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Stronger Than Words

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It’s a good thing Dean doesn’t have to open the diner the following day. Cas had kept him busy most of the night, his newly awakened libido seeming to have no limits. Dean is starting to discover that Cas is a quick learner not only in everyday life, but in the bedroom too. And, just as he likes to explore the world, he likes to explore Dean’s body as well. Which Dean has no problem with. Cas has found buttons Dean didn’t even know he had and he exploits them shamelessly.

Dean doesn’t wake from his orgasm-induced coma until after 10 a.m.,  leaving him only two hours until he has to be at the diner. He glances over at Cas and isn’t surprised at all to see the guy completely zonked out, his hair tugged in every direction thanks to Dean and his mouth hanging open as he snores softly.

Dean doesn’t bother to wake him. He’d given Cas the day off so he could get some photography done, and just to generally have a day to himself. Dean quietly crawls out of bed and pulls on a pair of sweats before shuffling off into the kitchen. He puts on a pot of coffee, nibbles on some toast, then spends a few minutes in the bathroom making himself presentable.

He pauses after he’s done brushing his teeth and glances down at his neat row of colorful bottles. He hasn’t used the stuff since Cas left and is feeling the itch to paint himself again. Like a ‘work of art’, as Cas had called him. Dean chews on his lip then grabs the purple, making quick work of it before carefully applying the eyeliner. Lastly, he puts on all his rings, and for the first time in a while he truly feels like himself again.

He dresses himself in a yellow tshirt that reads “No one knows I'm a lesbian” and tugs on the kilt and his black boots, already thinking about how pleased Cas will be when he sees him in it later that night, which makes wearing the outfit in the dead of winter worth it. He quietly makes his way back to the bed and leans over to kiss Cas softly on his forehead, smirking when Cas responds by furrowing his brow and furiously rubbing his face, then turning over, pulling the covers up to his neck.

Dean takes his time on the drive to the diner, considering the events of the last couple of weeks and hell, even the last 24 hours. Cas- unpredictable, enigmatic, at times flighty Cas- had said he was home to him. Had said he wasn't leaving, and God help him, Dean believes him.

He'd said he loves him.

And fuck, how many times has he heard that in his lifetime? And surely never from someone who wasn't basically required to. Expected to.

But Cas himself is unexpected. Dean doesn't know the hows or whys of his angel, and honestly, he finds he doesn't really care. Even if it does scare him, just a little. Cas holds his heart and Dean hadn’t realized how fragile it was until very recently.

Dean pulls into the snow-covered dirt patch he calls the diner parking lot, shuts off the engine, and trudges through the white stuff quickly. He’s probably crazy for wearing a kilt in December, but he hardly ever gets sick and most of his time is spent over a hot stove anyway.

“Oh-em-gee, he’s back !”

A ball of red is suddenly crashing into him and Dean throws his arms out to catch himself on a nearby table. “Charlie, what the fu-”

“You’re back!” She squeals excitedly.

“I was gone for a day .”

“No, no, no,” she sighs, pulling away to look up at him. “ You are back. The hair, the eyeliner- I missed looking at all your craziness. And- is that the kilt?”

Dean half bows. “The one and only.”

“I haven’t seen that thing in years . I’m a little surprised it still fits.”

Dean pulls a face and frowns. “Hey, I haven’t put on that much weight.”

Charlie giggles and pats his soft belly. “No, but you do love those pies.  Not exactly abs of steel anymore.”

Dean huffs and pries himself out of her arms. “I didn’t come here to be body shamed, missy.”

“No body shaming here,” Charlie grins and follows him into the kitchen where Benny is preparing the soup of the day. “If I were straight, I’d be all over you.”

“Yeah, well, I’m taken,” Dean says proudly.

“And every woman in South Dakota sheds a little tear,” Benny says teasingly. “And man, for that matter.”

“Damn right,” Dean grunts, slipping his apron over his head and tying it around his waist.

“Speaking of,” Charlie says in a singsong voice, grinning and resting her elbows on the island, her chin in her hands. “How’s that going? Don’t leave anything out. Been goin’ through a bit of a dry spell myself so I need alllll the sexy details.”

“Yeah, well,” Dean pulls on a pair of gloves and lets one snap against his wrist, “I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Since when?” Benny snorts.

“Since Cas,” Dean says, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the prep table. “You vultures’ll have to get your kicks somewhere else.”

Charlie groans and drops her arms against the island, pushing herself up and flipping her hair over her shoulder. “Where is that little sex kitten anyway? He’s almost enough to turn me straight with those big blue eyes and that fucked-out hair-”

“Whoa, hey,” Dean waves his hands around. “That’s my ‘sex kitten’ you’re mind fucking over there. Those eyes and hair are mine .”

“Ohhh, someone’s possessive,” Charlie smirks, resting her chin on her hand. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you jealous before.”

“Not jealous,” Dean rolls his eyes. “I just don’t like to share him. That includes any fantasies your sick mind tries to cook up.”

“I’m gay , Dean.”

“Yeah, well, he’s hot enough to turn anybody.”

“Yeah, and why he chose you, I’ll never know,” Benny snorts, throwing his apron off. “I’m gonna take a break, chief. Think you can handle it?”

Dean glances at the empty tables and snorts. “Yeah, I think I can make it.”

“So, really,” Charlie raises a brow as Benny walks by her. “Where’s your boy toy at?”

“Day off,” Dean shrugs. “Try to schedule him some extra time off so he can go and do...whatever it is he does.”

“That's… actually really thoughtful, Dean,” Charlie says sincerely. “Not that you aren't thoughtful, it's just...I don't know. It's difficult sometimes, understanding people who just... need space like that. He must be really special.”

“He is,” Dean says, then shrugs. “And I don't want him going anywhere, so… whatever it takes.”

Charlie watches him curiously and raises her eyebrows slowly, standing up straight. “Wait a minute. Something's different.”

Dean huffs. “Charlie, I already told you I'm not talking to you about our sex life-"

“Mmm, no,” Charlie clicks her tongue, shaking her head. “Not that.” She crosses her arms over her chest, taking a few steps toward him, looking him up and down. “He comes back and you’re suddenly you again, and now you’re talking about giving him his space and whatever it takes -”

“Yeah. So?”

She comes to a stop in front of him, scuffing a shoe against the floor. She tilts her head. “You’ve... fallen for him, haven’t you?”

Dean scoffs and waves her off. “Charlie-”

“Holy shit!” Charlie laughs, holding a hand over her mouth. “Wow. I never thought I’d live to see the day. Dean in love-

“What, was I that hopeless?”

“No,” Charlie smiles. “You were just that slutty.”

Dean clicks his tongue and turns to start wiping off the counters, anything to keep his hands busy.

“So you are, right?”

“What?” Dean grunts.

“In love with him?”

“Charlie,” he sighs. “I don’t wanna make this a big deal. My slutty past behavior is kind of a...sore topic for us. And I don’t want him to be reminded of it. Yes, I love him and he loves me, and that’s that. Don’t need a damn parade or anyone sayin’ what a miracle it is that I’ve finally settled down.”

“What, he doesn’t like that you slept around?” Charlie frowns. “Dean-”

“It’s not like that,” Dean rubs a hand over his face. “He just...doesn’t like how I, uh, treated myself back then. Got nothin’ to do with the sleepin’ around part. Just the why of it.”

Charlie sighs and presses her lips together, taking the rag out of Dean’s hands and tossing it into the sink, then wrapping her arms around his waist. He hugs her back, resting his chin on the top of her head.

“What’s this for?”

He feels her shrug, then she pulls away. “I’m happy for you, Dean. I think...I think this is good for you. Cas seems like a really sweet guy, and if I’m being honest, this is the happiest- and healthiest - that I think I’ve ever seen you.”

Dean smirks and turns away to keep from blushing, looking out the window into the empty dining room. Once January hit business would pick back up, but until then he’ll be lucky to make enough to pay the damn rent. Normally this is the time of year he’s up to his ears in stress, constantly worrying how the next bill is going to get paid. With Cas around, though, Dean hardly gives it any thought. Cas is the ultimate de-stresser.

“This is probably the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been ,” Dean says. “I dunno. Something about him makes everything so...easy. Being with him is easy. We don’t have to try. Even the sex is just... fun . Amazing, of course, but relaxed. Comfortable. Like we’ve been together for years.”

“Isn’t sex always fun?” Charlie smirks.

“Not like this,” Dean shakes his head and leans against the counter. “With the others, you know, it’s like I was tryin’ to put on a show. I was performing. Felt good, but it wasn’t… fun. With Cas, it’s...hell, sometimes we even laugh. We’re just with each other. No flexing, no games.”

“You are so smitten,” Charlie giggles. “It’s disgusting, honestly.”

Dean tries to hide his smile, plastering on an exaggerated frown and thrusting a thumb over his shoulder. “Don’t you have work you can be doing?”

Charlie shrugs and looks over his shoulder. “With all our customers?”

“Silverware needs rolling.”

“Already done.”

Dean narrows his eyes. “Caddies? Ketchups?”

“Done and done.”

“Count down the drawer?”

Charlie pauses then rolls her eyes. “Why are you so against talking to me about your romantic endeavors? We used to talk about everything. I’ll even tell you all about my night with Dorothy…”

Dean opens his mouth then pauses, looking up and tilting his head back and forth as he considers the very enticing offer, then finally shakes his head firmly. “No. He’s special. He’s different. Not someone to be bragged about. I’m keepin’ him all to myself. Sorry.”

Charlie sighs heavily. “That’s fair, I guess.”

The shopkeeper’s bell jangles and they both turn to look. Missouri waves at them from the other side of the window and they both wave back. Dean ushers Charlie off, but she’s already gone, appearing on the other side of the window a moment later and leaning over the bar to talk to Missouri.

“How’s the family, Missouri?” Dean asks, leaning out the window.

“‘Bout the same.” She barks a laugh. “Except my granddaughter is a little taller and my son a little meaner.”

“Don’t like that son of yours,” Dean shakes his head. “He don’t treat his mama right.”

“Well, sugar, it’s a good thing I got you then,” she smiles at him, eyes flickering to the colorful hair. “You’re the white baby I never wanted.”

Dean laughs and turns back to the stove, not needing a ticket to know what she’s going to order. Missouri has been getting the same thing everyday since the diner opened. In fact, on the menu Dean just calls it ‘The Missouri’.

“What kind of pie do we have today?”

“Peach or blueberry,” Dean yells back.

“Good. I want both.”

Dean smirks as he readies her hamburger patty, faintly hearing her and Charlie’s whispering, no doubt talking about him. Those two are worse than gossip magazines.

When he hands Charlie a perfectly cooked hamburger, Missouri looks up from her newspaper. “Where’s my shy baby? You leave him out in the cold, boy?”

Dean rolls his eyes as Charlie sets the plate down on the bar. “First of all, my shy baby. Second of all, he’s got the day off because I’m the bestest boyfriend.”

“He better have a good jacket on.”

Dean chuckles. “I got him a nice one, Missouri. He’s fine. Just needs a day to himself is all.”

“Mmmhmmm,” Missouri hums as she takes a bite of her burger. “Well. My baby girl is about to graduate high school and I was hoping I could hire him to take some pictures of her for me. You think he’d be interested?”

“Surely not for lack of talent, but I don’t think he’s really in a position to turn a job down,” Dean chuckles. “Honestly, I think he’d be thrilled to. He doesn’t typically take a lot of portraits, but he has before. I dunno. I can ask him.”

Missouri waves a hand dismissively. “I’ll just ask him tomorrow. I trust he’ll be back then?”

Dean nods, and Charlie scoffs, holding her hands out by her sides then letting them fall to the bar between them. “Missouri! I’ve been serving you for almost four years now!”

“And you know I love you, baby,” Missouri assures her, tapping her on the hand. Charlie huffs and snatches her cup from the bar, turning to refill her Pepsi with a scowl. Missouri chuckles and looks back up at Dean. “Anyway, he won’t even have to travel or anything. Patience graduates in May, but she’s flying up in April to spend Spring Break here with me, so we can just do it then.”

Dean looks down at his own burger on the grill and flips it, tilting his head to the side and smiling slightly. “Sounds good to me.”

The next several hours crawl by as it gradually grows dark outside. Missouri leaves shortly after she finishes eating, taking her extra piece of pie home with her. Dean sends Charlie home early, as there’s no reason to keep her when the place is basically empty. By the time it’s a quarter ‘til closing, it’s just Dean. Benny had offered to stay and help, but Dean waved him off and told him to enjoy his night. The truth is, he can’t afford to keep paying both of them for a full day shift when there’s no one here to cook for.

Dean is soaking the tea urns when the bell jingles. He looks up and smiles as Cas walks through the door, brushing snow off his jacket. He looks ridiculously adorable with windblown hair and red nose to match his cheeks.

“Hey, baby,” Dean steps out from the kitchen and pulls Cas in for a kiss. “Damn, you’re cold. Please don’t tell me you’ve been out in it all day.”

Cas smiles and raises shaking hands to sign: “Would it make you feel better if I told you no?”

“Not really.” Dean grins and cups the back of his head, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Well, then. At least tell me the photos were worth it. Where’d you go?”

Cas’s grin widens and pulls out his camera, taking Dean by the hand and pulling him over to the bar. He turns on the camera and starts cycling through bright white pictures, then turns to show Dean a few.

“Palisades again, huh?” Dean wraps his arm around Cas’s waist and rests his chin on his shoulder, watching as he cycles through the photos. “Hey, wait, is that-?”

Cas nods and looks up at him. He sits the camera down and Dean lets go of him to allow him to turn and sign. “I kept in contact with Sarah through email, after sending her the first photo of Delaney. I wanted to practice with poses and lighting for photo shoots with people, since it’s so different than landscapes, so I asked if she’d be willing to meet me in the park.” He angles the camera up again and cycles through a few more, then points to one of Delaney looking directly into the camera, maybe a few feet away, grinning widely with an arm cocked back, ready to throw the massive snowball in her gloved hand.

“We had a snowball fight,” Cas signs. “She won.”

Dean chuckles and shakes his head. “That won’t do, Cas. I’ll have to teach you a thing or two. I happen to be a master strategist when it comes to snowball fighting.”

Cas grins and looks back down, chewing his lip as he looks through some more of his photos.

“Funny you should do this today, anyway,” Dean begins, and Cas looks back up at him, sniffling softly. “I was just talkin’ to Missouri earlier, and she wants to ask you to take some senior pictures of her granddaughter. Ya know, if you’re interested.”

Cas grins and nods. “Yes,” he signs. “I’d love to.”

Dean smiles back and hooks an arm over his shoulder, pulling him in for a kiss. “Awesome. She’s coming down for Spring Break in April, so Missouri says we can do it then.”

Cas nods. “I’ll be here,” he signs then looks back down at his camera, flipping through pictures of snow and ice. Dean chews on his lip, knowing what that ‘I’ll be here’ indicates. He wants to ask when Cas plans on picking up and leaving again, but is too afraid to. As stupid as it is, he wants to go on pretending that things will stay the same. That Cas isn’t leaving. He knows Cas will come back, but he also knows the time in between will be lonely.

It’s almost like Cas can feel the shift in Dean’s mood, the unsaid anxiety, because he looks up and frowns, sitting down his camera and tapping the hand draped around his shoulders. Dean tears his eyes away from a random imperfection in the wood of the bar and raises his eyebrows at Cas, giving him a faint hum.

Cas turns in his seat and lays his left hand on Dean’s cheek, holding up his right, middle and ring fingers down and the other three sticking up.

I love you.

Dean huffs a laugh, making his best attempt to look unbothered. He takes Cas’s face in his hands, leans forward and kisses him gently on the lips.

“I love you too, angel. C’mon. Let’s go home.”


When Dean is ushering Cas into the house, he feels a tug on his kilt and smiles. “Wore that for you,” he chuckles, shutting the door behind them. He grunts when he’s suddenly pushed up against the wall by the door, a thigh between his legs and a hungry mouth on his own. Dean groans and cups the side of Cas’s face, readily opening his mouth to let Cas in.

“I thought you might like that,” Dean huffs a laugh as they pull apart, licking his lips. Cas trails a hand down his hip, slipping his fingers up and under the kilt where he quickly discovers Dean is completely bare underneath. Cas’s eyes flutter in a silent moan and he sighs, pressing closer to Dean. His hand snakes around behind, pulling gently at Dean’s ass cheek as he presses their foreheads together.

“You want me, baby?” Dean asks softly, tilting Cas’s chin up and stroking his cheek until Cas finally opens up his eyes to look at him and nods sincerely. Cas swallows hard and takes Dean’s hand, sliding them both down his chest and pushing Dean’s palm against his hard cock, proving his point. Dean sucks in a breath and tries to cover it with a cocky smirk.

“Oh, yeah?” he continues, not sounding quite as confident as before. He clears his throat and lowers his voice, hoping that will disguise its unsteadiness. “Well, I think I’m in the mood for a good hard fucking, if you think you can provide.”

Cas’s eyes darken and he bites his lip, his gaze somehow hard and unsure at the same time. His grip on Dean’s ass tightens, nails biting into the meat, and his cock twitches against Dean’s palm.

“Mmm, you like that idea, don’t you, angel?” Dean chuckles, but his own cock jerks excitedly at the thought. He groans again as soon as the image accompanying the next words out of his mouth pops into his head, ruffling the kilt with his free hand. “Bet you’d just love to ruck this old thing up and bend me over that table and fuck me ‘til my legs give out, wouldn’t you?”

Cas’s eyes flutter closed again and he lets out a heavy breath, nostrils flaring as he tries to compose himself. He finally opens his eyes again, the pupils fully blown now, and nods, his jaw set.

Dean leans in, their lips brushing as he speaks. “ God, I want you to.”

Cas’s hand pulls, spreading Dean’s asscheeks apart, and a finger slips inside the crack to trace the rim down below. Dean jerks and moans again, his cock twitching underneath the kilt. Sometimes Cas takes him by surprise; shy one second and bold the next. Dean loves it, though, and likes to think he has something to do with Cas’s brief bouts of confidence.

“C’mon, baby,” he murmurs, tugging at Cas’s bottom lip with his teeth. “Show me how good you can fuck me.”

Cas shudders and pushes Dean towards the kitchen, their eyes never wavering, electricity in the air as they find their way in the dark. Dean grunts when he hits the table and moves easily when Cas turns him around. Cas seems to hesitate a moment before pushing him down onto the table, Dean bent in half and his cheek squished against the cool surface.

“Mmm, yeah, I like this,” Dean smirks and wiggles his hips, sliding his ass against the bulge in Cas’s pants. “Fuck, you’re so hard already. I want you inside, Cas.”

He hears Cas huff behind him and the warmth of his body disappears suddenly. Dean turns his head to look toward the bedroom, seeing the light flip on and Cas walk quickly through the door. He returns a moment later with the bottle of lube in his hand and Dean smiles and lifts his head off the table, reaching up to grip the edge and thrust his ass back when Cas presses against him again.

Jesus, get inside me already, Cas. Don’t wanna wait-”

Cas huffs again and pushes his head down against the table, and Dean groans and pushes back against him. Dean hears the cap of the lube pop open as Cas’s free hand pushes the kilt up his backside and lets it bunch around Dean’s waist. Dean inhales sharply when Cas presses a cold, slick finger between his cheeks, circling his rim.

Dean pushes back, but Cas slaps him lightly on the ass for his impatience, causing Dean to jump with a small yelp.

“Did-did you just spank me?”

Cas answers with another slap on the other cheek and Dean’s whole body clenches, including his hole that Cas currently has his finger in. Dean bites his lip and squirms, his cock aching between his legs. Cas crooks his finger and Dean groans, his thighs trembling from the effort to keep still.

“Cas, will you just- yes ,” he moans when Cas adds a second finger, and third a few minutes later, stretching Dean wide as he pushes them in and out. This time Dean does push back, grinding down and wishing those fingers were something thicker.

Cas makes quick work of preparing him, twisting and pulling his fingers, clearly just as impatient as Dean. He retracts his fingers after a few short minutes, and Dean moans and clenches around nothing when he hears the wet sound of Cas slicking his own cock behind him. He presses the head of his cock against Dean’s hole and slides it up and down, teasing slowly.

“Dammit Cas, just fuck me already!” Dean snaps, then gasps when Cas promptly pushes in, hands roughly gripping Dean’s thighs as he presses snugly against his backside. “ Oh, fuck!”

Cas pants heavily as he lets himself and Dean adjust, then he slowly pulls out and pushes back in again, as deep as he can manage. Dean moans loudly against the cool wood and reaches up to grip the edge of the table, clenching around Cas’s girth.

“Damn, that feels good,” Dean pants and pushes back, Cas’s cock twitching inside him as he moves his hips. “C’mon, baby. Fuck me like you mean it.”

Cas digs his fingers into Dean’s hips, nails biting into the skin so hard Dean is sure to have marks later. A hand disappears briefly only to grip the back of Dean’s head, holding him down against the table. Cas slides out then snaps his hips to bury himself again, hard and fast, the table scraping across the floor. Dean chokes on a moan and arches back, pleading for more.

Cas really sets into him now, one hand gripping the base of Dean’s neck and shoving his face hard against the table, the other hand holding tightly to his hip as he thrusts roughly, his thighs slapping against Dean’s backside. His breath comes in loud huffs and Dean closes his eyes and flexes his fingers along the edge of the table, taking everything Cas will give him. It isn’t long before Cas’s thrusts begin to become a little more erratic, and he grabs a fistful of Dean’s hair during a particularly hard thrust that causes Dean to arch up off the table.

Dean has no idea where this is coming from but he has no complaints, Cas’s assault toeing the line between pleasure and pain and if Dean’s being honest with himself, it’s fucking perfect.

“Gonna fucking wreck me, big boy?” Dean teases, earning himself another smack on his ass, and he smirks as Cas pushes his head down against the table again. He can feel Cas flexing his fingers against his neck and his pace wavering, and judging by that and the sound of his panting, Dean can tell that he’s close. Not that Dean’s far behind, his cock hanging hard between his legs and occasionally scraping somewhat painfully against the edge of the table.

His arms are starting to cramp, his thighs burning, his increasingly sensitive hole clenching with each hard thrust. The table scrapes across the floor with every rough snap of Cas’s hips and Dean’s cheek is starting to feel raw from rubbing against the wood. It’s all so damn good and out of nowhere and Dean doesn’t want it to end. It’s a shock when he realizes he’s seconds from coming and he hasn’t even touched himself, his cock hanging neglected and throbbing.

“Oh God, Cas ,” he moans, hands clenching so hard on the edge of the table his knuckles turn white and the wood digs into his skin. “Fuck, right there, yes-oh shit , I’m gonna come-”

It hits him so hard Dean swears he blacks out for a second. He cries out and his cock jerks, streams of cum spilling onto the floor as he clenches around Cas’s girth. He clings to the table, Cas thrusting wildly now, skin slapping against skin.

Cas stills with a strained breath while Dean clenches around him, and Dean can feel the warmth filling him as Cas grips his hips lazily. He collapses bonelessly against Dean’s back and mouths at the back of his neck, and Dean chuckles.

“Alright, get offa me,” he grunts, and he can feel Cas’s smile against his skin just before he stands, pulling out gently. Dean hisses softly and stands too, letting the kilt fall back down to its rightful place as he stretches his legs one at a time. He turns his torso from side to side, his spine cracking.

Cas tucks himself back into his own pants and scrubs a hand down his face. The minimal light coming from the bedroom reflects off of the sweat beaded across his forehead, and Dean huffs and raises the hem of his shirt to gently wipe it off.

“Jesus, Cas,” Dean smirks, “where the fuck did that come from?!”

Cas blushes, which is so ridiculous considering the guy had him pinned to the table just moments before. Dean laughs and pats Cas on the cheek. “There’s my shy baby. You’re something else, Cas.”

Cas smiles shyly and frowns, gesturing at Dean a bit awkwardly. “Are you...okay?” he signs worriedly. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Dean laughs and shakes his head. “Baby, that was...that was fucking perfect. I dunno where it came from, but I think we definitely need to do it again.”

Cas smiles and scrubs a hand nervously down his face again. Dean steps forward and envelops him in a hug, pressing a kiss to his neck, then his cheek, then pulling back and pressing their lips together.

“Hey,” he says when he pulls away, pushing some wild hair off Cas’s forehead, “I was just thinkin’...might be a good time for us to use that vacation Gabriel got us. You know, if you felt up to it. I could go for a week or two of sun and sand with you, somewhere far away from here.”

Cas smiles widely and lays a hand against Dean’s cheek, but the smile slowly morphs into a confused frown.

“But what about the diner?” he signs.

Dean shrugs. “It’s usually not too busy in January anyway, people still recoverin’ from the holidays and all that. Benny and Charlie can handle it.”

“For two weeks?” Cas signs anxiously.

Dean shrugs, unconcerned. “Yeah, they’ve done it before. Well, not for two weeks, but it’s not a big deal. There’s always some high schoolers looking to make some extra money after the holidays. I’ll hire some temporary help and it’ll be fine.”

Cas still doesn’t look totally convinced, his hands twitching nervously. Dean smiles and takes them into his own, squeezing gently. “Hey, you let me worry about the diner, okay? I just want you to worry about what kind of speedo you’re gonna wear for me.”

Cas grimaces and blushes furiously, shaking his head quickly. Dean laughs and kisses his red cheek. “Fine, fine. No speedo. You’ll just have to be naked the whole time.”

Cas grins and shakes his head again, then stops abruptly, getting a faraway look in his eye. He furrows his brow and looks around, spotting where he tossed his camera on the sofa at some point during their stumbling to the kitchen table. He chews his lip thoughtfully and walks trancelike over to the sofa without so much as another acknowledgement to Dean, and Dean scoffs after him.

“Oh, no...I know that look,” Dean says warily, crossing his arms over his chest as Cas plops down on the couch with the camera, turning it on and skimming through his settings. “You go ahead and put whatever kinky ideas you got out of your head regarding me and that camera.”

But Cas is already gone, Dean’s very presence just part of the background.

“Hey.” Dean snaps his fingers in front of Cas’s face, but Cas barely blinks. “I mean it, Cas. I’m not doin’ it. There’s nothing you can do that’ll make me.”

Cas smirks and puts the camera on the table, picking up Dean’s laptop instead. He powers it up and logs online, Dean watching him silently the whole time, trying to imagine what artistic fantasies acted themselves out in his head.

Cas pulls up Craigslist and clicks on ‘post to classifieds’, selecting the ‘gig offered’ option on the following page.

“Hey...what are you doing?” Dean asks nervously, an edge to his voice. “Cas-”

Cas begins typing.


Amateur photographer seeks nude model for tropical photo shoot.


“The fuck he does!” Dean squawks, batting Cas’s hands out of the way and jerking the computer away from him as Cas’s shoulders shake with his silent laughter. He leans to the side and covers his beautifully gleeful smile with a hand, but Dean can still see the scrunched nose, the eye crinkles, and he smiles despite actually being just the tiniest bit nervous that Cas would actually hire someone to pose nude for him.

“You’re not as innocent as you let people think,” Dean mutters, snapping the laptop shut. “You little shit.”

Cas blinks up at him, his lips twitching into another smile as his hand falls away.

“Fine,” Dean says grumpily. “I’ll pose nude for you, only if …” he smirks down at Cas, very much enjoying the look of apprehension on his petty face. “You pose nude for me , too.”

Cas gapes up at him, blush coming back in full force, and starts to shake his head fervently. Dean just shrugs and stretches as he turns, heading to the bedroom as he sheds his shirt.

“Tit for tat, baby,” he says, the kilt coming off next and giving Cas an eyeful. “You want this for your weird, photography fantasy? Then you better strip it down, too.” Dean disappears into the bedroom and Cas scrambles off the couch to follow after him.

“But you’re not even a photographer,” Cas signs irritably. “Your reasoning behind wanting me to pose nude is purely self-indulgent.”

“Aw, Cas, don’t be prudish.” Dean smirks and walks into the bathroom, and Cas follows, leaning against the doorway. Dean adds toothpaste to his toothbrush and points it at Cas. “I think we both know at least part of you is doing this for yourself.” He thrusts the toothbrush into the side of his mouth and starts brushing, watching Cas carefully.

“I need to practice,” Cas argues. “Expand my horizons, build my portfolio. And it’s not weird!” His signing quickens and Dean takes a minute to recap what he’s doing in his head, carefully translating. “People practice nude photography all the time. What’s so bad about wanting to use my skills to take photos of my boyfriend?”

Dean lowers his toothbrush and raises his eyebrows. “Boyfriend, huh?”

Cas blushes. “Well, yeah.” he signs. “I thought that’s what you were.”

Dean stares at him for a moment then turns to spit into the sink. “That is what I am,” he says, turning back to Cas with a smile. “Just...wasn’t sure if that’s wanted.”

Cas tilts his head and steps forward, wiping a bit of toothpaste from the corner of Dean’s mouth with his thumb. He takes Dean’s hand and squeezes three times, and Dean sighs as he pulls him into a hug.

“I love you, too,” he murmurs, still relishing in the fact that he can finally say that out loud. “You’re right. It’s not weird and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to hone your skills. I’d love to pose for you. Knowing you, you’d make it so tasteful it’d barely be considered a nude.” He pulls back and smirks. “Though, I would like to do at least one dirty one. You know. So you can practice.”

Cas grins wickedly, eyes twinkling. “Of course,” he signs. “I think you’ll find I’m very professional.”

Dean chuckles and finishes brushing his teeth, finally spitting and rinsing his mouth then returning the brush to its holder. “I don’t doubt it.”

He turns and smirks a little when Cas’s eyes flit downward and back up. He pretends not to notice his nakedness, since it’s so much more fun to watch Cas squirm...and since Cas had decided he was going to be a little shit tonight, anyway.

Cas swallows and shakes his head slightly, raising his hands to sign and seemingly forgetting his train of thought before finally responding. “So, vacation. Bahamas. When do you want to leave?”

Dean hums and grips Cas’s hips, pulling him closer. “If I had my way we’d leave tomorrow, but...I should at least give Benny and Charlie some time to prepare. And I need to see about getting some temporary help for them. So...maybe a week?”

Cas nods, pointedly looking at Dean’s face. “A week is good,” he signs, biting his lip.

“You know,” Dean nuzzles Cas’s cheek. “Nothin’ stopping you from, ah, practicing your stuff now. Not a tropical paradise here, but we can still do some nude stuff.”

Cas gives him a look, a smile tugging on his lips. “I think you’re just trying to seduce me into a second round.”

“Wouldn’t have to work too hard at it,” Dean snorts, slowly leading Cas backwards towards the bed. “You’re insatiable nowadays.”

“Me?” Cas signs with an incredulous look, and Dean chuckles.

“Okay, so I may be a little guilty, too. But that’s expected. You, though...your sexual prowess was a bit unexpected.”

Cas holds a hand up against Dean’s chest and they both stop, Dean smiling mischievously. Cas tries hard not to smile.

“Weren’t you going to take a shower?” he signs.

“Are you trying to change the subject?”

Cas can’t hold back his smile now, but he reigns it in quickly. “You smell like food.”

Dean scoffs. “That a bad thing?”

Cas crosses his arms over his chest and smiles again, then nudges Dean with his shoulder, back toward the bathroom. Dean moves sluggishly, letting his arms fall dramatically low by his sides. Cas manages to maneuver him back to the bathroom and push him through the door, and Dean turns back toward him, nonchalantly taking his own cock in his hand and stroking it lazily a few times.

“You know...I wouldn’t be opposed to a sponge bath-”

Cas grins like he does when he’s trying not to grin, and shuts the door in his face.


“You never take vacation.”

Dean sighs for the hundredth time that morning. “Look, if you can’t do it, we’ll just pick another week-”

“No, no!” Charlie waves her hands around quickly and leans into the window as Dean flips a patty on the grill. “I’m totally happy to do it. Extra money plus you actually taking some time off. You haven’t done that since you opened this place. I’m happy for you. Just...surprised, too.”

“You and me both,” Dean smiles up at her. His hair is blue today and his eyeliner to match, making the green in eyes stand out. “I never thought I could afford it. Never done the whole...vacation thing.”

Charlie giggles excitedly. “You’re gonna love it! Nothing but beach and sunshine and marathon sex with your boy-”

There’s a small clattering from the dining room and they both look up to see Cas, blushing from head to toe, hastily picking up some thankfully empty cups. Charlie winces and clears her throat.

“Sorry, Cas,” she smiles apologetically. “I, uh, thought you were still in the back.”

Dean snorts and shakes his head. “Don’t worry, angel. I never give her any details despite her constantly asking for them.”

“Hey!” Charlie whips her head around to glare at him. “I’m not bad. So sue me if I’m a little curious. Mama ain’t gettin’ any lately and you used to tell me all sorts of-”

Dean gives her a hard look and she snaps her mouth shut, then slinks away to clean some tables and avoid his stare. Cas ambles into the kitchen to dump the now dirty cups into the sink a bit sheepishly. Dean chuckles and leans in to give him a quick peck on the cheek.

“No worries, gorgeous,” he whispers. “Charlie broke three plates her first day here. By the end of the week, I had to buy a whole new set. Why do you think the cups are plastic?”

Cas smiles softly, spraying the cups off and shoving them in the slots of the plastic crate to run them through the dishwasher. He makes a sound that resembles a cough even though it’s not exactly right, and he covers his mouth with his hand. He sniffles and wipes his nose, which Dean is now noticing to be a little red. Dean reaches out and pokes it, and Cas swats his hand away.

“What did I tell you? Outside all day yesterday in the snow, no hat, poor excuse for’s no wonder you’re sick.”

Cas waves a hand dismissively and tries to walk away, but Dean pulls him back.

“Hey, can’t just let that shit go. It’ll only get worse. I’ll run you by urgent care when we leave tonight so you can get some meds. Don’t wanna be flying and vacationing and all that when you’re already sick.” Dean pushes some hair off Cas’s forehead. “Should take you up to Donna’s too before we go, get you a cut.”

Cas sniffs again and Dean leans down to kiss him, but Cas turns away.


“Sick,” he signs, with a bit of a sly grin. “Don’t wanna get you sick.”

Dean pouts heavily, going so far as to hang his bottom lip. Cas sighs dramatically, rolling his eyes, and kisses Dean quickly on the cheek.

“That’s all you get,” he signs, giving him a firm look.

“Fine,” Dean huffs. “But I’m spoon-feeding you soup when we get home.”

Cas doesn’t even deem that ridiculous statement worthy of a response and walks out of the kitchen, intent on ignoring his sickness and Dean’s pouty lips.

“You two are disgusting,” Charlie tosses her apron through the kitchen, aiming it at Dean’s head who is too busy setting the freshly cooked patty on its bun to duck. “I’m taking my break. Try not to have sex on the bar while I’m gone.”

“We can’t,” Dean scoffs, placing the burger and fries on a plate. “He’s sick .”

Charlie raises a brow. “So if he wasn’t, you would?”

Dean looks at her blankly. “Is that a real question? Of course I would.”

Charlie rolls her eyes and heads to the back as Dean places the plate in the window.

“Baby, come eat while there’s no one here.”

Cas pops into view long enough to snatch the plate up then scampers over to his table to dig in. Dean smiles and steps out of the kitchen to sit with him, picking at his fries.

“So.” Dean chews and swallows a fry, brushing his fingers together to rid them of excess salt. “How are you feeling about the Bahamas? Ready for some sun and sand? Drunken sex?”

Cas snorts and shakes his head, swallowing his bite of burger.

“I need you sober for the photo session,” Cas signs.

Dean gapes. “You tellin’ me I can't even have a drink before getting completely naked on a beach?! In front of people ?”

“We'll be on a nude beach, Dean.” Cas smiles and rolls his eyes. “Everyone will be naked. And yes, that’s what I’m telling you. I don’t want to have to edit the bloodshot out of your eyes on every single picture.”

Dean ignores the last comment. “So you’ll be naked too?”

“Can't,” Cas signs with a sly grin. “That's hardly professional.”

“Yeah, but see…” Dean wiggles his eyebrows. “If it’s a nude beach, you have to be naked. Otherwise you’re breaking the rules.”

Cas pauses, his mouth hanging open as he goes in for another bite of his burger, and blinks as he looks away. Dean just smirks smugly, popping another fry in his mouth.

“Mm, that’s what I thought,” he chuckles. “Bad news for me, though. With you naked, everyone’s gonna be lookin’ at you. Not sure I like the idea of someone starin’ at your hot ass. Even if it does make them jealous.”

Cas rolls his eyes again and waves Dean off. Of all Cas's qualities, his utter obliviousness to how desirable he is may be one of Dean's favorites. However, he wishes Cas could at least understand his own self worth.

Dean hums and pops another fry in his mouth, shrugging dismissively. “May just have to stake my claim out there in front of everybody.”

Cas chokes on his Pepsi and coughs, blushing furiously.

Dean smiles mischievously, a lustful twinkle in his eyes. “Hm, interesting. I think my shy angel likes that idea.”

Cas quickly shakes his head, wiping Pepsi off his mouth, his blush deepening as he stares down at the table. Dean’s smile only widens and he reaches out to lay a hand on top of Cas’s, stroking up and down suggestively.

“Oh, I think you do,” Dean lowers his voice, leaning in closer. “I think you want everyone to see who you belong to...or better, who I belong to.”

Cas shakes his head and rubs at his chest, trying not to smile and surely attempting to will away his growing blush.

Ugh, you guys ,” Charlie groans, coming back around the corner and leaning over the bar dramatically. “One whole shift without the goo-goo eyes, it's all I ask. Take pity on the girl going through the long, albeit rare, dry spell.”

Cas gives Dean a hard look and nods in agreement, trying to hide his smile.

“Hey, Cas, you know...I was thinkin’...” Charlie moves around the bar and plops down on a stool, turning to face them. “Your photos are so good, and you could probably get more work if you were better known. I could make you a Facebook page or something, if you want. I think it would really help to get your name out there and showcase your work.”

Cas chews his lip. “I don’t know-”

“C’mon, Cas,” Dean reaches out and squeezes Cas’s hand. “She’s great with shit like that. And she’s right. If you get your name out there, you’ll start gaining a customer base. You can start earning money doing what you love, instead of bustin’ tables at some rundown diner.”

“I like working here,” Cas signs with a frown. “It’s not rundown. It has charm.”

Dean waves him off. “Call it what you want, it’s still not going to get you anywhere. You have skill, man. People should know it.”

“So whaddya say?” Charlie smiles. “We can start with Facebook, and then if you want I could eventually build you a website. Something that fits your tastes.”

Cas takes a slow bite of his burger and chews thoughtfully, looking back at Dean. Dean shrugs and nods.

“I think it’s a good idea, man. I mean, this is what you really wanna do with your life and the sad truth is that without social media these days, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure. People won’t take the time to find you is some podunk town, they’re gonna find the most easily accessible people for the job.” He reaches across the table and takes Cas’s hand again. “And it’ll be a good way for you to communicate with people, too. Easier. Could get you a phone, set you up an office area…”

Cas smiles and looks back and Charlie, nodding.

“Thank you,” he signs.

“Really? You’re gonna let me?!” Charlie squeals, and she jumps down from her stool and closes the space between them, throwing her arms around Cas’s neck. She muscles her way into the booth with him. “Now, I have all sorts of ideas, for marketing and when I can get your website up and running. I can also, you know, help you manage some of the interaction if it gets to be too much for you-”

Cas’s eyes widen the longer she talks, and he looks at Dean helplessly.

Dean huffs. “Charlie, all that’s great, but...maybe take a breath? How about you make us some presentations or slideshows or some shit. Might make it easier to understand.”

“Oh. Right,” she smiles apologetically. “Sorry ‘bout that. Sometimes I get a little excited and forget not everyone has a hard-on for computers like I do.”

Cas smiles and shrugs. “Never apologize for something you’re passionate about.”

Charlie grins and hugs Cas quickly around the shoulders. “You’re awesome,” she says, pulling away. “Okay, I’ll put together a little something for you in the next few days. Should have something ready before you two start your smut vacation.”

Cas blushes and covers his face with his hand as Dean laughs, picking at another fry. “It’s not gonna be all smut,” Dean says. “There’ll be some sleeping, too.”

“I don’t know how you put up with him, Cas,” Charlie sighs. “You’re a saint.”

Cas grins and smacks Dean’s hand away from his fries.


“I’d tell you to whoop his butt, but he might enjoy that too much.”

They’d all been so preoccupied with their conversation that they hadn’t heard the bell chime when Missouri walked in, and she smacks Dean playfully on the back of his head as she passes by on the way to her stool. Cas grins and Dean furrows his brow, turning in his seat and raising his arms in defeat.

“I swear, I don’t get any love around here. Almost like you guys were lookin’ for an excuse to turn on me, and Cas comes in here with his unnaturally blue eyes and his adorably mussed hair and- Dean? Who’s Dean?” Dean mocks, flapping his hands around. “I only know Cas. Nevermind that I’ve fed-” he glares at Missouri, “and employed-” he turns to Charlie, “your asses for years now. I’m hurt.”

Cas suddenly gets serious and he leans forward, laying a hand on Dean’s cheek.

“Don’t use those puppy dog eyes on me,” Dean mutters, trying hard to look away. “C’mon, quit it.”

Since when is it possible for eyes to look so cute and droopy anyway? Cas keeps staring at him, eyes all downturned and sad , and goddamnit, he’s going to cave.

“Fine!” Dean throws his hands up and stands, stomping into the kitchen to start making Missouri’s stupid burger. “I hate you all.”

Cas grins smugly and pops a fry in his mouth.

“Wow,” Charlie breathes, looking at Cas in wonder. “You gotta teach me how you do that.”

“Even I can’t do that,” Missouri chuckles. “You got some kinda magic over him, sugar.”

“It’s called whipped!” Benny calls from the window in the kitchen, and they all turn their attentions to him just in time to see Dean loop an arm around his neck from behind and pull him away, Benny choking and sputtering out of view.

Cas grins again and goes back to his food, and Charlie scoffs incredulously and gets up from the booth, ruffling Cas’s hair before crossing back over to the bar. She fills a cup with sweet tea and slides it over to Missouri, leaning against the bar.

“How was your visit with Patience?”

Missouri shrugs. “Patience is an angel, as always. Son is ever the prick.” She smiles softly, then leans to the side to look past Charlie. “Speakin’ of visitin’, Dean, when can we expect to see that brother of yours and his fiancee ?”

“Spring break, I’d imagine,” Dean says, pressing the burger to the grill with his spatula and watching the grease drain. “And it’s still just girlfriend to you guys. He’d kill me if he knew I told you… think he wanted to do it himself.”

“Oh, please,” Charlie snorts. “Everyone knew they were gonna get married. He’s so head over heels for her, it was only a matter of time.”

“Still, I need you all to act surprised when he breaks the news,” Dean shrugs. “You know, all the girly squealing, jumping up and down, all that shit.”

“Since when have I ever squealed about anything?” Charlie demands, hands on her hips.

“Comic-Con,” Dean grunts.

“There was a Leia cosplayer with a golden bikini , Dean!” Charlie huffs, throwing her hands up. “What the hell was I supposed to do?”

Not drool over her?”

“You ask the impossible.”

“And I can’t jump,” Missouri scoffs, sipping at her Pepsi. “These old bones of mine would break apart.”

“You’re a tough old bird, Missouri,” Dean grins. “I think a little jumping won’t hurt too much.”

“Do you expect the same reaction when you get engaged?” Charlie raises a brow.

Dean blinks, head snapping up. “What?”

“Don’t play dumb,” Missouri smiles. “If you thought Sam and Eileen were bad, you should try looking at you and Cas, honey.”

“It’s teeth-rotting,” Charlie rolls her eyes.

“Guys, I don’t-” Dean flinches and glances over at Cas, who’s looking pointedly at his plate and chewing slowly. “It’s uh...not really something we’ve talked about.”

Of course Dean had thought about it, more than a little, actually. The idea had never seen like much of anything he’d be particularly interested in, or even really believed in, for most of his life. He’d yet to see an example of a happy marriage anywhere in his life. Even before his mother died, in the brief flashes of memory he has of his parents together, he never remembers them being truly happy. As he’s gotten older, he began to recognize those past memories for what they were: two people trying to make things work for the sake of their children. In all likelihood, nothing more than that.

Cas had returned with what seemed like a much better idea of what he wanted from Dean. Dean doesn’t think he’ll ever really figure out Cas in his entirety- which is fine, because it’s part of what makes being with him so exciting- but he definitely feels like he has a firm grasp on how Cas feels about him. That being said, the topic of marriage never came up for them outside of the brief conversations they’d had about Sam and Eileen...which are few and far between because of how difficult it is for Dean to talk about it. Cas seemed to pick up on that, and so he didn’t pry.

Cas finally looks up from his plate and they lock eyes, and Dean could kick his own ass for staring directly at him while talking about freaking marriage of all things. The expression on Cas’s face is unreadable but he doesn’t look away immediately either, and Dean swallows hard and clears his throat nervously before Cas finally lowers his gaze.

“Really?” Missouri huffs skeptically. “I don’t buy that for a minute, baby.”

Dean shrugs. “Believe what you want, but we haven’t. Not in a rush to do anything. He knows I’m not going anywhere, and that’s that.”

Missouri and Charlie share a look, but opt not to say anything further on the subject.

A few more customers trickle in and Dean is able to focus on making orders, ignoring the occasional knowing look from Missouri. The day comes to a close in its usual quiet way, complete with Dean kicking Ash and Kevin out so he can lock the doors. He sets about cleaning up the rest of the kitchen while Cas sits at the bar, counting his tips carefully. Despite not having as many customers this time of year, Cas still manages to bring in a substantial amount every day. Every bit of it went into savings, too, since Dean refuses to let Cas pay for anything.

“How’d you do, baby?” he asks from the window.

Cas looks up and grins as he pockets it. Dean chuckles as he scrapes off the day’s muck from the grill top.

“It’s that pretty face of yours,” he says with a wink. “Maybe they’re hoping with enough money you’ll give ‘em a kiss.”

Cas waves a hand dismissively and unties his apron, folding it and laying it over the bar. He starts filling the sugar caddies, frowning in concentration as he pulls each one out and replaces the caddies with even numbers of each sugar, Splenda, and Equal. Dean watches him for a moment while he methodically cleans the grill, smiling to himself.

“Alright, boss, I’m outta here,” Benny says as he claps him on the back, breaking Dean out of his trance.

“Yeah, man. See ya tomorrow. Charlie gone?”

“Oh, yeah. Don’t tell her I don’t ya, but I saw her run into Dorothy out back. Kinda seemed in a hurry to get outta here.” Benny huffed a laugh. “Everyone ‘round me gettin’ laid, and meanwhile Andrea can barely stand the sight o’ me.”

Dean raises a brow. “You guys havin’ problems or somethin’? Cause if you’re hintin’ at wantin’ me now, it’s too little, too late, buddy.”

Benny barks a laugh and lifts his hat, scratching at the back of his head. “Actually, uh...Andrea’s havin’ a hard time standin’ the sight- or the smell, for that matter- of anythin’ resemblin’ a meal.”

Benny grins slyly as Dean lets that sink in, and he turns slowly, pointing the spatula at Benny. “Wait a minute. You sayin’-?”

“She’ll be eight weeks on the second.”

Hol-y shit.” Dean lets out a breath, letting the spatula clatter to the grill. He gestures to Benny and and holds his hands up to the sides of his head, then gestures to him again. “Holy shit. Holy SHIT, dude!” He steps forward and pulls Benny into an enthusiastic hug. “Fuck. Shit. Benny, man, that’s- I’m so happy for you, dude.”

Benny laughs and squeezes Dean tight. “Can you believe it? Me, a dad?”

“Hell yeah I can believe it,” Dean pulls him at arm’s length, grinning from ear to ear. “You’re gonna be a great daddy. Little girl will be spoiled rotten.”

“How do you know it’s a girl?” Benny smiles, raising a brow.

“I just do,” Dean claps him on the shoulder. “You were always meant to have a baby girl. And you’re gonna wrapped around her little finger.”

“I can think of worse things,” Benny chuckles. “Alright, chief. Do me a favor and keep it to yourself for now. Andrea hasn’t told her parents yet.”

“Lips are sealed,” Dean smiles. “Now go home before it gets too late.”

Benny exits out the back door and leaves Dean thinking of others’ ideas of family, which are decidedly much different than how he and Sam grew up to view family. To him, real family had come from “found” family, or rather, the ones they chose to have in their lives despite not being related by blood. Dean always imagined they’d have a close relationship with their mom from what he can remember of her, because she was gentle and soft-spoken, she could make Zeppelin sound like a lullaby and she always smelled like honeysuckle.

Unfortunately, that was about the extent he could remember of her.

He liked to imagine, if he were to ever have a kid of his own, that he’d be more like Mary Winchester than John Winchester. He glances up at Cas, who’s meticulously arranging the caddies, ketchups, and syrups along the bar, and changes his mind.

No, Cas would definitely be the Mary Winchester.

He blinks and shakes his head. Get it together, Winchester.

Dean flies through the rest of his cleaning and actually ends up beating Cas by a few minutes, chilling in a stool as Cas wipes down the counter one last time. When he gets close, Dean grins and pulls him into his lap by his arm, earning nothing more than an eyeroll.

“You’re a very distracting boss,” Cas signs.

“It’s clean enough,” Dean clicks his tongue, prying the washrag from Cas’s hand and tossing it on the counter. “And I miss you.”

“I’ve been here all day.”

“Not here, in my lap,” Dean pouts. “You’ve been out here, flirting so you can get bigger tips. Right in front of your very devoted boyfriend, no less.”

Cas smacks him on the chest. “I do not flirt.”

“I saw you battin’ those long eyelashes at that trucker earlier,” Dean mimics it, batting his eyelashes. “Dude would’ve had no problem gettin’ you in his cab.”

Cas sighs and shakes his head. “You’re ridiculous. Are you forgetting how we met?”

Dean blushes. “Yeah, well. You were hot and I was horny.”

Cas rolls his eyes and wiggles out of Dean’s lap. “When are you not horny?” Cas raises a brow then grabs his arpon from the counter to hang it up neatly.

“When I’m asleep?”

Cas gives him a look. “If I had a dollar for how many times I’ve woken up with your dick poking me-”

“Okay, okay!” Dean holds his hands up in surrender. “You win. I’m a filthy lech. Now let’s go home.”