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“Shelly, that’s insane.” Archie said, leaning back in his chair, rolling his eyes at Shelly’s excuse. “I’m telling you it happened! Some green-faced man came into my room and stole the papers calculating the exact location of the Blue Orb! The grunts heard me firing shots at him!” She stomped her feet in frustration, trying to get her boss to listen. “Shelly, you sure you’re okay?” Matt asked, stepping towards her. “It might’a just been a bad dream. You never know for sure.” Archie stood up, and walked towards the window. “We’ll make new papers. It wasn't that hard to get them, ot was fairly easily, actually!” He chucked, staring at the sky. Shelly opened her mouth to protest, but he continued.“We’ll celebrate tonight with a party! A party for my winning, succeeding team! Team Magma is gonna be crushed between our toes when we find Kyroge and change the world for the better!” He heartily laughed, as Shelly walked out in frustration. “There is just no getting through to that man. . .” She muttered, heading towards her bedroom to recreate the papers that were stolen from her.

Maxie scoffed at the latest post that Team Aqua had created on a certain social media app. “A party? What do they even have to celebrate? Their stupidity?” He rolled his eyes, setting his smartphone down and looking at his papers from the meeting. He started to work on them, scribbling his signature onto them and whatnot. It was grueling. After thirty minutes, it felt like an hour had past. He briefly glanced at the clock, ‘ 6:45 ’. He sighed, biting his lip in utter boredom. ‘ I wish I could go that that stupid party. I’d love to see Archie trying to get rid of me, and me trying to frustrate him. I wonder if-’ He stopped thinking, getting flustered. ‘Ugh! How could I think such things?! You know that friendship ended long ago. . .’ He sighed once again, gripping his head in his right hand. A green light flashed in his in concern in his eye, seeing the same thing from last night: that mask. He slowly left the comfort of the sofa and walked to his shelf to retrieve it. He picked it up, staring at it. It glowed again, pulling his interest closer. “N-no. . . I shouldn't. Definitely should not. Not tonight.” He quickly tossed it behind his desk, walking away from it and sitting onto his couch. Camerupt curled up beside him, caught up in a deep sleep. Maxie watched some drama-tv show, getting ingaged in the story until his phone buzzed. He checked it, and it was a new post from Team Aqua. ‘It’s time to show up those Team Magma losers with our own kick-ass party! I bet they must be reading encyclopaedias or playing bingo LOL’ Maxie rolled his eyes as he continued to read on. ‘Hope Maxie doesn't show up and kill it with his absolutely boring attitude, that would be awful. Remember, party starts at 8:00 sharp!’ Maxie growled. How dare that pirate scum call him such a bland slander! He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist in anger. Then he remembered, he could ruin Archie’s party, but not in the way that he would suspect. He walked behind his desk and picked up the magical item he used last night. He hesitatingly walked into his bathroom, and smoothed his hair, trying to ease his rising nerves. Did he really want to do this? I mean, Archie and him were friends once. But he guessed that those times were in the past. Besides, he wanted to see the look on that fool’s face when showed up out of nowhere. He placed the mask in his hands, examing it once more. On the bottom side, the mask looked like it was smiling, and gave Maxie another glow as a sign of approval. Maxie smirked deviously, and held it up to his face, saying: “ Showtime.

In the living room, thunder boomed. “Ahh! ” Camerupt jumped up, startled at the noise. Lighting flashed, and the creature heard strange noises coming from the bathroom. He walked closer, peeking into the bathroom for a moment  Camerupt’s eyes widened when he realized what was happening. He reeled back as Zangoose and Seviper walked out of their room, puzzled. “ I didn't know a storm was expected tonight.” Seviper said, slithering up to Camerupt, who was shaking. “ It wasn't. ” Camerupt gravely said, still keeping his gaze locked onto the bathroom. Zangoose and her shared a look, before peeking inside themselves. Maxie flew out of the room, spinning around so fast that the couple couldn't even recognize him. He stopped with a screeching sound, and looked into the mirror. “Wooo! It’s nice to see me in this getup again! Welcome back, Mr. Powerful!” He straighted his sunglasses, his smirk widening. “Time to crash those loser’s lame-ass party and get some more sweet revenge!” He laughed maniacally, and flew outside.

All three Pokémon stood there in shock, with their jaws dropped. “ What the hell just happened?! ” Zangoose exclaimed, looking at Camerupt. “ That thing possessed him! And now he’s gonna go attack Team Aqua’s party! He’ll be crushed by those ruffians!” Camerupt put his head underneath his hooves in defeat. “ We should go this Team Aqua place and stop him then!” Seviper said, looking nervous. “Camerupt? What happened?” Mightyena asked, running into the room. “ It happened again, and he’s headed for Team Aqua's base! Ohhh no.” He covered up his head again. Crobat had flown in, listening to the conversation. “ What happened again?” Wheezing asked, puzzled. “ We explained this to you, Wheeze! ” Mightyena exclaimed, slapping his paw onto his forehead. “ Oh, the face thing? Did it happen again?” Wheezing asked, both heads on it were confused. Crobat sighed, and landed onto the floor. “ Look, at least we know where Master Maxie is going this time. We’ll head there, get him, and come back. Wheeze, you’re coming with us this time, whether you like it or not.” Crobat said, pointing his wing at the smoke-providing creature. “Ughh. Okay.” Wheeze said, rolling his eyes. Mightyena ran up to the window, and pushed it open. The group exited slowly and carefully, especially Camerupt, due to his size. The group started to hurry towards Team Aqua’s base, but got distracted by a battle in the same place they found Zangoose and Seviper. “ Where’s my son?! An much older Zangoose with a scar running down the left side of his face, wearing an amulet roared, clawing a Seviper in the face. “ We don't have your dirty brat! Where’s my beautiful daughter? I know you did something with her!” The serpent hisses, wrapping around the old creature in rage. “ Is that our--?” “Yes, Vipi. Let’s just walk away, We’re not any importance to them anymore.” Zangoose continued, until the other muttered “ S-son?”

He turned around in shock, wide-eyed and stared at him. “ Son, I’m so glad you’re alright! The whole horde has missed you! Now, help me finish this slithering bastard off!” The old pokemon broke free of the wrap, and pinned the male Seviper down. Vipi slithered behind him, looking into the puzzled eyes of her father.

Vipi! You’re alive- ack! ” Vipi’s father was thrown to the ground, as the leader Zangoose held his claws to his neck. “Father, stop!” Zangoose cried, earning a moment of his father’s attention. “ What? Why aren't you attacking her, son? Are you--traveling together?” The last words were spat out, like Zangoose’s father couldn't physically bring himself to say them. “ Not traveling. We’re . . .” He paused, shutting his eyes, he knew it was going to happen. He didn't, maybe even couldn't, tell him. “ We’re in a relationship, dad.” He whispered, tears threatening to leak out as he turned his head away in shame.

He had taught him that Sevipers were pure evil. He had taught them that they fight dirty, and will do anything to bring down the tribe. But, when he met Vipi, that changed. He had to protect her, he remembered the terrified look in her eyes when he found her at the riverbank. He took her in, and now-

Now he was betraying the horde for her.

Maxie’s team stood in shock, looking behind the two as they watched. Both of the father’s faces turned from slight confusion to blazing fury. “Fine. You wanna waste your life, your destiny, and be with someone who made to hate you? Fine.” Zangoose’s father said, running up and pinning him to a tree. “But don’t you dare come running back to me when she finds something better. You’re no son of mine. My son wouldn’t leave me and the horde for a seviper.He let go, dropping the younger and walking away, with no emotion at all in his eyes. Vipi’s father slithered up to her, towering over her small frame. “I- I’m so ashamed in you. I thought you were my little girl, Vipi. I guess that’s not true.” He hestaintly slithered away, sadness and regret in his eyes. Vipi fought the urge to sob as both fathers disbanded, abandoning their battle. Zangoose walked over to her, and stared into her eyes. His emotion overcame him, and he started to wail into the darkness of the night. They both sobbed, crying into each other’s frame. Camerupt and the others hesitantly walked towards them, trying to give any comfort they could before returning to the long journey ahead of them. However, Vipi and Zangoose decided to return to the Magma base, in order to confort each other; leaving Maxie’s team to trek on and find him.

The party was awful. Archie had to admit that.

Y’know that ‘prom’ your Middle School threw to make it feel like you were in High School for two hours? That was this party.

The music was bad, there barely any food, and people were just standing around talking to each other.

Team Aqua’s leader stood at the entrance, hand clasped over his eyes, he couldn't bring himself to look at this. “Well, I have to admit, this is absolutely awful, Arch. Nobody is having fun, not even Matt! Why don’t you just shut it down already?” Shelly asked, leaning against the doors. “I don't know. It’s been two hours and I haven't seen one person on the dancefloor. Holy Kyogre, I fucked up.” Archie pinched the bridge of the nose, he definitely didn't prepare for this party. “Yeah, the team’s not going to forgive you for this, not ever. I did remind you that you needed to send some people to prepare out about this but you were like;” She put on the best Archie imitation she could and bellowed: “ oh no Shelly! It’s gonna be fine! I got everything figured out, yar!

His pinched his nose harder when she said ‘yar’ and threw his head back against the door. The next moment, a strong burst of energy burst the door open and sent them flying. A stream of light flew by where they landed, and in a second flat, Maxie stood on stage. “Wow. I didn't expect this!” He said, his hat shielding his eyes from the audience. “The leader of Team Aqua’s party going down in flames! This is pathetic! No one is doing anything right now but standing around and mingling like people in a nursery home!” He giggled, trying to contain his laughter. He turned to the audience and smirked, a smile that looked evil. “Now, who wants a real party?” He whipped out a metal guitar, black with blood red flames surrounding the front. The grunts stood in awe, some even starting to cheer. “ I can't hear you! ” Maxie taunted, waving his hand to signal more cheering from the crowd. They cheered louder, some pumping their fists in the air. Maxie brought up his right hand and threw it down onto the strings, causing a booming note. The grunts flew back, some of them hitting the wall. Maxie preformed a riff, as the grunts cheered loudly and started to dance. Archie and Shelly groaned, slowly pulling themselves up and looking at the crowd. Shelly looked to the stage, instantly recognizing the mask stranger and reaching for her handgun. She grabbed her walkie talkie and spoke into it. “Matt, I need you. Rally the top grunts.” She ran into the backroom, as some of the other grunts did as well. Archie stood up, his mouth dropping in awe at how well this stranger rocked. The entire crowd was having a fantastic time! He laughed, looking to the stage as Maxie finished his song. He noticed Archie, looking at him with those . . . beautiful . . . sea blue eyes. He showed a nervous smile, as he zipped down, leaving behind a automatic DJ who kept the party going. He zoomed to Archie, staring straight into his eyes. “H-Hello.” Archie greeted, nervously smoothing his hair. “Well, Hello .” Maxie said in a bold voice, taking in his look. “You look absolutely stunning, pet.” He flirted, walking closer. “O-oh. T-thank you, I supose.” Archie backed up, his blush deepening. In a small second, Maxie swooped Archie off his feet and said “ Let’s light this candle.”

They leaned in for a kiss until Shelly kicked down the door, wearing Team Aqua™ foam armor and pointing her handgun at Maxie.

“Step away from our boss!” She yelled, firing a shot that hit Maxie’s necktie. A piece flew off, and landed on the ground, reverting to a piece of Maxie’s uniform. Maxie dropped Archie in a startled daze, and he scowled at Shelly. “Rude.” He said, stepping over Archie and whispering “Sorry, love.” “Archie, get out of here.” Shelly huffed, rolling her eyes. The team leader lifted himself up, and walked back to his office. “Okay, dirtbag. We want our papers and we want them now!” She threatened, as Matt and three grunts came running in. “Okay.” Maxie said, pulling out a Holo-Caster and typing onto it. “Hmm. That’s not good. The team’s fees are due, and almost none of them have paid yet. Your rate is low, yada, yada, yada, yada.” He continued to type as the group looked at each other in confusion. “I suggest signing up for our savings plan to make sure this place doesn't go backrupt.” He pulled out a paper, and held it out to them. Shelly rolled her eyes in frustration. “Take him down!” She cried, firing shots along with the others. Maxie dodged the shots, stretching his body in supernatural ways. Shelly’s eyes widened but she continued to shoot. Camerupt and Maxie’s team entered the auditorium, and saw the showdown taking place. “ We have to stop them! ” Camerupt exclaimed, and used Earth Power. The ground bursted underneath Shelly and Matt, as the grunts fled from the scene. Maxie zoomed towards his team, and they escaped from the auditorium.  “Damn it all to hell!” Shelly yelled, slamming her gun to the ground. Matt looked around at the scene, finding the small scrap of clothing from earlier. “Shelly, I think I found something important. . .” He said.

The next morning, Maxie stood outside Rustleburo Harbor as a white ship approached the dock. A man wearing odd clothes exited the ship, along with some employees from the corporation he was associated with. “Hello, Mr. Maxie. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He greeted, doing a small bow. His hair was a bright lime green, and he wore very odd goggles. “Charmed,” Maxie greeted, shaking his hand. “Very nice to meet you, Mister . . .?”

“Faba, Branch Chief of Aether Paradise. I am terribly sorry that Ms. Lusamine could not accompany us. She is very busy at the moment, children and all.” He explained, waving his hand dismissively. “Of course, I shall show you to your room, Mr. Faba. Please follow me.” Maxie lead them inside, as Faba studied the facility. When reached the room, Maxie left them after some words. Faba stepped inside and pulled out a device. “Come on, come on. . .” He growled, gripping it as it calculated the area. It pinged as it found a signal, and Faba grinned viscously. “Yes, yes! I knew it was here! The Mask of Loki, the ultimate power source! Now all I need to do is find it. . . and retrieve it.”



“Please, Tabby, eat.” Courtney begged, holding a spoon to his mouth. “No.” Tabitha said, turning his head away. “Tabby, please. You need to eat.” She begged again, scooting closer to him. He shook his head, shutting his mouth tightly. Courtney grabbed his mouth and opened it forcibly, sticking the spoon in quickly and pulling it out. Tabitha turned his head to spit it out, but witnessed Courtney’s worried expression. He hesitantly swallowed, turning to face her. “Good, you’re getting better. S-” She paused. “S-sorry for doing it by force.” She looked to her feet, ashamed. “No. I wouldn’t eat it on my own.” He admitted, looking down at the plate of mashed potatoes that Courtney had prepared. She looked up, seeing his smile. It looked so cute when he smiled, with his chubby cheeks and brown eyes. He reminded her of a chubby cat. She scooped up some more, and held the spoon up to his mouth. It took a small moment, but Tabitha ate it willingly. After an hour, the plate was clear. Tabitha pulled Courtney into a quick hug.

“I really appreciate this, Courtney.” He said, snuggling her. Courtney snuggled him as well, hoping that this moment would last forever. Unfortunately, she had to go back to her bedroom, but she was glad that Tabitha was making good progress in stopping the doubt in himself.