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You’re so bored.

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you’re so bored

it’s a cool fall day; the perfect kind of day to leisurely walk through the woods and see the leaves before they fall or sit outside at a cafe with a couple friends.

‘’re stuck inside for the majority of it,’ you think with a resigned sigh and idly tap your fingers on the cluttered counter.

you’re working as the cashier at a little mom and pop shop in a small southern town. which, isn’t so bad the folks that run the place are nice and pay you pretty well. even when you’ve been watching dust collect on the windows for the past three weeks.

‘now, it’s not always so dead in the shop but it’s at the end of the tourist season so not many people are coming and going, but, god, you almost miss the hectic gaggles of tourist destroying the shop right now... all most,’ just as you think that you hear the bell on the door of the shop ring

“welcome to Pete’s and Lisa’s. the camping supplies are over there and the beer is on the other end of shop.” You drone out automatically without looking from the middle space.

“Wow, dude you sound dead inside.” a familiar voice says.

you look up to see your younger sister walking lazily up to the counter.

“honestly, that sums up my mood right now.” you say with a dry chuckle.

“thought so,” She states a matter of factly while disappearing behind a rack of sweets with purpose,

“am I the only person that’s been in here today?” She asks slightly distracted by all the options of fudge.

“yep. you’re the first and probably the only person that’ll be in here today.” just as you say that the bell on the door rings for a second time.

“welcome to (////) the campin-“ you start your spiel but end it abruptly as you look over at the people walking through the door. the one that sticks out like a sore thumb is probably the tallest man you’ve seen with a very interesting hair do that has his bangs styled like bunny ears?? which just adds to his height, the rest of his medium length blonde hair is slicked back. he’s got startling blue eyes with a wide smile on his face, the kind of smile that’d be off putting if it didn’t look genuine, he looks fairly young probably around college age like yourself, he’s wearing a royal blue varsity jacket and green cargo pants with a somewhat gaudy belt buckle, but hey, he’s making it work.

also, this dude is so ripped, holy fuck

he looks like a superhero, actually, that’d make sense if he was in fact a hero. the other person is a shorter, stern, looking older man with grey hair, wearing a plain white button up shirt with black slacks.

your shock fades quickly as your curiosity grows, but you reel both of those emotions; and some more interesting ones, in and finish your script the stern looking one nods while the other looks confused until the older man says something in Japanese, probably, relaying the info. ah, they must be tourists then, you think. the older of the two walks off to the section that has mostly outdoorsy stuff and tools, while the younger one is seemingly trying to look at every nicknack and souvenir at once and looks vaguely overwhelmed, it’s pretty cute to witness.

oh shit, now is not the time to thinking that! even though he is cute and, also, um, very strong looking which is ticking off some boxes but wait, wait, wait, it doesn’t even matter, you’re pretty positive he doesn’t speak English and you only know a handful of some basic japanese definitely not enough to flirt with someone! you think to yourself as you shift your gaze elsewhere with some difficulty, but keep your neutral bored expression on so nobody will suspect a thing.

as you look elsewhere you lock eyes with your positively darling sister, who gives you a smug knowing look the not-so little shit starts to walk over to you at the counter, now having raided the fudge section.

“you totally think he’s hot, huh?” she whispers with glee.

while taking the fudge, you silently glare at her and consider double charging her but you don’t because that’d be mean, but you do consider it, in depth. as you’re bagging up her things, she whispers to you again

“bro, you should invite him to that party on the other side of town and get to know him.”

she winks. ooooh you’re definitely overcharging her now,

“shut up, oh my god. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t speak English and on top of that I don’t even know if he’s straight or not!”
You whisper yell.

“just get (y/b/s) to use her quirk on the both of you then you’ll be golden!” she replies quickly.

Just as you both finish your conversation, you see the cute dude get in line. (fuck you, subconscious)

your sister does have a good idea though your youngest sister has a quirk that lets whoever she uses it on understand each other’s language for 24 hours at a time.

which makes her very handy to have around the shop most days and since (y/l/s) is here she’s probably close by, but that doesn’t matter right now because as your thinking this the blonde dude in front of you holds a box of screws and asks with a warm deep voice, a thick accent, and a friendly smile,
“do you want to screw?”



you’re pretty sure you misheard him, but from your sisters reaction he definitely said what you think he said, because she’s absolutely cackling, the man in question looks extremely confused and a tad self conscious. ‘okay, there’s definitely been a misunderstanding and you need your sister’s quirk asap.’ you think a little bit flustered

“uhh, hey, (y/l/s) could you go get (y/b/s) real quick.” You mumble.

now, the blonde guy looks much more self conscious, confused, and now concerned. you feel a bit bad and make a wait a minute kind of motion with a kind, but ultimately, awkward smile; considering the situation.

the older man walks up to this exchange, looking irritated, and says something to the blonde guy who looks flustered now and seems to try and explain himself but is cut off halfway by the grey haired man, who’s saying something sternly, that leaves the younger man quietly embarrassed.

there’s a beat of silence before the bell jingles once more and (y/l/s) and your youngest sister walk through the door

“(y/n)!” she yells happily before running around the counter and giving you a hug “hi! (y/l/s) said you needed me for something?” you ruffle her hair, much to her chagrin, and say,

“yeah I do, bud” as you point at the blonde.

“do you think you could use your quirk on me and that really tall guy?” you ask quietly.

she thinks for a second and says very seriously,
“will you play super mario with me when you get home if I do?”

you bark out a laugh.

“yeah of course, silly” she throws her hands up in the air happily and reaches over the counter for the blonde dudes hand, as she grabs yours. (thank god you’re doing this so you can stop calling him blonde guy) he seems hesitant and looks at you for an explanation, but you just nod to him, he accepts that as an okay, and takes your sisters hand as you all are linked up, there’s a glow from your hands as your sister uses her quirk, which is over quickly, so, she drops both of your hands.

“all done!” she exclaims before she walks out from behind the counter and making a beeline to the candy isle, (obviously)but turns around

“you better play with me when you come home (///) or I’m gonna hide your ds!” She threatens and turns right back around, you smirk at that and turn to the blonde guy who immediately says excitedly “woah, I can understand what you’re saying now! did her quirk do that?”

‘oh my god, this guy is like a golden retriever. he’s so cute.’ you think before saying

“yeah, her quirks pretty nifty, it lets two people basically share their understanding of languages for a day.”

he seems thrilled and says loudly

“that’s so cool!”

You laugh, but cut yourself off when you remember why you did this in first place. oh boy, this is gonna be awkward. maybe you can ease into this somehow?

“anyways, back to the topic at hand. I’m gonna be real with you, you basically just,”

you pause briefly.

“asked me if I’d be down to do the dirty with you. which, I’m not opposed to at all but I don’t even know your name, honey”

you say all of this before you realize what your saying, but just own it, because, apparently, you’re doing this as upfront as possible, but you really hope he didn't hear that bit in the middle.

the effects of your words are instantaneous. the blonde guy goes a lovely shade of beet red and covers his face with his hands completely mortified,
In the background your sister is laughing so hard she’s wheezing, and the older guy looks lost, but still stern somehow.

‘oh my god, this poor guy.’ you think worriedly, as he has somehow gotten even redder, he stutters out,

“oh no that’s no- I didn’t mea-“ he stops and breathes for a second to collect himself, he doesn’t quite succeed but it’s enough for him to speak properly,

“I was just trying to say I wanted these screws... I even asked a kid on the way here to make sure I was saying it right!”

he explained still covering his face with his hands, you have a feeling you know how this whole misunderstanding happened,

“the kid wasn’t a blonde short boy with curly hair was it?” you ask slowly.

he puts his hands down away from his face,

“Yes, that’s exactly what he looked like!!”

his embarrassment has switched over to bewilderment,

“how’d you know??”

you growl walking around the counter towards the door and say,

“one of my cousins likes to come around here and antagonize tourists that shop here.” You say irritatedly, as your quirk becomes much more apparent your body looks like it’s made of solid dark blue flames with slightly curved horns coming from your head. (your quirk is called demon flames though technically your quirk doesn’t let you produce actual flames just something that behaves similarly so you’re able to control it and make it do many things flames can’t such as change the density the temperature etc) you ,obviously, aren’t going to hurt your cousin with your quirk. it’s just that when you’re at the shop you suppress your quirk as much as possible to keep a fairly plain appearance, as not to frighten the customers. you step out the door with purpose and shout,

“(y/c) get your ass over here right now!”

you wait a moment and see him and a few of his friends slink out from behind a building trying to look innocent as they get closer, however, they look more and more sheepish and nervous.

“what’s up, (y/n)? how’s the shop been lately?” He asks voice cracking on the last word.

you stare at him for a moment and say as you turn around,

“you know what you did. come on.”

walking swiftly back inside, you can feel his dread from being caught clearly on your back, as he spots the (fuck you didn’t get his name) the blonde guy.

you walk over and stand in front of him with your cousin next to you and say sternly,

“apologize to this man for what you did.” He starts to interject with “but I di-“

you give him a glare and he stops and mumbles out a “sorry for teaching you to say the wrong thing.” he looks up at you and sees the unimpressed look on your face and adds on a “I won’t ever do it again, sorry.”

The blonde man replies with an awkward laugh “no worries! it wasn’t too bad just...embarrassing, but you apologized and that’s all that matters.” and then after a moment “plus, I wouldn’t have been able to experience this awesome quirk without you, so thanks!!” he says exuberantly with a thumbs up. he’s so positive it hurts, but it’s also refreshing, which makes you feel torn before you can dwell on that, your cousin pipes up and asks,

“can I go now?”

you pretend to think for a moment and heave an over dramatic sigh and say,

“I suppose... on the condition that you bring me some of your mom’s cookies next time she makes some.”

he nods quickly and darts off to his friends, that were waiting outside to interrogate him on if he was tortured or not, you look up at the blonde as you walk back around the counter.

“you wanted that box of screws right? You can have them for free for all the trouble.” you say apologetically.

he quickly replies putting his hands up,

“no, no, I can’t do that it wasn’t that much trouble anyways!”

“Are sure you sure it wasn’t too much trouble? your face was looking pretty red back there for a minute.” you retort in teasing way

he flusters spectacularly once more.

“y-yes I’m sure just please let me pay for these somehow.” He says quietly, while pressing his fingers together.

“Hmm, how about you pay me by answering a question?”

“are sure that’s all you want? just an answer to a question??” he asks incredulously.

“yep I’m absolutely sure.” you say with a laugh

“Alright...then what’s the question?”

“What’s your name, hotshot?”

he sputters more at the nickname than the question,

“my name?? it’s Toshinori Yagi.”

“Well, nice to meet you, Toshinori. my names (y/n)”

you guess you’re doing this, oh, shit.

“are you free tonight? because there’s this party tonight on the other side of town that’s supposed to be pretty fun if you’re interested...” you trail off as you your confidence leaves you


he’s silent for a second, thinking.

‘Oh no, you’ve made him uncomfortable and totally shouldn’t have asked that after all that embarrassment. What have you don-‘ your panicking inner monologue is cut off

“I’d love to come! but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to,” he turns asks to the older man,

“when do we have to go back to japan?”

“In three days. Why do you need to know and how long do intend to keep wasting time here and not fixing that porch?” He asks gruffly

“I’m not wasting time I’m just talking...” by this point you figure it’s rude to keep listening to what they’re saying and wait to see if he’ll actually come.

“Alright I should be able to come after I fix the porch I broke...” he trails off a little embarrassed “what time is this party at?”


“It’s at 10 ‘o’ clock at the big yellow house at the end of the road, past the third church.” You say probably a little bit more excited than you should be.

“That’s perfect!” He takes a pause and says earnestly “I hope to see you there!”

his sincerity flusters you a bit, so, you busy yourself with doing your job and bagging up the box of screws that led to all this.

“I hope I see you there too, toshinori.” you say with a wink while handing him the bag, because, why not?

he blushes as he takes the bag and starts to walk out, making sure to wave good bye before he steps out the door. when the door shuts you immediately deflate and put your head on the counter for a couple minutes as your social anxiety gets to you “oh my god I can’t believe that panned out well.” You say with utter disbelief.

“I know, right? You almost laid it on too thick near the end of that.” Your sister says startling you out of your skin

“Jesus Christ! I forgot you were in here still.” you say catching sight of
(y/b/s) with an absurd amount of sweets.

“Mom’s gonna be upset if you buy that much, kid.” you state. She just giggles and puts a finger in front of her mouth as she puts the candy on counter, while your bagging her candy, you can’t stop thinking about that blon- Toshinori and are getting way more intrigued by him like didn’t he mention earlier he broke a porch?

In any case, you’re looking forward to the party later and hope you can get to know him a lot better.