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Play Me (Touch Me)

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They need a lead singer, preferably one that plays the guitar, but at this point of their search for one, they aren’t being particularly picky about it, as long as that person could sing decently, it is honestly enough for them.


But that in itself was resulting an impossible task.


“How many fucking auditions have we had already?” Yoongi groans, as yet another terribly out of pitch guy walked out of Namjoon’s garage with a promise of a call that he was never going to get.


Namjoon sighs, “the third one—” he pauses for a second to look at the time on his phone “—from this past hour, in total it’s been like— I don’t know, man, like nine assholes.”


Yoongi sighs too, standing up from the shitty plastic chair Namjoon had set up as their ‘auditions chairs’ as he had called them, to look more professional or whatever the hell he had said. So much for that when the only people that came to the auditions were shitty music majors from freshman year that sounded like strangled pigs.


“Well, this is obviously not going to work, so I’m gonna call it a day,” Yoongi declares, walking towards the door that leads to Namjoon’s kitchen.


“But, dude, we— we have like two or three more guys that are coming today,” Namjoon says matter of factly as he looks down at the notebook that’s resting on the table in front of him.


Yoongi rolls his eyes. “And I’m more than sure that you are a hundred percent capable of dealing with them by yourself.”


“You are such an ass,” Namjoon sighs just as someone knocks on the door.


“Well, you are what you eat. Good luck!”


And with that Yoongi is gone and it’s up to Namjoon to deal with the last two painful auditions.


(Spoiler, everyone sucks.)






“I can’t believe you just left me there to suffer by myself,” Namjoon groans, throwing himself on the living room couch next to Yoongi who’s mindlessly scrolling on his phone with one hand, the other on his mouth as he continues biting on his nails, chapped black nail polish becoming more chapped by the second.


He's nervous and stressed, they both are.


“It was your idea to have the auditions, not mine,” Yoongi reminds him.


“What else are we supposed to do? The presentation is next Friday and we don’t even have one single candidate, and you’re also part of the band, so don’t try to pull that bullshit on me,” Namjoon says with almost a pout.


“Well, if Tae hadn’t left to become a supermodel—” Yoongi begins to say, but before he can finish, Namjoon is cutting him off.


“Hey, don’t say that, you know it’s always been his dream. The band was just a hobby for him, he has always been doing us a favor, you know that,” Namjoon nags him, staring at him with a frown.


He looks quite cute like this, despite his bad habit of biting his nails and low temperament, Yoongi is still cute when he frowns like this, black eyeliner smudged in the corner of his eyes, his cute button nose that's adorned by a silver nose ring, his tiny heavily pierced ears that are being half covered by his blonde messy hair.


When Yoongi finally puts his phone down and looks at him with a pout, he’s even cuter.


“I know, I know it’s just— how are we going to find someone as good as Tae that also plays the guitar and learns our songs in less than a week?” Yoongi asks with a pleading look.


Namjoon sighs. This is their first serious performance as a band, in an actual concert venue and not in some shitty bar or someone else’s basement or garage.


And it just happened that two weeks prior to that their temporal singer and guitarist signed a contract to go overseas to become a training model.


As if luck wasn’t already on their side, everyone that came to their auditions sucked on a level that neither of them thought possible.


“I have no idea,” Namjoon deadpans.






“It is Wednesday, my dudes!” Hoseok, the owner of the unmistakable high-pitched voice, all but screams as he approaches Namjoon and Yoongi at the cafeteria table.


“Do you want me to scream like a chicken being choked now? Is that what you want? Because I will do it,” Yoongi says as Hoseok sits down next to Namjoon who’s across from Yoongi.


“No, you don’t need to take my vine references so seriously, please don’t scream like a choked up chicken,” Hoseok says with a wary tone.


Hoseok is a music major like them as well, he’s an amazing singer and plays a shit ton of instruments too, but sadly for all of them, he’s more interested in teaching music than performing it live.


Yoongi sighs, going back to typing furiously on his laptop, Namjoon is no more different, highlighting some notes in his notebook with an intensity that has Hoseok fearing he might break the paper.


They both look like crap, hunched over on themselves with deep eye bags under their eyes, Hoseok is also pretty sure they are both wearing the same clothes they were wearing yesterday.


“Yo, guys, but for real, why the long faces?” Hoseok asks with mischievousness.


The dead glare Yoongi gives him makes a shiver run down his spine, he would have regretted asking them if it wasn’t for the good news that he was about to give them.


“Oh, no reason much, dude, just here writing an email to the venue to cancel our slot on the show because, and I don’t know if you remember, but, oh! shit right, we don’t have a lead singer,” Yoongi spits the last part with disdain.


Hoseok thinks that they have suffered enough already these past two weeks, so he should just give them the news already, that and maybe Namjoon might actually break his notebook with his bare hands any moment now.


“Well, stop the fuck now because I have some news for you, guys!” He smiles with his signature heart-shaped grin, trying to close Yoongi’s laptop with his hand, but failing when Yoongi just pushes it open with both of his.


“If it’s not the news that Taehyung somehow magically came back to save our asses, then I don’t wanna hear it.” Yoongi grunts, still typing away.


Hoseok huffs, Namjoon still hasn’t even said a word.


“Then you don’t wanna hear about Taehyung’s friend, this guy he knew from high school that could sing like a God. He has been trying to contact him since he left, he managed to find his social media last night, and so it happens that this guy is actually majoring in singing right here in this same campus and also plays the guitar and is the first in all of his classes. But I guess you guys aren’t interested in that then,” Hoseok says, standing up as both Namjoon and Yoongi look like their eyes are about to pop out of their sockets.


“Sit the the fuck down before you get smacked the fuck down,” Namjoon finally speaks up, looking at him with crazy eyes. Hoseok is still smiling.






From the way Hoseok had described him, both Namjoon and Yoongi were expecting someone a bit more arrogant, maybe a bit full of himself, they were expecting ripped jeans and a sleeveless shirts and a bad attitude.


“I don’t know, hyung, Taehyung literally just gave me his number and said he had found his high school friend and that he might be able to help you guys out. I literally have no idea how he looks or how he plays, but from what Taehyung told me, the kid’s pretty good,” was all the vague information Hoseok had given them.


What they found instead was black jeans paired with a black hoodie and a pair of huge doe eyes staring at them expectantly.


This guy… Jeon Jungkook, Hoseok had said, was nothing like they had imagined, his posture exuded confidence, but they could see how nervous and anxious he was, holding onto his guitar case with one hand and gripping tightly onto the strap of his bag that was across his chest with the other, his foot tapping restlessly on the floor.


“Hey, Jeon Jungkook, right?” Namjoon speaks with a gentle voice.


“Uh— yeah, that’s me— you guys are Taehyung hyung’s friends, right?” Jungkook asks, standing rigid at the entrance of Namjoon’s garage.


Namjoon smiles at the use of the honorific despite Taehyung not even being here, he nods, guiding Jungkook with his hand to walk inside towards the microphone stand that's in front of Yoongi’s drum set.


Jungkook does so, bowing slightly to them.


“We are. I’m Min Yoongi and this is Kim Namjoon,” Yoongi introduces them.


“And together we are Route 43 and we are always on the lookout for lead singers because, apparently, no one likes to stick around for too long,” Yoongi snorts at that which brings a smile to Namjoon’s face.


It seems to make Jungkook laugh as well as he tries to cover his mouth to try and disguise his smile.


“Well, enough with the introductions, Hoseok-ah told us Taehyung recommended you to us, which has to mean you are somehow more or less good,” Yoongi says crossing his arms over the small table Namjoon had set in front of them, short sleeves allowing the tattoos he has on his forearms to show.


Jungkook smiles at that. “I’m alright, I guess, I always try to practice hard.”


“For how long have you been singing?” Namjoon asks him.


Jungkook hums, frowning in thought— Namjoon thinks it’s cute and wonders if Yoongi thinks the same.


“All my life, I think? There’s this video of me singing Bohemian Raspberry when I was like three years old, so— but, like, professionally maybe, like— almost six years?” The way he says it sounds more like a question than an affirmation.


Namjoon by now is just trying not to laugh at the way Yoongi is trying to hold back a smile and act professional and cool. He knows Yoongi well enough to know that he also likes this kid, in comparison to the self-centered assholes that have come to the auditions, Jungkook is simply endearing and cute, but he hasn’t even sung or played yet, so—


“And for how long have you been playing the guitar?” Yoongi asks then, looking a bit constipated by the way he’s trying to hold back a smile.


“Eleven years,” Jungkook says without missing a beat.


“Wow, that’s a long time, for how young you are, I mean,” Namjoon points out.


Jungkook smiles then, all full with big teeth; he has really cute big teeth that compliment his big shiny eyes and prominent pierced ears— Namjoon notices he has them stretched like his own.


“I’m not that young, I have been playing since I was eight,” Jungkook reasons.


“So you are nineteen, right?” Yoongi declares more than he asks him.


“Twenty next month,” Jungkook nods.


“Well, I’m 25 and Joonie is 22, 23 next month as well, so— you’re young,” Yoongi says with a shrug.


A silence falls between them then, Jungkook’s ears slowly changing shades and turning a light shade of pink, eyes bigger than before.


“Uh— s—sorry, I didn't mean to be disrespectful or anything,” Jungkook apologizes lowly, a slight blush creeping up his cheeks now, and Namjoon feels like punching Yoongi right then and there; the kid is basically dying on his spot in front of the mic, almost fidgeting.


“Oh, no, what— don’t apologize, dude, it’s alright, I was just pointing out— whatever, just— what are you gonna play for us?” Yoongi says in a rush, trying to change the subject. Which, thankfully, seems to work (more or less.)


“Uh— I was thinking The City, by The 1975— maybe? I just memorized it last night, so— I know many songs, if you guys want me to play something different— ” Jungkook says calmly but still a bit shyly, dropping his bag on the floor and taking out his guitar from the case.


“Yeah, you can play that, that’s alright— fancy guitar though” Namjoon points out.


“Oh— yeah, I— it’s used, though, and very old,” Jungkook says, trying to be humble about it.


He smiles fondly at it, like it has more emotional value than anything else. It’s old and very used but in decent enough state, a few scratches here and there that Jungkook has carefully covered up with some stickers.


“That’s a Gibson Les Paul studio in alpine white, right?” Namjoon asks with a knowing grin.


“Yeah—” Jungkook says as he bends down to plug the guitar into the speaker, carefully tuning the guitar slightly and adjusting the volume.


“Can I ask why this specific Les Paul?” Namjoon says, fully smiling as Yoongi is still trying to conceal his chuckles behind his hand.


“I, uh—” Jungkook stands up, tapping into the mic to check if its on, he laughs into it— it comes out airy and metallic.


“Because it’s the guitar Frank Iero used to use.”


Yoongi fully chuckles then, shaking his head. “amazing,” he says lowly.


And Namjoon wonders yet again how Taehyung manages to always meet such weird and cool people.







At this point, they were both a bit scared that after liking the kid’s personality this much, he would end up being a flop like the rest of the people that have come and go into this garage during this last week, or, worst, that his cute and shy self would shine through when he played, kinda like how Hoseok is during live presentations.


But once Jungkook begins to sing, they don’t even have time to think about what they were worried about in the first place two weeks ago when they drove Taehyung to the airport.


Yoongi is shocked to realize that Jungkook even plays the song better than the original, and his singing, well— he makes a mental note to call Taehyung later and thank him for finding this prodigy kid for them.


And, besides his undeniable talent, his stage presence is also something else. Before, when he was talking to them, he had been stuttering and blushing like crazy, but once he hit the first note, he became someone else entirely. he definitely has the stage presence of a lead singer, Yoongi decides.


When the song finishes, Namjoon has to hold back the urge to run towards him and cry on his shoulder from relief.


A beat of silence passes by, Jungkook is panting slightly, eyes big and expectantly waiting for an answer.


“Well, did I meet your expectations?” he asks with a shy smile.


Namjoon and Yoongi share a look; Yoongi nods without saying a single word and Namjoon understands so he turns towards Jungkook then, smile big on his face.


“How long do you think it will take you to learn our entire setlist that consists of three songs, starting from right now until Friday night as your deadline?”


Jungkook smiles so big that Namjoon almost runs towards him, almost.

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If Yoongi thought the most intense days of his life were when he came out to his parents, then he had completely underestimated how much of a bitch life can be.

The two days the three of them had spent in Namjoon’s garage, teaching Jungkook the songs and practicing, had been intense enough. Thankfully, the kid has a retentive of gold and had learned everything in just one day, leaving them Friday and Saturday morning to practice.

The problem right now is that they are running late, and Yoongi’s drums decided that today is a perfect day to not fit in Seokjin’s car.

“This fucking bullshit,” Yoongi curses, accentuating each word with a kick to the tire of the car.

“Attacking my poor car won’t make your big ass drum set magically fit,” Seokjin says, grabbing Yoongi by the shoulders and pushing him away from the car to try and rearrange everything yet again.

“Why does every single one of your cousins has to be such a pain in my ass,” Yoongi sighs, sitting on the sidewalk next to a very nervous-looking Jungkook.

Yoongi takes the opportunity to stare at him; from the few days they have all known each other, he has been wearing almost the same thing, a pair of jeans and a hoodie, always a different wash of denim for the jeans, but almost always the same black hoodie on the top.


Today is no more different besides the jeans that are now tightly gripping his legs (and,  damn , does he have nice legs) and have several rips in them, and the eyeliner on his eyes (Namjoon had insisted on the latter) which Yoongi can’t complain about—he does look really good like this, even if he’s wearing the same old black hoodie, it suits him.

“Hey, Taehyung is an angel, and Seokjin hyung here is doing us a favor, just— relax, we will make it fit,” Namjoon tries to calm Yoongi down at the same exact moment Seokjin finally manages to completely close the trunk.

“I’m also a fucking angel, thank you very much,” Seokjin says matter of factly as he throws the keys onto Yoongi’s lap who unsuccessfully tries to catch them with his hands.

“Now get the fuck out of my porch, you punks,” Seokjin tells them jokingly.

“It’s also my porch, you ass,” Namjoon throws back as he gets inside to sit in the passenger seat.

He's also wearing eyeliner—which is a plus for him who’s always too lazy to apply makeup on—and light washed ripped jeans that match Yoongi’s paired with a black distressed t-shirt. Yoongi thinks he looks hot as fuck, like always.

“Yeah, yeah, good luck to you. Sorry again that I can’t go, I just really don’t wanna be there at all, so” Seokjin says with a shrug.

Yoongi snorts, getting in the driver seat as Jungkook tries to squeeze himself on the back seat between his guitar and Namjoon’s bass and more parts of Yoongi’s drums.

“Thanks, you asshole.” Namjoon waves at him from the window.

“That’s asshole  hyung  to you!” Seokjin waves back with a smile.

And with that, Yoongi starts to drive towards the venue.

Like always, setting up Yoongi’s drums is a pain in the ass; together with the staff making them hurry up and the people screaming outside, it results in being an almost impossible task.

After Namjoon helps him and they do some really fast last minute check ups to their instruments, they are ready to go.

“Are you guys ready?” Namjoon asks the two of them; they both nod, though Yoongi can notice the uneasiness in Jungkook’s form.

“Hey, Kook, you will do great, okay? You know all the songs perfectly, there’s nothing to worry about,” Yoongi tells him, grabbing him by the shoulders.

“Thanks, and I know, it’s just— I have never performed like this in front of so many people before.”

There were around eight hundred people outside, all screaming and cheering and probably extremely drunk.

“Neither have we, so don’t be nervous about that, your stage presence will have them all on their knees,” Namjoon reassures him again with a grin.

Jungkook smiles back, nodding shyly.

They walk from backstage towards the stage and with that the lights are on and the spotlight is on them.

“How are you guys doing tonight! We are Route 34 and we are so happy to be here with you tonight!” Namjoon screams into his mic.

And without further ado, Yoongi hits his drumsticks together three times as a cue for Namjoon to open the song.


It’s already way past three in the morning when the three of them stumble into Namjoon’s garage, tired out of their minds and slightly drunk (mostly Yoongi, Yoongi is the one who’s drunk).

Their short setlist had gone by in a flash, and after the intense few days they have had and the loudest cheers and applauses they have ever received since they started the band, they thought is was due to celebrate by getting a few drinks.

It was even better when people came up to them to tell them how much they liked their songs, making them pour a drink after a drink.

At some moment of the night, Namjoon suddenly got a polaroid camera out of his bag and snapped a picture of the three of them together, saying this moment should be permanently remembered in the picture.

Jungkook found it slightly weird, but he didn’t pay much mind to it at the time.

So before they knew it, it was three in the morning and Yoongi was barely able to walk in a straight line; Namjoon was never more thankful than when Jungkook told him he had a drivers licence.

“But you had a few drinks, didn’t you?” Namjoon asks him, not completely sure about letting him drive after all.

“I literally had one beer and then stopped once I saw how much Yoongi hyung was drinking,” Jungkook says, staring at said hyung that is currently half-unconscious and lying all his weight on Namjoon’s shoulder.

Namjoon sighs in relief. “You really are an angel, did you know that?”

“Thanks—” Jungkook shyly smiles as he goes to get into the driver's seat.

Once they finally arrive and Namjoon manages to get Yoongi out of his performing clothes and into just his boxers and one of Namjoon’s old pyjama t-shirts that almost go past his knees, the man in question wakes up.

“Well, hello, sleeping beauty.” Namjoon smiles at him, brushing his blonde strands of hair out of his face.

“What time is it, how—” He takes a look at his surroundings and realizes he’s in Namjoon’s room. “How did we get here...  please, tell me you didn’t drive.” His voice is deep and raspy, almost unintelligible.

Namjoon giggles, handing him a glass of water that Yoongi drinks in two big gulps. “It’s almost five in the morning, and, God, no, I didn’t drive, Jungkook did.”

Placing the glass on the nightstand, Namjoon is now just brushing his fingers through Yoongi’s hair. Yoongi hums, leaning into Namjoon’s touch.

“Where is he now?” Yoongi asks, eyes closed again.

“He fell asleep on the sofa in the garage; poor kid is probably dead exhausted. I covered him with a blanket and left him a glass of water so that he can drink something when he wakes up,” Namjoon informs him, standing up from where he was sitting next to Yoongi on the bed to get undressed, Yoongi whines at the loss of touch.

Namjoon snorts. “top being so whiny, let me get out of this stupid tight pants,” he says, trying to take off said pants off himself and throwing them somewhere in the room.

“Your stupid long legs look great in those stupid tight pants,” Yoongi tells him with a lazy smile.

Namjoon chuckles, getting back into bed, but laying next to Yoongi this time around, and Yoongi immediately wraps his arms and legs around him like a baby koala.

“I know, that’s why I wear them all the time.”

Yoongi grunts and a comfortable silence falls between them right after. A long time passes and Namjoon thinks Yoongi might have already fallen asleep when he speaks again.

“He’s a really good kid, don’t you think,” he says more than he asks Namjoon.

“Yeah, he is,” he agrees with a sigh, still threading his fingers through Yoongi’s hair.

“Do you think he could be part of the band permanently?” Yoongi wonders sleepily, snuggling closer to Namjoon.

Namjoon hums in thought, actually rethinking the question that he has already asked himself since he heard Jungkook singing for the first time.

“I mean, he could. I would love for him to be officially part of the band and by what you just said, I presume that you do too, but I guess it depends on what he wants to do, really. The auditions were for a ‘temporary singer’ after all, so I guess we will have to ask him.”

Yoongi sighs in thought, rubbing circles on Namjoon’s chest.

He’s so tired of ‘temporary singers’. Once they started college, they were left without a singer for the first time, the guy they started the band with left to another university and couldn't keep up with the band.

That’s where Taehyung came into the picture, everyone in Namjoon’s family is a musician, or a model, or an actor, or somewhere around there, so it was no surprise that he already played the guitar and sang like a God.

So they lost a lead singer for a second time once he left to go and be a model, so Yoongi really wasn’t planning on just letting Jungkook go that easily.

So he decides.

“Yeah, let’s ask him tomorrow”

“Okay, we will ask him tomorrow.” Namjoon snuggles him back.

And with a soft press of his lips to Yoongi’s forehead they both fall asleep.




The next morning, Jungkook wakes up first; he notices the glass of water sitting on the small table next to the couch and drinks it all in one quick swing, then—stumbling inside the bathroom—he gasps once he sees his reflection in the mirror.

He had forgotten he had makeup on, so after a good ten minutes of rubbing his raccoon looking eyes with soap and water, he walks out of the bathroom feeling a little less dead, just a little.

Once he is greeted with the smell of Kim Seokjin’s breakfast, as a grumpy looking Yoongi sits at the table drinking coffee, he feels completely alive again.

“Good morning, do you need any help with that, hyung?” Jungkook asks Seokjin who politely refuses him and tells him to just make himself comfortable.

“Food is almost ready anyways,” he says.

So he finds himself sitting across from Yoongi at the small dining table for four. Yoongi doesn’t even spare him a glance, way too focused on looking at the bottom of his now empty cup of coffee, smudged makeup still on his eyes, his freshly painted deep red nail polish somehow already chipped.

“Good morning, hyung, do you want more coffee?” Jungkook asks him, and it’s only after a few moments that Yoongi realizes he's talking to him, slowly lifting his head to look at Jungkook sleepily. Jungkook is pretty sure the hoodie he’s currently drowning in is Namjoon’s.

“Did you say something?” He asks with a small furrow to his eyebrows, voice deep and hoarse.

Jungkook holds back a smile, “I asked if you wanted more coffee.”

“Oh,” Yoongi says, like he’s just now realizing that the cup was empty.

“I will get that for you,” Namjoon’s voice startles the two of them.

“Good morning, hyung,” Jungkook greets him while Namjoon takes the cup from Yoongi’s hands.

He’s looking way more awake than Yoongi and with way less make up too, his black silky hair pushed back from his forehead exposing his eyebrows, the oversized shirt he’s wearing exposing his collarbones and a few hidden tattoos underneath.

“Morning, Kooks, how did you sleep on that old couch?” Namjoon asks him with a smile.

“Oh— I slept just fine” He smiles back at him, feeling suddenly hyper-aware of the pain in his lower back.

“Next time don’t fall asleep on the couch and come to my room or else you will end up with back pains. Do you also want some coffee?”

It takes Jungkook a second to process what Namjoon just said to him; he shakes his head no after he realizes he had asked him a question. “No, thanks, I will have orange juice.”

His smile grows wider, showing the big dimples Jungkook has had the pleasure of seeing these past few days. “Yoongi here can only function properly after his third cup of coffee, maybe make it a fourth today thanks to his hangover.” He looks at Yoongi, a fond look in his eyes.

“Shut up,” Yoongi mumbles, snuggling into the hoodie.

Namjoon continues smiling all the way to the coffee machine where he obviously knows how exactly Yoongi likes his coffee done in the morning.

After finishing the glorious breakfast that Seokjin cooked, with full bellies they go directly to the garage to get all of their stuff out of Seokjin’s car.

“Yoongi was literally a dead weight last night,” Namjoon informs Seokjin who is displeased by the fact that his car is still not available.

“Well, please, get to it because I need to go out in the afternoon,” Seokjin informs them from the door of the kitchen that leads to the garage, closing the door after him.

“He’s so annoying,” Yoongi mumbles under his breath.

“Hey, be nice,” Namjoon nags him, to which Yoongi only grunts in response.

He’s now wearing the same ripped jeans from last night and Namjoon’s hoodie, Namjoon is still wearing his oversized t-shirt with his sweatpants. Jungkook, however, is wearing the same clothes from last night (sleeping in skinny jeans had been one of his least favorite things he has ever done).

This time around, they manage to take Yoongi’s drums out of the car and set them up again at their rightful place in the corner of the garage in a record time, without the pressure of time running out.

Once they are done, both Namjoon and Yoongi drop themselves onto the sofa with a huff, taking a break after having moved all the heavy equipment.

“So,” Jungkook says, still standing, feeling extremely out of place now that they are not teaching him new lyrics, or practicing like mad men; the gig is done and he has nothing else to offer. He totally feels like this is his cue to leave.

“So, we wanted to talk with you about something,” Namjoon says before Jungkook has the chance to slip out the ‘I gotta go now, see you guys around’ that was about to come out of his parted lips, and Jungkook closes his mouth immediately.

“Oh, about what?” Jungkook opens his mouth again, curious and still standing.

Namjoon giggles. “Come sit here with us,” he says, pointing at the individual couch that's next to the love seat he and Yoongi are currently sitting on.

So Jungkook does, expectant as to what they wanna talk about.

“Okay, so you know how we really needed a singer as soon as possible just for the gig,” Namjoon begins and Jungkook nods.

“Our plan was to then look for a singer that would be willing to be in the band with us on a more permanent term, more calmly after this,” Namjoon continues.

“As in officially part of the band,” Yoongi adds. And Jungkook nods again, trying not to get his hopes high for what they might say next.

“What we hadn’t expected was for the temporary singer to be as good as you are, so we talked about it last night and—we are wondering if you would like to be an official member of the group?” Namjoon asks with a hopeful look in his eyes.

Jungkook can’t help the shy giggle that escapes him; he quickly covers his mouth with his hands and fake coughs.

“Um— are you guys for real? Would you really want me to be a part of the band?” Jungkook asks because if they only spoke about it last night he wants them to be completely sure.

“Yes, of course! You are very talented, Kook, we would be happy to have you, and—though we don’t really know each other much because we have literally spent the last forty eight hours just practicing and teaching you the songs—I have a feeling that despite that, we will get along just fine,” Namjoon confirms with a smile.

Jungkook blushes at the nickname that just slipped from Namjoon’s lips, but before he can dwell on that too much, Yoongi is already speaking as well.

“So, what do you say?” he wonders.

Jungkook looks between the two of them for a moment; he smiles, feeling like this might be the start of something great, like he might have actually found people that he can fit in with.

“I would love to,” he accepts, smile not slipping from his lips even for a moment.

He feels even more confident and way less embarrassed when both Yoongi and Namjoon match his smile on their faces.


Chapter Text

Since they can't always have nice things, just right after Jungkook became officially a part of the band, midterms started, and so their plans to begin to know each other and play music had to be postponed, just slightly.

Because after intense weeks of studying, one Friday night, Yoongi stood up from Namjoon’s couch and breathed out a quiet ‘fuck this shit’, and decided to play for a while; Namjoon—joining him a few seconds later—decided to hit Jungkook up beforehand to see if the younger of the three was also available.

Jungkook walked into Namjoon’s garage an hour later with a box of pizza and his guitar.

“You are a literal fucking angel from the lord,” Yoongi tells him with a sigh at the sight of the pizza box, greeting Jungkook with an unexpected hug that the younger gives back quite awkwardly. Yoongi's cologne mixed with the smell of coffee makes him feel suddenly dazed.

“Hi, Kooks, thanks for the pizza and sorry about Yoongs here, he gets a bit crazy during midterms. I think he hasn’t slept in a few days.” Namjoon greets him after Yoongi walks away from Jungkook with the box of pizza like a thief to go and devour it by the couch.

“Hi, hyung, I can see that,” Jungkook says with a smile and steals a glance at Yoongi who’s looking like a squirrel with his mouth full food already.

After the pizza is over and Yoongi is slightly more in his right mind than when Jungkook arrived, they play a few songs and fool around in Namjoon’s garage.

Jungkook gets completely mesmerized again by the way Yoongi plays the drums, not that he hadn’t noticed before but now—without any worries of having a deadline—he can enjoy how Yoongi loses himself in the music.

And Namjoon is no different—he turns into a completely different person once his hands touch his bass, like he’s always making the music come out of his body instead of from the instrument.

It’s only after Yoongi’s only pair of drumsticks break that they call it a day.

“I thought you always brought a back up with you,” Namjoon tells him as he walks into the kitchen to get something to drink.

“I do, those were the back ups,” Yoongi sighs from where he is sitting on the floor in front of the small coffee table that Namjoon has next to the couches, looking for something inside his backpack.

Jungkook is sitting on the couch, looking down at Yoongi eating the leftover crust of the pizza that Namjoon left behind.

Yoongi sighs from his position on the floor. “Joon, have you seen my red nail polish?” Yoongi raises his voice so Namjoon can hear him.

“No? Didn’t you ran out of it a few weeks ago?” Namjoon screams from the kitchen before he adds “do you guys want some beer?”

Both Yoongi and Jungkook say yes at the same time as Yoongi stands up to throw his backpack into the corner where his drums are across the room from them.

“Guess I have to buy a new one” Yoongi declares disappointed, dropping himself onto the couch next to Jungkook.

Just then Namjoon walks in with three beers. He hands them respectively to Jungkook and Yoongi and stays with his own, dropping himself on the couch afterwards as well.

He then suddenly gets his polaroid camera that was sitting on the table and snaps a picture of them, Jungkook only realizing after the picture is already printed and in Namjoon’s hand.

He stares at Namjoon a bit startled.

“Don’t mind him, he’s always taking pictures of everyone,” Yoongi tells him, taking a sip from his beer.

Jungkook is not entirely sure what he means by ‘everyone’ or ‘always’ but he decides yet again that it's not a big deal; he doesn’t really mind getting pictures taken of him anyways.

He then proceeds to take a small sip of his beer and tries not to grimace at the taste, he hopes they don’t notice but—

“You don’t like beer that much do you?” Yoongi asks him.

And for a moment, Jungkook thinks Yoongi might be making fun of him, like everyone always does when he tells them he doesn’t really like alcohol, but when he looks at him, his expression just looks—gentle, soft even. So he doesn’t find himself lying to him like he always does when people ask him this same question.

“No—not really, I—” Jungkook laughs, taking a glance at the cold bottle in his hands and inspecting its yellowish contents. “Not just beer, I don’t like alcohol in general, I guess—or bitter things like coffee,” he adds at the end.

He waits for the teasing and the laugher that never comes, instead he gets Namjoon standing up from his seat. Jungkook snaps his head up to look at him, only to find a look of utter betrayal on his face.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me before? I have been giving you beer since we met!” Namjoon says, but he doesn’t sound mad, more like he’s just disconcerted at the fact that Jungkook never told him he doesn’t actually drinks.

“I know! I’m sorry, it’s just—It’s just automatic now, to just accept it even if I hate it, just because people always make fun of me when I tell them I don’t drink—” Jungkook admits the last part in barely a whisper, but Yoongi who's sitting next to him catches it.

“I had noticed you didn't really like it, which makes it really fucking stupid that you still drink it regardless. If you don’t like something, you shouldn't pretend you do, at least not with us,” Yoongi says with a shrug, taking a gulp from his beer afterwards.

“Exactly! So like, what do you really wanna drink?” Namjoon offers him, taking the beer away from his hands.

“Uh—I really don’t know—”

“Come on, I have lots of things. I’ve got coke, orange juice, water, banana milk, regular milk—” Namjoon tells him his options, the two bottles of beer in one hand as he counts with the other.

Jungkook furrows his eyebrows. “You have banana milk?” he wonders in disbelief.

“Yeah! Seokjin hyung loves it, and I do drink it from time to time, too. Do you want some?”

Jungkook takes a second to respond, looking at Namjoon and then at Yoongi who’s now just staring at his unpainted nails with a bit of sadness. He looks back at Namjoon, slightly unconfident.

“Yeah—sure,” he accepts.

Namjoon just walks away with a simple “Great! Be right back” and before Jungkook knows it, he’s sipping on some banana-flavored milk in front of the coolest college dudes he has ever met and they are not making fun of him in the slightest, which Jungkook thinks just makes them that much cooler.






It’s a few hours later when he’s about to head out to his apartment complex that Yoongi stops him on his way out.

“Hey, Kooks,” he greets him, walking outside behind him.

For a moment, Jungkook thinks he’s going to offer to walk him home, but before he can say it won’t be necessary, he notices the cigarette between Yoongi’s slender fingers.

“What’s up, hyung?” Jungkook asks instead, leaning against the garage door like Yoongi just did, standing just a few centimeters from him.

“Not much,” he says as he brings the cigarette to his lips and lights it up, bringing his other hand to cage the flame from the light breeze of the evening. “Namjoon just went to take a shower, so I decided to step outside for a bit and have a smoke.”

Before blowing the smoke out, however, he the turns his gaze towards Jungkook, eyes a bit big and wondering.

“You don’t mind, do you?” he asks taking the cigarette from his lips and lifting it up in the air.

“Oh, no, not at all” Jungkook says with a smile.

Yoongi smiles back, and it’s the first time Jungkook notices how his gums show when he does. It’s really cute , his brain stupidly provides.

“You don’t smoke either, right?” Yoongi wonders, blowing the smoke away from Jungkook.

“Not cigarettes, no.”

Yoongi smirks at that, “That means you do smoke something, though?” he asks and Jungkook chuckles.

“I smoke weed from time to time, I guess, although I haven’t in a while,” he admits.

“Oh, really,” Yoongi says more to himself than to Jungkook, smirk still on his face. “Do you remember Hoseok? Well, he knows this guy that sells the greatest fucking weed I have ever had. If you’re ever in the mood, let me know so we can share some sometime.”

Jungkook remembers Hoseok only from a text message that he had sent him, telling him that he was Taehyung’s friend and that Jungkook should go and meet their hyungs who were looking for a lead singer. Jungkook nods, not expecting the conversation to have taken this turn.

Yoongi takes a long drag of his cigarette and slowly blows the smoke out before speaking again.

“Oh, and by the way, you can be yourself around us, freely, you know? Don’t feel like you need to act a certain way to fit in with us or anything like that, we already like you the way you are,” he reassures Jungkook, tone suddenly serious.

Jungkook stares back at him, mouth slightly agape, but before he can say anything back, Yoongi is putting out the cigarette, being not even halfway done with it, he saves it inside the box again and goes to walk back inside.

“You have my number, right? Text me when you get home,” he requests of Jungkook.

“Yeah—okay, I do have it,” Jungkook says dumbly.

“Good,” Yoongi says, pausing for a moment before he says “Goodnight then, Jungkookie, see you around.”

“Bye, hyung—” Jungkook tries again to not pay much attention to the nickname.

And with that, Yoongi’s is out of sight, disappearing into Namjoon’s house again.

Jungkook takes a deep breath before he begins walking away, his heart hammering inside his ribcage and a silly smile on his lips.









Hey, hyung, I just got home


Yoongo Hyung


Good, rest well



You too! And thank you and Namjoon hyung for inviting me today!

Yoongo Hyung


You don’t have to thank us, you are always invited, Kooks







It’s a few days later when Namjoon invites him over again, to go over a new song he just came up with. So after his last class of the day, he goes straight to Namjoon’s house.

Once he arrives, he’s not surprised to find Yoongi already sitting on the couch, reading a book while he tries to eat instant noodles at the same time.

He is surprised, however, to see the reading glasses he’s currently wearing, making him look cuter than usual.

“Hey, Kooks!” Namjoon greets him, offering him a drink like always. Jungkook just takes a glass of water this time around, still not used to the nickname they both seem to like to use with him.

After Namjoon comes back with two glasses of water for them and one energy drink for Yoongi, they go directly towards Namjoon’s bass so he can show Jungkook the song.

After Namjoon plays the song for him once, Jungkook begins to play a slightly different version on his guitar right away, only missing a few notes here and there.

“You really are a fast learner, aren’t you,” Namjoon says with an easy smile.

Jungkook can only nod shyly and pray that his blush doesn’t show too much. Why does he have to react to praise in such a way? He knows he's good, he practices all the damn time, so why does he have to become a ball of mush every time they praise him?

He knows he's never been particularly good in receiving compliments from teachers or friends, but when it's them, his band mates (could they be considered friends already?), for some reason, it gets the worst of him.

“Have you ever written anything?” Namjoon wonders, cutting his train of thought. He stands up to stretch his long limbs after having been sitting down on the floor for so long.

Jungkook takes the moment to stare at him; Namjoon’s always wearing comfortable-looking clothes like Jungkook does, today being no different as he’s currently wearing a pair of gray sweatpants and that oversized shirt that shows his collarbones. Jungkook wonders what shapes does the ink underneath the thin fabric create.

“Like songwriting, you mean?” Jungkook asks then hums when Namjoon nods with his head. “A little. Though, I’m not super confident with my writing skills,” he admits with a low laugh.

“Well, if you ever feel confident enough, don’t hesitate to show it to us,” Namjoon tells him, motioning back to Yoongi as well— the boy’s nose still buried in his book.

After a few more hours of jamming sessions with Jungkook while Yoongi studies in the back, Namjoon excuses himself to go and take a quick shower, leaving Jungkook alone to Yoongi. Jungkook continues to pretend to not be self-aware of his every move by playing some soft tunes on his guitar.

“Fuck, I forgot to buy it again, God damn it” Jungkook hears Yoongi cursing under his breath, he dares to look up at him only to find him looking for something inside a shopping bag, the cup of instant noodles and book forgotten.

A sudden rush of anxiety overcomes Jungkook. If he’s sure about this, Yoongi has been wanting to paint his nails for a while now, and that knowledge makes the small nail polish bottle that Jungkook always keeps inside his bag to feel a lot heavier every time he mentions it.

Jungkook manages to stand up as casually as he can, leaving his guitar on the floor next to Namjoon’s bass, walking towards his backpack.

“You forgot to buy the nail polish again?” Jungkook tries to act cool as he asks Yoongi the question, still pretending to be looking through his bag when the nail polish bottle is already in his hand.

“Yeah, fucking midterms got me crazy. I can only seem to remember to buy instant noodles and energy drinks these days,” Yoongi says with a sigh, sliding lower on the couch.

Jungkook meditates how to offer this to Yoongi in a way that’s not completely fucking weird. After a beat too long has passed and he hasn’t come up with anything that’s not embarrassing, he just decides that, fuck it, it’s now or never, and goes for it.

“You only paint your nails red right?” Jungkook asks, trying his best not to stutter or shake like the fucking loser he knows he is.

Yoongi hums, looking at his polish-free nails. “Not really, I mostly paint them red or black, but I also paint them purple or blue, I think I even painted them hot pink once,” he says with a chuckle.

Jungkook wasn’t expecting that answer, so he’s a little taken aback, had been expecting something more around the lines of ‘yeah, and black’.

He’s extremely glad he didn’t, though.

“And I used to own a lot of nail polishes, but I just ran out of all of them in like the same month or some shit, apparently,” Yoongi sighs, rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hands.

“Oh, really? that’s actually funny because I—I happened to have this here with me,” he tells Yoongi, lifting the small bottle of deep blue nail polish and praying to God that Yoongi doesn’t notice how much his hand is shaking.

“I wasn’t sure if you would like the color, so—” Jungkook adds, tilting his head slightly to the side as a habit when he’s nervous.

Yoongi looks at the bottle with surprise and awe, his little pouty lips opened in a small o, he then turns his gaze towards Jungkook and lifts an eyebrow.

“Didn’t know you painted your nails as well,” he says, walking towards Jungkook to take the nail polish from his hands. Jungkook gladly hands it to him, his brain doing a small short-circuit when their hands brush.

“I—I haven’t in a long time, actually,” Jungkook admits, feeling a creeping heat crawl up to his cheeks at the knowledge that his toe nails are currently painted in that same shade of blue.

“Hmm, makes sense,” Yoongi hums, still inspecting the nail polish that’s almost half empty. “I actually like the color a lot, you sure I can borrow it?” Yoongi wonders with a glint to his eyes.

Jungkook is frantically nodding before Yoongi can even finish his sentence.

“Great, thanks.” Yoongi smiles at him gently as goes back to his spot on the couch and gets to painting his nails immediately.






Once Namjoon comes out of the shower, he walks directly towards the garage, squinting his eyes as he enters only to find a very focused Jungkook painting Yoongi’s left hand with what looks like a deep shade of blue nail polish.

“I thought I was going crazy when I smelled nail polish from the bathroom.” Jungkook doesn’t need to look at Namjoon to know he’s smiling when he says that, but once he does, he wishes he hadn’t, things get a bit messy really fast.

He looks up from his task at hand that was resulting difficult enough, having Yoongi’s wide palm and slender fingers rest over his bended knee as he carefully applied the nail polish to Yoongi’s perfectly trimmed nails was making him panic a little (a lot) already.

But nothing could compare to finding Namjoon with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, another towel being used to dry his still dripping wet hair as droplets of water continued to roll down his toned and tattooed chest.

So before Jungkook can even collect his remaining brain cells, he knocks over the nail polish bottle, spilling almost all of its contents all over himself.

“Shit!” he curses, quickly gathering the bottle and placing it on the small coffee table, making sure it doesn’t drip blue all over Yoongi’s notes.

Jungkook sighs, looking down at his ruined hoodie, it was his favorite one. He looks down at Yoongi who’s looking a bit concerned at his ruined clothes as well, Namjoon frozen in place.

“Well, at least I managed to finish painting your nails,” he says with an airy chuckle and Yoongi snorts at that, which makes the weird tension that had settled in the room to disappear a bit.

“I will buy you a new nail polish, hyung, and—I don’t know how expensive your hoodie is, but—” Namjoon apologizes, still very much half naked and wet.

Jungkook shakes his head quickly. “No, no, hyung! Don’t worry about it, I have many hoodies, it’s nothing—” he tells Namjoon, folding the end of his hoodie up, looking sadly at the wet nail polish that’s pooling on the fabric.

“And the nail polish wasn’t mine, it was Kook’s,” Yoongi says, looking at his freshly painted nails, pleased with how they look.

“Oh! Okay then, do you want the same color?”

Jungkook is taken aback again, at the fact that Namjoon didn’t even flinch at the knowledge that the nail polish was his, or the fact that he’s offering to buy him a new one and even asking him which color he wants when he actually didn’t do anything at all besides taking a shower and being sex on legs, and fuck his legs—he has tattoos on them too and—

Jungkook shakes his head again to clear his thoughts. “No, it really is okay, you don’t have to buy me a new one.”

Namjoon shakes his head then, “come on, I insist.”

(Jungkook ends up reluctantly agreeing.)

“What are you gonna do about your ruined hoodie, though?” Yoongi asks him after Namjoon had left to, thankfully, put some clothes on.

Though Jungkook can’t quite erase the printed image of Namjoon’s chest out of his mind—black and gray flowers coming from his arm to wrap around his bicep almost reaching his collarbone, a few other tattoos here and there, some that looked like quotes carved on his upper ribs and some other inked shapes lower under his hip bones.

Jungkook hums, making sure the paint is already dry before taking the hoodie off. “Probably just throw it away I guess,” he says with a shrug.

He’s folding the hoodie up and fixing the bits of his hair that got messy while taking it off when he looks up at Yoongi, confused by his lack of a reply.

When he looks up, however, Yoongi doesn’t meet his eyes, too focused on looking at Jungkook’s body with an expression Jungkook can’t quite describe.

He subconsciously looks down at himself; nothing too out of the ordinary, just a plain white t-shirt tucked inside his black jeans. He makes sure his zipper is up for a good measure and—yup, nothing embarrassing is going on, so why—

“I had never seen you with your hoodie off,” Yoongi tells him after a second.

Jungkook brain still doesn’t catch up with him, and what does that have to do with the way Yoongi is looking at him anyways.

“Oh, really? I guess, I—I guess, I really like to wear them, like, all the time,” he laughs, going for his backpack to save the ruined hoodie inside, just to do something besides looking at Yoongi’s face right now, not wanting him to see the way it makes his cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

“Yeah, I didn’t even know you had tattoos,” Yoongi points out.

And that’s when Jungkook’s brain clicks. His tattoos, right.

He’s not embarrassed of them, nor is he shy to show them off, but—they aren’t exactly the sort of tattoos you would call ‘cool looking’.

A black outline of the triforce is permanently inked on his forearm, underneath that lies the life bar hearts with two hearts and a half filled with red ink. He also has the outline of Iron Man’s heart higher on his tricep, and just—a whole much of more nerdy shit here and there.

Maybe the floral design he has on his opposite forearm is the ‘coolest’ tattoo he has besides some lettering here and there, but—

“Oh, yeah, I—I have more down my legs, too—” he provides stupidly, remembering the One Piece tattoo he has on his calf.

He looks up in time to see Namjoon walking in and looking at him with the same strange expression Yoongi has.

“Oh! You have a triforce tattoo, I have one too,” Namjoon says cheerfully quickly changing and masking his expression unlike Yoongi, who’s just still looking at him up and down.

Namjoon turns around to show Jungkook the back of his ankle and, indeed, a yellow triforce with black outlines is carved on his skin there.

“Oh, cool—”

And so maybe he starts to feel like he fits in a lot more with them every single time they hang out, and maybe, just maybe, he starts to feel less anxious and worried about what they might think of him.

However, he still feels a bit uneasy with the way both Namjoon and Yoongi continue to throw these weird glances at him when they think he’s not looking. (and he’s also pretty sure Namjoon snapped some pictures of him with his polaroid camera).


Chapter Text

The next time Jungkook sees either of them, is a few weeks later after coming out of class from his last exam of midterms.

Finally relieved to have free time and not having to stay up until ungodly hours, studying, he walks out from the building with a light mind.

Excited to finally be able to begin practice with his bandmates (it still feels very weird to say 'his bandmates’, but the more he says it, the more true it becomes).

But just then a group of people behind him walks past and, in the process, one of them ends up pushing him and making him drop the books he was holding. Thankfully, his phone is saved by his headphones as the phone now hangs mid-air from the cord when he catches them before they fall.

“Be careful when you walk,” the guy that pushed him says to Jungkook, eyeing him with a distasteful look.

Jungkook recognizes him—he’s the asshole that has been making his life a slight pain in the ass every time they cross paths. Jungkook says nothing as he just kneels down to pick up his books.

He is still picking up the notes that had flew out of one of his books when he hears a familiar voice.

“We are in middle school now, are we, pushing people to make them drop their books and shit. Classy,”  says the owner of the raspy, lazy voice.

Jungkook lifts his head to see no other than Min Yoongi standing in front of The Asshole that had just pushed Jungkook and made him drop his things.

He looks quite intimidating, with his leather jacket and his blonde hair and piercings.

Jungkook’s still panics, eyes going wider than usual. and he tries to quickly stuff his books inside his backpack. It’s only Yoongi and this guy now, Jungkook uselessly kneeling on the floor.

“And who the fuck are you? Don’t tell me you’re also a homo like this one?” The Asshole says to Yoongi, who can only lift an eyebrow and snort, he looks down at Jungkook who’s now finally standing up with his backpack on his shoulders.

“Oh, wait, I see—you’re his ‘boyfriend’, aren’t you? How romantic of you to defend him,” The Asshole continues saying before Yoongi can even speak back.

He walks in Yoongi’s direction, lifting his arm towards him to do— Jungkook doesn’t know what he was going to do but he didn’t want to find out either, so before anything happens, he takes a hold of the guy’s arm and, in one quick motion, twists it and presses it against his back, pressing hard and digging his nails deep into the skin of his forearm.

The guy whines, bending over slightly at the sudden motion of having his arm twisted in such a way.

Jungkook’s heart is beating fast; in the back of his mind, he worries what Yoongi might think about the whole situation, about what the guy just said, but one quick look at him from his side view lets him know that Yoongi is smirking. He pushes his nails a bit deeper into the guy’s skin before he speaks.

“Don’t you fucking dare to touch him. And stay the hell away from me.” He lets go of the guy’s arm and makes him miss a step and almost fall on his ass.

“Jesus fuck, dude, alright,” the guy says, fixing his step instead of falling on his face, “I was just joking” he says walking away, looking back at them with a wary, slightly scared look in his eyes, rubbing his twisted and flushed red arm with his other hand.

“If you can defend yourself like that, why didn’t you do so before?” Yoongi asks him casually after the guy is far away enough not to hear them. Jungkook is only just now noticing the helmet Yoongi’s holding between his torso and his forearm.

Jungkook sighs, messing up his already messy hair a bit more with his hands. “I just—I don’t like confrontation—rather not get in trouble,” he says, rubbing the back of his neck.

Yoongi hums. He begins to walk, so Jungkook dumbly follows suit. “You don’t like to defend yourself because you don’t like confrontation, but if someone else is getting hurt—” Yoongi says, cutting himself mid-sentence with that same smirk back on his face.

Jungkook can’t help but blush, regretting all his life choices from birth until now. He tries to tame his messy hair just to do something with his fidgety hands, his heart still about to beat out of his chest.

“It’s different. I—I can’t not just let someone get hurt in front of me and do nothing—and I know he didn’t even touch you I just!—” Jungkook grunts, trying to make the words come out of his mouth, but failing.

“I got carried away a bit, I hope you don’t think I’m some sort of bully or something,” he says with a final sigh.

The way Yoongi snorts makes him snap his head in his direction.

“Dude—he’s the bully, not you,” he says between laughter. “You were just trying to defend yourself—or, well, me, I guess.” He directs his gummy smile towards Jungkook then.

Jungkook can only hold eye contact for minus one second, so he decides the sidewalk is more interesting to look at instead.

“I don’t think you’re a bad person or anything like that, you’re fine,” Yoongi reassures him.

So they continue walking in silence towards what Jungkook thinks is the direction of the parking lot, thankfully not an awkward silence, it’s just a bit full of… tension, maybe, full of some things left unsaid.

When Jungkook decides to finally speak, changing the subject to let the incident be completely forgotten, he feels a lot less tense.

“What were you doing outside that building, though, I thought you only had classes in the east buildings,” Jungkook wonders outloud.

Daring to take a look at Yoongi, he notices his painted nails are chipped already, his typical eyeliner is on, his silver jewelry complimenting his nose and ear piercings, his blonde strands of hair falling over his eyes like always, the black overgrow a few centimeters longer from the last time he saw him.

The black leather jacket that matches his black skinny jeans just adds up that much coolness to him, making Jungkook’s daily outfit of a black hoodie and light jeans feel extremely uncool.

He should make a change of wardrobe soon, Jungkook thinks.

“Oh I was looking for you,” Yoongi admits casually.

“What, really? What for?’ Jungkook wonders, still stealing glances at him.

Yoongi turns to look at him then and that’s enough for Jungkook to turn his eyes towards the sidewalk again.

“I tried texting you, but you weren’t answering, so I decided to just drop by. Namjoon is throwing this party kind-of-not-really-a-party to celebrate that midterms are finally over, so if you wanna drop by, I can give you a ride,” Yoongi says, lifting the helmet in his hands.

Just then, Jungkook realizes they are actually in the parking lot already and are actually standing in front of a motorcycle. Jungkook dares to look at Yoongi.

He actually recognizes the motorcycle, he has seen it parked inside of Namjoon’s garage close to where the couches are, but he had always thought it was probably Seokjin’s, not Yoongi’s.

“Oh I—I forgot to charge my phone last night, so it died a few hours ago,” Jungkook says, holding up the dead phone on his hands. “And, I mean—I don’t think I’m really looking party-ready right now,” he tells with a sad look to his current outfit, hiding a deeper uneasiness.

Yoongi chuckles. “Like I told you, it’s not really a party, just some of mine and Namjoon’s closest friends and stuff. Though, knowing Jimin, he might invite more people, so—” Yoongi shrugs. “If you want to, I can do some magic on you once we get there”

Jungkook lifts an eyebrow at him. “What does that even mean?”

Yoongi smirks again, giving Jungkook the helmet he was holding and taking another one that was on top of the motorcycle, Jungkook takes it with both hands, almost dropping his phone in the process.

“You will see, now come on.”

And so that’s how Jungkook ends up on Yoongi’s motorcycle, helmet on and heart already beating fast.

He had tried to play it cool by not having to hold onto Yoongi for support, but the moment he started driving to just get out of the parking lot, Jungkook immediately held onto his shoulders as a reflex.

“Have you never rode a motorcycle before?” Yoongi asks him, slightly muffled by the helmet.

Jungkook shakes his head, the movement feeling weird thanks to the weight of the helmet, he slightly hunches into himself.

But Yoongi doesn’t say anything then, he simply takes Jungkook’s hands, resulting in Jungkook having a mini heart attack as he makes him wrap them around his waist, making Jungkook hold onto him tightly.

Jungkook prays to all the Gods that Yoongi can’t feel how fast his heart is beating right now, given that fact that his chest is completely flushed against his back now, the familiar scent of Yoongi's cologne and the smell of cigarettes all over him again.

“Hold on tightly,” is what Jungkook thinks Yoongi says before he’s speeding off into the main street.







By the time they get to Namjoon’s house, the sun is already setting and there are people arriving to the ‘not really a party’ party.

The ride hadn't been as bad as Jungkook had previously thought, holding tightly onto Yoongi while they speeded through traffic as the wind blew on them wasn't bad at all, it wasn't bad in the slightest.

But now they are here already and the side door to get into the garage is open, a few people coming in and out here and there, a few sitting outside on the sidewalk, having a smoke.

Yoongi drives towards the entrance instead of the parking at the back and into the garage. He motions Jungkook to get off and he does so on slightly wobbly legs.

“Hey, you alright?” Yoongi asks once he takes the helmet off so it doesn’t constrict his speech.

Jungkook, however, is having a bit of trouble removing the helmet himself, so to his mortification, Yoongi chuckles and motions him to move closer to him, he leans down a bit to see better before undoing the strap of the helmet and taking it off Jungkook’s head.

“Thanks—and I’m okay, I think,” he says, feeling a bit dazed from the ride and from having Yoongi still so close to him.

“Good, I’m gonna go park in the garage, you go ahead and let yourself in, Namjoon’s room is on the second floor to the far left,” Yoongi guides him.

But before Jungkook can even refuse or say something else, Yoongi is driving away with both helmets in one hand.

Jungkook knocks on the front door a few times and ends up deciding to let himself in when no one opens. He shyly and slowly opens the door, poking his head inside.

Once he notices there’s no one in sight, he walks in—steps quiet and careful—he closes the door behind himself and walks to the stairs.

He has been in Namjoon’s kitchen and living room many times before during these past months they have known each other, so he knows where the stairs are, but he has never actually walked upstairs.

He does so quietly, feeling like a thief about to steal a precious jewel.He finds there is another small type of living room upstairs, with a couch and a tv and several game consoles; he walks past it and into the hallway, all the way to the end until he reaches the last door to the left—he carefully knocks on it first and when no one answers, he lets himself in.

He’s sure it’s Namjoon’s room right away; if the posters of bands Namjoon has spoken to him about decorating the walls weren’t an indication already, the several polaroid pictures of himself with friends and family all over the wall in front of his desk where an indication enough.

It wasn’t a big room, but it wasn’t small either—a huge king-sized bed took over most of the place, a small closet on the far left next to the desk and a chair were the only furniture inside besides the small bedside table next to the bed. A big window across from the door illuminates the room dimly, so he flicks the light switch on.

He finds himself quite shocked at first once he notices the enormous amount of stuffed animals Namjoon has on his bed, mostly Ryan plushies of all different sizes.

He giggles and walks towards the bed. Holding up one of the plushies in his hand, he squeezes it and smiles, feeling extremely endeared by this small fact about Namjoon.

He places the plushie back where it was over the headboard of the bed, lining it up with the rest of the other's.

He walks closer to the desk next, where Namjoon’s laptop and a bunch of music equipment is lying around, together with what he recognizes to be Namjoon’s backpack and lots of books and cds on a small floor bookshelf that’s underneath the desk.

The room is organized enough for being a college student slash musician’s room, a few piles of clothes and scattered papers here and there.

Jungkook takes the time to admire the polaroid pictures.

Some of them are with Seokjin and Taehyung, and what Jungkook presumes to be his parents and his uncles, and some other friends.

But most of them seem to be of Yoongi, just Yoongi, or Yoongi with him, or them together with Taehyung, Yoongi and some other people he doesn’t know, that Hoseok guy that told him about them, or that guy Jimin Yoongi mentioned before maybe, but most of them are just of Namjoon with Yoongi.

Them playing in the garage, them looking very young at what looks to be a school, them at what looks like a beach or maybe a pool, some that look like they were taken in this very same room.

Jungkook smiles, feeling extremely happy at seeing such a pretty way to keep memories. He begins to get a little sad that he has never had anything like this in his life, but the feeling doesn’t linger too much on his chest because he ends up noticing the small pack of photographs in the corner.

He carefully takes them and almost drops them on the floor once he notices the first picture is a picture of him.

He begins to flip through the many polaroid pictures, lots of them being of him, mostly in the garage, or in Namjoon’s kitchen. He doesn’t remember half of these photos being taken.

Some are with him and Yoongi on the couch, some that he actually remembers posing for. Some are probably, oddly enough, taken by Yoongi, seeing as they are pictures of him with Namjoon somewhere in the back.

He didn’t think his smile could get any bigger, but then he reaches the last picture.

It’s the first picture Namjoon ever took of them all those weeks ago after they had their first performance together.

He kinda feels like crying, but not from that fleeting feeling of sadness he had before, but from something completely different.

He places the polaroids back where they were and goes to stare back at the ones hanging on the wall.

He’s actually a part of this, he thinks to himself, isn’t he.

Just then Yoongi walks through the door.

“Oh, God, don’t look at those, I’m like fifteen in some of them,” Yoongi says with a grimace as he walks past Jungkook and into the closet like it’s his own room, which, if Jungkook’s assumptions aren't too far off, it kinda is.

Jungkook just smiles, still slightly sad but mostly content about the fact that he’s here with Yoongi, here in Namjoon’s house, at this party that’s not really a party, waiting for Yoongi to do ‘his magic’, whatever the hell that means.

“I think it’s cute, you guys are cute,” he says before he even thinks about what he’s actually saying or implying by saying that.

He quickly looks over at Yoongi, ready to find a look of disgust or for him to tell Jungkook to mind his own business or even maybe a ‘it’s not like that’, but Yoongi is just too busy looking between two bomber jackets to even look at him.

“Thanks,” he says simply like Jungkook isn’t having an internal panic attack. “Try this on,” he finishes, throwing the black jacket to Jungkook.

Jungkook stumbles and almost falls trying to catch it, looking at Yoongi with a dumbfounded face.

“Come on, take your hoodie off and try that on,” Yoongi encourages him, so Jungkook follows.

Taking off his hoodie quickly makes the shirt he has underneath to rise up, not being tucked into his jeans like usually.

Shyly, he tries to quickly pull the shirt downwards and discharges the hoodie away. Once he puts the jacket on and dares to look back at Yoongi, he has that same look on his face he had the other day.

Jungkook, in the back of his mind, registers the look to be something close to want or desire, but he quickly shakes his head at the thought and waits for Yoongi’s opinion on the look.

Yoongi nods, looked pleased “You should tuck your shirt in you look nice like that. I will bring my makeup bag, be right back,” Yoongi says and quickly leaves as fast as he walked in.

Jungkook sighs, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, making a quick work of tucking his black shirt inside his light washed jeans.

Once Yoongi comes back, he gives Jungkook another nod with his head and throws him a black belt to put on too.

It’s not his first nor second time wearing makeup, but it is the first time someone else applies it for him, specifically Min Yoongi applying it for him. Standing impossibly close to him and tilting his head up and down by a simple gentle movement from his fingers that are softly holding onto his chin.

Jungkook's heart beating fast, he prays that in the quietness of the room Yoongi doesn't hear it.

“Look up for me—” he requests as he applies eyeliner to Jungkook’s water line “now close your eyes” he says as he repeats the same action, but by the feeling of it, he smudges it after with a brush afterwards.

Once Yoongi indicates he can open his eyes, he does so only to find himself staring directly into Yoongi’s; from this close he can see every little detail on his face.

To his pretty eyelashes to the small beauty marks he has on his cute button nose and his cheek, to the way his nose ring is slightly crooked to the side, to his fierce squinty eyes that only look more intimidating when his sharp eyebrows show like they are right now since he pushed his hair back.

“Yep, you look hot as fuck,” Yoongi declares simply, walking away from Jungkook and guiding him to look at himself in the mirror that’s inside the door of Namjoon’s closet.

Jungkook tries not to blush at the blunt compliment Yoongi just gave him in exchange to standing up and looking at himself in the mirror.

He does look ‘hot as fuck’ as Yoongi put it, with his t-shirt tucked in and the bomber jacket together with the smoked eyeliner.

Yoongi stands behind him, looking him up and down, like he does all the time lately. “Something’s missing, though—like you need a bit more—” Yoongi motions with his hands around the hair, “more grunge—like,” he pauses again, looking at Jungkook’s legs, “like would you let me rip your jeans?”

He turns around to look at Yoongi with furrowed eyebrows.

“I mean, only if you want to, of course,” Yoongi says lifting his hands in a defensive motion.

“I mean—I wouldn't mind really, but—wouldn’t that be dangerous?” Jungkook asks, looking at his legs with worry.

Yoongi snorts, rummaging through a drawer in Namjoon’s desk. “You will obviously have to take your pants off, genius.”

It’s then that Jungkook’s blood drains completely from his face.

“Only if you want to, of course,” Yoongi says with a gentle voice, scissors already at hand, but with a look that says he can just shove them right back where they came from if Jungkook didn't want to do it.

Jungkook decides that right now is not the moment to have a gay panic about taking his pants off in front of his very cute, very hot, probably very taken hyung, so he does so in one quick motion, kicking his shoes off together with his socks (because there is no way he can take these skinny jeans off with his socks still on) and sliding his pants down after he had unbuckled his belt.

Just when he’s handing Yoongi the pants, Namjoon walks into the room.

The three of them stand frozen in place, Namjoon looks back and forth between the two of them, looking at Jungkook’s very exposed legs, the pants that he and Yoongi are now both holding, and Yoongi, who just has a very smug look on his face.

Jungkook prays to God that he’s not currently wearing his Iron Man boxers right now.

“Am I interrupting something?” Namjoon says with a lifted eyebrow, trying to hold back a smile.

Jungkook looks down to make sure he’s wearing decent underwear and sighs in relief when he finds he’s only wearing some black boxers.

Just then Yoongi takes the pants completely away from Jungkook and—snipping the scissors in the air—he says, “nothing that you cannot be a part of.”

Namjoon snorts then, finally stepping into his own room. He’s still looking at Jungkook who’s fighting the urge to not cover himself with his hands.

He forgets about that urge once he realizes something different about Namjoon. He gapes once he notices his black silky hair is no longer black, but silver and shiny, styled off his face to reveal his defined eyebrows.

“Good, but what’s going on,” he asks, motioning at Jungkook and then at Yoongi who just got straight into snipping tiny holes into Jungkook’s jeans, making them bigger by ripping the denim apart with his bare hands.

“I’m making Jungkook-ah look grungy,”  Yoongi says simply as he continues to rip the pants, the sound of the fabric breaking resounding around the room.

“Ah—I see, makes sense,” Namjoon nods in understanding, walking to his closet to get a jacket out for himself.

Before the embarrassment gets the best of him, Jungkook clears his throat and speaks “I really like what you did to your hair,, hyung”

He waits for an answer that comes a little delayed once Namjoon realizes he's talking to him.

He turns around and smiles so big Jungkook can't even remember why he was so shy to compliment him in the first place, feels like it's the only thing he wants to do now if it means he gets to see those dimples fully on display on his cheeks.

“Thank you! I was afraid you wouldn't notice, I got it done a few days ago,” he says, looking a bit–shy? Jungkook is not sure, but he's kind of blushing and he's not the one half naked in this room, so Jungkook just smiles back because what the fuck.

“He looks great, doesn't he?” Yoongi adds with a smile, still ripping the jeans relentlessly.

Jungkook nods. “How was I not gonna notice, hyung,” he laughs. “You look–really good, silver really suits you.”

Namjoon is still smiling when he thanks him again lowly. A light pink blush on his ears.

Yoongi finishes quicker than Jungkook would have thought, so before he knows it, he can finally put his pants back on.

Namjoon goes back to look through his own closet, so Jungkook doesn't notice the way he smiles at him when he realizes he's wearing his jacket.

But before he can finally stop being half naked in front of his hyungs, he realizes what a bad decision was taking his socks off when he finds Yoongi looking at his painted toe nails. He curls his toes inwards, quickly putting his pants back on so he can hide them with his socks afterwards.

Neither of them mentions it. Jungkook doesn't know if it's because they don't care or because of something else entirely. He still feels a bit uneasy as they walk out of the room.






Once Jungkook is looking ‘hot as fuck’ and ‘grungy’, the three of them make their way downstairs and towards the garage.

Once in there, Jungkook finds Yoongi’s drums pushed more to the back and the couches pushed to the front, a few people here and there chatting and drinking with the lights more dimmed than usual, soft ambient music playing in the background.

“Hey, Jimin, come here!” Namjoon shouts after they make their entrance.

Jungkook waits to find said Jimin in the crowd and indeed recognizes him from one of the polaroid pictures in Namjoon's room once the boy turns his head in their direction and smiles, his hair a different color now however, instead of the ashy blonde Jungkook saw in the pictures, it’s a soft color of pastel pink now.

“Hyung!” he shouts back, going directly into Yoongi’s arms to give him a tight hug. “Haven’t seen you in a while,” he says with an easy smile.

Yoongi grunts, patting Jimin’s back. “Yeah, I’ve been busy with college stuff.”

Jimin detaches himself from Yoongi to look at Jungkook up and down. Jungkook feels more naked than he did a few minutes ago when he was pantless in Namjoon’s room.

“And you must be Jungkookie! I have heard an awful lot about you! I’m Jimin, official part of the gang since 2010, nice to meet you,” he extends his hand in Jungkook’s direction and squeezes hard once Jungkook stretches his own towards him.

“Hi, nice to meet you—” Jungkook says, hesitating for a second as to what to adress Jimin as.

Jimin giggles, letting go of his hand. “You can just call me hyung,” he provides, still smiling.

Jungkook is grateful and smiles back. “Jimin hyung,” he nods at him.

He giggles again, a soft and cute sound, throwing himself against Namjoon’s chest. “You were right, he’s so cute,” he pretends to whisper to Namjoon, but Jungkook can hear him loud and clear, and he blushes all the way to his ears.

Yoongi clears his throat then, catching Jungkook’s attention. “Let me introduce you to Hoseok-ah, come on,” he tells Jungkook, walking away from Jimin and Namjoon, who seem to be gossiping about something now, as Namjoon continues trying to cover Jimin’s mouth with his hands, looking everywhere around the room except at Jungkook.

After Yoongi introduces him to Hoseok, he finds it odd that someone like Yoongi can be friends with someone so loud like him, but it all make sense once he realizes they all have been friends since middle school.

The rest of the party ‘that’s not really a party’ goes by just like that, Hoseok screaming once some of his other friends arrive with more alcohol, Jimin finally getting away with putting on some more upbeat music so he and other people from his dance class can dance around the garage.

Jimin—unlike the rest of them—is a dance major, Jungkook had learned. But he has been friends with Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi since high school, so they stuck together even after Jimin decided to go to a different college where he could study his major. Hence why they don't see each other as often.

As the night progresses, Jungkook begins to get a little more uncomfortable about the party setting once he declines the third offer of alcohol from yet another pretty girl, Yoongi and Namjoon nowhere to be found.

He finds himself trying to escape the small crowd of people that had somehow turned the garage into a small mini dance floor, squeezing himself between dancing bodies and away from the loud music to walk out into the open night air.

Once he finds himself outside, he takes a deep breath, pressing himself against the door to calm his nerves, he can feel the beat of the loud music bleeding through the door, so he steps away from it and it’s just then that he notices that he’s not alone.

“You okay there?” Yoongi asks, cigarette between his lips.

Jungkook looks like a deer in the headlights, trying to find his words. He finds himself not wanting to pretend he’s fine for once.

“I don’t really like parties, all the people freak me out,” he admits, a soft breath leaving his mouth.

Yoongi hums, throwing the bud of his cigarette on the floor and stepping on it afterwards. “Me neither,” he replies.

A few crickets in the distance distract Jungkook from the continuous beat of music that’s coming from inside the garage.

He takes a deep breath again, closing his eyes and focusing on the way the cold breeze brushes his hair.

He drowns all the sounds out, only focusing on the singing of the crickets and the cold that hits his checks, on the gentle smell of nicotine that clings to the air.

A few calming and silent moments pass before any of them speak again.

“What’s your favorite color?” Yoongi asks him out of the blue.

Jungkook blinks his eyes open and turns his head to look at him. “Huh?” he says, surprised to find Yoongi looking like he has been staring at him for a while now.

He turns his gaze towards the general direction of the cricket sounds.

“I asked what your favorite color is,” Yoongi repeats himself, tone gentle.

Jungkook hums, actually thinking about his answer; no one has ever asked him that question before.

“I honestly don’t know—black, maybe?” He chuckles, feeling sad all of the sudden.

Yoongi grunts, furrowing his eyebrows. “I don’t think that’s true,” he says. And Jungkook finally manages to look at him and actually maintain eye contact while they speak.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know, I mean—you do wear a lot of black, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s your favorite color,” Yoongi says with a shrug.

Jungkook smiles, still looking at him. “What do you think my favorite color is, then?” he asks, crossing his arms across his chest, feeling extremely cold in the blink of an eye, regretting having taken Namjoon’s jacket off when the body heat from the people dancing around got to him.

Yoongi hums, rubbing his chin with his index finger and his thumb. “Red, maybe? But not like a dark blood red, maybe like a bright red? Maybe white even—a mix of the two, perhaps,” Yoongi says with a cute grin.

Jungkook laughs, shaking his head. “So you are you saying pink is my favorite color?”

Yoongi shrugs again. “Maybe.”

Jungkook finally takes his gaze away from Yoongi, rubbing his arms for more warmth, looking towards the moonless sky.

Suddenly, he feel something heavy on his shoulders, he turns to the side to find Yoongi millimeters away from him, wrapping his leather jacket around him.

Jungkook immediately blushes, unable to refuse when there is a lump in his throat and Yoongi has already stepped a bit to the side, and the warmth of his leather jacket and his sweet and musky cologne is already engulfing him.

“—thanks,” Jungkook says instead, lowly, daring to steal a glance at Yoongi and smiling again when he notices how red Yoongi's ears and the tip of his nose are.

“No problem,” he replies, fake coughing afterwards and hiding his hands inside the pockets of his jeans.

A few moments of awkward silence go by, Jungkook ends up fixing the jacket and slipping his hands into the sleeves to wear it more comfortably.

“I was just asking because Namjoon wanted to know,” Yoongi suddenly blurts out.

Jungkook hums in question, looking at him with a lifted eyebrow. Yoongi squeezes his eyes closed.

“About your favorite color, I mean. Namjoon wanted to know so he could buy you a new nail polish of that color,” he tells Jungkook, and this time it’s his turn  to avoid eye contact.

Jungkook’s blush is still high on his cheeks and the knowledge of what Yoongi just told him is not helping it go away. He tries to hide his face in Yoongi’s jacket that’s somehow a bit bigger on him.

“I told him it wasn’t necessary.”

“Yeah, I know, but you know how he is,” Yoongi tells him, lifting his shoulders only to drop them down again. “So what color do you want?”

“Uhh—I really don’t know,” he chuckles. “Pink would be a little too much, wouldn't you say?” he says with a sad smile.

Yoongi scrunches his nose then, shaking his head.

“Not at all, I think pink would suit you a lot.”

Jungkook laughs a bit louder this time, out of anxiousness or embarrassment, he’s not sure which.

“Like the hot pink you told me?” he says with a less of a sad smile now. Yoongi shakes his head again.

“I was actually thinking of soft pink, like a pastel shade—maybe like Jimin’s hair?” he says it more like a question than an affirmation.

Jungkook thinks back to Jimin, and the way they all seemed so close to each other. The way he had whispered to Namjoon ‘you were right, he’s so cute’ and what conversation they might have had that ended with Namjoon telling Jimin he found Jungkook cute.

He allows his brain to overthink a little; does Namjoon find him cute in a 'he’s really cute, I wouldn’t mind kissing him’ kind of way, or in a ‘he’s our little lead singer that's a bit shy and likes banana milk and to get his toenails painted, and he's such a baby, he's so cute’ kind of way?

He doesn't let his brain find an answer because he's not sure he will like it and decides he feels both anxious and embarrassed.

“You think I could pull it off?” Jungkook asks instead, looking at his nails that he has never been brave enough to paint.

“Absolutely. I think you could pull anything off, honestly.”

And it’s the way he says it that makes Jungkook believe he’s not only referring to nail polish colors.

“Thanks.” Shyly, Jungkook smiles at him.

After that, they don’t say much to each other, though it’s not an awkward silence like before, more like a peaceful one—just enjoying each other’s company in the quietness of the night.

After a while, the garage door opens, letting the loud music and the drunk people out. A few seconds later, the music stops and there are people all around them, calling for ubers or asking the ones that came with their cars for rides.

A few more seconds pass by and Namjoon is in front of them. “Hi, guys, I was looking for you two,” he says with a slightly drunken smile.

“Hey, Joonie, is everyone leaving already?” Yoongi asks, taking a second cigarette out of his back pocket and lighting it up.

“Yeah—I have been trying to make them leave for a while now, it’s already—” he squints his eyes, looking down at the watch on his wrist. “It’s already three in the morning, like, fuck that,” he says with a laugh and Yoongi chuckles too.

Jungkook has to suppress the gasp that almost leaves his lips; it’s already three in the morning, how the fuck is he going to get back—

“You’re both staying the night, though, right?” Namjoon asks the two of them and the only thing Jungkook can do is to stare, mouth slightly agape.

“Of course! Otherwise, who else is going to help you clean this mess up tomorrow?” Yoongi asks, pointing with his head towards the garage, blowing the smoke out through his nose.

Namjoon clutches his chest dramatically. “My saviors,” he says. “Come on, let’s get in before any of these drunk people find their way in again.”

And so, Jungkook finds himself feeling like the biggest third wheel ever as they go upstairs and into Namjoon’s room since Namjoon had repeatedly insisted that “for fucks sake, I have a king bed, we can all fit in there” after Jungkook had tried to convince him he could just sleep on the couch like he did before, a few months ago.

He ends up staying alone with Namjoon when Yoongi excuses himself to the bathroom. He’s fidgeting with his fingers while he sits on the edge of the bed when Namjoon speaks up.

“Is that Yoongi’s jacket?” he wonders at the same time he begins to take off his pants.

Jungkook feels the blood drain from his face completely. What if that makes Namjoon mad? What if he’s jealous? What if he’s about to tell Jungkook to back off and now Jungkook has to quit the band, and to transfer to another college, and to change his name—

“I thought you had liked mine,” he says with what looks to be a pout on his lips and Jungkook feels hopelessly lost.

“Sorry?” is the only thing his confused brain allows his mouth to say.

Namjoon chuckles, “I thought you had liked my jacket when I saw you wearing it, but then I noticed you were wearing Yoongi’s and mine was hanged up on the coat hanger, and thought ‘ah, that’s too bad’. I was gonna tell you to keep it.”

Jungkook’s eyes are currently the size of a full moon as he stares speechless at Namjoon’s now almost fully naked body—wearing only in his boxers—as he walks towards his desk to grab a towel that’s folded and lying on top of it.

“I—I did like it!” Jungkook says way too loudly, and once he starts speaking, he can't seem to shut up.

“Just, I got too hot, so I had to take it off, and then, then there was too many people, so I—I had to step outside and Yoongi was there! And it was stupid of me to go out into the cold without the jacket, but all the people were freaking me out, but then Yoongi noticed I was cold and he just gave me his jacket! And I was gonna say no, but he had already wrapped it around me, so I—” Jungkook seems to stop talking only when Namjoon walks closer to him and places the palms of his hands over Jungkook’s thighs.

Thanks to the holes that Yoongi made in his jeans a few hours ago, Jungkook’s having a somewhat skin to skin contact now. With the warm palms of Namjoon’s hands, he slightly shivers at the touch.

“Hey, calm down, you’re rambling,” Namjoon smiles at him gently, a hint of worry in his eyes.

“I’m sorry—” Jungkook all but whispers. Namjoon shakes his head.

“You did nothing wrong to apologize for.”

Jungkook doesn’t know what else to say but to nod.

“I still want you to keep the jacket, though, it looks better on you than it does on me.”He smiles warmly at him, and even though Jungkook finds that impossible to believe, he can’t even find it in himself to refuse.

“Okay—” he whispers again.

Namjoon continues to smile at him, deep dimples and all.

“Okay, good, I’m gonna go shower now, so make yourself comfortable.”  

Jungkook had decided he isn’t going to shower, instead opting to just wash the makeup off his face with some makeup wipes Yoongi had given him.

So now that he has the room to himself, he breathes out and tries to calm himself down a bit before he begins to take off his clothes to wear the extras Namjoon had given him to sleep more comfortably.

Just when he’s about to put on the pajama shorts going past his knee that Namjoon had let him borrow, Yoongi walks in.

And if seeing Namjoon a few weeks ago with his towel wrapped around his waist and his body dripping with water had made Jungkook believe he wouldn't have another gay panic now that he is prepared for seeing something like that again, seeing Yoongi in a similar aspect is no easier at all as he had made himself believe.

Yoongi has both of his arms completely covered in ink and big pieces adoring his pale smooth skin. Only his stomach was free of them, his chest being inked as well.

On his arms, there are some portraits of people Jungkook didn’t recognize, together with some landscapes among other things—like broken piano keys that gave the illusion of falling down his arm. One seems somehow familiar—it goes from his arm, up his shoulder and his collarbone, going down to his chest— and Jungkook realizes then that it is the same tattoo that he saw on Namjoon.

But besides his numerous amount of tattoos, what got Jungkook’s attention the most is the small silver bar that goes through his navel, small shining stones screwing the piercing in place at both ends.

“Hey,” Yoongi greets him, toweling his damp hair.

The only thing Jungkook is able to do is to nod in a greeting and put his (Namjoon’s) shorts on before he says something stupid.

He ends up sitting on the edge of the bed again, stealing glances at Yoongi still walking around the room with only the towel on.

He’s basically falling asleep on the spot, having been awake since eight this morning. He tries to fight the urge to close his eyes until Yoongi casually drops the towel on the floor and his naked ass is all Jungkook sees, the image of it printed on his mind even after he snaps his head away and closes his eyes tightly.

He doesn't know how long it's been until he feels someone touching his shoulder.

He blinks his eyes open, not having even realized he had them still closed.

He opens them to find Namjoon staring down at him, thankfully already dressed. Jungkook turns around to find Yoongi already curled up and sleeping on the other side of the bed.

“I think you fell asleep,” he tells a very dazed Jungkook with a smile. “Come on, Yoon already fell asleep too, get in bed properly.” He motions him to go under the covers and—in his sleepy state—he follows suit.

Not realizing what a big of a mistake that is until it is too late and he’s already in the middle of the bed between Yoongi and Namjoon.

Namjoon turns off the lights, letting the darkness completely engulf them save for the small glow of light coming from the street lights shining through the window.

Jungkook breathes out quietly, trying to not make a move and remain as inmobile as possible. The bed is big enough, so there shouldn’t be a problem in trying to keep all his limbs to himself.

Or that’s what he thinks until a sleeping Yoongi snuggles up to him and buries his face in his neck.

A breath catches in his throat and he tries to relax, hyper aware of every point of contact his body is having with Yoongi’s.

He thinks things couldn't possibly get worse until he feels Namjoon’s legs brush against his, and—as if it wasn't enough—they are both wearing shorts and the skin to skin contact is making his blood boil.

He can hear both of their breathing become steady rather quickly, which means they are both asleep by now. As he stares into the empty darkness of the room, he wonders how the hell did he got here.

It’s been around two months since they all have  gotten to know each other, but in between classes and other responsibilities, they haven’t hanged out as much as Jungkook would like to.

But this right now seems to be an ice breaker, at least for him.

If he’s not completely wrong, Namjoon and Yoongi are dating, or at least fucking, or they are simply together in a way that's more than friendly, Jungkook guesses.

It’s none of his business, so he’s not going to go around asking. But it’s obvious by the way they act around each other, and the fact that Yoongi basically lives here. His clothes in Namjoon’s closet, his makeup bag in Namjoon’s bathroom, his own towel on the rack— all that tells Jungkook that they might be more than friends.

Which is one of the reasons why he feels so out of place most of the time, like he’s third wheeling and getting in their way.

But they have made it very clear to him that they like him (at least that's what he likes to believe) and they have even gone the extra mile to make him feel comfortable, like he at least belongs in their group of friends.

So he breathes the anxiousness out from his chest, where it’s sitting deep within his lungs.

He tries to find the sleep that comes to him faster than he expected.

The warmth of the two bodies around him makes him feel cozy and comfortable like he has never felt before.

He snuggles into Yoongi’s hold and tangles his legs more securely with Namjoon’s, trying to not let his heart get the best of him and to enjoy this moment of whatever the hell this is.


Chapter Text

Once morning (afternoon actually) arrives, Jungkook is the first one to wake up, feeling disoriented and not understanding where he is and why is it so hot under the blankets.

It isn’t until he blinks his eyes open and finds himself nose to nose with Yoongi that he stops his movements and stays frozen still for a moment, remembering yesterday’s party and everything before, in between, and after it.

In less than a minute, he is fully awake, trying to not move too much as to not disturb neither of the two sleeping bodies that are tangled around him.

He figures they must have moved in their sleep because he’s currently facing Yoongi with his back to Namjoon, whose legs are still tangled with his. Namjoon’s even breaths coming in small puffs of air and tickling the back of his neck, his chest completely flushed to Jungkook’s back, while Yoongi’s breath ghosts over his face, their chests almost touching.

Both Yoongi’s and Namjoon’s arms are wrapped around him, their hands somehow meeting each other in the middle of Jungkook’s torso.

After what feels like a few minutes, Jungkook feels someone moving, and if he guesses correctly, it’s Namjoon, who is currently tracing shapes on Yoongi’s bare arm that lies over Jungkook’s body.

Jungkook actually stars to drift off again until Namjoon’s hand moves to his arm instead, caressing his skin softly.

Jungkook couldn’t help but jolt at the feeling, not being able to fight the shiver that goes through his entire body.

Namjoon stops his movements and Jungkook freezes in place, hoping that he hadn’t actually felt his jolting.

He feels Namjoon snuggling impossibly closer to him, their tangled legs brushing against each other.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” Namjoon slowly and carefully whispers to him.

Jungkook almost jolts again at how close his voice is to his ear—he could have sworn he actually felt Namjoon's lips brushing against his skin.

He slowly but surely manages to twist his body a bit and turn his head to look at Namjoon. His breath catches in his throat at their proximity, their noses actually booping with each other.

The afternoon sun glows dimly in the room from what bits of light can manage to bleed through the curtains, gently illuminating Namjoon’s face.

It’s the first time Jungkook has been this close to Namjoon’s face. Thanks to their noses literally touching, he can’t really make any details beside how pretty his eyes look after having just woken up, all puffy and half-lidded with sleep.

“I—I was already awake,” Jungkook whispers back to him.

Namjoon doesn’t make to move or decrease their proximity, he simply smiles at Jungkook, closes his eyes again and goes back to caressing his arm.

Jungkook tries to exhale as quietly as he can, a sudden weight inside his chest making it hard for him to breathe. He tries to maintain his heartbeat steady.

Now, after what feels like hours or maybe days, Namjoon makes to move away from him, once he does, he stretches like a cat. Still sitting on the bed, he turns around to look at Jungkook and smiles when he finds him already looking at him.

He leans down and, for a solid second, Jungkook thinks he’s actually going to kiss him, but he stops at the last moment and leans to the side to whisper against his ear instead, breath warm and ticklish on his skin. “I’m gonna go make some breakfast, can you stay here with hyung? He doesn’t like to wake up alone.”

After the small question is asked and Namjoon leans back, Jungkook is already nodding with his head. Namjoon mouths a small ‘thank you’ and stands up.

But just before he turns around, he reaches with his hand to touch him again, softly brushing the hair off his forehead with a smile on his face, his touch gentle.

Jungkook fights the urge to not close his eyes at the feeling and instead focuses on not letting his heart explode inside his chest.

Once Namjoon walks out the room, he only gets a few seconds to calm down his furious heartbeat before Yoongi begins to stir.

Jungkook turns to the side again to face him like he was doing before and Yoongi immediately takes it as an invitation to bury his face in his chest, tangling his legs and arms around him.

Jungkook finds himself hugging him back, slipping his arm under his head to cage him better against his chest, his other arm resting over his lower back.

They stay like that for a few blissful minutes, Jungkook simply rejoicing in his warmth. The knowledge that Namjoon is just right outside making them breakfast is doing something weird to his heart.

Yoongi grunts then, mumbling something unintelligible that makes Jungkook’s brain focus back on the current situation that is being tangled with Yoongi on Namjoon’s bed instead of the weird feeling inside his chest.

“Hyung?” Jungkook speaks carefully, leaning slightly back to try and get a look at Yoongi’s face.

Yoongi lifts his head from his chest, only one eye barely open, brows furrowed and lips agape. Jungkook fights the urge to coo at him; Yoongi’s lips are as pink as his cheeks and nose, eyes puffier than Namjoon’s were.

“Huh,” he grunts, and goes back to bury his face in Jungkook’s chest.

Jungkook can’t help but chuckle, unconsciously moving his hand to tangle it in the mess that is Yoongi’s blonde hair, brushing the strands of hair between his fingers.

Yoongi hums low in his throat, pressing his hands into Jungkook’s back more firmly, holding him in place.

“I said you smell nice,” Yoongi confesses after a while, his voice deep with sleep.

Jungkook is not even grafetul that Yoongi can’t see his flushed face, rather mortified with the knowledge that Yoongi can probably, totally, feel how fast his heart is beating right now.

He says nothing, just continues to play with his hyung’s hair, learning that he leans closer and presses his body tighter around Jungkook's with every gentle pull, and praying that, maybe, Yoongi might think Jungkook didn’t hear him and he is too lazy to repeat himself now.

“You always smell really nice,” he says again to Jungkook’s terror, lifting his head from his chest to stare at him.

Thankfully, in that exact moment Namjoon walks into the room.

After the announcement that breakfast is ready, the tension in the air is gone and the moment dead.

They finally get untangled from each other, Yoongi groaning in displeasure and Jungkook praising his heart for being such a strong motherfucker.

They all settle in the kitchen, Yoongi getting a cup of coffee that was already ready for him to take and sitting on the counter next to Namjoon who is still toasting some bread on a frying pan.

“Why don’t you just use the toaster?” Jungkook wonders across from them, leaning against the opposite side of the counter, sipping banana milk.

Yoongi looks at him, blank expression on his face. “He’s not allowed to use the toaster,” he deadpans.

Jungkook lifts an eyebrow, turning to look at Namjoon who sighs and turns around to look at him too.

“I made it explode once. Since then, I am barely allowed to use the kitchen, I can only do eggs and toast the bread like this,” he explains, flipping the bread with a spatula.

Jungkook giggles, covering his mouth. “How did you even manage to make it explode? What the hell?”

Yoongi sighs, standing up from the counter to refill his cup of coffee; he looks tinier than usual when he wears Namjoon’s pajamas, Jungkook notes.

It’s then that he notices Namjoon’s polaroid camera sitting on the counter, so he grabs it and snaps a picture.

Namjoon turns to look at him after he hears the sound of the camera going off, but doesn’t say anything about it.

“I don’t know, he doesn’t know, no one does, it just happened.” Namjoon shrugs, taking the plates to the dinning table so they can all finally eat.

He apologizes lowly for having accidentally burnt some bread, but neither Jungkook nor Yoongi say anything about it and eat it happily anyways.

That day after breakfast they all just stay in their pajamas, and after helping Namjoon clean up the mess from the garage, they stay there all afternoon playing their own songs, the new one Namjoon just came up with a few days ago too.

Jungkook shows them some covers, finally getting to know each other through music and testing their dynamic as a band together.

After the clock hits seven and it begins to get dark outside, they move to Namjoon’s living room, which is the one Jungkook saw on the second floor with all the game consoles.

They stay past twelve playing games, drinking and screaming until a very tired looking Seokjin arrives, walking lazily up the stairs.

“Hey, hyung! How was your shot?” Namjoon greets him, eyes unmoving from the screen as they play Mario Kart. Yoongi is giggling on the side, watching how Jungkook destroys Namjoon at the game.

Namjoon had taken the opportunity that Seokjin had left for three days to do a photoshoot (Jungkook still can’t believe both of Namjoon’s cousins are models) to squeeze the party in the middle and not bother his hyung with the noise. Jungkook had found out about it today after he had wondered where the hell Seokjin was.

“It was a pain in the ass, but I was gorgeous as always, so it went alright,” Seokjin replies without much interest and walks towards his room.

Visibly tired, he pleads before completely walking away, “I’m going to bed now, so, please, make this the last round,” he tells them with a desperate look.

Just then, Jungkook wins the match, making Namjoon groan and throw away his controller. Jungkook grins, looking at Seokjin. “Don’t worry, hyung, we just finished.”

After Seokjin leaves to his room to sleep, Jungkook decides it’s his cue to leave as well.

After gathering his things to go change, he’s startled to find Yoongi also already dressed, standing outside the bathroom once he comes out.

“I will give you a ride back,” he offers, not a question, so Jungkook just nods, knowing there is no way he could ever decline the offer.

Namjoon walks them to the door then, giving Jungkook his bomber jacket and insisting that he pulls it off better than him.

Jungkook puts it on and feels warmer from the way Namjoon smiles at him than from the extra piece of clothing itself.

He gets behind Yoongi again, wrapping his arms around his waist as Yoongi brings the motorcycle to life, helmets already on.

“How was your first experience riding, by the way? You never told me, did you like it?” Yoongi asks, moving the motorcycle to the exit with his feet.

Jungkook subconsciously holds onto Yoongi tighter. “I did—It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be,” he admits.

Yoongi turns around to look at him, and his face is completely covered by the helmet, but Jungkook can somehow tell he’s smiling.

“I’m a safe driver, so don’t be scared. If you ever feel overwhelmed, just hold onto me tightly,” Yoongi tells him.

Without much else to say, he turns around and drives them into the night.







When Yoongi drops him off outside his apartment complex that night, Jungkook feels a weird weight on his chest, the same type of weight he felt this morning when he was wrapped around him and Namjoon.

“See you next weekend?” Yoongi says as a way of goodbye.

Jungkook nods, trying to make his smile look less sad than it feels. “See you next weekend, hyung.”








Like promised, they see each other the following weekend, finally having had planned beforehand that they were going to strictly stick to practice. A booked performance at a friends bar that is due next Friday making them have to stick to a schedule. The three of them aching to finally perform again.

Like always, Jungkook arrives at Namjoon’s place and walks directly into the garage.

At first, he finds it odd that neither of them is there, so he leaves his guitar and backpack on the floor and goes to sit on the couch. He decides he’s just going to wait until they come, which shouldn't take them long at all, he’s only one hour earlier than promised after all, so—

But just when he’s about to sit on the couch, he hears a loud bang, followed by a grunt and what seem to be voices.

His first thought is that someone might have broken into the house, so he quickly walks inside, stepping first into the kitchen. He stops in place once he recognizes the voices.

“You love this, don’t you?” he hears Namjoon say, sounding a little out of breath.

When he recognizes them as Yoongi’s and Namjoon’s voices he calms down a little, stepping closer and peeking his head through the door.

They can’t see him from where he stands, but he can see the back of Namjoon’s head and Yoongi’s face. Yoongi’s body is pressed against the wall with Namjoon’s arms caging him in place.

At first, Jungkook thinks they are fighting, the loud bang from before that couldn't have been anything else but Namjoon shoving Yoongi against the wall. He gets worried and is about to intervene when Yoongi suddenly does something that makes Namjoon let out a moan.

Jungkook’s brain takes a bit to process the information that’s being given to it, but once he actually processes it, he still can’t fucking believe it. Namjoon just moaned, honest to God moaned, and Jungkook’s here, standing in his kitchen, and he heard him fucking moan.

“You love it too,” he hears Yoongi say with a smirk.

And this is bad, this is really bad, he should go, like, right now.

Because the way Yoongi moves his arm next tells him he has his hand somewhere in between his and Namjoon’s body and the way Namjoon keeps making these soft airy noises of pleasure tell him he should really, really fucking leave.

Which he is going to, he is actually moving his feet to run away in the opposite direction, but what Yoongi says next leaves him standing still, frozen in place with eyes wide.

“Do you think Jungkook would love it too?” Yoongi asks with that same cocky grin on his face, but there’s something else lingering in his eyes and in the way that he says it. Jungkook swallows, still watching.

Namjoon curses under his breath. “Of course he would, baby, you look so fucking hot,” he tells Yoongi.

And then they are kissing, Namjoon’s pressing him against the wall as Yoongi wraps both his arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. His pale slender legs following soon after, wrapping around Namjoon’s waist. And that’s when Jungkook notices.

The red lace panties Yoongi's wearing.

Yoongi moans into Namjoon’s lips and that’s Jungkook’s cue to leave.

He all but runs towards the garage, trying to be as quiet as possible, and gathers his backpack and his guitar, and sprints out of the place.

Safe to say, they do not have band practice that day.







After the events of Saturday’s afternoon, Jungkook used some dumb excuse about how he have forgotten he had a doctor appointment and so he couldn’t go to the band practice that day.

But that was yesterday and it’s already Sunday, and he needs to get his shit together.

So he arrives to Namjoon’s house, they greet each other, they practice, playing like always.

And it all seems to be going better than Jungkook expected. If he doesn’t let his own awkwardness, embarrassment and shame show, he might be okay.

That’s what he thinks until the evening arrives and, somehow, all the attention shifts completely to him.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Namjoon exclaims, walking quickly towards the kitchen.

Both Jungkook and Yoongi are lying on the floor in front of their instruments now, currently taking a break after playing for a few hours nonstop.

Namjoon comes back, holding what looks to be a small pink bottle of nail polish in his hand. Jungkook’s heart drops.

“I bought you the nail polish,” Namjoon says, handing the bottle to Jungkook who thankfully takes it without shaky hands.

“Oh—thank you, hyung, you really didn’t have to,” Jungkook says sheepishly, inspecting the small bottle.

“I know, I just really wanted to, though.”

Jungkook regrets the moment he looks up at him because Yoongi is also staring at him, the first thing that flashes in his mind being the image from yesterday.

Yoongi’s slender legs wrapped around Namjoon, the red lace standing out against his pale skin, the way they moved together, the noises they were making—

Jungkook snaps his head downwards, looking at his lap instead. He knows he’s blushing and he can’t help it.

It’s not like they know he saw them, but he feels like just a look at his flushed face might somehow tell them what he saw them doing yesterday.

And he knew, he totally had his suspicions about them, but it’s completely different thinking they might be together than actually witnessing it happen right in front of his eyes.

So he continues to silently fidget with the bottle, lost in his own messy thoughts, until Yoongi speaks.

“I could paint them for you,” he says lowly.

And Jungkook can’t help but snap his head up again, staring at him with wide eyes. He notices Namjoon is nowhere to be found, how long was he spacing out for?

“You—you don’t have to, it’s okay—”

Yoongi smiles, moving closer to him. “But I want to. If you let me, of course.”

Jungkook nods, moving closer to him and handing Yoongi the bottle. “That way is easier for me, right?” Jungkook says with a laugh and, thankfully, Yoongi grins.

Opening the small bottle, Yoongi says, “Exactly. Plus, you did it for me before, so it's only fair”.

Namjoon comes back a few seconds later, two cans of beer in one hand and a small bottle of banana milk in the other.

And so they end up spending the next few minutes like that, Namjoon on the couch with his phone while Yoongi paints Jungkook’s nails pastel pink.

Jungkook takes the opportunity to stare at Yoongi, at how his brows get furrowed in concentration as he carefully applies the polish to his nails.

He feels someone's gaze at him then, and looks up to find Namjoon looking at him, a fond expression on his face.

Jungkook snaps his eyes towards the floor, deciding that he shouldn't be looking neither at Yoongi nor Namjoon for the rest of the night if he wants to keep his mental sanity. He takes a long sip from the bottle in his hands.

He tries to and fails a few times, but besides his heart hammering inside his chest and the constant memories of Yoongi's pale legs and Namjoon's moans, he does quite well.

After the clock hits twelve, he makes to leave with the promise of coming early on Friday to practice one more time before they leave to perform at the bar.

Yoongi offers to give him a ride like he always does lately and Jungkook nods, trying not to think about how Namjoon looks like when he wraps his own arms around Yoongi like Jungkook is doing right now.

Chapter Text

The rest of the week goes by in a blur of extremely draining classes and a fuck ton of homework.

Jungkook got the results from some of his midterm exams and wasn't as content as he thought he would be. Some teachers even telling him he should focus more in his classes.

So once Friday arrives, Jungkook is beaten to death.

And if Namjoon and Yoongi find it odd or worrying how awfully quiet he is that evening at practice, they don't mention it.

Once night arrives and they drive to the bar to set things up, he's feeling a little less uneasy but still as tired.

This time around is less intense than the time they played at the venue, a few people here and there recognize them and praise them for their good music.

But once it's over, neither of them seem too excited to stay at the bar to drink, so they decide to call it a day and go back home before the clock hits three in the morning.

When Jungkook asks them if they could drop him at his apartment on the way home, both Namjoon and Yoongi turn to look at him with the same worried expression.

They don't say anything, though. Yoongi simply agrees with a quick 'sure thing’ before more silence falls between the three of them.

Which Jungkook is grateful for because he really doesn't feel like talking at all.

When they finally arrive at his complex and Jungkook is out of the car with his backpack and guitar, he doesn't even feel like saying goodnight, he only turns around when Namjoon calls his name.  

“Hey, Jungkookie—” Namjoon yells through the open window of the car. Jungkook turns around to look at him, not stepping any closer, just humming in an affirmation that he's listening to him.

“Will you be coming to practice tomorrow?” Namjoon asks, tone worried and hopeful.

And that’s when Jungkook begins to hate himself, because he’s making them worried, and this is not their fault, it's his own.

But of course they are going to get worried about him, they are the nicest, most gentle and caring people he knows.

And he hates that, because they don't need to worry about him, they don't need to do a single thing for him because they already have each other.

But here they are anyways, both looking at him with those worried eyes, and Jungkook hates himself.

He just needs to focus on his school work and move on from these stupid crushes he has on his hyungs.

But he also needs to focus on the band because he can't just leave them like that. No, he could never leave them at all.

So he nods, fighting to keep a smile on his face as tears threaten to spill from his eyes.

“Of course I will, hyung. I'll see you guys tomorrow!”

And if his voice cracks and they were going to say something about it, he doesn't give them the opportunity to do so because, with that, he's turning around and walking towards his building.

Silent tears are already running down his checks before he even gets to the door to press the elevator button.

That night, he cries and cries and cries, curled up on his tiny bed in his tiny shitty apartment, feeling useless and dumb.

A numbness settles inside his bones once he calms down a bit, feeling extremely lost and weighted down.

He falls asleep, not knowing what the fuck he's doing with his life.






The next day, he doesn't feel any better, though, he doesn't feel as bad either, which—he supposes—is good.

Things begin to get extremely worse before they even get slightly better however.

He leaves his apartment quite late since he overslept thanks to the fact that he stayed up crying all night.

So he sprints out the apartment, puffy eyes, clothes and hair a mess, guitar at hand.

The first strike is when he misses his bus, so he has to walk a total of nineteen minutes to Namjoon's house.

The second strike comes ten minutes into the walk when it suddenly begins raining.

At first, just a light drizzle that soon becomes an intense rainstorm. The heavy, cold drops of water hitting him like tiny needles all over his body.

Once he manages to arrive to Namjoon's house, he is dripping wet and shivering like crazy.

He walks into the garage and both their faces once they see the state he's in might have actually made him laugh if he wasn't currently feeling like horse shit.

“Holy fuck, Kooks, are you alright?” Namjoon asks, worry thick in his voice, Jungkook feels like crying all over again, but he pushes the feeling down and smiles instead.

“I'm dandy as shit,” he says.

Yoongi quickly goes to look for a towel and comes back with an entire change of clothes as well.

“Why didn't you bring an umbrella with you? Didn't you see the weather report this morning?” Namjoon nags him, after taking the towel from Yoongi to dry Jungkook’s hair with it.

Jungkook feels extremely small, like he's back home with his parents, nostalgia mixing with everything else that's going on inside his messy head, so he steps away and takes the towel himself.

“I guess, I didn't,” he replies lowly.

Taking the clothes from Yoongi's hands next, he walks towards the downstairs bathroom to change. He leaves his wet shoes and socks in the garage before he steps into the kitchen.

Once he's changed into dry clothes (that one oversized Namjoon's shirt that shows his collarbones which basically almost show Jungkook's entire chest, and some sweatpants), he takes a look at himself in the mirror.

He chuckles at how fucking dead he looks, puffy eyes paired with the biggest eye bags he has ever had, wet hair a complete nest.

He leaves his clothes to dry in the bathroom and walks out without giving too many fucks.

He says nothing as he unpacks his (thankfully dry guitar, God bless expensive guitar cases) and begins to tune it so they can get to playing.

Yoongi and Namjoon reluctantly walk toward their respective instruments, being silent but not taking their eyes away from him.

The third and last strike happens once Jungkook misses another cord yet fucking again midway into the first song.

He runs his guitar pick down hard and fast over the strings and into the pick up guard of his guitar.

Resulting in two of the guitar strings to snap by the force of it, one gracefully hitting him on the face and—by the way it stings right after—probably cutting into his skin.

“Oh, fuck!” He hisses, throwing his guitar pick and moving his hands to hold onto his cheekbone. He moves one of his hands away and curses again once he finds his middle finger slightly covered in blood.

Namjoon takes off his bass immediately and walks towards him, Yoongi following suit immediately after throwing his drumsticks away.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asks gently, giving him enough space, but by—the looks of it—he's just dying to step closer and check the cut out to see how bad it is.

Jungkook looks at him, then he looks at Namjoon, and he's honestly so fucking tired, he's so fucking worried and stressed, so anxious about everything, so fucking done with being the cause of the looks of worry on his hyungs faces.

He stares at his hands, at his blood-stained finger, he takes a look at his nails, the pink polish already chipped. That’s when he drops to the floor, knees painfully hitting the ground as he hides his face in his hands, begins to uncontrollably sob into the palm of his calloused hands.

Not a second later, he feels arms and hands around him, someone undoes the strap of his guitar and takes the instrument off his lap.

He then feels a body being pressed behind him, arms wrapping around his waist as another body hugs him from the front, burying their face in his neck.

The familiar smell of cigarettes and musky cologne tells him that is Yoongi who's hugging him from the front, a more soft and floral scent coming from Namjoon that now has the side of his face pressed over his shoulder blades.

“I'm so sorry,” he mumbles, wrapping one arm around Yoongi's shoulder and dropping the other one to rest it over the hands that Namjoon has wrapped around his waist, snuggling his face into Yoongi's shoulder.

He worries then that he might wet Yoongi’s clothes and skin with his tears and snot and possibly some of the blood from his cheek, and makes to move away, but his movements are stopped by Yoongi's hand that ends up nestled into his hair.

“Don't apologize, you haven't done anything wrong, anything at all,” Yoongi tells him gently, carefully running his fingers through Jungkook’s still wet hair.

Jungkook's sobs turn into full on crying as he shakes and shivers; neither of them seem to move away, simply holding him close and gently snuggling him.

He feels his chest painfully tight, with every inhale that he takes a throbbing pain builds on his temples, a headache already forming, but he can't seem to stop crying.

He clings onto both of them, letting Yoongi's wide palms smooth some of the pain from his head as he continues to gently brush through Jungkook’s hair with his fingers.

Namjoon ends up interlocking their fingers together, gently rubbing circles with his thumb over the skin of his hand.

After what feels like hours, he somehow manages to calm down a bit. He tries using the hand he has around Yoongi's shoulder to unsuccessfully dry his face that still has silent tears running down his chin.

Yoongi allows him to get his face off his shoulder to help him out, and—like he expected—Yoongi's clothes are damp from his tears.

Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind at all as he just brings the end of his long-sleeved shirt to dry Jungkook’s face more efficiently.

Jungkook dares to look at him, still holding onto Namjoon who's now rubbing circles on his leg with one of his hands, the other one still being held by Jungkook's.

Yoongi smiles at him, small and cutely, and Jungkook sniffs and smiles back despite himself, his hyung it's just so pretty he can't help it.

“Can you let me look at your cheek?” Yoongi speaks after Jungkook had completely stopped sniffing, still gentle.

Jungkook nods, turning his face to the side so Yoongi can inspect him.

Yoongi's fingers on his face feel warm as he ever so slightly moves his face from side to side to inspect the wound.

“It's not bleeding anymore which is good, it's also small but it's kinda deep, so you won't need stitches, but it might leave a small scar behind,” Yoongi tells him a bit reassuringly.

Jungkook sighs, leaning back into Namjoon who now has his head propped over his shoulder.

“Another battle scar for the collection,” he jokes, feeling slightly better after crying his eyes out and having the comfort of actual human company instead of his cold mattress.

He knows he's being selfish right now, but he doesn't really give many fucks at the moment anyways.

Yoongi smiles, standing up and looking down at Jungkook who stares at him with shiny doe eyes.

“I will be right back, I'm just going to look for the first aid kit to clean your cheek a little,” he informs as he walks out and into the kitchen.

So he's left with Namjoon's body that's reassuringly wrapped around his.

They stay in silence for a long while until Namjoon dares to speak, tone worried and full of good intentions.

“I'm not sure what you're going through right now, and I don't know if you wanna talk about it, if you don't, it's completely okay, but if you do, know that both me and Yoongi are here for you,” Namjoon reassures him.

He says nothing, simply allows himself to rest his head against Namjoon's own, waiting for Yoongi to come back.

Once he does and begins to clean his small wound, Jungkook decides to speak.

“It's a lot of things, really, that are going on right now, but—mostly college and my uncertain future and all that jazz,” Jungkook says with a sigh, hissing when Yoongi presses a cotton ball way too hard into his skin.

“Sorry—” Yoongi says, pressing more gently, then he adds, “I relate with that, both me and Namjoon do, really—you're not the only one that's worried about their uncertain future.”

And Jungkook is actually surprised to hear that, especially coming from someone like Yoongi.

“You might think we both have our lives figured out just because we are older, but that's just bullshit, you know? We are just as clueless as everyone else is,” Yoongi says with a chuckle.

And, yes, he would be lying if he said that's not exactly what he thought, but if he really thinks about it, they are all just the same, a few years more or less in this world won't change the fact that no one really ever knows what the fuck they are doing.

Namjoon then adds, “Exactly! Plus, it's okay to not be sure and not know what the fuck is going to happen next or what you want to do five years down the road. It's okay to not be okay,” he empathises with a squeeze to Jungkook's hand.

“And also, you don't have to deal with all of that by yourself either, you have us now, so, please, count on us for anything you need from now on, please,” Namjoon says finally.

Jungkook feels like crying all over again, but for completely different reasons. He doesn't, though, he just takes a deep breath and stares at Yoongi since he can't look at Namjoon in the current position they are in.

And the warm look that Yoongi gives him is the enough amount of extra reassurance that he needs.

He completely melts into Namjoon's arms, shamelessly staring at Yoongi who's now putting all the things back into the first aid kit.

“I know just what you need now,” Yoongi says, standing up.

“Please, say it's a shot of vodka, I'm very desperate,” Jungkook tells him with pleading eyes.

Both Yoongi and Namjoon laugh; he feels the way the emotion vibrates through his own body thanks to how flushed his back is to Namjoon's chest.

“Better than that, actually, do you wanna stand up and go to the living room upstairs? The couch there is way more comfortable than the floor here, I think,” Yoongi tells him with a smile.

Jungkook smiles too and takes the hand that Yoongi gives him to help him stand up. He pauses for a moment, giving his legs a moment to stop feeling so wobbly.

He feels instantly cold at the lack of contact from Namjoon. But he says nothing as the three of them quietly walk upstairs, Yoongi going first and walking past the living room to go to Namjoon's room.

“You two wait here,” he tells them, still smiling.

Jungkook goes to sit on the couch on the far corner like he always does, but he's stopped short when he suddenly feels a grip on his hips.

He yelps as he falls down on the couch, leaning part of his back against Namjoon instead of fully on the backrest.

Namjoon securely wraps his arms around him again, snuggling against his neck and making him shiver once his cold nose is pressed to Jungkook’s skin.

Namjoon says nothing, so Jungkook doesn't either, simply melting into his hold yet again.

It’s a reassuring hold, the way Namjoon wraps him with his arms, his warmth all over.

Yoongi walks out of the room and into the living room making Jungkook almost gasp once he sees the small plastic bag Yoongi is holding in his hands.

“Is that what I think it is?” Namjoon asks with a smug tone.

“You bet your ass it is,” Yoongi says, sitting right next to Jungkook and immediately opening the plastic bag.

Jungkook stares at him, mouth agape, as the older of the three begins making a joint.

“Are you Jesus? No—that's not enough, you're like—a whole God,” Jungkook tells him, still eyeing him with wide eyes.

Yoongi snorts, rolling the paper and licking the side before he completely rolls it shut, twisting both ends slightly before handing it to Jungkook.

“I'm just Yoongi, but thanks,” he says as he gets a lighter out of his pocket.

Jungkook brings the joint to his lips, leaning closer to Yoongi so he can light it up for him.

Once he lights it up, Jungkook eagerly takes a drag from the small joint, keeping it in for a while before he slowly blows it out through his mouth.

“No, you're like, a real life angel,” Jungkook decides, taking another hit before Namjoon gently takes it from his fingers to take a hit as well.

“No, that's you,” Yoongi says, poking his nose with his finger.

Jungkook scrunches his nose and leans lower down the couch, still pressed to Namjoon that passes the joint to Yoongi next.

Several minutes go by like that, just the three of them quietly passing the joint between each other until it runs out.

Yoongi gets to making a new one, but Jungkook feels too drained to maintain his eyes open and look at the whole process. Instead, he closes his eyes, rejoicing in the feeling of Namjoon's warmth and how light and floaty he's feeling already.

Some minutes pass by and he's sure he might have fallen asleep. He slowly cracks his eyes open and feels extremely confused and disoriented when he sees Yoongi is not next to him anymore.

He cracks his neck to the side to ask Namjoon where Yoongi is.

The question dies in his throat when once he turns to the other side, he gets the answer he was looking for without having to ask anything.

Yoongi is currently on Namjoon's lap, holding gently onto his face as he slowly blows smoke from his open mouth into Namjoon's parted lips.

Jungkook feels a sudden rush of arousal from the sight.

At this point, he's way too high, way too sleep-deprived, and still a little sad to care too much about looking.

So he simply stares at them, taking in the way Namjoon's hands that are currently wrapped around Yoongi's hips press into his skin every time Yoongi pulls away to take another hit from the joint.

How Yoongi gently rubs at the skin of Namjoon’s cheeks every time he leans down to blow the smoke into his mouth.

How their lips brush ever so slightly every time, how they both have their eyes gently closed.

It’s after a few more times of the same addictive process of Yoongi blowing smoke into Namjoon's mouth that Yoongi opens his eyes, probably at the feeling that he's being stared at.

Jungkook stares back at him, not even realizing his mouth is slightly agape, he's now not only feeling sleepy and high as fuck, now he's also needy and a bit horny.

Yoongi smiles at him, reaching with his hand to brush the hair off his face and Jungkook leans into the touch.

“Have you ever tried shotgunning?” Yoongi asks him and Jungkook shakes his head no. Yoongi's smile grows bigger, showing his gums.

Namjoon is looking at Jungkook too now, eyes unfocused and lazy.

“Do you want to?”

Jungkook nods, feeling too needy and too eager to care about anything else but the need to have them both close to him, closer.

Yoongi is still smiling when he shifts, moving off from Namjoon's lap to kneel on the couch instead. He hesitates for a second, looking into Jungkook's eyes.

“Can I sit on your lap? Or is that too much?” he wonders, smile gone and eyes somehow focused.

Jungkook just nods again, shifting a bit to sit in a way that will make it more comfortable for Yoongi to straddle his hips.

“Go ahead,” he murmurs lowly and sleepily.

Which Yoongi does immediately after Jungkook gives his consent.

Jungkook tries to remain as calm as possible when Yoongi continues to shift his weight over him, trying to find a comfortable position as Jungkook fights the urge to not pop a boner right then and there.

Once he settles into a sitting position, all of the weight of his body resting completely on top of him feels amazing, making Jungkook feel light-headed already.

Yoongi then takes the joint and takes another hit. Looking directly into Jungkook's eyes, he says, “Open your mouth.”

He does so immediately.

Allowing Yoongi to lean impossibly close to him and blow the smoke into his mouth.

Their lips actually brush together and Jungkook feels like dying, finding an anchor in holding onto Yoongi's waist with both hands before he does something stupid like lean closer and eliminate the few millimeters that separate them.

Every part of his body that’s touching Yoongi feels on fire. Jungkook takes the opportunity to gently squeeze at his sides just for the sake of touching him.

Yoongi leans away, allowing Jungkook to breathe out the smoke, only to take a hit and lean back down again right after.

It goes on like that for a while, and he's sure Namjoon is watching them.

Somewhere at the back of his mind, he wonders if he's really okay with this, if he maybe, just maybe, finds it as hot as Jungkook found it when it was Yoongi doing it with him.

But all of his coherent thoughts are wiped out when he feels a pair of lips that are not Yoongi's being pressed against his neck.

He unconsciously holds tighter onto Yoongi's waist, not being able to keep in the small “ah—” that leaves him, breathing the syllable over Yoongi's parted lips .

He feels Namjoon lean back then, he speaks close to his ear, making the skin from the back of Jungkook's neck to break in goosebumps.

“Was that too much?” he wonders in a deep voice that makes Jungkook's insides melt.

Yoongi is leaning back then to take another hit of the joint, he looks down at Jungkook with hooded and unfocused eyes.

Jungkook closes his eyes with a sigh.

He doesn't know what the fuck is going on and he's too high too dwell on it too much anyways, and—not wanting to ruin the opportunity either—he just shakes his head and exposes his neck to Namjoon.

“You can keep going,” he breathes out.

He opens his eyes when Yoongi is leaning down again, just in time to part his lips to let Yoongi blow the smoke into his mouth yet again.

Just then, Namjoon presses an open-mouthed kiss to his neck, making Jungkook's entire body shiver.

He continues to kiss his neck, making his way down until he almost reaches his exposed collarbones only to make his way back up again.

Jungkook had already breathed out the smoke, but Yoongi doesn't seem to be moving away any time soon as he just lingers with his parted lips over Jungkook's.

Namjoon moving upwards, ghosting with his lips over Jungkook's skin to lick over his ear, only to bite it and pull at it with his teeth as he lets go of the sensitive flesh afterwards—it’s all it takes for Jungkook to let out a low moan.

And, apartmently, that's all it takes for Yoongi to finally close the distance between them and crash their lips together in a breathtaking kiss.

Jungkook whines into it, moving his hands to Yoongi’s chest to desperately clutch onto his shirt to keep him close.

Namjoon keeps on kissing his neck, sucking and licking from time to time—leaving marks behind, as Jungkook's brain registers at one particular lingering suck to the side of his neck.

He can't help but moan at the feeling of it, at the fact that Namjoon’s marking him, which helps Yoongi to lick slowly into his mouth. Their tongues messily dancing with each other.

It’s only then, when Jungkook feels something small, cold and hard against his tongue that his brain registers that Yoongi has his tongue pierced.

He whines again, licking into Yoongi's mouth to circle his own tongue around the metal bar that goes through Yoongi’s.

Namjoon continues to lick and kiss at his neck while Yoongi takes control over the kiss, sucking and nibbling at his tongue.

Jungkook bucks his hips up at the feeling, grunting when Yoongi grinds down on him and keeps him in place.

After one particular hard bite and pull to his bottom lip, Yoongi begins to kiss down his neck, silently giving space to Namjoon who quickly moves to capture Jungkook's lips again with his own.

“Ah–fuck—” Jungkook sighs over Namjoon's thick, saliva-slicked lips when Yoongi gives him one particular hard bite to the shoulder.

Yoongi licks his flushed skin afterwards, kissing him gently all over next.

Namjoon takes his time to lick into his mouth as well, exploring with his tongue as he brings his hand to gently hold the side of Jungkook's face.

After that, the kissing turns more mellow, Yoongi gently kissing his bruised skin as Namjoon begins to kiss the side of his mouth, his cheeks, his eyelids, the tip of his nose. Only to go back and gently peck his lips again.

After one particular gentle kiss from Yoongi, he giggles, squirming under him.

“Hyung—that tickless,” he tell him. Goosebumps breaking all over his body from the gentle brush of his soft lips.

Namjoon pulls away from him to giggle as well.

Yoongi finally leans back to stare at him too, his small pouty lips a bit swollen and red from all the kissing and biting.

He stares at him for a long while, like he's burning into his memory how Jungkook looks right now.

Just when Jungkook's shyness is about to get the best of him and make him hide his face or turn away, Yoongi turns to the side to give Namjoon a soft peck on the lips.

Namjoon, slightly surprised, kisses him back.

Yoongi turns to Jungkook again, brushing his messy hair out of his face. Namjoon joins him in the ministrations, softly running his fingers through his strands of hair.

“You didn't sleep much last night, did you?” he wonders.

Jungkook is slightly taken aback from the unrelated question and the sudden change of atmosphere, so he just shakes his head, feeling a bit shy again as the effect of the weed begins to wear off him.

“Let's go take a nap then, how does that sound?” Yoongi asks him, standing up from his lap to offer him his hand.

Jungkook takes it as an answer. Standing up, he turns to the side to extend his hand towards Namjoon who takes it smiling so big his dimples show.

They walk like that towards Namjoon’s room, until they reach the bed and Namjoon motions for him to lay in the middle.

Jungkook does as he's told, staring at both men as they begin taking their jeans off to be more comfortable.

After they are only in their boxers, they both get into the bed too, one on each side of Jungkook.

Before they turn the lights off, he notices there are more polaroids sticked to the wall; he tries to make a mental note to check them out later.

After the lights are off, they both wrap themselves around Jungkook immediately, finding each other in the middle like they did the first time they slept like this.

Jungkook sighs in contentment, melting into their arms.

Yoongi snuggles into his shoulder, gently kissing the bit of exposed skin there before closing his eyes.

Namjoon goes to snuggle him up from his other side as well, but before he does, he goes to gently whisper in his ear first.

“We will talk about this later, yeah? Just know that we both like you and care about you a lot, okay?” Namjoon tells him and Jungkook nods sleepily.

“Okay,” he says back.

Namjoon smiles again and lifts himself up on his elbow. He stares down at Jungkook for a moment, and this time when he leans down he does kiss him.

The gentle press of their lips together makes Jungkook's heart beat rapidly inside his chest.

Namjoon completely lies back down again and snuggles into Jungkook’s shoulder properly this time, drifting off to sleep.

Tonight, Jungkook doesn't feel any heavy weight on his chest, he doesn't feel any loneliness or helplessness.

He feels warm and lightheaded, an entire new feeling blooming inside his chest.

He feels genuinely happy for the first time in forever.

Chapter Text

Jungkook wakes up a few hours later before the sun begins to set.

The orange, yellowish glow from the sunset coming through Namjoon's open window being the only source of light.

He doesn't wake up as disoriented this time, actually knowing where he is when he opens his eyes.

The effect of the weed already long gone. Though, he still feels floaty and dreamy. Like everything that just happened in Namjoon's living room a few hours ago was a dream.

He doesn't dwell too much on it, or what it means for him, what it means for them.

He just wants to enjoy how he's feeling right now. Plus, Namjoon said they will talk about it later.

So, with the knowledge that Namjoon also said they both like him, he turns to the side and buries his face in his chest.

He feels Namjoon hum more than he hears him as he immediately stretches his arms around Jungkook, wrapping him with his body.

Jungkook sighs in content, smiling once he feels Yoongi also moving closer to him, his chest pressed against his back now.

They stay like that for a while, Namjoon caressing his hair like he was doing before. Yoongi leaving small kisses from time to time on his shoulder blades.

Until Jungkook decides he wants to touch them too.

And so he does.

He brings his hand up to gently press it over Namjoon's chest, moving it down slowly until he reaches his waist and goes up again, moving to up his shoulder to bring it down his arm next.

He snuggles closer to his neck, and—in a moment of braveness—he kisses him there, once, twice, until he ends up gently nibbling at the skin there.

Namjoon sighs, tugging slightly at his hair, and Jungkook loves it.

Yoongi decides to get bold as well as he slowly moves his hand under Jungkook's shirt, ever so gently caressing the skin on his toned stomach.

“Is this okay?” Yoongi whispers into his ear, somehow breathless, and it makes Jungkook's toes curl.

He momentarily stops his ministrations on Namjoon neck to speak, “yeah, please—” and he doesn't know what he's really pleading for, he just knows that he wants more.

So he goes to get more.

Going back to Namjoon, he continues biting and licking at his skin, and Namjoon can only hold tighter onto the strands of his hair and Jungkook thinks he might really get addicted to this.

Yoongi's way to interpret Jungkook's plea is to simply continue touching him, going higher up until he reaches his chest.

Jungkook moans against Namjoon's neck when Yoongi finds his nipple, rubbing it between his index finger and his thumb only to pull at it after.

Yoongi goes to give the same treatment to his other nipple when he finds a pleasant surprise.

“Oh—you have this one pierced,” he says with a husky voice, rubbing the pierced nub between his fingers more gently.

Jungkook whines, almost hiccupping.

He can't find it in himself to continue kissing at Namjoon's neck, so he just stays there, gasping and breathing heavily against his skin.

That is until Namjoon lifts Jungkook’s head up with the hardest pull to his hair yet, leaning down to swallow with his lips the moan Jungkook let's out.

Namjoon kisses him deeply, grounding him, the pull on his hair slowly decreasing.

Yoongi is still playing with his nipples, kissing the back of his neck and whispering filthy praises into his ear.

It gets to the point where Jungkook ends up being painfully hard inside of his shorts, desperate for any kind of friction.

He ends up pushing his hips back, trying to find Yoongi's, which he does in a second, and he immediately goes to rubbing his ass over his also prominent erection.

Yoongi's grunts, moving his hand away from Jungkook’s chest to hold on tightly onto his small waist.

He starts grinding his erection between his ass cheeks, the amount of layers of clothes making it slightly uncomfortable, but Jungkook couldn't love it any less.

“Yes, yes—” he mumbles over Namjoon's lips.

Who, once he notices what's going on, also holds onto him, grabbing him by the hips instead.

He presses himself flush against Jungkook, chest to chest, as he begins circling his hips to seek what little friction he can get with his clothed erection over Jungkook's.

Jungkook moans, caught up in between pushing himself back into Yoongi or pressing himself closer to Namjoon.

He doesn't have to try and do either because, even if he wanted to, both of their grips on his hips and waist wouldn’t allow him to move.

So he just stays there, allowing them to give him what they want.

Namjoon shifts a bit then, still rubbing himself on Jungkook, but hovering over him slightly.

“Yoon, baby, come here,” he breathes out.

Yoongi immediately shifts too, leaning closer to Namjoon and capturing his lips with his own.

Yoongi digs his fingers deeper into Jungkook's waist, making him whine over Namjoon's chest where his face is currently buried into.

Namjoon and Yoongi continue to kiss like that for a while, both still lazily rubbing and humping themselves against Jungkook.

Once they have to break apart to breath some much needed air, Namjoon leans down to quickly kiss Jungkook on the lips.

He stays there, breathing heavily over Jungkook's parted lips.

“Can I?” he wonders next, still breathless.

Jungkook doesn't understand what he's asking for until he feels a gentle tug at the waistband of his shorts.

He lifts his hips so Namjoon can pull his shorts down, simply nodding with his head.

Once he's completely naked from the waist down, Namjoon goes to wrap his hand around his flushed red cock.

“Ah—fuck—” Jungkook curses, clutching with his fists at Namjoon's shirt.

Namjoon keeps his strokes slow and lazy, teasing the slit of his head with his thumb from time to time.

Jungkook by now is a breathless, shaking mess, gasping for air, but not being able to get enough oxygen into his lungs.

Yoongi—that had stopped grinding himself on Jungkook once he had taken his shorts off—goes to grabbing his ass instead.

Spreading his ass cheeks open with his big hands, only to press them back together.

“Fuck—you have such a nice ass,” Yoongi breathes over his neck.

And it's too much, it's honestly too much, Jungkook feels like he might burst into flames any moment now.

Together with Namjoon's teasing touches to the head of his cock, Yoongi's breath over his skin, to how he's teasingly running his thumb over his entrance now, it's too much.

“Please—please,” he whines, not knowing what to ask for, not even knowing what he wants, because everything seems to be too much and not enough at the same time.

Namjoon shushes him, gently caressing his face. He pecks him softly on the lips before he goes and pulls his own boxers down, wrapping his hand around Jungkook and himself.

Jungkook sighs at the feeling of Namjoon's cock being pressed against his own, not much bigger than his in length, but way bigger than him in girth.

He momentarily feels Yoongi moving away from him. He wonders where he could be going in a moment like this until he comes back to hand Namjoon a small bottle of lube and everything makes sense again.

“Here,” Yoongi tells him with a smile.

Namjoon takes the bottle and squirts a bit of the transparent lube onto his other hand, warming it up a bit between his fingers before he goes back to wrap his hand around Jungkook and himself again.

They both moan lowly, the drag of his hand way more smoother and wet now.

“Get— get more,” Jungkook whispers, shyness still getting the best of him.

Namjoon hums in question until he gets what Jungkook means; he smiles teasingly, getting more lube on his hand and coating them both respectively before continuing.

“You like it wet and messy, huh?” Namjoon teases.

And Jungkook knows he has been already blushing this whole time, but he somehow still manages to feel more heat going to his cheeks.

“—yeah” he manages to blurt out, hiding his face in the crook of Namjoon's neck.

But Namjoon is having none of that, so—without stopping the strokes with his hand—he speaks to him lowly.

“Please, look at me.”

And Jungkook can't say no to that, so, with embarrassment burning his cheeks, he lifts his head and stares into Namjoon's eyes.

“You're perfect, don't be shy.”

And before Jungkook can hide his face in his neck again, Namjoon is kissing him, shushing his shy whines.

Once they break the kiss, Namjoon quickens the rhythm of his hand, leaving Jungkook to whine and squirm.

In his squirming and moaning, Yoongi ends up holding him still from behind again, pressing gentle kisses to his neck.

“Ah—Hyung–” he sighs, moving his hand behind him to reach for Yoongi's.

Yoongi seems to get the message and takes Jungkook's hand, getting pleasantly surprised when Jungkook guides his hand down to his ass.

He grabs a handful of his butt as requested, humming lowly when Jungkook closes his eyes at the feeling, still sighing and moaning from Namjoon's touches.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass cheeks like I was doing before, huh? Or is it okay just like this?” Yoongi asks him, leaving him room to back away from the offer if he so desires.

Though, Jungkook is more than thrilled to accept it.

“Please—please, fuck–just–please, hyung,” Jungkook whimpers, wanting to stick his ass out for him, but not wanting to get away from Namjoon's touch.

Yoongi hums again, lifting himself up to grab the lube that's on Namjoon's side of the bed.

Once he grabs it, he squirts more than a generous amount all over Jungkook's ass, over his entrance, and even a bit down his thighs.

Jungkook feels him shifting behind him as he takes off his boxers, and then, finally then, he feels Yoongi's hard cock being pressed between his ass cheeks.

“Like this, baby boy?” Yoongi asks him, slowly moving his hips up and down to drag his cock in between his wet cheeks.

Jungkook's entire body shakes at the pet name as he nods with his head as best as he can.

“Come on, baby, use your words or I won't know if you're liking it,” Yoongi requests of him, pressing Jungkook’s ass cheeks together while he thrusts his cock into the tight flesh.

“I—I love it, hyung–please, don't stop!” The last sentence seems to be directed not only to Yoongi, but to Namjoon as well.

“That's our good boy,” Namjoon praises him then.

Jungkook wants to scream, so he bites his lip instead, almost tasting metal as both men quicken their pace. Jungkook is beginning to feel that familiar heat pooling in his belly.

“I'm—I'm gonna—” Jungkook tries to say, but the words won't come out, and the fact that neither of them seem to be down anytime soon is not helping.

“Me too, baby, come on—come for us,” Namjoon says, squeezing a bit tighter over both of the heads of their cocks.

Jungkook moans, loud and breathy as his orgasm comes crashing down on him.

His come getting on Namjoon's hand and both of their bellies.

He's still shaking, come still coming out of his cock when Namjoon comes too.

He's more quiet than Jungkook, simply grunting as he continues to milk them both out.

Yoongi had seemed to have stopped his movements, Jungkook notices after he has come down from his high a little; he turns his head around to look at Yoongi.

Who's currently heavy breathing with his eyes closed shut, his cock still painfully hard and leaking pre cum.

“Hyung—” Jungkook calls for him.

Yoongi opens his eyes, and they are as dark and unfocused as ever, shining with lust and something else Jungkook can’t quite name.

“Why would you stop?” he asks with a whine, shaking his butt.

Yoongi's eyes follow the movement and he laughs, leaning closer to kiss his lips.

“I can fuck your thighs if you let me,” he tells Jungkook with a smug smile.

Jungkook just sighs, Namjoon—finally having taken his hands off his oversensitive cock—now just lies next to him, still pressing his body close to Jungkook’s.

“Please,” he tells Yoongi then, who quickly goes to get more lube in between his thighs.

It doesn't take much for Yoongi to come as well, painting Jungkook's thick thighs with white.

“I fucking love your legs too,” Yoongi says with a sigh after he comes, and lies on the bed.

Jungkook chuckles, moving away from Namjoon to wrap his arms around Yoongi instead, not really giving a shit about the mess between his legs and stomach.

Yoongi grunts, but doesn't seem to mind either, holding onto Jungkook's arm that he wrapped over his chest.

He turns his head back to look at Namjoon with a 'What are you doing? Spoon me!’ look on his face.

Namjoon gets the silent request right away and hugs Jungkook from behind.

They stay like that for a while, the sun already gone from the sky as the streets get illuminated by the moon now.  

“Well that was a great nap,” Yoongi says into the quiet room.

The three of them break down laughing.

Only after what seems like an eternity of giggles and hugs, Namjoon sighs, finally speaking.

“We were supposed to talk before doing anything like this,” he tells the two of them, trying to sound disappointed, but he's smiling.

“Sorry, I couldn't help myself,” Yoongi says with a lazy smile.

“I was actually the one that started to kiss him, so–” Jungkook tells Yoongi as he motions to Namjoon.

They both chuckle.

“But anyway, we need to talk about this, about us,” Namjoon continues, that hopeful smile of his on his face.

“Can we at least clean up first? I don't wanna have this conversation while covered in cum,” Yoongi deadpans and they all agree.

So after they have cleaned up and changed the sheets and themselves into clean clothes, they settle back into bed to talk.

Namjoon is the one who starts, telling Jungkook about how he and Yoongi have been together for a long time already.

Jungkook nods, telling them he had already figured that much out by himself. (Making a mental note to maybe tell the about that time he saw them if he ever feels like it might be something appropriate to bring up.)

“Well, it makes sense you did, but we actually don't go around telling everyone about it. All of our closest friends have always sort of known and that's enough for us, has always been, you know?” Namjoon says, looking at Yoongi next so he can continue the idea.

“The thing is that we have never been big with pda either, we have never had the need or urge to do that, so we have always just been low-key about us and our relationship,” Yoongi continues.

“Until you came into the picture,” Namjoon adds.

And at that, Jungkook begins to get more nervous than before.

He honestly doesn't know what to expect out of this conversation, but whatever agreement they settle in with, he will be grateful to accept it.

He stays quiet and let's them continue to talk.

“We have always known we wanted something more, or like something was missing from our relationship, that's why we have never been completely 'official’ about it, in case we ended up breaking up in the end,” Namjoon admits.

And the way that he says it, makes it sound like they have spoken about this countless of times, which Jungkook guesses is true.  

“We have been together for almost ten years now, but it's never been a straight line, we have broken up many times, though we always come back to each other every single time,” Yoongi adds.

And the way Namjoon smiles at him tell him that that hasn't happened in a long time.

“But the thing is that since we met you—” Yoongi says with a sigh, “we have just been dying for you to be—to be with us, you know?”

Jungkook’s heart begins beating fast in his chest then and he tries to fight the smile that wants to make its way to his lips.

“And, please, hear us out first before you decide what to do,” Namjoon all but begs him; Jungkook nods, light blush on his ears already.

“Since we met you, we—we just realized we have finally found what was missing,” Yoongi tells him, looking him in the eyes. “And we have talked about this for months now, about how to approach you, wondering if you even liked either of us.” Yoongi chuckles.

And Jungkook can't help it then, but to finally smile.

“Which now we know you obviously do, so—what we want to know is, if you're willing to try being with us, like, exclusively with us,” Yoongi finally says.

But before Jungkook can open his mouth, Namjoon speaks first.

“But, please, take your time to think about it! We will have to talk more, of course, about many things, like your boundaries and what you are comfortable and not comfortable with,” Namjoon adds.

Jungkook simply stares at them, mouth agape; he takes a moment to let all the information sink in.

“You don't have to decide now, or if any of this makes you uncomfortable, please, do tell us and we will stop. The last thing we want is to be pushy about th—” But before Namjoon can finish, Jungkook is standing up from the bed.

They both shut up and look at him with horror in their eyes.

“So, wait, hold on, you guys—like the both of you,” he says, pointing at each of them, “are telling me—” he says, pointing at himself, “that you both wanna date me? Like, the three of us, dating, exclusively,” he punctuates each word with a pause.  

Yoongi and Namjoon both share a look, and that's when Jungkook thinks they might laugh and tell him that it was a joke, or that he got it wrong.

But the laughter never comes.

He only gets soft, scared looks and tentative words.

“Yeah—that's exactly what we want, what we have been wanting for a while now—but, like I said, you don't have to—are you crying? Why are you crying?! Don't cry! I'm sorry—” Namjoon panics mid-sentence when Jungkook begins to sniff and rub at his eyes.

They both stand up, and, like before, they just linger around without touching him, afraid they might overstep his boundaries.

“Is any of you going to hug me or are you both just going to stand there?” Jungkook says with a final sniff and a pout.

They both immediately go to wrap their arms around him, hugging him tight.

Jungkook breathes out, hugging them back.

“You guys are not joking with me, right?” Jungkook asks them, burying his face in Namjoon’s chest.

“Of course not! We would never joke around about something like this, we will never lie to you,” Yoongi reassures him.

Jungkook leans back then to look at them with glassy doe eyes.

“You don’t have to tell us anything yet, take your time to think about—”

But Jungkook doesn’t let Namjoon finish, tired already of the same repeated sentence, he leans closer to him and quickly steals a kiss from his lips.

Namjoon stays still and speechless and Jungkook shyly grins, turning to look at Yoongi to kiss him gently on the lips as well.

“I would love to date you both,” Jungkook says with a big smile. “And before you tell me to think it through, please, don’t, I have known what I want for a few months now.”

After the conversation that went better than Jungkook could have ever expected, they just turn into a mess of giggles and kisses.

Jungkook doesn’t feel that weight on his chest anymore after that.







He is running late; it’s nothing too out of the ordinary nowadays in Jungkook’s books since he’s always staying at the library studying and, therefore, always losing track of time.

He thankfully didn’t miss his bus this time, and he now carefully gets off of it and walks the three minutes it takes him to get from the bus stop to Namjoon’s house.

Once he gets there, he can tell the party had already started; there are a few cars parked outside and Hoseok’s unmistakable screams coming from the garage.

He walks towards the door and unwraps the scarf from around his neck once he steps inside, the warmth from inside the house welcoming, the snowflakes that had fallen on his head and shoulders slowly melting away .

“Jungkookie!” Hoseok screams once he sees him, running towards him to wrap him in a tight hug.

Jungkook stumbles, trying to get the birthday present that he’s still holding onto away from Hoseok before he smashes it to pieces.

“Hoseok hyung! Hello,” he greets his already very drunk hyung.

“Yah, get away from my boyfriend,” Yoongi tells Hoseok as the man in question rises his arms in a defensive motion and moves away from Jungkook to walk towards the kitchen (probably to ask Seokjin for more booze).

Jungkook grins, happy at the label that now easily rolls off Yoongi’s tongue. Yoongi’s hair is black now, though, nothing much has really changed in these six months they have been dating each other.

He’s still wearing that same leather jacket and the same skinny jeans, that beautiful gummy smile of his still on his face.

“Hi, babe,” Jungkook greets him, softly kissing his lips.

“Hey, he’s my boyfriend too,” Namjoon says from the couch, hair still silver, a beautiful pout adorning his face.

Jungkook snorts once he sees the deer antlers headband Namjoon’s wearing and he makes his way to the couch giggling.

“Hi, other boyfriend,” Jungkook greets him, unceremoniously dropping himself on his lap with a smirk.

Namjoon is still pouting. “How come you call him babe and I just get ‘other boyfriend’, huh?”

Jungkook laughs then, loud and unfiltered, and Namjoon laughs too, not being able to hold the facade for too long.

“Hello, big baby.” Jungkook kisses him then, wrapping his arms around Namjoon’s neck.

That’s when he remembers the gift he’s still holding and the fact that they are not the only people in the garage like always.

He turns to the side to look for Taehyung, who he quickly finds already staring at him, shaking his head at their shenanigans.

“I still can’t get used to this,” he says to Jimin who’s also shaking his head, taking a long swing from his eggnog.

Jungkook stands up from Namjoon’s lap, Yoongi getting in his place instead and snuggling into his boyfriend’s neck.

“Hey, sorry I’m late, happy birthday, hyung,” Jungkook tells Taehyung, handing him the present. “It’s not anything fancy like I bet all your model friends’ gifts are, but I think you will like it.”

Taehyung then gets him into a headlock all of a sudden. “Oh, what the hell, Jungkookie, of course I will like whatever you got me, you big softie, thank you!”

“Hey! No wrestling in my house!” Seokjin calls from the kitchen once he hears Jungkook’s screams of agony.

Once Taehyung lets him free, he’s finally able to also greet Jimin and Seokjin respectively.

After that, the night turns pretty uneventful. Besides the many pictures they take with Namjoon’s polaroid camera, the most exciting thing that happens is  Hoseok trying to hit on Seokjin like, as Jungkook learns, he tries to do every time he’s drunk.

Both men end up sitting on the big cushions on the floor next to the coffee table. Taehyung and Jimin are snuggling together on the singular couch, somehow both of them fitting on it.

And both Namjoon and Yoongi sit on either side of Jungkook on the big loveseat, Yoongi resting his head on Jungkook’s thighs, a silent request for head rubs that Jungkook easily provides for him as a very drunk Namjoon rests his head on Jungkook’s shoulder.

The seven of them just laughing and celebrating Taehyung’s birthday before he has to leave again for yet another six months to study abroad.

Jungkook then looks down at Yoongi who’s probably already asleep, his beautiful black eyelashes resting on his rosy cheeks. Jungkook ends up resting his head against Namjoon’s, closing his eyes and rejoicing in the now familiar feeling of being surrounded by so much warmth.

And, yeah, he did actually find a group of people to fit in with, he actually found people that care and love him just the way he is.

He could really get used to this.