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Many years ago, types of pokémon teamed together to rid the world of a menace. One that changed people, changed pokemon and was deemed evil by many creatures. One faithful day, many pokemon, big and small, marched together to rid the world of said menace. ‘Careful with the box!’ Roared a Charizard. ‘ The item inside is pure evil. We must make sure it doesn't escape again!’

A Mismagius floated towards it. ‘ Are you sure this is the right thing to do? ’ It asked, looking worried and its voice sounded feminine. ‘ Of course! You’ve seen what it has done to the Kalos Region, do you wish to see it what it does in yours?!’ Charizard yelled, looking at it. ‘ No, I don’t.’ Mismagius said, slowing down. A Blastoise walked up. ‘I want you to know, many of the others are considering leaving this region after we bury the tool.’ It said, looking towards the fire type. ‘ Let them. If it wasn't for my master, I wouldn't be staying here either. I consider this land cursed.’ Charizard said, flying towards a cave. ‘ This is where we shall rid of the device. Zangoose, Seviper, please bring it forwards.’ Both Pokémon in question glared at each other, and brought it towards Charizard. ‘ Zangoose. If you please, open it. I need to be sure Seviper didn't snatch it from our clutches.’ Charizard ordered, glaring towards the serpent. ‘ I would never- Seviper claimed, before being interrupted by Zangoose opening the box. Inside, a green, wooden mask stared at the three Pokémon. It’s frame glowed, calling for a host. Their eyes glowed green for a quick moment. ‘ C-close it!’ Charizard cried out, looking away. Zangoose obeyed, sealing it. ‘ I respect you for being truthful, Seviper. But as soon as this is done, our alliance is over. ’ Zangoose said, crossing it arms. ‘Agreed.’ Seviper hissed.

Mismagius. Please come forward.’ Charizard said, looking towards the elegant ghost type. ‘ Yes, the curse. I can set it upon it, but I still believe this will do no good. People will find it again.’ Mismagius warned, still looking concerned. ‘ That’s the future's problem. But, this curse will at least make sure whoever finds it will suffer.’ Charizard explained, looking towards it. ‘ Good or Evil, no one should come into contact with it. Now either set the curse, or be exiled!’ Charizard warned, many eyes starting at it. Mismagius lowed its head. ‘ As you wish. . .’ Mismagius floated towards the box and used curse. A nail appeared, surrounded by smoke. It landed into it and disappeared. It faced Charizard. ‘ It is done.’

Good. Now, return to your masters! All of you! we don't need to raise suspicions!’ Charizard ordered, flying away. Mismagius set the box inside the cave, burying it inside a hole. ‘ While I do believe you are not evil, you are still dangerous. Now, disappear, until you are found again. May the world have mercy when that happens . . .