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None of class 1-A wasn't particularly surprised to find out Shinsou was a loner. That was fine, after all he wasn't a complete loner. Shinsou would occasionally hang out with the Bakusquad or with Midoriya, Iida, Uraraka, and Tsuyu, and he would usually join in late night movie marathons.

So Shinsou was a little odd, but isn’t everyone? Most of the class went by this logic and hardly batted an eye at Shinsou’s occasional odd behavior.

The one thing they couldn't ignore however, was the fact that Shinsou could get Aizawa-sensei to smile. Heck, he’s even gotten Aizawa-sensei to laugh a couple of times!

Needless to say Mina and Kaminari were the first to approach Shinsou about his mysterious ability. A second quirk maybe?

Kaminari did the talking, this was probably a mistake on Mina’s part.

“How the heck are you able to get Aizawa-sensei of all people to laugh?!”

Definitely a mistake on Mina’s part.

Shinsou fortunately, was used to Kaminari bluntness.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean! There's twenty of us in this darn class and-”

“Awwww Kami you can count! Bakugo will be so proud.”

“Shut up Mina!”

Shinsou had to hold back a laugh at the two’s antics. Kaminari, sounded genuinely offended but Mina simply stuck out her tongue at his cries of protest.

“As I was say, there's 20 of us in this class and before you came along not a single one of us had been able to get Sensei to smile, much less laugh. So how in the world are you managing to do both?!”

“I show him cats.”

At this point both Kaminari and Mina were staring at Shinsou.

“You what?”

Once again answered, his deadpan expression never changing. “Sensei likes cats, so I show him cats.”

Shinsou’s answer predictably led to Mina and Kaminari pestering Shinsou to show them the cats he had showed Aizawa-sensei.

They were very cute cats. Shinsou even had some cat puns.

When Mina and Kaminari were later asked by Kirishima if they found out how Shinsou got Aizawa-sensei to laugh the two exchanged a grin and promptly told Kirishima, without any context, “Cats.”

Kirishima didn't bother asking for clarification, he could put the pieces together pretty easily.

No one knew exactly who, but at some point someone let Shinsou’s method slip and soon the whole class was showing Aizawa pictures of cats and telling him cat puns.

Kaminari asked Aizawa-sensei the same thing every time he saw him for a week straight, “Hey there sensei, meow you doing?”

He usually got hit by Aizawa’s scarf.

Yaoyorozu actually had two cats of her own and frequently lent out funny pictures of them when the class was trying to get Aizawa to laugh.

One day, after Kaminari told Aizawa practically every cat pun in the book with success, Aizawa looked him straight in the eye and said completely deadpan, “those puns were cat-astrophic.”

The entire class lost its crap.

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It all started had Tokoyami got up early one morning to do some training before class.

Tokoyami had gone to the communal gym and had found Aizawa-sensei and Shinsou sparring.

Now to Tokoyami this occurrence wasn't a big deal. He just assumed that Shinsou was getting some extra fight training from sensei because he was behind.

For awhile Tokoyami was the only one who knew that Shinsou was getting personally trained by Aizawa-sensei, then one day the Bakusquad decided to some early morning training. Sero, Mina, Kaminari, and Kirishima all said they had been practicing collaboratively fighting. Bakugou said he had been dragged along.

Of course once Mina found out that Aizawa-sensei was personally training Shinsou the news spread through the class like wildfire.

Predictably with this new information various theories about why sensei was training Shinsou arose.

Uraraka had one of the more believable theories, “Maybe it’s because they both have non physical quirks?”

This of course set Midoriya off, which in turn set Bakugou off, and suddenly Midoriya was out cold and Bakugou was spouting a steady stream of curses.

There were students who were indifferent about the whole situation (Shouji, Tokoyami, Aoyama, Satou), and those that thought the class should respect Shinsou and sensei’s privacy (Yaoyorozu, Iida).

Then there was the majority of the class who were itching to find out why sensei was training Shinsou.

There there was of course Todoroki who immediately brought forward a  “Shinsou is sensei’s secret love child” theory.

The theory was promptly shot down because of the age difference, or lack thereof. However upon hearing that Iida’s older brother is the same age as sensei the theory morphs into “Shinsou is sensei’s younger brother”.

This is how during lunch one day, once sensei had left the room, Shinsou was quickly cornered by Mina and Hagakure. Once again, Mina let her partner do the talking.

“Why is sensei training you?!?!”

Once again this was a mistake on Mina’s part.

Shinsou didn't look all that surprised at Hagakure’s question, but Mina was sure she saw the smallest flash of panic in Shinsou’s eyes.

“What makes you think Aizawa’s training me?”

Scratch that, that was definitely panic Mina saw in his eyes.

Hagakure, ever the impatient one, did not like Shinsou’s answer at all. “Don’t lie! Mina, Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima saw you two sparring the other day, and Tokoyami has seen you too!”


“What exactly is going on here?”

Mina, and Hagakure both froze at the familiar sound of Aizawa-sensei’s voice. The rest of class all seemed to be frozen in various states of panic, minus Bakugou who had “snuck” out the window.

Oh thank god.” Shinsou whispered, Mina just barely catching the words.

Filing away Shinsou’s words to reference later Mina turned around to meet her teacher’s angry glare.

“I don’t know what's going on here but someone better fess up or you're all running extra laps in training today.”

“We just wanted to know why you’ve been personally training Shinsou, sensei!”

Mina made a mental note to strangle Kaminari later.

At Kaminari’s words Aizawa-sensei raised an eyebrow, glancing at Shinsou who gave a small nod of confirmation.

“So you're telling me, instead of asking like normal people you decided to corner Hit- Shinsou and interrogate him?”

Well when he put it like that .

Hanging her head, Mina mumbled an apology, followed closely by Hagakure and the rest of the class.

Seeming satisfied Aizawa-sensei gave them one last glare before letting out a sigh. “While it’s true I’m training Shinsou, that's between me and him, the rest of you need to learn to keep your noses out of other people's business. Now go to the cafeteria.”

The class quickly fled the room, but Todoroki lagged behind.

Once the room was empty aside from himself and Shinso,  Todoroki looked Aizawa dead in the eyes and asked, “Are you and Shinsou brother’s?”

A choked gasp from Shinsou turned into a coughing fit as Aizawa simply shook his head.

“Go to lunch Todoroki.”

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The first time it happened it nearly went over everyone's heads.

Mic had been passing back a test and quite a few people had done rather poorly on it. Kaminari and Ashido were laughing at each other’s grades, Momo was comforting a depressed Jiro, Uraraka was laughing at the wall, and Sero had buried his face in his hands.

Everyone had pretty much been in their own little world when it happened so they nearly missed it.

“Thanks dad.”

Mina was the first to realize what had occurred grinning wildly as the realization of what he had just said dawned on Shinsou.

“Shit wait I didn't mean to-”

“Awwwww that was adorable,” Hagakure squealed.

Uraraka’s creepy laughter turned to giggles as Shinsou began violently blushing. “For once it wasn't Deku calling All Might dad!”

“I want to die. Midoriya please kill me.”

“Ehuh?! Shinsou I can't do that!”

“Fine, hey blasty you wanna go?”


With half the class in hysterics and the other half restraining Bakugou most of the class had forgotten there was even a teacher in the room. However, Iida was not most people. Once he was sure Bakugou was under control he turned to apologize to Mic-sensei to apologize for the disturbance but was met with a surprising sight. Were those tears in sensei’s eyes? No there had to be some kind of explanation.

“Sensei are you feeling alright? Do I need to get Recovery Girl?”

“Oh! Don't worry little listener I’m fine, just got so dust in my eye I think! Nothing to worry about!”

Mic-sensei was a horrible liar.

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General Note

The short and sweet version of this is that I will be taking an extended break freak from most of my multi-chapter fics.


I love writing and I love getting comments and kudos so I don't plan to stop writing altogether but I do plan to step away from my multi-chapter fics for awhile.


I've been arguing with myself for awhile about how I feel like I am neglecting my five here on Ao3 I I guess over time I just began to associate my growing levels of stress with my multi-chapter fics.


You might have noticed that I've been posting some one-shots and that will probably be the only writing you will see from me for awhile. My life is kind of crazy right now and it is completely due to me taking on more personal projects than I can handle.


I've been avoiding my multi-chapter fics for so long that I've started to actively hate trying to write new chapters. I've started associating my multi-chapter fics with my growing stress levels. While they are only a small part of what makes up my current stress they are still the most obvious to me.


So I have decided to take a break from my multi-chapter fics. Some I may end up continuing and some I may end up abandoning.


Your support as readers truly means the world to me and I'm sorry I have fallen short of what you deserve.


The Future of this Fic

This fic is one of the ones I may end up abandoning.

Oblivious has been fun to write but I've just been so dissatisfied with how it's been turning out and how I've written the characters.

I don't know, maybe this official break will change my mind, nothing is set in stone yet.

Thank you for the support this far. It truly means the world