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When the Impossible is Possible

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When Shouto overheard Midoriya he thought he might as well give up.

“I'm bi, Uraraka,” the greenette stated hesitantly to the bubbly brunette in front of him.

Uraraka's lips parted into an oh before her face split into a wide smile. “I'm lesbian myself!” She proclaimed proudly.

For what could Shouto offer to Midoriya? As a sex repulsed Asexual, Midoriya would never be fulfilled in a relationship with Shouto.

Besides. Shouto's father wouldn't allow such a relationship. Much to the annoyance of the scarred teen, Enji expected him to mate with a female and have children. To go against Enji would be to give the fiery man a reason to beat Shouto against the tatami floor until he can't defend himself.

That was until Midoriya asked Shouto to meet him in his dorm room after school.

The school day was spent with Shouto in an intense battle against his quirk to avoid freezing his desk or burning his assignments. Nevertheless, he still managed to singe his papers and his pencil grew slick with water as it froze ever so slightly only to melt due to Shouto's body temperature.

It didn't help that Midoriya seemed equally nervous, his muttering sessions far more frequent and the constant adjusting of his clothes. Which, in turn, drove Shouto's anxiety up higher.

The end of the school day couldn't come soon enough.

Lunch crawled by at an ant's pace. Izuku didn't speak to Shouto or Iida at all, despite the fact he sat at the same table as them. Instead, he spent the entire time speaking to Uraraka in hushed whispers with the occasion glance towards Shouto (Midoriya would immediately look away if he caught Shouto's eye while doing so. It made Shouto wonder if he did something wrong.)

After lunch they had Heroic Studies with All Might. Shouto couldn't have been happier. Exercise always helped him get his mind off whatever worried him.

(Mostly because what was worrying him was a bulky man almost two-thirds taller than him, who would only lay off if Shouto did what he was told perfectly.)

However, when the period, and school, was almost over, Shouto wanted to freeze time. What could Midoriya want to talk about? Did Shouto do something wrong? Did Midoriya want to stop being friends!?

Before he knew it, he was outside Midoriya's room, his hand raised to knock. After a small moment of hesitance, he completed the action.

The door swung open to reveal a fidgeting Midoriya, his eyes downcast and his bottom lip captured under his teeth as his hand motioned for Shouto to enter. He did so with a nod, eyebrows drawn ever so slightly.

Midoriya silently shut the door behind Shouto before pulling his desk chair out and sitting on his bed. The scarred teen took a chance and sat on the chair, surprised by its padded comfort.

They sat in an awkward silence for several seconds before Shouto decided it might be better to just get on with it. Why prolong the inevitable? Sure, it would hurt to lose his crush best friend and returning to his previous state of complete isolation, but at least he would know where he stood. “You...wanted to talk?” Shouto warily prompted, carefully freezing his heart with his mother's loving ice in preparation for the breaking.

“Um...well...I wanted to tell you that I...uh...I-I…” Midoriya took a deep breath before he muttered something under his breath Shouto couldn't quite catch. When forest-filled depths looked towards him with such hope, Shouto couldn't help the flutter of his frozen heart as it began to thaw.

“I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that,” Shouto softly stated, his mind a mess as it ejected itself into the turmoil of theorizing what would put such an expression on Midoriya's face.

The freckled teen looked distraught for a moment that made Shouto want to shove his words back down his throat to never be seen again.

“What I'm t-trying to say is...IlikeyouTodoroki.” The words to a bit for Shouto to dissect and pull from the others, but once he did he nearly fell of the chair.

Midoriya like him? Someone could like the teen with a disgusting face and terrible social abilities?

Realizing that Midoriya expected an answer, Shouto nodded. “I...I like you to,” he began. Midoriya's eyes lit up like a light bulb and the sight squeezed Shouto's vulnerable heart. He took a moment to freeze it once more before he bared it to the small teen in front of him. “But…” Midoriya seemed to deflate with that one word, and it hurt Shouto to see it happen. “...I'm asexual.”

Midoriya's eyes widened for a moment before his mouth split into a wide grin. “If it's okay with you, Todoroki, it's okay with me,” the precious, kind, and lovely teen in front of him exclaimed.

Shouto's lips allowed a small smile to pass through his learned facade as he embraced his best friend boyfriend. Strong, warm arms embraced him back, and Shouto felt safer than he had since he was three and in his loving mother's lap, her hand gentle as she separated the crimson and snowy hairs to their respective sides.

“I like you too, Izuku,” Shouto whispered.


Shouto and Izuku were sitting down, Izuku reading off a sheet of paper containing boundaries and comfort zones. Shouto had contributed to most of them, and much to the teen's pleasure, Izuku had studiously written them down and vowed to not cross them.

“No sex, no touching that wouldn't be done in front of Iida or All Might, yes to kissing, but only on the face, and always stop when the other says to stop. I think we have all our bases covered!” Izuku proudly stated while he read the list aloud.

Shouto smiled in relief that he would know what he could and couldn't do. He liked being in the know.

Shouto was woken by the slight dip in Izuku's bed as his boyfriend left the covers. With a squinted glance at the clock, Shouto figured it was time for Izuku's morning run.

“If you wait a minute or two I can join you,” Shouto murmured towards the dark blob that was his boyfriend.

(Shouto couldn't stop reminding himself that Izuku — the teen that saved Shouto from his chains, stood up for him against his father, and was so very kind — was his boyfriend.)

Izuku hummed as Shouto pushed the covers away, reaching for the spare clothes he brought with him to spend the night.

After Izuku had caught Shouto dozing off in class the day prior, he had made sure to ask if Shouto was alright.

He hadn't been. He had a nightmare about some of the rougher “training sessions” with his father. In his tired stupor he had been unable to block out the nightmare, as he looked around his room once and forgot he was in the Yuuei dormitory.

Shouto hadn't planned to tell anyone about it, but he fell apart with one glance from his boyfriend. Which, of course, led Izuku to offer Shouto to spend the night in his room.

When Shouto struggled to fall asleep in the unfamiliar surroundings of Izuku's All Might plastered room (How did Izuku do anything in his room? It was as if All Might was staring — judging — everything that occurred in the room.), Izuku had hugged Shouto, allowing the scarred teen to concentrate on the warmth of his boyfriend's embrace; the relative safety of the embrace.

It had been the best natural sleep Shouto had gotten in ages. It had been so good that Shouto stumbled slightly over sleepy legs in his haste to get to the bathroom, eager to spend more time with Izuku.

Within a few minutes Shouto was pulling on his shoes with Izuku to their morning run.

They had been dating for five years when Izuku lead Shouto to the cheap noodle place down the street from their apartment. It was the first date they had had in a long time — almost four months.

The two held hands as they entered the restaurant, were seated, and received their food: Izuku had Katsudon while Shouto had cold Soba noodles. Shouto listened to Izuku's stories about the people he met during his hero shifts, every once and a while adding one of his own.

When they finished their food, Izuku carefully stacked their bowls before he took his hands into his own and looked Shouto in the eyes.

“Shouto,” he began, “You are such a wonderful person. You have a beautiful laugh, and your smile always, without fail, brings one to my face. I've enjoyed these past five years with you.”

Izuku's hands left Shouto's as he dug a box out of his bottom pocket, opening it to reveal a simple silvery band.

“I love you so very much. Which is why I will ask you this question: Todoroki Shouto, will you have me for the rest of your life in the loving bonds of matrimony?” By the end of his speech, Izuku's face was as red as a tomato.

Shouto's eyes teared up without permission, a few drops leaving his eyes with soft patters as they landed on the table. “Shouto? Are you alright?” Izuku questioned, his face alight with concern.

Shouto struggled to choke the words that swirled around his head out to strong man in front of him. “I-are you sure? If you are with me you'll never be able to…” Shouto's voice trailed off without his volition. With a great effort, he finished his statement in a whisper. “ won't be able to have sex. I can't offer that to you.”

Izuku caressed Shouto's hand. “I love you for who you are, Shouto. Not for what you can offer me. I would never be dissatisfied with you as my husband because we don't have sex. I want to marry you , not your body,” the greenette reassured Shouto.

A wide smile split Shouto's face as he nodded towards the ring, his hand offered to Izuku. “I love you too,” Shouto worked past tears and the bubbly feeling that had taken over his chest.