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Hoenn Region

Present Day


“Ugh!” Tabitha moved a big rock from his feet. “I can’t believe we have to look here! The Red Orb probably isn’t in this dusty old cave!” He huffed, wiping sweat from his brow. “I know, but-” Courtney paused, looking forward. “The grunts need direction, and we have to-” she paused, then resumed. “Help for at least a while.” Tabitha rolled his eyes, and resumed working. “The red orb might not-” “-be here but our boss would like to find-” “minerals that would help find the cave Groudon is in.” Courtney hated her pauses, but at least Tabby listened well and he didn't really care. “Sir, Madam!” Yelled a grunt, running towards them. “What is it? You know we’re busy!” Tabitha ordered, looking towards them. “We found a strange artifact in the lower regions of the cave that you might be interested in!” The grunt informed, leading them towards it. Other grunts stood around a brown chest, cracked and brittle. “A box?” Tabitha asked, looking annoyed. “Hmm.” Courtney started at it intently. “Well, don’t just stand there, open it!” Courtney ordered, staring at them. The grunts did as they were told, and opened it with ease. Inside, a dark green mask. It seemed as it was staring at them, into their souls. “A-a mask?” Tabitha asked, looking at it. “Hmm. This thing has not aged well.” Courtney said, examining it. It seemed as if it glowed, leading Tabitha to pick it up. “It has a certain charm to it. Like it’s-- calling to me . . . ” Tabitha said, almost in a trance. He started at it intently, and it looked like his brown eyes turned a bright green. Courtney grew concerned. “Tabby? Tabitha!” Courtney yelled, snapping Tabitha came out of his delusion and looked towards Courtney. “I’m fine- I’m fine. That was. . . weird.” He said, gripping his head. “Hmm. How strange.” Courtney pondered, grabbing it. She set it back in it the chest. “We’ll take this back with us. We need something to show that we were here. Pack-” she paused, trying to collect herself. “-pack it up and we’ll take it back to base. I’ll make a quick call to leader Maxie telling him of our findings.” Tabitha nodded and lifted the crate.


Maxie stood in his office, petting his Camerupt and looking outside. It was a nice day, the sun shined in promise of good terms. He seemed bored, rolling a pencil around on his desk whilst doing his research. His Camerupt seemed content, dreaming away. It dreamed of finally finding Groudon and pleasing its master. “Hmm.” He smiled, glad to see it happy. His cell phone rang, interrupting the small peace in the office. He picked it up and answered. “Yes?” “ Hello, Sir. ” Courtney greeted, looking at the sky as they were returning. “Ah, Courtney. How was the search?” He asked, trying to be quiet. “ Unfortunately sir, we found no traces of the red orb .” Courtney said, hesitantly. Maxie gave a slightly disappointed grunt and continued to listen. “ However, we did find an ancient artifact. We have decided to give it to you to make up for loss time. At least this wasn-” she paused.

-wasn’t a complete waste of time. ” Maxie nodded, straightening his glasses. “Well, return safely. I’ll see you when you get off.”

‘Yes, sir. Signing off. ’ Courtney said, hanging up. “What did he say?” Tabitha asked, looking nervous. “He took it well, maybe Camerupt put him in a good mood.” Courtney put her cell phone in her pocket and sat down. “What do you that thing’s for?” Tabby asked, looking at the box. “It was most likely-” She paused. “-likely for a masquerade party or something.” She said, looking towards the sky.

“Hmm.” Tabby looked towards the chest, looking concerned.


“Leader, we have returned.” Courtney greeted, entering Maxie’s office. “Ah, welcome back.” He greeted, looking towards them. Tabitha brought in the chest, and set it down. Maxie arose from his chair and took a look at it. “Hmm. Open it.” Maxie ordered calmly, still looking at it. Tabitha looked at Courtney, nervously. But he caved in a opened the box. Inside, the strange green mask sat. It was a pale green, with various marks lining downwards. “Hmm. It looks peculiar, but has a nice charm to it.” Maxie studied, picking it up. Tabby stood towards Courtney. “I'll put it in a frame. You are both dismissed.” Maxie said, waving his hand in dismissal. They both exited, with Tabitha nervously curling his hands together. “I have a bad feeling.” He said, rubbing his knuckles together. “Why?” Courtney asked, looking at him. “I don’t know, I just have a bad feeling.” Tabitha said. “Hmm.” Courtney, said. They both turned a corner, and they were out of sight.

In his office, Maxie set the mask in a frame as his Camerupt awoke. It stood towards his master looking at the mask. It glowed, causing Camerupt to stand back. “Hmm. What’s wrong, boy? You look spooked.” He said, patting it. Camerupt made a disgruntled noise, turning its nose upwards. “Come on, it’s time for your dinner.” Maxie said, walking towards the dining room. Camerupt stood, looking at it. It hesitantly turned around, walking away as the sun lowered in the sky. It had a bad feeling in its stomach.