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Midoriya feels the stares the minute he walks into the building. A few people begin whispering quickly at the same time.

He looks around and then at his clothes, wondering if he forgot to change out of his pajamas before coming to work again. Nothing seems to be out of place, so he brushes it off and presses the elevator button.

The building is only two floors but the three of them decided to spend extra in making it more accessible.

Once in the top floor the staring continues. Two of the new interns abruptly stop talking as he walks next to them. Midoriya looks their way and they scramble away, papers and coffee spilled every couple of steps.

He manages to forget about it as he changes into his hero suit, opening his phone and texting Todoroki to ask where he is.

The rest of his messages are far more than usual, at least six from Uraraka and three from Kirishima. Midoriya blinks at that, none of them are marked as urgent. He decides they can wait.

A few moments later he gets ‘just got here’ in reply. Midoriya smiles, heading to the ground floor to meet him.

Todoroki leaves later than them because he refuses to run to work with them each morning, even when their hero office is barely a fifteen minute jog away, he takes the train instead. No matter how much Iida tries to get him to tag along.

When Midoriya spots him in the reception, he notices again the amount of stares Todoroki receives. Apparently he doesn’t, since his full attention is on his phones screen. While he scrolls, he walks slowly towards the elevator Midoriya has just stepped off from.

He yawns shamelessly, brushing long strands of white hair that have fallen out of a messy bun out of his face. Midoriya suppresses a smile, he learned long ago Todoroki isn’t and never will be (much to Iidas resignation) a morning person.

The phone disappears on one of the pockets of Iidas sweatpants that Todoroki loves to steal when he’s few steps away from crashing into Midoriya. His multicolored eyes finally looking up. He blinks lazily at him when he spots him in the hall.

Midoriya walks up to him, the stares from his coworkers getting heavier. He taps Todorokis left arm softly as a greeting. Todoroki leans into his touch with practiced ease. Out of the corner of his eye Midoriya catches a glance of the two interns from earlier, both of them have their eyes wide open as they follow their movements.

“Good morning,” Todoroki says, distracting him. “Where’s Iida?”

“He had that meeting today at seven,” Midoriya replies. Iida actually woke them up to let them know when he was leaving but trying to awaken Todoroki before seven is pretty much a lost cause.

“Oh, yeah he mentioned that yesterday.” Todoroki presses the elevator button and the doors close.

They part ways on the second floor, agreeing to meet in the street for their daily patrolling while Midoriya delivers some paperwork and Todoroki changes into his suit.

The desk that’s technically his office is overflowing with arrests he has not yet filled and old newspapers no one has gotten around to throw out. He leaves his casual clothes inside one of the desks drawers and heads down the hall.

The woman who helps them with all the paperwork that goes back and forth from their office to the police department is so engrossed on her talk with the person sitting on the next desk over she doesn’t notice when Midoriya arrives.

He manages to catch the last few sentences before their conversation cuts abruptly. “...From him? No, I would have never seen it coming, I mean the article claimed that it started in high school, that’s such a long time and now this.” She shakes a hand in disbelief.

“That’s so cold right?” the other one whispers. “You’ve seen the way they work! I thought they were friends.”

“Um,” Midoriya says standing awkwardly in front of their desks.

Both of them jump at the sound of his voice, the one on his left jerking her hands towards her keyboard in an attempt to make it look like she was typing. It fails midway since she knocks over her cup of coffee, spilling it into her skirt. Midoriya quickly steps forward in worry until he sees that the liquid has gone cold.

She apologizes and excuses herself to the bathroom hurriedly. Her friend stays still at her own desk, avoiding Midoriyas eyes.

After a moment of hesitation Midoriya remembers what he came for. The woman takes the paperwork and responds with fake calm.

Confusion grows in his mind but he brushes it aside once again.

Out in the street, he spots Todoroki on his phone one more time. His eyebrows drawn together in what Midoriya has learned to read as confusion as he types something out.

“Hey,” Midoriya announces himself.

“Hi,” Todoroki replies putting it away on one of the pouches of his utility belt. “Ready to go?”

Midoriya nods and they set off their usual route. “Everything okay?” he asks regarding to the look in Todorokis eyes as he texted.

“Bakugou and Kirishima,” Todoroki replies. “They keep texting me and so far I have no idea what they’re saying.”

“Oh Kirishima and Uraraka texted me too,” Midoriya recalls. He doesn’t bother checking since they’ve already started working. “I wonder what for?”

Todoroki shrugs in response.

Patrolling is mostly for show. No self respecting villain would even plan on doing something around here when everyone knows exactly where every hero agency is. Still Midoriya likes it and he knows Iida and Todoroki do too. The streets are crowded in the mornings and the general chaos and hurry helps them blend in even with their suits and Todorokis hair.

Today is an exception. People point left and right. Their route never varies so it’s not unusual for the press to wait for them along the way the day after they’ve had a big fight or something along those lines, to get their version of the story. This past week has been calm enough that their being here today doesn’t really make sense.

It’s just a couple of paparazzi and a lone reporter. When Midoriya recognizes the logo on his microphone he sighs. Todoroki notices too, stepping to his left, putting himself between Midoriya and the reporter.

The reporter walks towards them anyway. Bright smile and hungry eyes.

“Let’s just walk away,” Todoroki mutters. “Before he gets here throw me to that roof.”

“The press can be our allies,” Midoriya recites All Mights words from memory.

“Not this kind of press,” Todoroki huffs. It’s too late, the guy stands in front of them. Midoriyas boyfriend is right. The company stamped on the guys vest is one of the biggest hero media outlets since Midoriya can recall. Unfortunately every hero ever approached by them has learned a valuable lesson: Avoid it at all costs.

UAs graduates and students have had to deal with them since their first year, Midoriya and Todoroki know what to expect, that fact doesn’t make the experience any better.

This impromptu meeting could go from having a few of their words twisted in a ridiculous way, to Todorokis Press Incident: Part 2. Midoriya doesn’t want Iida to ban them from press conferences (again), so he puts a steady hand on Todorokis shoulder and steps forward.

Before the reporter can open his mouth Midoriya gives him an apologetic smile and says. “I’m sorry, we’ve been informed of a robbery and we’re on our way there.”

“This will only take a second,” the guy promises. “I just wanted your opinion, hero Deku, on the recent rumors surrounding y-”

Todoroki, impatient as ever and always the best of them to shut down the media moves forwards with a stoic expression. “Sorry but no,” he deadpans. “Midoriya?” He taps Midoriyas bicep three times, a code he’s grown familiar with.

In a second Midoriya swipes him off his feet, both of them maintaining serious expressions and Todoroki still making eye contact with the reporter as he’s carried bridal style.

“Some other time,” Midoriya lies through his best smile and jumps.

It’s always a thrill to jump this way, the way All Might used to, even more so with Todoroki or Iida in his arms. They pass above six story buildings, Todorokis long hair getting tangled in the wind.

“Great,” he groans with his arms around Midoriyas neck. “Now we’ve got to find a robbery.”

Midoriya laughs as they descend.

They do find a robbery, not even thirty minutes later. He doesn’t know if to be disappointed or relieved. It’s over as soon as Todoroki steps into the bank. Midoriya calls the police while he waits for Todoroki to unfreeze the robbers before they get hypothermia. “Oh and please bring blankets,” he informs them.

Phone cameras flash everywhere and Midoriya is gladly pulled into a lot of fan photos, dragging Todoroki with him. Not even three seconds later the assault and their picture make the local news.

The police clean up everything, in the middle of their explanation Midoriya gets a phone call. Both Todoroki and himself perk up at the sound of Iidas ringtone. He quickly excuses himself to answer.

“Hey!” He says into the speaker, excited to hear Iidas voice.

“Hello,” he replies on the other end, Midoriya can hear the smile on his voice. “Nice job!”

“You saw already?”

“I need to keep tabs on you two if I’m gone,” Iida explains.

“You’ve been gone for three hours,” Midoriya laughs.

“And you’ve already intervened in an armed robbery,” Iida points out. Midoriya can’t really deny that.

“How was your meeting?” He changes the topic.

“Highly interesting,” he begins and goes on for a while explaining it to him. Midoriya listens to the whole thing.

Once he’s done Midoriya asks. “Are you going back to the agency?”

“No, I think I’ll meet you two somewhere,” Iida replies. “Todoroki has already got an arrest done today, I can’t fall behind.” His voice is humorous.

Their game began a few months after graduating UA, born of Midoriya and Iidas long standing competitions, Todoroki was forced to join under the promise of more days off to whoever won Most Arrests of the Week. At this point the score is in the high hundreds but they keep it because no one wants to quit.

“Better be fast,” Midoriya jokes.

“Faster than you? Always,” Iida teases. “In fact, what do you want for lunch? This place doesn’t have your usual.”

“Which place?” Midoriya asks confused.

“The one in the corner of where you’re standing.”

Midoriya puts down the phone and in fact Iida stand on the doorway of a small cafe down the street. Phone still to his ear, waving at him.

In that moment Todoroki sees him, too. He leaves whatever the policeman had to say hanging in the street as he turns around and basically jogs to the corner. Midoriya apologizes in his behalf but doesn’t stay around much longer either.

The cafe is comfortably empty and they order quickly after finding a table. Iida explains to Todoroki the contents of his meeting once again while they eat. He decided to surprise them here since he knew they would walk this way while patrolling, he got there minutes after the police showed up.

The fact that they saw Iida this morning and still managed to miss him this much it’s what Uraraka would call ‘smitten.’

When they step out of the cafe Midoriya is yet again reminded of the weird atmosphere of this morning. One of the fans that asked for a photo while Todoroki stopped the robbery sees them once again when they turn the corner. She gasps and nudges her friend, her friend looks at them and cover a hand over her mouth. Midoriya blinks as a phone camera flashes.

His boyfriends seem oblivious to the scene so Midoriya doesn’t point it out. He begins to wonder once more if he missed something important.

He pushes it out his mind until that night, drowning in paperwork back at the agency and a collapsing bridge a few districts over.

The situation is under control but not for a long time. He clenches his jaw as he holds the collapsing column, two of them have already crumbled. If this one collapses, too, Midoriya calculates that about eight thousand tons of concrete will fall on his head, like he needs any more pressure.

Todoroki runs frantically at his side, thrusting his hands up again and again to shape ice supports that won’t last. Iida helps the people still in the cars above them, at this point it’s a matter of time before two things happen. One: Cementos gets here and everything is fine or two: Midoriya holds on until all the people are cleared out.

A ,thankfully empty, car rains down on them. The impact shakes the column further, the cracks in the rock running further up. Another chunk of it falls close to him.

“Izuku!” Todoroki yells through the dust.

“I’m fine!” Although Midoriya doesn’t know for how much longer. “How are we looking?” He asks into his earpiece.

“Almost there,” Iida responds from above. “Almost there. Oh thank f-”

“Hi!” Another voice comes in the com. Midoriyas knees almost give out from the relief he feels when he recognizes it.

“Uraraka,” Todoroki greets as she lands on top of the fallen car.

“Boys,” she replies. Wasting no more time she runs at Midoriya, leaning casually on the breaking pillar. As soon as she does the weight on Midoriyas shoulders disappears. “Tsuyu, Kirishima and Bakugou are here too.”

“How is Bakugou going to help in this situation?” Todoroki asks.

“Fuck you!” Another new voice comes from their earpieces.

Midoriya manages to smile at her before collapsing. Todoroki is already there, catching him by the waist.

“I’m not holding the entire thing,” Uraraka explains. “Just this pillar, so please hurry.”

“We’re almost done,” Tsuyu announces from on the radio as well. “Only a few cars left.”

“Take him out of here,” Uraraka commands to Todoroki. “I’ll meet you there.”

Ice grows under Midoriyas feet as he’s taken up, Todorokis hands holding him close and steady. They arrive at the stable part of the bridge, although they don’t stay there long enough to see if it’s secure.

“I’m fine,” Midoriya says, once he’s on the untouched part of the street. Todoroki doesn’t let go of his waist.

“Everyone's clear,” Iida announces. “It’s about to fall.”

He barely finishes the sentence as the remaining columns fall apart. The impact blowing dust and debris everywhere. The dirt leaves them all coughing, the outline of Urarakas visor printed in her cheeks by the gray dust.

From somewhere in the dirt clouds Tsuyu emerges, dragging out the last of the civilians. Uraraka still looks a little green but she rushes up to help as soon as she sees them. Sirens blare in the distance, a news helicopter glides above them, flying low to get good shots.

Todoroki helps him sit down on the cracked street, kneeling in front of him with concern. He pats Midoriyas shoulders and neck, making sure he’s still in one piece. His hands caress his right shoulder and Midoriya winces from his sore muscles. Todoroki pulls his hands back then carefully reaches out with his right one, cooling his throbbing shoulder down.

Midoriya sighs in relief and leans forward, his forehead against Todorokis chest. Todorokis other hand reaches in the back of his head, holding him in a short hug. Flashes from the arriving media startle him before they leave to cover the damage the bridge suffered.

Iida arrives to find Midoriya now lying down completely on the street, Todoroki left to deal with the rest. His hero helmet held against his hip as he walks calmly towards him, his hair messy and his engines still steaming. Although exhausted, he looks happy.

“Are you okay?” He asks him.

Midoriya doesn’t have the energy to respond so he lifts his hand weakly at him, giving a thumbs up.

Iida bows down so his face is directly above Midoriyas. Both of them are still slightly out of breath, Midoriya would kiss him, if he could sit up.


“How much longer?” Todoroki asks in indiscreet annoyance, he was the first one to get interrogated. That was almost two hours ago.

“I’m not sure,” Iida replies looking at his watch. “Everything should’ve been settled by now.”

“It was a really big bridge,” Uraraka points out.

The rescue department has questioned each of them for at least twenty minutes, Tsuyu is the last one left. Most of the questions were standard, so was the underlying ‘Collapses Are Expensive’ attitude in each of the government officials. There’s suspicion that the bridge might’ve been sabotaged so the police are also in the scene.

Midoriya stays sitting on the back of an ambulance, looking at the flashing emergency lights while Kirishima and Tsuyu get questioned. They gave him a blanket for some reason he can’t really understand.

“Are you guys busy after this?” Uraraka asks when Tsuyu returns.

“Not really, I was just planning to pass out,” Midoriya replies.

“You’ve done harder things,” Uraraka reminds him. “Come to dinner with us! Since you don’t answer my texts now we can laugh about all this in person.”

“Laugh about what?” Iida asks.

“You really haven’t seen it?” Kirishima asks half amused and half incredulous. “It’s been in at least three magazines so far.”

“Do you not fucking read the news?” Bakugou scoffs.

“This doesn’t really qualify as news,” Tsuyu reasons. “It’s just gossip.”

“Now you have to come! I wanna see your face when you read it,” Kirishima laughs.

The three of them exchange confused and exasperated glances. Iida tilts his head in question, Todoroki shrugs as response, turning to Midoriya to decide. Midoriya nods slightly, he misses his friends. And Bakugou.

“Okay,” Iida responds for the three of them. Uraraka and Kirishima high five.

The rescue division lets them finally leave after another twenty minutes, the sun gone by then. No one really wants to go back to their agencies to change. They make quiet a picture arriving at the train station in full hero costume, which slows them down considerably as fans swarm them. Bakugou gets fed up after three stations and leaves early, taking another train headed near his and Kirishimas apartment.

A constant on their lives is the small diner they end up on, a hole in the wall type of place that Uraraka loves because of the low prices. She first took Iida and Midoriya here on their second semester of their first year and even when their group kept growing there's alway enough space at their usual booth.

On the far left side sits Kirishima, next to Uraraka and Tsuyu, followed by Iida and Midoriya with Todoroki on the other edge. The waitress who knows them all by name at this point doesn’t bat an eye at the sight of their trashed costumes and unkept looks. She only asks what they want to drink as she already knows what dish they are gonna order.

Their drinks show up almost immediately.

As soon as she gone Uraraka brings out her phone and wordlessly hands it to Midoriya. Whatever Kirishima was going to say next on his conversation with Tsuyu and IIda dies on his mouth as he notices Midoriya take the phone.

First Midoriya recognizes the web address that reads on the top of the screen as a gossip site, he gets about halfway through the article and chokes on his iced tea.

He avoids spitting all over Todoroki by forcebly swallowing his drink, coughing his lungs out as he bends over on his seat. Iida says something that sounds like his name while two hands repeatedly pat him in the back with increasing force.

“What?!” Is all that Midoriya manages to ask, his voice wrecked, he’s not really sure who he’s asking.

“What’s wrong?” Todoroki and Iida ask at the same time.

Midoriya doesn’t know how to explain something that he doesn’t even understand himself so he shakes his head furiously and gives up the phone over to Iida. Todoroki leans across Midoriyas lap to get a glimpse of the screen.

“Maybe we should’ve warned him,” Kirishima says while stifling a laugh.

“I just thought he would find it funny!” Uraraka exclaims, handing Midoriya a napkin to clean up his tea.

“I don’t think they will,” Tsuyu says tilting her head to point at Iida and Todoroki.

Todorokis brow is furrowed in confusion, he looks at Iida, then at Midoriya then back to the screen, slowly processing it. Iida scrolls down the article his face twisted in complete bewilderment, he opens and closes his mouth slightly, trying to find the words.

Midoriya stays with his head and face buried in his arms, face down on table to hide his blush. Looking back the pieces begin to fit. The stares, the whispers, the gasping fans, the reporters and paparazzi.

“Oh,” he groans against the table.

When he looks up Todoroki looks at him in concern. Iida adjusts his glasses slightly even when they weren’t out of place, underneath them a similar but less extreme blush colors his cheeks.

“The title is so bad it’s funny,” Kirishima laughs. “It’s just media being media.” He quickly adds when he sees Midoriyas face.

“Why?” Midoriya whines, dragging out the ‘y.’.

“Read the article to find out,” Tsuyu responds anyways.

Curiosity takes over him as he grabs Urarakas phone back from Iidas hands.

No. 1 Hero. Catching villains and hearts.

Midoriya Izuku, alias Deku has been in the spotlight since his first year at UA high school for all of his impressive deeds and involvement in the early days of the now dismantled League of Villains.

Even after his graduation two years ago he remains in the publics eye as he ranked up the prohero ladder with a speed comparable to the retired All Might.

His agency is known for solving cases fast and catching evildoers faster. An impressive feat considering the fact that he’s one of the few UA graduates that decided to go independent in the company of two of his fellow classmates, Iida Tenya successor to the Ingenium family name and Todoroki Shouto also known as the thermodynamic hero: Shouto.

But apparently not everything is smooth going in one of the top hero agencies of the country. To their fans, the relationship between Heroes Deku and Shouto has been common knowledge since soon after their generations graduation, the couple is beloved by the public who are believed to be together since their second year of high school. In recent public appearances it seems that the relationship between two of the top ranked heroes is going as strong as ever. Or so everyone thought.

No one could’ve imagined the other side of Hero Deku that we’ve seen via an anonymous source that provided us with the following image.

It’s not a good picture, but it’s clear enough. Midoriya can barely make out the color of his hero suit but Iidas is unmistakable. It’s the aftermath of a big fight from last week. It was just Iida and himself, they were outnumbered and overwhelmed. Todoroki was away on another mission.

They managed to win in the last minute, although Midoriya remembers thinking for a second that maybe they wouldn’t hold on long enough.

The photo is blurry from the movement of whoever took it, it’s a shot of the two of them in what Midoriya remembers was after the cops had left with the villians in cuffs. He doesn’t remember why they were in that alley but he can’t forget the kiss.

It was something quick and breathless that tasted of Iidas blood from a cut on his lip and Midoriyas relief at winning a near disastrous fight. Something neither of them had thought about.

In the shot Iida is leaning against a wall while Midoriya stands on the tips of his iron soles to reach him, pressing him against the bricks. Midoriyas face is hidden by Iidas hand cupping his jaw, the other tangled in his curls.

It’s certainly a surprising and compromising photo. But what’s most surprising is who is in it.

Hero Ingenium is known for being a moral example to many others in the industry, and yet what this image shows suggests otherwise.

A lot of questions have arisen since this photo was posted on social media yesterday. Most of them wondering about the status of Shoutos and Dekus romantic relationship.

Such as: ‘Is it over between them?’ ‘If they have broken up was it caused by this third party involved?’ and even some like: ‘Does Hero Shouto even know about this?

A lot of questions and not a lot of answers so far.

The last paragraph is the sites promise to investigate further, telling it’s readers to stay tuned to the page. Midoriya drops the phone on Urarakas hands with a defeated sigh.

“Just so we’re clear,” Todoroki says after a while. “I did know about it.”

A little of the tension caves in as Uraraka and Kirishima laugh, Tsuyu smiles at him.

Midoriya goes back down to the table.

“The news are growing,” Uraraka says.

“Not helping,” Midoriya mutters.

“Oh there’s another article about it already,” Kirishima says with his phone in hand.

“Do we want to know?” Iida asks.

“That was fast,” Kirishima continues. “It’s from the bridge.”

“I don’t want to read something like that again,” Todoroki says.

“How scandalous,” Uraraka giggles. “It’s just a photo of you and Midoriya.”

It’s of their half hug after Midoriya nearly collapsed. The summary of that article ends in saying that apparently Midoriya and Todoroki are still together which leaves only one conclusion.

“So you’re cheating on me,” Todoroki deadpans.

“I hate this,” Midoriya declares.

Kirishima breaks, laughing loud and quick before putting a hand over his mouth. “This is better than when they wrote about me and Bakugou.”

“But then it was true!” Iida argues.

“It’s good publicity,” Tsuyu chimes in.

“I really don’t think it is,” Iida replies rubbing his eyes under his glasses.

“But it’s really drawing attention to you three, and it’s not like there aren’t too many heroes to fight with on the spotlight.” Uraraka tries to see the bright side.

“They are calling me a cheater!” Midoriya wails.

“Also they’re pretty much calling out Iida too,” Kirishima reminds him.

“Are you gonna clarify everything?” Tsuyu asks.

“It seems that it’s the only way to calm things down,” Iida replies.

“So much for being discreet,” Todoroki says.

“They already thought We were dating,” Midoriya complains.

“Sorry if I’m being too forward but why did you try (and fail) to keep it a secret?” Kirishima questions.

“Mostly for me,” Midoriya admits. It was All Mights advice. “I was always aiming for the No. 1 spot, if I got it I was warned that my personal life would be practically nonexistent.” And All Might was right.

“So… What are you gonna do?” Uraraka asks.

“Yeah no,” Midoriya laughs a little hysterically. “I have no idea.”

“You should let it go longer,” Kirishima suggests.

“Why should we do that?” Iida asks.

“It’s fun!” He explains. “Remember when I was ‘dating Mina’?”

“Wasn't that when you held hands with her once?” Tsuyu recalls.

“Yes. See?! The media is ridiculous.” He takes another fry of Urarakas plate and gets a slap in the hand. “But hey, they are assuming wrong and all that so maybe your situation is different.”

“Yeah a little,” Todoroki says with heavy sarcasm, to anyone but Iida and Midoriya it goes unnoticed.

“I’m too tired to deal with this today,” Midoriya says, leaning against Iida. “Let’s just eat.”

And they do but their teasing is relentless.


Midoriya collapses in the couch seconds after walking through the door. He feels tempted enough to sleep there.

“It’s late,” Iida says tiredly. “We should sleep.”

“What are we gonna do?” Midoriya asks anyways.

Iida laughs a bit, sitting in the couches arm rest while Todoroki heads to the bedroom, seconds later they hear the shower turn on.

“It’s not funny,” Midoriya huffs.

“Oh, it’s a little funny,” Iida admits, playing with his hair. “Don’t worry, we’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

Midoriya is too tired to do anything other than change out of his suit and lay on top of the sheets.

Todoroki comes out of the bathroom in a borrowed All Might shirt, his long hair dripping on the wooden floors. He combs his fingers through the red half and flicks water at Midoriyas face.

Midoriya makes an annoyed sound but doesn’t actually move. A hiss of the steam coming from Todorokis body as he evaporates the water out of his hair fills the room and fogs the windows.

Todoroki joins Iida at the kitchen, leaving Midoriya to his thoughts. As much as he’s embarrassed and mortified about their current situation, his anxiety is not enough to keep him up after a day this exhausting.

He doesn’t know when he falls asleep but he wakes to the sound of footsteps some lost time later.

A toothbrush hangs from the corner of Iidas mouth as he walks back into the bathroom, giving him an apologetic look for waking him up.

Todoroki isn’t far behind. He ignores Midoriyas unwillingness to move, getting under the covers before he can get off them.

Having already claimed the right side of the bed, Todoroki turns to give him a goodnight kiss before turning off the bedside lamp on that side. Midoriya hums into it, a little more relaxed.

Iida takes longer to turn in, walking around their apartment while making sure everything is ready for tomorrow morning.

He’s checking his briefcase on the desk of the side of the room for the second time, Midoriya rolls his eyes fondly at him as he watches him come and go. Iida makes the mistake of nearing to close to the bed while walking towards the doorway again.

Midoriya seizes his chance, catching his left sleeve in his fist. Iida shoots him a curious look when he notices the resistance. Midoriya tugs hard and he goes down, landing with a creak of the frame, a yelp and Todorokis groan at his interrupted sleep.

“I was almost done,” Iida excuses himself.

“Well now you’re all done,” Midoriya declares, leaving no room for discussion.

“Alright, alright,” Iida gives in with an exasperated smile, settling in the middle of the two.

Midoriya falls asleep even faster with both of them there.

He’s half awake before their alarm even sounds, without opening his eyes he turns away from the sunlight spilling from the edges of the curtains, nuzzling Iidas chest as if that could hide him from the day.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work, the minutes continue to pass despite Midoriyas wishes. The clock claims the sleep of the other two. Todoroki puts Iidas discarded pillow on top of his head, ignoring the alarm and Iidas protests. He’s always the last one to get up.

“What if we just don’t go?” Midoriya suggests over breakfast, taking a miserable sip of his tea.

He knows Iidas answer before he can even say it. “We can’t miss work over such unimportant gossip.”

Midoriya nudges Todoroki side, urging him to take his side.

“Just one day?” Todoroki tries.

Iida gives them both amused looks. “Come on.”

A compromise is made. Midoriya doesn’t stop by the office, instead he leaves their apartment in his suit and straight to patrolling, high distance patrolling. No one can see him so far on the rooftops. He feels kind of guilty at leaving Todoroki and Iida to the reporters and he’s aware that this is just making him look more suspicious but that’s a problem for future him.

At the end of the day he’s sitting on top of a seven story building, having junk food he stopped to get in a rush as lunch when curiosity takes over, making him check his phone for the first time since last night. He's got half the mind to avoid social media so he settles for finally opening his texts instead.

He reads Urarakas and Kirshimas obsolete warnings from yesterday, sighing at the reminder. There’s some others from Uraraka and his friends today as well.

From: Uraraka
I know you don’t even want to think about it but just warning you that it’s getting loud, like i saw you getting dragged on the morning news loud, you can take shelter at my house if u guys need to.

From: Mina Ashido

???????????????????????? WHAT

I apologize in advance for whatever Bakugou sends you

The unsaved number that Midoriya recognizes as Bakugous just contains at least seven different links from even more gossip sites. All of them getting more mortifying as they go. The lack of comment from Bakugou still feels like mocking.

Why do people keep staring at me sympathetically im literally wearing Iidas shirt.
Do you want to meet up? We already left the office

Midoriya snorts at that one and replies with his location. Using the fire escape to meet them on the street. Iida and Todoroki are already in civilian clothes, walking towards him while holding hands.

At this point Midoriya is ninety percent sure Todoroki doesn’t actually own any clothes and just relies on stealing stuff from Iida. Midoriya feels a little weird being the only one still in costume but thankfully they’re close to the apartment.

He’s grateful for at least one uneventful day although he knows that they’re gonna have to deal with whatever this mess is at some point.

For now they watch a movie, Todoroki hogging Iida and the blankets while Midoriya tries and fails to get the middle seat, he takes revenge in flicking popcorn at him the entire time. (“Stop wasting food.” “He started it.”)

The peace lasts for about three hours. Midoriya gets a panicked phone call from Uraraka at eleven o’clock at night, requesting backup on a stakeout gone wrong. The conflict is merely five blocks away from them.

“I don’t know if we’ve been set up or what?!” Uraraka yells, more annoyed that scared from the other side. “There’s too many of them.”

“Hang on,” Midoriya replies, urgently gesturing at the other two. “We’re on our way.”

It’s chaos before they even leave the apartment. The three of them barely fitting through the door at the same time.

Todoroki trying to tie his hair back with one hand while taking out his suit out of the closet with the other and failing to see that the first thing is impossible. Iida has his helmet on somehow, but he’s still wearing slippers and pajama shorts. Midoriya is already resigned to the fact that he won’t be able to get into his costume fast enough and will have to fight in an All Might pajama shirt but he prioritizes his arm supports and his ironclad shoes, putting on his mask at the last second.

When he turns Todorokis hair is up in the messiest ponytail he’s ever seen but now he’s wearing his utility belt over Iidas oversized shirt and his combat boots, it seems that’s as far as he’s willing to go at the moment.

Iida, always the most composed of the three, has the top of his armor on as well as his leg stabilizers over his shorts. “I’ll meet you there,” he announces already halfway out of the front door.

Midoriya and Todoroki nod at him before the door closes and his fast footsteps fade down the stairwell. Their floor is the the last one of their building, eight stories up and with enough view that Midoriya can clearly see the smoke and fire coming from the fight when he opens the window.

Since Iida is not there to tell them no Midoriya leaps out of the window and onto their neighbouring buildings roof with Todoroki on his back. He lands and repeats, going from roof to roof until they reach the edges of the fight.

The smoke is coming from several cars that have been thrown around and caught on fire, he spots Uraraka somewhere in the middle of the street, she’s got a car door floating in front of her body as a shield, pushing it forward while she runs towards someone. Tsuyu is a little behind, immersed in hand to hand combat with a guy who doesn’t look like much until he thrusts his hand up and the whole street shakes.

Todoroki pats him in the shoulder to let him know he’s dropping off. He lands on top of one of the blazing cars, unbothered. Freezing it completely before the tank blows.

Midoriya leaps again, landing behind Urarakas shield in a blink.

“Hey,” she greets with a smile like they’re meeting up for lunch and not in the middle of a minor earthquake.

“What’s happening?” Midoriya asks a little out of breath.

Uraraka makes a face. “It was supposed to be him-” he points at the guy Tsuyu is fighting “-and someone else, turns out it’s eight more.”

High pressure steam rolls over them as Todoroki puts out another car. “Alright,” Midoriya replies. “You’ve got this right?” He gestures at the guy in front of them.

“Yeah, just get the ones on the buildings before they get away,” Uraraka commands. “Also watch out for the fast one.”

“Leave that to Iida.” As if timed, his boyfriend appears from the end of the street and joins, kicking Tsuyus contender in the ribs in a swift arc. The guy stumbles and falls on all fours, he screams in frustration as another tremor breaks the pavement and almost brings the light posts down.

“Maybe we should stop him first,” Midoriya concludes.

“Leave that to them,” Uraraka argues and gently pushes him back, he grabs the cars door by the handle and swings it like a bat. Midoriya can’t help but wince at the noise it makes when it hits the villains chest.

Arguing with Uraraka after witnessing that doesn’t seem like a good idea, so Midoriya opts to follow her command. He localizes three of them hiding on the second floor of a parking lot. One of them is responsible for all the destroyed cars that keep raining down on his friends. The second one turns and runs the minute he sees Midoriya land on their floor in all his pajama masked glory.

It’s obvious he’s caught them by surprise. In a burst of panic, the first one picks up and throws another car towards him, Midoriya feels a little bad for the owner as he punches through it, tearing it apart.

Once he gets in close it’s clear that even when his opponents are both strong they’re not used to close fights. It’s over as quickly as it begins. Midoriya leaves them unconscious and tied with a nearby bikes chain.

The floor shakes again, up in the building it feels worse. Midoriya leans out to see how everyone else is doing. After spending a few minutes watching Tsuyus fight it’s obvious that the closer they get to him, the worse the floor shakes around his enemies. While the surrounding area trembles slightly the place where the man is standing makes the concrete look like sand, swallowing up Tsuyus ankles when she tries to throw a kick or to jump up.

Uraraka has gotten rid of two more with here subtle car door tactic and now she runs back to aid Tsuyu. Most of the smoke has dissipated thanks to Todoroki and just like Midoriya said he would, Iida has taken down the one with the speed quirk.
Seven down, one to go. Uraraka is the key to end the drawn out fight, running up to take impulse, she jumps on a fallen lamppost aiming for the last villain. He smiles overconfidently, he melts the ground around him once more as he expects Urarakas landing, Tsuyu sinks to her knees.

Except Uraraka doesn’t land, she’s suspended weightless just above him, his eyes widen in realization as her boot sinks into his face when she releases the gravity back into her own body. His eyes roll to the back of his head as he collapses.

She does all this before Midoriya can even get down from the parking lot. He wonders if she even needed the backup.

They round up all the bound or passed out villains at the edge of the sidewalk while waiting for the cops to arrive. The damage to street isn’t as severe as it could’ve been if all the cars exploded before Todoroki could stop it.

“Nice update to your hero costumes, by the way,” Uraraka teases.

Todorokis shirt is burned to shreds on his left side and his hair is the only thing covering his left shoulder. Iida looks more composed but not by much. The shorts he was wearing earlier also singed on the back where they had contact with his engines. Midoriya doesn’t even bother looking at the state his All Might shirt is in, he knows it’s bad.

“We were in a hurry,” Iida excuses them. Uraraka and Tsuyu burst out in laughter.

With the cops comes the press, Midoriya can’t get his statement taken fast enough. Cameras flash left and right, he regrets not adding a visor to his mask as Hatsume suggested.

Uraraka and Tsuyu shine on their interview, talking for long enough as to give them a chance to escape. It doesn’t really work, although Midoriya is grateful.

Todorokis face is enough to keep the reporters off him. Unfortunately for him Midoriya hasn’t really mastered the art of looking intimidating, much less when he’s on his pajamas and his mask. Iida tries to step forward as to shield him which only makes the reporters draw in closer.

As professional and efficient as always Iida answers the few questions they ask about the fight while gracefully ignoring the others. Midoriya can hear the strain on his voice as he’s asked about his ‘affair’ for the second time, he knows Todoroki can too, as the temperature begins to drop dangerously.

Mostly he just wants this to be over. He’s walking back to the media to get Iida and get out there when a much louder voice asks. “Hero Shouto how can you stand to work with a hypocrite like Ingenium in this situation?!”

Iida and Midoriya both freeze, both figuratively and literally, they exchange completely panicked looks at what’s to come. A small gasp comes from the swarm of reporters as the ice covers the floor making everyone shiver. Midoriya tries to reach out for Todoroki before he can do something they’ll regret. He’s not fast enough.

Todoroki strolls forward, jaw clenched and eyes cold. The remains of his wrecked shirt and the ash on his skin making him look more intimidating with each step he takes. The reporters step back on instinct.

Iida begins to say something to calm him down, arms raised in warning. He doesn’t get the chance to even begin his sentence.

Todoroki grabs his left arm forcefully, with one hard pull he brings Iidas chest crashing into his own. He wraps his free arm around Iidas waist in a swift motion. Before Iida can react he dips him back, kissing him hard.

A beat of silence falls over the street. Midoriya covers his face with his hands.

The kiss lasts long enough for the reporters to react, cameras shooting several photos per second.

Todoroki pulls back with Iida completely gone on his arms. “This is how I stand it.”

“Okay..." Midoriya forces himself to move between his dramatic boyfriends and the crowd, face burning. "Time to go,” he declares, pushing Todoroki and Iida forward.

Todoroki radiates smugness the entire way home.