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It’s a question they should’ve expected, but it manages to catch them off guard everytime a wayward reporter asks.


"What does the infamous Wonder Duo do on their time off?”


Being a pair of heroes with a win streak the size of Katsuki Bakugou’s ego tends to garner a lot of attention. At first, the questions were tame — kinda stale, to be honest — asking what they owed their success to — hard work, duh, Jesus Kacchan behave — and whether or not they kept in touch with other U.A. alumni — of course they do, friendship doesn’t always end after high school.


But then word spread that partners meant partners , and the questions took on a more invasive edge. Because hello , the world’s greatest heroes are a same-sex couple!


Katsuki Bakugou’s all hard edges and explosions, with a personality fueled by gasoline and looks that belong on the cover of a dirty magazine. He’s managed to snag everyone’s sweetheart — or that sweetheart has ensnared him with that smile. It’s entirely possible, what with the fond look on Katsuki’s face when the paparazzi manage to snag a picture of them out of costume together. Always tender, hand always in Izuku Midoriya’s personal space — at the small of his back, or caressing the back of his hand with a calloused thumb. Because Izuku’s the freckled faced cutie who you wanna bring home to mama. He’s the complete package: smart, thoughtful, and built like a marble statue despite his adorably short height. He takes time out to help the old lady cross the street, will get kittens out of trees with his full hero gear on. Need someone to give a speech at your school? Want someone who’ll keep your fan letter tucked away in a special box? Hero Deku is your guy.


And wait, you’re saying that these polar opposites are together?


Stop the fucking presses!


Izuku, of course, is more bashful about it, armed with shy smiles and a pretty little blush dusting across the star speckled dots on his face. Katsuki, however, is a smug son of a bitch who boasts about being a top hero with a top hero boyfriend. Ha. If his younger self knew that he’d be proud to be seen with defenseless Izuku he’d probably spontaneously combust.


But back to the question: what do these two do on their time off?


The assumption, of course, is something romantic, something reckless. They’re in their twenties. They’re popular and way into each other. They should be spending their freetime in hot embraces, hidden kisses in the back of a restaurant. They should be swinging their hips in the middle of the club, fueled by alcohol and wild libidos. If you listen to the right — wrong — sources, you’d hear that Katsuki Bakugou does this on the regular anyway. He’s a wild child compared to Izuku’s bookworm aesthetics, so there’s the occasional whispers of the wayward hook-up and the duo facing troubled waters.


Yeah, Izuku had to coax Katsuki into not incinerating the publication who told that lie.


“Ah, another exciting Saturday for The Wonder Duo.”


Katsuki looks over from the kitchen sink to see Izuku walking into the living room, dressed in a pair of baggy shorts and a T-shirt stained with dull yellow mustard. Armed with a basket full of clean clothes, Izuku sits on the couch and goes about folding them.


“Hey there, you fucking nerd,” and only Katsuki Bakugou can say something like that and make it sound like a pick up line. “Whatcha got there?”


“Laundry,” Izuku says cooly. “What about you?”


Katsuki turns so Izuku can get a good look at him. Old sweatpants with a hole in the crotch. Loose fitting tank top that hasn’t seen an iron for centuries. His hands are wet, remnants of dish suds on his fingers like sparkling jewelry. “Dishes. They’re dirty. Gotta show em’ who’s boss.”


“Mmmm,” and Izuku is proud of himself for managing to moan like that without bursting into a fit of giggles. “Did I ever tell you how hot Domestic Kacchan is?”


He has. He does every Saturday when they go about cleaning their apartment. When you save the world everyday of the week the dishes get out of control. Your dirty clothes get piled in the corner of your bedroom and dinner consists of quick, microwavable meals. The mess congregates as a physical representation of the stress, the close calls, and the worry when one of them limps through the front door.


But, eventually, Saturday comes, and there’s something wonderful about getting the stains out to create a fresh start.


“You wanna know what else Domestic Kacchan is doing?”


“Give it to me, baby.”


Katsuki dries his hands on his sweatpants, because really, who needs towels when you have pants? He smirks and gives a grand show of pulling a large hunk of meat out of the fridge, seasoned to perfection, having been marinating overnight. “Boom. Dinner.”


Izuku can already feel his mouth watering, already able to smell a healthy serving of roast and potatoes. He can’t remember the last time they had a home cooked meal, so exhausted on Saturdays that they tend to order-in. “When did you get that?”


“Yesterday. You came home late.” What Katsuki doesn’t say is that he went stress shopping because Izuku had gotten in a fight by himself. He knows his boyfriend can handle it. He also knows that these villains get lucky sometimes. It’s been a long week and fighting at the tailend of it can get real messy real fast. “Should we put that crockpot your mom got us to good use?”


Izuku stands up, walks over to Katsuki, and throws his arms around him in a loving embrace. It’s almost too good to be true. Tonight, they’re gonna have a clean kitchen. Tonight, they’re gonna have meat so tender that it falls apart with a spoon. “That may be the sexiest thing you’ve ever said to me.”


“Is that so?” Katsuki leans in nips at Izuku’s ear, whispering in a low growl. “There’s also ice cream.”


“Oh Kacchan, take me now!”


Laughter fills the kitchen, followed by a kiss that doesn’t meet the public’s expectations of two top notch heroes on their day off. It’s soft and comforting, melting away all the tension from the week. They’re here, together, with clothes to put away and dishes to rinse. Later, they will have a meal together, maybe watch a movie, probably fall asleep before the credits roll.


For now, Izuku helps Katsuki with the dishes, which leads to a splash fight — Katsuki’s fault, honest, ok maybe Izuku put suds on his head first.


For now, they work together to get their clothes put away — after an afternoon nap, the folded piles acting as pillows.


As predicted, they fall asleep, again, after they eat dinner, their bellies full as the latter half of the movie they’d been watching serves as a soundtrack for their dreams.   


It’s mundane.


It’s Saturday.


And it’s bliss.