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Au August!

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Ok so I'm going to try and do a different ship with each au, just to kind of broaden my horizons a bit. (Don't worry will still do some love square too :) ) enjoy!



Chloe felt privileged not having her soulmate’s name labelled on her. Though it also saddened her a bit. Had her soulmate not been born? Whatever it was, it meant she didn't need to hide her shoulders in these final days of the school year, it was rather hot, and she was glad to leave without her usual over shirt.

The moment her car pulled up to the school, she felt a rather bothersome itching sensation on the back of her left shoulder, she didn't realize what it was till she got to her class and sat down at her seat.

“Chloe is soulmates with Nathaniel?!?!?!” Alix busted out laughing, causing Chloe to finally look at her shoulder.

“What in the world! Who did this?? I’ll tell my father about this!!” Chloe exclaimed, getting out her phone.

Adrien stopped her. “Chloe. It's your soulmate tag. And I think you're upsetting him.”

Chloe blinked, looking back at Nathaniel. She frowned as he pulled the jacket he had on, closer to him. She frowned before standing up and marching over to him.

“Look tomato. It would appear that you are my soulmate. So how about you come by my father's hotel and well, we could I don't know, have dinner together.” She explained.

Nathaniel looked up at her, noticing the light pink that was blooming across her cheeks.

“S-sure! I'd like that.” he said, smiling shyly up at her.

She smiled a little before turning back and heading back to her seat.

She wouldn't admit this out loud, but she was excited to have dinner with that shy artist.


Hope you enjoyed! See you tomorrow for Day 2: College. Tata!


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