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Everything In The World Was Standing Still

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Southampton, England.

April 10th, 1912.


Steven and Pearl sat on board the train heading down to the harbor, about a dozen steamer trunks accompanying them.


“Pearl?” the boy asked her.


Pearl looked up from her newspaper.


“Yes, Steven?”


“Do you know what Dad’s gonna be like?”


Pearl held back a sigh. Steven’s mother, Rose, had died only a few months before from a terrible bout of pneumonia, and one of her last wishes was for Steven to be taken back to America and have him be raised in the company of his father, Gregory.


“I’m sure he’s wonderful,” Pearl reassured Steven, “Though I only met him once before you were born.”


Pearl’s relationship with Steven’s mother was...complicated to say the least. Which was as much as she could say, considering the attitudes towards such things. But officially, she took the role of a nanny for Steven, watching over him while his mother ran her jewelry business and attended important charity dinners and so on.


As a result, Steven had barely known his mother, and wasn’t hit that hard by her death, at least as far as Pearl could tell. The only difference it seemed to make to him was that it meant he was no longer going to spend his days in “drab and dreary” England.


“What’s Delaware like?”


Pearl thought for a moment.


“Well there are beaches, I know least where your father lives.”


“Like Blackpool?”


“Yes, but a lot warmer, I imagine.”


Most of Rose’s possessions in England had to be sold off in order to pay off her debts, but luckily Steven’s massive inheritance was left alone, which they used a small portion of to pay for the voyage to New York. First class, of course, and on the largest, most luxurious ship ever built, too.


Steven deserved only the best, in Pearl’s eyes.


“Whoa…” Steven said, looking out the window as they approached the pier, seeing the massive ship docked at Berth 44. Four towering, yellow funnels shot up into the air from the black and white superstructure, nestled between two tall masts. It stood out against the overcast sky that day as not only the largest object on the pier, but also the largest moving object in the world, a title it had taken from its sister ship.


The name “Titanic” was proudly emblazoned on the stern.