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Yuuri Purrs

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It had been a long day for everyone, first their skating conferences, then answering questions for media magazine and blogs, the press were everywhere, and at every corner they wanted pictures and interviews. They had then met with other skaters for a meal, and intended to go back to Christophe’s beach house in France. It was the end of another season, in which Katsuki Yuuri had placed first in the finals and won his first gold medal. Yuri had come second by just a few points, and Phichit had even managed to knock Chris off the podium and placed third. It seemed Yuri and Yuuri would be the ones on the podium until they retired. Victor decided to stay in retirement and focus on coaching his husband.

The couple got married before the season, it had been a very small wedding, no press had even known about it. Their friends and family came, altogether having about fifty guests. They had then mated and bonded on their wedding night.

Christophe, Phichit, Victor, Yuuri and yuri, Minami, Leo, Otabek, and Mila sat in the main living space of the beach house together. Not all the skaters had been able to make it of course, some had early flights and others had different plans. The nine of them had spent most of the day together and now really wanted to wind down and relax. Yuuri had been the busiest of them all though: winning gold felt amazing, until everyone wanted to talk to him.

Yuuri and Minami, and Yuri are the omegas in the group, Phichit, Mila, and Leo were Betas, Christophe, Victor, and Otabek were Alphas. It had been a surprise to everyone when Yuri had presented as Omega just the year before, he was so strong and stern, always angry and threatening people. That hadn’t changed though: it seem Yuuri was the only one who hadn’t been surprised. He’d just shrugged and said that the teen was built far to feminine to be an Alpha like everyone had suggested.

Nobody was drunk, Mila and Leo were a little tipsy, but nobody was fully drunk. At least none of them would have a hangover for their flights the next day. It seemed Yuuri was taking a hit for his busy day though, he’d had to talk to so many people and had two anxiety attack which resulted in his gripping Victors arm and staying very still, hardly even breathing. Victor had taken him to the toilets to try and console him.

For the time being the gold medalist Omega was laying with his head on Victors lap who had his legs bent as he sat half on his hips and half on his bum, one hand supporting him from the left behind his and Yuuri’s body, the other in his omegas hair. Everyone else was sat either on the floor or sofa, making conversation and swapping stories.

“Back in Detroit me and Yuuri went to something called a ‘frat’ party,” Phichit laughed taking a sip on his drink and he leant just a little on Christophe. “We got so drunk, Yuuri lost my favourite crop top because it was too hot.” Phichit said rolling his eyes, all he got was the middle finger from Yuuri and everyone else giving surprised noises at his swearing.

“It seems my Omega is being a little rude.” Victor teased grabbing Yuuri’s hand softly and taking it to his lips to kiss. Yuuri could feel a purr start to rumble in his chest, before anybody could notice though he managed to suppress it. Victors hand went right back to his hair one he let go of Yuuri’s own hand.

“It was only the next day when we realised he’d gone into heat at the party though, honestly how he gets around in life is beyond me.” Phichit put his hand on his head and shook his head from side to side. He honestly didn’t know how his best friend survived in life before Victor.

“I’d appreciate it if you could not tell people about my heats Peach.” Yuuri muttered and he snuggled further into Victors lap. He was loving the feel of his hand going through his hair, it was so comfortable Yuuri thought he could fall asleep there: he was half way there already.

They continued to converse, Yuuri had started to block out what was going on as well. Victors hand just felt so calming, and after such a stressful day he was really needing the comfort of his alpha. Occasionally Victors hand would gently stretch the top of his head, Yuuri refrained from pressing further into his touch. The sound of Victors voice, along with the gentle head stokes was honestly the best thing he’d felt for so long.

The omega slowly felt himself drifting off to sleep on the floor in his Alphas care, and this time when the Purr started up Yuuri was too tired to even fight it. Victor heard him first and smiled a little as his mate had just fallen asleep purring in his lap, he continued to stroke Yuuri’s hair. The next person to hear it was Mila who had been sat the other side of Yuuri, and then Minami who was sat the other side of Victor. They smiled and Mila even squealed a little.

“That is the cutest thing ever.” She put a hand over her mouth trying to hide the huge grin, hearing the shy skater being so comfortable in a group of people was honestly something that made her heart do flips. Even Minami looked amazed.

“What’s cute?” Yuri asked with a scoff.

“Shh everyone quiet, just listen.” She shushed the room with a single sentence.

They waited and Victor watched Yuuri, he shifted a little before purring contently. Even the Russian had only ever heard Yuuri purr a few times, it was rare since he was always so nervous and he found the whole ordeal a little embarrassing. The first time he’d purred like this he and Victor had been snuggling in Yuuri’s single bed at the Onsen, his laptop on their legs and Yuuri snuggled up to Victor, his arm around his body. When he’d heard it Victor may have over reacted a little, he’d been so excited about hearing him Purr and may have over reacted a little. Yuuri had turned bright red and tried to hide his face in Victors chest. He was more comfortable now purring in front of Victor, nobody else though.

Everyone’s eyes went on Yuuri, “is that-“ Christophe started.

“Awh Yuuri’s purring!” Phichit gushed over his best friend. He’d heard him purr lightly in his sleep sometimes when Yuuri was cozy. Yuuri didn’t know this though.

“That’s so cute...” Leo whispered.

“So what he’s purring, Omegas do that.” Yuri rolled his eyes, he secretly found it a little bit adorable, but nobody was allowed to know that.

“Come on Yura, he’s relaxed.” Otabek whispered to the smaller blond next to him, “do you Purr?” He asked in the younger ones ear.

“No.” Yuuri huffed.

“Hmm I’m sure you do.” He smirked and sat back on the sofa again.

Victor shuffled carefully as to not wake up Yuuri, he then said, “I’m going to take Yuuri to bed,” he smiled. Victor carefully got out from under a sleeping Yuuri and then gently picked him up bridal style, “see you in the morning guys, how many of you are leaving tomorrow?” He asked.

Leo, Mila, and Otabek raised their hands. Victor was surprised he thought more would be leaving. “If I don’t see you before then have a safe flight.” Victor whispered. He said a goodnight and left to take Yuuri to bed.

Once in their room Yuuri was laid on the bed with the covers pulled over him. He snuggled into the covers and purred more. Victor would never get over the sound of his sweet omega purring.