he tried to urge Bakugo to walk faster without rushing him. The blond seemed to enjoy the leisurely pace he was walking at though, and Kirishima was certain Bakugo had been teasing him all day on purpose.

“Hey! Now i'm curious!” Kaminari got up from his seat, his chair dragging on the floor as he shook his fist at them. “What did Aizawa want?!”

“Nothing important!” Kirishima walked backwards in front of Bakugo, backing up towards the elevator as he waved his friend casually. “See ya guys later!”

“Have fun.” Sero snorted and Bakugo flipped him off casually as the elevator opened.

“We will.”

The elevator door closed and suddenly it was just the two of them. The tension felt like a blanket covering his skin. He could feel it tingling and the hairs on his arms stood on end. He reached out, he wanted to touch Bakugo so bad. “Katsuki-”

“Not yet.” Bakugo didn't react, but he didn't move away either. Kirishima's hand paused close enough to his arm that he could feel his body heat, but he wasn't touching him. UGH it took all of his willpower not to close the almost nonexistent gap between them, but Bakugo said no, so he'd wait.

“You know I'm... not gonna date anyone else right? So I'm sorry if you thought I was flirting-” Kirishima started, but Bakugo arched a brow at him, his hands still buried in his pockets and his laptop under his arm.

“You're just an idiot who touches people too much and is stupidly nice to everyone.” Bakugo snorted, clearly a bit embarassed about the whole thing. “That's not flirting, that's just how you waste your time.”

“Hey!” Kirishima frowned, his leg bouncing as he waited for the elevator door to open. “It's not a waste of TIME, it's friendship. It feels nice!”

“Maybe to you.” Bakugo snorted.

“Did I make you uncomfortable when we were friends before?” Kirishima could remember touching Bakugo a LOT. It had kinda been the only thing that he allowed himself while he was trying to bury his feelings. “I'm sorry if I did.”

Bakugo thought about it for a while, until the elevator door opened and they walked out, heading for Bakugo's room. “It pissed me off a bit at first, but it didn't make me uncomfortable. I have no idea why not.”

“Maybe it's because you LIKE me?” Kirishima teased, dropping his stuff on the floor of Bakugo's room and tossing his jacket on a chair. He wiggled his eyebrows at his boyfriend, who was looking at him with slightly narrowed eyes. He was thinking way harder about that than Kirishima had expected. He dropped down on Bakugo's bed, hoping the blond would do the same.

“Maybe.” Bakugo put his laptop away on the desk, and dropped down in the desk chair, crossing his arms as he rolled over to him. “Spill it.”


“At lunch you said you fuckin' had something to tell me about stuff that turns you on.” Bakugo glared at him. “Tell me.”

“Oh! Yeah but, I kind of already told you?” Kirishima grimaced in embarrassment. “I like hair pulling.”

“Are you fuckin' kidding me right now?” Bakugo dug his heels into the bed frame on either side of Kirishima's hips. “I won't laugh or anything, so just tell me.”

“It's true though-” Kirishima argued. “I told you in the locker room-”

“Am I gonna have to kick your ass or something?” Bakugo frowned. “You already told fuckin' plainface about it! I'm still pissed about that, how fuckin' dare you tell other people about stuff you want to do before you tell me about it!?”

“What?” Kirishima was confused, but then he realized what Bakugo was referring to, and he swallowed thickly. “Oh.”

“If you got something to fuckin' say, then SAY it.” Bakugo growled, his finger tips digging into his own upper arms as he crossed his arms even harder. “You've been acting weird as fuck all day too, it's pissing me off!”

The slightly nervous edge in Bakugo's voice was what got to Kirishima the most.

“I really didn't talk to Sero about it.” Kirishima could feel the heat rising and his heart thundering. “I'm too easy to read, aren't I?”

“I'm not gonna fuckin' guess what you're thinking right now.” Bakugo sank down in his chair, his leg bouncing slightly on the edge of the bed. “I don't have all night, get to the fuckin' point.”

Kirishima let himself fall backwards on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. He couldn't really look Bakugo in the eye as he talked. “I wanna... do it.”

There was silence from Bakugo, and Kirishima threw his arm across his face to cover up the flush on his face. “I'm totally fine with all the stuff we've been doing so far through! That's more than enough for me, but if.... you wanna try it, then...”

More silence.

“I maybe... a bit... wanna try anal-sex?” Kirishima peeked from under his arm, glancing at Bakugo who was still sitting in his chair, looking at him.


“It's not like- wait-” Kirishima rose up on his elbows, looking over at the slightly flushed blond. He wasn't really surprised, since he'd seen Bakugo look it up, but the instant acceptance of it caught him off guard. “Really?!”

“Did I fuckin' stutter or something?” Bakugo was staring intently at the floor. “I wanna try it too or whatever.”

Kirishima sat up, suddenly his mouth was really dry. “But you wanna try it for real? I don't want you to say you want to just because I wanna try it.”

“Are you a fuckin' idiot?” Bakugo huffed, making eye contact that caused them both to tense up and look away. “Do you really think I'd agree to try something like that if I didn't want to? Saying yes to shitty things to make other people happy is YOUR thing, not mine.”

Suddenly Kirishima had the feeling that they had both been concerned about the same thing. They both sat there quietly for a bit, and then Kirishima put a hand on Bakugo's knee. “Can we kiss?”

“Yeah.” Bakugo mumbled, uncrossing his arms and getting up, his knees sank into the mattress on either side of Kirishima's hips as he put his hands on his shoulders, leaning down to kiss him. Kirishima put his hands on Bakugo's waist, digging his fingers into the fabric as he felt Bakugo's lips on his, gentle and lazy. All the pent up aggression he'd had earlier today was shelved, stored in the back of his head as he returned the soft kisses, pulling at his boyfriend's lips with his teeth just enough to earn a few nice sounds.

He still felt the thrill in his bones when he kissed Bakugo. He would do it without thinking now, he knew how to move and how to kiss without his teeth getting in the way, at least if he was careful. Bakugo was very direct with his kissing, pressing against him and kissing him without a care, almost recklessly. It was so manly, and the way Bakugo's fingers pressed into his skin sent shivers up his spine.

Gradually the kisses got hungrier, ravenous and sloppy as he slipped his hands under Bakugo's shirt, feeling the tense muscles under his fingertips as he rubbed and caressed the warm, hidden skin. Mapping it out with his fingers, memorizing every ridge. Bakugo was pushing him down now, hands creeping up the back of his neck until he could grab onto his hair. Kirishima grunted as he felt the pull, and let himself fall backwards on the bed, Bakugo pressed his head into the covers. The blond was grinding down against him, and Kirishima's jaw set as he grit his teeth, and since he was unable to get to his tongue, Bakugo moved down to his neck and licked at it.

An involuntary harden rushed down his shoulders and along his arms, pooling in his fingers as he pulled at the fabric of Bakugo's pants, trying to urge the blond to press down against him harder. Bakugo hissed against his skin, and Kirishima instantly let go, his hands retreating instinctively.

“S-sorry!” Kirishima's hands hovered over Bakugo's body.

“Did I tell you to stop?” Bakugo frowned, pushing himself up on his arms to glare down at him.

“Did I cut through your pants? I don't want to ruin your clothes.” Kirishima sighed, letting his arms go limp on the bed next to him.

Bakugo sat up, touching the back of his pants, but he didn't seem too bothered. “My pants are fuckin' fine. Why do you even worry about that shit? We're making out.”

“You hissed, I worried I cut through them and maybe down to the skin-”

“You didn't cut anything, idiot.” Bakugo huffed, sticking his thumbs down the hem of his pants and sliding them down his hips. Kirishima could swear it was the most sensual thing in the world, but Bakugo just pushed them off his legs and dropped them on the floor. Straddling him on his underwear. “There, will you stop worrying about pointless shit and make out with me?”

“Y-yes!” Kirishima swallowed thickly, seeing the tent in Bakugo's underwear sent a rush of heat up to his face and left very little blood to spare for any parts of his body that wasn't his face and dick. His heart was trying, hammering in his chest so hard he could hear it in his ears. Bakugo plucked the hem of his shirt up, kissing the stomach as his head disappeared underneath the fabric for a moment.

Calloused hands pushed up Kirishima's shirt, removing it slowly as the blond kissed his way up his body. He squirmed, the way Bakugo was touching him was messing with his head. He wanted to say something, but the only sounds that came out were shaky breathing and some groaning as Bakugo made his way up to his chest and collarbone. He raised his arms, and for moment Bakugo was under the shirt with him, and the world was completely blocked out for a bit. Just the two of them.

Complete comfort. It was stupid actually, how nice he felt when he was with Bakugo. He'd felt this way before of course, when they hung out in public. But there was something about just laying there, not caring about anything, just feeling. He could stay here forever, it was like the entire world was set to pause and stopped existing outside of this room.

“It's so weird” Kirishima sighed against Bakugo's lips as the blond vengefully threw the shirt across the room. Bakugo looked at him questioningly, and Kirishima couldn't help but smile hopelessly up at his boyfriend. “I feel so comfortable with you, It's crazy.”

Bakugo's mouth did something weird at that, and the blond then just deflated a bit, resting his head against Kirishima's temple, his hands gripping his shoulders as he curled up on his body. Kirishima could feel the heat on Bakugo's face seep into his skin, his ears were red and his hair tickled his face.

“You're such an idiot.” Bakugo mumbled. “Why would you say shit like that?”

“It's just really strange, right?” His hands returned to Bakugo's ass, and he gave it an experimental squeeze. The blond breathed against his neck and Kirishima felt tension seep out of his body. “Do you feel comfortable with me?”

“... of course I do.” Bakugo snorted. “If I didn't why would I even be like this? Do you know how much my fuckin' guard is down? You could stab me or whatever and I wouldn't be able to do anything. I don't know why I'm leaving this many openings on PURPOSE.”

“Well... it's okay in here when it's just me, right?” Kirishima massaged the tight muscle in his palms. “If we're gonna be pro heroes, we need to be able to relax sometimes.”

Bakugo snorted thoughtfully. Kirishima dragged his teeth against Bakugo's neck, and the blond sighed. But then grunted in annoyance, sitting up. Bakugo inhaled deeply as he rubbed at his face, he looked a bit agitated. “I read up about it online, but I... don't know how to have sex.”

“Me neither.” Kirishima shrugged, running his hands up Bakugo's thighs. Completely relaxed. “It'll be fine. we'll figure it out.”

Bakugo's brow furrowed in confusion. “What?”

“We'll figure it out.” Kirishima smiled up at his lover, who looked slightly taken aback. “Just like we did with kissing and blowjobs and stuff. We have lots of time, it doesn't have to be perfect the first time or anything.”

“What the fuck is that? Since when are you this relaxed about this stuff?” The blond's brow furrowed even harder. “Are you telling me you freak out about kissing but anal sex you're chill about? You bastard, you said you were a virgin!”

“I am! Or was? I've only had sex with you!” Kirishima frowned, sitting up on his elbows. “I just wanna learn stuff together! It worked with kissing and stuff, so why shouldn't it work with sex?”

“Why do you get to be so relaxed about it!?” Bakugo frowned, explosions setting off in his palms as he clenched his fists. “What do you mean it doesn't have to be perfect the first time!?”

“Calm down!” Kirishima grabbed his waist, sitting up with Bakugo on his lap.

“I was so sure you'd be all worried and shit! Do you know how many annoying lifestyle articles and stuff I read online?” Bakugo frowned. “Be fuckin' CONSISTENT if you're gonna be worried about pointless shit!”

“HEY!” Kirishima frowned, hugging Bakugo tightly. “I WAS worried! But then I thought about it, and it doesn't really matter right?! As long as it's with you, it's fine. I'm not gonna stop being in love with you if we have like... awkward sex a few times or something!”

The explosions had calmed down, and he could feel warm hands on his back. He buried his face in Bakugo's torso, ignoring the way Bakugo's fingernails dragged against his shoulders.

“Is this... why you were being all stupid today?” Bakugo's voice had lost its angry edge. Kirishima nodded into his chest.

“Yeah.” Kirishima mumbled. “I realized it today.”

“Ugh, this is stupid.” Bakugo sighed, but his arms crossed over Kirishima's shoulders, his forehead resting on the top of Kirishima's head. “I don't like it when I'm the only one that's nervous.”

“What's making you nervous?” Kirishima didn't move, surrounded in a cave of warmth and the smell of Bakugo's body wrapped around his head.

“I don't know. Stuff.” Bakugo mumbled into his hair. “What if it's super painful? It's organs, right? That stuff can take ages to heal, we could fuckin' miss out on training or something because of it.” 

“We'll go slow, if it hurts, we stop.” Kirishima shrugged. “We don't have to go all the way at first, we can start by just using fingers.”

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea." Bakugo's teeth were clenched in embarrassment. “...What if there's shit?” 

“You read about it online too right? If it's correctly timed, there shouldn't be any.” Kirishima mumbled, heat rising to his face. “But to be safe, I guess we can wash too?”

“What if we don't like it?” Bakugo mumbled. “What if one of us doesn't like it?”

“Then we just do other stuff we both like.” Kirishima could feel Bakugo's heartbeat against his forehead. “I'd be fine with just jerking off and blowjobs forever.”

Bakugo let out a thoughtful hum into his hair. “... will-” he then stopped, grumbling in annoyance.

Kirishima could feel his boyfriend's jaw set defiantly. He ran his hands up and down Bakugo's back, curious if he could coax the words out. “What is it?”

“Which one of us is gonna top?”

“Do we have to choose? Can't we just try it and see? We could always take turns if we both like it.” Kirishima pressed his lips over the part of Bakugo's chest that was almost visibly moving from the thundering heartbeat.

“...will-” Bakugo grumbled before falling silent again, the awkward head hug preventing Kirishima from pulling back to look at his face. Instead he could just feel Bakugo's lips move against his temple. “-will you think less of me, if I tell you I want you to fuck me?”

Kirishima was having an out of body experience. He felt like his spirit had left his body with those words, and he felt almost sick with how much his heart was beating or how much it was NOT beating, he couldn't tell if it had stopped or was moving so fast it felt like it wasn't beating. His body felt cold and completely tense, he didn't remember the last time he inhaled.

“W-what? No!?” Kirishima tried to pull away to look at Bakugo, but the blond had a death grip on his shoulders, and he couldn't manage to look at him. The little he saw of his face was completely red. “Why would I think less of you!?”

“Because you like... manly guys right?” Bakugo mumbled. “Wanting... to be fucked isn't manly, it's not really cool either.”

“Sex has nothing to do with who's stronger or manlier you know!” Kirishima objected. “I don't know what kind of Manly you're thinking about, but my kind is when you live with no regrets!”

“No regrets?” Bakugo furrowed his brow. “I thought you liked muscular, cool and strong guys?”

“That too! But it's a manly HEART that really counts.” Kirishima was passionately ranting now, and he pulled back enough to look at the blond, who was staring at him in confusion, his face dusted pink. “I don't think there's anything we could try together that I'd regret!”

“Manly heart? What are you talking about?” Bakugo's brows furrowed, but he couldn't contain a small smile. “Stop flailing around like an idiot, is this one of your Crimson Riot things?”

“That stuff doesn't matter right now! Who cares what society or other people think right?!” Kirishima objected. “ This is just us! We decide what is manly and what isn't!”

“Sometimes the bullshit you spew is fuckin' ridiculous.” Bakugo stared at him as Kirishima was ready to argue more, he frowned up at his boyfriend. Instead, Bakugo just grabbed his forehead, explosively slamming him down on the bed with enough force to bounce his upper body of the mattress. “But for some reason, It doesn't piss me off.”

“Good!” Kirishima huffed angrily, soot on his forehead, but he'd hardened in time, so he hadn't felt it. Bakugo leant forward on his hips, straddling him again as he loomed over him thoughtfully. He contemplated something for a bit, but then his face settled into that terrifyingly serene beauty that haunted Kirishima every time he saw Bakugo fight.

“Then...” Bakugo arched forward, his eyes locked onto Kirishima's. So intense it felt like he was physically unable to break their eye contact. “I want to go first.”

Kirishima was unable to answer, his heart was in his throat and his brain's supply of blood had been rerouted to his dick. After a long moment of feeling lightheaded and too aroused to think, he managed to put his hands on Bakugo's hips, fingers digging into the skin. “c... can you say it? Please? Say all of it...”

Bakugo stared at him in silence for probably several minutes, contemplating it. Kirishima felt like his life was in Bakugo's hands, almost like Bakugo was a fickle god and his soul was at his mercy. Then the blond shifted slightly, leisurely zipping down the front of Kirishima's pants, moving the fabric down just enough to expose his arousal completely.

“Eijiro-” Bakugo's voice was dripping with some soft of sick glee as he tightened his grip at the base of Kirishima's erection, preventing him from coming. “I want you to fuck me.”




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Chapter Text



“Holy shit.” Kirishima heard his own voice, but he had no control over it. His stomach was doing flips and he could swear he felt numb in his toes from the lack of blood in his extremities. “Fuuuuck.”

“Liked that?” Bakugo smirked, his expression smug enough to just barely cover up the redness on his face. He squirmed slightly, his hand playing with the fabric next to Kirishima's shoulder.

“Ohfuckyeah” Kirishima groaned, reaching up to grab Bakugo's face, pulling him down for another kiss. He wasn't even watching his teeth, just hungrily devouring everything Bakugo wanted to give him. Adrenaline was buzzing through him, but everything he could feel were Bakugo's lips on his own. “Fuck... I'm so hard.”

“I can feel that.” Bakugo sighed against his lips, shifting on Kirishima's lap just enough to send a painful shudder rushing up his spine. “You didn't answer me fuck-face; are you gonna do it or not?”

“F-fuck, you have no idea how much I want to.” Kirishima groaned, sitting up on his elbows, his legs were asleep. “Is it really okay? You'll let me put it in?”

“Yeah.” Bakugo huffed, his ears red. His shoulders were tense and he was fisting the fabric tightly. “Stop staring at me like it's a huge deal.”

“It IS a huge deal!” Kirishima objected, running a hand up Bakugo's stomach, slipping his hand under the fabric. He could tell Bakugo was tense, and he nuzzled into the blond's chest gently. “If you try to act all tough about it, I don't wanna do it. You gotta tell me how you feel for real when we do it, okay?”

“Fine.” Bakugo mumbled, but his shoulders relaxed a bit.

Kirishima beamed up at his boyfriend. “Thank you! I'll go get the condoms, they're in my room.”

“I'm gonna go wash then.” Bakugo got up, heading for the bathroom. Kirishima watched him go, waiting for his legs to get some blood in them so he could move. Eventually he could drag himself to his feet, and he stumbled, his arousal pressing against the front of his pants painfully as he stumbled over to his own room, digging through his nightstand until he would find the packet of condoms. He could still hear the water howling in the pipes in the wall that separated their rooms. Bakugo was still busy.

This would be the time he'd wake up if this was a dream, right? This was going so well, even TOO well. No, this couldn't have been a dream, or he would have woken up earlier when Bakugo asked him to fuck him. God the words were burned into his brain, he'd be playing that line on repeat for the rest of his life. This and his phone lock screen would have wrecked him half a year ago.

His nerves were getting to him, there was tension in his back and he was sure the adrenaline was going to give him a headache at this rate. Kirishima popped into his own bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror, inspecting his reflection carefully. He'd gotten used to the hair now, but when it was down like this, he felt a bit less confident. It fell in front of his face, obscuring his vision just slightly, and for a minute he wondered if he should spike it up for the occasion. It was tempting, if only for that extra confidence boost, but he'd have to wash it again before bed or it would be all over the place once he woke up.

He supposed it was no good. He ran a hand through his bangs, pulling them out of his face. He washed his hands thoroughly, making sure his nails were trimmed and clean. He rolled his shoulders and took a deep breath, now he'd just have to make sure it wasn't too awkward.

He swallowed thickly as he pocketed the protection, peeking out of his door for any classmates before he bolted over to Bakugo's room. Climbing into the bed and pulling his legs in, reading the instructions that came with the packet. He was halfway through attempting to read the second language when the bathroom opened, and Bakugo walked out, his face tense and his hands fidgeting nervously.

“Hey.” Kirishima held the condoms up, watching as the blond walked over, his ears bright red.

“Feels weird.” Bakugo mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. “I have no idea how I'm going to get your dick in there.”

“How WE are going to get my dick in there.” Kirishima joked, but Bakugo seemed a bit more flustered than before. “... what's wrong? Did you change your mind?”

“No.” Bakugo huffed, glaring at the floor. “I still want to do it.”

“But?” Kirishima added, shifting on the bed to make a big open space for Bakugo, he patted the covers invitingly. Bakugo dropped down next to him, hands tense on the sheets as he stared up at the ceiling. Kirishima lay down on his side next to him, resting his head in his hand as he looked at his boyfriend. Bakugo seemed deep in thought about something, and Kirishima wasn't sure if the slightly exposed midriff was appropriate to touch at the moment.

“It doesn't get much more real than washing your ass for someone else, huh? I didn't think I was gay, but I guess this is it?” Bakugo's brow furrowed and he glanced over at him, meeting his eyes. “I didn't think I was anything really. Is that possible?”

“That's called being aromantic? Or asexual I guess. You can be somewhere in between too? It's all normal.” Kirishima hummed, and Bakugo's brow eased slightly, as if these news somehow soothed him. Kirishima knew this look, it was the look of relieved validation.

“You're only attracted to guys, right?” Bakugo asked, his voice soft. “Did you always know you were gay?”

“Kinda? I thought I liked girls at one point but that was just because you see so much heterosexual stuff in movies.” Kirishima shrugged. “I always knew deep down girls weren't my thing. I never liked the dirty magazines and stuff my friends looked at.”

“That stuff always grossed me out, but for some reason you don't.” Bakugo grumbled. “It pissed me off when people in middle school kept talking about sex and stuff, I guess this is how they felt? Porn is still disgusting though.”

“My friends mostly talked about girls, then they found out I didn't like girls and they kinda stopped including me in that conversation.” Kirishima mumbled. “They weren't against it or anything, but I didn't feel like I could talk to them about it. It was a bit lonely.”

“How did they find out?”

“When I liked that one exchange student.” Kirishima huffed. “I kept staring at him like an idiot and gave myself away.”

Bakugo's brow furrowed. “I'll kill him.”

“What?” Kirishima snorted incredulously as Bakugo glared daggers at the ceiling. “Why? You don't even know who it is. If you're jealous, you can stop. I love YOU.”

“Not jealous. I just hate that you liked someone else.” Bakugo grimaced in distaste.

“I think that's literally the definition of jealousy.”

“Well maybe I hate that you liked someone and they didn't like you back.” Bakugo huffed. “It hurts right?... Plain-face looked like he was about to cry when he said it.”

“It probably hurts worse if it's more than a crush.” Kirishima hummed, his heart aching a bit for Sero, but Bakugo looked deep in thought. “But in my case it all worked out. I'm very glad I get to experience all this stuff for the first time with someone I actually love, rather than just like .”

“I can't imagine feeling this way about someone and not being able to do shit about it-” Bakugo rolled onto his side, facing Kirishima. “Like how the fuck did you do it when we hung out before? Didn't you want to kiss me?”

“Oh.” Kirishima groaned, closing his eyes and letting his head droop onto Bakugo's shoulder. He felt tired down to his core just thinking about the ache and longing he'd lived through before. “You have NO idea how badly I wanted to.”

“How did you not?” Bakugo was a little annoyed.

“Because... if you didn't want to, you'd hate me.” Kirishima reached out, brushing aside the soft blond hair that was caught up in Bakugo's lashes. “I didn't want you to avoid me. Losing you completely would hurt more than not being able to kiss you.”

The blond hummed thoughtfully, flopping back onto the bed. Bakugo raised his right hand up, looking at his palm for a second before he turned it towards the ceiling light, glaring at the back of his hand. “-is there a feeling that's bigger than the Howitzer?”

“I guess love can always get stronger?” Kirishima blinked a bit, his brow slightly furrowed as he thought about it. “What would we call it? AP-shot?”

“Am I going to have to keep inventing stronger attacks to give you a shitty metaphor for your feelings?” Bakugo snorted. “That's lame.” The words were said with such fondness that Kirishima couldn't remotely take offense.

“As if you're not going to come up with cool attacks regardless.” Kirishima rolled his eyes, cuddling up against Bakugo on the bed, his temple pressed against his face. He looked up at the hand as well, curious to what was so interesting about his palm. It was the same hand Kirishima had felt squeezing him in relief in Kamino; outstretched with his fingers fanned out against the light.

“When I was... taken-” Bakugo's voice was low, and Kirishima could feel Bakugo's cold sweat stick his hair to his face, he held his breath as he listened. Bakugo's hand moved, blocking the glow of the ceiling light and casting a shadow across their faces “I wanted to see my parents. My mom's a fuckin' nag, and my dad is a worrier, so I was sure they were freaking out.”

Kirishima remained silent. He could remember walking past Bakugo's house a few times over those two days when Bakugo was gone, it had been crawling in police officers and detectives. He'd wanted to visit them to ask for updates on the investigation, but the entire area was being monitored, so he wasn't allowed to enter the premises.

“-But I also wanted to see you. ” Bakugo said gently, lowering his hand slightly as he closed his eyes.

“Yeah, I was worried too.” Kirishima agreed, turning his face slightly until his forehead pressed against Bakugo's temple, his nose pressing into Bakugo's cheek.

“That's not why, idiot.” Bakugo hummed, his eyes still closed. “...I fuckin' missed you.”


“Yeah.” Bakugo mumbled, his hand dropping down on the bed besides him. The artificial light bathing his serene expression. “I think I realized you were different back then. When you showed up... I felt such a rush; it was like my entire body was on fuckin' fire.”

“Like... the Howitzer?” Kirishima rose up slightly, leaning over Bakugo. His hair draped down, framing Bakugo's face, it felt like it was only the two of them in the world now.

Yeah .” Bakugo's eyes opened as the shadow crept across his features, and Kirishima felt that strange feeling he only got when he was with Bakugo. The feeling of absolute belonging.

Warmth was creeping up his back, his heart was thundering in his chest. Bakugo's hand slipped into his hair, guiding him down. Their lips met agonizingly slow, and Kirishima held the eye contact helplessly until the last moment. The press was firm and gentle, like they were trying to seal every dent and crack in their lips with each other. Making up for everything that was missing, all the parts they needed to be whole. For balance, Kirishima moved a hand to the bed on the other side of Bakugo's chest, leaning over the blond as they kissed.

He dragged his teeth across Bakugo's lower lip, their noses brushing together at the angle as Bakugo's other hand reached up and grabbed his shoulder, Kirishima readjusted, one knee between Bakugo's legs as he moved onto all fours, pressing the older boy into the bed with needy kisses. The sheets pooled down into the indent in the bed framing Bakugo's face. He was being pulled in, Bakugo's arms were wrapped across his shoulders, fingertips dragging across his skin, pulling at his scalp.

His bare chest pressed against Bakugo's clothed one, he was sure Bakugo could feel his heart beating, just like he could feel Bakugo's. After a moment of slow needy kisses, it almost felt like their heartbeats had synchronized, or maybe he just couldn't tell which one was his own anymore. He was getting incredibly hard again, and the feeling of Bakugo's groin eagerly pressing against his own assured him he wasn't alone.

They parted breathlessly, and Bakugo licked at his own lips, retrieving the slight blood mixed saliva. Oops, seems like he managed to cut him a bit. Bakugo looked so good, his lips flushed and red, his eyes hazed over, his skin warm and inviting. Kirishima groaned needily, nuzzling against the blond's neck and just panting, his palms pressed against Bakugo's sides in the closest thing he could to a hug with the blond laying on the bed.

“You'll stop if I ask you to, right?”, Bakugo asked in a breathy tone, his voice calm despite the question.

“Of course I will.” Kirishima's brow furrowed as he slipped his hands under Bakugo's slightly arched back, hugging him tightly as he inhaled the smell of his sweat. “I won't do anything you don't want.”

“And I'm not a wimp or a coward or something if I do?” Bakugo asked again, Kirishima could see him swallow thickly. “-and you won't be disappointed if I don't like it?”

“You're the coolest, bravest guy I know, that's not going to change.” Kirishima kissed the tense muscle in Bakugo's throat. “I just want to feel good together; I don't care how we do it.”

"Fuck.” Bakugo exhaled, his body relaxing into Kirishima's arms, his face buried in his hair. “I really wanna try it. Like really fuckin' bad.”

“Me too.” Kirishima rose up to his elbows, kissing the blond greedily, his hands working Bakugo's shirt up his torso. “-take off your clothes for me.”

“Fine, but you gotta strip too.” Bakugo sat up, pulling his shirt off as Kirishima reached over to the nightstand for the lubrication. The blond slipped off his underwear and crossed his legs, and Kirishima had to close his eyes and inhale deeply for a second when he saw the state of Bakugo's arousal. He stripped as well, joining Bakugo properly on the bed and plucking the packet of condoms from the sheets.

Holding the two items, Kirishima suddenly felt like he was both in over his head, and completely ready. He pulled one foil square out of the packet, and Bakugo took the wrapped condom and examined it curiously for a bit, he moved the circle around in it, and grabbed the packet to read over the instructions.

“How should we do this?”

“Uh... in porn, the one getting prepared is usually on all fours.” Kirishima hummed, brow furrowed. “But then I won't be able to see your face or kiss you.”

“Then how about this?” Bakugo kissed him and simultaneously moved to sit on Kirishima's lap. This was a position they had been in so often, it felt natural now. The weight of Bakugo's body on his thighs felt so reassuring, and Bakugo pulled away from the kiss and pressed his forehead against Kirishima's. “We can kiss this way.”

“It's perfect.” Kirishima sighed, kissing Bakugo back, allowing his body to melt into the blond's arms. This was good. This felt right. Their foreheads were pressed together when Kirishima pulled the condom free of its packet, it slipped out of it's lubricated prison, and they both looked at it in odd fascination. That's what a condom looked like? Strange.

Kirishima threw the wrapper on the ground, the slick already covering his hand. He prodded a finger into the slick circle and it expanded to accommodate. He glanced up at Bakugo, who was staring at it, then their eyes met, and Bakugo's jaw was set nervously. Kirishima swallowed thickly; this was really happening.

“I'm gonna use one finger at first.” Kirishima said softly, wiggling his finger in the oversized protection, the plastic clung to his skin in a strangely satisfying way. “I'm just gonna rub around it at first, I'm not gonna stick it in yet.”

“Okay.” Bakugo exhaled, wrapping his arms around Kirishima's shoulders as he raised his hips, making room for Kirishima's hand. Bakugo's arousal rubbed against Kirishima's own, sandwiched and neglected between their lower stomachs. For the first time, they were not the main event. Kirishima reached around, running his free and lubricated hand down Bakugo's back until he found a good hold, his hand cupping a cheek firmly, pulling them apart. It felt a bit surreal, moving his hand over, and slipping a finger between the mounds.

“Cold.” Bakugo hissed, and Kirishima kissed his shoulder apologetically.

"Sorry... I should have warmed the condom when it was in the package with my hands or something.” Kirishima kept his fingers still against Bakugo's skin, letting the condom warm up. “My bad. I'll warm the lube for sure.”

“It's fine.” Bakugo sighed, and his grip on Kirishima's shoulders loosened up. “It's okay now.”

“Then I'm gonna move it, I'm not gonna put it in yet, so just try to relax.” Kirishima hummed into Bakugo's skin, closing his eyes and focusing on the feeling of skin through the latex. He could feel the dip and slight twitching, and once he'd located the entrance, he slowly slipped his covered finger across it a few times. “How is it?”

“s'weird.” Bakugo mumbled, burying his face in Kirishima's shoulder. “-feels embarrassing.”

Kirishima stopped moving his finger, leaving it resting against the skin as he focused on kissing and sucking on Bakugo's shoulder, trying to distract the blond. “I bet everyone saw the marks from my teeth in art class today.”

“Good.” Bakugo huffed, amusement in his voice. His breathing was a bit shaky. “It's hot.”

Kirishima ran his teeth across the skin, feeling the shudder and tension rush down Bakugo's back. He started moving his finger again, sucking on the skin and biting down slightly. He was going to leave mark, a very obvious one. Bakugo was thoroughly distracted, groaning slightly into Kirishima ear, his heavy breathing leaving a wet spot on Kirishima's jaw. His breathing hitched slightly when Kirishima's finger withdrew.

“I'm gonna add some lube.” Kirishima removed his finger, and added lubrication to the condom, making sure he warmed it up properly. “Oh... I think it's inside out?”

“Does it matter? It's your finger, not your dick.” Bakugo's hips twitched against him impatiently.

“I guess not.” Kirishima turned the condom the correct way around, slicking it up a bit more before he returned to his ministrations. This time Bakugo didn't complain about the cold, so he assumed he'd done a good job at warming it up. He padded at the entrance, pressing just the pad of his finger inside, and Bakugo's breathing paused briefly. He kept his finger still, just beyond the rim. “Can I try putting it in?”

“Yeah.” Bakugo nodded, but his entrance tightened up. Kirishima rubbed at it, slowly working just the pad of his finger in, until he could slip more of the dripping condom inside. He slowly worked the first knuckle in, pausing to let Bakugo resume breathing.

“Does it feel bad?”

“I already told you... feels weird.” Bakugo mumbled. “Not bad.”

Kirishima nuzzled the side of Bakugo's face, moving his finger in and out, easing it back and forth just slightly. Only to the first knuckle. Bakugo's breathing was a bit shallow and Kirishima paused the moving, shifting around so he could kiss his boyfriend, licking and pulling at his parted lips hopefully. Bakugo at first didn't respond, but after some coaxing, the blond returned the kisses.

“Katsuki...” Kirishima breathed against Bakugo's mouth, and the blond shuddered as he started moving his fingers again. “You're so warm in here.”

“S-shut up.” Bakugo's face flushed.

Kirishima snickered into his boyfriend's skin, slowly working more and more of his finger in. It took another round of added lubrication, but after several minutes of careful prodding, Kirishima had a finger inside to the second knuckle. He kept working the finger inside, Bakugo was groaning now.

“Does it feel good?”

“I'm telling you, it just feels fuckin' weird.” Bakugo grunted, arching his back slightly. But his body was adjusting faster, as if it had accepted Kirishima's finger. It felt so surreal, Kirishima was painfully hard, his erection throbbing between their bodies, but he couldn't think of anything but the way Bakugo's body tightened around his finger. This was REALLY happening.

“Does it feel good-weird ?”

“What kind of feeling is that?” Bakugo huffed. “Feels a bit like I have to take a piss, but I did that earlier. -but yeah, it's better than before.”

“I've got most of my finger inside.” Kirishima hummed, and true enough, he'd managed to slide most of his index finger inside. Everything he could from this angle at least. “You're amazing, Katsuki.”

“Shut it.” Bakugo grunted, moving his hips experimentally against Kirishima's hands. The way he tightened and ground down on his fingers made Kirishima whimper. This definitely topped everything he'd ever considered as most aroused he'd ever been.

“D-don't do stuff like that, I'm gonna come.” Kirishima hissed, and Bakugo pulled back just a bit to look down between them, their erections rubbing together.

“Are you gonna add another finger or what?” Bakugo hummed, reaching down and rubbing his hand along the tip of Kirishima's dick. “It needs more than one to stretch it, right?”

“Y-yeah but-” Kirishima groaned, helplessly pressing his forehead against Bakugo's collarbone. Bakugo hummed, measuring fingers against the actual arousal, measuring the length of his own fingers against the length and thickness as his body twitched around Kirishima's actual digits. It felt greedy somehow, like he was sizing him up. Kirishima withdrew his fingers, shifting to a more comfortable position.

“Just try to focus on what you're doing.” Bakugo reached forward, pulling the covers and pillows against the wall before pressing Kirishima's back until he was reclining against the wall. Kirishima closed his eyes, slipping his middle finger into the condom besides his index finger and starting over from the beginning. Bakugo's voice was determined, and it turned him on so much. His dick twitched at the promised tightness, and Bakugo ran his palm up the length at an agonizingly slow pace.

There was less resistance now, and thank god there was, since it was terribly hard to focus with Bakugo rubbing their dicks together. He managed to work both fingers all the way in, and before he tried to spread them around, he moved them back and forth, wiggling them around inside.

His rhythm synced up to Bakugo's hand movements, the blond seemed to notice, and moved his hands faster and for a few intense thrusts, they were groaning in unison. Their bodies tense and warm against each other as erotic wet sounds filled the room. The lubrication dripped out and onto his hand, the feeling of Bakugo's hand stroking them feverishly almost overwhelming as Kirishima's fingers tried to keep up with the speed.

“F-fuck- Eiji-” Bakugo groaned, biting back the sounds as he seemed to try to press down against his hand and into his own at the same time, rubbing his own arousal against Kirishima's. Kirishima could feel the blond tighten around his fingers, but all he could do in return was try to spread his fingers to reclaim the space he'd already created. Bakugo clung to him, his hips twitching against his hand. “Ejir- Ei-fuuuuck-”

“Katsuki-” Kirishima groaned, wrapping his free arm around Bakugo and clinging to him, the pleasure building and building until he thought he was going to explode. It was so hard to focus on moving his hand, the more pleasure he felt the stiffer his muscles became, he gasped for air, trusting Bakugo to bring him over the edge. Then suddenly; glorious release.

The heat seeped into this bones and he couldn't move his hand anymore. Bakugo's hand stopped moving as well, frozen inside the tight grip of Bakugo's body as they were both reduced to boneless piles on the bed, melted together into one.

They panted, their bodies buzzing with pleasure and heat, and once they had caught their breaths they kissed. Bakugo was much more relaxed around his fingers now, and Kirishima experimentally spread his fingers a bit, wiggling them in separate directions as much as Bakugo's body allowed. The orgasm seemed to have convinced his body to let the fingers stay, he could spread his fingers much further apart now. The blond groaned against his neck, gyrating his hips slightly against the hand.

“Was it good?” Kirishima asked. “Did it help or was it just the jerking off?”

“It felt... a bit more intense I guess.” Bakugo sighed, rolling his hips back. “-but it feels kinda good now. In like a weird way.”

“Really?” Kirishima sat up slightly, his curiosity piqued. He spread his fingers a bit more, curving them in and pressing around experimentally “Is there somewhere that feels extra good?”

“Not really.” Bakugo shrugged, brow furrowed. “You're looking for the prostate right?”

“I'm just curious.” Kirishima admitted, dragging his fingers out a bit more and suddenly Bakugo inhaled sharply. His head snapped at attention, looking up at the flushed blond. His eyes were closed and his teeth grit. “Was that good? Bad? Did I find it?”

“I don't think that was it.” Bakugo groaned. “-but it felt good.”

“Like this?” Kirishima moved his hand again, and Bakugo arched forward a bit, his hands on the wall above Kirishima's head for support, looming over him.

“A bit lower.”


“No... There was something you did earlier, fuck.” Bakugo grunted, eyes screwed shut. “Just... just keep your hand right there. I'm gonna see if I can find it.”

Kirishima swallowed thickly, spreading his fingers slightly as Bakugo pressed back against them, raising his body and moving his hips against his hand. Kirishima felt like death was giving out free samples, and he got the non-breathing flavor.

“Wait-” Kirishima shifted, sitting up more on the bed and running his free hand through his hair to get it out of his face.

“What?” Bakugo questioned, and grunted in distaste when Kirishima removed his fingers. Kirishima nervously raked his teeth across his bottom lip, adding lubrication to the condom clad fingers before he readjusted his hand so his fingers pointed more upwards, as opposed to his hand being wrapped around the back.

“This way you have more control right?” Kirishima looked up, licking his bloodied lower lip. He was so horny, but if Bakugo wanted to ride his fingers, he was going to absolutely let him.

Bakugo looked at him for a bit, but then he grinned at him, mounting him again and sitting back, Kirishima's arm between his legs as he lowered himself. “Control, huh? Looks like I'm the one fucking you.”

“Who cares! I've never been more horny in my entire life.” Kirishima was panting, his nerves fried from the heat and arousal. If Bakugo wanted to ride his fingers, he'd let him ride them until they'd break.

“Okay.” Bakugo grabbed onto Kirishima's upper arms for balance, closing his eyes and furrowing his brow thoughtfully. Kirishima pressed his slicked fingers against the opening and shuddered at the way they were almost instantly accepted. He swallowed thickly, his erection returning full force.

Bakugo moved his hips around, lowering and shifting around, and Kirishima's brain was in overdrive trying to memorize all the angles Bakugo made noises at. Some noises were soft, others were long low sharp hisses under his breath. All of them felt like they echoed in Kirishima's head. His dick was twitching with need, but he barely noticed.

“Okay... fuck... that's good.” Bakugo grunted, leaning forward and pressing his forehead against Kirishima's. Kirishima was frozen in place, the way Bakugo was moving against his hand was wiping all comprehensive thought out of his head.

“Katsuki-” Kirishima groaned, moving his fingers and earning a hiss from Bakugo. “Does it feel good? You sound so hot...”

“Fuck... do I?” Bakugo groaned, his voice raw and breathy. The sexiest thing Kirishima had ever heard. “It feels good, but it makes it hard to move. My legs feel weak.”

“Want me to move?” Kirishima offered, licking a bead of sweat off Bakugo's neck.

“Yeah.” Bakugo nodded, sighing tiredly. “-do you think we can fit your dick?”

Kirishima twitched at that, like Bakugo had punched his way through his ribcage and crushed his heart in his hand. The arousal was painful, and he could feel he was sweating, but his legs couldn't move because not only was most of his blood in his dick at this point, but Bakugo had been sitting on this thighs for so long that he'd cut off all circulation.

“I... don't knooow.” Kirishima groaned, dragging hardened fingers desperately across Bakugo's hip, leaving dark red stripes on the skin. “It feels way too tight, but if we take much longer I'm either gonna come or pass out.”

“At least some of it has to fit, it'll feel good for you even if it's not the whole thing right?” Bakugo huffed, reaching out for the packet of condoms on the bed, plucking one out. “Let’s try it.”

“For real?” Kirishima panted, watching Bakugo tear open the foil package. “Can I really put it in? Are you ready enough?”

“If it hurts we'll just stop.” Bakugo plucked the condom out of the wrapper, looking at it before he glanced over the instructions, warming it in his hand. Kirishima was going to argue that they could prepare some more, but Bakugo gave him a rather pained look and he pressed a kiss into Kirishima's jaw, his voice lowered to a whisper. “I don't like that I'm the only one feeling good.”

“O-okay-” Kirishima's objections were reduced to a puddle of goo, and it was like his worries were being dragged out of his body be they way Bakugo languidly licked at his neck.

With one hand, Bakugo pinched the little tip of the condom, and placed it at the tip of Kirishima's erection, and with a few awkward strokes, he rolled it on with the other. Kirishima grit his teeth, the sensation was strange and foreign, but not unpleasant. Kirishima was glad that it seemed to be a good size, the opening of it was tight and he felt like he stood a better chance at lasting a bit longer with it on.

“Okay, I'm going to control how fast it goes in, don't move your hips yet.” Bakugo swallowed thickly, moving so that his groin was above Kirishima's erection, his brow was slightly furrowed in determination.

“Wait-” Kirishima grabbed the lube, warming up a bit of it before he added to the already slick mess pooled on the condom. “-just in case.”

“Ready?” Bakugo moved so that he was resting his elbows against the wall besides Kirishima's head.

“Ready.” Kirishima supported his slicked up arousal with his hand, and rested his free one on Bakugo's hips. Slowly the blond lowered himself, and for a bit, the tip rubbed against the entrance, as if they were testing the waters.

Kirishima didn't want to rush Bakugo, especially since his dick was throbbing and he was super worried about coming right away. He didn't want to embarrass himself that way. So he held tightly onto the base of his erection, making sure he kept the condom pinned to the skin a bit too tightly. He considered using his harden, but he didn't want to accidentally break the condom, since it was very tight and he tended to expand a little when he hardened.

Then the tip slipped inside, and Kirishima could feel Bakugo immediately tighten. It was incredible, he was barely inside but the heat and tightness was already wrecking him. He grabbed onto Bakugo's hips with his hands, and Bakugo held onto him, his eyes wide.

“That's... way bigger than fingers.” Bakugo grunted, swallowing thickly. “I don't think I can fit all of it.”

“It doesn't have to be all of it. This is our first time trying it. Just this feels really good.” Kirishima rubbed soothing circles into Bakugo's upper thighs. “Does it hurt? Do you want to stop?”

“No, it doesn't hurt... but it's uncomfortable. I need a minute.” Bakugo grunted, and Kirishima could see that he was frustrated with himself.

“I can wait. Take your time.” Kirishima moved his hands over to rub Bakugo's behind, and after a minute he could feel him relax a bit, and then Kirishima was engulfed in more of that glorious tightness. Kirishima panted, his vision hazy. “Oh fuuuuck... Katsuki... It feels amazing.”

“Really?” The look of discomfort on Bakugo's face faded a bit, and was replaced by slightly flustered smugness. “I think I'm getting used to it... it's starting to feel good again.”

Then Bakugo started moving just a little. It might have just been half a finger's length, but to Kirishima if felt amazing. He dug his fingers into Bakugo's hips, the way he moved was slow and steady, and he always stopped just short of pulling off completely.

Both of them were breathing a little bit harder, and Kirishima could feel the tension in his thighs as he dragged his hardened fingers across the pale skin of Bakugo's upper thighs. He left some marks, but he also knew no one was going to see them but him. No one was going to hear the soft grunts and hitched breathing but him. This was all for him.

He couldn't think about anything but the way the blond was arching above him, the smell of sweat and the way he was allowed to see Bakugo more intimately than anyone else. To hear his soft cursing and half-muffled hisses of pleasure. The feeling of Bakugo's weight rising and falling on his dick was wiping his brain each time, white hot flashes of pleasure like fireworks in his spine.

“Oh please-” Kirishima had to fight all of his urges to roll his hips upwards and Bakugo was moving so slow it was agonizing, how the warm slick tightness consumed him from the inside out. Kirishima wasn't sure he was going to survive. He panted against Bakugo's chest, his shoulders tense and his breathing labored.

“Eijiro-” Bakugo's voice cracked into a moan, a full on actual moan. Like the stuff Kirishima had fantasized about, his name, rolling off Bakugo's tongue.

“Fuuuuck.” Kirishima groaned, he could feel the tension pooling against his limit. He wasn't going to last much longer. He wanted to come together. He licked the sweet sweat off Bakugo's chest, reaching out for Bakugo's erection. “Katsuki- I'm gonna come...”

“Fuck-” Bakugo groaned, his hands moving to Kirishima's hair as he clung on desperately. He held on as he struggled to keep moving, the tightness growing unbearable each time Kirishima moved his hand. “Eij-mmm-”

“Come with me, I'm so close. I'm so fuckin' close. Please-” Kirishima begged, he didn't care if he sounded needy. “I'm gonna come-”

“Me too- fUCK-” Bakugo grunted, and he stopped moving his hips, finishing off into Kirishima's hand. Kirishima barely registered how finishing with a condom felt like, because he was too busy basking in the glory of coming with the warm tightness of another person wrapped around his dick. It felt hot and intense and endless. Like he was being drained of all he had, twitching in the afterglow as he tried to keep his hips from moving as he rode out the orgasm.

Limp and panting, both of them deflated, completely spent after this experiment. Neither of them could move for a little while, their bodies meshed together on the bed, sweat mixing with sweat in a strange slick mess that threatened to stick their bodies together as they began cooling off in the stuffy air of the dorm.

“That was amazing.” Kirishima managed to groan out between pants, wrapping both his arms around Bakugo's lower back, hugging the blond as he sucked on his neck. He loved him so much. Bakugo shifted a bit and Kirishima pulled out, making sure the condom didn't slip off and make a mess. He tied off the condom, throwing both of the used condoms into the trash, before wiping himself off with a tissue and collapsing back in bed next to Bakugo.

“We did it. We had sex. Like the real deal!” Kirishima sighed, pulling the covers from the walls and covering both of them up, running a hand up Bakugo's side. The blond wasn't saying anything, just panting, his face flushed and sweaty. “Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for, idiot?” Bakugo opened one eye lazily, narrowing it at him. “I barely managed to fit like a third of your dick.”

“You damn perfectionist! I'm just super happy I got to do anything at all!”

“You barely did anything. I did the actual moving.” Bakugo grinned victoriously. “-but good job not coming right away. You're improving.”

“Hey!” Kirishima objected, but Bakugo just laughed at him. It was such a nice sound, so Kirishima forgave him for the mockery.

“What time is it?” Bakugo turned around in bed, reaching over the edge to grab a phone from the floor. Kirishima grabbed this opportunity to slide over and wrap his arm around Bakugo pressing himself into his boyfriend's broad back, nuzzling the back of his neck. He pulled him closer, and Bakugo flicked his phone on; it was almost midnight.

“What? How did that take almost two hours?” Kirishima furrowed his brow.

“We talked a bunch before we started.” Bakugo tossed his phone on the nightstand. “We should get ready for bed, I'm tired.”

“Uuuugh.” Kirishima groaned, refusing to loosen his grip on Bakugo. “I want to cuddle! We had sex, we should cuddle!”

“Let me go, idiot. We can cuddle after we get ready for bed.” Bakugo grumbled, sinking an elbow into Kirishima's shoulder. “I need to pee.”

“Fiiine.” Kirishima relented, and opened his arms, allowing his beautiful boyfriend to escape. He waited until Bakugo opened the door, and then he joined him for brushing his teeth. Once he'd used the bathroom, he tiptoed back to the bedroom, where Bakugo had already gotten comfortable under the covers.

He slipped back under, wrapping his arm around Bakugo and nuzzling into his chest happily. Bakugo absentmindedly started playing with his hair, and they lay there in peaceful silence for a few glorious minutes. Bakugo's breathing was slowing down, and Kirishima could hear his heartbeat grow steady and rhythmic.

“It was mostly the parts beyond where your fingers reached that got uncomfortable. We just need to make sure we have more time for preparations next time.” Bakugo declared sleepily out of nowhere, almost giving Kirishima a heart attack with the sudden noise, startling out of his semi-awake haze. “Then I can probably take all of it.”

He stifled a yawn, as if he had not just said some of the most oddly romantic stuff Kirishima had ever heard. Kirishima's body tightened up. Next time. He hugged Bakugo a little tighter, feeling the warmth seep into his arms. They lay there for a few minutes, Kirishima’s heart was beating slow heavy beats, sleep clawing at his legs.

“Hey, Katsuki-”

“Hm? wha’s’it-” Bakugo hummed, he already sounded drowsy, his eyes closed and his face had already softened into serene sleep. Kirishima waited a second, not sure if he should attempt to continue the conversation when Bakugo was barely clinging to consciousness.

“I love you.”

“m'lov'y'too” Bakugo mumbled through the sleep, his brow furrowed as he sleepily dropped a hand onto Kirishima's face; a loud splat sound echoed in the room. “-now sshhhhhhh.”


ART BY @QueenOfLizArds AAA itS SO CUTE.


These soft awkward boys are so in love, trying all the new things. 

Chapter Text



Kirishima woke up to the sound of his alarm. Waking up used to be his least favorite part of the morning, but now it was the best part. He reached over and turned off the alarm, stretching enough to crack his joints as he let out a yawn. He settled back into bed, resting his head in his palm as he watched Bakugo sleep.

Was he ever going to get over how handsome Bakugo was? Laying there on his back, his face turned towards him, the covers pooling just above his hips. The memories of what they had done last night lingered as he watched Bakugo's chest rise and fall with this breathing, his own synched up subconsciously.

He squinted at the blond, pressing his fingertips gently into the bitemarks he'd left on Bakugo's skin the night before. He felt a bit guilty now, those were going to be hard to cover up, especially since bakugo refused to do his shirt up properly and wear a tie. It would probably be MORE suspicious if Bakugo suddenly started doing his collar all the way up.

It's not like it was going to be a sudden revelation, everyone in class knew they were having sex at this point. It was just a bit embarrassing, because his teeth marks looked so different. They were so sharp and pointy, leaving less of a bruise and more of a puncture than normal teeth would. He could remember having normal teeth, before his quirk came in. Accidentally biting the inside of his cheek had hurt much less back then.

“Good morning.” he rolled forward just enough to press his lips into bakugo's forehead. “We have to get ready for school.”

“Ugh.” Bakugo grumbled, his brow furrowing and his nose wrinkling up in distaste. Kirishima felt the blond wrap an arm around him tightly, and he sighed contently, resting his chin on bakugo's head.

“Did you sleep well?” Kirishima continued his one sided conversation, and Bakugo nodded lazily against his chest. His calloused hand gently moving up and down Kirishima's back.

“You still smell like sweat.” Bakugo mumbled. “-don't steal my deodorant.”

“I'm going to steal your deodorant.” Kirishima affirmed, and Bakugo smacked his shoulder blade loudly as punishment. It stung just a little, but the sound was so cartoonishly loud they couldn't help but snicker.

Kirishima felt a little like the scattered rays of sunshine pouring in through the half closed curtains of bakugo's room were seeping into his bones. He pulled the covers slightly further down, following the slight red trails on Bakugo's sides down to his hips. He grimaced at the sight, gently touching the streaks on the blond’s hips, skin scraped raw but not broken by his hardened fingers last night.

“It's fine.” Bakugo affirmed, slapping Kirishima's hand away. “I get worse scrapes in class all the time.”

“-but that's in class.” Kirishima groaned, letting himself drop back down on the bed, a dangerous move when he was so freshly awoken. “It's stupid. I don't want to HURT people with this stupid quirk. I need to get better at controlling it soon.”

“Then that's something you have to work on.” Bakugo huffed, rising up to his elbow, frowning at him. “Just don't go feeling fuckin' bad about that stuff without my permission, it's annoying.”


“I haven't fuckin' complained about it yet, and I haven't told you to stop, so just stop thinking about it!” Bakugo grumbled, letting him go and rolling straight out of bed in a huff. Kirishima rolled his eyes and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the packet of condoms on the floor.

He picked them up and looked at them, the two missing packets bringing back the realization they had sex. He was in the middle of looking at them when Bakugo re-entered the room, brushing his teeth. They looked at each other for a bit, and then Bakugo frowned around his toothbrush.

“How many do we have left?”

Kirishima counted them. “It was a 12 pack-”

“So there's just ten left?” Bakugo huffed around the foam in his mouth and he disappeared for a second to spit. “good thing we didn't waste any on the blowjobs like you wanted.”

“It wouldn't have been a waste!” Kirishima hauled himself to his feet to join him, tossing the condoms on the bed before he slipped into the bathroom to brush his own teeth. Bakugo was standing a bit differently, and Kirishima's brow furrowed. “does your ass hurt?”

Bakugo kept brushing in silence, He didn't answer for a while, and Kirishima was about to repeat the question when Bakugo spat in the sink, turning to look at him.

“I like it.” Bakugo crossed his arms, leaning against the wall.

“What?” Kirishima blinked. He broke eye contact for a second, only long enough to spit and rinse his toothbrush off, then he turned back to Bakugo, who was standing in front of the mirror next to him, touching the red punctures on his shoulder lovingly.

“I fuckin' like it, and it doesn't HURT anyway.” Bakugo looked at him, his expression stoic and his eyes burning into his soul “All this shit you do when you are so into it you're not thinking anymore? It's like a medal.

“You don't mind if people see it?” Kirishima felt the heat sizzling in his veins. He breathed a bit harder, watching Bakugo trace the outline of the bite with a finger, pressing into it. He licked his lips subconsciously, watching the finger move across skin, up to the fading bruise on Bakugo's neck.

“I don't give a fuck who sees it.” Bakugo leered victoriously, rolling his shoulders back as if he was gearing up for a fight. “-they can all cry their fuckin' eyes out knowing you're mine.”

Kirishima inhaled deeply as he closed the distance between them, hands on Bakugo's hips as he pressed their foreheads gently together “That's so cool and manly.”

“We need to go to class.” Bakugo hummed unenthusiastically, his lips brushing against Kirishima´s own when he spoke. Neither of them was pulling away, and Kirishima could smell toothpaste on Bakugo's breath.

“Yeah.” Kirishima agreed, their bodies close together as they continued to inhale the same air, noses barely touching as they stood there in the small bathroom, unable to peel away.

Kirishima's lips barely dragged against Bakugo's, teasing the very rim as he spoke. “We need to get going.”

“Fuck.” Bakugo sighed, and kirishima could taste it. “Get off me, idiot. You're not going to ruin my perfect attendance.” Bakugo peeled away with all his willpower, Kirishima let him go, his body aching for a proper kiss.



They headed to class with their hands woven together, but once they left the dorms, they were greeted by Sero and Mina, who were talking by the exit. Kirishima glanced around, but the fifth of their clan was missing. “Where's Kaminari?”

“He said he had to talk to Hatsume before class.” Mina shrugged, looking at Kirishima over her shoulder as they started walking to school. “Something to do with his costume glasses, but I'm sure he's just trying to flirt with her again.”

“He should just give it up.” Kirishima rolled his eyes. “She's clearly not interested.”

“Yeah but even if she WAS interested and they'd start dating, she's the workaholic type, right?” Mina agreed, rubbing her temple tiredly. “She wouldn't have any time to hang out anyway, since they don't have anything in common. Kaminari is a pretty needy guy, he likes attention too much to date someone that eccentric!”

“You idiots are overthinking this.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “Dunce face is obsessed with kissing and shit, he'd probably take any girl that wants him at this point. He's just trying to get laid.”

“It's normal!” Sero's brow fell immediately at that and he levelled a vengeful finger at Bakugo. “You don't know, but thinking about kissing and sex all the time is a normal teenage boy thing!”

“Sero! Katsuki's just as normal as-” Kirishima started, but Bakugo apparently took that a bit more personal than sero probably meant it.

“Then that explains why everyone who is NORMAL is fuckin' weak!” Bakugo snapped, slapping the finger away from his face. Kirishima sighed in resignation, explosions filled his palm as Bakugo's temper started rising. “Find someone you like first! THEN think about that stuff! It's less stupid that way!”

“It doesn't come that easy for everyone you ass! People can't just TURN OFF their attraction to people!” Sero threw his arms up. “Imagine if Kirishima broke up with you! You'd have all these feelings for him, but you wouldn't be able to do anything about them anymore! You'd be super distracted right!?”

Kirishima felt the explosions suddenly die out between their hands, like a flame had been snuffed. He glanced over at Bakugo, his usually angry expression had been replaced by shock. Bakugo's eyes were locked onto Sero, who was staring back, panting slightly. They were making a scene in the hallway, and Kirishima could see other people look at them as they walked past.

Kirishima caught Mina's eyes, and with a slight nod on either side, they stepped in between the two taller boys. Sero was considerably taller though, so Mina had to stick her arms up in the air and grab Sero by the shoulders, yanking him down to their level so she could whisper.

“Just because you don't understand how Bakugo feels, doesn't mean he's not normal.” Mina hissed, pulling on Sero's ear as she glared at him. “just like you're normal and Kirishima's normal! We're all normal, so we need to stick up for eachother!”

Sero looked crestfallen at the words, his eyes falling to the floor as he resigned himself to the grasp on his ear. Kirishima turned to Bakugo, his expression stern and Bakugo jolted when their eyes met.

“Katsuki, falling in love with someone doesn't make you weak.” Kirishima said softly “It's not like I fell in love with you because I lost a fight with myself or I'm just trying to get laid or whatever. It just happened. Sometimes it's with the wrong person too; like if you hadn't liked me back.”

Silence. Sero and Bakugo stared at each other. Two men on completely opposite sides of the spectrum. The silence was maddening, but then Mina let go of Sero's ear, and he rose up to his full height again.

“Sorry, Bakugo.” Sero rubbed the back of his head. “It's just hard for me to get into your head I guess? I didn't mean to make you feel less valid.”

“I don't need your fuckin' apologies, I don't give a shit about being normal .” Bakugo huffed, his anger mulled slightly. “I don't get how you can do it either, so...” That was about as much apology as Bakugo was about to give. And Sero seemed content with it.

“So... do you REALLY not think anyone but Kirishima is hot?” Sero's brow furrowed, as if he was trying to understand. Bakugo huffed.

“Just him.” Bakugo frowned, his grip on Kirishima's hand would probably be bruising if it wasn't for the harden. “So do you just.. wanna fuck everyone?”

“No.” Sero rolled his eyes. “That's not how it w-”

The bell rang, and they realised they were almost an entire hallway away from the classroom. On the other side of the hallway, an equal distance away from the dor, they saw Aizawa heading to class.

Their eyes met. Then Aizawa started walking faster. They contemplated sprinting, but they could tell that their teacher was grinning widely, ready to tell them not to run. They made it to the door at the same time as Aizawa did. The teacher arched a brow at them in amusement, holding the door for them to let them in. Safe.

“Where have you guys been?” Kaminari was already in class along with everyone else in class. He arched a brow at them, turning in his seat to watch them all sit down. “I get that you guys are almost late, but YOU Bakugo? Risking your attendance?”

“Shut up dunceface.” Bakugo huffed, but he was clearly annoyed by how close they had cut it.

Kirishima watched Kaminari laugh and turn back in his seat, he looked tired. Aizawa started his class, and Kirishima could spend most of their morning noticing just how off Kaminari looked.


Eventually, it was time for modern art history, and their presentations were done in seat order.

Kaminari finished his presentation and as he was leaving the podium, Kirishima got ready to present his. Rather than make eye contact, Kaminari was staring over his shoulder and Kirishima tilted his head to get into his friend's line of sight.

Kirishima was in seat 8, and once he finished his own presentation, Koda nervously made his way up to the podium, and promptly lost his voice completely. Some people just aren't made for public speaking, and Kouda started panicking, tears welling up in his eyes. Thankfully, Midnight didn't scold him and instead suggested they take their break a bit earlier to give him time to mentally prepare.

Everyone in class agreed, and the classroom was filled with clattering as students gathered. Midoriya, Tokoyami and Jiro walked over to Kouda, trying to pep him up. Kirishima got up and walked over to Kaminari, patting him on the back. “You okay?”

“Huh?” Kaminari looked up, his shoulders tense under Kirishima's hand. “Oh, yeah. Just didn't sleep well, that's all.”

It wasn't very convincing, but Kirishima didn't want to push it. Kaminari glanced over past Kirishima, but immediately averted his eyes, dropping his face onto his table tiredly. Kirishima glanced over his shoulder as well, curious what Kaminari had been looking at. Most of the girls in class were huddled at Sero's table, but the lankier man was deflated onto his textbook, his face almost visibly in pain.

“You don't know him.” Sero argued, his brow furrowed and a triangular frown on his face. His eyes were closed and there was a slight flush on his cheeks. Kirishima quickly picked up that they were talking about Sero's mystery crush. He himself was quite curious, though he wouldn't bug his friend for information this way.

“I bet he's super cute!” Hagakure cooed teasingly, and Sero groaned.

“It doesn't matter!” The taller teen covered his head with his arms, his face completely hidden by his textbook and Kirishima could see a red flush on his round ears. “He doesn't like me back! Stop teasing me!”

“We're not teasing, we're trying to help with your broken heart! Hagakure probably patted Sero on the back, it was hard to tell with her hands being invisible. “And if that guy doesn't like you back, he's totally in the wrong either way!”

“He's not in the wrong, he's just straight.” Sero rolled his eyes, picking his head up. “That's no-one’s fault.

“I'm sure there's lots of cute guys out there who would like you!”

“I'm not just into guys you know. Girls are good too.” Sero pointed out, but Hagakure seemed to have decided on the topic of boys. She did that sometimes.

“Hey Kirishima!” She turned to him, and it was always a bit unsettling to talk to her, not because he disliked her or anything, but since she was invisible, she was impossible to read. Conversations with her always felt a bit awkward, and she was so girly, Kirishima didn't really know how to talk to her half the time.

“On the girl scale of cute, Sero's, mmmm... like a 6 or a 7? What's he on the boy scale?”

Kirishima's brow furrowed a bit, Sero deflated on the table, mumbling something about being a 6.

“He's my friend, so of course I'll rate him a full score-” Kirishima was bad at this, he rubbed his face tiredly. “Sero's not really my type, and how am I supposed to grade him anyway? ”

He glanced over at Bakugo, he seemed to have no interest in this conversation, apparently all of his anxiousness had been erased by last nights argument. Now he was just watching in slight amusement as Sero suffered.

“Like objectively!” Hagakure flailed her arms around. “Boys like different stuff about boys than girls do, right?”

“I don't know what girls like about boys?” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck. “-and besides it's not like that at all, people's tastes are still different. Or do you like every boy you meet?”

“I suppose you're right.” Hagakure hummed, probably touching her face. “But Sero, if you want I can try to find some nice guy for you, I'm a real cupid! I set up three of my friends in middle school-”

There was an uncomfortable static in the air, and Kirishima glanced over, but before he could locate the source of it, Sero threw his arms up in the air eagerly, his expression horrified.

“NO thank you very much!” Sero stood up with a clatter, his chair almost falling over. He looked absolutely terrified by the idea alone. “I don't need help with any of that! I'm gonna go get a drink from the vending machine now!”

Kirishima blinked, the air was still again and Hagakure was trying to plead her cause, but Sero seemed pretty adamant over not wanting to be set up with anyone.

“Hey, Katsuki, do you want a drink?” He turned to Bakugo, the blond was staring across the room so Kirishima waved to catch his boyfriend’s attention. Bakugo looked over at him, nodding once before his eyes snapped back to their position. Kirishima glanced over his shoulder, there was nothing interesting there except Kaminari, who looked like he was half asleep.

“I'll come with you, man. I want a drink too.” Kirishima offered as he walked up to Sero and waited. Sero was staring at his table, his brow furrowed seriously. The air was stiff for a second, but then the taller man sighed and smiled at him, and together they headed out of the classroom.

Sero paused in the doorway for just for a second and Kirishima slipped past him, waiting in the hallway. He was expecting Sero to ask Kaminari if he wanted a drink, like he always did. But then Sero kept walking, and Kirishima reeled in confusion.

“Dude? I don't think Kaminari was actually sleeping.” He had to jog to catch up with Sero's long legged stride, his brow was furrowed in concern.

“Is that so?” Sero muttered, his eyes glued to the floor. Ever since they started school, Sero had always asked Kaminari if he wanted something when he went to get a drink. It had become the norm. Sero not asking made an uncomfortable knot tighten in Kirishima's stomach. The realization crept up on his subconscious.

He waited until they had reached a vending machine, the hallway was rather empty, since they were taking their break before everyone else was. Sero hadn't spoken a word on the way there.

“You've been pretty tense lately, everything okay?” Kirishima slotted the coins in, getting the blue drink Bakugo preferred, the machine was fully stocked so he got another one out of curiosity. If Bakugo liked it so much, it had to be good. He took a step back and waited for Sero to get his wallet, and the tall lanky boy just seemed so tired.

Sero pressed his forehead into the humming cooler, staring at the drinks trapped on the other side of the glass. Kirishima could see the helpless expression reflected back at is friend. Like a second Sero was trying to console him from the realm of overpriced drinks.

“It's Kaminari.” Sero's voice was soft.

Kirishima contemplated the information as he opened his drink, taking a sip of it as he leant against the cooler, watching the few stragglers that shared their hallway pass them. He wasn't surprised. But he didn't really know what to say either. So he just stood there, sipping his drink as Sero stared into the cooler for a bit. The taller boy closed his eyes, pulling back slightly as he pressed a button, and the rattle of a can leaving the machine broke the silence between them.

“I thought you were straight?” Kirishima didn't look at Sero, the taste of the drink was really odd, but not bad. “When did you figure it out?”

“Probably when I saw you and Bakugo kissing on the balcony.” Sero didn't reach for his soda, but he kept staring at the selection, his eyes glancing from one brand to another. “-you know, there's way too many pretty people in our class.”

“Yeah.” Kirishima nodded in agreement, his fingers tapping the bottle he was holding. Sero continued, his brow furrowed as his eyes scanned the shelves.

“Like there's you and Bakugo, Yaoyorozu, Mina, Todoroki... and fuck. ” Sero groaned, his hand moving from one button to another as he counted their names, until it stopped moving. “Kaminari.”

Kirishima watched Sero's thumb hover over the button. That was Kaminari's favorite. The one Sero always brought back for him when he went to get himself something to drink.

“Maybe you should tell him.” Kirishima suggested, and for a horrifying second he thought sero had collapsed down to his knees, but he was just squatting down to retrieve his drink, his finger still hovering over the button for the lemonade Kaminari liked.

“I have.” Sero inhaled deeply, rolling the can in his hand until the label faced up. Kirishima almost inhaled his drink at that, his eyes going wide in surprise. He coughed loudly and Sero snickered at him, his triangular smile a bit wistful as he continued.

“When I had to save the doll that looked like him in hero class, his head almost got cut off.” Sero sighed, standing back up, his finger now gently resting on the button. Caressing it. “I was the first one to go, so no one else in class saw it but Shouji, but I freaked out.”

“If you just told the doll-” Kirishima started, but Sero shook his head.

“Remember when I carried Kaminari upstairs?” Sero looked at him guiltily. “I thought he was asleep at the time, so like a giant creep, I told him.

What did you tell him?” Kirishima's voice was serious, but Sero shook his head vigorously.

Everything.” Sero groaned. “I told him that i liked him, that he's the prettiest person I've ever seen in my life. The whole thing; I just blurted it out like an idiot while I carried him in the elevator!”

“It was a super emotional day dude, we were all acting a bit messed up-” Kirishima started, he had no idea Sero felt so strongly about the electric blond. “And I don’t think that counts as creepy.”

“no... Kirishima… When I was tucking him into bed-” Sero swallowed thickly, his shoulders raising and his knuckles turned white, threatening to crush the can in his hand, his thumb white on the button. “ He kissed me.”

Sero's finger pressed into the button, the sound of Kaminari's favorite drink rattling through the machine filled the hallway.

“Wh- he did?!” Kirishima almost dropped his drink, eyes wide. “-but then what's the problem?”

Sero didn't look happy about it. If anything, he just looked more upset than he had before.

“It's a HUGE problem! I totally took advantage of the entire situation.” Sero hissed, and now he looked like he was about to collapse from guilt. “I fucked up. I fucked up and I know it. I shouldn't have kissed him back, he was basically asleep .”

“Sero-” Kirishima reached out for his friend's arm, but Sero was just staring at him with this look of wide eyed horror. He looked so tired. “calm down-”

“-but the worst part is, I think he remembers it now.” Sero's voice was a bit frantic, his eyes were open wide, his expression desperate. “He knows I'm a total creep. He's been acting weird ever since yesterday when I said I liked guys too! He knows!”

“He has been acting weird, but I don't think it's because he's creeped out by you or anything.” Kirishima mused out loud, Kaminari had been acting a bit off since yesterday. “Besides, he initiated it, right?”

“That's not the point! I was saying all that shit to him while carrying him upstairs, I was being an idiot and holding him way too close!” Sero pressed his forehead back into the dispenser. “Our faces were basically touching at that point! He could have been dreaming of anyone!”

“Sero-” Kirishima put the drinks in his pockets, reaching out for his currently shaking friend.

“Now he's grossed out by me and he doesn't want to be my friend anymore and-”

“HEY.” Kirishima crouched down, grabbing Sero by the shoulders, forcing him to calm down. “I'm not going to say you're freaking out over nothing, I get it, you're scared. But I don't think you've messed up that bad.”

“Kirishima you idiot, I KISSED him.” Sero hissed. “You know who kisses sleeping people? Perverts and fairytale princes! -And those things are NOT mutually exclusive!”

“It would be different if you would have just kissed him out of the blue, but he initiated it, right?” Kirishima stressed, glancing around to make sure the hallway was still empty. “How do you know he didn't mean to kiss you-”

“That was my first kiss!” Sero groaned, grabbing the lemonade from the dispenser, looking at it tiredly. “I REALLY would have liked that to be SUPER consensual.”

Kirishima watched his taller friend rise back up to his full height, his expression pained as he held the can of lemonade. They stood there in silence for a bit, until they started walking back to class. Kirishima tapped his fingers on his bottles, racking his brain over how he could help.

“Do you want me to talk to him?” Kirishima watched as Sero glanced over to him, his expression sullen. “I won't bring it up, but maybe I can smooth it over?”

“And make things worse if he actually hasn't remembered?” Sero frowned. “He'd figure it out man, you're the worst at lying. You're too easy to read.”

“I could at least try to find out if he actually meant to kiss you man!” Kirishima stressed, placing a hand on Sero's lower back.

“I should just apologize to him and take the punishment.” Sero grimaced, closing his eyes as he sighed. “I'm gonna miss him.”

“He's not going away.” Kirishima frowned, his shoulders tensing at the thought. The idea of either one of them not hanging out with the group was painful. He couldn't let that happen. “And neither are you, you don't even know if he cares! I'm not going to let you just cut yourself off from us, we're your friends.”

“I can't hang out with him anymore! I'll just accidentally slip up and confess again!” Sero angrily tapped on his own forehead. “I've thought about it! I can't keep these feelings bottled up when he's touching me, smiling at me and laughing at my jokes! It hurts!”

They had reached the classroom, and Sero looked at the lemonade for a second, before extending his hand out to Kirishima. They made eye contact, and he knew exactly what Sero wanted. There was no way he was going to take it.

“Give it to him yourself.” Kirishima tore the door open before Sero could argue, and he could feel the taller boy glare at him in annoyance. The entire class looked at them, and Kirishima pulled a smile from somewhere deep inside, and made a straight line for Bakugo, who was looking at him. He just needed to clear his mind for a bit, there was a lot of information rolling around in his head right now.

“Here you go.” Kirishima placed the drink on Bakugo's table, and his boyfriend looked up at him with a slightly suspicious arch to his brow. He glanced over to Sero, who was entering the room incredibly slowly, and Bakugo reached up to catch him by the tie.

Their lips met for a second, and Kirishima could feel his tension seep away. Just soft lips on lips, and he didn't care that he was kissing in front of the entire class. Bakugo let him go, a scowl on his face.

“That fake smile of yours grosses me out, get rid of it.”

“Sorry.” Kirishima rubbed the back of his head, feeling self conscious about how easily he could be read. Sero really was right, trying to talk to Kaminari about this without giving away his intentions would be hard.

He looked over at Kaminari, who still had his face planted firmly on the table, forehead furrowed and eyes screwed shut. Sero walked over to the table hesitantly, and Kirishima watched as his friend plucked up the courage, and placed the can down on the table as gently as possible. After sneaking it onto the table without a reaction, Sero hurriedly walked to his seat, which was mercifully free of any eager cupids.

Midnight returned less than a minute later, and class resumed. Koda spoke so quietly and fast, that his lecture was less than two minutes long, but no one commented on it. The encouraging applause jerked Kaminari out of his trance, and the blond sat upright immediately, clapping a little bit off rhythm.

As the second half of their class started their presentations, Kirishima sat in the dark room and waited. His eyes trained on the blond in front of him when he finally noticed the can at the corner of his table. Kaminari picked it up and looked at it thoughtfully, finger brushing against the logo for a second before he glanced over his shoulder, raising the can in a thank you at Sero from across the room.

He smiled gently, and Kirishima could visibly see Sero's shoulders relax, though Kirishima noticed that Kaminari didn't actually drink the lemonade, instead he just ran his finger along the tab on the top of the can for the rest of class. Sero had noticed too, since when Kirishima looked over to his taller friend, the lanky teen had deflated onto his textbook in grief.

During lunch, Kirishima felt a sense of relief that they were all eating together in the cafeteria. He'd worried Sero or Kaminari would try to get out of it, but neither boy seemed particularly desperate to get away. Kaminari was still holding his can of lemonade; it was probably warm at this point. It wasn't until they had all sat down to eat with their trays, when Kaminari finally opened his drink, and took a small sip out of it. If it was any less enjoyable warm, then they couldn't notice it on the blond's expression.

Once they had finished eating, Sero got up, picking his tray up as he slipped out of his seat. “I need to go to the bathroom.” He grinned, hesitating before he reached out for the other clear trays. “You guys done?”

Kirishima handed his own over, and he was relieved when Kaminari did the same. Sero slipped them on his own, walking off to dispose of them before disappearing down the hallway towards the bathrooms. Kaminari was crushing the can in his hand, and Kirishima took a deep breath, ready to attempt to clear the air.

“What is going ON?” Mina practically yelled, throwing herself on the table to frown at Kaminari. Seemed like he could leave this to Mina. “You've been acting all weird today, are you sick or something?”

The electric blond jerked a bit in his seat at the direct confrontation, but when he got the same exact look from both Kirishima and Bakugo, he relented and sank back in his seat.

“I don't think I'm getting sick, I just didn't sleep at all really.” Kaminari shrugged, but then he frowned at them. “I'm not the only one who's been acting weird you know! Sero's been acting super bizzare too!”

“He probably thinks you're weirded out by him coming out yesterday!” Mina rolled her eyes, jabbing a finger in Kaminari's chest. “I'm not assuming you are, since you've been cool with Kirishima and Bakugo so far, but honestly-!”

“What? No! I don't have a problem with it!” Kaminari practically sputtered in horror. “I don't mind-”

“Well you've been acting strange ever since last night, so Sero probably thinks you're uncomfortable around him or something.” Mina huffed, and Kaminari looked very taken back. His brows pinched together and the can crackled  in his hand.

“It's not- I'm not uncomfortable.” Kaminari groaned, sitting back and staring up at the lights above them. “But isn't it weird? He said he was straight before, we even talked about girls! I mean aren't people always talking about how you don't choose to be gay or whatever? Why did he just change?”

“He didn't change, idiot.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “He just figured out new shit about himself, he's still the same annoying fuck as before.”

“What Bakugo is trying to say, is that this is still the same Sero you walked to school with for like... months, he hasn't changed.” Mina rolled her eyes, putting her hand on Kaminari's wrist, trying to ease the deathgrip Kaminari had on the can.

“No, I mean that he's an annoying fuck.” Bakugo corrected. “Don't put fuckin' words in my mouth.”

“I'm TRYING to be helpful and genuine here!” Mina turned around and threw her hands up in the air as she rolled her eyes at bakugo. “UGH! Boys can be SO dramatic ALL the time!”

“Besides, Sero isn't gay.” Kirishima corrected. “He said he's into both girls and boys, right? That means he's bisexual or pansexual.”

Kaminari's brow furrowed. “But he- he has a crush on some dude right now, so wouldn't that mean he's gay?”

For a second it took all of Kirishima´s willpower not to tell the blond that the “dude” in question was Kaminari himself. But this wasn't the time or conversation to bring this up. “just because he likes a guy now, doesn't mean he doesn't still like girls, or that he was wrong about liking girls before.”

“Oh.” Kaminari's eyes widened, his brow raised and his shoulders visibly relaxed. He took a moment to consider this information, rolling the can around in his hand. “You can like boys and girls at the same time? I hadn't really thought about that.”

“Yeah man.” Kirishima sat back and relaxed. Maybe there was hope for Sero yet? “Maybe you're bisexual too.”

“Nah.” Kaminari immediately shrugged it off, a little bit too fast to be believable. “I like girls, boys aren't soft and pretty like girls are.”

“Todoroki is plenty pretty.” Mina pointed out, Kirishima burst out laughing at the horrified expression that flashed across Kaminari's face. Bakugo made a noise like someone had tried to shove an entire raw fish down his throat.

“I'm going to class, you coming?” Bakugo's nose was scrunched up in disgust and Kirishima nodded as he tried to stop laughing. He got up as well, watching Kaminari flush red to his roots, looking at them for some sort of assistance.

“That's not the kind of pretty I'm talking about!” Kaminari yelled in distress, sparks flying between his fingertips as he got up. “Besides! If I would date a dude, I'd want to be the pretty one.”

Mina hummed with interest, her expression sly as she slid out of her seat, elbowing Kaminari suggestively. “Is that so?”

“T-That's not what I meant!” Kaminari grabbed his face in distress and Mina was wailing in laughter. She kept teasing him all the way to the classroom. Kirishima wasn't sure if Mina was helping Kaminari figure himself out, or just teasing him at this point. Knowing Mina, it was probably a bit of both, he was just glad he didn't have to do it.

When they got back into the classroom, Sero was already sitting at his table, his fingers flickering across the screen of his phone. His long legs stretched out past the edge of his table as he slouched in his seat. Kaminari's arguments died out as soon as they entered the room, and Mina dropped the teasing, making her way over to Sero and sticking her head into his line of sight.

“Texting someone?” She startled Sero out of whatever headspace he'd retreated into so hard that he slipped off the edge of his chair and fell on his ass on the floor. His feet clattering against the chair of the table in front of him.

“Ashido!” Sero yelled, his back pressing the chair away until he was practically laying on the floor. “Don't scare me like that!”

“Your fault for being zoned out like that!” Mina laughed, laying across Sero's table and glaring down at him. “So? What's with that concerned expression? Did you text your CRUSH or something?”

“None of your business!” Sero struggled to get up, picking his phone off the ground as he climbed back into his seat, dusting his pants off. Kaminari sat backwards in the chair in front of Sero's looking at him intently. Sero stared back at him like a deer caught in headlights, absolute horror on his face.

“Man, you should just drop that guy.” Kaminari frowned. “You're way too good for his lame-ass, whoever he is.”

Sero paused, his shoulders tense for a bit. His eyes were wide in shock, but suddenly he exhaled deeply, his shoulders dropping in what looked like relief. He smiled and if he hadn't known, Kirishima wouldn't have seen the sadness in that triangular grin.

“You think?”

“PSHHH- yeah!” Kaminari waved his hand casually, rolling his eyes. “It's his loss man, you're a catch.”

Sero smiled, his raised brow betraying his pain. “Thanks.”

“Trust me dude.” Kaminari smiled awkwardly, his brow furrowed in distaste. “I'm an EXPERT in girls not liking me back; I'll help you get over this guy.”

Sero laughed. “That's like the most un-cool thing I've ever heard you say, man.”

“So what! It's true, we both know it! You just gotta move on, you'll find someone eventually.” Kaminari smiled, reaching out and gently kicking Sero's long legs under the table. “Until then, we'll just hang out with each other, us single guys gotta stick together when the LOVEBIRDS go up to their room to make out or have sex or whatever.”

“You're just jealous.” Bakugo smirked victoriously.

“Oh yeah I'm REAL jealous of your LIMP.” Kaminari teased smugly, his grin wide and sadistic.

“I'M NOT LIMPING-” Bakugo snapped, explosions flying off as his face flushed bright red.

“You AREN'T! He's TEASING-!” Kirishima blushed as well, holding Bakugo back to prevent him from tackling Kaminari off the chair. Sero and Kaminari both laughed and the sound was pleasant, the edge of pain was gone. Mina waggled her eyebrows.

“Sounds like SOMEONE is a LITTLE bit defensive hmmm?”


“Katsuki... please...” Kirishima covered his face in his hands, his ears burning red as Bakugo kept making it more embarrassing. The others were still laughing as the rest of the class funnelled in, and Kirishima was pretty sure that the entire class could figure out what was going on from the broken context of Bakugo's angry yelling.


After lunch they had hero class, and as they were heading to the locker room Kirishima remembered one key detail he'd completely forgotten in the odd atmosphere of the morning. They were going to have to get changed. This wouldn't be a problem, if it wasn't for the dark red stripes he'd left on Bakugo's hips and back last night and the rather liberal amount of bitemarks and scratches covering Bakugo's neck.

Bakugo didn't seem to be bothered, and Kirishima's jaw set as Bakugo started undressing. Maybe no one would notice, considering that it was rude to watch other people get changed. Well Kirishima completely understood watching bakugo get changed, but he hoped he was just a special case.

“Holy shit-” His hopes were dashed when he heard Kaminari practically gasp out. “Bakugo- what HAPPENED to your waist?!”

Kirishima glanced over and much to his distress, it looked even worse in the bright fluorescent lights of the locker room than it had in bakugo's bedroom this morning. Bright red streaks criss crossed over Bakugo's pale skin, lines drawn on the muscular back, and his damn obvious bite marks on Bakugo's neck. He covered his face, cursing his past self for his lack of self control.

Everyone was looking over now, and Kirishima wished Bakugo would just put on his shirt or at least pull his pants up enough to cover the way the claw marks dragged down to his ass. Everyone could see the clear evidence of Kirishima's lack of self control, and it was making him very self conscious.

“Kacchan, that looks painful-” Midoriya's voice was wracked with concern, the honest worry in it made Kirishima feel really bad for doing damage, he really had to stop leaving marks. Guilt crept up on his back as the green haired boy continued. “Maybe you should go to the nurse's office-”

“Painful?! Do you think i'm too weak to handle a few scratch marks?!” Bakugo stomped towards the shorter boy, and Kirishima jumped to get between them, hoping to diffuse the fight.

“Katsuki, that's nothing to get mad about-”

“Don't fuckin' KATSUKI me!” Bakugo yelled angrily, trying to get past his arm. “I saw that fuckin' look on your face! That shit hurt your feelings and I'm gonna KILL him-”

“Why would Kirishima-kun's feelings be-” Midoriya paused, eyes wide. “Oh.”

Kirishima wished the ground would open up and swallow him whole. If he had the softening quirk, he could do that. But no, he had the HARDENING quirk, so he was forced to stand here and watch the horrified realization wash over Midoriya's sweet innocent eyes.

“I'M SORRY” Midoriya yelled, his face red as he covered it with his hands. “I DIDN'T REALIZE THOSE WERE Y-YOURS.”

“It's okay...” Kirishima sighed in resignation, weak to Midoriya's big eyed apology, he wasn't going to live this down anytime soon. He could see the teasing glint in Sero's eyes, and Kaminari was staring at Bakugo's scratch marks with fascinated interest. Bakugo seemed appeased enough by the apology to stop struggling against Kirishima's arm.

“You EXTRAS should just mind your own business!” Bakugo huffed, turning around to put on the shirt of his hero costume, his hair momentarily pushed down as he pulled on his shirt. “Our sex life is NONE of your concern.”

“S-S-SEX-life!?-” Midoriya stuttered, stumbling backwards as his face turned bright red. Bakugo's grin widened victoriously, his eyes locking onto the shorter boy’s face.

“YEAH what about it? Eijiro is my BOYFRIEND.” Bakugo took a step forward and Midoriya honestly looked like he was about to crumble in on himself, covering his head with his arms as he stared at Bakugo with wide eyes full of genuine fear and admiration.

“Bakugo-kun!” Iida stepped in, cutting Bakugo's line of sight to Midoriya, waving his square hands in bakugo's face determinedly. “Class begins in less than 7 minutes and you are not fully dressed in your hero-costume! ”

“I KNOW already! You don't have to TELL me!” Bakugo huffed, turning around with a frown as he grabbed his strange metal-collar thing and clicked it onto his shoulders. His mood was foul and his hackles were raised, so it was a good thing they were heading off to hero class where Bakugo could get an outlet.

Kirishima smiled at him, moving in close to have a private conversation. “I appreciate you sticking up for me, but go a little bit easier on them.”

“Their fault for sticking their noses into what is none of their business.” Bakugo grumbled, pulling on the absorbent underlayer of his bracers. The big metal grenade-bracers went on last because Bakugo couldn't get dressed properly with them on. “Making you feel bad and shit, I'll kill'em.”

“No killing necessary, I know Midoriya didn't mean anything by it.” Kirishima put his mask on, neck-brace first, snapping the faceguard on in silence as Bakugo left to apply his eyeliner. Kirishima sighed. He felt all warm and fuzzy inside from Bakugo sticking up for him, he was so lucky to have a boyfriend who didn't mind the scratches.

Kirishima joined Bakugo at the full length mirror in the back, pulling his hair-horns out of his metal headband as he watched bakugo fill in the bare skin between his eyes and his mask. Bakugo glanced at his reflection, his mouth twisted in a petulant frown as he finished one eye.

“What are you looking at, shitty hair?”

“You.” Kirishima confessed, leaning against the locker besides the mirror. Bakugo stiffened slightly at that, his frown deepening and cheeks warming up.

“Why? Do you have a problem with my make-up?”

“Nope.” Kirishima smiled. “I think the eyeliner is hot.”

Bakugo groaned, his voice a bit softer. “You think everything is 'hot', idiot.”

“Nah, just stuff that has to do with you.” Kirishima smiled, and Bakugo scowled, his ears turning red.

“You're DISTRACTING me.” Bakugo turned away, starting his other eye. “Go away.”

“Fine.” Kirishima pushed off the locker, walking over to the rest of the class to let his boyfriend do his make-up in peace. When he got there, Midoriya stepped out of Iida's cover, making his way over.

“I'm sorry, Kirishima-kun.” Midoriya squirmed. “I didn't realize- I didn't know it was a sensitive subject for you-” Kirishima had no idea how Bakugo could stay mad at someone that looked so much like a sad puppy half the time.

“It's okay man, don't worry about it.” Kirishima shrugged it off, though midoriya didn't seem quite done with him at this point. Very slowly, a notebook appeared from behind midoriya's back, and his brow fell as he gave one cautious glance to Bakugo, before looking back up at Kirishima, pen hovering over paper expectantly.

“I've only ever seen you harden your hands when all the fingers are together, and then it seems like they fuse into a blade-” Midoriya asked cautiously, staring intently at Kirishima with so much interest it was almost overwhelming. “If you harden your fingers individually, are they more fragile?”

Kirishima blinked a couple of times, raising his hand up and spreading his fingers wide apart, hardening them for midoriya to see. “Uh, I don't know? I suppose that makes sense, but I can still dig them into walls and stuff.”

Midoriya was furiously writing down something in his notebook, eyes locked onto his fingers. The thing about Midoriya was that he always looked like he was thinking; but it was impossible to see what.

Kirishima sometimes felt like Midoriya was operating on a different level; that he wasn't just here to become a hero and make his dreams come true like everyone else. Sometimes it felt like there was some sort of burden on him. Like he knew something he couldn't tell them about.

“Can you change the intensity?”, Midoriya asked, but before Kirishima could answer, the bell summoned them to class. Midoriya kept asking questions even if he left his book behind in the locker room. Kirishima answered, even though he could feel Bakugo glaring daggers at Midoriya from Kirishima's other side. Once the class made it up to Gym Gamma Aizawa was standing there with what looked like a bunch of limbless torsos and piles of first aid kits.

“Today will be different, we’re focusing on civilian rescues.” Aizawa gesture to the stacks of first aids. “Grab a first aid kit and take a seat.”

“Why did we have to get dressed in our hero uniforms for this?” Sato asked, raising a massive arm for attention. Sato's uniform was a bit of a hassle to get into, but at least it wasn't as bad as Iidas, Iida's armor had three layers. It took the class president a full fifteen minutes to get dressed, ten minutes if he had help.

“I'll show you.” Aizawa pulled up two of the first aid dummies, dropping them on the table in front of them. “Iida, Sero, come over here and perform CPR.”

“Uh, I don't really know how-” Sero hesitated, walking over, while Iida strode over confidently.

“Yes! Sensei!”

Once they made their way over to the dolls though, Iida and Sero ran into the same problem; their helmets. Sero flicked his screen up but the orange jaw-guard ws still in the way. Iida had to remove his helmet completely, and by the time they had pulled their helmets off, Aizawa put his hands out.

“-and the civilian is dead.” Aizawa held out his hand, and pointed to the others in class. “Your duty as heroes is first and foremost to save lives. You'll be first responders to a lot of emergencies, so those of you with helmets, gloves and masks, take note.”

“Why gloves?” Tsuyu tilted her head, poking her cheek with a gloved hand contemplatively.

“Because if your gloves are hard to remove, you won't be able to feel for a pulse.” Aizawa tapped Sero's helmet. “After class, you can ask the support-department to make your equipment detachable or easy to move out of the way.”

“I could put this thing on hinges...” Sero contemplated out loud, tapping the jaw guard.

“AS EXPECTED OF UA!” Iida clenched a fist dramatically, his helmet tucked under his arm. Aizawa beckoned the rest of the class over, hands in his pockets.

“We're going to go over the fundamentals of first aid today, focusing on CPR and-”

“I want to practice with a girl!” Mineta yelled, sticking his hand in the air and almost hitting Uraraka in the face. Aizawa wrapped Mineta up in a bandage, his eyes glowing furiously at being interrupted.

“We'll be using these DOLLS to practice CPR, and tomorrow we'll be doing a first-response simulation to test how well you were paying attention.”

“A TEST?!” the class mourned, though Yaoyorozu looked excited.

“Yes. We'll be doing a lot of these, since this is might come up on your provisional license test next week.” Aizawa unwrapped Mineta, gesturing to the dolls. “We have less than a week to teach you what you would normally have learned in your second year, so try to stay focused.”

Kirishima had the feeling the next week was going to be tough.



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Chapter Text


It was strange to take off the hero costume without being sore, exhausted and sweaty. For the first time in a long while, no-one in the class bothered to send their uniforms to be cleaned and mended, there was no blood, cuts or concrete dust in them. Kirishima tucked his shoulder pads into his costume case, and slipped it into his designated slot.

It also felt weird to not have to shower after hero class, usually the boys would all file into the showers, but now they just pulled on their uniforms and made their way out to the dorms. Bakugo waited for him as he buttoned up his shirt, since their school day was over, Kirishima didn't bother to put on his jacket, since he was going to switch into his casual clothes as soon as they got to the dorms anyway.

They joined Sero, Mina and Kaminari on their way to the dorms, the group idly chatting about stuff they learned in class. Sharing worries about the License Exams and Mina talked about that one time she had to splinter a friend's ankle when she was camping in middle school. Kirishima walked along silently, holding hands with Bakugo who was completely quiet.

The one downside to hero class not being physical, was that Bakugo was still agitated and lacked an outlet. Kirishima could feel the frustration emanating from the blond, so he squeezed his hand slightly to catch his boyfriend's attention. “Hey Katsuki, do you want to spar? We could see if a gym is free.”

“Hm.” Bakugo paused, and squeezed back, eyes narrowed as he glared at the distance, thinking about it. Then the blond turned on the road, pulling Kirishima along to one of the gym halls. The rest of the group paused and turned to them, watching Bakugo drag Kirishima off.

“Hey!” Mina yelled, raising her arms. “Where are you guys going!?”

“We're going to try to reserve a gym!” Kirishima called over his shoulder. “You guys can go ahead.”



The gyms were packed. There were second and third years on the list, and the only openings they could find was in the Beta-gym after dinner. They signed up for the slot and Kirishima couldn't help his curiosity as they walked past an open door, revealing the third years training inside. He watched as they did timed obstacle runs and spars, and he could feel the intimidation and excitement settle in his guts.

“Looks like they are doing speed training.” Bakugo noted, his voice low so the third years wouldn't see them and tell them to leave. The older students looked very strong and capable, moving with skill and determination.

“I wonder how much they have all improved since they were first years.” Kirishima couldn't wait to see what kind of badass heroes everyone in their class was going to be when they were third years. He still had two more years left of UA after this one. Two more years of growing and improving even before he was let out to become a sidekick.

“If they haven't improved a ton, they're wasting their fuckin' time.” Bakugo frowned. “UA is the best, so if you don't work your ass off, you're not making the most of it.”

Ugh. what a manly and badass way to think about it. Kirishima felt his motivation rising.

“I keep forgetting we're only first years. It feels like graduation is forever away.” He looked over at Bakugo, who was watching the obstacle course the third years were running, brow furrowed in concentration. Bakugo was going to become so strong. He'd already improved a lot just since they had their aptitude test on their first day. Kirishima himself thought he'd grown as well, but he had no idea for an ultimate, and Bakugo was already working on his SECOND one.

He couldn't help but feel like he was falling behind. He'd have to make sure he worked hard to keep up with Bakugo and everyone else. He couldn't help but feel a bit hopeless sometimes. His quirk was just very basic; there wasn't too much he could DO with it. Maybe he'd figure something out before he graduated.

“We'll work our fuckin' asses off and be super strong when we're third years.” Bakugo's voice yanked Kirishima from his thoughts as the redhead glanced over to the blond. Their eyes met and for a bit Kirishima was sure that Bakugo had FELT him thinking negatively.

The blond was staring at him with unblinking wide eyes, his grip on his hand almost painfully tight. He wondered if he had been thinking out loud, because somehow Bakugo had said exactly what he needed to hear. Then the blond turned around and pulled on his hand, leading him down the path to the dorms.

They were quiet for a few minutes as they walked slowly, Kirishima one step behind Bakugo. They'd have to wait a while until it was their turn for the gym and Kirishima assumed that was why Bakugo wasn’t in a hurry. There was no rush, they could just enjoy the later afternoon air moving the grass and cooling their skin. It was supposed to start raining later tonight, and Kirishima could smell it in the air and feel the slight coldness creeping across his skin.

The blond had his other hand buried in his pocket and the one Kirishima was holding was sweating more than usually. Then he suddenly stopped walking, his gaze leaving the ground as he turned around, standing in front of Kirishima, his eyes locking onto him determinedly with the same intensity as before.

Since they hadn't showered, Bakugo was still wearing the heavy stroke of eyeliner that came with his hero gear, and it somehow made his eyes seem even more red and beautiful; like framed paintings. The sun was starting to settle low on the sky, and the sunlight was soft and orange, making Bakugo's eyes seem softer than Kirishima was used to.

“When you graduate, where do you want to apply to?”

“I hadn't really thought about it. Somewhere urban I guess?” Kirishima paused, Bakugo was looking at him so intensely and Kirishima felt his heart flutter when he noticed there was a slight tint of red to Bakugo's ears. “Mom would want me back in Chiba. I liked interning at fourth-kinds after the sports-festival, I might go back there? Do you know where you want to apply?”

“After I graduate with the highest marks and a secure internship, I'm going to stay in the main Tokyo area, where most of the strong villains show up.” Bakugo practically droned, the words sounded like he'd practiced them, and Kirishima wondered just how long he'd had this plan. Bakugo continued. “I'll become the greatest hero and then I will start my own agency.”

The way Bakugo said all of this with so much confidence made him feel like it was just a matter of time more than anything else. He grinned and squeezed Bakugo's hand. “Sounds like you've had it all planned out forever.”

“Since I was a kid.” Bakugo nodded once, his eyes narrowed. “Do YOU have a plan?”

“I want become a strong pro hero that people can depend on.” Kirishima laughed, smiling widely at Bakugo's serious face. “It's not much of a 'plan'.”

“If you don't have a plan-” Bakugo squeezed his hand, small explosions firing off between their palms as he stubbornly clung to eye contact. “-you can share mine.”

It felt like everything was still for just a second and Kirishima felt warmth creep up his spine and spill across his cheeks. His face was probably burning red at this point, but he couldn't look away from Bakugo. Kirishima squeezed his hand back, his chest tight.

“I don't think I can realistically graduate with top-grades with you, Iida and Yaomomo around.” He joked, his ears burning hot.

“I don't mean THAT part, idiot.” Bakugo huffed, his cheeks flushed pink as he took a step closer, the toes of his uniform shoes almost touching Kirishima's sneakers. Their faces were so close Kirishima could see the way Bakugo's eyelashes stuck out of the eyeliner, he could feel his breath on his chin. “I mean the staying in Tokyo part. The starting an Agency part.”

At that moment Bakugo broke eye contact, his gaze averted sideways as he frowned. Kirishima felt light, his body felt airy and the explosions between their hands grew more intense as Bakugo's palms got sweatier. Knowing that the blond wanted a proper answer this question, this proposition , he took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he pressed their foreheads together.

“What a good plan.” It really was. “I’m in.”

“-But we're still going to call it the Bakugo Hero Agency. I'm not changing that.” Bakugo huffed, their foreheads still pressed together. Kirishima could feel the huff on his skin.

“Wouldn't it be more efficient to use your hero name, since that's what people are going to know?” Kirishima snorted, laughter bubbling in his chest and his eyes burning with emotions. He couldn't stop smiling, his cheeks were starting to hurt. “Bakugo Hero agency makes it sound more like a company or an office.”

“There's still years before that happens, so if I come up with something cooler, we'll use that.” Bakugo frowned at him, but he also seemed content. The explosions settled, and Kirishima felt a strange tranquility settle over him.

“That's a long time. Do you think you'll still like me then?” he asked, and he could feel Bakugo's grip on his hand tighten almost painfully.

“Of fuckin' course. Don't underestimate me.” Bakugo grumbled, his brow furrowing under Kirishima's own, it was a strangely intimate feeling. “ you think you'll still give a shit about me?”

“You know, 'giving a shit' is underselling it, dude. You can just call it love you know.” Kirishima laughed, catching Bakugo's other hand, slight explosions playing across both his palms now. He turned his head slightly, their lips brushing together as he spoke. “-and even if you stop liking me, I'd still want to be your friend. I want to stand next to you.”

Kirishima could feel Bakugo's breathing halter, for a long second Bakugo wasn’t breathing.

“You fuckin' better.” The blond sighed softly, his brow relaxing against Kirishima's own. “You're a part of my plans now, I don't change my plans.”

Time seemed to stand still. He had no idea how long they had been standing there, holding hands, their foreheads pressed together like this, breathing the same air. Kirishima tilted his head just slightly, their noses brushing together awkwardly as he prepared to close the almost non-existent gap between their lips. Then he froze.

Vlad, 1-B's homeroom teacher was walking down the path, dangerously close to spotting them. He pulled away, his heart thundering in his chest as Bakugo's eyes peeled open and he glared at him.

“Read the fuckin' mood, shithead! I want you to kiss me-” Bakugo snarled with a flush on his cheeks.

“I know!” Kirishima whispered as loudly as he could, pleading for forgiveness with his eyes. He started leading the blond to the dorms. “I want to kiss you too, so SO badly, but we gotta get to the dorms first-”

“Why?” Bakugo snapped, clearly displeased by the lack of kissing. “it's just a stupid kiss!”

“Because-” Kirishima avoided eye contact with the large man who was their sister-class' homeroom teacher. “I promised Aizawa-sensei we wouldn't do any more PDA!”

“What?!” Bakugo squeezed his hand as he jogged to catch up. “Why the fuck would you make such a stupid promise!?”

“He made compelling arguments!” Kirishima hissed under his breath, his cheeks red. “There's like villain spies and the principal is apparently super tense about the whole dorm thing!”

“Spies?” Bakugo seemed honestly confused. “What spies? Was this the shit you were talking about last night? There's spies and you didn't fuckin' tell me?”

“I don't know if there are spies! He just brought it up?” Kirishima deflated, he was tired. “Apparently the principal is on high alert for any possible scandals too. He doesn't want the dorm thing to get bad news coverage.”

“I can't fuckin' believe you didn't tell me this shit earlier.” Bakugo glared at him.

“I was kinda distracted by the whole SEX thing, Katsuki!” Kirishima snapped at him, brow furrowed. “I totally forgot!”

Bakugo seemed to accept this excuse, since he just rolled his eyes. “Is Aizawa-sensei against us dating?”

“No, he said he was proud of us for not letting it distract us from schoolwork.” Kirishima smiled at the blond who seemed a bit relieved to hear that their teacher accepted them. Bakugo had a lot of respect for Aizawa, especially after Aizawa stood up for him at the sports festival and later on TV when Bakugo was kidnapped.

Kirishima felt like Aizawa-sensei truly did care for each and every one of them, their teacher was so manly and cool. “He said he'd cover for us with the principal, but we're not allowed to do PDA anymore, at least until the whole dorm thing is no longer a hot topic.”

“Ugh.” Bakugo snarled, squeezing his hand. “Stupid rules.”

“Yeah, but we just have to bear with it.” Kirishima sighed, slipping his fingers in between Bakugo's and the blond squeezed his hand back. Kirishima glanced around cautiously before he brought their hands up and hastily pressed his lips into one of Bakugo's fingers.

“Quit with the sappy shit, you JUST told me it is against the rules!” Bakugo hissed, yanking their hands back down between them, his ears red. “Let's just hurry back to the dorms and go upstairs already!”

“Yes please!” Kirishima could feel the flutter in his chest grow stronger as they made their way across to the dorms. The promise of a make out session was making Kirishima all warm and fuzzy on the inside. He was almost tempted to sprint to the dorms, but he didn't want Bakugo to think he was uncool.

They finally made it into the air conditioned foyer, and at this point Kirishima was excitedly pulling Bakugo to the elevator. He wanted to kiss him so badly. They were TECHNICALLY in the dorms now, but over half the class was sitting in the common room, so he assumed it would still be “public”.

Besides he didn't really know how Bakugo felt about kissing in front of class. Hand holding was fine and their friends probably didn't count, but the extended class, including Midoriya, was sitting right there. On closer inspection, that one girl from the support course was there too. The one that kept asking him if he wanted to add weird stuff to his costume. What was she doing here?

“We promised Hatsume-san we'd help her test it! This is a super fun way to do it!” Hagakure raised an invisible hand. “C'mon! We need more people to play!”

“No way.” Sero shook his head, getting ready to stand up. “I know what you are trying to do!”

“Fine! We won't ask any questions about your crush okay?!” Hagakure relented, and Sero paused, eyes narrowed. Kaminari was prodding at the strange device sitting on the middle of the coffee table and Mina yanked Sero back into the couch. Then she noticed them.

“Kirishima! Bakugo! C'mon join us, we're gonna play truth or dare!” Mina waved, pointing to the strange orb with tentacles that didn't seem to bother anyone as much as Kirishima felt it probably should .

“What is that thing?” Kirishima's brow furrowed as the device started to wiggle a long wire-tendril around Kaminari's finger, Sero slapped the tendril away.

“Hatsume-kun made a lie detector machine.” Iida explained, sitting on the couch with his arms and legs crossed tensely. It made sense, considering the stuff Kirishima knew Iida had suffered at the hands of the support-student.

The support student in question threw her arms up in the air, hitting Iida in the face dramatically as she turned to Kirishima, arms still wide open.


Kirishima regretted asking. He also had no idea what part of the strange tentacle-ball device was fashionable. Bakugo huffed in annoyance, continuing his walk towards the elevator, and Kirishima waved them off with a short “Well, have fun!” as he happily jogged after Bakugo.

“I knew BAKUGO would be too scared to play, but I never thought KIRISHIMA would run away! That’s not very MANLY.”

The grating voice of Mineta filled the room as the grape-headed boy stood up on the couch, leering at them over the back. Kirishima glanced over at Bakugo, who had paused his walking ominously. Kirishima put a hand on his shoulder, trying to prevent his make out session’s untimely death. “He's not worth it man, don't let him play you. Let's go upstairs.”

Bakugo seemed to shake the anger off, meeting Kirishima's gaze for a second before his eyes flickered down to his lips and back up. He almost visibly rearranged his priorities before he continued moving.

“Chicken!” Mineta yelled and Midoriya grabbed the shorter boy's mouth to silence him.

“Mineta-kun! Kacchan doesn't like these kinds of games-”

“WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHAT I LIKE AND WHAT I DON'T LIKE, NERD!?” Bakugo turned on his heel and stomped back to the couch, much to the delight of Mina, who cheered as she scooted over to make room on the couch for him. Kirishima rubbed the back of his head tiredly as he made his way over, sitting on the floor between Bakugo and Hagakure, who was delighted.

Or she at least sounded delighted? It was hard to tell with her being invisible. The gathering had all the girls and all the boys excluding Sato, Tokoyami and Koda; who had already gone upstairs to take care of his pet bunny.

“Alright, before we play, we need to set down some rules!” Hagakure raised her arm, already out of her school uniform and wearing a soft pink sweater. “Mineta isn't allowed to ask girls any questions, or make us do any dares!”

“Naturally! We will keep these dares appropriate and show each other respect!” Iida declared enthusiastically.

“WHAT!?” Mineta shrieked, bursting into tears of injustice. “Unacceptable! My kisses! My boobs! What is the point of playing if I can't ask them to take off their shirts!?”

“Dude, you're just proving their point.” Kaminari sighed, rubbing his head tiredly. “Just accept it.”


“I suppose with that guy out, I trust the rest of you to keep the dares pretty decent. I'm in.” Jiro settled down comfortably, completely ignoring the bawling man-child.

“If I can ask you all to not ask about my mask, I would like to join.” one of Shoji's mouths smiled as he joined the group. They all shrugged and nodded, though the curiosity was killing a few people, they knew better.

“-and remember, you guys promised not to ask about my crush.” Sero raised a finger at the invisible girl, throwing his arm casually over the back of the couch. Hagakure boo-ed him lightly, but agreed.

Kirishima was preoccupied with staring at the odd humming orb that was extending a tentacle towards him. “What do we do with this thing?”

“I WILL DEMONSTRATE!” Hatsume excitedly sprung into action, grabbing Kirishima's hand tightly and pulling on it, almost bashing his head into the coffee table in excitement. Kirishima could hear the agitated sound of explosions coming from besides him as Hatsume grabbed one of the tentacles, opened the tip up wide and stuck it on Kirishima's finger. It was uncomfortable, but not painful.

“You connect the device to your finger, and with this my GENIUS baby can tell if you're lying!”

Kirishima sat back up, the wire extended comfortably, and he stared at it for a bit before looking up at Hatsume's face, which was way too close to his. Did this girl not know anything about personal space? She smiled widely at him, her nose almost brushing against his.

“Go on! Lie!”

“Lie?!” Kirishima stumbled, he wasn't good at lying, and coming up with a lie on the spot was difficult. He pulled his head back to avoid Hatsume's face touching his own. “-about … what?”

“Anything!” Hatsume pulled back, throwing her hands in the air as multiple tentacles extended out of the device, one for each participating member of the group. Kirishima wiggled his finger a bit.

“Uh... My name is NOT Kirishima?” He tried, and the device beeped accusingly at him, the little light at the top turning red.

“My baby is working!” Hatsume seemed content as she nodded approvingly and gave her invention a small loving pat. “Now everyone! Let's begin the test!”

“You mean the game .” Uraraka corrected helpfully as everyone attached the odd tentacles to their finger. Bakugo frowned as he reluctantly attached the tendril, Hatsume smiled widely at them, pointedly not participating as she sat back with excitement in her eyes.

“Now we can start!” she pressed the button on top of the machine, and Kirishima suddenly felt a shock go up his arm, he jerked in his seat and grit his teeth, groaning in pain. Everyone stared at him as he rubbed his wrist, then-

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?” Bakugo snapped, grabbing onto the wire attached to Kirishima's finger and pulling it off him, but instead of letting go, it clipped on tighter and sent another round of shock through Kirishima who yelped in surprise. Bakugo let go of it as if he'd been burned, glaring up at the support-student.

“Oh no! This thing is designed to interrogate villains !” Hatsume pointed out helpfully, her big smile unaffected as everyone else was staring at her in horror. “Of course you can't take it off without permission! The shock is a punishment for lying!”

“You TOLD me to lie!” Kirishima groaned, rubbing his arm. “This thing zaps almost as hard as Kaminari does!”

Kaminari's brows rose up as he tried pulling on it, but he didn't seem affected at all, his face remaining neutral but his hair rose slightly with static. “Oh yeah this is a lot of volts.”

“We didn't agree to torture! This thing was supposed to just detect lies!” Hagakure huffed, and Hatsume's smile didn't shrink a single molar.

“Oh yes, that's true!” she pressed a button and then she yanked on the cord connected to Kirishima, he winced in preparation, hardening his arm up instinctively. But nothing happened, there was no shock and no pain. Kirishima relaxed. Seemingly satisfied, Hatsume sat down, excitedly pulling out a notebook. “I turned off the punishment! Let the extensive testing begin!”

“Fuck this-” Bakugo huffed, trying to pull off the clip, but Mina grabbed his hand to stop him.

“C'mon Bakugo! We already started!” the pink girl pleaded, raising a finger. Specifically the finger that looked like it was being devoured by a tiny metal tentacle monster.  “I dare you to stay!”

“That's not how the fuckin' game works, idiot.” Bakugo frowned. “You're supposed to ask which one I want first.”

“Okay, then which one do you want?” Mina huffed, and Bakugo scowled at her.

“Neither. I'm leaving. This is stupid.”

“Awww c'mon!” Hagakure protested, hands probably on her hips. “You're just angry because Kirishima got hurt!”

“That has nothing to do with it!” Bakugo snapped and the light on the device beep-ed red. Everyone looked at it, and then at Bakugo, who was seething. Kirishima reached up from the floor, putting a hand on Bakugo´s thigh.

“I'm fine. Kaminari has zapped me harder in class. It just caught me by surprise.” He was flattered Bakugo got so mad for his sake. The light pinged green and Bakugo seemed to settle down, still fuming, but content.

“Okay then Kirishima! You can go next, since you got zapped.” Uraraka gestured, and no one seemed to argue with that logic, leaving the stage to him. Kirishima rubbed at his chin thoughtfully, with almost everyone from class here, there were a lot of targets to pick from.

“I have to warn you guys, I'm pretty good at this game.” He didn't really know who to start with, so he covered his eyes and flailed his arm around for a few seconds, when he opened his eyes again he was pointing at Todoroki. “Todoroki! Truth or dare?”

“I haven't played this before.” Todoroki looked at him calmly. “How do you win?”

“I don't think you can win this thing?” Kirishima hummed, and Bakugo huffed in annoyance. “Unless being unable to do a dare counts you out.”

“Oh! That sounds fun!” Mina threw her arms up. “Let's do that! Failing to do a dare means you lose! ”

Kirishima could hear Bakugo shifting into a more serious stance on the couch.

“Then I choose dare.” Todoroki clasped his hands together, his expression gravely serious as Kirishima thought about it. The first dare of the game, he'd have to come up with something clever to set the mood.

“Oh! Wait-” Kirishima turned around to Bakugo. “Your gross super spicy hot-sauce, can I have some?”

“For hot-cold here to eat?” Bakugo glared at Todoroki. Contemplating it. Then he smirked. “Sure.”

Kirishima scrambled up to his feet, the cord stuck to his finger curiously extending as he jogged over to the kitchen to get a small spoon and Bakugo's favorite hot sauce; the really spicy one that Kirishima couldn't even smell without his eyes watering up. Then he also got a glass of milk, and brought the milk carton just in case.

“Here!” He sat down next to Todoroki, putting a small, very non-threatening pea-sized drop onto the back of a spoon. “Say aaaah-”

“That's barely ANY hot sauce!” Bakugo objected, pointing over to the spoon. “At least make him eat a spoonful!”

“No way! This stuff is really strong!” Kirishima objected, turning to Todoroki. “What's your spice tolerance, man?”

“I am usually not very bothered, you can add more.” Todoroki didn't seem very concerned, but he did look at the spoon strangely.

“Todoroki-kun, Kacchan's taste in hot sauce is pretty.... extreme.” Midoriya warned, and Bakugo snorted in annoyance.

“Yeah man, this is some strong stuff, It's imported. It's different than our Japanese stuff.” Kirishima warned, clinking the spoon into the english text on the bottle. “It burns in a different way.”

“A little more would probably be fine.” Todoroki nodded once, and Kirishima shrugged as he doubled the dose. Two tiny peas of hot-sauce on the back of the spoon.

“Okay then, I'm gonna wipe it on your tongue, say aaaah.” Kirishima held the spoon out, and Todoroki seemed a bit bewildered as he opened his mouth with a very confused 'aaah?'.

Kirishima smeared the hot sauce across Todoroki's tongue, sitting back and watching with interest as his classmate closed his mouth and furrowed his brow.

For a second nothing happened, Todoroki's expression didn't change. As Bakugo began complaining that he should have used more hot sauce, the usually composed teen scowled and ice crept up his collar and covered his face. There was something incredibly endearing about seeing the usual poker face falter as Todoroki shook his head in disgust, his eyes screwed shut for just a second.

Laughter bubbled from the group, even Iida was amused, the one who liked it most was clearly Bakugo, who was howling in amusement as Todoroki covered his mouth with his hand in distaste. Kirishima apologized through his wheezing as he passed the glass of milk to the teen, who eyed it for a second before accepting it.

“Okay Todoroki! It's your turn now, you choose someone and ask them truth or dare!” Mina waited for Todoroki to finish off his drink, and as he wiped the milk off his top lip, he turned to Midoriya, a glint in his eyes.

“Midoriya, truth or dare?”

“Uhm... truth?” Midoriya got flustered as everyone's attention was suddenly on him.

“Are you All Might's Secret Love Child?” Todoroki said this with such conviction that the entire group fell silent. None of them could remember ever seeing Midoriya’s actual father, and the boy had never mentioned him.

Midoriya stared at the scar-faced teen for a second before laughing awkwardly. “N-no! No! All Might isn't... he's not my dad.”

For a second the light didn't go off, as if the machine was either unsure or ramping up the drama, but then it pinged green and the tension was alleviated. Todoroki didn't seem convinced, but Midoriya quickly turned to Iida.

“Iida-kun! Truth or dare?”

“A hero always goes for the truth!” Iida declared, excitedly waiting for Midoriya's question.

“What's your favorite food?”

“Beef stew!” The light pinged green.

“C'mon!” Kaminari objected, sticking his leg into the middle of the group for attention. “Don't give us boring questions like that! Keep it at least a little exciting! You can't go from questioning someone's fatherhood to favorite food!”

“Uhm.” Midoriya hummed, thinking really hard. “It's hard to come up with something on the spot...”

“Then maybe a dare is easier?” Iida suggested, fixing his glasses. “I am willing to do something, as long as it does not violate the rules.”

“Hmmmm but a dare is hard too...” Midoriya thought about it for a few seconds, clearly overthinking this entire thing, since he'd started muttering to himself. “Ah! Iida-kun! I dare you to take a sip of milk straight from the carton!”

“Midoriya-kun! That's disrespectful to all of you! And unhygienic!” Iida seemed incredibly distressed by the very concept.

“Not if you finish the entire thing.” Sero reached out and shook the carton on the table. “Seems like there's about a glass left. Have you ever tried drinking straight from the carton, class prez?”

“O-of course not!” Iida eyed the carton, and raised it, sploshing the liquid around to measure the amount. “That's improper!”

“Proper rich boy! I like it!” Uraraka cheered, pressing the carton into Iida's chest. “Go for it! Live wild! Rebel a little! Or else you'll lose!”

Everyone cheered, and Iida stared at the milk as he caved to the peer pressure, opening the carton up and bringing it to his lips. He chugged the entire thing in three gulps and then slammed it on the table dramatically. He wiped a bit of milk from the corner of his mouth, and it was obvious he was a little bit buzzed with adrenaline from this act of rebellion.

“Alright! My turn!” Iida yelled enthusiastically, suddenly way into this game. “Bakugo-kun! Truth or dare?!”

“Huh?” Bakugo sat up, summoned into this game for the first time since it began. “Dare.”

Iida thought about it for a second, but then pointed determinedly at Bakugo. “Pull your pants up properly!”

Complete silence.

The group burst into howling laughter and Bakugo erupted. “YOU DON'T GET TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!”

“Yes I do!” Iida grinend triumphantly. “Unless you forfeit on the first dare?”

At that, Bakugo pulled back, glaring at Iida as he stood up, pulling his pants up to their rightful place. Kirishima had never seen Bakugo wearing his uniform pants properly before, and it felt strange, but not bad. Bakugo's pants were usually so shapeless and baggy around his hips, seeing them properly snug against his body and thighs reminded Kirishima just how toned his thighs were under there.

Bakugo sat back down, his pants immediately returning to their usual position below his hips. Iida gestured to them in disappointment.

“Do you not have any pants that fit you properly, Bakugo-kun!?” Iida lamented, his brow furrowed in concern.

“No.” Bakugo snorted, but much to everyone's surprise, the machine beeped a loud red and shrieked as it detected the lie. Everyone stared at the machine, and then over to Bakugo, whose nostrils were flared, his cheeks were red and his eyes glazed over in fury.


“No no! You gotta ask someone else!” Hagakure booed, completely ignoring the fury that was Bakugo. “Or else not everyone gets to play!”

“THAT'S STUPID.” Bakugo snapped, eyes fluttering from one face to another before he settled on Yaomomo. “Ponytail! Choose dare!”

“Uhm- dare?” Momo blinked in confusion, her hands clasped nervously. “W-what do you want me to do?”


Mineta sprung to life, raising his hand up high with his nostrils flared, attempting to use Bakugo's temper for evil. “Bakugo! Make her take off her bra! Ask her to take off the bra and show it to us! Or her shirt! Make her take off her shirt!”

There was silence as Bakugo stared at Mineta, who nodded encouragingly. Momo glanced around with pleading eyes and even if Kirishima knew that even if Bakugo was furious he wouldn't do something like that, he couldn't help but glare at the grape-headed pervert.

“Actually, I changed my mind.” Bakugo turned his attention to Mineta, his eyes locked on him. His voice was the cold dead scary anger. “Grape-fuck, choose dare.”

“No way! Yaomomo already accepted!” Mineta argued, and huffed indignantly. “Changing your mind is unfair!”

“THEN DON'T INTERRUPT ME, SHITFACE.” Bakugo frowned, still glaring as he spoke. “Eat a spoon of hot sauce.”

“-But you didn't ask me truth or dare!”

“Hmmm. Interrupting other people's turns probably should give you a punishment.” Hagakure decided, she had apparently become the judge, jury and executioner of the game. Kirishima didn't remember there being any rules to truth and dare when he played it in middle school, but so far he couldn't argue with any of the ones that were being made up.

Everyone agreed that interrupting and trying to influence other people's dares without being asked for help was worthy of punishment and thusly the bottle of hot sauce was opened.

There was no mercy for Mineta as there had been for Todoroki. The spoon was filled by Bakugo himself and once the grape headed kid refused to accept the spoon, the explosive blond unceremoniously shoved it into Mineta's mouth.

“SPICY!” Fire comically erupted from Mineta's mouth, he screamed as he jumped up and down on the couch, grabbing onto the carton of milk on the table. 'Sadly' Iida had finished the milk, so Mineta had to sweat it out while he waited for Midoriya to go get another carton for him. Tears were rolling down Mineta's cheeks as he emptied the entire carton, and by the time he seemed to have gotten over the brunt of it, he fanned his tongue and turned to Yaoyorozu.


“Oh no you don't!” Jiro slammed her earphone jack into Mineta's forehead. “You're not allowed to ask us girls to do anything!”

“Besides.” Sero frowned, eyes narrowed. “You need to ask truth or dare, this isn't the King Game.”

“Yaoyorozu! Your cup size-” Mineta began, but Mina threw the empty milk carton at his face. “C'mon! Why am I not allowed to ask the girls anything!?”

“Mineta-kun, your questions and dares are demeaning to both yourself and the girls!” Iida raised his arms up. “That is why all of your questions and dares will have to be directed at us boys!”

“Kaminari! You gotta help me!” Mineta turned to Kaminari, who seemed a bit put on the spot by Mineta grabbing onto his arm. “I'll ask you a really easy question, and instead you gotta ask Yaomomo to take off her bra!”

“Dude.” Kaminari's ears reddened as he cringed. “I can't do that! That's not- that's not cool man.”

“DOES NO ONE HERE HAVE THE BALLS TO FOLLOW THEIR HEART?!” Mineta cried loudly, throwing his head back. “FINE! Then Bakugo- I'll get my revenge!-”

“Nu-uh!” Hagakure probably waggled her finger. “No revenge backs! Or else no one else will get to do anything!”

“D-DAMN IT!” Mineta grabbed his face dramatically but then he calmed down, his voice droning and low. “If I can't attack Bakugo directly... then I'LL ATTACK INDIRECTLY!-” The short boy's finger was levelled towards Kirishima with a dramatic flare. “KIRISHIMA! TRUTH OR DARE!?”

“Uhm.” Kirishima scratched the back of his head. “Truth?”

“Oh.” Mineta paused. “You're not choosing dare?”

“Not really, You don't seem stable dude. I won't risk it.”

“But- but you should choose dare.” Mineta tried to argue, but the more he attempted to persuade him, the more Kirishima decided not to change his mind.

“Nah. Truth is good.”

Mineta apparently didn't have a good question prepared, because his bravado died almost immediately. He thought about it for a bit, sweat dripping down his furrowed brow as he tried to come up with something.

“Hurry it the fuck up!” Bakugo snapped, arms crossed and leg bouncing slightly. “You're wasting my damn time!”

“Damn it! I can't come up with anything embarrassing enough! My revenge!” Mineta snapped back at the blond, stomping his leg down on the table. Then he paused, and looked up, right at Bakugo. “Hey, Kirishima-kun. Have you fucked Bakugo yet?”

The group fell silent as the question seemed to hang over the common area. Jiro flushed bright red and Momo covered her mouth in shock. Iida flushed from the neck up and Midoriya was sent into a flailing panic, his eyes wide with horror and unable to look at either Kirishima or Bakugo. Uraraka curled in on herself in embarrassment and Kaminari let out a loud nervous laugh.


Kirishima swallowed thickly, glancing up at Bakugo, who was serving Mineta his deadliest glare. The lie detector felt like a bear trap on his finger as he cleared his throat, serving the group with his most casual smile. “Well th-”

“What about it?” Bakugo interrupted, his eyes fixated on Mineta with unbridled fury. His voice was serious and calm. “It's none of your fuckin' business what we do, but I'm not embarrassed about it.” The light at first turned red but before a sound could be heard, it gradually shifted it's colors over to green. Pinging the truth.

“How about a different subject!”? Uraraka yelled out excitedly, breaking through the awkward atmosphere. “Kirishima-kun! That was technically your question! So it's your turn now! Ask- ask something nice!”

“Uh.” He shifted on the floor, looking from one face to another. “Aoyama, Truth or dare?”

Aoyama, who had paled considerably from the earlier topic blinked at him, sparkly eyes full of concern. “A dare please?”

“Let me gel your hair!” Kirishima smiled, and Aoyama awkwardly squirmed, nodding in approval. Kirishima turned to Kaminari, who was avoiding eye contact. “Dude? Can I borrow your gel?”

“I don't have it on me man! Use your own!” The lie detector peeped red. “Stupid machine!”

“Mine's super strong and it takes like 3 minutes to set-” Kirishima argued, putting his hand out. “I won't use a lot!”

With a dramatic sigh, Kaminari stuck his hand in his jacket pocket, pulling out a small disc of hair gel. “Just a little bit!”

Two minutes later, Aoyama's hair was sticking out of the back of his head. It didn't look too different, but Aoyama's vanity was causing the blond to shed a single tear of concern as he let Kirishima tousle the back of his head.

He left the bangs alone, Aoyama probably put a lot of work into his bangs, they looked soft and carefully coiffed. Kirishima pulled back, wiping his hands clear of gel into his own hair to prevent wasting it as he sat back and admired his work. It looked a bit more punk-rock than meticulously groomed; Jiro nodded in approval.

“Done!” Kirishima climbed back into his seat and tossed the disc of gel back to Kaminari. “You can look now. Looks pretty good actually!”

“Mon dieu!!! My beauty- it's-” the flamboyant youth shuddered, pulling a mirror out of nowhere to look at it, his eyes were watery as he turned his head, inspecting the damage. “…unparalleled☆”

With Aoyama happily touching his hair, adjusting his bangs slightly in the mirror, he turned to Kaminari. His blue eyes settling on Kaminari's hazel ones, his expression unreadable like usual. Aoyama always looked like he knew something everyone else didn't. “Kaminari-kun, I'd like you to choose between Truth or dare.”

“I'll go for tr-” Kaminari started, but paused immediately when he made eye contact with Aoyama. “Dare. I'll go for dare.”

“Oui!” Aoyama hummed thoughtfully, putting his mirror down as he glanced around. “Then! I'd like you to take a seat on Sero-kun's lap.”

Sero's brows rose halfway up his forehead in surprise as Kaminari stared at the blond across the room. Kirishima's jaw set slightly as he watched Aoyama. Did... Aoyama somehow know that Sero liked Kaminari? Was Aoyama some kind of bloodhound for embarrassing secrets or gossip?

“Yeah man, that's weird but okay-” Kaminari rose up to his knee, but then Aoyama continued.

“-and stay there for three rounds.” Aoyama winked a twinkling challenge at the blond. “Merci☆~”

Kaminari awkwardly climbed over to where Sero was sitting, laughing apologetically at him as he put a hand on his shoulder “Sorry man, I don't wanna lose this challenge, so put up with me for a bit.”

Sero nodded, and moved his arms out of the way to make space for Kaminari on his thighs. The blond sat down, turning around and accidentally brushing his hair up against Sero's face as he looked up at him. “Lemme know if your legs start to fall asleep or something, yeah?”

“Y-yeah.” Sero nodded once, his face practically buried in Kaminari's hair and his palms pressed into the floor on besides him. Kirishima's heart went out for his friend, and he hoped on his behalf that he'd get through these next 3 rounds without giving himself away. Sero's ears were already red and his knuckles white, so it wasn't very likely.

“Okay then! My turn! Finally!” Kaminari declared, seeming quite comfortable in his next seat. “Uraraka, Truth or dare!”

“Ah! Dare! Dare!” Uraraka declared bravely, excitement shining from her eyes. “What do you want me to do?”

“Hmmm!” Kaminari leaned back as he contemplated, arms crossed. He was pressing his back into Sero's chest, and the taller boy was trying his very best to not care. “Levitate up to the cupboards and see if you can fit inside the top shelf!”

“Whaaat! But levitating myself makes me queasy!” Uraraka complained as she got up, jogging over to the kitchen and pouting as she got a chair, emptied one of the large top cupboards in their kitchen and then made herself levitate. It took her a moment to tuck herself in enough to get into the shelf, but once she did, she burst out laughing.

“Wait wait!” Mina trotted over in a giggle fit and closed the cupboards. “AAA! YOU FIT!”

“My nose is so squished!” Uraraka laughed from inside the cupboards, and then she slammed them both open dramatically “BOO!”

“THAT'S THE BEST PLACE FOR HIDE AND SEEK!” Mina was howling, clutching her stomach as she pulled Uraraka out of the cupboard. The pink teen waited for Uraraka to release her quirk before she pleaded. “Do me! I wanna see if I fit too!”

“Okay! Then I dare YOU to get in the cupboard!” Uraraka tapped Mina's face and held her hand as she floated weightlessly into the ceiling. It only took a moment of maneuvering but eventually Mina could tuck in her chest enough to fit on the top shelf, and the two girls dissolved into fits of giggles when Uraraka closed the cupboard with their classmate inside.

“THIS IS WHAT BEING A PLATE IS LIKE!” Mina yelled excitedly from the cupboard. The rest of them now couldn't hold back their laughter as Mina pulled herself out and started crawling along the walls like a monster. It wasn't until she started feeling sick that Uraraka pulled her down from the ceiling and released her quirk.

"Okay! My turn!” Mina turned around as she helped Uraraka replace the contents of the top shelf. “Bakugo! Truth or dare!?”

“ME?” Bakugo snapped, frowning across the room. “Alright, that's fine! Dare!”

“Go put on those pants you have that fit you!” Mina laughed, and Bakugo tensed up immediately.

“WHAT? No! I'm not changing my clothes for you!”

“Whaaat? So you're giving up?” Mina teased as they returned, and Bakugo was fuming at her. Without saying anything, he yanked the finger clip off and stormed to the elevator. Kirishima had no idea what pants Bakugo had that fit him. Honestly he couldn't remember ever seeing Bakugo in properly fitting pants.

“Are we just supposed to wait until he gets back?” Todoroki seemed bored, and the others all shrugged thoughtfully.

“We could do a round while we wait for Bakugo to get back.” Jiro suggested looking around to see who agreed with her, her eyes fell on Sero, who still had Kaminari on his lap. Aoyama hummed thoughtfully.

“Three rounds are up you know~”

At that Kaminari paused and then hurriedly scrambled out of Sero's lap, returning to his own seat on the floor. “Haha wow! I totally missed that Mina had a round there-” Kaminari laughed awkwardly, his ears burning red.

“Uh Bakugo isn't back though, so it's not really a full three rounds.” Momo pointed out, and Kaminari stared at her in mild horror as she looked at Hagakure. “Does that mean he is disqualified?”

“W-what? No! I don't wanna lose!” Kaminari argued, pointing at Aoyama, who just smiled. “Are you tricking me so you can win!?” Aoyama just gave a coy smile and Kaminari was on his way to crawl back into Sero's lap when the elevator opened up and Bakugo appeared.

Wearing jeans.

The tightest pair of jeans Kirishima had seen in his entire life. Was this what jeans looked like when they were fitted? When someone who knew what they were doing bought them!? Kirishima had never really been a fan of jeans because he was a comfort-first man, but he could understand the appeal of jeans now. He understood the appeal of jeans painfully well.

“Those look crazy good man!” Kaminari paused his movement to stare at Bakugo. “Where the hell did you even GET these?! They look crazy expensive? Were these custom made?!” The electric blond was a fan of fashion, and he was eyeing the jeans up with the most critical eye Kirishima had ever seen.

“Were these a gift from Best-Jeanist!?” Midoriya pulled a notebook out, staring at the pants intently as Bakugo walked over. “The cut and denim is high quality! These are for sure made by Best Jeanist, the fourth top hero!”

“SHUT UP.” Bakugo barked at the green haired boy. “If they hadn't been given to me by a Pro Hero I would have tossed these ugly things away ages ago!”

“They look really good.” Sero pointed out slyly. “Right Kirishima ?”

Kirishima didn't answer, mostly because he was busy staring at the pants. The back of the pants particularly, but as Bakugo turned around to look at him, he was quite enamored with the front of them too. They were so tight but flattering, there was a ball of fire pooling in his stomach, and he could feel cold sweat sprouting on his back. Bakugo had amazing thighs. He also had a really nice ass, but it just looked even better in the jeans.

Why was his vision blurring? Oh yeah, breathing. He should breathe.

With a loud and sudden inhalation, Kirishima snapped out of it, and looked up at Bakugo, who was staring right at him with his beautiful and heavily lined eyes. Fuck, he forgot Bakugo was still wearing eyeliner. Everything was amazing and horrible at the same time. He forgot to breathe again.

“What are you staring at, shitty hair?” Bakugo turned and dropped back into his seat, the fabric of the jeans bundling up at the crotch as he sat. Kirishima's fingertips were numb and tingly. Not enough blood. Where was all his blood?

“Why have I never seen these before?” Kirishima rasped, his voice cracking slightly as he cleared his throat. His mouth was very dry all of a sudden. Parched actually. He looked away in an attempt to keep himself composed.

“Because they're uncomfortable as shit.” Bakugo arched a brow at him, his eyes darting over to Kirishima's cheeks for a second as relaxed into the couch. He couldn't resist looking at him again, and he was greeted by the most devious smirk. “Do you like them, Eijiro?”

God seeing him fanned out like that with his smug face and tight pants straining over his thighs should be illegal. Kirishima was sure he was going to go blind at this rate, if he didn't start blinking regularly again, he'd end up like Aizawa.

“Y-YEs!” Kirishima practically squeaked, pulling his in legs and hugging his knees. The light pinged green on the machine, of course it did, it was the truth. God he was getting hard already. This was SO unfair. “They're very... nice.”

“They DO really show off your butt!” Mina cheerfully pointed out. “Pretty much everyone in class has such a nice butt, have you guys noticed?”

“THE GIRLS DEFINITELY DO-” Mineta passionately agreed, arms raised enthusiastically. “I HAVE RATED THEM FROM BEST TO WORST HERE IS MY LIST-”

“T-that's just because we all work hard to become heroes!” Midoriya flailed his arms around in embarrassment, cutting off Mineta's list.

“Midoriya-kun is right! Defined buttocks are a byproduct of hard work!” Iida pointed out, probably not aware of the fact that he undoubtedly had one of the nicest butts in class. “There is nothing inherently sexual about this muscle! Please proceed with the game!”

Bakugo was flipping the cap off the hot sauce as they all argued. Kirishima tore his eyes away from the blond. Was he just supposed to suffer now? He hugged his knees and groaned. “Can this game be over soon? I’m dying here.”

“Come on Kirishima! we can't end the game until at least ONE person fails to do a dare!” Hagakure booed.

“Making up rules just because you wanna keep playing is playing dirty!” Kirishima complained, deflating onto the couch, resting the back of his head on the cushion. He looked up at Bakugo, whose eyes were locked onto his in amusement. A shudder made its way down Kirishima's back.

“Is it Kirishima's turn, or is it still Bakugo's? He did ask Kirishima a question-” Jiro hummed and Hagakure probably shook her head.

“He didn't ask truth or dare! So it was probably just flirting!”

“That wasn't fuckin' flirting.” Bakugo huffed, but Kirishima could only hear the blood thundering in his ears as carefully lined red eyes turned to him. “Truth or dare, shitty hair?”

Kirishima sat there on the floor, his mouth dry and his skin on fire. Deer in the headlights. He knew exactly what Bakugo was going to ask him to do. He could read it in his body language, the challenge to say dare, the way his eyes darted to his lips for just a second.

“You can't dare me to kiss you!” He turned around on the floor and sat back, his hands on his knees as he frowned up at his boyfriend.

“Truth or dare?” Bakugo's smirk grew a few molars as he leered at him from above. Eyes sparkling with mirth as he rested his elbows on his denim-clad legs. He didn't even have to say anything, it was obvious on his face. The entire group was frozen in silence as Kirishima groaned loudly, his face burning up and his skin tingling in excitement.

“You're teasing me!” Kirishima accused, hands on either side of Bakugo's legs. “Kissing is only gonna make me wanna make out MORE!”

“I know.”

“D-damn it, Katsuki!” Kirishima groaned, dropping his forehead onto Bakugo's knee in frustration. Kirishima turned to Hagakure. “If no one fails there's gonna be no time!” Kirishima groaned, rubbing his forehead on Bakugo's knee in agitation.

At this rate he wouldn't be able to make out with Bakugo at all until after they trained! He wanted to kiss Bakugo so badly! But he also wanted to peel the blond out of those jeans and touch and kiss him all over! How was he supposed to keep his self control enough to keep it at one kiss anyway?!

“Truth or dare?” Bakugo asked again, and Kirishima made pained noises into Bakugo's leg.

“Dare. I choose dare.”

“Uh- y-you could choose truth? If you don't want to kiss then-” Ojiro pointed out, Hagakure was cheering, shaking Ojiro to get him to be silent. Kirishima looked over his shoulder, confused.

“If I don't take this chance I'd regret it!” His brow furrowed as he climbed up over Bakugo on the couch, knee pressed into the cushion besides Bakugo's thigh as he practically straddled the blond. “I'm dying here! A kiss is better than nothing!”

Bakugo's hands dropped down on top of Kirishima's thighs, thumbs rubbing teasing strokes into his pants, they felt like they were burning a hole through the fabric. Kirishima was hyper aware that almost the entire class was watching, but Bakugo looked so good with his smug teasing face and his lined eyes and his hair tousled from the mask of his hero costume.

All he had to do was kiss Bakugo, that's it. Just a kiss, a small one. No tongue, no teeth, no nothing. Just a kiss. A tiny press of lips. That was all. He just had to contain it and make sure he didn't slip into Bakugo's mouth. Contain himself. A kiss. Just a kiss. A peck really. Barely counted.

With a deep breath Kirishima closed his eyes, he tried to forget the fact that the entire class was staring at them, but at the same time it was helpful to remember to prevent him from putting his hands anywhere inappropriate. Damn he wanted to get Bakugo out of these pants so badly.

Their lips met in a light press, skin on skin, the slightly rough feeling of Bakugo's lips heavenly to his starved senses. He pressed a bit harder, eyes closed, head tilted as he felt Bakugo's lips moving against his own. Just a kiss. A tiny one. His stomach did flips and his body was warming up and the second Bakugo's tongue pressed against his lips he caved.

His body was unable to resist the temptation, and Bakugo's tongue slipped inside his mouth. For a second it was everything he cared about, the burning heat of Bakugo's tongue, the smirk against his lips, the evil cackle and then sudden numbness as his fall to temptation was immediately punished.

“SPICY!” Kirishima yanked away, falling on the floor and hitting the coffee table with his elbows, his legs still on the couch as he angrily wiped at his mouth. Bakugo had probably taken an entire sip of that damn hot-sauce when he wasn’t looking! “YOU ASS!”

Bakugo arched forward as his cackles evolved into raw howling of amusement. The laughter came from somewhere deep in his guts, it was pure and unabashed and raw enough for the teen's voice to crack slightly on the raspy inhales. The others were also laughing, they had probably all seen Bakugo take the shot too, no one had warned him! What betrayal!

“YOUR FACE!” Bakugo curled up as he wheezed, Kirishima kicked Bakugo's shoulder from the floor as he pointed at them all.

“You guys are jerks! That damn hot-sauce tastes like fire!”

“You weren't supposed to use tongue-” Sero wiped a tear. “It serves you right dude.” Bakugo was still laughing. Kirishima sulked, crossing his arms without moving off the coffee table.

“What is with this man-flirting!” Mineta accused dramatically. “We got two girls dating here too! Ask them to make out!”

“Give it up already. It's my turn to choose.” Kirishima frowned, but Mineta didn't relent.

The short grape turned to Jiro and pointed at her. “You guys should kiss too! I dare you!”

Kirishima frowned, but apparently Hagakure agreed with the perverted grape boy. “That would be cute! I've never seen you guys kiss either!” Hagakure cooed, leaning on the table right next to Kirishima's shoulder.

“Uhm, I don't mind but... Kyouka-san doesn't like public displays of affection-” Momo flushed, pulling her legs in slightly. “Besides... it's not very proper.”

Jiro looked up at her taller girlfriend, and shifted awkwardly in her seat, leaning over and planting a small peck on Yaomomo's cheek. The taller girl flushed and touched her cheek happily, while Jiro seemed to want to disappear into her shirt, covering her bright red face in embarrassment as she pulled her knees in.

“THAT WASN'T REALLY A KISS!” Mineta howled in outrage, but Sero had apparently had enough, and a second later, Mineta was wrapped up in tape from the waist up. Only his eyes and nose visible from between the wraps, at least he was allowed to breathe.

“Ugh.” Kaminari deflated, his hair fanning over the couch as he bonelessly sprawled across the couch. “Sometimes it feels like everyone's kissing but me.”

“Ah! Kaminari-kun, truth or dare! Choose truth!” Hagakure had seemed to completely forgotten the rules at this point.

“Uh. Why?” Kaminari raised his head again. “Isn't it still technically Kirishima's turn? Or Jiro's?”

“Who cares! Have you had your first kiss?” Hagakure asked, and from the low angle of the table Kirishima could see Sero tense on the floor next to him. He didn't think anyone else could tell, but for a moment he wasn't sure Sero was still breathing.

“No!” Kaminari frowned, sulking as he sank back in his couch, the light on the machine peeped red. Everyone stared at it. Kaminari's frown deepened as his brow furrowed. “Your machine is broken, I haven't kissed anyone but like, my family, that doesn't count.”

“My baby is not broken!” Hatsume huffed in indignation, looking up from her notebook for the first time since the game began. “You clearly have some memory of kissing!”

“Maybe you kissed someone when you were a kid or something?” Ojiro suggested. “like a teacher or a childhood friend?”

“Either way, that wouldn't count either!” Kaminari frowned, still sulking petulantly. “If I don't remember what it feels like, it doesn't even count, right?”

There was a slight relieved drop of Sero's shoulders, and Kirishima could feel the heavy load of worry slip off his friend's back. Kaminari apparently didn't remember, at least not consciously.

“Then how about we get your first kiss now!” Hagakure was surely an agent of chaos, or maybe she just enjoyed making other people suffer the embarrassment. “you should kiss someone here!”

“What do you mean?” Kaminari's curiosity was clearly roused, but he glanced around the group. “Like who? You?”

“No way! I'm saving my first kiss for my crush!” Hagakure did something with her hand no-one could see.

“I am sure that this is how everyone here feels!” Iida objected. “This hardly seems appropriate! A first kiss must be cherished!”

“C'mon! There has to be someone here that has been kissed before!” Hagakure huffed. “Everyone other than Kaminari who has been kissed before, raise your hand!”

The machine immediately started beeping red, shrieking in a painfully loud droning note. Hatsume scribbled furiously in her book, watching the group as Jiro and Yaomomo raised their hands, and the pitch lowered slightly.

“It wouldn't be proper to kiss a boy I'm not dating.” Momo said softly, and Jiro nodded awkwardly, mumbling a sorry to Kaminari.

Shouji raised one of his tentacles, a mouth formed at the end. “I'm not taking my mask off, so unless you want to kiss a dupli-mouth, I'm not really a good choice.” Their giant tentacled classmate didn't seem bothered by the horrified expression Kaminari made at the very idea.

“It doesn't fuckin' matter if we raise our hands, Eijiro is off limits and I'm not kissing anyone but him.” Bakugo scowled as they raised their hands, but the machine still droned loudly. Everyone exchanged glances, and after a bit of confusion, Hatsume looked at them with a bright smile.

“One or more of you is lying!” She gestured to her machine with her pen, and the group fell silent. Then slowly the pitch died down as Sero raised his hand. By the time it was fully raised, the machine was silent, the light was green and Sero's face was red.

Kaminari turned to Sero “No way dude! You have had your first kiss?”

“Y-yeah.” Sero shrugged awkwardly. “Kinda? Barely counted though. Wasn't a big deal.” The light peeped red. Sero covered his face with his hand.

“WOW, you have SO many people to choose from now!” Mina sat back and huffed in defeat, crossing her arms petulantly.

“No one here gets to kiss Eijiro but ME.” Bakugo barked angrily, Kirishima pulled his legs in to sit on the floor properly.

“She's being sarcastic.” Kirishima tried to sound as casual as possible, realizing that there was only one person here that was really an option. He glanced over to Sero, who looked completely casual about the entire thing, except of course for the white knuckled grip on his pants.

“There's Sero! Sero likes boys!” Hagakure pointed out, much to Sero's panic.

“I like girls too!” Sero snapped, and the light pinged green.

“But do you think Kaminari is attractive?” Aoyama hummed knowingly and Kirishima would have crushed the lie-detector on the spot if it wouldn't have given away Sero's entire secret. So instead Kirishima watched helplessly as Sero feigned annoyance.

“Of course I do! I have EYES.” Sero huffed, rolling his eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. There was tension in his jaw and his long hair was sticking to sweat at the back of his neck. The machine peeped green; the truth: Sero did have eyes. (And he thought Kaminari was attractive too.)

“Then there's no reason you won't let Kaminari kiss you!” Hagakure pointed out, leaning forward excitedly.

“There's LOTS of reasons!” Sero argued. “You shouldn't just kiss people because you wanna kiss! You should kiss people you LIKE!” The machine pinged green. He wasn't wrong. Kirishima glanced over to Kaminari, who was staring into the void. A void located somewhere around Sero's chin. The blond looked completely zoned out.

“So you don't like Kaminari?” Aoyama hummed knowingly, and Kirishima could feel the tension pooling in the air around him. He could feel the stress piling up on his skin. Sero was starting to panic. This question was loaded and he knew it. Kirishima glanced around the group. No one seemed to have picked up on it, but Aoyama was definitely going to give Sero the third degree at this point. Aoyama knew, and Sero was in danger. He needed to change this subject somehow. He had to cover for him.

“What? Of course I like Kaminari! We're friends!” Sero balked, and the machine did peep green. Nice save. A few minutes bought. “But Kaminari doesn't even like guys, so his first kiss should be with a girl!”

Another green peep, and Kaminari looked over at the machine with a slightly confused furrow of his brows. His lips moving slightly as he mumbled something under his breath. The machine continued peeping but the light flickered off.

“Maybe Kaminari should get to chose!” Hagakure argued, raising her voice to cover the long droning hum of the machine. “Maybe he doesn't mind that his first kiss is a boy!”

“Of course he'd mind!” Mineta shrieked. “Stop trying to ruin Kaminari! He's straight!”

The machine was vibrating, and Kaminari was staring at it.

“RUIN?” Bakugo snapped. “Why the fuck would it RUIN him? If he wanted to fuck a dude that wouldn't RUIN anything!”

“Katsuki's right-” Kirishima pointed out, hackles raised as he frowned at Mineta. The machine's pitch was rising and falling alarmingly fast. The light was flickering from red to green and settled on a bizarrely yellow-orange.

“He already decided he's straight!” Mineta argued. “We check out girls together I know he's straight!”

“Mineta-kun, you can like both girls and boys-” Midoriya started to explain, and the machine was buzzing loudly. Hatsume was furiously scribbling in her notebook. Kirishima watched as the pink haired girl dropped her goggles over her eyes, and all of his alarms went off as the machine started smoking.

Kirishima hardened his arms and body, and threw himself onto the machine, wrapping himself around it just in time for the machine to explode in his arms. It felt like he'd been punched in the gut and chest at the same time, the air left his lungs and he could smell his clothes burning, but besides a lot of heat, the machine was contained, a few screws and metal plates escaping from under his arms and lodging into the floor.

“Kirishima-kun!” Midoriya yelled out in concern and Bakugo rushed to yank Kirishima's arms open, but before he could tell them it was fine, Todoroki had already filled his arms with ice, covering his frontside almost completely. The cold was numbing and horrid, and he groaned out as he let his harden go, slipping out of the Kirishima-shaped dents in the ice.

“What was that for?! That's cold!” Kirishima complained, and Bakugo immediately yanked on the remains of his shirt.

“Your fuckin' clothes were on fire idiot!” Bakugo snapped, with everyone else breathing a sigh of relief.

Todoroki raised a hand apologetically. “Sorry. I panicked.”

“Failure is the mother of success!” Hatsume declared happily, standing up and clutching her notebook. “I'll have to re-calibrate the parameters of what qualifies as a question before the next version is out!”

“YOU SHOULD AT LEAST APOLOGIZE. EVERYONE COULD HAVE GOTTEN HURT.” Iida waved a square hand at Hatsume, who just smiled widely at him while avoiding eye contact completely.

“I thought you were in the Hero-course? Surely a small explosion like that is not a big deal? She pointed at Bakugo, who was glaring at her from across the room. “I've seen that one make bigger ones for fun!”

They didn't really have a comeback for that, so Hatsume took that as her chance to leave. The class president was bristling in distaste and Uraraka was frowning.

“She really doesn't care about anything but her inventions, huh?” Tsu-chan croaked thoughtfully.

“It was fun though!” Mina shrugged. “So what do you want to play next? It's still like 40 minutes until dinner.”

Kirishima rubbed soot off his chest, peeling off the remnants of his school uniform. His shirt and tie were missing the front, and there was not much left of his sleeves. Not all of it was because of the explosion, since his uniform didn't really handle his hardening well. His pants were at least intact where it counted. Though the knees and lower thighs had suffered tearing and burns from the combined force of the explosion and his quirk.

“I'm gonna go change my clothes.” Kirishima peeled his shirt off, since it didn't really have a point anymore. “Do you guys know where to apply for a new uniform?”

“Do not worry Kirishima-kun!” Iida got up, a square hand raised high. “As your class representative I will go and take care of that for you! Please go change into something more modest!”

Kirishima folded he remnants of his uniform shirt and handed the tattered fabric over to Iida, who eyed the size tags carefully. Jiro covered her eyes, much to Kirishima's amusement.

“C'mon, you've seen me without a shirt like a thousand times!”

“When it's your hero costume it's different!” Jiro argued. “Just go get dressed already!”

“How is it different?” Kirishima laughed, gesturing to his exposed torso as he got up. “Is it the shoulder pads?”

“Just get going already. You're wasting time.” Bakugo got up and stood next to him, glaring at him. His body language was loaded and his tone was impatient. “We only have 40 minutes.”



art by @QueenOfLiz4rds!!!!!

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Almost 12k words! Longest chapter yet! 

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Chapter Text

This chapter has NSFW content. (mostly at the start. The second half is pretty fluffy.)



“You don't need 40 minutes to get dressed!” Mina argued, deflating on the couch. “C'mon let's play another game!”

“They aren't gonna use those 40 minutes to get DRESSED.” Sero snorted, sitting back with an arched brow. “The sexual tension is like a blanket of bricks over here.”

Bakugo flipped him off as the majority of the group avoided eye contact, but before Kirishima could make light of the situation, there was a loud, gradually growing thudding that echoed down the hall. All of a sudden Aizawa-sensei burst into the room, hair and fabric floating menacingly as he glanced around the room. The group paused, staring at their teacher, who was wearing one slipper and a cat-patterned cardigan, and looked quite out of breath.

“I heard an explosion.” Aizawa calmed down slightly, his hair lowering gently as he made an obvious headcount. He then looked at Kirishima, and the giant block of ice in the center of the room. “Todoroki, why is there ice on the floor?”

“I panicked.” Todoroki clarified, holding out his left hand to start melting it, but Midoriya and Iida moved his hand away, sparing the floor most of the impending water damage.

“Panicked?” Aizawa walked closer, glancing around the room as he put his hands on Kirishima's shoulders. “What happened? Why are you bleeding? Is that a bruise?”

“Bleeding?” Kirishima glanced down, and sure enough, his stomach and chest were littered in small lacerations from the shrapnel. Very shallow, but still there, and a thin streak of blood was pooling at the bottom of each one. Apparently his quirk hadn't been strong enough to avoid all damage, at least not from point blank range.

“Sensei!” Iida raised his hand, which was still holding onto the tattered remains of Kirishima's school uniform. Aizawa's eyes narrowed at it in concern. “There was no attack, we were testing out one of Hatsume-kun's inventions, and it exploded.”

“Did any of you get hurt?” Aizawa looked around, his hair falling flat once he was confident there was no attack. He pulled eye drops from his pocket.“-except Kirishima, that is.”

“No.” They all shook their heads, and Aizawa dropped some of the medicine into his eyes as he took a deep breath, clearly relieved.

“And from now on i'll have no tests in the common room without my permission.” Aizawa blinked away the excess, rubbing the bridge of his nose. A reasonable request. “Kirishima, I'll call Recovery Girl-.”

“W-wait” Kirishima raised his hands, glancing over to where Bakugo was. Time was being wasted, at this rate, he'd barely have time to make out with his boyfriend at ALL. “I'm fine! It looks much worse than it is, I have a healing-gummy I can eat!”

Aizawa glanced down at the bleeding lacerations, he seemed neither impressed nor convinced. Bakugo took a step forward to stand next to Kirishima, hands awkwardly by his sides since he couldn't fit them in the pockets of his incredibly tight pants.

“We're going to train later, if he starts lagging behind I'll take him to Recovery Girl.” Bakugo stated confidently, despite not knowing where to put his hands. Aizawa sized Bakugo up for a second, his brows pulling together in slight confusion as he noticed the jeans. He then decided not to ask any questions, and waved them off.

“Fine. You can go.” Aizawa sank his hands into his pockets, his expression tired. “but at the first sign of any internal damage, you go to the old lady.”

“Yes sensei!” Kirishima promised as he followed Bakugo towards the elevator, he felt perfectly fine, so there was no need to worry about a bit of bruising.

“We need to get this outside before it melts on the floor.” Aizawa was already pressing one slipper clad foot against the clump of ice in the middle of the room. He turned to Uraraka, who offered to float it outside, but he turned his attention to Todoroki. “why did you panic?”

“Kirishima-kun was on fire-” Midoriya started explaining and Kirishima hurriedly pulled Bakugo into the elevator, seeing the shining red eyes of his teacher lock onto him from across the room as he pressed the button repeatedly.

“That was close.” Kirishima sighed in relief as the doors closed and broke the terrifying line of sight.

“Don't fuckin' throw yourself on explosions and shit.” Bakugo huffed angrily, Kirishima could hear the concern in his boyfriend's voice, and it warmed his aching chest.

“No way!” Kirishima laughed, smiling widely at his grumpy boyfriend. “Being all over explosive stuff is what I'm about.”

“Shut up, your flirting is awful.” Bakugo grumbled, and suddenly calloused hands were on Kirishima's hips and his bare back pressed against the cold metal wall of the elevator. Bakugo's lips were so warm on his own, and the sudden relief washed over him. He felt the tension in his body immediately release as he wrapped his arms around Bakugo, pulling at his clothes as he returned the kiss with all he had.

“Seems like my flirting is good enough.” Kirishima hummed when they pulled away for air. “-and you still taste a bit like hot sauce.”

“Is it bad?” Bakugo looked at him questioningly, and Kirishima grinned, closing the gap between them again, dragging his tongue across Bakugo's lower lip. He shook his head softly, and Bakugo's fingers tangled with the waistline of his pants.

His hands moved down to Bakugo's hips, thumbs brushing the hem of the jeans and dipping into the warm gap between skin and denim. These pants were so tight. He could barely fit a finger in between, no wonder they made Bakugo look so good. He fanned out his hands, his palms running across the tight fabric at Bakugo's backside, the seams felt nice on his fingertips.

“Ugh these pants kill me.” Kirishima sighed heavily the moment they paused for air, the elevator conveniently signalling it's arrival at the fourth floor with a cheerful PING. “You look like a model, you know that?”

“That's stupid.” Bakugo pulled away, his ears red as he grabbed the front of Kirishima's torn up uniform pants, dragging him out of the elevator. “These pants are uncomfortable as shit, don't expect me to wear them ever again.”

“I'd probably die if you did anyway.” Kirishima groaned, eyeing Bakugo's backside as he was pulled towards the blond’s room. “Can I undress you?”

“Why?” Bakugo glanced over his shoulder as he unlocked his dorm door, shouldering it open impatiently as he practically yanked Kirishima inside. “It's just gonna take time, we're going to miss dinner.”

“I just wanna!” Kirishima objected, kicking the door closed as he pulled at the belt-hoops of Bakugo's pants. He caught the frown with his lips, coaxing a few kisses out of his boyfriend before he pulled back, trailing kisses down his chin and jaw until he was pressing his lips against the blond's neck, running his teeth across the pulse. “ Please ?”

“-don't beg for pointless shit.” Bakugo grumbled, his face red and his breathing heavy.

“I'm not BEGGING! I'm asking nicely!” Kirishima reasoned, pulling at Bakugo's shirt, slipping his hands under the fabric. “Please take off the shirt first.”

“Fine.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, pulling his shirt off, leaving him wearing only the jeans, his shoes and eyeliner. “Happy?”

“Ughhhh.” Kirishima groaned, crouching down and hunched over dizzily as he could physically feel all the blood in his body drop down to his dick. He covered his face in his hands as he took a few deep breaths, ignoring the amused snorts coming from the blond.

“If you're done looking constipated, I'm gonna take these fuckin' things off now.” Bakugo reached for the button on the jeans and Kirishima's hand shot out, dropping down to his knees as he grabbed onto it.

“Let me.”

“No way, I'll never get these things off.” Bakugo objected, but Kirishima slipped his fingers under Bakugo's, pulling at the button. Once he pulled at the zipper, Bakugo seemed to relent, moving his fingers over to Kirishima's head and burying his hand in his hair. Kirishima unzipped the pants, pressing a kiss into the slight reddish dent the button and fold of the jeans had made into Bakugo's skin as he sat on the couch before. He licked at it and looked up, the blond was staring down at him, his jaw set tightly.

The fingers in his hair curled up into a fist, pulling slightly as Kirishima felt the sensation send ripples down his spine. If he hadn't been on his knees before, he certainly would be now. They were still right by the door, someone could hear them, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

He sighed low and happily against Bakugo's body, and he could see the slightly prickle of skin and goosebumps travel across his stomach. He didn't know if it was from the breathing or the sound, but the muscles were flexed as Kirishima's nose pressed up against it, running his teeth and tongue across the pale skin. It smelled like Bakugo.

“fuck-” Bakugo grunted, and Kirishima fully unzipped the pants, bringing his hands up to pull the thick fabric down Bakugo's hips. It was tight. There was resistance to the weight against skin, the folds were heavy and bunched up across Bakugo's groin. There was an especially conspicuous bundle right below Kirishima's chin, and he pulled back to enjoy the show as he pulled the pants down to the middle of Bakugo's thighs.

The blond let out a long sigh of relief, his breath hitching slightly as Kirishima pressed his lips against Bakugo's underwear, feeling the twitching from underneath the fabric. He left the underwear on as he pulled Bakugo's pants down, they pooled at the bottom of the blond's feet and he slipped out of his shoes to kick them across the room vengefully.

“I got them off.” Kirishima grinned teasingly, looking up at Bakugo as he ran his hands back up the pale legs. It felt a little unreal, the press of the floor against his knees and a hand in his hair; it turned him on. It reminded him of stuff he'd seen in porn, just better; because it was Bakugo. Adrenaline and arousal fought for control of his limbs, and the needy look in his boyfriend’s eyes just fanned the flames.

“f-fuck, Eijiro-”, Bakugo groaned, closing his eyes as he furrowed his brow. “I'm so hard-”

“Do you want me to suck you off?” Kirishima enthusiastically suggested, speaking directly into Bakugo's skin. With his mouth pressed up against the warm flesh, he could feel the shiver that erupted from the words.

“Fuck... yes-” Bakugo groaned desperately through grit teeth.

“Ask me to do it.” Kirishima watched Bakugo's face twitch in arousal. “look at me and ask me to do it.”

“Ugh, fine.” Bakugo looked down at him, his eyes contrasting so starkly with the thick eyeliner that Kirishima's brain struggled to save this angle and this view directly into his long term memory. “Suck me off.”

The thrill of being ordered around and the feeling of being wanted buzzed in Kirishima's skin. He loved it when Bakugo had that tone in his voice, the desperate control. The way he didn't ask but didn't demand either. Kirishima just wanted to give Bakugo what he wanted, and it just so happened that he wanted the exact same thing.

Steeling his nerves, he pulled at the hem of Bakugo's underwear, trying to not get distracted by the impatient tugging on his hair. Once Bakugo was completely naked, Kirishima nuzzled into the freed and flushed skin, kissing at the base as he enjoyed the view. He was still worried about messing up and using his teeth, but he'd managed to suck Bakugo off without hurting him before, so he was confident he could do it again. He just had to be careful and take it slow.

Slow didn't seem to be what Bakugo wanted though.

“Eij-” The blond grunted, hissing low as Kirishima dragged his tongue along the length. Hips bucked against Kirishima's face and he grabbed them carefully, holding them in place. Bakugo's free hand immediately grabbed onto Kirishima's forearm for support, squeezing urgently as Kirishima licked at the tip.

He inhaled deeply through his nose, the smell soothed him as he carefully opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out as a buffer for his bottom row of teeth as he teased the underside. The blond was twitching in his grip and Kirishima closed his eyes, focusing on what he was doing.

The noises Bakugo was making went straight to his groin. Soft grunting and huffs, sudden gasps of breath followed by low groans.

After a few tries he managed to get a bit more than half of it into his mouth without gagging. He wanted to rub and stroke the parts that didn' fit, but the moment he moved one of his hands off Bakugo's hips, the blond twitched instinctively and hit the back of Kirishima's throat with a loud needy groan.

His instincts told him to bite down, but in a rush of panic he just swallowed as hard as he could instead, trying to prevent himself from gagging. The feeling was intense, and he kept trying to swallow, even if there was no chance he'd managed to get it down his throat. All of this happened in a split second, and the moment he pulled away to breathe, Bakugo had already realized what he'd done and he was crouching down in front of him in horror.

“Shit!- Fuck-” Bakugo immediately moved his hands down to Kirishima's shoulders once he'd realized what had happened, patting him on the back as he coughed. “That was an accident- shit- are you okay?”

Kirishima coughed into his hand a couple of times, nodding as Bakugo rubbed between his shoulder blades. He could feel the regret and embarrassment drop off the blond in waves, his jaw set and eyes wide in horror. He was staring right at him, red eyes wide in concern.

“I'm okay.” Kirishima said, but cleared this throat again once his voice was a bit raspy. “You gotta be careful, I almost bit it off.”

“Fuck.” Bakugo grit his teeth, taking a deep breath. “I'm so fuckin' sorry.”

“It's okay, at least i didn't throw up all over your dick.” The words were so genuine that Kirishima couldn't help but smile up at his boyfriend, who was looking at him with a pinched brow. “Lets keep going.”

Bakugo dropped his forehead onto Kirishima's, his breathing heavy and his ears red. He seemed to think about it for a bit, and then he exhaled a breath Kirishima didn't know he'd been holding. “yeah. Okay. You can tell me to fuck off if you don't want to. I get it.”

“No way.” Kirishima pressed a kiss into Bakugo's neck, running his hands up the blond's chest. “Just maybe lean against the wall, that way I can pin you better.”

Bakugo shuddered and rose up to his feet again, taking a step to the side and dropping his back against the door, lovingly pushing a lock of hair out of Kirishima's face. “I'm gonna fuck you up so good when it's my turn. I'm not gonna lose.”

Kirishima shuddered in excitement as he turned around on his knees, pressing a kiss into Bakugo's hips before pinning them tightly against the wall. There was a low grunt and a shudder from the blond above him, and Kirishima took that as an OK to resume.

He gently took the length back into his mouth, and this time he was a bit more confident in how much he could take before choking. He closed his eyes again, focusing on the sounds as he started working moving again. He fell into a rhythm, swallowing and licking until Bakugo was making desperate noises.

Bakugo's hands were pulling at his hair, both of them fisting the red spikes urgently, controlling the pace as Kirishima focused on keeping track of just how close Bakugo was. The twitching and throbbing on his tongue felt good.

All of him felt good. Making Bakugo feel good made something raw and hot bubble up in his guts. Just the sounds of Bakugo's pleasure brought him so close, the press of stressed fabric against his own erection was painful. There was something about the way he felt his boyfriend’s muscles squirming in his palms and felt the pulse quicken on his tongue that just lit a fire inside him.

“Gonna- Eij- gonna come-” Bakugo moaned, almost pleading, throwing his head back hard enough to cause a thud on the door. “So close-”

Kirishima pulled back, dragging his lips across the length. Suddenly there was a rather violent jerk and a loud curse from Bakugo, and Kirishima realized he'd accidentally grazed his teeth against the top of it, and before he could open his mouth to apologize, it was flooded with Bakugo's release.

The sheer amount startled him enough to let go, and once he let go of Bakugo's hips, the blond's knees gave in and he slid down the door clumsily. Kirishima fell back on his ass, swallowing down as he grabbed his mouth to catch what had dripped down his chin.

“Shit! Did i get you with my teeth?” Kirishima coughed a bit as he wiped his chin off. Bakugo was staring at him limply, eyes hazed over with arousal and satisfaction. Kirishima looked down at Bakugo's dick, thankfully there wasn't any blood, but there were slight pink lines in the flushed flesh, and Kirishima covered his face in embarrassment. “SORRY.”

“It didn't hurt.” Bakugo finally groaned out, pulling his underwear on as he sat up properly, reaching out to wipe the corner of Kirishima's mouth. He ran a thumb across Kirishima's lip, pressing down until Kirishima took the hint and opened wide. The finger ran along his teeth and into his mouth. Bakugo looked at him seriously, his eyes dark. “You swallowed it?”

“Yeh!” Kirishima managed to say through his mouth being held open. He stuck his tongue out for proof. “Aaah!”

Bakugo's lids fell as he looked around Kirsihima's mouth with interest, pressing the pad of his thumb against the teeth curiously before he closed the gap between them, sticking his tongue into Kirishima's mouth to do a final check. He was so warm, pushing against Kirishima, leaning over him, kissing him in a way that made Kirishima's knees weak and his brain all fuzzy.

“Ugh, I can taste myself.” Bakugo pulled away for a breath, his eyes dangerous. “Is there still hot sauce in my mouth? I don't wanna get it on your dick.”

“Uh- I wasn't really thinking about that when-” Kirishima's words muffled as Bakugo kissed him again, this time it was aggressive enough to draw blood as bakugo's lips brushed against his teeth. Immediately overwhelmed, Kirishima grabbed onto his shoulders for leverage, desperately trying to keep up with the aggressive kissing. His mouth tasted like cum, blood and a hint of hot sauce, and somehow it all worked so well together.

He felt like the world was spinning and the only constant was Bakugo on his lap. The weight holding him down. Pinning him down. They parted for breathing and Kirishima sucked in air like a drowning man, letting it all out in a hiss when Bakugo sucked hard on his neck. Pulling at the skin and pressing his tongue against it, Kirishima could already tell that it was going to leave a mark.

“Uh- we're on the floor-” Kirishima panted, propping himself up on his elbows as Bakugo's weight threatened to press him flat into the floor.

“I don't give a shit.” Bakugo grunted, licking a burning hot stripe up Kirishima's neck. Sending a warm shudder through his entire body and wiping all reasoning for why the floor wasn't an excellent place to lay on from his mind. The blond pressed his shoulders down, leaning over him and resuming the heated kissing.

Kirishima let himself be pinned, clinging to Bakugo's hips as the blond rolled them sensually and gyrated on his lap, sending shockwaves of pleasure up Kirishima's spine. He felt absolutely overwhelmed, Bakugo's hands were everywhere, squeezing, stroking rubbing. The calloused rough skin leaving burning need on his body wherever they touched.

“If we had time, I'd fuck you, but we don't so I'm gonna suck you off instead.” Bakugo declared confidently, sliding down Kirishima's body until he was sitting on his knees.

“T-that sounds good-” Kirishima practically whimpered at the words. Any release would be good, an kind, anything to release this pressure at the base of his spine. he clawed at the floor as he fumbled for purchase.

Kirishima felt the slick wet heat engulf him and he clenched his eyes shut. Gritting his teeth as he felt the heat pool and rise urgently; he was so close already and Bakugo hadn't even started.

“Fu- slow down- Ka-Kats- wait- stop-” Kirishima groaned, twitching as Bakugo pinned his hips to the floor. The blond looked up at him questioningly as he paused, a lewd image as he still had most of him in his mouth. Kirishima panted, the heat rushed through him. “I'm... really close.”

“Already?” Bakugo let go of him with a distractingly arousing pop. “I just started. I have shit I want to try out on you.”

“UGH I know! I'm just... I'm so hard.” Kirishima deflated, letting his arms sprawl out on the floor. He had hoped he'd be desensitized to it by now, but if anything Bakugo just made him MORE aroused now than before. “It's embarrassing.”

“You're so easy to get off, but then you get hard again right away, it's fuckin' weird.” Bakugo licked his lips as he thought about it, dark eyes locked onto his face. “-do the hardening thing.”

“What?” Kirishima sat up on his elbows. “you mean around the base?”

“Yeah.” Bakugo ran a finger along the base, marking the area he wanted hardened. “-and don't let it go until I tell you.”

“Quirk play?!” Kirishima covered his eyes with his forearm. “You're gonna kill me dude!”

“It doesn't hurt, right?” Bakugo huffed in annoyance. “I just want to try some stuff I read about online. It's no big deal.”

“It IS a big deal though!” Kirishima objected. “It's really intense okay? Like it doesn't stop me from coming , it only stops the release !”

There was a long moment of silence as Bakugo seemed to register, file and process this information.

“Do you do it when you jerk off?” Bakugo arched a brow, and Kirishima swallowed thickly, relieved that his eyes were covered already.

“Uh. Maybe a few times? When there's lot of time.” He confessed, his heart thundering in embarrassment and arousal. “It feels good, okay!?”

“Maybe that's the reason you're so weird.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, licking teasingly at the tip. “It's no one's fault but your own, but if it's a thing you like, I want to try it.” Bakugo tapped Kirishima's thigh demandingly. “Harden.”

The command wiped away his sense of self preservation in a heartbeat as he gave up with a sigh, uncovering his eyes as he did as he was told. Bakugo gave the hardened base an experimental lick, the rough texture apparently not a turn off, since the blond almost immediately resumed his work.

The shudder that travelled up Kirishima's back lingered in his spine and refused to go away. Whatever Bakugo had read on the internet was definitely cheating, because he was doing things that Kirishima wouldn't have believed could feel this good. The pleasure was building and piling up, and he grit his teeth, scrambling for something to hold onto. He could have grabbed Bakugo's hair, but his fingers were already hardening up instinctively, and he didn't want to hurt the blond. Instead he let the harden creep up his forearm, and he bit down on it, twitching as his free hand clawed at the floor.

Bakugo's hands ran along his thighs, adding to the overwhelming heat that gathered at the base of his spine. It was numbing. White hot and black at the same time. He screwed his eyes shut and saw spots, digging his heels into the floor as his hips bucked as much as Bakugo's grip allowed. Bakugo's mouth felt amazing, and Kirishima could feel the muscles in his back tighten up as the heat kept mounting. He struggled to keep the hardening, his body screaming at him to let it go.

“K-Katsuki-” Kirishima pleaded, his voice desperate to the point that Kirishima could barely recognize it. “Please- please let me- I wanna-” Kirishima felt the hardening fade as Bakugo's tongue rubbed at him teasingly, and he had to forcefully return it so he wouldn't come.

“Just give me a second, i have one more thing i want to try.” Bakugo panted in a raw voice as he pulled away, a clear line of saliva connecting his flushed lips to Kirishima. “I'm gonna try to get it down my throat.”

“W-what? No-” Kirishima groaned, twitching as his heart thundered in his chest.

“It felt really good when you did it, even if it wasn't on purpose.” Bakugo swallowed thickly, rolling his shoulders back. “I wanna try it, I'll signal you when you can let it go.”

And with that, Bakugo got in position, and Kirishima could see more and more of his erection disappear with every rise and fall of Bakugo's head. His heart was thundering and his head was spinning. Bakugo pulled back a couple of times to get control of his gag reflexes again, but each time he seemed more and more comfortable with it.

Then, in a sudden glorious second, Kirishima felt Bakugo's nose press against his pelvis, and the tight and bizzare heat of Bakugo's throat tightening around him locked his entire body like a vice. He scrambled to sit up, feeling like his entire body was being zapped of its energy completely.

“Fuck- Katsuki- PLEASE let me come- PLEASE- I'm gonna pass out-” he pleaded, already feeling lightheaded. It felt like fireworks were going off in his brain. “Feels so good, you win! You win just PLEASE let me come. This time I AM begging-”

He felt the vibrations as Bakugo made a victorious noise, Kirishima had no idea if that was the signal or not, but it was good enough for him, he couldn't hold it any longer. He let the hardening go and Bakugo pulled off slowly, and the release shook Kirishima down to his core.

It felt like his bones were filled with magma and his vision blurred. He deflated with a loud groan, feeling like his limbs were made from static. He panted, boneless and relaxed. He could feel the blood flowing in his veins and thundering in his ears. He couldn't think at all, blissed out in the afterglow, until he felt Bakugo's lips on his neck, pressing into the sore mark he'd made before.

He blinked a few times to regain his vision, and by the time he could see clearly, Bakugo was hovering over him, smiling victoriously. The smugness was oozing off of him, and Kirishima closed his eyes as he sighed happily. “You know, you being better at sucking dick makes ME the true winner.”

“No it doesn't.” Bakugo laughed, the noise was pleasant and bright. It made his heart soar. Kirishima could feel the blond stand up and he cracked an eye open, watching Bakugo pat around his pants for a bit before he pulled out the bag of gummies. He returned, standing over Kirishima, who was still too boneless to move off the floor. “Catch.”

Kirishima opened his mouth wide, and the blond dropped the candy, it landed on his teeth and dropped into his mouth. Orange flavored. Kirishima inhaled deeply through his nose as he ate the candy, eyes closed as he felt the scratches and bruises on his body fade. He touched the mark Bakugo had made on his neck, and by the time he opened his eyes again, Bakugo was already wearing his workout pants and a sleeveless shirt.

“I can't stand up.” Kirishima groaned. “My bones are jello.”

“They only serve dinner for like 30 more minutes, idiot.” Bakugo squatted next to Kirishima, grabbing his nose and pulling at it slightly. “If you eat fast right before working out you're going to get a cramp.”

“You'd get a cramp too!” Kirishima batted the hand off his nose as he sat up, reaching out to rub at the cut on Bakugo's flushed lip. “But you're right, I'm gonna go get my workout gear.” He got up and pulled his underwear on as he stuck his head out of the door, glancing around to make sure no one was in the hallway as he slipped into his own room, pulling on a shirt, shorts and one of his Crimson Riot hoodies.

When he turned around to leave, Bakugo was already waiting for him in the doorway, and Kirishima beamed at him as he jogged over. Bakugo held out a hand to stop him.

“Cum.” He gestured to Kirishima's chin. “Right here, wash your face.”

“Oh yeah-” Kirishima shouldered his bathroom door open as he washed his face off, looking at himself in the mirror briefly to make sure he didn't have any more evidence on his face. He looked happy. Kirishima beamed, and his reflection seemed just as enthusiastic as he was. He rushed out and practically jumped his boyfriend, sliding his fingers in between Bakugo's as he pressed a kiss into his jaw.

“I love you.”

“Ugh.” Bakugo groaned, his face immediately flushed as he averted his eyes. “Don't say shit like that out of the blue.”

“Not out of the blue!” Kirishima laughed, squeezing Bakugo's hand. “I'm happy.”

“You're too easy to please.” Bakugo rolled his eyes with an indignant huff, then he smirked at him teasingly. “Emotionally AND physically.”

“I can't help it okay!?” Kirishima threw his head back in annoyance, his cheeks red as Bakugo laughed at him. “Stop teasing me about it!”

Everyone else was already far gone with dinner by the time they showed up. Mina, Kaminari and Sero were sitting at a table with Tokoyami and Ojiro when they found them. They were all stacking plastic cups into a tower with a very determined look on their faces. Bakugo dropped his tray hard enough on the table to cause the tower to fall, prompting loud disapproval from the group as he laughed.

Dinner didn't last very long, since their reservation time at the gym was coming up fast. Kirishima tried to eat as slowly as he could, listening to his friends chatter and tease. They talked about the truth or dare game, and apparently after Bakugo and Kirishima had left, they'd all played “never have I ever” until they got tired of Mineta's inappropriate questions. It sounded fun, if a bit embarrassing. Mina seemed excited to play again without Mineta, or with just with rules on how weirdly specific and breast-centric the questions were allowed to be.

Kirishima had to withdraw from the conversation to head over to the gym, and the others mentioned they might stop by later to make sure they weren't just making out. Kirishima rolled his eyes at them, and Bakugo flipped them off as they headed out. The cold evening air was tense and humid, lingering on their skin. Kirishima closed his eyes as he walked; he could smell the incoming rain. The skies were dark and tense with ominous gloomy clouds.

By the time they made it to the gym, five minutes before their registered time, the door was cracked slightly open, and the lights were on. He jogged towards the chart, tapping on it to make sure they were at the right place.

“There's some third years in there, I think they're finishing up.” Kirishima and Bakugo peeked inside carefully, both of them curious as to what third years did to train. The two figures were just laying on the floor. The larger one propped his head up with his elbow on the floor, and the slimmer one was laying on his back, laughing.

Kirishima narrowed his eyes a bit, and yes, that indeed looked like a pile of clothes? Was that one guy naked? Why would he be naked? From this angle it was hard to see if he was wearing underwear, but if he WAS naked, that dark haired one seemed completely comfortable with it. Even to the point of allowing the blond one to touch his hair.

Kirishima was pretty sure those were both men, especially the possibly-naked one. That was definitely a dude, just from the sheer size and shape of him alone. He felt a bit bad for seeing such an intimate moment without permission, so he pulled back and averted his eyes, grimacing sheepishly as Bakugo frowned at the scene.

“Why are the third years allowed to date but not us?” Bakugo huffed, shouldering the door open with a loud thud. Kirishima jerked in surprise as he heard the loud noises, worried that their senpais would yell at them for being rude. He looked inside to apologize for Bakugo's rudeness, but the bigger guy was gone. Just completely gone? The tall dark haired one hurriedly scooped the pile of clothes off the floor and practically ran past them and out of the gym, ears bright red to the pointed tip.

“Uh. Sorry!?” Kirishima choked out apologetically at the senpai, not sure if he'd even heard him.

“Where did the other one go?” Bakugo entered the gym, glancing around. “Teleportation?”

“Maybe?” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck as he joined Bakugo in the warm hall. “You don't have to be so rude, man. There was almost an entire minute left of their time.”

“If we have to keep PDA to a minimum then why the fuck should the thirds years get to lay around naked in the gym?” Bakugo huffed, slamming the door closed behind them.

“That's fair I suppose.” Kirishima sighed, shrugging off the awkward feeling. “Should we set up an obstacle course? Or do you want to spar?”

“Let's set up something like those other third years were doing earlier.” Bakugo stomped over to the utilities closet. “if we can do some third year training we can get ahead.”

“Good thinking!” Kirishima jogged over, trying to remember what order the equipment was in. “I think they were doing it without their quirks though, do you want to try that?”

“We have two hours, we can do both.”

Strength training on its own, without his quirk, was Kirishima's strong suit. He worked out a lot, since his quirk was rather useless without any physical power to back it up. It was easy to clear his head and get into the zone and the added fun of competing with Bakugo at something he was actually good at didn't ruin the experience.

It felt nice, to be able to run an obstacle course with physical strength alone and keep up with Bakugo. It made him feel good about himself. Though Bakugo was much faster and nimbler, Kirishima could carry weights and such with more ease, so at the end, they were pretty even. Or they would be if there were as many stamina-based obstacles as there were strength based.

An hour and a half of hard work later, the two of them dropped to the floor, panting and covered in sweat. Kirishima grinned, he was so warm and tired, the ache in his muscles sent a buzz through his limbs. He looked over at Bakugo, who was panting as well, eyes closed and brow furrowed as he pulled at his sweat soaked shirt. The blond looked over at him, cracking an eye open curiously as Kirishima beamed at him from across the floor.

“What are you smiling at? I still won.”

“Congratulations.” Kirishima laughed as he closed his eyes again. Bakugo's competitive streak was cute. They lay on the floor in silence for a few minutes before they got up and started putting the equipment away. By the time their time was up, it was already pouring outside.

“Shit.” Bakugo frowned at the sky. “We didn’t bring an umbrella or anything.”

“I’m already soaked rom the work out.” Kirishima shrugged, stepping out into the pouring rain and sighing at the feeling of cold rain on his warm body. His hair was weighed down and instantly stuck to his face. “It’s nice.”

“You’re gonna get sick.” Bakugo grumbled, but seeing how they didn’t have any other choice, he joined Kirishima outside in the rain, the downpour immediately flattened Bakugo’s unruly hair, making it slightly less chaotic than when it was dry. There wasn’t a huge difference, but the way heavy raindrops slid along the strands and dropped off the ends and onto Bakugo’s face made Kirishima’s heart beat a bit faster.

“Stop staring at me, let’s get a move on.” Bakugo caught his hand in his, slick with rain as they started power walking through the downpour. It wasn’t thundering, but the entire school grounds were covered in a haze of water, the evening darkness only lit up by the few streetlights that dotted the length of the walkway to the dorms.

They walked faster, then faster, then they jogged. Eventually they were racing to the dorms, sprinting and grinning widely as they were soaked completely through to their underwear, slipping in the mud and splashing the dirty puddles.

When they were close to the dorms, Bakugo slipped on some mud and stumbled, and Kirishima cheered as he took the lead, laughing until his lungs hurt as Bakugo cursed him out and sprinted to catch up. As the blond was about to pass him, Kirishima moved to the side, getting in the way and blocking Bakugo’s sprint. The blond ran into him and grabbed on, attempting to change the block into a tackle, but Kirishima braced and didn’t fall.

It was so cold but he felt so warm, holding onto Bakugo and laughing as the blond yelled at him for cheating. The rain was pouring down so hard he could feel water sloshing around in his shoes. They were just a couple of strides away from the dorms, but even if he was soaked to the bone, Kirishima couldn’t care less.

Bakugo caught the soaked front of his hoodie in his fist, the fabric made a gross sploshing sound as the blond yanked at it, and Kirishima couldn’t possibly think of a single reason why kissing Bakugo was not the best idea in the world at that very moment.

He could taste the rain. Bakugo’s lips were colder than usual, his breath felt hotter. He felt water pool over his fingers as he grabbed onto Bakugo’s waist, kissing back as the combined noise of the rain and his own thundering heartbeat blocked out all sounds. Then suddenly, Bakugo pulled back, his hands on his face, looking him right in the eyes. Eyeliner was starting to smudge and fade, and his hair was clinging to his forehead.

“I win.” Bakugo promptly pushed Kirishima backwards, laughing as he turned on the spot and bolted for the dorms, Leaving Kirishima sitting in a puddle until he caught on what had happened and sprinted after the blond. It was for nothing, he entered the dorms a few seconds after Bakugo did, meaning that Bakugo won AGAIN. The blond was panting as he arrived, smug and pleased with himself as he kicked off his soaked shoes in the foyer.

Kirishima did the same thing, shaking his head like a dog specifically to splatter Bakugo with the water in his hair. The blond cussed him out and sputtered, covering his face as Kirishima pulled his hair back into an impromptu ponytail to squeeze most of the water out of it. Most of the class was sitting in the common room, and Kirishima snuck up on Sero, who was playing a game on the couch, and smacked his wet and cold hands onto the back of his neck. The taller boy yelped in shock and recoiled so hard he almost fell over, and Bakugo laughed until he was wheezing.

“What the hell man!?” Sero touched the back of his neck and did a double take when he saw how soaked they were. “Wait did it start raining already? You guys could have texted me i could have brought you umbrellas.”

“The bath is still on-” Midoriya pointed out, his voice a bit awkward. “If you want to warm up?”

“You’re gonna get a cold!” Mina declared, slapping Kirishima's hand away as he tried to grab her neck as well. She recoiled and practically climbed across the couch to avoid his cold hands “No way! I just took a bath get your gross mud-hands away!”

Bakugo caught her by the bare shoulders and she jumped up to hit them with a throw-pillow, pushing them into the elevator with the poor pillow as a buffer between them. “GO GET CHANGED ALREADY! GROSS!”

She pushed the button for them and held out the pillow like a weapon until the doors closed.

“Bath sounds nice.” Kirishima sighed, he felt bubbly and warm inside but his skin was so cold. He reached out and hooked a finger around Bakugo's pinky, admiring the way that his face reddened at the simple gesture. “Everyone else should have finished bathing now.”

Bakugo glanced at their fingers. “If you're going to hold my hand, do it properly.”

“My hands are dirty though!” Kirishima raised the one that wasn't connected with Bakugo, it was covered in mud since he fell, rather was pushed, into the puddle.

“Let's just get out of these clothes already.” Bakugo didn't pull his hand away as he lead Kirishima to his room, but then Kirishima paused, their hands extending. “I gotta get clothes to change in after the bath-”

“Just bring some over and put them in my room.” Bakugo frowned. “It's annoying that you always gotta go to your room for shit.”

“Oh! Okay!” Kirishima's cheeks hurt from the size of his smile, and he happily rushed to his own room, giddy as he shed his soaked clothes and tossed them into the 'dirty laundry corner' that was right next to his laundry basket. He washed his hands so he wouldn't get any more clean clothes wet, he pulled on a used pair of shorts to be decent and pulled some of his clean clothes out of their closet, tip toeing over to Bakugo's room.

The blond was already wearing the black track pants that Kirishima had borrowed when he went downstairs a while ago and rummaging around in his full size closet. Bakugo had a lot of clothes, most of them black. When Kirishima entered, Bakugo reached out for the clothes he was holding. “This drawer can be yours.” Kirishima's stomach did flips as he handed the three pairs of shorts and a few t-shirts over, and Bakugo frowned at the number of his hoodies.

“How many damn Crimson Riot sweaters do you have?” Bakugo unfolded one, his dark red exclusive one. The one with the pointed-pompadour hood. His favorite one.

“like four? maybe five. I really like them.” Kirishima apologized, he'd only brought two over. “I'm gonna wear this one after we bathe, so you don't have to put that one away.”

“Fine.” Bakugo tossed it over, tucking the other one away into the shelf, well Kirishima's shelf. There was suddenly a dot of color in the ocean of black, it looked weird and Kirishima could tell that Bakugo was thinking the same thing. They stood there in silence for a bit, watching the bright reds and army greens in the pile of muted tones. Then Bakugo huffed and turned around, picking up his own set of clean clothes as they headed for the baths.



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Chapter Text


When it was this late in the evening, Kirishima and Bakugo had both expected the baths to be empty. Rinsing off before he got in, Kirishima closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm water on his cold skin. It washed off the mud and the chill, leaving him warm and comfortable. He decided to wait until Bakugo was ready to move to the tub before he stopped, he didn't want to turn off the water until the last minute.

“Aren't you going to get in?” Bakugo huffed, standing over Kirishima in all his naked glory. He still had some marks from the night before and Kirishima let his eyes linger on it for a bit before he agreed and got up. It was interesting how seeing Bakugo naked hadn't become an inherently sexual thing, despite the stuff they'd already done. He figured there was still a difference between “sexy naked” and “normal naked”.

Kirishima tip toed over to the tub, getting in and immersing himself fully, before returning to the surface to beam up at Bakugo.

“Idiot.” Bakugo huffed softly, pushing Kirishima's soaked hair out of his face before he got into the tub as well, pausing as soon as he was waist deep in the water. He stared across the tub, and Kirishima glanced over his shoulder, his brows rising when he saw Kaminari staring at them from the far end of the tub. He looked a little bit shocked and distressed and he was curled up as if he was trying to make himself invisible.

“Oh! Kaminari!” Kirishima moved over to the electric blond. “Why didn't you say something man?”

“You saw NOTHING.” Bakugo held out a finger, his ears red. “-and don't fuckin' dare zap us while we're in the tub, I'll kill you.”

“I wouldn't do that!” Kaminari angrily splashed over to Bakugo, his face red. “You guys weren't gonna do anything weird in the tub right?”

“I don't think so?” Kirishima shrugged and looked over at Bakugo, who scowled at him. “Why are you in the tub so late anyway? Sero and the others already had a bath.”

“uh- I just felt like bathing alone, that's all.” Kaminari fumbled, sinking down in the tub until only his head was sticking out. “clear my head and just think about stuff.”

“Like how you blew up that fuckin' machine today?” Bakugo glared, Kaminari straightened his back, eyes wide. Kirishima blinked in confusion, looking from one blond to the other..

“Uh- the machine was defective-” He tried arguing, despite Bakugo rolling his eyes at him. “It was registering too many questions-”

“It wasn't defective.” Bakugo but his arms over the edge. Leaning back and closing his eyes, as if what he was saying was no big deal. “He was feeding it electricity and it blew up.”

“I didn't do it on purpose!” Kamiari yelled, hitting the surface of the water with an open palm. “by the time I registered it, it was too late!”

“You're too fuckin' emotional.” Bakugo frowned without even looking at Kaminari. “if you're gonna snap right now then get out of the tub, I don't want to get electrocuted.”

“I wasn't trying to hurt ANYONE.”

“Hey-” Kirishima held out his hands to calm down the electric blond. “calm down man, no one got hurt.”

“YOU did! You were bleeding! You NEVER bleed!” Kaminari practically snarled, and Kirishima gestured to his healed up torso to prove it.

“I'm fine. I barely felt it.” Kirishima assured the blond, who seemed to calm down considerably at seeing him all healed up, he settled back into the water tiredly. “what's eating at you man? You're so jumpy lately.”

“I just- have stuff to think about.” Kaminari sighed, running a soaked hand through his hair and peeling it back to reveal his face properly.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Kirishima offered, even if he could hear Bakugo groaning besides him. He ignored him. Bakugo had gotten all of his attention for several hours now, and Kaminari seemed pretty wound up.

“I don't know.” Kaminari sighed and sank into the tub, bubbles rising from his mouth as he immersed his face below the waterline. When he returned, his face was dripping and his hair was sticking to his face. “Can I just like... vent to you about some stuff?”

“Dude.” Kirishima patted Kaminari’s shoulder. “Go ahead.”

“Okay so I'm straight.” Kaminari put his hands out as if he was holding something in front of him, his voice determined and his lines rehearsed. Kirishima wondered how long he’d been thinking about this.. “I like girls. Girls are good. They are pretty and smell nice and I want to spoil them and take them on dates and compliment their outfits-”

Kirishima couldn't really relate, but he really wanted to try, so have gave a single firm nod to show Kaminari that he was following his explanation. “Yeah. They smell like lotion and nice shampoo.”

“Right?!” Kaminari pointed as if Kirishima had pointed out something crucial. “They are so soft and delicate!”

“What fuckin' girls are you referring to?” Bakugo frowned from across the tub. “I don't think a single girl in our class could be considered delicate.

“Yeah, the girls in our class are pretty hardcore.” Kirishima hummed. They were all pretty manly. “Maybe Hagakure? I don't know what she looks like, but she's kinda short and her legs are thin I guess?”

“Would you guys just let me finish!?” Kaminari splashed them both vengefully. “I'm not just talking about the girls in class, I'm talking about girls in general!”

“Yeah, you wanna talk about superficial shit and get them presents and stuff, we fuckin' get it.” Bakugo rolled his seyes. “-and what do you want in return? Sex?”

Kaminari stared at Bakugo dumbstruck and Kirishima decided to rephrase Bakugo's rather inconsiderate question.

“He has a point though, you keep talking about what YOU want to do, but what do you want from your girlfriend?” Kirishima caught Kaminari's attention with a prod at his leg under the water. “Maybe if you figure out what KIND of girl you want, you can find one and stop flirting with ALL of them?”

Kaminari looked confused for a bit, his brow furrowed. “What KIND of girl I want?”

“Yeah! Like... you can't expect your partner not to want to do stuff for you back.” Kirishima laughed awkwardly, well aware that Bakugo was staring at him in amusement. This was the exact thing he'd almost messed up at the start of their relationship, but he'd learned! Now it was time to give Kaminari the heads up. “So, what would you want your girlfriend to do for you?”

“uh- I hadn't thought about that,” Kaminari's brow furrowed a bit. “but it wouldn't JUST be sex!” Kaminari frowned at Bakugo. “I wanna do other couple-stuff too!”

“Like?” Bakugo arched a brow at him, and Kaminari thought about it long and hard.

“I guess I'd want her to compliment my outfits too? We could match sometimes.” His cheeks started flushing up as he thought about it, his imagination picking up. “-and it would be nice if she sometimes bought me a drink i liked or something, so i know that she’s paying attention to what I like. Maybe if she told me I'm handsome and stuff.”

Kirishima and Bakugo exchanged a look, both thinking the same thing.

“I guess it would be cool if we could just cuddle?” Kaminari' voice picked up a bit more as his excitement got the better of him, his eyes sparkling with joy at the thought. “You know like just sit around and play games, read magazines or watch TV and stuff like that. Stuff I do alone, just... with someone else? Without it being weird.”

“You don't usually do that stuff alone though.” Kirishima pointed out and Bakugo huffed as he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“You do all that shit with Tape-face.” The blond snorted, pointing out the obvious to Kaminari, who suddenly deflated, pulling his knees in as he suddenly looked very vulnerable.

“Can I tell you something?” the honey eyed blond looked up at him with a very hesitant expression, his brow furrowed seriously. He also glanced at Bakugo, licking his lips nervously. “You can't tell anyone.”

“uh, sure?” Kirishima swallowed thickly. “We won't tell.”

“I dreamt I kissed Sero.” Kaminari closed his eyes, his face completely red. “It was super real too! Like it was like I could feel it, you know? Almost like a wet dream, where your body just kinda makes the feeling up for your brain.”

“uh-” Kirishima realized he was probably going to have to lie. He was an awful liar.

“I don't know why I dreamt it either okay?!” Kaminari mumbled, his face completely red. “I don't know why! I just- He was saying a bunch of really romantic things and it just felt like I couldn't breathe and then-”

“Sounds to me you're not straight at all.” Bakugo snorted and Kaminari frowned at him.

“It was just one dream!” Kaminari hissed defensively, more agitated than Kirishima had seen him in a long time. “I like girls!”

“You CAN like both.” Kirishima pointed out helpfully, watching as Kaminari deflated, sinking into the tub. Kirishima reached down and pulled his friend up to the surface, writing the wetness around his eyes off as just bathwater. “Do you think you like both? Because I think you might like both.”

“It's scary.” Kaminari sighed into his palms. “-but I think that might be it. But I haven't like... jerked off to dudes or anything though? So am I really into guys?”

“I don't think you need to validate anything?” Kirishima shrugged. “I don't think you have to be equally attracted to girls and boys for it to count? You can like, be 90% into girls and 10% into boys and still be bisexual.”

Kaminari stared at him. “How do you know so much about this?”

“I'm not an expert.” Kirishima shrugged so hard his shoulders reached his flushed ears. “When I was figuring myself out I thought I was bi so I read a bunch until I realized I was just into dudes.”

“I see.” Kaminari hummed, staring at the water for a few seconds. His brow suddenly furrowed and his shoulders tensed up. “so does this mean I have a crush on Sero now?”

“I uh- don't know?” Kirishima sank back into the tub next to Bakugo, who moved his arm from the edge of the tub over to Kirishima's shoulders. The weight felt nice. “Do you?”

“I don't know!? Maybe? I mean I had that dream?” Kaminari ran a hand through his hair in distress before he dropped them down in the tub in exasperation. “But we're friends! Isn't it weird!?”

“It's pretty normal to be friends with someone before you start dating them.” Kirishima gestured to himself and Bakugo. “You know, get to know them first? See if you have stuff in common?”

“But- getting to know people is what you do on dates.” Kaminari's brow furrowed. “I know a ton of stuff about Sero already. If we- uh- went on a date- It would just be like normal? I mean-” Kaminari's eyes were darting from one spot to another wildly, his voice was picking up nervously and his face was slowly turning redder. “We just- We already do stuff like go out to eat and to the arcade and to the movies- there's- nothing left? We already- I've- uuuuh-”

“dates are-” Bakugo finally broke the silence for a bit, after apparently paying close attention to this entire situation. “dates aren't just to make people like you.” He echoed what Kirishima had told him confidently, his eyes focused on the confused blond across from them. “I thought so too at first but-”

“We went on a date this week! We're already dating. It was just for fun.” Kirishima continued, super happy that Bakugo was trying to help. He could tell that Bakugo was feeling a bit more sympathetic than usual, and he didn't know if it was because Kaminari looked close to having a panic attack or because he could somehow relate to Kaminari's crisis. “It was just like hanging out before we started dating, just with a bit more kissing.”

Kaminari stared at them, his eyes wide as he tried to register what they were saying. Then he groaned loudly, smacking his face into the surface of the water until the groans floated up in gurgling bubbles. Kirishima glanced over at Bakugo, who was watching Kaminari with a slightly concerned look. On closer inspection, Kirishima could see that Kaminari's shoulders were shaking.

Once the blond resurfaced with a loud gasp for air, his eyes were red and it wasn't from the bathwater. “I don't WANT to have a crush on Sero.”

“Why not?” Kirishima was kinda rooting for his friends to get together, and even if he couldn't tell Kaminari that Sero liked him, he might be able to just get Kaminari to take that first step. “You could talk to him and-”

“-and what? Have him say 'sorry Kaminari, but I like someone else. I hope we can still be friends though!' “ Kaminari spat out the words, changing his tone slightly in an attempt to sound more like Sero. He was glaring at him, his eyes watering up. “That's just Jiro all over again! I just want to like someone and have them like me back! Just ONCE.”

Hey .” Bakugo frowned, glaring at Kaminari. “I get that you're upset and shit, but don't lash out at Eijiro. He's trying to help your sorry ass. No one owes you their fuckin' feelings.”

Kaminari seemed to realise his error and he groaned, sticking his head back underwater for a few seconds before he resurfaced. He inhaled deeply, and climbed out of the tub, wrapping a towel around his waist. “Sorry Kirishima. I appreciate you man, honest.”

“I uh- just think you should talk to Sero about this.” Kirishima offered again, carefully. “REALLY.”

“Why would i bother when I know he likes someone else?.” Kaminari sighed. “I mean, besides, I've never liked guys before? Maybe it's just a phase or something. Maybe I'm just angry that Sero's heartbroken and I just want to help out a bro?”

“Sounds like a bunch of shit excuses to me.” Bakugo frowned. “You and tape face should just date each other.”

“Yeah. Sure. whatever you say, man.” Kaminari pulled on his pants and shirt. “You have no idea what it's like to have a crush on someone that doesn't like you back.”

“I still have eyes. You weren't this messed up when you liked earlobes.” Bakugo accused smugly. “I bet you're just fuckin' scared because you actually have REAL feelings for someone and you just realized that all your shitty crushes so far have just been you thinking with your dick.”

The silence that filled the bathroom was oppressive. Kaminari didn't even have a comeback, the electric blond just stared at Bakugo in horror, eyes wide and jaw slack. Suddenly, Kaminari grabbed his towel and kicked on his slippers as he ran out of the bathroom. Kirishima looked over at Bakugo, who fixed him with a stern glare.

“Stop trying to fix shit that's not your business to fix.” Bakugo frowned.

“But- they're my friends!” Kirishima groaned long, and Bakugo grabbed his face with a wide open palm, squishing Kirishima's mouth closed and pulling at his cheeks with his fingers.

“This shit makes you sad.” Bakugo reiterated harsly. “Stop getting dragged into shit that makes you sad.”

“But I want to help them!” Kirishima groaned from somewhere in Bakugo's palm. He licked at the soaked skin and Bakugo jerked his hand back at the tickling sensation and Kirishima just leant over to press his forehead into Bakugo's shoulder tiredly.

“Tape face's crush is him, right?” Bakugo's hand came to rest comfortably on the back of Kirishima's soaked head. “That's why you looked like you were about to shit yourself through half of that conversation.”

Kirishima nodded into Bakugo's shoulder. He was so emotionally tired. “Don't tell anyone. I promised Sero.”

“I didn't promise anything.” Bakugo huffed rolling his eyes and looking away as Kirishima frowned.

“promise!” Kirishima grabbed Bakugo's chin and forced him to look at him.

“it's just going to make this entire thing fuckin' worse.” Bakugo sneered.

“Promise me, Katsuki!” Kirishima urged. “I don’t want them to find out I told you!”

“FINE! ” Bakugo snapped. “I'm not planning to be a part of this damn circus anyway. These clowns can dance around each other until they die for all I care.”

“Thank you.” Kirishima sighed in relief, deflating back onto Bakugo's shoulder. “I'm tired.”

“This is why I'm telling you to stay out of it. You empathize too much, it's gonna get you killed.”

“Being empathetic is a good thing for a hero.” Kirishima rolled his eyes. “-but I get what you mean, I think.”

“There's a bunch of people out there that might have a good reason to break the law.” Bakugo frowned, fingers gently scratching the back of Kirishima's head. “It's not your job to help them out, it's your job to stop them.”

The scratching felt nice and Kirishima enjoyed the feeling while he thought about it. Helping people was what heroes did, but he supposed it mostly applied to people that couldn't defend themselves. Like people without a licence, not the villains themselves. Bakugo was right; like usually. But going after someone who broke the law for a good reason didn't sound easy.

“Stop furrowing your brow over pointless shit like that” Bakugo huffed, his fingers slipping down the front of Kirishima's face to pull his brows up his forehead. “You're gonna get wrinkles before you're 20.”

“GASP!” Kirishima looked at Bakugo, faking outrage and shock with his best serious face. “Are you telling me you're only dating me for my looks?”

“Wh-” Bakugo was taken aback by the tone and accusation, his eyes slightly widening in dread. The slight cracking of the blond's voice was so funny that Kirishima couldn't hold in his laughter, bursting out into loud almost painful snorts at his boyfriend's expense. Bakugo's panic morphed into embarrassed anger in a second.

“WELL I'M NOT FUCKIN' DATING YOU FOR YOUR SHITTY SENSE OF HUMOR.” Bakugo snarled out angrily and splashed water in his face in retaliation, Kirishima was laughing so hard he swallowed water, he was wheezing and coughing and struggling to get away from Bakugo who was only making his breathing more difficult by attempting to get him in a headlock in the middle of the tub.

“I'M SORRY! IT WAS JUST SUCH A GOOD CHANCE-” Kirishima pleaded for his life, tears of laughter streaming down his face as he splashed around in an attempt to get Bakugo's slippery hands off his shoulders. His stomach hurt and Bakugo was practically shrieking into his ear in indignation and fury.


“I WON'T!” Kirishima laughed in between his coughs and sputtering of water as Bakugo tackled him into the water. “I WON'T- I'M SORRY-”

The door was suddenly kicked open with such a loud clattering they both slipped on the tub and went under for a second, by the time they resurfaced, coughed up water and blinked the water out of their eyes, Aizawa was standing on the soaked floor at the edge of the tub, his hair floating gently and his eyes glowing ominously in the dark of the room.

“What do you two think you are doing?”

“Uh...” they exchanged looks, and Kirishima pushed his hair out of his face. “Bathing?”

“Oh? Well it's 10:30 pm and I'm here to drain the tub.” Aizawa pushed his sleeve up while maintaining eye contact as he stuck his arm into the water, pulling the chain, and by extension the plug, out of the tub. The water started draining slowly as he continued. “There will be no more playing, rough-housing or flirting in the tub from now on and you two are going to clean up this mess.”

They both nodded.

“Good.” Aizawa nodded once, then he wiped his arm on a towel and left the bathroom, slipping off his soaked slippers and padding barefoot into the common area. Kirishima and Bakugo waited until they could hear that Aizawa was out of earshot before they exchanged looks, the water now down to their waist and it was getting pretty cold.

“Stop fuckin' getting me in trouble!” Bakugo snarled at Kirishima, flipping his boyfriend off across the tub.

“I'm the one who was drowning!” Kirishima whispered loudly under his breath as they both got out to wipe themselves down. They tied their towels off around their waist and got to work wiping up the mess they had made in silence.

Kirishima was starting to worry that Bakugo was actually mad at him when the blond spoke up.

“Your looks have nothing to do with it.”

Kirishima paused his wiping, staring at this reflection in the tiles. He'd been told he was handsome a few times since he started wearing his hair out of his face, but aside from the red in his hair and his slanted eyes, he didn't get it.

“I know that, but you've also told me you think I'm hot.” Kirishima challenged, sitting back on the floor, feeling the towel dampen under him. “What part do you like?”

“I don't know.” Bakugo wasn't looking at him, angrily wiping at the floor. “Your face, I guess? Your body is good too.”

“What part of my face?” Kirishima crossed his legs, pushing his towel down between them for the pretense of modesty.

“What are you, a girl all of a sudden?” Bakugo growled, his ears red. “Why does it matter what I like?”

“I'm just curious.” Kirishima confessed, shrugging as he resumed wiping up the edge of the tub. “but I guess it's stupid, you don't have to answer.”

“Your eyes.” Bakugo said after a full minute of silence. “Your lashes are stupidly long and dark. Your eye-scar leaves this one bald spot in your lash line too, it's super obvious when your eyes are closed.”

“oh.” Kirishima felt the warm joy seep through his system. He mopped up a bit faster, judging from how warm he felt, his face was probably red.

“It used to piss me off how good looking you were when you started hounding me.” Bakugo continued, finishing up his part of the cleaning and getting dressed.

“you mean before I befriended you?” Kirishima snorted as he finished up and joined Bakugo in getting dressed. “I didn't notice you looking at me like that at all.”

“That's because you're always busy talking to literally everyone you meet.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “-and you do that fuckin' annoying thing where you close your eyes when you laugh.”

“You were checking me out way back then? Are you SURE it wasn't love at first sight, bro?” Kirishima teased, elbowing Bakugo who frowned at him in disgust at the very idea.

“Love at first sight is fuckin' bullshit.” Bakugo frowned. “I was just trying to figure out how someone as carefree and happy-go-lucky as you could come in second in the entrance exams.”

“Oh yeah! Man! I didn't know either; I just gave it my all” Kirishima grinned widely as he remembered the buzz in his system once he'd learned he'd come in second, they gathered their dirty clothes and left the bathroom. They walked past some of their classmates, Kirishima waved the late-squad goodnight as they passed, but the sound of Sero vaulting over the couch caused both of them to turn around to look up at the taller boy.

“Hey man.” Kirishima questioned as Sero got into the elevator behind them. “Going to bed too?”

“Yeah.” Sero pressed the button for the fifth floor ominously, then dropped his finger down and selected all the floors below. Kirishima glanced up, and noticed Sero's usual triangular smile was missing. “What did you guys say to Kaminari at the baths?”

“What?” Kirishima was a bit startled by the ominous tone in Sero's voice, Bakugo was already cursing him out for pressing all the buttons, but Sero didn't seem too bothered.

“He just ran past without even saying good night earlier. He looked like he was crying.” Sero's voice was very calm, a bit too calm. “Did you guys make him cry?”

“We didn't make him do anything.” Bakugo huffed, arms crossed in annoyance as the elevator stopped at the second floor. “What we talked about is none of your business.”

“Yeah, I just-” Sero took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I don't like it when he's sad.”

“Neither do we.” Kirishima confessed honestly, he wondered if he should just tell Sero. Wasn't keeping promises that made people unhappy a stupid thing to do anyway? “He's working through some stuff right now, we were just trying to help him out.”

“If he started crying about it, then he needed to hear it.” Bakugo frowned, crossing his arms and stepping between Kirishima and Sero. “You guys are both idiots by the way.”

The door chimed on the second floor, where Mineta, Midoriya, Tokoyami and Aoyama's rooms were. The hallway was deserted and the elevator waited patiently for a moment, before it accepted that no one was getting off and it closed slowly.

“Wait- Did you tell Bakugo?” Sero looked over at Kirishima, his face full of disbelief.

“He didn't tell me shit. You're fuckin' fawning over dunce-face obviously enough on your own.” Bakugo rolled his eyes. “the only one stupid enough to not pick up on it is the idiot himself.”

“Oh yeah? First you think I have a crush on Kirishima, then you think I have a crush on Kaminari? Who's next? You?” Sero snorted, but his ears were red and the corners of his mouth twitched nervously.

“You better not.” Bakugo frowned. “not only don't you stand a chance, but you'd prolonging this whole annoying drama.”

“What are you talking about?” Sero frowned. “If you're calling me ugly just say it outright man, that stuff stopped hurting my feelings back in middle school.”

“I'm not! Would you get your damn self-esteem in check already? Shit's annoying as hell.” Bakugo rolled his eyes as the elevator door opened up. “I'm saying that sparky likes you. He straight up told us at the baths. Eijiro promised he wouldn't say anything, but I didn't.”

“H-Hey!” Kirishima's jaw dropped and his eyes widened in shock at the indelicate way Bakugo dropped that bomb. The blond wasn't wrong, he HADN'T promised to keep it a secret, but this sorta stuff was delicate! You can't just drop it on someone like that!

“I'll share him with you idiots because he likes to be around you and shit, but I'm not gonna share him with your stupid drama.” Bakugo exited the elevator as both Kirishima and Sero stared at him in wide eyed shock. The blond raised a single finger at Sero. “YOU don't like it when dunce-face is upset, and I don't like it when MY idiot is upset either, so sort this shit out and do it NOW.”

Bakugo turned his attention to Kirishima. “I'm going to bed. If you're not in my room in 20 minutes, I'm locking the door.”

The elevator closed, leaving Kirishima and Sero alone for the ride up to the top floor. Sero was still staring at the spot in the elevator door that had been Bakugo's eye level, his face pale and expressionless.

The silence was maddening.

“He's right, like usually.” Kirishima broke it, he couldn't take it. “If this gets any more complicated, it's gonna end badly.”

Sero turned to him, his eyes wide in disbelief. “Is it true?”

“Yeah.” Kirishima sighed, he was too tired to even attempt to lie. “it's what we were talking about at the baths. He also thinks you like that made up guy from your middle school, so he's upset that no one likes him back.”

“That's- that really IS stupid.” Sero's face fell, and then he laughed, it started out soft and then got brighter and cheerier. “he was crying for ME?”

“Don't tell him we told you though.” Kirishima ran a hand through his hair. “You guys should really talk it out.”

“Are you kidding? I'm gonna text him right now-” Sero pulled his phone from his pocket excitedly, his smile wide as his fingers hesitated over the lock screen. “so he's bi then?”

“Yeah. That's what he thinks.” the elevator pinged the fifth floor, but neither of them got out, so it closed the doors and remained in place. “I think so too, I know he's liked girls before, but he said he liked you.”

“Wait, does he like guys , or does he like me ?” Sero's brow furrowed.

“You're a guy, so both?” Kirishima shrugged, but Sero's smile shrunk a molar, a concerned furrow on his brow.

“I'm the only guy he's liked?” Sero arched a brow incredulously, Kirishima nodded and Sero's phone lowered. “There's no way I'm the guy that made him realise he's bi.”

“What? You think he's liked someone else?” Kirishima was confused and a bit concerned. This entire mess was a single text message away from being solved, and now the phone screen flickered black.

The taller boy was staring at the floor for a bit, until he seemed to realise something. “It was the kiss, wasn't it?”

“Uh, Kaminari said he thought it was a dream so-” Kirishima started, but was cut off immediately by Sero bursting out into an almost painful sounding gut-busting laughter. It was a bit terrifying actually, Kirishima didn't know what to do, so when he noticed there were tears forming in Sero's eyes, he just put out his hands and pulled him into a hug. He didn't know what else to do. It sounded so painful.

“He's not into guys at all!” Sero wheezed, as if this was all some sort of hilarious joke. “He just THINKS he is because I kissed him! He's confusing how he actually feels with how he THINKS he feels. This is just a giant mess!”

Kirishima just hugged him closer, it hurt. It hurt so much.

“Talk about projecting, am I right? I'm projecting so hard on him I'm making him question his own sexuality!” Sero wheezed and sighed as he caught his breath. He wiped tears from his eyes, patting Kirishima's shoulder to be released from the hug. “Thanks man. I'm glad stuff can go back to normal.”

“What? Normal?” Kirishima was reeling in confusion. Things shouldn't go back to NORMAL, they should go to BETTER than normal!

“Yeah, of course.” Sero sighed and it sounded so relieved that Kirishima's heart tensed in distaste at the sound. Sero clicked the door button. “Now that I know he thinks it was just a dream, I can stop worrying about him hating me.”

“Wh- but he likes you!”

“Nah, he THINKS he likes me, he'll forget about this whole thing as soon as he sees a cute girl.” Sero pocketed his phone, and it angered Kirishima how genuine his smile was. “I'm just glad everything can go back to normal. I can have my friend back.”


“You're a good dude Kirishima, I know you want to help. But it's better this way.” Sero patted his shoulder before stepping out of the elevator. “Go make out with Bakugo or something. I've dealt with unrequited crushes before, I'll be fine.”

“It's not unrequited! I just- I want you both to be happy.” Kirishima threw his hands up, it was SO frustrating. He felt genuinely angry. “Why won't you two just have a fuckin' conversation!?”

“Language!” Sero laughed, shaking his head. “Bakugo's bad influence on you bro. He's tarnishing your sunshine image, first he covers you in bitemarks and now this?” Sero tsk-ed teasingly at him before backing down the hallway to his room. “Thanks for real man. You're a super good friend, but Bakugo's right; this drama is just dragging on. I'll go to bed.”

Kirishima watched Sero go to his room until the elevator door closed. The worst part was that not only did it feel incredibly unsatisfying, but he also had a feeling Sero wasn't even going to cry about it. Kirishima was fuming. He jammed his thumb into the elevator button for the fourth floor, his jaw set angrily as he stomped down the hallway and practically broke down Bakugo's door as he entered.

Bakugo was already in bed, scrolling through his phone. He glared up at Kirishima when he entered with so much noise, but his glare softened when Kirishima stomped over, dropping himself face first into bed and by extension Bakugo. He clung to him, his frustrated growls drowned out in Bakugo's chest as the blond dropped his phone and put a hand on his back.

He didn't ask, and Kirishima didn't say, simply making noise until he had groaned out the edge of his temper. He had no idea how Bakugo could stay angry for so long all the time, he deflated tiredly, enjoying the feeling of Bakugo's hand on his head.

“Good.” Bakugo said in a neutral pleased tone.

“Good? What's good about it!?” Kirishima pulled his face free of Bakugo's chest to glare at the blond. “They won't talk about it!”

“It's good that you're angry, you've been letting them waste your time.” Bakugo frowned.

Kirishima glowered at his boyfriend, but the longer he thought about it, the more he realised there wasn't really anything he could do if neither of his friends WANTED his help. “you know what? You're right.”

“I always am, dipshit.” Bakugo snorted victoriously, pressing Kirishima's face back into his chest as he typed casually on his phone.

“I just want them to be happy.” He whined, burying his face in Bakugo's chest again, throwing his arm across his boyfriend's body. Bakugo made a loud annoyed sound, but didn't push him away. Kirishima wondered if he could just stay here until he suffocated in Bakugo's chest. It wouldn't be a bad way to go. To be honest, he couldn't really think of a better way to go.


Done what?” Kirishima's head snapped up just in time to see Bakugo press send on his own phone, turning it to Kirishima to show him the proof.

“I texted him. Told him I found out tape face liked him. Now you aren't breaking your stupid promise, and they can work it out themselves.” Bakugo practically snorted, still holding his phone out smugly. “Can you go back to normal now? You've been in a shitty mood ever since the baths.”

“YOU TEXTED HIM?” Kirishima scrambled up to grab Bakugo's phone, looking at his text history with Kaminari, only to see a single outgoing messages that literally read :


'Found out tape-face has a crush on you, so stop whining and do something about it.'


Kirishima facepalmed at the bluntness of the message, but relief also washed over him. It was out of his hands now. There was nothing left he could do for either of them.

There was also a message from Kaminari above the current outgoing one, it read:


I think it was like 50k yen? That's what's listed online at least.


Kirishima glanced up at the message above that which was a simple “how much were they” from Bakugo, but the moment his eyes strayed up the message history Bakugo snapped his phone out of his hand, his face red as he deleted his entire message history.

“Was that about the night vision goggles?” Kirishima practically coo-ed, and Bakugo looked like he was about to break his phone on Kirishima's face.

“Don't read my fuckin' texts!” Bakugo snarled, his nostrils fanned in anger, his cheeks bright red.

"You showed me your phone!” Kirishima rolled his eyes, allowing himself to fall back into bed. “You didn't have to pay me back you know.”

“I wanted to.” Bakugo frowned, tossing his phone onto the mattress before he lay down next to Kirishima, glaring at him thoughtfully. “You were all sad and shit, besides, you spent all your cash on those stupid things, I would have felt like I owed you or something, I don't owe anyone anything.”

“I wasn't doing it so you'd owe me, I just wanted you back.” The words made the corners of Bakugo's frown twitch slightly. Kirishima pulled at the hem of Bakugo's shirt tiredly, his body got all cold and numb when he thought about nervously watching the news for days. Hoping, desperately hoping, to hear that Bakugo was back.

“Stupid.” Bakugo huffed, propping his head up as he watched Kirishima carefully. “You know ponytail could have just made goggles.”

“I didn't expect she'd want to come along. I kinda thought it would be just me, Todoroki and maybe Midoriya.” Kirishima closed his eyes, he remembered standing outside the hospital with his heart in his chest. “I just wanted to pull my own weight, I couldn’t think of anything else I would have been useful for.”

It was true, he had felt like he was helping Midoriya save Bakugo, but in the end, it had been the other way around. Midoriya had been helping him . He could still remember the way his heart had thundered in his chest. He could still feel it when he thought about it.


It has to be you.


With his eyes closed and the sound of his own heartbeat buzzing in his ears, he was taken by slight surprise when he felt the warmth on his lips. The warm breath on his face smelled like toothpaste, and then the slightly chapped press of lips on his own soothed him down to his very core.

Bakugo made him feel so good. Not just because kissing was amazing, but because even if he had a very loud and bombastic presence, it was so reassuring and solid. He just felt so safe when Bakugo was around, he knew people would probably scoff at it given how violent the blond could be. But as he felt a hand on his face to turn it more towards the blond, he felt like he could just lay here, with his eyes closed, forever.

He kissed back, indulging in the taste of toothpaste and Bakugo, sprawled motionlessly on the bed until he felt a weight shift and a chest press against his. He opened his eyes to update his surroundings, but he just barely managed to see Bakugo hovering over him before the blond ran a hand across his face to close his eyes again, thumb gently ghosting across his eye scar. He obeyed, closing his eyes as his hands sought the warm body above him as he let his hands rest on Bakugo's hips as they kissed.

Slowly it got more aggressive, hungrier, but in the most lazy way possible. It wasn't arousal driving the kisses, but something else. Kirishima wondered what Bakugo was thinking, why he kissed him so feverishly, why he dragged his fingers across his shoulders so eagerly. What did he want from him? Was it something he could give? Was it something he'd already given?

Soon Kirishima's mouth was free of kisses and he sighed contently, wondering if he could get away with opening his eyes now that Bakugo was kissing his jaw and neck. He opened one eye as sneakily as possible, red immediately meeting red as Bakugo's gaze nailed him to the spot. Caught red handed.

He wanted to immediately screw his eyes shut in an attempt to get away with it, but he couldn't look away. The blond rose up on his elbows, hovering over him for a bit as he looked at him contemplatively. It was impossible to try to read what Bakugo was thinking, so Kirishima just lay there, feeling his body melt into warm content goo under the gaze.

“Do you want to have sex tomorrow?” Bakugo brought it up so casually, Kirishima's eyes widened slightly at the question.

“Yeah?” Kirishima nodded, his body tensing up as his skin suddenly felt very sensitive. He clung to the hem of Bakugo's shirt, excitement pooling in his veins. “We could have sex now if you want?”

“No, I mean like, in the ass.” Bakugo elaborated ineloquently, the tips of his ears red.

“Yeah! Sounds good?” Kirishima awkwardly managed to get out of his suddenly super dry mouth. “uh, I mean, I'm up for it.“

“Idiot, we have class tomorrow and we should have been in bed like an hour ago.” Bakugo frowned, scowling at the pillow besides Kirishima's head. “-and it takes forever to prepare, so we can't right now.”

“That's true-” Kirishima agreed reluctantly, but his body was betraying his excitement at the subject. “If we do it tomorrow after class, we'll have all day so we don't have to worry about how long it takes!”

“-and there's no hero class to worry about on Sunday, so if I'm sore it's fine.” the determination in Bakugo's tone was lighting a fire in Kirishima's stomach, the blond bit at his lower lip as he considered it. “Yeah, tomorrow, I'm gonna take all of your stupid dick. I'm gonna wreck you.”

“Since we'll have all day-” The place where Kirishima's shoulder touched Bakugo's forearm felt on fire. “D-do you want to do me too?” the voice was his, but Kirishima couldn't remember even thinking the words. His body had blurted them out without even subjecting them to any filter, and now Kirishima's face was burning as Bakugo looked at him with slightly widened eyes.

There was a long silence as the words hung in the air, but Bakugo's expression had already betrayed his answer before he said a word. His expression was shyer than Kirishima had ever seen it before, more vulnerable.

“You want to?” Bakugo broke eye contact for what felt like the first time ever.

“Of course I do, if it's with you.” Kirishima's hand slipped under Bakugo's shirt, touching his lower back gently, he felt the skin prickle pleasantly under his fingertips. “It's a bit scary, yeah, but I want to try it.”

Bakugo stared at the sheets for a thoughtful second before he looked back up at him, his brow slightly furrowed in confusion. “you really don't mind? I thought you were all about being manly?”

“Hey! I wasn't just saying that stuff before just so you'd let me stick it in you know!” Kirishima huffed angrily, frowning at his boyfriend. “I'm super nervous though, so don't think I'm uncool, okay?”

Bakugo's brows rose slightly and the blond snorted. The snort turned into a laugh halfway through, devolving into those loud warm laughs that made Kirishima feel like sunshine on the inside. Bakugo's hands grabbed either side of his face, squishing his cheeks vengefully as his shoulders shook with laughter.

“You're an idiot.” Bakugo snorted, inhaling shakily as he sat up, digging his foot into Kirishima's thigh and pushing him towards the edge of the bed. “Get your ass ready for bed. Your breath smells like fuckin' gasoline.”

“Fine!” Kirishima groaned and rolled over the edge of the bed, stumbling over to the bathroom to get ready to sleep. As he brushed his teeth, he stared at himself in the mirror, his cheeks still warm and his lips red and flushed from kissing.

Nervous excitement was pulling at his spine and his fingers tapped restlessly on the side of the sink. Tomorrow. He spat in the sink, stripping down to his underwear as he slipped under the covers Bakugo had already started warming. The blond immediately stuck his cold feet against Kirishima's shin, leering at him victoriously as he pulled one of Kirishima's legs in between his own.

“That's cold.” Kirishima hissed, frowning at his boyfriend who just pressed his cold feet against him harder.

“Too bad.” Bakugo teased, holding his arm out under the cover, implying he wanted Kirishima to move in closer. Even though he knew he was just going to be used as a heater, Kirishima couldn't resist the invitation, shifting under the blankets until he was pressed flush against the blond, nuzzling into his shoulder happily as Bakugo's arm dropped across his torso. He was already dozing off when he felt Bakugo's nose sinking into the top of his head, and the arm across his body curled up a bit against his back. Kirishima squeezed back.

The feet pressed against his legs were already warm.

Happy new year everyone!!!


Thank you so much for all the comments and Kudos! I super appreciate them, this fandom is the sweetest and most supportive I've been in, I'm overwhelmed!!! I hope you all have an AMAZING 2019!! I'm planning on writing SO much you guys you have NO idea.

super thanks to @QueenOfLiz4rds for the artwork!!! (apparently she thinks i'm making her draw kirishima with his hair down on purpose. It's not my fault he is wet/comfy in like 70% of this fic. )

Chapter Text

Kirishima woke up to Bakugo's phone buzzing. It wasn't his alarm or a phone call, since there was no constant tone or rhythm to it. He kept his eyes closed, his brain trying to catch up fast enough to comprehend what this buzzing could be. He eventually gave in to the annoyance and sat up, curiosity pulling him off his pillow. He reached out for Bakugo's phone and looked at it, the screen was lit and notifications for messages crowded his wallpaper, covering most of the sleeping wallpaper-Kirishima's face.

They were all from Kaminari. In the span of three seconds Kirishima watched two more messages flow in, and he couldn't for the life of him think of a reason why Kaminari would spam Bakugo's phone at 6:43 in the morning, unless he had a death wish. What was going on? Was there a problem? His own phone buzzed to life and Kirishima put Bakugo's phone back on the bed, reaching for his own. He also had a message from Kaminari, he nervously opened it and suddenly remembered everything.

Why did Bakugo text me that Sero liked me?!

Kirishima swallowed thickly, but he also knew that now that he'd read it, Kaminari knew he'd seen his message, so he couldn't pretend he hadn't seen it. He blanked completely, trying to think of something to say, but his phone buzzed in his hand again.

Dude I know you saw my message

then another

i'm on my way to your room put pants on

Kirishima jerked awake at that, glancing at the sleeping Bakugo next to him as he started typing, but before he could even get his message done he got another from Kaminari.

wait you're probably in Bkgs room i'm on my way

Kirishima practically fell out of bed, scrambling to his feet as he sent his half finished message of 'no i'll come to you ' when there was a loud knock on the door. Bakugo was torn awake with a startle and a loud angry groan. He looked at his phone, noting the time and the messages, his jaw set in annoyance as he looked at Kirishima accusingly. “wha'th'fuck Eiji, it's not even 7am-”

Kirishima smiled apologetically and just before Bakugo's head was about to hit the pillow again, Kaminari repeated his knocking, completely waking up the blond, whose tired furious stare snapped to the door with a vicious fanning of Bakugo's nostrils.

“It's okay, I'll get it-” Kirishima was half across the room when Bakugo threw his covers off, stomping past Kirishima and practically tearing the door off its hinges. Kirishima walked over to try to contain some of Bakugo's anger, trying his best to smile at Kaminari, who was standing in the hallway like a knight about to face off a dragon.

“THE FUCK YOU WANT?” Bakugo practically barked at the blond. Kirishima grimaced, if Shouji wasn't awake before, he probably was now.

Kaminari, to his credit, didn't flinch. He stood his ground on his pajamas, his eyes determined and his jaw set. “Why did you send me this?”

Bakugo glared at the phone being held out to him, squinting at the message before his deadly glare turned to Kaminari. “because you two are fuckin' idiots.”

“Shit like that is way crossing the line man!” Kaminari shook his phone angrily at Bakugo. “It's not like you, you're an ass but you're not this malicious!”

“How much fuckin' free time do you think I have?! I wasn't sending you that to hurt your shitty feelings.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, pushing Kaminari's phone into his face. “He likes you, do whatever you want with this information.”

Kaminari turned to Kirishima, his eyes wide and vulnerable and his jaw set in hurt. Kirishima looked his bro in the eyes, those warm, honey brown eyes and sighed. “It's true.”

“R-really?” Kaminari's voice shook a bit as he looked from Kirishima to Bakugo and back. “wh- how do you know? Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck, his slight guilt at sharing a secret completely overridden by his annoyance at Sero's dismissal the night before. This was good, maybe Kaminari would do something about it? Maybe if Kaminari talked to Sero first, they would work it out. Though Sero might also think this was their doing somehow. “Are you gonna talk to him about it? You gotta be careful how you phrase it or he might think you're joking around.”

“Oh.” Kaminari blinked, his brain almost visibly churning to come up with an answer for the question. “I don't... know? How do you flirt with guys?”

“UGH! IT'S NOT EVEN 7 AM!” Bakugo angrily threw his arms up, walking into his room to go to the bathroom. Kirishima remained in the doorway, suddenly a bit more conscious of the fact that he was only wearing his underwear. He crossed his arms as he rest his shoulder on the door frame.

“Maybe instead of flirting, you should just talk to him.” Kirishima urged, his brow pinching together slightly as Kaminari snorted at his suggestion.

“No way! I can finally flirt with someone that likes me, I can't skip on this!” Kaminari's entire face glowing with excitement. Or electric discharge. One was more lethal than the other. “I just don't know how to flirt with guys! and I already know him, so should I just go straight for like the shoulder bump or accidental hand touch?”

“uh-” Kirishima nervously scratched his chin. “I don't... really know? I'm not really a flirt-”

“You and Bakugo were flirting for like WEEKS before you started dating!” Kaminari snorted so loudly that it sounded painful. Bakugo left the bathroom, stopping in his track to stare at them. “Right, Bakugo? Kirishima flirted with you a ton!”

“...are you still here? Get the fuck out!” Bakugo flipped Kaminari off with both hands, and the blond checked the time on his phone, eyes widening in shock. Kirishima knew Kaminari usually woke up at like 6:30 to get his hair done. It was more complicated than Kirishima's, even if Kirishima's hair took longer to set than his.

“I got to get ready for class!” The blond bolted, waving off Kirishima and apologizing to Shouji, who was leaving his room with a confused look in his slanted eyes.

Shouji watched Kaminari run off before he glanced over at Kirishima, who awkwardly waved at the larger student before he withdrew into Bakugo's room. He closed the door behind him, watching Bakugo angrily pull his pants on. “Do you remember me ever flirting? Like before we started dating?”

Bakugo zipped his pants up angrily, allowing them to sag down until they got caught on his hips. “No.”

“Me neither.” Kirishima hummed, leaning against the door thoughtfully. “man, I feel like I did it all in the wrong order.”

“It doesn't matter. Things are good like they are now.” Bakugo rolled his eyes, buttoning up his shirt halfway. “Besides, romance for the sake of romance is pointless.”

“That's really manly.” Kirishima closed his eyes and breathed in deep, motivated by his boyfriend's cool attitude. Bakugo threw shorts at his face.

“Go get your new uniform already.”


Kirishima managed to find Iida on the third floor, brushing his teeth meticulously. He waited patiently as Iida waited for his timer to run out, apparently he brushed his teeth for exactly three minutes. Endearing. Kirishima adored how quirky everyone in class was.

“Ah, Kirishima-kun!” Iida raised a square hand in greeting. “I have already prepared a new uniform for you! Please come with me.”

“Thanks prez! You're super reliable.” Kirishima grinned, and Iida's face lit up with the joy of a job well done.

“Naturally! As class president, It's my duty to make sure everyone in class has proper attire!” Iida shouldered his room open, the extreme order of the room clearly broken by a uniform on a hanger on the back of the door. The orderly teen had pressed and ironed the uniform, all folds orderly and corners straight.

“You didn't have to bother pressing it.” Kirishima felt bad, knowing that he was going to wrinkle it almost immediately.

“How could I have allowed a fellow classmate to wear a wrinkly uniform!?” Iida declared passionately. “Now please make sure you get ready in time to eat breakfast. It's an important meal, it brings out our full potential during class, I will not allow you to skip it!”

“Yeah, alright.” Kirishima took the uniform as gently as he could. “thanks.”

“You are most welcome!” Iida raised a square hand in a salute. “and make sure you bring an umbrella! It's raining outside!”

By the time kirishima managed to go upstairs and get his uniform on, he still had not done his hair and Bakugo was frowning at him impatiently from the bed. He was behind schedule.

“We're going to be late.” Bakugo huffed, arms crossed and back pressed against the wall.

“It's okay, I can do my hair pretty fast, it just takes a bit to set.” Kirishima peeked out of the bathroom, holding his horns up to make sure they were angled right. “You go downstairs and get breakfast. I'll be there in like, ten minutes tops?”

“Your hair looks fine when it's down.” Bakugo huffed, hands in his pockets as he walked over, his face surly. Probably hungry, Bakugo got grumpy when he as hungry.

“It's for my image! My hero image!” Kirishima huffed, spiking the back. “I'll be right there! Just go get something to eat!”

“Fine!” Bakugo rolled his eyes, dragging his feet as he made his way out of the room. Kirishima watched him leave, and as he made his way downstairs, he realized how lonely morning rides in the elevator were. Most of class had already finished their breakfast, and Kirishima smiled his widest as he noticed that his friends were still there, sitting around one of the tables, probably waiting for him.

Bakugo had already gotten him his usual breakfast and juice, placing it at the seat next to him to save Kirishima the time. It made him all soft inside, to know Bakugo knew exactly how he liked his breakfast. He supposed it wasn't strange, he knew Bakugo's preferences as well and they had been eating breakfast together for a while now. He glanced up at his friends, and Mina caught his gaze, her brow suspiciously furrowed as she glanced over at Kaminari and Sero, who were sitting next to her, chatting casually as they ate.

Completely normal.

Kirishima started eating his breakfast as he caught up on the flow of conversation and he couldn't help but be slightly unnerved at how normal it was. He used his lateness as an excuse to focus on eating, observing his friends to look for any signs of the two of them getting together in the less than hour since Kaminari confronted them in Bakugo's room.

Neither of them looked particularly happy and they weren't acting all lovey-dovey, and since mina wasn't freaking out, he supposed they weren't dating already. They would probably tell him, right? They were just talking normally, like nothing ever happened. But then, in the middle of a conversation about a movie Kirishima wasn't paying attention to, it happened.

“We should watch it together!” Kaminari suggested, quite casually, but specifically speaking to Sero. Intense eye contact, body language and tone of voice all suggesting that this was obviously a flirt. Kaminari was a giant flirt, he flirted with girls all the time, so they all recognized it. The only difference was this time; it was directed at Sero.

Sero didn't seem to mind. He didn't even seem to care. Kirishima knew that his friend could pick up on the flirt just as much as they all did, but the taller teen didn't seem to even take it seriously.

“Good idea!” Sero held his glass of orange juice up as he gestured to Kaminari with his free hand. “We can set up a big screen in the common room and see if anyone else wants to see it too! We'll make it a class movie-night..”

“uh-” Kaminari paused, a little bit confused. “We could watch it just the two of us-”

“Yeah, but I know Sato and Midoriya want to see it, and watching a movie with more people is more fun.” Sero shrugged, chugging down his massive glass of orange juice. Sero's breakfast usually consisted of an entire carton of orange juice and not much else. “Do you guys want to see it?” Sero turned to them, and Kirishima fumbled. He wanted to help Kaminari out, so he coughed up some breakfast in the hurry to give his excuse.

“I have plans!” Kirishima tried to dislodge some egg from his throat with a glass of water. He wasn't really lying, he'd already planned to spend the day with Bakugo. “REALLY important ones. I'll be busy.”

“Oh yeah?” Sero arched a suspicious brow at him. “Bummer.”

“I want to see it!” Mina raised her hand, waving it excitedly. So much for helping Kaminari out, Kirishima supposed. “I know Ochako and Jiro want to see it too! I'll ask the girls!”

“We'll all pool in with some snacks and I'll get the movie, this is going to be fun.” Sero turned to Kaminari with a big smile. The blond got flustered for a second, inhaling his juice before he nodded through the coughing. Sero got up to put away his breakfast tray, followed by Mina who jumped up to invite the girls to join them to movie night, leaving Kirishima with the two blonds at the table.

Kaminari gave him a slightly confused glance, and Kirishima shrugged through his mouthful. The electric blond blinked a few times and went back to eating, his expression thoughtful for a long silent minute before he spoke up.

“What just happened?”

“He probably thought you were asking him like a friend?” Kirishima suggested, though he was pretty sure Sero was purposefully trying to ground Kaminari firmly in the friend zone. Too bad it was like trying to contain lightning in a bottle. Kaminari let out a long ponderous hum.

“Well I'm at least going to make it a date, even if the entire class is with us, movies are an excellent chance to sneak a few flirts in.” Kaminari clenched his fist in determination. “I'll bring out my smoothest moves, hand touching, knee bumping, the whole works! He won't be able to think I'm just being friendly then!”

“Be careful you don't cross the line dude, no means no when boys say it too.” Kirishima grimaced, this whole thing was a recipe for disaster, but Kaminari looked happy. “Besides, if you come on too strong you'll make it weird.”

“I know that, but this is SERO we're talking about! He's the most relaxed person I know!” The blond practically jumped to his feet, grinning wide as he went to put his plate away and join Mina and Sero who were excitedly talking to the others in class.

“This is going to be a mess.” Kirishima sighed, rolling his eyes to look at Bakugo, who was staring at him wide eyed. The subtle disbelief and slight flush on his cheeks looked so out of place in the cafeteria, that Kirishima got concerned the others in class might notice and worry the blond was sick or something.

The disbelief faded as soon as they made eye contact and Bakugo shook his head, frowning as he sank back in his chair slightly. “You don't want to see this movie?”

“oh! Sorry, man, I didn't even check with you!” Kirishima facepalmed so hard he had to harden his face a little so it wouldn't hurt. He was an idiot, he didn't even think that Bakugo might actually want to watch the movie! “we can go if you want to see it.”

“That's not what I meant.” Bakugo huffed with a red tint on the tip of his ears. “you fuckin' love wasting your time hanging out with everyone, why the fuck aren't you trying to nag me into going?”

“I don't know.” Kirishima hummed, usually he'd be trying to socialize Bakugo with as much of the class as possible, but today was different. Today he just wanted him all to himself. “I guess I'm just really looking forward to... hanging out today.”

Somehow telling Bakugo that he was looking forward to spending the latter part of the day having sex didn't seem like a good idea in the middle of the common room. The blond seemed to understand what he meant, and he snorted, a corner of his embarrassed frown twitching upwards slightly. Kirishima grinned at the relief written all over Bakugo's face. He was glad he wasn't the only one looking forward to it.

“Put your shit away, we have to go.” Bakugo grabbed Kirishima's face and pushed him to the side as he stood up, his ears still slightly flushed. Kirishima laughed against Bakugo's palm as he hurried to make sure they wouldn't be late.

Class was going to horribly slow but the mixture or excitement and nerves made it feel like it was passing in a blur. Every tick of the clock hurled him closer to the end of the day, he was already high strung on average, but with nervousness and excitement thrumming in his veins he felt restless and incredibly warm.

The concept of virginity was strange. He wouldn't count himself as a virgin, since he'd had sex, but he still hadn't had THAT kind of sex? So was he half virgin still? Was is possible to lose his virginity twice? After an entire math class of pondering, Kirishima came to the conclusion that virginity was either a deeply personal thing or non-existent.

The bell rang to signal lunch break and Kirishima deflated on his table, his heart racing in excitement as he was one class closer to an entire afternoon of just him and Bakugo doing stuff that a year ago he'd doubted he'd ever get to try. Stuff he'd fantasized about. Would they use the same position as last time? They were planning on switching too, and Bakugo had said he wanted to try taking all of it.

Kirishima closed his eyes, his ears flushing as his hormone addled teenage mind contemplated the possibilities. Bakugo on top of him? Bakugo under him- behind him? What was the best? What did he want the most? It all sounded good, so he supposed he'd just let Bakugo choose. Kirishima's heart was thundering and he could feel the anticipation buzzing in his veins. Damn it, he was going to get hard if he kept thinking about it. He had to think about something else.

Kirishima glanced up at the clock. Just 5 more hours.

“Are you going to lunch already?” Bakugo's voice hit him like a truck and he jerked off the table so fast he fell over in his chair and crashed into the table behind him. He managed to steady himself before he ended up on the floor, his face completely red in embarrassment as the rest of the class chuckled at his fumbling.

“Ah- yes.” Kirishima managed to croak out as he sat back in his chair, Bakugo's eyes narrowed at him suspiciously.

“Why are you so jumpy?”

“No reason.” Kirishima shook his head, his face growing redder by the second. It didn't seem like Bakugo was nervous or excited for later, so he felt lame being the only one on edge. He couldn't tell him that he'd been thinking about sex all day either, the blond would get mad at him for not paying attention in class. “I just-”

“Kirishima, we need to talk about movie night.” Mina suddenly appeared into his cone of vision, her smile missing and her dark eyes staring straight into his soul. She grabbed a chair and pulled it over, pushing a furious Bakugo aside before sitting down across the table from him with a deadly serious look on her face. “what's going on?”

“Uh-” Kirishima swallowed thickly, not sure how much he wanted to tell her. “I'm just... busy?”

“Yeah no, I don't care about that.” Mina waved it off, rolling her eyes. “I mean what is going on with Sero and Kaminari?”

“uh- it's a bit complicated?” Kirishima's brain jump started at the look on Mina's face, he glanced over her shoulder, watching Kaminari basically sitting on Sero's table, showing him stuff on his phone. Mina looked like she was about to melt his face off.

“Well if SOMEONE had just given me all the gossip from the START.” Mina's eyes narrowed. “Then maybe it wouldn't be so complicated. Boys are so stingy when it's about romance!”

“I promised I wouldn't tell!” Kirishima hissed under his breath, covering his face in his hands.

“Does Kaminari have a crush on Sero now?” Mina leaned in to try to shield the conversation from prying ears.

Kirishima sighed. “yes.”

“I KNEW IT.” Mina bounced in her seat in excitement, doing a little fist pump of joy. “And Sero has liked Kaminari for a while now! This is great!”


“Then what's complicated?!” Mina's eyes were gleaming, She thrived on gossip and romance, she glanced over to their friends, her eyes sparkling.  “They'll be dating in no time!”

Bakugo groaned in annoyance.

“Sero doesn't believe Kaminari likes him back, so he's apparently decided to friend-zone him.” Kirishima groaned, rubbing his brow tiredly. “I think he's going to try to laugh it off.”

“Well that didn't stop Kaminari with any of the girls. Jiro had to come OUT to get him to stop flirting.” Mina rolled her eyes. “We'll just have to make sure Sero cracks!”

“I don't know. Sero has some confidence issues.” Kirishima didn't want to tell Mina about the whole sleep-kiss situation that had Sero convinced it's all a misunderstanding. “He doesn't think he's good enough to be the first guy Kaminari likes? So he's just going to ignore it until it goes away.”

“Wait, so Sero thinks that Kaminari liking boys is a phase ? That will go away?” Mina's eyes were open wide as she glanced over her shoulder to watch Sero laugh as Kaminari finished telling him a joke, while sitting on his table. “That's the most hypocritical thing I've ever heard.”

“No, It's not the liking boys he doesn't believe.” Kirishima sighed. “It's more of a liking HIM thing.”

“Ugh wow. That's stupid. I have never been more invested in helping Kaminari land a date.” Mina snorted. “Let's ruin Sero's stupid self deprecating plans.”

“Or maybe we should just... force them to talk about it?” Kirishima suggested, getting up from his seat when he noticed Bakugo had more than enough of this conversation, the blond was sulking and on his way out of the classroom.

“No way! This is my chance! All the rom-coms I've watched and mangas I've read have prepared me for this day.” Mina jumped out of her chair, clearly pumped to meddle, if she spoke any louder Sero and Kaminari would definitely hear. “I'll make it super romantic for them! Make it like a movie!”

“I think this can all be solved with a bit of communication-” Kirishima objected, bringing a finger to his lips to hush his over excited friend, hoping he could convince her to let them work it out between themselves. “You might make it worse!”

“Where is your sense of ROMANCE Kirishima? Where is your sense of enchantment?!” Mina pleaded desperately, as if it was her own love life that was in jeopardy. “Just because YOU'RE content dating a guy that's about as romantic as a cactus and has never even attempted a flirt in his entire life-”

“What the FUCK was that?” Bakugo snarled, holding a finger dangerously close to Mina's face. Without skipping a beat the pink girl turned on to him, rolling her eyes in the face of danger.

“Romance! We were talking about the art of courtship. ” Mina declared without hesitation. “Love should be treated as a special thing you know, it's something beautiful. Romance is the BEST.”

“What? Flirting just to flirt is a waste of time.” Bakugo huffed, and Mina balked in horror, stepping between the blond and Kirishima as if she was trying to protect him.

“That's not right! You should try to make him fall in love with you all over again every day!” Mina cried out dramatically, her face pressing into the hard spikes of Kirishima's hair. “Poor Kirishima! You gotta appreciate him more!”

“Hey, don't put words in my mouth I don't-” Kirishima tried to object, but Bakugo was already furious.

“I APPRECIATE HIM PLENTY.” Bakugo snarled, explosions firing off his his palms. “Get out of here with your romance-novel bullshit!”

“You're lucky Kirishima fell for you first, your social skills are way too bad to court anyone.” Mina sighed, shrugging as if she hadn't just delivered a massive blow to the blond's ego.

“Wait- that's not true!” Kirishima heatedly objected, stepping from behind her to grab the clearly shaken and/or furious Bakugo's shoulder reassuringly. “He won me over to being with, I'm the one who's lucky!”

“YOU WANNA GO BLACK-EYES?!” Bakugo looked ready to brawl in the middle of the classroom, so Kirishima caught the blond's jaw, turning him to face him.

“Please don't get either of us in detention Katsuki.” Kirishima urged seriously, his body tense and full of heat. He tried to convey how utterly serious he was about this. “please don't make this school day longer than it already is. I'm dying here. I want to hang out .”

There was a moment of silence as Bakugo glared at him defiantly, red eyes locked onto his own for a furious second before realisation set in, and Kirishima felt the tension seep out of Bakugo's body. Like defusing a bomb, Kirishima had calmed the storm, and he felt very cool as Bakugo pulled his face from his fingers, eyes narrowed at Mina when he turned back to her.

“Mind your own business black-eyes.”

“You guys just watch-” Mina's dark eyes sparkled in joy. “I'm going to give Kaminari and Sero the perfect romantic start to their relationship.”

“That's a really bad idea-” Kirishima sighed, knowing fully well that when Mina decided to meddle, she meddled. The pink girl just beamed at him, walking over to her unsuspecting, or in Sero's case; very suspecting, victims.

“Hey guys! Let's go to lunch already!” Mina lead the charge, and Kirishima didn't know if he should warn his friends or stay out of it. It was out of his hands either way, and he could tell that Sero had his suspicions, judging by the way he kept nervously glancing at Mina. The tall teen kept his guard up all through lunch, and it wasn't until they had finished eating and were on their way back to class that Mina saw her chance to strike.

“Oh no! A bug!” Mina suddenly yelled out, planting her hand right in between Kaminari's shoulder blades and pushed him forward, right into Sero's arms. Kirishima was stunned, was THAT her master-plan? The blond stumbled into Sero, who reflexively caught him in his arms, electrocuting the taller teen and sending them both stumbling to the floor.

Kirishima watched stunned as Sero groaned and Kaminari gave a thumbs up, going Uuuuuweeee from his seat on the floor. The entire hallway was staring and the utter silence that had engulfed the crowd was suddenly broken by Bakugo's loud and almost painfully bright booming laughter. Kirishima watched in shock as his boyfriend doubled over, wheezing as he held his stomach and howled in glee at his friend's misfortune.

Bakugo's laughter was always infectious. Kirishima chuckled, and then laughed, then he started howling in amusement until he'd joined Bakugo in his hysterics. Mina facepalmed with both hands as she crouched next to the pile of half-conscious friends she had created, a few people laughing at Kaminari's antics and funny face as they passed them.

Once he could stop laughing, Kirishima reached down to haul Kaminari to his feet, handing him off to Mina to steer to class as he pulled the half conscious Sero off the floor, pulling an arm across his shoulders to help him get to class before they would all be late.

“That worked great. Very romantic.” Bakugo drawled smugly, leering at Mina who guided the barely functioning electric blond into their classroom.

“Oh shut it, I'm not done yet.” Mina stuck out her tongue, planting Kaminari in his seat as Kirishima let go of Sero to allow the taller teen to collapse into his chair. He gave his friend a supportive pat on the back as Aizawa entered, and after eyeing Kaminari with slight suspicion, their teacher informed them that they would take a written first-aid test before their practical one.

“Someone plug him in.” Aizawa pointed to the blond, prompting them to move a chair to an electrical outlet, to charge Kaminari up with Mina's phone charger. The girl even offered it up without much fuss, clearly feeling responsible for Kaminari almost missing a test, despite the fact that the blond would be sucking on the plug.

Kaminari's quirk was absolutely bizarre. Though he managed to work up enough of a charge in time to take the written test.



The gymnasium was bright and loud as the class finished their first aid tests. Aizawa was keeping a careful eye on them, and Kirishima dragged himself over to the rest of class to sit and watch as the second group of people did their best. He felt pretty confident about passing, he had known what to do and his shoulder pads hadn't gotten in the way of any of the rescuing.

A few seconds after he'd removed his mask, a shadow fell over him and once he looked up, he was face to face with a slightly distressed Sero. The taller boy didn't wait for a hello before he dropped himself to sit on the floor next to him, playing with his helmet in nervous silence for a second before he looked up.

“Why aren't you really coming to movie night?” Sero's smile twitched back into place, but struggled to stay. “Is it because of this whole drama between me and Kaminari?”

“Nope.” Kirishima shook his head, throwing his arms up as he let himself fall backwards, staring up at the fluorescent lights of the gymnasium. He didn't feel like elaborating, and besides, it would be hard to keep up this white lie. He had hoped he could help Kaminari out by staying out of movie night, but then over half the class had decided to join, so that had been for naught.

“Really? Because I don't want you to be angry at me or anything.” Sero groaned, rubbing the back of his neck. “You're really important to me man, I just want everything to go back to normal.”

“I'm more annoyed at you than angry.” Kirishima closed his eyes, still seeing the stripes of the bright lights burned into his retinas. He couldn't leave his buddy hanging for very long, he's never been able to hold even the slightest of grudges. “I promise it really isn't because of you guys, I already had plans to hang out with Bakugo.”

“But you can both watch- oh.” Sero paused, his smile dropping down to an embarrassed grimace as his voice was reduced to a reverent whisper. “Ashido wasn't kidding. Are you guys seriously planning to lock yourself up and have sex all day?”

Kirishima's cheeks reddened, but his heart was thundering in excitement, he could tell that it was showing on his face too. “Well not just that, we're probably also gonna make out and we wanted to re-watch this one movie we fell asleep over last week.”

“...what a nice plan, I'm jealous.” Sero sighed, rubbing the back of his head. “Not of having sex with Bakugo specifically, you're a braver man than me.”

“I can't wait, today has been soooo long.” Kirishima sighed, looking up at his friend. The silence between them was tense, and Sero looked pretty exhausted. It was hard to hold a grudge against the guy for his stubbornness when he looked like he'd gotten about half an hour of sleep. “How are you holding up? Still buzzed from the zapping?”

“Awful.” Sero groaned, rubbing his face vigorously. “Did you tell Ashido? She's been on my ass all morning.”

“She agrees that you're being stupid.” Kirishima didn't even feel bad. “She's going to set you up with Kaminari.”

“That's what I feared.” Sero hugged his legs and groaned, pressing his forehead into his knees. “It's hard enough to blow him off without her tripping us into each other in the hallway and other weird romance trope stuff like that.”

The mental image of Ashido bodily flinging Kaminari onto Sero was still so vivid that Kirishima barked out a laugh before he could even catch himself. Sero planted his large elbow in Kirishima's knee for revenge, sending him into a fit of giggles on the floor.

Once he managed to catch his breath, Kirishima glanced over to watch Bakugo, who looked really cool and manly, screaming “die” at the top of his lungs as he performed CPR on an unlucky doll. He inhaled deeply, butterflies in his stomach and warmth in his chest. “He's so manly and cool.”

Sero snorted, looking over the group. “You guys are so grossly perfect for each other its stupid.”

Kirishima's cheeks hurt from the size of his own grin. He pressed his forehead into his own knees, hugging his legs for a second before he threw his arms up. “GO KATSUKI!!! DON'T LOSE!!!”

“OF COURSE I WON'T!” Bakugo screamed back at him from the other end of the room, terrifying Iida and Aoyama who were doing their test on either side of him. There was no way to 'lose' at fake CPR, but if there was a way to win, Bakugo managed it. Though he did lose some points due to his constant screaming and enthusiastic roughness of his presses.



Finally the school day was over and Kirishima slipped his uniform jacket on so fast he almost tore the sleeve off, rushing to Bakugo, watching the blond excitedly as he folded up his hero uniform and put it away in its designated slot. Most of the boys were excitedly chatting about the movie night coming up and praising Kaminari for the excellent idea. The electric blond accepted the praise, but Kirishima could hear in his tone that he wasn't thrilled about it.

“I'm ready to go.” Kirishima moved in closely to try to keep the conversation on the down low, and with their faces so close he could see the blush creep across Bakugo's ears at the words. The warmth was radiating from the blond and Kirishima's heart was thundering. He was still adjusting to the power he had, he'd never expected to be able to have this effect on anyone, especially someone as attractive as Bakugo.

“Let's go to the arcade.” Bakugo suggested, and Kirishima blanked for a second.

“The arcade?” He blinked, and Bakugo nodded once. Kirishima loved going to the arcade, and on any other day he'd be jumping for joy to go hang out with Bakugo, but today he'd assumed they would be spending the rest of the day cuddling. The plan was to just spend time together, and technically the arcade was doing that. “Sounds fun! We could get more photo stickers!”

Did this mean he was the only one who expected to spend all day having sex? He felt stupid now, it did explain why Bakugo hadn't been nervous or excited at all today. Kirishima inhaled deep, refusing to feel disappointed or sad. He shouldn't have assumed something like that, and now he had a chance to go hang out with Bakugo at the arcade.

It was a good thing he hadn't told Bakugo he was expecting an afternoon of nothing but cuddling and sex, it might have weirded him out. He felt pretty unmanly right now, he needed to be sure he didn't show Bakugo his disappointment, so he smiled widely as he tossed his bag over his shoulder.

“We already have a bunch of those stupid stickers.” Bakugo walked, opening his umbrella as they walked towards the dorm to toss their bags into the common room.

“Not as a couple though!” Kirishima pointed out, following Bakugo's lead as they started walking off campus and to the arcade. “it's different when we're dating.”

There weren't that many people in the arcade for a normal Saturday, Kirishima blamed it on the pouring rain outside. It did make it easy to play the games however, and it took less than an hour for Bakugo to set the high score in five different machines.

“Let's go to the claw machine.” Bakugo caught his hand, and Kirishima's heart did flips in his chest. He was a very touchy guy in general, and today he had barely had the chance to touch Bakugo, so even the smallest physical contact was setting him on edge. He wanted to go back home so badly, but he didn't want Bakugo to get annoyed at him. He supposed expecting someone, even if that person was your boyfriend, to spend an entire day just laying in bed having sex and making out was a bit needy. He really didn't want that, Bakugo hated needy people.

“Which one do you want?” Bakugo pointed at the prizes, and Kirishima absent mindedly scanned them. Lots of toys, figures and even a few electronics. Some of the bigger prices looked pretty pricey, and were marred with the marks of a thousand failed attempts. He knew Bakugo wouldn't give up if he failed, the blond was extremely good at the crane game. To the point that he'd actually been banned from playing it in one of the arcades in the area because he emptied it of all the prices.

“Those headphones look really cool.” he pointed to a box half covered in plush toys and scrapes from multiple failed attempts. He knew Bakugo would love the challenge, but the determined expression that set over his boyfriends face like a shadow was unusually intense.

“Then I'll get them.” The blond's competitive voice boomed across the room.

“Oh yeah, forget about those.” a slightly older man who was waiting for his turn on the racing game next to the crane chuckled, leaning on the glass of the crane machine as he turned his attention to Kirishima. “They've been in there for months now. No one can get them out, not even me.”

“Really? Sounds like you suck.” Bakugo clicked a coin into the slot, and Kirishima felt the tingle of pride on his skin at his boyfriend's confidence. Bakugo was so cool and manly.

“You're wasting your money kid.” the man watched carefully, he smelled like cigarettes. “I'm pretty sure it's been tied to the bottom. It's a scam.”

“Well if it is, we'll find out in a bit.” Kirishima proudly announced, his voice bright as he smiled confidently, gesturing to Bakugo. “he's super good at the crane game.”

“Stop talking to strangers, idiot.” Bakugo huffed, his jaw was set in determination.

Both Kirishima and the man held their breath as Bakugo caught the box on his first try, and the man's jaw dropped in amazement as the prize fell into the slot. Kirishima was bursting with pride, loudly cheering and flailing his arms in excitement. Bakugo was oozing smugness as they walked away, leaving the stranger in slack jawed awe.

“You got it on the first try too! That was like in a movie or something!” Kirishima ran his thumb across the scratches on the corners, the marks of so many failures. “Look how many people have tried to get it, and then you do it on the first try. That's so cool. UGH you're so cool.”

“Do you want to do the photo-booth?” Bakugo pressed the headphones into Kirishima's arms, his eyes glued firmly on the brightly lit cube of intimacy on the far side of the arcade.

“What? yeah!” Kirishima beamed, clutching the headphones to his chest as he caught Bakugo by the upper arm, excitedly bringing his boyfriend over before he changed his mind. He pushed the blond into the booth and closed the door, making sure there was no escape.

The closeness was exactly what he needed. Being pressed up against Bakugo like that felt so nice after an entire day of anticipation and limited physical contact. He wasn't sure how much he could get away with, smiling and pressing himself into Bakugo for the pictures. Smiling as widely as he could to make sure that anyone who saw these pictures could feel as happy as he did right now.

He'd always been smiling widely on photos with Bakugo, because he'd always been happy. He loved spending time with the blond, and it just made him feel so good inside to be close to him. These were their first photos together as a couple, not counting the one secret photo Mina took when they kissed on the balcony, and he wanted to make them at least a little special.

For the last picture, he turned his head and pressed a kiss into Bakugo's face, his heart was thundering and his brain was screaming at him. His face was completely red, and he could feel the heat oozing off Bakugo's face as he felt his own nose scrunch up against the blond's red face.

The blond didn't get mad at him or push him away, so Kirishima kept his lips on his face until the blond shifted away, turning his face to meet Kirishima's lips with his own. There were no more pictures to be taken, and the booth was ringing them out, but Kirishima couldn't hear any of it. The ringing of his ears merged with the blankness of his brain, just their lips pressed together could do such terrifying things to his body.

He had no idea how he'd survived anything more. There was annoyed whining from a couple outside the booth, so they pulled away reluctantly, grabbing the photos as they ducked outside, holding their heads down as they bolted across the room to look at the pictures in privacy.

These were the first pictures they took together as a couple. It made him all warm inside, looking at their faces pressed together into the frame. The last one was his favorite, seeing it made his heart skip a beat, seeing himself press a kiss into Bakugo's face made a tingle rush through his veins, and the embarrassed but happy blush on Bakugo's face made him want to stick the photos to the inside of his own eyelids.

“What should we do next? The zombie game?” Kirishima eyed the empty line for that one, relishing how their shoulders were touching. God he craved physical contact so badly. He had hoped the kiss in the booth would have scratched the itch, but if anything, it made it worse.

“What do YOU want to do?” Bakugo's voice was a little bit tense, and Kirishima could feel the tension in his body building. He wanted to be alone with Bakugo. He felt stupid for mentioning it, but he took a deep breath, wrapping their pinky fingers together as sneakily as possible. It barely eased the pain. The need.

“I want to go back to the dorms.” Kirishima confessed, and Bakugo stared at him.

“Is it bad?” the blond asked, just a hint of anxiety in his voice. “you have to tell me; I don't know how to do this shit, you've always dragged me out.”

It wasn't until he looked up at his boyfriend's face and felt the warmth of fingers nervously clasping his own that he realized what was happening; This was a date.

Oh shit, Bakugo was taking him on a date and he hadn't even registered it. The prize in his free hand felt suddenly so much heavier, he hadn't even said thank you for the gift. He was reeling, his mistakes piling up in droves. He didn't notice, but Bakugo had been trying so hard for the last hour, and Kirishima was suddenly overwhelmed with love for the blond that he felt the burning behind his eyes.

“No, I want to go back because I want to make out and stuff-” Kirishima urged, trying to keep his voice low since they were in public. “we can barely hold hands here.”

Bakugo's brow furrowed. “You kept talking about how you wanted to 'hang out', you didn't meant you wanted to go out on a date?”

“No!” Kirishima sighed low, worrying at his lower lip with his teeth. “I meant that I just wanted to go upstairs and do... stuff.”

Bakugo was staring at him stunned, then his brow fell in annoyance. “But you kept complaining about romance today-”

“That was not me! I never complained.” kirishima frowned. “I never talked about it, it was Ashido and Kaminari. I just wanted to go upstairs and have sex and maybe watch a movie.”

Bakugo was stunned for a second, but then he groaned loudly and grabbed Kirishima's hand, pulling him towards the door urgently, popping their umbrellas open. “So you're NOT dissatisfied? You've been so fuckin' quiet all day-”

“No! I'm just horny!” Kirishima squeezed the blond's hand as they practically ran through the street. Water splashing up around their feet and people dodging them with narrowed eyes; two boys sharing an umbrella and holding hands wasn't a common sight. “-and maybe a little nervous and excited-”

 “Why nervous?” Bakugo huffed, his teeth grit. “If you don't want to, you can say no.”

 “That's not why I’m nervous! I don't know why I'm nervous!” Kirishima huffed, his socks and shoes soaked through. “I guess it's maybe because I love you so much I don't want to mess up!”

 “You think I'm not nervous about that too?” Bakugo's palm was fluttering with explosions, his ears red as they ran breathlessly through the rain. “You better let me know if you don't like it!”

 “I promise, but that goes for you too!” Kirishima huffed, their umbrella was barely covering him from the rain and was just slowing them down. “Thank you for the date! I loved it!”

 “It barely lasted an hour! It doesn't count as a date!” Bakugo snapped over his shoulder.

 “We went out together; it's a date!” Kirishima huffed, waving his new headphones at his boyfriend. His shoulder and the packaging was soaked. “Going somewhere together when you are dating is a date!

 “That's stupid!” Bakugo was yelling. “when we're adults, is it gonna be a date if we go grocery shopping!?”

 “Yes! A grocery shopping date!” Kirishima growled, frowning at his stupid boyfriend.

 “Is it gonna be a date if we walk the dog?! Going to have a nice date picking up shit!?”

 “Yes! Dog-walking date!” Kirishima practically howled, his stomach full of butterflies. “You want to get a dog?!”

 “No! A dog is a something YOU want!” Bakugo snapped at him in annoyance, frowning at him as they entered the school grounds. “You've kept talking about it when we run into dogs when we go hiking and shit-”

“We don't have to get one if you don't WANT one!” Kirishima waved the headphones at Bakugo as the blond closed the umbrella, both of them kicking their shoes off in the foyer without letting go of each others hands. “I won't MAKE you live with a dog you don't WANT.”

 “It doesn't matter if I want one right now! It's going to be a while until we CAN, we're not going to afford a place that allows pets or has a yard for a WHILE.” Bakugo tossed the umbrella in the stand, pulling Kirishima into the common room, neither of them noticing the rest of the class staring at them in bewildered silence.

“Of course not! Besides, we're going to be swamped with work for the first few years, there won't be any time for a dog!” Kirishima couldn't believe that Bakugo assumed he wanted to get a high maintenance pet fresh out of school! “When we can afford a place with a yard we'll probably have time to care for it!”

 “If you still WANT a dog at that point, we can talk about it!” Bakugo snapped, pulling Kirishima over to the elevator, pressing the button a few times. It was all the way up on the fourth floor and going up. Neither of them had the patience to wait, so they rushed with their wet socks up to the stairs, thundering up floor after floor.

 “Dogs are good for your mental health! We're going to need that in our line of work!” Kirishima remembered reading an article where therapists recommended dogs to pro heroes suffering from PTSD. “You don't know if you want one! You've never had a dog!”

 “Cats are better!” Bakugo huffed, they were three floors up.

 “We can have both! They can get along! I like cats too!!” Kirishima panted, pulling himself up the last flight of stairs by his grip on the railing. Just with his free hand though, the other one was tightly grasping Bakugo's. His thighs and calves were burning from a the workout, and he wasn't sure if his heart was thundering from the running, adrenaline or both.

 They both burst out of the stairs on the fourth floor at the same time, keeling over and panting as they tried to catch their breath. Yelling while running made it so much harder. Holding hands, Kirishima sank down to his knees as he tried to catch his breath. His body was fluttering with butterflies and buzzing with energy. The sweat and rain felt like ice on his warm skin.

 Both of them started to regain control of their breath, looking over at each other and holding eye contact for a full minute as they breathed heavily. The feeling started in his jaw, it had been set during their run, but now the happiness rushed through his face as he smiled. Smiled so wide it hurt, smiled so wide he could feel the muscles in his face twitching as he started laughing.

Bakugo squeezed his hand, closing the distance between them and pressing his face into Kirishima's neck. The closeness felt amazing, the warmth made the laughter bubble out louder, unrestrained as Kirishima let go of his boyfriend's hand, wrapping his arms around the blond tightly, burying his face in blond hair as he laughed. Bakugo's hands wrapped around him in turn, slowly, but tightly. Tightly enough to border on painful.

He was so happy, he could feel tears burning at the edges of his eyes. “Katsukiiii-” He groaned, not sure how to express himself, he had no idea what this feeling could possibly be. Every exhale came out as a chuckle, and he stumbled away from the stairs as they kissed, Bakugo pressing a his lips against Kirishima's jaw as they fell into Bakugo's room.

Kirishima hardened his head as he landed on his back with a thud, laughing as Bakugo dropped himself down on all fours over him, kicking the door closed behind them as he bit on the skin at Kirishima's neck. The air was stale and heavy and the room was dark, rain hammered the window to the balcony, the distant rumble of thunder the only noise that could overpower the wet sound of their breathless kissing.

Bakugo was sucking on his neck, the warmth and tingles from the press of his teeth like ripples on water. The blond pulled away, pulling at his own shirt and shedding his jacket. Every new inch of skin exposed made Kirishima's nerves tense and his body twitch in desperation. He sat up, dragging his teeth across the freshly presented skin at Bakugo's shoulder, his hands roaming up the blond's torso as he bit down, taste of iron and copper teased his tongue as he licked across the fresh bite marks, he could feel Bakugo twitch and shake on his lap.

“Fuck- Eij-” Bakugo groaned through grit teeth, running a hand through Kirishima's gelled hair, pulling on it slightly, just the way he liked. Kirishima grunted, his lungs incapable of handling anything but a sliver of oxygen.

“Katsuki-” Kirishima groaned, his lips ghosting across the skin. “Do you want to go first? We have all day-”

“Shit.” Bakugo grunted, pulling at his own lower lip as he pressed down on Kirishima's lap. “You'll seriously let me fuck you?”

“yeah.” Kirishima nodded. “You let me do you, so it's only fair. I'm excited to try it too!”

“Aren't you at all scared that it's gonna hurt?” Bakugo frowned.

“A little, but I know you'll stop if I ask you to.” Kirishima hummed, wrapping his arms around Bakugo's waist. “I trust you a 100%.”

Bakugo deflated a a little at that, his jaw set as his eyes lingered on his own hands. Kirishima kissed them, hoping the blond would snap out of it so they could finally get to bed. Thumb ghosted across Kirishima's lips, dragging the soft flesh aside and pressing the pad of the thumb against his sharp teeth.

“Okay. Go get ready. I'll get to bed.” Bakugo got off Kirishima's lap, locking the door before shedding his shirt and unbuckling his belt.


Kirishima scrambled to his feet, grabbing a pair of shorts before heading to the bathroom to get ready. He had no idea if he was cleaning himself correctly, or if he was taking too long. Bakugo was waiting, so he wanted to hurry up. But he also didn't want to do a bad job, so he googled his concerns away, making sure he was doing it correctly. A few minutes later, he stuck his head out the door to see Bakugo sitting on bed wearing a pair of sweatpants and nothing else, scrolling on his phone with a tense expression.

 “Are you looking it up?” Kirishima held his own phone up in solidarity, the blond looked up and nodded once, his eyes skimming the text on his phone before he put it aside, turning all of his attention to Kirishima. He shifted over to the side to make room on the bed and Kirishima dropped himself down into it, much more casual than he felt.

The condoms and lubrication were standing tall on the nightstand, and Bakugo had an air of finality around him that made Kirishima both more nervous and completely calm. Worst thing that could happen was that it didn't work out and they tried again later, right? Knowing Bakugo, he was probably a natural at this as well, though Kirishima tried to keep his expectations in check. He pushed his nervousness aside and focused on the excitement. The anticipation.

“How do you want to do it? Like last time?” He reached out for lubricant, but Bakugo caught his hand before he could grab it. His grip was a bit tighter and sweatier than the blond meant it to be. Kirishima looked up at the blond questioningly, brow furrowed in concern.

 “Let's make out first.” Bakugo pulled his legs in, wiping his sweaty palms off on his pants. Kirishima considered himself at least partially fluent in Bakugo, and he could tell that his boyfriend was anxious.

 Kirishima hadn't noticed it until they started to hang out, but Bakugo got more anxious about letting down his own standards than he did about other people's opinion. It was motivating, inspiring, to know Bakugo was just a human. Just AS human as he was. With his own weaknesses and strengths, his own personal anxieties and worries, but he always pushed through with confidence. He always gave it his all, no hesitation or self-doubt, despite being terrified of failure.

 “You're so cool and manly.” Kirishima sighed, letting himself fall down with his head on Bakugo's lap, he buried his face in the waistband of his boyfriends pants as he wrapped his arms around him, his heart feeling full to bursting.

 “You're weird.” Bakugo's voice was soft enough to be muffled by the sound of a hand on Kirishima's head, ruffling his hair. “I don't feel very manly right now.”

 “Why not?” Kirishima pushed himself up on his elbows, looking up at the blond who kept petting his head. It felt nice, blunt fingertips rubbing against his scalp. Bakugo's was staring blankly at his hair, clearly deep in thought over something.

 “You'd tell me, right? If you were unhappy with anything?”

 “Is this about what Ashido said today?” Kirishima nuzzled Bakugo's palm, craning his head up to do so. The blond didn't answer, so he assumed he was right. “I don't need you to flirt with me to know you like me, you tell me in plenty other ways.”

 “What? What ways?” Bakugo frowned, his brow furrowed as Kirishima realized what he just said and dropped his head back down to Bakugo's stomach. The blond pulled at his hair to try to get him to look back up. “I asked you a question, shitty hair! ”

 Kirishima groaned, his cheeks warm as he rolled over to his back, covering his hands in his face. Bakugo was staring at him expectantly, and Kirishima knew he wouldn't let this go. If he wanted to make out anytime soon, he had to come clean.

 “Like when you kiss me and stuff. I can tell.” Kirishima mumbled through his hands and Bakugo's face flushed red too. “-and some of the stuff you say, I know most of the time it's not very romantic, but it's very YOU. That's what I like.”

 Bakugo caught him by the jaw, guiding his face up to look at him properly. The embarrassment washed off Kirishima’s face when he saw how thankful and vulnerable the blond’s eyes were. He didn’t seem to have any words for the moment, his eyes just searching for something in Kirishima’s face, until the blond’s brow furrowed slightly, pinching together in the middle in a rather pained expression.

 “You perfect bastard.”

 Bakugo's body blocked the ceiling light as the blond leaned in for a kiss. Soft lips on his own, chapped skin against skin as the blond hovered over him for a bit, no contact between them except their lips. Then their tongues, and then they hands got involved. Kirishima reached up to bury his fingers in the hair at the back of Bakugo's head, letting his fingers drag down to his neck and pull slightly to get more contact.

 The blond grunted, allowing his arms to give in so he came crashing down on Kirishima, chest on chest, their teeth clattering uncomfortably as the kiss deepened.

 Could you train your body to go without oxygen for a few hours? Because breathing was starting to become a huge pain. Consciousness was barely worth the seconds spent not kissing. Their lips shiny and connected with saliva, breathing the same air as they kept their foreheads pressed together.

Bakugo's hand ran down Kirishima's body, leaving a trail of fire on his skin. Dragging red hot streaks of arousal from his chest and down to the waistband of his shorts, fingertips following the waistband idly until they reached the button. Just having Bakugo's hand so close to his groin made Kirishima's body buzz alive with need.

“Katsuki-” Kirishima grunted as the blond flicked the button open, and a bit of shifting and maneuvering later, Kirishima's shorts had been tossed to the other side of the room. He pulled at Bakugo's sweatpants, palming the bump in the fabric, only to have the blond hiss at the contact.

“Don't touch me yet.” Bakugo didn't swat his hand away though, his hips twitching instinctively towards his palm. “We have to prepare you first.”

“Right.” Kirishima nodded once, raising himself up on his elbows as he lay on his back, raising his hips for Bakugo to pull off his underwear. It felt kinda unreal as Bakugo fumbled with the foil packet, lube staining his fingers as he pulled out a condom and stared at it for a second, sliding it on two of his fingers in slight wonder.

 Kirishima reached out for the lube, flicking the cap off it with his dry-fingers to make it easier for them to get anything of of the tube. He held it out upside down for Bakugo, ready to squeeze some out on his hand. “Here-”

 Bakugo looked up, his eyes barely registering the tube as his brain seemed to be processing thousand things at once. Kirishima didn’t realise until too late that Bakugo had reached out for the tube, grabbing the already open container and squeezing it, squirting massive amounts of cold lubrication over Kirishima’s thighs and erection, causing the redhead to yelp loudly and jerk on the bed.

 “S-shit! Fuck-” Bakugo cursed, pulling his hand back, which in turn dropped the tube on the bed with a loud comical ‘splat’ sound.

 They both froze in horror and confusion for a bit as they realised what had happened, and then; Kirishima laughed.

The tension broke and Kirishima could swear this was one of the funniest things that had ever happened to him in his entire life. The embarrassment was completely pushed aside by the fact that this was hilarious. At first, Bakugo frowned at him, but the more Kirishima laughed, bright and warm and wheezing in amusement, the more Bakugo’s frown softened and soon the blond was laughing too.

 They both sat there laughing on the bed, puddle of lube between them on the sheets and dripping down Kirishima’s thighs. Everything felt so warm and real. Sex didn’t have to be a super hot and romantic thing from beginning to end. Sometimes it was a mess.

 Bakugo finally managed to catch his breath after laughing, opening his mouth to say something, but he was cut short by the loud 'Ping' of Kirishima's phone. It was a startling invasion of their bubble. For however long they had been in here, it had felt like they were alone in the world.

“Just ignore-” Kirishima started, but another ping sounded from across the room, and then Bakugo's phone buzzed as well. Both of them stared at the two devices as they rumbled to life, both of their phones ringing at once. They reached over, comparing phone screens with confused and agitated expressions.

Kaminari was calling Bakugo, and Sero was calling Kirishima.

“If those fuckers are calling to bitch about their loves lives-” Bakugo snarled, pressing the 'Ignore' button on his screen as Kirishima's brow furrowed.

“They wouldn't be calling unless it's important.” Kirishima flicked through the texts for a second before he swiped his thumb across the screen, feeling horrifically uncomfortable talking to Sero while practically naked and covered in lube. “Sero? Why are you calling-”

oh thank f- Kirishima! He answered guys! Pants! Put on pants hurry!” Sero sounded borderline frantic, Kaminari was whisper-yelling in the background and there seemed to be general unrest. Bakugo frowned at Kirishima, justifiably furious that he'd dared answer the phone at such a crucial time.

“What's going on?” Kirishima shot his boyfriend an apologetic glance as he put Sero on speaker.

“-there's a lady! People! Put on pants- the principal is here- with people- the lady looks JUST like Bakugo-” Sero's voice was practically shrill at this point, both Bakugo and Kirishima stared at the phone in silent horror, faces pale as their friend continued to whisper into the phone. “They're going upstairs- fuck Kirishima I think it's Bakugo's parents- the principal is here- Aizawa-sensei- They just got on the elevator-”



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Chapter Text

The distant and menacing PING of the elevator down the hallway rattled through their bodies as they sat there for a second, frozen in horror as they heard distant voices of several adults, including the principal from down the hallway. Bakugo immediately tensed up, his eyes wide in horror as a loud female voice echoed down the hallway.

“My parents? What the fuck are my PARENTS doing HERE-” Bakugo snapped as he turned to stare at the door furiously, as if glaring at the door itself could will this entire situation away.

“Your PARENTS are here?!” Kirishima scrambled out of bed, eyes wide in horror as he glanced around the room “I gotta hide!”

“What?” Bakugo snapped, glaring at Kirishima who was shaking in horror.

“You haven't come out yet and this isn't how you should do it-” Kirishima gestured to himself naked and covered in lubricant. “You should come out to your parents when you are READY.”

“I don't give a shit what they think-” Bakugo hissed from between grit teeth as they heard the voices and footsteps get closer to the door, but the more he thought about it, the more tense Bakugo became.

“Well then it matters to me! Besides, meeting your in-laws for the first time naked and covered in lubricant at like 4pm on a Saturday is SUPER unmanly-” Kirishima whispered, his voice deadly serious. He couldn't let this happen, even if Bakugo said he didn't care, he wouldn't let Bakugo come out to his parents in front of everyone like this. “-And the principal is here too! We'll get in trouble-”

“Shit-” The knock shattered the adrenaline haze that made this whole situation feel unreal, and for a second they were both frozen in fear.

“Katsuki!” The loud voice of Mitsuki, Bakugo's mother, was barely muffled by the door. “We've come to visit! Open up!”

“Go away!” Bakugo snapped impulsively, immediately regretting it as they both realized that they couldn't possibly pretend they weren't here anymore.

“YOU DON'T CALL US OR VISIT FOR A MONTH AND THEN YOU GREET US LIKE THIS!?” The doorknob rattled, and Kirishima thanked everything good in the world that they locked the door. Kirishima was officially terrified of Bakugo's mother.

“Bakugo-kun-” The principals voice was even more intimidating because of its softness. “Please open up and come talk to your parents. We want them to see that you're safe and comfortable in the dorms.” It wasn't a request, it was an order.

Kirishima hurriedly scooped up his underwear off the floor, pulling it on as Bakugo pocketed the condom on his finger, wiping the lubrication off on his pants as he walked towards the door. Kirishima scrambled to push the packet of condoms and lubrication under Bakugo's pillow, covering up the lubrication stain on the sheets by throwing them into a pile on top.

“Why are you here?-” Bakugo opened the door just a crack to peek outside, and Kirishima realised that he couldn't slip into the bathroom to hide without being seen. He was trapped.

“You didn't contact your parents for a while, so they called me to ask if you were alright.” The principal said softly, but there was a suspicious edge in this tone that made Kirishima's skin crawl. “So I offered them to come visit and have a tour of campus. How about you give them a tour of your room?”

Busted. Completely and utterly busted. There wasn't anything else he could do but get out. Kirishima hurriedly made his way over to the balcony, opening the door as silently as possible and slipping out into the pouring rain outside.

The moment he closed the door he could hear Bakugo's parents and the principal enter the blond's room, and he ducked behind the curtain, the rain hammering on his skin as he looked around for any way out of this situation. The odds of them coming out to the balcony in this weather was slim, but he didn't have his phone and he was only wearing his underwear.

“There's laundry all over the place and your bed isn't made? I don't remember raising a slob!” Mitsuki huffed, and Kirishima prayed to whatever god might listen that his mother-in-law wouldn't take it upon herself to do the bed for her son and discover the evidence.

“I just didn't feel like it!” Bakugo huffed, annoyance and stress in his voice.

“What's this on your bed!?”

Oh no. She found it. Kirishima tensed up and contemplated jumping off the balcony and taking his chances with the entire class seeing him flee on his underwear. He could probably live down the embarrassment before he graduated. Maybe.

“It's mine. It was a present.” Bakugo's voice was tense, and then momentarily muffled. “Mind your own business.”

“I've tried to get you to wear a color other than black for almost a decade Katsuki.” Mitsuki accused, her voice amused. “When did you start wearing Crimson Riot merchandise?”

“I told you it was a present!” Bakugo yelled, his temper flaring.

Now that the initial panic was fading, Kirishima realised how cold he was. He was soaked, standing in a puddle in the pouring rain on the 4th floor in a rainstorm on nothing but his underwear. He couldn't jump down, the window to the common room was right below here. The entire class would see him. He might risk it, but he'd have to go in through the front door on his underwear to get back in, and then he wouldn't be able to go back to his room without being spotted.

His room! Kirishima glanced over, his feet slippery with water and lubrication as he climbed the railing to Bakugo's balcony, reaching over to climb over to his own. He could go inside, dry himself off and get some clothes, and then casually enter the conversation to give Bakugo some backup. He'd tell them how he gave him the sweater, and it would all be good. Maybe he'd even make a nice first impression for later.

He rattled his balcony doorknob. Locked.

Panic was starting to set in again as he rattled the doorknob again, water running in small rivers down his body as he realised that he'd locked his balcony door. He couldn't break it without the principal and Bakugo's parents hearing it; he was stuck.

Heights Alliance was the most secure building on campus, meant to keep the students safe while they were at their most vulnerable, so without punching his way through the lock, there was no hope of getting inside from this side. His only chance was to hide on his balcony until Bakugo's parents left, or climb to a neighboring balcony and hope that any of his classmates had left their balcony door unlocked. Though breaking into someone's room while soaking wet and on his underwear didn't sound very pleasant. He could try climbing up to Sero's room, Sero would understand.

He'd have to get up to Todoroki's balcony first. He carefully attempted to climbed onto the railing, but the lubrication and unrelenting rain was too much, it was too slippery to stand on. He could attempt to scale the walls by hardening his fingers, but the reinforced concrete made so much noise when he pierced it, it was just as bad as breaking the lock.

The voices were getting closer and closer to the balcony and he couldn't hear what they were yelling about over the sound of the rain all around him. Thunder rumbled in the distance and Kirishima ducked and covered his head as he heard the rattle of a balcony door opening.

“Kirishima?” The voice came from the wrong side.

Kirishima turned around on the spot, seeing his other next door neighbor standing on the balcony, looking at him in shock and confusion. Shouji. Shouji was home! Kirishima rushed over to his side of the balcony, glancing over to Bakugo's balcony as the voices got louder.

“Shouji!” he pleaded, climbing up to the slippery railing, reaching over awkwardly as he steadied himself on the metal. The other teen didn't even ask, he only spread out his many arms and grabbed onto his hand, steadying him. “Thanks. Thank you man. You're the best. The absolute best.”

“What's going on?” Shouji started, holding his webbed arm out to shield Kirishima from the rain as he helped him climb over to his balcony. Kirishima was about to explain the situation, when the balcony door behind him opened, and for a full second Kirishima was too terrified to look over his shoulder. If it was Bakugo's parents, he'd never live it down.

Seeing him there, practically naked and halfway over the gap, crouched awkwardly between two balconies and staring back like a deer caught in the headlights; was Aizawa. He looked at him for a bit, his eyes wide in shock as they held eye contact. Wordlessly, neither of them having a clue what to say. Then the teacher nodded once, gesturing to Kirishima to get inside as he retreated into Bakugo’s room.

With the balcony door open, Kirishima could clearly hear Aizawa's voice. “I will finish the tour of the dorms principal, please leave this busywork to me.”

“Alright then, Aizawa-kun!” The principal's cheerful voice sounded shrill from the inside of the room. “I'll leave it to you then!”

Kirishima finished his climb over to Shouji's balcony, the taller teen staring at Kirishima in wide eyed horror as he continued shielding his practically naked body from the rain. Kirishima groaned, covering his face in his hands. If he wasn't so tense he'd be more embarrassed by this whole situation.

“Bakugo's parents?” Shouji's voice was soft, almost comforting.

“Yes.” Kirishima allowed the taller teen to guide him inside the dorm room and Shouji pulled a neatly folded towel out of his closet, handing it over.

“They don't know about you?”

“Bakugo hasn't come out to them yet.” Kirishima sat on the floor, since Shouji's room was barren of any furniture, and let the weight of the towel on his head soothe the stress headache building at the back of his skull.

He hugged his knees, hearing distant yelling and muffled arguments from the other room. He really hoped they hadn't found out. What was he supposed to do? Would he make everything worse if he went there? He really didn't want Bakugo to be alone. He was scared, if Bakugo had been found out, he was all alone in there. But if he hadn't been found out, Kirishima showing up could out him! What was he supposed to do? What was the manly thing to do?!

“Hey.” Shouji put a hand on his shoulder, and Kirishima didn't realize that his shoulders had been shaking until they were stilled by the multiple hands of his classmate. “Do you want me to listen in on them? I could find out what's going on.”

“Yes please!” Kirishima wiped that stubborn rain that kept coming back to his eyes. “I need to know if he was found out-”

Shouji's dupli-arm turned into an ear, pressing up against the door as the taller teen closed his eyes to listen intently. Kirishima refused to sniffle, even if he was sitting on the floor of his classmate's room, soaked to the bone on only his underwear. He held his breath as Shouji listened to the muffled words from down the hall.

“Does it seem like he was found out?” Kirishima whispered impatiently, getting up on all fours and leaning towards the door as if it would allow him to hear the words too.

“They want him to come home for the weekend.” Shouji whispered, his eyes still closed. “-apparently he hasn't visited or answered their calls for a few weeks now.”

Kirishima pressed his forehead against the door. He felt so horribly helpless. Was there nothing he could do? Anything? He wanted to be there for Bakugo, he'd run away like a coward and left his boyfriend to deal with this stressful situation all on his own. It was burning in his skin, this cowardice. Bakugo didn't want to go home, but at this rate, he'd run out of excuses to stay at the dorms.

“He's telling them that he has plans, but when they ask him, he can't tell them what they are.” Shouji's sullen tone didn't bode well. “they are telling him that locking himself up in his room isn't healthy.”

Kirishima had an idea. He hurriedly ran past Shouji, practically falling over himself as he rushed over to his own room, pulling on a pair of shorts and a shirt as fast as he could before he put on his best casual face. He then took a deep breath as he beat on his boyfriend's door, adrenaline rushing through his veins as he spoke.

“Hey! Bakugo! I finished my homework, let's go already!” Using his boyfriends family name felt strange, like his tongue had decided to un-learn it in the short time they had been on first name basis. He knocked again, even if he knew full well that everyone in that room had heard him. He put on his best annoyed tone. “Don't tell me you fell asleep already!? It's not even dinner yet!”

The door was yanked wide open and Bakugo stared at him in bewilderment for a second. “What are you doing?”

“You said you'd come downstairs and watch a movie with us if I did my homework.” Kirishima technically wasn't lying, this had happened before. Ages ago; way before they were dating. It was easier to lie if it had been true once and Kirishima had a lot of experience to call upon when it came to luring Bakugo into socializing. Bakugo stared at him in confusion for a bit, before his eyes widened slightly in realization and he tightened his jaw.

“That was before my parents showed up out of nowhere.” Bakugo gestured to the two adults and a teacher standing in his room, opening the door wider. “So you'll have to watch the stupid movie without me.”

“Your parents?” Kirishima tried his best to fake surprise. Then he gave the confused pair a bit smile, Aizawa looked amused by this entire show, but he wasn't trying to stop them either. “Hello! I'm Kirishima Eijiro, nice to meet you!”

“Oh! So you're the fabled Kirishima-kun?” Bakugo's mother blinked a bit in shock, but then turned to her husband, who smiled gently at Kirishima. “We've heard a lot about you.”

“He told you about me!?” Kirishima was genuinely surprised. He looked over at Bakugo, who was pouting, his ears slightly red as he avoided eye contact.

“You're the 'clingy' friend who kept 'nagging' him to hang out, right?” the blond woman smirked, an eyebrow arched at Bakugo. “Swimming, hiking, movies and to the arcade, our Katsuki hasn't socialised this much since he was a brat-”

“Shut it!” Bakugo barked but his parents just seemed more delighted than before.

“Hey! I'm not clingy!” Kirishima frowned at Bakugo, who groaned in frustration.

“Thank you for putting up with our son's attitude.” Bakugo's father bowed slightly and Kirishima bowed back, still annoyed that Bakugo hadn't made him sound better to his parents before. “Were you planning to watch a movie together today?”

“Yes! Everyone is watching a movie downstairs and Bakugo agreed to join us if I finish my homework first.” Kirishima elaborated, still glaring at Bakugo, who glared back. He decided he could bench this argument for now, so he smiled at his potential future father-in-law “He's been helping me study, but I really shouldn't rely on him so much.”

The silent stares that he got after that were alarming. Bakugo's parents glanced at each other, and then moved their attention back to Kirishima. Their eyes incredulous. “OUR katsuki has been HELPING you study?”

“uh-” Kirishima was confused, he didn't think this would be the sticking point of that entire lie. Luckily for him, the one part they wanted him to elaborate on was the truth, which wasn't a problem. “Yeah! I struggle a lot with hero law and math, but Ka- Bakugo is super smart, so he's been helping me.”

“Is this true?” In unison, Bakugo's parents turned around to look at Aizawa, who had been leaning against the wall across the room, observing.

“It is. Kirishima's grades have been rising steadily since your son started tutoring him.” Aizawa seemed pleased, his expression was softer than Kirishima was used to. “They make a good team.”

“a good team?” Bakugo's parents traded meaningful glances. What the specific meaning was, Kirishima had no idea. He wondered if all married couples could communicate through their eyes alone, since Bakugo's parents seemed to be having an entire conversation without words.

“Well, you should have told us you promised you'd spend time with the class, we don't want to get in the way of that.” Bakugo's dad broke the silence, smiling softly as he stood up and put a hand on Bakugo's shoulder. “but how about you join us on the tour? You can show us around school, then we'll get out of your hair.”

“Fine.” Bakugo grumbled, his expression vulnerable. Bakugo's dad smiled at Kirishima and the latter had a distinct feeling that the older man knew more than he let on.

“Do you mind if we steal Katsuki for an hour or so?”

“uh- not at all?” Kirishima didn't really know how to answer that, so he just lied as he awkwardly gestured to the elevator. “I'll just wait downstairs with the others then.”


All three adults followed Bakugo out to the elevator, and Kirishima couldn't think of an excuse to go back into Bakugo's room for his phone. If he had it with him, he could have used the elevator ride to fill the others downstairs in on the story they had come up with, but now he was at the mercy of the fates. The elevator ride was somehow both the longest and slowest he'd ever experienced. When the elevator opened, there was no movie playing in the common room but the majority of class was sitting around in a pile of blankets and pillows. They all looked up when the elevator opened, tense and a concern written on their faces as they saw Bakugo's parents.

“Oh! You don't have to wait up you guys!” Kirishima said cheerfully, his voice cracking slightly as he made an effort to sound casual. “Bakugo will join us later.” He made direct eye contact with a few of his classmates, who seemed to realize what was going on the moment Kirishima called his boyfriend 'Bakugo'.

“No problem man, we have another movie we can watch first.” Sero awkwardly nodded and the rest of the class gave them an uneasy look as Bakugo's parents walked over to introduce themselves.

“We're sorry to keep you waiting. Thank you all for putting up with our son.” They bowed slightly and the rest of the class returned the gesture from the floor, except Iida, who stood up to do a full proper 90 degree bow. As Aizawa led the charge into the rain outside to show the rest of campus, Kirishima watched his boyfriend march out into the rain, and the moment the adults were out of earshot, he was swarmed by his classmates.

“Did they walk in on you?!”

“Were you guys outed? Is he okay?”

“Are they taking him away? Did you guys get busted?”

“Thanks to the heads up, I got out in time.” Kirishima climbed the back of the couch, settling in next to Kaminari, nodding to Sero and Kaminari in thanks. “His parents didn't find out, so I think it'll all be okay.”

“I could be worse man, they could have walked in on you and pulled Bakugo from the dorms completely.” Sero pointed out, and Kirishima shuddered at the very idea. He relented, sinking down into the couch and reaching out for the bowl of snacks Midoriya was holding out to him.

“You wanna watch the movie with us while you wait for your husband to return from war?” Kaminari teased, and Kirishima nodded, his mouth full of chips.



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