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A Man of Faith

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The brisk morning pushes Prompto Argentum, third year undergrad at St. Lucis University, to move at a quicker pace across campus. Dew dots the grass, the sun beginning to make its ascent into the sky, the world at peace in this predawn hour. His full length black coat helps to protect him from the elements, his hands shoved into his pockets, the backpack carrying his supplies for his three classes today rest against his back as he heads towards the campus chapel. The bell situated in the bell tower announces that it’s half past six. He swears under his breath, as he races up the steps to the chapel, hating that he’s now late to Lauds.

Pushing the door to the chapel open, he takes a seat towards the back, not wishing to disrupt the service that began when the bell had begun to ring. He picks up the hymnal, but he knows the hymn by heart. Being raised in the church, he’s gone to mass almost every Sunday of his life. On a full scholarship to the best private religious university in Insomnia, he had begun going to mass daily his freshman year, wanting to show how grateful he was at being given this amazing opportunity that not many can say they’ve received. No matter what he’s doing, he makes sure to attend Lauds and Vespers during the week, planning his courses accordingly so that he won’t miss either mass.

An opening prayer is delivered by the campus’ ‘young’ priest, a man who had transferred to St. Lucis’ clergy a year prior from a small community off the coast. Father Scientia, carries an air of grace that causes the church attendees to listen with rapt attention; he exudes natural charisma. Prompto listens to Father Scientia’s voice, following the mass verbatim in his own mind, replying out loud when it comes time. Light bounces off the pair of glasses Father Scientia wears, his white vestment covering the black cassock underneath, his white clerical collar sticking out of the top of his vestment. It’s the act of familiarity that helps Prompto stick to his routine on a daily basis.  

His heart stops in his chest when he feels the priest’s eyes land on him, the smile on Father Scientia’s face doing something to his body that he knows he has no business entertaining. Especially not where he’s sitting, the wooden pew feeling more uncomfortable as the seconds drag on. But he doesn’t look away first, instead choosing to stare back while reciting their current prayer, the smile seeming to increase on Father Scientia’s face.

By the end of mass, his coat becomes open due to the heat being on, the nave feeling much warmer than it probably is because of his impure thoughts. He sighs, pushing some of his blond hair behind his ear, as the last hymn is sung, Lauds concluding for the morning. He waits for most of the congregation - not very many attend Lauds, but there are the regulars, just like him. Their community may be small, but it is still a community. His eyes track Father Scientia heading to the confessional booth off to the Epistle side of the church, a few church attendees already waiting for him to begin their confessions.

He stands up, picks up his backpack, and heads to the pew where two people sit, waiting for their turn. Prompto kneels on the padded brown leather bench attached to the pew in front of it, resting his forearms against the back of the pew, collecting his thoughts. He likes to begin his week with confession, and likes to end his week with one as well. It helps to keep him somewhat grounded in his university life - while everyone's out partying, he stays close to the church. Some may call him a goody two shoes, but if he messes up, then his scholarship is over, so he doesn’t toe the line at all in fear that he will make a choice he will regret for the rest of his life.

The booth becomes free, and looking at the pew, Prompto sees it’s his turn. Leaving his backpack outside, he blesses himself before stepping into the booth, his stomach churning as he takes a seat. “I confess to Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. It has been two days since my last confession.” With a deep breath, he keeps his hands folded in front of him. “Since then, I have committed mortal sins. I have had thoughts of an impure nature, thoughts that have no business being in my head, but I can’t seem to shut them out. They happened over the weekend, and again this morning.” He squeezes his hands together, head bowed, knowing full well that Father Scientia can see him through the small screen that separates the sides of the confessional booth. “For these and all the sins that I have committed during my life, I am deeply sorry.”

“It sounds like you had quite the weekend.” The lighthearted tone that Father Scientia uses with him helps him to relax, only just a little bit, as he keeps his head bowed. “You are human. The Devil is not at work in that brain of yours. For you to recognize that these thoughts are impure means that you are on the right path. Such impure thoughts have a way of working into your mind, but is no cause for alarm. Your penance will be to recite the Lord’s Prayer three times, followed by two Hail Marys. Your sins will be forgiven.”

Prompto exhales, feeling marginally better as he nods his head in acceptance of his penance. He raises his hand, as he follows Father Scientia’s blessing. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.”

“For His mercy endures forever.” It rolls off of Prompto’s tongue as easy as the hymns that were said a little bit ago. He bows his head, and exits the confessional. Picking up his bag, he returns to the pew and kneels down, making the sign of the cross as the begins his penance.

As he finishes up his second recitation of Mary’s Prayer, he hears the door to the confessional open. Making another sign of the cross, he stands up and smiles at Father Scientia, who returns the smile in kind. “Are you off to class now, Prompto?” Father Scientia asks, lifting his hand up to adjust his glasses a little.

“I am.” He nods his head, ignoring the nagging feeling as his eyes go to the black cassock that Father Scientia wears. Thoughts of what lays underneath the cloth begin to fill his mind, his cheeks growing warm as he negates the blessing the man had just bestowed upon him. “Are you off to the rectory?”

“That is correct.” Father Scientia walks with him towards the entrance of the church. “I have a few things that I must take care of before my classes begin.” The priest teaches History of Religion, a class that Prompto is currently taking. “I will be seeing you later, won’t I?” The two walk out of the church, heading down the steps. “It’s not like you to be late for Lauds. Is everything alright?”

He turns to look up at him, his heart pounding as he looks into the light green eyes behind the lenses of Father Scientia’s glasses. “I’m sorry, Father. I had hoped to get here on time, but the bell began to ring as I was still making my way across campus. I won’t be late tomorrow.” He doesn’t tell him why he was late - a dream he’d had the night before had caused him to wake up in a pool of his own semen, the wet dream causing him to panic. The dream had been about the man standing in front of him, who still has a concerned look on his face. “I’m okay, Father. Really.” Prompto smiles, hoping to dissuade any interest in why he’d been late.

“Alright, Prompto. I know you would be honest with me.” He begins to button up his coat as he feels the priest’s hand touch his shoulder. “Were you able to do the research I had suggested to the class?”

“Suggested? I thought it was mandatory.” Prompto exhales, ignoring how his skin burns where Father Scientia is touching him. “Yes, Father. I did.”

“Good. Be prepared for me to call on you.” Father Scientia’s smile turns into a smirk, Prompto’s knees growing slightly weak at the look on his face. “I’ll see you this afternoon.” He makes the sign of the cross, Prompto bowing his head to receive another blessing from the man, and stays in his spot as he watches Father Scientia head towards the rectory.

A pained expression appears on his face, as he heads towards the middle of campus. Why him? It could be anyone, but I had to go for the man I know is unattainable? Good job, brain. Good freaking job. He keeps his head down, more students now on campus than an hour and a half ago, 8 am classes already in session. His first class doesn’t begin until ten thirty, so he heads to the campus cafeteria to grab some breakfast.


He finds himself in his chair, waiting for Father Scientia to enter the classroom a lot sooner than he’d hoped. Prompto isn’t sure if he’s ready to face the priest again, not after the lecherous thoughts that had been plaguing his mind for most of the day. Part of him wants to confess to Father Scientia what sort of thoughts he’s been having, but is afraid of the repercussions that may come from such an admission. If he were to tell the truth, Father Scientia is one of his only friends on campus, and he’s not ready to lose that companionship. But these thoughts are becoming more and more perverse as the days go on, so he may not have a choice in the matter.

“Good afternoon, class. I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend.” Father Scientia walks into the classroom, the cassock he’d worn earlier in the day gone, replaced by a black short sleeved button up clergy shirt, the white collar a constant reminder of who he is to the student body. His briefcase is set down on the lecturn’s table. “Ready to learn about the Middle Ages, and the fun times that are associated with that era and the Holy Church?”

The class groans, but Prompto sits up, pencil poised to take notes as he gets swept away by Father Scientia’s lecture. It’s his favorite class this semester - not because the man that fills his thoughts teaches it, but because of the subject matter. He’s always found religion fascinating, and loves to get into a discussion with Father Scientia during the course of his lecture, wanting more facts to prove some of the rhetoric that he supplies to them. The end of class always comes too soon, the dismissal taking a little bit of the sheer happiness he feels away from him.

“Prompto? Might I have a word with you?” He stops walking towards the door, hanging back at the request of the priest.

Avoiding his eyes, he waits for the last student to leave before he acknowledges him. “You asked for me to stay, Father?”

“You seem to be a bit off still.” Father Scientia points to a chair, Prompto’s shoulders sagging as he takes the chair without a fight. “You may think you are doing a good job of disguising whatever is troubling you, but I can see something is wrong as plain as day.”

He looks up, those piercing green eyes staring at him, that look of concern back on Father Scientia’s face. “I’m fine, Father. Really. I just...I had a nightmare last night, so today I’m a little off because of it.”

“You know it’s a sin to lie to your priest, Prompto.” There’s a teasing tone to Father Scientia’s words, but the guilt that Prompto feels intensifies at the comment. “If that’s all that is, then I will stop pestering you. I want to make sure you’re alright, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like this before.”

The nearness of the priests’ body doesn’t go unnoticed by him, as he tries to calm his hormones down. What am I, fourteen again? He offers him a friendly smile, hoping it will be good enough. “It means a lot to me that you care so much, Father Scientia. Really.” He stands up, and puts his backpack on, thumbs resting on the bottom of his straps, rocking back and forth on his feet. “All I need is a good night’s sleep.” And a swift kick in the head.

“Very well. You know you may call me, if you ever need to talk.” Father Scientia pulls out his phone. “I’m not just your professor and priest. I can also be your friend, if you wish.”

“I…” Prompto doesn’t know what to say in response to that, not expecting the man to offer such a suggestion. “Do you want my number?”

“That would work, or if you don’t feel comfortable with that, then I will give you my number.” Father Scientia types it out, and holds it up to Prompto. “That is my number.” Without thinking about it, Prompto saves it to his phone, but does not send a text. “If it doesn’t make you feel comfortable by having a priest’s phone number, save my contact as Ignis.”

He knows that’s Father Scientia’s first name, but to hear it mentioned so casually, it causes his mouth to drop open in surprise. “Y-Yes, Father.” He changes the contact from ‘Father’ to ‘Ignis’, and he feels a little better at the small change. “Will you be leading Vespers tonight?”

“I will. I will see you there?”

Smiling, he nods his head. “Yes, Father. Thank you!” He starts to reach forward to embrace the priest, but then thinks twice about it, and drops his arms. “I’ll see you this evening!” He takes his leave before Father Scientia can address what had just happened, his heart pounding hard in his chest as he gets lost in a sea of students all making their way to their next class.


Prompto makes it all the way to Friday before he has a breakdown about the thoughts that keep plaguing his mind. He goes to confession after Lauds, but doesn’t mention the most recent impure thoughts, again waking up in a pool of his own spunk with thoughts of Father Scientia touching him in ways a man should not touch another man.

After his lunch back in his dorm room, he pulls up the contact for ‘Ignis Scientia’, and starts to type. “Hi, Father. This is Prompto texting you. I’ve got a question for you, if that’s okay? You’re not teaching right now, right?

I am not. I am in the rectory. What is on your mind, Prompto?

He can hear the man speaking, Father Scientia’s voice reverberating inside of his head. “Homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes, is that correct?

His stomach plummets as he sees no dots on his phone, making him regret sending that question to the priest. But after a few minutes, the dots begin to appear, letting him know that the priest has seen his question. “The old teachings might be viewed in a way that would make it seem like homosexuality is a sin, but with the way society is nowadays, the church doesn’t recognize it as such. We are all children of God.”

But sodomy. The very act of gay sex is a sin, isn’t it?” He puts his thumb against his bottom lip, chewing on the tip of his thumb as he stares at his question. These are the thoughts that control him as of late, and if anyone is going to be able to help him, it will hopefully be Father Scientia.

More dots appear on his phone. “May I call you? I feel that this conversation might be suited better if we were to have a dialogue. I don’t want something to be misconstrued.”

Yes, Father. I understand. Please call me?” Even as he types it out, he regrets sending it because he’s not sure he’s ready to talk to Father Scientia about this. But, this might be easier than talking about it with him through the confessional booth.

His phone rings a few moments later, his hand almost dropping his phone as he tries to answer the call as nonchalantly as possible. “Hi, Father. Thanks for calling me.”

“Good afternoon, Prompto. Is this the matter that has been bothering you all week?” Father Scientai asks, as he leans back onto his pillows, stretching out on his bed, having returned to his dorm room in between classes. “I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit more quiet than normal.”

He chuckles a little, holding the phone to his ear. “Do you pay attention to all of your students like this, Father?”

“Only the ones that I have a deep affection for.”

Whatever confidence he had about this telephone call disappears with that small comment. Finding his mouth suddenly dry, he tries to remember what he was going to say. “W-Why did you want to call me?”

“The last question you asked - about homosexual intercourse.” To hear it said so bluntly makes Prompto clench his eyes tight. “While the act itself might be the literal definition of sodomy, that does not mean the church views it as a sin.” 

“Not now.” Prompto whispers, afraid to use his normal voice. “But years ago…” 

“Years ago, the church was still promoting the idea that Adam and Eve are how we all got here. But science has shown us that that is not the case.” Father Scientia answers with humor in his voice, helping Prompto cope with what they’re talking about. “So yes, sodomy is addressed in the Bible as being a sin, but the church understands that we are all God’s children.”

Letting those words sit for a little bit, Prompto picks at a loose thread on his blanket. “Father - how old are you?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Is that an improper question to ask?” He turns over to lay on his side, keeping the phone pressed against his face. “I’m twenty, going to be twenty-one soon.”

He hears the priest exhale, and waits for his answer. “I’ll be twenty-eight early next year. Why do you ask?”

“When did you know you wanted to be a priest?”

“I suppose I found my calling when I was in high school.”

Humming a little, Prompto nods his head. “So, you’ve pretty much known for quite a long time what you were going to be. That’s nice. Is it difficult, though? You know, the celibacy thing?”

“When the urge strikes me, I throw myself into my work. It’s an easy distraction.”

Surprised by his candor, Prompto lets out a small gasp. “Really? You have impure thoughts?”

“Prompto, I may be a priest, but I am also a man. I recall telling you in so many words earlier this week that being a man is normal.” Father Scientia releases a soft laugh, bringing a smile to Prompto’s lips.

“Right. I forgot about that.” No, he hadn’t. He thinks about that conversation often, trying to tell himself that it’s okay to have the thoughts he’s having. “Thanks, Father. I think this has helped me out a lot.”

“I’m glad. Enjoy your Friday evening. Will I see you at mass on Sunday?”

Rolling onto his back, he sinks down into the mattress more. “You will, Father. Have a good evening too. Thanks again!” He hangs up the phone, feeling a bit more at peace than he had before.

So, homosexuality may not be a sin in the church’s eyes, but the crush he’s harboring no doubt is. He will never confess to Father Scientia the types of feelings he draws out in him, hoping that they will go away in time.


The church is dark, the only light coming from fifteen votive candles in front of a portrait of the Holy Mother. Prompto looks up at the altar, and sees Father Scientia standing in the middle, looking down at the large Bible that he reads from during mass. He approaches him, and becomes alert when he feels two arms circle around his waist.

“You never asked me if I was a homosexual,” Father Scientia whispers into his ear, as their embrace becomes more than just a simple hug. “Why didn’t you ask me, Prompto?”

“B-Because…” He whispers, trying to get a grip on reality, as he feels the arms around him increase their pressure. He moans when he feels warm lips graze the side of his neck, kissing his skin in a way he’s never felt before. “You don’t ask your priest those sorts of questions.”

“Are you afraid of knowing the answer?” One of his hands is brought up to the white collar around Father Scientia’s neck, his fingertips touching the smooth collar. “Does it bother you that I keep this on?”

Closing his eyes, his fingers slide up to Father Scientia’s hair, fingers curling into the soft strands of hair. “N-No….It’s who you are, isn’t it, Father?”

“If it’s who I am, then why is my hand touching you right now? Why would I be doing such a thing to another person?”

He looks down, and sees that his pants have fallen down, and Father Scientia’s hand is in a fist, with his cock resting against the palm of his hand. “…? When…? Your vows…”

“Don’t think about those right now…” The priest’s hot breath against his ear causes an involuntary shudder to rush through his body. “Focus on the way my hand feels on your body.” More kisses touch the side of his neck, coaxing him to relax, Prompto’s body becoming more aroused by the kisses and touches. “Would you like to know what it will feel like to have something inside of you?” Teeth tug on his earlobe, drawing another moan from Prompto’s throat. “Haven’t you dreamed about taking part in the act of sodomy, Prompto?”

His brain tries to tell him to stop, but he can’t help the way his hips roll, pushing his cock against Father Scientia’s hand. “I’m sorry, Father…” He cries, but the pleasure continues to build inside of him, as the hand on his cock begins to stroke him with slow leisurely strokes. “I keep sinning, and I don’t mean to…”

“Shh…” The hand that’s on his cock is removed, and he soon finds himself facing the nave, his hands laying flat on the altar, as he feels something wet start to touch his entrance. “One must fall in order to be saved, is that not true, Prompto?” Father Scientia rubs the tip of his cock against Prompto’s entrance, it sneaking into his body with a gentle push. “The greater the sin, the greater the salvation.”

Moaning loud, he pushes his hips back to force more of the priest’s cock into his body, fingers digging into the sacramental cloth that lays draped over the altar. His moans echo throughout the church, as he feels Father Scientia’s cock penetrate him deep, every thrust pushing him closer and closer to his fall. “F-Father…”

“Yes, Prompto...You may trust me to catch you…” Lips kiss the side of his neck, as he feels Father Scientia’s bare chest touch his bare back, all of his clothes now off of his body. When? How? He takes in the pleasure instead of focusing on the questions, moaning louder and louder. “Let the angels hear your sweet cries of rapture. Show the heavens how good it feels to be human…”

He screams as he starts to come, his cheek resting against the Bible as he convulses around Father Scientia’s cock, his semen dripping down onto the altar as a sick blessing. He feels the rush of the priest’s orgasm deep inside of him, Prompto rubbing his cheek more against the Holy Word. He tries to move, but his muscles won’t obey, his body a pile of goo after that intense orgasm.

Father Scientia kisses the nape of his neck, then begins to kiss his lips. “F-Father, I…”

“Shh…” The priest shakes his head, the familiar warm smile on his face, bringing calm to Prompto’s body. “Now you have something to confess to me.” A wink, then a little pat to his ass makes him groan, and he attempts to pull his hips back, but winds up pushing instead. That small act causes Father Scientia’s cock to grow more inside of him, the hand on his cock beginning to stroke him more.

The sound of something buzzing sounds near his ear, but Prompto ignores it in favor of more kisses from the priest. But the buzzing continues, and without so much as a goodbye, everything is gone.



Prompto groans, his hand slamming down on his alarm clock. Looking under his sheets, he sees the mess on his stomach, his cock still thick with morning wood, droplets of cum joining the rest of his nocturnal emissions. Rubbing his eyes, he sees that it’s Sunday.

How is he going to face Father Scientia, when all he’s been doing is dreaming about him? Groaning, he pushes the covers off of the bed, and wipes up his stomach with tissue, balling them up and throwing them into the wastebasket, joining the rest of the tissue he’d used over the last week every single morning.

Walking to church, the crisp air feels nice against his heated skin. It’s another full house, most people choosing Sunday as their day of worship, and Prompto takes a seat towards the back of the nave to enjoy mass, led by Father Scientia. 

When it comes time to receive the Eucharist, he is happy to see Father Scientia on his side of the nave. Approaching him, he decides at the last minute to take the Eucharist directly onto his tongue, rather than receive it in the palm of his hand. He sees the surprise in Father Scientia’s eyes, the both of them knowing he’s never taken the Eucharist from him in such a manner before. “The body of Christ.” Father Scientia’s voice changes for him, Prompto paying close attention to how he’s been saying it for the ones before him. His stomach churns as he repeats it in his mind, analyzing how it had sounded a minute before, and then how it had been said to him in the span of a second.  

“Amen.” Keeping his tongue extended out, he keeps his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes staring directly into Father Scientia’s, who keeps his eyes on him. The touch of his fingers against his tongue makes him moan internally, the soft caress as the Eucharist is placed onto his tongue more arousing than it should be. Father Scientia’s fingers linger for a second longer, and then he’s pulling his tongue back into his mouth, making the sign of the cross on his body, and heading to the next station to receive the Blood of Christ.

He avoids Father Scientia after mass, his thoughts in turmoil as he keeps reliving the moment he took the Holy Sacrament. The touch of Father Scientia’s fingers on his tongue, the heat in his eyes. Okay, maybe there was no heat there, but this is his own fantasy, damn it. If he wants there to be heat there, there will be heat there. He goes back to his dorm room, and jerks off to those touches, his face buried into his pillow as he moans the priest’s name in almost a whisper, too ashamed to say it out loud.

The following morning, he arrives at Lauds early, taking a seat up towards the front. He decided when he woke up that today would be the day he confesses the truth to Father Scientia. Maybe it will help him get over this stupid fantasy, and help him from not having erotic dreams of him night after night.

There is only one other person seeking to have confession today, not giving him enough time to prepare his thoughts. The door opens before he’s ready, and then he finds himself going into the booth, his head down, his heart beating wildly in his chest.

“I confess to Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. It has been seven days since my last confession.” His stomach rolls, as he tries to calm himself, hoping that his words won’t stutter at all with what he’s about to say.  “Since then, I have committed mortal sins. I continue to have amoral thoughts, and have acted out on said thoughts by pleasuring myself.” He swallows, hoping that Father Scientia won’t see him any different after this confession. He’s not supposed to. He wouldn’t be a good priest if he judged you.

“What sort of thoughts have been invading your mind, my son?”

“I harbor a crush on a man that I know will never be anything to me.”

“Why would you think that way? There is no reason to confess such a thing.”

Leaning forward, he rests his head against the mesh screen, his hand touching the wall. “I have to confess, because my impure thoughts are about you, Father Scientia. I wake up night after night, having dreams about you in a way I know I should not think of a member of the cloth. Please - I beg of your forgiveness. For these and all the sins that I have committed during my life, I am deeply, utterly sorry.”

The silence that greets him is almost worse than not seeing the three dots on his phone. He hears a door open, his head still resting against the mesh screen, trying to prepare himself for the penance he knows is coming. Whatever it is, he will do it if it means he’ll be allowed entrance into Heaven.

A second door opens, light pouring into the confessional booth for a moment before it’s closed again, Father Scientia now standing front of him. He starts to ask a question, totally shocked by the priest’s presence, but a finger touches his lips, silencing him.

“Did you mean what you said, Prompto?” Father Scientia keeps his voice down, but steps closer to him, Prompto now standing up, his back resting against the wall of the confessional booth. “Are you attracted to me? You’re dreams about me?”

He hangs his head in shame, tears burning in his eyes as he hears his own perverseness leaving the mouth of the man he should be respecting. “I’m sorry, Father. I wish I knew how to stop. If I could, I would.”

“Don’t be sorry.” A hand touches his face, lifting it up. “I’m flattered that you hold me in such high regards. But I’m a priest, and it is forbidden for me to reciprocate.”

Prompto turns his head towards Father Scientia’s hand, and nods his head. “I know, Father. I think….I think talking about it has helped me, and I’m on the road to recovery.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” The hand that’s on his cheeks moves back, Father Scientia’s fingers pushing through his hair. “Would you like your penance now?” 

Something warm tickles his upper lip, Prompto licking it to see if it will go away. With the light limited in the booth, it’s difficult to tell where Father Scientia is. “Yes, Father.”

“Five Lord’s Prayers, and two full cycles of the Rosary. Your penance will grant you forgiveness. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.” Father Scientia’s thumb rubs against his cheek, his right hand making the sign of the cross over Prompto’s body, that warmth returning to his upper lip. “What do you say, Prompto?”

His breath catches in his throat, as he feels Father Scientia’s thumb rub against his bottom lip. “For His mercy endures forever.”


“Ah-” His return is cut off by the touch of something warm against his lips. He startles when he realizes what it is, but a hand on his hip quells the fear beginning to creep its way into his mind. He moans against Father Scientia’s lips, his arms coming up to wrap around the priest’s neck, the smallness of the vestibule not a hindrance in the slightest. He hears Father Scientia release his own low moan, the two holding on to each other as their tongues get to know one another through their passionate kiss.

Prompto pulls away first, panting softly, his arms staying locked around Father Scientia’s neck. “W-What...what was that…?”

“Me being ruled by my lust as a man, and not acting appropriately as a man of faith.” His forehead touches Prompto’s, the two staying as close to one another as possible. “I have no regrets. In fact, I want more.” He shivers at the confession. Reaching up, he pinches his own arm, and groans. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Nope, I’m awake.” Prompto releases a somewhat breathless laugh, trying to lighten the mood. “S-Shouldn’t we get out of here…? I’ve got class…”

“Right. My apologies, Prompto.” Another soft kiss touches his lips, making him moan softly, the kiss deepening into a more heated kiss. Neither of them try and pull away from one another, their tongues gliding together in each other’s mouths for a few more minutes before Father Scientia pulls away. “One more for now.” Father Scientia touches his face. “We’ll discuss this soon, I promise. For now, I think it’s best we go our separate ways.”

He nods his head. “I understand, Father. I will see you in class later.”

“You will.” One more kiss, and then the door to the booth is opening, leaving Prompto alone.

Sinking back down, he sits with his hands between his knees, shaking his head. Did that really just happen? Did he make Father Scientia break his vow of celibacy? Stupid, you kissed. You didn’t have sex. Big difference. That thought helps to ease the guilt that is making its way into his head. Just a kiss, nothing more. It’s going to be okay. This isn’t going to end up like one of his crazy sex dreams.

Prompto collects himself, and after waiting for ten minutes leaves the confessional on his own. He hopes by the time his History of Religion class rolls around, he will have gotten over his hormones, and the lust still working its way through his system. He can’t go to class with a raging boner, nor can he sit in class with one. Heading out of the chapel, he heads towards his first class, hoping that this won’t end poorly for him.

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In a slight daze, Prompto floats through the rest of his morning, his body present in his class but his mind elsewhere. His mind is back in the confessional booth, the firm body of Father Scientia pressed against his as their tongues flick back and forth with needy strokes, each touch not enough. In his mind, the touches aren’t enough, his body feeling like it’s on fire with the memories of their few moments alone together. He rubs his eyes, the professor dismissing their class, his brain refusing to believe that he will be soon in his History of Religion class.

Walking through the crowded hallways, he keeps to himself, like he always does. He wonders if any of the other students are having a similar crisis, having their moral compass derailed by a single person. Normally, the person that would be derailing these sorts of ideals is someone that likes to participate in other sinful activities. Not someone who should be the leader when it comes to a moral compass, one who should be absolved from sin. That is the part that worries Prompto - is he responsible for causing such actions in a man that has no business having these kinds of feelings?

But what sort of feelings are they? They haven’t spoken, Father Scientia making it clear that they needed to spend time away from one another. What if I’ve hurt the relationship we had before with my confession? This is why he shouldn’t have opened his mouth, because it has complicated things, and he doesn’t like that. Not at all. He wants to go back to before - let him suffer alone with his crush, the crush that he is fully aware is immoral. He is the sinner, the one that deserves all of the punishment coming to him. Not Father Scientia.

Lost in his thoughts, he winds up standing in the hallway near his classroom, and when the class empties out, he heads in and sits at his desk. Resting his head on his backpack, he closes his eyes and tries to compose himself, wondering how it’s going to be when he sees Father Scientia again. Maybe everything that had happened in the morning was another figment of his imagination - the pinch on his arm was deceptive.

A hand touches his arm, startling him awake. “Wuzzit?” He mumbles, sitting up, feeling a little worse for wear as he tries to remember where he is. Blinking a few times, he sees one of his friends looking down at him with a big smile on their face. “I was sleeping, wasn’t I?”

“You were.” A feminine laugh makes him groan, as he sits up in his chair. “You were out of it too, Prompto. I tried calling your name, and you wouldn’t respond.” Lunafreya Nox Fleuret sits down next to him, setting her notebook on the table, light blonde hair in a ponytail up on the top of her head. “Did you not get enough sleep over the weekend?”

He shakes his head. “No, I did. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Another lie. One more thing he will have to confess to when he returns to the confessional booth on Friday before the weekend starts. Thinking about the confessional booth makes his thoughts go back to a few hours ago, and he’s back into a funk that he can’t show on his face or attitude. Shaking it off, he turns towards Luna with a smile on his face. “How was your weekend? Did you spend lots of time with Noctis?”

“I did.” Luna nods her head, and smiles. “He says hi, by the way. Says you should come out to dinner with us one weekend.”

Prompto had gone to high school with Noctis, and had been the one to introduce him to his friend Luna, and once they had gotten together he had let nature run its course. “Maybe.” He smiles, nodding his head. The door to the classroom opens, and in walks their professor, and any hope that he would be okay disappears with his arrival.

“Good afternoon, class. I hope that your weekend was nice.” Father Scientia sets a cup of coffee down on the table, dressed in a cassock today, more formal than he has been over the course of the semester. Prompto can’t remember if he’d been wearing that earlier in the day; he usually has a good memory when it comes to Father Scientia, but his mind had been a little preoccupied.

Heat floods his cheeks when he see Father Scientia look around the room at the students, his eyes landing on him last. The split second is enough to stoke the embers in his belly, his hand curling tighter around his pencil as he offers a smile to the priest, to which a hint of smirk is returned to him. Father Scientia’s eyes turn back to the class, and their lecture begins.

“Want to go grab a coffee?” Luna asks, as the two of them pack up their belongings at the end of class. “This is your last class of the day, right?”

“It is.” He sees Father Scientia standing up at the front of the classroom, talking to a couple of the other students - two girls who seem to be thrusting more of their chest up towards him. He doubts they’re listening to what he’s saying to them. He looks back at his backpack, and zips it up before putting it on his shoulders. “Raincheck? I’ve got some studying I need to do before heading to Vespers this evening.”

“I don’t understand your drive to go to church every single day. Isn’t it exhausting?” She asks, as the two of them start to walk out of the classroom together.

He slows down, wondering if Father Scientia is going to call out to him, but when he gets to the door and no request had been made, he lowers his head, dropping his shoulders as he walks out to the hallway with Luna. “It’s just something I like to do. It’s like you watching a television show.” He can feel the dejection eating away at him, and wants to get as far away from the classroom as possible.

“I don’t see how you can compare the two, because they are nothing at all alike.” His friend laughs, as he walks her to her car. “Are you sure you’re okay? You seem a little down today. Did you not have a good weekend?”

Laughing, he puts on bright smile, praying that it would work to get her to leave him alone. “I’m good, Luna. Don’t worry about me. I’ll see you on Wednesday?” 

“You will. Unless you need to hang out with me before then. You can call me anytime, you know. Even if I’m with Noctis.” She hugs him, the soft swell of her breasts pushing against his chest. A big difference between the way her body feels, and how Father Scientia’s body had felt against his earlier in the day. “Okay?”

He hugs her back tight, and nods his head. “I know. Thanks, Luna. Really. Have a good night.” Letting go of her, he takes a few steps back and waves, then heads in the direction of the campus library, not ready to head back to his dormitory.

His pocket begins to vibrate as he makes his way up the steps to the library, his hand going into his pocket to pull out his phone as he heads inside. A text message appears on his screen, butterflies manifesting in his stomach as his chest begins to ache with how fast his heart begins to beat. Unlocking his phone, he views the message from ‘Ignis Scientia’.

I saw you hesitate leaving class. If those two had not come up to me, I had intended to call out to you. I’m sorry. Where are you right now?

Ducking into one of the alcoves on the first floor, he leans against the stack of books and starts to type. “It’s okay. I didn’t expect anything. I’m at the library, going to get a head start on the assignment you gave today.”

That’s not due for another two weeks.”

I like to stay on top of things. :) Will you be leading Vespers this evening, Father?

It still feels surreal to be texting Father Scientia, never mind what they had done earlier in the day together. “I will be. I would like to talk to you afterwards, if I might?

That sounds good. I’ll wait for you after mass.

I look forward to it. Good luck on your paper. I know you will do well.”

The pride he feels at the compliment leaves a smile on his face for the rest of the afternoon, his phone returning to his pocket as he works on his paper for Father Scientia’s class. Time seems to speed up a lot faster than it had when he had been in his fog in the morning. With the work that he puts into his paper, books strewn around him, his phone alerts him that there is fifteen minutes until Vespers. Packing up his papers, he makes sure to put the books he’d pulled for his research back on the librarian’s station, then heads with a little bounce in his step heading towards the campus chapel.

Prompto takes a seat towards the back of the church, making it just in time for mass to begin. He sees Father Scientia on the altar, most of the same folks that had been there in the morning for Lauds returning for their final blessing of the day. The routine of coming here at night helps to calm him down, but tonight it’s the opposite. Tonight, Prompto feels more on edge than he has because of what he knows is coming after the service. But this is the situation he’s gotten himself into, and it’s one that he will see through to the end, whatever that ending might be.

Mass comes to an end, most of the congregation taking their leave for the evening. He stays kneeling in his pew, praying that he has enough strength to get through having a conversation with Father Scientia. The lights in the sanctuary dim for the evening, the light from the burning prayer candles providing minimal illumination. Memories of his dream start to manifest in his mind, his palms beginning to sweat, as if the church had its heater on. More like it’s the sins he knows he has to atone for causing his body to be in a panic. Waiting for Father Scientia to join him is making his stomach churn, but the more he concentrates on his breathing, the more at ease he feels.

A hand touches his shoulder, much in the same manner that Luna had touched him earlier. But unlike her touch, this touch burns, just as it had earlier in the day. He pulls his steepled hands apart, and looks up, light reflecting off of Father Scientia’s glasses for a second before he tilts his head so that he can see his green irises. “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“It’s okay, Father. I know you have important things to attend to.” He stands up with the help of Father Scientia, reaching for his backpack on the pew. “Would you like to take a walk? Or…?”

The priest joins him in the pew, and takes a seat, the flickering candles bathing him in warm light. “I think here will okay. We’re alone, unless being in here makes you uncomfortable?”

“No.” Prompto shakes his head. “I’m not uncomfortable. I’m...I’m not sure what I am right now, Father.” He laughs, his nervousness coming out in the awkward noise.

A hand touches his thigh, pulling his attention back up to the priest’s face. “There is no reason to be alarmed right now, Prompto. There is no reason to be nervous, either. I’m still the same man I was last week.”

“You mean the same priest, Father.”

“I’m speaking to you this evening as a man first, Prompto.” Fingers go to the white collar around his neck, prying it off. Prompto’s eyes widen, watching as he puts the article of clothing on his lap, a weak smile on his lips. “Does this make it easier for you to see me as a man?”

Reaching forward, he grabs onto the collar, and holds it up to Father Scientia’s neck. “No! You don’t have to do that! You should keep it on, because it’s what makes you who you are.”

“Does it?” Fingers help him to put the collar back on Father Scientia’s neck, tucking it down into his cassock. “I don’t think so, but if it’s easier for you to accept what’s happening, then I will do whatever makes you most comfortable.”

With the collar back in place, the panic that had flared slowly ebbs away, only to be replaced by something different when he feels a hand touch his. “Y-You said you wanted to talk, Father. What do we have to talk about?”

“We both know what we have to talk about.” Fingertips touch the center of his palm, causing a shiver to skate up his spine.

“No one knows that I’m gay.” Prompto whispers, taking comfort in the hand that grips onto his with a little bit more tightness. “I’ve been in romantic relationships with girls, but never felt that something that one is supposed to feel when they’re with someone.”

“Go on.”

He takes a deep breath, remembering that this man - even with their strange circumstances at the moment, he is still someone he can trust with this information. “I think I knew I liked men when I started to go here. Or, my eyes became more open to it, which is weird because there’s not a lot of same sex couples.”

“Are you sure about that?” Father Scientia asks, a smile on his lips. “If one knows where to look, you would be amazed at what you find directly underneath your own nose.”

“Really?” He’s surprised to hear that the priest knows of such places, but then remembers what had happened in the confessional booth, his eyes going towards the small enclave, the grip he has on Father Scientia’s hand tightening. “My attraction towards you isn’t what made me realize I’m this way, but it hasn’t hindered those thoughts either, as you know.”

“You mentioned this morning that you have perverse dreams about me. When you’ve come to confess your sins, they’ve been about me, haven’t they?”

Prompto hangs his head in shame, but does not deny the claim. “My confession this morning was my last resort. I’m tired of having the dreams I keep having. I thought that telling you the truth would help to set me free. But I don’t feel any different.”

“Not even a little relieved at releasing that burden?” Another firm squeeze to his hand gives him a little bit more comfort. “Carrying such a secret must be very difficult for you.”

He shrugs his shoulders. “Maybe the weight would be gone, if I didn’t feel this guilt at making you betray your calling by kissing me.”

“Is that what you think I did?” His hand loses the warmth that has been there with Father’s Scientia’s hand, as he takes it away to turn towards him, their knees touching as they look at one another. “Your presence has always been great in my life, Prompto. When I’m up on the altar, I look for you first. When you’re in my class, I always have my eye on you.”

The hand that had been on his now touches his cheek, Prompto leaning in towards the touch as their heads start to move closer together. “What about your vows?” He whispers, eyes beginning to close as warmth touches his upper lip. “I can’t be the person to break them.”

“Is kissing someone disavowing their celibacy? Is touching someone the same as disavowment?” Father Scientia’s lips hover close to his. “Why don’t you let me be the judge of what is good for me, and what isn’t. Allow me to show you that these feelings you have, these desires, they aren’t as bad as you’re making them out to be.”

His mouth feels dry, wondering if Father Scientia will feel how dry it is with his tongue soon. “I’m scared, Father. I don’t want to make the wrong choice. You mean so much to me - I don’t want to know I’ve done something bad to you.”

“You aren’t, Prompto. You aren’t doing anything to me that I don’t want to have done. If we’re to do this, then you need to accept that I am doing this of my own free will.” The hand that’s on his face slides to the back of his neck, helping to guide him to move his head so that it’s at a better angle. “You are not controlling me, just as I am not controlling you.”

Everything still seems so surreal, that this has to be a new fantasy of his. A priest would never agree to doing something of this nature. Wait - what have they agreed to? “What are we doing, Father…?”

“Helping to calm your nerves about your feelings for the same sex. We’re showing you that there is no reason to feel the way you do, when it is natural and there is no reason to fear it.” Lips touch his with a hint of a kiss, Father Scientia pulling away to whisper more words against his lips. “Give me permission, Prompto…”

He nods his head, hearing the neediness in his own voice. “Please, Father...Please, help me make these dreams stop.”

“I will do everything in my power to help alleviate that pressure from you.”

His eyes close when he feels Father Scientia’s lips touch his again, all the tension in his body slowly disappearing as he melts into the kiss. His jaw drops down, Father Scientia’s tongue invading his mouth, rubbing against his thick muscle with the same fervor he’s been dreaming about. He moans into his mouth, and is soon scrambling to be closer to his body, needing that firm touch against him. With limited options, he moves without breaking away from the kiss, hands touching his waist, encouraging his movements as he takes a seat on the priest’s lap, facing him as their kissing becomes more ravenous.

Firm hardness touches his arousal, Prompto pulling back from the kiss with a soft moan as he moves his hips forward to feel a little more of that friction. “F-Father…” He moans, head tilting to the side as lips touch the side of his neck.

“Please say my name…” The lust he hears in the priest’s voice makes him release a richer moan, as the hands on his hips pull him to be closer to the man’s hardness. “We’re both men right now, Prompto.”

Without thinking too much into it, one hand touches the collar at Father Scientia’s neck, a physical reminder that he is anything but. “Ignis…” The name sticks to the roof of his mouth, the fingers on his hips gripping him tighter as he whispers the man’s name. “Ignis, will you kiss me again…?”

His mouth becomes covered by the priest’s mouth, Prompto’s moans increasing in pitch as he rolls his hips experimentally, the hardness he feels on Father Scientia’s body matching the hardness in his own pants. He forgets that they’re in the nave, the silence of the church making him forget where they’re at. In the back of his mind, a voice of reason is trying to speak to him, trying to make him realize that what they are doing shouldn’t be done out in the open like this. Anyone could come into the church and see the two of them going at it, but that thought doesn’t make much difference with the part of his brain that is controlling his thoughts and movements right at this moment. No, the desire burning through his veins for the man he’s sitting on top of is in charge of his actions right now, and they seem to be on a clear course that couldn’t be stopped, even if he tried.

Their mouths are no longer touching, heavy breath being shared between the two of them as the lower halves of their bodies rub and grind against each other. “Are you scared, Prompto…?” Father Scientia asks, his voice coming out strained as the hands on his waist start to dip down towards the mounds of flesh of his ass. “This feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Ignis…” He moans, the firm grip on his ass feeling amazing. He pushes back into the hands holding his ass, Father Scientia loosening the grip to grab more of a handful of each cheek. “F-Father, please…”  

The button on his jeans pops open, the zipper sliding down as their mouths return to one another, tongues touching as he feels the elastic band of his underwear being pulled away from his body. He can’t find the will to say ‘no’, because deep down inside he knows he wants this more than anything. Warmth surrounds his cock, his head slamming down onto the priest’s shoulder with a soft needy moan, his chest pushing against the row of buttons on Father Scientia’s cassock as the hand inside of his pants finds a better grip on his thick flesh. “Has anyone touched you like this before?” Father Scientia’s voice is low, words spoken near his ear as he continues to writhe on his lap. “Do you touch yourself, and think of me?”

“Nnngh….Y-Yes...I’m sorry…” He whimpers, the touch of someone’s else’s hand on his cock putting his mind into a daze. “I’m sorry, Father…”

The hand around him gives his plump flesh a good squeeze, wetness beginning to coat his girth as his precum is used as a natural lubricant. “Will it calm your nerves if I tell you I’ve done the same thing?”

Prompto sits up fast, eyes locking onto Father Scientia’s, as the hand on his cock moves with defined speed. “But, I thought…”

“Priests have their needs too, Prompto.”

He tries to think of something to say, but the ability to speak leaves his mind in favor of becoming consumed by the pleasure that’s beginning to to build inside of him. He wants to speak, wants to ask why him - he’s no one special, definitely not someone to have a crisis of faith over. With that admission, the very acts they’re committing are breaking the priest’s vow of celibacy registers in his mind. All this time, he assumed that they were safe from that - that this was a one sided affair, but it appears that isn’t the case. And for some reason, he likes that - knowing that he’s the one that’s causing the priest to lose his sense of self, just like Father Scientia is doing to him.

His knees dig against the back of the pew as he starts to hump the hand in his pants, no longer holding himself back. He hears Father Scientia moan in approval, his other hand grabbing tight to Prompto’s ass, kneading the soft flesh as his hand works on his cock. “Ignis…” He rests his hands on top of his shoulders, the silence of the church amplifying their minimal noise. Out of curiosity, he drops his left hand, fingers sliding down the row of buttons on Father Scientia’s cassock - the same buttons that have been imprinted onto his chest from how hard he’d been pressing up against him - trailing down to the prominent mound close to his own erection.

Pushing any reservations he has away, Prompto pushes the heel of his palm against the mound, the intake of breath from Father Scientia letting him know that he’s found the spot he’s been looking for. Teeth graze against the side of his neck, the lecherous muffled moan against his skin causes goosebumps to appear on his arms, his stomach dipping with a wave of arousal. He gives the clothed mound a squeeze, wishing that today hadn’t been the day that Father Scientia chose to wear a traditional cassock. He can’t reach to palm him properly, the vestment in the way. It’s a blessing in disguise. The thought causes an absurd laugh to leave his throat, as he pushes his thumb against the side of Father Scientia’s engorged flesh.

The noises he’s making become muffled by lips touching his own, muting his own lewd noises with a searing kiss. His hand tries to copy the movements that Father Scientia is using on his cock, but the barrier of the vestment won’t allow him to give it in the same manner. He changes tactics, pushing the palm of his hand against the mound, rubbing it up and down with his fingers pointed downwards. He feels Father Scientia spread his thighs apart, his body ready for the adjustment, his own knees spreading outwards as his hand moves down to get a better surface area to work with. Prompto pulls away from the kiss with a needy moan, stuck on the edge of his orgasm thanks to the hand on his cock slowing down the tempo of movement.

“It’s time…” Father Scientia hums low in his ear. “I can feel you throbbing, your body begging for release.” He tries to hide his face against the priest’s shoulder, but Father Scientia pulls it back, his back arching as pleasure returns to his body, his hand rubbing faster against the clothed mound. “Look at me…”

Lifting his head, he struggles to keep his eyes open, the reflection of his own arousal on his face appearing on Father Scientia’s glasses makes him moan low. “F-Father….Ignis….” He tries to keep his eyes open, but his orgasm takes over his entire body, eyelids falling closed as he begins to come by the touch of someone’s hand that is not his own.

Wet heat spreads against his palm, as he feels Father Scientia reaching his peak a little bit after his own, his head still clouded by the rush of endorphins making their way through his system, the hand on his weeping cock continuing to milk him of his orgasm. He collapses against Father Scientia’s chest, breathing hard as he takes in the man’s musk - a hint of soap, with the smell of scented deodorant filling his nose as he tries to regain his breath.

He’s cradled in the priest’s arms, after the hand that had been on him is cleaned up with a handkerchief. Prompto groans a little as he’s tucked back into his underwear, his spent cock still dripping with the aftermath of his orgasm into his boxers. Nowhere near the saturation that Father Scientia must be feeling right now. He lifts his head to look up at him, a shy smile tugging on his lips as he sees a gentle smile on Father Scientia’s face.

The bliss from his orgasm starts to wane, reality beginning to worm its way back into his brain. “Oh, my God.” He whispers, shame hitting him like a speeding bullet as he realizes what they’ve just done. “Oh, my God.”

“Shh…” A hand touches his face, smelling a bit like his own spunk as a thumb is rubbed over his cheek. “There’s no reason to be ashamed.”

“We just!” Prompto struggles to sit up, sliding off of Father Scientia’s lap, jumping up from the pew. “In here!!” His raised voice echoes through the church. “Father!!”

Father Scientia stands up, and puts both of his hands on his shoulders. “What we did...yes - perhaps doing it in here was a bit….”

“Blasphemous!” He cries, pulling himself away from the priest. Grabbing his backpack, his flight or flight instinctions kick in, his feet taking him away from the one who keeps confusing him. “I can’t, Father. My dreams are not real. This - this is very real, and I can’t.” He shakes his head, walking away from the priest, who he can hear calling out to him.

The night air shocks his system, not expecting it to be as late as it is. How long were they in there? How long had Father Scientia been kissing him? Touching him? Oh, God. He darts over to a bush and begins to vomit, his stomach continuing to churn as he plays over what had just happened in his mind. Standing up, he sways for a second before his equilibrium returns, tears streaming down his face as he staggers down the path leading away from the church.

When he returns to his dorm room, he sees he has two missed calls, and a few texts from the priest he had left back in the nave of the church. Dropping down onto his bed, he releases a scream into his pillow, tears staining his pillowcase as he lets it all out. Turning back over, he looks over at his wall, where a cross is hung, reminding him of the sins he’d just committed. He picks up his phone, and stares at the text messages, reading them over and over.

Please pick up your phone. Please call me. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Prompto - please call me when you see this. We need to talk. As your priest, we need to address what happened.”

“Hah. My priest.” He half-sobs, half-laughs at the texts. Who is he kidding? He’s the one that’s put him into this position.

Or is he? You had every chance to say no. He groans, slamming the back of his head against his pillow, hating that the voice inside of his head is right. He could have stopped him, but it felt so good to be touched so intimately. The touch of Father Scientia’s hand had felt better than his own. He knows that if the traditional cassock hadn’t been on his body, that he would have reciprocated the same touches to Father Scientia’s cock. He wants to know what it looks like, what it feels like, what it tastes like.

“God, I’m so sorry.” He whispers, his hand clutching his phone as more tears stream down his face. “What sort of penance will I receive for doing something so horrible? Can I be forgiven?” Unlocking his phone, he pulls up Father Scientia’s message, and then presses the button to call him.

Holding the phone to his ear, he sniffles as it rings twice before the priest picks up. “Prompto.” The relief he hears in his voice makes him cry a little more, his knees drawn up to his chest as he tries to compose himself. “Thank you for calling me. I know you’re feeling bad right now, but you must understand that no one is upset at you. Not God, nor myself.”

“How can you say that?” His arm tightens around his knees, as he tries to accept the words Father Scientia is saying. “God is mad at me. I’ve committed sins of the flesh. I’ve given in to temptation, just like Eve did with the Devil.”

“You are not anything like Eve, Prompto.” The amusement he hears in the priest’s voice makes him realize how ridiculous he had sounded by making such a comparison. “Would it make you feel better if I offer you penance over the phone, so that you can rest easy with what occured a little bit ago?”

He bites down on his lip, thinking about what is being offered to him. “If I say yes, does that make me a bad person, Father?”

“It does not.”

“Then, yes. I would like to receive my penance for my actions, Father. Please.” He drops his knees back down, feeling somewhat normal, the shock wearing off. It helps knowing that Father Scientia is willing to offer this to him. “But first - may I ask you something?”

“What is your question, my son?”

The authoritative voice of Father Scientia is replaced by the friendly tone he’d just been using, and somehow it helps to calm him down further. This version of Father Scientia feels familiar, one he’s known for the past year. “Have you done something like this before with another parishioner?”  

“No. This is new territory for myself as well, Prompto. I am at a loss as to what’s going on, but I know that God always has a plan, and I must listen to Him. It may not be obvious right now what that path is, but my faith in Him allows me to see that what we are doing is not wrong.”

“Thank you, Father. Hearing that helps a lot.”

“You are welcome. Now, your penance.” Father Scientia grunts under his breath. “You are to say one decade of the Rosary this evening, and tomorrow you are to complete the Stations of the Cross before Lauds. I will leave the prayer cycle for you on the pew I know you tend to sit at during Lauds. Once you’ve completed those, you will be washed clean of your sins. Your penance will grant you forgiveness. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.”

Remembering the last time he’d recited these words, he closes his eyes, pushing away the lewd thoughts. “For His mercy endures forever.” He waits for Father Scientia to say ‘Amen’, then repeats it after him.

“Sleep well. Tomorrow is a new day. Good night, Prompto.”

“Good night, Father.”

He slips off of his bed and picks up his Rosary, then kneels beside his bed, looking out the window towards the sky. He prays one decade of the Rosary, then gets settled into bed, setting his alarm an hour earlier than normal for his penance. Everything that has happened over the course of the day knocks him out, his subconscious quiet for the night - exhaustion triumphing over his hormones for the evening.

Chapter Text

Waking up the next morning, Prompto feels refreshed, even though he’s gotten less sleep than normal thanks to the events of the previous evening. It’s the first night of complete rest that Prompto’s had in a very long time. Double bonus - his stomach and pants are dry, no mess to clean up. That alone brings jubilation to his psyche, kicking the sheets off with a resounding whoop as his feet hit the carpeted floor.

After a quick invigorating shower, he dresses for the day in a pair of fitted dark blue jeans, a nice button up grey shirt, and throws a black sweater over it. He doesn’t expect the heat to be on in the church, figuring it might further suit his penance to have a little bit of physical discomfort. Grabbing his gloves on his way out, he gets his backpack settled on his body, and heads across campus to the campus chapel.

A few votive candles are still burning from the night before, the church cold and quiet. It’s peaceful, coming here this early with no one around. Genuflecting, he makes the sign of the cross as he enters the pew he had sat in the night before, and sees a small booklet left by Father Scientia for the Stations of the Cross prayers. Normally done during Holy Week, it’s helpful to have a guide as he only does this type of prayer once a year. Before getting started on his penance, he kneels down on the brown leather kneeling bench, and folds his hands to pray.

“Please understand that I’m figuring things out. I know what we did last night was wrong, and it won’t happen again. It was a slip up. You didn’t make us in Your image because You know we have faults.” Prompto keeps his head bowed, his voice quiet as he continues to pray out loud. “I don’t know what’s happening, but I know that I won’t let it happen again. Please, forgive me, Almighty Father.” He recites the Lord’s Prayer, blessing himself before standing up to make his way to the first Station.

It takes him around forty-five minutes to complete the circuit. He remembers that it usually takes around a half hour, but he had spent more time reflecting at each station than he normally would be allowed to during Holy Week. As he finishes the last station, some older members of the congregation begin to trickle in, greeting him with pleasantries before heading to ‘their’ seat in the nave. He heads towards the center aisle, bowing before the altar, before turning on his heel to head back to where his school items are. More parishioners enter the church, Prompto keeping his head down in silent reflection as soft organ music fills the church.

Hearing Father Scientia’s voice fill the church causes his heart to beat faster, at the same time as making his stomach flip flop. He stands for the start of Lauds, keeping his eyes forward. He’s afraid if he looks at Father Scientia, he will revert to how he felt yesterday evening. But, taking a chance, he looks directly at him and sees he’s already looking at him, reciting the prayer with a warm smile on his face. It’s that look that makes him swoon a little in his spot, swaying to the hymn that the congregation is now singing, his hand trembling at his side. Father Scientia looks away first, and a breath he’s been holding is released, his body feeling like jelly  as he continues to sing the hymn.

Mass ends, and since he’s not one to wait on Tuesdays, he picks up his bag and makes a sign of the cross as he heads out of the church with most of the congregation - only a few staying behind for confessional. The campus is still somewhat quiet, and as he heads up to the food court for some proper nourishment for breakfast, his phone begins to vibrate in his pocket. He forgets about it until he’s sitting down to eat, pulling out his phone so it’s less uncomfortable sitting in his pocket and is surprised to see an unread text message.

I had hoped you would stay after mass so that I could say hello to you.

His mouth full of food, he forgets to chew for a few seconds, then remembers he’s in the process of eating. Swallowing quickly, he unlocks his phone and pulls up the text message from ‘Ignis Scientia’. “I’m sorry, Father - I don’t usually stick around after mass on Tuesdays.”

Yes, I know. But I thought with what happened, you might wish to speak to me.”

He takes another bite of food, chewing slow as he dilberates his answer. He did think about sticking around, but then didn’t want to come across as being someone that is needy, or as someone that needs reassurance that everything is okay between the two of them. With completing his penance, he had tried to not think about what they had done the night before, finding his peace that it had been a slip up, and nothing more. “It felt better to stick to my routine.”

I understand. Then, enjoy the rest of your day. I will see you at Lauds tomorrow morning? Father Bradham will be presiding over Vespers this evening.”

Prompto sets his fork down, as he reads the words of Father Scientia’s text a second time. He hadn’t expected him to not say Vespers, as he usually does both Lauds and Vespers Monday-Tuesday-Friday. He regrets not staying after, if that means he won’t be seeing Father Scientia again until tomorrow morning. That thought makes him feel slightly ill, his hand pushing away the tray of food as he holds his phone with both hands.

Really? I won’t see you tonight? Okay, Father. Thank you for letting me know. Yes, I will see you tomorrow at Lauds.”

Waiting for a reply, he stares at the tray of food, hunger now gone, replaced by something else. Something he’s not sure what it is, but he knows he doesn’t like it. Not one bit. Again, the thought of staying after mass comes back to his mind, but what’s done is done. He can’t go back in time and change his mind - he’ll just have to see Father Scientia in the morning.


Vespers is a refreshing experience - the prayers led by Father Bradham help to put his mind back into a peaceful place, after being at war with himself all day for not sticking around after Lauds to speak to Father Scientia. He’s never been good with letting things go, so the fresh voice of Father Bradham really helps to get his headspace back.

The crisp autumn air hits his face as he leaves the church, the organist still playing the final reprise of the last hymn they had sung at the end of mass. Buttoning up his coat, he rubs his gloved hands over his ears, wishing he’d brought his beanie with him to protect him from the elements. It’s brisk enough that he can see his breath hit the air, disappearing into the void. He turns the corner, and collides with something solid.

“I’m sorry!” He groans, rubbing his shoulder from the impact he’d just sustained. “I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“I should have been paying closer attention myself.” Prompto looks up, his eyes growing wide as he sees the person that’s been on his mind for most of the day. “Good evening, Prompto. I hope you had a nice time at Vespers?”

Blinking a few times, he looks up at Father Scientia, returning the man’s smile. “Hi, Father! I didn’t expect to see you here!”

“I knew you would be at mass, so I thought I would try and catch up with you.”

His mouth drops open at that confession. “You were waiting for me? Out here in the cold??” He shakes his head, laughing a little to loosen the tension he can feel in his own body. Don’t read into it. He would do this for any of the other members of their parish, if he felt it was necessary. Ignoring the negative thoughts in his head, he keeps a smile on his face. “Oh, Father. I’m not worth that kind of torture.”

“I would say that you are.” Prompto glances up, and sees a look in Father Scientia’s eyes that he saw at mass on Sunday, when he’d chosen to receive communion by his tongue. “Have you had dinner yet? If you haven’t, would you like to accompany me? There’s a quiet diner a little ways up the boulevard.” Father Scientia nods his heads towards the west side of campus.

Going out to get food at a diner with a priest? “I’ve never had food with a priest before, Father.”

“We eat food just like you, Prompto.” Father Scientia teases, a smirk on his lips. “Sometimes I’m allowed out of the rectory for things that are not church related.”

Blushing, he looks down as the two begin to walk in step, staying close to one another. “I know that, Father. That isn’t what I meant. I haven’t had anything to eat since lunchtime, so yes - dinner sounds really great.”

The two walk off of St. Lucis’ campus, not many out on the streets at this time due to the weather, or due to the time, Prompto isn’t sure. The diner is about a mile away from campus, and seems to be a popular joint - booths are filled with college students, families and older couples tossed into the mix. He waits by Father Scientia’s side, as the man inform the hostess that it will be the two of them. He hopes that no one he knows from his classes are there. He didn’t even think about this place being packed with St. Lucis students - he was still trying to get over the shock that he was going to have dinner with a priest.

A menu is set in front of him, and he immediately flips it over to see what sort of fare they have for breakfast. He hears Father Scientia order a black coffee, and copies him when asked what he wants to drink. The waitress brings them back two cups of coffee, and then takes their order - Prompto decides on meat omelette with cheese, and Father Scientia orders a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Looking over his mug, he feels Father Scientia’s knee knock against his own, and sees the small smirk back upon the priest’s lips. It’s then that he notices the white collar isn’t present around his neck - in fact, the clergical shirt he normally wears isn’t present either. Father Scientia is wearing a St. Lucis hooded sweatshirt, looking like a graduate student rather than the man of faith that he is.

“Where’s your collar?” He spits out fast, still trying to accept the fact that Father Scientia doesn’t look like he normally looks right now.

Laughter comes across towards him, the smile on Father Scientia’s face making his stomach do a little flip-flop. “Are you surprised that I have clothes like this? I thought it might help you feel more at ease.”

“I….” Prompto is at a loss for words. The two of them look like ordinary students at St. Lucis sitting in their booth, and not two men that committed the worst sin imaginable the night before in the campus church. And to hear that Father Scientia had done this to make him feel more comfortable - he feels his stomach do that little flip-flop again, as their knees still knock against one another under the table. Maybe I am a little special? Maybe? The voice inside of his head begins to change its tune, Prompto still a little cautious, but warming up to the idea. “It’s nice….Ignis.”

“Thank you, Prompto.” He hears the relief in his voice, and is there something else there? Does Father Scientia feel something like he does whenever the man says his name? There’s no way that that could be possible. “How did you sleep last night? Did you wake up in the morning the same way you have been?”

To hear it asked so casually makes him choke on the sip of coffee he’d just been enjoying, the looks he got from people around their booth making him wish he could dive down underneath the table and hide. Good job, you idiot. Wiping his mouth with his napkin, he looks over at Father Scientia, and leans forward a little. “C-Can we talk about that here?!”

“No one is paying any attention to us.” Father Scientia reaches over, and takes his hand. Warmth spreads throughout his body as their palms touch. Is this appropriate? He wants to ask, but is too scared because he doesn’t want to let go of the priest’s hand. He likes how it feels against his own. “We could talk about anything we want right now.”

“W-What would you want to talk about?” His eyes dart around the restaurant, hoping again that no one he knows is enjoying food in there. Then the thought that maybe someone at the diner might recognize Father Scientia crosses his mind, and absolute panic sets in.

The priest must sense his discomfort, as the hand that’s touching his gives him a reassuring squeeze. “Prompto, look at me.” He lifts his head, and stares into his light green eyes, looking more youthful in his hooded sweatshirt. “If someone were to know who I was, it wouldn’t matter. Priests are allowed to engage with the world at large. We’re not confined to the rectory. The sooner you can accept that, the sooner this will be more fun for you. For the both of us.”

“Okay, F-Ignis.”

“Fignis. Now that’s one I’ve never heard before.” The teasing smirk appears back on the priest’s face, causing Prompto to laugh wholeheartedly, this time letting go of the panic that seemed to have been crowding his brain. “There, do you feel better now?”

He nods his head, smile still on his face as he leans forward, keeping his hand on Father Scientia’s. “To answer your question before my minor meltdown, yes - I slept better than I have in a long time. I didn’t have any dreams, so I didn’t have a problem when I woke up.”

“Do you know why that is?”

“If I had to guess, I’d say because I was really worked up yesterday. It was a very emotional day for me, Father.” It slips, but it doesn’t seem to bother the man sitting across from him. “It’s not every day that one of your nightmares becomes a reality.”

The hand that’s touching his turns his hand over, Prompto’s hand now resting against the table. “So, the dreams you had were nightmares? Not fantasties?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He looks down at their hands, trying to find the right words to make the man sitting across from him understand what he’s feeling. “I don’t know what they were. I just know that I had them a lot, and you were in them with me, and we were doing many bad things in them.”

“That sounds intriguing.” Father Scientia’s eyebrow raises up, but doesn’t say anything more.

Prompto opens his mouth to explain himself, but then their waiter returns with their meal. Without thinking about it, he brings his other hand out, and takes Father Scientia’s hand, bowing his head down. Father Scientia’s voice is low, but he can hear him fine. "Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen."

“Amen.” Prompto squeezes both of Father Scientia’s hands, makes the sign of the cross, then picks up his knife and fork. “Is it weird to know that I have those kinds of dreams about you, Ignis?”

“I wouldn’t say it was weird, per se. I will be honest with you, and inform you that I have had similar dreams about you.”

He drops his fork onto his plate, staring back at him with wide eyes. “But, Father! You can’t!”

“Do you know why you were able to sleep last night without waking up to a mess?” Father Scientia doesn’t address what he’s just said, instead choosing to carry on the conversation. “I have a theory as to why, but it will be you alone that will be able to put this theory to the test. But first, a question. A very personal question.”

Swallowing a bite of food, he nods his head. “Go ahead, Father. What is it you wish to know?”

“How often to you pleasure yourself? Or, do you abstain from such activities?”

“I….” He knows he shouldn’t lie to the priest, and since he’s being so forthcoming with this dialogue, he decides that telling the truth will be in his best interest. “I have pleasured myself before, yes - but do I do it on a regular basis? No. I’m…” He bows his head down. “I’m ashamed, because I know that He doesn’t approve of that kind of behavior.”

“What He doesn’t approve of is shame in and of itself.” He hears Father Scientia’s voice become somewhat impassioned. “It is natural for one to engage in such a routine, as it will help your body. It helps to prevent problems later in life.” Hearing it explained in such a way allows Prompto see the act of masturbation as not a sin, but as something that is supposed to happen. And it helps him feel less ashamed, being told this. “So, Prompto - my theory is you slept well last night because you had an orgasm that wasn’t during your slumber.”

The logic is sound, and is something he should have thought about, but thinking about it for the first time - it makes everything slow down around him. The conversations seem to become quiet, as if the tables around them are listening to their private conversation now, but he knows that’s all in his head. Looking up from his plate, he stares across at the priest. “What do you suggest I do, Father?”

“I think you shouldn’t do anything tonight. See if you wake up in the morning with, well - you know what it is.” Father Scientia puts a piece of meatball into his mouth, and Prompto watches him chew, his eyes going back and forth to his lips, then to the way his jaw works. He doesn’t realize he’s staring until fingers snap in front of his face. “Having some thoughts, Prompto?”

The blush returns to his cheeks, as he starts to cut into his omelette. “Maybe I should wait to do nothing tomorrow night. I’m not sure I can go without doing something tonight. Not with us eating dinner together.”

“Then you should do what you feel is best for you.” A playful smile is thrown his way, Prompto all but swooning at the way Father Scientia teases him. Teasing? Flirting? Is he flirting with me?? “You’ll have to let me know if my theory is correct.”

“Guess you’ll find out at confessional on Friday.” He mumbles under his breath, but not low enough because the next thing he hears is Father Scientia releasing a loud laugh. He starts to laugh with him, feeling slightly better that this is all out in the open now, so to speak.

The two finish their meal, and when the check is brought, he reaches into his wallet, but Father Scientia shakes his head. “I asked you to accompany me. I will take care of our meal. It’s the least I can do for you, Prompto.”

“Thank you, Father.” He smiles, and stands up with him after their bill has been paid. The two head outside, and once they’re a little ways down the block, he finds his hand brushing against the priest’s, and then feels Father Scientia reach for his hand, which he gives to him willingly.

If it had been quiet on their way over, it is deathly silent now. He doesn’t think it’s that late, because he’s not as tired as he knows he should be after the day that he’s had. Their silence isn’t awkward, Prompto happy to just be in Father Scientia’s presence. When they get to his dormitory, he isn’t really ready to say goodnight to him.

“I should head upstairs.” Prompto nods his head towards the front door, his breath visible under the soft lamplight coming off the lamp post a few feet away from his dormitory’s entrance. “It’s late.”

“I’ll see you in the morning?” The hand that had been holding his gets taken away, and Prompto bites his lip in order to stifle a soft moan when it touches his face. “I did miss you this morning, Prompto.”

“You did?” He whispers, staring up at him. He grabs onto Father Scientia’s other hand, and pulls him to be in the shadows, feeling a little safer no longer being under a direct source of light. “Well, we got to share a nice dinner together. I can’t remember the last time I dined with someone else.”

“You don’t eat meals with your friends?”

He laughs a little, turning his head towards the palm still on his face. “Who wants to be friends with someone that attends mass twice a day, and then again on the weekends?” He gives a small shrug of his shoulders. “I’ve got a close friend, but she’s in a relationship, so it’s not that close.”

“Being someone as devoted to faith as you are, I can imagine it must be difficult. You have my number, so anytime you feel lonely, or if you just want to talk - you know you can call me.” The thumb on his cheek begins to stroke it gently, Prompto helpless to the physical feelings that begin to make their way through his body. “Even if it’s in the middle of the night.”

“Thank you, Father.” He whispers, his mind screaming at him to stop what he’s doing, but he can’t seem to listen to himself as he turns his head to kiss the tip of Father Scientia’s thumb. He presses another kiss to it, then pulls it between his lips, flicking his tongue over the soft flesh.

An arm wraps around his waist, pulling him to be flush against the priest’s body. “Careful, Prompto.” Father Scientia rubs the pad of his thumb over his tongue, dragging his nail over his taste buds as he pulls it out of his mouth. “You should head upstairs. It’s late.”

“It is.” He nods, his fingers pulling on the strings of Father Scientia’s hoodie, bringing him down to his level. “Thank you for dinner, Ignis.” He whispers, confidence wavering as he starts to close the distance between their heads.

“If I kiss you right now, will you have another crisis?” The words tickle his ear, as the hand around his waist gives him a firm squeeze. “I don’t wish to put you into another state.”

Had it been this morning, he might have said no. He knows he should pull away from him, remove himself from this horrible temptation, when he conversed with Him this morning, telling Him it was done. But here he is, licking his lips as his eyes begin to focus on the pair of lips so close to his own. As much as he wants to put what’s happened past him, he can’t. He aches for more, and admitting that is as much of a relief as it is a hindrance. Pushing those thoughts away, he focuses on the present, and says what he wants out loud. “Kiss me, Father. One kiss, before I go upstairs.” Or follow me. The invitation stays on the tip of his tongue, as he licks his lips again.

“One kiss.” Father Scientia nods his head, lowering his head towards him. “One quick kiss....”

The second his lips touch Prompto’s, it’s like everything that had been bothering him for most of the day gets pushed away. This is right. The way he fits in Father Scientia’s arms, the way his tongue feels inside of his mouth, their tongues rubbing against one another. He hears Father Scientia release a low moan, his own noises nonexistent in his ears, but he knows he has to be making them. This kiss feels better than the ones last night, and that’s saying something. He doesn’t want it to end, he wants to feel more of Father Scientia’s lips on his skin - maybe on new parts of his body.

He groans low when Father Scientia pulls away from him, his chest rising and falling with rapid breaths. “I don’t want you to go.” He admits it out loud, biting his lower lip as he stares up at the priest. “But I know you have to.”

“I do.” Father Scientia lowers his head, brushing his lips against his again. “It’s dangerous for me to be here with you right now, Prompto. It’s best if I go.”

“I know.” He nods, the two of them stepping out of the shadows, back into the soft lamplight. “I’ll see you in the morning, Father. Thank you for dinner again.”

“Good night, Prompto. Sleep well.” Father Scientia winks, then starts to head down the path towards the campus church.

Prompto heads up to his dormitory, and as soon as he gets inside, he removes all of his clothes - happy to have a heater that works nicely in the building. His cock is stiffer than a board, the tip red and angry, a stain of precum staining on his discarded shorts, now dripping steadily down his length. He doesn’t even wait to get to his bed as his hand starts to stroke his cock in a slow and steady rhythm, the knowledge that touching himself isn’t the sin he’d been thinking it had been a huge relief, his body in dire need of something after what had just happened downstairs.

His phone begins to buzz, then the ringer starts. Who’s calling me this late? Trying to steady his breath, and not sound like he’s been doing something he shouldn’t, he answers without looking at who is calling him. “H-Hello?”

“I was calling to see if you were still alright, but from the way you sound… Are you touching yourself right now, Prompto?” He releases a soft wanton moan at the question Father Scientia asks him, his hand stroking his cock faster as the voice full of lust keeps speaking to him. “You are, aren’t you? Are you thinking of me as you touch yourself?”

He moans more, his hand sliding to the base, then back up to the tip where he holds it tight for a few seconds before pushing it back down. “Y-Yes, Father…” His knees bend, his head leaning back against his pillow as he strokes his cock. “I wish…”

“What do you wish for, Prompto?” The low moan the priest makes reverberates in his ear.

“I wish it was your hand on my cock.” He balls his hand into a fist, and bites down onto it, as he strokes himself more, his phone now resting against the side of his head. “God, I’m so sorry…” He whines, pumping his cock faster.

“Would it help you to know that I wish it was my hand too? I would love to see that satisfied look on your face again.” Father Scientia moans low, Prompto melting at the way the priest speaks to him. “This is why I didn’t come upstairs with you, because if I had…”

His hand strokes his cock more, rubbing the tip of his thumb over the flushed head, moving his hand much like Father Scientia had moved it the day before, stroking his cock better than he ever could. “W-Would you….” He bites his lip, trying so hard to resist these strong feelings he has for the priest, but he can’t. “Would you have fucked me, Father…? Would you be inside of me right now, taking this ache away from me?”

“Until you begged me to stop.” Father Scientia replies, his voice thick with lust. “I have my own needs…”

“Y-You’re a man first…” Prompto moans, more precum oozing out of the tip.

“Yes, Prompto. I am a man first and foremost, a priest second.”

“Ignis…” He hears him inhale, as his wrist moves faster. “I-Ignis, I’m c-coming….Oh, God, I’m coming…” His head tosses back, becoming temporarily deaf as his orgasm wracks his body, hot cum spilling over his hand as he pulls himself through total euphoria.

Breathing hard, it takes him a few minutes to come back, his body tingling from head to toe due to his intense orgasm. Wiping his hand off with some tissue, he picks his phone back up and breathes hard into it. “F-Father…? Are you there?” 

“I’m here.”

“Did you…? Were you….touching yourself too?”

“Yes.” He hears Father Scientia breathing just as erratically as he is. “And I’ve made quite the mess.”

He giggles, pulling the blanket up over his body as he releases a soft yawn. “Me too. I’m a gusher. But you know that already, don’t you?”

“I do. I’m more of a few quick squirts, and then I’m done.”

More giggles leave his mouth, as he pictures it. “I haven’t seen yours yet.”

“Would you like to see it, Prompto?”

Moaning softly, he nods his head. “Yes, Father. I would very much like to see your cock. I mean, it’s only fair, right?”

“That is a very good point.” Another soft chuckle leaves Father Scientia’s throat. “Tit for tat. Quid pro quo.”

“Exactly.” Prompto releases another yawn, rubbing his eyes. “Should I atone for my sins now, or in the morning, Father?”

“In the morning. Don’t worry - you haven’t done anything wrong.”

“How could it be wrong, when it feels so right?” He answers without thinking, his sleep deprived brain causing his filter to shut off. “Good night, Father Scientia. I hope I don’t wake up messy.”

“You won’t, Prompto. Sweet dreams. I will see you at Lauds.”

“Mmm…” He starts to drift to sleep, the smile staying on his face as the phone disconnects.

Rolling over, he gets more comfortable as Father Scientia’s words ring in his ears. “Until you begged me to stop.” He shivers at the thought, too tired to become worked up again. It’s the thought of going further with Father Scientia that propels him into another dreamless sleep for the night, putting an end to another long day.

Chapter Text

The sound of his alarm pulls Prompto from a deep sleep, his hand going to his mouth to cover a yawn that escapes him as he tries to wake up properly. Rolling over onto his side, he reaches under his blanket and feels nothing on his stomach. Breathing a sign of relief, he moves his hand down a little lower, and feels his morning stiffness, but there’s no other sign of having any erotic dreams the night before. Maybe Father Scientia is right - maybe because he exhausted himself with an orgasm, it’s giving him the chance for a restful sleep.

Kicking his legs to get his blanket off of his body, he lowers his legs over the side of his bed and stands up, stretching as another yawn leaves his mouth. Scratching his stomach idly, he walks to his bathroom, still without a stitch of clothing on his body. He’s not used to sleeping in the nude, but he sort of likes it. Potential for less mess, should his dreams return to him. Tonight I won’t touch myself. He looks in the mirror at his reflection, and nods his head.

He gets dressed in a pair of light blue jeans, a black tank top, then throws a black henley over it. Putting on a pair of black trainers, he grabs a protein bar from the pantry in his kitchen, then goes to grab his black coat. Grabbing a green plaid scarf out of the few that are on a hook by his coat, he wraps it around his neck, the color reminding him of Father Scientia’s eyes. Oh, God. He leans against the wall near his front door, as memories of what he’d done before going to sleep start to work their way back into his mind.

They had really done that, hadn’t they? He can hear Father Scientia talking to him, making promises of doing things to his body that he has no business thinking about. Was it as bad as what they had done in the church? He’s trying to think about it, and wonders how he should differentiate the level of sins he’s committing. On one hand, doing things with a priest is an automatic epic sin - the worst sin possible. On the other, doing things with Father Scientia not in a sacred setting, dressed as someone who isn’t a man of the cloth - it felt a little less like he was doing something terrible, and more like he’s learning the ins and outs of sex, something he’s never really been one to embrace before. Not with anyone, and certainly not with a priest.

His backpack hangs off of one shoulder, putting his keys into his coat pocket as he heads out for another long day. Unlike yesterday morning, he feels a little remorse at what transpired last night, but knowing that Father Scientia will give him guidance for his penance helps to quell that remorse.

Frost dots the ground, the temperature dropping last night after he’d made it back inside his apartment. The chill in the air forces him to push his hands into his coat pockets, needing to stay somewhat warm as he makes his way across campus to the church. The bell begins to ring as he walks up the church steps, heading inside as the last bell tolls, blessing himself with Holy Water upon entering the sanctuary, then genuflects before he goes to his spot near the back of the nave.

Out of tune singing fills the church, the organist playing the melody to help keep the key, but it doesn’t do much good. Prompto stays on key, singing to his heart’s content as he sees Father Scientia stand on the altar, facing the congregation. He meets his eyes, feeling warmth return to his stomach as they look at each other for a bit longer, then Father Scientia moves to look at other members standing in the nave, welcoming them all before getting into morning prayers.

Prompto’s mind wanders during mass, his mouth reciting when called upon, but for the most part he’s thinking about other things. Thinking about how Father Scientia’s voice sounds so nice when leading them in prayer, then hears a different tone in his mind. “What do you wish for, Prompto?” He shifts a little on the pew, begging his body to not remember those sorts of words during mass, but the inflection in Father Scientia’s voice keeps reminding him of the words that were spoken to him the previous night.

Mass finally ends, Prompto rubbing his eyes as he finishes singing the final hymn, and waits in the nave for the priest to come out and head into the confessional booth. He stays in his pew, pulling the bench down to kneel, taking his Rosary out of his pocket. He wouldn’t run away this morning, not like he had the day before. It wouldn’t be fair, since the talk he’d had with Father Scientia the night before led him to believe he will be receiving penance from him, without having to go through the act of confession - as he was well aware of what he’d done that he needs to seek solace for his sins.

He makes it to the fourth decade when he hears someone clear their throat near him. He finishes his prayer, then looks up and sees Father Ignis looking down at him with a warm smile on his face. “Good morning, Prompto. I’m pleased to see you still here.”

“I didn’t…” He puts his Rosary back into its pouch before slipping it back into his pocket. Making a sign of the cross, he gets up from kneeling, and takes a seat on the pew. “I didn’t want to run away again.”

“I’m glad that you didn’t.” Father Scientia nods towards his pew. “May I join you?”

Knowing that the church is now open, and anyone can come in as they please, fills him with more confidence that the two of them will not engage in the acts they had two nights prior on the same pew. He nods his head, and shifts down, so that the priest may sit by the aisle. When he sits down next to him, their knees touch, sending a little spark up his spine. “Are you here to give me my penance, Father?”

“I am.” The two of them stay facing forward, not looking at one another. Prompto feels the soft touch of Father Scientia’s fingers on top of his hand, and is quick to turn his hand over so that their palms can come together, fingers locking against Father Scientia’s knuckles. Their hands sit between their bodies on the pew, Prompto’s fingers touching the back of Father Scientia’s hand, while the priest’s thumb rubs against his skin with a soft touch. “Are you ready to receive it?”

He knows the question is meant in conjunction to receiving his penance, but his mind goes to a place it has no business going while sitting in church. Something that seems to be happening a lot more often nowadays. But hearing Father Scientia ask it, it leads him back to what they’d done on the phone the night before. Quid pro quo. Instead of drawing attention to his perverseness, he gives the hand that’s holding his a squeeze. “Yes, Father. I’m ready to receive my penance.”

“Tomorrow and Friday, you are to spend two hours each day donating your time to a cause.” A few people wander into the church, heading to one of the statues to light a candle and offer up a prayer to the Lord. Their fingers continue their little play out of sight, Prompto’s breath somewhat shallow as his hormones begin to pick up a little from the soft touches of Father Scientia’s hand. “You may donate your time to the hospital, or to a homeless shelter. Donate your time to those who are more unfortunate than yourself. You will also say the Lord’s Prayer eight times, as well as twelve Hail Marys.”

Prompto nods his head, keeping his eyes forward, hoping that no one will come over to the two of them. “I understand, Father. I humbly accept these terms, and will do my best to honor them, and to honor His Holiness.” The hand that is holding his pulls away, as the sign of the cross is made over him. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good.”

“For His mercy endures forever. Amen.” He leans forward a little, feeling at peace. He waits a few minutes, then speaks quietly so that only Father Scientia can hear him. “Father, may I ask you a question?”

“Please, go ahead.”

Turning towards him, he sees another group come in, kneeling in front of another one of the statues that adorn the side of the church. “Will my sins of the flesh constantly be absolved by you? Is that even legal? Considering you are the one helping me engage in these activities?”

“Would you rather confess your sins to Father Bradham?”

“No!” He speaks a little bit louder than he intends, a group of older women shushing him from the other side of the church. Covering his mouth, he shakes his head as he sees a smile on Father Scientia’s face. “No, it’s just….I feel that if we do something again, even though I know we shouldn’t, you will help me cleanse my soul. But you’re the one tainting it in the first place.”

A look of understanding crosses over the priest’s eyes. “While I can see your concern, as a man of faith it is my calling to put your mind, and your soul, at ease. What we’ve done together,” his voice drops to a mere whisper, Prompto leaning forward to hear him better. “What we’ve done is something that I will have to answer for in my own way.”

“I don’t understand why you’re okay with all of this. Shouldn’t you be the one to say no? To tell me that this isn’t the way?”

Feminine voices travel through the air as the women continue their prayers at the statue. “Your viewpoint on things of this nature are important to me, and I want to help you understand things. I’m making a choice by doing things this way. That’s the beauty of our Father - he gives us the opportunity to make choices for ourselves, instead of taking them. My choices may or may not align with what’s expected of me, but as I said, I will answer for them in my own way.” Father Scientia keeps his voice quiet, so that they’re the only two to hear it. “Do you feel that I’m taking advantage of you?”

“No.” He shakes his head. Prompto swallows, looking back up towards the altar. With that question in mind, he takes it a step further. “Do you want things to stop, Father?” He readies himself to hear the rejection, knowing that it might be for the best of those words leave Father Scientia’s mouth.

“No, Prompto. I don’t.”

His shoulders drop with relief, happy to hear that Father Scientia is not ready to put whatever this is to rest. “Okay, good. I….I’m not sure what I want, but I’m leaning more towards continuing. Learning to accept myself for who I am, what I like.”

“That is wonderful to hear.” Father Scientia stands up, and looks around the church. “I must go and attend to the other members of our congregation. Enjoy the rest of your day, Prompto.” He blesses Prompto before heading over to the group of women praying by the statue, who begin to talk more animatedly with the priest in their presence.

He looks up at the cross behind the altar, staring into the statue’s closed eyes. Is it wrong what I’m doing, Jesus? I think I need to figure things out. If Father Scientia will help me, then what’s wrong with that? He’s a servant to You first, so are You helping to guide him, like he’s guiding me? I know this isn’t the Devil’s work - I know that Father Scientia wants what is best. I just don’t want to make a mistake, and upset You in any way. I need his guidance, as well as Yours. Please, Father. He offers one final prayer to His Heavenly Father, then heads out of the church, then heads to his first class of the day.


After a restless night of sleep, Prompto wakes up to a mess on his body, which should surprise him but with his lack of proper sleep, it’s just an inconvenience. He grabs a few tissue from the side of his bed, wiping off his stomach and chest, a pool of cum drying on his bed. Groaning, he kicks his blanket off of his body and pulls the sheet off. Too lazy to go downstairs to use the washing machine, he heads into his bathroom and handwashes the fitted sheet, grumbling under his breath.

Last night, after returning from the church, he had gotten some more school work done, then had gone to bed, feeling a little on edge. He’d tried to blame it on the conversation he’d had with Father Scientia, but he knows it’s more or less because of his overactive hormones. The past two nights had been quite the relief for his body, and now to take it all away for one night - he’s feeling a bit antsy. But Father Scientia had said to try it, and see if the problem returns. Bending over at the waist as he scrubs furiously in his bathtub, he can agree that not taking the edge off is definitely part of the problem.

As he scrubs the stain out, he remembers snippets of his dreams, which hadn’t happened in one fell swoop, but had bounced around as he had been going in and out of sleep. Once he hit REM, though, that’s when his body decided it had a mind of its own. Sleeping naked for the second night in a row has helped lessen the mess, but still. These dreams are becoming a real wake up call to him, his subconscious on a mission to frazzle him in the worst way possible.

Shaking off the lingering thoughts that have carried over into his waking mind, he hangs up his now clean sheet to dry, folding it over his towel bar. He gets in the shower, and turns the water onto just a notch above warm, grabbing his loofah to scrub the dried mess off of his body. Now squeaky clean, he gets out of the shower and finishes up his morning routine before heading back into his bedroom to get ready for the day.

Prompto makes it to church with five minutes to spare, walking to his normal bench. Genuflecting before entering the pew, he makes the sign of the cross over himself, then steps in, waiting for Lauds to begin. The sanctuary is filled with organ music, the opening processional hymn beginning, Prompto singing the melody from memory. When Father Bradham walks out, he doesn’t wonder where Father Scientia is, remembering that today is Thursday, and Father Bradham will lead both Lauds and Vespers.

After mass, he leaves with a clearer head, planning out his day. Father Scientia said part of his penance is to donate his time, and he knows exactly what he’s going to be doing this afternoon. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he feels a little ache that there aren’t any messages to greet him - why would he text when you know that today is a full day off for him - and hits the number two button on his phone, then holds his phone up to his ear, hoping he’s not about to get murdered for calling so early in the day.

“Luna? Are you up for an adventure this afternoon?”


“Look at all the puppies!” Luna squeals, as the two head into the rescue shelter a few miles away from campus. “Oh, my God!”

He laughs, happy that she’s excited to be here. He doesn’t tell her the reason for the sudden interest in volunteering at the shelter, and judging by her reaction, he doesn’t think she’ll care one way or the other. He introduces himself to the head of the shelter, shaking their hand as they start to go on a tour through the facility.

“It’s great that you’re here, but it can be a little emotional.” Tammy, the one in charge of the shelter, mentions to the both of them. “The animals really love getting the attention, but if they aren’t adopted by a certain time, then we have to do the unthinkable.”

Prompto gasps, as he feels Luna grab onto his arm with a tight grip. “D-Does that happen often?” He asks, a little bit worried about becoming attached to one of the creatures. He cannot have any pets in his dorm room - not even ones that live in a terrarium, let alone a four legged animal.

“Thankfully, no.” Both Prompto and Luna let out a sigh of relief at hearing that. “But, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t.”

He nods his head, as the two head towards the dog kennels, where they can hear them barking in excitement. He knows that this shouldn’t be a ‘happy’ penance, but Father Scientia hadn’t been explicit with what he was supposed to do for volunteering. And since he’d heard from another student that the shelter was always looking for volunteers, he thought it might be a good fit.

Luna looks up at him. “Do you want to go hang out with the dogs first? Or cats?”

“Both?” He looks over at Tammy, as she leads them down another hallway. A light is turned on, a row of kennels that have a few dogs in them. “Oh!” He kneels down in front of an older dog, whose tail won’t stop wagging. “May I pet him?”

“Yes, please. He was abandoned by his family, as is the case with a lot of the animals here. So, as they wait for a new family to come meet them, it’s volunteers like yourselves that help to lift their spirits.” Tammy unlocks the kennel, and walks in with Prompto. “His name is Henry.”

Sitting down, he laughs as Henry jumps onto his lap, covering his face in doggy kisses. “Hiya, boy!” He laughs more, scratching Henry’s back as he keeps giving him more kisses.

“Prompto, I’m going to go find a dog to hang out with. We’ll go to the kitties together in a bit?” Luna asks, with Tammy standing at her side.

“I’ll be okay by myself, I think.” He looks over at Tammy, and sees her nod his head. He starts to laugh more as Henry flops down in front of him with all four legs pointed up to the air. “Who’s a good boy??” He starts to rub his belly, smiling bright as he sees Henry flop his head back and forth, tongue hanging out of his mouth as his tail starts to wag more.

He pulls his cellphone out of his pocket, and lowers himself down to take a picture with the dog, who chooses that time to start licking his face again. It’s therapeutic, laughing this much as he keeps receiving more kisses. He hears Luna’s laughter from down the hall, no doubt receiving the same kind of treatment he is from Henry. After the week he’s had, it feels really good to experience something of this nature. No worries about doing the wrong thing, no worries about sinning. No worries about how he’s head over heels for a man that he knows will never be anything more to him than his professor and priest. Henry takes away all of those thoughts, and helps him to live in the now, and not fixate on his problems.

Luna comes to check up on him, and then takes over spending time with Henry, allowing him to go and sit with the dog she’d been introduced to. The white fluffy dog jumps up on him, his hands going through her thick coat. “Hi, pretty girl! What’s your name?” He looks over at the side, and sees her name written on a piece of paper. “Pryna, huh? What a pretty name for such a pretty lady!” She barks at him, dropping her paws down with her tail wagging behind her. “You know you’re a pretty girl, don’t you?” She barks again, and then rolls onto her back, wanting the same sort of attention that Henry had wanted from him.

Two hours pass by fast, Prompto and Luna staying in the dog area the entire time. As they’re being led back to the front, Prompto asks if they can come back tomorrow to spend time with the felines, since they didn’t get to it today. Tammy agrees that is a wonderful idea, and the three set a time for when they’ll be back on Friday.

As they walk back to Luna’s car, Prompto can feel the happiness flowing through him. “You want to grab some food, or do you have to head back into the city?” He asks, buckling in the passenger seat with Luna at the wheel.

“I have to head back, but tomorrow? Let’s go out after we get to play with the kitties.” Luna turns on the car, and starts to head back towards St. Lucis. “Thanks for inviting me, Prompto. I had a lot of fun.”

“I did too.”

When they get back to campus, Prompto heads up to his dorm room and gets to work on some lingering homework before he goes to Vespers. He looks at his phone, and sees no texts still, but rather than let that bother him, he pulls up his camera roll and looks at the pictures he’d taken today. He can smell the dog’s slobber all over his face, the pictures of each dog he hung out giving him lots of kisses. His phone alerts him that it’s almost time of mass, so he finishes up what he’s doing, and heads across campus to the church for the final event of the day.


He wakes up on Friday morning covered in his own cum again, his sheet bearing the brunt of his nocturnal emission. He hadn’t touched himself again after returning from Vespers, as he didn’t feel like he needed it. But the dreams had returned, and in them, Father Scientia had done debaucherous things to his body, to which he’d screamed and moaned in pleasure as they were done to him. And the result is now staining his bedsheet a second time, as well as on his lower stomach.

I’ll take care of myself tonight. He scrubs the sheet in the bathtub, groaning as becomes haunted by the images in his dreams. Getting it all out, he hangs it up again to dry, and then gets ready for the long day ahead. Fridays are his light day for classes - only one class, but the rest of his time is spent studying, and with his final penance, it is going to be a very full day for him.

His day is so full, that it passes by in the blink of an eye. Lauds had been led again by Father Bradham, Prompto hoping that tonight he will get to see Father Scientia again. Spending an entire day away from him has done something to him, something that he’s never really felt before. And it bothers him, because he has spent less time with Father Scientia before, but after everything that has happened between the two of them over the course of the week, it feels a little weird.

Prompto walks into St Lucis’ church ten minutes prior to Vespers starting, having a plan in his head of what he’s going to do if Father Bradham shows up to lead mass again. He’s going to text Father Scientia, and if he doesn’t text back, then he’s going to call him. Maybe he’ll even walk over to the rectory, because he’s that desperate to see him. He’s never been to the rectory, but he knows where it is on campus, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

But those thoughts are all for naught, as when mass begins, he hears Father Scientia’s voice come through the PA system, bringing a sense of calm over him as he listens to the man’s words. Their eyes lock on to one another, his stomach doing somersaults as he doesn’t look away, happy beyond words that he’s finally seeing him again. It’s been two full days. And that is too long, because all of the weird stuff he’d been feeling throughout the day seems to disappear, now that he’s sharing eye contact with Father Scientia.

Vespers concludes, and like he’s one to do on Fridays, he heads over to the confessional booth and waits patiently as there are four others in front of him that wish to confess. As the time passes, he prays for guidance from the Almighty Father, because the closer it gets to his turn, the more nervous he becomes. He goes over in his head just what he’s going to say, and how he’s going to say it, and he hopes that it won’t go wrong.

The last person comes out of the confessional booth, and Prompto looks to his side and sees that he’s the final person for the evening. With a deep breath, he walks over to the booth and enters it, closing the door behind him with a soft click, his heart beating a mile a minute as he tries to compose himself.

“I confess to Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. It has been four days since my last  proper confession.” He hears the distinct intake of breath coming from the other side of the partition, his steepled hands pressing together a little bit harder as he thinks about what he’s going to admit. He knows it’s me. That intake of breath gives him the backbone he needs to vocalize his confession. “Since then, I have committed mortal sins.” He swallows, trying to keep his voice neutral as he leans forward, his voice dropping. “I’ve had impure thoughts again, Father. More dreams have plagued my mind the last two nights, dreams that should never be talked about as they are sin themselves.”

Silence lingers, as he gathers his wits to move forward with his confession. He’s tired of running from these feelings, and instead of be embarrassed by them, he wants to embrace them. “My dreams….we’re in this same situation.” His eyes look around the dark booth. “In the confessional booth together, but instead of being on opposite sides of the booth, you’re on my side with me. I’m sitting on your lap, facing towards the door as you bounce me on your….” He bites his lip, trying to find the strength to make it come out of his mouth. It’s already in his thoughts - he can see it, can feel it as plain as day.

“Say it.” The voice that comes through the screen causes him to release a soft moan, his hands dropping from their prayer formation, allowing one hand to touch the prominent mound on his groin. His body acts without thinking, and now that it’s done, he runs with it.

“You bounce me on your….your cock.” He whispers the last word, his free hand going to the side of the mesh screen, his forehead coming into contact with it. “Please, Father…” His voice is soft, but filled with desire for the priest that’s close, but so far away.

“What else am I doing to you?” He feels pressure against his forehead, the warm breath of Father Scientia touching him through the mesh screen, the minimal physical contact making his arousal grow tenfold. “I can hear your arousal right now, from the way your breath keeps changing. Are you touching yourself?”

Glancing down, he sees that his hand is gripping tight to his cock, but he’s not pleasuring himself. “I’m holding it, Father…” His voice trembles, not from embarrassment or nervousness, but the hedonistic lust that is coursing through his veins. The raw desire makes him grip his cock a little tighter, the need to do more driving him mad, the ache for the partition to be gone so he can be in the priest’s arms weighs heavy in his mind, remembering how it felt to be there like earlier in the week.

“Do more than hold it. Tell me more about your dream, as you touch yourself.”

He moans low, hoping that it’s not very loud, even though it sounds like it is to his own ears. The command is simple, and one he’d been thinking about doing anyway, because the burn is too strong. That small area in his brain, the one that had been in control on Monday night returns without an apology, Prompto welcoming the power it provides to him. He’s too turned on to not do anything, the lustful thoughts causing him to act more irrationally than he might normally act. “I’m sitting on your…. your cock, facing out towards the church, and you’re bouncing me nice and hard on your lap.” He reaches down into his pants, and makes a fist around his hard flesh, stroking it slow as more memories of the dream returns to his mind. “You whisper in my ear how good I am at taking your cock, how good it feels to be inside of me. How you love to make my cock weep, as you move your hand up and down, opposite to how you’re bouncing me.”

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” The heat of Father Scientia’s breath on his face makes him whimper, his hand pressing harder against the wall, as he pumps his other hand on his cock. “How I touch you, how I bring you to the highest of highs.”

“Nnngh...Ignis….” He whispers his name, and even through the din of his own beating heart in his ears, he hears the priest moan as he says his name. “I wish it wasn’t just a dream….I wish you were in here with me right now.”

“I know, me too.” His cock jumps at the admission, more precum leaking over his fingers as he starts to stroke himself faster. “Me too, Prompto. But just imagine that your hand is really mine, and I’m doing all of those things to you.”

“I am…” Prompto moans, breathing harder against the mesh screen. “Oh, God….I’m so close…”

“It’s okay to find your peace, Prompto. Let me hear those sounds of yours, the ones that have been in my ears the last two nights. I keep hearing you in my head over and over.”

That statement pushes him over the edge faster than he could imagine, Prompto’s shoulders shaking as he keeps coming, covering the tip of his cock with the palm of his hand so that nothing drips on anything in the confessional booth. It takes him a moment to regain clarity in his mind, and when he does, he groans low, shaking his head.

“We….we didn’t…” He pants a little, breathing still a challenge after the quick orgasm. He wipes his hand off, taking away further evidence that he had done something he should not have, but accepts the fact that he has. “Father...Father, I’ve…” He closes his eyes tight. “I’ve missed you.” Gone is the worry that he’s committed a terrible sin, and instead he’s at peace with himself - fully cognitive that he’s done something deplorable in the booth.

“I’ve missed you too.” The sound of a kiss being blown brings a smile to his face, as he ignores the part of his brain not guided by lust trying to worm its way back into control. But he keeps it away, not ready to return to the ‘responsible’ version of himself. “Your penance will be to complete a full set of the Rosary, and four extra Our Fathers afterwards. Your sins will be forgiven.” He hears the longing in Father Scientia’s voice, reflecting his own feelings. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.”

“For His mercy endures forever.” He blesses himself, then fixes up his pants, still trying to recover from what he’d just done in the booth.

“What’s the number to your dorm?” Father Scientia asks, his speech a little bit hurried.

“I live on the fifth floor - room number 522. Why, Father?”

“Keep your door unlocked tonight. I will come by when I can.”

His breath catches, as he tries to process what the priest is suggesting. “You mean…?”

“Good night, Prompto.”

Understanding his dismissal, he stands up, wobbling a little, then heads back out into the church. The air smells of incense and burning candles, and he prays that the booth doesn’t smell like anything it shouldn’t after leaving it. He’d thought he’d been fine in the confessional booth, but the fresh air that hits him feels amazing, putting a kickstart on his adrenaline as he becomes nervous due to Father Scientia’s last request. He genuflects towards the cross, then grabs his items and heads out of the church, trying not to seem like he’s fleeing the scene of a crime.

The campus is quiet for a Friday evening, most of the dorms empty as kids have gone away from the weekend. But not Prompto. No, Prompto doesn’t have anywhere else to go, so he spends his weekends catching up on homework, shows on his laptop, and attending church. His floor is mostly deserted, maybe one other person is staying for the weekend. But they’re far enough apart that it shouldn’t be an issue, for whatever may or may not be happening soon.

Keep your door unlocked.”

Shivering as he repeats the words in his mind, he tidies up his dorm room as much as possible. He puts his clean sheet back on the bed, and then puts some music on, wanting to distract himself. Father Scientia hadn’t said when he could be coming by, and as the night progresses, Prompto begins to think that he’s never going to show up. A case of second thoughts, which shouldn’t surprise him because he’s having his own second thoughts. The only reason he didn’t have a full blown meltdown in the confessional is because he knew that the acts he was participating in would be absolved by the end of his confession. A minor relief, as it were.

He makes sure the door is unlocked as he goes into the bathroom to freshen up, keeping a white cotton shirt and plaid pajama pants on as he pulls the curtains closed on his windows, shrouding his room in total privacy. Prompto lays down with just the small desk lamp on, trying not to look at the clock and not notice how late it’s getting, music still filling the quiet space. He’s not coming. He pulls the blanket up to his chest, and tries to push away the waves of disappointment that don’t seem to have an end.

At five minutes to midnight, there’s a soft knock on his door, and then the door is being pushed open. “Hello?”

“You’re in the right place, Father.” He calls out, his stomach back in knots as he hears footsteps inside of his dorm room.

Light reflects off of Father Scientia’s glasses, illuminating the face of the man he’d just been thinking about now standing in his dorm with the door beginning to close. “Good evening, Prompto. May I come in?” Father Scientia asks, a pleasant smile on his face.

“I would love for you to.”

Chapter Text

Pushing some of his blond hair back behind his ear, Prompto takes in the priest’s appearance. It’s clear that Father Scientia ran across the campus to get to him, or walked fast, or maybe he sprinted up the stairs because the building’s elevator can be finicky. The St. Lucis hooded sweatshirt is covering up his upper body, the white collar just poking up out of the top. A person who may not know who he is might never suspect that he’s a priest at the church, and would take him for another student attending the college.

His blanket drops as he sits ups, pushing his pillows to be against the wall as he brings his legs up. “I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of options for sitting.” He looks around his modest dorm room - the twin bed tucked against the corner underneath the window, a small loveseat on the opposite side of the room. A television sits on top of a bookshelf that houses his favorite books, and a few dvds. The dvd player sits on top of the television, an opened dvd box next to the television, reminding him that there’s a movie inside the player already. “You can sit here with me, if you want?”

“Will that make you uncomfortable?” Father Scientia removes his shoes, placing them by the side of the door, next to his own shoes. “I don’t mind taking a seat over there.” He nods his head towards the couch. “To start off?”

He nods his head, thankful for the space that priest is giving to him. “Okay, Father.” He smiles, drawing one knee up towards his chest, as he sees Father Scientia take a seat on the small loveseat. He knows why he’s here, or at least, he thinks he does, but is too afraid to ask, so instead he blurts out, “Want to see some of the pictures I’ve taken the last two days?”

“That would be nice.” Soft laughter comes from Father Scientia, as Prompto grabs his phone off of his charger and gets up off the bed. “What are they of?”

“Well, you told me to donate my time as my penance, and I did. I spent two and a half hours both yesterday and today serving my penance.” He takes a seat next to Father Scientia, becoming very aware of how small his loveseat is. Mild panic starts to make its way into his system when their knees touch, but he pushes it away, instead moving to sit closer to the priest, who puts his arm over his shoulder. The weight feels nice, his shoulder slotting nicely underneath Father Scientia’s arm.

Prompto unlocks his phone, and pulls up the photos from Thursday’s visit first. “Oh? You went to the animal shelter?” Father Scientia asks, the hand that’s on his shoulder gives it a gentle squeeze. “What a wonderful idea. I’m sure that they were happy with your visits.”

“I think so.” He smiles, and starts to scroll through the pictures. “I took Luna with me. I’m not sure if I’ve told you before, but she’s like, one of my best friends.” He pulls up a candid shot he took of her being attacked by two different puppies.

“I knew you two were friends.” Father Scientia smiles, his eyes staying on the phone as Prompto looks up at him. “I’m glad she went with you.”

“Me too.” Prompto scrolls to the pictures he had taken today, and shows him a small kitten. “This guy has been at the shelter for about a month. I wish I could have a cat here, because he was such a sweet kittie. I think I might go and visit him again.”

“What’s his name?”


Father Scientia’s arm slides off of his shoulder, and gets settled around his waist. “A very appropriate name.”

“Father….did you miss me yesterday?” He asks, his eyes focused on his phone, afraid to look up at the man sitting next to him.

A hand touches his face, drawing his attention up to Father Scientia’s green irises. “Would you like to see my phone?”

“Your phone?” Prompto tilts his head, wondering why the priest is offering to let him it. Out of curiosity, he nods his head. “Yes, please.”

Father Scientia pulls his hand away from his face, reaching into his pant pocket to pull out his phone. He takes the phone from him after it’s been unlocked, and sees their text message history. There’s an unsent message there, and as his eyes read it, he can feel his cheeks heat up with warmth as he rereads the words over again.

Today is rough. After what happened on Tuesday, I wish I had the resolve to call you. I hope that your volunteering goes well. I will see you Friday evening.”

He looks up at him, mouth slightly open in surprise. “What does it mean?”

“It means that I wanted to communicate with you, but I was too afraid to.” Father Scientia puts his phone back into his pocket, and places both of his hands in Prompto’s. “You see, Prompto, I’m afraid my attraction to you has become quite severe. I thought that with a day apart, it would put my mind at ease.”

“But, you only missed me more.” Prompto finishes for him, knowing that exact feeling, as it’s the one that he’s constantly plagued by. “Is that what you were going to say, Father?”

The man sitting next to him nods his head, his hand coming to rest on top of Prompto’s. Much like he had done when the two of them had seen one another after their telephone call. “I wanted to give you space, and I wanted to give it to myself. But I found that the more you weren’t around, the more I began to think about what you might be doing. It’s always been difficult for me when I have to take my full day off, or not lead the congregation during Lauds - or Vespers - because I know I won’t be seeing you.”

“Really?” He asks, his mind refusing to believe it.

“You may not see it yet, but I do. Your presence has made a big impact on my life, and as I’ve heard your confessions beginning to take the turn that they’ve been going, I knew I had to act.” The room is still, the soft lamplight reflecting off of Father Scientia’s glasses, much like the candles in the sanctuary. “Did I intend for things to get so heated so quickly?” He shakes his head, Prompto keeping quiet to allow the priest his own confession. “What we did on Monday night was extreme, and I am sorry that I didn’t give you much of a choice in what was happening.”

“What?” Prompto blinks a few times, then turns to face him. With limited space on the loveseat, he stands up and walks over to his bed, taking a seat on the edge. “Is that what you think? Because you’re wrong. I knew what we were doing. I knew in the back of my mind that I could have put a stop to it, but I didn’t want to. And I know that makes me a terrible person - doing those types of things in church, with a priest! It’s like I’m signing over my soul to the Devil.”

Putting his hands between his legs, he leans forward, and is startled by the closeness of Father Scientia, who has moved from the loveseat, to sit next to him on the bed. “You’re doing no such thing. What we’ve done together, you’ve atoned for it in the eyes of God. Your soul will still be granted into Heaven.”

“You didn’t give me a chance to finish.” Prompto shakes his head. “Before I finish, I have one question to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Did you change into your cassock on Monday to prevent us from going further than we did that night?”

He looks at Father Scientia’s face, and sees his cheeks turn a little rosy. “I may have done something like that. But that was for my benefit, not yours. In my mind, those vestments help me feel more like a priest, but the damage had already been done by my actions in the confessional booth. It didn’t change anything.”

“We still kissed again.”

“We did more than that.”

Prompto keeps his eyes on Father Scientia’s. “Is that why you’re here tonight?” Moving on his own, he seats himself onto the priest’s lap, keeping his arms at his sides. “Are you here because of what we did tonight? How I…..” His own cheeks grow warm, his eyes staying locked onto Father Scientia’s eyes. “Did it bother you that I touched myself? Did you want to do it for me?”

“Yes.” He takes Father Scientia’s glasses off, and sets them down on the desk. “It was very difficult for me to not rip open the door, and enter your side of the booth.”

Scooting forward, he can feel the priest’s arousal, his own growing. “But you knew there were still people in the church. You knew you couldn’t touch me, not with them there. And that’s why you’re here now.”

“You say you’re the one that’s damned, but it’s not true. I’m the one that is forsaking his vows, engaging in sins that I must atone for.” Their faces come closer together, the same warm breath he’d felt earlier in the confessional booth now touching his lips without any barrier between them. “You wake up, having perverted dreams about me.” Father Scientia puts his hand onto Prompto’s chin, turning his head a little so that his lips touch the shell of his ear. “I knowingly touch myself and think about you, Prompto.”

A low moan leaves his throat, as he puts the heel of his hand against Father Scientia’s groin. “Let me touch you, Ignis.” At mentioning the priest’s name, he feels his groin throb against the palm of his hand. “Let me touch you tonight in the way I wanted to on Monday. I want to know what you feel like in real life.”

“Once we cross the line, Prompto - I’m afraid there won’t be any way to go back.” He turns his head to look directly into Father Scientia’s eyes. “Are you ready to face that? Are you ready to accept your homosexuality?”

It’s something he’s been dealing with more and more as of late, and the more time he spends with Father Scientia, the more his teachings sink into his mind. Yes, they are all God’s children, and he isn’t loved any less because he may or may not be attracted to someone of the same sex. “Why is it different than what we did on Monday?” Prompto’s fingers touch the belt at Father Scientia’s waist. He gives a tug on it, pulling the end from its spot inside of his belt loop, and undoes the buckle. “You’ve touched my cock.” He swallows, still not used to saying such a word out loud. “Why would my hand touching yours mean we’re crossing a line that can’t be uncrossed?” Lifting his head back up, he meets Father Scientia’s gaze. He unzips his slacks, and starts to push his hand down his pants, never breaking their eye contact. “We already crossed that line.”

A hand closes around his wrist, but doesn’t pull it away as he anticipates Father Scientia doing. “What we do tonight, there can’t be any regrets. We’re choosing to do this of our own free will - the will that God gave to us in the first place.”

“Yes, Father.” He nods his head, the grip that’s on his wrist begins to loosen as he starts to worm his way back down Father Scientia’s pants. “I won’t panic tonight. I won’t lose my mind if I bring you to orgasm.”

“If?” A dark chuckle sends a slight shiver down his spine, as he feels lips graze against the shell of his ear again. “Prompto, it won’t be a matter of if, but a matter of when.”

Groaning low, his fingers touch the priest’s cock for the first time without any barrier between them. He leans his head forward, and nudges the hood away from Father Scientia’s neck, giving him more space to kiss his neck properly. The white collar is tucked into his black clergical shirt, the sight of it making his hand feel hotter. “Tell me if I touch it wrong. I’ve never touched another man’s cock before, Ignis…”

“Let me take my pants off, so you can get the full experience?”

He pulls his hand away, and slips off of Father Scientia’s lap, standing up with him in the middle of the floor. As he sees him start to take off his pants, he goes in the opposite direction with his own clothes. His hands grab onto the hem of his white shirt, and he lifts it up over his head, the well heated room casting away any chill that he might feel from the lack of clothing. But the penetrating gaze coming from the man across from him brings goosebumps to his skin, Prompto resisting the urge to shy away from Father Scientia’s looks.

Stepping forward, he helps him take off the sweatshirt first, his eyes not looking down yet. His fingers tremble as he tries to unbutton the first button near the priest’s belly button. Whether his hands are shaking from fear, nervousness, or a combination of both, he isn’t sure. But it becomes easier to remove the buttons, exposing Father Scientia’s chest to him. His fingers unhook the white collar, pulling it away from his neck. He sets it down next to the priests’ glasses on his bedside table. His eyes fall on a hidden pendant he had no idea that the priest wore, his fingers touching the small skull before pushing the clergical shirt all the way off of his torso.

“Interesting necklace.” He remarks, brushing his lips over the top of the priest’s shoulder. No - he’s a man, like yourself. He hears him groan, as he puts another soft kiss on Ignis’ shoulder. “Tell me about it?”

“It reminds me that I am mortal, that we have a finite time in this universe.” Ignis’ voice is full of relief, Prompto wondering if this is easier for him, now that the clothes that define him are no longer on his body. “You haven’t looked down yet.”

He drops the shirt he’s been holding in his hand, but keeps his head tilted up. “You noticed?” He smiles, and steps back, putting his hands on his own pajama pants. “I guess if you’re naked, I should be naked too.”

“Only if you’re comfortable with it.” Ignis looks different to him now - he’s the same person that has helped guide him over the last year, but not. This version of him, this man - he’s making him more weak in the knees than he had been with his clothes on. “Don’t do it because you think that’s what I want.”

“Are you saying you don’t want me to be naked?” Prompto feels more in control now, the lack of clothes completely liberating. “Why, Iggy - I had no idea you were so polite.”

The strong laugh that leaves the man’s throat in front of him brings an even larger smile to Prompto’s face. “No one has called me by that name since I was a child.”

“Should I not call you that, then?” He starts to pull down on his pants, then shimmies his way out of them, kicking them off unceremoniously when they get to his ankles.

“I love hearing you call me that.” Warm hands touch his waist, pulling him to be closer to Ignis’ body. “Call me that again…?”

“Why should I….Iggy?” A shy smile appears on his lips, as the two walk back over towards the bed. He still hasn’t looked down, but he knows he can’t avoid it forever. When they sit back down, he keeps his eyes on Ignis’. “I’m nervous...” He whispers, his heart beginning to beat faster in his chest.

Ignis moves them so that they’re laying next to one another on the bed - a tight fit for his twin sized bed, but manageable. “It’s scary, isn’t it?” Ignis reaches for his hand, and brings it up to his lips, kissing the tips of his fingers. “Being naked with someone for the first time is terrifying. Believe it or not, I’m nervous too.”

“Are you?” He asks, bringing Ignis’ hand to his lips to return the kisses to his fingertips. “This is your first time too?”

“Yes. Well, I’ve seen yours.” He smirks, a giggle bubbling up out of Prompto’s mouth at the comment. “But you weren’t naked then.”

“Quid pro quo.” He repeats the phrase that Ignis had used on the phone, and sees him nod his head. Taking a deep breath, he sits up and crosses his legs, his arousal standing at attention, seeing no need to hide the state he’s in. “Okay. I’m going to do it.”

He begins to look down, observing the way that Ignis’ chest rises and falls with each breath he takes, the toned muscles of his arms and chest making him wonder if he works out. Do they have gym equipment at the rectory? Or does he go to the gym on campus in his clergical outfit? He cracks a smile at that thought, and hears Ignis release a breathy chuckle.

“What’s so amusing, Prompto?” A hand touches his face, drawing his eyes back up to Ignis’ face. “I hope it’s not my body?”

“No, not at all.” He shakes his head, still smiling as he looks back down at his chest. “It’s clear to me that you work out, and I sort of pictured you working out in your black clothes.”

Another full laugh leaves Ignis’ mouth at the comment. “Yes, I can see why that would be amusing. And no, I work out in sweats and a shirt, just like everyone else.”

“Right. That makes a lot more sense.” His eyes go to Ignis’ toned stomach, his heart rate picking up when he starts to see a thin line of dark hair appear, leading his eyes down further. He hears Ignis inhale as his eyes reach the man’s cock, his mouth dropping open as he takes in its shape and size. “Wow,” he whispers.

It’s not that it’s large by any means, it’s almost the same size as his own arousal, but it’s slightly thicker. He reaches for it, fingers touching the soft flesh on the tip of his cock before he wraps them around Ignis’ thick flesh for the second time that night. He slides his hand up towards the tip, rubbing the pad of his thumb over the small slit, his eyes going to his own cock before returning back to Ignis’, a low moan leaving his throat as he grips onto his cock a little tighter.

“Does it feel nice?” Ignis groans, Prompto moving a little as Ignis opens his knees a little more. “May I touch you too…?”

“Please.” He nods his head, eyes still locked onto Ignis’ cock, amazed by how it responds to his touches. As his fist goes back up to the tip, pearl colored liquid begins to leak from the slit. “I want you to touch me, Iggy…” He moans, turning his body to be pointed towards Ignis’ head, as he stays seated next to his hips, his left hand moving up and down his arousal.

A hand touches his cock, but it doesn’t give him the full satisfied feeling due to the angle of his body. “Lay next to me…?” Ignis asks, stroking his cock with the same pacing as he uses on his body. “It should feel nicer…”

“Mmm…” Prompto pulls his hand away from Ignis’ cock, touching the tip with his fingers before he moves to lay down next to him. He brings his finger up to his lips, a little bit of cum clinging to it. He licks it experimentally, curious to see how it would taste. It’s enough to give him a little flavor, his eyes closing as he licks at it some more, the salty tang sticking to his taste buds. “Is this better?” He asks, resituating himself on the bed, his back now pressed against the wall. He reaches for Ignis’ cock, and makes a fist around it, moaning low when he feels Ignis’ hand return to his cock. “Nngh…”

“I think the answer to your question is yes.” Ignis rubs the tip of his nose against his, their lips coming together for a soft kiss. “Do you like touching me like this, Prompto?” The hand on his cock starts to pump him a little more, the touch sending more blood to that area of his body. “Does it feel good to hold it in your hand like this?”

“God, yes…” He moans, stroking more of Ignis’ cock. He kisses him again, their lips staying connected as the tips of their tongues touch against each other. Both moan, Prompto’s pitched a little higher than Ignis’, as they keep kissing and touching one another. “Your cock feels so nice, Iggy…” Prompto rolls his hips forward, bringing Ignis’ cock closer to his own.

Their tips touch, the backs of their hands touching each other as they stay close to one another. “Keep touching it…” The heated words have a direct effect on Prompto, as he starts to pump his hand faster, sliding his fist back up to the tip, then back down to the base. “Your hand feels perfect…”

He groans, moving to put his head against the crook of Ignis’ neck, his breathing becoming more labored, the hand working on his cock feeling so nice. “L-Let’s try something…?” He groans, and hears a grunt come from Ignis. “Put your hand around both of us…?” He pulls his hand away, and moans low when their two cocks line up together, the heated flesh against his own making him dizzy with need. “Oh, God…”

“That feels nice, doesn’t it?” Ignis rubs his hand over the both of them, Prompto moving his hand to be on the opposite side of their cocks. His fingers lace together with Ignis’, the two of them moving together as their cock rub against each other.

“Hhngh….so nice…” He nods his head, his lower stomach beginning to coil tight. “O-Oh, no….I’m close…” Prompto groans, not ready for this to be over. Damn body, being wound up so tight. “I’m close, Iggy…”

“I can feel it.” Lips touch his again with a hint of a kiss. “Can you feel me throbbing with you?”

“Yes….” The word is exhaled softly between his lips, his chest rising and falling as his orgasm approaches fast. “Make me come, Ignis…”

“Only if you’ll do the same for me….”

His hand moves in time with Ignis’ touches, the two of them rolling their hips back and forth, creating more pressure against their cocks as they grind against one another. His face becomes flushed, moans spilling from his lips with each downstroke of their hands, wetness beginning to seep onto their fingers. He releases a needy moan as he begins to come, pressing his face hard against Ignis’ neck as he’s pulled through his orgasm by their joined hands. He feels more wet heat touch his fingers, the low moan that Ignis releases near his ear giving him all he needs to know that he’s come as well, the two slowing down their thrusts as their cocks spurt with the remnants of their orgasms.

Breathing hard, he pulls his head back as he pulls his hand away from their softening flesh. He reaches for the box of tissues he’s begun to keep next to his bed, thanks to those dreams, and offers a couple to Ignis, then uses a few for himself. Once they’re cleaned up of their shared mess, he lays in Ignis’ arms, his head resting between his chest and shoulder, his comforter being placed over the two of them.

“How come it took you so long to come here?” He asks, as he feels lithe fingers beginning to comb through his strands of hair.

“About that…” Ignis’ nails scratch at his scalp, causing him to moan softly. “There were a few things I had to do at the church, and then a few things at the rectory. And then it became a war of ‘should I’ or ‘shouldn’t I’, with me sitting at the kitchen table in the rectory.”

“You have your doubts too.” It shouldn’t come as any surprise to him, but it does. Because if anyone has been confident about how things progress between the two of them, he didn’t think he’d hear that Ignis had the same confliction in his own heart. “But you’re here.” He lifts his head, and kisses him on the lips, letting them linger there for a few seconds before putting his head back down on his chest. “I’m glad you’re here, Iggy.”

“I’m happy to be here myself, Prompto.” The fingers in his hair resume their touches. “I knew I made the right choice coming here tonight when I saw you laying in your bed.”

He laughs a little, not for any reason except that he’s happy. “I thought you weren’t going to come, and I was going to be waiting all night. I had already decided to go to bed five minutes before you knocked on the door.”

“I’m glad you don’t fall asleep fast.” Ignis rubs his face against his, their lips coming together for another kiss. “I’ll need to leave around 4:30, to get back to the rectory before anyone wakes up.”

Glancing over at the clock, he’s surprised to see it’s already close to one thirty in the morning. Had they been talking for that long, and then touching each other for that long? It didn’t feel like it - it felt like it couldn’t have been longer than a half hour at most. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, as the clock shows him. “I can set my alarm.”

“I already have an alarm set on my phone. But thank you.” The arms around him hold onto him a little tighter, Prompto sinking against his warm body. “How’re you feeling?”

“I feel good.” He nods his head, resting his chin on his sternum. “Touching your body was definitely eye opening. I….I had touched girls before, but nothing got me excited, not like how I get when I kiss, or touch you.” He flashes a quick smile at Ignis, before resting his cheek back against his chest. “I don’t think it’s really hitting me what we did, because this feels normal.”

“Because we’re in your bedroom.”

“Yeah, I guess.” It does help that they’re not in the church, and that they’re both naked, with no ties to the church on either of their bodies. His fingers go to the skull necklace that Ignis wears, lifting it up to get a better look at it. “It’s a really beautiful pendant.”

“It was a gift from my mother. She gave it to me when I told her I wa going to become a priest, destroying her dreams of ever becoming a grandmother.”

“And that’s why you said it ties you to the mortal world.” He sighs, the arm draped over Ignis’ torso gives him a squeeze. “Family can be cruel when they think they know what’s best for you. The thought behind it may have been negative, but you’ve turned it into something beautiful.”

Ignis’ fingers stop gliding through his strands of hair, tugging a little on them to get him to look up at him. “That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He closes his eyes, and listens to Ignis’ heart beat. Too wired to fall asleep, he hovers between consciousness and unconsciousness, the steady rhythm of Ignis’ beating heart helping to calm him down. “What are you thinking about right now?” He asks, breaking the silence in the room.

“How nice it feels to have you in my arms. And how close your hand is to my penis.”

He gasps, shifting his hand a little and finds the softened cock with his fingertips. “Oops! I didn’t realize how close I was…” He’s about to pull his hand away, when he feels it beginning to plump up between his fingers.

“Mmm….You’re very close now.” Ignis releases a breathless chuckle, shifting a little so that Prompto’s hand can touch him more easily. His fingers drop further down, touching Ignis’ sac, the coarse hair tickling the pads of his fingers. “Squeeze them, Prompto…”

Giving his balls a firm squeeze, he starts to sink down below the comforter, wanting to get a good look at the way Ignis’ cock behaves. Settling between his legs, his feet hang off the end of his bed as he keeps his left hand on Ignis’ balls, and then uses his right hand to make a fist around his cock. Ignis spreads his knees open, the smell of his personal musk hitting his nostrils with the subtle shift, making his mouth water.

The light from his lamp penetrates through the fabric of his comforter enough to allow him to see Ignis’ cock. Being able to really look at him, he sees a vein on the underside of his arousal, and notices a freckle just below the tip. He smiles, pleased to see he’s not the only one with imperfections on his cock, the freckles on his face not the only place they appear on his body. He rubs his thumb over the vein, and hears Ignis moan low, the sound increasing his confidence. He’s not sure when the two of them will be able to enjoy something like this, so he wants to learn as much about Ignis’ body as he can.

He scoots up to be a little closer to his groin, licking his lips as his hand pulls precum to seep out from the slit on the crown. He leans his head forward more, and swipes his tongue over the tip, collecting the salty tanginess onto his wet muscle. Hands touch the top of his head, Ignis’ fingers curling into his strands of hair, as he keeps swiping his tongue back and forth over the soft head of his cock.

“God, that’s marvelous…” A deep, rich moan travels to Prompto’s ears, as he keeps tonguing the slit to get more of his essence to touch his taste buds. He starts to kiss the tip, then slips his lips over the entire flushed head, before sliding them down, his tongue rubbing against the vein as he takes all of him into his mouth for the first time. “Oh, shit….”

Using his hand, he pulls his mouth off of Ignis’ cock, and pokes his head out from underneath his comforter. “Language, Iggy.” He giggles, then ducks back under, the curse still ringing in his ears.

“Sorry….I couldn’t help myself.” Hands return to his head, as he slips his mouth back down around Ignis’ cock, moaning low as he starts to suck on it a little. “Nngh….really, though….Prompto, you’re quite talented with your mouth…”

He tries to smile, but the thickness in his mouth it’s a difficult task, so he decides to answer by sucking a little harder on his cock. More of the salty tang squirts onto the back of his tongue, his throat swallowing it down without a second thought. Every time he bobs his head, he alternates pulling on Ignis’ cock with his hand, moaning low as the fingers in his hair tighten their grip.

“If you keep doing that, you’re going to make me come again…” The moans Ignis begins to make strengthens the desire he has for the man he’s turning into a mess. It’s unbelievably gratifying, knowing that he’s capable of doing to Ignis what the man does to him on a regular basis.

His mouth sinks down onto his cock more, moaning low as he puts his other hand back onto Ignis’ sac, giving his balls a squeeze as he creates a vacuum with his mouth around Ignis’ plump flesh. The loud, bawdy moans that come from Ignis’ throat make him move his mouth faster, each noise ringing in his ears. The hands on his head start to guide him into a pattern, which he freely takes to, knowing it will feel better for the both of them if he does what Ignis wants. He begins to feel the thick flesh throb against the back of his tongue, his head angling to take more of him into his mouth, the tip hitting the back of his throat, his nose buried in kinky curls.

“Prompto….” The way his name is said with such reverence makes him moan around Ignis’ cock, the fingers in his hair gripping onto him tight. One more push of his lips downwards, and one more firm squeeze on his sac, then he hears a loud gasping moan released by Ignis as he begins to come inside of his mouth.

The thick fluid takes him by surprise, some spilling out from the sides of his mouth, but he’s quick to swallow after his initial surprise, drinking everything down as he keeps feeling Ignis’ cock spasm against his tongue. When nothing else drips down his throat, he starts to pull his head back, licking the spent cock with kitten licks, his mouth tasting of Ignis’ cum. Resting his head on his thigh, he hums a little low. “Was that good, Iggy…?” His voice comes out sounding raw, surprising him.

“You have no bloody idea…” One moment he’s under the blankets, the next he’s engaged in a sensual kiss with Ignis, the man’s tongue rooting around his mouth, picking up the taste of his own essence onto his tongue. Prompto melts against him, kissing him back with equal fervor, moaning as he’s kissed senseless.

After a good two minutes of that, they break apart, both panting from the exertion. “Would you like…?” Ignis starts to ask him, but Prompto shakes his head.

“Not tonight. Soon?” He asks, already thinking about wanting to put Ignis’ cock back into his mouth to suck on it some more. “I’m good for now. How’re you?”

“I’m amazing.” There’s a goofy smile on Ignis’ face, the look of utter bliss on his face. It makes his stomach roll in a pleasant manner, happy to see him in such a fashion. “I wish that time would stop moving so quickly.”

“I know what you mean.” Prompto kisses him again, then lays on his chest. “Let’s just cuddle until you have to leave?”

“I had no other plans.” Ignis whispers, holding him close to his body.

Time flies by, the two of them basking in each other’s presence, no need to fill the space with chatter at the moment. When Ignis’ alarm starts to go off, he begins to feel sadness start to worm its way into his body, Prompto not ready to say goodbye yet.

He watches him get dressed, staying under the comforter. “Will you be leading 5pm mass today, Father?” He asks, his brain switching back to addressing him in such a manner, now that the priest clothes are back on his body.

“I will. And I will be saying 5pm mass on Sunday as well.” Father Scientia tucks his white collar into his shirt, then puts his sweatshirt on, his glasses going on last. “Will I see you at both, Prompto?”

“You will.” He smiles, sitting up to give him a kiss on the lips. “Goodbye, Father. Thank you for tonight. I’ll see you at mass later today.”

“Good night, Prompto.” His hand cups Prompto’s face, placing one more kiss on his lips. “Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”

He watches him walk out of his dorm room, Father Scientia looking over his shoulder to give him one more final wave before closing the door behind him. Laying down on his pillow, he breathes in the man’s scent - it seems to be everywhere at the moment. The panic he expects to sink into him, now that Father Scientia is gone, doesn’t appear. Instead, a permanent smile stays on his face, as the endorphins begin to run out, tiredness hitting him like a brick wall. He drifts to sleep, with Father Scientia’s scent surrounding him.

Chapter Text

It’s been a long time since Prompto has pulled an all-nighter, usually only doing them when absolutely necessary - like midterms and finals. The accidental all-nighter has caused him to sleep past noon, something he never does. When he wakes up, he feels good, the sun heating his curtains, the fabric still drawn from the night before. It’s probably why he slept so late, without any interruption to his sleep. He rolls over in his bed, and stretches, staying buried underneath his blanket.

Last night - or better put, this morning, had to have been a dream. Turning his head to the side, he inhales, and can still smell Father Scientia on his pillow - hints of soap, clean scented shampoo, and the lingering smell of incense from the church fills his nostrils. Those smells make it clear that it had not been a dream, and everything he could remember happened. He drops his jaw with a yawn, a little sore from the activity he’d done last night with Father Scientia’s cock, his fingers going to rub his jaw to work the kinks out.

Picking up his phone, he pulls up the last message he’d sent to the man that had been in his bed until four in the morning. “Morning! I hope your day has been going well. I just woke up. I can still taste you on my tongue. :)” He deletes the last sentence, a little embarrassed that he’d typed something like that, shaking his head at himself. He doesn’t need to be reminded of our sins. Pushing send, he puts his phone back on his desk, and pulls the blanket back over his head.

He’s about to drift back to sleep when his phone begins to ring. Heart beating a little quicker, he picks it up and puts it against his ear. “Mmm...hello…?”

“I thought you said you just woke up. It sounds like you’re still sleeping to me.” Father Scientia’s voice comes through his phone, his sonorous teasing voice bringing a smile to his lips. “Good ‘morning’, Prompto.”

“It’s not morning anymore, Father!” He rolls onto his back, pulling one side of the pillow up to his face. “It’s after one.”

“Well, I was just replying to your text verbally, since you wished me a good morning.” A soft chuckle makes the smile grow more on his face. “Did you sleep well?”

Prompto nods his head. “I did. I think I fell asleep pretty quick after you left. No mess either.” He lets him know before he asks him. “Have you had a chance to rest at all?”

“No, but that is why God invented black coffee.”

He laughs, feeling more at ease about this situation than he has in the past week. “Well, I’ll be sure to bring you some before mass this morning, if you’d like? It’s not out of my way.”

“You would do that for me?” The genuine surprise he hears in the priest’s voice makes him glad he had said something. “You don’t have to do that.”

“I insist. It’s my fault you’re running on no sleep.” He sits up, and yawns a little into the phone. “I’ll stop by the rectory around 4:15? That’ll give you enough time to enjoy your coffee before you have to get ready for mass. Would that be okay?”

“That sounds wonderful. Thank you, Prompto.” Elation starts to make its way through his system before panic can set in, as he realizes he’s just invited himself over to the rectory. A place he’s never been inside, but knows where it is in relation to the church. “You should get some food in you. I’ll see you in a few hours?” 

“You will, Father. Enjoy your afternoon!” He says goodbye, then sets his phone back down on his nightstand.

Oh, no. And there’s the panic that he’s been keeping at bay since he’d suggested getting some coffee for the priest. He shakes his head, running his fingers through his hair as he tries to calm himself down, his knee now bouncing up and down as he takes deep breaths. Jumping up, he groans, and heads into the bathroom.

Standing under the water, he starts to think about how he can back out of seeing Father Scientia. You’re being stupid. You’re the one that offered. Not him. He leans his forehead against the tiled wall, water pelting his back as he argues with himself in his mind, turning around to rest his back against the wall as he groans. This last week has been illuminating in so many ways - from his first kiss with the priest, to what they’d done together the night before. He knows if they keep seeing each other, that they will start to experiment  - doing more things, and that worries him. To dream about them is one thing, but to make them a reality - that’s entirely different.

He finishes up in the shower, after taking close to twenty minutes just standing around and thinking about things. Instead of wasting water, he dries off and puts on a pair of clean boxers, then goes and sits down on his loveseat, and turns his radio on. He snacks on a bowl of dry granola, not really feeling hungry for much else. When it gets to be close to 3:30, he gets dressed for church. Putting on a pair of black slacks, a dark green button up shirt, and a light grey tie completes his outfit for the 5pm mass. He has a modest collection of nice clothes for church, liking to dress up for the weekend masses. Black Oxford shoes cover his feet, slipping them on after grabbing his jacket off the hanger on his wall. He puts his cell phone in his pocket, checking to make sure he had no other messages, and then heads over to the campus coffee shop, which is normally open seven days a week.

“Hi, Prompto!” A girl from his ethics class, Cindy, stands behind the counter. “You want your usual today?”

“Please. I’d also like a venti Red Eye.” He looks at the pastry case, and points to a few different items. “Let me also get two of those sugar cookies, and a slice of pumpkin bread.”

“Coming right up!”

He’s glad she didn’t ask why he’s ordering two drinks, holding the bag filled with cookies in one hand as he waits at the other end of the counter for the rest of his order. He doesn’t know her that well, preferring to keep to himself in his classes - except for the one’s he shares with Luna. Those he actively talks with her, when they’re on a lull in between topics. His order is called out, and he grabs the tray it’s been set in, heads out of the shop, and makes his way to the rectory.

The bell chimes, announcing it’s a quarter after four, Prompto standing at the front door of the rectory. Holding the drinks with one hand, he uses the other to knock on the door, cookies and bread jostling around a little. The door opens, Father Bradham standing at the door with a welcoming smile on his face.

“Good afternoon, Prompto. Father Scientia informed me we might be entertaining a visitor before mass, but had not told me it was going to be you.” He opens the door further, welcoming Prompto in with a gesture of his hand. “Father Scientia should be out in a few moments. I was heading out for the evening.”

“Oh?” He bows to the priest, who pats him on the shoulder. “Where are you off to this evening, Father?”

“I’m meeting an old friend for dinner. He insists that I cook him a decent meal, since his wife passed away a few months ago.”

Smiling, he sets the drinks down, then sets the treats down next to them. “Well, I hope you have a nice evening.”

“You as well, Prompto.” Father Bradham grabs his coat, and then leaves the rectory, Prompto standing alone in the dining area.

Footsteps sound from his left, the other occupant of the rectory coming towards him with a smile on his face. “Prompto. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Did Father Bradham leave?”

“He did.” He stands still, torn between wanting to hug the priest, and waiting for a sign that that is what he wants as well. When he sees Father Scientia raise up his arms, he naturally moves forward and falls into his embrace, hugging him tight. “It’s nice to see you, Father.” He mumbles against his chest, staying in Father Scientia’s arms.

A hand touches the back of his head, fingers latching on to the soft strands of hair against the back of his neck, sending a small ripple of need down Prompto’s body. “It’s nice to see you too.” The words are whispered near his ear, Prompto’s eyes closing tight as he stays in their platonic embrace. Father Scientia pulls away first, but not before leaving a hint of a kiss on the side of his head, Prompto’s cheeks becoming warm at the unexpected touch. “What did you bring for us?” 

“I know you’re probably running on fumes by this point in the day, so I got you a venti Red Eye.” Prompto points to the hot beverage, his blended mocha with a large dollop of whipped cream next to it. “I also bought you a sugar cookie, because those happen to be my favorite right now. And I also got a piece of pumpkin bread, because I love all things pumpkin this time of year.”

Father Scientia laughs, Prompto pushing some of his hair behind his ear as he tries to calm his racing heart down. “That’s quite a mouthful. Thank you.” He reaches for the venti hot beverage, then hands Prompto his blended one. “Would you care to sit here? I’m afraid we don’t have a lot of time to stay and chit chat.”

“No, I understand.” Prompto takes his drink, and grabs one of the cookies. “I know you won’t drink that all right now.” He laughs, thinking about what it could do to the priest. “I guess we could have a forty minute mass.” He laughs more at that thought, imagining Father Scientia running through everything at an extremely fast pace.

The priest laughs with him, shaking his head as he pulls out a chair for Prompto to sit down in. “I’m afraid the congregation might mutiny.”

“You’d be surprised, Father. Anything to get out of church early is always a good thing.” He takes a seat, and starts to eat his cookie. “You’ll get to sleep tonight.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” Father Scientia holds up the beverage, a smirk on his lips. “I’m afraid this may keep me awake. It’s very good, though. Thank you.”

“Oh! Did I order you the wrong drink? Should I have gotten you a regular drip coffee? I’m sorry, Father.”

A hand touches his thigh, the spot underneath it becoming warm from the touch. “It’s perfect, Prompto. The extra jolt of caffeine is just what my tired body needs right now. I’ll be able to sleep tonight, don’t worry.”

“Okay.” The hand on his thigh doesn’t move. With Father Scientia’s hand staying put, he drops his left hand down and rests it on top of his, pushing his finger to rest in between Father Scientia’s fingers, who lifts his hand to give him more room. “What time do you need to go to the church?” He asks, bringing his drink up to his lips to take another long sip.

He doesn’t realize his actions until he sees green eyes looking down at the straw he’s slightly chewing on. Might as well go for the ultimate. He hears his subconscious encourage him, when he knows it should be doing the opposite, but around Father Scientia, he has trouble remembering right from wrong. As such, his tongue unfurls to rest against the straw, before sliding it up to the top in a suggestive manner, similar to what he’d done to the priest’s cock the night before.

The hand on his thigh grips him a little tighter, Prompto’s eyelids slowly closing with a muted moan. “Tempting me before mass, Prompto?” Lips hover close to his ear, the breathless words sending heat through his body.

“Better to do it now, than during…?” He offers a lame excuse, before putting the drink down on his opposite thigh, as he looks up into Father Scientia’s eyes. “I’ll behave, Father.”

“I hope you will.” A thumb his rubbed against his bottom lip, before the priest pulls his hand away. “Would you like to help me get ready for mass?” Father Scientia takes another sip of his coffee. “I could use the help. The altar boys tend to arrive just before mass begins, and only do whatever is absolutely necessary.”

Nodding his head, he takes another piece of his cookie, and swallows more of his drink down. The cool beverage helps take away some of the heat that continues to linger from that brief little tease. What the hell am I doing? He finishes his drink, and stands up. “Do you want to go now?” He thinks it might be better if the two of them are in a place where they can’t slip up.

“That was going to be my suggestion.” There’s a hint of a blush on the priest’s face, Prompto wondering if they’re both having similar thoughts at the moment. “There’s no harm in being a little early.”

Anything to get us away from this temptation. Prompto nods his head, and finishes the last bite of his cookie, then heads into the kitchen. “Where is your trash?” He asks, looking around the spotless kitchen.

“Underneath the sink.”

Turning around, he sees the sink against the wall, and reaches down to open the cabinet. His tie sways a little as he bends over to drop his empty drink container into the receptacle. He’s focused on making sure he doesn’t accidentally spill anything out of his cup, that he doesn’t hear the sounds of a chair scraping against the floor, nor does he hear footsteps making their way up to him. As he starts to stand back up, he feels something firm press against his back, and a strong arm wrap around his waist, a soft gasp leaving his mouth at the unexpected touch.

He leans against the firm chest, his head tilting back a little as he feels a pair of lips on his jaw. “We need to leave,” Father Scientia murmurs near his ear, Prompto’s hand going to the priest’s hip. “If we stay any longer…” A firm thrust from the priest’s hips gives him a clear indication of what Father Scientia is worried about, the bulge pushing right up against the seam of his slacks.

“We’re leaving…” Prompto starts to slide himself up and down, grinding against the hardness he can feel pushing against his ass, the teasing making his body respond quickly. It’s like he’s having an out of body experience, doing things he’s never had the urge to do before. Putting himself into a situation he knows can come of no good, but the switch in his brain latches onto the lust, and pours it through his body as a needy moan leaves his throat. “God, please…” He moans, unable to stop himself as the arm around him holds him with more force. That constant pressure is another nail in his coffin, his mind becoming a blur as he realizes he likes this.

A hand touches his jaw, pulling him towards a pair of lips that touch his, the two breathing into each other’s mouths as their tongues come together for a much needed kiss. Prompto’s turned around, his back now pushed up against the counter, his arms locking themselves around Father Scientia’s neck. He hooks one leg around the priest’s waist, continuing to grind himself against the mound he feels pushing up against his own cock, more heat racing through him as he acts shamelessly with Father Scientia, who is meeting him thrust for thrust as his back is pushed against the counter more. He gets lost in his mouth, relishing the way he’s being kissed when he hears a soft alarm going off.

Their kiss ends, Father Scientia pulling away to take his phone out of his pocket. “Quarter to five. Time to head to the church.” The words come out in between deep breaths, one hand now resting on the counter next to Prompto’s side, his other putting the phone back into his pocket.

“R-Right. Church.” He nods his head, still a little weak in the knees from the intense kiss the two of them just shared. He fixes his tie, then discreetly adjusts his arousal, and calmly walks away from Father Scientia.

The two head to the church together, keeping a little bit of a distance between themselves, Prompto’s heart still racing from what had just happened. Father Scientia holds open the door to enter the sacristy, Prompto heading inside, looking around as they go down a small hallway before entering the sacristy proper.

“I don’t think I’ve ever come into this room from that entrance.” Prompto remarks, looking around at the space. There’s a few different closets, a small bathroom, and a large cabinet that houses all the different chalices and wafer dishes that the church uses for each mass.

“This church is full of secrets.” Father Scientia teases, winking at him as he goes over to one of the closets. “Would you care to help me pick out a stole to wear for today’s mass, Prompto?”

He nods his head, and sees the priest pull a clean alb from one of the closets, and sees him point to the closet next to the one he’s standing in front of. Prompto opens the door, and sees a large assortment of different colored stoles - some clear that they’re meant to be used during certain times of the year. Purple for after Lent, reds and greens for Advent. He picks a burnt orange stole, reflecting autumn in his mind. “Is this one okay, Father?” He holds it up, being careful with the delicate fabric.

“That’s perfect. It’s actually the one I had been thinking about wearing for this evening’s mass.” Father Scientia smiles, and holds out his hand.

Prompto gives it to him, then closes the closet door. He hears two people enter, familiar faces that he’s seen every other Saturday and Sunday. One goes to grab the Lectionary, the other pulling the items that will be used for the Eucharist later on. Both greet the priest and Prompto, then continue their work setting up for mass.

“I guess I should go find a seat, Father.” Prompto says, as one of the altar boys strides in. “Have a good mass.” He looks up at him, keeping a friendly smile on his face.

“I will try, Prompto.” Father Scientia blesses him, keeping one hand on his shoulder, his fingers holding on tight. “Bless him, O Father, and allow him to carry on with love in his heart. In Your Name, Amen.”

“Amen.” He whispers, his stomach churning at the mention of love.

A hand touches his, holding it in a firm grip. “Peace be with you.”

“And also with you, Father.” He returns, a smile on his lips.

“Thank you for the coffee.” Father Scientia gives his hand a small shake, then pulls it away, their fingertips both gliding over each other’s palms with the hint of a touch. Their eyes stay on one another, Prompto’s skin still tingling where Father Scientia’s fingers had just touched him.  

“You’re welcome.” Prompto smiles at the readers, then heads out to the sanctuary, sticking to the side of the church rather than walk up the center aisle, taking his seat near the back.

The church is filled with music from the organ, the small choir taking their spot up towards the side of the altar, the pews filling up with the congregation. It’s not as packed as it will be tomorrow night, but it’s still a fairly decent crowd. Prompto picks up his hymnal, and begins to sing along with the choir, as mass gets underway.

Throughout mass, Prompto’s mind wanders more than it normally does. As the first speaker gets up to give the first reading, his eyes are drawn to where Father Scientia sits. How he keeps himself poised, but looks at home on the altar. At the end of the reading, he only says ‘Thanks Be to God’ out of habit, not actually hearing the first reading. Light bounces off Father Scientia’s glasses, but then it’s gone, and he sees him looking at him. Or, at least, it looks like it, but how many others in the congregation think that the priest is looking at them? Anyone in his path? He smiles, and sees Father Scientia smile in return, confirming that the priest was looking at him, and not anybody else.

By the time it comes to Holy Communion, he sees that Father Scientia is on the opposite side of the church. When he gets up to the front of the line, he’s surprised when the priest switches with the person he was about to approach. “The Body of Christ.” Father Scientia holds up the wafer to his mouth, but Prompto holds up his palms, deeply afraid that if the man were to touch his tongue today, he would lose it completely.

“Amen.” He places the wafer on his own tongue, staring up into Father Scientia’s eyes in the same manner he’d done when taking a sip of his blended coffee back in the rectory. He sees a flash of something appear in the priest’s eyes, but as soon as it’s there, it’s gone. He makes the sign of the cross, then goes to receive the blood of Christ.

When he gets back to his seat, he sees Father Scientia is alternating between the two sides of the church, the person helping with communion having run out of wafers. That makes more sense. It just happened to occur right when Prompto was set to receive his Holy Communion. It still feels a little strange, but he’s glad that he was able to receive communion today from Father Scientia.

At the end of mass, Prompto sticks around a little bit longer, as he knows the congregation is outside, waiting for a chance to speak to the priest. After fifteen minutes, he gets up and makes his way out of the church, and can see Father Scientia talking with a family. He waits patiently for his turn to get a personal greeting from him.

“Good evening, Father. That was a wonderful sermon you gave today.” Prompto compliments him, even though he couldn’t remember anything that was said during the sermon. He’d watched Father Scientia walk back and forth, talking passionately about something. He knows that everyone had given their full attention to him, but he himself had been thinking about what had happened in the kitchen.

The warm smile on the priest’s face makes his face grow warm. “I’m happy that you were here to listen to it. Don’t be surprised when you hear it again tomorrow night.” Father Scientia laughs, as he puts his hand on his shoulder. “Are you heading home now?”

“I am.” He nods, his feet wanting to move him to be closer to the priest. “I’ve got some homework I need to finish up, and then will probably go to sleep. I hope you have a good rest of your night, Father. See you tomorrow evening?”

“That you will.” Father Scientia blesses him, then turns to the next group of people who had been waiting to talk to him.

Prompto heads back to his dorm room, and gets situated at his desk, textbooks and his laptop at the ready so that he can get his work done. He microwaves a mug full of water, pouring some into the styrofoam ramen bowl he has, resting a pair of chopsticks on top so he’s not tempted to eat them before they’re finished cooking in the boiling water. He begins to type, alternating between eating and working, wanting to get this paper done before he goes to bed.

He finishes it at half past ten, and goes over to his bed, flopping face down on it. He’d changed into pajamas when he’d returned to his dorm room after mass, and now is too tired to take them off. It takes him a few tries, but he finally gets them off, and buries himself under his blanket, the scent of Father Scientia still lingering on his bedding. He falls asleep, becoming dead to the world.


Silk fabric touches his arms, locked behind his back with the smooth material that feels cool against his skin. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees it’s the stole that he’d chosen for Father Scientia to wear. Looking down, he sees he’s completely naked, the rest of his clothes having somehow wound up on the raised altar, his body sitting in the chair that Father Scientia had sat in during mass.  

The priest is on his knees, staring up at him without his glasses on, the smirk on his lips the same one he’d seen the night before in his bedroom. “Comfortable, Prompto?” The priest is missing his clothes as well, the discarded alb draped over the lecturn to the right of the altar, black clerical clothes strewn about the altar.

“Why did you do it?” He whispers, knees spreading open as more open mouthed kisses are placed on his inner thighs. “Don’t you want me to touch you, Iggy…?”

A low moan tickles his thigh, making him shift on the chair, the stole keeping his arms immobile. “I always want you to touch me, but right now - it’s about me giving back to you what you so graciously gave to me last night.”

“Y-You don’t….nnngh….God….” He forgets what he’s saying, focusing on the wet warmth that surrounds his cock. He leans his head back, his legs hanging over Father Scientia’s shoulders, as his hands lay flat on the chair, his ass hanging off the edge as the priest’s mouth goes all the way down his thickness. “God, yes!” He cries out, humping Father Scientia’s face, trying to feel as much of the priest’s tongue as he can.

The loud sounds he makes echo in the rafters, votive candles burning at the prayer stations throughout the church. The mouth around his cock slurps around him, wetness beginning to drip down his sac as he keeps rolling his hips, Father Scientia’s mouth staying latched onto him at all costs. He tries to break free of the bindings, arms growing tired, but it’s only a minor inconvenience. Father Scientia’s mouth slides back up to the tip, teasing him, then taking his entire length down his throat, Prompto whining and moaning louder and louder.

His mind goes blank as he starts to come, moaning the priest’s name so loud that his voice cracks, carrying through the empty church as he begins to come down from his high. He looks Father Scientia’s face, who stares up at him with the a look he’s sure is on his own face. “Give me my arms back….? Please….?” 

“Let me take away your eyes next…” The stole is pulled off of his arms, and soon the silk fabric is touching his face. “So you won’t know what’s coming….”

“I hope it’s me…” He moans, the world disappearing. “Make me come again, Father…?”

“Until you beg me to stop.”


Prompto sits up with a sharp gasp, his hands going to his face to make sure that there was nothing there. Chest heaving, he grabs his bottle of water and takes a few long swallows, trying to regulate his breathing. Lifting up his blanket, he knows what he’s going to find there, but takes a look anyway.

His stomach is painted with the leftovers of his orgasm, most of it going on him instead of both on him and the bed. There’s a few drops on his fitted sheet, but nothing he has to do anything about right now. He can sleep on a few droplets of cum. Grabbing some tissues, he wipes himself off, then dabs at the bed to pick up what he can. Tossing them into the wastebasket, he lays back down and tries to fall back asleep.

Tossing and turning, he can’t find that perfect spot that will allow him to go back to sleep. Reaching for his phone, he takes a look and sees that it’s almost five in the morning. Unlocking his phone, he searches through his recent call history and pushes down on the contact he’d been looking for.

“Hello? Prompto…?” The groggy voice of the man he’d just been dreaming about comes through the receiver. “Is everything alright?”

“Y-Yeah. Sorry, Father. You said I could call you no matter the time, and I’m having trouble getting back to sleep after waking up from a dream, so I thought I’d call you and see if you were awake since it’s five in the morning, but I can hear from your voice that I’ve woken you up so I’m really sorry.” He stops talking, and takes a deep breath. “Sorry, I ramble when I’m nervous.”

“It’s endearing.” The sleepy laugh makes him blush hard, as he gets resettled underneath his blanket. “What’s making you nervous right now?”

A soft yawn comes through the receiver, Prompto smiling. “I’ve never called you before. You’re the one that’s called me.”

“You texted me first this morning.”

“You mean, yesterday.” He laughs, feeling a little less nervous after saying it out loud. “When is your first mass this morning, Father?”

“Mm...10:30. Then 5.” Father Ignis releases another yawn into his ear. “You’ll be at the one at 5, won’t you?”

The hopefulness he hears in the priest’s voice causes his stomach to roll. “I said I would be there.” Prompto replies, rolling on his side to avoid the semi-damp spot on his mattress. He yawns a little, tiredness beginning to work its way back into his body. “Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.” He groans at the retort, but smiles when he hears the priest chuckle. “What is your question?”

“What do you wear to bed?”

Father Scientia inhales loud enough for Prompto to hear him. “Sometimes I’ll wear flannel pants to bed. Sometimes I’ll wear my underwear. I have slept nude on occasion.”

“Is that allowed?” It surprises to hear that the priest sleeps without clothes on. “I thought there were rules, like you have to wear clothes at all times.”

“Do you think I take showers with my clothes still on?” The jovial laugh causes Prompto’s cheeks to heat up in embarrassment. “Nowhere in the Bible does it state that no clothing is forbidden.”

“You sure about that, Father?” He teases, taking a deep breath. “You know, I can still smell you on my pillow.”

The silence that occurs after his statement makes him painfully aware of what he just admitted. Panic begins to set in, worried that he’s said something that is bad. “Do you like how I smell, Prompto?”

“Yes.” Keeping close to the pillow, he takes another deep breath, inhaling through his nostrils slowly. “Will you come back and visit me soon?” What are you saying?! You know he can’t! Before he can be rejected, he keeps talking. “The reason I woke up was because I had another dream. Why can’t I stop dreaming about such perverse things?” He whispers, shutting his eyes tight. “Anyone else…”

“It would be manageable.” The resignation he hears in Father Scientia’s voice makes him sigh softly. “I don’t have an answer for you. I wish that I did. Would it be better if we returned to how things were before the start of last week? We return to being casual acquaintances?”

He wants to say no, because he’s had such a nice time all week with him, but he knows that it is probably for the best if they were to put an end to this madness. “I don’t want that. But, I know that if we keep going down this path, then we might make some mistakes that we won’t be able to take back, or atone for through any act of penance.”

“Do you think that by succumbing to your desires for a man will put you into Hell?” The sleepiness has left the priest’s voice, replaced by a serious tone.

Prompto begins to feel the fear start to worm its way back into him. “No, Father. I think I will be put there because it’s you that I lust after. A man who has taken a vow to not engage in that sort of behavior.”  

A soft grunt comes through the receiver. “Do I need to remind you of what you did to me the other night? Or the night we were in the nave together? That vow has already been broken.”

“I know!” He wipes his face on his pillow, his cheeks slightly damp. “The guilt I feel for having done that is something I’m dealing with! I was going to confess about it on Monday!” Prompto keeps the phone against his ear. “And what happened in the rectory yesterday…”

“What happened yesterday in the rectory was negligence on my part, again. I have a very difficult time keeping myself composed when I’m around you.” The soft pleading tone he hears in Father Scientia’s voice makes the tears flow a little more freely. “Don’t place the blame on yourself. I am the guilty one, and should have known better. But you do things to me, Prompto, that my heart and mind can’t seem to ignore. I know what I’m doing, so please - stop blaming yourself for my actions.”

He shakes his head. “When will it stop? What are we even doing? Does it stop when we have sex? When we make all the deplorable acts in my dreams become a reality?” He draws one knee up to his chest, hugging it tight. Not waiting for an answer, he continues on. “Do you know what I dreamed up tonight, Father? I dreamed that you tied me up with your stole. Tied me up, and I fucked your face, while sitting in the chair you sit on during mass.” A fresh wave of tears start to make their way down his cheeks. All the guilt that he’s been pushing aside, ignoring in favor of just enjoying himself comes crashing down on him hard. Years of being told what he can and can’t do resurface, and it breaks him. “I can’t do this anymore, Ignis.”

“Very well.” Prompto mutes the phone in order to release a sob, hating that he’s having this conversation. How did it turn into this? What have I done? “Then we will go back to the way things were before. That will help ease both of our consciences, I think.”

Dropping his knee, he unmutes the phone and whispers, “Why does this feel so horrible?”

“Because we’re making the right decision. I don’t feel so great myself right now, but I don’t want you to have any regrets. And I don’t want any for myself, as well. I know that what we’ve been engaging in is something that isn’t meant for someone like me. I’ve been swayed too much by the temptation, and wanting to show you that being this way isn’t eternal damnation.” The somber tone of the priest makes him hold tight to his pillow. “I want what’s best for the both of us. If that means that we return to how we were a week ago, then I will respect that decision.”

He sniffles, taking a tissue to wipe off his face. “I appreciate that, Father.”

“You are welcome. I’m going to try and get a little bit more rest before I have to start my day. Will I still see you tonight at mass?”

“Yes, Father. I will see you at 5pm mass.” He takes a deep breath. “Have a good day.”

“And you as well. Goodbye, Prompto.”


The call ends, and his heart begins to shatter as he realizes that maybe he didn’t want it to be over yet with Father Scientia. But it’s too late to take it back. They will go back to how they were before he opened his mouth and admitted his feelings for him. He never thought that by saying they should be done, that he’d be feeling this bad. Putting his phone back on the charger, he pulls the blanket up over his head, and cries himself back to sleep, no dreams coming to haunt him this time.

Chapter Text

“I think I need to start dating.” Prompto drops down into his chair, noticing Luna perk up at the mention of dating. “A little fun hasn’t hurt anyone before, right?” He sets his backpack onto his desk, and rummages around, trying to find his pen as he pulls out his notebook with his other hand.

Luna nods her head, and leans over towards him. “Were you thinking about someone in particular? Or do you want me to set you up with someone? I bet Noctis might know a few single girls that would be up for a first date.”

“No, not really.” Prompto opens his notebook, and looks at the notes he’d taken during their previous session. “I’m open to anything.”

After hanging up the phone with Father Scientia on Sunday morning, he’d gone back to sleep, and had basically laid in bed until he had to get ready to go to church. He didn’t have much of an appetite, but had forced himself to eat, knowing that he’d need his strength to make it through mass. He’d gotten dressed in a grey turtleneck sweater and slacks, and had sat in the back of the church.

All throughout mass, he would look anywhere but at Father Scientia, his heart in too much pain to look at him directly. When it came time for Holy Communion, he was grateful that the server was there to give it to him, with Father Scientia helping the other side. They had exchanged a brief glance, but there were no smiles, no favoritism present. And that had hurt worse than being completely ignored.

Lauds on Monday morning had been quiet and uneventful, just as his confession had been. Father Scientia gave him his penance for the sins he’d confessed to - their actions throughout the weekend - and he had gone on his way. And now, he’s sitting in his History of Regilion classroom, anxiously waiting for the person who is making him feel horrible. Talking about dating someone of the opposite sex isn’t helping, but he’s trying to ignore it.

“Well, what about that girl from the coffee shop?” Luna starts to tap her pen against her notebook. “She’s cute, and from when we’ve gone in their together, I can tell she totally digs you.”

“Cindy??” He shakes his head, shifting a little in his chair. “No, she’s cute and all, but I think I’d rather meet up with someone that doesn’t go to this school, or is affiliated with this school in any sort of way.”

“Then, I’ll talk to Noctis tonight, and see what he suggests. When would you be available for this double date?”

Prompto’s eyes go to the door, as Father Scientia walks into class, the priest returning to wearing his formal cassock. “I’m pretty open all week.”


The enthusiasm he hears coming from his best friend makes him wish he shared her excitement. He just wants to live a normal life, one where he doesn’t have to think about engaging in deplorable acts with someone unattainable. Dating a girl sounds like a good distraction, and will help him see that what he’d been doing for the past week had been a mistake, and that he doesn’t have those types of feelings for someone of the same sex.

“Good afternoon, class. I trust everyone had a nice weekend?” Father Scientia sets his material on the lectern, looking out at the class. His eyes land on Prompto’s last, then immediately looks back at the class. “Today’s topic is going to be on the Church of England, and how one man decided to create his own church because the Pope would not grant him an annulment.”

Everyone in the class laughs, Prompto setting himself into study mode, more than familiar with the story of the Church of England. His hand flies over the page, taking notes as he listens to Father Scientia tell the tales of Henry the VIII. Off-handedly, he makes a remark out loud. “It must have been a wild time in England.”

Another hearty laugh is shared by the students in his class, as well as their professor. “You would be correct, Prompto. It was a very wild time in England at the time this was all going on. If you pissed off the King, your head would have been lost.” Father Scientia steers the lecture back on course, Prompto returning to his notetaking. But hearing the priest call him by his name had made his body become slightly flushed, in his mind hearing how he’d moaned in his bed two nights prior.

“So, Noctis thinks he’s got a girl that would be up for a double date.” Luna says to him, as they start to pack up their things at the end of class. She puts her phone back into her purse, as the class starts to put their stuff away. “Do you want to know what she looks like?”

He shakes his head, and stands up, putting his backpack on. “No, I trust his judgement. I mean, he’s dating you, right?” He teases his friend, who punches him in the arm as they walk towards the aisle together.

“Fine. Then, we’ll go out on our double date tomorrow night?” She asks him, as the two pass by the lectern. “We’ll go out after your church thing? What time is that over?”

“Seven.” He holds the door open for Luna to walk through first, then glances over his shoulder at Father Scientia, who has a look on his face that he can’t place. It almost looks sad. Did he hear what we were talking about? “You can pick me up in front of the church?”

“I’m sure Noctis won’t mind doing that.” He walks with her to the parking lot. “You sure you’re up for this? You look a little sad.”

Prompto smiles, and opens her car door for her. “I’m fine, Luna. Don’t worry. I’m just feeling the crunch. Almost midterms.”

“And you know what that means!”

“Don’t say it.”

“Almost your birthday!”

He sighs, but keeps the smile on his face. “What are we going to do this year? Not miniature golf again.”

“But it’s our tradition!”

Laughing, he pushes her door closed, as she rolls down the window a little, the day not as bitter cold as it had been in the morning. “It’s not for another two weeks. Let’s get through midterms first, please.” He backs away from the car, and waves. “See you tomorrow night?”

“See you!”

Prompto heads to the coffee shop before his next class, wanting a little perk of caffeine before jumping back into academics for another two hours.


He dresses up for Vespers on Tuesday night, Luna basically telling him he had to or else it wasn’t going to work for their double date. He knows he’s going to stick out, as most of the church attendees for daily mass wear their work clothes, or casual clothes. They save dressing nice for either Saturday or Sunday mass. Knowing he’s going to be more noticeable tonight, he prays that the schedule will be like it was last week, and Father Bradham will be saying mass this evening.

But luck is not on his side, as he hears the sonorous baritone that can belong to only one person start the mass. He looks up, and sees Father Scientia is looking out at the nave, but not at him. His stomach twists, feeling a little off. It’s not like he doesn’t know where he’s standing, because he stands in the same spot for every mass that he attends. It’s like he’s purposely not looking at him, and that makes him feel awful.

You did this to yourself. This is what you chose to do. He concentrates on the words being said, following along with the prayer, but each time he hears Father Scientia speak, he feels a pain in his chest. This isn’t how it was before. I thought we were going to go back to how it was before. Every part of his mind wants to go back to how he’d felt a few weeks prior, but knowing what it had felt like afterwards is making the task extremely difficult.

Towards the end of mass, Father Scientia meets his eyes for the briefest second, then looks away, the same look crossing his face that Prompto had seen the day before after class. Had he realized that this would be the lingering effect for what had transpired between the two of them, he would had never opened his mouth to say anything. Not that he isn’t grateful for what Father Scientia had shown to him, but this pain isn’t something he wants at all.

The last word is sung, concluding Vespers for the evening. He puts his hymnal back into the slot on the back of the pew in front of him, and exits the pew, genuflecting on his way out. He dabs his fingers in Holy Water as he heads out, one final blessing before he goes back out into the world, leaving the church behind him as he takes two steps at a time, making his way towards the main street, rather than head back to where the dormitories are.

Luna is waiting for him next to Noctis’ car, waving frantically at him. “Prompto! Hurry up and get over here! It’s cold out!”

“I’m coming!” He calls out, shoving his hands into his pockets as he makes his way over to the car. “You could have waited inside.”

“I just wanted to make sure you knew where we were!” Luna hugs him. “Oh, I didn’t know it was Father Scientia saying mass tonight!”

He looks over, and sees Father Scientia talking with one of the parishioners, Luna waving hello at him. He raises his hand in greeting, and nods to Prompto, which only causes that ache to return to his chest. He gives a firm nod of his head, and opens the back passenger door, and sees a pretty girl sitting in the back. “Hello, I’m Prompto.” He holds out his hand to her, before sliding into the car to sit in the backseat with her.

“I’m Charlotte.” She shakes his hand, a friendly smile on her face. “It’s nice to meet you, Prompto.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.” He returns her smile, then reaches over to give Noctis’ shoulder a pat. “Hey, Noct. Long time no see.”

“We keep trying.” Noctis shrugs his shoulders, but grins. “So, who’s up for some fun at the bowling alley?”   

“We’re going bowling?” Charlotte says, excitement in her voice. “I haven’t been bowling in years! This will be so much fun! Prompto? When’s the last time you went bowling?”   

As they pull away from the curb, Prompto can’t stop himself from looking out the window, and sees Father Scientia watching the car. His vocal chords refuse to work, but in his mind he shouts for Noctis to stop the car, to let him out. This was a mistake. He shouldn’t be here. Not like this. But the words don’t come, and so he sits in the backseat, the weight of his phone in his pocket feeling heavier than it actually is. They hadn’t even texted that often, so why does it feel like this? You know why.

“The bowling alley sounds great!” Prompto hopes that his cheerful disposition won’t be taken as false, because he is determined to have fun tonight. “Um, I think the last time I went bowling was in middle school? I can’t remember. It’s been a long time.” He smiles, and turns to look at his partner for the evening. “Whose idea was this? Let me guess - Luna’s.”

“You mean to say that you don’t think I could come up with such a cool idea?” Noctis feigns being hurt, Prompto laughing, but the laugh doesn’t reach his eyes. “Yes, of course it was Luna.”

“I thought it might be fun.” Luna leans over the backseat, and looks at the two of them. “Besides, you both can help each other throw the ball, if you get what I mean.”

Prompto groans, shaking his head. As he looks over at Charlotte, he sees she’s blushing. Over me? But why? He thinks about the last person that had made him have a similar reaction, and almost slaps himself. I can’t keep thinking about him.

He’s going to have a great time tonight. Even if it kills him.


They stay out past midnight, Prompto not getting back to his dorm until almost one in the morning, the four of them closing the bowling alley down for the night. He’d laughed until he’d cried, listening to stories about Luna and Noctis’ adventures, Charlotte sitting on his lap for almost the entire night. He’d tried to be flirtatious with her, but just like he had been in high school, he couldn’t feel that connection. The way she sat on his lap, it was like as if a good friend was sitting there, and not someone he’s trying to be romantic with. Trying, and failing miserably. She had leaned in towards him for a good night kiss, and all he could do was say ‘Thanks’ before hopping out of the car fast to avoid any more awkwardness.

Getting undressed, he hangs up his nice clothes and then goes and lays down on his bed, sticking to his routine of sleeping naked. He can smell the girl’s perfume clinging to his body still, and it makes him feel a little nauseous. This isn’t the right smell. The smell he prefers is something like soap, and a hint of incense.

His hand finds the switch for his light, and he shuts it off, groaning as he thinks about Father Scientia more. One week of doing things with him, and he’s acting like a love sick puppy that can’t function without his owner. It’s stupid. He’s never felt like this before, and he doesn’t know how to place his feelings. A little attention from the priest, and now he’s forever tormented by it.

Tears start to collect in his eyes, as he hugs his pillow to his face. It’s been three days. When is he going to stop feeling like this? God - did I make the wrong choice? Is he miserable like me right now? Or is he doing fine, because he has You? Am I that pathetic that I need to go and find someone else to fill my time? I thought it might help me, but I understand now that I’m not into girls at all. Not after what happened last week. I think… I think I always knew, but You helped Father Scientia show me that it was okay to accept myself. Please, show me what I’m supposed to do now? I’m tired of this pain. He recites the Lord’s Prayer, before closing his eyes to fall asleep.


Prompto dreams of Charlotte that night, of their date with Noctis and Luna. Reliving the nightmare of their fun at the bowling alley. He tries to get his dream to change, but it keeps replaying moments over, instead of doing what he wishes. Charlotte sitting on his lap, Charlotte asking him to show him how to bowl. It happens over and over.

Until the dream begins to change, and when she’s sitting on his lap, he turns away and looks back to find someone else is now sitting on his lap. Someone that makes him break out into a smile, arms going to wrap around the body sitting in front of him as he can’t help but be ecstatic at who he finds there.

Father Scientia laughs, cupping his face with both hands as they come together for a languid kiss, the comfortable weight on his legs feeling much nicer with him there, instead of the girl he had thought he needed to be with. The scenery changes from the bowling alley, to the nave of the church, but this time Prompto has no ill feelings at being here. Not when he’s with the person that he knows he’s meant to be with, come hell or high water.

He wakes up from the dream with tears coming down his face, a wave of sadness sweeping through him. He’s not going to be able to have that dream become a reality, and that knowledge hurts. Curling up onto his side, he falls back into a dreamless sleep, the sadness remaining.


Lauds is a quiet affair, Father Bradham leading the morning prayer. Prompto wants to be happy, but the resounding sadness from the night before returns, putting him into a funk for the rest of the morning. When he gets to his History of Religion class, he sees Luna already sitting at her desk, looking excited to talk to him.

“So….Charlotte wants to see you again.” She says, as soon as he sits down.

“One date was enough for me.” He returns, figuring it would be best to tell her the truth, than drag it out. “She was nice, but I wasn’t really feeling it.”

“What about one more date?” Luna asks, leaning over to talk to him, the class waiting for Father Scientia’s arrival. “Don’t ride off one silly date. It was your first one! Second dates are always much better than the first.”

I also had someone touch me for the first time last week in a way I can never tell you about. And I know I prefer that touch more than anyone else’s. Prompto chuckles, and gives a small shrug of his shoulders. “I was being polite. Not that I didn’t have a nice time - I did. It was a lot of fun hanging out with you, even way past my bedtime, but I think I’m good.”

“Well, if you change your mind…”

“I don’t think I will, but thanks. It was a nice evening out.”

The door opens, Father Scientia walking in wearing his normal black clerical outfit. “Good afternoon, class. I trust everyone is having a great week so far? Good. Let’s get into today’s lesson.”

Prompto gets lost in the way that Father Scientia teaches the lesson. It’s almost told like a story, filled with ups and downs that make the material easier to remember. He looks around the class, and sees that he’s got everyone’s attention. Half the time in his other classes, he can tell when the students aren’t listening, as he’s the only one to participate in class. But not in Father Scientia’s class. No, everyone is alert and ready to learn in his class, the subject material helping to keep things interesting.

After class is dismissed, he packs up his things slow, wondering if Father Scientia will call out to him today. As he puts his book away into his bag, he sees the priest walk out of the classroom, Prompto’s mouth dropping open in shock. Father Scientia never leaves before all the students are out of the classroom, usually sticking around to discuss the topics they’d just gone over in the lesson. A little stunned by the quick departure, he forgets that Luna is talking to him, and only remembers when she gives his shoulder a tap, startling him.

“Whoa, sorry! I thought you were listening to me.” Luna shakes her head, a sad smile on her face. “Hey - you want to go see the dogs again tomorrow? I’m free tomorrow afternoon.”

Filled with sadness, he nods his head. “Yeah, I think going to the animal shelter will be nice. Good idea, Luna.” Picking up his backpack, he gives his friend a smile. “Want me to walk you to your car?”

“Yes, please.” Luna smiles, and puts her arm around his, the two of them walking out of class together. When they get to her car, she looks up at him. “You sure I can’t convince you to see Charlotte again?”

“I’m positive.” Prompto helps her into the car. “But you and me, we’ve got a date tomorrow, yeah?”


They say goodbye, and Prompto watches her head off of campus before he heads to the library. With midterms coming up fast, he knows he’s got to put more energy into his studies than thinking about the one person that keeps staying on his mind.


Thursday and Friday pass by quickly, thanks to the help of visiting the animal shelter again. It’s Friday night, and Prompto is sitting in church, the misery he’s felt all week still present as he sits in his spot, waiting for Vespers to begin.

It’s more of the same - Father Scientia leads the mass, and just like the last few times, he’s ignored. As they sing their praises to God, he constantly has to wipe at his eyes, his heart not really into the spiritual aspect of the mass. It ends on a high note, the organ playing the final notes loud and strong, the congregation concluding their singing.

He sees a couple of people waiting by the confessional booth, and debates about not bothering with it this evening. But something inside of him tells him to go, that it won’t be a repeat of what happened last Friday night. It can’t, because they both decided that wasn’t going to be the way anymore. If it hadn’t been clear, the way Father Scientia has treated him over the week lets him know that it is now entirely a business relationship between the two of them. Not even a friendship, and that hurts. This pain is too much. 

The second woman leaves the confessional booth, and heads to a distant pew. Not that it matters where she sits, because he knows he’s got nothing to hide. Not now. He stands up, and heads into the confessional, and takes a seat, keeping his back stiff.

“I confess to Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. It has been four days since my last proper confession.” He doesn’t bother to listen to anything on the other side of the booth. He knows Father Scientia is in there - he saw him enter it earlier. “Since then, I’ve…” He starts to become choked up, hating how emotional he becomes. “Since then, I’ve had lustful thoughts, Father. Lustful thoughts about someone I know I’m supposed to be over, but I can’t. I can’t be over it, because having it taken away from me, I know now how much it meant to me. I think about this person often, and grasp for how it was before everything was taken away, but it’s impossible. I can’t stop thinking about how nice it was. Wanting and yearning for something that I know is wrong, and cannot have. I covet for it to return again, but I know it won’t. ” He sniffles, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “These are my sins, which I must atone for.” He whispers, feeling helpless and alone.

“Your penance is to pray three full rotations of the Rosary. Your sins will be forgiven. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” There is no emotion in the voice on the other side of the screen, hurting Prompto worse than the silence that had greeted him before.

Choking back on a sob, Prompto nods his head. “For His mercy endures forever.” He gets up from his chair, and heads out of the confessional booth. Instead of sticking around to begin his penance, he leaves the church, eyes still wet from the tears that keep falling from his eyes.

As he walks down the path, heading back towards the dorms, his phone begins to vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out, he expects to see a whiny text from Luna, begging him to go out with Charlotte again, expecting her to say ‘We’re coming to pick you up! No excuses!’ but instead sees a text that causes him to stop walking.

Where are you?” 

Unlocking his phone, he pulls open the text from ‘Ignis Scientia’. “I’m walking back to my dorms. Going to go to bed.”

Can we meet?

What for?

To talk. Please?

His heart hurts too much to continue this pain. “I’m tired. Maybe another time?” 

Alright. If you aren’t tired later, feel free to come visit me at the rectory. Father Bradham is visiting a sister parish for the evening.

Prompto’s stomach drops as he reads the words over again. “Enjoy your night, Father.” He pockets his phone as he sways in his spot, his chest rising and falling as he takes big gulps of air for breath. He stares up at the sky, feeling lost and hopeless. What do I do?

Torn between going back to his dorm, and heading to the rectory, Prompto weighs both options in his mind, hands shoved into his coat. If he goes back to the dorm, he knows he’s going to be miserable, and wonder to himself why he didn’t take up Father Scientia on the offer. After not speaking to him for the duration of the week, to have this opportunity presented, he knows he’d be stupid not to go and see what the priest has to say. There are more things he knows he can address in person, but does he want to rehash that pain again? I need more closure. He turns on his heel, and begins to walk opposite of where his dorm is, hoping that he’s going to be making the right decision.

He heads to the coffee shop, where he gets his normal blended mocha with extra whipped cream, and a venti order of drip coffee. Paying for two slices of cake, he takes both drinks and food items, and walks back towards the church. He gets to the rectory five minutes later, and stands at the door for another two minutes before he reaches up with one finger to push the doorbell.

It opens a minute later, the look of relief on Father Scientia’s face bringing more tears to his eyes. He holds up the coffee, and the pastry bag. “Truce?”

“Come inside.” Father Scientia opens the screen door for him, putting his hand on his elbow to help lead him in. The door closes, and without a word, the drinks are taken from his hands, and he’s pulled into a tight embrace, the cool metal of Father Scientia’s glasses touching his neck as they hold on to one another. “I’m so happy you’re here, Prompto.”

“I….” He tries to speak, but he keeps crying, clinging tight to the priest as he stays in his warm embrace. This is the touch he’s been missing, even if it’s a sin to want it. “I couldn’t say no…” He whispers, hugging him tight.

“I didn’t think you’d come…” Father Scientia keeps hugging him, Prompto falling into his embrace more. “God, I’m so happy you’re here.” His voice is thick with emotion, his shoulder becoming slightly damp. 

Dropping his arms, he looks up at him, and offers him a shy smile, trying not to notice the way Father Scientia wipes his eyes. “I don’t want your coffee to get cold. Or this cake to be forgotten.” He picks up the bag with the pastries in it. “May I sit with you for a bit, Father? Or were you getting ready to go to bed?”

“I don’t think I was going to sleep at all tonight.” The priest is dressed in black plaid pajamas, with a black undershirt on, clearly ready for bed. He looks normal. “Not after inviting you over, and hoping that you would take me up on my suggestion.”

He’s a man tonight. Don’t hold him on a pedestal. It does make it easier for him to shift into that mentality, especially with how casual the priest looks right now. “I know what you mean.” He releases a nervous laugh, and puts his arms back around Ignis’ neck, giving him another quick hug. “But, I’m here now - so, maybe sleep will come?”

“Not if we’re drinking coffee, and having cake.” Ignis laughs, and keeps one arm around his body. “Care to sit on the couch? We have rules about eating food in the kitchen, but I think we can break that rule tonight.”

The couch looks inviting, longer in length than the small loveseat he keeps in his dorm room. Prompto walks over to it, and takes a seat at one end, putting the bag on the cushion next to him, waiting for Ignis to join him. He thinks about commenting on the rules comment, his stomach churning in a way he’s missed over the past week. This feeling is something he likes, and wants to hold on to.

Ignis takes a seat on the cushion next to the bag, holding his coffee in his hand. “Thanks for the coffee, Prompto. It’s not a red eye, is it?”

“No, it’s just regular coffee.” Rummaging through the bag, he pulls out the two slices of cake. “I wasn’t sure what your preference was, so please - choose whichever one you want?” He sets a piece of chocolate cake, and a piece of vanilla cake down on the couch.

“Which one is your favorite?”

He takes a sip of his iced mocha, and looks back and forth between the two slices. “I like both, but I guess if I had to choose, I’d go with vanilla.” He sets his drink down on a coaster on the coffee table that sits in front of the couch.

“Really?” Ignis opens up both containers, and cuts them both in half. Prompto watches him transfer the slices between the two containers with a pleased smile on his face. “Now we can enjoy both without having to worry.”

Laughing, he nods his head, and reaches for Ignis’ hand before picking up his fork. He closes his eyes, and listens to the priest’s blessing of their late night dessert, whispering a soft ‘Amen’ at the conclusion of it. He picks up his fork with his right hand, his left hand staying entwined with Ignis’, not ready to let go. Ignis isn’t pulling away either, the two of them eating their cake in comfortable silence, every now and then setting their forks down to take a sip of their drinks.

Prompto finishes the two halves of his cake first, his appetite seeming to return after hardly being there for most of the week. When Ignis finishes his, he takes both containers, returns them to the bag, and then gets up to go throw it away in the kitchen. He sees Ignis still sitting in his spot, watching him as he walks back over to the couch.

“You said that Father Bradham is at a sister parish tonight? Will he be back late?” Prompto asks, hoping that his question isn’t skewed the wrong way.

Ignis shakes his head. “He won’t be back until mid-morning tomorrow. He’ll be leading the 12pm mass tomorrow.”

His eyes look at the empty spot next to him, and after a short debate in his head as to where he’s going to sit, understanding that they won’t be interrupted or walked in on, he takes a seat on Ignis’ lap, facing him.

“I guess we need to talk.” He starts off, a mixture of nervousness and anxiousness beginning to flood his mind. “Who should go first?”

“It seems like you know what you wish to say.” Ignis places his hands carefully on his waist, Prompto giving a small nod of his head to let him know that the touch is okay.

Looking down at himself, he feels marginally overdressed, considering the state of dress Ignis is in. He looks at his sweater, then looks up, the curtains and blinds that shield the windows are all drawn shut,. “This week has been rough. I didn’t think it would be as bad as it was, but wow.”

“I know.” One hand slides to Prompto’s back, guiding him to be closer to Ignis’ body. He moves with the touch, resting his head against Ignis’ shoulder. “As soon as we hung up the phone on Sunday, it has been a constant ache here.” He touches Prompto’s hand, and brings it up to rest over his heart. “I thought that I would be able to deal with seeing you at mass, but I couldn’t.”

“The less you looked at me, the more I hurt.” He whispers, curling himself up against Ignis’ body. “You left class faster than I’ve seen you leave on Wednesday.”

“I didn’t want to hear about you going out on another date. Hearing that on Monday….it wasn’t the best time for me.”

There’s little comfort in hearing that Ignis had been affected by his temporary lapse in judgement. “I thought it would be easier to get rid of the pain I was feeling because of you. Do something ‘normal’, like date a girl.”

“You only did it because of what happened between us?”

He nods his head, exhaling a soft sigh. “It was horrible. I couldn’t get into it at all. She was pretty, and very nice, but something was missing.”

“A penis.”

Blushing, he pushes Ignis’ shoulder, as he listens to him laugh low. “That wasn’t the only thing missing. I guess she wasn’t that stimulating to me. She was sitting on my lap, flirting a lot with me, but no matter how hard I tried, I had zero interest in her. Luna suggested going on another date, but I refused. That isn’t what I want.”

“What do you want?” Ignis’ nose rubs against the side of his neck, his lips ghosting over his pulsepoint. Prompto’s fingers dig a little into the meat of his shoulders, needing a physical anchor of sorts, his heart beginning to race as he feels Ignis’ breath caressing his skin.

“I don’t know.” Prompto shakes his head, shifting a little on Ignis’ lap. He tilts his head to the side more, as soft kisses begin to touch the exposed part. “No, that’s not true. I know what I want.”

“Tell me…?” The hand still on his hip gives him a reassuring squeeze.

Closing his eyes, he lifts himself up a little higher, and touches his forehead to Ignis’. “I want to explore whatever this is between us. And I know that by saying that, I’m damning myself because you’re a man who has pledged himself to do the work of the Lord. You’ve given your life to Him in order to help others see the glory of His ways.” He puts more pressure on the muscles underneath his fingers, his shoulders dropping as he feels the hand on his hip start to slide up his side.

“It won’t be easy.” Ignis tucks both of his arms underneath Prompto’s armpits, curling his hands over to rest on his shoulders as the two match positions. “We won’t be able to talk about it in public, we won’t be able to do anything in public. Are you okay with that?”

His mouth sets in a straight line, as he thinks about it. “I know that what we’ve been doing, we can’t talk about it to others. I don’t really feel it’s necessary to be like that. I’m okay that what happens between us stays between us, and God.” He looks up, and sees Ignis looking at him with a smile on his face. “I mean, He’s everywhere, so it’s not like we can hide. But you…? I know you’ve already broken your vow of celibacy.”

“I’m on the path of my choosing.” Prompto pulls back, keeping his eyes locked on Ignis’. “If we do explore where this goes, we won’t be able to undo anything. There will be no reset button. Can you accept that?”

He pushes some of the hair off of his face, then does the same to see Ignis’ face better. “After this horrible week, I can’t imagine it being any worse than that. I’m tired of running away from my feelings for you. But, I’m scared.”

“As am I.” Ignis pulls his left arm away from Prompto’s body, and rests his palm against the side of his face. “How about we take it slow? Neither of us have any experience in this. From any sort of view.”

“We’ll learn together.” Prompto turns his head to kiss the center of Ignis’ palm. “And be miserable together.” His lips find the tips of Ignis’ fingers, and he starts to kiss them, flicking the tip of his tongue over them, before pulling Ignis’ finger into his mouth. He gives it a few gentle sucks, his eyes becoming half-lidded as he gently pushes it out of his mouth, the soft groan that Ignis makes bringing a confident smile to his face. “What do you think…?”

Ignis shifts him on his lap, holding him a little closer before the world begins to tilt, their positions changing. “What do I think?” Ignis asks, as he lays Prompto down, then kneels on the floor next to the couch, the upper half of his body hovering over Prompto’s. “I think that I should find out if you prefer one pillow or two to sleep with, as I don’t want you leaving me tonight.”

“I want to stay, Iggy.” He meets his eyes, the smile staying on his face. He reaches up, places his hand on the back of Ignis’ neck, and pulls him down towards him, their lips touching for the first time that night. They moan into each other’s mouths, Prompto’s lips parting to feel Ignis’ tongue touch the inside of his mouth, his feet trying to kick his shoes off as his fingers slide into the soft strands of hair on the nape of Ignis’ neck. It’s the touch he’s be longing for all week, and to have it again brings all of the desire that’s been locked away come back to the surface

They pull apart from one another naturally, both breathing a bit hard, a string of saliva breaking as Ignis wipes his thumb over Prompto’s bottom lip. “It feels good to kiss you again, Prompto.”

“It feels really good to kiss you again too.” He kisses the tip of Ignis’ thumb, keeping his eyes on him. “Will you kiss me some more?” He keeps kissing his thumb, then swirls his tongue around the tip, eyes falling closed as he feels Ignis put a little pressure onto his wet muscle. Ignis moves off the floor, and returns to the couch, straddling his hips before he looks down into Prompto’s eyes.  

“How can I say no to such a request?”

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 He lifts his hips up, the loose fitting fabric of Ignis’ pajamas making it plainly obvious that the priest has forgone the need to wear underwear this evening. Prompto’s clothed mound comes into contact with the stiff flesh, his breath hitching with a soft gasp as Ignis pushes back in return. The thumb that’s in his mouth is removed, rubbing along his bottom lip, as Ignis’ hips begin to move in a slow, torturous motion. Tilting his head back, he moans, one hand going down to his pants to help get him to be into a better position. That is, until a hand stops him, and puts it to be back above his head.

“W-What…?” He looks up at Ignis, who has a smile on his face, the hand around his wrist holding him a little tighter. “Why not…?”

“Soon.” Ignis rolls his hips again, Prompto moaning in reply, the heat coming off of Ignis’ crotch makes him ache to feel more. “Doesn’t it feel good like this?”

“It does…” Soft kisses touch his jaw, his head turning to the side more as he lifts his hips up to meet Ignis’ next roll. “But I want more, Iggy…”

“So do I, Prompto.” The way Ignis says his name makes him whine soft, the bulge against his cock pressing with more insistence. “We’ve got plenty of time for you to feel more. For us to feel more….” Teeth nip at the side of his neck, causing Prompto to make an inhuman noise, the hand that’s on his wrist quick to slide up and lock with Prompto’s hand, their palms touching together. “That’s it….roll your hips a little more…”

His words spurn him on, his hips moving counter to Ignis’, gripping his hand tighter. He looks down, and can see the tip of Ignis’ cock poking out of the small slit in his pajamas, precum leaking from the slit. Prompto groans, licking his lips, remembering how salty it had tasted. His own erection strains against his pants, pushing against the zipper, dying to be released. He plants his feet on the cushions of the couch, giving himself more leverage as he starts to feel the rhythm that Ignis sets for them.

“Please…” He whispers, staring up into green eyes, his heart beating faster. “Please, I want to feel you...Let me touch you…?”

Ignis pulls away from him, sitting back onto Prompto’s thighs, as he pulls his shirt off over his head. The hidden necklace reflects the light for a brief second, then Prompto’s eyes are drawn downwards, as Ignis pushes one side of his pajama pants down far enough so that his cock springs out into the open air. “You wish to feel me, Prompto…?” Ignis reaches for Prompto’s hand, and puts it onto his cock, closing his fingers around the girthy flesh. “Is this what you want…?”

“Mmm…” Groaning low, he starts to move his hand, sliding it up towards the tip, then back down, his own arousal resting in between Ignis’ asscheeks. He moves a little, Ignis’ hand touching his, guiding him on how to touch his cock. Prompto grinds against his ass, cheeks becoming flushed as he feels Ignis rub himself against his clothed cock. “God, you feel so nice in my hand.” He puts his free hand just above Ignis’ hip, his thumb pushing a little beneath his hip bone. Lust takes control of his brain, giving him untapped courage to speak to him like Ignis has spoken to him in the past. “Can you feel how hard I am right now, Iggy?” He groans, pushing his hips up as if to show him again how aroused he is. “Do you like how my hand feels on your body?” He gives his cock a few pumps, eyes looking at the tip, watching as it secretes more precum onto his fingers.

The wanton moan that leaves Ignis’ throat clues him in that what he’s saying has the same effect that happens to his own mind and body when spoken to in such a way. A hand touches his waist, his button up shirt being yanked up as a hand sneaks under it for skin on skin contact. “Your hand feels remarkable…” Blunt nails dig into his skin, the minor pain tolerable, Prompto rolling his hips to push his cock against Ignis’ ass more. “Soft...warm...the pleasure is indescribable…”

“Don’t you want to touch me too…? Feel our…” He swallows, gripping a little bit tighter to Ignis’ hip. “Feel our cocks touch?” His cheeks burn, even as his hand moves up and down on Ignis’ cock. It’s still difficult for him to talk with such language, when he’s gone years without saying such vulgar things. But he has to admit, using that kind of verbiage really does a number on the level of his arousal.

Fingers drag down his chest, and then the relief of the button on his pants becoming undone makes Prompto’s stomach dip, the sound of his zipper being pulled down making it dip further. The thickness in his hands disappears, a soft protest leaving his mouth. The weight of Ignis is gone from his legs, and soon, something wet and warm is touching his cock. His hand lands on top of Ignis’ head, fingers threading through his hair as more of his cock is pulled into the wet heat his mouth. “G-God…” He moans, his mind going blank, slow to process what’s happening to his body. The way Ignis’ mouth feels around his cock, the heat from his breath mixed with the wetness of his tongue on his skin draws long, licentious moans from his throat.

Now he knows what Ignis felt like last weekend when he’d done this to him. The wetness disappears with a soft pop, Prompto whimpering when Ignis’ mouth is taken away from his body. “Let me get you more comfortable…” A kiss touches his inner thigh, as he feels the fabric of his pants sliding against his skin as they’re pulled off of his body. Lithe fingers begin to unbutton his shirt, Ignis lifting him up a little to pull it all the way off. The slight chill in the air causes him to involuntarily shiver, but the warmth of Ignis’ body against his helps mute the chill. “You’ll warm up in a moment…” More kisses are peppered onto his neck, Ignis nipping at his skin after every couple. His lips hover over Prompto’s, the two sharing the same breath as he tries to process what’s happening. “Would you like to feel my mouth again?”

“So bad…” Prompto nods his head, goosebumps appearing on his skin as Ignis begins to kiss a path down his torso, each kiss leading down to the junction between his thighs. He turns his head, his eyes coming across a large portrait of Jesus as the Holy Spirit, holding his hands over a group of people praying to him. He groans, closing his eyes tight, not needing the reminder of where he is at the moment. Not when they’re doing something of this nature.

The tip of Ignis’ tongue flicks against the sensitive head of his cock, Prompto’s hips lifting up off the couch to feel more of his tongue on his skin. He hears Ignis chuckle low, and is about to ask him why he’s laughing when the wet heat surrounds him again, the thick muscle of Ignis’ tongue rubbing against his cock. He reaches down with one hand, rubbing his nails against Ignis’ scalp, as the suction around his cock increases to a pleasurable level. He lifts himself up a little, so that he can see the way his cock slides between Ignis’ lips, the sight making him moan low with desire.

Ignis had removed his glasses at some point, when - Prompto isn’t sure. Probably when he’d first begun to suck on his cock, as he’d been a bit distracted by the man’s mouth to notice anything else happening at the time. But now that he’s lifted up a little, he keeps watching how Ignis moves his mouth back down towards the base, then pulls it back up to the tip, the flat side of his tongue rubbing all over his stiff flesh as it makes its way back up. Green eyes stare into his soul, as Ignis’ mouth stays flush of his head of his cock.

“Oh, fuck…” He knows he shouldn’t swear in here, but he can’t help it. Not when he sees the same look in Ignis’ eyes that he can feel coursing through his veins. The way his lips curl up into a smirk around the thick flesh of his cock makes Prompto’s eyes roll back, another long moan leaving his throat as he puts his hands behind him. Keeping himself propped up, his right leg drops off the side of the couch, his foot touching the floor as his left knee stays bent, the heat of Ignis’ breath against the base of his cock makes him drop all the way down, one arm now over his head as the other grips onto the couch for dear life.

Every little bob of his head draws a moan out of Prompto. Ignis had said that his hand on his body had been indescribable, but there’s no way that that could compare to what’s being done to his body. When a hand touches his sac, he cries out, head lifting up but his eyes remain blank as he gets absorbed by the heady feeling spreading through his body from the extra stimulation. Everything becomes hazy, his moans becoming more visceral as he gets closer to an orgasm.

“Ignis…” The pressure increases around his cock, Prompto whimpering his name a second time as he’s pulled right to the edge. His right foot presses down hard on the floor, the hand that’s on the back of the couch finds its way to Ignis’ hair, fingers wrapping around strands of dirty blond hair. “God, don’t stop….G-Gonna….” His head tosses back, his breath stopping as he begins to come. He puts his hand over his mouth as he starts to moan loud, grabbing onto one of the throw pillows to mute himself as he’s devoured by Ignis’ mouth and tongue. Ignis’ mouth slides back up to the tip, sucking him dry, wet lips staying wrapped around the crown as he keeps ejaculating, the lack of dreams and masturbation making it an extra long orgasm.

Slowly returning back to the present, Prompto relaxes his hand, giggling when he feels a soft kiss touch his inner thigh. “You taste sweet.” Ignis comments, turning his head to kiss his other thigh. “Did I taste sweet to you?”

“Yeah.” He smiles, combing his fingers through his hair, as green irises look up at him with a smile he knows is only for him. “I really like the way you tasted. Is that weird?”

“How would I know?” Ignis chuckles, pressing another kiss to the tip of his softening cock. “I’m just as inexperienced as you are. You think I know what I’m doing?”

“What you just did was pretty amazing.” Prompto motions with his hands, wanting to kiss him on the lips after sharing something so intimate.

He tastes himself on Ignis’ lips and tongue, the tang similar to how he’d tasted last week, but there’s definitely a subtle difference. Maybe it’s because it’s his own cum, and not someone else’s, that makes it taste a little bit more funky. He doesn’t care though, sweeping his tongue inside of Ignis’ mouth, trying to get as much of his own flavor off the man’s tongue to pull it back into his mouth. They kiss for a while longer, before the need to breathe becomes a necessity, Prompto shifting on the couch so that Ignis can lay next to him, not wanting to be away from him.

They takes deep breaths together, Prompto resting his head on his shoulder, following the pattern of Ignis’ breathing. “Do you want to go to your room…?” He asks, hoping that it won’t be too forward of a question. “I mean, not that the couch isn’t nice and all…”

“Right. I’m sure it would be more comfortable to rest together on my bed.” Ignis nods, pressing a kiss to his temple. “Do you wish to go now? Can you move?”

“I think I should be okay.” He nods, happy to hear the concern in his voice. “Do you want….um…” He looks down, and sees Ignis’ cock is soft, which surprises him. “Huh?”

“Oh, um…” Color begins to appear on Ignis’ cheeks, as he turns his head away from Prompto. “Your noises were incredibly stimulating, so I accidentally had an orgasm while you were coming in my mouth.”

His eyebrows raise up, surprised to hear this. “Really? Oh my gosh, that’s crazy!” He starts to laugh, more out of relief than being malicious.

“Don’t laugh.” Ignis hides his face against Prompto’s shoulder. “It’s been a long week. I’ve abstained from touching myself.”

“Have you?” The two look at each other, Ignis nodding his head. “Well, the reason I laughed is because I really haven’t touched myself this week either. I didn't have any dreams either.” He offers him a small smile as an apology for giving him the wrong idea. “I didn’t really do much of anything because I was too busy being mopey.”

That garners a laugh out of Ignis, who pecks a kiss on his cheek. “Well, aren’t we quite the pair. For two people that shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, we have become quite attached to one another, haven’t we?”

“You could say that.” Prompto traps his leg between Ignis’, resting in his arms. “So, not that I’m complaining, but….”

“Right. The couch isn’t that comfortable.” The coolness of the room hits his chest as Ignis moves away from him. Sitting up, he’s offered his hand, which he takes. “I’ll grab our clothes in a little while.”

“Is that safe?” Stepping over both of their discarded clothes, he looks down at them, but holds tight to the hand that’s gripping his. “What if Father Bradham decides to come back tonight?”

Ignis stops walking, and turns to face him. “You have nothing to worry about. But, if it will help ease your mind, then I will grab them after I show you to my room. How does that sound?”

“Better.” He nods his head, a weak smile on his lips. “I’m sorry. I’ll try and be better about my paranoia.”

“No, it’s good to think like that. Because I didn’t really think about it, but you’re right.” Ignis leads him down a short hallway, the walls lined with more religious artwork. “My room is very modest. I hope that won’t cause you any anxiety, Prompto.”

He shakes his head, and leans against Ignis’ arm. “I know you’re supposed to not have material needs, for the profession you’ve chosen. Or, it chose you. Whichever.” He looks up at him, offering him a look of acceptance. “Your room can’t be any worse than my dorm room.”

“We’ll see about that.” The door to his room opens, and a light switch is flicked on. “My room.”

Prompto walks into the room, and sees that it is very modest. One solitary dresser, a twin bed in the middle of the room, a small desk and a small nightstand complete the furniture in the room. A crucifix hangs on the south wall, a picture of the current Pope on the north wall. The window is covered with pull down blinds, and a heavy black curtain. On the bed are two pillows, laid side by side, dark sheets covering the bed, with what looks like a down comforter resting at the foot of the bed.

Walking over to it, he pushes his hand down, and confirms that it is a down comforter. “It’s nice. It feels like this is your home.” He smiles, pulls back the covers on the bed, and takes a seat. “Am I the first person to see it?”

“Yes.” Ignis switches on the light next to the bed, then walks back over to the door. “Make yourself comfortable? I’m going to go grab our clothes.”

He’s left alone, giving him time to really look around the room. It’s nice to know that he’s the first person, besides whatever church staff has come to the rectory. He lays down on the bed, the mattress a little more firm than he expects, but it’s nice. Ignis comes back into the room, their clothes folded in his arms. “You took the time to fold them?” He asks, as the door closes with a soft click. “You didn’t have to do that, Iggy.”

“I wanted to.” He sets their clothes on top of the dresser, separating the two sets of clothes. Prompto lifts up the blanket when he comes close to the bed, and keeps it up until he’s laying in bed next to him. “Funny, how we’re in the same position we were a week ago.”

“Different bed.” Prompto smiles, and gets himself settled back in Ignis’ arms. “If we do this again, it might become a habit.” He teases, laughing a little as he drapes his leg back over Ignis’. Resting his head over his heart, he closes his eyes and listens to it beat.

Fingers start to touch the nape of his neck, little scratches making him groan softly. “Are you happy you’re here, Prompto?”

“Immensely.” He tilts his head down, the nails scratching a little more. “I was surprised you had sent me that text.”

“After hearing your confession, I knew I had to act. I couldn’t do it in there, not at that time. Which is why I sent that text to you.” A hand touches his chin, lifting it up to look up into Ignis’ eyes. “I’m very happy you’re here with me.”

“Yeah…?” He lifts himself up, pressing his chest against Ignis’, as he moves his head to be closer to Ignis’. He shifts more of his body, pressing his knee into the bed, his thigh coming into contact with Ignis’ growing arousal. “I bet you never thought I’d be lying in your bed like this. Have you touched yourself, thinking about me in your bed?”

Their lips brush against each other, both hovering close but neither taking the next step forward. “On many occasion.” Ignis whispers against his lips, the tips of their tongues touching with a light touches. “Shall I describe to you what I’ve thought about…” His head turns to the side, Ignis’ lips touching the shell of his ear. “Or perhaps it would be better if I showed you…?”

“Show me…?” He whispers, fear beginning to grip his heart, as he realizes what they’re close to doing. Fear, and the ever present arousal that has no cap on what he feels with this man now settling between his thighs. He sees Ignis reach for the drawer on the nightstand, eyes going to a small bottle that he pulls from it. “H-How did you get that…?”

The bottle of lube is held up, the muted night light casting a shadow over Ignis’ body. If he looked closely, he would see that Ignis’ hand is trembling, the both of them in the same state of anxiety as to what’s to come. But he doesn’t notice, his eyes searching for answers in Ignis’ expression, who currently has a smirk on his face.

“It’s amazing what one can purchase on Amazon.” He winks, and lowers his head to kiss Prompto on the lips. Their foreheads touch, Ignis’ voice changing. “We don’t have to do this, Prompto. If you’re not ready, then I don’t want to do it.”

He closes his eyes, chest rising and falling with rapid breaths. “No, I want to...but you can understand why I’m scared, right? Virgin? Not in a committed relationship? Not with a woman?” The weight on top of him disappears, his body now tucked against Ignis’, as he holds him close. “Aren’t you scared too?”

“If you’re afraid that once we cross this line, I will be done with you, I want to help assuage that fear.” A hand cups his face, Prompto turning into its warmth. “It should be seen as no different than what happened out on the couch, or what we did last week in your dorm.”

“How can you say that?” It’s a struggle to not cry, his worry manifesting in the worst possible way. “We’re going against human nature. Men can’t procreate. Sodomy, Iggy.”

“By the literal definition of that word, we’ve already committed such a sin.” Ignis’ thumb strokes his cheek, wiping away the few tears that have leaked from the corner of his eye. “To answer what you were commenting on before, I understand your upbringing in our church has caused you this great malady. But you must understand, that there isn’t anything wrong with this - the attraction we share with one another - there is nothing wrong with that. As for a committed relationship….I will leave that up to you. I’m scared too, but for different reasons than you are.”

“If we’re both scared, then why are we entertaining the idea?”

“Isn’t it a good idea to conquer what you fear the most?” The thumb that caresses his cheek moves to his lip, Ignis’ fingers coming to rest below his ear.

“Give me time.” He whispers, kissing Ignis’ thumb before looking up at him. “Please? I don’t think I’m ready for this.”

Ignis nods his head, and shifts his hand to cradle the back of Prompto’s head, the blanket being pulled up to cover the two of them. “I will give you all the time in the world, Prompto. Remember - no regrets.”

“I know, and that’s why I’m here now. Because I regretted doing what I did last weekend. I know I want this. I just...I don’t know if I want this, if that makes sense?”

“It does.” The arms around him hold him with more strength, Prompto melting into the embrace. “Would you like to get some sleep?”

“After all that coffee and sugar?” He shakes his head, but stays close to Ignis. “Can we talk a little more? Keep cuddling?”

“I would love that.”

His arm drapes over Ignis’ torso, as he feels fingers start to comb through his hair. “Do you like wearing your glasses? Have you ever thought about wearing contacts?”

“I prefer wearing my glasses, but I have worn contacts on occasion.” The fingers playing with his hair help to wipe away any of his leftover anxiety from what had almost happened. “Do you like the way I look without them on?”

He lifts his head, and hums a little. “Honestly? I like you with them, but it’s nice being able to see your eyes like this.” He lowers his head back to his chest. “I also kinda like knowing that I’m the only one that gets to see you like this.”

“Yes, you’re very special, Prompto.” He hears mirth in Ignis’ voice, but can hear the truth in his words.

Smiling at the comment, he rubs his cheek against his chest, the skull pendant close to his forehead. “When did your desires for me begin? Mine began a few months after you came to this parish. When I found out you were a professor, I knew I had to take at least one of your classes.”

“It’s been that long for you?” The fingers in his hair stop moving, giving him the opportunity to look up and meet his eyes. “Have you been having dreams about me this entire time?”

“No.” He shakes his head, a blush staining his cheeks. “No, those perverse thoughts didn’t really begin until the beginning of the semester. Being in your class - listening to the way you teach, and then seeing how you are when you give your sermons? It was pretty much inevitable that I began to dream about you.” He hides his face against the side of his neck, shifting a little to wrap his leg back around Ignis’.

Nails begin to scratch the nape of his neck, the two of them subconsciously moving closer to one another. “I took notice of you last spring, but getting to know you in an academic setting definitely helped me see that it was more than just a little crush.”

“Hard not to notice someone that attends church as much as I do.” Prompto starts to chuckle, but it quickly turns into a soft moan as the fingers on the nape of his neck start to massage his muscles. The more Ignis’ fingers work into his muscles, the more relaxed he becomes, the worry he had had before almost nonexistent. “Are you still a virgin, Iggy? Like me…?”

It slips out, and he feels his chest rise up before he hears him exhale slow. “I am, only because I have never had penetration sex. Before you, I hadn’t done anything of a sexual nature.”

“Are you upset, that I’ve caused you to act in such a way?” He groans, both of Ignis’ hands now working on the muscles in his shoulders.

“I suppose I should be, but I’m not. I’m happy that you’ve shown me that these feelings aren’t the damnation I expected them to be.”

Hearing his words helps to put into perspective what Ignis is dealing with, almost parallel to how he’s been viewing them himself. It’s that revelation that helps him decide that being scared is okay, if the two of them are in this together. Lifting himself up, he looks into Ignis’ eyes. “In your dreams, what are we doing? What do you think about when you pleasure yourself?”

“Are you sure…?” The question comes out in almost a whisper. Prompto nods his head, the anxiety he’d felt before no longer present. He smiles, not backing away from what he’s agreed to, keeping his eyes locked onto Ignis’.

He’s pulled up against Ignis’ body, his head now resting on the soft pillow, the scents that had clung to his own pillow now filling his nostrils. The clean scent of soap, mixed with the incense - it’s Ignis’ smell, for better or worse. He basks in it, as he feels lithe fingers rake down his sides, making him moan softly. “Tell me…?” His legs spread apart as he feels the bed dip down by his knees with the weight of Ignis’ body now resting there.

“I always picture your face…. Your smiling face, your eyes closed with laughter.” He spreads his legs apart more, something wet now probing his entrance. “Your voice would ring in my ears, as I pleasured myself. Prior confessions, talks after mass.” One slick fingers rubs against his anus, then pushes into him. Prompto whines, the sudden intrusion bringing heat rushing through his body. “Breathe, Prompto…” Words are whispered near his ear, Ignis now hovering over his chest, as the one finger penetrates him. “You have to breathe…”

“Hhgnh….T-Trying, Iggy…” He moans, lifting up one knee to be close to his chest. “God, it feels so weird…”

The pad of Ignis’ thumb rubs against his perineum, as the finger inside of him rubs against his inner walls. “You’re doing wonderful.” A kiss touches his cheek, as his finger is pulled out a little. “You dream of us doing things in church, I’ve fantasized about doing things to you everywhere.”

A pained moan leaves his throat as another finger pushes into him. “H-Hurts….oh, God it hurts…” He grabs onto Ignis’ shoulder, his body spasming, trying to push out what it knows shouldn’t be there. “Why does it hurt…?”

“You need to relax more, love…” Lips kiss the side of his mouth, Prompto moaning as the two fingers make him feel impossibly full. “Take a deep breath for me…”

Breathing through his nose, he takes a deep breath, then exhales, trying to get his body to cooperate. “H-How is this supposed to feel good…?”

“I’ve got to find the right spot.” Ignis keeps both fingers inside of him, slowly working them in and out of his tightness. “Take another deep breath for me…”

He inhales, and as he’s exhaling, his breath stops when one of Ignis’ fingers pushes against something that makes spots appear behind his closed eyes. “Oh….”

“Did I find it?” One finger pushes against that spot again, Prompto releasing a keening moan at the touch. “I think I have.” It’s stroked a few times, then the touches stop, Prompto’s moans tapering off as he feels his entrance stretching more. “Soon, this will feel a lot better…”

“How do you know…?” His breath hitches, his hips moving on their own as he tries to push the fingers that are inside of him a little deeper. “D-Do you touch yourself down here too…?”

“It’s good to know what one’s body is capable of handling.” More kisses touch his face, as the fingers inside of him keep loosening him up. “Does it bother you knowing that I do?”

“No…” He shakes his head, moaning more freely now that the pain is lessening. “H-Hot…”

“Are you warm…?” The concern he hears in Ignis’ voice makes him smile, as he shakes his head. “Not hot?”

“Y-You touching yourself is hot, Iggy.” Prompto laughs weakly, eyes closing as the fingers inside of him push against his inner walls. “Nnngh, God….Am I….am I almost ready…?”

“Yes, love….You are.”

The fingers inside of him are pulled away, leaving him panting, that lack of fullness somewhat disheartening. “Ignis…” He lowers his knee, and hears the sound of something wet being applied to skin.

“I’m right here.” A hand touches his cheek, drawing his vision up to look into green eyes. “I’m not going anywhere. We’re safe together.” He nods his head, lips touching the center of Ignis’ palm as he feels something stiff push against his loosened entrance. “Do you trust me?”

“More than anyone in my life.” Prompto nods his head, wincing as he feels that stiffness push against him more.

His smile helps Prompto to release the tension he’s been holding, the tip of his cock pushing into him with a slow, measured stroke. “Keep your eyes on me, love….Deep breaths, and all this pain will soon turn into pleasure…”

“Do you promise…?” He blinks a few times, unwanted tears welling up in his eyes. The girth of Ignis’ cock is not at all the same as his fingers, that fullness returning tenfold. “God, please tell me it will change…”

He can feel every inch of Ignis’ cock slipping further into him, trying to keep himself opened and loose, but it’s difficult. Ignis brings his mouth down to his, and they share a closed mouth kiss, Prompto whimpering against his lips as the pushing stops. “It will change, you have my word…” Ignis kisses his cheeks, his jawline, then returns to his lips. “I’m going to move now. Hopefully it will take away the pain. If it doesn’t, talk to me, because I won’t know.”

“P-Please…I will, Ignis….I will...”

It starts off slow. The minimal movements of Ignis’ hips pushing his cock into his body more makes him gasp and cry, his hands clinging tight to his shoulders. Everything in the room fades away, his eyes becoming half-lidded as the tip of Ignis’ cock finds that nice spot, and suddenly everything is perfect. His hips push down with each thrust of Ignis’ hips, meeting him halfway, the noises he begins to make surprising him. He lifts one knee up, and almost instantly, Ignis’ cock is pushing deeper into him, a low guttural moan leaving his throat at the shift.

“Feels good now, right?” Ignis moans, his breathing matching his own, as the two of them share in their arousal for one another. “Prompto, are you feeling good?”

“God, yes…” He nods his head, any pain that had been there before now gone. Everything feels euphoric - every touch of Ignis’ lips to his skin, every thrust that slips his cock in and out of his body. Everything.

A hand touches his cock, pulling a long moan from his throat at the unexpected touch. “Look at me, Prompto…” He opens his eyes, and stares up into Ignis’, his skull pendant swaying back and forth, sweat evident on his brow as their hips continue to undulate together. “Keep watching me, love…”

“L-Love…” He finally repeats the endearment, a smile etched to his lips. “Y-You keep calling me that…”

“It’s because that’s who you are…” Ignis brushes his lips against his, before lifting his head back up so that they can look at one another. “You’re my love…” 


Their words stop, both becoming consumed by the pleasure that transfers back and forth between their bodies. Prompto wraps his arms around Ignis’ neck, as their chests come together, the hand that’s on his cock disappearing, the friction of their two bodies coming together enough for him. He clings tight to him, meeting him thrust for thrust, every deep hit pushing against that sweet spot inside of him. He starts to babble incoherent phrases as he gets closer to the edge, his orgasm approaching fast.

With one final thrust, wet heat begins to coat his stomach, his orgasm causing him to go deaf to his own sounds, painting both of their chests with his milky white essence. He hears Ignis moan low, the sound making him moan in a duet with him, toes curling as the pleasure keeps making its way through his body. He feels the rush of Ignis’ orgasm flow into his body, the sensation causing him to groan, then turns into another soft moan as he takes all of it in. Their hips still, both breathing hard after coming within moments of one another.

He looks up, and sees tears in Ignis’ eyes. Reaching up, he wipes away those that have spilled onto his cheeks. “That was nice, wasn’t it…?” His voice is a little raw, from the screaming and moaning he’d just been actively doing.

“It was better than nice.” Ignis’ voice matches his own, the two continuing to stare into each other’s eyes. “It was amazing, Prompto.”

They share a kiss, and then the fullness is taken away from him, Prompto grunting as he feels their connection halt. Tissue is handed to him, which he uses to clean up the mess on his stomach. He groans as something soft and wet touches his entrance, the warm wash cloth surprising him. “This will feel nicer than tissue.” Ignis offers him a smirk, as he wipes him clean. “There. All done.”

The blanket comes back over them, Prompto resting his head against his lover’s shoulder. “I don’t think I can move.” He mumbles, attempting to lift one hand but struggles to lift it higher than a centimeter. “Nope. Can’t move.”

“Let’s just sleep.” Tilting his head back, he shares one more kiss with Ignis before nodding his head, then puts it back down on his shoulder. “You shouldn’t have any dreams tonight.”

Prompto yawns a little, then nods his head. “Good night, Iggy.”

“Good night, my love.”

He falls asleep with a smile on his face, completely content.

Chapter Text

One small movement, and Prompto is groaning, his body sore from the activity the night before. He turns his head to the side, and sees Ignis sleeping peacefully next to him, a smile etched onto his face as he breathes in and out. Prompto wants to go and use the restroom, but in his short tour of the rectory, he has no idea where one is. Attempting to roll onto his side proves to be a futile choice, as the lower half of his body refuses to listen to his commands, instead choosing to stay autonomous. He groans, unable to keep himself from making any noise, the dull ache in his ass making him wish he didn’t have to walk.

“Mm….Prompto…?” He smiles when he hears Ignis’ sleepy timbre, remembering how he’d sounded when he’d called at this same time last Sunday morning.

“Sorry, Iggy.” Placing an apologetic kiss on his chest, he shifts again, this time with less grunts. “Where’s the bathroom?”

Ignis yawns a little, rubbing his eyes. “Across the hallway.” After he finishes telling Prompto, he rolls onto his side, turning his back towards him.

Working up the courage to sit up, he does it quick rather than slow, wanting to get whatever pain that’s lingering to just hit him fast. But it doesn’t happen, and as his feet fall to the floor, there is still no pain. Just the dull ache in his ass that will hopefully disappear soon. He starts to walk, and can feel it throb more as he walks, but by the time he gets to the bathroom, it returns to the ache.

He turns the light on, and looks at himself in the mirror, staring back at his reflection to see if he notices anything different. “Still look like me.” He smiles, happy to see nothing out of the ordinary on his face. But as he takes a seat down on the toilet, he’s reminded of why he looked in the mirror in the first place. He’d lost his virginity last night, something he for sure thought would never happen, because he had never entertained the idea; having dated during his high school years had proved futile, so he always assumed it would be the same in college.

But Ignis had changed his mind about the latter, and he’s glad that they did what they did. Flushing the toilet, he washes his hands with the cold water that comes out of the faucet, the first few rays of light streaming through the small bathroom window. He’s in better spirits than he had been the previous weekend, and he hopes to remain this way because what’s done is done. He can’t change it, nor does he really want to. No regrets. He’d made the decision to go through with it; no one pressuring him to do anything.

Tiptoeing back to Ignis’ room, he pushes the door open, and closes it with minimal noise. He can hear Ignis snoring softly, and hopes that he won’t disturb him too much by laying back down next to him. Prompto looks at the clock, and sees that it’s close to half past six in the morning, and thinks that it might be in his best interest if he were to leave soon, in case Father Bradham decided to return early from his overnight visit.

Pushing up against Ignis’ back, he kisses the tip of his ear. “Iggy….I’m gonna head back to my dorm now.”

“So soon…?” The slumbering man turns over to face him, then plants his face against the side of his neck. “I was going to make us some breakfast.”

His stomach dips at the mention of food. “I appreciate the offer, but I should be heading back. I’ve got midterms to study for. And someone had to assign an essay to be due on top of the midterm for their class.” He reminds his lover, who laughs against the side of his neck.

“That was more or less for the students that can barely keep a passing grade in my class. Not you. And it’s not due for another week.” Ignis moves his head, and brings their foreheads together. “Do you really have to go?”

“I do.” Prompto nods, rubbing his nose against Ignis’. “But, I’ll see you at mass tonight. And tomorrow night.”

“But, I won’t see you alone again this weekend, will I?”

He nods his head, a small frown appearing on his face. “I’m afraid that the answer to that question has to be yes. I need to focus on studying for my midterms. It’s what I should have done last night, even though with my mental state, it probably wouldn’t have happened.”

“But you feel better today, don’t you? Because I know I do.” Ignis reaches for his hands, and holds them up to his chest. “I’m very happy you came here last night, and I hope that...I hope that you don’t feel like last night was a mistake.”

“Never.” Prompto leans forward, and presses a kiss to his lips. “How could I think it was a mistake, when it was the best night of my life?” He smiles, completely smitten by the man holding his gaze. “You should get some more sleep.”

“You sure I can’t persuade you to stick around for some breakfast? I can cook up a pretty tasty omelette.”

Laughing, he stands up from the bed, and starts to put his clothes back on, hiding the winces to not worry his lover, but boy does his body hurt. “No, I’m okay. Raincheck? Of course, I don’t know when we’ll be able to do this again, but I guess we’ll figure it out, yeah?”

“We will.”

Prompto walks back over to the bed once he’s dressed, and bends down to give Ignis a nice, long kiss on his lips. “See you at mass, Father.” He whispers against his lips, a smile pulling on his lips as he turns and walks to the bedroom door.

“Good luck on studying, Prompto.”

He gives him one last look before closing the door behind him. He heads to the front door, and leaves the rectory, hoping that no one is around to see him leaving. Even if someone saw him, he could say that he spent the night on the sofa, needing a safe place to stay after avoiding a confrontation the night before. What’s wrong with another lie? But luckily, no one is up on campus, the bitter cold making him walk fast back to his dorm. The campus is still at this time of day, even with midterms looming; the early morning is quiet.

Unlocking the door to his dorm room, he heads inside, and locks the door behind him. Taking off his coat, he leans against his door, still trying to process what had happened the night before. He knows that he had sex, the steady throbbing in his ass a very clear reminder of what he had done the night before. But it still seems a bit surreal. He looks at his bed, and sees that it’s still made from the day before, taking away the thought that he might have just dreamed it. Toeing off his shoes, he heads into his bathroom and strips out of his clothes, turning the shower on to be a little above warm.

Standing under the spray, he reaches behind and touches his ass, the soreness multiplying as he prods at his own entrance. Definitely was not a dream. Nope. His virginity had been taken, by a man he’s dreamed about having sex with for a long time. Groaning, he reaches inside of himself, and scoops out what little bit is still left inside of him, Father Scientia having done a good job of getting him clean. He turns around, and bends over, letting the water pelt his ass, helping to get him a bit more thoroughly cleaned than just his fingers would have.

He leans against the wall, his fingers slipping in and out of his ass with ease, the steam from the shower surrounding him as he releases a low moan. He’d never thought about touching himself back there, but with the memory of how Ignis’ fingers and cock had felt, he doesn’t think he’ll be able to not touch himself now. His free hand goes to his stiffening cock, his forehead resting against the tiles as he tries to find that spot inside of his own body.

“I-Ignis…” Prompto moans, holding onto his cock a little tighter, as his arousal begins to grow. “Why did I leave you…?” He groans, picturing the priest’s messy bedhead, his sleepy smile. The two fingers he has inside of him aren’t giving him that full feeling that his lover’s - his lover - cock gave to him. He’s about to pull them out when he finally finds that spot, and releases a low moan. “God, yes…”

His cock leaks over his hand, torn between which hand to focus on as he starts to push against that pleasure spot inside of him. He rolls his hips, mimicking the act of fornication in his shower, moaning his lover’s name over and over. Gripping tight to his cock, he jerks himself off faster, pushing the tip of his fingers against that spot, white beginning to bleed in his vision. He moans one final time, spilling his orgasm over his hand as he comes, his ass squeezing tight around his fingers as his body spasms in the throes of his release.

Pulling his fingers out, he grunts low, the throbbing almost nonexistent now. He rinses off both of his hands, then cleans his body from head to toe. Finishing up in the shower, he dries off in the bathroom, then heads out to his bedroom naked, going to his dresser to get a clean pair of underwear and some lounge pants to wear until he has to get ready for mass. He sees the light is blinking on his phone, and after putting a shirt on, he picks it up to see what’s come through while he’d been in the shower.

A text brings a smile to his face as he reads the words over twice. “It was very nice waking up to your smile. Good luck studying today. Meet me after mass? Just for a few minutes.”

Thanks, Father. And yes, I think I can fit that into my schedule. :) See you this evening.” He puts his phone back on his charger, and looks at the pile of books on his desk. So much to do, with such little time. He has no idea where to start, so he does what anyone in his position would do. He grabs the book from the top, and gets to work.

At half past one, Prompto hears a knock on his door. Dropping his pen in the middle of his textbook, he gets up from his desk and goes over to the door. “Hello?” He opens it up, and sees someone standing in the hallway, holding a bouquet of flowers and a small box. “Can I help you?”

“I’ve got a delivery here for a Mr. Argentum?” The delivery boy looks down at a slip of paper. “Are you Mr. Argentum?”

He nods his head, still trying to figure out who would send him anything. “Yep! That’s me! Is the box for me?” He asks, pointing to the item tucked under the delivery boy’s arm.

“It’s all for you.” He hands him the bouquet of flowers first, then hands him the box. “Have a nice afternoon.” The delivery boy gives him a little wave, then takes off down the hallway.

His eyes stare at the blooming red dahlias fixed together with babies breath, and a few single stem red roses, all held together in a nice vase. He inhales the fresh scent of the flowers, laughing as the aromatic blooms tickle his nose. There’s a card buried in the bouquet, which he pulls out after setting them down on top of his dresser, keeping the box tucked under his arm.

He sits down on the edge of his bed, the flowers looking beautiful next to his television, giving his room a nice little pop of color that he hadn’t realized he’d been missing. He puts the box on his lap, and opens it up, laughing when he sees the contents inside. A pack of gummy bears, a large bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol, and an assortment of pens and pencils. Setting the contents of the box down on his bed, he picks up the card to see who had sent him such an assortment of goodies.

I hope you’re not in too much pain. You have my permission to make me suffer on our next visit. With all my love, Iggy.”

Staring at the Tylenol, he takes the seal off and pours two into the palm of his hand. After his shower earlier in the morning, he had ached less than when he’d woken up, but he’d started to feel it return while he’d been studying. He’d ignored it in favor of concentrating on his review, but now that he has Tylenol, he decides to take two in the hopes that it will take it away completely. Or, at least for however long these drugs are supposed to last.

He goes over to his bouquet, and turns the camera on his phone to be front facing, and snaps a quick selfie with the biggest, derpiest smile on his face. He sends it to his not so secret admirer, with the following text - “You are amazing. I can’t believe you did this. Thank you. ❤.” Two minutes later, his phone begins to vibrate in his hand.

“I’m studying!” He answers, laughter bubbling up out of him. “No distractions!”

“But I wanted to hear how happy you were. And I must admit, I am not at all disappointed.” Father Scientia’s voice comes through his phone, his voice bringing warmth through his body. “How’re you? Well, I hope?”

Prompto lays down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling with the smile staying on his face. “If you’re trying to ask me, in the nicest way possible, if my ass feels like it’s been split in two because of what you did to me last night - the answer is I feel fine.”

“Yes, I believe that is what I was trying to say, maybe not use those exact words but the idea remains the same.” A soft laugh makes his stomach dip a little. “So, you’re feeling okay?”

“I’m perfect, Father.” He doesn’t feel sick at calling him by his title, even when discussing what they’re discussing. A vast improvement over how he’d felt the prior weekend. “I did take some Tylenol, so whatever lingering ache I have will hopefully be gone soon.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” And it’s true, it does sound like the priest is happy to hear he’s not damaged by what they’d done the night before. “How’s your studying coming along?”

He rolls onto his side, and looks at his desk. “It’d be better if I wasn’t talking on the phone to someone. Shouldn’t you be working on your sermon for today and tomorrow?” He asks, not at all ready to hang up the phone yet.

“I already have today’s written. Tomorrow I will make a few modifications, but for the most part, it will be the same. Please pretend to be surprised tomorrow when you hear it again.”

Laughing, he nods his head. “But then I’d be lying to myself, and we both know that that is something that isn’t very nice in the eyes of God.”

“We’ll call it the weekend of sin, then, with absolution coming soon after a confession or two.”

That comment brings more laughter out of him, loving how casual the two of them are acting right now. “Agreed, Father. This weekend is definitely full of sin so far.”

“I wish I could see you again tonight.” The change in Father Scientia’s voice makes Prompto moan soft, the carnal desire he hears in his voice a reflection of what he feels in his own body. “Let me escort you back to your dorm after mass?”

He closes his eyes, the idea of sleeping with him again tonight makes it a very tempting offer, but he knows he has work to do. “Your temptation is endearing, but I’m afraid that I must decline for now, Father. Trust me, I want you with me again tonight - more than anything. But I need to concentrate on midterms.”

“Then, I won’t bother you anymore about it. But, I will get to see you after mass, yes?”

“You will. Now, I should get back to studying. All I wanted to do was send my lover a picture of me with the beautiful flowers he sent to me.” He smiles, thinking about how nice that phrase sounds. “Thank you, Iggy. Really. I’ve never received flowers from an admirer before.”

“I’ve never sent anyone flowers. I’m glad that I chose right. Do you know what dahlias stand for in the floral language?”

Sitting up, he gets up off the bed and makes his way over to the bouquet. “I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing.”

“There is. It was a way for admirers to communicate without having to verbalize their feelings for one another. It’s said through what blooms are picked.” Father Scientia pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath. “Dahlia’s have a few different meanings, but the ones I would like for you to be aware of are that I see you staying graceful under pressure, especially in challenging situations, as well as pledging my commitment to you. Red roses are an expression of how I feel about you.”

“That’s amazing!” He touches the dahlias, never realizing that flowers had their own meaning. "What does the red rose stand for?”

“Something I am scared to admit to you verbally, so if you wish to know what they mean, I would suggest looking it up.” Father Scientia’s voice drops to an almost whisper.

“I can wait.” His finger touches the soft petal of one blooming red rose. “Now that I know what the dahlias mean, that makes this bouquet even more special. Thank you, Ignis. Really.”

“It’s my pleasure, love.” The endearment brings another wave of happiness throughout Prompto’s body, Father Scientia’s timbre returning to normal. “I will let you get back to studying. See you in a few hours?”

“See you then, Father. Goodbye.”

Prompto sets his phone down, and takes one of the blooms with him over to his desk, and props it up against his lamp before diving back into his studying for midterms.


Getting ready for church had never seemed like such an arduous task before, but today he’s having trouble trying to find the right outfit to wear. He wants to look handsome, but doesn’t want to look like he’s trying too hard to impress someone. Grabbing a white button up shirt, he puts it on over a tight white tank top undershirt, then slips on a dark purple tie, using a tie tack to keep it in line with his buttons. He rolls up his sleeves, then slips on a v-neck dark grey sweater, pleased at how nice he looks in his mirror.

He puts on his black Oxfords, and grabs his jacket, putting his phone into his pocket as he gets ready to leave. It’s a brisk autumn afternoon, the weather calling for gloves, but not a scarf. He joins the group of people filing their way into church, the bell chiming the quarter hour as he walks up the steps into the sanctuary. Families walk into the church together, everyone taking a moment to bless themselves with holy water before stepping foot into the nave. Keeping to the back of the church, he takes his usual spot, a family of four sitting next to him.

When mass begins, he stands up straight, singing the first hymn of the day with gusto. It feels good to sing, and after studying all day, he’s looking forward to falling into his routine with mass. As the processional begins, he turns and sees Father Scientia look at him as he walks past, smiling as he sees him give a subtle nod of his head towards him before looking back towards the altar. His heart beats fast, watching the way he walks up to the altar, kneeling before God before heading up with the altar boys. The hymn comes to an end, the congregation giving their full attention to Father Scientia.

As the mass progresses, Prompto can’t keep his eyes off of Father Scientia. He could control his urges before, only staring at him now and again, but he finds himself staring at him more openly. During the homily, he’s staring so much at him that he hears one of the kids sitting next to him inform their parent that the priest is looking in their direction. To which the mother had replied, “It’s because he knows you’re not paying attention.” The kids soon stopped whispering, and gave their full attention to Father Scientia.

Prompto didn’t have the heart to tell them that he’s the reason Father Scientia keeps looking in their direction. Let the kids believe that they’re in trouble. Maybe it will help them appreciate what they’re listening to more. Doubtful, but it could happen. He keeps his eyes on his lover, noticing the way he moves, Father Scientia fully aware that the entire congregation is listening to his homily. They always do. The church is full, but not as packed as it will be for tomorrow’s late mass.

The Holy Eucharist is presented, Prompto anxiously awaiting to see what side of the aisle that Father Scientia will be on today. With a little bit of luck on his side, he sees him stand in front of his side of the nave, the quiet excitement returning to his body as he waits for the usher to reach his pew. Stepping out, he keeps his head down, mouth beginning to water as he thinks about how he wishes to take his Holy Communion today. Or, more like how he wishes he could drop down to his knees in front of Father Scientia, and receive a different gift - one more flavorful than the thin white wafer acting as a symbol of his faith. 

Shaking his head at his perverse thoughts, he finds himself standing in front of his lover, who looks at him with a calm smile on his face. “This is the Body of Christ.” Father Scientia holds up the communion wafer, Prompto deciding at the last moment to receive on his tongue.

“Amen.” He replies, sticking his tongue out. Hard to believe that he’d done this before two weeks ago, setting the ball into motion to where they’re at now with one another. Fingertips touch both sides of his tongue as Father Scientia places the wafer on his wet muscle, the tiniest hint of a smirk appearing at the corner of his lips as blunt nails drag against the sides before pulling away. Prompto returns the smirk, then ducks his head to bless himself, and heads to the woman holding the communal wine.

For the last ten minutes of mass, all Prompto can think about is how Father Scientia’s fingers had felt in his mouth, then remembers how it had felt when those fingers had been in another part of his body. He discreetly adjusts himself, his slacks leaving little to the imagination when it comes to trying to hide his apparent arousal. Quit thinking about dirty things. It’s so much easier said than done, as more images from the previous night sneak their way into his mind, the Tylenol that he’d taken starting to wear off, as the ache begins to return to his ass.

Finally, the recessional takes place, Prompto meeting Father Scientia’s eyes a second time as he walks past him, the urge to reach out and touch him powerful enough to make him move forward a little bit. But he stops himself from going any further, singing the final phrase of the hymn the congregation is singing, the organist playing the final notes, concluding another mass. Saying one final prayer, he crosses himself while genuflecting when exiting the pew, and heads outside with the rest of the congregation.

Putting his gloves back on, he sees many people crowding around Father Scientia, Prompto happy to see him so beloved by their parish. As the crowd begins to thin out, he casually makes his way over to him, hoping to get to say a few things to him before he has to head back to his dorm.

“Prompto!” Father Scientia exclaims when he looks directly at him. “I’m so happy that you were here today.” He puts a hand down on Prompto’s shoulder, turning towards a family he’d just been speaking to. “Prompto is one of my students here at the university. I teach him History of Religion.”

He smiles, and nods his head. “Always helping me to question my place in this world. Father Scientia, it was a wonderful sermon today.” He knows that Father Scientia will pick up on his double entendre statement, hoping that it was obscure enough to not raise any eyebrows, but that the priest will know exactly what he means.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” The hand that’s on his shoulder is pulled away, after giving it a firm squeeze. “Would you mind coming back with me to the sacristy? There’s something I wanted to show you that pertains to our next lesson.”

Butterflies manifest in his stomach at the question. “S-Sure, Father. I’ll wait for you over by the doors?” He looks over at the opened church door.

“Perfect.” Father Scientia flashes him a smile, then begins to talk with the next group of people that have been waiting their turn.

The sun begins to set, casting long shadows on the ground as time slips away. Prompto wants to remind his lover that he has plans this evening, but even if he were to go back to his dorm room right now, he’d still be thinking about Father Scientia, so what would be the point. Luckily, it looks like the last group of people are with him, and with a final nod, Father Scientia is walking towards him with an apologetic look on his face.

“I’m sorry that took so long.” The two head into the sanctuary together. “I thought it would be quicker than that.”

“It’s okay. It’s not like I have midterms to study for.” He teases, happy to see the look of worry disappearing from Father Scientia’s face. “Your sermon today was really nice. I meant what I said.”

They walk up the center aisle together, the church quiet, the only sound their footfalls against the concrete floor. There are people praying at two of the prayer stations, but none of them pay any attention to them. “Your words and input are the only ones that I truly care about.” Father Scientia opens the door to the sacristy, giving Prompto the opportunity to enter first. As soon as he walks past him, Father Scientia follows behind, and soon, he feels his lover’s body pressed up against his in the small hallway between the sanctuary and the sacristy. His head drops forward, his body pushing back against Father Scientia’s as he stops moving. Warm breath caresses his ear, his lover’s arms wrapping around his torso. “I think you attending mass when I lead is going to be a problem, love.”

“Oh?” He groans, the hardness he feels against his ass making him push back more against it. “Are you telling me you don’t want me to listen to your sermons anymore?” He slowly begins to grind against him, the two still stuck in the darkened hallway, the sacristy a mere five feet away from where they’re standing. “Do you like how I look tonight, Father?” 

“You look incredible, Prompto.” Teeth tug on his earlobe, drawing a soft sigh from Prompto’s throat. “That sweater and tie look very nice on you.”

One hand slips up underneath his sweater, the alb being pushed up onto the priest’s forearm. He keeps his head tilted back, resting it against his shoulder, as Father Scientia’s hand pushes up underneath his shirt. “F-Father, we shouldn’t….What if someone is still back here…?” He whispers, but makes no move to pull away, blunt nails being dragged against his nipple. A moan starts to slip out, then a hand covers his mouth to mute him, his warm breath becoming trapped by the palm of Father Scientia’s hand.

“Can’t make too much noise, love…” He hears the desire in his lover’s voice, the hand underneath his shirt disappearing. “Help me take my garments off?”

Prompto nods his head, Father Scientia removing his hand from his mouth as the two make their way into the sacristy proper. No one is in the room, the two of them alone. He turns around, the two of them standing in front of the closet where the garments need to be hung up for the next mass. His hands touch the stole, and as Father Scientia ducks his head, he pulls it off of him. The garment remains in his hands, the two sharing a look with one another.

“What is on your mind, Prompto…?” Father Scientia asks, the two keeping their eyes locked, Prompto continuing to hold onto the satin stole across the palms of his hands.

“The truth?”

“It’s always the best idea to tell the truth.”

“My dream.”

His heart pounds hard in his chest, as he feels Father Scientia place his hands on top of his. “There’s nothing to be afraid of right now.”

“I can’t help it.” He whispers, the weight of his lover’s hands both comforting and adding to the anxiousness that begins to worm its way into his mind. “I’m trying…”

“You’re doing a wonderful job.”

Swallowing, he keeps his eyes on him. “W-Will you….” He raises his hands up in a futile gesture, torn between wanting him to take it away from him and wanting to know what it would actually feel like to have it used to bind his arms. Leaving it up to his lover to decide, he keeps them raised up, the room becoming unbearably hot.

“Would you like my help?” The subtle tone shift has Prompto nodding his head slow, as Father Scientia’s hands turn over to pick up the stole. It’s draped over one wrist, his breathing becoming shallow as he waits for the other side to touch his wrist. When it doesn’t, he looks up and stares into his lover’s eyes, who has a smile on his face. “We have plenty of time to make your dreams into a reality.” The rest of the stole is taken from his hands. “Why don’t we start small, if that’s an area you are wishing to explore.” Father Scientia hangs up the stole in the closet, Prompto’s shoulders dropping with a sigh of relief.

“Like what?” He asks, moving to step behind him, to help him take off the vestments, and then the alb, Father Scientia now wearing his black clerical clothing.

“For starters, what’s around your neck.” His lover hangs up the last vestment, and closes the closet door.

He looks down at his tie, the heat returning to his cheeks. “R-Right. That would be less...dramatic, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh, I don’t know. It could be equally as exciting, if one knows what to do with oneself.”

“Do you ever wish you could wear jeans and t-shirt underneath your robe, Father?” Prompto asks, leaning against the closed door of the closet, subtly trying to change the subject so that he can calm down, the erection in his pants needing to go away fast.

Father Scientia shakes his head. “I have thought about it, but it feels a bit off kilter to wear something like that under my robes. Plus, my slacks are much cooler to wear under the alb than wearing jeans.”

“That makes sense.” Prompto smiles, as the two of them head for the back door. “Are you heading back to the rectory?”

“I am.”

“I guess I should head back to my dorm, so I can keep studying for midterms.” He resigns, the two of them heading out the back entrance to the sacristy. “Father Bradham is at the rectory this evening?”

His lover nods his head, both walking in step together. “If you need to continue studying tomorrow for your midterms, I’m almost positive God will forgive you for not attending mass on Sunday.”

“Father!” He gasps, shaking his head. “No, I want to be there. I can study afterwards.”

“Very well.” Father Scientia chuckles softly. He leans down, and speaks near his ear. “I’m afraid I missed my opportunity to kiss you back in the sacristy. I cannot do that out here now.”

Closing his eyes, he nods his head. “I know you can’t, Father.”

“Should we go back? For one quick kiss?”

Heart beating hard in his chest, Prompto knows that if he says yes, that they might wind up doing something more than just kissing. His body aches to feel it, the soreness returning since the Tylenol wore off during mass. Torn between doing what’s right, and what he wants, he meets his eyes and gives a small shake of his head. The sadness that appears in Father Scientia’s green eyes is fleeting, and it reflects how he feels, but he can’t risk it. Turning his head to the side, he lifts himself up onto the balls of his feet, and speaks quietly near the priest’s ear. “Come to my dorm later? I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep if I don’t get to spend a little bit more time alone with you, Iggy.”

“Very well.” He drops back down onto his feet, and looks up at him, his cheeks warm as Father Scientia starts to clean his glasses, the same blush staining his cheeks. “It might not be until late.”

“I’ll leave my door unlocked again for you.” A breeze rustles the trees around them, Prompto buttoning up his coat. “Gives me more time to study.” He laughs, feeling proud of himself for suggesting it this go around. “Good night, Father! Thank you again for the beautiful sermon!” He speaks in a normal voice, as he begins to walk away from the priest, a few parishioners milling about the grounds.

He hears the priest say goodbye to him, but he doesn’t turn around as he continues to walk away. The chill of the night propels him to walk a bit faster to his dorm, where he hopes he’ll be able to concentrate on studying. But knowing that Father Scientia will be returning to his dorm for another night of mischief, it’s going to be a very difficult task.

But, he’s up for the challenge.

Chapter Text

Whatever had possessed him to make the suggestion for Father Scientia to come to his dorm room again didn’t stick around, Prompto staring blankly at one of his textbooks, nervousness beginning to make its way into his brain. His digital clock says that it’s seven past eleven, the words in front of him going in and out of focus as he tries to retain the information. But he’s been looking at the same paragraph for the past fifteen minutes, wondering how long he’s going to have to wait for his lover to show up.

Picking up his pen, he sees he’s put quite a few bitemarks into the cap, chewing on it as he thinks about what he needs to commit to memory. He looks at his notes, a highlighter uncapped as he’d been highlighting passages, then transferring high level items to his notebook. But since around 10:30, his mind keeps drifting to what had happened back in the sacristy. Dropping his pen, he leans back in his chair with a groan, rubbing the heels of his hands into his eyes as he attempts to get his brain back on track.

The sound of the door slowly beginning to open throws that right out the window, his chair dropping back down to the floor with a loud thud, the priest poking his head in through a small crack in the door. There’s a smile on his face, the rest of his head obscured by the hood on his sweatshirt. A different St. Lucis sweatshirt covers his torso, his glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. “Hey.” Prompto’s heartbeat jumps, as Father Scientia walks into his room and closes the door behind him. “Am I interrupting your studying?”

“Nope.” He laughs, and jumps up off the chair, and makes his way over to where his lover stands. He takes in his appearance, impressed by the jeans that are on his body. “Did you wear those because of my question to you earlier?”

There is no visible white collar poking up, making Prompto wonder what he’s got on underneath. Not that he can say anything, because he’s wearing his white tank top undershirt with a pair of jack-o-lantern pajamas. “It might have influenced me to wear them out. Wearing a grey sweatshirt with slacks might have been a dead giveaway that I may not be where I’m supposed to be.”

“Aww.” Prompto walks up to him, and gives a little tug on his sweatshirt. Father Scientia takes it off, revealing he’s wearing a plain black shirt underneath, more articles of clothing that shouldn’t surprise him but they do. Normal. “Well, I’m glad you’re here now. And not in an hour, because I haven’t been able to concentrate for the past half hour.”

“Oh?” His lover puts both of his hands at his waist, pulling him to be closer to his body. “And why is that, love?”

He puts his arms around Ignis’ neck, and stares up at him, swaying his hips from side to side. “Take a guess.”

“You’ve memorized every single thing you need to remember for your upcoming midterms already, a vast wealth of knowledge now in your brain.”

Ignis dips his head down, Prompto tilting it to the side as he feels his warm breath tickle the side of his neck. “H-Hah, no. I’ve got too many different types of classes to memorize that much material. I wish I could, though. It would probably save a lot of stressaahh…” His eyelids flutter closed, as teeth tug on his skin at the base of his neck.

“You’ve been counting down the minutes until I get here.” Lips caress the tip of his ear, his hands curling into fists on Ignis’ shirt. “Wondering when I’ll be coming through the door, so I can sweep you off your feet, and have my way with you for the duration of the night.”

At the comment, he takes a chance and jumps up, his legs wrapping around Ignis’ waist, his lover catching him before he slips down. “Wow…” He stares up at him, at a loss for words as he sees the pleased smirk on Ignis’ face.

“Did you think I would let you fall?” He shifts himself in Ignis’ arms, as his lover begins to walk. “Where should I take you? The loveseat?” They both turn their heads to look over at the small couch, Prompto’s legs tightening their grip around Ignis’ torso. “Or, should we cut to the chase, and go to the bed?”

Having already decided what he wants, he hums a little. “Mm...I dunno…” The arms supporting him giving him a little lift, Ignis purposefully pushing their arousals against one another. He groans, and knocks his head against his shoulder. “B-Bed, please…”

“I was hoping you were going to say that.”

As he’s lowered to the bed, he pulls Ignis down with him, shifting over so that they can share the bed. His mouth finds his, tongues coming together with needy touches, both men moaning as they finally re-establish their connection. The taste of coffee clings to both of their tongues - Prompto wondering if Ignis had some so that he would stay awake late, like he’d done. It’s a distinct flavor, one he can’t seem to get enough of as he licks every inch of Ignis’ mouth, his lover giving him total control over their kiss.

The lust that had been prevalent in his body when he’d been at church makes its return known as his hand slides down Ignis’ chest, stopping when it comes into contact with the belt on his waist. “I didn’t want you to come here tonight…” He pulls on the leather of the belt, and gets it unbuckled, giving him access to the button on Ignis’ jeans. “I told you, I have midterms to study for…”

“You’re the one that asked me to come here tonight.” His fingers pull down on the zipper, expecting to find the tip of his lover’s cock to be poking out through the hole in his boxers, but instead feels the firm mound of tight underwear. “Should I go back to the rectory?”

“Don’t you dare.” Prompto groans, pushing his palm against the bulge trapped by Ignis’ underwear. “I got enough studying today. This is my reward.” He uses a little more pressure, biting his lip when he hears Ignis moan. “I didn’t know you switched between different types of underwear…”

“When I knew you were going to be a mass, I knew I had to go to the extreme.” Ignis moans a little more, as he starts to pull on the elastic band of his underwear. “Wearing these hides the physical evidence of how I feel when I’m around you.”

Finally getting his lover’s cock out into the open, he makes a fist around it, and releases a little groan. It feels really good to be touching him again, the dull ache in the lower half of his body starting to increase as he thinks about what they can and can’t do right now. “Did you have that problem before, Iggy…?”

“Yes.” Hands slip under his own shirt, cool fingers touching his sides. Prompto leans forward a little, the itch to laugh dissipating as Ignis’ hands rest flat on his skin. “I always wear these for the weekend masses.”

“But not for the ones during the week?” Prompto gives his lover’s cock a little more loving, then lets go of it in order to get the man undressed. “Why is that?”

One leg is revealed to him, now sitting between Ignis’ thighs. “Don’t take this wrong way, because I want you to know I find you attractive all the time. But the outfits you choose to wear for Saturday and Sunday masses are different, and are very arousing for me.”

“Is that so?” He gets the other leg free, Ignis’ lower half of his body now without any clothes on. Well, except the black socks, but he’s quick to remove those, dropping all items at the foot of his bed. “So, did you like what I wore tonight? It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to wear.”

“Was my comment to you after mass not enough for you?” Glancing up, he sees Ignis pulling his shirt off, now completely nude on his bed. Green eyes look up and down. “You’re wearing too many clothes.”

Smiling, he moves up the bed, and places one knee between his lover’s thighs, pushing his thigh to be against his stiffness. “Why don’t you help me get undressed?” He kisses him on the lips, then pulls back a little before returning them back to his lover’s lips, parting them so that their tongues can touch a little more.

“But your pajamas are adorable.” Ignis teases him, strong hands coming to rest on his hips, guiding him to lay on his back. “I take it you’re a fan of Halloween?”

“It’s so close to my birthday.” Lifting his arms up, the tank top is pulled up over his head. His lover’s lips touch his chest, as Ignis uses his fingers to untie the drawstring of his pants. “I love all things fall.” Lifting up his hips, his underwear and pants are pulled off of his body. He groans when he feels something wet touch his entrance, shifting a little on the bed. “Nngh...I-Iggy…”

“Does it hurt at all…?” The concern he hears in his voice makes Prompto's stomach roll a little, the touches to that part of his body delicate and gentle.

He shakes his head, hearing more lube being poured. “It’s a little sore, but I’m sure that it won’t matter if you keep touching me the way you are.” His eyes close, knees spreading apart, the comfort of his own bed helping to keep him level. “When I got home this morning…”

“What did you do?” A gentle push has one finger entering his body, Prompto releasing a low moan. “Did I lose you, love…?”

Eyebrows furrowed, he shakes his head, taking a deep breath as the finger inside of him rolls around. “N-No, Iggy. I’m here.” He tries to open his eyes, but the touch of a second finger keeps them closed, as the pleasure begins to build. “I touched myself there for the first time in the shower.” He moans low, cock standing up at full attention as the two fingers inside of him work their magic on spreading him open.

“Did you think of me as you were doing that?” Ignis touches his hip, encouraging him to roll over onto his side.

He nods his head, going the extra step and winds up laying on his chest. He hears Ignis inhale, Prompto situating his knees on the bed to prop up his ass more. The fingers inside of him slip out, one hand keeping his cheeks spread apart. “Of course I did…” Prompto wants to ask him to put his fingers back into him, missing the feeling of being full, but is too afraid to ask.

Something soft and wet touches his entrance, making him release a lustful moan into his pillow. “Just relax into my touch, Prompto…” Ignis swipes his tongue against his entrance a second time, the fingers that had been inside of him now wrapped firmly around his cock, pulling on it as Ignis moves his tongue against him more. “Does this feel nice…?”

“S-So nice…” His cheek stays pressed against the pillow, deep rich moans spilling from his throat as Ignis’ tongue keeps touching his puckering hole. “Hhhngh…” The hand on his cock slides down to his sac, cupping him gently before going back to his hardness.

The wet muscle pushes into him, causing him to fist the fitted sheet on his bed, a pitched moan erupting out of him, as Ignis’ thumb chooses that exact moment to touch the sensitive head of his cock. “That’s it, love….You want this…”

“I do…” Prompto’s moans become sobs, as the hand on his cock starts to work him more. He wants to tell him it’s dirty, but he took a shower a half hour before his arrival wanting to be clean for him. But he never dreamed that he would be feeling Ignis’ tongue on this part of his body, but now that it’s there, he can’t help but push back into the touch, as it feels so good.

His knees begin to spread, the hand keeping his cheeks spread apart holding onto his ass, Ignis’ tongue pushing past the tight ring to be inside of his body. The hand stroking his cock begins to be more aggressive, squeezing and twisting its way back up to the tip, Prompto torn between pushing more into the hand, or pushing back against the tongue that keeps defiling him in the best way possible. He hears himself moaning loud into the pillow, writhing on the bed as the desire to feel more of Ignis’ tongue wins out over the fist on his cock. Ignis pulls back, and begins to lick down his perineum, the tip of his tongue touching the bottom of his sac, then slides back up to lick more at his entrance. Each little teasing lick makes Prompto whine and moan, his lover purposefully keeping him guessing as to what his tongue will do next. It’s entrancing, his hips moving in a rolling motion, Ignis’ tongue inside of him mimicking what his cock had done to him the night before. When a finger enters his body alongside the wet muscle inside of him, he screams one final time, and begins to come. Moan after moan is muffled by his pillow, Ignis’ tongue and finger making him come undone completely.

The pressure around his hole disappears, a wet kiss touching his other ass cheek, the hand on his softening cock staying in its place. “How do you feel?” Ignis’ voice is a bit ragged, the timbre thick with want.

“Good….so good, Ignis…” The hand on his cock starts to bring him back to an aroused state, the stickiness of both his cum and the lube helping.

“Here…” His lover brings the hand that’s on his cock up to his lips, Prompto’s tongue darting out to wipe away the milky white fluid he sees clinging to Ignis’ fingers. “Lick it all up, love….You taste divine…”

He groans, pulling one finger into his mouth, unfurling both hands to lay them flat on the bed as he lifts himself up to be on both his hands and knees. He feels something wet and hard push against his entrance, sucking more vigorously on the two fingers now inside of his mouth. All of his leftover cum is gone, and now he’s sucking on Ignis’ fingers to have something to do as the man behind him rubs the tip of his cock against his pliant hole.

“Do you want more now, Prompto…?” The question buzzes in his ears, his head moving up and down with his answer as he tries to push back to get the tip to ‘accidentally’ go into his body. “Have you been wanting to feel it again all day?”

Yes…” He moans, dropping his head down as he gets the initial burst of pain from the intrusion. Even with lube coating his cock, it’s still a strange sensation, his body screaming at him to get it out. But he remembers how it felt last night, and how the pain had lingered for only a bit, and then it became the most wonderful feeling in the world. “D-Did you….” He groans, knees spreading more as he keeps his head lowered, his cock dripping onto his bed with the subtle movements of his hips. “Did you think about it too…?”

“It’s all I thought about it.” Two firm hands touch his hips, Ignis’ cock sinking further into his body. In this position, the fullness is increased by ten, his inner walls stretching as Ignis’ cock becomes full sheathed inside of him. “You were on my mind all day.”

Prompto lifts his head, and turns to look over his shoulder at his lover. Ignis no longer has his glasses on, his eyes closed in concentration as he keeps from moving further into Prompto’s body. It’s this look on his face that Prompto realizes he’s in far deeper than he could have imagined. He gives a little push back, and sees his lover’s green eyes meet his, the two sharing a smile before Prompto turns his head back towards his pillow, moaning low as Ignis begins to move his hips in a slow rhythm.

His bed creaks, the sound of the springs going up and down not bothering him at all as he contributes to the noise with his own licentious moans. The hands on his hips grab onto him tighter, and with no warning, he’s elevated to be on his knees, his back now sliding against Ignis’ chest as his lover’s cock starts to penetrate him deep, knocking against his prostate every few thrusts.

“Nngh…” Tilting his head back to rest on Ignis’ shoulder, he moans as the man starts to kiss along the side of his neck. It turns into a choked off cry as teeth sink down into his skin, his ass pushing down to feel more of his lover’s thickness inside of him. “Iggy…” His hand goes up to rest on the back of Ignis’ neck, the bite sending volts of pleasure throughout his entire body. He reaches down, and starts to touch himself, moving it in time with Ignis’ thrusts.

“Oops…” Ignis’ voice rattles in his ear, a breathless chuckle following. “I may...have marked….you…”

He groans, stroking himself more as he feels his neck throb from the aftermath of Ignis’ bite. “Good…” He turns his head to meet his eyes, then feels Ignis’ lips on his own, opening his mouth wide to feel their tongues come together in a passionate kiss. “Mark me all over…”

“If you insist….”

Ignis moves to the other side of Prompto’s neck, and bites down at the base of his throat, Prompto practically caterwauling from need as he becomes overstimulated. One rough thrust backwards, and he feels the warmth of his cum start to hit his hand, a second orgasm racing through his body, Ignis’ cock grinding into him as he loses total control.

His head flings back, knocking against Ignis’ shoulder, as he feels him pound harder into his body. “Come on, love….Let me hear you keep moaning for me…” He replies with lustful moans, still consumed by how good his orgasm had just felt. “One more for me…”

“I-Ignis…” He moans his lover’s full name, delirious from his euphoria, shuddering hard as he hears his lover release a deep moan near his ear. The rush of hot cum plugging him up makes Prompto moan again, totally satisfied by what the two of them had just engaged in together.

It takes a few minutes to come back down to Earth, Prompto still lost in a slight haze from their round of sex. When he comes to, he’s laying on the bed, the sound of water running letting him know that Ignis is in his bathroom. He expects to feel something wet on his ass, but he doesn’t. The dull ache has returned, but this time it’s more comfortable than it had been earlier in the day, and when he feels the bed dip down, he turns over to fold himself into his lover’s arms.

“How’re you doing?” Ignis asks, fingers brushing lightly through Prompto’s hair. “I didn’t hurt you at all, did I?”

He shakes his head, smiling as he keeps resting his cheek on Ignis’ chest. “Not at all. That was...whew. That was pretty amazing, Iggy.” He laughs, turning his head to look up at him. The smile he sees there makes his stomach flip flop, and only makes the smile on his face grow. “Is it always going to be like that?”

“Maybe.” He grins, and turns his head back to rest against his lover’s chest. “I’m afraid this might be the only night we’ll be able to do this until after midterms are over.”

Prompto sighs softly. “I know. It’s probably better that way. I need to concentrate on my studies. You need to...concentrate on your tests? God? I don’t know.”

“Yes to all of those.” The laugh that his lover releases makes Prompto kiss his chest, happy to hear such a nice sound. “But, it doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking about you. Or about this.”

“Or about my dick.”

“That too.”

Now it’s his turn to laugh, snuggling a bit more comfortably against his side, happy that the two of them fit nicely together on his bed. “Can I ask you a question, Iggy?”

“You can.”

With his eyes closed, he listens to his lover’s heartbeat for a bit before speaking. “Did you wear your casual clothes over here on purpose?”

“In a sense, yes. But not for the reason you may think.” A kiss touches his forehead, the fingers on his hip sliding up and down. “You may think ill of me if I tell you why I did it.”

“I could never think such a thing.” Prompto lifts himself up, blond bangs falling onto his face as he stares into Ignis’ eyes. “How could I think something like that, when we know what we’re doing is something that’s a punishable act in the eyes of the Church?”

A hand cups his face, Ignis’ thumb stroking his cheek. “You know that that isn’t true. I wish I could help you see that. Do you think that what we’re doing is that deplorable?”

“No…” He shakes his head, turning a little to press a kiss against the side of his lover’s hand. “And yes. I don’t know. I know that I’m happier now than I have been, and I know that this feels right, but you…”

“I’m making my own choices. You are not influencing them in any sort of fashion.” His lover’s green eyes lock onto his. “I chose not to wear them this evening because it’s a little easier for me to accept these feelings for you if I come to you as a man first, and not as a priest.”

Prompto thinks about it for a moment, and nods his head. “I understand, Iggy. If it makes it easier for you, then I won’t bring it up again. You know how I feel about your clerical clothes.”

“And I know what your subconscious thinks of them.” His lover teases him, rubbing his thumb over his bottom lip. “We’re both dealing with this in different ways right now. Does it bother you that I wore ‘normal’ clothes over here? Do you prefer I wear my collar? My black clerical shirt?”

He shakes his head. “No. To be honest, I also feel that it’s easier to accept if I think about you as Ignis first, and not as Father Scientia.” He kisses the pad of Ignis’ thumb, before moving to rest his head back against his shoulder. “That doesn’t mean I always want that though.”

“I know. Nor do I.”

They both fall silent, but it’s not an awkward silence. His eyelids begin to feel heavy, the energy his two orgasms took from him is making it difficult to stay awake. He begins to play with the pendant that rests against Ignis’ sternum, draping his leg over Ignis’ as he yawns softly. “Did you set an alarm on your phone, Iggy?” He asks, still moving the pendant back and forth on the thin chain. 

“I did. I plan on leaving here around half past five.” Ignis shifts their bodies, Prompto feeling more comfortable with the minor shift. “You may get some rest if you wish.”

“Will you sleep?”

“I think I might.”

He yawns, and rubs his cheek against his chest, pulling his hand away from the pendant. “Okay, Iggy. You’ll say goodbye to me before you leave, won’t you?” He knows it’s a little selfish to ask, but not getting to have another kiss from his lover before they have to part for the day is something he doesn’t want to happen.

“I will.” A hand returns to his cheek, stroking it gently. “Get some sleep, love.”

Prompto tries to form words, but his brain begins to shut down more, resulting in a quiet “Mm…” as his answer. He feels the weight of Ignis’ hand touch his hair, the movement pushing him further into the realm of sleep. He thinks about it some more, but then sleep comes fast, taking him away from his pleasant reality.


He wakes up a few hours later, facing the wall. He doesn’t know when he moved during his sleep, but Ignis’ arms are still around him, leading him to believe that the two of them resettled together sometime during their slumber. He feels something hard pushing between his asscheeks, cheeks becoming warm as he realizes it’s Ignis’ cock.

The arms holding him tighten their grip around him, Prompto successfully the small spoon. “Are you awake?” Soft whispers touch his ear, the desire he hears in Ignis’ voice helping to wake him up a bit faster.

Prompto nods his head, rolling his hips back to rub himself against his lover’s cock. “D-Did I do this in my sleep, Iggy?” He tries to control himself, but the more he feels Ignis’ thickness rubbing between his asscheeks, the more he wants to feel it back inside of him. “Have you been trying to see if I was awake for a bit?”

“No. And I think we both sort of did it?” Ignis keeps one arm pressed against his chest, the other dropping to be on Prompto’s hip. “Do you want it again…? One more time before I have to go?”

“Nngh….” He moans, nodding his head as he feels something wet drip onto his ass. “I don’t want you to go…”

“I know, I don’t want to either, but I have to.” More lube is poured onto his crack, and then is pushed inside of him with the tip of Ignis’ cock. “God, I want to stay here all day, and stay buried inside of you…”

Moaning, he pushes his hips back, feeling more of Ignis’ cock penetrate him. “M-Make me beg…” Arching his chest, he drops himself down onto Ignis’ cock, shuddering as it sinks a little deeper into him. “Make me lose my mind…”

“If I’m not buried in you, then my mouth is on your cock.” Ignis growls into his ear, Prompto moaning louder as his words affect him. “Don’t you like how it feels in your mouth?”

“Nnngh...yes, Iggy…” He opens his mouth, as he feels Ignis put two fingers into his mouth. He sucks on them, making lewd noises as he pushes his hips down to meet each roll of Ignis’ hips. The fingers are pulled from his mouth, the saliva clinging to them now spreading on his own cock, as Ignis makes a fist around him. “Your cock is so thick….it feels so nice on my tongue…”

“Hhgnh….Say it again, love…” Ignis puts his fingers back into his mouth, Prompto getting them wetter than before. The bed shifts more with the urgency of Ignis’ hips now rocking faster, sliding his cock in and out of Prompto’s ass. “Let me hear you say that again…”

“My mouth….” He moans, his own saliva now coating his own cock, his hand landing on top of Ignis’ as he starts to jerk himself off with it. “My mouth is so full of your cock, you’re dripping your juices onto my tongue, then pulling it out of my mouth to slap my face with it.”

His lover moans low near his ear, Prompto’s hand moving a little faster. “Is that what you want me to do? Slap your face with it? Would you let me paint your lips with the tip of my cock…?”

Prompto’s eyes roll into the back of his head, as he practically feels the teasing happening. “God, please...I want you to feed it to me, make me choke on it. Make my….nnngh….make me swallow it all, it tastes so good…”

“God, Prompto.

He turns his head and finds Ignis’ mouth, kissing him as he grinds himself down onto his lover’s cock, guiding his hand to jerk him off faster. He pulls his hand away from Ignis’, and rests it on top of his forearm, whining as the tip of Ignis’ cock keeps nudging against his prostate. It’s not enough to push him over the edge, but it’s enough to keep him teetering there, making him lose his sense of self as he becomes consumed by the raw lust that he feels for the man turning him into a mess at o’dark thirty in the morning.

Pulling his hips forward, he forces Ignis’ cock out of him, and pushes on his shoulder to make him lay flat on the bed. He straddles his hips, and reaches behind him to find Ignis’ cock, lining it up to his entrance, and feels the tip push into his body. It feels good to be on top of Ignis like this, his knees sinking down into his mattress as he grabs onto the headboard. His chest arches, the thickness of Ignis’ cock pierces him deeper with each slow roll of his hips, his hands clutching tighter to the headboard.

“You look...beautiful….” Ignis keeps one hand on his hip, the other going back to be around his leaking cock. “Riding me like this….It’s perfect…”

“Y-You’re perfect…” Prompto groans, his ass becoming flush with his lover’s balls, then slides back up his cock, only to drop himself back down. “Everything...perfect….Iggy…” He stops using complete sentences, and reverts to only using broken words, pleasure beginning to spread throughout his body.

“Yes, love….Everything is perfect…” A thumb teases the tip of his cock, making him whine lower, almost grunting like an animal as he gets closer to another orgasm. “You do this to me, Prompto….You make me crazy…”

“Good….” He rolls his hips faster, bouncing himself up and down on his lover’s cock.

His fingers dig into the cheap wood of his headboard, hoping that his next door neighbor is not home, or if he is that he’s a heavy sleeper. It starts to knock against the wall, but not to the point where it would be embarrassing. Every thrust is met with another, chasing the orgasm that’s just out of reach. Ignis moves his hand up to the tip of his cock, and with the added pressure around the tip, it’s the final push that he needs to fly. Shoulders dropping, he begins to moan, Ignis’ cock striking him in that spot to help prolong his orgasm, white bleeding behind his closed eyelids as he comes hard.

He’s flipped onto his back, Ignis’ cock driving deep into him, his lover now kneeling between his legs on the bed. “W-Watch me, love…..Watch me come…” 

Prompto stares up at him, watching the way Ignis’ expression changes as his hips stutter, one final slam pushing his cock all the way into his body. Prompto moans, the fullness returning to his body, making him feel complete. Ignis drops down onto his chest, Prompto putting his arms around him as they both struggle to breathe, their orgasms taking a lot of out them.

“Wow…” Prompto whispers into his hair, keeping his arms around him.

“Mm...yeah…” His lover returns, both staying still. Prompto grunts when his lover pulls out of him, then sighs softly as a tissue is placed against his entrance. “Don’t want to make too much of a mess.” Ignis kisses his chest, then starts to clean him up.

“You don’t have to do that.” He blushes, afraid of having to deal with it on his own. “I can do it.”

“I’m the one that’s made the mess, it’s my responsibility to make sure it’s clean.” Ignis places a kiss on his lips. “No arguing.”

“Okay, no arguing.” He giggles, then groans as his body protests at being awake right now. He yawns, stretching a little with the yawn. “Can we cuddle a little more before you have to go?”

“That was my intention.” Ignis wipes himself off, then returns to spooning him from behind. “Having you in my arms two nights in a row has been nice.”

Prompto nods his head, yawning a little more. “It’s been very nice. It’s going to be real lonely tomorrow night. Or tonight, yeah?” He giggles, patting the arm that’s around his waist. The alarm begins to go off, a wave of sadness manifesting in his body. “No...You have to go already?”

“I didn’t realize what time it was.” The sadness he feels can be heard in Ignis’ voice. “I’m not ready to go yet.”

“I’m not ready for it either.” He turns over to press his face against Ignis’ chest, the alarm going silent. “Did you snooze it?”

“I did not.” Ignis sighs. “I should go. But, you’ve got more Tylenol to take, and more studying to be done before mass this evening.”

His ass doesn’t really feel sore at the moment, but he gets what his lover is saying. One more hug, and then Ignis is off the bed, getting dressed. “Yeah. Got lots of studying.”

“But, we’ll see each other tonight. If only for a few minutes.” Ignis cups his cheek, sitting on the edge of the bed fully dressed. “We knew this was going to be difficult.”

“I know.” Prompto pouts, but then turns it into a smile. “Go. I don’t want Father Bradham to be awake when you get back to the rectory.”

“Thank you, love.” Ignis dips down, and presses another soft kiss to his lips, this time taking his time. “Get some more sleep. Don’t push yourself too much today.”

“I won’t.” He watches Ignis head to his door. “Bye, Iggy. Thanks for coming over tonight.”

The hood gets put up, Ignis adjusting his glasses with a warm smile on his face. “It was my pleasure, Prompto. Good night.” He gives a small wave, then leaves his dorm room, Prompto now alone.

Stretching out, he grabs a few tissues to wipe himself off again, then readjusts himself underneath the blanket. Ignis’ smell is heavily prevalent right now on his bedding, and with each deep inhale, it takes him back closer to slumber. As he drips to sleep, he thinks of how difficult it’s going to be for him today, knowing that he’s going to be thinking about what the two of them did together instead of studying. But he’s going to try his hardest, because he has no intention of failing this week.

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Prompto falls back asleep for another four hours, waking up a little past nine in the morning, the night before feeling a little surreal. The entire weekend is beginning to feel surreal, from when he went to confession on Friday night, to waking up this morning. He knows it’s not, parts of his body throbbing with the memory of what he’d done. Yawning, he pushes the blanket off of his body, and heads into his bathroom, walking carefully to not aggravate the dull pain in his ass.

It’s not the same pain he’d felt yesterday, wondering if it’s because his body is getting used to the foreign object going in in such a manner. After using the toilet, he gets the shower going, then takes a look at himself in the mirror. He gasps when he sees the marks on his neck, his fingers touching the smallish bruises at the base of his neck. Well, well, well. He couldn’t believe that Father Scientia had left such a mark on his body, the elation he feels at having such a mark brings a laugh out of him. What’s happening to me?

Taking the time to wash himself out properly, he doesn’t do the same thing he’d done the day before, his body still spent after their romp before Father Scientia had to sneak out. Once he’s all cleaned up, he grabs some clean clothes from his dresser, and gets ready for his monotonous day of studying ahead of him.

The afternoon appears much quicker than he expects, and with it the countdown to 5pm mass. He finishes the rest of studying prior to having to get ready, confident that he’ll do fine with his first few midterms. He can study more on Tuesday, if necessary, for the rest of his week. He always does this to himself - over studies, then winds up with one of the highest grades in the class. That doesn’t mean he’ll be swayed to do anything after mass tonight. No, he has to get to bed early, so he can get to Lauds on time in the morning.

He pops another couple of Tylenol, the ache in his ass almost nonexistent, but he figures since he’s going to be sitting on a wood bench, it might be to his benefit to prepare himself. Looking out his window, he sees it’s begun to rain, the grounds of St. Lucis University drenched in water. Getting dressed in his ‘Sunday best’, he grabs his umbrella and makes his way across the campus to church.

With ten minutes to spare, he blesses himself with Holy Water, then takes a seat in “his” spot in the church. Pulling out his phone to silence it, he’s surprised to see an unread text message on his phone. His cheeks heat up, as he tilts his phone so that only he can see it after seeing who had sent him a message.

I hope you got a lot of studying done. Stay after mass so that I may see your smiling face?

Smiling, he starts to type his reply when someone behind him comments on how rude it is to be using a cell phone in church. His shoulders drop, knowing that the person is right - there’s a time and a place, and using it in church is not one of them. He gives a small nod of his head, acknowledging the comment, and turns his phone completely off, hoping that Father Scientia doesn’t question why he’d read the text and hadn’t replied. Guess I’ll explain later.

Music fills the church, the processional hymn beginning the start of mass. He keeps his eyes on his hymnal as Father Scientia walks by, afraid that the person behind him will make another off-handed comment under their breath. Not that he has anything to hide, as people turn to look to their priest as he makes his way down the center aisle, but the guilt of knowing what he’s knowingly choosing to do with him is adding to his neuroses. Maybe he should volunteer to be a reader, so that he can be a part of the mass, and not have to worry about someone saying something to rub him the wrong way. No, because then you’ll be thinking about other things while up on the altar, so what would the point be.

Like right now, as Father Scientia welcomes everyone to mass with a heavenly smile on his face. Prompto looks up at him, and can hear his breathless voice in his ear. How his face looks after reaching his peak, the look of serenity as he calls him ‘love’. He zones out so much, that the person next to him as to nudge him to get him to sit down with the rest of the congregation. Yep. Can’t be a reader.

During the homily, he stares with rapt attention at Father Scientia. Even with hearing the message the day before, it still feels just as new as it had when he’d first heard it. He preaches the same way he leads his History of Religion Studies, which makes Prompto wonder what other classes he teaches, as he wants to learn everything he can from him. Both from an academic, and a personal point of view. By the conclusion of the homily, he’s reflecting on how he can do better to embody what it was about, his eyes not really looking at anything as Father Scientia goes and takes a seat on the altar, as the servers prepare for Holy Communion.

After the blessings, Prompto notices that Father Scientia chooses to go to his side for Communion. He knows it’s because of him. The person who had scolded him before comments on how it always seems Father Scientia caters to this side of the congregation. With his head bowed, Prompto doesn’t bother to say anything, but files it away in his mind to bring it up with Father Scientia later.

“The Body of Christ.” Startled by the fact that it’s already his turn, Prompto holds his palms out in front of him, the soft touch of Father Scientia’s thumb against the center of his palm bringing him back into the present.

“Amen.” He says, then places the wafer on his tongue, blessing himself as the two share a quick glance with one another, before he moves on to take a sip of the communal wine.

As mass draws to a close, he sings the final hymn of praise with the congregation, and stays in his pew, not at all interested in standing out in the rain as everyone leaves church, saved for one more weekend. A few people stay in their pews, most people choosing to leave before the last note has been sung. When the music ends, he picks up his umbrella, and genuflects towards the cross on his way out.

He sees Father Scientia talking to a group of parishioners, hanging back out of sight as most people are greeting him inside of the church due to the inclement weather. When the crowd begins to thin out, he makes his way over to him with a smile on his face. “Good evening, Father. As always, that was a very nice sermon today.”

“Thank you, Prompto.” A hand is extended out to him, to which he takes it and gives it a firm shake. “It’s good to see you here again.”

“It’s always nice to see you, Father.” He lets go of his hand, skin tingling with the heat transferred from Father Scientia’s hand to his. “I’ll see you at Lauds tomorrow?”

“That you will.” They share one more quick look, then Father Scientia diverts his attention to another family who was waiting their turn for the priest to speak with them.

Opening his umbrella outside, he makes his way back across the campus, stopping at dining hall to grab some dinner to take back up to his dorm room, not interested in eating ramen for another meal. He gets undressed, and back into his pajamas, dropping his phone onto his desk. It’s then that he remembers he’d turned it all the way off, and instantly picks it back up to turn it back on.

He receives another couple of texts after it boots back up. “Will you stick around after mass?” It must have been in response to his attempt to answer. Another one comes through. “Call me before you go to bed tonight? Please? I’m happy you stayed after. Good luck with studying.”

Thanks, Father. I will. :) It was nice to see you too. I’ll explain what happened when I call. I hope you weren’t too disappointed that I didn’t text you back sooner. ❤︎” Setting his phone down on its charger, he picks up his to go box, and starts to eat his lackluster dinner of rice and vegetables, not interested in the mystery meat they had been offering in the dining hall.

It feels a little weird, not being with the priest at the moment. The last two nights had been very nice, and now that it’s back to ‘reality’, it’s a little difficult for him. Prompto looks over at his bed, and in it he can see the priest laying there, a smile on his face, beckoning him over to the bed. To see it in his mind’s eye, and not see it in reality is a somewhat bitter pill to swallow, but this is the path he’s choosing to be on. It’s just one night. You went a week without any outside contact with him. You can handle one evening.

Loud noises can be heard outside of his dorm room, people returning from their weekends away. He puts on some music to ignore them, and figuring it’s late enough, he grabs his phone and drops down onto the bed. He brings up his call log, and presses the recent call to ‘Ignis Scientia’, and holds the phone up to his ear.

“Why, hello love.” His face breaks out into a smile as he hears Father Scientia’s voice come through the receiver. “Did you finish studying already? I thought you would be calling me much later.”

“Am I interrupting you?” He asks, a little afraid that maybe he did call too early. But his clock shows a little after nine. “I can call you back later, if I need to, Father.”

A soft chuckle makes him relax, as he turns his head to breathe in the lingering scent of his lover. “Don’t worry, Prompto. I was just sitting down to put some final touches on one of my midterm exams. “

“Oh? It wouldn’t be History of Religion, would it?”

“If it was, my lips are sealed.”

“Aww. Meanie.” He laughs, but never expected him to let him know in the first place. “How was your day, Father? Sorry I couldn’t text you earlier - someone in church gave me crap about texting.”

“Did they, now?” The tone the priest uses is difficult to gauge, Prompto unsure if he’s upset, or if he’s just imagining it. “I’m sure they’re one of the ones that likes to be on that one social app when they should be paying attention to what is being said about our Lord.”

“I kinda thought the same thing.” He pulls his blanket up, as he uses his other hand to wiggle out of his pants, coming to love how nice it feels to be naked underneath it. “But, considering I was already feeling a little guilty, I decided not to press my luck.”

A soft sigh comes through loud and clear. “I understand. We knew this would be difficult.”

“I wish I was with you right now.” Prompto pulls off his shirt, and buries himself underneath his blanket. “I feel like I was spoiled by the last two nights, Iggy.”

“I feel the same. Let’s get through this week, and then we can see about doing something together next weekend?”

Closing his eyes, Prompto hums in thought. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it to the end of the week.”

“Are you enjoying how my cock feels that much, love?”

The teasing throws him off guard, his body responding to the question with a shiver racing down his spine. “I told you this morning what I wanted you to do to me with it.” He thinks about his erotic confession in the throes of passion, his cock growing hard. “It feels so good inside of me…”

“Your tight ass is something I could stay buried in all night long.” Father Scientia’s voice takes on a richer tone, Prompto moaning softly as he listens to him. “Would you like that, Prompto?”

He moans lower at the suggestion. “You’re alone right now, aren’t you, Iggy?” Reaching down, his hand grabs onto his own cock. “Are you in your bedroom?” 

“I am.” Prompto bites his lip when he hears a low groan come through the receiver. “Do you want to know what I’m doing right now?”

“I hope it’s what I’m doing.” He moves to lay on his back, kicking the blanket off so that he can make a mess on himself. “My hand’s on my cock right now, Iggy…” He half gasps, half moans as he pushes his hand down to the base, his eyes closed as he pictures his lover touching him.

“Tell me more…” Another hitch of his breath confirms to Prompto that Father Scientia is doing exactly what he’s doing right now. “How’s it feel? Does it feel as thick and as hard as mine does right now?”

A low groan comes out of his throat, as he starts to pump his hand. “It feels good, but your hand would feel better.”

“Your mouth would feel better.”

“God, I want that. I want that so bad, Iggy…” He moans, precum beginning to leak from the slit on the tip of his cock, his fingers accepting the natural lubrication, spreading it up and down his shaft. “I want to taste you again.”

“T-Taste each other at the same time.” His lover moans low, Prompto imagining how good he looks right now. “Would you like that? Your mouth full of my cock, and mine full of yours?”

“Yes…” Nodding his head, he starts to pump his hand a little faster, the itch to touch his hole starting to grow the more he touches himself. “Are you touching y-your….your ass right now, Iggy?”

A deep moan infiltrates his senses, his body shivering at the sound. “I am. Will you play with it soon?”

“Please…?” His hand squeezes up as he strokes his cock, wondering what it will feel like to touch Ignis on that part of his body. “I want to know what it feels like too…”

Panting low moans now are on a constant loop from his lover, each sound bringing him closer to his orgasm. “I want to know what your cock feels like, love…. Will you show me? Take me, and make me come?”

“Until you beg me to stop.” He repeats his lover’s words back to him, cum spilling over the top of his hand as he moans low, his toes curling as his orgasm spreads throughout his body. The choked off sound he hears in his ear lets him know that his comment has helped seal the deal for his lover, the two of them now panting hard in each other’s ear, neither saying a word.

He reaches for some tissue, and starts to clean himself up, limbs still a little wobbly from the aftermath of his orgasm. He tosses them with a weak throw, moving to lay back on his side, eyes staying closed as he breathes in and out. “Are you falling asleep on me, Prompto?” He hears his lover ask, sounding more like himself.

“Maybe.” Giggling, he pulls the blanket closer to his chest. “I’ll see you at Lauds in the morning? I need to sleep, Father. I gotta be rested for my midterms tomorrow.”

Father Scientia’s soft laughter brings a smile to his face. “You will do wonderful on your midterms. And yes, I’ll see you at Lauds, and will hear your confession afterwards.”

Prompto laughs more, giddy from his orgasm. “Maybe I won’t go into too much detail, but you’ll know what I’m asking forgiveness for.”

“Good point. I will. Now get some sleep, love. Sweet dreams.”

“Night, Iggy. Sweet dreams to you.” He pulls the phone away from his ear, and ends the call.

He drops it back onto its charger, and turns off his light, happy that his phone alarm is already set for the following day. He’s too tired to create a new one. His body gives up, sleep claiming him fast as another day is put to rest.


“How was your weekend?” Prompto looks up from his notebook, as his best friend takes a seat next to him in class. Luna sets her backpack on top of her desk, and slides into the seat. “Were you studying all weekend like the proper bookworm that you are?”

Prompto laughs, the grey turtleneck he’s chosen to wear today for a myriad of reasons - mostly because the marks on the bottom of his neck have grown more pronounced as time as moved on - slides up to his chin as he nods his head. “I did a lot of studying, yes. How was yours?”

“It was good.” She takes out a blue exam notebook, and sets her pen on top of it. “You seem like you’re in a better mood today than you were on Friday.”

Nodding his head again, he pulls his own blue exam book out and puts it on his desk. “Yeah. I had some time to think about things, and I decided that the way I was acting was silly.” He leans back in his chair, a small smile tugging at his lips.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that because I knew something was up, but didn’t want to press it. Glad i don’t have to now.” Luna leans over, and gives his arm a pat. “Does this mean you’ll go out with Charlotte again?”

“What? No.” He shakes his head, not wanting to seem rude. “No, I’m good there. But thanks, though.”

“What about a different person?” Luna taps her pencil on top of her blue book. “Would that be of interest to you?”

“Luna, you just won’t stop until I’m with someone, will you?” Prompto tries not to sound too irritated. He loves his best friend, he really does - but when she gets into these moods, he doesn’t benefit from it at all. “Is Noctis pushing for another double date, or are you?”

“It’s almost your birthday. No one should be alone on their birthday, Prompto!” She turns to look at him, giving him the same eyes he’d seen at the animal shelter last week. “Please? One more date.”

“Look, can’t we get through midterms first? Let me get through this week, and then we’ll-”

The door opens, and in walks Father Scientia, dressed in his formal cassock for the day. He forgets what he’s saying, eyes drawn to the presence of the priest as he looks more handsome than he remembers him looking earlier in the day. Prompto had mentioned casually in the confessional booth how nice he looks in his more formal priest attire, so seeing him wearing it makes his stomach flip flop. It’s because of me. That morning had been an interesting one, to say the least.

Lauds had been nice and quiet. The usual crowd had shown up for the first mass of the week, Prompto staying to the back of the church like always. Afterwards, he’d entered the confessional last, and had confessed his sins to his lover, without going into major detail. He knew that if he had done that, he would have been a mess for the rest of the day, and with midterms beginning, he couldn’t afford to allow that to happen. Father Scientia had given him his penance, giving him the Lord’s blessing. It had felt a little weird to confess of his sins of the weekend to the man who he had been doing them with, because it sort of felt like fake absolution, but he knows it’s not. Or, he hopes it isn’t. He’s tired, and doesn’t want to be stuck in the internal dilemma of ‘is this wrong’. He knows it’s wrong, and is charging full steam ahead with the knowledge, the two of them making that decision together. On his way out of the booth, he’d casually said that he wouldn’t mind too much if his lover wore his formal cassock to class, to which he’d received no answer to. But seeing Father Scientia standing up at the front of the class, a venti cup of some sort of coffee beverage placed next to a stack of tests, he knows that his lover had taken heart to his request.

“Alright, everyone. I’d ask how your weekend was, but I’m sure that all of you were studying diligently for your midterm exam.” Father Scientia holds up the test, the class as a whole groaning. “I would think you would be happy to have this test today, as you won’t have to endure a lecture from me on Wednesday. Unless….you prefer to take the midterm exam on Wednesday?” Father Scientia reaches for his briefcase. “I’ve got a lesson that I could teach-”

“No!” The class shouts, Prompto keeping his head down as he sees his lover’s mouth turn up with a smirk. If he looks at him for too long, he’ll forget about where he’s at, and regard him in the same manner he’d gotten used to over the weekend.

When he lifts his head, he sees Father Scientia looking towards him, the smirk turning to a hint of a smile, Prompto returning it without hesitation. He shifts a little in his seat, breathing a sigh of relief when Father Scientia looks away first. “Since the lot of you wish to not be in my presence on Wednesday, we will proceed with the test today. But you had better be ready to learn the following Monday. As well as have your research papers ready to turn in.” Another loud collective groan sounds in the room. “Do not turn your test over until you’re told to.”

The tests are passed out, Prompto grabbing one from the stack, and passing it backwards. He keeps it face down on his desk, sneaking another glance at the priest. He sees him standing in front of the class, arms crossed over his chest, making sure that no one turns the test over before the entire class has received it. “Alright. You’ve got 50 minutes to complete the test. Good luck.”

He picks up the packet, and opens his blue book, saying a silent prayer to God that he will do well on his test. With his scholarship, if his grades drop, then he’s put on probation. And he can’t have that. One of the reasons why he’s so focused on his studies is because he knows if he messes up, then it’s over. So, his paranoia keeps him in check. It’s worked well the last two years, no reason why it wouldn’t in his third year at St. Lucis. His eyes read the first question, and he breathes a sigh of relief, knowing exactly how to answer it.

Prompto finishes his test with eight minutes to spare. He’s not the first one finished, but he’s close. Walking up to the front of the classroom with his backpack hanging off of one shoulder, he sets his blue book down, and puts his test on the pile already created on the desk. “Enjoy your week, Father.” He sees his lover lift his head, the look in his eyes making him wish that the rest of the class wasn’t there.

“Good luck on the rest of your midterms, Prompto.”

Licking his lips without meaning to, he sees a slight blush appear on Father Scientia’s cheeks, his eyes going to the white collar tucked into the top of his cassock. He nods his head, and turns to head towards the door, his hormones going haywire. Once outside of the classroom, he goes down the hallway, and leans against the wall, waiting for Luna to be finished with her exam.

His best friend walks out a minute before the end of their class, looking a little put out. “What’s the matter?” He asks, as the two of them begin to walk away from the classroom.

“That test was difficult.” Luna has a pout on her face. “Too many similarities. I hope that I did well. I don’t want to do bad in this class.”

“I’m sure you did great.”

“You’re only confident because Father Scientia likes you.”

“What??” He stops walking, seconds away from a full fledged panic attack. “Why would you say something like that?”

She eyeballs him with her eyebrow raised up. “What do you mean? It’s obvious you are one of the best students in the class. Of course he’s going to like you because you contribute to the class more than most students.” She shakes her head, still giving him a strange look. “What’s the matter with you?”

“N-Nothing.” He shakes his head, a nervous laugh leaving his throat as they start to walk again, heading to the parking lot together. The remark had thrown him off guard, and considering the weekend he had just had with the priest, it hits a little too close to home. “How’d your other tests go today?”

“Not too bad.” They get to her car, and he stands next to the driver’s side, helping to close the door for her. “So, when can we talk about your birthday?”

“After Friday.” He sticks his tongue out at her, as she starts the car. His phone vibrates in his pocket, but he ignores it for the moment. He’s still a little rattled by Luna’s comment about his behavior in class. Has my attraction to him over the course of the semester been that obvious? Crap. “And why can’t I just hang out with the two of you? Or is that too weird for your boyfriend?” He teases her, the smile growing on his face as she glares at him.

“I just want you to be happy.”

“Luna, I promise - I’m very happy right now.” I can’t tell you why. I’m sorry. The small pit in his stomach begins to ache, hating that he has to lie to the person he’s so close with, but it’s necessary because he knows that she would never understand. “All I want to do is spend time with you, and I guess Noctis. Let’s just leave it at that, okay?”

“What if Noct-”


“Fine. I’ll bring it up again on Friday.” She rolls her eyes, and waves her hand. “Do we have a date to go to the animal shelter on Thursday?”

Prompto nods his head. “Why? You want to go see Pryna again?”

“Maybe. I was thinking about adopting her and that other dog, Umbra.”

His mouth drops open. “Really?? Oh, wow! Yeah, okay! Let’s go on Thursday, late afternoon? I’ve got my last midterm at noon.”

“Sounds good to me! You off to the library?”

A car honks its horn, making it clear that they want Luna’s parking spot. During exams week, the student body becomes more aggressive than normal, everyone strung out due to the stress of midterms. “Yep! Go, before they start throwing food at you.”

“Let them. I’m starving.” She laughs, and rolls up the window, then backs out of her spot.

He waves, and then starts to make his way towards the library when he remembers his phone had vibrated in his pocket earlier. Pulling it out, he takes a look to see who had decided to text him, and starts to smile when he sees who it is.

Are you done for the day? Would you like to grab some dinner with me this evening?

Depends. Are we going to go to that diner again? Or can I pick a place? ;)” He enters the library, and makes his way up to the third floor.

His phone vibrates a few moments later. “Where did you have in mind? Remember, I’m a poor priest. :(

He laughs out loud at his lover’s text, shaking his head as his fingers tap on the keys. “I have means to pay for my own dinner, thank you very much.”

Shall I meet you after Vespers?

Sounds like a plan, Father.”

The library provides the perfect place for him to study, the not-so-subtle quietness around him helping him concentrate. His concentration starts to wane a few minutes before his alarm is set to go off, reminding him it’s time to head to the church for Vespers. Hoping that this will be enough for his tests tomorrow, he packs his things up, and makes his way across campus to the church.

Listening to Father Scientia preside over mass, Prompto lets his mind wander in a way he hasn’t allowed himself since their dalliance began. His mouth recites the words of the mass from rote, but his mind entertains the idea of sneaking into the church with his lover, doing things that he’s only dreamed about. Had it been a week ago, and he thought about these types of scenarios, he would have felt an immense guilt at having such licentious thoughts in a holy place. There is subtle guilt staying on the edge of his conscience, but he knows that he’s made his decision to pursue this avenue with Father Scientia. It’s amazing what an eye opening weekend can do for a person.

At the conclusion of mass, he stays in his pew and waits for Father Scientia to return to the nave. The church is empty, Prompto sitting alone in his pew. Holding his Rosary in his hand, he decided to work on the penance he was given earlier in the day. His heart begins to beat faster as the sound of distinct footfalls echo in the almost empty church. Keeping his head down as he prays his last Hail Mary of the decade, he lifts it up when the footsteps stop, turning to look at the person standing next to his pew.

“Good evening.” Father Scientia is dressed in his cassock, the vestments he’d worn during mass no longer on his body. “Are you ready to go get something to eat?”

He puts his rosary away, and nods his head. “Yes, Father.” He takes a quick look around, confirming that they are still alone, and lifts himself up onto the balls of his feet to press a quick kiss to Father Scientia’s lips. “I’ve been wanting to do that all day.” He smiles, dropping back down to his feet.

“Don’t let me stop you from doing it some more, if you’d like.” Father Scientia’s hand touches his face, his thumb coming to rest underneath his chin, guiding Prompto to tilt his head to the side. “Would you like another?”

Nodding his head slowly, his eyelids begin to close as his lover’s pliant lips return to his own, his mouth opening to feel the thick wet muscle inside of Father Scientia’s mouth. His eardrums begin to ring with the sound of his own heartbeat, both excited and scared at the same time as their kiss becomes less sweet and more provocative. He soon finds himself sitting back down on the pew - no, not sitting. Laying down on the pew, his lover laying on top of him, their clothed arousals coming into contact with one another.

“W-What are we doing…?” He moans softly, staring up into Father Scientia’s green irises.

He hears himself ask the question, but he doesn’t bother stopping as he lifts his hips up to grind more against the firm mound pushing against his own cock. “Do you want me to stop?” The look of want in his lover’s eyes lets him know that he’s feeling the same sort of arousal.

“My mind says yes…” Rolling his hips more, he rubs himself against the priest’s arousal, arms lifting up to lock around his neck.

“But your heart…?” Their lips hover close to one another, as their hips continue to roll, frotting against one another like a couple of horny teenagers. Not at all the appropriate behavior for persons of their age. “What does your heart wish, Prompto…?”

The tip of Ignis’ tongue flicks his cupid’s bow, making him release another moan, fingers touching his lips to keep him quiet. “I wish you could put it inside of me…” He tries to focus on looking up into Father Scientia’s eyes, but everything is a blur, as the pleasure begins to take over his body, the lust taking control of his brain - trying to get what it wants. “I want to feel you again...”

“I wish for that as well…” Their grinding becomes more aggressive, Prompto getting close to an orgasm with minimal touches. “But I don’t have anything on me at the moment….I’m sorry, love…” Father Scientia kisses the side of his neck, Prompto lifting his hand to bite down onto his fist, muffling his own noises as he’s pushed closer to an orgasm. “You’ll feel me soon. I promise…”

“D-Do you?” He lifts one leg, and puts it around Father Scientia’s waist, moaning low as he starts to hump him in earnest. The sound of his wallet scraping against the pew bench as he lifts his hips up sounds loud in his own ears, but he can’t stop what he’s doing. It feels too good. “P-Promise me, Father…”

“You have my word.”

Their mouths come crashing together, the added force of their pelvises grinding against each other bringing another wave of lust through his entire body. He starts to come, clinging himself to his lover’s body as he keeps rubbing himself against him, the peace of release bringing a smile to his face. He hears Father Scientia moan low near his ear, and soon feels more wetness against his clothed cock, a sharp shiver skating down his spine, recognizing that his lover has just come as well.

It takes them both a few minutes to come back, the reality of what they’ve done in the pew causing them both to have wide eyes. “W-We…” Prompto whispers, shocked by his own actions.

“Perhaps we should put boundaries on ourselves.” Father Scientia sits up, pulling Prompto up into a sitting position with him. He looks around the sanctuary, neither of them hearing the door open, but that doesn’t mean it hadn’t. “We’re alone, but still. That was careless on both of our parts.”

He nods his head, reaching down to adjust himself, the wetness not bothering him too much. “I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry, Father.”

“I’m at fault just as much as you are, Prompto. No apologies are necessary.” Father Scientia stands up, and looks down at himself. “I need to go and change. May I meet you out front of the church?”

Prompto pushes some of the hair off of his head, and nods. “Yes, Father. I’ll wait for you outside.” His eyes close when he feels his lover kiss him softly on the lips. “Father…?”

“I’ll see you soon, love.” Green eyes sparkle with mirth as Father Scientia pulls away from him, and walks up towards the altar, heading back to the sacristy to go to the rectory.

He rubs his hands over his face, shaking his head as he looks up at the cross. I’m sorry. Please, don’t punish him. Punish me, if you need to. I should have stop us, but it’s hard, Father. It’s hard, because I care for him so much. I’ve missed his touch for most of the day, and to feel it again was perfect. I’ll be better tomorrow. He says a quick prayer, then picks up his backpack. Heading to the bathroom at the front of the church, he cleans himself up as much as possible, grateful that his cum hadn’t seeped into his dark jeans, making it easier to disguise what had just happened. He then heads out of the church, pleased to see that he is still alone in the nave.

Father Scientia joins him five minutes later, back to wearing black slacks and another St. Lucis sweatshirt. “Will the diner be sufficient for the evening, love?” His lover asks, as he approaches Prompto, no one in the vicinity to hear his term of endearment.

Readjusting his backpack, he gives a nod of his head. “Sounds perfect, Father.”

Chapter Text

As they approach the nearby diner, Prompto sees it’s more crowded than normal, students holed up at tables doing last-minute studying for their midterms. He does a double take, afraid that he’s seen some people from his History of Religion class, but looking at them again, he realizes they are random strangers. Still, the spike in his anxiety has made him look around the restaurant more, as Father Scientia approaches the hostess stand.

“What’s wrong?” Father Scientia asks him, as the woman starts to lead them to a table near the back. She talks over the din, allowing the two of them to have a somewhat private conversation, as they’re shown where they’ll be enjoying their meal from.

Prompto shakes his head, then sits down first, Father Scientia sitting across from him, a worried look on his face. Someone comes and asks for their beverage order, and once they’re gone, Prompto meets his lover’s eyes. “It’s really busy in here tonight.”

“So? Isn’t that a good thing?” Father Scientia asks, his foot knocking against Prompto’s, a smile on his face. “More people means less attention on us. We’re just two men deciding to have a nice meal together.”

He snorts, and shakes his head. “First of all, you’re a professor. Second of all, you’re a priest at the university’s church. So, instantly, you’re of celebrity status. What if people recognize you?”

“What if they do? Are priests not allowed to go outside, and enjoy the simple things in life?”

“No.” Prompto shakes his head, ducking his head down when he sees Ignis’ eyes widen in surprise. “I don’t mean it the way you think I do, Iggy.” He’s quick to correct himself, looking across at him, as he sees his lover relax.

“There wasn’t a problem when we came here two weeks ago. What’s changed?”

Looking around the room, he exhales. “It’s midterms. Students are staying at the school until late hours, camping out at the library, coming here to feed their body before feeding their mind. Everyone is trying to study last minute.” He picks up his menu, but doesn’t see the items on the page, trying to deal with his anxiety without causing a scene. “I thought I saw someone from my, I mean our History of Religion class. How would you explain to them why we’re eating together?”

“Not that it’s any of their business, but I would explain to them that I had asked you to join me for dinner. Simple as that.”

“No, Iggy. It’s not that simple. Not when you are who you are.” He picks up his napkin, and starts to fiddle with it, slowly becoming more anxious the longer they sit together. “Two weeks ago, this place wasn’t as packed as it is now. And the people that were here, they were of a different generation. Not packed to the gills with St. Lucis’ student body.”

“If you are uncomfortable, we can go find another place to eat.” Ignis offers, a hand touching his knee underneath the table. “I don’t want to cause you duress right now. I was hoping to have a nice meal with you - dutch - since I know I won’t be seeing you in an academic setting for another week.”

Knowing that he’s being a bit high maintenance, he tries to shake his head no, but winds up nodding instead. “Please? Can we go? I’m sorry, Iggy. Really. I am.”

“No, I understand.” They both stand up, having only ordered water. “Why don’t you go wait up front, while I explain to the waitress that we’re leaving?”

A hand touches his forearm, Ignis giving him a reassuring squeeze. He nods his head again, eyes beginning to well up with tears as he realizes what’s happening right now, all because of him and his delusions. “Thank you.” He gives him a weak smile, then heads back towards the front of the diner, keeping his head down.

Ignis appears at his side a few minutes later, the two of them walking out of the diner together without anyone stopping either of them. As they make their way down the street, Prompto stops walking, and looks up at his lover. “I’m sorry if I acted irrationally back there.”

“Don’t be sorry. I understand now why you were hesitant. It’s okay. Would you like to go find somewhere else to eat, or would you prefer to head back to your dormitory?” The two of them step to the side, out of the path of anyone walking down the block. “It won’t upset me if you would rather go and get an early night’s rest.”

He sighs, torn between wanting to spend more time with his lover, and knowing that it might be beneficial for him to go and get an early night of sleep. “I feel like I failed tonight, Iggy.” He looks down at his feet, pushing his hands into his jacket pockets, his backpack feeling like it weighs a million pounds on his back. 

“You did no such thing.” Ignis shakes his head. “You need to be honest with me, though. I thought it was perfectly fine eating in the diner together, but your aversion to my ‘celebrity’ status seems to make it difficult for you.”

“Can you blame me?” He asks, trying to make him understand. The priest had yet to put his hood back up, making it very clear who he is. As if on cue, two people across the street call out to Father Scientia, and the man waves at them. It’s the first time he’s seen it happen, and it’s as surreal as he expects it to be. “See? What if they had been in the restaurant?” Prompto begins to feel like he’s been punched in the gut, not knowing how to place these feelings he’s experiencing.

“What if they had?” The light reflects off of Ignis’ glasses, the man tilting his head down to look at him better. “Would that have bothered you?”

“Only because of what we…” He stops himself short, head snapping back and forth in case anyone around them is paying them attention. “You know what I want to say.”

Ignis nods his head, but keeps his distance from him, Prompto torn between being relieved and wanting to feel his arms around him. “We talked about this. You knew what this would mean.”

“I know.” He groans, shifting the weight of his backpack, rocking back on his heels. “You don’t think I know that? It’s just….” He drops his voice, and speaks near his shoulder. “I can feel the bruises on my neck throbbing right now. You marked me, but if anyone sees them, they’ll wonder who they’re from, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to say. Except the obvious.”

“That they’re not from me.”

“Right.” He sighs, and shakes his head. “Maybe I should just go back to my dorm. Otherwise, I’m going to keep being upset for no good reason.”

“Don’t say that.” Ignis puts his hand on his shoulder, and Prompto’s first reaction is to pull away, but keeps himself still to feel the gentle touch of his lover. The safe touch of his lover, as no one would question why the priest is so chummy with him. “Your feelings are very valid, and I want to help.”

“Hah.” Prompto looks up at him, a sad smile on his face. “I appreciate that, Father.” With the recognition, he doesn’t feel safe addressing him by his first name any longer. “I guess we’ll figure things out.”

His lover nods his head, giving his shoulder a little squeeze, and then lets go. “May I walk with you back to your dorm?”

“I think I would prefer to be alone right now.” He hears himself say the words, but whether or not they’re true doesn’t matter, because they’ve already been said. “Clear my head.”

“Then, I will wish you a good night. I will see you at Lauds?”

“Yes, Father.”

They both say a silent prayer before parting, Father Scientia giving him a blessing. As he walks back to the dormitory, he thinks about what happened. We were supposed to have fun. Why did I have to ruin it all? The guilt he begins to feel about his behavior has him walking slow, not really interested in returning into his dorm room. He should have accepted Father Scientia’s invitation to walk with him back to his dormitory, the thought of when they had done that the last time together making him sincerely wish he’d said something other than what he had said. Their ‘secret’ seemed to be easier to keep when the campus didn’t feel as busy as it does right now. Just need to get through midterms. He nods his head, and enters the dormitory, heading up to his dorm room by taking the stairs, giving himself a physical workout.

Exiting the stairwell, he starts to walk towards his dorm room, and stops when he sees someone standing outside of it. His stomach drops, and his head turns towards the stairwell, wondering how in the world did this person beat him back to his room when he can see their shoulders rising up and down, the hood on their sweatshirt pulled down far enough to obscure their face. He wants to cry, out of happiness or frustration he isn’t sure.

He walks past the person, and unlocks his door, and leaves it open as he enters it. He drops his backpack on top of his desk, as he hears his door close. Turning around, he crosses his arms over his chest and looks over at the man who is lowering the hood that he’s wearing. “What are you doing here? And how did you get here before me??”

“I used to run track in high school and college.” Ignis stands near the door. “So, I ran here in the hopes that I would beat you.”

“You’re crazy, you know that?” Walking over to his small fridge, he grabs an unopened bottle of water, and tosses it to him. “Why? Why did you do that?”

The water is caught with one hand, Ignis unscrewing the cap with a fast twist, and then begins to gulp water down. Prompto watches as some dribbles down his chin, heading down the length of his neck, inadvertently licking his lips as his eyes are drawn to Ignis’ Adam’s apple going up and down, the white collar poking out of the top of his sweatshirt. Once the water is gone from the bottle, it’s set on the dresser, near the blooming flowers. Ignis wipes his mouth off with the cuff of his sleeve, and then looks over at him, fingers touching the blooms.

“I came here because I didn’t want our night to end on a strange note. I know I could have just as easily called you, but I wanted to see you alone.” Finally, the man moves to be close to him, and pulls him into a hug. “I hated making you upset back there.” Ignis whispers into his ear.

Closing his eyes, he sinks against his body, holding tight to him. “How do you think I felt?” He replies, sniffling a little. “I know I was acting dumb. I’m sorry. I wanted to stop, but I was scared that someone would see us together.”

“And people did. And nothing bad happened to either of us.” Ignis pulls back, and cups his face, Prompto turning to rest against his palm. “Those people that said hello didn’t question, didn’t say anything mean about you, or something of the sort. They said hello, and then moved on with their night. Just as we would have done at the diner, had someone come up to us.”

He goes and sits down on his loveseat, putting his elbows on his knees, releasing a frustrated groan. “I know! And I know that I said I wanted this, even with the complications that I knew were going to be a difficult challenge. But after the weekend…”

“After the weekend we had, it’s difficult to go back to a ‘normal’ routine.” The empty spot next to him disappears, as his lover takes a seat next to him. Ignis holds his arms out, and Prompto moves to sit on his lap, facing him as he pushes his chest against his. “We’ll figure this out. You’re right - the diner was much more crowded tonight than it was the last time we were there.”

It feels nice to sit this close to him, without having to think about anyone seeing what they’re doing. “Maybe we can try to do it again next week? After midterms are over?”

“I would like that.” A kiss touches the corner of his mouth, Prompto turning his head to receive another kiss on his lips. “Before I let you get on with your evening, I do have one favor to ask you.”

Not ready to say goodbye, but he knows that he should get a little bit more studying done before he sleeps, he leans back on Ignis’ lap and looks into his eyes. “What is it, Iggy?”

“You said I marked you, and that the marks are still visible.” The blush on his lover’s face could rival the one slowly creeping onto his own cheeks. “May I see them?”

Prompto grabs onto the top of his turtleneck, his ass now resting against Ignis’ knees, and pulls it down low enough to expose the base of his neck. “See?” He turns his head from side to side, showing his lover what had been left behind on his body.

“Are you upset that they’re there?” Fingertips touch one mark, then the other, sending a slight chill down his spine. “Because I seem to remember someone telling me to mark them.”

Holding onto the turtleneck with both of his hands, he holds onto it a little tighter as Ignis’ fingers touch them a little more. “I’m not upset. I just need to be more conscientious of my wardrobe choices the next few days.” He tilts his head back a little, moaning softly when he feels Ignis’ breath against his neck, his lover’s lips touching one mark with a light kiss. “S-Stop...what are you doing…?”

“I want to heal them…” Ignis bites down on his earlobe, giving it a little tug. “But since I can’t, how about you return the favor to me?”

His breath hitches in his throat, feeling suddenly parched at the suggestion made by his lover. He gives a small nod of his head, his hands letting go of his turtleneck, and going to the neckline of Ignis’ sweatshirt. Pulling it over his head, the sweatshirt gets dropped to the floor. He sees the black clerical clothing, the white collar hidden underneath it - what signifies him as a man of God. His fingers tremble as he reaches to the back of his neck, and undoes the hook, taking the white collar away. He remembers how adamant he’d been when the priest had removed it that first night they’d done anything together, and now here he is, taking it off on his own accord.

“Would you like my help?” Ignis’ voice is low, both soothing and erotic at the same time.

Shaking his head, he unbuttons two buttons on Ignis’ clerical shirt, exposing most of his neck to him. With a deep breath, he starts to kiss his neck, sliding up higher onto Ignis’ lap as his lips touch the base of Ignis’ neck, resting a little above the clavicle. He leaves a few wet kisses, then opens his mouth and gently bites down, eyes closing as he listens to the low moan his lover makes. His arousal triples, his pants becoming painfully tight as he feels a similar hardness touch his as he begins to roll his hips.

A hand touches the back of his neck, and holds him in place, fingers threading through his hair as he bites down with a little more force. “Yes, love…” Ignis moans more, Prompto groaning in response to the fingers tightening in his hair, as he begins to suck a mark onto his lover’s neck. “God, that feels good…”

He pulls back to admire his handy work, pressing a soft kiss against the broken capillaries. “Would you like another? So we’re the same?”

“Do it.”

Already moving to the other side of his neck before he hears his lover’s request, Prompto finds himself rolling his hips more, needing that extra little bit of friction against his clothed cock as he latches his mouth on the opposite side of Ignis’ neck. The hand on the back of his head tightens its grip, Ignis’ other hand holding onto his hip, guiding him on how to frot against him, as he bites down harder on his neck, sucking a mark that will rival the marks on his own neck.

Pulling away, he licks at it, but doesn’t stop rubbing himself against Ignis’ body. “W-We should stop…” He moans, lowering his head until his forehead is touching his lover’s forehead, both taking laborious breaths. “T-Tell me to stop, Iggy….”

“I’m afraid I can’t…” The hand on his hip holds onto him with a little more force, as Prompto slides himself further up his lap, as he starts to really go to town. “I want it too, Prompto…”

“T-Take off your pants….” He grinds himself against him more, his entrance beginning to twitch with the ache of wanting him to feel him inside. “Please…”

“No…” Ignis shakes his head, their movements becoming more urgent, the physical ache of wanting more present in both of their actions. “I don’t have...anything to make it….not hurt…”

He whines low, hating that they have to be dependent on lubricant, but he’s not about to try it without anything. “Fine…” He rocks himself more against him, and after a few good rubs, he slides off of his lap, and kneels on the floor between his legs. “Take it out for me, then? Please, Iggy….You know I want it…” I always want it in my mouth. He bites his lip for extra effect, staring up at him with need in his eyes.

The speed at which his lover undoes his pants and takes his stiff cock out for him makes Prompto giddy with excitement. Salivating, he stares at the plump piece of flesh. If he couldn’t have dinner with his lover, then this is the next best thing. His lips rub against the tip, smearing precum all over them. “Paint my lips”. He groans at the memory from Saturday night, and then pulls the tip of Ignis’ cock into his mouth, his tongue accepting the weight with no issue.

“God, I’m already on the edge, love…” Ignis moans, Prompto loosening his throat as he feels him start to slide in and out of his mouth. “Your tongue is to die for….”

Taking the compliment to heart, he begins to bob his head, alternating shallow swallows to deepthroating his lover’s cock. It’s become so much easier to take more of him in, Prompto savoring each suckle he gives to Ignis’ cock. When he begins to feel him throb against the back of his tongue, he pulls his mouth back until it’s just around the tip. When he feels the first bits of cum land on his tongue, he pulls back even further, rubbing his tongue directly over the slit as it keeps flowing out of Ignis.

“Prompto….” His lover groans, as some cum starts to drip down his chin, much like the water had earlier. He pulls the tip back into his mouth, and swallows what’s left of his lover’s orgasm, his cock still incredibly hard. As Ignis begins to soften against his tongue, he sits back on his knees and stares up at him, a smile on his face.

“Thank you.” He kisses the tip again, licking a little of the excess dribble off the soft crown, before tucking him back into his underwear. “That was exactly what I needed.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Ignis releases a breathy chuckle, getting himself back into order. “Come up here, so that I may take care of you?”

He nods, and moves to sit back up on the loveseat, groaning low as Ignis undoes the button on his pants, and pulls his cock out. “You make me so crazy, Iggy…” He leans his head back, moaning lower as his cock is played with. “All I’ve wanted to do tonight is be alone with you like this…”

“Then I’m glad I followed you home.” His lover bends over at the waist, and puts his lips around his cock, Prompto almost exploding at the first touch, but reins it in.

It doesn’t take him very long to get off, the pent up frustration from earlier, mixed with their earlier frottage and Ignis coming in his mouth making him a loaded gun. The wet heat of Ignis’ mouth feels so good around his cock, that it’s almost too painful to keep himself in check. But after a few bobs of Ignis’ head, it’s all over for him. He jerks forward, his hand grabbing onto Ignis’ side as he releases a loud moan, his body giving out as he’s sucked dry by his lover.

“Now we’re even.” Ignis lifts his head, wiping off his mouth with the pad of his thumb. Prompto reaches forward, and pulls it into his own mouth, then the thumb is taken away, and replaced by Ignis’ tongue. The two of them kiss each other with a fierce passion, both moaning as their fluids are transferred back and forth, creating a mixture that’s equally sweet and sinful at the same time.

Prompto nods his head, pulling back from his lover’s lips. “Even.” He giggles, and puts his pants back on. “You have to go soon, don’t you?” He looks over at the clock, and sees that it’s late.

“I’m sorry.” His lover nods his head, as the two of them stand up together, both wobbling a little before regaining their equilibrium, holding onto each other to stay upright. “But, we’ll see each other at Lauds.”

Putting the white collar back around Ignis’ neck, he picks up his lover’s sweatshirt and watches him pull it over his head. “We will.” Prompto nods, smiling as he gives his lover a hug. “I’m really glad you ran here. I wasn’t expecting this at all.”

“I thought we needed it. And I was right.” Ignis lowers his head, and kisses him again before putting his hoodie back on, after placing his white collar back around his neck. “In case we can’t talk after mass, I wish you luck on the rest of your midterms.”

“Thank you, Iggy. That means a lot.” He smiles, and opens the door for him. “See you in the morning?”

“Good night.” Covering his face, Ignis walks out of his dorm room, leaving him alone.

Going over to his bed, Prompto gets undressed and flops down onto it. He contemplates about studying a little bit, but with how tired he feels at the moment, he knows it won’t amount to anything. So instead, he gets under the covers, and falls fast asleep, the memory of Ignis’ mouth on his body carrying him off to dreamland for the night.


At Lauds the next morning, he sees Father Scientia wearing a higher collared robe, a giveaway of what they had done together the night before. He’d slept well, just like he has the past few nights, both out of relief at admitting his feelings and having the opportunity to get rid of his sexual frustration with his lover in some form or another over the course of those nights. He feels good - refreshed even, ready to take on the world.

As he muddles through his midterms, the studying he’d done over the weekend proved to be a big help in two of his classes. Having the material fresh in his mind helped him to get through the tests at a faster pace than the rest of the class. He hadn’t been the first one to finish - he never is, and finishes with confidence each time.

In between a break between classes, he heads to the student center to grab some coffee and food to help get him through the next part of the day. Sitting down, he pulls his phone out of his pocket, and decides to send his lover a text. “I saw your collar was a bit on the high side this morning, Father. Everything alright? ;)

Whatever gave you the impression that something was wrong? It was a bit chilly this morning. ;)” The text comes through five minutes later, Prompto wondering what the delay had been for, but then remembers that he’s in class at the moment.

Why are you texting me back! Shouldn’t you be proctoring your exam right now?

I am capable of multitasking. How could I ignore a text from you, when it’s usually me that sends a text first?

Laughing, he types back, forgetting to chew the food in his mouth. “I’m trying to get better at it! Are you going to be saying mass tonight?

I am not. I will be gone until Saturday.”

His stomach drops, going through his mind if he’d informed him he’d be leaving. “Oh? Is everything okay?” His finger trembles a little as he tries not to think negative thoughts, but they are quick to manifest regardless if he wants them to or not.

Remember Father Bradham going to our sister parish on Friday? Well, they’ve asked me to come and lead their daily masses starting this evening. One of their priests had an unexpected family emergency last night.”

He exhales, breathing a little easier as he rereads the words sent to him. “I thought I had forgotten. :-/ Thank you for telling me, Iggy. :)

I was going to tell you, but I didn’t want to distract you from your midterms. Are they going well?

I appreciate that. And yes, they are. I’ve got one more today, and then another tomorrow and Thursday, then I’m done for the week.”

Picking up more food, he sets his phone on the table, but then is quick to pick it back up when he sees it’s a photo message that’s come through. Ducking down, he covers his phone with his hand to see the image of his lover’s neck, the bruises dark, but not quite as dark as the ones on his own neck. “Do you like your handiwork? I was rather impressed when I saw them this morning.”

Warn me. I’m in the student center eating. *o*.”

He touches the image, then quickly deletes it, afraid that he might accidentally save the picture. And how would he explain to anyone that decided to go through his phone why he had such a picture on his phone. “My face wasn’t visible. But I understand, I will ask next time if it’s safe to send you a photo of that sort.”

You sending me photos will never be safe. Now my pants are tight, and I’ve got to go to my next midterm soon. ;A;” Shifting a little, his arousal is slow to go down, the image of his lover’s marked up neck turning him on in a bad way. “And you’re telling me I won’t be seeing you until Saturday? So rude.”

You think I’m rude? I see how it is, love.”

Prompto laughs, and starts to type more. “Alright, I have to go now. Don’t fall in love with anyone at the new parish, okay? I’ll see you on Saturday?” Staring at the words, he wonders what had possessed him to say something of the sort, when there has been no declaration between either of them. But it was too late to take it back, as another text message pops up onto his phone.

I’m sorry to inform you, but you are the only one that has a hold on my heart. No one can come close to how much room you take up in it.”

His head slams down onto the table, blushing a bright red as he tries not to make a noise at the text Father Scientia had just sent to him. “You’re going to give me a complex. I’ll see you in a few days. I’ll miss you.”

I won’t be able to text you, because they are basically in a dead zone. :( I will miss you more, love.”

Doubtful. Okay, go back to watching your class. What if someone was cheating while you were being negligent? For shame, Father.”

And I just laughed, and the students all looked at me. Thank you. I’ll see you in a few days.”

Giddy with the knowledge that he had made Father Scientia act in that way, he types one more reply to him. “Bye, Iggy. ❤.”

He picks up his tray, and walks over to the garbage, throwing away his empty container before returning the tray to the area to be cleaned. Torn between being happy that he got to talk to Father Scientia so much during his break, and being sad that he won’t be seeing him until the weekend, he decides to be a combination of both. With Father Scientia gone for the next few days, it gives him the time to finish up his paper for History of Religion, as well as gives him time to focus on studying for his last two midterms. With a smile on his face, he heads to his next midterm, wanting to review his notes a little bit before the exam is set to take place. Knowing that he doesn’t have to wonder if Father Scientia will be texting him or not gives him the freedom to not worry for a few days.

At least, he hopes that will be the case.

Chapter Text

After his last midterm, Prompto heads out of the building, and makes his way to the student parking lot. He’d told Luna to pick him up there, since they had a standing date to go the animal shelter. And today is the day that she’s going to be picking up her new housemates, assuming she actually is going to go through with it. He sees her waiting for him at the curb, and hops into the backseat, dropping his backpack onto the floor behind her. Prompto leans forward, resting his arms on the back of the seats, as he looks at his best friend. “You sure about this, Luna? This is a big step.” Her boyfriend is sitting in the passenger seat this afternoon. “Noct - have you told her what a commitment this is?”

“Why are you talking about me as if I’m not even here right now?” She huffs out, turning the key, the car starting. “And don’t you dare say anything bad about me!”

“I don’t know what I could ever say that would ever make that a thing.” Noctis shrugs his shoulders, then looks back at Prompto. “I’ve told her, and she seems to think she’ll be able to take care of them. I even tried to get Ravus to give his input.”

His eyebrows raise up, surprised to hear Luna’s brother was brought in on this. “Really? And what did he say?”

“He thinks they’re adorable, and he can’t wait to meet them.” Luna looks at him through the rearview mirror, a happy smile on her face. “So, you can stop worrying. I’m going to do this. I should have done this last week.”

“Does this mean you won’t be going with me anymore?” He leans back against the backseat, not really interested in going through the front window if Luna happened to get them into a car crash. “How am I going to get there with no ride?”

“Buy a car?” Noctis suggests, Prompto rolling his eyes at the suggestion. “What? Did I say something wrong?”

“I’m going to St. Lucis on a full scholarship. What makes you think I’ve got any extra money to get a car?” Prompto sighs, shaking his head. “If I could, I would.”

“It’s why he still lives on campus.” Luna turns the music down to a reasonable level, allowing them to have a conversation without shouting. “I keep telling him to come move in with me. We’ve got plenty of room in our apartment.”

Before things had begun with Father Scientia, he had contemplated taking up his best friend on her offer, but now that that’s a thing, he definitely does not want to move off of campus. “That’s a great idea. Prompto, why don’t you do that?” Noctis turns around, looking over his shoulder. “I could help you move your stuff. It wouldn’t take that long. Then, you’d have access to wheels.” 

“No, I’m good.” He loves his friends, always trying to do the best thing for him. Even when it’s not what he wants. “You guys always try and talk me into moving in with her. What’s going to happen when you guys finally get serious, and decide to take the next step?” 

Luna laughs, shaking her head, but he sees Noctis turn his head to avoid looking at either of them. “We’re not going to be doing anything like that until we’re both finished with school. What we have right now is perfect. Right, Noctis?”

“Yes.” The short and sweet answer should surprise him, but it doesn’t. Not when Noctis is the king of to the point answers.

They pull up to the animal shelter, not very many cars in the parking lot. “Prompto, you’re done with midterms now, right?” Luna asks, as they get out of the car together.

“....Why are you asking?” He stays to the side, as Noctis and Luna walk hand in hand together towards the entrance of the shelter.

Wanting to see what she will come up with when he knows exactly why she’s asking keeps an amused expression on his face as he sees her look a little put out. “You know why I’m asking!”

“After the dogs.” Opening the door for the both of them, he hangs back and walks inside behind Noctis, the smell of the kennels hitting his nostrils.

“No more avoiding it!”

He nods his head, smiling as he watches her go over to the front desk. Leaning over the counter, he greets Sarah like an old friend, who gives him a big smile. “You know why we’re here.”

“To hang out with the animals again?” Her giggly laugh brings out a laugh from him as he shakes his head. “Awwww. But, I know. Miss Luna called yesterday. The pups are all ready, waiting for you. We just need you to fill out some paperwork.”

“I’m so excited!” Luna exclaims, practically jumping up and down as Sarah gives her two different clipboards. “Oh, this is going to take awhile, isn’t it?”

Prompto grabs onto Noctis’ arm. “Come on. Want to go see some of the animals? Sarah, is that okay?”

“It’s fine! You know where to go.” She waves at them, giving them the go ahead.

“Don’t have too much fun without me!” Luna calls out, going over to a chair to sit down. “Noctis! No more pets!”

“Right.” Noctis walks next to Prompto. After a few quiet minutes, he clears his throat, Prompto turning his head to look at him. “So, you guys like to come here and hang out?”

Chuckling, he nods his head. “Father Scientia gave me a penance that allowed me to choose somewhere to go and donate my time, and this is where I chose to go. Since then, we’ve gone a few more times to hang out with the animals.”

“So, you came out here out of moral obligation? I don’t get your religion at all.” The two decide to go and visit the felines first. “Why did he tell you to do that?”

“As an act of forgiveness for my sins.” Prompto is used to defending his religion with people, a lot of them not understanding his devotion to the church. “There are many different options when it comes to penance, and he thought it would be a good change of pace for me if I donated my time, instead of saying the usual prayers.”

The two sit on the floor, both holding kitties in their arms. Prompto’s cat is happy to be curled up on his lap, whereas Noctis’ cat has a little fire in him, Noctis more than happy to play with him. “Right, I understand that. What I don’t understand is what sorts of things are you doing that make you feel like you’re sinning? Like, you go to church so much. How much sin can a person do when they’re there day and night? No offense.”

“None taken.” A nervous laugh comes out of him, hoping that Noctis takes it for being nervous about talking about this sort of stuff, and not because he knows exactly what type of sinning he does that requires extra penance. “Well, I have perverted thoughts, just like anybody else.” That isn’t too far of a stretch.

Noctis pauses playing with the cat to look at him. “And that’s something you confess to the priest? How often do you go to confession?”

“Ah, hah hah.” He pets the cat on his lap a little more aggressively, the cat protesting with a soft ‘meow’. He changes the speed at which he touches the cat, the feline returning to purring softly. “I like to begin the week with a clear conscience, and end the week with one. So, Monday mornings, and Friday evenings.”

“And in between that time, how much sinning do you think you engage in?” Noctis picks up the cat, and walks over to another one of the cages, grabbing another cat to play with.

As of late? A lot. He stands up, and holds his own cat, and goes and gets another cat for himself. “It’s tough. What you consider sinning, and what I consider sinning might be two different things.”

“Okay. Can I ask you a really personal question?”

Prompto thinks about it for a moment, and decides that whatever Noctis wants to know, he’d be willing to answer him. “Sure.”

“Do you jack off a lot?”

His face burns, realizing that he’d walked into that question. “N-No, I don’t.”

“Then, if you have perverted thoughts, what do you do with them? Shun them away because your religion teaches you that they’re bad to have?”

Picking up one of the toys for the cat to play with, he drops it on the floor to get their attention before answering Noctis. “It’s not that simple of an answer. Yes, my religion teaches that having sexual thoughts are inappropriate, and that it’s better to abstain from having sex until you’re ready for marriage.”

“So, you’re going to remain a virgin until you get married?” Noctis’ back is turned towards him, the cat he’d been playing with now tuckered out and laying on his lap. “What a waste.”

“Why is it a waste?” As easy as it is for him to talk to Noctis’ back, he makes a point to move so he can be in his line of sight. “You’re having sex with Luna, right?”

“Yeah. We’ve been sleeping together since we were in high school.”

“Right. I know that.” He remembers when Luna had confessed to him about their first time. “Why is what I’m choosing to do with my life matter?”

“I guess it doesn’t.” Noctis shrugs his shoulders, looking up at him. “But, it seems like a waste. There’s plenty of nice people to date. Like Charlotte.”

“Not this again.” Groaning, he shakes his head. “I told Luna, she was nice, but wasn’t for me. I appreciate you guys wanting to look out for me, but I don’t need you to set me up with anyone.”

“Can I ask you another personal question?”

Wanting to be transparent with him, Prompto nods his head. “Go ahead.”

“Are you gay?”

Out of all the questions, he knows he should have expected this one to come up. Especially given his stance on Charlotte, and how the two of them continue to ask him about her. It causes anxiety to enter his system, as he tries to think of the best way to answer this question. “Does it matter if I am or not?”

“I don’t think so, but doesn’t your religion have a different stance?”

Remembering the first talk with Father Scientia, he begins to relax. “Yes, the church used to shun homosexuality. But it’s no longer like that.”

“How can you be sure? Your religion seems to have a lot of ultimatums when it comes to how you should practice, and how you shouldn’t.” Noctis looks at the two cats, who are now more interested in playing with one another than either of them. “For a religion to make you feel guilty about having normal thoughts doesn’t seem like a very nice religion to be in.”

“Do you have perverted thoughts? Do you jack off?” He asks, retaliating by asking him the same questions. Noctis nods his head. “Why do you jack off? Don’t you have Luna? Why do you need to do that when you have her?”

“It’s just something I do. It’s not like I’m constantly jacking it.” Noctis lays down on the floor, and grabs the cat’s attention, who pounces over to him. “Sometimes you gotta rub one out to feel better about things.”

It’s more or less what Father Scientia had said to him, in so many words. “But you didn’t answer my question. Why do you do it, if you have her? Does she know you masturbate?”

“I’m sure she does.”

“Why do you think that? Do you think she masturbates?”

“I sure as fuck hope she does, as I tend to think about her doing that when I need to take care of myself.”

He rolls his eyes, the blush on his cheeks returning at the lewd comment. “What I’m trying to ask you is, why do you feel the need to masturbate, when the two of you are in a committed relationship, having sex with one another?”

“Because she’s not around me twenty-four hours a day. Because like you, I have perverted thoughts. And when I get those, I tend to run with the fantasy and get it out of my system.”

“Do you always think about her?”


“What does that mean?”

“It means I can get turned out by thoughts of her, or maybe I watch some porno, and I like what’s happening on the screen, so I decide to jerk off to it.”

Prompto tries not to turn away from him when they get to a subject he knows nothing about. “So porn helps to alleviate that itch?”

“Have you never watched any before?” Prompto shakes his head. “Holy shit. Your religion is the worst, Prompto. You’re missing out on so much good shit.”

“But I’m trying to tell you, it doesn’t matter to me. What the church provides to me, it’s enough. I can come up with my own fantasies without the aid of pornography.”

Noctis snorts. “My friend, you may say that, and you may convince yourself of that, but we’re both men. You can’t deny your biological needs.”

“I’m not saying I do, I’m just saying that-”

“What are you two still doing back here?” Luna pops her head into the room, both of them clamming up as she looks back and forth between them. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Prompto picks up the cat, and returns it to its cage. “Did you get all your paperwork finished?”

“Almost. But I hadn’t seen either of you in a bit. Are you having with with the kitties, Noct?” Luna goes over to where her boyfriend is sitting on the floor, and crouches down behind him.

“It’s fun.”

“Sounds like it.” She looks over at him. “Is he just being a big meanie, Prompto?”

He shakes his head. “No, we’ve been playing with the cats. Want us to come out there and keep you company?”

“No, it’s okay. It’s probably going to be another fifteen minutes or so. I’ll come get you guys when we’re ready to go?”

Prompto smiles, and nods his head. “Okay!” He looks at another cat, and pulls it out of its cage, draping it over his shoulder. He sees Luna kiss Noctis, then leaves the two of them alone.

“Do you want to know a few good sites to watch some porn?” Noctis stands next to him, putting the cat he’d been playing with away, and grabs one last cat. “I’ve got a bunch.”

“What part of I don’t need that do you not get?” He groans, petting the cat that stays draped over his shoulder. “Or are you just offering, because you think that will help me with my confession on Friday night?”

“You go to church twice a day, right?” Prompto turns to look at him. “Morning, and night, right? Do you go once on the weekend? Or twice a day then too?”

“No.” He shakes his head, and leans against the wall, the cat now nuzzling the side of his neck. His turtleneck shifts a little, but what’s underneath the fabric stays hidden, Prompto’s heart beating a mile a minute as the cat keeps nudging him. Pulling it away, he sets it down on the floor and stays close to it as it starts to roam. “I only go once.” He sees Noctis about to say something, then finishes his thought. “Once on Saturday, and once on Sunday.”

“So, you go ten times during the week, and then twice on the weekend. Have you always been this way?” Noctis asks, setting his own cat down. “I don’t remember.”

Prompto watches the two cats begin to play with one another. “No. Back in high school, I’d go to Bible study on Tuesdays, and after being confirmed I’d help out with the new group on Thursdays, and then go to mass on Sundays.”

“Then, why do you feel the need to go so much now? Is it because you’re going to the university?”

He shrugs his shoulders. “Everyone's out partying, doing things that I don’t really care for. It feels nice to be at church that often. It helps keep me grounded.”

“Yeah, right. I bet you have a crush on one of the priests there.”

Doing his best to not let the blind panic take a hold of him, he laughs and shakes his head. “No, it’s not like that. One of our professors is a priest at the university church. I’m sure Luna’s told you about him.”

“Right. That guy that was outside the church when we picked you up with Charlotte.” Noctis nods his head. “So, since she’s a no go, and you didn’t really tell me if you’re homosexual, would you want to go on a double date with one?” 

His mouth drops open, staring at him in shock. “What? No! Why would I want to do that? Just because I didn’t say if I was or not doesn’t mean I’m open for the opportunity.” Being comfortable with Father Scientia is one thing, but this is a bit too much.

“I didn’t mean to come across as offensive.” His friend offers him an apologetic smile. “Look, I know Luna wants you to be happy, and I guess she thinks that since we’re so happy, if you had someone in your life like that it might help make you happy.”

“That’s what I don’t get. I am happy.” Prompto picks up the cat that Noctis had taken out, and holds it close to him. “I can be a devote church goer, and still be happy.”

“Right. I’m sorry - I didn’t mean to upset you, Prompto. Really.” Noctis picks up the other cat, the two of them putting them back in their kennels. “You know I think you’re a good guy, and I’m glad that you and Luna have each other. I’ll try and get her to chill about setting you up with someone.”

The two of them stand close, and taking the initiative, he gives his friend a hug. Noctis returns it, the two sharing a nice friendly embrace. “Thanks, Noct. If you can, great. If not, then it’s fine. I can deflect her some more.” He chuckles, wiping his eyes a little. Not really crying, but a little emotional from the wild conversation they had just had.

“I get it. I know it can’t be easy for you, but I’m glad that you have your church to help keep you happy.”

“It does. It really does.” He smiles, wiping his eyes more. “You should come to a Sunday mass! Well, one when Father Scientia is presiding. His sermons are the best.”

His friend pats his shoulder. “No, thanks. I don’t really do religion very well. Had my fair share of being forced to attend when I was younger. I think I’m good for the rest of my life. Or, at least until I get married.”

“Good point.”

The door pushes open, Luna poking her head in again. “Alright! We’re about done out here! You guys ready to go?”

“Yep!” Prompto walks out with Noctis, the two heading to the front of the shelter. “Ooh! Look at those two!” He approaches Pryna first, who is sitting patiently, looking prettier than he remembers her, and starts to scratch the top of her head. “Hi, pretty girl!”

“I can’t believe you’re getting both.” Noctis kneels down next to him, scratching Umbra’s head. “But, I guess you can’t really break up this pair, can you?”

“Nope. I’d never want to either.” Luna hands Sarah a cashier’s check. “I know that isn’t the amount we discussed, but I’d like to donate the rest to the shelter.”

“Wow! Thank you so much! If you ever need a vet, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to set up the appointment for you. It’ll be our pleasure.”

Luna holds both leashes in her hand, and smiles. “Thank you.”

The three head outside, and Prompto gets into the backseat with both dogs, who flank him on either side. “So, what are we going to go do now?” He asks, after buckling in, and making sure both dogs are secure.

“I think we should take them to the park.” Luna turns around, and makes a face at both dogs. “What do you two think? Should we go play in the park for a bit?” 

Ducking down to be behind Pryna, Prompto speaks in a high voice. “Yes, please! Let’s go play in the park!”

Both Luna and Noctis laugh, the two dogs barking along with them. “Fine. We’ll go to the park by my apartment. You’re not doing anything for the rest of the day, right? You need to be back at school for Vespers at 6?”

“Yes, please.”

Noctis looks back at him, a thoughtful look on his face. “We’ll make sure you get back in time, Prompto.”

The car engine starts, both dogs sitting at attention. Prompto puts his hands on both of their backs, happy to be surrounded by the two dogs, and his friends. He meets Luna’s eyes in the rearview mirror, a bright smile on her face. “To the park!”


He makes it to Vespers with five minutes to spare, covered in grass stains but he doesn’t care. He’s seen people attend mass on Sunday wearing filthier garb. His clothes are dark, and the stains aren’t that apparent, but he knows they are there. He blesses himself with holy water, then takes a seat in his designated spot, and waits for Father Bradham to begin mass.

It’s been a long two days. He tries to put it into perspective of the previous week, when he’d willingly avoided Father Scientia, and how difficult that had been on him. This week, it’s equally as difficult, but for entirely different reasons. His lover had told him that he wouldn’t be able to text or talk due to horrible service, but he still checks his phone in the off chance that he might receive a message from him. It was bad on Wednesday, but with the distraction of his last midterm, and then the animal shelter, it had been a bit easier today. But seeing Father Bradham up on the altar, his heart aches, missing someone he knows he shouldn’t be missing in such a manner.

As mass concludes, he walks to the dining hall, wanting to pick up something to eat before heading to his dorm room. He starts to think about what he and Noctis had talked about while they had been alone, and he wonders if he came off as too stand-offish towards him. It had been a long time since the two of them had had such a frank conversation, and it worries him that he may have been more abrasive than he’d meant to be.

He piles a few different items into a to-go container, not realizing how hungry he was until the smell of food hit his nostrils. When he gets back to his dorm room, he sits on his loveseat, and puts in a dvd. The flowers are starting to wilt, but he had managed to dry out one of the dahlias, and it’s now sitting on the corner of his desk in a small vase he’d found in the campus store. Setting his food on his lap, he folds his hands in a prayer position. “Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy Bounty. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.” He makes the sign of the cross, then picks up his fork to begin eating.

About halfway through the movie, the conversation with Noctis creeps back into his mind, and how nonchalant he’d been about watching porn to get off. Prompto had thought about it a few times, wondering what sorts of things he could find on the internet, but his conscience had always told him it was bad. That voice in his head has been more lax as of late, and now that the seed has been planted, his curiosity begins to grow. Curiosity killed the cat. He tries to repeat it over and over in his head, but his hand is still reaching for his laptop and earbuds, as he keeps his dvd playing.

Having no idea where to begin looking for porn, he debates in his head for a good five minutes whether or not he should text Noctis and ask. But then decides that maybe that’s not such a good idea, because then it would prove to Noctis that he was right, and he doesn’t really want that. Plus, what if he’s with Luna right now, and she asks him what he’s asking him about instead of sending her a text. Damn it. Pulling up an incognito browser, he types into the search engine bar ‘free porn’, and leaves his finger hovering over the enter key. His heart is beating fast, his palms are beginning to sweat as he stares at his finger. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? He sighs, and lets his finger drop, the enter key going down, and soon an assortment of free sites pop up in less time than it took for the button to be pushed down.

“Pornhub? Youporn? Oh my God, is that like YouTube??” He stares at the screen. “Why would you do that??” He sets his laptop down on the loveseat next to him, and looks back up at the screen, the movie at its halfway point. Is Father Scienta going to be upset with me for looking at this sort of stuff? Or is he going to tell me it’s human nature to be curious? Having no idea what sort of porn he should look for, he thinks about what he likes having done to his body, and decides to see what sort of videos he can find. “Oral? Blowjobs? What the hell should I put?”

Prompto puts the laptop back onto his lap, and clicks on the first site that came up with his search. His mouth drops open as he stares at the home page. There are naked people on the screen, the thumbnails for the videos showcasing a variety of options. Two females touching each other, a woman licking some large cock, a woman taking cock, a man eating a girl out. It’s too much. He rubs his eyes, and tries not to panic, even though he can hear himself breathing hard. He drops his fingers onto his keyboard, and moves the cursor to be in the search bar on the site, and types in ‘blowjob men’. That does not work. He deletes the search, and types in ‘gay’, instead of ‘men’ and is brought to a page where it’s a bunch of guys in the act of fellatio.

He clicks on the first video, having no idea what to expect, putting his earbuds in because he does not want anyone to hear what he’s watching. He stares at the screen, watching as the way the person being serviced rolls their hips, pushing their cock into the person’s mouth. When he hears them start to choke, he immediately stops the video, not at all interested in listening to someone gag on something they’re willingly taking into their mouth. Gross! He shakes his head, laughing at himself, wondering how he could have thought that this would be sexy.

But then his eyes go to the side, where he sees thumbnails of actual gay sex, and his brain stops working. Through the simple act of dragging his mouse over a video, he sees it begin to play a sample, and after a few seconds, he clicks on the video and it comes up onto his screen. Leaning back against the loveseat, he sees his pajama pants begin to tent, his body responding to the actions happening on the screen, the video playing for maybe twenty seconds.

“Yeah, right there…” The person on the bottom, who’s on all fours, is pushing their hips back but the person that’s inside of them stops, and instantly the bottom is whining. Prompto groans, shaking his head as he watches it play out more, his eyes going to the way the bottom’s cock seems to bounce between his legs.

A loud slap to the person’s ass makes Prompto release another groan, his hand slowly slipping down his pants to touch himself. This is what I’m supposed to do while watching, right? Touch myself? He moans low, squeezing his cock, precum dribbling from the tip as another smack to the bottom’s ass sends a jolt through his body. He imagines being the person on the bottom, Father Scientia the one behind him, teasing him. His ass begins to tingle when another slap occurs, wondering if that would be something his lover would be interested in trying.

“Oh, yeah….” The bottom moans, Prompto’s shoulders hunching forward as he starts to stroke himself to the rhythm the two follow in the video. “Deeper….Fuck me deeper, big boy…”

It’s then that the image in his mind changes, and he begins to imagine himself being the one with control, making Father Scientia into a mess. He humps his hand, remembering the way Father Scientia’s mouth had felt on his cock, the wet heat it provided probably won’t compare to what it will feel like to be inside of him, but it doesn’t matter. The image starts to shift again, as he stands behind Father Scientia in the church, the two people in the video moaning together as their bodies slap against each other. The sounds add to the fantasy, as he pictures himself plowing his cock into the priest’s ass, as he recites the prayers for the congregation, the church dark except for the candles lit on the altar, bathing their sin in front of the cross in muted light. He jerks himself off faster, moaning incoherently as he hears Father Scientia moaning for him, grinding himself back against Prompto’s cock as they both get closer to an orgasm. It’s the mental image of defiling both the altar and Father Scientia that pushes him over, the sounds of two in the video still at a fevered pitch, his own cum dripping down the sides of his cock as he embraces the orgasm he’s just had.

Breathing nice and slow, he uses his clean had to shut down the incognito browser, not bothering to finish the video because what for? He’s already had an orgasm, and doesn’t have the energy to have another one. He thinks about how this is the first time he’s imagined something so vividly, as he usually dreams about these scenarios. Maybe I’m becoming more comfortable with knowing what I likeNo matter how lecherous the thoughts are. Closing his laptop, he gets up and grabs a few tissues, wiping himself off before going to his television to turn the movie off, then strips off his clothes. Totally drained after the events of the day, he gives his phone one last look - still no text from his lover - and then drops down onto the bed, completely naked, and falls fast asleep.


Following Lauds in the morning, he grabs some breakfast and takes a long walk around campus, happy to be off for the day. He’s not trying to count the hours down until tomorrow, because that would make him some love sick fool, but every time the bell tower chimes, he gets a little happier. Because the chimes signal that time is indeed passing, and before he knows it, it’ll be Saturday, and he’ll be able to see Father Scientia again.

The day seems to drag on when he returns back to his dorm, the campus becoming quiet again for the weekend, now that midterms are over. He tries to pass the day by napping, but succeeds in only sleeping for a half hour before his brain turns back on and demands he do something else. Deciding to watch another movie, he looks over at his laptop, and shakes his head - no, once was enough. He’d already finished the research paper that Father Scientia had assigned to them, so that’s out.

He picks up his phone, and sees no text. Trying not to let it bother him, he pulls up his ongoing text with Luna. “How are the doggos? Did they settle in okay last night?

They’re perfect!” The text is accompanied by an image of both Pryna and Umbra, who are sitting on either side of Luna, while Noctis is off to the side. “So, now that midterms are over...Can we talk about your bday now?

Trying not to be too annoyed by the question, when he knew very well she would ask, he types up a response to her. “Yes. What do you want to do?

I thought we’d go to that new show they’ve got going in downtown Insomnia. My father can get tickets for us, since it’s the show to go to right now. Then, maybe some dinner? What do you think?

So, you me and Noct?

If that’s okay? You could bring a friend if you want.”

Prompto raises up an eyebrow, wondering what in the world that could mean. Who would he bring? He doesn’t really have any friends, unless this is the work of Noctis. Would it be okay to invite Father Scientia to go with them? How would he even explain that to them? ‘Ah, yeah. This is my friend, but he’s also my professor and priest. Oh, and we like to have sex.’ Hah.

Thanks for the offer. Maybe I will. :) Have fun with the pups this weekend! <3

You have a good weekend too! Think about it, ok? Let me know on Monday? :)” 

Will do.”

He drops his phone, and rubs his eyes. His phone chimes, informing him that there’s only twenty minutes until Vespers, surprised by how fast the afternoon had passed. Standing up, he puts on a light sweater, and heads to church, wondering how he should censor himself during his confession after mass. Since it will be Father Bradham, he figures he could confess to his perverse thoughts, but that’s it. No need to go into what he and Father Scientia had done together on Monday night, nor what he had done the night before.

After mass concludes, he heads to the bathroom, the last cup of water he’d had before mass deciding to expel itself from his body. He washes his hands and makes his way back out to the church, waiting his turn for penance. A person comes out of the vestibule, and with no one else waiting, he gets up and heads into the confessional booth, closing the door behind him.

Making the sign of the cross, he kneels in front of the small screened window, and folds his hands in prayer. “I confess to Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. It has been five days since my last confession.” He keeps his head bowed, trying to get through this as easily as possible. “Since then, I have committed mortal sins.” Too many, if I could be honest with you. He sighs a little, and then composes himself. “I continue to have thoughts of an impure nature, ones that I know I should not be thinking about. For these and all the sins that I have committed during my life, I am deeply sorry.” Truly.

“Only impure thoughts?” His head snaps up when he hears the priest’s voice, his stomach dropping. That’s not Father Bradham’s voice. In fact, most of his body drops, his eyes straining to see the silhouette of the priest through the screened window. “I know that those aren’t the only sins you have committed this past week, my son.”

A hand touches the screen, and without thinking, Prompto puts his over it. “Y-You’re right. I’ve done more than just have impure thoughts, Father. My brain is controlled by the lust that it feels, and I can’t seem to stop it. Every thought that I have is one that I hope becomes a reality, and I know that to be wrong.” The pressure against his fingers makes him giddy, Father Scientia on the other side returning the pressure.

“We are all mortal, so these thoughts will always be a part of us. It’s how we act on them that separates those from the saints, and the sinners.” The pressure against his fingers disappears. “Your penance will be to say two full turns of the Rosary. Your sins will be forgiven.” Prompto bows his head, and nods. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.”

“For His mercy endures forever. Amen.” He blesses himself, Father Scientia’s words still echoing in his ears.

Taking a chance, he returns his face close to the screen. “Come visit me tonight? I’ll leave my door unlocked. If you can, that is.” He can’t keep the happiness out of his voice, as he stands up. He doesn’t wait to hear a yes or a no, choosing to walk out of the confessional booth, almost skipping out of the sanctuary, excitement coursing through him.

Father Scientia is back early! He knows that his lover will be coming to his room. There’s no way he would say no to that invitation.

Chapter Text

Prompto returns to his dorm room, still giddy from the fact that his lover has returned a day earlier than he expects. He wants to question Father Scientia why he didn’t text, why he didn’t call to let him know he would be there tonight, but then he remembers how he had felt in the confessional booth - hearing his voice when he had expected to hear Father Bradham’s , and that feeling is something he won’t forget for a long time. How did I get like this? He laughs at himself, taking off the sweater he’d worn to mass, and tidies up his room a little bit, wanting to kill time until Father Scientia shows up. If he does.

Time seems to crawl forward, each minute that passes has him anxious for the next. He puts on Netflix, finding a movie that he hopes will distract him, but his eyes keep going to his door, wondering when it will open and reveal his lover. The later it gets, the more he thinks he imagined it all, and he’s probably in the church still, having fallen asleep while waiting to go into the confessional booth. 

The door to his dorm room creaks open a little past eleven, almost the same exact time it had opened last weekend. He sits up, completely alert as the door opens more, and reveals his lover dressed in his St. Lucis hoodie, and a pair of worn jeans on the lower half of his body. Prompto jumps up when the door closes, and practically leaps into his lover’s arms, who is quick to hold up his arms to accept the embrace he’s attacking him with.

“I can’t believe you’re back early!” He hugs the priest tight, one arm tucked under Father Scientia’s arm, the other thrown over his shoulder. “God, I’ve missed you so much!”

“I couldn’t wait to get back to see you.” The words are spoken near his ear, Prompto squeezing him a little bit tighter at the remark, neither of them letting up on their hug. “Their Vespers mass is held at 5 on Fridays, so as soon as it was over, I raced back over to St. Lucis.”

He keeps his face against his lover’s neck, the black clerical clothing nowhere to be seen. “I can’t believe you surprised me like that.” He kisses just below Ignis’ earlobe, still standing on the balls of his feet.  

“It was unintentional. When I didn’t see you out in the church waiting for confession, I assumed you had left for the night and were not going to confess your sins to Father Bradham. Hearing your voice was quite the surprise.” Ignis follows him, as he drops his feet back down to the ground, both of their arms staying secure around one another. “I take it you were in the bathroom?”

Laughing, Prompto nods his head. “Yeah, I had a bottle of water before going to mass. Usually I’m okay, but I guess God had a different plan for me tonight.” He rubs his face against the side of his neck, making little noises as he tries to control the total happiness he’s feeling right now. “Were you always going to come back early??”

“No.” The two start to walk over towards the loveseat together, Ignis sitting down first, then pulls Prompto to sit on his lap. He leans against him, happy to be in this position again, happy to have him back in his room, and just plain ecstatic to be with him period. “I did not lie before. I was supposed to return tomorrow, but the priest that had the emergency returned this afternoon. Out of courtesy, I led Vespers, even though he’d been there with me.”

“Well, I’m happy that things seemed to work out.” He wiggles a little on Ignis’ lap, loving the cheerful laughter he hears coming out of his lover. “Have I told you I missed you? I missed you a lot this week. Did you miss me?”

“I always miss you when we’re apart, Prompto.” Ignis touches his cheek, drawing him down towards his lips, to which he can’t refuse. The kiss is soft and sweet, with the promise of something more, but for now, it’s all that’s shared between the two of them. “Being unable to see you every day, in one form or another was...a challenge. That is for certain.”

Wanting to be closer to his lover, he slides off of his lap, and grabs his hand. “I know what you mean. Not that Father Bradham isn’t wonderful for the parish, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss your presence in church, Iggy.” He smiles, and pulls him over towards the bed, sitting down first as he watches Ignis slip out of his shoes. Sliding over on the bed, he leaves enough room so that he can join him.

“I’m proud that you were willing to tell him about your perverse thoughts.” The bed shifts with the additional weight of his lover’s body on it, the two keeping their clothes on as Prompto grabs the blanket and pulls it up to cover the both of them. “When I didn’t see you, I thought you were going to wait to confess on Monday, when you knew I would be the one to hear your confession.”

Their faces come close together, the tip of Prompto’s nose touching Ignis’. “I had thought about it, but then I decided that it wouldn’t be worth it. Besides, I didn’t tell the full truth to you either…” He feels his cheeks heat up, as he thinks about what he had done the day before, making no mention of it during his confessional.

“Oh?” His lover puts his hand on his face, Ignis’ thumb rubbing against his cheekbone. “What did you leave out? I hope you didn’t find someone else while I was away?”

“What? No!” Prompto shakes his head, scooting himself closer, wanting to be in his lover’s arms. Ignis pulls him to be against his body, one hand slipping under his shirt. He doesn’t shy away from the ticklish touches, breathing a little heavier as he feels Ignis’ hand slide up towards his chest. “I told you, you’re the only one I want. Even if my friend wants me to date, I think I made it clear to her that I’m good.”

“If it’s not that, then what is it, love?” One finger gently brushes against his nipple, Prompto not expecting it. He responds with a sharp intake of breath, then releases a soft groan as the finger swipes against it a second time. “Should I stop touching you? Is it proving to be too much for a distraction for you?”

He pushes his chest forward, as the tips of Ignis’ finger rub around the areola. “D-Don’t stop. I can handle it. I can talk to you…”

“Are you sure about that?” Two fingers hold onto his nipple, then gives it a little pinch, making Prompto’s stomach roll, his arousal growing. “What did you leave out of your confession this evening?”

His eyes close, as he feels Ignis’ lips start to touch the side of his neck, the fingers on his nipple giving it another firm pinch. “God, please….N-Not right now….I can’t…”

“But you just told me you could.” Ignis reminds him, skirting his lips against the length of his neck, his warm breath causing Prompto to shiver. “Which is it, love? Touch you, or don’t touch you?”

Torn between wanting to feel more of Ignis’ hands on his body, he knows he owes it to his lover to be completely honest with him. “D-Don’t touch.” He reaches under his shirt, and pulls Ignis’ hand away from his body. He blinks a few times, then looks up into his lover’s eyes, the glasses gone from Ignis’ face, giving him a clear view of his green irises.

“I won’t.” His lover’s hand now rests on his hip. “Tell me? Before I begin to wonder what you’re so worried talking to me about, giving my mind the time to jump to the wrong conclusions.”

“You do that too?” That comment surprises Prompto, figuring that Ignis would never jump to any conclusions when it comes to himself. “I thought I was an open book.” He releases a nervous laugh, trying to think of the best way to tell him what he did last night. “Okay, here it goes. This is what I was going to confess to on Monday.” He takes a deep breath. “I looked at pornography for the first time last night.”

The laughter that rings in his ears makes him pull his head back, eyes opening to take in the relieved look on his lover’s face. “Is that all? You had me worried that you had done something with someone else.”

“I just told you that you’re the only one I want. What makes you think I could do this with anyone else?” Prompto shakes his head, cheeks still burning with embarrassment about his confession. “I’ve never watched a porno before!”

“What made you decide to watch one now, then?” The hand that’s on his hip gives it a little jostle, before Ignis’ hand slides down towards his ass. “Something must have sparked the idea in your head.”

“You’re not going to shame me for watching something like that?” He asks, still feeling mildly embarrassed by the confession. “Isn’t it wrong to watch something of that nature? Isn’t it a sin?”

Ignis nods his head. “Yes, it’s a sin, but so is what we’re doing right now. Would it help you to feel better about what you did if I told you I’ve looked at that sort of material myself?”

“What?!” Prompto’s shocked by the question. “No, you can’t have looked at porn before.”

“Why not?”

“Because! You’re a priest!”

His lover lowers his head, and brushes his lips against the tip of his ear. “I’m a priest that is in bed with you right now. A priest that enjoys being in bed with you, with or without clothes on. A priest that thinks about you day and night. I think watching a little pornography is the least of my moral worries, love.”

“R-Right.” Hearing it all said so casually still causes him to have a minor panic attack, but then the warmth of Ignis’ lips touching the corner of his mouth brings him out of it, remembering that this is the path they’ve chosen to be on together. “Well, I’d never done it before last night, and I still feel a little weird about it.”

“What did you watch?”

Ignis touches the hem of his shirt, and without thinking helps him remove it from his body. He tugs on the hem of his lover’s sweatshirt, and sees it get pulled off by him, taking his undershirt off with it. “It was intimidating, trying to figure out what would be good to watch. So I, um….I decided to look at stuff I like having done to me.”

“Which is…?” A gentle tug on his waist lets him know that Ignis wants to get his pants off, and right now he wants that too. He gives a small nod of his head, and soon feels his pajama pants and underwear being pulled down. “What do you like having done to you, Prompto?”

“I love when your mouth is on….” He swallows, as his hands go to the button on Ignis’ jeans. “I love feeling it on my cock.” He whispers, still embarrassed to say it out loud.

A low moan leaves Ignis’ throat. “Mmm….I like doing that to you too. So, did you watch videos where that was happening?”

“I tried, but when the person started to gag...”

His hands grab onto the waist of Ignis’ jeans, and pulls them down, revealing to him his lover’s cock. He licks his lips, the musky scent mixing with the scent of soap and incense that seems to always been sticking to Ignis’ skin. “Did the gagging gross you out?” Ignis’ hands touch the top of his head, slowly helping Prompto to move his head closer to his cock.

“It wasn’t very nice.” Prompto whispers, rolling his tongue out of his mouth to lick his lover’s shaft from base to tip. “Why would something think that’s arousing?”

“There are a lot of things I could say the same thing about. However, I am not a fan of those videos myself.” Ignis moans low, then pulls him away from his arousal. “Come up here, love. I have a feeling there’s still more to tell, isn’t there?”

Giving him one more lick, he kisses the tip then moves up Ignis’ body to be back in front of him. “There is.” He nods, closing his eyes to save himself further embarrassment. “I looked at the sidebar, and found a video that I liked a lot.”

“And what about it did you like?” Ignis’ hand touches his cock, Prompto releasing a soft groan,  his own hand returning to his lover’s cock. “Tell me what you watched?”

“Mmm…It was someone putting their dick into another person’s body.” He groans low, the thickness against his hand feeling utterly divine. “At first, I pictured the person receiving to be me, but then….”

The inhale of breath he hears Ignis takes brings a fresh wave of arousal to his body. “What did you picture, love? Did you….Did you think about what it would be like to take me?”

Yes.” Prompto whispers, replaying the fantasy in his mind that he’d thought up the day before. “I thought about you, and what you would sound like if I was doing those things to you.”


“And, I thought about doing those lewd acts to you on the altar.” Prompto drops his head, and presses a wet kiss to the side of Ignis’ neck, the unabashed arousal he’s now feeling a bit difficult to control. “Instead of me laying face down on the altar, it was you. And you were making the most wonderful noises, Father…”

“Was I wearing my alb? My vestments?” The fingers on his cock slide up towards the tip, Ignis’ fingers effectively teasing him. “Tell me, love….”

“Y-You were.” He starts to pump the cock in his hand a little faster, casually moving the two of them. He moves to sit between Ignis’ thighs, the man now resting on his back on his bed. He takes his hand off of Ignis’ cock, and reaches underneath the pillow, where he’s taken the liberty to hide a bottle of lube underneath it. He’d bought it off of Amazon earlier in the week, happy that he doesn’t have to wait for Ignis to bring it to him. Now he has no excuse to use it. “And I had you pinned down.”

“Did you come inside of me?” Ignis whispers, spreading his legs open as Prompto starts to pour lube onto his fingers. “Did we come together?”

“We did.” He nods his head, heart beating a mile a minute as he sits comfortably between Ignis’ legs, his cock sticking straight up as he begins to smell his lover’s musk again. “God, what if I do this wrong?” Prompto lifts his head, his fingers shining in the soft light that his lamp provides. “What if this is bad?”

“It won’t be.” His lover has a smile on his face, his feet now planted on either side of Prompto’s body. “Don’t be scared, Prompto.”

Looking down, he sees his lover’s entrance, puckering a little as he inches his fingers closer to his prize. He knows Ignis is right - they’ve done so much together, what’s one more thing? This is what he wants, and he knows it’s what Ignis wants, if the memory of that phone call they’d had last weekend is any indication. He takes his index finger, and slowly strokes the soft skin surrounding his anus. The noise that Ignis makes has him biting his lip, eyes drawn to way his entrance opens for him, as he rubs his finger closer to the opening. Prompto sees Ignis shudder, the more he teases his entrance with his finger.  

“L-Love, please….” Ignis’ voice sounds different, more vulnerable than he’s heard him before. It’s erotic, and giving Prompto more confidence as he keeps teasing his lover’s hole.

He pushes against the pliant skin, the tip of his finger sinking into Ignis’ body as he lowers his head, pressing a soft kiss against the base of his cock. “Is this better, Iggy?” He whispers, blowing cool air against the wet spot he’s left behind, his index finger slipping in a little farther. The way Ignis’ body squeezes around his finger brings a low moan out of him, moving his finger around in a circle to feel the warmth that Ignis’ inner walls provide to him.

A muffled ‘Yes’ causes him to lift his head and look up at his lover. He sees his pillow covering Ignis’ face, the licentious moans he makes being muted as Prompto pushes his finger in and out of him. Reaching up with his free hand, he pulls the pillow away, the soft whine that comes out of Ignis makes him smile. “Give it back…”

The blush on his lover’s face causes his arousal to double. “No. I want to hear you…” He kisses the tip of Ignis’ cock, distracting him with his mouth as he starts to push his middle finger into his body. “You hear me whine and moan all the time. Now it’s your turn.”

“Mmm…” The pendant moves on his chest, Ignis turning his head to drape his arm over his eyes, as if that will help to hide himself from Prompto.

Adding the second finger provides more leverage to him, Prompto pumping his fingers in and out of him at a slow pace. He doesn’t want to go too fast, afraid of hurting his lover by accident. Having only done this to himself once, the paranoia is high but he knows he’s got nothing to worry about. Ignis will tell him if something doesn’t feel right, or the opposite. Pushing both of his fingers up further into him, he gets both fingers in past the second knuckle, then slowly turns his hand over, so that his palm is facing upwards. Ignis releases a low whine, his hips lifting up off the bed as Prompto returns to pumping his fingers. The way Ignis’ hole puckers around his fingers, it sucks him in further, both of his fingers now fully inside of his body.

“Tell me when I find it.” He whispers against his thigh, as he begins bend his middle finger, keeping his index finger pressed up against the soft inner wall. “Tell me, Iggy…” He moves his hand, trying to find that spot inside of his lover, that spot that he knows will bring total pleasure to his lover. “Is it here…?” He thinks he feels a small bump, but watching his lover’s face, he sees no change. “What about…”

Ignis’ mouth drops down, a low bawdy moan leaving his throat as he keeps his finger pressed against that spot. Jackpot. “T-There...God, right there….” Ignis’ feet come up off the bed, his knees bending, Prompto’s fingers pushing in a little further with the new position. “A-Add a third, love….Get me ready for you…”

He picks up the lube, and drips more onto the fingers inside of Ignis’ body, dripping a little onto his ring finger. “Still doing okay?” His voice is thick with lust, his ring finger slowly pushing against the tight ring of muscle, easing it in to join his other two fingers. “Talk to me, Iggy….Let me know you’re doing good right now.”

“P-Perfect…” Ignis release a low moan, his feet returning to the bed as his hips stay elevated. Prompto can see Ignis’ cock dripping onto his lower stomach, his mouth salivating at wanting to lick it all up. “God, you’re perfect….”

Prompto shakes his head, as his eyes return to what his hand is doing. He spreads apart his two outer fingers, crooking his middle finger again. The broken moan that leaves his lover’s throat makes his own cock bounce. “How’s it feel now?”

“Come….wanna….wanna…” Ignis repeats the word twice, as Prompto keeps adding pressure against his lover’s prostate, thoroughly enjoying what a mess he’s becoming. More so than himself, he thinks, but he could be wrong.

Lowering his head, he starts to kiss Ignis’ cock all over, as he keeps all three fingers inside of him. “Let me taste you again, Iggy...Don’t be afraid…” He lifts his head to look up at him, as he pulls the tip of his cock between his lips, flicking his tongue back and forth over the weeping slit.

“Prom….Prompt….” His lover stops trying to say his name, Prompto taking more of his cock into his mouth as Ignis lifts his hips up. He pushes against that spot again, the deep moan that leaves his lover’s throat is the signal he’s been waiting for penetrates his ears. The sudden rush of warm fluid splashing onto his tongue has him swallowing reflexively, shocked by how Ignis’ body tightens up around his fingers as he brings his lover to orgasm. He can’t move them at all, trapped by the tightness, but it doesn’t matter. The long, low moans that keep coming from his lover’s throat let him know that what he’s doing is right, as he continues to swallow every last drop of cum that leaves Ignis’ body.

He pulls his head back, lips going to Ignis’ lower stomach to lick up what had dripped onto his skin before. “Still doing good, Iggy?” Sweeping his tongue over Ignis’ belly button, the pressure around his fingers decreases, allowing him to slip them out slow.

“Very…” Looking up, he sees his lover nodding his head, a smile on his face. “Will you…?”

“I want to.” Prompto keeps kissing Ignis’ cock, bringing it back to a plump state, happy to see him aroused again. “Do you want me to?” He looks down, and sees Ignis’ hole is stretched, the skin tightening as if to pucker, but can’t with how loose he’s made him. “Do you feel empty right now?” Remembering how it felt to no longer have something inside of him, he wants to know if it feels the same for his lover.

Ignis nods his head, legs spreading more as Prompto sits up. Picking up the bottle of lube, he pours some onto his hand, and begins to coat his cock in the viscous substance. “It feels like your fingers are still inside of me. But they’re not, and I don’t like that…”

“I know.” He smiles. “That’s how I feel every time.” Placing the tip of his cock against Ignis’ entrance, he wipes his hands off on his bed sheet, then puts them on Ignis’ hips. “If I hurt you…”

“You won’t, love.” Ignis’ hand touches his, his fingers resting in between his. “I trust you. Just like you trust me.”

Sweat beads on his brow, his bangs falling over onto his face. “I do.” The tip of his cock rubs against Ignis’ hole a little more, then with a little thrust, he pushes it into Ignis’ body.

The hand holding onto his tightens its grip, the deep bawdy moans returning as Prompto keeps sliding his cock further into his body. It feels different than what it had felt like around his fingers, the silky smooth inner walls against his cock embracing him with its warmth. Breathing deep, he keeps moving his hips slow, and soon his thighs are up against Ignis’, his lover’s knees now bent to help ease him in.

Prompto groans as he feels Ignis put his hand on the back of his neck, pulling him down for a searing kiss as both of them moan into each other’s mouths, fully connected to one another. He pulls his hips back a little, then pushes them forward, his tongue rooting around in Ignis’ mouth as he swallows his lover’s libidinous moans. Hearing his lover become so vocal with this act makes him feel powerful, knowing that he’s the one to cause Ignis to become like this. It’s how his lover makes him feel, so to have it returned is marvellous. He pulls his hands away from Ignis’ hips, and drops them down on either side of his head, now hidden underneath his pillow as he starts to roll his hips a little more.

“H-Holy….God…” Ignis moans near his ear, as blunt nails begin to drag down Prompto’s back. “Holy…..” His words stop, Prompto releasing a low moan as Ignis drags his nails up and down his back more. “G-God…..Oh, shit…”

“Yes, Iggy…” He moans low, locking his wrists as he sits up to watch how his cock slips in and out of his lover’s body. “Doesn’t it feel good to be so full?” His cock may not be as thick as Ignis’, but if his lover’s responses to the way he’s moving are any indication, he knows Ignis is feeling as good as he is right now.


“Look at me…” Prompto whispers, body beginning to tremble as he gets closer to his orgasm. Green eyes stare up at him, pupils blown out from the physical pleasure Prompto is giving to his lover right now. Reaching between their bodies, he makes a fist around Ignis’ cock, the firmness against his palm feeling heavenly. “Keep your eyes on me…”

“Love…” The whine begins to creep into his lover’s tone, his moans becoming more rich as Prompto thrusts his hips back and forth.

Nodding his head, he alternates the way his hand moves on his lover’s body. When he thrusts forward, he pushes his hand down to the base of his lover’s cock, and when he pulls back, he pushes his hand up towards the tip. Finding a rhythm takes a few tries, but once they find it, it’s perfect. Prompto pays no attention to how loud his bed is as they rock back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of Ignis’ body as he pistons his hips. The prayers keep coming from his lover’s mouth, words that make no sense strung together. Prompto equates it to his lover riding the wave of pleasure as he begins to feel him throb against the palm of his hand. The way Ignis’ body begins to tighten around his cock, he knows that he’s close.

Prompto thrusts forward, and on this thrust, he finds that spot with the tip of his cock. The scream that leaves his lover’s throat sends a shiver down his spine, Prompto moaning low as he feels the warmth of Ignis’ orgasm beginning to spread over his fingers. Another loud moan leaves Ignis’ throat, as he pushes up against that spot again as best he can, but the vice-like grip that Ignis’ body has on his cock makes it difficult. Unable to hold off his orgasm any longer, he begins to come deep inside of his lover, who makes the most wanton noise at that exact moment. It’s unnerving how good his lover sounds in the throes of passion, his own noises adding to the mix as he allows himself to fall, his eyes closing as he succumbs to his orgasm.

He lowers himself down, resting his chest against Ignis’, his lover’s arms wrapping around him in a warm embrace. Breathing hard, he takes a few moments to revel in this feeling - being completely at peace with everything, now that he’s back in his lover’s arms. He keeps his eyes closed, as he breathes in and out, following his lover’s breathing pattern as they both slowly return back to normal. His softening cock slips out of Ignis unexpectedly, both men making a noise at the loss of connection.

Disentangling himself from his lover’s body, he gets up on weak legs, and heads into the bathroom to grab a towel to get Ignis taken care of. He grabs a washcloth, dampening it with warm water, just like Ignis had done for him after his first time, and walks back out. Sitting back down, he takes gentle care to get his lover cleaned up, loving how pink Ignis’ cheeks are as he wipes the cloth against his entrance. “I didn’t hurt you, right?”

“Not at all.” Ignis shakes his head, a shy smile on his face. “It feels strange to be in this position right now, though.”

Chuckling, he returns his lover’s smile. “I understand. It’s different like this.” He finishes cleaning him up, then takes care of himself before moving to lay down in the bed. Prompto sits a little higher, Ignis placing his head on his chest, the position feeling right.

“I hope it’s not a bad different.” Lips touch Prompto’s chest, Ignis giving him a soft kiss.

“It could never be bad, Iggy. I love you, and because of that I know it will always be incredible.”

His brain catches up to what he’s just said, as he sees Ignis lift himself up, staring into his eyes. “Do you?”

A nervous laugh gets stuck in his throat, as he becomes trapped in Ignis’ gaze. “Yes. I...I’m in love with you, Ignis.“ Addressing him by his full name carries the weight of his feelings. “You don’t have to tell me it back.”

“But I want to, because it’s how I feel as well.” The thumb on his cheek strokes him gently. “I’ve been in love with you for a long time, and to hear you say it first brings relief to my heart.”

Prompto’s eyes close, as he feels Ignis’ lips touch his with a tender kiss. “Iggy….I’m scared…” He whispers against his lips, finding himself becoming wrapped up in Ignis’ embrace.

“I know, love. I’m scared too, because these feelings are so strong. But it feels….”



His lips return to Ignis’, their mouths parting together to gently push their tongues into each other’s mouths. Each flick of their tongues against one another is filled with words that are unnecessary to vocalize at the moment. They’re spoken through their kisses, each one different yet the same. He pulls away first, holding Ignis against him as he takes in his lover’s scent, the strong smell of soap and incense permeating his nostrils.

They get settled under his blanket, Prompto turning the light off before coming to rest against Ignis’ side. Fingers start to comb through his hair, the gentle touches causing him to moan softly. “May I ask you a question?” Ignis’ voice disrupts the silence, Prompto nodding his head as the fingers in his hair continue to play with his hair. “Do you never return home for the weekend?”

He shakes his head, molding his body against Ignis’ more. “No, I don’t. I prefer staying here on campus. My parents are hardly around, so it doesn’t make any sense for me to leave and stay alone, when I could be here studying.”

“When’s the last time you went home?”  

“Not since I moved into the dorms for this school year.” Prompto gives a little shrug of his shoulder. “I’ll probably go home next weekend for my birthday. I’m sure they’d like to see me then.” He lifts his head, and looks up at his lover. “Want to come with me?”

“To your home?” Ignis asks. Prompto nods his head, then puts it back down on his chest. “Would you be gone the entire weekend? I would have to check with Father Bradham, to see if he would be willing to say mass on Saturday. I would need to be back early on Sunday, if that were the case.”

Prompto yawns again, rubbing his cheek against Ignis’ chest. “Mmm. Yeah, we can do that. Besides, Luna said I could bring someone if I wanted to whatever she’s got planned for Saturday night. I think she wants to go to that show, um…” He begins to struggle with his words, as sleep starts to sneak up on him. “The hot ticket.”

“What would they say? She’s my student, just like you.”

Giggling, Prompto cuddles closer to him. “I don’t care. She knows I go to church often. What’s wrong with inviting a priest? Maybe because you’re my lover, and I can’t kiss you and stuff. That might be a problem.” His mind starts to wander, as he becomes more lethargic. “I don’t care. You make me happy. It’s my birthday.”

“Why don’t we talk about it later, when you’re not so tired.” A soft kiss touches his forehead, bringing a smile to his face. “I would love to accompany you.”

“Then it’s settled.” A longer yawn leaves his throat. “I hope you can, Iggy. It’d be nice to show you my home. Where’s your home? Are your parents still around?”

“My father passed away when I was young. My mother is still alive, but when I entered the seminary, she told me not to bother to come home again.”

Sleep had been pulling at him, but hearing his lover’s response starts to wake him up. “Oh, Iggy. I’m so sorry.” He lifts his head to look up at him, and sees that his lover’s eyes are closed. “Because she doesn’t like the fact that you became a priest, right?” He touches the pendant resting against his sternum.

“She was never one to enjoy church.” Green eyes make their appearance, as Ignis opens his eyes. “She hates that I stole grandchildren away from her. Too bad I knew in high school that I was leaning towards homosexuality, before giving my life to faith.”

They both share a smile, Prompto finding it easier to accept these feelings. “I get it. I don’t think my parents would care either way, I sometimes feel like I was a bother to them. Which is why I got a full scholarship to go here - so they weren’t financially burdened by the cost of tuition.”

“You’re very intelligent. You received the highest score on your midterm in your class.”


“I graded them without looking at the cover, so it was unbiased.” Ignis nods his head, as he cups Prompto’s cheek, pulling his head towards his face. “I was very proud when I saw it was your name on that book.”

“I’m glad, Iggy.” He closes the distance between their lips, and gives him a quick kiss. “Do you enjoy teaching?”

“I do. It’s rewarding, sometimes more so than the rewards I benefit from as a priest at St. Lucis. But don’t tell the diocese that.”

Laughing, Prompto starts to feel the pull of sleep returning. “I won’t, Father. Your secret is safe with me.”

“I would hope so, love.”

“Me too.” He turns over, and scoots back to be in Ignis’ arms, his back now resting comfortably against his lover’s chest. “I love you, Iggy. So much.”

“I love you too.” A kiss to his shoulder makes goosebumps rise up on his arm. “Sweet dreams, my love.”

It takes a second to register what his lover has just said, but instead of trying to repeat it back, Prompto drifts to sleep in the comfort of Ignis’ arms, happy to be sharing his bed with his lover for another Friday night.

Chapter Text


Morning light begins to stream in through the spaces between the blinds and his curtains, Prompto turning his head to get away from the glaring sun. His cheek comes to rest on something soft, yet solid. It’s then that he remembers that Ignis had come back a night early, and had spent the night in his dorm room. And when he realizes that the sunlight is streaming through his window, and Ignis is still next to him, panic grips his heart as he sits up fast, and begins to shake Ignis’ shoulder.

“Iggy. Iggy, you have to wake up! We overslept! It’s almost 8!” He whispers loudly, not sure how Ignis would take to be woken up from a dead sleep. “Iggy, you have to go!”

“No, I don’t.” Ignis yawns, his arms coming up to put around Prompto’s body. “Shh...go back to sleep, love…” He’s pulled down to lay next to his lover, his heart still beating a mile a minute. “I don’t have to be anywhere until early this afternoon.”

Trying to calm down, he hears Ignis’ words, but doesn’t understand them. “Wait, what about Father Bradham? Aren’t you worried that he’s going to wonder where you are this morning? He knows you’re back. I’m so confused!”

“It’s okay. I told him I had some things I needed to attend to this morning, so if he didn’t see me to not worry about it.”

Prompto’s mouth drops open. “You lied to him?!”

“Did I?” The arms around his body hold him a little tighter. “I’m pretty sure I’m doing what I needed to attend to today.” Ignis’ nose rubbed against the side of his neck, a kiss following in its wake. “I didn’t think you would mind. You didn’t have plans today, did you?”

He shakes his head, still trying to comprehend why Ignis was still laying in bed next to him. “No, I don’t have any plans. I mean, I was probably going to go hang out with Luna and the puppers, but that was only because I was trying to find a way to kill time before I saw you again.”

“Well, I’m here now.” Their heads align, Prompto looking into his lover’s green eyes and feels the worry begin to slip away. “Spend the day with me? We can go get some breakfast, maybe go for a stroll. Watch a movie?”

“Can priests do that?” Prompto asks, the idea of spending most of the day with Ignis sounding like a small piece of heaven.

His lover laughs, Prompto noticing the way his eyes crinkle when they close with his laughter. “Prompto, I can do whatever I want. Maybe seeing movies isn’t something a priest would normally do, but I have gone to the cinema on my own on occasion. How else am I supposed to stay abreast on what our congregation watches? How to tailor my homilies that will resonate with them by comparing it to something they understand?”

Thinking about it, it made total sense to Prompto. “I kinda wondered how you knew a lot about pop culture.” He smiles, and looks into Ignis’ eyes. “Sure. We can go see a movie, if you feel up to it? Or…”

“Or…?” He tilts his head to the side, as Ignis starts to kiss along his jawline, then makes his way down the side of his exposed neck. “Did you have something else in mind, love?” Soft kisses are rained down on his neck, then touch just below his ear before teeth tug on his earlobe. “Want to show me that video you watched, that got you in the mood to take me last night?”

At a loss as to what to say, all Prompto can do is squeak, and then bury his head against Ignis’ neck, the thought of watching anything like what he’d watched on his own both intimidating and somewhat erotic. “It’s not even eight!” He squawks, keeping his face buried against Ignis’ neck. “Who watches porn that early?!”

“Ah, so you’re not saying no. You’re just saying no right now, is that correct, love?”

His face burns as he tries to find the right answer, but then hears his lover start to laugh. Feeling like a complete fool for being played, he groans and gives Ignis’ shoulder a little shove, which only makes him laugh more. “You’re so mean to me, Iggy. What the hell. I confess my love to you, and this is how you treat me? By teasing me about watching porn?”

“I could feel the way your cock leapt to life against my leg at the mention of it.” The rich, sonorous tone of his lover’s voice in his ear causes him to involuntarily shudder, while releasing a soft moan in response to the comment. “You’re hard with want right now, aren’t you?”

Ignis’ words have a profound effect on his body, and he knows he can’t hide anything from him. They’re both still very naked underneath the blanket, so to lie to him would be a sin, and one he cannot deny. “You make me horny, Iggy…” He juts his hips forward, pushing his hardening cock against his lover’s crotch, not at all surprised to feel Ignis’ cock is as stiff as his own. “Are you saying you want to watch something with me? Something….naughty…?”

“Mmm….I wouldn’t say no to it, love.” He’s pulled to be on top of him, their hips coming together as their hard cocks rub against each other. “Don’t you think it would be fun? To find something together…? Maybe learn a few new things to do together…?”

His hands drop down to Ignis’ shoulders, as he lifts himself up a little higher. He teases himself by rubbing the tip of Ignis’ cock against his entrance, knowing that that’s all he can do at the moment, since they hadn’t taken the time to prep his body. But it’s total torture, as he wants to feel it go deeper inside of him, the tip of Ignis’ cock feeling like a tiny piece of heaven. He lowers himself back down, the blanket sliding off of his body as he sits up, and grabs both of their cocks with his one hand.

“You didn’t answer me…” Ignis moans low, rolling his hips so that their cocks rubbed together more. “Would you like to learn new things…?”

“Nngh….yes, Iggy…” He moans, concentrating on how to move his hand with the way they grind against each other. “W-We can watch something together…” His words trail off as he starts to move his hand a little faster, the slick of both of their precum acting as a natural lubricant. His knees dig into the bed, as he strokes their cocks faster. His head lowers when he feels Ignis’ hands touch his hips, guiding him how to move his body. “L-Later…”

“It’s...a date…”

Prompto feels Ignis beginning to throb against his hand, his cock growing thicker as he gets close to his orgasm, his fingers barely staying wrapped around the two of them. Ignis puts one hand over his, their fingers interlocking as they jerk themselves off together, the touch of Ignis’ hand against his and his own cock feels amazing, and it takes everything inside of him to not lose it completely. But when he hears Ignis begin to hold his breath for a prolonged amount of time, he knows that he’s close, slowly but surely learning the tells of when his lover is close to an orgasm. He can hear his own moans becoming more desperate as he gets closer to his own release, every pump of their hands working together bringing him closer to his peak. His hips stutter a few times, and then it happens - his cum begins to seep out of the tip, spreading over their joined fingers as he’s brought to orgasm. He hears Ignis moan a low ‘yes’, and then more cum is sliding over his fingers as he feels his lover beginning to come, Prompto shivering as they reach their high together.

He drops down and finds Ignis’ mouth, kissing him with a needy kiss, loving how nice it is to feel how close the two of them are right in this moment, with the stickiness of their cum sticking to their fingers and Ignis’ torso. After a few kisses, he reaches for the towel he’d used the night before and begins to wipe off Ignis’ belly, then wipes off their cocks before slipping off of Ignis’ body to lay back down next to him.

“Did you have any dreams while I was gone?” Ignis asks, after they get resituated underneath Prompto’s blanket. “You didn’t wake up to any messes, did you?”

Now it was his turn to laugh, as he shakes his head. “No. I was too tired from studying both Tuesday and Wednesday night, so I think that helped me not have any dreams. But then Thursday, I took care of myself before going to bed.” He blushes, then lifts his head to look up into his lover’s eyes. “If you hadn’t come back last night, I’m pretty sure I would have woken up this morning in my own mess.”

“I’m glad I was able to take care of you before that happened again.” Ignis lowers his head to brush his lips against his, Prompto’s eyelids fluttering closed as he gets swept away by another kiss. “It’s nice, being here with you like this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you at this time of day like this.”

He turns his head to kiss the fingers that had been touching his face. “Yes, you have. Well, at Lauds.”

“Lauds, and seeing you after spending the night in your arms are two very different ways of seeing someone, love.” Prompto giggles, and nods his head in agreement. “I wish this was a luxury we could always have.”

“It’s okay, Iggy. I know that you want to be here, and that’s all that matters to me.” Prompto tries not to think about how nice it would be for it to always be like this. To have Ignis sleeping beside him night after night, and then waking up to his smiling face in the morning. Those are luxuries that he knows they will never have, because of who they are. But he doesn’t want to think about those thoughts right now, because then he’ll become sad and have to explain himself. I chose this path. Enjoy this moment. Don’t think about anything else.

An arm comes to rest against his back, then moves to his torso as he turns to lay on his side, facing the covered window. “Would you like me to go get us some coffee and pastries from the coffee shop? Or would you like to go out to eat for breakfast?” Ignis keeps his arm around him, the feel of his body against his almost like a security blanket.

“We can go sit down somewhere, if you’d like. I know there’s the diner, but if we went in the other direction, there’s a few good brunch places.” Prompto puts his hand on top of Ignis’, pushing his fingers to rest between the valley of Ignis’ fingers. “Would you like to shower first? Oh!” He rolls over, and sees a surprised look on Ignis’ face. “How’s your butt?” He asks, feeling foolish for not asking him earlier. “You’re not in any pain, right? No dull ache, or sharp pain going up your back because of what we did last night?”

Ignis shakes his head, with a small smile on his face. “No, Prompto. My butt is perfectly fine, thank you for asking. I might take a couple of Tylenol before we go out to eat, because I may be a little stiff when we walk, but I’m sure it won’t be that bad.” His lover cups his face, and kisses him softly. “Thank you for your concern. Remember, I’ve touched myself, so I know what my body is capable of handling.”

“Iggy…” He blushes, trying to turn his head away to hide himself. “Don’t talk like that…”

“Why not?” His lover’s voice changes, a soft lilt that carries the hint of a tease behind it. “Is it wrong for me to admit my desire to know what feels good and what doesn’t to my own body? One can explore their body in a myriad of ways, Prompto...”

The heat continues to travel up towards the tips of his ears, as he shakes his head. “No, there’s nothing wrong with getting to know what you like. But if you keep talking that way, we may never leave the room.”

“Point taken.”

He watches Ignis stand up from the bed, his eyes going to the way his cock hangs a little to the left, not soft but not quite erect either. “There’s towels hanging up in my bathroom.” Prompto lifts his eyes, and sees his lover watching him. “What?”

“I saw you looking.” Ignis teases, holding his hand out to him. “And what is this business about taking a shower alone? I assumed you would be joining me?”

“Oh, I can.” Prompto takes Ignis’ hand, and is pulled up off the bed, pitching forward a little before being able to get his balance. “My shower isn’t that big, though. So it might be a little tight with two of us in there.”

“Sounds delightful.”

It is definitely a little cramped in his shower, but it becomes very comfortable quickly, reminding Prompto of the close quarters in the confessional booth. He’s never taken a shower with another person before, so it’s a very new experience, trying to figure out the best way to stand without seeming like he’s hogging all the water to himself. He sees Ignis watching him with a smile on his face, to which he returns the look with a smile. “So, what else did you do while you were at our sister parish?” He asks, nodding his head when Ignis holds up his bottle of shampoo, then closes his eyes as he feels him begin to wash his hair for him.

“Well, I graded all of my classes midterms. I planned my lessons for the next couple of weeks, and I organized my thoughts on this weekend’s gospel.” Ignis’ fingers scratch his scalp, the tips of his fingers gently massaging the shampoo into his hair. “I also thought about you a lot.”

“Oh?” It comes out more as a soft moan, than as question. “What sorts of thoughts did you have about me, Iggy?”

“The kind that a man in my position should not be having.” The words are murmured close to Prompto’s ear, the hair on the back of his neck raising up. “Thoughts that I would return to when I was alone in my bed at night.”

The fingers that were in his hair are now sliding down to his shoulders, guiding him to stand under the stream of water. Prompto follows his lead, tilting his head back to not get soap in his eyes, Ignis’ hands still on his body. After a few minutes, he’s pushed up against the wall, Prompto lifting one leg up almost as a reflex to secure it around Ignis’ waist.

“Tell me….tell me what you thought about…” Prompto moans, as the tip of Ignis’ cock returns to teasing his entrance, the water now pelting the basin, their bodies nowhere near the spray. No matter how many times they may touch one another, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. He always wants more. These past few days being alone, he’s got time to make up for.

Ignis pulls away from him, and Prompto is about to protest when he feels lips touch his with a soft kiss. “I’ll be right back.” He watches his lover step out of the shower, his head knocking back against the wall as he stays in his spot. His lover is quick to return, and holds up a bottle, before turning Prompto towards the wall. “I’m not going to hurt you.” Ignis places another quick kiss to his lips before uncapping the bottle of lubricant.

“W-Where’d you get that?” He asks, somewhat breathless as warm heat begins to curl in his lower belly at the first touch of Ignis’ fingers against his entrance. “That’s not mine, right?”

“It is not.” Ignis gently guides one finger into him, both men moaning low at the touch. “The lubricant I use is an silicone based one that won’t wash off as easily in the water.” A second finger is pushed into Prompto’s body, his chest rubbing against the tiled wall as he moans low. “I bought it specifically in case something like this were to happen…”

It takes a few moments for Prompto’s brain to catch up, focusing on the way his lover’s fingers seem to magically spread him open, but then it hits him. “You’ve thought about having sex with me in the shower?” He turns his head to the side, and can see Ignis’ wet hair covering one eye, making him look more attractive than he has any right to look.

“I’ve thought about having sex with you in a lot of places, Prompto.” A few pumps, and then Ignis’ fingers are pulled out, and Prompto is pushed to have his back against the wall, coming face to face with his lover. “Haven’t you had those types of thoughts?”

“Yes, but you…?” He lifts his leg back up, the blunt head of Ignis’ cock pushing back against his prepped entrance. “You’re not supposed to…”

“To what?” Ignis’ cock slips into him, the stretch of his fingers doing hardly anything as the thickness of his girth pushes further into Prompto’s body. “I’m not supposed to have my own sexual fantasies about you? How I’ve thought about pulling you into my side of the confessional booth, and having my way with you while giving other parishioners penance, as my cock stays deep inside of your ass? My hand covering your mouth, as I instruct them to recite ten Hail Marys and four Our Fathers?”

His brain stops working at that confession, as he lifts his other leg up to be pinned against the wall by his lover. He moans, his arms coming to rest on top of Ignis’ shoulders as he rolls his hips, the feel of Ignis’ cock going in and out of him causing him to think that what had just been said was a figment of his imagination. Except, it wasn’t, because Ignis continues to torture him with more erotic auditory fantasies.

“And what if I’ve thought about you, taking a sip of wine from my chalice?” Ignis growls low, Prompto moaning as his back is dragged up and down the wet shower wall. “Taking a sip, and finding out that it’s not wine that you’re drinking, but my...own….cum…” Each word is broken up by hard thrusts, as Ignis pushes his cock deeper into Prompto’s body, nudging the tip of his cock against his prostate with every thrust.

Prompto cries out, as the words have a profound effect to his body. “M-More, Father…” He moans, not realizing he’s called his lover by his title, becoming lost in the pictures that Ignis continues to paint for him with his words.

“Or after mass, when everyone is waiting to speak to me, you’ve pulled me into the bathroom in the sacristy, because your mouth needs to be on my cock.” Prompto shudders hard at the thought, one eerily like the thoughts he’s had himself. Ignis licks the shell of his ear, before releasing a low moan. “My cum wasn’t enough for you during Communion. You want to drink it straight from the source.”

It’s the final blow, Prompto’s hand now on his own cock, stroking himself off with each lewd word that drips from Ignis’ mouth. “I-Iggy….” He moans, coming hard as the fullness of his lover’s cock penetrates him deep, the rush of lust spreading throughout his body as he pictures the two of them doing everything that Ignis has said, and how bad he wants to make them all become a reality.

“My love…” Ignis moans low, and the rush of his release floods through Prompto’s body, bringing a soft whimper of satisfaction out of his throat.

He’s lowered back down to the ground, Ignis slipping out of him with a gentle pull. Prompto groans at the loss, but it’s quickly muted by his lover kissing him softly on the lips. Stroking his tongue with the tip of his own, Prompto gets lost in their kiss until the physical need to breathe forces him to pull away from Ignis. “Wow, Iggy…”

“You aren’t bothered by those fantasies, are you?” Ignis whispers, the confidence that had been so prevalent moments ago gone, as their foreheads come together. “I don’t want to scare you…”

“Not at all.” Prompto shakes his head, as he lifts himself up to press another kiss to his lover’s lips. “It’s actually quite nice to know, because I thought I was the only one to have thoughts like that.”

“I promise, you’re not.” They both share a soft laugh, before Ignis moves them to be back under the running water, his lover taking care to get him cleaned up.

“Iggy, may I ask you a question?” They’re both out of the shower, towel drying off together in the small space in his bathroom.

“You may always ask me whatever you want, love.”

The thoughts are swirling in his head, as he tries to find the best way to ask his question. “Well, you see-”


Both men turn towards the sound, Prompto’s stomach dropping as he hears the pattern of the knock. “Oh, no…”

“What is it?” Ignis asks, tucking the towel around his waist. “Were we too loud? Is someone coming over here to complain?”

“Worse.” Prompto groans, torn between panic and anger as he hears the knocking continue. Wrapping his own towel around his waist, he looks up into his lover’s eyes. “Please, whatever you do - do not make any sound. Don’t open the door. Just stay here.”

“I won’t move a muscle.” He can see the mild panic in his lover’s eyes, as Prompto opens the bathroom door, then quickly closes it.

He walks over to his door, and opens it. “What are you doing here??” He asks, water dripping down his shoulders.

“Oh my God, why aren’t you wearing clothes?!” Luna exclaims, as she walks into his dorm room. “Why are you dripping wet?”

“Because I was taking a shower!” Prompto watches his friend walk into the room, and is about to close the door when two snouts push it back open, and the blank face of his best friend’s lover is standing at the door. “Great. Luna, you picked a great day to surprise me like this.” He tries not to panic as he sees Ignis’ clothes strewn over the floor. Luckily, it looks like his own clothes, which are scattered throughout his bedroom. “Hey Noct. Come in.” He turns around, and grabs the clothes up off the floor to make it less awkward for everyone.

“I thought it’d be fun to come over and surprise you!” Luna sits down on the loveseat, Prompto trying to keep himself calm. “You didn’t have plans today, right? Not until mass?”

“So? Maybe I like spending my Saturday alone!” He hugs his clothes to his chest, as Noctis closes the bedroom door. “Seriously, why are you guys here? And at this time of day no less?”

“Because we wanted to take you to the dog park with us. What’s wrong with that? It’s not like you ever sleep in. And what’s that on your neck??” Luna points, Prompto practically throwing the clothes up over his shoulder to hide whatever was left behind from the hickey he’d received the previous weekend. “Was that a hickey?!”

“What?!” Prompto almost screams, his voice cracking. “Luna, how in the world could I even get one of those? You know I’m not seeing anyone!”

“Look, Luna. Maybe Prompto had plans today.” Noctis stands by the door, the two dogs torn between going over to Luna, and going over to Prompto. “We can come back later. Let you get dressed.”

“I don’t mind waiting.” Luna shakes her head. “Just go and get dressed, and then we’ll go.”

He knows when his best friend gets like this, he can’t say anything to sway her mind. And he can’t tell her that he’s got someone in his bathroom right now, and he very well can’t tell her it’s Father Scientia that’s in there. God, please help me right now. Is this my punishment for doing what I’m doing? Please, she can’t find out. He says a silent prayer, hoping that it will be heard, as his eyes go to his desk and land on Ignis’ cell phone sitting next to his own. Oh, no.

“Luna, let’s go wait for him downstairs.” Noctis, his savior, disrupts the temporary silence. “Let him dress alone in peace.”

She gets up off the couch with a soft huff, and nods her head. “Fine. Prompto - come downstairs when you’re ready. But don’t make us wait too long.” She pets both Umbra and Pryna’s head, then heads out of the dorm room.

“Take care of what you need to.” Noctis says, nodding his head towards the bathroom door. “Don’t worry - I don’t think she saw.” He points to the two cell phones on the desk.

Prompto isn’t sure if he should cry in shame, or with happiness that Noctis has come to his rescue again. “Thanks, man. I’ll be down soon.”

Noctis pulls on the leashes, and walks out of his dormitory with both dogs, closing the door behind him. Prompto throws the clothes onto the bed, then goes over to the bathroom door and flings it open. “I’ve got to go.”

“I gathered.” Ignis looks around the room, and goes over to the desk to pick up his phone. “How did you manage to stay behind?”

“Her boyfriend helped.” Prompto goes to his dresser, and gets a pair of clean underwear on, then grabs a shirt and a pair of jeans. “God, I’m so mad. I don’t know why she thinks I don’t have my own plans. I was so looking forward to spending the day with you.”

“It’s alright.” His lover comes to stand in front of him, placing his hands on top of his shoulders. “There will be another time. It’s nice that she thought of you, and wanted to include you.”

“She always does this.” Prompto looks at the sweatshirt on the bed, and blushes. “Hey, Iggy...Um...may I borrow your sweatshirt?”

“You may.” Ignis picks it up, and turns it from being inside out to its proper way. He helps pull it over Prompto’s head, then kisses him on the lips. “It looks perfect on you, love.”

It’s a little bit larger than he would normally wear his sweatshirts, but not by much. Ducking his head down, he inhales. “It smells like you.”

“Does it?” Ignis pulls his shirt over his head. “Are they waiting downstairs for you?”

“They are.” He sits down to put his shoes on. “I...I can’t leave with you.”

“I know you can’t. I wasn’t about to suggest that. I am aware that we need to keep a low profile.”

Still perturbed by Luna’s actions, he flings himself to be in Ignis’ embrace. “I’m sorry, Iggy. I’ll see you tonight after mass?”

“Father Bradham is saying mass this evening, but I’ll be around. Would you like to meet up for dinner? Stop by the rectory after mass?”

“Dinner would be great. Please, let’s do that? How about we just meet at a restaurant?” Prompto fixes the sweatshirt until it sits right where he wants it to. “Not that I don’t want to come to the rectory, but…”

“But it’s different with Father Bradham in town. I understand.” Ignis touches his face with both of his hands, and holds him still while bestowing a kiss to his lips. “Go be with your friends. I’ll see you this evening.”

“All you have to do is turn this lock on the doorknob to lock it.” Prompto pockets his phone, and his keys, as he goes over to the door. “Give me at least five minutes to get them away from the dormitory?”

“I will not leave for fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you, Iggy.” He darts back into the room, and gives his lover one last kiss. “I love you.” He whispers against his lips, then heads back to the door, smiling when he hears Ignis whisper it back to him as he closes the door behind him.

Taking the stairs, he races down and sees Luna and Noctis playing with both dogs on the grass. “Alright, I’m ready to go.” He announces his presence, as Pryna comes racing towards him. “No jumping!” He cries, but it’s lost as the dog pounces on him, and starts to lick his face all over.

“Pryna, no!” Luna shouts, her voice filled with laughter. “These dogs need to learn better manners!” She walks over to them, and grabs onto the leash. “You ready to go to the dog park? Then, I’ll treat you to brunch? For barging in on you unannounced?”

He looks up at her, and nods his head. “Brunch sounds great.” As they walk over to Noctis’ car, Prompto looks up at his dorm room window, but doesn’t see anything except his closed blinds. Which he’s both happy and sad about - happy to see that no one can see in, but sad because he was hoping to see Ignis one last time before they drove away.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he sends a text to his lover. “It’s safe to leave. We’re in the car now.”

Have fun with your friends. I’ll see you tonight, love.”

See you tonight. :)

Smiling, he puts his phone back into his pocket, and puts his arms around both dogs who are seated beside him in the car. Trying to make the most of this unexpected hangout, he looks over at Luna while petting both dogs. “Which dog park are we going to?”


The dog park turns into brunch and day spent walking around In, after dropping the dogs back off at home. Doing exactly what Ignis had suggested the two of them do today. Prompto is glad for the distraction, and would not have minded doing this had Father Scientia not returned a day early. But for most of the time he spent with Luna and Noctis, all he thought about was his lover, and how they had robbed him of spending a nice day with him.

“Want to do this again next Saturday?” Luna asks, as they pull up to his dormitory, Prompto needing to change clothes before heading to mass.

“Next Saturday I’ll already be in the city.” He reminds his best friend. “Aren’t we celebrating my birthday then?”

“Yes! And I got the tickets! Noctis said you might bring someone? Is that true?” Luna asked, as Prompto stood by the passenger side, talking to her through the lowered window.

“I was thinking about it.” The conversation he’d had the night before with Father Scientia comes back, and wonders if now would be a good time to plant the seed that he might be bringing him. “I still have to ask first. Would that be okay? I don’t want Charlotte to be there. This is my birthday weekend.”

“I know, I know. No more Charlotte.” Luna shook her head. “Whoever you want to bring is fine with me. We’ve got tickets to the show, and then plans for dinner afterwards. Do your parents know you’ll be in town?”

“Does it matter?” He shrugs his shoulders, knowing that his parents wouldn’t care one way or the other. “They’re probably off somewhere, and don’t remember it’s my birthday.”

She looks over at Prompto. “I’m sure they remember, and if not - we do. Have a good rest of your weekend. Thanks for hanging out with us today, Prompto. We had fun.”

“I had fun too. See you guys later. Bye Noct.” He waves at his best friend’s boyfriend, who nods his head, and then watches them drive away.

Heading up to his bedroom, he unlocks the door and exhales a sigh of relief when he sees he’s alone. A tiny part of him had been hoping that Ignis had stayed here for the day, but then he realizes how selfish that sounds, and is glad that he had made it back to the rectory without any drama like he’d experienced. Taking off his lover’s sweatshirt, he balls it up and drops down onto the bed with a groan, shaking his head. That was too close. He’s going to have to establish some boundaries with Luna. Things are different now. She can’t act the same way she’s been acting since they started to go to St. Lucis, but he doesn’t know how he’s going to tell her that.

He gets ready for mass, and then makes his way over to the church, the bell ringing on the hour as he walks up the steps. He takes his seat towards the back of the church, and gets settled in to worship the Lord for the first time that weekend. Except, throughout the duration of church, he can’t help but think about what Father Scientia had said to him in the shower. It proves to be a very trying hour, but he survives. After mass concludes, he exits the nave and heads outside to text his lover.

Want to meet me at the Asian restaurant two blocks away from campus? Does that sound good for dinner?

It sounds perfect. Meet you there in twenty?

Twenty it is!

Shoving his hands into his coat pockets, he walks at a brisk pace, the autumn air growing colder day by day. He can see his breath, clouds beginning to gather in sky as an autumn storm looms on the horizon. The Asian restaurant isn’t too packed for a Saturday night, Prompto being seated at a two person table towards the back. He scans the restaurant for anyone he knows, and sees no one, helping him to relax as he waits for Ignis to join him.

Five minutes after he arrives, he sees Ignis walk through the door. He holds up his hand and waves, the butterflies returning to life in his stomach as Ignis walks over to him. His lover is back to wearing his formal cassock, Prompto trying not to ogle him too much in the garb as he gives him a hug, hoping that that is an okay way to greet a priest.

“Hi, Father. It’s nice to see you again.” He offers a menu to Ignis, who returns his smile. “Did you have a nice day today?”

He touches his foot against Ignis’ under the table, happy to feel him push back against it. They share a look. “It’s always wonderful to see you, Prompto.”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.” Prompto looks at the menu, excited to be here with Father Scientia.

“Well, let’s get some food into that belly of yours.”

They share a laugh, then the waiter comes over to their table. “Ready to order?”

Prompto smiles, and nods his head. “We are!”

He was bound and determined to make up for their lost time during the day. They still have a lot of catching up to do.

Chapter Text

After their waiter takes their order, Prompto folds his hands down in front of him and looks across at Father Scientia. “Did you have a nice day, Father?” He asks, his stomach rolling a little as he keeps his eyes on lover, who looks as happy as he is to be there with him.

“I did. I must admit, I had hoped to do something different today, but I managed to fill my time up nicely. It feels good to be back at the rectory after my absence.” Father Scientia adjusts his glasses, Prompto shifting a little in his chair as he remembers the last thing the two of them had done together before their time had been cut off so quickly. “And you? How was your day? What did you do?”

He is about to ask his lover why he’d asked such a question when he knows that he left with Luna, then sees Father Scientia give a tiny shake of his head. Understanding that he’s being discreet on purpose, Prompto goes with the flow. “Not much. My best friend showed up unannounced, without bothering to text or call me to see if I was busy today.” He’s still a little upset by her behavior.

The waiter brings over their appetizer, and Prompto folds his hands in a prayer formation as he listens to Father Scientia say a prayer, then crosses himself with a soft ‘Amen’ following the priest’s blessing. Father Scientia puts a few items onto a plate for him, then takes a few for himself. “She did seem rather brazen about the whole visit.”

“She means well.” He picks up a potsticker, and dunks it into some sauce before taking a bite. Keeping his voice low so that the conversation stays private between the two of them, he flips his potsticker to dunk it again before eating the rest. “She’s the only person besides you that knows where I live. No one else comes to my dorm room. Remember, I don’t have a lot of friends.”

“Has she always been that way?” Prompto waits for Father Scientia to finish chewing, as it seems he isn’t finished with his thought. “Does she think you sit alone in your dorm room on the weekends?”

Shrugging his shoulders, he grabs a crab rangoon, and crunches into it. “I mean, I usually am so there’s no reason for her to not think like that. It’s only as of late that I find my weekend days are being occupied by someone that she has no idea about.”

“Do you plan on telling her?”

It’s a question he’s been thinking about off and on since he’d left Father Scientia back in his dorm room earlier in the day. “I’ve thought about it. But not really delving into details? I’m not sure. She needs to know that things are different now, otherwise she might keep showing up at my place at the worst time.”

“What if you’re not there?” Father Scientia raises up an eyebrow, the tone of his question more suggestive than not. And it does something to Prompto, not that it surprises him in the slightest. But hearing Father Scientia say it in that manner, while wearing his formal clerical wear makes him cough a little into his hand.

Prompto grabs his water, and takes a sip. “Then I’ll really have to think up a good excuse. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not that great at lying. It’s a sin.”

“It is. But sometimes we lie to protect the ones we care about.” Their eyes meet, the silent understanding passing between the two of them. Because they are in a constant state of lying with one another, to which Prompto is slowly losing the fear that used to be there when this whole thing began.

“I know.” He smiles, and taps the tip of his shoe against the arch of Father Scientia’s shoe. “With her, she’s different. What would you do if you were in my position, Father?”

The touch of something against his other foot makes him duck his head a little, happy to be able to touch him in this manner, since they can’t touch any other way at the moment. I wish there was a long tablecloth on this table. Such an insane thought, but if there was one, he knows his hand would be on top of Ignis’ thigh, or somewhere else that would help him calm down the anxiety he’s feeling at the moment.

Their waiter brings out their entrees, setting them down in the middle of the table before taking their leave. “Well, Prompto - I think it’s up to you to decide how you handle your friends. If she is becoming more of a nuisance than not, then I think you owe it to her to explain that you need to set boundaries. That what you had before might not necessarily be what you two have now.”

“But why the change?” He takes a little bit from Ignis’ entree, and then a little bit from his, and puts some white rice on the plate. “She’s going to want to know why I’m changing it up.”

“You have an internship.”


“The church.”

An imaginary lightbulb clicks over his head. “And that would be the perfect reason why I’m inviting you to join us on Saturday night.” He nods his head, and starts to eat his food with a pair of chopsticks. “But, what sort of internship is it? I don’t want to become a priest, Father. And she knows that.”

“Does she know of your...preferences?”

He snorts, and takes another bite of food. “Don’t you remember the girl she keeps trying to set me up with?”

“Are you ashamed about it?” Father Scientia looks across at him, both of them pausing their eating for the moment. “I know it’s only been a few weeks since you...came out to me, as it were. Does it worry you that she won’t be as understanding?”

“No.” Prompto shakes his head. “Not anymore. Not since…” He drops his voice to a soft whisper. “Not since you told me that it was okay to be the way I am. That God doesn’t think any less of me for being this way. And I don’t think she’d care. Her boyfriend knows.”

“Does he?” The surprise he hears in his lover’s voice makes him feel a tiny bit guilty. “When did this occur?”

“When we went to go get Luna’s dogs on Thursday. He sort of guessed it, but I didn’t say yes or no to the comment.” It’s getting easier talking about these sorts of things; the more he talks about it, the more he feels like Father Scientia’s words hold complete truth to them - that there’s nothing wrong with this lifestyle choice.

“I see. Well, that makes me happy to hear. I’m proud of you Prompto.” They share a smile, before Father Scientia returns to the prior topic. “If you could tell her boyfriend, in so many words, perhaps the first step would be to tell her that you aren’t interested in the girl because of your preferences. If she’s your friend, then she won’t see anything wrong with that.”

“But you’re forgetting something.”

“What am I forgetting?”

Picking up his chopsticks, he resumes eating. “I used to date girls in high school. What if she tries to tell me it’s a phase? That I’m not meeting the right people?” He sighs, and shakes his head. “This is so much more difficult than I thought it would be. Why? Why are we doing this?” He gestures to the two of them, making it perfectly clear what the ‘this’ is that he’s talking about. “It’s crazy!”

“Because we fell in love.” Father Scientia whispers, Prompto’s eyes closing as he nods his head in agreement, his anxiety beginning to calm as he knows it’s the truth. What they’re doing is because of his feelings for the man across the way. The man who is a man first, and then a man of God second. “How about we worry about her later. Tell her you’re working at the church with me for an assignment. Internship might be the wrong way to go.”

“What class? Yours? Are you going to make us write another paper before the end of the semester that makes us examine religion in modern day society?”

His lover nods his head. “Yes, I believe that I will. That is an excellent idea, Prompto. And your topic will be, of course, the Catholic church.”

“Because I’m such a devote church goer, that it would make sense that I would choose that topic.” A plan begins to formulate in his mind. “But, you’ll just be telling us about this paper on what - Wednesday? How does that explain why you’ll be with me on Saturday night?”

“You’ve been helping me for a bit. We’ve become close. She knows you see me at church.”

“You’re not wrong.” Prompto laughs, scooping up a bit more food onto his plate. “Okay, I think that will work. Did you….do you still want to come with me…?”

Father Scientia smiles, and gives a nod of his head. “I already worked out the details with Father Bradham. I’ll be using the rectory’s car. We can head into the city whenever you want on Friday, as he has said he will handle Vespers that evening.”

“Great!” Unable to keep the smile off of his face, he starts to eat at a faster pace. “I guess I’ll need to call my parents tomorrow and find out if they’ll even be home. Probably not. We’ll stay there. I’ve got a key. There’s a spare bedroom that we can ‘use’ for you.”

“I look forward to it.”

They finish their meal, and split the check down the middle. It’s a bit brisk outside, Prompto shivering a little as they begin to walk back towards campus, the skies becoming cloudier while they’d been dining. “Aren’t you cold, Father?” He asks, turning to look at Ignis, who doesn’t have a jacket on.

“These cassocks are quite warm.” Father Scientia shakes his head, walking with his hands in his pockets. “I will admit, I had been hoping to see you wearing my sweatshirt tonight.”

Blushing, he shakes his head. “It’s back in my dorm. Oh, speaking of. Maybe it would be a good idea to keep your cell phone in your pocket, or I need to keep mine in my drawer when you come over.”

“Did something happen this morning?” The two of them stop walking, Father Scientia turning towards him.

“She didn’t see it, but her boyfriend did.” Prompto sighs. “So, he knows I had someone over, but he doesn’t know who.And this is the same person that was surprised I had never watched a porno before.”

Father Scientia nods his head. “Oh, I see. So he’s the one that gave you the nudge to watch something like that, was he?”

“It was innocent!” He defends himself, but then he hears his lover laugh, and feels the tension disappear in his shoulders. “Hah. Fine. Yes, he’s the one that said he liked to jerk off, to which I said ‘But you have Luna’, and he said ‘so?’ Boys are weird, Father. I don’t think like they do.”

More laughter rings out into the night. “That they are, Prompto.”

Prompto walks with him back towards the church, trying to figure out when he would take his leave, when he feels Father Scientia touch his hand. “Do you have to go back to your dorm right now? I was hoping to show you something, if you’re interested?”

“Yes, Father.” Glancing around, he sees no one around, the cold keeping people indoors. He puts his hand into his lover’s and looks up at him. “What would you like to show me?”

“It won’t take very long.” The pressure of his lover’s hand against his brings a smile to his face, as the cover of night keeps their secret safe as they come closer to the church. He expects Father Scientia to lead them off the beaten path, so when they start to walk towards the church itself, and make their way to the back, he’s a bit surprised but follows him into the sacristy.

Being in the church this late feels strange, almost surreal as Father Scientia guides him through the dark, the man knowing the layout of the church better than Prompto thought he would. The only light that shines is the artificial lights from outside, the moon having snuck behind a cluster of clouds. He could feel the air changing around the two of them - whether it’s from the incoming storm, or something else, Prompto isn’t sure. As they make their way towards the sanctuary proper, Father Scientia lets go of his hand to push the door open, Prompto following him out.

Lights are on in the church, but set at a low setting, for any wandering souls to enjoy the peace and quiet of the nave to offer their prayers to the Lord. Prompto stays in the shadows, fear beginning to grip his heart as he looks out towards the pews, hoping that there is no one in the nave. His eyes sweep across both sides, taking in the prayer stations, and he sees that no one is inside the church.

“Hello?” Father Scientia calls out. “Is anyone in here? The doors will be locked momentarily.” The silence in the church returns, not a soul making a peep. Prompto’s heart beats wildly in his chest, as he stays frozen to his spot, stuck halfway between the altar and the sacristy. “Final warning!” His lover calls out, and then the sound of locks being turned echoes throughout the sacristy.

He sees Father Scientia make his way up the center aisle, the man looking around the nave to see if there were any vagrants sleeping in the pews, or a parishioner that had fallen asleep by mistake. “I think we’re alone, Father.” Prompto calls out, having moved to stand closer to the altar now, making his way down the steps to meet with the priest. “Do you lock up the church at this time every night?”

“As close to this time as I can.” Father Scientia nods his head, and stands in front of Prompto, who is still standing on the steps and has a current height advantage. “You’re taller than me.”

“It won’t last for very long.” Prompto laughs, feeling more comfortable than he should in the house of God. “I take one step down, and you will be taller than me.”

A hand touches his waist, drawing his attention down to the priest’s lips. “Will you kiss me? Let me see how it feels from how you experience our kisses?”

“I…” He wants to say yes, because he would love to know what it feels like. But given the fact that their standing so close to the altar - mere feet away from it, he hesitates. It’s one thing to dream about these scenarios, it’s another to experience it first hand.

As if sensing his discomfort, Father Scientia lays his hand flat on his side, then slides it up his back. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of right now, Prompto. This is just a building. You’re doing nothing wrong right now.”

“How can you say that? You’re a priest, Father. I don’t understand why you say the things you do, yet have this air about you that it doesn’t matter.”

His lover stares up at him with an honest expression on his face. “Because even though I am a man of God, I understand that anywhere can be a place of worship. This is a building that we’ve chosen to believe is a church, that helps the congregation to be closer to God. I recognize that I can go outside and have the same feelings there that I do in here. So, to me - it’s a building, and I chose to make it what it is.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.” Prompto’s head begins to lower, but doesn’t close the gap between their lips, still hesitating to complete the act. “This place is holy to me. We’re in church, Father…”

“Do I need to remind you what we’ve done in the pews?” A low chuckle leaves Father Scientia’s throat, the sound sending a wave of lust through his body. It’s then that he realizes the man is right, because what’s one more sin under this roof when they’ve already done other acts? “We’re alone right now. We could have not be alone before, but we were. Right now, the only people in this church are the two of us. No one is going to catch us. You know you want to.”

He licks his lips, the tip of his tongue swiping against his lover’s upper lip due to the nearness of his mouth. “Do you want me to kiss you, Father?” He keeps his voice soft, afraid that if he talks any louder that it will echo too much. He leans his head down a little more, barely grazing his lips over Father Scientia’s. “Tell me it’s okay to kiss you right now… I’m really struggling to find a reason to say no...”

“I want you to kiss me, my love…”

The sound of thunder rumbles over their heads as their lips come together with a soft, pliant kiss. It escalates quickly, Prompto’s mouth dropping open as the hand that’s on his back slides all the way up to the nape of his neck, holding him in place as Father Scientia’s tongue enters his mouth with a low groan. His arms come into contact with the wool cassock, tucking his arms to be underneath Father Scientia’s arms as he moans into the kiss, becoming lost in the way their mouths and tongues move together.

Unaware that he’s moving, the height advantage is taken away from him, but not a moment too soon as his fingers curl onto the shoulder flaps of his lover’s garment. To him, it sounds like their kiss is louder than it should be, but with another low rumble of thunder, it becomes lost in the noise as he submits himself to more kisses from his lover’s mouth. He pulls away, breathing heavy as he lifts one hand to his mouth to wipe off the spittle that was left behind.

His back bumps against the altar, Father Scientia looking down at him with a look that he knows is reflective in his own eyes. “We should leave…” His heavy breath falls onto Prompto’s own lips, as they keep staring at one another.

“We will…” Prompto nods his head, agreeing wholeheartedly that they should leave. The missal is opened on the altar, Prompto’s stomach rolling as he remembers his dreams, and how his face had been on the book as deplorable acts were done to his body. “We really should go…” As he says the words, he puts his arms around Father Scientia’s neck, and pulls him down for a kiss, needing to feel the touch of his lips against his.

Father Scientia begins to guide him backwards, moving around the altar until they’re standing on the opposite side, now closer to the cross that hangs behind the altar than the nave. A reminder that the Son of God died for them to absolve their sins. Sins which the two of them are committing to great lengths at the moment.

One more sin for confession on Monday. It’s a thought that keeps repeating over and over in Prompto’s mind, as he pulls away from the kiss that he shares with his lover, and begins to sink down to his knees, dragging his cheek along the row of buttons on Father Scientia’s cassock. The lower he goes, the more aroused he becomes as he’s faced with the reality of what he wants to do right at this moment. The hands touching the top of his head head lets him know that Father Scientia wants it as well. He can feel the heat radiating off of the bulge in his pants, Prompto’s fingers working on unbuttoning the cassock just enough to get him to the waistband of his slacks.

His cheek rubs against the exposed hardness, drooling as he puts his mouth around the mound. The low moan he hears leave his lover’s throat makes his palms grow sweaty, lust coursing through his veins as he sucks a little more on the fabric before unbuttoning Father Scientia’s slacks to free his cock. He looks up and sees that Father Scientia’s hands are now balanced on the edge of the altar, his head ducked down to look at what he’s doing to him.

“Everything okay, Father…?” He asks, as he pulls his lover’s cock out of his pants, running the tip of his tongue from the base up to the tip.

“I should be asking you that question, Prompto…” The soft, breathless chuckle brings a small smile to his face.

He glances up at him, his mouth moving back towards Father Scientia’s cock. “Let me give it a few little kisses, then we’ll go…” He whispers, knowing full well that he’s lying right now to the priest. What’s one more sin?

Father Scientia moans low as Prompto starts to kiss the flushed head of his cock. “Kiss it all you want, love…” His mouth wraps back around the tip, as another low moan caresses his ears. A hand touches his face, drawing his attention back up to look into his lover’s eyes. “Are you okay with this? Don’t do this because you think this is what I want, Prompto.”

“I know.” He flicks his tongue over the slit, tasting the sweetness that only Father Scientia’s body can provide to him, keeping his eyes on him. “I’m the one that’s choosing to do this, Iggy.” It surprises him how natural it feels to call him by that, even though his lover is in his clerical clothes. But with the man’s cock so close to his mouth, it feels better to address him by that name than by his title. “I made my decision. I want this. I promise.” His mouth returns to tip of his cock, pulling it back into his mouth with an auditory slurp, his hand wrapping around the base of Father Scientia’s cock to keep him right where he wants it.

The hand on his face returns to his hair, the tiny clench of Father Scientia’s fingers in his hair making him moan low. “I want this too. So bad. God, your mouth is a gift....”

He shivers at the way the words affect him, his mouth sucking harder on his lover’s cock. Ever since the shower that they took earlier in the day, he’d thought about what Father Scientia had confessed to him, getting aroused off and on throughout the day. But now - now he could return to those deplorable thoughts as he feels Father Scientia push his hips forward, his cock slipping back further into Prompto’s mouth as he rubs his tongue all over the plump flesh. His lover’s grunts and moans penetrate his ears, thankful that the angle at which Father Scientia’s body is blocks the cross he knows is behind him. A flash of lightning illuminates the church, Prompto’s eyes shut in concentration as he sucks harder on his lover’s cock, his left hand sliding down from Father Scientia’s hip to hold onto his ass.

“God, you’re going to make me come if you keep doing that, love…” The helplessness he hears in Father Scientia’s voice stokes the fire of lust running rampant in his brain. He’s becoming a slave to his words and how they make him feel, this incredible power that he holds, his mouth pausing in its actions to see how Father Scientia will react. “Nngh...n-no….” Fingers tighten their grip in his hair, Prompto moaning low as he looks up at his lover, more thunder rumbling above their heads. “Don’t stop...please….please, love…”

The hand on his hair disappears as he moves back a little on his knees to find a better angle. He hears Father Scientia slap his hands down on the altar, as his hips start to roll faster, Prompto moving his head with each little flick of his movements. His name is moaned loud, the church ringing with the sound as the first squirts of cum begin to hit the back of his throat. Some begins to trickle out the sides of his mouth, as his brain kicks back in. He begins to swallow, the warm liquid sliding down his throat with each audible swallow. Prompto takes a few moments, keeping his mouth around Father Scientia’s softening flesh, then pulls his head away and sits back on his knees.

“Are you good, Iggy?” He looks up at him, wiping off his lips, bringing his fingers up to his mouth to lick them off. He giggles a little, and grabs onto Father Scientia’s slacks, pulling them back up to be on his hips. He begins to button his cassock, then takes a look at his lover, who is still breathing hard.

Standing up, his back is pressed against the altar. “I’m perfect…” Father Scientia laughs a little, and puts his arms around him. “I love you.” He whispers into Prompto’s ear, the three words bringing the biggest smile to his face. “Allow me to take care of you now?”

“You don’t have to.” He can live with not doing anything for the moment, even though his pants are extremely uncomfortable. The desire is there, and he knows his lover can hear it in his voice, as he feels Father Scientia’s lips touch his, his mouth dropping down to kiss him with a simmering passion.

Their mouths stay latched as he’s pulled away from the altar, Prompto’s arms wrapped tight around Father Scientia’s neck as their kiss becomes more heated, his lover’s tongue invading his mouth with aggressive sweeps, Prompto all but melting under his touch. He drops down to his feet, and is turned around to face the nave, Father Scientia taking a seat on the center celebrant chair, Prompto being pulled down to sit on his lap.

“I know I don’t have to, love.” Father Scientia whispers into his ear, as he’s pulled up higher onto his lap, Prompto’s knees resting against his lover’s knees. “Are you still doing okay? Is this too much for you right now?”

He thinks about it for a moment, as the panic begins to creep back into his mind. He knows he should stop, that what they’ve done on the altar is enough for pushing his luck. More thunder rumbles above their heads, Prompto’s attention diverted for a split second before he feels teeth begin to tug on the shell of his ear. “Iggy, what are you proposing we do right now…?”

“Nothing more than what we haven’t already done in this church.” The soft whispers help calm his mind, as he feels his lover’s hand push up against his crotch, the pressure causing him to release a soft moan. “I can feel how aroused you are right now, Prompto. Please, let me take care of you, and then we’ll go.”

“No sex.” He whispers, knowing that even if Father Scientia tempted him with it, he would take it. A hand slides up his chest, and touches his chin, tilting his head back to look up into his lover’s eyes. “No matter how much we want it.”

“No sex.” Father Scientia brushes his lips over his, as the hand on Prompto’s crotch works unto unbuckle his belt, then unbuttons his slacks. “Only the finest pleasure that my hand can bring to your body, my love…”

As soon as his lover’s hand touches his cock, Prompto spreads his legs apart more as he arches his back. “God, yes….” He moans, not caring how loud he is. He’d heard how loud Father Scientia had been, so what’s a few more loud cries in the otherwise silent church. “Squeeze it more, Iggy…”

“Your wish is my command…”

The pleasure begins to take over, Prompto losing sense of himself as he focuses on how Father Scientia’s hand feels going up and down on his cock. Two fingers swipe over the flushed head, and then are brought up to Prompto’s mouth, who pulls them in without question, sucking his own precum off of his lover’s fingers.

“Listen to how you sound, love.” A low voice rumbles near his ear, congruent with the thunder rumbling. “It feels good to touched like this, doesn’t it?” Prompto whimpers, nodding his head as the hand on his cock gives him a good hard squeeze. “Are you sure you don’t want me to put it inside of you…?” Prompto involuntarily wiggles his hips, feeling his lover’s arousal pushing up against the cleft of his ass. “Your dream could turn into a reality…”

Promising as it sounds, he shakes his head as he releases another low moan. “N-Not tonight, Father…” He can already feel himself getting close to his orgasm, the pent up tension from the day spent without him, then having their fun like this has made him locked and ready to unload.

“As you wish, Prompto…” Lips touch his face, a soft kiss bringing another soft moan from his throat as he gets closer and closer to his orgasm. “Will you come for me now?”

His body jerks forward, head dropping as he moans loud. The hand on his cock pumps him up and down a few more times, Father Scientia bringing him to his climax. “Yes….!” He cries out, blood rushing to his ears as he begins to come hard. Father Scientia’s hand pulls him through his orgasm with every pump up and down on his cock, Prompto’s toes curling inside of his shoes as he begins to babble, his mind buzzing with utter pleasure. He sinks back against Father Scientia’s chest, a goofy smile on his face as he stares down at his own cock, the fingers around him unfurling. He turns his head and watches Father Scientia begin to lick up the mess off of his fingers, Prompto whining low as he moves forward, his tongue coming into contact with his lover’s tongue, tasting himself through their kiss.

It doesn’t take long for him to turn around and face his lover, his knees pressing up against the celebrant chair. “We really should go…” Father Scientia whispers, both of them kissing each other as if it were the first time their lips have touched. “I’m having a very difficult time right now…”

“Yes, Iggy…We should really go...” But as the words come out, his hips start to move on their own, his cock still out, the touch of wool on his cock making him groan low. “Push me off of you…”

“I can’t…” Lips touch his with another kiss, as he feels the cassock being lifted up. “God, I want to touch you all over right now.”

“I want it too.” Prompto nods his head, his hands going to Ignis’ pants, wanting to help him get his cock back out into the open like his own. But then, a bright flash of lightning strikes, Prompto’s eyes landing on Father Scientia’s, as the two of them stare at one another, thunder rumbling a few moments afterwards. It’s enough to bring them both back to their senses, and without being asked, he slips off of his lover’s lap, and tucks himself back into his pants, breathing hard as he gets his hormones back under control.

He smiles, holding his hand out to his lover, who takes it without complaint. “Thank you, my love.” He helps lift Father Scientia off of the chair, then watches him smooth down his cassock. “That was….”

“Close.” He finishes for him, but doesn’t feel embarrassed about it. “I think I should probably head back to my dorm.”

“Will you be alright?” The two make their way towards the sacristy, Prompto’s eyes looking around the room, making sure that they really are alone. “I could accompany you, if you’d like?”

“I’d want you to stay.” They stop just before the door, hidden in the shadows, the light from the lamps outside providing enough illumination to see each other clearly. “I love having you spend the night.” His head tilts to the side. “Is this why you always come so late to my dorm? Because you have to lock up the church?”

“It is.” Father Scientia nods his head, as he puts his arms around Prompto. “I usually lock it up around half past ten. I did it a little earlier tonight, since we were out.”

“Huh.” He laughs, happy to know part of his lover’s daily routine. “You’ll be saying mass tomorrow evening, yes?”

“I will. Will you be here?”

Two hands touch Prompto’s face, pulling his attention up to his lover’s lips. “I will. Would you like to see me again after mass? Or do you need to prepare for class on Monday?”

“I’m afraid I will need to prepare for class.” Father Scientia rubs his thumb over Prompto’s bottom lip. “But yes, stay after to say hello to me?” He lowers his head, and kisses Prompto flush on the lips.

Moaning softly into his mouth, Prompto nods his head. “I will, Father. Thank you for dinner tonight, and for helping me figure out what to do next weekend.”

“You’re welcome, my love.”

They walk outside, Father Scientia locking the door to the sacristy. “Have a good rest of your night.” Prompto whispers.

“You too.” His lover smiles, and waves at him as he begins to walk back to his dorm room, the ground wet with rain, but no water falling from the sky at the present moment.

He practically runs to his dorm, full of adrenaline and happiness after his evening with his lover. Still reeling from what the two of them did in the church, he opens and closes his door, sliding against it with a big smile on his face. He feels his phone vibrate in his pocket, and he pulls it out to see a message from the man who he can’t get out of his mind.

Thank you for tonight. It was very nice getting to spend time with you. Sweet dreams.”

You’re welcome. I had a lot of fun too. I love you. :) See you tomorrow at mass!” He sends his message, then gets undressed and falls down onto his bed with a big smile on his face.


“So, you’ll be coming home next weekend?” He hears the voice of his father come through the speaker, Prompto calling his parents on a conference call because he wasn’t sure if they were together or not. “But your birthday is in the middle of the week.”

“Yes, I know. But Luna wants to celebrate it on Saturday night, when we don’t have school the following day.” He’s laying on his back, staring up at the ceiling, the afternoon sun filtering into his room through his curtains. “I can’t celebrate my twenty-first birthday properly on my actual birthday because I have a nine am class the next morning.”

“You don’t miss school. Why not just play hookey?” His mother comes into the conversation. “Dear, we’re not going to be home this weekend. We’ll be in the next state over. We leave on Thursday.”

He sighs, expecting that response from his own mother. “Mom, I can’t miss class. If I miss class, I might fall behind. I can’t afford to lose my scholarship. You know that. And fine. Can I stay at the house with a friend?”

“Sure. Just make sure to clean up before you leave. Will you be staying until you go to that church?” His father returns to the call. “You still go to that every Sunday, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” He rubs his eyes, happy that his parents aren’t giving him grief about his choices. Not like they normally do. They could never understand his love for the church, but supported him in their own way. “And yes, Mom. I’ll make sure everything is to your liking before I leave. I wish I could see you guys.”

“We’ll celebrate your birthday when you’re home for the holidays. How about a nice trip to the mountains? We’ll go skiing.”

His mother really has no idea what he likes. He hates going to the snow, but he laughs good naturedly. “We can talk about it later. Anyway, I’m glad I got to talk to the both of you. Have fun on your trip. Love you both!”

“Love you too, sweetie. Have a good birthday.”

“What your mother said. I’ll throw some money into your account. Consider it a birthday gift.”

“Thanks, Dad.” He hangs up the call, trying to ignore the sadness that always seems to manifest after he has a talk with both of his parents.

It isn’t like he expected them to be home next weekend, but knowing that they won’t be makes him a little sad. Just another day. Birthdays are dumb, and really don’t mean that much. Just because he’s turning the legal age to drink doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a day. Sighing, he sits up and hears the church bells ring, signalling that it’s four in the afternoon.

He gets up and heads into his bathroom, taking a quick shower before getting ready to go to mass. When he gets to the church, it’s five minutes to five. He takes a seat in his normal spot, and wonders if that family that had made the comments the previous weekend would be sitting behind him again. I forgot to tell him about that. The organist begins to play the entrance hymn, and he grabs the hymnal from the pew and begins to sing from memory, getting settled back into the routine of mass.

Father Scientia stands up at the altar and greets them all with a smile on his face. Prompto can’t help but smile and feel content at the warmth in his voice. He remembers the previous night, his cheeks instantly heating up as he hears Father Scientia moaning his name as he’d sucked his cock on the altar. God, I’m so sorry. He still can’t believe he allowed himself to do that. It had been reckless, and he tries to convince himself that it won’t happen again, but he knows it’s another false statement. More for my confession in the morning.

During the homily, he listens to the passion he hears in his lover’s voice, who holds the entire congregation in the palm of his hand. Laughter rings out, a funny joke leaving the priest’s mouth before returning to a somber mood. By the end of the homily, Prompto forgets about what he had been thinking about before, and begins to focus on how he can be a better person for the church. At the time of communion, Father Scientia is stationed at the other side of the church, Prompto silently grateful that he would not be receiving from him today. He blesses himself when he receives the Eucharist, then steps to the next server to accept the Blood of Christ. His eyes look over at Father Scientia as he takes a sip, remembering those heated words from the shower the previous morning, and isn’t the least bit surprised when he sees his lover looking over at him at that exact moment. He blesses himself, then licks his lips, smiling when he sees the hint of a blush appear on Father Scientia’s cheeks as he turns to head back to his pew.

At the end of mass, he waits until the last note is played, then genuflects as he leaves the pew, blessing himself before walking out of the church. Father Scientia is surrounded by parishioners, Prompto sticking to the routine of staying towards the side, waiting for the crowd to lessen before he approaches the priest.

“Prompto, how nice to see you this evening.” Father Scientia takes his hand, and gives it a firm shake. The heat that’s transferred from his palm to Prompto’s is enough of a reminder that this man means more to him than anyone nearby. “Did you enjoy mass this evening?”

“I always enjoy it when you’re leading, Father.” He smiles, and nods his head. “I just wanted to say hello. I’ll see you in class tomorrow?”

“That you will.” Father Scientia places a hand on his shoulder. “Watch over Prompto, Almighty Father. Let him be blessed in Your Ways. In Your Holy Name we pray.”

“Amen.” Prompto recites with Father Scientia, keeping his head bowed as he receives the priest’s blessing. “Thank you, Father. See you tomorrow.” He smiles, and takes his leave, heading back to his dormitory.

After getting things ready for tomorrow, he hears his phone begin to ring. Smiling, he picks it up and answers it. “Hi, Iggy!”

“Hello, love. How’re you? Am I interrupting anything?”

“Not at all.” He gets up from his chair, and goes and lays down on the bed. “Mass this evening was very nice.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Because for most of the mass, all I thought about was what happened the night before.”

Heat rushes through his body, as he closes his eyes. “You too?” He whispers, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, Father.”

“I’m not.” The dark chuckle sends a small shiver down his spine. “Although because of those thoughts, I had to say the words in my head before saying them out loud. I haven’t had to do that since seminary school.”

Prompto laughs, feeling a little better. “Would it be easier if I started to attend mass led by Father Bradham?”

“No.” The quick response makes his stomach twist in a pleasant manner. “We’ll be better about what we do in the church from now on, though.”

“Yes, Father.” He nods his head, wanting that too. “We’re already playing with fire. Let’s not start a huge blaze.”

“Quite right.” Father Scientia chuckles. “Well, I just wanted to hear your voice before I head to bed. I’ll see you at Lauds in the morning?”

“You will.” Prompto rolls onto his side. “Thank you for calling me.” His voice drops to a whisper. “I love you, Iggy.”

“I love you too, Prompto. Good night.” Their call ends.

Setting his phone back onto his charger, he lays on his back, the smile staying on his face as he repeats the words of love in his head. They keep repeating as he gets ready for bed, another weekend done, and just days away from his birthday.

Chapter Text


He hears the sound of someone confessing, that in and of itself very strange. Hearing the words he’s known for most of his adult life coming from someone else’s mouth is like the equivalent of seeing your parents doing something that you know you have no business knowing about. But when he tries to speak, Prompto notices that there’s something soft in his mouth - something silky smooth that dampens any noise he tries to make. Which, at the moment, are noises that should not be heard by another person, especially one who is confessing their mundane sins to the priest who is currently not listening to them at all, but is concentrating on what Prompto is doing to him, or rather, what he’s doing to Prompto.

Seated on Father Scientia’s lap, he’s facing the priest, the mesh window open in the confessional booth so that the parishioner knows that the priest is listening to them. But Prompto knows that that is not the case at the moment. No, he’s taking up the time of the priest for himself, as he wiggles his hips, pushing them down so that the thick cock inside of him would deeper into his body.

His head drops forward, resting against the priest’s shoulder as he writhes more on his lap, his lover’s girth pushing into his body with a quick thrust of his hips right where he wants him to. Prompto bounces more, trying to find his center of gravity, slowly becoming aware that he doesn’t have any use of his arms. They’re trapped behind him, his arms bound together by the same cloth that seems to be in his mouth - it’s soft and silky against his skin, and as he struggles to break free he falls forward more, his cock pushing up against the thick fabric of Father Scientia’s cassock.

“Go on.” Father Scientia replies to the lull in confession from the person on the other side of the confessional booth, as his hands go down to Prompto’s ass, spreading his cheeks apart as he begins to penetrate him more. “It sounds like you weren’t finished with your confessions.”

The person on the other side admits that the priest is right, and goes further on to explain more sins that they’ve committed. Prompto bites down hard on the silk in his mouth, as one of Father’s Scientia’s hands moves away from his ass, and the other staying put as this hand now makes a tight fist around Prompto’s exposed cock. His eyes close tight as he takes in everything all at once - the thickness that’s pushing up against his prostate, the warm hand that’s around his cock, the lips that are touching his neck with inaudible kisses, the sweet low murmurs of sexual promises tickling his ear instead of listening to the person continuing to confess their sins.

Whatever is keeping him mute is tugged down, his lips licking his mouth as he releases an unmuffled low groan. “Father…” His lips hover near Father Scientia’s ear, the words coming out barely above a whisper as he starts to come, amazed that the person on the other side can’t hear the way their bodies slap together as he’s bounced hard on Father Scientia’s cock. The article being used to keep his arms bound behind his back is removed, then Prompto is pushed up and off of Father Scientia’s cock, and forced down onto his knees.

His mouth opens wide, saying a silent blessing as he’s about to receive a gift from his lover. Hot cum splashes onto his face, some dripping onto his tongue, some sealing one eye shut. More lands on his cheek, then his mouth, Father Scientia pushing the tip of his cock against Prompto’s lips as more cum begins to collect in his mouth, the priest giving the parishioner their penance as he blesses Prompto more with droplets of his cum being flung onto his face as if he were using the aspergillum. He keeps it all in his mouth, then with the gentle caress of Father Scientia’s hand on his face, he’s given the nonverbal permission to swallow, savoring the thick cum as it slides down his throat.

A muffled noise distracts him, as he feels Father Scientia’s fingers touch his face, wiping the cum off to put it back onto his stretched tongue. But it never lands where he wants it to, the noise becoming more and more insistent as he tries to grapple with what the two of them have just done. He tries to lick his lips, but his body doesn’t seem to want to obey as the noise grows louder and louder. Staring up at Father Scientia, he sees a smile on his lover’s face, and sees his lips moving but hears nothing.

“What? What are you saying?” His voice is faint, his tongue feeling thick in his own mouth. He tries to speak again, but the noise drowns him out. “Father? Father?!”


Prompto sits up with a gasp, as his hand slams down onto his phone, silencing the alarm that has been going off nonstop for the past five minutes. Groaning, he can feel the stickiness covering his chest and stomach, upset at himself for not taking care of himself before going to bed the night before. Jesus Christ, that dream. His eyes widen as he realizes what he’s said in his head. I’m sorry, God. I didn’t mean that. Any of it.

Sighing, he rubs his eyes a little before grabbing a few tissues to take care of the mess on his body. He sees that his bed sheet has been stained, not that he’s surprised, as he remembers how intense the dream he’d just had had been. He touches his face, wondering if he would feel the remnants of Father Scientia’s orgasm still touching his face, not at all convinced that it was a dream. But his bed says otherwise, and with a somewhat frustrated grunt he swings his legs over the side of his bed, and stands up.

He peels the bed sheet off of his mattress, glad that it didn’t soak through to the mattress as he carries the soiled sheet to his bathroom. It’s been a bit since he’s had to deal with this, the dream still making little waves of lust pulsate through his body. His cock perks up with interest as he thinks about what he’d just dreamed about, both a little embarrassed by how carried away his fantasy had become, and how horny he still was, even after expelling as much as he did. After washing the sheet and setting it out to dry, he gets into the shower and turns it to cold, hoping that the chill of the water will take away the ache in his body.

But it doesn’t. And he knows that there’s really only one thing that will bring him any sort of semblance of peace. So with the thoughts of his dream still fresh in his mind, he begins to jerk himself off, leaning against the wall as the spray of water hits his feet. He thinks about how Father Scientia had fucked him in this same spot two days ago, which helps to elevate his arousal to a fevered pitch. He starts to come, spurts of semen leaving his body as he flings the evidence towards the drain. After finishing his orgasm, he feels somewhat more level headed, and then goes through the motions of taking a proper shower.

Prompto makes it to church with five minutes to spare before Lauds begins. Seeing Father Scientia up on the altar at the start of mass brings him back into the present, instead of lingering on the thoughts of his dream. Although, the conflicting thoughts of his dream, and what they’d done on that altar remains a strong presence in his mind as he tries to clear the debaucherous thoughts to focus on the word of God. By the end of mass, he gets there, feeling somewhat lighter as he prepares himself mentally for going to confess his bevy of sins to the priest.

He waits his turn, the familiar crowd after mass going in the same order into the confessional booth that they always seem to go in. Maybe it’s part of the routine, just like how mass is structured the same way. They are all set in their ways. Prompto is sure he could probably go in first, but he enjoys being the last one that confesses his sins to Father Scientia. Even before anything began to happen between them. It was a way for him to feel a little bit more special than the rest, which he knows he shouldn’t think like that but he can’t help it.

Taking a seat in the confessional booth, he makes the sign of the cross. ““I confess to Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. It has been two days since my last confession.” It’s strange to think that it’s only been two days since he last sat here, when it feels like it happened so long ago. “Since then, I have committed mortal sins. Both through impure thoughts, and physical relations with a man.” He speaks with confidence, knowing that he can confess his sins to the man sitting opposite him at the moment. “The dreams returned to me last night, Father. And in them…” He swallows, shaking his head. “In them, the acts that were performed were of the most shameful nature.”

“What made it so that those dreams returned to you?” He hears the inquisitive tone in Father Scientia’s voice, but there’s something underneath it. Something that he knows will be the cause of him to lose his mind in this very confessional booth should he so desire it. But with school looming on the horizon, he knows that he can’t afford to let himself get carried away at the moment.

“I was irresponsible last night, Father.” Prompto leans against the wall, staying clear of the mesh screen. “I should have taken care of myself, but after the long weekend, all I wanted to do was go to bed so that I could have a fresh start. Never mind the sins that I committed under this very roof on Saturday evening.”

A low chuckle fills the space of the confessional. “It could have gone further, but the stop happened. Because of that, I will go easy on your penance today. You are to say five Our Fathers, and five Hail Marys. All of your sins will be forgiven. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.”

“For His mercy endures forever.” Prompto makes a sign of the cross according to Father Scientia’s blessing, then says a soft ‘Amen’.

Stepping out of the confessional booth, he sees Father Scientia exit at the same time, the two of them sharing a glance before Prompto takes his leave to head to his first class. As he takes his seat at his desk, he feels his phone vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out, he takes a look at the text, and feels his cheeks start to grow warm as he reads the words on his screen.

You will have to tell me about the dream you had last night. It must have been good, if you woke up the way I believe you did.”

Don’t. I can’t afford to have another erection right now. I’ve gotta concentrate on class. I’ll see you in a few hours. :p” As he pushes send, he can feel his jeans growing a little more snug. But he really can’t afford to think about it right at the moment. That had been the truth - after midterms, the first class back to normal is always a little more intense.

I will see you soon. :)

He puts his phone away just as his professor walks into the classroom, and gets ready to work.


“You’re wearing that sweatshirt again?” Luna rolls her eyes, as she takes a seat next to him in their History of Religion class. “Didn’t you wear that on Saturday when we went out with the dogs?”

He sits up in his chair, as he turns to look at his best friend. “You know, there’s such a thing called a washer and a dryer, yes?” Not that he’d washed the sweatshirt yet. No, the smell of soap and incense still clings to the sweatshirt, happy to be surrounded by his lover’s smell in such a fashion. He’d gone back to his dorm after his last class because he had wanted to put it on to see if it would get a reaction out of his lover when he showed up to class wearing it. “Because, I used them yesterday to wash said sweatshirt.”

“Oh, ha ha.” She sticks her tongue out at him, and gets her notebook out. “Fine. You washed your clothes. Did you decide on who you’d be inviting to go with us on Saturday?”

A little bit anxious, he nods his head. “I’ve been spending a lot of time over at the church recently, and I was thinking it might be nice to invite…” He nods his head towards the front of the class, not really wanting the students around them to overhear him speaking about their professor.

“Really??” Luna’s eyebrows go up, the surprise evident on her face. “Can he do that sort of thing?”

“Why not?” Prompto tries not to sound defensive, but he can hear the slight bite to his words. “They’re allowed to go and do their own thing.”

“Well, if that’s what you want.” His best friend shrugs her shoulders, and sighs. “Does that mean I have to be on my best behavior?”

He laughs, shaking his head. “I’ll tell him to wear ‘normal’ clothes, if that would make it easier on you?”

“It would, yes.” She nods her head. “Fine. If that’s what you want, then I can’t say no. But what have you been doing over at the church? Is it like an internship?”

“Sort of.” He doesn’t feel guilty as he begins to lie to her, knowing that these are the lies that are necessary.

The door to their classroom opens, the class becoming quiet as Father Scientia walks into the room wearing his normal clerical clothing - a short sleeved black shirt with his white collar, and black slacks. “Good afternoon, class. I trust you all had a nice break from me, as well as a good weekend?”

Prompto sees him look out at the classroom, and waits for his eyes to land on him. When they do, he sees the briefest hint of Father Scientia’s eyes widening, then relaxing into a smile as he takes in Prompto’s attire, making sure to show his lover that he’s wearing his sweatshirt. It’s a moment that passes by too quickly, but it’s enough to make Prompto glad that he went back to grab it.

“I’ve got your midterms graded, and ready to hand back to you. Most of you will be pleased. Some of you will not be. But don’t worry - you still have another ten weeks to get your grade back up to where it should be. I’ll return them to you at the end of the class, as I do not want this hour to turn into questions about the midterm.”

“Who got the highest grade?” A kid in the back of the classroom asks, as Father Scientia starts to write out the basic lesson plan for the day. “Will you tell us?”

He tries not to shrink too much in his seat, knowing very well that he was the one to score the highest in their class. “I’m afraid that I’m not at liberty to speak about it.” Father Scientia shakes his head. “But, the person that scored the highest received a ninety-eight percent on the midterm. Now, may I begin our lecture, or does anyone else have any questions?” No one speaks up. “Good, then let’s begin.”

By the end of class, Prompto is trying not to be too anxious as Father Scientia begins to hand back the blue books to the class. When he takes his from his lover, he lets his finger touch Father Scientia’s underneath the blue book, Prompto’s stomach rolling at the small touch. He turns to look at Luna, who is staring at his blue book with her mouth open. “What?” He asks, quickly turning it over to hide the grade on the front.

“No way! How?!” She asks, as they get their things packed up. He sees a bunch of students crowding around the desk where Father Scientia is sitting, knowing that there will be no way he’s going to get to have a word with him right now. “It was you?!” Luna exclaims when they’re outside of the building.

He shrugs his shoulders, but doesn’t keep the smile off of his face. “I studied hard for these midterms, Luna. What’s wrong with getting the highest grade in the class?”

“Nothing. I’m just jealous, I guess. I only got an eighty-five.”

“You passed! And with a solid B! That’s great!” Prompto holds his hand up, and waits for his best friend to give him a high five. “I’ve done very well so far with the midterms I’ve gotten back. All of my studying paid off.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” Luna nudges his side with her elbow. “You’re such a studious person. I’m glad you’re getting the grades you deserve.”

“Thanks, Luna.” He smiles, and helps her open her car door, as they’ve made it to the parking lot. He feels his pocket vibrate, but chooses to ignore it for the moment. “Guess I’ll see you on Wednesday?”

“Don’t be mad at me if I decide to embarrass you on that day, okay?”

He narrows his eyes. “Listen, about that. Thanks for coming over on Saturday and all, but could you call me first before barging in? I’ve been spending a lot of time over at the church. What if I hadn’t been home?”

“Fiiiine.” He can hear she’s annoyed, but the expression on her face lets him know that she’s serious. “Noctis pretty much said the same thing to me. ‘You should call him. Respect his space.’ Or something like that.” Prompto mentally thanks his best friend’s boyfriend at that comment. “It won’t happen again. I do like hanging out with you, though, so please don’t get too busy with your church things.”

“I won’t.” He leans over, and presses a kiss to her cheek. “Embarrass me all you want on Wednesday. But Saturday, best behavior, okay? Especially if I’m going to invite a priest.”

“But he won’t be that night. He’ll just be Professor Scientia.”

Laughing, he nods his head. “Fine, fine. Whatever. Go, I’ll see you later.” He waves, and watches her back out of the parking spot, then starts to head back towards the campus. It’s then that he remembers he’d received a text, and decides to check it when he gets out of the parking lot.

Nice outfit today. I don’t even remember what I lectured about, because I was too busy thinking about you wearing my sweatshirt.”

Prompto laughs some more, and moves off to the side of the path to reply to Father Scientia’s text. “I took plenty of notes. I could show you them, if you want? ;) Have a good rest of your day, Father.

back to you, Prompto.”

After working on his homework in the library, he heads to Vespers a little early, needing to serve his penance that Father Scientia had given to him earlier in the day. He blesses himself with Holy Water upon entering the church, then heads into the nave where the regular folks that attend these daily masses are already sitting in their pews. There are a few new faces, but that isn’t anything new - some people show up on one day, and never bother to return. He knows that those are the ones that have the most weight on their mind, as if coming to a mass that isn’t on Sunday helps them get a place in Heaven.

He makes the sign of the cross as he genuflects before entering his pew, and takes his backpack off and sits it next to him. Pulling the padded kneeler down, he bows his head and begins to say his penance, taking the time to examine the sins that he had committed over the weekend, and tries to think of a way that they won’t happen again. But he knows that they will, because he enjoys participating in these sins. He looks forward to when he can be alone with Father Scientia, when the two of them have no one else around them to bother them. And it’s that reality that he knows he should be panicking about, because knowing that he craves those moments - that knowing as soon as they are alone the temptation to do something sexual will be at the forefront of his mind. But the panic doesn’t come, and instead a quiet acceptance manifests in his mind, as he knows that this is the way things have to be when it comes to his and Father Scientia’s relationship.

The mass begins, Father Scientia taking his place on the altar, the congregation standing to say their greetings. Again, it’s the routine of these actions that help keep Prompto grounded, as mass seems to fly by this evening. At its conclusion, he sees Father Scientia standing at the back of the church, making him wonder if he’s waiting for him. Prompto picks up his backpack off the pew, and puts it over one shoulder, pushing his hands into the pocket on the front of his sweatshirt after blessing himself as he heads towards the exit.

“It was a very nice mass this evening, Father.” He smiles, as he sees Father Scientia saying good night to a few of the older parishioners that attend both Lauds and Vespers. “Will you be saying Lauds in the morning?”

“I will.” Father Scientia takes his hand, and gives it a gentle shake. Prompto’s thoughts return to inappropriate ones as he thinks about his hand on his body. “Will I see you here again tomorrow?”

“You will.” Nodding his head, he pulls his hand away, but not before he casually lets his nails drag against the man’s palm before returning his hand inside of his sweatshirt. “Have a good rest of your evening, Father.”

“And you as well.”

The walk back to his dorm is quick, and by the time he gets back up to his room, he hears his phone begin to ring. Pulling it out of his pocket, he tosses his backpack onto the floor, and goes to stretch out on his loveseat. “Hello?” He asks, not bothering to look at the caller as he has a sneaking suspicion who is calling him.

“You just had to wear it to church this evening, didn’t you?” Father Scientia’s voice comes through the receiver, bringing with it a rush of heat through his body. “I suppose that sweatshirt is no longer mine, is it?”

Shimmying out of his pants, he sits back down with the lower half of his body now covered only by his boxers as he leans back a little against the arm of the couch. “What’s wrong with that? Do you not like it when I wear your clothes, Iggy?” He teases, happy to hear his lover’s voice. “Are you alone right now? Did you miss me today?”

“I am, and you know that I did.”

He smiles, and releases a soft sigh. “I told Luna today that I was going to invite you to go with us on Saturday.”

“How did that go?”

“She thinks I’m crazy, but accepts that if I want to bring you along, it’ll be fine. She has one request, though.” He starts to idly play with one of the strings on the sweatshirt, closing his eyes.

“What’s her request?”

“To please not wear your priest clothes.” Prompto starts to laugh, as he thinks about how absurd it sounds. “Actually, that’s a lie. I said I’d make sure you didn’t wear them.”

“You’re lying to me now? My, how you’ve fallen from Grace.”

He laughs more, giddy with love as he hears his lover tease him. “If that’s my fall, then I’ll gladly take it. Listen, I’ve got some more studying I need to do before I go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning?”

“You will. Sweet dreams tonight, my love. I’m looking forward to this coming weekend. What time did you want to leave on Friday? Early afternoon?”

“Yes. Beat the traffic heading into Insomnia would be ideal.” He nods, as he stands up and goes over to his backpack. “We can talk about it later. I love you.”

“And I love you. May the Lord keep His eyes on you as you sleep, since I cannot. Good night.”

Filled with warmth, he stops what he’s doing to absorb his lover’s prayer. “Good night, Iggy!”

As he finishes up studying, he decides to take a photograph of him in his current state. Holding his phone up at an angle, he makes sure that his lover will be able to see the clothing he’s wearing - or lack thereof - with what he hopes is a seductive smile on his face. He quickly types a message before getting cold feet, and presses send. A few moments later, his phone buzzes in his hand, already set to night mode.

You are purposefully torturing me. Thank you for the wonderful picture. Should I be honest and tell you I’ll be touching myself while looking at it later?

His face burns with the admission. “Do whatever you want with it. Knowing that you might makes me feel hot, Father.”


A little bit of time goes by, and as he begins to drift to sleep his phone buzzes with another message. He opens it up, his mouth dropping open as he sees the picture. No face is in the picture - but the body of a man, who has a skull necklace resting against his naked sternum, and a pair of black briefs on his body. “Good night, love. Sleep well. .”

He groans as he fists his cock, staring at the image as he becomes more aroused. After a quick round of masturbation, he breathes hard and falls back against his pillows, totally satiated. Setting his phone back on its charger, he strips out of his lover’s sweatshirt, and buries himself under his blanket. He hopes that with this act, he’ll wake up dry in the morning, grateful that his lover would send him such a pic to help make that a reality.


Tuesday passes by in a blur - Prompto heads to mass in the morning, then heads off to class for the remainder of the day. Vespers is led by Father Bradham, a nice change of pace for Prompto. Not that he doesn’t want to hear Father Scientia, but to have a different take on mass always helps to bring perspective to his mind.

He grabs some dinner before heading back up to his dorm room, where he gets settled in for the night of homework. He texts Father Scientia a few times, but nothing too serious - just a little conversation to let him know he’s thinking about him. He gets ready to go to bed a little after ten, turning the heat up a little, falling asleep with only the lower half of his body covered.

But his sleep doesn’t last long, as something buzzing pulls him out of unconsciousness. Reaching over, he grabs his phone and utters a groggy greeting into the mouthpiece. “Hello?”

“Happy birthday.” Father Scientia’s voice helps him to wake up faster, as he squirms a little on his bed, giggling in happiness. “There should be something waiting for you outside of your dorm room door.”

Picking up his boxers, he slips them on and rubs his eyes. “You didn’t have to send me something, Iggy. I’m going to see you tomorrow.”

“I think you mean today.” His lover chuckles. “Go and open the door. Please? I don’t want someone to steal it from you.”

Prompto snorts, and makes it over to the door. “Fine. You pull me out of a nice sleep, all for a silly little thing? This had better be good, Iggy.” Pulling his door open, he looks down at the floor expecting to see a small box, or an envelope of some kind. But there’s nothing like that on the floor. What is there is a pair of black Oxfords, that are worn by a man who is standing at the door with a phone pressed to his ear, a pair of jeans and another St. Lucis sweatshirt on his torso, and a big smile on his face. “What…?” Prompto asks, stunned by the presence of his lover.

“Happy birthday.” Ignis keeps his phone against his ear. “May I come in?”

Nodding, he steps to the side, then closes the door with a soft click, turning the lock to keep others out of the room. “What are you doing here?” Prompto asks, still in a state of shock as he sees his lover come towards him. “Am I dreaming?”

“I’m afraid you’re not.” Arms wrap around his body, Prompto’s face coming into contact with the soft fabric of his lover’s sweatshirt. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you right at midnight. I thought that might upset you too much, my love.”

It slowly begins to dawn on him that his lover is here, and is here because it’s his birthday. He bursts into tears, from sheer happiness or tiredness, or a bit of both, he isn’t sure. He clings to Ignis as he hears him start to ask him questions in a worried tone, but he shakes his head, keeping his face buried against the side of his neck. Once he’s calmed down, he pulls away from his lover, sniffling a little as he’s led over towards the bed.

“I’m sorry. I’m really happy you’re here, Iggy.” He wipes his nose with a tissue, then leans against his lover, who puts his arm around his shoulder. “I’ve just…” He can feel the emotions beginning to well up inside of him again. “No one has ever done something like this for me on my birthday. Ever.” Tears start to fall again, as he’s pulled to sit on his lover’s lap. He throws his arms around his neck, and holds onto him tight, basking in the love and warmth that Ignis is providing to him at the moment.

A hand touches the back of his head, cradling him against Ignis’ body. “Shh….It’s the least I could do for you, my love. I’m prepared to sacrifice my sleep tonight so that I may be with you. We don’t have to do anything. All I wanted to do is be with you for a little bit on your actual birthday.”

“Okay, Iggy.” He sniffles a little, still trying to process that his lover is here with him right now. “You don’t know what this means to me.”

“I’m happy that I could surprise you like this.” A soft kiss touches his cheek. “Come on, would you like to lay back down? Let’s cuddle for a bit.”

“I would like that very much.”

He gets back under the covers, and sees Ignis strip down to his briefs before climbing into bed with him. They get into a comfortable position, with Prompto pressed up against his lover’s side, one leg thrown over Ignis’ knee, and one arm draped over his stomach. He doesn’t mind having a dead arm as Ignis wraps both of his arms around him, peppering kisses to the top of his head, to which he responds with little soft noises, utterly content to be in his lover’s arms right now.

“What are your plans today?” Ignis asks, as Prompto readjusts himself to press his cheek against his sternum. “It’s not every day that you turn the legal drinking age.”

“I dunno. I’m sure Luna is going to try and drag me to a bar tonight. My parents told me to skip school tomorrow, and to get fully loaded tonight.” He rolls over, his back now against Ignis’ side, which soon becomes Ignis’ chest as he rolls over with him. Spooned up against him, he drapes his arm over Ignis’. “Maybe I’ll just buy a bottle of booze to mark the occasion, and not drink it until this weekend. I really haven’t thought about it.”  

Ignis’ cheek rubs against his before laying a few kisses on his jaw, then rests his chin on Prompto’s shoulder. “My twenty-first birthday was spent in seminary, so I didn’t really do the whole ‘raging party’ thing, since that isn’t really the lifestyle of a priest.”

“I can imagine.” Prompto starts to scratching his nails lightly on Ignis’ forearm, as he drifts closer to sleep. “I would say that I doubt mine is going to be that special, but being in your arms right now is a testament that that is definitely not the case.” He smiles, then yawns a little. “I just like having you here, Iggy.”

“I like being here, Prompto.” Another kiss touches his jaw. “Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up before I leave, alright?”

“Mm…” He attempts to formulate words, but it’s becoming more difficult as sleep grabs its hold onto his body. Giving up, he lays his hand flat on Ignis’ arm, and allows his body to do what it wants to do, slipping back into sleep as the warmth of his lover’s body surrounds him.


Something wet and warm pulls him from his slumber a second time that evening. Disoriented, Prompto tries to find the source of what’s causing this weird sensation to his body. Reaching under his blanket, his hand connects to something soft, and then with a low moan he realizes what it is. “God, Iggy….” He moans, the memory coming back to him that his lover had shown up at his room at midnight. And right now, his lover is under the blanket, with his mouth wrapped nice and tight around Prompto’s cock, pulling another moan from his throat as he tries to reorient himself. But he gives up, and instead puts his other hand underneath the blanket, both of them now resting on Ignis’ scalp as begins to roll his hips, pushing his cock into the wet heat of his lover’s mouth.

“Hhgnh…” He moans louder, head tilting back as his fingers grip onto the soft strands of Ignis’ hair. He has no idea how long Ignis’ mouth has been on his cock, but he can feel how hard he is, his cock already throbbing against the wet muscle of his lover’s tongue. When something wet touches his entrance, he almost bursts into tears from the absolute pleasure it brings to his body. “Oh…”

The sounds of Ignis slurping on his cock does things to him, the darkness in his bedroom making it difficult to see much of anything. The finger in his ass is joined by another one, creating the most amazing pressure inside of his body. He releases a low groan, torn between pushing his hips forward to feel more of Ignis’ tongue on his cock, and wanting to push his ass down to feel those fingers go deeper into him. The need to feel more of Ignis’ tongue wins out, his hips lifting up as he glides his cock towards the back of his lover’s throat.

His fingers tighten their grip on Ignis’ hair, as he gets closer and closer to an orgasm. One more finger penetrates him, giving him that fullness he’s been missing so much these last few days that it’s enough to push him right over the edge. He releases a half-sob, half moan as he begins to come, the sucking sensation around his cock pushing him into total euphoria. Still a little spun out from his orgasm, and the need to sleep, he feels his body move, and soon finds himself on his hands and knees, pushing his hips back to feel the bulbous head of his lover’s cock tease his stretched entrance.

“Are you okay with this position right now, love?” Ignis whispers into his ear, Prompto vaguely aware of the sound of lube being poured out of a bottle. “Is it alright to take you like this, or would you prefer to be on your back facing me?”

Always so considerate, Prompto’s head drops down as he nods his head. “T-This is perfect, Iggy…” He groans, trying to find the tip of his cock by wiggling his hips a little, but a hand comes to rest on his hip, stopping him from any more movements. “Noo…”

“Shh…” Ignis whispers into his ear, as he starts to push the tip of his cock into his body. “I know what you want right now, and I’m going to give it to you.”

The fingers had felt nice, but the thickness of his lover’s cock feels so much better. With a low moan, he digs his shoulders into his mattress, looking down at where their bodies join together. “God, I love how you feel so much…”

“I know, love. It feels really good, doesn’t it?” Ignis’ voice is rich with lust, the deep baritone heightening the pleasure that he feels. “It fits perfectly…”

“Don’t stop…” He moans, as he lifts himself up onto his hands, pushing back as their movements begin to pick up speed. “Don’t ever stop, Iggy…”

“You know that I won’t…”

Prompto is pulled up onto his knees, Ignis thrusting deeper into him with each rough thrust of his hips. He turns his head to the side, kissing his lover with sloppy kisses, the taste of his own cum clinging to Ignis’ tongue fueling his desire to a fervert level. He reaches up with both of his arms, and locks them behind Ignis’ head, arching his back as Ignis’ hand comes into contact with his cock. He cries out, not caring how loud he is as he’s fucked hard, the way his lover’s cock moves in and out of his body coupled with how Ignis’ hand moves on his own cock makes it incredibly difficult to monitor his noises. All he wants to do is get swept away by the pleasure running rampant through his body at their connection, and when he feels Ignis’ teeth sink down into the base of his neck, he explodes from that hit of ecstacy, wailing loud as he comes hard, the burst of Ignis’ orgasm flooding his insides prolonging the high of his own lust.

Sweat drips down his face as he’s moved to lay on his side, the loss of his lover’s body connected to his causing him to release a soft groan. Something soft and wet touches his ass, Ignis helping to get him all cleaned up. They lay together under the blankets, Ignis kissing him over and over, the two of them whispering ‘I love you’ back and forth.

“Happy birthday, my love.” Ignis kisses him on the lips. Prompto opens his mouth to say thank you, but the sound of Ignis’ alarm going off prevents him from doing so. “Looks like it’s time for me to go.”

“No…” He shakes his head, pulling Ignis into a tight hug. “Not yet.”

“I’ll see you soon.” A soft kiss touches his brow. “You should sleep a little more before coming to Lauds.”

“Okay, Iggy.” He nods, giving him more more kiss before pulling away so that his lover can get dressed. “Thank you for tonight. You’ve already made it the best birthday ever for me.”

“It’s been my pleasure. But it’s not over yet.” Ignis leans down, and kisses him on his lips. “I’ll see you in a couple of hours. I love you so much, Prompto.”

“I love you too, Iggy.” His stomach rolls as he smiles up at him, holding the covers up to his chin as he watches Ignis walk over to the door. With a smile, he watches Ignis pull the hood up on his sweatshirt, and then watches him leave his bedroom.

Rolling onto his back, he stares up at the dark ceiling, feeling completely giddy. How he’s going to fall back asleep, he doesn’t know but he’s going to try. He’s got a long day ahead of him.

Chapter Text


Prompto’s phone rings at a quarter to seven, his hand reaching into his coat pocket to get to his phone in time before he misses the call. “Hello?” His breath is visible as he talks, walking towards the church on St. Lucis’ campus.

“Happy birthday!!” Luna’s cheerful voice brings a smile to his face. “How’s it feel to finally be legal?”

Laughing, he slows down, not wanting to walk into the church still on his cell phone. “Luna, it’s my twenty-first birthday, not my eighteenth. I’ve been legal for some time.”

“I meant for alcohol.” She laughs with him, Prompto standing outside on the steps of the church. “What are we doing tonight? You’ll come home with me after class, right? Come on, please?? And you can miss mass tonight, right?”

He bites back a defensive retort to her question. “You know how I feel about that, Luna. Don’t ask me to miss. I’m already not going to mass on Saturday because of whatever you’ve got planned.”

“Fine. No missing mass tonight, although I’m sure your God would be okay with it.”


“Okay, okay. I’m just kidding. Look, how about I pick you up after mass is over? We’ll go out to a restaurant for dinner. No clubs tonight. Would that be okay?”

Sensing her attitude adjustment, he nods his head. “Sure. Pick me up after mass tonight. That sounds like it’ll be nice. Will Noctis be coming too?”

“No, it’ll just be the two of us.”

That makes him feel a little better. “Perfect. I’ll see you in class later?”

“Yep! Remember - no getting mad at me.”

He groans. “Luna, what do you have planned?”

“Nothing! Got to go! See you in a few hours!” She hangs up before he can ask her anything else.

Pocketing his phone, he walks up the steps to the church, and opens the door. Heat blasts onto his face, happy that the church is warm, allowing him to unbutton his coat as he steps inside. Dipping his two fingers into the holy water near the door, he blesses himself before heading into the nave, his backpack hanging off of one shoulder now as he goes to the pew he normally sits in. Genuflecting before entering the pew, he takes off his coat and lays it over the back of the pew, trying not to feel a little self-conscious by the outfit he’s chosen to wear today.

He likes to dress up nice on his birthday - he always has. In high school, he would get teased about his attire on his birthday, but with Luna by his side, he didn’t care because she always dressed in something similar to make him feel less of an outcast. Today he’s chosen to wear one of his nicer suits, a charcoal grey suit with a matching button up vest, a black button up shirt and a light purple tie to complete his birthday ensemble. He likes to feel nice on his birthday, and wearing these kinds of clothes help to make it stand apart as a different day from the rest.

Father Scientia walks out and begins to lead Lauds, Prompto smiling at him as he sees him do a slight double take when looking over at his side of the church. Last night had been amazing - it was the first time he’d been with anyone on his birthday like that. Thinking about what had happened a little while ago makes him acutely aware of how loose fitting his slacks are. I’m sorry, God. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about these things right now, but I can’t help it. He almost asks for a pass for the day, because it’s his birthday, but realizes how silly that sounds so decides against it. Bowing his head, he listens to Father Scientia’s prayer, bringing his mind back to what’s occurring during the mass.

After Lauds concludes, he grabs his things, and puts his coat back on, the heat in the church making it a little unbearable. But he knows he’ll be going outside soon, so it won’t be too terrible. As he gets his backpack situated, he turns to leave the pew and almost yelps when he comes face to face with the priest that he had been with two hours prior.

“Father!” He exclaims, trying to calm himself down as he sees Father Scientia. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“I’m sorry, Prompto.” Father Scientia smiles, and holds out his hand. “I know you need to get to class, but I wanted to offering you a blessing before you head out for the day.”

A blessing like in my dreams? Prompto pushes the thought away, as he looks up at the priest, and nods his head. “That would be very nice, Father. Thank you.”

His lover’s hand comes down onto the top of his head, Prompto’s eyes closing as he tries desperately to push away the perverse thoughts that come into his mind at that first touch. Heat radiates from Father Scientia’s hand, or maybe it’s his own body that’s producing the heat, as he tries to remember that this is meant to be something spiritual, and not erotic like his mind is making it seem.

“Oh Heavenly Father - On Prompto’s day of birth, please watch over and protect him. Your divine care is what he deserves on this day. May he know the ways of Your love through and through. In Your name we pray.”

“Amen.” He whispers, Father Scientia’s thumb wiping across his forehead before pulling his hand away to make the sign of the cross over his body. “Thank you, Father. I will try and have a good day today. I appreciate your blessing, very much.” It’s the first time he’s been blessed by a priest on his birthday.

“You are welcome, Prompto. Take care.”

The urge to reach out and kiss him goodbye is pushed down, plastering a smile on his face as he nods his head, then genuflects when leaving the pew, and blessing himself one last time before heading out of the church. It’s bitter cold, with no clouds in the sky. Perfect late October weather. Deciding to treat himself to breakfast, he heads to the coffee shop to grab a blended mocha and muffin before heading to class.

He takes off his coat when he gets to class, and ignores the mutters he hears students start to make. It could be about anything, not necessarily me. He doesn’t care, either way. There are students that dress this nice every day. So what if he dresses nice on his birthday? Is it any of their business? No. Getting a little perturbed by it, those thoughts are taken away when he sees a text pop up on his locked screen.

It is downright sinful the way you dressed today. I wanted to rip off all of your clothes, and have my way with you again.”

Almost choking on a sip of his blended mocha, he unlocks his phone and starts to type. “Everyone keeps looking at me, and I feel really self-conscious right now. But thank you for your compliments.”

They’re staring because of the confidence you hold while dressed like that. Don’t be ashamed. You’re devilishly handsome. I’m looking forward to being horribly distracted in class today. ;) Happy birthday.”

The giddiness he feels multiples by ten. “Thank you, Iggy. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

Right. Who cares if people stare? He knew that was going to be a thing when he got dressed this morning. But damn it, it’s his birthday, and if he wants to look good then no one is going to stop him. And knowing that he’s going to be another distraction for his lover makes him really glad that he chose to wear this outfit. He only hopes that this feeling will last.


“Oh my gosh, you didn’t.” Prompto walks into the classroom where his History of Religion class is held, and sees his desk is decorated with a half dozen cupcakes, a sunflower bouquet in a vase, a tall bag that looks like it probably contains booze in it, as well as a couple of mylar balloons tied to the back of his chair that say ‘Happy birthday!’ on them.

Luna is standing next to his desk, dressed in a formal black and grey cocktail dress, looking breathtaking in her outfit. He feels so much better seeing her, no longer feeling so silly for the outfit he’s chosen to wear for the day. Now that he’s matching his best friend, he feels completely at ease. “You know that I did!” She laughs, and hugs him after he takes off his coat. “You look amazing!”

“So do you.” He hugs her, holding her tight. “You really didn’t have to go this extreme, Luna. It’s just a day.”

“It’s your day!” She laughs, and goes to sit at her desk. “I hope you like the wine I picked out.” He pulls the bottle from the bag, examining the label. “It’s one of my favorites.” He puts it back, and nods. “Come on, let’s eat a cupcake before class starts.”

“Okay.” He sits down, and looks behind him. “Are the balloons going to bother you?” He asks the people sitting behind him. “I can move them.”

“Nah, man. They’re cool. Happy birthday.”

“Yeah, happy birthday!” A girl who’s never spoken to him before smiles brightly at him.

“Thanks.” Pulling two cupcakes out, he hands one to Luna. “You got my favorite kind.”

“Duh. What kind of bestie would I be if I didn’t know what you liked?” She smiles, and peels back the cupcake wrapper. “Shall we toast?”

“Yes.” He unwraps his, and holds it out to hers. “Cheers. Thanks for the birthday love, Luna. It really means a lot to me.” He taps his cupcake against hers, and bites down into it.

He gets the items off of his desk, and puts them down next to him, mentally making a note that they’re there so he doesn’t accidentally step on them, or knock the small vase over. Hoping that the balloons aren’t that distracting, he pulls his notebook and pen out, happy that his friend has gone to the lengths that she has to make sure he’s having a good birthday.

Father Scientia walks into class wearing his formal cassock, Prompto a little more than excited to see him in those clothes. It’s the little things that the ones he loves are doing for him that make him feel incredibly special. He sees Father Scientia looking over at him, and feels his cheeks heat up as he openly stares at him. What is he doing?? Is he insane?!

“Mr. Argentum.” Father Scientia addresses him, the entire class quieting down as their professor walks towards the front of the row that Prompto is sitting in. “Might it be your birthday today?”

Feeling sheepish, he hunches his shoulders down. “What gave it away?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s the balloons?” The entire class laughs, but not in a mean way. “Have you asked your classmates if they can see?”

“He did, Father.” The girl that had smiled at him answers before he can. “We told him it was okay.”

“Very well. If they’re not a distraction for you, then I see no harm in them staying where they are.” Father Scientia returns back to the lectern. “However, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to spoil your birthday, as we’re coming up on the second half of the semester. You know what that means.”

“Don’t say it.” A student in the back calls out, more laughter coming from the class.

Father Scientia adjusts his glasses, and looks over to where the comment had come from. “Mr. Hayes, if you speak out one more time, I will make certain to assign you the most horrendous subject.” That shuts the student up. Prompto tries not to snort, but it’s difficult. “That’s right, another term paper. This one will make up thirty percent of your final.”

Had he not known about this before coming to class, Prompto would have been sad by receiving this news on his birthday. But since he’s the one that suggested it, it doesn’t bother him as much. “At least we have eight weeks.” He offers to the class, who all groan in response.

“Yes, you do. We’ll discuss it more towards the end of class. Where did we leave off last time?” Father Scientia goes to the whiteboard. “Oh, yes. That’s right.” He begins to write in cursive across the board, Prompto settling in for another fascinating lesson.

At the end of class, he looks over at Luna, who is gathering her things up. “Luna, I’ll meet you outside? I need to have a word with Father Scientia. Mind taking these flowers for me? I can only hold so many things.”

“No problem, Prompto.” She smiles, and takes the vase from his hand, then walks out of class with a few other students who are complimenting her dress as they walk out.

Prompto gets his things together, putting his gift bottle of wine in his backpack, and gets up out of his chair when he sees the last student walk out of the class. He approaches the desk carrying his balloons in one hand, and his cupcakes in the other. “Thanks for the lesson today, Father.” He stands in front of his desk, pleased to see the smile on his lover’s face. “Would you like a cupcake? Luna bought them for my birthday.” He keeps the conversation polite, knowing that at any moment someone could walk back into the classroom.

“I would love one.” Father Scientia reaches for one of the treats, and sets it on the desk. “You both look stunning together. Is this something you do every year?”

He nods his head, and takes another cupcake for himself. “It is. She knows I like to dress up on my birthday. The first year in high school she didn’t, but when she saw how the other kids teased me, she decided the next year to dress up just as nice as me, so we could be made fun of together.”

“She’s a good friend.”

They both bite into their cupcakes, Prompto nodding his head. “She is. She’s going to take me out tonight for dinner. She promised no clubbing.”

“I hope she keeps that promise.” The teasing tone he hears in Father Scientia’s voice makes him a little weak in the knees. “After Vespers?”

“Yes, Father. Will you be saying it this evening?”

“I will not.”

It shouldn’t surprise him, but it does. The happiness he’d been feeling disappears as his stomach drops to the floor. “It’ll be a nice night off for you!” He recovers, trying to see the benefit to this. It doesn’t matter. It’s just a mass. No big deal. “And you’re off tomorrow?”

“I am. But I’ll be back to say Lauds on Friday morning, then I will be taking some personal time for the weekend.”

That comment brings his mood back to one of elation, as he knows exactly what sort of personal time he’ll be taking. “I hope you have a nice time, whatever it is you have planned for the weekend.” Finishing his cupcake, he balls up the wrapper and tosses it into the bin next to the desk. He turns to say goodbye to him when he sees a little bit of frosting is stuck to the side of his mouth. With his back to the door, he uses his finger to wipe it off for him. “You had some frosting stuck to your mouth, Father.”

“Can’t have that, can we?” The tip of his tongue comes out of his mouth, Prompto watching him lick the spot that he’d just taken the frosting from. He places his finger against Father Scientia’s bottom lip, and bites down on his lip as the priest pulls his finger into his mouth to lick it off.

“I-Iggy…” He whispers, eyes closing as he feels the same wet pressure around his fingers that he’d felt on a different part of his body earlier in the day. He steps towards him, and almost releases a low moan when he feels a hand slip underneath his coat, Father Scientia holding his hip in a loose grip as his tongue slips all over Prompto’s finger.

Before it becomes too much, he pulls his finger out of his mouth. “Have a good rest of your birthday, Prompto.” Father Scientia brings his hand to his lips, and kisses the center of his palm. “Have fun with your friend tonight.” The hand that’s under his coat disappears, but the touch remains on his skin, Prompto feeling a little lightheaded from their accidental display.

“Thank you.” He smiles, and picks up his box of cupcakes, praying that his erection is hidden by his coat, and heads out of the classroom with his balloons trailing behind him.

“I was about to go in there and see what was up!” Luna calls to him, as he walks over to where she’s standing in the hallway. Thank God you didn’t. “He wasn’t talking your ear off, was he?”

“No.” Prompto shakes his head, as the two of them start to walk towards the student parking lot. “Sorry, I had asked him about our assignment. He’s the one that reminded me that you were waiting outside for me.”

He knows that lie doesn’t hurt anyone. “Well, good. Did you give him one of your cupcakes?”

“I did. Is that okay? I can’t eat them all by myself.” He laughs, holding up the box. “There’s only two more.”

“Save them for tomorrow.” She smiles, handing him back the bouquet of sunflowers. “So, tonight? Seven is good?”

“Seven is great.”

“It’s a date! And stay dressed nice, please?”

“Why would I change?” He steps away from her car, as she closes the door. She pulls out her cell phone, and takes a picture of him, making him laugh. “That had better be a nice photo!”

“I’ll send it to you in a bit.” She waves, and pulls out of her spot. “See you tonight!”


He bypasses going to the library today, and instead heads back to his dorm room. He doesn’t think the people in the library will be as forgiving with his birthday gifts as the students in his class had been. Setting his bouquet of flowers down on his dresser, he ties his balloons around one of his old textbooks and puts it in the corner, far away from anything that might cause them to pop. His dried out dahlia sits next to the sunflower bouquet, happiness filling his heart as the two people he cares most about are side by side in their own peculiar manner. He undoes his coat, and hangs it up, then goes and sits down at his desk, opening his laptop to get a little bit of work done before having to head to church for Vespers.


“You ready to go out and have a nice dinner?” Luna’s waiting for him in her car, pulled up in the church parking lot. “I don’t remember if I told you earlier, but you are looking so good in your suit! You’ve lost more weight, haven’t you?”

Nodding his head, he gets into the passenger seat and buckles in. “I have. I started to do more cardio.”

“It shows.” She’s still dressed in her cocktail dress, with a nice black coat on to protect her from the chill of the evening. “So, dinner? Drinks?? Drinks because you’re finally twenty-one!”

“If you’re drinking, maybe we should park somewhere so we can get a Lyft.”

“Prompto, I won’t drink. I want you to have fun tonight.”

His poor attempt at trying to dissuade her from drinking fails, and he nods his head. “Fine. But Saturday night, you’ll drink with me? We’ll get a Lyft?”

“We will.”

“Okay, good.”

At the restaurant, he decides to try a glass of wine with his dinner, asking the waiter’s recommendation for what he’s chosen to eat. When he pulls out his ID, he’s wished a happy birthday, to which Luna gushes to the waiter how this is their eighth birthday they’re celebrating together. He congratulates them, and then leaves before it becomes even more awkward, as Prompto laughs at how endearing his best friend is.

“Are you and Noct getting serious?” He asks, enjoying a second glass of wine, their dinner plates being cleared. “You know he really loves you a lot.”

“I know he does.” Luna nods, and takes a sip of her iced tea. “I don’t know. We joke about it at times, but we both have another year and a half of school. Maybe. Depends on what we plan on doing afterwards. I’ve been thinking about doing a masters program.”

“Really? That’d be great!” Prompto is happy that Luna is as invested in her academic career as he is in his. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet either.”

“You’re not thinking about becoming a priest, are you?”

Almost choking on his sip of wine, he shakes his head after having a coughing fit. “No, Luna. I’ve told you before - I enjoy going to church. It doesn’t mean I want to be that involved with it.”

“Well, what about doing something like reading, or something. Don’t they do that? Isn’t there like, Saturday school?”

“Catechism teachings.” He nods his head, impressed that his friend remembers these things. “There is, but with my work in school, I don’t have the free time to spend every Saturday with them. Although, I have thought about it.”

“You’d be good at doing stuff like that.” Luna smiles. “You were always a really good teacher. Maybe think about going into teaching?”

“Maybe.” It’s something that’s crossed his mind before. “I don’t know. I’ve got a little bit more time before I have to decide on that stuff.” He shrugs his shoulders, and finishes off the last of his wine. “Are they bringing me dessert?”

“You know they are.”

Sighing, he nods his head, but has a smile on his face. “Fine. I hope they won’t sing to me.”

“No, this place is too nice for that sort of behavior.”  


A large slab of chocolate cake is brought to him with a candle burning. Luna takes a picture of him blowing out the candle. “What did you wish for?” She asks, as he cuts the piece in half to share with her.

“You know I can’t tell you!” He laughs, and picks up his fork to eat more cake. “But I did make a wish, so don’t worry.” He teases her, as he takes another bite with some ice cream tucked on the end of his bite. “Thank you for dinner, Luna. This has been a lot of fun.” He leans over, and gives her a quick kiss on her cheek. “Want to hear something fun?”

“Sure.” Reaching for another bite of cake off of Prompto’s plate, he doesn’t bother to stop her, knowing that he can’t finish all of it. Not after all the pastries he’d already consumed over the course of the day. “What is it?”

“My parents have not called, nor have they texted me.”

The expression on her face darkens. “That’s not fun, Prompto. That’s just downright rude. I’m sorry they’re assholes.”

“Luna!” He gasps, but isn’t surprised by her reaction. He knew she’d become upset if he told her. “It’s okay. My dad transferred two hundred dollars to my account yesterday.”

“He couldn’t even do it on your actual birthday. What an ass.” She pouted. “Whatever. I’m here to make your birthday the best that it can be. And we’re going to have so much fun on Saturday night!”

“I know we will. You sure you don’t mind Father Scientia joining us?”

“Not at all.” Shaking her head, she grabs the last bite of cake off of his plate. “I’m sure it’ll be interesting with him around. I’ll behave myself.”

“Thank God.”

“You can say that again.” She laughs, as she pays for their meal. “You ready to go back to your dorm? I know we’ve been out for awhile.”

“It’s okay. I’m happy to spend my time like this with you.” He nods, and stands up. Walking over to her chair, he helps her stand up, and helps her put her coat on before putting his own on.

She drives him back to his dorm room, parking out front. “So, Saturday. We’ll text about it later?”

“We will.” He nods, trying not to sway as he gets out of the car. The alcohol is leaving him pleasantly buzzed, his motor skills not up to par at the moment. “Thanks again, Luna. Love you.”

“I love you too.” She blows him a kiss, and then starts to drive away.

Walking up to his dormitory, he heads to the elevator, not at all interested in seeing what it would be like to take the stairs in his current state of inebriation. Now that he’s no longer sitting, he can feel the two glasses of wine, a little surprised that he couldn’t feel it before. He walks off the elevator on his floor, and reaches into his pocket to pull out his key. It takes him a few tries, but he finally gets it into the lock, and heads into his bedroom, where he collapses on his bed with a soft grunt.

A soft tapping begins, bringing him up from his bed to figure out where the noise is coming from. “Hello?” He calls out, looking over at the balloons, wondering if that’s the culprit behind the noises. Figuring he’s just hearing things, he goes over to his door to open it and see if someone is being annoying out in the hallway. Flinging it open, he steps back when he sees a person standing there, his mouth dropping open.

“Surprise, again.” Father Scientia is standing at his door, a smile on his face. Prompto blinks a few times, trying to figure out if he’s there, or if he’s fallen asleep on his bed and this is a cruel trick being played on him by his own mind. “Did you just get back?”

“About twenty minutes ago.” Prompto slurs a little, leaning against the opened door with a goofy smile on his face. “Are you really here? Or am I dreaming?”

“Oh, you’ve had some alcohol.” His lover smiles, and steps into his room. “May I?”

“Maybe I have. It is my birthday after all.” Stepping to the side, he gestures his hand towards the center of the room, inviting him in. “Of course, Iggy.” He giggles, and heads back over to his bed. “This is two nights in a row you’ve shown up at my door. You sure I’m not dreaming?”

“I’m afraid not, my love.” The door closes, leaving the two of them alone. “I came by because I wanted to see you, since I won’t be seeing you until Friday.”

Scooting over on his bed, he pats the mattress, and waits for Ignis to sit down next to him. He’s dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, Prompto still trying to process that he’s here right now. “Right - because tomorrow you’re off.” He nods, and leans against his shoulder when Ignis takes a seat next to him. “I wish you could have gone to dinner with us tonight, Iggy. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Ignis touches the tie that’s still hanging around his neck, the knot a little loose. “Were you too tired to undress, love?”

“Tired. Drunk. One of them.” He laughs, tilting his head back as he feels Ignis’ fingers tug on his tie. “Will you use that on me one day, Iggy?” He asks, not really clear in his head as his coat is slipped off of his shoulders.

“Your tie?”

“Yeah.” He nods, his vest coming off next. “You used it on me in the confessional booth. I mean, I think it was my tie.” The hands on his body stop moving, as he continues to babble. “Maybe it was my tie, and your vestments. A combo of them? I dunno.” He releases a pleasant sigh, as the hands on his body resume helping him out of his clothes. “Are you going to sleep here again with me? I love having you next to me so much, Iggy.”

“I enjoy laying with you, Prompto.” His lover doesn’t go back to his request for the tie, as the last of his clothes are taken off, now dressed only in his pair of boxer briefs. “Would you like me to stay with you until you’ve fallen asleep?”


Holding his arms up, he sees Ignis pull off his own clothes, choosing to stay in his dark briefs. “I’ll do what I can, love.” Ignis lays next to him, pulling him to lay more comfortably against his body. “You smell pleasantly of wine.”

“I’m sorry.” He whispers, turning his head away from Ignis’, afraid that his breath smells too much. “I can go brush my teeth right now.”

“It’s alright. I’m only teasing you. I’m allowed to tease you, since you teased me this afternoon.”

Prompto lifts his head, and notices that his lover’s glasses are no longer on his face. “When did I do that??”

“Would you like a reminder?” A smirk appears on Ignis’ face.

Afraid to say yes, he nods his head, wondering what he could have done to tease him. But when Ignis reaches for his hand, and brings his fingers up to his lips, he knows exactly what he did to tease him. As his fingers are brought up to Ignis’ mouth, he reaches for Ignis’ other hand, and brings it up to his own mouth.

“Do you mean when you did this to me, Iggy?” He pulls Ignis’ index finger into his mouth before his own digit slips past his lover’s lips, and gives a little lick to them before sucking on them for a brief second.

“God, if you had done that to me in the classroom, I might have done something that we might come to regret.” Ignis’ lips brush against the tip of his finger, Prompto’s eyes closing as he lets a soft moan pass from his lips. “You know exactly how to push my buttons.”

Licking his fingers a few more times, he pulls them from his mouth with a soft pop. “You teased me too, you know. Calling me out in class.”

“You made it almost impossible for me not to, love.” Ignis kisses the tip of his finger, before pulling it into his mouth to suck on it just like he’d done in class.

Prompto gets an idea into his head, his cheeks growing warm as he tries to think of the best way to suggest it. Maybe it’s the alcohol in his brain that’s helping to release some of the inhibitions he usually carries, or maybe he’s becoming more comfortable around his lover when it comes to the sexual acts that they share together. It could be either, or it could be both. But he soon finds himself moving away from Ignis’ body, pulling his underwear off in the process. Hoping that he doesn’t smell too much - he’d taken a shower before getting ready for mass - he straddles Ignis’ chest, his head pointed down towards his lover’s clothed mound.

“Can you handle not kissing me like this?” Prompto asks, the tip of his cock close to Ignis’ mouth, but not close enough for him to grab onto it without moving his upper body.

His hands go to the waistband of Ignis’ briefs, and pushes them down, the tip of Ignis’ cock coming close to his face. But unlike Ignis, this is within his reach, so he moves his head and starts to kiss the soft flesh of his crown with wet kisses. “I will try…” He hears the strain in Ignis’ voice, as he keeps kissing the tip of his lover’s cock. “God’s will be done...”

“Good luck…” He slips his mouth around the tip of his lover’s cock, and slides them all the way down to the base, groaning low as he feels Ignis’ cock throb against his tongue.

He bobs his head slow, inhaling the sweet musk of his lover’s body, happy that he’s getting to do something he’s been thinking about doing for awhile. He knows it would feel better if Ignis’ mouth was around his cock, but the build up is driving his arousal through the roof. He hears Ignis moaning, feels his hands on his hips, but doesn’t pull them down towards his head. Prompto’s impressed by his lover’s restraint, wondering why he’s being so good, when he knows if Ignis had put him into the same position, his mouth would already be on his cock. Maybe he’s not the only one that enjoys the build up.

Looking between his legs, he sees a look on concentration on Ignis’ face. He can see the strain there, the desire making his eyes burn as the tip of Prompto’s cock keeps inching closer and closer to his face. Giving up, Prompto moves back a little, and is soon rewarded with the touch of Ignis’ lips slipping over the tip of his cock, pulling a low moan from his throat. It’s all he needs to feel, as he begins to bob his head up and down, mimicking the movements on his own cock to be what Ignis feels.

His hands slide down the backside of Ignis’ underwear, grabbing a firm hold onto his asscheeks as he begins to suck harder on his cock. Angling his head, he feels the tip of Ignis’ cock push against the back of his throat. It’s at that exact moment that Ignis does the same to him, and soon he’s laying on his side, the two of them in an almost yin-yang position, one hand now around the base of Ignis’ cock, as his other starts to tease Ignis’ entrance. His own body goes through the same torture, both of them sucking on each other’s cocks as if their lives depended on it. The sounds of slurping and pleasure filled grunts fill the quiet room. He can’t stop, though - he doesn’t want to, as the muffled moans they’re both making for one another are as addicting as how good it feels to be sexually satisfied in such a way.

Prompto pats his hand on Ignis’ hip, wanting to give him some sort of warning as he gets closer to his orgasm, but doesn’t want to take his mouth away from his lover’s cock. Precum keeps seeping onto the back of his tongue, letting him know that his lover is close too. But without that, he would know from the heady moans that Ignis continues to make, the sounds spreading throughout his body like hellfire. He takes the hand that’s wrapped around his cock, and moves it down to his sac, giving him a little squeeze, and is gifted with an explosion in his mouth, as he feels Ignis beginning to come. He starts to swallow, groaning low as his own orgasm takes over his body, his mouth moving on autopilot as he keeps swallowing what Ignis’ cock expels down his throat. The rush of his own orgasm only heightens his pleasure, as he feels Ignis swallowing too, the sensation of being on both the giving and receiving end gives him the most pleasant high.

He laughs a little, licking up the last bits of Ignis’ orgasm straight from the source. “That was amazing, Iggy.” He smiles, his entire body feeling flushed at the moment.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Ignis smiles, and kisses the tip of Prompto’s sensitive cock, making him whine a little in his throat. “Come up to me, love?”

Nodding, he moves to lay beside him, the two bringing their mouths together for some soft, languid kisses. He can taste himself on his lover’s tongue, sighing happily before tucking his head underneath Ignis’ chin. “Iggy….you’ve made this the best birthday ever. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me today.”

“It’s the least I can do for you, my love.” Fingers comb through his hair, causing him to slowly drift to sleep. “I love you, and wanted to make sure that this day was absolutely special for you.”

“Thank you. So much.” He presses a soft kiss to his sternum, before releasing a soft yawn. “Kiss me before you leave?”

“You know that I will. Get some sleep, Prompto. Happy birthday.”

“Love you, Iggy…” Another yawn forces him to stop his next sentence, as his eyelids grow heavier. It had been a very long day for him, but he couldn’t have been happier about it. Starting the day with his lover, and ending it with him - it was the best birthday gift that anyone could have given him.


Chapter Text


True to his word, Ignis woke him up the following morning with a few kisses, Prompto barely getting his eyes opened in time as he sees his lover leaving his dorm room. His head aches, and his throat feels very dry, and the longer he tries to keep his eyes open, the more he wants to go back to sleep. When his alarm begins to go off at a quarter to six, he decides to hit snooze a few times before really rousing from his sleep.

Sitting up, he sees a bottle of water on the edge of his desk, along with two Tylenol and a handwritten note. “Take two now, and two before lunch. Drink all of the water, then drink another bottle. It will help your head. I hope you had a nice birthday, love. I’ll call you tonight, so we can coordinate on what time we’ll head into the city tomorrow. <3 ~ I.” He picks up the pills, and tosses them into his mouth, and then drinks the entire contents of the bottle. Surprisingly, he is already feeling better with the water circulating through his system.

A little bleary-eyed, Prompto heads into his bathroom to take a shower. As he stands under the water, he replays what had happened on his birthday, going over how it began, and how it had ended with his lover present. That could not have been easy for him, and he wanted to make sure that Father Scientia knew what it meant to him to be treated like that. Smiling, he finishes up in the shower and gets ready for the day.

Lauds is uneventful - the miniature sermon said by Father Bradham had been nice, but he had missed hearing Father Scientia’s voice. Thursdays always felt the longest to him, because he knew he wouldn’t see him at all - not without a miracle. And after yesterday’s display, he knows he won’t be receiving any of those in the immediate future. That’s how his luck goes. After thanking Father Bradham for the service, he heads to school for his first class.

By the end of the day, he’s buzzing with anticipation for Father Scientia’s telephone call. All through Vespers, the temptation to check his phone has been at an all time high. Which is absurd, because he knows that Father Scientia knows where he is, and why would he bother to text during that time. But, sure enough, as if the priest were on the same wavelength as him, halfway through the service he receives a text from him.

I’m thinking about you right now, and how good it felt to have your mouth on my body at the same time mine was on yours.”

Groaning under his breath, he unlocks his phone and begins to text him. “You know I’m in mass right now. Why are you texting me??

Why are you answering? ;) I know where you are. Where you’re sitting. Tell me - are you thinking about what we did last night too?

He hears the next round of prayer begin, and verbally says them by rote as his fingers type another message. “Of course I am. I’m horny beyond belief now, thanks to your message. >.< You aren’t a priest. You’re the devil.”

The sound of muffled laughter has him looking over his shoulder, and instantly feels heat rush to his face when he sees Father Scientia sitting on the other side of the church, a pleased look on his face. He feels his phone vibrate in his hand. “A handsome one, don’t you think? ;)

Yes, I do. Now stop texting me!

Wait for me after mass.”

Prompto puts his phone back into his pocket, listening to Father Bradham to find out where they are in the prayer. As he begins to join in the prayer, he gives a nod of his head, knowing very well that Father Scientia is watching him. The mass comes to an end, Prompto blessing himself before exiting the pew, bowing towards the altar as he genuflects, and then starts to head towards the exit. As he passes by the pew that he’d seen Father Scientia sitting in, he takes a chance to look over at it, and sees the priest in the same spot he’d been, their eyes meeting for a split second before Prompto turns to look forward again, afraid he might bump into one of the older parishioners, and didn’t want to have to explain why he wasn’t paying attention. Or rather, lie to them about it.

He waits outside, standing away from the light, preferring to be unnoticeable. His phone begins to vibrate in his pocket. “Did you leave? I can’t find you.” Sure enough, he looks up and sees Father Scientia searching everywhere for him, except by the side of the church where he’s currently standing. Deciding it was time to pay him back, he pockets his phone and makes his way over to where Father Scientia is standing with his back turned towards him. Sneaking up behind him, he stands close to him and speaks in a soft voice. “Waiting for someone, Father?”

“I am.” The startled gasp is everything that Prompto hopes it would be as his lover turns around to face him. “No fair. You surprised me.”

“Do you really want to have this conversation right now?” He teases Father Scientia, a tiny smirk on his lips.

“It’s probably best that we don’t.” The priest agrees, his eyes featuring the same smile on his lips. “Are you heading back to your dormitory?”

The two of them begin to walk together away from the church. “I was planning on it. Why?” He looks around, and notices that they’re alone, the campus quiet for a Thursday night.

“I was thinking about something, and wanted to get your thoughts on it.” Father Scientia leads him off the beaten path, so that they may have a more private conversation. As soon as they’re secluded by hedges all around them, Prompto allows himself to step closer to his lover, who returns the sentiment by placing his warm hand against his cheek. “I meant what I said in church.”

“You really are out to torture me, aren’t you?” Prompto whispers, kissing the center of Ignis’ palm before lifting himself up to kiss him on the lips. “I wish i had been more awake when you left this morning.”

“How’s your head?” Father Scientia’s hand travels up to his scalp, pushing away the bangs that hang over his right eye. “Did you do what I suggested for you to do?”

He nods his head, his eyes closing as he takes to heart the concern he hears in his voice. “I did. My head doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did earlier this morning.”

“Good. That makes me happy to hear.” A few more gentle touches, then Father Scientia pulls his hand away from his face. “Now, what I wanted to discuss with you.”

“Yes, Father?” He asks, as the two of them return to walking along the pathway heading back towards Prompto’s dormitory.

“You only have one class tomorrow, is that correct?” He nods his head in agreement, as the two of them make it back to his dormitory. “Now, I have a suggestion, but before you say no, listen to what I have to say.”

Becoming a little worried, he stares up at him. “What is it, Iggy?” He asks, holding his hands behind his back because he’s afraid he’ll accidentally touch him in a way he shouldn’t. Not out here like this. “What’s your suggestion?”

“Why don’t we leave tonight?”

Out of all the questions, Prompto isn’t expecting that question to leave the priest’s mouth. “What? You want to go tonight?? What about Lauds?”

“I’ve already arranged it with Father Bradham. He will be leading it in the morning.”

“What about me attending Lauds?” It’s a grasp at straws, and he realizes how ridiculous it sounds as soon as it’s out of his mouth.

A soft chuckle leaves Father Scientia’s throat. “I think God will forgive you if you miss both Lauds and Vespers tomorrow, Prompto.”

“Will He?” He asks, a little shy. “Because if you think He will, then I don’t see any problem going tonight.”

“If it will make you feel more at ease with the situation, we can go to your church in Insomnia tomorrow morning.”

Prompto feels a rush of relief spread throughout his body at his lover’s suggestion. “I need to pack.”

“I’ll come by to pick you up in a half hour? Is that enough time, love?” Father Scientia asks, Prompto’s stomach flipping a little with the smile that’s now on his face. “No traffic right now.”

“No traffic right now.” He nods his head, and returns his smile. “Yes, a half hour will be great. I’ll come downstairs then.” The itch to kiss him goodbye keeps him rooted to his spot. “Is that okay?”

Father Scientia nods his head. “I will be waiting over there for you,” he points towards the street, “in a half hour’s time. See you soon, my love.” His hand touches his face, Prompto resting his face against his palm for a moment before pulling away.

He heads into his dormitory, and goes to the stairwell, taking two steps at a time to get up to his floor quicker. By the time he gets to his dorm room, he’s slightly out of breath, whether it’s from the physical exertion to get up to his room, or the fact that he’s going to be leaving tonight instead of tomorrow afternoon, he isn’t sure. Once he’s in his room, he opens his laptop, and sends an email to his professor for his class tomorrow, informing them that he will not be in attendance because he’s not feeling very well. After that’s sent, he gets up and tries to figure out what to bring with him on this mini-vacation.

Thirty-five minutes later, he receives a text from his lover. “I’m outside. Will you be down soon? :)

I’m almost done! Two more minutes!” He types, frantically putting a few more items into his small suitcase. He knows he’s got clothes at his parents house, should he choose to wear something else. Packing up his laptop into his suitcase, he takes one last look around his room, and decides that he’s got nothing else that he needs. Except for his pillow, which he pulls off of his bed and tucks it under his arm before leaving his dorm room.

Walking towards the car waiting out front, he sees that Father Scientia has returned to dressing in regular clothes - not the clerical clothes he’d seen him wearing before. Opening the back passenger door, Prompto sets his bag on the floor of the backseat, then gets into the passenger side. “Hi, Iggy.” He smiles, and shuts the door. “You ready to head out?”

“I believe that I am.” His lover smiles, and nod his head. “You’ll instruct me as I go? Or should I put your home address into my phone, and let the map dictate us on where to go?”

Prompto shrugs his shoulders, and turns to look at Ignis. “It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t mind giving you directions. I mean, there’s only so many options on how to get into Insomnia.”

“That is very true.” Ignis pulls away from the curb, and begins to head towards the highway. “Did you want to stop and get something to eat before we head out? Even without traffic, it might take us the better part of an hour to get there.”

He adjusts the seat to lean back a little more. “No, I’m okay. Are you hungry? Or can you wait until we get to Insomnia?”

“I can wait.” His lover reaches over, and turns on the radio. “My apologies that this car isn’t as new as the ones you’re probably used to driving in. But it’s got a working radio, and to me that’s all that matters.”

Reaching over, he puts his hand on Ignis’ leg, and hears him inhale. “It’s okay, Iggy. I don’t have a car, so anything is better than that. I like listening to the radio. Although…”

“What is it?”

There’s an auxiliary jack on the dashboard, and Prompto - on a whim - had brought both his jack and his iPod. “Well, I’ve got my iPod, and I…” He blushes, trying not to feel like a total dork as he goes between the seats to grab both items from his bag. “I sort of made a playlist for you?”

“For me?” The surprise in Ignis’ voice makes him blush, as he picks up the two items, and returns to facing forward in his seat. “When did you make this playlist?”

“Well, I had planned on working on it more tonight, to finesse it for our trip tomorrow. But I guess that isn’t going to go the way I had hoped it would.” A nervous laugh leaves his throat, as he pulls up the playlist he’d been working on off and on the last couple of days. “They’re more or less songs that I associate with you, with us….everything, I guess.” He brings up the first song. “Do you want to listen to it? Or would you rather we listen to another playlist?”

“No, I’m curious to find out what sort of songs you listen to that makes you think of me.” Ignis drives up the ramp to the highway, and begins to make their way towards the city. “Are they ballads, or fast tempo songs? Or am I to remain in the dark?”

Prompto laughs, and hits play. “Don’t read too much into them, Iggy. It’s just music.”

“But music can be a reflection on one’s soul.” Ignis counters, Prompto falling in love with him more and more because of these little conversations. “One can express one’s self through the idiom of music and lyrics that one might not be able to say in person in a conversation.”

Blushing, he knows that everything that Ignis has said is true. “Then, I guess just listen to the music as we drive? And know that I am falling madly in love with you, against my better judgement.”

“I could say the same thing, my love.” A hand comes to rest on his thigh, Prompto putting his hand on top of Ignis’ as they fall into a comfortable silence to listen to the playlist.

His fingers slide between Ignis’ knuckles, the tips of his fingers resting on top of Ignis’ palm. He wonders if he’s listening to the music with his heart, or if he’s concentrating on the road, and not hearing anything that’s coming through the speakers. But as they get closer and closer to the approaching skyline of Insomnia, Prompto can feel Ignis’ hand sliding up a little higher onto his thigh. It’s been moving up a little at a time, to not make it painfully obvious what he’s trying to do to him. But Prompto is familiar with this game - maybe not in the context of driving, but it’s close enough that he knows Ignis is trying to tease him.

“You’ll want to take the following exit.” Prompto murmurs, as Ignis’ hands have finally reached the juncture between his thighs, the antagonizing slow pace at which he’d arrived there has caused Prompto to question his own sanity. “When you exit, head to the left.”

“Left.” Ignis repeats, his fingers brushing against Prompto’s sac before moving his hand to cup his genitals. “Are we going to your house first, or are we going to find some food?”

“There’s a few restaurants we can stop at that are close to my parents house.” He groans, spreading his legs apart more as the hand on his crotch cups him a little more possessively. “God, Iggy…”

“What are you in the mood for?” Ignis doesn’t reply to his comment, but he feels the heel of his palm push up against his aroused cock. “Sit down? To go?”

“T-To go.” Prompto nods, as the button on his jeans is unsnapped. “I want to get home.”

“I bet you do.” Warm fingers slide down his underwear, and come to rest on his cock. Prompto moans low at the touch, his hand going to rest on top of Ignis’, as he guides him on how to touch him. “I see a drive through coming up on the right. Should I go there?”

“Nngh…” He grunts in response, as the fingers on his cock give him the most delicious squeeze. “D-Do whatever you want, Iggy. Here is good.”

“Is it?” Ignis slides his fingers up to the tip, and starts to tease him. “Maybe you’d rather we go and sit down inside.”

“I thought this was my birthday weekend.” He groans low, head dropping forward a little as the heat begins to become unbearable. “Why are you teasing me so much?”

“Because I know you like it.” Ignis replies, as his fingers brush over the sensitive head of his cock. But before he contradicts him, the fingers are gone, Ignis pulling his hand out of his pants as they approach the speaker for the drive through. Prompto scoots to the side, his back against the door as he listens to Ignis give his order for their meal. He chimes in a few seconds after, having a serious craving for terrible food.

Once the items are collected, Prompto holds the food on the top of his thighs, Ignis’ hand returning to his crotch as he palms him once more. “Y-You want to take a right at the next stop light. Then turn left at the stop sign. Then another right, and my house is at the middle of the block. Number 3234.”

“Got it.” Ignis gives his cock a little squeeze, then both hands are back on the wheel, and Prompto is trying hard not to be upset by the fact that Ignis’ hand is no longer on his body. The neighborhood starts to look familiar as Ignis follows his instructions, and soon they’re parking in the driveway of the house he grew up in. “Is this it?”

“Yep.” Prompto nods. “Home sweet home.”

It’s always bittersweet for him to return home like this. He hasn’t been back since moving into his dorm room back in the middle of August. His parents hadn’t been home much during the summer, and he had been tired of constantly being a third wheel to Luna and Noctis, so when the opportunity came up to move in a little earlier than the semester started, he took it. He doesn’t like being home alone, and hadn’t bothered to find a job during his off time because he didn’t want to settle for something to just keep his time occupied. Even now, looking up at the empty house fills him with dread.

“Leave your things in the back. I can bring them inside in a bit.” Ignis brings him out of his thoughts, both a little excited and a little nervous to be bringing him here. “Are you alright?”

“It’s complicated.” Prompto nods his head, and gets out of the car, holding the bags of food. “We shouldn’t leave it out in the car for too long, Iggy. It’s not a bad neighborhood, but…”

“Say no more. I’ll grab our bags right now.”

He walks up to the front door, and waits for Ignis to join him before unlocking the door with his code. “My mother always loses her keys, so my father insisted that we have a keyless lock installed.” He tries not to feel weird about it, as he types in the last number, the door unlocking for them. “Welcome to my home, Iggy.” He tries to smile, but it looks more like a grimace as he steps to the side to allow his lover to enter first.

As soon as they’re both inside, Ignis takes the bags of food away from him, and sets them down. They both take off their shoes near the doorway. “Are we alone?” Ignis keeps his voice quiet.

“Hello?? Mom? Dad??” He calls out. “Anyone here?” He waits for a few more seconds before looking over at his lover. “We’re alone.” Releasing a nervous chuckle, he tries not to be self-conscious of his surroundings as he sees Ignis move closer to him.

“Welcome back home, love.” Ignis lowers his head, and brushes his lips against his with the hint of a kiss. “Is this your first time bringing someone home like this?”

Blushing hard, he nods his head fast as he tries not to become too embarrassed. “When I dated in high school, I usually went to the girl’s place. I didn’t like showing off my home.”

“Why not?”

“Mostly because of my parents, but I have other reasons.” Prompto tries not get too anxious as he realizes what he’s going to have to show Ignis sooner or later. “Want to eat our horrible dinner before it gets cold?”

He starts to walk away from the foyer, grabbing one of the bags of food as he heads towards the dining room. “You’ll see the family room on the right, and the music room on the left.” He nods his head towards both rooms as they pass, before heading into the dining room. “My mother used to play piano when I was growing up. She doesn’t really play all that much now, but we still keep the room the way it is for her.”

“Do you play at all?” Ignis asks, as they sit across from one another at the dining room table. “I wasn’t aware you had any special talents like that.”

“What? You think all I can do is suck some dick?” He teases, enjoying the blush that appears on his lover’s cheeks at the comment. “I’m kidding, Iggy. Yes, I know how to play. Am I any good at it? Not really. What about you?”

“I know how to play.” Unpacking their food, Prompto hands Ignis his food, and takes his from Ignis. “It was encouraged to learn how to play in seminary, as we might be stranded without a proper musician to sing the hymns. I also know how to play the organ.”

Grabbing a fry, Prompto chews on it and then swallows a sip of his diet soda. “Oh, wow! So, do you ever play the organ in our church?”

“I have on occasion. If you’d like, I can play for you some time?”

“That would be so nice, Iggy!”

The more they eat, the less they talk. Prompto begins to get comfortable with Ignis in these surroundings, although it feels a little surreal still. They keep the conversation light, not really talking about anything earth shattering, helping him relax even more. As they finish up their food, Prompto grabs their trash and walks into the kitchen. It’s as immaculate as ever, as if his parents never used the damn thing. Opening the fridge, he sees that it’s fully stocked for his visit. Typical. All of his favorite food items are in the fridge - from the vegetables he likes the most, to the type of meat he enjoys.

“It looks like your parents thought of everything.” Ignis’ voice startles him, forgetting for a moment that he was there with him. “Do you like to cook?”

“Not really.” He shakes his head, and closes the door. “I’m more of the kind of guy who will eat out of a can because he’s too lazy to bother putting it in a bowl to nuke it in the microwave.”

His lover laughs, Prompto’s heart stuttering in his chest at the sound. “I love to cook. I always have. If you don’t mind, I’d be more than happy to cook us some food tomorrow. We’ve got plenty of options.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course I would, my love.” Ignis steps closer to him, and reaches for his hand. “Now, will you show me around your home now?”

His feet won’t budge for a moment, but he nods his head in reply. “I’d be more than happy to show you around, Iggy.”

It takes a few tries, but his feet finally move when he wants them to, and leads Ignis over towards the staircase that they’d passed on their way in. “The mud room doubles as a miniature library.” He points to the room directly to the right of the front door. “You didn’t grow up here, right?”

“No. I grew up in a small town about a thousand miles away.” Ignis shakes his head. “Another reason why my mother wasn’t too fond of my career path, as she knew it would take me away from her.”

Standing on the first step, he turns around and throws his arms around Ignis’ neck. “I’m sorry your mother didn’t understand who you wanted to be.” He feels Ignis return his embrace, as the two stand there for a few moments, holding one another. “I’m not sure my parents would understand if I came out to them. My mother has mentioned more than a few times how she’d like grandchildren, so knowing these feelings I’ve repressed for a very long time aren’t as bad as I’d made them out to be is all because of you, Iggy.”

“Prompto…” The arms around him tighten their hold, Prompto leaning his head on his lover’s shoulder, accepting the love he’s giving to him through their embrace. “Come on, show me what’s upstairs?”

He pulls away, and wipes his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt. “R-Right. Upstairs.” He starts to walk up the stairs, very aware of Ignis’ presence behind him. When a hand lands on his butt to give him a little smack, he squawks, then pushes the hand away before it can do any more damage. “No fair!”

“My apologies, love.” There is no sincerity in those words, which makes Prompto snort. “Don’t believe me?”

“Not one bit.” Turning to look over his shoulder, he looks up at Ignis, as they’re now on the same level. “Who knew I’d meet a priest that lied?”

“I lie about a great number of things, as you well know.” Ignis lifts his eyebrows up and down suggestively, Prompto laughing at his antics.

Before he gets distracted by him, Prompto points to the room to the left of the stairs. “That’s the master bedroom, aka my parents’ bedroom.” He points to a room directly in front of them. “One guest bedroom.” They walk down the hall, and gestures to an opened door. “A bathroom.” He walks down a little further. “Another guest bedroom.” Prompto stops at the end of the hallway, and turns so that his back is to the last door. “And this is my bedroom. But, you can’t make fun of me.”

“Prompto, I live in a room that has nothing materialistic in it. Even if I wasn’t a priest, I would live the same way, so whatever is in your room will come as no surprise to me.”

Easy for you to say. He puts his hand on the doorknob, and opens the door, reaching for the light to illuminate his bedroom. “This is where I spent most of my time in high school, if I wasn’t over at Luna’s place.” He waits for Ignis to enter, then follows him in, keeping the door to his bedroom open out of force of habit. His parents taught him at an early age that there is no reason to close the door - there are no secrets in this household. Hah.

“I see you have a thing for animals.” Ignis comments, Prompto groaning from embarrassment. “I had no idea.”

Plastered on his walls were posters of all kinds of animals - lions, horses, otters, tigers, sloths, pandas. He sees Ignis walk over to his bed, and picks up a stuffed polar bear. “Do you sleep with this?”

“No!” He shakes his head, still trying to get over the mortification. “I love animals, okay? I had thought about going into zoology when I was a kid, and my parents fed into the hobby. My mother bought me most of the posters you see up on the walls.” He reaches for his stuffed polar bear, but Ignis won’t release it. “Give him to me!”

“Oh, it’s a him, is it?” The teasing tone he hears his lover use is one he isn’t used to hearing. The few people he did bring to his house had always teased and mocked him. But Ignis was doing neither of these things to him, and instead seemed very happy. “What will you do for him?”

“Iggy, stop…” He tries not to sound childish, but doesn’t he see he’s already super embarrassed by how his room looks? “I know, I should have taken these down after I started college. But I’m hardly home, so…”

“You keep it as a reminder as to how you were like in high school. I understand.” Ignis hands him the polar bear, Prompto hugging him tight to his chest. “I think it’s wonderful. Your room is perfect, Prompto.”

“Now I know you’re teasing me.” He hugs the polar bear a little tighter to his chest, then stares at Ignis, who goes and takes a seat on the edge of his bed. “W-What are you doing?”

“Well, I was checking to see what your bed felt like. Unless you plan on putting me up in one of your guest rooms?”

Dropping the stuffed animal from his arms, he shakes his head. “You think I’m going to not sleep with you?? Are you crazy?!” He goes over to the bed and sits down on his lap, pushing Ignis to lay on his back, hovering over him. “You were teasing me all the way over here in the car. You teased me in church. In church!” He taps him on the sternum, pushing his knees against Ignis’ hips. “I can still feel your hand on my crotch, Iggy.”

“That’s because it is on your crotch, love.”

He looks down, and sees that Ignis’ palm is resting back against his genitals in the same manner he’d done in the car. All fight had left his body, as he pushes his hips forward, trying not to think about how he’s doing this with his lover in his bedroom. His bedroom. His hands come to rest against Ignis’ shoulders, as he rolls his hips more, moving his ass down towards the top of Ignis’ thighs, wanting to push himself up against the mound he can feel growing against his own.

“What do you say…?” Ignis removes his hand, and puts both of his hands on Prompto’s hips, slowly beginning to control their movements. “Should we christen your bed right now…? Get it out of the way so we can both relax…?”

Moaning softly, he feels Ignis’ fingers dip below the waistband of his jeans. “Y-You too, Iggy…? Are you as anxious as I am right now about that…?”

“I’m anxious in a different way.” His left hand leaves Prompto’s hip, and comes to rest on the middle of his back, bringing Prompto down towards his chest. “You’re anxious because this is the first time you’ve brought someone up to your room for the specific purpose of sleeping with them, isn’t that right?”

He nods his head, moaning a little more as the hand that’s on his back slides underneath his shirt to touch him skin to skin. “I hardly masturbated in here, Iggy. To have you in my room like this, it’s a little scary.”

“You’ve nothing to be scared of. You know that I love you, and I am honored to be here with you this weekend.” Ignis pulls him closer to his chest, Prompto going willingly as the lower halves of their bodies continue to grind together. “This is the same as your dorm room.”

“Is it?” He whispers, shutting out the thoughts of them doing this in his house. “H-Help me not be scared, Iggy…”

“It would be my pleasure, my love.”

The stuffed animals are pushed off of the bed, Ignis moving their bodies so that they’re laying in the proper position - heads pointed towards the headboard, with their feet pointed towards the end of the bed. Laying on their sides, Prompto helps Ignis get undressed - the familiar motions helping to ease him into thinking that this is just the same as it would be in his dorm room, or back in the rectory. Just because they’re in his bedroom at home means nothing. But it’s not - this room is special, and to be sharing something like this with him without mentally preparing himself like he’d planned to do on Friday, it takes a bit for him to get out of his head.

But soft kisses to his lips, that trail down his neck help bring him back to the present, as he begins to exhale breathless moans. Ignis’ lips torture the side of his neck, the question of ‘will he’ or ‘won’t he’ bite down runs through his head, as his hands struggle to get the button undone on Ignis’ jeans. The question is answered when a delicious pressure against the base of his neck captures his attention, drawing a low moan from his mouth as Ignis bites down hard on his neck.

“Yes…” He moans, his hand coming up to cup the back of Ignis’ head, as the pain intensifies. “God, yes…”

His heady moans don’t reach his own ears, but when he sees Ignis no longer wearing his glasses, and how dilated his pupils are, he knows that his lover is feeling the same way he is. “I need to go downstairs. Get the rest of your clothes off for me, love.”

Prompto nods his head, as he sees Ignis get up off the bed, and walks out of the room. He hears his footfalls on the stairs, as he strips out of the rest of his clothes. Taking off his socks last, he balls them up and throws them to a corner of his room, not caring where they wind up. He spreads out on the bed, completely naked, and waits to hear the sound of footsteps running back up the stairs. Deciding to be a little bold, he starts to touch himself, his cheeks burning as he hears the fall of footsteps stop.

With his eyes half-lidded, he keeps touching his cock as he looks at Ignis standing in the doorway, the light behind him making it difficult to see the expression on his face. “I’m naked, Iggy…” He moans, moving his hand up towards the tip of his cock, squeezing it with a little pressure that brings some precum oozing from the slit. He feels it trickle onto his fingers, and hears his lover release a low moan. “Do you like what you see?”

“I love what I see.”

The bed shifts with Ignis’ weight returning to the mattress, Prompto keeping his hand on his cock as he lifts his knees up off the bed to expose his ass to his lover. “G-Get me ready for you…?”

“That was always my intention, love.” Something wet is dripped onto his entrance, Prompto groaning as he feels the lube slide inside of him. “You look absolutely exquisite right now. Do you know how gorgeous you look right now, Prompto?”

“Tell me…?” He moans, as a finger is pushed into him.

The finger inside of him rolls around, his eyes closing as he releases another breathless moan. “The way your mouth curls upwards as I push my finger inside of you makes me yearn to have my cock buried inside of you.” Ignis’ kisses the side of his face, Prompto moaning a little more as a second finger is pushed inside of him. “Your noises are the sounds I dream about often, and think about during my waking hours. How I can’t wait to hear them again.”

“I-Ignis…” He moans, using his lover’s full name to show him how much this means to him. The moan he receives in response to it makes him flush from head to toe. “Ignis, please...I want you inside of me now...I can’t wait any longer…”

“It might hurt if I don’t prep you enough. Are you sure you want that?”

Nodding his head, Prompto groans as the fingers inside of him leave him feeling empty. “I want you now. Please…?”

He sees his lover get his cock ready, and tries to keep still when Ignis’ gets between his legs. “I could never deny you, my love.” The tip of his cock is pushed against his loosened entrance, Prompto breathing deep to help relax his body. “This is it. Your bed will officially be broken in after this...Are you ready…?”

“More than ever.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that. One deep breath for me?”

Following his instructions, he takes another deep breath, which is quick to turn into a low moan as Ignis’ cock pushes into his body. The prep had been enough, as his lover’s cock slides inside of him with little resistance. Every inch that slips into him sends heat throughout his body, his cries filling the quiet room, traveling to other parts of the silent house. It’s a ridiculous turn on to know that he can be as loud as he wants here, with no worries to who can hear what they’re doing.  

His arms come to wrap around Ignis’ neck, as he stares up at him with both love and lust in his eyes. “Iggy…” He moans his lover’s name, pushing his hips down to feel more of his cock, everything becoming soft around him as he gets carried away by the pleasure. “God, Iggy….My love…”

“Yours, Prompto…” Ignis whispers against his lips, before kissing him hard.

He doesn’t know how long they kiss for, nor does he hear the sounds he begins to release as he gets closer to his orgasm. Again, the lack of restrictions allow the both of them to become more vocal with one another than they have in the past. Every thrust is met with a loud moan, followed by a low groan. He feels Ignis place his hand around his cock, the fist he makes around him carrying the right amount of pressure, as he feels everything click into place.

“C-Coming….Iggy….” He cries out, his body surrendering to the orgasm that takes it over. He hears himself moaning, voice cracking as warmth begins to spread over his stomach and chest, Ignis’ hand pulling him through his orgasm. He hears his lover say his name in reverence in the same way he’s heard him say the Word of God in church, the rush of his release splashing against his inner walls causes Prompto to whimper and moan, clinging tight to his lover as they find their release within moments of one another.

Covered in sweat, Prompto breathes hard as the two of them stay laying against one another, the weight of Ignis’ body on top of his not at all bothersome. Too soon, their connection is broken as Ignis slips his softening cock out of his body, Prompto chasing after him with a kiss to his lips. Something soft touches his backside, Ignis wiping him clean with a towel.

“I hope you don’t mind. I grabbed one in the guest bathroom.” Ignis finishes cleaning him off, then takes care of his own body. “I didn’t think you’d want to sleep covered in our mess.”

Laughing, he nods, and moves so they can lay under the blankets together. “I don’t care. We can bring it back with us. My mother will never notice it’s gone.” He giggles a little more, as he turns to lay on his side, Ignis spooning himself behind him. It’s his favorite position to lay in with his lover, loving how nice and warm he feels in Ignis’ arms like this. “I love you, Iggy. Thanks for that - I needed that push.”

“As did I, my love.” Ignis speaks near his ear, making the hair on his arms stand up from the slight chill he receives. “Do you know what I’m looking forward to?”

“Mmm...what?” Prompto yawns a little, and puts his hand over Ignis’, threading their fingers together as he gets closer to sleep. “More sex?”

A soft chuckle brings a smile to his face. “Of course. But, what I was going to say is that I’m looking forward to sleeping in with you tomorrow. Not having to leave you so early.”

“I’m looking forward to that too, Iggy.” Prompto pats his hand on top of his. “That’s one of the things I was most looking forward to this weekend. And now I’ll get it twice, instead of once?? I feel so lucky.” Turning his head, he finds Ignis’ lips and presses another kiss to them. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Ignis whispers, rubbing his nose against his. “Let’s get some sleep.”

He nods, already on the way there. Three nights in a row he’s found himself falling asleep in his lover’s arms. It’s going to be difficult going back to not having it, but for now, he’s going to enjoy it while he can.

Chapter Text


Birds chirping, and neighborhood dogs barking pull Prompto from his slumber, the sunlight beginning to stream in through the semi-closed blinds on his bedroom window. He yawns, forgetting how nice it feels to sleep in his own bed again. Not that he didn’t sleep well on the provided mattress in his dorm room. This has been his bed since he turned twelve, so sleeping on it night after night, his body had grown accustomed to the comforting lumps in the mattress. If he were honest with himself, he would admit that it’s the best night of sleep he’s had in a very long time, but that isn’t because of the mattress itself, but because of the warmth still pressed against his back, soft snores tickling his ear as his lover continues to sleep soundly behind him.

Blinking a few times, he keeps his eyes open as he shifts a little, not wanting to disturb Ignis sleeping. He looks over at his digital clock on the nightstand next to his bed, and sees that it’s a little after seven thirty. His stomach dips a little as he realizes that if he were still back at St. Lucis, he would be attending Lauds. It feels strange to miss mass, not having done that since he had come down with the flu during the spring semester. The arm that’s around his waist shifts a little, the breathing pattern against his ear slowly beginning to change as his lover begins to stir. He holds his breath and waits for the pattern of Ignis’ breath to change again, but then he feels a lazy kiss touch just below his ear, bringing a smile to his face.

“Morning, love.” It’s obvious from the way Ignis speaks that he’s just woken up, his vocal chords making his voice sound deeper than it normally is, sleep still present in his words. “Did you sleep well?”

He nods his head, putting his hand on top of Ignis’ forearm that still rests around his middle. “I don’t think I dreamed at all. Did you sleep well?”

“I did.” Warm air touches the side of his neck, as Ignis breathes in and out through his nose. “I didn’t expect to wake up with you still in my arms.”

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Prompto turns his head to look at Ignis, who he can see still has his eyes closed. “I feel really spoiled.”

“Oh? And why is that?”

“I’ve slept with you the past three nights, and I get to do it again for the next two nights.” He starts to shift his body in Ignis’ arms, turning to face him. He gasps a little as he feels Ignis’ morning stiffness, his own something he’s more than used to feeling in the morning. Their cocks touch, Prompto’s eyes falling closed as he concentrates on how it feels to be touching tip to tip. “Iggy…”

“It has been nice.” Ignis whispers, brushing his lips against Prompto’s. “Should I pull away? Or do you like how this feels?” His hips push forward, Prompto releasing a soft moan as their cocks rub against one another a little more. “If you hadn’t turned over, I could have put it back inside of you…”

Not needing to be told twice, Prompto is quick to return to being in the spoon position, Ignis’ cock coming to rest between his asscheeks. “I don’t know if I can come right now…” He leans his head back, resting it against Ignis’ shoulder.

“Who says you have to?” Lips caress the tip of his ear, as something wet slides against his entrance. “It’s okay to have sex just to feel good for a little bit.”

He groans low, pushing his hips back so that Ignis will stop teasing him with the tip of his cock, and feels it sink inside of him. “Y-You’re right…. Don’t need to come…”

A soft kiss touches his shoulder, as he feels his lover’s cock slip further inside of him. “You’re so beautiful like this, Prompto…” More kisses touch his shoulder, Prompto tilting his head to the side so that they can happen on his neck if Ignis’ wishes them to. “Waking up refreshed, ready to start the day with a bang…”

“I-Iggy…” His own cock lays against his stomach, stiff as a board as he arches his back. More kisses rain down on his exposed neck, Prompto becoming more and more aroused with each kiss. “God, why does this feel so good…?” He moans, pushing his hips back to feel more of his lover’s cock penetrate him.

Without missing a beat, he’s rolled to be on his hands and knees, locking his wrists as he keeps himself still to give Ignis total control over his body. “Because the Lord made sure that only we would know how to make one another feel good, my love…” Ignis’ hands come to rest on his hips, as he guides him on how to move his hips back and forth. “ you still wish to not come…? Should I pull out….?”

“D-Didn’t say….that…” Prompto balances himself on his right wrist, reaching down with his left hand to touch his cock. Ignis puts his hand on top of his, Prompto no longer controlling his own movements. “Nngh…”

“Don’t fight it…” His lover’s chest presses against his back to whisper the words into his ear. His hips gyrate back and forth with Ignis’, the tip of his lover’s cock beginning to hit him in that special spot that makes white bleed behind his closed eyes as heat spreads from head to toe. “Your body wants this right now, doesn’t it?”

“Yes…!” He cries out as the hand on top of his begins to be more aggressive with the movements on his cock. “God, yes!” His wrist almost gives out on him as he begins to come, his toes curling as he’s brought to orgasm by his own hand. He drops down to his shoulder, loudly moaning into his pillow as he rides through the high of his pleasure. A few quick snaps of Ignis’ hips is all his lover needs to spill his seed deep inside of his Prompto’s body, the warmth now filling him sending another strong wave of ecstasy coursing through his body.

It takes a moment or two for him to recover from their morning delight, Ignis kissing the side of his face that’s not pressed against his pillow. “Feel better now, Prompto?” Ignis asks, before pulling out of him.

“Mmm…” An exuberant laugh spills from his mouth, as he nods his head. “That’s a very nice way to wake up.” He drops down, holding his hand up. He groans low as he feels Ignis’ tongue licking his fingers, trying to focus his eyes to watch him clean up his mess as the towel returns to his ass. “Stop...You’re going to make me want more, Iggy…”

“I see no problems with that.” The devious smirk on his lover’s face causes his stomach to roll. “However, I must insist we eat some breakfast first. Would you like for me to cook for us?”

Whatever tiredness had been seeping into his body is quick to disappear with the thought of food. “Would you mind? I could probably manage to make eggs for us in the microwave.” The look of disgust that crosses his lover’s face at the suggestion makes him laugh. “What? Don’t like microwaved eggs?”

“Not when there’s a perfectly good stove downstairs that I could use.” Ignis leans down, and kisses him on the lips, the tang of his own cum still lingering on Ignis’ lips. “You can do that in your dorm for me, but here? Here, I will be cooking for you.”

“I won’t argue with you.” He stretches out on the bed after Ignis stands up next to it. “I have no idea what we should do today, since I thought we were leaving this afternoon.”

A hand is extended to him, Prompto taking it as he’s pulled up off the bed and into his lover’s arms for a good morning embrace. “Well, what were your plans for us tomorrow?”

“I thought about showing you around the city. Where I went to school, my church - that sort of thing.” Prompto keeps his cheek resting against Ignis’ sternum before pulling away to look up at him. “I guess we could go and do that today, if you’d like?”

“I’m along for the ride today, so whatever you wish to do, let’s do it.” Ignis smiles. “Would you prefer we put on our underwear before going downstairs?”

He looks at the floor, and sees their clothes in respective piles. “Um….” Torn between wanting to see Ignis naked, and the fear of someone catching the two of them naked when he knows logically that no one will makes him hesitate.

“Underwear it is.” He watches his lover bend over and pick up the boxer briefs he’d been wearing the day before.

Prompto makes a sort of noise that causes Ignis to raise one eyebrow up after putting his glasses back on. “I’m sorry!” He feels silly, pulling his own boxers back onto his body. “I just….I know we’re here alone, but what if they come back early? I did tell them I wasn’t going to be in town until this afternoon, so my parents could show up today.”

“You don’t have to worry, love.” Ignis presses a kiss to his forehead. “I don’t mind wearing clothes one bit. If it will make you comfortable, then I will even put my pants back on.”

“No, you don’t have to do that.” Prompto shakes his head, breathing a little easier. He feels lucky that Ignis is so accommodating towards him. “Underwear is fine.”

“I’m glad you approve.” The smirk returns to his lover’s lips, as the two of them head out of Prompto’s bedroom together. “Your house is nice. I don’t think I told you that last night.”

“Thanks.” He jumps at the second to last step out of force of habit. “I always skip that last stair on the way down.” He grins sheepishly, as Ignis puts his arm around his waist to walk together towards to the kitchen. “I don’t know why.”

“It’s adorable.”

They enter the kitchen, Prompto heading towards the coffee machine. “You prefer your coffee to be on the stronger side, right, Iggy?” He asks, as he gets the grounds from the cupboard. “I don’t have any cream here. Might find some sugar, though.”

“Black is the way I prefer to drink it.” Ignis goes to the fridge, and starts moving items around. “What sort of food are you in the mood for, Prompto? It looks like your parents have both sausage and bacon in here, as well as a dozen eggs.”

“There’s probably hash browns in the freezer too.” He nods towards the other side of the fridge. “Eggs, bacon, hash browns and some toast?” Prompto sees the bag of bread on top of the counter. “We don’t have to go crazy.”

“That’s what I was thinking as well.” Prompto pours water into the reserve, and gets the coffee pot going. “It should be ready in about thirty minutes. Will you keep me company while I cook for us?”

Prompto takes a seat at the counter, and nods his head. “I didn’t plan on leaving.” He watches how Ignis moves around in his kitchen, finding the utensils he needs without asking Prompto. “Do you cook for you and Father Bradham at the rectory, Iggy?” He asks, Ignis putting strips of bacon on a pan before putting them into the oven, then sets it to the desired temperature and puts the timer to twenty minutes.

“Sometimes. A lof of our parishioners are very friendly, and tend to bring dinner by for us on most nights of the week. Our breakfasts aren’t nearly as fancy - I usually have a bowl of bran with some fruit for breakfast, and if I’m hungry at lunch I’ll have a salad.”

“Oh, that must be nice!” Prompto rests his elbow on the counter, and puts his head onto his hand. “I bet you guys get all different kinds of food.”

“We do have a rather eclectic denomination at St. Lucis.” Whisking the eggs, his lover smiles. “What about you? Do you stop at the coffee shop on campus after Lauds to get something there?”

“Sometimes. I usually take a container of dry cereal with me to eat in between my two morning classes.” Learning more about what Ignis likes to eat makes him really happy. “Lunch is usually a sandwich, and then dinner is whatever is in the student center, as I pay to have one meal a day on my meal plan with the school.”

“Is that by choice, or because that’s all your scholarship allows?”

The coffee begins to percolate, the alarm going off to notify them that it’s done brewing. “Scholarship. But it’s okay. I guess I could raise it to two meals a day if I really wanted to. Lunch isn’t that expensive, so I didn’t think there was a need to have two large meals a day.”

“You know, I’m sure the church could help you out, if you needed the assistance.”

He turns to look over at Ignis, who is seasoning the hash browns before putting them into a pan to cook. “No, there are others that are in more of need of assistance than me, Iggy. But I appreciate the thought.” He pours some coffee into a mug for Ignis, and sets it next to the stove for him before kissing his shoulder. “It means a lot to me that you’re concerned. Thank you.”

“I remember what it was like when I was in college. You don’t have a job, right?”

“No. I don’t want to lose focus on my studies by having a part time job.” Prompto shakes his head. “I’m not hurting for money, though.” He looks around the house, as if to prove his point.

“Why the scholarship?” Ignis takes a sip of his coffee, and releases a low groan. “That’s really good. Thank you, love.” He holds up his cup, then takes another sip.

“You’re welcome, Iggy.” He takes a sip from his own cup, and shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t like to be a burden to my family. I know they could afford the private tuition, but I feel better achieving it on my own.”

“And Miss Nox Fleuret?”  Ignis grabs a couple of tomatoes from the fridge, as well as a small shallot, and begins to chop them up to add to the egg mixture. “Is she on a scholarship?”

“Luna? Hah!” Prompto laughs, and shakes his head. “No, her family is very wealthy. Plus, they all graduated from St. Lucis, so she had a spot without having to apply. Her brother graduated as valedictorian when we were still in high school.”

“That’s impressive.”

“I’m really hoping he won’t be joining us tomorrow night. Not that I don’t like him, but he can be a little off-putting.”

“Would Luna invite him?”

Prompto takes another sip of his coffee. “I’m not sure. He joined us last year for my birthday, but I think it was because he was bored. Hopefully he’s out of town or something.” The smell of bacon starts to permeate through the air. “Oh, wow. Everything smells so good!”

“I’m glad, love. Only a little bit longer.” Ignis leans over the counter to quickly kiss him on the lips.

After toasting a few slices of bread, they go and sit at the dining room table with their plates of food and coffee. Prompto reaches across the table to hold both of Ignis’ hands with his own. “Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.” Prompto returns the squeeze to his hands, then blesses himself with his right hand before saying another quiet ‘Amen’.

“Wow, Iggy!” Prompto exclaims, after biting into the fluffiest eggs he’s ever eaten. “This is amazing!”

“I’m glad you think so, love.” Ignis picks up a slice of toast. “I wouldn’t mind cooking dinner tonight, unless there’s a place in the city that you would like to visit before we have to head back to campus on Sunday morning.”

He shoves more food into his mouth, not believing how good it all tastes. “There is one restaurant I love eating at, but it’s okay. I can eat there over Thanksgiving break.”

“Right. That’s coming up fairly soon, isn’t it.”

“Yep. I’ve got to register for the spring semester in….a week? I think?” He picks up a slice of bacon, and bites down on it. “I don’t think I’ve ever had bacon cooked in an oven before.”

“And? What do you think?”

“I don’t think I want it cooked any other way.” He grins, loving Ignis’ laughter after his comment. “Seriously, you’re spoiling me so much!”

“I won’t be stopping any time soon, my love.” Ignis brushes the tips of his toes along the arch of Prompto’s foot, causing heat to rise in his cheeks. “I still have to give you my birthday presents.”

“Wait, what?” Prompto pauses bringing a slice of toast up to his mouth as he looks over at his lover. “You surprised me on my birthday, Iggy. You slept with me. That’s more than enough of a gift.”

“Well, I’m glad you think so but I do not, so I have a few surprises for you. But you’ll have to wait.” His lover winks, then picks up a second piece of toast. “Going back to registration...will I be seeing you in another class of mine next semester?”

He bites his lip, and gives a tiny nod of his head. “I saw you’ll be teaching a course on the Science of Religion. I thought it would be interesting to see your take on it, as a priest.”

“Remember, Prompto. I’m a man before I am a priest.”

“That’s what I don’t understand.” He shakes his head, chomping down on his slice of toast. “You say you’re a man first, but aren’t you supposed to be a man of God? That’s what makes you a priest, right?”

“There are many faucets to what makes me a priest. When I say I am a man first, I recognize that men have faults. Priests are men, or in some religions women, but what sets us apart from others is an understanding of faith. We help people like you to guide them on their spiritual path. Jesus, being the Son of God, carried the burden of being both a man as well as a deity.” Ignis pauses, Prompto hanging on to every word that he says. “What makes me a priest is my love for God.”

“But your act of celibacy.” Prompto knows that this is probably not the topic to be having at the beginning of their little weekend away from reality, but these thoughts have been bothering him for some time. “What we’re doing is against that vow. I know you confess to our sins, but to who? Someone at St. Lucis’ sister parish? Another church all together? How can you be absolved from your sins the way you absolve me from mine?”

A hand reaches out towards him, Prompto reaching for it with his own. “If you are worried I have told someone about our….arrangement, I have not. I confess my sins to God on a daily basis, asking for his guidance when it comes to my thoughts and feelings in regards to you.” Their fingers lace together, palms touching. “We tend to forget that our acts of celibacy are rooted in tradition, and not necessarily what is dogma.”

“Our arrangement.” He looks at their joined hands, trying not to panic as they start to drift towards something he hadn’t thought they would discuss. “What exactly is our arrangement, Iggy? It’s not like I can call you my boyfriend, even though it feels like you are.”

“Why can’t you?” Ignis asks, putting his other hand over their joined hands. “Some believe that the apostle Paul was married, as it does state something of the like in the Bible. Do I believe it? I believe that by limiting ourselves, we are only setting priests up for failure. Our bodies biologically do not condone a life of celibacy.”

“What do you think we are?” Prompto takes a deep breath, as he absorbs Ignis’ words, his ideology one he’s heard before. Back when they first began to explore their feelings for one another. “Do you see me as your boyfriend? As your lover? The church…”

“The church has no business on what we are to one another.” Prompto opens his mouth, then closes it as he sees Ignis hold up his hand. “Allow me to explain.” He nods his head, and closes it. “What happens between the two of us is all that matters. Yes, I do consider you to be my ‘boyfriend’, but you are more than that to me. You are my lover, my confidant - and not because of the secret that we must bear together with our relationship. You are someone I’ve come to admire very much, through your acts of faith and through your compassion for others around you. I’ve told you before, I took notice of you before you noticed me.”

“I doubt that, Iggy.”

“I don’t.”

The love that he feels for the man across from him doubles in size at the remark. “What would happen to you if the diocese found out about our relationship?”

“I would be removed from my duties at St. Lucis, and would be transferred to another parish. My guess is they would send me to a remote church, to punish me for breaking my vows.”

“But you’re also a professor at the college!!”

“It does not matter to them. My job first and foremost is being a priest for the St. Lucis church.”

His stomach lurches at the thought. “Why risk it, then? What makes me so special, that you would risk something you’ve been doing for years?”

“I….” Prompto waits, not pressuring his lover to continue until he’s ready. “I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you right now.” Ignis whispers, his words becoming thick with emotion. “I’ve asked myself the same question night after night, but I find myself drawn to you. To the light that you provide in my life that I’ve never experienced before.”

“It’s because we have sex.”

“No, Prompto, because I felt this way before we took that step.” Ignis shakes his head. “I know that I love you, that I’m in love with you, but what that means for me and my devotion to the Catholic Church, I am not sure. I am still trying to understand it myself.”

“But, you don’t want what we’re sharing together to stop, right?” He hates how meek his voice sounds, the thought of this all stopping because Ignis decides it would be better for him to serve God without breaking his vow to Him on a daily basis. “You’re not going to wake up one day and decide that this is over, right?”

“I’m sorry.” The whisper causes Prompto to grip tighter to Ignis’ hand. “I can’t answer that right now either.”

The terror he feels causes him to feel a little hollow inside. He nods his head, and speaks as normally as he can. “I understand, Ignis.”

“If it will help to lessen the fear you are feeling right now, I can truthfully say it is not my intention to cause that scenario to play out. I don’t want that, at all. I want what we’re sharing together to continue on for as long as you want it to. You will be the one to leave me first.”

He blinks a few times, hating that he’s letting his emotions get the best of himself. “No, that’s not true. Why would you say that? I love you.”

“But I can’t be with you in public the way I would like to be.” Ignis returns, gripping tight to his hand.

“We both knew that there was going to be complications to this.” Prompto lets go of his hand, and stands up. He walks around the table, and takes a seat on Ignis’ lap, needing to be close to him. Ignis welcomes him in his arms, as the two stare into each other’s souls. “I don’t need a lot of things from you, Ignis. All I need from you is to know that you love me, and that you like to spend your time with me. You’ve shown me that being….” Looking around the room, he drops his voice a little. “You’ve shown me that being gay isn’t the sin I thought it was. Am I comfortable admitting it to others yet? No. But does it matter? Why is it anyone’s business what I like?” He leans forward, and rests his forehead against Ignis’. “I’m in love with you. If you plan on hurting me, that’s a risk I have to take in order for you to have all of my heart. I know what I’m getting into, Iggy. Please - have a little faith in me.”

A choked off laugh has Prompto wrapping his arms around Ignis’ neck to hug him tight. “I don’t deserve you, Prompto. I know that I’m doing things a priest shouldn’t be doing, but make me see things in a different way. I’m sorry if I’m being selfish.”

“Shh…” He hugs him tighter, as he feels Ignis squeeze his arms around him. “We both are. It’s okay. I’m not upset. I’m sorry we got so serious.”

“No, these thoughts have been plaguing me for some time. It’s a conversation I kept putting off, so thank you for being brave enough to approach the subject with me.” The pressure lessens around his body as Ignis lowers his arms to be resting against the lower part of his back. “So, I’ll be seeing you in my Science of Religion course?”

Prompto chuckles, breathing a little easier as they return to the original topic. “Yes, Iggy. It sounds like it’ll be a fun class. I don’t think Luna will be joining me, as History of Religion satisfies all of her requirements for humanities.”

“And you?”

“It will clear another one of my electives.” Prompto smiles, taking comfort in how nice it is to have Ignis’ arms around him. “I think she and I will be taking a math class together next semester. She isn’t that great at that subject, and we’ve both been putting it off.”

“I don’t blame either of you.” Ignis snorts.

He moves off of his lap, and stands up. “Would you like to take a shower? I’ll take care of the dishes. It’s only fair, since you cooked for us.”

“How about we do the dishes together, and then we can shower together?” His lover raises his eyebrows up suggestively. “Then, we’ll head out and you’ll show me around Insomnia for a little bit?”

“Okay, Iggy!”

It takes a little bit of work to get the dishes done, but working together as a team makes it go by a lot quicker than it would have if Prompto had done them on his own. He walks back up the stairs with Ignis to the second floor, and when he gets to the top of the stairs, he sees Ignis is standing on the middle of the staircase, staring at some of the pictures that are up on the wall. He feels his cheeks become flushed with embarrassment as he heads back down to where his lover is standing.

“You’ve changed so much over the years.” Ignis remarks, looking at pictures of himself from elementary, middle school and then his senior portrait. “What made you lose all the weight?” He nods his head towards Prompto’s seventh grade photograph.

“I got tired of people making fun of me.” He shrugs his shoulders, and sees Ignis still lingering on the picture. “What is it?”

“Glasses.” His lover points to the frames that Prompto used to wear. “I’ve never seen you wear glasses before.”

“That’s because for my eighteenth birthday, my parents paid for me to have corrective lens surgery. I haven’t needed to wear them since then.” He feels a little shy, forgetting about all the pictures that his parents kept on the walls. “I didn’t mind wearing them, but my parents insisted that it would be good for me.”

“Was it?”

“It helped me a little, yes.” Prompto reaches for Ignis’ hand, and starts to walk back up the stairs. “People began to talk to me more, more so than they did when I had my glasses.”

“I’m sure that’s not the reason.”

“I don’t know.” He leads into into the guest bathroom, and grabs a couple of clean towels for them in the towel closet.

“I think it was because you weren’t able to hide behind those glasses, and found some confidence.” Ignis reaches into the shower, and turns the water on.

Nodding his head, Prompto smiles. “I can’t argue with that. You’re probably right. I felt more comfortable without them on my face. I don’t know.” He reaches up, and takes Ignis’ glasses off for him before taking off his underwear. “What about you? Have you thought about getting corrective surgery done?”

“Having glasses seems to be a requirement for professors.” The comment makes Prompto laugh, as the two of them enter the shower stall together. “I don’t need them to see well, but I need them to see clearly, if that makes sense.”

He reaches for his old bottle of shampoo, and nods his head. “It does. I think there’s something to be said about wanting to see the world as perfect as one can.” He gives the bottle to Ignis, who takes it from him with a gleam in his eye. “What is it?”

“Turn around?” Prompto does as he’s asked, and soon feels Ignis’ hands on his scalp, washing his hair for him. “How’s that feel, love?”

“Like Heaven.” His head drops forward, the water spraying their torsos as Ignis washes his hair for him. “Your fingers are magical, Iggy.”

“I’m glad you think so.” Ignis scrapes his nails against his scalp before moving him to stand under the water. “Rinse off for me.”

He washes his hair until there are no more suds, then feels Ignis rubbing a washcloth over his arms, soap sticking to his body. “You’re really good at this. You sure you don’t normally take showers with someone?” Prompto teases, smiling when he sees his lover blush a little.

“I know what I like, so I assume what I like will hopefully be what you like as well.” Ignis turns him a little, and starts to wash his back. “This is going to sound a little off, but would you like for me to help clean you out…?”

Now it’s his turn to blush, as he gives a small nod of his head. “Y-Yes, Iggy. I’d appreciate that.”

“I’ll try and be quick about it.” A kiss to his shoulder helps Prompto to relax, as he waits to feel the washcloth on a more sensitive part of his body.

His legs spread apart as Ignis pushes the cloth up into his entrance. He releases a low moan, unable to stop himself as it feels good to be touched so intimately like this, even if the act itself is a little gross. It’s part of the act. He reminds himself, as Ignis continues to clean out the cum that’s inside of him. As the water begins to run clear, Ignis’ fingers stay inside of him, Prompto moaning a little more enthusiastically as they push up against his inner walls.

“You sound so good right now, my love…” Ignis murmurs into his ear. “Do you like how my fingers feel inside of you?”

“Nngh...y-yes, Iggy…” He moans, pushing his hips back to feel more of those fingers inside of him. “W-We should stop…”

“Should we?” The fingers inside of him push a little deeper, Prompto’s cock becoming thick with unbridled arousal. “It sounds like you’re in the mood for another round…”

“You just got me clean…” Prompto whimpers a little, as the tip of Ignis’ finger finds his prostate, and gently pushes against it. “God, it feels so good to be touched like that…”

“Doesn’t it?” The words are whispered, as the fingers inside of him pull away. But the fingers are slow to withdraw from his ass, his breathing a little ragged. “If you want me to stop, I will.”

“W-We can do it later…” Trying to be the voice of reason, Prompto nods his head. “I promise…”

His entrance is left feeling a little empty as Ignis pulls his fingers out of him. “I know, love. You don’t have to promise me anything.” Ignis kisses just below his ear, and steps to the side. “Would you care to wash my hair for me?”

“I would love to.” He grabs the shampoo bottle, and tries not to think about his raging hard-on that he knows will go away soon.

As they finish up in the shower, Prompto lets his hands slide all over Ignis’ body, loving how his fingers feel touching every inch of his skin. Every little touch is a silent promise of more touches later, when they’re not in the shower. He shuts off the water, and the two of them get out together, and begin to dry off.

Walking back to his bedroom, Prompto goes to his suitcase. “What were you planning on wearing today, Iggy?” He asks, as he rummages through to find a clean pair of underwear.

“Well, I’ve got my casual clothes, but I also have my clerical clothes. I’m afraid I did not bring my cassock.”

Blushing, Prompto nods his head. “It’s okay, Iggy. Um….I don’t know. Do you have enough casual clothes to wear today and tomorrow?”

“I do.”

“Then, wear whatever you want.” Turning around, he sees Ignis standing in his bedroom, completely naked. It causes him to do a double take, still mildly shocked by the fact that his lover in standing in his home. Reaching out, he grabs onto Ignis’ wrist and pulls him towards the bed without a word. Taking the hint, Ignis’ mouth lands on his, Prompto’s mouth opening for him to receive the wet muscle of Ignis’ tongue against his own as they fall onto the bed with limbs completely tangled.

He moans as he feels the touch of Ignis’ cock rubbing against his own as their tongues keep stroking and touching one another. Prompto reaches down, and bypassing Ignis’ cock, he slides his hand to be between his legs, and lets his fingers brush against his entrance. That little movement causes their kiss to break off, Ignis moaning against his neck in the most erotic way possible.

“P-Prompto…” The hitch in his lover’s breath, how Ignis stutters on his name makes him push his two fingers against the soft skin surrounding his entrance. “Oh…”

“Do you want me to, Iggy?” He asks, starting to kiss the side of his neck, as he works one finger inside of his body, the two of them lying side by side on the bed. “I know we haven’t….we haven’t since last weekend, but if you want…”

“I do… God, I do…” Ignis nods his head fast, as he starts to push his hips down. “Please…? Please, then we’ll go…”

Prompto reaches for the lube that they’d used earlier in the morning, and nods his head. “Shhh...It’s okay, Iggy…” He drips some onto his fingers, then pushes them back into his lover’s body, the wanton moans that start to come from Ignis’ throat as he works his fingers inside of him makes his own cock grow thick with arousal. “You like how this feels, don’t you? Do you like how my fingers feel inside of you?” Prompto uses the same question that his lover had posed to him only a little bit ago in the bathroom. “Have you been hoping that I would touch you again like this?”

His lover answers by releasing another loud moan, Prompto pushing a third finger into him. “That’s good, Iggy…” He whispers, kissing his shoulder more as he keeps all three fingers inside of him for a few more minutes. “Time to feel me again, hmm?” He pulls his fingers out, and grabs the lube, pouring more onto his palm to get himself ready for his lover.

“Please, love….Please…”

“I will.” Prompto guides Ignis to be on his knees, and gets settled behind him. “Time to show you how good it feels like this, Iggy…” He teases his entrance with the tip of his cock, groaning as he sees some of his own cum beginning to leak from the tip, spreading it over Ignis’ stretched entrance. “God, if only you could see what I see right now…” He moans low, before putting both of his hands on Ignis’ hips.

“I know…what it….looks like…”

Feeling a little silly, he nods his head, and starts to inch his cock into Ignis’ body, after Ignis pulls the tip of his cock into him. As soon as he’s all the way in, he stills his hips, not wanting to explode after two thrusts. After the teasing in the shower, he knows he’s a loaded weapon, ready to discharge at any moment. Taking a few deep breaths, he concentrates on how Ignis’ body feels around his cock in this position - Ignis’ inner walls flutter against his cock, squeezing tight around the intrusion. Reaching around with one hand, he finds Ignis’ cock, and begins to stroke him slow, trying to find the best angle to thrust his hips and jerk him off at the same time.

“H-Holy….C-Christ…” Ignis moans, pushing his hips back as Prompto begins to grind the tip of his cock inside of his body right against that spot. “My God…..My God….”

The constant prayers go straight to Prompto’s arousal, as he begins to roll his hips a little faster, stroking Ignis’ cock after every other thrust. His own moans grow more sonorous as he gets closer to an orgasm, paying attention to every little detail that Ignis gifts him with as he brings his lover closer to the edge. When he begins to feel him tighten up around his cock, Prompto moans lower. “Come for me, Iggy…”

“M-My….love….” Ignis’ cock grows rock hard in his hand, and soon he feels the wetness of his cum spreading all over his fingers, Prompto jerking him off through his orgasm. He thrusts forward a little harder than he means to, but the noise that Ignis makes lets him know that he’s into it, and without another thought begins to buck his hips hard, chasing after his own release. It comes as he feels Ignis start to relax around him, the pressure that’s been holding him at bay disappearing, allowing him to come hard with a low moan.

He pulls out, then helps Ignis to lay on his side as he picks up the towel he’d just used after their shower to help him get cleaned up. He takes care of himself afterwards, then lays next to him on the bed, the smile on his lover’s face the most perfect smile he’s ever seen. “So much for leaving right away.” He giggles a little, then leans forward to kiss his lover on the lips. “I love you so much, Iggy.”

“I love you too, Prompto.” Ignis returns his smile as they stare at each other, neither really moving for a bit. They enjoy their post-orgasmic bliss for a few moments longer, then make a collective effort to get up and finish getting ready for the day.

Putting on his socks and shoes, Prompto dresses in a pair of jeans and Ignis’ St. Lucis sweatshirt. “I was thinking it might be nice to take you by my high school first?” Prompto stands up, and adjusts himself. “What do you think? Then we could head into downtown, and I could show you a few places.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun.” Ignis smiles, and fixes his own shoes. He’s dressed in a similar fashion - jeans, trainers and a zip up St. Lucis sweatshirt with just a capital ‘L’ on the left breast. “Is your high school close? Will it be lunchtime over there soon?”

Prompto looks at the clock, and nods his head. “It will be.” Turning to look at the bed, he sees a small present sitting on it. “What?” He looks up at Ignis, who has a smile on his face. “When did you put that there?”

“When you were getting dressed.” He gestures to it. “Why don’t you see what it is?”

“Iggy…” He swallows, feeling tears start to form in his eyes. “I told you, what you did for me on my birthday was more than enough of a present.”

“I know, but I told you this morning that I have a few presents for you.”

Picking up the box, he stares at it. “You know, it won’t open itself.” Ignis teases him, as Prompto keeps staring at it.

“I know!” Opening the present, he stares at what’s laying on a bed of tissue paper. “Ignis, I…”

“I’ve noticed that you don’t really wear any sort of jewelry, but I saw this in a shop window when I was over at our sister parish, and thought it would look nice on you.”

Prompto reaches into the box, and pulls out a beautiful leather cuff. “Thank you.” He whispers, picking it up to slide it onto his right wrist. He adjusts the strap, making it fit a little more snug, and then shows it to Ignis. “What do you think?”

“I think it looks wonderful.” Ignis lowers his head and kisses the cuff, then lifts his head to kiss Prompto on the lips. “Happy birthday, Prompto.”

“Thank you.” He gives him another kiss before wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “Come on, let’s get going or we’ll never leave.”


He gives instructions to Ignis on how to get to his high school, and by the time they get there, it looked like the student body is leaving for the day. They park in the visitors parking lot, and Prompto walks with Ignis over towards his school.

“I wonder if it’s a half day today.” Prompto remarks, as he sees more students leaving. Looking around, he sees one of his favorite teachers standing outside. “Oh!” He takes off without thinking, and goes over to where they are standing, talking to a student. Reaching up, he taps them on the shoulder, and waits for them to turn around.

“Well, well! Look who’s back! Is that Prompto Argentum?” The man release a jovial laugh, the student he’d been talking to walking away. A hand is extended out to him, which he grabs and gives it a friendly shake. “What brings you back here?”

Prompto sees Ignis standing next to him, and smiles up at him. “I wanted to show my friend my old high school. He’s a professor at my college, Coach!”

“Well, any friend of Prompto’s is a friend of mine.” He extends his large hand out towards Ignis. “I’m Gladio Amicitia, but the kids all call me Coach.”

Smiling bright, Prompto watches them shake hands. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Coach. My name is Ignis Scientia, but most people call me Professor Scientia.”

“Pleased to meet you too.”

He looks back and forth between the two of them. “Can I show him around the grounds, Coach?”

“Be my guest. It was an early dismissal today, so there shouldn’t be too many people wandering the halls. If anyone stops you, tell them I said it was okay. All I ask is you stop by to say bye on your way out.”

“Thanks, Coach. We will! It’s so nice to see you!” Prompto waves, and looks over at Ignis. “Ready to see where I spent four tortured years, Iggy?”

His lover laughs, as the two of them start to head towards the entrance of the high school. “Yes, Prompto. I am.”

“Good.” He grins, and heads into the hallowed halls of his alma mater, thoroughly excited to show Ignis where he spent most of his teenage years. “Let’s go!”

Chapter Text

Walking through the halls again after a two year absence, Prompto feels a little strange. But he’d wanted to show Ignis where he spent his time when he hadn’t been at the church a few blocks away. He turns to look at his lover, the two of them keeping their distance out of habit rather than anything else, and flashes a smile at him. “It’s lame I brought you here, isn’t it?” He asks, as they start to head towards the art wing of the school.

“I don’t think that at all.” Ignis shakes his head, as the two of them walk in step together. “Your school seems to be on the larger side than I expected you to be enrolled in, considering what the student body is like at St. Lucis.”

“Are you trying to say you thought I went to a Catholic high school, Iggy?” He asks, teasing his lover as he sees him turn his head away from him. “I mean, I guess I could have gone to one, but remember - my parents don’t care about the church like I do.”

“Yes, but the education-”

He stopped walking, and turned to look up at his lover. “My education here was good enough to get me into St. Lucis. I don’t think there’s any superiority between a private school, and a public one.” He tries to not be too offended by the comment, the distance between their ages seeming to be more prevalent at the moment. The comment has Prompto second guessing himself on bringing him to his high school. “My parents would have let me go if I wanted to, but it wasn’t something that ever crossed my mind.”

“That isn’t what I meant.” A hand touches his arm, the expression on Ignis’ face one of worry. “My apologies, Prompto. I was in no way belittling the education you received here. Forgive me for speaking out of line. It’s a horrible habit of mine, suggesting to those that ask if they should enroll their child in Catholic higher education.”

“Sorry it’s a sensitive subject for me.” Hearing Ignis wanting to apologize makes him regret his jumping into a defensive stance. “You can blame Noct for that.” He sighs, and leans against the wall, avoiding standing closer to Ignis in fear of someone catching them. “He used to like to bring up how he went to the college prep for boys in the city, until Luna told him enough one day.” He looks over at one of the large display cases in the hallway and gets distracted by what he sees there. “Oh!”

“What is it?” Ignis asks, Prompto moving closer to the display case. “Did you see something you remembered?”

Forgetting about the little hiccup they’d just had, he shakes his head and points to one of the pictures in the display case. “I took that! And I took that one too!” He points to another picture from the school’s homecoming game his senior year. “Wow - I wonder why it’s still up here.”

“The picture captures the energy of the crowd perfectly.” Ignis stands a little closer to the display case to take a closer look. “I wasn’t aware you liked photography.”

Prompto looks at the other pictures, some artwork, some photography - it’s a decent collection of what the art department is about. “I used to. I really enjoyed photography in high school. If I wasn’t in the library, or at church, I was out taking photographs for fun.”

“Have you taken any photography classes at St. Lucis?” The two of them begin to walk further down the hall. “Or did you give it up all together?”

He shrugs his shoulders. “I wouldn’t say I’ve given it up. I don’t really get a lot of opportunity to go and photograph things like I used to when I was here. I don’t go to our college’s football games, or basketball games. Or anything athletic.” Prompto snorts, and shakes his head. “When I was a junior, I dated a cheerleader for a bit, so I’d take my camera to games. That shot of homecoming, that was taken then.”

“You dating someone that’s a cheerleader is…” Ignis doesn’t finish his sentence, but Prompto knows he doesn’t have to.

“Silly, right?” Laughter leaves his throat as he pushes the doors open to the outside. “It didn’t last for too long, but I would still go to games with Luna. She loved being social in high school, and always dragged me along for the ride.”

“Did she influence you to go to St. Lucis?”

They head into the next building together, Prompto looking at the lockers lining the walls. “Maybe? But it’s okay. I had wanted to go there, and when I got the full paid scholarship, it was a no brainer. I did get accepted to other schools, but I was going to have to rely on multiple scholarships, and student loans.”

“And with your full ride, you won’t have to worry about being in debt like most of the students in attendance there. Plus, it’s close enough to where you grew up that you can come home any time you want.” Ignis remarks, Prompto nodding his head in agreement. “I think it’s good that you went to St. Lucis, as you seem to be thriving there.”

Blushing a little at the praise, he lets his hand swing a little bit closer to Ignis’ body as they make their way towards the school library. “It’s because if I didn’t, you wouldn’t have met me.”


“I guess it’s a good thing that God was watching out for me. Or, for us.” He offers him a shy smile, then points to the library as an obvious way to change the subject, still a little tender after their discussion after breakfast. “That’s where I spent most of my lunches our senior year, since I didn’t really care about going off campus like the rest of the seniors in my class.”

“There’s nothing wrong with spending time amongst stacks of books.” Prompto tries the door, and sees it opens. “Will you show me around?”

“I don’t see why not.” He walks into the library with Ignis, and sees the woman that had been the librarian back when he was in school still behind the circulation desk. “Hi, Ms. Elshett! Remember me??”

“Prompto!” She smiles, and puts the book down that she’d been checking back in. “How nice to see you, dear. What brings you back here?”

“I wanted to show my friend around.” He looks over at Ignis. “Iggy, I’d like you to meet Ms. Elshett. Ms. Elshett, this is my friend Ignis Scientia.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Elshett.”

“Please, you can call me Monica.” The librarian looks over at him. “And you too, Prompto. You don’t have to call me by that anymore. You’re no longer a student here.”

He laughs, and pushes some of his hair behind his ear. “Right. I keep forgetting. Never mind it’s my third year at St. Lucis.” The weight of the bracelet on his wrist is still unfamiliar, but it feels good to feel it slide up and then back down onto his wrist. He looks around, noticing that not much has changed over the last two years. “You’re not leaving any time soon, are you?”

“No, I’ll be around for a little bit. There shouldn’t be anyone here right now, unless there’s a few stragglers still here. You know.” She winks at him, and picks up the book she had been working on. Most of the students that didn’t want to go home were always welcomed in the library, without any questions asked. Prompto always appreciated that it was a safe space for him to pass his time in. “It was very nice to meet you, Mr. Scientia.”

“The pleasure was all mine.” Ignis replies, as Prompto starts to walk away. “Prompto, I can only walk so fast.”

Giggling a little, he slows down his gait. “Sorry, Iggy.” He drops his voice, as he leads Ignis to the area of the library he spent a lot of time in. “Does it bother you that I’m introducing you as Ignis, and not as Father Scientia?” There’s no one around, but he keeps his voice private, so that only Ignis can hear him.

“No, it doesn’t bother me.” A hand touches his waist, Prompto moving a little closer into Ignis’ personal space. “I could have corrected you both times, but I think it is for our benefit that I am not addressed in such a fashion. Less questions arise if you don’t call me ‘Father’.”

“I mean, I could call you daddy.” It slips out before he can take it back, and upon realizing what he’s said, he covers his mouth with both of his hands. “Oh my God, I did not mean that.”

The laugh that comes out of his lover’s mouth puts any fear that may have entered his mind into a retreat. “Please, do not call me that. Ever.” Ignis shakes his head, the two of them continuing to laugh quietly amongst the two of them.

“Alright, Iggy. I won’t. Don’t worry. I don’t know why that came out of my mouth.” He shakes his head, still feeling completely embarrassed by that ridiculous comment. “Here, this is where I spent most of my free afternoons.” He points to the desk they’ve come upon, tucked away against one of the bookshelves. “This library isn’t as grandiose as the one at St. Lucis, but it was home to me for all four years I was stuck here.”

“This place holds a lot of sentimental value to you.”

“It really does, Iggy.” Prompto sits down on the edge of the desk, scooting back until his feet dangle two feet off the ground. He puts his hands on the edge of the desk, and sees his lover move to stand in front of him, situating himself between his opened legs. “W-What are you doing…?”

There’s a playful smirk on his lover’s face. It’s so strange to see him in this place, although he knows that it’s because of him that he’s here. But having Ignis with him where he spent a lot of time alone fills him with a happiness that he didn’t think he’d ever know. That smirk, though - he knows Ignis has an idea, and as soon as he feels his lover’s hands on his ass pulling him back closer to the edge of the desk, he knows just what that idea is.

A hand covers his mouth before he can make any sort of noise, the light reflecting off of Ignis’ glasses for a second. “Can’t be loud, love.” Ignis whispers, as he pulls Prompto a little closer to him. It’s then that he comes to understand that Ignis is sporting the same semi-hard on that only seems to be increasing into a full blown erection the more their crotches rub against each other. “Have you ever done something like this in here?”

Prompto tries to say something, but Ignis exudes more force against his groin, causing him to moan into the palm of his hand, the sound being muffled perfectly. He shakes his head, the heat of his own breath staying trapped against Ignis’ palm as he slowly lifts his leg to hook it around Ignis’ waist. That seems to be perfect for his lover, Ignis’ hand sliding up from his ass to the middle of his back as they start to hump each other with a little bit more enthusiasm.

“Will you stay quiet if I take it away?” His lover’s voice sends more heat pooling to his lower stomach as he gives him nod of his head. “We can’t be found out…”

He’d thought about doing these naughty things in the library before - who hadn’t imagined doing deplorable acts in areas that he knows should be off limits to such liaisons? Any teenager who went through puberty would be lying if they said they hadn’t. Prompto never had a girlfriend that he ever felt comfortable doing that sort of thing with, and now he realizes why. But to have his boyfriend here, to be doing something that other teenagers got to experience through their own right of passage, it felt almost liberating to be given this chance to know what it feels like.

The hand against his mouth is removed, giving Prompto the space to put both of his arms around Ignis’ neck, as he keeps rubbing himself against his lover’s body. Lifting himself up further off the desk, he whispers into his ear, “D-Don’t make me come…”

“Is that what you really want?” Ignis returns, the two of them grinding against one another. Prompto is grateful that the desk itself is bolted to the floor, so any noise that can be heard is just the rustle of their clothes, which thankfully is to the barest minimum thanks to his thick jeans.

His eyes close tight as the friction against his cock begins to bring a delightful haze to his mind, the endorphins beginning to make their way through his system as he gets into that headspace of euphoric delight. “Y-Yes…” He groans, but the more they rub their cocks together, the more he desperately wants to find that blissful release. “W-We’ve got...too do…”

“If I promise to take care of your mess, would your thoughts change?” Ignis’ teeth tug on the lobe of his ear, Prompto biting down on his shoulder to muffle the needy moans itching to come out.

It takes him a few minutes to process his words, and in the time that it takes, his lover has begun to slow down his thrusts, the pressure lessening against his cock. “I….” He closes his eyes, and shakes his head fast. “Later…”

“Later it is, my love.” Ignis kisses him softly on the lips, then pulls away from him, leaving Prompto in a right state.

Cheeks flushed, Prompto pushes his hair back as he attempts to calm himself down. “H-Hah, wow.” He grabs onto Ignis’ shoulders, and pulls him back towards him for another kiss. “You really know how to get me going, Iggy.”

“I can say the same thing about you, Prompto.” They share another kiss before Ignis pulls him off of the desk. “Show me around some more?”

Adjusting his cock so that it’ll be less obvious how horny he still is, Prompto nods his head. “Yeah.”

He shows Ignis the rest of the library, then they say farewell to Monica, who tells Prompto that he doesn’t need to be a stranger. They begin to walk towards the football field, Prompto getting a wave of nostalgia as they get closer to the field. There are a few people walking on the track that goes around the field, neighborhood residents that use the track when school is out of session. The brisk autumn air feels good - the somewhat loose fitting sweatshirt he wears helping to keep the cold out.

“You seemed pretty friendly with the coach you introduced me to when we arrived, Prompto.” Ignis’ voice draws him out of the memories he’s currently thinking about. “Were you two close?”

“Not really.” Prompto shook his head, as they walked over to the bleachers. “I ran cross-country in the fall, and would see him as he coached the football teams. Spring semester, I stuck with track and field, but mostly did track.” He leans back against the bench behind them, his elbows resting on the bench. “I lettered in track.”

“That’s impressive.” His lover copied his position, their elbows touching on the bench. “I lettered in tennis.”

“Really??” He knew his lover was a runner, but never imagined him doing an endurance sport such as that. “Were you ever sweet on a girl in high school, Iggy? Or boy?” He says the second question a little quieter than the first, not sure if there were people underneath the bleachers listening to their mundane conversation. “Or were you like me, and too shy to really do much of anything?”

Ignis shakes his head. “It wasn’t that I was shy, as I’m sure you know from our….phone conversations.” The reminder has Prompto’s face turning the color of a tomato, as he thinks about the phone calls the two of them have shared. “I didn’t date much in high school. I did have a couple of boyfriends, but nothing I would call very serious. That helped me figure out what I had wanted to do with my life after graduating.”

“Seminary.” Prompto closes his eyes, and hums a little. “Did you go to any of your school dances? I went to homecoming all four years, but then for our backwards dance - I got asked once. Prom…”

“Did you attend prom?”

Standing up, he nods his head. “I did. We went as a big group. Luna went with Noctis, and then I went stag. But I had fun.” He smiles, and offers his hand to Ignis, helping him up off of the bleachers. “I am a horrible dancer.”

“You haven’t found the right partner.” Ignis keeps their hands together as they walk down the bleachers, keeping each other steady.

“Maybe.” Prompto looks at their hands, and tries to push away the anxiety that begins to creep up. It’s one thing to hold hands like this at St. Lucis, but another to be out in public like this, where he used to go to school.

As if sensing his discomfort, Ignis lets go of his hand. “How about we head back to the car?” Ignis suggests, Prompto breathing a little easier without their hands touching. “Are you getting hungry yet? Or, where were you thinking about going next? You said you wanted to show me your church?”

“Yeah, the church would be nice.” He hates that his voice is a little breathless, the panic attack still slow to go away.

He leads Ignis back through the school, and the two of them head back to the parking lot after Prompto had said goodbye to Coach Amicitia on the way out. When they get to the car, Ignis opens the door for him, Prompto giving a small nod of thanks as he gets into the passenger seat. When Ignis gets into the car with him, he reaches over and stops him from turning the key.

“Prompto?” Ignis looks at him with concern on his face. “Is something the matter?”

“I didn’t mean to make things weird back there. It was really nice holding your hand, especially since I know that no one there knows you’re who you are.” Prompto turns towards him as he gets his words out in a rush. “I’m not embarrassed. Okay, maybe I am a little. But I’m still learning about myself, and about how to feel about all of this.” He gestures between the two of them. “I hope you’re not upset with me.”

“Not in the slightest.” His lover sets his hand on top of Prompto’s. “I knew that something was bothering you, and I apologize for doing what I did without asking permission. Like you said, it’s nice that no one knows who I am, so I can act like your boyfriend in public. But, I realize that doing that at your high school might not have been the best idea I’ve had, so please - accept my apology?”

He almost bursts into tears. “Why are you so kind to me? Why are you so nice? What have I done to deserve someone like you?” He shakes his head, still in awe by how kind Ignis acts. “It’s okay. You have no reason to be sorry. I’m the one that should apologize to you for acting without saying anything.”

“I understand, love. Please, don’t worry, okay?” Prompto turns his hand over, their palms touching. Ignis gives his hand a firm squeeze with a smile on his face. “It’s okay. No harm, no foul. Now, how do I get to your church from here?”

Their hands stay together as Prompto watches Ignis turn the key with his other hand. “It’s not that far. About two miles? You’ll want to head north when you get to the main street.” The idea that he’s about to show Ignis where he fell in love with the church is making him excited. “You won’t be able to miss it. It’s not as grand as St. Lucis, but it’s pretty nice as far as churches go.”

“Is it a cathedral?” Ignis follows Prompto’s directions as they begin to head towards their destination. “I thought the Insomnia Cathedral was closer to downtown.”

“It is!” He’s impressed by Ignis’ knowledge, but then remembers that maybe all Catholic priests learn about what’s in the immediate area from their own church. “How did you know where that is? And no, my church is a regular church.”

“I did a little research.”

“Oh.” Prompto laughs, shaking his head when he sees Ignis give him a strange look. “I thought you just knew. I didn’t think about you doing research.”

“Well, I know that Insomnia is a fairly large city, so it is safe to assume there is a cathedral there. Ah, is that your church coming up?” He points towards a large steeple.

“Yep!” He smiles, and wonders if there will be anyone spending time in the church prior to the Friday night vigil mass. “Hey, Iggy? I have a question.”

Ignis pulls into the church parking lot, and turns off the ignition. “What’s your question?”

“How often to you move parishes?” He unbuckles his belt, but doesn’t get out of the car. “Is there a predetermined time set for you to be at St. Lucis?”

His lover turns towards him, and gives a nod of his head. “There is, but right now it’s up in the air for me. Priests usually stay at one parish for around three years or so. I’ve been at St. Lucis for a year and a half now, with another year and a half to go. St. Lucis is the second parish I’ve been a priest for.”

“Really?” His stomach twists into an angry knot with the thought of Ignis no longer being around in as little of time as a year and a half. “So, if I decide to get my master’s degree, I’ll have to say goodbye to you?”

The warmth of Ignis’ hand touching his thigh does little to quell the fear beginning to arise in him. Wow, too much information today. He tries to smile, but it comes off forced, so he looks down at their hands instead. “As I said, it’s usually a predetermined time, but with my teaching - that might change.”


“The university is pleased with the way I run my classes, and are pleased with how well my students test. I’m only a professor at the moment, but there’s been some talk about tenure happening a lot sooner than most professors receive it because of my position within the Catholic church. But who is the say? I suppose it’s up to God to determine where I’ll be in a year and a half’s time.”

That answer makes him feel a little better than he had a little bit ago. “Okay, Iggy. You’ll keep me in the loop no matter what, right?”

“You have my word, my love.”

Smiling, he nods. “Okay, good.” He opens the car door, and looks over at the church. “The last time I was here was the Saturday before I moved into the dorms in August.” He walks with Ignis across the street, and heads towards the opened door leading into the sanctuary. “Do you like to go and visit churches, Iggy?”

“I do. The architecture alone is quite beautiful, plus it’s nice to see how other people are worshipping.” Ignis follows him into the church, both of them lowering their voices. “Is this the same church you had your First Communion in, as well as your Confirmation?”

“It is. I was also baptized here when I was a baby.” Prompto goes over to font near the nave’s door and dips his fingers into the Holy Water. “My mother baptized me because it’s what my grandparents wanted, but she never set foot in the church unless she had to.” He starts to lift up his hand, but Ignis stops him.

“Allow me.” Ignis takes his two fingers, and puts them into the font, then blesses Prompto. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Ignis whispers, lowering his hand with a smile on his face.

“Amen.” The angry knot that had been in his stomach begins to disappear as butterflies start to awaken. He’s never been blessed by Father Scientia like that before, always meeting him either after he’s been in the church, or outside of the structure. Entering into the church with him from the front has a profound effect on his soul, as he feels a sense of peace settle over himself. “Shall we go pray for a bit, Father?”

It slips out, but neither he nor Ignis corrects him. It would feel sacrilegious to not address his lover by his title in a house of worship. The nave is smaller than the nave at St. Lucis, but it’s still a fairly large church for the area. There are a few people in the nave, lighting candles at the prayer stations, and some sitting in the church, kneeling in prayer. He leads Ignis towards the middle of the nave, and genuflects at the pew he chooses, crossing himself before entering the row.

“Did you bring your Rosary?” Father Scientia asks him, both making the sign of the cross as they kneel to pray.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out the small cloth case that he always keeps on his person. “I did, Father. Do you have yours?” He pulls out his Rosary, putting the case back into his pocket. He usually keeps it in his backpack, as that’s normally always on him, but since he knew they would be out and about today, he had grabbed in from his bag before they’d left.

“I do.” Father Scientia holds up his, the dark beads reflecting both the candle light, and the natural light coming in through the windows. “Would you like to pray a decade together, then pray one alone?”

“Yes, Father. That would be very nice.” Prompto holds his Rosary with both hands, keeping two fingers clasped onto the cross.

He follows Ignis’ quiet voice, reciting the Apostles’ Creed, then follows his cadence of the Our Father. It feels good to follow him, feeling like he’s receiving his own little session with the priest. They recite three Hail Marys, then recite the Glory Be prayer, then begin to pray the first decade of the Rosary. When they get to the second decade, Prompto closes his eyes and says his prayers silently, his surroundings disappearing as he concentrates on having a dialogue with the Lord.  

Opening his eyes after saying another Glory Be prayer, he sees Father Scientia with his head still bent. Prompto is stunned by how attractive he is, the simple act of prayer making the priest look a hundred times more desirable than he should. Shaking those lecherous thoughts away, he turns his head back towards the altar, and sees the few people that had been there when they arrived were making their way out of the nave. He turns to see if Ignis is done, and sees him looking at him with a smile on his face.

“What is it?” He asks, blushing a little as he fumbles to put his Rosary away back in his cloth case.

“I’ve never noticed this before now, but when you pray, you look very serious.”

Prompto tries not to laugh, as he leans over to push the priest a little. “Like you can talk! I watched you praying, and you looked….” He leans over and whispers into his ear, “You looked really hot. Like, illegal hot.”

“Is that so?” The corner of Father Scientia’s lip curls up into a half smirk, Prompto’s cheeks becoming flushed as he knows that look. “Will you show me the rest of the sanctuary, Prompto?”

“Yes, Father.” He nods his head, and stands up, the evidence of his arousal barely noticeable. But he sees Father Scientia’s eyes glance down, the hint of a smirk still on his lips as he turns away from Prompto. Feeling very self-conscious, he follows him out of the pew, genuflecting towards the altar while making the sign of the cross. “We have a prayer station to Mary, and one for St. Merrioth, the patron saint of our church.”

“I see.” Father Scientia walks by his side, as they come to the prayer station where there’s a statue of St. Merrioth. “Would you like to light a candle?”

“Yes, Father.” He nods, and sees him make a charitable donation before picking up a stick to grab a flame from a burning candle to light one for himself. “Blessed be the Lord.” He recites under his breath, as he lights the candle. “Amen.”

“Amen.” Father Scientia lights one next to him, then they both extinguish the sticks they’d used to light their candles. “St. Merrioth was a very brave soul. A fitting saint for this beautiful church.”

“Thank you, Father.” He smiles, and looks up towards the choir loft, getting an idea. “Would you like to see the church from up there?” He asks, nodding his head towards the loft. “You’ll be able to see all of the altar if we go up there.”

After Father Scientia agrees to the suggestion, the two of them make their way back towards the entrance of the church, the stairs leading up to the choir loft accessible through the foyer only. “Did you sing in the choir?”

“I did.” Prompto smiles, the narrow staircase creaking a little as they made their way up to the choir loft. “I enjoy singing very much. At Christmas, I’d usually sing a solo.”

“You must have a very beautiful voice.”

They head out onto the loft, perched above the nave, the entire sanctuary visible from this angle. “I wouldn’t say it’s great, but thank you, Father. I’m sure Luna might want to go do karaoke tomorrow night, so maybe you’ll get to hear me sing something horrible and off key there.”

“Sounds enchanting, love.”

They take a seat in the back row, the pew resting up against the wall of the church. Prompto’s heart begins to race as he feels Father Scientia’s leg touch his, his body still in a state of arousal from their earlier antics in his high school’s library. Looking out at the church, he sees that they’re alone, no one in the nave, and no one at any of the prayer stations. Prompto’s face grows more flushed as their knees continue to touch, his body dying for more than what’s being given to him right now.

“Father…” He keeps his voice soft, knowing that Father Scientia is listening to every sound he makes. “What are you thinking about right now?”

“How you feel far away from me, even though you are right next to me.”

Standing up, he moves to stand in front of Father Scientia, then sits back down with his back close to the priest’s chest. “Is this better, Father?” With his heart racing, he begins to feel something hard push up against his ass. Letting his legs fall open, the insides of his knee now rest against Father Scientia’s knees, giving him enough of an advantage that he pushes himself down on the hardness, and emits a soft groan as he teases himself.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Father Scientia murmurs into his ear, putting one hand on Prompto’s thigh, helping to push his legs open more. “I think what you’re doing right now is cause for some penance, Prompto.”

His eyes begin to close, as he feels the hand on his thigh slide up towards his groin, Father Scientia’s fingers feeling like they were on fire. “W-What’s my penance, Father….?”

“To say the ‘Our Father’ with me.”

He pushes his hips down again, the firmness feeling completely sinful against his aching ass. “Y-Yes, Father.”

“Whenever you’re ready, we will begin.”

Swallowing audibly, he opens his legs more, as Father Scientia’s fingers slide up against the zipper of his jeans. “I’m...nngh….ready…”

“Our Father….”

Prompto hears the button of his jeans pop open, the zipper beginning to be lowered. “O-Our Father…”

“Who art in Heaven…”

Fingers reach into the hole of his boxers, Prompto’s breathing becoming more labored as Father Scientia’s fingers tease the length of his cock. This feels completely surreal, like he’s an observing one of his erotic dreams, except this is very much real. “W-Who art in Heaven…”

“Hallowed be thy name…”

The fingers disappear from the hole in his underwear, and touch the elastic band of his boxers. “Hallowed be thy name…”

“Thy kingdom come…”

Father Scientia pulls the elastic band away from Prompto’s waist, and slips his hand down the front of Prompto’s boxers. “Thy kingdom come…” He wants to push his hips back, but he’s afraid that if he does, the hand that’s hovering close to his cock will not touch him as punishment, so he waits in agony for Father Scientia to touch him.

“Thy will be done…”

It becomes a torturous game of whether or not those fingers will touch his cock or not. He feels them stroke his sac, a soft whimper leaving his throat as he waits for them to touch his stiffening cock. “Thy will be done…”

“On earth…”

The way Father Scientia’s breath hitches, it drives Prompto towards insanity. “…” He tries not to move his hips forward, the heat that comes off of Father Scientia’s fingers so close to his cock that he would do anything to feel it.

“As it is in Heaven…”

As Father Scientia emits the word ‘Heaven’, his fingers finally touch Prompto’s cock. He makes a fist around his stiff flesh, Prompto all but weeping at the firm grip that’s been gifted to his body. “On earth….as it Heaven…”

“Give us this day…”

The hand around his cock moves down towards the base, Prompto’s head falling forward as he keeps both hands in a prayer formation, his ass being treated to the thickness of Father Scientia’s hardness with a little rub. “Give us...this day…”

“Our daily bread…”

Prompto whines low in his throat, as Father Scientia’s thumb begins to caress the tip of his cock. He feels it push against the slit, precum being smoothed over the head as his fingers stay tight around Prompto’s cock. “Our daily….nnngh….bread….”

“And forgive us our trespasses…”

The hand that’s on his cock is pulled away, and soon Prompto’s nose is treated to the scent of his own cum, as Ignis holds it up to his nostril before smearing it against his bottom lip. “And forgive us…” He wraps his lips around the pad of his thumb, and sucks on it hard, Father Scientia grinding up into his ass more at the display of total debaurchery. “Our...trespasses…”

“As we forgive those…”

Father Scientia returns his hand to be inside of Prompto’s underwear, his hands returning to his cock. Prompto almost cries in relief, the disappeared touch now a thing of the past. “As we forgive….those…” He moans low, as Father Scientia’s hand slides up and down his cock a few times.

“Who trespass against us…”

Fingers slide up underneath his shirt, Father Scientia’s fingers coming into contact with his nipple. Prompto pushes his hips back at the unexpected touch, grinding himself down onto Ignis’ cock. “W-Who trespass…” The hand on his cock strokes him a little faster, Prompto getting dangerously close to an orgasm. “A-Against us…”

“And lead us not…”

He releases a breathless moan as he feels Father Scientia’s lips brush against his ear, the hand on his cock moving at a faster pace. “And lead us not…”

“Into temptation…”

His mouth drops open, as the fingers on his nipple give it a firm twist, the pain shooting throughout his body in the most euphoric way. “I-Into….oh, God, F-Father….” He moans, the hand on his cock squeezing and twisting him with just the right amount of pressure. “Into….temptation….”

“But deliver us from evil…”

Everything fades away as Prompto’s body gets to that heightened state. “But….from….e-ev….” He moans low as he begins to come, Father Scientia’s hand on his cock pulling him through this blissful state, his body shuddering hard as he comes, his ears beginning to ring as he slowly returns to his mind.



They sit still for a few moments, Prompto feeling like he has no care in the world. The hand that’s inside of his boxers is pulled out, and he sees Ignis wipe it off with a handkerchief from his pocket. He wants to apologize, but his brain isn’t allowing him to speak yet, still riding his natural high. When he’s coherent enough, he turns to look up at Father Scientia, who has a pleased smile on his face.

“That was a first.”

He laughs, and nods his head. “It was.” Buttoning up his jeans, he moves to turn around and face him. “I’m sure you need…?”

“I don’t.” Father Scientia shakes his head at the same moment that he feels the wet spot on his jeans. “I was rather aroused myself.”

“I can’t imagine why.” He teases his lover, then presses a soft kiss to his lips. “I love you, even though your penance is probably going to send me to Hell.”

“Nonsense.” Father Scientia rubs the tip of his nose against Prompto’s. “We will just have something else to confess on Monday morning.”

“I think I might be in the confessional booth for a few hours with the way this weekend is already going.” Prompto slides off of his lap, and stands up. Wobbling a little as his equilibrium is still off from his orgasm, he giggles. “But somehow, I don’t think you’d have a problem with that.”

“You’re right. I wouldn’t.” Father Scientia lowers his head, and presses a kiss just below his ear. “I love you too, Prompto.”

The two head back down to the entrance of the church, then head across the street to where Father Scientia’s car is parked. Still feeling a little wobbly, Prompto flops down into the passenger seat of the car, then looks over at his lover as he sits back down. “Do you want to go back to my place to change, Iggy?”

“I think that’s a good idea, Prompto.” Now that they’re no longer in the church, he feels comfortable with addressing his lover by his first name. “Then, we can decide if we want to stay in or go out for dinner?”

“Okie dokie!” He smiles, and gets buckled in. “Let’s go home!”


Chapter Text


As they begin to drive back towards where his parents’ house is, Prompto starts to come down from the adrenaline rush that’s a result of what they’d just done in his church. And with that crash, he begins to remember what they had engaged in, and starts to slowly panic as the reality of that penance worms its way into his brain.

“We…” He stares straight ahead, his body beginning to feel like it’s being submerged underwater. “Iggy….we…”

“Yes, love?” They come to a stop light, Ignis turning to look over at him. “Prompto? What’s wrong?”

He looks at his lover, and tries to remain calm. “We….my church…”

“Yes.” There is no denial in his lover’s voice, which Prompto doesn’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. “No one was around. You were quiet. We were careful.”

“That’s not the problem, Iggy!” His voice comes out higher pitched than he wants, his anxiousness manifesting in the way he addresses his lover.

“Are you upset because it happened, or are you upset because you are thinking about how this will affect you after your mortal life?” The light turns green, the car beginning to move forward again. “Because I thought we were pretty clear when this began that you weren’t doing something bad in the eyes of our Lord.”

“We did things like in my dreams!” He tries not to freak out, shaking his head. “These lines….these lines are blurring too much, Ignis. I’m scared.”

The warm hand of his lover touching his hand helps to calm the noise in his mind. “I know, Prompto. I know. I’m scared too. I don’t know what possessed me to act in such a manner back there - to do something like that while praying…” Prompto continues to breathe a little easier, hearing the same trepidation in his lover’s words. “But it’s alright, love. There’s nothing wrong with what we did.”

“How can you say that? Is it because it’s not our church? Is that it?” Prompto doesn’t pull away from his touch, instead grips onto Ignis’ hand with his own. “Is it okay to do something that perverse in a house of worship that isn’t your own?”

They come to another stoplight. “We have done worse things in my house of worship, love. I would consider what we did on the altar to be far more perverse than what we did in the choir loft at your church. Does what we did make it any better? No. But, my view on the nature of our sexual relationship might be very different from your own views.”

“N-No, you’re right.” Hearing the reminder of that evening in the church, it does help to settle his mind. “I didn’t think of it like that.” Oral sex on the altar, as well as almost having sex on the celebrant chair qualify as being a lot more perverse than what they had just done. “I’m sorry.”

“For what, my love?” They start to drive forward again, Prompto resting their held hands on top of his thigh. “It’s okay. I know that you are still coming to terms with a lot of feelings. You do not have to apologize for the panic that you feel. I understand. Talk to me about it, though. It’ll be easier if we communicate with one another, than bottle up your feelings.”

“Why don’t you panic?” He’s impressed that Ignis remembers the way back to his house, as they turn onto his street. “What’s your secret?”

“I have my own moments where I question myself, but for the most part, I go into whatever we do together with an open mind.” They pull into the driveway, then Ignis turns off the car. Prompto turns to look at him, the intense look in his eyes making his heart stutter in his chest. “Do you regret what happened at your church?”

Prompto shakes his head. “No. Not at all, Iggy.” He brings their hands up to his lips, and presses a soft kiss on the back of Ignis’ hand. “I know that I could have stopped it, if I wanted to do that. But, I didn’t want you to stop. Not then.”

“But as you think about it, you begin to let your mind spiral. Am I correct?” Ignis asks.

“Yes, Iggy. That’s correct.”

“Alright. Then, how about we take things easy for now? I don’t want you to regret anything that we do together, be it here or back at St. Lucis.”

“What are you suggesting?”

Ignis smiles, as they stop holding each other’s hands to unbuckle their belts. “I want you to be comfortable, so why don’t you make the next move, alright? I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you to do something you don’t want to do.”

“But that’s just it! I did want it!” He opens the car door, and gets out. They walk up to the front door together, and Prompto unlocks the door with his code. When they get inside, and are taking off their shoes, he continues. “You don’t know how bad I always want it, Iggy. My mind is constantly thinking about how good it feels to be touched by you. To be in a state of rapture with you. Maybe I’m thinking about sex too much, because now that I know how good it feels to experience it, I’m stuck in a loop of always wanting it. Like, right now.” He points to his groin, where his cock is in a semi-hard state. “Talking about this is making me horny, Iggy. Am I broken??”

“You’re not broken, love.” Ignis holds out his arms, and Prompto immediately falls into them, hugging him tight. “I’m the same way. How do you think I feel, when I come into class and see you sitting in your seat? Do you know what my first thoughts are?”

“‘I hope that no one falls asleep today’?”

The low chuckle near his ear sends warmth spreading throughout his body. “Well, yes - there’s that. But it’s the same thoughts I have when I see you attending mass. ‘I want to hear his moans right now. I want to feel him yield under my hands.’” Ignis’ lips touch the shell of his ear. “‘I want to see the face that only I get to see. I want his mouth on parts of my body that I should not know how good it feels to be touched so intimately.’”

“Iggy…” He moans, feeling that warmth manifesting in the lower half of his body. “Stop…”

“Stop what?” Teeth tug on his ear, as they begin to walk towards the stairs.

He keeps his body pressed closed to Ignis’, as they start to walk up the stairs together, Prompto’s lips now attached to Ignis’ as they kiss each other. It’s quite an ardent task, trying to keep himself close to Ignis while keeping his mouth attached to his, his tongue delving in and out of his mouth as if they’re meant to stay connected like this. “Y-You wanted to come home to get cleaned up…”

“What’s a little more dirt, love?” Ignis whispers against his lips. “Or do you want me to go get clean for you, so you can have your way with me again?”

Moaning low, he shakes his head. “N-No...I don’t want that…”

“What do you want, then…?” As they reach the top of the stairs, Prompto is spun around, his back now resting against Ignis’ chest, the cleft of his ass pushing back against his lover’s groin. He can feel how aroused he is, and pushes back against it, groaning low as he looks down the hallway, hating how far away his bedroom is.

But, there’s a bedroom closer. I shouldn’t. His conscience tries to keep him on the correct path - they should keep walking towards his bedroom. But damn, he wanted to feel Ignis right now, and he didn’t think he could make it that far. Ignis’ lips travel down to his neck, and give a little tug, causing him to release a needy moan. They won’t know. It’s that phrase that has him moving forward towards the closed door of his parents bedroom, his hand reaching for the knob as he keeps his body pressed up against Ignis’.

He gives up trying to open it when Ignis pushes him up against the door. “W-We…” He moans, pushing his hips back with every thrust of Ignis’ hips, this unsatiable thirst for more sex causing his mind to focus on one thing, and one thing only - to feel good. His lover’s hands go to his belt, his arms locking behind Ignis’ neck as he feels his hands slip down his underwear for the second time that afternoon. “God…”

“I’m not God…” Ignis whispers into his ear, his fingers sliding along the length of Prompto’s cock. “But I can make you scream for him, if that’s what you want, love…”

The side of his face rests against the door, as he pushes himself back, the fingers on his cock wrapping around him firmly. He knows he has to get the door open, the door opening will give him the comfort of a bed, but it feels so good to be touched like this that he can’t bring himself to get it open. “I...I want…”

“Tell me…”

His hand slams down onto the door knob, and he gives it a quick twist. Ignis’ hand leaves his cock, Prompto releasing a whine, but then it stops as the fingers that had just been touching him touch his mouth. He pulls them in, sucking hard on Ignis’ fingers as they stumble towards the large king sized bed together. The fingers are pulled out of his mouth, a string of drool snapping as Prompto drops one knee onto the bed, then the other.

“I need you so bad…” He moans, as he feels Ignis pulling his pants off of his body. He yanks his own shirt off, and throws it across the room, then scrambles to get his socks off as he sees Ignis taking off all of his own clothes. He sees him holding a bottle of lube in his hands, practically whimpering as he gets back onto his knees, pushing his ass out.

“How?” Ignis walks back over to the bed, the two of them as naked as they can be. “How do you want me…?”

“I-In me…” He moans, as he feels the tip of Ignis’ cock start to rub against his entrance. “God, I want it so bad….”

“In a moment, love…” Ignis whispers, giving him a little more teasing with the tip of his cock before it’s taken away from Prompto’s body. “I don’t want to hurt you…”

“H-How do you know these things, Father…?” His hands grip onto the floral duvet, trying to keep his hips still as one lubed finger is pushed into his body. It doesn’t register that he’s reverted to calling Ignis by his vocation, than by his name.

The moan he hears Ignis make has his cock dripping precum down the length of it, as another finger is added into his body. “I told you before….I’ve studied what feels good to me. I’ve researched.”


Warm breath caresses his ear, as one more finger is pushed into his body. “Books, magazine articles….pornography…”

“Nngngh…” He moans, fucking himself on the three fingers that are penetrating him. He can feel Ignis’ two fingers spread away from the third, his anus twitching from the touches. “P-Put it in me….”

“Put what in you…?” Ignis’ voice rumbles in his ear. “My fingers are already inside of you…”

His head drops, as he groans lower. “Y-You know what I want, Iggy…”

“No, I don’t…”

The tip of one finger nudges right against his prostate, and causes him to lose focus for a moment as the strong jolt of pleasure makes its way through his body. “Nnngh...I-Iggy….”

“All you have to do is tell me what you want inside of you, and it will be yours, love…” Another nudge against his prostate has him crying out softly. “Say it…”

“I want your cock!” He cries out, tossing his head back as he grinds himself down onto the three fingers. The itch to feel one of those fingers touch him against in that pleasure spot is making him delirious with want. “Please, give me your cock!” He begs Ignis with desire laced in every word.

His ass is left feeling empty as the fingers that are inside of him are pulled out without any warning. Prompto’s chest drops to the bed, as he tries to get himself under control, the physical manifestation of wanting something so bad causing him to feel incredibly lightheaded. But it’s a good feeling, the smile on his face making his cheeks ache. He starts to moan low as the tip of Ignis’ cock is pushed up against his entrance, Prompto trying to use his muscles to bring it into his body, but Ignis doesn’t let him, his hand going to his waist to hold him still.

He’s lifted up onto his knees, as Ignis’ cock starts to slowly slip inside of him, scratching that itch that’s been there since they were in the choir loft at St. Merrioth. “The sound of you begging me for my cock is what I hear in my dreams, Prompto…” Ignis’ voice is pitched low, as Prompto is pulled to be flush against his hips, the thickness of his lover’s cock fully inside of his body. “Beg for it some more…”

A hand comes to his neck, as he starts to grind himself down onto Ignis’ cock, a helpless moan spilling from his throat as he gets little bursts of total euphoria every few bounces. “I l-love your cock, Father…” He feels the hand on his neck grip him a little tighter, but he doesn’t panic. No, there’s no panic there, as he realizes how turned on the both of them by what’s currently happening. “Please, I need more of it…”

“You like how it feels, don’t you?” Ignis’ heavy breath falls against his ear, as the hand around his neck starts to loosen its grip. “It feels good to do this with me, doesn’t it?”

“Y-Yes…” He moans low, his cock dripping with precum. His hand goes to his own cock, giving it a firm squeeze, as sweat begins to cover his body the more they stay in this position. “Iggy….I wanna come again…”

“Not yet…”

The way his lover’s cock moves in and out of him, it keeps him on the edge as he doesn’t know if this thrust will hit his prostate, or if he’s going to be made to wait a few more thrusts. But when it happens, he’s screaming in pleasure, more cum leaking from his cock, spreading over his fingers as he jerks himself off slow. “I c-can’t…”

“Yes, you can…”

“F-Father, please….!” He screams, dying from the way he’s being purposefully kept on the edge. Ignis responds to the cry, as each rough thrust of his hips now gives Prompto exactly what he wants. Every thrust hits him in that spot, dots of white spotting his vision each time it’s struck. “G-God, please….I want to come….”

“Please, who…?” Ignis yanks him back up onto his knees, his cock penetrating Prompto deep, one hand returning to the base of his throat. “I told you, I would make you scream for Him…”

His fist slides up and down his cock, the hand around his neck increasing the pressure once more. The lack of air hitting his lungs drives his ecstasy to a frenzied pitch. “P-Please….F-Father…”

“Come, Prompto…” His lover moans into his ear. “Come for me…”

“I-Ignis…!” A sharp cry leaves his throat as he begins to come hard, the warmth of his release spreading over his fingers and palm. He feels Ignis slam hard into him one last time, the rush of his lover’s orgasm hitting his inner walls makes him groan in pleasure, that lightheadedness returning as he begins to come down from the initial pleasure of his orgasm.

Prompto collapses on the bed, Ignis moving him in such a way that he won’t leak onto the floral duvet covering his parents’ bed. He feels something warm and wet touch his entrance, not at all aware that Ignis had pulled out, and had left him to go into the en suite master bathroom. His hand is clean, and his ass doesn’t feel like it’s leaking too much, if at all. He tries to squeeze, but the effort it takes makes him stop after a few seconds.

He’s rearranged on the bed by Ignis, the two of them laying on top of the duvet, resting their heads on his parents’ pillows. “That was…”

“A little bit intense.” Ignis finishes for him, a smile on his face. “Was it too much…?”

“No, not at all.” He shakes his head. “Come give me a kiss…?”

The space between them disappears, as Ignis brushes his lips against his with a soft kiss. “Let’s take a nap…? It’s been a rather eventful afternoon.”

“Mmm...yes.” Prompto can’t keep his eyes open, so the thought of a nap brings a smile to his face. “That would be very nice. What time is it?”

“It’s almost five.” Ignis puts one arm around Prompto, the two staying facing each other. “Would you like me to set an alarm?”

“N-Nah.” He shakes his head, yawning a little. “We’ll wake up when we wake up.”

“Sounds perfect, love.” A kiss touches his brow, Prompto smiling as he starts to drift to sleep. “Sweet dreams…”

“You too, Iggy…” He gets the words out, then falls fast asleep with a smile still on his face.


He wakes up a little later, the sound of running water bringing him out of his dreamless sleep. Prompto rubs his eyes, then sees that the lamp has been turned on next to his father’s side of the bed. Oh, my God. He looks at the bed, and is grateful that nothing can be seen from what they had done together on the bed. Never did he think he would ever have sex on his parents bed, never mind with who it had been with.

Taking a few more seconds to fully wake up, he swings his legs over the side of the bed and stands up, groaning as his body protests at the new position. He wanders over to the en suite bathroom, listening to his lover hum a tune he recognizes as one of the hymns they sing at mass. He leans against the doorframe, and watches Ignis shower for a bit, his lover washing his hair with his back turned towards him.

Not wanting to startle him too much, he gives a little tap on the door. “Have you been awake for long, Iggy?” He asks, as he sees Ignis turn around to look at him.

“Not very long.” Ignis shakes his head, a warm smile on his face. “Did you sleep alright? Get enough rest?”

“I think so. My ass is a little sore, though.” His hand starts to rub his behind, as he chuckles. “But I’m good.”

“Would you like to join me? I don’t mind.”

Prompto shakes his head. “No. I mean yes,” he sees the hurt look cross his lover’s face, “Yes, I want to shower with you. But I think my ass and dick need a break for a little bit.” He blushes, looking down. “Later…?”

“Say no more, love.” Ignis chuckles, nodding his head. “I’m almost done in here. Would you like to go out to eat tonight? Or would you like to spend the night in? We never really discussed it when we got home.”

“We were too busy with wanting to fuck.” He laughs, enjoying the laugh he hears come from the shower. “Let me go take my own shower, and then we can decide?”

“Alright, Prompto.”

He blows his lover a kiss, who blows one to him in return, then heads out of the master bedroom, and makes his way down the hall to his bathroom. Getting his shower ready, he thinks about how he could have joined Ignis, and they could have kept their hands to themselves, but a little space doesn’t hurt. Taking off his leather cuff, he sets it down on the sink and heads into the shower. He stands under the water and lets it wash away the sweat from the activities they’d engaged in since their first shower this morning, getting himself thoroughly cleaned.

Feeling refreshed, he keeps his towel around his waist, and heads into his bedroom. Ignis is in there, putting on a pair of black briefs, his hair still damp. “Did you have a nice shower, love?” Ignis asks, walking over to him after he finishes putting his underwear on.

“I did.” He smiles, and lifts his arms up to give his lover a hug. “All clean.”

“What a coincidence. Me too.” He lowers himself back down onto his feet, as he sees Ignis wiggling his eyebrows at him. He laughs, and gives him another quick hug before going over to the bag he’d brought with him from school. “Have you decided what you’d like to do tonight?”

Prompto grabs a pair of boxers, and puts them on, dropping his towel to be around his feet. “Let’s go out to dinner? But then, we can come back here afterwards? It’d be nice to enjoy a nice meal alone with you. No pressure of how I need to behave myself like I know will be there tomorrow night with Luna.” He blushes, turning towards Ignis. “Would that be alright? I know you said you don’t mind cooking, but…”

“A date would be nice.”

“Exactly.” He breathes a sigh of relief, happy that Ignis understands what he’s looking for. “A date.”

“It would be my pleasure to escort you to dinner this evening, Prompto. Shall we dress nice?”

He nods his head. “Yeah. Let’s get all fancy. Two nights being fancy - will that be okay?”

“I have a few different ties, and I brought a couple of button up shirts. We should be fine.” Ignis smiles, and goes to his suitcase. “Is there some place you’d like to go to, that won’t be too expensive? I’d like to treat, but with my income…”

“I understand, Iggy. Yes, I can think of a few places we could go and eat a reasonably priced meal at. Maybe I’ll have something to drink too, since I officially can.”

“Sounds perfect, love.”

The two of them get ready, Prompto deciding on wearing a pair of nice black slacks with a button up shirt, then throws a cashmere green sweater on over it. Insomnia isn’t as cold as St. Lucis, but the autumn nights have been relatively cool up and down the seaboard that layers aren’t out of the ordinary. He heads into the bathroom to grab his leather cuff, and slips it back onto his right wrist, looking at himself in the mirror. He sees Ignis enter the bathroom behind him through the reflection in the mirror, the two of them smiling at each other as they admire one another through the mirror.

Ignis is wearing a dark grey suit and a purple tie, the fabric of the tie covered in paisley. “You look really nice, Iggy. I love your tie.”

“Thank you. I bought it because it reminds me of you.”

He swoons a little at the comment, thinking how the color did look similar to the color of his eyes but didn’t want to assume that was why he was wearing it. But he had been correct in his guess, and that makes him feel good. “Well, it looks really nice.” He pulls his phone out of his pocket, and holds it up. “I won’t show anyone…”

“I know. A picture would be nice.” Ignis nods his head, and stands closer to him.

Turning the front camera on, he looks at his lover’s image on his phone. “Say Cheese!”

Snapping the picture, he brings it up and sees that it’s painfully obvious he’s looking at his lover. “Oh, gosh. Should we take another one? I forgot to look at the camera.”

“It’s perfect.” He’s turned around, and feels Ignis kiss him softly on the lips.

Prompto nods his head, then puts his phone back into his pocket. “If you like it, then I like it too.” He presses a kiss to Ignis’ cheek. “Come on, let’s head to dinner. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

“I’m pretty hungry myself.” Ignis follows him down the stairs, the two of them putting their nice shoes on at the foot of the stairs, Prompto hopping down when he gets to the second to last stair.

“There’s this restaurant near my church that serves the best Italian food. And it’s inexpensive, and the booths are nice and secluded.”

Ignis puts his arm around his waist, as they get their coats on. “Are you suggesting you want to do something more than eat at the restaurant? What sort of deviant have I created?”

He can hear the teasing in his lover’s voice, but it doesn’t stop the blush from happening on his cheeks. “That’s not what I meant. I meant that we could hold hands, or something like that. That wasn’t me asking you for a handjob.”

“But you know I’ll give it to you, if that’s what you wish.” Ignis whispers into his ear, before moving away from him to open the front door. “Shall we?”

“You really are the devil in disguise.” He harumphs, but then a smile comes to his lips as he laughs, walking down to the car. “You are not a man of faith.”

“Your words wound me, love.” Ignis opens his car door for him, the two of them sharing a laugh at the teasing. But before he gets into the car, sinful words are whispered into his ear. “You love when I tease you like that. It makes you aroused, doesn’t it?”

Not able to speak, Prompto nods his head fast as he gets into the car, his cheeks still burning. “Do you remember how to get over to my church, Iggy?”

“I do. What’s the name of the restaurant?” Ignis sits down, and turns the car on. They idle for a bit as the car warms up. “Did we already drive by it?”

“We haven’t.” He gets buckled in. “It’s called The Garulessa.”

“Then, I shall keep my eyes open for it.”

They head back towards Prompto’s church, Prompto reaching over to put his hand on top of Ignis’ thigh. Why should he get all the fun, when he’s more than capable of making the first move himself. He can feel the muscles in his thigh move as his foot switches from the brake to the gas pedal, Prompto sliding his hand down so that his fingers rest just above Ignis’ inner thigh.

“Careful, love…” Ignis’ voice is low, Prompto learning the tells of what level of arousal his lover is in. “Don’t want to distract the driver too much…”

“Says the man who had his hand down my pants when we drove up here.” He snorts, but keeps his fingers where they’re at. “Turn left at the next stoplight, please.”

“Only if you put your hand on my cock.”

Blushing, he moves his hand to where Ignis had told him to place it, and finds that it’s nice and firm beneath his fingers. “Turn left here.”

“As you wish, love.”

He doesn’t take his hand away, keeping it pressed up against his hard length, his own body responding in kind. “Next street, turn right.”

“Of course.”

Moving the heel of his hand upwards, he hears Ignis moan low. “Too much of a distraction now, Iggy?”

“N-Not quite.”

That little stutter brings a smirk to Prompto’s lips, pleased that he can affect his lover the same way he’s affected by him. By the time they reach the restaurant, both of them are feeling the itch again the heel of his hand becoming more aggressive as Ignis spreads his thighs apart for him. Prompto yanks Ignis towards him by his tie, and kisses him hard on the lips. “I never realized how horny I get when I’m around you until we left St. Lucis.”

“I know what you mean.” Ignis groans, chasing after him with his lips. “One more, Prompto...Please…?”

“One more.” He nods, and meets him halfway to kiss him again, their tongues touching each other with needy caresses, Prompto second guessing himself for choosing to leave the house. They could be back at his parents house, eating dinner in the kitchen, enjoying dessert off of each other’s bodies. He groans low at the thought, and shakes his head. “Come on, let’s go before I tell you to drive us back home.”

“Alright, love.”

They get out of the car, and head towards the restaurant together. Prompto reaches for Ignis’ hand, happy to hold it as they walk into the heated building. He approaches the hostess station, and informs them that they’d like a booth for two, and then the two of them are following her towards the back of the restaurant.

“Would you like to order a carafe of wine?” Ignis asks, as they look over their menus together. “If I have a glass, I’ll be fine to drive.”

“I would love to share one, yes.” He nods his head, then looks over the menu. “See? The prices aren’t too expensive, are they? If they are, I don’t mind paying for my food tonight, Iggy. I understand.”

A hand comes to rest on top of his thigh underneath the table. “It’s very reasonable, and it will be my pleasure to pay for your meal tonight. No more second thoughts about it.”

“Okay, Iggy.”

Their waiter comes and takes their order, then brings them the carafe of chianti, which Ignis takes the liberty to pour for the two of them. Prompto raises his glass, and waits for Ignis to raise his glass with him. “To your birthday, my love.” Ignis toasts for them, Prompto smiling in return.

“Happy birthday to me!”

After a glass of wine, their starter salad is brought out to them. “So, Iggy….I’ve been wondering…” He starts off casually, pushing some lettuce onto his fork before bringing it up to his mouth.

“Oh no. This cannot be good.”

“It’s not bad, I promise.” He laughs, taking a bite of his salad. “We do so much together, but I don’t think we’ve ever talked about the small things. Like, what’s your favorite color?”

“My favorite color?” Ignis holds a breadstick in his hand, and begins to tear it apart to eat it piece by piece. “Well, my favorite color used to be green, but as of late, I’m finding myself drawn to things that are lavender in color.”

It is not the answer that Prompto expects to hear him make, and it causes him to pause bringing a forkful of salad up to his lips. “Because of me…?”

“That would be a very good guess.” His lover smirks, and takes another bite of his salad. “What’s your favorite color? From the clothes I’ve seen you wear, I’m led to assume your favorite color is either red or green.”

“Good guess.” Prompto nods his head. “I love green a lot. I think it’s so pretty - all the different shades of green are pleasing to me. And, I think I look good in green, which is difficult for me to say because I never think I look good in anything. Except black, but everyone looks good in black.”

“I would agree, you look very handsome when you wear green.” Ignis picks up the carafe of wine, and pours more into his glass for him. “What’s your favorite genre to read?”

Prompto finishes his salad, and leans back against the booth. “I guess I’d have to say fantasy, because I like being taken to a different world from ours. What about you?”

“Fantasy books are a nice escape, as are historical fiction novels, but I think my favorite genre would be religious stories.”

He laughs, shaking his head. “I should have realized that would be your favorite genre. Has it always been like that? Did you read books when you were in high school that helped solidify your want to become a priest?”

“No, but they did help me on my path to becoming a college professor.” Ignis finishes his glass of wine, then picks up his water glass. “The amount of texts there are on the subject of The Holy Bible alone - I could read a book a day, and not finish them by the time I’m called home to meet our Heavenly Father.”

His mouth drops open. “Really? I like reading those types of books - I always have, but I never imagined that it would be so popular.” A thought pops into his head. “Have you written any books on the subject, Iggy?”

“I have.”

It takes him a second to process what his lover has just said. “Really?? Oh my gosh!” Their waiter comes to clear away their plates, and then brings their dinner entrees out. “I had no idea you wrote one! How come it’s not required reading for our class??”

“It’s required reading for the class that you plan on taking in the spring.” Prompto’s eyes widen. “My book is about addressing the science behind some of the miracles that are presented in the text. It’s something that I worked on as a hobby during my time in the seminary, while I was working on my Masters degree in theology.”

He still can’t believe that his lover is a published writer, but hearing what the text is on, it makes perfect sense to him. “Oh, wow! So, do you plan on writing another book? Is it successful? Do you get some money from it?”

“All the money I earn from sales funnels directly back into the Catholic church.” Ignis shakes his head, as the two of them begin to eat their dinner. “I did not wish to know how it tracks, but I can tell you for certain that it is not on any best-selling bookseller’s list.” He chuckles, using his knife to cut into his parmesan chicken. “What about you, Prompto? What do you like to do for fun, besides attend mass?”

“I used to enjoy playing video games, but with my studies at St. Lucis, I don’t have a lot of time to do that now.” He twirls some of the fettucine he ordered onto his fork. “To be honest, I don’t do a lot of stuff outside of school. After you gave me that penance to donate my time, I’ve been spending my Thursday afternoons at the animal shelter.”

“I recall you saying something like that before.”

“It’s easier to do it on Thursdays, because of my class schedule. And, it helps me stay a little sane because I know I won’t be seeing you on those days. Except for this week, of course.”

A hand touches his thigh underneath the table for the second time. “Those days are especially difficult for me as well, for that same reason. But nothing is stopping us from seeing one another, you know. You can come visit me at the rectory if you wish.”

“I’m happy to hear it’s mutual.” Prompto reaches under the table, and puts his hand on top of Ignis’, smiling happily at him. “I think I might just do that next week.” He smiles, and keeps his hand on top of Ignis’. “It’s really nice getting to spend time with you like this, Iggy. I can’t tell you that enough.”

“I am finding myself enjoying it as well.”

He gives his hand a squeeze, then returns it above the table to finish eating his dinner. Polishing off another glass of wine, he can feel the alcohol in his system, making him feel a little buzzed. He drinks some water, which takes away a little bit of it. He never understood why people liked to drink, but with the pleasant buzz he feels right now, it begins to make sense.  

“How about we go to the bakery next door to get some dessert, then take it home with us?” Prompto suggests, returning to the thoughts he had in the car upon their arrival, as Ignis finishes the last bite on his plate.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, love.”

After paying for the meal, the two of them walk to the bakery, where they both choose a few different pastries, Prompto paying for them. He sets the pastries on his lap in the car, then gets buckled in. “Hey, Iggy. Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.” They sit in the car as it warms up.

“This is….” He swallows, suddenly feeling a little nervous. “I hope this isn’t too weird of a question, but…” He turns to look at him. “Do you like it when I call you Father when we’re doing things of a sexual nature?”

Ignis coughs a little, and turns his head away. “Would you be ashamed of me if I answered that question with a yes?”

“Why would I be ashamed of you?”

“Because it’s immoral. The reason i like hearing you call me that is because of the power behind that word. I can’t help it.”

Prompto looks out the window, and nods his head. “I understand, because I think I feel the same way. Like, I know we shouldn’t be doing what we’re doing, because of your position in the church. But you’ve said that you’re a man first, and a priest second. But by calling you ‘Father’ in bed, I’m admitting to myself that I know exactly who you are, and yet I’m the one that’s on the immoral path because I’ve fallen in love with someone that I shouldn’t be in love with. I’m the one that should be ashamed, Iggy.”

“No, Prompto.” Ignis’ hand touches his arm, making him turn back to look towards his lover. “You have no reason to be ashamed for that. We do not pick and choose who we love. I know our relationship is complicated-”

“That’s putting it mildly.”

They both share a soft chuckle, helping to alleviate the thick tension in the car. “What I’m trying to say is that we are sharing this plight together. Neither one of us is feeling it more than the other, as we are a couple. I know we discussed things this morning, but I don’t want you to feel guilty because of what we both enjoy. Yes, I like hearing you address me as Father, but I also love to hear you address me as ‘Iggy’ and as ‘Ignis’. Do I favor one over the other? No. Do I become more aroused when you address me by Father? Yes.” Prompto bites his lip as he hears him say it again, swallowing the soft moan he wants to release at the admittance. He’s glad he’s not the only one that’s turned on by that. “We are two people who have met through extraneous circumstances, but that doesn’t mean we have to feel shame because of it.”

“You’re right, Iggy.” Prompto nods his head, holding tight to his lover’s hand. “What you’re trying to say is that it’s okay for me to call you that, and enjoy it. And vice versa.”


“Thank you.” He nods his head, understanding that there’s nothing wrong with this line of thinking. “That really helps me a lot. It helps you too, right?”

“It does, love.” Ignis holds onto his hand with the same strength. “Come on, we’ve got some pastries to enjoy.” He returns his two hands to the steering wheel, and begins to drive away from the restaurant, heading in the direction of Prompto’s home.

“Yes, we sure do.”

Chapter Text


The drive back to his home seems to go quicker than it did when they returned after church. The box of pastries sit on Prompto’s lap, effectively making it so that Ignis cannot touch him inappropriately, even if it’s on both of their minds. They hold hands between their seats, Ignis’ hand resting on top of his, which is resting on top of the automatic gear shift. Everything about tonight has been perfect, even with the little bump that they experienced before leaving the restaurant. As they pull into the driveway, he looks at their hands and then slowly pulls it away.

“Want to watch a movie, Iggy?” Prompto asks, as they both unbuckle their belts, Prompto keeping the pastries balanced on his knee. “You’re not tired, are you?”

“No, but I could go for a cup of coffee.” Ignis takes the box from him, allowing him to get out of the car with ease. “A movie sounds nice. Let’s change, and then I will brew some coffee for us, if you’ll take care of getting a movie selected?”

“That sounds good to me.” He walks with him up to the front door, and unlocks it using his code. He follows Ignis to the kitchen, the box being set down on the counter, then the two make their way up the stairs to the second floor.

It’s a comfortable silence that they share with each other as they get undressed. Prompto hands Ignis a hanger to use, to which he receives a soft ‘Thank you’ from his lover, bringing a smile to his lips. He grabs his pair of skull pajama pants, and puts them on. He turns to look at Ignis, who is pulling off his own undershirt, which is then thrown at him playfully. He laughs, and puts it on over his head, bringing the ring of the shirt to rest over his nose so he can smell his lover’s deodorant, and that slight hint of incense from the church that seems to cling to Ignis’ body.

“Can I keep wearing this?” He asks, as he sees Ignis put on another shirt, also now in comfortable flannel pajama pants. “I don’t have to, Iggy. I’ve got plenty of shirts I could put on.”

Ignis walks over to him, and pulls him into a hug that Prompto gratefully receives. “I like seeing my clothes on your body, my love.” Ignis murmurs into his ear, as they share a warm embrace. “Wear in tonight, until I take it off of your body to make love to you…”

“I-Iggy…” His eyelids fall closed, as he presses his face against the side of Ignis’ neck. “You want to go get that coffee brewing?” He drops back down to his feet, not realizing he’d lifted himself up to be closer to his lover’s height during their hug. “What sort of movie should we watch tonight?”

“Well, it’s close to Halloween, so would you like to watch a scary movie?” The two walk together out of the bedroom, and begin to make their way back downstairs. They’re almost to the bottom when Prompto hears his cellphone begin to ring.

“Oh, crap!” He starts to walk back up the stairs fast. “I’m okay with a scary movie! I’ll bring up Netflix, ah shit.” He skids across the floor to get to his room faster. “Sorry, Iggy!” He calls out, before picking up his phone and pressing it to his ear, hopefully answering it in time. “H-Hello?”

“Oh, my God. Why are you out of breath? Were you just running?” Luna’s voice comes through the speaker. “Please tell me you were running. I can’t imagine you doing something else that would make you so out of breath.”

Groaning, he starts to walk back out of his bedroom. “Nice, Luna. Are you insinuating that I would be picking up the phone with doing something like…”

“Don’t say it!” She squeals, Prompto easily laughing at how she sounds. “I know you’re not that kind of person to do that. But really - were you just running?”

“I was.” He walks into the family room, and grabs the large blanket off the back of the couch. “I had to run upstairs because I forgot my phone.”

“Upstairs? Oh! Are you already in town? I thought you were driving out tomorrow.”

Crap. “I thought I told you we were coming in to town tonight.” Prompto tries not to let the mild panic he feels come out in his voice. “We got in a little while ago.” Not too much of a lie. He grabs the remote, and moves a few of the throw pillows off the couch so that he and Ignis can sit comfortably together.

He sees Ignis pouring the water into the coffee maker, his heartbeat going a mile a minute as he puts the remote for the smart television that his parents had bought two years ago onto his lap. “Oh, that’s nice. Is Father Scientia with you? Or is he only coming into town tomorrow?”

“He’s going to be spending the night in one of the guest rooms here.” He can feel his hands becoming damp with sweat, as another lie leaves his throat. “We’re going to watch a movie soon, just making some coffee to stay up a little late.”

“Can priests do that?”

Prompto starts to laugh, in relief or because of how nervous he is at the moment, he isn’t sure. “Why not? He’s not Amish, Luna. If you attended mass, you’d know a lot of his sermons draw on pop culture. How else would he know about things like the Avengers, or that kind of stuff, if he didn’t watch the films?”

“I don’t know. Read about them on the internet?”

“Oh, so a priest can look at the internet. Good to know.” He sees Ignis walk into the living room, his eyebrow raised up in question at Prompto’s last statement. He shakes his head, then points to the phone. “So, why are you calling me, Luna? You’re not coming over here now that you know I’m home, right?”

“What? No.” Luna scoffs at that. Prompto holds up the blanket, Ignis coming to sit beside him on the couch. He lets Ignis get a little comfortable before he leans up against him, happy to feel his arms around his waist. “No, I was calling because I wanted to find out what time you wanted to meet up tomorrow. If our teacher….” There’s a momentary pause. “OUR TEACHER IS WITH YOU.”

Holding the phone away from his ear at Luna’s realization, he looks back at Ignis, and sees him covering his mouth. The mirth is clear on his face, as they both share a look at Luna’s expense without her knowing. “Luna, I’m well aware that he’s our teacher. What’s your point? Did you forget that? Why is it important now?”

“I don’t know! It’s weird, okay?? It’s weird that our professor, your PRIEST is at your house right now. I didn’t think priests went out and did that kind of stuff.” His best friend still sounds a little frazzled by recognizing that Prompto is fraternizing with one of their professors outside of class. “And like, is it okay if you’re hanging out with our professor? Is there some rule at St. Lucis that a student can’t hang out with a professor like that?”

His eyes grow wide, wondering if he’d messed up. He looks back at Ignis, and sees him shake his head, the mild panic that had returned disappearing as he leans back against Ignis’ chest. “No, Luna. There’s no rule like that. I’m an adult, and I know how to separate what takes place in the classroom versus what takes place outside of it.” Now, if you asked me the same thing in regards to church, I can’t give you a clear answer. He snorts at his own inner monologue. “As for tomorrow, we can meet up whenever you want. Do you want to get dinner before the show? Or after?”

“How about we get dinner before, and then we’ll get drinks afterwards? There’s a fun bar near the venue where we’re seeing our show.”

There’s a hand on his stomach, Ignis resting his palm against his belly just underneath his shirt. Prompto hums a little in approval at the touch, stretching out a little as he feels Ignis’ hand slide to rest near his belly button. “We may or may not go out to the bar with you.”


“What??” He laughs, happy to hear his best friend wanting to hang out with him more. “Let me see how I feel after the show. Father Scientia has to be back early Sunday morning for church, so we can’t stay out too late.”

At the casual mention of Ignis’ vocation, Prompto feels Ignis’ fingers brush against his crotch, his chest arching up a little at the teasing touch. “There’s a difference between him not staying out late, and you not staying out late.”

“I’m well aware that I’m my own person, thank you very much.” Prompto shifts a little against Ignis, the hand that had been on his stomach is now resting comfortably against his groin. Ignis doesn’t tease him, but he doesn’t need to - Prompto is very aware of how the palm of his hand feels pressed up against his arousal. “Maybe I want to go back to the dorms early too. He’s offered me a ride.”

“I can take you back on Sunday before your five pm mass. That’s when you usually go, isn’t it?”

He groans, his head falling back against Ignis’ chest as he keeps his phone pressed against his ear. “Luna, I’m not going to make any promises right now. Oh, before I forget - is your brother going to be joining us tomorrow night?”

“He’ll be at dinner with us, but then after that, he’s leaving.”

At least it wasn’t going to be a surprise this year. “Why? I thought it was going to be the four of us.”

“No offense, but I’m not sure what it’s going to be like with Father Scientia there with us. Noctis tells me that it won’t be a problem, but I’m worried I’m not going to know what to talk about. At least with Ravus, I know how to have a conversation with him.”

Prompto knows he can’t win Luna over with his words, sighing softly as Ignis’ hand gives a little push up against his crotch. “You’re being difficult right now. You do realize that, right? This is my birthday. You told me I could invite who I wanted. I wanted to invite Father Scientia.” Another gentle push against his cock has his shoulders sagging a bit as he tries to juggle both the conversation, and what’s currently being done to his body. “Stop acting spoiled, Luna. You said this was my birthday weekend. What’s wrong with me wanting to celebrate it that way I want?”

After a brief period of silence, he almost calls out her name when he hears her sigh. “You’re right. I’m sorry, Prompto. I’m just nervous about tomorrow.”

“He’s a person, Luna. Not a deity.” He can feel his lover’s arousal pushing up against his back. He wants to reach behind him, and wants to give Ignis the same sort of touches he’s using on him at the moment, but holding the phone and trying not to make a noise he shouldn’t is taking more effort than he realizes, and adding a third thing into the mix seems like a bad idea. “Look, we’re going to have a lot of fun tomorrow night. I would like to go to the bar afterwards, okay? Does that make you feel a little better about this? Knowing that I’d like to get drunk with you?”

“...Kind of.”

It’s an understanding between the two of them that they do certain things for each other that the other may not like at first, but they won’t make a judgment until they experience it. And it seems like it’s now Prompto’s turn to be in this position, when it had been Luna the last time. And that time had brought both Pryna and Umbra into her life, so maybe it won’t be that bad. “Don’t act bossy with me. I’m not like your other friends, Luna. You can just be yourself. If you’re scared, or worried, or whatever - tell me. Don’t get all crazy about stuff.”

“Why do you even put up with me?”

“Because you’re my best friend, and I love you. Even though you can be pretty crazy sometimes.” He laughs, happy to hear her laughing with him. “Now, I gotta go. Come pick us up at half past five tomorrow? The show’s at eight, right?”

“Yes! Okay, see you both tomorrow night. Have fun watching religious things tonight with him.” Luna teases him. “Good night, Prompto. Love you, bestie.”

“Love you too. Good night.” He ends the call, and waits for the screen to go black before he tosses it to the other end of the couch, and puts his hand under the blanket. “You are so mean to me.” He puts his hand on top of Ignis’ and gives it a squeeze. “Teasing me like that while I’m on the phone.”

“I was doing no such thing.” Ignis’ lips touch the shell of his ear, the warm breath of his laugh sending a slight chill up his spine. “All I was doing was resting my hand.”

“On my…”

“On your…?”

Scrunching up his cheeks, he breathes out hard. “My cock!”

The loud laughter near his ear takes away the pressure on his crotch, as Ignis wraps both arms around his waist, and hugs him tight. “My sweet love,” Ignis rubs his cheek against his face, as he hugs him tighter. “Forgive me for teasing you? It was an opportunity that I could not resist.”

“Fiiiine.” He tries to keep the pout on his face, but Ignis begins to kiss the side of his neck, making it very difficult to keep up the act. “Iggy!” He starts to giggle, as the kisses become more and more aggressive, the giggling turning into mad laughter. “Stop! I surrender!”

“Good.” Ignis touches his face, and turns it up towards him. “I love hearing you surrendering to me.” His fingers stroke his cheek, Prompto closing his eyes at the gentle touch. He waits with bated breath to feel Ignis’ lips on his, the soft touch coming a few moments later. Releasing a breathless sigh against his lover’s lips, he drops his head to rest against Ignis’ chest, perfectly content on their current positions. “Comfortable, love?”

Fingers comb gently through his hair, making him release a contented sigh. “Mmm...yes.” He nods his head, his ear resting near Ignis’ heart. He can hear it beating, the slow steady rhythm. He’s about to comment on it when he hears the timer go off on the coffee pot, a sound he became very attuned to when he was in high school, always needing a little push of caffeine upon returning home from school. “Stay here.” He presses a kiss to Ignis’ neck, his lips touching the small skull pendant that rests near the hollow of Ignis’ throat. “I’ll go get us some coffee, and the pastries.”

“Thank you, love. I’ll find something for us to watch?” Ignis picks up the remote. “If you show me how to use this.”

The blush he sees on his lover’s face brings a smile to his own. “Sure, Iggy. You guys don’t have a television like this at the rectory, do you?”

“I’m afraid not.” It’s amazing to him to see Ignis become so shy, as he sits down next to him. It isn’t something he’s used to, as Ignis - to him, always presents himself with a lot of confidence. “I’m sure it isn’t difficult to figure out, but I would hate to mess up your parents’ settings, or accidentally reprogram it by pushing the incorrect button.”

He laughs, and shakes his head. “Not possible, but I understand. Here.” He holds up the remote, and points to the screen. “You want to turn it on, and then when it comes on, you’ll see a menu that will have a bunch of options. Netflix should be either the first or second option.”

“Thank you, love.” Ignis leans forward, and kisses him softly on the lips. “I appreciate your help.”

“It’s no problem, Iggy.” He gets up, and waits for him to turn the television on. When it comes up to the menu, he looks at his lover. “See? Second option.” Prompto points to the Netflix app.

“As you said it would be.” Ignis hits the button, the familiar sound of the application starting up.

Grabbing the two mugs they’d used in the morning, he pours almost a full cup for Ignis, then pours his two-thirds of the way full, then grabs some peppermint mocha creamer from the fridge and pours some into his coffee. He sees the pastries sitting on the counter, and grabs a plate to put them on. He walks out with Ignis’ cup and the pastries, setting the plate on the coffee table, then hands Ignis his cup of coffee. He goes back and grabs his own mug, then joins Ignis back on the couch, situating himself between his legs, his back to Ignis’ chest.

“What did you decide on?” He asks, taking a sip of his coffee. “Are we watching something scary?”

“No, I didn’t pick a scary movie.” Ignis presses the pause button, the movie beginning. “Should I have?”

“Probably not. I don’t like going to bed scared.” Prompto grabs the plate of pastries, and sets them on his lap. “Which one do you want to eat first?”

A hand sneaks around his side. “I’ll take a cannoli for now.” Ignis kisses his shoulder. “Have you seen this movie?”

“I don’t think so.” Prompto sees it’s an older film from the title sequence alone. He picks up the small Napoleon cake and sets the plate back onto the coffee table. “Have you?”

“I have not. I thought it sounded fun, though.”

“I’m excited to watch something with you that neither of us have seen.” Prompto holds the pastry in one hand, and his coffee in the other. He devours the small cake, and reaches for his own cannoli, not realizing how hungry for sweets he was. These are some of his favorite pastries, and to be eating them again with Ignis really makes him happy.

Halfway through the film, he finishes his coffee, and casually returns to how he’d been laying on Ignis before going to get their coffee. Ignis’ own cup is next to his. The blanket is pulled up to Prompto’s shoulders, Ignis’ arms draped over them underneath the blanket, the two of them engrossed in the film together. It’s the most comfortable he’s ever been in his life, cuddling under the blanket with Ignis. No pressure to have sex, no pressure to want sex. It feels nice to be sharing this with someone that he truly cares about. They are both happy to be existing together in a way that Prompto hasn’t even felt with someone before.

He turns to lay more on side, his hand coming to rest on top of Ignis’. “Are you alright, love?” Ignis whispers into his ear, as he slowly gets himself adjusted into a better position to enjoy the rest of the film. “Do you need for me to move at all?”

“No, please.” Prompto shakes his head, finally finding the perfect position. “You’re perfect the way you are.”

“I could say the same thing to you.”

Now it’s his turn to blush, as he hides his face against Ignis’ chest. “I’m not perfect.”

“You’re perfect to me.”

The credits of the movie begin to roll, and with Netflix’ autoplay feature on, the next recommended movie comes on, but neither of them pay any attention to it. Instead, Prompto stares up at Ignis, sitting up to look him in the eyes. “I love you.” He whispers, afraid that if he speaks too loud, it might ruin the moment he knows they’re sharing right now.

“I love you too.” Ignis smiles, the two staring at each other for a few more minutes before he looks away first. “I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired. The coffee didn’t help at all.”

Prompto yawns at the tired comment, hiding his mouth behind the back of his head. “Well, I was fine until you said you were tired. Now I’m tired too.” Prompto laughs, sitting all the way up. He puts his feet on the floor, and stretches, loving how Ignis’ shirt is a little loose on his body. “Want to go upstairs and get some sleep? Since it sounds like Luna isn’t going to let us sleep a lot tomorrow night.”

“Do you want her to take you home on Sunday?” Ignis asks. “I don’t mind.”

His heart lurches in his chest at the thought of not returning back to St. Lucis with Ignis. “No, Iggy. I want to go back with you.”

“We have to leave around six in the morning.”

“I understand.”

“I don’t want you to end your night early if you’re having fun.”

“Don’t.” Prompto shakes his head, resting his elbows on his knees as he drops his head. “Please, Iggy. I said I want to go back to campus with you. No matter what happens tomorrow night. I’m already not looking forward to it because her brother is going to be there. And never mind that Noctis is going to be there. But at least I won’t be a third wheel on this outing. For once.”

“Hey.” A hand touches his back, Ignis rubbing soothing circles in an attempt to calm him down. Prompto concentrates on those touches, breathing a little easier. “This weekend is supposed to be a nice break for you. Don’t worry - if you’re not feeling it tomorrow, I can make an excuse.”

“I wish it were that simple.” Prompto sighs, then moves to lean up against him. “I’m already going to hate not being able to hold your hand. I’ve got to remember to not be as physical with you as I have been the last few days. Do you see why it’s going to be exhausting for me?”

“I’m going to be sharing the same thoughts as you, Prompto.”

The reality check that they’re both doing this together with knowing that their relationship can’t be known about gives him a small sliver of peace. He has to remember that he’s not alone in this, and that he shouldn’t act as such. “You’re right. We’ll both be miserable together.”

“That’s the spirit.” Ignis chuckles, and keeps his arm around him. “Come on, let’s get to bed. I can sense how tired you are right now, love.”

“I really am.” He nods, rubbing his eyes with another yawn before standing up from the couch. He reaches for the remote, and turns off the television, then sets it back down. “Maybe it’s the wine that’s making me feel really sleepy right now, or maybe it was the blanket. Whatever it is, boy, am I tired.”

“All of the above.” A arm loops around his waist, as they walk towards the stairs together. “Just follow my lead, love.”

Having Ignis taking care of him under his own roof really makes him feel the love surge through his chest. They walk into his bedroom together, Prompto taking off all of his clothes before getting under the sheets. He’s too tired to look at Ignis, but when he feels him press close to his body underneath the covers, he knows that his lover is as naked as he is. The thought brings a smile to his face, even though he physically can’t do anything about it at the moment.

“Love you, Iggy…” He yawns a little, finding the perfect position for his head on his pillow. “Thank you for everything today.”

“You are most welcome, my love.” The warmth of Ignis’ body against his back helps him to relax more. “Sweet dreams, Prompto.”

“You too…” Patting Ignis’ hand that rests on his side, he drifts to sleep with a small smile on his face, happy to have Ignis sleeping next to his side for another night.


The sound of rain striking the windows brings Prompto out of his sleep, his lover’s body still pressed firm against his. He stays still, the sound of Ignis’ soft snores helping to lull him back into slumber for a little bit longer, but the rain proves to be too powerful, rousing him again after another thirty minutes of sleep.

He starts to shift a little, wanting to go drink some water, as his mouth feels incredibly dry at the moment. Thinking he can slip out of Ignis’ arms, he realizes almost too late that it wouldn’t be possible, as the arm that’s around him clamps down tight on his stomach. “Where do you think you’re going?” Ignis mumbles against his neck, Prompto stopping his movements. “Do you need something, love?” A soft yawn follows the question, Ignis’ nose rubbing against the nape of his neck. “I don’t mind getting it for you.”

“You’re a guest in my house, Iggy. Not the other way around.” He smiles, patting his lover’s hand. “I was going to get some water.”

“Stay here. I’ll go take care of it.” Ignis presses a kiss in between Prompto’s shoulder blades, then stands up from the bed.

Prompto rolls onto his back, and admires the naked form of his lover’s body, noticing Ignis’ morning wood is pretty dominant. “Be careful with that thing.” He doesn’t bother to look away, knowing that his lover can feel his eyes on his cock. “Wouldn’t want to poke someone’s eye out with that monster.”

“No, but I can think of a few things it would like to poke.” Ignis winks, then walks over to the door, still very much naked. “Need anything else besides water, love?”

“I don’t think so, Iggy. Thank you.” He smiles, as he watches his lover proceed to walk to the stairs, keeping his eyes on him until he can no longer see him. He looks at the other side of the bed, and sees the bottle of lube resting on the nightstand, and picks it up.

Debating on if he should put it back, or keep it in his hands, he decides on the latter as Ignis’ form becomes visible heading up the stairs, holding two glasses of water. Ignis walks into the room, and walks over to Prompto’s side of the bed. Prompto keeps his palm open, the lube resting in the center of it as he uses his other hand to grab the glass of water offered to him.

“Well, well.” The smirk on Ignis’ face as he brings the water up to his lips makes him almost choke on his swallow of water. “Are you trying to say you’re in the mood, love?” Ignis walks back around the bed, and returns to his side.

It feels good to drink water, Prompto downing almost the entire glass in four large gulps. He sets the empty glass down, and turns to look at his lover with bright eyes. “It would be a waste of a good stiff cock if I didn’t want to do something with it.” Prompto looks at the place between Ignis’ thighs, and sees that he is very hard. “Were you dreaming about me?” He asks, taking the initiative as he moves to straddle Ignis’ thighs facing him.

“You know that I was.” Ignis whispers, the look of pure want becoming very clear on his face, as Prompto holds up the bottle of lube. “What are your plans for that bottle, love?”

“Why do you ask…?”

“I have another gift for you.”

He stops what he’s doing, and stares at him. “What could you possibly be giving to me that would make me want to stop my poor attempt at seducing you?”

“It’s not poor.” Ignis smiles, and brings his lips to Prompto’s, kissing him with a quiet reverence. “I was going to give it to you last night, but then we went to bed.”

Blushing, he moves so he’s no longer sitting on his lover’s thighs. “Alright, Iggy. What else did you get for me?”

“Something that is very relevant to our interests at the moment.”

The blush on his cheeks steadily turns to a flush, as he moves to lay on his back, as he watches Ignis go over to the bag he’d brought with them from St. Lucis. “Now I’m scared.” Prompto whispers, shaking his head. “What is it?”

“Something that I think will help you in becoming more comfortable with your body.” Ignis smirks, as he sits back down on the bed, holding a box in his hand. “Would you like to open it?”

Prompto stares at the box, as he sits back up. He reaches for the box, and holds it in his hands, trying to guess what it is by the weight that’s there. Unwrapping it, his mouth drops open, as he looks at the package. “Are you serious?” He asks, opening the box. “You bought me a dildo??”

“It was a bad idea, wasn’t it.” Ignis reaches for the box, but Prompto pulls it back.

“No!” He shakes his head, his fingers trembling as he pulls the silicone dildo out of the box. It’s a pale color, almost close to his own skin tone. It’s a little thick, and is the exact shape of a cock - veins and all. “H-How…?”

“How, what? How do you use it?” His lover teases him, as he turns the toy over in his hands. “How did I buy it? How will it feel inside of you?”

He can feel his arousal growing tenfold with each question that Ignis teases him with. “Yes.” He replies, as Ignis’ hand touches his shoulder, gently easing him to lay onto his back.

“How about I show you, love?” Ignis’ voice drops an octave, picking up the bottle of lube that Prompto had dropped onto the bed. “You’re not mad I bought you something like this, are you?”

“Why would I be?” His own voice shakes as he moves with Ignis’ touches. He bends his left knee, bringing it up towards his chest. “I just….I didn’t expect something like this, Iggy…”

“That’s why it’s the perfect surprise.” His lover’s lips touch the tip of his cock, Prompto releasing a soft whine at the gentle touch. “I’ve already cleaned it, as I had a feeling we might be using it when I gave it to you.”

“B-But it’s new….right?”

His lover chuckles low, as the sound of more lube being poured mixes with the sound of the rain pelting the windows. “Yes, Prompto. I can assure you it is very new, never been used. I would not lie to you.”

“I know you wouldn’t….” He gasps when something hard pushes up against his entrance. “Y-You’re just going to put it in??”

“I’ll use my fingers to prep you first, but yes - I’m going to put it in you. It’s going to help you get loose for me. But you have to relax…” Ignis’ words help to push away the anxiety he begins to feel. He wants to ask if it’s weird that they’re doing this first thing in the morning, but what’s the difference between now, and later in the day? Nothing at all. “It may hurt a little, but your body will get used to it.”

Prompto nods his head, as one of Ignis’ fingers works its way into his body. “I understand, Iggy…”

Two more fingers are added to the first over the next few minutes, Prompto tucking his left arm under his left knee, helping him keep it in its place as he feels Ignis stretching him open. His lover’s fingers soon disappear, and something hard, but with a little give begins to push against his entrance. His eyes close as the tip of the dildo is pushed into him, his body accepting the toy as Ignis gently pushes it into his body.

“That’s it, love…” He hears raw lust coating Ignis’ voice, his own body responding in kind to the way he’s spoken to. “Look at you, you’re taking it in so well. Does it feel nice…?”

“It feels...strange.” Prompto can feel it pushing up against his inner walls like a cock would, but it doesn’t feel like a cock. But it’s close - very close. “B-But good…” He nods his head, as he lifts his other knee up. “D-Do you use one of these?”

“Mine are a little different, but yes.” Ignis nods his head, as he pushes the dildo in a little further. “I have one similar to this, and one that vibrates.”

“V-Vibrates?” He can’t imagine what that would feel like. It’s intense on its own, but adding a different element to it makes him groan low. The thickness pushes further into him, then pulls out, Ignis mimicking how he would be using his cock. “A-Are they hiding in your dresser at the rectory, Father…?”

“Yes.” His lover moans low, Prompto groaning as Ignis puts one hand on his knee, pushing down on it as he slides the dildo further into his body. “It’s hidden away. I only use it on special occasions.”

His eyes roll to the back of his head, as the tip of the dildo just barely brushes against his prostate, a deep moan leaving his throat. “Have you used it recently…?”

“I have.” Ignis’ low moans fill his ears, as he falls deaf to his own rich moans as he’s teased more by the dildo.

“You thought of me, didn’t you, Father…?”

“You know that I did.” The word are whispered, as the toy inside of him is twisted a tiny bit, bringing a burst of pleasure through Prompto’s body. “You are the only one I think of when I pleasure my own body.”

He rolls his head to the side, as the dildo is pushed further into his body. “Y-You’re the only one...I think about too…God, that feels so good….Why does it feel so good?” He tries to process it, but the more the toy slides in and out of him, the more he doesn’t care about an answer. The more it’s twisted and turned inside of him, the more he wants to feel his lover’s cock. “F-Father….put it in me…”  

The toy is pulled from his body, leaving him utterly empty, a protesting whine leaving his throat at the loss. He’s pulled up, and brought to be sitting back on Ignis’ thighs, his eyes looking down as he sees his lover coating his own cock with lube. “Do you want it, love…?” Ignis asks, as Prompto lines himself up so that his knees are on either side of Ignis’ knees. “The toy should make this not hurt that much, but if it does….go slow…”

“I will…” Prompto nods his head, groaning low as he feels the tip of Ignis’ cock start to push against the rim. “Nnnngh….I-Iggy…”

“Sit down on it….Come on, love….Take a seat on my cock…”

His hands go to Ignis’ shoulders, as he lowers himself down, Ignis’ cock slipping all the way inside of him with no resistance whatsoever. He moans low, his fingers digging into Ignis’ shoulders as his ass rests flush to Ignis’ thighs, his lover’s cock buried deep inside of him. It feels much better than the toy does - something about the firmness of his lover’s cock is more enjoyable than the silicone representation of it. “God, your cock…”

“It feels good to be back inside of you…” Ignis moans, his hands giving Prompto’s waist a squeeze. “God, Prompto…”

“F-Father…” He releases a needy moan, as Ignis thrusts his hips up, the tip of his cock hitting his prostate. Gyrating his hips, he pushes himself up and down on Ignis’ cock, every little roll giving him the satisfaction he’s been craving. “Father, it feels so good….”

“I know, my love…”

Covered in sweat, Prompto drops down until his chest is pressed up against Ignis’, the hands on his hips sliding down to his ass, spreading his cheeks apart to penetrate him deep. Prompto can only moan against Ignis’ neck as he grinds himself down onto his lover’s cock, his own cock trapped between their bodies. “I-Ignis….Ignis, please…” He moans, every syllable dripping with pure ecstasy. “S-So….close….I…”

Everything stops as his body reaches its peak. The groan that he releases makes his throat feel raw, as his cum starts to eject out of his body, coating their chests in the filth, his head buzzing as his orgasm spreads throughout his body. He hears his lover say a string of prayers, and then the delightful rush of Ignis’ orgasm propels Prompto into another miniature orgasm, his body responding in kind to the shared plane of heightened euphoria.

Too tired to move, he rests against Ignis for a few moments, then slowly peels himself off of his lover. “Here, I’ll get us a towel.” He squeezes his ass, not wanting to drip everywhere as he bends down to grab one of the towels they’d used the day before. He’s quick to wipe himself off, then gives Ignis the clean side of the towel before laying back down on the bed. “Wow, Iggy. That gift…”

“Did you like it?” Ignis asks, curling up next to his side, peppering his shoulder with kisses. “If you didn’t, I won’t be disappointed. I knew it was a gamble.”

“No, I loved it.” He smiles, and lowers his head to kiss Ignis on the lips. “You keep surprising me. Please tell me you don’t have any more surprises.”

“No more surprises, love. That was the last one.”

“Okay, good.”

They rest for a little while longer, then make their way down the hall to the bathroom. This time, the two of them only shower, still riding their pleasant orgasmic high, no need to chase it with another one so soon. Prompto gets cleaned up, keeping his back turned so that Ignis doesn’t have to see it, even though he knows his lover doesn’t care.

Ignis makes them breakfast, another filling meal of eggs, oven cooked bacon, and hash browns. With the rain still going, Prompto suggests more cuddles on the couch, to which his lover wholeheartedly agrees with. They spend the day resting on the couch together, with a few touches here and there, but for the most part, they behave themselves. Five in the afternoon creeps up on them a lot faster than either of them expect, both heading back up to the bedroom with a little heavier footsteps.

“Alright, so, Noctis and Luna have been together since we were in high school. She’s his world, and he’s hers.” Prompto spits his toothpaste out after brushing his teeth, then rinses his mouth out. They’re in the bathroom together getting ready, Prompto talking out of nervous habit. “Her brother Ravus is a little older than you. Early thirties.” Their shirts are hanging up behind them, both dressed in their suit pants and undershirts. “Luna has two dogs now.”

“Right. From the shelter. Does she know I suggested you go there?” Ignis asks, as he starts to button up a long sleeved black shirt.

“No, not exactly.” He shakes his head, as he pulls on his own white button up shirt. “She thinks I’ve been interning at the church, like you suggested. So, please - go with the lie?” He puts his leather cuff on, hiding it underneath his shirt sleeve.

“I will, love.” They both finish buttoning up their shirts. Ignis turns to face him, Prompto meeting his gaze. “We’ve got nothing to worry about. Everything is going to be great tonight.”

“So you say.” He whines a little, but as Ignis’ lips touch his, it turns into a soft moan. “God, how am I going to keep my hands to myself?”

“We will be able to do it. You’ll see. We’ve done it before. We will do it again.”

“I hope so, Iggy.”

Fixing their ties, Prompto looks at the two of them in the mirror. “Another picture?” He pulls his phone out, and holds it up. Tonight he’s wearing a full black suit, a black vest, and a green tie. Ignis is wearing a black on black suit, Prompto expecting to see the white collar around his neck, but instead a beautiful dark grey tie sits at his throat. “You look so handsome, Iggy.”

“So do you, my love.” Ignis smiles.

He snaps another quick selfie, then makes his way to the stairs. He hears the doorbell ring as he’s halfway down the stairs, and then hears Luna tapping away the code on the door. She’s known the code since they had it installed on the door, and Prompto never thought to tell her not to use it this weekend. He looks back over his shoulder, and sees Ignis following behind him, the warm smile on his face helping to calm him down, as the anxiety begins to creep back into his body.

“Remember, whatever happens, it will be okay.” Ignis whispers into his ear, Prompto nodding his head as he waits at the foot of the stairs for Luna to open the door.

Please God, let tonight go well. Please. 

Chapter Text


"Remember, whatever happens, it will be okay.” Ignis whispers into his ear, Prompto nodding his head as he waits at the foot of the stairs for Luna to open the doo

Please, God, let tonight go well. Please.


The door swings open, revealing Luna in a black and white evening gown, beautiful jewels decorating her ears and neck, her hair in a semi-formal updo. “Prompto!” She calls out, looking towards the living room first. “Prooooomp-to.” Her voice changes on the second syllable of his name, Prompto grinning as he walks across the foyer to greet her.

“You look beautiful!” He hugs his best friend, laughing as he hears her starting to squeal in his arms as he spins her around. “That dress is stunning on you!” Any worry he’d been feeling the last half hour seems to slip away as he realizes that Ignis is right. Everything will be okay. “Gosh, I feel like I’m not wearing something nice enough.”

“Oh, stop.” She laughs, as he sets her back down on the ground. “You look very handsome! You know I love the way you look when you dress sharp like that.” She looks over his shoulder, as Prompto starts to step to the side. “Hello, Father.”

Prompto feels his heart jump in his throat, as he sees Ignis approach the two of them with a smile on his face. “Miss Fleuret, it’s nice to see you this evening. Thank you for allowing me to join your festivities this evening for Prompto.” He holds his hand out to her, that fear returning as he knows this is the first time they’re interacting with one another outside of their normal school setting. “And please, no need to address me in such a manner tonight. I would love for you to call me by my first name - Ignis.”

“Are you sure that’s okay?” Luna asks, taking his hand tentatively. Prompto watches them, and smiles when he sees her looking at him. “Prom? Is it okay??”

“It’s his name, Luna.” He laughs, and nods his head. “If that’s what he wants, why not? It’s like if I asked you to stop calling me Prom, and call me Prompto.” He looks over at the door, and sees Noctis is standing outside on the porch. “Hey, Noct. You can come inside.” He walks over to his best friend’s boyfriend, and gives him a quick hug. “You look great.”

“Thanks.” Noctis is dressed similarly to what both he and Ignis are wearing - a black suit with a deep red button up shirt, and a black bow tie around his neck. “So, this is your teacher?”

“In so many words.” Ignis appears behind Prompto, and offers his hand to Noctis. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Noctis, I presume?”

“Correct.” Prompto can feel his body drawn to Ignis’, wanting to be closer to him than they are now. After spending the entire day together laying in each other’s arms, it feels strange to be so far away from him. “It’s nice to meet you, Ignis.”

Luna loops her arm around Noctis’ arm, steering them all back over towards the front door. “Ravus is meeting us at the restaurant. He wanted to make sure that we would get a table, as they didn’t have open reservations for tonight.” She looks over her shoulder at Prompto, who is trying to keep his distance from Ignis but trying to make it look like he’s not acting weird. “I brought my car, but we can always leave it somewhere overnight and take a cab back if necessary.”

“Or, I won’t drink.” Noctis unlocks the car for them. “It doesn’t matter to me. You should have fun.”

Prompto shakes his head. “No, if we’re going to have fun tonight, then I think all of us should be able to enjoy some alcohol. We don’t have to worry about it right now, right?” He watches as Ignis goes around the car, and stands at the back passenger door.

“Do priests drink, Ignis?” Luna asks, as they all get into the car together. “Or like, is there a rule that prohibits priests from drinking. You know, like that whole ‘no sex’ thing.”

This is it. This is how I die. Prompto prays that his face doesn’t look as hot as it feels, as he struggles to get his seat belt to buckle properly. “There are no rules such as that when it comes to what priests can and cannot do.” Ignis reaches over, and helps him to get the seat belt to cooperate, the gentle touch of his fingers on Prompto’s helping to stop the paranoia from creeping into his mind. “I like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, and have been known to enjoy libations from time to time. Do I get drunk and say mass? Of course not. But in the comfort of the rectory? Yes.”

“All the priests I ever met were stuffy, and weren’t any fun at all.” Prompto gives Ignis a silent ‘thank you’ after he pulls his hands away as he listens to Luna continue her dialogue with him. “I always assumed that was part of your job. To not have fun.”

“Luna…” Prompto had hoped that Luna wouldn’t start off like this to begin with. “How about you give Ignis a little bit of a chance first before you start making comments like that. He’s my friend, and I’m happy that he’s here with us tonight.”

“I know. I’m sorry, Professor.” Luna looks back over her shoulder, as Noctis starts the car. “It is a little weird not seeing you in your priest clothes, though.”

Ignis chuckles, and presents himself as if he has no cares in the world. Prompto wishes he could have the same confidence right at this moment, but the panic that he thought had disappeared is back tenfold, as reality begins to sink in that this is actually happening. “I was informed that it would make you feel more comfortable if I did not wear those types of clothes this evening.”

“That’s because Prompto thinks it’ll help me. But really, I don’t think it matters. You’re always a priest, with or without the clothes.” She turns back around as they make their way down the street, and head onto the highway.

“I think it’s nice that you’re here.” Noctis comments, keeping his eyes on the road. “It’s nice that Prompto has some new friends.”

Sitting in the backseat with Ignis proves to be another test for Prompto, as they both sit behind  Noctis and Luna, leaving the middle seat open. But his knees are spread apart, as are Ignis’, and he can feel how close they are to one another. All it would take is one tiny shift, and his knee will be touching his. “You act as if you two are my only friends.” Prompto laughs, as he decides to do it, and feels another brief sense of relief as Ignis gently pushes his knee against his in return. “I have other friends, you know.”

“No, you don’t. But neither do we.” Luna looks over her shoulder, and laughs. “There’s nothing wrong with that, right, babe?” She asks Noctis, who nods his head. “Ignis - has Prompto told you about the time we all went on a vacation together?”

“I don’t believe he has.” Ignis shakes his head, Prompto groaning as he leans his head back against the backseat. His left hand drops to the side, resting it with his palm facing down on the open space between them. His breath hitches when he feels Ignis’ hand land on top of his, his stomach churning as he feels Ignis’ fingers slide between his. “Where did you all take a vacation together?”

“We only went upstate, but let me tell you. I know you know he likes to go to mass, right?” Prompto keeps his eyes forward, afraid to look anywhere else because he doesn’t want to give away what he’s currently feeling right now. The tips of Ignis’ fingers lightly stroke the sides of his own fingers, as the conversation continues. “Well, when we got up there, he immediately went to the front desk to ask where the nearest Catholic church was. Turns out the owner was a devout Catholic, so he took Prompto with him to church that weekend.”

“That man was nice.” Prompto huffs out, slowly turning his hand over to feel Ignis’ palm touch his. “And it’s not like I did something bad. I went to the amusement park with you. I didn’t skip out on having fun. I also went to church.” Fingers touch the center of his palm, making his stomach churn in a pleasant manner as he feels Ignis continue to stroke his palm. He turns his head slightly, biting the corner of his lip as he sees Ignis keep his eyes forward. Ignis returns his palm to be against his, Prompto mentally sighing with relief as the slight torture stops.

“We had fun that weekend.” Noctis looks at him through the rearview mirror, his chest constricting as both he and Ignis freeze their movements. “That amusement park was a blast. Maybe we could all go there again over the Thanksgiving holiday. Might be nice. Ignis, would you be able to join us?”

“I would have to see.” The breath he’d been holding is slowly released with a soft exhale. Ignis’ palm is no longer touching his, but the tips of his fingers are. They dance lightly over his palm, sending little waves of pleasure through his body at the teasing touch. “I was lucky enough that Father Bradham was alright with me taking this time off for the weekend. With the holiday so close to Advent, I might not be able to.”

“If you can, great. You are invited.” Luna nods her head in agreement with Noctis. “We should be at the restaurant in about five minutes.”

“Thanks, Noct.” Prompto pulls his hand away from Ignis’, his heart still racing from seconds ago. “Luna, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

“We only ate brunch today, so how do you think I feel?” She laughs, and pulls down the visor to check her makeup. “Did I tell you how handsome you look tonight, Prom? Those new workouts of yours are really helping you look good. I don’t think I’ve seen you looking this healthy in a long time.”

Now he knows his blush is visible, but he can’t hide this one. “A-Ah, thanks. It’s a good workout regime I have. Finally found one that works, and doesn’t feel like it’s going to kill me.”

“Do you work out, Ignis?” Luna asks, as Noctis pulls into a parking garage. “Like, what do you do all day when you’re not teaching, or saying mass?”

The amicable laugh that leaves his lover’s throat brings a smile to Prompto’s face. “I do exercise, yes. I like to go run around campus. I don’t have a lot of downtime, but I make sure to schedule enough time to get some physical exercise done. It’s good for one’s health to keep their body in tip top shape.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

Prompto closes his eyes, as the car rolls to a stop. “I have a feeling you will be asking those all night.” Ignis teases, and nods his head. “Please, ask as many questions as you’d like. I will do my best to answer them.”

“Is it weird to be friends with Prompto, when you’re his teacher and his priest?”

“Luna!” He groans, and unbuckles his seat belt. “Why does it matter?”

“I’m just curious!”

Ignis shakes his head. “No, I don’t find it weird at all. I think that what Prompto and I share together outside of school is a friendship not unlike the one you two share together.”

“So, are you saying that Prompto is your best friend? Do you not have any friends either, Ignis?”

His heart hammers hard in his chest, as he begins to feel like he’s moving through a lucid dream. He can’t actively participate in this conversation, and it’s starting to feel more and more surreal the more Luna asks these personal questions. “Being a priest, I am not afforded a lot of time to make many friends. Yes, I have a few, some that are far away - and some that are close, like Prompto. Is he my best friend? I believe that he already has a best friend, so therefore I cannot claim that stake on him.”

“Well, Noctis is also my best friend.” Luna shrugs her shoulders, as they all get out of the car together. “There’s nothing wrong with having multiple best friends.”

“Yes, but you and Mr. Caelum are in a relationship, so it would make sense that the two of you share a camaraderie that cannot be replicated by another person.”

Noctis snorts. “Please, don’t call me that. Noctis is fine.”

“I was being polite.” Ignis nods his head.

“Is it hot? It feels hot.” Prompto’s fingers go to the tie around his throat, as he feels like he’s dying to take a deep breath. All of this talk about being someone’s best friend, and insinuating that lovers should be best friends too is making him have a minor meltdown. This conversation is too much for him to handle at the moment. “I thought it wasn’t going to be warm tonight.”

“Prompto, are you mad? It’s cold.” Luna laughs, and loops her arm around his. “Come on. The restaurant is over there.” She pulls him away from Ignis and Noctis and speaks in a soft voice for only Prompto to hear. “Hey, I’m not being rude, am I? You’re not mad at me, right?”

He wants to cry. He can’t tell her why he’s acting like this without giving something away, and is slowly nearing the end of his rope. But he smiles, and shakes his head. “No, you’re not being rude. I know you have a lot of questions. I should have prepared myself better.” Prompto gives his best friend a weak smile, still feeling a little dazed by the conversation that he’d just listened to. If his thoughts were correct, then that means that Ignis is as close to him as a best friend would be, as his relationship with Ignis is very similar to what Luna and Noctis have together. This is love. “I’m sure Iggy doesn’t mind all the questions.”

“Iggy??” Luna looks up at him, the two of them eye level this evening thanks to her wearing high heels. “You call him Iggy?”

“Yeah.” Prompto tries not to falter too much as they keep walking towards the door. Again, that strange sensation of being in a lucid dream starts to come over him. “I also call him Father Scientia, and Ignis.”

“Why not call him Father Ignis?”

It’s a good question, albeit it a little strange to hear coming from his best friend. “It doesn’t feel right to call him that.”

“Ah, okay.” Luna nods her head. “Well, Iggy is a cute name. I gotta say, it’s a trip to see him in something other than his priest clothes.”

“Thanks, I think. And right? It’s like he’s a normal person.” Teasing her, he ducks before she can punch him playfully. Prompto opens the door for her, then keeps it open as he watches Noctis follow her in, with Ignis following behind him. “Are you okay?” He asks, taking a moment to talk to him in private.

“I think so.” Ignis nods his head, dropping his voice. “Are you, love?”

“I’m managing.”

“I’m know. Me too.”

They share a smile, and then Prompto follows him into the restaurant. It’s busy for a Saturday night, the crowds from the theater here to enjoy a meal before the show starts, as well as other folks wanting to enjoy a night out on the town. He can feel people looking at him, but he knows it’s because they are dressed a lot nicer than most people visiting the restaurant. Prompto keeps his head held high, and walks over to where Luna is standing.

“Did Ravus get us a table?” He asks, as he sees her texting. “Are you talking to him right now?”

“I am. He says they’re towards the back by a large booth.”

“I mean, your brother is pretty easy to pick out.” He laughs, and looks across the restaurant. “I see him.” He holds up his hand to wave. “Come on, let’s go and sit down?”

“I’m behind you.” Luna replies, as Prompto begins to make his way through the crowded restaurant.

He gets to the table first, and sees a beautiful woman sitting next to Ravus. Shoulder length silver hair pulled back in a ponytail, bangs framing her angular face, and stunning black dress on her body, complimenting the man sitting next to her in a black suit. “Hi, Ravus.” He holds his hand up. “Sorry we’re a little late. Traffic wasn’t that great.”

“It’s not a problem. Happy birthday, Prompto.” Ravus stands up, as Luna, Noctis and Ignis arrive at the table behind him. “Luna, you’re looking lovely this evening.”

“Thanks, Ravus.”


The woman sitting at the table stands up, Prompto following her eyes as she looks at Ignis. Specs? Who’s that? He’s about to say something, when he sees Ignis’ face light up. “What a nice surprise this is.” Ignis walks around the table, and embraces the woman, Prompto trying not to die from shock. “Aranea, what on earth are you doing in Insomnia?”

“I could say the same thing to you!” The woman, Aranea, comments with a big smile on her face. “Ravus, you didn’t tell me that your sister was bringing someone else!”

Stilling trying to piece things together, Prompto stares blankly at the way the two are familiar with one another, feeling something like lead curling in his stomach as he sees how happy Ignis is. “It’s my fault, Aranea.” Luna speaks up before Ravus can start to defend himself. “I didn’t tell him specifics - I just said that Prompto was bringing a friend from school, and he happened to be our professor.”

“So, you became a professor, huh?” Aranea smiles, and gives Ignis another hug. “Damn, it’s good to see you, Specs.”

Someone touches his shoulder, Prompto almost letting out a startled yelp when he sees it’s Noctis standing next to him. “You want some water, Prompto?”

“N-No, I’m okay.” He shakes his head, snapping back into the present. “Should we sit down?” He asks, hoping his voice doesn’t waver as bad as he thinks it does.

Ignis pulls away from Aranea, and goes to stand beside Prompto. “Aranea and I went to college together.” He informs the table, as they all get situated in their seats. “Before I went to seminary.” He reaches over to shake Ravus’ hand. “Please, feel free to call me Ignis. You don’t have to call me Specs.”

“Right. He always talked about how he was going to become Cardinal one day, and I told him he had to become a priest first.” Aranea laughs, then reaches over to put her hand on top of Ravus’ arm. “Sweetie, did you want to give Prompto his gift now, or later?”

As if this night couldn’t get any stranger, he watches as Ravus holds up a bag for him. “I understand that this birthday is a special one.” He hands the bag over to Prompto, who rests it in his lap. “Might I suggest that you sip this, and don’t shoot this.”

“Oh, wow.” He pulls a bottle of cognac from the bag, impressed by how fancy the bottle looks. “Thanks, Ravus. You didn’t have to get me something.”

“Yeah, Ravus. You really didn’t.” Luna throws a glare at her brother. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to buy him a gift? You didn’t have to do that.”

“He’s twenty-one, Lunafreya. Of course I’m going to buy him something.”

Prompto puts the bottle back into the bag, and sets it between his and Ignis’ chairs. “I think the last birthday you gave me something was for my eighteenth.”

“See? Another important birthday.” Ravus defends himself. “Noct - would you please explain to my sister why I did what I did?”

Noctis shrugs his shoulders, picking up his water glass to take a sip. “He wants Prompto to know he cares. Let him.”

“I didn’t say he couldn’t!” Luna defends herself.

“Are you alright?” Ignis whispers near his ear, as he bends over to make sure the bottle doesn’t fall over. “I’m sorry - was my behavior bad?”

“N-No, it’s fine. We’ll talk later.” He whispers back, blinking away tears that seem to manifest out of nowhere. It isn’t fair for him to assume something, when he knows in his mind that Ignis isn’t the type of person to lie to him. How was he supposed to know that an old friend from college was going to be there?  He didn’t, and Prompto has to remember that. But he can’t help but replay the moment Ignis had seen Aranea over and over in his mind, the empty feeling in his stomach increasing with each replay.

Sitting back up, he sees that a waiter has arrived at their table, and listens to Ravus order two bottles of wine for the table, Prompto wanting to protest at the extravagance, but then remembers there are six of them, and two bottles seems to be a good amount for the table at two glasses each. They order appetizers for the table, then ask the waiter to come back for their dinner orders, wine now being poured by the waiter into each of their glasses.

“When’s the last time you saw each other?” Luna asks, as the conversation turns back to Aranea and Ignis. “You two weren’t…”

“What? No.” Ignis almost chokes on his wine, Prompto feeling a little better at the comment, silently thanking Luna for bringing it up when he knows he could never ask. Not in the present company. “No, Aranea and I were good friends. That’s all.”

“We also went to college a thousand miles away from here. You teach at St. Lucis?” Aranea asks, as the last glass of wine is poured.

“I do.”

“Hold that thought?” Luna asks, as the table quiets down. “I’d like to propose a toast. To the birthday boy - Prompto. It isn’t every year you get to celebrate your birthday twice.”

“We did this last year.” Noctis reminds her.

“Shush!” His best friend shakes her head. “Alright, fine. It isn’t every year you turn twenty-one. Happy birthday, Prompto!”

He raises his glass up, and takes a tiny sip, smiling politely as everyone wishes him a happy birthday before taking a sip of their own drink. Something warm touches his knee under the table, the tears coming back as he feels Ignis’ hand trying to help alleviate any worry he might be feeling at the moment. But as he listens to Aranea and Ignis talk more, he can’t help but feel like he’s on the outside, when he should be actively participating in the conversation too.

Scooting back, he excuses himself from the table and makes his way to the restroom, needing a few moments alone to get his emotions under control. He locks himself in the last stall, and leans against the wall, staring up at the ceiling. Dear God - this isn’t what I meant when I had asked for tonight to go well. I don’t know who this woman is, and I don’t know what these thoughts in my head are about. Why does my chest hurt right now? Why do I feel like I’m not here right now? Please, I need your guidance. I don’t know what to do.

The door to the restroom opens with a soft squeak. “Prompto?” Ignis’ voice carries through the quiet room. “Prompto, are you in here?”

“I am.” He calls out, and soon sees a pair of shoes in front of his stall. “I just needed a few minutes alone.”

“May I come in?” Ignis asks, the feet coming closer to the stall. “Please?”

“I don’t know.” He whispers, the tears that have been threatening to fall for the past half hour finally making their appearance as they travel down his cheeks. “I’m really confused right now, Iggy.”

“Please. Let me in?”

His hand reaches for the lock, and pulls on it, allowing Ignis to enter the stall with him. “I don’t know why I’m feeling this way right now.” He whispers, as he watches Ignis lock the stall. “But I don’t feel good. My stomach hurts. My chest hurts.”

“You’re jealous.” Ignis stands in front of him, a thoughtful look on his face. “But I’m not sure I understand why.”

“Why??” He tries to control his voice, knowing that they have limited time at the moment. He has to make this quick, because at any minute Noctis and or Ravus could decide to come and check up on them, and he doesn’t want that to happen. He doesn’t know how Ignis slipped away himself to come in here, as he for sure thought that Luna would send Noctis to check up on him. “You hug a complete stranger - okay, I know she’s not now, but still. This woman and you were friends back at college. I’m sorry, but I think the confusion I’m feeling right now is warranted.”

“But why are you jealous? You know that I’m not attracted to her. You know that my heart belongs to to you.” Ignis whispers, his hands coming to rest on his face. The touch of his thumbs wiping away the tears cause more to fall from the corners of his eyes. And yet, Prompto turns into the touch because it feels good to have Ignis comforting him. “I’m sorry I reacted before having a chance to explain. But I haven’t seen her in years, Prompto. Years.”

Prompto nods his head, sniffling a little. “I get it. It’s like if Luna and I didn’t see each other for a long time, and then were reunited unexpectedly.”

“Well, Aranea isn’t my best friend, but she is a good friend.” Ignis strokes his cheeks a little more. “Would you like to know something before we go back out there?” He nods his head, still sniffling a little as he tries to calm himself down more. “That feeling you have here?” Ignis touches his chest. “That’s what I felt that day I ran away from you - the day I heard you talking about going on a date with a girl.”

Knowing that Ignis has felt this strange sensation in his gut makes him feel mildly better. “Why are we even doing this?” He whispers. “I’d rather be back at my parent’s house right now, spending more time alone with you. I hate this.”

“No, you don’t.” Ignis pulls both hands away from his face. “You’re going to have a great time tonight. Come on, let’s go wash up and then we’ll go back to the table, and act like nothing out of the ordinary happened.”

He nods his head, but before the door opens, he rises up to the balls of his feet and presses a quick kiss to Ignis’ lips. “Thank you for coming in here to make sure I was okay, even if it was your fault.” He teases, feeling a little more like himself as he walks out of the stall and heads to where the sinks are.

“Trust me, it took a little finesse. Luna really wanted Noctis to come in here and find you.” Ignis stands behind him, as he washes off his face to take away any evidence he’d been crying. “Noctis told me to go.”

“I kinda figured it would have been him, so it was a nice surprise to hear your voice, but not. If that makes sense.” Prompto wipes his face off with a paper towel, and throws it into the bin.

“It makes perfect sense, and again, I’m sorry.” The sincerity he hears in his lover’s voice lets Prompto know that he’s telling the truth. “And I’m going to apologize for anything that might happen during dinner with her in advance, as we have a lot of history.”

He looks at Ignis through the reflection of the mirror, and says the one thing he knew. “I know Luna asked, but I need to hear it again. Did you date her?”


“Does she know you’re….?” He gestures between the two of them.

“She had her suspicions, which I never said yes or no to while we were at school together.”

Prompto takes a deep breath, and nods his head. “I appreciate your honesty. I’ll try and remember these things if something else makes me feel awful.”

He doesn’t say anything else, as they head out of the bathroom together. Pulling his chair back out, he sees their appetizers have arrived, but no one has touched them. “You guys, you could have started eating without us.” He says, as he puts his napkin back onto his lap. “Sorry for taking a few minutes.”

“It’s okay.” Luna looks at him, and smiles. “They literally just brought them out to us. You can see the steam, see?” She points to the spinach artichoke dip that sits in the middle of the table. “You didn’t miss much.”

“Would it be alright if Ignis says a blessing before we eat?” Prompto asks, hoping it doesn’t inconvenience his friends. He sees them nod their head, then turns to look at Ignis. “Would that be alright?”

“I would be honored.” Ignis flashes him a smile, a smile he remembers seeing earlier in the day as they were laying on the couch together, taking away the small hit of anxiety that seems to be lingering inside of his mind. “Let us pray.” Prompto bows his head, and hopes that the rest of the table is showing Ignis the same respect, but if they’re not, that’s not on his conscience. “Dear Lord, thank You for these gifts we’re about to receive. Thank You for bringing such kind people into our lives, and giving us a reason to be together to celebrate Prompto’s birth. We ask that you give us Your Blessing. In Your name we pray. Amen.”

He makes the sign of the cross, saying a soft ‘Amen’, then lifts his head to look around the table. “What did we miss?” He asks, picking up his glass of wine to take a sip.

“We were discussing what it’s like to be in class with Specs.” Aranea reaches over to spoon some of the dip onto her bread plate, Prompto reaching for one of the southwestern egg rolls they had ordered. “Because from what I remember, Specs was quite the orator.”

“He is.” Prompto nods his head, feeling marginally more comfortable with the flow of this conversation. “He teaches our class like it’s a story, and makes it very easy to retain information.”

“Easy for you to say.” Luna interjects, which makes everyone laugh around the table.

He takes another bite of his eggroll. “He’s the same way at church, though. The sermons he gives are very inspiring. I’m fairly certain that everyone that attends mass at St. Lucis gets excited when they see that he’ll be leading mass.”

“You are too kind, Prompto.” Ignis replies in a humble voice.

“How interesting.” Ravus picks up a chip, and uses the dip on Aranea’s plate. “Do you teach a lot of classes, Ignis?”

Picking up his glass of wine, Prompto looks at Ignis as he talks. “I do. I have three classes on Monday and Wednesday, then I teach a class on Tuesday afternoons. It’s a lot of work, but it’s what I love to do.”

“So, being a priest isn’t your first love?” Noctis asks, looking across the table. “Sorry, I’m not religious. If I’m being rude, please let me know.”

Something warm returns to his thigh under the table, Prompto bringing his glass up to his lips with his right hand, and sneaks his left hand underneath the table to rest it on top of Ignis’. “My first love will always be to God. But through my love for Him, He’s brought the gift to teach. And I think that I am a fair teacher.” The fingers on top of his give a gentle push, Prompto taking to heart the words his lover is saying.

“I’ve never had a problem in your class.” Luna comments, as she reaches for some of the dip.

“That in and of itself is a miracle.” Ravus responds, Prompto laughing at the way the two look at one another. “I’m sure Ignis has had to control rolling his eyes by the questions you ask in his classroom.”

“No, as a matter of fact, Luna has always been an exemplary student.” Ignis gives his hand another squeeze before pulling his hand away. “Both her and Prompto do well in my class.”

“Well, good.” Ravus nods his head in approval.

“Does that answer your question, Noctis?” Ignis asks, looking over at him. “Or was there more that you would like to know?”

“No, I think you answered all of my questions.” Noctis shakes his head, as the last appetizer is eaten. “For now, at least.”

Prompto laughs, feeling better about how the evening is going. “Ravus - how did you meet Aranea?” He asks, hoping it’s alright to address Luna’s brother in such a manner. “Or, Aranea, you can be the one to tell us?” He looks over at her.

“Aranea moved here a few months ago for a new job, and we met each other through a dating app.” Ravus picks up the wine bottle, and begins to pour more wine into everyone’s glass. “She said she liked my pick up line to her.”

“Oh?” He looks over at Aranea. “What did he say?”

She looks at Ignis first before responding. “Please take no offense to this, Specs.”

“Trust me, whatever you’re about to say I will equate it to you being you, Aranea.” Ignis laughs, the sound pleasing to Prompto’s ears.

Leaning towards them, Prompto finds himself following her lead and leans forward as well. “He told me that I could step all over him in my heels if I wanted to. Said he would love to feel my heels on his-”

“Don’t!” Luna shakes her head, covering her ears as both Noctis and Ravus laugh at her reaction.

Prompto can only stare in shock, as he’s surprised that someone like Ravus would be into something of that kind of nature. “Of course I said I’d love to, and here we are.” Aranea leans over, and kisses Ravus on the lips. “Isn’t that right, dear?”

“It has been a wild three months, but I’m glad she’s in my life.”

The waiter brings their dinners out a few moments later, everyone enjoying another glass of wine together as they eat. The conversation stays topical to current events, Prompto feeling more at ease, even as he sees Ignis and Aranea having their own conversation. It doesn’t bother him like it did before leaving the table earlier, the talk in the bathroom helping him to recognize that there is no threat to him right now.

“Are you having fun so far?” Luna asks him, drawing him out of his thoughts. “Professor Scientia is a lot more fun to hang out with than I thought he would be.”

He smiles, happy to hear that Luna seems to be enjoying his lover’s presence. “I’m having a good time, yes. I feel bad that they’re not coming with us to the show. I’m sure Iggy would love to talk to Aranea more.”

“Ravus already told me that they have tickets to something else across town.” Luna sighs, and looks over at her brother. “He’s not being so bad this year, is he?”

“He’s really not.” Prompto agrees. Usually they bicker with one another, and Prompto has to fend for himself, as Noctis isn’t really a chatterbox himself. “Maybe Aranea is good for him.”

“You should find someone like her.” His best friend sets her napkin down, her plate clean.

Prompto gives a small shrug of his shoulders. “Maybe. She’s nice, but I’m not into the intimidating type at all.”

“No, you’re too nice for someone like that.” Noctis agrees, joining their conversation. “Nothing wrong with that, Prompto. And we’ve talked about this Luna. Let him do his own thing.”

“Thank you, Noctis.”

“What is there nothing wrong about?” Ignis enters their conversation with a curious look in his eyes. “What did I miss?”

He laughs, and shakes his head. “Nothing, Iggy. Luna was saying how I should find myself someone like Aranea, but then I said I wouldn’t do well with the intimidating type.”

“Nonsense, shortcake.” Aranea swirls the wine in her glass. “You could get anyone you want with those pretty violet eyes of yours. Aren’t his eyes beautiful, Specs?”

“They are very unique.” Ignis doesn’t confirm, nor does he deny how he feels about his eyes. But after their conversation the night before, he knows that Ignis loves the color of his eyes, just as he loves the green color of his. “How are we doing on time? Will we have time to enjoy some dessert before heading to the show?”

The switch in conversation is as natural as anything Prompto has heard in his life. He is always impressed by how Ignis can do that without missing a beat, and with no one questioning him why the change of subject. Truth be told, he’s envious of Ignis, and the way he handles whatever is thrown at him. “It’s almost seven thirty.” Prompto looks at his watch, both of his sleeves coming up as he looks at the time.

“Whoa! Nice bracelet!” Luna exclaims, grabbing onto his right arm to take a look at the leather cuff that Ignis had helped him put on before Luna and Noctis had shown up at the house. “When did you get this?”

“Ah, yesterday.” He lies, a nervous laugh leaving his throat. “Do you like it? We stopped by the mall on the way into town, and I saw it at one of the stores we walked by.”

“It’s super nice. And it looks good on you.” His best friend admires the cuff that Ignis had given to him. “Good choice.” She smiles, and nods her head.

“Thank you.” Prompto returns her smile, setting his napkin down on the table. “Since we don’t have time to get dessert now, maybe we can get some before heading to the club after the show?”

“That sounds good.”

Ravus clears his throat. “I’ve already taken care of the check, so we’re free to leave whenever you wish.”

“Ravus!” Luna exclaims, shaking her head. “I was going to pay tonight.”

“You allowed me to bring Aranea tonight, and it seems that was a gift itself, as she was able to connect with an old friend.”

“Yes, thank you for letting me crash your birthday dinner.” Aranea smiles.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Prompto smiles, total truth in his words.

The six of them stand up, and start to make their way through the restaurant, heading back outside where the cold autumn night sends a shiver up Prompto’s spine. They huddle near one another outside as they say their goodbyes to Ravus and Aranea.

“Specs, I’m going to come find you. I’m so happy to know you’re so close!” Aranea hugs Ignis tight, Prompto holding the bag with a bottle of cognac in his hand. That pain returns to his gut, but he tries to tell himself that there’s no reason for it, because he knows logically there isn’t. But that feeling doesn’t go away.

“My days off are Thursdays, so feel free to come by the church at St. Lucis any time.” Ignis hugs her, then gives her a kiss on her cheek. “It was really good seeing you tonight. Ravus - it was a pleasure meeting you.”

“Likewise, Ignis.” Ravus nods his head, and smiles. “You four have fun tonight. Luna, if you go out after the show, please - call a cab. Do not be stupid tonight.”

“I won’t.” She sticks her tongue out at her brother. “Thanks for thinking I would.”

“We Fleurets think we’re indestructible.” Ravus tips his head towards them. “Good night!” He and Aranea walk away, leaving the four of them standing around.

“Should we head to the theater?” Prompto asks, as he tries to get rid of the monster that’s started to gnaw its way back into his mind as Aaranea’s perfume lingers around, no doubt stuck to Ignis’ clothes after their goodbye hug. He’s not supposed to smell like that.

Luna nods her head, and grabs onto Noctis’ arm. “It’s just around the block.” The two begin walking, leaving Prompto to walk with Ignis behind them.

“Are you alright?” Ignis asks, as they keep their distance from one another, even though the ache is there to reach for his hand. “Did you feel better after our talk?”

“I did, and then it came back as you were saying goodbye to her.” He admits, knowing that it is better to be honest than holding onto these negative thoughts. “But, we can talk about it later?”

“We will.” Ignis nods as they catch up to both Luna and Noctis, the four arriving at the theater for their show.

They find their seats, Prompto sitting with Luna to his left, and Ignis to his right. As soon as the lights go down, he casually puts his hand next to Ignis’ thigh on his chair, and feels him put his hand on top of his. He turns his hand over, just as he had done in the car, and feels Ignis’ palm touch his, happiness flowing through him as they hold each other’s hand out of sight. Prompto tries to watch the show, but all he can think about is how Ignis’ hand feels on his, how he craves the small touches of Ignis’ thumb against the back of his hand. How the tips of his fingers feel on the back of his hand, and how he knows what they’ll feel like doing the same thing on other parts of his body.

At intermission, Prompto stands around with Ignis in the lobby as both Luna and Noctis go to the restroom. “Are you enjoying the show, Prompto?” Ignis asks, as they stay close to one another, but not as close as they might if they were alone right now.

“I am.” He nods his head. “The first act flew by so fast!”

“It really did.”

He starts to ask him what his favorite part is when someone comes up to them. “Excuse me, but are you Father Scientia?” A little girl asks, who looks up at Ignis.

“Why, hello Miss Agnes.” Prompto watches as Ignis gets down to be at her level. “Are your mother and father here?”

“I’m so sorry, Father!” Presumably the girl’s mother makes her way over to the three of them. “She took off running towards you.”  

“It’s okay.” He smiles, and gives the girl a quiet blessing. “I’m happy to see you are enjoying yourself! You look very beautiful.”

“Thank you so much, Father!” She throws his arms around his neck, and hugs him. “I didn’t know priests liked to go to musicals too!”

He laughs, and returns the child’s hug. “Priests like many things, Miss Agnes. We also like movies, and going out to dinner.”

The look of shock on the girl’s face has all the adults laughing. “Thank you so much, Father. Will we be seeing you at mass tomorrow?” The girl’s mother asks, holding onto her daughter’s hand.

“You will. I will be saying the ten thirty mass, and the evening mass at five.” Ignis smiles, and gives the girl’s mom a blessing as well. “Say hello to your husband for me.”

“I will. Enjoy your evening!” She waves, holding onto her daughter’s hand with the other.

Prompto feels his heart is about to burst out of his chest. “You’re very good at what you do, Father. Your congregation loves you.” He says it without thinking, stuck in the mentality of seeing him as the man of the cloth, rather than the man who, for intents and purposes, he’s on a date with this evening. And how wrong that should be, but in his mind, it isn’t. And that’s because of how Ignis treats their relationship, and what they do together, and how he’s made him see that what they have together is good. “That was so nice to see outside of St. Lucis. It’s incredible to witness, Father.”

“I’m sorry - I didn’t think anyone from our parish would be here tonight.” He can see the blush on Ignis’ cheeks.  

“It’s okay. I don’t mind.” Prompto smiles, and sees both Luna and Noctis walking back towards them just as the lights begin to flicker. “Right on time! Shall we go back to our seats?”

“Okay.” Luna nods her head, and walks with her arm around Prompto as they go and sit back down in the theater.

The second half of the show, Prompto become a little more bold with where he puts his hand on Ignis’ body. At first he lets it rest on top of his thigh, but then slowly begins to inch it a little higher. He can hear his breathing change every time he moves it up a little more, but instead of giving him the satisfaction of the touch that he knows Ignis wants, he lets his hand slide back down towards his knee. During one of the numbers, it seems Ignis’ patience wears out, and picks up his hand and puts it firmly against his crotch. Prompto can feel how hard he is, shifting a little in his seat as his own arousal grows.

He takes his hand away, and locks his fingers with Ignis’, putting their hands down on Ignis’ chair. Prompto turns to look at Luna, and sees her watching the show with rapt attention. He’s about to turn his head back to the stage when he sees Noctis looking at him, an unreadable expression on his face. Thinking nothing of it, he smiles at him and then looks back up at the stage, his fingers holding tight to Ignis’ hand.

At the end of the show, they wait for the theater to clear out before making their way outside. “Are we going to the bar now?” Luna asks, as the four of them stand outside. “Please say yes. Please. Even for just one or two drinks.”  

Prompto looks up at Ignis. “Are you okay with that, Iggy?”

“I’m perfectly fine with that, Prompto.” Ignis nods his head, and pulls his phone out of his pocket. “Where did you say this bar is, Luna?”

“There’s one just down the block, back near where we ate dinner. It shouldn’t be too crowded there right now. Hopefully. I’m thirsty.” She laughs, and starts to walk back towards where they’d come from.

As they start to walk, Noctis looks over at them. “That’s a nice phone, Ignis.”

“This old thing?” Ignis holds it up, chuckling. “Thanks. I need a new one, though.”

“Noct! Hurry up! I’m freezing!” Luna calls out from ahead of them.

“Sometimes old phones are more reliable than new ones. They need less of a charge.” Noctis shrugs, and moves to catch up to where Luna is, putting his arm around her to keep her warm.

Prompto stops walking as the world seems to swim around him. At first he had thought it was strange for Noctis to make that comment, but then it hits him like a bolt of lightning. A flashback to his bedroom, the day that Luna and come to surprise him after not seeing Ignis for days. “Don’t worry - I don’t think she saw.”

“Oh, no.”

Chapter Text


Prompto stands still as he tries not to lose it completely. He sees Ignis starting to walk with both Noctis and Luna, expecting him to be behind them, but his feet won’t move. He’s glued to his spot on the sidewalk, going over and over in his head what had just happened. Oh, God. Oh, no. Please, no. He stares up at the cloudy night sky saying another prayer, hoping that what he thinks isn’t true.

“Prompto?” He blinks a few times, and sees Ignis is standing in front of him, a worried look on his face. “What’s wrong? Are you alright? I thought you were behind me.”


“Breathe, love.” Ignis steps to be close to him, dropping his voice. “What’s wrong? This isn’t about Aranea, is it?”

Shaking his head, he stares up at him, trying to get the words out, but every single time he tries, he winds up stuttering too much to make it intelligible. Prompto stares up at him, and in a rush he says, “He knows.”

“What?” His lover blinks a few times. “Who knows? Is there something someone should know?”

“Hey!” Luna calls out to them. “Are you guys okay? Why are you so far away??”

Prompto lets out a mildly hysterical laugh, and looks over Ignis’ shoulder at his best friend and her lover. “I’m fine! I just tripped over my own foot. Sorry!” He stares up at Ignis, who still has a quizzical look on his face. He shakes his head, knowing that Ignis wants to talk to him, and he wants to talk, but with the state of shock he is still in, he can’t get it out.

They walk together over to where Noctis and Luna are standing, waiting to get into the venue. He avoids looking at Noctis, terrified that he’s being judged by him right now. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe he doesn’t know anything. Maybe I’m overreacting. Yes, that has to be it. Get a grip on yourself. You aren’t doing anything wrong. Morally, maybe. But you’re not doing something against the law. As they walk into the club, Prompto gets little relief, the bar seemingly busy for a Saturday night.

But with Luna’s grace, they find a spot easily at the bar, Prompto not at all sure what the hell to order. “Say, Father!” Luna asks, as she leans over to talk to Ignis. “Is this okay? For you to be out at a place like this? All these sinners around?”

“What these people choose to do with their lives is no business of mine.” Ignis laughs, paying for the first round of drinks. “The only souls that I care about are mine, and my friends.”

“But what if we don’t believe in souls?” Luna asks, raising up her glass. “Maybe that’s why we don’t buy into religion.”

“God gave us all free will.” Prompto interjects, his hand trembling as he spills a little of his drink onto the back of his hand. “And Luna, I thought we went over this already. He said he could do this kind of stuff. Quit bringing it up.”

“Wow! Why are you so pissy right now?” She shoots him a look, then turns to look back at Ignis. “Is he like this with you, Ignis?” She says his name with emphasis, throwing another look at Prompto.

The confusion is clear on his lover’s face at the comment. And he himself doesn’t know why Luna is deciding to call him out like this. “I’m not quite sure what you mean.” Ignis shakes his head.

“I’m sorry!” He interjects, not wanting to confuse Ignis any further. Prompto doesn’t want to fight with her right now. Not under these circumstances. “I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m just - I’m a little anxious right now. There’s a lot of people here.”

“Do you want to leave?” Luna asks, the expression on her face no longer one of anger, but of sadness. “Come on, Prom! We said we were going to celebrate your birthday! One drink!”

He nods his head, still not looking at Noctis. “One drink!”

After they finish their drinks, Luna decides to order another round for the four of them, and then grabs Ignis by the arm, and leads him away. Prompto should be happy that Luna finally seems to be warming up to Ignis, but he really wishes it wasn’t right now, as he’s now stuck standing at the bar with Noctis, and he doesn’t know what to say to him.

“Hey, um….can I ask you a question?” Prompto finally gets the nerve up, as he turns towards Noctis, who looks like he’s bored out of his mind.

His best friend’s lover turns towards him, and nods his head. “What’s up? You feelin’ okay?”

“Not really.” He winces, as he takes another sip of his alcohol. He has no idea what he’s drinking - Luna had ordered them all cocktails. At least it tastes good. “Why did you say something about Ignis’ phone outside?”

“Oh, that.” Noctis shrugs his shoulders. “I just thought it was cool.”

Prompto starts to breathe a little easier at the comment, realizing that maybe he had been right - he’d misread the conversation. “Ah, okay. Cool.”

“Listen, if you’re worried I’m going to tell Luna about you and the priest, I’m not. It’s none of my business.”

Any semblance of sanity disappears as Prompto puts his hand on the bar to steady himself. “I’m sorry??” He asks, trying not to cry as he sees Noctis sip his drink. “W-What do you mean by that? There’s nothing going on between the two of us!” Even as he says the lie, it makes him feel ill. It’s one thing to lie about their relationship, but to deny it in such a way makes him feel like he’s embarrassed by it, when that isn’t the case. No, he feels sick because he knows that they’re doing something they should not be doing. But he likes doing it.

“I saw you two holding hands at the show.” Noctis shrugs his shoulders. “Are you two like a thing, or something?”

He tries not to pass out as he hears Noctis ask him without any sort of bravado. “He’s my teacher, and a priest.”

“So?” Prompto watches him take another sip of his drink, as he looks out at the dance floor where Luna is trying to get Ignis to dance. “He won’t be your teacher in a few months. And students date teachers all the time.”

“Okay, but you’re missing the point.” Prompto shakes his head. “He’s a priest. He can’t be with someone like that.”

“Sure seems like he’s in love with you.” Noctis yawns a little, and leans back against the bar. “He’s been real attentive to you all night. Have you not noticed it? I mean, you guys were holding hands at the show, weren’t you? Cuz I swear I thought I saw that.” Noctis scratches the back of his neck.

Trying to think up some horribly lame excuse, Prompto spits out the first thing that comes to his mind. “I don’t do very well in crowds, and he was helping me remain calm.”


“Yes.” Prompto nods his head, as he drinks more of his drink. “That’s why you saw me holding his hand. He was helping me calm down. That’s it. Nothing more.”

Their conversation ends abruptly as Luna bounces over to them, throwing herself onto Noctis. “You guuuys! You should come out to the dance floor with us! Ignis seems to be having fun!”

He turns and looks at the dance floor, and Ignis looks like he’s trying to have fun, but is failing miserably at it. No one is dancing with him, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Again, Prompto wishes he had that bravado, but he’s too shy to let go like that. “I’ll go and dance with him.” He looks at Luna, and tries to smile at her. “Come find us soon?”

“You better not leave! “Luna teases him, as laughter leaves her throat. “You need another drink?”

“No, I’m good!” Prompto gives her a quick kiss on the cheek before setting his empty glass down. He sees Noctis looking at his girlfriend, with her looking back at him in return, the two becoming lost in their own little world.

Twisting his way through the groups of people standing around, he sees Ignis on the dance floor, looking sorely out of place under the neon lights. He approaches him, and taps him on the shoulder, not wanting to startle him. As he turns around to look at him, he sees the look on his face that Noctis had just commented on. It’s a look that makes his heart beat faster in his chest, his breath quickens, and his stomach feels like there’s a million butterflies in it, fluttering around to make him feel slightly weak in the knees. I love him.

“My love.” Ignis smiles, and starts to lower his head towards him, but Prompto shakes his head fast, Ignis stopping his movements. “I’m sorry. I…”

He shakes his head, and starts to dance to the beat, feeling super awkward. “I know. I wanted you to kiss me, but you know we can’t.”

“I know. But we’re leaving soon, aren’t we?”

Prompto nods his head. “The sooner the better.”

“What happened outside?” Ignis asks, as another song comes on, another fast tune playing. “Are you feeling okay?”

A startled laugh leaves his throat, as he shakes his head no. “Not in the slightest.”

“What’s wrong?” Ignis stops moving, and pulls him off the dance floor. “Talk to me, Prompto. What’s going on?”

With a shaky breath, he looks up into his lover’s eyes. “I think Noctis knows about us.”

“What?” The sharp intake of breath, and the look of shock on Ignis’ face makes the butterflies that had been fluttering around turn to stone, as his stomach plummets towards the ground. “Why would you say something like that? We’ve been careful.”

“You almost just kissed me!” Prompto cries, trying to keep a calm demeanor but fails miserably at it. “He saw us holding hands in the theater. I told him it was because you were helping me to remain calm.”

“Which is true.”

“No, it’s not.”

“It is, though.”

“Yes, it was helping me to remain calm, because all I keep thinking about is being back in bed with you.” Prompto drops his voice, not wanting anyone to hear their private conversation. “He made a comment about how you keep looking at me like a person who is in love with someone looks at them.”

Ignis’ head drops forward, his eyes closing. “I thought I was handling myself better than that. Prompto - I’m sorry.”

“Have you been looking at me like that?” Prompto asks, dying to put his hands on Ignis’, wanting that physical connection. “Is that true? I’ve….” He keeps his eyes on Ignis’. “I’ve been too scared to look at you for most of the night because I was afraid that they’d know. They’d know how I feel about you.”

“I have been, but I was doing it when I thought no one else was watching.” Ignis nods his head, a forlorn look on his face. “I really messed this up, didn’t I?”

“No!” He shakes his head. “No, not at all. Please don’t think that this is your fault. It’s not. It’s mine. This was stupid.”

“I hope you mean tonight, and not all of it.”

His chest begins to hurt at that comment. “Why would you say that?”

“Because I know that this is difficult for you. You don’t want Luna to know.”

“Not for the reasons you think! And you’re the same - you don’t want anyone to know. Or, they can’t know because of who you are.” He shakes his head. “I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to go home.”

“Maybe it would be best if you went home without me.”

“Please, stop.” Prompto whispers, feeling more and more broken as Ignis’ words hurt him over and over again. “I don’t want to do this right now.”

“I only mean that it might make things less obvious if we leave together. Noctis won’t think that we’re together if we keep our distance.”

“You were my plus one tonight! Who cares?!”

He doesn’t bother to say anything else to him, instead pushes past people to make his way back to the bar. He sees Luna leaning up against Noctis, the two seeming to be enjoying themselves, with Noctis’ arms around Luna in a protective stance. He approaches them, but then feels his best friend throw her arms around him in a hug.

“You came back!” She laughs near his ear, hugging him tight.

“Yes, but I’m going to go home now.” He returns her hug, and then pulls away from her. “I’m tired, and we have to head back to St. Lucis early tomorrow morning.”

“I told you, I would take you back before mass!”

“I don’t want to spend the day in town tomorrow, Luna. I have homework I need to do.” Trying to keep the annoyance of his voice, he sees her frown. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. We understand.” Noctis nods his head. “Is Ignis going with you?”

“No. He’s going to stay here. I hope the three of you have fun. Thanks for tonight.” He gives Noctis a half-hearted hug, and then gives one to Luna. “I had a good time.”

“I’ll see you on Monday! I promise we won’t keep Ignis out too late.” Luna smiles up at him. “I’m really glad you invited him!”

For the second time that night, he feels his eyes starting to well up again. “I’m glad too. Good night.” He walks at a brisk pace towards the exit, his hand going to his face to wipe away the tears that have begun to fall.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he brings up the app on his phone to get a ride back to his parents’ place. A hand touches his shoulder, and he spins around to see Ignis standing next to him. “Our ride is going to be here in two minutes.”

“You’re supposed to be inside.” Prompto rubs his eyes, trying not to be happy that his lover is standing next to him. “I told Luna and Noct you were staying with them.”

“And I told them I’m leaving.” Ignis starts to walk down towards the street. “Our ride is here.” He waves to the person that’s just pulled up outside of the club.

He knows it would do no good to argue with him, and instead approaches the car and gets into the backseat. As Ignis sits down next to him, he starts to inch away from him, but a hand on his knee stops him. The door closes, and the driver pulls away from the curb and joins the traffic of downtown Insomnia after greeting them. Prompto is about to turn towards Ignis when he feels a hand touch his face, guiding him to look towards the right. When lips touch his with the barest hint of a kiss, he returns the kiss with tears streaming down his face.

“Shh…” Ignis whispers, holding his face with his hand, as Prompto silently cries. “Nothing is wrong, love. Nothing. I’m sorry I spoke out of turn back there.”

“It’s not that.” He sniffles, and moves to rest his head on Ignis’ shoulder. “This was too much tonight. There were too many odds stacked against us. I’m an idiot. I should have just gone alone.”

“I’m glad I went with you.” Fingers stroke the hair on the back of his neck, Prompto calming down a little with the soft touches.

“Only because you got to see a friend you had no idea was living here.” Prompto tries to keep the bitterness out of his voice, but boy is it tough right now. “My friend knows that I’m sleeping with a-”

“Shh.” A finger touches his lips, Prompto’s attention drawn back up to Ignis’ face. “We’ll talk about it when we’re alone.”

He nods his head, closing his eyes as he keeps his head against Ignis’ shoulder. It’s quiet in the car, the driver keeping the music turned down low - for their benefit or his, he isn’t sure. And right now, he doesn’t care. The night had seemed to be moving precariously fast, and now that they’re heading back to his parents’ home, it feels like time has slowed down to almost a crawl. But, they finally make it back, and Prompto is standing at the door, punching in the code to get into his house before becoming fully aware that they’re back home.

Toeing off his shoes, he doesn’t say anything to Ignis, instead choosing to head to his mother’s piano room, wanting to get his frustrations out through playing some music. As he sits down at the piano bench, he starts to unbutton his vest, keeping it open as he opens the lid off the keyboard. His fingers slide over the ivory keys, as he releases the tension in his shoulders before placing them in the correct position on the keyboard.

“You said to me in the club that I don’t want Luna to know.” Prompto begins to play, knowing full well that Ignis had followed him into the room. “Yes, it’s taken me some time to fully accept that I am who I am, what my sexual preferences are, but that isn’t what I’m afraid of her finding out.” His hands go towards the lower octaves, his fingertips remembering the notes of the sonata as if he hadn’t played in over two years. “I’m ashamed, Father.” He whispers, hanging his head as the music becomes more sorrowful. “I’m ashamed that my actions with you are inconsistent to my beliefs. And Luna is very aware of my beliefs.”

No sound of objection comes from Ignis, creating a void inside of Prompto’s chest as he continues to play the sonata. “She won’t care that I’m gay. I know that. Maybe she’ll be sad, because I know she’s always dreamed we’d have a double wedding, or something ridiculous like that. But she’ll get over it. What I don’t want her to know about is that I’m sleeping with a priest. A man who has sworn off sex, except he hasn’t. Because of me.”

He falls silent, as he finishes the first movement of the sonata, and begins to play the second movement. His hands stutter on the notes at first, but as soon as his fingers remember, it becomes easier to play. “And the worst part is, I want more. I want to have more sex with you. I want to wake up in your arms. I want to wake up with you touching my body, or I want to make you wake up as my hands touch your body all over.” A choked off sob leaves his throat, as his foot works the pedal to dampen the tune. “It was too much tonight. We thought we were careful. We weren’t. Noctis saw. And now, I don’t know what we should do.”

Hands touch his shoulders, Ignis’ fingers holding him with a light grip. “We do what you want, Prompto. I won’t force you to be involved in something that is causing this much turmoil in your mind. We’ve always known that this road we’re on is going to be a difficult one. And for what it’s worth - it isn’t because of you. I’ve told you, I’m a man. I know my faults. I know that what we’re doing isn’t right. But like you, I want more.”

“I don’t want this to end.” He stops playing, and turns around on the bench to look up at Ignis, his lover’s hands staying on his shoulders. “Don’t you get it, Iggy? I’m in love with you. I can’t make these feelings stop, even if I tried. It hurt so much tonight, not being able to kiss and touch you the way we’ve been doing all weekend.”

Ignis kneels down in front of him, resting his arms on top of Prompto’s thighs as the two stare at one another. “What do you want me to do? I’m as lost as you are right now, Prompto. Tonight, I thought it was okay to do what I had done. But it wasn’t, and I see that now. I don’t think we have anything to worry about, but you know your friends better than I do.”

“I’m not worried about Noct.” Prompto sighs, as he brings his hands to rest against Ignis’ back. “I know he won’t say anything, and I don’t think he would judge me for deciding to be in a relationship with a priest.”

“A small absolution.”

He shrugs his shoulders, as he slowly slips off the bench to sit on Ignis’ lap, the two of them now on the floor together. “Remember, Noct is the one that told me to look at porn. He really doesn’t seem like the type of person to care. But Luna…”

“Luna is different.”


“Well, she seemed to be in good spirits when we left. I don’t think much will change, but maybe it might be time to tell her about yourself.” Ignis’ arms come to wrap around his middle, Prompto feeling safe and secure in his arms, happy to be in them again after hours apart. Or so it felt like.

Prompto sighs softly, and brings his forehead to rest against Ignis’. “Can we talk about it later? I’ve already gone through enough emotional turmoil tonight that I don’t need more. I’m all stocked up at the moment.”

Ignis’ gentle laugh brings a smile to his lips. “Yes, of course. What would you like to do for the rest of our evening?”

His hands slide up Ignis’ chest, and he gives a little tug on the tie around his neck. “I can think of a few things that we could get up to before we need to get some sleep.”

“Who needs sleep tonight?” The smile on Ignis’ face begins to turn into a devious smirk, as the arms around his back are pulled away. Prompto moans softly as he feels the heels of Ignis’ hands rub against his backside, then his fingers grab onto his ass, giving him a good squeeze before laying them flat against his asscheeks. “I know I can stay up all night and be fine tomorrow.”

He groans low, as Ignis’ fingers dig into his asscheeks again, pulling them apart as Prompto starts to grind himself down on Ignis’ clothed cock. “I-Is that a challenge, Iggy…? S-Stay up all night to have sex…?”

“Who said anything about sex?” Fingers touch the knot at his throat, Prompto leaning his head back to allow Ignis to untie his tie. “There are many things we could do to stay up all night. Watch a movie…”

“A movie might be nice…” Prompto agrees, the untied tie being pulled off of his neck. “I can think of a couple of movies we could watch, ones we didn’t get to watch today.”

The buttons on his shirt are slowly undone, exposing his naked chest to his lover. Ignis’ hands slide the suit jacket he’s still wearing off of his shoulders, then pushes off the vest and his shirt. “We could also binge watch a television show…” Lithe fingers slide down his chest, drawing another soft moan from his throat as lines of red are left on his skin.

“W-We could…” He reaches up to touch the tie knotted at Ignis’ throat, his fingers working on the knot. “But it sounds like you know how you’d like to occupy our time….Am I right, Iggy?”

His lover nods his head, Prompto reaching up to push Ignis’ bangs off of his face. “The question that remains is, do I throw you over my shoulder and take you back upstairs? Or do I start down here with you?”

“E-Either works for me…” It’s easy to fall back into this safe routine with Ignis after the tumultuous events of the evening. This is ground he’s familiar with, and knows how to act. He knows there are still things to say about what transpired this evening, and how they should talk about how to act when they’re around other people but those thoughts can wait. Right now, his slacks are growing tighter, and it’s making concentrating on anything except that very difficult for him. “Don’t you want to defile all of these rooms together…?”

With a low growl, Ignis pushes him to be on his back, his skin touching the soft plush carpet his parents insist on having in all the rooms. Prompto moans into Ignis’ mouth as his lips touch his, and the thick wet muscle of his tongue being pushed into his own mouth. His hands go to Ignis’ shoulders, as he lifts up his hips, pushing himself up against Ignis, wanting his lover to know what he does to his body. And it’s very apparent that Ignis feels the same way he does, as his lover’s cock is the same level of stiffness as his own is.

“All night,” Ignis murmurs into his ear, as his hands struggle to get Prompto’s belt off, “all night I’ve thought about what I was going to do to you when we got back home.”

“Tell me…” Prompto moans, as he has his own struggles at the moment with Ignis’ shirt buttons not wanting to be undone. “I want to know if you were thinking about the same things I was…”

“Did you think about how my cock would feel sliding in and out of your body? Our bodies connecting together again?” His lover’s heated words bring a soft whimper out of his throat. “How good it would be to feel my cock in your mouth?”

“Oh, God…” He shudders hard, as he can practically taste him on his tongue. “Please, Iggy….Please, I want it…”


Something soft touches his mouth, the soft silk of Ignis’ tie being pushed between his lips. “You won’t be taking my cock any time soon, love.” Prompto lifts his head up off the floor, so that the gag is tied properly behind his head. Ignis brushes his lips over his, Prompto whining as he pushes his tongue against the fabric of the tie, trying to touch Ignis’ tongue but can’t.

As if to show him how he can’t take it, Prompto’s mouth begins to salivate as Ignis brings his cock up to Prompto’s parted lips and pushes it against the tie. Prompto keeps pushing against the silk, dying to have his tongue touch the rigid flesh of Ignis’ cock. All he feels is the hardness, but can’t taste the salt he knows is on Ignis’ cock right now. He goes cross-eyed as he watches Ignis squeeze the tip of his cock, precum beginning to drip down off of it. It drops onto his cheek, Prompto releasing a low guttural moan at the action.

He starts to lift up his hand to grab onto Ignis’ when he discovers that he can’t. His eyes grow wide as he tries to move them again, and finds that they’re stuck behind his back. “Always pay attention, love.” Ignis whispers against his lips, before licking the drop of cum off of his cheek with an over exaggerated lick. “Your hands are now mine.”

How he failed to notice Ignis tying up his wrists, he doesn’t know, and tries to backtrack in his mind what had just been going on. But the strong smell of his lover’s musk permeates his nose, as he feels Ignis push his cock back against his mouth. It’s cruel and unusual punishment, and he’s loving every single second of it.

“It’s not my vestments,” Ignis breathes against his ear, “but these will do… for now.”

The comment goes straight to Prompto’s cock, forcing another low guttural moan from his throat. He tries to lift his shoulders up off the ground, trying to do something to get closer to his lover’s body. But he’s met with a dark chuckle, and then a firm hand is on his chest, pushing him back down onto the carpet. “Maybe tomorrow night after mass, you should meet me in the sacristy…”

His eyes grow wide at the suggestion, and he nods his head enthusiastically, the perverted lust that rolls around in his brain controlling him once more. To be tied up like this with clothes that should have no such part in these carnal delights, it’s more arousing than it should be. But as he’s come to understand over the last few weeks, he’s not alone in having these thoughts. The draft of air that hits his lower body makes him aware that he’s no longer wearing his pants or underwear, or socks for that matter.

Something wet touches his entrance, Prompto almost pushing his hips down to get Ignis’ fingers to go inside of him faster. These drawn out moments are becoming more and more torturous to him, as all he wants right now is to feel his lover’s cock inside of him. “Soon, my love…” Ignis whispers, as he pushes two slickened fingers into his body. “You’re starting to ache for it, aren’t you…?”

He whimpers and nods his head, struggling to get the gag out of his mouth. His muffled cries bring more heat to Ignis’ green eyes, as the fingers inside of him start to spread apart. “What does it feel like to you?” Ignis whispers, starting to lay kisses on his chest, distracting him from the fingers that are penetrating his ass. “Does it make you feel full?”

Nodding his head, he releases a frustrated moan as the two fingers inside of him are taken away. “You like to be full, don’t you?” His lover bites down onto his nipple, causing Prompto’s voice to crack as he moans, struggling with the bindings around his wrists. “It feels good to be that full, doesn’t it? Like my cock belongs in your ass.”

The world spins as he’s brought to a standing position, Ignis now sitting on the piano bench, Prompto’s back to the instrument. He’s pulled down onto Ignis’ lap, and feels the tip of Ignis’ cock begin to poke and prod at his entrance. Moaning low, he drops his head forward, his arms locked behind him, unable to be used at this angle. But through sheer willpower alone, he brings his hands to be under his ass, the tips of his fingers finding Ignis’ cock.

“Yes…” Ignis murmurs low, his arms hooked under Prompto’s arms, his hands resting on top of his shoulders. “That’s it, love….Take it. Grab onto my cock, and put it where you want it…”

It’s a struggle, and boy does Prompto want to give up but he finds Ignis’ cock again, and nudges it to be right against his stretched entrance. The tip pushes into him, Ignis taking the time to slick up his own cock for this, and Prompto hears notes being played by the piano as he sinks further down onto his lover’s arousal. The tune changes as his hips move, the startling realization that it’s his own ass that’s creating this mockery of a tune makes him moan lower, his head falling forward to rest against Ignis’.

“That’s right, love…” His lover’s hands touch his hips, guiding him further down onto his cock, another few notes being played as his ass rubs against the ivory keys. “It feels good now, doesn’t it…?”

He nods his head, Ignis’ voice filtering through his ears as he concentrates on how to get him to be right where he wants him inside of his body. But it seems that his lover doesn’t want him to have that privilege, as his hips are pushed down hard, and Ignis’ cock is buried deep inside of him without any warning. He screams against the gag, pushing his chest forward to be against Ignis’, as his knees struggle to stay on the piano bench. He can feel every single inch of Ignis’ cock stretching him, the fingers that had been inside of him barely getting him ready for this. But this - this intense pain makes him feel lightheaded and woozy, and totally euphoric.

“Yes, Prompto…” Ignis’ hand touches his face, bringing his chin up to look him in the eyes. “You like this…?” Nodding his head slow, he tries to express just how much he likes it by trying to smile, but the gag won’t allow him to. “Breathe for me, love….” He inhales through his nose, then exhales, unaware of how his hips are moving on their own, the tip of his lover’s cock starting to nudge that special spot inside of him.

Struggling against the gag, he moans his lover’s title in the church, but it’s articulated enough that he knows Ignis can understand him. A hand touches the back of his head, the gag coming off with a few quick tugs. “O-Oh…” He moans, rocking himself faster on Ignis’ cock. “I-Ignis….”

His arms stay against his back as he’s bounced up and down on his lover’s lap. “Are you close…?”

“So….close…. M-Make me….come...” He screams loud as Ignis’ hand comes to be around his cock, his moans increasing in volume as his lover strokes him off. “God!!”

White bleeds behind his closed eyes as he begins to come hard, Ignis slamming him down hard onto his cock, that thickness pushing right up against his prostate, creating a more intense pleasure for him as he rides out his orgasm. He falls forward with a whimper, the thickness in his ass still incredibly hard. “D-Did you…?”

“Not yet…” Ignis shakes his head. Prompto groans low as the tie that’s wrapped around his wrists is taken away, his arms hanging limp on the sides of his body. “I wanted to get you off first, before taking my own pleasure.”

He watches Ignis bring his wrists up to his mouth, kissing the tender spots where the tie had been resting. “Nngh…” He groans low, the hand on his cock starting to move again. “I want you to come…” He moans, his own arousal returning as he starts to roll his hips again.

“Let’s go upstairs, then…”

Prompto struggles to get up off of his lap, almost falling forward when he tries to use his legs, but Ignis is there to catch him. He’s always there when he needs him the most, and as they start to make their way to the stairs, Prompto’s mouth is back on his lover’s as they share passionate kisses. He knows his way around his parents’ place, not needing his eyes as he keeps them closed in favor of kissing his lover more. He feels starved for these touches, the last few hours feeling like a lifetime apart. Tongues and teeth collide, and as he starts to walk up the stairs, he finds himself being turned around, and is pushed down onto the stairs, Ignis slipping his cock back inside of him without any big to do.

“Oh, God, yes…” He moans, pushing himself up to get more of Ignis’ cock into his body. “F-Fuck me, Father…”

“Again…” Ignis murmurs into his ear, as his lover’s cock is pulled out of him, leaving just the tip inside of his body. “Say it again, Prompto…”

“Father….” It’s a struggle to stay on his knees on the stairs, but the way his lover’s cock feels inside of his body, it makes him not want to move. “H-Harder, Father….Please….F-Fuck me...harder…” He begs him, straining to stay on the stairs.

“You’re...going to….regret….” Hands grip tight to his hips, as Ignis slams hard into him, bucking his hips as he pounds into his body.

“N-No...regrets….” He cries out, as the thickness of his lover’s cock reaches deep inside of him. “C-Come for me, Father….For me…” Prompto begs, remembering the way his lover had begged him before. It had been such a turn on for him, that he hopes it will be the same for Ignis.

“Prompto…!” One hard thrust, and Prompto begins to feel the wet heat he associates with his lover’s orgasm flooding his body. His own cock jumps at the cry, precum dripping onto the stairs. He stares at it for a moment, then closes his eyes as he feels Ignis’ chest against his back, the two of them breathing together as one.

It takes a few moments for them to move, Ignis slipping out of him with a soft grunt. “I couldn’t wait.” Ignis murmurs against his ear, the two of them staying on the stairs for a few moments. “Your body against mine was driving me wild. You felt so good…”

“I’m not complaining…” A breathless chuckle leaves his throat. “H-However, I think I would like to go rest on a bed…”

“Yours? Or your parents…?”

He smirks, as he looks over at Ignis. “I think you know the answer to that one, Iggy.”

“Let me go grab our clothes from the piano room, and I’ll meet you up there.” Ignis kisses him softly on the lips. “Go, before I get hard again, and fuck you on the stairs a second time.”

“Mmm…” Prompto laughs, and stands up, grabbing onto the railing as he makes his way back up the stairs, as Ignis heads down. “You drive a hard bargain, Father.” He teases his lover, who extends his middle finger to him as he gets to the bottom of the staircase. “I don’t think that’s appropriate!” He calls down to him, laughing more before turning around.

Walking into his parents bedroom, he throws the pillows off the bed, and gets it to be in a condition where the two of them can enjoy a little bit more fun together before having to go. He looks at the clock, and sees that it’s almost two in the morning, surprised by how tired he doesn’t feel at the moment. He knows it’s going to hit him hard when it sneaks up on him.

“I see you’ve made yourself comfortable.” Ignis drops their clothes on the floor, the bottle of lube in his hand. “How’re you doing? Are you tired? Should we nap before we head home?”

“No way!” Prompto holds up his arms, and waits for Ignis to be in them with him. “Will you make me come again, Iggy…?” He reaches down with one arm, and starts to touch his lover’s cock, stroking him nice and slow. “I want to feel you back inside of me. I need it…”

Ignis lowers his head, and starts to kiss him again, Prompto spreading his legs to feel Ignis’ cock push up against his entrance again. “Until you beg me to stop…” The familiar words send a delightful shiver down his spine, as the lust begins to travel through his body again. He drapes his arms over Ignis’ shoulders, using his nails to scratch him lightly.

“We’ll see about that, Father…” He murmurs against his lover’s lips, and feels him tremble underneath his hand. “Make me moan for you again….”

Lips hover over his, their breaths mingling together as Ignis pushes his hips forward, his cock sliding all the way back into Prompto’s body. “It will be my pleasure…” Ignis returns, then places his lips over Prompto’s, the two forgoing any more conversation in favor of more hedonist touches to both of their bodies on their last night in Prompto’s home.

Chapter Text


At half past five in the morning, Prompto untangles himself from Ignis’ body, both of them reluctant to let one another go. Ignis’ alarm had started to go off at five, the two of them sharing lazy kisses with one another after another thoroughly satiating session of sex. They had hit the snooze button, and were still kissing and gently touching one another, Prompto deciding in his head that he would pull himself away at five thirty. Although the want is still there in both of their bodies, and in their eyes, but they know they have to get ready to head back to St. Lucis.

Neither of them really say anything, as Ignis follows him back into his childhood bedroom to get their suitcases packed. There isn’t much to say at the moment - no, that’s not true. There’s a lot to be said, but Prompto doesn’t want to think about it right now. After sharing their last night together, and getting no sleep, he wants to save those thoughts for later. Or maybe he’ll forget all about them. Doubtful. He chuckles to himself, as he starts to get dressed.

“What’s so amusing over there?” Ignis asks, Prompto turning towards his lover and sees him back in a pair of black slacks, and his St. Lucis sweatshirt. Prompto has on the zip-up hoodie that he’d stolen from him, and a pair of jeans, the rest of his clothes wadded up into his suitcase.

“Nothing.” Prompto shakes his head, as he grabs the last item to drop into his bag, then reassembles his bed to look like it had before their arrival. “Just thinking about things.”


“Things I would rather not be thinking about this early in the morning, especially on no sleep.” He smirks, and goes over to Ignis, wrapping his arms around his neck. “Will you take my stuff downstairs so I can get my parents’ room back in order?”

His lover nods his head, their lips coming together with a soft kiss. “It would be my pleasure, love.”

They walk out of his bedroom together, Prompto heading back into his parents’ bedroom. He changes the sheets, balling up the dirty ones to take down to the laundry room. He should have done the same to his own bed sheets, but he doesn’t think they got them as dirty as they had gotten his parents’ sheets. Smiling with the memory of their last round of sex, he heads back down the stairs, jumping off the second to last stair before heading towards the back of his house.

“I’ve made us some coffee.” Ignis says, holding two stainless steel tumblers in his hands. “Will your parents mind that we’re bringing these with us?”

Prompto shakes his head, as he accepts the coffee from him. “No. It’s doubtful they’ll even notice they’re missing. I mean, have you seen our kitchen?”

“Good point.”

The two of them do a final sweep of the rooms, making sure that items were not left behind. Prompto looks around, as the two of them stand at the front door together. “Guess that’s it for now.” He looks up at Ignis, and smiles. “Ready to head back?”

“Not really.” A rueful smile is on his lover’s face, one he can feel deep inside of his own soul. “But when am I ever ready to be apart from you?”

His cheeks heat up at the comment, Prompto bowing his head down. “Don’t make this more difficult for me, Iggy. I wish we could stay here longer.”

“As do I.” His lover stares down at him, his green eyes looking a little watery. “I’ll go get the car warmed up.” Ignis starts to walk away from him, but not before Prompto sees a small tear start to make its way down his cheek.

Turning towards the house, he takes one last look and then closes the door with a soft sigh. His chest feels an ache, something he’s never felt before when leaving here. Every single time he’s left home, he’s done so with elation in his heart. Not because he hated his home life - he more or less didn’t have one. He liked being at St. Lucis, where he could be alone, and know that he was alone. It’s a nice feeling, having a second home. This place had never felt like home. But after this weekend, spending it with Ignis here, he finally understands that it is his home, and to be leaving now really makes him sad.

He walks to the car, and hops into the passenger seat, happy to feel the heater is on full blast, the windshield a little icy. “Everything okay, Prompto?” Ignis asks, as he puts the windshield wipers on to get rid of the ice. “Ready to head back?”

“Not really, but we have no choice.” Prompto buckles in, and leans back against the seat. “Are you okay to drive? Not too tired, right?”

“No. Not at all.” Ignis pulls onto the street, and starts to make his way to the highway. “Plus, I made some coffee, so I should be okay for a few more hours.”

“Do you think it’ll take us long to get back to St. Lucis?” He asks, his own tumbler between his legs. He rolls his head, surprised by how stiff his neck feels, but then remembers what he and Ignis had been doing only a little while ago, and suddenly the stiffness makes sense.

They merge onto the highway, Ignis turning the classical music station up. “No, I don’t think so. Maybe a half hour? Maybe a little under?” He moves the car into the second to right lane. “Not a lot of people on the roads at this hour.”


Silence descends between the two of them, Prompto looking out at window as he watches Insomnia grow smaller and smaller the further away they get from it. He thinks about the last twelve hours - how nice it had been to spend the day with Ignis, but then that shock that had occurred at the restaurant, and then after the show. He had never expected the night to unfold the way it did, still reeling a little from the information.

“What’s on your mind, love?” Ignis asks, disrupting the semi-silence in the car. “You are very quiet right now.”

“I’ve got a lot on my mind.” Prompto sighs, and takes a sip of his coffee. He tastes the peppermint mocha creamer, happy that Ignis remembered to add some to his coffee.

“Do you wish to talk about it?”

“Not yet.” He shakes his head, then turns to look at his lover. “I’m sorry, Iggy.”

A hand touches his thigh, the touch a welcomed one. “You have no reason to be sorry. Don’t worry - we’ll talk when you’re ready.”

“Thank you.” Prompto whispers, putting his hand on top of Ignis’, letting his fingers fall through the spaces between Ignis’ knuckles. “That really means a lot to me.”

“I know you would do the same for me, if I requested it.” Ignis turns his hand over, so that their hands can be palm to palm, Prompto welcoming the touch.

He nods his head, and looks out the window, noticing the sign on the side of the highway that shows they are close to St. Lucis. No, I’m not ready for this to be over yet. He holds onto Ignis’ hand a little tighter as he takes the exit for their stop, and feels Ignis returning the pressure. When Ignis comes to a stop outside of his dormitory, Prompto starts to cry.

“Prompto, what’s wrong?” Ignis asks, the concern clear as the morning sun that’s begun to slowly rise up in the sky.

Another soft sob leaves his throat, as he tries to make the tears stop. “I don’t want to be alone already.” He whispers, hating that they have to be apart again. “I hate this feeling, Iggy. I hate that we’ve been together since Thursday, and now, you’re going to be gone. I don’t like this at all.”

“Shhh….I know.” Ignis puts the car into park, but leaves the car running. Two arms surround him as they hug each other over the center console. “I don’t want to be away from you either. It’s been so nice these past few days. But we’re going to see each other this evening. You’ll be at mass at five, won’t you?”

Wiping his eyes, he nods his head. “I will. I’m probably overreacting right now because I’m tired. No thanks to someone.” He teases his lover, feeling a little better when he hears him chuckle. “Have a good day, Iggy.” Looking around, he makes sure no one is around, then kisses his lover on the lips. “Love you.”

He reaches for his bag in the backseat, and opens his door. “I love you too.” Ignis returns, the two sharing a smile before Prompto closes the door, then races towards the doors to his dormitory, not wanting to be out in the cold for too long.

Dropping his bag on the floor to be dealt with later, Prompto heads into his bathroom and gets naked, turning the shower on to be nice and warm. It had been a long night with Ignis - the amount of sex the two of them had, he knows he’s in dire need of a good washing before crawling into his bed to sleep most of the day away. Cleaning himself thoroughly, he washes up and turns off the shower, keeping a towel wrapped around his waist as he goes back into his bedroom.

Prompto glances at his phone, and sees an alert light flashing. Unlocking it, he sees it’s a text from Ignis. “Made it to the rectory. Get some rest. Thank you for an amazing weekend.”

No, thank you. And I’m sorry I didn’t want to talk about things. I know we need to. Tonight?

We’ll talk when you’re ready. I will not pressure you, love. See you later today.”

Thank you. :) Enjoy your day!

Plugging his phone into its charger, he takes off his towel and drapes it over his chair, then hops under the covers of his bed. Pulling them up towards his chin, he can smell Ignis’ scent still lingering on them - both on his blankets and his pillow. Feeling surrounded by his lover’s presence, he tries not to think about how things dissolved the night before as he closes his eyes. Thoughts about Luna, about Noctis, about Aranea, and then the sweet little girl that had approached Ignis at the show all pop up into his mind simultaneously, but then they’re gone as sleep claims him, the adrenaline that had been pushing him through the night finally giving up the ghost, allowing him to get some sorely needed rest.


He wakes up a little after two in the afternoon, feeling mildly refreshed. As he stretches out under his covers, the thoughts that had been plaguing him before falling asleep make their return. Reaching for his phone, he sees he received a couple of texts. Opening the first one, he sees it’s from Luna. “We made it home super late last night. Hope you had fun. I really liked hanging out with Ignis. I’m glad you brought him. Call me this afternoon? :)” He sees that message was sent at half past ten.

The second message he received is from Ignis. “We may have to rain check our discussion this evening. It seems that there’s an event after mass that I’m required to attend. :( May I call on you afterwards? It shouldn’t run too late. Or, you can come to me?”  

Yes, please. Either works for me. I’ll see you at mass, though. :) Thank you for letting me know. I just woke up. LOL.” He sends Ignis his reply, and returns to Luna’s text. He starts to move his finger to the button to call her, but then stops when his phone vibrates in his hand.

Returning to Ignis’ text, he sees his lover’s reply. “I hope you slept well. I still have not slept, and on my third cup of coffee. :) Yes, I will see you soon.”

Prompto tries not to feel too disappointed that he won’t be able to talk to Ignis directly after mass, and the arrangement that had been spoken about the night before - or rather, in the early hours of the morning - would have to wait for another day. Flopping back down onto his pillow, he pulls up the number pad on his phone, and hits the number with Luna’s phone number attached to it, and waits for her to pick up.

“Finally!” She answers the phone. “I thought you were dead!”

“Why would I be dead?” He laughs, and holds the phone up to his ear. “I’m sorry - I told you, we had to be up early to get back to campus. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep, so I crashed when I got back.”

“That makes sense.” Luna replies, Prompto covering his mouth as a yawn starts to leave his mouth. “How’re you?? We didn’t get to spend much time at the bar together last night!”

“I’m good. I had a lot of fun last night.” Rolling over onto his side, he keeps his blanket pulled up to his chin, as he holds the phone against his ear. “The show was really nice. Dinner was….different.”

“I’ll say!” His best friend exhales a sigh. “What did you think of Aranea? Personally, I think she’s too good for my brother.”

Hearing her name makes his stomach clench in a way he doesn’t like. “She seemed very nice. I was surprised that she knew Ignis, but I guess it all worked out in the end, huh?”

“Yeah! That was super wild! And Professor Scientia! Who knew he’d be like that?”

Me. “I told you he was a nice person. You didn’t have to worry. Did we even talk about religion?”

“Nope. Well, sort of - I vaguely remember my idiot boyfriend bringing something up.”

“Hey.” He hears Noctis’ voice come through the speaker. “I resent that remark.”

“More like you resemble it.” Luna returns, Prompto turning a laugh into a cough. “But really, it was fun. He was very nice at the club, when you and Noct were at the bar together. Very chivalrous. Pushing away men from me with a stern look on his face.”

His heart rate perks up at the mention of Ignis being that way. “Really? He didn’t tell me that anything like that happened.”

“It was so quick, but I knew that I could really trust him when that happened. So, I definitely approve of your strange friendship.”

Prompto wants to ask her if she’d be okay with him if she knew what the two of them were doing in secrecy, but couldn’t get the words to come out. “Well, thanks. I think.” A nervous chuckle leaves his throat. “What are you guys up to today?” Deciding a change of subject might be beneficial for the conversation, he tries to steer it away from Ignis.

“Not a whole lot. Might go out to dinner. You’ve got church soon, right?”

“I do.” He nods his head. “I’ve also got some homework I need to finish up before tomorrow.”

“Well, I’m glad you had fun last night. And please, tell Ignis that he’s more than welcome to join us again any time he’d like. Maybe we could all go out to dinner again soon?”

That comment brings tears to Prompto’s eyes. “Thanks, Luna. That means a lot. I’ll pass on the information to him if I get to speak to him later. And maybe? We’ll see.”

“Okay, that sounds good to me. And you’re welcome. Happy birthday again, Prompto. Love you.”

“Love you too.” He ends the call, and drops his phone on the bed, blinking away the tears that threaten to fall. By the way, would you care if I told you we’re in a relationship with one another? Oh, and I’m gay. He sighs, and closes his eyes, rolling to be on his back. Maybe he should have talked move with Noctis, and been honest with him, instead of lying about what he had seen at the musical. Too late now.

Getting up, he makes himself some instant oatmeal, and gets to work on his homework. The class he’d missed on Friday had actually been cancelled, so that was one less thing he had to worry about. Doing the homework for his Thursday and Monday classes keeps him busy up until it’s time to get ready for mass. He puts his books away into his backpack, knowing full well that he’s not going to be able to work on anything else after mass.

He goes over to his closet, and pulls out a clean pair of khakis, and a black turtleneck from his drawer. Throwing it on, he pulls a dark green sweater out from his closet, and pulls it over his head. With the weather starting to stay colder, he knows it won’t be too hot at church, even if the heater is turned up. Slipping his leather cuff on his right wrist, he looks at it and smiles, still surprised that Ignis would buy him something like this. Looking over at his bag, he remembers the other gift he’d been given, his cock stirring with interest. No, not now. He shakes his head, hating how quick his body is to reacting to the idea of sex. Although, the itch is there, his entrance twitching as he remembers what it had felt like. Damn it.

Prompto heads into the bathroom to take a look at his hair, hoping it looks okay. Satisfied that he looks decent, he grabs his jacket and puts his phone into his pocket before heading out of his dorm room. The campus is quiet for a Sunday afternoon, students still gone for the weekend, but should be returning soon. The bells begin to ring that it’s a quarter to five as he makes his way up the steps towards the church. This feels nice - after being away from campus for so long, returning to this helps to keep him balanced.

Dipping his finger into the Holy Water, he blesses himself, then makes his way into the nave, taking off his coat after he genuflects to take a seat in his favorite spot in the church. For some reason, he begins to feel nervous, the anticipation of seeing Father Scientia again making his heart beat quicker. They’d been apart for a little over ten hours, but after the weekend they’d spent together, this return to the status quo feels a bit strange. He stands as the opening hymn begins, and starts to sing, trying to keep his head forward as he sees the procession begin.

When Father Scientia passes by him, his heart full on stops in his chest. The smile that they share has him feeling flushed, Prompto knowing that certain smile. But damn, the vestments he’s chosen to wear over his clerical clothes brings a few lecherous thoughts into his mind. The alb sways with each step he takes, Prompto’s eyes locking onto his lover’s ass as he walks down the center aisle, thinking how nice it would be to touch him right now. I’m sorry, God. I’m really trying, but he’s making it very difficult for me. He glances up towards the ceiling, hoping that the Lord will forgive him for those thoughts. And as soon as Father Scientia welcomes the congregation to mass, more of those thoughts return. Stop, brain. Please. Not now.

But his brain doesn’t listen, and instead begins to entice him with more sinful thoughts. That twitching returns to his ass, the phantom touches of Father Scientia’s hands and cock in his body very prevalent in his mind. As the congregation begins to sit down, he almost slams his ass down hard onto the pew, wanting to take away these tormenting thoughts. As the readings occur, his eyes are drawn to the celebrant’s chair where Father Scientia sits, and pictures himself taking the green stole off of Father Scientia’s shoulders, and putting it around his neck, much like he’d done with his hand back on Friday evening.

It’s these thoughts that stick with him throughout the entirety of mass, and by the time it comes to the homily, he almost excuses himself to go to the bathroom, afraid of how his body will react to Father Scientia’s speak. But he sits still, folding his hands on his lap as he listens to Father Scientia’s sonorous voice fill the church as he recites his homily. The words are lost on him, as he thinks about only the sound of his voice, and how it had sounded in his ears earlier in the morning. “Prompto...Can you feel it?” Ignis purred into his ear, as he thrust his cock in and out of his body, the raw feeling of it sliding in and out of him for the fourth time that night filled him with a very insistent need. “I’m going to stay inside of you all night….” His hands clench into fists as he realizes these perverse thoughts will not stop. Please, God. I’m trying.

After the gifts of the Eucharist are presented, Prompto sees everyone’s head is bowed as Father Scientia blesses them, but he keeps his up and sees his lover staring directly at him. That lingering ache becomes more pronounced, as he keeps his head up for the blessing of the wine, biting his lip in a way that he hopes will tease his lover, as he’s been unknowingly doing that to his own body throughout the duration of mass.

Father Scientia stands on his side of the church for the Holy Communion. Prompto feels at peace, knowing that he’ll be face to face with his lover soon, his stomach churning, the lust becoming more prevalent in his brain. Stepping up to him, he keeps his hands held in a prayer formation, and smiles.

“The Body of Christ.” Father Scientia’s voice comes out a bit thick, as he holds the Eucharist out to Prompto to take.

“Amen.” He whispers, sticking his tongue out to feel the weight of his lover’s fingers back inside of his mouth. He knows no one would hear the different inflection in Father Scientia’s voice, but he hears it. He’s the only one meant to hear it that way, and as blunt nails scrape against the side of his tongue, Prompto closes his mouth a little too early, accidentally sucking on Ignis’ fingers before they’re pulled away from his mouth. He hears his lover inhale through his nostrils, knowing he’s accomplished what he’d hoped to do.

Blessing himself with the sign of the cross, he moves on to the next station. A quiet ‘Amen’ is said after being informed he’s about to receive the Blood of Christ, bringing the cup to his lips. He takes a sip, then makes another sign of the cross before turning to head back to his pew. He glances over his shoulder, looking towards the altar to see if Father Scientia is watching him. He sees that he is, and with a pleased smile, he turns his head back and makes his way back to his pew, kneeling down to say another silent prayer to God.

At the conclusion of mass, he stays in his pew until the last note is played, then grabs his coat and puts it on. Heading outside, he sees Father Scientia is surrounded by many parishioners, happy to see him back in his element. Patiently waiting for his turn, Prompto walks up to him with a smile on his lips.

“Good evening, Father.” He gives a little more emphasis on his lover’s title, knowing that it’s the perfect way to tease him in public. “It was a beautiful mass this evening.” He extends his hand out.

“I’m happy to hear you say that, Prompto.” Father Scientia’s hand touches his, the two of them shaking hands. “It’s always a pleasure to see you at this mass.”

“Thank you, Father.” He pulls his hand away, the damage of the touch clearly evident in both of their eyes. “I’ll see you tomorrow in class?”

“You will. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.” His lover turns towards the next person, but not before their eyes linger for a moment longer.

Prompto decides to kill time by heading to the coffee shop, happy to see Cindy standing behind the counter. “Hiya, Prompto!” She greets him with a smile on his face. “Nice ta see ya!”

“Hi, Cindy.” He pulls his wallet out. “Can I get a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream? And a slice of that iced pumpkin bread?”

“Ya sure can, darlin!” Cindy punches in his order. “Ya want anything else?”

“No, I think that’ll do it tonight.”

“Ya got it!”

Waiting for his order to be called, he feels his phone vibrate in his pocket. Reaching for it, he sees a text message from his lover. “You were a terrible distraction this evening. I couldn’t concentrate on anything.”

You wouldn’t believe the thoughts I was having throughout all of mass. I’m a mess.” He replies, a small smirk on his face. “How long until I get to see you?

I’m praying not longer than an hour. Maybe two. Father Bradham won’t be at the rectory until very late tonight.”

His ears burn, as he thinks about what his lover is offering. “We need to talk first. Maybe it’s in our best interest to meet somewhere public.” He hears his name being called, and grabs his drink and slice of pumpkin bread. “I’m at the coffee shop on campus. Come here when you’re done? I’ll hang out.”

I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Prompto breathes a little easier, happy that he stopped himself from agreeing to meet his lover at the rectory. Because the way he’s feeling right now, he knows that there won’t be much talking done, and he needs to clear the air with his lover about what happened the night before. Taking a seat at the high bar, he looks out the window and sets his phone down in front of him, deciding to do a little light surfing to pass the time.

The coffee shop picks up a little after seven, more students returning from their weekend away. He’s on his second round of hot chocolate, this one with less whipped cream, and a cookie. Not the best dinner in the world, but it’s okay. A few random dinners like this never hurt anyone.

Someone taps his shoulder, his head lifting up to see his lover standing in front of him, slightly out of breath. “Good evening, Father.” He smiles, surprised to see Father Scientia already. “Did you run to get here?”

“Maybe a little.” Father Scientia laughs, and pulls out the chair next to him. “Did you eat?” He holds up a bag. “If you haven’t, I brought some leftovers. There was a dinner organized by some of the congregation, and they asked me to say a blessing, and gave me some food to eat.”

He can smell the food, his stomach rumbling in response to it. “No, I’ve only had pastries.”

“Then, eat. I’m going to go grab a coffee. Do you want anything else?” Father Scientia puts his coat over the back of the chair, Prompto noticing that he’s wearing his formal cassock.

Guidance on not jumping your bones right here? Prompto shakes his head. “I’m good, Father. Thank you. Maybe I’ll move us over to sit over there?” He points to a table a little secluded from the rest of the shop.

“That might be a good idea.”

Gathering up his things, he walks over to the table and sets their stuff down. The food is calling to him, and hoping that they won’t mind that he’s eating outside food here, he says a silent prayer for his food, and then begins to scarf it down. Father Scientia returns to the table, and sets his coffee down before taking the seat across from him.

“I’m going to guess you’d like to talk about Aranea.” Father Scientia opens the conversation, as Prompto feels his stomach twist at the mention of her name.

Prompto finishes his bite, and nods his head. “Yes.”

“I am an open book to you, Prompto. Whatever you wish to know, please ask.”

“I want you to know that I….” He sighs. “I don’t know how I feel about it. It threw me off so much last night. I mean, you remember. You saw me. I hate how I acted like that. I’m afraid that was the tip-off to Noctis.”

Father Scientia shakes his head. “It was not. Not from the information you relayed to me about what he said. No, I believe because of my actions at the musical, that may have been a bit too bold.”

“Maybe, but I think it all ties in.” He sighs, and shakes his head. “I don’t like feeling like this, Father.” He sets his fork down. “Luna and I talked this afternoon, and as she was talking about her, I began to feel sick.”

“Let me be clear.” Father Scientia leans towards him, and drops his voice so that only Prompto can hear what he has to say. “Seeing Aranea again was nice. She and I were close in college - very close. However, I’ve told you before I was aware of my attraction towards men in high school.”

“If you were so close, why didn’t you know she was here?”

“Because when I went into the seminary, I lost contact with a lot of my friends.” His lover keeps his eyes on him. “Between seminary and graduate school, I did not have a lot of free time. I chose to forget those friendships in order to apply myself in school. I became a priest faster than most because of my discipline.”

It doesn’t surprise him to hear that, as he knows that Ignis is one of the younger professors at St. Lucis. “So, you lost contact with her, and then boom - last night it’s an unexpected reunion.” Prompto tries to eat another bite of the food, but this discussion is killing his appetite. “And Luna mentioned how you two were dancing together last night, and how you kept men away from her.”

“What is this about?” He hears the hurt in Father Scientia’s voice, Prompto’s stomach dropping to the floor. “Are you upset because I was being polite to her? Because I was trying to assuage her fears on how ‘priests’ are meant to behave when they’re not wearing the clothes that shows the world who they are? What they’re supposed to be?”

“You’re always a priest, no matter if you’re wearing the clothes or not.” Prompto stares across at him. “I’m not upset. I don’t know what I am right now. I’m very confused, and I’m worried that after everything that’s happened this weekend, we’re not going to be able to go back to how it was before we left.”

“To me, nothing has changed.” He looks down at Father Scientia’s hand, his own fingers itching to be touching him in some way. “We went on an adventure, and we had a wonderful time. Or so I thought.”

Prompto nods his head. “We did. But, why do I feel this way in regards to Aranea? I’m scared that since you know she’s around, you’ll be seeing her more, and I’m going…”

“You’re going to, what?” There’s a hint of pleading in his tone, surprising Prompto. “What, Prompto? Are you going to walk away from this because of someone I used to be close to? I don’t say anything to you about Miss Fleuret. Why would my friendship with Aranea be any different than what your friendship is like with Luna?” Father Scientia stares at him. “I have never once ended any of my conversations with Aranea with ‘I love you’.”

Hearing the words makes that ache return to both his stomach and his chest. “You know it’s not like that with her.” He whispers, afraid that he’s made a mistake by saying they should have this conversation in a public place.

“I know, but I’m trying to make you see what it’s like for me and Aranea.” A soft sigh leaves his lover’s mouth. “I will see her again. If you’re worried that our phone conversations, our late night rendezvous will stop because of that, I can assure you that will not be the case. Do I need to spell it out for you?” Father Scientia points to his exposed right wrist, and the leather cuff that rests there. “I think it should be pretty obvious how I feel about you, and about whatever this is.”

“What about Noct?”

“You have to deal with that on your own.”

“As my priest, not as anything else, what would you tell me to do?” Prompto asks, a little concerned at what he might hear. “You told me yourself on Friday, you don’t know if you might wake up one day and decide all of this is over. That you might discover that the Lord was correct, and that all priests should be celibate.”

Green eyes narrow. “As your priest, you need to figure this out on your own. I told you on Friday that I couldn’t give you an honest answer. I did not say that all priests should be celibate. I said that we, as humans, are not biologically wired to remain celibate like that.”

“You’re right. But you didn’t say anything else either.” He can feel his eyes beginning to prickle. “All you said was that you were sorry.”

Silence falls between the two of them, Prompto hating that all of these negative thoughts were coming back to the surface, after having such a nice weekend away from them. He stares at his cup, too afraid to push his chair back and leave, even though his mind is screaming at him to get away. To leave. But he can’t - because he’s in love with Ignis, the man he’s not supposed to be in love with, and he has to figure out how to fix this.

“Would it be better for me to lie to you?” Father Scientia asks, finally breaking the silence. “Would you like me to tell you that I plan to be by your side through this last year and a half you have left here?”

“I don’t know what I want.” He replies, his voice soft. “Part of me says yes, I would love to hear you say that. But the other part of me wants the truth, and not what I long to hear.”

“Then you have to trust me. That’s how relationships work, or so I’m told.”

“How would you know? You’re a priest.”

“Because they have many books on the subject, and I’ve taken up reading them since our dalliance began.” His lover crosses his arms over his chest. “You are special to me, Prompto. This is special to me. Don’t make a rash decision because you’re afraid that Aranea is going to steal me away from you. She’s not.”

“But you have history with her.” He whispers, hating himself for admitting his thoughts. “We don’t have that.”

“You have history with Luna. Do you see me acting this way about her?” Prompto shakes his head. “We have something very different.” Father Scientia starts to reach for his hand, but Prompto shakes his head again, looking around the shop. “You can’t be scared because of that. I know that all of this is still very new for you, as it is for me, but we have to have faith in each other. Faith, and trust.”

“Do you trust me, Father?”

“With my life.”

“Do you have faith in me?”

“To a fault.” His lover nods his head.

He closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I have faith in you, and I also trust you. But….I don’t know how quick I’m going to get over this jealousy I have towards your friend.”

“I don’t expect it to be overnight. My jealousy towards Luna took some time to dissipate.”

Prompto opens his eyes, and stares across at his lover. “Wait, what? You were jealous of her?”

“I still am.” A small, sad smile appears on Father Scientia’s face.

“What? Why?”

“Because you can be open with your feelings for her. You two can say ‘I love you’ to one another, and no one thinks anything of it.” Father Scientia drops his voice to a whisper. “But I can’t say that to you in public without being punished severely. Catholic priests already have a bad track record when it comes to these types of affairs.”

Blanching at the statement, he knows that Father Scientia is right. “But you’re not coercing me. I’m doing this willingly.”

“Are you?” His lover asks, the doubt clear as day in his voice. “Because sometimes I wonder if that’s true. You would do anything I asked of you. You have done that, Prompto.”

“I told you to meet me here tonight.” Prompto meets his gaze, as he hears his own faults leaving his lover’s mouth. “I didn’t say I’d meet you at the rectory. I did that on my own.”

“But if I said I would rather have preferred you to meet me there, you would have.”

He lowers his head. “I know I may seem like I’m malleable, Father, but you’re asking me to have faith and truth in you. I would ask that you do the same for me. If I had agreed, it’s because I chose to do that. Not because I’m bending to your will.”

“Are you certain of that?”

“Yes.” Prompto looks up, and stares across at his lover. “I’m very aware of what I can and can’t do with you. Sure, sometimes it takes a bit for it to hit me, like what happened on Friday at St. Merrioth.” He takes one final sip of his hot chocolate, and sets the cup down. “But I know what I want, and I know how to get what I want. You have no influence over me. The decisions I make are on my own. Just as yours are towards me. I don’t hold that power over you, just like you don’t hold that power over me.”

“You are correct.”

“So don’t tell me that priests are already frowned upon because of their apparent predilection towards things that aren’t right, by any means. You tell me how you feel about me behind closed doors, through texts, through the telephone. Do you want to know something?” He waits for Father Scientia to nod his head before continuing. “Even if you weren’t a priest, or my professor - if you were some guy I met in class, I would still proceed the same way I’ve been proceeding. No one needs to know about my private business.”

The smile that he sees on his lover’s face brings a small one to his own. “Well said, Prompto. You’re correct, no one has any business on what we choose to engage in.”

“As for Aranea, it’s going to take me sometime to figure that out on my own.” He sighs, and sits back in his chair. “But I’m going to try, okay?”

“That’s all I can ask for.” Father Scientia nods his head. “Now, would you like to come help me close up the church before we have to say goodnight to one another?”

The thought of going to the church to help lock it up brings back those ideas he had had during mass. “I would be honored to help you out, Father.” He smiles, trying to play coy as he stands up from the table.


They walk close together back towards the church, Prompto feeling marginally better after their talk. Upon entering the church, he feels the heater is still on, and unbuttons his coat. He stands in the shadows, and listens to Father Scientia call out to any parishioners that may still be in the building. No one answers, and after looking upstairs in the choir loft, and throughout the nave, it’s determined that they are completely alone.

Following Father Scientia to the front of the church, he helps him lock the doors, the two of them continuing to keep their distance from one another, drawing out the anticipation of when they do finally reach that moment. “Prompto - do you have plans for Halloween?” His lover asks him, as they make their way down the center aisle of the church.

“I do not. I know there’s going to be a lot of parties on campus on Tuesday, but I think I’ll probably be holed up in my dorm room that night. Studying, probably.” He follows his lover to the side doors, which they lock up as well before heading up towards the altar, and then towards the sacristy. “Why? Are you doing anything on Halloween?”

“No, but I thought I would ask. No plans with Luna?”

“No, she and Noctis like to go to a Halloween event in Insomnia.”

Standing in the dark, he turns around to face his lover, who moves closer to him. “Would you like to spend Halloween with me?”

“What about Father Bradham?” He asks, as he feels his back come into contact with one of the wall cupboards. “Is he going to be at the rectory?”

“He will not.” Prompto’s eyes are drawn to the white collar around Father Scientia’s neck, as his lover puts his knee between both of his legs, his fingers sliding down the buttons of his lover’s cassock. “He will be at our sister parish, preparing for their All Saints’ Day festival.”

“Will you be alone?” Prompto whispers, his arms coming to wrap around his lover’s neck, a soft groan leaving his throat as he feels the pressure of Father Scientia’s knee push up against his cock.

“Not if you’re with me…” Father Scientia’s lips hover close to his, as he stays trapped against the cupboard. “Now, will you tell me about those thoughts you had during mass, so we can compare notes with one another?”

Using the tip of his tongue, he flicks it against Father Scientia’s cupid’s bow, his arms tightening around his neck as his lover releases a salactious moan. “Yes, Father….But only if you kiss me first…”

“One kiss, coming right up…”

The tip of Father Scientia’s tongue mimics what he’d just done to him, sending a spike of lust through his body. He moans low, as the lips that have been a hair’s breadth away from him finally touch his own. Prompto allows himself to give into the lust that’s been clawing at his brain to be let out as their lips seal together, and he finds himself right where he wants to be - in his lover’s arms.

Chapter Text


As their tongues touch, Prompto’s breath is stolen away from him by his lover, as they kiss each other with the same ardor they’d had for one another at four in the morning. It feels so good to be kissing him again, to be alone with him, that Prompto doesn’t shy away from the unbridled lust that’s becoming more and more difficult to keep in check as he feels Father Scientia’s tongue root around in his mouth, continuing to steal his breath with every inhale they pass back and forth to one another.

Pushing himself down onto Ignis’ knee, he releases a low moan as their kissing stops in favor of letting their hands wander. Or, more accurately, Father Scientia’s hands wandering up under the sweater he’s wearing. “D-Do you really want to know what I was thinking about during mass, Father…?” He moans, as he rubs himself more against the stiffness of his lover’s knee.

“I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know, love…” Father Scientia’s teeth tug on his earlobe, before rooting his nose against the top of his turtleneck. “You had to wear this garment, didn’t you…?”

He moans low, his own fingers sliding down the many buttons on his lover’s cassock. “L-Like you can talk…” The pressure against his cock disappears, as he’s turned around, his chest now pushed up against the cupboard. He pushes his ass back on pure reflex, the comfort of feeling his lover’s cock against the split between his cheeks a welcomed one.

“I wore it for you…” The heat of Father Scientia’s voice against his ear causes Prompto to release a soft, shuddering sigh. “Tell me what you were thinking about, love….”

He turns himself back around, his back slamming hard against the cupboard as Father Scientia uses more force than necessary. It does the trick, as his arousal grows with the force that his lover uses on him. “Your voice….” He jumps up, and wraps his legs around Father Scientia’s hips, feeling his lover’s arms come and hold him up without any struggle. “As soon as you started to speak, I began to remember what you were saying to me last night…”

“How I want to keep my mouth on your cock until you can’t come anymore…?” Father Scientia’s hands grip hard onto his ass, as he’s brought down onto the clothed mound of his lover’s cock. “How every single moment with you is never enough? How every second ticked by way too fast after we got home from the club?”

Prompto’s moans become more bold as his lover’s words penetrate his ears. “I imagined your stole being wrapped around my neck….” He groans as teeth start to bite down on the side of his neck, his turtleneck being pushed down to give him better access to it. “Mark me, Father…” He pleads with his lover, as his desire starts to become insatiable as they keep teasing each other with their movements.

Pain blossoms at the base of his neck, Prompto whining loud as his fingers dig into Ignis’ shoulders, praying to God that no one can hear them. He knows they’re alone, but that thought that someone might walk by the church, and pass by a window that shouldn’t be opened - what would they think? An apparition? Divine intervention that a man is being shown a really good time right now by one of the members of the church? That thought leaves him gasping, his hand going to the back of Father Scientia’s neck, fingers curling tight into the hair at the nape of his neck. “F-Father, please…” He moans another soft beg to his lover, the low moan that leaves his lover’s throat at the request has his head spinning.

“Do you wish to know what it feels like now, Prompto?” His lover’s voice is deep, words dripping with desire that Prompto can feel flowing through his body.

Dropping one leg at a time, he stands up and nods his head, pulling himself away from his lover’s body. “Only take one that you use….?” He asks, feeling a little nervous by this act. It’s an article of clothing. Nothing more. Never mind that the article of clothing has no doubt been blessed by a bishop, or maybe even a cardinal.

“Of course.” Father Scientia opens the cupboard next to the one he’d been pushed up against, Prompto now standing behind him, trying to get his hormones under control as he sees all the different stoles hanging up. “Do you have a preference…?”

“Whichever is your favorite.”

A purple stole is pulled out, decorated with a gold cross at each end, the embellishments looking very ornate. “You know my penchant is towards the color of your eyes…”

“When do you wear that one?” He asks, taking the garment from Father Scientia’s hand, as he watches his lover close the door to the cupboard. “Easter?”

“I wear it during both Advent and Lent.” Prompto begins to walk towards the church, his feet leading him back towards the altar without the aid of his brain to stop him from going any further than the sacristy. “Do you know what purple stands for in our faith?”

Arms wrap around his middle, keeping him from entering the church, but Prompto doesn’t mind. Keeping the satin stole in his hands, he leans back against Father Scientia, who is beginning to kiss the side of his neck more. “Mm….We talked about this in class, didn’t we, Father…?”

“We did.” Father Scientia nods his head, one arm staying around Prompto’s stomach, the other sliding down to be on top of his thigh. “Can you tell me what it means…?”

His fingers grip the stole a little tighter, as Father Scientia’s hand starts to casually play with the mound of his groin. “Preparation….sacrifice….” He groans, pushing his hips forward to feel more of Father Scientia’s hand on his cock. “God….”

“It doesn’t stand for God…” His lover’s lips touch the top of his ear, as his hand starts to cup his genitals, Prompto moaning low as Father Scientia’s hand squeezes him with the right amount of pressure to send his pleasure spiking. “One more thing it stands for. If you can tell it to me, I’ll reward you….On the altar.”

As the reward is dangled in front of him, he nods his head as he takes the chance, knowing that whatever will happen next is one of his own choosing. No one is dictating to him what he’s interested in. “P-Penance, Father…” He lifts his head, and sees Father Scientia move past him, his hand coming to land on his. He’s then pulled out onto the altar, the silence in the church a welcomed one. “A-Am I to ask for penance now…?”

“Have you done something to require penance?” Father Scientia teases him, as they make their way to the celebrant’s chair. The stole he’s holding is pulled away from him, and is wrapped around both of his wrists in the same manner that the ties had been used on him the night before. Holy crap - that was less than twenty-four hours ago.

His lover takes his bound hands, and walks with him towards the left of the altar. “With all of my impure thoughts constantly at the forefront of my mind, it’s a wonder that I’m able to stand here without panicking.” Prompto begins to kneel down, then changes his mind halfway down. “What about you, Father?” The stole is unwrapped, Prompto returning it to his hand as he breathes a little easier. He holds tight to the stole in his hand, as he looks up into his lover’s eyes, the thin band of green visible in the flickering light of the candles. “Have you done something that would require penance?”

Prompto takes a seat on the center celebrant’s chair, staring up at his lover, who begins to sink down to his knees. “I have.” Father Scientia whispers, as he stays on his knees in front of him. “Shall I confess to you my sins, Prompto?”

“Yes….” He drops the stole across his lap, as his fingers begin to work on the buttons of Father Scientia’s cassock. “Tell me your sins, Father…”

“I want to defile every single surface of this church with our bodies.” Prompto sucks in his breath at the unexpected confession, pleased to hear that he’s not the only one with such libidinous thoughts. “Mark my territory with your sweet essence decorating the sanctuary.”

Prompto’s hands stop at Father Scientia’s waist, as he stares into his eyes. “Jesus Christ….” He whispers, too stunned to say anything else. He always assumed he’d been the one that was perverse in his nature, wanting and lusting after a priest, but to hear his lover say these things, he knows he’s met his perfect match.

“You have no idea of the fantasties I’ve had about the two of us, Prompto…” His fingers begin to work on the buttons more, finally getting to the last one, and pushing the panels open to reveal a tight black crew neck shirt clinging to his lover’s torso. “Of the ones I think about while saying mass, when my mind should be on God…”

Swallowing, he reaches up and unhooks the white collar from around Father Scientia’s neck, and puts it on the back of the celebrant’s chair. He slides his hands up Ignis’ chest, moving forward on the chair, as he pushes the cassock off of his shoulders. “Tell me…”

“You told me you thought of what we said to one another in bed when you heard my voice…” Ignis leans forward, and picks up the stole from Prompto’s lap, and drapes it over his neck, as their lips come together for a heated kiss. He’s left breathing hard, as Ignis’ hands start to work on the belt around his waist, the stole now around his neck like a scarf. “When I walked past you, my first thought of you was how sweet you tasted last night, and how I couldn’t wait to have you back in my mouth.”

“God…” He shivers hard, and taking the bait, he licks his lips. “Do you want me back in your mouth right now, Father…?” He asks, his cock straining against his underwear, Ignis having unzipped his khakis, but has not pulled him out of his boxer briefs. “Suck me off, as I sit on your chair…”

Ignis’ head becomes buried in his lap, Prompto lifting his legs up to drape them over his shoulders, as his lover’s hot breath tickles his cock through his underwear. The band of his underwear is snapped, and suddenly wet heat surrounds his cock, causing him to release a lustful moan, which bounces off the rafters. “No one can hear us…” Ignis whispers, as he yanks Prompto’s pants off of his body, his shoes landing with soft thuds on the carpet, giving the stole a little tug to tighten its grip around Prompto’s neck. “Be loud for me tonight in here…”

“Nnngh….Aaaaaah!” Prompto screams, as Ignis’ teeth sink into the soft flesh of his thigh. The bite causes his cock to drip, his hands going to the arm rests, gripping tight to them as Ignis sucks on the flesh of his thigh. His mouth pulls away with a soft pop, Prompto’s eyes going to the red mark. Rapid breaths leave this throat, as he keeps his eyes on Ignis’. “Again, Iggy….”

With a feral grin on his face, Ignis listens to his command, Prompto’s toes curling as his lover’s mouth attaches to his other thigh, biting him closer to where his sac rests. He twists and moans, the tip of his cock pushing up against the edge of Ignis’ glasses, a small streak of cum now drying on his cheek. He wants to apologize, wants to say sorry for being so excitable, but as Ignis’ teeth sink deeper into his thigh, it takes all of his will power to not start touching himself. The need to come is becoming something he can’t ignore as he’s toyed and played with in this manner.

“F-Father…” He cries out, as Ignis pulls his mouth away, but is quick to return it to the tip of his cock. “Oh, God….” He moans, the upper half of his body jerking forward, as his knees push up against Ignis’ sides, keeping him in place as his mouth devours his cock. “Jesus, yeeeees….” He cries out, as his balls are squeezed gently by Ignis’ hand, his pleasure beginning to build at a fast pace the more his cock and balls are played with.

The mouth on his cock slides up back towards the tip, before pushing back down to the base, Prompto’s feet dropping to the floor as he starts to stand up from the chair. He wants the added leverage, and with Ignis’ hands now resting on his hips, he’s given permission to slowly thrust his hips back and forth as he slides his cock all over his lover’s tongue. “I-Iggy…” He whimpers, his body wound tight.

His vision becomes spotty as he gets closer and closer to an orgasm. The end of the stole is pulled on, Ignis choking him in just the right way to push him right to the edge. “God, Ignis….!” He screams his lover’s name, as he begins to come hard, his cock hitting the back of his lover’s throat. He tries to watch as his lover swallows his essence down, but after two swallows, his eyes close tight, as he becomes lost in the euphoria of his orgasm.

“Let me take you…” Ignis whispers into his ear, his lover now standing in front of him as he tries to remember how to function after that mind numbing orgasm, the stole being taken away from his throat. “Let me take you in here, Prompto…”

“W-we can’t…” He shakes his head, but even as the proposition is made, his cock begins to grow again at the idea, the never ending sexual appetite he seems to be having as of late making it possible. “Sex in here is wrong…”

“Is it?” Lips caress the side of his face before landing on his own lips, Prompto moaning as he tastes the saltiness of his cum in Ignis’ mouth. “Don’t you want me to be inside of you right now…?”


Prompto doesn’t know why he keeps denying himself, because he knows that what they’ve just done it’s the same as having penetration sex. But the thought of being taken on the altar, of feeling Ignis’ cock slide in and out of him as he moans for him - it’s a thought he knows should stay in his fantasties. Because once they’ve crossed the line, he knows it’s going to be very difficult for him to not have sex in this space - in any part of it. Ignis’ confession of wanting to ‘defile’ the sanctuary with him - hearing his lover voice the same thoughts that are in his mind - it helps him to accept what he wants, and decides to take it.

Turning around, he puts one knee on the celebrant’s chair, and then his other knee, looking over his shoulder at Ignis with his cheeks flushed. “One time…” As it comes out of his throat, he knows it’s a lie. He knows that Ignis knows it’s a lie too, but neither dwell on it, as he hears his lover unbuckle his belt.

“Are you sure…?” Ignis asks, the sound of the lube being uncapped sending a wave of desire through Prompto’s body, but the anxiety begins to creep in as he recognizes what they’re about to do. “We can go back to the rectory…”

“For someone who was so adamant about wanting to take me here, you sure are having doubts now…” Prompto groans low, as one finger pushes into his body. The ache he’s felt for most of the day slowly disappears, feeling somewhat whole again now that Ignis is touching him the way he’s been yearning for since mass began. “W-which is it, Father…?”

“I know I talk a lot…” Fingers are spread inside of him, Prompto gripping the back of the celebrant’s chair as he moans low, his fingers knocking against Ignis’ priest’s collar, his body slowly opening up with the help of Ignis’ fingers. “I know this is a big step for you…”

“What’s one more sexual act in front of God?” He whispers, sinking lower on his knees as he tries to spread them apart more, the arm rests preventing him from going too far. “One more hedonistic act on this altar, and I’ve all but sealed my fate on the road to Hell.”

The fingers inside of him stop moving, and are gently pulled out of his body. “You will not be going to Hell.” Ignis put his arms around him, and without thinking, he falls back against his body. “This isn’t wrong.”

“Yes, it is.” Prompto shakes his head, the moment slowly disappearing. “We can’t, Father.”

“Then why did you say yes?” Lips touch his forehead, as he moves to kneel on the celebrant’s chair. “Don’t tell me because you thought that’s what I wanted.”

“Isn’t it, though?” He asks, turning to look at his lover, who has a concerned look on his face. “You said it yourself - you want to defile every inch of this sanctuary with my body.”

“Only if you’re a willing participant.” Ignis shakes his head. “Those are my fantasies, Prompto. They don’t have to be your own. I’m sure there are things you fantasize about that I would never think to do in a million years. Remember what we just spoke about at the coffee shop.”

His shoulders drop, as he releases a soft sigh. “I know. And I said yes because I want it. I want it bad, but….I’m sorry, Father. God, do I want to. But, I’m scared.”

Ignis picks up his boxer briefs, and his khakis up off the floor, and hands them to him. “What are you scared of? That God is going to smite both of us down for having sex in a house of worship?”

“Well, when you say it like that, it sounds ridiculous.” Prompto puts his clothes back on, and reaches to pick up the white collar off the back of the celebrant’s chair, and hands it to Ignis. “I guess I’m scared because I know I want to have sex with you in here. I know that it will be okay. That my feelings for you are as natural as the bark on the tree outside.” He reaches for his shoe, but then stops. “But something is stopping me.”

He watches his lover pick up his cassock off the floor, and begins to button it back up. “I understand. In the future - please be honest with me.”

“I was honest with you, Father.” He grabs both of his shoes, and puts them on. “That’s what you don’t get. I really was into the idea of you taking me, of feeling you inside of me as I sit in your seat on the altar, facing the cross.”

“Perhaps that’s the issue.” Father Scientia holds out his hand, and Prompto takes up, being lifted up off the celebrant’s chair. “The presence of God in that physical manifestation is somehow triggering you, making you see that your wants and desires are wrong.”

It sounds plausible, but then why was he okay to do what they’d done at his church back in Insomnia? “I don’t know. Because I think I probably would have let you have sex with me back when we were at St. Merriotth.”

“Give it time.” They walk together towards the sacristy, leaving the altar together. “We also weren’t on the altar at your church.” Father Scientia reminds him, as they walk into the sacristy proper.

“Right. There’s that.” Prompto releases a little nervous laugh, then turns towards his lover, and collides with his body as he throws his arms around him. “I’m sorry, Iggy. I’m a mess, aren’t I?”

“You are not.” Another kiss to his brow makes him smile. “Would you like for me to walk you back to your dorm?”

He shakes his head, as he keeps his face pressed against the soft wool of his lover’s cassock. “No, I can walk by myself. I’m sure you’ve got to do some lesson planning for tomorrow, as well as whatever else you do on Sunday night to get ready for the week.”

“I don’t mind.”

Pulling back, he looks up at his lover, and smiles. “I know you don’t mind.” He starts to lower one of his hands, and accidentally brushes it against Father Scientia’s groin, surprised by how stiff he is. “Oh, God!” He stares up at his lover. “You haven’t gotten off!”

“It’s okay.” Father Scientia chuckles, placing his hand on top of Prompto’s, pulling it away from his body. “I’ll manage, love.”

“Can I touch you…?” He asks, feeling a little shy, as if this was his first time asking his lover this kind of question. “Please, Iggy? I want to make you feel good too. You made me feel so good out there…”

His lover returns his hand to his genitals, Prompto’s knees wobbling as he feels how aroused he is. “I wouldn’t say no to a little tug and pull, if that’s what you’re offering.”

“Mmm..” Prompto reaches up under the cassock, and gently pushes Ignis’ down onto the chair sitting behind the small desk. “Is that all you want…?” He grabs the stole off of Ignis’ shoulders, and sets it down on the desk. “Just a little tug and pull…?”

“You know what I want…” Father Scientia licks his lips, as Prompto moves to sit on his lap facing him, pulling his lover’s cock from the confines of his tight briefs.

“Do I….?” His own arousal is still plump, and with this position, and where they’re at, he unzips his own pants and pulls his cock out. He rubs the tip of his cock against Ignis’, both of them moaning low at the intimate contact. “You want to come, don’t you, Father…?”

“God, yes…” Prompto wraps his hand around both of their cocks, and starts to pump his hand slow. “I’m dying to come, my love…”

“I can feel it.” He whispers, his feet planted on the floor as he rubs their cocks together. Using his index finger, he rubs it over the tips of their cocks, both slits dribbling with precum. “You’re so hard right now, Father…” He moans low, leaning forward as his forehead comes into contact with Father Scientia’s. “Does my hand feel good…?”

“It feels amazing….P-Prompto…” The stutter on his name has him moaning low, as he starts to move his hand with a little more speed.

He turns his head, and is rewarded by the touch of Father Scientia’s lips against his neck, his nose pushing down his turtleneck for the second time that evening. Prompto whines low as his lover bites down, the pleasurable pain sending more lust through his body as he melts against him. He becomes lost as the bite on his neck continues, but then remembers where his hand is at, and starts to move it again as the pressure from Father Scientia’s mouth increases.

“F-Father…” His moans are filled with lust, as his hand moves a little faster on their exposed cocks. “Father, h-help me…” He whispers, his lover’s fingers lacing with his as they both begin to work together to get each other off. “Nnngh…”

The touch of Father Scientia’s tongue to the mark that’s no doubt blossoming right now pushes him over the edge with a low moan. “That’s it….That’s…..” Prompto hears Father Scientia’s words drop off, being replaced with a soft groan, the heat of their orgasms spreading between their fingers as they continue to move their entwined fingers up and down their softening cocks.  

Taking a few deep breaths, Prompto rests his head on Father Scientia’s shoulder, too tired to do anything about the mess on his hands. He hopes that it’s only his clothes that are stained - he doesn’t want to think about anything getting on Father Scientia’s cassock. Something soft touches his hand, his eyes barely opening as he sees a white cloth wiping off both of their hands, and their limp arousals. He releases a soft giggle, then scoots a little closer to Father Scientia, wanting to be as physically close to him as possible.

“I love you.” Father Scientia whispers into his ear, Prompto smiling as he hides his face against his lover’s neck. “Do you still not want me to walk you back to your dorm?”

“I would love it if you did.” He lifts his head, and kisses his lover softly on the lips. “I know it will make you feel better.”

“Indeed, it will.” His lover smiles, and nods his head.

They get tucked back into their pants, and then head out of the sacristy together, Prompto heading down the path a little to make it look not as obvious that they’d been in there together for a long time. When Father Scientia stands next to him, they set off across campus to his dorm. It doesn’t take very long, and by the time they arrive, Prompto is yawning every few minutes.

“Get to bed.” Father Scientia stands close to him, the two staying out of the light to hug one another. “I’ll see you in the morning at Lauds?”

“You will, Father.” He nods, looking up at him. He takes a quick look around, and presses another kiss to his lips. “I love you. See you in the morning.”

“Good night.” One more kiss to his lips, then Prompto tears himself away from him, and makes his way up to his dorm.

He gets ready for bed, then falls onto it, but sleep won’t come. It feels strange to be alone in bed, after spending the last five nights with someone next to him. Reaching for his phone, he unlocks it and pulls up his text messages to Father Scientia. “I wish you were sleeping next to me again tonight. :( I miss the warmth of your body next to mine.”

I miss it too. :( But you’ll spend the night here on Halloween, won’t you?

Yes. Definitely.”

Then, we have to wait two days. We’ve gone longer. ❤

We have. Thank you, Iggy. Sweet dreams!

And to you, my love.

Feeling a little better with knowing that they’d be sleeping together again soon, he sets his phone down, sleep claiming him within a few moments.


“What’s with the turtleneck?” Luna asks him, as he walks down the aisle towards his desk in their History of Religion class.