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The Avenger's Mate

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Bucky watches with fascination as a new mark becomes present on his skin, the blue and gold squiggly line deepening in color as time progressed, wrapping itself around his left nipple, glistening with the sweat from his workout. It was his first one that he’s seen come in since Steve’s back in the thirties and during his time as Hydra’s Fist he hadn’t cared to pay attention for more, or really known to care, or really anything since he had no remembrance of that time, except now sometimes certain sounds and smells would break through the fog for barely a millisecond before being out of his reach once again. So, he had been pleasantly surprised when he finally came out of the fog that he had gained a lot more marks. But Steve had been the one to find them, this one would be the first that he could meet at the same time, maybe he could even be the one to find the person first.
Pulling his tank down he heads out of the gym, getting to the door only to almost be run over by Steve, who has a giant smile plastered on his face, “You think it could be our omega?”
“Don’t know, hope it is,” his alpha was practically purring at the idea.
“Well I hope that this one is at least a girl,” Natasha comments looking down at the mark that also encircles her left nipple.
“Well they can’t be that hard to find, we know relatively the time of birth, and you told me everything can be found on the internet these days,” Steve replies to Natasha.
“Let’s ask Tony. He should be able to find them a lot faster than us, or at least narrow it down for us.”

And the beta did, within two hours they had a list of fifteen thousand people that were born within the hour of ten and eleven in the morning of the first of October, eighteen years ago. “You do know that he or she might not be easily found, and it’s unrealistic to go to every person on this list to see if you can see our soul marks on them,” Tony informs as he sends the file of names and addresses to them.
“Well they can’t look, they were born with our marks,” Steve answers, scrolling through the list of names that were just in New York, three thousand four hundred and ten in total.
Tony just shakes his head, “Just be careful our pack is a little intimidating.”
Steve nods, before turning to the other two alphas of the pack, “You ready to start looking?”

In the end, they had decided to look into the people, instead of going door to door, trying to find some correlation between the person and the mark, sometimes it could be easily identifiable like the arc reactor symbol that is plastered between each of the mates chest’s that symbolizes Tony or more obscure like the ballerina figure that represents Natasha. The blue and gold squiggly ring was leaning towards the obscure.


Dancing around the bar, Morgan lets the pounding of the music guide her around the tables, it was past closing, so she had the front end of the bar to herself, as she wipes down tables and clears empty glasses. The bar was co-owned by her and her Uncle, who had left just after last call and the rest of the two person staff were too busy with unloading the new shipments of liquor and taking inventory, to help with the bussing.

Locking up at six in the morning, she yawns to herself, as she starts walking towards her apartment three miles away, music blasting steadily into her ears as she does.
After having showered to get the smell of alcohol off herself she heads to the room beside hers, “Pete school time,” shaking the twelve-year-old awake, when he growls slightly at the intrusion of his sleep, she hisses back “Don’t do the alpha posturing get up.”
“Sorry,” Peter groans out as his dark puppy brown eyes look up at her sea foam green ones, “You can go to bed now, I’m up.”
Morgan smirks at him, “You just don’t want me to see you in boxers,” messing his already bedridden curls up more before she leaves, closing the door behind her.
Peter huffs as he stretches, fumbling for his glasses that were on his nightstand, as he grumbles about the fact that he still had school on Halloween of all days. At least it was Friday, Ned was going to sleep over and they were going to build his new Lego set he got as an early birthday present, since his birthday was still three days away.


“Why are we here again?” Natasha yells over the pounding music.
Bucky grins, “I like dancing.”
“It’s Halloween, it’s crazy town.”
“It’s also the only time my metal arm doesn’t freak people out.”
Natasha nods at that, pulling Bucky towards the bar, while ignoring the withering of bodies that surround them. The bartenders were all wearing costumes that showed off a lot of skin, the men were only in pants and a bowtie and the women in corsets with ruffled miniskirts; each with an apron wrapped around their waist. Natasha easily gets the attention of one of the men, by pressing her chest into the counter and waving a fifty-dollar bill at him, the man then nudges the barista on the other side of him to help them out. The dark blonde barista heads over to them, her corset ending a few inches below her boobs showing off a very toned stomach and at her hipbones, that jutted out slightly, were matching red and white stars, making both alphas suck in a breath. They had found her.

Before the woman could even speak, Bucky is talking, “Hello doll.”
“Hi, what can I can get for you two?” her light green eyes bouncing between both of them.
“You could tell me your name and when you get off, darlin,” Bucky flirts, pushing himself more into the counter to get closer, his alpha purring at the fact that he was the first to talk to her. Natasha rolls her eyes at the shoddy delivery, but equally interested in the answer.
Focusing on the male alpha, “Paige, so what can I get you two?”
“We’ll have two vodka shots and two beers,” Natasha orders, bringing their new mate’s attention to her, while also pulling Bucky slightly away from the bar top when his metal hand starts indenting the smooth wood in his excitement to know their mate.
Nodding at the order, the barista makes quick work of getting their order before quickly heading to the other side of the bar, as another bartender makes his way to their section. Paige stays on that side the rest of the night, while Natasha and Bucky keep their eyes on their soulmate as they text the rest of the pack.


It was four in the morning before the bar shuts down and patrons start to make their way out of the bar, while the pack waits to be the last ones there watching as Paige talks to another bartender in a language none of them knew, but all, but Steve and Bruce could tell it was of Slavic descent, as the two start clearing the empty glasses and napkins from empty tables and the bar. The bouncer, who was making his rounds getting stragglers out and into taxis, finally makes his way over, “You have to leave, bar’s closing down for the night.”
Steve turned to the obviously alpha bouncer, “We’re waiting on our girl,” nodding towards the dark blonde barista.
The bouncer looks at the group of six and then over to the woman they were indicating, “Well then text her to meet you someplace, kid doesn’t get off for a while.”
Tony nods, before looking at the two stubborn male alphas of the pack, “We’ll meet her outside.” Unlike the two alpha super soldiers he knew exactly how this looked, and the rest of the pack help push them out of the bar, ignoring Steve and Bucky’s protests to stay.


Clint waits in the alley behind the bar, trying not to blend into the shadows of the unlit alley. Steve having wanted to make sure their soulmate couldn’t leave without meeting them; so, each of them were surrounding the bar like a barricade at different vantage points. He isn’t surprised when she decides to exit the back of the bar at five thirty in the morning, having changed into jeans and a leather jacket to fight off the early morning chill of New York’s fall season, her marks all covered up, but Natasha had pointed the blonde out earlier, and with her being the only blonde female working behind the bar, it had been easy to track her.
Clint waits until she’s about to pass him, before calling out, “Hey! Can I ask you a question?”
She turns towards him quickly at that, eyes continuously scanning him and the area as she asks in a hesitant tone, “What do you need?”
“Just wondering what the best diner around here is for a good cup of coffee?”
“I hear Quinny’s is a good place down on 69th and Kessel. I know it’s supposed to have good pie.”
“Can you show me?” giving her a disarming smile that does nothing for putting her at ease.
“Sorry, I have to get my kid to school,” she says while putting more distance between them and getting closer to the mouth of the alley.
Clint’s smile fades, “Sorry that was presumptuous, I was in the bar earlier and I noticed the marks, I just wanted to get to know my soulmate.” Ignoring the blatant lie of school considering it was Saturday.
Her left hand’s fingers went to tracing where he knew his mark was on her right wrist. “Oh. What mark?”
“The arrow there on your wrist, or the stars,” lifting his shirt slightly to show what he knew was matching stars on his pelvis to hers. Only soulmates could see the others mark, a full proof deterrent for people who tried to falsify the connection.
Tension in her shoulders fade slightly, “Okay, I believe you, what’s your name?”
“Clint, Clint Barton.”
“Morgan Cassidy.” Clint nods at that, smirking internally at the fact that she had lied to the Winter Soldier and Black Widow, and that neither of them had caught it.
“So, Morgan, that diner? My treat.”
Nodding her head, she waves her hand towards herself as she starts walking out of the alley.
Easily meeting her stride beside her, he tried to figure out her designation, which wasn’t easy considering he didn’t have the nose of an alpha or an omega and she smelled greatly of alcohol. Height did nothing to help, considering Natasha was an alpha at five-foot-three and a half and he’d met omegas that were taller than him, though omegas couldn’t work at bar due to the dangers it posed for them, so that took that option off the table. He could tell the rest of the pack was converging closer to them, but before he could say anything Morgan was stiffening, grabbing his hand and yanking him towards another alleyway.
“Come on, this way,” her voice taking a nervous tone.
Looking around to see what could have spooked the other blonde, but seeing nothing but their mates, he asks in confusion, “What’s wrong?”
“This creepy guy came into the bar last night, and he’s following us,” she speaks, as they make it to the mouth of the alley and the moment that they were in the alley and out of sight of the street she is dragging him into a run.
He almost laughs when Bucky is the first person to turn into the alley, only for her run to start turning into a sprint. Stopping abruptly, he uses his strength to pull the eighteen-year-old to a halt, “It’s okay, he’s not creepy, just … over enthusiastic.”
“What are you talking about?” eyes squinting up at him in confusion, before quickly going between him and what she perceives as a threat, which if it was anyone, but them, having Bucky chasing after you would be a threat.
“It’s him right,” pointing over to Bucky who is being met with the rest of the pack.
“Yeah,” her voice wavering.
“He’s one of our soulmates, he’s just excited to finally meet you,” Clint explains as he signals the rest of the pack to stay back.
Morgan nods, “Alpha?” Alphas were typically the most excited about meeting their mates, she had seen a lot of alpha’s go ‘creepy’ when they met someone their souls were attracted to.
Clint nods, “You okay to meet them?”
“They’re the rest of our pack,” motioning over to the group of five that were trying to hold in their enthusiasm at meeting Morgan. After her affirmation, Clint let his hand wrap around her shoulders as he heads back to the mouth of the alley, introducing her when they finally get close, “This is Morgan.”
“Morgan not Paige?” Natasha inquires, her emerald green eyes scanning the other woman.
“Yeah, sorry. Paige is the name I use for safety reasons,” her eyes glancing at Bucky, who starts shuffling his feet at the comment.
The group nods at that, before Tony takes over, “Well since we know your name, I’ll give you ours, mine’s Tony Stark.” And with that the group quickly gives their names.

“So, do you still want to go to that diner?” Morgan questions looking beside her at the blonde beta.
“How about we take you to our place, show you your new home,” Steve speaks up for Clint.
Tony slaps his hand over his own face at that, groaning at Steve’s wording, “Capsicle we’ve talked about this, it’s the twenty first century we don’t just whisk mates back to the den.”
“Well she’s ours,” Steve replies, Bucky nodding along in agreement.
“Nat help,” Tony whimpers at the two soldiers thought process.
Natasha rolls her eyes, “Steve, Bucky, in today’s world there’s a getting to know you phase.”
“How long?” Steve inquires, arms folding over his broad chest, his face glowering when Natasha informs him of the three-month period.
Bruce startles when Bucky growls deeply next to him, and everyone’s eyes quickly turn to the two, that they all miss the way that Morgan’s knees buckle, and she bares her neck for a brief second before controlling herself.
Placating the growing tension, Morgan speaks up, “Why don’t you show me. I grew up with an old-fashioned triad as parents.”
Steve, appeased with the answer, lets his arm wrap around her shoulders, directing her back to the SUV that they had come in hours earlier. Opening the door for her to get in, which she does, taking a seat in the far spot of the back row, Natasha and then Clint following, as Tony and Bruce take the middle, and Bucky takes the passenger seat with Steve behind the wheel.
“So, how did all of you meet?” Morgan asks, leaning into the middle seats.
Tony takes control of the question, “Short answer. I met Natasha when she was undercover as my secretary in 2010. Clint and her have known each other for years before that, so Clint and I met shortly after. All three of us met Steve and Bruce during the alien invasion two years ago, and Bucky was just a couple of months back. But Steve and Bucky have known each other since they were kids in Brooklyn.”
“Wow. Okay.”
Tony smirks at the dazed look in Morgan’s eyes, she seemed down to earth considering most people would be asking for autographs or freaking out because they met the Avengers, of course it might help the fact that they were all soulmates. They were predestined to love each other.


Touring the Tower was an interesting to say the least, the best part to Morgan was definitely the indoor pool. After the tour the pack heads into the lounge each draping themselves onto the two leather couches that face each other, only separated by a long oblong shaped coffee table. Morgan looks on in contemplation before heading towards the only chair, which Steve intercepts when she moves to pass by him, reaching out and gripping her thin waist and pulling her into his lap, the blonde squealing as she falls into the alpha.
“I’m going to guess and say you’re the head alpha,” Morgan quips, as she tries to sit up more.
“Yep,” pressing his nose into her neck, “You’re a beta.”
Ignoring the statement, “So, at some point, I’m guessing I have to move in?”
“Well you are our mate,” Steve reminds, as if it answered everything, but to an alpha it did, and Morgan knew that. The new law about having three months to get to know your soulmate only came into fruition in the late 1990s. Woman’s liberation didn’t happen until the 1920s, hell male and female omegas were still trying to get all the rights that their alpha/beta counterparts had been given.
Morgan hums, “So, since the three-month interim starts now, I guess, what do you guys want to do?”
Steve tightens his grip slightly at the reminder that he had to wait a possibility of three months before she was his forever in the eyes of the law.

“We can play a game, truth or dare?” Clint announces.
“Okay. Who goes first?” Morgan questions.
“Isn't this game usually played with alcohol?" Tony inquires with a raised brow.
“Doesn't have to be,” Bruce remarks.
“I'll go first,” Natasha throws out, “Steve truth or dare?”
“How old were you when you first kissed someone?”
Steve blushes at that, as Clint whistles and Bucky smirks at the blushing Captain, “Sixteen.”
“Guessing by Buckaroos face it was him?” Tony throws out.
Blush deepening completely, it detracts from the glare thrown the beta’s way; Steve going on to say, “My turn. Morgan truth or dare?”
“Have you ever kissed someone?”
Shaking her head amused at the repeated question, “Yes.”
“Nope. That's not how the game works,” Morgan jokes before looking over at to Bruce, “Truth or dare?”
“How old were you when you got your first doctorate?”
Bruce sighs in relief of the nonsexual inquiry, “Twenty-one. Bucky, truth or dare?”
"What's your favorite part of the twenty first century, beside the pack?”
“The technology. Clint truth or dare?"
“Let’s switch this up, dare.”
Bucky thinks for a moment, glancing around the room for ideas before his eyes land on the refrigerator and a twinkling gleam takes over his steel blue eyes, “I dare you to eat a leaf of kale.”
Clint's nose wrinkles in disgust, before huffing into a stand and trudging towards the kitchen over forty feet away, throwing the door open to the fridge and grabbing Tony's dreaded kale, ripping into a leaf with his teeth.
“You don't like kale?" Morgan investigates when he’s done and is moving on to pouring himself a glass of whiskey.
“No, it's for rabbits and Tony's," Clint exclaims.
"I'll make sure to never cook it for you then."
"You cook?" Bruce perks up at that, at the moment he was the only one in the pack, his years of being on the run lending to his culinary expertise.
"Yep, love too, helps that my Aunt sucks at it.”

“Okay back to the game, Tony truth or dare?" Clint informs as he walks back over to the lounge section of the giant space.
Clint ponders for a moment before smirking, “Did you ever jerk off to Cap before you found out that he was a mate?”
The sly grin on Tony's face was all that was needed, “Nope more a Bucky fan actually. Okay Morgan truth or dare?”
Seeing the sly grin growing, she debates on the worst thing he could ask or the worst thing he could make her do; before finally sighing, “Okay truth.”
“Are you a virgin?”
Rolling her eyes sarcastically, she retorts, “Do you want me to tell you how many or just if I am?” Yelping when Steve bites at the exposed skin at the crook of her neck, “Fuck don't do that!” Shoving Steve away from her as she scoots off the blonde and into small space between Steve and Bucky.
“Language,” Steve reprimands, while pinching her side.
“Wouldn’t have cussed if you leave you teeth to yourself,” she grumbles.
“Steve leave her be,” Natasha orders, “Morgan answer Tony's question.”
“Yes, I'm a virgin. Natasha truth or dare?”
“Are you guys the Avengers?”
The question throwing everyone for a loop, they had all, sans Bucky, who wasn’t an Avenger, thought they were recognizable as a group something that Natasha hated because it made it harder to keep aliases. “Yeah.”
“Okay cool,” leaning back, yawning as she does so. The anticlimactic response raises a few eyebrows, but they were all happy in their own ways that they didn’t have an overeager fan nor a staunch critic.
Natasha turns to Bruce, “Truth or dare?”
“What’s been the strangest thing you’ve eaten?”
“Stink bugs. Alright Tony, truth or dare?”
“What is one of the craziest things you’ve done, knowing that people where filming you?”
Giving a playboy grin, “Had a three way while people were spraying whip cream on us. Clint truth or dare?”
Taking another sip of his drink, trying to get the grainy texture of the kale out still, before saying, “Truth.”
“What’s the strangest situation you have ever been in, either sexual or nonsexual?”
“Nonsexually, it’s when I got my zip line caught in some trees during an op and the branches ended up tearing my pants off, I had to fight in my boxers, and ended the fight with only my tactical vest on.” Tony whistles, before Clint continues, “Steve truth or dare?”
“Have you ever had sex on your shield?”
Scrapping his hand across his face, “Yes. My turn, Buck --” Stopping short when Bucky hushes him, glancing between them to see that Morgan had without him noticing somehow curled up in the space between them laying her head on Bucky’s thigh, while Bucky’s hand threads through her hair as she slept. Nodding in understanding he motions for the throw blanket that’s draped behind Tony before easing himself off the couch and gently covering up the sleeping blonde.
Yawning themselves, Bruce and Tony get up to head to bed, both betas having been in the labs down in SI all day prior. Natasha nudging Clint up before following after the two scientists. Steve looks down at Bucky, “You okay here?”
Grinning up, “Yeah punk.”
“Just tell Jarvis if you need me.”


It was two hours later and a shrill sound of a cell that wakes the slumbering blonde, “Shit!”
Bucky grunts awake at that, tense and alert before relaxing at the fact that nobody was breaking in and he was safe. Watching as Morgan quickly slides to the floor and rummages through her backpack for the offending object. Finally finding it, she answers, “Pete, sorry I got caught up … in stuff.” … “No, you and Ned can totally go there.” … “Hey, I was going to give you a gift card for your birthday to that place, just go into my room its on the dresser. Have fun, text me when you guys get there.” … “Love you too.”
“Who was that?” Bucky probes.
“I got that, who is Peter to you?”
“He’s basically my little brother.”
Bucky nods, yawning before asking, “Do you want to sleep more, everyone went to the pack room if you want to sleep in there.”
“No, I better head home.”
“You know this is your home now too,” the alpha reminds.
“Yeah, but not for another three months, and we still have a lot to do and talk about as a pack.”
“What are you concerned about?”
“Nothing,” Morgan replies her head screaming at her to answer the alpha with the truth, which she promptly ignores.
“How are you planning to get back to Queens?”
“I’ll drive you,” Bucky adamantly announces.

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It’s Friday night, two weeks later, when Morgan comes out to the Tower to see the pack, this time planning to stay for dinner and a movie.
Bruce ushers her into the kitchen, once everyone finishes welcoming her back, since the pack had agreed that it would be less intimidating if they gave Morgan a chance hang out with them one on one, at her choosing. So, since Morgan asked to help cook dinner when the plans for the night had been established through their new pack group chat, Bruce became the second one, after Bucky who had taken her home two week earlier, to hang out one on one with the pack’s newest and youngest mate.

“So, tell me about yourself,” Morgan says as she starts julienning vegetables as a side dish to the main course of traditional Middle Eastern curry Bruce had already been in the process of cooking up, “How’d you decide to get a doctorate in gamma radiation?”
“You look me up?”
Shaking her head, “No, my cousin Peter loves reading your research studies, he says you’re the leader in the field.”
“I don’t know about leader, but I’m definitely one of the highest profiled due to the Hulk.”
“How many doctorates do you have?”
“Wow, that’s insane.”
Bruce ducks his head bashfully, before asking his own question, “How long have you been cooking?”
“Since I can remember really. So, where did you learn to make this?” Seeing as Bruce had no recipe on hand.
“After I became the Hulk, I went on the run from the government, and a few years back I was traveling across the Middle East hiding out from General Ross, and there was this village that I stayed at for a month, in exchange for acting as their doctor, they taught me how to cook different cuisines of their culture.”
“That sounds fun, not the hiding part, but the backpacking of it all, learning the different cultures.”
Bruce smiles at that, happy that the Hulk wasn’t her focus, “You ever been out of the country?”
“Yeah, I went to London a few years back, but I had to leave early because my parents died in a car crash.”
“I’m sorry love.”
Shrugging, and trying to stay nonchalant about the fact, “It’s whatever, I’ve been living with my Aunt and Uncle since.”
Silence reigns for a few moments before Bruce carefully asks, “Do you even want to move in?” it had been the logical choice for the rest of them because they didn’t have a permanent home to go back to, he had been on the run, Steve and Tony both wanted everyone to move in together, Natasha and Clint were already living at the Tower whenever they were in New York and not doing missions for SHIELD. Morgan had an actual home with a family.
“Yeah, I’m just nervous, I’ve never had a long-term boyfriend before and now I have six mates that are forever. I just don’t want to screw it up, you’ve all known each other for years, you guys have a rhythm and I’m still figuring myself out.”

“What do you want to do, you want to go to University or go backpacking?”
“Actually, my best friend Kendy is backpacking Europe right now left a couple weeks ago and I would have gone with, but I’ve been working on getting an online degree in kinesiology with a minor in nutrition for the last two and a half years. So, it just wasn’t a good time for me to go with and need to be stuck near Wi-Fi all the time.”
Bruce looks over in surprise, “That’s amazing, if you have any questions, I’m sure I could help, or Tony could, maybe, he’s not into what he calls squishy sciences. What do you want to do with it?”
“I want to get a coaching job at a high school.”
“Really, what makes you want to do that?”
“I just really like teaching kids’ new things, the way their eyes light up when they figure out how to do something new or when they finally perfect it. And I love idea of fostering their passion in athletics.”
“Do you want kids of your own someday?”
Morgan’s eyes dim slightly, while she keeps focus on the cauliflower she’s cutting up, “Yeah, I would want kids if that’s in the cards, but I’m content just coaching. So, any other cool places or adventures in the Middle East?”
Bruce starts talking at that, happy to talk about the different cultures and food.


Natasha slinks in five minutes later, stealing a carrot from the chopping block, and asking, “How much longer?”
Bruce responding with “Less than an hour, the spices need to meld together more. Has Clint and Tony settled on a movie yet?”
Breathing out loudly, “No, they’re still debating between introducing Steve to a new movie, Bucky, or both at the same time. That, along with trying to figure out the genre has them arguing over the value of each genre to what they are trying to introduce them to.” Everyone knew that they would end up having to explain to the two soldiers out of time about any pop culture references that ended up being thrown out by the characters in the movie. “So what are you two up to?”
Morgan answering with “Bruce was telling me about his adventures in the Middle East. Why don’t Clint and Tony pick an old western that way they don’t have to explain anything?”
Natasha shrugs, “They’re more into comedies and action movies.”
“Cool,” looking over towards the stove and Bruce, “Bruce how do you want me to season all this?” waving over the bounty of vegetables in front of her.
“Just salt and pepper, give it a contrast from all the spices in the curry.”
Morgan nods, before moving towards the spice racks that were near the stove. “What’s your guys favorite genre?”
“Bad spy films,” Natasha answers.
Bruce saying, “Documentaries, you?”
“Interesting,” Morgan responds, “Um sport movies.”

Once Morgan puts the vegetables in the oven to roast, Natasha stands up from one of the island barstools, “I’m stealing her.”
Bruce hums at the idea, nodding for the blonde to go when Morgan looks his way.
“Where are we going?” Morgan inquires, once they pass the living room and the elevator and were making their way into the secluded hallway.
“Want to show you something, sweetie.”
“Show me what?”
“You don’t do surprises do you?” Natasha jokes.
“I like giving not receiving them.”
“Well then, Tony had given each of us our own spaces when we moved. Someplace that we can go for just ourselves.”
“Really?” happy at the idea of having her own space, she’d been racking her brain for the last couple weeks on where she could put things, she didn’t want her mates to see.
“Yeah, they can be sound proof if you ask Jarvis to activate that function, so we can meditate in them, and here’s yours,” opening the door to a spacious room, which had a desk, couch, and TV inside, “We didn’t know what style you have yet, so you can keep the furniture or not, but we wanted it at least a little bit furnished to present it to you, so when you want to style it, you can just do it however you want.”
“Thank you, Nat.” Hugging the redhead quickly around the middle while Natasha uses the close proximity to quickly brush a kiss the younger woman’s cheek before Morgan pulls away.
“So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?”
“Going to do an early Thanksgiving with my Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Peter, then head to the bar for my typical shift. Why?”
“Oh. We’re having a pack and friends Thanksgiving here, and you’re pack, so it’s nonnegotiable, it starts at five and you can bring your family if you want.”
“Not pack until the three-month interim is over and we still have two and a half months,” Morgan reminds.
Natasha frowns, “True, but as your alpha I can make this a requirement, and don’t think any of our mates will not side with me. Understand?”
Nodding in understanding, Morgan shuffles her feet at finally getting to what being part of a pack and pack structure with an alpha means, “Yeah.”
“Yes, alpha,” Natasha emphasizes.
“Yes, alpha.”
“Why don’t we see what the boys are doing,” Natasha states, wrapping her arm around the blonde’s waist.




“So, what are we watching?” Bucky questions, once everyone is in the living room.
“An old western,” at the confused stares of almost everyone, Clint summarizes, “Bruce told us of Morgan’s idea of a non-explanation full night.”
“Alright,” propping his feet on the coffee table as he relaxes further into the curved leather couch, his arm moving to the back of the couch to allow Tony, who was heading over to snuggle into the brunette alpha, with a bowl of popcorn in hand.
Steve shifts so that Clint could sit between his legs, as Morgan plops down next to Clint on the floor, while Bruce sits on one of two lone chairs with Natasha in his lap.
As the movie progresses, both soldiers are seemingly enthralled with the alpha male’s plight of protecting his homestead for his beta and omega mates. Morgan rolls her eyes when the omega in wants to help protect the stead, as well, goes against the alpha’s order to stay safe inside, ends up getting a few swats to the bottom from the disgruntled alpha. At the same time Steve murmurs, “If that was my omega, they would be able to sit for a week,” Bucky and Natasha both making agreeing noises to the comment. Morgan files that away for later.


As the credits roll, Tony’s soft snores fill the room. Stretching slightly, Morgan looks down at Clint, whose head had fallen to her lap halfway through the over two-hour movie, as she cards through his short dark blonde locks.
Steve taps the top of her head getting her attention, before softly asking, “You want me to take him?”
“You can lift him?” at his exaggerated raised brow, she reneges, “Sorry, of course, super soldier. No he’s fine.”
“Well Bucky’s going to take Tony to bed, Bruce is following them. Do you want to go to bed or is there something you want to do with your alphas?” he was hoping to spend one on one time with the elusive blonde, so far tonight she had been gravitating towards Clint and Bruce.
“I had some questions.”
Natasha changes sitting positions from sprawling out sideways to upright at that, examining, “What do you want to ask?”
“Just … we haven’t … you know gone over general rules,” fingers twitching in Clint’s hair making him roll over so that his nose was now pushing into her stomach.
“What type? Do you want to start off with chain of command, sleeping situation, conduct of the pack outside the Tower?”
“Let’s start with chain of command,” Steve inputs, saving Morgan from having to pick. “As head alpha my word is law, but I’m willing to discuss the ruling in certain instances except when it comes to safety, next is Natasha, and then Bucky in terms of alphas. For betas its by age Bruce, then Clint, then Tony, and then you.”
“Okay. What happens if someone doesn’t follow your ‘laws’?” using finger quotes on the last word.
Steve gives her a disappointed look but still answers, “Depends on what it is, it might be as simple as explaining why it happened, but for that it better be a good reason or it could be a spanking or something else just depends.”
Morgan’s head jerks in a sharp nod in understanding, at the warning tone he gave, “What’s the timeframe for ruts?”
“Natasha and me have synched up so it’s the second week of every January and July, hers are only three days and mine lasts for five. Bucky hasn’t had his yet with us and he has no recollection from his time with HYDRA, so his is still an unknown.”
“How do you handle that?” Only omegas could satisfy an alpha in rut, their body naturally inclined to take the knot, beta’s just couldn’t, they could last maybe one knot in a day, but it was painful for both the beta and the alpha because the alpha couldn’t keep the knot which they desperately needed to keep and the knot stretched the beta’s body in a way it wasn’t supposed to be stretched. It also helped that omegas were also submissive, which soothed the alphas dominating mindset.
Natasha could see that Steve was embarrassed by the question because they didn’t have an omega in the pack yet, takes over, “We usually go to a Rut and Heat Clinic,” which made Steve feel as if he was cheating on the pack, even though it was a necessity to go. “Any other questions?”
“I um you know, I’m a … I’m not sexually active, so how is that going to affect the sexual side of the pack?”
Natasha gives a reassuring smile at that, “We’re not going to force you into have sex if that is what you’re scared of, when you tell us you’re ready that’s when we’ll discuss the sexual side of the pack more and do mating bites.”
“Do I have to have sex with Steve first?” when mates come together, if the alpha is present at first coupling then they had sex first with each mate, taking the time to do the mating bite, with multiple alphas like in this one, it would be the head alpha’s bite taken first.
“Yes,” Steve speaks up.


Morgan nods, “What am I supposed to contribute?”
“What do you mean?” Natasha inquires.
“Well for my parents, Babbo was the alpha and in charge of the financial side, Tata was a beta and he was the joint owner of the bar I work at with his brother and also a gym, so he helped with the finances, but he also helped mama in tutoring me, and mama was in charge of all the housework and cooking.” It was a very traditional setting; it helped that like their pack, the age differences of the triad had also been extensive with a twenty-five-year age gap between the alpha and the omega with the beta being only a few years older than the omega.
“We just contribute where we can, if its domestic tasks or financial. It will be different with an omega, but as of now we just contribute as equally as we can,” the blonde alpha replies.
Morgan bites her lip at that, “What are the pack rules?”
Natasha pulls out her cell then, pulling up a file on it before handing it over to the other woman, “Here they are.”
Morgan reads through them for a few minutes, before handing back the cell, and asking, “Am I going to be added to the rotation for chores right now?”
“No, when you move in you will be, but right now it will just be rules and pack structure that you are responsible for following.”
“You agree with the rules?” Steve inquires.
Nodding, “Yep. I agree.”
“You agree with the punishments?”
“Yeah,” hesitancy in her voice.
Hearing the hesitancy, “I promise we’ll be in control of our emotions; we’ll be fair on how we punish.”
“I agree then.”
The blonde alpha looks over at Natasha at that, “Nat pull up that signing function, so Morgan can sign, and it can be official.” Once it’s done both alphas smile down at Morgan, Steve asking, “You’re spending the night, right?” before checking his watch for the time and reading that it was almost eleven thirty at night.
Before the youngest blonde could answer, Clint murmurs in her lap, “You should, get used to living here,” burrowing farther into her stomach.
“I guess, I will. Do you think I could borrow a swimsuit to swim in, please?” directing the question to the female alpha.
Natasha nods, but still examines, “Aren’t you tired?”
“I work nights and sleep during the day,” Morgan informs.
“Sure, I’ll go grab you one, one or two piece?”
“One piece and thank you.”

Steve waits for Natasha to bring back the suit before picking Clint off the ground, bridal style, Clint looping his arms around the alpha’s neck. Taking the suit, Morgan heads in the direction of the bathroom to change, while Natasha follows the two males to bed, but not before saying towards Morgan, “When you want to sleep come into the pack room you can borrow one of the boys shirts to sleep in since I don’t really own any pajamas of my own. Goodnight sweetie.”




Bucky, who had been sandwiched between Tony and Bruce eases himself up, once out of the large circularly indented bed, he smiles down at the two betas after seeing that in the absence of his warmth both were in the process of shifting closer to each other in their sleep. Walking into the kitchen, he’s met with the sight of his youngest mate, hair damp and earphones in, dancing to what he could hear from here as one of Tony’s favorite bands, body moving lithely around the cabinetry before grabbing down a serving bowl.
Leaning with his body against the divider wall he watches, as she stays in her own world for several songs. Cutting up an array of fruits before moving on to squeezing oranges for freshly squeezed orange juice, then going for a covered bowl that was by the stove. Continuing to watch as she dusts the counter with flour before rolling out the dough, massaging in butter then rubbing cinnamon and sugar all over it, before rolling it back up and cutting it into sections, it was when she goes looking for the baking pans that she notices him.
Hands flying up to cover her face, knocking out the ear buds as she lets out a muted screech, “You … you’re naked!”
“Yeah,” is his noncommittal answer, it’s obvious he was, most of the pack enjoyed the morning in there more natural states.
“Why?” fingers spreading slightly to look over at him as he moves closer to her, before quickly averting them again.
“It’s how I woke up.”
“You sleep naked?” her body now moving back to her original task to get the cinnamon rolls finished and in the oven.
“We all do, it’s hard to have sex if your clothes are on, doll.”
“Right, of course.”
“Why are you up so early?” he usually had an hour before Steve woke up at five thirty for his morning run.
Morgan glances up at him, “Never went to sleep.”
“So you decided on making breakfast for everyone.”
“Well I figured I might as well do something.”
Nodding in understanding, he steals a plum from the fruit bowl and sits down, content to continue watching the blonde bake.


It was fifteen minutes later that Steve dressed in joggers and a t-shirt comes in, “Morgan there you are.”
“Here I am,” sarcastically quipping, before sweetly saying “Good morning.”
“Good morning to you too, sassy,” his upper lip tugging up slightly, before giving Bucky a kiss on the lips, “So you’re making breakfast.”
“Yep it’ll be done in about forty or so minutes.”
“Will it keep? Cause Clint and Tony won’t wake up until ten at the earliest.”
“Yeah, its just fruit and cinnamon rolls.”
“Good. I’m going for my run, I’ll be back by seven at the latest,” kissing Morgan on the head as he goes past.
“Have fun.”
Waving at both as Bucky called out, “See yeah punk.”

“I’m not stopping you from going with him, am I?” finally meeting his eyes since her earlier freak out.
“No, he likes it to much for my taste.”
“Good. So when does Natasha and Bruce wake up?”
“I’m not good enough for you, doll?” Bucky jokes, smirking when Morgan blushes and started to apologize, he cuts her off then, “I’m just pulling your leg, Nat will be up anytime, and Bruce will wake up when Steve gets back.”
“Okay, what do you typically do in the morning then?”
“Read the newspaper, work out, but I need clothes for that and I’m liking the breeze right now.”
Seeing the blue and gold squiggly ring around Bucky’s left nipple for the first time, “Is that my mark?” A person’s own soulmate mark was never on their own body, just on their mate or mates.
“Yeah, come here,” waving her over as he turns in the stool so that, when she rounds the island she ends up between his knees, grabbing her fingers carefully he places them on the mark, “You like it?”
“Yeah it’s pretty,” her fingers running over the mark even when Bucky drops his hand to lift her shirt up partially.
“And this is mine,” his flesh thumb pressing against the smooth skin of her left hipbone that’s marked with a red star.
Morgan nods, “I figured.”
“How?” blue eyes meeting up with green ones, Tony had built him a new arm after seeing the shape of his old one, this one was just a dark silver in appearance with a much more elegant and sleek design, the red star that had marked him the Winter Soldier was long gone.
Letting her fingers trace down his chiseled abs, ending at his bare left hipbone, “You don’t have one.”
Lifting her chin with metal fingers he let a moment pass before pressing a kiss to full soft lips, she throws her arms over his shoulders when he pulls her closer to him with his right. The kiss lasting for all of a minute before a throat is being cleared.
Morgan pulls away from the kiss, would have bolted apart from the alpha, if it wasn’t for Bucky’s arm keeping her in place as he growls over at Natasha, who sashays further into the room, in only one of Tony’s band t-shirts, “Was I interrupting something?” her smirk growing when Bucky growls deeper at her.
“You know damn well you are,” his Brooklyn accent becoming more pronounced.
Ignoring the comment, the spy focuses on the blonde who is twisting around in the brunette’s hold to look at her, “You never came to bed.”
Morgan replying, “Yeah, I went swimming and then decided to make breakfast, I hope you like cinnamon rolls.”
“I do, you know you could borrow some clothes, you didn’t have to put on dirty ones, again.”
Morgan shrugs, “I literally only wore them for the trip over here and last night,” looking down at the casual jeans and her own band t-shirt she was wearing.
“So, we’re at the kissing stage of the relationship now,” Natasha states.
Bucky grumbles at that, “We were until you interrupted us.”
Smirking at Morgan, Natasha teasing, “Does that apply to all of us or just the naked ones?”
Morgan’s blush turns more tomato in color at the implication, “All of you, I guess.”
“Good,” taking the blondes chin before planting her lips on the other woman’s. Natasha is pleasantly surprised when Morgan opens her mouth slightly when she starts to tease her tongue across the younger girl’s lush lips. Being barely half an inch in difference, it makes it easy for the female alpha to maneuver the younger female back into the planes of Bucky’s body, allowing for Natasha to dominate the kiss more.
Bucky watches the two kiss for a bit until his nether regions strain at the pheromones coming off Natasha and with the press of Morgan’s body into his own, he lets his hands slide to the blonde’s hips rubbing circles under her shirt at where the two stars are, as he dips his head, so that his mouth can suck at the column of the blonde’s neck taking enjoyment out of biting down before licking the indented skin and then sucking small hickies onto the sides of her neck.
Both alphas growing more sexually needy at the small happy whimpers and moans that come from their mate between them, eventually Natasha lowers her right hand to Bucky’s cock as he stops his ministrations of Morgan’s right side, only to start again between Natasha’s wet folds.
Morgan completely lost in the alpha pheromones and the kissing doesn’t notice the hand jobs both alphas were giving to each other, until minutes later when Natasha makes a humming noise and Bucky groans out louder as hot wetness coats her back.
“Sh’t! Wha’ ‘s ‘h’t?” Morgan muffles out, as Natasha continues to kiss her. “I need to get those,” speaks up pushing the female alpha away, when the timer starts beeping alerting everyone that the rolls were finished. Both alphas release her, Bucky admiring her back that is covered in him as Natasha breathes heavy, her own thighs covered in her own orgasm.
Natasha whispers out, “You do know that you’re going to be cleaning this up, right,” looking down at where his cum had dripped to the floor.
He hums out, “Worth it.”
“Can some borrow clothes and take a shower, if that’s okay?” Morgan speaks, after setting the two trays down on the stove to cool.
“Go ahead,” Natasha nods.


Twenty minutes later, a cleaned-up Morgan makes her way back into the kitchen this time in Natasha’s clothes.
Walking into the kitchen she wasn’t expecting for both alphas to be on the smooth concrete flooring of the kitchen, Natasha now naked with Bucky’s metal arm under her lower back, his flesh one holding his body up as he pounds into her from the top, while Natasha’s nails scratch bright red lines across the brunette’s muscled back.
Ignoring the two and their moans, Morgan goes to cover the still hot cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. Easily finishing the task before the two mates could finish themselves and starts in on washing the dishes she had used and cleaning up counters. It’s this position, her cleaning the counters and the two alphas still hot and heavy, that Steve walks in on, sweat trickling down his face from his run. He doesn’t even blink at the action of the two other alphas as he sidesteps them to get to the fridge. “Have a nice run?” Morgan asks conversationally.
“Yep, it’s a bit nippy,” is his reply while he looks down at the fitted tank top that was loose on her and work out shorts that she had to tie up to fit her smaller waist, “Did you change?”
“Yeah, Bucky got overly excited,” a blush forming on her face.
Steve blinks slowly for a second, before shaking his head in amusement when he clues in on what she meant, looking over at the two alphas still in the mist of passion, he examines, “Well I hope they made it worth your while.” Smiling when Morgan blushes deeper but nods all the same. “Good. I’m going to hit the shower, after maybe you could show me what you did to make them go at it.”


Fifteen minutes later, Bucky is wiping up the floor, while Natasha is in the shower. Bruce having had wandered in ten minutes earlier rubbing at his eyes, but at least he had sleep pants on, was now sitting at the island drinking in the smell of his freshly brewed tea.
Steve comes back in dressed in a light blue t-shirt that makes his eyes pop and dark gray sweats, whisking the other blonde to the couch, “So you mind showing me?” he asks as he sits down pulling her with him, at her willingness he helps switch her position from sitting sideways on his lap to straddling it.
For the first time, Morgan is the one to start the interaction, leaning in slowly before moving her lips on his. As they progress, his tongue makes its way within her mouth and his hands slid down her back to her ass pulling her closer and creating friction as her hands wind themselves into the longer section of his hair.

Bruce is the one that ends up jolting them out of their lock, commenting, “You know Steve, she eventually needs to breathe.” Morgan’s chest heaving in and out faster than Steve’s as she lets her head fall to his shoulder quietly sucking in air, letting the sweet coconut aroma that is Natasha’s shampoo fill his nose.
Side eyeing the beta male, “You done?”
Bruce gives a sheepish smile, “Yes just wanted you to know, she was turning bluish.”
Nodding, he grips the blonde’s waist with one arm before leaning over to the coffee table and grabbing his forgotten bottle of water, nudging it into her hands with an order of “Drink this.”
Morgan does, untwisting the cap of the reusable bottle and taking a few slow pulls, before handing it back. “Thanks.”
“No problem, you want to stop?”
She glances over at Bruce who is watching the interaction, before nodding as she twists her body so that she is leaning against Steve her hands grasping at his much larger one, before meeting Bruce’s dark brown eyes, restating her earlier “Good morning.”
“Good morning to you as well again, you didn’t have to stop on my account?” eyes shifting between the two blondes.
“It’s okay, I think I’ve had my fill of kissing for now.”
Glancing at the litter of hickies on her neck and the red bruised looking lips, he would think so, “Alright.” Eyes turning to the alpha, he asks, “You think I could borrow her; I want to show her this new article I found on the effects of suppressants on the omega’s system.”
Lips piercing out, Steve inquires, “Why would she need to read that?” suppressants where highly illegal and only found on the black market, they were basically toxins to an omega’s systems, reeking havoc on the neural and reproductive tract and led to death eight out of ten times, and the two out of ten was just because someone stopped the omega before it could kill them.
“Well with her getting a degree in kinesiology, I figured she might want to read about the new study.”
Steve’s blue eyes shift to the woman in his lap, as he announces, “You haven’t told me that.”
“Didn’t think too. I told Bruce because he asked what I wanted to do, since I told him I’m still figuring myself out,” Morgan explains.
“Good on you. Since that’s the case go with Bruce,” patting her butt firmly as she moves to get off him.
Bruce wraps his arm around the shorter girl’s shoulders as she comes to stand next to him, before directing her towards his lab that was two stories down from the pack’s living quarters.


“Wow!” is all Morgan could utter as she takes in the large expanse, the lab is covered in metal lab tables and lined with movable clear style white boards. The boards being covered in equations she could never hope to understand, while the tables were neatly organized with beakers and solutions covering all available surfaces.
Bruce grabs his tablet from the clutter of his desk that is by the door, passing it to her as he goes to check on one of his experiments that were in the process of running.
Sitting down on a stool, Morgan tries to keep her face neutral as she reads through the study, the focus being on suppressant’s alteration of an omega’s circulatory system, the study didn’t have a large test pool and those that were participating were omegas that had been caught taking the drug and were about to be taken off it, but not before doctors got in to run a battery of tests to collect what data they could before quickly taking the omegas off the drug and flushing the omega’s system out. The study showing that suppressants release an enzyme that decreases the body’s ability to regulate the omega’s body temperature, along with lowering the ability for blood to reach all organs making the heart beat faster to pump the necessary blood needed.
Thirty minutes later, Morgan looks up at the male beta, “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome, love,” taking the tablet from her as he stands in front of her, “You ready to go eat because your cinnamon rolls sound amazing right now.”
“Shouldn’t we wait for Clint and Tony to wake up?” jumping off the stool as she follows him out.
“It’s almost eight, we can wake them up.”
“Steve said they would sleep to ten, shouldn’t we let them sleep?” asking as the elevator doors close on them.
Bruce grins, “I doubt they would care if you woke them up. Might even enjoy it.”
“What do you mean?” eyebrows pushing together in confusion.
“Show them that love you showed the alphas,” a teasing grin plastered on his face.
Breathing deeply, she waits till the elevator doors open again and she’s walking out, “Is that your way of saying you want to kiss me?”
Bruce’s eyes flash green for a moment, he might be a beta, but the Hulk inside him is all alpha, before Morgan can even blink, Bruce pins her to the wall with enough force that the large abstract picture that Natasha had made Steve hang up shifts sideways towards them. His lips capture her mouth in a dominating kiss, one hand threading through her long loose blonde waves, tilting her head up, the other gripping her waist and pulling her tighter to him.
Eventually, Bruce loosens the hold letting their foreheads come together as they breath heavy from the activity. “That … that was good,” Bruce murmurs out and Morgan gives a breathy laugh, body swimming in endorphins. “I think both Clint and Tony would love to be woken up by that.”
Nodding, they headed in the direction of the pack room.


The pack room was the size of a normal living room but considering it slept six and soon seven mates it made sense for its large size. The twelve-foot in diameter circular bed was indented into the floor creating a nest like feel, that Morgan’s heart swoops at even after seeing three or four times already, with pillowed panels surrounding the outer rim. Floor to ceiling mirrored glass windows show out to the city, creating a beautiful view of New York skyline from above. The room has an en suite bathroom to the right of the bed with the shower in full view with nothing obscuring it not even having clear glass surrounding it.
Bruce taps her butt softly in an effort to move her forward which she does gracefully crawling down into the bed as Bruce leans against the wall. Both Tony and Clint were snuggled into each other in the middle of the bed snoring softly in harmony. Tying up her damp hair with the tie that had been around her wrist, she shuffles to where both betas heads met.
Licking her lips, she glances at Bruce one last time, and he gives a nod which she takes as permission, before leaning in and dropping a chaste kiss to each man’s lips, then alternating giving small pecks to each of their faces. Both males start to shift in their sleep and before long Clint’s eyes are fluttering open to show bright blue eyes.
Reaching back, he grasping at her waist before basically dead lifting her light body and pulling her to his side of the bed, deepening the kiss while arms easily adjust her where he wants her, which was underneath him, his lean body pressing over her tight frame as he ravishes her mouth.


It was Clint’s naked physique completely covering Morgan’s clothed one that Tony opens his eyes to, glancing over to the happy face of Bruce, who had yet to abandon his spot on the wall. “What did I miss?”
“She was trying to kiss you both awake, lover boy over there woke up first,” Bruce explains.
Tony’s lips form a pout, before stretching up and letting the thin sheet pool at his waist, “Are you going to make it up to me,” rich brown eyes connecting with dark chocolate ones.
Bruce grunts amused at the puppy dog eyes pushing himself off the wall, he strolls carefully over to where Tony is, kneeling down next to the younger brunette beta and kissing him.
“Better Tones?” he questions, after pulling apart.
Tony nods grunting as he gets up and heads in the direction of the shower.


Morgan’s first breakfast is an interesting affair; Bucky had not been the only person to decide to enjoy their morning completely nude so had Clint and Tony. She was definitely learning that this group of heroes were extremely tactile with each other. That they’d been holding back last night, trying to ease her into feeling comfortable, but the acts of kissing each one had opened the floodgates. Tony having caught up to her, still wet from his shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, pulling her into a kiss that had ended with her shirt front being completely wet from water and him now completely dried off.

She absolutely wasn’t ready for sex, which she’s guessing both Natasha and Steve had warned the rest of the pack about, but that didn’t mean they had to stop groping at each other or giving her soft innocent touches and not so innocent kisses, which she was more than willing to reciprocate.

Chapter Text

“Pete I’m back!” calling out as she shuts the door to the three-bedroom apartment.
Peter pops up from the couch, “You brought food, right?”
“Yeah kid, I got you pizza.”
“With extra pepperoni --”
“And olives and pickles. You act as if I haven’t bought you the same pizza every month for years,” she teases, placing the box on the cluttered coffee table, which the teen immediately opens.
“I’m having a Star Wars marathon going if you want to join,” Peter informs with a mouth full of pizza.
“I’m good, I have to study for my test on Tuesday.”
Peter bobs his head in understanding, “You shouldn’t study on an empty stomach,” gesturing to open pizza box.
Glancing at the pizza in mild disgust, “You sound like Uncle Ben. And I’m not, I’m going to have a kale and mango protein smoothie, I can make you one.” It was Peter’s turn to wrinkle his nose not hiding his revulsion at the idea as he shakes his head; Morgan grins, “Your loss.”
A few minutes later she is cracking open her book and notes, just as the alarm on her cell goes off. Sighing she quickly turns it off before going to her dresser, skillfully reaching for the pill bottle she had hidden at the back of her panty drawer, popping off the lip she shakes out a bright purple pill before returning the bottle to the far reaches of the drawer while swallowing the pill dry and returning to her smoothie and study material.


Four hours later, Morgan comes out to tell Peter to go to bed only to find him passed out on the couch the credits rolling on screen. Turning off the TV and covering him with a throw blanket, she picks up the now empty box of pizza.
Her phone is buzzing when she walks back into her room, checking the text ‘Going to be back in town December 7 for winter break – Devon’
Texting back quickly ‘Can’t wait! How did that date go with the guy from calc?’
‘Horrible. He took me to a bar for a drink, got drunk and then took a different girl home.’
‘That’s fucked up, he’s a pig.’
‘His loss I’m a catch.’
‘You seeing anyone yet?’
‘Yeah. I actually met my mates. We’re going through the whole three month period.’
‘What! Bitch when?! The waiting period your idea or theirs?’
‘Two weeks and mine.’
‘I better meet them, they don’t get to steal my favorite girl without talking to me!’
‘Geez. I’m sure you’ll meet them.’
‘I better! Talk to later, I have to head to a study group. Love you.’
‘Love you too. Bye.’




Slamming at the alarm clock to turn it off, she wipes at her eyes, yawning. Staggering to Peter’s room where he had crawled into bed around two in the morning, “School Pete. Wake up.”
“Huh? What? What time is it?” pulling the covers closer to himself and rubbing at his closed eyes.
“It’s Monday, you have school.”
She didn’t blame him for rolling over, while muttering “Five more minutes.”
Glancing at the clock, “Fine but only five, I’ll make you breakfast,” yawning to herself once again, as she heads to the kitchen grabbing ingredients to make fresh oatmeal for the growing alpha and a high packed vitamin smoothie for herself.

Twenty minutes later both were sitting down to their respective breakfasts.
“What are you going to be doing today?” Peter asks.
“Going to the gym, then study more for my test and do some other homework. You have anything fun happening at school today?”
“No it’s Monday. Monday’s suck.”
“Okay, well I’ll walk you to the subway since it’s on my way. We need to leave in ten minutes if you want to meet it.”
“Uh huh,” he answers absent mindedly as he shoves another spoonful of oatmeal into his mouth.


Opening the door to her Uncle Filip’s gym, she bombarded with her Uncle Filip yelling out over the padded mats, the second she walks fully in, “You’re late Morgan!”
“Sorry,” quickly running to the back to drop off her bag.

“What happened?” Ashley whispers as they stretch.
“Miscalculated the time,” looking over at her copper haired cousin, “Sorry I know how Uncle Filip gets.”
“No sweat, Tata was already irritated apparently Guthrie decided last night would be a great night to crash the car while drunk.”
Morgan winces at that, “Yikes.”
“I know. You still coming Saturday for his match?”
“Wouldn’t miss it.”
“You know --”
“I’m not going to start competing again, Ash.”
“I wasn’t going to say that,” despite the look to the contrary, “I was going to say that you should … you should ask Tata to give you Saturday night off so that you can come to the after party.”
Filip stomps out of his office then, “Girls! Stop dilly-dallying and glove up. I want to see some footwork today.”
Both women jump up at that moving to do as told, Morgan throwing Ashley a ‘yeah right’ look as they square off, Filip yelling strikes and blocks for them to do at a fast-clip pace.

An hour and a half later, “Alright girls lets do some work with the tires and call it a day.”
Out of breath both cousins just nod and head in the direction of the two tires. “I want flipping five sets then pulling five sets.”

In the end both were guzzling water leaning against the giant tires. “The movie comes out Friday, you want to join me and Derek for the early showing on Friday.”
Morgan answers with a “Sure,” after pulling her bottle away from her parched mouth.
“You should bring your mates, you still haven’t told me their names, which is fuckin weird you know that,” Ashley reminds.
Morgan nods, “Yeah, they’re just private about their matches,” seeing the confused look her cousin throws her way, “They deal with security risks and don’t want me getting jumbled into it.” Peter who was the biggest Avenger fan she knew hadn’t even known that they were all mates, not that she had told him either, the kid couldn’t keep a secret to himself to save his life. “I’ll ask though.”
“So, they’re private, but they decided your neck needed to look like you went ten rounds with Thumbelina?”
Hand coming up to her sweaty neck, “Dammit! I thought I covered them well enough,” normally she did, but this morning had been a rush and it was more out of habit than wanting to hide the hickies anyway.
“Yeah, but sweat doesn’t mix well with makeup. So how long are you watching the kid for?”
“Till tomorrow, they could only get the three days off for the getaway. You working with Austin tonight?”
“Remind him he needs to get those forms to me by tomorrow for the supervising position.”
“Okay,” getting up Ashley reached down pulling Morgan up with her, “Well I need to head for class, and you need to study for that test.”


Marcus saddles up next her as she’s packing up her gym bag, “Hey you still on for teaching the rugrats how to swim Wednesday and continue coaching McKayla?”
Grinning at the mention of Marcus’ kids, “Wouldn’t miss it. Can’t believe you guys are going away for Christmas.”
“It’s getting too cold, girl, they need fun and sun, not snow, besides you know Willa she could use a little sun.” Jokingly adding, “Woman looks like a damn ghost she needs to get as dark as me,” letting his hand rub against his rich cocoa colored skin.
Morgan shakes her head at her godbrother, “Doubt Willa will ever get as dark as you, she’s naturally milky white.”
Giving a grin, “Well luckily the rugrats take after my beautiful looks compared to Jacob and Willa.” Jacob and Willa being his two alpha mates.
Teasing, “Well Liam with Jacob’s mustache would be adorable,” Jacob had a cowboy mustache and dressed more like he was living in the Wild West than any other era.
The nineteen-year-old laughs fully at that, “Fuck I love my little man, but only Jacob can pull off that caterpillar on his upper lip.”
“So, what’s with the bruises?” a concerned tone gracing his voice, “Do I need to go get Jacob’s shotgun for you?”
Shaking her head, Morgan looks up fully at the six-foot two beta from her spot on the ground, “Met my mates and they aren’t bruises they’re hickies?”
He smiles broadly at the information, “Girl, when did you meet them? Am I the last to know?” Then quipping out, “Cause if I am, I’m going to have to revoke your godmother status?”
“Halloween, and I haven’t really told anyone, it’s all so new and stuff.”
“I get that.”
Smirking, “Besides if I told you then everyone would know.”
Raising an eyebrow, “You saying I got a big mouth, girl?”
“I’m pretty sure you were the one that spilled the beans to everyone when I first started getting interested in guys.”
“That was not me, but that shit was hilarious your face used to get all red and junk, whenever we caught you looking at any guy.”
Slapping his arm as she finally stands, “That’s cause you, Ash, Dev, and Guth would make kissy face noises no matter who the person was.”
The door chimes then and both her and Marcus glance over; Marcus sighing lightly, “Got to go, that’s the newbie client that thinks two training sessions under his belt makes him Rocky Balboa.”
Morgan bites her bottom lip to keep from laughing, “Okay, see you Wednesday.”
“Good luck on that test, girl.”


Texting Steve as she heads back to her apartment, ‘Hey what’s the protocol for friends and family knowing about the pack – Morgan’
‘Do you trust them?’
‘Wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t.’
‘You can say first names, but I rather meet them before you say too much. Tony’s too much in the media’s eyes and Bucky is still hiding out, for the public to know about us.’
Typing in a quick, ‘Thanks’ before switching to the group text ‘My cousin invited me to an early morning showing of the Hunger Games if anyone wants to see it with us and her mate.’
Steve immediately texts back, ‘Sorry going up to DC to talk to Congress with Nat.’
‘No problem.’
‘Is that the one that the main character shoots a bow?’ Clint sent a few minutes later.
‘Yes, it is, Katniss,’ Tony quips in the chat before texting, ‘In meetings all day, sorry.’
‘I can go.’ Clint replies back immediately after.
‘It’s alright Tony. Clint if you want you can meet me at my apartment or I can find out the theater we’re going to for you.’
‘I’ll meet you at your place.’

‘Sorry working on a time sensitive project,’ Bruce texts, two hours later.
Texting back ‘No sweat’ before returning to her textbook.
Knowing Bucky didn’t use his phone often and the fact that he was still laying low that he wouldn’t come, Morgan doesn’t wait for his response and isn’t surprised when it doesn’t come.


The exam over and done with, Morgan finds herself working at the bar later that night. Tuesday’s were notoriously slow for the bar and she hated it for that reason only. Her Uncle to cut cost put a skeleton crew for the night that consisted of her, Ashley, Carlos, and Luke, and with them having all been friends for years it made for the best company she could ask for. Carlos and Luke were fraternal beta twins; Carlos the stockier of the two, but still hit at five ten while Luke towers over six two, Carlos’ hair was always clean cut while Luke had a mess of curls on top of his head with shaved sides and had for the last few weeks been growing out his beard.
Quarter of the way through the shift, Carlos grabs the mop from the cleaning supply alcove and heads for the backroom, while Morgan goes to deal with deep cleaning the two bathrooms. Ashley and Luke staying up front to deal with the odd straggler and the regulars while cleaning up the front.


“Yo Bay! Where did that file with the inventory list go?” Luke calls out to the front an hour later.
Morgan calling back, “It should be in the binder next to the computer.”
“It’s not, I checked.”
Glancing at Ashley who’s busy wiping down bottles, but still nods that she’ll watch the front, Morgan heads towards the back and Luke, calling out, “Let me check.” Rifling through the desk drawers and file cabinets, she comes up with nothing.
Carlos walks by then done with his first break, “What’s up?”
“Can you tell Ash I need her?” Morgan asks.
“Sure Mo.”
A minute later Ashley traipses in, “What did you need cuz?”
“Do you know where the inventory binder is?”
“Um. Victor was doing inventory last night so …”
“It could be anywhere,” Morgan groans, Victor’s mate had just had a baby and he was getting zilch in the sleep department, so he was forgetting and misplacing everything.
“I’ll check up top, you check the bottom,” Luke organizes, as he helps Morgan up from her spot on the floor.
“I’ll go back to the front,” Ashley informs.

Twenty minutes later, Carlos ends up being the one to find it when he goes to refill the lemon bucket.
“How’d that exam go?” Ashley asks when Morgan is cleaning the underside of the bar being the only one small enough of the four to easily fit in the tight spaces.
Shrugging, “It was good, I’ll know what I got in couple of days hopefully. How was that business class today with the sub?”
“Dreadful the guy talks in a monotone voice, its five o’clock at night, everyone is trying to stay awake and he’s putting all of us to sleep.”
“How’s Guth dealing?”
“Wishing he was drunk because at least then he wouldn’t feel the whipping Tata gave him. Mom is pissed at him because he could have killed himself driving, so she isn’t being sympathetic, and he’s used to her babying him whenever Tata gets in a fit about things.”
“Well he is her baby boy,” Morgan reminds.
“Well I’m her baby girl and she stopped babying me by twelve.”
Sighing she looks into her cousin’s hazel eyes, “I don’t know what to tell you, all I know is that Uncle Filip has a hard hand and Guthrie will be feeling it for another few days.”
“Well duh, if this wasn’t the week of his meet, he would be feeling it till next week. This surpasses our stunt; we did when I was fourteen and we felt that a whole lot longer than week.” Morgan and Ashley both wince at that image of that day and the phantom sting from it all.


“Diner anyone?” Luke suggests when they were locking up at five in the morning. And that is how they find themselves at a 50’s style diner a mile away from the bar.

“‘Los, stop,” ducking under the table as Carlos assaults Luke and Morgan with straw wrappings.
“Ow!” Carlos yelps when they both pinched his leg, swatting at the offending hands.
Luke smirks at his older brother when his head pops up from under the table, at the same time as Morgan.
When their drinks come, Luke fakes a yawn, stretching his arm over Morgan’s shoulder, dumping a few ice cubes down the back of Morgan’s shirt, the whole table laughing when she squeals, standing up and trying to get the offending ice cubes out from her tucked in warm flannel shirt. “Jerk! Those are fuckin freezing.”
“They’re ice cubes of course they’re cold,” Luke replies after he stops laughing.
She slaps his arm in response as she sits back down.




“So, guest list for Thanksgiving,” Bruce speaks up from his spot at the table with the rest of the Avengers and Bucky.
“Yeah what about it?” Tony inquires, after finishing his bite of Chinese takeout.
“I need to know how many and who are coming so that I can cook for it.”
“I can just cater it like I do every other year.”
“But it’s not the same and this year we have Bucky and Morgan, and everyone is actually going to be in town.”
“Bruce is right, we can all chip in with the cooking,” Steve informs.
“And what are you able to cook punk?” Bucky quips his chopsticks pointing at the blonde alpha. “If I remember correctly I was the one that had to cook for your skinny ass.”
Pouting, “I can do something.”
“So, guest list,” Bruce reminds, rerouting the conversation back to his original question.
“Well there’s us, Rhodey, Pepper, Happy, Hanna, and Agent,” Tony answers.
“There’s also Thor, Jane, Darcy, and Sam,” Steve mentions.
Natasha pointing out then, “Morgan’s Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.”
“Anyone else?” Bruce inquires.
“Not that I can think of,” Clint vocalizes as everyone else shakes their heads no.

“Next on the list of topics, the next mission,” Steve briefs, “Tony found the next base to destroy.”
“So when we heading out?” Clint asks sitting up straighter.
Bruce shifts in his seat, mission equaled Hulk and the relationship was still difficult to grasp even with Tony constantly reassuring him that the Hulk is a hero too, not the monster he was made out to be.
“Next Saturday, that way we have time to train and Thor will be in town, so he can link up with us then,” Steve explains.
“What am I going to do while all of you are out saving the world?” Bucky questions, for the past few months since he’s been here with them, the pack had made sure at least one of them was with him when they had missions.
Nat looks over at the brunette alpha, offering up, “Maybe Morgan can stay here, and you can work on trying to get her to move in quicker.”
At Bucky’s nod, Clint pipes up, “I’m seeing her on Friday for that movie, I can ask her in person then.”
“Good idea,” Steve compliments Clint, before saying, “After dinner we should all check out the schematics of the HYDRA base and see where the weak points are so we can exploit them.”




“Hey, my baby munchkins,” Morgan smiles kneeling down when she gets into the lobby of the aquatic center at four in the afternoon.
“Zia Mog!” both Liam and Lucy scream out, the twin two-year old’s running fast into her waiting arms.
McKayla waits with her papa for her little siblings to finish hugging before greeting, “Hi Zia Morgan.”
“Hey munchkin,” Morgan greets back, hugging the six-year-old, and then looking over at Jacob, “Hey Jacob.”
Jacob nods, “Hey Morgan, thanks for doing this.”
“No problem, I love getting a chance to be in the water and coach my favorite kiddos,” both twins now hanging onto each of her legs. “Do you still need to sign in?” then glancing down at the twins, “Do they still need to change into swim diapers or are they all ready?”
“Finished the paperwork about a minute ago, but they do need to change and go potty,” bending down, the alpha easily plucks Lucy off, the toddler squealing in happiness at the new height.
“Okay I’ll meet you guys over at the pool deck then.”
The five-foot eleven alpha nods, “Be there in like ten,” then looking down at toddler still holding onto Morgan’s leg, “Come on Liam, faster we go potty and change the longer we get to swim with Zia Morgan.”
The little boy gives a little pout, holding on tighter, “Stay with Zia Mog.”
“Nope, come on little man. She needs to do boring adult stuff for a moment and then she’ll teach you how to swim so you can play in the pool when we go on our super-secret special trip.”
Liam releases Morgan’s leg at that, moving to his papa and raising his hands, “Up papa, up!”
“What we say?”
“Please papa up.”
Jacob scoops the boy up at that, and looks at Morgan, “We’ll be back.”


“You’re getting skinnier every time I see you,” Jacob comments when they meet back up, “You need to come out to the house for supper, we’ll fatten you right up. Marcus’ parents are staying with us for a bit, and his ma is definitely fattening me up,” patting his soft stomach.
Morgan chuckles, “Auntie Ver does that to you,” Ver’s alpha mate, Zach, had been her Tata’s best friends since childhood, so much so that Zach had named her Tata as Marcus’ godfather, “How is Uncle Zach and Auntie Ver?”
Morgan bobs her head before clapping her hands and grinning wide at the three kids, “You guys ready to swim?”
McKayla nods and the twins jump up and down in excitement.
“Alright I’ll get into the water first and I want you three to sit on your bottoms at the edge of the pool so that only your feet get wet okay?” All three nod, so Morgan carefully jumps into four feet deep water. “McKayla you want to be my helper today?” having been teaching the six-year-old how to swim since she was three.
“Okay, you want to show them how we make bubbles?”
Blue eyes sparkle, looking over at her siblings, “We do it like this!” sticking half her face into the water and blowing out air out of her mouth, making bubbles form onto the surface of the water by her nose.
Praising, “Good job, munchkin,” then looking at the twins, “Who wants to try it first?”
“Me!” “Me!” both scream out.
Morgan shakes her head with a laugh, “Okay fine, both of you,” grabbing Lucy first and settling the two-year-old on her left hip and then doing the same with Liam on her right. “I’m going to go down and you guys are going to blow okay, let’s see who can make the most.”
Energetic nods are given, and she sinks into the water, letting the two blow bubbles.




Clint knocks on Morgan’s apartment door and is greeted to some random guy, who he knew was definitely not Peter since the guy is a beta sporting a thick full beard and he was not Uncle Ben considering, the random guy is at most thirty.
“You must be Clint.”
“Yeah and you?”
“Ashley’s mate, Derek,” stepping out of the way, and letting Clint get his first glimpse of the three-bedroom apartment as he strolls in looking for his own mate, Derek informing when he notices Clint’s scan, “She’s in her room with Ash.”
Looking in the direction of the bedrooms, he could hear voices and he starts for that direction, only for Derek to reach out and grab his arm. Glaring at the appendage and then at the younger beta it was attached to, he grunts out, “What?”
Derek immediately lets him go, but points in the direction of the booth style kitchen table and Clint heads over deciding that letting the brunette feel like he has control of the conversation is the better option than just bulldozing his way past, besides not showing he had some manners would be more a mark against him than anyone else.

Once both betas were sitting, Derek starts, “I’ve known Morgan for years and I know you’re her soulmate and all, but this is the me acting as her in locos parentis because this is as close to a nice shovel talk as you’re going to get, Ash and Guth would just try to rip you apart. And trust me you never want to meet her Uncle.” With that Derek glowers at the blonde, his voice deepening, “You guys ever hurt her, and we are going to have a problem and I know a great burial site for you and the rest of your mates.”
Clint wants to laugh, he’s a skilled assassin, an Avenger, with mates that could literally pull the man apart with their bare hands, but he nods anyway appeasing the younger man, but the Uncle portion confuses him a little, “You mean her Uncle Ben?” Morgan always said he was the sweetest.
“Ashley’s dad, Filip. Ben is a sweetheart and a giant softy about certain things he’s a complete 180 to the man that is mean as fuck about them.”
“Who’s mean as fuck?” a woman with light copper haired blonde asks, coming over to them and sitting on Derek’s lap.
“Your Tata.”
She shrugs at that, “He means well,” turning towards Clint, “Morgan’s finishing getting ready, she’ll be out in like two minutes. I’m Ashley by the way, Morgan’s older cousin.”
“Clint,” holding out a hand to shake which she does.
“I’m guessing Derek already gave you the speech.”
Narrowing her eyes, “Good, remember it.” The conversation dying after that.

Morgan comes out, two minutes later, wearing an outfit similar to Ashley’s with a leather jacket and dark wash jeans, the shirts and shoes the only difference, while Morgan’s wearing a red knit sweater underneath with gray converse, Ashley’s wearing boots and a graphic t-shirt. “Clint you’re early,” Morgan comments, leaning down slightly to kiss him on the cheek in greeting.
“Yep,” pulling her into his lap.
“Hope these two were nice,” lifting an eyebrow at the innocent faces that the other couple try to pull off at that.
“So what time is the movie again?” Clint inquires.
“Starts at ten so we have plenty of time to go get snacks at Wal-Mart to take with us,” Ashley answers.
“We should head out, it’ll take about twenty minutes to walk there.”
“Why are we walking? I got a car out front,” Clint comments.
“It’s good for the soul,” Morgan replies.
“Morgan do you think you could grab my cell I think I forgot it in your room?” Ashley asks, flicking through her purse.
Morgan rolls her eyes, but heads towards the short hallway and the bedrooms.
Ashley waits until her cousin is out of ear shot, and focuses in on Clint, “She’s not good with cars sometimes and today was her Tata’s birthday, he died in a car crash, so cars are a no go today.”
Clint nods solemnly.
Ashley then yells out, “I found my cell!”
“Where was it?” Morgan asks as she comes back out.
“Back pocket, my bad.”
Morgan huffs, but comes to Clint’s side wrapping her arm around his torso and he returns it with a kiss to the top of her head, squeezing her to him.


Getting to the store was easy; picking out the snacks was an affair in and of itself. Derek immediately goes for Junior Mints and then spent the time trailing up and down the isle for something sweeter. Ashley spent ten minutes contemplating which type of candy she wanted, while Morgan had immediately gone down a different isle and grabbed a bag of dried fruits, her choice making Ashley shake her head.
“At least you’re not crazy,” she comments when Clint grabs licorice and Shockers.
The archer gives a confused “Thanks?”
“Don’t listen to her, she has a giant sweet tooth,” Morgan whispers when Ashley goes back to looking at candy dragging Derek up the isle for the thirtieth time.
“You don’t want candy?”
“I’m not a big candy person.”
“What do you like? You made cinnamon rolls the other day.”
“She made you guys cinnamon rolls? You’re lucky she only makes them like twice a year,” Ashley mentions in passing as she crosses them looking at chocolate section of the isle, once again.
“I’m guessing this is why we left early,” Clint muses jerking his head towards the female beta.
“She’s usually not this bad, typically she already has an idea,” Morgan informs, leaning back into him a bit. “So you like sour things?”
“Yep and I like sweet things,” kissing her head as he speaks.
Derek calling out then, “Ash we need to leave in five minutes come on babe pick something.”
“Alright … alright, geez, I’m going,” Ashley mutters before grabbing peanut M&M’s and then jogging to other end of the isle and grabbing starbursts. “Ready!”


The rest of the movie experience was calm and afterwards they stopped off for sandwiches at Delmar’s. Derek and Ashley leaving once they arrive back at Morgan’s apartment and Morgan leads Clint back up the flights of stairs to continue their date.
“So, this is your bedroom,” looking at the small room that holds a twin-size bed, dresser, and desk that duels as her nightstand. The bed is tall though, due to being placed on what looks like stilts to allow her to put a couple plastic bins underneath it.
“Yep,” she answers while having to jump to even get onto the bed.
“So what are you going to bring when you move in?”
“Everything except the furniture,” giving him a confused look at the question.
“I want to help speed up the process, you should move in, it would make everyone excited, and it’s not like its so far away that you can’t visit everyone anyway.”
Running her hand over her steel blue quilt as she stares at the pictures all over her wall that the dresser stood against, “I don’t know, it’s just a lot, I’ve lived here for over two years, its home in a way.”
“But the Tower is your home too with all of us,” pulling her chin to look at him as he speaks. “You’re going to be moving in anyway wouldn’t you want to do it on your own terms not when you have too.”
“I get it, just let me enjoy my last nine weeks here living with my Uncle Ben and Aunt May and Peter.”
“Fine, just know that anytime before then that you want to live with us all you got to do is say the word.”

“So, next Saturday the Avengers are leaving for a mission, do you think you could stay with Bucky? We should be back by the following Tuesday at the latest.”
“Of course.”
Yawning at the time, it was hitting three and she had woken up yesterday at four for her shift at eight in the evening.
“You tired?”
“Yeah, sorry.”
“What time do you have to be at work?”
“Why don’t you go to bed, I’ll show myself out,” Clint suggests as he slips off the bed and tosses a gray faux fur throw blanket over her as she yawns once again.
“Fine,” she answers, but yanks slightly on his belt loops and kisses him on the lips, “Thank you for coming to the movies with me and dealing with Ash and Derek.”
“Thank you for inviting me,” and he was thankful, she was inviting him into her life more, she was trusting him and their mates with more of herself.




“Welcome to my domain,” Tony smiles as he claps his hands and lights come on showing off his state-of-the-art workshop, Morgan stares in wonderment at the space, Dum-E and U rolling quickly over to the two of them.
“Can I touch them?” Morgan inquires, when the arm of Dum-E starts reaching for her, while U’s camera tilts back and forth slightly as if to analyze the new human in the workshop.
“Sure,” Tony smirks as Morgan tentatively places her hand on top of Dum-E’s claw with gentle movements and a soft touch, U moves closer then shoving her camera until less than a foot from Morgan’s face and paneling up and down the eighteen-year-old.
When U and Dum-E finally move back, Tony leads Morgan to his workstation.
“So, what do you need me to do?” Morgan questions.
“Just stand there and let Jarvis scan you. Do you have any electronics on you?”
“Just my cell,” pulling it out as she responds.
Tony sucks in his teeth at the site, snatching it from her hand, “No, my mate isn’t walking around with this travesty.”
“I kind of need my cell,” Morgan replies reaching out to take it back.
Tony dances away from her, “No, I’ll get you a better phone,” looking down at the slider phone that didn’t even have the decency of being made in the last two years.
“I don’t need you to get me anything, it works fine,” following him as he moves to the other side of the desk.
Tony hands the phone to Dum-E before gripping Morgan’s arms, “Listen to what I’m saying. I want to get you a new phone, specifically one that I created. --”
Protesting, “Tony --”
The beta hushing her with “No. Hush,” giving a teasing tone for the next statement, “Don’t make me spank you,” then ordering lightly, he directs her backwards to the original spot he had placed her, “Now you are going to stand here and let J scan you then we’re going to do fingerprints and a retinal scan, which is me giving you the equivalent of a house key, just hundred times cooler and you won’t lose them.”
Figuring the easiest option was his, she just nods staying still when Tony steps back and calls out to Jarvis to start, blue lights cascade down moving up, down, across and around her body.
Dum-E drops the cell back in Tony’s waiting hand, and the genius heads over to his station and starts transferring the information from the phone to one of his prototypes that only the Avengers had.
“You just have phones on hand?” Morgan inquires, when he places it on the desk in front of her a minute later, before redirecting her focus to a tablet.
“Put your fingers on the screen,” then answering her question, “Bucky and Steve break them at least once a week, since I want them to manhandle them. I’m working on one that can withstand super strength, but it’s a pet project.” Fingerprints now in his system Tony switches the tablet for a retinal scanner and holds up the scanner to his mate’s sea foam green eyes, “Now keep your eyes open and try not to blink.”
Thirty seconds later he was placing the scanner down, Morgan asking, “Is that it?”
“Yep, so the figurative key is finished, all you need to do your fingerprints and eye scan and you can get into almost anywhere in the building that doesn’t have top secret stuff. Speaking of keys, you should move in, like today, its Sunday its perfect.”
“Tony --”
“No, think about it everyone is here and you’re going to be here all-day Thursday for Thanksgiving and you’re spending a long weekend with Bucky, you might as well make it official and move in completely.”
“Tony --”
“No just think about it, now I think Natasha was making spaghetti, you should join us,” pushing Morgan towards the glass door with a smack to her butt.
Morgan throws an amused smile over her shoulder at him at that.

Chapter Text

Morgan shows up by seven Thanksgiving morning dressed in a wine color long sleeve shirt and jeans with ankle boots that she had changed into after her shift. Since the dinner didn’t start till five that night, nobody was busy in the kitchen yet. Not wanting to wake anyone up unnecessarily she filters quietly through the recipe lists that are laid out on the island. Picking the ones that she could do the prep on; she starts pulling down bowls that could hold the prepped items. Grabbing a cutting board and knife, she snags the onions, carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers to start on.
She was halfway through the carrots, when Steve comes in sweating from his run, turning to him when he stops next to her and they quickly exchange a kiss before he heads towards the shower with “I’ll be back in ten to help.”

Fifteen minutes later, both Bucky and Steve come into the kitchen with hair damp from the shower. Bucky greeting Morgan with a kiss and a soft playful smack to her butt, before grabbing the loafs of bread that are needing cubing, while directing Steve to the very easy task of making the Watergate salad that was going to be one of the many desserts.
Bruce comes in soon after with reading glasses on, plucking a random recipe off the counter with a “Good morning, Morgan.”
“Morning Bruce, Happy Thanksgiving.”
Replying back “Happy Thanksgiving,” and starts in on prepping the mashed potatoes, by washing and cubing.
Natasha drags in the remaining two betas, twenty minutes later, both whining at the ungodly hour for a holiday and rubbing sleep from their eyes, the redhead starting them on the task of washing and tearing up green beans and lettuce, while she starts on preparing the turkey.

Rhodey comes in about nine with a variety of pastries, tea, and coffees for everyone with an “I got breakfast.” Tony and Clint gravitating to the Air Force beta and reaching out for the proffered coffee despite it being their fourth and third cup respectively within the sixty-five minutes they had been up, while Bruce grabs the cup of tea for himself, with a “Thanks Rhodey.”
“Hi, you must be Morgan,” Rhodey says first when the blonde turns to greet him.
“You are …” holding out her hand to shake.
Returning the shake, “Rhodey, Tony’s best friend.”
“Morgan, but you already knew that. So, Happy Thanksgiving.”
“Happy Thanksgiving.”
As everyone else starts sitting down at the table grabbing for coffees and pastries, Tony snags a seat next to his friend with Clint on the other side of him. Bucky taking the seat next to Clint, as he munches on a blueberry muffin. And Steve takes a seat next to Bucky while Morgan sits between Steve and Natasha.
Rhodey between bites of his scone asks, “So, how’s the Legion going, Tones?”
“Almost to the mass-producing stage, just a one more hearing and we should be ready by end of December.”
“That’s good. If you can, can we go over the Iron Patriot specs tomorrow?”
Brisling slightly at the name, Tony mumbles, “War Machine.”
Rolling his eyes, Rhodey reiterates, “Doesn’t matter Iron Patriot or War Machine, I want to know if you have the time?”
“Sure, anything for you, platypus.”
Food consumed and drinks finished, everyone heads back to the kitchen to continue preparing and cooking.


Sam shows up at three twenty-two, and after greeting everyone and handing off the cranberry sauce and wine he brought with him, pulls both Steve and Bucky to the Thanksgiving Day football game airing on the TV in the living room. Thor, Jane, and Darcy, who had all flown in on the quinjet from London, all immediately go straight down to Thor’s half floor, a level below the pack’s living quarters to freshen up from their flight before heading up to the pack floor a few minutes after Sam.

At four twenty, Pepper and her mates come strolling in from the elevator, Tony going over to greet them with Morgan in tow, “Morgan this is Pepper, Agent, Happy, and Hanna,” pointing to each of them, “Guys this is Morgan my mate.”
“Hi,” Morgan exchanges as she shakes each of their hands.
“Tony, how many times do I have to tell you that her name is Audrey,” Pepper admonishes, her arm going around the waist of the brunette omega at her side.
“She looks like a Hanna,” Tony defends himself before turning to Morgan, “Doesn’t she look like a Hanna, babe?”
Morgan shakes her head saying, “I’m not get in the middle of this,” chuckling slightly when Tony pouts at her.
“In that case, my names Phil. Phil Coulson,” the man Tony had called Agent informs from his spot between Pepper and Happy.
Morgan nods at that.
“Why don’t we head to the kitchen, we brought food,” Happy directs holding up pecan pie, while Audrey holds up the cheesecake.

Morgan’s family shows up ten minutes to five, and each of her mates convene on the small group right when the three get off the elevator. Morgan greeting her Aunt and Uncle with a kiss, and hugging Peter to her side, “Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Pete these are my mates,” pointing out each one, “Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Bruce, Clint, and Tony.”
“It’s nice to meet you guys, Morgan’s told us a lot about you guys,” Steve greets, holding out his hand towards Ben.
Ben easily reciprocates, “Nice to meet you too. Thanks for inviting us.”
“Thanks for coming, I know we sort of took over whatever plans you guys probably had for today.”
“This is better,” May state. Giving a self-depreciating joke, “I’m abysmal in the kitchen, so Ben and Morgan would have been stuck doing all the heavy lifting.”
“But she did make her famous walnut date loaf,” Ben says, squeezing his mate into his side with a grin.
“We brought a store-bought pumpkin pie though just in case nobody likes it,” May adds in.
“And whip cream!” Peter speaks up, coming out of his amazement for a moment at seeing and meeting the Avenger’s.
Natasha grins at the thirteen-year-old, before looking at all three Parkers, “Would you guys like to come into the living room, everyone else is already there.”
Peter nods silently over the moon that the Black Widow noticed him, while May says, “That’d be lovely, but can we set these somewhere first?”
“I got it Aunt May,” Morgan says, taking hold of the loaf that brunette beta was holding, and then reaching out for the whip cream in Peter’s hands.
Bruce plucks the bread from the blonde’s hands with a “Let me help, love.”
Morgan nods, taking the pie from her Uncle’s outstretched hand, “Thanks mermaid,” Ben says, when she does.

Natasha leads the way to the closest archway, which goes into the living room, while Bruce and Morgan head further down the large hallway towards the kitchen, Bucky following after the two.


Bruce pulls the first tray of rolls out of the oven, handing it off to Morgan who grabs it with warmer mitts on, Bucky taking the second tray, and Bruce takes the third, each one tossing them into the awaiting baskets already on the table.
The extensions for the table in the formal dining room, had been attached earlier in the day, which gave way to more seating; Steve with Natasha’s help had then decorated the long table with a gold colored runner running down the middle, while candles, leaves, and gourds were scattered between baskets for rolls, sides dishes, and two giant turkeys stood on opposite ends of the long table, ready for Steve and whichever alpha sat on the opposite end to cut into when everyone sat down. Fancy red placemats had been set for nineteen along with plates and utensils, and wine glasses and water cups.

“Foods ready,” Bucky informs, coming back into the living room, both Bruce and Morgan behind him.
“Let’s all head to the dining room then,” Steve states to the large gathering, standing up from where he had been sitting with the Parkers’.

Steve and Thor sit at opposite ends of the table, both starting in on carving the respective turkey in front of them after Steve gives a quick toast.
“So, you’re in eighth grade?” Bruce asks, the young alpha sitting between him and Morgan, once food starts being passed around.
Peter looks wide-eyed over, “Yeah, yes, yes, I am,” before stuttering out, even though they had already been introduced, “You’re … you’re Doctor Banner, you’re so cool.”
Bruce grins, “Thanks kid, so what’s your favorite subject?”
When all Peter does is gape, Morgan inputs for him, “He loves science.”
Acting as if Morgan didn’t talk about the young teen all the time, “Really what disciplines?”
“All of it, biology, chemistry, math, engineering. I go to Midtown Junior High for Science and Technology, so we have a robotics club and both me and my friend Ned are in the process of trying to build a robot, I’m doing the engineering side while he does the programming, he’s a whiz at that stuff. But I really like chemistry, your paper on gamma rays that you published last month was super interesting.”
“Thanks. What are you trying to make your robot do?”
“Just trying to get it to sort and put away various items.”
“He’s trying to get out of cleaning his room,” Morgan teases.
Peter blushes at that, but doesn’t protest the fact.
“Tony has robots to do vacuuming and mopping,” Bruce informs the younger curly haired brunette.
“Really!?” Peter exclaims.
“Yep. He’d have more, but Steve’s a stickler on doing chores ourselves, but even he hates vacuuming and mopping so we get to have Vic and Mopey do it.”
“Who are Vic and Mopey?”
“The names of the robots, Tony names anything he puts an AI in.”
Peter shifts in his seat in excitement, “AI’s really!”
“Yep, I don’t know much about them, but if you’re interested, I’m sure Tony will talk your ear off on the subject.”


“Morgan didn’t mention you were the Avengers,” Ben comments to Natasha who’s sitting to his right.
Nodding Natasha gives a disarming smile, “We asked her to keep it secret, we don’t want people going after her to get to us.”
“Well considering Pete didn’t know you all were mates, and he’s a super fan. I think you’re doing a great job of it.”
The alpha nods, “Morgan said you’re a police officer.”
“Yep, Sergeant at the 105th.”
“That’s cool, you must have a lot of stories.”
“Yeah, but I think May beats me with the strange factor being a nurse.”
May looked towards her mate at the mention of her name, from her conversation with Darcy, “What?”
“I was telling her that you beat me in the strange stories.”
“I think that story from when you were a rookie beats any of mine.”
Ben looked back towards Natasha, “You want to hear it?”
“Well, let me start off on saying this was the early nineties just after Christmas, this guy, he was a big guy like three hundred pounds and almost six seven was trying to take off his lights blitzed out of his mind …” Ben narrates animatedly gesturing as he tells the story to Natasha.


Desserts devoured, everyone splits into groups either staying in the dining room or moving to the two other common areas of the pack floor to continue talking. Morgan guiding Peter over to where Steve is with Bucky and Thor in the living room, Bucky pulling Morgan into his lap as Peter stands awkwardly gawking at the older alphas, “Peter, big fan, your PSA’s are awesome,” are his first words out of his mouth towards Steve, before red creeps up his face.
“What PSA’s?” Bucky inquires after watching as Steve’s own face goes pink across his cheeks, the question making Steve’s run his hand against the back of his neck with a light nervous breath.
Peter explains, “They’re short videos that have Captain America explaining stuff like fitness challenge, the food pyramid, sex ed --”
“Sex ed? You mean the punk here talked about puberty?” Bucky asks, snorting.
“Yeah they’re called Rappin’ with the Cap.”
A smirk pulling at his face, Bucky examines, “Can you find them online?”
“Bucky, no,” Steve pleads.
Bucky laughs at Steve’s puppy dog face, while squeezing Morgan closer to him, ignoring Steve’s plea as he asks, “Morgan can you find it?”
Morgan pulls out her phone then, and a minute later she’s handing it over to Bucky so that he can watch a compilation video of all the best parts of the Rappin’ with the Cap videos on YouTube. The brunette soldier full on laughing at the screen, as Steve’s blush reaches his ears and goes down his neck in tomato red going redder when both Thor scoots over to see the screen and Sam, who had been using the restroom, comes back and starts watching.
“When you make these, Cap?” Sam asks, a minute into watching, shaking his head as he looks up from the screen for a moment.
“After New York. Some government official thought it would be good press for the Avengers and the US to have the Avengers, well only me since Nat and Clint were SHIELD spies, Thor was off world, Tony said point blank no, and Bruce isn’t one for being in front of an audience. They wanted us to be seen as more than just end of the world, last line of defense type group.”
“Well guess all those USO shows helped,” Bucky points out, once the video ends a moment later, handing back the cell to Morgan.
“Yeah,” Steve sighs, remembering his dancing monkey days.


Eventually, Thor heads to the kitchen, Peter following asking rapid-fire questions about Asgard. Morgan heads over to where Audrey was getting up to move as Happy talks to Darcy on the couch.
“So, how’s it being the Avenger’s beta mate?” Audrey inquires sipping at her red wine, as they move to the open bench seating next to the window. Morgan gives a confused look at the question, leading Audrey to explain more, “I mean that it must be weird coming into a group already consisting of three alphas and three betas, sorry that sounded worse,” putting down the wine glass as she reiterates, “I just meant it must be weird being one of the last mates of an already solidified relationship. I know it was hard for me, and I’m the omega of my pack, with Pepper and Happy having been together for a decade and then Phil having been with them for a few years, it was strange trying to figure out a place to fit, you know.”
“It’s interesting, I don’t know what is supposed to happen, they have one idea but I’m still finding myself without the added pressure of having mates. You’re their only omega right, packs completed?” Soulmates could tell after doing the mating bite to each known mate whether or not all soulmates were accounted for, but they couldn’t tell, if the pack wasn’t complete, how many more soulmates there would be.
Audrey nods at that.
“How did you handle having two alphas just inserting themselves into your life?” Morgan asks aloud.
Sobering slightly, “I’m a cellist, so my job, well paid hobby, most alphas like calling it that since it’s something I could just be doing it at home, since it’s not like I’m a world changer like a scientist or a teacher,” the omega rolling her eyes at the idea, “But anyway since it doesn’t involve a lot of danger, really no danger except for the crazy fans that will stock a person, I haven’t got any to my knowledge, but compared to their lives its nothing and they were understanding of it, they let me continue it. It’s my passion and I’ve been doing it since I was old enough to hold a cello and I’m almost thirty-eight now. Phil was super sweet; he has gotten SHIELD agents to act as bodyguards for when I do orchestra tours. But I was used to it, my parents are an alpha and omega pair and they got me prepared for the dynamic between alphas and omegas, my life didn’t really change. I presented at twelve, so I had gotten used to how people treat omegas. Pepper and Phil are wonderful as alphas and Happy is an amazing beta mate.”
Morgan nods before her phone goes off with an alarm, excusing herself, she heads towards the pack room where she had left her backpack and ignoring the strange look, she gets when passing by Bruce who was in the middle of a conversation with Jane.


Rummaging to the bottom of her backpack she pulls out a plastic bag that has a single bright purple pill inside, looking at it she sighs wishing she could just stop taking them before shaking herself out of that particular rabbit hole, quickly opening the bag and downing the pill dry. Using the restroom before looking tiredly into the mirror, and saying out loud to herself, “Okay just eleven something more hours and you can go to bed, you’ve done thirty-eight hours before Morgan,” yawning before grabbing out her makeup bag and touching up her make-up.




The dining room was the first area she checks for guests or mates to say bye to, deciding to make a loop towards the elevator that was by the living room. Clustered together around the head of the table, she finds Tony with Rhodey and Pepper chatting amongst each other.
Tony stops talking when he sees her, frowning slightly when he sees the backpack in her hand, “What’s with the backpack, babe?”
“Heading out, got work tonight.”
Eyebrows deepening inward, “Thought you couldn’t work tonight? That Natasha made this whole evening a mate requirement?”
“Dinner,” Morgan says softly, glancing at both Pepper and Rhodey that look elsewhere, trying to give the two mates a semblance of privacy.
“Pretty sure it’s the whole night,” Tony informs, the pack tried to always be together on holidays, wanting to build those memories and start making traditions that they can continue on when the pack hopefully grows with the addition of kids.
Kissing Tony on the lips, Morgan says, ending the slight disagreement from continuing, because she knew Tony was right in his statement, “I’ll see you Saturday morning, Tony,” before turning to Rhodey and Pepper, who both look over at her now that she’s saying goodbye, “It was nice meeting both of you.”
“It was nice to meet you too and putting a face to the name,” Pepper replies standing up to give the shorter woman a hug.
Rhodey nods as well getting up and embracing his best friend’s mate, after Pepper, saying, “It was nice to meet you, as well, Morgan.”
Morgan nods before leaving the dining room.


Heading to where Natasha and Clint were sitting with Coulson at the kitchen table, she eases herself next to Clint when there is a small lull in conversation, stopping him from pulling her into his lap, she leans down to kiss him saying, “I’ll see you Saturday.”
Hearing what Morgan says, Natasha turns to them from the other side of the table, “What do you mean?” eyebrows quirking in confusion.
“I have to head to work.”
“No, you don’t.”
“Yeah I do.”
“I told you that today was nonnegotiable,” the alpha reminds, her voice giving a bit of heat to the words.
“And I came, the dinner is over. I now need to get to work,” Morgan answers.
“No, you don’t.”
Irritation clear in her voice, “Yes I do, it’s my job.”
“I called yesterday, I made sure you’re not working tonight.”
Eyebrows furrowing, “Excuse me. What?”
“I called your work and told them you wouldn’t be coming in tonight.”
“You have no fucking right to do that!”
Natasha stands up at the muted yell, “As your alpha, I do.”
Clint telling that Natasha was getting angry tries to stop Morgan by pulling her into him, while Coulson quietly excuses himself from the head of the table and goes over to where Thor was regaling Audrey and Peter of his many battles.
“I don’t care that you’re my alpha or my mate, you don’t have the right to interfere in my fucking job,” Morgan speaks through gritted teeth, spatting out certain words in a tone way more disrespectful than she planned, as she slaps away Clint’s hands.
Clint speaks up then, “Ladies why don’t we take this to another room.”
Natasha turns to the beta, green eyes blazing, before jerking her head in the direction of the bedroom.
Clint grabs at Morgan’s waist as she glares at the auburn haired alpha, only for his hands to again be shoved away, knowing Natasha was moments away from yelling he uses his experience from his SHIELD training and quickly picks up his youngest mate throwing her over his shoulder, thankful that a majority of people were in the living room.


Morgan tries weakly, not really wanting to actually get out of his hold, but still going through the motions, too tired of everything to really put any effort into it, as she pushes up against his shoulder to get herself off him, but his iron grip around her thighs stop her from getting too far with it. Thirty seconds later, all three of them were in the pack room and Clint sets the blonde down, holding her by the shoulders for a moment to stabilize her, before quickly retreating, calling out to Jarvis, “Privacy mode, Jarvis,” and closing the door behind him.
Natasha is the first to speak, growling out, “Morgan you’re one more disrespectful sentence away from going over my knee.”
Mind screaming at her to just submit, to just stop fighting, she stubbornly growls to herself forcing herself to not go with instinct, before yelling out, “No!” crossing her arms as she argues her stance, “You don’t get to just get to mess with my work and then punish me for getting angry at you for it.”
Natasha lifts her eyebrow at, “Yes, I do because as your alpha I told you that Thanksgiving was nonnegotiable that means you are to be here for all of it. It’s why I had you invite your family and told you that the shift was not okay. So, when I called, I was making sure you had it off, which apparently you didn’t so I fixed that.” She knew holidays were hard to get off, but she also knew money was an easy way to fix problems like that.
Rubbing at her face in frustration, “You said dinner,” which was a lie, Natasha had said Thanksgiving starting at five tonight, “I came. My job is nonnegotiable.” Arms crossing over her chest more and saying to her alpha in the brattiest tone possible, “You don’t get to fucking mess with it. It doesn’t --”
Natasha feels the shift between herself and Morgan, the imaginary red flag waving in the air at the full-on brat countenance Morgan is displaying. So, Natasha follows her alpha instinct on how to deal with a brat, on what brat means, and what brats instinctually want from their alpha, what they need to refocus and stay stable. The spy moves quickly with precision towards the blonde, grabbing the blonde by the upper arm and dragging her to where the bed sank into the floor, a few feet away, with the indent being almost two feet deep, the alpha easily sits down yanking Morgan with her, and making it so that the eighteen year old falls stomach down over the redhead’s lap. Natasha doesn’t talk letting her hand do it for her, as it falls in sharp smacks over the blonde’s butt, it takes six for Morgan to figure out what had just happened.

Trying to push up by using the soft rim of the bed and the alpha’s knee, only results in the spanks falling sharper onto her jean clad ass. Not wanting to give up even though her mind was screaming at her to just submit already to her alpha and finally be able to relax; Morgan tries covering her bottom with her left hand, only for it to be pinned to the small of her back before it even gets there and a hard smack is given to her upper thigh in reprimand. She knew kicking at this point would only result in giving the alpha better access to the crease where butt met thighs, so with the only option left, Morgan tries rolling off.
Natasha lets go of the blonde’s wrist quickly after seeing what she was trying to accomplish, not wanting to hold onto the wrist and possibly have Morgan pull her shoulder out of socket, the spy instead wraps her arm around the blonde’s thin waist pulling her closer, while dropping one knee and raising the other giving access to where butt met thighs, the sit spots, the entire time never stopping raining down swats on Morgan’s rear.
Morgan hisses at the growing burn as tears pooled at her eyes, it takes another minute before she starts crying out, “Stop! … I get it. Please. … Stop please … please.”
Natasha doesn’t, but does speak up for the first time, “You know why you’re in this position?”
“Because I … because I didn’t listen.”
“What did you not listen to?”
“You … I didn’t listen … disrespect … Ow! … Not getting the night off!”
Stopping the rain of crisp slaps, Natasha let her hand lay at the crest of Morgan’s bottom, “Why not?”
Taking a moment to organize her thoughts and breathe before answering with “I figured I could still do both, that dinner wouldn’t take longer than an hour and half. I thought I could make it to my eight o’clock shift and nobody would truly care if I left after dinner.”
“We cared. I cared. Do you understand that?”
Nodding, “Yes.”
Natasha raises her hand bringing it down hard on the middle of Morgan’s ass, and asking in a dominant tone, “Yes, what?”
Whimpering at the tone, she hangs her head down as she answers softly, “Yes alpha,” there were too many emotions running rapid in her head, and all of them were conflictingly.
With that Natasha lets the younger female up, seeing for the first time since this started the tears staining the blonde’s face, using the hand that had been previously assaulting Morgan’s backside, the alpha wipes away the tears before pulling the blonde in for a hug.

Morgan falls into the hug, hugging back tightly, and letting her face smush against the crook of the alpha’s neck, breathing in the alpha’s calming citrusy grass scent. After a few minutes of Morgan’s silent tears cascading down her cheeks and into the redhead’s shirt, she lets in a shaky breath, “What happens now?”
“Now we wash your face. How many people did you say goodbye to?”
“Just you guys, Tony, Pepper and Rhodey, they were still in the dining room.”
“Then it won’t look weird when you come back out with me.”
“Can I just stay with you?”
“Of course, sweetie. You can hang out with anyone you want; you’ve been punished and it’s over and done with, you’re forgiven.”


Four minutes later, Natasha and Morgan are sitting back down with Coulson and Clint. Clint glancing at Morgan as she leans heavily against Natasha’s shoulder red rimmed eyes opening and closing in quick succession.
“So, how’s your new team?” Natasha inquires of Coulson.
“It’s good some hiccups with Ward, but he was brainwashed at an early stage for HYDRA, his mates are helping him. May is still May. We’re still going through all the data you sent us on the last HYDRA fortress, and a lot of back alley dealings with SHIELD tech.”
“So, Fitz Simmons are working out? Tony was so disappointed that they didn’t come to SI when he saw their resumes.”
“Fitz is still working through everything that happened after Project Insight and everything, thankfully his mates are SHIELD and are being extremely helpful in getting him through everything. Ward’s trying to help too being as he was Fitz’s alpha guardian, but with being part of the reason he has the brain trauma in the first place, it’s not been easy. Ward is also now dealing with having Simmons back from being undercover for last few months with HYDRA. And she now has to deal with the repercussions of lying to her mates, Skye is trying to help mend the omegas fences and her triads bonds, but she’s also dealing with newfound family problems.”
“SHIELD hired omegas?” Morgan inquires, sitting up slightly trying to hide her wincing as she does, but with three trained spies she couldn’t.
“Generally, no, but they weren’t going out into the field alone, Ward in the beginning wasn’t happy with it, but he was able to watch them more with them being on the same team, especially with Simmons being his omega mate and her having been so attached to Fitz.”
“Oh okay,” with that the conversation continues between the three spies, Morgan settling her head back on Natasha’s shoulder.

Thirty minutes later, Steve comes strolling in, “Tony told me that Morgan left,” his hands settling on Clint’s shoulders, massaging them lightly.
Natasha smiles from her spot, “She was, but she didn’t,” pointing to her lap where the blonde’s head was, completely asleep.
“That’s good, her family is leaving, I’ll tell them she fell asleep,” squeezing Clint’s shoulders, “Everyone else is heading out too, Darcy and Jane are jet lagged so Thor carried them down to his level,” turning to Coulson, “Pepper wanted you to know that she’s ready whenever you are,” before heading back in the direction he came, Clint standing up and trailing behind him.
Coulson excuses himself then kissing Natasha on the cheek goodbye.

Fifteen minutes later the only people on the pack floor were mates, Bucky being the first to come back into kitchen, quickly followed by everyone else, the brunette alpha kisses Natasha on the lips, while running a metal hand through Morgan’s locks.
Once everyone is either sitting or standing around the table, Tony is the first to speak, “Thought Morgan was leaving for work like an hour ago?”
With heads turning to the female alpha, she answers, “I had called in yesterday to make sure she had the night off, she didn’t so I got her boss to give her the night off.”
“How?” Steve questions.
“I asked nicely,” at the raised eyebrows all around, “I also paid him what he would have paid Morgan and a little extra.”
Tony shakes his head at that, eliciting a perplexed look from the alphas, “Geez. Please tell me you didn’t just throw that at her.”
Clint speaks up then, “She did. Morgan didn’t handle it well.”
“I wouldn’t either.”
“But you own a company, that’s different,” Steve reasons.
“She told you guys her Tato … no Tata co-owned it with his brother right.” Bruce catches on to what Tony is trying to hint at, as the rest stare blankly but all nod at the information. Tony continues on, “I was talking to Peter earlier about how I started working at SI when I was a little older than him. He told me how Morgan has been working at that bar since she was sixteen after she had inherited half the bar.”
“So, she owns it? Why not give herself the night off like I told her too?” Natasha inquires.
Tony shrugs.
Bruce glances at all the food still out, “We should probably clean up and put the food away.”
Clint sighs, but stands as well as Steve and Tony, leaving Natasha and Bucky with a sleeping Morgan, “I’ll take her to bed,” Bucky speaks up, leaning over the chair and pick up the blonde as if she weighed nothing.
Natasha follows, “I’m going to change her out of those clothes.”


Once they were in the pack room, the female alpha grabs one of Steve’s shirts, that would hit Morgan mid-thigh, from the closet before returning quickly, Looking over at Bucky, who was standing by the bed, still cradling the blonde in his arms her head lolled into the crook of his neck. Bucky looks over at the redhead, commenting, “She’s so light it’s crazy, Stevie was heavier.”
Natasha nods at the observation, “Well she gets full so fast without barely eating anything.” Then saying, “Why don’t you sit down, that way you can help me.”
After getting situated at the edge of the bed, Natasha easily pops the button on Morgan’s jeans, while Bucky lifts Morgan up slightly the blonde barely stirring at the action except to rub her cheek against his shoulder once, the spy sliding the jeans off carefully not to scrape too much against the blonde’s tender bottom. Bucky situates Morgan again so that Natasha could pull off the long sleeve shirt leaving the blonde in a bra and boy short style panties. Slipping on the t-shirt over the blonde’s head quickly, before unhooking the clips on the bra and letting the bra fall onto the pillows, then threading the blonde’s arms through the arm holes. Bucky maneuvers the still sleeping Morgan onto the bed, her shirt sliding up enough to see the red coloring on her thighs, Bucky turns to his alpha mate, “You spanked her?”
“She was being highly disrespectful.”
Bucky nods at that, “You know this is the first time she’s going to be sleeping in here,” the with us unspoken.
“Yeah … we should probably help in the kitchen.”

Chapter Text

Morgan stares up at her Uncle Filip, her Tata’s older brother, his grim face not bowing well for her, if Ashley and Guthrie’s sympathetic faces had anything to say about it, as they stand off to the side of the mats.
“You know, I gave you two fucking years to do whatever the fuck you wanted, it ends now. I signed you up for the next competition, and you’re going to fuckin do it. No more of your fuckin excuses,” the use of his alpha voice brokers no argument from her, it wasn’t an alpha command, but what people coined as the alpha voice was dominating and made someone want to listen, but it didn’t make them obey, unlike an alpha command, which made omegas obey without thought, basically mind controlling them into action following whatever an alpha commanded them to do.
Giving a jerk of a nod, as both Ashley and Guthrie move in to stand on either side of her. Filip continues on “Your Aunt Kasia is coming next Tuesday, but I want all three of you in fighting shape by then. So, let’s start off with cardio training, get to it.”
Ashley rolls her eyes when her Tata heads back to his office, “Sorry. He was pissed when you didn’t show last night, but after Billie came he calmed down.”
“Sorry, I had no clue that my mate called me out of work until I was supposed to be leaving.”
“Don’t sweat it,” Guthrie says with a shrug as they do front squats to press with dumbbells, “By the way you’re moving it looks like you’ve already been punished.”
“Yeah, I didn’t handle the news well, … Wait what do you mean he calmed down after Billie came, Nat said she talked to my boss?”
“No, Victor was the one she talked too, with the baby and everything Billie took the shift. She apparently paid them triple the amount you were going to be paid,” Ashley explains away.
Groaning at that, “That’s just fuckin great.”
“I know, but at least nobody can fault you for skipping out.”
“Except Uncle Filip,” Morgan reminds. “And my alpha, I basically told my alpha that I didn’t care about the fact she was my alpha or my mate and cussed at her.”
Both siblings’ wince at that, Guthrie being the one to speak though, “Well at least you’re not an omega, that would have been worse.”

Morgan nods at that; the bond between alphas and omegas were different from the alpha/beta relationship. Alphas needed to exert dominance and betas couldn’t fill that need naturally, so as a beta she could get away with a lot more with her mates than if she was an omega. If it had been an omega denouncing the fact that someone was their alpha and mate, it wouldn’t have been pretty.
“Well it shouldn’t have mattered, just because someone’s an alpha doesn’t mean they get to just push their dominance on betas,” Ashley inputs.
“Hey, I’m not saying its right it’s just what happens,” Guthrie argues.
“Says the alpha,” Ashley murmurs loud enough for them to hear.
“Says the beta,” Guthrie retorts.
Morgan shakes her head at them, wincing as she squats down with thirty-pound dumbbells. “I’m not saying I was right and she was wrong, or visa versa. We both made mistakes in that conversation and how we handled it. It was my fault for not even asking for the night off, it was her fault for just calling me out of work without asking. I shouldn’t have denounced her as my alpha because that gets all alphas touchy and especially in front of another alpha, one she considers a father-figure. The mate thing anyone would get touchy about. But she shouldn’t have punished me for just expressing my opinion. The disrespectful way I talked and the cussing I get. Steve has gotten on me about cussing before. But last nights conversation was just a cluster-fuck.”
“Did you talk to her about it or with any of your other mates?” Ashley questions.
“No. I need to, but I fell asleep before that could really happen and I left before anyone was up today.”
“Hiding out isn’t really you,” Guthrie comments, at the glare Morgan sends his way, he just rolls his eyes, “I’m calling it how I see it.”
“I’m not hiding, just giving myself time.”
“Well you should do it sooner than later,” Ashley informs giving her younger cousin a thoughtful look.
Morgan sighs, “I’m going to. Lets just talk about something else.”

“Well with you doing competitions again, I need to show you this awesome trail I found its perfect to do tires on,” Guthrie throws in.
“Fine. How about next Saturday?”
“Count me out,” Ashley inserts.
“Why?” Guthrie inquires.
Ashley raises an eyebrow at that, “Because I don’t want to. Golden Girl here can finally do all the crazy workout routines Tata makes you do.”
Groaning, “Please don’t start calling me that again,” Morgan pleads.
“It fits,” Ashley responds, shrugging.
“Just don’t.”
“Well with Aunt Kasia coming, she’s going to beat you two both into shape,” Guthrie reminds.
“I don’t need to be beaten into shape Guthrie,” glaring at her little brother, “I’m 144 pounds at 5’9. I’m perfectly in shape for featherweight and Morgan is what? 115 right now all she needs to do is maintain that to be in the strawweight division that Tata signed her up for.”
“Whatever let’s do planks,” he says with a roll of his brown eyes.


‘You + me Poke-O-Moonshine next Sunday.’
‘When are you getting in town?’ Morgan texts back, while getting out of her sweaty gym clothes to take a quick shower before heading to work.
‘Friday. I’ll pick you up at 8.’
‘I’ll be here.’



Duffle in hand, Morgan ascends the elevator going up to the pack floor, Saturday morning. Natasha being the one to meet her at the elevator, “Good morning.”
“Morning, can we talk somewhere private?” Morgan responds.
“Yes, lets go to the living room no one is there.”
“Won’t they come in though?”
“No, Steve, Clint, and Tony are getting everything ready on the quinjet, while Bucky and Bruce are having sex in the pack room.”
Raising her eyebrow at that, Morgan just nods and heads in the direction of the living room.
“What did you want to talk about?”
Natasha gives a solemn nod at that, “I wanted to talk about that too.”

Morgan shifts awkwardly once they both sit down on the living room couch, opening then closing her mouth, all words escaping her then.
Natasha speak up after waiting over a minute for Morgan to do so, apologizing, “I’m so sorry about what went down on Thursday. I should have had more patience and actually talked through everything, it was your first punishment from any of us and I should have explained the process, should have explained why you were in trouble, since you’re still getting used to the rules and us. But besides that, and I don’t even know how, but I forgot that you’re a beta not an omega, in that moment. The vibe and everything you were throwing off it was so much like an omega who needs their alpha to remind them of their place, to reset the scales that alpha and omegas need with each other to get the dynamic back to where an omega feels safe, secure, stable. That I didn’t even think, I just went with instinct. And I’m so sorry, I’ll try to remember from now on that you’re a beta, so I handle situations the way betas need it to be handled, not like someone who needs to reset scales, to keep the dynamic alphas and omegas need to stay balanced and healthy and everything.”
“It’s okay. I know I earned that spanking; I was so disrespectful and rude and I’m so sorry.”
“You’ve been punished and forgiven for all that. It’s water under the bridge, we all have those moments.”
Nodding, the blonde takes a deep breath before saying, “What I really wanted to talk to you about though was you messing with my work, that can’t happen again. I’m a silent co-owner, but I am one of the leads there and I need people to not underestimate my authority, especially since I’m one of the youngest bartenders working there. So, having my alpha mate or anybody call in and subvert that authority isn’t good.”
“Okay, but did you try to get it off and couldn’t, or did you not even try?”
“I didn’t try and that’s on me.”
Natasha nods with a pierce of her lips, silence reigns for a minute as Natasha formulates how she wants to say her next piece, “Okay, so next time I won’t call you out of work, I should have run that by you, not just gone behind your back, but you have to make an honest effort to get out of work when we tell you something is nonnegotiable especially when we give you enough notice to change the schedule or switch days with someone else. I know you’re new to us, but I’m your alpha mate that holds weight in this pack. When Steve, Buck, or me tell you something it isn’t just something to sweep under a rug, and if you have a problem with something tell us, respectfully, but tell us. As alphas we make the rules, we want your input, but we at the end of day are the ones enforcing it, we have to believe in it and we make sure that everyone is accounted for, that everyone gets more out of the pack structure than gets taken away from them. We have to make sure our mates are healthy, safe, loved. It’s our job as alphas and all we ask from you guys as betas is to put in the effort of following the pack structure and rules that you guys all agreed and consented too.”
“Okay, I’ll try.”
“And just to let you know major holidays are days we want you off, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Fourth of July. We know sometimes it’s not possible, when Steve, Clint, and I worked for SHIELD we were always on call and as Avengers we are always on call, but as Avengers we will have more things to worry about than missing a holiday if we’re called out to fight. Missions like we’re going on today we make that schedule so that it doesn’t conflict with things we as a pack decide are important. And holidays are important to us, we want to make those memories and traditions.”
“They’re important to me too.”
Frowning, “Then why not try?”
Shrugging, “I just didn’t,” not wanting to say that she didn’t want to get attached, scared to get attached to her mates, but at the same time she was being pulled in, her heart wanting to be close, to gain the precious bonds that soulmates have and that she always wanted and coveted. “Besides that, sometimes I have plans that I need to do on holidays as well, I have friends and family that you guys haven’t met yet and just as much as you guys are secretive about who you’re mates with, they have things they don’t like having be public knowledge and I have to respect that.”
“Okay. We’ll ask from now on about holidays, not just make them nonnegotiable, but you have to at least give us the chance to spend those days with you. Holidays are special.”
“Okay I will and thanks for understanding my side.”
“Thanks for letting me know your side. I can’t make informed decisions if I don’t know all the variables of my mates.”
Morgan hums.


A few minutes later, Clint comes strolling in, “Ladies.”
“Clint,” Morgan responds getting up to kiss him, which he responds to with enthusiasm lifting her up so that she either has to wrap her legs around his waist or just dangle there as they kiss, she chooses to wrap them around his torso.
Breaking apart the kiss, but still cupping her ass as he holds her up, blue eyes meet green as he asks, “Hello honey. You ready for a one man preview of living here?”
Huffing in amusement, “Sure.”
“If it all goes well can I expect to be helping you move Tuesday? I like to lift things,” demonstrating by hitching her higher up so she’s now looking down into his eyes.
Thankfully she doesn’t have to answer as both Steve and Tony decide to walk in then, Steve asking, “Bucky and Bruce still going at it?”
Natasha answers with a “Yep.”
Clint let her go and just as her feet touched the carpet, Tony brings her into himself, kissing her on the lips before going to suck at her neck for a moment.
Steve informing, “Okay, I’ll give them,” meaning Bucky and Bruce, “Five before breaking it up, Thor is packing pop tarts in the snack cubby right now and Sam’s using the bathroom.”
Once Tony lets go, Morgan is barely able to turn around before Steve is on her kissing her lips before licking them asking for entrance, she parts them slightly, and his tongue quickly goes in.
Two minutes later, Bucky, dressed in only Bucky, comes in with a fully clothed Bruce, who asks, “We ready?”
Steve breaks the kiss then with Morgan, “Yeah.”
Morgan stands on her tippy toes as Bruce leans down slightly, giving a quick peck to each other’s lips before everyone starts leaving saying ‘goodbye’ and ‘see you at the latest hopefully Tuesday’. Bucky easily pulling her backwards to his naked front and letting his hands grip her hips.
Once the Avengers leave, Bucky leads her over to the couch, that she and Natasha had been on, situating her onto his lap. “I know you usually sleep during the day, so why don’t we watch a movie and you can fall asleep, I’ll wake you up around one.”
Nodding as she let her head fall to his neck, drinking in the smell of him, a woodsy leather scent, and with the motion of his hand going up and down her thigh, soothes her to sleep within minutes.


Morgan wakes up to find that Bucky had fallen asleep as well, they had somehow shifted so that she was curled up with her back to the back of the couch and Bucky laying partially underneath her, his head supported by a throw pillow and his metal hand laid across her butt while his flesh one held her in place around her waist. Shifting to get up only results in the hands holding her in place to tighten and for Bucky to growl deep, sharp blue eyes opening to look into her green ones.
“I need to get up,” Morgan spoke trying to move again.
“No,” sliding her up closer to his head.
“Kind of need to use the bathroom.” She could actually see Bucky thinking about it, so she adds in “Like now.”
He grunts, but releases her, though she wasn’t expecting him to actually follow her all the way there and try to come in with her, it takes a minute, but she finally gets him to see reason for allowing her to pee in private.

After using the bathroom and washing her hands, they head to the kitchen seeing that the clock on the oven says 2:09, she turns only be chest to chest with the alpha, looking up she asks, “You want lunch? I can make lunch.”
“Sure,” Bucky responds, not moving even slightly back.
Raising an eyebrow at him, “What do you want?”
“You,” is spoken so fast and so seriously, Morgan has to do a double take.
“What do you want really?”
You,” is his answer again, this time punctuating his statement by lifting her up onto the island, hands splaying across her butt and teeth biting into her neck.
She tilts her head for him to have better access to her neck, before the implications of what she’s doing catches up to her and she’s protesting, “Wow, hey, Bucky!” not getting very far into talking as his mouth moves to hers and his metal hand cups the back off her neck. His still very naked body thrusting into the counter as his tongue dives into her mouth with dominance. Using her arms to pushes him away enough to ask, “What? … Why did … What’s gotten into you?”
Physically shaking himself out of it, Bucky murmurs “Sorry.”
“Okay. What do want to eat that’s not me?”
“Turkey sandwich.”
When he doesn’t move to let her down, “Alright, I have to be able to move,” Morgan reminds patting at his side.
Moving slightly so she could jump off the counter, he moves in tandem with her as she goes to the fridge to get the ingredients and during the entire process of making the sandwiches stands behind her, hands firmly holding her hips.


The rest of the afternoon went the same, Bucky always being right there and having to hold onto her at any given moment. When her alarm on her phone goes off, she tries to get up only for Bucky, who had been sucking at her neck as they make out, bites down and growls, when she tries to move out from underneath him. “I have to get that and I want to change.” When he doesn’t seem to want to let her go, she adds, “I’ll be like five minutes, Buck.”
In a firm voice he states, “Alpha.”
“Huh?” eyes squinting in confusion on where that had come from.
“I’m your alpha,” darkening blue eyes drilling into hers.
“I know that. Do you want me to call you that?”
“Like for right now or like all the time.”
“All the time,” is his quick reply.
“Okay, can I go get changed, alpha.” Reluctantly Bucky gets up and Morgan isn’t surprised when she grabs her duffle from the side of the couch and starts toward the bedroom that the alpha follows closely behind. Once there she stops at the archway that separates the bathroom area to the bedroom, stating, “I’m going to use the restroom, alone.”
Bucky grunts, but leans against the wall as she heads into the toilet section of the washroom.
Pulling out the navy-blue jogger style sweats and one of Peter’s old t-shirts that said ‘Genius’ using periodic symbols, she also grabs the little baggie of pills and downs one before stripping off her jeans and long sleeve.

Getting out two minutes later she washes her hands and starts washing off her makeup, completely nonpulsed that Bucky glides over so that his hands could settle once again on her hips, thumbs sliding under her shirt to rub against the star marks there.
By nine they had done tandem dinner making, Morgan once again sitting in Bucky’s lap as they ate, though her meal was nonexistent compared to the alpha’s, moving on to the couch where Bucky again keeps hold of her as they watch reruns of old shows that are new to both of them for different reasons.


The next morning after having fallen asleep on the couch, Morgan wakes up to find Bucky thrusting against her thigh in his sleep, his alpha smell strong in the air and her body reacting to it. Moving to get up just as Bucky wakes up, hazy blue eyes looking at her before growling, “Mine,” and flipping them over so that she is pinned beneath him. His tongue darting out and lapping at the bite marks he had left the day prior before biting once again. She feels her body start to go pliant as his body heats up and his movements became more erratic.
Mouth moving between kissing her, tongue parting her lips as he gains more dominance before going back to her neck licking and sucking as teeth graze her neck, earning him squeals of pleasure from the blonde. He tugs at her legs until they are wrapped around his waist as he keeps rutting against her clothed pelvis. Feeling him getter harder as his motions quicken in pace, while she feels herself grow wetter at the sensation and the scent of arousal that’s thick in the air due to the alpha.

It’s twenty minutes later, when he starts to move his hands from just going under her shirt to feel at her sides and then cupping at her ass over her joggers, to trying to take her shirt and pants off that her brain finally reacts to what is happening and her pupils blow up at the implications. With those new thoughts she starts angling her body as much as she can with a 250-pound alpha on top of her.
Bucky slaps her butt when she does, growling as he did so, his mouth sending vibrations through her body as she becomes compliant to his desires. Thankfully his hands go back to just skimming and gripping at her body instead of trying to take her clothes off.

Eventually, Morgan moves enough, despite Bucky constantly stopping her with reprimanding bites to the neck or swats to her butt, her mind resilient enough to continue shifting until she moves enough to fall off the couch. The next moment is tense as Morgan stares straight into his clouded over eyes with a deer in the headlight’s expression covering her face, a quiet “Shit!” as she half scrambles, half crab walks, away enough to get up.
Bucky growls as he moves to get up himself with his not so quiet confirmation of “Mine!”
His hands moving to hoist her to him, she evades him with only her shirt being ripped at the seams. Sprinting out of the living room as Bucky pursues.

In the hallway, Bucky once again grabs at her, this time her shirt is completely shredded off when she drops to floor to stop him. His guttural growl at the evasion pulling a high-pitched whine from the back of her throat, which only spurs him on more. Clambering up, Morgan sprints once again to the closest room with a lock, the pack room, fingers grasping at the doorknob only to be yanked forcefully away, the alpha now pinning her to the wall next to the door.
With her shirt being scraps on the floor, showing off her path down the long hallway, Bucky’s hands go to the bare skin of her side near her chest, mouth descending to the juncture in her neck biting harshly staking dominance and full of reprimand for trying to leave him.
The alpha then moves on with the only word he utters through it all is the repeated “Mine” with every lick or kiss he gives to her face and neck.
Using her hands, she tries pushing him away, but anytime he growls her body goes lax to his musings. It takes a while, but finally she shakes herself off enough that she starts to figure out how to get away, the door was two feet away, but if he was in the state she believes him to be in, actually fighting him would be worthless and only make him more aggressive in his quest for her. His hands find themselves at her waist by then, trying to tug down at the fabric of her joggers, while still keeping her in place almost a foot off the ground.
Her knee comes up without warning to hit him straight in his family jewels, but unlike anyone else he doesn’t falter only snarls, hand going harshly down on the side of her bottom as he does. His mission to get off her pants continue, as he hastily rips them off in one fell swoop, leaving her only in a bra and her boy short panties, though the minimalist amount of clothes at the moment seems to appease him, so he focuses back on peppering her face in kisses, and sucking and biting at her neck while his hands skim over whatever bare skin that isn’t covered.
A few minutes later, she attempts again, this time, she tries to get him off by using both her legs and arms. Her hands hit just below his shoulders and she brings her legs up so that her right foot connects with his thigh below his pelvis and her left connects where the white star outlined in blue is stationed on his hip bone. Using all her strength she finally gets him off and she races to the door shutting it and locking it with only a millisecond to spare.

Bucky’s growls as he pounds at the door bringing her to her knees, her entire body finally submitting now that he isn’t there to hold her up, and with her being on her knees, neck angled to the side showing off the bite marks already there, she couldn’t reach for the latch to unlock the door. Breathing heavy as Bucky continues to get more aggressive with the door in his crusade to get to her.


Eventually, she crawls further away from the door heading towards her duffle that had been left by the bathroom the day before. Grabbing at the iPod that has her headphones wrapped around the small device already plugged in, she quickly stuffs the headphones in her ears and turns the music all the way up drowning out Bucky as rock music blasts in her eardrums. Finally, able to function she reaches for another set of clothes, curling up on the ground once she’s finally dressed.
Thankful that Tony had reinforced everything on the pack floor because she was sure Bucky was trying to obliterate the door and surrounding wall, she could literally see the vibrations, but thankful that it all held, no doubt Tony had a different reason for the reinforcement than for a super soldier smashing at the structure.
Finally, just crawling to the pack bed breathing in the scents of her alphas that still covered the blankets, she pulls out one of the headphones, calling out to Jarvis who answers promptly with “What may I assist you with Miss Morgan.”
“Can you lock down this floor, I don’t want Bucky getting anyone else in his state.” She could hear once again that Bucky had not only not stopped in his growls and pounding, they had only deepened in sound and she lets out a whimper at she forces herself to not open the door and sooth the alpha, “Can we soundproof? Nat said there was soundproofing in the rooms.”
“Already been accomplished as per the protocols when Code Red Star has been activated, along with an alert that has been sent out to all mates. And privacy mode is now activated.”
Morgan pulls out the second headphone then, the room completely quiet now, though she could still see the vibrations from when Bucky pounds against the door, “What’s Code Red Star?”
“Code Red Star is when Mr. Bucky is acting in an aggressive manner.”
“Have they received the alert, yet?”
“No, the Code is low priority at this moment, they will receive it when the mission is over for the day.”
Eyes widening in shock that this was only low priority, she asks, “How is it only low priority? It had sounded like he is destroying the door.”
“Once you were safely inside, the code went to low priority before that, sir and the rest of the Avenger’s were in the middle of recon and unable to communicate.”




It was the end of the mission; SHIELD having come in to investigate all the nooks and crannies of the HYDRA fortress, once they gave the all clear. But the Avenger’s job of getting all the soldiers out of the way had been accomplished. Both Clint and Natasha had been bruised and scraped up, but thankfully nothing broken. Tony would need to get out all the dents from his armor once back in his workshop, but other than that the suit was operational. Steve’s cheek had a shallow cut across it and his uniform was dirty, but he was unharmed past that. Thor is completely fine and was already starting to devour his boxes of pop tarts he had stashed in a cubby hole. Sam was tending to the wings of his Falcon suit due to having been clipped during the gunfight. While the Hulk was still smashing at the ground and growling as they tried to calm him down.
Jarvis links into the quinjet then, “Code Red Star was put into alert five hours ago, it has progressed from low priority to high priority in the interim.”
“Why weren’t we alerted when it went out?” Steve asks putting the water bottle down, before his body goes into high alert once again, “Wait where’s Morgan?!”
“My omega!” Hulk growls, his head turning to the quinjet before coming closer to them, snarling slightly at the same time as Jarvis enlightens everyone, “Miss Morgan is safe, she has locked herself into the pack room. While, Mister Bucky has been for the last five hours trying to get in with increasing force.”
“Can you link us with the speaker in the room?” Natasha asks.
“Link established.”
“Hey sweetie, it’s Nat. Are you okay?”
Morgan’s voice came over the coms then, “I’m okay. Is Steve there?”
Steve speaks up then keeping his voice level and calm, “I’m here doll.”
“What are Bucky’s rut symptoms?”
Steve looked sharply over to Natasha, who is staring at him with a surprised expression covering her face, “It’s increased possessiveness.”
“Yeah … Okay, um Bucky has started his rut.”
“We can be back in five-ish hours,” Tony informs. The quinjet got them places in half the time, as a commercial flight would have.
Both alphas nod at the information, “Alright, Nat try to get Hulk to change back into Bruce. Tony and Clint get the jet ready,” Steve orders. Then going back to talking to their youngest mate, in a soft voice, “Morgan, doll, do you want to stay on coms or are you alright?”
“I’m fine.”
“Okay, then we’ll let you know what our ETA is when we get in the air.”


Natasha slowly walks over to the nine-foot-tall Hulk, “Hulk we need to leave, can Bruce come out. We need to get back to Bucky and Morgan.”
Natasha hides her confusion and goes with it not wanting to waste time on an argument, “Yeah we need to get back. Can we have Bruce back?”
Hulk doesn’t answer, but starts shrinking back into the five foot eight beta. Bruce blinked rapidly groaning as his muscles tighten and loosen repeatedly, “What?” is his unintelligible question.
Leaning down to help Bruce up from his spot on the forest ground, she replies, “We need to get back to the Tower, Bucky started his rut and Morgan’s trapped herself in the pack room.”
“Oh,” standing up, he holds onto the scraps of his pants so that he doesn’t show off his naked form more than he has to.


Once Steve alerts Morgan of the ETA, Steve and Natasha sit down to watch the footage of what made Jarvis call the alert. “We should teach Morgan how to fight,” after watching the footage of Bucky and Morgan from that morning, ending it when the door closes to the pack room.
“Yeah, when we get back if she’s feeling up for it, maybe you and Clint should assess her then we can all teach her some moves tomorrow.”
“What are we going to do with Bucky’s rut?” Natasha inquires. Ruts were similar yet different for all alphas, as the symptoms were all different. Some might be aggressive, others possessive or territorial, some sleep longer gearing up for the rut; there was a plethora of other random behaviors or combinations of them. But the signifying trait in all alphas was that their brain only thought of one thing and that was the need to breed omegas, preferably their omega mate.
“I don’t know. I would say take him to the clinic we go to, but with the Winter Soldier personality, he might slip and kill someone. I’m actually shocked that Morgan was able to get away.”
“She’s a beta, he might have recognized that and gave up on breeding her.” Alphas weren’t attracted to betas during ruts, it’s a natural instinct knowing that the beta wouldn’t be able to take the knot. Its why betas could flock to the medical fields because alphas wouldn’t try to breed them during ruts. While Omegas were seen as too weak willed because of the biological need to submit to alphas, especially during a rut.
“No, if he did recognize that, he wouldn’t have pursued her for that long.”
Shrugging her shoulders, she responds with “It might be the fact that it’s been seventy years or so since he has had a rut. Beta might look just as appealing as omega at this point.”
“That might be it,” Steve concedes, rubbing the back of his neck. “So what do we do?”
“We could get an omega from the clinic, have them sign a NDA and bring them to the Tower for Bucky. That way we can control the situation more.”
“That might be for the best.” Plan constructed Steve goes to cover a sleeping Bruce in one of the blankets they had stashed on the quinjet, while Nat heads to the cockpit to talk to Clint and Tony about the plan.

Chapter Text

The Avengers get back late Sunday night, by then Jarvis was alerting them by the minute with updates on the integrity of the door that stood between Bucky and Morgan. According to the AI they had three minutes left when the quinjet starts descending onto the landing bay of the tower, Steve being the first one out reminding everyone, sans Natasha to stay in the jet. With Bucky apparently going after betas, both Steve and Natasha would be the only two to go in, Steve to deal with Bucky and Natasha to extract Morgan from the compromised room.

Running down the two flights of stairs was faster than the elevator; Steve making it to the floor just as Bucky’s metal fist cracks through the reinforced door to the other side with a deafening growl. Hearing Natasha less than half a flight up he takes a moment to see what would happen before Bucky starts tearing down at the door since the lock wouldn’t unlock thanks to Jarvis. With Natasha now next to him, he gave a single nod, as his signal, before running with enough speed towards the brunette alpha that he tackles him to the ground ten feet away from the pack room door.
Bucky’s response is immediate, with him now in active rut he’s manic in his movements trying to get the head alpha off him so that he could get to the mate he desperately wants at the moment. His grunts and growls filling the hallway and increasing when he sees Natasha coming into view.
Steve’s met with a metal fist to the side, the blonde rolling away from the next hit, while grabbing at Bucky’s flying fist and bringing it down across his body.
That’s the last move Natasha sees before slipping into the now unlocked room before quickly relocking it.


Neither at first glance nor her second glance around the bedroom section of the room does Natasha see any sign of Morgan, besides her duffle bag. Heading into the en suite, Natasha goes directly to the door that leads to the toilet, knocking on the closed door and after no response she tries the knob only to find that it’s unlocked, opening the door she is met with an empty lavatory. Closing the door, the alpha moves on to the walk-in closet passing the glass walled sauna that stands between the shower and closet.

Stopping herself from calling out to her youngest mate, not wanting Bucky to hear her and end up spurring him on more when Steve is hopefully getting the brunette into another room without the added stress of reminding the rut minded alpha that his prize was still somewhere inside the room that has a fist sized hole in the door.
The closet is insanely large with each mate having their own section despite the fact that she herself usually stole clothes from all of the boys, while Bucky, Clint and Tony swapped clothes interchangeably, so often that you could find Bucky’s pants in Clint’s section and Tony’s t-shirts in Bucky’s. Steve didn’t only because he was the tallest by three inches and anytime he wore one of his mate’s clothes it was snug and uncomfortable, but it didn’t stop everyone else from using his. Shifting through the clothes, the redhead finds no sign of the blonde.
After eight minutes Natasha still can’t find her, existing the closet she starts to check the linen closet, which is between the shower and lavatory on the other side of the bathroom, along with cabinet spaces that were under all the sinks. With still no sign of Morgan, the redheaded alpha starts retracing all her steps around the room and en suite.


Eleven minutes later, Steve comes in a bruise on his cheek blossoming against his skin, “I got Bucky into his room,” which was the room catty-corner to this one, “Where’s Morgan?”
“I don’t know,” glancing over at the other alpha from her spot in the corner of the closet.
“Have you asked Jarvis?”
“Yes! He said the closet,” frustration lacing her tone.
Steve nods before calling out, “Morgan!” when no answer comes, he yells out again. No answer.
The rest of the pack come down to find both Steve and Natasha yelling out for Morgan and shuffling through the clothes in the closet.
Tony is the first to speak, “What are you guys doing?”
“What does it look like?” Natasha answers with a raised brow.
“Let me rephrase, why are you screaming out for her its not like she could have gone far.”
“Jarvis told us she’s in here, we just can’t seem to find her and she’s not answering,” Steve informs.
“J can you tell me exactly where Morgan is?” Tony asks.
“Miss Morgan is behind the Mister Clint’s section of clothes.”
“We already checked that area,” Natasha responds with a sigh, her and Steve had scoured that area after Jarvis had given them the same answer earlier.
Clint, who had strolled over to his section of the closet, pushes clothes around before glancing at the air vent that was usually hidden behind his bottom rung of clothes, “You guys think she could have hid in the vents.”
“She’s not you Legolas,” Tony quips.
“Shut up, I’m serious.”
“Why don’t you check,” Bruce comments, as he looks through his own section.


Fifteen minutes later, Clint and Morgan are slipping out of the vent that Morgan had gone through three hours prior.
Steve holds a handout to pull each of them up, “Why were you in there?”
Morgan answers with “I was sleepy,” at everyone’s confused faces, “I didn’t want to wake up to Bucky being on top of me.”
Tony speaks up then, “Smart. I’m sure were all hungry so why don’t we order pizza.”
“Is Sam and Thor joining?” Natasha inquires.
“Sam wanted to get back to DC for the VA and Thor went down to his floor to see how Jane and Darcy are,” Clint responds.


While Steve goes down to collect the omega that the clinic sent, Tony and Bruce stay in the en suite to shower and change. Clint pulls Morgan with him as they follow Natasha to the kitchen, as the alpha finishes the order for pizza. “Let me check out your neck,” Clint requests/informs when they get to the island.
Waving him off, “It’s fine.”
“It looks like a chew toy, hun,” Clint puns, as he tilts her chin to the side to see more of her neck.

“How does it look?” Natasha asks a few minutes later, when she’s finishes with the order.
“It’s fine,” Morgan replies, trying to get Clint’s fingers away from one of the more tender bite marks.
Clint just slaps her hand away before going back and prodding at the mark, “It isn’t as bad as I thought, there’s only a few bites where he broke skin but not by much. Some antibiotics and a bandage would do it.”
“That’s good,” Natasha affirms before moving in front the female blonde, “Morgan did he bite you anywhere else?”
Clint speaks up then again, “I’m going to check for bruising then,” seeing Morgan open her mouth he plows on knowing she was going to try and deflect the need, “I’ve had sex with Bucky when he gets dominating, Morgan. I still have his bite mark on my ass from our fun together Friday night along with his fingerprints on my hips.”
“You wearing undergarments?” Natasha questions trying to pull up Morgan’s shirt a bit to see her sides.
“Yeah,” Morgan answers.
Natasha continues then, “Why don’t you strip to them so we can see everything easier.”
“I don’t see why you need to check, I’m fine,” as she holds her shirt down.
Natasha continues in her efforts to see the blonde’s sides, as she informs, “Morgan, I saw the video.”
“What video?” Morgan asks in nervous confusion, as her head snaps to the alpha, her ponytail that hit her mid-back slapping Clint across the face.
“Steve and I watched the security feed.”
“What security feed?” she could feel her pulse quicken at that information.
“Jarvis records everything.”
Light green eyes enlarging, Morgan states “Everything?” in a slow voice.
Misunderstanding the concern Morgan’s showing, “Not the toilet area but everywhere else.”
“Oh. So, you watched me when I was in the pack room?”
“No, we stopped when you got the door closed,” the alpha answers watching as Morgan sighs quietly.
“So can you strip for us?” Clint inputs after a moment of silence.
Morgan rolls her eyes, but does so. Wincing when Natasha softly grazes the bruises where Bucky had gripped her thin hips the most.
Once her sweats were off, Clint turns her slightly to the side, lifting up the hem of her panties on the left, and pinching the fabric together so that the elastic band and the bottom hem were now touching. “Just slight bruising here.”


It’s a few minutes before Steve walks in, “They’re settled in,” referring to Bucky and the clinic omega.
Natasha looks over at the head alpha, “That’s good. Morgan’s fine, some bruising, but nothing’s wrong --”
“Why would anything be wrong?” Morgan probes, cutting the spy off. “And can I put my clothes back on now?”
Clint hands her back her clothes from the counter as Steve briefs her, “During ruts, alphas can forget their strength. With Bucky being a super soldier his strength is very high.” Taking a moment to catch Morgan’s eyes he stares into them an earnest look overtaking his expression, blue eyes full of apology, “I’m so sorry, if I had known,” at Natasha’s clearing of her throat, he amends, “If we had known he would go after you, we would have never of asked you to stay over by yourself … usually alphas in rut only go after omegas not betas.”
Natasha speaks up then, “It’s also why we want to teach you how to fight, so that if something like this does happen you can be safe.”
Morgan raises her eyebrow at that, slipping on her sweats, “It’s whatever. I know a lot of alphas,” rolling her eyes when both alphas growl, “I know that alphas don’t tend to go after betas during ruts. It’s nobodies fault, not you guys nor Alpha. I know Alpha would never want to hurt me.”
“Alpha?” Natasha questions.
“Sorry, Al – Bucky wanted me to call him that.”
“Like during sexy time or all the time?” Clint checks.
“All the time.”
“That’s just his pre-rut behavior,” Steve explains away, “You don’t need to call him that.”
“He typically only likes it during sex,” Clint adds in with a salacious grin.
Morgan bobs her head slightly, as she answers with an “Okay,” straightening out her t-shirt, before Clint then hands her back the headphones an iPod that he had pulled out of her ears when he found her in the vents curled up asleep. “Thanks.”




Bruce groans, as he sits on the armchair, the hot shower he had just come from helping to relax his overused muscles from the day’s events, but they still hurt, rolling his back and stretching out muscles as he tries to get into a comfortable position.
Morgan glances over to see Bruce rubbing at his bare shoulder, the curly haired beta having had opted to just wear sweats, “Do you want a massage?”
Bruce looks up at that, giving a grateful smile, “That would be amazing.”
Getting up, Morgan situates herself so that she’s sitting on the arm of the chair, Bruce scoots forward a bit, angling his body, so that he’s sitting partially sideways for her to have easy access to his shoulders and lower back. Rolling her thumbs between his shoulder blades and spine he sighs happily as the tension in his muscles starts to ease after a while.

“He looks blitzed,” Tony comments, sprawling out on the couch and using Steve’s thigh as a pillow, Steve who had been content to sit there with his eyes closed, starts threading his hand through the brunette’s wet hair.
Bruce gives a satisfied moan when she evenly presses down with her fingers, going down his back before adding more pressure and massaging his lower lumbar region.

Clint comes in soon after, holding steaming pizza and paper plates followed by Natasha with drinks, both had wet hair from their quick shower. “Just remembered we never finished talking about us training you how to fight,” Natasha comments.
Figuring they could probably teach her something she’s never learned before, Morgan asks, “When?”
“Tomorrow morning.”
Clint speaks up then, “Why don’t we wait until she’s not bruised up.”
Steve nods in agreement and Natasha retracts her statement, “Alright, let’s see how you heal first.”
“Okay,” the blonde nods continuing her massage of Bruce’s shoulders.
“What do you like, Morgan?” Natasha inquires, as she passes a plate of pizza to Bruce, Clint doing the same for Steve and Tony.
Shaking her head with an “I’m good.”
Tony looks over from where he’s eating, his head still propped up by Steve’s thigh, and using his own chest as a makeshift table for his plate, “You have to be hungry it’s been hours since you could have eaten.”
“I had trail mix and dried fruit in my bag,” not that she had more than a small handful before being completely full.
Steve, who had been munching on his pizza swallows before saying, “That couldn’t have filled you up, you need to at least eat one slice.”
She looks over at the blonde alpha, “I’m good, Steve, really. I’m not hungry.”
Steve shakes his head, “No, you need to eat something.”
“Can I make a kale salad then?”
Ignoring Clint’s noise of disgust, Steve nods in approval, “Why don’t you go make that now so you can eat with us.”
Bruce moved so that she couldn’t massage him before starting on his own pizza, while Morgan heads towards the kitchen.

“So what are we watching?” Tony asks when Morgan comes back in six minutes later with her bowl of salad.




Walking into the hallway from the pack room, Monday morning, Morgan is immediately accosted by the overwhelming thick smell of Bucky’s woodsy leather scent, that now has the identifiable yet undefinable active rut tones, mixed in. As time had been ticking on throughout the night and as his rut progresses more, Bucky’s scent had been permeating out of his private room spreading out into the large cul-de-sac style hallway that was by the pack room, his scent would eventually hit a frenzied peak, but that was days away, and until then, his scent would continue to spread further out and grow thicker. The scent makes her eyes dilate, pulling her in, begging her to breath in more, to cover herself in it, until she’s standing right outside the locked door where the scent is thickest. Standing there completely out of it until Bruce settles a hand on her shoulder, squeezing lightly, sometime later, breaking the trance like state she’s in.
“You okay, love?” Bruce asks in concern.
Morgan hums going back to looking at the door, fingers reaching out for the doorknob.
Bruce grabs her hand at that, “Not a good idea.”
Morgan whines lightly.
Bruce places the back of his hand over her forehead, “You feeling okay?”
Blinking hard and trying to concentrate on his question, she finally responds after he repeats it another two times, “Fine,” going back to staring at door, glaring at it when the thought that another omega was helping her alpha through his rut pops into her head.
Redirecting her, Bruce states, “Okay, let’s go to the kitchen and have breakfast,” wrapping an arm around her shoulders and guiding her towards the kitchen.

Morgan settles into the chair at the kitchen table that Bruce nudges her into with a “I’ll make us some eggs, why don’t you just sit here.” Her eyes try staying focused on the beta, the way his loosely tucked in button down shirt crinkles as he moves about, the sounds of opening and closing the fridge, of the clattering of plates, utensils, a glass mixing bowl, and a pan being pulled out of drawers and cabinets, of eggs being cracked and beaten into the bowl, of the gas stove being turned on, and finally the light sizzle of eggs being whisked into the hot pan; but her brain is elsewhere, to where Bucky is most likely knotted into someone else, staving off the pain of a rut by staying locked in some omega’s channel less than three hundred feet from her. The soundproofing that all the rooms were equipped with had been activated for Bucky’s room, since the beginning, so that none of the pack had to hear him go through rut with a random omega, though Jarvis was keeping an eye on the progression making sure both Bucky and the clinic appointed omega were safe. Steve being the only one allowed to open the door, and even he only planned to go in there, if the two ran out of snacks and water that he had stacked up in the room late last night, after having gone to the store and buying out a multitude of rut and heat snacks that were high protein and carb filled along with cases of water. The head alpha thankful that Bucky’s private room had an attached full bath, the door that opened out to the hallway having been locked by Jarvis so that nobody could get in or out that way; it was the only private room to have an attached en suite, due it originally having been the rut and heat room, but had been turned into Bucky’s private room at Steve’s insistence, the blonde wanting to keep the brunette close to his own private room which was right next door, when Bucky rejoined the pack back in mid-March after being thought dead for almost seventy years.
Bruce looks back at Morgan throughout his time preparing and making breakfast, making enough for Natasha and Steve knowing that both alphas had been up for a while working out. Watching out of the corner of his eye as she stares at him without actually seeing him, her body making continuous aborted movements to stand.
It’s Steve and Natasha coming into the kitchen from working out in the gym upstairs, that stops Morgan from just running back to Bucky’s door in hopes that it would magically unlock and open.
Steve presses a kiss to her head, while Bruce says, “Making eggs, they’ll be done in a minute or two.”
Natasha, who had just been about to guzzle down water, stops to say, “Thanks Bruce,” before bringing the bottle to her lips.
Steve saying, “Thanks, Bruce. You heading to work?”
“Yeah,” Bruce replies glancing over at the head alpha, while using a spatula to move around the eggs so that they were nice and fluffy, “Figured I might as well use the day to do a pet project I’ve been meaning to start. What are you guys planning to do today?”
“Paperwork.” Steve answers, Natasha nodding along in response.
Bruce nods in sympathy, since he was only a part of the action when he was the Hulk, he never had to give his own account of the missions.

Natasha helps the beta bring the four plates to the table, sitting down next to him, since Steve and Morgan were already sitting next to each other on the other side.
“So, sweetie, is there something you want to do with us, maybe?”
When Natasha doesn’t get a response, Steve rests his hand on the other blonde’s thigh, squeezing lightly, “Morgan you with us?”
Morgan snaps her eyes over to the alpha at the touch, “What?”
“Do you want to do anything with us today? Bruce is going down to his lab, but the rest of us our staying here.”
“Sure, but I need to study for finals too.”
“Well we have some paperwork to do anyway, so we’ll do it when you want to study.”
Morgan hums, mind going back to Bucky.

A couple minutes later, Steve’s nudging the plate closer with a soft order, “You should eat, doll,” after seeing that she hadn’t even touched her fork. “Doll?”
“Huh?” Morgan looking back over to him from where she was staring in the direction of Bucky’s room.
“I … I need to use the bathroom,” excusing herself, before practically bolting out of the kitchen, but not before seeing the look of suspicion on Bruce’s face.


“Where’s everyone else?” Morgan asks, closing her laptop, when Clint walks into her private room, the farthest she could get away from Bucky’s scent that was a drug to her, constantly pulling her towards his room.
“Steve and Nat are coming, they’re grabbing snacks for the movie,” plopping down in the middle of the dark blue cloth couch, “There a reason you want to watch it in here and not in the living room?”
Shrugging, “Wanted to actually get a use out of the room,” moving to head over to the couch.
“You’ll find a purpose for it when you move in, mine’s a music room slash game room. What do you like?” pulling the younger blonde into his lap.
“I like working out, but that’s upstairs. And I like cooking and baking, but that’s the kitchen.”
“Well, you can make this your office, since you’re in college, at least until you figure out what you want to stuff it with. Tash made hers into her own personal little library.”
“Maybe. Wait where’s Tony?” last time she checked he had been going down to his workshop to fix up his suit, but was going to be coming back up when started watching the movie.
“Pepper dragged Tony down to a board meeting since we’re back.”
“So, what movie do you want to watch?”
“Don’t care.”


“You okay?” Natasha asks in concern when Morgan starts wiping at her eyes a few tears leaking out as Mrs. Doubtfire plays.
Morgan hums, noncommittally.
“You sure?”
Morgan glares over, irritation seeping into her voice, “Perfectly fuckin fine, Nat.”
Steve taps her thigh then, from where’s she’s tucked into Clint’s side, scolding for the second time that day, “Watch your mouth,” before returning to watching the feel-good comedy.
Morgan huffs lightly before going back to the movie.

Natasha keeps glancing between the Morgan and the movie, the blonde constantly adjusting how she’s sitting, they had started the movie with Morgan curled up in Clint’s lap completely content with the beta twirling the ends of her long hair in his fingers, but that hadn’t lasted more than ten minutes into the movie, Morgan getting irritated at the beta for not slouching enough so that she could curl up more and still see watch, but when either her or Steve had offered up sitting with them or sitting on her own, Morgan had started to tear up clinging to Clint and apologizing for getting upset. Eventually, Morgan had shifted enough to where Clint had just easily tucked the younger blonde into his side and placed a bowl of popcorn in his lap instead, munching on it while he watched the movie.


When the movie ends, Clint gets up, stretching, “I’m going to pick up food from that Thai place,” since it was his night to cook and he preferred not to.
“Sounds good,” Steve comments.
“Morgan what would you like from there?” he already knew everyone else’s go to orders.
“You don’t need to get me anything, I’m not hungry. Thanks though.”
“You haven’t eaten since breakfast,” Natasha reminds, “And even then, it was at most half an egg.”
“Just not hungry today I guess.”
“Why don’t you just try to eat something.”
Huffing, “Fine, but I’ll just make myself a kale salad.”
Clint nods at that, “Okay, well I’ll be back in like an hour.”
“I’ll walk you to the elevator,” Steve says, standing up.

Natasha turns to Morgan when the two males leave, “Are you on your period?”
“Is it your time of the month?”
Lying through her teeth, “Yes.”
“Okay. How bout we put some more stuff on those bite marks?”


Steve leans against the counter as Natasha dabs antibiotic cream onto Morgan’s neck, the blonde alpha informing, “We have bruise cream if you want some.”
“No thanks.”
“You sure? It’s really good, created by SHIELD so it’ll have everything gone within a few days.”
“I’m good.”
“Okay, well if you change your mind just let one of us know.”
Natasha asks then, “So, do you have to go in for finals even if your online?”
“So, is this week it or do you have finals next week?”
“Friday’s my last final.
Pouting, “I was hoping to spend Thursday with you.”
“How about Saturday night, I have that night off.”
“Thursday’s my birthday.”
“Happy birthday! Can I make it up to you?”
“How about tonight we can paint each other’s toes and do face masks? Do a girls night.”




Tuesday starts out extremely early because instead of waking up at six and heading to her training with Aunt Kasia that would be less than two miles away if she had been at her apartment, she had to get up at four to catch the subway from Manhattan to Queens to get to the gym by six thirty.
Walking onto the mats, Morgan smiles over at Kasia, who takes one look at the almost waist length hair and says, “You’re going to need to cut that.”
Sighing in response, Morgan starts pulling her dark blonde hair up into a bun to get it out of the way, quipping out, “Good morning to you too, Aunt Kasia.”
Kasia rolls her eyes at the eighteen year old, “Morning,” grey eyes going to the younger woman’s neck, that she hadn’t even tried to cover up, “Ash told me you found your mates,” a smirk growing on Kasia’s face as she quips, “Looks like they’re biters just like you, ankle-biter.”
Morgan huffs at that, “I bit you one time and I was four.”
“Four with sharp teeth.”
Kasia rolls her eyes at that, “Alright enough chit chat, lets get started. Filip says your match is in six weeks; he’s dropped your hours at the bar down to Tuesdays and the weekend, so I want to see you everyday except Sundays. We’re going to hit it hard for the next four weeks, six hours a day minimum, and then the last two we’re going to keep up endurance and training, but nothing crazy.” After getting Morgan’s nod, Kasia continues, “Okay, we’ll start with a warmup then hit strength training.”


Three hours later, Morgan is dripping in sweat, the open bite marks she has on her neck are burning from the saltiness. When Derek comes in to get ready for his ten o’clock class that he instructs he looks at her leaning against the giant tire she had been flipping before doing the cool down routine. “Don’t you look nice,” he jokes seeing her face bright pink from exhaustion, laughing when she sticks her tongue out at him. “You done for now?”
“Yep, Kasia want to meet back up for another three hour session later tonight before my shift.”
“Oh. Was going to ask if you wanted to assist me for the class, Logan called in sick.”
Shrugging her shoulders, “Why not. I was going to crash in Uncle Filip’s office anyway.”
Derek holds out a hand which she grasps before he easily pulls her up, “Sweet.”


It was hitting ten at night and Morgan is in the back grabbing more bottles, while the twins had gone for their first break, Tyler was working in Ashley’s place since she had taken the night off to study for finals week.
Bottles in hand, Morgan walks back to the bar only to overhear Tyler telling a group that he wouldn’t serve the two omegas with them. “Tyler serve them,” she orders, not looking over at the group as she puts away the bottom shelf liquor.
“They’re omegas, they might as well be kids, you can’t tell me to basically serve children,” he rebuttals.
Finally looking over towards Tyler and the group of four, she smiles at the group before green eyes close into slits at Tyler, “Serve them or take a walk.”
Tyler glares at her, posture screaming irritated alpha, as he comes to stand before her, his six-foot body towering over her own five-foot four body, “You’re not the boss and if you remember right, we don’t serve omegas.”
Glaring up, “I’m lead on duty, so yeah I am the boss and if you don’t serve them then take a hike and I will.”
“Omegas are basically kids,” he informs as if she hadn’t heard the same thing from almost every alpha ever. Omegas were weak willed; they need alphas to take care of them, that’s why every omega had at least one alpha soulmate. Omegas just need to submit, alphas are the superior designation.
“You fuck kids, Tyler?” raising a challenging eyebrow at him.
Brown eyes flashing dangerously as he growls out “No.”
“But you fuck omegas, you said they’re kids, therefore you fuck kids.”
“Morgan,” his growl deepening.
Tightening her fists, nails digging into her palm, to keep herself from showing any sign of submission, she steels her voice, grounding out, “Don’t. Take a walk, I’ll serve them,” and pushing past him.
Tyler grabs onto her arm then to stop her.
Glaring up at the alpha, she grips his hand, bending the thumb towards her in a harsh tug, making him release her, “Don’t touch me.”
“Morgan, just listen to me for once in your damn life. I get that you’re all about omega rights and everything, but omegas need to submit to alphas.”
Raising an eyebrow at that, “So if their alpha said it was okay, you’d serve them?” seeing the group gain another member.
“I’m not going to stop an alpha from doing as they want with their omega.”
“Good then serve them because their alpha just came in.”
Tyler looks back over and starts back in their direction, speaking only to the alpha and two betas.

Morgan shakes her head at Tyler’s philosophy as she wipes down the bar top and places an empty glass that a patron left into the bucket to wash later while she waits for Tyler to finish making the groups drinks before telling him to take his lunch break; he huffs over at her, but goes anyways. She smiles over to the group of five, after Tyler leaves, walking over and asking as she leans against the bar, “So how’s it going?”
“It’s good, I got to say I get why you dumped his sorry ass,” Noah replies.
Morgan nods at the omega, turning to the only dark-haired brunette beta, “Happy Birthday Ames.”
“Thanks, finally got in here without a fake ID.”
Jo-Jo, the female beta next to Amy, with light brown hair, swings an arm around the brunette, “That’s right our Amy here is finally old enough to drink,” pinching Amy’s cheek as she speaks in a teasing voice.
“Well your first drinks are on me,” Morgan grins at the cheer from the group.
“Speaking of firsts, since your eighteen now, I got you a standing appointment with my tattoo artist,” Benny, the only alpha of the group, Noah’s mate, and Quinn’s alpha guardian, speaks up.
“Thanks, but I’m not sure I want to still get it.”
Amy’s brown eyes go wide, “Dude girl it’s all you, me, and Benny here talked about for months if it wasn’t for you leaving London early, we would have gotten it then altogether.”
Sighing Morgan pours the group another round of shots before replying with “I know it’s just … I don’t know it’s been two years, and everything has changed.”
“Not to be insensitive,” Jo-Jo vocalizes, “But you would still be doing it if your parents were still alive, you fuckin’ strived for it. If you started competing again I’m positive you would get a spot for the next one.”
“I don’t compete anymore.”
“Ash said your Uncle was making you compete in the MMA match,” a voice behind Morgan speaks up.
Glancing back up at Luke, “Yeah, but I don’t have say in that.”
“So, I’ve seen you compete and I know you still train almost everyday.”
“That’s not the same, Luke.”
“What’s stopping you,” Noah asks, “Cause I know if I wasn’t an omega I would be all over it.” Benny pulls Noah closer at that, it was actually how they had met, they had been neck and neck for every team they had been on since they were both six, but once Noah presented as an omega he was banned from all competitive sports.
Morgan gives a sad grin at that, “I just … don’t.”
Quinn, the oldest of the group at thirty-three and also Jo-Jo and Amy’s omega mate, pipes up then, “Well I say you should still get the tattoo, it’s a badge of honor for you guys.”
Benny flexes his right bicep flashing his tat as incentive while Amy does the same pulling up her dress to show her matching tattoo that was just below her panty line on her right hip, while Quinn and Jo-Jo act as cover by flanking their youngest mate from behind. Rubbing her face Morgan shakes her head slowly chuckling at the antics, fondly saying, “Fine.”
Benny and Amy high five at the answer, before Benny pulls out his cell quickly, calling up his artist and making her an appointment for noon the next day.

By one in the morning, the group of five are completely wasted. Morgan calling up a taxi for them and paying the driver to take them back to the groups condo that they all shared, telling all of them multiple times to text her when they get home in hopes that at least one of them would remember. Morgan breathes in deep, the cold air waking her up before she’s heading back inside the bar to continue her shift.

Chapter Text

Between the morning training and evening training Wednesday, Morgan heads to the tattoo shop with Kasia by her side. Walking into the small hole in the wall shop, she could easy tell why Benny chose this particular artist as his favorite. The shop walls were lined with tattoo designs that look like they were photographs. The designs showcased a variety of different styles, shading, color, and details. She smiled at the Avenger themed tattoos; one even had all the Avenger symbols mixed together, different colors highlighting each superhero.
Nobody was at the desk and there wasn’t a bell or anything to ring, so she moves on to just looking at the designs on the walls. Kasia moves further inside the shop to one of the tables that has an assortment of albums and begins flipping through one.

DT, the owner and tattooist, comes out two minutes later from the back, holding out a tattoo-covered hand when Morgan goes over to greet him. “Morgan right? I think we met at Benny’s Labor Day party.”
“Yeah, its good to meet you again,” then glancing at Kasia, who was moving towards them, she introduces, “This is my Aunt Kasia.”
DT holds out his hand to the taller blonde, “DT.”
“So Benny told me you wanted the same design that he and Amy have, so only question before I go in the back to get everything set up is, do you have the size and placement picked out already?”
“Awesome, my last client is finishing getting dressed, but once he’s out and I’m set up, I’ll bring you back. I just need you to fill out a couple forms,” handing over two thin packets.
Morgan easily takes them.


A few minutes later, Morgan yelps when she’s tackle hugged from behind, staggering a step before Amy’s giggle can be heard “You ready?” Amy questions, her chin settling on Morgan’s shoulder as she holds on from behind. Kasia turns from the portfolio she had returned to, smirking at the antics of her niece’s friend from her position in the corner.
Benny coming in front of the two hugging girls, “So you know where you’re putting it?”
“Yep,” Morgan answered.
“Well where?” Amy asks, dislodging herself from Morgan’s back.
Morgan pointed at her hip joint on her left, the same location, but opposite side from Amy’s own, just like they had always competed her on the left and Amy on the right.
Amy grins, “Good choice.”
“Not the arm?” Benny asks in a fake pout.
“I like the ankle myself,” Kasia speaks up moving closer to the group.
Morgan shakes her head with a smile, “Sorry, but no.”


DT stands up after finishing the sanitation of the freshly inked skin, “You like it?”
“Totally,” twisting slightly on the flat bench she had been laying on, and seeing the colored tattoo, that’s roughly the same size as a calling card, that now adorns her body permanently. “Thanks so much DT for doing this. Especially on such short notice. It looks awesome.”
Waving her off with tattooed hand, the man smiles, “Hey I’m always willing to tattoo one of Benny’s friends, especially ones that want to get this inked,” flicking between each of groups matching symbols, “Not many can.”
Each of them nod, before saying thanks again. Morgan pulling back on her loose sweats, while Benny makes plans with DT for a guys’ night.




“So how’s does the studying go?” Guthrie asks, when they are training together later that night.
“Good, finals are all tomorrow and Friday, so once they’re over I can finally relax.”
“No, it just means you can train harder,” he reminds throwing out a strike as he does so.
Bobbing before going for a counterpunch, Morgan answers with “I know that, but at least then I don’t have classes hanging over my head. When’s Aunt Kasia’s mates’ coming to town?”
“Next week, I think? I know that Tía Emse has her heat coming up so she’ll want both her alphas there.”
Morgan hums before going for a kick only for Guthrie to catch her leg before twisting so that she falls onto her back and they start grabbling on the floor.
In the end Morgan finally gets Guthrie in an arm bar, but the next round ends with herself in a submission choke hold.

Planking with a fifty-pound circular weight each on their backs, as Kasia spots them, was not going to be the highlight of either cousins’ night. They had been training for over two hours now so sweat from their faces were dropping steadily onto the mats, sighing with relief when Kasia removes the weight from their backs after ten sets of two minutes. Stretching out their tightened muscles before they go on to do burpees.

“So what you planning to do for your birthday?” Morgan questions as she bench-presses one ninety.
Guthrie who’s spotting her, answers with “Might go to a club with my friends.”
“So, no skydiving for you?” she quips.
He glares with no heat down at her, “Unlike you I see no reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.”
“Its fun.”
Guthrie shakes his head, “No, it ain’t.”
“Okay, so this club thing? That’s your plan nothing special that you weren’t already doing. It’s your eighteenth birthday, Guth.”
“Yep the day my soulmate or mates gets my mark,” he reminds. The soul mark was an amazing thing it was like a calling card to your mates marking you ready for them. She had been born with her mates’ marks always knowing that six of them were out there waiting for her to turn eighteen. Guthrie still hadn’t received his mate’s mark, but he knew he would at least have an omega as a soulmate, eventually.
“Beside that.”
“I don’t know, it’s not like anything else really changing, I’m still going to be in high school.”




By nine at night, Morgan is sitting on her bed studying for her two finals that were the next day, thankful that the basis of each were similar to each other. Her phone goes off with a text just as she flips the page of her notebook, reaching blindly for it, grabbing it before she checks it to find a message from Tony, ‘Hey, just wanted to remind you that Nat’s birthday is tomorrow, we’re doing a surprise dinner at the Tower on Saturday, so be here by 5. Love you babe.’
‘I’ll be there, love you too.’ Before quickly texting him again, ‘Do I need to bring a gift?’
‘If you want, we typically don’t. But if you want to, I know she would love for you to move in early.’
Tony’s text comes ten seconds later, ‘I can have movers there within the hour if you want to be all moved in by tomorrow.’
Morgan shakes her head with an amused sigh, ‘I meant okay about getting her a gift.’
‘I’ll see you Saturday.’ When no more texts come, she averts her eyes back to the notebook that’s propped up on her knee.




Thursday consisted of training and finals, between them she had texted Natasha ‘Happy Birthday’ and racks her brain for something she could give Natasha as a gift come Saturday.
Friday was much the same except instead of texting Natasha, Steve texts her late that night to say Bucky had finished with his rut and was hoping to meet up before Natasha’s dinner the next day to talk.


Saturday morning finds her on the trails with Guthrie, running up and down the inclines of the mountains for over an hour before putting on harnesses and hooking giant tires to themselves.
Morgan lags behind by a whole two minute before reaching the top of the hill where Guthrie stands giving her a raised eyebrow, “What took you so long? You used to be faster than me.”
Breathing heavy, Morgan glares up at the six-foot alpha, wiping the sweat-ridden flyaway hairs from her face, “I wasn’t training anymore, sorry for not maintaining my record. I also worked last night.”
Shaking his head at that, “No that’s not it, I worked last night too, so that not an excuse, and you were training even when you weren’t doing matches at least enough to maintain, you should have matched me,” Guthrie reasons.
“Don’t be a little shit,” grumbling at the younger teen before starting the trek down with the tire being slid in front of her, so that they could then go up the next hill while pushing it.
Guthrie follows behind keeping pace with her instead of passing her like she knew he could.




The surprise dinner didn’t start until five, but with Bucky having wanted to meet early, she isn’t surprised when Bucky meets her inside the private elevator at three fifty, the surprising factor is though, his nervous shuffle before standing at attention as she steps onto the lift.
His voice neutral as he greets with a “Hello,” while his piercing steel blue eyes practically dig into the shiny metal doors as they closed.
“Bucky,” smiling up at him, going to kiss him, but when his doesn’t move she settles for kissing the underside of his jaw, the only part of his face she could reach without jumping. Pulling back she gives him a confused look, but stays quiet turning her eyes up towards the top of the elevator to watch the floor numbers go up. Silence permeating the lift until the counter hits fifty and she can’t take the standoff vibe anymore, “Are you mad at me?”
Bucky’s brows furrow at that, but he doesn’t make any move to look at her, “I’m not mad at you. Why would you think that?”
“You didn’t call me ‘doll’ and you didn’t kiss me back, along with the fact that you’ve been standing at parade rest since I got in here.”
Bucky loosens his stance as the door to the elevator opens showing the pack floor, neither get out as Bucky finally turns towards her meeting her green eyes with blue ones, “Let’s talk in the living room,” he speaks, stopping the doors from closing by stepping out.
The living room is empty, and Morgan doubts that it is a coincidence, so once they make it to the giant curved couch; Morgan asks, “What do you want to talk about?” Sitting in the middle section of the couch and trying not to look hurt at the distance Bucky is keeping between them as he sits at the end of it, six feet away.
“I wanted to make sure your okay.”
“I’m fine, Bucky.”
In a hoarse whisper just loud enough for her to hear, “I almost took away your virginity, Morgan,” speaking it as if just the utterance would make the blonde angry or scared.
With no hint of anger or fear in her voice, “And I’m fine,” speaking as she starts to slide over the six-foot gap, wanting to rub Bucky’s arm in comfort.
Bucky moves quickly to a stand before the touch could even come close to happening, starting in on making tracks in the thick soft carpet and rubbing at his face with his flesh hand, “No you can’t --”
“Yes, I can, I get to pick what I feel Bucky,” standing up as well, moving again to touch him in hopes to comfort his unneeded guilt.
Evading her once again, “I almost had sex with you,” disgust lacing his voice.
Raising an eyebrow at that, “Geez, most people want to have sex with their mates,” quipping in a light tone.
Growling in frustration, Bucky turns towards her, stopping his pacing, “Morgan this is serious I could have hurt you.”
“But you didn’t,” Bucky opens his mouth most likely to refute the statement, so she continues on, “No, let me say this. Bucky I am not mad, or angry, or scared of you, or whatever you think I should be feeling. I can’t be and it’s not about you being my mate, my feelings about this wouldn’t change if you were just a random alpha I was dating. I told Steve I wasn’t upset about any of it on Sunday and my feelings haven’t changed. I was fine with everything we did last weekend, the sex was the only thing I didn’t want to do and we didn’t do it. I know what ruts do to alphas, if you were trying to get into my pants you would have. I would never have been able to get out of your hold if you were, cause there’s no chance in hell of me competing with super soldier strength.”
Sad blue eyes bore into green ones, “I still hurt you.”
“Nat and Clint said you were all bruised up.”
“So what, I don’t care about a little bruising.” She was used to getting bruises when training for fights.
“Well you should, I hurt you.”
“But you didn’t Bucky.”
“But I did,” piercing blue eyes landing on Morgan’s face.
“No, you didn’t.”
Bucky gives a frustrated growl at that, face pinching in annoyance, “I did Morgan,” when she started to counter, he moves so that he was right in front of her covering her mouth with his flesh hand, “You can try and refute it all you want, but I almost did the one thing you weren’t ready for and I know I hurt you because I watched the tapes. I tore your clothes off and you had bruises all over your sides and neck and I don’t doubt for a second your ass had my handprint all over it as well.”
Once Bucky uncovers her mouth, finished with his piece, Morgan starts speaking, “I get it, you feel guilty, but you shouldn’t. If you need to hear me say that I forgive you then I will, but you have nothing to apologize for, Bucky.”
“I am guilty,” moving away from her touch.
“What can I do to make you feel not guilty, cause you ain’t guilty,” pleading green eyes staring into self-deprecating blue.
“You can’t do anything Morgan, I am guilty.”
“No, you’re not.”
“I am.”
Shaking her head ‘no’ as she rubs at her eyes, “Would Steve or Natasha be guilty if they did the same thing to me during their rut?”
Bucky pauses for a minute before shaking his head ‘no.’
“Then why should you be?”
Bucky growls deep, “Because I lost control.”
Morgan just sighs, watching as Bucky starts pacing once again, the conversation going nowhere.


Thirty minutes later, Steve walks into the room, the smile on his face dropping at the scene Bucky and Morgan make, Bucky’s shoulder length hair covering most of his face, yet the pensive look is easily noticeable along with the stubborn set of his shoulders, as he stares into the glass coffee table, hunched over in the armchair. While Morgan’s tired look from her spot on the long leather couch, knees to her chest as she rests her head between her knees, having given up trying to physically comfort Bucky after his continuous evasions, her green eyes silently pleading with Bucky to forgive himself. “You guys not work it out?”
Morgan tilts her head over at the blonde alpha before tilting back to the brunette one, “He won’t forgive himself.”
“I’m guilty,” Bucky murmurs loud enough for both blondes to hear.
“No, you’re not,” Morgan responds.
Steve heads over to his male mate, “Buck you ain’t guilty.”
“Yes, I am,” his Brooklyn accent coming out full force as he stands once again to start pacing.




By the time the surprise dinner ends, Bucky still hasn’t changed his stance, going as far as to avoid all contact with all of them, so when they move into the living room to talk more comfortably, Morgan isn’t at all surprised that instead of sitting in his typical spot on the giant couch, he sits in one of two lone armchairs. Steve takes his spot on the couch, with Natasha perched on his lap, his fingers tracing his soul mark on the female alpha’s hip, Clint tugs Morgan onto his lap as well, while Bruce pulls Tony into his side.
Tony is the first start talking, looking directly at the redheaded alpha, “Alright so birthday tradition dictates that the you get to do whatever you want to do with whoever you want to do it with.”
Nat smiles at the words that she had told Tony years prior, nudging her bare foot on Morgan’s calf, “How far are you willing to go?”
Morgan blinks slowly at that, before figuring out exactly what Natasha is asking, “Oh. Um, touching but no sex, I guess.”
Natasha lights up, a salacious grin forming, wiggling her finger at the blonde in a come-hither motion. Clint releases his fellow blonde allowing for Morgan to scoot easily in front of the birthday alpha.
Natasha leans forwards slightly cupping the blonde’s chin and bringing their lips to meet in a chaste kiss, letting their lips just stay pressed together, before taking it slow. Natasha directs the speed enjoying the softness of the blonde’s lips, flicking out her tongue to taste the hints of chocolate frosting from her birthday cake, the blonde having had one tiny bite to appease Tony, who said he had the cake made by the best chocolatier and baker this side of the Atlantic.
Morgan parts her lips slightly allowing Natasha’s tongue to push quickly in, and she smirks light green eyes crinkling before teasingly fighting for dominance within her own mouth.
Natasha fights back, shifting on Steve’s lap so that she could wrap her legs around Morgan’s waist, pulling the blonde closer and dominating the kiss completely once again, as she twists, so that Morgan’s back is over Steve’s thighs and she’s on top both literally and sexually.
Morgan couldn’t see what hand motion Natasha does, but it’s only moments later that she feels the couch dip slightly and someone’s hand brush between hers and the spy before Natasha moans into the kiss.

A few minutes later, Natasha breaks the kiss, sitting up and allowing for Morgan to breath in heavy as endorphins swim in her body, the movement also allowing Morgan to see what’s happening around her, Clint’s hovering over her head leaning against Steve’s forehead having just broken apart from kissing, as well, Bruce’s hand is still stuffed into Tony’s boxer, the younger beta’s tight jeans having been pushed down just enough for Bruce to get in there. Tony’s hand being the one she had felt earlier, as he’s still fondling Natasha’s breasts underneath her shirt, the alpha breathing heavy, citrusy grass scent completely overlaid with arousal as she moans out, “Bedroom?”
Morgan nods, licking her lips, teeth scrapping the bottom one into a smile.
It’s apparently all they needed to see, before Clint’s pulling Natasha over his shoulder, Tony’s hand falling out from under the redhead’s shirt, before both brunette betas are scrambling after the two spies.
Steve hauls Morgan up bridal style easily, before turning to Bucky who isn’t getting up to go to the pack room like the rest of the pack, instead the brunette alpha is slouching back further into the armchair with his arms crossed, “Buck, you coming?”
Bucky grunts, “No.”
“It’s Nat’s party, you really want to be the party pooper?”
“Said no, Steve,” Bucky replies back.

Morgan shifts patting the blonde alpha on the shoulder in a silent want to get down, which Steve obliges. Walking up to the brunette, she kneels down between his parted knees, “Bucky?”
“I said no.”
Pressing her lips together and rubbing her hands in nervousness, “I know. I also know you feel guilty, which I get.” Bucky’s eyes dart quickly from staring off at a random spot behind the small blonde to the blonde’s eyes. She doesn’t know if either of the two alphas would appreciate this or if it was even allowed which she highly doubts it was, pack structure had her at the bottom for a reason, “You want absolution, so I’ll give it to you.” Bucky’s look of surprise and Steve’s sharp, ‘Morgan’ makes her breath in deep, before ignoring the blonde alpha completely in favor of looking Bucky in the eyes, “You didn’t stop, you didn’t let me move, you didn’t ask if I wanted to go further sexually, and you lost control,” listing his grievances that she knew he blamed himself for.
“Morgan,” Steve hisses breaking the pair’s lock on each other.
Turning her head to the head alpha, “Let me do this.”
“Why don’t you help Natasha get off,” her voice dismissive, which she winces at internally because she knows Steve wasn’t going to have any of it, plowing on softly this time with, “We’ll be there in a moment.”
His tone turning to a deep growl, “Morgan.”
“Just go Steve,” Bucky interrupts, saving Morgan from forcing herself to respond when all she wants to do is tilt her neck in submission.
Steve huffs, but relents leaving with a warning of “Morgan we will be talking about this.”
With Steve gone, Morgan turns back to the remaining alpha, asking, “So you want absolution?” hoping she doesn’t sound as uncomfortable with what she’s saying as she feels because she definitely wasn’t dominant, and this involved way more dominance than she was used to.
“Yeah,” his shoulders relaxing slightly.
“Do you have sexual limits?”
Bucky’s eyebrows furrow at that, “What?”
“Is there a step too far for you?” she reiterates, she doubts that she would hit his before she hit hers, but she wants to make sure that their relationship wasn’t going to become worse at this point, she wouldn’t be able to take it if he pushes further away from her. Shaking his head, she bobs her head in understanding, “Okay, you have to keep your hands to yourself no matter what. If I’m going too far, tell me.”
“What are you going to do?” Bucky inquires, as the blonde stands up, he braces himself for the unknown.
“I don’t really know, but can you sit all the way back though with your arms on the sides.”
Bucky scoots up from his slouched position, moving until his back is against the chair, hands that had been folded over his chest move to the armrest, grunting in confusion when the petite blonde straddles him.
“Okay just remember no touching.”

Letting her hands weave themselves into his shoulder length locks, she dips her head down meeting his naturally pink lips with a light kiss, which he doesn’t respond back to, so she moves on, giving the left corner of his lips a small kiss, feeling the thick stubble scrape across her soft skin, she moves up more giving his cheek a kiss, then going to the right side and doing the same, going back to his lips after that and pressing her lips to his. It felt weird not having the alpha direct the kiss, doubly with him not moving just sitting there stock still as she starts to move her lips slowly on his, while her nail’s scratch lightly at his scalp like she knows he likes. Bucky’s scent kicks up a bit in arousal at her acts a few minutes later, giving her the confidence, she needs, having had pleased her alpha, to let her lips descend down, kissing the dimple on his chin before going to the right side of his neck, giving it a kiss before licking at the exposed skin that’s just behind his sharp jaw line then sucking at the spot, hearing his hands gripping at the leather of the armrest, scent thickening a bit, she lets her teeth graze softly the column of his neck before nipping here and there until she had licked, sucked, and bit at all the exposed skin of his neck.
Moving back to his lips, she kisses them lightly testing to see how he responds, which is to lean into the kiss, trying to kiss back; she pulls away looking into his dilated eyes her own looking right back at him. Removing her fingers from the tangled mess she had made his hair, she shifts slightly, bringing her two pointer fingers to her mouth and biting at them, steeling herself before she loses her nerve. Letting her fingers fall from her mouth she tugs at the hemline of his shirt.
Bucky getting the silent message, arches his back enough off the chair while lifting his arms up for her to pull the long-sleeved maroon Henley over his head. He grips the arms of the chair afterwards, blue eyes watching as Morgan’s green one’s dance across his chest appreciatively, as she absently throws his shirt away from them. Watching as her pink tongue darts out of her mouth, flicking over her already spit slicked lips, his cock strains against his jeans at that, mind going to what they would look like around his thick cock before he can even stop himself, and he does remembering that he had hurt her, rolling his shoulders back, he keeps focus on that thought.
Morgan’s eyes track the movement, and her mouth descends to the alpha’s right shoulder giving it a kiss, then sucking at his collarbone, letting deft fingers track his toned abs.
Bucky throws his head back at the sensations, biting his lip from moaning out, before trying to refocus on his guilt instead of how much he wanted his mate at the moment, as she slowly makes a trail of kisses to her soul mark that wraps around his left nipple, tracing that with her tongue. His fingers dig into the armchair harshly, all thoughts of anything disappearing, as blood rushes to his cock, when she moves back up to his lips, kissing him, then tugging at his bottom lip with her teeth before soothingly running her tongue over it, all he wants to do then is flip the position, preferably onto the ground so that she would be under him and he could feel her body react like she had last Saturday, this time with himself in full mental capacity. Forgetting his guilt for a moment, he opens his mouth, pleasantly surprised when she doesn’t pull away or move on to another part of his body, letting him contribute; her tongue darting inside and curling up, so that the tip of her tongue skims the roof of his mouth. She ravishes his mouth, as he forces himself to not dominate, holding back the moans he wants to release, five minutes later, he starts giving a low moaning hum in response, not able to hold back anymore.
She pulls back at that, the pupils enlarged so much that there was barely an outline of her light green iris surrounding them, she glances down at the giant bulge in his jeans before looking back up.
He watches as her face becomes slightly pink in color at seeing his tented jeans, before his own breath hitches when he watches as her fingers move to his belt, stopping when he starts speaking, “You don’t …” words failing him because he really wanted to see where she was going with it because this was the most sexually involved that she’s been towards any of them. Sure, she let them grip her sides and butt during make out sessions, but none of them beside him when in rut tried to touch her further sexually.
“I’m fine with this,” unfastening his black leather belt, before popping the button of his jeans, but she stops there, seemingly waiting for permission to do more.
The sentence reminding him that this is her way of making him feel not guilty for last weekend, that like she had said earlier in the evening she had been fine with everything except the idea of actual sex, that she had told Natasha the same thing over an hour ago that she was okay with basically everything up to sex. So, he nods his head, his guilt slowly ebbing away at his realization. He’s so up in his own thoughts that he jolts, fingers tearing into the armrests when her soft hand wraps itself around his fully erected member. Green eyes darting quickly to the tears he made in the leather, wincing before looking up at him, “You good?”
Breathing in deep, trying to control the desire to touch her, to follow the only rule she had given him, “Yep,” then giving some helpful advice, “But little bit of spit as lube never hurt anyone.”
She nods sharply, before bringing her hand up to her mouth and licking it a few times, face scrunching up a bit as she does, before going back to giving him a hand job, this time Bucky stares as she moves her hand in quick motions across his member before slowing and repeating the cycle in random intervals, with her sitting on his right knee she easily leans forward capturing his mouth with hers not stopping the hand job, she doesn’t stop when he participates more by kissing back, dipping his own tongue into her mouth and dominating it.
She startles and so does he when his knot starts to form, something that usually only happens with omegas, unless he’s in rut. Having just finished the day prior he chalks it up to that and watches as his mate’s eyes become bug eyed at seeing the knot slowly inflates until its twice the size as his cock’s thickness, he murmurs softly, “It’s okay, you won’t hurt me if you put pressure on it.”
She swallows hard, but continues on giving her first ever hand job, while now using both hands, eventually feeling confident enough that she wasn’t hurting him to go back to kissing him while doing it.
Not even three minutes later he comes hard and fast in sticky white ropes, breaking the kiss as his head falls back in pleasure, breathing heavy and riding out the orgasm, cum shooting out covering her shirtfront and getting onto her face, his knot deflates quickly as he shoots more cum out until she’s completely drenched in him. Eyeing her through half lidded eyes, as she tries to wipe her face off with the inside of her shirt, only getting some of it off, watching in rapt attention when she experimentally licks her lips, tasting him for the first time, and he grows hard at just the sight.
When his head lifts back up, a minute later, she catches his eyes and asks, “You feeling better?”
Giving a raspy, “Yeah, doll.”
“So you forgive yourself?” asking with slight trepidation.
Morgan sighs in relief, “Good, so we can join the others?”
Bucky nods, “But you may want to borrow some clothes.”
The blonde looks down at herself, seeing how much of him she had on herself, “Yeah, yeah I should,” getting up, cum splatters onto the carpet.
“Second thought you may want to strip.”
Nodding absentmindedly as she watches more fall off before tugging the shirt carefully over her head so that none of it gets onto her hair that had been made into a braided bun, then stripping out of the jeans she wore, leaving herself in only her polka dotted bra and striped boy shorts.
Bucky does the same with his jeans and boxers, before his eyes zone in on the diamond studded piercing that decorates her belly button, “When did you get that?”
Her eyes track where his are, “When I was sixteen.”
“I don’t remember you having that when we met.”
“I don’t tend to wear it if I’m showing off my stomach at work, it’s a bitch to keep clean from everything that goes on at the bar.”
“Makes sense.”

When they make it to the pack den, Bucky was not the only one naked, Morgan ends up being the only one with any article of clothing.

Chapter Text

Morgan changes quickly into one of Natasha’s lounge outfits before grabbing one of Clint’s thicker hoodies, she needed to leave within the next five minutes to make it back to her apartment by seven, so that she could prepare for the day out at Poke-O-Moonshine that Rin was picking her up for at eight.
Halfway done with pulling the blue hoodie over her head, she hears a throat clear, making her jump slightly and spins towards the door while yanking the hoodie down completely, Steve stands there at the door, arms crossed over his bare chest, “You skipping out?”
“Um. Yeah, my cousin Rin is picking me up at my apartment at eight,” walking closer to him as she talks, “So, I need to leave like now to get over there with enough time to get everything done before she shows,” staring up at him when he doesn’t move from his spot blocking the doorway, and quirking an eyebrow in question.
“We need to talk about last night,” the alpha informs, he still wasn’t okay with what happened last night, by her punishing Bucky, an alpha, she undermined the entire pack structure, which was in place to keep everyone healthy in body, mind, and soul.
Nodding, “Can it be tomorrow night, please? Cause I need to leave to make the five ten train back.”
Steve ponders the request; he typically liked discussing things as soon as possible, after a minute he answers with “Tomorrow night at the latest, but we will be talking.”
“Okay, I’ll be here at seven.”
Jerking his head in affirmation, “I’ll hold you to that.”
“So, can you move?” looking around him at the doorway he’s still blocking.
Stepping into the closet and out of the way, “You give me two minutes and I’ll walk you to the train.”
“You don’t need to.”
“I want to and I’m going for a run anyway it’ll give me new scenery,” grabbing a pair of gray running pants and a light blue compression shirt before snatching a training hoodie as well.
“Fine,” this time she was the one to lean against the doorstop, as he quickly put on clothes and shoes, having already been naked so nothing had to come off.

Five minutes later, the blonde alpha is flipping the hood of his hoodie up just before opening the private door that was behind SI, holding it open for Morgan, it might be five in the morning, but he wouldn’t put it past the paparazzi that always seemed to swarm the Tower to try to snap a photo of ‘Captain America and a new love interest,’ so despite his want to pull his mate close and share the warm body heat between them, he doesn’t. The cold morning air quickly turning the tip of Morgan’s nose red, making her tighten her arms around herself trying to stave of the cold, while Steve breathes into his hands to warm them up, as they stroll towards the subway station that was only a block away.

The walk only takes three minutes making it so that Steve couldn’t effectively start a pre-cursor discussion of what tomorrow night would entail, for which Morgan is extremely grateful for because she really doesn’t want to get her ass handed to her just before seeing her cousin after months apart. Especially since, Rin had an unnatural ability to read Morgan and sitting on a spanked bottom for a few hours would make her antsy, and Rin would definitely want to know why.
They end up walking in silence the entire way. The super soldier waiting until they were within the relative safety of the station before bending down to kiss his mate ending it with “Love you.”
“I love you too,” saying it for the first time, before saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” and quickly joining the growing crowd going further inside the station.
Steve waits until he couldn’t see the petite blonde anymore before exiting the loud station, deciding to actually go a different path for his run, see that new scenery he had mentioned.



It was eight o’clock when Morgan gets into the backseat of the rented sedan, hugging both of the blondes in the front, exclaiming, “I didn’t know you were in town Rory!” as the car pulls out onto the road.
“Well Katie here,” glancing over at Rin, who was busy driving, “Told me her plans and I got the day off to see my favorite pipsqueak,” Rory answers, turning in the passenger seat to better see the younger blonde.
Morgan wrinkles her nose at the nickname, but it was accurate, Rory was five eleven and Rin was five eight pushing five nine, she was only five four on the dot. “How’s work going?”
“It’s good, were undergoing new management, so we’re still learning the new regulations and stuff.”
Responding back with “Cool,” before turning to Rin, “Rin?”
Rin glanced back in the mirror before directing her eyes back to the street, “I got promoted to a new team, it’s a better fit which is awesome.”
“That’s awesome, congrats.”
“Thanks. How about you Bay, how was finals?”
“Fine got all A’s.”
“Good job. How much longer until you graduate?”
“Three more semesters.”
“Good for you.” Giving her slightly younger cousin a pointed look, “Aurora, I heard you got back together with your estranged beta mate,” Rin comments.
Nodding absently, Rory glares at the older blonde, “Phil?” getting a smirk in reply, she huffs giving an annoyed eye roll, “Of course. Yeah, we got back together, we’re soulmates, we were always going to be in each other’s orbits.”
“How are Lancelot and Alfy?” Morgan inquires, popping her head between the front seats.
Rory rolls her eyes at the names her mates only allowed the young blonde to call them, “Good, they’re busy with work.”
“Well tell them hi for me.”
“I will, maybe next time I come out to see you, they can actually come.”
“That would be awesome, I haven’t seen them in years.”
“You and Tyler still dating?” Rory asks.
“No, we broke up mid-October…”
“And you didn’t call?” Rin inputs, giving Morgan an exaggerated disappointed look.
Morgan rolls her eyes, “I broke up with him, … we had different ideologies. I actually found my soulmates.”
“When?” Rory practically screams in surprise.
Having not been expecting someone to scream right next to her ear, Rin jerks the car, the car beside them honks loudly, flipping them off. Once she returns to her own lane, she uses her right hand to slap Rory’s thigh, “I’m driving don’t scream.”
Rory gives Rin an innocent look, before turning back to Morgan, “So, when?”
“What are you still doing at your Aunt May’s apartment then?” Rin questions, as she switches lanes on the interstate.
“I want to do the whole three-month period.”
“How’d they take that idea?” Rory inquires, “Cause, I liked that policy, but Alphonso hated it.”
“Well they don’t really like it, well the two oldest alphas hate it, but they’re all pushing for me to move in.”
Rin bobs her head, eyes still on the road, “You going to?”
“I might move in a week or two early, just so I’m not moving when classes start, but I doubt I’ll move in before that.”
“So, you haven’t done the mating bond, yet?” Rory inquires.
“Nope.” Truthfully, she’s terrified of what that would entail. Changing the subject, “What climb are we doing?”
Rin takes the question, having been the one to plan the trip, “Sports climb up Earthly Night, it has three pitches so each of us will take lead once.”


“What happened to the armchair?” Bruce calls out, staring at the chair that looks like a large cat had decided to make a scratching post out of it.
“What?” Natasha asks coming into the living room with a book she was hoping to finish before lunch.
“The chair, what happened?”
Eyebrows furrowing, “Don’t know, maybe ask Steve when he comes back or Tony, cause he never went to bed.”
“Okay,” turning to instead sit on the couch with his tea, Natasha quickly following putting her feet on his legs as she snuggles back into the leather, with a throw blanket and her book.


Twenty minutes later, Steve walks in, hair still damp from his shower, an apple in hand, “Good morning.”
“Morning,” Bruce shifts, “You know what happened to the chair?”
Steve looks over at the torn leather armchair, seeing the tears and letting out an irritated huff, “Bucky and Morgan.”
“Bucky and Morgan,” Natasha reiterates perplexed.
Steve runs his free hand through his short hair, “I don’t know what happened I’m going to talk to her.”
“Where is Morgan?” Bruce questions.
“She’s apparently doing something with her cousin today, left about five this morning.”
“Is she coming back tonight?” the redheaded alpha inquires.
Sitting down in the armchair across from the ruined one, “No, tomorrow night at seven.”
“Why don’t you just ask Bucky then?”
“Cause I still need to talk to Morgan about it and Bucky would downplay everything.”
“You can’t really downplay ruining a chair.”
“He can,” taking a bite of his apple.

“So, ruts make him sleepy?” Bruce questions, completely sidetracking the conversation, the past two days were the first time he had woken to Bucky still sound asleep.
“Yeah, he tends to sleep more, back in the forties he loved his sleep, a day off from the docks consisted of him sleeping until at least noon.”
“How’d the run go,” Natasha asks before Steve could get too reminiscent of how Bucky used to be.
“Good, cold, I think we’ll be getting hit with some snow in the next couple of days.”
Both Bruce and Natasha nod in agreement at that, before falling into a peaceful silence except for the sound of Steve chewing, Bruce with his tea, and pages turning of Natasha’s novel.




Around eleven thirty, the three cousins make it to Poke-O-Moonshine, “I don’t think you drove fast enough,” Rory quips as they get out of the car and all heading for the truck to collect their gear, the drive was supposed to take almost five hours not the three and a half that Rin got them there in.
“Says the girl who has more speeding tickets,” Rin snarks back, handing Morgan her bag.
“At least I don’t look like I’m about to roll the damn car when I turn a corner.”
“That’s because you ride bikes and I’ve seen you ride, it looks like your about to eat the curb, at least I have a chance of coming out alive,” Rin winces slightly when she sees Morgan start towards for the mouth of the trail instead of waiting for them.
Rory seeing the same thing slaps Rin on the shoulder, hissing, “Katie.”
Holding up her hands in a surrender motion, “I know, I know.”
Conversation dies after that, as the two blondes catch up to the youngest one with long strides.


Eventually Rin breaks the silence after eight minutes of just looking out into the wilderness surrounding them as they leisurely trek towards the cliff face, that they wanted to climb, “Either of you talk to your nana recently?”
Morgan gives a sad smile with a shrug, “I called the day after Thanksgiving, but she didn’t remember who I was, so she hung up.”
“She called me last month sometime to ask about how work was going,” Rory informs.
Rin looked between the two younger blondes, “I think next time we’re together we should go see her, I don’t know about you guys, but I think it would be good for her to actually see us and not just talk over the phone.”
“Yeah, I was thinking of going down there sometime during Christmas maybe bring her some of panettone from Nonna’s recipe,” Morgan informs.
“Well when you do maybe you can video chat us in,” Rory comments, wrapping an arm around the shorter blonde.


Bucky takes one look at the ripped apart chair and smirks, sitting down comfortably in it, ignoring the two beta’s stares, when he rubs his hands over torn leather, by shutting his eyes.
Clint goes back to talking, “So, you know how me, and Tony do small pranks on each other.”
Bruce rolls his eyes, there was nothing small about them; thankfully, he was left out after ignoring them for a month straight after they pranked him, “Okay?”
“Well I need you to lure him into the kitchen.”
“Why me?”
“Cause, he wouldn’t expect you,” giving a puppy dog pout.
Sighing, “How about Steve or Nat?”
Raising an eyebrow incredulously, “You mean the same Steve who tanned my ass after the skittle fiasco or Tasha who would just stare at me like I’m an idiot.”
“How about Bucky?” jerking his head towards the alpha.
Clint turns to the brunette alpha, hopeful expression planted on his face, “Buck?”
Cracking one eye open saying, “No,” before closing it once again.
“Buckeeey,” dragging out the alpha’s name.
“Rather not have the man able to hack into everything after me,” opening his set of blue eyes to stare at Clint’s similar set.
“Please, I’ll protect you.”
Bucky rolls his eyes, “And who’s going to protect you?”
“I got this. I’m the Prank King.”

Natasha walks in then, “For the love of god, no pranks Clint.”
“It’s only against Tony.”
“Until it isn’t,” she deadpans, sitting down on Bucky, who shifts enough so that she was able to curl up using his arm as a support rest as she finishes peeling a mandarin.
“Tash come on; I promise it will only affect Tony.”
“What did Steve say last time,” the redhead reminds, hand feeding Bucky a slice of the fruit.
Clint rolls his eyes, “Not to, but only because he was the one to eat the candy.”
Giving him a side eye, “It was glue not candy.”
“You’d think he would figure it out after eating one,” murmuring to himself which was promptly ignored by the group. Getting up Clint leaves to finish the prank and hopefully lure Tony in before someone else springs the contraption.




It was hitting ten at night when Morgan walks into the apartment to find her Uncle Ben hunched over pouring over the bills on the kitchen table. Sitting across from him, smiling in greeting, when he looks up at her.
Ben smiles back, “Hey kiddo.”
“How was work today?”
“Not bad, Jeffers put in his paperwork for retirement,” Jeffers’ being his work partner of going on ten years.
“Really? Isn’t he only a few years older than you?” her brows scrunching together trying to remember the older man’s age.
Ben raises an eyebrow at that, “If by a few years older you mean two decades then yes he’s a few years older than me.” Scratching his stubble that’s speckled in dark gray hairs, “I thought I looked late twenties, maybe early thirties.”
“Well you definitely look younger than fifty,” smirking when he gives an affronted huff.
“I’ll have you know I’m forty-five, missy,” pointing his pen at the blonde.
“You look very good for forty-five. Aunt May give you the check I gave her for my rent?”
“Yeah, speaking of rent I wanted to talk to you,” taking off his reading glasses, as he says, “There’s an apartment that opened up just upstairs and with you going to move in with your mates soon, your Aunt May, Peter, and I don’t need a three bedroom apartment. So, I talked to the building manager and he agreed to let us move in, but it has to be within the next two weeks.”
“So, you want me to move out by then too,” Morgan concludes.
Giving a sympathetic expression, “I know you wanted to wait out the three-month period, but kiddo you just need to take the plunge.”
Licking her lips before biting down on them, “Yeah … yep just need to take the plunge,” this was definitely not what she was expecting to hear tonight.
“It’s not like you can never visit. I’m sure if you decided to never come back your Aunt would throw a hissy fit before tracking you down and dragging you back by your ear,” grinning when Morgan laughs.
“I wouldn’t do that.”
“I know you wouldn’t, I get this is all different, but you need to let them in emotionally Morgan.”
“I have,” pulling her legs to her chest so that she could rest her chin on her knees.
Putting on a serious face, “Morgan, you haven’t, if you had, you would have moved in already. I remember when you were fifteen all you could talk about was swimming, diving, and that you couldn’t wait to meet your mates because they would have been waiting over eighteen years for you. That’s a far cry from now, when you’re making them wait for you to move in for three months.”
“Well a lot changed,” defending herself.
“And I’m not discounting that, but kiddo, mates are supposed to help with that, all you need to do is just open up.”
Sighing softly, “I know.”
“I got next weekend off to move, do you need help moving?”
Shaking her head, “No, but what do you want me to do with the furniture?”
“Do you want to take it?”
“I don’t need any of the furniture,” the bed would be useless, and the private room already had a desk, “Maybe I can do something with the dresser.”
Ben ponders the information for a minute before saying, “I’ll get back to you on that.”
“Do you need any help moving?”
“Yeah, with the big furniture, at least. You think your cousin Guthrie and Derek would be willing to help move things?”
Nodding, “I believe so, I’ll ask them when I see them tomorrow.”
“Good, let me know, if not I can always see if someone down at the station can help.”
“Okay. But I can always see if maybe Steve, Clint or Bucky can help.”
Ben gives an approving nod at that, “Good idea. So, how was the rock climbing?”
“Awesome, the view up there was breathtaking,” pulling out her phone to show him the pictures she had taken.
“Wow,” looking at a photo the shows off the forest canopy covered in light snow.



After morning training and helping Derek with his ten o’clock self-defense class, Morgan heads back over to her apartment to start packing. Or at least that’s what she had planned, standing in the middle of the room she had been living in for over two years, she ends up just standing there leaning against the desk and staring at the wall of pictures.

Giving herself another half hour to just stare at the wall before muttering ‘Okay Morgan, start small,’ when the clock on desk turns 12.17.
Grabbing one of her extra workout bags from the floor of her closet, she starts filling the bag with an assortment of clothes. Figuring if she moves in slow enough over the next two weeks it would feel like it was her choice and not circumstances making her.
Eventually she moves onto taking down the collage of pictures, smiling at the memory the first picture brings to mind. The picture had been taken on Peter’s twelfth birthday and showed a much smaller Peter than now days, but also a healthier looking her, both of them squished next to each other by Uncle Ben, who was hugging them both from behind, at the time she had still been taller than Peter, much to his dismay, but then a few weeks later he had hit puberty and presented as an alpha, shooting up to five-five practically overnight. In the photo, Peter had red icing from his birthday cake smeared across his face from Uncle Ben, Aunt May having had swatted playfully at him for that, but she had still forced Peter to stand there so she could take a picture of them.

Placing the photo on the dresser before starting to just delicately grab the photos off the wall, she would be here all day, most likely in tears if she started remembering everything the photos represented. Forty minutes later, all the photos were off the wall and stacked in piles on her dresser, grabbing a few of the many rubber bands from the small plastic organizer she had on her desk, she wraps a rubber band around each pile and stuffs them carefully in the gym bag full of clothes for her to take tonight to the Tower, her new home.
Finishing up just as her cells alarm alerts her to the fact that its 1.50 and reminding her that she still had one more training session of the day to get to. Grabbing the gym bag full of clothes and the one she was actually using for the workout; she quickly heads for the door.

Chapter Text

Her phone rings for the forth time in twenty minutes as she scrambles into the dirty stall of the subway station bathroom, she only has about ten minutes before the next train arrives, grabbing her cell out of her sweater as she places her bags on the hook of the bathroom stall that hangs crooked with one screw, “Hey Steve.”
“Where are you?”
“At my first stop heading into Manhattan,” opening up her gym bag and digging to the bottom and feeling for the small tear she had made to keep the pills hidden.
“How long till you get here?”
“Hour maybe more.”
“You said seven,” his tone conveying that he was not happy about the new time.
“I know, I’m sorry, I’ll get there as fast as possible,” grabbing out the small baggie and popping one in her mouth.
“Do you want me to come get you?”
“No it’s faster if I just come to you.”
“Okay, I’ll see you then.”
“Bye, love you.”
“Love you too, doll.”


Forty-seven minutes later, Morgan is stepping off the elevator and onto the pack floor; dropping off her bags in the living room as she heads towards the kitchen. Tony’s the only person there, leaning with his forearms on the island counter as he waits for the coffee to finish percolating.
“Hey Tony.”
“Hey babe, you’re late,” pecking her on the lips when she leans in next to him.
“How mad is he?”
“He’s been in a hand twitchy mood,” turning the empty mug in his hand.
Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, “What does that mean?”
“Well considering he’s already tanned both mine and Clint’s asses today, yours is most likely third on the chopping block, we just need Bruce to round out the bases.”
“I already knew that,” rubbing at her face.
“Oh. Yeah, what did happen? Cause Steve isn’t saying and Bucky just smirks.”
“I want to know that too,” Steve says coming into the kitchen.
Morgan turns around so that she’s facing the blonde alpha, “I gave Bucky absolution.”
Tony’s eyebrows rise at that before busying himself with pouring coffee into his mug, Steve’s the one to talk, “You aren’t supposed to do that.”
“What? Get him to forgive himself?”
“No discipline an alpha or really anyone, you remember the hierarchy in this pack?”
“I’m at the bottom,” Morgan states in a matter of fact way.
“Yeah, so if you feel someone higher deserves discipline you bring it to one of the alphas.”
“What if its an alpha?” Morgan inquires.
“Then you bring it to me.”
“What if it you?” quirking an eyebrow in question, Tony hightails it out of the kitchen then.
Steve pinches the bridge of his nose, irritation seeping out of him, “Then you bring it to Nat,” a slight growl in his voice as he speaks.
Morgan nods in understanding.
“You ready to start answering my questions?”
“Good. What made you think you had the right to discipline Bucky?”
“I know I didn’t have the right.”
“Then why do it?”
“Because he wasn’t forgiving himself and by extension he was blocking everyone else out.”
“You could have --”
“I could have what? Told you. For you to do what? He wasn’t forgiving himself because he felt he went too far with me, that he lost control with me, he was mad at himself because of me. I needed to be the one to fix it, I knew I would be in trouble, I’m willing to take whatever the punishment is,” looking Steve in the eye at the last sentence.
“It’s a spanking, but we still need to talk about your attitude when I tried to tell you to stop.”
Wincing at the reminder, “Yeah, sorry about that.”
“It was way out of line.”
“I know.”
“I’m going to add a few swats for it.”
“I figured.”
“Let’s move to the couch.”

Moving towards the leather couches that stood about forty feet away from the kitchen island, while the kitchen table that they pass, acts like a separator between what was considered the kitchen and the lounge, Morgan reaches it first, turning towards the alpha, steeling herself for this, “How do you want me?”
“Over my knee,” sitting down while he answers, not bothering to ask her to pull her jeans and underwear down, spankings were supposed to be on the bare, but he felt as her first punishment from him he’d let her keep that layer of protection.
“Okay,” bending over quickly with Steve helping guide her so that her stomach is pressed against his thighs his left arm holding her in place by wrapping around her thin torso.
“You get why I’m doing this?” Steve figures she does, but with what happened at Thanksgiving with Natasha, he wants to make sure both of them were on the same page.
Morgan turns her head awkwardly to look at the alpha, “Yeah, I overstepped, and I was deliberately rude.”
“What will you do next time?”
“Talk to you or Nat and not make snide comments.”
“Good,” with that he lets his hand fall, slapping down onto the center of Morgan’s butt, sharply.

Steve gets in seven more spanks in before Bucky comes rushing in, “Stop!”
The blonde alpha stills at that, letting his hand lay on the small of Morgan’s back, “What Buck?”
“She shouldn’t be spanked.”
“She overstepped; she shouldn’t have punished you --”
“She didn’t.” Steve’s eyebrows twist up at that.
Morgan speaks up then, tilting her head in the direction the brunette alpha is in, “Yeah, I did Bucky.”
Bucky chuckles at that, “We have very different ideas on punishment then, doll. Steve trust me she didn’t punish me.”
“Then what did she do?” Steve examines, looking up at Bucky, who now stands almost in front of him.
“She kissed me and jerked me off.”
Steve’s mouth opens and closes at that, “I’m sorry … what?”
“She jerked me off.”
Steve easily lifts Morgan up, flipping her around, so that she’s now sitting on his lap, instead of over it, “That’s your idea of absolution?” completely flabbergasted.
“How else was I supposed to get him to understand I was fine,” shrugging her shoulders.
“Why didn’t you tell me that is how you --”
“Punished him. Because I still punished him, I still overstepped.”
Bucky sits down on the coffee table then, grabbing hold of Morgan’s left hand, “Doll, that wasn’t a punishment. You did a very different take of how to get your words across, but it wasn’t discipline. Actually, the whole not touching you bit was hard, but it wasn’t a punishment. Trust me, if Steve or Nat saw fit to actually punish me for something, it would have ended with me getting my butt handed to me not me getting jerked off.”
“But I still overstepped, I was a complete bitch,” wincing when Steve pinches her side at the profanity, “When I asked Steve to leave, I still sought to discipline you in a way for you to get rid of your guilt,” Morgan explains, she didn’t want Bucky feeling guilty again for something that was her fault.
“I’ll grant you the attitude wasn’t great and Steve can deal with that, but the punishment wasn’t a punishment, if that’s how you punish then put me on your naughty list for life,” mouth tugging up at his own statement, before directing his eyes to Steve, “You can’t punish her for jerking me off.”
Steve shakes his head, “Not going to.”
“Good,” slapping his hands on his knees as he stands.

Steve waits for Bucky to leave before turning his eyes towards Morgan, “Okay so let’s talk.”
“So I ain’t going to punish you for apparently jerking him off, but I’m still going to spank you for the attitude.”
“I know,” and for some reason she couldn’t leave it there, “But I should be spanked for punishing Bucky, I should have asked if what I was going to do was okay, especially since I saw it in a sense as discipline despite what Bucky thinks it was.”
“I didn’t like how you staged it, but it wasn’t a punishment. Trust me it isn’t a punishment and if you see it as a punishment then I don’t know what you’ve thought all the kissing and touching everyone does around here is.”
“I don’t think kissing and touching are a punishment, but the way I did it was, I don’t know, I just made it a punishment.”
Steve didn’t agree, but he could tell she was starting to dig her heels into the idea, “Will I be able to change your mind?”
A mulish look forms over her face, “No.”
“Okay, if you want me to spank you for it I will,” figuring guilt would eat at her, same as Bruce and Bucky, if you let them get to far into their heads, or Clint remembering his time as Loki’s puppet; Tony usually just went on an engineering binge trying to fix whatever was wrong, Natasha would posture, but he’s found her crying in a corner a few times before stuffing the emotions down, his go to was going for a punching bag when everything became too much.
“I want you too,” with that Steve helps flip her back over his knee before landing two dozen more swats, making sure to use just enough force so she would only feel it for a couple of hours, if that.
She has silent tears running down her face when he helps her stand up, standing up himself right after, but the tears end within thirty seconds once he pulls her into a hug.

After a few minutes, she asks, pulling away to look him in the eye, “We good?”
“Yeah, we’re good doll,” observing that she looked lighter in a sense.
“Where is everybody?”
“Bruce is working on a project, Tony was supposed to be sleeping, and everyone else is in the gym working out. Which reminds me, we still need to show you how to defend yourself.”
“You think you can show me some moves now?”
“Of course, you want to change into something easier to move in?” looking down at her thick sweater and jeans.
“Yeah, I’ll change and meet you there?”

Seven minutes later, Morgan is stepping inside the gym, everyone but Bruce, who’s still down in his lab, is standing there waiting for her. Clint waves the blonde over as he and Natasha stay where they are at the center of the mats, while Tony, Steve, and Bucky step back until they are a good ten feet away.
Standing in front of the two spies Morgan gives a nervous grin, “So how are we going to do this?” this was it; she was going to open up, give them something of her that had been a big part of her life.
“We want to see what your instincts are when someone attacks and go from there, so Clint’s going to attack at about quarter his speed to give you enough time to defend,” Natasha explains.
“I know how to defend myself.”
Thinking the blonde was taking offense to the quarter speed idea, Natasha nods in appeasement, “Okay sweetie, you ready?”
With that the female alpha nods to Clint who moves at a fraction of his typical fighting speed going to fake a punch with his right only for her to grab his wrist with her left and swing it down cupping his bicep with her right before turning so that her back is to him and basically hip checking him over her side so he lands with an ‘umph’ on the ground his arm, still in her grasp, goes between her knees and her legs bite down across his torso allowing for her to have him in an arm bar position.
“What the hell?” Tony exclaims, which both Clint and Morgan ignore in favor of continuing their match.
Before she could pull Clint’s arm back and complete the arm bar, he grabs her ankle, that’s closest to his head pulling it over despite her resisting the move, bringing himself into her open guard. He tries getting around her open guard, only for her to lock her legs around his midsection, he jumps into a stand then, hoping to break her closed guard by doing so, but her light weight and strong ankle grip means she goes with him, and she easily bends backwards while keeping her legs wrapped around him, wrapping her arm around his ankle, she off centers him, sweeping his ankle and pushing back and twisting her body. He falls and she releases her ankles at just the right second so that they aren’t smashed underneath the beta, allowing her knees to dig into his sides and mounting him.
Clint bucks at that, but she just grips with her legs harder and lets her body mold into his, hands pressing down onto his biceps. Increasing his speed, he rips his left arm out of her grip and bridge rolls, so that he’s back in her guard. From there he jumps back into a stand and then using his hands, one hand to push her left knee down and the other to break the lock her ankles make, while keeping his own ankles out of her arms reach. Flipping over her body when she falls with an ‘umpf’ onto the mats.
She counters the flip, spinning her body back towards him so he’s once again in front of her feet before she back rolls into a standing defensive stance.
Steve calls out then, “Stop!” with that both blondes turn to the blonde alpha, who’s now standing next to Natasha. His eyes zoning in on Morgan “You know how to fight?” it was more of a statement than a question, despite how it’s worded.
“I told you that.”
“Why didn’t you use it on Bucky?” Bucky winces at Steve’s words.
“What do you think would have happened if I tried to actually fight an alpha in rut?” tilting her head and raising an eyebrow at the head alpha.
Steve pinches his lips between his teeth as he mulls the question over.
Morgan answering for the blonde after silence permeates the room for twenty seconds, “I would have had my ass beat, alphas get aggressive especially when you are trying to fight them on something they want when in rut.”
“I get that, but why didn’t you start fighting me when I ripped your clothes off?” Bucky inquires softly.
Morgan sighs at that, she didn’t want to have this conversation again, “I didn’t want to hurt you and I knew you would feel guilty if you hurt me.”
“I would have felt worse if I actually forced you into sex.”
“I got away. I never would have if you truly wanted it.”
Bucky nods.
“When did you learn to fight?” Tony asks.
“Been doing it since I could remember,” Morgan answers, swallowing she forces herself to continue, “My Tata was a professional fighter.”
Natasha gives an appreciative hum, while Bucky and Clint whistle lightly, Steve nods, and Tony gives a whispered “Wow.”
“So do you guys want to continue showing me some moves,” going up and down on the balls of her feet with pent up emotions.
Clint settles a hand on her shoulder, “We were just going to show you the basics, but I guess we can go for the more advanced moves,” getting a nod from the alphas, “It’ll be way more fun.”
“You know how to fight multiple opponents at once?” Bucky questions.
“I’m relatively decent at it, but definitely not near your guys level.”
“Let’s start off with just two of us,” turning to the female alpha, “Nat you want to show her some moves by fighting me and Clint?”
“Sure, Morgan watch,” Natasha speaks, before squaring herself with Bucky flanking to her right and Clint to her left.


After an hour of the mates showing off different moves and Morgan slowly going through the motions of them, Clint’s stomach grumbling loudly, he turns to the group, at that, “Dinner time. Morgan you eat yet?”
“None of us have eaten yet,” Tony inputs, wincing when Steve growls.
“You were supposed to eat Tony,” Steve reminds glaring at the engineer.
Holding up his empty mug with an innocent smile, “Coffee.”
“No, I said food and sleep.”
“I did sleep.”
“How long?”
“Three something hours.”
“Jarvis?” Steve asks looking directly into Tony’s rich brown eyes.
“Sir slept for forty-seven minutes and eleven seconds.”
“Tony,” glare increasing.
Tony grumbles, “You’re a traitor J.” Jarvis doesn’t dignify him with a response.
“Let’s get you food and then your going to bed for at least six hours,” propelling Tony towards the door with a firm swat.
Natasha wraps her arm around Morgan’s waist, as Clint jumps onto Bucky’s back with a “To the kitchen my fine steed,” to which Bucky grunts in amusement.

“What was that about?” Morgan asks the redhead quietly once the men pass them.
“Tony decided he would stay up for three days and eat practically nothing.”
“Yeah with Tony having had surgery last year, none of us like it when he ignores his health.”
Morgan nods, not knowing what to say to that.

When they get to the kitchen, Steve’s staring into the fridge as Bucky tries to push him away from it, “You don’t know how to cook and I want to eat something edible, punk.”
“I know how, jerk,” petulance easily heard.
“I can cook,” Morgan states.
“Thank god,” Clint murmurs ignoring the two super soldiers’ faux glares, as he finishes with “Food, I want real food.”
Chuckling at that she squeezes past Steve to look at the contents of the fridge, “You have hamburger meat, vegetables,” peering up onto the counter, seeing bread lying next to the double oven, “Looks like I can make spaghetti with garlic bread if you want to wait like an hour, or I can make hamburgers if you want something fast, or something else if you prefer.”
“Spaghetti!” everyone else nodding at Clint’s enthusiastic response.
Pulling out the ingredients, Morgan gets to work as Clint and Bucky excuse themselves to shower, but by the twin salacious grins everyone knew it was going to be more shower sex than actual showering, Natasha leaves with “I’ll get Bruce from the lab” and Steve pulls up a seat on the island next to Tony.
“So, you’ve said your Aunt May sucks at cooking --” Tony starts.
“You’ve tried her walnut date loaf?” at both Steve and Tony’s grimaces, she continues on, “Yeah and sadly that is her best dish.”
“Who taught you to cook?”
“My mama, she was an amazing cook, had to be with Aunt May as an older sister.”
“She stayed at home right,” Steve examines, it was normal for an omega to stay at home and deal with the housework and children, most omegas preferring it; Morgan nods as she dices up onions for the sauce. “Your Tata, … what does that mean anyway?”
“Its dad in Polish.”
“You’re Polish?”
“Polish, Italian, and English, but mostly Italian.”
“So he was a bar owner and apparently a professional fighter. What did your other parent do?”
“My Babbo, it’s Italian for dad,” figuring she would answer Steve’s question before he asked, “He worked for the government, but that’s as much as I know. He didn’t like talking about work when he was home.”
Hearing her voice going softer during the course of the conversation and the fact that her eyes were starting to water, though Tony couldn’t tell if it was from the subject matter or the onions, so he chooses a different subject, “So, Christmas you’re not working right?”
“I would typically, but with my hours having been cut to only Tuesdays, Fridays, and alternating Saturdays, so I’m not, why?”
Tony smiles, “Just wanted to check.”


Forty-five minutes later the mates were sitting around the kitchen table eating spaghetti and garlic bread. Bruce was the one to ask turning towards Morgan who sits to his left, “So what happened to the chair?”
The blonde’s face heats up, thankful when Bucky takes control of the question, “She jerked me off,” a giant smirk plastered on his face.
Natasha quirks an eyebrow at their youngest mate, “So does that mean your fine with us touching you down there?” she knew the boobs were fine, Tony had taken great pleasure in finding out he could actually touch them.
Licking her lips, before biting the inside of her bottom lip, “I … I don’t want to be hypocritical but I’m not ready for that.”
Giving an understanding nod, “It’s okay sweetie your underwear can stay on, but are you okay with touching us like that?”
“Um … yeah if that’s okay?”
Natasha looks around the table even though she knew everyone’s answer, “Most definitely,” giving a coy smile.
“New subject, my friend Devon wants to go out to a club Thursday night since I’m working all weekend and I was wondering if any of you want to go? You guys don’t have too.”
“I’ll go,” Bruce speaks up, “My experiment should be done by that morning.”
Surprised, Morgan grins, “Awesome.”
Everyone else shaking their heads wanting to give the mild scientist a chance to be alone with the blonde and equally as surprised as Morgan at his want to go.

Chapter Text

Bruce smiles seeing the tight black dress Morgan is wearing with heels, barely having to dip his head down to kiss her, “You look hot.”
“So, do you,” rubbing her hands over his biceps, “Ready to go?”
For a moment Bruce contemplates saying no, pushing Morgan into the wall so he could ravish her with his mouth, the alpha part of him from being the Hulk wanting to do it so badly, but instead he fights for control, giving a quiet “Yep,” and letting his hand fall to the small of her back as they head for the elevator.


Morgan clasps Bruce’s hand in hers as she leads them into the club, strobe lights light the large room in an array of different colors, music pounding around them, vibrating their bodies just from the noise, Bruce is positive he will have a headache by the end of the night just from the overstimulation.
A dark-haired Asian woman waves them over from the corner of the bar section, “Morgan!”
“Dev, hey!” hugging the slightly taller beta woman back, “This is Bruce,” pulling him closer to her, “My mate.”
“So, you’re the one taking my favorite girl from me,” Devon jokes, holding out a hand to shake.
Bruce shakes back, “One of them.”
Devon nods her head, “So we ordering drinks now or what?”
Morgan rolls her eyes, “They’re going to card.”
Waving a New York license that reads twenty-two, “You bring yours?”
Bruce raises an eyebrow at that, “You have a fake ID?” looking at Morgan.
“She’s the girl who was dating the guy,” Devon comments with a laugh.
Morgan glares at her friend, “You’ve already started drinking.”
“Course its like nine. Come on,” pulling Morgan towards the bar, Bruce following behind the two.

Bruce wraps an arm around his mate once they stop at the bar, while Devon leans against the bar top trying to get one of the bartenders’ attention, Morgan tilts her head up to look Bruce, “You drinking?”
“Might have a beer. You?”
Morgan shakes her head, “I don’t tend to drink.”
“Then what’s with the ID?”
“My ex was older, and I needed it to get into clubs and bars with him.”
Bruce nods at that, commenting lightly, “I wouldn’t let Steve hear about you having a fake ID --”
“You aren’t going to tell him?” Morgan interrupts.
“No, that was before us, nobody is going to punish you for something that’s happened before we met, but if you use it now, you’re going to get it.”
Morgan hums.
“You know I haven’t been to a club since I was in college.”
“Was that when building a fire was new?” teasing.
Bruce huffs, kissing her on the spot right behind her ear, before whispering just loud enough for her to hear, “I can light a fire just fine,” punctuating his meaning by giving her ass a swat.
Tilting her head back and grinning, “Promises, promises.”
“Oh. I can promise,” giving a cheshire grin, funishments, were one of his favorite kinks.
“So, seriously clubs in college, was it like this?”
“Different. It was a lot grungier.”
Morgan wrinkles her nose, but doesn’t get a chance to comment, since Devon’s looking back at them then, yelling out, “What do you guys want?”
“Beer,” Bruce calls out, same time Morgan responds with “Water, Dev.”
Devon nods going back to talking to the bartender.
“So, do you dance?” Morgan asks.
Bruce nods, “Somewhat. Bucky and Tony are the dancers of the pack, though. Do you?”
“I don’t have two left feet, but I can’t promise not to step on toes.”
“Well I can’t promise that either, so we’re good.”


“Okay shots first,” Devon states, once they get to the tiny table they found, setting down the three vodka shots she ordered.
Morgan shakes her head.
“Come on one shot,” pleading.
“I don’t feel like getting drunk.”
“We used to down these with Marcus and your cousins like there was no tomorrow. You aren’t going to get drunk off one.”
Bruce saves Morgan from answering, “She can’t, she’s --”
“Are you pregnant?” Devon screams out in shock, looking over at the blonde.
“No!” Morgan yells out.
“Then why not, one drink?”
“I just don’t want to okay.”
Devon nods, “Fine,” tossing back the vodka shot that would have been Morgan’s.
Bruce takes his own shot at the same time Devon does her own.

“So how did you guys meet?” Devon asks of Bruce, reaching for her whiskey sour as she does, throwing a glance at the blonde and adding, “Morgan’s been tight lipped on everything.”
Resting his hand on his mate’s waist, “Two of our alphas had gone into bar she works at and saw her soul marks, they texted the rest of us and we showed up soon after. We waited all night for her shift to end before approaching her,” changing the story slightly because ‘approaching’ sounded so much better than the ‘stalking and cornering’ that really happened.
Morgan kisses his cheek as Devon gushes, “That’s so sweet.”
“So how do the two of you guys know each other?” Bruce inquires.
Devon smiles, answering, “We met when she was like six and I had just turned eight. Golden girl here,” Morgan groans at that, “Was told to show me the ropes at the gym her Uncle owns, once we got to the end of the session, Robbie, our coach, had all of us spar. I kept smarting off about how I got stuck with the runt, I was at least seven inches taller by the way. She wiped the floor with me, I had no clue that the she packed that much of a punch. Have you seen her fight?”
Bruce nods he hadn’t been there for Morgan’s first ‘self defense’ session with the rest of the mates, but he was there for last night’s one.
“She’s super flexible, isn’t she?” a giant unashamed smirk on Devon’s face from her implication that grows when Morgan blushes hard.
Bruce rubs the back of his neck at that, not knowing what the appropriate response was, thankful when Morgan quips, “I don’t know why I’m still friends with you.”
“Because you looooveeee me,” drawing out the ‘love.’
“How is Harvard?” choosing a less embarrassing direction this conversation could take.
“It’s good, next semester I finally get to do more major specific classes,” Devon answers.
“What’s your major?” Bruce asks, academia was where he thrived.
Once their drinks are finished, they head to the dance floor.


Bruce holds Morgan close as they danced despite the fast tempo, keeping his hands splayed across her ass and pressing his straining front into her stomach keeping the blonde in place. Morgan was almost eye level with him thanks to the three and half inch heels, easily keeps her arms looped around his neck as they sway to their own beat and kiss, Bruce uses his tongue to pry open her lips further when they part slightly, pulling her closer to him to the point he could feel her heart beating in her chest from his own.
The song changes and then changes again, both mates still lip locked, it isn’t until someone accidentally bumps into them, that the kiss breaks. Bruce pulling away suddenly, feeling the throbbing pressure in his pants, before guiding Morgan towards the exit, asking “You think we could go outside?”
“And what?”
“I’m about to burst.”
“You need to pee?”
Bruce shakes his head, “No. I have a different problem,” taking her hand he had been holding to his straining pants.
Morgan’s eyes show recognition, nodding as she takes the lead zig zagging between withering men and women, heading for the exit.
Once they make it outside Bruce takes the lead back up, scanning the area, seeing an alleyway next to the club, he directs them that way.

“How are we supposed to do this?” every time she ended up covered in cum.
Bruce looks at the dirty alley he had brought them into, then at Morgan, “Um. I don’t really know,” back in college was the last time he did something like this and Betty and him had been at the stage for oral. “Lets just kiss.”
“Okay,” confusion of why they need to come outside into the frosty weather for that, but moves so that one hand cups the back of his neck as she was kissing him squarely on the lips, his hands find her ass holding her like he had in the club and now that she was paying attention to his nether regions she could easily feel the erection.
Awhile later, her teeth scraping against his neck seems to be his undoing, breaking his hold on her, the brunette quickly unzipped and moves closer to the wall, pumping slightly before spraying his load over the brick wall.
“You better?” looking out to the mouth of the alley to make sure nobody was watching.
“Yeah, yes. Thanks love,” tucking himself back in. “We should head back inside.”
“Yeah, its freezing,” Bruce wraps an arm around Morgan at her statement.

Devon stumbles over to the two mates when they return to the original table, “Where you guys go?”
“Went outside,” Morgan answers.
Devon grins at that, “You guys,” waving hand back and forth between the two mates, when neither respond, “Sex.”
“Noooo,” Morgan informs.
“You should try it sometime; the adrenaline of being caught makes it killer.”


“Thanks for coming with me,” Morgan says quietly as they wait for a cab, Devon leaning against the wall behind them.
“Thanks for inviting me, you sure you don’t want to come to the Tower tonight?” twirling Morgan’s hair in his fingers.
“No. I need to make sure Dev gets back home safely,” looking over at the drunken brunette, “I’ll be over Sunday.”
Two cabs pull up then, tilting Morgan’s chin up he kisses her before moving to open the door to the first cab, calling out, “For you my love,” Morgan shuffling Devon towards it as Devon sloppily waves goodbye to Bruce.
Morgan gets Devon in before quickly kissing Bruce once more, “I love you.”
“I love you too.”

“So why haven’t you hit that yet?” Devon slurs slightly, as the taxi driver pulls away from the curb.
Morgan shakes her head, “Cause I’m not ready.”
“But soulmates.”
“Not ready.”




Tony looks over at Steve, who had Clint nestled into his shoulder on the couch, to Bucky and Bruce who were leaning against each other, and then peering up into Natasha’s eyes, as she cards through his hair, his feet resting on Clint’s thighs, “So the new training compound upstate needs the final draft by Monday before construction can start next year. Wanted to know if you guys had any last minute requests?” With a round of no’s, he goes on to ask, “Okay. So Christmas what’s the plan?”
“Do we want to do just mates or have everyone over?” Steve questions.
Bruce speaks up then, “How about just mates.”
With everyone in agreement, Clint pipes up with, “Are we going to stay here or go up to the cottage like last year?”
“Morgan said she isn’t working so we could technically go up for a three day vacation,” Tony informs.
“We need to ask Morgan if she can do that, she might have the time off, but she could still be doing things with her family,” Natasha reminds, remembering her conversation with the blonde a few weeks ago.
Tony calls out to Jarvis then having the AI send a text Morgan’s way.
The AI speaks up, within a minute, reading out Morgan’s reply, “Don’t have any plans, figured it’s first Christmas as mates an all.”
“What would we do at the cottage,” Bucky inquires.
“Just relax, it’s peaceful there and it is next to a snow covered mountain so last year Bruce did some skiing and I snowboarded,” Clint answers looking over at the brunette alpha.
“Sounds nice,” Bucky replies as he runs circles on Bruce’s side.
“We should do it, it’s the first Christmas with all of us,” Clint says, last year Steve and Natasha had to leave early for a mission, leaving the three betas to spend the holiday alone.
“How about the twenty fourth through twenty sixth, we can pick Morgan up after her shift ends and be at the cottage by lunch time,” Tony proposes.
Everyone nods at that and Steve has Jarvis text Morgan the plans.




Both boys were sitting cross-legged on the couch talking when Morgan comes in from her Saturday morning training, “Hey boys.”
“Hi Morgan,” Ned greets, while Peter gives a half wave.
“So, what you guys planning to do all day?”
“We’re looking up omega laws.”
Morgan quirks an eyebrow at, “Is that a school assignment?”
“No, I um presented last week,” Ned answers.
“You’re an omega?”
“And now some alphas at school are being total dicks,” Peter elaborates.
“Your school isn’t making you drop out of your clubs right?” Morgan asks, leaning against the couch next to Peter, so that she could look Ned in the eyes, being so close she could pick up Ned’s new omega scent, cherry pie.
“No, if I did sports I would be kicked out of them, there’s a little push back with robotics, but since Peter’s an alpha and my robotics partner they’re letting me stay. Decathlon is fine.”
“Well that’s good.”
“Yep, now we’re reading up on omega laws.”
Peter speaks up then, “Did you know that omegas have to get their alpha guardian or mate’s approval when it comes to going to college or getting a job.”
Sighing, Morgan nods, “Yeah.”
“I’m happy you’re a beta Mo cause if you presented as an omega you wouldn’t have been able to live here. There’s a law that unless an omega was born to the beta couple or was adopted before presentation that beta couples can’t legally take care of the kid because at least one of the guardians needs to be an alpha,” Peter informs, scrolling through an omega law website for teens, “That means Uncle Ben and Aunt May wouldn’t have been able to gain custody of you.”
Morgan hums at that.
“And in certain areas omegas can’t buy alcohol without their alpha present.”
“Why do you need to know that, you guys aren’t planning to drink are you?” leveling a look at Peter and Ned.
Both teens shake their heads vigorously with a “No.”
“Good and that law doesn’t apply around here, most places still follow it and won’t serve, but it isn’t illegal.”
“Does your bar serve omegas?” Ned inquires.
“Not unless I’m lead on duty and even then most of the bartenders won’t.”
“I don’t get it, why is there so many laws for only omegas?” Peter asks, looking at the length of the document. He was still a baby alpha, and there was a spectrum of how dominant an alpha was, he was considered on the lower end based on the fact that he could go without domming an omega for relatively two to two and a half weeks before going into withdrawals, but Aunt May told him that it would probably change as he got older and that his needs as an alpha would grow more, as he goes from ‘baby’ alpha to ‘mature’ alpha, just like how his body still had a lot of changing to do just from the teenage boy side. It was the same for omegas, just submission instead of dominance.
“I don’t know,” shrugging her shoulders, “But you are being raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben, who are both betas and I’m pro omega rights, you haven’t grown up in an alpha and omega environment.”
“But Zio Enzo was cool.”
Morgan shakes her head, “My Babbo was very traditional, especially when it came to alpha/omega roles.”
“How?” looking up at his cousin.
“Pete you were young, and it wasn’t like my mama went against his rules. She wasn’t allowed to get a job, and he was very strict on what was and wasn’t appropriate behavior.”
“I thought she stayed home because she homeschooled you.”
“No, she would have stayed home regardless, if I went to regular school or was homeschooled.”
“Oh,” a perplexed look gracing his face.
“Their relationship was very normal for alpha/omega couples, still is. Tata didn’t buck the system either, he believed that the traditional way was best and backed Babbo on his decisions probably ninety eight percent of the time.”
“When you guys find your omega mate,” Morgan looks away at that, before turning back to Peter and Ned, who’s listening intently, “Do you think your alphas are going to have a traditional relationship with them?”
Morgan licks her lips at that, “Most likely.”
Ned pipes up then, “Well I hope I get an alpha that allows me to work cause I really want to do computer programming.”
Morgan smiles over towards Ned, at that, “I hope so too.”




Morgan arrives at the Tower around four in the afternoon on Sunday, dropping off another gym bag full of clothes and knickknacks into her private room. Heading into the pack room, wearing a teal green cowl neck sweater with jeans and knee length slouch boots, she finds Natasha shrugging on her khaki peacoat over her purplish-blue turtleneck. “You ready for your birthday date?” Morgan questions strolling up to the alpha and giving her a peck on the lips.
“Yes,” fixing her turtleneck that had shifted when she had put in her coat, “So where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise,” ginning more when Natasha rolls her eyes at the response.
“You said you hate surprises.”
“I do, but I also said I like giving them.”
“Can you at least tell me if were walking or driving?”
Natasha nods before walking into the closet only to come out a minute later holding a pair of heeled knee length boot in her hand.


Holding hands, they head to a restaurant a mile or so down from the Tower, with the heeled boots, Natasha stands taller than Morgan, smiling when a gust of wind makes the tip of Morgan’s nose red along with her cheeks. “So how was work?”
“Good, busy, but its always busy during the weekend. How about you? You guys going on another mission, soon.”
“No, not that I know of. We’re still going through all the files and we’re keeping the holidays free this year.”
“Yeah about that, what do I need to bring for the cottage?”
Quirking an eyebrow at the redhead, who’s grinning over at her, “You expect me to believe that?”
“Well it would be an amazing Christmas gift,” the alpha says with a teasing tone.
“Maybe I’ll do it, wrap myself with only a bow,” smirking when Natasha stops short, turning to face her alpha, “Nat did you just get hit by a freeze gun?” laughing at the open-mouthed expression the spy has.
Gaining the ability to speak, “Are you serious?”
Shrugging, “It’s in a week and a half. I’ll see.”
A giant smile blooming across her face, Natasha tugs Morgan into her, grabbing hold of the blonde’s face, planting a kiss.

The restaurant is beautiful, the rich décor and soft music adding to the ambiance, “Clint told me it was one of your favorite fancy places in New York,” Morgan comments, as after they are seated in the corner of the restaurant.
“It is.”
After ordering water for Morgan and red wine for Natasha, Natasha smiles over at the blonde, “So are we going back to the Tower after this?”
“I had more planned,” Morgan answers.
“Can you tell me?”
Shaking her head with a grin, “Surprise.”
The redhead gives a laughing smile at that, “Okay, fine. Tell me something else?”
“You look amazing.”
“No, tell me something personal.”
“What do you want to know?”
“Your family, Clint’s the only one who has met any more of your family beside when your Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Peter came for Thanksgiving.”
“Well I have those three which are from my mama’s side and I don’t have anymore from her. I have an Uncle Filip, who’s my Tata’s older brother, he’s married to my Aunt Louise and they have two children, my older cousin Ashley, who Clint met along with her mate Derek, and my younger cousin Guthrie. My Aunt Kasia is my Tata’s younger sister; she has two mates my Uncle Teddy and Tía Emse. For my Babbo’s family, he had a younger sister, my Aunt Cynthia, but she died four years ago and her husband had already passed before that. They had a daughter though my cousin Rory, she has two mates right now Alfy and Lancelot. Then there’s Rin who is my Babbo’s second cousin, but her and Rory are the same age and they see themselves more like sisters than anything. I have a godfather, Uncle Nicky, he was my Babbo’s best friend, I haven’t spoken to him in months and my only grandparent left is my Nana from my Babbo. I’m planning to go see her next Monday.”
“I can go with you.”
“Thank you, but no, she has Alzheimer and she barely remembers me, and I don’t want her having to try to remember more people.” Natasha nods in understanding. “How about you any family?”
“No just you guys.”
Morgan nods, “Okay. What book are you reading this week?”
Before Natasha could answer, the waiter came back to take their order and after he leaves with the order, Natasha goes on to explain her book of the week.


Both mates grasp each other’s hand once they are steady on rented ice skates. “Just to warn you I haven’t done this in a very long time,” Natasha informs.
“That’s okay, neither have I.”
Slowly making it around the giant ice rink, almost falling when a group of teens pass them by. Natasha is the first to fall on her ass, but when Morgan goes to help the redhead up, she ends up sprawled out on her stomach, laughing.
Three falls later for Natasha and four for Morgan, they call it quits getting hot cocoa to enjoy on their walk back to the Tower as it starts to snow.




Morgan maneuvers the three suitcases out of the taxi’s trunk that she had directed to pull up to the subway station near the Tower. With her small and large gym bags strapped across her body she waves to the driver bye, before heading in the direction of the Tower. Fifteen minutes later she was closing the door to her private room at the Tower, everything still in gym bags and suitcases. She still hasn’t mentioned to her mates she was moving in early so that she could do it at her own pace, but with the suitcases she brought today she was officially moved out of her Uncle Ben and Aunt May’s apartment.
“Hey Jarvis?”
“Yes, Miss Morgan?” the British accented AI asks.
“Where is everybody?”
“Mister Steve and Bucky have gone to Brooklyn for the day. Miss Natasha and Mister Clint are sparring in the gym. Mister Bruce is working in the lab down in SI and Sir is in his workshop.”
“Do you think Tony would like some company?”
“I believe so.”
“Thank you, Jarvis.”
“You’re welcome, Miss Morgan.”


“May I come in?” Morgan inquires standing at open glass door of Tony’s workshop.
Tony looks up from his schematics for the next Iron Man armor, “Sure babe, I thought you were staying in Queens till tonight?”
Walking into the workshop she heads towards where he’s surrounded by a group of computers, “My Aunt Kasia texted me, my Tía Emse went into heat so she’s going to be busy for the next few days.” Which meant she didn’t need to go back to Queens until her next shift on Friday night, since she could practice drills in the gym upstairs instead of going all the way to Queens for Kasia’s training.
“So, you came down to see little old me?” a grin plastering itself on his face when she leans against his desk.
“Well I can always go if you need me too?” Morgan teases, pretending to start for the door.
Tony quickly grabs at her arm, “No. No. You picked me,” pulling her into his lap.
“I did,” kissing his cheek.
“No,” as he uses his finger to point at his now puckering lips, “Here.” Morgan gives a laughing huff as she kisses him on the lips. “Better. So did you need something?”
“No. Just thought that we haven’t spent much time together one on one.”
“Well I could use a break,” Tony states, “Why don’t we move this to the couch.” Without waiting for a reply, he stands, holding Morgan bridal style and carrying her over to the old green couch he’s had for over a decade and sitting back down with her still in his arms. “So what do you want to do?”
Playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, “We can talk.”
“Alright, about what?”
“I don’t know, what sounds interesting?”
Tony looked up at the ceiling before looking back at the blonde, “Did you do any other sports like gymnastics? Bruce said your friend told him you’re super flexible,” wiggling his eyebrows slightly at his implication.
“I can do flips and stuff, but its not like I did hardcore gymnastics. I did diving and swimming though.”
His fingers worked themselves under her shirt, his callused thumb rubbing against her soft skin of her side, “That explains why your eyes lit up when we showed you the pool.”
“Yeah. How about you any sports?”
“Nah. More into inventing.”
“But you obviously know how to fight,” tilting her head to look at his face more.
“Had to. One of the downfalls of being rich is kidnappings,” shrugging as he says it.
“We never did get an answer for this, when was your first kiss?”
Licking her lips together, “I was fourteen. You?”
“Twelve. Were you dating the guy?”
“We had gone out on one date and he kissed me at the end before hightailing it away.”
“So only one date.”
“Yeah, he was terrified when my Babbo came out.”
“Makes sense,” he had never been scared of the parents of his girlfriends, but they also never brought him home to meet them.
“How about you, were you dating the girl you kissed?”
“Nope. So when are you going to move in?” She laughs at that, Tony always asked that whenever they had a conversation together. Squeaking when Tony pinches her side, “It’s not funny, when are you?”
“Once someone tells me where to put my clothes,” Tony’s eyes go big and Morgan almost falls to the concrete floor when he stands abruptly.
“You should lead with that next time!” he exclaims yanking her arm behind him as he practically sprints to the elevator.
“Tony, slow down.”
The brunette ignores her as he yells out, “Jarvis elevator!” the doors opening just as they make it to the lift.
Tony’s practically vibrating with excitement, “So do you need movers? I can get them over at your apartment within the hour.”
“I actually already have all my stuff here already,” the blonde answers, as the doors to the elevator open.
Tony stops her from exiting, pulling her close before planting a searing kiss to her lips before pulling away and asking, “Where is your stuff?”
“In the private room you gave me.”
“Lets go grab your clothes from there and set you up in the closet.” Tony playfully swatting her ass to get her to move faster towards the private room, “Let’s go.”

Tony took in the pile of luggage, “That’s all your stuff?”
“Which one’s are clothes?” with that Morgan started pulling out the six gym bags full of clothes. “Alright,” grabbing four of the bags himself he headed towards the pack room.

“This is your section,” Tony spoke waving his arm towards the empty closet bar that reached seven feet across sunken in between shelving and drawers on both sides, it’s identical in size and look to each of the mates, her section snuggled between Bucky and Clint’s. “Do you need help?”
“If you want or I can do this later and we can continue to just hang out,” Morgan replies.
“How about make out?” a giant grin plastering onto his face that only grows when she nods, “This way m’lady,” reaching for her hand as he pulls her to the middle area of the closet where a large cream-colored leather ottoman stands. Sitting down he helps situate Morgan so that she’s straddling his thighs, “You think you’re willing to give me a hand job later?” he already knew she wouldn’t want it reciprocated, she didn’t want them touching down there at least not yet, but she wanted if they were willing to let her, allow her touch them there.
The tips of the blonde’s ears turned bright red at that, nodding while giving an almost whispered, “Sure.”
Tony grins at that before placing one hand at the base of the Morgan’s skull and the other on her hip before kissing her soft lips. Tony lets his tongue run over her lips, the blonde responding with parting them and he dives in, soon after their tongues start dancing for dominance, before Tony’s tongue retreats. He lets her win, wanting to give the blonde a chance to see if she was a switch just like him, so far, she only been in a bottom position whenever she was sexual with them. It had taken him many, many, bed partners to feel comfortable enough to try subbing and he knew Morgan was exploring the more sexual side of herself with them, and he wanted to give her a chance to be the one dominating. Only he and Clint would be able to give her that really, since the alphas and Bruce were all dominating when it came to sexual matters. Clint had told him when they first mated back in 2010 that he was thankful that Tony was a switch just like him, that when he had been exploring the more dom side of sex, and only had Natasha to do it with that it had been difficult, Natasha had tried but she’s a dominant alpha and they exude dominance, so when she tried to bottom for the beta so that he could try it out, it had been more uncomfortable than anything else since he wasn’t dominant enough to overpower the alpha’s natural energy.
Morgan tongue retreats right after, going back to kissing, their lips sliding across each other’s, teasingly she pushes Tony onto his back, leaning into him as they continue to kiss. She breaks the kiss a two minutes later, frowning.
“Something wrong?” Tony inquires, cocking his head to the side as he laid there.
“Why’d you let me win?”
“I wanted to give you a chance to dom.”
“Do you not want to dom?”
“No, I just wanted to give you a chance.”
“I don’t like it.”
“Don’t like it meaning it doesn’t get the juices flowing or is it a limit.”
“Is you being the one to dominate while making out something that is a give or take, basically it doesn’t make you feel anything or is it a limit you have to where you hate it and we shouldn’t have you be one dominating in the kiss?”
“I don’t like it; it just feels wrong. I can tease, but I don’t want to win.”
“Okay. You want to stop kissing?”
“No, just don’t want to be the one in control.”
Tony nods, sitting up and threading his hand back through her hair and pulling her into the kiss, using his right arm to wrap around her waist and pulls her body closer.
She moans into the kiss, when Tony pushes his tongue back in dominating the kiss completely, while he pulls them back down so that his back is on the ottoman.
Eventually, Tony starts pulling at the hem of her red and black plaid, without breaking the kiss she starts to unbutton it shrugging it off with Tony’s help when his impatience gets the better of him and goes to yank it off, using his fingers to touch the clasp at the back of her bra, he breaks the kiss just enough to look into her eyes in silent permission. Seeing what he needs to see, he brings her back into the kiss and with practiced experience easily unclipping the bra with one hand, then dragging the bra off and throwing it in some direction that neither mate cared about. Tony flips them, then, so that he’s now on top.
Her nipples perk up into hardened buds when his calloused thumbs rub over then, shuddering in pleasure, skin breaking out into goosebumps, green eyes catch on brown, giving a breathy moan, as Tony deliberately keeps eye contact as he moves his lips down peppering her tan skin with kisses as he makes a trail down to her barely a handful size breasts, swirling his tongue around her left nipple. Her own fingers move to the belt around his waist, unbuckling it.
Tony breaks his ministrations with his tongue, then, taking a moment to shuck off his jeans and boxers before going right back to Morgan’s breasts, one getting special treatment from his mouth, the other’s nipple being rolled and pinched between his fingers. Hearing her smother, a moan with her hand, he uses the hand not playing with her nipple to pull it away from her mouth, wanting to hear all the sweet sounds of pleasure she produces.
Arching when Tony experimentally nips at her breast, she then palms at his erection, smiling when Tony jerks his hips into the touch, before he moves up on her body, focusing in on her neck so that she could now easily play with his cock, tightening around and moving up and down the length.
He scrapes his teeth on the juncture of her neck, sucking at her pulse point. He gives a shuddering moan when she lightly grazes his balls still using her other hand to jack him off in slow movements, “Faster babe, so close.”
Picking up the speed of her hand, she feels his member throb more beneath her fingers, the faster it throbbed, the more his breathing picked up, sucking on the column of her neck, he spasms before biting down as his orgasm overtakes him.
Tony let’s his forehead rest on the ottoman, letting his breathing slow for a second, before lifting it up and using his hand to cup at Morgan’s face, kissing her solidly on the lips. “Shower?” Tony inquires, standing up and gazing down at Morgan’s toned stomach that was covered in him.
Shaking her head, eyes still dilated, “I’m going to shower in the guest bath.”
Shrugging, “Just …”
When she doesn’t finish, he asks, “Would you shower with me if I promise not to touch you at all?”
After a minute she relents, “I guess.”
“Sweet,” grabbing her shirt off the ground, using it to wipe the excess cum off her stomach.

Morgan bites her lip when they get to the shower just staring at the tile wall, Tony stands just inside the shower area, his band t-shirt already off, looking at her expectantly when she stands there still in her jeans. “Are you worried about your carpet?”
“My what?” breaking out of her trance.
“Your hair,” gesturing to her pelvic area.
“No! I get that waxed.”
Tilting his head in question, “Then why are you nervous? Random people have seen it.”
“I don’t know. No guy has seen all of me at one time.”
“A guy has seen parts of you?”
“Well you guys have,” waving her hands in front of her naked torso.
“Yeah, but were your mates, I’m talking others.”
“Girls, yes. Men no. And anyway I’ve never showered with someone that I’m in a relationship with.”
“Technically you’re showering next to me,” to prove his point he taps the water control console next to him and two giant streams of water come out of two of the nozzles.
Breathing in she unbuttons her jeans before pushing them down along with her underwear, avoiding Tony’s gaze as she passes him to the water. Tony stares at the bare form before moving under the stream of water himself.

Chapter Text

Morgan grabs the bowl of rum soaked raisins from where she’d set it out the night before starting in on the next step of making the panettone.

Clint walks in about a half hour later, “You’re sneaky aren’t you,” grabbing a cup of coffee.
Morgan bites her lip at that, “What, what do you mean?”
Shrugging, “You’re sneaky, you just seem to pop up, I think you scared the shit out of Tony last night before you left.”
“So Tony took Steve and Bucky to see the new compound upstate, and Bruce and Nat are doing a day out. Do you want to just cuddle on the couch, maybe watch a movie and take a nap?”
“Yeah just let me put this in the oven to rise and we can do that,” covering the large bowl with plastic wrap.
“What movie?”
“Any one is fine, I’ll probably fall asleep.”

As a cheesy comedy begins to play on the screen, Clint threads his fingers through Morgan’s hair as her head uses his thigh as her pillow; it only takes ten minutes of Clint rubbing her head for Morgan to fall asleep. Clint continues as the movie continues and by the time the credits roll, he’s also fallen asleep.

Waking up two hours later his leg asleep from Morgan’s head, but he doesn’t have the heart to move her, she had curled up into him her face smushed into his abs, fingers gripping at his t-shirt allowing for her soft breaths to hit his exposed skin tickling him lightly, while her knees press into his side.
It wasn’t until the start of his third movie does Morgan start to wake, shifting closer to him despite the fact that she couldn’t get any closer without magical interference, he grunts when her knees jam into his ribs, the noise waking her up.
Uncurling herself from Clint, arching her back as she stretches. “What time is it?”
“Around noon.”
Nodding at that, “I’m going to go sleep in bed.”
“Okay. Do you know if there’s still cake left from Bruce’s birthday?”
Stifling a yawn, “Probably not.”
Clint shift farther into the couch at that to watch the movie.


Putting the bread into the oven to finally bake, Morgan looks over to a sleepy looking Steve, “I know that you guys don’t want the world to know, but don’t we still need to do the soulmate paperwork now that I’ve moved in?”
“No,” Steve murmurs out, he wishes it could be different, back in the thirties before they knew they were mates, he and Buck had both talked extensively about how when they found their mates they were going to have them take their names something that made the alpha in them purr in happiness. Once Bucky had turned eighteen and Steve gained his first soul mark, they had discussed who would be the head alpha, Bucky had been chosen back then, but since male alphas didn’t give up their last names, Steve continued being Steven Grant Rogers.
“Okay,” trying not to sound as conflicted with the response as she felt.
“Heard you’re going to your nana’s tomorrow, do you want to take one of the cars to get there faster?”
Shaking her head, “No thanks. I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Don’t have a drivers license.”
“You don’t know how to drive?”
“I know how, just don’t have the license that tells police I can,” she answers grinning broadly at him as she wipes down the counter.
“Why don’t you get it now?”
Shrugging, “I use the subway for everything.”
“Well how about I take you? I can visit Sam at the VA while you see your nana and then we can do a date night just the two of us.”
“Let me think about it.”




Morgan sets the panettone down on the nightstand, “Hello nana,” thankful when the woman turns to her with recognition on her face.
“Morgan, my beautiful grandbaby,” holding out her hand for Morgan to grasp.
Sitting down onto the adjustable bed, Morgan inquires, “How you feeling?” before kissing her nana’s cheek.
“It’s a good day, how’s school going?”
“It went well, I’m on winter break now. I brought you some homemade panettone from nonna’s recipe book.”
“Thank you, baby. How has your mates been, they treating you right?”
“Yes nana, they’re treating me right. How are you liking this place?” a few months ago Rin and Rory had decided that nana would be more comfortable in a more secluded retirement home than her previous retirement home.
“That’s good. Have I ever told you how I met your grandpa and nonna?”
“No, but grandpa loved telling us about meeting you and nonna, nonna always left to do something else.”
Nana’s smile grew at that, “That’s because your nonna masqueraded as a beta to get her waitressing job. She used to drown her omega scent in perfume, I figured it out after a couple of months of her serving me, she was just about to change cities again, I caught her packing one night when I went over to check on her. She begged me not to tell anyone of her designation, I gave her a choice.” Morgan winces at that, she knew the kind of choices her nana gave. “It was then that I saw my soul mark on the back of her thigh,” trailing off no doubt reminiscing about the memory, coming out of her pause, “I doubt you want to hear the story again.”
Despite not actually having ever heard this story, nonna always shut down the story of how her and nana had found out they were soulmates, “You don’t have to tell me, you can always tell me about how Babbo was as a child.”
“Morgan, your Babbo was born full grown,” her eyes wrinkling into a smile at her quip, “I’m sure Nicholas could regale you with better stories than me.”
“Uncle Nicky won’t. It would ruin their alpha male images if he told me any embarrassing stories about the two of them,” giving a pout in hopes of encouraging story or two.
“Don’t pout,” moving her hand to caress Morgan’s cheek, “How about you cut up some of that panettone for us, and you can tell me what you and your cousins have been up too. Barbara called me a week or two ago about your rock climbing adventure.”
It takes a moment to remember Rory’s first name was actually Barbara, Rory had drilled it into Morgan’s head to call her Aurora at the very least, which was her middle name, but as a toddler Morgan couldn’t pronounce it and had shortened it to Rory. “Yeah we went up to Poke-O-Moonshine to do a sports climb,” pulling out her cell to show the pictures the cousins had taken.


Forty minutes later, nana’s nurse strolls in checking up on her, “Oh, Sandy, this is the granddaughter I had been telling you about,” grasping Morgan’s hand in the process, “Morgan, she’s an,” Nana looks away at that before turning towards back to Morgan, “Who are you?” pulling her wrinkled hand away from Morgan’s in response.
Morgan gives a sad smile at that, “I’m Morgan, your granddaughter, Enzo’s daughter.”
“I don’t have a granddaughter,” looking back at Sandy, in her nurse outfit, confusion written over her face, “Where am I?”
Sandy speaks softly, coming closer to the bed, “You’re in DC, ma’am, at the Jenkins Retirement Home.”
“Why would I be here? Where’s my mates? We were supposed to go out for our twentieth anniversary,” slowly sitting up in the bed.
“Ma’am you need stay lying down,” coming over quickly to stall the older woman, Morgan already trying to keep her nana laying down.
“I will do no such thing unhand me,” the authoritative alpha voice stilling Morgan’s hands, but thankfully Sandy felt no such compulsion.
“Nana you need to lie down,” pleading slightly.
“I am not your nana,” the usually warm brown eyes turning to glare into Morgan’s green ones, “My family knows not to try and stop me.”
“Ms. Cassidy go get another nurse,” Sandy interrupts when she notices Morgan had stopped helping and Sandy didn’t want to hurt the elder woman that was fighting to get off the bed.
Morgan reaches the door by the time her nana calls out, “Morgan Cassidy?” at Morgan’s slow nod, her nana continues, “Now I know you ain’t family, my son’s an alpha he would have given you our last name.”
Morgan rushes out of the room at that.




Tony claps his hands together before snapping his fingers in flourish, “J start the fabrications of the Iron Legion.” Turning to Natasha who had curled up on the couch reading through files from the last HYDRA site, while Tony had finished with the last-minute details with the government, “We should celebrate, I’m thinking Italian for dinner.”
Fondly rolling her eyes at Tony always wanting to celebrate big moments with food, “I’ll order it, but dinner is at least four hours away,” setting her files down, “What else do you need to do?”
“J what’s on my to do list?”
“You have twenty-seven R&D projects to inspect and thirty-four to sign-off on, Ms. Potts’ demands you to join her for the last meeting with the Board of Directors for the year, it starts in an hour,” Tony groans at that.
“Well it looks like your busy,” kissing Tony on the cheek when he plops down next to her as she starts to stand.
“No, not busy, I can do this later I need a break,” pulling the redhead into his lap.
“Only an hour, Pepper would kill us all if we kept you from that meeting.”
“Fine,” grumbling slightly, the Board members were so dull individually and Board meetings just lumped them all together. Tilting Natasha’s head so that he could kiss her fully.
Natasha deepens the kiss her hands sneaking up Tony’s shirt as Tony cups her face. “Jarvis … set a reminder … for … ten minutes … to … the meeting,” Natasha says between kisses.
Tony makes a face at that his nose scrunching up before seeing the alpha’s salacious grin as her fingers trailed below his belt.

Jarvis interrupted forty-seven minutes later with “You have ten minutes until the meeting and if I could advise you Miss Natasha to help Sir with his predicament before the meeting begins, I’m sure the Board of Directors and Miss Potts’ would be grateful.”
“You heard the man!” Tony moans out, Natasha had been skating him on the razor edge for the last thirty minutes.
Natasha raises a manicured eyebrow at that, “Don’t you have to get dressed?”
“I can do a quick change, just don’t make me go with a boner,” giving the redhead his patented puppy dog eyes.
“Can’t have that now, can we?” a sarcastic lit passing over her quirked lips.
Putting a fake serious face on, “No, no we cannot,” smiling broadly when Natasha goes back to what she’d doing before Jarvis had interrupted.




Steve taps his fingers over the steering wheel, he was happy that Morgan had relented to him driving her to DC, beside Tony, he was the only one that hadn’t gotten to be with her on a proper date yet.
Stepping out of the car when he sees her exit the retirement home, concern covering his voice as he asks, “Doll what happened?” when she gets close enough for him to see the red rimmed eyes.
Shaking her head as new tears start to form, Steve opens his arms sitting down on the hood as Morgan pushes her face into his neck, breathing in his smoky campfire scent. “It was a good day and it turned into a bad one,” is her muffled reply after a minute.
Steve murmurs in understanding, Peggy had been the same way when he had seen her before the whole SHIELD/HYDRA fiasco, since then she’d been moved to a different home. He just didn’t have the time with helping Bucky acclimate to everything and all the meetings about the data dump with Natasha, to find out where Peggy had been even placed, though it would have probably taken Tony twenty seconds to find out, considering it was his godmother, but the last few months had been busy and neither him nor Tony wanted to bring a spotlight to wherever the Carter family had placed Peggy.

It was five minutes later that Morgan stops clutching the navy-blue Henley he wore under his leather jacket. “So enough of me crying, what do you want to do on our date?” Morgan inquires brushing off the tears that clung to her lashes.
“Thought we could do a picnic near the Monuments.”
Nodding, Morgan starts towards the passenger side of the car.


“So, what was life like back then?” Morgan examines as they sit together on the blanket, that Steve had brought with them.
“Different. We used to boil everything. It was less extravagant, definitely less extravagant than what Tony creates. Buck and I used to live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, it was always cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Before the War my biggest dreams were to become an artist and find our omega.”
Hearing the melancholy in his voice, she comments, “I’ve heard bananas taste different.”
“They do!” Steve exclaims, “And we get them all year round now, everything is all year round it seems.”
“So, you wanted to be an artist, not a soldier?”
“Soldier too, but I didn’t feel that unyielding need to serve until the War, when good men were laying down their lives and I had no right to do anything less. It doubled when Bucky got enlisted.”
“I get that.”
“What you thought about joining?”
“When I was a kid, my Babbo would go on and on about family legacy, that I was going to be an alpha, that our family served our country. And I wanted to do it, prove to him and myself that I could live up to that legacy, be good enough to have his name. But look at me I’m not an alpha.”
“That’s not as important as people make it out to be.”
“What designations?”
“What you become; each designation has a purpose, we are who we need to be, not what others expect us to be. Before I presented everyone said that I was going to an omega, because I was always sick. I had bad eyesight, asthma, a chronic cold, sinusitis, high blood pressure, palpitations in my heart, easy fatigability, other heart troubles. And I ended up being an alpha.”
“And now you’re Captain America. The perfect symbol of an American Alpha.”
Shaking his head, “Not perfect, besides Captain America was an image made up by the government to sell war bonds. I still look in the mirror and see that skinny kid from Brooklyn, and if you ask Buck, he sees it too, but he’ll add that I was too dumb not to run away from a fight.”
“You know I never been to Brooklyn.”
“What? I’ll change that, our next date I’ll show you Brooklyn, most of it will be me showing you alleyways that I got beat up in, most places I grew up with have shut down, but the alleyways are the same.”
“Okay, next date.”
“So, you visit here a lot?”
“Visit the Monuments?”
“DC, since your nana lives here.”
“I grew up here, split my time between here and Queens.”
“Which city were you born in?”
“Neither. My parents went on a baby moon thing to Boston, my mama had always wanted to go, apparently, and I decided I wanted to be born early.”
“Don’t tell me you’re a Red Sox fan then.”
“What are you?”
“Brooklyn Dodgers,” his voice sounding like he was giving an undeniable fact, like saying his eyes were blue.
“Guess you were upset that they’re the LA Dodgers now.”
“It wasn’t my happiest moment to come out of the ice and find out that they deserted Brooklyn, but I’m a Dodger fan through and through. You?”
“Would you still love me if I said Yankees?”
Steve sucks in a breath then, before giving a shallow nod, teasing, “Maybe not on game days.”
Raising an eyebrow at the alpha, “Really?”
“No,” pressing a kiss to her lips, “I love you no matter what team you root for, just don’t pass down that flaw to our kids.”
Morgan shakes her head with a laugh, kissing her mate, before saying, “Okay fine, but I do get to take them to Yankee Stadium and tell them all about their many great cousin Joe DiMaggio.”
“You serious?”
Laughing, “Not at all.”
Steve gives a playful growl, pulling her into his lap and nipping at her neck.
She squeals at that, giggling at the response.
“How about the Yankee business?”
“That’s true.”
“I guess I’ll just have to live with that.”


They were packing up the last of the picnic into the trunk when Steve glances over at Morgan biting her bottom lip and fidgeting with her fingers, “You okay?”
“Yeah just a really weird question.”
“What’s it going to happen when you guys have an omega mate?”
Steve stills at that, before shutting the trunk closed, “What do you mean?” his alpha purring at the idea, an omega would mean the completion of the pack, he doubted they would have many more mates out there, packs usually capped out at seven, he’d heard of rare eight and nine mate packs. It wouldn’t surprise him in the least that they were one of the rare mate packs; they were almost all superheroes, both Bucky and him were super soldiers from the forties, Natasha had a Red Room serum that slowed her aging and increased her ability to heal, Bruce had been subjected to gamma radiation and became the Hulk, Clint was an expert marksman able to hit anything with extreme precision, and Tony was a certifiable genius billionaire. Besides they had to be since Morgan was mate number seven and a beta.
“Just what kind of relationship would you have with them?” answering as they buckle into the car. Seeing Steve’s questioning look, Morgan clarifies more, “Progressive, traditional, something else?”
With no hesitation, “Traditional.” During SHIELD missions when it had been just Natasha and him, they would lie in bed together and fantasize about how they wanted to structure their pack with an omega, when Bucky came along they included him on their little omega fantasy. They had all agreed and before they met Morgan, when all they had to go off of was a squiggly blue and gold circle that wrapped around everyone’s left nipple, during that month when the fantasy had almost came true they had involved their beta mates, who all agreed. Then Morgan turned out to be a beta and the fantasy stayed just that, a fantasy.
“Oh. What does that look like for you? Do they get to keep their job if they have one? Do they get to continue schooling? Do they --”
“Whoa, one at a time. What brought this on anyway?” giving the small blonde a glance before turning his blue eyes back to the road.
“I just, I just figured it, I don’t really know,” shrugging her shoulders.
“What?” this time Morgan shifts in her seat to stare at the alpha, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion.
“No as in no to the job and college.”
“They don’t need a job and college is used for people trying to get a job,” Steve explains.
“Do they get to decide anything?” she inquires, sarcasm lacing her voice.
“We want a traditional mating.”
“Buck, Nat, and me, everyone else agreed.”
“You didn’t ask me.”
“This was before we found you.”
“Do I get a say in it?”
“Sure,” it wouldn’t change the outcome of the alpha/omega dynamic when they finally get their omega, but Steve was willing to hear his youngest mate out.
“I say they should be able to keep their life however they want it.”
Steve shakes his head adamantly at that.
Morgan glares, “Does your omega even get a choice?” her voice harsh as she questions him.
Blue eyes turned to slits that, a deep growl of “No.”
Turning away so that she could glare at the window, Morgan huffs, she really shouldn’t have asked, especially since they still had over a four-hour car ride back to the Tower and she was ready to leave the tension filled car of her own making.


Steve watches as Morgan hightails it towards the laundry room with the blanket they used to sit on at the Monuments, before heading towards the pack room and practically slamming the door shut.
Clint peers up at the slam from his place sprawled out on the couch, “What happened?”
Steve shrugs; he really didn’t understand why Morgan got so angry over his answers. “Where is everyone?”
“Tony’s busy with SI work, Bucky went down to the garage to work on the cars, Bruce is meditating and Nat went out with Pepper and Audrey for a girls night. How was the date?”
“It was going really well, until we got back into the car to come here.”
“You want me to talk to her?” out of everyone he and Tony had the easiest going relationship, but Tony was busy and emotions were not Tony’s forte, they weren’t really in any of their forte’s.
“You can try,” falling into the empty space by Clint’s head, “I’ve tried but she just glared and huffed.”
Clint moves at that scooting up so that his head now rests on Steve’s thigh. “I’ll give her a moment then, she might just need space. In the mean time do you want to take out some of that frustration the fun way?” wiggling his eyebrows.
“You’re impossible,” rolling his eyes as he snorted in amusement.
“So is that a yes?”
Clint grins moving quickly so that the fun could begin.




Morgan stands at the edge of the pool; she’d changed quickly into a swimsuit after starting the laundry and headed upstairs towards the pool. Swimming had always been a stress reliever, everything felt simple when she swam.
Diving expertly into the pool she starts her laps, switching strokes every sixth lap. It was over two hours later that she finally stops.


Brushing her long hair out and making a mental note that she still needed to get it cut, something she hadn’t done besides Aunt May’s simple trims in over two years, when Clint leans against the bathroom counter.
“Feeling better?”
Morgan gives a “Yep,” setting the brush down on her section of the counter space. “Where is Steve?”
“Lounge, he fell asleep like the old man he is,” Clint quips.
“Oh. I was going to apologize, I was snippy,” huffing at herself, why was it that the blonde alpha was always the one that got her bad side.
“Apologize tomorrow,” watching as Morgan goes to start the process of brushing her teeth. “You want to talk about today?”
“No, I just want to go to bed. Apologize tomorrow and have a better day.”
“How was your nana?”
“It was a good day gone bad,” with that she starts brushing her teeth.
Clint nods with an “I’m sorry,” before heading towards the shower stripping on his way there.

Chapter Text

“Turn that shit off,” Clint grumbles as he pulls the blanket over his head, falling back to sleep.
Morgan clumsily reaches out grabbing her phone and turning off the alarm before trying to get all the way out of the pack bed. Blearily looking at the olive skin arms that belongs to Tony as he pulls her closer his face smashing into her shoulder blades as he seeks after her body heat. Rubbing at her eyes and face, she carefully untangles herself from him before climbing out of the bed.
Looking back at everyone still asleep, except for Bucky, who somehow was always up by four thirty every morning; Steve has Natasha tucked into to him, while the female alpha has her left arm thrown over Bruce’s chest as he snores. Tony’s arms and legs were in the process of wrapping around Clint’s body like an octopus.
After finishing getting ready, she heads to the kitchen to grab an apple and a protein bar. Kissing Bucky who’s snacking on plums before saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, love you.”
“Love you too, doll.”


After her morning workout, Morgan heads to the craft store for the red ribbon she needs for her Christmas gift for her mates, having decided that despite the no gift rule she was willing to bet her mates would make an exception. Before swinging by the hairdresser for a walk in appointment getting her long hair cut to just below shoulder length.


Walking inside the three-bedroom home of her Uncle Filip, she quickly kisses her Aunt Louise’s cheek greeting her in Polish, the Cassidy’s native tongue. “You need any help, Aunt Louise?”
“Can you grab the pierogi,” turning to Guthrie who was trying to sneak past the kitchen doors, “Guthrie set the table.”
Guthrie huffs at that, grumbling under is breath before slamming his mouth shut when his mom’s raises an eyebrow, grabbing the plates for the table.


“I’m not saying its wrong, but there has to be a different way for him to get over there,” Derek speaks.
Ashley rolls her eyes at her mate, “It the only way for him to be at the right place at the wrong time.”
“I agree with Derek, I say there is a different way to get the same outcome and not look like a stupid beta,” Guthrie inputs, as he put the final set of dishes on the counter for Morgan to rinse off and put in the dishwasher.
“Guth shut up,” Ashley hisses slightly.
It was Guthrie’s turn to roll his eyes at his older sister, “If you didn’t want input then you shouldn’t talk about it in other people’s company.”
“Does it look like we’re including you?” Both Ashley and Derek were siting in the far space of the breakfast nook, Ashley on her mate’s lap.
Guthrie stomps away at that with a growl, muttering horribly under his breath.

“What pissed in his cereal?” Morgan inquires when she was sure Guthrie is out of earshot.
Derek answers with “His girl dumped him since he hasn’t been able to go out since the night he crashed the car.”
“Well she’s a bitch, then,” rinsing off a plate as she says it.
“Totally, they were dating for four months and she was way to demanding. I think if she hadn’t broken it off Guth would have by next month,” Ashley informs.
Derek shakes his head at that, while Ashley raises a brow in question at that, “He was getting his rocks off.”
“He could have done better,” defending her little brother.
“He didn’t want to.”


“What are you all doing in here?” Emse asks, grabbing a glass for water and two beers for her alpha mates.
Both blonde cousins and Derek look up at their Tía Emse, Ashley being the one to speak, “Playing scrabble.”
“Why don’t you spend some time with us in the living room.”
“No thanks.”
Morgan nodding her head in agreement with her cousin, “I’m headed to the gym soon to train anyway.”

Morgan passes by the living room, both omega Aunt’s kneeling at their alpha mates’ sides, Emse between Kasia and Teddy. It was such a normal scene, her whole childhood she had seen her mama do the same for her Babbo, it reminded her that she lost them and that it was her third Christmas without them. “I’m headed out.”
Filip looks up, not stopping his fingers as he gently ran them through his mate’s brown hair, “Alright, kid, I’ll see you at the bar later.” Morgan nods, before moving inside the living room to hug each member goodbye.


Kasia moves with precision, almost three decades of experience in fighting backing her up, throwing a punch that catches on Morgan’s headgear, “Get out of your head!”
“Sorry,” bobbing out of the way of the next throw before changing direction and letting instinct take over, sweeping her leg that’s jumped over, before easily reversing and hitting Kasia with a take down.
Kasia eases herself out of the bottom position, striking Morgan in the side with half of her strength before Morgan kicks out hitting Kasia in the head before rolling to a defensive position, making them both circle each other. “We have less than three weeks left Morgan, you need to strike faster, your opponent’s not going to hold back.”
“Neither am I.”
“Then do it. Show me cause you know the only way out of that ring that’s going to be acceptable is if you knock your opponent out cold.” Morgan nods, but keeps circling faking a few moves to see how Kasia reacts, but she gives nothing away, and Morgan didn’t think she would. This was supposed to be a trial match and Kasia was a professional martial artist just like her brothers and co-alpha mate, and she even had two gold medals from the Olympics to show for it. All Cassidy’s were fighters, it was only a matter of time before both Ashley and Guthrie started for the professional circuit. The match in a few weeks was, according to Uncle Filip, supposed to be her jumping off point into the big league, she was a Cassidy and that held weight, so losing would never be an option in any form.
“Golden Girl’s got this,” Ashley calls out from the sidelines cheering for Morgan.
Morgan glares at her older cousin before moving kicking Kasia’s legs out from under her before giving a series of half strength strikes to the headgear. They wouldn’t KO each other with strikes like in an actual match and they were pulling punches because neither wanted to be nursing a bloody face during Christmas. Kasia fights out from under before giving Morgan the same treatment.


Kasia smirks down when she mounts Morgan, they had been working out for three hours now, so as a fun cool down, they decided to roll in an easy flow, Kasia’s mate counting down the last minute before they would switch giving Kasia a break and Morgan a new opponent.
Morgan jerks while pushing down on her Aunt’s forearms to unbalance her, twisting and getting the older blonde into her guard. She doesn’t stay in that position long before the older blonde switches their positions breaking the guard. Thirty seconds later, Morgan shifts her legs moving for a triangle choke, Kasia breaking the hold just before Morgan’s left knee synchs over her right ankle, that would have locked Kasia between her thighs. Changing gears Morgan moves swiftly for a shoulder lock and making Kasia tap out.


Teddy moves onto the mats after the match, “We going for full tilt without damage or just rolling?” handing over water to his mate and Morgan, who both take the water quickly relishing in the hydration and slight coolness compared to their overheated and sweaty bodies.
“Let’s do full tilt,” Morgan answers, before taking a long pull of water and heading to the earlier discarded gear, tossing the larger padded equipment to the bald-headed alpha before slipping on her own gear.
Five minutes later, she’s standing two feet apart from her uncle, who dwarfs her in size, at six foot four he was two inches taller than Steve and carried more defined rock hard muscles, where Steve has vast amounts of strength hidden within well toned muscles that Teddy could never compare to.
Teddy shifts quickly to strike and Morgan using Natasha’s favorite move grabs the swinging arm to propel herself up, legs wrapping themselves in a choke hold around the male alpha’s neck. She of course didn’t follow up with widow bites like her mate, but shifts so that they ended up doing a controlled fall to the mats allowing her to try and get a submission.
It took eight minutes and in the end Teddy had her in a guillotine.




Peter trips over his own two feet smiling up at his cousin from the ground, Morgan smiles down at him with a shake of her head and a huff of a laugh before squatting down to help him up with one arm the other holding the dinner she brought for the two of them, “What’s got you so excited, Pete?”
“Just missed you.”
“It’s only been a week.”
A blush forms on his face at that, “We … it’s been two years of seeing you almost everyday.”
Morgan pulls him into a hug at that, “Okay kid how about we spend all of Sunday together?”
“Can I stay over, please? Pretty please with a cherry on top.”
“I don’t see why not.”
“Awesome,” smiling broadly before turning nervous, “Do you think Captain Rogers would help me with my WWII essay, I need a first hand account and what can be more first hand than someone who was in the war only a few years ago?” a hopeful look in his eyes.
“You can ask.”
“Can’t you ask?” it was hard enough asking Morgan, but to ask Captain America.
“I’ll be there with you, but it’s your project.”
Groaning Peter flops down onto the sofa, “Come on.”
Ignoring his small fit, as she places the pizza, she got specifically for the teen on the coffee table, grabbing her salad off the top, “How you liking the new apartment?”
Shrugging “Fine room’s slightly bigger.”
“You ready for Christmas? I heard you were a good baby alpha this year,” speaking with a teasing lilt before taking a bite of her salad.
Peter just glares before grabbing a slice of steamy pizza, both eating in silence for a few minutes.

“Okay, you want to show me those pictures you wanted to show me.”
Nodding, the teen grabs the stack from the coffee table, “I need you to tell me about each person that you can.”
Morgan glances at the first picture, which showed her grandparents from her mama’s side, “I thought this project was supposed to be your family tree?”
“It is.”
Nodding the blonde didn’t need the brunette to tell her why he was digging into Aunt May’s side. “Well this was nonni Jay and nonno Marco, they died a few years before I was born, I want to say that nonni died in 1993 and nonno a year later. Mama told me that nonni was the best baker she’d ever seen, when she was a little girl she would stand on a stool and help nonni bake fresh breads every Saturday. Nonno, he um had a small Italian restaurant that his parents had bought when they had moved from Italy to New York in the forties. The restaurant burned down sometime in the eighties, and they didn’t have the money to rebuild so he went to work as a cook in a different restaurant.”
“I need the alpha/beta/omega status too,” Peter informs, typing the information into his laptop.
“They were both betas.”
Tucking the picture to the bottom of the stack, Morgan looks at the next photograph, “This is nonni’s brother Luca, he died when he was fifteen from a factory accident, I don’t remember what he presented as, I don’t think he presented at all actually, this side of the family are all late bloomers. We all tend to present late, I know that my mama didn’t present until she was early fifteen and Aunt May at mid fourteen. I didn’t present until I was around two months shy of sixteen.”
Nodding at the information, “Okay how about the next photo.”




Natasha smiled at seeing Maria and Pepper coming out of the elevator, “You guys ready for a night of wine and relaxation?”
“Hell yeah,” Maria answers back, “These heels are killing me, Pepper I don’t know how you do it everyday with those monstrosities,” pulling the traitorous heels off as she sits down on the couch, Pepper’s heels were at least three inches taller.
Pepper gives a smirk, “You get used to them.”
“I miss being able to where my combat boots everywhere.”
“I don’t think it would portray the same here as it did in SHIELD,” Natasha reminds.
“Most of security is ex-SHIELD,” Maria grumbles slightly.
Both redheads ignore the outburst, Pepper reaching for one of the wine bottles on the coffee table, “Where are the rest of your mates?”
Natasha answers easily, after sipping her already filled wine glass, “The boys are all down in Tony’s workshop trying to figure out what they want to get for Morgan and me as Christmas gifts. Morgan is at work.”
“A little late don’t you think?” Maria inquires.
Natasha rolls her eyes, “We have a rule of no gifts, but they all got it in their heads that we need something tangible, despite both me and her both saying we don’t want anything.”
“Just hope they don’t stick with whatever Tony wants to get, or you’ll be stuck with a fifteen-foot bunny as well,” Pepper inputs with a smirk.
Maria laughs before seeing the sincerity in Pepper’s eyes, asking incredulously, “He bought you a giant bunny, when?”
“A Christmas gift two years ago, when I was his assistant, I would have just bought myself something in his name, usually expensive heels. But since he made me CEO, he’s wanted to do it, so he goes all out with something completely unnecessary and impractical.”

“What are you guys doing for Christmas?” Natasha questions them after telling them of the pack’s snow cabin plans; the three alphas were each two glasses of wine in and curled up on the couch with blankets.
“Phil and May are flying in late tonight and then Phil, Happy, Audrey, and me are driving up to see Audrey’s family for Christmas Eve tomorrow and then go to Happy’s mom’s for Christmas.”
“Mel and I are going to drive out to where Nick’s been hiding out, Andrew is heading there tonight. We’re going to spend the days just renewing our bonds, Nick’s rut is supposed to come Friday so Andrew will help him out, while Mel and I just enjoy the solidarity.”
“Must be hard not seeing them all the time now,” Pepper converses.
Maria nods slightly, “Yeah, it was nice when we were all in the same state, but it’s the same with Phil and you guys.”
Pepper tilts her wine glass in solidarity, “I still have Happy and Audrey with me. And beside Phil was always traveling so it hasn’t changed too drastically.”


“Okay so, we get Nat her super spy outfit with all the cool toys,” Tony reiterates, leaning against his desk while looking at the hologram of the finished design. “Still don’t see why we can’t get her something giant, Pepper liked the giant bunny I got her one year.”
Clint wrinkles his nose, “No man, I want to be able to sleep with Nat in the next year, a giant stuffed animal will put us all in lockdown.”
“To each there own,” Tony says offhandedly, waving the schematics away.
“Okay so onto Morgan,” Steve reminds before the two betas could derail the entire conversation.
“She’s never travelled anywhere except for London a couple years ago,” Bruce inputs.
Bucky nods, “She loves being in the water.”
“Okay so exotic vacation,” Tony writes down on the hologram notes, “What else? She did swimming and diving.”
“She likes learning new fighting styles,” Steve adds.
“Can we get someone to come in and train her,” Clint asks trailing off in the end.
“Like a coach?” Bruce inquires.
Steve shakes his head, “No we can do that, between all of us we can show her moves.”
Tony interrupts, “She already goes to her Uncle’s gym to train anyway.”
“How about an Olympian? She said something before about how she and her family always watched the Olympic games,” Bucky informs.
“We can do that, but for which sport?” Tony asks.
Clint tilts his head in contemplation, “There’s swimming, diving, or judo. I say diving.”
At everyone’s nod, Bruce calls out, “Jarvis can you get us a list of Olympic Divers.” With that the hologram changes to the list of Olympic Divers.
“Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing right?” Clint inquires sitting up from where he had been leaning on Bucky.
“Pretty sure we all got eyes,” Tony quips, tapping at the name at the top of the list. Bucky whistles at seeing the new information pull up.
“Why wouldn’t she say anything?” Steve grumbles; crossing his arms as he looks at the hologram.
Bruce speaks up then, “She did say she left London early because her parents died in a car crash.” Shrugging his shoulders as he hypothesizes, “Might be a painful memory.”
“We can ask her when we pick her up tomorrow morning,” Bucky reminds.
Steve looks over at Tony, “Can you pull the footage?”
“You want to call Nat down?” Clint inquires.
“No. Why don’t we just head up there,” Bruce suggests.
“Good idea Big Guy, it’ll be way more comfy,” Tony says pushing himself off his desk.


“Ladies,” Tony greets.
“Tony,” the three alpha women reply back.
“So we got some clips we want to show you,” Clint speaks, throwing himself onto the couch next to his redheaded mate, making Natasha grip her wine glass harder to make sure she didn’t spill, cutting her eyes to the blonde archer who just gives a wide grin in return.
“I’m a little bit busy right now,” Natasha replies gesturing to both Pepper and Maria.
Both of whom share a look before starting to stand, Pepper being the one to make the excuse, “Phil and May should be arriving soon, we should head out,” setting down her now empty wine glass.
Natasha nods, standing as well to walk the two alphas to the elevator doors, the rest of the mates saying goodbye as the got comfortable on the now empty couch, except for Clint, who was already laying down.


“Okay what did you want to show me?” Natasha asks as she comes back in sitting down on Bruce’s lap, who easily wraps his arms around the alpha.
“These,” Tony answers, pulling up the YouTube videos from where he’s squished himself between the two super soldiers.

After watching the videos, Clint asks, “You think that’s why her soul mark is a blue and gold squiggly circle?”
Bucky nods, “Makes sense, definitely obscure, I don’t think we would ever of linked the mark to her.”
“Well all marks have a meaning for the mate it represents,” Steve reminds.
“Yeah, but sometimes they don’t come to fruition until later in life,” Bruce adds, thinking of the green bubbling and foaming test tube that represented him, and by Tony’s theory the Hulk, as his fingers skim Natasha’s right thigh where the mark is on her skin.




Natasha waits a whole five minutes from when Morgan gets into the car the next morning, on Christmas Eve, before asking in a jokingly mad voice, “Why would you keep something so big a secret from us?” turning towards Morgan, who was sitting between her and Bruce.
Morgan coughs on air at that, missing the teasing lit altogether, her brain short circuiting with the mantra ‘alpha mad’, as she tries to regain the ability to breathe, Bruce rubs what he hopes are calming circles on the blonde’s back.
“You okay babe?” Tony asks, checking the rear-view mirror as he drives through the crowded snow-covered street.
It takes a minute before she can get her head to stop swirling, “Yeah, um yes.” Natasha carefully looking at the blonde’s face, having not expected that reaction. As Clint reaches behind to hand Morgan a bottle of water, Morgan says a quiet thanks before looking at her female alpha, “Are you really pissed at me?” trying not to let her nerves come out full force.
“No. Not at all,” reaching for the blonde’s hands and rubbing her thumb over knuckles.
Morgan cocks her head to the side at that, surely them finding out her big secret would be something. When Morgan doesn’t comment, the spy continues, “We just thought you would want to share that you’re an Olympian. Cause that’s amazing, sweetie.”
Light green eyes hook onto dark green eyes at that, “Oh. I …” she hadn’t been keeping that a secret, its just whenever she thought back to that time she got emotional, it was the highest and lowest points in her life at the same time. “You never noticed the tattoo?”
“What tattoo?” Bucky asks, from beside Clint.
“The one on my thigh,” pointing to where hip met thigh on her left side next to Natasha.
“I want to see,” Clint whines slightly.
“Let’s wait till we get to the cabin, so we can all see,” Steve suggests from the passenger seat.


They had been at the cabin for over an hour, the first thing they had done was see the colored rings that symbolize the Olympics on Morgan’s skin before sitting down for the deli sandwiches they had picked up.
After Bruce and Morgan had gone to the store, since they were the only one’s to actually cook edible food, the mates had gone out into the snow.

Clint had taken his snowboard up and Bruce his skis, while the rest chose to stay off the mountain. Steve having pulled out his sketchpad and was drawing his mates, while Morgan and Natasha had a started to build a snowman that devolved into a snowball fight between the two that had eventually involved Bucky and Tony being attacked by two women with snow.


The alphas breath stuttering was easily heard, Tony, who’d woken up in the middle of the night with a new idea and had for the last twenty minutes been enjoying the steaming black coffee in his hands, smirks not needing to follow the three alphas line of sight to see Morgan who’d been kneeling next to the Christmas tree a red bow acting as a headband and nothing else for the last six minutes, since both Tony and Morgan had heard the shuffle of movements coming from the pack room.
Pretending he doesn’t notice the blonde, he turns to the three alphas with a mischievous grin, “You guys okay?” His grin turning into a full-blown smirk when he smells the overpowering smell of aroused alpha along with the easily spotted physical signs on all three. Bruce, in just boxers, and Clint, in nothing, both try to see around the alphas for what had made them stop in the arch of the hallway.


“You actually did it?” Natasha stutters slightly still frozen in place.
Morgan looks up at them at that, smiling coyly, “Told you a week and a half is a long time.”
“Can we see?” Clint asks pushing against Steve’s bareback slightly, and to his shock Steve practically stumbles forward, allowing the two betas to see what all the fuss was about. “Wow!”
Bruce is the first to get to her side, since the alphas all seem to have stopped working, Morgan’s eyes sparkle before she kisses him, his left hand cupping her neck as he deepens the kiss, she returns with fervor. Bruce eyes swim with green at that, before maneuvering it so that she’s straddling his waist as he sat on the floor.

It takes five minutes more before the alphas finally move, by that time Tony’s going down on Clint, who’s head is lulled back, fingers tugging slightly at the brunette’s locks.

Chapter Text

Evening of Christmas Day finds Tony had passed out with Steve snuggled next to him on the couch. Bucky and Natasha having decided to take a long walk around the perimeter of the property, enjoying the woods that surrounded the cabin.
While Clint, Bruce, and Morgan had sequestered themselves into the den, which has a great view of the snow-covered mountains, the walls lined with wood planks with a roaring fire going on in the brick covered fireplace in the corner.
Clint had spent the last ten minutes throwing popcorn up in the air and catching it in his mouth, while Bruce catches up on reading scientific journals.
Morgan, who’d taken one of Natasha’s books in Russian to read is snuggled into the chair next to the fire. Setting the book down to look at two of her beta mates, “I have a question?” the statement getting both males to look over at her, “Well not really a question,” running her fingers through her shortened hair, “Um I was wondering if I could try,” her face going red at the prospect of asking, “Could I try giving one of you a … blowjob?”
Clint’s blue eyes sparkle at that, before looking at Bruce who’d sets his own book down rather hastily, asking, “Sure love. Can I ask what brought this on now?”
“I just didn’t … I didn’t want it to be a big thing. What if I screw it up? Steve and Bucky have knots and I just don’t know.” Shrugging her shoulders, she adds, “And Tony was a playboy, he probably has had professionals. Not that you guys...”
Clint stops her there, “Honey, stop. We know you don’t have experience, which for us is pretty hot because it means everything, we get to do to you and you to us is something you only shared with us. And Tony, he may have been with a lot of people, but you’re one of his mates. I know you don’t have the mating bite yet, but mate connections add whole ‘nother layer to the experience.”
Bruce nods, “Love, we just want you to go at your own pace, don’t worry about how much experience we have in something, you’re eighteen, we’re a lot older. And you don’t have to worry about Bucky and Steve’s knots, betas don’t have the chemical signature omega’s do that make the knot hold.”
“So, the knot can come it just won’t stay?” Morgan inquires.
“No, it won’t come at all, unless the alpha is in active rut.”
“Doesn’t the knot need to be there for a mating bite to happen?”
“No, it’s why beta – beta couples are able to have a mating bite, when neither mate has a knot.”
“So, who do you want to give it to, now that you know that a knot isn’t an issue, it won’t hurt our feelings if you want to pick Steve or Bucky?”
“You guys pick.”
Clint looks at Bruce at that, “You want to do it?” When Bruce doesn’t answer right away, the archer asks imploringly, “Are you worried about the Hulk?”
“No, I’m more worried about teeth.”
Clint chuckles at that, Morgan giving a confused look between the two betas, “What do you mean?”
Clint answers for the older beta, “Blowjobs and teeth don’t always mix. Brucie here almost turned into the Hulk one time when Cap used teeth, aroused him too much.”
Bruce glares at a laughing Clint, “Why don’t you do Clint, I need to start dinner anyway,” standing up, Morgan stands up, as well, moving over to where the two had been sitting. Bruce pulls her close, kissing her lightly on the mouth, “I love you; we just don’t need the other guy making an appearance today. Next time okay.”
“Okay, I love you too.”
Bruce kisses her one more time before leaving the two blondes for the kitchen.


“So, how do we do this?” biting her bottom lip.
Sensing her nerves, “We can do this another time, honey. You don’t need to push yourself into doing something you’re not a hundred percent ready for,” cupping her face in his hands to look into her vibrant green eyes.
“I am ready, just nervous.”
“Okay, if you want to stop all you got to do is stop, alright.”
“You obviously know what a blow job is and you’ve seen all of us give them to each other, so just let instinct take over, just try not to bite down,” giving Morgan a lopsided grin at that as he shucks his lounge pants down and leans against the side of the armchair.
Morgan gracefully falls to her knees, before looking up through long lashes to see Clint smiling down adoringly; nodding to herself she took a breath before looking directly at his member.




Peter bounces up and down as they ascend up to the pack floor in the elevator, backpack filled with clothes and his ever-present camera. “So, what are we going to do first?” it was nine in the morning and he wanted it filled to the brim.
Morgan bites back a yawn, “Whatever you want,” seeing a mischievous smile plastered on his face, adds, “Within reason.”
Peter gives a pout at that, before a giant smile breaks out when the elevator doors open. “This is awesome,” looking around the floor, last time he’d been squished between Aunt May and Uncle Ben, on his best behavior and completely enamored by the fact that he was in Avenger’s Tower to really look around. “I can’t believe you live here.”
Rubbing neck, “Yeah neither can I somedays.”
Turning around to look at his cousin, “Now that you’re officially moved in, are you going to get Tigger back from your godfather.”
“Whose Tigger?” comes a feminine voice from behind him.

Peter’s eyes are haphazardly covered before he could even turn around, yelling out in shock “What!”
“What are you guys doing?” Morgan hisses slightly, ignoring Natasha’s question in favor of her other mates that are lounging around the living room.
Peter tries to pry off Morgan’s hand to no avail, “Let me see.”
“Fuck no,” Morgan responds towards him, then towards the people in what he assumes are in the living room, “Why don’t you guys have clothes on!”
Peter makes a face at that, mumbling out an “Ew, gross,” that has Morgan’s lips tugging into a smirk, Natasha’s doing the same.
“It’s Sunday, babe,” a man’s voice calls out, and it takes Peter a moment to figure out which Avenger, Tony Stark.
“Tones, I reminded you guys multiple times that Pete was coming,” Morgan responds.
“Baby alpha?” red creeps up Peter’s face at that burning from embarrassment, thankful that most of the Avenger’s most likely couldn’t see him.
“Yeah, so can you guys at least put on pants?”
Peter hears shuffling of a group of feet, and Morgan doesn’t let his face go for another minute.

“So, whose Tigger?” the redhead inquires as the two cousins head towards the kitchen.
Peter takes the question, “It’s her cat. He’s a super chill orange tabby. Can I see your phone, Mo?”
“I didn’t know you had a cat,” Natasha comments, as Morgan hands her phone over to Peter.
Morgan looks over at her mate, “My godfather gave him to me as a Christmas gift when I was three, his orange tabby had ended up giving birth to a single kitten. When my parents died, I had to give him back to my godfather since Uncle Ben is allergic.”
“You would need to ask everyone, but I’m sure Tigger could move in.”
Peter turns the cell over to the other alpha showing her a photo of a fifteen-year-old Morgan with an orange tabby curled up in her lap, as she holds up plane tickets to London.
“You got my vote. It would be fun to scare Clint by petting a cat in the dark.”


Four minutes later, Peter’s sitting on a bar stool, Morgan handing off a muffin to him, while Natasha’s leaning against the counter, when the male Avengers make their appearance. Clint in only a pair of basketball shorts, while the rest of the males took to wearing shirts with their shorts. “Hi!” Peter practically shouts in excitement, “I’m Peter. Peter Parker,” his face going red for the second time in less than ten minutes, this time from his own outburst.
“Good morning, sorry about earlier,” Captain America, Steve, speaks, his own face going slightly red at the fact, mindlessly grabbing a muffin from the tin, Morgan sets in front of them.
Tony just chuckles at the red covering his embarrassed mate’s face, “Nice to see you again, baby alpha.”
“Dr. Stark.”
“Tony, kid, you can call me Tony,” he corrects.
Peter nods wide eyed, “Thanks for letting me stay over tonight.”
“Mi casa es su casa.”


“So, what are you two planning on doing?” Clint inquires stealing a piece of Tony’s muffin as he does.
“We’re going to watch Star Wars tonight and Morgan promised to make Bolognese for dinner.” Peter shrugs his shoulders after, going on to say, “I brought my new camera,” turning to his cousin, “Maybe we can go to the park and I can test it out?”
“You like photography?” Steve asks.
“Yeah, Morgan’s Tata, Uncle Sebastian, got me into it. He got me my first camera when I was eight. And then my first video camera when I was ten.”
“Do you have any videos of Morgan as a kid?” Clint questions, a smirk forming on his face.
Peter looks over Morgan, “Do you still have those home movies?”
“Yeah,” already dreading what would happen. There wasn’t a lot of embarrassing videos, most were just of swim and diving meets, and martial art tournaments. That didn’t mean there wasn’t embarrassing footage though, there was videos of her and Peter playing Jedi’s or Rin and Rory getting her to play their mock versions of Survivor and Wipeout.
“Can we watch, I’d love to see what baby Morgan was like,” Clint inputs.
“They’re not here.”
“Where would they be?” Bucky inquires, he thought that she had completely moved in two weeks before.
“Um. Up in DC at my Babbo’s family’s land,” taking a bite out of her own muffin, before setting it down, her stomach feeling full and queasy just from the single bite.
Natasha uses the lull in conversation to add, “Morgan wanted to know if she could bring her cat to live here?”
“It doesn’t spray does it? We have enough territorial animals here,” Tony quips, nudging Bucky as he does.
Bucky retaliates with a smack to the billionaire’s ass, “Love you too.”




“Chatty Cat, one if my favorite three little kittens,” Tony jokes, twirling in his lab chair as the video call stays in the middle of his workshop. “What can I do for you?”
“Wondering if you’re going to be up for us three on the seventeenth?”
“Yep.” His face turning solemn, “I can’t believe he’s been gone for over two decades now, Sharon.”
“I know. Mikey was amazing.”
“Yeah, he was the best. I remember this one time; Mikey had just turned sixteen and received his license. He swiped his Babbo’s keys and we went joy riding up the coast for like a week. Aunt Peggy and Howard got Fury to somehow track us down, he took us straight to our dad’s,” Sharon winces at that. “Howard and Lorenzo were pissed.”
“Yeah I think Mikey was right up there with you when it came to crazy stunts.”
“Where do you think I learned it from,” giving the blonde a smirk.
Sharon chuckles, “I can’t believe we looked up to you two.”
“Hey, you, Alley Cat, and Tom Cat wouldn’t leave us alone.” Sharon rolls her eyes at the stupid nicknames, since all three of them had been born the same year; Mikey and Tony had taken to calling them the three little kittens and whatever other nickname that could be done in triplicate, but the three little kittens was Tony’s favorite to call them by. “You and Bobbi would shadow him everywhere. When you two were toddlers he would have to barricade the door just to get any privacy.”
Sharon gives an innocent smile as she teases, “You were the same way.”
“I had to make sure my god-nephew was staying safe,” Tony replies easily.
“He was two years older,” the blonde deadpans.
Tony waves the statement off, “So, how’s the CIA?”
“Good, I travel more now that I don’t have to shadow Roger’s.”
“Steve’s still miffed that you did that.”
“Fury tasked me with it,” shrugging her shoulders.
“How’s Bobbi and Trip?”
“Hunter’s back with Bobbi and Mack, apparently, and Trip is really enjoying Coulson’s team. How about you, last I heard from Nat was that you guys got a new soul mark.”
“Shit has it really been that long?” quirking an eyebrow at his god-cousin.
“We found her, Morgan she’s a beta.”
“That’s awesome, can’t wait to meet her when we come out, I get to meet her right?” She had yet to meet Bucky still, except for a glimpse in Steve’s apartment when he was being the Winter Soldier.
Reading her mind, “Yeah you’ll meet her and Bucky. Speaking of meeting people, do you think I’ll ever get to know anything about my god-niece?”
Sharon gives a sad smile at that, “No.”
A frown marring his face at that, “You know its bullshit, I should be able to know. If it wasn’t for Aunt Peggy slipping that one time, I would never have even known she existed. You guys still won’t even tell me her name.”
“I know, but Lorenzo didn’t want her knowing or being around SHIELD.”
Tony grumbled at that, “I’m not SHIELD.”
“We know you aren’t but you’re also a really strong connection to Mikey. Bobbi and I got lucky since Aunt Peggy would have beat Lorenzo bloody if he withheld her granddaughter from us. I think for a while he actually contemplated it; we weren’t told about her until his mate was seven/eight months pregnant. Plus, she literally knows nothing about our family history.”
“Lorenzo’s been dead for years now.”
“Yeah, but he made us promise on Mikey’s life, we would never tell her about any of it. Not about SHIELD, not about Mikey, nothing.”
“He’s one bastard prick of an alpha,” Tony vehemently spoke, lacing his arms across his chest.
The blonde nodded her head at that, but defended by saying, “He is … was trying to protect her, being a Carter got Mikey murdered.”




Over a week later, the mates were all sitting at the table having enjoyed pizza from one of Clint’s all-time favorite pizzerias. Clint’s grins as giant as his giant arrow shaped birthday cake that Bucky places in front of him.
Everyone watching as he blows out his candle after hearing their poorly harmonized voices sing Happy Birthday.
Cake slices eaten, Tony looks over at the newly forty-four-year-old, who’s leaning back in his chair, so that only the two back legs where still on the ground, feet on the table despite Steve’s pointed look, “How’s it feel to be an old man now?”
“I’ll ask you in a year,” Clint quipped, laughing when Tony gave a startled choking sound.
“Year and a half, Legolas,” Tony sniffs, “Year and a half.”
“Well let’s get this party started, Jarvis music, please,” dropping his feet to the floor with a thump and pulling Natasha up with him, as they both start swaying to the music.
Bucky whistles cheekily before grabbing for Bruce and Tony, Steve doing the same with Morgan.

“This reminds me of that night on the beach,” Natasha practically whispers in Russian.
Clint slips easily into his mate’s native tongue, “Yeah, that was the first night you told me you loved me.”
“It was also the night I gave you my mating bite,” running her fingers deftly over the smooth skin at his collar that she had bitten all those years ago. Betas didn’t scar like omegas did, but the connection stays letting mates feel each other emotionally, it wasn’t overpowering, just enough to feel, but not enough to affect the mate’s own emotions.

Thirty minutes later, cards were being dealt, music still playing in the background, “So, the name of the game is strip poker,” Clint says redundantly throwing out cards with precision.
Everyone had taken their seats again, this time with beers for everyone but Morgan. Firsthand dealt, Bucky smirks over at Steve who was sitting between Tony and Morgan, remembering the times they would play poker for cigarettes and chocolate with the Howling Commandos, Howard, and Peggy. Howard would count cards, Dum Dum Dugan would hide aces up his shirt sleeve, Steve would blush like crazy whenever Peggy would look over at him pretending to flirt so that he would be distracted enough for Bucky himself to take a peek at Steve’s cards.
A kick under the table pulled him out of his musings, “Your turn,” Natasha nudges from her spot next to him.
Round one done, everyone but Tony, who just like his father had been counting cards, tugs off their shirts.

By the ninth round, Clint’s in boxers, Bruce and Steve were completely nude, Bucky had briefs and socks left, Tony is still in jeans, Natasha was in silk panties, and Morgan was in both her bra and undies.

The next three rounds end with only Tony, Bucky, and Morgan. Morgan had taken to flirting shamelessly, her own face turning bright red while the two males were getting red elsewhere. Clint had moved by the second round of only the three mates playing to Bruce’s lap, straddling him as they both rock into each other for friction as tongues fight for dominance. Natasha had taken to teasing Steve with small movements of her body on his while she cuddles into his broad chest, Steve gripping her waist tightly into him, with their ruts coming up, one more full day for Natasha, while Steve was the day after that, their pre-rut behaviors were coming out slightly.




“Hey big boy, down,” Morgan grumbles, pulling spices out of the spice rack for dinner, when Steve starts shifting down to where his shirt, that the young blonde had taken as a dress after she had come back from her training session with Kasia and finished taking a shower, covered to high mid-thigh lifting it only for Morgan to slap his hand away with “Not literally.”
Steve growls, lifting his mate up so that her eyes were level with his, “Lets order in, and we enjoy our alone time.” Natasha who pre-rut behaviors were being extra cuddly and tired had cajoled Bucky into taking a nap with her. Clint was testing out new weapons as Tony collected feedback and Bruce was getting lecture notes ready for his conference in Hong Kong next week.
“Can we just cuddle, I’m exhausted. Aunt Kasia and Uncle Filip are pushing harder so that I’ll be ready for next Saturday.”
“Wish I could go,” tightening his hold as he carries her over to the couch.
Morgan shrugs, truthfully, she wishes she could just skip the whole thing, “Clint’s enough.”
Steve mouths at her neck at that, eliciting a squeal from her. The alpha in him practically purring when Morgan leans back into him, kissing his cheek as she settles into his arms more comfortably, “Still wish more of us could actually go.”

The super soldier goes back to kissing the other blonde’s bare neck, fingers skimming the where fabric ends on her thigh.
Alpha pheromones heightening when Morgan moves so that she could actually participate in the movements, letting Steve direct them so that he’s looming over her as they lay on the couch.
Intertwining their fingers together, Steve tugs them so that they are above them on the couch and deepens the kiss. Morgan wraps her bare legs around his waist, letting the shirt fall into a pool of fabric around her waist.

Pre-rut behaviors of being aggressive and possessive, thankfully being held back except for small acts, he lifts himself up enough to pull his pants off with an offended huff, before going for his shirt at the same time Morgan discards her own.
Steve nips at her collarbone before sucking and drawing out a moan from his mate, as her fingers tangle into his short strands of hair.
Steve switches back and forth from kissing her lips to sucking and biting at her collarbone and neck.
Twenty minutes in Morgan’s stomach growls loudly. Steve stops his movements then, “Let’s get you food, uh.”
Tilting her head towards the kitchen, “Well I was making food, until you literally scooped me up.”
“Cheeky, little doll,” lifting her up easily as he stands heading towards the kitchen, where Tigger’s curled up on a barstool asleep, Morgan had gone to her godfather’s house up in DC the Sunday after Peter had come over to retrieve the orange tabby.

“So, what can I help with?” Steve questions watching as Morgan starts putting away all the spices.
“You hungry?”
“I can always eat, super soldier metabolism,” he answers with a grin.
“Then grab three bowls,” grabbing out milk for them.
“What are you making?”
“Cereal. I want to go to sleep, if it means in bed or on the couch so that you can hold me so your possessive attitude can be abated, doesn’t matter to me,” she replies sarcastically.
Steve glares at that, pinching her butt in warning.
Morgan let out a surprised yelp as she grabs the healthier cereal selection from the cabinet.

Tigger jumped up onto the counter at the sound of milk being poured over cereal and Morgan rolls her eyes as the tabby snakes though her arms to get to the bowl. Grabbing the extra bowl as she nudges the cat away from her small amount of cereal and pours some of the milk into the empty bowl. Tigger going straight for the milk, while both blondes moved to the barstools to eat their cereal, Steve having three bowls to Morgan’s half.




Natasha groans as she flips from side to side, her scheduled clinic time not being until six in the morning. Usually she was able to time it perfectly, her rut not coming in until a few hours after being placed in the room with a service omega.
Skin feeling hot, she moves out of the bed hastily, to get a glass of water from the kitchen, not noticing that her movements had awakened Steve, who in turn jolts his arm that’s wrapped around Morgan’s toned midsection.


Both blondes follow the spy out, to find her resting her head against the cool metal of the refrigerator.
Rubbing her face as Steve yawns behind her, Morgan leans her head against the other side of the fridge before reaching out to push stray curls from Natasha’s flushed face. The second skin touches skin, Natasha’s shut eyes pop open, hurriedly grabbing at the Olympian and burying her nose into the blonde’s neck murmuring a content, “Mine.”
Morgan knew that if she had any self-preservation or was actually not half asleep, she would have high tailed it out of there, but she just went with instinct, tilting her head more to the side so that her alpha could scent her more.

Steve who’s propped his elbows on the counter, clears his throat, eliciting a growl from the female alpha before gruffly speaking, “Go to bed Steve.”
Steve growls at that, being mates the only reason it didn’t escalate to an alpha fight, before shuffling off in the direction of the gym to get out the aggression in a safer manner.
Natasha’s green eyes watch the head alpha’s path before focusing back on her youngest mate, “Couch.”
Sitting on the closest of the two couches, Natasha quickly pulls Morgan onto her lap attacking her neck with kisses and bites.

Half hour later, Morgan’s jerks, startled, from feeling Natasha’s knot popping out brings her out of her sleepiness completely with a sense of déjà vu, saying softly, “Maybe you should go to clinic right now.”
“Why, you’re mine,” is Natasha’s immediate response as she continues to rut against the blonde.
Morgan’s eyes flutter close at that, “Your rut came.”
Natasha answers with, “You can help,” before sucking at the juncture of where neck meets shoulders.
“Nope. No,” pushing the alpha off. “Jarvis whose supposed to take Nat to the clinic?”
“Mister Clint,” comes the English AI’s calm response.
Saying, “Thanks,” before looking back at the glaring alpha that is only being held back due to Morgan’s bracing the alpha off, “Why don’t I get Clint and he can take you…”
“No, mine,” breaking the hold, the spy’s mouth is instantly back to Morgan’s neck, biting down partially in warning and partially to soothe the redhead’s alpha.
“Nat, I need to get Clint.” Natasha growls at that. “Jarvis is anyone awake?”
“Mister Steve is in the gym.”
“Can you get him to take Nat to the clinic, please.”

Two minutes later, Steve’s prying a rutting Natasha off, “Come with us, it might make it easier,” Steve speaks, seeing the rut filled lust in the redhead’s eyes.
Morgan nods, standing up as Steve tightens his hold on the squirming alpha before all three head in the direction of the elevator.

“When do you need to head to the clinic?” Morgan inquires as they step onto the elevator.
“I don’t go in until seven tonight.”
Morgan nods her head, leaning against Natasha whose alpha smell permeated the entire elevator.

Almost an hour later, both Steve and Morgan shuffle back into the pack bed for a few more hours of sleep.

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Tigger wraps his body around Bucky’s legs, meowing as he does so. “Hey fella,” the alpha murmurs, picking up the orange tabby with his flesh hand before settling the cat on his lap. Tigger purrs arching up when Bucky starts running his hand over the short fur of the cat’s back. “Everyone else still asleep?”
Tigger meows in answer settling to knead at Bucky’s leg as he lays down. Watching the morning sun rise in peace, before hearing the elevator open, Steve had just come home yesterday from finishing his rut at the clinic and was wasting no time in going back to his scheduled morning runs, while Natasha had finally started going back to her normal schedule after spending the first two days back home completely wired with energy, so now she was fast asleep with the Bruce, Tony, and Clint in the pack bed. Morgan having left the morning Natasha had come back from the clinic and had been staying in Queens for the week and was going to stay there until her match Saturday.

“You want to box?” Steve asks when he walks in to find Bucky absently petting the cat while staring off into space.
Bucky shrugs, lifting Tigger who makes an annoyed meow at the movement.


Sidestepping another punch, Bucky asks, “You seem more aggressive than usual. Aren’t you, punk?”
“Yeah, I don’t get it. Usually I start mellowing out a bit after my rut, but I just still have all this aggression,” Steve answers as he lands a kick on his mate’s side.
“I just wanted to be here.”
“You always hated going to the clinic,” Bucky reasons, throwing out his own punch that Steve blocks.
Steve makes a face at the statement, “It was just worst.”

“What was worst?” Natasha inquires, coming into the gym already in workout gear, making both super soldiers stop their spar to turn to their other alpha mate.
Steve answering with “This rut.”
“Mine too.”
“Yeah, you didn’t like it when we separated you and Morgan,” Steve informs, a beta nurse had ended up with a black eye when she tried to help Morgan get Natasha’s grip off her arms.
Natasha nods, “Yeah, well I wanted her to help me out. I kept calling the omega in the clinic Morgan.”
“I did the same. Why is that? I’ve never done that with you guys, or the rest of our beta mates.”
“Might be the fact that we haven’t mated her,” Bucky inputs, “I was the same during my rut.”
“You were?” Steve questions looking imploringly into his longest known mate’s blue eyes, “Why didn’t you say anything?”
“I thought I was being too possessive. I didn’t want it getting back to Morgan and creeping her out. I had just finished attacking her for pete’s sake.”
“She doesn’t blame you,” Steve reminds.
Bucky looks at the blonde alpha, “And why is that? I would blame me.” She had been way to understanding and it still baffled him a month and a half later.
“She’s our soulmate. She knows we would never purposefully hurt her,” Natasha concludes.
“I’ve hurt both of you, I hurt Tony. I almost raped her!” Bucky exclaims.
“You’ve never hurt us,” Steve says keeping his voice calm.
“Yes I did! When I was the Winter Soldier.”
“You remember that time,” Natasha asks lowly, they gave him the basics, but Steve and her had decided it wasn’t going to help to make the brunette alpha be bombarded by all the known details that he had done as the brainwashed Fist of HYDRA for seventy odd years.
Bucky shakes his head before clarifying, “No. I got Jarvis to give me the information.”
“When?” Steve inquires.
“After Tony kept shying away from me, I did some digging.”
Sad blue eyes ask, “That was months ago Buck. Why didn’t you tell us?”
Shrugging his shoulders, “I didn’t want to make it more awkward. It didn’t help me remember anything, and Tony forgave me after I apologized for apparently murdering his parents.”
“HYDRA did that,” Steve pushes out.
Shrugging, “Still my body they used to do it.” Seeing the protest Steve was already forming, “I know it wasn’t my fault, that I wouldn’t do it if I had been in my right mind. Tony already said all that,” after Tony had punched him, but that didn’t need to be said, of course. “You want to get back to sparring, lose some of that aggression by going against Nat and me?” he questions hopeful in derailing the line of conversation.
“Or sex?” Nat adds in, seeing the unease in Bucky’s shoulders.
Steve rolls his eyes at the blatant misdirect, but goes with it, “Spar then sex.”




Clint heads into the lobby area of the Cassidy Gym, a half wall dividing the lobby from the rest of the gym, the gym area being a large open format lined with mats, all different types of bags, weights, in the far stretch is an office and locker room along with giant tires. The lobby’s walls showcase the Cassidy family trophies and metals, “Derek, right?” he questions seeing the dark-haired beta playing with his cellphone behind the sign-in desk.
“Yeah, man,” standing up as he slaps Clint’s hand in greeting. “You ever been here?” seeing the archer’s eyes scanning the pictures.
“First time. So whose who?”
Pointing to the closest picture, “That’s Kasia,” a close up of the five-seven dirty blonde alpha holding an Olympic gold metal for Judo. “That’s Guthrie,” showing a six-foot alpha teen with a darker shade of dirty blonde, compared to Kasia, holding up a black belt for jui jitsui. “You know my mate Ash,” showing a five-nine golden blonde beta holding her own black belt. “Filip,” the reddish-blonde five-eleven alpha was holding a championship belt above his head, face bloody but victorious. “And this is Sebastian.”
“Holy cow, how big is that guy?” Clint exclaims, looking at the beast of a beta man who’s mean mugging the camera a championship belt barely fitting around his muscular waist.
Derek nods, “I know, man he was something, six foot nine coming in at around four twenty. Man could lift a thousand pounds.”
“He’s Morgan’s Tata!” rubbing his face, he couldn’t imagine his barely five-foot four mate related to the man that could dwarf Thor in size.
“Yep. If you didn’t know his designation you’d think that he was an alpha just like his siblings.”


“You must be Clint,” Guthrie interrupts, holding out his hand for the Avenger to shake, “Morg said you were coming.”
“Nice to meet you, Guthrie.”
“Have you ever been to a match before?”
Shaking his head, Clint responds, “Nope, but I’ve done training.”
“Cool, so you going to the bars with us after?”
“Sure,” the last thing he wanted was to go back to the Tower were his ex and company was hanging out with Tony like they did every year for the anniversary of Mikey’s murder. Everyone else had skedaddled; Steve and Natasha were at SHIELD catching up on information for HYDRA bases, Bruce had been in Hong Kong for a conference since Thursday and wasn’t supposed to get back till mid afternoon tomorrow. Bucky had taken Tigger down to the closed off section of the garage to work on cars and read books.
“You bring your own car?”
“Yeah,” confusion gracing his features, “Why?”
“Well I’m eighteen now.”
Derek chuckles at that, “Kid it’s been two days.”
Guthrie makes a huffing noise, “Whatever, I had bet Morg when we were fourteen, so now that I finally turned eighteen we were going to see how much alcohol it takes for her to be wasted, I bet six drinks, not frilly ones though.”
Derek rubs his face at that, “Does she remember this bet?” asking his mate-in-law.
“Why would she make that bet?” Clint inquires at the same time, his mate didn’t even touch the alcohol that was on their floor, even when the alphas were out, both him and Tony had offered multiple times.
“We were drunk, but we made a video to confirm the bet, if I win she has to give me five hundred dollars.” Both older men look incredulous at that. “What? I have proof, she was completely wasted.”
“What happens when she wins?” Derek questions.
“I have to go sky diving.”
Derek full on laughs at that, “Dude your so screwed.”
“That’s a fair bet?” Clint implores.
“Guth here is scared to death of heights,” the brunette beta explains.
“She hasn’t drunk hardly anything since she was fifteen,” Guthrie reminds the beta.

“Meanwhile you get drunk of your ass every couple of weeks,” a rough voice answers from behind.
“Tata!” Guthrie startles.
“Mr. Cassidy,” Clint greets holding out his hand, “Clint, one of Morgan’s mate.”
Hazel eyes pierce into blue, “I’ve heard. I also know that you nor your alphas have come by to ask for my blessing.”
“She’s not an omega,” Clint counters, before trying to backtrack at the pissed off face of the alpha, while Derek and Guthrie each take a step back, “I mean …” he’s never done this before, all his mates were orphaned, well Morgan was too, but she has a family that she’s in contact with, and he’s a beta, Steve should be the one dealing with pissed off alphas not him. “You should come by this week, meet everyone, we should have done this sooner, sorry.” God, he was babbling, he didn’t even do this with his alphas, let alone Nick Fury, himself, but this civilian was making him.
“I will,” Filip states before walking to the back of the gym, yelling back for Guthrie to follow.

Derek pats Clint on the back, as he watches the two alphas head for the office, “Wow, he went easy on you.”
Clint furrows his brows at that, but doesn’t comment.


Ten minutes later, he sees her in the reflection of the window first before feeling Morgan’s arms come around him, leaning his head back he arches to kiss her on the lips as she leans down to kiss him. “How is everyone?”
“Good, they all send their love. So you’re planning to get drunk tonight, I hear.”
Eyebrows knitting together, “No, why would I do that?”
“You apparently made a bet with Guthrie when you were fourteen.”
“Don’t remember.” Coming around the half wall to sit on his lap, “Anyway the match starts in two hours, so we need to head over to the arena in like ten. My last fight depending on how far I get will end according to the schedule at eight, so if you want, you can grab dinner sometime and I’ll eat after I finish.”
“Okay, but I’ll wait for you to finish. Your uncle is going to come over sometime this week,” nuzzling her neck as he speaks.
“You don’t have a black eye, so that’s good,” moving so that she could look fully at his face.
“He did that?”
“To Derek, yeah. Ash met him when she was fifteen. Derek was twenty. Uncle Filip had been out of town on the MMA circuit, so he came home to Derek on top of Ash kissing. He flipped his lid. Even after Ashley told him they were soulmates; Uncle Filip beat the shit out of him.”
Clint nods, “Guess I’m lucky.”




Tony greets the three agents at the elevator, “My three little kittens!”
Antoine ‘Trip’ Triplett makes a face at that, groaning out, “I’m not a kitten Eddie.”
“You’re the cutest one,” Tony says in a high pitch voice, slapping the beta’s back. Both Sharon and Bobbi laughing at the two.
“I know Steve and Natasha are at SHIELD, Bobbi told me.” Sharon cut in, “So where is everyone else?”
“Out. You three, spending the night?”
Both alpha blondes nod, while Trip shakes his head no, “Got my Ma’s birthday party tomorrow.”
“Tell her Happy Birthday for me,” Tony responds sincerely, turning to the bags in Bobbi’s hand, “Is that food?”
“Yeah, Italian from that place you and Mikey loved in DC. Sharon got it before we boarded, so it should still be hot.”
Tony licks his lips as they head into the kitchen, “I’d still eat if it was cold, nobody can cook except Brucie-bear and Morgan, and they’ve been gone.”
“When they getting back?” Trip questions.
“Morgan has fights all today, Clint went to support her, so I’m guessing late tonight. Bruce is flying back from Hong Kong and should arrive around three tomorrow. Buck’s hanging out in the garage, wanted to give us privacy.”
Trip nods, before grabbing at one of the bags that was set on the counter, “Share can you grab the plates, please.”


After lunch was finished and the group had moved to the couches, Sharon and Bobbi leaning into each other as the two beta’s sat on either side of them.
“J queue the home movies,” Tony speaks up from where he had put an arm around Bobbi’s shoulder.

A video from July 1987 popped up, three five-year old’s in mud-ridden clothes were shown on screen, with a five-eight blonde alpha behind them his clothes only somewhat cleaner. Tony’s voice could be heard off camera, “Okay it’s set up,” before coming onto the screen, the fifteen-year-old the cleanest of the bunch with not a single spec of dirt on him.
“Eddie! Mikey said you would show us how to do the cabbage patch,” an overeager blonde exclaimed tugging at the beta’s Metallica shirt with muddy hands.
“He did, did he, well maybe Mikey wants to do it with me. I did learn it from him.”
“I got the music!” Trip yelled running the short distance over to where Mikey had set his boom box. As the music started both teens moved slowly through the moves before increasing speed as the two blonde girls and the dark-skinned boy copied the two, high pitch laughing followed as the moves got more exaggerated until they were moving to their own beat.
Tony smirked before jerking his head towards his god-nephew, at the signal all four ambushed the blonde alpha, tackling him to the ground, well Tony tackled, the three five year olds puppy piled on top of them giggling madly.
“Oh. I see how it is!” Mikey yelled out before using his hands to tickle Sharon and Trip, as Tony got squashed between the squirming kids and Bobbi tried to come to her second-cousin and god-brother’s defense.
Tony wiggled himself out before helping Bobbi in tickling the older teen. Mikey stopped his attack on Sharon and Trip to move onto Bobbi and Tony.
Eventually they rolled out on the grass, a blonde older looking woman coming out with a tray of sandwiches and water, “You kids alright?”
Bobbi standing up to run over to the woman, “Mommy! Mikey and Eddie showed us a cool new dance move, watch!” as she proceeded to dance.
“That’s very cool, sweetie! You being good for them?”
Nodding fervently, as both Sharon and Trip did the same, each of the kids grabbing at the sandwiches after wiping dirty hands on dirty jeans.
The alpha woman looking over at the teen in a silent question, Mikey responding with, “They’ve been good Aunt Cynthia thanks for lunch.”
“No problem, thanks for watching them boys, I’m sure there is other things you two would rather do.”
“Nope, love the little munchkins,” Tony says pinching Sharon’s cheek as he does.

Once the alpha woman was back inside and food was consumed. Tony looked around asking, “So what do you guys want to next?”
Trip spoke up, “Can you teach us how to do a back flip?”
Tony pinched his lips between his teeth, “I think that’s a Mikey thing, Mike?”
“Sure, I’ll teach you kittens.”
“We’re not kittens were a triple threat!” Bobbi yelled before launching herself at her cousin.
“More like the three little pigs,” the blonde alpha laughed tugging at Bobbi’s muddy braid as he settled her on his lap.




“Woah, hey!” Clint yells out, when Filip slaps Morgan’s face before gripping it in a pressure hold.
Morgan’s green eyes come up to meet her mate’s face, muttering out “Don’t,” before looking back up to her Uncle when he yells for her to look him in the eyes.
“You’re a Cassidy, so don’t screw this up.”
Nodding as much as she could with a vice grip on her chin.
“I see anything less than I expect from you, and I will beat you, understand.”
“Yes, sir.”
With that he lets Morgan’s face go and heads out the door towards the caged ring, where the rest of the Cassidy’s were sitting in the small section for trainers, leaving the two mates in the locker room.
“What the hell was that Morgan?” Clint exclaims in astonishment after the door slams shut.
“It was nothing. Don’t worry about it,” bending down to grab her mouth guard from her bag.
The archer reaches over pulling his mate towards his chest, “I am worried, you don’t need to do this.”
Morgan pulls back at that, “Yes I do. I’m a Cassidy. I need to be able to show that I’m worth the name.”
“You are worth the name, even without fighting,” trying to reach out, but Morgan steps back.
“No, I’m not. I wasn’t good enough to have my Babbo’s last name. Steve doesn’t want to change my last name to his. I need to prove that I’m worth the name I was given.”
“Woah, honey. No. Hey listen to me,” reaching out and grabbing the Olympian’s arm despite her trying to move away, “I don’t know why your Babbo wouldn’t give you his name, but I know Steve. He wouldn’t not give you his name if you wanted it. Did you ask for his name?”
Frustration evident in her voice, “He didn’t want to do the soulmate papers.”
“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to give you his last name, just ask him.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Yes it does. It matters to you.” Catching the green eyes of his mate with his determined blue ones, “Morgan if he is going to be a dick and not give you his name, you can have mine. Or you could ask Tasha or Buck if you want an alphas.”
Swallowing as she presses into his left hand with her cheek, “Thanks. I need to go out there.”
“Just remember I love you. Cassidy or no Cassidy,” pressing his lips softly to hers.
“I love you too, Clint.”


Clint glares at the older alpha as Morgan heads into the ring, the announcers voice washing over him, only the sound of the word ‘fight’ makes him look up towards the ring. Morgan and her first opponent of the night square off, the older looking dark haired beta moving in close before swinging first as Morgan ducks the gloved fist, moving to the side so she could land her own hit on the woman’s torso. The beta moves out of the next punch before trying to get Morgan on the ground, which Morgan reverses mounting the dark-haired woman before going in for a series of strikes that has the ref pulling Morgan off the almost unconscious beta.

Stepping out of the ring after being declared the winner of the fight and moving up to the next round of fights. The Olympian moves over to where her family was stationed, taking out her mouth guard as she walks the fifteen steps to where they were.
“That was awesome hun,” Clint greets; while Filip raises an unimpressed eyebrow, exclaiming, “What the hell was that? I told you to fight not play around!”
Clint turns a glare back at the alpha, “She won,” his voice more of snarl than anything else.
“Clint its okay,” running a calming hand over his back, before turning towards her Uncle, “I’ll do better.”
“You better,” Filip answers.

The next match is against a beta woman with strawberry blonde hair, who stands almost three inches taller than Morgan. The fight lasts only seconds with Morgan kicking out first, connecting with the woman’s face knocking her out cold.
Clint hugs her when she comes out of the ring, while her Uncle says nothing.

Two more matches go the same way, Morgan ending the fight in under a minute by knocking her opponents out.

The last fight of the night is a copper haired alpha verses Morgan. Clint watches as Morgan gets kicked in the side when the alpha growls out deep after Morgan had uppercut the alpha in the jaw. The blonde pins the foot to her side as she rolls pulling the alpha with her before they start grappling on the floor throwing punches. Morgan getting the upper hand before being slammed into the ground by the alpha, kicking out Morgan gets the alpha to stumble back enough for her to back roll into a defensive stand. The blonde moving quickly to throw out a series of jabs and kicks before the seven-minute timer goes off and the fight is down to points.
Morgan wins by a ten-point margin.


Forty-five minutes later, the cousins and Clint are heading towards the bar to meet up with Carlos, Luke, Benny, and Noah.

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The bar had a dance floor and loud music and if Clint knew better and he does know better this is a low-end club that was poorly named The Bar.
Guthrie calls out, once they all make it inside, “I’m getting shots, Morg which drink do you want to start with?”
“Not drinking,” Morgan answers, rolling her eyes at her cousin.
“Fine I’ll pick,” ignoring the Olympian’s protest, Guthrie heads towards the bar with Derek and Benny following behind.

“I see an empty booth,” Clint comments, jerking his head towards the darkly lit corner before directing the remaining group over.
Morgan looks down at her cell as Clint pulls her into his side as Noah scoots in next to her, “Luke and ‘Los, texted they’ll be here in like twenty.”

Noah glances over, “So what do you do Clint?”
Morgan turns towards her mate as well she hasn’t thought to ask what the specific cover jobs for her Avenger mates were, as he answers, “I work in security. How about you, what do you do?”
“Benny signed off on letting me work at my family’s bookstore.”
“Where is Kendra now?” Morgan inquires, before leaning against Clint and adding for his benefit, “She’s his little sister and one of my best friends.” And due to the fact that their sole parent died when Noah had turned twenty, Benny and Noah had gained guardianship of the then thirteen-year-old beta. Morgan and her had known each other for years by that point due to be on the same diving teams since they were five.
“Think she’s somewhere in Asia now, you know her, free spirit. Calls every other week so that we won’t hunt her down.”
“Yeah, well when she calls you, let her know I miss her.”
“Will do.” Looking between the two betas, “So either of you have video of Munchkin’s fight?”
Ashley pulls out her cell at that, before showing the omega the videos she had taken.


Right as the last video ends, the boys come back with shots and drinks, Benny sitting down next to his mate while Derek does the same with Ashley, sliding in further so that Guthrie, his mate in law, could sit down next to him.
“Got you an Adios since I know you don’t like cola,” Guthrie states, placing the blue mixed drink in front of his cousin.
“Gee thanks, but I’m not drinking,” pushing the drink back towards the alpha.
Pushing it back, “You have too.”
“I really don’t though,” moving the drink towards the other side of the table.
“Then you have to streak naked.”
“Excuse me?” furrowing her brows, “No, I don’t.”
At the same time Clint shakes his head, vehemently saying, “She ain’t doing that.” Steve would have a conniption, and so would Bucky and everyone else for that matter.
“Those were the terms of the bet, I win, and you give me five hundred dollars, you win, and I have to go sky diving, or you forfeit and have to streak naked in the street.”
“I would never make those terms.”
Smirking the blonde pulls out his phone, “Figured you would say that, here’s proof.”

The two fourteen-year-olds were facing the camera; Morgan in a cut up Black Sabbath t-shirt and shorts was sitting cross-legged next to a shirtless Guthrie, both laughing manically and clearly drunk by the cans of beers that were stacked up next to them. Speaking in Polish, “Okay sober me, me and Guth made a bet and because of drunk you’s smartness, we are videoing it as proof. So at eighteen, we, sober me and drunk me are going to see how many drink sober me can drink until drunk me is drinking them. I’m sure adult sober me is a fuckin badass so anything less than twelve is a sorry excuse of a me. Guth thinks as a girl that I can’t so he bet six.”
“They can’t be sissy drinks,” Guthrie piped up, burping as he did so.
Morgan wrinkled her nose at that both at the statement and the belch. “Of course not. Okay so when I win the scardy ass alpha has to jump out of a plane with me, we are so video taping that shit because he is so going to piss himself.”
An offended, “I’m not going to piss myself Morgan Bay.”
“You totally are,” laughing harder, “You did when you lost the bet and I made you do the five meter with me.”
“You have no proof!”
“I know what piss smells like.”
“When you lose,” Guthrie growled out, “You have to give me five hundred dollars and if you end up being a chicken shit you have to … um tell your deepest darkest secret to the family.”
“That’s so lame. And since I know I’m not going to be a chicken shit, I’m upping it, if adult sober me is stupid enough not to do this easy bet than she has to streak naked in the street.”

Ashley and Derek are laughing, while both Noah and Benny turn away to hide their smirks. Clint looks at his mate, who had been translating quietly the words for him, shaking his head.
Guthrie raises an eyebrow at the pink-faced Morgan sitting across from him, “So what’s it going to be adult sober you?”
“Fine hand me the stupid fuckin drink.”
Dramatically handing the drink over he smirks before downing his first shot, “Do you have any suggestions for the next one?”
Morgan just glares as she sucks the drink through the straw.


Finished with her drink she leans her head up from where it’s been snuggled into Clint’s shoulder to see her mate, “Dance with me,” not waiting for a reply she straightens and starts tugging at his arm as both Benny and Noah get up to do the same.
“I’m guessing you are feeling it?” Clint questions as they walk the short distance to where everyone is dancing.
“Not yet,” pulling the beta into the fray of dancing bodies.
Guthrie pops up ten minutes later with a Sherman cocktail, after he leaves Morgan looks up at her mate, “Don’t you want to drink?”
“Nope,” looking down at his mate, “You want to go back to the booth?”
“Nope,” chugging the cocktail down before coughing at the burn of the absinthe and whiskey, she disposes of the glass at the nearest table before pulling herself closer to Clint as an upbeat song that gets everyone to grind at their dance partners. Morgan smirks turning around and grinding against Clint’s groin making the archer hold onto her hips as she laughs.
“Let’s get you some water, honey,” Clint informs as the song ends.
Nodding they made there way over to the bar, being waved over by Guthrie, Carlos, and Luke.

“Drink up, cuz,” Guthrie says, handing over a red fruity drink.
Carlos adding in, meeting Clint’s eyes, “Next one you’ll love, man.”
“What is that?” Clint questions motioning to the drink that’s in Morgan’s hand.
“Sex Bang Blow,” Morgan answers sipping at the drink, before glaring at the beta twins, “I know it was you two that picked it, let me guess next one is another sex themed drink.”
“Ding ding,” Luke answers, tapping his nose after taking a shot of tequila.

The rest of the group makes it over to the bar by the time Guthrie starts ordering the next shots, changing the order from one to three, and getting another round of tequila.
“Gents you’re welcome,” Guthrie speaks up, “Now Der, Benny, and Clint sit down,” as the twins and him get off their stools.
Derek sighs, as Benny smiles widely at his mate, and Clint just sits down without fanfare.
“Now you boys know what to do,” the twins speak in unison handing the shots to the men. Both Derek and Benny easily stick the shot glass between their thighs next to their crotches, as Clint does the same looking at Morgan for reassurance that she was okay with this.
Morgan gives a half smile, grasping and twirling her hair in one hand to keep it out of the way while the other hand went behind her back like Noah and Ashley’s stances.
“Shoot!” the three nonparticipants yell out.
Noah and Ashley easily shooting the blowjob cocktail down, as Morgan gets her mouth around the top but at the swallowing part starts to make choking sounds that has the Avenger reacting quickly to grab the shot glass from her mouth before she ends up spitting the glass and shot onto themselves.
“Sorry,” the blonde whispers as the spy pats her back.
“Not your fault, hun.”




“So, what’s Hunter and Mack doing tonight?” Tony inquires of Bobbi, grabbing two beers for them, Sharon having opted for a shower after Trip had left for his ma’s.
“Soccer and beers with Fitz. Thanks,” taking the opened beer, “Is Bucky going to come up at any point?”
“Told him hours ago he should come up, he’s probably petting the damn cat and reading.” Before speaking to the AI, “Hey Jarvis tell him to get his frosty ass up here.”
“Mister Bucky is already coming up sir,” the British voiced AI replies.
“Don’t like the cat I take it?” smirking at Tony’s disgruntled face as she takes a sip of the beer.
Tony huffs, “I like the cat fine; it just keeps scaring the shit out of me. I find it in the randomness damn corners.”
“That’s what cats do.”
“How would you know?” raising an eyebrow.
Sighing before answering with a quiet, “My cousin,” and giving him knowing eyes when he frowns.
“The one I can never meet or know anything about.”
“Stop apologizing and just tell me about her, come on,” his tone getting increasingly hurt. “She’s my family too, and if Mikey was still alive I would have known her, been at all the milestones.”
Sighing she leans her forearms heavily onto the granite, “I can’t, I want to, but I promised.”
“Does Mack and Hunter know?” glaring pointedly.
Pleading blue eyes met rich brown, “Yeah.”
“Mack’s SHIELD and Hunter is a mercenary, forget what Enzo made you promise and tell me!”
“It took me over a year to convince Zio Enzo of letting my soulmates know about her and visa versa took a couple more months for them to actually meet her. God, she thinks I work in a biology lab, that Mack is a mechanic, and Lance is a bartender. We fabricate a whole other life just so that she won’t know anything Zio Enzo doesn’t want her to know. She was taught never to question discrepancies or anything that Zio Enzo said,” rubbing her face.


Sharon comes in then, dark blue CIA t-shirt and gray jogger sweats, followed by Bucky holding the orange tabby. Tony points to the super soldier, “This is James Buchanan Barnes, one of my alpha mates.”
“Bucky,” the brunette alpha greets.
“So which one of you is Clint’s ex?” Bucky questions, looking between the two alphas.
Bobbi raises her beer, Bucky nods before setting the cat on the floor and heads for the fridge to get a saucer of milk.

Sharon then starts up the conversation again with “What were you two talking about?”
“You’re going to tell me about my god-niece. I’m done with Lorenzo keeping me out of things from beyond the grave,” looking between the blondes with a serious tone and expression.
The cat easily jumps up onto the island, then, rubbing himself on Sharon’s arm, purring when she scratches at the spot behind his ears.
“Well?” Tony exclaims.
Sighing deeply Sharon steals the beer from her cousin’s loose hold, “We can’t,” taking a swill of the beer.
“No tell me, I’m done with you two lying through your teeth, you did it for years, hell Enzo made Aunt Peggy, Uncle Daniel, and Zia Angie do it too. We’re family we aren’t supposed to lie to each other.” Bucky places a calming hand on Tony’s neck as he pushes the milk towards Sharon and the tabby.
Sharon fingers Tigger’s collar, before nodding, “Alright we’ll tell you.”

“Really?” Both Tony and Bobbi ask in unison.
Sharon turns to her younger second cousin, “He deserves to know, and I hate that we have to lie every fuckin time we talk to Eddie or Bay. Besides he already met her.”
“What do you mean I met her? I don’t remember meeting a Bay,” leaning further onto the counter.
“It’s her middle name,” Bobbi informs, sagging in relief that she doesn’t have to keep up with the lies anymore.
“Ah. You guys doing the same thing Mikey did, calling each other by middle names?” Both blondes nod at that. “So what she look like, I always pictured five foot eight blonde with blue eyes.”
“You mean a carbon copy of Mikey,” Sharon teases.
“Yeah. Wait how old is she?”
“She’s eighteen and you got one out of three correct,” Bobbi answers.
“It was the height wasn’t it?”
“Nope, she’s a blonde pipsqueak.”
“I don’t … Holy shit, are you saying she’s my Morgan, my soulmate Morgan, Share?”
“Yeah, Tigger clued me in,” motioning to the cat that was now lazily lapping up milk from the bowl.
“Wow, small world,” Bobbi mutters.
“Okay then. Hold up, she has no absolutely no clue?” Tony examines leaning into Bucky, who’d grabbed Tony’s forgotten beer for himself. “Whose supposed to tell her?”

Sharon tilts her head, as she taps at the glass bottle in her grasp, “Let us break the news … about well everything, we’re the ones that lied.”
“Why isn’t she Morgan Carter?” Enzo had been very into the Carter Legacy, it was a point of pride with him and he instilled that same pride into his namesake Mikey, besides he was the alpha parent and last names were always given by the alpha or head alpha parent.
“Same reason you weren’t supposed to know about her, why she knows nothing about SHIELD, the Carter legacy, or Mikey,” Sharon reminds.
“Wait Carter as in Peggy Carter?” Bucky asks, finally tuning into the conversation fully.
“Her granddaughter,” Tony informs.
“Damn. Who would have thunk that.”
Tony laughs, “Well two frozen super soldiers from the forties, two spies, a doctor that loses control and turns into an enormous green rage monster, me a billionaire in a flying tin can, and apparently Morgan is from a family of spies. So did Enzo finally tune down all that Carter bullshit, he was worse than my dad about being a Stark?”
Bobbi shakes her head, “Nope, he turned it up sometimes.”
“So he pushed all that on her without giving any real reason, cause that being a Carter bullshit was mostly tied up in spy work.”
“He pushed the name, that being a Carter meant you represent and serve your country, be the best alpha possible for it, he just never mentioned being founders and members of a secret spy organization.”
“But Morgan isn’t an alpha, she’s a beta,” Tony reminds.
“Zio Enzo died before she told him, she presented while she was in London for the Olympics. Zio Enzo and his mates died midway through the games and because her Diving coach had apparently taken her phone away, Bay learned after her final tournament that they died.”
“You guys weren’t there?”
“Deep undercover,” Bobbi answers.
“Shadowing Steve,” Sharon reminds.
“Who was there?”
Both blondes look at each other, before Sharon replies, “It was just going to be Enzo and his mates. I think the Cassidy’s all had matches of their own during that time, and Kay’s family couldn’t afford to take that much time off to go to London.”
Reiterating, “So she was alone.”
Both blonde’s nod sadly.




“I’m getting you water, stay here,” Clint informs, standing up from the booth, Ashley and Derek had both gone off somewhere, while Guthrie was enjoying getting drunk at the bar with the twins, Benny had gone to wait in the long bathroom line due to one of the only two bathrooms being down for maintenance. Clint would say Morgan’s limit hit at four mixed drinks, but due to the quickness she drank them and Guthrie supplying them, she was well into her seventh, not counting the shots that kept being passed around, before she was visibly drunk.
Noah, who’s sitting across from Morgan, looks up from his third beer of the night, “I got her Clint.”
“Thanks man.”

Six minutes later, two water bottles in hand are thrown onto the nearest surface, Noah barely holding Morgan back from leaping at the three six-foot alphas that are glaring down at her.
“What the hell’s happening?” yanking Morgan into him to the relief of Noah who just about lost his grip.
One of the alpha’s snarl out, “Tell your bitch to stop.”
“She’s my mate, she ain’t a bitch, have some respect.”
“You want a bitch, I’ll show you a fuckin bitch!” Morgan yells at the same time, struggling to get out of Clint’s grasp. “Get off!”
“No way.”
“Listen to your man, sweetheart,” the alpha on the right of the trio comments, the same one as before, the man is lean sporting a dark stubble beard.
“No, you listen to me, stay away from Noah,” Morgan growls, Clint starts trying to pull her away from the alphas, but she yanks her arm back suddenly making Clint have to reach for it again, grasping her bicep this time.
“Lady if you were an omega, you would be kneeling at my feet,” the middle one jeers; he’s the largest of the three with dark blonde hair that hits at his shoulders. “So, if I were you, I would leave and let me decide if I want to hang out with the omega behind you.”
“He doesn’t want to hang out with you.”
“Sweetheart,” the one on the right starts again.
Morgan’s glare turns back to the alpha on the right, “Shut the fuck up and leave us alone.”
“Maybe you should learn to respect alpha’s,” the left alpha speaks up, blue eyes piercing into the Olympian.
“Maybe you should respect omega’s,” the blonde counters.
“Omega’s need an alpha to live, cutie. They can’t accomplish anything without an alpha holding them up.”
Clint tightens his grip at that because Morgan snarls at the alpha, stepping closer to the three before spitting out, “Omega’s are their own person. They’re not dependent on some stupid alpha. They can do anything they set their mind to, even beat you into a fuckin’ pulp.”
“An omega can’t beat me, baby. All it takes is a growl and they’re on their knees begging for me to help them.”
Morgan yanks free at that, “Try me then. Lets go, mono e mono.”
The middle alpha steps forward at that and Clint moves between his mate and the alpha, “Stay away man.”
“Then keep your chick in line. And let us talk to the omega.”
Morgan slips between them, “You ain’t talking to him, I told you he already has a mate.”
“I don’t see his mate here,” the left alpha inputs, as Clint once again puts himself between the alpha and his drunken mate. “There’s nobody to protect him.”
“I’m telling you once, leave them alone man. Let us walk away,” Clint speaks in a calm tone.
“Leave the omega.”
“No, you leave my mate alone,” Benny growls from behind the three alphas.
“So, you’re the invisible mate,” the bearded alpha taunts slightly as he turns to assess Benny.
“I’m right here, now leave. Its better for everyone.”
“Maybe for you,” the middle alpha threatens turning his back on Clint and the others to focus on the alpha.
Clint lifts Morgan up at that clamping a hand over her mouth, before nodding towards the entrance and having Noah follow them.

Three minutes later Benny’s standing with the small group at the entrance. “Thanks for getting him out of there,” Benny thanks Clint, patting the archer on the shoulder, as he pulls Noah in close soothing both of them from the ordeal.
“Thanks for distracting,” Clint returns.
“We’re calling it a night.”
“Us to,” keeping Morgan firmly held to his side because he knew the second his grip loosened, she would try to go back to the three alphas.


Clint grabs the gym bag from the trunk of the car, that he’s had for the past seven years, despite every protest Tony has made to get a classier car cause his gray sedan ruined the aesthetic of the garage, but for the spy it made for an easy car to get lost in the shuffle of New York traffic, yet completely decked out in bulletproofing. Closing the trunk as Bucky lifts Morgan up to carry her, “Guessing you two had a good night.”
“I don’t like her Uncle, at all, he’s a piece of shit. And she ends up wasted, since her cousin Guthrie kept pushing drinks on her all for some stupid bet they made as teens,” stepping into the elevator, “Then she almost gets into a bar fight with a couple of alphas. I’m just happy to be home.”
The alpha grunts shifting the blonde so that her head is in the crease of his neck instead of just being lolled whichever way gravity decides. “You get any videos of her fight? The one she was supposed to fight in.”
“Yeah, her cousin Ashley sent them to me, they’re on my phone.”
“Well, I’ll get her to bed and you can put that stuff in the wash,” motioning to the duffle. “Then you can tell me all about it.”


Turning to the pack laundry room, he unzips the duffle before placing the make-up bag off to the side and pulling out work out clothes and throwing them into the wash, while the regular street clothes are thrown into the dirty laundry baskets across from the machines. Checking to make sure he’d pulled everything out, he throws the random sock that was left the bag into the closest basket as he checks out the tear in the lining of the bag the sock had been covering, grazing his finger over it only to feel a bump.


Storming into the pack room, to see a barely conscience Morgan being held partially up so that she could sip water that Bucky’s holding to her lips, throwing the baggie at her, he growls out, “What is this crap?”
“Yuh?” looking down at her lap, “Bright purple pills?”
“What are they?” Bucky asks looking between his two mates, grabbing the bag himself, as Morgan starts to lie down.
“Ask her,” Clint propositions blue eyes closing into slits, he had an idea and he didn’t like it.
Morgan’s grumbles a reply of “Talk later, sleep now.”
“No. You tell me now and then you can go to bed,” Clint reiterates sternly, kneeling in front of her to look into her clouded over green eyes from the alcohol.
“Shhh. Sleepy.”
“Morgan,” Bucky demands, his alpha voice slipping out as he grips and starts to shake her thigh with his metal hand to rouse her, if Clint was pushing this line of questioning then he suspects something that wasn’t pretty.
Morgan mutters a response before passing out cold.

Both Clint and Bucky sit there for a moment looking between themselves and their mate, as they process what they had heard. Finally, Bucky growls low and deep, which has Morgan whimpering in her sleep.
Clint catches and grips Bucky’s wrist tightly a few inches from the sleeping blonde, stopping the brunette alpha from waking her with smacks to her ass, “Wait! Buck let her sleep. Trust me it won’t be any use to ream her out now, she won’t remember anything,” falling back on his SHIELD training to keep himself from doing the same as Bucky so dearly wants to do, Morgan has a lot to answer for.

Bucky snarls yanking his arm back, before standing up with a growl and stalking out of the room, Clint jumping up to follow, asking in concern, “Where you going?”
“I’m going to hit something, don’t follow,” the ex-Winter Soldier growls out stomping off towards the gym.

Less than a minute later, “Steve, you and Nat need to get back here a.s.a.p.,” Clint barks out in lieu of a greeting when the cell connected.

Chapter Text

“So what was so important that we needed to leave in the middle of the night?” Natasha questions, stalking into the living room with Steve right behind her. Looking at the three men who occupy the room; Bucky’s pacing back and forth behind the giant curved leather couch, growling to himself whenever he speeds up his pace, but turns his head in a silent glower over to the other two alphas. Clint who’s sitting down on the couch twirling angrily one of his drumsticks from the drum set he had set up in his private room, which is filled with musical instruments, different types of games, and old circus memorabilia. Tony whose back is propped up by Clint’s arm is tapping furiously at his Starkpad, both betas’ heads snap over to Natasha’s in silence, making the redheaded raise an eyebrow in question, “Well?” when no one answers.
Clint opens his mouth before shutting it closed, straining his neck backwards to look at Bucky, who even after four hours to process the news is still a growling mess whenever Tony or him asks the alpha about anything, then turning his head towards Tony who’s now sitting up, but has his eyes are back to his Starkpad that’s displaying suppressant statistics. Clint says, “I … we need you two to stay calm and sit down.”
Both Steve and Natasha glance at each other; nothing is ever good when Clint wants them to stay calm. The last time it happened was a few months back when Clint and Tony had been in the middle of a giant prank war with one another, one of Clint’s pranks that had been rigged for Tony had been accidentally set off by Bruce, which triggered the Hulk into destroying the living room. “Okay,” Steve replies slowly directing Natasha and himself onto the two empty chairs, that are squished next to each other, across from where Clint and Tony are sitting. “What happened?”
After that the room falls silent except for Bucky’s back and forth pacing, that Steve follows with confusion.

Five minutes in and Steve’s feeling the overwhelmingly amount of tension in the room, Natasha’s tapping a pattern on his knee, while the two betas across from them keep glancing over to them before looking back at each other mouthing words and making gestures towards him and Natasha. He lets it go on for another minute before saying, “It can’t be all that bad, just spit it out.”
Tony who’d just been about to mouth something to the archer, slams his mouth shut, before giving a press smile that has Steve’s stomach dropping, while Natasha stops her incessant tapping on his knee only to squeeze at his thigh, nails digging into his jeans. “Depends on how you look at it.” Bucky snarls harshly at that, Clint shooting the brunette alpha a look before making a ‘go on’ gesture to Tony. “Okay so, Clint found something and called you two and I was told after the fact and verified that it was actually it. Now personally, I think we should wait till Bruce is back this afternoon to discuss it as a pack.”
“That’s over nine hours away,” Natasha reminds, “Just tell us what it is now and we’ll wait to discuss it as a pack later.”
Tony shuts his mouth at that, he already dealt with the fallout of saying what it was to Sharon and Bobbi, he hadn’t wanted to but his excuse that Morgan was sick and that he didn’t want them to get sick hadn’t worked, it hadn’t explained why he was corralling them out of the Tower at half past three in the morning. They had both quirked identical eyebrows at him and given him a knowing look. By the time he had finished telling them the truth, both alphas had been snarling and growling, wanting to go up and beat some sense into their baby cousin. It had taken over an hour to calm them down enough to see the reason that the pack should be the ones to deal with this, not the two cousins, because this was a huge game changer that effected the entire pack more than it did the two blonde alphas.

Clint throws a baggie at the alphas, “What is this?” Steve asks looking at the bright purple pills inside the bag that the Natasha had caught.
“Suppressants,” the reaction is instantaneous.
Nat drops them in surprise before re-catching them, darkening green eyes shooting over to Steve as he grits out, “Where did you find them?”
Drawing in a big breath Clint stares straight into the blue eyes of his head alpha, “Morgan’s --” he doesn’t get the rest out before Steve’s standing to his feet.
“Where is she?” he growls darkly.
“Passed out drunk.”
Steve jaw just clicks tighter, he shoots a look at Natasha whose face is stony and fingers are clenching and unclenching into fists, packet of pills now stuffed in her pocket, then towards Bucky, who’s still pacing and now that he’s looking for it the blonde could see the white knuckled grip of Bucky’s flesh hand and the grinding of teeth that made the brunette’s jaw muscles pop in and out. He hadn’t seen that look since he had been getting his ass reamed out for signing up and participating in Project Pegasus to receive an untested highly dangerous serum and became a super soldier.
Tony speaks up then, “We did a deep search of her private room and the pack room, there wasn’t anymore pills but there was,” pulling out a roll of hundred-dollar bills, “10K.”
“So selling or buying?” Natasha inquires, anger vibrating in her tone.
Clint shrugs, “I want to say buying.”
Eyes snapping to the blonde beta, “Why would you say that?”
“Just random shit, nothing noteworthy on their own, but put it together and it’s a pretty blatant picture. Biggest hint was last night at the bar, she almost came to blows with some alphas,” the alphas all growl at that, which he ignores, continuing his story, “One said something about how Morgan should respect alphas and she said that they should respect omegas and that omegas could beat them in a fight, they argued back about how omegas could never do that and Morgan basically goaded them by saying that they should try her on for size. When we got home that’s when I found the pills, she told me and Buck just before she past out that they were suppressants.”

Steve turns to leave at that, moving around Natasha, only to be stopped by Bucky when he gets halfway to the archway that separates the living room and the expanse of the hallway, “Let her sleep.”
“Really Buck, you’re going to stop me?” Steve snarls out.
“We need to wait for Bruce, this is a pack issue meaning all the pack needs to be here,” Bucky answers with a clenched jaw.
“He can be here for the discussion,” Steve answers glaring at the brunette, “But right now I’m going to take my belt to her bare backside.”
“As much as I think we all want to do the same, because I’m certainly going to,” Natasha inputs from behind the two super-soldiers, arms crossed over her chest, having followed Steve, “I think we should let her sweat it out until Bruce gets back.”
“Well she still needs to answer for getting drunk and almost getting into a bar fight, she’s eighteen which means it’s against the law for her to even drink and its also against pack rules for her to get so inebriated that she tries to start fight. If it was one drink I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, maybe a few smacks to her butt, maybe just a lecture, but it wasn’t,” sidestepping the brunette alpha then.
Bucky grasps Steve’s bicep stopping him from passing, “Let her sleep, deal with this when she’s awake and actually able to understand what is happening. Beside I think the drinking is low on the list of priorities right now.”
“She’s not getting away with it, any of it,” the blonde head alpha maintains.
Bucky’s eyes are ice when they pierce into Steve’s cold blue ones, “Wasn’t going to let her. I’m going to have my own discussion with her, once you and Nat are done with her.”
Natasha speaks up again, “So we stick with the plan, let her sweat it out until Bruce gets home so we can deal with this as a pack.”
“She doesn’t know that we know about the suppressants,” Clint reminds, he has no doubt that Morgan wouldn’t remember most of the night not with that much alcohol in her system, she’d blacked out once they left that shithole of a club and he had ended up carrying her the two blocks back to the car.
Natasha turns to towards the archer, “Then we hint at it. Bruce will be here around three, she usually sleeps in on Sundays and with the night you’ve describes so far, she’ll most likely sleep later than usual. In that time, we can do a deep search of this entire floor and upstairs make sure she wasn’t hiding anything elsewhere, and call her family, see if they knew.”
“They don’t,” Tony pipes up laying down his Starkpad beside him.
“How would you know already?” Steve inquires.
“Sharon and Bobbi, they’re Morgan’s cousins, she’s the god-niece I never knew anything about.”
“She’s a Carter?” Steve asks his brows furrowing farther down.
“Yep. Morgan doesn’t know any of this yet and they’ve asked for us to keep quiet about it, they want to be the ones to tell her since they were the ones doing the lying and they have more information than we do,” each mate nods. “But the short version is Enzo, Morgan’s Babbo, he never wanted her part of the spy world, so everything Morgan knows about her Babbo’s side is fabricated in one way or another.”
“So, two cousins don’t know, maybe her other family members do,” Natasha comments.
Clint shakes his head, “Nope, at least not her piece of shit Uncle Filip,” despite how much he hated him, Clint doubts that Filip would allow an omega anywhere near the bar or the fight scenes, “I also don’t see Ben or May knowing and letting her take them, and Peter can’t keep a secret to save his life, that kid is way to easy to read.”
“That still leaves the rest of the Cassidy’s and Uncle Nick, her godfather.”
Tony makes a noise at that, “Nope. Shit.”
“What?” Steve growls out, today had way too many surprises already to deal with and it was only six o’clock in the morning.
“Uncle Nick, the only Nick I know of that Enzo knew or trusted is Fury. Fury would never let Morgan get away with that.”
“Alrighty, so the Cassidy’s are it. Well its six in morning lets search this place then start calling her relatives, I’ll do air ducts,” Clint strategizes, clapping his hand as he stands up.




The first thing Morgan notices when she wakes up is that the large mirrored window is still tinted so that barely any light comes in, which she is utterly thankful for because she feels like she has cotton in her mouth, and a killer headache; she’s running towards the toilet before she can even register that she needs to puke.
Hunched over the toilet, she tries to remember her night, past drinking her fourth mixed drink of the night, a Zombie, and sloppily trying to get her hand down Clint’s pants during one of their breaks in the booth from dancing.
Puking once again, she stays there letting her forearms prop herself up on the toilet seat as she rests her head in her hands. Eventually she feels steady enough to move, stripping herself of the t-shirt someone had put her in the night before, and stepping into the shower, she gulps down the water that streams into her mouth.


Twenty minutes later, she’s walking slowly into the kitchen wearing baggy sweats and one of Steve’s t-shirts. Checking the clock on the oven that read 11.34, she grabs water and an apple before sitting down on the barstool closest to the entrance of the kitchen. Finishing her water and half the apple, she finally notices that nobody is around, usually at least one of her mates would be in the room by this time and nobody had been in the pack room since she’d been up, “Hey Jarvis is anyone home?”
“They are in Sir’s workshop.”
“Thanks Jarvis.” The idea of going down there sounded horrible, it meant noise from both the machinery and bots, along with the loud music that Tony loved to blast, which she usually loves, and while she wasn’t nauseous anymore, she did have a pounding headache that seemed to be growing.
“You’re welcome, Miss Morgan.”

Grabbing one of the books that Bucky and Nat always leave on the coffee table, she lays down on the couch, mindlessly reading the book, until she falls back asleep minutes later.


It was one twenty in the afternoon when Natasha comes in with a box of Chinese food from the restaurant three blocks away from the Tower, Clint following behind. “She was up,” Clint comments to the spy looking over to the couch where Morgan is curled up in her sleep.
“Well wake her up, everyone else is coming up,” pulling out plates as she does.
Clint nods, moving over to the lounge area of the kitchen. “Morgan you need to wake up,” clutching her shoulder as he shakes it, Tigger who’d curled up in the empty space by Morgan’s head startles before hissing, as the cushion he’d been sleeping on moves, a moment later the orange tabby is jumping off the couch and running out of the room. It takes another minute of him shaking the blonde for her to rouse, slapping at his hand, which he just moves to her leg before continuing to shake her enough to wake her completely.
She groans, rubbing at her closed eyes with the heels of her hands, “What … what time is it?”
“Past one,” Clint answers gruffly, “Get up its lunch time.”
“Okay I’m up,” stretching out like a cat, groaning as she opens her eyes to the harsh lights, “Shit it’s bright.”
Clint let his hand slap down sharply on the side of the blonde’s butt making her suck in a breath as she rubs the spot through her sweats.
“What the hell Clint! Ow!”
“Stop cursing,” glaring down at the blonde.
Morgan throws a confused look up at the archer, he never got onto her about cussing before, it is against the rules, one that she has a habit of breaking, but he and Tony were usually right there with her in letting cuss words slip out, not at the same amount of frequency, but they still cussed.


Steve sits at the head of the oblong table with Morgan to the right and Natasha to the left, Bucky sitting next to Morgan, with Clint next to him and Tony across from the two.
Food is passed around, both super soldiers piling their plates high with Chinese cuisine, while Tony, Clint, and Natasha fill their plates completely without overflowing them. Steve looks down at Morgan’s barely filled plate before grabbing one of the side dish cartons that are already on her plate and scooping more of it onto it, only for Morgan to pull her plate away from him, “Not that hungry.”
“Have you already ate lunch?” Steve investigates.
“Had half an apple when I woke up.”
“When was that?” even if it had been twenty minutes ago, half an apple could not have filled a grown woman up especially if their last meal was over sixteen hours prior.
“Two-ish hours ago, so I’m still full.”
“I want you to eat it’ll make your hangover go away,” his eyes boring into the blonde, “We’ll be talking about that later.”
“You feeling okay?” Tony asks before the blonde could answer Steve.
“Do you need me to go get your pills?”
“What pills?” Morgan questions, a little too fast.
Acting like he couldn’t tell she was nervous, he answers plainly, “The purple ones in your bag.”
Looking down at her plate so that she wouldn’t have to look her mate in the eye, “Oh um no those are, those are just birth control pills, but thanks Tony.” Each of the mate’s raise an eyebrow at that, all knowing that she’s lying, but they couldn’t call her out on it yet, which pisses them all off. Natasha narrows her eyes as she catalogs the Olympian’s tells that she did when she lied, going over instances in her head, Natasha’s lips thin when she remembers Morgan having done some of the same things during the aftermath of Bucky starting his rut.
Steve uses the moment to finish dishing out food onto Morgan’s plate until it was just under two thirds of the way full.

“How was yesterday?” Natasha inquires between bites of Kung Pao Chicken, keeping her voice steady.
Morgan looks across the table at the redhead, “It um went fine. I won, so Uncle Filip is going to sign me up for the next amateur fights in early March. Aunt Kasia and her mates went back to LA for work today, so I said bye to them last night before Clint and I headed to the bar with my cousins and a couple friends.”
“What did you guys do at the bar?” Steve prompts, even though Clint had told him, “You didn’t take anything right?”
Morgan furrows her brows at that, “I drank a lot if that’s what you mean. Cause I apparently made a bet with Guth when we were fourteen.” Looking past the brunette alpha to Clint, “Did I win the bet?”
Clint shrugs, “You drank seven and a half mixed drinks.”
“Okay so it was a tie. Good then I don’t have to pay him and he doesn’t have to sky dive.” Turning back to Steve and Nat, “How was SHIELD? I thought Clint said you guys wouldn’t be back till tomorrow?”
“We came back early, but it was good,” Nat answers.
“So you got drunk?” Steve states more that asks the Olympian.
Morgan nods her head, “Yeah.”
“How drunk?”
Shrugging, “Don’t remember.”
“Well Clint remembers,” the head alpha informs a bit of heat to his voice. “You blacked out after almost starting a bar fight with some alphas. Do you know how dangerous both of those are? Not only could you have got alcohol poisoning, but those alphas could have hurt you. What if someone slipped a pill into one of your drinks, huh? What would have happened then? Also do you know how badly your actions reflect on the pack? That as our mate you would get drunk enough not to remember what you did or said,” Steve lectures.
The Olympian bites her bottom lip, “Yeah, I understand. It won’t happen again,” her voice apologetic, she never planned on drinking last night anyway.
“You’re right, it won’t,” his tone dead serious, “You know the pack rules and you know the consequences of breaking them.”
Morgan’s eyes are trained on his blue ones, “Yes alpha. So where do you want me?” her voice breaking slightly in the end, she had only been spanked twice so far, once by Natasha and once by Steve, she doubts this one was going to be as light, and each time it had been between her and the alpha that was doling out the discipline, nobody else in the room, Bucky for a brief moment when it had been Steve, but he had left before Steve had started up again. She’d seen pack discipline of her mates happen in front of the rest and had been hoping to avoid the same, which was unrealistic, but still a dream.
Steve glances at Natasha and Bucky, before looking back at Morgan whose green eyes are still looking at him, “Why don’t we finish lunch and then we’ll head to the couch.”
Morgan nods once before letting her eyes fall to her plate, that has barely been touched.

Bucky squeezes the blonde’s thigh after a minute, “You need to eat.”
“Not hungry.”
“Too bad eat,” thanks to Tony having given him the bullet point symptoms of what suppressants do to the body, some of the ticks that Morgan has are clearly from taking them, food being one of the biggest. Suppressants made it so that food was undesirable, tricking the mind into thinking it was full when it was actually starving.
“Not hungry,” the blonde repeats.
“Not asking again,” raising an eyebrow when Morgan makes no move for her chopsticks. He waits a minute before pushing his seat out slightly enough so that he could be looking at the blonde more comfortably, pulling out her chair as well, so that she was facing him, metal fingers cupping her chin and directing it so that his blue eyes could pierce into green ones, “Either you eat or your butt can get to know my hand real well and then you’ll eat. Which one do you prefer?”
“Neither,” pulling her head back while pushing at the alpha’s wrist to let her go.
Bucky sighs deeply at that, letting his hand fall from her chin, quickly grabbing her arm and situating her in one smooth motion over his knee, the first swat falls before she has time to protest.
“Bucky, stop.” As more swats fell, “This is insane, get off,” Morgan argues trying to push herself up using the legs of the chair.
“Told you to eat.”
“I’m not hungry! How hard it to get through your fuckin skull, OW!”
Bucky growls stopping Morgan’s tirade in its tracks, making her limp over his knee, aiming ten more at her butt before lifting her up and back into her chair. “Eat. Now,” speaking in a low stern voice.
“Yes, alpha,” is all she says as she grabs her chopsticks and a piece of broccoli from the broccoli beef on her plate.
By the time the rest of the mates have finished their plates and gone for seconds, Steve and Bucky for thirds, Morgan has only finished half of the food on her plate. “You can stop eating if you’re full,” Steve verbalizes, it was sadly the most food he had ever seen her eat in one sitting.
“Thank you,” giving a relieved sigh at not having to eat anymore.
“Let’s head to the couch.”


Bucky and Tony are cleaning up lunch, while Natasha and Clint head to pick up Bruce from the airport and tell him about the suppressants.
Steve sits down on the couch situating himself, so that he and Morgan could talk first, “You understand the pack rules you broke?”
“Do I need to keep recounting them every time we’re in this position?”
Morgan raises an eyebrow at that, “We’ve only been in this position once.”
“Yes, but we as a pack have gone easy on you, giving you more leeway to get your footing. I think we did you a disservice by not holding you to the established pack structure.”
“Meaning if you break the pack code, none of us are going to let it slide anymore. This getting black out drunk proved it, if Tony, Clint, Bruce or Nat did that, and I’m not discounting me and Buck, we just can’t physically get drunk anymore do to the serum. They would have gotten spanked immediately after waking up. So, from now on, you’re going to be treated as pack, you understand.”
Morgan nods, “Yes, alpha,” part of her ecstatic that she was going to be considered fully part of the pack, despite the consequences of breaking pack rules.
“That doesn’t mean if you want something clarified that you can’t ask,” cause that was another thing that is becoming clearer, Morgan just didn’t ask, she goes with it until she figures out the situation on her own or someone points it out. The blonde nods, so Steve continues on, “Alright let’s do this, you’re going to get it bare.”
Green eyes widen at that, before nervously standing, letting her loose sweats pool at her ankles as she bends over the blonde alpha’s lap, by the time the spanking is done her face was red from crying and her butt and upper thighs are a cherry red.
“Its over, its forgiven,” Steve murmurs into blonde hair rubbing calming circles on her back, as the blonde holds tightly to his neck. He sighs to himself, they still had to deal with the fallout of the suppressants, but he could give his mate the comfort she deserved for this transgression. The reasoning for this punishment alone didn’t warrant the lost of trust like the next one would. He could compartmentalize like the rest of their mates are doing until Bruce gets back.




Once in the privacy of the blacked-out sedan, Bruce leans over kissing each of his mates squarely on the mouth.
“So how was the conference?” Natasha inquires pulling out of the passenger pickup lane at the airport.
“Amazing, it was so nice to actually go to one, they did a lecture on the new study of gamma radiation and I may have gotten Doctor Cho to agree to fly out here, Tony’s been trying to recruit her since the Triskelion.” It was his first conference out of country since becoming the Hulk, since joining the Avengers and consequently meeting his mates, he had been able to go out to a few of the lectures on the east coast, but never a multiday conference anywhere, especially travelling to a different country. “So what’s been happening since I left? Wait a sec, Nat aren’t you and Steve supposed to be at SHIELD until tomorrow?”
Natasha glances over at the curly haired beta, “About that. What do you know about suppressants?”
Bruce gives the spies a look, “Not much, its not my field of expertise. If you want more information I think Morgan might know.”
“Why would you say that?” Clint implores popping his head in-between the driver and passenger seat.
“She’s getting a degree in kinesiology and minor in nutrition, one of the classes she had to take for them was on how substance abuse effects the body.”
Clint gives a raised eyebrow, asking incredulously, “Are you serious?”
“Yeah, what’s this all about?” Bruce asks.
“I found suppressants in Morgan’s duffle last night.”
Bruce’s face becomes frigid, as he starts his breathing exercises and calming techniques that he’s been learning over the past seven almost eight years of having the Other Guy inside him.
“Bruce, love, you okay?” Nat questions, as she slows down for the red light.
“How are you two so calm?” Bruce demands as he breaths heavily.
“Compartmentalizing, we’ve been waiting till you got home to discuss it as a pack.”
“Thanks, are Steve and Bucky calm?” Both alphas got pissed whenever the media talked about suppressants raids or horror stories about suppressant use, and besides that all of them have dealt with how HYDRA utilizes omegas, seen more omegas dead in the cells or die soon after getting them out of the organizations clutches than omegas recovering from the toxic drug.
“Not when they first heard but in front of her, they have been,” Clint explains.
“I’m guessing the second we get back, all hell’s going to break lose?”
“Considering Stevie and Bucky punched out eleven of Tones specially designed super strength punching bags, that’s a pretty good guess.”


Bruce, Clint, and Natasha go straight into the living room where the rest of their mates are, except for Morgan. Bucky and Tony are snuggled into each other, Bucky reading a book while Tony works on his Starkpad. Steve who’s also reading a book is a few feet away his long legs stretching out onto the coffee table.
“I’m back,” Bruce speaks up as he walks into the room, having dropped his suitcase off at the entrance of the room.
Tony stands up quickly at that, “Brucie bear!” walking over to his science bro soulmate, Bruce pulling the genius into a kiss when he gets close enough.
“So where is our omega?” Bruce asks the room.
All three alphas stutter still for a moment, all this talk about suppressants, but no one had put it in that context, they had their omega now. What all three alphas had fantasized about since they came together as a pack and before that by themselves. Morgan is an omega, not only was she taking suppressants, but she was hiding her designation from them. She knew how much they wanted their omega mate and she was hiding the fact that they had her right in front of them.
“She went to grab her laptop,” Tony answers, pulling Bruce down onto the closest cushion with him, Natasha and Clint following suit by sitting in the space between Bucky and Steve.

“Hey, Jarvis said, you guys have my cell,” Morgan says walking fully in a moment later, laptop under her arm. Eyes landing on the mild-mannered doctor, “Bruce, welcome home,” setting the laptop down on the coffee table as she moves to lean down and kiss him. Frowning slightly when Bruce doesn’t return the kiss.
Steve started talking then, “Morgan why don’t you sit down, we all need to talk.”
The blonde sits down next to curly haired brunette at that, as everyone’s eyes fall onto Morgan, making her furrow her brows in confusion, “What?”
“We want to talk about this,” Natasha speaks up from between Bucky and Clint, holding up the baggie of bright purple pills, that she had stuffed into her pocket after Clint had thrown them to her over nine hours prior.
“My birth control pills?” is hastily spoken.
“They’re not birth control,” Tony states, moving off the couch to sit on the coffee table, flipping his Starkpad over to show her a toxicology report, “They’re suppressants Morgan. We know you know that, so stop lying,” his voice rough and heated.
Morgan looks up from the report to Tony’s expressive brown eyes that only hold anger, then over to the rest of her mates on the couch across from her, each leveling her with their own pissed off look, before turning to Bruce who’s normally dark brown eyes now have a vibrant green swimming in them. “I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t need to say anything,” Steve informs, “Just listen. Bruce is going to give you a checkup make sure you’re as healthy as you can be considering the poison you’ve been taking,” snarling the last bit before taking a deep breath, his voice becoming level, but there’s an undercurrent of pissed off alpha, “You’re going to get off them because we are not going to allow our omega to take suppressants.”
Morgan, who’s stayed quiet up to this point, shakes her head, ignoring her want to just nod, instead saying, “I’m not getting off them.”
“Excuse me?!” Steve barks, as Bucky makes a dangerously low growl.
“Yes, you are,” Natasha hisses at the same time.
Tony raises an eyebrow, an unimpressed look masking over his features, Clint’s blue eyes darken into slits. Bruce growls right next to her ear, the noise more from the alpha Hulk than from the beta, while he slaps his hand down hard on her thigh, eliciting a pained whimper, while she bares her neck in submission from the growls both Bucky and Bruce are giving.

All three alphas move simultaneously towards the omega, Clint moving to sit next to Tony, while Bruce scoots out of the way so that Bucky, who reaches the blonde first, can take his place. With her neck still bared, Bucky swipes the stray hair covering her neck before moving his hand away letting Steve bite down first into Morgan’s neck, not breaking skin but leaving small indents. After Steve moves away, Natasha makes her own bite slightly lower, finally followed by Bucky.
Steve, who’s kneeling on one knee in front of the blonde so that they were eye level, grasps the Olympian’s chin after Bucky releases her, “You will be getting off them,” is spoken in a thinly concealed rage.
“I’ll act as your omega, and whatever,” trying to stand up, but being surrounded by all three alphas has her firmly in place, “But I’m not getting off them,” Morgan replies.
Steve’s eyes grow dark, shoulders squaring, holding onto the blonde’s chin more firmly, “I’m not asking Morgan.”
“Neither am I,” Morgan hisses, fighting with everything in her not to just submit and bask in the alpha’s dominance, twisting at the head alphas wrist to get him to release her.
Steve drops his hold, straightening from his position into a stand, and pulling the shorter blonde with him, turning her to the side, he lands five harsh swats to her butt that had her crying out, before turning her back around, straightening until he’s at his full height posture rigid and his smoky campfire scent completely overpowered in an angry dark smoky current. “I’m not going to ask again, I’m one wrong word away from just taking my belt to you until you see reason,” his voice deceptively calm.
Morgan steps back at that as far as his hold on her arm would let her, giving a subdued nod and a quiet, “Please let go.”
Steve drops the hand in question, and Morgan scurries off to the other side of the curved couch. Steve huffs at that, “So you ready to listen?”
“Sure.” At Steve’s pointed raise of his brow, she amends, “Yes, alpha.”
“You got any more suppressant’s stashed anywhere?”
“So, when were you going to get more?” snapping his fingers towards Natasha, who hands him the baggie, “Cause you only had seven left.”
“During my break at work Tuesday,” the blonde answers honestly.
“Well that’s another thing that’s changing, you can quit your job and college.”
“No fuckin way!” Morgan yells vehemently.
Steve takes steps towards the omega at that, Morgan matching it going in the opposite direction, seeing it Steve raises his voice in irritation, “That’s it! Come here,” pointing to the spot just in front of himself.
“No. It’s bullshit, my designation should not mean I have to quit the bar and stop getting my degree.”
“As my omega, I have every right,” motioning her to come to him, once again.
Shaking her head, feet staying planted in her spot, the twelve-foot couch separating her from him, saying the one thing she knows will get him angrier, that will elicit a response, that had made Natasha go over the edge on Thanksgiving, “You’re not my alpha, we’re not mated, we have no papers that state by law that you are.”
The alpha growls deeply, “That star on your right hip,” hands going up to the collar of his t-shirt he rips it down making it scraps on the floor, “This mark,” pointing to the golden blue squiggly circle that encases his left nipple, “This means we’re soulmates, I’m your alpha whether we’ve done the mating bite or the paperwork or not. You’re an omega, by law you need to have an alpha to make decisions for you.”
“I’m not a fuckin child, I’ve been making all my own decisions for myself since I was fifteen.”
Clint speaks up then, sarcastically spiteful, “Yeah, you’ve been making real great decisions Morgan. Buying and taking a black market drug that’s killing you, breaking the law by doing so. What would your Police Sargent Uncle Ben think?”
“Keep my family out of it!”
“No, they’re in it, what was going to happen when you died, and they found out after the fact?” Clint yells standing up from his spot on the coffee table.
“I don’t know, they’d probably be pissed, but it wouldn’t matter, I rather have been able to live my life dying than be shackled as an omega,” the blonde yells back just as fiercely.


“Do you hate being an omega that much?” Tony inquires, his voice level.
The calmness Tony exudes calming Morgan, which makes her take a breath before answering, “I’ve never been an omega, Tony. I don’t want to be treated like a perpetual child. I wasn’t treated like a child even when I was a child.”
“We aren’t going to treat you like a child,” Natasha stepping in front of Steve, who’s taking the time to get a handle on himself chest heaving as he tries to fight his way off the edge.
“Really? You’re already trying to control me.”
“By making you get off suppressants? That’s just keeping you safe and alive. Everything we do is to protect and care for you. You’re our omega. You biologically need certain things from us and we in turn from you. We get to make the rules and enforce them that’s how this works.”
“Its stupid.”
“Is it really?” Bucky asks.
“No its not. You said it yourself you’ve never been an omega, obviously you’ve had to have had your heat at least once, but nobody has ever treated you as your supposed to be treated.”
“And how am I supposed to be treated?” Morgan asks glaring over at the brunette alpha.
“As our omega, --”
“That shouldn’t change anything!” grasping the back of the couch in frustration.
“But it does, you just don’t know that because you’ve been suppressing your omega everything with suppressants.”
“You don’t know that though! I was raised to be an alpha, not an omega. I was raised to make my own decisions.”
“Well, why don’t you try being an omega, really try,” Tony inputs. “It might just surprise you how much you actually like being an omega.”
“Really?” Morgan asks sarcastically, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Yes,” Steve answers trying to ignore the urge to growl at her insolence. “Soulmates are made for each other, we all want a traditional pack, so you are most likely the same just too scared to actually admit it and try.”
“I’m not scared,” she was. “I just don’t want to stop taking suppressants,” she did. “I like my life,” she hated her life.
Steve growls, “If you’re not scared then you can be an omega, stop hiding the fact that you are from everyone by taking a drug. Because I won’t allow you to continue taking them.”
“It shouldn’t change a damn thing!”
“It changes everything, Morgan!” Natasha snarls.
“No it fuckin doesn’t,” Morgan hisses back, “I’m still me, I’m still the same.”

Bruce growls as he informs, tired of the back and forth, “No you’re not, suppressants stop the production of omegone without omegone running through your body your killing it. Omegone stabilizes everything in an omega from their heats, to their scent, to brain chemistry and hormones levels, and a whole list of other factors.”
So fuckin what?!
“I’m not going to watch you kill yourself by taking them,” Steve yells, “You’re our mate, I want to be able keep you safe, even if it’s from yourself.”
Morgan glares over at the blonde, “I don’t need you to keep me safe, I know how to do that on my own.”
“You’re taking a drug that isn’t safe, they’re actually extremely dangerous for you, how is that keeping yourself safe?” Steve probes.
“You really have no fuckin say.” When Bruce goes to back Steve up, Morgan snarls at him as well, “Neither do you!” She turns back to Steve before spitting out, “Why don’t you come down to my level and say it, oh wait you fuckin can’t! Because you took an untested and dangerous serum, that completely changed you.” Turning towards Bruce now, “And you did the exact same fuckin thing, you irreversibly changed your DNA. Neither of you have room to talk about me taking suppressants.”
“It means we every right to talk!” Bruce thunders, hints of green showing around his neck, “Suppressants are killing you! The life span of an omega on suppressants is two maybe six years, depending on the health of the omega when they started it and how healthy they continue to be.”
“Then I have four more years! And then you won’t have to deal with me anymore!” Morgan snaps.
The little restraint Steve has left snaps at that, roaring he moves quickly, jumping over the couch, threading his belt off and is at Morgan’s side before anyone could even blink, by the next second he’s bent her over the back of the couch, his belt snapping over the bare skin of her ass as her sweats pool to the ground. “No! We are going to deal with you! You’re going to stop taking them. You are going to live as our omega, you are not dying on us by doing something we can prevent! And we will be preventing it, because you are never taking any drug without your alpha’s permission and supervision! I don’t care if it is a damn iron supplement or an Advil, you’re going to ask permission and we are going to be the one to hand it to you and watch you take it! You will not be dying on us until your old and gray, even if I have to take my belt to you every day for the rest of your life for you to get that, then I will happily do it if it means you’re safe and healthy. You are our soulmate and I don’t think you understand the gravity of what that means, it means our souls belong to one another, so no, you will not be allowed to kill yourself by taking suppressants,” Steve exclaims, his eyes are wet and his face is beat red in anger, not letting Morgan get a word in as the belt continues to fall with a restrained force, continuing on spanking with no sign of stopping even after he stops lecturing.

By the time Steve drops the belt to the floor, he’s breathing hard and has tears streaming down his face. Morgan’s limp over the couch, exhausted from crying, her ass and thighs a dark beet red.

Chapter Text

Morgan stands up slowly, pulling her sweats up with a hiss, Steve had stopped before she would bruise, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Eyes red and face flushed she turns towards the head alpha who still has tears trailing down his own face, he moves to pull her into a hug, but she steps back, raising a defiant eyebrow, “You done?”
“What?” confusion seeping into his tone.
“Are you done?”
Steve looks to the side towards the rest of his mates, seeing the same perplexed looks on theirs, he sighs before turning back to Morgan, “I’m done spanking you, yes. But no, we need to sit down and discuss everything.”
“Well I’m done,” holding out her hand and making a hand it over motion. When Steve just stares at her, “I want my suppressants.”
“No, absolutely not!” Steve growls out. “They’re going to be flushed.”
“Okay then,” nodding more to herself than anyone else, before walking around the alpha.
“Where you going?” Natasha questions when Morgan rounds the couch.
Continuing to walk past her mates as she states, “I’m going to go get my cash and go see my dealer early.”
“No! You’re not from now on until we as a pack can trust you, you ain’t going anywhere without one of us,” Natasha informs irritation covering her tone at Morgan’s insolence.
Stopping still, the blonde opens and closes her mouth, “You don’t trust me, just for … just because I’m taking suppressants?”
“No we don’t trust you because you lied to us, we’re a pack we aren’t supposed to lie to each other.”
“I never lied to you! You all just assumed I was a beta.”
“Really? That’s your defense that we just assumed, you never told us differently we made excuses for things based on the idea that you were a beta. You lied to us about not being an omega, you lied about the suppressants,” Natasha snarls. “You knew we wanted to finally find our omega, to complete the pack. You knew how we felt about suppressants, and trust me, the spanking you just got is not going to be your only one. I’m going to be spanking you for lying to me and taking a drug that can kill you. I’m going to wait until tomorrow night, but you will be getting one from me.”
“And me,” Bucky speaks up before adding, “But I’ll be waiting until the day after.” They didn’t want to leave bruises, they wanted to discipline her not abuse her.
Bruce, Clint, and Tony nodding as well.
“You’re all …” staring wide eyed at her mates.
“Yes, you broke all of our trusts,” Clint answers.
“But --”
Clint barks out, “There is no but. You did it and now you have to build that trust back up.”
Natasha adding in, “We gave you our trust before, do you know how difficult that is for us. To let you come in and trust that you aren’t lying to us. To take what you say at face value. We’re spies, Morgan, not trusting people is in the job description. We’ve all learned not to trust people, and we went against all instinct to trust you, you broke that.”
Morgan has tears streaming down her face at that, swallowing thickly, “I’m sorry. How do I, how do I fix this?” She didn’t like the feeling of not having her mates trust, she always hated breaking her loved one’s trust, it was one of the few reasons she never wanted anybody to ever find out.
“You can start by flushing these,” Steve speaks, holding up the baggie of suppressants, “And by promising us you won’t take another suppressant or drug again.”
Morgan’s shoulders sag, “If I do that, I lose everything.”
“You already lost everything by taking them,” Tony inputs, “Why do you even want to take them?”
Morgan stutters at that before asking in rapid fire, “You think I like taking the fuckin things? You think I like spending ten thousand dollars every three fuckin months to buy them? You think I like how they make me fuckin feel? That I have to keep increasing my workouts and healthy eating with no payout because it’s the only way to maintain my health? No, if I stop then I lose everything.”
“I lose my Olympic titles. My family will be so fuckin disappointed in me, not to mention pissed. And it means my parents died for nothing.”
“How does not taking suppressants mean your parents died for nothing?”
“They wouldn’t have been in London if it wasn’t for me. It’s my fault they died.”
“That doesn’t mean it was your fault,” Bucky declares.
“Yes, it does.”
Each mate shakes their head at that, Bucky acting as the spokesperson, “No it doesn’t. Did you force them to go with you to London?” At Morgan’s ‘no,’ he continues on, “Where you the one driving the car they were in?” Again a ‘no,’ “Where you driving the car that hit them?” Another ‘no,’ “Did you get someone to kill them?”
“No! Never! Why would you even ask that?”
“Then how is it your fault at all?”
“It just is.”
“But it isn’t, Morgan. So let that idea go, you’re not at fault. Say it.”
“I’m not at fault.” Bucky making her repeat it until it sounded like she actually believed it herself.
“Good. Now are you ready to flush the suppressants down the toilet?” Nodding her head reluctantly. “Good, lets head there then.” Walking up to the omega and placing his arm around her shoulders, he guides her to the bathroom as the rest of the mates following.


After flushing the pills and tossing the baggie into the tiny garbage can next to the toilet, Morgan looks back at her mates that are all crowded around her, “So can I be alone now?”
“That’s not happing,” Natasha reminds, “So pick someone.”
“Tony. If that’s okay with you?” turning to the brunette.
“Yeah, where do you want to go?”
“My room.”

Tony sits down at the desk chair, twirling it to see the entire room, of course he’d been in there this morning, but that was to look for drugs, he hadn’t been able to actually look at the multitude of pictures that Morgan had taped up with Peter’s help.
Checking out the pictures, he wants to laugh, front and center was a photo of a young Morgan squished between Sharon and Bobbi, or who Morgan always called, Rin and Rory, all three were in swimsuits with a swimming pool in the background. Looking around at other pictures, he found a picture of a much older looking Enzo than he remembered, when he had still been part of Tony’s life he had a full beard and a full head of hair, the picture showed a bald man with goatee and mustache that wasn’t as styled and refined as Tony’s himself. Enzo was sitting next to a brunette woman, who was cradling a baby Morgan in her arms, on the other side was man that dwarfed both in sure mass smiling down at the tiny baby.


Since coming into the room, Morgan had glared at the wall in silence from her position of lying on her stomach on the cloth couch. She hates suppressants, hated them when she had first been handed them and hated them even more when she started feeling the effects of taking them. They weren’t addictive, like other drugs, they just made the user feel like shit until the drug killed them by shutting down their organs. She’d read all the material on suppressants when she had to take the drug abuse class last semester; she knew the consequences of taking them and hated ever one of them. If she was asked prior to being handed them and having been told point blank that if she didn’t she would lose everything she had strived for her whole life, that her parents would have died for nothing. She would have said no, should have said no, but she hadn’t, and she had never told anyone what happened, couldn’t it, just said she presented and with no scent, no heat or rut in the months following everyone just assumed. She had been alone and scared, her coach made it sound so easy, take the drugs and she could continue her life. But she hadn’t, hasn’t, she never got a driver’s license, had stopped competing, her paperwork for college had been done the year prior to presenting; nothing had her designation on it. She couldn’t bring herself to actually lie about it on paper.
She was tired, tired of having to lie, tired of curbing responses. She got away with omega behavior for a while because her parents died, the excessive need for physical touch, to be doted on was all explained away because of that fact. Eventually, she learned to shy away from touch, push away her feelings, strong feelings came through, but all the little ones were stomped out. It was never a way she wanted to live, but she was too far into it, had deceived the world into thinking she was something she wasn’t, she didn’t want to deal with the fallout of telling people she was an omega, that she lied to them. She didn’t want to look them in the eye and tell them she screwed up, that she got in way over her head and didn’t know how to backtrack and was terrified that she would lose the remainder of her family by saying anything.

Turning her head slightly when she hears Tony start ruffling through some of her half-opened boxes.
“You know you have a lot of trophies; I can get you some floating shelves so you can display them,” Tony speaks up, when he notices that he’s captured the Olympian’s attention.
“Its okay, its not like they’ll mean much anymore.”
Tony swivels on the chair to face the omega completely, “That’s not true.”
“Yeah it is, I won’t ever compete again. I doubt the alphas will let me do it recreationally.”
“You haven’t competed since the Olympics, with the exception of last night, so you can’t put that on them. And you can ask them about doing it recreationally, in our line of work knowing that you can defend yourself is important to them, to us.”

Silence fell on them for a few minutes before the blonde mutters out, “You know I was supposed to be an alpha.”
Tony knowing how her Babbo had been at least before Mikey had been murdered, nods his head, sympathizing, “I was too, my old man hated that I hadn’t become an alpha like him, I learned to ignore it.” Tony had also been into drugs and alcohol for most of his early life to forget most of what Howard had pushed on him, eventually just turned to being his norm and Howard wasn’t the reason anymore. But drugs ended after Rhodey found him almost ODing from some, and had taken his self-imposed big brother routine into high gear, the Air Force beta had ripped Tony a new one, the genius ending up with a red ass that could put his Iron Man suit to shame, and Tony hasn’t touched drugs since.
“I was supposed to finally be worthy of my Babbo’s family name.”
“You know you are worthy, baby. You don’t need to be an alpha to be worthy of something, especially a name.”
Continuing as if she hadn’t heard him, “He was all about being a Carter, being an alpha, and serving this country. I’m not that. I’m a Cassidy and an omega.”
Scooting the rolling chair across the hardwood to his mate, “So what? Make your own worth. You’re worthy by just being you.”
“You actually believe that?” tears pooling in her eyes, nobody had ever told her she was worthy by being herself, she was always worthy if she accomplished something. Her Tata’s family put all their self-worth in how many fights they could win, loosing had never been an option to them. Her mama’s family wasn’t like that, but she had grown up with both her Babbo and Tata not liking the Reilly family philosophy, who at the point when Morgan had been around consisted of only her mama, Aunt May, and their crazy cousin, who was the black sheep of the family, had believed that it was okay to let things lie that not everything had to be a fight.
“Yeah, I might not trust you right now, but you are my soulmate. My soulmates are worthy of anything,” cracking a smile, which makes the blonde give a watery one in reply.


Bruce pops his head in an hour later, “Morgan, I want to do that checkup now before dinner.”
Sighing she moves off the couch, wincing when her sweats pull tight across her ass, “Okay.”


Bruce pats the exam table, hiding the tug of his lips when Morgan, dressed in only in a thin paper gown now, scrunches up her nose at the idea of sitting. “Sit Morgan.”
Sitting down gently, she squirms when her sore bare butt touches the cold table.
Bruce goes to work quickly, checking blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, drew blood, and a slew of other medical checks.
Almost an hour later, he says, “Lie back, I need to check your cervix and vagina,” pulling a machine closer to the table.
Sitting up straighter at that and pressing her thighs together tightly, “Why?”
“Because its one of the first things that suppressants hit irreversibly. So, lie down, it’s the last thing I need to do.” It was the least invasive check, one of the only ones that could be done without surgery, to see if the damage done by suppressants is reversible or irreversible.
Keeping her legs locked together, she lays down with a grumble.
Seeing the tight grip her ankles have on each other to keep him from actually maneuvering her legs, “You need to actually spread your legs, Morgan.”
“I … I don’t like this.”
“I don’t like the fact that this is necessary either, especially don’t like that I have a mate that decided suppressants were a good choice,” Bruce glowers. “Now spread, I want to make sure you didn’t screw up your body irreversibly.”
Morgan sits up at that, glaring, “I get you don’t like that I did it, but you don’t need to be a fuckin dick about it.” She was going to get enough of that from her Uncle Filip and the rest of her family.
Bruce raises an eyebrow at that, pinching the blonde’s thigh for the profanity, “I don’t, don’t like it, I hate it. I’m trying to keep the Other Guy from coming out. We want to keep you safe and healthy, if I have to be a dick to do so, then so be it, but I’m not letting my mate die knowing I could have prevented it. I don’t want to lose you, none of us do.”
Not knowing what to say to that, Morgan lies down unhooking her death grip on her ankles at the same time.
Bruce takes a deep breath, reining in the Hulk and his own temperament, he says, “I’m going to walk you through it, I’ll try to make this as easy as I can it’s just like a pap smear just a bit more invasive.”
“Never had one.”
“You ever have anything in you, fingers, tampons?”


After completing the examination, he calls in the alphas to hear the preliminary report. “She’s malnourished so she needs to start eating probably something light multiple times a day until she can eat full meals, body temp is lower than normal, heart rate is higher than it should be, the ultrasound I did didn’t show any major organ failure, but there looks to be minor failure in the heart, lungs, kidney, and liver,” Bruce lists. “I still need to wait for the blood test and the cell samples I took from her cervix to come back to know for sure, but I didn’t see anything that wasn’t reversible with time and effort.”
“Thanks Bruce,” Steve expresses.
“I’m just happy she’s as healthy as she is considering.”
“Yeah I think we all are,” throwing the blonde, who was changing back into her t-shirt and sweats, a look.
“Well Clint barbequed, so let’s head up to eat,” Bucky informs, Clint might not be able to cook, but grilling meats was the archer’s specialty.




This time Steve automatically fills up Morgan’s plate with food until it’s halfway full, placing it in front of her.
Sighing, she takes a bite, chewing slowly. Just about to take a second bite, she drops the fork on the table, covering her mouth with both hands as she started running out the room, Natasha following at the same hurried pace, a second later.

“You okay sweetie?” the spy asks, after watching Morgan throws up for the third time.
“Yeah, just haven’t eaten that much in a long time.”
“You took one bite.”
“Lunch, lunch was a lot. I thought I threw up everything earlier.”
“How many times have you been sick today?” rubbing circles on the blondes back.
“This morning from the hangover, after lunch from eating way too much, and now.”
“Is this normal?”
“If I eat too much. I don’t eat a lot usually only two small meals and a snack a day, I make sure there high in nutrients though.”
“Where you like this before suppressants?”
“Fu-bblin no,” changing the cuss at the last second when she sees the alpha’s eyebrow start to rise, “I ate everything in sight before. Swimmer metabolism and all that.”
Natasha shakes her head as Morgan goes back to her head being in the toilet, dry heaving now due having nothing left to throw up. The spy couldn’t believe that the blonde had gone two years on suppressants, and nobody had noticed. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t notice sooner.

Eventually they make it back to the kitchen where everyone had stopped eating and had been waiting for the two women to come back, as soon as they sit back down the boys and Natasha start tucking back into their food, while Morgan pushes her food around with her fork, content just to sit there.


“I get that you don’t want me going to college, but its online there’s no danger for me. So, can I please continue it,” Morgan inquires, when everyone has finished eating and retired to the living room, lying against the armrest of the chair.
Steve rubs his face tiredly from his spot on the curved couch, “No.”
“Why can’t I have that? I literally do not need to leave this place, all I need is books and my laptop, all of which I already have for this semester. And I only have two more semester’s after that,” Morgan pleads slightly for the alpha to understand.
“And what would you do with the degree, omega’s can’t work in sports related jobs?” Clint questions.
“I’ll find something,” glancing over at Clint who is snuggled into Bruce, before turning back to where Steve sits with Tony at his side.
Steve shakes his head, “No. We won’t allow it.”
“Why can’t I at least try? Get my degree and try to find a job.”
“I told you, no. My omega is not doing that,” his voice turning pointed and deeper.
“Omega’s go to college now, they work now. Maybe you didn’t notice,” it was extremely easy to miss, while male omegas had finally been able to join the workforce in the mid nineteen seventies, female omega’s in the late eighties, with college finally being an option in nineteen ninety-nine. Most if not all omegas were still expected to stay home once mated to their soulmates, so college happened for the few and extremely far between, and there was barely any omega’s working outside the home even now, forty years later. Most omegas wanted it that way, it was mostly betas that pushed for the changes. Morgan knew the only reason Benny allowed Noah to work his family’s bookstore was because Kendra has a different career, and no one had wanted it to be run by an outsider after being owned and run by Noah’s family for six generations. Benny was one of the most progressive alpha’s she had ever met.

“Morgan,” Natasha inputs a sharp heat in her voice, “Stop arguing, our minds our made up.”
“Come on! Please.” She knew it was fruitless ambition to beg, but she wanted to at least be able to say she tried.
“Morgan, just stop it ain’t going to happen,” Bucky snaps, a phone alarm going off a second later.
Tony pulls the phone out of his sweats at that, turning off the alarm, “Why do you --” looking over to the blonde before abruptly stopping.
“Is that you suppressant alarm?” Bucky asks raising an eyebrow in inquiry.
Shoulder’s dropping the omega nods.
“That’s what that thing is?” Steve asks, “You told me that it was an alarm to remind you to head for work.” Morgan did remember that half truth, and winces at the reminder. “You lied to me,” Steve states his mouth thinning.
Answering quietly with a “Sort of, it turned into my alarm for work when I moved in.”
“You told me that before you moved,” Steve answers.
“What else have you lied about?” Natasha asks crisply, emerald green eyes darkening.
Morgan shrugs her shoulders in a quiet answer.
“So you told so many you don’t know, or are you still trying to lie to us?” Clint questions hotly, leaning forward so that he had an unobstructed view of the blonde.
“I don’t know,” seeing the pissed of expressions hurriedly adds, “Not that I told you many, I just don’t remember.”
“What do you think you could have lied about?” Tony examines, asking a loaded question with his eyebrow raised and sitting up, the rest of their mates following suit if they hadn’t already.
Nervously shaking her head, that isn’t a question she ever wants to answer, no sane person would ever answer that.
“We know you lied about your designation and suppressant use. Did you lie about your love life? What you like to do? What you’ve done? What you want to do? Are you really a blonde? Are you wearing colored contacts?” Tony fires one after the other.
“I haven’t lied about any of that, just stuff on suppressants,” Morgan replies looking solely at Tony.
Tony nods before glancing at Natasha who nods her head subtly, Morgan hadn’t lied, or if she had the tells that Natasha had been checking didn’t go off.
“Sex life could be cataloged as suppressant stuff,” Bruce informs. When he gets confused stares from everyone but Morgan, he asks the omega, “You want to tell them or should I?”
Bucky snarls at that, “No. Morgan you tell us, right now and none of your half-truth, beat around the bush crap. Be a hundred percent honest right now, or so help me.”
“I was honest about my sex experience, I am a virgin, and I hadn’t done anything more than kiss guys before you guys. It’s just.” Morgan swallows hard before saying towards the ground, “I … I never would have had sex with you guys. One knot and you would know,” risking a peak up to see everyone, but Bruce just staring at her.
“So, what you’re saying is we never would have completed the pack? Never do the mating bite. That even if you were ready to have sex, you would have never told us because you didn’t want to be caught,” Steve reiterates after the implications of her words finally catch up to him.
“Wow. That … I don’t even … I’m done for the night,” Steve says, slapping his hands on his knees before standing.

Everyone watches as the head alpha heads towards the direct of the pack bedroom. Bucky turning back first to the blonde, “You lying about anything else? Anything Morgan, I’m going to give you one free pass right now, I won’t punish you for anything you’re about to say that you lied about.”
Morgan shakes her head before nodding and sitting up, wincing when she put pressure on her ass and shifts back to her original position, “I didn’t get mad at you when you got your rut, not because I was … I didn’t think it was your fault for going after me, not that it was your fault at all, but because I knew I was an omega and during ruts everything is hypersensitive, you were subconsciously aware that I was an omega.”
“How do you know that?” Natasha inquired.
“Peter, when he presented as an alpha. We might not be blood related but we are part of the same family pack that he didn’t attack me, he just got really alpha-y over me, after it was over and Uncle Ben had picked him back up from the Minor’s Rut and Heat Clinic, he didn’t say anything about me being an omega, he just apologized for being a demanding little shi-shrimp.”
Silence filled the space, as Natasha nods out right, “Okay then.”
Morgan’s eyes dart to Natasha, “Are you guys good now? May I have my phone and be alone?”
“Just spend time with us,” the redheaded alpha implores, “We’ll watch a movie, you’ll only have to deal with Bucky in a few days, since we all have to head off for a mission.”
“You guys are leaving?”
“Yeah, Coulson found another base.”
“Oh. Fine,” staying curled up by herself on the chair. She could tell they wanted her to move over to the couch, sit with all of them, they might have been pissed that she had taken suppressants and hid her designation, might not trust her, but they still want her around, close the gaps that have been made, show that they don’t hate her.
Clint sighs audibly as he clicks on the first movie that pops up in the recommendation queue, that right there showed how out of it Clint is, he always debates on movies, bickering back and forth with Tony. The previously frozen super soldiers would throw in movies that had already been watched by the pack, that ninety percent of the time would be rejected in favor of going down a long list of pop culture the two haven’t been exposed to yet. Bruce would say a name of a documentary, and if it ends up being picked, Clint would end up asleep within ten minutes of the documentary starting. Natasha would suggest a spy movie that would have her, Tony, and Clint arguing over the logistics of everything.
The movie starts playing and Morgan lets herself be immersed in the feature, it was so much easier than figuring out the logistics of coming out to her family about being an omega.

When the credits roll, Bucky glances over at the blonde her head is tilted into the curve of the chair where back met armrest, completely asleep. Tony and Bruce having left halfway through the movie to go to bed. Natasha’s feet are lying on his lap with Clint’s thigh acting as her pillow, while Clint looks seconds away from falling asleep as well.

Chapter Text

Morgan wakes up to find herself in the pack bed, rolling her eyes as she moves to get up shifting slowly so not to wake her sleeping mates, going through the still dark bathroom to get into the closet, flipping the light switch once she closes the door, and heads into her section changing into jeans and a thick sweater, before moving to head out only for Jarvis to pipe up, sounding almost curious, “May I ask where it is that you’re going?”
“Going to let them cool off.”
“May I suggest offering a cold glass of water then.”
She doesn’t respond past huffing out a silent laugh and leaving the closet. Moving silently, she sees her cell on the dresser next to everyone else’s but decides it isn’t worth it. Opening the cracked door enough to slide out and silently running down the hall, she reaches the elevator only for it not to open. Jarvis once again speaking up, “I am not allowed to let you leave.”
Fisting her hands before relaxing her body and giving a tight smile, she runs back over to the emergency stairs, which are between Steve’s private room and the laundry room, that nobody would ever consider using, since none of the mates wanted to walk down eighty-one flights of stairs. Looking down the stairs she noticed that there is just enough space between flights for her to jump railings instead of walking.

Eleven minutes later she was exiting the Tower, breathing in the crisp New York polluted air, she heads for the subway. She’d known for weeks where each of the cameras focus and uses that to her advantage, using the blind spots to head into the tunnel until she reaches the maintenance corridor. Three hours later she’s in Queens, grabbing her go bags and motorcycle from a storage locker she keeps under an alias, she’s out of Queens and heading far away before the sun fully rises over the skyline.




Bucky had always been the first one up, and today is no exception just instead of his four thirty wake up time, he’s getting up when Steve starts to shuffle slightly in his sleep at five fifty. Both super soldiers had been up for over thirty-six hours by the time they had gone to bed the night before, so it is no surprise to Bucky when he wakes up with the sun. Pulling his long shoulder length hair into a bun at the nape of his neck, eyes scanning over his still sleeping mates, Steve is curled around Bruce, the scientist snoring loudly into a pillow, which is typical of the beta especially when he’s exhausted and considering he had been in Tokyo just the day prior it’s understandable. Tony’s wrapped around Natasha; one leg hooked over the small alpha’s thigh while his arms curl around her in what Bucky knows from experience is just short of a vice grip. Clint is sleeping soundly, two feet away from Bucky, himself. The brunette alpha furrowing his eyebrows at the fact, remembering specifically carrying and settling Morgan between them the night before, dread washes over him and he’s quickly getting out of the warm bedding, before walking into the bathroom, whisper shouting, “Morgan.” No answer, he heads into the closet, then makes a beeline for the kitchen and lounge, then the living room, then the private rooms, up the curved staircase to the gym and pool, then going back down the stairs and then going down the spiral staircase to the guest floor. By the time he’s run around the three pack floors twice, he’s only found Morgan’s cat, Tigger, curled up and purring on his scratch post jungle gym that the Olympian had placed in the corner of her private room when she had brought the orange tabby home.

Barring his teeth slightly at not finding the omega, he treads quickly into the pack room, to find Steve throwing on a hoodie over his dry fit shirt, the blonde asking, “What’s up?” pushing his head through the hoodie.
“Morgan’s gone.”
“What? No, she’s not supposed to go anywhere without one of us,” mouth thinning slightly.
“Well she ain’t here.”
“Maybe she’s up in the pool, you know she likes the water.”
“Checked everywhere, twice, she ain’t here, Stevie.”
“Maybe you missed her.”
“Been calling her name. Steve, she’s gone,” blue eyes turning into hopeless fury at the statement.
“No, she … she wouldn’t leave, yesterday was a lot but she was going to do it. Did you try calling her?”
“Well let’s call her.”
Bucky turns slightly to grab his cell only to spot Morgan’s laying next to Tony’s, “Its right there.”
Steve hunches slightly at that, “Oh. Maybe she went on a walk.”
“Bruce had Jarvis stop the elevators from opening for her, remember.” Its why he didn’t bother checking Bruce’s lab or Tony’s workshop, since an elevator was needed to get to those floors.
“She has to be here then. Did you check air ducts?”
“I can’t fit in air ducts,” Bucky deadpans, Tony had them customized just big enough for Clint to easily move around in them.
Steve nods, looking over at Clint before slipping off his running shoes and padding into the circular bed, “Clint, love, I need you to wake up,” rousing the archer from his sleep.
Clint looks beadily up at the head alpha, sleep filling his voice, “What? Steve too early,” pulling his pillow over his eyes and groaning as he does so.
Undeterred, “Clint wake up, I need you to check the vents for Morgan.”
“Why? What?” came the beta’s muffled reply.
Steve pulls the pillow off enough to see Clint’s closed eyes, “Buck can’t find her, he’s searched everywhere.”
“Ask Jarvis, let me sleep.”
Bucky looks up at the ceiling, at that, “Hey Jarvis, is Morgan in the air ducts?”
“No, Miss Morgan left the building via the emergency stairs at one o’four in the morning.”
Steve’s back turns ramrod straight at that, Bucky’s doing the same, while Clint’s eyes pop open in surprise, “What?”
“She say anything?” Bucky questions towards the AI.
“That she was leaving to let you all cool off, I suggested a glass of water would be a better choice.”
Steve huffs at that, squeezing his eyes shut, “She say when she would be back?”
“She did not, but she took no possessions with her.”
“Who took no possessions?” Natasha grunts, sleepy green eyes looking over at the three males from her spot on the bed.
Clint looks over at the alpha, “Morgan, she left,” sitting up so that he could see all three alphas, before continuing, “Maybe she headed to her cousins, we should call them at a reasonable time, give Morgan a chance to head back here, maybe she just needed time alone to sort out everything.”
“She did want to be alone,” Natasha reminds rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she yawns.
“What if she left for good?” Steve asks, he couldn’t deal with that he was ninety-six years old; he waited his entire life for his omega mate, he couldn’t lose her now.
Bucky shakes his head, “She wouldn’t, she left Tigger here, she left all her stuff, she said she was letting us cool down, she just needs some time.”
“You guys are awfully calm for her leaving,” Natasha comments towards the two other alphas as she untangles herself out from under a sleeping Tony.
“Sort of expected it,” Bucky answers with a shrug.
“How?” Steve asks, his blue eyes turning towards Bucky’s, he’s numb right now, but he knows he will be pissed off later.
“She always runs, or at least tries to separate herself when there’s a conflict,” Bucky explains, he remembers a week back, Bruce and Tony had been going at it about some random thing he couldn’t for the life of him remember, but he does remember Morgan’s reaction was to hightail it out of the room. “She’ll be back, she always comes back.”
Steve nods slowly, letting the thought sink in, once it does, he growls, “What the hell is she thinking? She’s an omega.” Omegas could get hurt so easily, they were susceptible to an alpha’s command, and Steve wasn’t naïve enough to think that all alphas acted how they were supposed to towards the fairest designation. He knew Morgan could protect herself, but an alpha could literally command her to stop fighting. He’s her alpha it was his job to protect her from the world, from getting hurt.
“Exactly,” Clint reminds, “She’s an omega, who has never followed the law, probably doesn’t even know the laws for omegas. She doesn’t know how badly this can all bite her in the ass, if the government finds out she’ll go to jail for a minimum of five years, she knowingly took a drug that is ranked higher than heroin, LSD, and ecstasy combined.”
Natasha finally free of Tony’s limbs, moves over to the group, “Shouldn’t we start looking for her then?”
“No, she needs to get it out of her system, let her walk around if she isn’t back by noon, then we’ll call her cousins. Maybe by then they would have talked some sense into her,” Steve growls, “We have HYDRA schematics to look through and training to accomplish.”
All three mates raise an eyebrow at that, Steve wasn’t one to let things lay especially when it came to his mates. Bucky is the first to say something, “Okay. Well since I ain’t an Avenger, I’ll deal with everything once noon hits, so you guys can focus.”
Steve nods in approval, “She get back, tell her to stand in the corner, I’ll deal with her. I’m going for a run, then we’ll start working on the mission.”


Yawning as he walks in, Bruce cocks his head to the side seeing Bucky flipping pancakes on the stove, “Who’s upset?” Bucky only made pancakes when someone was upset, or when Clint and Tony tag teamed the alpha into making them by begging.
“Morgan left,” pushing the latest pancake onto the plate of an already teetering stack of pancakes beside him.
“She left about one this morning and she didn’t take her cell, so we can’t track her.”
Bruce growls deeply enough that Bucky glances over at the scientist to make sure he isn’t turning into the Hulk.
Tony comes in then taking one look at the scene, shakes his head and makes a beeline for the coffee machine. “So where is everyone?” Raising an eyebrow when Bruce just growls roughly grabbing his tea kit and hot water to steep it himself in his private mediation area. “Buck?”
“Natasha and Clint are sparing, Steve is doing his morning run.”
“And Morgan? Isn’t she supposed to be by one of our sides?”
“She left this morning, didn’t take anything with her.”
“I’m sorry what, I thought I heard you say she left.”
“She did.”
Tony’s grip on his coffee mug tightens, “Why aren’t we looking for her then? Why didn’t anyone wake me?”
“Steve’s giving her till noon, then we’re looking.”
“Till noon? He’s actually giving her more time to run,” Tony says incredulously, “Why?”
“He’s hoping she just needs to clear her head, or that her cousins will set her straight.”
“What do you think, she’s doing?”
“Running away,” Bucky growls, he wants her here not wherever she ran off too.
“Okay, so I’m guessing handcuffs are in her future,” he wouldn’t put it passed the alphas to handcuff her with one of them at all times. After his surgery last year Steve and Natasha had handcuffed him to the hospital bed after his fourth attempt to leave AMA.
“That and a red ass, I’m sick of it.” He just wants to be a good alpha, protect his omega from the world and keep her healthy. The laws for omegas hadn’t changed drastically, it was one of the constants he had from his memories that ended in the forties falling from that train and then started up again after ‘waking up’ in 2014 when he apparently jumped in to the Pontiac to save Steve after he broke through the HYDRA conditioning somehow.
Tony is quiet for a long time after that, sitting heavily on the bar stool, after eating two pancakes to Bucky’s six in silence, he finally asks, “You think we’re being too hard,” when all Bucky does is raise an eyebrow and snort, the genius expands his thought process, “I mean, we accosted her, then took basically everything away, she just wants to go to school and work. She told me yesterday she was afraid that we were going to take away her hobbies too.”
“We weren’t though and if she would just ask, dammit. She just needs to ask, she needs to stop assuming she figured everything out and actually ask. Every time she brings up something like that, she does it with only one of us and then we all just ask for her. We should have just made her tell all of us, especially when it comes to crap like this, were she goes for the nuclear approach,” Bucky snarls out.
Tony nods, but still asks again, “Do you think it was too much too soon?”
“No … I don’t know. If she was actually here we could talk about it, but she ain’t.”




Bucky scratches at the spot behind Tigger’s ear, making the orange tabby purr loudly, having the cat on his lap being the only thing keeping him from storming around in frustration, noon is two minutes away and he plans to start dialing the second the clock hit twelve.

Picking, Ashley as the first person to call, he waits for the beta to answer, “Who is this?” filters through the speaker.
“This is Bucky, one of Morgan’s soulmates.”
“Oh. What’s up? Are you calling to get set up the dinner? Cause my Tata thinks tomorrow at five would work best, his place of course.”
Bucky furrows his brows at that, “Sorry what dinner?”
“The one Clint offered on Saturday.”
“No that’s not why I called, I was wondering if you’ve heard from Morgan today?”
“No. Why?”
“She left at one this morning, without her cell and didn’t tell us.”
Ashley’s voice goes from friendly to hostile within a second, “What do you mean? And why the fuck are you calling basically twelve hours later?”
“We had a disagreement yesterday when we confronted her about being an omega. We thought she went to you guys to talk it out.”
“No, that would be plain stupid. You guys called yesterday, that does not give my Tata enough time to calm down, hell I think meeting tomorrow isn’t enough time for him.”
“Do you know where she would go?”
“A pool. I would say my Tata’s gym, but that would just be a fuckin mess if she showed up around here. If not there’s her home in DC, maybe. Depends on how upset she is.”
“Can you send me the address for DC?”
“I don’t have it, we never went there. But I think maybe her Aunt May would have it.”
“Keep me updated,” with that Ashley hangs up without a goodbye.

Bucky growls, making Tigger puff up in agitation before curling back into the alpha’s lap as Bucky runs his fingers through the soft fur.
Choosing May to call next, the conversation stays friendly but doesn’t produce any new information besides the address for the Carter family home in DC.
Bobbi and Guthrie are both the same. Sharon who is in DC for the week says she would check the house and Peggy’s retirement facility, and by four that day calls back with no good news.
Calling the few friends that he’s heard Morgan talk about often, Benny and Noah, Carlos and Luke, Amy and by extension her two mates, all produce no sign of Morgan. He only tells them that he’s looking for her after a fight and is thankful that none of the five press for more information, so he doesn’t have to divulge that she is an omega.




The mates sat around the table, each emotionally and physically tired from the last two days events.
“I don’t get it, where could she be?” Natasha laminates, they had spent the last five hours searching on foot the areas they thought Morgan would go, while Jarvis is still running facial recognition software on all the cameras, he could get his figurative hands on in New York and DC, which is a lot of them. They had been able to track her to the subway station by the Tower, but that was as far as they got, she seemed to know how to find every blind spot the cameras and therefore Jarvis haves.
Tony shrugs, “Jarvis is still looking, I’ll expand the search parameters tomorrow, but I don’t think she would leave New York, everyone she knows is here. And she didn’t take anything with her, her account hasn’t been touched since Friday.”
“Then were could she have gone?” Steve inquires, “She would have needed to eat something by now.”
Bruce shakes his head, “She’s used to not eating much.”
“She shouldn’t be,” Natasha protests, “Even when I was a kid, I ate more than her and I was living in the Red Room during World War II.” She was beyond worried about her mate, she knew the world could be horrible, she had been born in Soviet Russia in 1928, had been taken by the Red Room when she was just a small child and trained. Her only source of fantasy was what she would ever do if she could find her omega mate, have someone that would love her for only her, not what she could accomplish during a mission. An omega that she could protect and love and that would submit to her out of their own violation, want, and love for her. Then that fantasy went away and after decades of not finding her mates, until she found Clint, or really, he found her, that’s when the fantasy of having an omega mate started again.
Steve and Bucky both nod their heads, Bucky being the one to speak, “Stevie ate more than she did, and he was the same size back then with all his medical bills and with the Great Depression limiting everyone’s ability to buy food.”
Clint inputs then, “Who ate more doesn’t matter right now. She’s an omega, who if she kept her promise and hasn’t bought more suppressants somehow, is alone. I don’t know what suppressant withdrawals look like, but her body chemistry is all out of whack from taking them and now that she’s off its probably trying to fix itself, right?” looking at Bruce for conformation.
Bruce nods, adding in, “Yeah, I don’t know how fast her omegone supply will activate, there isn’t a lot of data on omega biology after suppressant use, most omegas die after taking it. But once it does start, and since she started to take suppressants so early after presenting, she may not know why certain things are necessary.”
“Like a release?” Steve questions, that was major worry of his. Omega’s needed releases, the need for them arise whenever certain emotions became too great like guilt, sadness, anything that brought the omega’s mood down, a release is used to bring the omega’s biochemistry back into normal levels. If it didn’t happen omegas could become extremely sick and in the worst-case scenario die from their levels being off. Usually omegas stayed level by being dominated by their alpha, but when mood-dampening emotions became too much a release is necessary on top of the domination.
“Yeah exactly. I don’t know how much omega knowledge she has; I don’t think she has a lot; most things are just done instinctually based on the alpha and omega that not a lot of data has been collected on the why just the how.”




The door opens to show the five-eight dark blonde alpha, a gun resting at his side, as piercing blue eyes look down at Morgan who stands at the bottom step of the secluded cabin, “You get followed?”
Jerking his head, he moves to side enough for the blonde to shuffle her way passed him into the cabin.

Chapter Text

“Okay kid, what are you doing here?” the blonde alpha, Mike questions, placing his gun on the side table as he joins his two mates on the couch.
“Yeah, not that I don’t miss my piccola ombra, but last I checked you didn’t want continue this way of life,” the lengthy brunette alpha, Jay, comments, his arm thrown over the back of the couch.
“I couldn’t.”
“Why?” Mandy, the omega mate of the two alphas, examines, as she sweeps some of her reddish tinted dark brown hair from her face.
“I’m an omega,” stating outright for the first time in her life to someone that wasn’t her mates.
“So what?” all three spoke in unison. Jay continuing the statement, “We knew that when we offered for you to live with us.”
Making a confused face, “What? I never told anyone that I was one.”
“Kind of obvious kid that you are,” the blonde states, leaning forward on the couch so that his hands dangle between his legs.
“No, nobody knew until yesterday.”
“Morgan Bay what the fucking hell are you talking about?” Jay growls, sitting up straight.
“They thought I was a beta.”
“That’s a joke right kid?” Mike states more than questions.
At the same time that Mandy stands up, “You’re not actually suggesting that you were stupid enough to do what I’m thinking you’re suggesting.”
Morgan raises her head enough to see into Mandy’s furious chocolate colored eyes, before ducking it and answering with a soft, “Yes.”
“Excuse us,” Mandy apologizes sharply to her mates, before grasping Morgan’s arm in a vice grip and dragging the eighteen-year-old towards the kitchen. The brunette omega only releasing the younger omega when they are there, “Why the fuck would you do that to yourself? Talk, now.”
“I had too.”
“Nobody has too,” Mandy answers back, cupping Morgan’s chin in her hands. “Detka what the hell happened, because last I knew you, you would never be stupid enough to put any drug in your system and now you’re telling me you choose the one drug that has a hundred percent fatality rate, if taken longer than five years for people like you and me.”
“My coach --” snapping her mouth shut after that, but not out of her own violation.
“Your coach what, detka?”
Morgan shakes her head after trying to speak up and getting nothing out.
Mandy sighs at that, knowing exactly what the problem was, before calling out, “Guys need some help!” Not twenty seconds later, both alphas were at their mate’s side. “One of you needs to do an alpha command.”
“What do you mean babe?” the blonde alpha inquires, Mandy hated when alphas did an alpha command.
“You need to alpha command her to talk, she’s been commanded not to talk,” the brunette omega explains.
Morgan makes a confused noise, her coach never alpha commanded her to take the pills, her coach never yelled at her to do it. Jay sighs, before talking in a deeper octave than he normally did, “You’re going to tell us everything about why you took suppressants.”
“My diving coach found me just after I started my heat, she locked me in the room, so that nobody else would find out, told everyone that I had gotten sick and that they should stay away. After it was over she told me not to tell anyone about being an omega, had me cover it up with a scent blocker spray. After I won and took my final drug test, she told me I would need to get on suppressants if I wanted to keep my gold medals and didn’t want my parents to have died for nothing. After that I started taking the pills, but my coach stopped giving them to me after all the post-Olympic stuff was done. I could have stopped then if I tried, but that’s when I found myself a dealer and continued to take them until yesterday when my mates found out. I wanted to stop, but every time I did I felt like I shouldn’t, I felt like I was too far in, I had lied to everyone, so I took them as punishment for taking them and then for lying about them,” Morgan answers honestly and automatically, before snapping out of it and asking, “How was that an alpha command? You talked normally, don’t alphas have to yell?”
Jay shakes his head, “No. Alphas just have to deepen their voice and order the omega to do something.”
“Really? Then how can you tell when your just being ordered to do something versus commanded to do something by an alpha?”
Mandy takes that question, “You feel that buzzing at the back of your head?” At Morgan’s nod, “That is how you can tell, that buzzing is your body reacting to the command.”
“Why don’t we go back into the living room,” the blonde alpha inputs.


“Did anyone even suspect?” Mike questions, after they all sat back down in the living room, the two blondes on the same couch, while the two brunette mates share the other.
“No, at least they never told me if they did.”
“What kind of half ass alphas are you dealing with, I saw you for less than a minute from the rafters at the funeral and knew,” Jay snaps, pissed that no one in her family could tell. “I should have just taken you, brought you out here. At least then you wouldn’t have pulled that shit with us.”
Morgan knows she would never have been able to pull the shit she had been pulling for the last two years with any of them. Jay was too smart to be fooled by evasion his job demanded that of him, he also had the benefit of knowing her, her whole life due to having been her mama’s cousin and alpha guardian. The blonde next to her knew exactly what to look for when she lied or tried to evade, he had been the one to teach her all of that, after all. Despite that the blonde alpha would have just known, they were connected, he was her older brother, they shared the same Babbo. Mandy is an omega and had grown up being controlled which is how she figured out why Morgan wasn’t able to talk so quickly. Asking, “How? How did you know?”
“I know what a distressed omega looks like compared to someone mourning, piccola ombra. You were throwing out omega signals like there was no tomorrow,” Jay comments leaning back on the couch, like the statement doesn’t completely shock the hell out her.
It takes a few moments to come out of her shock, “Oh. Can I stay here, please?”
The blonde alpha tilts her head towards him before sincerely stating, “Kid, you’re family, nobody is kicking you out. Just don’t do stupid shit and we won’t have a problem. Same rules apply as all the other times you’ve come here.” Ruffling her hair with a smile before laughing outright as she glares at him while trying to fix the mess.


Mike tucks Morgan into his chest, running his fingers through her hair as they sat on porch that overlooked the small lake that sat on the very secluded property, “So how’s life going kid?”
“I found my mates.”
“Really, and you left them?”
“I couldn’t stay.”
“Ah. They were the ones that found out.”
“Yeah, we had a fight.”
“Must have been a big fight for you to leave.”
“They didn’t take it well.”
“Didn’t think they would. Jay, Mandy, and I aren’t taking it well.”
“You’re not yelling at me and punishing me.”
“That’s because you’re already beating yourself up. And because you didn’t lie to us, if you had come here trying to pass yourself off as a beta, when we knew you were an omega, your ass would be red right now.”
Morgan huffs at that, “What’s with spanking being the go-to for me?”
“Cause you’re being stupid with your life. You used to say you could never understand pill poppers, why they would want to go through life not being able to experience it fully because of the effects of drugs. And besides nothing else ever works for you kid. I remember when Jay brought you up here, I think you were four or so, I didn’t ever want to spank you, you were so tiny. But then you decided that you were a big girl and jumped into the lake, after we all explicitly told you to wait. Mandy was up in the kitchen saw you running towards it, screamed at you loud enough for birds to fly away to stay out of the water, but you just went faster. I had been the one closest to grab you, but I didn’t catch you in time, you ran full force into the water and started swimming around. I scooped you out of the water, and you just pouted at the fact that someone stopped you from having fun. By then Jay and Mandy were both running towards us, I set you down and you started back for the water. I pulled you back to me, and Jay bent down to your level, lectured you about listening to us. Jay and Mandy wanted to spank you for not listening, but I talked them out of it, got them just put you in the corner for time out. Later it was just the two of us back outside, you did it again, but this time you dove head first into the water knocked yourself out and scrapped your entire face up on a rock. I saw the blood when I grabbed you out, you were completely limp, scared the hell out of me. It was then I understood why Babbo always spanked first when I didn’t listen to him, because sometimes we could get hurt worst if we don’t listen. So after you woke back up a minute later, and I fixed up your face,” running his finger over the two centimeter long indented scar that is at her hairline from that day, “I bent you over my knee for the first time and gave you the spanking you should got the first time.”
“Couldn’t you have just let the concussion be the punishment,” Morgan says with a slight pout, she remembered that day, not in that great of detail, but she remembered bits and pieces.
“No, cause the concussion was because you were being a stupid shit, the spanking was punishment for not listening to us.”
Not wanting to go through more stories of her doing stupid things, “Why don’t you tell me some stories of when you were being a stupid shit.”
“Why would I want to do that?” her brother teases, “I’ve never been a stupid shit like you, I’m awesome.”
Morgan slaps him playfully on the stomach at that, “Awesomely delusional.”
The alpha sticks his tongue out in retaliation as his fingers go from rubbing at the omega’s back to tickling her sides.
Morgan squirms away at that, laughing when the alpha gives chase.


Jay smirks from the kitchen window, as he watches his co-alpha mate tackle Morgan into the grass and tickle her mercilessly. Morgan worming her way out before tackling the blonde herself, sitting down on his back as she pokes at his sides, both blondes laughing loud enough for the brunette to hear them all the way inside.




The group of four are sitting down around the circular table eating an assortment of sandwiches that they had each made for themselves, yesterday had been Morgan’s first full day with the three mates. Looking at both alphas she braces herself before asking, “Do you think I can continue college?”
Jay, who is sitting across from the Olympian, with Mandy on the right of him and the Mike on the left, laughs for a moment before saying, “You seriously wondering that?”
“Yeah, so can I?”
“Why the hell would we stop you?”
Morgan breathes out softly at that, she forgot how different Jay and Mike are about omegas.
The blonde alpha speaks up then, “Do you want to continue with your online college, or do you want to go somewhere else?”
“Can I stick with the college I’m already going to? I can ping the internet signal so that none of my mates can find me.”
“Sure, use the laptop that’s in the office, its already set up for that. Do you need any books or anything?”
“Yeah, I can pay you back in cash, if you can buy them online for me.”
“Nonsense,” Jay throws out there, “You’re family, when do you need them by?”
Deciding not to argue, it never did any good with these three, “Classes start next week.”
“Okay, just find the books online, and we’ll give you our credit card to use.”
“Thanks,” conversation lulls after that as all four of them finish their sandwiches.

Both alphas are now sipping on beer, as Mandy heads to the kitchen to grab cookies she had made earlier and milk to dunk them in. “Do you think I can look for a job, too?” Morgan inquires, completely full from eating half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
“You don’t want to do jobs with us again?” Jay questions back.
“I’m an omega though,” eyebrows scrunching, no alpha or beta in their right mind would allow an omega to do their kind of work.
Jay just shakes his head, “That means shit, just means people won’t expect you.”
“But Mandy doesn’t do it,” it was one of the reasons she never thought it would be an option.
Mandy speaks up then, placing the plate and three cups of milk on the table, “I just don’t want to fight anymore, I’ve done enough of it under HYDRA’s control.”
Morgan nods at that; Mandy is special, very special. “Okay, so when is your next job?”
The blonde alpha scoffs slightly at that, “Kid, we haven’t assessed you yet,” grabbing a cookie and glass of milk.
“I’ve done jobs with you guys before,” Morgan reminds.
“Not saying you haven’t, but the last was when you were fifteen, we haven’t trained you since. I need to know you’re prepared before I let my kid sister out into the big bad world again.”
Morgan smiles at that, “Okay, so when do we start?”
Jay answers that with, “After lunch.”


“Ten seconds.”

“What the hell was that?”

“Longer Kid.”
“Nine minutes.”
“Try it again.”

“Catalog nobody’s going to have your six.”

“Five seconds.”

“Eleven Minutes.”

“Move with it.”



Morgan drops to the ground hard, groaning out as she clutches at her head, and curling into a ball on the rug that covers the dark hardwood floor.
Mandy who’s walking past the open bedroom, runs right towards the blonde omega at hearing the thud.
“What’s wrong with me?” Morgan pleads, her entire body felt off, had felt off for a long time, usually she chalks it up to the suppressants she had been on. But the last few days it had been worst, she just couldn’t focus, she stares off into space more times than she could count, emotions clouded everything and when one subsided another popped up, the worse was when they all dueled for her attention inside her head. She felt sick, no fever, no throwing up, but she felt like she had been on the cusp for days.
Mandy pulls the omega close, “Detka, you feeling any strong emotions that feels like its overwhelming you?”
Naming off the first three that came to mind, “Guilt, anger, sadness. I should have stuck around tried to get them to understand, they’re my mates, but I’m still pissed at them not listening, yet, I’m still sad that I’m not with them that they didn’t … I should have --”
“No detka. Mates are supposed to listen, from what you’ve said they’ve seemed to have forgotten that. Your mates are supposed to love you unconditionally. You all might not agree, but subjecting a mate to change their mind just because the others want them to is not right. I know you’re used to it, due to your Babbo not listening well when it came to things, he was the same way with your brother. Detka, I think you’re in need of a release, why didn’t you tell us?”
“What’s a release?” confusion covering her pained expression.
The older omega sighs at that, Morgan never did have any schooling when it came to designations, “A release is when an alpha helps an omega level out their chemical and hormonal levels through releasing a chemical component in the omega’s body by spanking them, by doing this it allows us to drop into omega space and reorient ourselves. If we don’t get that we could get really sick, when I was with HYDRA I knew a lot of omegas that died because of the imbalance even with all the domination by the alphas we were subjected to, we needed releases still. Which alpha do you want?”
“Why can’t you do it?”
“It has to be an alpha, its one of the reasons why omegas have to have an alpha guardian until they find their alpha mate. Alphas help regulate our body levels, we need the domination they provide and they need our submission. Just somewhere along the way our submission became expected, not the gift it truly is. So who?”
“You okay if I go get him?” Mandy inquires, her instincts fighting from staying and comforting the eighteen-year-old and leaving to get the person that Morgan truly needed right now.

Jay shows up three minutes later, Morgan still in the fetal position on the floor, he scoops her off the floor, moving her onto the bed before sitting down himself, “Mandy told me what’s wrong. I know this isn’t a pleasant part of being an omega, but it has to be done just like ruts and heats. I’m going to walk you through it, okay piccola ombra,” running his fingers over the split knuckles of her hand.
“For this to work you need to fully submit, easiest way to do that is to answer with ‘yes or no alpha,’ I’m going to put you over my knee and hold your hand at the small of your back. Mandy told me this helps because when you guys drift off to omega space it gives you a tie to the real world, makes you guys feel safe that someone is watching your back. I’m going to spank you until you release, sometimes omegas go into omega space before that or just after, so don’t worry, I’ll stop spanking after you release, you don’t need to tell me. Alphas can tell by the omegas scent changing,” Morgan scent was only just coming in enough for them to scent it, “It’s instinctive on our part. I’m just sorry I didn’t catch the fact that you needed this earlier, we’ll pay closer attention, I forgot that newer omegas need releases a lot more due to all the changes in your body happening, at least your mama did, and with the suppressant use you’ll probably need more, sadly. You ready?”
“As ready as I’m going to be.”
Helping her over his knees, “You can make all the noise you want and focus on letting the emotions go. I’ll handle the rest, okay?”
“Yes, alpha.”
“Good job. I’m going to start just breathe,” with that he let his hand fall sharply until her scent changes signaling her release, stopping then and rubbing the sting out as he waits for the omega to come out of omega space.
Morgan feels like she’s floating, omega space is a dark nothing, it felt like that few moments when you jump from a plane and just freefall with nothing holding you back, Mandy had been right, holding Jay’s hand is the only thing making her feel tethered and secured to reality, making her not drift into nothingness. Eventually she crashes back down, breathing in hard before relaxing, it was the first time in a long time she actually feels clear headed enough to think.




Tony’s head shoots up when Jarvis interrupts his tinkering, “Sir, Miss Morgan has signed into her online classroom, do you wish for me to track her signal.”
Tony glances around his empty workshop, “Does anyone else now about this?”
“No, Sir. I concluded that you would want to be the first to know.”
“Then, no. And if someone asks for an update tell them she hasn’t popped up,” Tony wipes his face, smudging grease over his cheek. Morgan had been gone for over a week and this was the first time any news of her had been found, but he knew she wanted to be alone and he’s going to give it to her. He’s just thankful that she was alive and safe enough to sign into her college classes. “Just if something does pop up, let only me know.”
“Very well Sir.”

Chapter Text

Tony watches with an appraising eye as the redhead in a low-cut blouse heads towards him in the boxing ring. His chocolate colored eyes immediately zoning onto the soul mark that is nestled between the redhead’s breasts, his breath shutters then. Of course, he would find one of his soulmates with only months left to live. Thankfully with his black sweater and running sweats all five of his marks are covered up.


It was a month later, when he’s fixing his cufflinks that Natalie Rushman saw the arrow wrapped around Tony’s wrist. “You didn’t say anything?” is the first thing that is spoken.
“Just like you didn’t say anything Romanov,” Tony counters.
“You knew?”
“That my mate was a SHIELD agent? Duh.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Why are you looking into me? Uncle Nicky could have just asked, no need to commit corporate espionage.”
“Uncle Nicky?”
“Legacy. Keep up.” At least that’s what Trip, Mikey, Sharon, Bobbi, and himself had called each other when speaking about their relationship with SHIELD.
“Why did you hire me as your PA then?”
“You’re hot. You’re my mate. Should I continue on?”
Natasha smiles at that, “What do you want to do now?” leaning against the dresser.
Whistling lightly, Tony leans in slightly kissing his mate on the lips, which she responds to tentatively before dominating the kiss, “So am I your first?”
“Third actually.”
“Do tell.”
“Clint --”
“Ah. Hawkeye, makes sense. Don’t tell me Agent is the other?” It’d be during his house arrest that he would find out that Agent was Happy and Pepper’s mate.
“No. Yasha, he’s gone.” A frown covering the assassin’s face, Yasha had been her first, not that they could act on it much with him being HYDRA and her being Red Room. Attachments were weaknesses.
“Oh, Yasha was a?”
“So what do we do? I doubt you want the soulmate paperwork out there.” The press would have a field day with him finding his mate.
“No, nobody can know.”
“I get Clint though right,” He at least wanted to meet his beta mate at least once before he died of palladium poisoning.

It was the next day that Natasha pokes him with a needle and he learns that his dad had left him something besides issues behind. Blueprints for the element that saves him, he calls it Badassium, but legally it has to be called Starknamium.


After the whole Vanko debacle and dealing with Pepper and Rhodey learning that he had been about to die. He meets Clint after a literal god lands in New Mexico.
“So, Hawkeye and Black Widow,” clapping his hands as his two mates give identical looks of raised eyebrows.
“And you’re Iron Man,” Clint says throwing himself onto the couch like it wasn’t the first time being in Tony’s Malibu mansion, the first time he’s meeting his fellow beta mate. “So, what do you want to do, I buttered Tash up, so you get the soft warm buttery alpha not the refrigerated hard buttered alpha.” Shrieking slightly when Natasha pinched his calf.
Tony smirks, he liked Clint already and not just because he was his mate. “Well, sex is always a good starting point, really opens a person up,” a salacious grin forming at the double meaning.
Clint gives his own smirk at that, “Okay, I already know Nat’s preference. How about you top, bottom, or switch? Cause you’re definitely not missionary only.” Clint saw enough videos and tabloids of the Playboy Billionaire to know that.
“Switch,” he loved being in control, but sometimes he just didn’t want to have to do the work, but still wanted the reward.
“Me too, man.”
Nat mutters something that sounds suspiciously like ‘men always thinking with their dicks.’ Which both betas ignore in favor of continuing their sex talk that eventually divulges into the actual act.


They formed a happy union for the next two years, all three of them were busy with their jobs. A few rules and restrictions had been set in place and they met up as often as possible to enjoy each other’s company.


It wasn’t until after the Battle of New York, when the team sans Thor who had followed his adopted omega brother, Loki, to his SHIELD holding cell to keep tabs on him, had fallen onto the couches of the partially destroyed Tower, did they find out that they were all mates.
“So, you um have my mark,” Steve speaks up looking towards Bruce who is edging closer to sleep by the second.
“What?” Bruce asks with a yawn.
“My mark, the white star with blue trim, that’s my mark.”
“Seriously?” Clint asks sitting up with a wince. “You’re him?”
“Him what?” Steve asks focusing on the archer.
Clint just tugs up his shirt showing off the stars that adorned his hipbones along with the bruises he had gotten fighting the Chitari.
“I’ll be,” is all Steve gets out, when Tony and Nat follow suit showing off their matching marks.
“We’re all mates?” Bruce asks, sitting up to look the other four in the eyes.
“Yep. Makes sense,” Tony quips, cause why wouldn’t it be. They had Natasha an assassin turned SHIELD agent who due to a serum was still looking like she was barely thirty even though she was born in 1928, Clint who is a circus performer turned mercenary turned SHIELD agent that could hit anything, Tony is a genius billionaire ex-playboy philanthropist that flew around in a tin can, Bruce a scientist with breath taking anger management issues that turns into a giant green rage monster, and Steve who is a super soldier from the forties that had been stuck in the ice for almost seventy years.
“So what happens now?” Bruce inquires.
“We stay together, we’re mates,” Steve answers.
“Slow your roll Capsicle,” Tony states, “Let’s get to know each other a little bit.”
Steve glares.
Tony huffs in response.
Nat sighs, “Rogers, Steve. Tony’s right lets take the night and figure out pack dynamics tomorrow, none of us are omegas so it isn’t pressing.”
“We need to get the paperwork in soon,” Steve reminds.
“We can’t.”
“It’s the law.”
“If we did, then our enemies would come after our mates. We can’t.”
“What about when we meet our omega mate?”
“Even then Steve.” No matter how much she wanted to be able to give her omega her last name, she couldn’t it would put them in danger and Natasha never wanted to put her mates, her family, in danger.


“So who’s going to be head alpha?” Bruce questions, sipping on his tea as the rest of the mates started devouring the breakfast he cooked up, Nat had been up at the same time and helped, but the second Tony and Clint entered the kitchen she shoo’d them away saying something about that they had all just survived an alien attack they didn’t need to die by food poisoning the next day. It was the first question that needed to be answered; the chain of command was almost center point in a pack this large.
“I choose Nat,” Tony pipes up; Clint making an agreeing noise, his mouth completely full of food.
Natasha shakes her head, red hair swishing across her face as she does, “I think Steve should.”
“Why?” Steve inquires, he’d never been head alpha that role had fallen to Bucky, he never even considered taking that role. Truthfully he never expected his mates to be in the 21st century.
“I think you’re the alpha for it. I’m not always here.”
Steve counters, “How about co-leading and then revisiting the head alpha position later.”
“Okay. For betas, I had it by age. You good with that?” It was the typical structure for packs. At Steve’s nod, the redheaded alpha continues, “Okay so it goes Bruce, Clint, then Tony. Next I guess are rules, I already had rules set up for Clint, Tony, and I, do you want to discuss them with me after breakfast?”
“Yeah, lets do that.”
“So what’s your flavor top, bottom, or switch?” Clint inquires, making Steve choke on the pancake he’d been chewing.
Bruce sets his tea down, “Top. But I’ve never done it with an alpha before.”
All four heads swivel to Steve, watching as his cheeks burn bright, “Top,” he only ever bottomed for Bucky, but even then he wanted to top, he did it as much as his frail body would allow, after the serum he rarely bottomed anymore, his desires finally matching his physical abilities.
“Okay, Tones and I switch and Nat tops,” Clint informs.




Bucky raises an eyebrow at the billionaire beta from his spot a few feet away, “So you’ve been able to track her?” looking at the hologram that was being displayed of Morgan’s assignment itinerary for her classes. It had almost been two months since she left.
Tony lets out a yelp, as he swivels quickly to look at the brunette alpha. “Don’t scare me like that, I have a heart condition, you know. I need to get you a bell, red or gold?”
Bucky huffs out a laugh, “So could you?”
“Yeah,” looking at the calm countenance Bucky’s portraying, “You’re not pissed?”
“No. I would have been, but now. I’m just happy she’s out there, I’ve been reflecting on how we handled everything.”
“How we were giant assholes,” Tony comments.
“Yeah. We should have handled it better. I kept forgetting she was eighteen, you know. She accomplished a lot, the Olympics, co-owning and working at the bar, almost finished with college, and she wasn’t like those teens I hear about in the media. She was not naive and yet naive at the same time, like I remembered whenever we talked about sexual matters, but forgot any other time.”
Tony nods, it was the same for him, but he also dealt with teens more often than Bucky did. Harley making sure of that constantly; Rhodey’s niece whenever she had used to visit before she became an adult a few years back had too, and then he also did children hospital visits as Iron Man trying to keep the Avengers in the media’s good graces along with Captain America. “Yeah, still doesn’t make it better.”
“No, but it can be fixed.”
“So where is she?”
“Don’t know,” shrugging his shoulders, “I never tracked her IP.”
“Could you?”
“Yeah. I’m not going to though.”
“Not going to make you, just keep me updated, please. I get that we were assholes, but I want to be better. It’s just, and this isn’t an excuse, but it’s the one thing besides Steve that’s familiar most of the time. The alpha/omega thing it really hasn’t changed. Sure they can hold some jobs, and go to college now, but that’s really it.”
“Yeah. It really surprises me sometimes how far we got,” looking around at the technology that he had built around him, “And not far enough in some areas. It’s the fact that there is a biological component to it all, its not just alphas and betas suppressing omegas, its what omegas need, not sure to this extent, but they do need it. And not a lot of omegas protest it, its mostly betas that have helped push the new laws forward, but its mainly because we don’t have to deal with the domination/submission need like alphas and omegas, so we look at it from our perspective.”
Bucky sits down on a stray stool, “Can you be frank with me?”
Tony furrow his brows at that, “Sure.”
“Do you think she’s ever coming back?”
“Yeah,” even if it was only to get Tigger and her stuff. “So are you going to lighten up on the college and work?”
“College yeah, still don’t know what she’s planning to do with it though. Omegas can’t hold sport related jobs. But I’m willing within reason for the job too. Maybe she can find someplace close, I don’t like the idea of her working out in Queens, its too far from us, we can’t protect her if she’s so far away.”
Tony nods happy that Bucky is relaxing the two sticking points Morgan has, they could compromise on other things, but those two seem like deal breakers for the blonde. “Now we just need to work on Steve and Nat.” Clint had already expressed his willingness to let Morgan have college and a job, he had been mainly pissed at the suppressant use and that just made him pissy about everything. Clint didn’t handle people using drugs well, his own childhood making sure of that. Bruce is the same, his childhood then the Hulk debacle, and taking into account his knowledge of the omega biology made suppressants the sticking point for him. And all of them hated being lied to.
Bucky straightens slightly, “I’ll work on them. It’ll come better from me anyway.”
“Why? Because you’re an alpha not a beta or omega.”
Bucky’s eyebrow raises at Tony’s snippy tone, “No, because I have a lot of stories on Steve being a little punk. And Nat uses Steve as her morality compass with some things, hopefully this is one of them.”
“Did you do anything when Steve turned up after Project Pegasus.”
“Did I do anything?” Bucky speaks incredulously. “Yeah, I took a switch to his bare backside every night for a week.” Before reflecting with a mutter of “I waited until I calmed down before I did though, should have made all of us do that with Morgan, but with her we could stop her, Steve’s change was permanent.”
Tony makes a surprised noise, it makes sense, he’d seen Steve get spanked by Nat or Buck on the rare occasion for risking his life unnecessarily on a mission, but the week thing was different, sure they had all said they were each going to spank Morgan, that would have been six days, and none of them would have taken a switch to her, first off they were in the middle of Manhattan, second he couldn’t see any of them doing that to her. But that had also been in the heat of the moment, they would have most likely gone progressively lighter in the punishment as each of them did it.




Mike snaps the long bo staff at his baby sister’s side, which she deflects using her own staff as cover before spinning and trying to kick him in the stomach. Which he defends with his arm as his other hand holding the bo moves in a graceful yet harsh arc to hit the omega on the leg that is planted on the ground.
Morgan hits the ground at that hissing at the bruise that started to form on her thigh. “You need to watch where the bo is,” Mike informs.
The Olympian nods at that, “Let’s go again.”
“You’re getting distracted; besides we’ve been doing this for over three hours straight. We’ll do something else kid, give this a break.” Both of them are breathing hard and sweating profusely.
Jay walks up then carrying bottle water and protein bars, which Morgan quickly rips open and starts biting into after she drinks some of the water, she was finally starting to be able to eat three meals a day, slightly smaller than half plates but still a huge improvement from barely two meals, that were quarter of a plate, and a snack.
After finishing off the water and bar, Mikey speaks up, “Okay let’s do gear and system checks, then we’ll call it a day,” looking up at the mid-afternoon sun, they had been doing drills since sunrise.


Later that night, Jay sniffs the air as he walks into the kitchen, “Did someone leave a window open or something it smells like rainwater?”
Mandy shakes her head as Jay comes up behind her wrapping strong arms around her midsection before letting her head fall back onto his shoulder. “No. Besides it hasn’t rained all day anyway. Do you think there’s a leak somewhere?”
“No, we would have heard it by now, if the smell … FUCK!”
“Babe?” pulling away as Jay growls.
Mandy’s eyes enlarge, “Really? Shit,” before running the direction of Morgan’s room, as Jay clasps the window to let the scent vent out of the cabin.


“Morgan!” the brunette omega calls out seeing the blonde curls in the fetal position arms wrapped around her stomach as sweat drips from her body, her entire body is racked with goose bumps as she shivers on the bed.
The scent is overwhelming, Mandy felt as if she should be swimming in the room not standing like she was, running a hand across the blonde’s sweat matted hair. Mike and Jay would be fine, they would alpha out sure wanting to protect and care for the omega along with dominate, but they wouldn’t feel compelled to knot Morgan, thankfully because of shared DNA, Jay because he was Morgan’s second cousin from her mama’s side and Mike because he was her brother from their Babbo side.
“Do you want anything? I can send Jay to get you some heat toys or he can take you to the clinic.”
Morgan shakes her head groaning out as she does.
“Okay. Can I get you anything?”
Another groan, another shake of the head.
“You need something,” Mandy pleads, her omega instincts wanting to help ease the discomfort that is evident in Morgan.
“No. Handle ‘self.”
“Detka, this isn’t like your first heat, this is a mature heat you need an alpha knot or you’re going to feel like shit for every moment until its over.” It was a gross understatement; no alpha knot meant extreme pain, longer heat, sickness maybe death. The first heat was easier on females unlike males, just like the first ruts were harder on females than males, due to the new parts in the alpha/omega anatomy.
“No myself.”
“If this is you trying to punish yourself for something, don’t. This isn’t the way, let us help you, detka.”
“No,” hissing as she curls up tighter in a ball.
“Detka this isn’t even the first hour, it’s going to get worse way worse,” running a hand over the omega’s sweat soaked bare back. Heats lasted three days to over week for an omega, and due to all the suppressant use Mandy knew for sure it would be on the latter side of the week. “I’m going to get the alphas and get you some water, I’ll be right back.”

Mike moves quickly into the room, scooting around Morgan who’s curled up in the middle of the full-size bed that is pushed against the wall and pulling her onto his lap. Mandy moves to place a straw that is in a cup of water into the blonde omega’s mouth, as Jay completes the alpha sandwich by scooting in on Morgan’s other side. Both alphas have their shirts off and with Morgan still in only her work out shorts and sports bra it’s easy for the two alphas to give the skin-to-skin contact that would hopefully lessen the discomfort of the heat by a small margin.


Morgan’s pain level goes about ten notches up, her discomfort runs high, but she’s still stubborn enough not to use the heat toys that Jay had gone to get by hour eighteen.

By day two, the entire cabin smells as if it was underwater.

By day three, Morgan had locked herself into the bathroom when both alphas started to really consider rubbing their sperm on her skin at Mandy’s prompting, it was a known way to help young omegas whose age was below the age limit for alpha help in the minor heat and rut clinics. Mike had broken down the bathroom door to get to the omega when they heard a crash, thankfully it was just the shower curtain that Morgan had grabbed onto to breaking her fall and it wasn’t her head hitting a hard surface.

Day four, Morgan was in extreme pain, enough that she was crying her eyes out continuously. Her entire body flushed red from the intensity of the fever that started that morning and by mid afternoon, an ice bath was being used to lower her body temperature enough that she didn’t cook her brain. Thankfully with all three of them, they had enough medical knowledge between them, that they didn’t need to take the hour or so drive to the nearest hospital/clinic.

On day six the fever broke, but the blonde omega had been unconscious for fourteen hours by that point, throat raw from screaming out in pain.

The heat finally breaks the morning of day nine.

Chapter Text

“You ready, kid?”
Mike nods his head towards the open door that Jay had gone through moment’s before, “Go,” with that Morgan jumps easily out of the plane following the same trajectory as Jay did, fifteen seconds later Mike does the same.

Eleven hours later, all three head towards the jeep being manned by Mandy, dirt and blood caked over their clothes and gear.
“It was successful,” is all Jay replies with, as Mandy drives out onto the dirt road, she’d parked on two minutes prior.




Bucky waits until Natasha and Clint head for SHIELD and for Tony to take Bruce out on a date, which Tony had planned specifically that day so that Bucky and Steve would have the pack floor to themselves. Steve is lounging on one of the couches in the lounge, a drawing pad resting on his bent knees, a pencil between his teeth as he uses a kneaded gum eraser to erase one of his pencil marks. “Steve.”
The head alpha’s green flecked blue eyes track quickly over towards Bucky who plops himself down on the couch that faces away from the floor to ceiling windows overlooking Manhattan, across from him. Taking the pencil out of his mouth, Steve asks, “Yeah?”
“We need to talk.”
“Pack structure and rules.”
“Don’t you want the whole pack here for that?” Steve asks, confusion covering his voice.
“That’s the point, we won’t ever have the whole pack here if we don’t change things.”
“What you mean Buck?”
“She’ll come back and everything will go back to normal,” Steve informs sincerely, truly believing his words.
Bucky sighs, “No she won’t. Steve it’s been over two months.”
“She’s taking her time, but she’ll be back.”
“She hasn’t contacted her family Steve, none of her friends know where she is. They’re all people she has known and loved for most if not all of her life. We knew her for less than three months, I doubt we are going to be number one on her list of priorities.”
“We’re her mates.”
“Did you know her cousin Bobbi, Rory, whatever you want to call her, her and her beta mate split for a few years.”
“Yeah, Tony told us the story and you’re forgetting they got back together.” Tony had told that story early on when he was trying to get the pack to understand that Morgan might not be back by the end of the first week that she left. None of them had liked that implication still all angry at the fact that she didn’t just stick around and figure it out as a pack.
“You’re forgetting the years later bit, Stevie,” Bucky reminds blue eyes boring into Steve’s.
“She’s not going to do that. And Bobbi is an alpha and her mate is a beta. Morgan is an omega, it’s different.”

Bucky leans forward at that, “She was raised to be an alpha, she took suppressants to pretend to be a beta. And she’s just as stubborn as us.”
“We’re the alpha’s Buck, we make the rules.”
“We might be the alphas, but we don’t need to be tyrants. She’s never been an omega, we’ve never had an omega mate before, maybe we should ease her in. Let her get used to her designation, if she’s still on suppressants --”
“She better not be,” Steve interrupts with a growl.
“We don’t know if she is or not, but she was pretty adamant about wanting them back.”
“She hasn’t pulled any money from her bank account, plus none of her friends or family have had contact with her. She couldn’t have got the money for them.”
“You don’t know the lengths she might be willing to go to get them.” That’s what scares him the most, desperation brought out the worst in people, she could be doing anything to get those pills, stripping or drug running. All he knew for sure is that she had enough time in the day to send in her online assignments for her college classes, not that anyone, but him and Tony knew that. “Besides you really think they would tell us? They would be loyal to her not us.”
“She’s an omega, Buck. They wouldn’t break the law for her.” The law is very specific about omega rights and that alpha mates have final say in their omega’s lives.
“Maybe they wouldn’t, maybe they would. We’ll never know unless we change things, Steve, I want her to come home, I want her to want to stay with us. Please let’s fix things so that she will,” Bucky pleads.
“I want her to come home too, but she’s the omega she needs to submit.”
Bucky stands at that growling out as he paces before looking at the blonde, “God Steve, listen to yourself. We can’t just dom the hell out of her. You remember Betty Ann and Henry from across the hall back in Brooklyn?”
“What about them?”
“You remember how Betty Ann was always dictating everything Henry did. He practically couldn’t breathe without her say.”
“She was the alpha, he was the omega.”
“I don’t want a relationship like that, Henry was terrified of disobeying her, she bullied him like crazy.”
“She didn’t bully him,” Steve says stubbornly, which Bucky knows is the head alpha’s default setting always had been, even when he was a small little punk before the War.
“Yes she did, it was just the fact that she was an alpha and it was to her omega mate that nobody batted an eye.”
Steve shakes his head at that, he hated bullies, he would be able to tell.
“Take away the fact that they were mates and think about it.”

It’s a few minutes later, that Steve nods, “You’re right,” is said slowly, he couldn’t believe he had never noticed.
“Do you want a mating with Morgan like that?”
“No, but I do want a traditional mating. Betty Ann and Henry’s was way over the line, but ours wouldn’t.”
“I like traditional too, but we need to compromise on some things.”
Steve shakes his head, “That’s not a normal traditional mating then.”
“I know, but you got to admit we aren’t normal Steve. You guys are a bunch of superheroes. Maybe we shouldn’t have a normal traditional mating, we all have things we like to do, Morgan should have the same.”
“She wants to go to college and have a job, how am I supposed to protect her if she isn’t by my side?” Steve answers, finally getting to one of the roots of his problem. He hadn’t been able to protect Bucky from falling off that train in the Alps, when he woke up the new century he didn’t immediately save Bucky from HYDRA, not that he had known he needed saving, but it was just like Steve to hold onto that perceived guilt. Now days Steve wanted to know exactly where his mates were, and an omega made that need ten-fold, only she was in the wind and he couldn’t protect her.
“I want to protect her too. I want her safe. But we need to trust her. Compromise with her, she was willing to be our omega, her only sticking points were that she wanted to continue working, go to college, and take suppressants.”
“She is not going to take suppressants.”
“You’re right, we all agreed on that, that is our sticking point. So compromise on the work and college, let her have those.”
“I don’t --”
“She wants a voice Steve, she wants to spread her wings. Instead of holding her down, lets let her fly. We can keep her safe, you guys kept New York safe from Loki, we can keep Morgan safe; we can show her being an omega doesn’t mean she will lose her identity.”
Steve sighs, “Sounds all well and good, but too much can lead to her being unbalanced, I don’t want her to be unbalanced.”
“She’s an omega, she’s going to be unbalanced at some point, we just need to catch it and give her a release. I’m pretty sure we can handle that, there is three of us alphas that can help her, one of us can catch it.”
“None of us caught on that she was lying to us.”
“We knew something was off, and I don’t think it’s going to be the last surprise ...” trailing off at the end.
“What you mean?”
“Come on, she’s been able to hide her designation for two and a half years from friends and family that have known her for years and then with us, from people that spent most of their lives being able to tell lies from truth. And now she’s able to hide from an AI that is looking for her. I’m not going to put anything past her.”

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?”
“About what?”
“The flip on traditional mating, the fact that you think Morgan is still lying about things,” Steve laminates.
“It took me a while to get my head on straight about all this. And I still want the traditional mating; it’s just more relaxed than I wanted before. We need to stop pushing our fantasies on her, she isn’t going to be able to fulfill them and we aren’t going to be able to fulfill whatever fantasy she’s had of us. I like the idea of her wanting to expand her intellect, its attractive, and it has a bonus of her doing it online, it means she’s not in danger, if it helps think of it as an expensive hobby, just like you drawing was back in Brooklyn before you started selling it to newspapers and publishers. She needs it, and as her alphas we need to be able to provide her a loving home where she can be herself.”
“But she doesn’t want to be an omega.”
“She’s never been an omega, give her a chance. She was taking suppressants that nullifies omega biology, she probably doesn’t even know if she does or doesn’t like omega things. Some of the quirks she had were from those damn pills, without the pills she might be completely different, but we need to be able to support what she wants. She might surprise us and herself with what she actually wants when she is off the suppressants and willing to be our omega, just like she said she was willing to be.”
“Fine, we’ll try it your way.”
“Good that’s all I wanted to hear,” Bucky smiles in happiness for the first time during the entire conversation.




Bruce’s eyes crinkle as he smiles over at Tony when the billionaire kisses his hand as Tony drives; with all the HYDRA bases they’ve been dismantling as they continue to search for Loki’s scepter, the experiments for SI, and helping Dr. Cho where he could with her cradle, his plate has been full. The day out is just what he needed, Tony having taken them out to a secluded restaurant in town and now they are driving up to upstate New York to one of Tony’s many private properties for some sexy time just the two of them.

Both betas embrace each other once out of the car, mouths clashing together in a lust-fueled kiss, tongues fighting each other for dominance within each other’s mouths. Bruce uses his slightly bulkier build to push Tony against the wall of the garage, which has leaner man moaning into the kiss. Tony’s calloused fingers threading into the scientist’s short wavy locks, as Bruce starts working both their buttons on their pants simultaneously.
Getting distracted when the engineer moves his lips to the underside of his jaw nipping at the slight stubble that had accumulated within the day. Bruce cups the billionaire’s ass pulling him flush, which makes Tony’s lips move upwards to just behind the scientist’s ear.
Bruce bucks at that grinding his bulge onto Tony’s own. Tony pushing the other beta away only to get onto his knees as quickly as he can without slamming them onto the hard-concrete floor. Smirking up at Bruce, long lashes framing sparkling dark brown eyes filled with lust and love, before moving his head so that his teeth can pull at the zipper of Bruce’s khakis, then hooking his fingers into the waistband of the pants and boxers, yanking them down to the scientists knees. Tony licks his lips before delicately taking the tip of the half-mast member of his mate into his mouth and sucking lewdly, bring the half-mast to full within seconds. After he kitten licks his way up the length letting his spit lubricate the member before going back to the tip and sucking this time moving his mouth so that the entire cock is in his mouth, deep throating before bobbing his head, as Bruce directs the pace using his fingers that are gripping at the spiked up hair on the engineer’s scalp.
Bruce comes down the younger beta’s throat minutes later, before returning the favor in equal fervor.

The two betas move onto the bedroom after that, kissing while both Bruce and Tony start rubbing their hardness on each other’s, thrusting their pelvis’ in alternating fast and slow motions. Eventually moving on to the main event, Tony grabbing the lube that is always on the nightstands of his many homes and tossing it to Bruce, as he gets on his hands and knees, letting the older beta squirt some out onto his crack, probing at the ring of muscle between his cheeks.

Both passing out shortly after round two as they cuddle into each other’s sides.




“Have you heard anything yet?” Clint inquires as he leans against the counter sipping a beer, it’s two in the morning and nobody is around the small communal kitchen except for Bobbi’s mates and Natasha.
Bobbi sighs heavily into her own beer, “No. Pipsqueak fell off the fuckin map. I didn’t even know she could do that. I should know, Zio Enzo would have been the only one able to teach her, he taught Mikey how, but he never wanted her to even get a taste of the spy world. She knew how to follow orders though, knew that if he ever said to do something she was to do it that second, no backtalk, no discussion of why, he conditioned her to react without thought, his words were law. I don’t get it, she would have come to me or Katie, she always came to us about everything.”
“She was a mini you,” Lance Hunter throws out, Morgan had acted as a mini Bobbi when he met her, just better at following direction.
Bobbi goes on, ignoring the jab from her beta mate that Morgan is a mini her, a mini liar, “Just random stuff, ‘Rory, I cut one second off my hundred meter.’ ‘Rory I learned a new dive today.’ ‘Rory, Guth and me used floss and a door handle to pull my tooth out.’ ‘Rory, Jay taught me how to skin a fish when we went camping.’ ‘Roree, I say the afabet.”
“Whose Jay?” Natasha questions perking up at the unknown name from her position of sitting cross-legged on the island counter.
“I think he was Kay’s cousin, I know he was her alpha guardian before she mated Zio Enzo.”
“Is he dead?”
“I don’t know. Morgan stopped talking about him when she hit her teens. … I think she still did trips with him, but I don’t really know. I never met him and he never came to any family event that Kay’s family was at. I don’t think I even saw a picture of him either.”
“Might be worth looking into,” Natasha comments to Clint, who nods, it would be their first lead since the first day Morgan left.
Just then Grant Ward pops his head into the kitchen, knocking on the doorframe before speaking, “Coulson wants you guys.”


Coulson is standing in front of the giant screen in his office, when the small group comes in moving to stand next to Melinda May and Skye. Ward moves to stand next to Skye so that he could knock shoulders with his beta mate, their omega mate sleeping in their shared dorm.
“This is the third known HYDRA base taken out, by an unknown group of assailants,” Coulson states, showing the video footage that one of the agents he had sent out to do a preliminary recon on had sent him thirty minutes prior.
“The last two were only taken out by two assailants, this one has three,” Skye adds, using a tablet to fast forward the HYDRA surveillance tapes to show a group of three split off. The third assailant hadn’t been seen until that moment, having blended into the two larger assailants and the concrete hallway with the gray fatigues the assailant wore. The group watched as the screen split into three mini screens each showing one of the assailants going through the base, killing the HYDRA agents with practiced ease and methodical movements and collecting data at computer terminals.
Ward pipes up after the videos end, “Um couple years back the same thing was happening, every few months three assailants would cripple a base or at least make a noticeable impression to the infrastructure of a base. HYDRA could never figure out who they were, or if they did I never got word of it. All I knew was that the smaller assailant would be rotated out for someone taller or it would just be the two larger ones.”
“They’re kill pattern reminds me of one of the merc’s I used to work with when I started out, I think he used to go by the name Ombra because nobody ever saw the guy coming,” Hunter adds.
“Ward, Hunter, Clint, and Natasha, I want you four to check your contacts see if they know anything,” Coulson orders. “May, Bobbi, Mack, Skye, I want you wheels up in twenty to fly out to the base meet up with the others. Skye I want you to see if you can find footage of them around the base, maybe we get lucky and there’s a camera that caught them with the masks off. Bobbi, Mack, and May see if they left any physical clues of who the group is.”
“Yes Director.” “Yes sir.” “Yes DC,” are heard from the varying agents.




Morgan sits heavily on her seat, exhausted but still riding the aftereffects of the adrenaline coursing through her bloodstream. Grabbing the gear, she’d used that day she starts the long and precise process of disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling.
Mike and Jay are doing the same from across the small walkway of the plane.
It had been her first job with the two alphas since she was fifteen; it took a moment to get in synch with them considering the past two and a half years, but they had and it was awesome. The suppressant use had slowed her down at the beginning, but thankfully with taking vitamins and omega supplements while increasing the healthy eating and training she was getting close to how she was originally.

Ten hours later the group of four touchdown on the private strip of airfield, and less than an hour later were pulling up to the secluded cabin. Mandy yawns while allowing Mike to carry her bridal style into the house, as Jay and Morgan trudge behind them carrying the gear.

Jay smiles sleepily at his sleeping mates, Mandy snuggled into Mike, while the sun is just rising over the tree line and hitting the windows with rays of light. They were going to sleep the day away, so Jay tiredly moves to the window and pushes the blackout curtains closed before moving over to the large bed, throwing his towel that had been wrapped around his waist into the giant leather chair that sat in the corner of their master bedroom, Mikey’s and Mandy’s towels already having been thrown there. Scooting into the bed he wraps an arm around his omega enjoying the smoothness of her tan skin as he nuzzles his nose into the neck and scenting the sweet apple scent she produces.


Morgan wakes up later in the day, pulling the curtains in her room back only to close them again as the high noon sun glares through the window. Deciding to keep some semblance of a routine she had made in the last few months she grabs one of her swimsuits that she’d bought during a trip into town just after moving into the cabin with her brother and his mates.
After allowing her eyes to adjust to the sun, the Olympian heads towards the medium sized lake that is ensconced behind the cabin, diving in quickly after wading far enough into the water not to hit the rock bar. Morgan swims for a few hours only stopping for water breaks, before Mike comes walking out in swim shorts carrying only a towel and water bottle.
The active swimming devolves quickly into a splash war, underwater wrestling, and breath-holding contests, which were long considering both of them could hold their breaths for relatively thirteen to fourteen minutes.
By the time Jay and Mandy came out both in their own swimwear, the alpha holding a loaded down picnic basket, while the omega held two towels and a blanket to set out on the grass. The night expanded after their lunch, which is eaten during the dinner hour, to an alpha versus omega game night as they each to turns picking the game and rules.

Chapter Text

“Half up front, half when the job is complete,” Morgan finished in Ukrainian pacing back and forth on the porch as she ended the call and looked up at the dark sky, it was past midnight and the only light to be seen was from the twinkling stars above.
Standing there she lets her mind wander, this was going to be the first solo hit as an omega off suppressants, it was going to be the first time the money collected wasn’t going to end up going towards her self-induced death.
The first time she ever did one of these she had been thirteen, of course then she had a shadow, not that she had known that at the time. Jay had hooked a small camera and tracker to her tactical vest to keep tabs on her. By that time, Jay, Mike, and Mandy had trained her for years and she had been going on jobs for over a year with Jay and Mike. All three had helped her make sure she was prepared for the solo job so thoroughly that to this day she still knew everything about the man down to even how the man parted his hair to the left.


Heading inside to her room she stops short when she sees Mike leaning against the entryway hallway, “You planning on telling us you were taking a solo?”
“Aren’t you supposed to be helping Mandy with her heat?”
“Just ended for your information. Now were you, kid?”
“Yeah,” answering slowly.
Mikey glared, he could recognize the half truth for what it was, a lie, “You want to try that again Morgan. We don’t lie to each other.”
“Just wasn’t going to give us full truth. You know we said you weren’t ready for a solo.”
“Done it before.”
“I’ve also taken you over my knee before for lying to me, and you know not telling me the whole truth is the same thing. You want me to start?”
Morgan quickly shakes her head no, she had gotten this far into her stay with the only time she had to go over his knee was for releases, which sadly happened weekly if not more, it was one of the major components of why they didn’t want her doing solos since they didn’t want her to become compromised due to needing a release. “I’ve done solo jobs since.”
“Since when?”
“I’ve done a few since I became an omega.”
Mike raised an eyebrow at that, “To pay for suppressants?”
Mike growls lightly, “That’s so fucking stupid. What if an alpha did an alpha command, you could have been a sitting duck.”
“I needed the money.” If she didn’t she would have blown through her inheritance, Olympic earnings, and her bar money.
“Why didn’t you tell us about the solos before?”
Shrugging, “I knew you wouldn’t like it.”
“Damn right I wouldn’t, you didn’t have the proper equipment,” seeing the look of guilt on the omega’s face. He sighed deeply, “Of course you did.”
“Have to spend money to make money,” Morgan spoke weakly.
The alpha rubbed at his face, “Well you don’t need to do that anymore. And you can’t back out, not when payment has already crossed hands, so lets figure out a way that you still do the job but I’m going with you. No arguments, I’m not risking you.”
Morgan nodded in agreement.
“Kid, I find out you risked yourself unnecessarily again, I won’t stop at a couple swats.”
“What swats?” eyebrows pulling together in confusion.
The eighteen-year-old gets her answer a moment later when her older brother tucks her under his arm and gives her ten sharp swats to her pajama covered bottom.




The two spies moved quickly into the living room, it had been over a week of contacting contacts and with that having to go to each of those contacts personally and incognito since most of their contacts were not on the up and up. The bad news was that none of them panned out, the same with Ward and Hunter, the only information given was the same information they started with.
“Hey Tones,” Clint greeted jumping onto the couch like a child and kissing his mate on the cheek with a loud smooch.
“Legolas to what do I owe the pleasure?”
“I’m finally not alone with Nat,” Clint smiled innocently over to the alpha, “No offence Tash, but your kinda boring.”
“You mean responsible,” Natasha countered with a roll of her eyes.
Clint waved her off, “So food then sex, sex then food, or food and sex together.”
“Last one. Definitely the last one,” Tony hummed standing up along with the blonde beta so that they could head into the kitchen for food and then the bedroom to use the food in a debauchery sort of way.

Natasha watched the two betas scurry off to the kitchen, sitting down she closes her eyes only for them to slowly pop open a few minutes later when she feels someone standing over her, by the scents it’s her two co-alphas. “What?”
“We need to talk about pack structure and rules,” Steve answered, “About Morgan specifically.”
Sitting up, “Okay. Speaking of Morgan I think I found a lead.”
“How? What is it?” the blonde alpha asks perking up considerably from where he had just relaxed into the couch, at the thought of finding their mate again. Bucky grunts from his spot on the couch, he didn’t want leads to be found he wanted his mate to choose to come back, not for them to force her.
“Bobbi was reminiscing about Morgan at the base and she spouted off a couple quotes Morgan used to say to her one of them mentioned a man named Jay, Bobbi thinks he was Kay’s cousin and alpha guardian, but she’s never met him, but apparently Morgan used to spend a lot of time with him before she presented. Morgan never mentioned him when she told me her family tree and May never did either when we talked to her the first time, I called May this week and asked if Jay could be someone Morgan would go to. She said she hadn’t even thought of him in years, apparently they had never been close, he was apparently the black sheep of the family, but Kay and Jay were. Since he was Kay’s alpha guardian and everything they spent a lot of time together, she would go to him whenever Enzo had work trips or Sebastian had wrestling tours. I’ll need Jarvis’ help, I couldn’t get very far, there isn’t anything on him past his military file, but its completely redacted and I need Jarvis to un-redact it.”
“That should be easy for him to do,” Steve exclaims looking up at the ceiling, “Right Jarvis?”
“Of course Mister Steve,” the AI answered easily.
“We still need to talk about changes in pack structure and rules,” Bucky reminds, he didn’t want them to decide that finding Morgan and keeping status quo was a good idea.
Natasha and Steve nod at that albeit reluctantly for the blonde alpha.
“Good. Nat, Steve and I talked while you were gone, and Stevie here decided that he would go with my idea of relenting on some of our stances by allowing her to get a job --”
“An omega approved job that we all agree on,” Steve clarifies, “And I said try not that it was decided on.”
Bucky continues as if Steve hadn’t interrupted him, “And that she can continue getting her online degree. I feel that if we give Morgan the two things she cares about most, a job and going to college, while we stand firm on the suppressant issue, then all of us can sit down and compromise on other things. Let her get used to being an omega, we can see if she’ll try things we might want and she can try things she wants us to do. She’s never been an omega so we need to show her that she isn’t going to lose her voice, let her fly instead of shackling her underneath us.”
Natasha’s green eyes move from Bucky’s overeager blue ones to Steve’s pensive blues, “How is this anything like how we set up the pack?”
Bucky quickly speaks before Steve could, “It is, its just an unconventional traditional mating instead of a normal one.”

Natasha rubs her hand over her face, “This is all nice to contemplate, but how would we know Morgan was even up for this? What if she doesn’t want to compromise, what then? Do we roll over and go against everything us, Bruce, Clint and Tony have wanted or do we make her submit to us like we wanted her to?”
“Submit,” Steve replied.
“No. She will. She’ll compromise, she was willing to compromise before she’ll be willing to again,” Bucky reminded, he did not want Steve backtracking to his hard stance because Natasha was being an inquisitive devil’s advocate.
“She also ran away, Buck. What makes you think she won’t do it again instead of sticking around and talking to us?” the redheaded alpha inquired.
“She won’t because she’ll come back. She’s our mate, she’ll come back out of her own want,” the brunette alpha answered optimistically. “So will you do this? Will you go with my pack structure idea?”
“Fine you want to do this and Steve’s willing to try so I’ll try too.”
Bucky smiled, “Good. Great.”
“So what are we willing to compromise on?” Steve asked.
Natasha looks solely at the head alpha, “She already got work and school, what else is there really to compromise with? Those were the two things that were changing for Morgan beside suppressants, but that’s something we already agreed to enforce. Most everything else was the government’s omega laws that we can’t change.”



Mandy looked over at the blonde alpha male that had been thrown into her small cell carelessly, his shirt had practically been torn apart by what she knew was knife wounds and his pants were ripped and soaked in blood. His scent was the most attractive thing about him so far from what she could tell, it was a light pine tree scent, but far heavier than she normally smelled for an alpha scent outside of a rut of course, but he didn’t have the underlying rut scent all alphas get during a rut.
She waited for him to groan and turn over onto his back before slowly leaning over the low cot to get a better look at the man’s face, her dark brown eyes roaming over his bloodied and bruised face that was marring his features.
Light blue eyes shuttered open before closing with another groan from his bloody stained split lips, his beard was grown out almost half an inch, his face was covered in masses of purpling bruises with a long cut across his temple, that was bleeding steadily.
His nose was off center, but that could easily be explained away by the fact that it was broken and swollen up. Reaching down she quickly tweaked the nose back into place pulling a hiss and a cry of pain from the alpha. After that, she retreated back to the corner of her cot and waited, this wasn’t like normal, sure alphas came to her cell but those were usually just looking for a fuck or dragging her out of the cell for another hit they wanted her to accomplish or for testing. Alphas weren’t thrown into her cell half dead.
It took an hour, but the blonde finally came around enough to pull himself slowly onto the cot, by then Mandy had pressed herself almost into the concrete wall. Watching as he hissed in pain, black eyes swollen shut as he gritted his teeth and crawled himself onto the cot, she heard him sighing in relief when his head fell into her lap.


Mikey breathed steadily trying to figure out where he was, the strong sweet apple scent threw him off and the warm body was confusing but lovely. It had been weeks since he felt anything so soft or smelled anything so nice, the scent made him feel safe in a way he didn’t unless surrounded by family. The body wasn’t inflicting pain on him so he stayed still and pretended to still be passed out; he would do anything to stay in this comfortable state. Of course being safe from HYDRA would be better, but this was good.


The comfortable state lasted for what Mikey supposed was a day or two, not that he was awake for most of it. Two HYDRA agents came back, grabbing him from the cot with a sneer.
Mandy’s eyes widened as two more agents came in gripping her biceps as they pulled her from her cot and marched her to the same room as the bruised alpha was in. When they tied her to the chair across from him as they did the same to him. She figured out their little game as they brought a scalpel to her exposed skin slicing into her. They let the alpha scent her, gave him ‘comfort’ by having him in the same cell as her, now they would torture her to make him give in to whatever demands they had.
The alpha lasted long enough for her to have thirty long precision cuts on each of her legs and arms, giant bruises and blood covering half her face and torso. It was when they ripped open the thin shirt and tore off her thin shorts that the alpha finally protested, his voice hoarse from underuse and dehydration.
Mikey stared at the two marks that were right under the omega’s breasts, one was his, the other was identical to the one on his own body. This was never the way he expected to meet one of his mates, his omega to boot. It was then that he finally spoke, “Stop. Just stop. I’ll do whatever, just stop.”
That was the moment that they started the process of brainwashing, he did what they asked he got to keep his omega unhurt and alive, he broke whatever wish that HYDRA had for him and she got hurt. She became his incentive, until HYDRA believed that he was seemly indoctrinated to the ways of HYDRA.


It wasn’t until five years later that they finally escaped, a HYDRA mission gone bad and a new mate found.




The pack was sitting down for dinner when Jarvis interrupts, “Miss Natasha, I’ve un-redacted Jay Oscars’ military file and took the liberty of finding his current residence.”
Bucky shared a look with Tony at that, who was sitting next to the alpha, but it was completely overlooked by the rest as both Natasha and Steve stood quickly in a hurry to get to the living room where the TV could be used for Jarvis’ visual findings. Clint and Bruce scurried after the two alphas, both a moment slower as they snagged both their own and the closest alphas’ plates. Bucky grabbed his own as Tony did the same with his as they sedately walked over to the large curved couch.
“Jarvis what did you find?” Natasha inquired just as the two slower mates sat down.
Files pulled up on the screen as Jarvis summarized, “Jay Lucas Oscars was born the nineteenth of June in 1966 in Rochester, New York to mated betas Henry Oscars and Tay Reilly-Oscars. At the age of fourteen, Jay Oscars presented alpha. Jay Oscars joined the army on the second of July 1983 at the age of seventeen after graduating Rochester High School as its valedictorian. In the army he had top scores in marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and linguistics, and then in October of 1986 he was placed in a special covert black ops unit. In May 1990 he gained primary alpha guardianship of omega Kay Francesca Reilly. In January 1992 Jay Oscars was honorably discharged from the army with a confirmed kill count of six hundred and seventy-three and since then has had no known employer. In 1996 his primary alpha guardianship status for Kay Reilly was downgraded to secondary, when Kay Reilly mated to an alpha Enzo James Carter,” Tony made a face at that, Enzo’s real name was Lorenzo Michael Carter Sr. not Enzo James Carter. A satellite image was pulled up then, “Jay Oscars’ residence is his parents old farm house in Rochester, New York.”

Natasha glanced over at Steve who had his Captain face on as he all but commanded, “We’re getting her back, today.”
Natasha nodded sharply at that, “We are, but I want as much information as I can get first. We might have to fight this alpha to get her back if she doesn’t want to come. I want to know as much about his fighting style as possible.”
“Wait stop, what happened to letting her get a chance to make the decision to come home,” Tony protested.
Bucky agreed with Tony looking straight at his two co-alphas, “Thought we were going to compromise.”
“We’re getting our mate, tonight,” Steve growled.
“So, the whole try thing was complete bullshit then!” Bucky growled back standing up.
Steve did the same, “Watch your language Bucky. We’re getting her back tonight.”
“So, we’re just forcing her. Thought that was what got us into this mess,” Clint spoke up glancing at the two super soldiers that were glaring daggers at each other.
“She’s our mate. We’ll talk to her first, but we will be bringing her home where she belongs,” Natasha informed trying to placate the beta.
Clint narrowed his eyes at that, but Bruce was the one to speak, “Okay so we talk to her and bring her home with or against her wishes. If it’s against then how are we showing her we’re willing to compromise and mean it?”
“We are willing Bruce, but she needs to be here,” Steve replied.
“Why? We all had our own things, Tony had business trips, I had seminars, you, Clint, and Nat had missions. I know as an omega she needs an alpha’s permission to do anything outside of the home, but she has an alpha right now. This Jay guy is her family and an alpha. Lets see if we can work with Morgan, I know laws and stuff make us bringing her back home legal, but that’s if we sign the soulmate paperwork, without that Jay or any other familial alpha can be her alpha guardian and keep her away from us and have the legal standing to do it.”
Steve turned to Natasha at that, “We can do the paperwork, right? Use an alias, do something so that she’s legally listed as our omega.”
“Not without bringing enemies to her. You know it isn’t possible,” Natasha answered hating it just as much as he did. An alias might have worked decades prior before the Internet was made, but now it just wasn’t safe now with hackers. She also burned every alias she had with the data dump and Steve was too well known as Captain America.
“What if we have Coulson be her alpha?”
“He’s connected to SHIELD it would make Morgan a target,” Tony reminded. SHIELD wasn’t well liked by any government right now, which was why it was working back in the shadows until the heat blew over and HYDRA was dismantled. Adding, “Can’t be Sharon or Bobbi either,” to dissuade him from using the two alpha cousins.
Steve nodded before saying, “Pepper then.”
“No way, I’m not asking her to lie to the government.”
Bucky spoke up, getting them back to the real matter at hand, “This doesn’t matter, if she doesn’t want to come, I say we don’t make her. Why don’t we start over the three-month thing we were doing before. This time as our omega mate, give Morgan a chance to get used to everything, let her make some decisions in her life --”
“Her decision making is crap,” Clint interrupts, stating the obvious in his opinion, he might want her to get a say in her life, but he didn’t want her ruining it because she made horrible decisions.
“That might be true, but she had reasons for it. I’m not saying she makes them all, but we communicate, let her tell us her reasoning and we can tell her ours.” Turning to the two alphas that looked like they might protest, “You said you guys would try. This is trying.”
Natasha scrunched her nose up, “Fine, I promised I’d try, but I still think we should bring her home no matter what.”
Bruce shook his head, “That’s forcing not compromising, how about we rent something up there, that way she still has Jay and we can work something out, this won’t be brushed away overnight. It will show were committed to compromising and we get to be with her.”
“Okay,” Steve agreed anything that got Morgan in his arms tonight, he would do.
The rest of the mates agreed to Bruce’s plan, and before long they were packing up bags for the trip to Rochester to get their mate back.




Jay moved quickly into the computer room his mates and Morgan following quickly behind him. After turning off the alarm and typing for a few moments on the keyboard he looks up, “There was a breach at the Rochester house,” pulling up the surveillance footage, “Looks like … Avengers.”
“Why the fuck would they break in?” Mike inquired eyebrows pulling together in confusion.
Morgan rubbed at her eyes, “Their my mates.” Guess they didn’t hate her, they still wanted her, and she still wanted them.
“I’m sorry kid, your what now?” Mike asked quirking his eyebrow as he turns towards his baby sister.
“My soulmates,” they hadn’t asked, and she was so used to keeping the identity of her mates secret she hadn’t even thought to share.
“Tony Stark, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and the Hulk are your soulmates?”
Morgan nodded, adding in, “If you replace Thor with Bucky Barnes.”
“He’s dead.”
“He isn’t,” shaking her head as she spoke before explaining with, “During the SHIELD Data Dump, Steve was able to break through the conditioning somehow releasing Bucky from the Winter Soldier programing.”
Mandy whipped her head quickly to look at the other omega, her entire countenance in shock, “The Winter Soldier. HYDRA’s Fist. The Asset. That guy is your fucking soulmate?”
“Yeah,” Morgan answered slowly.
“Fucking A. You got to be kidding me.”
“No. I’m sorry. I know how much you hate anything HYDRA,” Morgan apologizes immediately taking the expressionless look on Mandy’s face as anger.
Mike wrapped his arms around his mate letting her ground herself in his solid presence as she said, “Yes, I hate HYDRA, but I can never hate him.”

Chapter Text

“Maybe they went out?” Clint speaks up scanning the large farm from where he stood on the porch after Steve, who’s in complete Captain America regalia minus the cowl, but the shield was strapped to his back, had been knocking on the door for two minutes.
“Why don’t you, Bruce, Buck, and Tony look around, farm this big there’s bound to at least be workhands around,” Steve answered.
Clint nods moving towards Tony and Bucky who were standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the wrap around porch. “You guys take left, Bruce and me will take right.”
Bucky nodded at the blonde beta, grabbing Tony’s hand before he could protest and lead him away from the pack.

After a minute, Natasha turned to the blonde alpha, “So what are we going to do?”
Steve knocks on the door again before shrugging, “Think you can pick the lock?”
“Really,” not believing he could doubt her skills or that that was his plan, “Shouldn’t we wait, it wouldn’t look good if we just barge in.”
“I want to talk to this Jay guy and or Morgan first without --”
“Without everyone questioning your decisions,” Natasha finishes, leaning against the door trim.
“No, I just want to …” glancing over at the redhead who had her eyebrow raised incredulously, “Okay yes, fine. I just want a moment without being questioned for acting like an alpha.”
Pulling a lock pick out of her cat suit before getting to work on the lock, “I agree with you, but part of being their alpha mate is taking their considerations into account.”
“Yeah, that’s why we aren’t just taking her back, I’m compromising.”
“With Bucky whose an alpha and our beta mates, which is fundamentally and biologically easier for us to swallow. Now let’s see how you do with Morgan,” the spy responds opening the door to the farmhouse.
Steve gives a halfhearted glare before walking into the barely lit house; the only light sources were the sun streaming in from the first-floor windows and the hallway light that came down the stairs leading up to the second floor.


“Why did you do that?” Tony inquires after Bucky drops his hand once they were a fair distance away from the farmhouse.
Bucky sighs, “Didn’t want us getting into another argument with everyone.”
“But what if Morgan’s in there, you just going to let her fend for herself?” waving his hand back towards the two story farmhouse.
“I don’t think anyone is home, but even if they are, Steve needs to get whatever he needs to say to her off his chest. He’s less stubborn after he’s vented, beside Morgan’s a big girl she needs to be able to stand her own ground if she ever wants Steve to listen to her.”
“What if your wrong, what happened to you saying you wanted to be there for her?”
“I do, but I can be there after Steve’s had his moment.”
Looking back towards the farmhouse, “I don’t like it.”
Bucky shrugs but continues walking towards the back of the property, Tony matching his steps.


“You see anyone?” Bruce questions after walking for a couple of minutes.
Clint shakes his head, “Nope.”
“You think the others have?”
“They would have called. I’m thinking Jay and Morgan are out somewhere, probably getting dinner and the rest of the workers would have already gone home by now.”
“So … you think Morgan will come home today?” Bruce inquires glancing over at his beta mate, he personally hoped she would if only so that they could start the process of becoming a pack again this time without the secrets, he wanted to know the real Morgan the one that didn’t censor herself due to hidden designations.
“She should, we’re her mates and besides all her reservations are being handed to her, she can finish college and get a job, not the sports job she wanted but maybe she can do something with nutrition or something, hell Tony talked about making her his PA.”
“Mhm. You think we should head back?”
“In a bit, I’m thinking Steve wanted us all gone.”
“Cause we’ve all been treating him like a problem. Morgan lied to us and I know we aren’t angry at her anymore, at least I’m not. I’ll be pissed if she’s back on suppressants, but I don’t hate her, I miss her I want my mate back. It’ll take time to get trust back, but it wasn’t as if she was lying to only us, and I don’t think we ever got a real answer on the whole reasoning behind her decision at least I don’t remember if she ever explained it to us. I mean a fifteen-year-old kid in a whole different country found suppressants within a short enough timeframe not to be called out on it at the biggest sports arena where there’s thousand of cameras and people watching her. I think she left something out, which I don’t blame her we were down her throat about it and not really letting her tell us crap.”
Clint shrugged, “Hunch.”
“Hope whatever Steve needs to say or do doesn’t make her hide out again.”
“I don’t think she will, she’s stubborn just as much as he is. Its true soulmates tend to compliment each other, I think it will work out. I think all three alphas would rather have true submission than have her hate them and only be submissive due to force.”
“Agree. I think once everything is over and done with Steve and Nat will calm down right now Morgan is lost to them and neither handle not knowing where their mates are well. I’m surprised Bucky’s handling it so well.”
“Bucky’s Buck, he goes introvert and spends as much time with Tigger in the garage as he can, but whenever he needs to be alpha his taking it out with sex, domming the hell out me and Tony.”
Bruce made a sound of understanding, he topped and on the rare occasion when he did bottom it wasn’t when the partner was domming, he had never liked it when he was just beta Bruce Banner, but now with the alpha Hulk in him it was a hazard, alphas didn’t like being the submissive in a domming scenario it rubbed them the wrong way.


Steve walked around upstairs checking out the four rooms that each had their doors open before opening up the only closed door at the end of the hallway to find a bedroom painted in a soft blue with a twin bed covered in a thick quilt pushed into the corner. Picking up the single picture on the bedside table to see a teenage Morgan and a woman who the alpha recognized to be Kay; Morgan’s face was turned kissing her mama’s cheek as her mama held up a homemade recipe book, a Christmas tree stood in the background of the mother and daughter.
Sitting down on the twin bed he winces when he hears the creaking of springs and the groan of the metal frame holding the mattress up. Setting the picture frame down where he found it, he let his hands fall between his knees and stares at the small oval area rug that was in the middle of the small room. There was no sign anyone had been in the house in some time, looked like they were back at square one.

A few minutes later, Natasha leaned against the door jam, “You find anything?”
“We’ll find her.”
“Are we really this horrible that she can’t even be around us? She’s been gone almost four months, I just want my mate back.”
Natasha moves to sit next the super soldier, frowning when the floorboards protest her weight, “It do that to you?”
“Everything has squeaked,” emphasizing it by shifting slightly on the bed only for it to groan at the movement.
The spy’s lips pinch together in contemplation moving back and forth from the rug to the wooden floor, the floor squeaking in tune. “Can you lift the rug for me please?”
Steve leaned over at that grasping the rug before pulling it towards himself so that Natasha could bend down to the ground.
“False floor.”
“Isn’t that usually a ground floor thing?”
“Then Jay’s smart, people would think it was just old flooring.”
“Open it then.”
Natasha huffed and glared up at that, her fingers already trying to pry open the floorboard, a minute later she pries it up moving it out of the way only to find notebooks instead of the guns she expected.
Steve moved at that rolling the rug up onto the bed and grabbing the top notebook, reading the title out loud butchering the pronunciation, “Rapporti di missione della piccla ombra.”
“It’s Italian for ‘little shadow’s mission reports’,” Natasha informs, sitting down next to the blonde a stack of notebooks on her lap.
Steve hummed at that before opening the notebook to find a completely different language, “What language is this?”
“I want to say Ukrainian, but I think whoever wrote this mixed languages cause that’s,” pointing at a sentence on the page, “French and that is,” pointing to another sentence, “Japanese.”
“Can you read it?”
“Some of it, but not all of it. We can take these with us, have Jarvis translate.”

A series of boots were heard before the three betas and Bucky popped into the room. Tony spoke up, “None of us found anyone or anything.”
“We found notebooks,” Natasha informed patting the books on her lap.
“Interesting?” Clint inquired.
“Can be but we need Jarvis to translate.”




Morgan sat in the chair Jay had vacated minutes earlier, Rochester was a few states away, but she could feel herself having wanted for them to have found her, she wanted to go back, but she also wanted to keep doing her own thing, she knew that if they didn’t like the idea of her working in general they would hate the job she was doing now. That thought made her swallow thickly, it was Jay’s parent’s old farm, it had knickknacks and keepsakes, but Jay hasn’t ever kept anything pertaining his mates or their livelihood there, but she did, it was where she first learned to shoot, where she learned different languages, where she kept stuff she didn’t want her Babbo to find in hidden places around the farm. Here states away is where she learned the job, where Mike first told her of their connection, where she learned to keep secrets, but she was here and they were there, yet she wanted to be there. Her soulmates, her alphas and betas, she wanted them, she wanted to curl up between Steve and Bucky and watch a movie, she wanted to run her fingers through Clint’s hair as he stretched out on her, to sit in Tony’s workshop as she watched him light up when he got a new idea, to read with Natasha on lazy Sunday afternoons, or cook with Bruce. She wanted her mates, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave, to have to go back and explain herself.




Tony, Clint, and Natasha had gone down to the workshop to scan the notebooks into Jarvis for the AI to translate, Bruce had left to check on one of his projects, while Steve and Bucky had decided to workout.
Bucky braced the punching bag and himself as Steve worked out his emotions onto the super soldier proof heavy bag.
After thirty minutes of the only sound being grunting, Bucky inquired, “What’s got you all up in knots punk? We got a lead.”
“We had a lead earlier, but it didn’t pan out. What makes you think this one will?”
“Different languages, only reason to do that is to hide stuff. It was already hidden so that means that the person who wrote it really didn’t want anyone reading it.”
“I guess, just what if it wasn’t Morgan’s. What if we follow this trail and it doesn’t lead to her, we have other things we need to focus on. We’re hitting another HYDRA base in two weeks, Loki’s scepter is out there and we still haven’t found it yet.”
“So is this about Morgan or HYDRA?” Bucky asks, after a viscous punch that had him sliding back from the force.
“Both, mainly Morgan. I don’t get it, she’s an omega yet you’re rolling as if the roles were reversed and she’s not even here. I thought you would make an omega submit way before you showed your belly to them.”
“In the forties and a couple months ago, yeah. I wanted her to submit, still want her to submit to be brutally honest. But I read what HYDRA did to me … and I can’t make myself just act like that didn’t change something inside me. … I don’t remember it, but I just get these feelings sometimes and … I don’t know I just can’t take away something that is apart of her.”
“What about what’s apart of you?”
“I’m a few years shy of a hundred, I think I can let her have her. I’ve had my time.”
“Under HYDRA, you deserve to be you to Buck.”
“I do, but so does she. That’s why I’m compromising we both get to be us.”




Tony watched as Clint and Natasha left to go have sex, he had declined joining, which got him confused looks, but he had more important issues to deal with than his libido. “Okay Jarvis lets see if I can find her.”
“I thought you didn’t want her to be found, sir?”
“Curiosity,” shrugging his shoulders as he started typing away.
“Curiosity killed the cat sir.”
Quipping back, “Well cats have nine lives, I should be at what two more after everything I’ve done.”
DUM-E coming over then a smoothie grasped in its claw, beeping to gain Tony’s attention.
“This doesn’t have motor oil in it, like last time?”
DUM-E rolled back and forth at that before shoving the smoothie closer to the billionaire’s face.
“The smoothie is a hundred percent safe, Sir.”
“Thanks DUM-E,” grabbing the smoothie from the robot’s claw before patting him.
DUM-E chirped happily at that moving backwards slightly before making a beeping sound that turned to excited chirps when Tony took the first sip.




Clint licked his lips as he lifted Natasha up, her legs going around his waist as her lips found the pulse point on his neck and started sucking, pulling a moan from his mouth as they exited the elevator and he carried her towards the bedroom.
Once there he set her down on the dresser, his fingers going to work on undoing the bodysuit that hugged every inch of her as she started nipping at his jawline, her hands helping to take off the uniform she was wearing.

Using his foot to push the suit to the floor as the spy stepped out of the outfit, her fingers working on his own uniform, before long both of them were standing without a stitch of clothing on. Clint used one of his hands to cup the back of Natasha’s neck as he leaned down to kiss her, the other he slid down the soft curves until he got to her silky wet folds grunting when Natasha used her own fingers to trace his abs until she was cupping him with one hand and letting the other teasingly move up and down his shaft.
“Bed now,” the redhead moaned out as Clint started to pump his fingers inside her curling it just how he knew she loved.
The archer made a noise of eager compliance before removing his hands from his mate’s body only to easily lift her up over his shoulder to head for the indented bed. Natasha laughed at the change of scenery, slapping her hand down the blonde’s bare ass, him doing the same in retaliation before carefully throwing her down onto the soft bedding.
Natasha cupped his neck drawing him in for kiss as his erection poked at her, wrapping her legs around him centering him so that in one fast motion he was inside her, both breathing in deeply at the pleasure of the action.
Natasha flipped them over, Clint still inside her before sitting up bracing her hands on his chest while his hands gripped at her waist and she started moving up and down with the beta setting the pace.
It only took a few minutes for them both to end up laying on the bed next to each other a thin sheet of sweat covering them as they enjoyed the post-orgasmic bliss.
“Round 2?” Clint inquired.
Natasha answered that by shifting down towards the half mast member, smirking up at the archer before her tongue darted out licking base to tip over and over again until he was fully erect and leaking pre-cum. Her hand cupped at his balls as her thumb ran across the raised skin in the middle making him moan, the moan going louder when she took him all in her mouth.
Clint’s hands went to red curls tugging at them as Natasha’s hot mouth sucked and her tongue swirled around his length.




Mandy patted the seat next to her, Morgan moving from her spot on the floor were she was absentmindedly trying to do homework. “You seem distracted, want to talk about it?”
“Just seeing them …” trailing off as she tried to figure out how to explain.
“You want to go back but your scared of loosing yourself,” Mandy asked.
“Yeah. How is it that Mike and Jay can be so easy about omegas?”
“Well, Mike wasn’t always this way, but for Jay based on what he’s told me and stories it was the fact that he was the only alpha in a family of mainly betas, so he didn’t have a know how when it came to alpha omega stuff, and there is no omegas in the army so he didn’t come into contact with them at all, except for during ruts. When your mama came she was practically a practice dummy for him, he tried to find that fine line between letting her have her life and being the alpha she needed. It helped that at this time omegas couldn’t go to college and work was just starting to become available, it was very limited at the time or so I’ve heard, but based on the limited options still I don’t doubt it. But um he said he didn’t alpha dom her enough and she would get sick and then he would go overboard trying to fix it. When we first got together the three of us it was a fine line, I wasn’t used to freedom in any sense, so they wanted to give that to me, we were all walking on eggshells trying to find the right amount. Jay gave too much freedom and I couldn’t handle it and then he tried to correct it. Mike he just, he had just spent five years of his life not being able to be the alpha he had grown up to be, and during HYDRA and all that he couldn’t protect me like he wanted and we were sent on missions he didn’t want me to be involved in because of my designation, but he had to get over that if either of us wanted to live to see the next day. When we finally got free, he free-fell, he wasn’t used to freedom at that point either and he sort of went crazy, he needed to be alpha but that had been punished whenever he tried when we were with HYDRA. It took him months to be able to act as an alpha without flinching back expecting either him or me to be hurt, which is why Jay had complete reign on being my only source of an alpha. When Mike finally was able to get there he went overboard, everything he had learned from your Babbo and family combined with his need to dom after years of no safe outlet, it took us over a year after that to find that safe line between too much and not enough for all of us, we still had some trouble after that but as the years have gone by it got easier to notice if problems were arising.”

“So your basically saying time and communication,” Morgan clarified after a few moments of silence.
“Yep. Detka you’re an omega, who has three alphas, they need time to find that sweet spot between them when it comes to you and you need to find that line of submission. Its not easy and there is going to be times where its too much domming or maybe even too little from one or all of them, but that’s when communication is key, talk it through even if it’s a month past and you finally figured out what was wrong, you need to tell them, even if it feels insignificant, you need to open your mouth and tell them. Not everything is going to be an easy fix, but let yourself be heard. Be respectful about it though, it makes it easier for everyone.”
Morgan nodded at that.
“Anything else?”
“I need to finish my solo, I want to keep doing this … and I don’t want to lose you guys,” tears started to fall at that, “I can’t and nobody knows you exist or that Mike is alive and I just can’t lose my brother, or you and Jay, but I miss my other family and I want my mates back.”
Mandy pulled Morgan into a hug at that, “Hey you won’t, we’ll find a way.”

Chapter Text

“Okay kid so your mark is this guy,” he couldn’t even say the name, not that he couldn’t pronounce it, but the scumbag wasn’t even worth the air it took to say it, “How you doing it?”
“Well considering that he apparently been seen multiple times in Sokovia, I’m going to recon for a bit, based on the schematics the buyer sent me, my best bet is to station myself here,” pointing at the spot on the screen, “I know he’s going to have guards so I’ll either catch him when he’s alone or infiltrate the base he’s at, thanks to the buyer I have basic floor plans from when it used to be a castle, and if anyone tries to threaten the mission I’ll terminate the threat. I can’t do it in a public place because the buyer doesn’t want this getting out, so that limits the places. He also wants video as proof and he wants it done by the end of the month.”
“Okay, were am I going to be?” he wasn’t going to let his little sister get hurt cause she liked playing fast and loose with her life, but this was her solo so he would act as backup until he saw her do something stupid. Besides he told her he was there to make sure she didn’t get compromised due to needing a release or because an alpha command stopped her from fighting back and he was going to stick as close to his word as possible.
“In town, there was a civil war that ended a few years back, so volunteer groups go out to the city and lucky for us there’s one stationed to head there in two days, you can get on it and meet me there.”
“And when are you leaving kid?”
“In the morning, I got the supplies ready. And I got a meet set up with a seller in Bulgaria, which it on the outskirts of the city the mark is in, from one of my last solos for when I get there.”
“Okay, sounds like a plan. But I want you on coms.”
Morgan nodded her head willing to appease her brother for both their sakes, before going back to the schematics and Mike left to his own prep.

Covered with a white gray camouflage cover, Morgan watched from behind a scope from her position on the snow-covered mountainside almost a mile and a half away as the van carrying her target left the fortress, down the small snow-covered road. Watching the fortress she wrote shorthand any patterns she noticed for the next four hours before the same canvassed army van came back with supplies.

Watching well into the night as the armed men switched shifts and timed the high tech robots they had going back and forth around the perimeter as a secondary defense measure.
Eventually crawling up and over the mountainside to get to the camouflage covered snowmobile she had stashed there when dawn broke earlier that day. Eating a few protein bars and drinking water before settling in for a nap covering herself with a similar camouflage blanket before she started her next shift.




“What the hell is wrong with you two!” Natasha barked out after hearing what Bucky had just said.
Tony jolted in his chair that he was leaning back on feet up on his computer desk, coffee spilling across his grease stained t-shirt, “Heart condition, Jesus Nat.” Bucky flinched as the tennis ball he had been throwing up and down smacked him in the face before jumping to attention from where he had been lazily laying on the beat up old couch. Both men turned to see their angry mate glaring daggers at them.
“You stopped looking?” Natasha accused gritting her teeth as she started walking towards the two brunettes’.
Bucky let his eyes fall to the floor in guilt as Tony’s brown eyes widen in shock.
“That’s a pack decision! You guys don’t get to just choose not to find Morgan, without discussing it as a pack.”
“You guys were going crazy,” Tony murmured.
“What was that!” Natasha snarled, stepping in front of the beta.
“You guys kept talking about forcing her to come back, you guys were acting like assholes. I couldn’t let her be found with you guys like that.”
“So you just decide that because we were mad at her that you would just, what? Stop the searches? That you would just continue to lie to us whenever we asked if the search was still running and you’d say it was. That you had Jarvis lie to us saying that he was still running through security footage for her!” the female alpha yelled.
Bucky gave a small nod, there was no point in continuing the charade, Natasha obviously caught them red handed. Tony just stared at Natasha not knowing what to say to make the betrayal better, he had already dug himself into a hole with his last sentence.
“How long?” the spy inquired looking between brown and blue eyes.
“How long what?” Tony shot back, his lack of self-preservation rearing its head.
Natasha glared, grabbing the beta’s arm before turning him to side and landing a stinging swat to his ass followed by four more, before turning him back to face her, “Don’t be obtuse!” was spoken through gritted teeth.
“I’ve known since early March,” Bucky spoke up, gaining the green-eyed alpha’s attention.
“Why didn’t you stop him? You’re supposed to be his alpha?” pointing a finger at the brunette alpha.
“I agree with him we were all acting like assholes.”
“When did you stop the searches?” turning back to the genius.
“End of January.”
“So you gave us two weeks before you just decided we didn’t deserve to keep looking for our mate?”
“It’s not like that,” Tony protested weakly.
“Then how is it like? We were assholes and then you decided to end the search. What if she was hurt and couldn’t get to us? What if she’s scared or too nervous to come back so she’s waiting until we notice her? What if us searching for her is what helps her come home, shows her that we still love and care for her? That we still wanted her.”
Tony shrugged when she put it like that.
“That’s right, so both of you are going to march yourselves upstairs and tell our pack exactly what you did, because it was a pack decision, so you can tell the pack that you took their choice of finding our mate away from them.”
Tony nodded guilt eating at him, he had forgotten what it would look like to Morgan if or when she came back that he had just stopped the search for her, he thought he had been giving her independence, but the emotional side was a different story. He would feel horrible like he wasn’t worth the soul mark on his mate’s skin if the roles were reverse and she had stopped looking for him and that was just from a beta’s perspective, for an omega it would be worse they needed their pack to care for them, to love them, and comfort them. Mates were a safety net of unconditional love and safety, and he had taken a hacksaw to it by stopping the search. Omegas were always led more with their feelings and emotions; it was one of many reasons why they were always seen as the fairest designation.


By the time the three made it upstairs, the rest of the pack was already all in the kitchen, Bruce was starting in on making dinner, while Clint and Steve were hunched over going over the next mission to find Loki’s scepter. Thor was supposed to come tomorrow so they could spend the next week and half focusing on the mission and training, Sam had veteran work up in DC that he was dealing with so he wouldn’t be participating in this one.
Bruce was the first to notice the tears streaming down his engineering inclined mate’s face, “What’s wrong Tones?” then looking to find that Bucky’s eyes were wet also, “Buck?”
“We … I have something to tell you guys,” Tony practically whispered, but it was loud enough in the now quiet room to hear.
Steve and Clint shifted at that sitting up straight to look at the two brunettes’, Steve being the one to ask, “What do you need to tell us?” his voice soft.
“I choose … I made the decision to have Jarvis stop looking for Morgan back in January. I made it so that if you guys asked he would lie and say there was no update. And I lied whenever you guys asked if there was anything new or if Jarvis was still combing through security footage from around Morgan’s families homes and work,” his eyes were glued to the floor before he even started talking, he didn’t want to see the pain and anger of his mates.
“You what?!” Steve bellowed, standing from up from his stool.
“Why’d you do that Tony?” Clint inquired, stopping Steve from berating the younger beta.
Tony kept his head down as he answered with “You guys were talking about forcing Morgan to submit, that it was going to be your guys way or the highway. You guys were being assholes.”
“That all?” Bruce questioned, his posture going in on himself before straightening in anger, he might not be proud of his behavior at the early stages of everything, but he didn’t think taking away his ability to find his mate to be the right response.
Bucky spoke up then, “I’ve known since the first week of March.”
“Morgan’s been turning in assignment online for her classes,” Tony added in.
“You mean you could have traced her this whole time!” Clint exclaimed.
“I don’t know maybe. After last Sunday I got curious tried doing a back trace, apparently her assignments are being uploaded onto the forum as if they’d always been there, there’s no origin point.”
“So it was a dead end, but you could have been trying to do it for the last four months using different techniques in real time, but instead you just watched as she turned them in and didn’t try to contact her,” Bruce clarified. “Why?”
“If she’s turning it in then she must be somewhere safe, I didn’t want to contact her and then she retreats back more.”
“Or contacting her could have got her to come home sooner, at least started some form of conversation,” Bruce countered.
“I guess,” eyes still firmly on the smooth concrete floor like they had been for the entire conversation.
Steve started lecturing at that, “So what I’m hearing is that you both lied? Multiple times, might I add? Both of you decided to do something that affects all of us and not tell us about it? That just because we were acting like, what was the word Anthony,” Tony’s head jerked up at that to find blazing blue eyes looking at him, “Oh yeah as assholes, that you get to take away our chance to find our mate and get her back. And you James, you’re supposed to an alpha, third in command. You just let him continue to do this? Is that’s what I’m hearing Anthony, James? Is it?” his body posture and tone displaying just how pissed he was at the fact they had been doing that, he also had an undercurrent of sadness that could be heard in there because they may have been able to get Morgan back sooner to fix things as a pack, together, but because of Tony’s decision and Bucky backing him up instead of telling him no, they still didn’t have her back.
“Yes, alpha,” both brunettes’ answered simultaneously.
Steve nodded sharply, “Find a corner that doesn’t have a view and think about what you guys did wrong. We as a pack are going to discuss an appropriate punishment for you two,” with that Tony and Bucky headed to different corners in the room, the as a pack not lost on them.

The remaining four watched them go, before Natasha who had already said her piece to the two brunettes’ down in the workshop, spoke up for the first time, “I think, a spanking is in order.”
Clint looked incredulously at her, before sarcastically saying, “Ya think?”
Natasha glared, “Yes using a belt.”
“That it? They lied for months. How’d you even find out?” Bruce investigated.
“Peter called me a little while ago apparently it’s the annual science fair today at Peter’s school and Morgan’s never missed one of his science fairs. He thought he saw her, but with his eyesight he couldn’t be sure and when he chased after her, he had to stop because of an asthma attack. I went down to ask Tony to see if he could pull up any footage from the school to see if Peter did really see Morgan and heard them talking about how they’re not looking for her anymore,” Natasha replied.
“Okay, I agree with Tasha, a spanking with a belt sounds right. Anything more?” Clint asked after a minute.
Steve nodded, “Grounded. Anything not work related they can’t do.”
“That’d work for Tony, but Bucky doesn’t go out already it’s not really fair to him,” Bruce reminded.
Natasha nodded, “Yeah.”
“Okay how about no workshop unless its pressing SI or Avenger work and no electronics for Tony and for Bucky no going down to the garage to work on cars or whatever else he does down there and no electronics for a week,” Steve corrected a few moments later.
“Sounds fair,” Bruce agreed.
“Nat you want to spank them? Since you were the one that found out?” Steve inquired.
“No your head alpha you should do it.”
Nodding his head, he looked at the clock, it had been less than five minutes since he sent them to a corner, “Thirty minutes more sounds reasonable, gives me enough time to cool off,” he didn’t want to make the same mistake he did with Morgan again, he shouldn’t have ever spanked her when he was still pissed to high heavens and not completely in control of his emotions.


Bruce put the Shepard’s pie into the oven before leaving, patting Steve on the shoulder as he went. Clint and Natasha had already left for another room, not wanting to be there when Steve spanked both Tony and Bucky.
When the thirty minutes ran out, Steve stood from his stool much calmer and in control than he had been earlier, “Tony, Bucky come here.” A moment later, both men were standing before him, “Do you want to go over why you guys are getting punished or have we come to same conclusion?”
“Came to the same conclusion.” “I understand why.”
“Okay then, you each are going to get a spanking with my belt and both of you are grounded for the next week. Which means Tony you are banned from the workshop unless its pressing SI or Avenger work, which you need to clear with Natasha or me first, along with no electronics. Bucky you are banned from going down to the garage and electronics. So who wants to go first?”
“I’ll go, I’m the reason Bucky’s in trouble in the first place,” Tony answered.
Bucky shook his head, “No, it was my decision to go along, I should have been looking at it from what would be healthiest in the long run for not only the pack, but for Morgan as an omega. I should be first.”
“I’ll decide then, Bucky lets go,” Steve resolved, “Tony go back to the corner.”

Bucky breathed in deeply as he followed Steve over to the couch in the lounge section that was connected to the kitchen. Steve sat down first, “jeans and boxers off.”
“Thought you were going to spank me with your belt?” Bucky questioned, belt spanking were done bent over a piece of furniture not over someone’s knee.
“I’m going to, but first I’m going to spank you first with my hand, then have you bend over the back of the couch for the second part.”
Bucky nodded solemnly tugging his jeans and boxer briefs down before fixing himself over the blonde’s knee.
Steve used his left arm to encircle the brunette alpha’s waist securing him onto his lap, while Bucky used his metal hand to brace himself off the floor while his flesh one held onto Steve’s ankle, “You ready Buck?” his hand laying on the brunette’s bare bottom.
“Yes, alp-,” sucking in a breath at the force of the swat that hit the dead center of his ass.
Steve methodically spanked after that alternating cheeks and going down until Bucky’s mid thighs before going right back up and starting over. Forty-four swats in he dropped his knee and rose the other one aiming for the sit spots, five for each one.
After a minute of Steve just running circles on the alphas lower back, “Okay switch places with Tony.”
Bucky who for his part had been hissing with each swat after the first twenty and had tears forming in his eyes partially from the pain, but also because of reason he was being punished in the first place, stood confusion written on his face.
“You guys screwed up big time, so this was part one.”
Bucky nodded at that, kicking off his jeans and boxers from his ankles, there was no point in putting them on again only to take them off again for round two.

Tony turned when Bucky called out his name softly when he was only five feet away, the beta turning with tears already glistening in his eyes, no doubt already heard that this was a two part spanking, which was usually reserved for multiple offensives, which this definitely was.
Tony walked quietly towards Steve, rubbing the tears away as he did.
“Jeans and boxers down, Tones,” Steve said calmly. Once Tony had pushed down the required clothing he eased himself over Steve’s strong thighs, fitting easier than Bucky due to his smaller stature. Holding out his right hand for Steve to pin to the small of his back. Steve had found out early on in their mating that it was an easy way for Tony to feel secure and loved in this position, Tony’s left hand bracing the floor just like Bucky had. “You ready?”
At Tony’s conformation he did the same as he did for Bucky, only this time with less force due to the fact that Tony wasn’t a super soldier, but made sure that the beta would feel it just as long as Bucky will.
“Okay Tony switch back,” Tony stood at that, he had been crying steadily since the beginning so he tried to wipe it off before nodding, his jeans and underwear having been kicked off sometime during the spanking.
Steve stopped him as he stood himself, “Why don’t you go blow your nose in the bathroom and then head back to the corner, okay?”

Bucky turned at his name being called, before walking over to the couch, Steve having already unthreaded his belt from his waist, without preamble he leaned over the back of the couch, hands grabbing at the cushion to keep himself there.
“Okay Buck, I’m giving you twenty and then your done.”
“You want me to count?”
“No, just think about why you’re in this position,” Steve spoke, resting his hand on the small of the older alpha’s back. “You ready?”
“Yep,” with that Steve snapped the belt down.
Bucky was crying out with each smack, making apologies by number eleven, and sobbing by eighteen.
Steve laid his belt on the couch after the twentieth, pulling his mate into his arms as Bucky wiped tears and snot onto the collar of Steve’s navy t-shirt. “You’re forgiven Buck, you’re okay,” along with other reassuring and comforting phrases were spoken as Steve rubbed at the alpha’s back, trying to calm him down.
Doing the same routine with Tony, only Tony broke down sooner and took longer to reassure.




It had been just over a week of surveillance before she could easily count down to the second the shift changes and the openings in each sector of the defense line. Mapped out the defense towers and artillery houses that had cannons.
Her best bet was infiltration, so she’d make her move in two days, enough time for her to get all her gear in order, make sure everything was clean and in perfect working order, be well rested and prepared, and be emotionally stable due to a release she knew Mike would want to give her to be hundred percent safe when she came back out, no matter how much she would want to protest it.
Packing up, her scope and logs, Morgan uncovered the snowmobile for the first time in three and a half days, the last time had been a quick overnight enough to get clean and have a good night’s rest before having to come back out.

“You stink,” was the first thing Mike said when she walked into the small motel room he had gotten when he got to Sokovia.
“Har har, you’re hilarious,” stripping out of her outer layers before grabbing supplies and clothes for a shower.
“I’ll grab us some food from the place around the corner,” the alpha spoke as the omega went for her clothes that were stashed in a backpack under the bed, “Do you need a release or are you good?”
“Think I’m good,” heading towards the bathroom.
Mike stopped her with a hand to her shoulder, “Are you sure? It’s been eight days, you haven’t gone more than six days max without needing one?”
“I know.”
“You aren’t pushing yourself to get out of them are you?”
“No, Mike I’m fine,” pushing his hand off her shoulder.
Mike just cups her chin instead, “You hundred percent positive? I’ll be able to tell once you get all that grime off, so it won’t do you no good to lie to me. I’ll just put you right back over my knee and spank you for lying after I give you a release.”
“I’m not,” shrugging slightly, she felt off but she was going to chalk that up from lack of sleep.
Releasing her chin, “Okay kid, shower cause you do smell,” smirking when Morgan stuck her tongue out at him.

Chapter Text

Morgan crawled under the canvased van easily, her dark gray suit and slim tactical vest made it so that she would camouflage into the underside of the van, along with a fully covering face mask that hid her dark blonde hair and face, and enough scent neutralizer that she couldn’t even smell the exhaust of the van let alone herself. Shifting the rifle that was on her back to her front so that she could flip over before gripping the underside, she then uses one hand to take dark gray almost black heavy-duty bungee cords, she had wrapped around her waist before she left the motel before it was even dawn, to secure herself onto van, that way she didn’t have to use any strength to hold herself to the van while it headed back from the city to the base. Doing this allowed for her to not have to deal with trekking the miles of snow covered forest or deal with guards and robots in the path, she could have that was plan B if this hadn’t been as smooth as expected it would have just be a grueling day and getting into the base was supposed to be easy part.
She had seen the high tech shield when it started shimmering on the walls whenever an animal or bird got to close and the one time a drunk soldier who got a wake up call of a lifetime when he had gone for a door to get out of the cold. She didn’t have the time to mess with finding the right pathway inside not when the opening for the doors was only a minute before someone passed by them or the ability to hack her way in if it came to that.


Once the van stopped, she bent her head back and watched as different snow camouflaged pants and heavy boots moved back and forth taking out supplies from the trucks. It wasn’t for another hour and a half before the coast was clear for her to move and based on what she had heard spoken in Russian they were heading for a mess hall to eat.
Sliding out from under the van, she rolled her neck and stretched out her back and legs for a second before moving quickly towards the doorway and using her corner shot rifle that she had had strapped to her front, to see if anyone was around the corners, as she made her way deeper into the castle. Based on the maps she had memorized there was only five places in this place big enough for a control room, and she knew that since her mark was the leader of this base it would stand to reason he would be in one. Heading for the closest one she was disappointed to find that it was filled only with desks and workers, no mark in sight. She made it through one more before she heard shouting and yelling as shots were heard outside and high tech cannons came online and started blasting.
Moving quickly towards the next room, only to cement herself to the wall as soldiers ran past her unknowingly as they yelled out about being attacked. She heard some of them say ‘It’s the Avengers’ ‘It’s the Americans’ and a slew of other sentences that had the same meaning, her mates were here in Sokovia. She felt a breeze past her before she saw her mark leave the room with men inside yelling ‘no surrender’ in unison.
Following him, she stayed quiet and close to the wall, as they headed towards a stairwell of the castle. Flipping the video camera on, that was attached to her vest, she attached the rifle back to her back, grabbing one of her many knives that she had strapped to her frame before following him into the empty corridor that led to the stairs and outside, jumping on him from behind she made quick work of his surprise taking her knife and impaling it into the soft part of his neck where the trachea is located, permanently silencing him from screaming out in shock, letting go as he falls in a heap to the floor blood oozing out quickly as the mark takes his last moments to try and stem the fatal wound, his monocle glass fell out, falling beside him and cracking on impact as the shards of glass soaked in his blood. Morgan stayed long enough to hear someone coming before retreating back down the hallway that she had came from.


“Guys I got eyes on Strucker,” Steve spoke through the coms, as he bent down to press two fingers to the man’s neck to check for a pulse.
“Yeah, I got something bigger,” Tony’s voice came through.
“Strucker’s dead,” Steve informed as he stood wiping the blood from the man onto his suit leg.
“What happened?” Natasha questioned.
“His throats been impaled.”
“I’ve better news, Thor, I got eyes on the prize,” Tony spoke up.


Tony startled forward when he heard the gun shot go off, diving for cover under a desk. Tapping his fingers quickly in a set pattern to call the suit to him. It only took half a minute before it was fully encasing him, by then a man in a black and white tracksuit was hovering over the body of a dark auburn haired woman, blood seeping out of the back of her head, looking back at the man, Tony could see the sheer anger and sadness that seemed to vibrate out his body as fist clenched and tears glistened in the man’s blue eyes, that anger turned to unfettered rage when he saw Tony in the suit, “You’re dead,” was roared before a blur was seen in the man’s place, by then the genius grabbed the scepter and propelled up into the air, this was the enhanced Steve had talked about and he needed to get out fast.
Shooting out with tranquilizer darts that were located in the Iron Man armor’s shoulders trying to stop the blur from reaching him, as he headed back the way he came into the room, but they didn’t seem to phase the blur or the blur was dodging them easily, Tony couldn’t tell, but he continued firing until they were gone, “I got the scepter, the drawbridge is down. But I’ve got a situation on my hands.”
Steve’s voice filtered through at that, “On my way. Jarvis give me directions.”
Just as Tony was about to turn the corner towards the long passageway gun shots were heard again, a few clipping the side of his suit, with that he turned his neck to find the source, Jarvis pin pointing the new player on the field this one dressed in dark tactical gear their face completely covered and was firing at the blur who had turned at the sound and now was heading in the new player’s direction.
Tony shot out at the blur with non-lethal weapons, ending up pinning the man down with fire from both sides, one non lethal the other very lethal, which seemed to work and the man slowed cementing himself into the wall for cover as he covered his side as blood poured from it and he was breathing hard. Holding up a repulsor, Tony moved in between the two, the unknown player and the enhanced man, he called out, “Stand down,” putting as much authority into his voice as he could.
Steve came running in a moment later, shield ready to throw at a moments notice.
The new player’s gun was still focused on the bleeding man, but the player was also slowly edging farther away, “Hey stop!” Steve commanded seeing the movement, Tony’s repulsor moving off the enhanced to the new player.
The player stilled at that, while the enhanced took the moment to blur towards them. It happened quickly Steve threw his shield to stop the enhanced, Tony fired a repulsor that would be able to take down a super soldier, and the new player fired twice before the blur’s hand was wrapped around the player’s throat squeezing it, the other hand ripping the gun from their hands.


Morgan struggled for a moment before the blur threatened deeply, “You killed my sister. I’m going to do same to you.”
At that Morgan kicked out, hitting the man in his already bleeding side, before wrapping her legs around the arm still gripped her throat, one of her hands reaching for a knives before smashing it into the elbow of the arm that was holding her throat before he could stop her, the other hand punching him in the face hard as she pushed her body up making the knife dig in further and gave her more momentum in the jab.
The enhanced screamed in pain dropping her like she wanted him to, kicking out making him lose his balance and fall onto his back smacking his head hard onto the stone flooring, the impact along with the blood loss, knocking him out cold, but Morgan didn’t stop quickly grabbing another knife from her suit and raising her arm to jam it into the trachea to kill him just like she had done with her mark.

Steve tackled her then, reaching for the wrist that held the combat knife as she kicked out trying to get him off, but two hundred and ninety eight pounds of pure muscle and tactical gear she was easily pinned down, the stones digging into her back, the fact that she didn’t want to hurt her mate adding to the problem since her typical defense of maiming or killing her opponent when she’s in this situation wasn’t going to happen, even if Steve had no clue she was the one under the mask, she knew he was under his.
Once Steve immobilized her wrist that was holding the knife, he stood up pulling her with him and using his free arm to secure her other arm to her chest as Steve held her in a tight hold so that her back was to his front and she couldn’t move. “Drop it,” was growled to the side of her masked face, when all she did was try to loosen his hold by throwing all hundred and eighteen pound of herself in different moves, the super soldier used just enough pressure on her wrist to make her drop it.
Bringing her captured wrist to her chest, with that she tried dropping her weight by lifting up her legs and bringing them up as high as she could with a death grip that didn’t budge around the middle of her torso and bringing them back down and trying to flip him over which could have worked if he hadn’t already had the time to solidify his hold on her and hadn’t been taught by Natasha how to keep his weight balanced so that someone couldn’t do that to him. He tightened it after that more knocking the air out of her.


Tony for his part had taken the time, as Steve and the new player struggled, to secure zip ties over the enhanced wrists and ankles, the scepter lying a few feet away, looking up after to see the new player had been completely immobilized, “What do you want to do with them Cap?”
“Take them to NATO like we are the rest of Strucker’s men.”
Tony made a humming noise as he zip tied the new player’s wrists and ankles together as well, “Good, you think you can handle these two as I get the scepter and downloads to the jet?”
Nodding slightly Tony grabbed the scepter, “I’ll bring back up a group here to help get them to the prison buses,” before flying back out the corridor entrance where the control room was.

Steve took fact that the new player was securely bound to start throwing the weapons he could see off to the side far away from either prisoner, once that was done, he manhandled them to sit on the floor before using the magnetic pull on his arm to bring his shield back to him as a precaution.
“You going to tell me who you are?” Steve inquired, as he squatted down trying to find the latch that took the mask off.
The fabric of the mask muffling the assailant’s voice, “You going to let me escape?”
“I thought you would want me more than NATO. Guess I was wrong.”
“What does that mean?” leaning back onto his haunches and looking at the dark gray mask that had a metal looking cowl covering the face just like his, only this person had the same color fabric underneath that and it went all the way down to under their tactical vest, hiding their entire face from view.
“It’s on the back,” the assailant spoke, leaning forward for him to undo the latch.
Steve unclasped it slowly hoping it wasn’t a trick, easing the mask off before dropping it unceremoniously onto the floor and tugging up the fabric until it uncovered the player’s eyes, extremely familiar green eyes, he stopped mouth opening in shock, “Morgan?”
“Hi Steve.”
Steve wiped at his eyes, confusion covering his tone as he started talking, “What. What are you doing here? How are you here? What?”
“You going to let me go now?”
Steve just opened and closed his mouth like a fish.
“I go to jail if they take me,” she reminded.
“Yeah. Yeah um I missed you.”
“I missed you too, but this isn’t the time. You letting me go or you are you arresting me?”
Wanting to finally get things off his chest and apologize he bulldozed through his thoughts, “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry about loosing control, for spanking you when I was too pissed off, for being an asshole without letting you explain your side.”
“What happened to the rule about language?” smirking when Steve puffed out a laugh.
“Right, right sorry. I’ll make it up to you, we … I … we’re all willing to compromise if you are --”
“Steve stop! Does this mean you’ll let me go?” Morgan interrupted.
“I want you to come back to us, I’ll listen better this time, please --” Steve begged.
“Am I getting out of these ties or not?”
“Yes, yes, of course,” Steve scrambled at that, looking for something to get the ties off, he didn’t want to hurt her by ripping them off like he could if he just used his hands.
“You threw my knives over there,” tilting her head to right where about thirty-five feet away laid fifteen or so knives scattered across the cobblestone floor, along with a few empty guns that had their full magazines thrown off to the other side of the makeshift pile.

“Right,” standing up he walked over to the first knife, reaching down to grab one, before turning back to see only the enhanced that was out cold still lying there. “Morgan!” he called out, but heard nothing, it was like she disappeared like a shadow in the night once again from his life. He couldn’t run after her, not with the enhanced still needing to stay in his custody, looking towards where she had been sitting he found two broken zip ties and her cowl gone.


“What do you mean Morgan was the new player?” Tony whispered at Steve, as two of the agents he had brought with him carried the unconscious enhanced out on a stretcher.
“I mean exactly what I said, I took off the assailants mask and it was Morgan.”
“And you just let her go?”
“I asked her to come back, I apologized for how I had acted, said I’d do better. I went to grab one of her knives to cut her loose and she just disappeared poof gone,” his hand going up to run his fingers through his hair only to stop when he remembers he was wearing his cowl.
“Okay she couldn’t have gotten far; I’ll fly around see if I can spot her.”
“Thanks Tony.”
“No need to thank me, she’s my mate too. But Clint’s hurt, bad, you need to get on the jet and head to medical, I already called Dr. Cho and she’s in transit from Seoul she’ll meet you guys at the tower. I’ll fly back to the states in my suit if I can’t find Morgan.”
“Love you.”
“Love you too,” Tony answered back, kissing the blonde quickly on the lips before they separated to do their assigned missions.




“Did you find her?” Natasha inquired when Tony called hours later.
“No I didn’t. How’s Clint?”
“He’s good, says he’ll live forever just be made of plastic,” a smile could be heard when she said the joke.
“He still has his horrible humor then. He’s fine then.”
“Yeah. You heading back home soon?”
“Yep, on my way, should be back by breakfast.”
“Put the suit on autopilot and sleep a bit. I don’t want you over extenuating yourself.”
Natasha sighed, “I’ll see you soon, amore.”
“See you soon, malysh,” Tony replied back.




Morgan stared up at the Avenger’s Tower. After making her way past everyone without being caught again, she had to call Mike to pick her up at the half way point, and seeing the state she had been in, he had to give her a release right then and there in the middle of the snow covered woods if they had any hope of making it out of there without her losing it. She was surprised she even got as far as she did without breaking down completely due to events of the day, but Mike said she had been in survival mode that the adrenalin had kept her going until she got to someone she trusted, that she would have omega dropped if it wasn’t for the large amount of adrenalin running through her, that if she dropped it could have killed her.
Since she had her own exit strategy out of Sokovia she had used that, while Mike was staying a few days longer before going back to the States with the volunteer group he had gone there with.
She had said her goodbyes to both Mandy and Jay before getting on her motorcycle and heading back to Manhattan after her first night back. Her solo was over and she couldn’t stay away anymore.

Taking a big breath she walked in through the private entrance, Jarvis greeting her immediately, “Welcome home. Should I inform the others of your arrival, Miss Morgan?”
“No. No I need a minute,” leaning against the door.

Squatting down onto her ankles, she stayed there for over a minute before giving herself a pep talk out loud, “Okay Morgan you got this, you’re a fuckin adult, they love you enough to keep looking so they can’t be too angry, Steve even said so. So deep breath and we go,” breathing in deeply before straightening up and asking, “Jarvis is anyone beside the pack on their floor?”
“No it is just the pack tonight, they are currently watching a movie in the living room.”
“Thanks Jarvis.”
“You’re welcome Miss Morgan.”
Walking over to the elevator she got in, holding tightly onto the bar on the side of the lift, as the numbers moved painstakingly slow, but at lightening speed at the same time, the elevator door opened quietly and she was greeted with the smell of pack, of home. She stood there letting it wash over her, she hadn’t been able to scent Steve that day because he had also been on scent blockers, so she basked in the scents undisturbed letting her own unmasked scent mingle with theirs for a moment.
Smiling contently she nodded to herself, taking her first step off the elevator Jarvis had held open for her and started walking.
Walking until she stopped at the alcove that separated the hallway from the living room, watching as her mates were completely engrossed in the movie, even if she hadn’t been as silent as a mouse walking in they wouldn’t have been able to hear her, the action packed movie was blaring out loudly from the surround sound. So she got to watch them unfettered, Bruce had Tony pulled into his side, arm over the youngest beta’s shoulders, Bucky had Clint between his legs as they sat on the floor despite the ample room on the couch, while Steve had sprawled out on the couch with Natasha snuggled into him a throw covering their legs.


It was Tigger wrapping his tail around her legs and meowing loudly during the one quiet moment of the movie that got the pack’s attention.
She waved awkwardly when all her mate’s eyes fell on her in shock. “Thanks for letting me go,” Morgan spoke up when it seemed they were all waiting on her to break the spell as they did great impressions of almost cartoonish wide-eyed stares. Another minute passed, “You guys okay? Say something, anything, please.”
Open and closed mouths were her only response.
“I can leave,” straightening up from where she had been leaning, she hoped they didn’t kick her out, that Steve’s words weren’t made in haste when she saw him two days ago in that fortress, the fortress where she killed two people and almost killed another right in front of Steve and Tony.
“Don’t,” Clint uttered.
That one word seemed to break the spell over the pack, Tony was up and jumping over Bucky and Clint’s legs to get to her, pulling her tightly in a hug, Morgan melted into it wrapping her arms around the beta and closing her eyes enjoying the feeling of rightness and love. A moment later she felt another pair of arms wrap around her from the back and another from the side, Clint and Bruce. She could smell the scents of the alphas as they started coming closer, before all three simultaneously joined the hug. “You smell like rainwater,” Tony murmured.
“It’s nice,” Bucky complimented, the rest of the pack making agreeing noises. It made him feel nostalgic and safe, it was a scent that made him remember the time before the war.

It was ten minutes later when they finally pulled away, the room was completely quiet except for them breathing, since Jarvis had paused the movie when the pack had all started the hug session and Tigger had curled up in the warm blanket that the two alphas had left behind on the curved leather couch.
“Morgan we want to apologize that we didn’t take the time to listen to what you had to say,” Natasha started.
“That we didn’t take a moment and see your side,” Tony joined in.
Clint furthered by saying, “Or even hear your side.”
“We’re sorry that we took our anger out on you instead of stepping back and letting ourselves calm down,” Bruce added.
“I’m sorry I lost control,” Steve continued.
“We’re sorry we didn’t do anything to make you feel safe here, to feel cared for or cherished for just being our mate, no designation required,” Bucky finished.
“We’re willing to compromise and take your feelings and wants into consideration, like we should have done the first time,” Natasha informed.

“Thanks really thanks for saying that. I need to apologize too and I want to tell you guys my side. I’m sorry I just ran away like that, but I figured some things out while I was gone, and they aren’t excuses for me and I understand why you would be angry at me for lying to you guys about a lot of things, for basically stomping on your trust, for the suppressant use. I wanted to kick my ass on a daily basis for using them as well, but I also know why I kept taking them even when they started making me feel like shit, where I didn’t feel like me anymore, when I had to curb my reactions to situations to act more beta like, so nobody would ever accuse me of omega behavior. When my coach handed them to me, I didn’t want them, but she used an alpha command, which at the time I didn’t know how to recognize that it happened, I didn’t know that the alpha didn’t have to be yelling the command for it to work, it wasn’t until I ran away actually that I found that out. The alpha command it was only lasted until all the press and stuff for the Olympics was over. It became my decision at that point to continue, to continue lying about not being an omega, to continue taking suppressants. I made the choice to go out and get a supplier and to keep taking them. I had already been lying for months about my designation and I had already started carving out a new life, one that didn’t feel like me most of the time, but it was still livable, I still had my family and friends, I still had fun with them, I just didn’t feel good and eventually that feeling just because the norm. So when you guys wanted to take away my suppressants, part of me was ecstatic that I could finally get off of them that I could actually start to find what I liked about being an omega without being scared someone would catch me doing omega behavior and question it. Because these last few months I got to see what a good alpha omega mating looks like up close, and I want to have that, I want that deeper connection that comes with mating bonds and everything, I want to be your guys omega, I want to be your soulmate for real this time. I want you guys to help me thrive as an omega not suppress me. Because the other parts of me when you asked me to give up suppressants was downright petrified and pissed that you guys were going to take away my norm that my designation would be known, that what I had worked for, for over two years was going to crash down all around me and my family was going to hate me, that I would lose them.” Focusing onto her alphas, “That you guys would end up like all the horrible alphas I’ve seen or heard about, that I would lose everything that was me, the parts that I wanted to keep from before I became an omega and the parts of me that I got when I was on suppressants.” Looking at the three betas, “And I was terrified that you guys would be like my Tata, who backed almost everything my Babbo ever said or did when it concerned my mama.” Moving back to the three alphas, “I don’t want to become some weak omega that listens to everything and does everything their alpha says to do just because they’re terrified of what would happen if they didn’t, I grew up watching that, I don’t want that for me. I won’t let that be me.”

“We don’t want that to be you either,” Natasha spoke up when Morgan didn’t continue talking, “And I’m so, so sorry that we ever gave you that impression, that we actually tried doing that to you.”
“We’re going to try harder to make sure that we don’t become that way, I know we can’t fix the past, but I hope you can be willing to help us fix our future,” Bucky expanded.
“I’ll even let you beat us with a stick if we do get too alpha for you,” Steve spoke trying to lightened the mood, but Morgan could tell he was serious, all three of them were, they were changing, wanted to change, wanted to be better for themselves, for the pack, for her.
“And we promise never to back them up if we think they’re wrong,” Clint added.
“Or if you think they’re wrong and need someone to stand by you,” Tony expanded.
Bruce nodded in agreement before saying, “We don’t want you to lose your identity, we loved you when you had a front, and we can’t wait to love and cherish the real you, if you’ll let us.”
“And what you said about us being still angry about you lying to us, about taking suppressants, and taking our trust in you and stomping on it, we aren’t still angry. You were already punished for lying to us and for taking suppressants, so you have a clean slate in our books we forgive you for that. We might not trust you yet, but you can gain it back. We probably have to gain back your trust too, we didn’t take the time to listen to you, which is something we said we would, and I broke your trust when I punished you when I wasn’t in control of myself or my emotions, especially since I promised you when you agreed to the rules that I wouldn’t ever do that. And that’s another thing we shouldn’t have just placed pre-discussed rules on the table without you being part of the discussion, that wasn’t fair on you, we need to all sit down and discuss them, compromise with each other and find a set of rules and consequences that we can all agree on. Hopefully we can grow together as a pack, from now on, it might not be easy at times but we want to try. I speak for all of us when I say, we still want you, if you want us,” Steve spoke.

“Thanks,” swallowing what felt like a ball in her throat, as tears started pooled, they were going to get through it, Mandy had been right time and compromise, “I know it’ll take time to gain your guys trust, but thank you for allowing the chance to gain it back. I want to be part of the pack; I already said I want you guys. I know it won’t be easy. I’m going to piss you all off at some point, that I’ll be stubborn and dig my heels in even when I know I need something,” thinking back to when she had lied to Mike about how she was feeling when she came back during that one night at the Sokovian motel, she really did need that release then, but she was being stubborn and wanted to push it out longer even though she knew he would be able to smell that building scent of need because she knew he would want to give her one before she left to complete the solo so that she wasn’t compromised, do to needing a release. It ended just like he said it would though, once she had finished showering he could scent it and he gave her the release she needed and once she was out of omega space, he let her stand up and settle for a moment before pulling her right back over for an actual spanking. “But I’m willing to try if you guys are. And I want to compromise. I know we are going to screw up, me especially, but if you guys are willing, I want to work this out, no running away from you guys when it gets tough. You guys have a lot more collective understanding of the world, have more understanding of packs and mating’s and everything, but I still want the chance to be heard. I want this to work, and it goes both ways, I want to know that you guys will help me with what I need and that you guys will let me help you guys in whatever way I can.” Looking at the alphas for this part, “That you guys know what I probably need biologically as an omega more than I do at this point or that I’m willing to face, and I want to know what you guys need as alphas. I never really had the schooling when it came to designations, so …” stopping because she didn’t know how to say what she needed to.

Bucky finished for her, “So some stuff sounds harsh, but it’s actually a necessity because of our designation’s biology. That sometimes even if we don’t biologically need something, we need it because we’re us, that we have needs outside of our designation. Either way sometimes we need something that we aren’t willing to see cause we don’t like the fact that we need it, or how other’s might perceive our wants, but we need it and deep down we know it, we just want the decision to be taken out of our hands so that we don’t feel like we just gave in.”

“So we’re going to be a pack again?” Tony inquired.
“I want to be,” Morgan answered.
“Good. We all do too. You have anything more you want to say? Hash out anything more?” Natasha asked, before adding, “I think we should wait to do the rules, at least until tomorrow when we’re all more prepared.”
“No, I think we talked enough for one night, or at least I talked plenty. Can we just finish your guys movie and relax?” Morgan suggested.
“Whatever you want hun,” Clint replied.
The pack headed back to their original places, only Steve and Natasha didn’t lie down instead they sat up, Natasha leaning into the blonde alpha’s side. Morgan plucked the tabby and red blanket up, sitting down where they had been and settling them on her lap, Tigger immediately starting to purr when she ran her fingers down his back.

Chapter Text

Morgan stretched out, arching her back up; she gave a content sigh when she felt her muscles loosen, today was her first full day back, after the movie she had gone to sleep in her private room on the couch. None of her mates had stopped her knowing she wanted the space, that things were still up in the air in terms of how the pack was going to be structured now that she was an omega, that they were compromising on things, that the old way of doing things were going to be reevaluated, that she still needed to gain back their trust and they needed to gain back hers.

Grabbing a quick shower in the guest bathroom and changing into pink cotton shorts and a plain light gray t-shirt that she had grabbed from her section of the closet the night before and covering up the bruises on her neck, she headed out to the kitchen, seeing it empty and the clock reading six eighteen, she wasn’t surprised at the fact. Opening up the fridge she started grabbing ingredients to make breakfast tacos for everyone.
She was halfway through cutting up all the bell peppers, potatoes, and onions for it when Natasha strolled in wearing one of Bruce’s t-shirts that scraped just below her butt, “Morning.”
“Morning,” Natasha mumbled back, making a bee line for the coffee machine that Steve most likely turned on when he headed for his morning run, pouring herself a cup before motioning to the coffee maker silently asking Morgan if she wanted some, even though they both knew that the blonde hated the taste of the hot beverage. It was something that Tony thought was sacrilegious.
“No thanks.”
Nodding the redhead sat down on the middle stool drinking her coffee as Morgan continued on with her culinary work.

By the time the Olympian was scraping the cutting board of ingredients into a pan to grill, the spy had finally woken up enough to be more than a drinking statue on a stool, “We looked for you,” was quietly spoken as if she didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing to say.
Morgan glanced over at that, before in an equally soft voice said, “Yeah, I know. Thanks, it really helped.”
“Did Steve tell you?”
“No, um that farmhouse in Rochester, it had cameras, I could see you guys. It’s what gave me hope that I hadn’t fucked everything up, that for some reason you guys just didn’t throw me out of the pack. That even if you guys just wanted me because of me being an omega, that at least you still wanted me.”
“You’re more than just an omega, Morgan. I’m sorry that we ever made it seem like that. That we acted like all you were going to be in our eyes when we saw you was a designation. It’s not an excuse, but to us at least omegas are special, I lived through almost eighty-six years not having one, feeling as if I wasn’t deserving of a mate, least of all an omega one, that when I finally started seeing myself as worthy of just mates in general thanks to Clint and then finding out you were an omega, it felt like you didn’t see us, me as worthy of being your alpha. And I get that it was wrong and I shouldn’t have put all my issues on the situation, all the fantasies I ever had of having an omega, of what they would be like on you.”
“I get that. I put my issues on you guys too, I didn’t explain what I was feeling, I didn’t force myself to be heard, to take the time to really work on my relationship with you guys. I just got pissed off and stomped off, whenever I didn’t like what I heard, never explaining why it made me upset. Besides, I can’t blame you for fantasies, I had fantasies to, when I was growing up and everyone kept saying I would be an alpha, that I had to be an alpha, I had fantasies of what I would be like as one, I didn’t know if I would be the only alpha or just the youngest alpha, but I fantasized about what everything would be like. I stopped after I presented omega, then I met you guys and I knew I would never be fully part of the pack, part of the mating, not with everything I was hiding. But I liked it, I wished I could have just had the courage to at least tell you guys, even if I dug my heels in about taking suppressants and just being able to be an omega here with nobody else knowing, I know it would have never worked, you guys would never of let it happen, not that I blame you, I would have never let it happen if I had been an alpha and my omega did what I did, but at the time I wished it could. Now that I’m off them I’m happy that I am, I’m getting back my health, something that is so integral to who I was, who I am. I might not like all the biological limits I have, but I can work with them.”
“So we both work to be better mates for each other and for ourselves,” Natasha stated.
“So what you making?” changing topics to something light.
“Breakfast tacos for everyone.”
“Thought so too.”

A minute later after more coffee was consumed and she remembered it was Saturday, “We’re having a Farwell party tonight in celebration of the last HYDRA leader and cell being taken down. You can come if you want. It’s upstairs in the Avenger common floor. Bucky isn’t going until it’s the after party and its only close friends, you can come up with him if you just want to deal with people you already met.”
The blonde thought about it for a moment before shaking her head, “I think I’m good. I might try calling or texting some of my family, tell them that I’m back, I think if I do that I’ll be to emotionally done after that to do anything.”
“If need someone to be with you I can be,” it would be a good start for them to begin mending the broken trust, “Or if you want someone else you can ask them, I’m positive they would.”
“I’ll see.”
“Just promise me you won’t try to hide what you need, I know omegas need releases and other things when emotions get to high and whatnot, we’ll help anyway you want us to. We want to help you, and we’ll follow your lead, I don’t want you to think we’ll take advantage of you when you need things.”
“Thanks, I’ll try to. I know you guys wouldn’t take advantage like that and that you guys just want to help.”
Natasha nodded, taking her final sip of coffee, she heard what Morgan wasn’t saying, she had confirmed it last night when she said she was stubborn and didn’t always want to see the pitfalls of her own needs and ask for help, that sometimes she needed someone else to take the reins so that she didn’t feel like she was just giving up.

Comfortable silence reigned after that, until Bucky came in, freshly showered after working out in the gym, a few minutes later, “Morning dolls.”
“Morning Buck,” Morgan exchanged.
“Morning love,” Natasha greeted.
Bucky saddled up next to Natasha after grabbing a re-fillable water bottle from the fridge, “You sleep well, Morgan?”
“Yeah,” face turning pink slightly when she remembered what was still laying on the couch in her private room, after everyone had gone to sleep she had snuck into the laundry room and grabbed the cleanest shirts from the dirty clothes pile, so that she could sleep with their scents. “You?”
“Yeah,” he wanted to say he wished she had been there with them, but she had wanted space last night and he wasn’t going to pressure anything not when they finally had her here; that she wanted to be here.
Steve walked in then sweat dripping on his face, “Smells good in here.”
“Morgan’s making breakfast tacos,” Natasha informed.
“Thanks doll.”
Morgan shrugged, “No problem.”
Bucky wordlessly handed Steve his water for the blonde to drink, which the alpha did, guzzling some down before saying, “Thanks, Buck.”
“You’re welcome, now shower, you stink punk.”
Steve rolled his eyes handing the bottle back before saluting in gest and turning around to do just that.
Natasha called out to him just before he left the kitchen completely, “Wake up the others when you’re done, foods almost ready.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Natasha shook her head fondly before looking back at the Morgan who was now pulling eggs and corn tortillas out, “Should have said it earlier, but thank you for cooking breakfast.”
“Yeah, thanks,” Bucky agreed.
“You want me to help with anything?” Natasha asked.
Morgan shook her head, “Nope, I’m good. Besides I actually love cooking its not a chore to me.”


Both Tony and Clint stumbled in, they weren’t early risers, so the rest of the pack didn’t expect them be their talkative normal selves until coffee number two, Natasha easily handing the two betas their first ones of the day. Bruce was already preparing his morning tea and Steve was helping with breakfast the only way any of the pack was going to willingly let him do, which was setting the table. Bucky was helping Morgan get all the food into serving dishes before handing them off to Natasha to put on the middle of the table.
“Thanks for making breakfast Morgan,” Bruce said as he made his way to the table to put his tea down.
“No biggie.”

“This is really good, thanks,” Clint praised around a mouth full of food in his mouth.
“Yeah thanks babe,” Tony spoke. “And oh yeah, here,” pulling her cell out of the pocket of his sweats.
“Thanks Tony,” taking the offered cell, the one she left here when she ran away in the middle of the night.
An ‘mhm’ sound was made as he took another bite of his taco.
Setting the cell on the table, she took another bite of her own.

Bucky had just finished off his third before reaching for his fourth to fix up, smiling to himself when Morgan went to grab her second at the same time. It was so different from before she left, when the she wouldn’t have even been able to finish off her first, and now she was going for seconds. She looked different too, she looked healthy, and it amazed him how unhealthy she had been if, it only took a few months of being off suppressants to bring color to her cheeks, her face was rounder making her look younger.




“Can we talk?” Morgan inquired her tone showing how little she really wanted to do this, but at the same time how much she needed to.
Steve looked up from his drawing at that, “Yeah,” looking up at Morgan who looked like she was moments away from an emotional or nervous breakdown if they didn’t. “Just me or…?” looking over to where Natasha was leaning her back against Bucky’s shoulder both reading books, Tigger curled up on Bucky’s thighs. Clint was doing whatever he did in the air vents, and Tony and Bruce were finishing up data readings on Loki’s scepter that Thor was taking back to Asgard tomorrow.
“Just you three, its more an alpha omega thing.”
“Okay,” reaching over and placing his sketchbook down on the coffee table, Bucky and Natasha apparently been listening the whole time silently put their own books down, Natasha sitting up so that she was sitting on the couch properly. “Do you want to sit? Or go to a different room if you’re more comfortable somewhere else?”
“Here, here’s fine I just need to say this before I lose … my nerve,” Morgan answered, seeing the alphas nod, she put her head down and started pacing, she couldn’t look at them or she would completely loose it, “I know you guys already figured out who I was with.”
“Jay,” Bucky acknowledged when Morgan paused to get confirmation that they did.
“Yeah, well his … well I learned what a release was, and he told me that newer omegas tend to need them a lot more than older omegas typically need them, to balance out everything and that with my suppressant use and everything that I would probably need a lot more, which is sadly really fuckin true. He told me before I left that I needed to tell you guys that I can go max six days without needing a release, on average its four. That releases are for my fuckin health and that I shouldn’t be a stubborn shit and try to bulldoze through just because I don’t want to be needy or weak or anything else I feel when it comes to things I need as an omega. That I would just end up on my ass because I would get sick or I could hurt myself because I wouldn’t be balanced. That my body would be working against me, not for me if I let it get bad, if I don’t let you guys help me. So I need you guys to take the reins on this, I need you to put consequences in place if I ignore my needs when it comes to my health because I know me, I’m a stubborn shit, I’ll make excuses on why I feel off because I don’t want to face facts even though I know and any alpha that is familiar with my scent could tell, but I still try. And in the end the one that’s going to get sick or worse by me doing that is me. So can you guys?” her entire body was shaking as she had rambled, and she had rambled so fast that it looked like she would pass out from lack of air, but all three had stayed quiet during her monologue because they could physically see how hard it was for her to be that honest about something she struggled with on a near daily basis.
Bucky looked at his two co-alphas, Natasha was looking at Steve so he couldn’t see her face, but Steve looked like he was running through everything Morgan just said in his head.

“So just to make sure I heard right, you want us to give you releases if you ask for one or if we notice you need one, that even if you protest about not needing it, that we just need to be the alphas you need then and not let you weasel your way out of it. That we as your alphas need to put hard boundaries up on the issue, no matter how much you might not like it, that if you try to get out of it by breaking whatever rules, which we still need to discuss, sometime soon. … Anyways, if you break one of those rules that we need to follow through with those consequences as well. That if you try to get out of it, we should just turn you over our knee and give you the release you need, but then also dole out whatever punishment you earned for breaking whatever rule you did, after you’re stable again.” Steve spoke blatantly; he wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding between any of them on how Morgan wanted, needed releases to happen.
Taking a deep breath Morgan looked directly right into Steve’s eyes for the first time, since she started this whole conversation, “Yes, exactly that.”
“Okay, I’m going to hold you to this,” omegas needed consistency and if this is what seemed to work for her or she felt she needed, he would make sure they did that.
“I know, I need you to, I’m trusting you guys to do this for me,” cause she would spiral if they didn’t.
“You bringing this up because you want to talk to your cousins today?” Natasha questions, she remembered the conversation that earlier that morning, Morgan had said that if she did talk to them that she would be emotionally done, and that could just be a normal done that everyone experienced sometimes when they are just over something or it could be her needing a release because the emotions became too much and it messed with her body chemistry to were it couldn’t level out without one.
“Yeah. You asked me not to hide what I need, I said I’d try, this is something I know I’ll need … a lot … and its one of those things that I can never seem to ask for if I’m not already feeling the major effects from not being given a release,” Morgan replied fidgeting once again, her fingers twisting and turning around the bottom hem of her shorts before tugging on her shirt. Morgan was still coming to terms with being an omega, and this was one of those things she knew was needed to keep her level and healthy, but she didn’t like dealing with, she felt like she was declaring defeat to her own body. Its like a kid taking medicine when their sick, they’ll try anything to get out of it, but at the same time they know it would make them better if they just took it.
“Thank you for trusting us with this,” Natasha replied back.
Morgan nodded.
“Can I ask when your last release was so we can keep an eye out, you said the longest you can go is six days, but it’s typically four?” Bucky inquired.
It was Saturday, “So today’s the fourth days.”
“You need one now?” her scent was too new to them to be certain, but the look she had on her face and her movements all pointed to that she did, that it wasn’t just nerves talking about things she most likely didn’t want to admit. The fact she was telling them now about this, not only because she needed to, for her own future sake and the fact that Jay apparently told her she needed to tell them, but it was also her way of admitting she needed it now.
Using her fist to scratch across her forearm, as her teeth scraped over the skin of her bottom lip, she nodded slowly.
“You feeling minor or major effects of needing a release?” Steve examined, he wanted to be able to tell what state she was in, her scent was different from what it was yesterday, but she could have needed the release yesterday from all the emotions that must of come up by coming here and saying she wanted to be their mate again; that she didn’t know walking in how they would respond as a pack especially with why she left and how they had acted with her that day.
“Minor almost major,” was whispered out.
“Who do you want?” Steve asked.
Natasha nodded at that, before taking over the questions, “Okay, sweetie, do you want to do it here or do you want to go somewhere private?”
The redheaded alpha stood up at that, “You want to go to your private room or mine?”
“Let’s go then sweetie,” wrapping an arm around the omega, “Thank you for telling us the truth,” she praised as they headed into the hallway.
The omega in Morgan preened at the praise.


The alpha opened the door to her private room, which looked more like a library than anything else, she had bookshelves lining the entire two sidewalls with a desk in the middle, her laptop laying closed on it. Ushering the blonde in and to the left where a large comfy chaise lounge sat. Sitting down onto the end of it, Natasha looked up at Morgan, “How did Jay give you releases?” It was relatively the same across the board, omegas needed the emotional support of being over their alpha’s knee for a release and that it was always done with the alpha’s hand, it didn’t work if it was anything else, swats were given in one spot and they were evenly spaced out with the same amount of force so that the omega couldn’t get lost in randomness and instead focus on letting go of the emotions and falling slowly into omega space. All alphas had a certain way they approached giving a release, a way to make it easier for their omega to fall into omega space, to make the omega feel safe during a very vulnerable moment because in omega space their mind basically floated as their chemical and hormonal levels reoriented, meaning they were catatonic until they came out of it.
“He’d put me across his knee and he would hold my hand.”
“He do pants up or bare?” that was a major thing, a lot of alphas did it bare because it made it easier for their omega to get in the right headspace to submit fully into the release so that they had an easier time going into omega space and reorienting themselves, but it really depended on the omega and alpha pair and what worked for them. Some omegas felt safer with their pants on and it helped them focus more on the release since they didn’t feel embarrassed, those were usually the omegas that had an alpha guardian handling the releases.
Shrugging as she fibbed slightly, “He changed it up,” well Jay did it pants up, while Mike did it bare.
“Which one was easier for you to drop into omega space?”
Answering truthfully, “Bare.”
“Then I’d like to do it bare too, if your okay with that.”
Morgan nodded, she figured the alpha would, and besides it really was easier for her to submit and focus on releasing, pushing her cotton shorts and her undies down, she let Natasha help guide her over before placing her left hand onto the middle of her back, due to the fact that Natasha was left handed, unlike her co-alphas, Morgan was laying across in the opposite direction than if she would have chosen Bucky or Steve.
Grabbing onto the offered hand, “Okay I just want you to focus on releasing, okay? I got you.”
“Yes alpha,” squeezing the alpha’s hand that was in her grasp as a way of showing that she was ready.
The redhead squeezed back before lifting her other hand and slapping it down before doing it again methodically swatting until Morgan’s scent reached a high note before crashing back down to a normal level, Natasha stopped spanking at that and moved onto rubbing soothing circles on the spot of Morgan’s butt that she had swatted to take the sting away as the omega floated in omega space.

It took a few minutes for Morgan to reorient herself in omega space, and another few to feel stable enough to do anything, squeezing Natasha’s hand to signal that she was ready to get up.
The alpha eased her up at that, “You better?”
“Yeah, thanks,” pulling her clothes back up.
“You want to stay in here for a bit or was there more you wanted to talk to us about?”
“There’s more I wanted to talk about but can we stay in here for a bit before?”
“Of course.”
“Can we cuddle?”
“Always,” Natasha answered, scooting up more into the lounge chair, Morgan following after. Natasha wrapped her right arm around the younger woman, while Morgan draped hers over the redhead’s stomach, tucking her face near the alpha’s shoulder and trying to subtly scent her.
Natasha smiled when Morgan did that, shifting around enough so that Morgan could tuck her nose into the spy’s neck where the scent was the strongest, the alpha in her purring loudly in happiness when the blonde made a soft humming noise and the arm that was around her stomach tightened as Morgan burrowed closer enjoying the citrusy grass smell of Natasha’s scent.


By the time the two women made it back out to the living room it was past lunchtime, but Bucky had plates of turkey sandwiches and strawberries for the two of them on the coffee table. Morgan sat down between the brunette and Natasha, grabbing her plate with a ‘thanks,’ as the spy did the same.

Steve waited until they were both done eating before setting aside his sketchbook, and asking the blonde, “You good? Level and everything?”
“Yeah I feel better.”
“You still want what you asked of us? We’re still on the same page?” he wasn’t going to hold her to anything she asked for when she was imbalanced, and he wasn’t going to hold her to something she agreed to when she was like that either, not when it came to deciding how she wanted to be treated or when they negotiated on rules.
“Yes, I still want that, I still need those hard boundaries,” as much as she might hate it at times, when she didn’t have it she couldn’t handle it.
Steve nodded in acceptance, “Now that you’re balanced and everything, was there anything else you wanted to say?”
“Can we hash everything out, I don’t like not knowing… I need the structure of it, I need structure to function, always have. I spin out of control without it.”
“Okay we’ll give you structure. But if we are going to delve into pack rules and stuff, we need to have the rest of the pack here.”
“Can we get them in here, please?”
“Sure. Jarvis can you please ask Tony, Bruce, and Clint if they could come to the living room to negotiate and discuss pack rules and stuff.”
It was a moment later that Jarvis spoke, “Mister Clint will be there within five minutes, but Mister Bruce and Sir are in the middle of major data collection and wish to be given an hour and a half to finish.”
“I can wait,” Morgan spoke up when Steve looked at her.
“Let them know we’ll wait for them till their done,” Steve answered back to the AI, “And let Clint know were waiting for them as well. Thanks Jarvis.”
“You’re welcome Mister Steve.”

Looking back towards Morgan, the head alpha asked, “Is there anything else you wanted to discuss, that doesn’t need the whole pack?”
“Can you tell me … what do you guys need from me as an omega, what does you guys domming me look like for … to you?” she wanted to know, because domming for them meant submitting for her and she needed to submit just as much as they needed to dominate. Besides there were things she wanted to do and try now and things that she wanted to try later, when they were more solidified in the mating when they trusted each other fully.
“Being able to take care of you,” Bucky spoke up.
“But what does that look like? Is that I can’t maybe get a job so I’m completely dependent on you for money if I ever want or need something? --”
Steve interrupted then, “No definitely not. We should have said this earlier but if you still want to get a job or go to college, we’ll support you in it, the only thing we ask is that you don’t break any governmental laws doing it. We should have never taken them away from you, especially since we knew how important they were to you, and I’m sorry I was going to force you to give up a part of you because ... actually there is no excuse for it. I’m sorry I did that.”
“Really I get to keep them?!” Morgan inquired; those were the two things she was going to fight for, most of, if not everything else she was okay with or she wanted and needed.
All three alphas nodded at her.
“That’s awesome, thank you, thank you for understanding,” Morgan exclaimed excitedly, smiling brightly over at Steve, who smiled back, before the Olympian turned to Natasha smiling at her as well, Natasha smiled back squeezing the blonde’s leg. Morgan turned quickly to Bucky after that, Bucky smiling at her excitement and happiness, tucking a stray strand of her hair that had gotten in her face behind her ear. “So what does taking care of me look like then?” getting back to the topic at hand.
Bucky replied with “Taking care of you, is this. Making sure that you get to do things that make you happy, your scent changes when your happy over something we’ve done for you, it’s the same way that our scent changes when we are pleased with something you’ve done for us. Our scents ping off each other and help to keep both of us level. Taking care of you is also making sure you stay balanced.”
“I can handle that, that’s basically what I’m already asking you to do,” Morgan informed.
“Domming can also come as us taking complete control for a period of time,” Natasha spoke up.
Morgan’s voice wavered, as she asked, “How?” before holding her breathe for the answer.
“As long as your comfortable with it,” the spy placed as a disclaimer, before explaining,
“We would tell you a task and you would do it, and before you ask no we aren’t going to alpha command you to do anything,” Morgan audibly sighed in relief at that, “That isn’t you submitting to us, which is the whole point of us domming you, that’s having a mindless slave, and we don’t ever want that,” her and Bucky had been mindless slaves for a long part of their lives and they never wanted that for their mates. “The task could be simple things like asking you to make a certain meal or getting us something that we asked for. It could be asking for you to kneel for us, or us hand feeding you. But it could also be a sexual thing that if and when you’re ready, we can discuss that.”
“Okay. I think I could maybe do that, at least try it, some of it sounds like stuff I would normally do just to be nice without being asked. But the kneeling and the hand feeding are two of the things I already want to try, I was going to ask you guys if I could try that.”
“Yeah,” she had planned to ask if she could later on, once they had hashed out everything when all them knew what to expect from the other. She remembered her nonna kneeling for her nana up until she died despite her nana’s protest that she didn’t need to, she had asked once why she would keep doing it if nana wasn’t wanting her to and her nonna had said that she found comfort in the small act of submission.

Steve spoke up when it didn’t sound like Morgan was going say anything more, summarizing and adding things he thought she needed to hear, to understand what they felt domming was, “Us domming you is about you choosing to submit to us, through different means. Its mutually beneficial we get to dominate and you get to submit, its an exchange of power that our bodies need to function. But it only works because with your own free will you chose to submit, you choose to give up your control to us, to trust us to provide your needs, to keep you safe and healthy, and to protect you. Basically you really have all the power because your choosing for us be in charge, you’re letting us dominate you, control you. You aren’t weak or whatever other negative connotation that you think you have just because you are an omega, you’re showing your strength by yielding and following our lead, it takes a lot of strength and courage to be able to give up that power to us, to trust us with your mind, body, and soul. You are a hundred percent ours, but we are also a hundred percent yours.”
“So is domming to you guys a 24/7 thing?” Morgan inquired after letting what Steve said soak into her soul, that was exactly what Mandy had told her, that submission was a gift, and she was thankful that they seemed to have figured that out too.
“No,” Natasha replied, “yes we need to dom, but it isn’t an every moment sort of thing, I think Bruce, Clint, and Tony would have fled for the hills if we couldn’t stop being dominating alphas. You don’t need to submit 24/7 to stay level, and we don’t need to dominate 24/7 either.”
“Its small acts throughout the day and sometimes we’ll need something bigger, depending on what’s happening with us, just like you will, but that isn’t an everyday occurrence,” Bucky clarified.

“What happens if I can’t submit enough since there’s three of you and only one of me?” Morgan questions, the omega in her hating the fact that she might not be enough for them, that she would even voice such a concern, have such a concern.
Steve answered easily, “We’ve found ways to curb the need to dom through other things, we’ve found that sparring in the gym against each other helps lower some of that need, not a lot but it can take the edge off. And we can get it through sex, which you can too, but it means that Tony and Clint, who are switches when it comes to sex, can act as a submissive by letting us take complete control of them during sex. That helps a bit more but they’re not omegas so its doesn’t take away the need just suppresses it. We go to the clinic if we need it, there are omegas there whose job it is to submit through nonsexual ways. We need to feel needed and in control of situations, its why alphas are seen as the discipliners and leaders, we need that control.”
“Oh. … That’s… good … guess,” furrowing her brows a little, the omega in her was hurt that she wouldn’t be the sole recipient of being dommed, that someone else could fill her role for her alphas, that she wouldn’t be wanted since they had a different avenue to fulfill their needs from, and Morgan didn’t know how to process it all at once. She thought she would have been happy that she didn’t always need to submit, but she wasn’t, her head was screaming at her that it was wrong, that she should be the only one submitting, the only one helping them out like they were going to do for her, all her insecurities bubbling up to the surface and with them all the emotions that came with them.

“You have any questions? You seemed to want to try a lot of it?” the spy was surprised, but at the same time not at all, for all of Morgan not liking loosing control, when it came to a lot of submissive behavior even before she was off suppressants she was extremely willing to let one of them be in control, it had helped a great deal when it came to domming. Natasha had at the time thought that she was just a natural bottom when Morgan was pretending to be a beta, but after knowing that she was an omega it made so much more sense that level of submission and just the naturally submissive part of her that fed into her alphas need to dom, sure she could be a tease, that it could be classified as a bratting in some instances, but that made her submission even more honoring and fulfilling because it meant that they had earned it.
“No, … I’m … your … want … try,” eyes glazing over as her emotions skyrocketed all over the place, even more it seemed that the part of her that was omega was battling it out with the part of her that was still so used to feeling shame and hating herself over the fact she turned out omega, because her family had force fed the need to be an alpha.
“You didn’t expect that?” Steve asked, he wanted to know what she saw as domming, cause from what she’s implied, her Babbo wasn’t a good alpha; a good alpha took only what his omega was willing to give, he sounded instead like he used intimidation to get what he wanted. And he was ever so thankful that his pack reeled him back from becoming that even more, reminding him of what a good alpha was.
“I … I …”


After two minutes of the blonde not finishing what she started to say, “Hey doll, doll,” Bucky spoke snapping his fingers in front of the omega’s face when she didn’t seem to respond to anything happening around her. “Morgan. Come on. Morgan say something.”
Steve moved over at that, kneeling in front of the blonde, “Doll. Answer us. Doll, what’s wrong?” cupping her chin so that his blue eyes could peer into her glazed over green ones.
“What’s happening?” Natasha inquired; shaking the younger blonde’s leg with no reaction came from the blonde.
“I don’t know,” Steve answered, waving his hand in front of the glazed over eyes and getting no pupil movement.
“Jarvis help here?” Natasha called out.
“It appears to be an omega drop, Miss Natasha.” Omega drops were sudden drops into omega space, they were highly dangerous for an omega because they were so sudden and they didn’t have an alpha tie back to the real world, the only safe way for an omega to go into omega space was by releases because the omega knew and trusted that the alpha had them, that they were safe when they were in omega space, a release was a slow descent.
“What do we do for that?” Bucky questioned.
“Based on my preliminary findings, an alpha is supposed to stay with the omega, until the drop is over, allowing the omega to scent the alpha, while reassuring the omega that whatever made them drop can be fixed.”
“How long does these last?” Steve asks, omega space done by release could last anywhere from a minute to about an hour depending on the severity of the release needed.
“It says anywhere between a few minutes to a few days and at any point the omega can die from the sudden drop into omega space.”
“What can cause it? She was fine and then she wasn’t.”
“A sudden drop of omega chemicals in the body due to emotional distress, it is most notably found with omegas that had just been dealt tragic news or were involved in a trauma.”
“None of that happened though,” Steve argued.
“The tragedy and trauma are circumstantial to the omega, and there are many other causes, those are just the two most notable ones.”
Steve nodded in acquisition, standing up and picking up the blonde carefully in his arms, before sitting down between his co-alphas with her in his lap. Repositioning her so that her nose was pushed into the crook of his neck so she could unconsciously smell his smoky campfire scent.
Bucky started threading his fingers through the omega’s hair, while Natasha had grabbed hold of Morgan’s hands and was rubbing her thumbs over the younger woman’s knuckles as she spoke softly, “Morgan, we can fix whatever you need us to fix, come on sweetie, we love you, whatever you think is wrong we can fix it, all you need to do is tell us, sweetie. Come on, Morgan we got you, we’ll help you with whatever you say it is. Sweetie, we’re here for you, can you come back to us, we’ll make everything right if you tell us what’s wrong ...”


Bruce was the first to speak, “What’s wrong guys?” when he, Tony, and Clint walked onto the scene in the living room.
Steve was the one to answer, “She’s in an omega drop.”
“She dropped?”
“That’s what I just said,” Steve spoke impatiently, his nerves were wrecked, Morgan could die from the drop and they couldn’t do anything to help except sit here with her.
Bruce didn’t say anything to that, sitting down on the coffee table, his knees almost hitting Bucky’s as Tony sat next to him in front of Steve and Morgan, while Clint sat on the other side of Tony.
“How long has it been since she dropped?”
“Miss Morgan dropped an hour and eleven minutes and twenty-seven seconds ago,” Jarvis answered.


It wasn’t until a little bit over an hour and a half later that she finally started to come out of the haze, and another twenty minutes for her to be verbal, “What? … What happened?”
“We were hoping you could tell us,” Bucky spoke.
“I … I think I got upset over something.”
“What was it? We can fix it,” Natasha prompted, her voice tired from speaking for almost three hours straight.
Thinking back, as she lowered her head in shame, “It’s stupid.”
“No, you dropped doll, it definitely isn’t stupid, tell us,” Bucky pressed carefully.
She took a moment before rambling out her thoughts, “I was upset that I’m not going to be submissive enough to handle three alphas. That I’m not … I wouldn’t be wanted since you have other ways to fulfill your needs than from a fucking worthless omega,” tears falling down her face, “I took suppressants and I screwed with my biology, I fucked it up so badly everything is coming up now when its supposed to have been years ago, I’m basically a baby omega in an adult body with barely any fuckin understanding of what I need. And even if I do I fuckin ignore it because I fucked up already so I might as well fuck myself over more, par of course for a fuckin worthless omega. I’m fuckin worthless piece of shit, I don’t even know how to help you guys and I need to help you guys, I need to, no that’s not right, I want to be able to fulfill it. I want you guys to be able to solely rely on me for your alpha needs. God I’m such a fuck-up --”
“Hey!” Steve lifted Morgan’s chin up so that she was looking at him, so she could see the absolute sincerity in his face, he was done hearing her put herself down, “Listen here, you are not, definitely not worthless nor are you a fuck-up, I don’t ever want to hear you say that about yourself or anything like that again. You hear me Morgan. You made a mistake by taking suppressants, yes, but you aren’t going take them again, so stop beating yourself up.”
“How can you say that? Its what I am, I am worthless.”
“No, you’re not, Morgan,” Natasha spoke up, Steve letting of Morgan’s chin, “Morgan look at me. You aren’t worthless, Morgan, you’re ours, all of ours, and we know you aren’t worthless, far from it. We’ll prove it to you everyday if we have to.”
Morgan said nothing to that, still not believing them, but also not wanting to drag the subject out, the drop scared the shit out of her, she didn’t like it, didn’t ever want to go back into omega space, it was like floating in space with no way out, she was used to having a tether when she went in there, without it felt like at any moment she would just be gone.
“You aren’t worthless, Morgan. And to the rest of what you said, us not needing to rely solely on you, that was supposed to reassure you doll, we didn’t want you overwhelmed or scared that you would have to deal with three alphas needing to dom you. You’re plenty submissive and omega enough to fulfill our needs as alphas,” Steve finished, pulling her to his chest, which she sat stiffly as he just hugged her until she melted into him sobbing.

Eventually, in a watery voice said, “I think I’m done with heavy stuff for the day.”
“Yeah, I think we’re all done.”

Chapter Text

“So, Morgan came back?” Sam inquired, walking up the stairs to the skywalk with Steve, the party in full bloom below them.
“Yeah last night,” a giant smile gracing his face, they were getting on a better track as a pack, one everyone was agreeing to.
“That must be exciting.”
“Feels right having her back, I just hope I don’t screw it up like I did last time.”
“Don’t psych yourself out too much, it was a big reveal just to be dropped in your lap, you all might have handled it poorly, but all of you are owning up to your parts played and trying to fix it, that’s what matters,” Sam spoke putting on his counselor persona for a moment. “So, where is she? Thought you’d want her by your side.”
“She didn’t want to come. She wouldn’t hear it when we said we would stay with her instead of going to the party. She had an omega drop earlier, she’s fine now, thankfully. But besides that, even if that didn’t happen today, I think this would be too much,” looking out to the flocks of people that were partying below.
“Yeah, this world is crazy.”
“I think she can handle crazy,” thinking back to that corridor in Sokovia, “It’s just all the people right now, and she still hasn’t told her family she’s back, she hasn’t ever faced them as an omega.”
“You think her family will accept her?”
“I hope so. I know some of them will for certain.” He had called her Aunt May and she had been so relieved that her niece was alive and safe. Her Uncle Filip had been a different story. Sharon and Bobbi had been easy as well, said that they wanted to come down, that they wanted to see their cousin in person to deal with everything, that they would be down next Saturday wanting to get it out of the way before they came down for Tony’s birthday at the end of the month.
“So, where is Buck?”
“Downstairs, he’s going to come to the after party when it’s just close friends. So, how’s the VA?
“Good the new counselor I’ve been training has been fitting in nicely with all the other councilors and vets.”
“That’s good.”




It was late into the night before the after party started, Bucky coming up once the last group of party goers and workers went into the elevator, all that was left was his mates, Thor, Sam, Rhodey, Doctor Cho, and Maria Hill, those in the pack’s trusted circle. Grabbing a couple beers from behind the bar before strolling over to the group sitting in the lounge area of the Avenger’s common room, handing off beers to Natasha, Maria, and Bruce, and plopping down to sit on the chaise with his redheaded mate.
“Morgan okay?” was whispered quietly into his ear, while everyone else continued their conversation.
“Yeah. She did laps for the last three something hours, said she was exhausted and that she’ll see us in the morning,” was said just as low.
“She still wants space to sleep then?”
Bucky nodded before tuning into the story Maria was telling.


It was almost an hour later, when Thor was regaling them of one of his many battles of his long existence with mjolnir, that Clint piped up, “But it’s a trick man.”
“No, no, it’s much more than that,” Thor informed.
“Whosoever be he worthy shall haveth the power,” paraphrasing what Thor had said earlier, “Whatever man! It’s a trick.”
“Please, be my guest. Come on,” flicking the wrist that didn’t hold his beer towards his hammer that sat on the coffee table.
“Really?” the circus raised archer questioned, Thor didn’t really let anyone touch it normally.
Clint grinned, jumping up from his spot on the floor next to Maria, he loved a good challenge.
“This is gonna be beautiful,” Rhodey commented, laughing slightly with the rest of them at him.
“Babe, you’ve had a tough week. We won’t hold it against you if you can’t get it up,” Tony teased.
“Not what you were complaining about last night,” Clint quipped back, smirking what a small round of ‘oohs’ were heard. Turning to Thor whose eyes were twinkling with mischief, as he waited for Clint to try to lift the hammer, “You know I’ve seen this before, right?” before trying to lift it.
Thor’s face morphing into a smug look when all Clint did was grunt, not budging the hammer at all.
“I still don’t know how you do it!” huffing slightly as he admitted defeat a few moments later.
“Smell the silent judgment?” Tony taunted slightly.
“Please, Tony, by all means, let’s see if you can get it up,” Clint taunted right back.
“Okay,” handing off his whiskey to Rhodey before standing up and unbuttoning his suit jacket, “I’m never one to shrink from an honest challenge.” Patting his blonde beta mate on the back when he came fully around to try his own luck with the hammer.
Clint smacked the brunette playfully on the butt as he headed back to his seat, Bruce running his fingers through the blonde’s hair when he settled back onto the floor and leaned back into the couch Bruce was sitting on.
“It’s physics. … Right so if I lift it, I then rule Asgard?” Tony asked.
“Yes, of course,” Thor nodded.
The billionaire tried lifting then, straining before stopping, and unlike his mate not willing to admit defeat, “I’ll be right back.”


Failing to lift the hammer even when he pulled Rhodey up, Iron Man glove already on his hand and handing his best friend his War Machine glove so that they could use the repulsor tech together.
Sam stood up next, the beta getting in on the fun, laughing when it felt like he was trying to lift an elephant with a feather.
Bruce tried after, jokingly pretending to Hulk out, which only got him raised eyebrows and smirks.
Natasha and Bucky both refusing, before Doctor Cho got up, her cheeks turning red when Thor smiled over at her saying, “Valiant try, doctor,” when she failed to lift it.
Steve slapping his hands on his knees as he stood, unbuttoning and rolling up his blue button up shirt sleeves and tried, Thor frowning when he saw the hammer move almost a millimeter before Steve stopped lifting and pretended, he didn’t feel it budge.

“All deference to the Alpha who wouldn’t be King, but it’s rigged,” Tony spoke from where he stood next to the couches having grabbed another drink with Rhodey after putting away their gloves.
“You bet your ass,” Clint agreed, clapping Tony on the back, as he walked by stretch his legs a bit.
“Steve, he said a bad language word,” Maria quipped raising her beer bottle in the blonde beta’s direction from where she was still sat on the floor.
Steve sighed, “You told everyone about that?” he usually kept pack rules such as manners or language out of missions due to the nature of the work, but he had slipped calling out ‘Language!’ when Tony had yelled out ‘shit!’ after hitting the energy field in Sokovia. Rules that involved safety, health, and honesty stayed even during missions, the rule about not endangering their life unnecessarily being the one rule that always got him into trouble with Nat and Bucky.
Tony just smirked over at his head alpha before looking at Thor, “The handle’s imprinted, right? Like a security code, ‘Whosoever is carrying Thor’s fingerprints’ is, I think, the literal translation.”
Thor stood up at that, grapping the hammer himself, “Yes. It’s a very interesting theory. I have a simpler one,” lifting the hammer easily and flipping it in the air before boasting, “You’re all not worthy!”
“Oh, come on!” and other protests were heard from around the group.

Natasha stood up soon after that, as conversations started moving into small groups, “You guys will have to continue partying without me. It’s been a long day, so good night,” Bruce standing up at that to follow her out, they had been flirting all night with each other, as a long game of foreplay.
Both mates’ ignoring the knowing whistles and ‘yeah right’ looks they got as they headed for the elevator.


Bruce sighed happily his arms wrapped around Natasha’s wet naked form, enjoying the post-coitus bliss as water streamed down their bodies from the shower head.
“I needed that,” the alpha spoke softly running gentle fingers over her mate’s arm hair, her back to his front, she had needed a good hard fuck to expel all the emotions of the day.
“Couldn’t tell with all the teasing, flirting, and touching,” he quipped, his lips brushing against her ear, nipping at it, “Knowing that I couldn’t touch you back,” taking one hand and squeezing her breast as he nuzzled his face into her neck, his stubble scraping at soft skin, the spy arching up and mewling at the touch.
“You going to do something about it,” whispering teasingly as she ground herself back into him.
Bruce huffed laughingly, releasing his hold on her waist, but continued teasing her breast with his other hand, he slapped her hard on the ass enjoying the way she squealed before pushing back on him, before turning to face him. Bruce cupped the back of her head as he brought her into a kiss, her fingers working themselves into his wet hair to pull him closer and deepen it. Eventually his hand cupping her neck slid down her body to join the other that was splayed across her butt, gripping it with both hands he lifted her up, her legs wrapping around his waist as he pressed her into the shower wall.
They kissed for a while each fighting for dominance within the other’s mouth, Natasha winning out when she let her fingers gracefully slowly tease their way down his chest, tweaking his nipples as she went, until she reached his leaking member that had been pinned between them.
Bruce moaned at that, moving his hips out enough so that he could align with her center before plunging in, still stretched just enough from their earlier jaunt for him to easily do it and both moaning out at the action.
Going fast and hitting her g-spot at just the right angle every time, it took no time at all for her walls to clench around him as she rode out the waves and him to groan out, head falling to her shoulder as he spilled inside her at the sensation of her orgasm.


Finally getting out of the shower just as the rest of the pack came into the room.




Bruce was sipping on his morning tea, when Steve finally came back from his run a little bit after eight o’clock, “You ran longer than usual.”
“Late start. Anyone else up yet?” grabbing a water from the fridge.
“Bucky and Nat are sparring in the gym.”
“When you think Tony and Clint are going to wake up?” the two betas had started their own fun mid-way through changing out of their party clothes.
Shrugging, “Clint day to make lunch, so just prior. Did Thor already get the scepter from Tony last night?”
“Yeah, he left last night to Asgard with it, wanted to get it to his family’s vault before anything more happened with it.”
“That’s good, that things already reeked enough havoc here on earth.”
“Yeah he should have taken it back when he took Loki and the tesseract back,” Steve thought back, then it never would have landed in the hands of HYDRA.


It was nine before all three alphas had showered and had come out to the kitchen to grab breakfast for themselves, sitting down alone to instant oatmeal and fruit that they each made themselves; Bruce having left to meditate in his private room after his own breakfast and nobody else was up yet.
“So, what’s on the agenda today?” Bucky asks after swallowing a bite of his plum.
Steve shrugged, Sundays were lazy days, everyone usually stayed busy during the week doing work or mission stuff that it was just a day to reconnect and relax.
“Morgan might want to do the pack rules and stuff if she’s up to it,” Natasha reminded.
Steve countered, “She might also talk to her cousins, if she does that I don’t think it’d be smart to have her deal with negotiating pack rules and stuff then, it might be too much emotional jumping and I want her in an unimpaired headspace, that way we’re all on the same field. I don’t want her agreeing to something that we want just because her omega is wanting to completely submit to us, that isn’t fair to her in the long run.”
Bucky smiled at that, Steve had come a long way in very short amount of time, finally seeing the pitfalls of his own fallacy and wanting to be the alpha that was right for their mates, a true head alpha.
“True,” Natasha agreed, “Where is Morgan anyway?” yesterday she had been up before the spy, and when she had lived there before running away, Morgan was usually up by this time.
“Sleeping most likely, I watched her do a couple laps yesterday if she had kept up the pace she was going at when I was watching, she would have been bone tired, I wouldn’t blame her for sleeping in past noon,” Bucky informed.
The two other alphas nodding at that before all three focused on eating their breakfast before it got cold.


She hadn’t been able to sleep, she had thought that if she had swam herself ragged she would have been able to sleep, but yesterday had been way too much. Needing to ask for a release had brought too many emotions to the surface, she had been truthful though, she needed it and she had a hard time asking them. Mike and Jay had gotten fed up when she tried to hold out, tried to suppress the need, that they just started to take the reins, they always asked, trying to get her to understand that she needed to just suck it up before she got hurt or sick from being impaired from not having a release, but she always fought it. She needed it and just like the fucked-up worthless omega that she felt she was, she didn’t submit easily, didn’t let the alphas in her life have an easy time of it.
Eventually the two alphas just told her point blank that they were going to handle it, that if she tried to get out of it and they could smell the scent she produced when a release needed to happen that they would just do it for her and then they would stand her up let her get resituated and then spank her for ignoring her health, for risking her life over something so easily fixed. But that omega drop yesterday made her hackles rise up, she couldn’t do it again, there wasn’t a way she was ever going to let anyone give her a release again if it meant going into omega space, which was the entire point of a release. She rather die than be stuck in there. So, after waking up for the fifth time in less than two hours she had stared at her cell phone for the better part her morning, wondering when to call, finally decided it should be in person.
She needed to make amends and she was going to start with Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and Peter, they were her family, people who opened up their lives for her, taken an emotionally distraught fifteen-year-old in. Became like parents to her, Peter became more than just a cousin, he became a little brother, and she had lied to them for years, she had brought a black-market narcotic into a house with a then ten-year-old kid.


Morgan knocked on Steve’s private room door, at just past ten in the morning, smiling when Steve opened it in a smock that was covered in splashes of different colored paints, along with a still wet streak of red paint going from between his eyebrows and into his hair. “You busy?”
“Nope. Just finished, I need to let it dry before I do the next part,” opening the door more for her to come in, the room had a long table, that had been pushed against the left wall, completely cluttered with paint, pencils, charcoal, and other art supplies, a large gray canvas drop cloth had been placed over the hardwood floor to protect the flooring; a painting easel with his in-progress art piece was positioned next to the exterior glass wall, a desk was pushed against the wall next to the door which held old pictures and memorabilia of Steve’s life before he was in the ice.
“I was wondering if you could take me to my Aunt May’s apartment, I want to make amends, and I feel it should be in person not over the phone.”
“Okay, give me a sec to clean up and we’ll go.”
“Thanks. And speaking of cleaning up, you got paint,” using her pointer finger and rubbing her forehead where he had paint on his.
Steve gave a crooked smile as he tried wiping the paint off with the smock sleeve and only smearing it across his forehead more.
“No um here let me,” licking her thumb before standing up on her tip toes and reaching to wipe off the paint. Steve smiled down at her when she said, “All done,” wiping the paint off onto her shirtsleeve absently as she blushed.
“Thanks doll.”
“You’re welcome.”




Morgan stood back after knocking on the door to her Aunt May’s apartment, her three alphas behind her acting as a wall of emotional support she needed, Natasha and Bucky having asked to come after they had inquired where the two blondes were going off to and had decided to tag along in reverence.
Peter was the one to open the door, Star Wars sleep pants and an oversized NYPD shirt on just like he always did on Sunday’s because who wanted to get dressed in regular clothes when they could be comfy laying on the couch reading science articles or doing homework that wasn’t due for another week. “Morgan!” was practically screamed.
“Peter,” was spoken quietly, this was it, were they going to accept her or kick her out of their lives.
“Oh my gosh you’re here!” pulling her quickly into a hug.
May and Ben were quick to come running, to see Morgan in Peter’s tight grasp, the young alpha not giving an inch for the omega to move, his old paper scent kicking up thickly almost drowning out the blonde’s freshwater scent.
“Morgan you’re here,” May spoke up happiness exuding from her at the sight, “Peter at least let them all come in.”
Peter let go then before grabbing Morgan’s wrist and dragging her inside so that Ben could close the door to the apartment after them all. The three alphas stood against the wall, blending into the background, there for Morgan, but whatever needed to happen with the small family was their own to deal with, they were going to be emotional support spectators only, which is what their mate asked for.
“So, when --” Peter started only for May to say “Hush, Morgan, oh baby you’re here,” pulling Morgan into a hug that the blonde reciprocated, Ben hugging from behind and pulling Peter in with him, not that Peter needed any prompting.
They stayed like that for minutes, May sobbing into Morgan’s shoulder, Ben had his own tears coming down his face, both cousins were crying also. It was when May let go, straightening to her full height that was just over an inch taller than the blonde, that Ben stood back as well saying, “Peter go to your room --”
“Uncle Ben --”
“Peter do as I say now!” his Sergeant voice coming out and the thirteen-year-old stomped his foot, but left before he crossed the line to insolence.
May wiped the last tear from her face, before glaring in all parental glory at Morgan, “What do you got to say for yourself young lady? You have any idea how fucking worried we’ve been the last four months; we called every fuckin police department all across the fucking state and neighboring ones looking for you! You had us worried fucking sick! We thought any day we would get a call that you were found dead in a ditch, or that some sick perverted person took you. You’re an omega woman, Morgan Bay. You know how fuckin dangerous that is! The shit Ben and I see almost every day about what happens to omegas on the street, that are by themselves. What happens to women, alpha, beta, or omega? You left without a word for almost four months! So, what do you have to say for yourself Morgan Bay Cassidy?”
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I needed to get away,” was all she said as tears still streamed steadily down her cheeks.
“Sorry doesn’t cut it!” was seethed, “You lied to us Morgan Bay, you lied to us! We are your guardians and you lied to us. We did everything we could to keep you safe, to protect you, to make sure you became the woman that would make yourself proud. But you destroyed that! You brought suppressants into this home! What’s worse is that you took them! You took something that has a hundred percent fatality, what did you think was going to happen if you got caught, that the government would just say ‘okay, just stop’? NO! They would have taken you away; you could have gone to jail! We could have gone to jail for negligence, Peter could have been put in foster care. What if you hadn’t been caught and they finally did their job and killed you! What would have happened then! You think we wouldn’t have missed you, mourned you. Wondered where we had gone wrong, wondered why you couldn’t just come to us, wondered what we could have just done differently, so that our youngest niece, our goddaughter would still be alive! What made you think that suppressants were the answer for you, that you should kill yourself. And don’t you dare say that you weren’t, you know, you know what suppressants do to the body, you’ve known since your Babbo sat you down and told you all about drugs and alcohol. When your Tata did the same. And when Ben and I sat you down and did the same thing. Morgan you had a problem with alcohol, we all knew that. We all worked to make sure that you stopped drinking, that your Tata came from a family of addicts. You’ve always known that; it wasn’t a secret; that you needed to be careful when it came to anything involving substances, alcohol or drugs, hell we had to make sure pain killers weren’t in the house so that you wouldn’t get addicted to them. I don’t know how many times we or your parents or your other family members had to pick you up from drinking too much, how many times you promised that you were done. You swore to everyone that you wouldn’t drink anymore and that you were smart enough to stay away from drugs. That was the silver lining was that you were smart enough to stay away from that. We thought you had gotten better, that you finally kicked the bucket for good, when you didn’t start drinking again after your parents died, but instead you decided to hide the fact that you’re an omega and take suppressants that were killing you! What the hell happened that made you decide that hiding your designation and taking a drug was a smart idea! What made you decide, that what, fuck alcohol it wasn’t doing its job of killing you, let’s take a drug that will shut down my organs and kill me painfully! You were willing to kill yourself! All for what Morgan! You have a family that loves you, wanted you around! But you decided that you just wanted to kill yourself!” May was screaming by the end of it, her chest heaving.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Morgan pleaded; she couldn’t seem to find the words to match how sorry she felt.
“Why Morgan?” was all Ben said with authority.
“My coach, she alpha commanded me to take them, to keep quiet about everything. But it wore off after all the press and I’m sorry I lied, I’m sorry I brought them here. I’m sorry that I risked your guys careers and lives. I’m sorry that I risked Peter getting taken by the state. I’m sorry!”
“Who was your coach again? Coach …”
Morgan said the name quietly.
“That’s right. I’m going to get the ball rolling on that. She almost killed you all for a gold medal.”
“You can’t! Then everyone will know!”
Ben grabbed Morgan’s chin at that, lifting it so that she had to look him in the eye, “No, Morgan! This isn’t up to you, that alpha,” Ben spat out, “Isn’t getting away with it, she started this ball rolling, I’m ending it. You are already in enough trouble young lady. She might have started it, but you kept it going. You kept lying to our faces, you had us lying to everyone, you had us risking Peter and our jobs. You risked us losing you! You, Morgan. You’re important too Morgan. You were willing to kill yourself to keep this a secret. And as your guardian, and don’t give me that fuckin bullshit of your eighteen now or that you have mates and that you live with them. You are always going to be our responsibility; you’ve always have been even when you were just our goddaughter and niece. But we aren’t going to let that coach get away with this, and don’t worry you’re going to get your comeuppance to. You just won’t be going to prison like her on the basis of you were underage, vulnerable both mentally and emotionally, and most importantly you were given an alpha command that means you were mind controlled. So, don’t worry about that, worry about yourself because you’re going to get spankings from both of us, one right now and one later tonight.”
“Uncle Ben --”
He held up his other hand silencing her, “No, you broke the law, you broke all the important rules we ever put in place for you. You had two years to work up the courage and tell us, but you didn’t, so now you have to deal with the consequences. For all the lies, the drug use, for running away and not calling us. So, you can go stand in that corner until we tell you, you can come out, then your Aunt May is going to spank you. After we can all hang out, I’m sure Peter wants to spend as much time as possible with you. Then after dinner, I’m going to spank you. Then your --” He turned slightly seemingly noticing the alphas there for the first time, “You’re alright that we are going to do this,” his tone conveying that he didn’t care in the slightest if the three alpha mates protested, him and May were going to do it.
All three nodded slightly, still a little shell-shocked, they hadn’t known that Morgan had been an addict that she had or still did struggle with alcoholism.




“You okay Morgan?” Steve questioned as they pulled out onto the street.
“You mean will I ever sit down again? Maybe in the distant future,” half serious half joking, she was laying down her head on Natasha’s thigh, and nobody was going to tell her differently, that she needed to be strapped in properly into the seat. Aunt May wielded a wicked wooden spoon and Uncle Ben used his worn leather belt, and they both knew how to use them to get one very sorry Morgan without leaving a mark as a result.
Natasha chuckled, “Sweetie are you okay emotionally?”
“Fine. Feel better now that they’ve forgiven me. And we can move forward.”
“We didn’t know you struggled with alcohol,” Bucky stated glancing back from his seat in the passenger seat.
“Suppressants made me have to really kick it, I couldn’t exactly keep a secret and be drunk at the same time,” and suppressants would have been the easiest secret to unload because she hadn’t even wanted to be on them in the first place.
“Do we need to worry about you drinking again?” Natasha inquired, running her fingers through the blonde’s hair.
“I hope not. I’ve had drinks since, but I never want to go back to it.”
“How did you get into the Olympics or even work at a bar, if you had an alcohol problem?” Steve asked.
“It’s not a narcotic and I worked really hard, I stayed sober during the summer normally because I had so many competitions and practices that it wasn’t like I had time to drink. Besides my Tata was on my ass the entire time, Cassidy’s don’t lose, addictions or not. And for the bar, everyone there knew me, they all knew to watch for signs of being drunk, or they just didn’t care. When we get back, can we do the pack rules and stuff? I want to start tomorrow knowing where I stand.”
“Are you balanced?”
“Sure, if you’re up for it.”
“Wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t.”

Natasha inquired after a few minutes of silence, “Is there anything else we should be looking out for, addiction wise?”
“I’ve never popped pills, except for suppressants, which I’m never doing again, besides suppressants aren’t addictive, they just make you feel like shit. But you guys might have had the right idea that you should be the ones to control any pain medication given to me and watch me take it, just to be hundred percent safe.”
“We’ll do that doll,” Bucky spoke.
“I’m an adrenaline junkie, but that’s not an addiction, just means I like the thrill of taking risks, so do with that what you must.”
“We’ll watch for that, but I don’t think you could have done anything as stupid as Stevie here has.”
“What did he do?”
“Jumped out of an airplane behind enemy lines without a parachute,” Bucky deadpanned.
“Really you did, was it fun, not the whole war thing obviously, but the jump?” her eyes wide and excited.
Natasha saw the look, “Don’t even think about trying that.”
“I don’t remember the jump all that much, I just remember when Howard told Bucky about it,” Steve spoke.
Bucky gave the blonde alpha the side-eye, “Good you remember. Maybe I should do it again next time you make an unnecessary risk.”
“No! No Buck don’t,” Steve pleaded.
Natasha’s interest piqued, “If you have that reaction seventy years later,” even though it was more like four for the two super soldiers, “It might be good for you, Steve.”
“No. Just no,” shaking his head adamantly.
Buck shook his head back, “Will you ever jump out of a plane without a parachute again?”
“No. But Buck don’t, please.”
“What did he do?” Natasha inquired.
“I pulled his pants down right then and there and wore my belt off on him,” Buck stated.
Steve whined, “In front of everyone Buck, all the Howling Commandos, Howard, and Peg.” Punishments in front of soulmates were different.
“Be happy it wasn’t in front of more.”
“It was in front of a dame, that’s worse.”
“It was effective, kept you alive.” Bucky looked at the two women in the back seat, winked before saying, “Now that I’m remembering it, I’ll do it again if you put yourself in unnecessary risk.”




Tony threw himself onto Bruce, almost knocking the book the older beta had been reading out of his hand, “Kiss me.” Bruce raised an eyebrow at the younger brunette, who was peering up at him batting his eyelashes and giving what would be an innocent looking smile if it wasn’t Tony giving it. Whining when it didn’t happen, “Brucie-bear.”
“Tones,” in an equally whiney voice.
“Kiss me.”
“Sit up then.” Tony immediately popped up and Bruce rewarded him with a kiss, “Is that all?”
“Yep,” settling further into the couch and pulling out his cell.
Bruce smiled huffing with a shake of his head before trying to find his spot on the page to continue reading.

Clint came in next, plopped down on Tony’s side and leaning his head on the spiky haired brunette’s shoulder as he watched Tony play on his cell.
The rest of the pack coming in ten minutes later, Steve excusing himself to grab his tablet before coming back a few moments later holding it under his arm as he headed for the lone chair that sat between the two couches so that when they did this, he could see all their faces. “Okay, so how do you guys want to start this? Remember we have to be honest about how we feel about everything cause this is pack rules, structure, and responsibilities, we’re all going to be held responsible to them once we finish.”
“Let’s do pack responsibilities first,” Bruce spoke up at the far end of the couch, Tony was between him and Clint; the blonde sitting adjacent to Steve. On the other side Bucky sat across from the doctor with Natasha in between him and Morgan.
“Okay let’s start off with general cleaning then, do we agree to clean up after ourselves if and when we make a mess, such as dirty clothes go into the laundry basket in the bathroom or in the baskets of the laundry room, clean clothes get put away by end of day, if we make ourselves food we put things away and clean up the counters and dishes, we dirtied? And we clean our own private rooms. That sort of stuff.”
Everyone nodded at that and Steve typed it into the pack contract they kept so that none of them could say that they didn’t know or that they misunderstood the rules and responsibilities of the pack. With seven of them it helped immensely, it helped keep the bickering of whose responsibility it was for what and everything else that happened in their lives down.
“Meals. We’re all responsible for our own breakfasts, if someone wants to make breakfast for everybody they can, but it isn’t required of any of us to do that. Good?”
Everyone nods to that, and Steve added it to the list.
“Lunches are the same as breakfast except for we do pack lunches on the weekends, therefore someone is assigned to cook for that meal, and it is alternated so nobody is always making it. All dinners are the same as pack lunches.” And this is where it was different than what he had thought life would be like with an omega considering he always wanted a traditional lifestyle. If it had been what he had originally wanted, Morgan would be the one cooking almost every meal since she wouldn’t have a job, she would be a stay at home mate and therefore would cook and clean, while the rest of them acted as the bread makers. But Steve didn’t want to push that particular button especially since pre-runaway Morgan seemed all about the progressive lifestyle for omegas where they had jobs and therefore wouldn’t have the time to be the ones doing most if not all of the cooking and cleaning because of that.
“What if you love to cook and the person assigned that meal doesn’t, can you switch out?” Morgan questioned, when she lived here less than a month, she hadn’t really paid attention since she had always been working nights or training in Queens, meals hadn’t really affected her.
“That’s up to those two people,” Bruce spoke up, he made most of the meals since he didn’t mind cooking and the rest of the pack either sucked at it or hated it, so he would switch out cooking for doing dishes or some other task with that person.
“Do you want to cook more meals?” Bucky inquired, “Cause if we follow this alternating meal thing, at most you would be making two meals for the pack a week.”
“I want to cook more; can I cook more?” she loved cooking.
“If you want?” Steve raising an eyebrow incredulously, this was a change of events.
“Yes, yes please.”
“How many meals a week?”
“Really, you want to do that?” Tony asked; he hated cooking, burned more food than he made.
“Okay,” Steve explained, “You do know this is a contract, you’re held responsible for making those meals unless its during your heat or you’re sick. That means if you don’t there’s consequences.”
Shrugging indifferently at the idea of consequences, “Okay still want them, I love cooking.” Cooking was like swimming to her, it was a stress reliever, and cooking had an added benefit of reminding her of moments spent with her Nonna and mama in the kitchen as a kid.
“Everyone else okay with Morgan taking over a majority of meals?” Steve inquired. The rest of the pack looked at him as if he was stupid for even asking, “Right of course, congrats doll you get to make five meals a week.”
“Thanks,” smiling over at him.
Steve nodded at the blonde before addressing everyone, “Okay now that meals are decided, we alternate who does the bi-weekly grocery shop--”
“I want to do that,” Bucky interrupted, it was the two times a week he got out of the Tower, since nobody knew he was alive, he couldn’t very well be seen in public a lot.
“Anyone oppose?”
Everyone shook their heads, all knowing that the brunette alpha loved those excursions.
“Okay next on the list is kitchen duty, so that means we clean up after ourselves if we make ourselves snacks or individual breakfast and lunches, but for the pack meals we alternate who cleans up after that meal. Any changes you guys want to make?”
A round of no’s were made.
“Okay then, we already talked about cleaning after ourselves, so household cleaning. Let’s start off on laundry, one person does the laundry for the week and we alternate weeks, meaning that, that person is responsible for collecting the laundry basket from the bathroom, doing the washing and drying, and then sorting out the clothes and placing the clean baskets into the closet. Once the sorted-out clothes are in the closet then the person whose clothes those are must put away their own clothes within a day of them being there. Fair?”
“Yes” was the resounding answer.
“Okay we have Mopey and Vic for mopping and vacuuming thanks to Tony,” shaking his head slightly in amusement like he did every time he thought about it, he would have laughed himself silly if someone told him back in the forties that he would live in a home that had robots doing housework, or really robots in general. “So, every two weeks we do a deep clean of the five bathrooms and dusting furniture, we alternate who does what sections of them both. Everyone okay with that?”
Everyone makes agreeing noises.

“Okay I think that concludes pack responsibilities, since bills are done electronically and someone comes in once every two weeks for the guest floor, and someone comes in for the pool and gym,” nobody was allowed on the main pack floor unless it was a trusted friend of the pack. “Let’s get onto rules. So, what’s the first rule?” letting the pack direct this part of the discussion.
“Health and safety,” Bruce announced. “Meaning no dangerous behavior, no not following safety procedures, no excessive drinking, no drugs that aren’t over the counter or given to by your doctor and no abusing said drugs, no staying awake for more than forty-eight hours, no operating machinery or doing activities that could endanger you or someone else while you are in an impaired mental state. No endangering yourself unnecessarily or purposefully hurting yourself. No ignoring your health, no hiding illnesses or pains, no skipping more than two meals in a day.”
“Does everyone agree to all that?” Bucky asked.
“Yes’” were heard before Tony spoke up, “We can rollover from the last contract what we wanted firmer boundaries for right, we don’t need to go through that again, right?”
“Yes Tony, anyone else want me just to rollover those without change no matter what the outcome of this contract is?” Steve inquired; he was going to roll over his that he wanted to be held more accountable for.
All hands except for Morgan shot up, but she gave a quizzical brow raise before she investigated, “What do you guys mean?”
Clint took the question, “It just means that we have personal things that we want to be held more accountable for that might not be a pack rule, things we might just need to function, or that we have a hard time doing so we want a shorter leash, in a sense, so we mind it more, for instance it might be something we made a bad habit of in the past and don’t want to slip back into the habit. Personally for me I have a problem with the guilt of my past, mainly what Loki made me do when I was under the control of his scepter, if it gets too much I can spiral and I will try to purposefully hurt myself trying to get the internal pain of the guilt out. So, I’ve asked that if I even try to do something that could endanger my wellbeing, like drinking till I’m drunk, or purposefully placing myself in a position so I could get hurt, like asking Nat to spar and not fighting back so that she will hurt me if she doesn’t catch on fast enough. That if they see me doing that, they punish me for it, the choice of punishment is in their hands and I don’t get any say. It helps me stay on the path I want to be on for my life, by giving them basically my reins so they can help me.”
“Do you want any stricter boundaries so far, sweetie?” Natasha asked, placing a comforting hand on Morgan’s thigh.
“Yeah,” in general self-preservation wasn’t something she was good at.
“Do you want to wait till all the rules are figured out and then say which ones you want stricter on or add ones for yourself? Might make it easier to do it all at the end,” Tony informed.
“I’ll do that.”

“Okay next rule?” Steve asked after finishing typing everything that Bruce had said.
“Disobedience,” Bucky replied, “Which means not doing what was assigned to you in pack responsibilities or agreeing or promising to do something and not following through.”
“Everyone good with that rule?”
They all nodded their heads in agreement.
“Okay. What’s the next one?” Steve inquired.
“Dishonesty,” Tony answered. “Which mean no lying to each other, no lies of omission, no manipulating each other, no hiding things that involve or affect the pack,” which he had been guilty of only weeks before.
“Anyone not okay with those rules?”
Affirmations in the negative were heard. Morgan knew this rule would bite her in the butt eventually, she had secrets that she was keeping from her mates and her family, and most weren’t hers to tell.
“Okay next?”
“Disrespect,” Clint said, “So, not respecting other people’s property, cussing at someone, cussing obnoxiously, or using language you know that person doesn’t like,” Clint changed up, Steve had been the only one that hated cussing, the rest of them were okay with it if it wasn’t directed at them or used obnoxiously. “Ignoring someone when they’re talking to you, behaving rudely, or giving someone attitude.”
“Any problems with that?” Steve questioned.
Morgan shook her head slowly, not cursing would be the hardest part of that rule for her, but she also wanted to respect her mates, just like she wanted them to respect her. The rest of her mates each shook their heads easily.
“Alright next rule?”
“General stuff, like no breaking governmental laws, no behaving in a way that reflects badly on the pack when in a public setting, you need to tell someone where you’re going if its outside the tower, and picking up your cell or texting back in a timely manner,” Natasha stated.
“We all good with that?”
Yeses were heard around the pack.
“Okay I think that’s it on pack rules anyone have anything to add?”
Everyone shook their heads, it was a lot of rules, but with their histories and personalities, they needed all of them for the pack to function smoothly.

“So, Morgan is there any rules you want stricter for yourself or any rules you want to add for yourself?” Steve asked, looking at the blonde.
“Oh um, all the safety and health rules, I need strict boundaries on them, no leniency if I break them.”
“Meaning?” Bucky inquired.
“I mean that if I ignore signs of my health or do things that purposely puts my life on the line, that you guys yank hard back, I have like zero self-preservation skills, I’ve always pushed myself over my limit when it comes to things,” it’s how she accomplished so much, but it also wreaked havoc on how she saw things, how she dealt with anything, self-harm would be easy for her to slip into, “So, don’t let me,” she’d like to not die from her lack of preservation. “And you guys learned today that I was an alcoholic, so I guess no drinking, and anything to deal with pain meds should be handed to me and watched, I never had a problem with them, it’s just, I rather never have a problem with them.”
“You were an alcoholic?” Tony inquired.
Bucky elaborated on the rules Morgan wanted for herself, “So, like releases, where we see you needing it and you try protesting it, that we just need to turn you over our knee and do it. So, basically, if we see you endangering yourself or ignoring your health, or any drinking and drugs, we just turn you over our knee and spank you, no discussion until after?”
“A few swats before but a discussion would be nice before I get an actual spanking,” she was going to hate this but she also knew that this would help her in the long run, she needed the boundaries to be tighter because she needed that stability, that knowing that someone was watching her back even when she wasn’t, if she didn’t she’d spin out of control and that was dangerous, that was life and death for her especially with the fact that she was an omega.
“You’re positive that’s how you want it handled?” Steve asked.
“You’re not impaired right, your body is level, you don’t need a release right now?” he needed to be a hundred percent sure, her scent was still too new for them to be positive just off that, but she looked fine, none of the signs she had exhibited yesterday when she needed one, she winced ever once in a while when her butt hit the couch, but that was from the spankings she had gotten from her Aunt and Uncle, so he wasn’t worried about that.
“I’m fine.”
“Okay we’re all holding you to this, there is no backing out,” Steve reminded.
“I know, I want you guys too.”

Steve nodded in understanding, “Alright then, onto consequences for rule breaking. It can be corner time, removal of certain privileges for a set amount of time, mouth washed out, or a bare bottom spanking with a hand, spoon, brush, paddle, or belt. Depending on severity of the offense and the repetition of the offense, it can be one or a combination of those punishments, and the one meting out the punishment determines punishment. Does everyone consent to those punishments?”
Everyone nodded consenting to being disciplined in that manner. But after, Morgan raised her hand slightly, blushing fiercely as she asked, “Can for a special circumstance the spanking be done over clothing?” her suppressants had stopped her cycle, but now that she was off them she had had her first one just before her first heat, she rather not be bare when that happened.
Everyone but Natasha gave her a quizzical look, Natasha being the one to speak before their male mates made complete fools of themselves, “Yes,” she might not have them anymore thanks to the Red Room’s graduation ceremony, but she sympathized with the blonde’s predicament.
“What special circumstance?” Steve questioned.
Morgan blushed harder if it was at all possible, Natasha grasping her hand and ran circles over her knuckles as she answered for the blonde, “During a period.”
It was Steve’s turn to blush hard, coughing slightly but nodding his head in agreement, it wasn’t like he wasn’t.
“Just tell us if you are if you’re about to punished that way and we’ll adjust,” Natasha informed.
“I will, thanks.”
“No problem, sweetie.”
“Okay, lets um talk about the rules for the discipliner,” Steve started, “Okay the discipliner must be in control of their emotions and calm when meting out a punishment. The punishment must be fair to the rules broken and if a spanking is given there is to be no bruising or abrasions of the skin. Agreed?”
Everyone nodded.

“Okay pack hierarchy, it doesn’t mean that the lower the person is on the hierarchy that that person has less say, it’s that the higher up it is the more responsible you have for enforcing rules and responsibilities, taking the mate’s below yours emotions and physical wellbeing into account, and leading by example. So, the hierarchy is me as head alpha, Nat as my second, Buck is third in command, Bruce, Clint, Tony, then Morgan, do you guys agree?”
No one argued against it.
“And that’s it, for pack stuff. Unless anyone has anything, they want to add?”
Everybody answered in the negative.
“Okay, so as of now we are all being held accountable to this,” Steve informed, signing his name on the contract with a special writing pen for the tablet making it final, before handing it off to Clint to do the same, each mate was going to sign showing that they understood the rules and responsibilities of the pack.

Morgan was the last to sign, handing the pen and tablet back to Steve, only for the head alpha to look at her with an expression of extreme confusion, furrowing her own brows and inquiring, “What?”
“Why didn’t you ask for any changes?” Steve replied.
“I didn’t have anymore, I wanted to be able to get a job and go to college, you guys already compromised on that. I just wanted to be part of the discussion, to know that my voice would be heard,” Morgan answered honestly.
“I’m sorry it took so long for us to do that, you should have been part of the discussion when we met you not just put you in the already made one,” Steve spoke sincerely.
“I forgive you, besides I should have said something that first time, not just let it go because I agreed with the rules and stuff.”

Chapter Text

By the time eight in the morning came around, Tony was leaving for the R&D, Bruce having already left for his own lab at SI a few minutes prior, Clint had a training seminar for SI security recruits that he was helping conduct that had just started. Natasha having left at seven to do whatever it was that Pepper needed her assistance with today as one of the CEO’s two assistants.


Steve was sitting at the kitchen table going over recruitment portfolios for the almost completed Avenger’s compound, when Morgan came into the kitchen around nine o’clock, looking up to see Morgan rubbing at her eyes while grabbing water from the fridge, drinking half before setting it on the counter, Steve asked, “You just wake up?”
“No been up for a while now,” hours staring at the wall not wanting to close her eyes for the second night in a row, she wished the pack would just ask her to stay with them at night but she didn’t want to push by asking, since she still needed to earn their trust back. “I just couldn’t sleep.” She had kept having nightmares about omega space, which woke her up in panic each time, until she just called it quits on trying to sleep.
“Are you good?” he really wished her scent wasn’t so new to him, so he could easily tell if she needed a release or something else. Usually when alpha omega soulmates meet they did the mating bite almost out the gate, since the first week or so after the mating bite happened emotions came in crystal clear clarity, therefore they could learn which scents meant what, it was like a cheat sheet of the other mate. It also helped connect them at a higher level.
“I’m fine,” lying through her teeth, before guilt caught up to her because of the lie, from having to deal with all the lies she had made amends for yesterday with her Aunt and Uncle, and she couldn’t take it, not if just yesterday she had promised her mates that she wouldn’t lie to them, “Actually no I’m not.”
“Thank you for not lying to me,” Steve praised before asking, “You want to talk about it?”
Shaking her head, “No, I’m going to do homework for my classes and then workout.”
“Okay, if you need me just let me know. I’m here for you.”
“Thanks,” grabbing an apple and her water before leaving for her room to study.

Bucky came in ten minutes later, sitting down on the adjacent chair to Steve at the table and unlocking his own tablet to look over the portfolios. Since Bucky was still an unknown to the world, he couldn’t get a job, so the pack had taken to having him be a silent partner when it came to picking out teams for the almost finished compound and anything else that he could help in, so that he didn’t loose his mind being cooped up in the tower for so much time.
“You think this guy will be a good fit for Bravo team,” Steve inquired, holding out his tablet for Bucky to see the resume.
Grabbing Steve’s as the brunette said, “This one, I think, complements Delta team,” handing over his own tablet for Steve to look at.


For the next two and a half hours the two alphas sat at the kitchen as they read through the portfolios, comparing notes when they found a good candidate.
Clint came up for his lunch break grabbing out last nights leftovers to reheat. “How’s the seminar going?” Steve asked looking up from the file he was reading after Clint placed his plate in the microwave.
“Good, we got a good batch, were doing self defense training after lunch, so it’ll be more interesting than listening to all the SI bylaws for security officers.”
“That’s great.”
Bucky speaking up, “What do you want from the store, that we don’t normally get? After I finish reading at this one and have lunch, I’m going to head out to the store.”
“Um. Ooh lets get a pie.”
“What kind?”
“Key lime.”
“Anything else?”
Taking a minute to think about it, “Um watermelons are in season now, I think.”
“Okay, I’ll put it on the list.”
“It’s Nat’s night to cook isn’t it?” was asked as Clint pulled his lunch out of the microwave.
“Do you know what she’s making?”
Bucky licked his lips, “Based off what she asked me to buy, some beef pasta dish and broccoli.”
“Awesome,” sitting down on the other side of the table from Bucky and started eating.

Steve stood up soon afterwards to heat up his own lunch and Bucky’s, Bucky grabbed out his cell from his pocket, texting quickly the pack’s group chat to see if there was any last minute additions to the list.

“Thanks,” Bucky spoke when Steve placed the plate of barbeque chicken and roasted vegetables in front of him before sitting down himself with his own plate.




“Where is she?” Clint asked when he and Bucky walked into the enclosed pool area, before seeing Morgan completely still at the bottom of the ten foot deep pool. “Jarvis how long she been down there?” Clint inquired.
“Fifteen minutes and forty three seconds.”
Clint glanced at the super soldier for all of a millisecond at hearing that before Bucky was running towards the pool at full speed, diving in loudly, and swimming down to her, wrapping his arm around her waist in a vice grip and pushing off the pool floor at an angle so that when they broke the water’s surface not even three seconds later it was right next to the side of the pool where Clint easily started pulling her out by her armpits.
“Le … let … go!” Morgan coughed out as Clint was pulling her up; thanks to Bucky squeezing her around the waist when he grabbed her, she had sucked in water.
Clint finished pulling her up, as she coughed, standing her right in front of him as the brunette alpha climbed out the pool sopping wet, his hair clinging to his face adding to the pissed off alpha’s expression.
“What the hell is wrong with you!” Morgan shrieked as she rounded on the brunette alpha.
“With me?! What the hells the wrong with you!” Bucky screamed back, metal arm flying towards the water to emphasize his point.
“I was fine!” was yelled out.
“You were under the water for fifteen minutes!” was shouted back.
Morgan threw out her arms, “So what!”
Bucky took a step closer to the blonde, his blue eyes flickering dangerously, as he growled deeply. Knees buckling she was kneeling on the rubber flooring, her neck tilted to the side, covered by a French braid and her turtleneck swimsuit, as she submitted within seconds. Bucky moving to kneel on one knee a moment later, gripping her chin softly and tilting her head back so that she was looking at his eyes, asking in a hard voice, “Are you trying to kill yourself?!”
“No,” was spoken at a normal decibel, “I’m practicing breath control.”
“I’m sorry what?” Clint asked moving over slightly so that he was now looking down at the other blonde.
“Breath control, its kinda self explanatory,” Morgan sassed, eyes glancing over to where Clint stood closer to Bucky than her, before saying, “Sorry,” when Bucky growled again. Clint raised an eyebrow at that; she was acting like being at the bottom of a pool for over fifteen minutes was completely normal.
Bucky spoke through gritted teeth, “Why you doing it at the bottom of a pool then?”
“Because its how I was taught to.”
“You were taught to?” Clint inquired confusion lacing his voice.
“With nobody to watch your back?” the alpha questioned, why did half of his mates have to have zero self-preservation when it came to their safety, first Steve, then Tony, and now Morgan.
Morgan shifted slightly on her knees at that.
Bucky glared, “Yes or no, Morgan?”
Eyes tilting down, she responded, “No.”
Lifting her chin up more so she would have to look at him, “So who was watching your back? And Jarvis better not be the answer because he can’t jump into a pool and save your ass? And speaking of Jarvis why didn’t he alert anyone that you were under there for so long?” they had protocols in place as a safety measure for this entire floor, since each of them used the gym and pool alone sometimes.
“Nobody and I told him not to alert anybody,” was spoken softly knowing already that she screwed up.
Bucky let go of her chin at that before grabbing her arm and lifting her over his knee before swatting down hard on her wet swimsuit covered ass as he said, “So you were endangering your safety,” Morgan cringed at that both from the short volley of swats that followed that statement and the words itself, “By trying to hold your breath under water at the very bottom of the center of the pool with nobody around to help you if you pass out of from lack of air and drowned. And on top of that had made sure Jarvis wouldn’t have been able to alert anyone if something happened to you.” Handing out one last swat before he settled Morgan back into her original position.
“Yes alpha,” was contritely spoken.
“What is one of the biggest rules, the rule that you specifically asked that you have stricter boundaries and no leniency on because you tend to ignore it?”
“Don’t endanger your safety or health by taking unnecessary risks, engaging in dangerous behavior, or ignoring your health,” Morgan paraphrased.
“Right, what could you have done differently so that you didn’t break this rule?” he wanted to see if she just ignored safer options or she couldn’t think of them.
“I should have had a spotter,” was said immediately, the thing that was drilled into her head when she had started being taught breath control, it was a commonsense safety rule.
“Good.” Straightening back up as he spoke, “You knew safer options; you just chose to ignore them. Lets go,” grabbing her hand and helping her up before leading her out of the pool area.

Morgan stayed silent the entire walk back down the curved staircase and towards the pack room. Bucky letting go of his youngest mate once they walked inside the closet of the pack room, “Change into something dry, you can go change in the bathroom.” He wasn’t about to make her to change in front of him, not since she came back and hadn’t, she wasn’t sleeping in here with the rest of them yet, and there hadn’t been any romantic touches shared by any of them with her, they had all silently agreed that the ball was in her court for all of that, none of them wanted her to feel pressured to do anything she wasn’t ready or wanting to do. Grabbing his own set of clothes he watched as she grabbed her own before leaving the closet for the toilet room of the bathroom. After that he grabbed the cell out of his pocket and watched as it leaked water out onto the floor before placing it on the shelf and began stripping out of his soaked through t-shirt, jeans, and boxers and changing into a dry shirt and sweats. Heading into the bathroom just as Morgan was half way across it heading back to the closet, her swimsuit balled up in her hand.
“I’ll take it to the laundry room,” holding out his hand for the wet suit, “I want you to go stand in the corner in the closet, eyes straight ahead, hands by your side, no moving or talking. I’ll be there in a moment, so you better be doing what I ask.”
“Yes alpha,” before heading for the closet.


“Come here,” was spoken twenty minutes later, Bucky was sitting on the large leather ottoman that stood in the middle of the closet. Morgan headed over to him moving so that she was standing between his spread knees, “You know why you’re about to be spanked?”
“Yes alpha.”
“Tell me.”
“I endangered my safety by getting Jarvis to not alert anyone if I was under the water too long and I was also practicing my breath control under water without a spotter, something I know not to do.”
“Good. I’m going to spank you with my hand first then your going to go and get the paddle and bring it to me then I’m going to spank you with that. Understand?”
“Yes alpha,” pulling down her joggers and panties to her knees and bending over his lap with Bucky’s help in situating her how he wanted her.
Seeing her shift her hand to her back before letting it fall quickly to her side, he asked, “You want me to hold your hand?”
“Yes, please,” holding her left hand back again, Bucky grasped it with his metal arm placing it at the small of her back.
“I’m going to start now,” with that he started swatting slowly increasing the force while alternating cheeks and going down to mid thighs until he reached a steady force that had her shifting and hissing with every spank. Stopping when her bottom was a blushing red, and she was crying into her right arm, “Okay, up.” After helping her up so that she was standing in front of him, he spoke, “There’s a solid wooden paddle in the top drawer of the dresser in the bedroom, go grab it and bring it back.”
Morgan nodded kicking off her underwear the rest of the way, her joggers having been kicked off way before then. She made her way into the bedroom to the dresser opening up the drawer to see a hairbrush, different paddles, handcuffs, lube, and other random sex toys all in the drawer. Grabbing out the thick wooden paddle she headed back, holding out the paddle saying, “Here,” when she stood next the brunette.
Taking the paddle from the blonde, Bucky placed it next to him and helped resituate her over his thighs, grasping her hand she had placed back on the small of her back for him to hold.
Grabbing the paddle, he tapped it on her sit spots softly in warning before bringing it up and then down in a heavy smack making Morgan suck in air before crying out. Continuing he smacked the paddle down going from just above her sit spots to just below them, until he hit eighteen, that part of her butt was an apple red, and she was sobbing out that she wouldn’t endanger herself again by ignoring safety protocols she’s known about almost all her life.
Bucky flipped her over after that so she was cradled in his lap, her butt between his legs, rubbing a hand up and down her back, whispering, “You’re okay I got you, doll,” until her cries turned to sniffles then to her just leaning on him as they sat in silence for a few minutes.

“Its dinnertime, you want to eat?” he asked, remembering why Clint and him had even gone looking for Morgan in the first place.
“Yes. I’m starving,” standing up, she decided to forfeit the underwear, she didn’t want anything pressed tightly to her butt, instead she easily pulled the loose joggers on as she replied; she hadn’t eaten anything since the apple that morning and it was nearing seven at night.
Bucky frowned, when one of her twin French braid that was covering the side of her neck shifted, “What’s that on your neck?”
Morgan’s hand immediately went flying to the side of her neck, she had been covering up with makeup for the last few days and when she swam she made sure to wear her swimsuits that had a turtleneck and put her hair in braids so that it covered the sides of her neck without being obvious, but when she had picked out clothes to change into, her main focus was more on her up incoming punishment than the healing bruises. “It’s nothing.”
“Then why you covering it with your hand,” pulling the mentioned hand away, “Those look like bruises, doll,” running his thumb carefully over the brownish yellow splotches, “Fingerprint ones.”
“They are.”
“How’d you get them?”
“You got anymore bruises that you’re trying to cover up?” cause he hadn’t seen those before and none of their mates would ever lay hands like that on each other outside of rougher sex, which she wasn’t having with them.
“They’re not bad.”
“Can I see for myself, please?” he didn’t like the idea that she could so easily cover up anything amiss.
Morgan sighed, pulling her t-shirt off and showing off a couple bruises that littered her chest and stomach that weren’t covered by her sports bra.”
“You really do have no self-preservation,” Bucky murmured to himself, he turned her carefully around to find a giant bruise that covered half her back that he could see, before saying louder and sarcastically, “These aren’t bad?”
Morgan shrugged as she turned back around, putting her shirt back on in the process, “I’m used to having bruises from training and doing martial arts,” she just happen to get these from some enhanced man and Steve when she was in Sokovia.
“We have cream to help speed up the healin’ process, you want some?”
“Cool sure.”
“Just wait here, I’ll get it,” standing up from the ottoman.
“Actually while you get it, I’ll go grab my makeup from the guest bath.”
“You don’t need that doll, you’re already beautiful without it,” running his thumb on her cheek.
Morgan leaned into the touch before saying, “As sweet as that is to hear, I was going to use it to cover up the ones on my neck. I don’t want everyone seeing them, so could you just not say anything.” Giving her best puppy dog eyes.
Bucky sighed, he really shouldn’t, but he relented after a minute, “Alright, I won’t, but you can’t keep hiding things doll, its hard to trust someone when they are always keeping secrets. And besides that we aren’t supposed to hide things like bruises or pains from each other, and those look painful.”
“There fine, they don’t hurt anymore, but okay, I’ll try not to hide stuff anymore.”


They had been eating dinner for ten minutes before Clint asked, “So Morgan, breath control?” between bites of beef stroganoff.
Tony choked on his food at that. Bruce inquiring quizzically, “Why are you even asking that?” the only reason he could see Clint bringing up breath control was for sex purposes.
Morgan looked directly across from her to Clint, after swallowing a bite of steamed broccoli and replied, “Yeah? What about it?”
“Why were you taught that?”
Bruce furrowed his eyebrows at that. Steve looked like he was trying to put a random puzzle piece to a barely started puzzle.
“How to control my breathing?” she didn’t want to start this conversation just like she didn’t with Bucky, she had somehow gotten away with being back for four days now with nobody asking where she had been or why she had been at the fortress in Sokovia.
“I’m an Olympic swimmer and diver, I kind of need to know how to control it.”
Clint shook his head slightly not believing it for a moment, “They teach you to hold your breath for over fifteen minutes at the bottom of a pool for swimming and diving? Really?”
“You can do that!” Tony spluttered.
Morgan nodded, “Yeah.”
“No way do swimmers and divers learn to hold their breath that long,” Natasha argued.
“I have a resting breath of sixteen minutes eleven seconds when underwater.”
“Why would a swimmer or diver need to have that high of a skill?” Bruce inquired.
“Its not is it,” Steve spoke up from the head of the table, before Morgan could try to beat around the bush, the puzzle pieces forming together, “You needing that skill is the same reason why you were in Sokovia.”
“Oh yeah, why were you there?” Tony asked, setting his fork down and leaning his cheek on his closed fist as he looked down the table at where she sat on the opposite side.
Apprehensively she glanced at where Steve and Tony were sitting at their end of the table, shifting her leg that was under her to keep as much pressure off her sore butt, “Plead the fifth.”
“That’s not going to work,” Natasha verbalized from between Clint and Tony.
“You killed that woman and almost killed the enhanced man if Cap hadn’t stopped you,” Tony reminded. “And I’m guessing Strucker was your work also.”
“You guys have your jobs, I had mine, lets leave it at that.”
“You’re breaking governmental law, that was the deal you get to have a job if you want it, as long as you didn’t break the law doing it,” Steve stressed.
“I know that, that’s why I said had,” Morgan pointed out.
“Then tell us, stop being secretive about this, we’re your mates, we aren’t going to turn you into the government, so tell us,” Natasha announced.
“There’s just some things I can’t tell you, this happens to be one of them. So please stop asking,” Morgan spoke with an undertone of pleading.
“This is about Jay, isn’t it?” Bruce inquired, “You won’t tell us because you don’t want him to be in trouble.”
“A bit more to it, but sure that’s one of the reasons,” Morgan rescinded slightly, Mandy and Mike happened to be two of the others, she wished she could tell them, she wanted to be able to see and talk about her brother and his mates without having to worry that they might die if the wrong person ever overheard, saw them, or connected the dots. She knew Mike felt the same way, he missed his family but safety always came first for him and he wasn’t going to endanger any of them by coming out with HYDRA heads still out there. Actually now that she thought about it, Natasha and the others having said something about the Strucker guy being the last head, that SHIELD had gotten the other ones in one fell swoop, maybe her brother and Mandy could finally come out into the world without being targets on HYDRA’s watch list.
“We aren’t going to tell anyone, we know how to keep secrets,” Clint reminded.
“Then you won’t mind me keeping this one, its not just about me, please,” Morgan implored.
“Fine,” Steve relented after a minute, looking at around the table at his mates before saying in a commanding tone, “We’ll drop it.”
“Thank you,” shoulders slumming slightly in relief.

“Speaking of that, I need a new cell,” Bucky informed from his spot next to Morgan at the other head of the table to Steve.
“How’d you break it this time Buck?” Tony asked, the cells his mates had were all top of the line prototypes that he was testing.
“It got submerged in water.”
“Why was it in water? Did you drop it in a toilet?” Tony frowned; Bucky usually broke them by gripping it to hard with his metal hand when he wasn’t paying attention, he didn’t just drop it. The cell phones were the one thing that Bucky, and Steve both, didn’t have to be hyper aware off the amount of strength they had because Tony wanted them to see how much manhandling his prototypes could take.
“I dove into the pool to get Morgan.”
“Were you hurt?” Bruce questioned going into doctor mode as he looked appraisingly at the blonde in question that was sitting next to him.
“No, no,” shaking her head, “I was practicing breath control, Bucky and Clint thought I had drowned.”
“Why would they think that, didn’t you have someone watching you?” it seemed like commonsense.
Licking her lips nervously, “No … I didn’t and I got Jarvis to not alert anyone if I was under longer than his protocols.”
Quirking an eyebrow at the blonde, Bruce asked, “That why you’re keeping your butt off the chair?”
“So can you?” Bucky spoke up going back to his original inquiry.
“Depending on the water damage, I can easily fix your cell,” Tony answered.
“Thanks Tones,” Bucky replied.
“You going back to R&D after dinner, Tony?” Natasha asked.
“Yep, got it ready for the convention, last minute updates and all that,” he was just happy he could spare dinner.
“Yeah Pepper’s having me get all the last minute details squared away with PR and the convention for the booth area.”




“So, Tony’s birthday is on the twenty-ninth, he says he wants low-key, just friends and family,” Bruce started, Tony had gone back down to R&D, so it was the perfect time to plan. “What should we do?”
Clint offered out, “How about going up to the mansion upstate, have a barbeque with everyone. It should be nice out, swim, music. Something intimate.”
“Yeah lets do that,” Bucky agreed.
Morgan nodded, “As something special we could do like a video or something of old videos and pictures of him as a kid until now. One of my friends did something like it one year for her mates it was super sweet.”
“I like that idea,” Steve commented.
“Sounds good,” Natasha spoke, looking at her calendar, “Okay his birthday is on Friday in three weeks, so let’s do … that Saturday … nope Buck’s got his rut through that weekend, if its on schedule.” Bucky sighed at that, but it wasn’t like he could do anything to change it. “How about the Saturday after, in June, so the sixth, gives more time for people to get the day off anyway and we could just spend his birthday with just us.”
“Yeah, okay. For his birthday day, we can order in from that Italian restaurant that he loves,” Steve added, “And get that cake down at that little pastry shop, he always likes when he goes to DC.
“Okay, so all we need to do is make the video, order from the Italian and pastry places, invite everyone, um do a cake for the party, get the food for the barbeque,” Natasha summarized. “So who wants to do what? I can invite everyone and order from the places, if you guys are okay with that.”
“Yeah, I can make the cake,” Bucky spoke up, baking he could do since it was following exact measurements and instructions.
“I can go up to DC and get the food and cake for his birthday, and I’ll also man the grill the day of the party,” Clint proposed, “If someone does the sides.”
“I got sides,” Bruce answered.
“I’ll help you Bruce,” Morgan expressed, before offering, “And if someone wants to help me pick out photos and stuff I can make the video.”
“I’ll help with that,” Steve volunteered.
“Me too,” Natasha and Bucky joined.
“Okay, I think we got everything,” Natasha informed.
“Where are the photos?” Morgan inquired.
“Some are on the computer, but the old ones are at the mansion upstate, if you want, I can take you Wednesday,” Steve put out there.
“I’d like that.”

Chapter Text

Morgan screamed out pulling herself tighter into a ball, eyes squeezing shut before opening impossibly wide to see as much light as the room could give her, which wasn’t much considering it was dark. She hadn’t slept more than thirty minutes at a time since Saturday night, altogether about four hours in the last three nights including this one.
“Miss Morgan would you like me to alert Sir of your nightmare this time?” Jarvis inquired, he’d asked the same question on the two previous nights as well.
“No … no, just turn on lights.” Jarvis must have turned them off during her very short sleep cycle.
“This is the third night in a row you’ve woken up screaming or in a panic, it might benefit you to talk about it or seek comfort from one of your soulmates.”
“I’m fine.”
Staying on the couch, she laid there for what was most likely almost an hour before finally deciding enough was enough and headed for the kitchen.
Looking at the clock she sighed it wasn’t even one twenty in the morning, racking through her short list of healthy coping mechanisms she could do solo, she needed to do something to get her mind focused off of her nightmare. She had made great headway through all the work she needed to do for her classes in the past three days and besides she couldn’t focus enough for anything to make sense right now, so doing more homework was out of the question. She didn’t feel swimming would be a good choice considering she didn’t feel balanced enough to trust herself in that, which was an amazing accomplishment in her part, she would like to think, because she would have if she thought she could get away with it, so working out was also out of the question. So baking it was.


Tony stumbled in at half past three in the morning from his workshop, yawning out loudly, “It’s late why you … baking?” when he saw Morgan kneading out dough, what smelled like blueberry muffins in the oven, and four trays of assorted muffins already on the counter cooling.
“I see that baby, why?”
“Felt like it.”
“Can’t sleep?” seeing the blood shot eyes and the bags around them.
“I’m fine,” was bitten out.
“Woah. Okay, can I grab one I’m starving,” pointing over to the muffins.
“They’re for everyone,” nodding her head towards the food near him.

Grabbing a blueberry one and pouring himself a glass of milk, he sat at the stool as he watched her knead as he ate, finishing it all off before saying, “Why don’t you head to bed, I am.”
“No, I’m fine. I have mixed berry scones in the oven. And I have more types in the fridge cooling. And I need to finish this dough for the cinnamon rolls and I want to make ricciarelli.”
Tony squinted his eyes, “Don’t you want to go to bed, you look tired.”
“Thanks Tony,” was spoken sarcastically as she glared slightly at him before going back to the task at hand.
“Didn’t mean it that way, … just come to bed when … the food is out of … the oven. I’m positive the dough will … still be here … in the … morning,” yawning his way through his words as he put his glass in the dishwasher.
“Night babe,” not even noticing that she hadn’t even mentioned listening.


Bucky came in around four fifty, “What you doing up?”
“Baking, so stay if you want, but don’t talk,” she was tired and annoyed and all she wanted was to be able to close her eyes and not see omega space, not feel that crippling fear and panic that gripped her each time she remembered it.
Bucky just nodded, grabbed an orange scone and sat down to watch her, he couldn’t scent her, not with every baked good known to man in the kitchen letting off their sweet aromas, and with the way she had moved away when he went to grab the pastry she obviously didn’t want him close. They stayed in silence, the blonde moving from oven to fridge to island, constantly grabbing and adding to the list of food that was placed on the counters, if it was things that needed to be made, was resting, cooling, or ready to be placed in one of the double ovens when it was finally free.


Steve walked in less than an hour later, in running clothes, “When you wake up doll?” looking at the blonde that had flour covering her face and clothes as he grabbed a drink of water before he went for his run.
“I’m fine.”
“Not what I asked,” Steve reminded he could see the sluggishness she was displaying, but also the tension in her body.
Steve looked at Bucky who shook his head, “Up before me.”
Steve moved closer, which Morgan just reciprocated in the opposite direction, so he stopped giving her the space she obviously wanted, “What’s wrong? I haven’t run yet, I don’t smell.”
“I’m fine.”
“You keep saying that. But what’s wrong?”
“I’m fine.”
“Doll. Look at me.”
Morgan glanced over, before going back to what she was doing, they couldn’t get close, close meant they could scent the need for a release because it was so thick she was choking on it, her only saving grace was the piles of pastries that were overwhelming the kitchen so that they couldn’t scent her. The thickness of the scent meant they wouldn’t need to be familiar with her scent to practically taste the need for a release.
“Morgan, how long did you sleep for?” Steve inquired; they had all headed to bed at around ten thirty, eleven except for Tony.
“Long enough.”
Bucky huffed, “Doll stop being evasive. Answer the question. How long?” speaking for the second time to Morgan since he came into the kitchen.
“An hour or two maybe,” maybe a whole lot less.
“Okay. Why don’t you go on to bed, take a nap. Buck, I’m sure can pull whatever is in the oven out for you,” Steve spoke, he could see her hands shaking slightly when she gripped the knife she needed and by the way Bucky was watching the blonde intently he had noticed too.
Bucky nodding in agreement, “I can.”
“No. Just go for a run Steve, I’m fine. Not tired,” Morgan protested, cutting dough into shapes.
“Alright.” Before glancing at Bucky and mouthing, “Watch her.”
Bucky nodded and with that Steve headed for a run.


By the time Steve got back at seven twenty, Bucky had tried and failed to get Morgan to take a nap, a break, or just to get within five feet of him. Natasha had come and gone, trying the same thing, but she had to head down to SI for work so she couldn’t stay and press the issue, but at least with Natasha, Morgan had grabbed a tray and filled it up with an assortment of pastries to put in Pepper’s office, yet still Morgan wouldn’t get within five feet of the spy. Bruce was getting ready for work and had yet to come out and Clint despite mentioning the fact that her sleepiness was visible wasn’t able to get her to go to bed.
“Come on hun, why don’t you go lay down you look like you’re about to drop,” Clint offered as his last shot to get Morgan to go to bed before he needed to head down to security, grabbing the giant tray of pastries Morgan had piled up and pushed towards him in a silent gesture, making sure to stay a distance away the entire time. Sighing when Morgan shook her head, “See you guys later, thanks Morgan for the food.”
Bucky turned back to Morgan after watching Clint leave, “Come on Morgan, Clint’s right, you look dead on your feet. Are you feeling okay?”
“I’m fine. Everyone needs to stop asking,” was spoken through gritted teeth.
“Jarvis when did Morgan wake up?”
“Miss Morgan woke up at twelve twenty three in the morning from a nightmare.”
Morgan glared up at the ceiling, before Bucky spoke, “Doll you okay?”
“I’m fine! Leave me to my baking, shoo,” waving her hand at him in a move away motion.
“Doll you’ve been baking since before I woke up and by the looks of it,” pointedly looking at the long-covered counter that was filled with trays of baked goods and pastries, “We have enough food already. So why don’t you stop okay, even Steve and I combined can’t put away this much food. And that’s not even mentioning the large amount you already gave to Nat and Clint to take down to SI.”
“I can drop some off to my Aunt May’s by myself and I’m sure we can finish the rest.”
Bucky shook his head, “You aren’t going to go to Queens by yourself, I can take you if you want, but you aren’t going by yourself.”
“What! Why not?” green eyes barely able to focus on his blue ones before going back to cutting shapes.
“Morgan you’re an omega and right now a strong wind looks like it could blow you over.”
“I’m fine. I’ve gone to Queens by myself plenty of times.”
“That was on suppressants, I don’t want you going that far without one of us.”
Whining slightly, “That’s not fair.” She knew it was, knew any alpha worth their salt, always put the safety of their omega over what the omega wanted, Bucky wasn’t forbidding her from doing anything, just making her follow a safer option. She knew she was dangerously imbalanced and despite being careful not to show the more major tells by covering it up with madly baking, that even in balanced headspace, it would always be in her best interest not to ride public transport without at least a beta she trusted to have her back with her. She just didn’t want to see that right now.
“Yes it is Morgan,” was spoken determinedly.
“Morgan!” was spoken sharply.
And Morgan’s head snapped over to Bucky’s sharp eyes, before quietly saying, “Sorry.”
“Tell me what’s wrong, doll. Today’s the third day, do you need a release?”
Morgan seized up at that before deliberately un-tensing her body. “I’m fine.”
“No, stop with the ‘I’m fine’ business. Come here and tell me, yes or no.” He could tell she wasn’t and that display confirmed it; he had originally thought it might just be lack of sleep for the night, but now he knew it was something else.
“I’m good, alpha.”
Bucky shook his head, he knew something was definitely wrong now, Morgan didn’t say alpha lightly, she had only every done it when she was in a submissive headspace or when she was about to be punished. “Doll, I want you to come here and tell me yes or no to needing a release.”
“I’m busy,” focusing on the dough she was cutting into squares with a small sharp knife.
Bucky sighed and was about to stand up, when Morgan hissed, his blue eyes looking down quickly to were the sound of the clattering knife was on the cutting board, before moving back up to where the blonde was holding her finger to her chest in a tight hold. Moving quickly around before Morgan could notice, “Doll let me see.”
The blonde visibly flinching at the fact that he was so close, she stepped back making sure there was room between them, but not before he got a whiff of her scent.
“I’m fine.”
“Doll you’re bleeding, just let me see, I can help.”
“I’m fine, I’ll just go,” taking a few small steps towards the hallway that Bucky matched towards her.
“You’re not fine, Morgan, you need a release and you need a bandage for that.”
“I can handle it,” stepping closer to the exit.
“Morgan, stop. Let me help you.” He had watched her become clumsier and short-tempered since he had sat down three hours ago and he wasn’t about to have her suffer through more major release symptoms due to stubbornness.
“I’m fine, Bucky, just take everything out of the oven when the timer beeps and I’ll handle everything else,” already jogging out of the kitchen not waiting for a reply.
Bucky sped up to follow her only to stop when the timer went off, sighing he headed back to ovens taking out the cinnamon rolls and the crumpets out of the two ovens.

Steve almost collided with Bucky in the hall; the brunette had been running towards the guest bath hoping to find Morgan there just as Steve was walking towards the kitchen for water before he showered. “What’s got you in a hurry?” Steve questioned.
“Figured out why Morgan was being cagey, she needs a release. Top it off, she accidentally cut herself.”
“Where is she?”
“I’m hoping guest bath.”
Steve turned tail at that, both alphas heading towards the bathroom to find nothing and moving on to her private room. Steve knocked on the door, “Morgan can we come in?” private rooms were sanctuaries for each mate; none of them went in each other’s without permission, an emergency, or a safety reason. She didn’t answer, nor did Jarvis answer meaning that she hadn’t engaged the sound proof function of the room, after a moment Steve knocked again, “Morgan you in there?” Just over a minute past before Steve gave up knocking with no answer, “I’m coming in.”
Opening the unlocked door easily, Morgan was nowhere to be seen.
Bucky called out towards the AI, “Jarvis where is she?”
“Miss Morgan is in the vents.”
“Is she okay?”
“Based of the moments prior to entering the vents she was in the middle of what Sir would call a ‘freak out,’” Jarvis spoke considering he did not have cameras inside the vents.
Bucky glanced over at the blonde alpha when he sighed deeply at the news before saying, “We can’t fit in there and neither can Bruce,” and they both knew that Jarvis would have been able to give them more information if Morgan had one of Clint’s comms that he used in the vents, so it wasn’t like they could coax her out. “Clint and Nat are already down in SI,” and Tony didn’t know how to crawl in air vents.
Steve moved to sit on the couch next to a curled up Tigger who was curled up on a pile of clothes, as he spoke, “How should we do this?”
“We’ll have to wait till either she comes out or Clint comes up for lunch.”
“If you can smell she needed a release, she’s already hit major symptoms,” because it usually took a good three weeks of near constant interaction for alphas and omegas to be able to scent different moods and needs of another and it hadn’t even been a full five days.
“Yeah, but not much we can do with her in there,” sitting down on the couch opposite of the orange tabby, after a moment saying, “Isn’t this your shirt?”
“Yeah,” looking closer at the pile that was under the cat, “This is all of our stuff. … She’s nesting?”
Bucky closed his eyes at that, dragging his hand over his face, “We need to communicate better. No more of this not wanting to pressure her, so not asking business.”
“Agreed,” pulling his shirt from the pile, Tigger opening his eyes in a glare at the shift in his make-shift bedding, “It’s not like we were stopping her from sleeping with us, we all thought she wanted space, but we should have just asked if she wants to sleep in the pack room.”
“And domming.”
“Why domming?”
“She needs it just as much as we do, maybe even more since like she said she’s still a baby omega when it comes to this stuff and we haven’t done it for her. Nat has an appointment at the clinic for Thursday and so do you. Audrey is coming tomorrow while you two are out for me. Morgan hasn’t had anyone dom her since she came, might be why she’s so antsy and needs a release a day earlier than her average.”
“Okay. What do you think it should be? We haven’t gone over any domming rules or anything, all we’ve done is explain what we feel it is.”
“Do something simple. Natasha isn’t going to be back till late, and I think we need to do something before tonight. We need to wait for her to discuss everything as a group, but maybe something with one or two temporary rules right now.”
Steve reminded, “She’s tired. I rather her take a nap than do a domming before Nat gets back.”
“She won’t sleep,” Bucky rebutted, he had tried, Steve had tried, Natasha had tried, Clint had tried. After a minute saying, “Lets make that the domming scenario, all she has to do is close her eyes and relax with one of us on the couch, hopefully she falls asleep. It’s an extremely light domming, but she’ll knock two things out of the way.”
Steve nodded.




Clint followed Morgan’s scent easily in the vents, taking all of three minutes to find the omega, frowning when he saw her, reaching out and slapping her fingers away from prodding at the cut on her other hand’s finger. Morgan jolted at that, knocking her head into the vent wall and knocking out her headphones in the process, music blasting out of the tiny speakers. She shifted hiding her hand into her chest, “What you doing here?”
“Why are you messing with your cut?” was thrown back.
Clint sighed, he did the same thing sometimes when he wanted pain to be on the outside not inside; “You ready to come out?”
“Why not?”
“Don’t want to go back.”
“Go back where?”
“To omega space,” was spoken so quietly that Clint was basically just reading her lips.
Clint frowned deeper at that, he could see the terror on her face at the idea, “Why didn’t you say anything?”
“Wanted to stop remembering.”
“Why don’t we get out of here and we’ll talk with Steve and Buck. You’re going to need a release, but I’m sure they could help you somehow,” it wasn’t something he needed to know as a beta, he knew basics, but it wasn’t something he could help in, it wasn’t like he could tell she needed one either, at least not based on her scent alone, her scent was heavier to him, but that was it, his nose wasn’t as fine tuned to certain scents like alphas and omegas were.
“Promise?” Clint closed his eyes at that, damn she sounded way younger than she should, way more scared than he ever wanted his mates to sound like. Tony had gotten to that sound a few times, after the wormhole and remembering Afghanistan, but Clint didn’t like to think of it, Tony was Tony and him being scared had never set right with Clint, it didn’t set right when it was Morgan either for him.
“Yeah I promise we’ll talk. You ready?”
Morgan nodded slowly after a minute.


Both super soldiers were at the vent opening when Clint came out first, feet first, Bucky helping him stand when he was fully out of the ground floor vent that was in the pack closet, while Steve helped Morgan out, who was crawling out head first. “We need to talk first,” Clint spoke before Morgan was even fully standing.
Bucky raised an eyebrow, “What about?”
Clint looked at Morgan tilting his chin towards the brunette alpha in a silent order for her to be the one to tell them.
“Omega space.”
“Omega space?” Bucky inquired.
“I don’t … the drop freaked me out. I keep having nightmares that … like I’m back there … and that at any second I’ll disappear,” her entire body was shaking as she talked and they couldn’t tell if it was just the need of release or fear, most likely a combination of the two.
“How many hours have you slept since Saturday?”
“Um maybe four.”
“Four hours in three nights. Why not say something? We would have helped.”
“You guys are already doing enough,” she hated feeling like a burden.
Clint shook his head, “We’re your soulmates. Besides if one of us came to you wouldn’t you want to help?”
“Of course.”
“My point. We help each other out. I’m sure down the line there’ll be days where one of us will need your help solely.”
“But you’ve guys have never asked for anything emotionally, even before. The only thing I remember doing specifically is making specific dishes for you guys that you guys wanted, at one time or another, but that isn’t a hardship since I like cooking.”
Bucky shook his head, “I have, just not in so many words. You helped me work through my guilt for what I did to you when I went into rut.”
“I was the reason Bucky! If you had known I was omega, everything would have been different.”
“Maybe, maybe not, but you still helped me emotionally.”
“You’ve done it for me, I might not broadcast that I need it or that it helps but it does. Sometimes it just being there, not having to explain anything just being in a mates presence,” Clint informed. “We’re all a bit emotionally constipated, so sometimes it’s easier to just be there than have a long conversation with someone. We just need the presence as we figure something out ourselves.”
“I get that,” Morgan nodded.
“Is that why you have our clothes in your room? So that it grounds you?” Bucky asked.
Morgan blushed pink at that, “No, um partially yes. I grabbed some the first night. I just …”
“You just felt safer, more connected with them,” that was the whole point of nesting.
The blonde omega nodded at that.
“Why didn’t you just come in and sleep with us?”
“I wanted … I thought I needed to earn your trust more.”
Steve spoke up then, “Earning back our trust has nothing to do with you sleeping or not sleeping with us. We thought you wanted space so we didn’t push, we didn’t want you to feel pressured into doing it, but we should have just asked because you’d been sleeping in there before. Do you want to sleep in there?”
“Yes alpha,” was spoken earnestly and quickly.
Steve almost kicked himself, he should have waited until she was balanced for that question, just like he planned to wait to mention domming, because he wanted her clear headed to make these initial decisions, he didn’t want her in a submissive headspace where all she really wanted to do was submit. “Okay. Now back to omega space. I know you’re scared, your drop scared all of us, but it scared you the most by the sounds of it. I wish we had more time to help you overcome the fear, but you need a release now. And I know a release puts you back there, but it’ll be a controlled descent and omega space for releases can be shorter than in a drop, definitely shorter than almost three hours. Plus we’ll be right there,” they had been there for the drop as well, but with releases at least she knew with absolute certainty that they knew she was in there and wouldn’t leave her, “Nat told us how you like releases to happen, if you’re okay with one of us doing it that way? We can do that too, we can hold your hand and the other can hold the other one, if you want another alpha there. You might be scared, but we got you Morgan. Do you trust us enough to help you?” He hated the fact that it wouldn’t matter if she trusted them or not, she needed a release now, and they were on a very dangerous clock at the moment.
“I’d be … I’d like that, and I do,” after a minute, whining wouldn’t help the situation, it would just make everything worse, so she just sucked it up even if she didn’t want this, she didn’t want to go back there, but it was for her health and she knew it, it was why she asked them to take over this part because she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle this, she hated that her body worked against her sometimes, even before she had been petrified of omega space, she didn’t like the fact that she needed releases. She did trust them though, all of them. “Can we just get it over with,” her tone resigned.
“Yes, who do you want to do it, me or Buck?”
“Guess here,” faster they did it the less time she had to freak out.
“I’m just going to go eat lunch, got like thirty minutes left,” Clint excused himself, stepping back from the huddle.
“Thanks for going into the vents,” Bucky thanked as Clint started heading for the door, “I heated up your lunch for you its on the counter.”
“Yes thank you Clint,” Steve spoke.
“Thanks for everything,” Morgan added.
Clint shrugged, “No problem, and thanks Buck,” before heading exiting the closet to scarf down food.


Steve moved to the ottoman, both Bucky and Morgan following, sitting down with Bucky joining him on the left and Morgan standing on his other side. Steve let his hand lay on the back of the blonde’s covered knee, “You okay?” she was trembling.
Tears welled up at that, it was the worse question ever to ask someone who was holding emotions down by a thread; it just brought everything up to the surface. “Just do it, please alpha.”
Steve nodded, moving his hands to her waistband of her yoga pants before pushing them just far enough down that he could swat at the spot he needed for the release to happen and guided her across his lap, easily taking the proffered hand as Bucky reached with his flesh hand to grab the other. He began moments later, speaking up after two minutes while not breaking his stride, “You need to relax and fully submit, doll,” they’d be here forever if she kept staying as tense as she was, he knew she was trying though because she’d relax for a bit before tensing up even more.
Morgan just nodded.
It was five minutes later that Morgan fell into omega space, and another thirty before she was out.
Morgan squeezed their hands when she ready to stand a few minutes after, Steve helped guide her up when Bucky released her hand. “Better?”
“Still scared?”
“Yeah … easier knowing I had tethers though.”
“Good. I hate to do this now,” he really did, he just wanted to be able to just offer comfort, but he knew she needed and wanted consistency and stability when it came to things they said they’d do or things she asked for to happen. It especially sucked that the major reason she did it was because she was petrified of omega space, “But you earned yourself a spanking with all the hiding, withholding, and lying about your need for a release, you endangered your health by doing all that.”
“I um also purposefully hurt myself.”
“Where?!” blue eyes quickly checking her for signs while his hands started to roam her arms looking for cuts or breaks.
“I kept um kept pressing down on my cut,” holding out her finger that had a long cut from that morning.
Steve breathed a sigh of relief that was the last thing he had thought of when she said that, Bruce and Clint had done worse, way worse than press on a cut, people did that all the time without ill intention. Reaching for her finger he started turning it to the side a bit inspecting the thankfully non-bleeding cut to see if she needed stitches or first aid, it didn’t. “Thanks for telling me. Anything else?”
“Okay lets finish this and then me and Buck have something we want to ask you after.”
“I’ll get lunch for us ready,” Bucky spoke up then, standing as he talked.




Bucky set down a plate stacked high with nine peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as he sat down at the head of the table, Steve and Morgan joining on either side, and held out a couple napkins to use as make shift plates.
Steve chuckled as he grabbed a sandwich.
“What? The dishwasher is running, already.” Bucky grouched good-naturally.
Morgan looked over a Bucky, “I could have cleaned them, I should have been the one to have cleaned up the kitchen anyway,” looking at the cleaned off island, all the baked goods and pastries having been moved to the long counter and all the dirty baking utensils most likely in the running dishwasher. “Who cleaned up anyway?”
“I did.”
“Thank you, can I do anything as payment, since it was my mess.”
“Eat doll,” turning to Steve, “Why don’t you ask her that question now.”
“Yeah what did you want to ask me?” looking over at the blonde alpha as she grabbed a sandwich.
Steve swallowed his bite, “Oh, um. How do you feel about doing a light domming session after this, with a small set of temporary rules, the long term rules and everything we’ll discuss tonight with Nat if your up for it?”
“Sure. You guys haven’t been stopping yourselves have you? Shouldn’t it be heavier if you guys need to dom?” tilting her head and looking between the two alphas.
Steve shook his head, “No. We each have appointments later this week to get our major fix in, but this was mainly for you. Unless you want to go to the clinic too?”
“I’m fine and no to the clinic ever,” she couldn’t see herself submitting to a random stranger. “Why are you guys going to the clinic anyway? I told you I wanted to help you guys with whatever alpha needs I could.”
“I know, these are weekly pre-scheduled appointments, but if you’re up for it we can try.”
Bucky inputted then, “And besides there’s no way you’re fine, you haven’t submitted outside of two releases since you got here on Friday, and those are supposed to be on top of regular submission, not instead of.”
“You’re right. So what did you have in mind?”
Having already pre-discussed this with Bucky as they waited for Clint earlier, “Either Bucky or I would sit on the couch and you’d sit on our lap facing us, with your legs on either side of ours, you’d put your head on our right shoulder with your face turned to our neck and close your eyes and relax, we want you to fall asleep if you can. As for rules you wouldn’t get up from that position, you don’t talk unless it’s to ask to use the bathroom or use a safe word if the domming becomes too much for you,” Steve spoke, he didn’t foresee her needing to say the safe word, it was the lightest domming he had ever heard of in terms of both physical and emotional demand, but it was a safe practice to use especially since they couldn’t tell by scent yet.
“How is that domming?” eyebrows furrowing.
“We’re controlling your position and what you’re supposed to do.”
“Okay? What um is the safe word?”
“We do the color system, so red is for all stop.”
“You have any reservations for what I’m saying, anything you want to be clarified or to change?”
Pursing her lips as she thought about it for a second before shaking her head and saying “No.”
“So, Buck or me?”
“Which one of you has an earlier appointment?”
“Okay Buck then.”


Sitting down in the couch, Bucky shifted a few times so that he could sit in a comfortable position for hopefully a long time, he wanted the blonde to actually fall asleep, before looking at Morgan who was standing a foot or two away from him.
Morgan breathed in deeply, she really didn’t get how her sleeping was domming, but she didn’t mind trying to sleep especially if someone was going to be with her. Straddling the alpha’s lap before placing her head on his shoulder, her arms just dangling at her sides, “What am I supposed to do with my hands?”
Bucky looked at her out of the corner of his eye, “Whatever will be most comfortable for you to fall asleep with.”
“Okay,” moving her right arm to come around the brunette’s neck to link up with her left forearm while her left hand went under her head.
“Any last questions?”
“Okay then. You need to follow the rules then.”
“Mhm,” closing her eyes and breathing in his woodsy leather scent.


Steve walked in a half hour later to check on the domming, smiling he noticed Bucky holding a book with his metal hand while the thumb of his flesh hand absently did soothing circles on a sliver of exposed skin of Morgan’s lower back as she slept. Bucky glancing up a moment later to see Steve there, the blonde alpha mouthing out, “How long?”
“Five minutes,” was said in the same manner.
Steve nodded before walking quietly out.

Bucky frowned when thirteen minutes later, the blonde started shifting in his lap, her breath that had been soft a moment ago started becoming labored, running his hand down her back did nothing as she started gripping his shirt. A minute later she was screaming out, Bucky winced at the decibel, but it only lasted less than five seconds before Morgan was sitting fully up, breathing hard, and saying “Sorry” over and over again as she tried to scramble off his lap.
Gripping her waist to keep her in place, he spoke, “Doll, its okay, breathe, it was just a dream.”
“You’re okay, breathe,” exaggerating his breaths after that and watched her try to match it, Steve came running in then, but he waved the other alpha off as he kept Morgan’s attention on his breathing.
Eventually her breathing evened out, “Sorry for screaming in your ear.”
“That’s okay. You’re okay doll. You want to tell me about the dream?”
“Same one.”
Bucky nodded at that, “Why don’t you try falling asleep again, and I’ll tell you a story from when Steve was a little punk.”
“How about when you were a punk?”
Morgan giggled when Bucky gave a fake affronted look, “I was the perfect child, Steve was the wild child. Don’t let his current demeanor fool you.”
“Never,” spoken full of sarcasm and a slight shake of her head.
Bucky chuckled, “Okay, put your head back on my shoulder, relax, and I’ll tell you about the time Stevie and I tried to pull one over on the nuns.”

Chapter Text

“You call anymore of your family today?” Bruce inquired, seeing Morgan rubbing at her eyes as she cleared the leftover food she had made for dinner as Clint started picking up dishes, since it was his night to clean.
“No. I need to though, maybe I’ll call Rin or Rory,” she couldn’t do Ashley or Guthrie yet, it was way to close to her Uncle Filip for comfort and she wasn’t ready for that conversation yet.
“Didn’t we tell you they’re coming here on Saturday?” Bruce asked confused, seeing Morgan’s shocked face, he turns towards the rest of his mates, “Thought we told her?”
“Must have slipped,” Tony said with a shrug, his mind had been so focused on this weekends conference. “Sorry Morgan, we meant to tell you.”
“They’re coming here?” Morgan sputtered.
“Yeah, I believe they said ten. They insisted they come down. You’re okay with that right? We told you that we talked to your family, told them you’re back, but to let you call them when you’re ready,” Steve added. “Right?”
“Yeah, just … yeah I’m okay with them coming, you guys okay with that right? I know besides my mama’s side, none of you, besides Clint has met any other side and they don’t know you guys, are well you guys. You’re okay with Rin and Rory knowing?”
Bucky spoke, “They’re your family doll.”
“Family doesn’t mean trust,” Morgan cynically said.
“Do you not trust them?” Clint asked.
“No, no, I do, its not like they’ve ever lied about something as big as I did them,” Morgan explained before turning her back on her mates to grab Tupperware for the leftovers.
The rest of the pack grimacing at that; it was the exact reason the two blonde alphas were coming, besides to see that their cousin was okay. “Right,” Tony said awkwardly when Morgan turned back around, since nobody else was speaking up. “Since they’re coming you think you’ll try to contact your other family members before then?”
“No. Not yet. Just not ready to go and explain to my Uncle Filip and everyone, because it would be everyone, I can’t pick and choose when it comes to Cassidy’s. Everyone is everyone’s business.”
“You’d go in person?” Clint questioned.
“Yeah. It’d go better if I met in person, its one last thing they’d remark about. If I did it over the phone, they’d say I was hiding out in shame or something to that effect.” Looking over at the three alphas, “Same if you guys came, so if I did go talk to them, I’d need to do it alone. My Aunt May and Uncle Ben might see it as you offering comfort or being good alphas, whatever. But Uncle Filip will see it as me hiding behind someone else, that me having someone there, will be me confirming that I’m just weak now, that I can’t even apologize or fight my own battles without someone holding my hand.”
“What do you mean fight, like actual fight?” Clint asked slightly alarmed, turning from the sink at that, remembering the night he met Filip.
“Well in a sense, yes.”
“No,” Natasha exclaimed, “Not happening. I’m not letting you go to him if he’s physically going to hurt you.”
“Emotional is okay then?” raising her eyebrow at her female alpha, she knew that Natasha hadn’t meant it that way, she just wanted to get out of that line of thoughts.
“That not what I meant, but emotional isn’t going to leave you bloody. Morgan please tell me you’re not expecting to go to your Uncle and get beat up?” and apparently they weren’t getting out of it.
“It’s how most Cassidy’s handle betrayal,” shrugging as she answered as she dumped the excess rice into the plastic container.
Bruce shook his head, running a hand over his face, “Is that how you solve betrayal?”
“No, but I’m me. I’d do laps till I can’t swim anymore, cook and bake till we run out of ingredients for stuff, or I’d drink until I blacked out or something equally stupid.”
Steve spoke up, “For our peace of mind don’t do the last one.”
“You expecting me to feel betrayed?”
“I meant just in general.”
“But I agree with Natasha, doll, I don’t want you going to him if he’s just going to hurt you, especially if you don’t want us there,” if they were there they could stop it.
“I’m going to have to see him, Steve. If I ever want a relationship with Ash and Guth, I have to at least make it right with him, I’ll be fine.”
None of the mates looked pleased with the idea, but Clint was the one to ask, “What about a beta?”
“What about a beta?”
“You said he’d hold it against you if an alpha came, what about a beta.”
“You mean you, the same you who wanted to punch him in the face when he was doing his normal pep talk?”
“He slapped you across the face and threatened to beat you, that shouldn’t be his normal! I’m not going to stand by and let it happen, hun.”
“I’m not asking you too. I’m saying for none of you to be there.”
“That’s worse.”
“You guys are Avenger’s you can’t be seen beating up good guys.”
“I’m not an Avenger, and he doesn’t sound like a good guy,” Bucky pointed out.
“You’re not supposed to be that exposed. And besides that, to the public he is a good guy, he’s the reigning MMA champ for his division, the oldest brother to two MMA champs, a Tata to two up and coming MMA competitors, a business owner, and the alpha mate to the quintessential omega mate.”
Tony protested at that, “He could save babies out of trees, him hitting you does not make him a good guy in our books. So we don’t like the idea of you seeing him.”
“Well I have to. He’s my Uncle, he’s the head alpha of the Cassidy family, and I’m a Cassidy. I’m sorry you guys don’t like it, but I have to see him, we share the bar, or at least we do until it gets signed over to my alpha guardian and I get my designation changed from beta to omega.”
“Wait he isn’t going to be your alpha guardian is he?” Steve asked, they had all brainstormed who could do it, Filip had been nixed off the list immediately after Clint told them what he’d seen and based off the small conversation they had with the man and what other family members hinted at.
“No. Jay is, since you guys can’t sign the soulmate paperwork and I need an alpha on file. He’s going to sign and deal with everything by the books, so he’ll take over my finances, he’ll take ownership of my share of the bar, depending on the hassle my Uncle makes it, Jay has my permission to sell my share to my Uncle, so he doesn’t have to deal. But Jay isn’t going to take me away, he knows why you guys can’t sign and he agrees that it’s for my safety. So on paper he’s my alpha, but in life you guys will be.”
“That’s good,” that’s as good as they could ever hope.
“I thought so too,” it’s why she asked Jay in the first place. Switching the conversation completely, and turning to Natasha, “Are you going back down to SI?”
“Can you, me, Steve, and Buck, do domming rules and everything?”
Natasha glanced over at the two other alphas that were both looking at her and waiting for her answer before she replied, “Yeah.”


“Okay so domming?” Morgan asks sitting cross-legged on the coffee table as the three alphas sat across from her on the couch, Natasha in between the two male alphas.
“You want to go over things you might be willing to try in more depth or general rules?” Bucky questioned.
“Things we can try.”
“Okay you said you wanted to try kneeling and hand feeding. Anything else off the top of your head?”
“I liked what you had me do today, just wished I didn’t keep having nightmares,” she hated that every time she ended up screaming in the brunette’s ear from her nightmare.
“What did you have her do?” Natasha inquired turning to her left to look at Bucky fully.
“She sat on my lap with her head on my shoulder and tried to sleep.”
Natasha nodded.
“Everything we talked about last time I’m fine to try,” Morgan reminded.
“Anything that you’ve ever heard about that is a hard no for you already?” Steve questioned.
“You guys wouldn’t beat me, cut me, backhand me, or spit on me on purpose would you?”
All three vehemently shook their heads, Natasha being the one to say, “Absolutely not. Never. I’m sorry if you felt that was ever even an option. Why would you think we would do that?”
“I didn’t, never thought you did either. Just wanted to be sure.”
“Where did you even hear about that?”
Morgan shrugged, not wanting to get into that.
“Okay. No we are never domming or no domming going to beat you up, cut you with anything, purposefully spit on you, or backhand you. We don’t full out punch or kick our mates outside of sparring. And I can say for a fact that neither would Clint, Bruce, nor Tony would do any of that sort to you either. We’re never going to backhand you, but can we lightly slap your face just to redirect attention nonverbally is that okay?”
“I guess.”
“Okay, since you obviously have trepidation, how about we try it and if you don’t like it we can stop and we’ll figure out something that works for you.”
Bucky adding in for full honesty and clarification, “You’ve seen us all cuff each other on the back of the head, or slap each other on the a body part that wasn’t the face, or kick each other under the table. But all that was done in reprimand or jest depending on the situation. You still okay with all that?”
“Yeah,” it was natural when you were comfortably close to someone and had that type of relationship, she had that type of relationship with all of her friends and cousins, and before she left she was close to having that type of relationship with some of her mates.
“Okay any other hard no’s you can think of?”
The blonde thought about it for a moment before shaking her head, “Do you guys have hard no’s?”
“For sex, yes,” Steve answered.
“Eventually we’ll have sex. So why don’t we just get everything out now. What are hard no’s even if its something that would happen outside of domming?” Morgan asked. “It’ll give me things that I might not like as well or things I might be willing try with someone else, depending.”
“You sure you’re okay with that?” Natasha inquired.
“Talking about sex? Yeah.”
“Okay. I personally don’t like anything to do medical anything, no nurse or doctor stuff, no needles, no gloves, no facemask, no pretend operation; I hate the board game as well. And definitely, no peeing or pooping on me.”
Morgan scrunched up her face to it all, “All that hard no for me too. Why would anyone willingly pee or poop on another person?”
Natasha shrugged; she’d met a lot of people in her long life with all types of strange kinks.
“Well just for reference, nobody in this pack poops or pees on each other it’s a shared hard no for us all,” Steve puts out there.
Morgan nodded at that.
Bucky spoke up, “For me, hard no’s are anything to do with medical as well and no electrocution stuff. So no electrical stimulation, so no zapping me with any level of electrical stuff.”
Morgan nodded in understanding.
“I don’t do anything with ice play, needles, or blood,” Steve informed.
“What’s ice play?”
“Its when someone puts ice in or around sexual areas of the body, Tony likes doing it.” It was how he found out he didn’t, he had said he’d try and had to call red soon after when he started getting flashbacks to going into the ice.
“Oh. What is stuff you guys like doing to other people then? Do you guys only like being the one in control or ... I know someone said that Clint and Tony act as subs sometimes, do you guys?”
“I personally like being in control most if not all the time,” Bucky replied.
“I do too,” Steve answered.
Natasha informed with, “I’ll top from the bottom.”
“Okay. What things do you guys love doing then and would want to try with me, in or out of domming?”
“We aren’t pressuring you to do any of this, you don’t want to and we won’t,” Steve said wanting it to be explicitly clear.
Morgan rolled her eyes, “I know, Steve. I’m not … geez, you guys saying something doesn’t automatically make me feel pressured or want to do it. Just stop tip toeing its fu-freaking annoying, you guys can ask me anything, I’ll let you know if I don’t want to do it. And no even when I’m imbalanced or wanting to submit, I don’t feel pressured to do crap I don’t like, it’s probably actually when I’m the most honest with myself about things I like, want, or need. You might see it as me just submitting to what you asked, but for me it’s me being able to stop thinking about my insecurities and just letting things, things I want to do, happen. I can say no. I’m not scared of what will happen if I do, I trust that you guys aren’t going to just hurt me because I might not like something or want to do something.” She’s pushed them enough to know they wouldn’t, back as a pretend beta and now as an omega. “So what’s like the top five things that you guys want to try with me sexually in the future, in general or during a domming? Bucky?”
“I love leaving love bites and marks, bondage, so tying wrists together or spreading legs out, being in control of when and how many orgasms you’d get. I like swatting and gripping, being as rough as you would let me.”
“Okay,” she already knew of Bucky’s love of leaving love bites and marks, she had loved it too, she loved the feeling she got when she saw them later. “So Nat?”
“Well with you my knot would come into play and I’ve never really explored that side,” since outside of rut a female alpha’s knot didn’t actively come out without an omega’s chemical signature being passed between the omega and alpha, and since before Morgan had been on suppressants when they had done anything remotely sexual the omega’s chemical signature had been off, therefore, her knot hadn’t come into play with the blonde. “But outside of that new aspect that I’d want to explore with you, I love bondage, blindfolds, over-sensitizing erotic areas like playing with your nipples or giving multiple orgasms in a row, and orgasm denial.”
“Alright. Um Steve?” shifting slightly on the coffee table and hoping the three alphas couldn’t tell how turned on she was becoming by what they all were saying.
“Biting and licking everywhere, playing with your breasts, pinching, me telling you what I want you to do to please yourself with me watching, being in control of orgasms.”
“Okay,” was said heavily as she tried to control her growing want.
“So what’s your top five of things that you want to try or have tried and loved?” Natasha inquired shifting closer to Bucky where he was leaning back on the cushion.
“Oh. Um,” shifting even more as her face flushed slightly, “I loved,” rubbing at her face, “When, well I loved the love bites and marks,” marking the number by pulling down her forefinger with her other hand, before doing the same with her pinky for number two, “I liked it when you guys played with my boobs and stuff, um I liked not being in control so when you guys would put my legs around your waist or pin my wrists down, stuff like that, I liked the spontaneity, and … and five … I guess would be doing stuff solely for someone else.”
“What do you mean by the last two?” Bucky questioned, he could smell the arousal on Natasha due to her close proximity and he sure she could smell his, he was just thankful that it wasn’t hitting Morgan due to the fact that the coffee table was a few feet away and he was fighting back his erection.
“Being taken by surprise I guess, like obviously I knew it was one of the pack, but like being pushed into a wall or a pulled into one of you guys and kissed. And I liked giving orgasms and not getting it in return.”
“Okay. Anything that you didn’t like that any of us did or you saw us do to each other?”
“No, liked everything. I would have told you then if I didn’t.”

“Enough sex talk, domming lets deal with domming,” Steve proclaimed loudly, shifting so that one leg was over the other hiding his erection.
Morgan raised an eyebrow at Steve’s outburst, “Okay, I said yes to kneeling, hand feeding, all the sex stuff so far that you guys like, I already like or want to try eventually, I’m fine with you guys controlling my movements and everything during a domming, I liked the ‘domming’ we did today,” using air quotes on ‘domming,’ she still wasn’t sure how it classified as domming despite the small amount of control Bucky had over her positioning, “I obviously want to be able to discuss new domming thing before it happens, but if we’ve already done it and both liked it, I don’t see the need to discuss it all over again, unless new limitations or we’re reviewing it for remembrance sake. So what would be the general rules?”
“I get what you’re saying,” Steve answered; eventually when they the had a good rapport of domming scenarios, and could tell based on scents it would be normal to just notice she needed to sub and just easily slip into a domming with minimal to no questions and visa versa, for her just to be able to tell if they needed to dom and just start subbing with minimal to no questions. “Just remember this is a negotiation okay? If you don’t like the rules we’re saying, tell us, because after we finalize unless its not working out, I don’t see us deleting rules, adding yes, but deleting is unlikely. So I want you to truly understand and be comfortable with following the rules.”
“Yeah okay, what are they?”
Having fantasized and discussed these between the three alphas, they were all comfortable with just going down their list of priority rules, Natasha started, “You’re respectful to us, that means you don’t cuss at all, you don’t yell at us, you don’t roll your eyes, or any other sign of disrespect. You agree with that?”
Steve took the next one, “You don’t argue when we say something, since you’d already know what to expect and consented to it, there shouldn’t be any need for you to argue during a domming. Of course if you need to safe word because something became too much and you can’t handle it, do it. We will not punish you or make you feel bad if you need to safe word. You say the safe word all domming stops. We’ll discuss why you needed to safe word, what part of the domming that you were okay with and what made it not okay for you. I’ve been in sexual situations where I consented to do something and I figured out part way through it that I really couldn’t handle doing it, that it brought back painful memories, etcetera. That doesn’t mean it will always have to be off the table. We of course, will never spring it on you or ask you to try it again, but if you want to try it again, you need to be the one to ask and we’ll talk about it. Anything I just said you want clarification on or you not agree with?”
“I can safe word during sexual situations when it’s outside of domming too, right?”
“Then no problems, I agree.”
“Along the same lines,” Bucky started, “But you obey us the first time we say something. Meaning if lets say we’re hand feeding you, if we say to chew the bite we gave you twenty times, you do it twenty times. You get the picture?”
“You agree with the rule?”
“Yeah,” the major point of domming was for them to be in absolute consented control.
“This piggy backs on what Buck mentioned,” Steve stated, “But you don’t do anything we didn’t instruct you to do. So if we said hypothetically that we wanted you to swim freestyle for thirty minutes then get out of the pool and dry off, then walk down the stairs and do your homework for an hour, then shower for ten minutes, and then put on a certain pair of pajamas. You can’t switch out the order and shower before you’ve done homework for an hour, you can’t add a different style of swimming, and you can’t subtract time if you finish doing everything you needed to do in the shower in nine minutes. You follow our instructions to a T and we’ll be explicit as possible so there isn’t any confusion or interpretation of what we want you to do or how.”
“You agree with that rule?”
“Yeah I agree with it.”
“The next one is in the same line as the last two, you stay in the position we put you in, so for example we put your hand on our shoulder, you don’t move your hand from that position, you don’t move your fingers, you don’t shift your hand in any direction from the spot we put your hand on,” Natasha explained.
“Okay. What if my body gets locked up or stiff from being in that position too long and I need to stretch it out?”
“Tell us and we’ll figure it out.”
“I agree to the rule.”
“Last one, this one’s during a sexual domming, you ask permission to orgasm,” Bucky stated. “So if we say no, you have to hold out until we say you can.”
“Can you control that?” Morgan asked incredulously.
“Yeah it’ll take practice and we know that, so when we eventually do a sexual domming we’ll take your skill level into account for this rule.”
“Yes, willing to try.”
“So, you’re okay with all the rules?” Steve asked one last time.
“Can you repeat them back to us, so we know you know them?” Natasha examined.
“Okay, ask permission to orgasm, obey the first time, follow your instructions or placement completely without deviation, no cussing or disrespectful behavior, and …”
“That was it doll,” Bucky informed after a moment, “You joined two rules together, the following instructions to a T and not moving from position are two different rules, sometimes the domming with be instruction based other times it’ll be position, and most will be both.”
“You feel there should be anymore rules for yourself?”

“No. But what happens if I break a rule? Cause I’m trying not to, but track record for the last three days shows otherwise.”
“If you show disrespectful signs like rolling your eyes or yelling at us, it will be a spanking or corner time depending on the level of disrespect. You cuss, we might wash your mouth out or just swat you depending on the vulgarity and the frequency,” Steve explained, “You feel that’s fair?”
“What would you spank me with?”
“Our hand, a spoon, brush, or paddle.”
“Not a belt?” tilting her head slightly to the side.
“No because for a domming we would be right there, you wouldn’t get the chance to earn getting spanked by a belt.”
“Okay. When I had to get the paddle yesterday, I saw a riding crop in the drawer, what’s that for?”
“That’s for spankings.”
“But that isn’t on the list of approved implements?”
“Clint bought it for himself.”
“Uh. Why?” before quickly adding, “Wait sorry, you don’t have to tell me if its not --”
Natasha raised her hand to halt Morgan’s semi-apology, “It’s okay, probably better if you know so you don’t freak out if we ever pull it out. After Loki and everything, he bought it because it hurts more than a belt and he wants us to use it whenever he needs that extra sting, it’s something for him, … it helps him is the bottom line,” Natasha answered. “So unless you request being spanked with it, you don’t need to worry about it.”
Steve continued on then, “So arguing would get you spanked with any of the implements I already said or corner time, so would disobedience, not following instructions, or moving out of position.”
“Okay fair.”
Bucky took over then, “Depending on your skill level at the time will really effect how far we go in this punishment, but for failing to ask for permission to orgasms or not listening to our ruling on not having an orgasm, it could be that we deny orgasms for a certain amount of time, we could bring you to the brink of an orgasm and stop and do that over and over again, or we give you so many orgasms you would never want to orgasm again. What we do is really subjective to your skill level and how we want to go about punishing you.”
“Wow. That’s insane.”
“Insane, you don’t think it’s a fair punishment?”
“No, it’s … I don’t …” blushing hard at her thoughts.
“What you thinking?” Natasha inquired.
“Is it bad that I want to try that no- eventually?” was blurted out.

“No,” smirking slightly at the unintentional slip up. “Okay lets discuss our rules.”
Morgan furrowed her brows at that, “Your rules?”
“You didn’t think you’re the only one that gets domming rules did you?” Steve asks.
“Well yeah.”
“Nope. We get a few too, their promises to you, but we,” pointing between him and his co-alphas, “Will hold each other accountable to them, and if we break them, we will be punished. So they are, one, we will never violate the trust you give us when we are in control, so you say a safe word we stop, we don’t push past the limits of what you can handle or have said no too. Two, we will be respectful, sensitive, and caring to your needs and wants. Three, we will be patient and fair in both what we ask of you and how we punish you. Four, we will always provide aftercare, however you need it. Anymore you want to add?”
Morgan tilted her head thinking about it for over a minute before shaking it with a “Nope.”
“What’s some things that you want as aftercare?” Bucky questions.
“Cuddles and um praise.”
“Okay. Anything else?” Natasha investigates, “Do have like a favorite drink or snack, movie or songs that we can give you or listen to as we cuddle and relax?”
“Water or a smoothie, anything on my iPod.”
“We can do that.”
“Do you guys need aftercare?”
“Cuddling works for us too, seeing that you’re content, and if it was harder domming knowing we didn’t hurt you in a way you didn’t appreciate, want, or could handle,” Bucky answers before looking at his co-alphas to see them nodding along to what he had said.
“I can do that. Do I have to call you guys solely alpha during a domming or do I call you by something else?” she tended to slip into calling them alpha when she got into a submissive headspace, it was a sign of respect, but mainly it just felt right to her.
“Alpha or Steve,” the head alpha replied.
Bucky answered with “Only alpha.”
“I’d prefer if you called me alpha, but you can use Natasha too,” Natasha explained. “What would you want, Morgan, pet names, omega, or something else?”
“Pet names or omega,” Morgan informed.
“We can do that,” Steve spoke.

“Alright. Is there anything else we need to talk about?” Morgan questioned.
Natasha nodded, “When was your last heat?”
“It was in March um … the eighteenth through twenty-seventh.”
“Your heat was nine days?” Bucky asked.
“How’d you handle it? How do you want to handle your next one, which is next month if it isn’t irregular?” Natasha inquires, which new heats or ruts tended to be.
“Jay helped me through, since I refused to use the clinic or heat toys. He didn’t have sex with me or anything,” scrunching up her nose while making a disgusted face at the idea, “But he um gave me skin to skin contact and stuff.”
Steve narrowed his eyes, “What aren’t you telling us?” He knew that heats without a knot or at the very least a knot toy were extremely painful and dangerous for omegas, just like ruts without an omega or at the very least a toy that impersonated an omega’s channel were extremely painful and dangerous for an alpha.
Scratching her ear for a second, “He needed to put me in an ice bath so that my fever didn’t kill me and um I fell unconscious for a few days from the intensity of the pain and fever.” Seeing the intensity of the looks she got, she tried joking, “Thank goodness for a high pain tolerance.” The joke falling flat as she received even more un-amused looks.
“You aren’t doing that again,” Natasha growled vehemently, “So toys, clinic, us, what’s it going to be?”
Not having to even think about it, “You guys.”
“You sure? You won’t hurt our feelings if you choose toys or a clinic,” Steve stated.
“I’m sure.”
“Okay, you change your mind you let us know.”
“I won’t change it, but okay.”

“You up for discussing omega rules?” Bucky inquired.
Morgan sighed, “Wondering when you would ask that.”
“You not want them?” Bucky queried.
Morgan made a non-committal noise, “Don’t you guys need them though, isn’t it something that helps you with something?” Mandy had told her about them once, but she couldn’t remember the reason they were important, just that they were, for both alphas and omegas. It would be for her benefit too, which was the thing with alpha/omega biology they both needed the same things, they were two sides of the same coin, they fulfilled each other biological needs by the alpha giving and omega receiving, basically.
“We do,” they needed a mental divider basically between omega mates and alpha/beta mates, for a lot of biological reasons. Bucky had thought it was bogus when he was a kid and his alpha Uncle had explained why his omega Uncle had a list of rules all for himself compared to their beta mate, but after he became an alpha he saw and felt just how much it wasn’t bogus, it was needed and omegas needed it just as much.
“So lay it on me.”
“We’re going to negotiate them with you,” Bucky stressing the word.
I know,” was spoken just as stressed, but with an undertone of petulance.
Bucky’s eyes narrowed, but he continued on, “You tell us if you need a release or if you need to be dommed,” they would dom regularly, but sometimes an omega or alpha just needed more than usual and by her telling them she would have to keep an open communication of what’s running through her head, because an omega’s levels were ruled more by emotions than an alphas, “So no holding out or not telling us because you don’t want to be a burden or anything of the like. You need those things Morgan and we want to provide those things.”
“As long as you promise to tell me if you guys need to dom. You don’t need the stupid clinic anymore, since I’m able, willing, and wanting to fulfill your guys needs too.”
“You might want to start after we go to the clinic this week. Cause we’re all going for a major fix,” Natasha enlightened. “We don’t want you to be overwhelmed with three alphas needing to do an intense domming each, maybe more, in a short period of time.”
“I can handle it now.”
“Alright if you think so, after this we’ll try a small domming session if you’re up for it.”
“I am.”
“So do you agree with the rule?”
“Next one is then, no alcohol until your twenty one, after twenty-one you ask one of the three of us if you can and we control if you can, when you can, and how much you can drink,” Steve laid out.
“I agree,” was answered easily, she used to be an alcoholic it helped her more than anything else.
Natasha gave the next one, just like the last two rules, it was a rule that Morgan had asked for since she got back, but they were finally making it official, “No pain pills, or prescribed medication or drug will be administered or taken without our knowledge and consent, meaning that it needs to be given to you by either a doctor with us watching you or by us.”
“So I should tell you I’m on birth control.”
“You are?”
“Yeah, not pills obviously, but I got a birth control implant that last for three years, right here,” pointing to her upper arm.
“Okay, that’s one less thing to worry about,” Steve spoke up; he forgot that she would need that; since none of the rest of them could be impregnated it wasn’t something they thought about, well Natasha could have if it wasn’t for the Red Room.
“You guys aren’t upset?”
“No. It’s not hurting you is it?”
“No its safe for omegas.”
“Than we aren’t upset.”
“Any other drugs your taking?” Natasha probed.
Morgan tilted her head slightly to the side, “Do vitamin supplements count?”
“What supplements?”
“Iron, calcium, zinc, and omega supplements.”
“Why are you taking them?” Steve questioned.
“Iron to help with red blood cells carrying oxygen, calcium for bones, zinc for appetite, omega supplements to help in the production of omegone and other omega hormones. The doctor I went to with Jay said I only need to be on them for two more months.”
“Okay, you can still take them, but they’re categorized under drugs for us so we’d like to hold onto them and you come to us when you need to take them.”
“You agree with the rule?”
“Off topic question, when was the last time you went to the doctor?” Natasha inquired.
“About week or two into my stay with Jay. I wasn’t eating enough according to him, which I knew, I just didn’t have an appetite, he was worried, got even more worried when I weighed in at eighty-nine pounds.”
“That’s five pounds less than when you were here and Bruce weighed you,” Steve stated.
“Yeah, for fights if your under the weight you want to bulk up, so for that week I was with my Uncle he made me drink all these shakes and stuff that would bulk me up, I threw up most of them, he just didn’t know that. He has a bunch of natural methods too to bulk people up in short amounts of time so he was making me do a lot of them. So when I went to the doctor with Jay, I was at the weight I normally had been at, actually slightly more.”
“How much you weigh now?”
“One o four last I checked, which was like a week ago.”
“That’s still under for our height isn’t?” Natasha questioned, she herself was one twenty five on average.
“Yeah by a couple pounds I believe, but still leaps better than where I was at.”
“What were you pre-presentation?”
“One fifteen I think. So what’s the next rule?”
“You obey us the first time we tell you to do something when out in public,” Bucky vocalized.
Morgan raised an eyebrow at that, “Yeah no.”
“Why not?”
“Why would I?”
“For your safety, we’re not meaning things like getting us a napkin,” Steve clarified, “I mean if we tell you that you need to stop doing something, tell you to duck or to go somewhere so that you’re out of the crosshairs of something, that you do it. No questions asked.”
“I can protect myself,” Morgan protested.
“But we’re your alphas, we want to be able to protect you, this is for our peace of mind and your safety. You’re not able to fight off everything and we need to know you will be safe.”
“Why not just tell me and I can decide for myself.”
Natasha shook her head, “In some situations its split-second decisions, we won’t have time to tell you the situation in detail and we won’t have time to argue why we’re making a certain call.”
“How about a code word or something, something that you wouldn’t say to me or call me by to tell me so I can be on the look out and protect myself.”
“How about you listen to us when we tell you to do something out in public.”
“How about in dangerous situations that you know I can’t handle, you tell me and I’ll listen.”
“Morgan, we can’t always tell if it’s a situation you can or can’t handle and we aren’t about to let fate be the deciding factor. So we tell you, you obey.”
“I get it.”
“So you agree to the rule?”
“No. How about you guys pick a code word or something and I’ll obey, but you guys have to believe it would be a dangerous situation.”
Steve nodded, “Fine.”
“What’s the code word then?”
“We’ll call you omega instead of your name or a pet name, since this will be out in public so we wouldn’t be actively domming at the time.”
“Okay, I agree then.”
Bucky spoke up then, “No leaving the Tower without an alpha or beta we trust with you.”
“I’ve left the Tower by myself all the time before, I can handle myself.”
“That was as a pretend beta, you’re an omega, Morgan, that is seen differently. Wish it wasn’t the case, but it is. You’re more vulnerable alone now, especially to alphas that can’t respect boundaries or the law and might use an alpha command on you.”
Morgan grumbled slightly, she knew that, it was dangerous enough being a female anything by yourself, but to add omega was asking for trouble. “How about just at night?”
“How about two hours before sunset to two hours after sunrise, you must have an alpha or beta we trust with you? And during the day you text us when you get someplace, leaving someplace, and call every hour you’re not at a place where we trust all the occupants with you. And anytime you’re doing public transportation you must have an alpha or beta with you,” Bucky conceded.
“What do you mean by places you don’t trust all the occupants?”
“Means that you don’t have to call us every hour if you’re at your Aunt May’s apartment, or if you’re at someone’s house that we trust, but if you’re out in a public setting or at someone’s house we don’t trust, you do.”
“So Uncle Fillip’s?”
“Don’t trust him, you call every hour.”
“Last rule, no wearing inappropriate clothes out in public,” Natasha stated.
“Really?” was asked incredulously.
“What do I wear that you think I dress inappropriately? I’d get if it was Steve or Bucky that said it they were born like a thousand years ago,” Morgan exaggerated heavily, “You weren’t.” Forgetting that Natasha had been born only ten-ish years after the two super soldiers.
“Technically I’ve lived more years than all our mates, since they’ve both been put on ice, but this rule like all the rest has already been negotiated down for you already,” Natasha informed, “But I can go back and stand firm with the original if you want to try that one,” she actually liked the rule before they changed it, but Steve, Bucky, and her had all played Morgan’s advocate on the rules they wanted, so they already knew how far they were willing to go down without having to discuss every push back they knew Morgan might have, they even nixed a lot of rules they knew the blonde wouldn’t go for, at least not all at once, they could always negotiate more rules later on.
“No thank you. But seriously what clothes?”
“That little outfit you were wearing when we met, the skimpy dresses you own for what I’m hoping are when you just went out to clubs or bars, the shirts that shows off half your stomach, the shorts that probably barely cover your butt.”
“Did you guys literally look through all of my clothes?”
“Yes,” Natasha stated, not apologetic in the least, they all shared clothes, the blonde herself told her that she could borrow any of the blonde’s clothes; just like she had told the blonde she could borrow hers.
“I barely wear the dresses. And the shorts and shirts are when it’s summer and hot.”
“You can wear clothes that doesn’t show off half your body and still feel cool,” Bucky voiced.
“I like most of my clothes.”
“You can still wear them, just not in public.”
“So basically around the house, where we all can walk around naked?”
“Then what’s your suggestion?” Steve questioned.
“I wear what I like.”
“Not if it’s inappropriate.”
“How about if I want to wear what you guys consider inappropriate, I give you one veto on one piece of the outfit that I chose.”
“No you all have to agree on one article of the outfit, if I do each than you can nix entire outfits.”
“How about a jacket or something to help cover up the ‘skimpiness’ of a dress, or if I wear a stomach showing shirt I wear appropriate bottoms, or appropriate tops with the ‘inappropriate shorts,’” using air quotes on some of the words she said.
“So partial inappropriateness?”
“Yeah sure, call it what you want.”
Natasha nodded, “Fine, but you have to cover up the major inappropriateness of the dresses at all times, and nothing in public can ever show off parts of your body that is made for pack eyes only.”
“What are those parts?”
“What’s covered by a strapless bra or panties that cover your entire bottom,” Natasha informed.
“Deal. What happens if I break any of these rules?”
Steve took over then, “For the rule we just went over, you break it, we pick your outfits for going out in public for the next month.”
“Fine, fair.”
“You do any type of drugs or alcohol without our permission, you’ll get a spanking with a belt, corner time, and will be grounded.”
Morgan sat up straighter at that, her body tingling with remembrance of the spanking she got when they found out about the suppressants, “You’d be in control right?”
“Yes, we will be in control of our emotions, I should have never of spanked you for the lying and suppressant use while still angry and upset to the point that I wasn’t in complete control,” knowing exactly why Morgan got more alert at the mention of a belt. “The punishment will be fair to what and how much you took or drank. We will not leave bruises or abrasions and that goes for any spanking you will ever get with any implement. Our rules for doling out discipline didn’t just change because we’re now talking about omega rules and it didn’t change for domming rules either if you’re worried about that.”
“You agree a belt spanking, corner time, and being grounded is an appropriate and fair punishment?”
“You leave the Tower without an alpha or beta we trust between the agreed upon hours, or you take public transportation without an alpha or beta we trust, or you don’t call or text during the agreed upon times, and you’re grounded, length of time is dependent on where you went and how long you were gone for.”
“You don’t obey us the first time in public when we tell you to do something for your safety when we believe it to be a dangerous situation, you’ll get a spanking and will be grounded.”
“You agree?” wanting to be completely on the same page.
“You hold out not telling us about needing a release, we’ll do exactly what I did today. You hold out on needing to be dommed, we’ll start the domming off on with a punishment domming.”
“What’s a punishment domming?”
“Meaning we might give you a chore or a task we know you don’t like doing, to do, we might spank you, might have you stand in the corner, we might just lecture you, or we might have you explain why you deserve a specific punishment that you chose to match the severity that you broke the rule at. Something to that effect.”
“Oh,” so it was a grounding without the grounding aspect.
“You have any protests to that?”

Chapter Text

“You think we could do a domming right now?” Bucky inquired slightly jittery, the one they did last night helped, but it had already been late once they had all finished talking about omega rules, and both him and Morgan had been exhausted from the day, so they hadn’t dommed for that long and today he had been supposed to get his major fix before he started showing any symptoms of domming withdrawal, he hadn’t cancelled the appointment just in case, but he wanted to honor Morgan’s want of being the one they relied on.
Morgan looked up at the brunette from cutting the last of the celery for the stew she was making for that night, “Yeah. Can we discuss, while I finish this,” using her knife to point out the carrots that she needed to cut next.
“Yep. I was hoping we could do a more intense domming than what we did yesterday.”
“When were you supposed to go to the clinic?”
“No license no clinic, Audrey, Pepper’s omega mate or um Andrew, Maria Hill’s omega mate, I don’t think you’ve met him yet, they alternate who comes here once a week based on their schedules to do an intense non-sexual domming.”
“How come I never noticed?”
“You were usually in the city working or training and we didn’t broadcast the fact that we had appointments to dom.”
“Oh. So what you thinking?”
“You said you wanted to try hand feeding, but is there anything that you want to get done today, like workout or study,” that was the thing about domming, that as long as he got to be in control of what Morgan did and how, he could work it so that she got things she needed accomplished done.
“I was going with Steve to get pictures upstate. You don’t think Steve would mind if I canceled do you?”
“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind,” he was positive the blonde alpha wouldn’t, Steve was in the pack room trying to think of a way to get out of going without lying or hurting Morgan’s feelings because he didn’t want to be the one to tell Morgan about her family secret, especially since he barely knew anything and it wasn’t his secret to tell, it was why Sharon and Bobbi were coming down Saturday, which was three days away to tell.
“I can workout if you want to dom that way.”
“Yeah that would be good. So tell me if it’s a no at any point. We’ll start right after you’re done with whatever you need to be, you’ll match my steps to the bedroom and I’ll hand you the work out attire I picked from your section and you will then change into it in the bathroom. Then we walk up to the gym with you matching my steps, in the gym you follow my instructions and positioning for stretching, crutches, pushups, planks, lunges, running. Then wrestling would be free form, it’ll be a way to assert physical dominance since I physically need to pin you to the mats or make you tap to win,” Bucky explains, “So try your hardest to win, it’ll make the event more fulfilling for both of us if I make you submit. Then you go back to following my instructions and positioning for cooling down. We exit the gym same way as we came, you matching my step. I’ll hand you a comfy outfit I want you to put on after you shower in the guest bath, which you’ll walk to by yourself, you’ll have seven minutes from the moment you turn on the shower to shower, Jarvis will tell you when it’s two minutes before the seven minute mark and then at the seven mark he’ll turn off the water, then you’ll dry off and change into the clothes, and put your hair in that um braid that starts here,” pointing to the top of his head.
“A French braid,” Morgan supplied.
“Okay that, so your hair is out of your face. I’ll get you from the bathroom when you’ve finished and you’ll match my step to the table, you’ll kneel on the pillow I’d of put down once I tell you to kneel, and you’ll do it just how I showed you to last night. Then I’ll hand feed you bites of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I’d of made and cut up into small bites, grapes, and water. After were done with that, I’ll tell you to stand and we’ll move to the couch, you matching my step, the moment we both sit on the couch the domming stops and we’ll do aftercare. You okay with all that?”
“Yeah perfectly okay,” Mike and Jay dommed her by controlling workouts, so she already had experience in that arena, and hand feeding was something she really wanted to try. She had loved the kneeling, they had done last night, even though it was only for fifteen minutes before the calmness of the act had made the tiredness of the day hit both her and Bucky and he had them stop.
“Any questions or concerns?”
“During the work out what happens if I need to use the bathroom, need water, or I need a breather?”
“You tell me if you need to use the bathroom and I’ll take you. And I’ll be giving you water and breathers throughout the workout, I’m not going to ignore your needs.”
“Okay. Any specific rules to this domming?”
“No, lets work on applying the general rules before adding more rules to account for.”
“Works for me,” grabbing the last two carrots of the bunch to cut up.
“I’ll tell Steve that you can’t go --”
“I can tell him, Buck.”
“I know, but I want to you to finish what you’re doing and besides I’m going into the pack room anyway to pick out your clothes.”
“No. Thank you for doing this.”


Bucky walked into the closet heading for Morgan’s section that was situated between his and Clint’s to find Steve pacing in only his jeans, “You’re off the hook.”
“What?” Steve asks, his eyebrows pinching together.
“I asked Morgan if she and I could do a domming,” grabbing for the workout attire he’d seen Morgan in a bunch of times before.
“You didn’t have to do that for me.”
“Not about you, punk,” Bucky teased, before saying seriously, “I need it and I don’t think she’d appreciate that not a day in, I went to another omega to dom when she asked that we dom her when we need it.”
“Well thanks anyway.”
“You still have tomorrow and Friday that she could ask to go up there.”
“No, I have the clinic tomorrow.”
“You really going?”
“If Morgan wants to help she can, but I rather pay the no-show fee and have that option available if she can’t. Nat has hers tomorrow too, three alphas that need major fixes before they start to show withdrawal symptoms is a lot for someone who has only been dommed by one alpha.” Withdrawal symptoms for an alpha that hadn’t dommed enough, to keep their chemical and hormonal levels within a small steady margin, were not fun or safe for the alpha or anyone near them, it started out with excess energy and aggression before snowballing into what looked like an adrenaline high where the alpha mentally and physically started to loose control in their ability to stop themselves from needing to exert dominance and aggression into everything and everyone in their path, trying to get that release that domming gives, but due to the withdrawal it exaggerates everything and makes it to where their body takes twice as long to recover that hormonal and chemical level and once they did, they ended up crashing from the their body being so overworked. Thankfully, there were no adverse affects when it came to too much domination or submission.
“I get it, I still have my session with Audrey on stand-by just in case.”
“You want me to be in the room for you and Morgan?”
“Nah, she’s our omega,” grinning at the thought.
“Okay then. I cleared the day to go upstate, so I’m going to go and just relax and draw.”
“Okay,” grabbing one of his t-shirts for Morgan to wear as a comfy shirt.
“So what’d you plan?”
“Workout routine, wrestling, and hand feeding.”
“You sure that’s enough?”
“I’m hoping the wrestling with pay off the most. But the whole domming is more physically intense than what we did yesterday so --”
“Mister Bucky, Miss Morgan is finished with the stew prep work and is waiting for you to collect her,” Jarvis spoke up.
“Thanks Jarvis.”




Natasha raised an eyebrow when Tony just strolled into Pepper’s office; she was leaning onto the desk working out tomorrow’s schedule with the strawberry blonde CEO.
Tony calling out, “Pep, Nat, what you two lovely ladies doing?”
“Tony what do you want?” Pepper asked in a long-suffering sigh, this week was busy with the tech convention all this weekend and the quarterly board meeting Friday, “We don’t have an appointment.”
“I know. I wanted to know how your end is going.”
“Could have told you tonight,” Pepper reminded, whenever Audrey subbed for Bucky, Happy, Audrey, and herself would stay for dinner and if he was in town Phil would, as well. She knew Maria and Andrew did the same thing sometimes.
“Yeah, well I needed a break, everything was blurry.”
Natasha moved over to her mate at that, her voice soft as she ran a hand down his arm and asked, “You okay?”
“Yeah, just …”
“Haven’t slept all that well.”
Natasha gave an understanding nod of what he didn’t want to say, “Well Steve and Morgan went for a drive, and Buck has until three free, why don’t you go upstairs, take a break, rest, take the petting he usually gives the cat and nap.”
“Yeah, I’ll do that.”
“Anything you want me to do?”
“No, just you know need my brain to stop,” he’d been going at it since he woke up at just before eight yesterday morning, after less than four hours of sleep, only breaking for dinner last night and it was hitting eleven thirty now.
“Why not tonight, you go to bed with the rest of us, you know you’re supposed to get minimum ten hours of sleep in seventy-two hours,” it was a personal rule he asked to be accountable for.
“Sounds good.”
Kissing him lightly on the lips, “See you at dinner, amore.”
“Malysh,” pecking her on the lips before separating fully before calling out “Later Pep.”
“Bye Tony.”


“Nat said you and Morgan left?” Tony speaks as he walks into the kitchen to see Steve and Clint talking.
“Decided not to, Bucky asked her to dom, so they’re up in the gym.” They’d been up there for over an hour and a half now, “You looking for him?”
“Just need a nap and hoping for a massage.”
“I can do that.”
“Like that.”
“Have you ate today?” seeing the shake of the brunette’s head, “How about a sandwich?”
“What you making?” there really was a fine line of what they let Steve make them.
“Cutting up the last of the pork from last night,” they never seemed to have a lot of leftovers, even if the person made enough for basically twenty normal people, with seven of them, all with a highly active lifestyles, two that were super soldiers with a high metabolism that ate enough for three to four people each on a normal day, Bruce with the Hulk in him, and Natasha who had been given a knock off serum when she graduated the Red Room.
“Yum,” sitting down next to the archer, “How’s the conference going?”
“SI has a shit ton of bylaws,” Clint grouched, as security the needed to know every departments so that they could secure it to the best of their ability.
“Yeah well it’s why we’re the best,” Tony boasted.
“Helps you have ex-spies running around the building that were trained by moi.”
“Sure its not that the Black Widow is the CEO’s assistant and is ‘friends’ with moi,” Tony joked back, because the world thought that the Avengers’ were just a team, friends, that happen to live in the same building on his dime.
Clint shrugged, “The heels man, it’s the heels. Nothing’s scarier than someone who can kill with just a pinky having sharp spikes attached to their feet.”
Tony exaggerated a shudder, “Six inch devils,” his toes had gotten a feel of the devil spikes a lot, when either Pepper or Natasha had to be discreet about admonishing him for what he was saying to political big wigs, business owners, or investors that he didn’t like, but needed to have a good relationship with.
Steve rolled his eyes at the two betas, pulling out the slightly burnt bread that had been toasting in the oven. “Mustard and lettuce works, right?”
“We don’t have any of that mushroom onion thing Morgan made last night?” Tony inquires.
“Yeah mustard, lettuce. Thanks.”
“Me too, Steve, thanks,” Clint piped up.
Steve nods, “Welcome. How’s R&D going?”
Tony replying with “Good, fine. We finished all the prototypes for the convention about thirty minutes ago, now we just have to do finishing touches on the prototypes for the board because they have no imagination.”
Steve nodded before saying, “That’s good, why don’t you get into sweats so after lunch I can give you that massage,” not wanting to fuel Tony’s rant about board members; he’d do a similar rant every time he dealt with the board if they let him.
Tony nodded, jumping off the stool with a flourish.
Clint chuckled when Tony practically skipped out of the kitchen; the brunette loved massages especially from the blonde alpha because he got the pressure just right. After a minute saying, “How about me after work, I’ll make it worth your while?” wagging his eyebrows as he finished.
“Sure. But remember Pepper and everyone’s coming for dinner, so after.”
“Works for me. Does Morgan know to account for three more?” he asks, glancing over the two large crockpots on the counter behind the larger blonde.
“Yeah, told her last night.”
“Guessing no leftovers then.”
“Probably not.”
“I like stew as a leftover,” pouting slightly, there was something about the ingredients soaking up all the spices even more after being in the fridge for the night.
“Can always ask for her to make it next week,” Steve reminded, he knew Morgan already had the rest of the meals she was doing this week planned out, her list of things she needed from the store hanging on the fridge for Bucky when he goes tomorrow.
“Maybe I will, ooh she’s Italian maybe she can make homemade pizza.”
“Don’t think it works that way,” pushing the blonde’s sandwich towards him, chuckling.
Clint shrugged taking a giant bite.
Tony came in a minute later, just in sweat pants that hung low across his hips. Sitting down he gave Steve a nod of thanks as he pulled his sandwich closer and dug in.


Tony melted into the bed as Steve got to work undoing the knots in the brunette’s lower back, pressing his knuckles into the muscle. “Yeah there.”
Steve responded by digging just a little harder, Tony moaning in relief as the knots started to loosen.
Forty minutes into the massage, Bucky and Morgan come in side by side, Bucky handing off the pair of clothes he picked out and Morgan leaving with a “Thank you, alpha,” once he told her to head for the guest shower.
Bucky turned to the two men, sweat dripping on his face, he hadn’t expected it to be so hard to pin Morgan down, he had done it before easily, he had rolled with her multiple times since that first self-defense night when they learned that she could fight. He used to seek her out because he always felt better after, now that he knew she’s an omega, he figures that his body had been reacting to her instinctively and he had been unknowingly been able to release the hormones that come with domming to keep himself level. “You guys going to be in here for the next hour?”
“Yeah,” Steve says, turning to the brunette alpha, Tony making a humming sound in answer, as well.
“Okay,” heading towards the shower and stripping off his sweat riddled shirt.


Steve looked down at Tony finally stopping his slow rubs of the man’s back, the brunette was snoring lightly, face smashed into a pillow, had been for the past five minutes. The blonde sighed, stretching out his own back from his hunched over position he had kept himself in before pulling off his shirt and tossing it towards the dresser to wear later, laying down next to the genius, he started to unbuckle his belt before pulling off his jeans and throwing them towards his shirt with a heavy thud. Snuggling in close he carefully threw his arm around the beta and closed his eyes.




Natasha raised an eyebrow when she came in the lounge to find Bucky laying on the couch with his eyes closed, head on Morgan’s lap, the television on low with some sports movie on that Morgan was completely engrossed in, as she ran her fingers through the brunette’s long locks.
“When he fall asleep?”
Morgan looked over at that, obviously not having heard the spy come in, “Movie and a half ago.”
“Thought you were going upstate?”
“Buck asked to dom.”
“That explains why Audrey’s in Pepper’s office.”
Morgan’s eyebrow scrunched up in confusion, “How does that explain it?”
“Buck had an appointment at three, its four ten,” since Pepper had two assistants they timed it so that usually Natasha worked from seven to four, as long as nothing was pressing that she solely handled for the CEO.
“Thought he cancelled it?”
“He did if Audrey and Happy didn’t just come up here,” Happy always stayed to make sure his mate was fine, just like Maria did with Andrew, since at the beginning the pack had been worried that Bucky might start remembering his time with HYDRA and slip into being the Winter Soldier. So there had always been at least one mate near Bucky at all times, so either Happy or Maria had always been in the room as well when Bucky dommed their omega mates, so that the pack could take care of Bucky if something happened and they could get their omega mate out of the room. It never happened, so after a while the pack stopped always having one of the mates near Bucky at all times, and Happy and Maria trusted the packs judgment so they were going to stop coming as well when their mates came up to be dommed, but Bucky stated he preferred that they stay as it felt weird to him having to dom a mated omega with nobody watching because in the clinic they always had a person there to secure the safety of both the alpha and omega during a dom, plus he was only really around the omega twice a month, since they alternated weeks, so he didn’t have a good read on their scents, so having a bonded mate in the room that could, was a comfort to him.
“So what did you guys do?”
“Exercise routine, wrestled, then tried hand feeding.”
“You like it?”
“Yeah, I’m used to being dommed while working out, it was the only way that Jay did it, so all that was normal. The hand feeding was good, just weird. I’m not used to someone feeding me bites of stuff, I kept accidently biting Buck’s finger at first.”
Nodding, “He’s sleeping, which is a good sign, if he still needed to dom he’d be full of energy, and his scents normal too,” Natasha informed.
“Yeah his scent was almost normal after we wrestled.”
“You can tell?”
“Relatively, … on suppressants I could sometimes scent you guys, … like the different things that only omegas and alphas can scent on each other, … but they had to be stronger than normal I guess, like I couldn’t tell all that well until you guys were hitting the more major notes. Its how I didn’t notice Buck had been on the cusp of a rut until he was showing major signs that he was starting and my body was reacting almost fully. But now I can scent you guys fully, so its really just me trying to figure out what scents mean what, like I have base knowledge, its me now trying to figure out what the softer scents mean.”
“So, can you tell if I need to dom, now?” moving to sit next to the omega on the couch.
Morgan tilted her body closer taking a whiff, “Yeah, it’s a lot stronger than yesterday, yesterday I could tell something was off, just not what it was.”
Natasha smiled, “Part of your scent is lighter today through,” unlike Morgan she didn’t have a baseline yet of the omega’s scent.
“Yeah, I guess I really needed the domming too.”
“Yet you’re not passed out on the couch.”
“I think I tuckered him out in wrestling.”
Slight surprise in her voice as she asked, “Did you now?”
“Now that I’m healthier and I’m not holding back my training, I think I took him by surprise.”
“You holding out before?”
“Well yeah. I might not be at your guys level, but I’m not way below it either.”
“Maybe you can show me sometime, it’d be nice to spar with someone my height.”
“Be nice if you didn’t kick us near the crotch as your first move,” Bucky grumbled.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you,” Natasha apologized.
“Didn’t.” Rubbing at his eyes, “Felt too good to move.”
“You want me to keep going?” Morgan asks.
“If you want,” he definitely wasn’t going to say no, he liked when his mates played with his hair, it’s why he kept it so long.
Morgan just continued running her nails on his scalp and he sighed happily.
“So you were listening,” Natasha inputted.
“Kind of hard not to, doll.”
“So is Morgan right, did she surprise you?”
“Yeah. Way more flexible than expected.”
One side of Morgan’s mouth tugged up, “You knew I was.”
“No, you held off before. I think I’d remember someone who can twist around my body like a damn snake.”
“Really?” Natasha inquired intrigued at the notion.
“Mhm,” Bucky voiced as he shifted so that Morgan could scratch the other side of his head with his face now turned to her stomach.
“Now I really want to spar with you,” Natasha stated looking at Morgan instead of Bucky now.
“If you want to do that as part of a dom today, I’m up for it.”
“How long did you workout today already?”
“Two something hours.”
“Three Morgan, we worked out for almost three,” Bucky informed.
“Really? Didn’t feel that long.”
Natasha shook her head, “Maybe another time. If you’re okay with me domming you today, I’ll pick something else.”
“Like what?”
“We can do a bunch of small things and some kneeling tonight. I can have you set the table a certain way. Are you changing into something different for when Pepper and them come?” looking at her current outfit of Bucky’s shirt that hit the blonde mid thigh with cotton shorts that poked out beneath it.
“Yeah, was going to change and put on make-up.”
“I can pick the outfit, and instruct you on how to do your makeup,” Natasha suggested. “Um. I can have you give me a shoulder massage and I can have you read me a certain book. How do you feel about learning Russian?”
Morgan’s left eyebrow went down in confusion, “I know Russian.”
“You do?” both Bucky and Natasha asked in unison.
“Really you guys didn’t notice me reading your guys Russian books?”
Natasha shook her head, as Bucky said, “No.”
“Oh,” that would make sense; actually, because it was their books she read, so she only read them when they weren’t around, since she all of her books were down in DC at the Carter family house. “I can.”
“Any other languages you know?” Natasha questions.
“Polish, Italian, and Spanish, but you knew that. There’s Russian, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese, French, and Japanese. I’m rusty on the Japanese though.”
“Okay, then,” Natasha said, that was on pare with about how many she knew. “You good with what I listed?”
“Yeah, completely fine. Are you sure that’s enough?”
“For tonight it will be.”
“I can do more.”
“Sweetie, its fine. Tomorrow if I need more I’ll ask, but I’m not going to tire you out with two intense doms in a day.”
“I can handle it, I’ve had more intense days than this and been fine.”
“Being dommed?”
“No, but I’m used to working out for five, six hours a day. I’m fine.”
“Being dommed is different. Your body is producing chemicals and hormones because of it, it makes it more taxing than if you were to do the same things without being dommed.”
“I feel fine.”
“You might now, but I’m not going to run you into the ground with an intense domming. It’s not happening. Okay?”
“Okay,” relenting.
“Dinners in two-ish hours, so in about a half hour, how about we start. I’ll have you set the table with me instructing you on everything, then we’ll go into the closet and I’ll pick your outfit and you’ll change in the bathroom. --”
“What is it with you guys and changing in the bathroom?” first Bucky on Monday, and then both of them today.
“We’re not about to force you to change in front of us.”
“I’ve changed in front of you guys all the time.”
“Not since you got back.”
“Well that’s …” because she had bruises all on her torso, that thanks to the cream Bucky gave her on Monday almost all faded except for her back that had taken the brunt of the stone wall and floor, but in a day or two it should be as faded as the rest were now.
“That’s why?” Natasha pressed lightly after a few moments.
Sighing she answered honestly, “I have bruises from Sokovia.”
“So bruises are stopping you from changing in front of us?” not getting the connection because they’ve all seen each other with bruises.
“Sort of, and plus I thought I had to earn your trust back before we could … you know … before I could join the pack again.”
“Do still think that way?”
“Steve said sleeping was okay that I didn’t need to earn trust to sleep in the pack room, but --”
“Sweetie you don’t need to earn trust to be apart of the pack. Trust is our ability to know without second-guessing that you’ll tell the truth about stuff, that you won’t lie to us about things, that when we say something you aren’t just going to bulldoze over our feelings and wants without talking to us about why. It has nothing to do with our love for you, or our want for you to be in the pack, in our lives. Those things never changed, yes we were angry that you lied to us, we’ve forgiven you for that. But even before we forgave you that didn’t mean we lost love for you or wanted you out of the pack.”
“Did you lose love for us? For how we acted towards you, for when we lost your trust?”
“No, I still love you guys. I trust you guys.”
“So do you want to change in front of us?”
“I want things to go back to normal, just with me as an omega and all that comes with it.”
“What do you mean?” Bucky asks, sitting up so he wasn’t looking up at two women with his head being in Morgan’s lap.
“I don’t know … I just I want to be able to hug you guys outside of just being in trouble or after a release or domming without worrying that I’m being too forward, that I’m acting too much like a mate than I don’t know …”
“You’ve been stopping yourself from hugging us?” Bucky asks completely saddened at the notion.
“Well I … yes.”
“Doll, no. Morgan we want to hug you, we want to be able to touch you. We thought you wanted space that you were still getting used to being back, with all new things we’ve had to go over in the last few days since you got back. For me its been hell these past five days basically having you so close and not being able to pull you into my lap and just hold you. But we wanted you to direct how far we went in that, just like before, you pick how intimate you want to be with us. We still want to respect your boundaries, we aren’t going to push you into anything you’re not a hundred percent ready for and say you want.”
“But I said I was ready.”
“Last night when I said I wanted you guys to help me through my heat.”
Natasha shook her head, “Sweetie helping you through heat doesn’t automatically mean you’re okay with us holding you or touching you. People help each other through heats and ruts without any want to be with them in any capacity outside of having help through the process. When I go to the clinic for my ruts, its purely me knotting the omega, we don’t kiss, I’m not worried or wanting it to be romantic or loving, we both go into it knowing its clinical, that there is no feelings, that nothing is going to come from it.”
“So what are you ready for sweetie?”
Sea foam green looking into the alpha’s emerald green, “I’m ready for everything.”
“Are you sure?”
“Well yeah. I’ve known my whole life that I had a pack out there; I was ready for sex before I presented. After, I knew it would never happen, but I had been ready.”
“Had been ready, doesn’t equal ready doll,” Bucky pointed out.
“But I am ready now. I don’t have to worry about a knot popping in me being the reason my secret is exposed. It’s been exposed, I don’t have to hide that I’m an omega anymore. I get to be myself.”
“Okay, so you want us to touch you, to hold you, to kiss you.”
“Everything Buck. I want you guys to do everything under the sun. But I don’t want to force you guys to do that.”
“Trust me doll, you ain’t forcing nobody,” his Brooklyn accent coming out full force.
“How about next time you’re worried about something like this or anything really, ask us, and we’ll do the same,” Natasha requested.
Morgan nodded, “Okay.”
“So about this holding business?” Bucky declared, “Come here,” pulling Morgan onto his lap easily, the blonde squealing in surprise, but smiling widely as she let herself lean into him, “Better, this is better.”
“For you,” Natasha fake pouted, “My lap is completely empty.”
Morgan waved the female alpha closer, Natasha gave a smile at that before scooting the two feet towards the pair, Morgan putting her bare legs over the alpha’s lap once she was next to her.
Natasha hummed, “Guess that’s better.” Morgan laughed lightly before leaning forward and kissing the redhead on the cheek. “Getting better, but you’re absolutely sure sweetie?”
“Yep,” giving a sharp nod.
“Okay then,” cupping the blondes cheeks with both hands, she moved slow enough for Morgan to protest if she wanted to, before pecking her lightly on the lips, pulling away a second later to say, “Best.”
“Uh huh,” green eyes sparkling in happiness as she leaned back onto Bucky’s shoulder.

Chapter Text

After having worked out all the details of what was going to happen during the dom while Morgan had been leaning on Bucky from her spot on his lap with her legs over the redhead, the two women had moved to the kitchen that was attached to the lounge, “I want you to go to the cabinet and grab one plate and place it at the head of the table and then I want you to repeat that for all nine remaining spots going left around table,” having already had Morgan grab one by one, the three extra chairs that they had in the storage closet that was located in the hallway near the kitchen and organize them around the table so that each chair had equal spacing between them.
Natasha watched as Morgan did as directed from her spot on the stool, rotating back and forth so that her eyes never left the blonde’s form. Directing her after with grabbing bowls, then napkins, forks, and spoons, each time only grapping one and going around the table in the same manner. Natasha’s body feeling marginally lighter as time progressed and Morgan did exactly as instructed.
Once the blonde set the final spoon, she stood there hands clasping behind her back and looking straight over at the redhead, “What may I do next, alpha?” she asked just like she had done each time she had finished with what the alpha had instructed her to do.
“I want you to walk with me to the closet, staying right next to my side, once we get into the closet I want you to stand next to the ottoman when I go past it and wait as I pick out your outfit, hands clasped behind you, back straight, eyes never leaving me.”
“Yes, alpha.”


Setting the outfit down on the ottoman next to Morgan, Natasha stepped back by a few feet, she had asked multiple times if this was going to be okay during the negotiation, each time Morgan saying yes, that she wanted to do it, reminding the alpha that she was the one to ask to do it, not the alpha. “I want you to take off your shirt, and place it on the ottoman to the right of your new outfit. Then stand back up how you are now.”
Morgan easily stripping off the red shirt, leaving her in her shorts and bra, placing it to the right of the new outfit before standing back up straight and clasping her hands behind her back looking at Natasha while waiting for more instructions.
Natasha took in the fading bruises that littered the omega’s torso for a moment before instructing, “I want you to take the top from the clothes I gave you and put it on, then stand back how you are once again.”
Morgan followed the instructions for the shirt, before doing the same thing with taking off the cotton shorts and putting on the jeans when Natasha instructed her to do so.

Heading into the guest bath Natasha ordered Morgan to remove all her makeup and toiletries from there and put them back in her section of the pack bathroom, laying out all the makeup to the alpha’s specifications on the counter before following Natasha’s directions on where and how much to put on her face.
Going back out to the kitchen to put rolls in the pre-heated oven and fix up the Caesar salad to Natasha’s specifications, which had been originally been Morgan’s specifications, since during the outline of the dom she had told the spy what she needed to finish for dinner and how she needed to make the items so that the food didn’t end up ruined.
Once finished and the rolls being pulled out, fifteen minutes later, the two women went to the lounge where Steve, Tony, and Bucky were chatting on the couch, Morgan standing next to the couch waiting for Natasha to set the pillow she wanted the blonde to kneel on next to the spot the redhead would be sitting at. Natasha turned to look back at where Morgan stood like she wanted the omega to, before saying, “I want you to kneel here, just how I showed you yesterday,” all three alphas had a specific way they wanted her to kneel.
“Yes, alpha,” moving to the spot and kneeling, back of her feet completely flat on the carpet, back straight, hands palm up on her thighs, head tilted slightly down so she could see her knees that were together.
Natasha smiled down at the blonde, taking her hand and squeezing the blonde’s neck slightly, praising her as she said, “You’re doing great, sweetie.”
“Thank you, alpha.”


Clint came in with Happy, Pepper, and Audrey, half hour later with Bruce having come in five minutes before them. Steve raised an eyebrow at Natasha then deliberately looked down to where Morgan was still kneeling at her feet, once he knew the guest were distracted by Tony greeting them at the archway, Jarvis having had informed the pack of their guests arrival when they were still coming up in the elevator. Tony directing them towards the kitchen for drinks, where Bruce was already grabbing out his tea kit for himself and Audrey, and Bucky was grabbing a beer for himself and Happy.
“Spit it out Steve,” Natasha spoke, when he did the same gesture two more times.
“You’re going to make her kneel in front of people?” whispering so not to draw attention to them from the group in the kitchen, eventually it would be normal, he wouldn’t bat an eye at it, and neither would anyone else, but Morgan was still new to all this, it was her first dom with Natasha. First time she’d be dommed in front of non-pack or Jay, at least to his understanding.
Whispering back, “I’m not making her do anything.”
Looking at her like she was naive, he lectured slightly, “You’re domming Natasha, you’re making her.”
“No. This is her call, I told her during the negotiation, that once Jarvis announced they were coming, she had every right to stop kneeling, that she could if she wanted to end the dom there and we could pick up after they left or we could continue but it would be very light and nothing I wouldn’t do or say to any other mate while they were here. If she ever gets uncomfortable with it at any point while they are here and she wants to pause the dom till they leave all she has to do is tell me she wants to pause and I will honor it. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s also her choice.”
“And you don’t think she’s basing that decision on the fact that you need to dom sooner rather than later, that she has a time limit to get you back to normal before you have to go to the clinic for an intense domming?”
“I did think that, but I’m trusting her word that she said she wants to do this for herself not me. She grew up in a family of alpha’s and omega’s she sees omega’s kneeling as normal, she sees what I said we could do during dinner with me fixing her plate and stuff completely normal, that she’s comfortable with others seeing that. I went through all this with her, Bucky was right there if you want someone else’s word, or better yet you can ask her herself Steve, she’s kneeling right here, its not like I took away her ability to speak up for herself.”
Steve nodded, blushing slightly at the small reprimand, but it was an unspoken sign of respect that in general others don’t just go up to an omega when their kneeling on a pillow and talk to them. “You okay with this, doll?”
Straightening her head up to look at the blonde, “I asked for this, Steve. It was a negotiation; everything alpha just said is what I told her. I know there’s different kneeling’s, that kneeling on a pillow means don’t interrupt the omega kneeling unless the alpha in charge has said they allowed it, no pillow is the omega choosing to submit without a domming but as a sign of respect and submission, unless of course their old an need a pillow to be comfortable, my nonna told me that when I was a kid and had asked about it. That is until my Babbo made me stop asking questions like that.” It was the one domming thing that she had been taught as a kid, since it was the only outward domming scenario she ever really witnessed, well that she had thought she had only witnessed that one, in the last few months a lot of things about alpha omega dynamics that she thought she knew had been shattered by Jay, Mike, and Mandy explaining the general dynamic for alphas and omegas, of course each alpha omega pair has their own way going about certain dynamic needs, but the trio had painted the why’s and how’s of the block terms and reasoning’s.
Steve frowned at the last statement, but said, “Okay, as long as you’re fine.”
Natasha looked at Steve again, “You okay with this?”
“Yeah, its natural, just wanted to make sure Morgan was.”
Natasha nodded, bending over so that she looking at Morgan, who had tilted her head back down, “Lets go into the kitchen, remember to stay within arms reach unless I tell you.”
“Yes, Natasha.”
Natasha smiled at the small act of submission as she stood up, she wanted it less obvious they would be mid-dom, wanted people not to do what Steve had done out of misguided respect, at least right now misguided, and instead converse with the blonde on an equal playing field, so she had negotiated for Morgan to call her ‘Natasha’ instead of ‘alpha’ like she was prone to do in a submissive headspace.

Once the two women reached the kitchen, Tony handed off wordlessly a wine glass to the redhead, the spy giving thanks before taking a sip, while Tony moved onto Morgan, “You want a glass?”
“No, I’m good, thanks Tony.”
“Really? We got red and white, beer, I’m going to have sco--,” clicking his mouth shut when he noticed Natasha’s face, before redirecting, “You’ve met Pepper before. Pep, Morgan. Babe, Pepper.”
Holding out her hand, “Yes, its nice to see you again.”
“You too. It’s good to see you’re back with your mates, they missed you a lot,” Pepper greeted.
“I did too.”
“Yet you took almost four months to come back,” was said backhandedly.
“Pepper!” Tony exclaimed.
“You’re my family Tony,” Pepper excused.
“She’s my mate.”
“It’s okay Tony. I get it, I’d be worried if she wasn’t upset on your behalf,” Morgan spoke, trying to placate the beta. “Your family should be upset, I lied to you. I’m surprised you guys aren’t making me jump through hoops, I’d completely understand if you guys wanted me too. So I’m not offended that she wants to defend your honor.”
Pepper gave a nod of respect at the answer.
“You’re making me sound like a princess locked in a tower,” Tony quipped.
“You’re the king who built the tower,” shrugging with a teasing smile.
Tony huffed, good naturedly, walking away after being called over by Happy and Bucky.
Natasha smirked into her wine glass, taking a long pull before saying, “We should do a girl’s day, you and Audrey, me and Morgan, maybe we can even pull May away long enough for her and Maria to go,” both alphas knowing that May hated doing typical girl’s day activities more than anything.
“That sounds nice. Morgan you like going out dancing?” Pepper inquires, she’d would have said drinks but seeing how the spy had reacted to Tony offering wasn’t about to make the same mistake.
“Yeah, dancing’s cool. I haven’t met Maria or May, yet. Who are they?”
Natasha explaining with “Maria, she’s an alpha, she used to be deputy director of SHIELD, now she’s the co-director of the Avenger’s with Steve. Melinda May, she’s a beta, works with Phil at SHIELD as the new deputy director. Maria and May are soulmates to our old Director.”
“That’s a lot of directors.”
“Lets eat now?” Clint interrupts before either alpha could continue planning a girls’ trip.
“Hungry?” Natasha inquires teasingly.
“Been waiting to eat the stew since lunch.”
Clint looked towards Morgan at that, “Hun help me with setting out the food?”
Morgan glanced to Natasha, the redhead easily squeezing Morgan’s hand in permission.

“You smell lighter,” Pepper commented once Morgan and Clint were far enough away not to hear.
“Yeah. Morgan’s good.”
Pepper nodded in understanding, “So I’m guessing Audrey’s services aren’t needed anymore?”
“Yep, we’re good. Thank you so much letting her do it in the first place.”
“You’re welcome. I’m happy for you.”
“So you’ll pull back?”
Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, “Huh?”
“I get you wanting to defend us, but we were in the wrong as well. I know you and Maria listened to me complain and be a bitch about what happened and everything, but I want to put Morgan leaving behind us. We’re still all finding our footing together, but we’re doing it as a pack, which is way better then how we were doing it. So if you could lay off the comments that would be nice,” wanting to nip it in the bud, it had only been one comment in front of Morgan, but there had been tons before she came back into their lives, the trash talk that Natasha needed three glasses in and not willing to look at her own culpabilities. But she herself had dealt with the strawberry blonde’s comments before, during the aftermath of Pepper finding out that she was a spy sent to profile Tony while he had been dying. So she didn’t want that for Morgan who was already insecure about her place in the pack to begin with to deal with that, especially if they were all looking to move forward, to build that trust.
“I will,” was spoken sincerely.
“Thank you.”


Pepper, Happy, and Audrey left shortly after dinner, due to needing to get Happy and Audrey on a plane to spend the rest of the week with Phil.
“So you ever think of making homemade pizza?” Clint inquires sprawled out on the couch with his feet on Steve’s lap as the alpha gave him a massage.
“No. Why?” Morgan asks tilting her head to the side as she massaged Natasha’s shoulders, the alpha making a pleased sound when she started digging her thumbs into the area just above the shoulder blades.
“Cause it’s the best food ever!” Tony calls out from where he’s helping Bruce by collecting the dishes from the table as the curly haired beta rinsed them off and placed them in the dishwasher.
“Why not?” Clint questions.
“Because I don’t like pizza.”
“Take that back!” completely affronted.
“Sorry don’t like it, don’t eat it.”
“You’ve had pizza with us before,” Steve mentioned.
“No, I had salad while you guys ate pizza.”
“But if you want Clint, I can make it, don’t expect it to be amazing since it’ll be my first try.”
Clint shrugged, “You can’t be it worse than some foods I’ve eaten.”
“Lets hope so.”
“You’ve never had food poisoning by Steve undercooking a microwavable meal.”
“Aren’t those already pre-cooked?” Morgan asked in confusion.
“Most. We were unlucky to get the ones that weren’t.”
Morgan started to laugh before pressing her lips tightly together when Steve looked over at her, jokingly upset at the fact she would laugh at the fact that he poisoned their mates. Clint had no such guilt at doing so and Steve shoved the blonde beta’s feet off his lap, the beta just placing them back a moment later, and Steve continued to rub them with a huff.


Bucky came into the room ten minutes later with a box, placing it on the floor at the end of the couch to give to Morgan after her dom with Natasha was over. Sitting down, Bucky halfway sprawled out on the end of the couch with his feet almost touching Morgan.
Tony coming over a minute later and plopping himself on Bucky’s lap, the alpha grunting at the new weight, while the beta peered into the box, absently saying, “Forgot about those.”
“Me too,” he had remembered three-fourths of the way through dinner and wanted to get them for Morgan before he forgot and they end up collecting more dust stashed away in Tony’s workshop under a bunch of spare parts and boxes.
“What is it?” Morgan inquires as she rubs at a knot in Natasha’s shoulder that had the redhead stretching her neck to the side so that the omega could dig in more.
“Why do you have a box of notebooks?”
“Actually they’re yours,” Tony speaks up.
“I’ll give them to you later doll just focus on Nat,” Bucky redirects.
Morgan nods at that before looking back at Natasha’s shoulders.

It was twenty-five minutes later when Natasha spoke up, “Okay sweetie stop.”
Morgan stilled her hands quickly at that, without moving them from Natasha’s shoulders.
“Place your hands in your lap,” the redhead orders, once she felt Morgan’s hands move off a second later she stood up, stretching out her legs and back and sighing in relief when it wasn’t as tense as when she had sat down. “Lets move on to reading and then we’ll do aftercare.”
“Yes alpha,” sea-foam green eyes tilting up to look at emerald green.
“Okay stay a foot behind me until I reach back and then I want you to grab my hand with your left and I’ll bring you to stand next to me and then we’ll walk side by side until we reach my room, when we get inside I want you to stand next to the chaise, back straight, hands clasped behind your back, eyes never leaving me until I tell you otherwise.”
“Yes alpha.”
Stepping towards the two brunettes to give Morgan space to stand up, “Okay stand.”
Doing as told she stood, as she followed Natasha and headed for the hallway, as they past Bucky, Tony, and the open box, curiosity got the better of her and she peered into it as she passed getting two more steps before it finally caught up to her at what she saw and she dropped to her knees with a low, “Shit!” dragging the box closer to where she now was and pulled out the top notebook her hands shaking slightly, “No! No. This can’t be happening. Please. Please tell me you guys didn’t read these. Please tell me you guys didn’t read them, right? Right?!” eyes big as she looked up at the two brunettes next to her and then across to Bruce, Steve, and Clint who were all on the other couch seven feet away, before looking over to Natasha who was frowning down at her. “Please tell me,” breathing hard as the tension surrounding her was palpable.
Natasha squatted down, and started speaking in a calming voice, “Breathe sweetie. We had Jarvis translate and scan for anything important,” gripping steadily the back of the blonde’s neck who looked like she was about to have a panic attack at the statement. “He said there was nothing in them to help us find you. Tony had them deleted from the server after Jarvis said it kept repeating the word diary and we never wanted to invade your private thoughts so we never read them.”
Morgan gave a sigh of relief, shoulders relaxing and the tension disappearing at the words, as she leaned into Natasha’s wrist of the hand that was still cupping the back of her neck.
“Can I ask what’s in them that scares you so much?” Bucky asks out of curiosity, but leaving his tone neutral, not wanting to pressure.
“Its just … I can’t. Maybe someday I will be able to tell you guys, but for right now I can’t,” hopefully soon she could, but she needed to wait for permission from Jay, Mike, and Mandy before doing so since it involved them.
“We can respect that.”
“Thanks,” looking up at Bucky before remembering what she had been supposed to be doing, she looked back towards Natasha, “Sorry alpha.”
Natasha shook her head, “No. It’s okay, you’re fine.”
“But I broke rules, we’re domming.”
“I know, but all I wanted for this session was for you to recognize them if you did break them.”
“But I broke them. I got distracted and I broke them,” before whispering out the last part of the sentence more for herself than anyone else, “I was trying really hard to be good.”
Natasha heard it though, “You are good, sweetie. You’re good.”
“I broke rules, alpha,” was mumbled out.
Natasha moved her hand from cupping the back of Morgan’s neck to lifting her chin up to look herself in the eyes, “You did, but you were doing so well before that and you caught it all on your own.”
“But --”
“No, I’m alpha, sweetie. I want you to take a deep breath,” watching the blonde do it, “Now hold it for three two one, breathe out. Good sweetie. It’s your first time breaking rules, you’re okay.”
“I should have done better.”
“You can try again next time.”
“We’re stopping?” green eyes starting to glisten with tears.
“Hey no,” running a thumb over the blonde’s cheek, “That’s not what I meant, I meant that next time you get dommed you try not to break any rules. It was your first time breaking the rules,” glancing over at Bucky to make sure it was true, seeing him nod in agreement, “You said it yourself earlier, that Jay only had one domming technique and rule for you. We’re doing a lot more things and you’ve had a lot more rules thrown at you the last couple days from pack to domming to omega rules and all that it entails.”
“But I screwed up Monday with pack and now with domming and it hadn’t been twenty-four hours for either. I’m a bad omega.” A fuck up, a worthless omega, was running through her head.
Natasha could almost see the words coming to mind in the omega, “You got distracted and broke rules, yes. But sweetie you’re not bad, you’re a good omega. We don’t expect you to be perfect right off the bat; the key is that you noticed, and that you’ll try harder next time. We’ll get more stringent on the domming rules as you get used to them more, there’s a learning curve and we’ll point out rules you break if you don’t see them yourself, but it isn’t fair of us to just punish you while you’re just starting to touch water, we aren’t going to drop you in the deep end and expect you to swim.” Hoping that the swimming reference would help her to understand. Natasha wanted to be patient and most importantly fair, domming’s were supposed to bring them closer together, not make Morgan feel bad for not getting something immediately and perfectly.
“That’s how I learned.”
“I’m sorry what?” Tony questions leaning closer to the blonde from his spot on top of Bucky.
“My Tata threw me into the deep end of our pool, I was two or three, I liked looking into the water it was like a giant bath tub, but he had told me that I shouldn’t go near it because I could fall in and drown. So when I didn’t listen, he told me to learn quick how to sink or swim and threw me in to teach me the lesson.”
“And you liked water after that?” Tony questioned incredulously.
“Loved it, it was the first time I remember getting an adrenaline rush.”
Natasha gave an amused shake of her head, “Adrenaline junkie.”
Looking back at the redhead and giving small grin at that, “Yep.”
“So bad analogy for you then, but do you get what I’m trying to say?”
“That as time progresses the rules will be more hard lined, but right now you just want me to what just say that I get that I broke a rule, but oops sorry, I’ll try harder next time?”
“You don’t do well with cut slack do you?” Bucky asks.
“Told you guys I didn’t.”
“Its not us not holding you to stuff,” Natasha tries to explain better, “It’s us trying to be fair to your level of experience.”
“I’ve been getting dommed for three months now.”
“Maybe, but only one way and by someone that isn’t us. You’ve been dommed by us for less than a day, we have different rules, different punishments, different techniques of how we will dom. This is a learning curve for us too, at the clinic there’s a list of domming techniques, rules and consequences that both alpha and omega have to check off if we want them and we’re matched with someone who has similar wants. This is the first time that we get to pick everything without someone saying yes or no to us from a clinical point of view.”
“But I only have six rules though.”
“Yes there’s more we eventually might like to negotiate, but six right now is plenty. We have to be able to maintain those rules and we aren’t going to give you so many rules that they become cannon fodder or rules that are so restrictive you aren’t able to relax in submission. The point is there’s a learning curve on both sides, we have to learn your tells and you need to learn ours, we need to figure out how far we can stretch your submission, and you need to learn how far you can push back on our dominance. We both need to get used to each other, so we’re taking it slow. If it wasn’t for the fact that we are on a time crunch so we don’t get withdrawals, we would have taken our time, done small dommings, like you did yesterday, where we do it for an hour or less and we’d try things out, see what you like in general, what you like that we do, see what we like that you do. We plan on doing that once we’re out of the woods of being so close to withdrawal symptoms.”
“But Steve said you guys were going to hold me to the rules.”
Sighing deeply, “Steve doesn’t know how to say things right --”
“Natasha,” Steve spoke up, reprimand clear in his voice.
The redhead stood turning to face the head alpha at that, tilting her head towards the hallway, Steve grunted, and Clint pulled his feet off the blonde’s lap, Natasha looked down at Morgan, “I’ll be right back, okay sweetie.”
“Yes alpha.”


Natasha nodded at Morgan, before heading out to the hallway, Steve following behind. Once out there, she spoke low to make sure that the rest of the pack didn’t hear, before Steve could start, “No I’m right Steve. You’re telling her things half way. I get why you said it for this, you didn’t want her thinking she could just walk over it while we started experimenting with different domming techniques and everything, but by doing that, now she expects the consequences to be what they will be when she’s more experienced with us. And while we’re on this topic, you told her sleeping in the pack bed was okay, that trust didn’t need to be earned for her to do it --”
“It doesn’t,” Steve interrupted.
“I wasn’t finished. I agree it doesn’t need to be earned for that. But you failed to tell her that she didn’t need to earn trust to be part of the pack either.”
Scrunching up his eyebrows, “Why would I? It’s obvious.”
“Sleeping in the bed was obvious too. To you, to me, to the rest of the pack, yes its obvious. We wanted her to set the pace for things, so that she was comfortable, that she felt she had a voice, which sure we had her do that before with the intimate stuff, but we never told her that that’s what we were doing now, expecting her to know that because that’s how it was before, what we promised before that it was how we’d operate on that. And she’s been thinking that we don’t want that relationship until she’s earned our trust back because we haven’t done anything that she’d already said yes to before like hugging or kissing or just generally touching each other.”
“What are you saying?”
“She’s been holding back, not wanting to be too forward with us when it comes to intimacy because we haven’t done anything with what she already gave us permission to do before she left. That she told us last night that she was wanted us to help her through her heat. --”
“That doesn’t mean anything else is on the table,” Steve reminded.
“I told her that. She wasn’t going to ask is the point. She wasn’t willing to risk imposing on us like that until we acted on it or we told her that she earned back our trust. She wasn’t willing to risk a hug unless we are the ones to initiate it, and we only initiated it after we gave her a release, a punishment, or dommed her because that’s our preference when those things happen.”
“A hug?”
“Yes a hug! I set her straight on that, and new policy, just ask, we aren’t getting anywhere expecting the other person is the one driving.”
“So we can hug her now.”
“Everything Steve, we can do everything. I’m still asking and going to take it slow, but she says everything.”
“I will too, but it’s nice to know that I will actually be able to hold her.”
“Bucky felt the same way. Morgan was too when he did it.”
“What are you going to do about the broken rules? I know you want to give her a pass, like you said learning curve and its good that she recognized it right after she calmed down. But we also promised her we would be consistent.”
“We also promised that we would be fair and patient.”
“She wants structure and consistency, more.”
Sighing, Natasha nodded, “I know, she broke two domming rules. She cussed once and she didn’t follow instructions. For a first time domming and with what distracted her, she was really good. I kinda expected that she would try to brat, she hasn’t, she’s been completely submissive. If it was her bratting it would be easier,” bratting she wouldn’t be second guessing it, bratting was an omega’s way to get a rise out an alpha so that they would dominate harder, make them submit by force.
“She’s trying to gain back trust. And this is new, she might not be at the testing stage.”
“Maybe. But it would be more fulfilling right now if she did, to have to exert more dominance would help,” but she also didn’t want to, it was supposed to be a mild dom and that was where she was going to keep it.
“Yeah, but you’d be right at this predicament of learning curves and punishments.”
Natasha shook her head, “No if she was bratting I’d give her a punishment, honest mistakes are fine for this first dom, it’s her bratting that I’d push back on because that’s what she’d be hoping for, even if it was subconscious at the moment.”
“Then give her half or even a quarter of the punishment you’d give if she had bratted. She broke two rules. First one is either she gets her mouth washed out with soap or spanked, and the second is a spanking or standing in the corner.”
Natasha rubbed at her face, “We’ve never washed her mouth out, I rather hold that for if she cusses multiple times in one domming or she makes a habit of it.”
“I’ve held onto it too. I usually swat. …” After a minute, asking, “You know what you’re going to do?”


Walking back in, Natasha headed straight for Morgan, who had moved from being on her knees to tucking her knees to her chest with her face in her knees, as she waited.
“Sweetie look at me,” squatting back down so they would be closer in eye level.
Morgan lifted her face at that.
“Can you tell me what rules you broke?”
“I cussed, I stopped following you, which means I did something I wasn’t instructed to do.”
“So you broke two rules, you cussed and didn’t follow my instructions. So I’m going to give you four swats, one for the cuss word and three for not listening to my instructions.”
“Thank you alpha.”
Natasha cocked her head to side at that, they had never talked about her thanking them for punishing her in a domming or for anything else, deciding to ask later, she stood up and said, “Stand up.”
Morgan stood quickly.
Grabbing the blonde’s wrist lightly, Natasha directed them towards the coffee table three feet away and sat down, pulling Morgan to the side of her knees.
Morgan’s fingers headed for her jean button before stilling them and jerking them to her sides.
Easily understanding the reason for the motion, “Thank you for waiting for instruction.”
“Yes alpha.”
“Unbutton your jeans and pull them half way down your thighs, then pull your underwear down to them.”
Doing so quickly, before looking back at the female alpha.
“Bend over my lap.”
Doing as told, Natasha helping direct her how she wanted her.
“Give me your hand, sweetie,” taking hold of the offered left hand, “I want you to count.”
“Yes alpha,” with that Natasha swatted down hard enough that Morgan would feel the sting for at least a minute, but lighter than she usually spanked when it came to what was supposed to be considered a punishment, “One.” “Two.” “Three.” “Four.”
Standing the blonde up, “You did good sweetie.”
“Thank you alpha.”
“Fix your clothes and lets continue with you following me by my side.”


“You still need to dom tomorrow?” Morgan questioned yawning, her head on Natasha’s lap as the alpha rubbed her back.
“Yeah, but I can go to the clinic, sweetie, today was a lot for you.”
“No I want to be good.”
“And you are, but good doesn’t mean you tear yourself apart for us. Good is recognizing and communicating that you have limits.”
“I’m still good. I liked it, made me all floaty for a while.”
“That means you went under, sweetie.”
“What can I do tomorrow?” not willing to give up.
“You can ask Steve if he’ll do the dom you did with Buck with you, since it worked so well, and you said you liked it.”
“What about you? You still need more, what if we do something before you go down to SI.”
“I rather you sleep in, you need rest.” Last night was the first time since she got back that Morgan slept in the pack bed, and she had been restless, nightmares plaguing her. Bucky and Steve decided after the third time of her screaming awake to take her to Bucky’s room, where he had a queen sized bed, both alphas sleeping with her in there, so that the Bruce, Clint, and Natasha could get a good night sleep. Bucky having had needed the bed when he first became part of the pack because he would have violent night terrors that he had no recollection of the next morning and only Steve’s presence was able to help in those moments.
“How about after? I can do it before the clinic appointment so you don’t have to go.”
“Okay, how about this, I’ll ask you tomorrow when I get off, I don’t have the clinic till six so if you’re still up for it then, we’ll do something, but I want you to honest with me, I don’t want you pushing your limits. How’s that?”
“Fine, but I already know I’ll be fine.”
“Morgan you don’t, your body had one intense domming and one mild one today, and if Steve allows it you’ll have an intense domming from him as well tomorrow. It’s a lot, especially for someone who isn’t used to it.”
“I’m fine though, and I’ll be fine tomorrow. Why wouldn’t Steve allow it?”
“Morgan look at me,” the blonde flipping herself onto her back at that to look at the redhead, “Don’t push yourself, let your body get used it, okay. It’s why I gave you the ability to end at multiple points of our dom because I don’t want you pushing yourself just so that we don’t go to a clinic. You might feel fine now, but it might not of caught up to you yet. So, we need you to be honest with us and with yourself on how much we can dom.”
“I am being honest, I can handle it.”
“Okay, I’m trusting you.”
“Thank you, alpha.”
“That reminds me, why did you thank me for punishing you?”
Morgan shrugged her shoulders, flipping back on her stomach, “It was something I saw growing up.”
“Your parents?” scratching her nails across the blonde’s back, the blonde arching her back up for more.
“Bit. Just felt natural I guess. I needed it, wish you went harder, longer.”
“Deserved it. Broke rules. Should have been made to submit more.”
“You submitted beautifully. You reacted to the notebooks, yes by doing so you broke rules, but it was your first time dealing with a distraction like that for a dom, it was understandable. You didn’t deserve a harder punishment.”
“Felt like I did.”
“Well you didn’t Morgan. You got more than enough.”
Morgan didn’t say anything and Natasha didn’t press her to see if she understood, knowing they’d be talking in circles right now.

Chapter Text

Morgan woke up at five o eight in the morning, scooting away carefully from Steve while making sure that, her lifting his arm that was slung high across her stomach didn’t jostle him, and leaving Bucky’s room with a quiet click of the door.

Bucky looked over at the blonde when she came into the kitchen, blearily rubbing at her eyes as she yawned, swallowing his bite of a muffin before saying, “Morning doll.”
“Morning,” leaning her head against the fridge.
“You okay?”
Not moving from her spot, “Tired.”
“Why don’t you go back to bed if you’re tired, you woke up less last night, but you still woke up multiple times,” Bucky’s ears hurt thinking about it, she woke up each time screaming from the nightmares. Natasha had offered to stay with her, but both super soldiers nixed the idea not wanting Natasha who had to be productive and professional in front of others to deal with little sleep.
“Wanted to make food for everyone.”
“We still have a lot of pastries from Tuesday we need to finish, why don’t you lay down on the couch if you don’t want to go back to the room.”
“Will you lay with me?”
“Of course doll.”
Morgan nodded, sluggishly lifting her head off the cold metal door and started walking towards the couch, Bucky easily picking her up when she passed him at the island and carried her to the rest of the way, plopping himself down on the couch, so that she was in his lap, he loved the fact that he could now do this, made the alpha in him purr being able to comfort and hold his omega, especially when she leaned her head on his shoulder, and her hand that wasn’t between them went to wipe muffin crumbs off his stubble that he had missed before giving a yawn and saying, “Love you, Buck.”
“Love you too, doll. You know you don’t have to make breakfast for us?”
“I want to though, I don’t have anything else to do anyway,” the second part not even a factor in her decision making, she could be the busiest person in the world right now and she would still want to carve out time to do it.
He could tell second part was false by how her voice dipped, knew it was a way to hide just how much of an omega behavior it was, so he teased back lightly, trying to keep the jollity she obviously wanted, “Well at least we won’t go hungry anymore.”
Morgan bolted up, “You went hungry when I was gone?”
“Woah, no doll,” pulling her back into his chest which she leaned into after a moment, “We had take out a lot,” Bruce could only cook so much before he got sick of cooking himself, “Missed having real home cooked food, but we never went hungry.”
“Good. That’s good.”
“Why don’t we close our eyes and we’ll both rest some.”


Natasha came into the kitchen with Tony, about an hour and half later, each grabbing coffee and a pastry, before sitting at the counter to have their small breakfast. Looking up to see Steve wiping excess sweat off his forehead from his run and onto his similarly sweaty shirt, “Guessing long night?” had to have woken up early if he was done running before seven.
“Not as bad.”
“You think we can try the pack bed tonight?” Tony questioned.
“Give it one more night, you got meetings tomorrow and Clint, Nat, and Bruce got work,” Bucky and him didn’t need to look presentable to do the work they were doing at the moment.
“Yeah, smart. Just happy we’re getting closer, can’t wait to snuggle and kiss on the couch again. You said everything right? It wasn’t just an amazing dream.”
Natasha lifted an eyebrow at that, “You told them?”
Steve sighed, opening up the fridge to relish the colder air and grabbed a water bottle, “I know, I know, Buck told me what you told her.”
“What’d you tell her?” Tony asked, biting into his ricciarelli, it was an Italian almond cookie, not really a breakfast item, but they were one his favorite things ever that his god-mother’s omega mate, his Zia Angie made, since she had a secret ingredient that she said she’d never tell a soul, he hadn’t been able to taste the deliciousness in years, apparently she had told Morgan before she died, since it tasted just the same.
Natasha answered with, “She needs to be the one to approach, if she’s serious about us being able to do everything she needs to be the one to tell each of us.”
“So don’t spring it on her,” Tony paraphrased.
“Okay well, see you guys tonight hopefully,” standing to grab a re-fill of his coffee before grabbing a napkin full of cookies to eat on the elevator ride down to R&D.
“Later, Tones, Nat,” Steve spoke heading for the shower, as Natasha stood as well to head down with the genius, grabbing a small plate of pastries to bring down with her for Pepper and herself to share as they ran down the list of meetings for today one last time.


Bucky was the first to wake up, inhaling the fresh bay scent of his mate, at some point in the nap Morgan had shifted so that she was higher up her nose pressed into the back of his neck and his hands had slipped so that they were splayed across her ass instead of around her waist like they had started at.
Steve smiled over at the two as he read his newspaper on the opposite couch, freshly showered with a large bowl of cut up apples and a plate of pastries next to him.
“When you wake up?” Bucky asked airily, biting back a yawn.
“Same time as Morgan,” he had hoped by him pretending to be asleep she would stay and sleep more.
“She able to stay asleep?” cause once she did fall asleep last night she woke up almost every hour screaming out.
“What time is it?”
“Bit past seven.”
“Been about hour and fifteen then.”
“She’s either more exhausted now or its laying down that’s the problem.”
“No, the domming two days ago was positioned like this, well not exactly,” during the domming he hadn’t fallen asleep and his hands hadn’t slid down to her butt since she shifted up.
“Well then, yesterday was the first time she said she wanted to hug us, so maybe she feels more secure in the pack.”
“She was secure last night.”
“Laying down then.”
Buck hummed at that, not having anything to counter, but didn’t see how it correlated with her having nightmares.

Sure enough, thirteen minutes later she woke up biting back a scream, to Bucky’s thankful ears. Morgan shifted after that, moving to sit down on the couch itself, but Bucky stopped her with an “I want you to sit on my lap if you want,” so instead she scooted herself back so that her back was to his chest and moved his hands to her lap, so that she could run her fingertips up and down his hands and arms.
Looking over at the other blonde, “Morning Steve.”
“Morning doll.”
“When you want to dom?”
“Doll you’re exhausted, I’m not going to dom you.”
“I’m fine.”
“No. You’re tired, you didn’t sleep well last night, and you did two doms yesterday, that’s more than enough for your body to handle right now.”
“But then you have to go to the clinic, I can handle another dom.”
“I don’t want you handling it, if it means you’re risking your health.”
“My health isn’- I can han- I want to do it.”
“You may want to, but Morgan I think your body may want a break.”
“I can handle it, Steve. Come on. Let me do it. I know my body, I know I can handle an intense dom,” yawning at the end.
“Doll no, you’re pushing yourself, that’s not handling it, that’s pushing yourself over your body’s limit. I’m your mate, your alpha, I’m not going to help you destroy yourself for my sake, especially when there’s other option available. Your health is important to me, to us. I’d wish that it would be important to you too, that your health comes first.”
“It is.”
Blue eyes drilled into green, “Then answer honestly would you be asking to be dommed right now if I didn’t need to dom?”
Morgan sunk into Bucky more then, and after a minute giving a quiet shake of her head.
“Exactly, I have other options doll, you might not like them, but I have them.”
“Maybe I can do it later today, just not right now,” a hopeful expression coming over her face at her words.
“No. You’re exhausted, you fell asleep yesterday before nine and you were up most of the night still,” the blonde having not been able to fall asleep for at least a half hour between waking up and falling back asleep, and she only slept for relatively an hour at a time. “I can’t in good conscience dom you when you need to sleep and relax, at least for today.”
“Steve, please, I can handle it, I don’t want you going to a clinic.”
“Morgan,” Bucky spoke up tapping her thigh with his metal finger to gain her attention and get her to look back at him, “Doll I get it you don’t want us to go to the clinic, that you want to be helpful and you want us to lean on you like were asking of you to do on us. But you’re exhausted, I’m still exhausted and I only dommed you once,” didn’t help that he barely slept last night or the previous night due to Morgan’s nightmares, but that just meant she was more exhausted because the sleep she did get wouldn’t have been restful and she had more nights of no sleep than him, “So I know getting dommed by Nat must have been way more tiring.”
Steve adding on, “What would you be saying if the roles were reversed, that I was physically exhausted and you knew my health was at risk if I dommed you, but you needed to submit, what would you do?”
“Go to Buck or Nat,” Morgan answered easily.
“Okay what if they’re out someplace and won’t get back in time for it to be safe for you to go without submitting?”
Mumbling out, “Go to someone else.”
“Okay so you get what I’m saying.”
“Yeah I get it, I got it,” sitting up fully. “I just don’t want to be shrinking on my duties. I don’t like the idea of you guys having to go to another omega; you’re my mates, my pack. You guys wouldn’t like having another alpha come in to dom me.”
“You’re right, we’re possessive of what’s ours, so I know where you’re coming from. But if it was going to hurt our health we’d want you to go to another alpha, no matter how much we might not like it, because doll, we care about your health, and we care about our health. We’re not trying to push you away or tell you you’re not good enough, we want you to stay healthy, you need a day to get back there, yesterday was a lot on your body,” in time it wouldn’t be, but Steve knew that time wasn’t today.
“But I want you to be healthy too and to do that you need to dom, I’ve been way more exhausted than this, and still put in hours into hard workouts and schoolwork. It was expected of me and I matched that expectation, sometimes exceeded it, so I know I can handle getting dommed today.”
“Did you crash those days?”
“Maybe,” yawning loudly as she snuggled back into Bucky, as he easily accepting it by wrapping his arm around her waist more, “Probably, I don’t remember all I know is that I did it.”
“You don’t need to though, I’m not willing to dom you if you’re this exhausted, its counter productive because you’d have to be dommed harder for me to get the same value and that decreases your health even more. Its not fair to you or me.”
Bucky stopped her from going around in a circle again, by saying, “No one is going to be upset or mad or whatever negative thing you’re thinking about, if your body needs rest, and to get rest you need to not be dommed, that’s okay. We get that you can probably do it, but it wouldn’t help us if you crashed. We have to take care of our mental health too, and knowingly putting you in that position will screw with us.”
“Fine,” Morgan relented; she cared too much about their health to put them in that position.
“Okay, and just to let you know, we care about each others biological needs, mental and physical well being just as much as we care about yours, I want you to do the same, I know you care about ours, but I want you to put just as much thought into caring about your own.”
“Okay, I’ll try.”
Steve nods, saying, “Good, and also so you know that it’s fair, we have the same consequences as you do, if we ignore them or anything that is detrimental to us. We aren’t putting boundaries up on just you. We all need to be safe with this, it’s a biological need, but it shouldn’t take precedence over each other’s health when we can go to the clinic for it and get it taken care of.”
Morgan nodded, yawning loudly behind her hand.
“Why don’t you and I go sleep in the pack bed, Bruce and Clint have to be up by now, so we can sleep in there,” Bucky spoke nudging Morgan up.
Morgan stood up before looking at Steve, “You want to join us?”
“It’s okay doll, I need to do some work, and then workout some more, so go on and cuddle with Buck,” taking a sip of his water, usually he had coffee, but his body was already jittery enough.


After sleeping for just over two hours curled up into Bucky, only waking up once in that time frame, Morgan headed into the kitchen to grab breakfast and then went to her private room where she spent the next six-ish hours finishing the remains of her college work for the semester. Before heading into the kitchen to start prepping dinner.

Natasha came in just as Morgan was grabbing out large glass baking dishes for the casseroles she was going to make. “You have a good day?”
“Yeah finished with classes for the semester.”
“That mean no more lectures or studying?”
“Both, now I can focus on you guys and finding a job, once Jay comes down to do paperwork.”
“When he supposed to come down?”
“Sometime this weekend, he’ll text me when he gets to the city,” setting the pans down and grabbing the vegetables to rinse in the sink.
“Do we get to meet Jay?”
“If you want.”
“I do. He can stay on the guest floor.”
“Okay then, I’ll tell him to not book a motel then. He will be in and out a couple times checking on things, that okay?”
“That’s fine. He going to see May?”
“Doubt it, they never got along, so.”
Natasha nodded, she already knew that information, “Did Steve dom you?”
“No, says I need to let my body rest today.”
“You do.”
“So, I’m guessing you’re not going to dom me either?” tilting her head over towards the alpha.
“No, give yourself the day. Let your body recoup.”
“Don’t you need just a light dom, I can handle a light dom, I’ve been doing nothing strenuous.”
“Sweetie it’s not going to happen and weren’t you doing work for classes? I’m sure that’s mentally exhausting.”
Shrugging, “Yes and okay, no more pushing.”
“Thank you.”
“What time do you and Steve leave?”
“About an hour.”
“Oh. Dinner won’t be ready till after. I can make you guys something, what do you want?”
“Sweetie it’s okay, we’ll grab a snack and when we get home at about ten, we’ll re-heat dinner.”
“I can easily make you guys something.”
“It’s okay, besides I had a late lunch and I’m sure Steve has eaten something in the last hour or two, so a snack will tide him over.”
“But --”
“No sweetie you’re good, we’re good. I’m going to go change into something more comfortable for the clinic and then you can tell me what your looking for in terms of a job, maybe I know someone that can point you in the right direction, and we can snuggle on the couch for a bit before Steve and I leave.”




Morgan didn’t even have to think when she swiped to answer the call placing it on speaker when the timer went off on the oven a second later, exclaiming, “Kendy how’s it?”
“I’m back. Bitch, I heard you went missing?”
“Can’t let you have all the fun,” Morgan quipped lightly before wincing to herself she doubted it would ever get to a joking matter.
“Well you answered so good sign, I got AH-mazing news,” stopping there and letting the suspense build like she liked.
“Tell me, slut,” Morgan yelled out to her cell after the appropriate thirty seconds was over, as she grabbed out two of the casseroles she made for dinner from the oven, the other one still in the fridge.
“Impatience doesn’t suit you,” teased back, “I met them!”
“You talking your giant crush on Fifth Harmony?” teasing right back, knowing that that was one of the things Kendra had hoped to see in Europe.
“Dude not funny, I would die, they’re my loves,” Kendra commented back making people in the background call out ‘Hey,’ before the beta shushed them.
“So soulmates?”
“Yes! I travel the world and meet not a single one of them, and my flight got canceled last minute so I had to book another one, and low and behold, bam! I was sitting between two of them.”
“I thought you had five?”
“I actually have six, just like you. One’s seventeen so we don’t have her mark yet, but she has ours.”
“So how does two turn into six?”
“Crazy story,” hearing someone in the background talking, “Hush I’m telling it Abs, she’s my baby sister.”
“Not a baby Kendra,” Morgan protested, she was only ten months younger, “And you’re more a baby than I am.”
“No I’m not,” was said in an extremely childishly whine, “I’m putting you on speaker.”
“Hi new mate in laws!” Morgan greeted, because Kendra was a sister to her, thick as thieves, they had never gone this long without talking, but the cell phone bill would have been outrageous and Kendra had needed to conserve money because she had been backpacking through Europe and Asia doing whatever her wild child heart desired for the last almost six and a half months and only calling her brother, Noah, and his mate Benny, every two weeks to let them know she was alive so they wouldn’t end her trip early and drag her back home.
A cacophony of ‘Hey and hellos’ were heard, before Kendra started talking again, “So I was sitting between two of them, Daniela, an alpha, had just ended her last tour of the Army so she was headed home to two of our mates, Abigail, she’s a beta like me, a high school teacher and Hailey, whose an omega, who had been one of her students, of course second Dani, Abs, and Hails did the soulmate paperwork she wasn’t, but that’s besides the point so that’s three. And then to my left was Chloe, Clo’s a preschool teacher, but she and her two mates had taken an anniversary trip to the UK for the week and because connections suck and her alpha mate, Brittany, had to make it back to New York the day before for a big trial she’s doing, Brit’s a lawyer, and the flight only had two seats, so Stacie their omega had to go with her, you know how stupid omega laws can be, especially since kids can be on an international flight by themselves. So anyway, Clo had to take a different flight, happens to be the flight me and Dani are on. So two hours in, I have to pee and middle seat, back of the plane me had to literally climb over Clo, who had been sleeping at the time, and my shirt got pushed up by the seat in front of us and I flashed the soulmate mark on my back, you know the one I tried drawing for you because I just couldn’t explain it well.”
“And well with me climbing on her, it woke her up and she saw it, but headphones blaring I didn’t hear her, but Dani said she gasped so loud, that it woke her up as well. So I get back and Clo’s vibrating in her seat and she got up to let me in this time so I didn’t have to do airplane gymnastics again. She rips the headphones out of my ears, and I turn to her to let her have it, because no bitch stops me from listening to my idols. You know.”
Morgan rolls her eyes, but doesn’t comment.
“But she smiles so big I could see her tonsils, not really but you get the point. But then she’s like, ‘I’m your soulmate!’ all super giddy and stuff you’d think she’s three not twenty-three by the way she was clapping and bouncing like she had to go potty. Ow! Don’t hit me with your pillow! Ow!” laughing the entire time, “Thought they taught that in preschool, you’re a preschool teacher for fuck sakes, anyway Dani was eavesdropping, … yes, I know you couldn’t help it. But Dani heard so she was watching us, not everyday the person next to you finds their mate, so when Clo was telling me about Brit and Stace and taking off her sweater so that she could get to the marks that are on her bicep and shoulders, because I was only in a long sleeve shirt so I very well couldn’t, well I totally could and would but I’m sure I would never get to travel by plane again so I didn’t offer, so she starts pointing out which marks were whose that she knew of. Guess what, my mark it’s a clip of the lyrics with the sheet music in blue lettering from the first song I recorded.”
“That’s so fuckin cool, Kendy.”
“I know right! Anyway Dani, Dani then shocks us both by saying, ‘Hey I have those too.’ So, now there’s seven of us all because of bad connections, I’m never complaining about those again. … Okay I won’t complain as much.”
“Congrats Kendy.”
“So we totally need a girls day, dancing, drinks, … fine no drinks, Brit. But you get the point Morgy. I haven’t seen you, and since you hightailed it no one else has either. What’s up with that?”
“I needed time, something’s happened while you were away. … Did Noah tell you I found my mates, all of them?”
“What the hell bitch! Tell me everything! How’s the sex? Cause I got to say mate sex so much better than anything else. And you’ve been holding out so it had to have felt amazing.”
“That’s the first thing that pops into your demented little head?”
“Yes, because mate sex … Ah-mazing!”
“Hate to burst it, but I haven’t had it yet.”
“No way!” completely scandalized by the notion, “Okay how long have you guys known each other?”
“Met them a few days after you left. And then --”
“You haven’t done it yet? And you’ve known them what almost seven months!”
“Six months really and over three I was gone. We had a fight and I took off, I needed to fix myself.”
“You go on a bender again?” was asked slowly.
“No, they found out something that I’ve been lying for years about.”
“I … its not something to say over the phone. Just I screwed up big time,” tears pooling in her eyes and her voice coming out thicker than she wished, “Like so badly I could have died bad and I need to tell you and Noah and Benny and Ames, Quinn, and Jo-Jo, but I really need to tell you because we promised to tell each other everything.”
Kendra didn’t say anything for a minute but Morgan could hear rustling and murmuring before her voice popped back in saying, “I took you off speaker and went to a different room. You okay?”
“I fucked up and I need you guys to hear it from me.”
“Okay, I can pick you up. We can go to their place right now if you want. Hey nothing you ever did will stop our sisterhood, we did that blood oath ceremony and everything when we were thirteen.”
“No we started, Noah caught us and flipped the fuck out.”
“Yeah first time he wasn’t fun loving crazy Noah. Point is I would kill for you and you would kill for me, and we’d both bury the bodies.”
“God I missed you.”
“I did too. But you want to go right now?”
“Its almost dark. --”
“Yeah and? Its like six, don’t tell me your mates are that old that they’re going to bed now.”
Morgan laughed at that, “No it’s a rule, they’d have to vet you, if I want to go out at night.”
“You’re so explaining that in detail later, but is the Nazi’s letting you out during the day?”
“Yes, I can go then, just have to tell them.”
“Then tomorrow I’ll pick you up and we head over there, I need to pack up my things anyway, since I’m moving in with my pack. I live in a house in New York City now with all my soulmates, it’s crazy.”
“How about you shoot me your new address and I’ll meet you there at nine tomorrow, so we can have the day.”
“Okay, will do. So mates tell me about them.”
“I have three alphas and three beta mates, all males except for one alpha female.”
“Wow lot of dicks.”
“Yeah lot of dicks, which I know you hate,” Morgan quipped, shaking her head with a laugh when Bruce who had just walked in gave her an inquisitive look, “Anyway, I met them when they came into the bar. So Clint does security, Nat’s an assistant, Tones an engineer, and Bruce is a scientist, they all work at the same place, so that’s how they met and Steve does freelance security so they hooked up when he did a job with them. Buck’s trying to figure out his next move, but he had been in the army with Steve before they got discharged,” giving each of her mate’s a simple job story, because she may trust Kendra, but she wasn’t going to divulge anything about her mates that they didn’t want out there.
“Okay. So no omega mates yet?”
“Not for me. Hey um Bruce just walked in, so I got to go, I’ll see you tomorrow, send me the address. Love you Kendy,” Morgan rushed out.
“Love you too Morgy, I’ll text you more questions.”

“You didn’t need to get off the phone for me,” Bruce stated as a greeting, finishing fishing out the tea he wanted from his tea kit, when Morgan hung up and looked over with a smile.
“I know, but I’m going to meet her tomorrow at nine;” leaning her back on the island to watch the curly haired brunette fill the kettle with water.
“Kendy’s is your best friend right?”
“Basically sister, but yeah.”
“Noticed you dodged the omega question,” it was a skillful dodge, one that if he hadn’t known the truth he wouldn’t have noticed because she sounded genuine, since she was being genuine. She wasn’t lying just framing the truth.
“Yeah, I’m going to meet her at her new place and we’ll head for her brother’s. And I’m going to tell them.”
“You want one of us there?”
“No. I got it. Thanks though.”
“So where’s everybody?”
“Clint’s showering with Bucky, and Steve and Nat are at the clinic, they said to eat without them. So we’re just waiting on Tony.”
Bruce shook his head lightly then said, “Saw him when I was leaving my lab, he’s pulling an all-nighter down in R&D.”
“We haven’t gotten to talk one on one really since you got back,” placing his kettle on the burner.
“You doing okay?”
“I’m better. I’m happy I came back.”
“I’m glad you did too. I missed you.”
“I missed you guys too.”
“Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it because Steve told us last night after you went with Nat to her room. You really thought we wouldn’t want to hug you?”
“He has a big mouth,” Morgan grumbled.
“So is that a yes?”
“I was supposed to tell you guys, open communication and honesty. Not have other mates do it for me.”
“Yeah, Bucky tried to stop him, but he’d already said too much that we got him to finish.”
“I thought I needed to earn trust before I got to,” she explained.
“But you want to?” he really hoped she did.
“Yes. I want to be a full mate, however long that takes, whatever that entails, no more running.”
“You are a full mate.”
“No, I don’t have the mating bites,” that only soulmates get, “And I need to be able to communicate my wants and you guys need to do the same to me. I want you guys to trust me and to do that I need to be honest with you guys and show that consistently until you guys do and keep it up for the rest of my life because I can’t handle the idea of loosing your guys trust again.”
“And we’ll all get there. But right now, you really okay with us hugging you, right?”
“Yes, Bruce. I want whatever you guys are willing to trust me with and want to give me.”
“Then I want to hug you all the time, and no matter what either of us do, I want you to know I’ll never stop wanting you, and I’m never going to revoke you hugging me.”
Morgan didn’t wait any longer taking the four steps to where the beta stood and wrapping her arms around his waist, Bruce in turn wrapping his arms around hers. “I missed this and me too, never stop.”
“I did too.”




Natasha and Steve made it back to the Tower fifteen minutes past ten o’clock, both heading for the shower to get the stench of the clinic off them. When they came back out to the kitchen, Morgan was sitting on the island cross-legged with her elbows on her thighs and her chin being propped up by fists.
Steve frowned at the sight, “What you doing?”
“On the counter?” Natasha inquires.
“Yep. Casserole is bottom oven cooling, but it’s still hot.”
“How? Dinner was four hours ago,” Steve asks.
Natasha slapping his arm, as she says, “Thank you sweetie, you didn’t have too.”
Steve shook his head minutely, “Yes, thank you doll,” grabbing the oven warmers off the counter.
“You said you’d be home at ten, so…” shrugging, “Besides I wanted clarification on a rule.”
“What rule?” Steve asks.
“Pack rule that sort of blends into omega rules if I stay out too late.”
“What do you want clarified?”
“So Kendy’s back from her trip and I was hoping to go out with her tomorrow, I’d walk to her new place that’s like four miles from here and then she’d drive us to her brother’s place, Noah and Benny, Clint met them, he liked them, I think. But I don’t know how long I’d be gone and pack rule is that we have to tell each other if we leave the Tower, and there’s no vetting of people. But since I have the rule that I can’t be out two hours before sunset without a vetted and trusted alpha or beta, does that mean you only need to vet Kendra if I’m out past that time?”
“Okay, so I figured which is why I had Jarvis run a background on her for you guys, which is really weird because I’ve known her since I was five, she’s like my twin, so I already knew everything, which by the way no priors. So if you guys could look at that and tell me that’d be awesome.”
“You trust her?” Natasha asks.
“I said twin right? Yeah I trust her with my life. She’s one of the few people I tell almost everything too.”
“She knew you were omega?”
“No not that, she was the hardest person to keep it from though, she knows me like an open book and I know her. She guessed multiple times something was wrong, but she also knows when not to pry, which I’m guessing she’s going to blow a gasket that me taking suppressants was the reason.”
“She’s not going to hurt you is she?”
Morgan shook her head vehemently, “No. Worse she’ll do is bear hug me to death, not actual death.”
Steve looked at Natasha who gave a miniscule nod of her head, looking back at the blonde the head alpha spoke, “You can go with her, but I rather drop you off, no point in you walking when I can drive you.”
“You’re not going to look at the report and be all …”
Natasha swallowed her bite of food, “We’re trusting your opinion, and besides that look on your face is the same one Tony get’s when talking about Rhodey.”
“Thanks. If you want, Kendy wants to do a girls day, her, me, her pack, which I haven’t met, but I’m guessing I will tomorrow since she’ll want to do something tomorrow after her brother’s since she already enrolled me into helping her pack up the rest of her stuff and move it in, since she knows she doesn’t need to tell me how she likes things. But anyway since she left a few days prior to me meeting you guys, and we didn’t get to talk till today, after I told her I met my soulmates, she wants to meet you guys, and since you’re a girl you are formally invited to go, sorry Steve.”
“None taken,” Steve said through a mouth full of food.
Natasha nodded, “Yeah I’ll go.”
“Cool don’t know the time or day, but I’ll let you know.”
“You can bring trusted friends and family around, you know,” Steve spoke, she never really had before, the only people in her family that knew who they were, were her Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Peter, Bobbi, and Sharon, the last two she didn’t even know knew, and she had been just starting to invite them more around the rest of her family or friends when she had run away.
“I guess, but this is your guys safe place.”
“We want this to be your safe place too.”
“Thanks, but this is the one spot you guys are yourselves I don’t want you guys limiting yourselves.”
“Your family is our family.”
“Really?” give a raised eyebrow incredulously.
“No, they aren’t. And I’m not saying that to be rude, or the like. But its fact you guys wouldn’t want to claim half my family. And being my mates doesn’t automatically make them likable to you or they like you, because you guys don’t like my Uncle Filip, you guys don’t want me around him --”
“Of course not, he wants to hurt you.”
“Yeah, but he’s family, so don’t say stuff in absolutes. And I might trust certain people, but that doesn’t mean you will trust or like them. So until you meet them, don’t say they can come around or you’ll trust them because you’re trying to trust me, it doesn’t work, okay. I already lost your trust once, and I don’t want more on my conscience. Don’t try being nice with stuff like that, I rather have to go out and see people, then you tip toe around your own home or hate the fact that someone is here that you don’t like.”
Natasha nodded, “Your home too, Morgan. But you’re right we shouldn’t have said it like that. We’ll try not say things like that, but you can bring your Aunt May, Uncle Ben, or Peter around, though.”
“Better, thank you. So how was the last time you’ll ever use the clinic?”
Natasha raised an eyebrow at that, “Good. You do know we didn’t do it to hurt you.”
“Yeah, you guys explained, abundantly. So, when can we dom again? Because I’m not letting you guys get withdrawals, and I’m definitely don’t want you guys going to another omega again, if I can help it.”
Steve and Natasha exchanged a look, before Steve spoke, “If you want we can do a light domming everyday.”
“Okay, is that just one domming? Like with one of you guys or three light dommings or is it a three for one or two for one? Cause I totally want to try all of it.”
“We can mix it up,” Natasha answered, “You really like getting dommed that much?”
“Yeah, love it. Like the way it makes me feel,” she might hate aspects of being an omega, but some of it she loved, she loved that the omega cravings she has finally have an outlet, that none of her mates are looking down at her for wanting to submit or for wanting to act like an omega. That they were finally getting on a good track, that once she asks Tony about being able to hug him, she will finally be able to hug all her mates, that she doesn’t have to be scared of giving in to her wish to be tactile with her mates. That it was one step closer to being a pack, to having what she always dreamed about, even though she had never pictured herself as an omega when she was younger, but now it felt right.
“Okay. Just know that we don’t want you ignoring your health for us.”
“You already said that earlier, I get it. No pushing myself over my limits.”
“We find out,” Steve starts.
“I know. No more withholding, no more pushing myself past breaking points just because I think I can handle it or feel that I need to handle more so I go past what I know I should. I need to trust that you guys won’t be angry that I decided my health is more important, because there are other options no matter how it makes either of us feel. That you guys care about me, love me, and want what’s best for me even if I don’t like the idea of letting you guys down because my body can’t handle anymore. That you guys promise to do the same, because I’d hate if the roles were reversed and you guys ignored your health because of me. That you guys police each other about biological needs just as much as you guys do me. That the consequences are the same.”
“So I’m going to head to bed now, big day tomorrow, love you guys,” scooting to the edge of the counter as she spoke.
“Go to Buck’s room, okay doll,” Steve says as Morgan jumps off the granite.
“Yeah, okay,” hugging him then Natasha who gave her own whispered ‘goodnight sweetie, love you.’

Chapter Text

After setting the bowl of cat food down on the mat that was set out for Tigger in the kitchen, she ran a hand over the orange tabby who was winding his body around hers lifting up each time when he got to her knees to rub / knock his head into them. Cell beeping on the counter, Morgan sighed standing up, the cat choosing to eat now that she wasn’t petting him.
Checking the text, she frowned before calling her cousin, twelve rings later, her cousin answered with “Morgan?”
“Hey Ash. You wanted to talk?”
“Yeah, Der’s at work so I got the house to myself for a few hours, you want to come over?”
“Can’t, but um can we just talk on the phone.”
“Sure. I want to --”
Blurting out quickly, “I’m sorry.”
“Hey, I get it.”
“What?” a perplexed look covering her face.
“Dude I don’t know how you got your hands on suppressants, or why you chose to break the whole no pill thing, but you know how Tata is, you being an omega would have been hell if you had to live with him.”
“I didn’t … I didn’t do it cause of him.”
Confusion lacing the beta’s tone, “Then why?”
“Alpha command and then when it finally wore off I was so far deep in the lies and I didn’t know I had been commanded, I just kept going, didn’t want to be treated as an omega or a kid and I lied for long enough that I would have lost your guys trust and then I just kept lying.”
“You would have been and you did. I can eventually forgive you though.”
“How are you so relaxed about this?”
“Oh I’m not, I’m just trying to stay calm. Tata still throwing a fit, Guth’s right there with him along with Aunt Kasia and Uncle Teddy, mom and Tia Emse are too.” Tone taking on a hard edge, “You used the most dangerous narcotic on the planet, Morgan Bay, then you ran away without a word. They’re rightfully pissed. I’m pissed off, but you’re my little cousin, so I’m trying to stay calm. Anyway you should show your face sooner rather than later, and own up to everything you need to. You’re making it worse with this hiding out thing you’re doing.”
“Uncle Filip’s going to kill me.”
“Not kill, he’s going to have very pointed words and you won’t be sitting for a good long while, but you’ll live.”
Nodding to herself, Morgan sighed softly before steeling herself and saying, “Next week.”
Humming in agreement, “This Sunday dinner, Tata’s house. Aunt Kasia is coming out in a week, it’s better to get it all over with before she shows up, I doubt you want them tag teaming.”
“Okay. I’m going to have to bring one of my mates, it’s an omega rule.”
“I’ll let them know.”
“Promise me you show up and you stick around.”
“Can you give me a level of how bad it’s going to be?”
“Don’t ask that Morgan, don’t psych yourself out,” was spoken in a soft tone.
“He’s pissed, Ash, I already know that. I just want to know how far gone.”
“You got mom pissed at you, she’s pulling the head omega card.”
Sighing heavily, “I’m fucked.”
“Breath and tell them everything, you’re an adult.”
“I’m an omega, which in his eyes is a fuckable kid.”
“True, that isn’t going to change anytime soon, so prove you ain’t a kid, show up, tell them everything without a tantrum, and accept the punishment gracefully.”
“I know.”
“Then you should have come out earlier,” Ashley yelled out before sighing and saying in a calmer tone, “Okay, I’ll text with the time for Sunday after I talk to them.”
“Thanks. Love you Ash, see you then.”
“Love you too.” Finishing with “And you better or you won’t just have to worry about Tata and mom,” and hanging up.




Morgan waved bye to Steve, before knocking on Kendra’s front door, a five foot seven dark skinned alpha opened the door a minute later with a “Hey.”
Morgan greeted back, “Hey, you must be one of Kendra’s mates.”
The alpha raised an eyebrow looking over the short blonde, “Dani. You’re Morgan? I thought Ken said you were a beta.”
“Yeah, she probably did,” shuffling slightly.
Dani made an understanding noise at the back of her throat.
“Is Kendy here?”
“Yeah,” opening the door up and gesturing for the Olympian to walk inside as she yelled over her shoulder, “Ken your girl’s here.”
“Morgy!” was screamed out from the back, before two seconds later a five six brunette beta sprinted into Morgan’s body, knocking them both to the ground with a yelp, Kendra’s arms wrapped around Morgan’s torso.
“Kendy, you’re crushing me,” Morgan spoke once she got air back into her lungs from the fall and the brunette’s bear hug, Dani smiling over from her spot against the archway between entryway and living room before she headed into it.
“Shit sorry. Holy fuck you’re an omega!” was spoken as Kendra got off, taking in the blonde for the first time.
A quiet “Yeah,” was spoken.
“That’s the lie?! How’d the fuck you hide it? Oh fuck. Fucking, bitch. What? Hell dammit. Are insane? Course you are. Fuck, no. You. Oh my god. Fuck. No wonder. Hell. How? Shit!” Kendra exclaimed loudly, running through a monologue of emotions as she paced two feet front and back as Morgan stood up watching as Kendra fil