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When he woke, it was still early. And quiet.


A sigh spilled over his lips and he slightly stretched, rolling himself over in his large sized bed. He liked having a big bed, luxurious and expensive – though most of the nights sleep was a rare companion.

Draco remembered how he had ordered a new one, replacing his old one. He had it set up when you were at work. The new bed was sufficient to provide enough space for both of you.

Though in the end it only bore one person. It was too big and too empty and – sometimes he remembered those days where you laid huddled together in your ridiculously small bed; in that room that he never wanted to enter again but thought about a lot.


The small room that held your soft laughter; where your scent lingered and the breathy sounds of his name danced.


He buried his head in the grey bed sheets and closed his eyes. He had better to do than think about you. Sleep.

Yet in the end, Draco left the spacious furniture with an annoyed sigh. It was filled with annoyance and aggravation. Your presence was tinnitus.

He found the kitchen empty but filled golden strings spun from sunrays. Autumn came faster than anticipated and Loony spent a lot of time sweeping the backyard; her tiny hands fluttering furiously in the air as she used her magic to keep the brooms moving.


“No coffee,” he noticed but the smell of freshly grounded beans was evident. Where was his coffee? And where did this noisy house elf of his wander off too? You had taught her about her rights and the small servant was never scared of talking back now.

It was all right though, he had raised her salary and remodeled her sleeping chambers just fine to her liking.


Grabbing his newspaper that was neatly folded and waiting on the kitchen counter, Draco made his way to the study room, which was in fact just a desk at the huge library on the next floor.

His parents had always encouraged his reading activities and made sure his new house had plenty of books to offer. His collection even held a few rare literature works.



The hallway smelled of flowers. Which was unusual. Nothing about this day was usual if he was honest. The absence of Loony, his coffee, his breakfast. Nothing made sense, let alone go the way his daily routine intended things to go.

Draco moved the heavy wooden doors, which revealed the source of the sweet disturbance of his meticulous schedule. It was a small, noisy hummingbird in a soft coloured dress.


Coffee, he thought as soon as his gaze fell upon the porcelain pot next to a cup of steaming brown liquid and a plate of small creampuffs.


“You’re up?” You were sitting on a broom, head almost touching the ceiling; fingers travelling across the spines of the books. Before looking down to the tall figure dressed in a grey pullover.

“Mhm,” he made and strode towards your cup where he naturally took a sip. Though he usually liked to drink tea as well, there was nothing that beat a good cup of strong coffee first thing in the morning.

“Loony and I made cream puffs,” you continued after sorting some more books into the rack. You had brought back several books from your travels, some embedded in gold leaf, some bound by rough hands in dark leather branded with glowing metal.


There were rare gems that kept you spellbound during cold nights in a hut in the north of Japan with flowery sake on your lips and toes tucked underneath a so-called kotatsu. While others, illustrated in bright mismatching colors reminded you of freshly bakes bread and mature cheese that melted on your tongue along with the smokey wooden fragrance of bacon.


“You’re getting my library into a mess again,” Draco observed, his fingers now fully curling around your cup. He made himself comfortable on the sofa, crossing his legs before setting the newspaper on his lap. The blonde wanted to read, though his attention always swayed into your direction.

“I need to find the respective spots for the books I brought,” you flew past the sturdy ladder which actual purpose was to get you to the higher bookracks. Flying made things just much easier. “We should throw this out,” you pointed towards the thing you just flew past.

“So you can fly and swirl up all the dust?” He raised his eyebrow high, derisiveness in the arch of his perfect brow.

“We’re cranky today.” Your body moved closer to the broom to direct it towards the ground, right next to where he sat. 

“Mhm,” he made flipping the page of his newspaper. You flopped down next to him, taking a peek at the economy section he was reading – he was pretending to read. You leaned back and your shoulders touched his; could feel his warmth through your light dress. Though he emitted an inapproachable aura and seemingly cold demeanor, he was warm.

“You left bed early,” his indifferent tone was still clear like dew drops on chilly mornings.

“I made cream puffs,” your reply was simple as that and he tilted his head, anthracite eyes scrutinizing you. To this day, often you found yourself still not being able to read his inner thoughts. However, somehow he got the feeling across and you smiled, lips curling in a way–


He leaned in to press his lips against yours, taking you by surprise.


“You left bed early,” Draco repeated profoundly, releasing you a second later.

“Okay. I am sorry,” your eyes displayed hidden laughter behind these longs lashes. “I sent Loony to gather some apples for apple pie if that makes you feel better.”

“As if,” he turned back to his papers and you leaned close to him to reach for the cup next to him, the very one that he set on the small tray table.

“You drank all the coffee.” Your disappointed voice tickled his neck.

“I did,” his thin lips curled into a crooked smirk. Just briefly and fleeting, like the ghost of the butterfly swarm in his stomach.

“Oof, is that your attempt of revenge?” Moving back to your former sitting position, you took out your wand to let the magic do some more sorting. You had brought at least twenty books and all had been stored away in your expandable bag. You supposed that such a feature sure blurred the line of “too many books to fit into the bag”.


Draco didn’t reply, he seemed too engrossed with his Daily Prophet. You nestled closer to him in order to let his body heat warm you.


He found you asleep, face nuzzled against his shoulder and your hands tucked underneath your cheeks. The blonde couldn’t help but laugh quietly to himself about how naturally you had invaded his life again. He put his arm around you, wanting to keep you safe. With your head on his chest, his lips found your head for a soft kiss.

“Make me apple pie later.”