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Friends To...Lovers- List of Story Chapters

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Friends To Lovers 

Two Friends

Slim recalls the time he met Jess and the two friends have some fun before the stagecoach arrives.

(Basically, Slim and Jess decide to take a break from work and decide to go out for a ride that ends with them falling in the water.)

Old Friends

Slim and Jess return to the ranch only to find some familiar faces.

A Ride to Laramie

Slim and Jess head for Laramie and get themselves into a heap of trouble in the saloon.


The Sherman Ranch family are visited by friends.

First signs

Slim and Jess bond a little.

Family Time and Outing

The group goes out to have a picnic and some fun. 

New Feelings

Slim and Jess start to daydream about something they usually don't.

Telling and Knowing

Francine, Jamie, and Ben Mckittrick notice something going on between our two favorite cowboys.

In Pursuit of A Thief 

Slim, Jess, Sheriff Cory, and several others are hunting for the ones responsible for a robbery.

A Special Bond

The bond between Slim and Jess grows while they continue to search. Sheriff Cory notices.


The friends are attacked by outlaws, leaving a seriously injured Jess and a extremely worry Slim.


The aftermath of "Ambush".

Slim, Daisy, and the others help Jess heal.

Just A Bad Dream

Jess has a terrible dream and Slim comforts him.

 Friends With....Part 1

The bond grows even stronger as Slim and Jess start to realized their feelings.

Friends With....Part 2

Continues from Part 1


The title says it all. (Finally)


The family is happy for the new couple but not everyone is.