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Midoriya Izuku stood atop a tall building in the presence of his idol, All Might. He stood in shock and sadness while comprehending the words just used by his hero.

"You can't become a hero without a quirk."

Although part of Izuku was aware that All Might was still talking and that he might as well listen, the rest of him was still forcibly tuning All Might out. For a moment, he thought he should follow Kacchan's advice to take a swan dive off of a building. All Might continued, unaware of the boy's despair. "Although it's nice to dream, you have to consider what is realistic."

Izuku heard this and could feel his whole body filling up with an unrecognized feeling, something made up from all of the anger and sadness he felt. As his idol began to walk through the staircase leading down towards the exit, Izuku stared after him. After a few moments, he began to descend down the same staircase.

As he was walking home, he noticed the slime villain that had attacked him earlier wreaking havoc in an alleyway surrounded by heroes and civilian bystanders. Normally, when this sort of thing happened, Izuku would always go to check it out. But as of right now, he couldn't bring himself to care at all.

Once he reached his apartment, he took off his shoes and went straight into his bedroom. His mom had texted him earlier and said she was working late and he didn't have any chores or homework to do, so he sat on his bed and stared at the many All Might posters he had on the wall. His blank stares hardened into glares of anger and he screamed to no one in particular. Izuku wanted to tear down all of the posters in his room, but he didn't have the energy or the composure to do so. He stood up and decided that the best way to calm down was to take a walk around the park he played in as a kid.

On his way to the park he heard a familiar voice. It was Kacchan's mother, calling out her son's name, anguish and worry sounding in her usually strong sounding voice. Izuku ignored her and continued on. Once he got to the park he stopped when he saw a man walking in his direction, probably coincidentally. Izuku couldn't help but stare as he noticed some weird things about the man. He was wearing a suit and tie, something Izuku never could imagine someone wearing to a park. Not only that, but he also appeared to be made of some kind of smoke or fog. Suddenly, the strange adult seemed to have noticed Izuku's staring, as he looked up at Izuku and... chuckled, much to Izuku's surprise. The man then said, "Well then, that is quite a bit of resentment I can see in your eyes. Especially for someone so young!" Izuku briefly wore a look of shock only to revert back to a blank expression. "What's it to you?" He replied sharply. The well dressed man chuckled again and said, "No need to be so harsh! Pardon me for asking, but why are you so angry, young man?" At first, Izuku felt he shouldn't trust the man. But after taking another look at the man, despite his strange appearance, he looked and sounded kind of trustworthy. Izuku somewhat reluctantly replied, "I met All Might today, but he was nothing like what I thought! I asked him if I could be a hero without a quirk, and he told me it was impossible. I can tell now that he's only a hero for the money, and only says those encouraging things for publicity. I hate it!"

The man in the suit seemed to be thinking for a moment before he finally asked, "You're quirkless?" Izuku began to regret telling him about what happened. He braced himself for an insult when, to Izuku's shock, he said, "How terrible. You were hoping for him to tell you that you could become a hero, weren't you?" He paused, thinking again. "I bet you hate him now, don't you?" Izuku nodded, a look of confusion warping his face. The man then said, "My name is Kurogiri. Would you mind following me? This won't take long, I promise." Before Izuku even had a chance to think about it, a void appeared in front of Kurogiri that matched the way the well dressed man looked. Kurogiri beckoned him inside of the void. "Go in. It's safe, don't worry." Izuku stepped inside slowly. As he passed through the portal he noticed Kurogiri wasn't going inside himself.

After he stepped out of the warp gate, Izuku took a moment to assess his surroundings. He noticed he was in a warehouse that was dark except for the blue glow of several monitors in the direction he was facing. He also saw the silhouette of a man in front of the glowing monitors, sitting in a chair with several tubes attached to it. The man spoke in a low, commanding voice. "Come here boy. Stand in front of the monitors." Izuku didn't want to disobey after hearing the voice. It was one of authority, one of power, a voice that told him to obey or else. Once he made his way around all of the tubes and wires and stood in front of the monitors as requested, he managed to get a good look at the man in the chair. He suppressed a gasp of horror once he saw that the man's eyes couldn't be seen at all, even though the mask the man wore wasn't opaque at all. The only discernable feature that could be seen on the man's face was his mouth, that was curved up into a smile of contempt. The man obviously noticed Izuku's horror because he said, "I see you've taken note of my appearance. Well, I'm sure you're curious as to who did this to me, so I'll tell you. It was All Might."

Izuku's eyes widened in shock and then immediately tried to hide his powerful emotions of anger, to no avail. Izuku stuttered, "W-who are y-you?" The man replied immediately, as if expecting this. "My name is All For One, but call me Sensei."

"Ah, so you're quirkless..." All For One said. Izuku took a step back in surprise. Before Izuku could ask how he knew, the All for One quickly said, as if in response to his thoughts, "How do I know? I have many quirks, one granting me the ability to hear your thoughts." Izuku asks, stuttering once again, "You were b-born with m-more than one quirk...?" "No," All For One replies. "My quirk allows me to give quirks and take away quirks. Speaking of which... Would you like a quirk, Midoriya Izuku?"

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Izuku couldn't hardly believe his ears. He suppressed the urge to pinch himself to verify that he wasn't dreaming. "Y-yes! Please sir, may I h-have a quirk?" All for One chuckled. "Of course you may. Come closer, Izuku." Izuku obeyed once again as the crippled man reached out and placed his hand on Izuku's shoulder. Izuku could feel energy flowing through him when suddenly, his vision went white.

When he woke up, Izuku felt himself lying on a bed. He began to wonder if it was all a dream after all, but he then noticed that the bed he was lying on wasn't his bed. And that the walls surrounding him weren't the walls of his bedroom. Izuku stood up weakly and opened the door. As he walked out he realized he was standing in a bar. Across the counter stood Kurogiri. Near the counter, another person, who appeared to be a young man a few years above Izuku in age, sat on a bar stool, playing an old handheld video game. Kurogiri looked up when he heard Izuku come out of the bedroom and said, "Ah, Izuku, you're awake!" Izuku didn't recall ever telling Kurogiri his name, but he suspected All for One had filled Kurogiri in. "Shigaraki, this is Izuku Midoriya, the boy Sensei told you about." Shigaraki looked up from his game to ogle at Izuku. Neither boys said anything, and Kurogiri continued talking, this time to Izuku. "Izuku, this is the hideout for the League of Villains." Izuku wasn't as surprised as he could have been. He had put two and two together, realizing that if Sensei had fought All Might, they had to be villains. But Izuku couldn't stifle the returning feelings of anger that rose up as he thought about how these people weren't mean or evil, yet they were villains. "You know you can't tell anyone about us or you getting a quirk right?" Kurogiri said. Izuku looked up at the man and asked, "Could I stay? I don't want to go back to the bullying and disappointment." Kurogiri's yellow eyes seemed to lit up at this question. "Of course, Izuku. However, you know this means you have to become a villain with us, right?" Izuku says back, "Yes, but I don't care! Staying here would be better than what I have at home!" Of course, Izuku doesn't mean this entirely. He still loves his mother, but she didn't believe in him. He was mostly trying to get the villains to let him stay. Kurogiri chuckles and says "Do you have anything you left at home that you want to bring here?" Izuku nods quickly. "I'll open a portal to your bedroom so you can grab what you want and come back," Kurogiri says. A portal opens in front of Izuku and he walks through it, quickly this time.

When he goes in his bedroom he notices the alarm clock on his nightstand. The time says 8:00 p.m. at night, so he knows his mother should be coming home right now. Izuku grabs all of his notebooks that were scattered across the floor, and a few spare clothes. His gaze deliberately passes over all of the All Might clothes and posters he has in his room. Izuku grabs a bag to carry his stuff in, places his things inside, and walks back through the portal.

His mother arrives home shortly after, only to find her apartment empty.

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So uh, not sure if anyone reads this, but I've decided I want to rewrite this, since my writing feels like it's gotten better since I wrote this and wasn't proud of it. Now if you're reading this then you should've read the two mediocre chapters of this short fic, so just letting anyone who liked this know that I will be remaking the entire thing, so if you liked the little bit that was there I recommend downloading it before I remake it. The plot and the tag should stay the same as far as I know, but they may change. Thanks for reading the little thing this was. See you when I finish rewriting, I suppose.