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Fina Does A Clothing Swap

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"Fina! Give me my clothes back!" It left Lasswell's throat as a near shriek, cheeks red with embarrassment. He pulled at the skirt she had, somehow, put on him. Using magic or perhaps sneaky thief skills they had no idea she possessed, the white mage had gone and switched their clothes. Currently she wore Rain's, Rain wore his, and he...he was wearing Fina's. She even didn't look the least bit guilty about it either. In fact, she looked rather pleased about it.

"But you look nice," she protested, twirling a lock of blonde hair. "Besides, I don't want to."

"You do look good in those clothes," Rain said, leaning against the nearest tree, looking very amused. Lasswell's face grew even redder.

"They don't even fit!" he protested, tugging once more at the skirt. "And I can't fight wearing this! Do you honestly expect me to fight in this outfit?"

"Maaybe," Fina said, shrugging. "I fight in it." And she said it as though such a statement would make the young man change his mind. In which case, it failed miserably.

"You use a bow! I use a sword. I can't use it effectively if the clothes I wear are tight to the point that I can't even swing!" Then he added, "Besides, it doesn't cover much."

"You're no fun, Lasswell," Rain said. The dark-haired man shot him a look that made the blonde-haired man glad that looks couldn't actually kill. If they did, he'd be dead already. Several times over.

"Fine," Fina huffed after the young man turned his glare on her. "Party-pooper." She gave him a look that let him know she was not happy with him ruining her fun.

Afterwards, when everyone had their proper clothes, Lasswell stated, "Let's never bring this up again."

"Aw, but why? That was the most—" Rain was cut off with a slap to the face and his longtime friend huffed and walked away, blushing furiously.