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Realistically this conversation wouldn’t have played out while Todoroki was still in high school... atleast, in a perfect world. But the world wasn’t perfect, so here he was having this conversation.

“You will bring a plus one to the Gala tomorrow night. You will come.” His father stated, or more-or-less, demanded.

And logically, realistically, truthfully... Todoroki could have done that. He could have.

Any number of girls from Class 1-A alone would have sufficed. Yaoyorozu with her high class and delicate nature would have fit right in; she’d probably been to enough of these things already. Uraraka with her bubbly personality and sweet mannerisms would have sweep even Todoroki’s father off his feet. Maybe even Jiro, who probably would hate the idea of going just as much as Todoroki did and would be great company personality wise.

But his father said nothing about the ‘plus one’ being a girl.

“You want me to bring someone... to a party tomorrow?” Todoroki clarified over the dinner that he did not want to be having with his family right now. He mentally apologized to his siblings, but frankly, nobody wanted to sit at this table with their father at the head.

“That goes for all of you actually. I want to make a good impression on my children’s future partners. The people you bring won’t be set in stone, of course, but you must show the others that you’re not willing to settle with just anyone.” His father huffed. “I expect you, Shoto, to bring a fellow classmate, someone nice from one of those fights I saw during the competition not too long ago.”

“So... anyone?” Todoroki asked again. He wanted the wording to be correct when he got to shove it all in his father’s face the night of the party.

“Yes, for once I’ll respect your decision.”

The comment left a bitter taste in the boy’s mouth, but he pushed it down with his dinner. Not bothering to ask any further questions to specify who and who not to bring.

After dinner he quickly had to gather a tux (or two) to bring back to the dorms because he would not have time to come home before the party. It was a blessing in disguise for what the youngest Todoroki had in mind.


“Bakugo, a word?” Todoroki rushed to the blond’s seat after class, practically trapping him like a wild animal.

The shorter didn’t look to happy about. He didn’t shove past him- which was a good sign- and simply clicked his tongue with a quick “Yeah?”

Todoroki made a gesture for the other to follow, not wanting the others to overhear his plans.

The pair stepped into the halls and Bakugo already looked like his patience was dwindling the second his feet hit the floor.

“Alright, what, Halfie?”

Todoroki ignored the name calling and found some willpower to still gently smile. Bakugo’s face quickly flashed a look of both concern and anger, obviously not liking the implications of the not-so-sweet smile.

“Are you perhaps free tonight?” He asked, not giving anything away.

The blond shrugged, hoisting his bag’s strap higher up on his shoulder. “Mmm, basically. Why? Yah need me for something?”

Todoroki liked that response. “Would you be willing to join me? For a night out, that is.”

Bakugo looked like he was about to choke. “Like ugh- like a date?” He snapped, face turning red from either anger or embarrassment.

Todoroki knew he was going to have to act quick if he wanted to have Bakugo come with him. Without the blond his entire plan wasn’t going to work in the way he wanted. Bakugo was the first and only option for this.

“You can call it whatever you want, but it’s more of a favor than anything.”

That got Bakugo’s attention. He simmered down from embarrassing anger, to a puzzled look. “‘Ight, cut to the chase, Moron. What do you want and what do I get out of if.” He crossed his arms.

“I’m going to be frank with you. There’s a party tonight that I don’t want to go to.” Bakugo looked even more confused. “It’s my father’s doing.”

“Ah.” The other nodded in understanding.

“I have to go- if I didn’t I would never hear the end of it, and that’s not what I want.”

“Soooo, what? You wanna take me?” Bakugo asked, the furrow in his brow seemed to deepen the more Todoroki explained himself.


Bakugo squinted, like what the other just said was pure nonsense. “Why?” He asked boldly. “You don’t wanna take legit anyone else to this stupid fucking party? They all already have plans or some shit?”

“No, you were my first choice.”

Bakugo sighed. “Ok, what the fuck, why?”

“I’m gay.”

The blond stared for a moment, blinking slowly, trying to take in the words that just exited the other’s mouth.

“I-.... ok? And?” Bakugo shook his head like that still didn’t matter in the slightest.

“My father is expecting a woman to accompany me. I’ve brought up not liking woman a few times when he’s hinted about arranged marriages, I think he brushed it off as me not liking those woman. I’m tired of it. I want the idea of me being a single, straight bachelor to leave everyone’s minds for good.” Todoroki ran his fingers though his hair. “At this point, I’m just desperate for any reason to stop the ideas of marriage going though my father’s head. I want to live my own life, not the one he expects from me.”

Bakugo pursed his lips. He was well informed of the other’s past; overheard too much of something he probably wasn’t supposed to. And yeah, that was Bakugo’s fault for standing there, listing to the whole thing in the first place. Even if it was just a little bit bad to ease drop, Bakugo at least had some background information of his own that Todoroki most certainly would not supply for his reasoning. Endeavor was a piece of shit. That much was enough for Bakugo to piece together, even if he didn’t have Todoroki’s entire depressing childhood narrative to go off of.

Bakugo wasn’t an idiot either, he could see why bringing a man- maybe not Bakugo himself- but a man regardless because there would be no doubt in the public mind that Todoroki would want to be in a relationship with a woman. And although times have changed, Bakugo was certain some of those high class family’s were still stuck in the Stone Age. If only an handful of those snooty bitches would act the way Bakugo believed they would, then there was no doubt in his mind that they’d want nothing to do with Shoto Todoroki after his gay unveiling at such a high class party.

It might not be the most fleshed out plan but Bakugo could appreciate giving old assholes a little riling up. Chaos was just part of the blond’s brand at this point.

And that’s when it hit him.

“Wait, you just want me because I’m a stereotypical asshole or some shit. You don’t even want me because I am a guy, do you? You just want some rebellious teenager bullshit labeled on you. Well fuck off then, your plan isn’t going to work out if that’s the route you’re taking.” Bakugo brushed him off, turning on his heels to begin walking back to the dorms.

Todoroki grasped his arm, halting him. “No wait! This isn’t to get back at my father for marriage proposals. I am legitimately gay and I have no intention for this to come off as me rebelling against my father. I want everyone to know, including my father, that this is my choice and there’s no changing it. He can’t say no when there’s a room full of people there. He can’t act out in front of everyone there. If he does everyone will know, there’s no other way for the information to be cemented in both his and the public’s heads.” He breathed, holding on tightly to Bakugo’s wrist.

If Todoroki couldn’t do it now he was certain he’d be at least engaged by the end of high school. No joke about it. No matter how much kicking and screaming he did it would all be in vain. His father would find someway to weasel him into some marriage contract. He didn’t want that and the only way to not have that was to completely take Shoto Todoroki off the market.

“So what, you tell a few people you’re gay and word spreads. Then what, huh? You can’t make this a one time thing. You have to prove it, make it certain that is isn’t just some faze because your daddy wants to play matchmaker. You have to be willing to let everyone know what this means, got that?” Bakugo let Todoroki keep a hold of his wrist. “You realize that some people aren’t too nice about this shit, right?”

“I’m aware.” Todoroki gave a hard nod.

“You know that some assholes aren’t gonna like a Pro Hero’s prodigy son being gay, you know that?”

“I’m all too familiar.”

Bakugo shifted his weight between legs. “You’re probably going to be fighting this battle your whole life.” He spike rather softly, or at least how soft the blond’s husky voice would allow him.

“Isn’t that part of being a Hero?” Todoroki offered a small smile, releasing the blond’s wrist.

He nodded back with a smirk. “Yeah, I like the way you think, Halfie.”

A new unspoken friendship had almost immediately blossomed between the two; Todoroki could practically feel it. It could be just because they both mutually had agreed upon a common goal- that perfect world Todoroki had thought so highly about- just something about the conversation lit the pit of the boy’s stomach into a comforting warmth.

Something just seemed so right with the fact that Katsuki had to double-triple check that Shoto was actually willing to go through with all of this. The name calling, the stigma’s, maybe even some real, physical fights. That all would be worth it to allow himself to be free and who he really wanted to be.

A deep, dark part of Todoroki was grateful that some would see this as ‘bad news’. He’d wish for nothing more than for all people to accept gay marriage and everything in between. But a really small (and disgusting) part of him was almost glad that people wouldn’t want to be around the family anymore because he was gay. And yeah, that was probably only the tiny part of him that wanted to get revenge on his father. Sorry Bakugo, this might just be a tiny bit of a revenge plot. At least after he comes out everyone’s true colors will show, that’s most certainly a plus.

“So wait.” Bakugo pulled Todoroki out of his day dream. “You never did answer why me? And what do I get out of this?!”

Maybe it was juvenile to think that Bakugo could look at ease for more than a second. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. He spouses it really is only fair to repay the blond for helping him out with such a big task, it’s only right.

“I’m going to be blunt, I overheard your group of friends mention your preferences in partners.”

The blond rolled his eyes, he didn’t seem too mad about the information floating around... unlike others. He didn’t even seem half bothered with Todoroki, or anyone knowing. That was remotely a good sign.

“Yeah, alright, you got me. That still doesn’t answer the last part though.” He sighed.

Todoroki fixes his posture, this part was important. “I want you to know how important this will be for me, I’m asking you because I don’t feel comfortable asking others to get involved when their stories can be misconstrued. I want this to be as authentic as possible. You and I both being gay is very important for this to work. Our statement needs to hold some water if I am to have people fully believe me. I’m sure you’d want the same?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” The other shrugged. “No wonder you didn’t ask Deku. He’s been drooling over Floaty Bitch since day fucking one.”

Todoroki had to chuckle at that. “See you understand. And of course, for compensation of your time, and for the fact that you too will be wrapped in my drama, I’m willing to do anything.”

“Anything?” Bakugo cocks a brow at that part.

He jolts. “Within reason, but yes, I will do practically anything you ask me to do... be it embarrassing and all.” Todoroki internally cringed at the thought of it.

Bakugo tsk’d. “Don’t worry, idiot. I’m not gonna have you streaking down that halls or make you say something stupid during class. Who the fuck do you take me for?”

“Well, that’s at least a relief.” He smiled. “For a second I was worried.”

“Yeah, I could tell.” Bakugo smirked. “I don’t have anything yet, but yeah, that’s fine.”

Shoto practically bounced where he stood. “Wait, you’ll actually do it? Are you certain?”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t make a big deal, you owe me one?”

“Yes, I’ll most certainly owe you one.”

“Alright, lets do it then.”

Again, something about the warm air blowing through the opened windows of the school and the breeze that carried the smell of the flora from outdoors- or maybe it was the warm glow from the late afternoon sun slowly settling- or rather the remote silence settling through the after hours of class... but something about this moment was truly poetic. Todoroki wishes he could frame this moment; just take a photo to look back on because God only knows tonight would lead to a night of history he’d forever look back on. Even though things might go bad, truthfully Shoto was going in this blind, but even if things did go wrong, something could be said about how safe he felt knowing Katsuki was going to be right with him the whole time.

He’s not sure that whatever Bakugo asks for in return will ever make up for what he’s doing for Todoroki tonight. This is months upon years of self-deprecative worry and maybe just a pinch of internalized homophobia that would all be blasted open by Blasty McSlodes himself. Truly a fitting name.

With a new found confidence in his step, the two set off to Todoroki’s room to get ready for the Gala. This would truly be a night to remember.

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“I don’t know what I expected.” Bakugo groans, looking out the window of this sleek, black vehicle that only him, Todoroki and their driver occupied. The estate they pulled up to was as grand and massive as they come.

“Huh?” Todoroki turns to look out of the window Bakugo was currently staring out of. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothings wrong- just... I probably should have guessed it was going to look like this when you used the term ‘Gala’.” The blond half-snorts half-huffs.

Todoroki stays quiet. He doesn’t want to start something by asking Bakugo if he’s ok or anything. Asking him that will probably only agitate the blond further, which is a big ‘no’ for tonight’s plans.

The cars pulls up the half crescent driveway, halting as their driver puts the car in park. Bakugo reaches for the door handle but is beaten to the punch by said driver.

“After you.” The driver tips his hat.

Bakugo holds back a scowl, he’s only doing his job, it still just makes him feel out of place whether he says it or not. Todoroki catches the way Bakugo nearly shrinks into himself, closed off crossed arms and a hunched posture.

He places his warm palm on the higher part of the shorter’s shoulder. “Hey?” He asks. “We can back out of this at any point. My reputation isn’t nearly as important as your well being.”

Bakugo huffs, shrugging the hand off his body. “The fuck you think I’m sick or somethin’? Chill out, Freezer Burn. I just don’t fuckin’ do parties, alright?”

“If you say so.” He doesn’t want to probe any farther, but if he’s to make this convincing, Bakugo at least needs to look and act the part. “I’m not telling you how to act during this, but-“

“But you’re going to tell me how to act during this?” The other barks back.

Their driver looks uncomfortable in between the pair and bids a hasty farewell as he re-enters his car.

“Do you think we scared him off?” Todoroki asks mostly too himself.

Bakugo tsk’d. “Probably.” He rolls his shoulders.

Todoroki doesn’t want to come off as being a brat, but he really, really needs this to work out. He can’t have Bakugo being snippy and yelling at every person he bumps into.

“Look,” The talked of the two side steps in front of the other, folding his arms and standing like he’s a disappointed mother. “Leave now if you don’t want to do this, I’ll be fine on my own.”

“The fuck you won’t!” Bakugo hisses. “I came here to do a job and I’m not leaving ‘til I do this right. If you need me to be a proper fake boyfriend- or whatever the fuck- then get ready because I’m going to be the best fucking fake boyfriend you ever had.”

As much as he appreciates the enthusiasm, Todoroki’s more worried than ever.

“You’re the only fake boyfriend I’ve had?” He questions.

“Then that automatically makes me the best one. Come on, Halfie, let’s fuckin rock this shit.”

Oh, he’s even more worried now.


It was almost as if the second Bakugo entered those four walls he had completely swapped bodies with some well credited actor.

“What are we?” Bakugo whispers over a tall glass of something. Todoroki takes notice in how his lips touch the glass but never tip the handle far back enough to actually take a sip.

“I beg your pardon?”

Bakugo can be seen physically holding back an eye roll. “I mean, what do I call you. As in, what are we? Friends, classmates, are we dating?!”

Todoroki swishes his glass around, admiring the bubbly liquid that fizzed around it’s rim. “I’m not sure. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think we’d get this far.”

Now Bakugo actually rolls his eyes, this time covering a small smile with a real sip from his glass. “And you’re our classes prodigy student, wow.” He shakes his head. “I can’t believe you’ve gotten this far.”

Todoroki nudges him lightly with his elbow. “I got here, didn’t I?”

“I guess?” The other shruggs, tipping the last of the sparkling contents down in one sip. That probably wasn’t safe, or healthy. The whateverthiswas smelled rancid; a mixture of dry carbonation and nail polish remover. How Bakugo swallowed it down was fascinating in its own right.

“So,” Bakugo leaves the glass on some nearby table, clearly not caring in the slightest. “Where is he?”


“Your Dad?”

“Oh, right.”

Todoroki follows in Bakugo’s footsteps and leaves his unfinished glass on some table that looks like it was made to only hold the potted plant that sat upon it.

“Come.” Todoroki gestures, holding out a hand.

Bakugo scowls gently; as gently a scowl can be. “Oh you- were holding hands?” He questions, almost looking turned off by the idea.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to, I was just-“

“No, shut up.” Bakugo grips firmly on the out stretched hand. “We’re doing it.”

The other boy simply nods with a smile. If Bakugo looks only a tad bit flustered about it Todoroki doesn’t mention it.

They make their way through the labyrinth that is this estate of a house. Todoroki isn’t even sure who’s party this is. All he knows is that he was invited, so he’s here.

After some wandering around, and Todoroki stopping Bakugo from snooping though these poor peoples medicine cabinets, they finally end up in the main hall.

“Wasn’t this just left of where we came in the first time?” Bakugo questions. “How the fuck did was lap this place twice and not find the giant fucking room?”

Todoroki nudges his partner for the nth time that night with a pinched look. “Please just act accordingly.”

“Alright, if that’s what you want, I’m going to be so charming everyone’s going to cry.” He smirks.

It was Todoroki’s turn to roll his eyes. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Bakugo doesn’t get a chance to rebuttal. Todoroki’s sister, Fuyumi, scuttles over with welcome arms.

“Ah, Shoto! I thought you weren’t going to come!” Todoroki almost believes that she thinks for a second he wouldn’t come. If he didn’t have to, he wouldn’t.

She doesn’t seem to notice the two boys are physically connected until she pulls away from the hug. Her eyes dart from their interlocked hands, up to the blond, back down to the hands, and up to Shoto himself.

“Oh, I- wow! Congrats, I didn’t- when did- who?” She babbles, trying to find the right place to start.

“Fuyumi, this is Katsuki Bakugo.” Todoroki releases the boy’s hand to gesture to him. “He’s my boyfriend.”

Todoroki and Bakugo were too lucky that Fuyumi pulled the blond in for a hug to notice their facial exchange. Shoto looked all to smug like he was having a great time tossing around that term, where as Katsuki looked seconds from straight up combusting in his sister’s arms.

In the few tender seconds of embrace Bakugo composed himself and it was like a switch went off inside Bakugo that Todoroki had never seen before.

“You must be his older sister, I’ve heard so much about you.” Bakugo offers a gentle smile, the kind reserved for small children and kittens. Todoroki has to physically blink a few times to make sure he’s actually seeing this all correctly.

“Wait, I remember you! You’re the boy from the tournament.” Fuyumi’s big mouth echos across the halls.

Todoroki nearly faints on spot. He’s convinced his cover is blown and that everyone will see right through their terribly thought out plan. That’s until Bakugo swiftly pulls something completely out of his ass, words so smooth that it could put a car salesman to shame.

“I hope that’s not entirely what you’ve seen of me. I can be pretty harsh on the field, I hope I didn’t leave a terrible impression.” Bakugo smiles again, this time Todoroki can feel his pain.

It’s at that moment he realizes he didn’t bother to toss Bakugo any form of bone or life raft during that moment. He’s a terrible fake boyfriend...

“Yeah, Katsuki can be pretty wild when it comes to training.” Todoroki wraps his arm over Bakugo’s shoulders. “That just something we love about him.”

He immediately regrets his words because his sister has gone into a giddy, flustered mess and Bakugo looks somewhere between vomiting and dying.

“Oh! Let me gather the others! They’re going to want to meet you!” Fuyumi rushes away.

Bakugo nearly rips the arm around his shoulder off, twirling to scowl up at the half-n-half boy in front of him.

“We have been dating for thirty nine seconds and you’re already tossing around the ‘L’ word like we’re fucking on our honeymoon?!?” Bakugo wheezes from between his teeth.

Todoroki shakes, he wasn’t the best on his toes and that’s why he left Bakugo to defend for himself at the beginning.

“People say it all the time, it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal?”

“That big of a deal, that big of a deal?!” A crowd around them tosses them awkward glances and Bakugo straightens up and brings his anger down to a quiet hush. “You have to be a bigger idiot than I thought if you think your sister isn’t practically planning our wedding over there with your siblings.” Bakugo thumbs to the remote area that Todoroki’s sister disappeared from moments ago. “Do not go saying ‘you love me’ during this party. Not only will it seem forced, but also, people are going to be a little suspicious about me being out of your life the second this party’s over.”

It didn’t truly occur to Todoroki that this would end immediately after the party. In hindsight, that is the most logical turn of events. However, what if his sister wants to take the ‘happy couple’ out for dinner. Or what if his mother wants Katsuki to properly meet the family. What if in the super, super, super off chance his Father is ok with it and wants to make Bakugo apart of the family.

The reality of it all come crashing down the second Fuyumi’s bright smile comes barreling through the crowd with their brother Natsuo in tow.

“This is him, Katsuki, Shoto’s boyfriend!” She squeaks.

“Ah, Katsuki, I’ve seen your work. That stuffs pretty impressive, guy. You might put our baby brother here to shame with those explorations.” Natsuo shakes Bakugo’s hands. His smile is sweet and kind, most certainly the brotherly kind.

“I highly doubt that.” Bakugo shakes the hand back with a smile of his own.

Todoroki is getting whiplash from how quickly Bakugo can go from some angry teenager to a mature Hero-in-training in just seconds between the two. His necks going to hurt the next morning trying to keep up with all of this.

“Oh! Let me get a picture of you two!” Todoroki’s older sister laughs.

Bakugo turns his head slightly to lock eyes with Todoroki. Bakugo doesn’t even need to say a word, just staring into his eyes shows the emotions of begging and pleading. ‘Please no!’

Todoroki could be nice and could just excuse his sister. He could tell her they’re nervous or ‘new at this’, basically any excuse to tell Fuyumi that they were uncomfortable with it. She’d drop it, because she’s an amazing older sister like that... but where would be the fun in that.

Todoroki hooks a arm around Bakugo’s small waist, pulling their sides flush together. Bakugo practically screams at him with his giant red eyes again, but the other ignores it to look at the cameras in each of his sibling’s hands.

“Katsuki, sweetie, look at the camera!” Fuyumi coos, waving her phone up so they know which screen to look at.

Meanwhile, Natsuo pulls out his Polaroid camera- because of course he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to bring that to a party. One thing’s for sure, Todoroki can bet his brother will have a nice photo he can keep from this oh so special day.

Todoroki can’t help but look down at Bakugo one last time before the flash of the shutter goes off. Bakugo’s looking back up at him, his persona melting away to show a grumpy look plastered on his face. It’s funny, really. Todoroki can’t help but smile at the situation. Never in his life would he think he’d be on a fake date, with his fake boyfriend, that happened to be the real Bakugo. He only hopes they can look back on this day and laugh, because Todoroki is already laughing now.

“That was a good one!” Natsuo sounds victorious when the light blinks once more off his camera.

The pair separate when the Todoroki’s are done with the little photo op. Natsuo comes over to the couple and hands them each a black little paper with white framed boarders.

“Here.” He says to the two of them. “Now you each have one.”

The photo is developing slowing between the spaces of Shoto’s thumbs, he can sorta make out their silhouettes but not much more from how fresh the photo is.

“Give me that!” Bakugo hisses, trying to swipe at the Polaroid in the others hands.

Todoroki holds the photo high above his head, using his promising height as a tool.

“You asshole, gimme!” Bakugo even attempts to jump for it but Todoroki is too quick and pulls it behind his back and into his pocket.

“No, you already have one, you don’t get both.” Todoroki teases.

Bakugo pouts, stops trying to fetch the photo because it’s no use. “I don’t want it, I want to burn it!”

“Awh, and ruin our first night together?” Shoto can’t help but look smug at Katsuki’s flushed expression.

“Show that to anyone and you’re dead.” The blond mutters.

“They’re so cute!” Fuyumi comments mostly to herself. “I remember when I was like that with my fiancé.”

Natsuo nods in agreement. “Can’t wait to find me a lovely lady myself.”

Fuyumi pats her younger brother on the back. “You’ll find one!”

“Yeah.” Natsuo sighs with a reluctant smile.

“It’s good to see my children getting along for once.” Todoroki’s father makes his way over to the four children.

There was a pause in the group. The tension was physical, Bakugo could almost cut it with a knife. He’d never seen nor met Endeavor, well, at least this close. He was a big man, a very big man, very close to All Might in size and shape. No wonder he was the number two Hero, this guy could crush several watermelons between his thighs. It would be a lie to say Bakugo wasn’t the slightest bit intimidated.

“Oh hey Dad, have you met Shoto’s boyfriend? None of us even knew he had one.” Natsuo’s big mouth grin into an almost fake smile.

Katsuki witnessed Shoto slightly jolt from the call out. His father’s eyes snapped over to the youngest son then to Bakugo himself.

Even if Katsuki was certain this man could kill him with just one hand alone, he wasn’t going stand around with his tail between his legs. Katsuki promised Shoto a good boyfriend, and a good boyfriend- no, a good person, would stand next to Shoto in his time of need.

Bakugo stared up to the man with an almost scowl on his face. This was the face of the man that tormented his own son, his own flesh and fucking blood. Bakugo was aware he probably wasn’t one to talk about being the nicest person alive, but fuck, Shoto was his own fucking son.

Endeavor, or Enji for now, seemed to pick up on Katsuki’s aggressive look and followed it back with his own pinched expression.

“Boyfriend?” Enji seems to make it a point to basically spit the word.

“It’s great to finally meet you, Sir.” Bakugo’s eyes never leave the Father’s face. His piercing look is practically glued to the Pro Hero’s scowl.

Enji made a noise in the back of his throat kind of sounding like a ‘you too’.

“I wasn’t aware that...” The man makes a face, almost like he’s trying to be tactful for once in his life.

“You didn’t realize you own son was gay?” Bakugo lightly smirks at his comment.

If the Hero wasn’t wearing a few hundred dollar suit, Bakugo would bet money he would have burst into flames. Enji’s anger was that of fire, the look of hot red anger was evident on his face. Maybe Bakugo pushed it too much, but really, who could blame him.

“Come on, let’s go, Shoto.” Bakugo tugs at one of the boy’s arms. He doesn’t really have a plan on where he’s going, but anywhere far far away from here would be great.

They find themselves in a off hallway, maybe a door or two down from another private bathroom that is most certainly in use. If Bakugo has to walk past another bathroom that’s filled with horny rich people he won’t hesitate to fly out of this party with his quirk alone.

So, naturally, they settle for a bedroom.

“Why are we here?” Todoroki finally asks as he shifts around uncomfortably. He’s in a girl’s room, that much is a fact, with the abundance of lacy trim and pink girlness it’s kinda obvious.

And, although cliché, it doesn’t seem very proper of two boys to be in some random girls bedroom; alone.

Bakugo paces the room a fourth time and Todoroki has to stop him because it’s giving him a headache.

“Can you just-“ The taller of the two presses a hand to the shorter’s chest to halt his movements. “Hold on? You’re pacing is giving me a migraine.”

“Yeah, sorry, whatever- it’s just-“ The quick apology doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, it’s kinda shocking for those words to fall out of Bakugo’s mouth. (But Todoroki wouldn’t mention that part.) “How the fuck are you not livid by this shit. The day my dad tells me to do shit with my life is the day I move out!” Bakugo yells.

Todoroki is just thankful they are walls between the party....

“Moving isn’t entirely an option right now.” Shoto deadpans. He doesn’t bring up the fact that they live in dorms currently, he’s certain Bakugo is well aware of that.

“You know what I mean, Asshole.”

“No, I really don’t.”

Bakugo drags a hand down his face and ends up sitting on the girls desk. There are over a dozen chairs in this room and he chooses the flat wood of a desk. Todoroki can’t even pretend he’s shocked.

“Why do you let him do this?”

The question hits Todoroki’s chest like a knife. Was Bakugo dense, he surely wasn’t? Could he be? Even though Todoroki was naive to the fact Bakugo knew about his abusive childhood, that still wouldn’t excuse the fact of that even being a question.

He stands up taller. “Are you serious? I’m not putting up with his behavior, I don’t choose to live like this!?” Now he’s mad, he has a look on his face that just says volumes about the topic at hand.

Bakugo shouldn’t press on, he shouldn’t ask anymore questions. He should just let it go. But of course, he won’t.

“I’m not saying you choose anything, Dumbass! It’s just- how the fuck do you live like this?!” Bakugo is practically screaming at this point.

“I don’t live like this! I barely live like this! You don’t- you don’t realize what it’s like?!” He doesn’t know why he’s having this argument with Bakugo, of all people, at a party, of all places.

Just hours ago the two were civically conversing about their fake relationship and how it would all pan out. Just minutes ago they were laughing and play fighting over Polaroids and marriage proposals. Now they’re fighting over the fact that neither of them can do anything to better the situation. They aren’t yelling at each other; they’re yelling at themselves.

“No I don’t. I really fucking don’t. Jesus fucking Christ if I knew this was going to happen I wouldn’t have never agreed to this stupid thing!” The blond snaps.

“Nobody is keeping you here.” Todoroki sneers.

A break of silence washes over the too pink room. They didn’t bother to turn the lights on, the party lights and the moon’s glow from outside were sufficient enough, causing the room to be filled with a calming wash of pink glow. The tasteful mood from the color had clashed heavily with the mood that actually transpired; it was almost suffocating to stay in the room any longer.

“You can find yourself a new fake boyfriend.” Bakugo mutters while leaving. He didn’t even bother to shoulder check Todoroki, which was so characteristic of him it caught the other almost off guard when he didn’t feel it.

The sounds of Bakugo’s feet are light. There is no stomping or shouting. The fight was over and that’s where it ended. It was almost solemn to hear the unaggressive way the blond’s feet passed over the halls carpet. Todoroki had to nearly strain himself to hear the pitter-patters echo through the walls.

The room was far more claustrophobic alone. The walls seem to be pull in closer when Bakugo’s not there and an itch crawls over Todoroki’s skin when the eerie silence falls over just himself.

The fight didn’t help him. He doesn’t feel like he truly let his anger out, which fights should feel like. He feels like instead of letting out his anger and frustrations he only bottled them up further.

Todoroki doesn’t notice entirely how alone he feels until he guides himself back into the party room. The walls seem to go on for miles and the ceiling is as tall as the sky itself. The room was big and packed with people on top of people. Body’s flush together in a rhythm of music, and chatter that attempts to talk over said music.

As fast as he had come into the ballroom he left. Todoroki feels a remote moment of grief once he’s in the car again. He should have said goodbye to his siblings, he knows it’s not polite to leave without notice, but seeing them and knowing they’d ask where his ‘boyfriend’ went would only add salt to the wound.

He knows he probably shouldn’t let this go to his head. Bakugo being a craggy little man was always a given; he should have expected this. It was just the way Bakugo had so quickly said yes and so quickly jumped in when Todoroki was at a loss for words just struck such a large cord with him. How did it all end so quickly?

It was naive of him to think Bakugo would be a good choice, or any choice for this at all. Todoroki could have simply just asked Midoriya or Iida to accompany him to this event. He’s certain it would have panned out just fine with either of the two. And yet, it wouldn’t be the same. The impact just wouldn’t feel the same. Maybe to his father, and maybe to the crowds of people that would watch him skip down the halls with one of his other classmate’s in tow. But Bakugo was different. His impact was different. It was such a shame they had to end like this.

It may had been only a few hours and a plan that wasn’t even a real plan to begin with. But it felt like so much transpired in those few hours that everything changed. There was so many new things Todoroki got to uncover about the explosive blond; about how he wasn’t really that explosive when he needed to be. About how he could single-handily pull a new persona out of his hat and act his way out of an uncomfortable situation. It was a talent really.

Maybe Todoroki was being critical over himself. But he can’t just shake how much of an impression Bakugo had left on him. It was contagious, almost.

He didn’t miss the way his brother and sister smiled so bright when the couple held hands or picked on each other. They really did think he and Bakugo were a thing. And that should not have effected him as much as it did; but it really did.

Thankfully he was a the dorms quicker than he though. He thanked his driver and mad his way inside. It was already around ten o’clock so he imagined the lobby and lounge would both be empty, to his surprise that wasn’t the case.

“Ah, good evening, Todoroki!” Uraraka smiled from her seat on the very green sofa.

“Where were you all night? You look so spiffy?” Ashido asked looking up from her phone.

Todoroki fixes his tie, loosening it slightly. “A party. It was a family friend thing.” He try’s to be as vague as possible. Even if he is mad at Bakugo, it’s not his place to say that they basically went on an undercover fake date together. Bakugo should be allowed to chose if he wants to tell his story or not.

“Oh wow! A party?! What was it like?” Uraraka asks.

Todoroki takes a seat on one of the matching green chairs next to the sofa the two girls were both occupying. The soft feel of the fabric is welcomed and it helps him loosen his stiff shoulders.

“Tiring.” He answers honestly.

“Maybe you should go to bed?” Ashido offers. “It’s been a long night for you.”

Todoroki nods, begrudgingly following the pink girls orders and heading straight to bed.

Flicking on the light Todoroki immediately notices the folded suit that was placed neatly on his bed. He completely forgot he let Bakugo borrow a suit. It was kind of him to not blow it up at least.

Sighing, the boy decided it’s his turn to also change out of his suit. He somehow manages to forget his phone is in his back pocket and it clanks on the floor lightly. After fully removing the slacks he fetches the phone only to then realize he had stored the Polaroid in there as well. Picking up both items he flips the photo over and immediately regrets the ending to their night.

The pair looked so cute together with their coordinating suits, not to mention the fact that the photo Todoroki got was the one where the two were basically smiling up at each other, be it Bakugo had more of a grumpy look on. It was wishful thinking to hope they could fix their situation. Todoroki didn’t hate their night together, it was mostly fun through the whole night. He wasn’t much of a party person, but with Bakugo’s large personality beside him he didn’t feel so pressured to say or do anything because Bakugo made up for it himself. Not to mention all the little things that Todoroki would never think to do during a party. He’s still not over the fact that the blond wanted to snoop through the medicine cabinets, like who does that?!

It brought a seldom smile to the boy’s face. Maybe they could make up tomorrow. The last thing Todoroki needs of for Bakugo to hate him when neither of them did anything wrong. Todoroki’s father was just a sore subject and Bakugo really meant no harm. If anything Bakugo had done more for Todoroki in just a handful hours then most had done his whole life.

Picking up the suit Todoroki put the folded pair on his desk. He stopped himself and fished through the pant’s pockets of Bakugo pair and surprisingly couldn’t find the matching Polaroid the blond had got.

He just hoped the other kept it.

Chapter Text

Todoroki had expected Bakugo to ignore him most, if not all of the entire day. He didn’t, however, expect Bakugo to approach him at all.

Todoroki had been minding his business at lunch as always. He didn’t want to start an even bigger fight then the one they all ready had, but if Bakugo was just gonna walk up and sit next to him like nothing ever happened then-

“You’re kidding me right?” Bakugo slapped his phone down, right side up on the cafeteria table.

The other blinked, of course the blond was aggressive but he had no phone case on that and these tables were hard and???

He opened his mouth with no words coming out and just pure confusion. The rest of his table- Iida, Uraraka, Tsu, and Deku- all stared at the pair.

“I don’t understand?” Todoroki have a quizzical look when Bakugo pulled up his phone and started typing aggressively. “What are you-“

“This.” Bakugo presses the phone screen up to Todoroki’s face. He took the object out of the blond’s hands and leveled it to a normal reading level.

There on the front page of some digital newsletter, some tween magazine of a sort, was a photo of Bakugo and Todoroki laughing holding hands from the party last night.

Todoroki sighed, locking the screen of the phone and sighing into his palms. This was amazing, just amazing. He suspected that in just a few hours when school got out everyone from their class would be well informed on the matter. The photo had probably already floated over to some of the students that had the decency to stay quiet.

“Well?” Bakugo grunted. “What now?”

“I honestly don’t know what to say.” Todoroki sighed. This wasn’t fair to either of them, Bakugo especially. All he was doing was a favor and now the other was going to get dragged through the mud over some stupid tabloid photo. “I’m sorry.” Todoroki hunched his shoulders.

“S’not your fault, stupid assholes tryna invade people’s privacy will get what’s coming to them.” He huffed, crossing his arms over one another with a scowl.

Obviously he was mad, they both were, it was just shocking that Todoroki wasn’t getting the bad end of Bakugo’s aggression.

“What’s going on?” Uraraka popped her head in over Todoroki’s shoulder. “What are we talking about over here?”

“Go away, Round Face. We don’t need you meddling.” Bakugo gave the girl a look.

“Yesh! I’m just trying to help!” She wined.

Bakugo unfolded his arms and rubbed his palms on the fabric of his jeans. “Yeah well, we don’t need it. Back off.”

“No need to be so mean about it.” The girl huffed, she didn’t sound too mad about it. She just pouted at her lunch and focused her attention elsewhere.

“Whatever.” Bakugo stood up from the table, shoving his hands in his baggy jeans. “I just wanted to warn you.”

“Thank you. And sorry again, I wouldn’t have asked if I knew it was going to end like this. I’m sorry.” He really was sorry. Not only did he owe Bakugo something in return for just the date, he felt like he owed him double for just dealing with this!

Bakugo started to walk away, but glanced over his shoulder. “Don’t apologize, it’s annoying.”

Todoroki didn’t feel like Bakugo actually found his apology annoying. It was the blond’s own weird way of saying it was alright. The comment brought a smile to Todoroki’s face that Midoriya caught.

“What was that about? Are you two alright? I didn’t know you and Kacchan were close like that?” Of course Deku’s intentions were in the right place but Todoroki really didn’t want to get into it.

“Nothing to worry about, I’m sure it will all pass.” Todoroki answered vaguely. He shrugged, hoping that it really would all just go over the class’ heads. Besides, the magazine was aimed towards teen girls. Nobody probably read that magazine anyways.


Turns out Ashido reads that magazine. Weekly, like clockwork. As in, she has a subscription to it... and it gets delivered to the dorms. Not to mention, on top of that, Kaminari and Kirishima like to go through it and take the quizzes together and laugh about ‘what super model they’d be perfect for’ or ‘what eyeshadow best suits them’.

So imagine Todoroki’s surprise when he and Bakugo walk into the student lounge and almost the entirety of Class 1-A are staring them down.

Todoroki doesn’t notice the magazine at first, he’s more focused on the eyes and the looks he getting. They don’t look mad they all just look a mixture between shocked and confused. Bakugo, however, notices the magazine first. He simply walks over to Ashido, who is currently holding open the page, and simply pulls it out of her hands.

“Hey!” She bats at Bakugo’s chest as he holds the magazine over his head, out of her reach.

“Dude, why didn’t you tell me you and Todoroki were dating?!” Kirishima asks out loud.

“It’s none of your business.” Bakugo doesn’t even attempt to correct Kirishima’s mistake.

Bakugo clearly didn’t want to get into the logistics of their relationship because it really was entirely too complicated. Maybe it was for Todoroki’s sake the blond was avoiding answering the questions that got thrown at him, and even though he was grateful it didn’t make him feel great either. Bakugo wasn’t entirely lying to the group, just Todoroki still felt bad he was keeping secrets from his friends.

What confused him even further was he swore Bakugo implied they weren’t going to do this again. That this was over and it was a one time thing. Not to mention that Bakugo left the party angry, he really had no reason to help Todoroki any further. So why was he doing this?

Bakugo ended up throwing the magazine at Kaminari’s face when the boy wolf whistled when the blond approached his ‘boyfriend’.

“We need to talk.” Bakugo simply whispered, taking Todoroki by the hand and leading him up the stairs to the room.

Ashido said something that Todoroki didn’t pay attention to but Bakugo did stick up his middle finger at her when they finally reached the top of the stairs. They made their way to Bakugo’s room which was unlocked... surprisingly.

“Sit.” Bakugo demanded, throwing his bag on the floor somewhere.

Todoroki took a seat on the well made bed, taking in the sight of Bakugo’s bedroom.

Bakugo sat on the floor, which... was something?

“So, what the fuck are we doing?”

Todoroki scrunched up his nose at the question. “I assumed you knew? Since you didn’t tell everyone we’re not dating?”

Bakugo shrugged, almost annoyed. “I thought it would make a bigger scene.”

Todoroki had to chuckle at that. “You’re saying it would make a bigger scene to tell everyone it was just a front rather than just pretending we’re actually just dating?”

“Yeah, fucking so?” Bakugo did a weird hand gesture. “Look, I’m not going around telling people the number two Hero is a fucking homophobe, that’s not my job. He’s your dad. Whatever you do with that information is your own doing, I’m not here to start rumors or shit. I’m sure the last thing you want is for you or your dad to have even more targets on you back then there already are.”

“That’s- that’s awfully kind of you.” Todoroki gave a warm smile.

Bakugo quickly glanced away, probably embarrassed from the praise. “Yeah, well, it’s none of my fucking business, or anyone’s really.”

“So,” Todoroki kicked his legs that dangled off the edge of the bed. “You’re not mad at me? I didn’t expect you to be so calm about all of this? Most people wouldn’t take lightly to being publicized everywhere.”

The blond clicked his tongue. “Yeah, right. Ever since that fucking sludge monster at the end of middle school or whatever... my life’s been all over fucking magazines. Then it was getting into UA, and being a student here, that shit just added fuel to the flames. Then the fucking tournament fight we all did, that shit didn’t help. Not to fucking mention when the league just fucking kidnapped me, yeah, I’d rather have everyone know I’m gay then have them see some more pitiful shit about me.”

While Todoroki had known a descent part of the paparazzi life, his father was a Hero after all. It never did occur to him what it must be like to be just a high schooler with all of these people shoving cameras in your face at such a young age. In Bakugo’s words: it must suck.

“I never really thought about that. I’m sorry, Bakugo. It’s unfair that all of that had to happen to you.” Bakugo looked back up at him with just a ghost of a smile tugging on us lips.

“Yeah, well, guess I should be thanking you for it. Hopefully now people will forget about me being captured and focus on something more important.”

“Like you being gay?” Todoroki snorted.

“Honestly, yeah.” Bakugo smirked.

Todoroki breathed a content sigh. Sure Bakugo was a rough-and-tough, yelly guy... but you can have a civil conversation with him. Plus, it seemed like he respected privacy outside of his own, as if it were his own. That was something that had never crossed Todoroki’s mind up until now. He remembers back to the time when even Kirishima asked something about Midoriya’s past and even still Bakugo wouldn’t budge.

Bakugo got up from his spot on the floor and rummaged through his desk draw, putting away some papers from his backpack that he threw.

Todoroki continued to admire Bakugo’s room, taking all the cute little nicknacks he had scattered about. Above the dresser sat a very large mirror that looked to be part of said dresser. In the little corner, shoved under some of the wooden frame that held the glass, sat what looked to be the Polaroid of the other night.

“You kept it?” Todoroki asked out loud.

Bakugo glanced over his shoulder to what Todoroki was asking. He rolled his eyes when he put together what the other was referring too. “Yeah, So?”

“Mmm, nothing.” The other hummed.

“So, about this. What are we doing?” Bakugo pulled out his desk chair and straddled it backwards so his chin rested on the backrest. “Was it really just a one time thing, or are we going to piss your dad off even more?”

Shoto pet the duvet’s fabric, mulling over the question in his head. “I didn’t get a chance to look over the tabloids article too much, but from what I’m guessing they don’t think we’re entirely dating yet, right? It’s just all speculation. For all they know we’re just friends and they’re trying to dig something up that isn’t there.”

“Right.” Katsuki nodded, folding his hands behind the back of the chair.

“What if we give the people what they want?” Todoroki picked at the fabric between his fingers. The whole idea was a stretch. It just seemed a shame to leave the question up in the air if the two really were gay. Nobody would really know for certain unless they spelled it out for them. “Maybe we could go on one or two more dates, to really emphasize our point. I just don’t want all of our work to get brushed under the rug. I want them to really know I am gay and that I really don’t want a wife.” The last part of the comment made both of them laugh.

“Yeah alright, I don’t really care.” The shorter shrugged.

Todoroki looked up at him, making sure he was really focusing on Bakugo’s face. “Are you sure? I feel like I’m pressuring you into this. You really don’t need to, you’ve done enough already?”

“Icy Hot, if you think for one second you’re pressuring me into some shit then you’re dumber than you look.”

Todoroki smiled. “Alright, I’ll take your word for it.”

“Besides,” Bakugo leaned back slightly in his seat. “You’re right. They don’t know for certain we are gay. This will only prove to them that we are. We’ve come this fucking far, I’d be a waste to just break up now.”

“So, a second date?”

“A second date.”


Chapter Text

“The movies?”

“Too quiet, not enough space to get caught.”


“Fucking boring.”

“The park?”

“Wow, you really know how to treat a lady, huh?”

Todoroki looked unamused as he glanced across the desk at the blond. They’re supposed to be working in pairs of two on- Todoroki glances down at the worksheet- ‘Quirk Management and Training’, Yeah, that. However, Bakugo didn’t even let Todoroki pick his partner and just sat down across from him and that was the end of that. Now while they fill out these answers together Bakugo also though it would be a great time to discuss ‘date’ plans.

“Since you absolute dog shit at picking a place, we’re going to that fair thing that’s happening down town. I saw a thing for it the other day. We’re going there.” Bakugo glances up after circling on of the answers on the worksheet.

“If you already had a suggestion then why did you ask me for mine?”

Bakugo shrugs his already hunched shoulders and give Todoroki a look. “To prove a point.”

The other sets his pencil down on the desk and gives a scolding look. “And your point being?”

“You’re terrible at being a boyfriend.” He snickers.

“Am not!” Todoroki raises his voice.

“Quiet down over there.” Aizawa huffs from the front of the room. “Some of us are trying to rest.” He mumbles that last part.

Todoroki looks at the rest of the room and the others seem to be giving either worried looks, or in Bakugo’s friends’ case, laughing.

“You did that on purpose.” Todoroki whispers, but his words are still quietly laced with venom.

Bakugo looks smug, continuing to work on his paper. “Oops.”

“And what do you mean by getting caught? That doesn’t seem like something you’d want.”

“News flash, moron. We’re fake dating? We want people to see us and take the hint we’re gay together. You gotta keep up.”

It wasn’t that Todoroki forgot that they were doing this. He was uncomfortably familiar of all reasons he was doing this, this was his idea. It just left a bad taste in his mouth that the only reason they were hanging out so much together is for people to know they were gay. By the time everyone got it through their heads that these two played for the other team then this whole thing would be over.

All of it. Even this.

Todoroki bitterly stared down at his packet of work and scrawled down all the answers silently. He’ll worry about all of that later.


Bakugo insisted they go tonight since, and he quotes:

“That magazine came out a week ago, we need to fresh in peoples’ minds, Dummy.”

Bakugo also insisted that Todoroki wear nothing ‘lame’ and obviously scoffed the second the other met him downstairs.

“Thought I told you to not wear anything dumb?” The blond asks while striding away from the wall he was leaning on.

Tsu and Ashido are painting each other’s nails in the common room and don’t even spare a glance at them. The girls continued to giggle over the green girl’s horrible paint job and ignore the slightly rude comment that echos the walls.

Todoroki fixes his sleeves on his simple button up flannel that’s underneath his brown jacket. He doesn’t think he looks lame? Todoroki went through half a dozen shirts until he decided this was most certainly ‘not lame’; guess he was wrong.

“Don’t pout about it.” Bakugo rolls his eyes, guiding the two of them to finally make haste to the door. “You look fine, I was just kidding.”

“You look nice as well.” Todoroki comments sincerely.

The other looks behind him with a quizzical look. “I wear shit like this everyday?”

Todoroki internally cringes- because, yes- black pants, a pair of boots, and a plain white shirt are a remote staple of the ‘Bakugo Wardrobe’. But still, it looks nice regardless.

Todoroki just smiles softly again. He picks up his pace and finally starts to walk in tandem with Bakugo’s strides. He takes another glance down at the blond’s footwear. The boots he wore are the taller ones with straps right above the zipper. Todoroki thinks those are his favorite and he quite fancy’s them if he’s being honest. Maybe they have the same foot size? Were they close enough to trade clothing at this point.

“‘Ey, Halfie. Are you bored of me already?” Bakugo asks. He doesn’t sound too serious, but the look in his eyes says otherwise.

Todoroki hums. “What shoe size are you?”

“Huh?” Bakugo jerks his head back lightly, almost tripping from not paying close attention to where they’re walking. “What are you, some kinda freak?”

“I was just curious what size you wear?” He shrugs. “I was wondering if I could borrow those sometime?”

“Get your own.” Bakugo’s nose wrinkles lightly. He’s not pouting though, so that’s a good sign that he’s not truly disgusted with the idea. “I didn’t think you were into this sorta look?”

“Guess you don’t know much about me.” Todoroki looks smug.

The second he says it, however, Bakugo looks like he just heard a dirty little secret.

“Oh, like how I didn’t know you have a thing for feet.”

“Oh my God, you’re the worst.”

They can’t not laugh at that. The entire train ride to the fair the two whispered back and fourth about people’s footwear and what kind of person that makes them. Bakugo nearly loses it when Todoroki says “The man in the Jesus sandals looks like the kind of guy that does pottery but is terrible at it.”

They continue to poke fun until they’re finally at their stop, where they finally drop the running gag.

“Some people deadass wear the ugliest shoes.” Bakugo softly snorted and continued to file out of the train and followed behind a crowd of couples and parents with their small children. Todoroki had to hand it to Bakugo, if someone was looking to get dirt of any up and coming Hero’s this would certainly be the place.

“I agree.” He nodded. “People actually leave the house looking like that.”


Todoroki had no idea where they were going, just followed along side the blond who clearly knew where he was going. Or maybe he didn’t and was just following the obvious crowd. Either way, Todoroki was content wherever the two of them went. He didn’t wanna think about it again, but it really did hurt to wonder if they’d be friends after all of this; if they could be friends after all of this.

The boy wasn’t entirely paying attention when they got to the paying booth. In fact, he didn’t remember if he paid for the train at all. Todoroki, in a fit of embarrassment, pulled out his card and slapped it down in the little hole between the plexiglass.

Bakugo gave him a pinched look and hissed. “The fuck you think you’re doing.”

“Two adult bands, please.” Todoroki didn’t answer the other’s question.

“Hey, no- wait. You can’t just-“

“Would you like to pay the extra ten dollars to have free rides everywhere?” The redhead behind the glass asked nicely.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

Bakugo looked up at Todoroki, still pouting. “You didn’t have to do that, you know. We’re not going to go on many rides anyways.”

The woman swiped his card and handed it back with two neon pink, paper bracelets. “Enjoy!” She smiled.

Todoroki took the pile out of her hands and continued his way into the gated fair.

“No, you’re not getting out of this easily, asshole!” Bakugo dragged his feet behind the taller boy, still with an upset look dancing on his face.

Todoroki turned around and sighed, taking in the scowl that was almost always on the other’s face. “You really don’t need to pay for any of this. Bakugo, you’re already doing enough for me as it is. Please, it’s the least I can do.”

Bakugo quickly averted eye contact and sighed. He held out his wrist and waited. “Well, at least give me the bracelet you paid thirty fucking dollars for.”

Shoto pulled away the plastic bit that covered the band-aid like sticky part and wrapped it around the other surprisingly slim wrist. “That’s how much they were?” He asked out loud, even though it was mostly a question for himself.

“You didn’t even read the sign?” Bakugo winced.

“No, was I supposed to?” The other asked calmly; genuinely uncertain if that’s really what he was supposed to do.

The blond pulled his hand away. “You’re the worst.” The words held no weight when Bakugo slightly smiled and the wrinkles around his forehead disappeared.

The pair took a stroll around the place taking in the sights and smells of all the different vendors. Todoroki had been to fairs before but now looking at it as an adult he still felt a small part of him have that childish wonder seep though him. Fairs were bright and colorful. They was really no reason to feel bad unless you lost at one of the many rigged games. Speaking of games.

“We’ve passed by half a dozen carnival games, and each time you stare at all of those cute stuffed animals.” Todoroki snickered.

Bakugo whipped his head around so fast it gave the other whiplash. “I do not!” The boy yelled.

“If you want one, you can just ask?”

“I don’t!?”

“Let me win you one.”

“What, no?!”

Before Bakugo could stop him Todoroki was waltzing on over to one of those metal cup games where you have to knock them down with a hacky sack like ball. The red sign above the booth stated ‘no quirks allowed’, which, made sense. Bakugo wasn’t really certain how they’d be able to tell if you were ever using one, but he doesn’t care enough to question it further.

“Which one do you want, Dear?” Todoroki asks rather calmly.

“Who- what?!” Bakugo barks, but the blush dusting his cheeks doesn’t go unnoticed.

“The animal?” The other cocks his head to the side. Todoroki would pretend that the nickname embarrassment went unnoticed; he’d save that information for later.

The blond pursed his lips but still took a glance over all the animals that were zip tied to the walls. Todoroki knew he wanted one.

“The tiger.” Bakugo points to one of the only animals that is tied to the roof of the small carnival game. “And only that one.” He adds, turning to give the taller a smug look.

Right, of course. Todoroki wasn’t going to not get that tiger now. They would wait here until he got it, but the boy was certain it would only take one try.

“Think you can get it, Dear?” He blond pokes fun in a condescending voice. The cute nickname doesn’t sound all the cute when he uses it that way.

“How do I get the giant tiger?” Todoroki strolls up to the booth while pointing to the stuffed tiger that’s actually hanging by a noose. Maybe that’s why Bakugo wanted it; not to mention the sucker is about waist height to the two of them... the things huge.

The teller chuckled lightly. “If yah can manage to knock down each tier, then the tiger’s all yours.”

Todoroki glances at the line of bottles trailing the thin wall. They went from three to six, to twelve... that was a lot of bottles.

“Yah only get three balls though.” The man adds on, handing over the three surprisingly firm hacky sacks.

“Alright.” Todoroki nods with new found confidence.

Bakugo glances between the two with an almost perplexed look on his face. Maybe he didn’t think Todoroki would, or could do it. But he was gonna do it darn it! Nothing says stupid couple things quite like winning your partner a giant stuffed animal.

The teller walks out of the way. “Alright kid, floors all yours. Just no quirks, ‘ight?”

The boy nods even though he half believes the man wouldn’t notice or care if he did use his, even if Todoroki’s quirk wouldn’t be much help.

He throws the ball hard and fast at the three stacked glass bottles. They all clank and fall down but magically don’t break when they land on the ground. Todoroki doesn’t question it. He moves onto the triangle of six and knocks it down just as easily as the first pyramid.

“You’re fucking serious.” Bakugo mumbles next to him.

That comment sets a fire deep inside Todoroki. He can’t tell if it’s the acceptance of Bakugo that makes his body warm, or maybe just the sound of how shocked Bakugo was. Regardless, it makes him twitch with unneeded anxiety. If he doesn’t make this shot he’ll be a disappointment. Not that it mattered. It was just a stuffed animal that he’s certain he could buy online if need be. But carnival games lights a spark in everyone, and winning one for yourself, or others, really makes you feel something.

Todoroki grips the ball with all the confidence he has left and chucks it right in the bottom center of the twelve stacked cups. The top rows fall down unceremoniously, while one cup twirls around tauntingly. This seems to go on for a few seconds until gravity inevitably takes over that the cup rolls off the wall.

“Holy shit! Yes!” Bakugo jumps up, fist pumping the air.

“I did it?” Todoroki takes in the empty shelf before him. “I did it!” He finally cheers.

“Here yah are, son.” The man before them cuts the rope from the giant tiger’s next and tosses it down to Bakugo. “What’s it’s name?”

Bakugo uncharacteristically wraps the animal in his arms for a hug; he can barely link his fingers together around the thing. The blond looks over the neon orange and black tiger and shrugs. “Idiot.”

“Idiot?” Todoroki snorts. “That’s a new one.”

“Yeah.” He picks some fuzz off the ear of Idiot. “He’s stupid, I like him.”

The taller on nods with a confused look on his face. “So, since you like him... you’re calling him ‘Idiot’.”

“Yeah, he’s fucking dumb looking. Look at his face. He looks like an Idiot, so he’s my Idiot.” Bakugo huffs into the furry animal.

“I think we co-own Idiot, so he’s ours.” Todoroki pets the tiger’s head.

The other grunts, tugging away Idiot from Todoroki’s hands. “‘M too young to raise a child.”

“I think we’ll manage, he won’t need much.”

“Guess you’re right. But I have custody of him, you can visit him if you like, but he stays in my room.”


They finally move away from the booth when a child and his father want to take a chance getting one of the stuffed animal’s themselves. The couple take turns holding Idiot while they walk because Bakugo has an obsession with caramel apples and buys two during their walk.

“You really like those things, huh?” Todoroki glances down to the other who is having trouble getting the first bite through.

Bakugo stops trying and scowls up to him. “Yeah, they’re fucking great. It’s sweet and savory at the same time, kinda like chocolate dipped bananas or pretzels.” He tries again at biting trough the caramel with little to avail. It’s comical how the term ‘all bark and no bite’ really apply to Bakugo on all levels, figuratively and literally.

“Here, let me try.” Todoroki offers and hand.

Bakugo keeps to himself how angry it makes him that the other boy can carry Idiot in one arm without it being uncomfortable. Stupid tall people.

“Yeah, fine whatever. Do you have shark teeth too? Yah got a third quirk that I don’t know about, Icy-Hot?” Bakugo rants.

Todoroki takes one bite and pierces through the caramel shell with easy. “Tsk, I loosened it.” Is all he hears from the peanut gallery next to him.

Bakugo doesn’t seem to care that Todoroki legitimately ate some of the blond’s food. He’ll that that as a win of them getting to be closer as friends.

Before leaving, they finally decide to head on over to the Ferris wheel for one last ride.

“This is about the corniest shit you could ever come up with, you know that?” Bakugo hollers about as usual but still gets on the ride without any restraint.

The other nods. “Yes, but it’s fun, don’t you think?”

He shrugs. “I guess.”

Todoroki will take that as a ‘yes.’

Once they’re almost halfway to the top Todoroki pulls out his phone. “Can we take a photo?”

“Like together? Are you high? No!?” The other of course has to make a scene out of it.

It was wishful thinking but he hopes if he pushes just a bit more Bakugo will cave. “If we don’t take a phot we won’t remember?”

“I don’t know about you, but I have a fantastic memory. So I’ll remember this just fine.” He yells while clinging to Idiot.

“But it’s our adoption day. Come on, for Idiot?”

That puts a smile on Bakugo’s face- Well, it’s more of a tug of the lips that pulls into a quick smirk- but, Todoroki will take it. He’s gotten used to Bakugo’s tendency to use words like ‘whatever’ and ‘fine’ instead of a simple ‘yes’ or ‘sure’. Even with the grumpy attitude it’s more of Bakugo’s face and the way he says things, rather than him being an actual jerk. Todoroki can understand, most people think he’s aloft and cold when in reality he jut doesn’t really speak or have too much of an opinion on things. Maybe it’s the way Bakugo just is, but it’s rather inviting once you get to know him. He realizes that he made a lot of the decisions tonight even though the whole plan was Bakugo’s idea in the first place. It’s nice to pick and choose for once.

“As long as you don’t drop your phone, then that’s fine.” There he goes using his signature ‘fine’ again. And since that means ‘yes’ in Bakugo language, Todoroki taps on the photo icon on his phone.

Bakugo covers most of his face with the head of Idiot- intentional or not- leaving only one eye and part of his face in view of the camera. Todoroki is also mostly in view, although half of the scar side of his face is cut off. The view is mostly of Idiot and that’s fine.

“Don’t look so grumpy.” Todoroki looks at Bakugo on the screen.

Bakugo says nothing and holds up the middle finger, and Todoroki reluctantly takes the shot. It’s stupid and a little tasteless, but it’s cute and he can add it to his little collection of him and Bakugo photos.

“You want me to send it to you?” He asks.

Bakugo leans his head on the giant cat and mutters a “whatever”, so Todoroki does send it.

It had been a long day. The train ride home feels even longer then on the way there, which only makes the pair even sleepier. Todoroki has caught Bakugo dozing off more than once and it’s rather endearing.

“Tired?” He whispers, even though there’s only really a handful of passengers left.

Bakugo nods slowly. “Mm, yeah.” He admits quietly.

“Last stop.” The robotic train voices speaks over the intercom.

“Come on.” Todoroki gets up and nudges at the blond to follow.

Bakugo doesn’t lift his head from the tiger but still follows along with a slow stride.

They make it outside and immediately Bakugo is hissing.

“It’s fucking cold out.” The other pulls off his jacket and drapes it around the boy’s shoulders. “The fuck?” Bakugo turns to look at him.

“I’m fine, I have a long sleeve on and I can use my quirk if I need to. My ‘lame’ jacket isn’t so lame after all, huh?” He smirks.

Bakugo rolls his eyes, standing up a little better. “I said I was joking about that!”

“Yeah, Yeah.” He waves him off as they continue to make haste to the school grounds.

Once inside the two are bombarded with wolf whistles and coy grins.

“Awh, look at them, aren’t they the cutest?” Kaminari winks at Bakugo.

“Did your boyfriend win that for you, Blasty?” Kirishima joins in.

Bakugo rolls his eyes a growls. “Fuckin’ yeah! Gotta problem?!”

“I’m more surprised he admitted it than anything else.” Ashido comments from her spot on the community kitchen counters.

“‘M fucking tired, goodnight.” Bakugo storms off without warning, taking Idiot and Todoroki’s jacket with him.

He doesn’t really care about the jacket, Todoroki’s sure he’ll get it back at some point. He more worried that Bakugo is embarrassed to be around him... which seems like a stupid thing to be worried about since Bakugo has done nothing but agree with every person that calls the two of them a couple. So he really shouldn’t be worried, Todoroki’s still just nervous that he’s over staying his welcome with Bakugo’s nice gesture. He should have asked him today if this was really all fine. But then again, Bakugo would probably just get mad because the “you can’t make me do something I don’t want” conversation rings in Todoroki’s head once more.

He just want Bakugo to feel used. He still wants to be friends after all this, he likes hanging around Bakugo. It’s weird, but, it doesn’t feel like they’re acting any differently. Sure they held hands and Bakugo practically changed personalities when they met his family, but he doesn’t change who he is around Todoroki. Bakugo is still a loudmouth with the slang of a sailor and does whatever he wants. He really doesn’t want to get his hopes up. Todoroki will have to talk about it with him soon.


Chapter Text

“We need to talk.” Todoroki approaches Bakugo while he’s eating with the fellow members of the ‘Bakusquad’.

The others that are sitting around the table all take turns glancing between Bakugo and Todoroki; there’s an eerie silence cutting through the air and nobody seems to like it.

Bakugo swallows whatever he was munching on and glares up to the other. “You breaking up with me?”

Todoroki newly drops his tray when everyone around them starts banging the table with their silverware.

“Bakugo, what the hell!” Ashido yells. “You wouldn’t do that right here, would you, man?” Kirishima gives a worried look. And Kaminari is just sitting there yelling. They’re all talking over one another so they don’t get to notice the gleaming smirk that plastered over the blond’s face.

Todoroki takes that as his queue to sit down next his notreallyaboyfriend boyfriend. They hadn’t sat together at lunch before, not regularly of course, but he felt that now since everyone quote-unquote ‘knew the truth’ he might as well indulge and see what goes on over at Bakugo’s table. And from what he’s seen... a lot of yelling.

“That’s so unmanly to break up like that, Todoroki would never!” Kirishima is heard talking with Sero. At least someone is looking out for him, Todoroki thinks.

Sero shrugs with the goofy smile he always wears. “I don’t know, maybe he really would give Bakugo the cold shoulder?”

“Don’t use his quirk as a pun!”

Bakugo does?”

“That’s Bakugo!”

Bakugo rolls his eyes and turns his attention to the other. “Ignore whatever the fuck that is. Wha’d’ya wanna talk about?”

Todoroki glances over to make sure nobody’s paying the couple any mind. “It’s nothing too serious.” He whispers. “I just don’t think we should talk about it now.”

The other doesn’t seem to question it, he just busies himself with his lunch and continues to get annoyed at the groups invasive comments.

“How was your date?”

“Fucking fabulous.”

Maybe he’s just saying it to brush off the questions, but Todoroki still smiles at the compliment.


Later that night the two of them settle into Bakugo’s room after dinner and showers. They started in separate chairs across the room from one another but after Bakugo made a comment that ‘he felt like he was yelling across the room’- which, by the way, he was- they ended up sitting on the bed.

Bakugo was lying partially down at the foot of the bed, his head perched up with a pillow underneath and knees bent, staring off into the space of the ceiling. Todoroki didn’t question it, he just sat up straight against a odd number of pillows in the corner where his mattress met the wall.

“So, you wanted to talk?” Bakugo asked. He didn’t sound worried, and he shouldn’t be, but it still made Todoroki twitch in nerves.

He composed himself. “I don’t want this to come off... odd but-“

Bakugo sat up and stared at Todoroki with something like annoyance stretched across his face. “I’m going to stop you right fucking there. Todoroki, we’re fake fucking dating. Nothing is odd at this point.”

A breathe he didn’t know he was holding pulls out from Todoroki’s lungs. It was stupid but the fact that Bakugo used his actual name when he was trying to calm him down just felt nice.

“Are we friends?” He blurted out.

Bakugo hesitated, the other worried if he asked a stupid question. “That’s a stupid question.”

Guess that answered that.

“Oh, well... I’m glad.” Todoroki shifted in his spot, moving the pillows around him to hold on in his lap. He didn’t even notice that Idiot had been perked in to corner of the bed and that brought a bigger smile to his face. Bakugo didn’t seem the type to hold on to, or even display, a giant stuffed animal. He also didn’t seem the type to hold on to that Polaroid Todoroki’s sister had taken for them, but there it was still stuck to his vanity mirror. Bakugo was oddly sentimental and it made Todoroki’s heart warm.

“Don’t be gross about it. I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I hated you.”


“Are you seriously surprised?”

Todoroki didn’t realize he had a shocked expression on until he closed his mouth. “I guess I am?” He chocked out with a light laugh.

Bakugo made that clicking noise with his tongue he does when he’s annoyed. “What’s you think we were?”

“Acquaintances?” He reasons, unsure of his own words.

Bakugo makes that sound again, louder even. “Fuck off.” His words are soft.

Todoroki tried not to focus on how his whole body feels warm. It’s different from his quirks warmth- the exterior warmth that’s man’s made and fabricated from his finger tips. This warmth spreads from far deep inside him... somewhere in between his heart and stomach. He tries to ignore it but he worries if he shouldn’t. Maybe he should look into it...

At least his worries over whether they were even friends or not can be put at rest. It doesn’t stop him from worrying about how his body is acting like a furnace every time Bakugo becomes... soft. It’s not an unwelcome feeling, just something he can’t put his finger on.

“So after all of this- whenever we decide it ends- what do we tell the others?” Todoroki voices his concerns.

Bakugo shifts and ends up leaning his back and head against the wall his bed is leaning against. He sighs, pulling Idiot in his lap. “Guess we’ll just tell them the truth, that we did it as a publicity stunt- or whatever your comfortable telling them.”

“And you’re alright with that?” The other continues.

“Better than them thinking we’re still dating.”

“Right, o-of course.”

Maybe Todoroki shouldn’t take offense to that, but he can’t help it. Bakugo rambles off about something else, Todoroki’s not really paying attention, he’s too focused on how stupidly hurt he is from the blond saying that. It’s not Bakugo’s fault they’re like this.

He can’t really understand why the comment stung so much. Bakugo was rather blunt when it came to just about anything. That much was a given. So it really shouldn’t be shocking that’d he’d want to go ‘back to normal’ after all of this. That’s fair for the other to want.

Todoroki is... well he’s just upset.

“Would you want to go to the movies like you suggested. I think now that we’ve made it obvious in pubic we could try doing it somewhere private. Not that the movies is really all that private or whatever. Todoroki-“ Bakugo stops talking when he notices the other is spaced out, not really focusing on anything in particular in his room. He sighs. “Hey, asshole! I’m talking’ to you?”

Todoroki twitches. “Oh right! Sorry. I should go.” He says, pushing himself up off the bed and into the middle of the room before Bakugo can even say anything.

The blond open and closes his mouth a few times with no words coming out as his friend approaches the bedroom door.

“Goodnight, Bakugo.” Is all the taller says before closing the door on him.

Bakugo sits in his room seldom and quiet for a moment. He mulls it over for a half a second and decides to turn in for the night and not dwell on it. He goes to bed for the night.


It hits Todoroki like a sack of bricks- the sack of bricks being Kirishima’s body- just how upset Bakugo was after him leaving the night before.

“Dude hey, did you guys actually break up?” Kirishima, the nice fellow he is, pulls Todoroki aside and asks as quietly and nicely as possible.

Todoroki stiffens at the assumption. Classes are over and they’re just taking up a small space in the corner of the halls, but he feels like the whole school is staring at him. Kirishima can be intimidating when he wants to be.

“Um, no? Why?” He responds rather.... eloquently.

Kirishima sighs, carding his fingers through his spiky hair. “Baku’s just been awful quiet today. And when I asked him if it had to do with you guys he just got mad and ignored me.” The redhead put his hands up in mock surrender. “I’m not trying to tell you how to work your relationship, bro. That’s not cool at all. I’m just worried- as your friend and his.”

Todoroki nods. “Sorry to concern you about that. I’ll ask him in the dorms when we get back.”

“Yeah, thanks. I was just worried.”

Sure enough when Todoroki knocks on Bakugo’s door he’s greeted with an aggressive ‘what’.

“It’s Todoroki, .... May I come in?”

There’s shuffling, probably Bakugo getting up from his seat and then the door opens. The blond doesn’t look displeased to see him, which is surprising. However, he just looks displeased, period.

“I’m sorry for avoiding you at school or whatever, it’s just-“ Bakugo avoids eye contact, glancing at his socked feet or something else on the floor. He sounds tired and annoyed. Todoroki feels horrible, he did this, right?

Before Todoroki can spout out his apologies Bakugo continues. “My mom found out, I don’t know how- maybe the magazine... or another relative... I don’t know, doesn’t matter. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was a lie. Todoroki, she sounded- she sounded so happy...”

Oh. That’s something. He expected him to be mad that Todoroki just up and left his room last night. It was childish and stupid Todoroki now realizes. Bakugo just worded poorly and doesn’t deserve to be hated because he wouldn’t actually date Todoroki. Sure it hurts his feels, maybe a tad more then he’d admit, but that’s no reason to get so petty. Bakugo is already being such a good friend and Todoroki shouldn’t be ungrateful.

“Can I come in?” Todoroki doesn’t want to intrude but Bakugo sounds like he needs a friend, a friend that Todoroki wasn’t acting like as of recent. But Kirishima and Ashido don’t understand what the blond’s really facing right now, they don’t know half the story. Not to mention Bakugo would rather die then vent to anybody ever, so this- this is all very surprising.

Bakugo moves aside and closed the door on them. The room is how it always is, cleaned and organized except the bed which looks mulled over and slept in. Or maybe in Bakugo sense sulked in.

They take their respective seats on his bed; Todoroki in the corner where the two walls meet and Bakugo crossed legged with Idiot in his lap. It’s stupidly domestic that they already both have special spots in Bakugo’s room.

“She asked to meet you. Like fuck, this was supposed to be about you not about me. Now my mom’s gonna wonder why we broke up. It’s gonna be my fault. She’s gonna think I’m some terrible boyfriend with a shit attitude and I’ll never hear the end of it.” Bakugo finally raised his voice for the first time that day. “And it’s not like you’re a nobody or anything! I can’t just wipe you from her mind! You’re the number two Hero’s fucking son for crying out loud!”

“Bakugo...” Todoroki rested a hand on Bakugo’s shoulder.

He sighed. Bakugo shoulders slouched as he curled in closer to his stuffed tiger. “Katsuki, how dare you lose a total catch like Endevor’s own son! With an attitude like that it’s no wonder he left you.” The blond spoke in a higher voice to mock his mom.

“She doesn’t think that about you, Bakugo.” Todoroki tried to reason. He ignores the indirect compliment of him being a catch. Bakugo’s upset, he doesn’t have time to feel giddy over a small compliment.

He laughed. “Yah funny. She says shit like that all the fucking time. Yeah, I get it, I’m hard to deal with... fucking sue me?!”

“Well then, when all of this over why don’t you tell her you broke up with me? Say anything. Tell her I cheated on you, I broke your heart, it doesn’t matter to me.” The last thing he wants is for Bakugo to get punished when they break up. This was supposed to fix their situations, not make it worse.

“She’ll think I’m lying- or worse- blame me for the things you did. Plus, I can’t throw you under the bus like that. My mom talks shit like her life depends on it. If news gets around that you’re out here breaking hearts then that’s a shit storm waiting to happen.” Bakugo mutters, taking a big sigh and sulking into the fur of his plushie.

Todoroki leans back so his head is resting against the wall. He closes his eyes for a brief moment to just breathe. How is it that some simple, little, innocent plan could spiral into this.

“Maybe we could,” He tugs at the roots of his hair as if he could physically rip thoughts from his brain. “I don’t know. Maybe we could just pretend a little longer?”

“I can’t have you do that for me. She’s gonna say the same shit regardless of how long we keep this up. It’d probably be worse if we keep it going any longer anyways.” Bakugo glances up at him. His red eyes are the saddest they’ve ever looked. Todoroki wants to pull him in for a hug. Nobody should have to deal with this, not even someone as strong as Bakugo.

”I’m sure she wants the best for me.” Bakugo tries to reason with himself. “It’s just- she doesn’t have to be so fucking mean about it.”

Todoroki feels like he wasn’t really supposed to hear that last part for it made Bakugo sound weak. He wasn’t, the blond was probably the strongest person Todoroki met; physically (at least for his age) and mentally (for all the shit he’s been through).

“I’ll do anything to help. I’ve gotten you into this mess. Plus, I said I owe you one.” The boy smiles as reassuringly as he possibly can. “We’re in this together.”

Bakugo hums a noise of agreement and leans back as well. The pair stare off at Bakugo’s beige, bland walls just taking in what they got themselves into.

“I’m glad it’s you.”

Todoroki flinches. “What?”

Bakugo doesn’t look at him. He keeps looking at the wall in front of them. “I said, I’m glad it’s you. Anybody else would be crying over me and trying to meddle in shit that they shouldn’t be meddling in. I’m glad you just... listen. You just listen and keep it to yourself. So, thanks, or whatever.”

Todoroki allows himself to reach over and rest his open palm on Bakugo’s crossed legs. The boy turns to him and gives him an unreadable look.

Todoroki shrugs. “I should be thanking you for how patient you’ve been with me.”

“Yeah, guess we’re both really fucking thankful.”

“I am really ‘fucking’ thankful.” Todoroki mocks.

Bakugo rears his head back in shock. “Don’t swear, it doesn’t look cute on you.”

“And it does on you?” The taller is still pocking harmless fun.

Bakugo rolls his eyes. “Absolutely fucking adorable.”

Chapter Text

The all too familiar sound of a paperback book slapping on a flat surface rang through class 1-A’s homeroom. A magazine covered in neons and baby pinks had been tossed on to Bakugo’s desk. There on the front cover, in a pink was Todoroki and Bakugo smiling while holding onto their adopted tiger plush.

Bakugo didn’t even look up to see who threw it, he just buried his face into the fold of his arms and grunted. That’s probably the exact magazine that his mother was going on about the night prior. Funny how all the two boys wanted was to just get on a magazine so everyone could think they were gay and move on. Turns out that’s the last thing Bakugo now wanted to see on a Friday morning.

“Hey man, are you good?” Kaminari asked.

Of course it was Kaminari, he probably thought this whole this was so comical. He could joke and laugh about the couple being front and center on some horny tween magazine without knowing how truly annoying it was now.

“‘M fuckin’ fine, Pikachu.” Bakugo mumbled more to his desk than anything else.

The sound of a chair being pulled out and pushed up next to Bakugo’s desk was heard. This idiot was now going to interrogate him; fucking great.

“Hey I didn’t mean to make fun of you. You and Todoroki are real cute together, man. I just think it’s funny how all these magazines are now infatuated with the both of you.” Kaminari tried to reason.

Bakugo knew it was all in good harmless fun. That’s just how Kaminari was.

“I’m not mad, stupid. It’s just fucking annoying is all.”

“Ah, sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you.” The other had a worried look on his face.

Bakugo rolled his eyes. “It’s not that deep. These bitches will get over it within the month or something.”

Kaminari placed a arm around Bakugo’s shoulder to ‘comfort’ him. He smiled. “Don’t worry, dude! They’re just jealous that the hottest couple around is doing better than they ever would!”

While it was appreciated that Kaminari tried to cheer him up in true Kaminari fashion, it was sad to think nobody really knew the half of it. They really weren’t doing that good.

“If Todoroki sees you like that he’s going to break your neck, Kaminari.” Kirishima giggled while approaching the two at the desk.

“Todoroki doesn’t strike me as the jealous type.” Kaminari didn’t move but he did take his off of Bakugo’s shoulder and rested it next to the other’s on the desk. “Plus I’m sure they do enough together when they’re in Bakugo’s room every night.”

Bakugo flushed. So that’s what they through Bakugo and Todoroki we’re doing in his room every night?! It’s funny to think the two were having something a kin to heart-to-hearts and plans on how to keep this fake relationship going... and they thought-

“You guys think we’re just... fucking every night?!” Bakugo yipped like a dog.

Kaminari snorted. “I mean, yeah?!”

The blond dragged a palm down his face in annoyance. “Oh my fucking God.” He mumbled into his hand.

“Ha, then what are you doing, Baku?” It was Kirishima’s turn to poke fun now.

Bakugo hissed. “Homework.”

Homework?” The two boys parroted back with the most unconvinced look on their faces.

“He could be right.” Kirishima shrugged. “My rooms like right next door and I haven’t heard anything convincing yet.”

Bakugo threw the magazine at his face. “Shut up?!”

“Bakugo doesn’t seem like the quiet type.” Kaminari chuckled evilly next to the other.

Bakugo was about to slap him when Todoroki himself wandered over to the group of boys.

“Why do you look like you’re about to kill them?” Todoroki asked in his monotone voice, he sounded bored but he looked curious.

Kirishima took it upon himself to keep the joke going so he draped an arm over Todoroki’s shoulders. “Hey, is Bakugo a yeller?”

Kaminari was having all of a fit trying to keep himself from crying right on Bakugo’s desk. He looked about of breath just trying to keep himself from laughing.

Would you-“ Bakugo didn’t get to finish his sentence.

“Yes?” Todoroki gave the three a perplexed look. “He’s loud in just about everything he does. Why?”

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb nearly broke a lung or two from laughing at Bakugo’s embarrassed face. Todoroki could have worded that any other way, but of course he did not!

The rest of class the two morons kept glancing over at Bakugo with all too smug expressions on their faces. Kaminari even through a paper at Bakugo’s desk that just read ‘Todoroki’ in all caps. He burnt it.


“So, tonight?” Todoroki followed Bakugo up to his room.

The blond turned his head to glance at the boy following him. “So, tonight?” He asked back.

Bakugo took out his key to open his door but halted for half a second to reminisce the conversation from this morning. He quickly glanced down Kirishima’s side of the hall and saw neither neon red or yellow hair bopping about. Good, he didn’t want to hear either of the two morons spew more embarrassing rumors. They weren’t fucking, alright?!

“Would you care to go out?” Todoroki asked in that sort of monotone speech he always uses. It’s grown on Bakugo. It’s less robotic and more soothing now that he’s been around it so long. The blond guesses it’s better than yelling all the time.

“Sure, where to?” He shrugs, not nothing to look over his shoulder when he unlocks his door and enters in.

Bakugo leads them both into his room. He throws his book bags somewhere close to the desk that’s right next to his door that’s less of a space for studying and more of a place to just stack books and things. Bakugo takes his rightful spot int he middle-edge of the bed and waits for Todoroki to take his corner spot; he doesn’t.

Sitting down he takes in Todoroki’s almost awkward composure which Bakugo has the chance to see a handful of times by now.

“Ugh.” He groans. “What’s wrong? What could you be worried about now?”

Bakugo’s certain they’ve made their rounds talking about everything they were nervous about already. What could possibly be itching at the other now.

“I was wondering if we could go out, but as friends.”

It takes a moment of squinting at Todoroki for Bakugo to fully process what the fuck just came out of the other’s mouth.

“I thought- didn’t we-.....” Bakugo groans over his own jumbled up word vomit. “We are friends, ok? Are you happy! I said it?!”

“Yes, but- I want to hang out... as friends” Todoroki emphases.

The blond scowls again. “Isn’t that what we’ve been doing the whole time?!” He starts raising his voice again from his naturally loud state to even louder.

Todoroki finally sits down with a sigh. “Those were all fake dates, I don’t want to put up appearances. I mean, of course we’d have to in public. But I want to try hanging out together as just friends.”

Todoroki continues to ramble on how him and Bakugo are growing closer and that if he, Todoroki, is to meet Bakugo’s parents he wants to make sure he knows everything about the blond. Bakugo thinks (deep down) that, that’s sweet and definitely smart. But, Bakugo is having trouble focusing because it just occurred to him he wasn’t really putting on much of an act around Todoroki hardly ever. Minus that one time when Bakugo met Todoroki’s family; which now looking back was probably a terrible idea if after all of this they stay friends and they meet the real him. That will be a rude awakening. Or a disappointment.

Bakugo swallows. It’s stupid for him to worry about what his friend’s older sister thinks of him (Endevor can piss right the fuck off, Bakugo doesn’t care about him.)

His face turns slightly pink without his consent and that just makes the blond even madder. This whole time they were on fake dates, putting on a show and trying to look cute for the whole world to gaze upon... and here Bakugo was forgetting all of that. He nearly forgot the whole reason him and Todoroki had come this far.

Maybe he could blame it on his stupid touch-starved-gay-boy-brain. Even that makes Bakugo embarrassed because that’d imply Todoroki was someone to be sought after. Which- let’s be honest here- wasn’t a bad thing per say. It’s just, Bakugo was content here- he was always content here. They were friends. Todoroki and him were friends. He didn’t need to dwell on that any further... even if he had to force himself to come back to what Todoroki was talking about.

“I hardly know anything about you really, it’s a shame. For someone that claims to be full of himself-“ Todoroki is nudged roughly from Bakugo for that comment. “Right, well, I mean it in the nicest way possible.”

“I’m sure you do.” He rolled his eyes.

“But someone like you... you’re not very open about- well, hardly anything really? Just the other day when we were talking about your mother I really felt like I got to see you. Friends are supposed to know these things, not to mention as your fake boyfriend I need to keep appearances when I meet your mother.”

Bakugo grimaced. That’s the last thing he wanted Todoroki to do... meet his fucking mom. She’d most certainly fall in love with him on sight with his pretty face and good boy manners. His mother wouldn’t want the boy to leave, and neither would Bakugo really.

He liked this- all of this- a little too much, honestly. It was beginning to piss him off. It was something different then his friendship with Kirishima and how they’d use each other for battle practice, and study for classes because ‘Bakugo was such a good teacher’. It was different when Kaminari wrapped his arms around the blond and practically glued himself to Bakugo’s side. Ashido was especially different since she was a girl, but she didn’t cease to magically put a smile on his face when nobody was really looking. All of Bakugo’s friends meant something to him and did make him happy whether he’d admit to it or not was another thing. But this thing with Todoroki, the fake dating, Bakugo kinda wanted it to stay.

“Holy shit.” The blond hissed.

Todoroki turned his head. “Something wrong.”

“No, nothing. It’s nothing.” He breathed. “I think you should meet my parents.”

Todoroki looked shocked. “Really?!” He half shouted.

“Yeah I mean, we might as well get it over with.” He’s lying though his teeth, it doesn’t even sound like him speaking.

Todoroki, as dense as he is, seems to notice this change and wiggles just a tad bit closer. “We don’t have to, it was just a suggestion. Your mom is aware of us being together but she doesn’t understand the logistics of it. Maybe it’s for the best I don’t meet her?”

“Yeah, don’t want to her hopes up.”


The blond’s lip quivers just a tad too long and Bakugo hates it.

“Are you alright?” Todoroki offers a hand on Bakugo’s shoulder. The blond would normally shrug it off but he lets it settle there, just for today.

“When did any of this become my problem?” Bakugo asks, trying to make light of the situation.

Todoroki shrugs with that small smile he wears sometimes. “The second you agree to all of this. No good deed goes unpunished, Bakugo.”

“Yeah, no good deed goes unpunished is fucking right.”

Chapter Text

There’s only one step that leads up to the Bakugo household but it really feels like a climb with how intimidated Todoroki feels. It’s ironic how a house can give off the impression of the people that live inside. The dark oak door stands tall and Todoroki conjures up the strength to press the doorbell button.

What Todoroki, or more like, who he doesn’t expect to answer the door is a tall man with vast shoulders that almost covers the door frame itself. Todoroki’s aware his father is by far the most intimidating human being to walk the earth, he’s had first hand experience with that. However, this truck of a man is smiling down at him with thick framed glasses and a mustache that just screams dad.

Did he have the wrong house?

Todoroki can’t even begin to greet the man when his hand is being encompassed by an oven mitt sized hand.

“You must be Shoto, come in, Dear.” Bakugo’s dad is so soft spoken and kind that if he didn’t use a Todoroki’s full name in that sentence the half and half boy would have been sure he had the wrong house. “I’m Masaru.”

“Ah, it’s great to meet you, Sir!” Todoroki half bows half scurries his way into the foyer to not keep the man waiting any longer.

Todoroki’s house is very Japanese, very traditional. Momo has joked before that both of them respectively live in these grand old fashioned homes but yet their parents styles are so opposite. Where Shoto’s room has bamboo screens and a cute courtyard, Momo has godly drapes, chandeliers and a full rose courtyard... her family really went the extra mile.

But the Bakugo’s household had taken the word ‘rich’ and really just said fuck it. Everything was modern with the art on the wall, too the glossy appliances in the kitchen, to the full leather, white couch in the middle of the living room that never looked touched. But in the same sense, everything felt so warm and homey. Todoroki always hated the halls of his house that just went on for miles. They always felt cold and so removed from life, but his house couldn’t be more true to that feeling to begin with. So he guesses it was fitting.

For every exotic potted plant that stood in the Bakugo’s house, there was a clay, homemade vase to hold it in. For every spit-shined glass, side table there sat a well worn stack of books on top. And even on the mantel of the fireplace there were an array of family photos shoved in off brand picture frames that had some tacky glitter and stickers around the boarder.

Todoroki really enjoyed their sense of style.

Masaru, Katsuki’s father, took a seat in that white leather couch Todoroki was afraid to breathe next to. “Take a seat, Katsuki should be down in a-“

Sounds of thunder-like footsteps roared down the stairs in haste.

“Dad, what the fuck?!” Katsuki huffed getting to the bottom of the stairs, dressed in his regular all black ensemble.

“I thought you heard the bell?” His dad joked lightly with that sweet smile that seemed to never falter.

Katsuki scoffed, slumping onto the sofa unceremoniously. “Did he ask you any weird questions?” He asked, tapping the empty stop next to him.

Shoto finally took a seat.

Masaru laughed through his nose quietly. “Who do you take me for?”

“I do’know?” Katsuki fires back. He shrugs deeper into the folds of the sofa, his shoulders tense like someone’s picking a fight with him. “Mom’s the queen of asking twenty questions.”

Before his father can agree with that statement the queen herself saunters in from the hallway.

“Ah, Kitten, I didn’t know your boyfriend would be here early.” The woman sat down the basket of folded clothing that she had propped up on her wider hips.

Todoroki turns to see Katsuki aggressively gripping a pillow he found in his lap. His cheeks are bright red and Todoroki has to hold himself back from laughing.

“Kitten?” He ponders.

Katsuki hisses, slapping Todoroki’s right knee. “Don’t.”

“What.” The other shrugs his shoulders. “It’s cute.”

“It’s not cute.”

“Kitten, don’t be mean to him. Shoto seems like a lovely man, we don’t want him running away now.” Katsuki’s mom takes a seat right next to her husband, who places a hand gently on her lap, rubbing soft circles in her thighs with his thumb.

“What the fuck did I say!” The boy slaps his own knees and gestures over to his mom with that ‘I told you so expression’. “A ‘lovely man’, tsk.” He rolls his eyes.

“He has some manners, unlike someone.” Mitsuki, Katsuki’s mom, smirks back. Her smile is just like Katsuki’s and it brings a smile to Shoto’s face.

“What the hell, mom!”

“He’s a good influence. Not to mention I heard he was one of those kids that helped rescue you last time. Thank you, Shoto.” The woman’s lighthearted insults turn to genuine concern in a matter of seconds and it catches both of the boys off guard. “Have you thanked him, Katsuki?”

“God, Mom... Yes?!”

Todoroki, truthfully, doesn’t know if Bakugo is lying because he himself doesn’t remember if the blond thanked him that night... or at anytime really. He guesses it doesn’t matter either way. If it get’s his mom out of his hair, Todoroki can’t find it in him to really take it personally. It does spark his curiosity, however, because even to his own mother Katsuki isn’t inherently a liar.

“So, Shoto, what are your intentions with my son?” Mitsuki’s lips pull into a thin line that doesn’t appear to look anything like a smile, but he guesses it doesn’t have to look like one.

Masaru grips his wife’s thigh almost like a nervous tic. Katsuki- if he could- get a even cuter shade of pink that dusts around his whole face and ears. And Shoto’s in the middle of them all.

The boy wonders if he should lay it all there like dirty laundry; commit to all of his sins where the parents are the priest and bishop and Shoto and Katsuki might just be devil children. Confession seems like his trump card out of this, but Shoto would much rather play his cards right than ridiculous.

“I-“ The words get lost in his throat because not a single person looked at Todoroki the way his fake boyfriend’s mom is right now. If looks could kill, Shoto’s body wouldn’t be able to be recognized.

Masaru pets the woman’s leg. Maybe trying to soothe or coax her into letting it down a notch. Before the man can attempt to be a buffer Shoto pulls out his ace and slaps it right down on the triangular coffee table separating the couples.

“Love, ma’am!” He physically jolts.

“Love!” Mitsuki’s eyes glow as she brings her palm to her mouth in shock.

“Love?” Her husband stiffens in his seat, eyeing the pair in a softened smiled.

Love?!” Katsuki turns his head dangerously fast to the left.

Shoto collects himself, adjusting the collar on his turtleneck. “Not now... of course, the future.. I suppose? It’s not like that. We’re only so fresh into our relationship. I’m being optimistic I presume?” He nervously smiles over to the other sitting next to him.

Katsuki’s arms are crossed with a scowl painting his face. He isn’t happy, for sure. “Just a tad optimistic.”

“Oh hush, Love. He clearly wants this to work, maybe you should try to make it last?” His mom banters back.

If Katsuki were to sink any further into the couch’s cushions the blond would soon be consumed. He doesn’t yell back clearly embarrassed out of his mind.

“So you want to be a Hero, Shoto. That’s great! Maybe you two could help each other out? A crime fighting, super couple.” Katsuki’s dad chuckles to himself, finally bringing the conversation out of whatever that was.

“That’s it.” Katsuki sits up and takes Todoroki’s arm with him.

“Where are you going?” His mom asks a little more rough this time. “We want to meet your boyfriend.”

“You’ve met him plenty.” Katsuki sneers, dragging the taller one up a set of stairs, around a hall, and into- what he guesses- is the boy’s room.

At the foot of the stairs Mitsuki stomps over to yell up to “Keep the door open, Brat!”

Katsuki, obviously, groans loud enough for the whole house to hear and then slams the door so the whole house can hear.

“You probably shouldn’t do that, she’ll get mad.” Shoto still smiles even though Katsuki may just get screamed at the second his mom hears the bed creek once.

“She’s been mad all her life.” Bakugo rolls his eyes.

Todoroki laughs. “She seems nice, your dad especially. I didn’t really know what to think really, but I guess it wasn’t-“

“Wasn’t that my dad looks like the human equivalent to a teddy bear?” Bakugo snorts.

He hums. “Yeah, I guess that’s what you could call him.”

They sit down on Katsuki’s bed almost exactly like they do at the dorms. The blond’s bedroom, be it larger, is decorated almost entirely the same as it is in the dorms. Grey walls, dark shades for the linens, nicknaks that are both very Katsuki and personal while also being cute. The picture frames of old Polaroids and more shoved photos around his mirror; Todoroki comes to realized Bakugo really likes photography.

“You’re so cute.” Shoto says it out loud. His tone isn’t mocking, he means it in the purest ways possible, but of course Katsuki takes offense almost immediately.

“What the fuck is wrong with-“

“I didn’t mean it like that. I guess you’re constantly surprising me, is all.”

Katsuki pouts in the way that says: I don’t understand, but I’m not tell you that.

Shoto hums in thought. “You’re rather sentimental for someone who preaches not to care much about anything.”

“I care, asshole.” Katsuki huffs through his nose. “I just don’t say it. I’m not a sap like my dad.”

“I think you are.” The other teases.

“My dad and I couldn’t legitimately the farthest from each other. I’m almost entirely my mom’s child. I don’t know how he’s even my dad.” The blond doesn’t say the last part with any amount of malice. He doesn’t seem to hate his dad, which is both surprising and comforting for Shoto. Only one of them can hate their dad’s and that’s him.

Shoto leans back in his spot, taking in the intriguing molding around the room. He notices those sticky, glow-in-the-dark stars plastered around the ceiling, a few posters that are hanging on for dear life on the walls.

“You’re like your mom because you both love nicknames.” He dares a smirk.

Katsuki grumbles. “Ha? The fuck? They aren’t nicknames, they’re insults.”

“I don’t think Princess, Icy-Hot, and Pikachu really count for insults, Kacchan.” Shoto looks all to smug for someone who’s gonna get punched in the face in five seconds.

Bakugo throws a pillow at his face and starts yelling. “Do not fucking call me that! And Pikachu is a moron, Princess is a fucking priss, and... and you-“

“I’m what.” Todoroki is still looking smug. “Hot and cold?”

Bakugo rolls his eyes. “I guess.”

“Very creative.”

“Shut up.”

“But you know,” Shoto changes the topic. “I see your dad in you. I guess your mom and you share a lot of similarities, but your dad seems so kind.”

“Gee, thanks.” Bakugo doesn’t sound convinced.

“I wish my dad was nice.”


Todoroki realizes he made it awkward. Bakugo is giving him that look. He doesn’t see it very often on someone like Bakugo, someone that despises pity, but the blond does look remotely sympathetic. But it’s a look none the less.

Katsuki sighs. “Maybe he’ll get it through his thick skull some day, maybe he won’t, I can’t really say. I don’t really know your dad and I honestly can’t say I’d care to.” Shoto laughs at that comment. “I’d be nice to have a dad in your life, I’m grateful mines not a fucking prick- my mom though... whatever. But people like you and Deku, you’ll survive without a dad. It’s not ideal, it’s not fucking great, but there’s so many fucking people that make a big deal out of not having both parents. I think you’re strong enough and smart enough- you’ll get through it. If your dad cuts you off for being gay, of all things, then he’s week and a coward.”

Todoroki’s mind eases. It’s so easy to talk to Bakugo, he always finds a way to comfort Todoroki. It’s just so nice and kind.

He leans his head on the blond’s shoulder. Bakugo doesn’t say a word and Todoroki fears he’s made it awkward again. He lifts his head to ask Bakugo if this was ok but the other is pressing his head back onto his shoulder without a word.

“It’s fine.” He mumbles quietly. Bakugo’s fingers pet the ends of a Todoroki’s hair before his hands inevitably rest back into his lap.

Todoroki closes his eyes and breathes a relieved sigh.

Bakugo was such a great choice to be his fake boyfriend, beyond him being gay, it was just so natural and easy. It still stung Todoroki’s heart a little that he was lying to his siblings and Bakugo’s parents. Regardless, for the time being, it was nice to rest by the blond’s side and converse about all his fears and worries.

“Katsuki.” Todoroki shifts to spare a look in the other’s direction. The blond’s eyes are also closed but they open the ssecond Todoroki shifts.

“Mm?” He says without opening his mouth.

“Can I call you that?” Todoroki rests his head back down, looking at the small photo’s on the other’s desk, collecting dust.

“Call me whatever you want.”

“Does this mean I can give you a nickname too?”

“I guess.” Bakugo shrugs, but not hard enough to jostle Todoroki’s head.

Todoroki hums. “Kitten’s pretty cu-“

“Don’t finish that sentence.” Todoroki doesn’t even have to look to know the kind of face Bakugo’s pulling.

“You’re no fun.” He laughs.

“Whatever.” He practically rolls his eyes just from his words alone.

Kitten it is.

Chapter Text

Mama Bear and Papa Bear Bakugo sent both their son and his ‘boyfriend’ off that night on a train ride back to school. The couple could have walked, but when your fake boyfriend’s parents offer to pay for you to go home the fast way... Well, Todoroki couldn’t say no.

“I liked them, your parents.” Shoto speaks to the blond that is basically dozing off in his seat. Bakugo seems the type to fall asleep anywhere.

“They liked you too.” Bakugo mumbles.

Shoto was sort of hoping the other would lean on him during the ride back so he could comb his fingers through Katsuki’s hair. It’s soft and he knows it, and it felt so nice when Katsuki ran his fingers through his hair- he was only returning the favor.

“You sure?” He questions. “I didn’t really get to talk to them too much since you pulled me away.”

Katsuki doesn’t look the slightest bit bothered by it. “Ok, and? You could just tell they fell in love with your manners and charm.” He shrugs.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Shoto try’s to be as humble as possible.

The blond nudges him with his elbow. “Shu’d’up.”

Bakugo ultimately ends up dozing off, or ‘resting his eyes’ as he loves to tell Todoroki, right on the Halfie’s shoulder. Only when he’s certain the little ball of anger won’t stir, Shoto glides his fingers through Katsuki’s ungelled spikes.

When they finally reach their stop Bakugo leaves the terminal like a mummy. Shoto’s nervous because he swears the entire walk back Katsuki didn’t open his eyes once and walked the whole way back just through memory alone. Which, honestly, wouldn’t be shocking if it were true.

Most of the students are in their rooms getting ready for bed so they don’t have the pleasure of interacting with mummy Bakugo.

The half-redhead follows the other up to his room because he hadn’t told him goodbye yet. Katsuki is very good about saying goodbye or goodnight, and Todoroki doesn’t mind walking him to his room.

Katsuki flops down on his bed the second he opens his door. It was exhausting keeping up with his parents and trying his damndest to get his mom to stop asking Shoto twenty questions.

Shoto fixes the bags that the blond tossed on the floor somewhere, which was stupidly nice of him... he didn’t need to do that. Katsuki is perfectly capable of picking up after himself. He doesn’t need another mom, one was more than enough.

The taller boy must have said something because he’s already at the door, ready to leave. Bakugo’s face is plastered into the folds of one of his pillows but he still manages to mutter out a “wait.”

“Hm?” Todoroki pivots around, door knob still in hand.

Bakugo lifts his face from deep inside the cushion. “Stay.” He makes a gesture with his hand.

“Oh.” Is all Todoroki says, removing his shoes and shuffling over to the bed.

Bakugo was hoping for- no, expecting- Todoroki to just take a seat on the bed by Bakugo’s legs; maybe sit at the desk chair if he’s feeling extra polite; or even the floor- the fucking floor. No, none of those had even crossed Todoroki’s mind because he’s now spooning Bakugo. The big spoon even!

Bakugo tenses because- well, because what the fuck is going on?! He’s probably sweating. Scratch that, he knows he’s sweating even though he isn’t even under his covers yet, still fully clothed; socks and all.

Bakugo doesn’t even breathe when he asks “what are you doing?”

Shoto’s brain takes a second to process the question because the room is still silent and Katsuki still is not breathing.

“Staying?” The boy doesn’t even sound like he convinced himself.

Katsuki gives up and finally allows his lungs to relish in the cool air from his room, yet he is still sweating. He’s afraid to move. The blond feels like a prey being hunted and if he moves he dies.

Does he stay? Does he kick him off the bed? Does he get under the covers and worry about it tomorrow morning? Can he at least take off his socks?

“Is this not what you wanted?” Shoto asks in that worried robot voice he uses. It’s probably a nervous tick to go monotone when he’s worried, but it doesn’t stop Katsuki from snorting.

Bakugo doesn’t feel so stiff after his little laugh, and finally rolls out of bed. Todoroki doesn’t move, from fear or from genuine comfort, doesn’t matter. Bakugo doesn’t spare a glance when he unhooks his belt and lets it clank on the floor. Somehow, entirely in that moment, Bakugo realizes a huge mistake and flushes almost entirely red. He whips his head up to look at Todoroki who looks he’s seen a ghost.

“O-oh, I Ugh....” Todoroki is sitting up now and Bakugo has to physically stop himself from shoving him back down because it’s not what it looks like.

“If you think I’m sleeping with jeans on you’re a bigger freak than I thought you were.” Bakugo tried to joke and brush off the not-so-obvious sexual tension that he just ripped open like a can of worms.

“Oh.” Todoroki nods, still watching Bakugo I dress like it’s the most entertaining thing.

Bakugo has seen nearly every human (yes, not every boy) naked from class 1-A at least once. And with that information, he’s certain Todoroki has had his fair share of encounters with an undressed version of Bakugo a multitude of times. So why is he staring at the blond like it’s the first time he’s seen a set of fucking nipples in his life is beyond him.

“Take a photo, it’ll last longer.” Bakugo snorts while rummaging through his dresser for a set of sweats.

Shoto jolts in embarrassment. “I wasn’t staring!”

“Chill the fuck out.” He rolls his eyes, tossing one of his many black tank tops and some sweats at the boy’s face.

“Hey!” Shoto chirps, swatting the clothing off his head.

Katsuki pulls out one of those stupid All Might shirts he’s had for years. It’s one of his favorites judging by the small rips around the collar of the shirt; he thinks it adds charm to it. It’s over sized and stupid, and Bakugo’s convinced Deku gave it to him for a birthday or something. Doesn’t really remember. But the second he puts it on he hears Todoroki scooting off the bed and chuckling to himself.

“This is cute.” The taller says, tugging at one of the sleeves on the All Might shirt.

“Oh shut up, it’s comfortable, asshole.” He tsk’s.

Shoto undresses himself, and nearly folds his pants and shirt onto Katsuki’s desk. Katsuki looks at him, then the pile of clothing, and then back at the boy. Without breaking his gaze he knocks the stack onto the floor with a celebratory ‘thud’.

Shoto sighs, not even bothering to pick it up. “Did you have to do that?”

“Yes.” The other responds quickly.

Shoto shakes his head with a drawn out breath. He finishes dressing; black tank top that’s a size too small for him and sweat pants that are a size too big for him.

“Do you shrink your shirts in the drier and stretch your pants in the wash?” Halfie asks while tightening the string belt around his waist.

“I like having free range of my legs, and I hate when shirts are loose and flowy. Plus, you’re taller than me so none of my shits gonna fit you anyways.”

“Maybe if you gave me that dress you’re wearing.”

It’s not a dress!”

Bakugo huffs on over to his bed without so much as looking at Todoroki. He pulls his sheets up and sits directly in the middle of his extra long twin bed. “You’ve been promoted to sleeping on the floor with that shitty attitude of yours.”

The threat doesn’t bother Todoroki in the slightest as he still goes to lift the sheets. “That doesn’t sound like much of a promotion.”

“It’s not.” Bakugo tugs the edge of the blanket underneath him like an asshole. “And you’re not sleeping with me because you’re being a little shit.”

“You’re being absurd. You invited me to stay over.”

“Never said nothing about sharing a bed.” Katsuki sticks his tongue out from under the blankets.

Shoto shakes the figure from underneath the covers. “Please.” He half wines. “Kitten, come on.”

Katsuki’s mane shoots up from underneath the mountain of covers with the angriest expression on his face. “Kitten!” He all but screams.

“People are trying to sleep.” Shoto whisper, like that was going to cancel out the screaming match that took place seconds before.

“Nope. Nu-uh, no. No thanks. You’ve been promoted to floor.”


“The floor!”

They stare at each other for a moment. Bakugo’s face is the only thing that is out from under the mountain of blankets. Todoroki doesn’t look remotely convinced in the slightest. They say nothing and the longer it goes on for the more peeved Bakugo looks.

“Well!?” Bakugo yips at him.

“I’m not sleeping on the floor, you’re being ridiculous.” The other true to reason.

Bakugo makes a noise and flips over to face the wall instead. “Maybe you should have thought of that before you acted like a stupid bitch.”

Todoroki doesn’t listen, of course, and takes the opportunity to slide in under the covers that Bakugo isn’t holding in his vice grip.

“What the hell!?” Bakugo flips back around and comes face-to-chest with Todoroki.

Todoroki shushes him. “It’s sleep time.”


“Sleep time.”

“Can you at least turn off the light, Mr. Sleepman?” Bakugo grumbles.

Todoroki is reluctant to get up because he reasons that Bakugo could just hog the bed again. Bakugo rolls his eyes at him and promises he won’t, which again, Todoroki doesn’t end up buying... so he try’s throwing a shoe at the light switch.

Bakugo is holding back tears and laughing into his pillow at this point because Todoroki is down to only one more shoe, and it’s a slipper.

“I swear to fucking god,” Katsuki holds back laughing while Shoto tries to get a good grip on the slipper. “If there’s a dent in my wall tomorrow morning I’m blaming you.”

“There won’t be, this’ll work.”

“No it won’t.” Bakugo can’t hold back and starts wheezing again. “It’s not going to work.”

The slipper barely makes it to the other side of the room. It ends up slapping on the door with that weird plastic noise and Katsuki has to hold back full on sobbing.

“Is this how you fix your problems?! You could have just gotten up and the lights would have been off by now!” Katsuki physically has to wipe away tears. Never in his life had anyone been this fucking stupid.

“No, I can do this.” Shoto demands.

“You have nothing left!” Katsuki reasons.

And just like that, Shoto crafted a full ball of ice in his hand. Katsuki can’t even tell him to stop because he’s looking at the whole baseball-shaped wad of ice in the other’s hand like this can’t be real.

The ice hits the switch and the lights go out. The sound it created made Bakugo’s stomach turn, he’s convinced he broke it.

That doesn’t stop Bakugo from absolutely losing it. He has to cover his mouth otherwise Kirishima next door might think he’s being stabbed in his sleep from how much noise he’s making. Todoroki joins in and they have to hold each other to just stop laughing.

“You broke it.” Katsuki says when he finishes laughing. He’s still got a wild smirk on his face that can even be seen in the dark.

“I think you’re right.” Shoto chuckles.

Music from a floor down can be heard seeping in through the floor in Bakugo’s room. It’s good to know others are still up and Shoto and him aren’t the only ones making noise. It still annoys him the his classmates aren’t in bed sleeping when it’s a Sunday night and they have school tomorrow.

“Oh fuck, we have school tomorrow.” Katsuki blurts out.

“Probably wasn’t the best day to arrange a sleep over.” Shoto adds.

“I guess this is a sleep over?” Bakugo didn’t really think of it. Heck, he didn’t think much of it that Todoroki is in his bed with him until this very moment; but he doesn’t let his mind dwell on that.

“I’ve never had a sleep over before.” Shoto announces.

It’s not surprising, but it still makes Katsuki frown that he’s never had one before. Even someone as unfriendly as Katsuki has had his fair share of ‘slumber parties’.

“This is probably the worst example of one. The whole point is not to sleep.” Bakugo informs him.

“Doesn’t that make the name rather useless? If you’re not sleeping then what’s the point?”

“It’s not- you don’t get it.” The blond doesn’t even really want to go into detail right now. It’s already eleven o’clock and they haven’t even tried to sleep yet.

“Can we have a proper sleep over next time?” Todoroki asks.

‘Next time’ makes Bakugo scrunch his nose up. He hopes Todoroki can’t see his face. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, it’s that Bakugo doesn’t even understand how they got here to begin with. He doesn’t even fully grasp that Shoto Todoroki is fucking sleep with him on a school night and he’s just ok with it?! Why had he not freaked out about this until this very second? What’s happening.

“Yeah, we can have a real one next time. Just go to sleep.” Bakugo grunts, trying to just sleep off his worry.

“Ok.” The object of his worries snuggles closer, setting off his warm side to heat the two of them up.

Bakugo doesn’t sleep.


It’s 7:30 am, an hour longer than Bakugo would normally left himself sleep in, and there’s banging on his bedroom door.

“Ehhh, come on sleepy head, it’s seven thirty! You were supposed to be up an hour ago, school starts in half an hour, Dude! I’m leaving without you!” Kirishima’s fist stops slamming the door and finally lets up on his yelling.

Bakugo attempts to roll over but he’s trapped between a wall and a hard place; literally. Oh right, Shoto’s here.

Katsuki drapes his hand over the body, not even opening his eyes, and fishes for his phone he (hopefully) left on his nightstand. He gets it, unlocks it, and nearly bolts out of bed.

“Holy fuck.” Bakugo nearly eats shit when he tumbled to the floor. “Shoto, it’s fucking 7:35! We’re going to be late.”

There’s clothing everywhere, Bakugo forgot to set his alarm, and Todoroki is sleeping in his bed. Why did he let this happen? How did this happen?!

“Hey moron!” Bakugo picks up a slipper, one used on the light switch last night, and chucks it at the figure curled up in his bed.

“Mmm?” Todoroki moans. Bakugo uses another slipper.

Todoroki doesn’t have enough time to go down to his room, get his uniform, and get out of the dorms in enough time. So Bakugo is going to have to lend his one of his. And judging by Todoroki’s complaints last night, he’s obviously larger than Bakugo. And since Bakugo wears his shit baggy like a fucking delinquent, he’s going to have to let Todoroki use his larger set. The only reason he has a ‘fitted’ set it because when his mom put in the paperwork for him to go to UA, she sent in his exact measurements because she fucking hates him he guesses.

So now he’s going to look like a mess. Well, not a mess, but he’s going to look wrong and Bakugo doesn’t even know if he has a fucking tie for Todoroki to borrow and-

“Are you ok?” Shoto has finally arisen and is rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

Katsuki grunts something and whips open his dresser to pull out his favorite, baggy school uniform and tosses it at Shoto.

“Here. I don’t wanna hear you say I never did shit for you, ever.”

Bakugo’s not paying attention to anything Todoroki says, he’s too preoccupied trying to get the stupid buttons on his stupid shirt to fucking button. Of course they tailor fitted this to his end-of-middle-school body and not his now remotely-more-filled-out body, so of course it’s going to be tight. Amazing.

He still can’t button the two top buttons on his shirt so he goes over to the light to turn it on, and it doesn’t work. Of course, his mistake, Shoto Todoroki decided last night he was going to Detroit fucking Smash his light switch. Whatever, he’ll figure it out later.

Bakugo attempts- key word there- to put his pants on and he has to wiggle to get them over his ass and thighs. He’s grown, obviously. He’s been working out basically everyday, especially his legs, to finally be equally strong from top to bottom. So yeah, his thighs probably did get bigger. But how much bigger for his slacks to feel like they’re in his ass.

Whatever, he’ll use his blazer to cover his ass.

The blond turns around and there Todoroki is in a fitted shirt, no tie, his blazer, decently fitted slacks, a belt he stole, and Bakugo’s fucking boots. Those are the boots that Todoroki complimented him for weeks ago, and now he’s wearing them, of course.

So now Bakugo is shoeless, beltless, and blazer... less. The blond just ultimately says fuck it, shoves an extra, empty notebook in Todoroki’s hands, grabs his book bag, and laces up some shoes he was supposed wear for school dress code but never ultimately did, and shoves the both of them out the door after they brushed their teeth with the same fucking toothbrush.

After the pair basically jogged to class and we’re in the building, Shoto started laughing.

“We look terrible.” He laughed through his panting, and trying to keep up while he chuckled to himself.

Katsuki still didn’t want to be late and booked it up the stairs.

“You broke my fucking light, asshole!” He shouted when he reached the top, smirking over his shoulder as Shoto finally decided they were racing to class now.

Bakugo has a head start so he took off the second he got the the third floor. His new, non-broken-in shoes where a setback but he still managed to get to the classroom door before Aizawa was even in sight.

“At least my quirk can turn off the lights!” Todoroki yelled back.

Bakugo slide open the door the second Todoroki caught up to him and then immediately slammed it shut on his face.

“Oh yeah, my quirk can knock your lights out!”

Shoto opened the sliding door with an unimpressed look on his face. “Was that necessary?”

“Look what the cat dragged in.” Kaminari whistled, sauntering over to the couple.

Both of their friend groups crowded them like prey and Deku (obviously) was the first to mention something.

“Oh, Todoroki, I didn’t know you had black boots?”

And of course, everyone in Bakugo’s friend group immediately started shit.

“Wait, aren’t those your’s, Bakugo?” Kirishima asked, wiggling his eyebrows because he already knew the answer.

“And that matters?” Bakugo wants to put a front that he doesn’t care, because he shouldn’t, but him and Todoroki were just snuggling not even half an hour ago and now he’s wearing his fucking boots.

“Do those even fit you?” Bakugo asks the other.

Todoroki shrugs. “Sorta.”

“Stretch those out and I’ll kill you.”

Bakugo attempts to walk over his desk with no more interruptions but Ashido has other plans when she opens her mouth again. “Bakugo, you have such a nice ass.”

Katsuki’s hands nearly set off. “What the fuck did you-“

“Where’d you get this new uniform? Normally you’re wearing the baggiest set I’ve ever seen, did it shrink in the wash.” The girl giggles, looking up and down at her friend’s physique.

Or~!” Sero chimed in with a devise smile. “Todoroki took on for the team ad finally destroyed it.”

“I can’t wait for Bakugo to come to school with a tie next.” Ashido laughed.

“That will really complete the look of ‘I’m whipped for my boyfriend’.” Kaminari snickers and Kirishima looks worried but none the less still knocks him in the shoulder.

“That’d be the day!” The redhead jokes with a smile.

Bakugo try’s to remain mad, he does, but Todoroki’s half laugh pulls him out of his angry mind.

“You look fine, but I still think we look ridiculous.” The smile on Shoto’s face is almost blinding and Katsuki can’t help but reciprocate, just a little.

“Yeah, what’d you guys do? Get changed in the dark?” Kaminari laughs to himself.

Shoto turns to Katsuki when the blond turns to him and they gave each other a knowing look before bursting into laughter.

“You don’t get to laugh!” Bakugo punched Todoroki’s shoulder.

“You didn’t stop me!” Shoto shoved back.

“Do you know what’s going on?” Kirishima whispered to Midoriya, who was standing next to him.

The freckled-boy’s smile grew into something fond. “No idea.”

The boys bickered back and forth, a few abrasive hits and shoves were tossed around before Aizawa practically tumbled into the room with his sleeping bag.

“Alright, enough of that you two. Everyone take your seats.”

The class took their respective spots in the room and yet it felt like Shoto and Katsuki were still next to each other with the amount to faces and gestures. If they got yelled at a few times, well... that didn’t stop them.

Chapter Text

The conversation is something that brings attention to a topic Bakugo doesn’t want attention drawn to for both himself and the situation as a whole. It isn’t Ashido’s fault, she’s nosey and a hopeless romantic by nature. It just doesn’t help that the rest of his friends are absolute dicks and love to tease.

“I just can’t believe Bakubro is in a relationship before any of us.” Kaminari whines, half his body resting on the cafeteria table.

“Come on dude, don’t be harsh.” Kirishima try’s to soften the blow of his friend’s comment.

“Ok, like, I didn’t mean it to sound so mean. It’s just, Todoroki is so... so??” Kaminari snaps his fingers to trigger the words that’s on the tip of his tongue.

Sero hums. “Polite and quiet? Almost entirely the opposite of Bakugo?”

“I guess you’re right. But opposites attract right?! Ashido chirps in. “I think they compliment each other. They’re so cute together. The way they interact, it’s good for them.”

Bakugo groans. “Can you not talk like I’m not right fucking here?”

“Sorry, Bakugo.” The girl giggles. “But it’s true though. You’re less of a grump.”

“I’m not a grump.” He rolls his eyes.

“Dude, you kinda are.” Kaminari snorts. “Even though I’m teasing you for it, Todoroki is good for you, you’re good for him too.”

Bakugo grumbles into his soup. He’s red from the heat of the soup, not embarrassment, don’t get it twisted.

“How’d you guys decide this? You guys weren’t the friendliest back before, and now you’re dating. I’m not saying it’s weird, I’ve just never seen you guys interact before dating is all.” Ashido probes some more.

The blond stirs his noodles around in the broth and conjures up a white lie to tell his friends. “We texted.” He shrugs.

“Oh, you mean sexting.” Kaminari just doesn’t shut up.

Bakugo blows rather aggressively on his room temperature soup. Maybe if he stays quiet Kaminari will learn to hold his tongue a bit better.

“His silence isn’t very reassuring.” Sero comments.

“I’m eating my lunch, which you all should be doing instead of getting into my business.” He huffs out in annoyance.

“He still didn’t say no.” Kaminari sticks his tongue out at the blond. He just rolls his eyes.

“No but for real. The two of you have been dating close to a month now. Don’t you think that’s wild?” The girl continues to gush over the couple that isn’t even a couple.

Bakugo sighs, trying not to draw attention how empty he feels. He doesn’t want to lie, not to his friends. What is he supposed to do? What is he supposed to say?

Should he just tell them?

Kirishima curtly quiets his friend. “I’m sure Bakugo’s got something planned for their one month. Don’t worry Ashido.”

“But I do worry. Bakugo doesn’t strike me as a romantic type.” Ashido badgers him.

Before Bakugo can state that he could very well romance the fuck out a fucking rock if he had to, Kirishima reluctantly slides in.

“He also didn’t seem the type to have a boyfriend before any of us, and yet here he is.” The redhead gestures to his bestie.

“Thanks.” Bakugo mutters to the boy beside him.

Kirishima smiles. “I’ve always got your back buddy.”

“Ugh! Same!” Ashido lays across the table to tug at one of Bakugo’s hands. She squeezes it lightly and holds it softly. “I’m not trying to be a bitch, I swear.”

Katsuki has to chuckle at that.

“Hey, no I’m serious! I shouldn’t say anything because I don’t know how your relationship works. You guys just might not be the most affectionate type. And that’s like totally ok! We don’t judge at this table!”

“I think we do.” Sero adds in between bites of his sandwich.

Ashido shoos him off. “Anyways!” She says rather loudly. “Like I was saying, if you need any romance advice, I’m your girl.”

“Says the one that doesn’t have a boyfriend.” Kaminari smirks.

“Oh really, that’s what we’re playing at?” Her face twists into something fierce. “Jiro!” Ashido calls out to girl sitting just a table down.

Jiro turns her head to the rowdy group with a wave, acknowledging the pink girl.

Kaminari immediately grows flustered. “Ashido, what the heck!” He whispers screams.

“Can we go on a date tomorrow?!” Ashido continues to use her outdoor voice.

Jiro doesn’t even appear confused as she simply nods back with a thumbs up.

“So what were you saying?” Ashido turns to her electric friend.

Kaminari gasps. “That’s unfair, she’s a girl!”

“Mmhmm, ok, sure. I’ll be sure to consider that when my tongue is down her throat.”

Kaminari whines. “You... ha- you wouldn’t do that right?” He’s on thin ice and he knows it.

Ashido taps the side of her face with her pointer finger. She’s drawling out the boy’s anxiety and Bakugo’s patiently waiting for it all to come crumbling down.

“Come on, Ashido.” Kaminari hugs his friend’s waist. “You wouldn’t do that to me. You’re a bro, bros don’t do that. Bakugo, tell her she’s a bro.”

“She can do anything she wants.” Bakugo scoffs.

“Ah! Baby!” Kaminari hisses back, betrayed. “How would you feel if I stole your boyfriend!”

Bakugo flinches, his soup momentarily forgotten. “You couldn’t.” He snorts, resuming his soup consumption.

Ashido!” Kaminari continues to whine.

“Ashido, don’t break bro code.” Kirishima sighs.

“Yeah, that’s not cool.” Sero nods along.

The girl rolls her eyes. “You’re insane if you think I’d actually go after the girl you’ve been crushing on since day one. I am still hanging out with her though.”

“So no kissing?” The boy is still clinging to her like he can squeeze the hope out of her.

“Yeah, no kissing. I might hold her hand though.”


I’M KIDDING! Quit crying you baby!”

Bakugo tones out his friends as they continue to go done the list of things Ashido is banned from doing on her ‘date’ with Jiro. He’s too busy thinking over how offended he was to think Kaminari could, or would, take his not-real-boyfriend away from him. It’s not something his brain wants to dwell on, but it does, and it’s killing him.

It also doesn’t help that he thinks he should get something for this totally-fake-not-real-kinda-friendship-relationship, but he has absolutely no idea what to get. Maybe he should ask Ashido later.


During the same lunch period Todoroki had been pulled over to his friend group to eat lunch with them. So far it has been a disaster.

“Hagacure could most certainly write on her arm and it would appear! We did her make up once, which was terrible might I add, and I saw it on her face. She has a face, Deku!” Uraraka yelled, ignoring her lunch to argue over the most mundane things.

“Ok, that makes sense. But what would happen if Sensei used his quirk on her. She has a body and a face, she is still a human. So if Aizawa could pinpoint where her eyes are then would she become visible? What about someone like Tsu, her quirk is basically a cross between human biology and a tree frog’s, is it not? Would her tongue goes back to normal? Would she no longer ribbit? Tokoyami is also a crossbreed, would his head turn to that of a humans? Would he be headless!?” Midoriya continued to ramble on, also ignoring his lunch to discuss his classmates’ quirks.

“How does she sleep?” Todoroki picked at his plate. He too was now deep in the lore of his classmates’ lives.

“What do you mean Todoroki?” The other boy stopped his muttering to question his friend.

“Her eyelids...” Todoroki scrunched his face. “They are also transparent... how does- how does she sleep if she can see through them?”

The whole table shuttered in disgust.

“A-anyways!” Midoriya blatantly suggested they move on to a separate topic. “How are you and Kacchan doing?!”

“Ooo yeah! I want deets! Have you kissed yet!?” Uraraka flushed in excitement.

“No, we’ve slept together though.” The words fell from the boy’s mouth without much thought.

Iida was the first to turn bright red. “This isn’t proper lunchtime conversation!” His hands chopped the air like he could physically swipe away the disturbing discussion. “I would prefer that information stay in the bedroom, Todoroki. I am grateful you trust us with that information but think Midoriya is going to have a heart attack!”

And true to his word Midoriya did look like he was going to double over onto the floor.

“O-o-oh! I-I just! Okay! Um, th-thanks Todoroki! I’m glad you to are- are getting comfortable with each other! That- Ugh... that’s great! I did- oh wow- I didn’t really-“ The boy was practically vibrating with how embarrassed he was. Both his hands and his lips kept jittering and his face looked like an even darker than Iida’s.

Todoroki placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder with a sigh. “Midoriya, I meant sleeping.”

If the other could, be looked even more embarrassed. “Oh my- oh I just-“ Midoriya cleared his throat. “Wow, I just- I’m sorry for assuming! It just caught me of guard because Kacchan isn’t the most touchy-feely sort of type. I apologize, I didn’t mean to make this awkward.”

Iida bowed from across the table. “I’m deeply sorry as well for assuming something like that as well. Please forgive me, Todoroki.”

“You guys are ridiculous.” Uraraka laughed between the boys. “No offense, but I don’t think Bakugo’s even had his first kiss.”

Midoriya outwardly squeaked. The girl’s ears perked up.

“Hmm, you know something we don’t, Deku?” Her voice could almost match Ashido’s for how sneaky she was sounding.

Just when Midoriya’s skin had almost turned back to normal he turned magically red in a second flat once again.

“O-oh! I-I, no no no! I don’t- there’s nothing- we!”

“Who’s we, Deku?” Uraraka snickered.

Midoriya yipped. “No no! It’s not- there is no ‘we’, it’s just Kacchan and I- no that’s not what I meant, it isn’t.”

“Oh my god, no way?!” The girl slapped the table in shock. “Were you and Bakugo’s each other’s first kiss!?”

Deku paled. He voice caught in his throat and for the second time in just a handful of minutes he looked like he was going to pass out.

“Oh, so it’s true?” Todoroki didn’t mean to make his voice sound threatening, but now looking back he did just that.

The boy hicked in a breath. “No, no, no, no, no! It’s not like that Todoroki! We were just kids! It was never- we don’t- it was just a one time thing! We were kids! I swear it’s not- don’t worry- I don’t!”

“It’s fine.” Todoroki attempted to make his voice sound more even, unbothered. And it appears it really worked because Midoriya had stopped blubbering and stayed silent. “I’m not mad.”

“Oh, okay. I’m still sorry. I don’t want to make you ever worry about that. We’re just friends- well, maybe not friends- but Kacchan and I... we’re not- we don’t....”

“You don’t need to explain yourself Midoriya, I understand.” Todoroki try’s to speak as little as possible. He’s nervous he’ll give away the fact that isn’t not ok, even though it is... or rather, it should be.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I hope you know it means nothing, we really were just kids Todoroki.”

Shoto has a hard time looking at his friend when he knows he shouldn’t be upset by this. He knows Midoriya wouldn’t lie about it. The fact that he blurted out his embarrassing tale is proof enough he wouldn’t lie about the age in which it took place. There is nothing between them; and Shoto knows this, he sees it.

And yet later that day, during class, he can’t help but trace the lines of Bakugo’s Cupid’s bow with his eyes all damn day. It’s almost intoxicating watching the blond pull his lips into a thin line of disgust, to immediately switch to a puckered pout, and (Shoto’s favorite) when he’s concentrating too hard and tugs on the bottom lip with his teeth.

He wouldn’t be a very good friend to curse Midoriya for tasting those lips before he did. He’d be an even worse friend to Bakugo if he kept thinking about it.

That doesn’t stop him from still doing it however.

In fact, the rest of the day he can’t help watch as Katsuki interacts with all his friends.

Sero is by far the least offensive. He’s a very blunt man who practically says what ever his friends need to hear, not what they want to. Shoto is certain that’s what Bakugo really likes about him. And from what Shoto has gathered he’s the one that makes Bakugo smile the easiest. Which, by the way, that doesn’t offend Todoroki in the slightest. He’s not mad at Sero for practically make Bakugo smile on a constant. Sero’s the least offensive, doesn’t make him any less of a threat.

Next is Kaminari, who for someone so flamboyant can not be as straight as he really insists he is. That’s a whole other can of worms Todoroki try’s not to ponder on for too long about, that’s really none of his business, but Kaminari’s quote unquote ‘gayness’ highly peaks around the aggressive blond.

During free time (when class is over and everyone is hanging around the dorms) Kaminari has found every solution to practically fall onto Bakugo. They sit far too close for anyone to deem it normal, Kaminari is practically draped over Bakugo like a coat whenever they just stand next to each other, and to just add salt to the wound, Kaminari is always holding Bakugo’s hands like they are his life line.

When the two sit to close Kaminari insist on placing his hand over Bakugo’s, or at lunch he’ll slouch over the table to pull onto Bakugo’s finger tips. Sometimes when Bakugo is actually pulled into study with his group in lounge, Kaminari takes it upon himself to rest every ligament he owns on Bakugo’s chest, legs, or even shoulder.

Kirishima is Bakugo’s best friend for sure. The two of them have this mental connection that only they really get. Sometimes the pair will have full conversations with just eye rolls and hand gestures; it’s crazy. They really just get each other even though their personalities are probably the most different from the group. Todoroki finds it extremely hard to prove to himself he’s unbothered that he can’t be that close to Bakugo.

Then there’s Ashido. She’s practically the only girl, minus Jiro on a good day, that would bother to stand even five feet close to the blond. Not to mention she’s up their with Kaminari about how often she needs to touch him. If Todoroki (or anyone for that matter) didn’t know half of what he knew, he’d probably think the two of them were dating. The couple have so much chemistry and similarities it’s insane. Ashido is just as brash and loud as Bakugo. She’s obviously more kindhearted and considerate on the surface level but that doesn’t stop her from needlessly tearing someone a new asshole when they piss her off. One time that Todoroki remembers is her running around the campus with a whole knife because Mineta stole something out of her room. Todoroki still is unsure as to what that item was, but from that day on if any of the girls had an issue with the purple menace they’d just give the pink girl a holler.

The two really complete each other in a perfect, platonic, girl-boy relationship.

Shoto doesn’t mind this. He truly can’t hate Bakugo, of all people, to have friends that care about him. Shoto’s not irrational, he knows Bakugo can’t give all of his time to one person... but damn some days he wishes. If the boy could only have half of what the rest of the Bakusquad got out of their interactions with the blond then Todoroki would be on cloud nine.

He finally reasons that he must be jealous that he can’t (or rather, hasn’t) made super great memories with Bakugo. The photos shoved in the corner of Bakugo’s mirror are only a fragment of what Todoroki wishes he could have. Everyone seems to have a great time whenever they hang with Bakugo. Why can’t Todoroki have that.

He must be selfish. He really must be. Todoroki has done plenty of things he hasn’t witnessed the others haven’t done, but that’s just as true for the others.

Midoriya was Bakugo’s first kiss. Sero was the first, and practically the only, person to get Bakugo to laugh in public. Kaminari had broken Bakugo’s ‘no touch’ walls and was basically the first to give the boy a hug. Kirishima was honestly Bakugo first real friend. And Ashido was the first girl to be around Bakugo without asking him to fuck or fuck off.

Todoroki wants to his first too.

Shoto just wants to be as special to Katsuki as he was for him. He must be getting soft because even Midioriya- whom Shoto deans as practically his best friend- doesn’t make Todoroki want to rip his hair out. Midoriya is a good friend, a very good friend, but Todoroki doesn’t want to wrap the green haired boy in his arms and make promises of seeing the world together.

Shoto finally believed he was going insane.

Chapter Text

Bakugo, Jiro, and Ashido had made themselves comfortable in the latter girl’s bedroom floor. Face masks and black nail polish alike had been passed around between the three.


“Face masks? Check! Nails? Check! Now boy talk!” Ashido chapped her open palms together with a wild grin on.


Both Jiro and Bakugo leaned back with groans.


“No, nu-uh, spill the deets. You first, Missy!” Ashido yelled to Jiro respectively.


“Alright fine!” Jiro tossed her hands up in the air. “I like Kaminari, happy?! I said it, go ahead and laugh!”


“I’m not laughing! You guys are so cute together!” Ashido gushed.


Jiro wrinkled her nose up in disgust. “I’d rather you’ve just laughed instead.”


“No come one!” The other whined. “It’s cute, right Bakugo!”


“Relationships are stupid, boys are stupid.” The blond grumbled.


“Oh what happened with you and Mr. Peppermint?” Jiro nudged the boy with her foot. Thank god her toes were dry because Bakugo swatted at them.


Bakugo groaned again, leaning back so his head rested on the carpeted floor. “You really wanna know?”


“Yeah, tell us!” Ashido’s smile widened. “I wanna know all about your lovers quarrel.”


“More like lack there of.” Bakugo rolled his eyes.


Ashido frowned, pursing her lips and scooting closer to the others to tighten the triangle. “Hey now, I’m sure whatever the two of you fought about can be worked out. Todoroki seems to be an understanding guy.”


“He understands jackshit.”




Jiro laughed; Ashido scowled; Bakugo sighed.


Jiro lied down to be face to face with Bakugo. She offered a soft, lopsided smile in which Bakugo rolled his eyes again.


“Rude. I’m just trying to be open to whatever you’re pissy about.” Jiro elbowed him. “I already told you both that I like Class A’s most notorious moron, you need to tell us your secret now.”


“Doesn’t Ashido have the worst grades in class now?” Bakugo snorted.


“Answer the question!” The other girl threw a sock at the boy’s head.


Bakugo shoved himself up into a sitting position. “Alright, stop nagging me!”


“I’m not nagging!” The pink girl defended.


“Oh my god just tell us!” Jiro snapped.


“Fine.” Bakugo huffed. “Todoroki and I aren’t dating, alright. We’re pretending.”


A combination of a “huh” and a “what” were heard at the same time.


Bakugo clicked his tongue. “Icy Hot wants to piss off his dad and I just so happened to be the best at pissing off people’s dads.”


“As much as I believe you- and I do believe you.” Ashido cut herself off. “But like, you’re serious?”


“No wonder you have the worst grades in class.”




“Yeah! Fuck! Jesus! I’m serious!”


Jiro laughed awkwardly. “What kinda Hallmark movie plot line are you living?”


“A really fucking shitty one.” Bakugo huffed.


“Wait so... you’re not like actually dating?” Ashido clarified.


Bakugo grumbled, eyeing his black nails that thankfully hadn’t chipped yet. He lightly scratched a black spot near his cuticle to remove the unwanted polish there. “No we’re not dating, sadly.”


Bakugo stiffened for a moment, begging any God out there to give him a life line.


“Sadly, huh?” 


No life line.


Ashido had the cunning look on her face that (also sadly) Jiro could practically mirror as well. These two were like freaky sisters and Bakugo was the redhead stepson that was just there.


“Yeah it’s sad; sad that I have to pretend be this dudes boyfriend to piss off his parents.”


“Oh cut the crap Baku!” Ashido hissed. “You like him!”


“I mean yeah?! I would have told him to fuck off if I didn’t think I had anything good come out of this.” Bakugo snapped back at her.


“What? Holding his hand and making kissy faces with Class A’s Ice Prince is enough payment?” Jiro snickered at him. “You could have taken up my offer of meeting my old music friend if you wanted a man.”


The blond leaned back, curling his fingers through the plush rug on the floor. “No offense Jiro, but I’d rather not fuck around with a guy that unironically uses the monkey emojis.”


“Oh my god!” Jiro moaned. “Why are you still on that?!”


“The monkey emoji is like hella gross dude.” Ashido added.


“See!” Bakugo made a gesture to his pink friend.


The other girl pouted. “You guys are just mean.”


“You’re just offended that Pikachu uses the monkey emojis too.” Bakugo smirked.


She slapped her palms aggressively down on her exposed thighs. “So what?!”


“You’re offended.”


“She’s offended.”


“We’re getting off topic.” Jiro threw her hands in the air. “So what do you get out of fake dating Todoroki.”


Bakugo shrugged. “I... I guess, whatever I want really?”


“No Jiro’s right, this does sound like a terrible Hallmark movie, but like, it’s sounding a lot more b-plot to an amateur porn right now.” Ashido giggled while peeling off the sheet mask on her face.


The other two followed suit and disposed of their masks in the trash on the floor next to them. Ashido stood and strutted over to her mini fridge half-holding up her bed. It probably- scratch that- it wasn’t a good spot for a mini fridge to be in the first place. But Mina never really prided herself on tasteful decisions. Such as pulling out three Red Bull’s for the lot of them to all chug at eight at night. Again, not the brightest but certainly one of the nicest and most open folk around the school.


“So Todoroki both literally and physically sold his soul to the devil, I love this plot line already.” Ashido pushed a straw through her energy drink and sipped away with a smile.


Bakugo cracked his open, not moving to take a sip until he finished his thought. “I’m not going to force him to... gee fuck I don’t know- call Aizawa an asshole or flip off All Might, I’m not evil!”


“Maybe not evil, but you for sure are going to hold that I.O.U over his head forever until her repays you.” Jiro noted.


Bakugo sipped aggressively. “It’s not even that serious, we’re just hanging out and I hold his hands sometimes. The idiot wanted to repay me.”


“So what? That’s it?” Ashido snorted. “You’re just ok with holding your rivals hand and pretending to be in this big gay relationship for over a month?! And you’re just gonna sit there and say ‘it’s no big deal’?! Bakugo, if Sero or Kirishima- Maybe even Kaminari- were like ‘hey buddy, can we just pretend to be fucking each other on the downlow, but not actually, because we’re bros and I just wanna piss off my dad’. You’d just be ok with that? With no sort of repayment, like, at all?” 


Bakugo gasped. “I told you he said he’d repay me, just that I don’t need it!”


“Sounds like somebody’s desperate for Todoroki’s affection.” Jiro chimed in with a keen look on her face.


The blond clicked his tongue in retaliation. “‘M not ‘desperate’.”


“Oh bitch. Yes you are!” Ashido yelled. “It’s written all over your face. Right next to ‘Shoto Todoroki please fuck my walls’!”


Jiro started laughing at Ashido’s comment but Bakugo didn’t look half as amused.


A blush threatened to engulf the entirety of Bakugo’s expression. “I don’t want him to fuck my walls you creep!”


“Yeah right! Todoroki’s hot, Bakugo! Like hawt-hot, yah know?” She twirled her fluffy, pink hair around her finger. “I know you’d let him fuck your walls.”


“For the love of God, stop saying it like that!”


“Fuck my walls! Fuck my walls! Fuck my walls!” Ashido tackled the blond in a fit of laughter.


“Get off me, Moron!” Bakugo said without actually bothering to shove the body off of him. He did however avoid spillage by setting his energy drink down on the non-carpeted part of the floor.


Ashido snuggled into his neck with a deep sigh. “It’s alright Babe, if Price Icy Thot can’t see you’re beauty then we’ll just get married.”


“Mhm, sounds fair.” Bakugo reaches for his Redbull but the weight that was Ashido prevented full movement of his arm. His thirst would have to wait he supposed.


Jiro snuggled up on the blond’s left side, enjoying the constant heat that was Bakugo. “Yeah, if Kaminari doesn’t put a ring on me in the next three days then we can have a threesome.”


“Platonically of course.” Jiro adds on with a snort.


“Ahh yes, Bakugo, May I please platonically sit on your face?” Ashido held back laughing on the boy’s chest.


Ashido bounced slightly off Bakugo’s chest as he also tried to desperately not chuckle. “Yeah, while we’re at it lets platonically have a baby.”


“Oof, I love that idea. But can Ashido be the one giving birth, I’m afraid of being pregnant.” Jiro asked with heavy sarcasm. “That shit freaks me out.”


“Oh my god yes. I want like a football team of kids.” The other girl said gleefully.


Bakugo nodded underneath her. “Yeah, we’re having at least three.”


“Really?!” Jiro sat up slightly to look down at her soon-to-be fake husband. “You want more than one child?”


“I was an only child and that shit sucked, like a fucking lot. I’d rather have more that one, at least three. Three’s a good number.” Bakugo shrugged.


“Ugh good!” Ashido rested her chin in between the blond’s pecks with a sigh. “Then each of us can have at least one of our own.”


“I don’t think that’s how that works.” Jiro shook her head in laughter.


“No no! You see, Bakugo is going to get his walls fucked by Todoroki, so it’s all going to work- AHHHH!” Ashido was picked up by her sides and tossed on her bed (as gently but aggressively as humanly possible) by Bakugo.


“He’s not going to ‘fuck my walls’!”


Ashido stood up on her knees on her bed and began bouncing. “Bakugo’s gonna get fucked! Bakugo’s gonna get fucked! Bakugo’s gonna get- AH!”


Bakugo began to beat her up (read: again, gently but aggressively) with the closest pillow he could find.


“You’re.” Slap. “So.” Slap. “Annoying!” Slap. Bakugo continued to crawl higher up on the bed, gaining dominance over the smaller girl.


“Bakugo! No! Ah! My hair!” Ashido tossed and turned on the bed. Wiggling around and tried to cover her face with her hands. “I surrender! Bakugo! Stop, asshole!”


Bakugo tossed his ‘weapon’ off the side of the bed and released the tension in his shoulders with a big exhale. 


“Jiro! Now!” Ashido yelled.


Bakugo didn’t get the chance to question the outburst because Jiro was already tackling him on the obnoxiously pink bed. Ashido moves out of the way in just enough time so Bakugo landed face first into on of her many Hello Kitty plushies.


“More mo muckmin med!” The blond yelled into the plush.


Ashido sat on his back with a victorious smirk. “Sorry, didn’t catch that!” She sing-songed.


Just after that loud footsteps we heard coming up the girl’s dorm hall’s stairs and all three of the students panicked. One: Bakugo, a male, wasn’t supposed to be in the girls’ wing after eight o’clock. (It was much after eight o’clock.) Two: If it was a teacher then they’d all get at least a warning for being loud; and worst it would be Iida- Mr Class President himself- with his swinging arms and yelling. And Three: The door was unlocked.


Ashido was sitting in neon blue booty shorts with a hot pink crop top and probably no bra on. (Bakugo glanced up and found confirm there was some serious underboob right in his face, so yes, he could confirm no bra.) Not only that, but she was sitting with her legs all open right on Bakugo’s chest, an inviting sight to anyone really. And Jiro, poor girl, was glancing over Ashido’s shoulder with her asscheeks right on Bakugo’s dick print.


Really this was a perfect Family Friendly Christmas pose that the blond is sure everyone in Class 1A would be thrilled to get their hands on.


Jiro- having some form of decency and common sense- pushed Ashido flush to Bakugo’s body and later on top of her with her hands over Ashido’s mouth.


“I swear to god if someone find us like this Kaminari will never think I want anything to do with him because I’m having a fucking threesome with the hottest people in school!” Jiro hissed into the others ears.


Ashido aggressively breathed through her nose as she was trying to suppress her laughter in Jiro’s palms.


“You think I’m pretty?” Bakugo snorted quietly.


That has to be the worst comment to make because Ashido was in a fit of wheezing. The foot steps approached closer to the pink girl’s door and everyone held their breath. Even Ashido was vibrating from trying not to make a noise with laughing.


The footsteps paused at the door, hesitated, then eventually sauntered away to go back down the stairs.


“Ho- Hahaha! Oh my fffff-ahahah!” Ashido snorted into Bakugo neck as quietly at she could muster. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She whined.


“Oh my fuck, they totally are going to say something tomorrow to you, Ashido.” Jiro giggled behind her back.


Bakugo rolled his eyes. “Ashido’s always loud, this is normal for her.”


“Yeah, nobody is gonna say shit.” Ashido laughed it off.




The next day, during lunch time, the three sat together like they always did. Ashido hadn’t got pulled out during homeroom to get scolded so the group had thought they were home-free.


“So,” Kaminari sat down his lunch tray with a clank. “Who was the lucky guy you had over last night, Ashido.”


Jiro nearly spit out her apple juice onto Kaminari’s face if she hadn’t blocked it with her hands, and Bakugo was no better by punching the table and covering his face with his free hand.


Ashido roared in laughter. “Oh shit, guys. I didn’t think we were that loud, were we?” She asked her two embarrassed friends.


Jiro whined. “Ashido! Don’t drag us into this!”


“Woah!” Sero’s eyebrows rose up his forehead. “Wait.. the three of you.”


Bakugo dragged his hand down his face in mortification. “You have such a big mouth... don’t word it like that.”


“Damn Bakugo, a threesome? That shits wild!” Kaminari laughed awkwardly as he took in the groups faces. “Todoroki’s not gonna like the sounds of that.”


“Todoroki’s not gonna like he sounds of what?” The man himself walked over with an icy glare.


Kaminari literally squeaked. “Oh-h h-hey Todoroki!” The boy’s face smile could be easily seen through.


Ashido continued to laugh and wiped the tears off her face. “You guys are awful! Can’t a girl have a threesome in peace? Y’all gotta send a peeping Tom on us?” She said ever so sarcastically with a big smile on her face.


Todoroki clearly didn’t get the hint and assumed it was due to her being proud of herself. “Threesome?” The half and half boy mostly spoke to himself.


“Oh yeah!” The girl chuckled again. “Jiro, Bakugo and I-“ she rolled her eyes. “Crazy shit.”


Todoroki obviously didn’t get the joke and responded with a curt “oh”. He walked away silently with a look on his face.


“Wait I’m so lost, did you or didn’t you?” Kaminari offered a weak smile, he seemed to dread the answer.


“I don’t know how much dumber you can get, Pikachu. But no, Ashido’s just always loud, even when doing basic human tasks.” Bakugo stabbed his lunch with his fork. “Not to mention I’m gay and I have a boyfriend.”


“I don’t think there are rules to say a gay man can’t join two females having sex.” Kaminari added.


Sero snorted. “Oh yeah, let me just open up the rule book for gay men real quick!” The boy pretended to open a book and flip trough the pages. “Oh see here it says under ‘Bakugo’ that he ‘has a boyfriend’ and ‘doesn’t cheat’.”


Kaminari squinted his eyes in annoyance. “Theoretically though, if Bakugo was a single gay man... he could still have sex with two girls?”


“I mean, I could... that doesn’t change the the fact that I wouldn’t.” Bakugo looked about ready to flee from this conversation.


“Bakugo can do whatever he wants, he’s a big boy.” Jiro patted the blond’s shoulder. 


For the rest of his lunch Todoroki has a sour look on his face the his friends tried to ignore.

Chapter Text

A week’s time passed after the lunch incident where Bakugo, Jiro, and Ashido had been called out for their not-actual-threesome-threesome. Bakugo had practically all but forgotten about it, mostly since Jiro and Kaminari kept sneakily giving each other hearteyes across the classroom. Nobody really brought it up until the blond decided he needed to talk to Todoroki about some things in the latter’s bedroom.


“Hey.” Bakugo let himself in after a few knocks. “I was wondering if everything’s ok. I know schools been kinda crazy and I- Todoroki?”


Todoroki was sitting at his stupid little table in the corner of his room, looking like a pissed off dad who’s daughter came home late from a party and didn’t call. “ Hey ?” The boy spat back.


Bakugo squinted. “Did I fucking miss something?”


The other shuffled in his seat, arms crossed and a borderline murderous scowl on his face.


Well ?!” Bakugo hissed back, impatience kicking in. “Why do you looked so pressed?”


“Are you seriously going to ask that?” Todoroki stood up.


It was the blond’s turn to cross his arms. “Look I’m not a fuckin mind reader, dude. So come out and say whatever’s got you heated for!”


Todoroki paused. His lips tightened as he glared at the Japanese floor he had installed.


“I think we should end this.” The taller said sternly.


Bakugo pursed his lips in confusion. “So, ... you want to... fake break up?”


“I suppose that’s what you could call it.” Todoroki nodded. “Yes.”


“Oh.” The blond stood in genuine confusion. He didn’t think he’d done anything wrong recently. And more importantly, the media seemed to be eating it up enough to believe them; same with their friends. “Is there a problem?” Bakugo voiced his confusion.


The other shook his head with his hands crossed. “There’s no problem.”


“You don’t sound -“


“I just think we’ve done this long enough for everyone to believe I’m gay. I don’t need your services any longer.” Todoroki cut him off.


“Servi-“ Bakugo flinched as he cut himself off before Todoroki could. “Yeah, fine, ok. Whatever. I have to go study, see yah.”


Bakugo made haste to the door and quickly shut it behind him with a little too much strength. Oh well. Todoroki couldn’t be too much of an idiot to not read the mood. He had to of known Bakugo was pissed. At least, the blond assumed he would.


Bakugo stomped down each flight of stairs with a murderous scowl. Whatever, Todoroki could be emo all he wanted. That didn’t have to affect Bakugo. Not in the slightest. He’d get over it. He’d get over it.




Bakugo didn’t think they’d have to plan out this ‘breakup’, he ignorantly believed the two could just be seen around school not holding hands or shmoozing it up and UA (and the press) would just... figure it out.


I mean, that’s how the two got  together, so it shouldn’t be any different for them breaking up. How dumb of Bakugo to go the simple man route. How carelessly blind he was to proper breaking-up-etiquette. Smite him for fucks sake.


The next day, after the both had been so obviously avoiding each other after Todoroki’s temper tantrum, said boy hit Bakugo with unprompted news the second the class got into the dorm’s lounge.


Todoroki nudged the blond out of the doorframe and Bakugo growled.


“What the fuck’s your problem?!” Bakugo rolled his shoulder.


Todoroki kept walking until he reached the center of the room, right in between the two large couches. He turned on his heels, chocked his head to the side and folded his arms over his chest. “My problem?”


Bakugo would’ve swore he’d seen an puff of cold air swirl out of Todoroki’s mouth from how cold and detached he sounded. The blond straightened his posture with his head back, glaring down his opponent.


This was just like the fight they had during their tournament. Only now, Bakugo feels as though this win will be more bitter-sweet than the last.


“Yes! Your problem?”


They drew a crowd. Todoroki noticed. In fact, he wanted this.


Bakugo saw his eyes searching. Multi colored pupils flicking back and forth through the crowd. They stopped. He found it. It meaning them .


Bakugo’s friends trailed through the door. One after another like toy soldiers.


Bakugo flailed his nostrils. Petty bitch.


“The problem is you don’t even know what the problem is.” Todoroki spoke.


The blond’s head rattled with a twitch. “Stop speaking in riddles, jackass. Spit it out.”


The other boys chin turned up. “I’m breaking up with you.”


Bakugo closed his eyes for just half a second. He flexed his hands into fists at his side. So this is what this all was. Get a crowd. Make a scene. Let nothing left for questioning.


This was all for show Bakugo had to remind himself. Todoroki was doing this to prove something to his fuckfaced Dad. There never was a relationship. Todoroki was gay and the world knew. That was the end of discussion. The asshole didn’t want  another season of this terrible version of The Batchelor to ruin his life. Todoroki didn’t want to date anyone. Well fine. Bakugo would have no problem making sure that happened.


Bakugo pulled out everything he had learned in those stupid acting classes his mom made him take when he was like six. She wanted to raise a little movie star. Well thank you Mother for raising such an adorable little menace.


Todoroki wanted a breakup. Bakugo would deliver.


The silence grew thick as the crowd awaited Bakugo’s kicking and screaming. It never came.


The first rule of acting with improve as told by Bakugo’s Acting 101 teacher:  Never lie when speaking with emotions, stretch the truth as far as you want, but never lie. Because people don’t believe in crocodile tears.


“So that’s it, huh? After everything.” Bakugo let his voice waver. Crying would be too much. He has an image too keep up if anything.


Todoroki’s scowl changed into something less angry, but with just as many creases denting his skin. “Everything?” He parroted back.


“What was this to you?!” The blond let his hands run free. “Was this all just for show?!”




Todoroki’s nostrils flared. That deep scowl coming back. “Bakugo, enough. Please.”


Bakugo would like to think Todoroki was truly trying to beg him to stop. Stop him from dampening his reputation, or whatever. If you ask him, Bakugo was only doing Todoroki a favor really.


“Why should I? You got what you wanted, didn’t you?” Of course that last part would have the rest of the class scraping their heads. Maybe some would have caught on to the couple from the beginning, swearing Bakugo was implying this was all an act for whatever reason. Maybe others assumed it was for sex, or just the trophy of popping Bakugo’s cherry.... if that was even a thing people in his class discussed. Maybe it was to ‘tame the beast’ sort-of-speech. Where as everyone believed Bakugo couldn’t be touched. Even by a five foot pole.


Whatever. The blond would leave the room guessing. It was better that way. At least, for tabloids sake.




“No, you don’t get to call me that!”


Bakugo hoped Aizawa, or anyone for that matter, didn’t come rushing because of their screaming match. He’d hoped they just were accustomed to the blond’s ‘temper-tantrums’ and bitchfits that they’d give this a few more minutes and then finally stick their noses in to see if he was alive.


Before anyone else decided to do anything Bakugo decided it was time to dip.


“I’m fucking out of here.” He sneered, while making haste to his room.


Heavy footsteps could be heard jogging up the the blond’s back. Kirishima. As much as Bakugo (secretly) appreciated the red-head’s love and support, he didn’t really feel like talking to anyone. All the acting didn’t really feel too much like acting; it was beginning to settle in a way the blond hadn’t predicted.


Kirishima’s palm halted the blond’s progress on the top of the flight of stairs. Bakugo couldn’t help himself by turning around and looking at his friend’s confused face. No words were exchanged as Ashido’s face pocked out from the bottom of the stairs. The burning sensation started to sting Bakugo’s eyes. He didn’t realize he started crying.


“Oh, Honey...” Ashido gently caught up to the two boys and pulled Bakugo’s hand into hers. She let her thumb rub over his knuckles, their matching black fingernails interlocked with one another. “You really are breaking up, huh?”


Kirishima made a sour look at her. “Am I missing something. Were they not dating?” Kirishima looked back at his best friend’s tired eyes. “Wait. Really.”


“Come on. We’ll talk about it in his room.”




Bakugo doesn’t like  to get others in trouble. He doesn’t like  to be in trouble for his own  doings, never mind getting others in trouble for what he  had done. So when the self-proclaimed ‘Bakusquad’ all but ignored and hated Todoroki, well, Bakugo wasn’t keen on that.


“Look at him, walking around like he’s hot shit.” Kaminari glared daggers over Bakugo’s shoulder at lunch.


“He’s hot alright. Hot and ugly.” Sero have a high-five to the blond boy next to him.


Bakugo didn’t even have the energy to explain what an oxymoron was to the two dumbasses. Emphasis on moron. He just simply shook his head and prayed that all of this would blow over.


It didn’t.


Bakugo attempted to enjoy his weekend off from school the following day after the whole affair blew over at school. Anything that got his friends away from Todoroki was a win for him. The six of them all headed out to the convince store to pick up some supplies for dinner that Bakugo was so nicely going to make for them. Cooking was relaxing... for the most part. So when Ashido suggested he cooked them up something and they’d pick up the tab, well, Bakugo couldn’t let that opportunity slide.


Ashido and Jiro (read: mostly Ashido) insisted they shop around the local stores before even stepping foot into the grocery store. The boys didn’t mind, it was quite funny watching the girls force the lot of them try on stupid hats. Or even the one time Jiro bought a shit ton of colorful string and they all had made matching bracelets on Sero’s dorm floor with ugly beads and sparkly yarn. Bakugo kept his pinned on his cork board in his room he didn’t let the others see.


Ashido tugged Bakugo to the nail polish section. She had this dumb thing where she had to open the bottles to “look at the colors, Bakugo!” Which, the bottles were made out of glass, so you could see the colors. Bakugo digresses.


“Ah! You’re Katsuki Bakugo aren’t ‘cha!” An annoying female voice that was far more annoying than Ashido’s on a good day could be heard some where off behind the two of them.


Bakugo pursed his lips and pretended not to hear her. Whatever- or rather, whomever- they were, they could take the hint.


Hint not taken, or completely ignored, the woman’s high, high heels could be heard echoing closer. Bakugo put down the black nail polish with purple flexes in it. Ashido hadn’t turned around either and was staring up at him with a saddened expression. She looked just as tired as he’d felt.


With a lazy twirl Bakugo turned to the woman with a microphone in her hand and a giant camera with a tiny man attached following quickly behind.


Her red-red lipstick parted to show off her very white veneers. Bakugo was impressed she hadn’t smeared her lipstick all over them.


“Wow, it’s so great to finally meet yah in person. I’m with HR-30 News!” Bakugo immediately zoned out to whatever ego-filled, self introduction she was giving.


“No.” Bakugo hissed and moved the microphone with the back of his hand. He started walking away to no particular direction. Away was the goal here.


“Ah!” The woman’s heels scuffed across the tiled floor to catch up him. He cringed internally at the scraping sound she made with her annoying shoes. “Please, I just have a few questions.”


“I could care less, ma’am.” He stated over his shoulder.


The woman caught up to him. He wasn’t really running  away to begin with.


“Why did you and Shoto Todoroki break up?”


“It’s been like... three days.” Bakugo gave an unimpressed look. He wasn’t even mad, he knew she was going to ask this, he was just floored news really spread that fast.


“Great!” She visibly shook her fisted hand with glee. “So, on the record, you and Shoto officially broke up.”


“Sure, whatever pays your bills lady.” He shrugged.


Her red lips smacked together. “Come on now! I’m sure you feel some type of way about the break up?”


“Babe, are these people harassing you?!” Mina sashayed over. She had the black polish with purple flexes Bakugo originally was looking at. He hopes she’d buy it because it would look really good on Jiro.


“Oh my!” News-reporter-gossip-lady clapped her hands over the mic in her hands. The audio team must hate her. “Are you already seeing someone else, Katsuki?”


“Mina. Mina Ashido.” Said girl flipped her hair dramatically. “Leo, Blood Type AB, yes this is my natural hair color, 5’3, and I’m allergic to rats!”


Before Bakugo could interject, Kaminari waltzed over and wrapped an arm around him. “Actually, this may come as a shock, but I’m actually dating Katsuki.”


“Oh! Of course, and who might you be?”


“Let it be known, that I- Eijiro Kirishima- am actually the current fiancé of one Katsuki Bakugo.” The redhead said whilst grabbing and kissing Bakugo’s palm. Had it not been kinda hilarious, the blond might have swatted at him.


Sero draped his arms over Bakugo’s neck and kissed his cheek. “Actually, Katsuki is my wife so-“


“I’m pregnant with Katsuki Bakugo’s sextuplets.” Jiro stated boredly into the camera that was magically still filming.


With a snarl, the woman twirled away with her camera crew in tow. Bakugo prayed that wouldn’t be on the news but rather some trashy YouTube drama channel so he could watch that exchange back at least sixteen more times.


Even though it had been less than a week, Bakugo didn’t feel that different. His friends had been nothing but uplifting. Some parts more smothering than anything. Regardless, he was enjoying himself and not even thinking about Shoto Todoroki, even when a news reporter held a camera to his face and asked him how he felt. To be honest, he felt great.