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Shuffled Shenanigans

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“Are you absolutely sure about this, dude?” The blonde turned to his short friend, a skeptical look on his face as the boy in front of him marched with pride and excitement through the cafeteria.

“Of course I’m sure! They’re so much more tame than the hero girls, yet just as sexy. I met one at the sports festival, and she was actually nice to me! Can you believe it?” Mineta whipped around with a deep blush on his face, eyes in awe as he remembered the one girl who wasn’t a complete jerk to the boy.

“No, no I cannot.” His blonde friend replied with a sly smirk on his face. Instead of sitting with his usual crowd, today Denki was trying something new for a change. For weeks, Mineta has been ranting and raving about his plan to finally get a chance to go out with a girl. Since both the hero and the support department were well aware of his perversion, nobody would touch the sour grape with a ten foot pole. That left the business department and general studies. According to Mineta, general studies girls were far more easier to impress. Denki didn’t exactly believe that, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Not too far from where the hero course kids liked to sit, a small group of general studies girls sat together, chatting and laughing at one another. The two future heroes picked up two chairs and nonchalantly dragged them to their table.

“How do you do on this fine day, ladies?” The blonde stifled a laugh. Diaper boy always seemed like he was a nice guy type, but now his suspicions have been confirmed. Mineta elbowed him and looked back to the girls. They all wore the same unamused, confused, and annoyed look on their faces. “I’m Mineta Minoru, but you can call me by my hero name, Grape Rush.”

“You’re in the hero course?” One asked with an eyebrow raised. The rest of the table seemed just as skeptical, and Denki couldn’t really blame them. Mineta is not exactly the most ‘heroic’ type of guy.

“Yep. 1-A to be exact. Number 9 in the class, interned with the one and only Mt. Lady, and even fought quite a few villains in my time.”

“Dude, you never fought any villains. You just threw your sticky balls and hoped they’d hit.” That jab earned a chuckle from the table and Kaminari smirked with a bit of pride.

“How did yo—“

Mineta was silenced by a sudden hand on his shoulder, gripping it tightly.

“Mineta Minoru, huh? I remember you from the sports festival.” The two hero students look up to see a tall figure looming over them, rivaling Sato in height. Both Denki and Mineta flinched. Though his face remained deadpan there was a clear spark of anger in his eyes. “Your tactical strategies are competent, however you rely too much on your teammates. Like a leach of sorts.”

“Henkasuru, please. We don’t need to start trouble here. They were just about to leave anyways,” one of the girls told her male classmate. The boy simply ignored her, looking down upon Mineta and Denki. Both of which were raising their hands up in alarm as if they were being aimed at by a police officer threatening to shoot. Given the look that was in this boy’s, Henkasuru’s, eyes it wasn’t all too surprising.

“Y-yeah, we were just coming to say hi is all! Promise!” Mineta frantically spewed.

“I’m not at fault for this! Grape boy dragged me into this mess!”


Suddenly, the smaller of the boys was lifted up into the air by his collar, Henkasuru glaring daggers straight into his eyes. This caught the attention of many in the cafeteria, especially those in class 1-C. The air seemed to grow thicker by the moment, and it did not appear to be slowing down either.

“Karada.” A deep voice from behind them spoke up. Henkasuru turned, still gripping on Mineta’s collar. “Put him down.”

“Why the hell should I? He—“ suddenly, the boy’s eyes glazed over. Shinsou Hitoshi made his way over to his classmates and the two hero students.

“I said, put him down and walk away.” Of course, Henkasuru did as told and proceeded to drop the boy onto his ass and made his way out of the cafeteria. Presumably, to his classroom. He looked over at Kaminari and Mineta with an apathetic look plastered onto his face. “Unless you want bottle blonde over there to throw a hissy fit after this, I suggest you go back to your class too.” The two hero course students nodded rapidly and shuffled their way over to where Sero, Ashido, Kirishima, and Bakugou were.

“You seriously almost let a gen-ed kid beat your ass? You’re pathetic, diaper boy.” Sero sneered with a chuckle. Mineta glared and put his head down on the table in defeat.

“Seriously though, I think you and that Henkasuru guy would get along nicely, Bakugou.” Kaminari snickered. Said blonde simply shot him a confused leer.


“The kid who was just this close to eradicating the disease known as Mineta Minoru off the earth.” Ashido laughed.

“If he managed to do that little pervert in, the least I could do is give him a high five.” The whole table broke out in hysterical laughter for the rest of lunch, all at the poor little grape boy’s expense.


The day continued as normal, up until the end of class. Aizawa had said he had a “doctor’s appointment” (code for Cat Café) scheduled for the day so he had to leave just a bit early, so the students took it upon themselves to not do their work and instead focus on other more important things, such as gossip.

“Fellow students! This is not appropriate school behavior! As class representative, I believe it would be in our collective best interest to continue on with our studies independently!” Iida karate chopped the air furiously, but no matter how hard he tried, even he could not gain control over the group of talkative teens.

“Iida, we’ve already finished studying. There’s only five minutes left in class anyways,” Ururaka chimed, waving her hand around.

“I still maintain the belief that we should all use our time wisely. Just five minutes could make a substantial difference when it comes to grades!” On that note, the door creaked open. 1-A chatted slowly silenced as they eyed the doorway for the new visitor. A familiar bottle blonde walked in, sporting the same dark roots as just a few hours before. Both Kaminari and Mineta tensed.

“So, this is 1-A, huh? Nice classroom you got here. Too bad the lineup isn’t as nice.” Henkasuru said, staring at the room around them without making eye contact with anyone. Iida got up, quickly making his way in front of the student.

“Why exactly are you here? If you cannot answer I politely ask you to leave.” The raven haired boy inquired. The gen-ed student simply ignored this and casually strolled over to Mineta’s desk. Once again, he lifted the smaller boy up by his collar.

“Grape Rush and I have unfinished business. So, I’ll see you guys later.” Just before the bottle blonde was able to step out of the room, Shoji had grabbed him by the arms and Midoriya stood by the door. He approached the clearly frustrated boy with a wavering smile.

“What Mineta did wasn’t right, but, there’s no need for violence here.”

“LET HIM KICK THAT SOUR GRAPE’S ASS!” Bakugou cheered from the back of the room.

“See, that guy gets it.” Henkasuru snickered. He was still tight in Shoji’s grip, though at this point he had dropped Mineta. “Look, just let me get a couple hits on that pervert and I’ll be on my merry way. I’m not going to kill him or seriously injure him. He just needs to learn some basic manners.” He began to squirm now, attempting to break free of the other’s triple bear hug.

“And beating him up will somehow make him learn?” Ururaka spoke up, beginning to slowly make her way over to the front of the room where all the commotion was going down. It seemed like the entire class was caving in on him, but one particular sight lit off a fuse inside the gen-ed student. Iida was right near the phone. Iida was going to call security. In a matter of an instant, Henkasuru elbowed Shoji’s stomach and broke himself free for just a moment. He took a deep breath, and before anyone could do a single thing, he slapped his hands together. The clap seemed to echo throughout the room, an odd energy coursing through everyone until everything seemed to turn black.

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The first thing he noticed when he “awoke” was the piercing headache. It felt like some spiteful god decided he didn’t like Izuku anymore and zapped him with a lightning bolt straight to the brain. The second thing he noticed was how he couldn’t feel anything other than his migraine. When he tried to move a finger, or even just his eyelids, his body was not responding. He tried to muster up the energy to think. What was the last thing he remembered? Oh, it was Henkasuru nearly murdering Mineta. Had he activated some sort of paralyzation quirk, similar to Stain’s? No, if that was the case he would’ve used that in the Sports Festival for sure... He tried to recall what he knew about the kid, other than his face alone. That’s when he began to hear faint noises.

“...didn’t mean...instinct!...” Henkasuru’s voice. Same gruff sound yet an entirely different tone unbefitting of the seemingly confident rebel type.

“...recovery girl... get...sensei...” That was yet another voice he recognized, deep and lazy, and if he could, he would let out a sigh of relief. Shinsou was the only person in 1-C who he was properly acquainted with, and having him there was calming him down slightly.

“...oh! I think this one’s waking up!” A girl’s voice this time, not seeming familiar in the slightest. Izuku was able to reclaim minimal control over his eyelids and the very tips of his fingers. It felt like all the blood was rushing back into his system. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was greeted with three teens hovering over him eyes widened with worry.

“That’s a quick recovery time. Usually it takes an hour or so, though, each body is different. His must be more resilient than others.” The familiar bottle blonde stared on in awe as Shinsou simply ignored him, reaching a hand towards his neck.

“At least it’s steady.” The boy sighed. Now he was looking Izuku straight in the eyes, like he was trying to decipher some code hidden in between them. “Who are you?”

That was not the question he was expecting. He should know who Izuku is by now, even if they aren’t in the same classes. He never took Shinsou as the forgetful type.

“M’dr’ya.” He managed to slur so quietly even he could barely hear it himself. Yet, the girl sitting next to his familiar foe seemed to hear it just fine. Maybe it was the floppy dog ears hanging down the side of her head like pigtails? She took out a package of sticky notes and scribbled something onto it, slapping the note onto his forehead.

“Go fetch Recovery Girl and one of the teachers, Akita.” Henkasuru practically directed her. The girl’s face twisted into a pout.

“Really? A pun like that now? Seriously, Karada, what is wrong with you?”

“You two, please!” The two turned to Shinso, their expressions dropping. Akita, seemingly ashamed of her self, tensed.

“I’ll be right back.” She said quietly, exiting into the hallway. At this point, Izuku had gained control of his head, though it still throbbed like he’d just been hit by a six ton eight wheeler. Something was off, he was sure of it, yet he couldn’t quite place it. Shinso and Henkasuru look back at him.

“So, Midoriya... Nice seeing you again, though I wish it would be under better circumstances,” he tossed a glare towards the bottle blonde’s way. “Right now, you and your classmates are under the influence of a quirk that will last for a little while. Nothing life threatening, so there’s no need to freak out, okay? God, I don’t know how to explain this. Just— here.” He took out his cellphone and opened the camera, holding it up to Izuku’s face... but that wasn’t Izuku’s face. That spiked blonde hair, those sharp features, the red eyes. Right in front of him was the face of his childhood tormenter, looking just as confused as he felt. Almost immediately, his brain started moving a mile a minute, gears being put into overdrive.

“K—ka-ka—k—“before he was able to even mutter our that one name, his brain had been completely fried. Everything faded into black once more.


When he woke up again, most of the pain and numbness Izuku had been feeling before had evaporated away. He noted that he was now in a different room and immediately recognized it as the nurse’s office. He had been there enough times for broken bones to know just by the pattern on the ceiling tiles. Slowly, he sat up, inspecting himself for some sort of injury. That’s when he noticed that where his numerous scars had once been, he instead was greeted with slightly darker and smoother skin. That’s weird. Kinda look like...


When the memory flooded back in, he was on the verge of passing out yet again when someone literally shook him back to reality.

“Sh-Shinsou!” He covered his mouth instantly, surprised how much it resembled Kacchan yet at the same time it didn’t. This was some uncanny valley sort of stuff that Izuku really wasn’t in the mood for at the moment.

“He’s up.” The purple haired boy called, and a light shuffling could be heard. Izuku turned his head to see the old but somehow still youthful hero, Recovery Girl, with a bottle of water and some pain killers in her hands.

“Midoriya, I would hit you for being here again, but, lucky for you this time it isn’t your fault.” She said, extending her hand to offer him the medicine.

“No thank you, I’m good. I’ll take that water though,” Now that was going to take some getting used to. It was odd enough hearing Kacchan’s voice come out of his own mouth, but the fact that it was so calm made it all the more disturbing. Suddenly, the thought crossed his mind. He tensed up, spitting the water out and straight into poor Shinsou’s face. “The others! Are they all okay?”

With a frustrated grimace taking over his facial features, Shinsou wiped off the water. “Most of them are in the extended office. We still don’t know who’s who yet since a majority of them are still out but a few have woken up.” With that, footsteps could be heard from behind one of the curtains. “Speak of the devil,” a face poked out from behind the curtains, looking straight into Izuku’s eyes. Specifically, his own face. Wait, if he’s in Kacchan’s body, that must mean...

Izuku immediately flailed his arms and attempted to shield himself from the expected oncoming attack. “Kacchan! Please! I swear, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen!” The newly blonde wailed. His double simply just stared back at him with an indifferent expression.

“I’m not Bakugou.” He answered simply, pointing to the sticky note on his chest. Izuku could barely make out the familiar kanji. Upon doing so, he let out a long needed sigh of relief.

“Oh thank god. Todoroki you nearly gave me a heart attack!” Said boy just shrugged in response, sitting at the end of the bed. “Is anyone else up?”

“Just you two for now. We’ll explain everything when you’re all conscious. All you need to know for now, though I’m sure you’ve already noticed, is that you’ve all swapped bodies thanks to Henkasuru’s quirk.” Recovery Girl responded. She turned to Shinso, who was still sitting on the chair next to Izuku. “You can return to your dorm now, sweetie. Thank you for your help today. I’ll be sure to put a good word for you in when they finally decide to promote you to the hero course.”

“You sure you’ll be alright?”

“I’m not that old, dearie. This girl got it.” The woman responded with a soft grin. With that, the purple haired boy waved a simple goodbye and headed on out the door, leaving both Todoroki and Izuku to talk by themselves as Recovery Girl was working on some new paperwork.



“This is weird.” Izuku commented.

“Yep.” Todoroki nodded. “You are really short.”

“Ouch,” he put a hand over his chest in an overdramatic gesture. Seriously though. Having a conversation with himself? Well, not himself himself but still like himself okay this isn’t making any sense and oh god what’s Kacchan gonna think when he finds out that Izuku’s the one who got his body and oh my oh my this is not good—

Snap. Crackle. Pop.

Izuku looked down at his hands, noticing the tiny explosions they were setting off.

“He’s going to kill me.”

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Both Izuku and Todoroki spent the next few hours helping Recovery Girl keep an eye on their still unconscious classmates as she filed and completed all the necessary paperwork. It was late into the night when the old pro had suggested that they get some needed rest as she finished up the last few files.

“Henkasuru’s quirk drains a lot out of the victims, both mentally and physically. I’ll wake you up when necessary,” the woman said to the two boys. Todoroki immediately jumped on that plan, practically collapsing into the hospital bed. Izuku, however, had already gotten more than enough rest for today. So, he just laid on the bed with his eyes closed, still aware of his surroundings. It had to be near midnight when he heard a soft knock at the door.

“Come in, sweetie.” Recovery Girl called from her desk. The door creaked open and soft footsteps could be heard.

“I was able to put together the book, Miss Chiyo. It contains all the effects I’ve seen so far, as well as some general tips with how to deal with them.” It was Henkasuru’s deep voice, speaking surprisingly softly. “Most of the physical things include migraines and nothing more than general lack of energy for the first week or so.”

“Well we won’t need to worry about that. Tomorrow this should be all fixed up, correct?”

“Not quite. My quirk takes time to recharge, and considering how many people were effected, its going to be much longer than average.”

“Ah. You see that would’ve been great to have on the files, but the description of your quirk is so vague. Do you know why that is?” Izuku could feel the tension in the air building up.

“My parents are undercover pros, and their quirks are very specific as well as rare. Mine is rather obviously derivative of the two. If people were to get their hands on my file and find a detailed description of my quirk, I could be deemed an easy target for villains who seek revenge.” The way he spoke seemed rather apprehensive, as if the topic of his quirk was a sore subject.

“Ah, I see... Well, is there anything we can do to speed up the recharging process?”

“Yes, actually. I take a medication that helps double the speed of my recovery, though, it still will take a good while. Taking too much of those meds could result in a fatal overdose.” The bottle blonde explained.

“How long?”

“A month give or take a few days. And the process of switching them all back properly would take at least two days.“ Izuku’s heart dropped, eyes snapping open. They were going to be stuck like this for that long? Are they just supposed to go on like everything is normal? Oh god, what if the villains invade again? Nobody would know how to use their quirks, and they’d be practically helpless. He could feel his hands begin to sweat as he murmured quietly to himself, on the verge of a panic attack. He was broken out of it by the sudden explosions coming from his hands, scorching his hospital bed.

“Midoriya! I told you to go to sleep!” Recovery Girl scolded from her desk, waving her cane around. The newly blonde boy held up his hands apologetically, shooting her a sheepish smile.

“I’m sorry, I’m still getting used to Kacchan’s quirk...“ It was only then when he noticed the groaning from a few cots down from him. Hakagure— or rather whoever was in her body at the moment —began to sit up, lifting their arms up to observe their hands.

“Fuck, did I-“ they stopped mid sentence seemingly gawking down at the sight of their now invisible arm. They lifted up the sleeves, slapping themselves to see what was there. They made a motion like they were swerving their head around, taking in the surroundings. They froze on Izuku, now in the body of Bakugou. Henkasuru began to step forward, arms out.

“We’ll explain everything in a minute, alright. We just need to know who you—“ The bottle blonde never had time to finish, as the person in Hakagure’s body began to march forward and lunges towards Izuku, gripping their hands around his throat.

“Who the hell are you and why are you in my body?!” Well, at least they knew who Kacchan was now.


The morning was far more chaotic than the day prior, with practically everyone waking up at once and freaking out simultaneously. Some were even having a difficult time walking in their new bodies whether it be a complete height change or an entirely different bone structure. They had to have Midnight come in to sedate Kacchan in order to stop him from attempting to murder Izuku or end up getting himself hurt by overestimating the abilities of Hakagure’s body.

“Where’s that Henkasuru kid?! I’m seriously this close to kicking his god damn ass right now!” Jirou growled, accidentally setting a part of her body ablaze once more. Learning to deal with Todoroki’s powers was going to be troublesome.

“I don’t really mind this,” Mineta remarked, feeling the fluff of his new tail.

“Of course you don’t! Anything is an upgrade for you,” Kaminari remarked. He was now in Kirishima’s body, sitting right next to Red Riot himself, this time in the body of Yaoyarozu, who was looking like he had just been through hell.

“Mineta, please, can you stop staring at me like that? It’s making me uncomfortable, bro.” He asked, clearly trying to make Yaomomo’s voice at least somewhat similar to his own.

“I’ve never seen Yaoyarozu’s legs that spread before...” Immediately, Kirishima crossed his legs and threw a blanket over them, pushing Kaminari in front of him.

“Dude, that’s fucking gay.” Kaminari chuckled.

“I mean, he’s a She now! And it’s not gay if you say no homo.” Suddenly, their frantic conversations and screaming were halted when the door suddenly slammed open. All of 1-As heads turned to see Aizawa, both All Might and Present Mic following behind him.

“...I left five minutes early... Five minutes before class ended...” his ebony black hair shot up, eyes going red as he glared down his students. “And yet you somehow manage to get yourselves into a huge mess while I’m gone!” Shivers were sent down all of 1-A’s spines. “I should expel you all right where you stand,” his hair went back down slowly as he bought a hand through his long hair. All Might put a hand on his shoulder before speaking up himself.

“Think of this as a lesson. Never underestimate the quirks of civilians. Just because young Henkasuru is a general studies student doesn’t mean he isn’t a potential threat. Same goes for panicked victims. Sometimes, a single fearful civilian can cause more damage than a whole team of villains. Thats why it’s best to try and keep them level headed,”

“Excuse me for interrupting, All Might sir, but I don’t feel like I agree. This general studies student was the one who instigated the fight, and we were trying to calm him down and get help when he activated his quirk. I wouldn’t exactly call him a ‘panicked victim’.” Iida spoke up, his strict tone and rigid mannerisms looking quite odd on Kaminari.

“You’re right. Iida, Shoji, and Midoriya deserve praise for their handling of the situation. After Henkasuru has recovered fully and fixed this mess, he will be held accountable.” Aizawa answered. “As for what that punishment will be, we haven’t decided yet. However, since you were the direct victims in this case, part of that decision will be left up to you.” The class fell into silence. Sure, the kid was a total dick, but did he really deserve expulsion for something he genuinely seemed remorseful for? He had come in earlier in the morning to express his apologies and has been completely compliant with the school’s demands so far. Present Mic was the one to finally break the silence.

“For now, you guys will be staying in your dorms till we officially figure out a plan. All your parents have been notified of the situation, so no need to worry about that.”

“No conversing with anyone with the exceptions of staff and Henkasuru. And when talking with him, please be respectful. Only talk to him when you have serious questions about the swap where answers cannot be found within the notebook.” Recovery Girl added. Kaminari let out a long melodramatic sigh.

“Welp, there goes my plans for the month...”

“Like you had any,”

“Shut up, Jirou.”

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It felt like some sort of wild animal was pounding against Katsuki’s skull when his consciousness began to take control again. It was a vaguely familiar sensation, one similar to the migraine he had after being knocked out by Midnight at the Sports Festival. His eyes began to flutter open. He immediately regretted it upon being nearly blinded by the sharp white light that greeted him, only making his headache worse. Why was he in Recovery Girl’s office again? Or at least, that’s what the bright lights suggested. He opened his eyes once more, this time more cautiously, and began to sit up. It was her office, though the old heroine was nowhere to be seen. In fact, the room seemed like a ghost town with the exception of some figure next to him. It took a second for his eyesight to clear up, but what he saw was the sleeping figure of his classmate Yaoyorozu in a chair beside him. However, she didn’t look like her usual dignified self. Instead, she wore an oversized Crimson Riot hoodie with some equally oversized cargo shorts while her usual tight ponytail was out and her ebony hair a complete mess. Was this some alternate reality or some other shit? Suddenly, the girl next to him began to stir, eyes fluttering open. She looked at Katsuki with glossy, sleepy eyes, before the soul was thrown back into them from the mere sight of him.

“Bakugou! You’re awake! I think...?” She perked up, with a distinctively un-Yaoyarozu-like voice accompanied by a way too carefree grin. He simply lifted a brow at his classmate, even more confusion taking hold. The girl’s enthusiasm faltered, and her smile along with it. “Oh! That’s right, you wouldn’t know. Uh, alright, don’t freak out okay, bro?” That ‘bro’ was all he needed to know that this was definitely not his Yaoyarozu. He shot the girl a glare, but there was no reaction on her part.

“Who are you?” Katsuki growled, only to stop and pull a hand to his throat. A throat that was distinctively missing an Adam’s apple. That wasn’t his... it sounded vaguely familiar, sure, but whatever the hell just came out of his mouth wasn’t his voice.

“Hey hey, Bakubro, it’s all good.” She placed a hand on his shoulder. That nickname set off an alarm in his head, and upon further inspection, he saw a neon colored sticky note with a familiar name scribbled on.

“Kirishima...?” He asked, pushing the hand off his shoulder. The girl—boy? He really didn’t know anymore— nodded, showing off that classic shitty-hair shit-eating grin, just without the iconic fangs to match. Katsuki finally looked down, body going numb at what he saw... or rather, what he didn’t see. Despite still being able to feel his arms, they weren’t there. He wiped his invisible hand across his face, and yep. It was totally there. Though, it felt quite different from before... dainty, lighter. In fact, his entire body felt lighter now that he thought about it. He whipped his head around to face his friend. “What the fuck happened?”

“Well, you remember that tall blonde guy from 1-C?” A light bulb went off in Katsuki’s head. He threw the blanket to the ground and stood up, slightly stumbling at the sudden height and weight adjustment. The other immediately grabbed him to help him straighten out, face twisting into that of concern. He had to remind himself that this was Eijirou, as seeing anyone else make an expression like that usually sent him flying off the rails.

“It was that bastard?” The memories began to flood back to him, and his head felt a little less hazy. That little punk ass...

“Hey, how about we get you back to the dorms? Your old clothes might be a little too big, but you can stay in that if you want.” For a split second, Katsuki was distracted from his anger. He looked down, still somewhat jarred by the fact that not only did it appear that some of it was gone (well, invisible technically speaking) but he also was wearing the girl’s uniform. Which included a skirt. An uncomfortable and far-too free skirt. He scowled, and despite being unable to see it, Kirishima seemed to notice this. The raven haired boy frowned a bit before taking off his oversized hoodie revealing an equally oversized t-shirt. “Here, you can tie it around your waist for now,” he said with a soft smile. Surprisingly, the newly invisible teen didn’t complain.


Upon getting back to the 1-A dorms, Katsuki didn’t even bother to check on anyone else and instead went straight for his room. Without hesitation, he began taking off the Hakagure’s uniform while rummaging through his own draws. He was learning many things about his classmate that he really didn’t care to know, such as how she apparently liked to go commando. No wonder why he was so fucking uncomfortable. She was either way too careless in regards to her quirk or into some odd kinky shit. The true answer? He didn’t want to know. The now invisible boy pulled out a t-shirt with a pair of slacks. Upon throwing them on, he realized just how annoying this would actually be. Invisibitch was significantly smaller than him, and Katsuki had a tendency to buy baggy clothes. So, the shirt ended up fitting this form like a dress and the pants wouldn’t stay up. The boy let out a groan. Oh god would he kill to have his quirk right now. Releasing his stress in some controlled explosions always calmed him down, but, now he was stuck with the most useless quirk in his class. He was snapped out of his thoughts by the light knocking on his door.

“Hello? Bakugou?” He recognized the voice as his midget he called a classmate, though, seeing as how that rotten grape got them into this stupid mess, it probably wasn’t him. Katsuki grumbled, walking over to his door and holding it open just enough to peek his head out.

“What?” He growled. Mineta, or rather whoever was inhabiting his body, was looking eerily cheery, trying to get a peek at his room through the crack. The obnoxiously pink sticky note on his chest read Hakagure. “Just because I’m in your fucking body doesn’t mean I’ll let you in my room.” He was just about to slam the door shut when Hakagure put her fingers on the door, holding it open.

“Aw, cmon! You can’t blame me for being curious.” She pouted, crossing her arms. “Besides, I came to give you some of my clothes since...” she gestured towards the t-shirt-turned-dress and the baggy jeans he was holding up with one hand. He shot a glare her way, but of course, she didn’t seem to notice. Instead, she picked up the bag she must’ve placed on the floor and shoved it in his arms enthusiastically. It was far heavier than expected, nearly causing him to stumble over.

“Jesus Christ, Invisibitch. How much did you fucking pack?”

“Hey, I’m not the invisible one anymore so that insult doesn’t apply to me.”

“Are you sure? You’re just as forgettable.”

“Oh, shut it.”

“If you say so,” and just like that, he slammed the door in Hakagure’s face. Ignoring her annoyed shouts, Katsuki opted to sift through the bag. He’d never really paid much attention to his classmates fashion choices, and if it weren’t for this situation, he could happily go on living his life without knowing. Upon further inspection, he found that all that knock-off Violet from the Incredibles owned was brightly colored tank-tops with short shorts. Christ, would he really have to wear this? He managed to find a pair of dark leggings and threw them on over his boxers. They were uncomfortable for him, sure, but at least they weren’t falling down every two seconds. He didn’t bother changing the shirt, as he was not planning on degrading himself by wearing a pink crop top today.

He made his way out of his room and down towards the commons. Normally, Katsuki wouldn’t dare to waste his time there. Now, though, he was more interested in the shitshow this was guaranteed to be. And oh how it was. The first thing he noticed was Candy Cane resting on the couch, a heating pad on one side and an ice pack on the other. Every two seconds, they’d switch sides. Resting on their chest was a slightly scorched sticky note reading Jirou. Right next to her was whoever was in Kaminari’s body, making distinctive karate chop movements with his arm.

“I still insist that you go see Recovery Girl or Todoroki himself about this issue. With that little of control of his quirk, you could cause some serious damage.” Defiantly Iida. Jirou just responded with a groan. Honestly, seeing the bootleg pikachu lecturing someone was a sight to behold in of itself. Though, something else had caught his attention. A terrifying grin from the corner of the room, sparkles practically radiating around it. The move was clearly Aoyama, though seeing that expression on Tokoyami was enough to give him nightmares for the rest of the week. He snickered slightly, only to be interrupted by a light tap on his shoulder. He turned around, only to be greeted by a familiar toothy grin.

“Hey, look who’s taller now, Explosion Boy.” If Kaminari wasn’t in Kirishima’s body right now, he would hit him for that.

“So, who’s who?” He grunted, not even bothering to give the human charging port a response.

“Well, we got a list together, but right now we kind of need your help with something.” Katsuki raised an eyebrow at this, though Kaminari didn’t seem to notice.

“With what?” Suddenly, multiple explosion sounds could be heard, followed by the sound of a fire extinguisher spraying its foam all over. He turned his head towards the kitchen, freezing the moment he laid eyes on himself—or rather, whoever was in his own body—desperately trying to put the fire on the cereal box out. The sight of his own face in clear and pure panic sent shivers down his spine.

“Midoriya keeps exploding things.” Kaminari pointed out the obvious. Katsuki let out a groan.

“God fucking dammit,”

Chapter Text

They were a week into the crisis, and so far, the dorms haven’t burned down yet. That was all thanks to these little magic suppressor pills, helping those with the more complicated quirks control them better. They were still there, of course, just not as strong. Jirou was actually able to walk around without an ice pack or heating pad, Midoriya wasn’t blowing anything up (anymore), and Kaminari wasn’t randomly hardening then getting stuck. They continued on with their normal classes online for the time being, to make things easier on everyone involved. But, everything was about to go down hill from here.

“What do you mean we’re out?!” Jirou exclaimed. There was a small crowd of 1-A students around a frustrated Recovery Girl.

“You’ve been using them so much you’ve run us dry! I ordered another shipment, but that is going to take another two days. Until then, you’ll just have to suck it up. Talk to the original owner of the body, they can give you tips on how to use or avoid them.” The veteran was rubbing at her temples, at her complete wit’s end. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a 2-B student with a fractured funny bone to attend to.” And just like that, she dismissed the student’s cries for help and simply walked out the door.

“Two days? How can we survive two days like this?!” Mina whined as she floated in the air with a pout.

“Can’t we get something to help Henkasuru recover faster so he can switch us all back?” Sero shifted uncomfortably in his seat, playing with his new earphone jacks.

“That asshole’s probably lying about the whole recovery thing. He just wants to see us suffer.” Jirou huffed as she took an ice pack from the fridge.

“Hey, he isn’t lying about that. Kid’s been taking suppressors his whole life, and his body isn’t used to his quirk whatsoever,” Kaminari explained, earning a glance from everyone in the group.

“And you know this how?” Asked Jirou, a hand on her hip as she placed her heating pad in the microwave. It was quite an odd look on Todoroki.

“Oh, Toshi told me.” The now redhead casually explained, beginning to scroll through his phone. This raised even more eyebrows. “Shinsou, from 1-C. I’ve been texting him a lot recently. He’s like the only other kid in this school who will actually answer my texts.”

“That’s because you text people in the middle of the night. We’re not all insomniacs.” Sero explained, a smirk on his face.

“No no no, you’re ignoring the big thing here.” Jirou explained, looking a bit exasperated.

“Yeah! How do you even know Shinsou anyways? And how come you haven’t told me about it?” Ashido complained. Jirou rolled her eyes.

“No, the fact that this Henkasuru kid has suppressors. If we could get into the 1-C dorm, maybe we could get ourselves some and save our asses.” The musician explained, walking back and forth methodically.

“How can we do that when we can’t even leave the dorm?” Midoriya questioned, ringing his hands together and trying not to sweat out of sheer panic.

“Well, we’ll need someone who’s stealthy to sneak out to the gen-ed dorms. Someone who has decent control over their quirk too, so can’t be any of us here. Except for maybe Sero.”

“Yeah, nope. Not it.” Sero proceeded to sink into the couch, pulling a blanket over himself.

“Okay, so, if not Sero, who else? The only ones who have decent control over themselves are all locked away in their rooms! I mean, except for Mineta.” Everyone cringed as soon as Midoriya finished. Suddenly, something came raging down the stairs. A baggy t-shirt and cargo shorts hanging loosely off the figure of a girl, just floating in midair. The students turned to each other as their invisible peer raided the pantry.

“Bakubro?” Kaminari called.

“What?” Bakugou spat in response.

“We’re gonna need you to strip.”


Katsuki was cursed. He was sure of this. How else would he have gotten forced to strip naked and steal drugs from one of the extras? How else would he have gotten into this entire situation in the first place? A shiver made its way down his spine as he wondered up the fire escape of the 1-C dorms. Christ, you’d think Casper the Bitchy Cunt would at least be used to the cold by now, with always being nude and all.

“This is no use,” the invisible boy groaned, running a hand through his now long hair. He’d been scaling the fire escape, and was almost near the top. This must’ve been the girls’ side, seeing as most of the rooms had a somewhat feminine touch to them. Stuffed animals, pastels, and one rather disturbing room completely covered in k-pop merchandising. He was ready to go back down and check the other side when he came upon a room that caught his eye. Reds, oranges, and navy blues coated the room. Piercing blue eyes glared back at him from every which way, silently judging him. If he had his own quirk now, he would’ve blown this room to shreds. Who knew Endeavor had merchandise? Who knew Endeavor had fangirls? Granted, the whole abuse thing wasn’t public. Still, it sickened Katsuki to even look at the guy, even if he was just in poster form.

“I told you a million times, Shu. I can’t leave the dorms!” The angry shout snapped Katsuki back into reality. His head whipped around to face a lanky teen boy, pacing back and forth throughout the room as he’s glaring down at his phone. “There’s an emergency. An emergency that I caused!...Hey, that ain’t funny, ya damn lizard man!” That had to be Henkasuru. Even for an extra, he had a pretty distinctively annoying voice. He tried to keep himself from audibly groaning. “What is it you need to talk about? We can just say it over the phone, like normal people... God, fine! Meet me at Nakuya’s in twenty minutes. If you’re not there when I arrive, I’m leaving.” He said flatly, throwing his phone down onto the bed. For a moment, Katsuki thought he’d been caught, as the lanky teen had began charging his way towards he window, ripping it open. He resisted the unfamiliar urge to squeal as he jumped out of the way, making room for the bottle blonde to storm down the fire escape.

“I barely know him and I already want to kick his ass.” The invisible boy groaned, maneuvering his way through the opened window. Thankfully, aside from the poorly positioned propaganda posters, this Henkasuru kid was at least organized. Meticulously so, in fact. It reminded him of Iida. Even the drawers were labeled. Okay, that might not be a good thing. It was actually getting on his nerves. He rolled his eyes, refocusing on the task at hand. Katsuki opened the drawer labeled Meds, shifting through the various bottles and needles. He raised an eyebrow at a few of the medications. Most of them were normal, like Benadryl and aspirin. Then, you had the more troubling ones. Testosterone Ethanate, Trenbolone, Erythropoietin... No wonder that kid’s such a short fuse. He was hyped up on steroids. He made a mental note to bring that up to Nezu next time they spoke. After some digging, he managed to find a couple of bottles of suppressors. Hopefully, they didn’t have some of this other shit mixed in. He slammed the drawer shut, and was just about to climb out the window when the door was suddenly swung open. The girl waltzed in as if she owned the damn place.

“Karada~! Where’d you put my Scooby Snacks? You better not have eaten them. They’re imported from the Americas!” She whined in a shrill voice, making Katsuki’s ears bleed. After looking around, she sniffed the air. Almost immediately, she jumped back, in a defensive position, staring right at the Invisible boy. “Intruder!”

“You can see me?!” She seemed to calm down a bit, recognizing the voice.

“Ah, Tooru-chan,” the girl sighed in relief before stiffening up again. “Or, whoever is in Tooru-Chan’s body. Oh gosh, that will never stop being confusing. Anyways, why are you here?” The girl’s attention span was comparable to that of a puppy’s. Which, actually, is pretty accurate given that she has long canine-like ears drooping down from her head instead of hair, and a dark brown nose, much like a bloodhound’s.

“Thanks to your bastard of a classmate, the damn idiots in my class can’t even go a minute without their quirks going awry. We need suppressors. Heard bottle blonde had em, so I was sent for a visit.” Katsuki reluctantly explained. The dog girl seemed to stiffen a bit.

“Oh, well, you should’ve just asked! Karada would’ve given them to you himself. He didn’t mean to cause all that trouble, really. He’s just been feeling a little off lately...” She nervously answered, fiddling with her hands. “Mine—that short boy in your class just sent him over the edge.” She stumbled on the name, avoiding it on purpose. The girl shifted uncomfortably, and so did Katsuki, given her tone. “Anyways, I can walk you back if you’d like! You won’t get in trouble with the class rep around!” She smiled, holding up a victory sign.

“I’m good, Literal bitch. I got what I needed.” He sat up, finally exiting the window. Katsuki peeked back in one last time. “Your buddy’s doing steroids by the way. Check the drawers if you don’t believe me.”

“He’s WHAT?!” And just like that, Katsuki made his way out of the room and away from the 1-C dorms. They better pay him big time for this shit.

Chapter Text

Katsuki wondered around the campus, tossing and catching the pill bottles in his palm. Hakagure’s hands– his hands? He was still unsure of how to refer to this body– were far smaller than his own. Dainty, almost non-existent. He hated it. He missed every callous on his fingers, all the scars that littered his palms. They each had a story to tell, all making him just a bit more stronger. Now, it was all gone. All his progress he made over an entire lifetime just gone in a flash with a simple clap of hands. He stood still for a moment, squeezing the bottle tightly, as if preparing for it to explode. It never did. It only left his hand shaky and numb. Overcome with frustration, he threw it with as much force as he could muster. It only went so much as a foot away.

“Dammit! Dammit all!” He kicked the dirt, choking back a sob. At the very least, nobody could see him in this humiliating moment. Or at least, he thought so.

“Oi! Bakugou’s back!” Katsuki heard Kirishima’s voice— no, Kaminari— shout out. The redhead was standing by the front door, grinning and waving wildly. He mentally face palmed at his own lack of control. He was right in front of the dorms, what was he thinking? Quickly and efficiently, he picked up the bottle of pills and tossed it at Kaminari, trying to wipe away any stray tears before reentering the dorms. Before he could even get through the door, he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Kaminari, missing the smile from before. “Go get some rest, man. I’m sorry. And don’t worry, nobody else saw-or, well heard... you know what I mean.”

“Tch.” Was all Katsuki said as he walked towards the elevator without a single glance at his friend. Not that bootleg pikachu would’ve noticed. Or anyone else for that matter. As the elevator doors opened, to the invisible boy’s dismay, the living grape in the body of that tailed freak stood behind it. The blonde moved forward, knocking down Katsuki in the process. “Kyah!” He slapped his hand over his mouth as soon as that sound escaped.

“Oh! Whoops, sorry, Hakagur—I mean, Bakugou! Didn’t see ya there.” Mineta seemed a bit flustered, his cheeks completely flushed. He held out his hand to help out the other teen, but Katsuki refused to take it.

“Kind of obvious, dumbass.” He growled, pushing past the tailed boy into the elevator. Mineta jumped at this.

“Hey, wait! You uh, took a pretty bad fall there, if that sound was anything to go by. Need me to help you to your room?” He stuttered out. The invisible boy knew what his true intent was, and stepped back a bit further.

“I’m fucking fine.” The teen spat out. The blonde flinched a bit at the cold tone, but stayed put.

“Oh! I forgot something in my dorm! Silly me!” The tailed boy let out a forced laugh, and Katsuki couldn’t help but to cringe at it. He sighed, letting his classmate in as the doors closed shut. The two sat in an awkward silence for a moment. The one thing everyone absolutely hated about the dorms was that the elevators were slow as hell, which made moments like these even more painfully awkward than they already were. “So, uh. You’re naked, aren’t you?”

“Of course that’s the first thing that comes to your mind, damned pervert.” The invisible boy grunted, crossing his arms over his chest. He noticed the movement of Mineta’s tail, almost snake like in a sense.

“I’m just sayin what we’re all thinking... say. You ever thought about experimenting?” Katsuki shifted awkwardly.

“With what, exactly?” He already knew the damn answer.

“Y’know. With your new body. I wish I was switched with a girl, that would be like a wish come true!” Mineta drooled. “But, Ojirou is pretty good too. I wonder what his tail’s like in bed...“ the taller boy slammed his hand against the wall, hovering over Katsuki with a sly, perverted look. “You wanna test it out with me? Just for funsies.” His tail wrapped around the other’s leg. Katsuki’s hands immediately slammed down on his chest, trying to push the taller boy away. Since when did he get so big? Since when did Katsuki get so weak?

“God no, ya damn pervert! Get the hell away!”

“C’mon, we can go to my dorm and have a great time! I stole from scented candles from Aoyam—“ Katsuki’s hand slapped across Mineta’s face, leaving the other dumbfounded for a second. His cheeks flared up again. “Oh, I love the tsundere types! You make such a cute girl, Bakugou!”

“Get the fuck off!” Just like that, the elevator doors chimed open, revealing a very surprised Midoriya.

“Oh.” Was all the stupid Deku could manage. Katsuki took this opportunity to knee Mineta in the crotch while he was distracted, watching the taller practically crumble in response. The invisible boy pushed Midoriya out of the way, choking back a sob. “Wait-Kacchan!” It was too late. He was already charging up the stairs at full force.


Eijirou stood in front of the bathroom mirror, with only a loose t-shirt draped over his rather feminine form. His hands were latched onto the counter, as if griping it was the only way to keep himself from floating away. The only sound that echoed throughout his room was the excess water slowly dripping from the leaky faucet. The boy looked like an absolute mess. Yaoyarozu’s typically neat ebony hair was left greasy and unkept, tangled in a million knots. Ebony. So plain, bland. Obviously, Yaomomo always looked amazing, but something about him having it made his stomach churn. He hadn’t showered since the swap. He hasn’t even come out of his room for the past three days. He couldn’t sleep. Every time he laid down, he could always feel something wrong, something off. Logically, he knew that there wasn’t anything really strange about his classmate’s body. In fact, she was more than healthy. But, again, something about him having it made it all the worse. His chest felt swollen, and for the past few days he hasn’t been able to even stand up properly without a sudden pain surging through his lower stomach. Women really were manly as hell for having to go through this awful crap every month. He could barely stand a few hours of it. Suddenly, the raven haired boy was snapped out of his thoughts by a frantic knocking at his door. It was probably Kaminari again... he hated to say it, but he really didn’t want to see his friend right now. Well, he would, but not like that. Not when he’s in the form that Eijirou loved so much and would do anything to get back. It was ironic. Just as he learned to love himself and his body, he was thrown into an entirely new one.

“Go away, Kami! I’m watching Mulan!” He called out, hoping his friend wouldn’t suspect anything to be wrong.

“It’s not Kaminari.” Bakugou? Instinctively, the raven haired boy rushed over to the door, swinging it open without a moment’s hesitation. He smiled upon seeing the familiar face, a light blush on his cheeks. Then, he remembered. His mood faltered a bit, but he kept a smile on.

“Yo, what’s up Midoriya?” He asked. The boy seemed stressed, constantly wiping his hands with some sort of cloth. Probably to keep them from exploding all the time. “Is something wrong?”

“I-I-I don’t know! Something happened with Mineta and Kacchan in the elevator, and Kacchan ran away and now he won’t open his door or talk to me and I just–“

“Woah woah, man. Slow down, breath with me. In, out. In, out.” The blonde followed along, some of the tenseness disappearing.

“Could you go talk to him? I’m worried...”

“Yeah, man. I’ll go check on him after I uh clean up a bit.” Eijirou giggled sheepishly, motioning to the mess he was. He wasn’t even wearing pants, just a very loose t-shirt and some boxers. Midoriya‘s face went crimson immediately upon realizing and turned away quickly.

“Oh, yeah! Sorry! Uh– talk to you later!” The boy choked out, letting Eijirou shut the door. Mineta? What could that little pervert have done to Bakugou to make him run away? A shiver went down his spine as he recalled the way the grape looked at him right after the swap. That lustful gaze gave him the total creeps. One of the reasons why he hasn’t left his dorm much. He threw on a pair of basketball shorts and a new t-shirt, using a rubber band to tie the long hair back in a loose ponytail before exiting and walking over to Bakugou’s room. He knocked lightly on the door, but no response. Nothing. After a few seconds, Eijirou pressed his ear against it, hearing light sobs coming from the other side. His heart sank.

“Bakubro...?” He asked cautiously. Sniffles. No other response. “It’s me, Kirishima.” For a moment, silence. Then, the shuffling of slow heavy footsteps as the knob turned and the door cracked open, revealing a floating Red Riot hoodie.

“You look like shit.” The invisible boy’s voice was hoarse and strained, like he had been crying for hours. Eijirou didn’t know it was possible for your heart to shatter into a million different pieces twice within a few seconds.

“Can I come in?” Bakugou stepped aside, letting his friend into the room and slamming the door shut behind him. “So, you kept my hoodie?”

“Deku sent you, didn’t he?” The raven haired boy let out a light somber chuckle at that.

“Always straight to the point, huh? Manly as always.” He crashes down on Bakugou’s bed, motioning his friend to follow his lead. “What happened with Mineta?” He could see his friend tense up.


“Obviously not true. Something’s wrong, and you can tell me.” Eijirou stood, walking over to his friend and wrapping his arms around him. The invisible boy was tense, arms wrapped around himself. Wait, was he shaking? “Kats–“ Suddenly, he felt Bakugou’s arms around his waist as he practically buried his face into Eijirou’s chest.

“I hate this! I hate this so much!” Was all the boy managed to choke out in between sobs. The raven haired boy rubbed his friend’s back in circles, slowly rocking him back and forth. “It’s all because of that stupid little grape! If he hadn’t– if he— he... If I were in my own body, I could’ve—“ He took a fistful Eijirou’s shirt. “God! I hate this! I can’t stop fucking crying like a bitch,”

“Don’t let him get to you.“ He placed his hands on Bakugou’s shoulder’s, staring him directly in the eyes. “He’ll get what he deserves. You’re the manliest man I know, Katsuki. Crying isn’t gonna change that. Nothing is gonna change that no matter what. No matter who’s body you’re in or what gender you are, you will always be Bakugo Katsuki, my number one hero.” Bakugou was choking back sobs again, but, this time, it seemed like it was for something different. Eijirou pulled him into a tight hug, kissing the boy’s neck.

“You smell like shit, shitty hair.” Was all the other teen could manage to say. Eijirou chuckled.

“Wanna watch Mulan? I got the whole movie on my phone.” Bakugou scoffed at that.

“Seriously? You fucking nerd.”

“What? It’s a good movie!” Eijirou protested, bouncing up onto Bakugou’s bed. The other teen followed, snuggling up to his friend... no. They were more than that, he supposes.

“Still lame.”