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The Four Times Keith Kogane Cried Himself To Sleep Alone And The First Time Lance Cried With Him

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Shiro is gone. Shiro is gone and that means the last person that cared about Keith was gone. Shiro was Keith's everything. Shiro was Keith's reason to go on, his reason to become a pilot, his rock in a sea of emotions. And now he's gone, and Keith is lost. Keith could feel Red's energy in his head, trying to comfort him. Too tired to push Red out, Keith slumped back against the controls in the inside of his lion and cried.
Lance's P.O.V
Lance knocked on the door to Keith's bedroom. There was no answer. No noise came from Keith's room, which was strange. Lance had at least been expecting to hear Keith's music escaping from his headphones. Lance tentatively turned the doorknob to Keith's room. No one was there. Confused, Lance decided to check Keith's lion. Keith most likely wanted to be alone, and the best place for that was usually in the training room or with the lions. Lance wondered if Keith would be pissed if Lance found him. Lance hoped not. He needed to talk to someone about Shiro's disappearance, and Keith knew Shiro best.
Red lifted his head as someone came into the hanger. Keith looked up. It was Lance. Keith got up with slight difficulty and started to yell.
"Go away!" He yelled. "Go away, please just go AWAY" his voice cracked and his knees buckled. He lay on the ground at Red's paws, crying. Lance, ignoring Keith's pleas, sat down beside him.
"Keith, I miss him too. More than I can explain. I know you feel it too." Keith didn't reply.
"He loved you Keith. He loved you and he trusted you." Keith looked at Lance with big, tear-filled eyes. He threw his arms around Lance. Lance put his arms around Keith and held him. And together, under the shelter of the red lion, they cried for their mentor and their friend.
"He loved you Keith. And so do I" Lance murmured into Keith's hair. Keith said nothing, but held the other boy's hand tighter.