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Lemonade is better with you here!

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Today I was going home with Urabe like we usually did. We came to the bridge where we parted ways, but before we did Urabe put her finger in her mouth. She got it out and I leaned to suck the drool from her finger. It tasted like it usually did, and I didn't feel any different than before, so I thought we had finished for today.

But before I turned around, Urabe stopped me with saying:" Will you come with me to my house, today? My parents returned from the village and brought a lot of lemons, that my grandparents gave them, so I thought I would make you a lemonade."

I blushed, totally surprised by this development, but I quickly answered:" Of course, I am free today! I don't have anything important." I looked over at her, but I couldn't see her eyes, that were hidden behind her bangs.

She nodded and said:" All right," turning around and walking toward her flat. I followed her close behind, wondering what she was thinking about.

Sometimes I wish, I could see her eyes more, maybe I would understand her better, if I could. And maybe not. Who knows, with Urabe nothing is certain. She is my unknown and mysterious girlfriend.

Coming into her house, I excused myself with:" Sorry, for intruding..." and I took of my shoes. But there was no reply, which lead me to believe we were alone in her apartment. Thinking of that makes me nervous, however I brushed it off with wiggling my head.

I went in the direction of her room, and saw her sitting on the floor. When I entered, she turned around and got up, motioning me to sit down. I did what she told me without speaking a word, so soon I found myself alone in the room of my girlfriend.

I heard the clanking of pots and plates, from the kitchen. The door of the drawer squeaked, glasses hitting each other and the chairs moving.

I waited for some time, until I became bored, and decided I will see what she was doing. I got up and slowly walked over to the kitchen. I saw her silhouette, while entering. Urabe was still in her summer uniform, and she was sticking out like a sore thumb, in the white kitchen, with her dark clothes.

Entering the room, I heard a clanking of the metal. She was probably stirring the lemon juice with a spoon. I stopped just as the clanking stopped, and Urabe turned around, catching my gaze, with her dark green eyes.

There was an awkward silence between us, and I started to regret getting out of her room. Is she mad now, because I got out of her room, without permission? What do I do to repent? Or did I do something else wrong? I averted my gaze, waiting to see if she will say something.

Suddenly I felt something cold in my hand, and looking down I saw a glass of lemonade that Urabe made for me. From the corner of my eye, I saw her sitting on the chair near the table, with lemonade in hand. She looked up at me and waited patiently for me to sit.

I sighed and sat down next to her, putting the lemonade on the table. Urabe chugged her lemonade almost instantly, and made an satisfied sound after finishing it.

She looked over at me in anticipation, so I lifted the glass to my lips and started to drink. The sourness hit me hard, and I couldn't finish it like Urabe did. I probably made a face, because Urabe asked me soon after:" Is something wrong?"

" No, nothing is really wrong... I just don't like when the lemonade is so sour, it is refreshing, but I can't drink it as easily," I hoped I didn't hurt her with this answer, but I know I should be honest, when I am with her, because she will find out if I am not.

Urabe was silent for a moment, and looked like she was deep in thought, which confused me slightly. What is she thinking so much about, it's not like I said something that hard....

She lifted her head quickly, and put her finger in her mouth. She offered it to me, answering to my questioning look with just:" Maybe this will make it better."

I opened my mouth and swallowed her drool, feeling a taste of the lemonade, but now much sweeter than before. I nodded, satisfied and answered:" Yes, this is better."

Urabe looked at me with a blank look, and then in the speed of the sound, she grabbed my lemonade and drank it all. I wanted to get angry and scold her, but she put her hand up.

She offered me her drool again, and I accepted it, feeling a slightly sour, but also sweet flavor, flow through my throat. We continued like that until, even Urabe couldn't drink any more lemonade.

We both continued to her room, and laid down on the floor, our fingers slightly touching. "That was delicious, do you agree, Urabe?" I asked, giggling quietly to myself. If someone barged on us, and saw a scene like that, what would he or she think I wondered.

" Yes, I agree," she answered, and we stayed like that for who knows how long. The wind blew inside, from the open window, but I didn't feel cold at all. Actually I felt really hot, and the taste of the lemonade and Urabe's drool, still lingered in my mouth. And I hoped she felt the same sensations.