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She loves me, she loves me not

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-Tokaku-san, how does Haru looks?

Haru was wearing a beatiful blue dress, similar to the one she wore at Sumireko's tea party, in Myoujou Gakuen. Her hair was loose, and she had a slightly sun-kissed look due her going to the beach with Tokaku in the morning. She looked absolutely stunning.

-You look... fine, I guess. -Tokaku blushed. She wasn't good with feelings, and even if she wanted to tell Haru how beautiful she was, she just couldn't do it. Furthermore, she didn't know what exactly she felt about her roommate. She knew it wasn't just friendship love, but then, what was it? She had never felt something like that before. And would Haru possibly feel the same way about her? Would she be mad if she discovered she wasn't just a friend?

-Thank you! -Haru giggled.

They started living together after Black Class, and both of them were now studying on a regular school. Even thought Tokaku didn't like parties and that stuff, Haru almost begged her to go with her to her friend's birthday, so the assassin accepted.

-Come on, let's go. You took too long in the bath, we're gonna be late. -Tokaku said, changing the subject.




-Hey, Harucchi! -Called somebody.

-Ruri-chan! Happy Birthday! -Haru smiled.

Tokaku didn't even bother talking to Ruri or any of Haru's other friends. To be honest, she considered Ruri a copy of Takechi Otoya, except that she wasn't a maniac serial killer (which didn't mean she let Haru be alone with her - she was still walking around with knives, just in case she needed them.)

Haru tried her best to make Tokaku socialize with everybody, but both her expression and her last name scared most of the people, who walked away some seconds after introducing each other.

-Tokaku-san, Haru is going to the bathroom. Try to make some friends, okay? -Haru said.

-Sure. -Tokaku answered, simply sitting on a chair and opening her phone, clearly annoyed by the crowd.

The blue haired girl sighed, confused. Was she in love with Haru? She couldn't stop thinking about it. She knew Haru loved her, but probably just as a friend. And that kiss underwater wasn't really a kiss, was it?

Tokaku looked for some drink, picking a glass of juice. It tasted weird, but she drank it anyway and suddenly craved for more, getting another glass.


Haru went upstairs, looking for the bathroom. It was her first time at Ruri's house, so she didn't know where to go.

-Harucchi, I finally found ya! -Ruri said, hugging her. -Come with me, I wanna introduce you to my cousin!

-Wow, Haru didn't know Ruri-chan had a cousin! -The red haired girl said.

-You're gonna love him! I think he has a crush on you, you know. When he saw you he said you were hot, and asked me to introduce you two.

-I-Is that so? -Haru forced a laugh.

-Oh, here he is!

Haru saw a tall, blonde guy in front of her. His eyes were intimidating, and he looked firmly at her, smirking.

-Hi, beauty. Your name is Haru, right?

-Yeah, that's right...

-Well, you're really pretty. Why don't we find a room to know each other better? -He put his hand on Haru's waist, making the girl uncomfortable.

-Ahaha, that would be nice, but Haru needs to see her friend downstairs. -She said, leaving.

-No problem, I can go with you, Haru-chan. -He followed her.

She looked for Tokaku, but she wasn't at the same place anymore.

The guy grabbed her by the waist again, trying to kiss her neck.

-W-Wait! Stop, please!

-Come on, don't fight against it. You know you want it, don't you?

Haru tried to stop him, but he kept trying to kiss her. Suddenly, he stopped, and Haru opened her eyes to see Tokaku holding his arms and poiting a knife to him. She could hear a lot of people whispering:

-It's the Azuma successor!

-OMG, isn't her that assassin?

-What is she doing?

The guy tried to fight against her, but he couldn't even move.

-Leave her alone right now. -Tokaku said firmly.

-S-Sure, just let me go, you crazy bitch! -He shouted.

-Come on, Ichinose, let's go. -She took Haru's hand and simply walked away with her, getting out of the house.

Haru was still in shock, so they just walked silently for some minutes. She was sure Tokaku was mad, so she tried to say something:

-T-thank you, Tokaku-san.

-For what? You seemed to be having fun with him. Sorry for interrupting you two.

-That's not true! Haru was trying to get away of him, but he kept following her...

-Haru, what am I to you?- The assassin suddenly asked.


"Tokaku-san called me by my name..." -Haru thought.

She was going to answer her, but she noticed that Tokaku's face was all red and that she was talking slowly. Could she possibly be...

-Tokaku-san, are you drunk?

Tokaku stared at her for some seconds and, suddenly, all that Haru could feel was Tokaku's lips against hers, a kiss full of desire and fear.

It was Haru's first kiss, with a drunk Tokaku, but she couldn't wish it was different. On that moment, the moment where Tokaku was completely honest about her feelings, the two girls kissed happily.

-Tokaku-san. -Haru broke the kiss. -We need to go home. You need to sleep, okay? Let Haru take care of you.

They walked back home, and the alchool's effect on Tokaku was showing up even more. She leaned on Haru, groaning and saying some nosense words.

After they got home, Haru helped Tokaku to take of her clothes and take a quick bath, putting the assassin on bed right away.


Tokaku opened her eyes and the first thing she felt was a strong headache. She couldn't remember what happened after Haru went to the bathroom, and the only thing she remembered was a guy pissing her off, or something like that. She felt something on her back, so she turned around to see what was it and...

-Ichinose?! What are you doing in my bed?

Haru didn't even moved. The girl was exhausted, falling asleep right after Tokaku. She was still wearing her blue dress, since she didn't have time to change last night.

The assassin sighed. She decided not to wake up her roommate, and stood up, but she accidentally kicked a glass of water on the floor, waking Haru up.

-Tokaku-san? You're awake already? -Haru said, sleepy. -How are you feeling? Haru is going to bring you some water... -

-Ichinose, what happened last night? -Tokaku interrupted. -I can't remember anything, did something happen?

Haru stared at her, with a sad smile.

-I see... So Tokaku-san really doesn't remember anything, right? Haru was hoping Tokaku-san could remember it, but...

Tokaku was clearly cofused. She had no clue about what was Haru talking about.

-Tokaku-san got drunk and then... kissed Haru last night.

Tokaku immediatly froze. She was starting to remember just a little bit: The juice that tasted weird, and something about a kiss.

-Tell me, Tokaku-san. Was that kiss a proof of your true feelings? Or was it just an effect of the alchool? -Haru didn't seem mad, or even sad. She talked calmly, with a hopefull smile.

-W-Which answer do you wanna hear?

-Haru wants to hear your true answer, Tokaku-san.

Some seconds of silence.

-I...I love you, Haru. I love you more than a friend, and... I'm sorry I kissed you while I was drunk. -Tokaku said, shaking. -I-I promise it will never happen again, don't worry. I can start sleeping on the other room if you want, and... -

Haru hugged her, as happy as she could be. "I love you too", she said. Kissing Tokaku gently, she wanted to make sure that, even if it wasn't their first kiss, the first kiss that Tokaku would remember would be perfect.


They kissed until they were out of air.

It was the beggining of their beatiful love story.