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Revolutions and Reunions

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Hi guys! Author-nim here, and I just wanted to say a couple of things before I started this:

1. Plan on updating this weekly, or once every two weeks. Sometimes writer's block can hit me, and when it does, it hits me hard. So please excuse me if I’m off schedule.
2. Though there are many groups put in the tags this is a mainly EXO/Stray Kids fic.
3. Each district has a different K-Pop group running it, though in this they aren’t groups for music. They’re running their own piece of the world. For example, EXO is with District 12, Stray Kids is with District 9, NCT is with District 18, and more.
4. Feedback is really useful! I would really appreciate your comments and I will try to listen to any requests that you guys may have.
5. Though this is somewhat of a Hunger Games-ish AU (hence the tag), and though I have read both series of books and seen the movies multiple times, please correct me if I’m wrong because I do tend to be forgetful sometimes. And no, there are no actual games in this. I took more of the districts and the whole uprising against the capitol thing from there. I had Divergent in mind a lot when writing this in some of the things. I really just had thought the aesthetics and a few other minor things would be fitting in here.

With all that being said, I really hope you enjoy this! I know I like where I’m going with this

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The first thing that hit me was the smell. Well, that, and how abnormally bright everything was.

Everything was just so…white and pristine looking like it had never been touched. Just altogether so clean. I took in every detail I could as I awaited my captors’ (not much else to call them) possible questioning. What did they want with me? Why was I here? Did I do something wrong?

It felt like an eternity, waiting strapped into that chair. I started to count the tiles on the ceiling (there were sixty-four, a perfect square). I counted the number of panels that constructed the walls, how many tiles were on the floor, everything. The wait was complete and total agony. The smell of whatever cleaner they had used in here was starting to mess with me a little bit. I decided to try to sleep. Who knew when I would get the chance to do that again...

That was, until the new voices started in the next room.

“What?! Are you serious?? You took him captive?? Are you completely insane???” Voice 1 yelled. His sounded kind of deep, like he was a bigger guy.

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing,” Voice 2 said. This time, the voice was higher, so I assumed he was smaller?
Really? You do? Because as far as I knew, we didn’t take hostages on these missions, Junmyeon!” One yelled back.
Two, who I assumed to be Junmyeon, was silent for a moment, before starting, “Listen, Yifan, I know this is out of the ordinary for us. But this kid… something about him is totally different. We need him. And from what I saw, he needs our help, too.” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Who was he to assume that I needed help with anything?? Was he assuming this just because I was homeless?

“…I’m listening,” Yifan let out after a long silence.

“He was alone, he couldn’t fight off those people that were beating him senseless. No matter what they did to him, he wouldn’t talk. He wouldn’t make a sound like he was more afraid of being caught being beat up rather than of the people in front of him. Something happened, though, that made the three of us decide that we would take him.”

“Okay? What’s that?”

“He proved that he had the ability to take control of the wind for his own.”

I heard my breath. What do they mean, I could control the wind? What happened back in the alley was a freak accident, if not just a dream. Finally, Yifan’s voice came through, though he only let out, “Are you… are you completely sure?”

“Yes, Yifan. I’m completely sure. As the men that were attacking him stopped for a second, they turned back and said that it was a shame that he couldn’t take more of a beating, that they were just having fun. Just as they exited the alley, they heard him say something, and they turned back to go to him again. The three of us up on the rooftop couldn’t hear him, but apparently, they heard him well enough.”

“What did he say? What happened?” You could practically feel the worry in his voice. Funny, him just now being worried when it could possibly concern him.

“When they asked him to repeat himself, he just screamed ‘LEAVE. ME. ALONE.’ And the next thing we knew, the three men that were attacking him were in the back of the alley on the complete opposite side of the street. There is no possible way he could have done that all on his own.

If they were there for so long, and if they’re soooo about helping, why didn’t they intervene in this whole thing, huh? I thought to myself.

I heard footsteps go away, then come back, before Yifan’s voice said, “We need to talk to him. We can’t just let him sit there and him not know what he did. He’s probably scared out of his mind. But, the only thing is, he can’t leave now. He’s seen where we are.”

“I completely understand,” Junmyeon said with a sigh, “but we need to make sure he knows that he isn’t a prisoner here, either.”

“Alright, I can do that. Let me go grab my scanner so we can identify him properly. If we’re making him stay here, I’d rather like to know who we let into our home.”

“I’ll go to him now. Come in whenever you’re ready.”

The door shut, and I heard more footsteps, coming to me and going away from me. Fear immediately set in. I didn’t know if they were gonna hurt me or not, or what they would do to me. Was I ever gonna be free again? Now is the time where I regretted taking my freedom for granted. As much as homelessness was freedom.

It seemed almost like an eternity before someone opened the door. He just stood there for a second, like he was trying to size me up while I was still in the chair. The man that stood before me was small, definitely shorter than I was. Soft brown hair, brown almond eyes, dressed in a black hoodie, grey jeans, and black shoes.

“I’m sorry, you must be really confused and frightened right now,” he said, making to untie the bonds around my wrists and ankles.

“Um… where am I, exactly, if I may ask?” I asked lightly when I found my voice. My fingers subconsciously found myself rubbing at my wrists from where the binds were lying.

“You’re in the lower levels of our headquarters. My name is Suho. I’m one of the leaders here. For now, though, we won’t do much with you. We just want to asse-“

The door burst open, and another man walked in. This one, though, was a little taller than me, I think. Blonde hair, brown eyes, almost the same outfit as Suho (Junmyeon? The voice matches at least…), had it not been for the white snapback he adorned.

Kris,” Suho sighed through gritted teeth, “could you possibly be any louder?” Kris (I‘m gonna guess this one is Yifan) laughed and rolled his eyes as he pulled something out of the bag slung around his shoulder. He pointed the device at me, and I leaned back as far as the chair would let me before starting to tip. I heard a click come from the device, and he stepped back. I leaned forward, able to breathe again.

Something popped out of the ceiling on the wall adjacent to me, and I looked and saw that it looked like some sort of projector. The projector screen popped up on the opposite wall, displaying the image Kris took of me just a second ago, but there was more… tons of personal information about me, past residences, criminal records… everything.

Suho began to read off what was shown, “So… name is Oh Sehun, birthday is April twelfth, your blood type is O, no criminal record, born right here in New Seoul… huh.”

“Is something the matter?” I practically whispered.

“No, no. Not at all. It’s just… there’s only one past residence of yours… when you were seventeen. With your parents, I assume?” He looked back to me like he was expecting me to answer.

“Oh, uh... my parents couldn’t wait until I was out of high school before they started expecting me to move out and be gone. They said that high school was the start of becoming an adult, so I needed to start acting like one and start getting used to holding up for my own. So they threw me out, pretty much just saying ‘Good luck, don’t die. We can’t afford you or a funeral’.” I kept my head down during most of it, too ashamed of whatever their reactions might have been.

“I’m… sorry to hear that, Sehun,” Kris said, speaking for the first time since he came in.

“Yeah, same here,” Suho said, and I could actually somewhat make out a tone of legitimate sincerity in his voice as he said it.

“Thanks, I’m fine, though…” I mumbled.

Kris cleared his throat and side-eyed Suho, “We should get him settled in sometime soon, Suho.”


“Yeah. You take him down and show him to the room, I’ll go get the others ready. They’ll really want to meet him, seeing as how he’s the one we’ve been wanting all this time for.”

Kris didn’t seem too hyped for the idea, but he eventually let out an exasperated “Fiiiiiine” and gestured for me to stand as he turned and went out the door.


They both turned back and looked at me, with confusion and some anticipation.

“Who says I want to stay here? Or join, whatever this is?”

Suho’s eyes glazed over with somewhat of a sad look. “You already know where we are. You have to stay now,” he said softly, like he was afraid of scaring me, “and I’m afraid you have no choice, Sehun.”

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(A/N: Try to spot the movie reference I made here :>)

Yifan led me down a long corridor, it’s bright walls reflecting impossibly bright.

“So, I’m still in New Seoul at least, right?” I asked, hoping this attempt at conversation wouldn’t dive bomb. Yifan may look cold on the outside, but the awkward silence between us was driving me to the brink of insanity.

“Yes, we’re still in New Seoul. Normally, me and some of the others are stationed in China, so we can deal with the missions that need done there, but recently there have been an unusual amount of disturbances that are mission-worthy, so all eleven of us- well, twelve with you here now- are all staying in one place so if something really bad happens, we’ll all be here for it.”

“Sounds… kinda strange,” I furrowed my brows.

“It is. It’s out of the norm for here. Oh, another thing. We don’t use our real names here. We all have something chosen that we want to be called by that isn’t our real name. So please refrain from calling myself and Junmyeon by those names. Junmyeon goes by Suho, and I go by Kris with the others, so call us that. The only people here that know my real name are Junmyeon, and now you, too.”

“I won’t tell. I get the obvious feeling that names are a very sensitive or secretive thing,” I turned to look at him. He gave me a look that said ‘Good, then we won’t have problems’.

We rounded a corner and stopped soon after, and I came to find myself in front of a door with a strange symbol and the number ‘12’ marked on it.

“This is your room. This is where you’ll be staying for the duration of your time here from now on,” Kris opened the door and moved to let me in. It was a fairly nice room: wide windows showing the skyline of the city, a huge bed with the fluffiest blankets and pillows you would have ever seen. The closet was huge, too.

“This is… This is really nice,” I turned to Yifan, “Thank you. I can’t remember the last time I had one of these.”

“What, a room to yourself?”

“No. A bed.”

I saw something flash in his eyes, something like sadness mixed with something else I couldn’t make out.

After a while of just exploring the room, I heard Kris clear his throat behind me, “Have you decided what you want the others to call you?”

“I honestly have no clue,” I said, staring out at the skyline once again. I really didn’t have any idea though. What kind of thing speaks me, calls out to me?

When I had returned from my thoughts, I turned to Yifan. He had the expression on his face lie he was waiting for me to reply, so I assumed that he was trying to talk to me while I was doing my soul searching there.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I said, what about we just call you Maknae for now until you can actually pick something final? I mean, you are the youngest one here now, so I think it’s fitting. What do you think?”

“Hmm… Sure, why not? Not like I can come up with anything better at the moment,” I said with a small smile.

“Alright, you know now where you’ll be staying, so we should probably go head out and meet up with the others in the lounge. They’re probably getting impatient waiting to meet you,” Kris said, clapping a hand on my shoulder. We headed out the door and in the opposite direction we came from.

We approached a black door, and the closer we got, the more voices I heard coming from behind it. All the chatter though died down as I stepped through the door, Kris following soon after. I looked for Suho out of all of the and as soon as I spotted him, he made his way over to me and put an arm around my shoulders.

He outstretched his arm in a big arc, “This is the lounge, it’s where they hang outmost of the time in their free time. Guys, this is our newest recruit, who will also be our last one. He’s got what we’ve been searching for all this time.”

“Kris told me that I was the maknae out of everyone now, so you guys can call me that, I guess..” I said, starting to feel slightly uneasy. I knew there were a few people, but for some reason right now nine people staring me down was a little intimidating, especially when I knew none of them.

“HA! I’M NOT THE YOUNGEST HERE ANYMORE! FINALLY!” A man with bronze skin and black hair exclaimed.

“Suho,” a man with pixie-like eyes spoke up, “he’s the one? Does he know how to… y’know, control it?”

“Yes, Xiumin, he does have the power to seize control of the wind and use it for himself. I don’t think he knows how to control when he uses it or when he doesn’t though. The only instance we’ve seen him use it was out of self defense and fear. You can ask Chen or Peach later when they come back, because they were the ones on this mission with me.”

“Hey, speaking of, I have a question,” I spoke up, “Why was it that you only interfered with those guys attacking me when it proved to be beneficial to you?”

“We aren’t supposed to interfere with our missions or the subjects of said missions unless it’s critical. Seeing you use your powers was enough to know that this was big, and that you were the one,” He explained.

“Ah… Okay, I guess…”

“Oh, I haven’t properly introduced everyone. Youngest to oldest,” Suho pointed to each person in turn, “Xiumin, Xiao Lu, you’ve already met me and Kris, then there’s Lay, but he isn’t here, then Kkaebsong, Chen, not here, Phoenix, D.O, Peach, also not here, Kai, and then you.”

“Kris just stuck to calling me Maknae for now, when he was showing me to my room and everything,” I said, “and once I come up with something better I’ll use stick to that for now. My brain is kinda currently in just about thirty different places, so I’ll just stick with what’s been given to me.”

“Sounds good,” Suho said, flashing me a smile, “just let me know when you come up with something. And make it good, you can only choose once.”

“Got it.”

“I hope you find comfort here, and I hope you can grow to like this place like we do,” he said. And with that, Suho and Kris exited. It was only then that the entire time we were in there, Kris didn’t speak once.

I turned back around, and not to my surprise, they were all staring me down. I tilted my head to the side, silently saying ‘Is something the matter?’. Everyone but Xiumin and Kai turned around and walked back to the couches and resumed whatever they had been doing before I entered.

The door opened quietly, and three people walked in, who I assumed to be Lay, Chen, and Peach walked in. They gave me one look and hurried to the couch, and started talking in hushed voices with the others, and I assumed that the others were asking Peach and Chen about what happened on their latest escapade out into the city. I turned back to Xiumin and Kai.

“How long have you been here in the building for?” Xiumin asked first.

“I have no idea,” I answered honestly, “I just woke up today. When I got taken by them, it was nighttime, so it could be a day, just a night, or more.” We moved over to sit with everyone else. “But overall I honestly have no clue. One minuteI’m getting my shit kicked in by these guys that apparently thought I did something wrong. They were beating my head in one moment, then they just, flew through the air, then I think I passed out and that’s why I don’t remember how I got here. But next thing I know, I’m tied to a chair in a terrifyingly white and clean room, waiting for who knows what to come next. Then I heard voices arguing and yelling in the next room over, and it ended up being Suho and Kris. Then Suho walked in, apologized, untied me, and when Kris asked in, they took my picture and identified me properly.”

I awaited the onslaught of questions. After all, I was the new kid here, so I kinda expected it to happen.

“You’ve been here for approximately four hours. Chen and I were the two people with Suho on this mission, and we also witnessed your outburst,” Peach explained.

“Yeah, he’s right,” Chen added, “Peach and I weren’t really crazy about the idea of taking you in without your consent or at least saying something to you first, but Suho said that it was crucial to the mission that we retrieved you. And with him being our leader, we couldn’t refuse his orders.”

“I don’t even know how I did that, if I’m being completely honest,” I said. “I just remember being scared and wanting help, wanting away from those guys…Oh, speaking of, when he was talking about me, he said I ‘controlled the wind’. Do you guys also control things?”

“Sort of,” Lay said. “We all have our perks. Xiumin can control things like ice, snow, frost, and the like. Xiao Lu can move things with that tiny mind of his, Kris can fly, Suho can control water, I have the ability to heal, Kkaebsong can control light, Chen can control electricity and lightning, Phoenix does heat and fire and stuff, D.O is strong and control earth, Peach can play with the flow of time as it stands, Kai can teleport, d you, we’re told that you can somehow control the wind.” With the mention of each person’s name, save Lay, Suho, and Kris, they all demonstrated. Xiumin froze the flowers in the vase on the table, Xiao Lu moved them closer to us since it was on the far side of the table. Kkaebsong lit up the palms of his hands, Chen turned the lights off and on, Phoenix unfroze the flowers. D.O stood up and lifted the couch that the majority of us were sitting on, and Kai teleported to my room and back and gave me my (?) phone that I didn’t know I had. I was pretty impressed though, by the end of it.

“Be careful, though, Maknae,” Xiao Lu spoke up, “when they start your training to teach you how to use your powers properly, it can be kind of difficult, since you don’t really know how to use them yet.”

“They were only hard for you because you’re a wimp,” D.O muttered under his breath, earning a snicker from Kkaebsong and Kai, and getting an offended sounding ‘Hey!’ from Xiao Lu. It made me smile a little.

“What will they make me do?” I asked.

“Well, for starters,” Phoenix said, “they’ll do a little questioning and mental training before you move on to physical stuff. What I mean by mental training is that they’ll put you in a simulation that will mimic a mission and see how you react and stuff. Once they decide that you’re in the right mind to be using them, then they’ll move on to the physical stuff. How intense the training is depends on your power type. Take my case against someone like… Kai, for example. Fire is destructive and can be devastating, so my training was very extensive. Kai, on the other hand, didn’t have to do much because teleportation isn’t harmful to anyone, so his took less time to complete.” Kai nodded along, agreeing with the comparison. “Your’s though, I honestly don’t know what to tell you about it. Wind can be harmful, but at the same time it isn’t that bad? All I can really tell you for advice here is that you should prepare for and expect the worst, but hope for the best.

“Thanks, Phoenix,” I said.

The rest of the night was spent just talking to them and getting to know who I would have to recognize as my new teammates. Xiumin, Xiao Lu, Kris, Lay, Chen, and peach were all part of the ‘China Team’ that Kris had mentioned earlier, I have I found out he’s the leader of when they’re over there. Xiumin also said that there haven’t been many cases like this, where both teams from both countries had to come together for a mission like this, but when they do, Suho takes on this ‘supreme leader position’, as Kkaebsong put it. Altogether, I don’t think I mind the lot of them. They all seem pretty nice and accepting of just about anything. It was a bittersweet feeling. One one hand, I loved it because it was the first time in a long while that I was accepted with such open arms On the other hand though… I can’t remember the last time that I was accepted this warmly, either, or from who for that matter.

I stayed back in the lounge after everyone else had already filed out. I wanted to enjoy the view while I had the opportunity, because it was beyond amazing. I didn’t realize we were this high up, but it wasn’t a problem. The view was beautiful and I’m not one to complain. The lights from all the buildings and the cars lit up the clouds hovering over the city with a soft orange glow. I put my hand up to he glass, wondering what it would be like to be in one of those bullrings, or to be like Kris and fly above all of this. That would be the ultimate view, you would be able to see everything and-

A cough from behind made my thoughts come to a screeching halt. I quickly stood up and looked to where it came from, and I was met with Xiao Lu, facing me with a soft smile on his face.

“Enjoying yourself?” He chuckled. I opened my mouth to say something, but my voice had taken leave and disappeared. He laughed again, “It’s okay, I was the same way when I first came here, too. It’s beautiful. It’ll be here tomorrow night, too, though. But for now, it’s late, and we should head to our rooms.”

I turned around, taking one last look at the skyline, before turning on my heel and heading out the door with Xiao Lu down the hall to our rooms.

I didn’t realize how exhausted today had made me until I took my bed into view. I fell asleep practically right as my head hit the pillow.

Chapter Text

I woke up the next day feeling more refreshed than I ever remember. Then again, it’s the first time in a couple years or so that I got a full night’s sleep. Maybe it had to do with the fact that this time, I had an actual bed to sleep in. I had almost forgotten what a bed felt like.


I looked at the clock on the table next to my bed. 9:42. Damn it! I thought to myself. If I don’t hurry I’m going to be late to training with Suho... I hurriedly put on some jeans and a hoodie and started running down the hall. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, not like I knew where exactly I was going anyways, and I collided with someone.


”In a hurry, Maknae?” Kai chuckled.


”Yeah, kind of. I’m supposed to be at training at ten,” I said, struggling to catch my breath.


”Really?” Kai eyed me down. “It’s only...” he pulled out his phone, “...9:50. You have plenty of time. What’s the rush?”


”I, uh, kinda have no idea where it is. I’ve just been running around trying to find where it is,” I admitted.


”Don’t worry! I’ll lead you there so you won’t be late, Maknae,” Kai put a hand on my shoulder and turned me around in the direction I came. We passed a door, took a left, then a right, and then... I lost track of where we were going. It felt like I was going in circles, on a ride to nowhere.


Five minutes of walking later, he stopped me in front of a set of double doors. “This is it. When you walk in, there will be two hallways. Go down the left. Left is mental, right is physical. You’ll start out with mental as the rest of us did. Good luck.” He pat my shoulder and I turned to open the door. I felt a hand on my elbow though and I stopped.


Kai leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I’m not supposed to say this, but in private when Suho and Kris aren’t around, we use our real names and not these fake names that they tell us to go by. It feels more real that way, like we actually know each other then. They don’t want us getting too attached to each other in case something were to happen on the field, y’know? But we do it anyways. Mine is Jongin, Kim Jongin. What’s yours, Maknae?”


”Sehun, Oh Sehun,” I whispered over my shoulder, mimicking his James Bond-like introduction. I heard a sharp exhale of breath from him that I assumed it be a laugh on his part, and went through the door.


I went through the left door as Jongin had instructed me to, and was me with Suho crouching over a computer, set next to a chair that slightly resembled a dentist’s chair, but not quite. 


“Ah, right on time,” Suho greeted me as he noticed me walk through the door, “good. Punctuality is a good habit to maintain here. Do you need a minute or two to prepare yourself, or no?”


I sighed, “Might as well do it now before I have time to start thinking and get scared over nothing, I guess.”


He sat me down in the chair and handed me a little shot glass with blue liquid in it. “What is this?”


”It puts you to sleep and gives you the simulations that we need you to go through. It used to be that we would inject the serum into your neck, but since we couldn’t get other members to participate with that due to fear of needles, we changed it to this. The other was orange, this is blue. The colour signifies how it’s supposed to be put into the body,” he explained.


”Alright,” I said, about to drink the stuff, but he stopped me.


”Wait a sec,” he said, pulling something out from under the desk his computer was sitting on. It looked something like a VR headset kind of. 


“This headset is an added thing. In the sims, sometimes the other members would have no idea where they were supposed to go or what they were supposed to do. This helps with that. It controls some of the senses, and, if I were to need to, allows me to manually change something within the sim. Overall this is entirely to teach you how to use your powers without you actually using them. Sound good?” 


“Yeah, sure. Let’s go.”


I put on the headset, and almost immediately after, I found myself in a dark section of the city that I didn’t recognize. I didn't even know if I was still in New Seoul. I tried to asses my surroundings. Phoenix, Xiao Lu, and Lay were with me, but... there were also several others that I didn’t recognize. And they didn’t look friendly. 


Chaos broke out in a flash. Xiao Lu brought four of them up into the air with little effort and threw them to the side like it was nothing. He was protecting Lay, I realized. Phoenix lit the ground around a couple of them on fire, and they dropped their weapons. I assumed they were trying to put out some of it so they could escape. All the while... I was doing nothing. I was frozen with fear, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I had no idea how to control the wind, how was I supposed to protect them? I’m not even strong. I heard a scream and turned around. Some of the guys had Phoenix on the ground now. Xiao Lu diverted for a split second, trying to help Phoenix, but that was all it took. He made the mistake of putting his attention on Phoenix, rather than the guys around him, and just like that, I was the last one standing


Panic spiralled within me. What was I gonna do? I can’t do anything. I can barely protect myself! But yet, now it was up to me to save my team and myself at the same time. I grabbed my head in frustration, doing the only thing I could think to do at the moment. Scream. I wrenched my eyes shut and just screamed ”STOP” throat-ripping-ly loud. When I finally released the iron grip on my head, realizing that I hadn’t been taken down yet, I looked around for the guys, but they were all gone. The only ones around me now were Phoenix, Xiao Lu, and Lay, all wearing matching looks of curiosity, amazement, and some confusion.


The headset was ripped off my head, and I immediately tried to sit up, but Suho was blocking my way. His gaze was like what the three of them wore in my sim, but Suho’s had a level of intensity to it, like I did something he couldn’t figure out how.


He finally spoke, “How long did you think that was?”


”Uh, ten or fifteen minutes maybe?” I thought out loud.


”Not even that. Ninety-four seconds, to be exact.”


”Is that normal, or...?” I asked, anxiety rising.


”That’s the fastest that anyone here’s ever done it. Not even Kris or I had done it that quickly.” I felt the room drop out from under me as he said this. “You got some talent in there,” he pointed at me, “you just need to learn how to use it the right way.”




“Next time though, it’ll be different in there.”


I looked at him, “What do you mean?”


Suho turned back to the computer, typing away furiously, ”Next time, I don’t think I’m gonna put you with anyone else. I’m most likely going to put you on your own, in a completely stress-free environment. See if you can do it on your own instead of being a spur-of-the-moment thing that you did because you were scared or nervous, or out of self-defence.” Not once during this did he take his eyes off the screen.


“Did I... do a bad?” I asked cautiously.


“No, no, not at all. You actually did very very well. You can go back to your room, or the lounge, or whatever you want. The rest of the day is in your hands.” I couldn’t help that, I sensed an underlying note of... jealousy? I couldn’t put a definite name on what I heard there, but it was something close to that. I decided to not give it any mind as I turned and walked out the door. The rest of today I planned on familiarizing myself with the building so I don’t almost get late to something again or potentially lost.




It was about nine at night when I finally decided that I should relax for a little while. I decided on the lounge, since that was most likely where everyone else was. And I was right, everyone was there. Well, everyone except Kris and Suho.


”So,” Xiao Lu said as I sat down next to him, “how did you do in training?”


”Suho says two more days and then I can go on to physical.”


Silence. I opened my eyes and found everyone gaping at me. “What? Is something wrong?”


”What do you mean, two days?? It took all of us over a week to move onto physical!” Kkaebsong yelled.


”I don’t know,” I said sheepishly, “Suho pulled me out as everything kinda exploded for me. I looked around and the three of you that were with me were just staring at me.” I went on and explained what the sim was like for me. Even the part where I thought Suho sounded a little jealous.


”Oh my god Maknae... that’s incredible!” Xiumin exclaimed. “You must be really good if you’re advancing on that quickly.”


”Yeah, I wouldn’t say that exactly. Thanks though,” I laughed shyly.


“Don’t doubt yourself,” Xiumin smiled at me.


”Oh hey, Jongin, before I forget,” I said, turning my attention to him, “earlier when you told me the thing about the names, I forgot to ask, do you guys know Suho and Kris’s names?”


”No! They never told us! Do you know them?” 


“They didn’t tell me either but I know them,” I said.


”What are they?” Jongin asked me.


”Suho’s is Kim Junmyeon and Kris’s is Wu Yifan. When I woke up tied to that chair on my first night here, they were yelling at each other in the next room over, and they were using their real names.”


”Woah,” Jongin said softly, “those names are softer than their outward appearances. Ours,” he pointed to everyone in turn, “Xiumin’s is Kim Minseok, Xiao Lu’s is Luhan, Lay’s is Zhang Yixing, Kkaebsong’s is Byun Baekhyun, Chen’s is Kim Jongdae, Phoenix’s is Park Chanyeol, D.O’s is Do Kyungsoo, Peach’s is Huang Zitao, and you already know mine.” Everyone gave a little wave or some form of acknowledgement at the mention of their names.


”What’s yours?” Baekhyun asked.


”Sehun. Oh Sehun.” I smiled. “Glad I got to meet the real you, guys.” 


The soft chimes went off, signifying our time to head back to our rooms for the night. I stayed back again, wanting to just look at the lights of the city. It gave me an odd sense of peace and serenity. It was nice feeling this calm, with training making me feel all anxious and everything today. I wished it was always like this.


And once again, a cough from behind me interrupted my train of thought. Not surprisingly, it was Luhan again.


”Little rebel, not leaving when he’s supposed to,” he laughed lightly.


”Do you just have a thing for watching me look out the windows at night?”


”Hmm,” he put a hand on his chin, thinking, “no, not really. Before you came here, I did the same thing you’re doing right now, so it’s only natural habit to me now to hang back for a little while.”


”Do you wanna sit down then instead of standing all night?” I pat the spot on the floor next to me, and he took it. He started to talk about home, to fill the silence. I loved his stories, imagining myself in his place instead of what I went through when I had a home. I was always a better listener than a talker anyway, so I just sat there quietly and let him go on. He seemed happy, reminiscing over memories.


“It’s really late,” I yawned. We had been sitting there an hour, and not once did I interrupt him. I didn’t mind it being so late, I just didn’t feel like being possibly being chewed out for staying out of our rooms too late.


”You’re right, we should get going.” He stood up and offered me a hand up, and I took it. We headed down the hall in the direction of our rooms.


”Goodnight, Sehun,” Luhan said as he went into his door.


”Goodnight, Luhan,” I returned. I closed the door quietly behind me, trying not to make noise. I leaned against the door and sighed contently.


I was beginning to think that making friends here wouldn’t be as hard as I thought.

Chapter Text

The sunlight streaming through my windows was blinding me in my half-woken state. I rolled over to face my bedside table, grabbing my phone to check the time. 7:04 AM. Groaning to myself, I dropped my phone next to me. Until I realised-- there had been a note left on my bedside table.


'Don't worry about training today, I'm giving you a free day, with how quickly you're advancing. The day is in your hands, spend it as you'd like        ~Suho'


To no surprise, my first thought of what to do was food. If I got breakfast now, it would be the first time since I'd gotten here that I would be able to eat breakfast. Pushing the blanket away with only my feet, I pulled myself out of bed. My wardrobe for the day was simple: black t-shirt, black hat, jeans. Nothing too fancy.


Getting to the dining room was easy enough. When Jongin had shown me to the training centre in the building yesterday, he pointed out the dining room on the way there, as if it were the most important room in the entire facility.


I pushed the doors open and was greeted by Baekhyun, Jongdae, and Minseok sitting together. Minseok was shaking his head and rolling his eyes, obviously having mixed feelings about what the two of them were saying. I decided to go and sit with them rather than to sit alone.


"Sehun! Okay, so, you can tell them that they're wrong, and I'm right," Minseok said as I sat down next to him.


"What... am I deciding?" I looked to Baekhyun and Jongdae's side of the table.


"Dae said that bicycles were just acoustic motorcycles, and when I agreed, Minseok called us both idiots! Can you believe him?" Baekhyun raved.


I thought hard about it, and the longer I thought about it... the more I realised that the two of them weren't wrong. "Uh, Minseok, I hate to break it to you, but they have a point. Think about it."


"Ha! See, we're not wrong and we're not idiots!" Jongdae yelled, throwing his fists in the air in victory. Minseok groaned and slammed his head on the table, defeated. "I can't necessarily take all the credit for that, though. Yixing helped me come up with it."


"Of course he did. Why does that not surprise me?" Minseok grumbled. "I don't understand what made me agree to be on a sub-team with you two. I'm the only logical one out of us all. Makes sense that I'm the leader then."


"Sub-team?" I looked at Baekhyun.


"Sometimes we three will be set off on other missions without our main reams. Usually, when we three go on missions like that, they're from Japan, since Korea and China are taken care of by our main teams," Baekhyun explained as I finished my apple I grabbed on the way in.


"I think it would be cool to take on some missions in Thailand or Taiwan every once in a while," Jongdae said faintly.


The door behind us creaked open, and Yixing walked in, nursing what I assumed to be a cup of coffee (Where did he get it from??). "It's way too early to be awake. Why the hell am I awake.." he mumbled quietly, still half asleep.


"Oh, Xing, you would be happy to know that you have another supporter of your wonderful insight on bicycles," Jongdae smirked at Minseok.


"Really now?" he said, not looking up from his cup of coffee.


"Xing, I don't even want to know what you do in your free time that causes you to come up with this," Minseok sighed, rubbing his eyes.


"Minseok, if you're saying that now, you'll love what I had come up with earlier about lasagna and what happened when I forgot the word 'pencil' when I was sitting with Chanyeol a while ago," Yixing said, side-eyeing Minseok over the rim of his cup.


"Oooooooh, what? I really wanna hear this!" Baekhyun said, almost bouncing out of his seat.


"I was down in the studios, right, and Chanyeol was there, too. So instead of asking him if he'd seen my pencil, I went, 'Yeol, have you seen my uh... my... my wooden lead stick thing?' and he just looks at me and goes 'Do you... do you mean your pencil?' and I just looked horrified." By the time he was done with them, Minseok had his head in his hands, while Baekhyun and Jongdae were both laughing so hard that no sound was coming out, with the occasional squeak of 'ʷᵒᵒᵈᵉᶰ ᶫᵉᵃᵈ ˢᵗᶦᶜᵏ' being let out. 


Baekhyun was wiping away tears before he calmed down to manage, "Okay, okay... now, what did you come up with about lasagna?"


"Lasagna is just spaghetti flavoured cake if you think about it," Yixing said, cracking up a little. Baekhyun stopped in their tracks and, in unison, just went 'Woah...'.


"That's it, I'm out," Minseok finally gave up on us. He put his hands up in the air in the surrender pose and walked straight out of the cafeteria. The door closed behind him, and as soon as it did, Baekhyun and Jongdae gave each other one look and burst into another fit of laughter, mouths open wide in laughter but no sound coming out.


"Don't worry, Yixing," I turned to him, "last night, Luhan and I were staying later in the lounge for a little bit after you guys went to bed and we were talking about fears, right? And I looked at him and said, 'I don't really understand why people are afraid of those... those little... things. Not worms, kinda like them though. Why are people so afraid of those freaking, uh... those little nope-ropes?!' and he just kinda slowly turns to me and goes, '...snakes. I think you mean snakes, Hun, my dude.' And I just went 'Yeah! Those things! That's what I meant!'" Jongdae had tears in his eyes from laughter and Baekhyun was on the floor, clutching his stomach and silently laughing like earlier.




After breakfast, I'd wandered around the place for a while, getting to know where everything was and familiarizing myself with my new home. I even found out that there was a library, that I now planned to frequent. But wandering aimlessly got kind of boring after about an hour, so I decided to hang out with Kyungsoo, because why not? I shot him a quick text:


To: D.O

What are you doing at the moment?


He replied quicker than I thought he would:


To: Maknae

Nothing, why?


To: D.O

Wanna hang out? I need something to do. I've been wandering around for almost an hour for no reason.


To: Maknae

Wow, ok. Yeah, I'm in the kitchen. You're free to drop in whenever.


The kitchen? I thought. Why? I shrugged it off and turned to head in the direction of the kitchen. 


The dining room and the kitchen were joint, so I had to pass through there to get to the kitchen. The dining room was empty, and the only person in the kitchen was Kyungsoo.


"Hey, Sehun," Kyungsoo said as he spotted me approaching.


"What are you doing in here, Kyungsoo?"


"Preparing for dinner, why?"


"It's early for dinner, don't you think?" I said, pulling out my phone. "It's only like two p.m."


"It takes a little longer to make them, and the cooking takes a little bit, too, so they should altogether be ready by about six," he explained as I examined the ingredients he had laid out on the counter. "I got bored, too. So the ones that I don't cook tonight can be frozen for later use."


"That makes sense... want some help making them?" I offered.


"You sure?"


"Yeah, sure. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two," I smiled at him.


"I hope so. Minseok tried to cook with me before and I swear he could burn water without even trying, no joke," Kyungsoo said, smiling. It hit me then, at that moment, that that was really the first time I saw him smile. And not the fake ones he gives, this was a real, genuine smile. 


Kyungsoo taught me how to make mandthat afternoon, and he said that he didn't think I did too bad, even though it was cleat which ones I made. All of my poor things were oddly misshapen and squished, while his were perfectly made and pinched closed. Nevertheless, they all tasted the same. At dinner, Baekhyun had asked Kyungsoo what happened to him while he was making them to make some of them deformed (which earned him a punch from both Jongin and Chanyeol). I said that I helped make them, and that was probably why, and he apologized quickly.


I noticed, though, that the entire time at dinner, something was surrounding Yifan and Junmyeon. It was like a black cloud was hovering over them and it was affecting them pretty harshly. They were quieter at dinner than I ever remember them being here, and they kept looking at each other, giving one another a look like they knew something was wrong, but we didn't. But I also knew that my mind liked to run off to places and blow things out of proportion, too, so I blew it off. I mean, they were both our leaders, and leaders take on the brunt of the teams' stress, so maybe that was just it. 


I had been in my own world, spacing out for so long that by the time I came back down to earth, everyone was looking at me, some worried, some confused. I shot a questioning look at them all.


"Maknae, we've been trying to talk to you for at least five minutes. Is everything alright in there?" It almost hurt, hearing the levels of concern in Zitao's usually happy voice. He was always soft-spoken, but never worried sounding.


"Yeah, yeah... everything's fine with me. I'm okay," I said. My mind kept supplying endless thoughts about what Junmyeon and Yifan could have been worrying about because they obviously knew something the rest of us didn't, but I think I was the only one that noticed. Things like, What's going to happen? and Does it have anything to do with us?


"Are you sure?" Junmyeon asked. I just kept playing with my spoon, staying enough in touch with reality that I could hear them, but far enough away that I could think to myself.


I sighed, "Yes, eomma. I even had enough time in there to think of what I actually wanted to be called instead of just 'Maknae'."


"Oh? What is it?"


"Ninety-Four. You'd understand why," I said, giving him a look that said that he did, and he raised his eyebrows in understanding, like 'Yeah, I know'.


Junmyeon chuckled, "Alright, Ninety-Four it is, then."


"Why a number? That's weird," Jongdae said. Minseok slapped him lightly on the arm and lightly whispered, 'Don't be rude, Dae'.


"It's fine, Xiumin. But, Chen, I can't tell you why. That has to stay a secret between Suho and myself that must never be revealed to the public," I said with a smile. Jongdae pouted from across the table, and dinner continued like it normally did.




After dinner, I only stayed in the lounge for about an hour before going to bed myself. Despite the protests for me to stay and play more billiards and table tennis with them, I couldn't. My worry furthered itself when Junmyeon and Yifan didn't come to the lounge after dinner like they normally did. So I excused myself, said goodnight, and left to my room.


My dreams that night were filled with every scenario my mind could come up with. Everything that could be wrong with the two of them. And fear is a strong thing.


Chapter Text

I woke up the next day more exhausted and worried than I remember being when I had gone to bed. I barely slept at all, my mind never let me. It just kept going and going and going... One thought would add onto another until it just wouldn't stop. Every time that I did fall asleep, though, I would just jolt awake not long after, breathing heavily and feeling extremely disoriented and scared. After my third time waking, I gave up on sleep. Though, the third time I managed to doze off, when I woke up, there was a note on my table, making me worry more. 


'Ninety Four, your schedule, along with everyone else's, has been cleared for the day, with the exception only of a mandatory team meeting at 1600 hours.'


I didn't know what to do, so I just sat in bed for a while. But that got boring after a while, so I texted Minseok, Jongdae, and Tao to come to sit with me.


To: Xiumin, Chen, Peach

Do you guys want to come to sit with me for a while? This silence is killing me


Not long after sending the text, the three of them walked in, and Tao looked really scared. 


I decided to break the silence, "Did you guys get the note too, or was it just me...?"


Minseok sighed, "Yeah, we all got one. All saying the same thing."


Tao laid his head in my lap, "Sehun, what's going to happen? What do you think could have caused them to change it? I can't ever remember them ever doing something like this..." Tao's voice was barely over a whisper. Ever since I've met Tao, I don't remember him being this worried looking. Yeah, he's always quiet, but never worried. He has that kind of face where he's easily readable, and worry was never there. At least, not that I remember.


"I have no idea, Taozi..." Minseok said. He had a far-off look in his eyes, like he was trying to decide whether or not he wanted to cry, yell, or hit something.


"Dae... I'm honestly scared," I said, looking at him. Tao whimpered in my lap, and I pet his hair, shushing him. Jongdae hadn't said anything, but he looked at me with a look that said 'I know, I am too.' I felt Tao start to cry in my lap, and I just continued to run my fingers through his hair, whispering things like 'It'll be okay' or 'We'll be alright, I promise'. I wished I could do something more to calm him. Then again, Tao was one of those people where, no matter what, if he was sad, you were sad, too. Or if he was worried, or scared, same case scenario.


We sat in silence, just worrying about what's possible to come. Lunch did come around, but none of us went. We were too worried to even eat. The majority of the time leading up to the meeting was, like I said, silence, or it was the three of us trying to keep Tao calm.


Dread filled us as the time came around. Tao whined, scared, but I held his hand and told him that it was going to be okay. I just followed Minseok and Jongdae since they'd been here longer, and also because I've never been to the meeting room. I never had any need to. It took longer than I thought it was going to, but three floors down and multiple long hallways later, we arrived.


Everyone was already there by the time we walked through the doors. Junmyeon and Yifan were standing up, pacing a bit in front of the table. The look that was there yesterday on their faces had returned with a vicious intensity. Now I knew something was wrong. We just decided to seat ourselves as soon as we came in, Jongdae and I surrounding Tao on either side to keep him calm and not afraid during this. 


"Okay. I can already tell you guys are just as scared as we are," Junmyeon started, "and we all have Good reason to be. But we decided that we should give you a thorough explanation as to why we're nervous like this."


Murmurs went around the room before Yifan speaking silenced it, "Settle down, everyone. I'm not sure how to word it in a way that would be considered 'nice', so I'm just going to cut straight to the chase." He clicked a button on the panel on the table, and an image popped up on the wall. It was just a map of the world at first, with New Seoul marked with a star to tell us where we were.


"This is now, right?" Yifan looked around, and we all nodded. He pushed another button on the table, and I jolted in my seat at how drastically the map changed. There were red spots in every district of the world, all eighteen. I didn't think I wanted to know what the red meant.


Yifan went on, "The red areas signify attacks within the past month alone in the world. But as you know, the number has still been rising since these statistics were recorded. It all really started when out president Eric Nam got put into office. Until two days ago, we weren't sure why exactly the numbers had started to rise. But now we have answers." Yifan and Junmyeon finally sat down with the rest of us. "Suho and I were recently contacted by an old organization that we used to associate with, Shinhwa, They're now a secret group hiding within the Capitol district and keeping secret tabs on the president and his groups of followers, commonly referred to as SNSD and f(x). Though they're both female-only groups, they're two of the most lethal groups of the thirty-first century. Anyway, when one of Shinhwa's members, Minwoo, contacted us a couple of days ago, he gave us some pretty bad news regarding Eric's plans for the future. Minwoo told us that they had gained some inside information that he would be starting some sort of... world reform. He thinks that because the world elected him as leader that he can change anything that he wants without consulting the district leaders. So now, he's going to try to turn the world that we know of today from a government where the people have a say in what goes into a sort of dictatorship. He wants complete and total power over us. But we aren't going to let that happen."


Silence filled in the room as he stopped. Giving everyone time to let it sink in, that this is all really happening. Chanyeol was the one to finally break it, looking around the table as he spoke, "What are we going to do? What can we do?"


Junmyeon sighed and looked to Yifan, silently asking for help. 


"We've talked to another one of our higher-ups, the group that preceded us as leaders, TVXQ. When we talked to Changmin, he gave us the idea of talking to talk to the other leaders of the districts. See what we can do together if we all worked as one."


I spoke up, finally finding my voice, "So what I'm hearing is... we're going to attempt to start a revolution."


"Essentially, yes. But I'm willing to do anything to keep this district, along with all the other districts, safe. Keeping the world safe is our number one priority. I hope that everyone here shares the same stance in this that I have."


Everyone turned heads, looking at each other. We all shared mixed expressions. Things like fear, confusion, amazement, curiosity, and wonder were all evident, but above everything... you could see determination. Fire danced in everyone's eyes around the table.


"We're in. We'll do whatever it takes. That's what we're even here for, isn't it? Keeping everyone safe?" Jongin said, putting his hands down on the table. A chorus of 'yeah' and 'of course' and other mixed agreements went around the table.


"Well, it's settled, then. We'll set out for District 9 in three days. Their leaders call themselves Stray Kids, and they're relatively young compared to us, but that doesn't stop them from being some of the best leaders this world has. Your schedules, therefore, until we return, are cleared," Junmyeon finished. "You're all dismissed. Take some time to relax, you don't know when you'll get that chance again."


We all got up to disperse to wherever we were to go, before Junmyeon spoke up, "Wait, Sehun."


I turned back, telling Tao that I'd be back soon and that he shouldn't worry. He went on, albeit reluctantly. I turned to face Junmyeon, "What's up?"


"We're going to have to spend an entire day working on your physical training. I wouldn't normally do this, but seeing as how pressed for time we are, I'm not given much of a choice. I have it scheduled for the day after tomorrow, so make sure to remember that. Training will go from one in the afternoon to nine at night. You're dismissed." I turned on my heel and went out the door, to find Tao waiting for me not far down the hall. I walked him to his room, and then I went to my own room. Once again, not long after I went to my own room, Tao came in.


"Hey, Sehunnie..." he said quietly.


"Everything okay?" I asked him. I put down the shirts I was folding up to put away and faced him.


Tao sighed, "Not really, if I'm being honest."


"You know you can tell me anything, Taozi. What's wrong?"


"Sehunnie... I'm scared." He held his elbows close to his sides. "For the first time since I've been here, I have a legitimate sense of complete fear. I don't know what's going to happen or if we're going to be hurt in this or worse or if... if..." Tao sniffled, and I saw a tear slip down his nose.

"Hey, now..." I walked over to him, "everything's going to be okay. You're going to be okay. I promise."


He threw his arms around me and began to sob. I rubbed his back, hushing him and assuring him that everything will be okay.


"Sorry, sorry..." Tao said, sniffling and swiping at his nose as he backed up slightly. He kept his arms around me, and looked up to me with his tear-filled eyes, looking for reassurance.


I put a hand on his cheek, smiling when he leaned into it. Tao rested his head onto my chest, and my arms wrapped around him a tight embrace. I'm not sure how exactly to explain it, but I had the feeling now that I needed to protect him. Like he was some fragile little thing that needed all the protection in the world. And now, I felt like it was my duty to take care of him. To protect him, and make sure nothing should come to harm him. 


I loosened my grip on him and leaned back, looking him in the eyes, "Do you think you'll be okay now?"


"Yeah, yeah, I think so..." he mumbled into my chest. 


Was there anything else you needed, Taozi?"


I felt him smile into my chest before mumbling something I couldn't exactly make out. I smiled, "What was that?"


"I just uh..." he looked away, and I could have sworn that I saw him blushing. 


"Don't be shy. You can ask me anything. Besides, how could I possibly say no to you?"


He smiled again, but the shy look returned quickly. "I, uh... can I stay in here with you tonight?"


"You mean like, sleep with me tonight?"


Tao blushed and looked down once again, barely whispering 'yeah' before hiding in my chest again. 


"Taozi, you can stay with me for as long as you'd like. I'll always be here for you, I promise," I chuckled. He beamed up at me before running out of the room, and I assumed he was going to go grab his things and change clothes.


My phone buzzed with a message from Luhan:


To: 94

You good?


To: Xiao Lu

Yeah, I think I'm gonna be okay.


To: 94

Alright, just making sure. We can hang out tomorrow if you'd like.


To: Xiao Lu

Sure. We can do that.


I put my phone down and cleared off my bed of the folded clothing I was beginning to pack, cleaning up for Tao's stay with me.


Tao walked in at about ten-thirty p.m. and almost immediately made himself at home. I turned and laid on my side, facing Tao. He curled into me once I faced him and wrapped his arms around me. I put my arm around him and whispered goodnight as I let sleep take me.

Chapter Text

I woke up the next morning at around nine a.m. Tao was still asleep, so I decided to stay still until he woke up. I didn't mind. He was warm and cuddly. He looked so peaceful and free of stress, and the mix of the sunlight streaming in the window and his mussed up hair made him look so soft. I smiled to myself, barely running my fingers through his hair. He smiled in his sleep, apparently enjoying me doing it. It didn't last much longer, though. His breathing quickened slightly, suiting that of someone awake much rather than sleeping.

Tao opened his eyes just a crack, "What time is it, Hunnie?"

"Around nine-thirty," I answered, still running my fingers through his hair. "Do you want some breakfast or something before it's too late?"

"Mmm, sounds nice..."

We rolled out of bed and put on some clothes suitable for leaving the room. What I had chose was simple: black sweatpants and a light grey t-shirt. Tao put on a white shirt and some dark shorts, not bothering with his hair.

Just as I went to reach for the doorknob, Tao let out a small 'wait' and put a hand on my elbow, stopping me.

I turned around, "What's up?"

"Thanks.. for, y'know, letting me stay with you last night. I really appreciate it."

"No worries," I smiled. "You can stay with me any time you'd like to. If they have rooms we can sleep in on the train then you're more than welcome to come to stay with me then, too-"

All of a sudden he wrapped me up in a crushing hug, "Thank you, Sehunnie. I'm glad you're okay with me staying with you like this. I'm usually not like this, but now that I am... I don't know how to deal with it. You won't have to do this after all of this is over, though. I'll leave you alone if you want me to."

I sighed, "Taozi... when I said that you could stay with me any time you wanted, I meant that for any time, not just now because of the current chaos going on. I'll always be here for you. I really care for you, you know.."

"R-really?" An edge of disbelief crept into Taozi's voice, but there was also... almost optimism. A tinge of hope.

"Of course," I said, tightening my embrace on him as he said something I couldn't tell into the space between us.

"What was that?" I asked.

He opened his mouth, assumedly to answer my question, when Baekhyun opened the door, frantically looking around for something.

"Baekhyun? What's the matter?" I asked him, reluctantly detaching myself from Tao.

"Where is he?" He sounded almost out of breath.

"What do you mean?" I said, shooting him a look of confusion.

"Chanyeol. He's gone. He isn't answering his phone, or any of the many texts from anyone, not even me," tears started to form in his eyes, "and no one knows where he is. I'm really worried. Please... If you know where he is, please, tell me." He broke down into sobs, and I swear I heard my heart crack a little. The happiness usually present in him was completely gone, replaced by a visible aura of fear and worry.

"Okay, okay," I said, making my way across the room to him, "I'll help you find him, Baek. Everything is going to be okay." He hugged me tightly, tears soaking into my shirt, his sobs now shaking the both of us. Baekhyun thanked me repeatedly, and I gestured for Tao to come with us. I pat Baekhyun's back, making for the door. He let go of me, but stayed on my arm, just trying to find something stable to latch on to.

It was... well, chaos to say the least. Junmyeon and Yifan were deep in conversation, wildly gesturing with their hands. They were outside Chanyeol's room, room number eight. Kyungsoo was on the outside of Jongin's doorway to his room, and all you could hear from Jongin's room were loud wails of distress. That hurt me almost as much as it did to see Baekhyun as sad as he was now. Jongin was always so happy and carefree, and hearing him like this... it broke hearts. Jongdae and Minseok came rushing out of their rooms, phones in hand, and headed down the hall, presumedly going to look for Chanyeol somewhere in the building. Tao stuck to my side, scared of the whole scene, while Baekhyun clung to my arm on the other side of me, silent tears continuing to fall. The only people I noticed not present were Yixing and Luhan. I told Tao and Baekhyun to wait for a second while I went to check on the two of them, and Baekhyun slowly let go of my arm, instead latching on to Tao's arm.

I walked to the door labelled '2', Luhan's room, and knocked softly before entering. He was still asleep, sprawled out on the bed as if he were skydiving.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I put my hand on his back, slightly shaking him, "Lu? Luhan, hey, you have to get up."

He mumbled a 'hmmm.. five more minutes, Hun', muffled by the pillow he was laying on.

"Luhan," I said, taking up a tone of urgency, "this is serious. You need to get up. Right now."

He sat up and rubbed his eyes, and I guess he saw the look my eyes held because he immediately took on a look of concern. "What's... going on?"

"Chanyeol is missing."

His eyes widened and he gasped, "What? What do you mean, missing?"

"You know just about as much as I do, Lu. Baekhyun came in my room this morning, in tears, saying that Chanyeol was missing. It's chaos in the hall right now, and We all need to get up and find him."

I don't think I'd ever seen him get up and do anything as quickly as he shot out of bed and got dressed. As soon as he was done, I took his hand and we ran to room five to wake up Yixing and get him up to date.

He was much harder to wake up, that's for sure. Once we knew he was up enough that we knew he understood what we were saying, we explained everything. At the mention of Chanyeol being missing, he popped up into a sitting position, eyes wide. He had just about the same reaction that Luhan did, and as soon as Yixing was dressed, too, we both went to Junmyeon and Yifan, asking what happened. Baekhyun and Tao tried to follow us, but I told Baekhyun not to come with us because he already knew what was going on. With as upset as he was, it'd be better for him to not have to hear what happened for a second time.

What Junmyeon explained was a complicated thing but in much simpler terms. He put it like this: Baekhyun had woken up due to a nightmare, and like he usually did when this occurred, he went to go to Chanyeol, looking for comfort. Upon entry, he immediately noticed the bed's emptiness and got a little panicked because it was unusual. After searching everywhere in the building pretty much, and no response to any of Baekhyun's calls or texts, Baekhyun finally decided to get Junmyeon and Yifan involved, grabbing their attention and reporting him missing. I sighed and turned back to head to Baekhyun, before Yifan's hand on my shoulder stopped me. I told Yixing, Tao, and Luhan to go to Baekhyun and keep him calm. Or at least from crying anymore, because it was completely shattering my heart seeing him like that.

"Sehun," he said, once they were out of earshot, surprising me by using my real name instead of the all-important nicknames given to us, "we're taking on a spur of the moment mission. A search party, more like. To go look for Phoenix, you know. We can't let Kkaebsong know, though." He must have let my real name slip on accident, then.


"If he comes, he has a bad habit of letting his emotions get the best of him at the worst of times. We want you to come along with Ju- Suho and me, but we need two more people to come with us tonight."

"...You're asking me who I think we should bring along?"

He nodded.

"Peach, definitely. As for the other two..." I sighed, "I can think of three others, but I don't want to pick just two out of the three of them."


"Lay, Kai, and D.O."

He nodded slowly, weighing his options. "Hmmm... Actually, we can make do with that... yeah, the seven of us would be well off together. Thanks, Ninety Four. We leave at 20:00 tonight. Make sure someone keeps an eye on Kkaebsong, so he doesn't notice our absence."

"Yeah, yeah, no problem, Kris," I nodded to him. He nodded back and headed to Junmyeon, most likely to discuss what would be happening tonight and who his companions would be on this sort of search-and-rescue-like mission.

I headed back to the four of them and noticed that they had gotten Baekhyun to stop crying. Kyungsoo had gone in Jongin's room, now, and Jongin was now silent, too. The only sound now in the hall was Junmyeon and Yifan's faint whispers, and Kyungsoo hushing Jongin and comforting him. At least he had calmed, too. Jongin was so sweet, it hurt to see him sad.

I was going to pull Luhan aside and tell him, but I thought that would draw too much attention. Instead, I shot him a text explaining it all:

To: Xiao Lu

Yifan wants me, him, Junmyeon, Jongin, Kyungsoo, Yixing, and Tao to go out on a search party tonight to look for Chanyeol. He said we needed to find some way to keep Baekhyun busy so he doesn't notice we're gone. Do you think the three of you guys can handle that? If you explain to Minseok and Jongdae hyung, I know they'll understand. We leave at 20:00 tonight.

His phone buzzed with my text, and he shot me a confused look when he saw that it was from me. Read it, I silently mouthed. As he was reading, understanding passed over his face. He put his phone back in his pocket and nodded, silently agreeing to my request to keep Baekhyun calm and busy. I mouthed a silent thanks to him before texting Yifan about everything being taken care of.

Baekhyun barely ate lunch, but no one blamed him one bit. I felt his sorrow and worry right along with him. Following lunch we went to go sit in the lounge all day, trying to keep Baekhyun's mind off the situation and keep him occupied. We played a lot of video games and billiards, and we even watched a couple episodes of the anime that he had been wanting to watch for a while now. My phone buzzed. A text from Yifan:

From: Kris

Thanks, Ninety Four. We'll find him. I know it.

My mind started to wander about. Was it voluntary, his disappearance? If yes, where could he have gone? If no, who took him and why, and where could they have taken him?

None of it mattered, though. Chanyeol was okay, and he was alive, and most of all he was safe. We were going to find him.

We had to.

Chapter Text

We waited to leave until after dinner, saying that we were gonna go on an errands run, just in case Baekhyun had noticed that we were gone for some reason. But right before we exited a building, a voice came from behind us. “Going somewhere?”


We turned around, two men that I didn’t recognize were standing there. They didn’t have a menacing look about them, but it felt off since I didn’t know them.


“Ah, Changmin, hello. We were just about to go look for a member of ours that had disappeared this morning,” Junmyeon said with a bow. He turned to the rest of us, “Guys, this is one of our superiors from TVXQ, Changmin.”


“Who’s the new guy?” He said pointing my way.


I extended a hand towards him. “Ninety Four.”


He took it. “Call me Max.”


“Yes, this is Ninety Four, our newest member,” Yifan said in a monotone voice. “Where are the others?”


“The four of them left me back to keep an eye on their things while they went out for a while.”

“Ah, okay,” there was obviously no enthusiasm to Yifan’s voice here. Did he and Changmin/Max have some secret beef going on?


Max turned to Junmyeon, “How long did you say that he had been missing, now?”


“Since this morning,” he replied.


“Wow, okay. Since he’s been gone so long, why don’t you just use the tracking functions the phones we get here have?”


“What? They have those?” Jongin said, an edge of surprise in his voice.


“Yeah, you guys didn’t know?” Max laughed a little.


“No?? How do we look at them?” Yixing said, already walking to the computers.


Max came up behind him and typed something into the computer, pulling up a program. He had Junmyeon put in Chanyeol’s name and number, and a loading screen popped up. Then a map showed, and on the map, one dot. In a place called FC Industries.


“Is that… where he is? Right now?” Jongin asked, turning to Max.


“Apparently. I don’t know what FC Industries is, but I would go fast if he’s been gone that long. Who knows what’s happened to him in that time,” Max added in. It put me on edge. There was something in his voice that made me think that he knew something that the rest of us didn’t.


“Thanks, Max. Let’s go,” Kyungsoo urged.


We all got into two cars, Kyungsoo, Jongin, Junmyeon, and Yifan in the first, and Yixing, Tao, and I in the second one. Yixing sat in the back, ready to aid Chanyeol if he needed it. I drove, it was obvious that we couldn’t let Tao drive. He was still too emotional to be able to do it safely. So I did.


I sat down in the driver seat, turning the ignition. The car slowly came to life, and as soon as it was, we were gone and out of there.


The map had also shown our position, and we weren’t that far from the place. Chanyeol is okay, I kept repeating to myself. He is okay. He has to be. Nothing should have hurt him. He is fine. He really is.


The ride took shorter than I had expected. I thought it would be more like ten minutes, maybe more, but with as fast as we were going and how many shortcuts we took (Yifan and the rest were leading us since they actually knew where this was), it only took us about three or four.


We tore out of the cars and into the building as fast as we could. It resembled the warehouse in the last few episodes of Death Note, where Near and Light met up, but it was more… dilapidated, I guess is the best way to put it. The floor was extremely uneven and the tiles that once made it up were broken into a million tiny pieces, the wall in just about as bad of shape. There were ceiling tiles fallen everywhere, the moonlight from tonight’s full moon shining really brightly, illuminating the interior of the building. The windows also let in a lot of light.


Enough to see Chanyeol, on the ground, curled up into a ball.


Jongin let out a small cry, but that didn’t matter to me, I barely heard it over the sound of my own footsteps, pounding the hard concrete floor as I ran to see him. Please don’t be hurt please don’t be hurt please don’t be hurt please…


I slid onto the floor next to him, pulling him into my lap, and he just… didn’t do anything. He was silent, unmoving. He was breathing, though, so… at least he was alive.


Yifan’s eyes widened and he looked around, head whipping around in every direction. “Ninety Four, stay here with him. The rest of us will conduct a perimeter check to ensure that it’s safe to take him back.”


I nodded, and the rest of them went off, Jongin and Kyungsoo running up the stairs, Yifan and Yixing running outside, and Junmyeon and Tao running outside, but in the opposite direction that Yifan and Yixing went.


I saw the four of them make at least three passes around the building before coming inside, determining that no one was outside. Shortly after, Jongin and Kyungsoo came downstairs, saying that they knew for sure that no one was upstairs. I don’t know what could have been worse - Chanyeol alone here like he was, or if the people that did this lingered here while we came and looked for Chanyeol. Thankfully, we were alone, so we were all safe, though Chanyeol’s safety was our top priority.


I picked Chanyeol up bridal style, carrying him back to the car. Jongin stayed right by my side, almost in tears, just whispering to Chanyeol, telling him that he was going to be alright and that we would be home soon, he promised. The others formed an almost-circle around the three of us, in case anyone wanted to try to attack us on the way out.


I had Jongin run ahead and open the door, cleaning out the back seat and preparing it for me and Chanyeol to sit in. I was already knowing that I was going to be giving him the majority of the space back there, with how he is now.


I handed Chanyeol over to Yifan and quickly got into the seat farthest away, and as I got comfortable, I had Yifan ease Chanyeol into the seat with me. Chanyeol was so tall, we had to carefully bend his legs in a way that wouldn’t hurt him any more than he was now, and we rested his head in my lap.


Tao went and rode with Junmyeon and Yifan this time, and Jongin ended up with them, too. Kyungsoo was driving our car, and Yixing had himself in between the seats, leaning back here, carefully placing his hands on Chanyeol.


“What are you doing to him?” I asked him.


“I’m just easing the pain. Hopefully, if there’s any blood flow, and I hope to any god that might be out there that there isn’t, if there’s any blood flow, it will stop up.” Yixing looked so worried and serious, I would think that he was about to have a heart attack or something. Not like the rest of us weren’t already close to having one now. I had a feeling that’s what Yixing was doing, healing him, but I just wanted to make sure.


Kyungsoo kept his white-knuckled grip on the wheel, and Chanyeol groaned every time he made a turn too sharp or took off from a red light or something too quickly. Yixing wrenched his eyes shut, mad in concentration, just trying to make sure Chanyeol felt the least pain possible.


We arrived back in the parking lot of the building, and I felt the door I was leaning against on the passenger side open behind me, almost making me fall out.


“I got him, I’ve got him, just call Xiao Lu really quick and tell him to get Kkaebsong away from the sixth floor, so he doesn’t see Phoenix. If he sees Phoenix like this now, it’s all over for us. We won’t be able to get a moment to help him or be able to help him in the least,” Junmyeon said, Yifan right behind him.


I carefully set Chanyeol’s head in the seat where I was sitting, and rushed away, pulling out my phone and calling Luhan like I was told to.


It took three rings for him to answer, “Sehun? What’s up?”


“You need to get Baekhyun away from any elevators or anything that would give him a chance to see Chanyeol now.”


“You found him?” He gasped.


“Yeah, we found him.”


“Where was he??”


“He was at some place called FC Industries . I don’t know why yet, but it’s okay now, we have him.”


“Is he okay, though?”


“Yeah,” I breathed out, “I think he’ll be okay. But listen. If Baekhyun sees us taking Chanyeol in with the state he’s in, he definitely won’t leave us alone and let us figure out what’s up and what happened,” I explained.


“I understand. I’ll go get him now and ask him if he wants to play some video games,” Luhan said. “I got you. Take care of him. And make sure the lot of you are all okay, too.”


“I will. Taozi is emotional and Jongin is a little wired now, but I think we’ll manage.”


I hung up and turned around, seeing them waiting for me, waiting for an answer.


“He’s taken care of. Xiao Lu is gonna take Kkaebsong upstairs and distract him with some video games and stuff,” I explained, taking Chanyeol from Yifan’s arms. Kyungsoo and Jongin ran ahead to hold the doors open for us, and Yixing kept a hold on one of Chanyeol’s hands at all times. Taozi was… where was he? I looked around, looking for any sign of where he could have gone, but it was like he just disappeared.


Junmyeon must have seen me looking, because he put a hand on my shoulder. “Peach ran inside, he said something about wanting to stay with the others while they keep Xiao Lu busy. I said to make sure that he didn’t say anything that would give us away to Kkaebsong, and he said he was already on it, and that he was just gonna make up some excuse about D.O. wanting something for what he was gonna make for dinner tomorrow that needed to sit overnight.”


I sighed and headed for the door. The lights were really bright compared to the night sky outside, and Chanyeol clenched his eyes shut and buried his face in my neck, trying to get away from the light. “Shh, it’s okay. When we go to set you down we’ll make sure it’s darker in there than it is out here in the halls.” That calmed him a little, at least.


Jongin was with us now that we were through the door, and Kyungsoo had run up ahead and gotten an elevator open and ready. Then we all looked at each other and the realization hit us: not all of us are going to fit into that elevator all at once. “Yixing, Jongin, and I will go first with him, and the rest of you can follow after. Okay?” I suggested lightheartedly.


The three of them nodded, and we got into the elevator, Jongin pressing the ‘4’ button. The elevator lurched up, making Chanyeol let out a small whine again at the sudden movement, but it ceased pretty quickly. I leaned into his head, trying to block all the light away from his eyes so he doesn’t have to worry about putting more effort into it. The doors opened slowly, and we hurried down the hall as fast as we could to the infirmary room. One of the beds was already prepared, just waiting for someone to be in it. I carefully set Chanyeol down and had Jongin stay in the doorway, keeping watch for the others, and to be sure to stall Baekhyun, and to do it well, should he come here for any reason.


I covered Chanyeol with the blanket on the bed and slightly elevated his head with extra pillows that were laying around the room. A glance to Jongin was all it took and he shut the lights off as I turned on the lamp, darkening the room and making the lights dim enough for Chanyeol to ease his eyes open. The low light made him look a little worse than he was. His black eye looked darker, and the bruises along his cheekbones and jaw looked more black than light brown now. There was some dried blood at the corners of his mouth and just barely out of his nose. I told Yixing that I would be back in a second, that I would just go get something to wipe the blood away. He said okay, and moved his hands up to his face, getting to work on the black eye and other bruises.


I sidestepped around Jongin and got into the small closet next door to the infirmary and grabbed two small towels, heading to the restroom sink to wet them a little. By the time I got back Yixing almost had the black eye gone, and had just barely started to work on the multiple others on him. I gently wiped the blood from his mouth, and as I went to start cleaning his nose, he spoke. I almost wouldn’t have noticed, with how quiet he was. “Sehun?”


“Yes, Chanyeol?”


“I’m sorry.” His eyes fell shut, and he sighed.


“Chanyeol… why are you sorry? This wasn’t your fault,” Yixing said, tearing his attention away for a second.


“Yixing, you don’t know why I left. Or what happened at all,” he whispered. A tear fell from his cheek, and I felt a pang in my heart.


I sighed and jumped right as I heard the door open behind me. It was just Yifan, Junmyeon, and Kyungsoo. That was relieving. Kyungsoo sat out in the hallway waiting with Jongin, now just keeping watch for Baekhyun, should Luhan lose track of him. I sent him a quick text:

To: Xiao Lu

How is Baekhyun?

He responded quickly:

To: Ninety Four

He’s fine. He’s really content with playing right now, and Minseok and Jongdae keep messing with him and making him laugh, so that’s good. How is Chanyeol?

To: Xiao Lu

He’s okay, he’s alive at least. Yifan and Junmyeon just got here, so we’ll be talking with him to figure out what happened to him. Kyungsoo and Jongin are sitting out in the hall, in case Baekhyun for some reason gets away from you guys. I’ll text you when we have everything figured out.

To: Ninety Four

Okay, I’m glad he’s okay. I’ll keep an eye on him.

I put my phone back in my pocket and turned my attention back to Chanyeol. His bruises were barely noticeable by now, and Yixing had a hand on each of his legs, healing the things that could potentially be there. Junmyeon asked him the first question, “Okay, Chanyeol. What made you leave in the first place?”


“I…” he started, “I wanted to get Kkaebsong a new game for his birthday since it’s coming up.”


“That makes sense… what happened to you to make you… you know, like this then?” I asked him next.


He sighed, and this is what he said: He went out to a store to pick up the game he had pre-ordered for Baekhyun last night (meaning he had been gone for an entire day pretty much). After picking it up, starting to walk back, he felt like he was being watched by someone, but every time he turned around, no one was there. So he just hurried and kept walking in the direction of the building, wanting to get back now as quickly as he could. As he was crossing the street he looked back again, but this time, he saw a couple of females quickly crossing the street, so they were on the opposite side of the street he was walking on. He was almost sprinting now, just wanting to get home. That’s when they started running after him. Chanyeol may have been fast, but they were smart. He tripped over something when he tried to turn a corner, and that was it for him. They were on top of him in a matter of seconds, and the next thing he knew, he couldn’t see anything and he was being forced into a vehicle and driven somewhere he didn’t know. When they finally stopped, they dragged him in and kept him blinded, but they tied him into a chair. They asked him a lot of questions, many about where EXO’s base was, but Chanyeol never told. He got sassy once and said that they should have just followed him back, then they would have for sure known, and they punched him. He said something along the lines of ‘Then again, not like you’d be smart enough to know whether or not I was lying, either’ and that earned him another punch, this time in the jaw. They had spent hours beating him and trying to get answers out of him, but he never once gave us up. He said he had to stay loyal. After a while, they all got tired of it all and untied him from the chair, and just beat him endlessly until he passed out. Next thing he knew, he was in the car, looking up at me, Yixing’s hands on him, healing him.


We were all speechless when he had finished explaining. Who would want to hurt Chanyeol? And… what reasons did they have for that? Chanyeol was always so polite and friendly and just plain happy all the time, so I couldn’t think of any reason at all that someone would want to do this to him.


Junmyeon leaned forward, “Did you catch any of their faces, any at all?”


Chanyeol sighed, “No, I didn’t. I’m sorry.”


“Don’t worry about it. All that matters now is that you’re okay. Were there any distinct features that you could make out at all? Like, how did their voices sound, were they taller or shorter than you, things like that?” Yifan questioned.


Chanyeol stopped to think for a second. “Their voices were muffled, so I think they were wearing masks. The voices, I didn’t really recognise, but they sounded slightly stilted like they were trying too hard to change their voices to something unnatural. I’m almost certain that the lot of them were females, but I could be wrong. With where they grabbed me on my arms when they were dragging me around, I would guess that they were shorter than me. They never touched my upper arms, just my forearms,” he made the motion with his hands, showing how they handled him.


“That’s good, that’s really good that you noticed all that. We can go from that and try to figure out who did this to you,” Junmyeon said. He started bouncing his leg, the same way he always did when he was thinking hard.


Yixing’s hands receded. “I think you’re good now, the bruises on your collarbones and face will be a little bit noticeable for now but everything else should be okay now. On the outside they’re present but they don’t warrant pain anymore. Try to stand up, if you can.”


Chanyeol took in a deep breath, swinging his legs off the bed slowly. I held out my arm, and he took it, supporting himself. He pushed off the bed, swaying slightly, but after a second, he stabilized himself and was able to stand on his own. He took a couple steps forward, circling the room now, testing out his balance and if his legs would support him walking. He made a full circle of the room, and looked to me, “I think I’m good now. Can we go back upstairs?”


I laughed. This was just like him. He could be shot, pretty much, and still just bounce back and want to go back upstairs. Junmyeon nodded, and I went with Chanyeol upstairs.


As we stepped into the elevator, I turned to Chanyeol, “Look, okay, Baekhyun has been freaking out the entire time that you’ve been gone, so expect him to be really emotional when he sees you.”


He cocked his head to the side, furrowing his brows. “Really?”


“Yes,” I exhaled. “Taozi and I were getting up and getting dressed, ready to go chill with the time that we had left before we had to go out on the mission, and Baekhyun came in, in tears, asking where you were, and if we knew where you were. We said we didn’t know and asked him why he was asking us, and he told us that you were missing. Taozi and I went out into the hallway and it was just complete chaos, everyone was freaking out because of your absence. Junmyeon explained what was going on, and so I texted Luhan and asked if he, Minseok, and Jongdae could keep him occupied while we were gone looking for you, and they agreed. So Baekhyun doesn’t know we went out to get you, and he’s only recently calmed down. They’ve been playing video games with him to keep him busy and calm.”


Chanyeol listened intently, nodding occasionally. Then another confused look came over him. “How did you guys know where I was?”


The elevator stopped and we stepped out, heading to the computer lab. “There’s a function pre-built into all of our phones that pings our location, in case something like this were to happen. Max showed us how to access it on the computer in the main lobby.”


“Huh, that’s useful, and… slightly creepy,” he laughed.


I took a deep breath and pushed the door open, just barely poking my head in. “Baekhyun? Hey, someone’s here.”


He peeled his attention away from Minseok and Jongdae laughing and arguing over something, with Luhan shaking his head, and turned towards us. I opened the door, revealing Chanyeol, and he full on sprinted to him, tackling him in a hug. The other three widened their eyes, then exhaled deeply, realising that he was okay.


Baekhyun was practically in tears. “Where… where did you go? I was really worried.”


Chanyeol put a hand on the top of his head, stroking it. “I’m sorry. I wanted to get you something for your birthday, but I got caught up and a lot happened.”


“What happened? Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’m okay,” he wet his lips. “I left earlier to go to the gym, and just went to get the thing after I did, and I planned on being back before you woke up, but a lot happened and I ended up being out looking for it for a really long time. Again, I’m really sorry.”


Baekhyun took a deep breath. “It’s okay, you’re here now and you’re okay. It’ll be okay now. Just please warn me when you’re gonna leave, so I don’t freak out like this again.”


“I will, I promise,” Chanyeol smiled.


I gave Minseok, Luhan, and Jongdae a look, and just decided to send the three of them the same text:

It’s been a long day, and I think we all just need to rest for now. It’s been really emotional. I’ll explain everything tomorrow,  just as long as Baekhyun isn’t around. If he knows the truth now, he’ll be upset at us all for lying to him. Remind me when we play 2 on 2 tomorrow in billiards and I’ll explain.

They read the texts, quickly, and gave me a nod. I headed to my room, just wanting to sleep. Today was the longest day that I can remember ever having. I sent Taozi a text, saying that I was going to bed and if he wanted to stay with me again, he was more than welcome to, but no promises that I would be asleep.


I quietly stepped into my room, carefully shutting the door behind me. I closed the curtains and shut off all of the lights, making the room pitch black. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Chapter Text

I woke up the next morning really confused. I was really warm and I felt someone else’s breath on my neck and… oh. Tao was laying next to me. He was asleep now, so he must have climbed in bed with me sometime last night after I had fallen asleep.


I carefully got up, trying not to move him or wake him up, and got out of bed. I checked the time on my phone, but instead of the time, I saw a message from Minseok.

To: Ninety Four


We need to talk. As soon as you wake up, come to the dining room. Chances are that we will already be there. Baekhyun won’t be there. We could tell that Chanyeol was lying, but we knew that he only lied because Baekhyun was there and that he didn't want him to worry about what actually happened. Luhan, Jongdae, and I will be waiting for you.

It was sent only eight minutes ago, so I figured that they were already there. I took one last look at Tao and seeing that he was still deep in sleep, I carefully shut the door behind me and headed for the dining room.


The dining room was empty, except for the three of them. They were deep in conversation, probably guessing what really happened. But as soon as I walked in, their heads all snapped to me, immediately ceasing whatever conversation they were having. I sat down next to Luhan.


Jongdae started first, “I’m gonna go ahead and assume that whatever happened to Chanyeol wasn’t good?”


I sighed, “It really wasn't. It was the opposite.”


Minseok leaned forward, “What really happened then?”


I took a deep breath and started to recall what happened to them.


“Before we even left the building, one of the guys from the TVXQ group showed up and asked us where we were going. Junmyeon explained to him that we were going to look for Chanyeol, and Yifan barely spoke to him. I think there was some tension between the two of them- wait, I’m getting off track. Anyway, Max asked us if we knew where he was, and when he said no, he showed us a feature on the computer that allows them to see the exact location of where someone was based on a chip that’s apparently in all of our phones.”


“Where was he?” Jongdae asked.


“Some place called FC Industries.


The three of them all at once gasped like that was the literal definition of hell on earth.


“What? What’s so bad about it?”


“It’s uh,” Luhan said, “it’s not really even the place that’s that bad. It’s the stories and rumours that surround it that’s pretty bad.”


“What are they?” I asked out of curiosity. “The rumours, I mean.”


“Well…” Minseok started, “you know how when Yifan was explaining to us what was going on, that he said that there were the two groups, f(x) and SNSD?”


I nodded.


He went on, “There are rumours that they secretly visit the districts from time to time, and when they do come, they choose buildings like that to put people if they choose to do things, like what they did to Chanyeol, to anyone else.”


I stared back, “So… you think that they did that to him?”


The three of them nodded. I only just now noticed that we were leaned over the edge of the table, all clustered together in the centre of the round table as if we were having a secret meeting. I leaned back, and they did the same. Pulling a palm across my face, I sighed, “Do you think, if we said something to Yifan or Junmyeon, that they would believe us?”


Jongdae’s expression dropped. “I don’t know. I don’t even know how they would react to us just knowing about this kind of think, let alone us thinking about the rumours being part of this.”


I sighed, “So what can we do?”


“Nothing for now,” Luhan said. “All we can do for the next couple of days is keep an eye on each other here and make sure we’re all okay on the daily. We can’t just go out and look for them, we’ll never find them for one, and for two, we’ll be outmatched. They’re totally out of our league in terms of skill and strategy. We wouldn’t stand a chance against them. So we should just keep a close eye on each other here and make sure we don’t go out alone. They’ll be more likely to target us if we’re alone. They may not have powers like us, but they have the numbers, unlike us.”


I took a deep breath. “I understand that. I… I got that. I think, for now, we can explain this to everyone but Baekhyun.”


“Why not Baekhyun?” Luhan asked.


“Remember? He still doesn’t know what really happened to Chanyeol. If we say this, he’ll hear the part of ‘if they choose to do things, like what they did to Chanyeol’ and be really concerned for Chanyeol, and also be mad at the whole of us for lying to him as we did.”


Luhan rolled his head in a circle. “Yeah, that’s true. I have an idea, though.”


“What?” I tilted my head to the side.


“We can make a group chat, excluding Baekhyun, Junmyeon, and Yifan, and we can explain what we came up with here. Everyone else will understand, and Chanyeol will be able to attest to what we’re saying. We’ll tell them to be careful, watch their backs, and to never go out alone.”


Minseok looked really serious, weighing the options. “I think that would work. We can work with that.”


Luhan looked at him, “Yeah. I can take care of that, you guys go ahead and take advantage of today. I don’t really have anything to do.”


“You sure?” I asked him. “I was gonna play some video games pretty much all day, you can chill with me and Tao later if you want.”


He smiled at me. “Thanks, I’ll probably join you later. I gotta take care of this for now, but yeah, thanks, man.”


“No problem.”


I stood up and left the dining room, Luhan following behind me. I went into my room and shut the door quietly behind me, and when I turned around, Tao was awake, hair all messed up. As I came in, he turned to look at me, and the tiredness in his eyes was clear.


“Where did you go?” He mumbled, rubbing his eyes.


I laid down next to where he was sitting, putting my arms above my head. I closed my eyes, “I went to the dining room to talk to Minseok, Jongdae, and Luhan.”

“What did they want?” I felt the weight shift on the bed, him laying down on his side next to me.


“They just wanted to know what happened last night, and they also mentioned some ideas they had about what they thought might be the reason behind why he was the target of this,” I explained.


“What do they think?”


“They think that SNSD or f(x) is behind this.”


He stopped for a second thinking. Then, “That would make sense… It’s not the first time one of us has been targeted.”


I sat up, turning towards him. “What do you mean?”


He sat up as well. “Before you came, I think a couple months before you came, actually, another one of us was targeted like this, but not like this. There was no injury involved, unlike this time.”


“Who was it?”


He sighed, “I don’t know if I’m really supposed to talk about this, so you have to swear you won’t tell anyone that I told you this.”


I nodded, and he sighed again. “It was Junmyeon.”


I gasped, and he went on, “That isn’t even the worst part of it. Because with what happened to him, that’s also why you don’t see them separated very often Junmyeon and Yifan, I mean. Junmyeon was out getting some things, I think it was more kitchen stuff for Kyungsoo so he could make dinner that night, but, yeah, he was out getting stuff for him. When he arrived at the store and started getting the things that were on Kyungsoo’s list, he said he felt like he was being watched. When he turned around, he saw a head or two disappear behind the aisle shelf on the end. He said he thought they were female, with how long the hair was on the both of them. He checked out, took his bags, and he left. But the entire time he was walking home, he felt like he was being followed, and as he turned the corner, he said he saw two figures following him out of the corner of his eye, and he knew that they were the same two figures that he saw in the store. So he got a cab to be safe, and that was that. But as he was in the cab, he called Yifan and told him what was happening, and as he was on the phone, he said to Yifan that he noticed that a cab was following his very closely. So to be safe, Yifan walked a couple blocks to a hotel and said to have Junmyeon tell the cab driver to just drop him off at the hotel Yifan was waiting at. And he did. As he walked into the hotel, Yifan said that he noticed the cab that was behind them, and that it was gone now. It had sped away as soon as Junmyeon had walked in the front doors. They stayed at that hotel for a couple of hours, just in the lobby, and then walked back here, constantly looking over their shoulders to make sure they weren’t being followed again.”


“Damn. That’s really creepy. I just… now I’m really curious. What made them go more into Chanyeol than Junmyeon? What did Chanyeol do to them, or…  what made them change their plans like this?”


“I might not be right, but I have a theory.”


I turned towards Tao, “What is it?”


“I think this time, this was a warning. A silent message to Junmyeon and Yifan, saying ‘This is what we’re capable of, and if you step out of line, we can do this to any of you. Watch yourselves.’”


The remainder of the day was just full of stress. Stressing out over tomorrow being our last day here, stressing out about what Tao said earlier and how easily any of us could be hurt now, stressing out about-


A hand on my shoulder stopped my train of thought. Then a voice, “You okay?”


I looked over my shoulder to see Luhan looking back at me, worry etched into every crevice of his face. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just… stressed out.” I turned back to the window. Once we left, I was going to miss this view. We were sitting in the lounge once again, not able to sleep, looking out over the city at the display of lights and soft sounds of traffic coming from below.


Luhan sighed behind me, “I don’t believe you, but I can tell that you don’t want to talk about it, so I won’t press you.”


“It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it, it’s that I can’t talk about it.” I carded a hand through my hair, pulling on the ends.


Understanding passed over his face, “Oooh, I get it. I’ve been there. Okay, then can you tell me anything about why you’re stressed?”


“I mean… tomorrow is our last day here, our last day to be free before we set off to, like, save the world pretty much. It’s just like,” I sighed, “it’s just a lot of pressure and stress at one time. I’m just not used to it, I guess.”


“I don’t think an of us are. Not even Junmyeon or Yifan, and they’re the leaders here. It’s okay to be overwhelmed by all of this. You can talk to any of us, too, when you get stressed like this. We’re all here for you, we’re all like family to each other.”


I leaned my head back and closed my eyes for a second. I knew that he meant well, but I also had trouble with it. I had no problem talking about my own problems, really… in my head. I can come up with what I want to say in my head because I know what I’m feeling, but sometimes, I have trouble coming up with the right words to describe those feelings. For example, as a child I remember there was an accident I was in, where I was riding my bicycle that went down to the store, and I was getting milk for my mother. I was almost halfway there, and suddenly my pedals stopped and I flipped forward almost a whole 360 degrees. I got up, the knees and heels of my palms of my hands bleeding, and instead of going home, I went on, got the milk, and headed back. My mother was so scared upon seeing me when I got home I would have thought she would have fainted had I been hurt any worse than I was. I remember her saying, ‘What were you thinking? Why didn’t you come straight home when you got hurt? You’re more important than some milk, Sehun.’ And the only response I could think of was shrugging. I could have said a lot of things, that I thought that she would get mad at me, that I didn’t want to seem a fool for not doing the one task that I was set out to do, and many other things, but I instead couldn’t think of exactly what I needed to say, so I just shrugged stupidly. That’s kind of where my brain is now. I know what’s going on in my head about what Luhan said, but I don’t know exactly how to voice it properly.


I opened my eyes, and Luhan was looking at me, worry increased. He must have been talking while I was lost in my thoughts. I looked at him, “Sorry, what did you say? I was spacing…”


“I said, are you going to be okay?” He said, emphasizing the end.


“I’m okay, I’m just thinking,” I said softly.


“I’m just like, you know how it is when you want to say something but you don’t know how to say it, or like, when you know how you feel but you don’t know how to put it into words?”


“Yeah, I really do. It sucks. Like, in a really frustrating way.”


Yes ,” I breathed. “It’s just like that. I absolutely hate it.”


“I know what that’s like. Just try not to think about it too much, it’ll just make the stress worse, my dude,” he pat my shoulder.


“Thanks,” I smiled at him.


“No problem.” He sat down next to me and looked out at the skyline.


I thought about what the day after tomorrow would be like. I’ve been wondering about how everything will be, out there in District 9. Would it be all dark and dangerous like how our District 12 here always was? Or would it be nicer? How would the people there be? So many questions flew through my head.


Junmyeon had already told the lot of us a little bit about the group that run District 9. They were all younger than us, ranging from 17 to 21 years old. There were nine of them; the oldest, Kim Woojin; the leader, Bang Chan, who, according to Junmyeon, also goes by Christopher or Chris; Lee Minho; Seo Changbin; Hwang Hyunjin; Han Jisung; Lee Felix; Kim Seungmin; and Yang Jeongin. They are a larger District, but that’s only because they’re not specific about who they let in. They care about people being the real them, not faking to be someone else that they’re not. Most Districts base who they let in on things like their background, income levels, history, and other things. They don’t do that, because they aren’t picky like the rest of the Districts are about their residents. District 9 is sometimes known on the streets as the ‘free District’ because you’re always free to be who you want when you’re there. I kind of wish I grew up there, because I probably would have grown up in better circumstances than I did. There, I would have grown up being free and I would have had a real childhood, whereas with me, growing up here in District 12, albeit I grew up in one of the little rural towns on the outskirts, I didn’t have a childhood most would would have considered nice. I had to constantly do chores, run errands, and I had a job to support my home (not by choice) by the time I was ten. Then again, I also don’t wish I grew up there, because if I did, I wouldn’t be here now, and I wouldn’t have this family that I do currently. I honestly wouldn’t want to give this up for anything; they were a better family to me than my blood relatives were.


I stood up and walked towards the door, deciding that thinking like this wouldn’t help me any more than it would harm me, and that I should go to sleep. Maybe I could sleep the stress away. But before I reached the door, Luhan stopped me. “Wait.”


I turned around, hand on the doorknob. “Yeah?”


He spoke softly, “It’ll be okay. I can see it in your face, you’re stressed. But you have us, and if you need anything, you can always come to one of us. It’ll be alright.”


I gave him a small smile. “Thanks.”


“No problem.”


As I stepped out the door, I sunk against the wall. A thought occurred to me, and I don’t think I’m that wrong in my thinking. We all have powers here, some with more destructive potential than others. Chanyeol’s power can cause more devastation than Junmyeon’s, right? What if… What if they wanted Chanyeol so they could take advantage of his power? They could have taken him in hopes of doing something to him to make him work for them, and then take advantage of him having powers, unlike them? They could use it for themselves, and make this, total takeover or whatever easier for them? I ran to my room, looking for Tao, to explain what my thought process was.


I burst in my room, and as I expected, Tao was asleep on the bed. Softly shaking him, I frantically whispered, “Tao, Tao wake up, I think I just came up with something.”


“Mhphhmmm… whaaaat?” He mumbled, rolling over.


“I came up with something about why they might have done this differently with Chanyeol than the way it is with Junmyeon.”


He sat up and rubbed at his eyes, sighing deeply. “Okay, okay… what is it?”


“Okay okay so, what if they wanted to actually take Chanyeol for their own?”


“What do you mean?” Tao yawned.


“Alright, I was thinking. Say those people that took Chanyeol were actually SNSD and f(x). They’re working with Nam to go against everyone and get power over everyone right?”



“And we’re the only ones that control a District that have powers, right?”

“Yeah… where are you going with this?”


“Okay, hear me out,” I took a deep breath. “We have powers, yes. They don’t. It would make sense if I said that it would be easier for us to take control of something than it would be for them. So, what if their intentions were to take Chanyeol and use his powers for themselves? Try to turn him against us?”


“That… actually does make sense. But there’s one thing.”




Tao looked at me, fully awake now. “If they wanted to use him, why did they do what they did? Why did they just beat him up and then return him?


“That’s the problem I encountered, too. My only thought would be, what if they really did return him as a warning, like you said?” He gave me a strange look, and I went on before he could say anything. “Think about it: Chanyeol is the ideal type. Powerful, physically strong, well built, who wouldn’t want to take him and use him for power? The only theory that would make sense is that if they really did return him as a warning, and they did all that as a blatant show of power, and what their capabilities are?”


He had a look on his face now as if he were thinking, weighing his options. “You do have a point. That would make sense, Chanyeol being their top tier target out of all of us. He has the power, physical strength… yeah, why wouldn’t they want him?”

Right . That’s what I’m saying!”

“I mean it would make sense there, though, if they took Junmyeon, too. Think about it: What group would do well without their leader? We would be in complete disarray without him.”

I thought for a second, then sighed. “Yeah… you know, you have a point. We would. But maybe they didn’t think about that. Maybe they were more worried about gaining power and/or stealing it away from all of us?”

“Well, either way, though, they wanted something that would take us down. Make us weaker than them, so that we would have no chance of winning, should we rebel against them.”


“Right. We should go to sleep now, before we keep theorizing until the day breaks and we still haven’t slept,” I laughed.


“But I want cuddles,” Tao turned to me and pouted”


“We can, we can,” I laughed. “You can fall asleep in my arms.”






“I’ll be right back,” he got up and ran out of the room and down the hall. A couple of seconds later, he came in with these super fluffy pajama bottoms on and a huge blanket around him, a huge grin spread on his face.


“Aww,” I cooed. “You look so soft and fluffy and cute .”


He looked down, trying to hide the obvious blush on his face, grinning. “Thanks, Hunnie. I planned on sleeping in for a while tomorrow, so I might as well get as comfortable as I can now. I hope you know I sleep in for so long.”


He laid down next to me, and I ran my fingers through his hair poking through the opening in his blanket. I smiled at him, “I know. I do too when I don’t have anything to do the next day.”


He smiled and opened his blanket, enveloping now me and him in it, and wrapped his arms around me. I put my arm around him and smiled, kissing the back of his head softly and closing my eyes. “Night, Taotao.”


“Goodnight, Sehunnie.”


I fell asleep within seconds of closing my eyes, going down with a smile on my face.

Chapter Text

It was dark. I couldn’t breathe, I was crying so hard. “This is all my fault… I could have saved him, but I didn’t… I could have helped Chanyeol…”




I stopped crying, looking for the voice. I couldn’t tell where exactly it was coming from. It sounded male… who was this?


“He’s alright, you know,” the voice said, “It isn’t your fault.”


“But… just… if I would have known that he was going out I would have gone with him, and if I was with him, I could have maybe protected him, and…” I started to choke up.


The disembodied voice came out of the dark, showing its figure. Medium height, glowing so bright that I couldn’t make out the facial details. Wherever we were, it was no longer dark. He was the light. He put a hand on my shoulder, speaking again. “I know, I know. If any of the others were in this situation they probably would have tried to blame themselves, too. Especially Baekhyun, if he knew. But this is not your fault.”




“Sehun, no. Don’t blame yourself. This isn’t your fault,” the person’s voice softened. They put their arms around me, and I just let the tears fall. I knew this wasn’t my fault, but just… I could have helped him. If I were there I could have stopped this from happening. But I wasn’t there.


Then they stopped. I stopped crying, and my breathing returned to normal. It was as if something inside me was just, removing all of my guilt and sadness about all of this. It wasn’t that I felt happy, I just felt… calm…

… … … … … … … … … … … …

“Sehun… Sehun, wake up. Calm down, it’s okay…” a voice said. Someone was stroking my hair, comforting me. I slowly opened my eyes, squinting against the sunlight. Tao was propped up on one elbow, petting my hair, looking down at me with a worried expression.


“Tao? Why are you… saying that?” I managed.


“It’s like ten thirty, but when I woke up a little bit ago, you were still asleep, and I wanted to let you sleep in. But not long after I woke up, you started to toss and turn, as if something was wrong. You kept saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry…’ and I could tell you were upset. But you started to cry, and I decided that you needed to wake up because something was happening.” I felt my face, and when I felt the wet trails from the tears, I knew he was telling the truth.


I sat up and looked at him, taking on a confused look. “What… was I doing? Did I say anything else?”


“At first, you were just rolling around, restless. But then you started talking. You were saying things like ‘I’m so sorry’ and ‘It’s all my fault’. I think at one point you said something like ‘I could have saved him…’ or something like that and I kinda started to get worried. Then you started crying and I felt my heart break a little. That’s when I decided to wake you up.”


I wiped the tears from my face and stood up, walking towards the window. I ran a hand through my hair, trying to figure out who that brightly lit figure was in my dream. The voice sounded male, but it sounded so… familiar. Like I knew him.


Tao came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder. “Do you want to talk about it? Tell me what happened?”


“I don’t know… like, I can tell you what happened, but I don’t understand why I had it.”


“Go on.”


I sighed. “I was in a dark room, and I was really upset. I was upset because… I was feeling guilty? For what had happened to Chanyeol. I felt like- and still do feel like- if I were there, if I had just been there with him, this could have been avoided and Chanyeol wouldn’t have had to go through that. Like if I were there I could have saved him.”


“Sehun… that wasn’t your fault.”


“I know, Tao, I know… But I can’t help it. I just feel like I could have helped him.”


“What did the figure look like?” He asked me.


“He was about medium height, but I couldn’t make out his facial details. He was glowing. As soon as he walked into the room, the entire place was lit up. He assured me that Chanyeol was okay, but I still just couldn’t help but feel guilty. I could have helped him,” I let my head drop.


“Sehun… did you recognise the voice at all?” His voice held a strange tone like he knew that I knew who it was, but I didn’t remember.


I turned around, and his grasp loosened. I looked at him confused.


Tao looked at me with a look as strange as his tone had. “Do you not know?”


“Not know what?”


“That figure that you saw, you didn’t know who it was, or at least recognised it?”


“No, not at all. It sounded familiar but I don’t know who it was. I couldn’t place it…”


“Sehun, that was Yixing.”


“Wait, what?”


“Yixing’s powers extend beyond just healing physical wounds. When he can tell that someone is hurting inside, mentally, he can visit you in your dreams and heal some of that which cannot be touched. But he can only heal your mental hurting when you’re asleep.”


“I’ll have to talk about that with him here soon… lunch. We’ve probably slept past breakfast haven’t we?” I shyly smiled, scratching the back of my neck.


“We did, but I felt like sleep was more important than breakfast for the time being. You’d been through a lot in the past couple of days, and I wanted you to get as much rest as you could. Here, get dressed.” He gave me one last hug before letting me go. “You can go get a snack and talk to Yixing, and I’ll go wait for you in the lounge. Don’t take too long.” He flashed a smile at me and disappeared out the door.


I sent Yixing a text:

To: Lay


I need to talk to you. It’s really important. I’m gonna go grab a snack since I slept past breakfast, meet me in the dining room in five minutes.

He responded almost immediately:

To: Ninety Four


I think I already know what this is about, but sure. I’ll be there.

I threw on a black shirt and some jeans, not bothering with shoes. I padded down to the dining room, and surprisingly enough, Yixing was already there and had some snacks set out for us. Well, snacks enough for me. He was drinking a cup of coffee (or at least I think it was coffee).


I sat down, taking a bag of chips. (Yeah, it was coffee, I could smell it). “Okay. You said that you already know what I was going to talk to you about. Before I say anything, what do you think I’m going to ask?”


“You had a dream last night that you’re wondering about, right?”


“Yeah, Taozi kind of roughly explained it, but I think it would be better to hear it from you.”


Yixing took a deep breath. “Alright. In the dream, you were really upset and distressed correct?”


I nodded.


“And a bright figure visit you and comforted you, correct?”


I nodded again.


“That figure was me. Like Tao probably already said, I can heal mental wounds as well as physical. But the way I do that is… different, to say the least. I can visit people in their dreams and heal them, but only if both parties are asleep. I’ve only been able to do it once when I was awake, but even then, the recipient was still asleep. And I only do that in dire situations, too.”


My mouth just hung open. When I could finally manage to get some words out, I said, “You were… you were glowing. Like you were an angel or something. Is that… normal?”


He chuckled, “Yeah, that’s normal. I don’t know why it does that, but I’m always glowing when I show up in people’s dreams. I guess it’s like, a way of telling the person that I’m not there to hurt anyone, but to help. It would make sense if Baekhyun were with me when that happens, but he isn’t so…” He laughed a little.


“So, this isn’t something that I should be freaked out over?”


“No, not at all,” he smiled.


“I do have one more question though,” I said.


“What is it?” Yixing tilted his head to the side, giving me a questioning look.


“Why did you do it, though?”


“What do you mean?”


“Why did you visit me in my dreams?”

Yixing took a deep breath. “After everything that happened with Chanyeol, I could see it in your eyes. Even though you pretended to be okay around everyone, especially Tao, I could tell that you were hurting. The look that you held told me that deep down you felt guilty for what happened like you thought it was all your fault or something. I didn’t want you to keep feeling like that. If it kept up for too long, it would just become worse and worse. So I knew that I needed to do something, or else it wouldn’t get better any time soon. We all need to be in our best shape for what’s possible to happen, right?”


“...right. Knowing me I would have held on to it for the longest time. But after that… it just kinda left my mind. I don’t know how that works but it does. Thanks, Xing hyung,” I smiled.


He returned it. “Anytime.”


I stood up and turned around, going for the door. But Yixing said ‘wait’, and I stopped, mid-stride. I turned around to face him.


He put his palms on the table, pushing himself up to a standing position. “You know that if you’re feeling bad or if you need someone to talk to, any one of us is always here for you. Any time. Right?”


“Yeah, yeah. I just have trouble sometimes voicing it, putting it into words… y’know?”


“Yeah, I know how that is. But sometimes, just being with us helps. Come to one of us if you have any problems, yeah?”


“Yeah. Thanks, Yixing.”


“No problem, bro.”


I turned the knob and went out the door. But just as soon as I stepped out I collided with another body.


“Sorry, sorry I- oh, hey Luhan,” I said, stepping back a bit.

“Hey, Hun! I was just looking for you.”


“Really? Did you need something?” I asked.


“Yeah, I was looking for you to see if you wanted to join Minseok, Baekhyun, Jongdae, and I in the lounge. We were gonna be playing some billiards and we wanted to know if you wanted to play, too,” he said, hopping from foot to foot. It was like he was just all energy now.

“Hmm…” I thought for a second, “wouldn’t it be uneven teams, though?”


“Oh, no. Minseok hyung isn’t going to be playing with us. When he’s nervous he makes schedules for the coming days, and he always follows them. I don’t blame him for being nervous right now, of course. I understand. So he’ll be sitting with us, but not playing with us,” Luhan explained.


“Makes sense. And yeah, I don’t blame him either. Who’s gonna be on what teams?” I turned around and started walking towards the lounge, and Luhan followed next to me.


“Me and you against Jongdae and Baekhyun. Sound good?”


“Oh no,” I laughed. “Those two on a team? We must be just asking trouble now.”


Luhan laughed, covering his mouth as he did so. “I mean, you’re not wrong there. But they’re a wicked good duo when they play together in billiards. But if you’re as good as you say you are, then we’ll be okay.”

“Yeah, we’ll be fine.” I stopped at the door to the lounge, opening the door and stepping to the side. “After you.”


“Thanks,” he smiled and went through the door.


I took three steps in the door and stopped, flinching. Something had gone flying across the room and hit the wall in front of me, denting it. I picked up and saw that it was one of the extra cue balls, covered in blue spots from use. I looked over to the boys, just to see Baekhyun holding the solid seven over his head, ready to throw it if he wanted to. Jongdae was hiding behind his arms, which he had thrown up to defend himself.


“Woah, woah, why are you guys throwing the balls at each other? You’re gonna hurt someone!” I said, walking to Baekhyun.


“Oh wow, thank you , Captain Obvious,” Baekhyun said, voice dripping with sarcasm. I rolled my eyes at the comment and took the ball out of his hand, while Luhan went around and took the sticks away.


“Why are you guys fighting in the first place?” I asked, looking from Baekhyun to Jongdae.


“He said that I was cheating and moving the balls when he wasn’t looking, and with the way he is when he loses, he gets upset easily. I tried to explain that I wasn’t cheating, but he just started to throw things at me!” Jongdae exclaimed, leaning on Luhan.


“I do not!” Baekhyun yelled, thrashing against my hold on him. “I only get upset at liars! And I saw you do it!”


“Guys, calm down,” Minseok said from the other side of the room. I had almost forgotten that he was even in the room. “Let’s not play this anymore. Let’s just do something else, because obviously, this isn’t working out.”


“Fine,” Baekhyun growled. “But whatever we play, put Jongdae on my team. That way he can’t cheat against me. Luhan and Sehun on one team, me and Jongdae on the other. Good?”


“Yeah, that sounds better. Take a second out of the room. You seem pretty fired up, so just, walk the hallways for a second,” I said, finally loosening my hold on his arms. He dropped them, sighed, and walked to the door. As soon as he stepped out, Jongdae let out a breath that sounded like he was holding for a while.


“You okay?” I asked as I made my way over to him.


“Yeah, just scared. He’s not intimidating in the least, but when he gets mad, it’s actually pretty terrifying,” Jongdae laughed slightly.


I laughed too, “Yeah, he’s like an angry chihuahua.”


Minseok burst out laughing, making me jump. Luhan was laughing so hard he lowered himself to the ground, holding his stomach as he laughed, letting out a couple snorts every couple of seconds.


We took a second to get it under control and remember how to breathe correctly before I went out and got Baekhyun. He walked in, past me, and the first thing he did was go over to Jongdae and wrap him up in a hug.


“I’m sorry I got mad,” he said into Jongdae’s shoulder.


“Yeah, it’s okay, hyung,” Jongdae said, “you just got upset at something you thought you saw. It’s okay. You apologized and owned up to it, and that’s all that matters.”


Baekhyun loosened his hold on Jongdae and stepped back, scratching his neck and giving a shy smile. “You know how I can be sometimes.”


“Of course. Let’s play a game now, to chill out. Who knows when we’ll get the chance to do that again.”


“What time is it?” Baekhyun asked.


“Uh,” I looked at the clock, “it’s 12:30. Our last day here before we’re off to District 9.”


“Right…” Minseok said. “We leave tomorrow morning, right?”


“Yeah, Junmyeon is sup-” I was cut off my all of our phones buzzing simultaneously.


We gave each other a knowing look, and pulled out our phones, reading the message:

Tonight is your last night here. Enjoy it while you can, but I would advise you to spend the evening after dinner packing what you need. Spend the day relaxing, because none of us knows when you will have that chance again. We leave tomorrow morning at 8 AM, so make sure you wake up before then.

Jongdae sighed, and Baekhyun looked ready to cry. Minseok stood up, walking to the window, raking a hand through his hair and tugging slightly. Just as I opened my mouth to say something to Luhan, who looked really scared, my phone buzzed again with a message from Junmyeon:

Sehun, I’m sorry this had to be this way. Us leaving so soon after your joining here, I mean. I didn’t expect it to be this way, nor did I anticipate it, and I deeply apologize for that. The train we will be taking will be having stops, seeing as how the trip there will be almost 3 days because of distance, and on those stops, we’re allowed to exit the train for a short amount of time. That’s when we will do your physical training. We will exit the train, and Yifan and I will be trying things with you, seeing if we can work with what little time we have. From what I’m told, each stop will be an hour long. I have faith that you will be able to gain control of your abilities quickly. At least, it’s my hope that you will. This is probably a lot to take in, I know, and for the third time this message, I’m sorry. Please relax all that you can, for now. You’ll need it. I’ll see you in the morning.

I leaned my head back, running a hand over my face. Luhan nudged my shoulder, furrowing his brows. He was silently asking me what was wrong. I showed him the message and watched his face shift between emotions as he read it.


“God, Hun… he’s really gonna be pushing it, huh? As he said there, this is a lot to take in at once… at least he’s acknowledging it.”


“I know, I know. But what choices do we have? We’re so short on time and just… I don’t blame him. It’s just a little overwhelming, you know?”


“Yeah, I feel that,” he said, handing me my phone back. I sat up, pushing myself up off the couch into a standing position. I paced around the room, trying to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of the day. I had to pack, eat dinner still, chill with them, and I still planned on going to bed early so I would be well rested, and just…


“I’m taking a walk for a second. I need to think through what I need to do for the rest of the day,” I started walking out the door.


“We’ll be here. We already packed ahead of time, so we’ll just be chilling here for now. Come back whenever you feel like it,” Minseok said.


I stepped out into the hallway and immediately started walking. I don’t even know where I was going, I just knew that I needed to think.


Packing could wait until later tonight, after dinner. So dinner, pack, then bed is a definite yes. What to do until then, I should probably go check on Chanyeol, then I can go sit with the guys in the lounge. I sighed and turned around, heading for Chanyeol’s room.


I paused at the door, contemplating if I should, then knocked on the door.


“Come in.”


I opened the door carefully and stepped in. He was laying in bed, arms covering his eyes.


I went over to the edge of the bed and sat down. “Hey, Yeol hyung.


“Hey, Sehun,” he said, putting his arms down and looking at me.


“How are you feeling?” I asked.


“I’m okay for now.”


I sighed, “Did you see the message too?”




“You seem pretty calm about it.”


“Baek pretty much convinced me to pack early. He seems to be pretty worried about this, so now I have nothing to do. I’m just taking the rest of the day laying in bed.”


I opened my mouth to reply, but I heard a bang on the wall behind his bed, and some yelling.


“That’s just Kyungsoo’s room. He and Jongin are packing really quickly, so they don’t have to worry about it later,” Chanyeol explained.


“Okay… you sure you feel fine?”


“Yeah. I’m alright,” he smiled at me.


“Alright. I’m gonna go sit with the guys in the lounge for now. Text me if you need anything, okay?” I stood up and walked to the door.


“Yeah. Oh, Hun. Do me a favour.”


“What is it?” I turned back.


“Tell Baekhyun to answer my texts,” he smiled.


“Okay, got it.”


I stepped into the hallway and headed back for the lounge. Entering the lounge, I saw that Tao and Yixing had joined them. I waved to Yixing and plopped down next to where Tao was sitting down on the couch, putting my head on his shoulder and closing my eyes.


“What’s up?” Tao said, leaning his head back on mine.


“I just checked on Chanyeol and- oh, Baek. Chanyeol says that you need to respond to his texts.”


“Got it,” he said, pulling out his phone.


I turned to Tao, saying quietly, “Anyway, I plan on just chilling here until dinner, and after dinner, we pack and then go to bed early. We need to get as much rest as we can for tomorrow.”


He nodded, and I turned back to face forward, enjoying my time to calm it down while I can.


Dinner came too soon. None of us wanted to go, but we knew that we had to go. We had to at least eat something , even if it’s just something small.


We were the last ones to arrive, everyone sitting in their normal places. Nobody ate very much, overcome by nerves. That, of course, was understandable. Conversation was sparse, too. The only things that were there to contribute to the conversation were the quiet compliments to Kyungsoo’s cooking, to which he just gave a nod, a silent thanks.


Following dinner, everyone just went to their rooms, not knowing what else to do. Walking down the hall, I felt Tao’s hand tug on mine, and I took it. I looked at him and he smiled, squeezing my hand reassuringly.


“It’ll be okay, you know. No matter what, I’ll be here with you, and I’ll help keep you safe,” he said quietly.


“I know. I don’t want to go without you, either.” He blushed slightly and turned his head away, and I chuckled.


Packing didn’t take long, honestly. I didn’t have much to pack, anyway. I packed only necessities- clothes, hygiene products, things like that. But before I zipped up my suitcase, something fell into it. A small box, about the size of my fist, but flatter. I looked around and found Tao looking down at me. I opened the box and found a small gold bracelet, just big enough for me.


I gasped, putting it on and looking at him, all the while he had a huge smile on his face.


I stood up and hugged him tightly, thanking him for the beautiful gift.


He chuckled slightly, “You’re welcome, Hun.”


I zipped up my suitcase and lay down in bed, Tao laying next to me. I wrapped my arms around him, saying a small ‘goodnight’ before letting myself finally fall asleep.

Chapter Text

My phone rang at seven in the morning, signalling that we needed to get up and move our stuff to the train. I groaned and dropped my phone. I really wasn’t ready for this, but it’s not like I had much of a choice. Tao was beside me, snoring softly. Another thing I didn’t want to do but had to do: wake him up.


I shook him softly, “Tao, hey, it’s time to get up. We gotta get ready.”


“Mmm… don’t wanna…” he mumbled, rolling away from me and pulling the blanket over his head. I sighed and pulled it away reluctantly, and he covered his eyes, shielding himself from the morning sunlight. Tao sighed as well, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.


“See, Taozi, that wasn’t so hard, right?” I said softly.


He sighed again, “I don’t want to leave.”


I put a hand on his shoulder, “I don’t either, but we have to... We should get dressed and eat some breakfast before we take our stuff down.”


He nodded in agreement, and I lifted the blanket off of my legs, swinging them out and off the bed. The floor was unusually cold against my bare feet. I walked over to the dresser, grabbing a flannel and some jeans, pulling them on. I tossed the clothes Tao had set out last night for himself, and he put those on. He had picked out a black pullover and some jeans as well. With the mix of the sweater and the tired look he held in his eyes, he looked really soft. More than usual, I mean.


I opened the door, letting Tao step out, me following him. He turned left, heading towards the cafeteria. But not long after he started walking, he stopped, turning to face me.


“Something up?” I asked him.


He stepped towards me and looked at me strangely. I couldn’t figure out what it was before he was wrapping me in a tight hug.


I wrapped my arms back around him, awkwardly at first since it caught me off guard at first.


“Sehun…” he said into my chest, “while we’re gone, please don’t leave me… I don’t want to be alone.”

I smiled lightly, “I didn’t plan on it anyway.”


His hold tightened on me, then he released me entirely. “Thank you so much. I don’t know what I’d do in the coming weeks without you.”


“No problem, Taozi.”


We separated, and he left, presumably going to his room to grab his things. I took hold of my suitcase handle, slung my backpack over the opposite shoulder, and stepped out of the door. As I left the comfort of my own room, I spotted Tao exiting his room as well, and together, we went down the hall, heading for the elevator.


I pushed the down button, and as we waited for the elevator, I felt something tug lightly at my free hand. Tao looked over at me shyly, and I understood, taking his hand in mine as we waited. The elevator arrived, empty, and we stepped in, grabbing our things. I put my suitcase down and pushed the button labelled ‘Ground Floor’, and we felt the elevator begin to move. Tao squeezed my hand nervously. I tightened my hold, not letting go.


The elevator came to a stop, and as we stepped out, we were met by Junmyeon, Yifan, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Luhan.


Junmyeon greeted us, not paying any attention to our intertwined hands, “Hey guys. The cars are waiting outside. If you want to go ahead and put your things in one of the cars, go ahead. Just remember what car, because whatever car you put your things in is going to be the car you ride in to the train station. Remember though, three people to a car. Three passengers, plus the driver that each car will have.”


I gave him a nod, and he pat my shoulder. We put our things in the second car lined up. Luhan’s stuff was already there, so now I knew that he was going to be riding with us.


I closed the trunk, and Tao whispered to me, “Sit in the back seat with me?”


“Of course.”


We turned back, and on the way in, Yixing, Minseok, and Jongdae passed us, going to the third car and setting their things in there. I assumed that they had already planned on riding together.


As we walked back in and joined the group, I heard Junmyeon speak up. “Now we only have to wait for D.O and Kai?”


“Yes. They’re the last ones. After they come down we can load up and prepare to leave,” Yifan replied. “The station is, what, three, maybe four hours’ ride?”


“Three hours, forty-five minutes. We will arrive at the train station between approximately eleven forty-five and noon.”


“Alright. We’re right on schedule then. If D.O and Kai don’t come downstairs within the next five minutes I’m going up there and getting them myself,” Yifan said, an underlying tone of annoyance tinging his voice.


Tao held onto my wrist loosely, resting his head on my shoulder and leaning on me slightly. Baekhyun shot me a happy yet questioning look, and I just smiled his way. His smile widened, and he went back to bugging Chanyeol.


About two and a half minutes later, Kyungsoo and Jongin stepped out of the elevator, looking distressed and panicked. I told Tao to hang on for a second, and I walked over to the two of them, helping them carry their things out to the first car. Junmyeon would be riding with them.


As we loaded their things into the trunk, I looked to Kyungsoo. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”


Kyungsoo heaved the last case into the trunk and pulled it shut. “No, we’re fine. Jongin was panicking because he couldn’t find something he had set out the previous night. He refused to leave without it, it being one of his most valued items.”


“I refuse to leave the house for extended periods of time without it. It comforts me and it just feels wrong to leave without it,” Jongin rushed, clarifying.


“That makes sense. Just like how I’m never going to take this off,” I said, raising my left wrist, showing off the gold bracelet that Tao had given me last night.


“That’s… who gave that to you?” Kyungsoo said, taking my wrist and pulling towards himself, eyes flitting between the bracelet and myself.


“Tao did last night. I was packing my things and he gave it together. He seems to think that I’ll forget him too easily if something happens to us during all of this,” I said. Jongin was now looking at my wrist as well.


“You must mean a lot to him,” Kyungsoo said, releasing my wrist.


“What do you mean?” I asked, letting it fall to my side.


“Sehun, this isn’t a regular bracelet. This isn’t even fool’s gold. This is a real gold bracelet,” he said, gesturing to my wrist.


My jaw dropped slightly, then I closed it. “How… how can you tell?”


“Take it off really fast and weigh it in your palm. The weight should tell you just as much.”


I looked at him strangely, then reluctantly took it off and set it in the palm of my hand. I lifted my hand up and down, weighing the small object, and sure enough, it had a pretty decent weight for being just a bracelet.


I cleared my throat, putting it back around my wrist. “I’m gonna have to talk to him later. About where he got it, how much it was, why he spent that much on me…”


“He probably gave it to you because he cares for you, Sehunnie,” Jongin said, slinging an arm around Kyungsoo’s shoulders.


“You… think so?”


Jongin laughed lightly, “Do you even see the way he looks at you?”


“No…” I admitted shyly.


“He looks at you as if you’re the greatest thing he’s ever seen. He also seems a lot happier when he’s around you, and when you’re not there, he talks about you like… like you’re his favourite person in the entire world.”


“I would never have been able to tell,” I barely whispered.


“You’re also pretty oblivious, Hun,” Kyungsoo snickered. I punched him on the shoulder lightly, and he feigned hurt.


We turned back to go back, but before we got there, Jongin turned to me. “What are you going to do about it, you think?”


“I don’t know yet, honestly. I’ll probably wait until he says something to me first beforehand, y’know?”


“Yeah. Understandable. Good luck with whatever happens, though, Sehunnie,” Jongin said.


Just as Kyungsoo opened the door for us, the rest of the group was heading for the door. I pulled out my phone and checked the time, and sure enough, it was eight a.m. Time to depart for the train station.


Tao walked up to me and stayed by my side as we made our way to the car. Luhan followed behind us, immediately dwarfed in height compared to the two of us. Luhan sat in the front seat, Tao and I taking our places in the back seat.


Yifan was about to go to his car with Baekhyun and Chanyeol, but he stopped and knocked on our window, signalling us to lower it. I did so, and he said, “You did hear how long the ride there would be, correct?”


“Yeah, Suho said about three hours and forty-five minutes.”


“Right. The train ride, though, will be an overnight ride, with us arriving tomorrow afternoon. So prepare to be stuck up for a while. It’s not as bad as it seems, though. I promise.” He managed a smile at the end, and I returned it. Yifan turned back and headed to his car, and I rolled the window up.


As soon as the window was all the way back up, the car started to move. I closed my eyes, put in headphones and leaned my head against the window. Before I even played anything, though, I heard Tao undo his seatbelt. I cracked my eyes open slightly just in time to see him lay across the seat and lay his head in my lap, closing his eyes. I smiled softly, running a hand through his hair, made to look softer by the early morning sunlight streaming through the sunroof. He smiled and exhaled deeply, relaxation setting over. My smile widened and I put some calm music on, laying my head back on the window. It wasn’t long before Tao had fallen back asleep, in my lap this time, and shortly after him, I did too.




“Nooooo…” I groaned.


“Sehun, you have to get up, we’re at the train station. Plus, Suho wants us to eat before we get on the train.” I recognized the voice as being Baekhyun. He shook me softly, trying to get me to wake up. I eventually gave in, since the seat belt was rubbing into my neck. I sat up, unbuckling myself, and realized that Tao was gone. I looked around a little frantically before Baekhyun laughed a little.


“Don’t worry, Hun. Tao’s just already inside the restaurant, he said he needed to go in and use the bathroom and that he was also gonna go ahead and get a table. Chanyeol went in with him and was gonna pick a table and told him that you two could sit with us. So it’ll be the four of us at one table. But if you’re hungry, I would go ahead and get up, so you can eat,” Baekhyun said, putting a hand on my shoulder.


I pushed myself out of the car, shutting the door behind me. I rubbed at my eyes, yawning loudly and stretching my arms over my head. I heard Baekhyun let out a small gasp next to me, and so I looked at him, furrowing my brows.


He explained with wide eyes, “Hun… when you stretched, your shirt rode up, and your stomach came out and… dude. You’re fuckin’ ripped .”


I smacked him on the shoulder. “Don’t scare me like that! I thought something was wrong when you gasped like that!”


“Sorry, sorry. I’m just impressed, man. Appreciating,” He said, raising his hands up in surrender and laughing slightly.


Chanyeol had picked a table next to a window, and Tao was sitting facing away from the window. I sat to the left of him, Baekhyun sat across from me, and Chanyeol had sat down with his back facing the rest of the restaurant. It was some sort of whatever-you-want sandwich place, where you could customize your sandwich. Not a Subway, though. This was so much better. Junmyeon told us all to get the biggest size sandwiches so we would have leftovers for later.


I sat down and began to eat my sandwich, and the entire time we were eating around the table, Chanyeol and Baekhyun kept glancing between the two of us, giving us a look I couldn’t quite decipher. I brushed it off as my brain being paranoid and continued to eat, leaving a little over half of my food left for the rest of the trip.


Yifan yelled for us, signalling that it was time to depart. I wrapped the remainders and put them in the small plastic bag they had originally come in and stood up, heading for the door.


Once we were all outside, Junmyeon spoke. “Okay, all of us are here, I can go ahead and start. This train ride will be an overnight one, so you’re going to be stuck up for a while. There are separate rooms for all of us for sleeping, so you all have your own rooms. Two to a car and there are seven cars here, not counting the engine. Go on, I’ll explain a little more when we’re inside and moving.”


All of us went back to the cars we rode in and grabbed our stuff out of the trunks, carrying them with us to the train car. I shut the trunk, grabbed my stuff off the ground, and walked towards the train.


I walked forward, stepping off the platform and into the train, Tao following close behind.


What I assumed to be the living room/lounge area was… breathtaking, to say the least. Windows lined the walls, not very tall but enough to light up the room really well. The top of the table in front of the black leather couches was edged with wood but the centres were all glass, showing the legs and things under. The countertops were all light marble, mahogany wood making up the rest. The walls were made up of a cream coloured panelling. The room overall was just stunning . I sat down, Tao sitting on my right, Kyungsoo on my left, Jongin next to Kyungsoo.


Everyone took their places and sat down, and the train began to move.


Junmyeon did a head count before speaking again. “Now, when we arrive in District 9, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The leaders, known around the district as Stray Kids, they’re a bit younger than we are. The oldest is only twenty-one, and the youngest is seventeen. Don’t let this change your view of them, though. They’re one of the most prominent district leader groups, and they don’t play around. Their district is one of the safest, too. It’s a completely different game we’ll be playing here when we arrive, so be ready to be a little out of your zones here. Any questions?”


“After this, do you already know what district we’ll be going to?” I asked him.


“We’re thinking either District 5 or one other one that Kris and I have been considering, but we have a general idea,” Junmyeon said. “Any more?”


We all shook our heads.


“Alright. Peach and Ninety Four, you two are in the back car, then moving up one car at a time, there’s D.O and Kai, then Chen and Xiumin, Phoenix and Kkaebsong, Lay and Xiao Lu, and Kris and I will be in the front car. If you need anything just text us, and we’ll help you out.”


Junmyeon stood up and turned around, Yifan following suit. As they left, the rest of us also stood up, going to our rooms as well. I pulled out my phone as I walked, checking the time. It was just past twelve-thirty. They said that it was gonna be an overnight train ride, and I sighed, already aching from being in a space like this for so long.


I gasped, remembering a question I meant to ask Junmyeon, so I texted him:

To: Suho


Did you say when we were going to be arriving in District 9? I can’t remember if you said when or not.

He replied within a minute:

To: Ninety Four


No, I didn’t mention an exact time. I believe we will be arriving sometime around 3:30 pm

To: Suho


Thanks, eomma

I could almost hear him chuckling to himself as he replied:

To: Ninety Four


No problem. Don’t call me that.

I opened the door to my room, setting my things down. I laid down, trying to relax a bit. Not long after I laid down, though, Tao walked in and sat on the edge of the bed.


I spread an arm out, inviting him to lay down with me. He smiled shyly before laying down next to me. I yawned, and fell into the second nap of the day…


When I woke up, the light streaming in the window was more of an amber colour. I assumed it was closer to somewhere around six or seven in the evening. Tao was still asleep next to me, so I covered him up, letting him stay asleep. I sat up, stretching quietly, and got up, careful not to disturb him.


I picked up my phone and saw that I had multiple missed messages, many of them being pictures. I opened them and immediately smiled, shaking my head. They were all pictures of Tao and me sleeping. One of me with my arm around his waist, one of him curling into my side, just all us. I checked who they were from, and I wasn’t surprised that they were from Jongin.

To: Ninety Four


You can’t tell me that you don’t care for him too. This is too cute.

I saved many of them and texted Jongin back:

To: Kai


Lol, maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Either way, thanks for these pictures. I totally didn’t save all of them

To: Ninety Four


I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. And don’t deny it: You’re totally whipped for him. I won’t say anything. It would mean more if you told him. But for the love of God, hurry up

I laughed and sent one back:

To: Kai


I will. Eventually, given time, I will

I opened the door and entered the small hallway. Well, not really small, but smaller than I’m used to. Walking down the hallway to the car that I assumed was supposed to be the living room/lounge area. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were there, playing cards over one of the tables. Jongin and Kyungsoo were on the couch next to them, watching. As I walked in, they all gave me a quick glance before turning their attention back to the game. Except for Jongin. Jongin looked at me and smiled, giving me a look that quietly said ‘Aww.’ I grinned at him, rolling my eyes and sitting down next to him. I leaned back on the couch and watched the two of them play cards.


About half an hour after I sat down, Tao walked in, attempting to rub the sleepy look out of his eyes. I smiled at him and pat the seat next to me, and he took it, closing his eyes and leaning his head on my shoulder. I leaned my head on his and continued to watch them play, but as I leaned my head onto Tao, Baekhyun and Jongin looked at me with knowing looks and smiled. I smiled back.


They played cards for about 2 hours before we felt the train slowing down a little. Tao sat up straight, looking out of the window.


“Why are we slowing down?” Jongin asked.


“I have no idea, Jong-” I started. I was cut off by my phone buzzing. They tilted their heads at me, and so I pulled my phone out, looking at the text, which happened to be from Junmyeon:

To: Ninety Four


No doubt that you’ve noticed that the train has started to slow down. We’re about to come to one of the stops, and before we come to District 9 there’ll be one more after this. When we come to a complete stop, Kris and I will come to get you and we’ll step outside and do a little bit of physical training.

I replied:

To: Suho


Okay, I’m in the lounge car

I put my phone back in my pocket just as Tao looked at me and asked, “What was it?”


“Oh, just Junmyeon. When the train stops this time and the next, he and Yifan will be running some physical training exercises with me,” I said, looking out the window and scratching the back of my neck.


There was a slight silence, but Chanyeol’s voice broke it. “Prepare for the worst but hope and pray for the best. That’s the best advice I can give you right now because I don’t know how different it’ll be from how ours was. Your training is very rushed on time, with everything that’s been going on, so I feel like it’s gonna be pretty intense.”


“Yeah, I thought so too,” I said, scratching the back of my neck. “I’m just hoping that nothing here will hurt me that much because I need to keep up my health here for the coming days.”


Kyungsoo stood up and walked over to me, putting a hand on my shoulder, “Don’t worry, Sehun. Junmyeon has never hurt any of us in physical training, and even so, even if he somehow accidentally does, we have Yixing here. He’ll take care of you if it manages to happen.”


“Of course.” I sighed and turned back to the window, pressing my forehead to the glass and watching the ground as it came to a gentle stop.


Not long after the stop, I heard quiet footsteps coming to the door to my left. It opened, revealing Junmyeon standing there, Yifan right behind him. He looked at me and held his hand out to me.


“It’s time. Let’s go, Ninety Four,” he said to me. I took his offered hand, and we stepped out into the cool late evening air.

Chapter Text

The wind bit at my ears and hands, blowing my hair in all directions. We exited on the east side of the train so the train blocked most of the sunlight that had the chance of blinding me. Junmyeon led us far out. Far enough so that if I did some real damage, I wouldn’t do anything to the train or the people inside. It seemed that the farther out we got from the tracks, the taller the grass got. It whipped around my legs, making a faint whistling sound as the wind made its way through. It was really calming, though I knew that feeling wouldn’t last long. I didn’t even know what this training was supposed to be or what was supposed to go on while we did this. I decided to take Chanyeol’s advice of ‘Prepare for the worst but hope and pray to God for the best’ to the max in this case. I took one last look at the train, seeing Tao, Jongin, and Kyungsoo looking out the window. I smiled at them.


Once we were away from the train, Junmyeon stopped and turned to me. “We’ll begin with something light, and then we’ll progress from there. The first exercise we’re going to try with you is verbal. We’ll say things to you and see if they motivate you to use them. Alright?”


“Sounds good to me. Now, are you going to be yelling at me the entire time or are you just gonna be saying threatening things to me in a very non-threatening way?” I asked.


“I think the second option first, then first option second. Yeah?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, concentrating. Then they can to speak, increasing their tone with each sentence. They alternated speaking, Yifan starting.


“If you don’t do something now, everyone is going to fail.”


“Everything is already falling apart.”


“Lay is down, you have no other choices than running now. But they’re too close.”


“Xiao Lu can’t move them; he’s down as well.”


“It’s too dark to make much out since they’ve already gotten to Phoenix and Kkaebsong.”


“They’re closing in on Peach, and they look ready to kill.”


At Yifan’s words concerning Tao, something in me snapped, something… protective. I clenched my eyes shut and imagined myself pushing Yifan and Junmyeon away like you would push water away from yourself in a pool with your friends. I swung my arms around, and a loud noise whistled past me and then… there was nothing. Everything fell silent.


I opened my eyes slowly to find the two of them almost back on the train. They were looking at me with facial expressions I couldn’t decipher to be anything else other than wonder or amazement. The grass all around me was flattened to almost dirt level, and it was like a path was made from me to the train. That must have been what that whistling noise was.


I made over to them, eyeing the ground as I walked. “Did I… did I do this?”


“Yeah, you did… that was really impressive, Ninety Four. You did it really quickly, and honestly, I don’t think it’ll take long for you to catch on to using it fully,” Yifan said. “I’m gonna do some more physical stuff with you next stop. Even though this was a short session, I don’t think anything else needs to be done. You can go back inside now.”


“You go on ahead, Kris. I need to ask him something,” Junmyeon said turning to me. Yifan nodded, and turned on his heel, entering the train.


“So,” he said in a hushed voice once Yifan was completely inside, “I know I shouldn’t ignore that.”


“What do you mean?” I asked him.


“Don’t act like you don’t know. You only reacted strongly when there was a mention of Peach being hurt,” Junmyeon said, lilting his voice teasingly. “Do you guys… have something going on?”


“I- uh…” I felt the blush creeping up my neck and onto my cheeks. “I honestly don’t know. I haven’t talked to him like, in-depth about it.”


“I would usually be opposed to something like this, you know,” he sighed, and I felt my heart shatter a tiny bit. “But, given the circumstances, you need all the motivation you can get to keep going. We need you just as much as you need us now.”


I looked at him confused, and he put a hand on my shoulder, smiling slightly. “I’m saying, if anything happens between you two, I won’t stop you.” My shoulders dropped, relieved, and he smiled, dropping his hand. “Just take care of him, yeah?”


“Of course.”


“And you might want to say something soon. You don’t know how much time you guys have left to say what you want.”


I nodded. “I understand that. I just… I kinda want it to be special, y’know?”


He chuckled a little, “I know. So did Yifa-.” He cut himself off like he just said something he wasn’t supposed to.


I looked at him, trying not to grin. “Wait… do you and Yifan have something going on?”


He sighed. “Yes. We have for quite some time, but we’ve been keeping it under the radar. Don’t go saying anything, though. I don’t know if he wanted me to say anything about it or not.” He looked so frazzled and nervous, and I laughed.


“I won’t, I won’t. I mean, I’m pretty sure Kkaebsong and Phoenix have something going on anyways, and I have a feeling that Lay and Chen may have something too.”


“Kkaebsong and Phoenix are painfully obvious, but Lay and Chen…” He stopped for a second, thinking. “Y’know, now that I think about it more, I can see that.”


“Yeah. Their personalities may be different sometimes, but that makes them better together.”


“Hey, Sehun?” Junmyeon said. It caught me off guard, him using my real name this time. I mean, the others call me by it all the time, it just felt weird coming from him specifically.



“Can I ask what about Tao makes you like him?”


“I don’t exactly know how to place it,” I answered honestly. “I just know that I feel like it’s my responsibility now to keep him safe, happy, and to make sure he’s healthy.”


“That makes sense. We should probably head back… in… now…” His voice trailed off as he looked out past the horizon, almost searching for something.


“What is it?” I asked him.


“I thought I heard- there! Be quiet and listen closely.”


I went silent, straining my ears to hear whatever he was talking about. I could only really hear the loud whistling of the wind going through the seemingly endless sea of grass spread out before us.


But then, a voice cut through the silence.


It was faint, but it was definitely there. It sounded distressed, and I couldn’t make out what exactly it was saying. But there was one word I definitely heard.




Junmyeon turned to me, seeing my expression and knowing that I heard it as well now. “Stay here, keep an ear out in case they get closer and you can make more out. I’m going to get Baekhyun, and we’ll use his light and do a slight check of the area.” I nodded, and he disappeared into the train. I also knew that he was focused and determined on finding and helping the person since he didn’t call Baekhyun Kkaebsong this time. As he was inside getting him, the voice did sound like it was getting increasingly closer, but I never heard any footsteps or anything.


Baekhyun and Junmyeon came out, immediately looking around. We all stayed silent, trying to hear where the voice was coming from.


“To me, it sounds like it’s coming from the south,” I said quietly. Baekhyun lit up the palms of his hands, holding them out in that direction, and we fell silent.


We saw movement. And it definitely wasn’t grass.


We walked cautiously towards the silhouette, trying to figure out what it was. As we got closer we saw that it was… just a boy. He only looked to be about Baekhyun’s height. Short blond hair, sharp nose, eyes bright but tired… he couldn’t have been older than twenty-two or twenty-three.


As soon as he spotted us, his eyes blew wide, “Please! Don’t leave me out here!”


He finally reached us, tripping over something on the ground and stumbling into me. I helped him straighten up, and he gave me a shy smile, “Thanks…”


“Are you okay? What’s wrong?”


He was panting as he spoke, “I saw… I saw your train pull up and I thought… maybe I could leave this place.”


“What do you mean?” Junmyeon asked him cautiously.


“I… I was left here two days ago and… I still don’t know where ‘here’ is. It might have been three, I don’t know… But when I saw the doors open, I got scared seeing people, because I thought it might have been those… the bad people coming back for me. When I saw that it was you two and the other one instead,” he pointed at me and Junmyeon, “I was so relieved.”


“Where did you come from? Who dropped you off?”


“I’m originally from the Capitol, but I left because I found out what was really going on.”


“About Nam trying to do the whole “I’m gonna take over the world” thing?” Baekhyun asked. Junmyeon hissed and smacked his arm.


“Yeah… how did you know?”


It was my turn to speak. “We know about that as well. We’re-”


Junmyeon hushed me. “Sehun, we don’t know him yet. Don’t reveal anything just yet.”


I nodded, and the boy began to speak again. “Is there… is there any way that I can come with you? I’ll be useful, I’ll do whatever you want! I can even give you some insider information about some Capitol happenings, since I uh, used to be popular among some of the aristocrats within the District. Please, just don’t make me stay out here longer… I’m so cold, and I haven’t eaten in days…”


Junmyeon sighed, thinking about it. After a second, he spoke, pity laced in his voice. “Alright, come with us. The other man you saw, Kris, and I will be speaking to you, asking you some questions. If we like you and think we can trust you enough, you can stay with us, and help us with what we’re doing. If not, then you will be made to get off at the next stop we deem will be safe for you.”


The kid looked as if he was going to tear up, he looked so relieved. He threw his arms around Junmyeon, repeatedly thanking him. Junmyeon rubbed his back and consoled him, saying that he was going to be alright, before we all headed back in.


Yifan met us at the door. “So how did it-” His eyes landed on the boy. “Who is this?”


Junmyeon grabbed his arm, telling the boy to follow them, and disappeared into their car. Baekhyun dimmed the lights in his palms as we made our way to the lounge car.


Tao was laying on the couch, humming along to some music that he was listening to as we came in. Jongin and Kyungsoo were sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall. Jongin’s head was lying on Kyungsoo’s shoulder, and both of them had their eyes closed. I smiled and shook Tao, and he sat up, immediately scooting over. Baekhyun looked at me and nodded before going to his room, undoubtedly going to tell Chanyeol what just happened.


I sat down with a sigh, leaning my head back. Tao laid across my lap as I played with his hair. He looked up at me and smiled.


Jongin groaned, stretching, and asked me, “How was it?”


“I mean, you guys saw how far we went out, right?”


“Yeah, you went pretty far.”


“All they really did was use verbal motivation to make me do something, and when they said a certain thing, something in me just… snapped, and when I opened my eyes, they were back by the door of the train.”


Kyungsoo’s eyes snapped open, “Holy shit… you pushed them that far away? This soon into the training?”


“Yeah, apparently.”


“What did they say that triggered you?” Tao said, sitting up and looking at me with wide eyes.


“I, uh… they said that if I didn’t do something soon, you were either gonna be hurt or killed or something,” I said shyly. Tao blushed slightly, laying his head on my shoulder.


“That’s sweet…” Jongin cooed at us. I rolled my eyes and laughed.


“Anything else interesting happen?” Kyungsoo asked. “When you walked in you looked kinda shook.”


“Oh, yeah… Yifan had already gone inside and Junmyeon stopped me outside and we were just talking. It was dark by this time, and we heard a voice. It was calling out for help. When we spotted a small silhouette in the distance, Junmyeon came inside and got Baekhyun for light, and we went out to meet who it was.”


“Who… who or what was it?” Jongin asked, jaw dropped slightly. Kyungsoo was looking at me with wide eyes, and Tao had raised his head back up, listening intently.


“We don’t know who it was. It was this… kid. He claimed to be from the Capitol district. He looked younger than me, but he wasn’t very big. He was more around Junmyeon and Baekhyun’s heights. He said that a couple of days earlier, some group of people had dropped him off here and left him. He hadn’t eaten in days, barely slept… we all felt bad for the kid. He said that if we let him come with us, he would help us out in any way that we needed. He just didn’t want to be left behind out here in the middle of nowhere again.”


“What did you guys say?” Tao asked me, resting a hand on my knee.


“He sighed and said that he and Yifan would talk to him and if he seemed trustworthy and honest, we would let him help. I think Junmyeon liked the fact that he said he had insider information from the Capitol that he would be willing to share. But if Junmyeon and Yifan didn’t like him, we would be dropping him off at the next stop that would be deemed safe enough for him.”


“That’s… honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything else from him,” Tao said. “He’s always looking out for everyone’s safety.”


“Yeah. Now we just wait.” I laced my fingers together and placed my hands behind my head, just trying to relax.


We were waiting in the lounge for a good half an hour, just talking about anything and everything. Jongin and Kyungsoo told stories of what their training was like, Tao laid in my lap and we listened while I played with his hair. Our phones buzzed simultaneously, signalling that it was a group message from Junmyeon. It read:

Everyone get to the lounge car. We need to talk.

“Usually, this would scare me,” Tao said, “but with what you just said, I’m not even worried.”


“It’s most likely about us taking him in,” I said. “He seemed like a nice and legitimately scared kid. I doubt he’s malevolent in any way.”


Baekhyun and Chanyeol came in the door, also not looking surprised. Baekhyun flopped onto the couch next to me, throwing his arms behind his head and closing his eyes. Chanyeol sat down at the end of the couch next to Baekhyun. After them, it didn’t take long for the rest of them to file in, filling up the rest of the couches and some sitting on the floor. Shortly after, Junmyeon and Yifan walked in, standing before us.


“There are a few things we’re going to discuss here. I’ll go with the simpler of the two first: We’re gonna drop the whole nickname-codename thing. I feel that it’s very… if we’re going to do this, we need to be able to trust each other. Not that you don’t already, but this feels obstructing and fake. You can do introductions and things on your own time. Second order of business…” he swept a hand out towards the door they entered in, and the boy came out again. He looked as if he’d cleaned himself up a little bit. All the dirt was gone from his face, and his hair looked brighter, cleaner too.


“Who is this?” Yixing asked, eyeing him down.


He raised a shy hand in a wave, “Hello… my name is Go Taeseob, but most people just call me Holland… it’s nice to meet you guys.” He bowed, and I felt sympathy for him. So many new people at once is kind of intimidating, especially these guys. What he’s feeling now is all too familiar to me, giving me memories of when I first joined.


“We have agreed to let him come with us. He’s from the Capitol originally, so he can give us information about things in the Capitol when we get there. Please treat him kindly.” He turned to the boy, Taeseob. “Do you have any questions?”


“No… I’ll, um,  sleep on the couch tonight. Thank you for letting me stay.”


Junmyeon gave him a curt nod, and turned around, going back to his room with Yifan following close behind.


“Okay, first thing first. Which do you prefer to be called: Holland or Taeseob?” Minseok asked him.


“Either one, I really don’t mind… but I respond more to Holland. You can call me either one,” he answered.


“Well, alright then. Welcome to the team then, Holland,” Luhan grinned, standing up and brushing past him and going back to his room. After him, everyone else dispersed to their own rooms, presumably going to go to sleep. It was late, after all.


“Oh, and, there’s no way you’re sleeping on the couch, dude,” I said, patting the back of it. “This thing may be comfortable, but it’s not comfortable enough to sleep on. You can have a bed, you know.”


“What… what do you mean?” Holland asked quietly.


“We have an empty room in our car, you can take that and sleep there. If you need clothes, just let me talk to Baekhyun and Luhan and we can probably work something out since they’re probably more your size. Alright?”


“Are… are you sure? You don’t have to do that, you know… I’m fine with sleeping out here…”


“Of course. You should be comfortable when you sleep. And you said something about barely sleeping over the past couple of days, right?”


“Um, yeah… but it’s alright,” he said softly.


“Nonsense. You’ll take our extra room, alright?” I looked at Tao for confirmation, and he nodded, signalling that it was alright.


He looked so relieved I thought he might start tearing up. I stood up and he immediately pulled me into a hug, thanking me repeatedly. I pat his back, telling him that it was alright.


“Here, this way,” I said, leading him to the door. He went through, Tao following, and we walked together to the car. I showed Holland to the room he was going to be staying in while Tao went ahead and went to our room and got comfortable.


As we walked in, I went to the door that was supposed to be Tao’s room. Technically , It was Tao’s room, but since we both slept in mine, it was more of a spare. We didn’t mind letting him use it, especially me. I know what it’s like to go a long time without sleeping in an actual bed, and I wouldn’t wish that upon another living soul.


“Sleep well, Holland. I’ll talk to Luhan and Baekhyun about seeing if they’ll give you some more clothes. I’m sorry you can’t take a shower for now, you probably want one pretty badly. You’ll be able to take one when we stop in the first District. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me, okay?”


He smiled brightly, “Okay. Thank you so much for this.”


“No problem.” He closed the door behind him, and I heard him flop onto the bed and sigh in relief. I smiled to myself and headed to my room.


I went back to our room, laying on the bed next to Tao. As soon as I laid on the bed next to him, he wrapped his arms around me tightly. I smiled, pulling out my phone and texting Baekhyun and Luhan, changing their nicknames in my phone as well:

To: Baekhyun & Luhan


Do you think you guys could compile some clothes that you would be willing to let Holland have? The only clothes he owns right now are the ones that he’s wearing, and those even look like they’ve been through a lot… Would you guys be willing to help him out?

They both responded quickly, both saying essentially the same thing:

Of course. He looked so scared, how can we not? I’ll give him some tomorrow morning.

I smiled, thinking of how happy he would be. Baekhyun also said that he would let him have one of the hairbrushes that he brought along since he ended up bringing multiple. I thanked them both for being so generous, and put my phone down, curling into Tao’s arms.


Tao smiled and turned me over to face him. “So?”


“Baekhyun and Luhan said that they would let him have some of their clothes, and Baekhyun is willing to give him one of the extra hairbrushes that he brought along,” I said, smiling slightly.


“That’s nice of them,” he said, not opening his eyes. “But honestly, I would expect it from Luhan. He’s always nice. Except when he’s mad, and that’s rare.”


“What is he like when he’s mad?” I asked. “I’ve never seen him really mad, just annoyed.”


“He sort of…” he trailed off, thinking. “Regresses? I don’t know how to explain it, but he becomes like a little kid and starts having an attitude with people when they talk to him, and even then, he just mostly becomes silent and shuts everyone out until he realises that he’s being childish. It doesn’t happen very often, and I already know he won’t do it to you ever. He sees you like a little brother.”


“I mean, yeah… I can see that. He’s like my little big brother,” I laughed.


Tao chuckled lightly, “Don’t let him hear you say that. He’ll punch you for calling him small.”


“But he issss.”


“I know, but he doesn’t think so. He thinks he’s a big manly man.”


I laughed and grabbed my phone, sending a text to Baekhyun and Luhan before I fell asleep:

To: Baekhyun & Luhan


Thanks for letting him have the stuff. He’ll love it.

They both responded with basically the same thing:

No problem. I would have helped him even if you didn’t mention anything

I smiled and put my phone down, wrapping my arm around Tao and closing my eyes. I stared out the window, looking at the stars and the moon and all the things zooming past the window before the train's movements slowly rocked me to sleep.

Chapter Text

I woke up that morning not to Tao like I had expected, but instead, I heard shouts out in the hallway. They didn’t sound necessarily angry, they just sounded… distressed. I looked at my phone and saw that it was nearly 2 pm; I rushed to get up, pulling on a shirt and going to the door connecting our car on the train to the lounge car. I stopped before it, trying to make out the voices, and I recognised that it was Tao and Junmyeon yelling. Tao sounded as if he was starting to get upset, and Junmyeon had the tone like he was about to lose his mind, so I stepped out of my room, rubbing my eyes against the bright afternoon sunlight.


Junmyeon and Tao weren’t the only ones in the room. Jongdae, Minseok, and Luhan were on the sides, eyes wide, watching whatever was unfolding between the two of them. Yifan was standing behind Junmyeon, ready to intervene if needed. As soon as I stepped in, though, everyone stopped speaking and snapped their heads to me, looking at me.


“Sehun, I-” Junmyeon started, before getting cut off by Tao. He threw his arms around me, burying his face in my neck, and he started to cry quietly.


I raised a hand, rubbing his back slowly. My voice was barely there, “Hey, now, don’t cry. What’s wrong?” I looked at Junmyeon. “Why were you two yelling at each other?”


“Sehun…” he started, looking guilty, before lowering his head and sighing deeply, at a loss for words.


Minseok stepped forward and began to explain. “Jongdae and I woke up from it, too. We were here from the start, so I guess I’ll be the one to explain this to you. Tao had woken up early and tried to wake you up, and you didn’t respond. Like, at all. So he kept trying for almost an hour before he went and got Junmyeon, asking him what else you did in training. Tao was like, ‘What the hell did you do to him? You must have done something else than that to exhaust him this badly because he’s not waking up now!’ and all this and going on, just generally concerned about you. Yifan came in and started listening now, ready to break it up in case it got physical, and Junmyeon said that nothing else had happened to his knowledge. Tao started raising his voice more then, which surprised us all because we’ve never heard him yell until now. He was getting really upset, but really saying the same things over and over, like… we started to think something was really wrong with you like you were extremely sick or something.”


“I- no… I’m not sick, or, at least, I don’t think so. I’m just… really tired and really dizzy for some reason…” I mumbled, leaning my head onto Tao’s. “I’m okay.”


“Are you sure? Nothing that bad, you don’t feel nausea or faint or anything?” Tao said, lifting his head and looking me in the eyes.


“Yes, I’m sure I’m okay. Just… let me sit down. I’m really dizzy,” I said, letting him go. He let go as well, and I walked over to the couch, falling onto it and leaning my head back, closing my eyes.


“Do you need Yixing to come in here?” Tao asked, putting a hand over mine.


“N-no. I just need to sit for a second.” I opened my eyes and saw Luhan leave the car. I closed my eyes and sighed, knowing he was probably going to get Yixing anyway.


Sure enough, a couple of minutes later, I opened my eyes just in time to see Yixing step in. He walked over to me, sitting down and wrapping me in a hug. It didn’t last long, though, because he pulled back quickly and gasped.


Junmyeon looked at him and asked him with wide eyes, “What’s wrong with him?”


“No… it’s… it isn’t what’s wrong with him… it’s…” He sighed, leaning back and looking at the ceiling. “Give me a second. I’ve only ever seen this one other time, and this was a long time ago, so I need to think of how to word it.” Yixing inhaled deeply, leaning forward now and placing his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, running his fingers through his hair. After a silence that felt like an eternity, he spoke again. “Nothing is wrong with him, nothing is really hurt… it’s that there’s like, there’s too much energy in him. Not even really energy, actually. Power .”


I felt all eyes in the room fall on me. I didn’t even have to have my eyes open, I could just feel it.


“Xing… what do you mean?” Yifan said finally.


“He has so much power being held up that his body, not being used to it, doesn’t know what to do, so it’s taking a toll on his health. You two need to do something big with him when the train stops again because if this keeps up, he’s not going to be able to handle this much longer before he starts really being affected by it. Long story short, if you don’t do something with him soon, I’m going to start having to be by his side almost twenty-four seven to keep him out of pain from all the unkempt strength in him.”


“Holy shit…” Chanyeol whispered. “Would you say that he’s probably the strongest out of all of us on the train?”


“Definitely,” Yixing said with a weird certainty. “He needs an outlet to let some of it out.” He turned to Junmyeon. “You should probably take… Luhan, Chanyeol, aaaaand… Kyungsoo with you when you two take him out again. I’ll stay on the side just in case he needs me, but the three of them all together might just be enough effort required by him to keep him sated until we arrive.” He put his hands on me, and immediately the pain that had come up in my chest was relieved, and the dizziness in my head that made my vision swim when I stood disappeared as well. Yixing turned back to Junmyeon, “When does the train stop again?”


“This next stop is in about three hours, at six. We’ll probably make the training last a little bit longer this time like you said he probably needs,” Junmyeon said, his voice laced with relief.


“Yeah. It needs to last as long as you can make it, as well. How long do the stops actually last?” Yixing asked him, taking one of his hands off of me, but keeping the other in contact, moving it to my leg.


“Usually three or four hours, but if I talk to the guy I can make it last longer if you think it needs to be,” Junmyeon said.


“No, it’s fine, that should be good enough for him,” Yixing said quietly, looking at me.


Junmyeon inhaled deeply. “Thank you, Xing.”


“No problem, bro. Lemme know when you’re ready to go.”


“Of course.” Junmyeon turned to me now. “How do you feel now?”


“Top shape,” I grinned at him, and he chuckled.


Yifan pulled out his phone, “I’ll go ahead and text Kyungsoo and Chanyeol to let them know that they’re gonna be coming out with us. Luhan, you already know you’ll be coming with us.”


“Yes. Sehun, you ready to go against me?” He flashed a cocky grin my way, and I couldn’t help but laugh.


“Yup. I’m more than ready,” I stood up, almost bouncing now. I was pumped up now. It wasn’t necessarily an unwelcome feeling, but I was confused where it all came from.


Junmyeon looked to Minseok and Jongdae. “You two will be keeping Tao occupied.”


“Whaaaat?” Tao whined. Minseok and Jongdae looked at each other confused but didn’t refuse. Junmyeon walked to us and put a hand on Tao’s shoulder, looking him in the eyes.


“Listen, if you see Sehun in any sort of danger, I already know how you’ll be. You’re going to become defensive and end up using your powers to save him. He can’t have that, he needs to do this on his own with no outside help. He needs to let out a lot of it at once, and he can’t do that if you’re trying to save him constantly, okay?”


Tao sighed. “Honestly, it’s scary how accurate that is. But, I trust you. I know you won’t hurt him.”


“Of course not,” Junmyeon said, taking on a gentle, almost parental tone. “I know he matters to you a lot.”


Tao turned away, and I could see a light blush begin to spread. I laughed lightly and plopped back down on the couch.


“Oh,” I said, “you three should spend some time with Holland. I feel like he needs some time with us so he can get used to us and get comfortable. If he’s going to stay with us, he should at least feel like he can trust who he’s with.”


“Definitely. Go get him real quick,” Minseok said, sitting back down against the wall.


I nodded and stood up, heading to his room.


Opening the door, I almost thought that he wasn’t even there. He was so small and so hidden under the covers, he could have been overlooked, had it not been for the soft snores he was letting out. I smiled and sat down next to him carefully, shaking him softly.


“Hey, Holland, wake up,” I said, making my voice really quiet. He groaned, popping his head out from under the blankets more, stretching.


“Whaaa… Oh, uh… Sehun, right?”




“Did I sleep in too much…?” He asked quietly. His voice was so small. Barely a whisper, really.


I chuckled, “No, you’re fine. You need sleep anyway. But Minseok, Jongdae, and Tao were going to chill out when I do my next training session here soon, and they wanted to know if you want to spend time with them? Y’know, get to know them, things like that.”


“I- uh… sure. And they asked for me…?” Holland asked, pulling himself into a sitting position. He seemed really hesitant.


“Yeah. I also figured it would be a good time for you to see if you can trust them or not, see how comfortable with them you are, and other stuff. I know how it is when you meet new people, and that it takes you a second to be able to trust them and stuff because you don’t know them very well. You can spend time today getting to know at least a few of us. Not all of us are that scary,” I laughed. “Yifan and Kyungsoo can look kind of scary sometimes, but they’re really not all that bad.”


He inhaled deeply, weighing his options I think. “Yeah, okay. I’ll go ahead and pull on a hoodie and stuff and come out there.”


“Nice. I’ll be out there for a little while before I have to- wait, a hoodie?”


“Yeah, why?”


“Oh, did Baekhyun and Luhan already stop by and give you clothes and stuff?” I asked.


“Yeah, they did this morning. I think you were still asleep when they did. I almost couldn’t keep track of how many times I thanked them,” he laughed lightly. “Baekhyun also gave me a hairbrush, and I was really happy about that. God, it felt nice to not feel like I had a nest on my head constantly.”


“Yeah, that can get really uncomfortable really easily, can’t it?” I said, lightening my voice up.


“Oh yeah, it didn’t take long.” The way he was speaking now was more free-flowing, like wasn’t thinking too much about what to say. That’s good. It meant he was getting comfortable with me.


“Do you need me to step out while you change?”


He took on a little bit of a shy look. “Um, yeah, if that’s okay.”


“Of course. I’ll be outside the door.” I stood up and walked to the door, stepping out and standing outside the door. I sent Minseok a quick text:

To: Minseok

Your room? Or whose?

He replied quickly:

To: Sehun

Come to Luhan’s room. We’re already here anyway.

To: Minseok

We’ll be there in a second. I’ll chill with you guys until I have to go.

A few moments later, he stepped out, wearing an almost-white pink sweatshirt and jeans. I smiled, leading him through the lounge car and past Yixing’s door to Luhan’s room.


Opening the door, Luhan and Minseok were sitting on the bed, cards strewn about, while Jongdae was laying on the floor, eyes closed and humming softly to something I didn’t recognise. I sat on the edge of the bed, watching whatever game the two of them were playing. Holland went to the corner of the room, sitting down and leaning his head against the wall, watching the fast-passing scenery out the window. He didn’t necessarily seem nervous or scared, just, kind of like he was still waking up a little bit.


Not long after sitting on the bed (I’d been sitting here long enough to recognise that Minseok and Luhan were playing Mao), I got a text from Tao:

To: Sehun

Where are you at? I’m gonna come sit with you guys until you have to go out

To: Tao

We’re in Minseok’s room. Come sit with meeeeee

About thirty seconds after I sent the text, Tao entered the room, immediately taking a spot on the bed next to me. I smiled and leaned against him, trying to relax while I could.


About an hour later, the train finally began to slow down, signalling that training was going to start soon. Tao picked up on it as well. He looked at me with a pleading look, tangling his fingers in my shirt tightly.


“Don’t worry, okay? I’ll be okay, I promise. If anything does happen, that’s what Yixing is there for,” I said, putting my arm around him. He leaned into me, slowly loosening his hold on my shirt. I ruffled his hair and stood up, heading to the lounge car. Luhan stood up, following close behind.


Stepping in, I found Chanyeol already there. I looked around the car, confused to see no Baekhyun.


“I told him that once the train stopped he needed to go stay with Minseok and Jongdae. Just in case, y’know?” he said. He must have seen my confusion, then. I sat down next to Chanyeol, closing my eyes and falling sideways onto the arm of the couch.


“That makes sense.” Luhan went and sat on the floor in front of the table, crossing his legs and swaying slightly. He seemed pretty happy. Either happy or nervous. I couldn’t tell, his facial expression was blank. The train finally came to a stop. Now to just wait for Junmyeon to come and get us.


Chanyeol’s phone buzzed. I looked to him as he read whatever the message was. He looked to me, “Junmyeon, Yifan, and Kyungsoo are already outside waiting for us. They want you to be dressed in something loose yet comfortable. You good?”


“My clothes now are fine then, yeah.” I pushed myself up, offering a hand to Luhan. “Let’s go out then. We better stop by Yixing’s room to make sure he’s good to go.”


“Yeah. You two go out, I’ll go get him,” Chanyeol said to us, turning to go down the hall to his room. I nodded and headed out the door, meeting Junmyeon at the door. The wind wasn’t necessarily cold, but it wasn’t that warm either. It was just in between, and just enough to be a little biting to my ears.


Junmyeon started to count us off, “Okay… now we’re just waiting for Chanyeol and Yixing. We may take up the whole time, we may not. It just depends on how well Sehun does.”


“I would hope that I do well…” I said.


Luhan put a hand on my shoulder, “You’ll do great, Hun.” I gave him a smile. I released a breath pretty quickly. I didn’t realise that I was holding in my breath until now. Chanyeol and Yixing stepped out of the train, Yixing sitting down close to the train.


I took a deep breath and started to distance myself from them. As I walked away, I repeated to myself, “I’m going to be okay. They’re not going to hurt me. I trust them.” I closed my eyes and lowered my head, clearing my head and shaking all the nerves and doubt from my body. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, raising my head. Everyone was around me now, almost surrounding me. My back was facing the train.


“You ready Sehun?” Junmyeon asked from behind me.


“You’re not going against me?” I asked him, not turning around.


“No. Yifan, Yixing, and I will be back here, on the side in case of emergency. Chanyeol puts something on fire and it becomes unmanageable? I got that. Luhan throws something and you don’t get it in time? Yifan’s got it. Kyungsoo is the only one that doesn’t have someone watching him, but then again, he’s the one that’s got the most self-control, so he should be fine. Understand?”


“Yeah, let’s go,” I said, nerves beginning to subside, replaced by a fiery determination.


Chaos broke out as soon as the word ‘Yeah’ left my lips. With a swipe of his hand, there was a circle of fire surrounding all of us, preventing an escape. I focused all of my energy, and swung my hand out, imagining that wind was blowing all of the fire away. The fire brought itself into one place and dissipated, not quite disappearing completely. Just as I did that, I felt the ground beneath me open up. I bolted to the side, watching the ground open up beneath me. That was the result of Kyungsoo. He had hit the ground with his fist, opening up a crack not big enough that I wouldn’t have been able to escape, but big enough that I would have definitely fallen in. I brought myself back up to a standing position, but just as soon as I did that, I dropped back to the ground, laying flat. Luhan had levitated some pretty decent sized rocks, throwing them my way. I was facing the train now, so the rocks went flying back. I rolled to the side, pushing myself up quickly but staying in a crouching position. Chanyeol tried setting the ground around me on fire again, almost getting me in the process. I visualised the wind around me pushing me in a way that would bring me to have my back to the train, and when I opened my eyes again, I was there. Luhan lifted some rocks in the air and gave Chanyeol a look, to which Chanyeol nodded. He lit the rocks on fire, and Luhan sent them sailing my way. I swung my arm out forcefully, sending the rocks flying back the way they came. I was breathing heavily now, and in my time of weakness, that’s when it happened. I was caught off-guard, taking a second to assess the situation, but that was all it took. Kyungsoo must have spotted my indecisiveness and acted quickly upon it. He threw his foot into the ground, opening up the ground below me once again. This time, though, I wasn’t able to move out of the way fast enough and found myself falling into the crack, hitting my head on the ground. I felt it hit hard; it drew blood, I think. I didn’t care, though. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, giving me enough to go on and ignore it. I pulled myself out of the ground and threw out my arm, pushing the wind to Kyungsoo and knocking him on his ass. I flew around, looking wildly for Chanyeol and Luhan, anticipating another throw or another burst of flames to come my way, but… nothing came. I looked around, confused why no one was coming at me now… and then it became clear. Chanyeol and Luhan were laying on the ground as well, almost hidden by the tall grass. Kyungsoo was sitting up now, but he had a shellshocked type of expression adorning his face.


“You two okay over there?” I shouted to Chanyeol and Luhan.


A hand popped up with a thumbs up and Chanyeol’s voice came. He was laughing slightly. “Yeah, we’re fine. Kyungsoo?”


“Uh huh…” he said, standing now.


I walked to Chanyeol and Luhan, helping Luhan up. Chanyeol stood next to me as I helped him up. “Wahhh. You’re already really good with this.”


“You’re improving quickly,” Luhan said, letting my hand drop once he was also standing. We started to walk back to Junmyeon and the others. Kyungsoo was standing with them now.


“Sehun, go with Yixing inside. You’re hurt,” Yifan said to me once we got over there.


“What do you mean? I feel fine…” I said, confused.


“Do you not see the blood going down the back of your neck?” I furrowed my brows, confused. I brought a hand up to my head, feeling a warm substance coating the back of my neck. My hand was slick with blood now.


I sighed, “Alright… let’s go, Xing.” I turned to him, and he nodded, opening the door to the inside of the train and leading me inside.


He brought me to the car that held his room, and I stopped. “Let me wash my hands first.”


“We need to go to the bathroom anyway. If I’m gonna heal that up, I need to wash the worst of the blood away first, okay?”


“Okay, let’s ge-”


I was cut off by the door to Luhan’s room opening and Tao stepping outside. Once he took in the sight of me all bloodied up, his hands came up to his mouth, stifling a cry. Minseok and Jongdae stepped out of the door, trying to see what Tao was so worked up about, and their eyes immediately widened at me. Holland barely poked his head out of the door, shyly looking at me with concern filling his eyes.


I sighed deeply. “Tao…”


“They said they wouldn’t hurt you!” he said, rushing over to me and taking my face in his hands, further inspecting it.


I took his hands in mine and lowered them from my face. “Tao, I promise . I’m fine. Let Yixing help me out real quick, and then we can go rest. Okay?”


Tao looked close to tears, but he nodded in assent. “Alright…”


“You look like you need the rest anyway, with how stressed out you seem to be,” I said to him. He nodded again and wrapped his arms around me, giving me a quick hug before turning around and heading in the direction of our room.


“Should I go too?” Holland asked in a whisper.


“That’s up to you,” I told him. “You can choose when to go to bed and everything.”


He went quiet for a second, thinking. “I think I’ll stay here and wait for you… if that’s okay.”


I smiled. “Of course. This shouldn’t take long anyway.”


Yixing closed the bathroom door behind us and ducked my head into the sink, beginning to wash the worst of the blood away and washing my hair along with it. As soon as he started to scrub, though, is when the adrenaline began to subside and the pain began to kick in. I groaned, wrenching my eyes shut.


Yixing’s voice was calm and soothing. “Don’t worry, Hun. The worst of it will be over in a second. Let me just rinse and then I can heal you.”


I gave a small nod, and he removed his hands from my hair, rinsing his hands and beginning to run the water over my head. The warm water felt nice. He shut off the water and towel dried my hair carefully so as to not hurt me further.


“Okay, Sehun, stay still for a second. This shouldn’t take long,” he said quietly. He placed his hands on the back of my head, where the worst of the pain was coming from, and the pain began to gradually subside. After a few moments, the hands removed themselves. “Okay, is that better now?”


I sighed, content. “Much better. Thanks a lot, hyung.”


He smiled, “No problem, bro. That’s what I’m here for. If you need anything else, let me know.”


“Got it.” I headed out the door and looked into Luhan’s room, getting Holland. “Come on.”


He nodded, lowering his head and following me.


“Just go ahead and rest for the night, yeah? Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day: Arrival in the first district. You ready?”


“I don’t know… there’ll be a lot of people and I don’t know if I’ll be prepared for it. I get nervous with crowds a lot,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck.


“That’s okay. You can stick around me if you want, how about that?”


He smiled a little bit. “Thanks, Sehun. Means a lot.” He gave a shy little nod before going into his room, closing the door behind him.


I opened the door to my room and laid down next to Tao, closing my eyes. I wasn’t necessarily tired before all of this, but I was exhausted from the training.


Tao curled into me. “Are you sure you’re okay?”


I pulled the blanket over us and wrapped my arms around him. “Yeah, I know I’m okay. Get some rest, we’re supposed to get there early tomorrow morning.”


He mumbled in agreement, closing his eyes as well. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep alongside him.


“Sehun… Sehun, wake up.” Tao was shaking me gently.


“Don’t wanna…” I said, pulling the blanket over my head.


“You have to… Junmyeon wants us up and off the train here in the next few minutes.”


“Wha-” I sat up groggily, rubbing my eyes and looking out the window. Sunlight was streaming through the windows, and outside the windows: buildings. Lots of them, too. All looking very… industrial to say the least.


“Where even are we…?” I groaned.


“We’re at District Nine’s train station. We gotta go now. We’re supposed to be meeting with them today,” Tao said.


We were finally here.

Chapter Text

Stepping out of the train itself was an experience. As soon as the doors shut behind me, I lifted my head and surveyed my surroundings. It looked almost industrial. It was a nice aesthetic, I have to admit. Tao stayed on my side the entire time, but I didn’t blame him. It was a new place, and he seemed kind of… on edge when he would be faced with a different environment. Holland followed close behind, neck lowered into his sweatshirt, looking around nervously.


I slowed down so that he was next to me now. “You okay?”


“Y-yeah… I think so. This place is really big. It’s just a little intimidating, y’know?” He lifted his head minimally.


“I get that. You can stay with me if it helps.” I offered a small smile, which he returned.


“Thanks, Sehun.”


“No problem,” I clapped a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. “It’ll be alright.”


He nodded, and we began walking again. Junmyeon turned to us, taking call to make sure that we were all present and out of the train. As he confirmed that we were all out, he spoke to us:


“As we near the District’s centre, be on the lookout. This is a new place, and you never know what can happen. We also don’t know how the people here will react to newcomers like ourselves,” he sighed deeply. “What I’m really getting at is watch your back and be careful.”


“Alright, eomma ,” Jongdae yelled from the back. Junmyeon rolled his eyes, and Yixing playfully smacked the back of Jongdae’s head. He gave Yixing a fake-offended look, to which Yixing also rolled his eyes. Junmyeon walked forward, with the rest of us following him closely. He walked for a little bit, and I was beginning to get a little freaked out by how eerily quiet and empty everything was.


As we stepped out onto the street, though, everything changed. It was just a sea of people, endlessly pushing and shoving their way through to get to their destinations. Junmyeon turned around to us, raising his voice. “You guys, stick together. Don’t want any of us getting lost now.”


Holland had a vice-like grip on my arm. I continued walking but lowered my head to his level. “Is everything okay, Holland?”


His eyes were wide, constantly flitting around. “I-I just d-don’t like crowds… they make me n-nervous…”


I put an arm around his shoulders, guiding him slightly. “You can hang on to me. I’ll take care of you and make sure nothing hurts you. Okay?”


He nodded, putting one arm around my waist and leaning his head into my side as we walked.


Tao looped his arm around my free one, the one that wasn’t around Holland. Junmyeon and Yifan acted as almost a divider of the crowd. We were able to make it through the streets and away a decent distance from the station before the crowd cleared up enough to walk freely without thinking that we were going to get lost.


We had walked quite a distance before Junmyeon finally decided to slow down. Holland loosened his hold on me, though I kept my arm around his shoulders. He smiled a little. Tao let go of my arm, holding my hand instead. He smiled at me as well. I looked back to Junmyeon curiously. He had his head on a swivel, looking for something. A tall, dark building came into view, and Junmyeon fixated his eyes on it.


Chanyeol widened his eyes a little, “Is that where we’re going?”


“Yes. That’s their main building, and where we will be meeting them. I expect that all of you will behave in an orderly fashion and be professional in this. No fucking around in here, alright?” He gave us a look as if we had done something like that in the past. We all nodded though and continued walking.


We all had our bags in tow, and walking into the lobby of the building was a slow process with all of us trying to get in at once.


We didn’t have to wait in there for long before a guy walked in and started talking to us. He had an almost teddy bear-like appearance to him, kind of like how we compared Jongin to a bear sometimes, even though the two people looked completely different. He looked to be more around Jongdae and Minseok’s height levels, with darker hair.


He immediately walked over to us, greeting us. “Hello. My name is Woojin.” He eyed the bags we had brought with us. “Leave your things here, they’ll be safely watched over and taken care of.” He turned to the man sitting at the desk against the far wall, and he nodded back. Woojin put his attention back on us, smiling a little. “Chan told me to come and get you to meet the rest of us. Follow me.” He turned on his heel, walking to a hallway. We all looked to Junmyeon, and he nodded, silently letting us know that we should do as he says. Setting our things down, we followed, not really knowing where we were going. But if Junmyeon trusted him, then we had to too.


Woojin led us to a set of elevators, pushing the up buttons on both. “Split into two groups. Whatever group doesn’t go with me, just remember to push five. That’s where we’ll be going.” We did as he said, again.


We stepped out of the elevator and regrouped, following Woojin to wherever we were going. He led us to a set of double doors and opened one, stepping aside for us to walk in.


It was pretty much a prettied-up conference room. There were about twenty-five chairs around the table, and eight were taken. Nine, as soon as Woojin sat down. The one in the middle stood and spoke to us as we entered.


“Ah, you’ve arrived finally. I was wondering when you guys would get here.” He gave a cheeky smile to Junmyeon.


“Hello, Chan. It’s been a while.”


“I know, man. You should come to visit more often. Under better terms, that is.”


“Oh, of course,” Junmyeon said. “I don’t think anyone would want to meet under conditions anywhere close to these.”


“Right. Please, take a seat, guys.” Chan extended a hand, signalling us to sit, and we did, though he made no motion to.


“Care to introduce the rest of you guys to us? I’m the only one here that knows you guys, and Yifan by extension. The others don’t know you,” Junmyeon said, leaning forward in his chair.


“Ah, yeah.” He started on the left, making his way to the right. “That’s Jisung, Seungmin, Changbin, Felix,” he turned to the right, “Jeongin, Hyunjin, Minho, and you already met Woojin on the way in.” Woojin waved at us, smiling brightly.


Chan finally sat down, putting his hands together on the table. The other eight of them looked at us, just kind of trying to figure us out.


“Okay. I know that you came here and I know what’s going on, but why are you here ?” Chan asked us, eyeing us curiously. “Not gonna ask why you have two extra people, either.” He looked at me and Holland as he said this.


“Okay, small explanation on these two, Sehun was the last one of us that we were searching for and Holland was essentially a rescue. Either way, why we're here, yes.” He inhaled deeply and began to explain our idea of the revolution against the capitol. As he went on, they would look on us and nod. As soon as he finished though, the one that he said was Seungmin spoke.


“You guys are gonna go around to all of the districts?” He asked incredulously.


“Yeah. We’re gonna need to see how much support we have in this, or if this will just turn out being done for no reason,” Junmyeon said with a serious tone.


“And you’re here because you… want to like, recruit us to help you?”


“Yes. That is, if you agree. You don’t have to do this with us, but all the support we can get would help us by immense amounts.”


Chan went silent. His facial expression suggested that he was weighing his options. He looked to Woojin, and Woojin returned his look with one that said ‘We need to talk about this’. Chan nodded, turning to Junmyeon. “Could you step out for a second? I’d like to discuss this with just us present.”


Junmyeon stood up, and the rest of us did as well. “Of course. We’ll be right outside the door waiting.” He turned to the door, motioning for us to follow. We did, and as I was the last one out of the door, I closed it behind me.


I sat down next to the door, looking around. We all sat in silence, lost in our own thoughts. It helped me make out what they were saying loosely. I tried to silence my breathing as best as I could, straining my ears.


“Well, I, for one, am down for it. We’re here to help people, and if Nam succeeds, it will go against what we’re for. But do you guys think we should?” Chan said with confidence, voice muffled from the door.


I heard one voice speak up, a really deep one. “You sure? You’re our leader, and of course, if you think that we should, then we will follow you.”


“I know, Felix,” Chan said. “But I’m asking you guys what you think of this. If I was the only one making decisions here, then I would have made a lot of things different around here by now. So, yes or no, do you guys think we should?” Everything silenced for a split second. “Jeongin?”


Jeongin, I assumed, spoke up. “Yeah.”








Felix sighed a little, “I feel like it isn’t my place to be making the decisions here, but yes. I’m down for it.”


“Okay. That’s all I needed to know. And of course I would come to you Felix, you and Woojin are like my main people here. My second-in-commands. So please, it’s okay to voice your opinions.” I heard a chair move. I think it was Chan standing up. “Anyway. Jisung?”


“Let’s get it.” I laughed quietly at Jisung’s response.


Chan’s voice returned, “Changbin?”


“Mhmm.” He sounded uninterested either way, but I guess that was all Chan needed.








“Let’s goooo.” This earned a few chuckles.


“Woojin hyung?”


“Yos!” he said excitedly.


I heard Chan laugh a little before speaking again, “Alright then. That makes this unanimous then?”


Felix’s voice chimed in, giving a quiet, “Yes.” I almost couldn’t hear it through the door.


“Nice.” He raised his voice to a yell, so that we could all hear now. “You guys can come back in now!”


We did as we were told, walking in but not sitting down this time.


Yifan spoke, “Have you decided already?”


“Yes. It was a unanimous decision among all of us,” Chan said, taking on a tone of certainty.


“Wow, that was fast. It must have been an easy decision to make, then,” Junmyeon said.


“It was. It was a pretty easy yes from all of us. We didn’t even have to think very hard about it.”


Junmyeon sighed in relief. “So what’s your guys’ plan?”


“Well, when do you plan to come together against them? I mean like, all together, like all the districts that agreed?” Woojin asked us.


“We plan to converge within the Capitol District sometime within the next few months, which gives us plenty of planning time in between visits. We have to have some time to go through the rest of the Districts, so we can get more support for this. Our next stop will be District Three, with the group of leaders that call themselves Big Bang. As they’re a group of older men than ourselves, Yifan and I have predicted that it will be somewhat harder to convince them to join in with us, as they’ve seen what the world’s been like with him as the leader because they’ve been around longer than we have. We also don’t have any idea if they like him or not, either.”


“That’s alright, I know a few people that have met one or two of their people. They’re cool, and even if they don’t follow what you’re doing, they’ll hear you out and listen,” Chan said with a small smile. “Now, do you want us to come with you to other Districts or just stay here and you’ll send a message our way when we’re needed?”


“We wouldn’t want to cause any disturbances with an absence from you here, so you guys stay here and take care of your own. We’ll call back for you when we’re ready to do this, yeah?”


“Of course. Good luck with your plans. I hope you all succeed and gain the most support possible.” Chan bowed deeply. “You already have my number from past encounters, so keep that in mind.”


“I appreciate all of this, Chan. Thank you very much,” Junmyeon bowed in return. He turned on his heel and we all began to file out of the room.


As I started down the hall, though, a voice came from behind me. “Wait up.”


I looked back to see one of them coming up to me. Tao and Holland gave me looks of confusion, and I waved them on, silently telling them to go on. They did as I signalled, albeit slowly. I turned back to the one that called to me (Seungmin, if I remembered right).


He stopped in front of me. “Chan told me to come to one of you and get your number. Just in case.”


“Oh,” I said, slightly confused. “Here, then.” I fished my phone out of my pocket, pulling up my own number and showing him. He pulled his phone out as well, adding it in and sending me a text so I can save his number as well. I felt my phone buzz with the notification of it and shoved it back into my back pocket. “Good?”


Seungmin turned his attention from the phone to me, giving me a bright smile. “Yeah. Thanks, uh…”


I smiled back. “Sehun. My name is Sehun.”


“Well, it was nice to meet you, Sehun. Be warned, though: I might just text you out of nowhere if I get bored enough with these losers here.” He grinned, and I knew he was joking.


I laughed a little, “Don’t worry, I know what that feels like. Feel free to.”


He bowed, turning around and disappearing into the room he came from. I turned back, going the direction that everyone else disappeared to. I quickly caught up with the rest of them, taking my spot between Tao and Holland once again.


I felt something tug on my hand and looked down to investigate. Tao was pulling on my hand. I looked at him, slightly confused. Then he laced our fingers together and I understood. I squeezed his hand softly, and he smiled brightly, a light blush spreading across his cheeks.


As we stepped into the lobby of the building, Yifan started to take call to make sure we were all here before we left.


“Just say here when I call your name. Minseok?”










“Yep.” He raised his hand, and Yifan rolled his eyes.




“Present, dad.”


Yifan squinted at him disapprovingly, “Please for the love of god never call me dad again. That was disturbing. Anyway, moving on. Jongdae?”


Jongdae was trying to stifle his laughter, barely letting out the word, “Here.”






Yifan sighed. “Chanyeol?”


“YEET.” He dabbed, almost smacking me in the face with his long ass arms. I snorted, ducking, and about half the room erupted into loud laughter.


Yifan sighed, “Chanyeol what the hell… Y’know what nevermind, I won’t ask. Kyungsoo?”


Even Kyungsoo was trying to hide a smile. “Here.”




“Hither.” Yifan gave him an unamused look, and he chuckled.




“Mhmm.” He nodded towards Yifan.




Chanyeol was still in dabbing position, so I let go of Tao’s hand and dabbed in his direction, meeting his higher hand with my own in a high five. “Skiddly dee here is me.”


Baekhyun fell to the ground, Jongdae joining him shortly after. Jongin wasn’t helping as he looked down at them and, through giggles, looked at them dead in the face and asked them, “Do you guys have barbeque sauce on your tiddies too?” [A/N: Please for the love of god understand that reference and don’t make me look stupid guys]. They were crying with laughter now, no, sobbing . They were choking on air, they were laughing so hard. After a few moments, they finally stood up, leaning on each other for support. Even Junmyeon was laughing at that, and Yifan just had a look on his face that said ‘Why do I put up with you guys?’.


I shrugged, "Hey, man. I just saw an opportunity and I took it."


“Jesus fucking christ you guys are crackheads… Holland? You here too?”


“Y-yeah,” he said, trying to regain his breath back. “Here.”


“Alright then. Grab your stuff and let’s head back to the train.” He grabbed his own things and turned to the door.


“Wait, wait, wait. Hold on a second. Why did we bring our stuff if we were just gonna go back to the train anyway?” Luhan asked, giving Junmyeon a look.


“I didn’t know how long we were going to be here, plus it was as an added protection. Wouldn’t want someone sneaking on the train and possibly taking our things, yeah?” Junmyeon said, trying for a light tone.


Baekhyun sighed, “That makes sense. I wouldn’t want people taking my stuff. I love my stuff!”


Chanyeol put a hand on Baekhyun’s head. “Baek, you don’t need half the shit you have now anyway.”


Baekhyun put a hand lightly to his chest, feigning offence. “It is not just shit! It’s all important shit! So shut it!” Chanyeol laughed and removed his hand, and we began to walk out the door, our things in tow, and towards the train.


I heard a soft knock from my door. The gentle rocking of the train had almost lulled me to sleep. Reluctantly, I sat up, wiping the sleep from my eyes. “Come in.”


The door opened and revealed Tao, looking equally as tired as I did. I sighed in relief, knowing that I could look as tired as I wanted if it was in his presence. “Hey, Sehunnie.” He sat down next to where I was laying, feeling the fabric of the sheets with his fingers.


“Hey, Taozi… what’s up?” I leaned back onto the wall behind the bed, struggling to not fall asleep again.


He took a deep breath and looked at me, “I need to talk to you.”


“What about?” I asked, sitting up a little more now.


He took a deep breath, then moved so that he was sitting next to me. He closed his eyes and leaned his head on my shoulder. I looked at him. “Is everything okay?”


Tao put his hand out, moving it in a ‘so-so’ kind of way. I sat up fully now, turning to face him. “Tao…? What’s wrong?”


“I just…” He kept his eyes closed as he spoke. “I’m not really good with wording my thoughts.”


“Try your best, I guess.”


“That’s the thing, though. It’s not really just my thoughts. It’s more my feelings that I have trouble with?”


His feelings? Wha- I thought to myself.


“Tao, what do you mean? Why would you be coming to me for this?”


“You’re the only one here that I trust and I can’t tell anyone else.”


“But why? What about me is so special?”


He muttered under his breath slightly.


“What was that?”


“Y’know, I really shouldn’t have come here to you… you’re right.” He stood up, sighing.


I grabbed his sleeve and pulled him back down.”Why can’t you tell me what’s wrong? What’s wrong with your feelings?”


“That’s the thing, Hun. I can’t talk about my feelings with the one they’re for…”


It was almost like the world fell out from under me. Not necessarily the bad feeling way, but just like… that you got told something life-changing.


“Tao… you should have told me sooner,” I said quietly.


“Why? So you can say something and reject me earlier than now?”


“Tao that’s not-”


“No, Sehun, save it. It was a mistake coming here anyw-”


I cut him off by pulling him down and kissing him. I honestly caught myself off-guard with this little burst of confidence, but it seemed to have moved him more than it did me. He froze at first, I don’t think his brain was fully registering that it was me kissing him, but soon after, he melted into it. He sat down fully now, facing me and wrapping his arms around my neck. I smiled into the kiss, settling my hands on his hips and leaning forward slightly. We continued like this for a few moments before I pulled back, needing to breathe.


He laughed lightly, sounding relieved. “Sehun?”


“Yes, Tao?


“I really like you.”


I smiled and rested my forehead against his, laughing slightly. “Y’know something, Taozi?”


“What’s that, Hun?”


I smiled and kissed him one more time, really lightly. “I like you too."

Chapter Text

As we entered the train, the chatter among all of us seemed to be endless. We all disappeared to our rooms to put our stuff back, then came back to the lounge, each of us full of questions.


Minseok was the first to speak. “That was… a lot quicker than I expected it to be.”


“They seemed already willing. Like they were expecting that we would be starting a revolution or something,” Chanyeol added in.


“You guys also have to remember that they’re very young, compared to other group leaders. Their age might be contributing to the fact that they’re so eager to comply with our requests,” Junmyeon explained.


“They aren’t really that much older than I am, though…” Holland said. “You said the oldest was only about twenty-one, right?”


“I did say that,” Junmyeon nodded.


“Yeah. I’m only twenty-two right now, so the age might be less of a factor. I know if I was in their place I would be a little more thoughtful about my response. I mean, whether or not I say yes or no to that could be a big thing, so I would think about my response for a good while before I actually shared it,” Holland went on. Everyone went silent as he spoke; it was the most he has actually said out loud since we picked him up. He seemed to realise it as he felt all eyes on him and lowered his head slightly, shy again.


“You know, Holland, you’re right though,” Chanyeol said, looking at him.


“Yes. Holland may be right there, but ,” Junmyeon said, “the rest of the Districts won’t be as easy to convince. District Eighteen will be pretty easy, I think, but the rest, I don’t think so.”


“Okay,” Baekhyun said. “Tell us a little bit about District Three then.”


“Huh? Why?” Junmyeon tilted his head in confusion.


“I thought you said something about District Three being our next stop?”


“Oh, right. I forgot I said something about that.” Junmyeon pulled out his phone, reading off notes, I think. “District Three is led by a group that calls themselves Big Bang. There are five of them- Jiyong, their leader, Seunghyun, Yongbae, Daesung, and Seunghyun, his second in command. They’re all older than us, except Seunghyun. Minseok and Luhan are older than Seunghyun. He was December, while Luhan was April and Minseok was March. Anyway, I’m getting off track. As a whole, they're older than us, and they’ve been around much longer than we have. They’re going to be a lot harder to convince to join our cause than Nine was. So prepare to maybe be pulled in and do a lot of talking to convince them.”


“That makes sense,” I said, nodding.


“Well, all of you should be prepared to talk except Holland. He doesn’t know as much about what we’re trying to achieve. Plus, you don’t seem to be a big fan of talking in general, so don’t worry about that.” Junmyeon motioned to Holland.


He let out a minute sigh, “Thank you, Junmyeon.”


“No problem kiddo. We’ll take care of you.”


Holland smiled and nodded, laying back flat on the floor and laying his arms behind his head as a pillow. The train lurched forward, throwing those that were standing off balance slightly. We were moving again.


“So… now that we’re going, how long will it take for us to get to the next district?” Jongdae asked.


Junmyeon sighed. “Good news and bad news about that. Well, bad news to a few of you.”


“What’s that?” I asked.


“The good news is that we won’t be on the train much longer. The bad news is, and I’m sorry to Luhan and anyone else afraid of heights and stuff,” Junmyeon sighed sadly, settling a hand on Luhan’s shoulder next to me,” is that once we get off the train, we have to take a flight to District Three. It’s an intercontinental flight, so it’s going to be a long one.”


I felt Luhan shudder next to me, and Minseok put an arm around him, offering some comfort. “Don’t worry, I’ll stay with you the entire time.”


Luhan smiled a little his way. “Thank you, Minseokkie.”


“Anyway, go ahead and go to your rooms. Chill out for a while. The train ride to the airport will only be about an hour or so, so that should be enough time to squeeze in a power nap or something.” Junmyeon turned around and took Yifan’s arms, leading him back to their car. Yifan seemed taken by surprise, but followed anyway. I looked at Baekhyun and Chanyeol, wiggling my eyebrows, and they busted out laughing like madmen.


I stood up, offering my hand up to Tao, and we went to our room, ready to sleep. Flopping down on the bed, I extended an arm for him, and he took his space next to me. I smiled and put my other arm around him, pulling him into me.


About five minutes after we had both laid down, Tao had fallen asleep. The soft snores coming from him made me smile. It made me happy to know that he was resting well.


A soft knock came from the door. I groaned, carefully slipping away from Tao, trying not to wake him up. Opening the door, I saw Holland standing there, looking slightly shaken.


“Hey, Holland. What’s wrong? You don’t look so good…”


“Y-yeah…” he stuttered. “I just… I’m scared.”


“What about?” I asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.


“I… really don’t like heights… I’m actually terrified. I feel like I’m going to die at any second any time I’m up really high.”


“Aww, Holland, don’t be afraid. I’ll be here for you. If you need anything I’ll come to you at any time. You could probably wake me up at like three in the morning and I’ll be up to help you in a split second.” I chuckled slightly, and he smiled shyly.


“I… thank you, Sehun. That’s actually really nice…” He scratched the back of his neck.


“Don’t worry about it. You’re such a nice kid, I can’t imagine any reason why people wouldn’t like you,” I smiled widely at him. I turned back to the bed, then stopped in my tracks. There was a lot of space, even with me in the bed there would be a lot of space…


“Hey, Holland,” I said, turning around. I poked my head out into the hallway.


He stopped in his tracks, looking back at me. “Yeah…?”


“Do you want to take a nap with us?”


He visibly blushed. I could see it even through the darkness. “W-what?”


“You can come lay with us if you want. We have plenty of space,” I smiled at him.


“Actually… yeah. That sounds nice.” He returned the smile and walked back to our room, following me.


I laid back down next to Tao, and Holland laid on my other side. I put my arms around Holland, and I could almost feel him smile. I pulled the blankets over us, resting my head against the back of Holland’s head. He yawned, and I smiled softly. Cute. Tao rolled over, putting his arms around my waist and pulling me into him, subsequently pulling Holland with me too. He laughed softly, and before long, he, too, fell asleep. I smiled, happy with my position, and allowed myself to fall asleep as well.


“Awwwwww, that’s so cute!” I heard a voice say.


Another voice, more hushed. Deeper. “Shut up! You’re gonna wake them up.”


I yawned, not opening my eyes yet. I still had my arms around Holland, but he had turned over, so he was facing me now. Tao still had his arms around me as well, but now he had a leg thrown over both me and Holland. I smiled softly. This was nice, really relaxing.


I decided to lift my head a little, opening my eyes. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were standing at the foot of the bed, smiling a little. I looked at them, “How long have you been standing there?”


“Not veeery long,” Baekhyun said, trying to drop the smile but failing.


I rolled my eyes. “Riiight. What, now are you just gonna be our personal stalkers?”


“If y’all are gonna keep being this cute, then yeah. Do you not see yourselves?”


“I know we’re cute. I have the two cutest people on the train with me. I wasn’t necessarily denying it either,” I said, dropping my head back onto the pillow carefully. Holland smiled in front of me, and I squinted at him. I pinched his side, not very hard though. He squealed and rolled over.


I sighed, smiling. “You little shit, you’ve just been pretending to be asleep haven’t you?”


“Yup,” he said softly. “I wasn’t the only one, though…” His gaze shifted to over my shoulder. I turned my head and found Tao looking up at me, one eye cracked open. His mouth was quirked up in a small smile. So he apparently had heard everything too.


I sighed deeply. “You heard too?”


He smiled. “Mhmm. But I would have said the same thing, so…”


I dropped my head onto the pillow, huffing. “You two are insufferable, you know that?”


They laughed softly and, in unison, said, “Yep.”


I could almost hear Chanyeol smiling. Baekhyun cleared his throat at the end of the bed. “Look, this is cute and all, but Sehun, you need to go with Chanyeol to see Junmyeon.”


“What does Junmyeon want?” I sat back up.


“Don’t know. He just said that he wants everyone that was there on the night of your training that you got hurt to be with him in his room in a little bit. The only ones not there right now are me and you, dude,” Chanyeol said


“That’s weird that he didn’t say why he wanted us there…” I said quietly, rubbing my eyes.


“Yeah, but usually it’s kinda serious when he doesn’t say. Either serious or he wants to keep it confidential between those involved in whatever incident it was.”


I wiggled myself out from under the blanket, careful not to take any away from Tao or Holland. I reached for the ceiling, stretching and groaning. “Alright... Let’s go.”


“You’re not going to change?” Baekhyun asked me.


“Nah. I’ll be fine. C’mon.” I turned to Tao and Holland. “I’ll be right back. Hopefully, this won’t take long.”


“Take as long as you need, Hun. We’ll be fine here,” Tao said, yawning. He dropped his head back down onto the pillow, pulling the blanket over himself. I smiled and nodded, stepping out of the door and going to Junmyeon’s room.


“How long were we asleep?” I asked Baekhyun as we walked.


“We’re supposed to arrive at the airport in about twenty minutes, so… a little over half an hour? Don’t worry about it, though. You needed the sleep.” He put a hand on my back.


“Okay…” I said. We arrived at Junmyeon’s door. Baekhyun turned around and headed back to his room.


I turned to Chanyeol, “Well… let’s get this over with and hope that we’re not in trouble.”


“Like I always say, ‘Prepare for the worst but hope and pray for the best.’”


I smiled at him, reaching for the door handle. But I stopped in my tracks. Chanyeol must have heard it too, with the look he had on his face. The voices behind the door were extremely hushed like they were trying to keep what they were saying a well-kept secret. The only ones I heard talking were Junmyeon and Yifan, though I knew that Kyungsoo and Luhan were in there. They were most likely sitting on the side, listening to the conversation intently.


“You know he’s the strongest. There isn’t a doubt about that, Yifan.”


“But you know what they have there. What if they try to take him, Junmyeon? What will we do then? They’ll take him and torture him and try to... convert him to be… you know… one of theirs?”


“Sehun is loyal and would never do that to us. He’s proven that to us multiple times that he wouldn’t give us away for anything. You saw how he reacted to Chanyeol being hurt in the warehouse.”


“And we saw what they did to Chanyeol! Junmyeon, if they get to him, I’m afraid that his chances of living are going to drop dramatically.”


Chanyeol leaned in farther with me, listening in hard now. I felt my heart drop as well as my jaw. I was possibly going to… die?


“Yifan, that won’t happen. We’ll make sure to keep someone on him at all times. Make sure that he’s kept near. Even if it has to be one of us. We’ll take shifts if we need to.”


“I know I know… I just… I don’t want anything to happen to him. I know what you’re going to say, ‘Oh, but Yifan, you were so cold to him when he first arrived, how could you say that now?’ And I know, it’s weird of me to say, but he’s kind of grown on me. It would be weird to imagine being a group together now without him with us. I’m just… I’m worried for him, Myeon. I’m legitimately scared for his life and I don’t know what to do about this. I should have expected this, with the mission that we’re on here, but it’s an extended feeling with Sehun. Like I need him to be here.”


Kyungsoo actually spoke now, “Yifan. I’m cold as well. But I feel the same thing. I have only ever felt this with Jongin, but now… Sehun. When Sehun showed up, I felt something really different about him that I didn’t feel with anyone else.”


“I felt that as well,” Junmyeon said. “And I know Jongdae and Minseok also felt something because they asked me about it. Why Sehun’s arrival felt different than the others. But I think there’s more to him than him just being our missing link. I think he’s something more… I just don’t know where to place it yet… I mean, it’s obvious that he has something more in him than the ability to control wind. Think about it: No one has ever had any ill will towards him. No one has ever tried to pick a fight with him. No one has ever really been mad at him. And most of all, no one has ever tried to even just pick on him. Think about it, though. Baekhyun picks on everyone. No matter what. But when Sehun arrives he just leaves him alone? Something’s different.”


“Wait, wait… I think I remember what this is called.” Luhan seemed fierce, despite the quiet tone of his voice.


“Yeah?” I heard the bed shift a little as Yifan said this. He must have turned to face Luhan.


“Isn’t it called like… Clairsentience or something like that? Psychic empathy or… something.”


“What you’re thinking of is more towards psychic empathy. Clairsentience is more like what Yixing has, when you can feel what those around you are feeling. Psychic empathy is like when you take on the feelings of the people around you. Clairsentience is more recognising what’s there, psychic empathy is not only recognising it but feeling it along with them. Like, imagine that your body was just like a sponge, able to absorb what’s around you. That’s more what that’s like, but… With Sehun, it’s like that but in reverse. We kind of feel what he’s feeling emotionally. Sometimes it’s there and we can ignore it, but other times, like in some of the coming times especially, in intense situations, it’ll be harder, maybe borderline impossible, to ignore. Prepare for some intense waves of emotion when it gets hard in the Districts.” As Yifan went on, I realised a few things: One, that he was… terrifyingly right; Second, that, as he spoke, it was completely silent in there (and it was at that moment that I realised that Chanyeol was a loud breather); and lastly, that my feet were going numb from the position that I was in as I listened in on them.


There was a silence, then Junmyeon sighed, breaking it. “We’ll deal with it when it comes. We need to know for sure that this is what we think it is, then we can confront him about it. Sound good?”








“Alright then. Speaking of Sehun, where are Sehun and Chanyeol?” Junmyeon asked.


“Chanyeol and Baekhyun went to go get Sehun awake, so give it a second,” Kyungsoo said.


I looked at Chanyeol and whispered very quietly, “Wait for a second, then we’ll go in.” He nodded in agreement.


We waited there in the hallway in silence for about thirty seconds before I reached for the handle of the door once again, turning it and entering the room.


Luhan looked to me and smiled, “Took you long enough! Did you have a nice nap, at least?”


I stretched and yawned, feigning the sleepy look that I should have had. “Mhmm… It sucks that I didn’t get more sleep…”


“Well, Sehun, this is really important, so we have to be here.” I jumped and looked to the side, and found Yixing sitting in the corner, cross-legged and smiling to himself. “Scare you, did I?”


I put my hand over my heart, feeling my heartbeat. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”


“You’ll get over it.” He laughed and rested his head against the wall, closing his eyes.


“Anyway, Junmyeon. What did you want with us?” Chanyeol sat at the end of the bed. I took a seat on the floor near Yixing.


“This won’t take long. I just needed to make sure I had everyone that was there hear this.”


Kyungsoo lifted his head, meeting Junmyeon’s gaze. “What is it?”


“Sehun’s training that we had, where I had all of you come out with the three of us,” Junmyeon said, now looking at Luhan, “Yifan and I have talked, and we want to make it a regular thing. The few of you coming out with us to do his training as well. I mean, you guys saw how well he did when he was actually faced with a challenge.”


“Oh yeah, he did exceptionally well,” Yixing said, resting his feet in my lap.


“Oh shut up. I did okay , I guess…” I said. He kept his eyes closed, but I saw the corners of his mouth turn up into a minute smirk.


“Anyway,” Junmyeon said, clearing his throat, “before we do make this a regular thing, I wanted to go over some things with you guys.”


“What is it?” Chanyeol asked.


“First off, that we need to be more careful with Sehun. He got really hurt last time, and I think that’s the most hurt I’d ever seen anyone get during physical training sessions with ANY of you. The closest we’ve come was when Yifan got burned pretty badly during Chanyeol’s training, and even then, it wasn’t that bad. So just watch yourselves more carefully next time, yeah?”


“Yeah…” Kyungsoo mumbled. He turned to me, guilt in his eyes. “I’m really sorry for doing that to you, by the way…”


“Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s all good now. It was more my fault anyway because I wasn’t paying attention.” I smiled at him.


“Still… I should have been more careful with you,” he said.


“And as I said, don’t worry about it, okay? I promise it’s fine”


“Well, alright…”


Yifan spoke now, “Secondly, I’d like the five of you to realise that this is going to be an almost every night thing, sometimes more than once in a day, depending on how long the trip is. So whatever happens, be prepared to help us out, yeah?”


“Of course, Yifan. We got this. We’ll take care of our little Sehunnie,” Luhan said, flashing a grin my way. I rolled my eyes, smiling to myself.


“Okay, then. And lastly, a reminder. In about twenty minutes, we’ll be arriving at the airport, so make sure you guys have your things together and ready.”


“Already have that taken care of,” Chanyeol said, standing up. “Baekhyun on the other hand, he’s gonna need some help. I’m gonna go help him.”

“Of course. You guys are dismissed, so go get your things ready.” Yifan laid back, putting his hands behind his head and closing his eyes. Junmyeon rolled his eyes and chuckled, looking from him back to us.


I was stepping out of the door, the last one to do so, but Junmyeon held me back a second. “Wait for a second, Sehun.”


“What is it?” I turned around.


He gave me a knowing look. “Make sure you take care of those two. Holland seems so afraid, with all this change. I know I would be too if I were in his shoes. Tao just needs support in general, y’know. Someone to lean on. Just be there for him. He’s important to us all.”


“Of course. I feel like I need to take care of both of them and keep them safe, so I’ll try to do that to the best of my abilities.” I nodded and headed back to my room.


Upon entering my room, I was met with the cutest sight I had ever seen. Both of the boys had messed up hair, but now they had filled in the gap that I had created when I left. They had once again fallen asleep, now cuddling each other. Tao had his arms wrapped around Holland’s small frame, and Holland had his face buried into Tao’s neck. I could almost spot a smile on his face as he let out little snores. I smiled, deciding to let them sleep. This was too cute.


I left the room, instead going to Holland’s room. I began packing his things in the carry on that we had let him use. Finishing up, I brought it to my room and left it beside the bed. I smiled, seeing them asleep and comforted by each other. It made me happy, knowing two of my favourite people also found comfort in each other and not just in me. I carefully and quietly repacked Tao’s luggage as well, setting it beside my own. I hadn’t really unpacked, so there was no need to get my things together.


I decided to lay in bed until we got to the airport. I wanted to relax as much as possible. Pulling the blanket back slowly, I settled myself in bed behind Holland, putting my arms around him and settling a hand on Tao’s waist. I closed my eyes, enjoying this moment.


“He’s so cute, isn’t he?” Tao said softly. I opened my eyes back up, and he had his head lifted, enabling him to see both me and Holland.


“He really is…” I said, smiling at the little snores that he was occasionally letting out.


“Let him sleep until we get to the airport… he’s afraid of heights really badly. Let’s let him stay comfortable until we really need him up.” He laid a hand on the side of Holland’s head, letting his fingers play with the blond strands.


“He seems like he needs the sleep anyway. The poor kid,” I said, smiling at the action.


Tao sighed, “Don’t we all…”


We laid there for a good ten minutes before our phones buzzed with a message from Junmyeon:

Get your things and come to the lounge car. We’re almost there.

I groaned, not wanting to do… well, not wanting to do anything , really. I shook Holland carefully, waking him from his deep sleep. “Hey, sleepy head… we’re here.”


He whined softly. “Don’t wanna…”


“I know you don’t wanna, but we have to… don’t worry, though. I’ll be here with you the entire time.”


“Me too, Holland. It’ll all be alright.”


He sighed. “Okay…” Bringing himself to a sitting position, I got up, letting him swing his legs off the side and stand up, stretching. I smiled, giving him the handle to his luggage. We made our way to the lounge car at a snail’s pace, not ready to go already.


I put my hand on the handle of the door, letting out a small breath. “Well… here we go again.”

Chapter Text

Opening the door, we weren’t surprised to find everyone in there already, waiting for us. We decided to stand, seeing as how the train was almost stopped anyway. Holland was visibly shaken- most likely fear. I put an arm around him in an attempt to comfort him, and he leaned into me, laying his head on my shoulder. I felt bad for the poor kid. He’s gone through so much in these past few days, I could only imagine what was going through his mind at the moment. He’s been abandoned by those horrible people, taken in by us, having to familiarize himself with and get to know all of us, and now, we’re already moving with him in tow. If I were him, I would be scared about all of the change as well. It’s so much at once, I’m surprised he’s holding up as well as he is. Tao let go of his things, stepping behind him and hugging his back. I looked at him, and he closed his eyes, smiling a little bit. I turned to Tao, and we shared a look that said the same thing:


We need to make sure he stays as comfortable as possible through this. He’s too scared, and this is a lot at once.


Junmyeon looked around us, counting heads. “As I say your name, say here.” He eyed down Chanyeol and me, silently telling us not to do what we did last time. I looked to Chanyeol and grinned, seeing him laughing a little to himself as well. Junmyeon went on, “I’m just double checking to make sure no one gets left behind. Minseok?”








Junmyeon turned his head, looking over his shoulder and to Yifan. “Okay, you’re here. I’m here… Yixing?”


Yixing yawned and raised his hand. “Present.”








“Here…” He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, probably wanting to sleep more.


“Chanyeol?” Junmyeon might as well have been giving him a death glare.




Junmyeon rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath to himself before continuing. “Kyungsoo?”


“Here,” Kyungsoo nodded.




Tao leaned his head up for a second, “Here.”








I stretched a little before speaking. “Here.”


“Aaaand… Holland?”


“Here…” His voice was so small, barely a whisper. Junmyeon gave him a look of concern before deciding against asking what was troubling him and to speak again to the lot of us.


“Okay, we’re all here. As soon as the train comes to a complete stop, we’ll be at the airport. Please try to go as fast as you can going through the terminals, as we are slightly behind schedule. We need to be on this plane. We have no other way to get overseas. For the two of you that are afraid of flights, just make sure you stay with someone that’ll help keep you comfortable.” Just as he finished, the screeching of the brakes became audible, but just barely. It was only seconds later that we felt the transfer of weight, signalling that we’d come to a complete stop. I took Holland’s hand in mine, my luggage in the other, and made my way to the door.


As we opened the door, Junmyeon said one more thing. “Don’t make any contact with anyone unless it is a staff member. This is for your safety as much as it is theirs. We don’t know who’s in there or anything. So just be cautious in there.”


The sun was bright and bearing down on us, but just enough. It was only about late-afternoon, maybe mid-evening. I couldn’t tell. Then again, I never really was good at telling time just by looking at the sky. The enormous shadow of the airport soon shaded us, looming over, unlike any airport I’d ever seen. This airport was… abnormally tall. Glass made up a large portion of the front, allowing us to see through it. Yifan took large steps forward and opened the door, holding it open for us. We all speed-walked through to our gate, but not once did I let go of Holland’s hand. I checked back every so often to make sure we didn’t lose Tao, and each time, he was right there, standing behind Holland. The lady at the thing took our tickets, checked our luggage, and that was that. It was a lot quicker than I had thought. But then I was handed my luggage back and was confused for a second. I looked to Junmyeon, a questioning look on my face.


“Oh, you’re keeping it with you. It’s a private airline, no one else will be on there,” he explained. I was still confused slightly, though. Why did we need a whole aeroplane to ourselves? It was probably just him being concerned, keeping the general public safe and out of this. As they should be. This was our fight, not theirs, and who knows what could happen to them if they were to come into contact with any of us? Or just…


I shook my head, trying to clear my mind of any thoughts like that. It wouldn’t do me any good to keep that sort of thinking up.


We re-entered the sunlight, making our way to the plane. Yifan was leading us, parting the crowds inside and leading us to the plane outside. He was like a walking wall. Inside everyone moved away from him as he walked, and if you didn’t know Yifan, you might have thought that they were all afraid of him… maybe a few of them were. The door to the plane swung open as we approached, and we filed in, one at a time.


The plane was a lot bigger inside than the outside had made it seem. The cabin was large enough to seat all of us, and there was also a room past that that I’m guessing was the room to house our luggage for the flight. I took Holland’s luggage and my own and put them down in the corner, then returned to the cabin, sitting down farthest from the door. Holland sat next to me, clutching my arm, and Tao sat next to him, putting a hand on his leg and laying his head on his shoulder. Luhan and Minseok put their things away and sat across from us, Junmyeon doing the same and seating himself next to Luhan, keeping him with someone on each side of him. Yifan sat next to Junmyeon, followed by Chanyeol, and of course, where there’s a Chanyeol, there’s a Baekhyun. Yixing sat next to Baekhyun, laying across him and Chanyeol both and looking like he was ready for another nap. Jongin took a seat next to Tao and Kyungsoo sat next to him, trying to keep Jongin calm. Jongin did look pretty shaken… was he afraid of heights too? Jongdae shut the door behind him and sat next to Yixing. Yixing lifted himself off of Chanyeol and Baekhyun and instead laid on Jongdae, curling up into a ball a little bit. I could almost spot a smile on Jongdae’s face. He laid his arms across Yixing’s middle, closing his eyes and letting his head fall to the side.


“Alright, guys. We’re taking off,” Junmyeon said, switching his gaze from the door to the cockpit to flitting between Luhan and Holland, concern laid out across his face. An occasional glance was thrown to Jongin as well, and I just chose to assume that he was also afraid of heights, but not at the level that Luhan and Holland were.


The plane lurched forward, and Holland yelped barely. I don’t think anyone else besides Tao and myself heard it over the noise. I turned a little, putting my arms around him and hugging him. He was shaking a little bit, and I almost felt my heart break a little. I know what it’s like to be this scared, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. I pet his hair in an attempt to calm him a little bit, and he leaned into the touch. I smiled a little to myself, glad that I was able to help him. I looked over to Minseok and Luhan, and Luhan was curled into Minseok’s side, holding onto him. Minseok was speaking to him softly, and the only thing I could make out from it was (I think) ‘Don’t worry, it’s almost over. I promise’. I rubbed Holland’s back, and slowly, his breathing got to being back under control. It comforted me slightly, knowing that he was no longer panicking. Tao must have picked up on it, too, because he smiled at me and then Holland.


I leaned down to Holland to whisper in his ear, “Hey, Holland.”


No response. I shook him softly, “Holland, you okay?” He groaned softly and turned over.


“I think he might be asleep, Hun,” Tao said.


I smiled. “Yeah, he probably is.”


“Let him sleep. The more he sleeps, the less afraid he is.”


I nodded and let my fingers play with his hair, messing with the blond strands. He looked so relaxed while he was asleep. In fact… this might have been the calmest I’d seen him yet. The other times when we were taking naps together, he seemed like he was distressed, almost as if he was having a nightmare. Now, though, nothing was written across him, and nothing was inlaid in his facial expression. Just calm.


“We shouldn’t be here long,” Junmyeon said to us. “Eight hours at most. If I’m right though, we should be arriving sometime early in the morning. Six or seven in the morning.”


Chanyeol looked confused. “But when we left it was only like six in the evening?”


“Time zone change. If we were staying in the same time zone, it would be like two in the morning when we landed. But we’re going four hours ahead, so it’ll be six. Make sense?” Yifan explained.


“Yeah,” Chanyeol said.


Baekhyun sighed dramatically. “Why can’t the entire world just be one giant time zone so we don’t get confused like this?”


“That’s just not how the world works, Baek,” Jongin said.


“It would be better if it was…” Baekhyun muttered, moving to lay on Chanyeol.


“I know, man, I know…” Chanyeol laid a hand across his waist, relaxing into his seat.


“This is gonna be weird…” Jongdae murmured.


“What was that, Dae?” Kyungsoo asked.


“I said this is gonna be weird,” Jongdae said again, louder. “A group with this much of an age gap with us, and one that’s been around much longer than us at that, it’s gonna be so weird because like…” He stopped, lost in thought. “What are we going to say? We already know it’s going to take much, much longer than District Nine took us to convince. District Nine… they were young. Easily convinced. These guys are experienced, they know what to do. What if they already have a plan to do what we’re doing, but they have it done in a better way?”


“What do you mean by ‘in a better way’, Jongdae?” Yifan asked, leaning forward and settling his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together.


“I mean, like, what if before we decided to do this, what if they already started to make up a resistance? Like we are? But say they’ve already gone to a bunch of Districts and talked to them and gotten them to join them instead. What do we do then?”


“I’ve got that under control, Dae. Don’t worry yourself.”


“What exactly has you so confident then, huh?”


Yifan sighed deeply before going on. “Many of the Districts I’ve already called ahead to. I think all but maybe Two, Ten, and Seventeen know that we’re coming. There might be more, maybe I’ve forgotten a few, but that’s not the point. The point is, I have this under control and it’ll all be fine. Okay?”


Jongdae sighed deeply and nodded, resting his hands on Yixing, who was still laying in his lap. “Yeah, okay.” He chuckled a little bit. “I don’t know why I was getting so worried, of course you would have called ahead. It’s just like you two to reserve a visit to discuss a rebellion.”


Junmyeon leaned over Chanyeol and Baekhyun and punched Jongdae in the arm. I can tell it wasn’t hard, just enough so that he’d feel it, but Jongdae still pretended like it was the most intense pain he’d ever felt in his life. I rolled my eyes. Only Jongdae and Baekhyun would be that dramatic over a little punch.


“Jongdae, stop faking it,” Luhan said, rolling over in Minseok’s lap, still leaving his eyes closed. “We all know that Junmyeon can be intimidating, being our leader and all, but we all know that he’s not physically intimidating. He’s only scary in that way when he uses his abilities to their full extent.”


Junmyeon rolled his eyes and focused on the glass of water sitting in the cupholder next to me. I smirked to myself and watched as the liquid contained inside the cup left its confines, going through the air and settling in front of Luhan’s face. A small bit of it came from the front, just barely touching Luhan’s nose- just enough to get his attention. He opened his eyes, confused, just in time to see the small body of water go from being in the air to being all over him. He sat up quickly, wiping at his face and groaning.


“What was that for?” He said, eyeing Junmyeon down.


“Respect your leader next time and that won’t happen.” Junmyeon laid back in his chair, a smug look on his face. Baekhyun laughed at Luhan, poking fun at him. It took maybe three seconds for the contents of Tao’s glass that was next to him to be emptied onto Baekhyun.


“What the hell, man!” He sat up, pulling his shirt up and ridding it of the water. His hair was a little wet, too.


“Don’t poke fun at fellow members, either, or you’ll get it too,” Junmyeon said, fighting back a smile.


I looked at the two of them and laughed a little to myself, then stopped. “Hey, Junmyeon?”


“Yes, Sehun?”


“Why do Chanyeol and Minseok not have water on them? Luhan and Baekhyun were laying in their laps when you put the water all over them, but they don’t have any on them…” I furrowed my brows.


“I kinda had to control it more than I would if it were anyone else, and be careful with how I did that. With Minseok’s power being frost, if he were to come into contact with water, it would just freeze up. He’s told me before that when it freezes on him, it makes him uncomfortable, so I try to avoid doing that to him. But with Chanyeol, with his power being fire… you can probably put two and two together. Water on fire doesn’t go well. The two of them also can’t go swimming at all. Minseok would freeze the entire thing, and that wouldn’t be good for any of us if we were in the pool with him. We’d be all frozen in a block of ice, essentially. But as for Chanyeol... Chanyeol gets weaker and weaker the longer he’s in water. Whether it’s a body of water or if it’s precipitation and weather-related.  Rain isn’t as bad for them but it still isn’t good. When we go out in the rain I try to direct it so that it won’t touch them, but I can’t get it all, can I?”


“I mean, I guess not. Isn’t that a lot to concentrate on all at once, trying to direct hundreds and hundreds of separate droplets away from both of them at the same time?”


“That’s why Yifan’s usually always with me when we go out and it’s raining. I focus on them while holding onto him, so he leads me and I focus on them. It’s a solution that keeps us all safe,” He explained.


“That’s a lot of work, Myeon. Don’t you ever get tired or overworked?”


He sighed a little. “Sometimes. But Yixing’s always there to help me out, so it’s alright.”


“You still need to take care of yourself. One day, and I hate to say this, what if Yixing isn’t there anymore? What will you do then?” I paused, then continued. “You need to take care of yourself as much as you can. It’s important.”


“What do you know about that?” He said, his voice like the snap of a whip. He must have realised that there was some bite to what he said, then he sighed, looking at me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that. I mean-”


I cut him off. “I know what you mean. You do have to remember, Junmyeon, I was homeless for years. I know how it is.”


He widened his eyes fractionally before sighing, relaxing his shoulders a bit. “Right… I forgot about that. Sorry, Hun.”


“Don’t worry about it. We all forget things every now and then.”




Holland stirred slightly, turning over. I looked down at him, and he sat up.


“Holland? You okay?” He didn’t respond. I realised that he wasn’t fully awake. His eyes were still closed, but he was turning his head like he was looking for someone, then he stopped. He wrapped his arms around Tao’s neck, holding on tightly and sitting in his lap. Tao looked from him to me, then smiled. He wrapped his arms around Holland, patting his back and hugging him.


“He’s such a sweet kid…” Jongin said, looking at the two of them.


I smiled at him. “He really is… he doesn’t deserve all that he went through before we took him in. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why they thought of that or how they could do that to him…”


“He’s so shy and scared…” Kyungsoo said. “He’s so quiet sometimes that I could easily forget his presence in the room.”


“Him being afraid is a big reason for it. He’s so scared of everything because of his past experiences, not to mention that this is a lot of change at once for him. How do you think you would feel if you went from being abandoned in the middle of nowhere to being picked up by a completely different group, a group of complete strangers at that, that offered to help you?”


“You know… His reaction is understandable, in that case.”


“It really is. All he’s used to right now is being afraid and cautious of everyone.”


“Sehun,” Yifan turned to me, speaking quietly. “You’ve spent a lot of time with him.”


“I have.”


“Has he told you anything about being in the Capitol at all? Like what they did to him, things like that?”


I clenched my jaw a few times, thinking of what Holland had explained to me in the past about these situations. I realised what I was doing, relaxing slightly before I really started to grind my teeth. I needed to really stop that. It was a bad habit of mine. I unclenched my jaw, inhaled deeply, and went on. “He’s told me some… like, the things that go on in his nightmares. A few nights on the train, he would wake up and be really upset, so I would stay up and try to help him calm down. I would ask him what happened, and he would go on and tell me these things that they did to them and just… the Capitol should be preparing for the hell I’m going to rain down on them when I come. I don’t know how they could just do all of that and think that that’s even remotely okay.”


The lot of them were all looking at me like I was crazy or something. Finally, after a short silence, Baekhyun spoke up, “Hun… you’re never this angry sounding. Are you okay?”


I realised then that I was clenching my fists. Hard, too. Hard enough that my fingernails were leaving crescent-shaped indents into the palms of my hands. I sighed, unclenching my fists and setting them to the sides of me. “Yeah, sorry… I get carried away sometimes when I’m concerned.”


“You must really care for him, then.” Yixing smiled a little across the cabin at me. I felt my cheeks heat up a little bit.


“I really do…” I turned to look at Holland. He had his face buried into Tao’s neck, sleeping soundly. “I just feel like I need to protect him at all costs. Something about him to me feels… important. Different than what I feel with you guys. You guys feel like… I feel like I need to protect you guys because you’re like my family. But with him… it’s different. Not like what I have with Tao.” I looked to him and he smiled a little at me, blushing a little. “It’s similar to that, yes, but something else is there…” I paused, thinking. “Okay. With you guys, it’s like I need to protect you because we both need each other and because you guys are like what family I have left. With Tao… I don’t know how to word that, but you guys know what it is without me saying it. But in Holland’s case… it feels like he’s supposed to be here. Like he was already predestined to be with us before we even decided to do this.” I looked to Junmyeon, hoping he could answer some things. “There’s some sort of ongoing connection between us and him that I need to figure out.”


Junmyeon listened intently the whole time I spoke, nodding his head occasionally. As I finished, a silence settled between us, but not an uncomfortable one. It was a silence that was… oddly comforting. Letting everything settle. Finally, Junmyeon spoke, most likely after giving himself a moment to process everything. “So you felt that too…”


“What?” I eyed him down.


“It was something similar with you, too. Like we all have an emotional connection to you. All of us felt it as you arrived. But I brushed it off, just thinking of it as ‘Oh, he’s our missing piece here, of course he’s gonna be like that.’ But then Holland showed up and it changed things for me. Now, in my head, it was like, ‘Okay, we just saved this kid. He has nothing to do with us. He comes from the Capitol, on top of that. Why do we feel this connection to him?’. I know what you mean when you say you feel something different towards him, though what you feel is different, obviously. But we all share the same strange and unexplainable connection to him that you have with him, as well. Like we all know he belongs here… but why?”


“That’s exactly it, Junmyeon. I don’t know how to put it at all, but we have this connection to him.”


“He might be something more…” Yixing murmured from his corner of the room.


“What do you mean, Xing?” Jongdae asked, sitting up.


“I can’t remember what the certain word is, but it’s like… it’s like when you can make people like you just by being there with them.”


“Like Sehun?” Kyungsoo asked.


“Kind of. Sehun is like, when we’re around him, we feel what he’s feeling emotionally. But with Holland, when we’re around him, he changes the way we look at him just by being in our presence. I don’t know how else to put it…”


“Ah… I think I know what you mean. It does make sense…”


“We should leave this subject for a little while…” Junmyeon stepped in. “I can see that some people are just getting more confused and concerned slightly as this discussion progresses, so we’ll drop it for now. We can pick back up on it later on.”


“Alright, Myeon.” I turned away from the rest of them, looking out of the window behind me. The night sky looked beautiful, and with the clouds floating in the sky down below us… I almost don’t understand how Luhan and Holland could be afraid of heights and planes like this when the views were this incredible. The stars lit up the blackness of the sky like little fireflies in the night. I smiled, wanting this moment to last forever, before reluctantly turning back to the others, ready to continue the conversation.


I had apparently been looking out the window far longer than I had realised. When I had turned around, Tao had also fallen asleep, still holding onto Holland. Jongin had his head laid down in Kyungsoo’s lap, sleeping soundly as Kyungsoo looked down on him, playing with the soft brown locks. Luhan was back to sleeping, Minseok laying his head back and resting his eyes. Chanyeol and Baekhyun were leaned into each other, deep in conversation, though in really hushed voices. Yixing had knocked out as well, and Jongdae laid in his lap, looking up at him as if he was the best thing in the world. I smiled to myself. Cute. Junmyeon and Yifan were silent, though. Yifan had Junmyeon’s hand in his, letting his thumb rub over Junmyeon’s pale knuckles slowly while Junmyeon watched, smiling fondly at the action. Junmyeon’s hands were extremely dwarfed in size compared to Yifan’s. It was kind of cute. I smiled as well, thinking that I should probably sleep, too. I leaned over, away from Tao and Holland and onto the arm of the seat. It wasn’t long after I had closed my eyes that I was able to slowly drift off to sleep.


I woke up being really… warm. I leaned my head up, squinting at the lights above our heads. It was still night out, so I hadn’t been asleep all that long. I looked to my left, trying to see what the source of the newfound heat was. I smiled, seeing Holland laying on me, arms wrapped around my middle and smiling. Tao was leaning on Holland, holding him the way Holland was holding me, and the both of them were still asleep. I put my arm up and around Holland, resting my hand on Tao’s shoulder. Holland smiled a little in his sleep, and I smiled back, knowing that he couldn't see it. I rested my head against the armrest once again, falling back asleep as quickly as I did the first time.

Chapter Text

“Hey…” A soft voice broke through my thoughts. I groaned and tried to roll away from the source of the voice.


“Sehun, wake up. We’re here…” The source of the voice began shaking me slightly.


I sat up, rubbing my eyes. The morning sunlight was surprisingly light from the surrounding windows. Yixing was sitting in front of me, speaking to me softly.


“Yixing…” I looked around and noticed that everyone was gone. Holland and Tao were also absent from my side, explaining why I felt kind of cold. “Yixing… where did everyone go?”


“They wanted to go eat something. I said that I would stay here with you until you woke up,” he said.


“Why didn’t they wake me up?”


“Believe it or not, Tao and Holland both tried. You just… wouldn’t wake up. You must have been that exhausted when you went to sleep, because you were out. They said that you needed the sleep desperately, and I said to leave you asleep as well, and that I would stay here to keep an eye on you until you woke up on your own. But it’s like,” he pulled out his phone, “six in the morning, and we landed at five. If you stay here any longer, they might start getting worried. No doubt that Tao and Holland already are.”


I stood up, stretching my arms up. “We should go then…”


He led me out, and as we walked, I turned my head to him.


“Why did you let me sleep in like that?” I asked.


“Remember what I said that one day on the train? When I said that your body is pretty much full of raw power?”




“I can feel it in you. Your body is still not used to having all of it at once. At least, not fully yet. You can control it, your body just has some trouble in holding it all. So because of that, you need all the rest you can get. I told Junmyeon that for the next while until I say that you’re fine, you need to be allowed to have all the rest that you can get.”


“That… I don’t understand?” I looked at him, confused.


Yixing opened the door for me, and I walked in with him. It looked like we were in a weird strip mall or something. As we walked to meet up with the others, Yixing kept talking, pantomiming with his hands as we went. “Your body isn’t showing physical symptoms yet, and be glad that it isn’t. You remember the day that you walked into Junmyeon and Tao yelling at each other?”




“And you remember how you felt then? All that dizziness, all the fatigue and the head pains that you were having?”


“Yes…?” I said slowly.


“Now, if you want to get some sort of a general idea of how bad the pain would be if your body was showing physical symptoms, just imagine all of that pain combined into one, multiplied by about a hundred, and then distributed not just in the multiple spots on your body but literally everywhere.”


I widened my eyes, letting my shoulders drop. “Jesus Christ…”


“Yeah. You would essentially be paralyzed from the pain. You wouldn’t be able to move any muscle on your body, with the exception of your eyelids so you can blink and your mouth, and even then you wouldn’t be able to move your mouth much. Your inner muscles would be able to work still, but your outer muscles would no longer be under your control. You would have to have someone else move you around for you.”






“How do you know so much about this?” I swallowed, a nervous feeling taking over me, though I didn’t know why or where it was coming from.


He inhaled deeply, and then began. “Before I joined here, before Junmyeon took me in and decided that he would take care of me, I was the most talented healer in my family. My entire family was gifted, mostly healers, but there were some that weren’t. There were a few ones we referred to as Speeds, a few that we called Speakers that could handle telepathy, and there were some more assorted ones. There were a few that weren’t so common, the rare ones. They were what we called Oblivions and Nymphs. The Oblivions could destroy and create matter in their own hands, and one other thing that they could do would be that if they wanted to, they could focus hard and this… stuff would come out of their hands. Not really powder but more like dust and smoke almost. If it was directed at you and you got caught in it you would be completely blinded. The Nymphs were nature-based people, peaceful in behaviour. They could make plants grow anywhere, even in the most barren of wastelands. Anyway, the one that this story would be focusing on would be an Oblivion. Yi Taili, his name was. He was powerful, the name literally meaning “vast strength”. Taili was one of the strongest in our family, though he was part of my extended family. Many times though, family members would bring him to me, saying ‘Xing-ah, please help him!’ or ‘We don’t know what’s wrong with him, please save him!’ I would put my hands on and begin to heal him, and then he would be okay. But as time went on, the things got worse and worse. Finally, in the last week that I was there, my great aunt, his mother had come to me, in tears. She was talking really quickly, but the most that I made out of her talking was ‘Yixing, he can’t move. He can barely speak, can’t move on his own… please come with me. I can’t lose him. Taili is my last son.’ So I followed her home, going to his bedside and sitting next to him. I put my hands on him to heal him, and then I reeled back in… I still don’t know what that feeling was. It wasn’t necessarily fear, it wasn’t really sadness… It was just like my mind just fell out of my head. I turned back to him and I explained to her what I explained to you and Junmyeon about you having too much power for your body to handle. She had dropped her hands and lowered her head in defeat, understanding what it was. But his case was worse than yours.” I opened my mouth to jump in, but he cut me off. “Taili had so much power in his body that his body functions had started to shut down in order to keep him alive. It went on for so long before they came to me, that by the time I went to him to help him on that day, he had so many organs dead inside of him that I couldn’t save him. He died a few days later. And not long after he died, I couldn’t handle it, and I left home. If I had only noticed it earlier, I could have helped him. But I didn’t. And so I left home, wanting to just disappear, trying to run away from my guilt. But I couldn’t do that. So I tried to keep my guard up. I still continued to help people, but I couldn’t stand to face my family again. Not after I failed to save one of my own.”


I stopped walking, absolutely dumbfounded by his story. “Yixing… you didn’t know that he was going to die. You didn’t know how to handle his situation at that time. Him dying wasn’t your fault.”


“I realise that now. But that isn’t even where my fear is coming from now.”


“What is it then?” I asked him.


“I’m… I’m scared for you, Sehun. What if I don’t do well here? What if I do something wrong, or something goes bad, and you end up hurt because of me? What if…” he started to choke up a little bit now, “What if something happens to you and I can’t save you like I failed to save him?”


I pulled him into a hug. “Yixing, I know you’ll be able to save me if it gets to a critical point. Besides, you said that he didn’t take care of it very well. You’ve seen how I do with this, and you said that I would be fine as long as I had a way to let all of that out. I’ve been given an outlet to do that with the training.”


“Yeah… but still.”


I took Yixing’s hand and placed it on my chest, over my heart. “Yixing, feel how it is now. Feel how much it’s changed since you first noticed it. I feel so much better since you pointed it out and talked to Junmyeon about getting me a way to expel some of that power and get my body used to all of it, strong enough to handle it.”


He sighed, and I began to feel a warmth spread throughout me. As soon as it was there, it left, and Yixing looked at me with a confused, yet relieved look. “Your body is adapting well, and it has no signs of struggle containing your strengths. That’s very good… and kind of concerning at the same time.”


We reached a door, and I saw through the glass that the rest were in there, sitting around tables and speaking to each other, eating as they did. I stopped outside the door, wanting to finish this conversation before we went in. If we went in and kept this up, Tao and Holland might have been concerned with me, and I don’t want that.


“Why is that so concerning?” I asked him.


“It’s nothing that bad, it’s just weird kind of. I didn’t really expect your body to start adapting to the change this fast.” Yixing glanced to the others through the glass pane of the door, then turned back to me. “Please make sure you keep this training up. It’s good for you, but while you train, please make sure you pay more attention so Kyungsoo doesn’t do that to you again.”


“Yeah, that was my own mistake. I stopped paying attention for a split second and he caught me off guard. It’s alright,” I said, patting his shoulder and smiling.


“Of course. Still, watch yourself,” he said. He opened the door for me, and I walked in, thanking him on the way in. Tao and Holland were sitting alone at one table, speaking softly among themselves and laughing. I smiled, glad that they were happy with each other and that I didn’t need to be around for them to be comfortable with each other. I sat down and they looked up to me, smiling brightly.


“Hey, sleepy. How do you feel?” Holland said, taking a drink.


I rubbed at my eyes and yawned. “I’m still half asleep. I hope they know that if this isn’t a very eventful meeting with them I’m sleeping as soon as we get back on the plane.”


Tao smiled and finished his food, leaning back in his chair. “You sleep so much. Are you sure that you aren’t part koala or something?”




“Koalas sleep like twenty-two hours of the day, and with as much as you sleep, I wouldn’t doubt that, given the chance, you would too.”


“You know, that sounds really nice,” I groaned, stretching.


“Of course it does,” Tao laughed, rolling his eyes.


I looked around and realised why I thought there was something weird about here. The only people here were us, no one else. I guess because it was so early this was a good time to eat something. Baekhyun, Chen, Yixing, and Chanyeol were sitting at one table, laughing at something together. Minseok, Luhan, Junmyeon, and Yifan were sitting around a table, looking a little more serious but still enjoying their conversation. Kyungsoo and Jongin were sitting at a table next to us, looking deep in conversation and… more or less like they were a couple. I smiled, liking the image of them together. Kyungsoo would take good care of Jongin. He already treated him like he was the greatest and most important thing in the world. Maybe he was, in his world.


I inhaled deeply, realisation hitting me. I know what I needed to do now.


“I’ll be right back, I have to ask Kyungsoo something,” I said to Tao and Holland. They looked at each other and back to me, nodding. I pushed myself up and walked to Kyungsoo, tapping him on the shoulder.


He turned around in his chair, looking up at me. “What, Sehun?”


“I really need to talk to you, Kyungsoo,” I said.


“Why can’t you talk to me here?”


“It’s personal and really important to me. Please,” I gestured for the door.


He looked to Jongin and sighed, “I’ll be right back, okay? Promise.”


I walked to the door, stepping out and closing the door after Kyungsoo. He turned to me, a slightly annoyed look on his face. “What is it?”


“I’m sorry to interrupt you two, but I really need you.”




“How did you know?”


“Know what?” Kyungsoo tilted his head in confusion at me.


“That you loved Jongin.”


I saw a light blush spread across his cheeks, and I smiled a little bit. He sucked in a breath before speaking finally.


“It was… a while before you arrived. Jongin arrived not long after I did, but I knew that as soon as he walked in the door, I would end up attached to him. He just looked so scared and soft, and I felt like it was my duty to protect him from the world. As time went on, I felt more and more emotionally connected to him. If he was sad, I was sad. If he was upset with someone, I became upset with that person. Sometimes I didn’t know how that worked, but it did, and just, now, I feel like I would be lost if I didn’t have him by my side. The night Chanyeol went missing really put things into place for me, though.”


“Why that night specifically?” I asked him.


“Because that night, when we went to bed, I had a nightmare. I hadn’t had a nightmare in years, but that night I did. In the nightmare, Jongin was the one that was found bloodied up and on the ground unconscious, and I woke up almost in tears. Jongin sat up and looked at me, wondering what was wrong, and I told him that I just needed to go to the bathroom. And I did. I went, cleaned myself up and made sure that I wasn’t going to let a tear fall, and then returned to him, going back to sleep.”


“You must really love him if you even have nightmares about him just being hurt…” I said softly.


“Of course. Wouldn’t you love someone if it felt like you were holding the whole world in your arms every time you hugged them?”


“Yeah,” I smiled. That was oddly sweet, coming from Kyungsoo. “And that’s the way that I feel with Tao and Holland.”


“And I can see that they care for you just as much. Take care of them, Hun. They need it,” Kyungsoo said, clapping a hand on my shoulder. The hand removed itself, and I pulled him into a hug, quickly pulling away.


“Thank you, Kyungsoo. It means a lot,” I said.


“No problem, Sehun. Just make sure you treat them well. Tao has been here longer than both of us, and this is the happiest he’s been that I’ve ever seen.”




“Yeah,” he smiled. “Before you came here and started being with him, he was so closed off. The only person he opened up to was Junmyeon, and we all said that we thought the only reason he did was because he had to. You have to open up to your leader, y’know? Anyway, as soon as you started bonding with him and making sure that he knew that you were there for him in any circumstance, he started willingly hanging out with us. Seeming happy for no reason. Things like that. And it was amazing, how quick the change was. Within like three days, he went from being the mentally smallest person and the quietest person to perhaps being the happiest person out of all of us.”


“There’s no way that I could be the only source of that…” I said quietly.


“There’s no other explanation, Sehun. You had to have been. I can tell that he also loves Holland, too, though. You both look at Holland like he’s the most precious thing in the world.”


“He is, though. I don’t hold anything at that level of importance besides him and Tao,” I said.


“You really love them. That’s good, you guys deserve so much love,” Kyungsoo said, smiling a little.


“Yeah…” I said softly.


“Do you need anything else?”


“No, I’m good now. Thanks, Soo.”


“No problem, Hun.” He turned around and went back in, immediately going back in and sitting across from Jongin. I followed, taking my place with Holland and Tao again. We weren’t sitting together long, though. Junmyeon stood up and yelled to the lot of us, getting our attention.


Chanyeol groaned and looked up, “Junmyeon, it is way too early to be yelling this loud. We’re still half asleep, keep that in mind.”


“Chanyeol, you’ll be fine. Anyway, finish up your food, we’re heading out soon guys.”


“How long of a ride is it to their place?” Minseok asked.


“We won’t be going to their place.”


“Huh?” Jongdae said confused.


“We will be meeting them at a place that they’ve said they would be comfortable with meeting us. With us being a group not as old as them, they find it harder to believe us and trust us. And that’s understandable. So we’ll be meeting them in a conference building they use for common business deals with other District leaders,” Junmyeon explained.


“I get that. If I were as old as them and a younger group tried to approach me with a cause like ours, I wouldn’t want to be as open to them,” I said.


“Right. Take District Nine for example. They’ve only been around officially for a few months, I think since April? I might be wrong, but still. They’ve been here for less than a year, so they’re more open to suggestions to fix things and things like that. Whereas with older groups, they’ve been here more and they’ve had more time to evaluate how things have run so far and they’ve had more time to decide if they actually wanted something to do to change it.”


“That’s right,” Yifan said. “It’s about thirty minutes away by car, and then when we come back, we’ll be getting back on the plane and going to another District. That’s why you were told to leave your things on the plane.” Yifan split us up into groups based on which car we were going to be riding in, and sent us off. The vehicles were already waiting in front of the place for us. Tao, Holland, and I rode in a car together. Holland sat in the middle, and Tao and I sat on the sides. We took a quick power nap on the way there.


When we woke up, we were parked on the side of the road in front of a very professional looking building. All dark glass panes made up the walls, and it looked so sleek and mysterious.


I looked at Tao and Holland and sighed. “Here we go again.”

Chapter Text

The building itself was pretty big, and yet, this wasn’t even their main headquarters. It was almost similar to the District Nine place, but this one wasn’t as tall.


“Guys, let me do all the talking in here. I don’t want any chances of ruining this. These guys have a good military population and stuff here and we need this. Nothing personal against you guys, we just really need this,” Junmyeon said. I looked around at the rest of us, and they all nodded in agreement.


“Alright. Yifan, I may need your input if I can’t word something correctly, but other than that, you should be fine.” Yifan nodded as well, and we pushed through the front doors, entering the building.


The inside was just as beautiful as the outside. Marble flooring, sleek black walls on three sides with the wall on the front door side being made out of floor-to-ceiling tinted windows. We can see out but no one can see in. The lights were laid in the ceiling, giving off a soft glow that was just enough to brighten the room so that we could see. On the reception counter laid an envelope, addressed to Junmyeon. I picked it up and handed it to him, and he read it aloud to the group.


“Welcome EXO. We have been anticipating your arrival. As we have said, we chose to meet here because we are not familiar enough with you to entrust you with the location of our main building. We apologize for that, but you must understand, with the current times being the way they have. Inside this envelope is a key. That key unlocks the conference room that we have chosen to meet with you in. The stairs are to the left, and we are on the second floor, in the room labelled ‘Conference Room 3.’”


Junmyeon turned the envelope upside down in his hand, and a key fell out and onto his palm. It was no bigger than his pinky finger. He motioned his head to the left, and we followed, staying together.


The stairwell was darker than the lobby but lit enough so that we wouldn’t have tripped. I felt safe in this building, but at the same time, I felt slightly… uneasy. I had the feeling that I was being watched with every step that I took. We quickly reached the second floor, and as we did, I slowed my steps, matching up with Kyungsoo.


“Kyungsoo? Something’s wrong,” I said quietly out of the corner of my mouth, not looking at him.


“What’s up?” He lowered his voice as well, sensing my unease. He also didn’t look back at me.


“I feel that I’m being constantly watched. Like I can’t make a move without it being known to someone or something.”


“I feel that too. Something is up, and I don’t like it. I think that may be what’s wrong with Jongin as well because he’s never usually this nervous to meet new people. Slow down to Jongdae and ask him.”


“Why Jongdae?” I asked, still keeping my voice down.


“His ability is electricity. He’s mentioned before, though I don’t know if you were around, that he can feel the electricity going through the walls and things, and he can sense where there are things requiring power are. Tell him if he feels something off, or if he senses cameras or something in here. That could be why we’re feeling so on edge.” I brushed my hand against his wrist, acknowledging him. I slowed my steps once again, this time falling in line with Jongdae.


I repeated the action of speaking out of the corner of my mouth minimally and not looking directly at him. “Jongdae-”


“I know what you’re going to ask. Yes, I feel it too. On every corner, I feel that there’s a camera watching us. I can feel the buzz of the electricity powering them all around us.” He mimicked my movements, not looking at me and still walking.


“What do we do?” I asked him. “It’s freaking me out and making me feel paranoid constantly.”


He sighed a little bit. “All I can tell you to do is to not act suspicious and pretend that they aren’t there. If you start acting differently they might start to get suspicious of you and we don’t know them. We don’t know what they’ll do if they know that you know of the cameras.”


I nodded a bit and brushed my fingers against his wrist, silently telling him that I was going. Junmyeon stopped, and we stopped with him. We were in front of said door, and Junmyeon turned to us, lowering his voice. “Remember. No speaking. I’ll handle this.”


Yifan turned the handle to the door, opening it for us to go through. The five of them were sitting at the large round table, all together. We filed in, standing around the table, each of us behind a chair.


The man in the middle stood, gesturing to us. “Sit, sit. Make yourselves comfortable, as we will be here discussing things for a while.” As we took our seats, he stood and bowed. “Welcome to District Three.”


“Thank you, Jiyong.” Junmyeon took a seat in the chair directly across from him. So this was their leader. He looked a lot like Minseok, now that I see him.


Jiyong pointed to each of the four people. “This is Seunghyun, though we call him Seungri because he,” Jiyong pointed at the person sitting on the other side of him, “is also named Seunghyun. So to keep it less confusing, he is Seungri and he goes by T.O.P., but we still call him Seunghyun because he knows that we’re talking to him and not Seungri.” Seungri waved at us but kept his facial expression neutral. I’m going to guess that the first Seungri was the younger of the Seunghyuns, based on looks. I could have been wrong.


Jiyong continued, pointing at the other two in turn. “This is Daesung, and this is Yongbae.” They each nodded, acknowledging us. “Now that we have introductions done for, start on your proposition. I have a loose idea of what it may turn out to be but we would like to hear you say it before we make assumptions.”


Junmyeon nodded and cleared his throat, standing up. He pointed to each of us as Jiyong did to his members. We all nodded or waved or said something as he said our names. Holland seemed more and more nervous the longer we were in here. I put a hand on his leg under the table, reassuring him silently that it would be alright. He seemed to relax slightly.


“What exactly is your plan here, Junmyeon? We’re dying to know,” Jiyong snickered.


“Cool it, dude. We’re not here to start some hostile relationships between you and us.” Junmyeon took a deep breath and started to explain our plans. It was like he was reciting lines for a play or something. Explaining didn’t take long, but as he finished up, I could tell by their facial expressions that they weren’t sold on something.


“Your plan to start a revolution sounds solid as is. But your follow up does not,” Seungri spoke up. “What do you have planned for afterwards? Yes, you mentioned that maybe, if the people are in agreeance with it, you can start a sort of republican or democratic approach with it, or maybe split us up and we can govern ourselves. What if no one agrees to that? There will surely be people that will be having a negative attitude towards this proposition, in fact, I’m sure of it. You can’t just rely solely on one route. You need to have multiple, in case one falls through.”


“We understand that. We’re still coming together with some of the after details, seeing as how we have time to do that.” Junmyeon was keeping his cool, and I was a little impressed. I would have already gotten annoyed.


Daesung spoke up from his end of the line, “Frankly, I really don’t have a preference on this. If the world wants to go on a total anarchy route, go for it. If they want to go for a communist or socialist approach, I don’t care. Whatever floats your boat.”


Yongbae rolled his eyes. “Daesung, you never really care about it. You just want everything to be done and over with so you don’t have to deal with it yourself.”


Daesung smiled smugly and pointed finger guns in his direction. “That’s the plan, man. Less work equals better things for me.”


Yongbae rolled his eyes, then turned to us. “I do have one question though, for if the whole ‘world goes republican or democratic’ thing.”


“And what’s that?” Yifan asked him, finally saying something.


“How do you think that will work out?”


“What are you asking?” Yifan asked.


“I mean, how will it work? As in, will we just have elections every so often years and then vote on them? Er, that’s not really… give me a second.” Yongbae lowered his head into his hands, thinking deeply. Jiyong had his chin resting on the heel of his hand, a smile on his face, yet somehow an indistinguishable emotion being shown. A few moments later, Yongbae took a deep breath and raised his head back up, levelling his eyes to us. “Will all Districts be able to participate in this ‘election’? Say that I elected… Jinki from District Five, and that you were to elect… Leeteuk from District Eleven.”


“Go on…?” Junmyeon said, a tone of curiosity and confusion taking over.


“What I’m trying to ask I guess is that will it be an all-world government system? Or will each District be able to choose their own leaders and then do things like that?”


“I think I may understand what you’re going for…” Junmyeon said, bringing his hand up to his chin, other hand coming up to support his elbow. “You’re asking that if we come up with a republican/democratic government, will it be by District or will it be all of us together with one leader…?”


Yongbae let out a long sigh of relief. “ Yes. That’s exactly what I’m trying to say. I just kind of suck at words.”


“Yeah, no shit…” Jiyong muttered under his breath. Yongbae glared at him and then returned his gaze to us.


“I think we could opt in to be either one. The first election being to decide that. Next one would come into play only if they chose the whole world option.”


Seungri nodded. “That’s a good start. Could you step out for a second? I’d like to discuss some things that have been brought up in my mind with just the few of us.”


“Of course. We’ll be right outside the door,” Yifan said, standing up quickly. By his reaction, I don’t think he had a liking for them. Either that or he was uncomfortable in there.


I closed the door behind us, being the last one out, and slumped against the wall next to the door. Holland sat next to me, leaning his head on me. Again, as soon as we stepped out into the hallway, I got the sense that we were being watched again. I looked to Jongdae and gave him a look saying ‘It’s there again’. He nodded just barely, silently saying ‘Yeah, I know…’ I let my head fall back against the wall, closing my eyes and relaxing with what time we had out here. Just like in District Nine, I heard faint voices that had to have been them conversing privately in there. But this time, I couldn’t make out the words. More so just the emotions put into the words. Raised voices when the discussion got heated, whispers when it got serious.


A few minutes passed, and the door opened, revealing Jiyong. “You can come back in now.”


We filed in and sat in the same seats we did when we first entered. Seungri spoke up with a calm and professional voice, with the same tone that he had when he was speaking to us a few moments ago. “We have decided that we will be staying neutral in this… revolt of yours.”


A few surprised inhales came from our end. Holland stayed silent, his grip on my hand under the table tightening in what I assumed to be fear. I, on the other hand, was furious on the inside I couldn’t let it show, though. I had to keep it under control.


“Could you explain why so that we may understand and not be upset and start to be immature about this? I know a few people in my group that may be bitter about this later on and that will be unnecessary.” He glanced at us momentarily, then returned his sight to Seungri.


“As you know, we as a group have been here much longer than most groups ‘running’ the districts. And with time, we’ve seen the ups and downs of how the government works. The current leader and his subordinates are doing a fine job as is to us, so we see no reason to really change the workings.”


“Are you fucking kidding me…” I muttered under my breath. Seungri’s attention snapped to me in that second.


“Sehun, shut up ,” Junmyeon warned.


Seungri raised a hand, signalling him to silence. “No, let him speak.”


I could no longer control my anger over the situation. “Do you realise how quickly we will fall as an entire planet if we continue with this? Do you realise just how many people will continue to be attacked and beaten and killed in the streets on a nightly basis if Nam continues to be a leader here??” Seungri opened his mouth to speak but I immediately cut him off, slamming my hand down on the table. “No, you shut the fuck up and listen. Nam does not give one single shit if people die in the Districts. The only thing he cares about is if he and his dumb fucking aristocrats and bluebloods stay fed and well in the Capitol. He’s supposed to be our leader , not our fucking warden. If he really cared about being a leader, if he really cared about us as a community in the world like he says he promises to do in those stupid interviews he does constantly for publicity, he would do something to start a change , not sit back and gorge himself on delicacies, watching as children and the poor continue to die from starvation every night. If he cared, he would put up some sort of laws or just something to change the nightly homicide rate, or he would change the rates of things so that people may actually have somewhere affordable to live instead of forcing them into an alternative of sleeping on the streets when they have absolutely no choice. You agreeing to stick with him every goddamn night, watching as this happens, is just as bad as being him. Standing by while it goes down is just as bad. I definitely will not stand to watch as people are constantly either starving, homeless, or killed each night.” I pushed my chair back from behind me, standing up and storming out of the room. I heard some shouts from the rest of my members, calling me to come back, but I ignored them, anger controlling me. How could they just stand back and watch people die every night?


I went down the stairs, stopping in the lobby and pacing, carding my hands through my hair over and over, pulling on the brown strands. I wasn’t going to leave the building and leave them behind, no, but I could no longer stand to be in there with those… those monsters. Letting people die every night and not caring… I don’t know how someone could stand to know that that was even happening.


A hand stopped my pacing. I whirled around, ready to hit someone, but it was just Tao, looking concerned for me. Holland was also there, looking frightened hiding behind Tao. I let my shoulders fall, calming my facial expression.


Tao led me over to the couch, sitting us down. “Are you okay…?”


“I’m fine.” It came out with a much more bitter tone than I intended, and I sighed. “Sorry. I’m really okay. I’m just… very angry with their choices.”


Holland sat down on the other side of me, placing a hand on my knee. “I can tell. You seemed very riled up in there.”


“That’s why I left. Because I knew that if I didn’t leave when I did, I was going to start fighting. And we can’t have that. We can’t afford it,” I said, slumping down against the back of the couch.


“Then it’s a good thing that you left when you did, then. But the conversations afterwards would have surprised even you,” Tao said, leaning back as well.


“Really? What was said?”


Holland turned to sit on the couch cross-legged, facing me. “Junmyeon agreed with you, saying that it was really shitty of them to just stand by and let all of these horrible things happen to the innocent people that couldn’t help but struggle through it. Yifan did too, which surprised me. He barely agrees with anyone other than himself, but he agreed with you and what you said. I think his exact words were ‘He made a lot of good and valid points, and I can stand to stick by what he said.’ Chanyeol nodded, then Baekhyun, because if Chanyeol agrees to something then Baekhyun will too. Everyone agreed with you, Hun. Tao left soon after you did, though, so he didn’t catch a lot of this. I stayed back and listened to what they were saying, but then Jiyong and Seunghyun started raising voices, and Junmyeon and Yifan were raising their voices right back and I got scared and figured off I would be better with you guys instead of up there panicking over people yelling.”


“Oh my god…” I whispered, partly to myself.


We were sitting there for a few moments before I heard footsteps coming back down to the lobby. They were finally done arguing with them and decided that it was time to leave, then. I was still slightly ashamed that I broke a rule and spoke up when Junmyeon told us to not speak at all and to just let him do the talking, so I stood up and hurried out to the car, not wanting to face Junmyeon just yet.


Just as we got into the car, I got a text on my phone from Junmyeon:

When we get on the plane and start our flight to District Five, I will be speaking with you.

My heart started to race a little, anxiety kicking in. I knew I shouldn’t have spoken up.


The entire car trip to the airport, I was silent, racking my brain and trying to figure out what Junmyeon was going to yell at me for. Disobeying him, disrespecting someone older than me… there were a lot of things.


As we got onto the plane, we all took our same spots that we did last time we were in here. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the wall, putting an arm around Holland, comforting him through the takeoff.




Junmyeon’s voice broke my train of thought. I slowly sat up, looking at him anxiously. “Yes…?”


He furrowed his brow. “What’s the matter?”


“I’m just kind of… bracing myself for the scolding I’m about to get from you.”


“What do you mean? I’m not mad at you for what you said.”


My eyes widened. “Really?”


“Yes, really. I’m honestly really glad that you said what you did.”


“H-how- … what- …” I took a deep breath, centring myself. “Really?”


He nodded. “I wouldn’t have had half the courage to say most of those things. I had been thinking the same things for months and months now and I had never been able to actually voice most of it because I knew that it would have been shut down, so I just kept it to myself. Well, Yifan too. He was the only one I told about that. When you stood up and started to yell at Jiyong and Seungri, I looked at Yifan and gave him a look that was like ‘Holy shit he gets it’ and he nodded and gave me the same look.”


“So… I’m not in trouble for speaking up when you told us to be quiet?”


“No, not at all. You spoke your mind and addressed problems that were extremely important and needed to be acknowledged. It is definitely not okay for them to just stand by and let all of this happen. It’s just too… I don’t know what the word that I’m looking for is but you know what I mean.”




“You did good, Sehun. Thank you for speaking up for us when I could not.”


“No problem, Myeon. I would have said something either way. Sometimes I can’t control it and I let my emotions get the best of me.”


“That’s not always a bad thing, you know. Yes, we will have to work on your temper for other cases like this, but you know. Sometimes you need to let it out. It’s not healthy to hold in all of your emotions like that,” he said, eyeing me with a look of concern.


“I could say the same thing,” I retorted, returning the look.


“Don’t turn this on me now,” he chuckled. “This is about getting your emotions under control and taken care of, not mine.”


“Still.” I paused, thinking. After a moment, I looked back to him. “I have a deal.”


“What is it…?”


“If I start trying harder to get my emotions under control so we don’t have another one of these scenarios, you have to start taking better care of yourself. Deal?”


Junmyeon leaned back, folding his hands behind his head and closing his eyes. After a moment of thought, he opened them back up, looking at me. “Okay. Deal.”


I smiled. “Thank you Junmyeon.”


“Of course. You guys seem to be more concerned with me than I thought you’d be.”


“You’re kidding, right?” Jongin said, looking at Junmyeon with a look that said ‘Are you serious?’




“Of course we care about you, Junmyeon. You’re our leader, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone else,” Jongin said, smiling a little.


“He’s right, you know,” Baekhyun said from across the cabin. “You’re like our mom, Junmyeon. And we would be some lost ass kids if you weren’t here with us.”


Junmyeon smiled. “Thank you, guys. It actually means a lot to hear you say that.”


“No problem, Myeon,” Baekhyun said, going back to playing whatever game it was that he was playing with Jongdae and Yixing. Chanyeol would occasionally roll his eyes and chuckle, so I could only guess that it was something as weird as they were.


My phone buzzed with a message. Checking it, I saw that it was from Tao. I looked over at him curiously, mouthing ‘What?’ to him. He rolled his eyes and mouthed back, ‘Just read it.’


Rolling my eyes, I unlocked my phone and began to read the message:


To: Sehun


Junmyeon is actually really insecure about things like that, so it’s good that you said something to him like that


I replied:


To: Tao


Really? He doesn’t seem like the kind of person to be insecure… unless he’s like me


To: Sehun


What do you mean, like you?


To: Tao


Pretends to be strong on the outside, but on the inside is actually really scared and insecure on the inside.


To: Sehun’re really like that?


To: Tao


Yeah. I hide my emotions like that so I don’t worry people a lot.


To: Sehun


Don’t hide them like that. It’s not healthy. At least… at least don’t hide them with Holland and me


To: Tao


I can try my best, but I won’t promise or guarantee anything in case something happens


To: Sehun


You know, that’s good enough for me

I put my phone back in my pocket and laid my head to the side, closing my eyes. After a few minutes, I found myself dozing off. I guess blowing up like that takes a lot out of you. I sighed, deciding that it would be best for me to just sleep until we landed like I did last time. It didn’t take long for sleep to take hold of me.

Chapter Text

Waking up, I felt… different. Not hurt, but I didn’t feel… like me. I stood up and stretched, then got confused from so many things at once. I wasn’t in a bed… I was in a booth? I took in my surroundings, surveying the area. There were a few things that I realised in that short moment of my standing. First, that I wasn’t in control of my actions. They were all involuntary and that frightened me a little bit. Second, that I didn’t know where I was. It seemed like some sort of nightclub or something, but I didn’t know. It was so loud and there were so many people and I felt unusually nervous. I looked down at myself and saw that I was dressed in almost all black. Black jeans, dark grey t-shirt, black leather jacket over it, and dark boots. And then I was frozen… well, as much as I could be at that moment. Mentally not physically, I guess. Something else was wrong. I was… a lot shorter than I went to sleep being. I was so small… what happened to me overnight?

One of the men sitting with me looked at me and asked with a demanding voice, “What’s wrong? Sit back down.”

“Oh, nothing is wrong. I just need to use the restroom.” The words fell out of my mouth without my consent. I couldn’t control what I said, either, then. There was a pulling at the back of my mind, telling me that the words were a lie hidden by confidence. The me-yet-not-me walked to the restroom and locked the door behind me, resting my head against the door for a second before turning back and looking in the mirror, looking at myself in the eyes.

That’s when the third and final discrepancy hit me.

Why was I in Holland’s body?

Me-Holland turned on the cold water and splashed some on my face, a nice contrast to the stifling heat in the main room. I (We? I’ll just use he… this was weird and I wasn’t in control of anything but my thoughts) spoke to the reflection eyeing us down in the mirror.

“You will be okay. If you can get through tonight, it will make everything better. You need this money, Taeseob…” His voice was stilted, too proper compared to the voice I remembered him to have.

What was he doing here? Those men out in the booth didn’t look trustworthy at all. Not in the slightest. It made me sick just looking at them. I could tell that they wanted Holland for something else, not to just sit with him and have a drink or whatever.


I started to think to myself, trying to figure out what was happening here. I know for a fact that when I went to sleep, Holland and I were in the seat on the plane, and I was holding him because he was afraid… The only thing I could think of was that I was somehow reliving one of his memories from his point of view. I don’t know how, I don’t know why. I just know that I felt extremely angry at the fact that he had to go through this at all. I felt extremely uncomfortable by those men out there, and the worst part about this was that I got the feeling from his mind that this wasn’t the first memory like this, and that this also wasn’t the last one, either, but rather one in a large string of extremely bad experiences.

Holland turned off the water and sighed deeply, and I started feeling a strange sense of fear and uneasy. I must be able to feel what he was feeling, as well. I wish I could just communicate to him somehow, tell him to get out of there, to go, save himself. He turned around and headed to the door, stopping just as he laid his hand on the doorknob. His voice came through, though he wasn’t speaking aloud. So I could hear his thoughts, too…

There are other ways of getting money… you don’t have to do this with them.


N-no… I have to. No one else will take me in. And I need to have money in order to feed myself… no one else will help me… I really that desperate for money?...


I felt my heart being shattered at the internal conversation he was having with himself. He had to do all these nasty things with all of these bad people… all just so he could feed himself. Just to live. He was living on a day by day basis at this point, and that could definitely not last for long. I know how that was. When I was homeless, I wandered around during the night because I didn’t trust anyone, and I was afraid of someone doing something to me when I was asleep. The city wasn’t safe for anyone during the night if you weren’t careful. But during the day, the people at the library took pity on me and let me sleep in the storeroom with all of the extra books. Over time, I actually became friends with them, and they ended up feeding me as well since I wasn’t able to afford food for myself. I didn’t want them spending too much on me, so I only let them feed me once during the day. They offered multiple times to feed me more, but I refused, feeling bad in the first place for making them feel obligated to feed me out of pity for me. In Holland’s case though, no one did anything close to that for him. The most similar thing he had to what I had was him having to do these kinds of favours for them.


Holland inhaled deeply, then turned the knob, exiting the restroom. The men had annoyed facial expressions when he returned. I felt his face turn into one of confusion.


“Is something the matter, guys?” he asked them. I knew he was trying to conceal an underlying layer of fear.


“You took a long time. What were you doing in there?” the black-haired one said. Holland shivered a little. I could already tell that this wasn’t going to go well.


“I was using the restroom as I said. Is that so bad?”


The other two men exchanged glances, while the black-haired one stared Holland down. I could tell by his facial expression that he wasn’t buying it. The two other men, blond and brown, downed the drinks they had in front of them and stood up. Holland’s fear sense heightened.


“We’re done here. Let’s go.” The black-haired one stood as well, taking Holland’s arm and lifted him out of his chair and with them. He was afraid. I was afraid. For what was about to happen, what they were about to do to him…


The next hour or so were the most horrifying and heartbreaking moments I’d ever witnessed. Every time Holland let out a crushed ‘Please… stop’ or ‘You’re hurting me…’ or every time he cried out, I felt my heart break more and more. He didn’t deserve this. I felt nothing but resent for these men. How could they do this to someone like him?


A voice broke through, and I saw a face flashing before me.


It was Yixing, and he looked panicked. I tried to do something- grab onto him, focus on coming back to myself, anything really. But his image just kept flickering in and out, like a candle in the wind. Soon after, Tao began showing up as well with each flash, tears streaming down his face. Each time they showed up I tried to grab onto them or say something to them, but nothing worked. A few moments of this passed and I began to lose hope that I would return to my own self and mind. But just as I thought that, everything went black, and suddenly, I was in my own body once again. I was breathing heavily and I hopped up immediately, eyes wide and surveying the area. We were still on the plane, in the air. Everyone was in an alert pose, looking at me with a facial expression full of fear and concern. But as soon as I was back to being conscious and aware that I was really back, they let out a collective sigh of relief. I felt my body, patting down my legs and arms, feeling relieved when I found my own body in place instead of Holland’s. I sat back down, slumping my body in relief.


“What was that??” Tao asked Yixing, breath hiccuping. He swiped at his face with the sleeve of his sweater, wiping tears away.


“I-... I’m not exactly sure. Not yet, at least.” Yixing turned to me now. “Sehun, I’m going to ask you a few questions and I need you to answer with absolute honesty. Can you do that?”


“Uh… y-yeah,” I said, spacing out.


“When I was trying to wake you up, did you see me? Or Tao? Either of us at all?”


“You guys kept… flickering. In and out, once every few seconds. It was terrifying…” I replied quietly.


“In the dream, were you yourself?”


“Huh?” I said, looking at him now.


“If the answer was no, you would know what I was referring to, Sehun. Think back to what you were seeing.”


I closed my eyes for a second, thinking. And then I understood what he meant by his question. I wasn’t in my own body during the dream… vision… thing . I was in Holland’s.


“No… I wasn’t myself.” I looked back to Yixing, and he turned to Junmyeon.


“Yixing,” Junmyeon said, “do you have an explanation for what happened?”


“I might…” Yixing turned around and kneeled in front of me, turning his voice to an extremely soft and gentle tone. “Sehun, I need you to explain to me what happened in what you saw.”


“I-... I don’t know, Xing…” I turned to Holland and seeing his terrified expression made me not want to say anything just more. I don’t know if he’d even said anything to anyone about this or not. I lowered my head down into my hands for a moment, thinking, then raising my head slowly. With the way Holland was, he wasn’t going to say anything for a long time. And this needed to be said. Justice needed to be done.


“I was… I was Holland. And there were these terrible men, and they just…” My breath caught in my throat. “They did all these bad things to him, and they beat him and they…” I looked to Yixing, almost in tears. He nodded, knowing what I was getting at. I surveyed the room and the faces that held expressions of fear and concern a moment ago now held looks of heartbreak and surprise.


“Sehun… you don’t mean…?” Junmyeon asked.


I nodded and looked to Holland. His facial expression was giving away that whatever I had seen, he knew what it was and it had really happened.


Holland’s face was pale as he spoke, his voice barely a whisper. “W-what… what happened?”


I then proceeded to explain what had happened to Holland in my dream thing, and throughout the whole thing, everyone’s faces were either blank, filled with horror, or looking to Holland with the deepest sympathy. Except for Holland himself.


As I finished, Holland looked as if he was about to get sick. I sat back down next to him, rubbing his back gently. “What’s wrong?”


“T-there’s…” his gaze was affixed to his shaking hands in his lap. “There’s n-no way. You c-couldn’t have known about t-that.”


“What do you mean?” My hand stalled in its movements, afraid of what was coming.


“I n-never told a-anyone about that…”


A collective gasp was heard throughout the cabin. I felt tears pricking my eyes as I spoke. “Holland… that really happened to you?”


His hands clenched and unclenched in his lap as he lowered his head farther. Holland nodded just barely, and I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Everything went silent.




“No, Sehun, just don’t worry about it… it was my fault I had to be in that situation anyway,” he said quietly, swiping at his eyes.


“There’s no way that was your fault. At all. Don’t blame yourself for what happened,” I pulled him into a hug, and he clung onto me like I was the only thing keeping him grounded. He choked back a few sobs, and just hearing that was enough to break my heart. I pulled him into my lap, and he buried his face into my neck, crying softly. I held onto him and rubbed his back, trying to comfort him.


“If I j-just minded my own b-business half the time I w-wouldn’t have been put in that d-desperate of a situation… besides, I h-had to feed myself s-somehow…”


Junmyeon spoke up now, his voice hard but not mean. “Holland, no. You can’t blame yourself for them doing that to you. You were just trying to do what you had to to keep yourself fed and well. You did what you thought was necessary at the time.”


“Xing, is there any way that you can explain what happened to Sehun? Why he was able to see one of Holland’s memories like that through his eyes?” Yifan asked.


“The best explanation I can give you is telling you that, not only can he control wind, but he’s also some sort of Speaker or a weird kind of Whisper. Maybe both. It’s rare but you can have elements of both in you.”


“English, please?” Baekhyun asked, oddly serious for his nature.


Yixing inhaled deeply, launching into the explanation. “It’s not a hard thing to explain, it’s just been a while since I’ve seen one of these, so excuse me if I take a second to explain it. I’ve only ever seen them in my family, so it’s obviously been a while since I’ve last come into contact with one. If this is true, and another occurrence of this happens, proving him to be one of these, it could explain why there was an overflow of power in him and why his arrival felt different than everyone else’s.”


“Just get on with it, come on,” Chanyeol said, making a rolling motion with his hands.


“From what I remember in my family, Whispers were able to control the emotions of people around them, sometimes even being able to control the actions of those around them. That’s where our random yet strong emotional connection to him comes from, except he isn’t doing it on purpose. The second part is a Speaker, but again, I don’t think he’s doing it willingly. There was one case back in my family where he saw things that happened to other people through their eyes, as Sehun did with Holland. He sometimes would pass out and collapse at random times, and when he woke up, he would have wide eyes and knowledge on something that had happened to someone. But there was a recurring theme with these visions that he had: all of them were experiences that the original person hadn’t told anyone that it happened to them. That’s where Sehun’s other part is coming in, though I doubt he’ll ever be able to control these on his own, so you won’t have to do training to do this.” I let my shoulders slump in relief. Yixing turned to Junmyeon now. “I don’t know why Sehun has so many of these different attributes in him at once, but it’s definitely relieving to know.”


“What’s relieving about that?” I asked.


“It explains why you’ve been having so much trouble with just focusing on empowering your abilities with controlling wind. You have the others and they’re fighting inside you for attention and stuff and it’s taking a toll on you. Now that we know what it is, we can work on it and it’s alright. Now we know that you’re going to be alright. That’s the relieving part of this.” He sat back down next to Jongdae, letting his hands fall to his lap. I leaned back against the seat, holding Holland tightly. He had calmed down a little bit, breathing still hiccupping every few seconds.


“Do you remember who they were, Holland?” Tao asked, keeping his voice gentle.


“N-no… I don’t remember them exactly. I just remember what they looked like…” He was getting so embarrassed and ashamed, I felt his face heating up against my neck.


“Do you remember where it happened?” Kyungsoo asked.


“It… it w-was in this club… in the Capitol. I-I don’t remember which one it w-was though…” His voice was so small.


“In front of all those people??” Chanyeol said, leaning forward.


“N-no! There were… there were, like, these apartments above the club… apparently one of them h-had one…” As the questions came more and more, Holland’s hold on me got tighter and tighter.


Luhan sat up a little. “Do you remember when it had happened, at least?”


“It w-was a little while ago… a-at least eight months…”


I held onto him tightly. “Holland?”




“Are you embarrassed about all of this?” I asked, continuing to rub his back.


He nodded a little, and I felt a little sad.


“Holland, you’re one of us now. You can trust us, and we’ll protect you for as long as you’re with us. You don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about this, because this wasn’t your fault at all. This is never going to happen to you again, we promise. We’ll all protect you for as long as you’re here,” Minseok said, his voice taking on a tone of protectiveness.


Holland started having jerking movements, and it was frightening me a little bit. I moved my head down a little to investigate and… he was crying. Little tears were streaming down his face, and I can confirm that it was the saddest thing I had ever seen.


I brought my hand up to his cheek, palm resting on his cheek and my thumb wiping his tears away. “Holland, baby, why are you crying?” I saw Jongin smile out of the corner of my eye, probably smiling at my slip up.


“I-I just… th-this is the s-safest I’ve e-ever felt in m-my entire l-life… w-with you guys, I actually f-feel like I m-matter and I’m l-loved…” More tears fell.


I brought his head down to rest on my chest, holding him tightly. “Of course… as long as you’re here, you’ll be safe and you will always matter.”


Holland was choking back sobs, and it was between relieving (because he was realising that he had worth) or sad (because seeing him cry was a heart-wrenching sight).


Jongin got up and kneeled in front of where we were sitting. I gave him a look of curiosity, and then he wrapped his arms around Holland, hugging him and closing his eyes. Holland stopped crying, but his breath kept hitching every little bit. Tao leaned over from next to me and hugged him as well. And then, one by one, everyone else came over and joined in. I smiled, thinking this was the nicest thing I’d seen from all of us at once. Even Yifan was in on it.


“Thank you, guys… so much,” Holland mumbled against my neck. “This… you guys are more of a family to me now than my actual family was…”


“Of course… we’ll be here for you. Always,” Jongdae said.


We had stayed like that for a few moments before everyone had gone back to their own seats. It was late now, and Holland was asleep in my lap. The only ones awake now were Junmyeon, Yifan, Kyungsoo, Yixing, and me. I looked out the window, reflecting on myself and how I ended up in this situation. It was hard to believe that it was only a little over a month since I had been here, and yet, I’m already at the point where I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here, anyway. I thought back on all the training sessions I had until now, and I came to realise something.


“Hey, Yifan?” I raised my head, looking over to him. I had to remember to keep my voice quiet so I didn’t wake anyone up.


“Yes, Sehun?” Yifan yawned in response.


“What happened to the whole ‘The group of us will be training every night or even more than once in a day’ thing?”


“I really meant that that applied to us when we were travelling by train, honestly. I didn’t expect there to be this many flights involved with this plan. I think this is the last flight that we’re taking until we have to fly back over to District Eighteen. Junmyeon and I were trying to compile a list of what order we want to go to the Districts in. The next one, the one that we’re on our way to go to now, is District Five, and we were thinking about going to Districts Seven and Eight afterwards.”


“Who runs those ones?” I asked.


“District Five is run by a group that we’ve associated with before, and Jongin is actually friends with one of their members, SHINee. District Seven is run by a group called Got7, and District Eight is run by a group called Monsta X. We’re debating on going to Eight though because there are little to no people that have come into contact with them before, and those that have said that they were cold and silent most of the time that they spoke to them.”


“That makes sense.”


“We’ve been to… just District Three and District Nine, right?” Junmyeon said, turning to look at Yifan.


“Yeah, just those ones so far.” He sighed deeply, running his fingers through his hair. “Two Districts out of seventeen that we need to visit.”


“You know that we can visit District Eleven and District Thirteen after Seven and Eight.”


Junmyeon looked at me curiously as I said this. “What do you mean?”


“I’m not familiar with very many other Districts, but Eleven and Thirteen I know of their leader groups. Eleven is led by a group that calls themselves Super Junior, and Thirteen is led by a group that calls themselves Seventeen. I was always confused why they didn’t just accept the title of being District Seventeen instead, but they said somewhere like ‘Thirteen members for District Thirteen’. It sounds kind of stupid but it doesn’t matter.”


“What’s your point? Why do you want to go there?” Junmyeon asked.


“It isn’t really that I want to go there,” I explained, “it’s that it might just be more convenient for you guys since Seven, Eight, Eleven, and Thirteen are all in one cluster together on land here.”


“Really? I thought Eleven and Thirteen were somewhere else,” Yifan said, furrowing his brows.


I pulled out my phone and pulled up a map, showing the Districts clustered together. I turned my phone to them, showing them what I meant.


“That’s weird that I never really even noticed that they were all together like that,” Junmyeon said quietly, looking at the map on my phone.


“Yeah. It’s just a suggestion, of course, but we could go to those after we finish up in Seven and Eight.”


Yifan nodded. “That would make sense to do that. They’re close enough, so why not. And hey, with us being on the land for that amount of time, there would be lots of train rides involved, so we could do some more physical training on the ground as we’re there.”


“Yeah. See, not a bad idea,” I said, smiling a little.


“Well, we at least have a plan for a little while before we have to go back and think extensively on what to do next,” Junmyeon said quietly, typing something into his phone. “Thanks, Sehun.”


“No problem. Glad I could help.”


I looked back out the window and started counting the stars once again, and falling asleep not long after I started.

Chapter Text

“You know, I probably should have done this earlier,” Junmyeon said, pulling out a tablet from his bag.


“What’s that?” I asked him.


“Shown you guys a map of the world and how the Districts and stuff are divided up among the continents. District Nine and our District are on the continent that used to be known as Australia, and the continent itself is almost split in half. Ah, here we go. Pull down your blinds, I’ll project the map onto the far wall,” he said, pulling a sort of miniature projector out of his bag as well.


We all pulled our blinds over our windows, and the image lit up the wall with a large map showing the continents. Each continent was split up into different coloured sections, except for the one that was labelled ‘Africa’.


“Junmyeon, why are there not very many Districts in Africa?” Jongin asked, looking at the map and pointing.


“The intense summer temperatures and dry seasons tend to make it hard to inhabit. See that big blank spot there?” Junmyeon stepped forward, pointing his finger onto a large grey spot right in the middle of the northern half of the continent.


“Yeah, what about it?”


“That’s an entire desert. No one lives in it, but it is used for things like transport and sometimes you can find really old fossils and stuff if you look in the right places.”


I kept looking, seeing how much of the world was really taken up. Some areas were obvious, like the one labelled ‘Antarctica’, where it was all ice and temperatures below freezing constantly. Then there were areas like the Sahara that were uninhabitable, but able to pass through. I noticed a key on the side of the map, reading:


Region 1 - North America


  • District 6 (Day6)
  • District 7 (Got7)
  • District 8 (Monsta X)
  • District 11 (Super Junior)
  • District 13 (Seventeen)



Region 2 - South America


  • District 10 (TRCNG)
  • District 14 (The Boyz)
  • District 15 (Pentagon [Newest addition HyunA included])
  • District 16 (iKON)


Region 3 - Australia


  • District 9 (Stray Kids)
  • District 12 (EXO)



Region 4 - Asia


  • District 2 - (Red Velvet)
  • District 3 - (Big Bang)
  • District 4 - (Blackpink)
  • District 17 - (HALO)
  • District 18 - (NCT)



Region 5 - Europe


  • District 1 - (VIXX)
  • District 5 - (SHINee)



Region 6 - Africa


  • Capitol (Presidential residence, 2 unidentified groups included)



“Oh, I wonder who those two unidentified groups are,” Chanyeol muttered under his breath. I turned to Junmyeon.


“That’s a little overdone that the Capitol and those ‘unidentified groups’ have an entire continent to themselves,” I said, scrunching my face a little.


“Yeah, I know. There are also rumours of them having research facilities in the Sahara, and that’s why they’re there, so they can keep an eye on them and make sure no one else besides them finds them,” Junmyeon said with a sigh.


“Why did they divide the Districts like that?” Baekhyun asked, eyeing down the map. “Why didn’t they just put like, One, Two, Three, and Four together, then keep going like that?”


“I honestly have no idea. The Districts have been here longer than any of the District leaders have lived. It’s thought that the Districts were divided the way they were sometime during the second or third era, so no one really knows,” Yifan said.


“And we’re in the fifth era now so… damn, that was a long time ago,” Luhan said, still half asleep.


Noooo , that was just yesterday, you dipwad,” Minseok said, rolling his eyes and laughing a little.


“It’s so weird that the w-” Yixing started, but I cut him off.


“Wait wait wait wait,” I said, looking to Junmyeon and Yifan. “If District One is right next to District Five where we’re going next, why don’t we just go to District One after we’re done in Five?”


“We have a specific order of the Districts in priority of how important they are to join us. Seven and Eight are very large Districts, so we have them in high need, whereas Districts the size of One and say Six are at a little bit lower because they’re a little smaller. Not to say that as a total they’re small, but we’re just kind of going from biggest population/military size to the smallest.”


“Jesus Christ, why didn’t we start off with Eighteen then?” I said, chuckling a little and pointing at the area labelled ‘District 18’. “They’re fuckin’ huge!”


“That’s the thing, though. On the map, they may be huge and take up a lot of space, but so much of that place is cold and no one can live in it because of the temperatures. So they may look big where they are now, but population wise they’re pretty much the same as us, a little bigger than Eleven but not as big as Eight.” Junmyeon turned the projector off and folded it back up the way it was, putting it back in his bag. He reached behind him and put the window shade back up, and the rest of us did the same, wincing against the bright light of the morning sun.


“What’s our priority list of Districts right now?” Kyungsoo asked as he turned back around.


“Well right now it is…” Junmyeon pulled his phone back out, reading off of a list he had made beforehand. “As it stands, it is… Nine, Three, Five, Seven, Eight, Six, One, Eleven, Thirteen, Eighteen, Four, Fifteen, Fourteen, Ten, Seventeen, Two, then Sixteen. Districts Four through Sixteen are all about the same size, but we just put them in order of how we think it’ll be to get them to join us, hardest first, then the easiest. Sixteen’s just came to power, so we think they might be easier to convince.”


“Okay, now that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification,” I nodded his way, sitting back in my seat.


“Does anyone else have any questions? We land here in about half an hour, so make it quick.”


“I assume that means that we’ll be landing in District Five then since they were next on the list?” Jongdae asked.


“Yes, we will be landing in District Five,” Junmyeon replied coolly.


“Well,” Tao said, “tell us a little bit about them then.”


“Oh, right,” Junmyeon said, chuckling a little bit. “District Five, as you saw on the map, is run by a group that calls themselves SHINee. There are five of them: Jinki, their leader, Jonghyun, Kibum, Minho, and Taemin. We have past connections with them from other things that have happened. Districts Two, Five, Eleven, and Twelve all have been connected because of things past generations of leaders of our Districts established between each other. Collectively, we are known as SM. But more on SHINee, as I said, Jinki is the leader and the oldest.”


“Taemin is the youngest,” Jongin added in, smiling.


“Yes, Jongin, we know that,” Junmyeon chuckled. “Before I go on, how did you guys meet and then go off in other directions? I realised that I never asked you that before.”


“Oh, Taemin and I grew up in the same area of District Twelve together, but his family couldn’t afford to live in District Twelve anymore, so they moved to District Five. We still kept in contact, and every once in a while we would take trips to visit each other and stuff. It’ll be nice to see him again because it’s been a while since one of us had visited the other.” Jongin was going on with a smile on his face the whole time, animated with his movements. “He’s one of my best friends, hands down. Next to you guys, he’s like my brother at this point.”


“That’s nice, Nini,” Kyungsoo said, putting a hand on his shoulder and smiling. I smiled, too. It was rare to see Kyungsoo smile, but when he did, it was most likely because of something Jongin did.


“The five of them will probably be the most easy-going group that’s around our age. We won’t have to do much talking with them to convince them. They’re really friendly and understanding, so don’t worry about them,” Junmyeon said.




After we landed, we realised that we were early, so we ended up eating some breakfast and walking there instead of taking the cars.


Their HQ building was different from the others that we had seen before. This one was short and had clear windows, so it was nice and bright and open. On the second floor, we could see some floor-to-ceiling windows. Someone was standing there, and as we walked closer, he was scanning over us. When his eyes landed on Jongin, he brightened up immensely, smiling and waving quickly. I assumed that was Taemin, then.


“Jongin, look,” I said to him, pointing up to the window where Taemin was still waving. Jongin smiled brightly and waved back up with both hands.


Jongin brought his hands up to his mouth and cupped them, making his voice louder. “HI TAEMIN!!!”


We heard a muffled ‘HI JONGIN’ before he disappeared. I laughed and looked at Jongin, who was smiling brightly as well. We entered the building and I was loving how open and bright it was compared to the other ones that we’ve visited before. I slowed down, matching up to Junmyeon, remembering something that came completely out of nowhere. We all stopped walking, and I stood next to him.


“Hey, Junmyeon?”




“Why did we get a phone number from District Nine but not District Three?”


“What do you mean?”


“Seungmin gave me his number as we were leaving. He said that Chan told him that he needed to give it to me in case we needed to contact them again.”


“I mean, we have ways of getting in contact with the other Districts, and since Nine is a newer one and they haven’t been leaders for long, we haven’t had time or reason to go visit them. This was the first time we’ve been to their place, and they’re really one of the only ones we haven’t been to before besides like Eighteen. I don’t think we’ve been to Ten, Sixteen, or Seventeen, either, but they’re quiet Districts and they don’t really cause any trouble with anything,” Junmyeon explained. “Unless they cause trouble or we already have past connections to them we don’t mess with a lot of the smaller Districts.”


Loud footsteps were heard down the hall. I looked to Jongin and he stepped away, clearing an area for himself. I was confused for a second, then Taemin showed up around the corner and practically launched himself at Jongin, wrapping him up in a hug. Jongin caught him and hugged him tightly and then pulled away. I looked to Kyungsoo and smiled to myself when I saw the jealous twitch in his eye.


“Jonginnieeee! How have you been?” Taemin said, letting his arms drop to his sides.


“I’ve been really good, how about you Tae?”


“Good! The hyungs have been taking care of me well.” He looked at me and Holland and smiled. “What’s your guys’ names?”


“My name is Sehun, and this is Holland,” I said, putting a hand on Holland’s shoulder. He hid a little bit into my side, nervous around the new person. I smiled a little.


“They’re all waiting in the lounge for you guys, follow me,” Taemin said, turning around and walking in the same direction he came in.


He led us to a room that I thought was so pretty. It didn’t even look like it would have been a lounge area but more like a sunbathing room or something. Even the ceilings were glass, letting in all of the afternoon sunlight. As we entered, one of the men sitting in a chair next to the far wall stood up, walking in our direction. “Hi, guys. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you.”


“It really has, Jinki. We should visit here more often. I’ve forgotten how beautiful this place is,” Junmyeon said. He turned his head a little and looked at another person, smiling a little. “Hi, Jonghyun.”


Jonghyun smiled brightly, waving at Junmyeon. “I was wondering when you guys would finally get here!”


“Well we’re here now,” Junmyeon said, taking a seat on the couch nearest to the door. Yifan sat as well, so we all took that as a sign that it was okay to be seated now. I sat in a couch that was still in the shade but had a good look of outside. There was really no city behind here; at least, not for a while. There were so many trees and plants and animals and it was amazing. I wasn’t used to getting to see things like this very often. Holland took a seat next to me, holding onto my arm and resting his head onto my shoulder, while Tao sat on the floor in front of us, his back pressed into my legs.


“Hey, Junmyeon?” Baekhyun asked.


“Yes, Baekhyun?”


“Do you need me or Jongdae for a little while?”


“I guess not… why?”


Baekhyun turned to the man standing in the corner of the room, looking outside. “Minho, do you want to go play pool or something?”


Minho looked to Jinki and smiled after he nodded back to him. “Yeah, let’s go.”


They bolted out of the room, laughing and smiling. I guess they were friends before as well.


“Do you remotely know why we’re here?” Yifan asked Jinki.


“Oh yeah. We already know why you’re here and we were already prepared to help you if any crazy shit went down anyway, so let’s go. We’re in,” Jinki smiled widely.




“Junmyeon, we’ve known you guys for forever now, and by now we’ve realised something.”


“What’s that?”


“That when you plan on starting something like this, it’s a big thing and you absolutely have logical reasoning behind it. Besides, we were already wanting to do something like this before but…”


The one laying on the floor in the corner snickered a little bit, “You’re just too chicken shit to make the first move on anything.”


Jinki picked up a block off the table’s centrepiece and threw it at him, “Kibum shut it!” Jonghyun and Taemin were laughing loudly at this, and even Jinki couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. As the block hit Kibum, he rolled over onto his side, holding his chest where the block had hit him, dramatically acting as if it was a block of steel and not just lightweight coloured wood.


Jongdae burst in the door, immediately shutting the door behind him and laying on the floor in front of where Jongin, Taemin, Kyungsoo, and Yixing were.


“That was quick, huh?” Yixing laughed.


“I didn’t want to be a part of that anymore. We started playing pool and then Minho accused Baekhyun of cheating, which he was, but Baekhyun got offended at this and then it escalated into them sword-fighting with the pool sticks. I didn’t want to get hit,” Jongdae said, laying an arm over his eyes to shield himself from the sunlight.


Jonghyun let out a groan and laid back, flopping his arms out to the side dramatically. “I hope to god that they don’t break them. We just bought those last week! Because someone decided to start a fight with him a couple of weeks ago over literally nothing.” He opened his eyes to look straight at Kibum in the corner of the room.


“It wasn’t over nothing! It totally had a purpose!” Kibum said, voice laced with offence.


“Yeah? Then what was it? Care to share?” Taemin said, trying not to laugh.


Kibum was silent for a second before pulling his hat back over his eyes, mumbling, “That’s none of your businesses.”


“Mhmm, sure ,” Jonghyun said, sitting back up straight.


“Will all of you shut up for a second?” Jinki said, trying not to laugh as well but still serious. He faced Junmyeon now. “A second ago you looked as if you were going to ask me something. What was it?”


“Oh, I was just going to ask why you were so quick on board with all of this but then he called you a chicken shit and that explained it all ,” he said laughing. Jinki raised another block, ready to throw it at Junmyeon. Junmyeon raised his hands in front of his face, laughing as he tried to defend himself. Jonghyun took Jinki’s hand and lowered it, giving him a look that said ‘Not now’. Jinki rolled his eyes and put the block back down where it was before.


Jinki cleared his throat before speaking again, “Our Districts have had this alliance since before the fourth era, Junmyeon. I don’t intend on breaking it any time soon. Besides, you guys are good people and I don’t feel like getting rid of important connections unless we had real reasoning behind it.”


“Give me an example of something we would have to do in order to break the alliance between us. I’m just curious,” Minseok said.


“Something like if you knowingly and for no reason attacked our District, or if you decided to start doing something that we’ve agreed not to do,” Jinki said. “For example. If you guys legalized something that wasn’t previously legal and then tried to push it upon us, that’s not cool. The second one we would most likely just distance ourselves from you, not break the alliance, but you get the gist of what I’m saying.”


“Of course,” Junmyeon agreed, nodding.


“Our alliance has been here for more than twelve generations. If we stick together for that long, that’s true loyalty, and we wouldn’t want to lose it over something petty.”


“Of cou-” Junmyeon was cut off by a bang in the next room.


Jonghyun huffed and stood up, “I got it…” He stepped out the door, not closing it after himself. A second later, we heard a scream and another bang, louder this time. Then silence. We looked at Jinki and he looked back at us, sharing the same expression of confusion.


A couple moments passed and then Jonghyun came in carrying Baekhyun over his shoulder and dragging Minho in by his ear. He put Baekhyun in Chanyeol’s lap and sat Minho on the floor next to where he was sitting before. Minho brought his knees up to his chest, hugging his legs and lowering his head to rest on his knees.


“What the hell were you guys doing in there?” Chanyeol asked, looking at Baekhyun.


“Minho and I were just s-sword fighting and stuff and then he actually hit m-me and it really hurt… so I hit him back and he picked up a pool ball and threw it at me so I picked one up and threw it at him back and then he threw another one and hit me and it r-really hurt…” Baekhyun was visibly tearing up and it was so sad.


“Where did it hit you?” Jinki asked, coming to kneel in front of the couch where they were sitting.


Baekhyun lifted his shirt and hoodie up to his ribs, revealing a bruise forming right under where his ribs ended on his side. Jinki gasped, his hand coming up to his mouth to cover it. You could obviously tell the bruise wasn’t done, and that it was going to get darker.


Jinki got up and went back to sit down, smacking Minho on the back of the head in the process. “See, Minho! This is why we don’t throw things! You hurt him now!”


Minho raised his head. Tears were streaming down his face, not out of sadness, but out of guilt. You could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice as he spoke. “I d-didn’t m-mean to hurt you B-Baekhyun… it w-was an accident.”


“Minho… it’s okay… just next time, please be careful… this really hurts…” Baekhyun said slowly, breath catching every couple of seconds. Minho crawled over to the couch in front of Baekhyun and hugged him lightly, careful of the bruise. Baekhyun turned onto his side to return it, patting his back. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be alright.”


Minho nodded and returned back to his spot on the floor, looking up at Jonghyun. “Hyung… I’m sorry I threw one at you. You scared me, coming in so suddenly like that.”


Jonghyun settled a hand on his arm, pulling him up a little bit. Minho raised himself and sat next to Jonghyun on the couch, leaning onto him. Jonghyun put an arm around Minho, speaking softly. “It’s alright. But you need to learn not to throw things, alright? You’re going to hurt someone again like today if you do that again. I’m also sorry that I pulled on your ear so harshly. Are you alright?”


He nodded, turning around and sitting sideways, throwing his legs over Jonghyun’s and wrapping his arms around Jonghyun’s neck. He still had his head resting on his shoulder. “I’m alright… I promise I’ll try to remember not to throw anything anymore.”


Jonghyun smiled a little bit. “Okay.”


The next few hours were filled with the few of us just talking and having fun with each other, sharing stories and telling of experiences and things like that. I formally introduced myself to Jinki and the others when it came time, and they said that it was nice to meet me. Holland’s story, on the other hand, took some time to think through. I didn’t know how we were going to explain picking someone up and taking them in our of nowhere, so I just said that we rescued him from a bad situation and that he was happy and welcome to be with us now. They nodded, accepting him being with us as well. We ended up talking causally like this for hours and hours until it was sunset. We hadn’t even realised that time was going that fast. I don’t even think any of us had moved from our spots where we were sitting, either.


Junmyeon stood up, stretching his arms up into the air. “We should probably get going, yeah?” Yifan nodded, standing up as well.


Taemin gave a sad look to Jongin when he stood, and Jongin pulled him up as well, hugging him tightly. “I’ll come to visit you again when this is all over, yeah?”


Taemin nodded, hugging him back. He pulled away with obvious reluctance, a sad look residing in his eyes.


“Oh, before you guys go,” Jinki said, standing up, “there are takeout boxes on the counter down there where you entered the building. There’s one for all thirteen of you guys. Take one, they’re full of food and you guys haven’t eaten at all the entire time you’ve been here.”


“Thank you, Jinki, that means a lot. Make sure you guys eat well, also,” Junmyeon said, waving and exiting. Chanyeol picked up Baekhyun and carried him down, all of us following Junmyeon down. I waved and left the room, Holland still holding onto my arm. I could tell that he was about to fall asleep. His eyes were drooping and he was walking slowly.


“Hey, stay awake so you can at least eat in the car. Then you can sleep, okay?”


“Mhmm…” he nodded against my arm. I smiled and kept my arm out for him to hold.


As we exited the building, we all took a box and headed to the cars waiting in front of the building for us. Jongin was standing, looking up at the window again where Taemin was standing. Taemin had a sad look on his face like he was never going to see Jongin again or something. Jongin waved slowly, turning around and lowering his head. He got into the car after Kyungsoo, and I swear that I saw him crying a little bit.


Sure enough, as we were in the car back on the way to the airport, Holland ate his food, and as soon as we were done, he fell asleep. The whole time, though, not once did he let go of my arm. His hold loosened, yes, but never left. I smiled and leaned against him, resting my eyes. I could no longer see the building in the distance, and I had a feeling that that was the last time that I would see it for a very long time.

Chapter Text

The trip to District Seven was almost like the one to Five. Keyword here: almost .


I awoke to shouting and something landing on me. I thought it was just Holland, laying down in my lap and trying to get comfortable while he was asleep. Opening my eyes, I expected it to be him. But rather than find Holland, I found Baekhyun, crying and curling up. Jongdae was standing over both of us. Yixing was trying to pull Jongdae back, pleading for him to stop this, but Jongdae was too far gone in his rage to hear him.


I quickly put Baekhyun behind me, putting up my arms to shield myself and him from the onslaught of blows that he was sure to give. “Woah, woah, woah! What the hell are you doing, Dae?”


“Give him to me! Now, Sehun!” Jongdae seethed, reaching past me and pulling Baekhyun out from behind me and throwing him to the ground. Chanyeol tried to pull Jongdae off as well, but that just resulted in an elbow thrown to his groin. Chanyeol doubled over, clenching his eyes shut in pain. Jongdae straddled Baekhyun, throwing blows left and right at his face. Baekhyun threw his hands up, trying to protect himself. I stood up, grabbing Jongdae around his middle and throwing him to the other side of the cabin, helping Baekhyun up to stand. As soon as I took one step away, though, Jongdae charged at Baekhyun, letting out an inhuman roar.


I threw my arms to the side, to both of them. “For the love of God, just STOP.”


Silence. I opened my eyes back up and everyone was either sitting down or, in Baekhyun and Jongdae’s case, on the floor on opposite sides of the cabin. Junmyeon and Yifan were staring at me with looks of wonder, while Kyungsoo and Jongin looked absolutely shocked. Minseok and Luhan looked at me in amazement.


“Wow, Hun… you di-” Jongdae started, but I cut him off.


“Shut it, Jongdae,” I said, going to Baekhyun at the front and offering him a hand up, helping him stand. Tears were streaming down his face, in obvious pain. The bruise on his side was most likely going to get worse unless Yixing did something about it. I gave him a look, and he nodded, but his face said ‘Just a second.’


“Are you okay?” I said, letting my hand fall to my side.


“M-my side h-hurts worse now…” he said, hiccuping back tears.


I turned to Jongdae, clenching my jaw. “Turn around and go sit in there with the luggage. You’re not coming out unless I come in there and talk to you and confirm that you’re fine.” He opened his mouth to protest, but I stopped him. “ Now, Jongdae.”


He mumbled under his breath, complaining, but complied, turning around and going in the room, slamming the door shut behind him. I quickly glanced at Holland and Tao, and they shared indecipherable looks. I think I spotted nervousness in Holland’s expression, but there were so many emotions going on there that I had no idea.


I turned back to Baekhyun, giving Yixing the same look I did earlier, and he nodded again, not giving me the ‘Not now’ type of look he did a second ago. I ushered Baekhyun into the chair that Jongdae was sitting in.


“Baekhyun, let Yixing take a look at you, alright?” I said gently, kneeling down in front of the two of them. Baekhyun nodded, tear trails still evident but not holding any more tears.


“Lift up your shirt and show me the bruise, Baek,” Yixing said, turning to face him. Baekhyun nodded again, slowly, and lifted the hem of his shirt to the bottom of his ribs. Jongin and I both gasped, seeing the bruise again.


Last time we had seen it, the bruise was just beginning to form, though we knew it was going to be pretty bad. But now, looking at it, it almost brought tears to my eyes. It was dark purple, almost black, and I couldn’t imagine how Baekhyun was dealing with it.


You could see the obvious surprise and hurt in Yixing’s eyes. “Okay, I’m going to help you, but this might hurt on the first contact, okay?”


Baekhyun began to visibly brace himself. Chanyeol came and crouched next to me, taking Baekhyun’s hand in his. Yixing leaned forward, gently placing his hands on the bruise. Baekhyun cried out, jerking back a little.


“Is it that bad?” Yixing said, and Baekhyun nodded, a small tear making its way down his cheek.


Yixing took a deep breath, setting his hands on the arm of the chair that was separating the two of them. He lifted it up, looking at Baekhyun with sincerity in his eyes. “Baekhyun, I have to do this... Try not to jerk away, okay?” Baekhyun nodded, closing his eyes tightly. “I’ll not put my hands directly on at first, but I will need to eventually do so.” Baekhyun nodded once more, preparing himself.


Yixing placed his hands onto Baekhyun’s side again, not directly onto the bruise but around it. Baekhyun winced but didn’t cry out like last time. Chanyeol squeezed his hand, sighing in relief. Yixing closed his eyes, concentrating, and Baekhyun gradually began to calm down and relax a little bit. Yixing opened his eyes, looking back at Baekhyun.


“It won’t hurt as bad this time, I promise,” he said gently, placing his hands back on the bruise. Baekhyun squeezed his eyes shut, but didn’t make a sound. A few moments passed, and Baekhyun was completely relaxed now, shoulders slumped in relief. Chanyeol smiled a little.


Yixing pulled his hands away from Baekhyun’s side, revealing that the bruise was completely gone now. Baekhyun sighed in relief, happy that the pain was gone.


“Feel better now?” I asked him, standing up.


“Much better now… thank you for separating us. I don’t even know why he was beating me like that…” Baekhyun said quietly, moving back to his own seat.


“I’m gonna go talk to Jongdae now,” I said, going to the door and opening it.


“Be careful, Sehun,” Baekhyun said, sitting down.


I nodded, going in and closing the door behind me quietly, trying not to make too much noise. There were two windows in this room, so it wasn’t as bright in here. The luggage was all stacked neatly along the back wall, and Jongdae was sitting in the corner, head down on his knees. I crouched in front of him, careful not to upset him more.


“Jongdae?” I said quietly.


“What…” Jongdae sounded distressed, though he didn’t lift his head. I sat down slowly.


“What’s wrong?” I asked, putting a hand on his knee. He lifted his head to reveal that he had been crying as well, obvious tear tracks staining his face.


“Jongdae, why are you crying?” I gently pulled him into a hug.


“I… Baekhyun is g-gonna be m-mad at me n-now and I d-didn’t mean to h-hurt him like that,” he said, clinging onto me and crying more into my shoulder.


“Jongdae, it’s alright. What were you two fighting about, anyway?”


“I… I can’t even remember w-why we were f-fighting or what exactly s-started it… W-we just were,” Jongdae breathed out.


“Well, I’m sure Baekhyun would accept your apology if you really meant it and if he saw how upset over it you were,” I said, pulling his head off of my shoulder and wiping his tears away with my thumb.


“I d-don’t think he w-will… it was really b-bad this time…” Jongdae started to calm down a little bit but was still choking up every few seconds.


“I’m sure he will, Dae. I’ll be with you, alright?”


He nodded, and I stood, helping him to his feet. I opened the door and went out, Jongdae behind me. I shut the door behind us and put an arm around Jongdae, leading him over to where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were sitting. They both looked at Jongdae and looked at each other, widening their eyes a little at the sight of him being so upset and visibly showing signs of having shed tears earlier.


“What did you want to say, Jongdae?” I said, patting his back to calm him. He was no longer crying, but you could just tell on his face that he was before this.


“I… I’m so s-sorry, Baekhyun… I d-didn’t mean to h-hurt you like that… I just… I don’t know w-what happened to me…” he looked as if he was going to start crying again as he apologized.


Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol, then back to Jongdae, standing up. Jongdae looked at him with wide eyes, bracing himself slightly. But instead of hit him back, Baekhyun pulled him into a tight hug, wrapping his arms around Jongdae. Jongdae immediately returned the gesture, squeezing Baekhyun’s small frame and burying his face into Baekhyun’s shoulder.


“It’s alright, Jongdae, don’t worry. I know how you get sometimes, and that you have a short temper. I shouldn’t have pushed you in the first place,” Baekhyun said, rubbing Jongdae’s back.


Jongdae nodded but didn’t say anything, just hugged Baekhyun more.


A few seconds passed and Jongdae finally pulled away and smiled a little, going and sitting back down in his own seat next to Yixing. Yixing pulled up the armrest, and Jongdae laid down across Yixing’s lap, closing his eyes and relaxing a little bit.


I sat down in my own seat as well, and Junmyeon spoke up from across the room. “That was impressive, Sehun.”


“What was impressive?” I asked him.


“The way you were able to separate them and get them to apologize so quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them apologize and accept the apology so quickly before,” Junmyeon said, smiling a little. “You have great leadership qualities in you, Sehun. Almost enough to lead us if I weren’t already the leader.”


“I shall proclaim myself the unofficial-yet-always-official leader of this group. Right behind you, of course,” I laughed a little. Luhan chuckled a little from his seat, still laying in Minseok’s lap while he played with Luhan’s hair.


“You could be like my second second-in-command,” Junmyeon said. “You and Yifan work together to be the secondary leaders of this group.”


I looked to Yifan and reached out a hand, smiling. He took it and laughed a little, “You’ll have to fight me for it.”


“Or we could split it, y’know.”


He stopped, thinking for a second, then nodded and laughed a little, shaking my hand. “I can live with that.”


From what I remembered on the map, District Seven wasn’t big in land size, but it was big in population, and that’s just what Junmyeon was looking for. Last night before landing, we had a discussion about why he was ordering the Districts in the order that he was, and he said that some of the main things he was looking for were a large population, approachable leaders, and a good reputation for the District. Districts Two, Five, Eleven, Twelve, and Eighteen all have an alliance formed, and within that alliance is guaranteed to protect each other from attacks and banding together if a sound cause is found. Within these ones we only needed to go and visit Two, Eleven, and Eighteen now, and from how Junmyeon explained them, Eighteen should be easy to work with. He hasn’t said much about Two yet, and he’s said very little about Eleven. The most he’s said about both honestly was that Two was an all-female group and that Eleven was an all-male group that was decently sized.


Looking out the window of the car, I was anticipating how Got7 was going to be. Were they nice? Broody? Mean on the outside but soft inside? It was kind of eating at me, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Junmyeon said that they don’t open up to many people that he knows of, minus the known alliance between Six, Seven, and Nine. I think he also mentioned another alliance between Three and Four, but other than that, there are so many Districts left off without being in alliances and operating just fine on their own.


The cars came to a stop, pulling over on the road in front of a brick building. It looked to be about three stories high, and the bottom floor was a cafe looking place. We went through the front doors, me leading everyone for once, and a man in a suit approached me, speaking with a voice only loud enough for me to hear.


“You guys are EXO, I presume?” He was about Baekhyun and Jongdae’s height, wearing a mask over his mouth, sunglasses, and a hat.


I nodded, and he gestured for us to follow him. I looked to Junmyeon, silently asking ‘Should we do it?’ and he nodded, so I followed, leading us to where ever we were going.


He led us up two sets of stairs, going down a hallway lined with windows. We stopped in front of a set of double doors, and he stopped turning back to us.


“Stay right here. Our leader will call you in when we are ready.” He stepped into the door, opening the door as little as possible, slipping in and shutting the door behind him.


I looked at Junmyeon and gave him a look. “They already seem kind of weird to me… well, not really weird, but… mysterious and secretive I guess?”


“Yeah, but you have to understand, this is our first time contacting them for anything at all. Seven, Eight, Ten, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, and Seventeen, we haven’t contacted them before for much. Fourteen is a pretty new group as well. But these guys and Eight have been around for a little while, so we’ll have to talk them into this.” I nodded along with him, listening closely.


“Would you want to be the one to talk to them this time?”


I nodded. “Sure, why not.”


A husky voice came from inside the door, “You guys can come in now.”


I opened the door, holding it open for the rest to file in and sit down. There was a space left in the middle of them, between Junmyeon and Tao, for me to sit. I took a seat, facing forward towards the people. There were seven of them, and they all looked about our age, maybe younger.


The man sitting in the middle stood up and introduced himself and the others. “Hello. My name is Jaebum, and I’m the leader here.” He had a very polite sounding voice. He pointed at each person, right to left. “And that’s Jackson, Mark, we call him BamBam,” he turned to the left now, “That’s Jinyoung, Youngjae, and Yugyeom. Welcome to District Seven.” He bowed and smiled, sitting down afterwards.


I bowed in my chair in his direction. “Thank you for welcoming us. Do you know exactly what we’re here for?”


“We do. Chan had called ahead and told us about what you said and stuff. It was nice to have that. This is a big decision and it would take us a long time to make up our minds and come to an agreement on what we would choose to do,” Jaebum explained.


“Well, that’s great for us, then. Less talking for me,” I chuckled. He did as well, and I smiled a little. “Have you guys really come to a decision, though?”


“We have.” Jaebum nodded a little.


“That’s good, then. We won’t be here much longer to bother you. What have you decided?” I asked.


“We will join you in this revolution of yours. It sounds like some real good can come out of it, and let’s face it, we need it. The economy, the biggest among many different things in this world, have just been on a steady decline since he came into power. If we keep him in office, we really won’t last long.”


“I mean,” Jackson said, leaning forward and resting his chin on his hand, “the world was already honestly shit before he came into office. I’m not saying this like I’m defending him, not at all, but I am saying that maybe he isn’t the only force making this worse. He is the main cause, but each District also has to step up and make changes within their own jurisdiction as well.”


“Jackson, how can you even think that?” Mark laughed.


“Dude, you have to be awake most of the time to be able to make a proper judgement of how the world is operating,” BamBam said, jokingly pushing Jackson’s shoulder.


“Hey! I am awake half the time. Over half the time!” Jackson said.


“Jackson, all of us here know that that isn’t true,” Yugyeom said, putting his head down on the table.


“Yugyeom, he’s not wrong. He’s just either eating or moping around the other half of the time,” Jinyoung said. He turned to Youngjae, seeing him with his head down. He shook him a little, “Youngjae, wake up, stupid.”


Youngjae shot up, widening his eyes. “I’m awake. I’m awake.”


“Yeah, now you are,” Jinyoung said, rolling his eyes.


“Can you guys be quiet and behave yourselves when we have guests?” Jaebum shut his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing. “I swear, this happens every time we have people here.”


“So? We’re children internally, we need entertainment,” Mark said. “You’ve known us for almost five years, you should know this by now.”


“I really should,” Jaebum groaned, leaning back in his chair. He turned to face us now. “Do you guys need anything else?”


“Not that I can think of at the moment,” I said.


“Alright,” Jaebum said, standing up and leaning over the table. “Hand me your phone.”


“Alright…?” I said hesitantly, unlocking my phone and handing it to him.


He tapped on a few things, typed something in, and then handed it back to me, locking it in the process.


“What exactly did you do?” I asked him, returning it to my pocket.


“I put in my number. We have no other way of contacting you guys besides using a comm, and doing that is so weird anymore. So I put my number into your phone. If you need anything, just shoot me a text,” Jaebum said.


“Ah okay. Seungmin did the same to me in Nine, so I should have known what you were doing.”


“Yeah, Chan most likely told him to do it. He’s so worried about doing everything right, honestly,” Jaebum chuckled. “He shouldn’t worry too much, though, because he’s doing just fine as is.”


“He seemed like he had everything together, honestly,” I said, smiling and standing up. “It was nice talking to you. Thank you for agreeing to join us, again.” I extended a hand to him.


“Of course. Things need to be done here, and of course, someone had to take the initiative to organize such a thing. Thank you for having the guts to do it,” he said, smiling and reaching his hand back out to mine, shaking it.


The rest of us rose to our feet, bowed in thanks and respect, and turned to go. But before I turned around to open the door, I remembered a question that had popped into my mind as I initially entered the building.


“You know though, Jaebum, this doesn’t seem like the type of building that would normally hold meetings like this,” I said, meeting his eyes once again.


“Yeah, and I’m sorry we couldn’t have met in a better place. People in the District, for whatever reason, really like to find out where we’re gathering at and break in and take our stuff. We’ve literally tried everything we can and they still get in. So the location of our base tends to change pretty frequently,” he explained, giving us a bittersweet smile. “It’s not as bad as it sounds though, honestly. It gives us a chance to explore more of the District and meet more people. It also helps to figure out what issues happen where in the District, and if we know how the issues are, we can come up with a proper plan on how to fix it. Once we figure out how to deal with our own issue of people breaking and entering into our headquarters on a constant basis and forcing us to move all the time, that is.”


“Yeah, that makes sense. We’ll come into contact with you whenever we have an exact date on when we’re going to come together,” I said, nodding in his direction.


“Good luck you guys,” BamBam said, waving.


“Thanks,” I smiled, exiting the room and leading us out.


Once we made it out onto the street, Junmyeon clapped a hand onto my shoulder. “You did well in there, Sehun. I’m proud of you.”


I smiled widely at him. “Thanks, eomma .”


Junmyeon rolled his eyes and let his hand drop.


“I don’t know why you’re so surprised by that, Junmyeon. You might as well be our mom by now,” Baekhyun said, giving exaggerated air quotes to the word mom.


Junmyeon gave a long, drawn-out sigh, but didn’t say anything. We went back to the cars that we had come in, and went back to the airport.


On the way there, I texted Seungmin:

To: Seungmin


Tell Chan I said thanks for calling ahead to District Seven for us

He responded quickly:

To: Sehun


He’s asking what for

To: Seungmin


It was less talking for us to do when we were talking to them about joining us

To: Sehun


Oh. He says no problem. Not gonna lie, he’s actually pretty nervous about this whole thing anyway, and he really wants us to succeed in doing this. He’s been taking a lot of steps to help you guys out behind the scenes

To: Seungmin


Thank you, guys. It means a lot to us

To: Sehun


No problem.

I pocketed my phone and leaned my head against the window, watching the scenery of District Seven go by in a blur. There were a lot more trees here than I was used to seeing and it was really nice. I don’t remember ever seeing this many in one area. I liked how lively it made the place look. Maybe after this battle is over, I can arrange for the Districts to have more trees in them. It would be good for more than just the people.


I must not have realised how much that took out of me, because eventually, I fell asleep, still watching the world go by out my window.

Chapter Text

“Sehun…?” Tao’s voice interrupted my thoughts.


“Huh?” I said, finally looking up from my notepad in my lap.


“You’ve been at it for almost an hour now and you’ve barely looked up. What are you even doing there?” He tapped the edge of the notepad.


“I thought you were asleep,” I said, turning a little to face him. Everyone else was asleep, having left to go to their own rooms about an hour ago, leaving Tao and me to be the only ones awake now (I think). I smiled a little upon hearing Holland’s little snores.


“I’ve been awake for a little bit now, mainly just watching you write and erase on that notepad over and over,” he said, pulling himself into a sitting position leaning back against the headboard.


“Oh… nothing much, really,” I said, keeping my voice low as a courtesy to those still asleep.


“You sure?” he asked.


“Yeah. Junmyeon just wanted me to like, write down a little about each District, like how many people are in their leader group, what they go by, what the last known population of the District was, etcetera,” I said.


“Oh, can I take a look then?” Tao said, looking from the pad of paper to me.


“Sure.” I handed it over to him. He quickly scanned over it, then handed it back to me.


“You must read fast if you read that entire page of writing in ten seconds like that,” I chuckled.


“No, not at all. I’m actually a pretty average reader. I just can’t read your handwriting at all,” he said, laughing a little bit.


I rolled my eyes. “Do you want me to read it to you?”


“If you so kindly would,” he said, facing forward once again and laying his head back, letting his eyes close.


“Okay, so, District One is run by a group called VIXX, and there are six of them… when I go by the Districts do you want me to go ahead and tell you the names of who’s in the group?”


“You know what a better idea is, Sehun?”


“What’s that?” I asked him.


“Read it off when the rest of them are awake. Then you’ll only have to say this once.”


“You know, you’re right.” I took the notepad and sat it on the floor in next to me, near Holland’s head. Sometime during the night, he must have gotten uncomfortable and then laid on the floor instead. I leaned down, placing a hand on his back and shaking him gently.


“Hey, Holland…”




“Get back up into bed, love. You’ll be sore when you wake up if you keep sleeping on the floor,” I said, smiling a little.


He made a noise between a groan and a whine before reaching a hand up and grasping the blanket. I chuckled a little, getting out of bed and picking him up, placing him up on the bed. He grasped my wrist, pulling on it a little.


“What is it?” I asked him, sitting down on the edge of the bed. He mumbled something I couldn’t make out, and before I had the chance to ask him what he said, he pulled me down and wrapped his arms around me. I grinned, holding him close and yawning a little.


“He’s too cute for his own good sometimes,” Tao said, smiling.


“I know.”


“Goodnight, Sehunnie,” Tao yawned.


“Goodnight Taozi.” I leaned over Holland and kissed his forehead, quickly falling asleep soon after.


“How many did you get through last night, Sehun??” Junmyeon asked, glancing at the notepad in my lap. We were sitting in the lounge car of the train now, ready to discuss what to do next.


“I got through all of them… I had to rewrite that stupid thing multiple times because I kept messing up on the names and I didn’t want to have to scribble out with pen because then the paper would look messy so I just rewrote the whole thing,” I said, leaning forward on the couch, resting my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands.


“You didn’t have to do all of that in one sitting, Sehun. You could have just done a little at a time, you know,” Junmyeon said.


“I know,” I sighed. “But I just wanted to get it done and over with so I wouldn’t have to work on doing it later because I knew that if I put it off for later then I would have just forgotten about it completely and never done it.”


“Ah, okay. Read it off, then.”


“Wait a second,” Jongin said from across the cabin, turning in his seat to face Junmyeon. “Before he reads them off, I have a question.”




“Why again did you prioritize the Districts the way you did? I remember the order they were in, I just don’t remember why you put them in that order,” he said, leaning forward.


“Mainly for location relative to the last District we visited and the population of the District. The bigger the population the better chance we have of overthrowing the Capitol if we get them on our side by some miracle. I also tried to take Holland and Luhan’s fear of heights and flying into consideration, so I tried to make it so where there would be less flying involved.” I heard a sigh of relief from both of them. “Plus, if we have more time on trains like we are now, that means more training time for Sehun with the group of us that have agreed to it.”


“Of course,” I said.


“When do we stop again, by the way?” Chanyeol asked.


“Here in a few hours we’re supposed to stop for a little bit so they can refuel, but the fueling station is the only building around here, so we’ll have plenty of space to do stuff with him. As it was before, Jongin, Baekhyun, and Tao will be put off somewhere so they won’t interfere with the training. Holland, you’ll join them. And no teleporting this time, Jongin!” Yifan said, scowling at Jongin.


“What do you mean, Yifan?” I said, furrowing my brows in confusion.


“Last time we were out training, Jongin had kept teleporting back and forth from the window to keep an eye on Kyungsoo. The only reason I knew was that every time I looked back to the window behind me, there was the little like, poof that Jongin leaves behind every time he teleports somewhere.”


“Well sorry for being worried,” Jongin said, rolling his eyes.


“There’s no issue with being worried, but there is an issue of disobeying my orders to stay in the room until we’re done. Besides, Kyungsoo won’t really ever be the one that will be hurt. If anyone, it would be Sehun, like last time.”


“That was an accident, Yifan, and you know so,” Kyungsoo said.


“Yes, I know, but we can take more caution this time around, yes?” Chanyeol, Luhan, and Kyungsoo all nodded.


“Good. I’m glad we could come to this agreement,” Yifan said, letting out a long breath.


Those few hours passed by quicker than I had thought they would. Then again, the space between then and now was pretty uneventful as well, so that could have had something to do with it. The closer it got time to go out and start, the clingier Holland got though. When it was finally time to go, he was practically straddling me, head buried in my neck and arms wrapped tightly around me.


I got a text from Yifan:

To: Sehun


We’re good to go, come on out and wait for the train to stop with us. We’re almost there anyway

“Holland, come on. I have to go now,” I said, gently pushing him away. He jerked a little in my lap, and I sat back, tilting his chin up to look at me. Little tears were trailing their way down his face.


I frowned a bit. “Holland, what’s wrong?”


“I’m scared… what if you get hurt like last time…?” he said, his voice barely a whisper.


“Yixing is there for if I get injured at all. And the rest of them said that they were going to make sure they were more careful of their actions, so there will be less of a chance of me being hurt, okay?”


“I’m still scared, Sehunnie…” he said quietly.


I looked at him, cupping his face with my hands. His eyes met mine as he looked back at me, still sniffling a bit from the tears. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his, kissing him softly. He inhaled a little in surprise, but still kissed back, putting his arms around my neck. I let it go on for a few moments before pulling away, putting my palm up to his cheek and wiping his tears away with my thumb.


“I promise, Holland, I’ll be alright,” I said gently. He nodded a little, taking my hand from his cheek and kissing the palm of it. I smiled, ruffling his hair and pushing him back once again. This time he scoot back, sitting in the centre of the bed.


“Please keep that promise, Hun,” Tao said as I stood up.


“I will Taozi.” I stepped out the door and began to head down to the lounge car. As I opened the door to the car, though, I bumped into Baekhyun and Jongin.


I took a step forward, going off to the side. “Sorry guys.”


“No worries, Sehun. We’re going to sit with Tao and Holland while you guys are out there,” Baekhyun said.


“Ah, okay. Try to keep Holland as calm as you can, because he’s really worried and scared I’m going to be hurt again like last time even though I assured him that I will be alright,” I said.


“Of course. We’ll play a game with him or something to keep his mind off of that, yeah?” Jongin said, putting a hand on my shoulder.


I nodded. “He would like that. Plus, I’ve been thinking that he needs to start spending time with you guys so he isn’t just comfortable with Tao and me.”


“That would make sense. We’ll keep him occupied for you, Sehun,” Baekhyun said, smiling a little.


“Thank you, Baekhyun,” I said. Jongin and Baekhyun disappeared behind the door and down the hall, while I went and sat on the couch next to Luhan.


“Are you sure I should even be here, Junmyeon?” Kyungsoo asked, raising his arms over his head and pacing slightly. “After all, I am the one that hurt him last time…”


“Yes, Kyungsoo. You’re one of our strongest here, and we definitely need you for this,” Junmyeon said, reassuring him. “Besides, everyone makes mistakes at some point.”


“Yeah, but those mistakes don’t always result in others’ injuries,” Kyungsoo said with a sigh, sitting down next to me. He began bouncing his leg.


I put a hand on his shoulder, “Kyungsoo, it’s alright. I promise. Last time was just an accident, and I know you didn’t mean to.”


“I’m just-”


“I know you’re nervous, and I know you’re scared that you’re going to hurt me again, but since last time I’ve become more aware of my surroundings, so even if you threw something like that at me, I would definitely be able to catch it in time before you had any chance of hurting me.”


He sighed a little, finally giving in. “Okay. But if I hurt you at all this time, I’m not doing this with you guys anymore. Deal?”


“Deal,” I said.


The rocking of the train finally came to a halt, signalling that we had come to a stop finally. I stood up, heading for the door. Luhan was right behind me, followed by Kyungsoo and Chanyeol.


“Why aren’t Junmyeon and Yifan coming out?” Chanyeol asked.


“I think they’re just going to get Yixing, y’know, just in case,” Luhan asked, surveying the area. It looked oddly similar to the area we were in before, during the training session following us picking up Holland. I caught myself looking at the ground a few times for the crevice in the ground that Kyungsoo had left back there.


The door opened up behind us, revealing Junmyeon, Yifan, and a sleepy-looking Yixing.


“Is it already time to do this?” Yixing yawned.


“It’s almost six in the evening. If we don’t do it now we’re going to lose daylight, and it’s better to do this in the natural light,” Junmyeon said, stepping past him and slower to us.


“Why is that?” Yixing asked him, rubbing his eyes.


“Because if we don’t then Baekhyun will have to come out and light the place up for us, and he isn’t supposed to be out here when we train, dipwad,” Luhan said, cracking a smile.


“Shut up, Luhan, I didn’t ask for your input, I was asking Junmyeon.”


“Well then you should have specified then,” he chuckled.


“Let’s just get on with this and not argue,” Chanyeol said.


“Right. Okay, the four of you, spread out. Not too far, though,” Yifan said, leaning against the train. We all nodded, going out into the grass and distancing ourselves from each other. I stood with my back to the train, Luhan across from me, Chanyeol to my left, and Kyungsoo to my right. We exchanged glances, eyes flitting from one to the other.


“Alright!” Yifan called out to us. “On the count of three, start!” We all gave a nod.




Kyungsoo looked at me, fear in his eyes. Fear of hurting me again.




I mouthed to him, ‘Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.’




Kyungsoo immediately smashed his foot into the ground, raising rocks and other unearthed things to the surface. But he didn’t kick my way, he kicked away from me. More in the direction of the space between Chanyeol and Luhan.


Luhan raised a few of the chunks of earth into the air, throwing them my way. I easily deflected them, blowing them past Chanyeol and into the space behind him. He ducked, rolling to the side. I ran left, staying the same distance away from him but not coming too close to Luhan, either. With Chanyeol and Luhan both throwing things at me, I found it best not to have my back to the train. It would just be more work on Junmyeon, anyway, having to put up a barrier of water to protect the train.


Kyungsoo smashed his foot into the ground once again, opening up the crevice farther. It was closer to me this time, and I had to jump away or risk falling in and hitting my head again. I saw visible relief cross his face as I did. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, assessing my situation. I heard footsteps, and I immediately opened my eyes, moving to face the train instead of having it to my side. Luhan was now to my front-right, and Chanyeol was to my right. I looked around, searching for Kyungsoo and failing.


Luhan raised more rocks into the air, throwing them at me once Chanyeol had lit them on fire. I swung my arm out in a wide arc forcefully, throwing them away from me. I didn’t even have time to process what was happening before more were coming at me, and I was instinctually throwing them away from myself and to the side, not hitting the train. My eyes followed them until they hit the ground, breaking into several smaller pieces.


As I returned my focus, I had about three seconds to think before Chanyeol was throwing a ball of fire towards me. I didn’t know what to do-- My mind was panicking a little bit and I didn’t think to use my powers to get it away from me, so I rolled to the side. As soon as I stood up, though, there were screams. And they definitely weren’t from me.


“Kyungsoo!” Chanyeol cried, running in my direction. Yixing came barreling over, rolling into a space behind me in the grass. I ran over as well, trying to see why they were yelling for Kyungsoo when he just… disappeared earlier.


Tears came to my eyes as I finally got over to them. I kneeled down, taking Kyungsoo’s head and setting it into my lap. There were burns all up and down his left arm and the left side of his torso, his shirt all but gone now.


“Kyungsoo… h-how… why… what?” I stammered.


“I w-was behind you… I t-tried to stay b-behind you for a little while and then this j-just happened, I guess,” he said, attempting a weak smile.


I looked at Yixing, and he nodded, immediately kneeling down and putting his hands on Kyungsoo in an attempt to soothe the pain. Kyungsoo cried out, wincing and trying to move away from them.


Yixing looked up to Junmyeon, “You need to help me, Junmyeon.”


“Me? What can I do to help him?” he asked, confused.


“Bring up water and cover the burns in the water. His skin is so raw and hurt that if I touch it now, it stings him and it’s unbearable pain. You need to cover his burns in water so that when I touch him, it doesn’t hurt him as bad and I can help him,” Yixing explained.


“Why can’t we go inside and put him in a shower and do it?” Yifan asked, finally reaching us.


“Jongin is in there. If we even come within five feet of there, he’s going to freak out and we won’t get anything done. We need to do it out here. Plus, with the way the wind is out here right now, it would be good for him to sit out here for a second to let it cool off after Xing finishes with him,” Luhan said.


“That’s… really accurate. Thanks, Lu,” Yixing said, looking at Luhan now.


“No problem.” Luhan turned to Junmyeon now. “So can you help him?”


“I can… I can do it,” Junmyeon said, kneeling down with us. Yifan kneeled down as well, facing the train though.


“What’s wrong, Yifan?” I asked him.


“Where did Chanyeol go…?” he asked faintly. I looked up, realising that he wasn’t here with the rest of us.


“Luhan, take my spot here, I’m going to look around here for him, okay?” I said, standing up. He nodded, immediately taking my spot in the circle surrounding Kyungsoo.


“Try to be quiet. I’m going to walk around and see if I can hear him or something,” I said, starting to walk away.


“No promises, Hun… Tell Chanyeol I said that it’s okay…” Kyungsoo said quietly, followed by a sigh of relief. Junmyeon must have put the water on him, then.


I started walking around, keeping an ear out for any noises that weren’t a part of nature. Soon enough I heard… crying. And sniffling. I slowed my pace, constantly looking back and forth. There was a patch in the grass a few metres away that looked as if someone had flattened it. I made my way towards the space and found Chanyeol, curled up in a ball on the ground. Tears were streaming from his face, his shoulders jumping with each sob. I kneeled down, putting a hand on his shoulder. He jerked his head up, eyes wide, but upon realising it was me he put his head back down, the tears returning full force.


“Chanyeol…” I said, rubbing his back a little.


“I d-didn’t m-mean to h-hurt him… I d-didn’t want to h-hurt him… It w-was an accident…” he cried, screwing his eyes shut.


“Chanyeol. Sit up and look at me, okay?” I said gently, still rubbing his back. He brought himself to a sitting position, sitting cross-legged but keeping his head lowered. I tilted his chin up to look at me, and he finally cracked his eyes open.


I pulled him into a hug, wrapping my arms around him and settling my chin on his shoulder. He clung onto me as if I were his lifeline.


“Kyungsoo forgives you, you know,” I said gently.


“T-there’s no w-way… I h-hurt him…” he said, breath catching every few seconds.


“As I came to look for you, he said to tell you that it’s alright,” I said, pulling back to look at him. His eyes were red and he kept blinking, trying to stop crying. I put a hand on his shoulder. “It really is alright. Junmyeon and Yixing are helping him a lot right now, and I’m sure that he’s going to be perfectly okay.”


“Are you sure…?” he said quietly.


“Of course,” Kyungsoo said. I snapped my head around, looking behind me and was relieved to see Kyungsoo standing behind me, no evidence of ever having been hurt. I stood up, taking Chanyeol’s hand and pulling him into a standing position. He hung his head, whether it be in guilt or shame, I don’t know. Maybe it was both. Kyungsoo sighed a little and stepped forward.


“Chanyeol, it really is alright. I’m okay now, see?” Kyungsoo said, grabbing Chanyeol’s wrist lightly. Chanyeol didn’t react, just let him hold it.


“Please look at me, Yeollie…” Kyungsoo said, letting go of his wrist. Chanyeol lifted his head a little, looking at Kyungsoo wish sad eyes. Kyungsoo sighed a little, taking one more step forward and wrapping his arms around Chanyeol, hugging him. Chanyeol inhaled in surprise, but slowly wrapped his long arms around Kyungsoo as well.


“I’m so sorry I hurt you…” Chanyeol said quietly, clutching onto Kyungsoo now.


“It’s alright. You apologized multiple times. Besides, you didn’t mean to hurt me. It was just an accident, yeah?” Kyungsoo said, pulling away.


Chanyeol nodded, and I smiled a bit, turning to the rest of us here. “Are we ready to go inside now?” Everyone nodded, and we headed back inside.


As we entered the lounge car, Jongin burst in. “I feel like something isn’t right. I feel like something happened. Where is Kyungsoo? Is he okay?”


I raised my hands up. “Woah, woah, Jongin. He’s alright, okay? Sit down.” I picked up a water bottle and sat down on the couch.


He sighed a little, sitting down on the couch next to me. “Sorry, I just… had a bad feeling about this session for some reason.”


I almost choked on my water. “Why do you say that?”


“I don’t know… I just kind of felt like he was going to get hurt this time around. I don’t know why I felt like this but I just couldn’t shake the feeling,” Jongin said, sounding a little relieved.


“Well, he’s okay, see?” I motioned to Kyungsoo coming through the door. Jongin smiled and immediately went over, hugging Kyungsoo tightly. You could see relief pass through both of their faces as they met, smiling as well.


As everyone got in, we stayed in there and just chilled for a little while. Baekhyun joined us after a little while and sat with Chanyeol in his lap, smiling.


I ended up staying in there for a little while, and before I knew it, I was being shaken awake. I opened my eyes and saw Jongin shaking me a little.


“Sehun, go ahead and go to sleep. It’s late anyway,” he said, chuckling a little.


“What… what time is it? Are they still in the room?” I mumbled, sitting back up.


“It’s almost… eleven at night. They came and checked on you to make sure you were alright, but after they saw you and saw that you were okay, they went back to bed. Go ahead and go to sleep, Sehun.”


“Okay…” I stood up, rubbing my eyes and heading for the door.


“Goodnight, Sehun,” Baekhyun said, smiling a little.


“Goodnight, Baekhyun,” I mumbled back, shutting the door behind me.


I smiled as I came into the room. Tao was cuddling Holland, Holland being the little spoon. I laid in front of Holland, putting my arms around him and resting my hands on Tao’s waist. I softly kissed Holland’s forehead, whispering a little ‘Goodnight, my love’ before falling asleep myself.