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The Adventures Of Deku

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First day on the job.


All right, girl, you can do this.


Ochako Uraraka takes a deep breath, hand pressed against her heart as she quietly thinks about the relaxation tapes her husband listens to. Granted, Tenya Iida hasn’t gotten any less high strung, but he thinks it’s working, and he looks so proud, and well, she’s a sucker for that smile.


Just breathe, Uraraka. That’s what the tapes say to do, anyway. Close your eyes and think of your happy place. Sephora. Target. In-between Iida’s thighs after a run — to be fair, the tapes said nothing about keeping it PG, and have you see Iida’s legs? Because underneath the salaryman suit and tie rests some long, powerful limbs, the kind that ran track in high school and won state championships in college.


Great. Now she’s thinking about blow jobs and flustered, glasses wearing husbands. Not the best way to meet a best selling children’s book author.








The bakery down the street from their apartment, homemade lemon bars and brownies that invented the phrase cheat day — though it’s not really cheating if you’re cool with your body as is, and Urakara is beyond cool because she knows she’s cute as heck. The mirror tells her every day, thank you very much, and this totally secure woman is about to nail this meeting.


Deep breath.


That’s better.


Nerves settled and round cheeks complemented with a rosy blush — seriously, Sephora y’all — Uraraka hits the buzzer to the condo. It’s the kind of place she dreams of living in someday, assuming she can get Iida off the notion of owning a house. She’s just not the picket fence kinda girl, you know? Give her modern furniture and a jacuzzi tub, and oh, a pool and sauna? Yes please. There’s even a Panera attached. Who doesn’t want that?






That voice is rougher than she imagined.


Not what she was expecting from a children’s book author. Maybe it’s a roommate? She hits the button for the speaker. “Good morning!” Chipper. Be chipper. Be polite. “I’m Ochako Uraraka, your new agent! I have a meeting with Katsuki Bakugou?”


Such a shame that the last agent retired early, then again, it does give Uraraka an incredible opportunity. She’s surprised no one else at the agency tried to snatch up this job when it became available. Best selling children’s book author? Like, New York Times and everything? Who wouldn’t wanna be behind that kind of notoriety? She’d been worried about putting her name in the ring, having only worked there for a year, serving as an agent for lesser known authors to help them get their work out there. Katsuki Bakugou’s one of the big fish, but mama always said that she wouldn’t know until she tried.


So she tried.


And she succeeded.


And now she’s here.






There’s still no answer on the other end.


Uraraka hits the speaker again. “Um... hello? Is Bakugou there?”


“Yeah yeah I’m here,” and Uraraka swears she hears a muttered fucking shit before she’s finally buzzed in.




So that unpleasant voice.


That is Katsuki Bakugou?


Granted, there’s virtually no information on him since he rarely makes public appearances. All his interviews are done through email and pictures of him are scarce — though the ones that exist look fine enough. Sure, the smile is a bit awkward but hey, not everyone has a face for the camera. Also, hello , it’s early in the morning and writers have crazy schedules. You’d probably be grumpy, too, hell Uraraka isn’t pleasant before she has her coffee — sorry Iida.


Uraraka takes the elevator up and tries not to be in awe over something as simple as an elevator, or a building tall enough to high-five the clouds. Everything is so new though. The glass looks like it’s washed on a daily basis and there’s even art hanging on the walls when she steps out onto Bakugou’s floor.


“Keep breathing, Ochako,” she says, repeats it like a prayer. Heavenly Father, keep the air flowing through my lungs — amen.


Finally, she gets to the door and gives it a gentle knock. There’s a yelling demand to come in and Uraraka, for a brief moment, has a flash of panic, a sixth sense that tells her to turn around and hop the next bus to anywhere but here. She ignores it. Because of course she does. She’s like the girls in the horror movies who press on when they know damn well they should bolt out the door.


When she steps inside she’s greeted by the sight of an immaculate living space, in fact, she’d venture to say that it’s fashionable. There’s pops of color that elevate it to a stylish direction, a kitchen with small, red appliances to match the cool, black refrigerator and stove. The living room continues the red with its accent wall, and the dining room sports a couple of mismatching chairs of orange and green around the glass table. It all looks like it belongs in a magazine, like it’s the condo that gets shown off to potential buyers.


“You done gawking at everything Round Face?”




There he is.


Uraraka can admit that Katsuki Bakugou is a good looking man, the kind of guy who would snag himself a partner based on his level of attraction alone. Jeans that cling to his legs like a second skin, black tank top showing off arms that prove that his condominium has a work out facility, tousled hair and piercing eyes — he’s a snack, hands down, like, thanks for the meal. And he’s got a whole lot of nerve, doubling down on his appeal by writing for children ?






Pitter patter, baby.




“R-round Face?”


“Yeah. Your face. Is round.” He says it like it’s a fact — and it is, and Uraraka likes her chubby cheeks, but the two of them just met and aren’t exactly on nickname terms yet.


“Sir, my name is-”


“I know. You’re my new agent. Last one pussied out.”


“... excuse me?”


Children’s book author, right?


Bakugou smirks, and oh, that’s pure evil right there. Straight up cartoon villain territory. He takes a seat on his couch — leather, what else? — and looks way too smug to be real. “She retired or whatever. Couldn’t handle me.”


“T-that wasn’t why... she was just... it was just her time...”


“She wasn’t even 40 yet. Don’t people usually retire in their 60s?”


“Yes but there’s all kinds of reasons...” like having to constantly deal with a prick, Uraraka realizes. Because Bakugou’s last agent had been in the business for over a decade so yeah, it had been odd for her to just up and leave, swear off the world of publishing and embrace a different kind of passion, something quaint like knitting.


“Tch. Whatever, Round Face. Nice to meet you, ecetera ecetera.”


“Yeah... you too...”



Awkward introductions aside Uraraka’s first day with Bakugou goes swimmingly... like swimming in shards of glass in a dumb attempt to get Internet famous. They talk about his book sales — top of the charts, of course, tell me something I don’t know — and the progress on his newest book — it’ll be ready when it’s ready. She mentions the idea of book signings — no — or book readings — no — or going to a school to — hell no — maybe appearing on a talk show — hell fucking no .






Maybe she’s stepping out the elevator with an aura of failure wafting off of her clothes. Maybe she’s a little teary eyed because it’s her first day and her first big named author and she spent the entire time shaking like Iida left the vibrator in.


Nope, not even the memories of last night can make her feel better. She’d been so nervous about today and Iida had read somewhere that orgasms can alleviate stress. Bless the person who made that discovery and wrote it down. Bless her dutiful husband.


But Katsuki Bakugou? He can fuck the fuck off.


Just as Uraraka’s about to leave she catches sight of a young man at the main entrance, trying to open the door but his hands are full of breakfast quiche and drinks from Panera. Uraraka quickly steps outside to hold the door open for him, and he responds with a smile made of cotton candy and pixie stix. “Thank you so much!”


Huh. What an infectious smile that is. Uraraka feels herself smiling in return despite her gloomy mood. “You’re welcome.”


“Ah, um... I couldn’t trouble you to grab my key card to unlock the second door, could I?”


“Oh! Sure, no problem!” She carefully plucks the card from his fingers since he’d been holding onto it with the drinks.


“I definitely understand the second set of doors, you know? And needing a key to get in unless you’re buzzed in. Added security makes sense these days but it gets tricky when you’re balancing breakfast and your key card — ugh, jeez Izuku stop rambling!”


“N-no, it’s fine!” And it’s amazing that a random green haired stranger can make awkward muttering into an adorable character trait. It’s because of the freckles. It has to be. They pepper his cheeks like spray paint and are scattered down to the back of his legs, a few dots visible past the shorts he’s wearing. Nice. “Here,” she says as she holds the door open for him, then she slides the key card into the pocket of the hoodie he’s wearing. “Will you be ok getting to your place?”


“Ah, yeah, I’ll be fine. My boyfriend will let me in.”


Boyfriend? Also nice. That guy’s about to be woken up by the personification of sunlight whispering across the grass. “All right. Take care.”


“You too!”


Uraraka watches the young man head over to the elevator — Izuku, he said his name was Izuku. She can’t help but smile when he uses his hip to push the button, then he steps inside the elevator to go about his day.


What a nice guy. He actually manages to wash the sour Bakugou taste from her mouth.



Ochako Uraraka ain’t a quitter.


That’s not who she is.


Sometimes, people underestimate her because she’s small and pretty, but you know what? She graduated at the top of her class and got herself a job that she’s proud of. She’s got a great life and a fantastic husband, so this dude? This Katsuki Bakugou dude? She can handle him.


That’s what she tells herself after the first day.


At the end of the week she thinks that there’s something to be said about self preservation.


She’s not even sure why Bakugou has an agent when he’s so sure of himself and unwilling to talk to her. He won’t tell her what the next book in his series is about. He won’t tell her when it’s going to be done. When she comes up with places to do interview spots he scoffs because he already knows about them. He refuses to do any public appearances even if he’s clearly high off the attention he gets. Uraraka’s not sure if he even likes children, or their parents, or people in general.


There is one bright spot, though.


When she leaves his place she gets to indulge in that freckled face smile. It’s the pick me up in her dreadful Bakugou encounters that almost makes the morning commute worth it.




As she heads for the entrance after yet another spectacular meeting she sees Izuku, who gives her a sheepish look, because this has become a routine for them. She holds the door open for him, even says good morning as she takes his key card from him.


“Morning Uraraka!” Because they’ve properly exchanged names now. “You know at this rate I should really treat you to a cup of coffee. Maybe tea? Or are you a smoothie girl?”


Uraraka laughs. “Smoothie. But you don’t have to. Besides, you don’t wanna keep that boyfriend of yours waiting.”


“Ah, yeah, Kacchan’s pretty impatient.”


Kacchan, huh? What a cute nickname. Uraraka smiles and hands Izuku the key back once he gets inside. “Well, enjoy your morning with him, Izuku.”




“... huh?”


“You should call me Deku. That’s my nickname.”




Like... Deku, Deku?


Like The Adventures of Deku Deku?


A series of popular, well-loved children’s books by Katsuki Bakugou?!




“A-a-ah, um, nothing, just... t-that’s the name of-”


“Oh!” Izuku — Deku fucking DEKU — nearly drops the food he’s carrying, his eyes shining in the kind of pride that lover’s have for their significant others when they accomplish their goals in life. “Yeah! The Adventures of Deku , right? My boyfriend writes that series! I’m Deku!”









Tenya Iida is a salary man through and through. He works a steady nine to five, reads about the stock market, and has a cubicle full of pictures of his wife, his dear, sweet Ochako Uraraka. High school sweethearts turned college lovers, he’d proposed before graduation and the two had gotten married shortly after walking across the stage to get their diplomas. There’s no woman quite like Ochako, a woman he knows better than he knows himself.


So when he comes home to see a series of children’s books laid out on the kitchen table, his wife eating ice cream straight out the carton, he knows that something’s wrong.


At least she hasn’t gone to the liquor cabinet... yet.


“Chako-cat? Sweetheart? Is everything all right?”


Uraraka’s heart flutters when she hears the term of endearment. It’s not enough to completely ease her spirit, but the sentiment is nice. “Nothing makes sense,” she says around a mouthful of vanilla and cookie dough pieces.


Iida sits down next to her, already knowing that this has to be Katsuki Bakugou related. Despite his apparent personality defects, his wife was determined to make headway with the writer. From the looks of it she’s reached a roadblock, turning to the comforting arms of Ben and Jerry. “What happened?”


Uraraka sets her spoon down and lets out a loud, long sigh. “He’s such an asshole!”


“Yes. You’ve already told me that,” and it had taken him off guard. How could somehow who created a character with floppy bunny ears and a smile comprised of rainbows and childhood dreams be so off-putting? Uraraka had come up with a few theories, including a couple of unsavory remarks like bet he needs to get laid . Iida didn’t scold her for it, though. Everyone’s allowed to have a bad day.


“You know, when I first took this job I figured he was a nice guy, because Deku’s character is so sweet, you know? A lot of authors put themselves in their work, so I figured that Deku was some part of Katsuki.” Another spoonful of ice cream, then a second one to wash it down. “I guess, in a way, he is, just... I mean... it makes no sense!”


“What doesn’t make sense?”




“Like... the character?” Iida takes one of the books and flips through it. The pages are full of fun, expressive fonts and cute illustrations of a rabbit boy obsessed with the color green. He’s off on another grand adventure, facing all kinds of obstacles that are sure to excite young readers.


“No! The person!”


“Deku’s a person?”


More ice cream. So much more ice cream. “He’s, get this, Katsuki Bakugou’s boyfriend .”


Iida blinks, waiting for Uraraka to deliver the punchline, but then he realizes that was the punchline. “Ah.”


“How does that not surprise you?! The meanest motherfucker in the galaxy has a boyfriend! And he’s a real swell guy, too! How can he still be such a turd when his boyfriend is... is this!” She points to the cover of another book where little Deku is armed with a bushy tail and a wooden sword.


“Well... maybe that’s what the books are about?”


Uraraka blinks at her husband, absorbing his words as she taps her spoon against her lips. She’s read the books, of course, and they’re just about as endearing as any other children’s story. Admittedly, they do have the advantage of having a character with a big ol’ heart, a huge imagination, and a smile that turns any ice cold heart to mush.




Uraraka grabs the first book in the series and quietly reads through the pages. There’s something that occurs to her, something she remembers from when she read it the first time. There, in the middle of the story, is a wolf so ferocious that he often scares everyone else away.


Except Deku.


“Oh my god.”


“Hm-mmph!” Iida’s not sure why he blushes every time Uraraka kisses him, but he does. Her lips are cold and taste of ice cream and a newfound determination. “C-Chako-cat?”


“Come on,” she says as she puts the ice cream back in the freezer. “Let’s go to the bedroom. I’m feeling real good right now.”


“Shouldn’t we have dinner first?”


“I got something for you to eat.”


Well then, they can order delivery later.



“Go away, Deku!” The ferocious wolf growls. “I don’t want you anywhere near me!”


“But we’re friends!” Deku shouts back to him. “Remember? I shared my carrots with you? We played together? You’re my friend!”


“No I’m not! No one likes me because I’m a wolf!”


“I like you!”


Uraraka steps off the bus and heads for the condominium she’s gotten to know so well. She’d spent all night reading, really reading the books, and she feels like she has a better understanding of who Katsuki Bakugou is.


“Everyone says I’m mean.”


“You’re not mean.” Deku steps closer to the wolf and reaches his hand out toward him.


“Deku no!”


“Don’t do it!”


“He’ll bite you!”


The wolf narrows his deep, red eyes at the friends standing behind Deku. He snarls at them. He snarls at Deku. He snarls at everything about him but Deku doesn’t falter. Instead, Deku rests his hand on top of the wolf’s head and scratches behind one of his ears. “See? You’re not mean at all.”


“You just have to know how to approach him,” Uraraka says to herself as she stands at the door.


So yeah, she’s gonna try again.


She’s got a newfound knowledge of Katsuki Bakugou and she may be really feeling herself because of the quality time she spent with Iida last night. Seriously, her husband does wonders to her self esteem, always compliments her and tells her that she’s the best thing since the software update at his office — yes, that’s a high amount of praise right there.


She hits the buzzer and waits.


No answer.


She rolls her eyes and hits it again, holds down the button until she hears an annoyed grunt of, “What?!”


“Good morning.” Don’t be chipper. Be sincere. “I was hoping I could talk to you.”


“... you supposed to be here today?”


“No. I tried to call but-”


“Then what does that tell you, Round Face?”


That he doesn’t wanna be bothered, then again, Katsuki Bakugou never wants to be bothered. “I know, it’s just-”


“Kacchan, a-ah, Kacchan stop, she’s gonna hear!”


“That’s her fault, not mine.” Smack! Like a smack to a nice, firm ass, followed by a startled cry that Uraraka definitely shouldn’t be privy to.  




“I’ll just come back-”


“Never. Come back never,” Bakugou finishes for her. There’s the sound of a drawer being opened then slammed shut. If it’s anything like the drawer Uraraka has at home she knows that she needs to end this conversation soon.




“Fine, come back tomorrow.”


“She’s already here!”


“... fine, give me ten minutes.”


“Ten? That's it?” Uraraka does not mean to say that, really, she doesn’t. Iida’s always warning her about her snarky side and she went ahead and let it slip right out. There’s silence for what feels like an eternity and a half, then suddenly, a loud explosion of laughter.


And it’s not coming from Izuku.


“You cheeky little-” Katsuki can’t even finish the sentence, not able to control his laughter. Uraraka imagines that no one has ever said anything like that to him before. “Get your ass up here.”




Well all right, then!


Score one for Uraraka!


... who’s left waiting outside of Bakugou’s door for half an hour.



The first thing that happens is Izuku and Uraraka engaging in a staring contest since he didn’t realize that Round Face was Katsuki’s new agent.


The second thing that happens is Uraraka having to deal with the main character of a children’s book series dressed in his boyfriend’s button down shirt, a deep, red hickey on his neck as he walks around on unsteady legs. All right, technically, she knows it’s not him, but a character based on him.




His lips and left cheek are a bit...


There’s, ah, um...


Look, she’s a married woman who has no problem with oral sex, so she knows what...


“Oi, Deku. Wash your face, moron.” Phew, at least Katsuki isn’t blunt about- “There’s still cum on your face.”


“T-that’s your fault!” Wow. Izuku blushes more than Iida does. That’s some kind of world record. Alert Guinness, they need to know.


“Wouldn’t be if you’d swallow all of-”


“Kacchan, behave! We have a guest!”


“Round Face ain’t a guest, she’s a pain in the ass!”


All right, so, maybe next time she shouldn’t come by unannounced. Still, now that she’s given the books a more analytical read she feels an odd sense of accomplishment for being a pain in Katsuki’s ass.


Katsuki sits down in the living room, dressed in a pair of jogging pants and nothing else. Uraraka guesses that’s fair since this is an unplanned visit. “So? What’s so important that you had to come over?”


Uraraka sits down and smooths out the wrinkles in her skirt. Deep breaths. Relaxation tapes. Iida. “Sometime occurred to me about the books.”


“Yeah? So?”


Here we go, Uraraka. You got this. “They’re a giant love letter to your boyfriend.”


The world stops. Freezes in time. Traffic is on a standstill. The water dripping from the faucet goes silent. There’s no movement, no breathing, no anything until Katsuki grits his teeth and says a low, lethal, “What?”


Don’t back down. Don’t listen to that voice that’s screaming at you to bail the fuck out, sound the alarms and abandon ship. You’re the girl in the horror movies, step up and finish this. “They’re about the relationship you two share together. He’s the bunny and you’re the wolf.”


Izuku stays in the kitchen, doing what, Uraraka isn’t sure. He’s already washed his face so he’s just standing there, maybe counting the tiles on the floor, maybe thinking about running the dishwasher. She wonders if this has ever come up before, with other agents and publishers.


She wonders how they reacted when they figured it out.


“Is that what you came to say?”


There’s something raw in Bakugou’s voice. Some repressed feelings he’s shoved down in the pit of his stomach. This has come up before, hasn’t it? And Uraraka has a feeling it wasn’t well received.


The bunny and the wolf ride the fine line between friendship and something more, something deeper. They’re always together during Deku’s travels, and the few times they aren’t, they’re always thinking about each other. Uraraka supposes that there’s a number of reasons for dancing around it, the biggest being that it’s a story aimed at kids and some folks still act funny toward certain communities being the focal point in children’s media. The other, quieter reason is because it’s about the two of them, it’s personal and people are quick to misconstrue things.


Hell, Uraraka had.


The wolf in the story had said it himself: people think he’s mean.


But Deku doesn’t.


And, maybe, Uraraka doesn’t, either.


“I... came to apologize.”


“Huh?!” Well, that certainly catches Bakugou off guard.


“I misjudged you, and that was unfair of me.”


“Are you out of your mind? You’re apologizing to me?! I’m an asshole!”


“Kacchan...” Izuku walks over and sits next to him. He takes his hand, eyes comforting and way too easy to melt into. “I’ve told you about saying that about yourself.”


“Tch,” but Bakugou visibly calms down. “All right, yeah, whatever, it’s about the two of us, so what?”


“So what? Do you realize how big that is! A best selling children’s book by a queer author, with queer kids as the main characters?”


“Right. That’ll go over real well, I’m sure.”


“Look. I can guarantee that some readers are already seeing the hints,” Uraraka says, a knowing look on her face. “You should just go for it.”


Bakugou raises an eyebrow, and for a moment, he looks intrigued. “What are you saying?”


“Kacchan... why don’t you tell her what the next book is about?”


“You mean what I’d like it to be about assuming no one tells me no,” he mutters.


Uraraka wants to ask what that means but she doesn’t have to, not really. From the hard look in Bakugou’s eyes and the way Izuku leans against him, head resting on his shoulder, she has a feeling what the last agent told him. So instead of waiting for him to say what the story is, she decides to be a good agent and speak the truth. “You should have them get together, make it official.”


Oof. That smile on Izuku’s face? It hits her square in the heart, makes her think of balloons floating in the air at an amusement park, makes her think of the sitting at the top of the ferris wheel, holding hands and sharing funnel cake and kisses.


“I’ll think about it,” Bakugou says, because he has to be difficult by default. But Uraraka sees a hint of a smile on his face — more like a grin, but close enough. “Now can you let us have the rest of the day off in peace?”


“Yeah yeah,” then Uraraka stands up and heads for the door. “When we get together again I’ll have a list of places for you to do interviews with.”


“I already-”


“Queer blogs, Bakugou.”


“... oh.”


When she leaves she’s surprised to hear the sound of footsteps running after her. She’s not sure if Izuku should be out in the hallway in a button down shirt and not much else, but he looks like he has something important to say. “Yes, Izu-... um... Deku?” Should she still be calling him that?


“I... um... j-just wanted to say thanks.”


“Oh! You don’t have to, that’s what agents are for.”


“Not all of them,” he whispers, confirming her earlier suspicions. “So... thanks.”


Uraraka smiles. “You’re welcome. Both of you are welcome.”



So maybe.


Just maybe.


They pull a fast one on the general populous.


The book isn’t out yet but Katsuki Bakugou’s gonna do a reading at a bookstore, and look, don’t ask how Uraraka managed to move the heavens to make that happen.


All right, it was mostly Izuku.


All Izuku, really.


Ok yes she asked Izuku to do her a solid and he came through like a champ, but he paid a heavy, sexual price and ended up sleeping well into the afternoon instead of going to get breakfast like he usually did.


Uraraka kinda had wanted to ask.


Bakugou proved that she didn’t have to, what with his wolfish grin — ha ha — and hair more disastrous than usual. Eh, whatever, she’d certainly been in his presence with that pretty little Iida afterglow, and Bakugou seemed to respect her more for not shying away from it.


Ah, children’s book authors.


But that’s how, one month later, Uraraka and Izuku end up standing in the back of a Barnes and Noble, a group full of parents and children crowding the space. Iida says he’ll try his best to make it because work is being unbearable, but Uraraka knows that he’ll show up, probably sprint into the door at the last minute.


It all feels like it happened in a blur because, well, it kinda did. Uraraka had been worried that there’d be no way for the store to find time for Bakugou, but boy, oh boy, when she dropped that name they were more than happy to accomodate.


A book reading?


By the Katsuki Bakugou?




Shhhhh, there’s children present, y’all.


A month of working with Bakugou hadn’t been nearly as dismal as she thought it would be. When she set deadlines he met them. When she suggested edits he listened. It probably helped that there was a level of respect between them now — give or take a few gentle nudges from Izuku, but honestly, Bakugou wasn’t nearly as unbearable as he advertised himself to be.


“I’m here! I’m here!”


Uraraka, Izuku, and half the people people turn toward the front door. Yep, there’s Iida, a film of sweat collected on his forehead as he tries to catch his breath.


“Is that him?” Izuku whispers to Uraraka, who just smiles and nods her head. Iida’s so predictable, and Uraraka’s so in love.


As she waves her husband over Izuku turns his attention toward the front of the store where there’s a table set up, all of Bakugou’s books piled in stacks as he sits and waits to be introduced to the crowd. To the untrained eye he looks perfect fine, but Izuku can tell that he’s nervous. He keeps rubbing the palms of his hands against his jeans, eyebrows furrowed as he tries not to mentally count the staggering amount of people in the store. When their eyes meet Izuku gifts him with a soft, loving smile, one that Uraraka knows is reserved for Bakugou alone. It’s the it’s gonna be fine smile, the I’m here, handsome, so there’s no need to fret . It’s Izuku sitting next to him on the couch, holding his hand with his head resting on his shoulder as he reassures him that, yes, you can tell the story the way you want to.


The employee who introduces him is such a fan, like, wow, you guys, Katsuki Bakugou’s here, and it’s such an honor, huge honor, monumental, because, wow!


Ok so Uraraka can see why he’s not keen on doing these.


That and the inevitable questions that come up after the reading ends. She can imagine someone asking if Deku and the wolf are, oh gosh, you know , and having an agent who recommends that you don’t answer honestly.




Not today, kids.


Not if Ochako Uraraka has anything to say about it.


“Yeah, so... I’ll be reading from the next book in the series: The Adventures of Deku .” He pauses, looks over at Izuku for some semblance of guidance. His boyfriend just nods while Uraraka gives Bakugou a double thumbs up. Iida doesn’t know what’s going on, but he also gives a thumbs up because hey, why not? “ The Adventures of Deku.  The subtitle is  The Wonder Duo.


Initially, Bakugou’s voice is too low, and he’s reading so fast that it almost puts Izuku’s muttering to shame. He takes a breath, and Izuku mouths the word relax to him. Bakugou nods, clears his throat, and continues on.


“I... have to tell you something,” the wolf says. His ears are pressed against his messy hair, a sign of nervousness, a rare moment of insecurity.


“What is it?” Deku looks up at his friend, in the middle of chomping on a nice, tasty carrot.


A couple of the kids giggle and one of them shouts, “Deku loves carrots!”


Bakugou laughs and glances over at Izuku who rolls his eyes at him. You go on a health food kick one time and it makes it into your boyfriend’s book series.


“I... well... I-I... argh, don’t look at me like that!”


“Like what?”


“That!” The wolf pokes Deku in his cute, round nose. “Your eyes are too big! They’re too...”




“... pretty.”


Bakugou stops to look out at the audience. He’s trying to read the reactions but his heart’s pounding too fast to come to any sort of conclusion. One of the little girls does agree, though, shouts out that Deku’s eyes are pretty and every kid declares their agreement.


“Y-yeah. Like your freckles.” The wolk pokes one with his claw. He’s gentle, careful not to hurt him. “How many do you have?”


“You can count them.”


“Um... there’s gonna be a picture here,” Bakugou says. “You know, so the kids can... count...”


Uraraka hasn’t known Izuku for very long, but she knows to reach over and hold his hand because his eyes are watering, bottom lip trembling as Bakugou continues.


“Deku... um... I-I think I wanna... kiss them.”




“Yeah, kiss!”


“Kiss Deku!”


“Really? All of them? That’s a lot of kisses!” Deku giggles, and his smile is bright enough to light an entire galaxy.


“Yeah. All of them.”


“Then they... touch noses, you know? Cuz they’re... you know. Then the wolf kisses his freckles, then he kisses-”


“Deku’s lips!”


This leads to a chorus of childish oohs and awws , because the studio audience consists of elementary school children.


“Yeah that,” Bakugou says. “So yeah, that’s the preview.”


Moment of truth, he guesses, because a sea of hands rise up in the air. Parents. Adults. All the ones who tend to stress Bakugou out to no end. But Izuku’s there, and so is Uraraka and a man he assumes is her husband. They’re standing by the wall, looking like a trio of nerdy guards who will jump in if they need to. He’s not quite sure what Uraraka’s husband is like, but he has to be impressive if he’s with her.


Yeah yeah, he likes her, shut up.


“So what made you take the story in this direction?”


The answer is one that’s been resting in the back of his mind since he was four years old. “It’s simple. It’s because Deku is amazing.”