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Never Ending Dream

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It all started with Mina bringing a pink blanket with her to his room, asking if he wanted to go watch the sunset. Kirishima had seen it plenty of times and could see it from the dorm, but he couldn’t refuse after seeing how much she wanted him to go.

“But it’s different together and with everything that’s been happened I think it’d be nice.”

Everything was kind of different with friends. He felt a smile creep on his face as he accepted her offer immediately ready to go. Kirishima felt his eyes go to the door next to his, the room belonging to his best friend and under the radar crush Bakugou.

Mina saw him freeze and gave him a small shrug, “Bakugou can come too.”

He didn’t tell him this time, but Kirishima had seen him leave a few hours ago to most likely to go work out. Bakugou wasn’t good at expressing his feelings which had made it hard for him to make too many friends. So when he told Kirishima about where he was going most of the time he went, taking it as a way of indirectly asking. On those days like today when Kirishima didn’t hear from him...he had just left it alone.

Even if Kamino had seemed so long ago now, Kirishima still couldn’t help but worry about him on those quiet days. As he stared at the door of the empty room he did wonder if Bakugou would have accepted the invitation. Maybe he would just give him a shrug and come, or give him the expected decline.

“Nah it’s okay Mina. He’s out and even if I asked, I don’t know if he would have wanted to come. You know how he is with training and school work.”

“Last time I always seems like he would be more willing to go if you were there with him.”

Kirishima felt his face heat up at the comment and Mina laughing hadn’t made it much better. As they walked to the entrance of the dorms to meet Kaminari and Sero, she linked her free arm with his. Feeling a little confused he glanced over, noticing her dark eyes had grown a little sad. Kirishima felt his heart sink a little bit as he stopped walking, “Mina?”

“Like I really should be worrying about the jerk crush of yours...but has he been doing better?”

Those bad nightmares hadn’t plagued Bakugou as often anymore, seeing as the blonde was back to sleeping normally. When they did come Kirishima had been there to do the best he could at cheering him up. None of those deep-rooted feelings mattered as he either fell asleep there in the same bed with him or left back to his own room with the reminder that he was just a wall away. Bakugou still had the problem with people touching the back of his neck...but he was still trying to get used to it.

Even if it was weird to say, Kirishima would rather see him being loud than quiet. He hated seeing Bakugou with tears in his eyes and hearing his voice thick with emotion.

“I’m not going to be weak anymore.”

Kirishima gave her a sad smile and a small shrug, “He’s you know...trying I guess. Sometimes he talks about it and other times he’s back to closing people off.”

“What about you?”

Kirishima didn’t really want to worry her with the fact that there were still nights he dreamed of the villains doing horrible things to Bakugou before they got there in time. He desperately tried to still keep smiling, “I’m getting there.”


“It’s not that bad anymore and besides...he’s the one that had to go through a lot more. Don’t worry about it Mina. Should we get going? Sero and Kaminari are probably going to be pissed off.”

He tried to make it seem like a joke and thought for a minute she wasn’t going to let the topic go, but thankfully Mina gave him a nod.

The weather was nice outside after a countless row of hot days, so of course, a lot of people were hanging around. Mina found a good place to sit under the trees with a clear view of the colorful sky, close to the school entrance. There was a lot of conversation mostly about class up until the point where Kaminari started talking about Kirishima’s everlasting crush situation.

“Dude, you seriously haven’t said anything? I thought you both were already indirectly dating, seeing how much you guys hang.”

He nudged Sero who suddenly got serious and made his voice deeper, “Oi Shitty Hair! What the fuck are you looking at?”

Kirishima felt his face heat up as Kaminari started to act like him with a big smile on his face. Kaminari got flustered as he shyly glanced at Sero, “I don’t know Blasty...just admiring how manly you are.”

Mina rolled her eyes as the other two boys actually started to make out with each other before bursting into laughter. Kirishima could feel his whole face go hot, maybe as red as his hair by now. After the two had calmed down Kaminari looked back over at him, “Seriously it’s that easy. The bomb already likes you.”

Sero supported the fact with a nod, “You’re such a catch anyways Kirishima, I don’t know how he’d resist you.”

Bakugou didn’t talk much about any love life, so it was hard to even know if he was even into guys. While he was at the point of being best friends with him, that had been one of the few questions Kirishima had left alone. He had figured that if the time was right then Bakugou would just tell, leaving out any situation of things getting weird.

Kirishima shrugged lightly, “I don’t even know if he likes guys.”

Kaminari shook his head as he looked up at the orange sky, “Bro it seems like eighty percent of this class is gay. I know he’s like the total mystery with the sort of dick personality, but I will bet money that he’s totally gay for you.”

Sero and Kaminari started dating a while ago, not to much surprise of anyone. Mina had a thing for either guys or girls but hadn’t really found much of a crush yet.

Mina scooted closer to Kirishima and pulled him in for a tight hug. As she pulled away she gave him a big smile, “What’s there to be scared of Kiri?”

Sero choked on a laugh, “Everything.”

Mina glared at them as they started laughing again before giving him the same bright smile, “Okay don’t listen to them they’re just being goofballs. Really though there’s nothing to be too scared of Kirishima. While he might be impossible to read, it’s the little things that make it obvious. When’s the last time you’ve ever seen anybody touch him, hang out with him for too long, or even be allowed to give him a nickname. He’s mean sometimes but...not that mean to you. You’ve been there for him through a lot and he’s done the same. Didn’t you say last time Bakugou makes you feel stronger?”

“You stand your ground and not once have I seen you ever ready to go down without a fight. Whoever the fuck says that isn’t strong is an idiot.”

Bakugou always made him feel stronger.

Bakugou wasn’t really that bad. Sure he was a jerk but Kirishima didn’t see him ever turning towards the villains like some people said he would. Bakugou was strong and already had that heroes spirit. Everyone who was going to find out about this, if this was bound to go well, wouldn’t probably stop telling him he had a death wish. Putting his heart on the line for a ticking time bomb that would break it instantly or maybe break the both of them.

He wouldn’t have gone to hell and back for Bakugou if he was scared of him. Bakugou had an overwhelming amount of pride but was just so manly. It was something Kirishima had admired since the very beginning, how he could just make anything look so cool. He was brave, strong, and sure as hell was a lot smarter than him most of the time.

A perfect top hero.

Kirishima remembered all those times they had together. He remembered how surprised he was when Bakugou always tried to make him feel better, “When you’re a’ll have a whole army of brats idolizing you. You seriously think they wouldn’t? Come tell me that again when you’re getting overwhelmed with all the autographs and pictures.”  

He remembered all those times that exams didn’t really go as well as he had hoped. Kirishima had been overwhelming disappointed after Bakugou helped him so much, but the blonde just slammed the textbook back in front of his desk. Bakugou gave him a glare, “I wouldn't be torturing myself this much with tutoring you if I thought you weren’t going to get it. You’re Red Riot aren’t you? I thought you don’t give up and now math is going to bring you down? No, not going to happen. I’ll beat this shit into you if I have to, open the book and do some more problems.”

Kirishima could have sworn he saw a small smile come to Bakugou’s face when he showed him his passing grade on the next exam.

He was there for Bakugou when he let him be. Even if he might not have been direct about his feelings or even so much admitted things were looking bad, Kirishima just somehow felt like he knew. He took a lot of pride in knowing that in whatever moment of time it was, Bakugou didn’t shut him out like the rest. He also liked to think that he had achieved a pretty good goal of being one of the few people to get Bakugou Katsuki to actually truly smile. 

Really it did make sense but it was the crippling self-doubt that just kept getting in the way. A very unmanly thing to do in this situation, when he had plenty of chance to go up to him and just say the truth.

Kirishima couldn’t help the smile on his face as he gave her a nod, “Yeah he does.”

“Then tell him. Things can’t go bad but if there’s that terrible situation that they do, you already know we’re here for you. They won’t though because like the boys said...I’m pretty sure he likes you more than just a best friend.”

It was an option for Kirishima to consider for later, not now.

Kaminari pointed and gave Kirishima a wink, “Well all this crush talk is perfect timing because look who I spy over there.”

All the sparks of manly hope inside Kirishima suddenly faded and he wished he wasn’t outside anymore.

It all started to add up now, why Mina had wanted to come out here so bad. It wasn’t about watching the sun go down or being with friends, it was about him. She knew Bakugou was going to leave and with the crush going on for too long, this was the way to get Kirishima to finally confess his feelings. He immediately felt his stomach twist in a way he didn’t like as he looked over to confirm Kaminari did, in fact, see Bakugou.


Bakugou had just come back from his run or maybe a workout somewhere, judging by the baggy black shirt and matching shorts. He had stopped close by to where they were taking a break to look at his phone with his headphones in, not really paying attention to anyone else around him. He stretched out his arms a little bit before using the hem of his shirt to wipe the overabundance of sweat on his face. Kirishima felt his breath catch in his throat at the glimpse of Bakugou’s chest and his face suddenly got hot.

It didn’t matter if it was unmanly, he can’t do this.

What’s the excuse though?

“Kaminari don’t-”


Kirishima was hoping Bakugou couldn’t hear him past his music, or at least maybe just chose to ignore the background noise judging by no reaction coming from him. Just as he was maybe about to leave Kaminari hopped up to his feet and dragged Kirishima up, suddenly pulling him in Bakugou’s direction. Kirishima was counting the seconds before Bakugou left up to his room...the seconds it would take for him to get there, those seconds it would take for Bakugou to blast him unprepared.

He can’t get out of this.

Kirishima could hear Mina cheering for him in the distance, “Yeah Kirishima! You can do it!”

“Dude this is such a bad idea the more I think about it, come on-”

Kaminari kept pulling, “No it’s not. Don’t worry.”

Somehow Kaminari waved him down judging by those red eyes squinting at them. Kirishima wanted him to just once think this was dumb and leave, but he stayed there waiting. Once they had gotten close enough Kaminari gave Kirishima’s arm a rough tug forward, making him stumble closer to Bakugou. As he stood there already sweating from more than just the heat with a face as red as his hair, Bakugou looked pretty neutral. He stared at him with his normal seriousness, slowly putting his phone and headphones into his pocket.

The silence was heavy and awkward. They both stared at each other for a while before Bakugou cleared his throat, “What?”

Why is it so hard to breathe?

Kirishima couldn’t think anymore and he suddenly felt way too dizzy. The silence got worse and he couldn’t do anything about it no matter how hard he was trying. Bakugou took his eyes off him for a minute, looking over at Kaminari with a harsh glare. He seemed to spot Mina and Sero in the distance judging by that irritated look that was forming on his face. He huffed out a sigh and glanced back to Kirishima, “I’m tired and my arms really fucking hurt. I was going to my room and then I see Sparky over there waving me down like a dumbass, pulling you right behind him. You going to tell me what’s so important Shitty Hair?”

That nickname used to bother him a lot before, he remembered that. Bakugou stopped with it for a while but as it came back, it just felt normal now.

Why was he here?

He should have left.


Kirishima’s chest was tight and his stomach was in a huge knot as he gave Bakugou a sheepish look. It really wasn’t that serious but Bakugou might have thought it was judging by that look of confusion that settled on his face. Almost immediately he shot Kaminari a hard look, “Fuck off back to your idiot crew Sparky.”

“Dude, as if I’d want to miss this.”

“Go. Fuck. off. If you make me say it again I’m going to blast you to hell.”

Both of them were glaring and Kirishima heard Kaminari start laughing as he probably flipped Bakugou off, walking away to leave the two alone. Kirishima at this point could only hear his own thoughts clearly and the loud pounding of his heart in his ears. He froze up before and always hated it, but this just felt ten times worse. He’s pretty sure he’s on the edge of tears or maybe already crying until he hears a voice clear as day, “Kirishima.”

It’s rare really, to hear Bakugou use a real name instead of a nickname he made came up with to remember everyone.

“You need to breathe.”

“Damn it, breathe!”

Things seemed a whole lot clearer now. Kirishima found it easier to breathe and saw some sort of relief registering on Bakugou’s face. The other boy was still confused and maybe a little bit concerned now, as he watched Kirishima catch his breath.

It was Kirishima’s turn to say something to make hopefully a little less weird, “Look dude I..uh...I’m sorry okay? This is such a mess.”

“First of all, what exactly are Pinky, Plain Face and Sparky doing over there watching like this is some show? And second I mean...why are you so panicky?”

Bakugou might consider killing him more if he saw through the lie. Really the truth was the answer now even if there was the potential of it going bad later on,  “Mina said she wanted to watch the sunset and I agreed thinking it was no big deal. We were just out here because the weather is nice and then they saw you and made this all so awkward because I-uh…”

Bakugou’s tone got a bit more commanding, “Spit it out.”

Kirishima was pretty sure he was crying now as his voice came out as a whisper, “Because I um...I like you.”

For those few seconds, everything froze.

Kirishima felt like he took a punch to the gut, the tears spilling over out of pure embarrassment at what he let come out of his mouth.

So unmanly.

He never really answered Mina’s question, when she asked what was he so scared of. It wasn’t necessarily of Bakugou, he could never be scared of him. Maybe it was the idea of rejection happening, leading to the loss of one of his best friends. If he had kept it a secret he figured his heart might just move on, because that’s how he thought crushes were supposed to work.

There wasn’t a blast. Bakugou just stood there neutral until Kirishima’s words finally registered in his mind. Bakugou looked mostly confused and a shade of pink was spreading across his face. He looked maybe like he was trying to find the right words as his eyes looked around, still in shock. Eventually, he looked back at Kirishima, “You’re crying because have a crush on me?”

He wished he could have just stopped this from happening, “Bro..just forget it-”

Before he could desperately try to fix something that was already broken, Bakugou closed the distance between them both and roughly pulled Kirishima in for a kiss.

It was a surprise really, a good surprise. Bakugou kept that hard grip on his shirt and Kirishima felt himself give in, pulling the blonde in closer. The whole kiss felt explosive and warm, just like he’d imagined. He was pretty sure somewhere he could hear Kaminari and Sero whistling loudly, while Mina was cheering for him. Kirishima kept it gentle mostly out of the fact he was truly out of his element and had to mind his teeth.

If this really was a dream, he’s pretty sure now would have been the point he woke up.

“It always did have to be you.”

They both pulled away at the same time, completely out of breath. Bakugou was undoubtedly blushing as much as him, now loosening his grip a bit on Kirishima’s shirt. He leaned forward and snarled in his ear, “Idiot. After everything that’s happened, you seriously think I wouldn’t have a crush on you too?”

Bakugou lifted a hand up and rubbed away the tears still on Kirishima’s face shaking his head, “Tch. You’re always putting yourself down so much, to the point where you make yourself fucking cry...for nothing.”

Kirishima was pretty sure his voice cracked as he shrugged, “If I was wrong I would feel terrible about how awkward it would be.”

Bakugou for the first time was looking a little flustered and Kirishima did think it was pretty cute. Bakugou dug one shoe into the ground before slightly shaking his head, “There you go again overthinking it, just like math. If anything I would have thought it would be pretty obvious that I liked you a little more than just a best friend, I don’t go around emotionally supporting just anybody. I’ve never said anything really about who I was interested in because I just thought it didn’t wasn’t anybody's business. If you would have asked though then that’s different.”


“Are you really going to make me explain that too? I think you know what I mean.”

Kirishima somehow did get exactly what he meant. For the next few minutes of lingering silence, the two bad barely noticed they were still hanging onto each other. Bakugou’s face was still flushed and Kirishima gave him a grin, “So are we doing this?”



“I don’t know, I’m the one who kissed you and we did just confess all this sappy shit...what do you think I’m going to say?”

Kirishima acted like he was thinking about it for a moment to clearly get a little bit on Bakugou’s nerves. He gave him a glare before Kirishima couldn’t hold back laughter, “I think you’d say of fucking course.”

It wasn’t too often Kirishima ever saw Bakugou flustered and it was especially weird when he saw him laugh. It was light and rough sounding, a sound that Kirishima hadn’t ever gotten the chance to really hear. He thought to get the chance to see Bakugou smile was something heartwarming, a memory that he wasn’t going to forget.

Seeing him laugh thought...that was something he’d hope he'd be able to see more than just right now. 

“Yeah, you finally got that one right.”

Kirishima noticed the sky was getting darker and the rest of his friends had gone inside. There was a breeze now but Bakugou was warm, he always was warm. The both of them just stood there for a while before Bakugou spoke up in a softer tone, ‘I think you know what comes next Shitty Hair.”

Yeah he did.

Kirishima felt his heart flutter and couldn’t get rid of that big smile stuck on his face, “Katsuki?”


“Do you maybe want to go out tomorrow?”

Bakugou stared at him for a moment in silence, illuminated by the light of the lamp posts. A small smile came to his face as he nodded, “Sure. Whatever. What time?”


“I’ll be expecting a knock at that time then Eijirou.”

Once it was set the both of them went inside to the dorms, ready to just go to bed after that emotional confrontation. Bakugou didn’t want the annoying attention from announcing it and Kirishima had agreed only because he had been sure everyone knew.

As Bakugou headed up to his room, Kirishima found a few people still waiting around in the common room. His three friends were the first to come at him, Mina first almost tackling him with a hug. Kaminari and Sero gave him high fives and everyone else kind of smiling made the situation feel a little less awkward.

Kaminari gave him a grin, “Who knew Bakugou was such a kisser man, he went right for it. Super gay if you know what I mean.”

Sero nodded along with him, “Are you guys going out on a date soon or what?”

“Yeah, we are.”

Mina had a beaming smile on her face, “Awww Kiri I’m so happy for you! You guys are so cute! I mean I know you guys maybe didn’t want so much attention at first...but Kaminari just had to spill it to everyone.”

She gave him a glare before turning back to Kirishima, “But...we’re all happy for you, we really are.”

Midoriya and Todoroki had come over on their way up to the rooms, giving him smiles. Todoroki stayed quiet at first to let Midoriya clearly have his turn to say something first, “So you and Kacchan are going out now? I’m so happy for the both of you.”

He glanced at Todoroki who gave Kirishima a nod, “I honestly thought you both were already dating, after seeing the strong relationship you both have. You balance him out and he does the same for you. I’d call this more of a formality but regardless, I’m happy your crush became a reality.”

Kirishima couldn’t help the grin on his face, “Thanks dude!”

After doing some more talking on it with the other people still in the room, the topic was surprisingly dropped. Instead of asking any more details everyone kind of just sat around to watch the movie, before heading up to bed. Kirishima tried to rush up to his room hoping that he could sleep, with such a big day coming up the next night.

As he passed by the door next to his, he couldn’t help but smile.

Right when he got into his room he immediately threw himself onto his bed, trying to force himself to sleep. He forced his eyes to close but still couldn’t get the big grin off his face, his mind still thinking about the kiss. Sure he was still nervous but after Bakugou’s rush of manly energy, Kirishima had definitely felt his mood switch for the better.

If this really was a dream, he didn't ever want to wake up.